Stevens Creek Auto Mall in San Jose, CA

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At Stevens Creek European, we want to be the automotive professional you can count on. We offer high end European cars. We are one of the largest independent dealers in the Bay Area.  Please come and visit our newly renovated showroom. We are conveniently located next  on 3396 Stevens Creek Blvd. We offer two waiting areas equipped with high speed internet with large plasma TV in each area and kids play area with TV/DVD.  Our sales team will help you to find your dream car and our finance team will assist you to get the best loan with the best rate. At our service department, our highly certified technicians take pride in their workmanship. Our techs maintain their technical training and utilize advanced diagnostic and information technology to keep your vehicle in top condition. For more information please contact (408) 985-8100 or visit our website

Thanks again,
Stevens Creek European Management

Stevens Creek Auto Mall

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(408) 985-8100
Address:3396 Stevens Creek Blvd, San Jose, CA, 95117
  • Monday: 7:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 7:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 7:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 7:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 7:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Sunday: 11:00 am - 6:00 pm

Reviews on Stevens Creek Auto Mall

Jill K. | 2013-02-26

BEWARE OF THIS DEALERSHIP!!! I bought a truck from them back in October 2011, and after 7 months of them jerking me around, I finally received my license plates and registration!! And the way I was treated all along the way was despicable!

Everything started out ok. Our salesman was very pleasant and not pushy at all. My husband and I won't patronize dealerships that try to push you into buying something your not interested in. I put a  $3000 down payment on the truck, financed the rest, and drove away that day! We worked with their finance manager Julie and she assured us the paperwork would be filed and the resgistration and plates would be sent to us in the mail.

Shortly before Christmas time I decided to call the DMV to check on when I might see my plates and registration arrive, since I was headed on a roadtrip and would feel safer having more than just the dealer plates and paperwork taped to my winshield. The DMV told me that nothing had ever been filed on my vehicle. Being an extremely understanding person, I wasn't too upset and called the dealership to get it straightened out (we all overlook details sometimes right?). They told me they would do it right away and I was satisfied with that.

Mid January I contacted the DMV again and was told that the paperwork was filed however the registration fees had not been posted......

Long story short, I finally got my plates and registration, and not too long after the dealership closed. There's news reports about them ripping people off in much worse ways than me, and I'm thankful I'm finally rid of this horrible place. Beware of any other dealership these people might open. It looks like this isn't their first, and probably won't be their last. Go to hell Stevens Creek Auto Mall!

Diana C. | 2012-07-26

Saw this on the news:…

I'd stay FAR away from this place.

Jeanette W. | 2011-07-18

Bought my first Benz here last weekend and I'm really pleased with the deal I got and friendly service. Most of the negotiating was done through email and i got pre-approved before hand so I was literally in and out with my new ride in a few hours. Pretty painless and they were cool about me bringing my dog in with me :)
The sales guys I worked with were Jimmy Khan/Naordean Felix and Manager Paul Carruba. Finance guy was Bryan Nunez.
Thanks guys

Yolanda S. | 2010-04-27

Update-I took my Audi to another shop. They rocked! They had it done the same day, it was $0.00 out of my pocket and gaurantee thier work. Turns out....what Stevens Creek Eurotrash supposedly fixed...well was never fixed..they made  4K off the last repair..that well..they didn't repair. KARMA is going to kick them in the .....-Yo

Gaurav S. | 2009-11-14

I have been to this place thrice for scheduled maintenance and minor repair in the last one year. I was very satisfied not only in terms of customer service but also the price and quality work they did.

In terms of cost, they are cheaper than others. The technicians were company ( audi, bmw, mercedes certifications etc) certified from their past job experiences and are smart. no amateurs. I spoke to them and they had very good experience.

They also provided me a loaner car during the maintenance period and let you pick the car of your choice from the options they have( big deal for me since i have a long commute to work).

Dave and Hooshan are friendly and co-operative.  Their assessment is indeed honest and they dont rip off customers. In my case, they even walked me through the inspection when they found the leak. They showed me the leak and the part it will be replaced with. They are genuine and authentic for sure. I have not seen that many dealers/body shop with that level of honesty.

And yes, they do have a very good lounge area with strong wi-fi, donuts and starbucks coffee. its funny that people find these trivial things( coffee, donut etc) more important than quality of work, price and  customer service.

I am definitely going there again.


steve w. | 2009-09-05

i purchased a 2006 scion XB wagon from them in August 2009
i was concerned about purchasing from them, because of previous poor yelp reviews.
the pricing was fine. both sides bargained hard, as expected.
Complete with the "Good luck finding the price you want, from their "sales manager"....followed by a call the next day accepting my last offer.
the brakes squeal horribly and there is a chip in the front window.
i took the car to my mechanic to get it checked out.
i reported these issues to "Andy" the f'inance manager.
he told me their  "service manager" would call me.
It's been two weeks now, and i have never received a call from them....clearly the transaction is done.
Of course, they did call me twice a day  while I was shopping for a car.
They seem to be a family outfit. Our salesman , a young man named "Alan" (nephew of the owner) was very pleasant on our initial test drive....But, when we came to take the car to our mechanic, he didn't even greet us or say hello, He just started giving me information in mid-sentence. Which is no major crime, but i was there with my 3 young children and he could have at least shown some hospitality.
all in all, i would be very cautious here.
I considered giving them 1 star.
we'll see if they fix the safety issues on our scion.

Athena S. | 2009-04-02

The Service department is worth raving about.  I brought my Mercedes in for an oil change because I learned that Jiffy Lube and other Mickey Mouse franchised oil changers are packed with amateurs and ex-cons *no offense, anyone, but that's the truth.  I found Stevens Creek European when I searched for a reputable and authentic place to get my European car serviced.  I called before I showed up and was handled very efficiently and professionally on the phone, which is always a good sign.  
When I brought in my car, I  was surprisingly greeted by a woman who took exceptionally good care of me.  As a woman, there was an immediate sense of trust dealing with another woman in a traditionally male environment.  In any case, I quickly threw gender out the door because the owner Hooshang as well as the mechanic Ryan were equally as service oriented.

I have since returned for any and everything my car needs.  They are not quick to upsell what you don't need.  What they are quick to do is simple:  excellent customer service matched with HONEST assesments as to what your car may or may not need.   (Quite frankly, I am unsure that another yelper was talking this place when she wrote that thew office was 'ghetto.' The modern facilities, including a quite comfortable customer lounge is perfect.  bring your computer because there is a very strong wireless connection AND coffee offered from very nice professional salespeople.)
I have no reason to take my car anywhere else.  Stevens Creek European's service center dominates the South Bay and Peninsula.  I have taken my vehicles to other European dealers (uh-hmmm. RAB motors and yes, even Smythe) The price, quality & service at Stevens Creek European are second to none.  If there was a 6 star option, I'd plug that because they have always gone above and beyond.  Funny how people are so quick to complain but hesitant to praise.  
Here's an honest praise. These guys ROCK!!!

Belle V. | 2009-02-03

STAY AWAY!!!  I bought a Mercedes CLK from these guys and of course the sales guy promises you the world including cleaning the car up for you but really the car needed the automatic seat fixed and the little knob to move the seat back and forth and the interior dome light wasnt working - little things right.  Well when i take it in to get all these things taken care of 1st of all the rental (which they said i could pick any car off the lot) was a piece of crap that smelled and then they kept my car for an entire weekend "waiting for parts" and when i picked the car up they didnt fix anything but the seat and still havent called me about the knob or the light!  and to that when i go to pick up my car it was dirtier than when i left it and when i asked them "you didnt even detail it for me?" they gave me shit "ooo well look we fixed the seat and that was so expensive" SCREW YOU!!!  These guys are worthless stay away!

t l. | 2009-01-21

STAY AWAY!!! These guys are a bunch of shady clowns and a waste of time! I challenge you to find one PRICE TAG on a single car in their lot.

The other day, I pulled into their lot and asked to test drive a car. Given this terrible economy, naturally there was NOBODY ELSE was on the lot kicking tires.

Then out of the blue, a couple (who bore a striking resemblance to the members of the family run staff) walk through the dealership parking lot and into the office. As I was waiting for the sales rep to return with the keys for the test drive, the couple came back onto the lot with another sales rep. They were supposedly also interested in the car and had dibs on the test drive. I patiently waited, until I realized that this was probably a ploy to create false sense of scarcity for the car. WHAT NERVE???!! IN THIS ECONOMY?? ARE YOU KIDDING ME??

Needless to say, I WILL NEVER RETURN NOR RECOMMEND THESE ASS CLOWNS TO ANYONE... PERIOD. When you're purchasing a car, you're buying not just the car, but also a part of the dealer's reputation. These guys are slimy! Stay away!

Spoo K. | 2008-08-29

i bought a mercedes truck here and these guys are the reason why we hate car salesmen...they show me the carfax, printed...I didnt realize they took a page out, the crucial page that told me it was in a car accident...pricks...

Amy A. | 2008-02-16

We bought a very nice 1998 BMW 328 in January. When we bought the car, they promised us a part that should have been replaced prior to it being placed for sale due to safety protocols. After THREE weeks of us having to call and call and call they finally got us the part. They had told us it was already ordered at time of purchase which was a LIE. During those three weeks, we never once received a call back. When we finally got confirmation that the part had arrived, we set up a appointment for it to be installed. Knowing that we knew that this place was unreliable, we called ahead on the day we had our appointment so we wouldn't have to drive the hour that it takes us to get down there just to have things fall through. After having to call three times that morning(they had meetings, wasn't in yet, will call you back) they told us that the mechanic was too busy but the part was there. WHAT KIND OF SERVICE IS THIS? Luckily my spouse is a mechanic and can get the part installed. If you want a BMW or Mercedes for a cheap, its the place to go but don't think they will care once you drive off the lot and DON'T LISTEN TO THE SALESMEN, THEY PROMISE AND DON'T DELIVER!

Sara S. | 2007-07-05

So I am going to do something that I have never done before and that is....praise a used car lot!! I know.. shocking! I wanted to test drive a mini cooper. My husband wanted me to try one, but being 5'9". I didn't have go into it with much enthusiasm. I commute down Stevens Creek and so on Saturday we decided to test drive one. My husband eyes one at Stevens Creek European and that is where we met Kashi. I was happy to sit in it and was going to come back later in the week to test drive, but Kashi got the car out of its precarious spot in the lot and once I test drove... I fell in LOVE with the car! It was a 2005 Mini Cooper red, sunroof, racing stripes and fog lights.  Now I had not decided to buy a car that weekend, so wanted to check out some other lots.

I went to 4 other dealerships and got the sales guy talking to my husband and not to me, one guy didn't have the car we wanted, one wanted to make me sit in the car even if I didn't like it, or the mini dealership where they had the exact car as Stevens Creek European, but wasn't sure if they would be able to sell it to me and if I picked another mini it wouldn't have had all the features and I would have had to wait for it.

So we came back to Kashi.. now we didn't make it easy for the finance guys either. Since we had just bought a house, we had a specific amount that we wanted to pay for our monthly payments. They listened and got us a deal and we ended up paying less than the price we said was our walk away price!

I can't say enough good things about these guys!