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The Trusted Source for Pre-Owned Cars, New Cars, and Extended Warranties.

For 21 years, we've been serving the auto needs of individuals, new car dealers, and Fortune 500 companies. Awarded by Motor Magazine and recognized by Popular Mechanics, we specialize in selling quality used cars, new cars, and extended warranties.

In order to offer best car buying experience, we have partnered with AAA Car Care to provide a personal car buying service to AAA members and to our customers.  We serve our community through two branches. Personal Car Shopper is located in AAA Car Care facility  in Santa Clara and Advanced Results is in San Jose.

Personal Car Shopper is independent, licensed, and bonded California car dealer and auto broker. We're authorized to have access to the same sources where the big franchise dealerships routinely obtain their  auto inventory.
Due to our low overhead, we're able to pass our savings directly to you and  help you buy the most automobile for the the best price


Established in 1990.

Personal Car Shopper is proudly celebrating  21 Years of serving our community.

We continuously seek ways to improve our customer's experience and ways to grow.  We offer our services at two conveniently located branches. Personal Car Shopper is located in Santa Clara and Advanced Results Company is located in San Jose.

We have always remained true to our fundamental principle that have paved the way for our success, our commitment to our Customers.   We are looking forward to continue providing "service and value beyond compare"  for many more years to come.

Personal Car Shopper

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(408) 688-1400
Address:375-A Saratoga Ave., San Jose, CA, 95129

Reviews on Personal Car Shopper

Elad E. | 2015-04-25

Arkady thank you!

The service of Arkady was wonderful, he explained all the details with lots of patience and provided us with the best options for our needs.

Arkady secured us an excellent price, and a 48 month 0% loan with practically no credit history.

If time matters to you, if you want good trustworthy advice, Arkady is your man!

Amos S. | 2015-04-13

We just came to the US, completely new and Arkady was highly recommended to us by everyone.
I didn't even know what to start with when buying a car - looking for the best possible price, need to get financed (with no credit history) and get the right insurance.
Arkady just solves all of that, calmly, truthfully and kindly at the best possible price. You don't just buy a car - you get served, by an expert!
Arkady helped me obtain 2 cars, with lowest possible down payment, with 0% APR (again, with no credit history) and at the best price. I got the exact help I needed, no hassle and no worries.
Don't hesitate - you will get the best possible service from this guy, nothing like you would imagine, when you go buy a car in a new country.
Highly recommended!

Thank you Arkady :-)

Vince Z. | 2015-04-12

Arkady was REALLY helpful and not only to find the car.
He helped me to find an auto loan with a good rate and a good insurance too !
He advised me about the car (used or new) and take in consideration my situation.
I had nothing to do except to test the cars, to say yes or no and provide some documents for applications.

I'm based in the US since few months only and without him, I will lost lots of time and money.

Thank so much and I will definitely get back to you if I want a new car !!!

Yoni O. | 2015-02-08

I came completely confused.
Arkadi literally handholded me through the whole process.
Arkadi professionally laid out all the options: New, Pre-owned, Certified pre-owned.
Reviewed the pros / cons of each car and model.
and eventually helped me find the right match for me. The car that I want and can also afford .

most recommend.

Itshak A. | 2015-01-18

Arkady, my family would like to thank you for a Professional work, excellent service and wonderful price.
We bought two cars and never felt so excited during a purchase, wow!
It has been a wonderful experience, you made it so easy for us and we are greatly thankful.
You are our # 1 car service provider - keep on this excellent work!
The Afriat family.

Peli B. | 2014-12-09

If you want to save money and time when buying a car, go to Arkady @Personal Car Shopper!
I bought 2 cars with Arkady and had an excellent experience, very professional and not less important, pleasant and fun!
I'll definitely buy my next car from him and I highly recommend to use Arkady services.

Eugene Y. | 2014-11-16

Excellant experience buying a car from Arkady! I live in Orange County and bought a car from Personal Car Shopper. Arkady helped me every step, even picked me up at San Jose airport when I was there to get the car. Very sure we will buy our next car from him.

Lior H. | 2014-10-04

I just relocated to the U.S and "suprisingly" enough, 20 years of immaculate credit means zilch in the U.S. I shopped around at some dealerships on my own to see what kind of financing I can get. All I got was exteremely bad financing with effective APR ~15%. YIKES!!!
A friend referred me to Arkady from PersonalCarShopper and voula, 0% APR on 2 brand new cars.
Arakdy is extremely professional and personal. It took me a while to come to terms that he knows whats best for me better than me.
Thank you Arkady :-)
Excellet work!

Eddie P. | 2014-10-01

I bought two cars with Arkady's help.
His service was great!
He follow me in the entire proccesd and brough great prices.
I was really satisfied from the professional service and the good prices!

Lior R. | 2014-09-03

I have got to Arkadi through a couple of friends and it was probably one of the best recommendations I got since coming to the states. I have had an EXCELLENT experience very professional, time efficient and pleasant. It saved me a lot of time and money. I got new car with an amazing price, 0% APR with no credit history, nothing less than amazing. Highly recommended!

Eli L. | 2014-07-31

Arkady came highly recommended from every single person we solicited for help about buying a car. After calling Arkady up for the first time, he really understood what we wanted and as chance would have it, was able to locate a used car in mint condition that perfectly suited our needs in no time. And for a great price!
Arkady was very patient and thorough explaining the process and answering all of our questions, he is both trusting and 100% reliable. The transaction has been so pleasant I wish I could buy a car every day.
I will definitely recommend Arkady to whomever I can, I honestly cannot praise him enough. If you've gotten this far in my review - call him, you will not be disappointed.

Yoav A. | 2014-05-21

Arkady made the car shopping a positive experience. I wish I've used his services earlier. Highly recommended.

Zuri G. | 2014-05-14

We have purchased two cars (one new and one used) with Arcady's assistance and we couldn't be happier with our decision.
Arcady provides comprehensive concierge service which makes the car shopping experience pleasant, affordable and less risky.
Arcady helped us tailor the right cars to our needs and then went on to find the best conditioned and affordable vehicles to match our requirements.
Superb A to Z service!!!
Highly recommended

Oded H. | 2014-04-14

Arkady is a true professional and an expert in his field. I was referred to Arkady by a friend who used his service with great satisfaction. Arkady helped me buy two new cars in under 48 hours, he found me the cars I wanted and the best deal around. I had an exceptional service experience and highly recommend his services. Arkady saved me time and money. If you are in the market for a car, don't shop alone and make mistakes - ask Arkady to help you.

Hemanth R. | 2014-04-06

Hands down the best car shopping experience.  I don't typically write reviews on yelp, but felt compelled enough given the fantastic personal service from Arkady.  I purchased 2 brand new cars in the last 6 months with his help.  In each case Arkady tracked down exactly the car I was looking for (exterior, interior, options) - even if it was a hard find, and negotiated a great deal (well below other services).  All I had to do was test drive the car, sign the paper work and that was it.  Simple, efficient and a real pleasure.  I'm a busy professional so the service was much appreciated.  Arkady even helped with selling the old cars and recommendations on after sales service and maintenance options.  I would highly recommend Arkady for his services for any new or used car buyer.  Actually makes car buying a pleasurable experience.

Ilia F. | 2014-03-21

Best car shopping experience.
I've bought two cars with Arkady, one new and the other one 2 years old. Arkady brought me best deals on both. The new car I've got with 0% APR (and I have no credit history) and best possible price. The second hand car looks like a brand new one. Arkady really knows how to pick a car.
Don't think twice, get his help, worth every penny.

Itai O. | 2014-01-24

I have to admit that at the beginning i was very skeptic.
Arkadi was very confident and seems like he knew exactly what i wanted before i even said anything. I was doing my own research for a while and at the ends i found myself calling him again because i realized that everything he said suddenly became very clear and made total sense to me.  2 hours after i called i was already driving a new car without the endless hassle of price negotiation, without any hidden fees. everything was clear, fast and simple. he even helped me with my insurance.
I strongly recommend Arkadi as a trustworthy consultant to anyone that wants to buy a car.

Thank you Arkadi :-)

Tomer B. | 2014-01-18

I got my car with Personal Car Shopper and I couldn't be happier. Nice car, very reliable and they take care of all the tedious business with the DMV, just a great service. Thanks Arkady

Mark A. | 2014-01-11

This was the best experience I've ever had purchasing a car. Usually, I'm used to dealers being pushy and trying to close the deal by any means necessary.

That was NOT the case with personalcarshopper. Their sole goal is to get the car that you want at the best price possible. One thing to know is that they are in your corner, your happiness is their ultimate goal. They helped me determine what type of car would best suit me for my personal needs and price range.

Highly, highly recommended.

Steve H. | 2013-12-28

I was referred to Arkady by a close friend who did nothing but praise him for his great work and fantastic service.  Well, I am convinced that he didn't praise Arkady enough.  

We were in the market for a family minivan, and Arkady worked with me investigating multiple options and price points.  His ability to juggle all our requirements in his head, versus the options on the car we wanted was amazing.  But moreover, he was able to help us assess our needs, make the right compromises around features and price, then deliver the whole package in a easy, friendly manner.  He was even at the dealers with us at the time of purchase to make sure that we didn't get pressed into anything we didn't want.  

I now know how I am going to be buying all my cars in the future, and it will be with Arkady.  Car buying is usually never a pleasant experience, but he changed that perception for me.  If you are looking for Nordstrom-level service and making the best purchase possible, you want Arkady to help you buy your car.

Yaron D. | 2013-12-24

Personal car shopper is wonderful. I met with arkady multiple times while searching for a car and he was always patient helpful and attuned to my needs.  He showed me a few cars and took the time to answer my many questions while giving me more information. He even provided me with tips and guidance on the automotive market through the process and went above and beyond to help. I ultimately bought a 2nd hand infinity. Great condition and an amazing find...I'm loving it! If you're looking to buy a car I highly recommend personalcarshopper.

Yuval K. | 2013-12-23

I bought my car using Personal Car Shopper's services and I recommend everyone to contact them before getting a new car.
Since I am new the US I had no clue about all the procedures. Buying a car in the US is really different than in my country and Arkady spent a lot of time explaining everything to me.
He found a really great car in an amazing condition  - he mad sure I will get a pre-qualified car, with some factory warranty months left and in a really good price.
I came to Arkady since a lot of my friends from the bay area tech community bought their cards from him and they were all, like me, very pleased with his services.

Doug D. | 2013-12-13

I bought two cars, one new and one used here. I'm done. I will never get any car, new or used from anywhere other than Arkady.  The experience was personal, simple.  The price on my new car was better than anything else I found--even after I compared the national prices paid others were posting in user groups for my model. Same thing for a used car he got for me. He was a maniac about checking the condition and provenience of the ones he would even consider.  Price was better than anything I was seeing on Craigslist or Blue Book.  I've referred several friends there and they all had similar stories.

Rami S. | 2013-12-11

Arkady is the best decision i've made along the process of replacing my car. Unlike any other car dealer, Arkady's real mission was to make sure i will get the best value for my money, now and in the future when i will want to replace my car again. He demonstrated impressive experience and expertise and even when my conclusion was that the best thing for us was to buy a new car Arkady was able to cut a significantly better deal than what i would be able to cut had i done it on my own (and I know how to be a true hassler when i need to).
Bottom line - he's a "cut the crap" kind of a guy who will bring you the best value for your money without the hassle, and that includes his commission.

I have no doubt i will be using his services in the future.

Chen G. | 2013-10-18

I just purchased a Toyota Sienna 2014 with the help of Arkady. Arkady knows what he is doing, has a lot of knowledge, and apparently, after talking to him i found out that he had also helped a lot of my friends around here. Definitely makes it very easy to get a car around here.

I would recommend him any time. He managed to get us an excellent deal, and we're very happy with our recently purchased car.

Joy B. | 2013-09-28

The best car buying experience you can imagine. Arkady was great throughout the purchasing process and afterwards, making sure we got the best tires at the best prices (the used car we purchased from him was in great condition, but needed new tires), hasslefree. He arranged everything. He also made sure to hook us up with the local Mercedes Benz dealership so we would know some of the personnel in case any service was needed in the future. He personally drove us over there and introduced us to the staff. I have hardly ever recommended anybody on yelp (less than 5 companies for sure), but i have been impressed by Arkady's approach to helping us purchase our car. I am pretty sure you would be impressed as well.

Lucy H. | 2013-09-26

We have used Arkady a handful of times.  In my opinion, he specializes in luxury vehicles, so if you are looking for a "pre-owned" high end car, definitely use him.  However, we purchased a Honda Civic and Honda Odyssey through him.  Since the mark-up on those cars are lower and the depreciation less, the percent in savings that you get through him for a used regular car will not be as high as a high-end car.  Nevertheless, it's still slightly cheaper and you get the great customer service.  Arkady usually has a couple of cars on hand but we normally give him the specs and he will go to auction for you.  Beats going to the used lots.  

Also a couple of tips...
Arkady provides a lot of the dealerships on Stevens Creek with their used cars so going through Arkady will save you the middle man's fee.  And if your used car only comes with one key and you need another copied or made (which can be expensive since keys come with the chips now), bring Arkady with you to the dealer.  This way, you get the Arkady price rather than the list price.

Alissa R. | 2013-07-12

Arkady @ Personal Car Shopper is the best car expert I have ever worked with.  I have lived in SF for the past 4 years and never needed a car.  Then I decided to switch neighborhoods and get one to commute to Mountain View.  Fortunately, my colleague referred me to Arkady.  At first, I thought... this is a bit ridiculous.  Me?  Get a personal car shopper?  Sounds so expensive and unnecessary.  Wait until my family gets a load of that.  I can just see them rolling their eyes now... BEST thing I ever did!

I didn't have too much time on deciding to get a car.  All I knew is that when in CA, I wanted a convertible.  I started looking at Volkswagen Eos and hardtops in general before contacting Arkady.  Then my friend went through him, had a great experience and I decided... what the heck?  Can't hurt.  

Called Arkady... told him that I was looking for a convertible and he already had one in mind.  Just bought a BMW 135i (blue with black top) and had it on hand.  I was like - woah, not what I was thinking about... but he said it was a beautiful car, really great condition and I'd need to check it out at the very least.  If I don't like it, no problem!  He'd help me get another car either way.

Long story short, I loved the car.  From the call to actually purchasing the car, I believe it was 2.5 wks max, even with getting a loan and then driving it off the lot.  Arkady made everything easy, took the car to the dealership to fix things that I didn't even know needed fixing (adjustments to the windows, convertible top, etc).  He gave recommendations on loans and was always available on the phone whenever I had a question during the process.

It doesn't stop there.  I purchased the car over a year ago.  I've still been in contact with Arkady on advice for repair, etc.  He's very generous with his time and knows pretty much everything about cars.  I've referred a couple other colleagues that have also purchased cars from Arkady and had a great experience as well.

He's honest, knows a ton about cars and what you should purchase and is just an all around stand up guy.  You can trust that he's trying to get you the best deal and not pulling the wool over your eyes.  

Save your time and go to Arkady!  It will be worth it.  Good luck on your car search!

y t. | 2013-04-09

Very much satisfied - Dependable, personable shopping experience, and great follow-through

My colleague recommended me Personal Car Shopper (his friend had great experience), so I decided to entrust my car shopping on them after a few months of car hunt on my own. I had already spent a few months going to dealerships and test-driven a variety of cars, so I already knew which car I'd like.

I went to the website and filled out the info on the "Find My Car" page. Later that day, I received a call from the owner, Arkady, and we spoke about the car I was looking for, how soon I was looking to buy, etc. Then Arkady went to his hunting mode, and would give me an update when he would find potential matches.

The search took some time, because Arkady made sure he would find the best car matching my ask (which was not small for the budget I proposed). He has access to the info that the general public like me would not have - for example, I would send him a few finds from with clean Carfax records, but these cars wouldn't look good to him and he'd explain to me why. The photos and records on such sites looked nice, but I had to trust him on this one as he is the expert in this business.

After about one month, a potential match appeared on his radar, and everything went very fast from there. It was a car that would go on auction in LA on the following day, so he and I got on the same page and I expressed my interest in going after it. His guy in SoCal went for an appraisal, and Arkady disclosed the photos and detailed info/records on the car that showed the grade of the car. He explained to me why this car was great by showing me the records of other cars of the same model but with lower grades. He confirmed the max I'd pay, and told me he'd call me back after the auction on the next day.

So then the auction happened (it was a hot bidding session), he helped to arrange the shipping to NorCal and detailing, and we met at his office to go over the car. He was thorough in explaining to me about the car and the break-down of the final price. While we were working on the paperwork, we were chatting and he gave me a lot of helpful insight and advice on car shopping experience in general.

In closing, he informed me he could also help with anything that had to do with the car, from maintenance and getting additional parts, to getting extended warranty down the road. I will also need to sell my current car, which he could also help me with.

I felt very well covered during the course of this car buying experience, and do feel at ease thanks to his follow-through. I would definitely work with him on any future needs, and recommend him to anyone who may be in a situation like mine.

Ann V. | 2013-02-11

Last year, we purchased our pre-owned BMW from Arkady and we're very happy with our car.
It was by far the best car purchasing experience ever.
Arkady is very knowledgeable, honest. He even showed us the Blue Book Value for the car and explained how he got to his price.
He has a lot of experience and he answered all the questions we had.
We will definitely go back to Arkady for our next car purchase!

Yaniv T. | 2013-01-28

I bought from Arkady @ Personal Car Shopper two cars - one which was pre-owned and a brand new one. Both cars are beautiful - the pre-owned came literally in mint condition and with a very high grade - the great thing with PCS is their experience with both evaluating high-quality pre-owned cars as well as purchasing them in a whole sale. Also, with new cars their relationship with the dealers get you better quotes than anywhere else. A pure win-win model, which takes the stress completely out of the process and get you a great car in a great price. 3 of my friends have also bought via Personal Car Shopper and I'm sure we will all be glad to give real recommendation if asked for. Buy with confidence!

Douglas K. | 2011-09-15

My recent car purchase of a Lexus LS 460 was the best car buying experience ever.  You give the details of what you want to Arkady, he's the owner, and he does the rest.  Arkady has been in the car business for years and he knows cars from all aspects.  In our case, we were looking for a used model.  Within a few weeks, he called to tell us he found the car that we wanted......low miles, excellent interior and exterior condition and all the other details that we never considered that goes into purchasing a pre-owned vehicle.  Without even seeing the car, we said yes to the purchase.  We trusted his judgement.  When it was time to pick up the car and actually see it for the first time, we were totally estatic with what we bought.  The bottom line is that you trust Arkady to find a good quality purchase.  You get a fair price without all the hassles of working with dealership.  Thanks Arkady for your service.