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You might know us as a popular Nissan dealership, serving the greater San Jose Bay Area. We are... But, that's not all we are. Premier Nissan of San Jose is also your neighbor with a vested interest in keeping you safe, happy & satisfied. That's why we choose to sell new Nissansa & all other used car makes & models. It's also why we offer our First-Rate Nissan Service.

Premier Nissan of San Jose is committed & dedicated to treating you in a neighborly fashion. We have huge new & used inventories & state of the art financing. Premier Nissanas service center is second to none.

Visit & explore Premier Nissan of San Joseas website, see all of our products, services & car research information we have to share with you. Questions? Call 888-308-2965, stop and experience our First-Rate Nissan Customer Service. We hope to have the pleasure of serving you soon, welcome to our family!


Established in 1980.

New ownership as of 2009. Current owner " Circle of Excellence" winner.

This is the highest award that Nissan gives to their dealerships. Included in the Circle of Excellence Award are different characteristics taken into account such as highest trained Nissan: Sales, Finance, Service, and Nissan Parts departments in the country, making our team a unique asset to Northern California and to the rest of the nation as well.

Dealerships receiving the honor must first be a winner of the Award of Excellence, which takes into account everything from customer service scores to technician ratings. The dealership must be profitable, Customer Service Index scores have to exceed the national average, all of the technicians must be full-line certified and the dealership must abide by the Nissan Retail Environmental Design Initiative, which is Nissan's standard for maintaining their operations and sales environment.

Premier Nissan of San Jose

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(408) 978-1234
Address:1120 Capitol Expy, San Jose, CA, 95136
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: 10:00 am - 8:00 pm

Reviews on Premier Nissan of San Jose

Neil B. | 2015-04-20

I called in today to schedule an appointment, and the service representative told me to just come in since I am just getting an oil change. I arrived 20 minutes later and drove into the service department.

Standing outside my vehicle waiting for someone at least five minutes has passed, and I was neither acknowledged nor greeted, so I decided to leave. There were several employees in the area that didn't even make eye contact, greeted, or pay mind to either myself and the customer who was in front of me waiting as well.

A message to management - this is unacceptable.

I very rarely give 1 Star Ratings to companies, and am very lenient in my ratings and patient overall, however I feel this is completely an appropriate rating for this experience I had today. I am hopeful that this rating will be noticed and the appropriate changes for the customer experience will be made.

Yesenia V. | 2015-04-09

Doc whitmore in the service department was amazing. Super sweet man, great customer service. Offered me coffee right away explauned everything to me, good experience.

Vicki C. | 2015-04-07

Walked in on a Monday evening to look at the Nissan with no intention to buy. The first gentleman we encountered didn't want to deal with us apparently and introduced us to Jason. Good move on their part because we walked out that evening with a new 2015 Nissan Rogue.
Jason was knowledgable, friendly, and not pushy at all. He found the exact car I wanted at the price I wanted. He was one of the reasons I purchased the car that evening.
If you are looking for a great salesman go find Jason, you won't be sorry.

Robert S. | 2015-04-06

I was ready to buy a Murano when I stepped onto the car lot. An older Asian gentleman approached me and right away told me that he was a retired CEO and didn't need to be working there but he did anyway because he enjoyed it. Yeah, I've heard that BS before. He was acting like a big shot pretending that he really didn't need the money. I told him that since he didn't need the money, I'll deal with a younger salesman that does and avoid his arrogant and sh*tty attitude. I test drove the vehicle with another salesman, signed papers, and I was out of the dealership within an hour. On my way out, I waved and smiled at him. He had a big frown on his face as I drove away. What an odd man...

Lucky M. | 2015-04-03

My original review was deleted for lack of solid examples. Seriously?  What is Nissan going to do about the overall low rating? How can they hide the moon with a thumb!

vy n. | 2015-04-02

I  recently purchased the 2015 Rogue SV from Betty Ho.  She was very helpful and went out of the way to get us exactly the car that we want within our budget.  What else could you ask for?  It was a straight forward transaction, and with SJ Premier Nissan that is the way to go.  Thank you Betty, Grant, and Maricel!

Olive H. | 2015-04-02

I dread buying a car and was not sure of changing my VW Routan. I am a loyal VW driver for years so I kinda surprised myself when I switched to a Nissan Pathfinder. First of all - we went car-shopping on a cold, rainy Saturday intention to buy, just look at our options. I was interested on checking a Toyota Highlander but the car is sooo overpriced and Toyota sales peeps were not so accommodating. My hubs and I thought the Highlander was not even that special for the ridiculous price!! No special deals, no whatever! Let's take our business somewhere else! The last one we checked was the Nissan place. Bob (Behrouz Poushtkohi) is the friendliest and funny sales car person we met. I gave him my checklist for an SUV and he showed us a Pathfinder...imagine checking the vehicle in the dark! But everything that I was looking for...even the right color! The way they built this SUV is so smart! Little details are important to moms like me! Drives so smooth! Such a powerful vehicle! So right there, on the spot...I traded-in my Routan for a Pathfinder. Bob is a great sales person. Not pushy at all. Not stressful and definitely met all the requirements I want in a SUV. When it was time pick up my new SUV - Bob was there accommodating from the beginning to the end. Buying a car in this dealership is HASSLE-FREE! It completely changed my experience or fear of dealing with car salespeople. Totally recommend this dealership!

Jazmin I. | 2015-03-30

I went to get a oil change and the please were nice and friendly but on my way to the cashier the person that helped me was really rude not in a good mood and she even gave me the change wrong and I told her about it and she got even more mad!! Rude rude rude.. They should change there attitudes when going to work that's were they eat from!!!

Xin C. | 2015-03-29

Thank you John Do for all helping and service and purchasing on Nissan Leaf , really good deal and price I'm so surprised I can got this one done in only one day! wow~^*^. ~~~~~

induk k. | 2015-03-27

Puchased a 2015 Leaf yesterday. I would say this was the easiest and hassle free car buying experience I've had. Mike James, my sales person knows his stuff. He knew ins and outs of the car and the ev technology. He gave me a very reasonable offer for my trade in and and the new Leaf I didn't feel the need to fight it as usually do. Even after my deal was donw, he waited to ensure that I am comfortable with operating Leaf. This was my first ev and I would be standing in front of a charge station clueless. My wife only could stayed at the dealer for Mas 30 min as we have two babies at home. Grant, the finance guy prepared everything ready before we got there to make sure that my wife could leave without wasting any time. If you are looking for a car I would definately recommend this dealership. If you are looking to buy a Leaf, go talk to Mike. Thanks guys!

annie L. | 2015-03-25

I went there Monday March 23 to look at the Nissan Armada. I had 5k in my purse and an already approved loan. I was there to buy, but I don't think they believed that. A sales guy named John Do initially helped us, he was pleasant, wasn't pushy but wasn't really trying either. He showed me the base model Armada first and I wanted to see the platinum one. After deliberating and test driving, my four year old was in love with the platinum one and all its bells and whistles so we went inside to negotiate a price. He asked us what we wanted to offer, and of course we low balled it.. The sales manager came out, showed us an invoice and threw a number at us. We said that was too expensive and after some awkward moments of Gerald (the sales manager) trying to build a relationship and ask me about my kids, he said well let me see if there are any rebates. You wouldn't believe what he did next. He came back and didn't even step into the cubicle just looked around and said "sorry guys we're probably not going to make a deal today" wtf? He didn't even try to sell the car! He didn't even bargain, he even said they sell very few of the Armadas, so didn't he want to sell one when he had someone actually looking at it? He was rude, didn't even shake our hands, walk us out, or say "thank you for coming" NOTHING!! So I went down the street to Chevrolet and put myself into a brand new 2015 Chevy Suburban LT! I spent more than his first offer, if he would have tried a little bit harder I might have been in an Armada. But then again I'm in the 4th rated best SUV now instead of the 13th.

Simon W. | 2015-03-24

Fifi Li is an outstanding sales consultant, she was very helpful to me in obtaining information about the Nissan Leaf. I highly recommend her.

Andrew T. | 2015-03-21

So it took 45 min to drop off my car for service on a Saturday morning, but the check in by Randall was quick and efficient. He was friendly and apologized for the wait. Now that I'm waiting for my car for service, I figured I'd add to the review.

I increased the star rating from 1-star to 2 because of my purchase experience here. I worked with Betty and she was professional, detailed and true to her word. Everything she promised me during the sales experience was exactly what I received. The only thing that bothered me about leasing my car here was that the paperwork portion took forever. It should've been prepped and ready since all the terms were agreed to in advance of an appointment to come and sign the paper work.

Norman P. | 2015-03-16

I Bought my car here 8 months ago and I always took my car here every 2 months and every time that I bring here my Car for service I don't make appointment but even tough I dont have appointment for my service they always accommodate me.And everyone here in Service Department they all nice most specially Mr RANDALL KENNEDY. And he always make sure that after I leave the shop I was satisfied with their service.

   Mr RANDALL KENNEDY thank you

Sheinely M. | 2015-03-09

Jaime Ramirez the service advisor, awesome job! Thank you for saving my mom money, programming her remote key and fixing her door free of charge.....

Jayce P. | 2015-03-09

Pretty good dealership experience compared to what I've been to so far. I do recommend everyone to see John Do if your looking for a used or new car. He helped me and my cousin get a really good condition pre owned car quite some time ago. Another guy I think his name is K.P I think he is a sales manager. Both were very helpful with getting us what we wanted and they weren't even pushy. Premier Nissan seems pretty legit haha.

James W. | 2015-03-06

Service appointments mean NOTHING at this place.   I had a service appointment to wait on my vehicle (which I had purchased there) for an oil change.   I stated to the service advisor at check-in that I would be waiting on the vehicle.   At the 1-1/2 hour mark, I asked him to check on my vehicle.   Without actually checking on anything, he said it was being washed.   At the 2-hour mark, I asked him again to check on my vehicle.   He walked all around the interior and exterior of the huge service garages asking technicians where it was.  He could not find it.   After 15 minutes of that, a guy drove it into the service area.   NO WORK had yet been started after more than 2 hours of waiting.   I confirmed with the service technician and service advisor that no work had been done yet.   They both agreed.  That was clearly unacceptable.  I took my vehicle and left.

Michael A. | 2015-03-05

We've been shopping around a lot for a specific vehicle. Making sure we did our homework not to get screwed over.  Coming to Premier Nissan of San Jose has been a great experience and we would definitely recommend Omar Zaffer, Jason A, and Levi to help you with your car buying experience. Thank you very very much guys!!

Erin D. | 2015-03-03

Found a vehicle on their website. Called ahead to confirm it was there. Once on the lot, we were told "Sorry, it just went to auction."  Four days later the vehicle is still on their website so I called to see if there was a mistake and was told "Yes, the vehicle is on the lot." I asked her to double check as we had already driven all the way out there to find that the vehicle wasn't there. Upon asking her manager the Nissan associate came back on the phone and said the car had sold. Feeling duped by the old bait & switch.

E G. | 2015-03-03

This place has always been great to me from the service team, to finance team and sales! I bought my first nissan from here 5 years ago. Since then I have moved 3 hours away. Well i decided i wanted to trade in my old car for a new one with more room. I made the 3 hr drive back to here and Roberto Solorio showed me some options. He wasnt pushy or trying to sell me something I didnt want. He was just awesome! He listen to what I wanted and all my concerns and made it happen! Now I have a 2015 nissan sentra! Grant H did the financing part of the deal and he was amazing! He took his time and explained everything so i felt confident i was getting the best deal! This was the most painless and fastest car buying experience i ever had! I would drive 3 hrs again to get a new car from these guys any day!  Thanks guys!

Princess D. | 2015-03-02

My experience with Premier Nissan of San Jose was pretty amazing. I had a very unique situation, and they were extremely accommodating and bent over backwards to get me what I wanted, when I wanted, for the price I wanted. I now have a sparkly new car!! YAY!! Thank you to the awesome team down there!

Sandra G. | 2015-02-27

Just purchased a 2014 Nissan Altima from Dottie! She was amazing and extremely helpful. Her and the staff went out of their way to make my experience joyful and successful. I had gone to other dealerships and the service I got at this location does not compare to the other places I went to. Thanks to them im driving away in my dream car. Thanks!

Ken E. | 2015-02-26

I just purchased the new 2015 Nissan NVS 2500 from Rod Parfett at Premier Nissan, I special order this Vehicle in bright red, most manufactured are all painted white. Picked out all the extra equipment I wanted and it was delivered within a short time.

If you need a fantastic looking and functional van contact Rod Parfett and he will help you with your needs. He is very knowledgeable in these vans.

Premier Nissan is the only dealership in the south bay selling these vehicles.

Mimi M. | 2015-02-24

We purchased a Nissan Rogue on 2/20/15 from one of the best salesmen we met on our search for a new car.  Roberto Solorio was friendly, helpful, knowledgable and honest.  We visited 11-12 dealerships and found that the Rogue fit our needs the best and Roberto made it very easy for us to decide to buy from him.  We will recommend this dealership to friends looking for a new vehicle.
Mimi and Chuck McDonald

Dara S. | 2015-02-23

I really like the service here.  I both got my car from this dealership and get my car maintained regularly.  Every visit I had here was welcoming and comfortable.  And it's nice seeing recognizable faces when I get my oil changes and tires rotated.

For advisors I had Randall, Dennis, Doc, Mel (when she was there) and they are all super awesome.  I like their shuttle service, driven by Dan.

It really is just an awesome dealership.

Alann S. | 2015-02-23

Between two cars, the genuine costumer service and frontal information won my business over. Eddie was a superb consultant and all around friendly guy. Would recommend!

Edit: Just over a month later, and I'm on the fence as of now. Will revise and readjust review depending on the outcome of the next customer care proceedings

Edit#2: After sensible discussions, all was appropriately handled and am once happy overall. Inconveniences are always lurking waiting to pounce on any customer. That aside it was handled with the customer's continued satisfaction in mind.

Lisa, Mr. Andreas, Eddy, Timson, Jason, Randall, Omar and Wilson of whom I got helped by in my time there, were all utmost professionals the while time. My sincere gratitude.

Don Rico C. | 2015-02-23

Leased a 2013 Leaf a while back and have been bringing it back for scheduled maintenance. Very easy to schedule online. Fast getting you in when you drop off the car.  The last couple times the service has been completed well under the estimated time frame. This is very helpful when you have a packed schedule and live far from the dealer.

Adria S. | 2015-02-20

Just FYI, I didn't buy a car here.

However, I do want to commend the service that I received; I was just here with my dad to browse the selection that they had because we were still deciding what to buy, and one of the salesman John Do was outside to greet us and help us. He asked what we were looking for but never gave us any pressure or forced selling. Instead, he provided me with a lot of useful information. All I can say is that my time there was pleasant.

Sccott S. | 2015-02-14

Great experience Jason A. was great not "pushy" at all. He gave us our space.  Would highly recommend you ask for Jason

Krystal K. | 2015-02-13

I couldn't be more happier with the service we received from Nissan!!! Dotti (Dorothy) was amazing in assisting us with showing us the truck we wanted and all the options we had available. She took great care of us and went above and beyond to make sure we left with smiles on both mine and my husbands face! Everyone there worked their hardest to find the best deal available and seal the deal hassle free! We've bought 5 vehicles here and this is our 6th. My husband came from Alaska just to see Dotti because we knew that above all other dealerships, this is the place to be. Thank you Premiere Nissan! Your like family to us!!!

Keith K. | 2015-02-11

We leased a Nissan Leaf from Eddie.  He was great to work with.  He knew about the car and took the time to educate us about electric cars and explain the our options.  I've always had a negative outlook on car salespeople.  Eddie changed that.  He has also followed up to make sure everything has been OK with the car.  He will be our first contact when we need our next car.

Antoinette S. | 2015-02-10

Purchased a car this weekend and it went rather well. John Do was very helpful and patient with my husband and I as we figured out exactly what we wanted. Negotiations went smoothly and as expected. It took the necessary amount of time to reach an agreement and in the end, we got exactly what we wanted for how much we wanted. Gerald was also contributive to the process  and displayed good customer service. I must admit this was our most pleasant experience purchasing a vehicle. We were happy with our choice of dealership.

Connie S. | 2015-02-07

She always there when I need her I bought 5 cars from her she never lets me down and my kids to she helped alot every year for the past last 6 years very nice person to under stand all the time thanks for being there for me when I need you never let me down keep going to a good job.

Tammy V. | 2015-02-07

My car was recently totalled and so I came in with my brother to look for a car. Staff were all very nice and welcoming. Met with Wilson whom introduced  us to Jason. Thank you Jason for helping put me in the Nissan Altima.

Desiree P. | 2015-02-07

I came in to Premier Nissan everyone was very helpful and Anita is a great sales person.. I would recommend my friends and family to come in, if they are in search of a new car..

Honey V. | 2015-02-02

I have been coming here for my car maintenance for the past 6 years. Since then I have worked with different service advisors including Melanie and Doc. Melanie was great but after she left, I went back to work with Doc. He has always been pleasant and he provides you with excellent customer service.

Yvonne W. | 2015-02-02

Had a great experience with staff here. Betty and Grant did exceptional job to answer all our questions. We sold our old Volvo and leased Nissan Leaf. Reasonable cost, brand new electrical car and use carpool lane at rash hour is great feature of having Nissan Leaf.

Taurean L. | 2015-02-02

This was my first time looking into cars at a reputable dealership and it was a great experience. The staff made it easy to understand and comfortable being a first time buyer. This place is so nice I love this company, customer service is a 100 on 10 point scale. I love the atmosphere here the folks here are nice. Ms Betty ho was great I'm so exited for my new car she takes her time with you and actually reaches out to understand your needs. Love it !!!!!!!!!!!

Jen H. | 2015-01-31

Time to update after the service (which took almost an entire month!) was finally completed on my car. I initially had a pretty terrible experience dropping my car off for service here- I had reserved an appointment in advance, only to find a total clusterf* of cars and confused drivers lined all the way from the service center out onto the main road-- and it ended up taking nearly an entire day for my car to finally get seen despite the appointment time.

When my car was finally seen, the service folks weren't able to diagnose the problem. I was pretty livid. It was a Saturday afternoon, they were out of loaner cars and I needed my car for work the following week. After some huffing and puffing, we got them to agree to pick up my car from my apartment and drop off a loaner (free of charge) the following week. And they followed through. It only took them literally another month to properly diagnose the problem, fix the problem, and return my car. The length of time was pretty ridiculous- but the Leaf service guy was generally very good about checking in with me regularly to give me updates (after I had left a few impatient voicemails...) and was generally very polite and reassuring. And I suppose given that my Leaf had an unusual problem that they'd never encountered before and all of this happened over the holidays, perhaps the one-month time can be understood to some extent. Bumping these guys up one star after my last review- despite the terrible drop off experience and the long wait for my car, their service was decent, my car came back fixed (and at no cost- thanks, warranty) and nicely washed/waxed, and they did go out of their way to do the pick up/drop off. Just hope no more issues come up with my car before the lease is up!!

John C. | 2015-01-28

NOW I understand the ratings. I choose to give each and every business a benefit of a doubt. However I'll rewind to day 3 of my Nissan buying experience. 1. Leased leaf. Didn't figure out the turn in fee would be a big deal when the time came. however nearly $500 for a turn in fee is stupid. Argue and try to get it added to the price of the car. Ya ya my fault Omar rattled past it and didn't mention it again. 2. My guy "Omar" flat out lied. He said he would get the maintenance thrown in for free. He didn't. The dealer will cover the general check and the tire rotation. However, the yearly full inspection is $199 NOT COVERED BY OMAR. 3. The QC in the back has had three changes in the last 2 years. Now its the nrg evgo network. Without a card you will need to pay $9.95 by calling the number or you'll need to sign up for ANOTHER card. I already have a blink and a chargepoint card. How many networks are there going to be in 5 years? 4. When I first got the car there was piece of plastic that fell off and Omar couldn't figure out where it went. Stupid thing popped out and he played tetris trying to get it to fit. 5. When I car started having issues after the first day I went back and told DOC about it.  He said I probably was shifting the car from park to drive so fast and it kept going to neutral. Reallly? Turns out the car had a leak in the radiator. BRAND NEW CAR with factory issues because of the US based plants. I was out a leaf for 6 days.

I believe the electric car will have it's place. But I'm not sure if I'm gonna bother with this anymore. I will miss my commute car and the charging at home and the carpool sticker. But the charge network is a joke. +1 for the car.

Lewis I. | 2015-01-27

Just finished terminating a lease for 2011 Nissan Leaf and starting a new lease for a 2015 Nissan Leaf.  The whole process went very smoothly and pleasurably with no pressures at all.  The salesman was Eddie Shahbazian.

Julian S. | 2015-01-26

I had a great experience at premiere nissan of San Jose. The people are very friendly and the sales  people are not pushy at all. I recommend this dealership to anyone looking to buy a car

Stephanie A. | 2015-01-25

My boyfriend and I just bought a car and the service was excellent And the sales person Celia Arreola made buying a car experience great. I would recommend this dealer to everyone!

Annette C. | 2015-01-24

Doc is the best service sure to make an appointment whenever you plan to get your car serviced because there could be somewhat of a wait. Everyone at the dealership is really nice and attentive they will make you feel like your needs are important. Doc is the only advisor I know that will go out of his way to get you out quickly as possible!!

Kim M. | 2015-01-23

Be brother bought a truck here a couple weeks ago and they were so great that I'm back with our cousin for a car! Super friendly and they were so great helping her with financing! Will definitely be back for my next vehicle!

Nichole M. | 2015-01-23

Anita is great! No one else could get us approved but Anita! Dottie is a great sales person. If you can't get approved anywhere else this is the place to go!!

Gina A. | 2015-01-23

OMG..DO NOT BUY HERE...Complete Joke, Bate and (try to ) hook, told a car we wanted was here, even on our way from Tracy they called to ensure we were on our way to see this Specific car, mind you we were 10 minutes away at this point and said yes we are almost there...As soon as we show, SURPRISE the car is not there, "Dottie" greets us and we say yes we are her to see this specific car, she says o the silver one, ah...yes we reply, o that one is gone.   The person who assured it was there sits upstairs and cannot come down, then they all go into acting mode.hum the manager says after he comes behind the glass office, " it says its here".  Then he and the rest of the crew take off like they are going to look for a car that is so obviously non existent, for fun we waited for 10 minutes for them to come back guess the actors needed to practice and we were done waiting  and left.  
As if we would consider buying ANYTHING from this place after being BLATENTLY LIED TOO.  
**Oh and as a special side note "Dottie" suggested we might want to contact her husband who works for another car dealership near by**.GHETO!

Daniela Q. | 2015-01-19

I called to set up an appointment the lady "talk shit after she thinks I hung up" who answered the phone was really rude talking to me like if I'm an idiot. When I came in to get my car oil change I expected someone to come help me out, but I had to go look for someone to check me in. Then the guy "white guy before the entrance to main building "who is finally helping me tells me I need to pay for my oil change when I'm explaining that I have an extra plan for free oil change he is basically telling me it's not valid here only at the dealership you bought your car! So I call Nissan in Fremont they tell me that's a lie it's valid at any Nissan. I'm so annoyed even coming here I rather take the extra trip to Fremont to get better service.

Mechelle R. | 2015-01-08

If I need anything done for my Altima I go to Capital Nissan. Not only is the service done well it is in a timely manner which is convenient. I am immediately greeted every time I go there by Jonathan demkowski in a very pleasant and quick manner. He gets all my paperwork done and my car sent off pretty quick. Over all I am always very happy with the service and customer service here at Nissan capital.

Richard S. | 2015-01-08

Wow, I just read through a number of frightening reviews for the service department... I hope that when it comes time for the service I won't have the same experience! This review is for the sales side, which went very smoothly for me.

I purchased a new 2015 GTR in November 2014 from Wilson (sales manager) and things couldn't have been smoother! I was in the market for a used GTR and decided to also include new ones since it seemed pricing for new vehicles like this was getting a little softer at the end of the year with a new model year just a few months away (GTRs have a weird model year start!)

Premier had 2 new GTRs in stock according to their web side, a white 2014 "Track Edition" and the 2015 Super Silver "BE", that I ended up purchasing. Premier is near by and was the only dealer close to me that had color options other than black.

My wife and I first visited the showroom early in the week  and did the usual "tire kicking". The sales team was very professional and got me to the "GTR Sales person" promptly. Since this is a somewhat unusual and low volume car, it's not sold by the rank and file sales people, I guess you need to be trained on it's unique features. I had the same thing happen when I bought my M5 back in the early 2000s, so i expected it.

Amazingly (I say that because this is a unique car and buyers are picky about the initial mileage. Also this car was on the showroom floor, not outside), I arranged to take the car on a test drive later that week, and when we showed up on the right evening, they pulled the car out of the showroom and with a sales guy stuffed into the back seat (I feel sorry for him with my driving :), my daughter in the other back seat and my wife in the passenger seat, we headed out for a short shake down drive. I had driven my friend's 2009 GTR and knew roughly what to expect but the 2015 was supposed to be several generations of refinement better... it was! So after some time in the parking lot after the test drive, with the car and my family and the sales team all inside out of earshot, we decided this car was a good family sports car (4 seats, functional cupholders , heated seats and a usable trunk) and made them an offer. There was some back and forth but we arrived at a price we were both happy with. I feel I got the car for a very good price and was handled in a courteous manner.

The finance manager who does the paperwork up (even though we paid cash) was professional and quick (he was very young too, made me feel so old!). We chatted a little and he was a smart young man and really had his head screwed on right. I told him right off that I wasn't interested in the usual extras and he never brought them up. That's really appreciated, although I may still go back for the extended warranty since this car has some expensive bits if they break.

Afterward I was introduced to the service manager and given some advice about the first service, break-in procedure and annual performance service.

Overall I had a top notch experience. It was a very good sales experience given what I was spending. I hope they treat all their customers this way!

Erikk L. | 2015-01-03

Everyone here is very friendly and helpful. We felt welcomed as soon as we arrived. Today Anita helped us out and she was great! Really recommend this place! Definitely coming back!

Aide Y. | 2014-12-18

If I could give it 0 stars , I would . I bought my car here in Feb & I've been due for my second maintenance so I scheduled an appointment . I showed up early & was told that they had taken in too many drop ins so they could not service my car . So upsetting ! When I asked to speak to the manager , I was told that he was off today ! Really ?! So frustrating since I work long days on the weekdays so Saturdays are the only days I can since they're closed on Sundays . Don't ever go here unless you want to be sent home !

Mark M. | 2014-12-06

One star is way more than their service department deserves. If you need to take your car in for any work, don't!!! Save yourself time, money and headache. Their service department is the most incompetent group of employees I have ever met. If I were you, I would go to Stevens Creek location. They are professional and courteous. These guys are absolute jokes. I will never ever go to this place again!!!

Elishia M. | 2014-12-03

I bought my nissan at sunnyvale nissan but bcuz its far amd i live close to capital i gave it a try. Capital nissan/premier nissan is a joke! If you buy your car here don't bother using the service department. I've called and had to leave messages with no response. I've had to call back and once again leave message. I've been meaning to leave a review but slips my mind after all the frustration.
Today I called to find out about a wiper blade but I only got as far as hearing a chick say please hold. I held for 10min and hung up just to call back. A chick answers again and I tell her how bad their customer service is and she apologizes to me and transfers me to parts upon my request. The guy answers and says parts please hold....I didn't even say no I'm not holding I was put on hold no matter what! I held for another 2min and hung up.
All I have to say is the owner of this dealership should b concerned about how crappy this place is. I plan to dig a little deaper and make sure Nissan knows their name is carrying such a shitty place!
I'm going back to Sunnyvale Nissan where they treat me with good customer service! Ask for Nick or Jerry!

Todd E. | 2014-11-22

Very poor purchasing experience.  They used the wrong money rate in our lease and then argued the issue for hours before finally re-doing the lease.  Pricing is also not competitive with other dealerships.  Hayward and Sunnyvale have better pricing without the hassle.

JW Z. | 2014-11-18

I bought a 2014 Sentra in August. The sales person was ok but the problems went happened during the financial paper signings.  The Finance person named Omar Told me he would give a an extended warranty for free at no cost. Turns out he slipped a fast one on me next thing you know when I get my first statement I notice a $2,200 added to my principle balance. I went down there during my lunch hour he was not there talked to someone else they said they would by the warranty back but my payments will not be lower it will just come off of the principle. The idea of me getting this car with no interest was to have the lowest possible monthly payments this increased my monthly payments by $30 per month. They never did buy the warranty back from me I had to file charges with Corporate Nissan Headquarters based out of Memphis Tenn. My case manager made several attempts with this dealership for about 2 months finally get through when he left a message that he was going to escalate my case with the CEO of Nissan even though this dealership is indepantly owned they still need to comply with Nissan on good business practice. They said they would take care of it they didn't after another month my case manager escalated the matter and it got resolved I got the $2,200 removed from my principle balance. I logged into my account today and saw the change. I waited this long to write my review to make sure I get my credited $2200 adjusted.
I do not recommend this place they are a bunch of crooks beware of Omar the head of finance at Premier Nissan if you look on the wall he has several sales awards so he must be a crook. The whole place is, beware!!! They must be paying some of these people who write the good reviews . Only giving 1 star because 0 stars not available.

Isaiah M. | 2014-11-11

This place is the best awesome experience everyone was very nice and helpful and kept the stress in buying a car off my shoulders I had the most best experience and would definitely would come back for another Nissan I got/was interested in the 2015 Nissan rougue sv and it's an awesome car I love this dealership and recommend every single person in the world to go here

Carlene S. | 2014-11-06

Don't come here for service. Very disorganized and it won't matter if you have an appointment - you will still have to wait!  Brought my car here for an oil change and they got oil on the center console. Should have checked everything out before I left but noticed it on my way home. Didn't  have time to go back so I called and left a message for the service advisor that helped me that day. I called back again and spoke with a different advisor who said that they would take care of it for me. I asked if he was noting this in my record and he said, "why, we're talking aren't we?"

When I took my car in to have them clean it and showed him the stain, he said it didn't look like oil suggesting that it might have already been there. He took the car and said they cleaned it but after drying the stain is still there. I'm wondering if they just got it wet and scrubbed it a little instead of properly shampooing it. This is the second time the service people got oil/grease on the interior of my car. Last time it was on my carpet. Also when I picked up my car they had left my car key on the front seat - I (or someone else) could have just driven off in it!

I am never bringing my car back here!  I still haven't heard from the original advisor that I left a message with. I guess he didn't like me complaining about the long wait that morning so he pretty much ignored me after that. I didn't even get a call to let me know that my car was done. They definitely need to provide their staff with some customer service training!

Linda D. | 2014-11-01


Apparently making an "appointment" here means nothing.  I realized my oil was leaking on Friday and was unable to get a Saturday appointment at the Nissan dealerships in Fremont and Stevens Creek.  I should have realized there was a reason why Premiere Nissan of SJ had every time slot open online when I made my appointment.  

When I arrived at 10:20 for my 10:30 appointment, there were 2 service lines of 10 cars each.  I thought "it's okay, Stevens Creek gets like this too but it doesn't take as long as it looks."  Wrong!  

After sitting there for 30 minutes without moving an inch or being acknowledged by staff, someone finally came out and directed cars to move forward.  I got out and asked a service rep if I needed to check in for my appointment or if I should just keep sitting in my car, and all he said was "yes, someone will be with you in a minute."  I looked around and saw there were only 2 service reps, 10 cars in front of mine waiting, and 10 more behind me (the lot was so full some cars weren't even able to pull in and were in line in the street).  I'm not a math genius, but it didn't look like it was going to be a minute.  So I immediately got the heck out of that goat farm and drove my car straight to a local repair shop.  I'd probably still be at Premiere Nissan right now if I hadn't just left.

David N. | 2014-10-29

The one star rating is for the second guy I spoke with.  If I would have continued my conversation with the younger guy who greeted me and showed me around I would have given this place a 5 star.

I came in on my day off to check out the Leaf.  my g/f and I commute pretty far to work and we were looking into picking up an EV so we could save money on gas and also use the carpool lane.  

I walked on the lot and nobody helped me so I walked inside and found this younger employee and he introduced himself and showed me around and gave me lots of information.  He was very friendly and joked around with me a bit and made me feel comfortable.  He even took me on a test drive.  He then had to go work with one of his clients he was waiting for and passed me off on to a sales manager.

This guy was your typical dealership employee.  Pushy, rude and very to the point.  He was essentially the exact opposite of the previous employee.  He refused to provide me with any additional information... and one thing that I was really confused about was why they refused to let me check out the navigation and stereo in the car.  Their reasoning was we take all the SD cards out b/c people steal them... Are you worried that I'm going to steal this SD card while you are sitting here with me?

The card costs close to nothing but yea I walked away from the lot feeling completely turned off by Nissan.  Right after this trip to Nissan I told my g/f that we don't want a Nissan and so we went to Toyota and even to Kia to check out the EV soul.  We will never return to this dealership and highly doubt we will ever consider purchasing a Nissan in the future.  There are so many other auto manufacturers out there to choose from and better dealership lots that will treat us like valued customers instead of empty vessels carrying wallets.

Shack S. | 2014-10-28

Had some trouble with my Versa.  (128k miles)
As always, excellent service and they diagnosed what I thought might be the problem.  CVT (It's a very costly repair)

Knowing deep down that my 2009 Versa was going to car heaven, they could have easily taken me for a ride when I decided to buy a new car.  (Especially as my credit is only 710 / not A paper)  

The repair was more than the car was worth, and they still gave me credit towards the new car.

I worked with Salesman Harman Singh.  I asked for the world.  What I got, was a great & fair deal.  (What was realistic)

Harman did ask for everything that I wanted.  (At some point you have to expect to meet them in the middle)  What made this so great was in the financing office.  Usually near the end (In the financing department)  you are bombarded with all the service upgrades.  I've never bought a Gold Package before tonight.

You see in the spirit of compromise, you have to give a little to get a little.  They gave allot more than I expected.  I walked away with the Gold package which virtually doubles my warranty!  (You can say what you want to about those warranties) I went from 3 years/36k miles to 5 years/75k mile warranty!!!  I'll sleep very well tonight!

The whole Team was fantastic.  If you are looking to get one over on a Car Dealer, go somewhere else.  If you are looking for a Team of professionals that will give you a fair deal, and actually consider what you are asking for, then look no further.  I've been going here for service since 1996.  Old ownership, new ownership, Folks come and go, but the spirit of helping never fades...Even the Parts Gentlemen and the Cashiers are a pleasure to deal with :)

Andre O. | 2014-10-22

Just wanted to add / two of my neighbors (tired of traffic) just leased Leafs as well.  I shared my negative experience with Premier Nissan and they went over to Sunnyvale to secure their deals. Both were happy with Sunnyvale Nissan's service.  Now my neighborhood is full of Leafs!

Alfredo F. | 2014-10-20

Terrible place to buy a car..
We purchased a nissan back in 2012, had some problems with it and they rented a car for us. Well it turns out that nissan charged us for the rent a car $450 when they had told us that all charges were going to be covered by them.
They are not to be trusted and now we will be suing them.

Praveen K. | 2014-10-15

This review is for Eddie Shahbazian in the sales department and for him only!!!! He is a rockstar and I know how bad it can get when it comes to car salesman - so I give him 5 stars with that in perspective. He is a no BS guy and surprisingly not one of those gimmicky individuals - he is straight with you and will work to get you in a car and meet your needs at the same time. I and my friend both leased a Nissan Leaf each in Dec 2013 with him and for me, he was the best part about this entire dealership !!!!

Few of my friends have done business with him after this and another friend of mine is leasing a 2015 Leaf as am writing this review... Eddie... you ROCKSTAR!!!!

Jdp K. | 2014-10-14

Bad service ... Try to call and leave message nobody call back. I would like to give  zero star for this company but no choice to put it just 1 star too much for sales and finance.

Annie M. | 2014-10-12

We went to this dealership in search of the quick charge station. There were tons of cars located on this lot so my husband headed towards a service/mechanic. Well they acted like my husband was a total annoyance & told him that the quick charge was in the back, but there's no way to get to it without moving a bunch of cars. Nope, he didn't offer to help move any of their shiny new Leafs to get to the quick charge either. No apology either.

The other charging station was also smushed inbetween a pack of new Leafs & also unaccessible. I doubt the management cares that they are losing business/customers over this. They can't even offer good customer service for their customers. Honestly, we'll never head back to this Nissan dealership. Good luck to them with their business!

Tom P. | 2014-10-12

I couldn't rate it a 0 so I did a 1.  Scam artists with a fake promo.  Manger was extremely rude. Run away!!

Bonnie M. | 2014-10-12

Only a one star because you can't give zero.  Like everyone there, supposedly I won the Cash is King mailer - $750, because the coins matched.  However, according to the sales guy, you had to have 2 pairs that matched which obviously the mailer does not say and I knew that the longer I stayed the more I would have negative things to say on this yelp review. Like someone else mentioned I was supposed to at least get a $50 gold "Tribute" coin but oops they ran out and the sales guy said he would mail it me! Ummmmm, right...  Well it all looked and smelled like the scam you probably thought it was it you received the mailer.  However, I can guarantee the next car I buy will NOT be from there, nor will I ever recommend it as their first impression is all but the to familiar "sleazy sales techniques" that intelligent people loathe.

Kim C. | 2014-10-08

False advertisement. Like many, I received a prize scratcher in the mail for 750$, I was intrigued cause the hotline I called asked for a confirmation # and set up an appointment with me. Once arrived, it seemed like no one wanted to help out, basically the manager smirked and said "you've won a 5$coin, but I ran out so come back." Unprofessional Charleston's! Never again. Isn't this form of reeling customers in illegal?

Allen G. | 2014-10-08

I went there today and was approved for a loan had the car picked out and everything. The lady that was selling me the car was aware I had no down payment. Yet the tried to get it anyways or at least half of the deposit. I had the worst time of my life I will never go back. I'm going to go to a neighboring dealer!

Kiki K. | 2014-10-07

Came here because I had a promo mailed to me saying I "won a prize". Was in the area and thought I'd check it out even though I knew it would be scammy.

For making a first impression to a customer, these guys were terrible. I get that it's a promo that brings a lot of traffic, which is prob annoying for the workers, but remember what the point is.. to get new customers. Failed.

Cheryl I. | 2014-10-05

If you are looking for a shady dealership this is it!  We are looking for a car for our daughter and received a mailer from these folks.  It was a game where you could win prizes.  According to our game piece we won $750 and after carefully reading all of the fine print thought this might be a good place to look for a car.  Turns out it was all a scam and you could only win if you didn't open your entire game piece (nowhere does it say this in the rules).  As the salespeople all seemed very slimy it wasn't even worth it to argue.  Fair to say these people will NEVER get my business courtesy of their "marketing" techniques.

Chi L. | 2014-09-19

Just bought a pathfinder here. Overall, a very competent experience although I found the lot a little messy. Ken T., the sales that was helping me, was ta highlight - enthusiastic and helpful, didn't drag his feet for anything, was honest and straightforward in the deal - even offered to pick me up from my house to the dealer when my car was ready.

Ram S. | 2014-09-19

I'm a software engineer who usually does not worry to much about writing reviews. But this one stuck me some many times with bad expierience. First of there, there no direct number to service and its very hard to talk to service. I had make calls 10 times and requested to transfer to service, everything the music keep playing more than 10 mins. Once I got chance to talk to someone, and he was no interest to talk to me ( btw, i had flat tire, and all I wanted to know if I'm covered with Maintaince package) and nobody is willing to answer. So, I drove up there and this man says I hang up on me, why would I do that. Hello!! my brand new car is not running since two days with flat tire..why would I hung up..Overall, Please dont buy car from this dealer. And if You buy, dont service here. having said that, there are few good people who helped and nice to answer few questions like Robert and Prince..

Michelle H. | 2014-09-03

This place is ridiculous. It was my first time ever looking to buy a car, so I didn't really know what to expect but I did do some research and stuff.

We came in to look at the 2014 Nissan Altima. He showed us the 2015 instead. I didn't really care as long as I could get some kind of deal, so I stuck through. The salesman Florente was nice and he seemed friendly and everything, but he wouldn't even give us a damn straight price quote. He kept saying that we needed to give him our information for him to give us a better quote. Then he asked for our insurance. And my mom just got pissed so he kept us waiting there and kept saying he was going to ask his manager. Next thing you know he was like "I'll give you an updated price quote after you go to financing" and then "I'll give you an update after you sign the contract."

WTF? I'm not THAT dumb... so we wanted to leave. And he brought over his shitty manager who gave me a bunch of attitude. The manager asked what the problem was and I said I wasn't sold on the price and the sales guy wouldn't give me a straight answer but decided to push me over to financing instead. And the manager asks what price do I want, so I say 20K with added alloy wheels (which is what TrueCar quoted me and also what Hayward Nissan is guaranteeing), and he basically said "That's bullshit. They're lying to you. Go ahead and waste your gas money going to Hayward and when you realized how dumb you are, come back."

So I walked away. HAHAHA. And then a bunch of dudes are running after us begging like crazy and my mom yells that we have been there all day and we're tired and hungry. One guy pipes up, "I just bought Taco Bell! I'll give you my burrito" and the sales guy who worked with us said he'll buy us food. The general manager comes out and says he'll give us an extra free tank of gas and then he says he'll give us the wheels for free too, saying "Just work with me! Work with me! Now go to financing." All bullshit.

They've been harassing me by phone ever since.

Just don't come here.

Yuri E. | 2014-09-03

Got a certificate through my company, printed it, went to the dealer and walked out 1 hour later with a new Leaf. Got the car prepped and cleaned, full charge and awesome instructions on use and some pointers on how to save money on "extra" offers.

lina h. | 2014-09-02

This is just for the complimentary car wash. I just got it because I was already there anyways. I understand that they have better things to do than just wash a car. It's only worth it if you're already getting serviced!

Claudia O. | 2014-08-30

They do a good job taking care of the cars and they wash it, too. It's very slow on Saturday.

Bob O. | 2014-08-23

Had a very unpleasant experience at the misnamed premier Nissan on Capital Expwy. This was my second and last visit. Fast charger was down. 9 miles of range left on my Leaf. Tried to use the slow chargers. All were in use with no owner around. Asked a service manager for help; waited 5 minutes. Apparently, u have to buy the car from them to be treated well. A sales rep commented that I wasn't a customer (Sunnyvale Nissan on the plate surround). On my first trip to this dealer, another sales rep shouted at me that I should have bought the car from them as I headed for the fast charger (they really don't like Sunnyvale Nissan). Well, I guess I'll rush right back there and buy one - not. I called in a complaint to customer service. Let's see if Nissan Corporate is serious about EZ-Card & "No Charge to Charge" programs. Certainly, premier Nissan is not interested in building customer confidence and relationships.

D K. | 2014-08-16

We bought two cars from this dealership in the past year or so.

Now, this is as good as it gets. Here's why:

- if you hate car dealerships in general, like I do, give this one a shot - our experience was not just bearable, we even had some fun.

- last time we went in to get a no-frills car, and there were no-frills sales tactics involved. I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly and relatively painlessly we could reach the deal. Full disclosure: I'm no match for a pro car salesman, of which I'm very much aware (and I doubt there are many commoners, so to say, who are). So, when car-shopping, I'm looking for something that both me and the car dealer can live with, as it is my understanding that car salesmen are not in the business of bringing you the best deal; instead, they're in the business of making money. In this respect, our experience with Premier Nissan was very good both times - we got deals we could live with, and it involved minuscule, almost ritualistic, amount of haggling over the price. Moreover, I don't think we really overpaid either time - we could've paid a tad less money both times, but I prefer to think that this money bought us some peace of mind and took the stress out of the experience. As stressful as shopping for a car can be, for me at least, Premier Nissan's salespeople made it quite easy.

- The team that took care of us in our most recent experience was a fun team - seriously! Jason, the guy who took us on the test drive and handled most of the legwork during the negotiations, was very nice and accommodating. His boss, who handled closing the deal, is a wise man who can play along and thread a fine line between making you feel good and making a profit for his company - what's not to love? Omar, who handled the financing, was chatty and energetic.

- The small, inevitable hiccups in our experience were promptly acknowledged and addressed, with prompt apologies. I happen to think this a sign of a good business - people make mistakes, what matters is the way these mistakes are addressed.

Andrew H. | 2014-08-10

We arrived when the dealership first opened and were greeted by Jason Ayubzai. He was very straightforward with us and answered all our questions completely. We felt comfortable working with him so we negotiated a fair price and he worked with his managers to get us the color and upgrades we wanted. We had a good experience at this dealership and would especially recommend Jason to prospective customers!  We are still at the dealership so our experience is not quite complete. But I highly recommend working with Jason as your salesperson!

Alex D. | 2014-08-09

My buying experience was amazing today at Nissan! Betty Ho is amazing and I reccomend anyone who wants to buy a car to go to Betty!! They slashed the price of the car I wanted down well!!! Thank You Betty!!!

Neal H. | 2014-08-06

Where to begin. We had been car shopping all day. When we got out of our car, this young Asian guy approached us in record time. We explained to him that we were just looking and if we had any questions we would let him know. He responded " it is Nissan policy that I have to follow you around our lot. You don't have talk to me, but I have to follow you". Every time we should get near a car, he would ask us if we liked that car. Finally I told him that this wasn't going to work if he kept following us. He finally left and another sales guy came by and just told us that he was available to help. After a few minutes we approached the salesman and told him our budget and that we were really strict on the price and that we had the financing taken care of. He found a car that he said he thought he could get within our price range. We took it for a test drive and really like the car. We then went inside and the typical salesmanship of handing us off to a " experienced specialist " began. The middle eastern salesman told us that the car was 4500 more then what we were willing to pay ( how is that close????) we told he what we would be willing to pay and he countered. After a few minutes e told us " it is only 1500 more" and I told him " if it only 1500 more, they you can pay it".  We gave him our bottom dollar and he said he thought he could do it but needed to talk to his manager. Few minutes later he came back and said he could only do it if we financed with Nissan. We told thanks for wasting our time and left. Never again

Beth L. | 2014-08-03

Last night after 10pm my sister, brother-in-law and I pulled into the Premier Nissan parking lot seeking a charge for my 2013 Nissan Leaf.  I was visiting from Half Moon Bay, 50 miles away.  We had been unable to use the 120v charger at her home (not sure what failed, we will look into that), and so I was looking for a public charge in order to get home.
The first Premier Nissan employee to approach us was ---unhelpful.   To my inquires as to whether the cars blocking the entrance to the lot could be moved so I could pull my car into the empty spot on the opposite side of the  charging station - he said that he could not move them. When I asked if he could move the vehicles that were fully charged on the near (and accessible) side of the charging station, he said he could not.  When I asked if he had  any suggestions, he indicated that the Fiat dealership might have some charging stations available.

This was disappointing, as when we leased the Nissan, we were told we could "always come into any Nissan dealership for a charge up".  
However, a few moments later, another Premier employee, Sohee, approached us.  I am sorry that my brother-in-law began to express his frustration at her.   However, we all got on a better footing pretty quickly, and Sohee sprang into action!!!  I was so relieved!  She tested as many possible angles of getting my car to a charger as she could, confirming what we had learned - couldn't be done. Then she borrowed a pen from me, wrote the VIN of one of the charged cars on her palm, and rushed off.  A couple of minutes later, she returned with a key, moved the charged vehicle, and I was plugged in and charging.  Yeah!!!!!

After she left, I got in my car, pulled  a light blanket over myself, and set an alarm for every half hour.  At 12:30 AM I finally left their lot, on my way home to Half Moon Bay.

Thank you, Sohee, soooooo much for doing what you could to help a stranded Leaf owner, long after your shift was over, in the middle of the night, delaying your dinner with friends.  It meant a great deal to me, and I am grateful to you!

Devon W. | 2014-07-30

I found the most friendly dealers here. They respect customers and provide great service. I lease a Nissan Leaf from Betty Ho yesterday. Before I make this decision, I went through a long negotiation process with other Nissan dealers in bay area. I did many research and brought my research paper to them. They always told me the price I ask is impossible and the way they talk to me make me feel very frustrated.  I almost give up my budget line. Until I talk to Betty in Premier Nissan. She is polite and straight forward to the point I want. She does not play the numbers with me just like other dealer. The most important thing is she can give me a desirable price.
For the paperwork, she makes sure that I don't miss any detail. She makes me feel reliable and satisfied in the whole car shopping process. I strongly recommend her.

P G. | 2014-07-29

I bought a leaf in February of this year. I didn't want to write a review till I gave them a second chance. So I'll start with the positive.
 The person that I think is worth talking to is Tony ( Internet  sales). We researched online and sent an email out to the dealership. We didn't want to go there and get pressured. Tony responded. We had some back and forth exchanges.  He notified me of all the rebate options that I didn't even know about.  After my wife and I were satisfied with the info and we were ready to lease we went in to get the car.
  We got there and asked to talk to Tony, the sales people didn't seem to interested in helping us find our way, just pointed to the area. We found Tony's office and started to talk. He took us to the car and my wife test drove it. We decided to do the lease and started the paperwork. Tony told is to wait and a finance rep Omar will be with us.
 This is where this experience went down hill.  We waited a long time. We were ok with that. Then finally Omar came out to get us. I asked about getting a quick charger and according to the website you could add that to payment. Omar said no and we would have to get it at parts the next day. He started pushing paperwork to sign and we did and then he told us about the extended warranty. Now it's been about five months so the exact price I can't remember but he said that he would take a $150 off the price.  We told him we were not interested. Then he said that he would drop a few hundred more off. I was hesitating. He went on to say that I should get this, because when I bring the car in for service and the they find out this this car is a lease, "they would try to screw me". I swear that those were his words. I was taken back by this. I told him that I don't know if I want to lease at all from them if that was the case. He said I could do whatever I wanted. We sat there and thought for a while about this deal. I told him that the 3 year lease has the warranty to cover the car and the first two services were free.  I told him that even with the other for services combined, it would be a fraction of what he was trying to sell to me. With that we were done with Omar. We drove off the lot with the car.
 My wife went the next day to get the quick charger and she told me that people just ignored her. When she finally got someone to help, she told me they didn't know what she was talking about. After a while they figured out what she was there for and sold her the charger. She called me to tell me that she got it and it was for $300 less than we expected. I asked her about that, she said that she told them the specs of what we wanted and they said this was it. When I got home I opened the package to find that this was not the charge station we wanted. Of course there was tape on the package saying once opened you cannot return. Like hell I was not. I got a email from Tony asking about how everything is going. I responded with what had happened and he needed to forward it to his manager.  I talked to Tony after he got the letter and told him that he was the only decent experience at that place. After playing phone tag with the manager we talked(not blaming the dealership for this).
 I wanted him to know Tony was alright. I told him that after talking with Tony, if I got ripped off in the deal I would have been ok. He went on to say Tony didn't. I told him I'm not saying he did but the interaction with the guy was that pleasant. Then I went to talk about Omar. He was apologetic for that. He said that is there anything he could do. I told him that this is not a good way to do business and that now I'm suspicious of his service. I would understand if you bad mouth another dealership, but to do it to your own, that was crazy. I told him about the charge station and that I'll be returning it even with the tape saying no return after opening. He said that fine.  
 I got a recall about a pressure sensor and wanted to take it in. This was there chance to get a better rating. I called the first time mid day and it went to voicemail. Then I called again and left a message. After not hearing from them I called Stevens Creek and got to talk to a human and made an appointment. The car was taken care of and good service too. Guess how I'm going to give them? Five, just for that fact that I didn't deal with the B.S.

Daud T. | 2014-07-26

If there were negative stars I would give them that.

I ourchased from this dealership. The place is designed to discourage you from charging at this dealership. First nearly impossible to  to get to a charging station especially the quick charge which is outback and you have to maneuver through all the new cars jam packed like sardines, just to get to the back to get to the charging station.

The level 2 chargers are blocked off by cars the dealership owns, go figure, and they they leave no room to park and charge. The lighting is terrible and feels unsafe.  Good luck trying to get a salesman to help. That's nearly impossible.

I found a FIAT charging station directly across the street from this dealership and the difference was night and day. The chargers are easy to access, right off the road. Well lit and found only one other car using the charging station.

Thank you FIAT.
I Won't forget this experience the next time am looking for or recommending an electric.

Tracey P. | 2014-07-22

I am giving them 1 star only because I can't give them 0 stars.

I bought a new car from Boardwalk Nissan in April. When you buy a new car, the dealer is supposed to register it with the DMV. This is supposed to take about a week.

Someone at a different Nissan dealership (Premier Nissan in San Jose) made a typo on a car they were registering, and accidentally registered my car to someone else.

I understand that occasionally mistakes happen, and I am not giving a low review because of the mistake. But when you make a mistake as serious as this one, you need to fix it. No one at either dealership raised a finger to fix the mistake for MONTHS.

From April UNTIL JULY, my husband and I repeatedly called and went into the dealership to ask where our registration was. Every time, we were told some vague answer like "oh. There seems to be a problem with your registration. We'll get right on this." But nothing would happen. No one would follow up. No one would call us back with any updates or progress. They'd simply drop the entire thing on the floor. The next time we'd call or come into the dealership to check on it, no one seemed to know anything about it, and nothing had been done to fix the mistake.

Finally, in July, after over 2 months of being completely ignored, I walked into the dealership and refused to leave until I had some answers. This is when I found out about the mistaken registration from the other dealership. The DMV rep from Boardwalk called and called and called Premier Nissan and no one seemed to know anything. I finally called THE OWNER of Premier and started screaming.

I even called the owner of Boardwalk Nissan. I left several voicemails but never once received a call back, or any kind of acknowledgement. This was my typical experience. Mazes of voicemails, unreturned phone calls, unresponsive customer "service" reps.

What finally made them move on this? I threatened to return the car and demand a full refund (Since I'm sure it's illegal to sell someone a car that can't be registered, I am certain I had legal standing to do this). It was obvious that NO ONE was going to fix the mistake and allow my car to be legally registered with the state of California unless I threatened legal action.

This is NO WAY to treat a customer, and I will never be doing business with either Boardwalk or Premier. EVER.

Jun Z. | 2014-07-22

We leased a Leaf from this dealer with Robbert in sales dept. Things went well in their office. We negotiated the contract, signed the paperwork, and drove the car out. We were told the SD card was locked in an office, where he can't access it during the weekend. He said he would drop it to our place on Mon. "Thank you", and we ran.

Nobody showed up on Mon and no phone call. I kept calling from Tue and finally reached Robbert. He asked us to go to their office to pick up the card. I told him our work schedule doesn't allow us to do so during weekdays, so I am OK to wait a few more days if he can send it via UPS/FedEx. He agreed and said the free charging card had arrived, so he will put it in the envelop together. Although we had to drive a bare car (without the SD card, almost all cool features are locked) for a week, we were happy to get the shipment. However, the charging card is NOT there. Since then, I had to call them on daily base. At the beginning, he said he will drop it at my place, later he said he the cards had been mailed to us. In the past week, I didn't be able to each him at all. Either nobody answered the phone, or he was busy and had to call me back - which never happened. I believe all my voice messages are in their junk now. I tried to reach his manager, but experienced the same thing. Until now, I didn't get the charging card yet, still paying money at charging station for sth. supposed to be free.

Over all, I think they are OK to deal with if you have a lot of time and energy. They did their job - selling a car to you with a reasonable price. However, don't expect too much beyond that level.

Lorianne L. | 2014-07-20

Full Disclosure: I have not purchased anything at Premier Nissan of San Jose.

I received one of those fliers in the mail with the little plastic key attached saying I might be a winner.  I typically just throw those pieces of "junk mail" away, but this time, I didn't. I drove over to Premier Nissan on Capitol by Almaden Expressway.  I happened to be greeted by Jason Gomes, one of their sales associates. We sat down and he asked me some questions and filled out the paperwork.  I was very clear that I was perfectly happy with the car I had recently bought.  Jason did his due diligence but didn't make me feel too pressured or anything.  After the paperwork, he took my flier and compared it to the winning numbers on the wall.  I had the grand prize winning number!  I won a car!  I really didn't believe him.  I figured it was just one more round of something that will lead to more attempts at making a sale, but it wasn't.  I really won.  I didn't need a car, so I opted for the cash prize.  The general manager, Timson Edebiri, and Andreas Eichinger, the person who helped me with all of the paperwork, were friendly and helpful.  

I returned a few weeks later when my big check arrived (literally).  

I realize I don't have any insight to share with you into the sales and service department at Premier Nissan of SJ, but the people I interacted with were respectful, friendly, and did not make me feel pressured to buy anything.  Plus, I can vouch that the promotional fliers that they send out are legit.  Now that you know, you better not throw those mailers away.  You might be the next winner.

Thanks to everyone at Premier Nissan of San Jose!

Bernard H. | 2014-07-19

I live about 2 miles away and I set my mileage counter to 0. I brought my '14 PF last Saturday to get two things done - recall re-program and fix a door lock issue.  I called that morning and got a 11:00 am appointment.  I arrived on-time only to see two long lines of cars waiting.  There was an express  and a service line.  I picked the service line. Unfortunately, the place is disorganized.  You have drop-ins coming in and people with appointments.  The service reps didn't care about attending to customers in order or give preference to those who had an appointment.  

Eventually,  I got out of my car to ask what the process is as this was my first visit.  All I was told (three times) was, "Someone will see you soon."  Then another car pulls up behind me later and they get out and they talk to the same service rep. Guess what?  He sits them down in his office and tends to them before me.  When the service rep passed by, I let him know that I came first, but he made up an excuse that they the couple had a 10:30 am appointment even though their car was marked 11:30 and came after me.  Of course it was BS.  But I was at his mercy and needed to fix my car.

He also told me that he was turning them away because they came too late.  This was another lie to me to appease me because he continued to see them while trying to tend to me.  What made up for this whole situation was that he offered me a free oil change, tire rotation, inside/outside car wash, and fixing the two issues I had.  So this really raised my bad service from 1 star to about 4 stars.  Can't complain about free service.  When I picked up my SUV, I was told that they needed to order the part and that my service rep would call me the following week to schedule an appointment.  My mileage counter indicates: 12 I didn't want to gripe about the mileage because I got the free services and just tried to let it go.  

So this is where the 4 stars drops back to 1 star:  

I never received that call from my service rep about my part coming in.  I called yesterday night and he told me to leave a message for linda. Linda called me this morning telling me the part did come in and that I can come in for an 11:00 am appointment.  Seeing that I came last week on-time, I decided to come in this week a bit earlier.  I also saw that my PF needed some gas, but I still had about 37 miles left as the fuel indicator was warning me.

When I arrived at the dealership,  I got in the express line and waited for my service rep. He saw me, greeted me, and told me he had to work with another customer.

But as he was working, he made a good, conscious effort to help me immediately.  He told me that I can just leave my SUV with the keys in the car and he'll call me later.  He knows what needs to be done.  So my mistake is that I left the car without paperwork because I trusted my service rep.  Bad move on my part.  

Come 3:00 pm today, my service rep calls me and tells me my PF is ready to go.  I arrive and my service rep sees me, shows me to the cashier window to pick up my keys.  

And now the crap hits the fan... they couldn't locate my PF!!!  Cashier lady tells me to wait and my rep is running around like a chicken with its head cut off.  People are scrambling around.  I'm thinking no big should be located in 5 minutes.  He comes back and tells me he'll take care of me, but I see him going to the back himself searching for my PF.  I get a bit antsy and frustrated again.  I walk out to the garage and he approaches me and says, "Your car is here, keys are here, but we are still looking for it."  

Is this really happening to me???  And I realized, what if someone stole the car?  I didn't get any paperwork in the morning because I "trusted" my rep. After about 20 minutes of searching, they found my PF.  The service guy tells my rep, in front of me, the keys were given to another customer and it was mis-tagged!!!  So this is why it's important to get your paperwork.  Your SUV will be properly tagged.  My rep. was trying to help me get out of the service dept. ASAP in the morning, but at the expense of having my SUV tagged improperly.  

I thoroughly checked my PF to see if there were any outstanding issues like scratches, etc.  The door lock was fixed.  It was cleaned inside and outside again.  My service rep. apologized profusely and was upset at his service people as well.  I just wanted to get out of there.  And when I started to drive my SUV, the fuel indicator stated that I had 22 miles left until it was empty.  And so the calculation is:  37 miles - 2 miles to the dealership = 35 miles.  35 miles - 22 miles = 13 miles.  How can they drive the PF for 13 miles???  I didn't tell my rep. this because I had left already and what was he going to do? Offer me another free oil change and car wash to have me come back and suffer more? No thanks!

Gina M. | 2014-07-16

I don't remember the two men's names that helped me but they were both awesome and extremely helpful!  I noticed everyone else's reviews that weren't so great, but this first impression of this place really made me appreciate this place.

I drove up to the service line in a panic at 8:30am when my 2013 Altima started idling funny at every stop light and the check engine light came on when I was on the freeway.   They figured out the problem (simple fix) and fixed it without charge!

Only reason I did not give 5 stars was because of how long I had to wait for them to figure out what the problem was.  arrived at 8:30am and didn't end up leaving until 11:30am.

Ly D. | 2014-07-16

I brought my car for 50,000 miles services.  The excellent jobs were done by them.  Everybody was nice, friendly and helpful.  Specially Randall Kennedy was nice, helpful and awesome.  He only recommended something need to be done if needed not like some other dealer always recommended to do more than I expected.  Thanks for doing a good job on my car.

Mike A. | 2014-07-15

The only reason I am giving them 2 stars is because I did walk away with a good car at a fair price. It wasn't a "great" deal, but it was a good deal and that's ok. What is NOT ok is the process I endured to purchase this car and the people I had to deal with. That said, a disclaimer- this review is only about SALES not SERVICE. So far, the service team has been great, especially Doc. The sales guys however, they are a different breed.

Despite the modern appearance and $100+K showcars in the lobby, this is an old-school a dealership employing old-school tactics. No straight forward "anything" with these guys. If you want a good deal, you need to work at it, and be willing to give up your entire day (or in my case, 3 days) to make it happen. You need to be extremely confident in your knowledge of the vehicle's value, have done your research with regard to what constitutes a good deal (especially when it comes to financing), and then stick to your guns and ultimately be willing to walk away. They will try to intimidate you. Plain and simple. If you can withstand that, then get ready to tussle. Otherwise I recommend buying online or bringing someone with you for support.

You need to be aware of their tactics, and know that when they walk away for 20 minutes under the guise of "having to speak to my manager" it's all BS and all that is designed to do is to make you sweat, get impatient, and compromise your strategy. I knew all that going in, and I even walked away at one point telling my wife "..we can't get emotionally invested in this car. This experience will end, but the payments will last for years."  

They called me that night and sounded like they were willing to work with me, so I went back the next day. Even then, they turned up the heat. On the third day, I spent 6 hours negotiating (no exaggeration). Got there at 10AM and didn't leave until 4PM.

In order to make the numbers work however, I had to trade in my previous vehicle despite not having planned to do that. I felt like a fish on a hook. They'd get me really close and just when i thought i was in the clear, they'd tug the line back and dig the hook just a little deeper. Not so deep that I wanted to leave, but deep enough where I felt it. For example, they would promise one percentage rate but then would tweak the sales price. They'd lower the sales price but boost the percentage. Either way, the total cost wasn't really changing in my favor. Again, they assume you haven't done your homework. It wasn't until I got visibly irritated and called them out that they slightly relented.

Back to my trade-in. It was a sacrifice i felt i had to make, and it wasn't the end of the world for me. It was a loyal car, but it was a 2001 and it was time to let it go. But the worst part was I ended up losing a bike rack in the process. Somehow, it bent a bolt and it wouldn't easily come off (hadn't planned on trading in my car). The service department tried for only a couple minutes to remove it (I believe they were told not to spend much time on it) using a hammer to bang it through. All that did was mushroom the end, which got it even more stuck. And then I was told it wasn't coming off. I had already mentioned it to the finance guy prior to finalizing the sale and I received an IOU.

As I was leaving, I asked for some compensation for it, since it wasn't part of the vehicle's trade in consideration. It is a $300 bike rack, so i asked them to meet me half way. Asked them to trade me for some floor mats (retail price is $125, which i'm sure they get for 50% or less). His attitude completely turned and he got very cold at this point, refusing.

Later, I received an email from Nissan corporate asking about my experience. I contacted them and told them about my experience. They sent me to the dealership's customer relations manager who promised to look into the issue and get back to me. She never did. I then called and spoke to another guy who was downright combative. I wish I could remember his name. I documented the convo so i have it. Anyway, he referred me to Tim, the general manager of Premier Nissan. After a lengthy conversation with him in which he hemmed and hawed and told me they didn't owe me the bike rack, Tim finally asked what color my interior was. Now, I took that question to mean he intended to get me the floor mats, wouldn't you? I told him the color and we got off the phone. That was 18 days ago. I've left 2 messages since then and have had none returned.

At this point, my only recourse is to contact Nissan corporate again, and hopefully something good will come of it. That, and take to social media, which will hopefully accomplish 2 things. First, I would hope that Premier Nissan would realize they don't need to treat customers so poorly in the process of selling a car. Second, I want to share my experience with others so they will be well-informed and hopefully avoid the headaches.

Melissa M. | 2014-07-13

I just left this place mortified. Here's what happened:

My boyfriend and I entered looking to buy a 2013 Altima Coupe. The first offer they made me was $4,000 higher than the price that is listed on Nissan's own website. Was it because I'm a woman?  

I proceed to let them know that I had done my research and looked at the fair purchase price on several websites.

As we negotiated back and forth, the salesman, tried to feed me bogus reasons why they couldn't lower the price. Sorry, but I'm not buying any of it. I will say though, that Azar they first salesman who approached us, was very nice.

Unfortunately, we were unable to reach an agreement that made me feel comfortable, so I let them know that I was gong to talk to my dad about it to get his opinion.

As we headed toward the door, we heard the sales manager, Terry Essary, yell from his office, "GET A HYUNDAI!!!"

I am absolutely appalled that a "Manager" would behave this way. It was terribly belittling. I can't imagine that he would have yelled that if there had been two males in that office negotiating. I would advise anyone who is looking to purchase a car to take their dollars elsewhere.

I'm looking to take my complaint to Nissan Corporate.

S J. | 2014-07-07

This place is a joke. Customer service is garbage. There finance managers are playing video games on there phones.  The sales guys just wait for someone to come in and you get rushed  by 33 sales guys at once! Let me freakin look around for a second.. Forget this place I went to Nissan Sunnyvale. There way more professional. Check out the other Yelp reviews for yourself.

Derikk A. | 2014-07-01

2013 Altima s four door red car at 5k miles the car start making noise in front of the car every time I push the brakes and I took it right  away to the Capitol premier Nissan of San Jose where I purchase the car and still the car have 31k and they give up they don't know what's wrong with my car they change everything they replace a lot off stuff   They have been working with the car since then for more then 10 time back and forward leaving my car at the dealer for days and days having problems with my wife cuz of this, the dealer gave up they said they are not going to do nothing else to my car and they toll me to call Nissan 1 but I need a help. I don't wan to know nothing but nothing about Nissan product in my entire life 1year and months with this problem I'm tired off it I don't really recommend Nissan at all please go some where else . and the auto service are not even professional I took days off work just to go there an talk to then because they never ever answer the phone I have a son and I'm so worried cuz I don't know if my brake are going to fail because not even the professional off Nissan they doesn't know what it's wrong and they still tell me there nothing to worried "how they toll me that if they don't know what's happened to my car they try to fix it for more then 10 times and I call the general manager like 5 times leaving voice mail trying to talk to him but guess what not even him care about us the customer now if he doesn't care you thing the employees will care for us I feel sorry for Nissan that this particular dealer is given such as bad bad service do your self a favor don't put your self I my shoes believe me it feels not good if you have a son or kid don't put then inside off this cars don't get Nissan product thank you for ready sorry for my writing I'm trying to do my best to help you by telling you a little bit off my story .

Fil L. | 2014-06-27

Worked with John and Rob. Jon is a good kid, nice, always smiling. His knowledge of the Nissan Leaf is decent. When it came down to pricing we talked to Rob. Rob's a funny, educated guy. Both are easy to talk to and negotiate.

Once we decided on our trim, John went way out of his way to get it from another deal. Appreciate is efforts to accommodate.

Downside: The wait-time between each step felt unnecessarily long given the number to customers there. Plan to spend a lot of time even if you know exactly what you're looking for.

Once our car was delivered, it didn't have floor mat or cargo cover. We had to make arrangement and extra trip to pick up. Would wish to see Nissan say they'd ship or deliver to us.

UPDATE: Rob & John helped us finally take care of the missing floor mats and cargo cover. John was nice enough to drop it off at our residence for the inconvenience.

Syam K. | 2014-06-24

Be Care full while purchasing with this dealership. You will face serious problems even after 3 or 4 years by come to know about their cheap tricks.
1. Whatever they say, don't buy any additional packages like security Plus,Color protection ..etc. Ask for Terms and Conditions in details. if possible please record those. because some cancellation refund T&C not even present in Documents you sign.
2. Fraud! Fraud! Check you final price break down closely and calculate the all the line items one more time. they have a common practice of adding $100-$300 to total amount calculation. Its happened to me. I found it after 1 week. If you find it, they simply say SOrry! its system error.

Juan L. | 2014-06-15

All they care about is the quick sale everytime I asked them on a update they treated me like I was stupid repeating the same thing over and over again luis was his name and all he did was just waste my time two hours in there and nope not anything. If you have the cash to buy your car straight off sure go but if your looking for a lease and a understandable budget then nooooope. Zero stars if I could WASTE OF TIME

Chevalisa B. | 2014-06-07

This four star review goes out to dealer Eddy (Eliea Shahbazian). Up until I spoke to him, I was not enjoying my experience with this dealership.  When he got on the phone however, my experience of the place turned around. He was helpful, empathic and professional while still being a real person. All extremely important characteristics when I am working with anyone, but especially when thinking to spend a lot of money. In addition to his soft (emotional) skills, he did the research I needed to answer my dealership attitude around and engendered my trust.

The only reason that I left off one star is that I did not go to the dealership, and so cannot report on the whole experience, start to finish. Am writing this review based on several phone calls only.  However, should I decide to go buy the LEAF I am shopping for, I will definitely ask for Eddy.

Andy P. | 2014-05-31

Absolute ridiculous dealership. The stars reflect that. Play games while selling. Appointment means nothing for them for service. Promise car washes don't do then. No respect for time. Avoid. But then the Sunnyvale one is crappier.
This place is total garbage.

To make it worse, the ONLY thing they do in a leaf first service, rotate tires, they didn't even do that. How do I know? I mark my tires before I give for rotation. Avoid this place at all costs. A bunch of liars.

Make u Wish car dealers just shut down

Paulie P. | 2014-05-30


Had an appointment with Anita, "finance specialist" (use the term special very loosely) had no clue what she was talking about, nice ... But no clue and passed us on to someone else and totally forgot we existed. She also thought for some odd reason, we'd be interested in financing an old crappy Mazda hatchback.. YEAH NO THANKS. I guess to her, we had "STUPID" written across our foreheads.

BTW, my sister and I were able to trade in our Honda for $3K, at another dealership, split the cash and put down money for two new cars year 2013 and 2014!! And we're completely happy and satisfied! And one lucky salesperson got some commission, because they actually TRIED to help, and not push cars that we did not like down our throats !!!

You guys suck! ESPECIALLY YOU ANITA. You have no idea what you're doing. But thanks Kenny for trying your best.

Seriously though, we literally wasted our time there because they just kept on lagging "pretending to help"


Jack C. | 2014-05-30

Review of the service department...

Last time I was here it took over two hours even though I had an appointment just to get the oil change done. Huge turn off.

Decided to give them another chance because their price is reasonable (just about on par with independent shops actually), they usually also wash the car and they are close to my house, so I made an appointment online for Saturday morning at 10:00 AM. Before I go in, I decided to call just so I know how much time I needed to set aside. 2 hours.


It was explained to me that they do about 140 oil changes every Saturday, and pretty much each one of those are by appointment, and each oil change takes about 15 minutes.

So what? How about this? Don't overbook yourself so badly, or make appointments that you can actually keep! I don't know about anybody else, but when I make an appointment I don't expect to receive service an hour and a half to two hours AFTER my scheduled time.

This is ridiculous. More reason to go with an independent shop.

Dmitry P. | 2014-05-30

I am recently finding these guys have improved. Firstly I bought my second Nissan Leaf here, and the place offered the price that was the lowest and you know I am looking for the best deal. The grievance to have is: they didn't offer me a free chargepoint card or a free charger which was apparently a special at the time, but for the price I got the car at, I won't complain too much. Secondly, I am able to charge my car on L3 charger, and it is using chargepoint to authenticate so no more running around looking for a guy with a key (unlike at Boardwalk Nissan where you still need to find a guy and only able to charge to 80%). Only thing I'd recommend is to open the dealership before 9am on the memorial day weekend and not to have all entrances blocked by cars -- I could use the charger but at 9am there were noone to open the door or move the cars (really?!).

Still an improvement from the guy trying to score $50 for charging ;-)
Read about my experience with 2 Nissan Leafs I have at…

Quinn D. | 2014-05-30

I first brought my car in tp Premier Nissan in Sept of 2013 to have my door handle fixed after it malfunctioned. Since I purchased an extended warranty, the part and repair was covered. The service rep (Doc) told me he would be ordering the appropriate parts and call me when they were in. After not recieving a follow up call, I called back to find out that the parts were in and I could bring my car in. I dropped my car off the next morning and returned that evening to pick up my fixed car. However, I learned that the wrong parts had been ordered and they were not able to complete the necessary fix. The service rep (Doc) told me he would reorder the parts and call me once they were in. After months of calling in and waiting to hear back, (Doc was terrible at being responsive) I found out that the rep never ordered the correct parts and that I had been strung along. I was finally able to get a different individual on the phone to get the needed parts ordered. This rep assured me he would call me directly when the parts were in and get this issue handled. However, I still never recieved a call. After calling on my own a few more times, I was finally told to bring my car back for the necessary fix. It wasn't until May 2014 that my door handle was fixed and the issue resolved. The following day Nissan called me several to check in about my "missed appointment", even though I had been there as scheduled and the work was completed. Terrible customer service, organization, follow up, and timeline.

Alex R. | 2014-05-30

Made an appointment thinking it would allow me to get out of here faster. Showed up just a few minutes early.  Stood around while the employees would just walk right past me for 15 mins until someone helped me.  Waited about 3 hrs for an oil change !! Are you kidding me. Why even book appointments if it doesn't even matter. They wasted my time . Never , will I return here. If you do come here , prepare to wait......There were multiple customers complaining about wait time.

ARUN A. | 2014-05-25

This review is specially for The salesman Azar.
Go for Azar if you want a salesman who would listen and help you find the best deal. We were looking for Nissan leaf and already had quote from 2 dealerships, so we knew what we wanted.

We were greeted by a salesman named master Minh.. He looked eager to help in start but in my opinion he had zero knowledge about Leaf. He acted as if he was training Azar, but it was Azar who listened to us and got us a better deal than other dealerships. He got us titanium package which we were looking for without any extra cost, even after we already accepted their offer. He was patient till the end as it was already 2 hours over there closing time when we finally drove off the car. Even at 10pm he was answering my question and wanted to acknowledge my concerns about the car.

Our only regret was he didn't tried to sell us a higher model of 2013 Nissan leaf, which we didn't know was available.

Rina C. | 2014-05-25

John Do is a great, friendly salesman. He was very attentive, helpful and friendly. He was definitely a pleasure to do business with. Do recommend him for anyone who's planning on buying a car from this lot!   Management was great as well!

Sherry M. | 2014-05-18

Me and my kids came here for one thing only.  And that was to change the battery in my Nissan key.  Apparently, if the battery doesn't work, then you can't start your car.  You can however pull the key out of the key thing to open your car manually if necessary.  But what's the point in that right?  We were sent to the parts area and a gentleman helped me who was very nice.  He changed the battery for me and everything.  I was then sent to the cashiers window and made my payment.  It was really short and sweet.  But their service was awesome!

P H. | 2014-05-17

Busy weekend, especially with their owners appreciation event going on, but this time their customer service was a lot better. The 2-4 Hr wait time still applies but it was much more bearable with the Nissan team being more friendly and communicative.

Orange G. | 2014-05-14

If I could put no star I would.
I called to schedule and appointment for a recall on my Nissan but the they kept hanging up on me. Said that they couldn't accommodate my schedule since they close at 3 for recalls. Which was not fair since I get out at 5 everyday from work. And for the ladies answering the phones, they were rude.

jesse m. | 2014-05-09

Sceduled an appointment (recall) and they never called me to let me know that they broke a part and they would have to keep my car until the part is ordered. Frantically drove there at 5 minutes before closing to get a loaner. They never called me to let me know my car was ready it was dusty and dirty when picking up.
Beware, lousy service..never again will I go there.

Tori L. | 2014-05-05

Mike delivered the car to my house the Sunday 5/4 just cuz I didn't feel like going to dealer to pick up my new car. What great service!

Anthony C. | 2014-05-04

Premier Nissan is absolutely amazing! Bob, Betty and the whole team were awesome. They gave me a great deal and were very efficient. I was in and out in 2 hours! Last time I purchased a car it took 6-7 hours. I recommend this dealership to anyone and everyone. They are really fair when it comes to trade ins also.

Norman L. | 2014-04-19

Leave time open. Made appointment. Got in the car line, waited maybe 15-20 minutes before car was taken for service. About two hour maintenance and wash because of long queue. Maybe half hour for wash.

I was told in the beginning it would take until about noon due to the long queue so can't complain. Free wifi, popcorn, tea, coffee. Nice and clean waiting area with a TV.

Yang F. | 2014-03-29

Cheaters and liers, do not go there. All my neighbors told me they don't know how to fix the car, and they broke customers' cars when "repairing". I had a horrible experience there, do not go there unless you want a miserable life.

Sara B. | 2014-03-07

I received a flyer in the mail from Premier Nissan on or around February 26, 2014 with a sweepstakes entry.  Premier Nissan was running a sweepstakes ending March 3, 2014.  The grand prize was either $15,000 or a car, second prize was a $2,500 Wal-Mart gift card, third prize was something I cannot remember, plus they were giving away an iPhone/iPad combination, and all other winners were guaranteed to receive $5 Wal-Mart gift cards.

The sweepstakes flyer/entry that I received was indeed a winner.  The wording on the flyer made the flowing clear:

They mailed out 50,000 flyers/entries. All flyers/entries were winners. One flyer/entry would win the grand prize, one would win the second prize, one would win the third prize, and 49,996 people would win a $5.00 Wal-Mart gift card.

I decided to claim my prize, even if it was only a $5 Wal-Mart gift card, at about 3:50 pm on March 3, 2014.  The receptionist directed me to someone who could "help" me with my sweepstakes prize.  The person I was directed to informed me that prizes were handed out only "while supplies last" and that they had run out of prizes.  I told him that the flyer stated that I was a guaranteed winner and asked if could he please point out the "while supplies last" verbiage on the flyer.  He informed me that it was in the fine print and so I asked him to point out which fine print he was referring to.  He opened the flyer and pointed to the bottom of the inside pages, indicating a large paragraph of text.

I was in the middle of reading the fine print when a second person inquired if they could help me.  I told them I was being helped and was informed that they were all out of prizes, but I was reading the fine print to verify the "while supplies last" text.  This second person informed me that it was not necessary for me to read the fine print...she could tell me exactly what the fine print says...which was that the contest was "while supplies last."  She repeated that they were all out of prizes.  By this time I had almost finished reading the fine print and came to the part where it stated that 49,996 people would receive a $5 Wal-Mart gift card. I found no information in the fine print about prizes being awarded "while supplies last."  She asked if I wanted $5.  I told her that I was only trying to determine the conditions of the sweepstakes and if I was entitled to the prize that was listed on my flyer.

During this conversation, we were standing just outside a manager's office; he could see us through a glass wall and hear us through an open door.  This manager summoned the lady to whom I was talking and she came back a few seconds later with a $5 Wal-Mart gift card and said, "Here, we found one."  However, she had not returned with my flyer/entry.  I thanked her for the gift card and asked her if I could quickly double-check my flyer's number against a sign on the wall, which listed the winning numbers for their four major prizes.  She went back into the manager's office and returned with the flyer (I should mention that I overheard the manager say something to the effect of: "He got the gift card...he doesn't get the flyer back!")  I checked my winning number against the major prizes and quickly determined that I was not a winner of a major prize.  I thanked the lady again for the $5 Wal-Mart gift card prize and left.  However, I can't help but wonder how many other people were told about the non-existent "fine print" and were denied their "guaranteed" gift card prizes...the dealership was obviously not out of gift cards as they originally claimed to be, since they miraculously "found" one for me when I called their bluff.

By the way, I did check the value of the Wal-Mart gift card I received as a prize and it was correctly valued at $5.  At least they gave me a valid card after all that dishonesty.  However, I will definitely NOT be giving them my business in the future, and I will make sure to warn all of my friends to avoid them, too.  They certainly fit the bill as a stereotypical shady car dealership.

Marcus H. | 2014-03-07

I'm a contractor and was in the need for something nice to drive since I'm the boss. I do a lot of service work and small jobs myself so I didn't need the big van or large truck to do all my running around and customer service in. Also I do 10 estimates in one day so something good on gas was a must.
I wanted the NV200. I e-mailed Rod and told him what I wanted and it had to be BLACK:) Plus I was not in a hurry and didn't want to be hassled either. He couldn't find me a black one so he ordered me a brand new one to be built for me. Rod knew exactly what I wanted so he ordered me a fully loaded 2014 Nissan NV 200. Rod gave me weakly updates on the van all the way until it was delivered. No Hassle, easy going.
I love my new work van. No more fumbling with my phone navi or anything. Hands free Bluetooth with built in navi and all the works. Everyone loves my new van and I do too.
Here's some advice for all you grumpy people out there with nothing to do but cry when you don't get your way.
Call or e-mail ahead first. Stick with one sales or service guy. Be nice first so they can be nice right back. Have a little patience, these guys deal with grumpy people all day but they sure will remember how nice you were if you don't act like a baby who has dropped hos bottle.
Thanks Premier Nissan... you guys rock.
M. H. P.

Bruce S. | 2014-03-04

Received a mailer in the mail saying if my key number matches the confirmation code I'm a GUARANTEED WINNER !  I took my mailer to the dealership and they were pretty rude,  even before I got into the showroom.   A guy outside was talking loud to everybody and saying something like you're here to buy a car right and something like no winners just car discounts.  

I went into showroom with salesperson and he took me to the wall showing the winning numbers.  He said very quickly that there are no more prizes but he could give me 2 thousand dollars towards a new car.  He asked what I drive and I told him a hyundai sonata.  He said I'd trade that in and get a new Nissan.   I told him we ran from Nissan and went straight to hyundai and bought the sonata.  

Said thanks and left.   Horrible sales presence and making customers feel uncomfortable as they walk in.   You never know if someone is going to buy or not.
So beware of this sales gimmick  !!!!

Jeff E. | 2014-01-25

I'm writing this review to praise Premier Nissan of San Jose, specifically, one of the service managers, Doug Westmacott. I originally bought my ride at Premier Nissan of Fremont but it's so hard to schedule Saturday appointments there.

I've started going to this place and I've always had the privilege of receiving service from Mr. Westmacott. There were a couple of "minor" roadblocks in terms of parts availability (happened twice by the way) but Mr. Westmacott always found a way to make it up tenfold and take ownership and accountability for something that wasn't in his control.

He's very communicative and actually quite a funny dude if you spend a few minutes with him. I think it's just his way of trying to take a customers agitation down and helping them see the bright side to the situation (present company included).

I thought in my encounters, he has always gone above and beyond to ensure that the service performed on my vehicle had met and exceeded my expectations. But in actuality, HE met and and exceeded my expectations by virtue of him exhibiting a customer first approach with everyone he deals with.

I'll continue to come to this dealership for service until I move out of the area, simply because of how Mr. Westmacott represents that dealership and how he takes care of all of his customers.

Thank you Premier Nissan of San Jose for having a great Service Manager on staff...Nissan of Stevens Creek CANNOT hold a torch to you guys!

On side note: this dealership has a vast selection of Nissan GT-R's for all you fan boys looking for one. I only drive a 'Z', but I always love peeping out their selection and day dreaming about how big tymers live :)

Vanessa M. | 2014-01-24

I am a regular at sunnyvale nissan but today I have a million errands to run and I figured I'm five minutes away from capital premier but I will never be lazy again ! What takes no more then 35 minutes for an oil change and inspection plus car wash at sunnyvale is taking my close to two hours here! I came in at 9:02am and I am currently waiting at this moment being 11:00 am and I am anxiously waiting and the man who was my advisor has passed by me multiple times and still hasn't addressed me on an update let alone apologized for a wait

Pela H. | 2014-01-13

I've bought enough cars in my life to know that all transactions will be differnt for each person. Luckily for me, the 3 times I've purchased at this dealership my experience has been exceptional.  John Pope got me the exact car I wanted and then some. The financing portion was so quick thanks to Amina.  For the folks expecting to be in and out when buying a car are idealists. Go in with a positive attitude (leave the chip on your shoulder at home!) & you might actually like the experience...and enjoy your car!

Andy K. | 2013-12-29

I am not going to this dealer again. They don't know how to work with customers and their sales team needs to take Economics 101 class.

Linda S. | 2013-12-20

I purchased a 2011 used Sentra this year and love it. What I like most is that Nissan sends me FREE oil change coupons. This week I went in with an outdated coupon and they honored it. Not only that, but they washed my car. During my visit I noticed a lot of the annoying people who previously worked there are gone. I am hoping that my comments to Nissan in the past about male chauvinsim helped, because back then they always directed all questions to my husband, even though I was the car owner. Nissan, continue your great service and I'll keep buying my cars from you.

Debra P. | 2013-12-16

Normally I would give the service dept. 5 stars - BUT they have no regard for MY (YOUR) TIME - I have spent many, many hours in the past sitting in their waiting room while car getting maintenance taken care of. This time though all that I had was a FLAT TIRE and had a very busy day ahead of me. I got there 8AM sharp and they told me, no prob, 9:15 latest! So, I sat and waited. 9:15 came and they told me they just put car up on rack! Ewww I was very upset and told them I need to get on with my day, just fix it and let me go. 40 minutes later they came to me, oh we can't fix flat you need a new tire - WHATEV! Now I've been there almost 2 HOURS - so, I said put all 4 new ones, well, they had to see if they have 4. UGH - Whatever!!!! Ewww - Bottom Line I was there for 3.5 HOURS -- IF THEY WOULD HAVE BEEN HONEST WITH ME, I could have either taken car somewhere else OR taken shuttle home. Grrrrrrr - I am upset about this!

Grant H. | 2013-12-09

I noticed most of the complaints come from the typical douche bag leaf buyer.

Adam B. | 2013-11-17

From other reviews it sounds like this dealership is a mixed bag but this review is for Johnny the "Sales Consultant" specifically.

I did a rather exhaustive search when looking for a new vehicle this fall and Johnny was one of my favorite sales people. He did not try to pressure and was the most open sales person I spoke with about details about the cars, the purchase process, financing, lease, etc. I learned a lot from him that was helpful in my entire search. and it was nice that he didn't try to BS me.

There is a step where you are introduced to the manager of the place, which was annoying, but at least it was quick.

5 stars for Johnny, minus one for the micro management.

Tuan T. | 2013-11-09

Leased a Nissan Leaf from the dealership and our salesman was very unknowledgeable about the car. I knew more about the car which is pretty funny.

To make a long story short, our experience of leasing should have not been as bad and negative. Management should have known that their sales personnel was green and assigned someone else with a bit more knowledge about the car.

The comical of errors continued through the financing portion of the leased. Our financing rep tried to up sell us on the maintenance package and stated that we had to get the car serviced only at a Nissan Dealership or else we void the warranty on the car. This was a bunch of BS and he knew it.

I question the sales and financing rep integrity!

Everyone in the process kept on asking for me to give them a great rating when customer service calls but they should just focus on giving great service and they will get the review deserved!

Lisa G. | 2013-10-01

I did my research ahead of time and knew exactly which car I wanted. My family has used Premier Nissan for our car purchases for the past 10 years. We have usually had good luck with the dealer and the service department. This particular experience was very disappointing to me.

I went in for an appointment to buy my car. The woman who I was supposed to meet with wasn't there so they gave me to her partner. She was nice enough and I made it pretty easy on her since I knew exactly what I wanted and the price that I had agreed to pay. After a little obligatory back and forth we reached an agreement and I was ready to sign a contract. The car itself was in a storage locker and I would have to have it delivered to me the next morning, slight bummer but really no big deal.

That was the last of the good experience. I then waited in the dealership for 2 hours before I could even get into their finance person. From what they told me they only had one guy working. Periodically my sales woman would come to check on me, however that consisted of sitting down in the office where I was waiting and texting on her phone the whole time. Honestly, I would have rather waited alone than sit there and watch someone text. I finally got in and finished my paperwork.

They promised me my car would be delivered by 10:30 a.m. the next morning. By 12:30 PM I called into the dealership to inquire about my car. It took me 30 minutes to get through to anyone. I spoke to the receptionist 3 different times only to have her tell me to wait as she connected me and then proceeded to hang up on me in the process. When I did finally reach the sales manager he let me know that they had, had a miscommunication with the storage locker and it was taking longer than they expected but I would have my car in an hour. There was no apology just matter of fact. I explained that I understood but that I should have gotten a call much earlier in the day so I could plan accordingly, however this simple customer service logic seemed to be lost on the unapologetic manager.

Finally at around 2:00 my sales woman called to say she had just received the car at the dealership and it still needed to be washed, etc. I asked what happened and she gave me the same explanation. I asked why no one had called and she just repeated that my car would arrive in an hour washed...

To sum it up, I love my car, I'm happy I have it, I'm mostly happy with the purchase price. However, I am very unhappy with the service I received. I can't say I would go back to Premier in the future based on my experience this time around.

Erika K. | 2013-10-01

I brought my car here to get the windshield replaced after it cracked and Melanie helped me out. She was fantastic at keeping me up to date with the service and was very friendly! I was surprised how fast I was in and out of Nissan at the end of the day with all her help. The service was done very quickly and great also!

rose N. | 2013-10-01

Not my favorite Nissan dealership, customer service lacked with over priced parts and labor. Thumbs down for customer service.

Bill H. | 2013-09-29

There is a 440V charging station in the back, but it didn't work when I got there.

Dianna H. | 2013-09-20

I bought my first car at premier Nissan. I always get amazing service from Melanie. She really knows how customers are suppose to be treated she does not look at people as money walking in.  I will always be a customer here as long as she is there. I hope there manager sees what an asset she is to the company.

Kevin K. | 2013-09-18

Rod at Nissan have been very helpful, he keep me posted on the vehicle I'm looking for, he responded fast by email and phone, professional service, he says it and does it. Thanks

James A. | 2013-09-01

First of all, it was a surprise that there was 5 brand new GT-R in thier show room when i entered into the lobby.

The typical Nissan dealers have none or maybe 1 in stock but these guys had 5 of them.

I can't afford GT-R but it was my pleasure to see many of them at the same time. LOL

I was there yesterday which is Labor day weekend and leased 2014 Pathfinder.
I forgot the name of the sales associate but, the floor manager named Bruce Lee (which the name was too easy to remember) was extremely supportive when I was negotiating on my lease.

My navigation routed me from the other direction of the 87 exit so I thought this dealership is located in a akward place but if I got off from 87, it is just at the end of all of the other dealerships.

I would definitely recommand this dealership for any Nissan vehicle purchases.

Gil S. | 2013-08-24

We purchased our car 3 weeks ago, and got into a situation with the DMV. I contact Mr. Melendez who immediately solved the issue!
When I called Mr. Melendez, he remembered me, his attitude was "I will work on it now" and indeed he managed to figure out how to make it happen.
Thank you AGAIN Mr. Melendez!

Retired Reefer A. | 2013-08-20

1 star rating for an unprofessional, time wasting and unpleasant lease experience w/ premier, here are the reasons why: 1) poor communication: after drawing up and signing docs on 8/2 i was told to come back monday for pickup as the car would be delivered from a nearby dealership since premier didnt have the car in stock. on monday, i did not receive a committed ETA on when the car would be delivered except that jason, the salesman was working w/ his manager and was told the car would arrive sometime monday. after several texts, i then was directed by jason to call joe snelling the sales manager. called at 10am monday and did not hear back from him and it was only after i called at 2pm did i speak to joe who then stated that the car was being held back by the dealership and they would need to work on sourcing a new car for lease. interesting, jason had quite a different explaination for the car being delayed, which was that the car was rejected upon delivery due to damage. after i expanded the color options they were able to locate a silver leaf which would arrive tue 8/6. 2) poor new car delivery procedures and prep: i was told car would be ready at 1230pm tue and i had explicitly told jason to prepare the remaining docs up front so pickup would be quick and smooth . i arrived at the dealership on time and inspeceted the vehicle, which appeared to be dusty and still had gilroy nissan plates on. when i questioned whether the car was detailed jason assured the car was cleaned the previous night. upon further inspection after i picked up the car it was obvious the car was delivered to me as it was picked up at gilroy nissan. jason went through the basic functions of the car to prepare me for the ride back. i was lead to believe we were near the end of the transaction until i questioned about whether the vin # was updated since the initial car was replaced w/ the silver unit. this is when i realized nothing was prepared ahead of time. 1hr later the docs had to be redone and i finally signed the paperwork. off i went. once at work, i also realized carwings was disabled due to telematics never being enabled prior to the car leaving the lot. in short, i ended up going back to the dealership Wed for them to address all the issues related to the car not being detailed, front license plate frame not being installed and telematics not being enabled. the only positive from my experience was that the service department was professional and did their best to remedy the situation. in addition to issue #2, when i discussed w/ jason on alternatives to fix carwings i questioned whether this service could be done at a closer dealership to my work(i work in santa clara) or home in dalycity. his response was unsatisfactory in that he basically pawned me off to take the car in for service since it is under warranty or call the dealership of choice on finding out the service cost to enable telematics. in summary, premier has some serious customer service issues in their sales dept and should review their procedures on releasing leafs from the dealerships. a coworker of mine also had similar issues w/ telematics not being enabled.

Michelle S. | 2013-08-15

Great service!! Came in and had a nightmare of an issue with my car. Doc helped me figure out the problem & take care of me. My car got fixed. Every person I dealt with friendly service from Doc my service advisor to the shuttle drivers!!

Dmitry K. | 2013-08-15

I have no complaints about the staff. Everybody was nice and helpful.

The waiting area should probably be made more comfortable. There are rather long periods of time (while the paperwork is being done, the car is being prepared, etc.) when a customer has to just seat and wait. A nice couch, a coffee table, and maybe a TV are probably worth investing in.

Cindy M. | 2013-08-04

Hands down the worst dealership around, unfortunately I made the mistake of buying a car from them. They are very unprofessional and after they sell you a car they make you feel like you are no longer a valued costumer. Since I purchased my vehicle I have had to take it twice to service,  axial was no good, they paid for my rental 5 months later I charged by  enterprise. And guess what the dealership hasn't paid any bill in the last 3 months. Tried to contact service manager over ten times....keep getting don't worry it will be taken care of...yeah I am still waiting

Kaaren P. | 2013-07-17

I would also like to write an extremely positive testimonial for Doc Whitmore who has provided excellent customer service to his customers & goes out of his way to give you the best pricing that he can.

Thank you, Doc!

Tricia N. | 2013-07-12

I have bought two cars here in 2011. Since then I've dealt with a boat load of people.

So far the only thing that keeps me coming back is the OUTSTANDING customer service my family and myself have received from MELANIE !
Not only is she great at what she does there at Premier Nissan, but she's an all around amazing person!

She has been very helpful and very kind every time I've had a problem with something, if its a speaker blown out or an oil change, New tires! (or my horrible exhaust leak). She made it easy for me to understand what was being done to my car and made sure I had a dope rental ! I got a 2013 Altima loaner car!! AWESOME! She made each an every process comfortable for me and I can't express how happy I am every time! When I bought the car she made sure it had the limo tint just they wanted it! She really goes the extra mile so that no matter what you love your car! I mean hell that's why you bought it right!!?!!

I could go on for ages, so! All in all , I have been won over time and time again based on how well I'm treated here at Premier Nissan because of Melanie!

Thank you so much! You are the best!

Katherine C. | 2013-06-27

They're always really friendly and helpful whenever I go in with problems with my car or just for an oil/filter change. I've never had a bad experience here. Even though I live a good 20 to 30 minutes away from the dealership, their shuttle service still dropped me off at home!

If you're planning to wait for your car, make sure you bring something to read or work to do. They have one TV and it plays the weirdest shows.

Jeremy B. | 2013-06-21

... do NOT go to this dealership.....If you do... and they do fail to meet your expectations.. call customer the Nissan Custom's affairs office. Their number is listed on the main Nissan webpage.

Yes... Capitol Nissan is privately owned... BUT... They still represent Nissan...
Please report any past incidents to them.. they may compensate you..

After all this.. Nissan sends me a $100 gift card to use at their dealerships...
Some how during the process.. my complimentary oil change was overlooked and I cannot use it... This was supposed to be used after 3000 miles... or 3 months... I am 10,000 miles and it is past 4 months... for my NEW 2013 car...

This dealership does a GREAT job at representing the company.

Try to avoid talking to---- BRUCE ---- if you do go.. The guy sounded very threatening over the phone... after reading the previous posts on yelp.. This guy may need some anger management courses ...

Bruce.... I asked for Nissan's number to complain... about you... why did you lie to me buddy, when I asked for THEIR number.. I had to waste an extra 20 seconds of my life looking for the number...

Larissa B. | 2013-06-01

We had a pleasant experience buying a Leaf from Eddie at this location, but our expectations were really, really low.  No one should ever go into a car dealership without doing their homework, being willing to ignore "salesman-ese", and being willing to walk out at any time.  Should it be different? Yes.  Is it? No.

Eddie met us as we exited our vehicle (the approaching Land Shark method), so my hackles were up, but he turned out to be really helpful - answered our questions, took us on a test drive, and when we said we weren't ready to go inside to run numbers, he was very gracious.  We did get several calls over the next week, which we mostly laughed about.  When my husband asked for quotes before coming back in, Eddie balked at first, but when my husband said he wouldn't be able to commit when he next came in unless he had the numbers up front, Eddie sent the numbers right over.

So I guess if we had been less experienced or less jaded, I can see how some things would have bothered us more, but compared to every single other interaction we've had with car sales people, this was amazingly painless.

So if you go to Premier and you don't like your salesman, ask for Eddie.  You might just survive the experience.

Robert B. | 2013-05-27

Bought a brand new Nissan Rogue review.

 Initially my wife and I went shopping for a used Nissan and ultimately ended up leaving happily with a new vehicle. Our sales person, Chad, was a pleasure to work with. He has many years of experience and never made us feel rushed or pressured. He was very patient and helped us test drive 3 vehicles. He even went the extra mile by taking the extra time to search his lot for the color we wanted. He found one in the back of the Dealership hidden on hold for another possible buyer. I would highly recommend you ask for Chad as your Sales Rep.
The other person who helped us with the prices and numbers was a pleasure to work with too. I forgot his name but he was very polite, soft speaking man and never made us feel pressured. He called all the final price negotiating shots. He was more than willing to work with me to give me a better price for my trade in and lower the price of the new vehicle and on top of the great Memorial Day Weekend rebate. He made me an offer I could not refuse.

The 3rd person we met was Trenton Lukens and he helped us in signing all the paperwork. He was a very down to Earth person and helped us with purchasing an extended Maintenance warranty. He thoroughly explained what is covered in the maintenance and gave me a good price. Most of the paperwork we had to sign was computerized and that was a nice surprise. I hate paperwork.

We would highly recommend this Dealership.

Itai B. | 2013-05-26

Wish there was a zero stars rating. DO NOT GET YOUR CAR HERE!!!!  They stole $5,000 of my down payment.  Way high pressure sales. Felt dirty the way I was taken advantage of. Was the first car I bought on my own and was fully taken advantage of. I was assured that if I gave a $5,000 down payment it would go to the principal balance of $21,000 and they assured me that they would take care of taxes, title, and the protection plan. Instead the jacked up the car to $26,000 behind the scenes and made the down payment go to taxes title and a little bit for themselves. Completely cheated me!  They never gave me any protection plan and When I called them to discuss the issue, the manager started calling my wife and I names and swearing at us. He threatened me and told me to come in and talk to him in a threatening way and when I said that his behavior was disgusting and I didn't think anything positive would come from us talking face to face as he was already willing to threaten a customer that just spent $26,000 at his store he said that he would call the police on me if I ever came to the dealership even though I was speaking respectfully and he was yelling, cursing at us, and threatening my wife and I. I was blown away with the thievery, dishonesty, and rudeness of the dealership. Anyone want to do a class action lawsuit?  DO NOT GET YOUUR CAR HERE!!!!!!!!!

Arvind S. | 2013-05-12

If you want to experience greasy used car salesmen, visit Premium Nissan at San Jose. They will approach you even before you parked your car. You will be chased all the way to the showroom by not one but three salesmen.

I went there to buy a new Nissan Leaf as advertised on their web site. I thought it would be easy but I was wrong. Our sales rep was Omar who was rude, obnoxious, and disrespectful. He made us wait in a room and walked away for 40 minutes. During this period a number of other sales reps came in the room to use the computer ignoring our presence.  When we wanted to negotiate the price, Omar walked out on us leaving us bewildered in the room.

At this moment, we decided to leave. No one cared till we reached our car and then Betty Ho, internet sales manager convinced us to come back. She impressed us with her professionalism and customer focus. We ended up buying the car there ... but that was due to efforts by Betty.

Two days later I called up on a inquiry. To my surprise, I got the worst salesman of the year Omar on the phone. Not sure if he recognized me but he was rude again and slammed phone on me telling me to call Betty.

I would not recommend this dealership to anyone ... you will waste your time and get frustrated. Try other Nissan dealers in bay area .. or better use internet sales and avoid the outdated pressure techniques by shoddy salesmen.

H G. | 2013-05-08

Now that I had my first oil change on my new car I can rate both sales and service :)

Sales - we did all the negotiation via emails and then text - we negotiated and had a set price so when we walked in on a Tuesday night with two small kids we were ready to go! The thing that took the longest was all the credit paperwork, but we got a sweet deal on a new Altima and I couldn't be happier!! The car wasn't ready that night because it literally rolled off the truck for me to see, but I was quite happy to pick it up the next day all clean, shiny and ready to roll!!!

Service - I called in the morning of a day I ended up working from home and they were able to get me an afternoon appointment. I pulled in and it took a few minutes for anybody to greet me, but that gave me time to get the kids stuff out and have them ready. I dont remember her name but I was greeted and she took all the info off the car and showed us the waiting room. She asked if I wanted a car wash - heck yes!! - and then explained it would take a little longer, I am good with that...  The kids worked on homework (the lounge has work tables with chairs, couch and some other chairs with a tv, so it was cozy once we borrowed chairs and space) and then all did some reading - once that was done our car was ready. I went to pay and was super happy to find out the first one is FREE :) Not sure if that is for all cars, but it was with mine!  I got the kids to the car and saw that I had some grease/dirt on my floor boards, so the detail guys quickly cleaned that up and then scrubbed my floor mats just to be nice - totally appreciated the hard work!! Will be going back for my maintenance!

Rosie W. | 2013-04-25

Oil change review.

I've been here twice. The first time I came here, the oil change took almost the entire day; it was ridiculous. I brought my car in the morning and didn't get a call from them until about 4pm. Seriously? I took my car there a second time over the wkend and the service was much faster. I made an appointment for 915 and I got my car back around 1130. The service was more interesting the second time around: instead of a call, I got a text message with recommendations (like rare break replacement). I didn't know whether to reply to the text or not because it didn't say to. I just replied with "no thank you" and whoever replied back with "your car is ready". I guess if I wasn't checking my phone regularly, I wouldn't have known my car was ready. Interesting experience. I don't mind it because I use my phone a lot but I can see it being inconvenient for someone who rarely checks their phone or if people pay for their texts (I have unlimited). I guess eventually they'd call if they don't get a text reply back.

My oil change was $45. This is expensive to me, but I chose to come here because of convenience's sake since I live nearby.

Simon S. | 2013-04-12

I've asked 3 times to be removed from their constant junk USPS and telephone mail. They have ignored me. I am filing a BBB complaint next and we'll see if they ignore that too.

Jack N. | 2013-03-24

I bought a 2010 Nissan Frontier pick up from Premier Nissan. I bought it brand new.

At 70k the water pump went out, the Fan clutch failed, the head warped, and so I took it in. The warranty is 60K so they said you are out of luck. Doc recommended I appeal to Nissan. So,  I appealed to Nissan. They told me "It is not cost effective for us to fix your truck... after all trucks wear out, that's what they do" I took it to a local independent and they said that not only do I have the problems I described but in addition I have coolant in the auto tranny. This was caused by a faulty radiator. They also showed me that the bed is rusting underneath.

Oh, almost forgot.  I called Premier Nissan and the service person Doc who said the "Lifetime Warranty" would not apply because " the cause was external." He said the problem with the motor is caused by the water pump. This may be true but the truck was 2 years old at the time and had 70K.

I also had a glitchy ignition. The key would get stuck from time to time. Compared to the other issues, I never brought that up because the truck didn't run so it didn't matter. I never got it running again.

NEVER BUY A NISSAN! EVER! NEVER buy from these guys! Nissan and Premier do not stand behind their cars. I gave the truck away to Kars For Kids. Great cause by the way. I lost a ton of money on this truck. You have a ton of choices. Boycott Nissan. Boycott Premier Nissan. You are better off buying something anywhere else.

James G. | 2013-03-16

Worked out a deal with the internet guy via phone and text messages. The JUST got the car in that we wanted and they quickly contacted us. Spent a few hours texting back and forth trying to work a deal. I told him there was no way in HELL I was going to spend two hours (like every other time I bought a car) going back and forth sitting in a damn cube bickering over a price. We finally reached a deal and we went in that night to buy it.

The paperwork took longer than what I expected, sigh. They did FAIL at getting our car ready during the day. The white plastic was still on the hood and trunk and it was FILTHY.  Sucks buying a car and not being able to drive it off right away.

The next day it was shiny and clean. Nothing beats a new car smell. One of the sales guys showed us all the tech shit in the car and set up a lot of it for us (Bluetooth, Navigation).

Gonna give it 3 stars for now. Will update when I have to deal with a service issue.

Fair J. | 2013-03-01


How do you judge a dealer where the sales man is the one who first says: "OK, we have a deal!" after agreeing on price, then gets a copy of all your documents, sets an appointment the same day to give you the car, the manager goes to you and congratulates for your purchase, and finally the above sales man calls you and walks away saying he can't give you the car at that price you have previously agreed on and suggests to go to another dealer?

Is this fair? Is this ethically acceptable? That's not the purchase experience you expect from the automotive industry leader. Premier Nissan Top Managers, do you think this the right way to run your business? Just making people lose time and other resources to finally make fun of them? Honestly,  I wish you will improve your service based on the Yelp feedback but at the same time I recommend other Nissan lovers to go somewhere else.

Irene L. | 2013-02-24

I wish I could give them 0 stars. BUY FROM ANOTHER NISSAN DEALER!!!

I would not normally think to review a dealer but I had a horrible experience and happened to look them up on Yelp and found so many people with a similar experience. I swear I saw the word "Bait and Switch" probably at least 3x which describes what happened to me exactly!!

I had every intention to purchase from Premier Nissan since it is close to my house. I wanted to lease a Nissan Leaf, they are advertising a special online $199 a mth, 2k down. So I called and the guy basically had no idea what the special was about, and said it was probably the 2012 model , he said corporate probably put that up (uhhh duhh corporate put it up, but all dealers still need to honor it) and then tried to sell me a 2011 Leaf. I then decided to call the other dealers in the area who ALL said they have the special but didn't have the car, so they put me on a waiting list.

I decided to give Premier Nissan another chance and went down there Presidents Day weekend. I spoke to another guy, he was very helpful, spent alot of time with me, but quoted me a  not great price, and said I would get the car in 3 weeks. I still put a deposit and ran my credit as I still had every intention of purchasing with them.

2 days later, another dealer called me and quoted me a much lower price on the phone, I decided to go there, and the price was even lower in person. I decided to sign on the spot! I then had to email Premier Nissan for my deposit back. The sales guy took 5 days to process my refund, then came back with a much much lower price. I decided to ignore this email since I had already signed with another dealer. 2 days later, he emails me again and said the deal is NOW $89 a month!! UMM who leases a car for $89?? How can you give me a price that's much less than what is advertised?? (Maybe if someone is in the market for a car, they should call them out on this price, since I have the proof of it, I think that price is a LOAD OF CRAP) I finally got upset so I responded and told him that I do not believe he had any intention of lowering his initial price until he saw that I was going with another dealer. And why did he quote me 3 VERY different prices???

Don't waste your time with this dealer.  I went to another Nissan dealer and they were very straight and fair with their price.

Sean G. | 2013-02-09

Used the service dept. after so many years. They have a new manager and he is just great - fast service this is the place to service your Nissan. Used them
Thank you Doc Withmore for great service.

Charikay V. | 2013-01-29

Review for Service Dept.

$75 (half an hour) for them to diagnose a light that went on in my car that my normal mechanic couldn't figure out. He told me that the dealer would need to hook it up to a machine to check for the code. So there I went.

The guy I dealt with was SO annoying. While I was explaining myself he would say "uh huh.. uh huh.... uh huh... uh huh!" like he was really paying attention but he was saying "uh huh" in the middle of my sentences and it was throwing me off! He was also acting like I was insane for taking my car anywhere else other than a dealer. I would trust my mechanic with my life! I mean, when someone is in charge of your car, you are giving them responsibility of your safety. I feel like the guy was talking out of his butt! So annoying!

I was there for 2 and a half hours. I had an appointment. I don't understand why it took that long when they only worked on it for a half an hour. I'm no mechanic, but I assume plugging a car into a machine shouldn't take that long.

After I paid, they said they had pulled the car up for me, but when I went outside, I had to wander around and beep my car to find it. They also left the plastic seat cover and paper mat in my car. Super pet peeve! Jiffy Lube is more professional than that and that makes me laugh!

Go to A&J Nissan on Monterey Road in San Jose. He is super nice and knowledgeable. When I took my car in for the light problem, he didn't charge me because he couldn't give me an answer. He is a decent human being. Support small business! (He has 5 stars on Yelp!)

Also also... did you know AAA replaces batteries? They will come to your house and do it! Turns out the light problem I had was fixed with changing my battery and I didn't need the dealer to do that for me.

Good luck getting your car repaired!

Brent T. | 2013-01-24

Came here to get an issue investigated and fixed after Stevens Creek Nissan was unhelpful, hoping to have a better experience.  And it started out better, but in the end turned out to be just as frustrating.

Arrived here and had a technician look at my car, and they came up with a list of repairs that should address my issue and let me know of the cost.  They also set me up with a loaner vehicle while my car was in their shop.  So far, so good, right?  Well, as it turns out, after getting my car back, as I was driving home I noticed a new abnormal sound coming from my car that seemed quite glaring.  I set up another service appointment immediately upon getting home as I did not have time to return to the dealership right away.  In the mean time, I took a cursory glance at the engine bay at home and noticed that the engine air filter box was not latched down AT ALL.  Unfortunately this was not the source of my problem as it still existed after I relatched the cover.

Upon returning, they again had a technician look at my car, which is good, except that I now have to sit around again for an hour/hour and a half again while they look at something that wasn't present before I brought the car in for the initial problem.  After waiting that time, they brought me out and gave me an explanation that seemed suspect from the beginning.  "Vibration from my coolant reservoir bumping against the car because a mounting clip on the reservoir broke/melted off", I was told.  Interesting that this broken/melted off clip was right above a motor mount WHICH THEY JUST REPLACED.  Also interesting that the metal bolt that would've screwed through the missing mounting clip and into the mounting point on the car was nowhere to be found...did the metal bolt break/melt/mysteriously fall out on its own?

Additionally, since I was still skeptical that that was the real cause of my issue anyway, I took my car to a mom-and-pop shop down the block from my house.  They subsequently found bolts on the AC compressor had not been tightened - the AC compressor was the main repair done at Premier.  I was without a vehicle period for 2 days while this shop was addressing the issue.

The ONLY reason Premier gets two stars instead of only one is because when I called them back advising of the issue and asking if I would receive a refund for the repair I had to pay for at the other shop, there was no service advisor agreed right away.  That said, I still had to drive out to them yet again to actually give them the receipt from the other shop.  And I chalked up that whole coolant reservoir thing to a lesson learned since I really couldn't prove that it was damaged at Premier, though I am convinced that it was.

Anyhow, I suppose it was nice of them to reimburse me for the actual cost of the repair work done at the other shop.  But they did not, and I suppose, can not, reimburse me for all the time I wasted, the time I was without a vehicle, and for the coolant reservoir which I believe was damaged at their shop.  I will NEVER come back here ever again for anything.  I did not want to believe the dealership repair shop stigma, but now I do.

Joel B. | 2012-12-31

Premier Nissan is a joke.  Salespeople will tell you anything to get you into the dealership, but when you get there be ware.  I showed up for an appointment after specifying the cars I wanted to test drive and getting an online quote.  When I got there, the salesperson then told me that they didn't have the cars that they promised I could test drive.  She was more than willing to show me cars that I didn't want, however.  The excuse her manager gave was that he was new and the sales team was no good.  That was the only true statement I think they gave me.  After a week of trying to buy a car with them, I gave up and found a better dealership.  Go anywhere else.  Trust nothing they way.

Tina K. | 2012-12-18

Bait and switch is the only way I can describe this horrible excuse for a business. This is an absolute scam and waste of time. We were quoted one price over email and text messaging for leasing a 2013 Altima for 2 years with 15k miles. However, within an hour of that quote I got a text from their internet sales manager Betty saying the car had been sold. A few weeks later I went in to see Derrik (the only nice and fair person in that dealership) to look at the car again with the intention to lease that day. We explained our conversations with Betty and he had called her right in front of us. She gave him all the rates we had discussed over the phone, I didn't give him any numbers, SHE CONFIRMED THEM over the phone herself.

Now granted, the quotes were given to me two weeks prior, but I wanted to see if they could honor the deal. Betty had come in to the dealership to work with Derrick to get us our car and was really nice and helpful at first. NOT ONCE did she mention that those numbers were no longer valid and kept insisting that she will take care of us, despite the fact that usually their offers expire 48 hours after the original quote. SHE SAID "DESPITE THE FACT THAT THEY USUALLY EXPIRE." So like any other intelligent and competent person I thought that meant she would give us the original deal or something close to it.

It was ALWAYS specified that I needed a car with dark interior and I was really nice and lenient on the outside color because I wanted to leave with the car that day. Betty said that they had two cars that matched what I wanted and that her and Derrik would go and get them from their other lot "15 minutes max!" 45 minutes later they showed up with two of cars both with light interior. The salesperson apologized and so I settled on a different color car with dark interior just to get the process moving along faster because at this point we had wasted 2.5 hours already.

Our salesperson disappeared and Betty said she would go talk to the sales manager (sorry excuse for a manager) to write up the numbers of our lease. She came back 10 minutes later with a deal for a higher MSRP then we originally discussed on a lower trim car, 3 TIMES THE DOWN PAYMENT, and a ridiculous monthly payment for a 12,000 miles lease (5 TIMES I HAD SAID THAT I NEEDED A 15,000 MILE LEASE).  I can get a lower payment leasing a BMW, and this is for a mid-level Altima!?! We were livid, and she pretended like she had no clue why I was irritated.We told her the price was given by her, and if she couldn't do that we would leave. She apologized and said she would talk to the sales manager again. 15 minutes later she came back with another ridiculous offer nowhere near the original offer we had discussed. So we got up and stormed out. She chased after us with her "sales manager" and proceeded to try to explain herself in front of him. He said nothing. Not one word to try to understand what had happened or make things right with us, the customers.

I completely understand that offers expire and that promotions are given by the manufacturer for specific time frames, however Betty bs'ed us into thinking we would get the same deal and then completely pretended like she had no clue what we were talking about. I felt so bad that we had to waste Derrik's time, because he really was a great salesperson to work with, but I refuse to spend my money at a shady place that has no ethical business practices. Obviously the management could care less about customer service and satisfaction. I will be spending my money elsewhere. Avoid this place like the plague, unless you want a migraine.

Monica H. | 2012-12-04

Don't buy a Nissan! look up Nissan on consumer reports and you will see tons of lawsuits pending across the U.S. for faulty transmissions! I purchased a Nissan Maxima and the transmission went out and Nissan refuses to take liability .BEWARE!!!!

richard j. | 2012-11-20

I want to first point out that if you absolutely have to buy a Nissan and you have to buy it from this dealership you should speak with and only speak with Betty Ho. She was very helpful and straight forward on what cars she had and what she can do for you at this dealership.  I can't say the same for the rest of the people that work here from the other sales people to the supposed "management" people at this dealership!

Background: My wife were in the market for 2013 Altima and were very specific that we wanted either a black (exterior) on black (interior) or silver on black car with tech package. We first spoke to Betty and stated they did not have those colors or with tech package but to call back as they get shipments on a weekly basis. This was fine with us and my wife called back in week. She then spoke with another person and stated they just got in the cars (both black/silver) and to come down. My wife then went over our requirements one last time because we didn't want to drive from SF to San Jose if they didn't have the car we wanted.

Long story short we drove down to SJ with the intention buy. When we got to the dealership, not only did not have the car we wanted in the colors we specifically asked for. We then spoke to a suppose "manager" at the dealership and not only did not show any empathy for our situation or concern that one of his co-worker flat out lied to get us to come down. His only concern was to sell us another car we did not want and then at a higher price than the previous dealership we had visited.

If you want to have a stress free experience on buying a Nissan you defiantly should talk to Leo at Nissan of Oakland! At the end of the day there was a Black on beige car at the Folsom dealership we decided to buy. San Jose Nissan tried to sell me the same car (Balck Altima 2013 with Tech Package) at $31,500 and I got real fair deal for $1100 cheaper at the Oakland dealership!!!

*disclaimer I don't ever write reviews but how we were treated by Non-Premier Nissan of San Jose warranted one!!!

James O. | 2012-10-16

I bought a new van from Premier a year ago for my new business and just had the  Van in for Oil Change Service. I was told that a "courtesy wash" was completed. When I arrived at my Van the van still had dirt on the outside including some grease marks and the windows/mirrors still coated with grim.

Very poor service!!! If you offer a free service ensure it is the best. You are still rated and reviewed for all service not just the ones I pay for.

Then I looked deeper into it and noticed that the van didn't even have any residual water on the van and in fact was bone dry. So did they take a cloth or sponge of some sort and wiped the dust off my Van?

Possibly scratching the paint etc....

They wiped the wheels clean why not the black molding on the bumper so it would look clean at least.

I will not be back.

Mike K. | 2012-10-14

A coworker suggested that they got a favorable rate for leasing a  Nissan Leaf @ Premiere Nissan in San Jose, I went to try and get the same deal.  

I don't have high expectations from car sales people... and I'd like to think that I'm not easily disappointed, but I was excited to learn that they had a Nissan Leaf "expert".  Their main expert was busy, so I talked to someone who was also supposedly a Leaf expert.  Their supposed "number 2" leaf salesman?

1st pro tip for Premiere Nissan:  When you call your salesman an expert in the NIssan Leaf, it would be good if they actually know how to describe chargers in terms of Volts and if they are able to easily list all of the differences between the two Leaf models.   He told me that the solar panel on the SL was useful for running the air conditioning, that the charger that comes with it "only plugs into a  240 amp or watt or whatever" outlet" and that the SV didn't have Navigation.   He said it was good that the customers who usually come in to buy the leaf usually know more about the cars than he did.  

Number 2  made a few unprofessional comments, bad mouthing other dealers, particularly his former dealer Nissan Sunnyvale, which I assume was pretty standard and forgivable.  

Then it came time to talk money and deals.  They didn't have any of the base model, the model which had the slick national deal, so I was expecting a comparable offer on the SL.. It took almost 1 hour to get them to bring me lease rates on the SL.  Number 2  kept coming back "confused" about what I wanted.  
I withheld the details of the bargain I had heard about to see what they'd come up with on their own.

The rate that I had heard was $230/month no money down for the Leaf SV, they brought me a lease (after insisting on running my credit) for $360 on the Leaf SL. Note that the Leaf SL is only $2000 more in MSRP than the leaf SV.

When I finally told them about the deal my coworker claimed, Number 2 says "is your coworker Indian?, Those guys are very cheap and get the good rates."

Classy number 2, classy.  

Finally he went and talked to his finance manager and came back with the lower rate of $340/month.  

I got up and walked, was stopped by the sales manager, who told me that they confirmed the deal my coworker got, but that the magical $4k sale he got had expired.  Maybe this was believable, but in any case, I was done, I didn't want the car for $340/month.  He wished me a gruff good day, I went home and called a few other Nissan dealers.  

I called Nissan Sunnyvale first, and got the information I requested over the phone via e-mail in 10 minutes.  Something that 2 hours in person at Premiere couldn't accomplish. All of this without the supposed credit check. FWIW, the rates I got from the other dealers were much closer to the $230 I had expected.

I don't know if I'll end up with a leaf, I'm still negotiating.   I can tell you that I won't be going back to Premiere Nissan.  Number 2 should learn what not to say to customers...   I'm not easily offended, and Number 2 didn't offend me, but he was offensive.  If you don't want to be treated rudely, I suggest going to a different dealership.

Julien P. | 2012-10-13

This is a bait and switch operation, they make promises they cannot keep. Stay away from this place !

On 10/13/2012 in the afternoon to I called this dealership to lease a Nissan Leaf SL in blue. Daniel said they didn't have the car in stock, but he assured me that he could get the car transferred from another dealership in San Francisco by the end of the day. But I would need to come in and sign the papers to initiate the transfer. I really needed the car the same day so I went there right away.

We applied for credit.

First problem, the dealer would not match the advertised pricing from another dealer even though they claimed on the phone that they would.

They said they could only match the monthly price on a 39-months lease rather than a 36 months lease which was the other dealer's offer. After they agreed to throw in an extended warranty for the last 3 months, I agreed to the slightly longer lease. It was about 5:30pm by then already.

Second problem, which killed the deal altogether : I was told the car was coming in from Sacramento rather than San Francisco. The 170 miles distance is longer than the range of this electric car which is 73 miles between full charges. The dealer said because of this, the soonest they could actually get it would be two full days ! The dealer said it was too expensive for them to put it on a truck from Sacramento to get it the same day.

In summary, they lied about the pricing they could offer, they lied about where the car was, and they lied about when they could get it. If the dealer had been honest from the beginning, maybe something could have been worked out - I might have asked for a rental car for a couple days. But instead they chose to lie, and this ensures they will never earn my business again.

If and when I finally manage to lease the car from someone else, I will also make sure that I never take it to Premier Nissan for service, even though they are the closest to my home.

Samantha B. | 2012-10-08

Do yourself a favor and stay away from this place.

I was looking for a 2012 Nissan Altima and negotiated with a few dealers on the phone. When I told the sales person Tony how much another dealer had offered, he said he'd beat that price. So I drove to San Jose even it was far away from our house, thinking that we already had a deal. After spending almost an hour test driving and picking out the right color combination, Tony sat down with us and started writing down all kinds of numbers. I said wait a minute, didn't we already have a deal? He then said he needed to ask his manager!!! Why did he promise a price that he could not deliver and waste our time?! His manager was no better than him. He did not even try to negotiate the price.

Worse car buying experience ever! We ended up buying from Nissan Sunnyvale with a very pleasant sales team.

G P. | 2012-09-29

Bait and switch, that is the best description for the buying experience at Premier Nissan.

If you want to spend time online, talk to their internet sales manager, agree on a price and model and then when you show up at the dealership have them renege on the deal then this is the place for you.

You want to waste time, raise your blood pressure several notches, feel like you should rush home and take a long hot shower, then by all means try buying a car from Premier Nissan.

Needless to say I ended up walking away and will never either buy or recommend this dealership to anybody ... well, actually I will recommend them if I really, really do not like you :)

Josh A. | 2012-09-29

If I have choice to give no star, I would.  

These salesmen are THIEVES!!

Poor service, seemed no one know what they are doing, and salesman tells me that I'm wasting their time when I'm trying to buy their car!!  

Not recommended dealership, NEVER!!

Jacky L. | 2012-09-26

I must leave Negative.

Buyers beware!

I bought a Nissan Quest LE 2011 in September last year I paid $45,000.00. They provided me an old map in my navigation. They did not update it. There are a lot of old address would not work when I try to hit "enter" At the very beginning I thought it may be I enter wrong address, lately I found out lot of old address even an old business address still wouldn't work.

I call them and I have been told that the map on my Nissan Quest is old map and have to buy a new CD for update. I feel that they are not patient to discuss with me about this issue.

Jason D. | 2012-09-21

Great staff. I actually bought my Xterra in Redwood City (they were the only ones that had the exact model I wanted at the time...) but I use this dealership for maintenance and just recently for new tires and alignment.

Great place. Nice people. All professional and courteous. Their price for four tires and alignment almost beat Firestone's price for TWO tires and alignment. Not much of a choice there!

I'll be back!

Dr. E. | 2012-09-19

Been there to buy a new/used car. Since I didn't have transportation, they agreed to pick me up and also drop me back home/offered to reimburse the cost of a cab. After reaching there, the sales rep. lady kept reminding me that she paid for my inbound cab out of her pocket. The cars that I came to look at had dents and scratches to begin with, and I decided against purchasing there.

Chris M. | 2012-09-10

Horrible experience here with a pushy, overbearing saleswoman.  Came in to check out a Rogue.  After an extremely abbreviated test drive at the behest of the saleswoman, I was pushed to buy.  When I noted some things I didn't like about the car, I was given an obnoxious response that implied I was lying / making a big deal out of nothing and I was given the impression that I had just wasted her time.  I would be very hesitant to step foot in this business in the future.

A J. | 2012-08-16

Beware of the this place.  They are very dishonest.  The finance person at the end, who tries to sell you warranties is the worst.

Sian W. | 2012-07-10

BEST CAR buying experience we ever had!! A HUGE thank you to Wilson Bui and Angie Tran at Premier Nissan for working so hard to get me into a new car AND meeting all my expectations on what I wanted the vehicle equipped with. Angie is one of the finance managers who will work with you on a realistic basis. I told her what I could do and she made it happen.  They went above and beyond to help me get the deal I wanted all around, with an excellent interest rate! It was no nice not having to hagle with them over the price and payments. Once we finally decided on the exact car, the paperwork took less than 30 minutes and went so smooth! Wilson took the time to make sure we knew every feature the car had as well as making sure we didnt have any questions or concerns. He did not rush us and when we noticed a small smudge on the car he immediately took it and had it buffed out. Not only did we get their excellent warranty, they even provided me with my 1st year of servicing included in my deal along with a full tank of gas! I would recommend this dealership to anyone who wants a smooth and fair deal on any new or used vehicle. I never owned a Nissan prior to the 2012 Altima I just purchased, but I can say I am a definate fan now! Thanks for changing my perception of the whole car buying experience!

Firas A. | 2012-06-26

Poor experience all around.  We went in to buy the Nissan Quest.  We knew exactly what we wanted in the car, and had several dealers offer us the exact car for a certain price.  But, this dealer was closer and had the color combination we wanted.  The sales guy brought his sales manager, who was a customer service disaster.  Rather than discuss what he can do, he spent the time trying to debunk or discredit what we told him - such as "I know the car you're talking about; that car was sold", and "I used to work at that other dealership, my office was right across the showroom, and that's too low".  We said we've done our homework and know what cars are available in the Bay area, and what costs are, and made him an offer.  He (the manager) said he needed to call the owner, and asked us to wait.  More than 15 minutes later, he comes back and says he needed a week to get back to us with an answer.  He did not explain why our offered price didn't work, nor did he counter with another price, or engage in any discussion to try to win the business.  A few days later, his sales guy TEXTED us a message with the same original price they originally offered without even a token of flexibility or discussion.

I don't have a problem with someone not meeting my price expectations; they have a right to sell their cars at whatever price makes business sense to them.  But, as a customer, ready to buy, I found the experience very off-putting.  Rather than making us feel valued as potential customers, we were dismissed - and unceremoniously at that.  We're going to buy the car from another dealer, just out of principle - so we don't have to deal with a dealership that clearly has no idea how to deal with customers.  If this is how a sales manager treats a prospective customer they are trying to sell a car to, imagine how they'd be with customer service, after the sale.

With a sales manager like that, I have no idea how this dealership will stay in business.  Save yourself the hassle and look elsewhere...anywhere.

P L. | 2012-06-24


The sales people here are very unprofessional and super rude. They are trying really hard NOT to earn your business. The Sales people approach you with nose-high attitude, and not being informative enough on there products there trying to sell, telling you what can and can't afford.

During our 45 min trip out there, we have 5 sales person trade off, one after another they pawn us off to someone else. The first person that approach us, ask " what are you looking for?" We wanted to see the Xterra and the Cube, since this is a early stage of our search we wanted to compare our options (commuter car vs. sporty suv) .

(Forgot her name!) Sales women#1: 'O, the cube is not a great car, and the Xterra is Ok!" (Way a go standing by your company!)"What's your budget?, The Xterra is $25K and the Cube $18k, what can you afford, can you afford the Xterra?" WOW! WTF! Don't worry about my finance, I just want to see the car!  We asked if we can see the inside of the car, she rolled her eyes and sigh at us for having to go get the keys, and when she got back she unlocked the door from a distance, while she was on a personal cell phone call, laughing and having a good time on the phone. Not caring to help us, or answering any of our questions! (Super Annoyed) Wow, I didn't even buy the car from you yet, and this is the impression your starting off! Yeah, I ain't spending $25k here that's forsure!

Annoyed with the sales women#1 we walked away and went inside trying to find someone else... and the pawning off begin...

Sales women#2:  we asked if we can test drive the car, she said "Ok, let me pull the vehicle out the lot", she drove 6 blocks away from the dealerships, and let us switched over and direct us back to the dealership 4 blocks away, we asked if we can take it to the freeway, she said no, not right now!  WTF! That's was a test drive! I don't think so...then when we got back to the dealership, she excused herself and introduce us to another sale person, talking to him after 10 mins, he told us his appt had arrived and ask the receptionist to get us someone else, two person greeted us after... That's was so annoying especially for someone who was interested in buying a new car and spending all that money.

Please DO NOT suppose this dealership, they do not deserve your business....
Sales people here are ungrateful in this economic to have a job, patiently waiting for this location to go under....

Alyssa S. | 2012-06-18

This dealership gets a solid "Meh" vote. This was my first stop on the path to purchasing my first new car, and while it wasn't the horrific experience I expected, I wouldn't say I was looking forward to buying another car in ten years. It has the expected vulture-like sales staff waiting to pounce the moment you step out of your vehicle. I was luck I suppose, I managed to be snapped up by Mary who is either a genuinely very nice person, or a very clever saleswoman who knows that some people are less likely to buy from you if they feel any sort of pressure.

I came in knowing exactly what I wanted to see, saw it, and was content to move on to the next dealership for comparison. But I wanted a brochure. My mistake. The moment we stepped into the showroom we were all but accosted by the sales manager Tony who was bound and determined that I buy the car right then and there. Explained that I was interested, and this was the first car I'd seen, I wanted to do my homework before I made the decision. He kept pushing though, and I kid you not, repeated that the car came with a "lifetime warranty" (on the powertrain) three times. Finally my mom, who was with me, told him that we understood what the words meant and he shut up. Got my flyer and moved on, thoroughly irritated by the experienced.

I ended up deciding that the nissan was the car for me, but I didn't want to have to deal with Tony again. I reluctantly called Mary and set up an appointment because I felt it was wrong to punish Mary's service for her superior's pushiness. Said yes to the car, told them what I wanted to pay, and Tony, of course, came round again to "seal the deal". If I were a bolder person I would have told him that he nearly cost them the sale by virtue of his manner. The best part of negotiations was when they offered me something like 18% interest, I sort of laughed and said no. They insisted that they get the quotes from the bank, they can't do anything about the interest. Said ok, and that we were done then, and went to leave. Literally stepped into the car and they come rushing out with exactly the monthly payment that I wanted claiming that they just got a call from the bank. Right. In the last 20 seconds you got a call from the bank. Uh huh. Sure. Whatever helps you sleep at night.

Got my car, love it. And don't have to deal with this for at least another ten years.

AJ S. | 2012-05-25

Flagrant Deception or Totally Clueless

***** 64 NEGATIVE reviews (and counting) out of 102 should tell you something *****

I was in the market for a 2012 4-cylinder Nissan Frontier.  I wanted the 4-cylinder for the gas mileage and the lower insurance rate.

After filing an online request for a quote from , the dealership called me back very quickly and told me that they had the vehicle I was looking for.   After test driving a demo, I went in a couple of days later to sign all the paperwork and purchase the "4-cylinder Frontier".

After I cut a deal and signed the paperwork they told me that the vehicle was just sold, BUT they had another 4-cylinder Frontier on the lot but a different color.  I looked it over and agreed to purchase the one on the lot. (Remember that nowhere on the vehicle does it say I4 or V6 - just Frontier)

I put a down payment and they prepared the car for pick up the following week.  They came out to my house with the new Frontier and picked me up to take me to the dealership.  The sales person drove.  After signing additional paperwork I proceeded out the door to drive my new 4-cylinder truck home...or so I thought!

When I got home I found the sticker in the glove compartment and discovered I just purchased a 6-cylinder Frontier!!  I looked under the hood and sure enough I saw "V6".  BAIT & SWITCH, deceptive practices or totally clueless, I'm not sure, but when I called telling them I did not want the 6-cylinder, they offered me a discount, however I refused and demanded the 4-cylinder.  Keep in mind that the 6-cylinder Frontier is as common as dirt, but the 4-cylinder Frontier is hard to come by.

After the management team discussed it with the General Manager I was told "NO".  The GM refused to budge and said that it was my responsibility to know what I was buying and it was my problem.  OH YEA !!! and what is their responsibility... to deceive the public just to make a quick sale by misrepresentation?

If this was not a flagrant deceptive practice I don't know what is. They misrepresented the vehicle, told me I was purchasing a 4-cylinder and THEN said it was my fault!   If they did this to me, THEY WILL DO IT TO YOU TOO!

I contacted the BBB but they were unable to help me.  Premier Nissan REFUSED to budge NOR offer any compensation.

Vlado H. | 2012-02-08

Wonderful experience throughout the purchase process of our new 2012 Nissan Leaf. It started with an email from Nissan alerting us that our Leaf was ready at Premier, followed by an email from Vincent Nguyen. We had a 10 minute phone call to hash out the details and I was at the dealership the next day at 10:00 and drove the car off the lot by 11:30 am. Pretty amazing, no hassles , no pain points just perfect execution.

Vincent did a great job of going over all of the car's features, given this is an all electric vehicle there are some nuances that need some more hand holding. I told Vincent that I was not interested in extended warranty or a maintenance plan, he passed that information to Patrick in finance who was a pleasure to work with.

The third leg of the process was to get my coveted HOV stickers , Sylvia (office manager) was filling in for someone on leave and helped expedite the processing of my new car registration and I was able to get the stickers within 3 weeks which is exceptional.

Hats off to a great experience.

Naveen M. | 2012-02-05

I was looking around for my first new car (have a pre-owned car right now), and tried the Capitol Hyundai first. The salesman there (Jack) was so polite and nice that I made the mistake of assuming all sales people would be polite. He let me test-drive a Genesis Coupe and gave me what I thought was pretty good advice about selling my current car.

And then I walk into this Nissan dealership. People there looked friendly enough, and I got into a 370Z Nismo to check it out - this being one of my dream cars within my current budget. I asked one of the salesmen there for test-driving a 370z, and I was directed to Tin - I'm not 100% sure about the name here - he is youngish (20s) and was in a formal attire. He introduces himself saying that he specializes in these cars, and then shows me a bunch of 370Zs parked outside. He tells me that he can get me 5K discount on the 2011 model if I avoid the 2012 models. I tell him I've just started looking for my next car, and that I'm not going to get one right now, and that I'm there to test-drive a 370z. And that my purchase window will be in the next two months.

His response (almost word for word): 'I'm paid $100 per hour - you don't really expect me to waste my time on you... do you? If you are not purchasing the car today, it is a complete waste of my time. Let me tell you what you CAN do... when you are ready to buy this car, come talk to me.' I thought he was just joking, and asked him 'are you serious?'. And he repeats the 'it is a waste of my time' line.

This guy behaves so high and mighty that the title 'pompous a$$' doesn't even begin to describe him. I was so offended that I did not know how to respond. He asks me to wait there, and goes in to the dealership. I was hoping he'd bring back a less arrogant person, but he comes back with his good-for-nothing card with him name and number on it.

The only mistake I think I did was to throw away the card without getting the full name from it. At least, it would've helped me 'complete' this review with him name.

Do yourself a favor... if you happen to meet the guy described above... scram!

Bomdad P. | 2012-01-18

If I were to sum up my experiences at Premier Nissan of San Jose in 10 words or less, I'd say " A Tale of Two Cities" Ever since I've moved closer to this dealership, I've brought my car here for all my services and have been given great service. Doc has always taken such great care of me, and when there was major damage on my car he helped save me a few thousand dollars on repairs. When it comes to my Nissan, there is no service advisor I trust with it more than Doc. However, the sales and finance departments definitely drop the ball. I went in yesterday with a friend to look at both the Murano and the Rogue, as I've been thinking of acquiring a new vehicle for quite some time. After roaming the lot for 15 minutes with nobody approaching me, I decided to take my business elsewhere. I will still keep their service department in mind when I need to get my vehicle taken care of. I was also upset that when  I tried to speak to someone in finance about different terms for leasing, I was treated very rudely over the phone. I believe the woman that I spoke to was named Angie and it was definitely not the customer service that I was expecting.

Nora P. | 2011-12-29

I have been extremely happy with my experience at Premier Nissan. I have never been a big fan of dealerships because they tend to overcharge and convince you that you need things that you don't. At Premier Nissan I have only received the best customer service, competitive prices, and friendly service reps who remember my name and that my family was sick. Getting an oil change includes a car wash, detailing and I get to sip coffee in their waiting room. It's definitely my go-to place for all my car needs. Thank you Premier Nissan.

Kevin L. | 2011-12-27

Came here for an oil change instead of going to Steven's Creek Nissan because I received an email coupon, not a very good decision. This is supposed to be an "express" procedure done in 30 minutes without an appointment. I pull up into the service area, wait a few minutes for someone to come talk to me, and the guy that comes to get the mileage tells me that another woman will be getting my info and that I should go to her office. I walk over there and she's currently helping another customer, so she says I can go into the lounge and she'll come and get me to finish up the info. As I'm writing this review I've been waiting here for about 30 minutes and I've seen that last come in and out a few times, even helping other customers!

After waiting almost an hour for the service to be completed, the woman comes in to let me know that it's done and she gives me the paperwork to take to the cashier.  The cashier asks for my last name so she can look up the info, but guess what? Since they NEVER got my name, of course she can't look for it.  So she rings me up, but they didn't take into account the coupon I had, because of course the original woman never met with me before the service! I had to go back outside to show her the coupon so she could adjust it in the computer, and then I was able to go back to the cashier for the correct price.

Throw in the fact that a lot of the employees there were acting unprofessionally, it just left me with a very bad taste in my mouth.  I don't mind people having fun at work, but this was just levels below that; just plain old being unprofessional. Sorry, won't be going back here anytime soon!

Steve D. | 2011-12-14

This is about the service center at Premier Nissan. I naturally distrust people when it comes to my car. It seems, no matter what warranty or service plan they convince you to buy, they will try and rip you off or deny certain services YOU PAID FOR! That being said, I came here ready to start pulling out all of my paperwork and a contract lawyer on the phone, but LO and behold! NO PROBLEMS! In fact our service guy, Ira was upstanding, honest, and straight-forward Marine! We've been coming back here for well over two years and every time I get the same quality service with Ira. They even wash our car for us and give us a no B.S. assessment for what we actually need. Totally trust these guys.

nastasha s. | 2011-11-26

One star is me being nice. I went here after visiting Stevens Creek nissan because they did tell me they had more options and i am doing my research. First off, do not give them your number, unless you want an 866 number to call you crazy amounts of time and at very odd and inappropriate hours. I worked with one lady, over the phone, i won't say her name because i'm too nice, and i wish i never gave her my number . We set up an appt and i had to cancel and yes it was my fault for not following up with her, but she had the nerve to call me and say 'oh well i showed up on my day off the day you decided to not come.' Excuse me? Who are you talking to like that? When i finally did come to the lot, the salesperson was nice, we checked out a used toyota camry.
The camry had quite a few dents, a messed up rim and large scratches on the bumper and missing paint in spots. The visor on the drivers side did not go up, and kept hitting me on the head while i was test driving (well thats safe) and the interior looked like straight sh**.
the salesperson assured us that we would receive a deal on the car because of the obvious blemishes on the exterior and interior of the car.
After finding how much i would be paying for the car (i am a new buyer) and realizing the overall price of the car did not go down one penny for the poor condition i would be buying it in AND the were only giving me 500 for my trade in (toyota offered me 1500) i was just about ready to straight walk away.
BUT WAIT THATS NOT THE BEST PART. the best part was when another dealer decided that a different car would be better for me. A 1997 honda crv, which you can bet your tail was straight garbage. AND IT WAS STILL 12000! HAHA.
I just want to condemn premier nissan for their lack of committment to pleasing the customer. In the end I am the one who is signing your paycheck. Me getting a car means your commission. I found it insulting they would even fathom that i might consider that piece of sh** car. DONT EVER EVER EVER give them your number, visit this place or even think about buying a car from here. Make the trip to stevens creek nissan or take a chance and go over to capitol toyota, because they will take care of you.

Long T. | 2011-11-26

These guys ripped us off... buyers beware.

Joeve O. | 2011-11-04

I was really surprised by my experience at Premier Nissan of San Jose.  I was looking for a new 2012 Nissan Versa SV in a particular color.  

My family and I had just come from Nissan Sunnyvale (very disappointed by their pushy sales person, I forgot the lady's name, and their use of false information through their email response), but that's a whole other story.

We arrived at the lot and were impressed by the size of the inventory they had.  Omar Zaffer was the one to greet us and were shown around. The specific car I was looking for wasn't available, but an upgraded version caught our eye (an SL in a different color).  He was in no way pushy and was very easy going about the whole process.  When we didn't like the price, Tony Wahaab was the one to bargain with us.  It went back and forth between our family and Tony, but in the end, we ended up getting the car for about $2200-$2500 below the sticker price with a lifetime warranty and complementary servicing for the 1st two visits!  Although the process took about 4 to 5 hours, we left happy with the deal we got.  I highly recommend Omar and Tony, they're both sweethearts.

Cassie H. | 2011-10-15

My experience with Premier Nissan of San Jose along with Tony Melendez and Andy was wonderful. Please take the low ratings on Yelp with a grain of salt. Most customers do not research or know what to expect when buying a car. I was well prepared and expected the worst, only to be pleasantly surprised when I was treated with respect and care.

I sent a quote request for a 2012 Nissan Versa hatchback and Tony responded the next day. He called and emailed me to give me the opportunity to ask any questions I had. I made an appointment for the next day. My husband and I walked in with our approval letter from B of A and 2.5 hours later, I drove off the lot in my brand new (89 miles) Nissan Versa sedan, $2000 under the sticker price. I couldn't get the Versa hatchback I wanted for my desired price of $13K flat. I told Tony I was set on the price, not that exact model. He set me up with a sweet deal on my lovely new Versa sedan.

If you know your budget and what you want, it makes the experience quite a bit easier. Negotiating with Tony was easy and pleasant and I would definitely recommend checking out Premier Nissan of San Jose if you are interested in a brand new Nissan.

Just got my new baby her first carnuba wax this weekend and I just love her! Now if only there weren't so many crazy people on the road.

David P. | 2011-10-15

We hate coming here for service.  Let me warn you now, a basic 30K mile service takes them 3 to 4 hours while you sit in a dank room with the other poor souls waiting for their cars.  There's NOWHERE to walk, there's nothing to do.  And it doesn't matter that you've scheduled an appointment to get your car worked on, they don't start it for hours.  UGH!

GEL C. | 2011-10-14

Horrible experience. First I thought I was being BS'ed because I was a girl so I came back with my brother and still got BS'ed. This place is effen rediculous and totally tried to rip me off. I was told I was being given " the best deal possible" with the type of credit I had ( not so great) . They tried to sugar coat everything and tried talking to me " like a friend, not a sales person". I know its a commission based job and thats fine and expected when buying a car but this place just totally tried to rip me off and lied to me straight to my face. I was first contacted by Jeremy the internet manager. He was nice but didnt really talk to him much. Omar the GM who supposedly was " gonna give me a deal" is the one who almost convinced me to sign my life away with a horrible "deal" of a contract.

I ended up buying my brand new 2012 Altima from Car Consultants in Santa Clara. They hooked my up with ZERO, yes ZERO percent financing and lowered the price of the car by a couple thousand AND upgraded the model.

I will never purchase from a dealer again! Especially not this one. This is my 2nd Nissan Altima and my 3rd one will definatly not be purchased here. I'm telling ya....if you need a car call Sal at the Car Consultants Sales and Leasing in Santa Clara. This may sound like an advertisement but its not. I'm just a VERY happy and now richer customer and thats NO thanks to Pemier Nissan.


Vivian A. | 2011-10-03

Wow. To put it in summary: This place really sucks. We are in the market for a truck or SUV and the salesperson who helped us had NO IDEA what was in stock or what was available. We've only been in the market for about two days and just from what we knew from looking online, we knew more about what was available then this guy did. We would ask him a question and he had no idea, not even bother to get a brochure and get an answer for us or even bother to check. When we asked if a truck came in leather seats, he told us "They do not come in leather seats." only to walk over to a similar truck and guess what? LEATHER SEATS! REALLY?!?!?!?

Unknowledgeable salesman, dirty cars (there were empty coke cans and bottles in the three different ones we looked at), and the one truck we did end up wanting to test drive needed a jump 'cuz the battery was dead. Then when we did go for a test drive, he wasn't willing to take us on the freeway? HUH?!?! Wasn't it JUST AROUND THE CORNER?!?!?

Don't even bother stopping here. You'll get better customer service typing in "AUTO" on Craigslist and reading your monitor with your eyes closed.

Lindsay A. | 2011-09-29

I'm actually relieved I didn't check yelp before I went to Premier to buy my new pre-owned certified car.  You guys would have scared me away!! lol    I've shopped around at Dirito Bros in Concord and Dublin Nissan before coming here and I have to say that I had a very pleasant, seamless experience.  I knock one star off due to the price. I feel I spent $1,000 more than I would have, but Nissan's pricing and option program makes it really difficult to compare apples to apples.
I'd recommend this place to my friends and family.

Carolyn N. | 2011-09-22

We were going to Vegas and thought it would be better for us to drive since we wanted to stop by LA and visit some friends. My boyfriend was working a lot of overtime and couldn't do my oil change. We were in a time crunch so I decided to pay the dealer a visit on my way home from work because we preferred OEM filters and synthetic oil. I came on a really hot day and was glad that the place had AC and indoor waiting! Walk-ins are welcome - whew! I was a bit concerned because it was a "spontaneous" call on my part to just swoop by. Hey - just trying to get things done.

There's really nothing to do around this area, so I'm glad the service here was quick. There's a McDonald's down the street that I can walk to but it was too hot and I was feeling lazy. (Do I really want the bad calories from McDonald's anyways? Hahah)

There's 2 staff working the front desk. The girl that helped me was Melanie. She was efficient and friendly. Usually I get greeted by grumpy people at mechanic shops and dealerships who take forever to type up information so I was glad she was friendly, and can type! (Read my DMV review to see how much I love people that can type HAHA) I sat in the waiting area and played with my phone until they called me to tell me my car was done. Mission accomplished. Yeahh! Saved my boyfriend the 10 minute labor -  :)

Overall - I'm satisfied with the speediness of the place, the waiting area with AC, and the friendly greeting and efficient service. Would I come back for something "major" instead of an oil change? Ehh, probably not, because it's usually more expensive at dealerships, but for little things like oil changes - sure. PLUS FREE CAR WASH. HAHAH!

Janet T. | 2011-09-20

I usually have my car maintenance done by a friend or a family member because I think dealerships are always out to help themselves instead of helping their clients. I was greeted, my paperwork for an oil change was ready within a few minutes.  They offer complimentary car washes with paid service.

Errol O. | 2011-09-14

I kept getting calls from 866-796-6131 in the evenings. Googled the number and found some car dealerships will sell this number to an a company that will keep calling you about buying a call. I finally got a hold of the company and they told me Premier Nissan gave them my number after test driving one car.

Also, they need to stop imprinting their logo and phone number on the back of cars the sell that remain there permanently.

Jennifer T. | 2011-09-04

This review is for their Service department. I had a very pleasant experience here the other day!

I called and made an appointment to come in for some weird noise my car was making. Came in 5 minutes late (oops) but was given service right away by Ira. Really nice guy who quickly went through the standard procedures (getting numbers, VIN#, address, etc).

He fixed me up with a driver who would go with me and test drive my car to reproduce this odd noise. It took about 10 minutes to have my car make that sound. We came back to the dealership and they told me they'd fixed it that day, and that I could either wait or be dropped off at my home. Yay!

I took the ride home from their shuttle service and they gave me a call back about 2 hours later (they also offer to pick you up from home).

Now, that weird clacking noise is gone and I am finally at ease with my lovely Nissan. What's even better was that I was still under warranty so no fees or charges here!

The only reason I gave 4 stars is because some of the employees need to learn better service. The receptionist who gave me back my keys just told me, "it's outside". Uhm, this is a dealership...there are a bunch of cars OUTSIDE. I had to walk around aimlessly before a better representative came and helped me out and drove my car up front for me.

Just a minor detail, but it irked me.

Will definitely come back if I need any more help. I also got a free car wash and vacuuming! SCORE.

Aamir S. | 2011-09-03

I went in to speak with Al to learn about my different options for my lease end. It was my first lease ever and I did not know what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised at just how helpful and patient Al was with presenting me all of my different options. He took his time and spent nearly the entire day making sure that I was able to weigh all of my choices and make sure I made the choice that I was satisfied with. Even after the sale was made, he continued to help me in the following days with certain last minute details. My experience with Al was great and I would not hesitate to highly recommend him to anyone who is not just looking for a Nissan, but any car to see what Al can do for them. I feel that  I would go directly to Al any time I need to make a trip to the Premier Nissan.

Desire M. | 2011-09-02

I just purchased my first brand new car, and it couldn't have been a better experience.  I was a little hesitant because I contacted them through the internet.  Thankfully, I was called pretty quickly by a friendly and helpful agent.  He heard all my wants and my needs and helped me find a car that was perfect for me and within my budget.

Christina R. | 2011-08-31

A complete waste of my time.  If you want to be lied to and manipulated then feel free to drive in.  I so wish I would have check yelp before I wasted my time there.  I shopped around and felt comfortable with my sales person.  But when It came down to making the deals the lies showed their ugly face.  They even tried to manipulate me into financing with then even though I was clear I did not need to.  I am so turned off with shopping for a  new car now that I  am considering sitting on my money and buying used from a private party.

Bill W. | 2011-08-27

I really think Yelp could split car dealer reviews in half - half is the sales side, and half the service.  I wrote something similar when I reviewed an Audi dealership.  I didn't buy the car there, but had it serviced there.

In the case of Nissan, I just purchased a car there, but have never used its service.

Second thing to think about when reading car dealer reviews: if you walk into a car dealership looking for a $200 a month payment on a $30k car and your credit score is 100, you'll probably walk away angry.  I suspect a lot of low scores on a car dealer's yelp - this one or any other - come after that emotional discovery.

Third the person who makes buying a car a good experience, like buying an iPod, will be the next billionaire.  In fact, though I'm writing an ultimately positive review, we experienced the lousy part of buying a car at Premier Nissan just like everywhere else.

Them:  "this is our lowest price"

Us:  "okay, we'll think about it and come back tomorrow."  Not a ploy, we seriously were going to give it thought.  We're buying a car here, it's not just an instant decision for us.

Them: "hold on, maybe we can go lower".

Okay, all that out of the way, we really enjoyed the process, in the same way that one can enjoy going to the dentist.  You like the dentist, but there's still going to be some drilling.

My suggestion?  Specifically ask for Mary, the only female salesperson there.  That's the best start.  I see Glen G used her too and had a good experience.  Rick, the guy in charge,  is super nice as well.  Very professional.

So to summarize:   if you're the sort of person who listens during the airline safety briefing and doesn't use a dirty plate at the salad bar, then you're probably grown up enough to get through the process of buying a car with good feelings all around.  

And ask for Mary.

Frank L. | 2011-08-15

If you're a normal and somewhat intelligent person, you don't want to buy your next vehicle from these people.

Don't take any elsewhere.

CARLOS S. | 2011-08-08

i came in with a competitors ad thinking of course to get a better deal on a car just to find out they already had the better price. thanks for the new car and a good deal.

Racquel M. | 2011-08-07

I was very reluctant to bring my car to the dealership, but we had a coupon for brake service.  I had the typical prejudices about car dealerships being too expensive.   I was VERY pleasantly surprised by the great service, great work, and reasonable cost for the work done.  Paul Cimoli, the Service Director, and the rest of the staff were very quick to help us and were all very friendly.  They'd also inspected the rest of the car and topped off the fluids that were low since our previous mechanic had forgotten to check them.  Great experience and I'd definitely go back and would recommend the service center at premier nissan.

L D. | 2011-08-02

I took the city bus last July to purchase  a car at a dealership in San Jose. I was determined to find a car, doctors orders as I was five months pregnant. I ended up at Premier Nissan of San Jose. After more than five hours of waiting and haggling and listening to them spin their web of lies about a variety of things, I ended up purchasing the car I originally saw online., It was listed for $4995. I came in with $1,700 down. I ended up somehow paying $6500 for the vehicle AND, right before I drove away, the saleswoman told me that the car might not run very good the next day because they accidentally put regular grade gas in instead of mid grade but it would be fine by the next time I gassed up. Lets just say this, I have had the car for a year now. Anything that could go wrong with it has. Turns out, the 'gas issue' she told me about had nothing to do with the gas. The car has timing issues, major. The back windows siezed up and during the winter I had to pay almost $100 to get them propped up and now during the summer, I had  to pay almost $100 to get one forced down so it wouldnt be sweltering hot for my three kids. The seat warmers went out two days after I bought it. The lining on the roof now hangs down because the back window doesnt rollup. The car overheats if the air is on and it leaks steering fluid and oil. I have not recommended this dealership to anyone, nor would I ever. I feel they
knowingly took advantage of me and my condition at the time. Their service department most assuredly knew of these issues yet the sales staff felt comfortable enough to sell the piece of junk to a pregnant single mom. Please avoid this place if you can and go across the street. It might save you thousands.

Ashley T. | 2011-07-29


We walked in knowing exactly what we wanted (already test drove it the other day). The manager refused to give us a number until we test drove the car again. We told them we didn't want to waste their time or ours, but we did it anyways. We sat there for almost an hour waiting for the manager to give us a number. We ended up walking out because we weren't getting a good deal (they don't budge with their prices). its almost impossible to bargin. We had already walked out and started the car  when the manager had the salesman run after us and gave us the price we had asked for (out the door). We were there for another 3 hours, finished all our paperwork, and we were ready to finalize everything and walk out with the car. As we were looking over the paper work, we realized that there was a misunderstanding in what we were asking for. The asian manager (RICK PHAM) came in and was unbelievably RUDE! He could've simply said sorry, there was a misunderstanding, instead he YELLED at us and told them to show us out the door. We were willing to work with them on the price, but after having TWO managers (rick pham and tony warhad) come in and YELL & SWEAR at us, we walked out. we would've still bought the car, but because of the way the managers handled the situation, it wasn't even worth it. I've never encountered such unprofessional "MANAGERS."

i definitely would give them ZERO STARS, but our salesman and finance girl were amazing.  Unfortunately, their managers were the most UNPROFESSIONAL businessmen ever!!

everything may run smoothly, the dealership may LOOK amazing, but DONT BE FOOLED!  they don't make themselves clear, that way they can raise the price when the FINAL transaction is made. (they give you a number and say its the out the door price, but once all is done, they say thats the price [NOT] including tax and registration). HUGE DIFFERENCE. nice try in fooling us, but we're not that dumb.

google reviews for this dealership and you'll see that every single one written for this year (2011) were HORRIBLE.

bottom line: DONT GO HERE! don't bother wasting your time and energy.

Don P. | 2011-07-04

The experience I had was excellent. I purchase a 2011 Nissan Altima.

I contacted the Premier through the Internet and the salesperson returned my email quickly. I did all the price negotiations on line and the price was settled prior to walking on the lot. When my daughter and I arrived we were greeted quickly and the test drive went smoothly. I told them I wanted to buy the vehicle and they did all the prep on the vehicle while I drove home and picked up my wife. When we returned the car was ready and the financing process took about one hour.

During the entire process everyone treated well and were very friendly. The salesperson contacted me twice within the first two weeks to see how things were going.

This was the best car purchase I have made in 25 years.

Kelley F. | 2011-06-13

THE WORST SHOPPING EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE!!!!!!!  Please, I warn you, DO NOT GO HERE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE.  Unless you're in a really bad mood, and need someone to take it out on.  

Long story short, my boyfriend and I spent 4 hours "negotiating" the price of an Infinity G37 down from $33K to $29K with a high pressure sales jerk only to go home and find the car (yes, I checked the VIN) on Edmund's advertised for $27,900.

Shame on us for trusting a used car dealer to be honest.  And for not going in as informed consumers. And for not checking their YELP reviews first.  Oh yes, and for buying the sales men dinner because we actually felt bad that they were working so late to get us a good deal.  WOW.  If I didn't feel so stupid, this would almost be funny. No, I didn't get stuck with an overpriced car, and I'll just chalk this up as a valuable learning experience!

Glen G. | 2011-06-11

You drive into the lot and all these guys are standing around (like the girls in Tijuana). Very uncomfortable. We went inside and met Mary Haile. She was very nice, very accommodating. My wife and she hit it off. We ultimately decided against a Nissan but Mary was a very pleasant experience. The sales manager was quite pushy. I guess there is a new law on the books; when you enter a car sales lot, it is against the law to leave empty-handed.

Din H. | 2011-05-11

This place is so bad I want to punch that asian General Manager in the face. and this is why..
The dealer wasn't so bad but it took me about 2 hours to bargain a used car down to a reasonable price since he had to "talk to his boss about it" every freakin 5 minutes. Although the final price was still a bit higher than what i expected, the dealer and i finally agreed to a price after he talked to the manager which had approved the price. After having to fill out all the information to make the final purchase, they told me to wait about 20 minutes to get the DMV papers done. I was hungry and tired from waiting there for so long. Finally the dealer comes back and i'm happy that this was all going to be over. THEN, he tells me that the manager doesn't want to sell me the car. WHO DOES THAT?!
Waste of my time and anger. Worse car buying experience ever.
Ended up buying the same car at the Mazda dealership right next door for a lower price and lower mileage on the car.

Jenn L. | 2011-04-03

My husband went there to look at an suv to purchase.  He spoke to the salesperson on the phone before leaving work from Redwood City. He discussed what price he was looking to spend at most on this suv and how much he would be putting as a down payment.  The guy said he would make it work.  When he got down there, he test drove the car, went to work out the paperwork & the sales guy couldn't even come close to the price.  Wasted 2 1/2 hours for nothing.  He should've been honest on the phone that he would not be able to sell at the price we wanted. (Dublin Nissan was honest on the phone & didn't waste our time).  If we could rate zero stars we would.

SITANSHU G. | 2011-03-27

One awful lot of salespersons at this dealership. We went just to test drive a Murano, made it clear we that we wont be purchasing a car the same day. They made us sit for a trade-in appraisal, and then act as if I had promised that I would buy the car.

C N. | 2011-02-28

Well the yelp reviews immediately turned me off to this place, but I wanted a specific Nissan and they were the only ones that had it at the time. I purchased my car from them on Sunday.

The cons: The sales team are sharks. They play good cop bad cop and you will deal with multiple people during the two or more hours you are there. This was the first experience I have had buying a car and there were several times I almost walked out because I was uncomfortable and felt pressured. However, I came armed with my big brother who has purchased many cars (over 10 cars). He said the sales people were pushy but compared to others pretty nice.

The pros: They gave me a fair price on a great car, and in my opinion that is all that matter. Granted the price they first quoted me was unreasonable but I had done my research and knew what the car should cost. They were willing to work with what I could afford and honestly tried hard to get the price to where I was comfortable. In the end we came to an agreement that was satisfactory to both sides.  They also gave my brother and I plenty of time to ourselves to talk things over.

Once we'd shaken hands the process was a million times easier and I would suggest financing with them. The financing team was absolutely amazing and again very fair.

Overall 4 stars because they were way to pushy but in the end fair. My suggestion in prepared with what you want, ready to deal with pushy sales people and, mostly importantly, go with someone who has experience buying cars, you'll get a better deal and feel more comfortable.

Justin J. | 2011-02-21

Went to buy a car and had the worst experience ever. First off the Boss at this place is so rude and Not friendly . 2nd they do not negotiate with the customers well . This place needs to get new people for me to go back ...

Never go here this place SUCKS ..  I give these guys 0 STARS

Brandon K. | 2011-02-18

I've brought my car back here a couple times since my last review to get some regular services as well as cheap oil changes from the coupons they send me in the mail. I'm knocking them down another star for 2 reasons:
1. When they said I had a small leak in a radiator hose, they ordered a new part and told me to come back in a week. When I returned, they had ordered the wrong part, and I had to wait even longer.
2. How slow their courtesy shuttle wait is! After telling me at 8am that I was on their list to get shuttled back to my house (since the service was to be a couple hours anyways), here I am writing this review from their waiting area! It's been an hour, and people who have arrived after me are all being shuttled ahead of me. Not digging the way the rest of this dealership treats college students, I only keep coming back because I have a good service advisor.

christina t. | 2011-02-15

I am ONLY writing to say that Sono was a great guy. I ultimately didn't decide on a Nissan for my new car, however I was super impressed with the time and friendliness of Sono during my current shopping experience.

Mary R. | 2011-01-06

I went to this for my car's regular  maintenance.  For the 2nd time, since I won a Nissan maintenance raffle, the salesperson was just too excited that he has to flaunt it and show it to his other colleagues.  He said he hasn't seen anyone who won in the raffle.

Compared to other Nissan Center that I went to, the others are neater like in Santa Cruz and in San Diego.  There's something in this store which is quite funky like the door as there are some graffiti by intention.  Anyway, it is their kind of art but may not be my style of art.

I think the service is good.  I requested for what is needed and they gave exactly what it should be.  For this, I'll give them A-OK.

A K. | 2010-11-23

Totally agree with all reviews having 1 star and below. Very frustrating experience. Everyone in the service department is extremely not friendly. Will try Stevens Creek instead.

L A. | 2010-11-11

immediately stepping out of my car i can feel the sharks trying to make a kill, but luckily i wasn't there to purchase a car, just to replace my smart key. everyone was extremely courteous and helpful. especially the guy who helped me, Ira. i got there less than an hour before closing and he was nice enough to help me, given that the procedure was going to take more than an hour. all in all, a good experience. as far as car shopping, i remember going there initially to purchase my car over a year ago. i already new exactly which car i was going to get, but told the sales lady i would come back two days later so i could set up my financing with my credit union. come back two days later, she sold the car the night before! luckily, i had a back up, and hopped back on Capitol to Beshoff Infinitti. it was nice that she told me to tell Beshoff to negotiate the price lower based on the initial car i was going to get, saying that the car was still showing in their system. after telling Beshoff that, they came back saying there was no car comparable because it was already sold! i looked like a snake haha!

Vanessa G. | 2010-11-04

My purchasing experience was traumatizing.  The manager fulfilled the negative stereotypes of car salesmen.  

The only reason I gave them 3 stars is because of the customer service I receive getting my tune ups.  Melanie has been friendly and informative.  Interactions with her has made up for my initial impressions of this place.

Nate O. | 2010-09-23

Do not shop here. I purchased a used truck from these guys and received the worst service I have ever experienced. I had new tires replaced on the truck on the day I bought the truck. 8 months later I had a tire blow out and when I called to inquire about the warranty on the tire I was told by the manager that they will not warranty the tire for me. His exact words were "why should warranty your tire, you drove on it not me". I cannot believe they are even in business. To top it off when I questioned the manager about why they would not warranty this he hung up on me.

Chris C. | 2010-09-13

very rude service, ready to be hassled if you're buying a new or used vehicle here, avoid them like a plague

E M. | 2010-08-18

I wish yelp would offer the chance to rate a place zero stars or at least half of one. I came in just to buy a gas cap and they had me wAit.. When I was finally helped, the girl who rang me up was completely rude. I asked her how it was going and she totally ignored me and had a nasty look on her face the whole time.  I felt like saying "Hey it's not my fault ur stuck at a dead end job." This place has terrible customer service!

Xtine K. | 2010-07-26

After a less than pleasant experience at Stevens Creek Honda (salesman's idea of negotiating was to overpromise what he could do and, after I was ready to sign the contract, tell me he couldn't do that deal after all), I thought I'd test drive a Nissan Rogue instead since I wasn't all that enamored with the CR-V.

Was up until 2am researching the different crossovers and, the following morning, sent out requests for quotes from 4 different Nissan dealers through the Edmunds website.  The internet sales manager at Premier/Capitol Nissan, Wilson, was the only one who bothered to get back to me with an offer tailored to what I wanted, even though I indicated I was in the market to buy within the next 24 hours.  

Wilson, as another poster mentioned, didn't try to pressure me or talk me into crap I didn't need.  I told him what features I was looking for, he had the car ready when I arrived for a test drive, and he took his time pointing out all the car's features.  And, oddly enough, several times he said his only job was to make sure I ended up buying the car that was right for me....and if that turned out to be a Nissan Rogue, then that was great; if it wasn't this car, then that was okay, too.  So not what I was expecting from a car salesman.

Drove my Rogue home that day and didn't feel the need to rush and take a shower.

Luis A. | 2010-05-27

The service department on Capitol Nissan is terrible. I've been going there since 2002 and I also bough a car in this dealer.

When nissan worked on a problem I had with the engine manifold, the service forgot to attached the engine to the frame, we drove with the engine lose for a couple of days, only one bolt was holding it, until I realized what the problem was.

When nissan fixed my left front door window engine, the dealer broke the plastic clips of the door handle, and glue my door handle instead of replacing with a new one, after a few months it fell off.

Today I took the car to the dealer because my Nissan did not start, they charge me 140$ to check the car and also added a huge scratch on my back bumper from top/down. I got 140$ to check the problem, plus a free large scratch for 140$.

I had several minor service problems, with them. Like Nissan telling me that someone replaced the window whippers with non Nissan parts, when I was doing all my service with them. And I had to scream at them, that they where the ones that replaced the whispers, and tell them to correct their mistake.

Don't buy or service your car on this Nissan dealer, service quality is terrible, and I don't mean just the people, I mean the actual work. I have a ford for several years, and my service experience with ford capitol is much better.

E K. | 2010-05-23

My husband and I just bought a Nissan Maxima here and had a wonderful experience. Our salesman was Omar Z. He was such a nice guy and not pushy at all. They worked together as a team and gave us such a good deal that we couldn't resist. We will definitely be coming back here for our next car.

Ab Y. | 2010-04-11

A lot of bargain required last had a good buy.....still an ok place to buy.

phil c. | 2010-04-02

When I used to come here for service I would always get a loaner. This year for my 20k maintenance window I only got offered a shuttle ride but since they go one by one I would have to wait for hours, what a pos. If it wasn't for their coupons I would never come here, ever.

I used to get their promo emails/mailers too but somehow they changed my email address to and also changed my phone number to an incorrect one...bleh

Yara R. | 2010-03-31

I was very nervous about having to go car shopping. I'm a gal who does not like to be haggled or pressured by sales people or any people for that matter! I must say the experience was not bad after all. The car sales man who assisted me was Wilson and he was fantastic. He did not pressure me in any way and he seemed genuine, In sum he wasn't overly eager as other sales people are--you know when they start fibbing and making promises they can't keep. He was very helpful in answering all of my questions and showing me the ins & outs of all the gadgets on the car I bought. He even offered to pick me up from my home when it came time to pick up my car, I would absolutely return to Wilson for my next car purchase.

As for the staff member who processes the actual paperwork, I didn't find him very friendly and he would not accept "No" for an answer when I declined financing with their dealership. He kept asking "Why?" I don't owe anyone explanations not even my momma.

I can't speak as to the auto repair service, I haven't tried it yet.

Soraya A. | 2010-03-25

think of the most cheesey used car sales men... u will find your mental image here.  

Very fake, schmoozy, overly forward with question, scam "artists"..... I understand everyone is trying to make a buck... but please take into consideration that we are all people.

ESPECIALLY when your about to put down a lot of money on a poor investment.

so to put as kind as possible;BACK OFF....and do not pressure people.... it will make the sales cycle long and painful for both you and the customer.

Hannah A. | 2010-02-09

I WILL NEVER EVER EVER buy a car from this place again.  The sales guy LIED LIED LIED when I bought a used car.  He said he would remove the scratches on the car and that the car didn't have an alarm on it. WTF...The car HAD an alarm.  So I ended up financing the cost of an alarm I didn't need.  I even asked him to write it down on the contract that he would remove the scratches but he wouldn't saying that they would do it as a favor.  FAVOR MY ASS!!!  I got so screwed here.  I'm so bitter.  I wish I could give them a negative score.

sup b. | 2009-12-03

Avoid at all costs.

If you end up going here and are getting work done to your car, be sure to ask for your parts back for proof of work. Make sure the parts are actually yours, too. (You'd think they would be, right?)

No one at this place is on your side, don't be fooled; they'll milk you for every dollar you've got.

Kathy L. | 2009-10-26

This completely ridiculous place has the most amazing wait for an oil change. Well over 2 hours with an appointment. I hope this place closes down because this place should not be open in this economy with their poor level of service, lack of respect for their customers, and rude staff - their receptionist, the old parts guy that can't even acknowledge that you are standing in front of him alive that speaks to you with extremely disrespect, and the service reps that cannot get their act together. I purchased my 07 Altima 2 years ago from Capitol Nissan and took it there for all my servicing. However, since the change to Premier Nissan, I've taken my business elsewhere.

Eddie k. | 2009-09-06

I would give them 0 stars if possible. I will never buy a Nissan because of this place.

Richard Y. | 2009-08-12

As a wholesale purchaser, I'm no longer buying parts from them..  The last parts guy was a royal pain.  If you got anger issues... you probably shouldn't be in a customer service type of positon... May I suggest mixed martial arts to vent your anger instead of on customers.  
I'm going to Stevens Creek for all my purchases now.

Antonio D. | 2009-08-11

This place is the worst. I would think they are motivated  to sell cars, GUESS NOT. It was hot as hell Monday. 101 to be exact. I just came from working & wanted to see about the cash for clunker program. I pulled up & parked then walked around. The staff looked past me like I was invisible or as if i should have been sweeping the lot.  15 minutes went by so I went inside. The only sales person that looked at me was eating an ice cream & asked if I was looking for someone. Wow....By then I was blown away. I asked about the program & he didnt seem to interested in helping. He told me to go to Stevens Creek cuz they couldnt help me. DAM.....They really are a bunch of losers! STAY AWAY FROM THIS TRASH OPERATION!

C N. | 2009-07-22

Brought my car in for 90k service and was told my right motor mount was completed broken and needed to be changed asap. I never noticed any vibrations or clunking sounds so decided to get a second opinion from 2 other mechanics. Turns out my motor mounts are all fine and don't need to be replaced. Same service guy that almost ripped me off last time. Very dishonest at this place!

chris c. | 2009-06-05

This comments strictly targeting service dept. Brought in my car yesterday for service plus tire pressure light keeps coming back on.

When I purchased the car, the light was on in the first place and according to the mechanic, it's because lack of air. And was told that "whenever I have issue with the tire pressure, bring it back to Capitol and we'll take care of it" The service dept was full of SH*T!! They told me once I purchased the car, it's my responsibility to deal with it.

I just told the service rep to go FU*K himself!!

Andrew M. | 2009-06-03

I apologize for this extremely long review, but let me warn you...

Car salesmen here at Capitol Nissan do not work very hard to remove the stigma that they are the lowliest of the low of human economic society.  I dealt with 3 interesting characters while my girlfriend was looking for a new car.  

The first person, let's call him "alex", actually befriended us the couple of times we went there.  We asked the commission scavengers outside the dealership about who the AAA insurance representative was.  They led us to alex and at first  he appeared to be really friendly, easy going, the kind of guy you would want to deal with when looking to buy a car.  That is until we started the negotiations!  Did this guy not want us to buy a car at all?  During the negotiations, we gave him our final offer (including tax and registration).   He said he had to talk to his "director" who we can call "manny".  Manny came in, agreed to the price, shook on it and left.  At that moment we believed everything was all good and negotiations were over.  Alex ignored our wishes and insisted the offer did not include the sales tax and registration.  We could not come to an agreement so in frustration we left.

We called AAA and discovered Alex is not an authorized AAA representative.  We did further investigation and it turned out Alex and Manny (aka Director) were simply internet sales managers.  It says so on their business cards as well as on the e-mails.  Swine flu!

We ended up contacting the real AAA insurance rep at Capitol Nissan who we can call "rick".  Rick was good at following up.  We set up an appointment with him and he told us he would hide the car for us.  The day of our appointment we arrived on time only to find out that someone else had already purchased the car 15 minutes ago.  He then offered to sell us the same type of car from another dealership.  When that happens, you know some shady business is going on.  He brought us into his faux office (an office they ALL share) and immediately started processing the credit report forms.  We stopped him and insisted that we talk about price before we move forward.  Then he slaps us with a "this is our final offer no negotiations" ultimatum as if they're the only dealership swimming in money because they obviously don't need ours.  So we graciously get up and leave and he had the nerve say with such attitude, "oh, by the way this was my day off. I came in as a favor to you".  Wow, you can tell he was desperate for a sale. He must think he's someone special if he believes a guilt trip will make us purchase a car from him.

The act which the Capitol Nissan associates put on for us was extremely hilarious.  Alex:  What happened?  Rick:  I'm giving them this deal right here... Alex:  Oh that's a great deal...they won't take it?!  The acting was as bad as my elementary school plays.
We gave Rick our "take it or leave it offer" and he stubbornly said,  "you wouldn't be getting a better deal than what we're offering you right now."

The fact is we did get a better deal.  At Dirito Brothers Concord Nissan not only were we able to find another car with the exact spec preference, we received a free set of rims which was stickered at 3k.

Capitol Nissan sucks.

Cindy K. | 2009-05-04

oh hey.... check this out...
so 2 weeks ago, i try to pop my hood to help jump start a friend of mine... seriously, how many times do you pop the hood unless you're getting an oil change or ...jumping a friend?  right, right.  you get it.

so i try to pop my hood with the hood latch release... and, funny... it's inoperable now.  funny?!?!  it worked before i took it to capitol nissan.  when i got my car back from them, they didn't inform me it was inoperable.  hmmm?!?!?  it was only 2-3 weeks since i took it there and NOW it is broken.  

so i call capitol... and of course, they don't pick up the phone.  i leave a detailed message explaining my car, my name, the date i brought my car in, how i had a lot of trouble with them before, and now my hood latch is inoperable... and if it was inoperable then, nobody told me that.  so between then and now, it's not working.

AND OF COURSE, nobody called me back.

Michele N. | 2009-04-27

I could go on and on about all of the terrible experiences my husband and I both have had with Capital Nissan, and all of the times that the revolving door of service managers have profusely apologized and promised they were there to clean things up... BUT this time, I'm only going to go over the latest since it is so bad, I feel as though everyone should be warned.

I took my Altima in for an oil change and squeaky breaks near the end of 2008. I was told my front breaks needed "machining". I paid the cost and picked up my car in the evening (after the service dept was closed). To my surprise, I still heard squeaking. Several trips back in and a HUGE amount of money wasted later (new break pads on the back, new roters on the back, etc), I finally took it in one last time and was told that they did not hear squeaking and it must just be me (typical).

When I took it in again the last time, I just got an oil change. The only reason I went was because this is the only one close to me that's opened on the weekends. I was told about the "free courtesy inspection" they were so kind enough to give me, with an estimate of over 1K worth of work that MUST be done (AC hose busted, flushing required, you name it). But for some reason I couldn't trust leaving my car in their hands with such large work after the break fiasco. So I said no thanks and took my car to Sunnyvale Falore Nissan.

Low and behold, after a full bumper to bumper inspection I was told that my car was in MINT condition and needed no additional work! More specifically, they told me that it looked like my front breaks were never machined!!!! Capital Nissan took my money and didn't perform services. In addition, they continued to try to take more money from me! Thank goodness I didn't let them.

Needless to say, I'm getting my paperwork together to make an official complaint. Step two after my first and most important step which is warning as many people as possible about what crooks they are!

Joseph S. | 2009-01-19

I bought my Maxima here 3 yrs ago, signed a 7 year extended warranty since the original Nissan warranty suxs big time. Took my car in for service for the first time in 3 yrs after 30,000 miles (I rarely use this car) for:
1) The power outlet near the driver seat doesn't work anymore.
2) Cruse control doesn't' work anymore
3) The back limber doesn't work anymore.
I took it in and the service people Doc was very nice, but they charged me $75 because the power outlet was caused by plugging the 3rd party charger too hard that caused the shortage. Fine, although I used the same connector on my 2001 Mazda protege and it had no problem.
He said to fix the other two problem, they need to order a part. a week later, I went in, got the part replaced (had a rental for the day), however, that didn't fix the problem, have to wait for another week to come back.
Came back a week later, this time I had the "pleasure" to work Sean Ghodoosian who is the assistant service director. My first two service reps are very friendly and down to earth. This guy just strikes me as a stereotype of the used car salesman. He made it even worst by asking me some very dumb questions.

After we sit down, he looked at his computer and pulled up my account, first thing he asked, did you buy the car used? I said no, I bought it here brand new. Should you know that from my record? He said because you missed all of my services, I said I get my services from other places.  Strike 1

Then I asked for a rental, he said do you know that Nissan is going to stop offering those. I said that's interesting, but I wouldn't be here for the 2nd time if you didn't fix the problem the first time.  Strike 2

Then he took me to the rental office to pickup the car, he took a look at my car year and said oh, you bought the car in 2005, the warranty might not cover it, I said I have extended warranty. Strike 3

He walked away and after I got my car rental key, he came back and said oh, do you know you have $50 deductible, you have to pay $50 when I pickup my car. And you are out!

By this time, I'm already very annoyed.  All the information should be in the computer and he should know when I bought my car and what kind of warranty I have (the other two service manager didn't have problem with that info). Although I have no problem with the $50, I just don't like the idea telling me after I got everything. He really solidifies his sneaky used car salesman image.

This guy just get on my nerves,  I would avoid to work with him, the other two service managers, Doc and another older gentleman are very friendly and made me feel very comfortable, one of them even let me print out my insurance card from his system for my rental. But this guy, Sean Ghodoosian really ruins my previous experience with this dealership.

Don't work with Sean Ghodoosian, please avoid this guy. You will thank me later!

Susie O. | 2008-11-17

Ended up purchasing my car here after a harrowing experience at Falore Nissan. My salesman was very professional and friendly. I took away 2 stars for the fact that I had to wait at the dealership for 1.5 hrs for my car to be ready to be picked up even though it was "all ready to go," when I had called.

Regardless, I'd do business here again and recommend my friends and family.

Dennis C. | 2008-09-06

wow this place PWNS. sooo clean and fancy inside. theres a tv area with a nice couch and plasma on the wall. coffee and mocha machine, like any other dealership, but its still nice.

BUT the main reason this dealership got 5 stars from me was because the salesperson hooked us up with a rogue for JUST OVER INVOICE, OUT THE DOOR!! YEEEE. all we did was email him and gave us the invoice price with no bargaining at all cause he said it was easier that way haha. WOW you cant beat that customer service.

but they didnt have the color we wanted so he also got the one we wanted from like sacramento or something the next day. really nice salesperson and nice dealership.

Dang-Khoa H. | 2008-07-24

MAINTENANCE: I came here to get an oil change before for my Infiniti. Why you might ask? Because Infiniti makes Nissan... but still why? Because the G35 has the same engine as the 350Z. Since we got that out of the way... The oil change was much cheaper at Nissan than Infiniti for the same oil and oil filter. It actually took about 2 hours to get done. I shoulda just went to Infiniti since they give you a free rental for the day.

PARTS: The main guy here, pretty old guy, but very very smart with his Nissan/Datsun education. He's very informative and even has a fetish for the new GT-R.

SALES: I don't know :)

T C. | 2007-06-21

I first went to Capital Nissan to purchase a Pathfinder.  The Sales guy was overwhelmed trying to deal with 2+ customers and really didn't have time for me but it's his commission so he wouldn't allow the other guy with nothing to do handle the sale.  The guy tried pushing off an last year "new" model (2006) saying we would save way more and couldn't get the deal like that else where...He was rude and neglectful so I told him I would check around and come back if I couldn't get a better deal...I got a better deal at Gilroy and the sales guy was AWESOME!  and the Car was a year newer (2007) Now a year later I need some service on my car so I decided to give Capital Nissan another try: THEY ARE HORRIBLE the services woman that answered the phone was rude and I had to relay my information to her twice because she wasn't listening the first time I told her my make and model and the issues I was having with my car.  Capital Nissan has the lowest quality of people I have ever dealt with.  I'm not sure if they are trying to save a dime by hiring these ghetto, rude, and lazy people but I assure I will not be going there or using their services.  The Sunnyvale Service department-Nick was great.  He listened to the issues I was having with the car and got me in right away.  He was very customer friendly and helpful.  So if you are getting a Nissan or having to use Nissan for service GO TO GILROY or SUNNYVALE!!!! DONT WASTE YOUR TIME WITH CAPITAL NISSAN.

Vik S. | 2007-06-10

Saw the previous reviews...thought I'd chime in ...first non-food place to review...

Went there and bought a 07 Nissan Altima 2.5S....our salesmen met us at our car as we stepped out.  He was pretty knowledgeable, eerily candid on a variety of topics (Nuclear fission was discussed), and let me do what I wanted to do with the car during my test drive.  
The dealings in the sales office were pretty straight-forward.
I'm not a hagglin' sort of dude.....and I know what price I'm looking for BEFORE I go to the showroom...Like most people I suppose I just want to know that I'm not being roped into some bullshit extra money program, or have options hurled at me for no plausible reason.
Credit check was approved and I was presented with my choice of cheap Nissan baseball cap or insipid Nissan keychain.
My balding head requested the baseball cap - This one's gonna be reserved for oil-changes and other potentially messy situations.
Our Costco card discount, amounted to me getting the Altima's $1500 "Convenience Package Option" - ah well, I still spent the amount budgeting for a new car, so I was satisfied in that context.

So far so good.  I'm taking it in next month for my first oil change- which my salesperson assured me "is on the house"

****6/19/07 update****
A bit of a defect on my new Altima.  My pass. airbag sensor is bunk.  I took it in to the service center on a Saturday.  Dude told me that his tech's only do oil changes on Saturday's and I'd have to bring it back.
So I did, this time they confirmed that there's a problem and would call me when the part comes in.   No biggie but I wished they could have been a bit more proactive on my initial visit.  Now it'll take 3 trips to fix a minor issue.
During this stay, I also got the wax treatment on my car to help it stay lookin' good.  Had to bring my car back twice for this too, since on the initial Saturday visit their car wash called in sick for the day.
Knockin' off one star due to the repeated visits I've had to make.....


Phil C. | 2006-10-09

I did check this place out when I was buying my Murano, but ended up buying it from another dealer.  That part was okay.  Then there was some recall work that needed to be done, so I took it here since it is the closest one to my home.  The result was funny and slightly annoying.

I set it all up with my wife and work to get the work done on a Thursday morning, we do the whole car swap thing and then I go back to check the Murano in before I head to work.  Like anyone else, I would like to check it in and be on my way.

Unfortunately, the dude who helped was incredibly ironic, and clearly not super-educated, but not everyone can be, so I won't hold that against him.  However, since he was so clueless, I just have to rip on him.

We are sitting there getting the paperwork rolling when the phone rings.  There are at least two other people in his role there at the shop who could have answered the phone, so I am immediately chanting in my head, please don't pick up the phone, please don't pick up the phone!  I always thought that if you are with a customer in person, right in front of you, they should have priority, right?  We all know it never turns out that way.  Of course, he picks up the phone, and just my luck, it's an angry patron.  So he sits there and listens to her talk for 5 minutes while I sit there and twiddle my thumbs, wondering when I might get to work.  After assuring her that everything will be all right, he gets off the phone and starts telling me that the last few managers did not understand good customer service, and that he had been there 15 years, implying that he DID understand customer service!

Of course I was just about ready to either start laughing at his irony or punch him in the head.  But then he asks me my last name, which I tell him.  He then proceeds to hunt and peck it out on the keyboard, so then I start to realize, well, maybe this guy is just not very sharp.  After all, I did hear him say "Irregardless..." to the woman on the phone, which is always a red flag (you know, since irregardless is not actually a word...look it up...well, actually you can't, since it won't be in the dictionary, haha)

I finally got out of there and he did follow up and let me know that my car was ready for pick up.  I got it back with no trouble, and hopefully all is well.  It could have been worse, but it could have been a lot better.