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Pep Boys

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(408) 246-8090
Address:3780 Stevens Creek Blvd, San Jose, CA, 95117
  • Monday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Sunday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm

Reviews on Pep Boys

ed m. | 2015-04-23

Update: I had no choice but to go here again due to my project car needing a bunch of little things replaced. I gotta say WOW, not sure what happened but this place has been completely revamped and the staff is awesome (special thanks to Janet- she's always quick to help).  I've been thee at least 3 times in the last 2 weeks and they have taken  care of me. Its not often I see a business make such a big improvement in customer service, but Pep Boys has definitely figured out some formula to make things right. It's mainly the staff, they are extremely friendly and helpful. Makes all the difference in the world.

Michelle Janet E. | 2015-04-13

If I could give them 0 stars, I would.

We were waiting for 30 minutes, and no one still helped us. We asked someone, they said "oh okay, let me get someone for you". 30 minutes later, no one.

Absolutely horrible customer service!

If you can wait an hour for an acknowledgement, and another 3 hours for actual help, go for it.

They can't even welcome customers. Ridiculous.

Jona N. | 2015-04-08

This takes the pep out of my step...

Customer service does not seem to exist here, so if you need help with anything...good luck.  

When I walked into Pep Boys there were four employees visible but none of them greeted me or asked if I had any questions.  I found what I needed by myself and had to wait at the register because the clerk and another co-worker were chatting about personal matters.  I'm all about being social at work, but they could have at least put the conversation on hold for one minute to make a sale.  

I have also come here to have "maintenance" done on my car and I do not feel like I received the best results for the "lowest" price.  Things like diagnostics, tire rotations, etc. are pretty standard, but they always seem to come with a catch at this location.  For example, after I went in for a diagnostic and paid for the repairs that were "needed" I received coupons in the mail for something like 20% off of the SAME repair I had just purchased a few days prior.  I felt ripped off and insulted, and I don't believe anyone appreciates having spam sent to their address.  

Only come here if you need to pick up something minor, otherwise you'll end up with a major headache.

Jeanette B. | 2015-04-03

the old bait and switch. went in for the buy 3 get 1 free tire deal happened to me twice. they don't have the tires in stock so they offer other tires for more money. had them order the deal tires waited for them to come in called to install on my car they said they were sold to someone else they LOST MY BUSINESS.

Aria V. | 2015-03-19

This place was super fast and helpful when my tire had some issues today. I was being super indecisive and their team was nothing but patience. I truly had a great experience, Tony and Alfredo were the 2 I primarily dealt with. They were awesome, and I will recommend for  people to come here !

jose g. | 2015-03-09

This place is a joke they offered a oil change for $20 so i go . the parking lot empty 2 cars in bay 3 guys standing around doing nothing. I go into store 2 guy cashiers talking its slow in store. So i go get my meguiars wax. then i notice 2 employees a  mexican man and a black man at service . i walk up the black guys on phone so i ask the mexican guy if i can get a $20 oil change i saw add on tv he says what kind of car i say 2011 scion xb. He says oh no your vehicles requires a $69.99 oil change full syn. Oil.and i need to make a appt. lol there no one in store or parking lot. Its 8:30am. i call dealer it takes regular oil this guy needs to be fired or sent home and think about his job. i will go back and get his name to edit my post. If you dont want to do your job go home.

Lupe L. | 2015-03-08

Carlos was awesome! He worked with us and was very helpful. He advised us to come in Sunday @9am instead of Saturday(the wait was 2 hours) so we came back Sunday. The wait was still 1 hour 30 minutes, but it was great service regardless. This place gets busy!!! Come early for sure!

Jessica S. | 2015-03-03

Disgusted. Overcharged and told the wrong wait time resulting in a wait 2 hours OVER the estimated time. Very disappointed. Will not come back

Elliot T. | 2015-02-25

Tony provided excellent service for my tire replacement. He explained all my options and provided a great recommendation. Quick and reasonably priced!

sadija m. | 2015-02-21

Gave this place the benefit of the doubt before I went back. Agree with overall comments of rude to bad customer service. Carlos is still there but if your fortunate enough to get one of the young ladies you will be pleasantly surprised. Got out with a free tire rotation in less than an hour. Yes I was there at opening but was surprised not the less. Best part is if your a pep boys member doesn't matter where the tires were installed you get a free rotation :) Observation during my wait...They could just use a lesson in kindergarten manners and apply common sense in people that walk thru the doors of the store. They acknowledge some and not others as well as the rules not to walk thru the shop. I was told to go out and around the store when others were escorted.  Overall room for improvement but stepped it up from the last time.

John S. | 2015-02-15

A few years back I went to get my brakes worked on I got there before the store open I was the first one in line of the door for quite some time when the door open we all went in the back to the service area I was first at the counter I believe the manager of the service department look at the guy in the back of the line and said I'll help you first since I talk to you in the back parking lot that is BS they lost my business forever that is the rudest thing that ever happened I rather pay more money after they looked at my brakes they would not warranty after6 months brake shoes were bald and I never complain about them breaking to lug nuts it's not worth it going there there is much better places with real mechanics and I believe it might have been 2009 so if they're looking to fire the manager about that time I'm just letting you know now because I just join Yelp not too long ago and it all true I'm not making this up like some people just trying to get back at somebody  and I noticed you got 4 stars for being helpful with a battery everywhere they sell batteries they help you get your battery out of the car if you need help you just have to ask

T G. | 2015-01-28

My husband went in a week ago to purchase a toolbox for the back of his truck. He was extremely impressed with the level of customer service he received. He said the service clerk Jamie really went the extra mile. Thanks so much for your great service!

James G. | 2015-01-20

Come here if you want to pay a lot of money, to have everything done wrong, and to wait a long time. Don't bring a car you care about here unless you actually want it to get destroyed. No one here knows anything and 5 guys will make the same mistake until you catch it showing they are all frauds. You'd be better off taking it to a mechanic who's actually not a mechanic but a pastry chef. The pastry chef would probably do more knowledgeable, quality work than these guys. Holy mother of God.

Antonio T. | 2015-01-18

Phil is A number 1....If I go to a restaurant and it has the best food but terrible service I will never go there again. Having said that, the only reason I go to Pepboys is convenience. It's 2 min from my apartment. But one person has changed my mind. Phil went  above and beyond his job and helped me get my truck running. Kudos to Phil I can't thank him enough.

Debbie C. | 2015-01-12

Such a rip off! I went here describing the issue I had with my car to pep boys and after "checking" it, Carlos went on telling me what was wrong with it, but it wasn't even the actual issue that the car had. I was charged almost $400 for something that didn't even fix the issue. And what is worse is that they didn't notice the actual problem in which later that night I had to get my car  towed to a different shop. I later went back and got partial refund, but that is no excuse for the horrible service !

Mango T. | 2015-01-09

People who work here are so rude!  They don't care that you're waiting for help.  Every single time that I'm here, I have to stand in line for at least 10 minutes before they even acknowledge me.  I came here to get my check engine light looked at and last time, they reluctantly did it for me but this time, I was told to wait over an hour.  Okay, I get that you're busy and I'm perfectly fine with that but to be a complete d-bag in your response was totally uncalled for.  It's not like I'm one of those difficult customers!

I've done business at a Pep Boys before, especially this location, but I'm no longer coming to this location nor will I be going to Pep Boys in the future.  If you want your car fixed, go to a real mechanic.  If you want auto parts, go to an O'Reilly's or an AutoZone instead.

Seth C. | 2015-01-08

PEPBOYS - Rip City!  I bought a new BOSS audio / video in dash system for my car at Pep Boys on Stevens Creek in San Jose, California. I had to pay extra for the installation KIT, which they claimed was necessary for a proper installation, and which they never used.

When they completed the installation the video didn't work and I couldn't get any radio stations.  Of course there was no manager available so I called their customer service line and made my first complaint.

An assistant store manager told me that the video didn't work because it was against the law and they could do nothing for me. So I called the Santa Clara County District Attorney's Consumer Affairs office and asked if I had grounds for a complaint. The rep suggested I speak with the manager and if I got no resolution I should file an official complaint.  She also asked me to call back and let her know.

When store manager returned from lunch and finally met with me, he was belligerent and refused to make it right.

When I mentioned the D. A. he refunded the installation money and told me to go elsewhere.  Later that day, after the unit slid out of the dash, I demanded and received the money I had paid for the installation kit they had never used.  Manny, Moe, Jack and all the corporate managers have refused to accept or return my calls.

Perhaps I will file a complaint with the D. A. and see whete it goes.

BTW, I can't control the star rating but I give them a MINUS 5 STAR RATING!
Seth Christopher
Campbell,  Ca

Jesse L. | 2015-01-07

Unhappy with what I feel was a total bait and switch with PepBoys on a simple oil change. Chose the Mobil1 Synthetic oil change service package, got charged for it, but got Castrol and the technician tried to blame it on me as I made the appointment online. I know what I chose, it was on the appointment slip it printed out. Got charged for a service I didn't get,  then got my tires criticized as being too poor to rotate so I even missed on on that portion of the service!! Never going back, recommend against anyone going for service. Horrible. $90 for a synthetic oil change and that was with a $20 off coupon!!! NEVER AGAIN.

Bryan M. | 2015-01-06

Arrived at 11 on Tuesday to get my tire changed. It's 3:05 now and I'm still here waiting. 4 hours to change a tire? And on top of that, even after showing them a receipt that the tire has a warranty, they still insist that it doesn't. Seriously, avoid this place if you can. Waste of time and money.

John S. | 2014-12-23

Their customer service is very bad. I dropped my car on Dec 22 for service and they told that they will be able to check it only on Jan 3rd which is different from what they promised. Also the guy named francisco told that I can take my car to anywhere else if I need to get repaired quickly. Seems like he is arrogant and lacks the professional customer support. Also the guy is not clear with the actual problem and told me to either replace the engine or the cylinder valve. There is a great difference in both prices. So stay away from this store.

Liquid T. | 2014-12-18

I am only reviewing the service department.

I went in with a 2000 Ford Truck that has a squeaky belt, the problem was a broken belt tensioner that needed replacing. For an experienced mechanic this is a 15-30 minute job. It took them 3 hours to just diagnose the problem, which I told them what the problem was when I took it in! So I guess it took 3 hours to find the proper replacement parts.

They tried to charge me $572.33 for the parts and labor. The parts were only $137.91 so this meant I would be paying $398.42 for the labor.
They wanted to remove the fan to make room to replace the tensioner and belt, and charge me $117.80 for the labor to do it. Just to temporarily remove the fan.
They also wanted another $91.59 to replace my engine coolant which they claimed had rust in it; I did not come in for an engine diagnostic I came in for a very specific issue that has nothing to do with coolant.

They were very polite but they have a system designed to deceive you about the prices, and overcharge you for as much as they can.
The only upside of my visit is that I declined their service and they did not charge me for the inspection, that was good.

I went to a local mechanic shop which charged me $80 for the labor and had it done in 15 minutes.
Here is a comparison of what I was quoted vs what I actually paid only a block away from this pep boys (am not naming places because I do not believe that matters):

pep boys quote:
$324.68 - Alternator drive belt package (Belt + Labor)
$117.80 - Remove and replace the fan (Labor)
$34.72  - Pulley
$95.13  - Tensioner
== Total for just what I need: $572.33
$91.59  - Repalce engine coolant
== Total quote: $663.92 (pre-tax)

Actually paid:
$54.99 - Tensioner
$47.93 - Pulley
$34.99 - Belt
$80.00 - Labor
== Total: $217.91 (after tax)

This is unacceptable, I will never return.

David J. | 2014-12-16

I like these guys, straight forward auto parts and repair shop.  I now drive a commuter car and love taking it here for routine service.  I signed up for their rewards card and get deals in mail or online.  They track my service online and reward me with points with each purchase, which is kinda fun.  

I forgot the manager's name, I think it was Anthony as another writes, but him and his staff were friendly and professional.  I go into these places on guard, ready to hear the my 'tire air needs changing, it's a safety hazard."   But they did what they said and charged what I thought.  They texted me when ready for pickup, but now they have a waiting area.  4/5 only because I'm a tough grader and still shop around to make sure.

Dave R. | 2014-12-15

absolutely horrible customer service. They are all, (with the exception of one) very rude and seem to not know much about cars. Came in to get my headlights adjusted which they said they would do when I called, but once I showed up they flat out refused without any logical reason. I will never come here again, and I will also tell everyone I know not to either. A final word of advice. HIRE COMPETANT, FRIENDLY, AND KNOWLEDGEABLE WORKERS. thanks


L P. | 2014-11-23

I was recently in Pep Boys with my son to have a couple tires installed and an oil change. I was greeted by Tony who was very polite and professional. He has the nicest demeanor and walked us through tire selections and provided nice advice. I would say Tony is a great person to have working with the public as he is knowledgeable but posseses great people skills. I trusted him to not rip me off. On our exit and checking out we had Carlos who was another very helpful, friendly and competent representative. He helped my son and I pick out brake fluid and even helped us locate what and how to add it to our car. It may not seem like much but it's the little things that matter the most when it comes to good customer service. Carlos enjoyed helping us as did Tony and it showed. These employees should be rewarded and commended because good customer service is hard to come by.
Thank you!

Hank A. | 2014-11-11

I tried to order a simple exhaust gasket from these guys, it should have been here a week ago.  Every time I call they have no idea what is going on,  the staff here are unhelpful and borderline retarded.

I will never be shopping at Pep Boys again, there are so many better options in the area.  O'Rileys got me the part in one day.

Miranda B. | 2014-10-29

Al hail the Ginger Hero! Found the lights I needed and showed me how to install them whilst a steady stream of courtesy and wit danced fluidly from his tongue.  Hail, hail Ser Ginger, defender of customer service through the land!

Nejla R. | 2014-10-12

DONT TAKE YOUR CAR TO PEP BOYS!!! They will take your money and scam you.
If I could give this place zero stars I would!!

I took my car there for an inspection because I had problems with my alignment. While I was waiting in the lobby they took apart my car... I'm not an expert on cars but if there's a problem with the suspension and alignment there is no need to take apart my car...all you need to do is lift the car up and look for the problem underneath it.

Anyway, I decided to go with pep boys so the next day I took my car there to get my suspension taken care of, as well as removing and replacing upper/lower control arm and the rear upper/lower control arm.

At first they tried charging us $1,270 and we said that was out of our budget and that we would just take my car elsewhere. We were able to negotiate with them so they ended up charging us $ what a difference!

They had my car for a few hours, I came to pick it up, they took our money and I drove my car home...things seemed fine.

I get back into my car 2 hours later and my car won't start!!! Keep in mind my car has NEVER not started!!

So we call pep boys and let them know what happened and they say "you can come here and get a diagnosis for $90 and it could take up to two days to figure out the problem" umm I'm sorry what?!?!

1) I can't just keep dropping my car off and leaving it, I have places to be I NEED my car.

2) Considering the fact my car has never not started before, shouldn't you check the problem for free since you messed with my car last??

Moral of story they just want to rip you off and take your money by messing with your car and causing even MORE problems!!!

I know that they are the reason my car isn't starting right now.


Sean S. | 2014-10-01

Had an appointment for an oil change at 3pm.  At 4:30, the car is still up in the lift and work is still not complete.  Will not be using Pep Boys again.

Matt F. | 2014-09-20

All but like 2 people working here are morons and are lazy and don't want to help you unless they have to. Tried to fill nitrous, got the run around, until one employee who works in the mechanic shop section of the store stepped up to help me. The rest are lazy and too scared to fill nitrous. If you work at a store that fills nitrous, you should learn. Not just say no, we can't fill because the guy who fills has the day off. Total bs. Thanks Milton, you are the only one with a brain who works here!

Dennis A. | 2014-09-02

Very dissapointed with their customer service. Came in to get tire rotation which comes free with their rewards card. Specifically, ask them to put two tires on the same axle. They even drew it out on the work order. When they said it was complete (3 hrs later), I ask them if it was done the way I requested. They went back to the garage and confirmed it was done. As I was driving, I decided to pull over and check. And It was still the they didint even do a rotation. So when I came right back to the store to talk the Assitant manager, David. He called over Fransisco. And they said they would bring it in right away. Talked to Carlos and Tony who actually were the ones who checked me in fron the beggining. Out of all those people....there was just alot of talk of what happened was miscommunication with the staff...and not one person even apologized. They said they would take my car in right now...I waited 10 mins....still in parking lot. So, just ended up getting my key and bounced out of there.


Paul M. | 2014-08-24

Fast, clean, stays open late

Tony W. | 2014-08-23

Attention to the customers who have bought car batteries from the store and were charged $15 for the recycle fee (core item):

According to the store employees, their system shouldn't put tax on the core item when the battery is purchased; so that when the customer brings the old battery back, they can easily do a refund for you.

This is not the case (at least for me). The store WILL charge you tax on that $15 (so $16.31); and when you bring your old battery back, they will only return you $15; unless you spend 20 minutes to "work with" two pepboys employees and one manager and help them to do the math.

It's not that I care about the tax on $15, it is about the store is not being honest, and the employees there have a really bad attitude when handling issues like this. At the end, the employees and the manager didn't even apologize, not even a single word.

I was shocked to know people who work there have issues when calculating taxes, and they get angry when you politely point out they are wrong.

Amanda L. | 2014-08-22

I came in today with dead battery and a lot of stress. Anthony was super helpful. He brought out the very heavy replacement battery out to our car while I had some free coffee. He even double checked the charges to make sure I wasn't overcharged.

It's the little things like this that make getting back on the road a whole lot easier. Thanks again!

Teresa L. | 2014-08-18

Update to the update: two weeks after they replaced the bulb, it went out again!  Unbelievable.  Went back for a third time.
Service Manager Francisco was very apologetic and had it replaced within 15 minutes.
He assured me that he had the tech wear gloves, since sometimes oil from your hands can get on the glass bulb, causing it to burn or crack when the bulb heats up.  I had discovered this fact within 5 minutes on the internet just shopping for bulbs; why is this not standard practice for the technicians when installing bulbs?  It would have saved an unnecessary trip.

It would be 2 or 2.5 stars for the overall experience, but I'll give 3 stars for their effort and willingness to set things right.

Lisa J. | 2014-08-09

These guys did a great job with my little car.  I work long hours so I rarely get a chance to get my car worked on, but they were open on the weekend and I was even able to get in on a Sunday, when they were in the middle of a car show, and they got me in and out quickly and for a reasonable price.

I brought my car back in a little later once they got shipped the part my car needed.  They were really helpful and friendly and my car works great now.

M. J M. | 2014-08-01

Great parking & the new design looks great for customers that are in a rush to find what they looking for ...
good prices ... very happy with customer service

Juan C. | 2014-07-07

This place sucks! Customer service is awful! Made me wait for 1 and 1/2 hours for a tire patch. Do not recommend this place is you are in a hurry!

Jonamir Ian C. V. | 2014-06-30

I love Pep Boys. They have always been there to help me out, especially when my old Altima runs into unexpected issues! The rewards program is also worth signing up for (I saved $20 on my recent visit).

Purchased a battery here with great advice from the store employees. She was really nice and offered recommendations for models that lasted long and didn't break the bank. I was able to find the right battery using their computer systems in less than five minutes.

Checkout took a little longer than usual (expect that at Pep Boys places, especially when only one guy is dealing with repairs quotes!) Guy was nice and patient and offered to verify the battery model (it was on point).

Excellent service, battery worked perfectly -- will make a return visit should something else arise (God forbid...)

Omar A. | 2014-06-30

I had the check engine light on and brought my car here to get the code read. They said that it would take 1.5 to 2 hours which is not that great compared to Autozone (which never takes more than 15 minutes) but still not too bad either. Part of the reason why it takes so long is because they also inspect the rest of your car (lights, fluids, ...) but they do not tell you this upfront or let you opt out of it. While doing this extra inspection, the technician decided to fill my coolant overflow reservoir with tap water. The coolant tank should only be filled with coolant or distilled water. Tap water will cause corrosion over time due do all the mineral within it. I'm surprised and disappointed that the Pep Boys technician lacked proper training or did not care about pouring tap water into my coolant reservoir. I'm also disappointed that they did not seek any authorization before performing this extra "service".

Derek S. | 2014-06-27

My brakes were starting to squeak so planned on having my brake pads changed. Found a coupon online and booked an appointment.

I show up and diagnosis they gave was depressing. They claimed not only were the brake pads wearing thin, but the rotors were on their last leg too. I know nothing about cars so all I did was shrug my shoulders and let them continue...The engine was dripping, so was told that the water pump what a goner, which meant I needed new belts, and all the other bells and whistles.

Ultimately, a $120 planned service turned into a $1,800 estimate. Fortunately, me being a very frugal guy I politely declined and wanted a 2nd opinion. I second guessed all the measurements (to make myself look smart) and the dude couldn't back up what all those numbers meant... I can smell a BS'er a mile away.

Best part: Two separate people offered to by the truck off of me! Really??!! You want to overcharge me for a service that's probably not needed but insist on buying my truck off of me regardless?

I took it to a separate independent shop and all I needed was a new belt & oil change ($250 for ALL of it). Truck was in good condition, the brakes in great shape and the liquid dripping from the engine was normal condensation from the air conditioner.

So with all this, why the two stars?? Well they were very timely with the appointment and were actually very polite. So if you're looking to go to a place where you're treated nicely this is a good place. BUT, if you don't feel like being ripped off, there are plenty of other fish in the sea.

Stephan R. | 2014-06-24

Just a short review:
Got help immediately. Fast. Reliable. Good service. High quality work. Altogether very good deal.
The agent helping me was Carlos. I read the reviews before and was sceptic but can't see that at all.

Susan O. | 2014-06-23

Must read... Pep Boys on Stevens Creek has my total customer loyalty.  Tow truck came out to Kaiser Hospital tonight because after a long day waiting for my husband to come out of surgery, I found the battery in my car was dead.  It was about 8:53 PM when they got my car started and I asked the driver knew any place that might still be open so that I could get a new one and not have a dead car in the morning when I have to be back to the hospital to meet with my husband's surgeon.  He mentioned Pep Boys.  I called and they said they were closing at 9 PM (in 5 minutes).  I explained that I needed my car to be back at the hospital in the morning for my husband.  He said if I could get there before 9:30 PM, to knock on the door and they'd help me.  The manager is Frank and the mechanic was Jose.  They stayed open for me, replaced the battery and I was done there by 9:43 PM.  THAT is some of the best customer service I've ever had and I will support this business in the future.

Douglas E. | 2014-06-06

Pep Boys service is very good.  Everyone has a smile on their face and they take TIME to help.  So if you have to wait, just know they are giving everyone the attention they need.  Carlos has been great on customer service.    Jeremy, the managers is smart and one the ball.  He has been very helpful.   Now if you ask me, perhaps the smartest of this is Alexia.  She has been a valuable resource for me when I go there.  I sware that not only does she know where everything is.  She focuses like a laser and listens to every word.   Even my more vague searches, she is on it like a "duck on a June bug".( they say down South).
As for myself.  I'm a aerospace engineer, not a mechanic. But they will help you get through it with sincere intentions.   If they can't do it, it is not because they did not try.

Reinaldi L. | 2014-06-03

I came to service my car and the service light is still turn on. Then i asked why, he gave me another service that cost me more. One guy name fransisco is really rude, i recommend you to service in another place. But, many workers are really kind except this fransisco guy. Espescially tony

Svetlana R. | 2014-05-30

Came here to get my check engine light codes read. They just wrote down the code and asked for $89 to tell me what it means. That's a bit too expensive. It turned out to be something serious and they wouldn't tell me it is usually under manufacturer warranty. Fortunately, I called Mazda dealership and they told me they cover this.

Ken R. | 2014-05-29

Just dropped my car off for an oil change, tire rotation, and tire balance.  The service rep Tony was very friendly and helpful.  I'm under a time crunch and Tony was able to expedite my service.  The one drawback is that I also wanted to get my spark plugs changed, but they were out of my type of plugs.  If it wasn't for them being out of the plugs I would have given a 5 star review.  Actually Tony would get 5, or even 6, stars if this review was just for him, but given that the review is for the shop overall and they are missing my type of plugs I'm forced to only give 4 stars.

When you go into service at this Pep Boys always make sure you ask to speak with Tony, he'll take good care of you.


Sandeep S. | 2014-05-18

My FIRST and LAST time going to a Pep Boys. When I called Pep Boys on an estimate to get battery change & oil change - Carlos said they would take care of it right away - which would generally mean a wait of about an hour to an hour and a half right??

First, it took 35 minutes of standing in line before I could talk to a rep. Would be acceptable if it was super busy - but instead out of 3 counters only 1 is open and its moving at 12 minutes per customer.

When my turn comes, I ask for an estimate - and the estimate provided to me by Carlos was 1.5 hours (45 min for battery test and change plus 30 minutes for oil change).

After 2.5 hours of waiting when I ask the status they say my car is next in line. Fast forward another hour and they have just finished the battery test. Now i'm 4 hours in the store and when I get frustrated and ask for an estimated time - Carlos says "I dont know, it can take 2 hours". What??????

This store does not have the courtesy of customer care - they are not honest about customer expectations up front.

Not happy about the wait whereas I could have gotten a ride had someone been honest with me up front. Bad customer service, Bad experience, 0 stars.

Not coming back ever again!!!!

Justin H. | 2014-04-11

Came in for tire repair + rotation and got the bad news all four tires need to be replaced less than 30,000 miles on 60,000 mile rated tires. Told me to keep rota tires every 5,000 and every 12,000 mile on alignment to keep the warrantee. This is the craziest thing every heard. I did alignment twice between 30,000 miles (not at their shop) and no problem found. Need rotation because front wore out faster than rear and I have more tread at the the back.  
Is this how they push for more business?
If you expect to pay 60,000 mile rated tires and get 30,000 miles buy tires at pep boys.

I will not buy any tires at PEP Boys!!

Monica S. | 2014-03-14

What a wonderful experience I had today with Pep Boys.  I came  for a oil change and was treated like a VIP customer by Frank.  Pep Boys really give their customers outstanding customer service.  The oil change and tire rotation that Isreal (mechanic) performed on my car was awesome.  I will definitely be back the next time my car needs a oil change.  A++

Carrie O. | 2014-03-08

My husband and I have used Pep Boys for several years.  Tony has been very helpful from start to finish in customer service, and I would give him 5 stars for his listening and people skills, and for making sure things are clearly communicated between the customer and the mechanics.

Of the 8 or so times we've taken our cars in to Pep Boys, 65% of the time, our car was fixed on time and without fault.  The remaining 35% of the time, there was either a delay or something that needed adjustment with a return trip.  I've given them four stars instead of five because they've had those times when we needed to return.

However, these return trips for additional work were always handled with understanding and good service, which went a long way toward making up for the initial dissatisfaction.  Because they handled their mistakes with grace, we've continued to use Pep Boys.  

On our last visit, our car was service by Loc.  I needed brakes, a new belt and tires, and was in a rush.  They gave me a clear set of expectations, communicated updates and had me finished within a half hour of their estimate.  I was very satisfied with Tony, again, and with Loc, who's a longtime mechanic at the Steven's Creek location.

Matt D. | 2014-02-23

Made appointment, got confirmation online, and text confirmation. When I went into the store for service today they had no record of the appointment, second guessed my decision for service  (then ask what car it was) and overall basically really rude.

I will not return to this location or company for future service or parts.

Just manage your expectations if you choose to utilize this company/location

Trella D. | 2014-01-30

It was so great to get a second opinion that was 1000$ less and got me more and really ... actually was about fixing the problems. That is what Tony, Frank and a few others at Pep Boys did. They were so focused on service and did several extras like taking me home and finding coupons for me. I really appreciated the great service that I feel like I can trust!

Kim D. | 2014-01-28

What an awesome saving grace.

It was 6pm at night and after my car dying once because I left my lights on, it died again.

I called a few places and then called Pep Boys. I was just so worried that I wouldn't know how to get to work tomorrow if I couldn't turn on my car. After the other places I called first told me I was shit out of luck because it was too late... Pep Boys said "no problem."

I just had to make it there before 8.

About 20 minutes and I was out of there with a new battery. All in a day's work.


Matt D. | 2014-01-28

I used to come here for all my automotive needs when I lived close by.  Since I moved to another part of the Bay, I stopped coming here, until last night. I was in the area and happened to get a flat tire. The tow truck got us to Pep Boys right as they were about to close. I was lucky enough to work with Matt. He was super friendly and stayed late to get our tire patched up. He even did it on the house. Now I remember why I used to come here. Great service! Thanks again Matt!

KT T. | 2014-01-19

I went there around 4.50pm. after my car's battery was dead and got roadside assistant. I really needed to replace a new battery. I knew they close at 6pm. on Sunday. The sign outside posted "Free Professional Batteries Install". The cashier got me $20 discount which was a pretty good deal. But when I talked to the service dep., his name is Carlos.
1. He said something that make me feel he doesn't want to provide me the service cuz it's almost closed. So, I asked him directly if he doesn't want me, I'd leave. He was changed and said I have to wait until 6 pm. which was no problem.
2. Once it came to the price, he said he can't get me the $20 discount because retail and service dep. are different. Who could tell that same company / store has 2 different prices on the same product which is qualified free service. He told me $20 off is for battery only and I have to install it myself.

I decided not to get the service here. Not only Carlos but his co-worker said something F word right after I turned around. I heard that. If you are committed with best service, the customers should not hear things like that in your environment.

The deal isn't more important than your people attitude, especially, workers in your SERVICE department.

Kelly M. | 2014-01-16

I had the best experience at the Stevens Creek Pep Boys. As a 22 year old female, I was expecting to deal with some mechanic who was going to give me the run-a-round, but to my surprise, the employee who helped me, Matt, went above and beyond the call of duty. I have an export car that takes a certain type of transmission fluid and initially he reported back that I would either have to go to the dealer or he could order the fluid and do the service tomorrow.

Matt did some research and reading on his own person smartphone and learned of a transmission fluid by Castro Oil that was specified for imported cars with specific transmission fluid. He then signed me up for my Pep Boys Auto Club Card where I saved money on my transmission service.

The staff was friendly and helpful, the store was clean and bright. My estimated wait time was almost to the minute exact! My car is running great and I would recommend this location to anyone!! Way to go Matt! Thanks Pep Boys!!

Atara J. | 2014-01-08

The men who helped me during my visit were incredibly helpful, honest, and professional. As a young, single female I am usually worried about getting ripped off when it comes to my car because I am perceived as an easy target, but the men who helped me here a few nights ago took great care of my car and made it very affordable. Thank you so much for all your help!

Adam C. | 2014-01-08

Paid 84.99 for a alignment, later found out cost was 79.99, no one can tell me why I paid the difference.  I am fine with the 5.00 just want to know why I was charged more.  Feel slighted

Daniel H. | 2014-01-07

I want to thank Jeremy Valenzuela (Customer Service MGR #873) for 5 STAR service at Pep Boys a few days before Xmas. My left front light went out on my Chevy Silverado and after (yes this is true...) 2 replacements and 3 visits to Jiffy Lube, One trip to a Chevy Parts store (for incorrect info old vs new body style), and 1 trip to a Pep Boys in San Mateo...Jeremy listened to my story, took both lights back from my previous purchase at Pep Boys, found the right bulb and INSTALLLED it on the spot! He gave me 7 dollars and change back from my receipts and gave me the service I expected 4 days earlier without complaint or hassle...just a great smile and willingness to be of customer service. WELL DONE!

Todd A. | 2013-12-24

The customer service in this store is just plain bad.  There was no one around to get help from, for the longest time.  Then when I did find an employee, they were clueless.  

This store is not worth the time, energy or money.  I'll spend my money in stores where they value my patronage.

Anitha C. | 2013-12-12

We were off to Tahoe and needed snow chains... Let me preface this review by saying I know less about tires and cars than Walmart knows about high end fashion!

I called a few places and was surprised that the guys at pep boys didn't talk to me like I was an idiot. I told them the size of my tires and the assured me they had a set.

I drove up there and they had it ready, took my card and loaded them in the car for me!

Id say excellent service all around!

Kenneth V. | 2013-12-01

This happened a few years ago.
Was there to fix a flat tire on my wife's car. They broke one of the bolts because they don't have the key of my wheel lock bolt. Instead of putting a new one on they left it unmounted and didn't tell me anything. I drove a short trip home and didn't notice until the next day my wife called me from the curbside of freeway 101 and said the car was wobbling side to side like crazy. Almost caused an accident. Only 3 bolts were mounted to that wheel. I had never seen such a careless job done by any store.

I went back to the store and was shocked even more.
They said the manager was not there and they can't do anything.
I had to pay $20 for a new bolt!!!

After 2 weeks I went there again and the manager only agree to refund me the $20 paid for the new bolt. He claimed that they have to stay in business and 'you're welcome to sue us.' he said.

After that we started to have bad vibration on that wheel. Went to many other shops and couldn't find out why. After 2 years the tire worn out and during replacement we found a huge chunk of rubber greenish goo tire seal inside the tire. Looks like they pour in an entire bottle of liquid seal to fix the leak. That thing weight like 2 lbs and was the cause of vibration. It was a Mazda sports car we had. Totally ruined the joy of having a sports car. Not to mention the danger we put ourselves into.

Jennifer B. | 2013-12-01

Customer service sucks. The guys couldn't help me figure out which tire chains to buy. I hope the ones I got fit. Ridiculous.

Frank W. | 2013-11-11

I brought my 2011 sienna in for oil change with coupon $21.99. One hour later, they asked for $75.00 because of different filter, more synthetic oil than 5 Qts,,, bla.. Bla..

They did not notice me until they emptied old oil. They should have know that when I registered my car info for appointment on line. Per negotiation, they lowered down the price. It takes more than 1.5 hrs for oil change, it is my first time to use pep boys and horrible exp compared others I used.

Yuyu Z. | 2013-11-02

The only reason people that earned four stars are Carlos and their master mechanic.

Every time I come in here, Carlos always always takes care of me. No matter what my car trouble is. He always makes sure I leave happy. And their master mechanic is super nice and fixed my "mystery" car issue which now is gone and fixed yay!

Anytime I go in when he's not there or someone else happens to "help" me I end up being there ten times as long and usually don't make it out the parking lot before coming back and telling them they absolutely didn't fix what I came in for. Or try to make me spend hundreds of dollars fixing things that don't need to be replaced. OR make me feel like a dumb little girl imagining something is wrong with my car.

Make sure you double check everything is good on your car after they finish because you just never know. Better make one trip than two right?

Needless to say that place would not be anything without Carlos and the Master.
So if you go in, ask for Carlos to help you out! You'll leave happy!

matthew r. | 2013-10-24

The customer service has been hit or miss for me. Tonight I called to ask if they had something I was looking for. The rep outright said "I can't". I then asked if he could look it up in the system to see what they show in stock. He says "We only have two people here right now and I have six people in front of me, I can't". A nudge over the cliff. I literally have to drive by this store that's a block from my house, shaking my head as I pass, to drive a few miles to either Autozone or Oreillys on El Camino, and tonight was an 80$ sale lost for Peppy's.

Anna H. | 2013-10-16

Great place to get items for your car.  They have a large selection of most anything you can think of for your car.  The prices are competitive and the customer service is great.  I have had no problem returning items and usually with little or no questions asked.  We bought some car cleaning products and as we finished up he offered us a Pep Boys buck to carry our items out.  I would go back and recommend all my friends.  Thanks Pep Boys.

Jeannie A. | 2013-10-08

From the time we got out of our car to the minute we left, we had full customer service. I think they did am excellent job and had a great selection on what we were looking for.

Traci F. | 2013-10-07

My son and I dropped by Pep Boys on Stevens Creek for an oil change on my Infiniti. First time customer and I was pleasantly surprised by the great customer service.  Nemo was incredibly helpful!  True customer service is what he provides - you can tell he loves what he does.  Carlos CID is the one who wrote up my RO, he was also very friendly.  Sadly, these days its seems good customer service is a thing of the past but not with these two.  Thanks Nemo and Carlos!

Ashley G. | 2013-10-06

I made an appointment for 12pm on a Sunday for a simple oil change, thinking this is a pretty reasonable time to go (I wasn't able to go to my regular shop). I get there and after standing in line for 20-30 minutes because only 1 guy was working the service counter I was told that there was going to be a 4 hour wait because their system was screwed up and overbooked, additionally they were understaffed. None of these things are my problem.

I went to Jiffy lube down the street and was in and out in 25 minutes.

John B. | 2013-09-03

I took my daughter's car in because there was a power steering leak.  I had never had any mechanical work done at Pep Boys but thought I should give them a try since having bad experiences at other shops.  I was pleasantly surprised. If you need work done on your car and are looking for a place that will work with you and then get things done correctly, I highly recommend these guys.  Make sure you ask for Tony!  He was knowledgeable, professional, easy to talk to and really changed my mind about Pep Boys in general.  Awesome.  Thanks Tony.

Anshul S. | 2013-08-18

My Old Corolla headlight bulb just stopped working. Probably the car was showing its Age now. I walk into Pep boys. Found the part , headed towards  the checkout line. I asked the representative to check if it was the right part. I was not sure if i had found the correct part as i needed the "dipper" bulb.

The representative helped me . I requested if someone can help me repalce the bulb as it should be a 2 min job and i was just not sure to to unplg it.

He said i would have to pay for it. That sounded fair enough as i am already a good in tipping and do not mind paying for help.

He quoted me "89 DOLLARS" . WTF.

I drove over to my mechanic. He greated me which a smile and replaced it free for me.

Michelle V. | 2013-07-29

Came in one night an hour before they closed to get myself a new battery for my ole carlita ('97 Toyota Avalon). The guy that took my info told me it shouldn't take long. Apparently he counts time differently than I do. =/

After 20 minutes of taking my info down and literally sharing me his life story, we finally went out to take a look at my car, which is where he spent another good 10 minutes to tell me what else I needed to fix up for this ole bucket (she's OLD, I know that already).

I left Pep Boys with a brand new battery (cheapest option, not the deluxe) after another 30 minutes of waiting for them to just pop that battery in. Yeesh!

P.S. Pep Boys gets pretty busy even on weeknights, so if you're just in there to browse at little things for your G ride or bucket, be aware that even with 2 or 3 cash registers open, you'll be standing in line for quite awhile. I dunno why it takes so long to check certain customers out...

Ignacio B. | 2013-07-23

I honestly believe Pep Boys should begin offering classes on how to give great customer service, because these guys rock. Every store, every restaurant in the Bay Area could learn a thing or two from these awesome people! Kudos to the manager and staff. Every single time I've stepped into their store it has been an absolute pleasure. They're doing it right!

Today the very nice gentleman who helped me was Art. I was bumbling around the wrenches and sockets area when he came over to help (I had accidentally messed up one of the displays), and his demeanor was very welcoming and helpful so I just asked him to help me find a missing part for my car's jack kit.

Art not only helped me find the correct measurement but I also really liked how he offered different solutions to the problem -- and not necessarily just the most expensive ones that a yucky salesman would have pushed on an unsuspecting customer.

Art suggested solutions that were solid. He helped me find some other items I wanted for my car, and even went outside with me to make sure that the tools were a perfect fit for my vehicle's unusual set-up. Really went above and beyond.

Cars are a mystery to me, but since I began using Pep Boys as my go-to place a couple of years ago, I've had peace of mind. Great service, great prices.

Rod C. | 2013-07-18

Ok, So I zip into pep boys , never been there before needing some windshield wiper blades. This guy Tony greets me. Immediately figures out what I need and made some suggestions  to help me...

After ringing me up he offers to walk out and put them on for me FOR FREE! Tony was so friendly and helpful. I will definitely return.

He asked a few times if I want to join there points membership  but I NEVER ever JOIN THOSE POINT CLUBS. But Tony almost got me because he was soooo helpful.

Be sure to ask for Tony!

Jake B. | 2013-07-09

Tony did a great job looking for my obsolete & odd size tires for me.  In the end they just weren't available....but he worked on trying to find them for two weeks and put up with my annoying phone calls.  Great Job Tony.  Thanks for the effort.  I'll be back

Jimin K. | 2013-06-14

Knew it was a huge mistake to purchase a car battery here.. I warn everyone, DO NOT PURCHASE YOUR CAR BATTERY HERE. I bought a Bosch battery and my audio shop and mechanic advised that I buy a better performance battery such as an Optima Yellowtop to safely run all of the electronics in my car and despite the Bosch battery only being one month old, they will not accept it whatsoever unless the battery fails so I pretty much lost $140. I've called and went to the store in person and the customer service was ridiculous and left me not EVER wanting to come back for any reason.. there are so many other competent auto shops but I guess it's my mistake for testing out Pep Boys, should have read the other reviews before giving it a shot.
Should've purchased my battery from Costco like I did on my previous cars.. hassle free returns, no questions asked even without receipt. Pep Boys is crossed out in my books and I'll warn others as well.

Jack N. | 2013-06-10

I like them for buying parts but I like Winchester Auto Supply more. I brought my Nissan into them and they missed a few things. SO I had to bring it back. They are okay. Not bad but not great! I know it is hard to know everything about every car. They are honest but the tire prices are less at American tire. They are not as good as they once were but they are not horrible.

Antonea C. | 2013-06-09

I unfortunately am one of those girls that doesn't know a whole lot about the inner workings of my car, but thankfully I have Pep Boys. Their customer service is great, so I usually just go to the counter and tell them what I'm looking for and they walk me over to the item I'm looking for and usually provide me with options in various prices.

Tip: If you ask nicely they'll even put your windshield wipers on for you :)

Shauna H. | 2013-06-09

Time. Unless you have it to waste do not come here. I came in to get my tire repaired. I was told it should take 30 to 60 minutes to complete. My car was not even touched forover an hour and a half. I witnessed another customer who made an appointment and his car was not worked in a timely fashion either. Weekends are obviously busy so this shop either needs to stop lying about how long things will take or bring in more staff. The only reason I am giving two stars is because the staff that was there was friendly and the job evnetually got done.

Emily R. | 2013-05-16

Update - I contacted Pep Boys numerous times to place a formal complaint...they never returned my emails or phone calls.  Nice.

Verik K. | 2013-05-15

They redid this whole shop. It has so much more things than before and all the accessories for your car kind of reminds me of a small Autobacs in Japan. Definitely coming back here

Barbie D. | 2013-05-07

I give this Pep Boys a ten star rating, but since there are only five stars, I guess five stars it will be.  From the moment I walked in the store for the first time, a few days ago, I was greeted and treated with direct attention to my needs.  After going to another auto place to check out my car fully, all they could find was a leak coming from some place and that my car battery was low.  This place tested the battery, as did the other place; however, Pep Boys found a leaky battery and a leaky radiator.  From that point, they earned my trust, as the other place was paid to find out and this place found out.  I then proceeded with having a full car service done with them and four new tires.  I was so impressed with their work and the fact that it was all done within a matter of 5 hours tops, i brought my neighbor in to have major work done on her car as well.  This place is the best, and the people who work their are awesome!!
They take time to answer questions and explain.  This is the best place in town for car repair and parts!  Number one on my list!!  Pep Boys Stevens Creek, San rock!!

Virgil M. | 2013-04-30

Went to return a jack advertised as 'for trucks and SUVs' which simply did not fit under my SUV (Volvo XC90). The smarty pants manager said it has "scratches" so it must have been used, so he refused to take it back as being used. Bought 2 days before, and tried to fit it under the car once, with the packaging, receipt and all.

So much for customer service. Never again. This is absolutely crazy, when you can buy the same thing online cheaper, I would expect better service at least.

Mary C. | 2013-04-22

I was there today around 5:30PM. My car's check engine light lit up and as a girl, I just hate it when I dont know who to turn to. I called my mechanic who asked me to run into Pepboys and get a tech to get a check engine light check. Well, I walked in a little flustered and they tell me to pull the car over to the car port. Scared, I had a friend drive it for me. My friend drives it in and they tell him, "we dont have the code reader because it was stolen".





So I say, "do I have other options?"

and they "GLADLY" offered a very pricey check for $89...

smells like shit to me... alot of bullshit...

especially when, Oh.... they all just decide to form a big round meeting in a corner while pointing at cars.

IF I HAD A CHOICE... this would get ZERO STARS!! and believe me... I hate giving bad ratings!

If someone in management sees this, please feel free to contact me anytime. I'd like to say how bad your SERVICE, or lack of it really is.

Tamara G. | 2013-04-15

I stopped by Pep Boys to get some advice about removing paint off my car and am thrilled with the service I relieved.  Art was very helpful in explaining to me the best product for my car and he even came into the parking lot to show me the correct way to buff my car and remove the paint stains.  I really appreciate the extra effort that Art  made to make sure I was satisfied with my purchase and knew how to use the product.  I have visited other auto part stores and no one gave me the same type of quality service that I got here.  Thank you Artl!  I will definitely come back for all my auto part needs!

Samm L. | 2013-03-23

Much to my surprise, I received top-quality service here. Spoke at length with the mechanic.. was not rushed. Every effort to keep me informed and explained everything. Liked the text notifications. Service advisor was better than at the car dealership. Work completed in the time frame that I was given. I will definitely go back here...

stefano c. | 2013-03-17

Bought a Bosch group 49 car battery a month ago and installed on my week-end car, a BMW 540. 5 weeks later car won't start, battery charger reaches 17V when charging, so the batter is dead. Went back to PB, and had to arm wrestle with the employee who tossed every possible issue at me, trying to make me feel like I did something wrong: "You know that on a BMW 540, if you don't use it for a week you should disconnect the battery ?", etc. I have had the car since 1997, so I know a thing or two about its battery performance. 2 batteries in 16 years !!
I threatened to call my credit card company and dispute the charges, just to make sure that they would honor their 36 month free replacement.
Eventually he relented and gave me a new one. Whatever happened to "the customer is always right" type of attitude ? I guess it doesn't apply here....

Derek S. | 2013-03-05

As a guy, I'm always impressed with Auto Part stores. Service is always quick, prompt and friendly.

I'm also the type that knows exactly what I'm looking for, the style and model of an oil filter as an example so there is very little up-selling involved.

Surprisingly, this place is only open at 8 am...maybe they can open even earlier?!?

Don't be shy to ask if they have more inventory in the back...I asked and they had more! :D

Gerald K. | 2013-03-02

Big store with lots of parts for most kinds of cars and trucks. Huge battery selection and a fare amount of tools to help get the job done.

Claude C. | 2013-02-28

I was greeted very warmly and immediately by Jeremy and the other staff members.  I got an oil change at an unbeatable price with complementary tire rotation, and strut replacement on all 4 tires.  It was done efficiently by a wonderfully nice mechanic Mike who did a great job in getting everything done in ~6-7 hours.  
All the staff members I interacted with had wonderful customer service and made sure I was well taken care of.  I'd like to especially thank Alfredo for his honesty, expert advice, and for taking the time to make sure all my questions and concerns were addressed.   Thank you Pep Boys!! I definitely plan on coming back for all future car maintenance and repairs!

Lok Y. | 2013-02-21

dishonest and rude
worst experience ever

Naresh M. | 2013-02-13

Our van suddenly started to make grinding noises from the rear brakes. We dropped it off late in the evening and were pleasantly surprised to be greeted with a handshake by Carlos Cid. Even though they had plenty of work on their plate, Carlos promised that he would let us know the prognosis that evening. He called back after hours to let us know what was wrong and the cost. He even offered to let us know that they have a discount currently running for brake work.

He followed up in the morning when the work was done. When we picked up the van, Carlos was right there to make sure that we were satisfied and again greeted us with a handshake.

None of the above may sound too extraordinary but Carlos left a wonderful trustworthy impression with us and we would easily go back for any service work.

Not to take anything away from the rest of the staff, they were quite pleasant and friendly as well.

Charlie N. | 2013-02-08

I just am not used to rude service. I walked in, picked out a few items from the racks and went up to pay and was treated like I was an intrusion. There are too many auto shops for me to ever shop here again.

George M. | 2013-02-02

I can't think of anything negative to say.  The personnel, including Alfredo, Sam (now gone to Sunnyvale store), Carlos and Robert and others whose names I can't remember at the moment to a fantastic job.  The prices are great.  No rip-offs.  They sell in a very honest way without trying to put you into something higher cost just for the sake of making a sale.  They have earned their customer loyalty from me.  I also love having my vehicle serviced by a pro center with a parts house and their own parts networked attached.  They worked on my 1961 Cadillac like it was 1965 all over again.  Amazing place!  Five stars is really deserved.  BTW, cleanliness is not that important to me at all in a shop, but they even have time to get to doing that !

Greg J. | 2013-02-01

We have been taking our cars to this location for a few years now.  They always do great work at an affordable price.  One of the reasons in particular that we keep returning to this location is because of Robert C.  He so thorough when it comes to paying attention to details and making recommendations. Recently, we took our 2000 Nissan Quest in to be looked at.  Some of the motor mounts had gone out and the engine was sitting at an angle.  They installed the motor mounts but the car was still running poorly.  They looked into further and found that the engine had actually damaged the crank case when the engine dropped down due to the failing mounts.  It's an older car and we were planning on selling it soon so it was disheartening to hear the news when Robert called.  To my surprise he offered to take the mounts out and return the car to its original state free of charge.  This was absolutely the most above and beyond commitment to quality customer service that I have ever experienced from any retail location.  As if that weren't enough he offered to look into any potential recalls on our old motor mounts.  Thank you for the excellent service Robert. We will won't take our business anywhere else.

Greg Jenkins
San Jose, Ca.

Siliconvalley G. | 2013-01-08

I've been using this Pep Boys for years for nearly all my maintenance on my vehicles.  I have always found them honest, propmt, reasonably priced, and there was no upsell to anything that I didn't want or need.  A little surprised by some of the reviews posted, but this has NOT been my experience in my years and years of experience through my many vehicles.

Today I came in because my battery went dead on the road, and was replaced by AAA in the field.  Bad battery?  Hummm... now the alternator light comes on at low idle.  That's a bad sign.

Went in with an appointment the same day and was met and greeted warming.  The Shop Manager too the time to understand the problems and symptoms that I wa having and we agreed to go for a low-cost diagnostic of the electrical system.  Alternator = 0 volts.  New Alternator time.

But, they quickly noticed that the alternator that was installed was from Pep Boys and had a Lifetime Warranty!!   Instant $233 savings in parts on my alternator.

Just a charge of $120 or so for installation.  

I was in and out of there within and hour and at a lower cost that I would have paid had I gone for a dealership (!!) or even one of those smaller and highly recommended shops in the area "where all my neighbors go to".

I'm happy.

Actually, I'm always happy when I go to Pep Boys for my maintenance and auto supplies.  

They know what they're doing.  And when a person doesn't - they ask someone else that does know.

Then even stapled the card of the GM - Carlos Murga on my invoice so I would know who to call if there were any concerns.  No concerns, just compliment!

Carlos, you run a great shop and store!!


Update, went in the other day with another car for a brake inspection.

Because I was a member of their frequent purchaser club (free membership), I not only got my brake quote (it was what I expected)...   I got the following for FREE:

- All 4 Tires rotated
- Flat repair, there was a nail in my tire

Yes, FREE.   These guys are the best.  I just wanted a quote and got a free rotation and a flat fixed.

How good is that?    You can see why I stick with these guys!!

Jon P. | 2013-01-08

Been going here since I had my provisional license. Recently I found a new talent in the store, Mr. Robert Creter! Everytime I am in this store, Robert has always provided outstanding customer service and even personally helps me find items I am looking for and provides his own personal take on certain products. My most recent visit was for tire swap, and Robert outdid himself once again! My rims are spraypainted gold extra precaution had to be taking when mounting the tires. Robert made a note to the service tech to do so and I had my rims came out undamaged! I also happened to be in a rush that day and Robert had my tires done in half the time he promised! Will be coming bnack soon.

Veselin P. | 2012-12-29

I went there for my 80K miles maintenance . They had to change oil, brakes, rotors, pads, etc. Well after I picked my car in 3 days I got engine light on. When few friends looked at the car, there was no oil and they said this filter is not changed recently . So the guys charged me for the oil , and did not change squad so I had to go to VW dealer to change my oil and filter. And that is not all. In another 3K miles VW dealer said the right brake pad which they supposedly changed gets close to the time for changing. I did not tell them anything but I was hearing squeaking last few months. When I came back to the store and told the guy I hear squeak and VW dealer found it as well after 12 K miles even though I had warranty for 18K, they said "the brakes are good come here and see the right rear is not different than the left", like I care . The fact was there was an issue after they claim they changed it and they did not want to move and fix it.  So guys avoid using these guys for anything but oil change and do not forget to check your oil level and filter after they service your car so you do not have to be one of these guy sitting on the side of the freeway with dull problem like that .

Greg C. | 2012-12-11

I made my appointment online and got there a few minutes early - I needed an oil change and tire rotation. The service bay looked full and I was worried I would be there for an hour or two.

They got my car in and out in 45 minutes, they did not try to sell me anything I did not need or want. Now I have a profile on their website and can make appointments online. Overall a good experience and I will be back.

Gil S. | 2012-12-06

Finding a reliable and trustworthy shop is almost like looking for Cinderella...
In past couple of decades I have used many places, and now, finally found a place I can serve my cars.
Highly professional staff, always working with me to find the best solution and the most reasonable price.
They can literally do virtually anything.
If you have few cars, and you want to maintain them in high shape, this is the place for you!
Ask for Art, or Tony for Service.
Highly recommended!

Alexis G. | 2012-10-27

I returned for a quick oil change...
WARNING if the person doing your oil change doesn't know how to turn the.."oil change" light off, they will not find someone who can. They return the car with the oil change light still on and if you call to ask why they want you to come back and wait around for people to read the owners manual to figure it out.

George W. | 2012-10-27

Great experience here and a great deal.  I needed to get a set of tires and new struts all round for my car, and get the brakes checked.  Got a great deal on the tires AND the struts that I'd researched (4 for the price of 3 in both cases), plus assorted rebates.  They also checked out my brakes and recommended new pads for the front only.  No upselling, just a very straightforward transaction, friendly, informative and knowledgeable.  And my car was ready for pick up at least an hour before the estimated time.  I think I'll be going back for my routine maintenance and repairs...

Evan C. | 2012-10-22

I have never thought much of pepboys. Actually have never even shopped at pep boys before this but I was amazed by the service that they provided me.

I had gone to goodyear down the street to get some quotes for 4 new tires. Was so rudely treated, I was at a loss for words (see my goodyear stevens creek review). I tried a few other places and remembered that pepboys had a buy 3 get 1 free special on tires. I figured... it doesn't hurt to look.

I go in and I am greeted immediately by Oswaldo (his nametag says Ozzy). I tell him I need 4 new tires. He very patiently shows me my options and the prices at which they will be installed. He tells me what he recommends and what he believes are the best tires for my car and for my needs. After the buy 3 get the 4th tire free deal, I find a great tires for my needs at a great price.  I even ask if he can pull up some reviews on tires and he does. He tells me that he can get them here by the next morning and have them installed. He explains how to do the mail in rebates and even lines up a mechanic for the morning to make sure that I won't be waiting too long to have it installed. I am amazed by his customer service especially compared to the rude service that I got down the street at goodyear.

Everything goes smoothly the next day. Jeremy, another employee, makes sure that everything gets done and helps me with getting some windshield wipers. Recommends getting an alignment and shows me why on the wear pattern on my old tires. I very much appreciate the good customer service that these guys provide.

Highly recommend this place. Some of their employees seems to really care about customer service. Not your typical run of the mill auto parts store.

Lady I. | 2012-10-12

Just had my oil changed here and I love that I can make an appointment and the the job gets done quickly. The reps like Sam are awesome!!! Very friendly and not pushy at all. They are very knowledgable and will be honest with you. Being a female makes coming to an auto place somewhat intimidating but at this pepboys the reps really make things easy for you. Also, there are a lot of people that comes here, so plan your day out when you plan to get a car maintenance. Although it could take up to an hour there is a clean lobby, you can browse around and shop, or you can walk around (McDonald's is across the street, a casino around the corner, or boarders about two blocks away).

Nomis I. | 2012-10-01


I was looking for a good car wash and saw one that was on sale; there was a special sign that said "instant $2 off," which would have brought the regular price of $9 indicated on the shelf down to $7.  So I took it to the register, but the clerk charged me $9 plus tax.  I said "wait a minute, this should be $2 cheaper, this is what it says on the shelf."  The cashier wouldn't believe me but agreed to take a look.  So we went to the aisle and saw the two signs: the regular $9 price sign covered by the "$2 off" sign attached on top of it.  But the cashier said, "oh, that means that the price of $9 is the reduced price.  Normally it would cost $12 (I guess he meant $11 plus tax).  

I doubted this, but he remained firm, and because I wasn't too keen on arguing over $2 and, more importantly, because this was my first visit to any "Pep Boys" store and I thought (mistake!!!), "well, he works here, so he ought to know how their pricing works", I bought it nevertheless.  

In hindsight I realize that I was right and the cashier was wrong.  First, this was not the only thing on sale, other items were, too, and all of them had an extra sign on top of the normal price sign that *trumped* the latter.  So, e.g., the extra sign said $10 whereas the shelf sign said $14.  Ergo the "$2 instant off" sign should have trumped the regular price sign, too.  Moreover, later I went online and found the same product at Walmart for a regular price of $8.50.  

So, in conclusion:  either this clerk did not know how the pricing in his store works, or he did and lazily lied to me.  Reason enough for me to avoid any Pep Boys store in the future.

Reilly J. | 2012-09-30

Clean shop, well staffed and quick to offer help. Good place for run of the mill auto parts needs, tires etc.

The experiences that I have had at Pep Boys are better than Auto Zone or Kragen etc. The selection is much better too.

Louis B. | 2012-08-03

I am here for the oil change at 5:45PM. Robert handles the paper work and promised 30-45 minutes. I took a walk and back at 6:00PM and asked him did he put my car in service, and I found out he did not do the traveller yet. But promised service soon. I sat there and wait, 6:30 still in the lot. I ask Art, he searched the paper work and make the work done at 7:20PM. I complain with Robert, but he never say the "sorry" word and claim that I didn't not pick up the phone when technician can't find my tire key lock. I told him that any here know I am mad for waiting as he know that as well. But he keep treat as my fault. I spoke with David and he offer me free service next time. But that not the point, I come here expect the service is done right as promised and paid. Not get the service guy like Robert. I will call Carlos Murga, manager to express this issue. I wished they have 0 star on Yelp.

Daniel H. | 2012-07-27

If you ever go to this PEP Boys ask for ART! He is AWESOME!

I am not a car expert by any means. I usually DREAD going to mechanics because it seems that even if you're going in for something simple, you come out with a list of 50 other things wrong with your car and a bill of a few hundred dollars for simple fixes. Today started out miserable because of unknown car troubles, meaning that I was at the mercy of the mechanic to determine how much he wanted to put onto my card to get my car up and running again. LUCKILY I was greeted by a kind gentleman by the name of "ART"!
He was extremely welcoming and professional. He went out to my beyond busted car and gave me tons of TIPS! This was the first time someone in a shop has actually TRIED to save me money! I literally have gone to several surrounding shops (Kragen, Autozone, other Mechanics, etc.) and have asked simple questions and ART was the first that walked me through things and looked out for my well being! I appreciated it GREATLY!! He saw I was a student and helped me look for the items with the best prices to save me some more bucks (AWESOME!)! After it was all said and done he explained they found some more things wrong, and advised I fix them but didn't push or force a fix for them and explained they weren't urgent (another plus, I HATE when mechanics lie or try to use scare tactics to get into your pocket). To top it off he stayed a few minutes after his shift to assure that I got everything I needed and make sure it was all good! (Unheard of customer service!!!) I had to shake his hand and felt compelled to write this review giving praise to ART for helping me out! Thanks you turned my day that started out bad, into a positive experience! Highly recommend asking for ART when you go into Pep Boys.

Audrey C. | 2012-07-26

I like going to a place that keeps track of the services and that I can actually see online. That may not seem very important but because Pep Boys is a commercial branded company they have those type of conveniences which is a major plus in my book.

I've never had any issues with this place. I just left there this evening for a routine oil change and tire rotation. They didn't try to sell me anything that wasn't needed or push anything on me. Unlike the other customers there, I was pretty much in and out within an hour or so. Although the other customers seemed to have more intensive issues with their vehicles. It could also be that I tend to actually take care of my car so thus, it needs less maintenance. It may not be the dirt cheapest but the associate there tried getting me the best discount he could offer which was $20 cheaper than the actual total. That was much appreciated.

Long T. | 2012-07-14

I saved a lot of money thanks to their coupons; comparing to 3 other places.  If you need things done at the right price on average products, go to Pep boys; look for their coupons.

Over all I did a lot of research... In the end the guys there will work with you.

Zhida L. | 2012-07-05

I am regular customer for over 10 years for two cars.  I have seen their price going up an up.  I can not judge about quality because these two cars were new, and I kept doing regular maintence. I do not think their price is competitive any more.  I got on site oil change with about same price as Pep Boy.

Shakdawg G. | 2012-06-06

Updating my review...

I came in to have three belts replaced.  This is a one hour job, by all measures.  In all this took 4 hours to finish, during which I received several different excuses, such as "testing", "can't find the right size belts", "the belts got stuck in the engine"...  

After expressing my displeasure, and talking with the store manager, they provided me with a discount.  He offered an apology, and seemed sincere in wanting to make the situation right.  I may give them another try.  

The car is running well.  However, with the comments I heard about incorrect belt sizes, and belts getting stuck in the engine, I am aware that there may have been damage done to the vehicle.  Time will tell.

Bret B. | 2012-03-26

Pep boys hooked it up.  in n out front brake job.

Scotty S. | 2012-03-23

I called on a Friday for a replacement brake line on my '99 Dodge Ram 1500.  After a litany of questions regarding make, model, et cetera, the sales associate told me that they had two in stock.  When I went in to pick up the brakeline an hour later, none were in stock and none were sold.

Rodger W. | 2012-03-19

I stopped by PEP boys on Sunday night after work because my after my wife called me and said her truck battery was dead and we had it on the charger all night. She had to work the next morning and when I got to PEPboys at 6:10 and a customer was leaving and the gentleman behind the counter said sorry were are closed. I said please my wife needs battery to get to work the next day , The gentelaman could have said sorry like I said befre we are closed but I could tell he wanted to go home but would you belive he said no problem and asked what type of truck and he went into the back a brought up a battery. All I can say is wow now this is beyond customer service. I hope PEPbos regonize what a great employee Sam is. No more going to Autozone PEP boys for life!!!!!

Sara G. | 2012-03-17

I went in for a flat tire and Francisco got me in and out in no time. Great service!

Sean B. | 2012-03-08

Nice enough place, for what it is. My BMW, in the fine European automotive tradition, has warning lights for EVERYTHING. So when I'm low on something trivial (like washer fluid), it's insistent enough that I attend to it, lest my mild OCD run rampant and cause me headaches all day, ruining an otherwise lovely drive.

Popped in, the place was large and well-lit. Two associates greeted me and one asked if I needed help within about thirty seconds. I made my way to the back of the store, found the fluid I needed, it was cheaper than I expected ($1.79), and I was only in line about a minute before I was checked-out, done, on my way.

My needs were minimal, they were convenient, and the people were friendly. I can't comment on anything more complex, but in the basics, they got 'er done.

Vlad S. | 2012-02-21

I just had my rear break pads changed and rotors re-surfaced here. They are open  on Sundays which is very convenient. Customer service was great and the price was much lower than what was quoted at a nearby Wheel works plus there was a mail-in rebate. I'll definitely be back

Jeff C. | 2012-02-18

The employees in this store are RUDE. I have been in this store a lot and I have witnessed this attitude toward me and other customers. It hasn't been just one employee, but several employees. I saw this from up close and from far away.
I was there to buy an off the shelf product. I stood in line for about ten minutes before I was helped. There was one employee behind the counter that would not help any of us for over five minutes. All he did was look at us then went back to inputting into the computer. After ignoring us, five customers, he finally yelled for other employees to help us. He then went back to his inputting. The employees that finally waltz out to help were in turn rude to us. Bad Day? I think not!! Bad ATTITUDE!!! I have to think really hard about going back to buy anything at this store. There was one employee in particular that was at the root of all of these encounters.

Chris M. | 2012-01-14

Called looking for a part and sat on the phone for 20 minutes. The guy never came back to the phone. Called back and no one answered. The customer service at Pep Boys is a joke at best. Never going here again.

Adrian B. | 2011-10-10

I give this Pep boys a four stars because the customer service was on point  Sam explained everything they were going to do to my vehicle. I waited about an hour and 45 minutes when they said that it would take 2 hours. They did a great job. My vehicle now runs smoother than it did before I brought it in for a tune-up.

Nora H. | 2011-10-08

I've never experienced Pep Boys myself. But, I really wanted to share my coworker's experience because it speaks volumes about their ethics.

He was told by his Honda dealership that he needed his brake pads replaced, and they quoted him a hefty sum. He decided to take it here, knowing it would be less. He dropped it off and got a call ten minutes later from Pep Boys, saying that his brake pads were in great condition and they didn't need to be changed for a long time. They didn't charge him anything for the diagnosis.

Like many other car places, they could have duped him and replaced the pads, swindling him out of hundreds of dollars. But they were honest and forthright, forgoing a sale, just because they aren't like other car places. I know where I'm taking my Toyota next time it needs some work done. :)

Stephanie K. | 2011-08-20

Had a major service done on one car and a minor one on another. Both were done to my satisfaction. I just wish it hasn't taken so long in the store to get it all set up. The computer system at Pep Boys seems incredibly difficult for the service advisors to use. Only they ones who've been there for years can do it quickly. Prices are good, especially with a 15% off coupon--much cheaper than the dealer and less than my regular mechanic.

Altthough I would take my car there for tire issues or routine maintenance, I don't think it's the place to do for mechanical problem. That should go to a real mechanic.

Don't let them sell you on the fuel-system cleaning service unless your car actually has some miles on it. Then it makes sense, but not for a car with less than 75K....

Jump Dancer B. | 2011-07-08

Had a good visit recently. Got some help with window wipers, the clerk was aware and told me about another brand that was 50% off. This store is usually good at services and getting questions answered. I have had many oil changes and have purchased numerous auto parts over the years.

Alfred I. | 2011-05-30

I made a reservation online and when I got there, I was told that online reservation doesnt mean you have a appointment with them. And they asked me to wait for an 1:30 because I DIDNT CALL to make a appointment.

and they sound like why was I stupid enough to make a online appointment too.

Bad customer service, not sure about their work but I am not going back for sure.

Garrett F. | 2011-04-28

4 stars for staff and technicians.  2 stars for service.

Chris L. | 2011-04-14

The guys here are courteous, quick and efficient.  They changed the light for me on my 325i at a price that was much better than the dealer down the street.  They had recommendations for the tires on my car and answered all my questions.  Would recommend this place to anyone!  Plenty of parking and expertise here.

Janet D. | 2011-04-11

pretty clean store. friendly staff was greeted when i first walked in by a young gentleman. I did not like their set up though. It just didn't seem to flow like other pep boys stores.

Charles W. | 2011-02-17

Never thought I would bring my car in to Pep Boys except to buy parts (always preferred mechanics who specialized in certain brands/models) but...

I popped (literally) one my run-flat tires on a pothole from hell, so I went in for some tires because they had the best deal locally (and about the same price as online, after rebate).

I talked with Adrian on the phone, he helped me rush to get the cheap tires I wanted, even though they weren't in stock. They had to be shipped from LA, but he helped me get them on the truck just in the nick of time (truck comes once a week). Came in the next morning, got my tires changed in under an hour. Middle of the afternoon on a weekday, no appointment necessary.

Not sure I would trust them with a mechanical diagnosis/repair just yet, but this was definitely a good experience for me on the easy tire change.

Margo G. | 2010-12-28

My car wouldn't start so after calling AAA and getting a quick charge, the closest place was here to get a new one.

Mind you I knew this before I got here but still they have to do a diagnostic for $15 that will confirm it. They reimburse the $15 if it is in fact the battery and not something else.

They are fast when getting your paperwork together and telling you your options but they aren't fast in the actual work.

I came in and asked how long it would take. They said about 15 min for the diagnostic and 30 or so to change the battery. I'm thinking it will take maybe an hour tops.


After about 45 minutes I asked how it was going and I actually saw them push my car into the garage to plug in to the diagnostic computer. I'm sure it would have been there longer had I not asked. I was there for almost 2 hours. I'm sure it would have taken longer but I decided to wait there and told them that I had an appointment at 3pm. I made it to my appointment but I was there from 1-2:45.

I would rather be told that it will take two hours and have it done earlier than saying it will take 45 minutes and I'm there almost 2 hours.

My battery was pretty fair priced. I had checked online before I went. They were friendly enough and luckily Dollhouse (one of my favorite shows) was playing.

Jen C. | 2010-09-23

don't go there-- horrible service, and horrible technique judgement.  Not only wasting your money, they will ask you to replace all your parts one by one till they found the problem.

This pepboys is the worst one I have been.  I spent 600 hundreds trying to fix check engine light with vibration problem and within 2 weeks, i have to bring my car in for 3 times and the car ended up with the same problem -- non fixing at all.  They can't allocate the problem but still charge you for the time and parts.  I feel I got ripped and they told me even if I go to the court, I will get nothing from them!!  Their manager John even yelled at me when I tried to argue their technique judgement --it is the worst business i ever met.  going to complain to BBB and may even go to the court.  I wasted my 600 hundred dollars...

T J. | 2010-09-20

See Samuel! Great customer service and quick battery install.

Rev. Dr. Christopher J. G. | 2010-09-11

2.5 hours for four new tires. And that was WITH an appointment.

I showed up about ten minutes early, and they got to me pretty quick, taking the paperwork and information pretty quick. The group of employees were very fun, but they weren't very attentive. They told me it would be about forty-five minutes, so I walked over th Barnes & Noble, then walked back. Total trip: 35 to 40 minutes.

My car hadn't moved from where I parked it.

Now, they were playing Dollhouse on the DVD in the waiting area, and I did have a book, but first I tried to ask how long it would be and I couldn't  find anyone to ask! No one was at the desk for about ten minutes.

A couple came in with a flat tire and were helped right away! I mean they came in for only one tire, and they were in an out in less than 20 minutes.

They didn't finish my tires for more than 2 and a half hours!

Not cool.

Ken F. | 2010-07-26

In short: not the cheapest, but still competitive pricing for a franchise with other perks...service is not fast. Come to save money, but not necessarily to save time.

This review is based on my experience of Pep Boy's TIRE REPLACEMENT, and more recently OIL CHANGE.

I originally went in for tire repair, but the mechanic said that because damage was done on the side, repair was not possible (this is fairly standard.)  My tires were due for a changeout within the year, so I went ahead with their recommendation to change out my tires.  They typically have a 'buy 3 get 4th tire free' promotion going on...this in addition to a manufacturer's rebate and Pep Boys rewards card yielded a deal that is quite competitive with something you can get if you are willing to put a little more time and research into.  If you already know which tires you want, you will probably not use Pep Boys as their tire selection is might consider drop shipment to some place like Tire Rack for installation.
Overall, the service was friendly and the pricing for the other items (wheel balance, alignment) seemed on par...they have a low price guarantee but I never challenged it as it seemed reasonable already.  I would have appreciated some assurance that my existing tires did not have any pro-rated value on them...I only drove them for about 24k miles.  They didn't bother to consider the tire's existing warranty (granted, this might have been a waste of time, but some assurance would have been nice.  As a consumer, I also should have been more aware of my existing tires' warranty before replacing them.)

OIL CHANGE (this was done a month after the tire change)
I originally went to Toyota's Express Lube, who quoted a 2-hour waiting time on a Saturday afternoon.  I didn't have that much time, so I went to Pep Boys, who quoted a 1-hour wait time for their "29-minute" oil change service (because some mechanics were at lunch).  I arrived at 12:55 pm and left Pep Boys at 3:30....over 2.5 hours total for the oil change.  The only saving grace was that it cost about $22 after taxes for a promotion.  Other drive thru services are definitely faster, but probably 3x more in cost.  Unlike the drive thru's, Pep Boys also does not seem to sell excessive services that you probably do not need.
And to make things slower, when you are working with the service staff at the write-up station, anyone who calls in by phone will probably take a higher priority than you, causing you to wait even more...and this will probably happen to you about 2-3 times while you are working with the staff (if it is a busy day).  I understand that times are hard and they need to get as much business as they can, but it doesn't help with customer satisfaction when you are treated this way.  They do have a waiting area where a TV/DVD is playing.  I think I saw Rush Hour 2 twice while waiting!

In short, Pep Boys is good if you want to save money and don't have time to research for better deals.  They are not the fastest (at least on the weekends) and you may need to wait around a bit.

Andrew K. | 2010-07-23

Not honest.  They are there to sell you things, so whatever that doesn't need to change, they will want you to change it.  avoid them at all cost.  Go to a trust worth small shop.

Tina S. | 2010-03-31

They had what I wanted, and it came with a return policy.

Some places, which shall not be named, don't allow you to return snow chains.... lame.

At least here you got a 30 day return policy as long as it is returned just the way you bought it: new.

Bijish R. | 2010-03-10

Visited bcoz of flat tire ...they charge 25$ for fixing it (def cheaper than Firestone ...40$ !!!) but i have to come down again as they didnt fix it properly ...though second time arnd they fixed it free of charge ...nonetheless i had to call AAA for flat tires

Safeer J. | 2010-03-05

Never trust the mechanics at Pep Boys!

I took my car in for an oil change. All's well and good, loved the customer service, loved the fact that they were so quick. Got my car a couple hours later and couldn't be happier with the $70 I spent on a synthetic oil change.

Fast forward to a month later; my oil light begins to come on intermittently, and I hear intermittent grinding noises from my engine. I go back to Pep Boys and ask them what's up. They say that I'll need an oil change and ask when my last oil change was, and I say "a month ago", then they ask "well how many miles have you driven in that time?". I just left.

I checked the oil dipstick... EMPTY! What. The. Hell.

I go buy a quart of synthetic oil, pour it in, and check the dipstick again. Still empty. At this point I'm wondering whether my oil is leaking out and ending up on the engine guard. I decide to add more oil, and maybe watch it leak out if there is a leak... I go back and buy two more quarts of synthetic oil.

Fill the first quart in, and checked the dipstick. LOW! Wow, so the oil is ending up in my engine, and not leaking out. I add the entire third quart in, and finally the oil is in the OK range.

My engine needs 4 quarts of oil. I put in 3 to get it to OK. This means there was only ONE quart of oil in there! I call my mechanically-inclined dad up, and tell him about having to add oil to my car. He asks; "Pep Boys?"... "YES!" He had had the same issue with them, but had checked the dipstick right after he got his keys back and had got them to add oil on the spot.

I had heard about dishonest mechanics, but never thought I'd encounter such a blatant case. Avoid Pep Boys at all cost.. if my engine knocked out on the freeway, that could have cost me dearly. Please, please, please avoid these guys.

riri m. | 2010-02-01

what a difference from the story road location!!!! (see my review for pep boys story rd) complete 360! john, the manager/supervisor gave me THE BEST customer service that i never got from the story rd location...i went in to replace crankshaft position sensor and i had purchased my part already from autozone...john took the time to explain to me it would benefit me if i bought their part instead b/c it comes w/a 3 month warranty, in case something goes wrong with it, so i purchased their part, no big deal...ill return autozone's part later...was quoted $97 for two hours labor, which was the same, but the part was $10 more than autozone's, but since i received superb customer service at this location, i didnt care...went to a nice cafe nearby and came back two hours later to find my car ready for me...they even explained to me my car had trouble starting, which i had been ignoring for a while :), and to my surprise they said it was due to the CPS and now it started w/no problem! whoo-hoo! one less issue to worry about! they even reset the codes that caused my service engine light to come on! im definitely going back here for any future service repairs!!!

PauloDennys T. | 2009-12-18

Me and My husband went to different pepboys due to my car stirring wheel is facing to the right. it` drive us nut..but just a few road test and 30 minutes waiting in this pep boys made our trip so worth while. The staff are very expirience,knowledgable and curteous. They will explain the diagnostics and detail steps needed and what they do. I will definetely recommend and come to this branch. Thank you again for all the mechanics!!!!!

Darin A. | 2009-10-24

Should have checked Yelp!

Car wouldn't start attempting to head home from work. Tried to jump it with a colleague thinking it was the battery, but nothing happened. Called Geico roadside service to get it towed somewhere. The woman I talked to knew Pep Boys was open late and in the hopes that it would be something simple I took it there.

What a mess. These guys are really disorganized. The head mechanic went home and the 3 others got it started by doing something with the starter to force it to turn over. That worked so they assumed the starter, but none of them felt confident they could replace it so I had to take a commuter train home.  They told me the order would go in first thing in the morning and it should be ready by 10.

10 am I roll in and see the hood up. They had started work, but had left it to do other things as they didn't know I was coming in. On top of that the mechanic didn't even know the problem. He just saw an order for a new starter so threw one in without even diagnosing himself.

So, a couple young guys take a guess the night before and write an order and the mechanic the next day takes it on blind faith. Great place. I guess this is a low cost place. Now I understand why.

P.S., while I was there another young woman was having similar troubles. Please avoid this shop.

Stephanie F. | 2009-09-17

Sherwin was very helpful.  I decided to take a chance going there, even though some, ok, a lot of the reviews here are really bad!

Hard to pass up half off installatin of shocks and struts, ya know?

Brought sons car in at 8:00AM, out by 2:00PM.  Shocks, struts, installation and alignment on 1998 Firebird, $404.36.  That is not a typo!  You can't beat that price!  That doesn't include the rebate on the Monroe shocks and struts!

Happy motoring!

Brody D. | 2009-08-30

!!!Garbage Customer Service Directed At The Auto Repair Center!!!

Went in for a $200+ battery, customer service was really helpful and quick up at the sales center. Everyone was friendly!!!
I didn't have much time to do it myself and on a Audi it's a bit more complicated. So the cashier tells me to go check with the service center real quick, cool dude. As soon as I get to the service desk this goofy looking high school drop-out doesn't even say hi or offers to help. So i went straight to the point "Just bought a batter how much to install it?" Doesn't look anything up or even said hi. "$60" With a bad attitude.Talking out of his ass.

This ones for you buddy!

Your the cashier guy working around 6ish last Saturday at the service center. Short crew cut white 18-20ish male mid 100'slbs. Stick your head up your ass. Yes we are all amazed that a no-one like you can even get a job! Especially coming from someone who looks like he would have child annoying, peeping tom, and back ally gay prostitution on his record.... We Are All Proud You Landed A Job But Chill.....

Your not a owner, manager, or one of the One of the 3 Pep Boys. So know your role kid and put a smile on that face while sitting behind that little cash register counting money that you will never see in your lifetime!!!

2 Star Is For Respect To All The Cool Kats At The Sales Dept.

Samuel H. | 2009-08-21

While in the area, I drove in at 11:30am and spoke to a service professional to book an appointment for 6:00pm that day. I gave him my name and number and he opened the appointment book and responded "Okay, I'll see you today at 6:00pm". Upon showing at 6:00pm, the service professional was not around and my appointment wasn't logged in their books. I spoke to another service professional, Sean Paul, at the counter who told me not to worry, but that they'll be able to do the tire installation "right away". He said it'll be done in an hour to an hour and a half. More than an hour later, a car is pulled off the racks and they roll another one in (not mine) I asked to speak to the manager, Jon.

At that time, I explained to them the scheduling error and that I should have been placed next in line. After some discussion Jon, the service manager, gave me my keys back without my car being serviced.

Here's my take on the scenario: Customers are lured in to wait for services that are not intended to be rendered in the time promised. First of all, the appointment should have been logged. If needed, Sean could have tried to identify the service professional to confirm the schedule. The affected customer could be placed next in line, but that may be a disservice to another waiting client. At the least, an accurate estimate of the wait time should have been provided. Ultimately, service manager should not have declined service due to Pep Boys' error.

Kristina H. | 2009-07-15

I have never met more pathetic employees in my life. Some lady found money at her place of business. A large lump sum of cash. Announced to the entire store that she was going to keep it. Obviously that money was going to paying for the car, or rent or something else important, none of which include her own wallet. I called corporate and they said my complaint cannot be official because it didn't pertain specifically to me. What kind of crap is that exactly?

I told them it DOES pertain to me, as she announced her disgusting behavior to the whole store, and I was in the store. I explained how many things that money could be used for and that he should call immediately to ensure the money has the proper protocol.

Other than that, they aren't all the knowledgeable and it isn't like you couldn't find the selection of parts and such at other automotive shops.


Bernard J. | 2009-06-28

My experience was like this, I was disgusted with the crap customer service that I get at Kragen auto, so I decided to check out Pep Boys.

I walk in, I'm immediately acknowledged and asked if I needed help, he looked up the part in the computer, walked me to the aisle with the bulbs and provided some very good suggestions.  I'm a happy customer and I will go back for more!

Retailers: If you haven't figured it out, the economy is crap right now, the dollar in my pocket is harder and harder to pull out.  This is the time to shine and provide even better than expected customer service.  If you provide so-so customer service, you are going to lose my business to a much cheaper store on the the internet.  Its your business to lose.

patricia n. | 2009-05-21

my rear brake-light is out. so, i went to pep boys 10min before
closing. as i was looking around hunting for the replacement
bulb, the manager of the store came up to me and offered to
help. "wonderful!" i thought to myself.  

i gave him the make and model and asked to direct me to
the replacement bulb section. he was very kind enough to go
with me, and pull the bulb off the shelf. *woot woot* i was in
and out of the store in 5min.


after my purchase, i went home and immediately went into
my truck to replace the bulb. O M G. he gave me the
"wrong bulb!" *argh*  (result: minus 1star)

back to the store i go today......

=== verdict ===

1. fast, prompt customer service is splendid

2. a tad careless i must say

i will go back today and we'll see how things go.

Scott L. | 2009-05-13

I needed a couple of tires for my car and had done exhaustive research over the internet and had got prices from a couple of different places. On a whim I decided to stop by this Pep Boys store and check their prices since they weren't available over the internet.

I waited for a minute in line and was helped by a friendly guy, think his name was Sam. I pretty much knew what I wanted but did have a couple of questions and Sam was more than happy to answer them. He did suggest a brand of tire that I wasn't familiar with but wasn't overly pushy about it and when I asked about another brand (the one I actually wanted) he listed off the benefits/differences in the brands and gave me a price. The cost was right in line with the other places I had looked at.

Since it was 7:45pm and they closed at 9:00pm I inquired as to what time they opened the next day and he asked if I wanted to go ahead and have them installed right then. I said "yeah that would be great". He asked me about the "extended protection plan", which most places really try to push on you, but when I said I wasn't interested he moved right along without trying to pressure me.

My daughter and I went and ate dinner and came back about 40 minutes later. Car was done, we paid up and drove out. No muss, no fuss. I would definitely recommend this store and I will be back the next time I need tires.

phinius m. | 2009-04-06

I like all parts stores, auto zone, kragens, and pep boys
however, I do not appreciate the employees choice of music
while im shopping, and turn off the rap music in the radio
section. Usually I let the manager know so I dont get stabbed by
the staff

Kerry W. | 2009-02-20

I (badly) needed to get new tires for my pickup me and wise Dad went there to get affordable tires.  Going out to the parking lot to leave, I saw a nail miraculously appear in the sidewall of my other car's tire.  This was in the parking lot of the Pep Boys...

At first we thought we picked it up on the street. But, the streets were very wet (it's had been raining for days) and this nail was bone dry.  The angle at which it was in the tire looked as if it was placed there by hand rather than the road.

We went back to see if they would plug the tire...First they said $30!!! Then after looking at the tire they said it's a liability.   So they said we could, of course, buy another tire there.

I was suspicious but after a few days and purchasing my own tire plug kit elsewhere I realized that we were at PEP BOYS.  Why didn't they suggest that we could do it (for $5) in the store.  I smell FRAUD.

Eli T. | 2008-11-03

I usually come here when I need gaskets for my exhaust. They allow me to go behind the counter and look for the exhaust gasket I want which allows me to compare the old gasket from the new one. You guys allowed us to use some tools while we were there and that is a life saver. I would say that sometimes you don't have things such as thermostat gaskets for some cars but I would still come back. I'm a gluten for punishment so to speak.

Eugene F. | 2008-09-17

Admittedly, I don't know much about cars.  I know how to put gas in, put in window washing fluid, and change wipers.  However, there are some things that I leave to the professionals like changing oil and since a lot of the bulbs on my car that are hard to change, I let the professionals do it.   My headlight went out, and while I've changed them out before on my own, I decided to see how much they would charge to replace them for me at Pep Boys.

I priced it out:  $30 for me to do it myself, and then I ask the guy behind the counter and asked him how much it would cost for them to do it for me, and he told me $72!  Needless to say, I walked away from the counter, purchased my own bulbs, and prayed that the interweb had instructions on how to do it.

I made my way home, checked the interweb, and lo and behold, there were some there, and I did it on my own--in less than 10 minutes.  $70 for that?!?!  Whatever!  I can now include one more thing to my list of car "can do's".  :)

cin F. | 2008-08-06

OmG i luv dis place. I get my tires done, tail lites, alinments done, engine diagnoses here. Everything I need is done here. They can get backed up tho, so go there b4 the rush. This place is awsum because i ve been to places that have messed up my car instead and dis place does not do that, which made me so happy. I dont kno anything about cars yet there really nice and tell you wats wrong, and how there going to fix it. i ve been going bak ever since. Highly recommended!

sherrie g. | 2008-08-01

John and Sherwin have done an amazing job keeping my car running.  when I go to this pep-boys, I'm not afraid that I'll be told that I need work that I don't or that I'll pay more than I need to. they are great. I recommend them for any auto work.

Nancy M. | 2008-07-08

Ill be generous here because they really have not done me any harm.  They always get my car fixed up with the things I need and its done in reasonably short amount of time.  I think people would give this place better ratings if they didn't have to come to mechanic in the first place.

In other words if you come in with a bad attitude of course your going to be peeved at anything they say.  Right?  

But I come here cuz its cheap.  :o)

Christine A. | 2008-07-01

This Pepboys is the best out of all of the local ones. Story Rd and Sunnyvale. Okay so I'm a little biast because my husbands the CSM but honestly, the service here is a lot better. Whenever I come in I see less people complaining than they do at Sunnyvale. If you need help as in getting your car serviced ask for Adrian cause he'll help you out! This store usually gets busier than the Sunnyvale one but overall the help and service is better so it's understandable. If you need help on the retail department ask for either Sal, Brandon or Tony and you'll get what you need RIGHT.

Aubrey M. | 2008-06-12

i would give this place 2 stars for the 2 months the brakes on my car were actually okay, but it doesnt really deserve it... i started hearing a strange scratching noise everytime i turned my car... now i got my brakes fixed... what... a month and a half ago? no issue with the brakes... must be with the car... then things got worse...

i was then un able to brake... the car just wouldnt stop. i had 10 seconds between stepping on the brake, and coming to a stop. and in 3 days, i was taking a trip to San Francisco... yea... that would go over really good... so i took my car in... albeit to a different pep boys... and come to find out... hrmmm... THEY DIDNT TIGHTEN ONE OF THE BOLTS ON MY BRAKE!!!! so, yea... their fault... no charge... but whats worse... whats worse happened a week later... (see pep boys on story rd for the continuation of this horror story...)

qirk z. | 2008-01-20

c'mon, your light bulb selection is pathetic.

Patrick J. | 2007-12-12

This place sucks. The first time I went here it was for an accessory belt replacement. The service rep had an attitude of "what the hell do you want?", as if I was wasting his time. After picking up my car I went home and decided to check my air filter and fluid levels before going to Jiffy Lube for an oil change. Inside the engine compartment I found a large metal bar sitting on top of the radiator that they had left inside! It appeared to be a metal tube they were using for a breaker bar to loosen/tighten bolts. To top it all off, ever since they replaced the accessory belt, I have been losing coolant. This leads me to believe that they most likely damaged the radiator or pump gasket while working on my car!

I eventually found out, thanks to Jiffy Lube, that my radiator was cracked. I went back to Pep Boys (foolishly) and asked for the price of getting the radiator replaced. The service rep (same one as before) once again had an attitude of "what the hell do you want?". He stated the cost of labor would be $140 and that the radiator would have to be ordered. I asked how much the part was going to cost, and he just replied "it has to be ordered". I asked him about how much the part would cost based on his experience, and he replied "don't know, it'll have to be ordered." So, I asked him if he can find out the price, and he said: "nope". Great f-ing attitude. Needless to say, I am never going back here.

Ray C. | 2007-10-13

Came there for some supplies that only they carried locally. They had it, I bought it. No drama. However, while I was there, I overheard one person behind the counter speaking rudely to an asian gentleman who obviously didn't speak english well. You're working retail in CUSTOMER SERVICE. Get a grip. The LEAST you have to do is be nice.  

Here's how the convo went: A Honda? What kind of Honda? There are many different kinds of Honda. Odyssey, Civic, Accord, which kind?  

Well, I don't have it. I don't have it in stock. (in a demeaning tone)

Yah, you didn't think big brother was listening and repeating it on the interweb huh, buster?

Gene A. | 2007-07-09

This place isn't too bad.  The customer service is relatively good and they actually had the part I was looking for.

Eric L. | 2007-04-24

This place has the WORST customer service!  I went in there A MONTH ago to order a K&N filter for my car.  My friend went in a week earlier and was able to get the SAME filter for a good price, so I asked for his receipt hoping to get a price match from the store.  The manager was incredibly rude, accusing me of "playing some sort of tricks" (the list price of the filter was $55, but my friend got it for $40 for some odd reason) and told me: "DON'T COME BACK IN A MONTH AND PULL THIS TRICK AGAIN!"  Needless to say, I'm really pissed off until today.......and still w/o the filter (called over 5 times over the course of the month, and every time I was told the filter has not come in yet)

I would NEVER go back to this place again, all the employees are just wondering around slacking off and not doing what they were supposed to do - CUSTOMER SERVICE!

Julia W. | 2006-03-22

It's a big store with lots of things for cars.  They DO sell snow tire chains.  Although the isles are well labeled i would rather have someone point me in the right direction than waste time browsing in a store where there is absolutely no chance of me finding some item I didn't know I needed.  After hunting down a sales guy who was decidedly uninterested in helping me, I stood in line forever watching several employees mill about behind the counter (who i can only guess don't know how to work a register) waiting for the single cashier to ring me up.  Not super impressed with the service here.