Ocean Motors in San Jose, CA

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On this page you can find detailed information about the company Ocean Motors in San Jose, CA.

The following is provided current addresses and telephone numbers of all branches car dealer Ocean Motors, and using the card, you can easily locate it visually. Also on the page provides information on dealer Ocean Motors in other cities in the California.

Ocean Motors

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(408) 621-9936
Address:52 Harold Ave, San Jose, CA, 95050

Reviews on Ocean Motors

Steph C. | 2011-03-27

Ok. So if I could go drive the car into the building I would but it doesn't work so I can't.

A year ago a lady carelessly hit my car on the commute home from work and totaled my car. My precious car. Long story short, I was hurt and my dad decided to "take care of business" and go out and find me a new car for the time being so I could heal and head back to work.

He tells me he found a listing online for a car. He goes and checks it out. Tells me its decent and he buys it.

FIRST OFF.. My dad isn't the smartest person in the world when it comes to street smarts and I really have to say that these people took advantage of him.

1) They didn't even have the proper key to the car. There is this chewed up replacement key that they gave my dad where it doesn't open ANYTHING but the driver side door and you can only stick it in half way in order to open it...

2) the rear view mirror, the vanity mirrors AND the passenger side view mirror are all broken. Vanity mirrors fall off, rear view mirror is stuck in 1 place and the passenger side view mirror won't move.

3) 4 months in my alternator dies

4) 5 months in my axle breaks AND my car battery dies (the mechanic told me that the car was in bad shape and it looked like it had been for a long time)

5) 6 months into owning this piece of shit I was leaving work when all of a sudden TA-DA a car alarm goes off. To my freaking surprise it was MY CAR ALARM. HELLO! you don't bother telling us that there is a F*CKING ALARM ON THE CAR?!?!?!? What did I have to do?! call my AAA to have them break the alarm because every time I open the door with my F*CKING FAKE KEY the alarm goes off.

So I'm at a point where I'm about to torch the car on the lawn.

6) 9 months in my engine starts smoking, the roof leaks and the windshield wipers break. (now)

NOW ITS PRESENT TIME.. 9 months I had this car which is LESS then 10 years old which we bought for $5k. I looked at the paper work that they gave my dad and the 'carfax' showed that 2 people previously owned the car but no serious accidents.

I know its half my fault. I'm not blaming the whole fault on these people. Its partially on me for not checking up on everything first. I'm just really super pissed off that these people call themselves a "business" while making money off shit ass pieces of cars. There is no doubt in my mind that they knew that this car was worthless yet they still sold it. NOT ONLY is it worthless but its unsafe. The car has stopped multiple times on me while driving and it has cost over 3k in repairs in less then a year. in 9 months of buying this piece of shit its dead. I can't drive it anymore. The car fills with smoke when I drive it.

I really hope that if you are looking for a car you DO NOT COME HERE

p.s. ALSO, it took them 5 months for them to send me my paperwork for the car. License etc.. they kept on saying "oh.. I'll look into it.." "ill see what I can do" FOR 5 MONTHS. I finally went by picked up my paperwork because they didn't have the business mind set to finish a freaking sale by mailing the dam paperwork that they were suppose to "2 weeks" (quoted) after the sale. I swear to God... THESE ARE THE MOST SHADY BUSINESS PEOPLE I HAVE EVER GAVE MY BUSINESS TO. If you have questions feel free to private message me and if you are the owner of this "business" go to hell.

Marcus Z. | 2008-02-23

I bought a used 528i which was listed on Craigslist. The car was $2000 under the KBB value, so I was really suspicious. But already after calling them up, I noticed that those are really nice people. I made an appointment, test drove the car. The car was running and looking perfect (inside out). The guy selling me the car was really easy to deal with and I had a good feeling about the deal. I had the car now for 2 month and it is perfect. There is always some luck involved buying a used car, but I had the feeling that I was dealing with honest people.