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San Jose British Motors

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(408) 246-7600
Address:4040 Stevens Creek Blvd, San Jose, CA, 95129

Reviews on San Jose British Motors

Mark C. | 2015-03-09

Needed a simple service on the car.  I bought the car here so it seemed like they might want to support my car after the sale. Um, not really.

The service department was unreachable on the phone during regular business hours defaulting to voice mail. They never returned my calls even with multiple attempts to reach them over a 4 day period.  I finally asked to speak to the dealership manager  who was able to "work me in" for an appointment three weeks away..

The next call I made was to European Car Repair in Sunnyvale who answered the phone right away, took the car that same morning, offered very reasonable pricing, and took care of everything that same morning.

Why would you give British Motors the business when they only seem to give you the run around?  Why buy a car from a place who is only going to ignore you after you drive it off the lot?

PlainJane F. | 2015-03-08

Bad service, got totally ignored and to top it off; the old British man made and insulting racist joke. Taking business elsewhere, thanks for nothing!

A K. | 2015-01-02

Really disappointed. Called to speak to Dave Mc in Service Dept about my car.. Needs oil change, regular maintenance, and some other more specific work. Woman answered in service and was quite brisk and rude. Very unceremoniously advised me that Dave no longer employed there. I was shocked. Dave has been there many years. I asked who replaced him. She asked me why I was calling. Only after pushing the issue did I learn that the entire service team was apparently fired because they have merged w/ LandRover. I asked her why no letter to customers advising?  She responded by asking me in a very b*tchy voice if I wanted to make an appt and advised first availability not for 2.5 weeks!? Woman was rude, cold, evasive, and interrupted me several times & put me on hold three x's in middle of conversation. So unpleasant to speak to. Asked to speak to manager. Manager not working on a Friday a 2pm? ..And has 'no idea' when he will be back to work?  Had to leave a v/m. Really?  I held on to my old S Type Jag because I love it and because San Jose British Motors was a family owned, friendly business with great service. Most of the people who worked in that service department they wiped out had been working there over a decade. Am now contemplating getting rid of my jaguar because of this.  That woman in the San Jose British Motors customer service-service dept needs some serious training and attitude adjustment.

John T. | 2014-11-26

I am on my second jag. Love the cars. However, while service was always a pleasant, albeit expensive endeavor, it has turned int a jigsaw puzzle of frustration. Case in point, my emergency brake stuck in the on position. I called for service on Tuesday and was informed to have it towed in, but they would not get to it till the following Monday. When i asked why, was told they acquired landrover and are really busy. Not sure how that planning went, but you'd think a company would plan for the needed resources when contemplating an acquisition. Very disappointed

Kyr H. | 2014-11-22

This review is about my recent experience. I had some work done over the summer working with Dave and it was a nightmare (they didn't keeps updated, I had to do the legwork to get the cost covered by my warranty, they had my car for almost two weeks to do a tire alignment/fix oil leaks, Dave was rude, didn't review the work with me, and they didn't even wash my car...). I was really nervous to come back. Fortunately this time they fixed my water pump within a couple of days and followed through regarding my warranty. My only complaint is that they are not great communicators. Expect to have to initiate communication with them most, if not all, of the time. Worked with Chris and he was very polite and went through the work done when I picked it up.

Wendy B. | 2014-08-04

I've bought 3 cars from San Jose British Motors and there will probably be a 4th down the road. I recently had a problem that Dave handled for me to my 100% satisfaction. It was over and above what I expected. I am always treated well and the service department is outstanding.

Kit T. | 2014-06-21

I bought a new car from British Motors, and worked with Alysha.
Here's why Alysha (working with Phil as her manager) and the dealership get my 5 stars for sales:

1. I did extensive due diligence and contacted 15+ dealers in California while car shopping. British Motors came in with the best price and the most creative pricing structure.

2. There were no negotiations or haggling involved.  I knew what the market pricing was for the car, and Alysha did not play games around the price.  She won my purchase with a direct approach.

3. I was able to do the entire transaction, from custom ordering to final delivery, by email and text messaging.  Unlike other dealerships, British Motors didn't pressure me to come into the showroom and "negotiate" with their sales guys. Alysha was perfectly comfortable communicating entirely over text/email, and is very responsive.

4. They weren't pushy with option upgrades and cross-sell, but were instead focused on working with me to tailor the car and options I would be most happy with.  This leads to happy customers and good referrals.  They didn't push their financing aggressively/sleazily....instead, Alysha just laid out the financing costs directly for me to consider.  Also, she recommended an option which I had inadvertently missed in my order....again, this was aimed at getting me a better car rather than pushing an expensive option.

I'd definitely recommend this place over other Bay Area dealers.  I contacted all of them and British Motors/Alysha came in with the best price and best sales style.

Sahil D. | 2014-05-13

So me and my buddy, we went to look at some used Jaguars. We called in 30 mins before to check if they were available. The guy said we can come in.
    We reached there and the guy 'Jeronimo' (Sales consultant) was there in the parking lot, I asked him if he was the guy I talked to and he was like "I don't know, what are you looking for". He wasn't very polite (Usually sales people have the best behavior possible towards customers). Then every question we would ask, he would just answer aggressively or counter question on it instead of answering nicely.
   Also when we mentioned that we have seen 2013 used Jaguars in the area on , this guy was like "was is ; We told him that is Jaguar usa's official website, and this guy won't believe us and said "not possible, jaguar doesnt show used cars on their website", "show it to me"..... VERY RUDELY. Upon showing him that on my phone(proving him wrong), he continued being rude and arrogant.
  VERY VERY RUDE AND AGGRESSIVE. We said to this guy that it doesnt look like you are in mood to sell a car, and i said let me talk to your manager and then he was like "ya, go talk to anybody".
    This guy doesn't qualify to be left unsupervised in public, being a sales consultant should be the last thing somebody should hire him for.

P.S : Some sales people might behave in a similar way because they see the customer pulling in their parking lot in a shitty car, but that wasn't the case here. We were driving a $75,000 BMW, so i can't think of any reason.

I have called Jaguar USA and have filed a complaint about this guy/dealership. We are serious buyers and they lost a customer.


John F. | 2013-12-31

I've also had good experiences with Alysha, looking for myself and also for my wife.  Alysha is extremely patient and professional, knows her product and is sharp without being pushy.  She likes what she does and where she works, and it shows.

Erin F. | 2013-05-25

My husband and I were ready to take the plunge and buy our first sports car and had our eyes set on the new F-Type. We met with Alysha at the end of April and she kept in touch and updated on when the F-Types would arrive and available to test drive.
After patiently waiting due to delays from Jaguar itself, they finally arrived and she called us right away! One test drive and we knew we found THE car. Alysha never pressured us throughout the entire experience and wanted to make sure we figured out exactly what we wanted and encouraged us to take a day or so to configure a car to see if she could find it or if we'd need to special order it. After thinking about it, we fell in love with the salsa red they had in-stock. We were driving it off the lot the very next day and couldn't be happier!

We highly recommend visiting Alysha and she will make sure you get the car that you want and never make you feel pressured!

SR H. | 2013-05-21

I have an old Jaguar (2000) that I love dearly.  Called to make an appointment and the answering machine said service department was closed.
Called back, got a live person who didn't seem to care about helping me.  Left my number and finally got an appointment set.
I was told it would be $85 to check out my car.  
We arrived at the scheduled time and no one came to greet us.
Traded calls all day with Glen- he was never at his desk or answered his phone.  When we finally got to speak with him, he had a laundry list of expensive repairs, and charged me $148 to tell me that. Some of them were flat out lies- as in the motor mounts being lose.  Great scare tactic, though- telling a customer that their engine wasn't attached.

This shop has no idea how to take care of a customer.  I felt ripped off and angry.

Horrible customer experience.   Jaguar has lost me completely.  I am thinking about taking them to small claims court just to prove what they did to me was wrong.  I will make sure to tell every person I know about how awful Glen was.

Avoid at all costs and go to Marco at European in Sunnyvale.  He will not charge you to diagnose your problem, and he won't make up phony problems so he can earn a commission on the repairs.

I also plan on reporting them to the Better Business Bureau, and getting Jaguar International involved, because the lying reflects poorly on Jaguar.

Sherry M. | 2013-05-18

Well, it was time to consider a new car.  I've had 2 jags, the last purchased from San Jose British Motors.  After much research, I found the same outstanding reviews on Jags is among remain on top in reliability... AND had the experience of our 2002 S-type still going strong with little maintenance 8 years later.

I made a phone call inquiry, and Jonathan Luckey was nice enough to offer a car for a day, so I could get the feel the very new series of Jaguar. A very nice offer made to clients of San Jose British Motors.  I took the XF out, and was blown away.  I was so eager to enjoy the car, Johnathan was kind enough to overlook the 20 minute overview of all the amazing accoutrements of this amazing machine.

However, the XJL caught my eye, and I called back a few days later to day-dream about this vehicle, that I really could not justify - BUT had to experience even if only for a day.  At this time Johnathan gave me the 20 minute quick-ed on this stunning machine (which to this day I am still discovering additional amenities).  

I took several days, maybe weeks to really figure out what I wanted vs could afford.  Johnathan never pressured me, but politely remained in contact to answer any questions, and remind me of the offers extended to previous Jaguar owners.

All things considered, and 2 aging car (one of which needed to be demoted to my teen sons), I felt I got more than a fair deal... and have been driving my dream car now for 5 months. Everyday I get my beautiful vehicle, I smile largely and truly embrace the experience, be it a short jaunt to the store or a long tour.  In this baby, I would happily sit in traffic - and I think that says it all.

Thank you Johnathan Lucky (great name) and the team at San Jose British Motors. I am thankful everyday I made the decision to purchase my gorgeous Jaguar, and I appreciate the immense professionalism that truly makes your dealership stand apart from the rest.

Jack P. | 2013-04-03

Update: Finally had a couple experiences with the service department (normal one year service, and a look at my brake pads) for my 2012 XF.  Both times the staff was friendly and professional. (Dave is a great guy!) Service was prompt. Price was pretty much what you'd expect going through a dealership. Overall, service dept was consistent with my experience so far - just really good customer service!

Five stars for the customer service but knocking one off because of the post-service detailing (the car is "washed" after, but it almost looks like they just ran it through an automatic car wash...)

Stu C. | 2013-02-22

I brought our Jag in here because the transmission started slipping into high RPM's between gears (auto-shift). I got a call saying that they wanted to change the transmission fluid because that might solve the problem, and if it didn't we'd have to replace the transmission for $4,000+. To change the fluid on a Jag transmission is expensive because it's made to be done perhaps once in a lifetime. It was $400. So we dropped $400 picked up the car and it behaved 100% the same. I called them, they said, in that case sorry but sounds like you need a new transmission. My partner explains the scenario to her son who works on Jags for a hobby, and he immediately asks whether they tried re-flashing or re-program of transmission control module?!?!? I called the service dept. and the answer was no, but we don't think it's going to work. Now, realize it costs $125 to reflash the module and we paid $400 to change the fluid which had no benefit. Wouldn't you think it would be worth $125 to try reflashing? In the meantime I've driven the vehicle carefully for 3months without a repair think OMG I can't afford to replace the car let alone the transmission.

R R. | 2012-12-17

Went there for an oil change last week. Need to mention that I'd been sent a gift certificate from them for $25, so I took it with me. When I showed it, I was told that since they give me the web special (which has been a regular price for the last 2 yrs), I can not use it. Maybe I should have shown them that it states on the certificate that it can be used towards ANY services and purchases at the dealership, but...decided not to argue with them. Anyway point taken, I'll do my best to avoid dealing with SJBM service department in the future (although the parts dep is very friendly) .

Also needless to mention that last year I used a $100 gift certificate from Jaguar Marin for an oil change and I had no problems. And  that my Jag was originally purchased from SJBM and mostly serviced there ever since, even after I moved up to SF.

And it's not about the money, it's about their customers treatment. I spend much more time and money just driving all the way down from SF to SJ. If they don't care about their customers, it!

Thank you Glen! You just lost another loyal customer.  

All the best!

Henry E. | 2012-12-17

I love this place. I bought a Jag here 5 years ago and I have been having it serviced here ever since. They are friendly and efficient. They always take great care to see if anything is covered by the warranty - and it often is. The service team are fantastic. Glen & Dave - those guys are terrific. They have never failed to get issues sorted for me ...

Mary Y. | 2012-11-02

Not impressed with the sales or service at this dealer.  After several interactions over the past 3 years (as a Jag owner) with the sales & service staff here, it's clear that they just don't care or pay much attention to customer service.  Not sure why, but there you have it.  The overall feeling one gets is that of apathy on the part of the entire staff.  
 Jaguars are beautiful, terrific cars and my experience with the car itself has been terrific.  However, this dealership just doesn't care (neither sales staff nor service) nor make much effort to be customer-oriented.  When it's time to look for another vehicle, it may be a Jaguar but it won't be from SJBM.  Sorry.

Kevin D. | 2012-08-29

This review is for the service and parts departments. I'm giving them 2 stars because while the service department is a bad joke, the parts department guys have always been terrific.

Now down to business. I started taking my S-Type here for service because they were close to my house and seemed reasonably competent when performing a few warranty repairs. This was a mistake. Their ability to troubleshoot problems is almost nonexistent. I once had to leave the car with them for 3 days for them to reproduce a problem with the self leveling system in my left headlight. The thing is, this fault happened EVERY time the headlights were turned on. Don't know how this stumped these rocket scientists but it did.

Then there was the coolant leak. They replaced my water pump, after which I had a slow coolant leak. I had to add water/coolant on a weekly basis for almost 2 years. Every time I took the car in they did a pressure test, and said there was no problem. I finally took the car to a Jaguar mechanic in Campbell. He popped the hood, looked around for about 30 seconds and found the leak. San Jose British Motors had broken the lower hose mating surface on the radiator while replacing the water pump, and coolant had been seeping from this location. It was clearly visibly by simply opening the hood and looking down at this spot. Another failure at diagnosing what turned out to be a simple problem.

It was about this same time that I discovered that the $1400 climate control module replacement done on my car had not been necessary. My original module was fine. The heat was not working because the coolant level had dropped to the point that the heater core was not filling. But San Jose British motors couldn't figure this out and instead sold me a $1200 part and $200 in labor (BTW, swapping this module is actually a 15 minute job, and the failure mode for these modules is where the heat is on all the time, NOT "no heat" as in my car). I called Dave the service advisor and made an appointment to discuss the issue. When I showed up, he was gone and all his coworkers told me they had no idea where he was or when he would be back. I tried one more time to resolve this issue but he literally ducked out the back when I showed up. So I've got a $1200 part that I don't need. Oh, did I mention, the module they installed was for a right-hand drive S-Type, so the master temperature is on the right instead of the left.

You've been warned. If you take your car here for service expect the repair to be performed by incompetent mechanics and expect to over billed for work and parts that are not necessary. Just don't go here. You'll be a much happier Jaguar owner.

Cliff C. | 2012-07-12

Love this place. Just bought an XKR from here and the service and amazing knowledge from Jeronimo, Jonathan and Anthony has been fantastic. Being a Brit and previous Jag owner I fully appreciate the work these guys do in keeping this great marque alive.
Keep it up guys !

Xteria R. | 2012-02-23

I am not a regular yelper but I feel compelled to share my experience with this dealerships service department.  We brought our newly purchaced jaguar s type in for a diagnostic on a clunking sound we were made to feel totally inadequate by the entire staff as if our car was not worthy of their time and effort. they performed the test and charged us accordingly and gave us an estimate of $800.00 to repair it we declined ,then we picked up the car only to find out it had another noise coming from underneath as if a nut was not  replaced it was rolling around under the car (alarming) when we called them to inform them of it they asked if we had an appointment !!! I took the car to another authorized service provider and had the repairs done for $290.00 I would never recommend this outfit. Thier snobs who overcharge then do crappy work too boot.....

Laura F. | 2011-08-25

My mother's BMW was totaled in an accident and she needed a replacement. She has wanted a Jaguar since childhood and I decided, given her credit and income, that she deserved one; so, I took her to British Motors. Jaguars are rare cars, and British Motors is the only nearby dealership with a sizable selection.

Now that we've finished the exposition, let me start the review. The staff at SJBM are very, very knowledgeable about their product. They are genuinely excited to show you the gadgets; and are as content to chat as they are to sell. There's an inveterate gentility about the salesmen. Some of them are even British, which makes for a more superficially enjoyable shopping experience.

As Chris H. said, they are not particularly flexible on price points--because they offer fair prices to begin with (I was Blue Booking cars on my phone while there, and everything was amazingly close to Kelly's pricing). You do get amazing extras for buying here, without any additional costs, including a CRAZY extensive detailing before they release the car, a great warranty plan, and the financing--oh, the financing! 0.9% on a used car (60 months), or 0% on a new car (60 months). My mom will be paying a total of $450 dollars in interest over the life of the loan. I wish I had gotten that kind of deal on my Honda. Also, not a single car on that lot had over 50,000 miles--try finding that at ANY other dealership.

Let me be clear; if you are looking for a "deal," you do not want a Jaguar, not from any dealer. Jags are meant to be purchased at the right price and given high-end care. They are for a select clientele and, I feel, that SJBM is being poorly rated based on unrealistic consumer expectations. The staff is polite, helpful, and deferential; and, while they will "go to bat for their customers," they won't cut their commissions just to get you into a car. It's disrespectful to expect that. They work for JAGUAR, after all.

I, like the vast majority of the US, do not have the kind of income that makes me comfortable purchasing this kind of car--that's why I don't own one. I own a Honda that I love: low fuel costs, low repair costs, zero specialized knowledge necessary. But, for that special consumer who regard cars as lifestyle choices, this is a great place to go. They will make you literally any drink you ask for and indulge you for hours while they go point-by-point over every car you are interested in. I'll keep you posted on service-related experiences as they come up--but as it stands, when I'm ready to invest in a Jag, I'm coming here.

J S. | 2011-08-24

only the service; don't know about sales: A friend from out of state needed mtce so we took the Jag here. Also a small warranty item needed fixing (headlamp). When the srvc writer found it was out of state, he stated "oh that's going to be more". ??? Then told us that the "warranty" item would have to be paid first, then they would see if Jag would reimburse for it! We didn't stay.  Took the car to British Motors in SF; much better service & CHEAPER, plus warranty covered the lamp!
I emailed Jaguar Motors & was told basically that dealerships do as they please, & that Jaguar Motors has no control over basically KMA to customers!  So they lost my friend, mine & his relative's business for sales (2 were thinking about purchasing Jaguars) & service.

Don't bring your car to this dealership for servicing!!

Marc S. | 2011-06-02

Nothing redeeming.. ...starts with the Customer Service Reps

Richard W. | 2011-05-02

I concur with the other posters, I should have read their opinions before I took my car there for repair/diagnostics but I was at the point where I needed more specialized knowledge.  

After my detailed account of what I had discovered (water intrusion in the ECM) they still tried to convince me to replace the transmission valve body to correct the check engine light.  I insisted they focus on the electrical and after several hundred dollars of additional "diagnostics" sure enough, they found a burned up Transmission Control Unit.  They quoted me $1200 for a new TCU, after I had already invested $560 in diagnostics.  I told them that was rediculous and to have the car ready for pickup.  Then, when I couldn't pick up the car that week due to work, they left me a voice mail and instead of asking when I would be coming by; threatened to charge me $30/day in storage.

At this point, I am having serious thoughts about remaining a Jaguar owner.  But whatever I do, I will not be going back to this dealership - EVER!

JULIO O. | 2011-02-16


Save yourself a headache and $$$!

I took in my car because it didn't turn over, When I called in I told them that this happened before and it was a fuze.

I picked up my car and they charged me $160 to locate the $2 fuze that was blown. So basically they made me spend $162 on a $2 fuze. When I asked what is causing this problem they were clueless!


Chris H. | 2010-03-14

Ive been a customer of San Jose British Motors since 1996 and recently went looking for a new car. The sale person did not seem too interested in selling me the car i wanted which was last years model, she wouldnt budge on the price. You would thing maybe she would try to sell me another car as i told her i was ready to buy today and i was a loyal customer who got great service fromk parts and services departments for years, butr no she wasnt interested, so i went and bought a bmw, what a great expeirence at stevens creek bmw.

Gary H. | 2009-06-02

I've tried their service dept twice and have had the worst service of ALL auto service shops. They refuse to service my 2 Jaguars to the warranty requirements. Have terrible service writers who have rude attitudes. I would NEVER return there. In contrast I have used British Motors in San Francisco and have exactly the opposite experience. I can HIGHLY recommend Bud M at British Motors in SF but would NEVER buy or have my car serviced at San Jose.