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Established in 1998.

Oak Tree Mazda was acquired from the Allison Family in 1998. It has been part of the Del Grande Dealer Group for over 11 years and has consistently led as the largest Mazda Dealer in Northern California. Oak Tree Mazda is also one of the top Dealers in the United States for both Sales and Customer Satisfaction, offering customers not only an award winning line up of vehicles, but also a unique showroom experience, with its recently constructed "Retail Revolution" facility.

Oak Tree Mazda has again been honored with Mazda's TOP awards including the highly coveted, "President's Club", the Mazda "Gold Cup" and "Full Circle Service" Awards.

Oak Tree Mazda - great customers...great employees...great vehicles!

Oak Tree Mazda

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(877) 850-8062
Address:4250 Stevens Creek Blvd, San Jose, CA, 95129
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: 10:00 am - 8:00 pm

Reviews on Oak Tree Mazda

Geeta S. | 2015-04-20

Well I have removed 2 stars for making us buy extended warranty and for hooking up with mazda finance for high rate of interest.

We bought our first car from this dealer and Ignacio was our representative. He was very warm and was helping to make us understand about our car BUT I didn't like the fact that they forced us to buy the extended warranty. I am gonna go and try if they cancel it now and will be updating this review based on that..

Julian M. | 2015-04-20

I've serviced my car today ,the girls at the service desk are very good ..thank you !!!

Dana W. | 2015-04-20

I am in the process of relocating to California from Georgia so needless to say it has been a  logistics obstacle course. My husband and I decided not to ship our very larger SUV from Georgia.  I typically don't like to deal with dealership s at ALL and my husband and I have an elaborate system so that I don't have to. I can honestly say that the staff at this dealership went out of their way to make things very convenient for me. Bryan Cortillo picked me up from the rail station after an almost 2 hr trip to get there from my job. He is super personable and put me at ease. The sales manager worked with my husand O'Neal before I arrived and they had everything arranged for me. ngedn hanworked at a brisk pace after closing time so  I only wish all of my interactions could have gone this well. I would definitely be at ease at this dealership.

Christina M. | 2015-04-19

I recently got in a car accident and got my car totaled. 100% not my fault. Now on top of all this hassle, I had to go car shopping, again! My old car had only been mine for 2 years! Since I just recently moved to the South Bay I decided the best place to car shop had to be on Stevens Creek, right? I looked around online at a few places before finding my future car at Oak Tree Mazda.
I ended up getting a used Ford Fusion from them (not a Mazda), but I couldn't pass up the deal. As soon as I got there I mentioned the car I saw online. Within minutes I was on a test drive. The salesperson I dealt with was O'neil. He was very polite and friendly. I didn't feel like he was trying to push the car on me at all.
Now the nervous part starts. I don't have the best credit in the world, but Keith, the sales manager guy (with O'neil's help) made it happen. Nana in finance was also super friendly. She explained everything I was signing to me in a way I could understand and helped me pick the best warranty based on my needs.
Woo hoo, I'm the owner of a new car! But I had a rental car I had driven myself to the lot in, that needed to be returned, and cleaned, and filled up with gas. Oops, I should have probably done some of that prior to showing up to the dealership. Without question, O'neil helped me clean out the rental, follow me to get gas, and return it to Hertz. I repeatedly apologized for wasting so much of his time and it didn't even phase him. He looked happy to help.
I guess all those DGDG commercials I see are true. I am a happy car buyer! I hope I don't need a car anytime soon, but if that's my luck, then I'll be back.

Amy I. | 2015-04-16

I love this place. I've been here a couple time searching for the perfect car. Finally found exactly what I wanted a 2012 Scion XD the car was in my price range and everything! The perfect car for me! And even better when I arrived for a final test drive they had the car detailed and all ready for me. The process was painless and pretty quick, definitely faster and easier then I expected. High recommended, everyone who asks about my car I tell them to go to Oak Tree Mazda.

Lindsay M. | 2015-04-12

One word: AMAZING! My entire experience here was incredible! I went to 4 other dealerships before I went to Oak Tree Mazda and I didn't get half of the service I got with these guys! The staff was awesome, they were super personable, friendly and knowledgeable. I went in knowing I wanted to new Mazda 3 but didn't know which model I wanted or features they had. The managers Keith and Ryan were so incredibly helpful! They were friendly, professional and made the whole process a walk in the park. Really cool guys! O'Neal helped me out with all the questions I had about the car while I was on the test drive and he showed me how to use all the cool gadgets and features that I had NO idea that Mazda's even had! He really knew his stuff! Once I picked out the perfect car for me, Jason got me all squared away with the paperwork and he walked me through all the steps. He was very specific in explaining all the paperwork and what I was signing. I am so happy with my experience and especially with my brand new car! I am hoping to have my car for a long time but when the time comes I will definitely be coming back!

N B. | 2015-04-02

So my first review was for the sales department, and now I'm back for service! I waited around at the dealership for my routine oil change which was finished much quicker than I expected! Ana and Eugenia are such sweet ladies! I'm definitley going to continue to bring my car back to this service department.
If you choose to wait for your car while it gets serviced, they have a great area with coffee, tea, water and even a TV to keep you entertained! The sales team I worked with when I bought my car recognized me and came over to chat and ask how I was enjoying my vehicle.
Overall, this dealership is a great place. I refuse to go anywhere else now. Their staff in every department are always so helpful, knowledgable, and have the best attitudes. Thanks Oak Tree for another great visit!

Jaime N. | 2015-04-02

Told me I wouldn't get a lower interest rate, bad customer service, unorganized, no sense of urgency, they can care less about there customers, misleading information. They told me I would not get approved for anything else but a basic touring model.

I went to Fremont mazda got a better rate than my credit union much better inventory, I bought the Grand Touring model!!! ... My sales rep bought me lunch!!! Go see Jason at Fremont Mazda!!! They'll treat you better and sell you a car!! Much happier there I also got the warranty and maintenance and gap!!! Woohoo!!!!

I told Zach when he wants to make real money he should transfer to Fremont Mazda he was the only person here at oak tree that didn't treat me like crap I even thought about spending more here because of him and it's closer but in the end much happier I bought where I bought.

Vivien B. | 2015-04-02

The Gm reached out to us to apologize for the poor experience we received and that he has spoken to everyone that was involved so that this doesn't happen to another client. I know sometimes people do make mistakes, thanks for reaching out to us.

Megan P. | 2015-04-02

Came here for a quick oil change and the service was simply fabulous! Everyone in service was extremely helpful and happy and they even gave me a free car wash. While I waited for my car wash, I asked the nice receptionist if I could get some assistance with looking at a new 2016 CX-5 and she was swift to get me some help. I got greeted by Jay who was right off the bat, super friendly and quick to answer all of my questions. I wanted to know what was better about these new models and what had changed and he brought me over to the CX-5 that was right in the showroom and pointed out how the screen changed, how it now comes with all the buttons right below the shift knob and how the Navi improved. I was taken aback by all the neat features and I fell in love even before driving it. When we got to take the test drive, the car was smooth, not too loud, easy and extremely fun to drive and absolutely super comfortable! I have been thinking about trading in my Mazda and I just might. Jay was not at all pressuring me into buying right at that moment and he gladly gave me his contact info so that if I had any future questions, I knew I could reach him. Thank you Oak Tree Mazda for such exceptional service and I will be back for my next new car!

Ashu B. | 2015-03-29

Once they know you need the car, they change the deal the next day! Ended up not buying the car because of their changing mind. The people I dealt with were Robert & Jason.

Michael C. | 2015-03-25

Went to Oak Tree on 3/22 just to test drive. Well ya that didn't happen. We arrive 15 minutes before they were actually open but were lucky enough that Jay Smith was there to help us out. I knew I wanted a Mazda 3  and we took it for a test drive. I loved it immediately and knew i would be taking it home. Jay was knowledgeable, down to earth and didn't try to give me any b.s add ons that he knew I wasn't looking for. I got a great deal and i'm happy about the whole process. I would definitely recommend Jay to friends, family and anyone else looking for a great car buying experience.

Giselle P. | 2015-03-23

My 1st visit to OTM was the Sunday of President's Day Weekend...duh, I should have known better than to drop in on a holiday weekend without an appt!  After visiting 2 other dealerships that day with no problems, I figured I would check out Mazda too, but no one was available to take me on a test drive.  It was fine though, since I was able to go outside, roam the lot and check out the CX-5's.

I came back a week later and was passed over to Bryan Carrillo.  He showed me the CX-5's and took me out for the test drive.  Unlike at some of the other dealerships I'd been to, Bryan was much more personable, laid back yet still professional.  I definitely felt more comfortable talking to him, and he answered all my questions without making me feel pressured.

It took 2 more visits after that until I actually bought my (super fly) CX-5, because I was still deciding which car I wanted, and once I decided on Mazda, the negotiations began... This part was, of course, the most challenging part of the process, and I had done hours of research and talked to a few coworkers and clients who knew their stuff, so I felt prepared!  Even though I ended up walking away after the first couple of hours, and contacting a few other Mazda dealerships in the Bay Area, I ultimately came back to Bryan to close the deal.  He was also great about following up with me and checking in with me during these few weeks.

If you're in the market for a Mazda, I highly recommend going to Bryan!  Also, Nana Nettavong, the Finance Director, was great too.  She made the process of signing all the contracts and paperwork a lot more enjoyable.  Overall, my first experience buying a car on my own was pretty great because of these two at Oaktree Mazda!

Siddharth S. | 2015-03-22

One star since I can't give zero. Waited an hour and a half with absolutely no information given about how much time it would take to do a test drive, after which I was told to come another day. Staff really didn't seem to care. Won't be coming here again.

Paul S. | 2015-03-15

Came in to check out a few used options I saw online, wanted to upgrade my current Mazda3 2006. Arash was our sales rep, and I have nothing but amazing things to say about him. We went from looking at two different used models, then actually a few new ones. We even dragged him over to pick up a color not found on the lot from their storage lot. After seeing the 2015 in person, we decided we wanted ANOTHER color, which was on a lot 1 hour away.

Through all this time, Arash was AWESOME! He was patient, never pushy, and gave us space to think when we needed it. In a 95 degree day walking all over the lot for a few hours, I am sure we tested his patience! In the end we settled on a new 2015 Mazda3 hatchback at a price we all agreed was fair. He even drove an hour to go pick up our car for us!

Jason on the finance team also smoothly completed our paperwork and explained everything swiftly.

The entire time we never felt pressured, and would definitely recommend anyone reaching out to Arash for future purchases!

Sara N. | 2015-03-15

This place doesn't even deserve one star. Byron or whatever the hell his name is, is the most sexist human being I've ever met. After my poor boyfriend went through putting down a deposit for the car Byron then tells us it's going to be a while to get the money back. I would understand this if I'm 30 but my boyfriend is 20, 500 dollars is a lot of money and right when I told Byron that this was not okay he immediately gave me attitude. The other night when we were interested in the car he was telling us very sexist remarks about his coworkers and talking about women during their periods. Either way this man is extremely unprofessional and should not be talking to people this way and treating them this way. I am extremely appalled at this establishment

Deanna P. | 2015-03-15

Just bought my Mazda CX-5 Grand Touring from Jon H at Oaktree Mazda. Could not have asked for a better experience. Thank you Jon, I love my car! I would recommend this dealer and Jon for your next purchase. Thanks!

Amanda M. | 2015-03-14

Was very easy to get a car here! Rachel helped means she was very nice! She wasn't pushy at all and she was willing to help in any way. I left with the car of my dreams and I'm very happy! They helped me lower my monthly payments as well. Would highly recommend it

Lisa M. | 2015-03-11

Short Mike was awesome.  So friendly, genuine and sincere.  Our experience at Oak Tree Mazda could not have been any smoother.  We love our new CX-5 and would highly recommend them to everyone.  this is our third Mazda so I guess we are officially a Mazda family and Mike is a big part of that.

Kartik A. | 2015-03-05

Went to check out the new car. The sales person was rude, inhospitable and tried to impose the deal. Quoted the price of newer model version for an older and lower trim car. Please avoid.

Angela C. | 2015-03-04

I have never had a more fun experience buying a car! The team at Oak Tree Mazda was amazing! They were able to work within our budget, give us the car we needed, and even threw in some extras!
Norm, our salesman was amazing! He went to bat for us and got our payments down to a range we could handle. He is extremely personable and funny and really made us feel good about spending a ton of money! We had to sacrifice some of the extra coverage to get our payments down but when we went to deal with the finances Na Na crunched the numbers and was able to include everything for the same payments! Na Na is equally amazing and fun!
They even filled the tank before we left! We had to come back at a later date to get our car detailed because it wasn't even on the lot yet when we purchased! Came back and saw the crew and again, refilled our tank at no cost!
Please go see Norm, Na Na, Ryan, and Jason and the great team at Oak Tree Mazda! Never had a more pleasurable car buying experience. You will not be disappointed!

Sophia H. | 2015-02-28

Bf and I had a really pleasant experience buying a car here with Ignacio. We really appreciated how smooth the everything was. Ignacio was very easy going and helpful with all of our questions. He was also very accommodating when we decided to check out a car different than the one we originally came to pick up.

Overall we were happy with our Mazda 3 hatchback deal as we'd been shopping around. Will definitely return in the future if we're looking for another Mazda!

Mars C. | 2015-02-24

So, I didn't buy a car from here but I did test drive the Mazda 3. it wasn't a good fit for me but my choice was 100% about the car and not the sales or service. Bryan was the only sales rep (I have been to so many dealerships at this point) who actually drove a Mazda. he clearly LOVES the product and was very enthusiastic, knowledgeable and sincere.

I think he is a great sales rep and that if you are in the market for a Mazda, buy from him! he was willing to work with me, open about costs. he wasn't overly pushy but he was responsive to questions.

Phuong H. | 2015-02-21

Diagnosis charge without doing work on the car.  I could take an educated guess.  

Long wait

Parts not in stock

I would prefer to discuss service with a mechanic rather than someone who doesn't know cars.  

They recommend services that is not needed.  

Buy your parts online instead.

The most helpful ppl are the parts guy n cashier.

Julie N. | 2015-02-21

I do not recommend coming here for service :( :( :(

Got a 5k check up including oil change, tire rotation and a "full circle service inspection" for $85 -not including car wash or decent customer service. It took 4 hours to get the car back on a Saturday. The guy who helped us was rude and made it seem like we were inconveniencing him... ... ... No redeeming factors to getting service done here- won't be coming back.

Erika D. | 2015-02-18

I was trying to buy a 2003 BMW for my daughter. Price list was $8500, a fair price due to low mileage of the car. (75,000). The thing is that they told me that I was approved by a credit union with a rate of 8.5% which will give me a total monthly payment of  $150. When I was ready to sign the papers, they told me that I had to buy a gap insurance and a three years warranty!!. Adding $850 for the gap insurance and $4200 for the warranty. So new total payment would be $275!!!. That was ridiculous. So I declined to accept that payment, and they said that it was a credit union's requirement and that they will have to talk to the credit union to confirm if I could avoid that EXTRA increase on my payment. Of course the car was sold to another person with better credit than mine. This is discriminatory. Don't even try going there to buy a car. they will try to make you pay more. You are warned now.

Thil A. | 2015-02-17

This time I visited OTM for a 50k mile service on my recently purchased used Mazda. I found that the same service at OTM was cheaper than at a usual mechanic, which was unexpected.

When I arrived I was greeted and taken care of by Eugenia Pineda. She was quick and to the point, and this became clear as I witnessed Mazda after Mazda rolling in for work - a very efficient shop! Once things settled, Eugenia was very friendly and courteous - she even took care of a personalization feature on my vehicle at no added cost - Brilliant!

In and out in exactly the estimated 2 hours - a professional and clean job, with the peace of mind that comes with having work done at a Mazda dealership.

Highly recommend OTM for Mazda service and a lot of praise to Eugenia for dealing with her workflow in an efficient and friendly manner.

Great stuff, will come back in the future!


Jonathan C. | 2015-02-16

So the online service is really pushy. From my experience. We actually went to the dealership and walked around for a while nobody came and talked to us when we were roaming around the dealership. We walked inside the office building and we were passed on to Ignacio. We asked him to show us the new 2016 CX-5. He showed us and new what the cars features were, he was not pushy at all. He made sure we were making the right decision from the start. He guided us right to the end. The car that we wanted was actually at the other dealership, but he managed to get us the car we wanted nothing more nothing less. Ryan, the financial manager was great he showed us options that we had and managed to get us the deal we wanted. We had a great experience with these two employees and from their customer service we were very satisfied. I'm glad we came here to purchase this vehicle.

I would go there again to purchase another vehicle from these guys.

Again overall amazing experience

Customer service is a 10 from Ignacio and Ryan

Beverly A. | 2015-02-14

I purchased my 2013 Mazda last night, awesome customer service. Everyone was very helpful. I mostly worked with Jay Smith. He was friendly and very easy to deal with. The best part about my experience was no one was pushy for me to buy the car. This ordeal was a 2 day experience for me since I wasn't sure if it was the right purchase for me and they didn't hassle me one bit. I also have to say Jason the one I worked with finances with was great too. Jason made sure I understood everything I was signing and happily answered any questions.

Sandra S. | 2015-02-07

I wish I could review Oak Tree Mazda.  We tried to go twice this afternoon but couldn't get into the driveway, there was absolutely nowhere to park, no assistance from not one but two salespeople who just looked on as we tried to find a parking space at the dealership.  

We were seriously looking at purchasing a new car in the next few months but Oak Tree Mazda off of Stevens Creek Blvd does not seem to want new business.

Jonathan A. | 2015-02-01

I just bought my Mazda 6. Alfred Oshagi help me all the way, from test driving until dealing for the car. As someone who have never bought a car, he is really a great help. He was able to get me a better deal for the car and help adjust all the equipment. Overall I enjoy the visit and happy with the purchase of my new car.

Bonnie M. | 2015-01-28

I was helped by Norm Arnold, who greeted me quickly and enthusiastically. He let me pretty much drive any and all cars I desired, and he was informative and friendly while we drove together. I was looking at 3 different types of cars, and so didn't make any commitments during my two visits there, but Norm didn't pressure me with "closing questions" while I took my time to decide.  I appreciated that.  The store location itself is pretty busy. But if you can tough out the drive through uber-crowded Stevens Creek Boulevard, go visit Norm and Oak Tree.  The inventory is large, and Norm is the best!

Sean P. | 2015-01-16

I recently purchased a 2015 Mazda 3 i hatchback from this dealership, and I couldn't be happier with the car. There are actually two Mazda dealerships closer to my home than this one but since I was in the area one day, I decided to check out the car I planned to purchase. As I walked around the lot me and my girlfriend joked about how long it would take for a salesman to try and sell us a car. We have both had experiences with sleazy car salesmen and were expecting the same but we were pleasantly surprised when we were approached by Robert Beltran.

Robert Beltran is the ONLY reason I am giving a 5 star review. If it were not for him I probably would have purchased the vehicle at one of the dealerships closer to my home. He showed genuine interest in our wants and needs when it came to purchasing a car, and he spoke to us like we were more than just a sale. He was honest about everything and communicated extremely well with me over a couple weeks. I did extensive research on the vehicle and pricing, and he was honest and knowledgeable about that as well.

I almost left the dealership after interacting with someone from their financing department who seemed to have no interest in actually helping me. I forgot his name. He knew all the numbers I was working with and still tried to add on $7,000 worth of services to the price I had already agreed on. Of course I understand that is how the business works but it would have been nice if he showed more of a genuine interest in my concerns instead of only seeming to care about profiting from the sale.

At the end of the day I stuck around because of Robert. He assured me that it was just business and made sure I was comfortable during the whole process. I can't recommend Robert Beltran enough. If you are looking to purchase a Mazda, definitely talk to Robert.

Robert Beltran: 5/5 Stars.

Anna N. | 2015-01-09

I've always had good service here (as opposed to Capitol Mazda). This morning I came in to check my tire pressure after the warning icon lit up in my Mazda. I was told that the wait would be an hour and a half, which I wasn't able to stick around for because I had work. The service guy Jerry (what are they called?) said their next available appointments were in the middle of next week. As I was pulling up my schedule to make an appointment, he said he didn't want me to be driving around on deflated tires and asked me to pull my car up.  It took him about ten minutes to adjust the air in my tires and he also taught me how to reset the warning icon.  I consider this going way above and beyond regular customer service and it was very much appreciated.

Wei Y. | 2015-01-09

My wife and I was looking for a used car as our second car. We went through the Stevens Creek Blvd on the Friday evening. After experience a poker-faced sales in Honda, Andy from Oak Tree Mazda surprised us. Based on our requirements, he recommended us a wonderful car, told us the detail with patient and lead us for a test drive. We even didn't have plan to but a car at that day, but the car is so great and Andy and Ryan is so nice. So we bought the car, and now we are so happy to have this 2009 Altima, it is indeed in a good condition.

Oh, during the weekend, I found there is a little scratch on the car. So I went back to Andy on the next Monday, he leaded me to the service department and helped me to polish the body immediately.

I just relocated to US for half year, and I worried it is not easy to buy a used car in this unfamiliar place. But Oak Tree Mazda really surprised me. Thank you!

Arash A. | 2015-01-07

Good customer support they're on time washed my car not very well but it's okay !!! Other things are good

Arielle D. | 2015-01-04

Purchased my Blue Reflex Mica Mazda3 Touring at Oak Tree Mazda last week! Overall, I had a great experience purchasing the car. Throughout the time, from when I walked in to when I walked out with the keys in hand, I was treated with respect. I really value this, because as a young woman, I am often not taken seriously when I step onto a car lot. However, I was approached by Robert, who worked with my family and I to close the deal the next morning. Robert was fantastic through the process, in explaining to me all the differences between the trims, test drive, etc. Once I came back to the dealership, I was out with my new car within an hour and a half/ two hours. Wanted a short sweet and simple deal, and that's what I got! I believe that I got a great deal on the car, and thus far I am really happy. Will update my review when I take it in for its first service!

Daina M. | 2015-01-02

So helpful.  Took there time and gave me free help on two different occasions.  Helpful people.

Molly K. | 2015-01-02

During my search to buy my first car I came here and test drove a car with Carlos Rosario. He was very helpful and not too pushy. He followed up and made it clear that he would be able to match any other quote I received from another dealer. Although I did not end up going with the Mazda, I appreciated the help from Carlos and his laid back feel that made the process a little less stressful. Thanks Carlos!

Jon S. | 2015-01-02

Internet sales person, John, could not have been more helpful. Sound and solid advice.

Daniela N. | 2014-12-30

Yay, love my new ride from here! When I went here (with my dad I am not afraid to admit, nice to have someone who is much more experienced with car buying than me in tow!) we got Alfred to help us. I told him what I wanted (grey Mazda 3, stick shift) and he said he was not sure they had manual in stock so we could walk around and check. They had one (just one?!) in stock and it was a hatchback which I am not a huge fan of, but I test drove it and loved it. Then it was time for paperwork which admittedly took forever, but I guess that is to be expected. He worked with us to figure out how much I should be paying per month and I feel like I got a good deal, especially since I originally was planning on getting the 2014 but ended up with the 2015 for the price I was hoping for. Woo! I had to wait a couple of days to pick up my car since they did not have a manual in stock, but now I happily have a silver, stick shift Mazda 3 2015! Alfred was also helpful in showing me how the audio and blue tooth works.

Sandra S. | 2014-12-30

Customer service after you buy a used car is rude. They can care less about you or what your problem is. Don't make me feel as if I'm inconveniencing you by bringing in a car you sold me extra insurance for.

Need to bring my car here for a key since I bought extra insurance here. I need to drop of my car a whole day just to get one key. No shuttle offered like on phone, no offered seating to wait. I'm in the cold outside the building waiting for a ride.

Next time I buy a car it won't be from here.

Jonathan T. | 2014-12-30

I walked into oak tree Mazda and Brian ended up helping me. There was no handshake or introduction initially. Brian seemed like I was just another tire kicker, based on how he was speaking. As I asked him more questions, he later then smiled and excitedly introduced himself to me. It was kinda awkward really. It shows that they really don't want to waste your time on you unless you show a high level of interest in purchasing a car. I didn't end up getting a car here anyways, but overall I'm satisfied with my experience here because Brian was direct and cut any and all forms of BS.

David L. | 2014-12-28

I just bought a new Mazda3 from Oak Tree mazda.  Had a truly exceptional experience with great service and a great price.  I worked with Scott Yeager and Jonathan Hayes.  They were very helpful, patient with my questions and a couple of test drives over three different visits to the dealership  They gave me a great price and followed through on all their promises and commitments.  I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a Mazda.

Sheina F. | 2014-12-27

I have the titanium insurance that they call it which is covering any maintenance of my car and i came there today to check for my car tire pressure since i cant figure out why the light was on. I waited and line and the guy didnt had my car check. He told me to go to a gasoline station and pug air in my car. My point is. Im paying an extra $200 for the maintenance and they cant even check my car tire pressure, and doesn't  cover my oil change which i know from buying my car they were selling it to us that the insurance or the addition $200 a month. Worst part is they have to schedule appointments. My point is if this is an emergency the customers of mazda cannot  depend on their promised services. Don't even try going there for the oil change, its a ripoff! they change $175 for oil change and tire rotation. Good year gives me a price of $36 and free tire rotation.

Robert P. | 2014-12-19

I really should have remembered to not go here for anything. After getting my car serviced (oil change and tire rotation) yesterday, I came home to see that there was a recall for my Mazda 6. Would it have killed them to check for me while I was there? Definitely going to a different dealership to get this done.

P.S. Am I the only person who doesn't get a complimentary car wash?

Edit: 12/29/2014
I was contacted by Manager directly about this issue. I was told that because of the drought in California, car washes were only given by request and there are signs about it. I've personally never seen it but I'll give him the benefit of the doubt.

He also offered to come get my car from either my work or house as to mitigate the inconvenience of having to bring my car in again. While this is a great gesture, I'm still sour about the situation and don't particularly trust the dealership right now. Provide great service from the get-go and you don't have to worry about patching it up with customers later. I give them an extra star because of the effort, but it's too little too late.

Mark R. | 2014-12-16

I was very satisfied with my car buying experience. I was a long time Nissan lease customer and truth be told always felt a bit beat up. Nothing in the Nissan line interested me, so I was happy to switch.

I came to Oak Tree for a test drive and was greeted by Arash Jaffari, who ultimately became my sales representative. He was low key and understood that I was in the looking stage. I felt that he was knowledgable and had clear recognition of my requirements.  I didn't buy immediately but definitely felt that the car that I was shown met my needs.

I took another test drive with the Volkswagen Golf; it is a great handling and performance built automobile and  lacked creature comfort. Middle aged guys tending towards fat, need a bit of softness and the Golf is lacking in that area. Even at the higher trim level, it wasn't enough to persuade me.  Obviously, I don't exactly fit the demographic and to get a back up camera, I needed a sunroof. Thinning hair is not really conducive to the open top experience, sad to say.

Returning to OakTree Mazda, I was ready to make a deal. Without boring the reader with the details, it was a very straight forward process. Looking at TrueCar and what I was willing to pay monthly made it easier in the decision making process. This is not to say that OakTree didn't try to upsell me insurance packages, such as Gap or extended warranties. Let's just say that that's the car biz and you need to expect that you're never leaving a dealership with the perfect deal. I felt good (emotional decision) and believe that I got the best deal that I could reasonably expect. Additionally, I needed to return my Nissan lease and Oaktree helped by following me over to the Nissan dealership. Not only did they do that but followed me home to collect a check from me, as the debit card had a stop limit on the card, fraud protection.

The only true negative is that parking is difficult.

Gautam C. | 2014-12-08

Came in for a tire rotation when the light came on on the dashboard. The guys up sold me a wheel balancing and when the car was handed back to me i noticed that the tire rotation was not done. How do i know this ? I had a cut in the side wall of one of the rear tires and luckly i had a pic on my phone to prove it as well. The tire was at the same exact spot and i had to convince the technician to do the rotation . The service manager just ignored me after that without as much as offering an apology. dont know what else they skip on when u bring ur car in.

Woochul L. | 2014-12-07

Scott and Jon were great.  They not only gave us very competitive pricing, but also helped us in every step of the car buying process, from picking up the color to getting the loan approved.  Explained everything in very detail, from getting services, ordering parts, etc.  If I buy another Mazda, I will definitely go back to them!

Paras V. | 2014-12-07

I went to this dealership with my homework complete on buying a car and what sort of pitfalls to avoid. I met this sales guy who was very nice and open in his dealings. I was assured of upfront rebates (if I qualified, which I did post they ran my credit checks) but as we got more into the financials with the invoice preparation, the U turns started to happen on all the discussion and conditions which I had agreed with the sales rep (note the sales guy was good, but the finance director dashed the entire deal). To list a few:-

1. I was assured of a $3800 rebate on the model that I was looking for but when the invoice was to be prepared the rebate came down to approx $1600. Upon questioning, I was told that because I qualify for the 0% APR (offered by the company not by the dealership) the rebate cannot be $3800 as promised earlier.

2. The other point that did them in was my refusal to buy all the frills that they add to the invoice like, gap protection, paint protection, platinum package etc etc which I did not need as I was paying $$ upfront than they ask for. Based on my homework this is where the make money from the customers in addition to the 10% margin which they make on each car they sell.

3. They first agreed on the TrueCar.com value for the model I ws looking for and despite my excellent credit history and approval for a 0% APR from this very dealership (they ran my credit application approving 0% APR), they said if I wish to go with the TruCar.com value for the model I will have to pay 6% APR.. SERIOUSLY?????

The bottom line is I would suggest any new car buyer to do their home work before they visit this dealership and trust me you will NOT WALK OUT FROM HERE WITH YOUR NEW CAR IF YOU KNOW HOW THEY MAKING MONEY ON YOU.


5 stars only for the sales rep who seemed genuine and eager to help me but negative 3 for the financial heard who did U turn after U turn on everything the sales rep agreed and promised...

Susy G. | 2014-12-06

Not sure how I feel about my experience purchasing from this dealership. I love my car, but buying it was somewhat uncomfortable and stressful. I got a good price, but they definitely attempt to push service contracts on to their buyers. 3 different employees Alfred, Byron, and a female employee took turns pressuring me into signing up for their  $1800-1900 platinum service package, along with  maintenance,  and gap insurance. They definitely try to make you feel like not getting the package is a huge mistake, I felt like they were patronizing with their language. I was very close to walking out without purchasing, I only stayed because I was sure of the vehicle that I wanted.
They also offered me a lower "rate" if I would accept their platinum level package. Also, after speaking with Alfred and agreeing on a price,  I met with Byron to go through all of the details/paperwork.  The price on the documents was hundreds over what I had agreed upon with the sales person. Possibly, an honest mistake but if I wouldn't haven't noticed, nobody would have.

nariman z. | 2014-11-30

Jon Hayes was my person in this dealership. he was understanding and cooperative, he got me a good deal on a Mazda 6.
I highly recommend this dealership and specially Jon.

Garrett F. | 2014-11-29

I had a great experience at Oak Tree Mazda. I came in a few months back for a test drive and had been in contact with Mike McGhee (aka Short Mike) periodically leading up to the purchase. Mike was the friendliest and most helpful salesperson my girlfriend and I have ever worked with - which was refreshing after checking out some of the other dealers along Steven's Creek. We couldn't be happier with the car and service received.

Kirsten C. | 2014-11-23

I actually had a great time car shopping thanks to Arash.
I made an appointment the day before to test drive 2 cars.  He was ready when I showed up (the other 2 dealerships I made appointments with were not).  Not only was he knowledgable and accommodating, but knew I wasn't buying today and didn't brush me off (as Stevens Creek Honda did).
He made an experience I really wasn't looking forward to into a fantastic experience.

Ryan Q. | 2014-11-15

I'll start off with the bad. So, when my girlfriend and I went in to look for our first car and first major purchase, we were approached by Carlos. This guy was really nice, however, he was busy and had passed us off to Alfred Oshagi. When we spoke to him he was a little pushy. As a first time car buyer we had many questions to ask and I felt a little rushed. Beware of this guy because he was giving us the run around!! It was almost political the way he would avoid answering directly. So, we decided to pull back and hold off on our purchase.

Day 2, back at Mazda, we are again greeted by Carlos. This time he wasn't busy and was able to help us out. ..and Thank God! He was so much more helpful and had us feeling way more comfortable about making the purchase.

4 stars for Carlos for saving the day for OTM and because we are happy car buyers who LOVE their Mazda!

Jenn T. | 2014-11-14

I have had my eye on Mazda3's forever, and I'm glad I finally got one here.

Recently, my 17 year old Corolla finally decided it was nearly his time, and I could tell by the way he sputtered at times on the freeway, and struggled to go uphill. Because I drive around a lot for school, work, and have plans to move to LA (yay, traffic!) I decided now was a good time to look for a new car before the Corolla gave out on me all together when I was least expecting it.

Ignacio Carillo and I had been corresponding via email for months. I wanted to make sure I was absolutely ready to do this, because this was my first time buying a new car. Our conversations fell silent for awhile because I didn't have the money for a down payment yet--but he encouraged me to get ahold of him when I was ready.

I was on their website one night when I saw it. The 2011 black Mazda3. It was beautiful, it had low mileage, and the price was right. I sent an email asking Ignacio what I had to do to get this car before anyone else did. I finally went in one afternoon, and talked to him face-to-face. He was very friendly, welcoming, and helpful with everything I wanted to know. Unfortunately, he was not there when I came in ready to buy my car. Arash and Byron helped me the rest of the way, and they made sure that they helped me out in every way that they knew how. (On top of being incredibly patient and understanding with a lot of different things that came up.)

I am very happy that I chose OTM to buy my brand new car--and if life brings me back to The Bay, even after my move to LA, I know where I am going for my next car!

Philip M. | 2014-11-11

The service center here is amazing, the people are so nice! Gerry and his team at the service department always provide 5 star customer service. I will go here every time for all my service needs. On countless occasions Gerry goes above the call of duty and outdoes our expectations. Really appreciate all that him and the department have done. Thanks guys! - Your rock!

Big D. | 2014-11-10

Ignacio Carillo is the best.  No hassle no headache and beyond straight forward.  And he makes sure to be competitive.

Chris C. | 2014-11-07

This place is unlike any other dealership that I've been to - in the best way possible. I didn't buy my Mazda 6 here, but I take it here for services and oil changes (they're cheaper here than Jiffy Lube and they wash your car).

But what really stands out about this place is the people in the service center - all of the times I've gone there, they are so helpful and honest. They don't try to sell you stuff that you don't need and they don't rip you off.

Today, Jerry helped me out and he explained a ton of different things about my car and worked to make sure I only did the things that I really needed to and didn't waste money. He's was positive, intelligent and made sure I was taken care of. To top it all off, my car was done 2 hours earlier than I was expecting.

Malinka S. | 2014-11-02

My first experience in buying a car in the US was made very easy and pleasant. Robert Beltran handled everything on behalf of me and got me the best deal I could ask for.

Timothy T. | 2014-10-31

My wife and I went out to decide which new car to buy and not having bought a car for a while, I was dreading the experience.  We had four different cars we wanted to drive, a Honda, Mazda, Nissan and Subaru, and I was not looking forward to dealing with pushy car salesmen.  We were lucky enough to walk into Oak Tree Mazda and meet a true gentleman by the name of Ignacio Carrilo.  Even though it was a very busy dealership on a busy Friday afternoon, he took the time to answer our every question and explain things in great detail.  We decided to come back for a drive on Sunday morning when it was less crowded.  Ignacio was there to take us out on a test drive and throughout the drive,which was lengthy, there was no pressure whatsoever. He even agreed that we should go drive the other models we were interested in before we made our decision.  After driving the four cars we narrowed it down to the Subaru are the Mazda. There are many factors involved in our decision and one of them was certainly the way we were treated by Ignacio.  We went back the next day to make the deal and we're disappointed at first to find out it was Ignacio's day off. The disappointment left quickly when we met Arash Jaffari, who guided us through the rest of our deal and delivery of the car with professionalism and friendliness that could not be beat.  Next we're off to the finance department where I come to the conclusion that Oaktree Mazda hires nothing but top quality people. Ryan Brown, the finance manager who helped us, made it a more than a pleasant experience! It's not often that I can say taking money out of my pocket is a pleasant experience.  
I can't thank these three gentlemen enough for making an experience I was dreading turn out to be absolutely stress free and downright enjoyable.  I would recommend highly.

Chen L. | 2014-10-26

My buying a new car experience with OTM was very pleasant. Thanks to Robert Beltran, who makes the whole process easy and smooth.

I went to several car dealers in that area for test driving and Robert was the one who helps me. During my test drive, he was very knowledgable, giving useful details about the car.

When I decided to buy the car(Mazda 3), Robert and his team gave me a very reasonable price. I've had bad experience with other car dealers who pushes very hard and persuade you this is the price and you should take it. But Robert is always very polite. He listened and responded with a reasonable offer.

I am happy with my purchase and I definitely recommend to ask for Robert for help.

Chris D. | 2014-10-20

I had my second outstanding car buying experience here! Both times I went to Oak Tree Mazda, I had done my homework. I pretty much knew what I wanted and didn't want to waste time haggling, waiting, or playing games with my precious time. Four years ago, with poor credit, they were the only ones who went the extra mile to find a bank that would give me a loan. It got my foot in the door to help me build my credit, while giving me an awesome car. I LOOOOVE the Crx9! I liked it better than the Saab, Toyota, or Lexus cars I had driven previously.
Four years later, I came back in for an updated Crx9 and hopefully a lower rate! I told Alfred I wanted to know the loan rate and trade in value, bottom line. He was accommodating and did some fancy stuff to insure I got max trade in value, despite the dented and scratched door and 76,000 miles. He found a second round buyer rebate for $4,000. The finance guy, Joseph, found me a 7.9% loan ( down from 19%) Oaktree paid off my original loan, which will further help my credit. They were knowledgeable and professional all the way through the process.
I have been driving my shiny new car for a few days and continue to revel in the awesome upgraded luxury features in this car! I just may have yet another CRX9 from Oak Tree Mazda in my future. Keep up the great work, Guys! Break the stereo type of nightmare car shopping experiences!

Shobana A. | 2014-10-19

This review is for Robert and Carlos. I had called beforehand to make an appointment and Carlos was very helpful and friendly and answered all my questions. He was very cheerful and made sure i felt confident before coming in. When I got there, I was greeted by Robert whose service is truly exceptional. He is friendly, funny , honest and makes you feel at ease. He was extremely accommodating and is a perfect salesman. Within 3 hours , I had my new Mazda ready to drive home. Kudos to the efficient people at oak tree Mazda!

J Michael M. | 2014-10-12

Like many other reviewers, I am pleased to share the downright pleasurable automobile buying transaction that I experienced at Oak Tree Mazda a few weeks ago and want to thank Ignacio & Ryan for making it painless. I had been using every excuse not to have to go and finally purchase a new vehicle as I was dreading the whole ordeal. I had done a lot of research and was pretty set on the Mazda CX-5 as my head would turn every time one drove by. I looked up dealerships on YELP and was convinced to go and test drive a CX-5 at Oak Tree Mazda.

Ignacio Carrillo was very welcoming and I never once felt that he was pushing me and truly wanted to provide me with the best options for my situation. They took my trade-in with no problems and Ryan guided me through the financing and it turned out my credit was better than I thought! I am very grateful to Ignacio & Ryan and the whole OTM team and will look forward to seeing them whenever I am in for servicing. Thank you Gentlemen. I am loving my new CX-5!

Keri R. | 2014-10-06

I had been looking for a new car for a month and a half. I'd been to tons of dealerships all over the Bay Area. I had a hard time finding my "it" car following a car I had been so much in love with for 10 years. When I decided on the Mazda CX-5, I was ready. I just needed to find the right dealership that A) Had the car I wanted and that B) Took me seriously and would give me a fair price and package.

The day before going to Oak Tree Mazda, I went to my local Santa Cruz Mazda dealer ready to buy. I had horrible service there (I'll go into detail at some point in a Yelp review for them as much as I hate to be negative). I was feeling dejected at the end of that day until I received a friendly email from Scott Yeager at OTM saying they had the car I was interested in in stock and that he was happy to help me. He called me the next day and I started that day with a new, positive stance. This was going to be the day I took home my car.

Upon arrival at OTM I was greeted by a staff member right away. I was super impressed by the look and feel of OTM. There was a comfortable lounging area by a big screen TV and several customers were watching a football game. There were also quite a few tables and chairs to hang out at and tea, coffee and water for free and vending machines with more drink options and snacks. The bathrooms were nice and clean. You could see their service area which was closed that day (closed Sunday only) and that was also shipshape. It may sound trivial to some but seriously, when you are deciding on a car to last you a decade and that's going to cost you a good portion of your salary, you want to feel that the place you got it from it legit. OTM set the bar high and I appreciated that.

Scott greeted me and was super helpful and accommodating. He was polite and genuinely interested in hearing what I wanted. The whole experience was super thorough. Scott knows his Mazdas and he's great with people.

I absolutely commend OTM on their friendliness and professionalism throughout the process. As a woman, I was super wary of being not taken seriously and taken advantage of. I never felt this way with what, not surprisingly, was an all male team the day I bought my car. On the contrary, I think almost every single person came up to me to introduce themselves and chit chat at some point. I felt that it was really a team effort. I felt like they were really invested in making sure I was happy and comfortable and that I was getting what I wanted. Ultimately I felt like I walked away with the car I wanted for a fair deal.

Buying a car is one of the most stressful things I've ever done (more stressful than buying a property for me) but OTM turned it into a great experience. I loved the finishing touch by sitting in my new car with me and going over a checklist of things to make sure I knew about my car before I drove away. They let me keep my old car there for a few days until I got a ride there to collect it. They also followed up by email to make sure I was happy. A week later I went to the service department (on appointment) to have racks and cross rails installed. The service crew were also awesome. Scott was working that day and made a point to come over and say hi and check in with how I was liking the car. I'd highly recommend OTM and Scott Yeager to anyone and I think I'll continue to make the longer distance trek there for service rather than my local Santa Cruz dealer.

Kelsey O. | 2014-09-30

This was my first time buying a vehicle for myself, and I can't have imagined a better experience.

Buying a new car is a big decision, and you want to surround yourself with the best advocates.  At Oak Tree Mazda, I worked with an ALL STAR lineup to find the right vehicle at the right price.  

Ask for Short Mike.  He is the Peyton Manning of car buying.  Not pushy, in fact he recommended I do my due diligence before making any decisions.  

Ryan is the Megatron of auto financing. He will make it happen.

Jenny A. | 2014-09-30

If you're looking for a car,you need to contact Bryan Carrillo at Oaktree Mazda! After searching for the best car and deal all over the Bay Area; I finally came to Oaktree Mazda with my Edmunds.com price quote and my million questions that Bryan Carrillo answered with ease, patience and humor! The whole process of buying the exact car I wanted for the price I wanted was fast and easy. Bryan and (NaNa in finance,I think was her name) were awesome! No BS of trying to up sell anything- They answered every question I had and made me feel at ease with my purchase. Even after finally  purchasing my 2015 Mazda 6 Grand Touring  in white; which I love by the way; they were great at answering the 50 million more questions I had! I even brought my sister in the following week for a trade in and he gave her so much information. This is our second Mazda and we'll probably be back for our third when my son starts driving in a few years :)

Ryan H. | 2014-09-29

I bought a Mazda 3 from this dealership this past weekend and it was a surprisingly pleasant experience.

I had been emailing multiple dealerships for a week before I came here and I spoke with Short Mike McGhee from Oak Tree. He was very helpful and patient with all of my questions and found a very good deal for me. I ended up going to another dealership first, because they had the exact color I wanted, but the car was sold right before I arrived.

I was not very happy after that, but I called Mike and told him the situation and asked him if the car we had talked about before was still available. He checked on it and told me to come by.

When I arrived, I was greeted by Mike and he introduced me to Norm Arnold because he was busy working with another customer. Norm was very friendly and took me on a test drive with the car I wanted. I ended up wanting a different color than the one I agreed on with Mike and the sales managers didn't want to give me the same price for that car. Norm explained the situation to me and did everything he could to get it down to a price that I was comfortable with.

The only negative experience I had was waiting for the financial part of the deal. They were very short-staffed (at no fault of Norm or Mike) and I was sick that day, so it wasn't very fun waiting for about 2 hours to sign all the papers.

I walked away with an awesome new car at a fair price and was very happy with the overall experience. Mike even called me a couple of days later to thank me for my business and to apologize for the long wait for finance.

If you're looking for a Mazda, I highly recommend reaching out to Mike and/or Norm.

Marc C. | 2014-09-27

Mike McGhee and his team were outstanding. They were extremely knowledgable and made this the best car buying experience I have ever had. No pressure and provided more value than I expected for the price I spent.

Jesse G. | 2014-09-27

Came into Oak Tree Mazda on a Sunday morning to look at a couple Mazda 3's I had been eyeing for some time. Was immediately greeted by the lovely Tracy Christensen. We test drove a couple Mazda 3 Grand Tourings and were able to narrow it down to the one that best fit my needs. Ended up going with a 2014 Mazda 3 S Grand Touring and I have no regrets thus far! The car is amazing! Tracy was great throughout the whole process. She was patient, knowledgeable, kind, and I must say, has a GREAT smile! Not once did I feel pressuring into making a decision while I worked with her. Will definitely recommend her to all my friends and family! The finance manager that I worked with, Byron, was great as well and got all the paperwork done in a very timely manner. My experience at Oak Tree Mazda couldn't have been better!

Audrey I. | 2014-09-26

I'm giving five stars to Mazda thanks to Ignacio Carillo (If I could give him 6 stars, I would)! His service was outstanding.

That day I had literally been to over 5 dealerships; however, Mr. Carillo's service was by far the best.

He was funny, accommodating, knowledgable, and overall just a great salesman who cared about finding the right car FOR US. He went out of his way multiple times (even on his day off) to answer questions that we had, and we were always given a speedy response.

To be honest, I called so many times, I don't know how he put up with me, but he always greeted me with such a great attitude (I wish more people were as accommodating as him).

At the end of the day, I ended up not purchasing the car because I realized that under my circumstances, it would be better for me (financially), to try and lease a car for 24 months instead of 36 (which is what Mazda offered) since I would be leaving the states in a little over a year.

Despite this fact, Ignacio Carillo gave me an outstanding deal - So when I am permanently back in the States, I definitely plan on coming back to PURCHASE a car. (:

*AS A SIDE NOTE I WOULD LIKE TO ADD that the first mazda salesman that I met was HORRIBLE. 1) When I first asked to try test driving a car, he told me "what's the point, it's under your price range." 2) When he finally decided to let me test drive (after telling him that I DID NOT like the hatchback) he tried to have me drive the older version of the HATCHBACK car because he was too lazy to find where the newer version sedan was.  The funny thing is - YES we said our price range was between ______ and _______ but if I had absolutely loved the car - as a salesman he should know - PEOPLE CAN BE CONVINCED . Anyway, I don't know how that man is in sales, and he originally tainted my image of Mazda, but thanks to IGNACIO CARILLO I plan to be back!

mark d. | 2014-09-18

Oak Tree Mazda is just amazing.   Recently, I found myself in need of purchasing a new car -- after ALOT of hunting around I found Oak Tree.  Ignacio contacted me quickly with exactly the car I was looking for and did everything he could to make the process extremely easy -- really a credit to his profession.  And the financing dept. was first rate.  Thanks again -- LOVE my new ride :)

Melissa H. | 2014-09-16

I went to Oak Tree Mazda to buy a new car I had been eyeing for a couple months. Mike McGee was the sales person I worked with, and he was so great! He made me feel very comfortable and was very knowledgeable about the car I was looking at and about all the services Oak Tree offers. He made the process so easy and quick, and I didn't feel pressured at all to add on things I didn't want to. His customer service is excellent, and I felt very taken care of. I'm so happy with the car I bought!

rahul t. | 2014-08-18

This past weekend, my family and I took advantage of the great opportunity presented to us by Oak Tree Mazda. We worked with Ignacio Carrillo and Ryan Brown. The sales manager was Keith, but I do not recall his surname.

All three people were exceptional and contributed to an extremely positive experience.

For us, we made the decision to purchase a new car to replace our oldest car 6 days prior. Our tipping point was the 0% for 60 months. It was a good opportunity. In a matter of days we isolated the make and model we wanted, and then, we figured out the color, trim, and options.

Then, we spoke to various dealerships around the Bay Area to see where we should go for a test drive. We ended up speaking to Keith via phone, and he set us up with Ignacio. Initially, it did not seem as though the car we wanted was available. However, Ignacio is extremely communicative via email and telephone, and informed us that Oak Tree does indeed have the car we wanted.

We made the decision to drive out there -- it is a bit of a drive for us, especially with a young child. AND it was completely worth our while. Ignacio greeted us and then, 6 hours later, we left with a wonderful new. Ryan Brown tied up the loose ends and finished up the 0% end of things.

At no point did I feel pressured. At no point did I feel as though I was racing against someone else who wanted the same car. At no point was Ignacio anything less than stellar. I genuinely appreciate that. Ignacio is extremely helpful, amiable, and knowledgeable about Mazda products. There is a sincerity he has, which is something that my wife and I really enjoyed and also contributed to us wanting to make the purchase via him.

Ignacio and Keith were able to work with what I had in mind, and I am very, very happy that I met them.

When it comes time to replace my other car, I will definitely start with Oak Tree or another arm of the Del Grande Auto Group [depending on what car is right for us]. I do hope to get to work with Ignacio again, and wish him and everyone who helped us all the best.

Thanks a bunch folks, and we'll always have positive memories when we see the DGDG !

Derek S. | 2014-08-13

Made a same-day appointment for service the other day and was immediately greeted by Ana upon arrival. Took advantage of their $34.95 Conventional Oil Change Special w/ Complimentary Inspection & Car Wash.

An hour after dropping off the vehicle, Ana called to state that the vehicle was ready and washed! She went over the results of the multi-point inspection and suggested future repairs.  The car was nice and clean too! :)

Went inside and test drove the 2014 Mazda 3 with Tracy and it was pleasant. Despite being new, Tracy tried her best to accommodate although product knowledge was limited at best.

Ashlie H. | 2014-08-12

I purchased a Mazda3 at Oak Tree Mazda on Sunday, August 3.
I came in looking for a salesman who had helped us earlier this year, he was no longer available however, I had also done some research through TrueCar and had been contacted by a gentlemen named Mike McGhee. After test driving several cars, with Mike, who was patient, knowledgeable, and did not pressure me for the sale. I determined I needed to arrange some paperwork and told Mike I would need to come back later. He did not pressure me or make me feel bad for needing more time.
I ended up returning later that day. Mike explained the options available with the car i.e. extended maintenance, LoJack, and extended warranty. But again did not pressure me into purchasing any of them.
The paperwork took forever, however this is normal with the car buying process.
Thank you Mike and Byron! I will be back to buy another car in the future.

Catherine L. | 2014-08-11

This is for the service department - They didn't call me or look for me in the waiting area when my car was done.  If you do decide to service your car here be proactive in checking on your car to the point of being ridiculously annoying - I think this happened once before so I'm writing this to remind myself never again....!

C S. | 2014-08-10

Alfred is the best, he got us a great deal on a C X-5 and was pleasant to work with.

Kunal S. | 2014-08-02

Bought my Mazda6 a year back from them pre owned and dealer certified, very good deal on the grand touring. Was very happy with the process and the treatment by the sales people. They also are great in accommodating service requests and I find them very moderately priced. This is my second Mazda and I might return when I need a new car!

I will recommend this dealership

Annie W. | 2014-08-01

I was there on 7/31, the shop was really busy but the sales still paid good attention to us and were very nice.  Although I knew the model I wanted but I was not very sure if wanted some of the add-on's, my saleslady Jackie was able to identify my needs and desire even before me. At the end I came home happily with what I believe (or they want me to believe) the best deal I got. It was a hassle-free experience and Jackie was super patient with me too.

Vanessa B. | 2014-07-16

I came here this past weekend to purchase my very first car! And it was a great experience! My sales guy was Alfred ( I recommend him ) was very helpful and took care of us really well. He didn't seem to be ripping me off or taking advantage of me, which was nice. So I highly recommend this Mazda dealership and my boy Alfred! :)

Mary Kay O. | 2014-07-16

My adult son and I went in to test drive a 2007 Jeep Cherokee they had on their website. We took it for a test drive and Selwyn Kumar was very helpful. Then we met with Keith Bettencourt the sales manager and ironed out a couple of detail regarding the car and came to a price we were both happy with. Me probably more than he, LOL  The young woman in finance was pleasant and I enjoyed doing the paperwork with her.  When we were ready to leave they had filled it with gas and since it was 10:30pm they didn't have anyone there to detail it for us so we will take it back on Friday for a detail. Zach Hendershot was also really helpful during this process.  Great customer service from everyone we dealt with. And a big thank you to Kevan and Page for putting this together for me.

Carrie M. | 2014-07-15

This review is for the service department.
I brought my Mazda 3 in for a routine maintenance and received impeccable customer service! Gerry K. was the main guy helping me out,  and he was extremely honest and friendly. I've had bad experiences in the past at other dealerships, so I was expecting more of the same. However, everybody seemed to really care! I didn't feel like just another customer to be shuffled in and out. They explained everything they did with detail, and didn't try to up-sell me something I didn't need. It doesn't take too much to make me happy as a customer! A smile, kindness, as well as solid customer service goes a long way... Especially these days!

Rob G. | 2014-07-15

My Wife and I were just browsing around looking for a family sedan and ran into sales rep/customer rep Ana Salangad. I must say she is very knowledgeable in all the current models that they currently have in their dept.   Great customer service, we were welcomed by the staff and Ana and made us feel comfortable and at home.

We did not purchase a automobile that day, but if you or anyone is willing to drive out here it's definitely worth it. Ask for Ana and you will be in good hands.


Jan-Michael M. | 2014-07-12



I PERSONALLY DO NOT RECOMMEND BASED ON (MY PERSONAL EXPERIENCE). IF YOU SEE GOOD REVIEWS HERE ITS PROBABLY BECAUSE THESE CUSTOMERS DON'T  KNOW WETHER THEY GOT RIPPED OFF OR NOT.  THEY MIGHT BELIEVE THEY GOT A "GOOD DEAL". I recommend doing a little research first and go to sites like TRUECAR.COM and get a Truecar price to get a good idea of of the market and what you SHOULD be paying for your new car.

Just left this dealership. I FEEL LIKE THEY WASTED MY TIME! Time i cannot get back! SMH. I worked with ALFRED. I Was looking to purchase a Mazda 5 with the Special 0% apr.  There was 2 Mazda 5s on the lot. Test drove the vehicle. One was a touring the other was a sport model. The touring had more added options and was about 1k more in price.  Alfred said he would give me the touring at the same price as the sport model. I said why not.  I thought it was a good deal, I accepted his offer. So we go inside to work the numbers. We qualified for the 0% apr. So then I ask how much. He leaves and comes back with a price of $22k+ which is the sticker price posted on the car. I didn't want to pay sticker price , who does? So I then ask for the dealer invoice (what the dealer paid for the car) and he shows me what i believe was a bogus dealer invoice because It was similar price as the sticker price attached on the car ($22k +) From what I remember  The dealer cost/invoice is usually never the same price as the sticker.? I believe It's usually thousands less. ? I read somewhere on google that Dealerships can still make hundreds or thousands if they sell to you at invoice or even below invoice because of the  rebates, coupons and holdbacks that the car manufacturers give to the dealerships.

Back to the price negotiating of the car.... On the piece  of paper they showed me (the numbers) It appeard like They may have tried to  include and sneak in warranty, gap (what THEY don't tell you is you can get gap through your insurance company at around $25+ a year. Dealerships  charge somewhere around 6-800$!, DO YOUR HOMEWORK!  Also seemed like They tried adding to the cost paint protection, theft protection which I heard was a (scam of the decade )  and all that extra crap on. I NEVER ASKED FOR THIS! I told them I don't want it an to remove it from the total price. They didnt seem too happy that I refused all that extra nonsense. Why? I think its Cause that's where they make  $.?  I wouldn't fall for all that. I think  It's mostly all useless.

Before coming to the dealership i did some research on truecar.com , I told Alfred and his team that the TRUECARPRICE.com was $18k + and even showed them on their computer. After showing Alfred the online truecar price his tone of voice changed and so did the color on his face. His face looked red. Alfred, and i guess the finance folks in the back tells me they cannot honor me this truecar.com price and the 0% financing. What!!!??? I Ran out of there quick. Seemd like They were just playing games, games that I did not have time for. I think This is some of the reason why people hate dealerships, car salesman and just the whole car buying process. I know I'm not a fan of car shopping and negotiating. I think They play too much games. I just wanted a damn car for my family at a fair truecar.com price with the 0% apr that we qualified for. I'll look around to see if another dealership can honor this for me..

Bill H. | 2014-07-09

I recently took in my Mazda 626 Millenia, and I was very nervous about it due to previous bad experiences with other service centers and the staff.
This was a much needed breath of fresh air, the place was neat and tidy but the best part was the help I received from Ana.
She made my experience a very comfortable and easy one, very knowledgable and willing to explain everything to make me feel good about the repairs. Thanks again Ana and great job Oak Tree Mazda for your great staff. I will definitely feel very at ease with any future repairs because of the very helpful Ana.

Phillip Y. | 2014-07-09

Ana always service with a smile. I usually come in first thing on Saturday morning, and I get out within 1 hour for a typical oil change!

Marlon B. | 2014-07-08

Ana from the part service was very helpful and really kind. She made me feel really good to have my car serviced at your Dealership. I would recommend my friends and Family to go see Ana for any assistance for Parts and Service needs for their cars! I'm really glad that I met Ana at this dealership! Thank you again Ana!

Zee M. | 2014-07-05

This dealership is amazing. In 2 months we got 2 cars from here both new Mazda's.
Mike Mcgee is one of the most knowledgeable and fun agents to work with.
He was extremely patient , let me drive 3 cars until I was able to make up my mind, made sure he answered every question and genuinely knew his cars!.
Its nice talking to some one who loves cars, knows engines and isnt trying to oversell anything to you.
He wrapped up my entire buying process is about 2.5 hours and made sure he checked in us at every step to see if we had any additional questions.
We were then moved over to Ryan Brown who is the second reason I think everyone should get their car from this dealership. Ryan is honest, smart and get to the point. He worked out some amazing warranty packages for the car while keeping my budget in mind. He was very clear about every form you sign and what each one means. He was very professional and yet had a great sense of humor.

We will retain this dealership and keep coming back to it as long as Mike as Ryan still work there!!

Amy L. | 2014-07-03

Sunday - Found a car we wanted on their website. Called to make sure it was available and to discuss financing before driving an hour to see it. Spoke with Byron who was personable and let me know he could work with us if we submitted an application online. He then passed us to salesperson Scott to assist with pricing of the car. Scott didn't budge on the price, which was ok...he said he would call the next day (Monday), once our application had been processed.
Monday - no call from Byron regarding our app and no call from Scott. Late in the day, my husband called them and spoke to a lady and explained that he was looking for status update. She told him she would have Scott get back to him. No call back on Monday.
Tuesday - no call back from anyone. I called late in the day and got a hold of Byron and asked what's going on. He said he's been so busy and that my application is not in the system and that he would check with Scott and get back to me. No call back.
Wednesday - I call Mike Schwartz (Internet Sales Manager) who I had received an auto-response email from, upon submitting my online application. I let him know what had been happening and he couldn't understand why I hadn't heard back from anyone. He said he was heading into the office and as soon as he got there he would look into it and get back to me. No call back. My husband then sent an email to Mike asking why we have to chase them down to sell us a car? No response back.
Thursday - still no response from anyone.

Varun V. | 2014-07-03

Had an excellent experience with Jack Garchar - he was patient, understanding and entertaining :) Bought a new 2015 Mazda CX5 GT the same day.

Jessica G. | 2014-07-02

The car was hardly like the description and pictures of it online. Several noticeable scratches and the engine made a horrible noise, the salesman said well its been checked by our service department so nothings wrong with it. He insisted a few times I take a test drive after saying I wasnt interested. I received several follow up emails and calls in a short period of time which was annoying.

katrina s. | 2014-06-29

Stay away from this place!

They won't give you a quote until you submit all personal information they demand, including copy of your driver's license and your SSN - much like a credit card application, even if it's a all-cash transaction!

What's worse they won't even give you a final Out The Door price without you making a commitment to buy - sales reps will only give verbal quote and left you with the finance clown Byron Bautista to run the show. He's very aggressive and pushy, arrogant and rude. I much agree with other reviewers.

If there's a negative star rating they would have earned it, overall a terrible experience and complete waste of time. You get a run around and only to find out they have obtained a bunch of your private information and there's no way to undo it, even if you end up not buying a car from these sneaky people.

In the age of transparency, this dealership is as opaque as can be. Stay away at all costs!!

James B. | 2014-06-28

Went to the dealership today to buy a new car. I called at 10 am and the salesman I talked to on the phone was very helpful and easy to talk to. We then came in for an appointment and were helped out by Zach who was extremely professional the entire time we were there. Also very informative as well as helpful through this entire car buying process. This was by far the easiest and best car buying experience I have ever had! I appreciate the great service and would recommend them to all my friends and family!!!

Eric S. | 2014-06-26

Great, honest, and quick service. My Mazda3 was making grinding noises during braking and I took it in. Tim Trompeter was the guy I worked with and he was awesome--at first he thought the car might need all new rotors as well as brake pads, but turns out they could machine the rotors down after all. They saved me $130 as a result. An inspection at a local brake shop ended up with a quote for $950 for ALL new brake pads and rotors. I trust Tim and Oak Tree Mazda!

Alex H. | 2014-06-16

Changing to this a 5! Mazda contacted me after a few days upon seeing my Review and offered for me to come by and fill up my tank. Well done!

Annie N. | 2014-06-04

Since my review, the manager Byron at oak tree have contacted me and the situation is resolved ! Thanks a lot Byron.


Until they fix this situation I will only give them 1 star, none if I could.

We came in to buy a car, of course selling it everyone was on their toes to get us to sign. Now we want to cancel the additional insurance and the finance manager, Byron, is no where to be seen. We called and left at least 2 vmails and even contacted the sales associate we dealt with, Alfred. So until this matter is settled, 1 star. For someone who's been there for over 15 years, I would expect them to know how to return a voice mail, esp is you are a manager.

Elliot C. | 2014-06-02

If you ever find yourself at this dealership, make sure you speak to Zachery and no-one else (you have been officially forewarned!). The minute I arrived, Zachery not only helped me to decide on which vehicle would be most suitable for my needs, he also made an additional effort to ensure that I was able to receive the best deal, that I could possibly find. Oak tree Mazda in general is not superb, however without Zachery, it would definitely fall way beyond short on my vehicle dealership experience.

Rod S. | 2014-06-01

Went in to buy a used van.  First sales person volunteered that he was not an expert on the vans and brought out Tyler Carr, who was.  He spent hour or two answering and demonstrating.  Took a test drive without giving up all my personal data (no fear of spam calls later), and actually showed me a new van was a better idea.  When we put together all the options, Oak Tree did not have the one I wanted.  3 more days of effort by Tyler looking and trying to match deals from other dealers who did have it.  I was willing to pay a bit more to stay with Tyler, but they could not come close enough.  He graciously sent me to buy it from somewhere else.  Disappointed, but I know he will do well and go far and T someone is looking at Mazdas - go see Tyler.

Svetlana R. | 2014-05-30

It seems that my Mazda started having problems for the first time in 8 years. This time I got check engine light and AT light at the same time. I took my car to Tim immediately this time, he read my codes and since it was already around 5PM, told me to come at 8AM. Also, he told me that according to the codes he read (communication codes), my extended warranty would cover it (it's up to 150K miles). He also changed my oil for free and suggested a small repair ($50). Overall, I am super happy with Tim and Oak Tree Mazda, but I hope this is my last visit in a while!

Robin S. | 2014-05-28

Very HAPPY with Gerry and the guys at Oak Tree! I've had a Mazda van in the past and had been looking forward to a new Mazda3.  Process was relatively fast, I got a great deal on my trade-in, and I got to bang a gong very very loudly when the purchase was finished.  A great experience!

Win L. | 2014-05-26

This review is for Gerry. My friend and I recently went to Oak  Tree and test drove the new 3. He was very impressed by Gerry's straight forward approach and no nonsense presentation. Definitely 5 star service.

Matthew S. | 2014-05-23

Just bought my first car at Oak Tree Mazda yesterday. It was the Red Mazda 6. Amazing vehicle to drive and beautiful exterior.
Only had to come in twice! Everything happened in less than two weeks.
I worked with Norman Arnold. Fantastic guy! He was really friendly, had a great sense of humor and he'll give you spectacular customer service. I could not have asked for a better dealer.
Their finance director was also really effective in his job. He works quick, and get's everything done within a few minutes. So no worries in staying too long at the dealership.

It is without any doubt, that Oak Tree Mazda will not disappoint.

YeRan K. | 2014-05-22

We came to Oak Tree Mazda because the previous dealership we went to talked us out of buying a car.  We also had heard lots of great things about the Mazda 3 plus we have friends and family members who have one.

Arash, Ignacio, (in Sales) and Byron (Finance) were great.  They were willing to listen to what our needs are and the price we were looking for.  Never once did we feel pressured to buy the car.  

If you are looking for a Mazda I would recommend going to Arash or Ignacio at Oak Tree Mazda.

Leon Z. | 2014-05-14

Mr. Tim Trompeter is a liar. Charged 600 for an engine light check and robbed over 2000 from a naive and stupid customer to just meet his monthly quota?

Desiree N. | 2014-05-13

This is the second time I've had to get my clutch pedal replaced at Mazda for a recall/warranty extension issue. Dropped my car off in the morning and by the time I was off work it was ready for pick up. They are easy to work with and don't leave you wondering what is going on with your vehicle, they kept me updated. An extra thank you to Ivan in the service department who went the extra mile to help me get the pedal replaced he is super friendly and helpful. Even though this is the only Mazda I've dealt with I would recommend them to all my Rotary friends!  =]

Fritz R. | 2014-05-10

I recently bought a CX-5 from Ignacio at Oak Tree Mazda and the process was fast and pleasant. Ignacio rapidly found the model I was looking for, stayed late to get the test drive and paperwork done, then came in on his day off to deliver the car. Everybody I met was friendly and competent.

Shaun C. | 2014-05-09

Today was a stressful day, actually one of the most stressful days that I have had in a very long time.  Oak Tree Mazda really ruined my day.  We came to Oak Tree Mazda because we needed to buy a new car.  Our Celica died and my partner had always wanted a Mazda 3.  We were first introduced to this location by Zachary, who was the only shining moment in an otherwise pitiful excuse for a business.  He was nice and real, didn't waste our time and we wanted to do business with him.  My partner had a very specific car that he was looking for and I spent hours looking for it.  We went back yesterday to Oak Tree to deal with Zachary but he was not working so we got stuck with Jack.  

From the moment we sat down, we got the run around.  We had already been pre-approved for a loan and just needed to know if they could find the car we were looking for.  I had printed out a document that told them exactly where the car was and even called the dealership where the car was located to make sure that they had the car in stock.  Jack told us that they had found it at another dealership.  This is where the problems really started.  Time started to lapse and we were there for 1.5 hours and they kept going back and forth on whether or not they could negotiate with us.  I essentially asked them to not waste my time and that if they didn't draw up the papers I would walk.  Of course, that lit some fire and we were able to get out relatively unscathed.  We made an appointment for 9:30am this morning and informed them that we absolutely had NO TIME TO SPARE and that everything needed to be SEAMLESS.  

We arrived to the dealership and were told by Jack that they car had arrived.  Of course being very excited, we were stoked.  He came back and we found out that they had brought in the wrong car.  Jack asked, "is this something you can deal with?"  Are you kidding me, and seriously I am doing my best not to lose it as I am typing this?  Would you just deal on a 30k car that you had to make payments on for 5 years?  I asked him if he would "just deal" if he was in our position.  Of course the douchey car dealer response, "well it depends."  He admitted to making the mistake, which would have been fine if they fixed it.  He kept going back and forth to the manager and tried to "find" the right car.  He said that they could not locate one even though I specifically called Salinas and verified that they had a car in stock the day before, which he knew.  I demanded to see a manager and this smug SOB just sat there and refused to do anything to help us.  This kind of gross negligence is why people hate buying cars.  You make a joyous and wonderful experience painful.  You took a day of my life that was supposed to be filled with satisfaction and joy and marred it with lies and bullshit.  Of course, this is to be expected and shame on me for trusting that you our best interests at heart.  It really sucked to see my partner disheartened because no one at the dealership knew how to do their job.

Just to let you know.  As soon as I walked out the door, we had the car we wanted secured and a check was handed to the dealer at 5pm today.  The dealership we dealt with was kind and worked their ass off to get the car we wanted.  I am sure that no one in your office cared that you ruined our day and caused us immense stress.  I just want to congratulate you with your 1 star.

I hope you are able to "deal with it."

Mitchell F. | 2014-05-07

Bought my first new car ever at Oak Tree Mazda. I came in twice - once to test drive the Mazda6 and the other to test drive my eventual buy, a Soul Red Grand Touring i Mazda3. The car is beautiful and I could not be any more pleased with it!

My salesperson was "Short" Mike McGhee. He was a pleasure to work with, had a great sense of humor and was very patient with us. He made sure that we felt comfortable and that I was able to find my dream car at a price I was comfortable paying. Looking forward to owning my first new car and first Mazda!

Courtney E. | 2014-04-28

Oak Tree was very friendly and easy to work with. They were persistent in the best way - not annoying but enough to show they cared about my business. Bryan was incredibly accommodating and made me feel like a human being as opposed to a commission check. I am a very picky customer and I reached out to every single Mazda dealer within a 50 mile radius and I received the best experience with Bryan at Oak Tree. I would encourage anyone to work with him and this team - even over other internet managers!

Cici Y. | 2014-04-18

I was looking into buying a Mazda3 so I went to Oak Tree. I have to say, overall it's a nice dealership, spacious showroom and friendly staff.

However, this finance guy named Bryson completely destroyed my mood there. He got really impatient and aggressive with me after I turned down all of the optional packages that he was trying to up sell me. He acted as if I owed him money, which I did not appreciate that tone of voice at all. At one point, he told me that I can go to other dealers if I don't accept the price what he offered since only Oak Tree has the vehicle in the color that I wanted. What he exhibited was some very unpleasant attitude and very unprofessional behavior. I was so mad I had to step outside and calm myself down. I was so ready to walk out of there until the sales manager came to talk to me.

I went to Oak Tree all excited and happy, I walked away all gloomy and pissed off. If it weren't for my sales person Mr. Carrillo for being so nice to me and so apologetic about the whole incident, I would never have offered them my business. So five stars for Mr. Carrillo and negative three stars for Bryson the Mood Breaker.

Elise T. | 2014-04-12

I recent purchased my first car here and was impressed both with the quality of the cars and the service.  I test drove both the CX-5 and the mazda3 and ended up deciding on the 3.  It's really beautiful in person, not to mention the top rated car for its category.  Ryan Brown worked with us throughout the entire process and I highly recommend him.  I also considered Toyotas, Hondas, and MINI Coopers, but Mazda was my favorite and the best value.

Irina Z. | 2014-04-11

Service review:

My car started making a very loud roaring sound when driving over 40mph, and since car was still under warranty I took it to dealership for diagnosis.

They told that they could not reproduce the sound, but checked everything and that all looked good to them.

The sound did not go away, and so I took car to non-dealership shop, where they found cracked wheel bearing and fixed it.

So dealership's service assured me all was good and that it is safe to drive the car, when it was not and I could get into an accident if I trusted them and did not get a second opinion.

Hiren P. | 2014-04-11

I got a coupon book in mail for spring service which stated clearly that full synthetic oil  change plus the check ups will be $79.95. Well that doesn't sound like a bad deal especially since its going to be at the dealer where I purchased the car from. I have a mazda speed 3 2013, and IDK why the dealership wants to put standard oil on a turbocharged engine, SO I requested the synthetic.
Showed the desk lady my coupon and she told me a $138, WHICH is beyond the 79.95 plus standard oil waste fee...THEY CHARGED ME ANOTHER $50 FOR SYNTHETIC OIL. EVEN though the printed coupon stated that with the synthetic oil the total without disposal fees and taxes should be $79.95.

Well it could have been faster I was there for about 1 hour 40 minutes. Though they were very nice(well of course they would be they're getting my business).

I would certainly like to get an explanation as to why they send out coupons and don't exactly hold up the coupon pricing...

Next service for 5k they told me they will remind me, but...I highly doubt I will chose it to get done there especially since this debacle. I would much rather do it myself with premium full synthetic oil...

Joaquin A. | 2014-03-31

After visiting two other dealerships, I was amazed with the amazing customer service. I kid you not - Ryan Brown and Short Mike were a pleasure to work with.

Ryan Brown was on point when requesting a quote/pictures and information about a mazda3 that I wanted. He was personable and great.

Mike was outstanding and really cared about going through the manuals and everything in between. He's a great salesman and has a great attitude about work! He wasn't pushy he was definitely great to work with.

The process was long, but these guys made it happen. These two should definitely get a bonus or something - don't take my word for it...hit these two up

Leanne M. | 2014-03-27

Oak Tree Mazda has very informative staff and I had a great experience buying my first car with them. Highest approval to Page and Ryan and Bombdad, who all helped me find and buy my dream car!. I ended up buying a used 2010 Acura TSX and absolutely have nothing but my highest recommendations about the staff and experience at Oak Tree Mazda.

The only reason why i give 4, instead of 5, is i noticed when driving car off the lot that one of the headlights was installed uneven with the other, being about 5 inches higher which I now have to follow up and fix but that blame is hard to point out directly since my car was used and test drives are mainly during the day.

Regardless, if you are looking for well-rounded salesmen that give it to you straight and all around pleasant people, along with a great selection of vehicles, definitely visit this dealership!!

Michael D. | 2014-03-12

Didn't end up buying a car here (a new 12 Mazda3 hatch iTouring Skyactiv) but salesman Mike McGhee was honestly the nicest and one of the most genuine people I've ever met when buying my car. Even my parents left the dealership commenting on how nice Mike was, and even when I just dropped by the dealership to take a look the first time and was greeted by Mike, even when I communicated that I wasn't sure if I was for sure in the market yet for a car, Mike was very helpful and friendly. For that reason when I returned ready to buy a few months later I made sure to ask for Mike, who communicated to us his appreciation for remembering him and asking for him again. Was very generous and even let me test drive a second time to make sure the car was right for me (and being a Mazda salesperson, was ok with me exploring the "zoom-zoom" of the car in some of the tighter corners around San Jose). Price just was still a little high for us, and I ended up choosing a different model ultimately, but once I'm in the market again for a car, Oak Tree and Mike McGhee will definitely be on the top of my list.

Daniella S. | 2014-03-04

Hate. Buying. Cars.

Love. Sincerity. Helpfulness. Honesty. Classy.  

Arash Jaffari. Best Salesperson. Ever.

Find. Listen. Buy.

P.S. Yay --NO gold tooth!

Mike B. | 2014-03-02

we had a wonderful no pressure buying experience here last weekend.they didnt have the suv i wanted originally and norm worked frantically to find me one the next few days at a great a price.it was the best buying experience we ever had and i just want to say thanks to norm and oak tree mazda.

Domingo S. | 2014-03-01

Fantastic experience! It's the second car we buy from Mike Schwartz, and it gets better every time.

This time we got a Mazda 3. We got some discounts for being a repeating customer, the process was faster than the last time, Mike did remember us and was fantastic at all times.

Good stuff

Brenda G. | 2014-02-27

LOVE MY NEW MAZDA CX-5. Tyler Carr was honest, knowledgeable, energetic and professional. The dealership was quick with paperwork and we got a great deal with a very fair interest rate!!! Best car buying experience I have ever had.

Joel G. | 2014-02-27

Oak Tree Mazda and especially Norman were so accommodating in every way! They were on top of it, easy to work with, friendly, and truly cared about making us happy with our purchase. Norm Arnold was the best sales person we have every worked with. We are now loyal to Norm and Oak Tree Mazda and have purchased a total of 3 vehicles with them. My recommendation is to purchase all of your cars with Norm at Oak Tree.  Mazda is the best and most reliable brand (all 3 vehicles and never have had one problem) and Norm and Oak Tree give you the absolute best experience!

Dana N. | 2014-02-22

My day started very sad.  I am in the middle of a divorce and suddenly learned I need to move out of the Bay Area away from all my family & friends to our mountain cabin near Tahoe.  I realized my little sports car would not make it in the snow and the mud at the cabin so I thought I would start a search for a 4x4 or AWD.  So, I hobbled (a broken ankle) from dealer to dealer discouraged and depressed for hours, and then I remembered our family friend Gerry Knapp works at Oak Tree Mazda.  I knew he would help me smile and find me a great car, so I was so saddened to learn it was his day off.  Scott offered to help and he was wonderful.  He showed me many used cars and I fell in love with the Chevy Equinox AWD.  It is perfect for what I need and it will get me out of any mess I can get into in the mountains.  Scott and his manager Bruce were such a pleasure to work with and they made me feel as if a friend was helping me get through this terrible time.  I was sorry I missed Gerry, but Scott & Bruce treated me so well and started me on the new path I needed.  Thank you,  Dana

Rocky B. | 2014-02-18

July 14' -  Update,  I got some closure to the situation.  It wasn't as easy as it should have been.  But I finally got everything cleaned up.  Didn't appreciate the extra work.  but it is what it is.  From 5 stars to 1 and now 3.  

FEB 14' - It is now almost two weeks later.  Now my finance person is calling me saying they need more money.  I was supposed to provide a letter from my boss about my employment since I am on workers comp which I understand.  But now they need more info than that too.  I am extremely frustrated about the money part.  Let me see... they close the deal and let the customer believe the finance part is completed.  Then they call back and say sorry, you got a great deal on the down payment (8%).  The standard is 10%.  But we want a few hundred dollars more to make it 9%.  WTF is that?????  Still cool with the two sales reps.  But my experience after that has been a pain in the rear.  Not my fault you made a deal with me for 8 % down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  If they come correct the rest of the way, I'll change this post.  But until then I wouldn't refer my worst enemy to this place.

Marvin C. | 2014-02-17

I'm glad I went to Oak Tree Mazda. Everyone there were very friendly throughout the whole process, especially Brian. He wasn't pushy at all, he was very patient, friendly, and professional. Thanks to him, as well as Byron, I got to take home the car I wanted.

Jcmagictiger H. | 2014-02-16

Buying a new car at Oak Tree Mazda was a very good experience to me. The sales person called Michael McGhee aka Short Mike is a very nice person. He was very patient , detail oriented, well trained, professional, and friendly. I was very satisfied with his service. He helped me to cut the price as low as possible for my new 2014 Mazda 3 s touring, and he convinced the manager to give me very low interested rate on my financing. He explained everything that related to the car to me with good manner and helpful information. I strongly recommend others to buy car from Oak Tree Mazda and short Mike.

Daniel L. | 2014-02-12

Just bought my first car! A new Mazda 3 2014 from Oak Tree Mazda.

Mike McGee is super friendly and even when I did not buy a car last year when I went there, he was not pushy and is concerned about getting you the right car. Very honest and straight up. I checked out a few other dealerships and the service is not even close.

Since it was a new car, there was not much Mazda incentives.

But I think the service alone was worth it. After I drove off the lot, Mike would call and check up to make sure everything was working properly.

All the other salesman I met there was also friendly. I would highly recommend this place if you are looking for a Mazda.

Also, they have a very reputable service department.

Ali A. | 2014-02-10

Excellent service. These guys take care of the client. Talk to Gabriel when you come here. Excellent salesman.

Purchased a mazda6 here with a family relative and they were great.

B A. | 2014-02-10

Arash Jaffari responded to my equote request right away, gave me a fair price and I called him and set up an appointment .  As soon as I arrived he had the car I was looking at (2014 mazda 3)  right up front. He was knowledgeable , professional and very restrained . We proceeded to make the deal and he made me feel like a friend, their finance guy was also professional, fast and courteous . Could not be happier , I'll have to update down the road if and when I have any issues with the car, so far so good. The service is more important than even the price and that is what sold me.

Warren W. | 2014-02-08

Buying a new car is almost always a nerve racking process, but with the right individuals, this process can be a lot more pleasant. I was fortunate to work with Gerald Knapp on purchasing my new Mazda3. He sourced the right vehicle for us and worked with us on the price. Even when he was busy with another sale, he made sure to have us taken care of by his colleague, Winfred Lai, who was also very friendly, courteous and professional.

I would advise to make an appointment with Gerald beforehand as he's in high demand. However, what I appreciate most is his tenacity and flexibility with his schedule. He even came in on his day off because it was the only time I was available.

Lastly, I would like to add that if you can, get Byron Bautista as your Finance manager. He's a hoot and makes a usually high pressure process a much more enjoyable one through his sense of humor.

Claudia Z. | 2014-02-05

Very pleasantly surprises with the buying experience at OakTree Mazda. Bryan was very helpful throughout the process and never pressured us in the least to make a decision, which was a big factor for us in closing the deal. Recommended.

huiqing z. | 2014-02-03

Mike was more than helpful, I had a pleasant experience and it was the 1st time for me to get a used car! Much as I worried, it turns out to be smooth and money saving!

Lloyd T. | 2014-02-01

If there was a negative score, JOKETREE MAZDA would earn it.  Byron, a finance manager, is a DEAL KILLER at best.  The dealership uses deceptive price practices to lure you in ( I got a "guaranteed" price certificate using Consumer Reports car buying service to get a "hassle free, haggle free" deal.  When I picked a car with the exact MSRP of the certificate, showed up and presented it to the sales guy, Byron came at me next, saying " this certificate included a loyalty rebate" for which I did not qualify.  I asked him where that was stated, only for Byron to lie to me about the program.  Is sked him flat out whether hew consumer reports guaranteed price certificate ( a pro

Joel V. | 2014-01-31

I recently test drove a Mazda and received excellent customer service by Arash. He was knowledgeable yet not too pushy. I have a few other SUVs I'm going to test drive, but I have a feeling Arash sand I will cross paths again.

James S. | 2014-01-31

I went to Oaktree Mazda to look at a car that my daughter wanted.  I was met with sales associate Arash Jafarri.  I was armed and ready thinking this was going to be the typical strong arm salesman you would expect at a car dealership.  Much to my surprise, he was not pushy and very knowledge about the cars we were looking at.  Although we have not driven off with that new car that my daughter is dreaming about, it was by far one of the more pleasant trips to  a car dealership that i have been to.  Mr Jaffari was presentable and very accommodating and professional towards us.

Thanks sir for a nice experience at your dealership.

Emil B. | 2014-01-31

Probably the best car shopping experience I have ever had. My wife and I have been looking at a few options for cars and we stopped by to test drive a CX-5. Arash Jaffari was so pleasant and helpful that even though we haven't purchased a car yet, he helped us narrow down our choices. Instead of a high pressured sales talk, we had some great and candid conversations. He displayed some serious patience in the face of my indecisiveness. We are very close to making a decision, and I will certainly go to Arash if and when we decide to go with the CX-5. In the interest of full disclosure, we knew Arash from previous experience, but I was very pleasantly impressed seeing him in that light. I highly recommend him and Oak Tree staff in the dog eat dog world of car dealerships.

Arzhang S. | 2014-01-31

Been trying to test drive MX-5 (aka Miata) for some time now. I just didn't want to deal with the hassle of dealing with a car sales guy... Anyhow, I stopped by Oak Tree Mazda to give the car a spin. I was greeted by Arash J. Not only was I not hassled with the salesperson runaround but Arash was really nice and respectful of my time. The car itself was awesome and is now added to my short list of choices for my next car. :-D If I do go with the MX-5, I will give my business to Arash as he is the kind of sales guy I like. Did I mention he is handsome? ;-)

Brandy L. | 2014-01-29

Our First trip here was just to window shop, but low and be-hold we made a 2nd trip out and met with Brian once again. He was very helpful with the many questions we both we had about the car. Test drive was a very funny experience.....Brian was very outgoing and funny as hell!
He made us feel at home and at ease @ Oak Tree.

Turns out my Daughter walked out with the car of her dreams......well the one she's had her eye on for quite sometime now :)

Our 2011 Madza3 is great! We both LOVE it!!!!

Ask for Brian if your looking for a no-pressure kind of sale, he'll treat you right!!

Only negative about Oak Tree....parking for customers kinda sucks.

Shingo O. | 2014-01-27

I came here a few months ago to purchase a part for my lady's car after she had purchased her car here.  I talked to her original sales person Gabriel Carriel. When I was greeted by him and after talking for a little while, I completely understood how she felt happy and comfortable about her purchase.  Gabriel is not only knowledgeable and intelligent but he has a great personality where he makes you feel comfortable and you can trust him.  

I have had bad experiences in the past, not at this dealership, at other dealerships but the way this dealership treats their customers and how Gabe (he likes Gabe better lol) is as personable as he is, I am even now considering purchasing a Mazda through him and this dealership.  

Gabe takes customer experience to another level and I would recommend him to ANYONE purchasing from this dealership.  He also has a few videos on YouTube from what I saw as well.  Pretty Awesome!

Thanks Gabe and Oak Tree Mazda for an amazing experience!

eric t. | 2014-01-27

If you go to Oak Tree Mazda for a car, go directly to Wilfred Lai.
Wilfred is a refreshing salesmen, because he doesn't fill you full of whatever BS he thinks you want to hear - you get the sense that he's just being honest with you.
I bought a used mini van from the dealership, which was priced very competitively when compared to even private party going rates. Also, the dealership seemed to do a very good job of preparing the vehicle for sale.
Bobby, one of the Managers, understands the essence of customer service too - nice guy.
The other manager I interacted with just came across as a jerk salesman, polite, but still just a jerk.

Larry H. | 2014-01-26

Purchasing at Oak Tree Mazda with Bryan Cabrillo was a pleasant experience.  The process from test drive, purchase and trade in.  There was the usual back and forth that was required, but Bryan made it a stress less experience.  

If they have the car you are looking for, then I would recommend at least a visit.

I would have to say that lack of customer parking is one down side to the facility.

Diana C. | 2014-01-26

Went into Oak Tree Mazda to look for a car for my daughter.  I first contacted Oak Tree via the internet and Ryan Brown called me back shortly thereafter.  He was extremely helpful and friendly over the phone and was very attentive towards what I wanted in a car.  I didn't feel pressured at all to make a decision to make an appt. to come in.  He gave me all the info that I needed over the phone/email.  I really liked the non-pushy approach, but helpful at the same time; therefore, I made an appt. to come in this morning.  He had the cars ready for a test drive, we made a decision and a little later, we had an approved credit application in hand.  Ryan walked me through the entire process and kept me informed the entire way.  I really liked the fact that they were able to get me a better interest rate than what I originally walked in with.  He's made my buying experience very stress-free and am extremely happy with his service.

M. S. | 2014-01-25

We had a fantastic experience here with Monica Torres, who really helped us in a genuine, honest, funny way and made sure to keep in touch between visits. She is the reason we were able to find exactly what we were looking for (a red Mazda 3) for a great price. Thanks for the help and great experience!!

Denise B. | 2014-01-22

This is the second Mazda I have bought from them in a year.  I am extremely satisfied with the entire process. Ignacio ("Nacho") is a great salesman, no pressure, personable, not your "typical" car salesperson. Bobby, the finance person is great as well, knows is stuff. Buying a car is never a particularly enjoyable event but they made it more than tolerable.  From start to finish we were in and out of there in less than 2 hours PLUS they were able to negotiate a little on the price.  My experience with other dealerships has been less than satisfying. Oak Tree is definitely a step above.

Mario M. | 2014-01-20

What can we say about Arash? He was amazing. He provided no pressure sales. He was just the nicest and personable sales person in have worked with. If you are going to buy a car, make sure you have him help you. Byron in Finance was great too. He worked hard to meet our needs. We drove from Fresno to get this car. We were not leaving the dealership without that car.

Thanks to these guys, my wife drove home in the car she wanted.

Poonuts K. | 2014-01-18

I had the pleasure of purchasing my first Mazda recently, with the help of Winfred Lai. I never felt like he was BS'ing me on the performance or features of the car. Realistically, why should he have had to? Mazdas are a great product. I loved how relaxed he was and how he didn't mind taking the time to show me several different cars. He was also kind enough to get me several teas and coffees and explain things repeatedly when I would forget or get confused. When it came down to the final sale, he had to schlep all the way down to Monterey himself to get the car I wanted and did not drag his feet or complain one bit. No better service exists.

I want to add that another salesperson, Bryan, and the financial manager, Byron, really added to the experience and were also very informative and entertaining during the slow parts of the sale where I just had to wait for Winfred. There are many others I could name because I didn't encounter a single person at Oak Tree Mazda who wasn't beyond friendly, courteous or giving superb customer service. They're doing an excellent job of selling a superior product, and I can't recommend them enough.

Kirsten C. | 2014-01-18

Ryan Brown was awesome!!!  His no pressure sales tactics and personable attitude made the process of buying a car a pleasure!  Ryan made sure I loved my car purchase, rather than most sales people at other dealerships that just try to stuff every single car they have down your throat.  I highly recommend him.  Thanks again!!

christina d. | 2014-01-17

I stopped by for my first time a few weeks ago. Not planning in buying anything at all. In fact, not even sure if I was ready for a new car, I stumbled into Bryan Carillo. The least pretentious, most straightforward guy I've met in a while. He balanced on being honest and transparent all while assessing my needs as a car buyer. And just like that, I see the JEEP. Didn't even knew I wanted a jeep until I saw it. Best thing yet, the finance team (Bobby) got me a better rate after I had left that day. AND added my full maintenance package as well. I paid blow blue book and will continuously come back and recommend this to all my peers and business partners.

danh h. | 2014-01-16

Mike Mcghee is proof that an Honest Car Salesman is not an oxymoron.

I have visited many dealerships in the past and have always been turned off by the whole car buying experience -- almost always due to the interaction with the staff.  

Do yourself a favor: ask for "Short Mike".  Even though he handles internet sales, he will genuinely be happy help you with your needs in-person. While he readily admits that he may not have the answers to all your questions, he certainly goes out of his way to make sure that you leave with none unanswered.

I was looking to trade in my RX-8 for an MX-5 Club Edition. Oak Tree Mazda was the first stop on my car shopping expedition. I ran into Mike just before they were about to close, and while I discovered that Oak Tree didn't have the car I was looking for in stock, Mike's "no-pressure" attitude and helpfulness left a lasting impression.  Days later and dissatisfied by visits to other delearships, I decided to come back to Oak Tree to work with Mike directly.  

To make a long story short, the Oak Tree Mazda Team offered me a deal I couldn't refuse on a new well-equipped CX-5 -- totally not the car I was shopping for, but thanks to Mike's great impression, I knew I was sold on giving Oak Tree my business.

Every car salesman needs to look at what Mike Mcghee is doing right, and learn what he is NOT doing that would turn away customers.

N C. | 2014-01-13

Great place to do business.  The general manager is a great guy, he introduced himself to me and congratulated me on my purchase also.  If your in the market for a new Mazda I'd only recommend oak tree.

Irina K. | 2014-01-12

I had an opportunity to work with Norman and Mike, who are very nice and helpful staff. They gave me and my husband a good deal for our car, as well as helped us with adding navigation at a reasonable cost. We are really glad we bought the car from them!

They were able to walk us through all documents, explain available options (if we want to pre - pay for maintenance), explained to us about gap insurance and were able to answer any questions.

It has been a pleasure working with them and anytime I need help, I know I can count on them. Thank you Norman and Mike!

Sophie L. | 2014-01-11

Mike McGee is great to work with. First time I went there to check Mazda ,and I didn't know what I wanted .he was very patient and explain things in details so I slowly figured out what I truly like.no pushing,no game.this guy is one of these good sales person I rarely see in this business.
Also ,"short mike"is very funny and considerate! Thank you so much for your help.;)

Megan S. | 2014-01-03

Today I bought a 2014 Mazda3 hatchback from OakTree Mazda. Jon and Brian were extremely helpful, knowledgeable and fun! Made our experience in buying a car way less stressful. Not typical annoying car salesmen. My moms going back next weekend to look into the CX-5! Thanks guys!

Jason H. | 2014-01-02

If someone had told me I would go to Oak Tree Mazda last week to buy a new car, I would have laughed at them.
In 2009, I bought my first brand new car, a 2010 Mazdaspeed 3.  My experience was horrible.  I had to get the car ordered from the factory or whatnot and given a certain delivery date.  I had paid ahead of time and I guess after I paid they quit caring.  The promised delivery date was missed by two plus weeks and no matter how much I asked, they seemed not to care.  Hell, I even tried to complain to the CEO.  I was furious.
I loved the car once it came, but I was damned sure I would never go back.
Fast forward to 2014.  My poor car had passed in an accident and I was on the hunt for a new one.  I even went to another local Mazda dealership to test drive.  Unfortunately at the time, Oak Tree was showing the best sticker prices on kbb.com (literally $2000 less than everyone else).  So I go to Oak Tree Mazda to try and make a quick, and hopefully painless, experience of it.  Got a 2014 Mazda CX-5 GT AWD for those wondering.
I can honestly say my experience this time around was 1000 times better.  The sales team was good (come on people, they work on commission, they have to try and pull every cent).  But the finance team was superb.  I worked with Bomdad and he did everything imaginable for me.  Didn't have my old registration... no problem, he pulled it up and got me the Customer Loyalty incentive.  I love my new car and they put in extra hours getting everything done for me.
I can honestly say, and given my return to Mazda, if I ever need another Mazda, I will look to Oak Tree Mazda first.  And if you were like me, disappointed 4 or so years ago, I can tell you, it's ok to go back!
Thank you for making my experience the second time around a pleasant one.

Susana M. | 2013-12-31

I purchased my Mazda here a few months ago. My salesperson Gabriel was what made my experience here one of the best I have had. Gabriel was very approachable, friendly, and did not make me feel pressured to purchase. No one likes a pushy car sales guy and Gabriel was far from that.

I am very happy with my purchase and would highly recommend Oaktree to anyone looking to purchase a Mazda!

Arthur S. | 2013-12-30


Do not deal with this man. He is extraordinarily rude. I emailed him regarding a quote and he replied promptly. However, I did not get a chance to read it until later in the day and he sent me another email with the words "tic toc tic toc". As soon as I saw that, I simply unsubscribed.

Julio E. | 2013-12-30

This is one awful dealership. My family was searching for a Mazda 6 and we decided to consult a number of dealerships around the bay for competitive quotes. While ALL of the other dealerships were very happy to provide a quote, this dealership was not only unwilling to give a quote, but they were outright rude, disrespectful, and aggressive over the phone. One of their dealers, Mike Schwartz at first seemed friendly on first contact, but as soon as I asked for a price comparison with another dealership he became argumentative and unprofessional. He was convinced that if he gave me a quote it would be a "bullet to hit another dealer with."

I understand that perhaps dealers don't want to compete with each other in this way, but the truth is that cars are expensive investments and consumers have the right to find a great price. All other dealerships were friendly, understanding, and caring of the fact that I wanted to find a competitive price. This dealership was unwilling to do business this way, and while it is their right, it is my right to tell everyone that I know to stay away from them.

This is not the way to sell cars, and I can't even imagine the drama that would have occurred in negotiations for warranties and financing. I'd highly suggest Concord Mazda where we eventually purchased our vehicle at an extraordinarily competitive price. We were treated respectfully, with care and honesty.

Stay away from Oak Tree Mazda. Some pretty unsophisticated salesmen that don't know the fundamental rule of business: treat your customer with respect and decency.

Kayla M. | 2013-12-29

I had a smooth and wonderful time dealing with Norman Arnold at this dealership. He was very helpful, friendly, and made me feel comfortable about my purchase. I went to a few other dealerships and knew immediately I was in good hands with Norm. I had an overall great experience at Oak Tree Mazda leasing my 2014 Mazda Mazda3 and would absolutely recommend them to anyone. Thanks Norm!

Justin F. | 2013-12-29

Great purchasing experience from start to finish. We came away with a great deal and I will have oak tree at the top of my list when I am car shopping again. My wife and I went to several dealers test driving and these guys were the first to actually acknowledge her presence and ask her opinion in a non patronizing manner, this went a long way for me.

Eddie J. | 2013-12-25

This is a review on the dealership. I love the car service here.

This dealership is a total *&*show. They'll love to sell you on the car but try negotiating on price or closing a deal - you'll get nowhere if you are an intelligent consumer. Suddenly their inventory is low, they can't honour competing offers. In fact they urged me to go to another dealer. These guys don't know how to sell cars.

funny b. | 2013-12-23

I love my Mazda 3 I got in 2008. Since I first went to Oaktree for service, I have not been to any other place to service my car. Eugenia Pineda is great, she has outstanding customer service skills, she's  very helpful, and courteous. As well as the other CS agents too. Happy holidays!!! Cyntia F.

Jose R. | 2013-12-22

HIGHLY RECOMMEDED!!!!!!!!!!!  These guys are great, ask for Winfred Lai, he's amazing, knowledgeable, patient, kind, no pressure, full of ideas, very helpful.

Also, I worked with Byron Bautista, he was so helpful, direct, honest, really enjoyed my experience here.  If you're looking for a Mazda or if you want a used car, I recommend you trust these guys.

I spent about an hour talking to Winfred about a great used truck.  He knew so much about the vehicle, really helped me fall in love with the ride of the truck.  Test drive was great, Winfred knew where to take me, had great suggestions for testing the truck and encouraged me to drive like I would in real life.

After the drive, I loved the feel of the truck, but the color just wasn't me.  Winfred suggested I purchase the truck with a cancellation clause since CA law allows for a cooling off period.  Bryon helped with all the paperwork, straight shooter, great businessman, appreciated working with Bryon as well.

Eventually I couldn't get past the color of the vehicle and when I returned it, everyone was as great during the return process as when they were selling me the vehicle.

Easily the greatest car shopping experience I've ever had.  I drove from San Francisco to work with Winfred and I'd do it again without a second thought.


James Z. | 2013-12-21

Getting an oil change for my wife's cx7, its taking almost 2 hrs on a saturday even with an appointment. I spoke with the service guy and he said saturday and monday it is about average wait time is from 1 1/2 hrs to 2 hrs for just a simple service. Facility is nice and clean. I guess next time we get a service will be btw tuesday-friday to avoid long wait time.

Dilip R. | 2013-12-19

I worked with Internet Manager G.K at Oak Tree Mazda for two and a half months, and had a very confusing experience, which ended up ultimately negative.

In the beginning GK wasn't responsive at all, but I badgered through the automated emails as they are the biggest dealer in Northern California with the most inventory and selection. This comes at a price - poor customer service.

I did a ton of research and modeling in picking my fair price and budget. GK told me he can help work within my budget and was trying to see me qualify for some discounts. He had me come in twice to meet in person and put in an application for the s-plan, which I found out later to be bogus. He said I wasn't too off from his price point, we just needed to wait for the right car to come into stock. This was last week in November.

I go away for thanksgiving and I come back in December and it was a completely different story. Gerald was asking for $3,500 over MSRP which was ludicrous and was unprofessional in his emails. It was a very bad experience.

I give +1 star to Mike for spending a lot of time with me showing me cars when GK blew me off.

I'd recommend using Truecar.com and go to the other great Mazda dealers in Northern California. Especially the significantly nicer people at Oakland Mazda.

Bruce R. | 2013-12-16

Bought a Mazda3 from Jerry when none of the other dealers I talked to could find the color and options I wanted.  If we were looking for another Mazda, Jerry would be the call I would make.

Michael H. | 2013-12-15

Just purchased a 2014 Mazda 3 from this dealership recently. The salesperson, Mike McGee, nicknamed "short Mike" is a bliss to work with. He is the most courteous car salesperson I have met so far. Not only did he do a good job explaining all the options I have, he also went so far as to going through the car's manual with me in details when I picked up the vehicle. I was truly impressed by how professional he is. Won't it be a better world if every car salesperson is like him :-) ?

As a side note, I got some discounts through TrueCar and looks like Oak Tree Mazda offers more discount than other dealers in my area.

Pamela L. | 2013-12-13

I cannot say enough good things about my experience buying my Mazda from Oak Tree Mazda. My husband and I drove from Marin County to San Jose because Oak Tree Mazda had the most  extensive inventory of 2014 Mazdas.
We made the trip after work, and were put in the hands of Mike McGee. I cannot recommend him enough to anyone considering to buy a Mazda.  He is extremely professional, attentive, knowledgable, nice, and more!
We considered other SUVs, but after test driving this car with Mike, we knew this was our future car. Every professional out there selling cars should sit down and take notes from Mike, he is truly amazing and delightful!!! Mazda should be VERY proud and honored to have him on board, actually any company would be lucky to have him be part of the team. We love our Mazda, we loved our experience from walking in, to driving out in our new car. I extremely encourage you to check out Oak Tree Mazda before you go anywhere else, I guarantee once you drive it you will realize Mazda makes amazing vehicles that will definitely meet all your expectations and more. When you talk to Mike you'll know you made the best choice by stepping foot at Oak Tree Mazda. For us it was SO worth it to drive 4 hrs to check them out!! Cheers & zoom zoom out!!!!

Chad W. | 2013-11-29

I have purchased three cars in the last three years.  It still astonishes me that the auto industry gets away with operating the way they do.  There's really no reason for dealerships to exist like this other then the car makers get a chance to stick it to consumers with unnecessary extras and sketchy sales tactics.  Add on the uncomfortable and ample time required to haggle with them, it's absurd.  This dealer was no different and felt like they would do anything to upsell or trick me into something I don't need.  And it took three trips to the place and getting pretty obnoxious to get it through their heads that I didn't want the "clear coat" or the extended warranty.  

We need more Teslas and less old school sales organizations.

Jack H. | 2013-11-25

Completely satisfied. I bought the new CX-5 and they gave me a good deal and they provide options you can choose from. As a happy buyer, I went back to them and this time to trade-in my old car and again they gave me best offer and they adjust based on my needs. Just stand firm with what you think you need, and they will try their best to meet those needs. I'm a happy customer.

Emily J. | 2013-11-21

Just purchased a new 2014 Mazda3 from Oak Tree Mazda two days ago. Despite the late evening appointment, the ugly storm outside and having to evaluate our trade-in vehicle in the crummy weather, our salesman, Bryan, and finance manager Bobby provided exceptional customer service the moment we walked in the door through the time we drove off the lot in our new car.

My husband and I had visited the dealership a few days prior to test drive the vehicle and afterwards, while sitting down with both Bryan and Bobby, we had a stress- and hustle-free conversation about the vehicle and all the available trims, specs, packages, and other options. They were very informative and exceptionally polite, despite the fact that we told them we weren't interested in purchasing the car that particular day. When we were finished we told them we would process the information given and get back to them in a few days. Again, they withheld pressure to buy.

Upon arriving back to the dealer Tuesday night we were prepared to sit down and negotiate our trade-in along with the new vehicle price, with the idea (and hope) in mind to walk out of there with a new Mazda3. Bryan showed us some more of their stock (in the pouring rain) and then we headed back inside with a particular vehicle in mind. With all cards laid out, Bobby and Bryan worked diligently with us as they went back and forth from their manager to our table, and we eventually came to an agreement on a fair trade-in value for the truck and worked out a deal for both the price of the new vehicle and a 5-year service package that my husband and I deemed exceptionally fair. We shook hands with smiles all around and Bobby set out to complete paperwork while Bryan filled us up with gas. No service staff available since it was almost 10pm, so Keith, the sales manager told me to bring the vehicle in the following morning first thing for detailing. Did just that and had a cup of coffee while I waited in their showroom.

Great facility, great selection, exceptional service. Thank you for our wonderful new Mazda3, Oak Tree!

Phattomato P. | 2013-11-21

I worked with Frankie from the parts/service dept. and he was a total pleasure to work with. He really helped me on a special purchase that I am still grateful for. I know dealerships have a stigma, but they are trying to break that mold by their customer service there at Oak Tree! I will definitely be shopping there again. A real pleasure doing business!

S W. | 2013-11-17

My husband and I bought our car yesterday and it was one of the best car buying experiences I've had. It was the 4th and final dealership we went to and from the start, we were made to feel welcome over the two days we took.

We came in at 8:30 on Friday night and were immediately greeted at the door and then sales rep Monica helped us out. We weren't expecting too much as we knew they were only open for another half hour, but at no point were we made to feel rushed. We knew exactly which car we wanted (Mazda 3) but were still debating on which trim and Monica was very patient and explained the differences between the various options. My husband and I took turns with the test drive as he has back issues, so we needed to make sure his back would be ok. After a short drive, we weren't ready to commit and let her know. She accepted that and offered that if we were interested, we were welcome to come back for an extended test drive so we could get a better idea of how the seats would work for his back (he could handle the seats in 2 Acura models for all of a few minutes before the pain hit). We liked this idea and came back the next day.

Upon arrival on Saturday morning, we were greeted at the door by two very friendly sales reps and the sales manager, who offered us more information about the cars and Monica was ready to go. As we explained to her we did a lot of road trips and hiking, she took us up Montebello road where we really got to get a feel for the car and also see how somewhat prolonged exposure did to my husband's back. The model we tried handled beautifully and it was a very pleasant drive all around. By the end of the drive, my husband and I were sold and were ready to proceed.

Monica filled out our form for financing and we heard back in less than 15 minutes what our options were (and they were amazing!). After we decided which features we wanted (there were some options added we didn't want, and they were taken away no questions asked and when we needed clarification, either Monica or one of her colleagues immediately provided it). For the financing part, we talked to Byron, who ended up getting us an even better maintenance plan after we told him about our driving habits (he has my commute in reverse) and we walked out with an amazing deal. Part of what took a while to get out was my husband making a point to thoroughly read every piece of documentation (and he was never rushed along).

All in all, this was a very positive car buying experience. We never felt unwelcome or rushed, especially on our first visit when we were clearly coming at the end of everyone's respective shifts. Any questions we asked were answered clearly and there was never any condescension, especially about some of the newest features. The second day, we were allowed to take our time with the car (which ended up being the one we took home) and left feeling like we got the car we wanted and the service we wanted. Can't ask for more than that :).

Arian A. | 2013-11-07

I came here recently to have my RX-8 repaired under Mazda's engine warranty. The staff was courteous, professional, and quick.

I also ended up looking at their selection of MX-5s while I was there, and while I was certainly tempted I did not feel too pressured to purchase. Arash was very laid back and while he was certainly trying to hustle he didn't push too hard.

If you go there definitely talk to him.

Tim Trompeter, the service manager, is also very helpful and I recommend his services.

Ayumi M. | 2013-11-05

I went and purchased a 2010 Mazda 3 hatchback a couple months ago and Monica got me a very nice car; HOWEVER, she did not listen to my one request. I had told her many times including when we were looking at cars to when we test drove to when we started negotiating a deal that I was purchasing a car with my own money to build my credit score since I was going in with no credit at all. I went right before I had school and I was planning to just look around with my mom and my son but she assured me that I could get a car then under both my mom and I so I could be a co-signer. Obviously it being my first car purchase, I went for it even though my original plan was to come back with my dad. As the negotiations went on its way, I had I leave to go to school and I asked her multiple times if it was okay for me to leave and still be a co-signer since that was my number one priority and she assured me yet again that it was fine and that I should go to school and she would finish up with my mom. I went to school and I didn't realize that I wasn't even listed for the car until I paid my first payment. What was worse was when I tried to call her and reach her, she completely ignored my phone calls and emailed me to email her back. Once I finally got her on the phone, she started yelling at me to the point where I was in tears because I felt so attacked and I hadn't even had the chance to tell say anything! I called to also let her know that I would like to get another key for my car since it only came with one key and she told me that I could come in and she would give me her discount. When I went in I found out that she doesn't even get a discount for keys which just shows how much she truly does not know anything! Did Monica find me a nice car? Yes. Did she JUST want to sell me a car? Definitely yes. She obviously did not listen to anything I was saying and now I am stuck paying $300 for a car that helps my mom's credit score while I have to look into getting a credit card now to help my own. Hopefully this helps anyone else trying to purchase a car from Oak Tree Mazda.

Ryan S. | 2013-10-27

I was on the market for a car for the past few months and had been looking online for an Acura RSX that was in great used car shape. I stumbled on an ad that said Oak Tree Mazda had one in there inventory. I had been to a couple other wholesale auction type lots where the experience was really unprofessional. Drove out to Oak Tree, spotted the RSX and was quickly greeted by Gabriel, who was got me test driving the car right away. There were no pushy sales tactics going on. He was able to get me an excellent trade in value for my car as well which was not happening at other dealers. The financing went smooth and Gabriel worked with me to reach a price that made sense for my budget. I was surprised to get an awesome warranty at a great price for a somewhat higher mileage car.

Found the car I wanted and got it for a great price with a hassle free buying experience. Couldn't really ask for more.

Jenni S. | 2013-10-19

While car hunting a year and a half ago, I decided to check this place out. While driving into the parking lot, a group if salespeople were STARING my mom and I down. When we parked, a salesman stood in front of our car until we got out of the car which made us uncomfortable, and immediately started to talk to us when we opened our doors (we weren't even out of the car yet, for goodness sakes!). I told him that I was looking for the MOST BASIC Mazda 3 that they had (I don't need Bluetooth and fancy unnecessary gadgets), but he KEPT TRYING TO PUSH MORE EXPENSIVE CARS. I kept saying that I wanted the most basic one, but he kept showing me the cars I didn't want! Then he tried the "well what color do you want? Girls like white cars! This white one here has Bluetooth and has this and that blah blah blah". JUST BECAUSE IM A GIRL DOESNT MEAN THAT YOU CAN SELL ME A CAR BASED ON THE COLOR ALONE!!! It might have worked on other girls, but I walked in knowing what I wanted, and this guy just wasn't listening. The car could have been the ugliest color, but as long as it was the most basic car, I'd take it.
I was offended by the fact that he thought that he could sell me a more expensive car based solely on the color of the car. That is NOT the way you make a sale. LISTEN to the potential car buyer. If they say that they don't want extra-charge do-dads and gadgets MULTIPLE TIMES, that probably means that you should stop trying to push those cars on them.
Left here feeling disgusted and offended.

lil miss kitty n. | 2013-10-18

I recently went in last week to help my mom purchase a new Mazda3. Our experience was exceptional we were in and out in no time. The staff seems to work together very well and our salesperson Jon was so nice and he even helped my mom drive her car home. I definiely recommend this dealership for anyone looking for a Mazda.

Mike W. | 2013-10-15

Why would you run our credit before we even negotiated a price?  What if we had not purchased a vehicle from OakTree?  Not only would we have walked out carless, but with a lower credit score now!  It rose so many red flags and we should have stopped there, but they kept telling us that they have to do this to get us a "deal..."  

I have purchased plenty of cars before, and never do they run your credit score before you have negotiated a priced.

Ignacio ended up helping us with the deal and he is great.   I think he deserves a great review, but management team not so much.  Poor guy, he is just forced to listen to them and asked to sell the accessories.  We did end up getting the car at a great price, so that was great!

B B. | 2013-09-30

I purchased a 2008 Mazda 3 there and have been very satisfied. It's got over 150k miles and is running reasonably well.

I'm not giving the review because I love the car so much--instead I'm giving it because the service department really kicks ass. I've really beaten the shit outta this whip over the years, and bring it in pretty regularly for checkups.

A million bonus points for one of the main service guys there named Tim. Seriously--if you can help it--direct your needs to Tim because the guy handles his f'n business like a pro. Never hits you with the oversell, gives you straight advice on whats the best long term for your car, and does everything he can to save you money. The guy even told me where I could get a specific service that I wanted at a better rate than his garage could do it. I've had to bring the car in a few times this year because people keep messing with it--and he makes it as cheap and painless as possible. You're the man, Tim!

Jenny Y. | 2013-09-29

My first experience buying a new car and it went much better than expected!  Actually, it was great!  To be honest, I'm usually annoyed by salespeople - I'm the type of person who just wants to know the facts straight up without any sugarcoating.  I took my parents in with me who have more experience buying cars than I do, afraid that we would have to play "hardball" with the salespeople.  Thank goodness we were approached by Norm Arnold.  He was friendly without being the fake sort of friendly that many salespeople come off as, informative, and best of all, not pushy or aggressive.  He made us feel comfortable and was very honest.  He made the buying process painless and was able to get a great deal for me.  I would highly recommend requesting Norm if you plan to visit Oak Tree Mazda!

Donald M. | 2013-09-28

We just bought our first new car from Norm Arnold. Norm sold us a car we love for a great price. He was up front, no pressure, and enthusiastic about the product.  If you're looking for a Mazda, I recommend calling Norm.

Yanni J. | 2013-09-25

The sales here are awesome!!! Thank you so much Jon and Arash for the amazing service for us. They are friendly, honest, and not pushing you to buy. We really enjoyed the buying experience with them, they both are incredible!!! Thanks again Jon and Arash!!!! =)  Yay!!!!

Dena D. | 2013-09-13

I went to Oak Tree Mazda with both a simple and a complex need: I wanted to buy a car and also trade an old clunker. They helped me with both, and were especially nice about the older car I was trading in. The sales and finance people were all nice. I had a toddler in tow and they did everything they could to help keep him entertained. I was very happy with the Mazda 3 I purchased.

Allan G. | 2013-09-11

I was here about a month ago, I was looking into purchasing new wheels. I did some research before hand on the internet. But I wanted brand new wheels not used ones. So I gave Oak Tree Mazda a call and said I was looking into purchasing new wheels, which were the MazdaSpeed wheels in grey. I spoke to a nice and very helpful lady, her name was Ana. She was very knowledgeable. She asked me which color cause they came in 2 colors the grey and the anthracite. She also asked what type and year of model make, she made it very easy for me and said it will be ready within 2 weeks or so. I was very anxious in getting them sooner than later lol. So about a week and a half passes,so long :) I get a call from Ana and she tells me my rims are ready for me for pickup...so I tell her I will be there after work! I ask her "how is your schedule for that day at the Oak Tree Mazda shop?" She says its pretty much booked, but Ana was so thoughtful she fit me in there tight schedule. They realigned my wheels to its specifications...once they were done I was so excited!! Thank you again Ana! I will be back here again for minor tune ups/checks!

Chanda J. | 2013-09-06

I came to this location last August in hopes of getting a new car for my birthday which was the following month. Not only did I leave with a brand new car but I left with the assurance that if I needed any help with anything, all of these guys would be a phone call or email away! They have really proved that to me in many many ways over this past year!

I remember when we were choosing between a black mazda and a grey one, we looked and sat in the black one, gave opinions-- then out came the grey one, we popped a Britney Spears cd in, cranked it up and the three of us (my mom, myself and I believe his name is Ray) danced and sang for the first minute of the song :) that was forsure the most memorable experience I have EVER had at a car dealership!! And the best!! It felt like I was in one of those car car commercials!! ^_^

They call and email me when I have service appointments.. answer any questions I have and are all very fun to be around-- when walking in for anything you have to do, they are all very accomidating :)

Def love this place and can't wait for more interaction with them!

Also, they really make sure you understand the aspects of your car before you drive off the lot and thats another awesome thing you'll experience when you go to Oak Tree Mazda!!!

Lei Z. | 2013-09-05

I purchased my first Mazda 3 at OakTree recently, very excited :D
the whole process was run smoothly, the staffs there, especially 'short Mike' and Jack are very nice and helpful. they helped me to get the labor day holiday deal even i purchased before the holiday.
The service center of OakTree is also awesome! i'll definetly recommend it to my friends.

Greg N. | 2013-09-04

For once, I had a good experience at a car dealership.

Most of this rating is attributed to my sales person Gerry Knapp, who contacted me through CarWoo, the online service.

Because we were down one car, Gerry DROVE TO MY HOUSE and picked me up, over 40 minutes away. When I arrived, because we had negotiated online, the car was ready and the price was exactly what they quoted, no hidden fees, no add ons, nothing.

It was washed clean and full of gas. Gerry didn't push me to a more expensive vehicle, just listened and got the car ready. Really great experience, especially considering I purchased one of their least expensive models.

When we need to go back to replace our other vehicle, I will be contacting Gerry, assuming Mazda makes the vehicle we'll need. :) I highly reccomend contacting him online as he will work with you before you even step foot in the dealership.

I did have to wait about 25 minutes once we arrived to get paperwork processed ( I was paying in full) but other than that a solid and good experience!

Nikita M. | 2013-09-04

After numerous weeks emailing back and forth with Bomdad in the finance department, I was contacted directly by a lovely woman in Mazda's warranty department who cleared up the issues that had arisen. She apologized for dropping the ball on my case, and assured me that it in no way reflected poorly on Oak Tree Mazda. I do want to thank Bomdad and Sheriff specifically for being so patient with me, and for continuing to assist when it was mostly out of their hands. They will have a repeat customer out of me!

R S. | 2013-08-30

What can I say? Once again, I brought my RX-8 in for service and asked for Tim Trompeter.  I must admit that the level of service that Tim offers his clients is second to none. When I call Tim and go and see him, I feel the genuine regard he has for me as a customer and he has always gone out of  his way to make sure that I was well taken care of. Tim adds a personal touch to the service department and definitely adds a lot of credibility to the  organization. I used to dread taking my car in for repairs because I did not know what to expect and ever since Tim worked with me I have always felt like he leveled with me and was always right on! Tim is the reason I am a loyal customer at Oak Tree.

Rich T. | 2013-08-22

I rarely take time out to write up reviews, however in this case I had no choice.

I would like to acknowledge the excellent customer service I received from Tracey Schmidt, Warranty Service Manager for Oak Tree Mazda in San Jose.

I purchased a vehicle from Oak Tree two years ago and decided to buy an extended warranty.

I recently traded that same car in for another vehicle, but still had another yr. left on my extended warranty contract.

I called Oak Tree Mazda to see what the process was for getting a portion of my money back for the remaining time left on the extended warranty.

Tracey went out of way to help me get a portion of my money back for the time that was left on the extended warranty contract.

I would definitely recommend Oak Tree Mazda the next time you're looking to purchase a new or certified used vehicle.

I was very satisfied with the service I received from Oak Tree.

Chris H. | 2013-08-19

We were looking for a reliable used car with under 100k miles for $10k or less. Of all the searching I did, I found DGDG.com to have the best selection of reasonably priced used cars. I zeroed in on a 2005 PT Cruiser with 53,000 miles for $8k at Oak Tree Mazda. Perfect fit for our budget!

I headed out to San Jose and was met by Alfred. I told him I was interested in their two vehicles which fit my description. My wife veto'd one, so we test drove the PT Cruiser. Having previously driven my parents' PT Cruiser many miles, I knew it was a car we could see ourselves in. We ended up liking it enough to move forward with the purchase.

Alfred took us inside and ran us through the financing options we had and what service contracts we should consider. We were shown many options of monthly payments with various down payment amounts and service contracts. I wasn't convinced that I needed a service contract, so Alfred put me into contact with Byron. After a bit of discussion, he got me hooked up with the 5 year/60k miles, Platinum level service contract instead of the 4 year/48k miles, Gold level for the same price.

After everything was in order, Bobby ended up finishing the financing side of things. He was quick, nice and efficient.

I left the lot with the car, no problems!

A week after driving my car, I started having issues with the alternator. I live 90 miles away from Oak Tree Mazda, so I did not want to take the car back to get it serviced. Since I had paid for a service contract, which was dated as active the day I bought the vehicle, I took it to the local Chrysler dealer. I was told that my service contract was not active since it had not yet been 30 days since purchasing my vehicle, by both the warranty company and Oak Tree Mazda. After 3 days and numerous phone calls, Byron had the issue corrected for me and the warranty entered into the system. I ended up being car-less for a week because of this, which made things difficult. I wish the service contract had been easier to deal with up front, instead of being told about a 30 day rule that was in direct conflict with my written contract. Oh well, issue resolved favorably!

Thanks Byron, Alfred and Bobby!

Julian S. | 2013-08-15

I have used Yelp for as long as I can remember and swore that when I finally do make my first post, it would be a positive one.  But ridiculousness finally compelled me to  post my first Yelp review.

I called Oak Tree Mazda at 5:07 pm and after asking Nacho, the sales guy, a bunch of questions regarding a 2008 Infiniti G37 listed for $25,888, I offered $24,388 ...asking for a discount of $1500.  

He said that he would ask the manager and get back to me within a few minutes.  

At 8:15pm...yes over 3 HOURS LATER, the sales manager, John, returned my call and said that because he wanted to EARN MY BUSINESS, he would discount the listed price by $300.  

WOW! I waited 3 HOURS for that?  I told him, "Thanks. I'll think about it."

I then checked my call log to confirm that he really called me 3 HOURS LATER and decided to call him back to give him feedback that I didn't appreciate waiting 3 HOURS for a $300 discount from the listed price.

John  responded very aggressively with "I don't know what you expect! We had a showroom filled with people and the car is priced very competitively!"

WOW. Really?  That's fine if you want to justify the $300 discount by saying that the car's competitively priced, but trying to justify a 3 HOUR wait for a returned call by saying the showroom was packed with people...and adding "because I want to earn your business" is just poor form.  

The thing is, had he called me back within a reasonable amount of time, or at least called and explained he would take three hours for a response, I probably would have paid their asking price.

I wonder how many people's business he earned in those 3 HOURS he kept me waiting for a simple yes or no response.  Buying and selling car's would be so much more simple and pleasant if guys like John weren't managing sales dealerships.

Brandon B. | 2013-08-08

I was looking for a used mazda 3 because of their reputation as good quality yet fun to drive cars and came across one that fit the bill for me at Oak Tree. I emailed them through Autotrader and got a call pretty quick from Mike Mghee. We set up an appointment, easy as that. When I got there I was greeted by two Mikes. Mike Mghee who they call Short Mike, and Mike Schwartz, you can figure out what they call him pretty easily. :)

Short Mike was busy so Big Mike was going to take me for a test drive. Mike showed me the ins and outs of the car, even though it was a used car he was very thorough about the car and very knowledgeable.

Of course I'm writing this because I loved the car and had to have it. Mike did all the work for me, all I did was answer a few questions. He ran around to the finance folks, he was busy preparing the car for me to drive off the lot, he did everything he could to make the process easy for me.

Did I mention I was alone when I bought the car and I still had my old car? I didn't trade in my old car because honestly it was worth more as a donation. The issue being, I wanted to drive my "new to me" car home. Mike let me park my old car in the back so I could drive my new car home even though it would be a few days before I could be back to pick up the old car.

You can see my reviews and that I'm a real person. I usually rate restaurants(because I love to eat!) but I can't forget about the services. In this case I just happened to buy a car from some great folks who deserve to be recognized for their great service. Thanks Oak Tree Mazda.

Suma L. | 2013-08-08

It was my first time buying a car, so I was a little concerned about interacting with sales people. But, the people at this dealership were very pleasant and made the whole process smooth and easy. The first time I went here, Norm showed me the car and was there in the car during the test drive. He is as nice as they come. He patiently went through the car facts with me and also discussed a good price for my car.. Since I wanted to wait a while before making the purchase, I did not buy the car that day. The only reason I went back to the same dealership and bought my car after a few weeks was that they were not extremely pushy about making a sale. They did keep me informed about their latest deals via email, but that was that. I appreciate this the most. Personally, I hate it, when the sales personnel start pushing you to make a decision. So glad that it did not happen here.

Also, when I went back, they remembered me immediately and did the entire thing again and I walked out with my car. Norm and Mike are extremely nice and patient even during the negotiations. I did get the deal I was comfortable with and without feeling like I had been bulldozed in the negotiations.

So, they made my first car buying experience memorable and not terrifying. So that's a huge plus for me :)

Carla C. | 2013-08-07

I found Oak Tree through Autotrader while looking for a Civic for my daughter. We still owed on an Odyssey that she was driving and I'd never traded in a car that I owed on before. Gerry was so helpful and they really worked with us to get my daughter into a car she wouldn't be embarrassed to drive. Buying a car in the last thing I ever want to do. The salespeople are usually sketchy, creepy and made me feel uncomfortable. Gerry was the complete opposite! He's nice and like I told my hubs 'not creepy!' He really enjoys selling cars!

When we were closing the deal and didn't have a copy of our insurance card, I went online there and printed one out. Gerry made two copies, one for my husband and one for myself to keep in our cars, since we didn't have one. That should tell you the kind of person he is.

Highly recommend!

Saideep K. | 2013-08-03

Well done Robert at Oak Tree Mazda , bought a 2010 Mazda 6 last month , had a small battery issue with it and took it into service. Robert took it upon himself to work with Sales and get the battery replaced for free. No questions asked! Have had a phenomenal experience with their staff from sale to service .Even Byron from finance has always been very helpful when I have had questions .

Valerie Q. | 2013-08-02

Gerry and Mike at Oak Tree were great to work with. Mike was especially diligent and got me through the financial process with ease. I appreciated the no-nonsense approach, which can be challenging at a car dealership. I would definitely come back here to buy another car.

Pisco S. | 2013-07-30

Great place. Good service. I own 3 Mazda's .  I would buy at Oak Tree Mazda.Go see Norm at the internet department. The service department is excellent as well.

VK G. | 2013-07-30

I got replaced fuel pump  in my car with this dealer. Within few months again I started feeling Gas smell inside the car when I fill the tank to full. I took my car to them to inspect the issue, as it was related to the same issue. They came out with the diagnose that  I need to replace the fuel tank saying that there is hole in the tank. I was like , what ?...  Ok fine, tell me , how the tank can get hole in the first place without  any accident. And he is not ready to answer that question. I started feeling skeptical. And took it to the local mechanic.. He replaced the fuel pump gasket and it is been more than 6 months there is no issues.

BEWARE !! These guys are really sick.. They will milk money taking advantage of your ignorance... Instead of cheating and making money , they can find some better way to earn money..

Zachary G. | 2013-07-30

We bought a CX9 Touring a few days ago. My wife and I both test drove, but then talked ourselves into getting one with a tech package (I like that they did not try to up-sell us one), so I had her test drive the exact one we would be buying. All in all, it took a few hours longer to get out of there than I wanted (it was less than half the time when I bought my MS3 there four years ago), but we got a good deal. Norm and Mike tag-teamed us well, in a good way. Most of the time was me negotiating the add-ons and the financing (hint: always do this, everything is negotiable). We timed it well to get the Oak Tree discount in combination with two rebates from Mazda, so we got a really good deal. I know I could have gotten even lower if I had played the back-and-forth game with another dealership, but after a while, you have to consider how much your time is worth. I also like this service department a lot and know everybody there. I trust my wife not to get talked down to, as many shops unfortunately do. All in all, a positive experience, even with the extra time.

Todd A. | 2013-07-28

Went there last week to buy a Mazda CX-9 and met Norm who is the Internet Sales Manager there.  We had a FANTASTIC experience buying a car here.  Norm is AWESOME!!  He is intelligent about Mazda's, courteous, friendly, and really gave us a GREAT deal on our new CX-9.  He made it very easy not only to trade-in our new car but also get the lease that we needed on our new vehicle.  Compared to the dealerships on the SF Peninsula, Oak Tree Mazda was WELL-WORTH the extra drive.  Go see Norm, he will take just as good care of you as he did my family.  A real class act!   Thanks...

Julie H. | 2013-07-28

I bought a CX-5 last week and can't say enough great things about my experience. Monica Torres helped me starting with the test drive and ending with my getting the exact model and color I wanted at a great price. She was everything I could ask for in a sales person - friendly without being pushy, knowledgeable, interested in making sure I got the right car for my lifestyle, patient with my questions, accommodating with my request for a second test drive. She followed up in a timely fashion with information she'd agreed to get me and worked hard to get me a deal that was better than the best prices offered by rival dealers. They didn't have the exact car I wanted on their lot and went looking for it without a fuss. Three hours later it was delivered.

I took it in for the MOC detailing a few days later and again, they did exactly what they said they would do - set the appointment on a day convenient for me, sent an email confirmation, provided a free rental car, had the car finished on time and spent extra time answering my questions on how to program some of the electronics. Kudos to Tim in the service department!

I'm not easily impressed and had not been looking forward to buying a new car. Monica made the experience fun and low stress and everyone I interacted with from other sales people to Bobby, the finance person, were friendly and helpful. And the car itself is fantastic - roomy, performs beautifully, fun to drive, crazy cool techno options. If you're looking for a great car and a great buying experience go talk to Monica Torres at Oak Tree Mazda!

Xuan C. | 2013-07-23

So I was contacted by their general manager who I shall refer to Nameless #2. He emailed me, and called me on my cell hone 5 minutes later... Basically was really agressive and told me I was ruining people's lives, and called me a liar. He claims his employee, Nameless #1 didn't say what he said to me over email.
I have the emails to prove, that Nameless #1 said what he did. Also Nameless #2 wouldn't even let me off the phone, until I changed my review to a 5 stars. Being agressive, and yelling at me telling me I'm a liar (even though I have proof) and how I'm ruining your life is NOT going to make me change my review. As a matter of fact that's going to get you a dial tone to your face!

Yes, Nameless 2 I have the emails to prove that your employee was inappropriate and the one that lied!

Tamiko B. | 2013-07-23

Went here last night to check out some of the new models.

I'm not exactly sure who helped us, but it was a young man who knew a lot about the cars, and was open and friendly.

I liked that there wasn't a lot of prying and that it almost seemed like a friendly chat.

Have been interested in seeing some of the new Mazdas because they seem to be kicking Honda and Toyota's asses design-wise, IMO (Mazda 6 is what I'm talkin' 'bout). I was also impressed with the mileage (Skyactiv Technology) too.

Anyhow, we were just browsing around and getting some ideas, but didn't drive away in anything (still have some researching to do before taking the plunge).

Brian Z. | 2013-07-22

I came in after seeing a nice Mazda 3 S 2.5 for sale. What's better is that it was in manual transmission. The price they were oferring the car at was really a very competetive price. Luiz and Byron assisted me with everything I needed to to know about the car as well as how to go about paying for it. I did not feel hustled even one bit in there and they were very kind and funny. If I were to buy another Mazda, I would definitely come back!

Karen L. | 2013-07-21

Yep, Oak Tree Mazda has a new loyal customer.   I called the dealership this afternoon and spoke to Gabriel Carriel, who confirmed the car I saw online was still on the lot.  I came down and met with him, and he had pulled the car, a used CX-7, into the shade to cool it down for us prior to my arrival.  We had a great test ride, negotiated a fair price, and negotiated a trade in.  Gabriel was low-key, courteous, and did his best to keep things moving.  I think I got a great deal with a payment that worked well in my budget.  Nana, the finance manager, was just as courteous and friendly, and we had a nice visit as she completed the transaction.  I will definitely recommend Gabriel to my family and friends and will return to OTM next time I purchase a car.

David B. | 2013-07-17

My wife and I were looking for a new CX9 at the end of its current lease. We really do not like high pressure sales, or slow laborious processes. My wife reached out to Michael McGhee who was fantastic.

Michael really knew his stuff around the various options etc, and helped us to move quickly through the new lease process. He was simply great to deal with.

Adreanna T. | 2013-07-10

So, I took my Mazda3 in because the check engine light turned on. (That is just a way for them to basically do nothing and get money, but I digress.)

I had called in earlier in the week and made an appt. I walk in and I get no greeting. Not even a hello. After several minutes I ask a couple people at some desks. They all just say wait here and someone will get you. They all acted annoyed that I would disturb them. 30 minutes after my appt time a lady who was there the whole time calls out my name and she gets my info and my car keys.

They do the service and sure enough, the computer needed an update. Whatever. Then she said that there is a small oil leak and says I should get that taken care of as well. I deny and a couple weeks later when I get my oil changed, the guy says he doesn't see any leak at all. hmmm....

Hope car buying experiences are better than the maintenance ones.

Jessica H. | 2013-07-02

I bought my Mazda 3 hatchback 3 months ago from Gerry and I couldn't be happier! Not only do I love my car, but Gerry was and continues to be amazing! He is very friendly, funny, knowledgeable, and honest. And he even has a facebook page, which makes asking him all the silly little questions I continue to have about different features of the car or maintenance questions a super easy task. Not only does he respond right away, but he is always more than happy to answer them. I highly recommend getting a Mazda from Gerry at Oak Tree Mazda! :D

Steve N. | 2013-07-02

So my past review was removed, so here is a less "personal" review of the place. The manager that helped me was very pushy and very unfriendly. He basically pushed us to go someplace else to buy my car. Obviously in this day and age, that mentality does not work anymore and I don't believe there is any other place where his attitude would fly like that.. Does that seem less personal ?

Fohming T. | 2013-07-02

Today is Tuesday 7/2/13 and I went to Oak Tree Mazda, Stevens Creek, San Jose last Wednesday for some problem with the smart card transmitter for my Mazda CX 9 2008. I arrived @ the dealership @ about 5.55 pm and was greeted by the service advisor/manager Mr Tim. I wanted him to sell me a spare transmitter for my car as the existing one that I have is worn out and should not be working in no time. Mr Sonny from Parts Department then help me to get a new key. I was told that the new key cost me over $300 + key + programming. I was taken a back with the cost and started to question the cost. Mr Tim & Mr Sonny took the time to explain the situation about the CX9 that I owned that only accept 1 type of key and that is the one that is right in front of me. Both of them even took time to show me the various type that is available on eBay ( using my cell phone ) which, if I wanted and went ahead to buy it on line would have cost me $250 and still ending up having to get the original key from the dealership. I was told that they finish work @ 6.30 pm but they were very patient and professional with me. They stayed past their working hours to make sure I understood the situation and not fall into spending money on some compromised part which would not work hence, being more frustrated. I appreciated the professionalism that was shown to me by Mr Sonny and Mr Tim. I would surely advise other Mazda owner to have their Mazdas check by Mr Sonny and Mr Tim before doing anything else or even attempt to have it looked at by other inferior shop elsewhere.

Good job Oak Tree Mazda, Mr Sonny and Mr Tim team.

Thank you

Kunal S. | 2013-06-29

I visited this place for purchasing the Mazda 6 2014 on 29th June 2013.. After initial email exchanges I decided to walk in to have a word with the sales person to buy the car as I was promised a competitive price  After few negotiations , the manager Gerry stepped in . He is a rude guy to deal with . In the process of negotiations , he rudely asked my friend to stop talking as he was not buying the car . After talks failed , he rudely told us that the price we quoted was not possible to get . It seemed like they don't care about selling the car to you .if not you , they will find someone to sell the car at their price .Eventually I did get the car for the price I wanted , from another dealer nearby . They lost a potential customer due to their high ego . Just felt that the manager should know how to treat customers . If the deal was not possible , he could have told us the same thing politely , we would have walked away not pissed off like this

Jenn B. | 2013-06-28

Overall a good experience.  Bought a used car from them (10 years old) and everything went okay.  Bought the car yesterday but had to pick it up today, because I had my other truck with me yesterday.  Picked it up this morning and the gas is almost on empty (thanks guys!) and the "detail" they did sucked.  I sold my truck for $1500 (well below KBB) and I still filled up the gas tank for the buyer.  It's just being plain nice!  There was paper mats on the front floors and when I lifted them up, there's a bunch of dirt under them.  Something a vacuum could easily take out but they just decided to not even touch it.  Back seat floors also had dirt and small rock pieces on them. So I guess a "detail" to them would be to wash the outside of the car.  That's all that seemed to be done.  Lovely....

Jon L. | 2013-06-27

I had been in the market for a 2013 Mazdaspeed3 for a few months and was just waiting for the right time. I came in one weekend and Jon Hayes helped me with a test drive. Jon was very helpful, very professional but casual at the same time: and not sales-ey, which was a huge plus. I felt like I was talking to a fellow car fan, not a sales rep.

He knew I was looking for a Black one with a tech package but one wasn't due for a month or so, so he told me he'd contact me as soon as one came in. Not one week later, he pulled some strings to have a Black Speed3 w/ the tech package that just arrived at the port straight from Japan delivered to the dealership. I came in that same night, signed papers and picked up the car the next morning. It was assembled in April 2013 (in Japan) and bought it the first week of June 2013. Keep in mind that includes shipping time.

He was very open, honest and transparent; gave me a good deal on my trade-in and the car itself. If you're in the market for a Mazda (hell, or any car!), go see Jon Hayes. He's the man.

Geoff B. | 2013-06-23

Bought a CX-9 from Ryan Brown today and he was great to work with! Also kudos to Byron. Great place to do business.

Tiffany C. | 2013-06-21

OMG I love Oak tree Mazda!!!! Everyone needs to come here if there looking for a great deal on their new car or baby to some. I was helped by an awesome associate who's only goal was to make my experience one in a million, and to make sure I was happy with everything that we had discussed. He went over everything from pricing, to color, to what is economically recommend for my area. I cannot believe how amazing my experience was from this gentlemen. It's like we've know each other our entire lives, because we were laughing, joking and taking about serious problems as if we went to school together. If your looking for your new car go and see Gerry Knapp, because he won't pull your strings to get you to buy just any car. He'll make it count.

Mrs F. | 2013-06-20

I saw a car online and wanted to take a look it. I called to make sure the car was still available and talked to John.

I was told it was available. So I came down to check out the car. John was very helpful and showed us the car.

It was a used car so I was a bit picky with how the car looked. So I did not want to test drive the car , because I knew that it was not the car for me.

John was very respectful and understanding. Even thought I was picky with the car John answered all the questions that I had.

Overall I had a great experience. Thanks again John for being so helpful.

Slice L. | 2013-06-19

Monica  is the Best!!! Probably the first car salesperson that I really trust was looking out for my best interest. She is friendly, efficient and honest.
I've never felt so comfortable with a salesperson before and bought  my car about  45 minutes away from my local dealer because of her
And Bobby sealed the deal - I was getting jerked around by the bank and he worked super hard to make things work - he was disclosed and upfront. Can't beat those two!

Jennifer T. | 2013-06-17

Came in to browse their selection and to get a better look at the CX-5. I wasn't too serious about buying just yet and just wanted to see what the cost would be like and if a trade-in was even worth it.

When I came onto the lot, I was instantly greeted by Gerry. Normally, I hate the pushy-hovering-questioning tactic of salesmen, but Gerry let me know that he would be around to answer any of my questions and that he would try not to hover. That-in-itself was greatly appreciated so that I had time to myself to look around and gather up questions. It hadn't been 15 minutes before I had my 20 questions ready for Gerry and he was pretty easy to find. He was very polite, friendly, and even answered my random questions like "how many dead bodies could I fit in the trunk?" I really wasn't planning on putting anything deceased back there but it was always nice to know. He had an answer for everything. He even threw out numbers that was easy to understand. I didn't end up purchasing a vehicle, but I really did appreciate the time he spent with me and all the details that he went over. Definitely worth coming back to purchase a car when we are ready for our upgrade. Ask for Gerry, you won't regret it :)

karen b. | 2013-06-17

One of my favorite books is titled "The Last Lecture" and it was written by a man named Randy Pausch, a professor at Carnegie Mellon who was dying of pancreatic cancer. In this book he tells a story of 100,000 dollar Disney salt and pepper shakers. As a young boy his family and he traveled to DisneyWorld, while there his sister and he purchased a set of salt and pepper shakers as a Thank You to their parents, sadly right after purchasing the set, Randy dropped the bag and they broke. A nearby adult suggested that they take the shakers back to the store to see if they could be replaced, not expecting anything of it Randy returned to the Disney store and to their surprise an employee apologized to them for not packaging them securely and exchanged the broken set with a new one.
This one act of kindness from Disney has resulted in numerous return trips that the family has taken which might not of happened had this one glimmering memory not existed.
Sadly, 9 time out of 10, this would not happen today. I VERY VERY LUCKY have found that 10th time were it does.
I purchased a car from OakTree Mazda back in March and although happy with my car, the experience at the dealership left me not happy at all. After writing my review on Yelp, I was very quickly and courteously contacted by Sheriff D (the manager) who went above and beyond offering me an apology. Not only did he ask the question  "What can we do to make this better", after I told him the issues I had he replied with "This is what we are going to do to make it right" and then resolved the issue ASAP.
I hoped for an apology but never dreamed that a company would work this hard and kindly to fix my experience. Through the whole process there was never any criticism or blame placed on me- there was none of that attitude or attacking stance that sometimes is found when you bring up an issue you have with a company to management.
The fact that a manager reached out to apology and then went above and beyond is enough for me to recommend Oak Tree Mazda to any and everyone that I meet, sadly I only have need for one car but they have made a life long customer in me. In fact my little brother turned 18 last Monday and we are looking for a car to purchase for him, I fully intend to go down back to Mazda this weekend and do everything I can to have him drive off their lot in a car of his own.

Amber G. | 2013-06-15

I'm on a search for a new car, and so I ended up wandering to this Mazda dealership. It was my first encounter with a car salesman seeing as how I've never purchased a car at a dealership; Oak Tree was the first dealership I decided to check out. I braced myself expecting a prying, annoying salesperson to ruin my experience (I was warned beforehand to be careful) and push me into buying something I wasn't ready for-- but, I ended up pleasantly surprised!

I entered the lot and was greeted by a young man by the name of Jonathan Hayes. Seeing as how I am young, it was a relief to find out that he was around the same age as me. He understood that I had no idea what I was doing and gladly answered every question I had without trying to take advantage of my naivete (which I prepped myself for).  
I took a 2010 Jeep out for a test drive and felt very relaxed seeing as how I felt no pressure. I was shocked at how ready I was to purchase it once we returned, but had to hold off seeing as how I wanted to make sure I had checked out my other options.
I'm definitely returning  to this lot, once I'm ready to buy a car. It was a wonderful first-time experience. I'd definitely recommend asking for Jonathan if you want a laid-back, no-pressure kind of salesperson who knows what he's doing. I hope I'll have the same kind of luck when I check out the other lots.

Kiel H. | 2013-05-31

I came in to buy a car and wanted to pay the full sticker price cash then tax and license on a credit card ( a total of $1700). I was told they cannot possibly let you use a credit card at all. Ok, this is 30 minutes to closing. I asked if I could put money down to hold the car and come back the next day with cash for the $1700 I was short and they said no. They couldn't hold the car at all! Not even if I put the full sticker price down!

Here is where their motives become clear:  they said I could finance the car, but had to finance at least $7500 at their "generous" offer of 12.9%. What a trap!

Clearly, they care more about trapping you into their absurd financing than selling a car. If they would have let me use my card or worked with me a little bit I would have bought the damn car at full sticker price.

They lowered the price of the car $400 the next day.

I sent them an email stating how unhappy I was with this and said I didn't feel like my business was valued and was considering buying a car elsewhere and they never replied. Suspicion confirmed: they really don't care about selling a car and could care less about my business.

I will also add that the quality of the cars they had left a lot to be desired. They had used cars on their lot for sale that were in really rough shape cosmetically (major scratches, scuffs, and blemishes) and many were missing pieces (floor mats, hatch covers in the back, and one was even missing the floor that goes over the spare tire!) It makes one question how thorough their "certification" program is if there are obvious missing pieces! One car I test drove was making weird noises like a marble rolling around and it turned out there was a battery stuck in the door. How does that get missed?

It seems like they are pretty much labeling anything that rolls onto the lot as "Certified Pre Owned".

The cars are also labeled as having a warranty but the dealer will pay "0% of parts and 0% of labor".....what kind of warranty is that? Supposedly Certified Pre-Owned Mazda's have a 3 year/36,000 mile warranty but that seemed to be news to our salesmen. Very, very fishy.  

I ended up getting a much nicer, much better condition Mazda3 Hatchback elsewhere for a much lower price. Keep looking!

Jonathan S. | 2013-05-30

This is a review of the internet car-sales division, which we got connected to through our USAA auto-insurance car-buying program.  (I highly recommend finding a way to get connected with the internet sales department, rather than just walking into a dealer -- much more transparency in pricing, and get the best offer up-front as several companies competeing).

Our salesman, Mike Schwartz emailed us a highly competitive price within hours of our submitting what model we were interested in.  When we showed up, Mike was briefly busy with other customers, so his colleague Norman was extremely kind in showing us and telling us all about the Mazda 5 we wanted to buy (he himself owned one) even though he knew the sale wasn't going to be his.  Our dealings with Mike were completely pressure-free, and extremely helpful throughout.  The dealership is wonderfully kid-friendly, and had a great play-room for our 2 year old son to play in while we were working on finalizing the purchase. (my only complaint is that even after we had firm price and car, it took over an hour to get the paperwork done because the financing office was backed up... but this was on busy memorial day wknd)

Like all dealers, when they offer you their very attractive financing (we got 0% for 3years!) they try to sell you on lots of other service and warranty extras (which is where I suspect they make more profit), but I only had to say no a couple times and did not feel particularly pressured (though maybe a little twinge of guilt that Mike wasn't making much $ off me, since I'd grown to like him...)

Mitsy I. | 2013-05-26

I heart Oak Tree Mazda!!  Let me start this out honestly.  I'm not good with haggling and I don't deal with pressure what so ever.  So the thought of going to go buy a new car had me more than upset from the start.  We hit about 3 other lots before it was Mazda's turn.  One sales man came up and crowded me and I think I might have actually hissed aloud.  My husband backed him off and we walked along to the area the cars I wanted to see were.  

Gerald Knapp approached slowly and asked if we needed anything, and immediately backed off when I said no.  He cruised back by a little later and just gave us the head nod.  At which point we engaged in conversation.  He was very knowledgeable about all the cars on the lot and very helpful.  There was no pressure and he was just easy to work with.  (He's good people, the kind of guy you could invite over to your family BBQ and he would just ...fit in.)

We went inside to talk some numbers and that's when we were introduced to Byron Bautista the magic numbers man (also a dream to work with).  Together they got us settled and out the door with my new car without me having a freak out session on the show room floor.  

Conclusion: Easy to work with. No pressure. Friendly. Not Creepy.

Claire G. | 2013-05-24

I was little disappointed at the "greed" Oak Tree has... I'm in sales and I pride myself with a customers first attitude. You win some you lose some, if you stay true to your values you will always win in the long run.

Jessica N. | 2013-05-18

Just bought my first car here! What a great experience!  Everyone and every part of the buying process was pleasant here at Oak Tree Mazda.  We went in to look at the CX-5 and drove out the proud owner of one!  Ryan, our sales consultant, took us out on a test drive.  He was very personable, putting us at ease.  He was very knowledgeable, showcased the features and answered our questions thoroughly.  Then we made our way inside to talk numbers... Understandably, I imagined this would be the hardest and most unpleasant part.  Ryan and the Sales Manager, Keith, were respectful of our pricing boundaries, always informing us of the options but never pushing.  They helped us find the right options, add ons, and financing for us, so we walked away feeling good and satisfied with our purchase.  I'd also like to add that Byron in financing was great!  In fact, all three men were fantastic--friendly, respectful, professional.

Michael D. | 2013-05-16

This is a long over due review for Oak Tree Mazda, but more specifically, for Gerald Knapp.

After doing some personal shopping for a newer BMW and being treated sub-human (even though I rolled up in my 4 year old 3-series), I really wasn't excited to go shopping for a newer car for my girlfriend. We were specifically looking for a CX5/7/9. We were enthusiastically greeted by Gerald and helped out. Being in the industry, I admire Gerald's approach a lot. He is not overly pushy, he has an amazing personality, and he was extremely knowledgable about the product that he was selling. After doing a bit more research, we came back on purchased a used CX-9 from the lot. The negotiations were long like always, but we left feeling like we got a good deal.

TL;DR - GO TALK TO GERALD!! He is a really cool guy and you won't regret it!

Jody W. | 2013-05-14

We bought out CX-5 from Oak Tree.  We had had an unfortunate experience at another dealer and decided to contact Short Mike at Oak Tree after reading  positive reviews on Yelp.  Mike McGhee is a pleasure to work with.  We knew exactly what model we wanted and what we wanted for our trade-in.  We were treated very well by the folks at Oak Tree.  What most impressed me was that we were in and out in a very reasonable amount of time.  I would definitely refer others to this dealership.

Deepak P. | 2013-05-14

I went to Oak Tree Mazda 2 weeks back just to have a test drive with the recently introduced 2014 CX-5. I was so impressed with the way the entire team Mazda in the office has handled my need. The receptionist was very responsive so as all the staffs who met me on my way. All of them greeted me well despite they were busy with their own routine. All of them are gentle, courteous, humble and very friendly. I want to special mention Mike Schwartz, who was the Sales manager handled my deal.
I never intended to buy instantly and that was reflecting by my interaction, but it never impacted his behavior towards me. He has the same excitement in dealing with me, answering to all my questions, instead providing many information which I was not aware of. He was Techy as well as very informative about the new SUV. He was very patience with me, never tried to enforce any stuff like any typical sales people do (I had some not so good experience in many other dealers in Bay areas). He was excited to solve my needs, continuously asking me to help more. He spent almost 2 hrs. with me without a little bit of impatient. Finally I went ahead buying the vehicle in next week - it's a decision definitely because of the quality of the product + the courtesy of Mr. Mike. I am even more hopeful to have same enjoyable experience in future too. I recommend Oak Tree Mazda and Mr. Mike Schwartz for all people who are seeking for buying new Mazda vehicle. Cheers to the team.

Paul K. | 2013-05-13

I want to commend these guys for some great customer service, in particular Sonny from the parts department. He helped make a VERY stressful lost key situation a couple weeks ago significantly less difficult by being thoughtful, flexible, and empathetic. Any company smart enough to put a guy like this on the front lines with the customer must really have it together.

M K. | 2013-05-05

After a really bad experience with buying a junk car I knew I needed to spend the extra $$ for a certified used car (and my husband insisted) But, I was hesitant to do it as I've never had a car worth more than around 7K. Monica was very patient with me and my husband. She really seemed to relate with me needing to think things through and test drive the Mazda 3 i Touring car twice that I did end up buying. Our finance guy was great and gave us the perk we needed after spending a few hours at the dealership. Thanks guys! I love my 2010 Mazda 3 and I feel like I made the right choice.

Ryan D. | 2013-04-23

Came here not long ago for a repair on my Mazda 3, the warranty on the car covered it so I was very happy I didn't have to pay a dime for it but they lose one star because they took too long to repair it which took 3 hours while I waited over an half hour also to sign the paperwork to get my keys, it's like the guy who was helping me didn't care to get me out fast and he claimed he didn't receive the paperwork showing that it was done, when a car is ready to go, you tell the customer right away so they can get out of there so Oak Tree Mazda, do yourselves a favor and learn to get customers outta there faster.

Ben L. | 2013-04-08

Jon Hayes was our salesperson and he was excellent. What we particularly liked was his down to earth attitude and none of the usual 'car salesman' patter. Jon was prepared to go the extra mile for us to make the deal work and just wanted to help us if he can. If you want to buy a car with no hassle and low stress/ pressure ask for Jon.

Shaun A. | 2013-04-01

Oak Tree Mazda is amazing.  I went in to inquire about a used car I had saw listed on their site.  I called ahead and spoke to someone who was very cordial and told me to come on in and check it out.  When I arrived I was helped by Jack Garchar.  Jack is freaking awesome! He genuinely cared about my experience and wasn't just talking to me to sell the car.  My wife and I both felt very appreciated and actually had a great time buying our car! Even while we were waiting, other people employed at the dealership came over just to chit chat about random stuff, it was great! Overall we are completely happy and buying our car was completely painless.  Bravo Oak Tree Mazda and major kudos to Jack!

Jill S. | 2013-03-09

Love, love this dealership!  I was all set to buy a Mazda CX 9 from their sister store on Capital but the sales guy I dealt with hung up on me during our phone conversation.
Anyway, my sister bought her Mazda 5 from Oaktree few years ago and highly recommend them.  

Gerald Knapp was a true professional. He was polite, knowledgeable and most importantly not pushy.  I have bought quite a few cars from dealerships and honestly Gerald is the best car salesperson I have dealt with.  

Overall all the staff was very friendly, including the gal working the phones upfront, the financing person and the sales manager.   Highly recommend this dealership.

Loving my new CX9.  I was apprehensive about joing the SUV club (never drove one before) and my CX 9 drives like a dream.

Calvin W. | 2013-03-05

I bought a used Miata here from Mike Schwartz and the experience was very straightforward. The price on the Miata was excellent, below KBB/Edmund's TMV and was a CPO with extended warranty. Mike is an easy guy to talk to and he let did not complain about the way I test drove the car. The finance manager who handled the documents was nice as well (I am sorry I forgot your name). Overall one of the better experiences I've ever had at a car dealership.

Clement N. | 2013-03-04

I have been looking to purchase my first new car for about a month and Oak Tree Mazda was able to seal the deal for me.
Bobby and Jon were extremely friendly and helpful throughout the whole process. Buying a brand new car for the first time is a big decision for me personally and I want to make sure it's as close as possible to the ideal car that suits my preference. Jon has been really patient and not pushy at all. They're willing to work with you and make sure you get the car you want within your budget.
I would highly recommend Oak Tree Mazda to my friends and will definitely consider them again for my future car purchases.
And after reading other reviews here, I might start brining my car there for maintenance services instead of my regular mechanic.

Jesse B. | 2013-03-04

We've purchased cars at Oak Tree twice and both times they came through. Namely, our salesman Mike McGhee. Mike was very friendly right off the bat and made us very comfortable. He worked pretty late into the evening with us keeping a cheery upbeat attitude and making sure we got what we wanted. He told us he just wanted to make sure we're happy and really made us feel it. He didn't employ any high pressure tactics which surprisingly helped us WANT to buy a car!  Perhaps a little "Jedi mind trickery" at work there. hmmm... I've been back for service a couple times and the team is always very attentive, courteous and professional. All in all a great experience. highly recommended.

Annika L. | 2013-03-04

I leased a 2013 Mazda Cx-9 and I am in heaven. The car sells it self, but the people are why I decided on Oak Tree Mazda. "little" Mike McGhee was very knowledgeable and didn't flinch once during the test drive. He made the process smooth didn't try to talk me into anything. I would recommend this dealership to anyone looking for a new or used car and ask for Little Mike. I will be taking my car for service here and seeing service writer Tim.

Joelle G. | 2013-02-24

This is for the guy who did my oil change yesterday.

I took my car in for a simple oil change. No issues with the service adviser, or for how long it took to complete the service. This review is for the condition my car was left in when I picked it up after.

I noticed my steering wheel was adjusted to serve the guy who did my oil change. There is no need to readjust any settings in my car, especially during a simple oil change. I am not sure why anything was adjusted.

I also noticed the old oil change reminder sticker was tossed like garbage to the floor of my car, found on top of what looked like a hayfield dragged into my car.

I know I keep my car in as clean condition as I can (esp. on the inside), so I was a bit ticked off to find a mess in my car, showing the guy had zero respect for how I keep my car.

I would like for their management team to educate employees at all levels how to treat our cars with respect. They are expensive to own and we pay a lot to maintain them. The least they can do is respect them and treat them better than we would.

Corin I. | 2013-02-19

On Valentines Day (02/14/13), I purchased my beautiful 2014 Mazda CX-5. This purchase was a LONG time coming. One of my dear friends, Bomdad, works as an Internet Salesman at Oak Tree. He answered my questions for weeks and never once got upset with the silly things I would ask. When the time was right and I was ready to purchase the car, he walked me through every step. Byron in Finance was also amazing. He was very sweet and very patient when it came to my decision making. I highly recommend talking to Bomdad and Byron when you go in.

I absolutely LOVE the look and feel of my new crossover and had a wonderful experience purchasing my new car!

Jonathan H. | 2013-02-07

I love the layout of this dealership~ Very open and colorful. They play good music and everyone seems to be in a good mood. I didn't end up purchasing a Mazda, but I would have to say this was by far the most pleasant experience I had while car shopping~

Ask for Bomdad~ or Bobby if you prefer ~ Very professional, listen's more then he speaks and honestly cared about my personal needs.

I will refer anyone looking for a Mazda to this dealership... or any pre-owned car for that matter. They are part of DGDG.com . Lots to choose from on there. Thanks again for the great customer service!!!

Yetties C. | 2013-02-07

This review is for service department.

Over the past 3 years, I always take both two Mazda 3 in my family (Zoom-Zoom enthusiast!) here for regular maintenance.  Tim and Robert at service department are very friendly, and help me out every time.  They are really honest people, not like other service center would up sale you something when you bring in car for maintenance.

Last year, the engine light of my Mazda 3 suddenly turns on, and I couldn't tell anything wrong.  I took it here and have Robert as my service advisor.  The technician found an engine related part not functioning well, and would fix it for me.  When I asked for the quote, Robert told me it's FREE (including labor) because of guaranteed warranty on Mazda engine.  (side note: I did get some quotes from other local shops before going here, it costs about $300-400 from them.)  It took 3 hours to fix it, and I walked out without paying a dime.  That's fantastic!!

Today I went here, and wanna buy TPMS valve cap due to lost.  (yeh, that little gadget.)  The parts department told me the cap is bundled with TPMS together, so obviously I wouldn't spend hundred bucks for that little cap.  Tim went to service area and helped me to find one.  They care about your Mazda just like you.  Not just this little thing, I have no doubt about Tim's profession since I have been serviced by him many times.  They are really that nice people.

To Mazda owners, this is the place for your loved Mazda cars if you live in south bay, don't waste time to shop around.  When I just moved to Bay area, my experience tells me that genuine Mazda centers are often expensive for maintenance, and try to up sale you something.  (It's true in LA.) So I tried some famous local shops for maintenance, service is fair, but pricey.  Until I found this place through Yelp's good reviews, I don't go any other places anymore.  You get genuine parts, well service, friendly people, it's a no brainer!

Dawn S. | 2013-02-04

Just went here to purchase a CX-9.

The test drive salesman was pretty bored and uninformative. I guess I can't blame him, since all the action is with the internet salesmen. We got a quote online and a great deal on a 2012 CX-9 with all the features we wanted with no haggling (okay--a little haggling on my trade-in and they sold us a warranty & special coating some people might not want). The internet salesman was very helpful, trying very hard to make sure we were happy even after the sale.

I had a little trouble getting a service appointment for the coating, since they only apply it on certain days of the week, but it looks great now!

We have been happy with the service department there with my husband's Mazda 3 too.

Michelle S. | 2013-02-03

My husband and I just purchased a new 2014 Mazda6 from here.  When we first got to the dealership it was very busy! The lovely young lady sitting at the desk approached us and asked us if we had been helped and we told her not yet.  She apologized and reassured us a salesperson will see us once they are free and offered us to have some tea or coffee while we waited.

My husband and I waited probably 20-30 mins until she had approached us again and saw we were still waiting.  She thanked us for being very patient and said she was going to find someone right away.

One of the salesman Michael Schwartz had approached us and introduced himself and vice versa.  He was very nice and asked us if there was anything particular we were looking for.  My husband knew right away what he wanted and told Michael.  Michael walked us over outside to look at some of the cars(Mazda6).  There were 4 and one had slightly different options than the other 3.  Michael was knowledgable about the car and was able to explain the cars best features and how much it would save us on gas which made us want the car even more! Lol!

My husband took it out for a test drive with Michael and when they came back my husband was definite that he wanted this car!

After filling out the endless paperwork of buying a new car Byron Bautista, their finance manager, was the one helping us do this my husband and I were so glad we waited patiently that day at this dealership.  It was well worth the wait!  

The staff here are very nice and accommodating and did not make us feel pressured at all unlike other dealerships.  Michael even offered to buy us pizza because we were getting hungry during negotiating prices!  Which I'm still waiting for by the way! Lol!!

I like this dealership and look forward to bringing our car in for maintenance here in the future!

Lauren S. | 2013-02-01

So I just got back from picking up my car.  We picked up an older miata and realized it  had an old recall from over 10 years ago that needed fixed.  Oak Tree Mazda ordered the part for me Tues, part came in Thur, I dropped the car off there at like 10:30 this morning and it was done by noon.

Everyone I dealt with was very friendly from Eugenia my service advisor and Nicole in cashiering.  We also stopped by a few weekends ago and spoke to someone in the parts department when we were tracking down an odd ball bolt.

I wish the service center for the german car I own was as friendly and helpful as they are here.

Holly K. | 2013-01-29

This dealership is great and very easy to work with! Called in AM to test drive a car and spoke with Jon Hayes. He was very helpful and had the car waiting for my husband and I to test drive when we arrived. Made it super easy for us having an infant with us. Leased the new CX-9 which I LOVE and the process was smooth and fair. The sales manager Kieth Bettencourt was also very helpful with getting us a fair price quickly and assisted me in ordering some after market products. Thanks!!

Nimi B. | 2013-01-26

We have been looking to purchase a Mazda5 and ended up going to Oak Tree Mazda, where we met Jon Hayes from the Sales department. Jon has been instrumental in assisting us to weigh our options, decide between manual or automatic transmission, and patiently answered all our questions.
After test driving the car we spent a few more days asking Jon many questions over the phone and over e-mail. Jon was helpful in getting us detailed information, was prompt to respond, and always friendly and understanding.
Perhaps most important to us, we felt that we can completely trust Jon, that he is honest and really had our best interest at heart.
We would highly recommend him to anyone who is interested in anu Mazda-related purchase!

EC C. | 2013-01-22

I bought by first car ever through Oak Tree and I had a wonderful experience. I came in and Norm Arnold was so kind and helpful. When I said I just wanted to look he didn't turn on a dime and start ignoring me. He was so friendly and sweet and showed me around and was patient with my test drive!

All during the week Norm and "Little Mike" (Mike McGhee) texted me and emailed me to help alleviate my fears. I texted Norm at 7:30 at night and he got back to me ten minutes later! I felt like I was buying a car from friends and they were just the nicest most pleasant people to deal with. Thank you!


Joshua Y. | 2013-01-20

I bought a 2013 Mazda 3 hatchback from Oak Tree Mazda, and it was a great experience!  Jon Hays was the sales, and he was a cool guy from the beggining to the end.  He was honest and helpful never pushed us to buy the car. If anyone considers buying a car from Oak Tree, find Jon. You won't regret it!  I am enjoying driving my 33 mpg (average) car!! :)

Misty M. | 2013-01-13

I visited Oak Tree Mazda 2 months ago to test drive the 2013 Mazda 2. I was paired with Gerald Knapp who showed me the Mazda 2 in True Red -- it was love at first sight. I test drove it on the streets and on the freeway to get a real feel of the car -- it was great. Everyone was smiling from ear to ear until we sat down at his desk to work out the numbers.

I did not have a very good experience shopping here. I openly admit that I do not know what goes on in finance so I am not pointing fingers -- but at the end of the day, I just felt like I was being ripped off. Gerald did not listen to how I wanted to proceed with the purchase, so we ended up walking out.

He forced the Mazda care packages on me -- which yes, seemed like a good deal, but I preferred having the option of paying it instead of it being a part of the contract. I wanted to put down a heavy downpayment (to avoid financing a large amount), however he kept telling me that the maximum downpayment was either 2.5k or 5k -- are you serious? I told him for the 10th time that I did not want to follow the first time buyer program, but he insisted that it would help my credit etc etc. Again, he did not listen to me.

He did speak to my dad (over the phone) about the terms and conditions, and while doing so he was sighing, making all kinds of noises of frustration, rolling his eyes, and putting his hands all over his face. Yes, I realize that my dad is a difficult man, but at the same time, this is an expensive purchase -- and we are customers. I was emotional and frustrated at the situation (and my father), however I did not appreciate how Gerald handled the potential sale.

For 2 grand more, I got the 2012 Mazda 3 Skyactiv at Fremont Mazda.

S K. | 2013-01-09

I took my 2011 CX-7 in today for a 25,000 mile service. The drop off went well as i had an appointment. I received a call that my car was ready for pickup around 1pm. I arrived at the dealership at about 330 to pickup. I was told that my paperwork had not been finalized and would have to wait. They then proceeded to help others that arrived after me. Finally when I complained they began processing my paperwork. I was then told the total was higher than the original estimate. I protested the overage and pointed out that California Consumer Protection Laws do not allow them to charge me more than the original estimate without my authorization.  I was told that they could charge more than the original estimate because it is just that an estimate! I said that I want my car. I will pay under protest and file a complaint with the California Bureau of Auto Repair (CA BAR) which regulates auto repair practices in California.

The overage was relativity small but the caviler attitude and what appeared to me as a blatant disregard for California Law was disturbing. I have filed a complaint with Ca Bar and requested that they look into this situation.

I will be going to Fremont Mazda from now on given that they own both Mazda Dealers in San Jose!  Cheat me once shame on you. Cheat me twice shame on me!

Antony B. | 2013-01-03

Before I came to Oak Tree Mazda I thought that all sales people are sly and greedy. It was I a mistake. I highly appreciate the help of Mike McGee who helped us to choose a car and guided us through the process. Mike told us a lot about weaknesses and strengths of cars that he sells. His cheerfulness and honesty quickly endeared us to him.

I highly recommend to ask for "Short" Mike when you come there. We will definitely return to Mike in future.

Kritika G. | 2013-01-01

I had to buy my first car, I had some cars shortlisted and mazda being one of them. I went to the oak tree mazda dealer and the salespersons were really nice and gave your full attention. Surprisingly everyone whom I interacted with were pretty straight forward and no pushy salesmen, they do not put you on the spot. Bomdad and Gerald were the salesmen who helped me, they were really nice, not pushy and they are willing to listen to you, they gave me the best possible deal on the car and also gave me a great APR! Very helpful and great salesmen. It was a good experience and they both were great!

Jeanne H. | 2012-12-31

I leased a 2013 Mazda 3i Hatchback from Oak Tree Mazda last Friday evening and had a wonderful experience. This was my first time going through this process, as I'd received my previous vehicle as a gift 11 years prior, but my car finally died and it was time to get something new. I was a bit wary of all these negative things I'd heard about car shopping - lying/cheating, hard negotiations, salesmen who don't know how to talk to women or think they don't have the money for their cars, etc - so the whole thing was making me really anxious.

Oak Tree Mazda was actually the second dealership I approached about buying or leasing this car. I'd done a ton of research, set up an appointment at Capitol Mazda earlier in the day and test drove the car there. I don't know what it was, but it seemed like the salesman I was working with was more interested in communicating with my mother (who had joined me for support) than in talking to me - the one who would be buying/leasing. We couldn't reach a deal and I ended up walking away really bummed out that it didn't work out.

I started weighing other options and dealers, but I really wanted that car and when I want something, I go for it, so I decided I'd try another Mazda Dealer. I jokingly told my mom over dinner that I'd just walk in and yell, "OK, WHO WANTS TO MAKE A SALE?"

Enter Oak Tree Mazda.

Within 3 minutes of walking on the lot my soon-to-be sales consultant, Jonathan Hayes, came out to greet me. I asked if they had the car available (they did - and the model I wanted was at the FIRST dealer I went to...), so told him I already had all the info on it, and was ready to just start drawing up numbers and talking deals. Jon was GREAT through the whole process. Since I'm young, it was REALLY nice to negotiate with someone around the same age as me. I felt at ease, there was no BS, I didn't feel pressured into adding anything I didn't want to purchase, and he worked with me to get the car and, ultimately and most importantly, deal I wanted.

When I got home I found an email from Jon in my inbox welcoming me to the Mazda family - nice touch. I replied with a question about my keyless entry system and my email was followed up with a phone call, and my question was answered within 24 hours. Cheers for good customer service!

It's been a couple days now and I'm REALLY happy with my little hatchback and still beaming that my first car leasing experience was so positive. A big thank you to Jon and everyone at Oak Tree for that! Highly recommend these folks.

Aria N. | 2012-12-31

Bomdad was a wonderful person to deal with at oak tree Mazda. He made my car buying experience very easy and straight forward! I highly recommend his professionalism and not beating around the bush or trying to steer me in the wrong direction. He was honest about everything and got me an amazing deal as well! I highly recommend bomdad for anyone going to oak tree Mazda!

Jeff B. | 2012-12-30

I would like to commend Oak Tree Mazda, and especially Michael McGhee and Jonathan Hayes on our recent Mazda purchase.  Jonathan and Michael spent a lot of time with us on a Saturday afternoon allowing us to test drive a new Mazda.  When Jonathan got busy with a previously scheduled appointment, other sales people were ready to pitch in to answer our questions.  I thought Jonathan was especially honest, not trying to "sell" us any particular car, but to give us straight information which would help us make the right decision.

When it came time to buy, Jonathan and Michael honored the discount email that had been sent to me.  

Unfortunately, in the end, another dealer, Capitol Mazda had the color we wanted, and we had to buy from Capitol, but we couldn't have been happier with the customer attention and integrity exhibited by Oak Tree, and specifically Jonathan and Michael.  If you need a Mazda, go to Oak Tree and ask for them!

Christophe T. | 2012-12-29

Just want to share the wonderful experience I had with Wendell while buying a new Mazda CX-5 at Oak Tree Mazda.  I previously bought 3 cars in U.S., and this was by far the best experience.  Wendell is the most straight forward, helpful and honest sales guy I have ever met.  Not only he got us the best possible deal on the car, but he also made the transaction painless and friendly.  I had already negotiated the price over emails, he had the best offer of all dealers around.  We made an appointment, test drove the car, went over all the possible upgrades (that I declined), signed all the paperwork and drove the car back home!  Easy, fast, no surprise fee, the way buying a car should be.  Thank you again Wendell, I'll make sure to refer you to all my friends looking to buy a new car!

Truong N. | 2012-12-28

First time car buyer here and the experience at Oak Tree Mazda was the best of the dealerships that I visited. They have knowledgeable and friendly staff that aren't overly pushy, especially Gabriel. He gave me sound advice, is well-informed, and follows up on anything I need. If you're looking for A+ service and support, go to Oak Tree and ask for Gabriel.

Sean P. | 2012-12-28

Got a XMAS card from Mike Schwartz so now I know where he's at. I've bought many cars from him over the years. He's so good that when I need a car I buy whatever brand he's selling. He's as good as it gets.

Ashley A. | 2012-12-14

Norm Arnold is very helpful and honest in everything he does. He made sure that I was comfortable in my new car and that I understood all of the features and everything. He is a good guy and won't steer you in the wrong direction.

GO TO NORM!! He's the best!

Ethan C. | 2012-12-13

The manager, Sheriff, and I reached a mutually favorable resolution to the issues I'd had with my new Mazda 3, thus I've updated my review.

J Q. | 2012-11-17

Let's just say I have never been in and out so fast at a car dealership and this was the second car purchase I had other than buying a car from a private owner! I have been In LOVE with the Mazda3 after my wife convinced me that it was a fantastic car, and after I kept seeing it plus driving it around, I WAS SOLD! So basically now I was convinced I wanted this car BUT for the right price! For the past five months, I have been indecisive on what color , do I want a coupe or hatch, and so on, then last month I decided the BLACK HB is it. Man, I could not find it in that color for the right price! Then come this week, FINALLY saw the ad on Craigslist! I was floored on how good the pricing was. I went ahead and emailed Oak Tree for the availability.
.The next morning I received a call and email from ALFRED. He talked to me about all the details in the 2010 BLACK Mazda3 HB! I loved his professionalism and also catered to no haggling since he understood I knew what I wanted. After several phones calls with Alfred, he gave me the right pricing I needed and waited patiently till I got to the dealership to sign the paperwork. I was greeted with a smile and he really took the time to just chat. Byron was also great as well. He had all my paperwork ready to sign and we joked around! Love it and cant wait to see Oaktree Mazda for my first oil change next year.

Sarah R. | 2012-11-11

This was the worst experience ever! Don't go here! Go to the one in Redwood City!

As a first time buyer, I have never met such incompetent sales and finance reps.  I had to make numerous visits because they messed up so many times on my paper work and they forgot to give me the key to unlock the tires.

It started out a year ago when I wanted to buy a car. They ran my credit and said that I didn't have existing credit to get a vehicle. I had my brother in law to co-sign and said that he has substantial credit and that I can get a car that day.

I drove it home, showed it off and after a week, they said that I had to come back because they messed up on the credit report. Byron, the finance rep said that he read someone else credit report and that my brother in law's credit wasn't substantial. I had to sign a new agreement and we took the car home. This was visit number one!

Visit number 2: After 10 days, they claimed that they had called me numerous times because the credit union didn't approve the loan. Choch, helped me out this time, and I asked how come I didn't get a call and that I had to follow up on my own? He said that Byron was doing the paper work and he had a family emergency. I was outraged how he can blame others. This is a car dealer ship. And if they wanted to make a sale, they had to back each other up and not blame others.

Visit Number 3: I had to get my tires rotated and turned out that I didn't have the key to unlock the tires. I had to go into service, so they can destroy the lock and put on regular bolts.

This was all withing 3 months of purchasing the vehicle.

Now get this.... at month 4, we wanted to take a trip to Las Vegas. I still had my temp. registration on my windshield. Las Vegas High Patrol pulled me over because my stickers were expired and the temp was no longer valid. I had to call Oak Tree Mazda from my hotel room because they still didn't process the registration with the DMV. I had to wait another 2 weeks to get the stickers in the mail.

Where am I getting at all this? Oak Tree Mazda SUCKS!! I can't get anything right unless I was the one to call! If I had called to get my sticker, I would have never gotten it! People there are lazy... and incompetent!

It makes me cringed every time I see a DGDG.com plate!

Patty C. | 2012-11-08

Fast convenient service department! We came in for an oil change for our mazda3 on Saturday at 3 and it was done in less than an hour.  The office staff, Nicole and Eugenia were accommodating and friendly  very personable sweet and informative. The price for the oil check and all around vehicle inspection was 42 bucks my car is A regular here

Ana Maria F. | 2012-10-31

It was time for me to get a new car and I wasn't looking forward to it.  Let's face it. Car shopping is hell.  Having gone through a horrible experience with a car dealership in the past, *cough* Mitsubishi *cough*, I wasn't looking forward to going through another ordeal again.  

I had a few cars in mind, and I decided to visit each of the dealerships to help me make a decison on which car I planned to purchase.  I wasn't expecting much from the salesmen.  Some of them were pushy and unprofessional.  Others took there time to get back with me with a phone call.  I was getting discouraged.

One day I was driving by Oak Tree Mazda when I remembered I had read an article about Mazda vehicles.  I decided to make a U-turn and check out the Mazda 6.  As I was admiring the exterior of the car, I was a approached by a salesman who introduced himself as  Mike McGhee.  I have to admit that it didn't take long for me to like Mike.  He is very professional and was very knowledgable about the vehicle.  There was absolutely no pressure from him when I told him that I wasn't quite ready to purchase a car just yet.  Even though I was excited about the Mazda 6, I wanted to make sure it was THE car. I also liked the fact that Mike would give me a call once in a while to see how my car search was going and if I had any other questions about the Mazda 6. ( Even though I tried not to show it, I think Mike figured out I loved the car ).

After taking numerous test drives and talking with other salespeople, my heart went with the choice of the Mazda 6.  The Mazda 6 is a GREAT car, but I would have to say that Mike McGhee made the experience at Mazda very gratifying. Nobody enjoys haggling and talking with the staff. But at Oak Tree Mazda Mike makes the experience very different.  After purchasing my car, Mike took me and my husband around to show us the service department so we can become familiar with the department when we come in to get routine mainteanance on the car.  I'm looking forward to visiting Oak Tree Mazda when my car needs an oil change.  I feel I will get great service from them as well.  I will keep you posted with an update!  :)

Maria H. | 2012-10-18

I came in expecting to get the normal car salesman tactics, but I was pleasantly surprised by our friendly salesman Jon H., who helped me look for the exact car I wanted, without trying to sell me on things I didn't want or need.  I didn't feel pressured, which for me is very important when trying to buy a car; let me tell you what I want, and you do your best to get that for me without adding extras!  Jon hit the mark exactly.  Be friendly, be honest, and be direct.  I'd also like to point out that if you're active military, these guys will work with you that much more.  I overall got a fair price, and it didn't require endless haggling or games.  The finance guy Byron was also nice, and he took the time to explain everything, and gave me the time to weigh my options.  Overall, it was a good experience :-)

Jen C. | 2012-10-05

My review is specific to Gabe  who helped me purchase my 2012 CX-9.  I came in and immediately let him know I was upside down in my car payment for my CX-7...and wasn't sure if we could make anything work - but that I had been wanting a CX-9 for several years.

Gabe said we could make it work no matter what and I told him the one car I wanted to test drive...  We took off and the car drove great, looked great and felt great.

Once inside the negotitaing began, and as usual (I've bought 5 cars in 7 years) I expected the numbers game - but Gabe made it fun and really treated me and my friend good as we became listless and hungry...  Car buying is a long process....but he took care of us!  We came to an agreement and met with Byron in the Finance Office.

Finance people are usually not the fun ones, but he was not so bad and in a hurry as this was the last day fo the month...  (I highly suggest going on the last day of the month as they need to make their numbers!  Although it gets very busy in there....)

It was quick and painless, with Oak Tree taking care of my entire old car loan, with my trade in - and getting a sweet deal on the car - all made pleasant by the folks that work there.  Mike and the Fleet Manager....all were very polite when my friend and I were there...  I hope the experience continues as I break my new used car in...

Kathy K. | 2012-09-30

Dealing with car salesmen typically sucks.  I talked to quite a few while I was doing my research to decide what car I wanted to buy.  Once I finally decided on the Mazda3 GT HB, a friend of mine said not to worry and that he knew of a couple of great guys at Oak Tree who wouldn't hassle me or annoy me like the other car salesmen at other dealerships.  He was right!  Norman and Mike were great!  Both are nice guys who aren't pushy nor did they try to shower me with fake compliments like most car salesmen.

I couldn't be happier with my decision on my car or my choice of dealerships.  If you're in the market for a new car, I'd strongly suggest looking at the Mazda's.  You really get more bang for your buck with the Mazda's.  And I'd strongly suggest talking to Norman or Mike at Oak Tree to help you out.

Zoom zoom!

Chris O. | 2012-09-30

The other night I met a car salesman from a neighboring dealership to Oak Tree Mazda.  You can just SMELL a car salesman from twenty paces, can't you?  It's like nothing is sacred and if they could find any angle to crowbar in a pitch for a car sale, they'll do it.  I was grateful for the experience because it reminded me to write this review about my experience with this ridiculous outfit.

To sum everything up, this was the first, and most certainly, the LAST time I'll ever buy a car at a dealership.  From now on, I'm going through Costco where you don't have to listen to a bunch of lies about nonsense you don't need, among many many other lies you're sure to be confronted with while buying your car at Oak Tree Mazda.  I wish yelp allowed for zero-star ratings, but since I am obligated to give at least one, the one star represents my satisfaction with the used Toyota Highlander I purchased.

Where did my transaction go awry?  I was sold a Lojack-like device called MobileTrace during the final wrap-up of the sale where the finance manager, Byron put the hard sell on every single option available.  I said no to everything, but I had been wanting a vehicle recovery device like Lojack, so I heard him out.  He assured me of a discount from my auto insurer (untrue... my insurance co had never heard of MobileTrace).  He told me the device could be controlled from an iPhone app (also untrue).  In fact, after I went home I had a really hard time finding any info at all on MobileTrace or their parent company.

Two days after the sale of my car, I wrote to Byron to ask for a refund on the MobileTrace, as I was now no longer convinced of its benefit.  I followed Byron's explicit instructions and was told a refund of my $1000+ would appear not on my first statement, but on the second.  Well, that statement came and went with no refund in sight.  I contacted Byron again and was told he'd provide me proof that I was refunded, which of course, never materialized because the refund never came.

Fast forward now to nearly six months after the purchase.  I was on the verge of filing a small claims suit.  My attempts to get my money back were met at every turn with shenanigans and b.s..  For example, every time I'd call to get the name and contact info for the general manager, nobody seemed to know who the GM was.  Finally I got put in touch with a guy named Omid and he was absolutely zero help, saying he was only on the job for 2 weeks...  so now I moved up the chain o' command to DGDG's corporate office to rattle some cages.  Finally, I got put in touch with the VP of the company and he took over the mess.

Even with the VP's help, I was spoon fed more grade-A bullshit.  He told me that my check was "accidentally" left on the desk of their accounting office and had been misplaced that whole time.  DARN!  Would you believe that crazy coincidence?!?!  I guess I should say thank you for getting me the money back that you had surreptitiously squeezed out of me in the first place?  Nothing more than an empty apology from the VP for all the hours of stress, running around and making calls to follow up trying to get my money back.  I would have thought as the VP of the dealer group he might have tried to salvage something of a decent experience for a customer done wrong by a token offering of dinner at the Olive Garden for my wife & I, or tickets to a show... SOMETHING to express how embarrassed he should have been for this total coup of customer service by one of his dealerships.  To his defense, I'm certain he could tell from my level of frustration and my willingness to litigate that I was never coming back, no matter how nice a gift he may have offered.

I'll say it again.  If you're going to buy a car, avoid these sharks and just go through Costco, a private broker, ANYTHING to save yourself the risk of a hellish experience like the one I had at the incompetent hands of DGDG and Oak Tree Mazda.

Megan K. | 2012-09-30

Excellent experience buying a Mazda3 from Norm Arnold and Mike McGhee. This was my first car purchase on my own and it could not have gone better. I first inquired about the exact car that I wanted via email and received a quick and friendly response from Mike. I was shopping around at other dealerships in the bay area so I wasn't in a rush to immediately purchase. However, I never felt pressured by anyone at Oak Tree Mazda. I set up a time to see the car and was introduced to Norm. Norm was patient with all my questions and stayed late to accommodate my schedule. He was flexible as I worked through what exact car package I was looking for.  Bryon in finance was a miracle worker with the financing and also was open to work around my limited availability All three of them were easily reachable via email/phone, which helped the process go very smoothly. I have referred several people to Mike and Norm mainly due to their professionalism, honesty, and patience. If you're looking to purchase a Mazda, Norm and Mike are the guys to see!

Michele S. | 2012-09-23

Bought a car from Keith a month ago. Horrible customer service. Keith was mean and rude as i was begging him to sell me a car from him. and word of advice, DO NOT TRUST WHAT HE SAYS..or make him write down whatever promise he said..bc he would tell you different things on the following day...He is the most horrible salesman i have ever encountered. And when i called him the other day regarding my car, he even hung up on me and never called back. What a great customer service he had provided..


I was not happy originally when i bought my car there, however the general manager has contacted me after i have made a note on it. the GM has contacted me and he was really polite and has completely changed my experience with Oak Tree Mazda. I will recommend you to purchase from Oak Tree Mazda.  

I have a great experience with Oak Tree Mazda's service department. The service person named Tim was really helpful, kind, and nice to me when i sent my car in for service. I highly recommend him if you want to get any service done there.

Kate M. | 2012-09-20

I called ahead to let Mike McGhee know I was on my way and what I wanted to drive.  They had two of the Mercedes model which I wanted to buy, so I figured I would be walking out with one of them by the end of the day.  

I arrived and was made to wait for Mike while he was on the phone for about twenty minutes.  Felt like walking out, but didnt.  

I told him I would like to apply for the loan before we leave so that we could proceeed with the purchase when we got back.  He said no, he wanted to do the drive first.  We got into the car and started to leave.  When I told him I wanted to take it to San Carlos to show my husband, he had me stop so he could get authorization,  After a minute or two, I was asked to park and go inside.  His sales mananger(?) stated he wouldnt let me test drive or take the car without loan pre-approval.  Is this a Ferrari dealer?  I didnt want to take the car.  I didnt want it loaned to me,  The salesperson is supposed to answer questions.  Thats his job,  I needed him to be there to answer questions my husband would have about the differences between the two cars.  The manager apparently thought it was 40 miles to San Carlos and instead of looking it up asserted that he should know since hes lived here for 30 years.  I can trump that by almost 20 years but time here doesnt mean either one of us know the mileage between towns now does it.  I do know that getting into a pissing match with a customer isnt good customer service.  That point is mute because the time ticked away until I had to leave.  I dont do rush hour in the valley so I turned in the key to the salesman and spoke with the finance guy, Byron on the way out. While he was friendly, I left angry and feeling like I was treated like a low-life by the sales manager and that Mike was useless to me and I was an inconvenience to him.  He didnt even have a casual conversation with me.  

A couple days later the finance guy called to say he found a better loan for me than the one he had already told me about.  Since he had been nice, I went back to talk to him.  He wanted to do the deal.  I told him I hadnt test-driven a single vehicle yet.  I thought I was done dealing with Mike, but back he comes to loan me the car.  Really?  What is he getting paid for?  Is this a self-help lot?  So, I take the car out with my kids and get lost.  After a stranger helps me find my way back ( I am not from San Jose and I dont hang out in that neighborhood), we then take a test drive in the other car with Mike.  

I decide on the car I want.  I have the down in my pocket and the needed supporting docs in my purse. I sit down with Byron, the finance guy.  I make an offer of 23k out the door with a warranty on a car where the asking price is 26k and the trade-in value is 22k.  They bought it at auction and have had it on the lot since May.  Its a convertible and this is mid-September.  I think the offer was reasonable.  He got up and came back with a doc that had kelly blue book pricing on it and tried to convince me that his buyer paid 26k for the car at auction.  I said only a fool would do that and its not my job to absorb the cost of someone else's stupidity.  We all know they paid under 19k for that car.  He got up and walked away saying he wasnt going to waste my time.  No counter-offer.  Nothing,  He merely said that if it doesnt sell in a month, he will call me.  The dealer NEVER walks away from the table and ends negotiations.  Their last ditch effort should be to say, "what will it take to get you into this car today?" as the customer walks away.  

2 days ago the price is lowered to 25k online.  I got angry and called the dealership. Mike answered the phone.  I asked why they are refusing to sell the car to me?  They will lower the price for the public but wouldnt for me two days ago.  He said he didnt know what had transpired and said he would get a best and final offer from his sales manager and call me back.  I havent heard from him.  I wasted hours, energy and a lot of fuel for them to not sell me a car I wanted.  I have to wonder, if I were a man, would this have come out differently.

raquel w. | 2012-09-03

From the moment that I walked onto the lot I was greeted by Alfred. He was a great sales person and answered all my questions that I had. He offered to bring me inside to see what they can do for me so I could leave with the car that I wanted. This is my first car that I purchased all by myself and I really felt like the service as amazing. Things got a little complicated but Alfred and Byron did everything they could for me and I appreciate it so much because in the end I left with my Mazda3!! Thank you so much for providing excellent service and I will be sure to recommend this Mazda dealership to everyone!

James F. | 2012-09-01

I had a very good experience with Oak Tree and their sales staff.

I submitted my offer to Oak Tree and very soon, Mike McGhee emailed me back and after we agreed to a price that worked for me. I found him to be polite and gentlemanly in the email response. He asked me I should go to the dealer for a meet and greet to show me the car. I have seen the car already, so my intent was to purchase the automobile.

When I got there, I was greeted by Mike McGhee and another gentleman named Mike Mclane. Both were very nice and I had a chance to quickly check the car, which was parked on the stage in the showroom, but now it was moved down to the outside for me.

As per our internet pricing agreement, the price was what we agreed on and the papers were process and keys were handed to me and I was on my way. It was a painless process and easy as 123. No high pressure sales pitch or serious upsell. They asked if I wanted an extend warranty and I wasn't, and that was the end of it. I had a very comfortable and pleasant experience buying my car there. They have a massive selection so if ur looking for a Mazda, u should check into their dealership and ask the the 2 Mikes. They were pleasant chaps and most polite and easy to work with.

I enjoyed my interaction with the 2 Mikes and I would most definitely buy another Mazda from them in the future. Mazdas are the most awesome but under appreciated cars out there. Drive one and u will see how crisp the handling is. I'm certainly enjoying my car.

I would certainly recommend my friends and family to this dealership. I had a very positive experience there.

Michelle L. | 2012-08-31

This is the fourth car we have bought from Oak Tree Mazda over a 14 year span. The staff on both the sales and service/parts side are pleasant to do business with.

Ron worked relentlessly to find a car that would suit my needs and be affordable. I originally chose a used car but the trade/financing didn't work. But Ron didn't give up on me and worked with the sales manager, Keith, to try a brand new car.

I was offered a very fair value on my trade-in and even better price on the new car. Ron and Keith worked numerical magic! The numbers worked and I was ready to sign papers.

Byron in finance is an absolute joy to work with. He found a great loan, reasonable payments, and small down payment. From the moment I walked in his office to the final handshake took about 20 minutes!

Ron made sure I understood how to set up the seats, locks, a/c, etc before I drove off and a follow up call a few days later to make sure all was still well. It is!

Tim in the service department is great too. He has remembered me from previous visits and remembers the cars I brought in.

My experiences with Oak Tree Mazda have been great and I recommend buying your next car from them.

So remember Ron the sales guy, Keith the sales manager, Byron the finance guy, and Tim the service guy. Ask for them by name and tell them it was a referral (hey, you never know, I could get a free oil change or something lol).

Good luck!

James A. | 2012-08-29

We came in here to test drive a pre-owned Acura that my current auto insurance carrier found for us at this dealership.  We met and dealt with Ray Rasti, who assisted us through the whole process.  Definitely not your "typical salesman", he made me and my wife (and our dog) feel comfortable the whole time, like we were at his home.  He made the process go as smooth as possible, and at the end, we traded in our car and purchased the vehicle on mutual terms, no BS, no drama.  Here's the fifth star: Ray actually followed up with me over the course of the next few weeks to not only check up on how we are doing with the car, but how we are doing in general.   Not often do you see that type of service anymore, from any business.  As I did a brief stint working in a car dealership while I was in college, I have become more critical of dealerships and customer service, but this one passed.  Five stars, Ray, great job.

J A. | 2012-08-28

We were looking at buying a Mazda 3. We found some certified dealers online and contacted all 3 dealers. The best offer was here at oak tree Mazda. So we drove there and met with Mike Mcghee. He took us for a test drive let us really feel the car, answered all my enginerd questions, and was not pushy at all! I would definitely recommend him to someone else.

Next stop was financing where the guy was awesome!! It's really hard to make signing 15 forms fun but he did it. He was joking with us and made us feel very comfortable.

Overall, great experience here. I would recommend this place to a friend.

Gabriela P. | 2012-08-28

Great service, I found the car I wanted and I'm pretty happy with their costumer service.  Go to Norm, he will take good care of you!

Gary H. | 2012-08-27

Alfred is very helpful...you guys should definitely look him up for help to pick your dream car..

Kalyani J. | 2012-08-25

So about 11 days ago I bought a brand new Mazda 3, before purchasing my car, I went to oak tree Mazda to do some homework, I was kindly welcomed by a salesman named Ray, He was kind and understanding. We test drove the car and I loved it. He was very knowledgeable about the car, and I had  been looking at Mazda for a few months, and he knew A LOT!. He was a great help and a huge part of my purchasing decision! If your looking for a Mazda he's your guy! Love my new car!

Grisel L. | 2012-08-22

Not only do I LOVE my 2010 Mazda 6 , the staff made my buying my first car amazing , Thanks to Patrick and mike

Jebrawn S. | 2012-08-21

I recently purchased a used RX8 from Ehson Moghaddam.  I went into the dealership just to take a look and was greeted by Ehson, a new Sales Consultant.  He did a fantastic job answering my questions.  Since he was new to Mazda he did not know everything off the top of his head, but what I really appreciated was the fact that he would immediately get the right information if he was not 100% sure.  That is hard to come by in car sales and that eventually was enough to push me over the edge.

Give him a call, he is definitely one that will work for you.

Chris W. | 2012-08-18

i visited the dealership a few times over the last few months and eventually bought a Mazda3 yesterday. Mike McGhee was a pleasure to work with, adding no pressure and answering any and all questions honestly. If there was a question he couldn't answer, he was sure to find someone who could immediately. I highly recommend the dealership if you're looking for an honest crew who really works with your budget to make a deal work

anubhava j. | 2012-08-17

I would have given it ZERO star but i think they deserve this as they are into business and have spent some money in maintaining their location out there.

Anyways, we (me and my wife) went their and if I remember the name of that guy (patrick, I might be wrong), man ,,, seriously, I would never ever go again their. we told him that we have checked online each and every minute details about the new car (Mazda 3) and we want to have a look at one so that we can buy it right away. He says, "oh, its at the back, i have to go and pull it out, man ,,, its far,,, ", etc. then we said can you please open the locks of the car, he says "oh i forgot the keys", bullshit man.

Anyways, I am very much into cars, so I told my wife few differences myself about 2-3 different styles of Mazda which were parked over there, we completely ignored him. I thought go and relax on ur fat chair buddy ;) anyways, me and my wife had a good time as we had a look at 2-3 modals of the car and we just completely ignored him ;) we enjoyed a lot but a suggestion for the business, please hire efficient and happy go lucky types of people. felt bad for the owner though.

if that guy would have showed us a nice car at that time, 100% we would have bought the car right there, bad luck for owner, I bought a new car ;)

rob. l. | 2012-07-23

Having worked at car dealerships for years, I tend to be critical of car dealerships. I'm low maintenance when it comes to the deal but it is easy to lose my trust and respect.

Oak Tree Mazda has exceeded my expectations. I've bought 2 cars in the last year from Frank Hernandez and as long as it's possible, I'll buy all my cars from Frank. Honest, up front, no drama, everything I look for in a car dealership.

Finance was equally professional and worthy of respect.

If you're looking for a Mazda, give Frank a call.

Libby T. | 2012-07-22

I've been a customer here for year and lately have been taking my car else where since dealer service is usually more expensive. I got a coupon in the mail however for a free air conditioning service and figured what the heck, it's free! So we took the car there, Eugenia met us out front, we didn't have to wait in line. Explained to her what we were there for and asked her about checking the idle too. Tim called us when the car was done and explained that it all looked good when we picked it up. He told us about some other things that could be tweaked on the car but was very clear that none of it was essential and we could keep on driving  just fine without it. No hard sell for more services. We walked outside with Tim and discovered that our sap-covered, bird-pooped, sprinkler-spotted car was SPOTLESS! They washed it without even asking or charging. And the idle was fixed, again without charging for a full diagnostic. We left with a spring in our steps and a sparkling car. Awesomeness.

Shay S. | 2012-07-16

Wow, I'm very surprised to see negative reviews about this dealership. I am based in LA, but wanted to come to the bay to look for cars with the help of my family. I dealt with Frank, the online sales manager and had a great service experience. Customer service is crucial for me when deciding on a product and I felt like Frank really went above and beyond. I would definitely recommend this dealership to friends and would come back again in the future. I checked out a lot of dealerships and this was by far the best for me.

Ben L. | 2012-07-03

I recently purchased a Mazda 3 i touring. I had a very pleasant experience with Oak tree Mazda.
Normally the process of purchasing a car is very intense. Negotiating back and forth dozen times. Pressures to jack up the price to go through bargain. Then finance is another painful process.
No. Not this time with Oak tree Mazda. The sales, Ron, is very professional and straight forward. I was on the market for some time to look for a new car. I checked consumer report and went through couple of test drives for different cars. Finally I decided to go for Mazda 3 i touring. When I started to work with Ron, he made the whole bargain process so easy and straight forward. In ~10 minutes we had the deal.
Going through finance was another pleasant experience. Byron turned this boring process to fun.
I will strongly recommend Oak tree Mazda not just because they have good car, but also the people serving with courtesy and profession.

Sean B. | 2012-06-30

These guys are great.  Nevermind that they are my favorite dealer, from my favorite dealer group.  I do all of their ding and dent repairs and I've been going round and round with Eddie to find me something nice for my wife for about 6 months.  So, finally I get her to come down and check out a smoke'n deal on a MBZ ML they have.  We drive it, thought it had nav, but it didn't.  So low and behold I have her drive the CX-9 as well. Now I've been telling her about these for over a year.......and what happens?  She buys one. And it was the new GM's demo.....what a way to make my introduction, huh??  Sorry, but you'll have to find another ride home, sir.

Eddie, Mike, Byron and Patrick were great.....aside from all the shit they give me on a weekly basis.  I'm glad my wife finally got something new to drive for the apparent kids that we'll be filling this thing with soon.

Thanks guys, and I'll see ya Friday for my weekly pounding.......lunch is on you guys this time though!!!

Cliff C. | 2012-06-19

Bought a car here a few months back with Patrick as my salesman.  Excellent guy, listens and understands what you are looking for. He helped me find a good deal on a Mazda 3.  Byron, the finance manager is also geat as he shops for the best interest rates available for you. Definitely recommended!

Jh M. | 2012-04-28

i was checking out cars there, and i was pushing down on the front bumper of a car, testing how tough it was.  some sales guy comes over, yelling at me, telling me not to break his car.  i responded by simply saying that i'm not pushing that hard... and i'm seriously considering buying this car.  if it breaks that easy, maybe that's a sign.

he then proceeded to make a stupid analogy about "how would you like it if i went to your house and started trampling all over the place?"

huh?  how is that even the same thing?

i responded: "first off, i don't see how thats the same thing.  second of all, i would never invite you into my house.  if you don't want people to come here and test your cars, then maybe you shouldn't be called a dealership and invite people in."

the only reason we didn't leave right away was mike mcghee - he's the only good salesperson there.  everyone else gives you the vibe of the typical dirty sales guy, with cheap ties, cigarette smoke lingering, an dirty smiles

Dmitriy A. | 2012-04-28

What a great dealership! My friend and I were making our way down the Stevens Creek Blvd, looking at compact SUV's in every place, and we've seen some good and bad dealers that day. But when we finally made it to the Mazda dealership, the service we received there was simply phenomenal. If you go there - ask for Norman, he met us the moment we walked through the door, he was professional, knowledgeable, helpful, and, most importantly, not pushy and not obnoxious. It was refreshing to see a dealer who was genuinely trying to help us! We had a blast looking at cars, we test drove a CX-5 (amazing), and that was the longest test drive we've done that day! In fact, it was the only one where I was allowed to take the car to the highway! This place, and Norman specifically, are a level or two above anything else in the area. If you are looking for car - give Mazda a chance, and when you do, give Norman J. Arnold a call at 408 553-6300. Zoom-Zoom!

Erlinda R. | 2012-04-12

Recently bought a used car here & I love my new car, however I felt the need to share how unhappy I am with the customer service.

When giving our information, I automatically felt the vibe that our sales person was in a bad mood.  Later on that evening, finance told us that the sales person wasn't making any money on the vehicle since they messed up on the price online, but since we saw it for that price, they had to honor it.  See? I knew he was in a bad mood.  He even took the car to get food for himself & his boss!

They told us  "We just did the oil change & transmission flush, you are good to go." A couple of weeks later, my husband checked the oil and it was black.  We took it in for service & they told us that we also needed a transmission flush.  My husband looked at it and they were right.  I don't understand why they would tell us that everything was okay, when in fact it wasn't.  We had to get the oil change and transmission flush done that day.

Oak Tree Mazda, please don't tell your customers that the service on the car is good to go when it's not =(

Andrey G. | 2012-03-19

This dealership was much nicer to work with than others I tried in the area. Note that I negotiated entirely online, so I can't speak to the process if you don't, but really you are doing yourself a disservice if you try to negotiate when you show up at the lot.

Once I had agreed on the price, I showed up and didn't get hassled at all about it. Had to wait a bit because the place was really busy and the finance guy was swamped, but it was very straightforward overall. They were very upfront about all the things I asked, and unlike other dealers didn't try to trick me about the car they had in stock.

Richard L. | 2012-03-02

This dealership still continues to exceed my expectations. Originally I had purchased a 2010 Mazda 3 about a year and a half ago. After deciding I wanted a speed3 I traded in my Mazda for it. But several days later I realized how impractical it was to commute in a turbo car and it was more trouble than it was worth (especially with rising gas prices). So I went back to the dealership to trade it in for a 2012 Mazda 3 with the new Skyactiv engines. Long story short I lost a lot of money going back and fourth trying to decide on what car I wanted.

Well I was not expecting this to happen as I had already decided to eat the loss and stick with the new car. I had received a call from Choch the finance director a week after purchasing my new 2012 Mazda 3 about something regarding re-negotiating my contract. I went in early Friday morning to see what he was talking about and he was able to lower my monthly payments and principle on the loan under the same terms. Not only that, I had originally purchased a warranty and anti-theft device for the speed3 which they were able to carry over to the new 2012 Mazda 3 with no additional charge. Let me say that there is no car dealership out there in the world who would go out of their way to help you out like this.

This is one of the reasons why I still feel to this day that Oak Tree is one of the best car dealerships out there. They are less genuinely interested in trying to rip you off and more interested in helping you find the car you need. The people there are very friendly, in fact when Mike McGhee found out I was coming to the dealership to re-negotiate the contract terms he gave me a courtesy call and greeted me at the dealership. (Buy your cars from Mike btw, you will know why he's still my top favorite because the service he gives is always beyond exceptional).

I will definitely be coming here in the future. Thank you again Choch, Mike, Jeff, and the people at Oak Tree Mazda for being able to help me out.

Pedram M. | 2012-02-07

-Service advisors  are very nice, quick and knowledgeable

- Organized and Clean facility from what i have seen

- Phone call updates from a real person is convenient  

- Usually they tell you what you want to hear which is always great !

- They are Fast !


-  After my first oil change a year ago the Tech forgot to put back my oil cap on my Brand New car so i got some oil spill in the engine bay. Manager apologized and took the car back to clean and add some more oil. But they have improved so much from last year so it doesn't matter  :)

Trent M. | 2012-02-06

This is a re-post of a prior review that was removed by user support, because the previous post " it relie(d) on or contain(ed) secondhand information".  Apparently someone wants to silence this experience.  it's sad that a technicality would be the tactic employed.  Therefore, I am re-posting within Yelps's content guidelines, expounding on and emphasizing my personal experience.  

My grandma needed an economical replacement vehicle for her 1999 Mazda 626. The plan was for my grandma and sister to test drive vehicles while I was at work so grandma could find her preferred car.  As she narrowed in on her preferred vehicle, my role was to ensure she was treated fairly from a financial perspective. I personally had been working through the Costco program and had been negotiating directly  with multiple dealerships (Capitol Mazda, Piercey Toyota, Carlson Subaru, Sunnyvale Ford, and Sunnvale Nissan) in the area on behalf of my grandma.  

I helped her research many potential options and she narrowed her preferences down to a Mazda3, Corolla, and Sentra.  As I dealt with Capitol Mazda's Costco program, I was quoted on a Mazda3 iSport (old engine) at a great deal out the door.  My grandma is single, on a fixed income and, like many retirees, the 2008 economic reset had an adverse impact on her. You can imagine how every dollar matters, which is why I would like to explain my direct involevement with how she was treated at Oak Tree Mazda. The following is a relay of the facts I presented to the supervising sales manager the day after she signed for the vehicle. As the sales manager did not rectify the situation when he could, I am left to believe the poor treatment is endemic to the Oak Tree Mazda dealership.

Technically, I cannot comment on how she was treated or what she was told during the buying experience.  I can say that I educated her and my sister on the merits of the Costco program; Costco-authorized dealerships have to abide by certain rules of fairness to the consumer, such as showing the pre-negotiated Costco price and divulging all rebates.   I also can say that an elderly lady entered the dealership with a young mother and a three-year old girl.  I can say that my sister assured me personally that she would only deal with a Costco certified dealership.  These are all first-hand experiences.  Whether Oak Tree Mazda purported itself as a Costco dealership, regardless of what may have been reported back to me, would technically be hearsay, so I cannot comment on that particular detail.

However, I can say with first-hand knowledge that grandma ended up buying the car from Oak Tree Mazda for at least a thousand dollars (out the door) more than she would have had she gone through the Costco program at Capitol Mazda, not including any potential additional negotiations. And, I can assure Yelp's moderators that I was directly involved in this overall process.  I can also state with first-hand knowledge that Capitol Mazda told me that there were additional rebates available to grandma that accounted for the thousand dollar discrepancy.  

The way the situation unfolded, my personal perspective based on my direct involvement, is that Oak Tree Mazda swindled my grandma - a poor, single, elderly, retired secretary on a fixed income. There was a brief period of 24 hours between when grandma drove off the lot with the car and when she returned to pay for it. During that period of time, I became aware of the transaction, cancelled my morning meetings at work, drove to Oak Tree Mazda, and informed the supervising manager of these details to no avail. Therefore, it is apparent to me the dealership's tactics are indeed endemic to the dealership and would highly encourage you to make the drive to Capitol Mazda, if you are needing to buy a Mazda in San Jose, CA. Oak Tree Mazda is not trustworthy; they literally fulfill the classic archetype of the salesman taking advantage of a little old lady. (See my review on Capitol Mazda for a contrasting experience.)

Jennifer C. | 2012-01-30

Made an appointment with Marty and he didn't show up. No call, no nothing. Strike one. The car we made an appointment to test drive was not on the lot when we showed up for our appointment to test drive it. Apparently it was being used as a personal vehicle by someone who works at the dealership. Strike two. They were completely inflexible re: prices. Strike three.

Stacie M. | 2012-01-29

I was in the market for a 2nd car, but so dreading the hassle of going to a car dealer and dealing with a car salesman. I did some research online and found a car that I was interested in at Oak Tree. My co-worker had just purchased a car from Keith Bettencourt, so I called him to set up an appt. for a test drive. When I got there for my appt., Keith had the car pulled up to the front and we immediately took it out for a test drive. The car was really clean and Keith really knew a lot about it. When we got back to the lot, I asked him about another car (same type just a newer version) that I had also seen online. We went to take a look at it. He ran the numbers for me on both cars, no pressure for me to purchase either one. I ended up purchasing the second car. It was really nice to work with someone that didn't pressure me, didn't rush me and was just genuinely a nice guy.

I also worked with Choch in finance, no pressure to purchase all of the additional packages, which was extremely nice.

I was there at 10am and home by 115pm. When I have purchased vehicles in the past, it has seemed to be an all day event and very stressful. Neither of these were the situation. I will definitely consider going back to Oak Tree in the future and highly recommend Keith Bettencourt.

I kept missing the phone call to give them my opinion on my purchase experience, so I definitely felt that I needed to post something on Yelp.

Guha J. | 2012-01-28

I went to this shop to look at a used prius car advertised on their site and dgdg.com . First time I went, they said that the sales person took the car to his home. Second time, the used car manager apparently driving it and had it at his home. Third time around, they called me to let me know that the car was available for me to look at. When I called back within half hour, they mentioned that they had sold it just half hour back, but I can take a look at a mazda which also gave 40 mpg.
Seems like a typical bait and switch... Not wasting my time with these guys

Matt H. | 2012-01-21

The wifey and I had good intentions of trying several kinds of makers/SUVs but after a total flameout at Steven's Creek Hyundai (only 2 Santa Fe's in stock) we decided to check out the Mazda CX-9 at OakTree. On a side note, the CX-9 shared the # 1 spot with the Buick Enclave for best mid-sive SUV. On another possibly related side note, I used to work with one of the guys who used to manage this place about 10 years ago during my brief stint as a car salesman.
We were greeted by Art who listened to what we were looking for, mentioned 4 models on-site that we could find used and a few new for sales/lease.
Art was helpful during the entire process and it seems he's quite popular there as many people came in looking for him.
Most of the other staff we met there, Byron in Finance, Eddie the Sales Manager, Timothy the Service Consultant and Nicole the Service Admin / Cashier were really helpful and great to work with. We ended up buying the CX-9 here and skipping the KIA dealership (Kia was rated #6). There were a few service items that needed to be attended to and were taken care of in a prompt manner by Nicole and Tim. Eddie also helped out by promising a DVD remote when the one for the SUV turned out to be missing. It was an all around good experience.
If/when we want to buy another car, I'm putting this place on my list.

Megan K. | 2012-01-20

Customer service in the service department is great! Even when you don't have an appointment, they get you out quickly!

Vanessa G. | 2011-12-28

I bought my Mazda 3 here in 2008, it was a no pressure sales pitch. They made me feel very comfortable the entire time. I always go back for any service needed on my car and the service staff provides top notch customer service. Always super friendly, and I feel like they are honest too.

I would highly recommend this place to anyone!

Nor Y. | 2011-12-28

Oak Tree Mazda is a great place to purchase a car. My husband and I dealt with a guy named Keith Bettencourt, and can I just say he was the nicest man. My husband has leased a car from him in the past and last year purchased a truck. we had told Keith our price point and how much we wanted to spend and I think showed us more then 10 cars. Keith knew everything about each car which made us feel comfortable. If you are looking for a car new or used Keith is your man.

Sandy S. | 2011-12-07

Just bought my Mazda 3 from Oaktree Mazda a couple weeks ago. Mike McGee was my sales consultant and I was very impressed.

From the beginning, he was very professional and organized. I told him the type of car I wanted as well as my price range. He then took the time to look up the vehicles that were available on the lot and where they were so we did not waste any time.

After we found one that I had liked, we were able to take it on a test drive. During this, he was very considerate and wanted to make sure I truly liked my car.

My main satisifaction is that he gave me a great price on the vehicle, well within my price range.

Overall, he was very nice. I got hungry while waiting for the car to be serviced and to finish with the financial part and he actually brought out his own food for me to have. He was not pushy and did not make me feel uncomfortable. I felt like he truly wanted me to find a car that I liked instead of just trying to sell me any car so he can get the commission.

Soumya G. | 2011-11-22

I recently bought a 2012 Mazda 3 from this dealership and I had an amazing experience with the Sales guy. I was dealing with Mr. Norman Arnold and he's the guy you need to ask for. He goes out of his way to help you have the most amazing experience. Although, I had to drive down from Dublin for this vehicle, he made sure my trip was worth it, even offering to drop off the vehicle at my place.
I couldn't be happier with the customer service and my awesome new Mazda!!!

Storm C. | 2011-10-23

My only positive comment for Oak Tree Mazda is that they have the largest inventory and selection of the Mazda fleet in the Bay Area.  I had communicated and visited several Mazda dealerships from San Francisco, Redwood City, Oakland and Dublin.  I should have been the easiest sale possible.  I communicated with the salesperson online for several weeks.  I was pre-approved by credit union.  I had a sizable down payment and I was clear on the exact model of the Miata and color combination that I wanted.  I told the salesperson the day and time I was coming in to purchase.  Upon my arrival, the salesperson greeted me as if he had never spoken to me before and that all of the email communication did not exist.  I dismissed this as I was there to purchase.  At that point, I was subjected to every seedy, underhanded car dealership trick in the book.  He tried to convince me to purchase a more expensive model quoting the same price as the model I wanted and then the bait and switch of it being an additional $5000 more in price.  I told them that I would be financing through my credit union and specifically NOT to run my credit report.  They said that in order to electronically send the purchase information to my credit union I had to complete a credit application and, of course, they ran my credit report to see if they could finance at a comparable rate which they offered.  So, I now have an additional unnecessary inquiry on my credit report.  I asked to speak with the manager in order to negotiate a better price for the more expensive model that the salesperson now tells me is a much higher price than quoted.  All of a sudden the manager is not available when it was quite clear that he is on the premises and simply did not want to bother with any negotiations.  I went to Oak Tree because of the positive comments that I read online and primarily because of the selection available.  Everything in me wanted to leave, but they were the only dealership that had the model I wanted so I was stuck.  After finally, completing the purchase, I was offered a free oil change.  Since I had come from San Francisco to make the purchase, I asked if they could transfer this to either the San Francisco dealership or one that was closer to me.  Of course the answer was no.  Really.  A $40 oil change after spending $35K on a car.  Ridiculous in my mind.  I would never recommend Oak Tree for anything other than their inventory.  And  should you be in the same position as I where you are compelled to use them go in with your guard up, guns drawn and fully armored and be prepared for the battle.  Take a good shower after you return home to rid yourself of the stench of underhandedness.

Jonah V. | 2011-10-22

Bought my car just last week from Oak Tree Mazda...Had my car detailed, and LOVE the finishing touches!! Our salesman Robert Zargarian was there to greet me to make sure everything with my car was perfect!! Robert Z. such a great salesman... I will def send all my family and friends to you!! My Lexus is FLAWLESS!!!! Thank you Robert and thank you to your detail team!!! Awesome and fantastic job!!!!!

Tanya N. | 2011-10-11

Can a car dealership really get 5 stars?  Yes, yes they can.  Prior to my experience at Oak Tree I was skeptical about dealerships thinking that all sales people try to squeeze as much out of you as possible.  Not so, at this place.
I called in on a Saturday for a test drive and was accommodated by Frank, the internet manager.  My husband and I were actually able to take the car out for a test drive without someone from the dealership which was really nice.  I've been to a Nissan and Honda dealership and always had the sales rep come along.  I'm not too sure if this is common here but I recall back home in Toronto, my sister was able to go for test drives without a sales rep.  Anyway, this way my husband and I were able to talk freely about how we thought about the car without having to try to make up a car-talking code language on the spot.
Back at the dealership, Frank went through the details of the car as any   dealership person would but the thing is that he was very personable, funny and to the point. No dodginess detected.
He gave us a great deal on our Mazda2 so we bought it that day.  It was my first time buying a car and Frank made the experience fantastic.

Yeah, I'm zooming, zooming.

John R. | 2011-10-06

I'm surprised to see so many negative reviews here.  I worked with both Frank and Marty and they absolutely exceeded my expectations.  Asiocha ("choach") in finance was great too.  I have nothing but good things to say and would recommend Oak Tree to anyone in the market for a Mazda.

To give these comments some context, I was in the market for a Mazda in the Bay Area for months before making a purchase.  I went to dealerships in Burlingame and Fremont and was discouraged at their inability to listen or even make the slightest effort to meet my needs.  I was just a mark to them.

With Oak Tree, they treated me like a human being, not just like a potential sale.  I told them exactly what I wanted and emphasized that it was important that  I not spend all day at the dealership.  I have two young kids; I can't be there all day.  

We negotiated terms on the phone.  They gassed up the car for me before I got there (full tank).  They stuck to the terms we agreed to (no bait & switch) and I was in and out of the dealership in less than 90 minutes.  

I love my new car.  I could not be more satisfied with the experience. Great job by Oak Tree Mazda.

Ken P. | 2011-09-20

great customer service.
eugenia, nicole and tim in service.
thanks for making it painless and getting me in and out quickly.

Daniel L. | 2011-09-17

I was in the market for a crossover SUV, and after test driving the CX-9, I was completely wowed.  Awesome vehicle, and easily best in class.  So, the next step was figuring out how to purchase this vehicle at a fair price with no hassle.

I had initially gone to a different local dealership for the test drive and was working with that salesperson, but the guy became extremely pushy and kept trying to hard-sell me/ lie about the amount of inventory, etc.

So, I put out some quote requests and was contacted by Marty Russo, the internet sales manager.  I told Marty that I knew what I wanted, but that I'd like to come by a few times to test drive with friends and family.  Marty could not have been more polite, patient, and outstanding in the multiple visits to Oak Tree.  He took a hands-off approach, knowing when to show us gadgets and when to leave us alone to let us explore the vehicle.  In the meantime, we met several other salespeople, all of whom were extremely polite and friendly.

We pre-negotiated the price; the final sale did not go lighting-fast, but it wasn't really slow either.  It was really just the amount of time the banks/paperwork took to process everything.  No hard selling, just explanations; no last minute pitches.  Marty was true to his word until the end.

We also dealt with Choch, who was in charge of finance.  He was also very polite.  He sold us on a few add-ons, but he wasn't pushy, just a good salesman who knew his stuff.

Overall, I would recommend going to this dealership to anyone.  We really liked working with Marty, and I will refer friends to him.

I've seen some negative reviews on here, so I'll just make a few suggestions if you are looking to buy a car but not really familiar with the buying process:

1.  Have a good idea of what you want.  If you just ask a salesperson what they recommend, they are going to sell you whatever they want to try and sell you.  That's their job.

2.  If you have a used car or are looking to buy a used car, don't expect KBB.  They need to make money, too, and what's the point of them risking a deal for a car they may or may not sell, if they are just going to break even on it anyway?  By using a dealership, the value is not having to deal with sketchy craigslist people, but don't expect to get a great deal.

I am thrilled so far with this CX9 and proud to drive it.

LoveMeTender t. | 2011-09-07

Has great deal at the moment on Used cars :)

Steve H. | 2011-09-05

Bought my BMW there, and I have to say the experience was pretty good. Marty was really cool and helped me with everything.

The only thing that sucked was that when I was there the people in front of me took 3 hours in the closer's office and I was sitting there in my soccer uniform watching the Giants game. Not their control, but they handled it well. Marty stayed around until I got into the office. I love the car and I recommend them to anyone!

Jenn T. | 2011-08-31

Mike McGhee helped us purchase a Mazda 5 a couple of weeks ago.  He made the process very easy and smooth, and we went home as Mazda owners!  Thanks, Mike!

Kari M. | 2011-08-18

I've been going back and forth about updating my review for Oak Tree.

When I picked up my car after they put the ipod adapter in it, the top was chattering. They told me to bring it back anytime and they would fix it for free, but I don't really have ample time to come during their business hours. I work in San Mateo, so it not like they would drive me to work and who knows how long it would take to fix it.

So, I've been driving around with a chattering top for nearly 3 months. Suck.

The ipod adapter DOES NOT work with the new 6th generation ipods. Nice of them to inform me of this. And by DOES NOT work, I mean it will not charge the ipod while playing music. The music works.

They did offer a free maintenance which was nice of them, however, I'm not so sure I'll be going back to them for service.

Overall I'm really disappointed in my entire experience with Oak Tree Mazda.

Sam W. | 2011-08-12

So far their service department is 2 for 2!

I've now visited the Oak Tree Mazda service department twice, and both times I've been very impressed.  This time I had a family of rats invade my car, chew up some wires, poop all over the place, and cause a bunch of havoc.  (Thank god my insurance company helped me out on this one - I'll review them next).

For this "minor" problem of a rodent invasion, they did an excellent job.  They worked very closely with myself and the insurance appraiser, and fixed the car right.  For what turned out to be a very big job, the car runs great even with no new rattles or squeaks (from rats, or from taking out the entire dash board and putting it back in to run the new wiring through).  They even worked hard to save me (well the insurance company) a bit of money by doing some unconventional repairs to some of the mudflaps on the bumper rather then having to have the whole bumper replaced.

Sorry about the mess, rats, and thanks so much for restoring my Mazdaspeed 3 to full working order!  I'll try to keep it away from rodents from now on.

My only comment - twice now the service advisers have made mistakes in writing up the paperwork on service order (such as SRS rather then ABS).  So just do "your due diligence" and make sure they've correctly written what you've told them the problem is.  But you should always do this anyway - regardless of service department.

Patricia L S. | 2011-08-09

Hello All!!

I went back to Oak Tree Mazda in San Jose on July 30, 2011, to have my commuter car tuned up.  As the mileage was racking up due to my much longer, 80 miles per day, my commuter car gets used up pretty quickly. I was going to need a lot of work, brakes, rotors, new tires plus the tune up.

So Patrick and Byron, having heard this as we were talking about tires, said that it might be time to change that car in for a more efficient  and lower mileage car.  They had the perfect newer commuter car, Dodge Caliber with only 39,300 miles! And in less time than you can think, I traded in the commuter car I had for the newer Dodge Caliber.

As always, Patrick is SO knowledgeable about the cars and Byron is SO knowledgeable about financing and the best ways to get great interest rates. So I drove home with a newer commuter car which is saving me almost 1/2 in gas prices, as the Dodge engine is much more fuel efficient and my car insurance went down $20.00 per month!!  So it's great all the way around!!

And, of course, it is always great to see the guys, Patrick, Byron, Jeff, Keith and the maintenance staff Tim and Robert and Gina and Danielle.  

I will always go to Oak Tree Mazda for any and all car stuff that I need. No matter where I live, I'll always drive to Oak Tree!!!


Robert C. | 2011-08-09

Good experience, treated with respect and worked hard to earn my business. Had visited Menlo Mazda, was not a good time to be had at all.

See Patrick and/or his Manager, Asure, they will work hard to get you in the car you want. Also, Byron in Finance is top notch and will take care of you.

Lisa R. | 2011-08-04

My husband and I bought a CX-9 from Oak Tree yesterday.  I would have given them 4 stars because overall the experience was pleasant enough for buying a car.  I dropped my review to 3 stars for two reasons: 1) We weren't told until we had bought the car and walking out the door that they only had one key for the car. So now it is going to cost us over $300 to get another one.  We would have tried to negotiate that with the purchase had we known, but I'm sure that's why they didn't mention it. 2) The gas tank was completely empty which I didn't notice until on 280 going home then I was worrying if I was going to even make it home.

We went to Oak Tree because our preapproved financing had an approved list of dealers and this one had what we wanted for the price.  The Capital One financing also locked in a price that was very good so we didn't have to haggle.  When I contacted Marty the internet sales mannager about coming in for a test drive I was a bit worried.  My online contact was never responded to and when I called and he seemed pretty disinterested on the phone.  However, when we got there he was friendly and was thorough in showing us the features of the car and answering questions we had.  When we decided to go ahead and purchase the vehicle he and the finance manager Choch helped us get better financing at a lower percentage rate.  Choch was great, very straight forward, and did not get pushy with the upsell items.  He was even very candid with us we asked questions about some of the products as far as what would actually be saving us money in the long run.  

I would purchase from Oak Tree again, but with some caution.  I'm not sure the experience we would have had, had we not had the price lcoked in already.

J J. | 2011-08-01

I went to Oaktree since they seemed to have the greatest inventory of pre-owned vehicles.  They're willing to negotiate, but it's imperative that you do your homework first.  They can be aggressive, but that's expected.  Afterall, they're commissioned based and only get credit for selling a car, which you can always use to your benefit.  So, a few tidbits to note:

- Their website is terrific, so select the car you want BEFORE you go in.
- Look up the value on KBB, Edmunds and then compare to other dealerships in the area (Fremont, Royal, Tracy, Putnam) and determine if its a good deal.
- Most of the vehicles aren't "certified" pre-owned, but that's mostly because it's an added expense to the dealership (approximately $1,100).  If that's important to you (which it should be), they'll certify it for you.  Try to negotiate the cost into your overall deal as much as possible.
- They offer an aftermarket warranty which is actually more comprehensive that the CPO program.  It costs a bit more, but will offer bumper to bumper for 5 full years.  I researched the warranty on-line and it's gotten great reviews.  Also, you can negotiate the cost of this warranty as well.  I would recommend getting either/or, but not both.
- Service department is fantastic.

Overall, I was satisfied with my purchase.  They're definately "sales-y", but, I didn't go for the experience as much as trying to get the best deal possible.

Hope this helps.

Ira S. | 2011-07-22

The best dealership I have ever been!!

Marty, manager of Oak Tree Mazda, is very professional and friendly. He gave me the best deal on 2011 Mazda 6. His team is amazing, very welcoming and trustworthy.

I say this: If you want a dealer you can trust and get a good deal, go to Oak Tree Mazda. Marty and his team is  there to help!

For my next car? I am going back to Oak Tree Mazda!

Sam A. | 2011-07-22

My review is for the sales department. I went to this dealership last week looking for a Mazda CX-9. I had already been in contact the "Internet Sales Manager", whose name starts with a K. He gave me a quote, and he said that he is willing to work out the numbers when I come in. In the meantime, I had already got better quotes from other dealers, but only Oak Tree Mazda had the CX-9 with white exterior and features according to my specs. The salesman was courteous to show the SUV around, and my wife and I liked it. When it was time to work out the numbers, the salesman's attitude suddenly changed. He went from "Hi, how may I help you" to "Do you want to do this or what". He was very rude, especially when I mentioned about the quote from another dealer, which wasn't really much lower from this guy's quote. He said "I don't think so" , which made it even worse. Firstly, I wasn't lying - I had a print-out of the quote from the other dealer. Secondly, I was tired of car shopping, and I would took the deal if the guy was friendly. I said "you are implying that I am a liar", and I walked out of the deal. Within a few hours the same day, I went to Menlo Mazda and took the deal I got previously. It was a metallic silver CX-9 instead of white. In hind sight, I did a good thing by choosing metallic silver - it looks much better than white. But, above all, the salesman at Menlo Mazda (Sal) was very friendly and helpful.

Nam N. | 2011-07-20

I've never seen a sales person so disinterested.

I took my brother-in-law to look for his first car.  He's 18, and he is looking to purchase a car within 2 weeks.  When we walked in, we were introduced to Robert.  Robert, after finding out my younger brother was purchasing a car, seemed to scale back his customer service.  

Now I realize their are some perception hurdles that must be overcame when attempting to sell to someone as young as my brother, but it behooves me to find that we only had the MINIMAL ATTENTION of the sales person.  No where did he offer additional knowledge about the car\, nor did he even attempt to break down pricing.  It was like he were wasting his time.  When my brother asked to drive the car, he wanted his insurance card, which no other deal has asked.  It was like he was telling us to get lost.

As the market becomes increasingly competitive and product being less differentiated, the one dimension that can separate business is great service.  It is your customer that ultimately feeds you, and it looks like Robert is adverse to eating.  Sorry to waste your time Robert, but you encouraged my brother to move the Mazda 3 from the top of his list to the bottom, in addition to possibly losing a  potential customer for the rest of his life.

As I have said many times, we can choose any product we want, but what separates the winners from the losers is the service provided.

Lisa K. | 2011-07-19

I have had nothing but great help at Oak Tree Mazda.  I bought a 2008 Mazda 3 and they have been great at helping me keep it running well, without pressuring me to purchase unnecessary service.  Tim Trompeter  has been a star.  He has always bent over backwards to get me what I need, as well as giving me excellent recommendations and tips.  I feel gratitude for their stellar service.

Anthony B. | 2011-07-16

This review is for the parts department.  

I am the original owner of a 1994 Miata.  I do all of my maintenance myself.  I tend to shy away from dealers for parts unless absolutely necessary, but I tend to make an exception for my Miata.  The prices here are very reasonable and the staff is very helpful.

My most recent visit was for parts for my timing belt and clutch replacement.  I had some questions regarding the job and was able to chat with a service tech. for about 4-5 minutes.  They didn't seem to mind - knowing that I am the type to do my own work.  

Sunny spent about 15 min. helping me find all the correct gaskets, seals, etc. that I would need for the job.  These things aren't always obvious until you start working on the car.

I've compared prices with other dealers in the area and their prices seem to be a little lower, but still slightly higher than after-market parts.

For dealer only parts - this is my first stop.  For parts that are available after-market, I still check the price and quality difference as many times I'm pleasantly surprised.

J L. | 2011-07-14

I took my car in for a recall repair and was impressed by their service.  Tim, the service manager, is as nice, helpful, and genuine as they get.  There was no pressure to get any service beyond what I came for, even though it cost me nothing.  The repair was prompt and met their estimated time.  When I returned to pick up the car, Tim remembered my name on sight, patiently and thoroughly explained the state of my car and tires, and answered all my questions.  Thanks to him, I will be coming back to Oak Tree.

Rami A. | 2011-07-11

Very rude salesman, I don't remember his name though. I went in to check the New Mazda 3 Hatchback Grand Touring with Tech package in May and he didn't have one in stock then he wanted to sell me a used 2010 claiming there isn't any car from the same model with tech available around, and saying the car isn't used since its a manger show case model, it has about 5 or 6k miles not sure since wen a car driven by someone else for that many miles is not considered used. I told him that I will look for new one somewhere since I can get 0% intrest rate on new one and that I got on line quote for that same car new from dealers in the bay for $700 more. Sarcastically and in a very rude way he said good luck, I dare you to find such car for that price and if you find one just buy it. I ended up buying the car I wanted for a great price somewhere else. I didn't want to write this review but when my friend told me he went check Mazda 3 there and had the same rude service I felt compelled to warn my fellow yelpers about this dealer.

Lalith M. | 2011-07-10

Avoid this dealer if you are buying a new car.

If you bought a car here it just means that you have not done your homework and  for sure you've been ripped off. Their advertisements about 0% APR or any kind of rebate is just a hoax.

My experience here begins with a 5 star and ends with 1 star (I could put a 0 if you ask me). I went there late afternoon really excited to test drive one of the Mazda 3 sedans. A salesman (Steve) approached us and walked us around asking about our preferences. He was genuinely helping us out to pick a

good configuration and features I could add the vehicle. Did a test drive and was very happy with it. 5 *s here. Wonderful I said, lets talk about the price.

Me: Ok, so let's talk about the deal?

Salesman: We need to enter information in the system and we will do a quick financial check and get you the best price.

Me: Alright lets do it.
......... 1 Hour to fill all the details. Totally exhaustive.

Finally he came back with some papers and it had only a monthly installment I have to pay and at some % apr.

Me: So how much am I paying for the car?

Salesman: A big question mark on his face and said MSRP on the car. It includes destination and advertising charges.

Me: Oh ya? Your website clearly advertises a price ~ 3000$ lesser and what about the 0% APR ?!

Salesman: Ok i'll try to get a better deal.

I have a much higher credit score than the one required to qualify. I did my homework pretty well and was sure I am almost close to make a deal, well I really liked the car.
He went into a finance department and about 20 minutes later he came back.

He made a his offer on the car. And I was talking about it and suddenly GRAND ENTRANCE of Mr. Marty (some manager):  Sits on a chair and starts talking completely ignoring the salesman. Gives me a quote that's higher than what salesman gave me. Says that was the final deal I could get.

Me: Are you kidding? your salesman just gave me a better offer.

He stumbles and looks at the salesman and says Ok.. that is final  offer. Make a deal or take your business somewhere else.

I was about to close the deal with the salesman and take the car that day. This guy shows up from nowhere and starts talking very rudely. I can't believe this guy blew the deal like that in 5 minutes. I've been to many dealers and haven't seen a single sales guy behaving like this with customers.

That was really frustrating there after waiting there for 4 hours. Don't waste your time going here. There are many dealers and showrooms around providing much better service.

Meghann V. | 2011-06-18

I just bought an RX8 at Oak Tree Mazda from Ron Eskandarian, and had a wonderful experience! Ron did a great job of finding out what I was looking for and helping me get the best option. He even pointed out a used low-mileage car of the model I was looking at that they had at a great price, rather than pushing me towards a new one. Ron also helped me find someone to buy my old car so that I could get more for it than I would as trade. He truly goes above and beyond - I can't recommend him highly enough!

When it came time to finance, Choch, one of their finance personnel, even came in on his day off to draw up my paperwork. What great service!

Chris N. | 2011-06-15

I walked into the Oak Tree Mazda last week and all I can say to everyone is to " Do your homework before you go to the dealership". A good site to check prices is truecar.com .  While I was at the dealership, I was persuaded to go thru their financing even though I had my own, they wanted to sell me a extended warranty for $2500, Gap insurance for $700 and undervalued my trade-in.

My advice:
You can buy extended warranties from your Insurance Company for way cheaper..less than $500 and Gap Insurance for $30-$60 a year. Don't buy the same day on your first visit...when you are on there turf..They have all the power...let them come to you and call you with a price.

Always keep your trade in vehicle price and the price of the new car separate...these guys are sneaky...they can give you more on your trade...then they won't discount the new car. Always assume they are lying...because 90% of the time they are. Never buy a car unless you demanded a price and walked away at least once when they said no.

First they would only give me $1800 trade in for my car...so I said no and left, the sales guy ran out when I was about to leave and said $2500, I said no thanks..and left.  10 minutes later, I'm on the freeway and he calls and says..ok..$4000 for the trade, can you believe that?  If I was the average dummy, I would have thought $2500 was a good deal, these guys are snakes...and its the same with most dealerships so be prepared!  These guys can take your trade-in and sell it at the auctions and make money...they will say how bad and worthless your car is...don't fall for it! Remember the decisions that you make in these precious hours will follow you for the next 3-5 years...the sales guy isn't the one making the car payments, you are!

Also, the two most important numbers when buying a car is the Price and the A.P.R....don't get fooled with them asking you " How much can you afford a month?" You can make the loan longer and pay it off whenever you want with no penalty, ( simple interest loan).

I'm gonna wait till Aug. or Sept. to buy...inventories are low and demand is high...which means higher prices for new and used cars. If you can, you should wait too!

Finally, whatever A.P.R they are giving you, they can probably give you a few points less, for example..if you have bad credit and they say 12.9%...they can probably  give you 8.9%.  What they do is they sell the 12.9% loan to another bank then take the 8.9% loan and profit the difference. Just think 4% on a $30,000 car over 5 years= $3000-$5000 profit for them!  Don't get ripped off....the finance guys are worst!  These guys make lawyers look like boy scouts.

Katlin L. | 2011-06-09

I had a wonderful experience at Oak Tree today. I took my car in for regular service (an oil change and tire rotation). It was super easy to make an appointment, and I was greeted happily when I arrived.

Tim, is my service manager and he is always SUPER helpful. He makes sure that everything is done right and goes above and beyond to make going there a positive experience.

I ended up needing my water pump and front shock replaced, Tim called me to let me know that I would need to replace these things, called my extended warranty provider for me and got everything done, all in the same day!

I left very happy, and my car is always clean and runs great after I pick it up from Oak Tree!

I would definitely recommend coming here, to both buy a car and to service it!! Ask for Tim because he is AWESOME :] and really takes care of his customers

Liz L. | 2011-06-08

Ron & Choch! U guys are soooo cool! :) these guys are legit. They dnt stalk or force u to buy anything and they help u make the right choice ;)

Marc P. | 2011-06-04

I just bought a Mazda Miata MX-5 hardtop from Mike McGhee at Oak Tree Mazda.  Had I read the Yelp reviews before I went, I would have known to ask for him.  I just happened to meet him on the lot.  Guess I was lucky!

I'd been shopping for a convertible and had visited many dealers of many different makes.  I was appalled by some of the interactions I had with salespeople.  That was not my experience at Oak Tree Mazda.

Mike was a terrific salesman.  He has friendly, respectful, and enthusiastic without being pushy.  When I decided to buy an MX-5, I knew I would buy it from him.  The purchase negotiation went smoothly and I got a great deal.

If you're in the market for a Mazda, do yourself a favor and buy it from Mike McGhee.  I've had other car purchases that years later still tick me off.  I look back at the whole experience with Mike and am very happy with how it went.

rachel n. | 2011-05-31

just recently bought my first car here & although it was a long & lengthy process Robert and the rest of the staff were very helpful & accommodating to find a right fit. very knowledgable and patient & at the end of the day I left with the mazda 6.

Vlad I. | 2011-05-26

I have brought my Mazda here since I can remember. They have the best customer service and most reliable technicians. They seem to always treat my car with the upmost respect and never offer me services I don't need. Ivan was awesome in helping me out my car when I needed some major service done, while other shops told me I basically needed a new engine. I recommend this place for service. You get what you pay for!!

As well as the service, I would like to stress the reliability of the Part's Department. Every time I need a part, they get it to me asap! I have never had a problem with ordering parts and always seem to get a better deal than other shops. Sunny has been very helpful over the last couple years I have had my Mazda and I would highly recommend checking this department out for any of your Mazda needs!

Toygar A. | 2011-05-11

my favorite Mazda dealer so far. have been going there for routine service + simple repairs. they have friendly representatives and more importantly, they meet or beat their timing promises: if they say it'll take about an hour, I get my car back within the hour. the only thing that bugs me is there's no place close by you can go (starbucks, peet's) to wait. so you sort of have to wait at the dealer.

Benjamin H. | 2011-05-08

Wanted to write an update to the 'Marty the Fleet Manager' experience:
The following Day, Mike McGee called me, was deeply sorry for having referred me to Marty, and for the experience that followed.  We must have talked for 15-30 minutes just on this topic.  Sometimes you feel like a salesman is blowing smoke, and sometimes it feels downright genuine.  This was genuine.  Mike is probably, by far, one of the most caring human beings I have ever considered buying an automobile from.  

Toward the end of the conversation, he asked if I'd still be potentially interested in buying, and if so, if there was an offer I'd like him to take to his sales manager.  I didn't beat around the bush at this point, and we agreed he'd give it a shot.  (Marty) In the interim, I'd found another car, with a LOT less miles on it, and even though, now, due to the challenges presented by Marty, they were going to lower the price, I told them I still wanted to take a look at the other car (other dealership).  

Yesterday, I went up to that dealership, and had a pleasant experience, and although this was car was in even better shape, and my only potential nitpick was that it wasn't the ideal color, they worked with me and gave me a lower price (to sell the car, that day).  So, I now have the car I wanted, with very low miles, at an agreeable price.  Sadly, it wasn't from Mike McGee.  I highly recommend Mike, he really was a treat.  

Last night, I received a yelp message from the General Manager, being apologetic, and asking for my business, offering to pay for the fuel that I put into their car, ..now willing to lower the price (not sure if this was the price Mike had spoken about, or even lower, but sadly, it was too late (I'd found my car at another dealer).

The lesson here, to Oak Tree Mazda, is treat each sale like it's the last one on the planet, and that your life depends on making that sale.  If you don't, your customers will find another place to buy a car.  And to Marty? You're part of the face of Oak Tree Mazda, ...act like it.

I do appreciate the reaction from Oaktree, the general manager, and from Mike, ...it just came too late, ...best foot forward seals the deal.

Patrick M. | 2011-05-01

During my hunt for cars, I came to Oak Tree and test drove a Mazda3. I liked the car, but had some reservations. Via the Zag pricing program, I presented prices from nearby Mazda dealers, but the internet sales manager refused to budge on price. Fine, that's his right. But as I was leaving, he literally yelled across the floor that I needed to "be careful about those other dealers." I did not like the vibe at all.

I ultimately bought a completely different make/model car. When the internet sales manager called to ask me which car I bought, I (stupidly) told him, and he snidely remarked that I "liked to live dangerously." Completely unprofessional. By far the worst experience I've had with a dealer (and I saw many) during my car hunt.

Margaret A. | 2011-04-30

We just purchased a Mazda 5 from Oaktree and had a great experience.  I went online first and requested a quote.  Keith Bettencourt answered my email right away to let me know he would be working on a quote.  I then emailed back asking if we could test drive a car with 2 kids in tow.  He called me back right away so we we went down to test drive.  A car was ready for us to check out.  We were pretty sold.  We had a trade in, and they offered pretty close to what I expected to get.  They gave us financing and did the paperwork for us fairly quickly while my kids played in the kids'r room they have set up.  Keith was straightforward, easy going, and personable.  I highly recommend  Oaktree and Keith.

Chris F. | 2011-04-07

FANTASTIC customer service. We originally came in for a used VW on their lot. I believe Marti initially helped us out. He was up-front, honest and gave us a rough estimate for our trade-in. Before closing on the deal, we decided to check out the volkswagen lot down the street. After experience terrible customer service, we came back.

Marty had already left, so we worked with Robert and Ashoor (manager). Robert made sure to involve me throughout the entire process. He was honest, knew what numbers were important to me and was just very personable overall. Instead of leaving us in the dark like the volkswagen manager down the street, Ashoor personally was involved with me in the sale.

Byron in financing was a pleasure to work with. Very likable and made the long paperwork process much more enjoyable.

I felt terrible that I had to make these guys stay late, but they did a great job and I'll make sure to recommend people over when I have the opportunity.

Matthew G. | 2011-04-03

At the end of last year, they had a used Miata I was interested in on the lot.  After my first test drive, they allowed me to take it to a mechanic for inspection, though there wasn't enough fuel in it to make to the mechanic and back.  Fortunately, the cost of the fuel (just $10) told me that the shocks were leaking and and needed replacement ($400), so I walked.

I recently bought a Mazda 3 -- from another dealer!

hoang n. | 2011-03-20

Great service! We were immediately greet by Mike when we walked in. Even though it's raining, he still comes out to welcome us and showed us the car. Even though I knew what I wanted because I've done my homework. The test drive was awesome, no pressure, and very relaxing unlike the other places down the streets.

I had to immediate go to work after so they hurried. The fiance guy was really fast with the paperwork and gave me the best percentage out of all the other places I've visited.

Kind of wish they filled the gas for me, but I was in a hurry and didn't bother pushing for it.

Bottom Line is: I walked away with the car I want, and with a very reasonable price. Thank you!

christina c. | 2011-03-03

I am writing this review just so everyone knows to ask for Mike McGhee to help you find your car. I really agree with the previous reviewer on how Mike doesn't even seem like a salesman. His honestly and genuine character really comes out. It's true, you feel like you want to buy a car from him.

He knows the cars very well but if he doesn't, he doesn't b.s. an answer for you like I've had other salesmen do. He tells me honestly that he's going to look it up in the manual to make sure he has the right answer. He also made me feel at ease test driving because I told him I was nervous driving someone else's car and he reassured me just encouraging me to just drive it like my own, so that I can really make a good decision.

I had been driving a Mazda 6 for a couple of years and it was my most favorite car I've ever had! Mazda makes great quality cars at great prices. I had to convenience package which had all the bells and whistles I wanted like dual climate, combo leather/cloth seats, bluetooth, keyless start/entry, auto sensor windshield wipers and blind spot monitoring. The seats in back come down and also you can put a car seat in the middle back seat where your baby is safest. Nice latch system of course too.

Then we needed a larger car with our new family so we debated between the CX-9 and the Toyota Highlander. You get much more for less money with the CX-9. More space and features. There isn't much of any trunk space when the back row seats are up but I basically use it as a 5 seater with huge trunk space and love the option to seat 7 if needed.

Also the Toyota salesperson who shall remain nameless was definitely like a typical car salesman. When I asked him why he thinks the Highlander is better he said, "Because I work here." Good answer!

Antonio A. | 2011-02-22

Thank you so much Eugenia, best constumer service I ever had. Mazda rocks !!!

Linda F. | 2011-02-21

I headed to Oak Tree Mazda to test drive the Mazda 3 and was genuinely impressed at the attention and service they provide. I had read previous reviews and Mike McGee seemed to stand out a guy to go-to. Well luckily he was right there to help me.

I showed him the car I was interested in and we took it out on the road right away. Mike went out of his way to ensure I was really happy with my choice, and helped me all the way through the buying process.
It's a genuine testament to Mike and his commitment to excellent customer service that I went in to test-drive and left with my amazing new car, without feeling at all pressured.

What a great buying experience! Thanks Mike!

Brian P. | 2011-02-08

Let me start by saying I love my new car. But the sales part was kind of a pain. Except for Byron. Too bad he's just finance, this guy needs to be selling. With that said, do not put in your number into any system. They are relentless on calling and do not take hints to save a life. And this was after I bought the car. I made the mistake of talking about a potential car in the future for my girlfriend and that's when the calls didn't stop. They were easy to ignore but the guy got my work number from my original purchase paperwork and called my work.  I was pretty shocked/pissed to get interrupted while at work. Pretty much lost any chance he may of had to get the next purchase. And it makes me wonder about my privacy if it was that easy for him to get that info.  Just don't give them your number and you should be ok. Just talk to Byron he's the best.

Jason B. | 2011-01-29

We walked on to the Oak Tree Mazda lot on New Year's Eve after a couple of disappointing visits to some other dealership earlier in the day. We were greeted by a very friendly guy, Mike McGhee. He was so nice, I thought there is no way this guy is a car salesman. Within 10 minutes of chatting with him I said to him "I want to buy a car from you." Even before I had found anything on the lot.

I test drove several cars. We spent several hours there and Mike was a gentleman and was very knowledgeable and was a straight shooter, not what you'd expect from the typical car salesman and very refreshing after the experience we had at other dealerships earlier that day.

We finally settled on a used Mazda 6. I felt we got a good deal on the car. And Mike was once again very polite and courteous through the negotiations. Byron in financing was also a breathe of fresh air to deal with. Super nice guy, personable and patient. Mind you we were closing the place by this point on NYE no less.

Thanks to Mike McGhee, Byron and the others behind the scenes at Oak Tree Mazda for such a positive used car buying experience. I would definitely buy another car from Mike in the future.

Matt S. | 2011-01-22

Thank you so much Eugenia, you rock!  

This probably was the best customer service experience I've ever had at a dealership.  I rarely go to the dealer for repairs, but when the inside of my Mazda 6 started smelling like exhaust when I was at a stop, I figured have the experts take a look.

Turns out that the rear valve cover gasket was leaking oil, which was causing the smell.  They did a quick check up on my car and found that in addition to this, the crank seal was also likely to start leaking and the oil pan was seeping.  Go figure, take a not-so-old car in for one thing, and they found three, totalling $2000 bucks.  WHAT?!?  When I heard that over the phone I thought, "typical dealers".  I'm not one to trust them haha.

As it turns out, I talked to Eugenia, explaining I just didn't want to pump that sort of money into my car.  Most of the cost was in the 9 hours of labor to get to the gaskets and seal.  However, she pointed out that the seal should last another 1-2 years still along with the pan, which I could live with.

Together, we worked it down to $500 for just the leaking gasket, which I could live with, especially when they told me my brakes, which I was expecting to replace this year, are way above 50%, so no rush.  Woo!  Also, she knocked down my $145 payment for just coming in down to $50, which I really appreciated.

As for the repair, I brought it in Monday night and it was ready by Tuesday afternoon as promised; top-notch service guys.

Thanks for the great experience!

Pablo V. | 2011-01-21

I took in my car there for repair and received great help from the service staff.  Eugenia Pineda was knowledgeable, professional, and understanding.  There were some delays due to the agency that I have my extended warranty with, but I had a car rental so it made it easier for me to wait.  In the end my car was fixed and even washed for me and ready to go.

Allison D. | 2011-01-18

Mike McGhee made my first car buying experience far exceed my expectations.  From the start he made it very clear that he wanted to make sure I found what I was looking for in a car.  He was extremely personable  from the moment we walked on the lot to the follow up call I received a few days after the purchase.  I felt no pressure during the negotiation process by constantly reassuring us that he was on our side and even offered us some snacks when it got close to lunch time.  I'm so happy with my Mazda 3 hatchback and will most definitely come back to Oak Tree Mazda for future purchases.

Renee G. | 2011-01-17

My visit here started off swimmingly but quickly devolved into one of the most offensive customer service experiences I've ever been a party to.

I was interested in a Mazda 2.  I test drove one, picked out the color I liked, filled out the credit application and would probably have signed on the dotted line within minutes...but the salesman decided to hedge his bets and upsell.

I agreed to take out a Mazda 3, because, it being objectively a nicer car than the 2, I would have considered buying one used if it met my two non-negotiable requirements: it met my budget and it had at least a year or two of warranty left.  It transpired that they did not have any 3s on the lot that could fulfill both of those criteria, but that was of no concern to him.  He paraded us around the lot, showing us cars that were either too expensive or out of warranty or white (another, slightly less stringent criterion...I just hate white cars, as well as red cars, and yellow ones) as we chanted "Budget!  Warranty!" as if it had been our mantra.

Finally he led us back inside and tried to extract the promise that if he went to his manager and worked the one car that I did like and would have happily bought if I had a budget of $5,000 more to the lowest possible price, I would buy it.  Well, he mostly tried to extract that promise from my male companion (see Bennett C. below) despite the fact that we had made it very clear that I was the one buying the car.  Look: I brought a dude along for reasons beyond my just needing a ride.  I've never bought a car before and am neither knowledgable about cars themselves nor the financing thereof, and I didn't want to get taken advantage of.  But just because any bystander could have figured out that this was the case didn't mean it was appropriate for him to direct 90% of his attention to someone who was quite clearly not buying a car.

By the time a roving brand manager type individual was pressed into service to harangue us some more, it was time to go.  We hightailed it out of there and back up to San Francisco, where the next day I bought a new Hyundai Elantra with a minimum of fuss.  Now if only the Mazda salesman would stop calling me all the time to follow up...

Christine T. | 2011-01-13

This was the best new car buying experience I have had thus far.  We did our research over the internet once we had completed all our test drives locally and knew what we wanted.  Keith from the Oak Tree Mazda Internet department promptly responded to our email and was able to get us a quote very quickly.  He was also willing and able to research if we wanted to get a different colour but settled for a car that was on their lot.  
We made an appointment with him a few days later and the process with Keith was truly pressure-free and enjoyable.  We were able to test drive our car, inspect it and go through the paperwork without being pressured into extra options and the such.  
Would definately purchase here again or recommend this team to friends or family!

Bennett C. | 2011-01-09

Buying an inexpensive car shouldn't involve a ton of pressure. That wasn't the case yesterday at Oak Tree Mazda.

We went in yesterday to find a commuter car for my female friend. She didn't need a guy there, she just didn't have a car to get herself there, hence the trip. We had 2 criteria 1) Price 2) Warranty. The salesman took us to the lot and said "let's check out this one so you can see how they drive, and we hopped in the top-of-the-line model. when we got back to the lot, he told us he would try to get the price as close to what we wanted to spend as possible, and we told him that we were firm on what we would spend. This went back and forth for an hour. If he had listened to our two criteria (which we were very clear on) and saved us the runaround, we could have looked at the cars on the lot that were a better fit. We said we would be totally happy with a used model (1-2 years old) as those were in line with the budget and still under warranty, but he refused to consider this as he "wanted her to have something a bit nicer".

Instead he kept asking what it would take for us to buy the nicest trim package model immediately, and said that he would go to the sales manager for a better price, but only if we promised to buy at whatever the new price was. He eventually came back with some sort of Mazda rep who seemed irritated that the guy had spent so long with us that afternoon, and implied that we were now obligated to make an offer. He kept talking over us until i finally told him to stop talking and listen. After that, we told him that we would consider it and would look at a few other places, and he wandered off in a huff

All in all, a ridiculous experience. I realize margins aren't what they could be on economy cars, but our terms were well within reason, and if none of the cars on the lot met our criteria, they shouldn't have gotten upset that we didn't jump on their upsell offer. She bought a 2011 Hyundai this morning from a very nice man at the San Francisco dealership.

Jae T. | 2010-12-29

I love my Mazda 3 Hatch!!!   I have i-phone auxiliary and hands free capability on a base model!  How cool is that? I bought it at Oak Tree Mazda and it was a wonderful experience.  I knew what I wanted because I saw it on-line.  I sent an email, got a quick response, and came in to purchase it.   The sales team was very professional, knowledgeable and friendly.   They were very patient in answering all my questions.  Ashoor, the sales manager introduced himself and wanted to know if I was treated well.  Over all I was very impressed.  Just showed off my new Mazda to my family at our Christmas party and my cousin wanted one. I would recommend Oak Tree Mazda to all my friends and family.  This is the place you want to go, where sales people are straight forward, helpful, and they will go the extra mile to make sure you walk away happy. Yeah, Oak Tree Mazda!!

Mick N. | 2010-12-27

Last November I bought a new Mazda. I would like to thank Mike McGhee for his help throughout the whole process. It was a pleasure dealing Mike.

Mike helped me even after I bought the car and has been available to help me with any questions and requests.

Thank you Mike

faith S. | 2010-12-20

I bought my 2009 Mazda in August from this dealer.

Mike McGhee was our salesperson. Mike was genuine, not salesy, and very helpful, eager to learn what we were looking for, without being pushy. If you're looking for a positive experience with some authentic help, ask for Mike.

I later had a question about my car and easily emailed him. He returned my email right away and pointed me in the right direction.

I feel comfortable that I can continue to ask him questions if need be.

So happy with my car. It's been on several road trips and have moved huge furniture. It's perfect - feels and drives like a sedan but can move items like a sport wagon.

Thank you Mike and Mazda!

Azadeh N. | 2010-12-11

Ivan, Tim, Daniel and Robert.... and anyone else in Service.... they all ROCK!

I just went through a HUGE ordeal with Mazda USA (the Corporate offices) due to a continued check engine light error... they gave my issue attention and now thanks to Oak Tree a solution.

If you have a Mazda, you would be a fool to go anywhere else! These guys are anything you could ever want in a service shop, and they are very competitively priced!

The kids room, AM & PM shuttle and wifi are GOD SENT!

They do a great job detailing too!

Aleatha P. | 2010-12-07

Just bought a used Mazda RX-8 from these guys, and was really pleased with the experience.  Eddie (the sales manager) was really great to work with.   Buying a car can often leave a nasty taste in your mouth, but I felt like the negotiations were very honest.  Eddie was totally up front about costs, fees, and the condition of the car (i.e., only came with one smart key) and straight about his minimum pricing.

Back in October, when we first started looking, we stopped by these guys, as well as a few other dealers, and scoped out the place.  Other places didn't have nearly the selection, and the sales guys were a lot less pleasant to talk to.  Oak Tree had a couple great RX-8s on the lot, but we weren't ready to buy.   However, we were really happy with Eddie, and decided that when we were ready, we'd work with him.

Eddie remembered us, and when we called to say we were ready, two months later, he kept an eye out for a car that matched our specs, as well as our price range.  His sales guy Marty gave us a call on Friday night, we came in Saturday and test drove it, and it was just what we were looking for.  We were able to negotiate a price everybody was happy with.  They even threw in the first 3-month service for free.  Here's hoping their service department is as good as their sales department!

Guio L. | 2010-11-22

For a car dealership, these guys are very attentive and friendly. Car usually is out when they say it will and so far i have had no problem with the service.

Jesicca I. | 2010-09-19

OK, decided to trade my lease in for a bigger car...Marty was there again to assist, and again, made my day...even offered the loyalty rebate since I had leased a car before...kudos to Marty Russo and Oak tree Mazda. These guys make it easy and fun!

Holly W. | 2010-09-14

I am no stranger to buying cars, so when I say this was the WORST dealership I have ever dealt with, it is not something to take lightly. The first salesman  was ok, but another salesman cut in and took over and proved to be a total jerk. We started the process of buying the car, but were told the bank had not gotten back to them, so we left and were told we would get a phone call within the hour. The phone call never came, so we went back to the dealership and were not given the time of day. We tried to find out what was going on, but could not get a straight answer. The next day we drove over to Fremont Mazda and had the best car buying experience ever. I got a higher trade in then Oak Tree Mazda offered on my jeep, and drove off the lot with a brand new Mazda 3 with 0% financing (which by the way, Oak Tree never even offered 0%!) Anyone looking for a great car buying expierence, head over to Fremont Mazda and ask for Bob!  Stay Away from the jerks at Oak Tree

Christine L. | 2010-09-11

As follow up, I got a call from the Jeff Del Grande of the Del Grande Dealer Group which owns Oak Tree Mazda asking what he could do to make my terrible experience better and what he could do get us the car.  I told him that if Oak Tree would honor what was originally represented to us - the price that Oak Tree Mazda listed on Overstock.com - then we would consider it.

Like a typical used car salesman, who goes back and forth to the manager, he said that he could not promise me this but would "check with his manager", and then he never called back.

If they were really so concerned about our experience why don't they have a manager who can actually make some decision instead of playing the usual car dealer tricks.

If you want to get bait-and-switched, go to this dealership, otherwise don't patronize them.

Greg W. | 2010-09-09

One star for the salesman failing to alert me before I bought the car that there was only one key, and that the second key costs $350 because the dealer has to program it. Saying something about it would have garnered five stars. Too much to expect I guess.

Update 9/10/10: the sales manager, Jeff, called to make this right...got an appointment to get a second key programmed. Let's see how it goes. Thanks, Jeff!

Bonnie K. | 2010-09-07

I have been very satisfied with my vehicle purchases that I have made at Mazda over the past several years. I have always dealt with a salesman named Patrick Boutchich who I highly recommend to my friends and associates who are in the market for a Mazda. Patrick really makes you feel like he cares about you and makes sure that you leave satisfied with your purchase. He is very passionate about negotiations during the buying process and is also very knowledgable about Mazda vehicles. He really takes care of you and makes sure you leave satisfied. I believe Patrick Boutchich is an asset to Oak Tree Mazda. When I get ready to make my next purchase I will call ahead of time and make sure Patrick Boutchich is available to assist me from start to finish. He is awesome!

V L. | 2010-09-07

We had a negotiated price from an internet website. The price was confirmed over the phone. We drive down for 1.5 hrs, all excited. Next thing you know, we are told, that the price was only for cash and that actually, the car is $750 more if we qualify for the 0% financing (which happens to expire that evening). If we want the negotiated price, we'd have to pay cash (oh, it's a holiday, never mind that the banks are closed) - well, then maybe we'd like to sign up for their 2.99% financing. Better yet, Oak tree is so nice, they'll let you take the care with a promise to pay later (this really means you're likely to get a whopping big finance in the mail... and you're trapped because you have the car)... It just stank like a rotten fish. The internet sales man got mad, then the "nice guy" manager tried to make us feel guilty - "do you want us to lose money?" Awww... poor guys...  Needless to say, we walked out. Wouldn't want to buy cars from people who don't say what the price is up front and don't care that we've driven from far away.

Tommaso T. | 2010-09-01

This review relates to the dealership part, not the service department (with which i have yet no experience).

The person i dealt with was Keith from the Internet sales dept and there was little to no haggling. He was quite upfront, made me a good offer and stuck to it.

The trick is to always negotiate beforehand (via email) and once you think you're satisfied with their offer, ask them to send you a scan of the final contract. There you can see any of the fees and undisclosed costs.

In my case, there were no "hidden" fees. the only surprise i got was that one of the rebates (which was disclosed to me as a loyalty rebate), I was not eligible for, not being a previous Mazda owner. Keith had "assumed" instead that I was eligible without explicitly asking me, thus the initial quote was actually $500 lower than it finally ended up being.

The take-away lesson here is: do your homework before going to the dealership and find out exactly what you are really eligible for and what you are not (including 0% APR loans, any offers, specials, rebates, etc.).

Ali M. | 2010-08-18

This review is ONLY for the SERVICES/PART dept. I didn't buy my car here, so I don't have a review for the dealership itself. That being said...The SERVICES department here is really great! Especially TIM! He's the best! All the people here that I interacted with were friendly and helpful. They were also very great about communicating/explaining the work that was done on my car to me. I also got my car in the time they estimated -that was wonderful. I also love the fact that they have the option to rent a car through them while they work on your car for the day. Overall, excellent service.

Arthur L. | 2010-08-01

I came here to buy a car. No opportunity to try out their service department yet.

If you do your research, know what you want, and have an idea of the price you want to pay, then it pretty much boils down whichever dealer is willing to take your offer. Frank was easy to deal with and to work with - no hassles, no upselling, just a straight up salesman who respected my knowledge of what I was looking for and treated me well.

If you have no clue what you want but need to buy a car soon, then I'm sure all car dealerships are never fun. So do some research, get a good idea of what price is fair, and then go with a salesman who treats you well even if the price is $50 higher than the other dealership.

Greg R. | 2010-07-17

This relates to service department only, I bought my car at Capitol/Almaden Mazda.

That said, I never really cared for the Capitol Mazda service department. They were always trying to upsell me to the service intervals, which do work beyond what is recommended by Mazda. To me, this means ripoff.

I emailed Oak Tree Mazda to see if they would still accept the expired coupons from their website. I got a prompt reply saying that was no problem. I set up an appointment for the next day, and they were actually expecting me! This is a place where Capitol Mazda had failed me - I showed up for an appointment I had scheduled online (with verified response) and I ended up having to wait 2 hours for an oil change.

I showed up at Oak Tree and it only took a couple minutes to drop by car off - no upselling. When I received the call my car was done, they pointed out some other problems with my car - all of which I already knew to be true - I was glad they didn't try to make up problems, and that they caught everything that were in fact problem areas.

Well done!

Margie M. | 2010-07-15

I've been here many times for services on my 2008 CX-9, and had very good outcomes.  All the people I have dealt with in the service department have been very helpful, and nice to work with.  I would highly recommend them.

Johnson N. | 2010-06-18

I can only say so much, since this IS THE WORST, THE WORST dealer I went to... Buying my 1st car nearly a year ago was hard, so many choices and I was picky... as a young adult I want a sporty car. Mazda is bullshit about their cars, and the customer service SUCKS

June H. | 2010-06-16

4 stars for the service department.  0 stars for the dealership.  Averaging out to 2 stars.

I really wish the service department could just be in a different location.  It definitely costs a pretty penny to go and do my maintenance with them, but they always get the car finished by the estimated time, they call me if there are other problems they want to fix, and they are just helpful all around.

The dealership, however, is an entirely different matter.  I'd rather stick hot skewers in my eyes than talk to people from *that* portion of the building.  When I was first looking to buy a car, I saw one online and called to see if I could come test drive it.  They said, sure, but when I got there on the same day, IT WAS GONE.  The manager had taken it to another dealership for a show.  They didn't understand that it was basically a waste of time for me, especially when I had to ask for rides from people SINCE I DID NOT HAVE A CAR BACK THEN.  Also, how do you not know which cars you have on the lot?!

Oh, and they're very very rude to you if they know you're not there to buy a car.  When I've gone for my services and I end up passing through the sales area, you can just feel like they don't care about you (no hello greeting, nada) at all.

Don't even get me started on their markups!!  I wrote this in another review, but, yesterday, when I dropped off my car for its ~37.5k service, I saw a car that was the twin to mine.  Pretty much same mileage, same year, model and make, down to its colour.  (It was an automatic, though, so I guess it was the retarded twin to my car.)  Oak Tree was asking for ~18.1k for it, whereas I got mine new for only ~18.8k!!

Shame on you, Oak Tree Mazda dealers.  I will always get my cars from Cartelligent now.

Yoko S. | 2010-05-30

It was a mad house on Memorial Week-end Saturday, but I got the car I wanted and Frank was awesome.  He didn't rush me picked me up at downtown San Jose. I had to wait for awhile for the finance person to do the paperwork, which is not his fault, the finance guy was nice, but I felt like I was rushed and they financed me with wrong term that I didn't ask for. Overall though, it was a good experience.

Trish N. | 2010-05-12

Frank is awesome!

We looked at a lot of cars at a lot of dealerships before we decided on our purchase.  I can't tell you how many desperate, over bearing or lazy sales guys there are out there.  Frank is not one of them.  He took alot of time with us to show us the complete vehicle. Showed us all the models we wanted and allowed us time to look and play on our own.  

We left after that and we didn't get any anoying phone calls from him.  a week later we bought a Mazda from him.

We had done our research and knew what price we could get elsewhere. We even had a car borker check for us. Frank's price matched our best deal.  Even the finance guy was good.

I'd definately send a friend to frank at Oak Tree to see a Mazda.  Oh and my brand new mazda 5 is just awesome.

Sarah M. | 2010-05-01

I don't totally understand what happened here. I had negotiated with the internet sales manager throughout the day and it seemed like (uh...he told me) they would be able to match the deal I had negotiated with Menlo Mazda. So since this place is closer to home for me, I went on the last day of the month to try to buy the car. So the dude is like alright, can I run a credit check? To which I said, no dude. We haven't negotiated a price. Why the eff would you think that's acceptable? So then he's like, oh right, we can knock a couple hundred bucks off. Try a couple thousand dude.

So after the obnoxious haggling (which I'm not into since I already had done my negotiation and knew what I would be paying) he couldn't match the deal. He claimed that Menlo didn't have the car. He said he wanted my business. Clearly a lie since at the end we were really just talking about $500 bucks. Whatev...I went up at eight o'clock at night and bought my car from Menlo. The car that yes, they did in fact have on the lot. Take that Oak Tree.

My favorite part was when the dude (not the internet sales manager dude - he actually wasn't there when I went in even though I told him when I was coming) called the next day to ask if I had bought the car. My response? Yes and I love it!

Hehe..I'll go two stars since it's a nice-ish dealership but I totally wouldn't buy a car there.

Ven R. | 2010-04-21

I see some good reviews about Oaktree and I can concede that those reviewers had positive experiences. Indeed, my exprience with Oaktree started on a positive note too. My test drive went well with the help of their friendly salesman Chad.

The trouble started when I went down to buy the car. They wanted to run a credit check and I had my own financing, so I said No initially. Then I decided to let them go ahead so that we could move on the deal. However the Sales Manager decided that he did not want the business. He actually shouted this out to his Sales guy from a room inside,  then came over to my table and briskly informed me that he did not want to sell me a car. The reason given...he felt I would not be happy buying a car from them. Must have thought the deal was not worth his time.

Since I had agreed to the credit check and thought we would negotiate on the price, I was surprised. Never seen a Sales Manager say he does not want business. Returned home that day without a car. Thought about the situation, called the Sales guy back and agreed to their asking price since the wife loved the color and it was rare. He said they would get back next day and one courtesy call later, nothing.

Story does not end here...I took my business to another dealer. I wanted the rare color, so the second dealer approaches Oaktree as they had it and asked if they would swap. Somehow they got to know it was me, so they refused to swap, thereby trying to muscle in on the sale when they suddenly realised they did want my business after all. I got a bunch of calls from Oaktree at this stage, offering me the car.

Long story short, I finally got the color I wanted, for the price I wanted, with free oil changes and carpets at the other dealer. The car came from another source and Oaktree lost the deal, as they well deserved to.

They deserve one star for bad attitude, lack of business etiquette and poor professionalism. Just goes to show how one rude manager at the top can make a really big difference...unfortunately, not a good one.

Renee G. | 2010-03-04

It was my first time buying a car. I expected the people there at Oak Tree to be sharks just trying to sell me upgrades that I didn't need.  I got there early and found the car I wanted, and when they opened up I met Chip who was very helpful from the beginning.  He asked me what I was looking for in a car and we negotiated to find the right one at the right price.  He's very personable and made the whole experience enjoyable.

I am very satisfied with my purchase and would recomment this place to anyone (and everyone).  I finally got a car (and the one that I wanted!!)

Monica L. | 2010-02-16

Nothing like the feeling of leaving a dealership with a brand new car that you LOVE!! This happened to me this weekend and my experience at Oak Tree Mazda was top notch!

This was actually my second visit to this location in the past two years. I had been considering a Mazda 3 hatchback for some time and the first time I came out to visit and test drive, the sales guy was really great. He actually let me test drive the car without him in it. He was informative and resourceful and I didn't feel hassled or put down when I told him that I wasn't planning to buy that day.

Then fast forward two years to this weekend, I found myself without a car and was ready to make my next car purchase. I decided to come back to this location due to the great service I had 2 years prior.

When I drove into their lot, I immediately saw the car that I had been researching on like crazy in the color I wanted in a stick shift! I was kindly greeted by Chip the sales guy and told him I wanted to test drive the 2010 Mazda 3 HB with stick shift. We went on a test drive and I was sold! Chip was very friendly and low key and was not trying to push me to buy at all. In fact, we spent the time test driving the car talking about families. After test driving the car, my husband and I decided this was the car for me. We talked about it before approaching Chip and got all of our research and numbers that we had discussed before hand.

Chip and my husband went back and forth on some numbers and when Mazda was not able to sell the car at the price that we wanted, we decided to walk away....and we did. We thanked Chip and left. Halfway out the parking lot to our car, Chip stopped us and told us we had a deal! My face lit up and my heart came out of my chest! I was THRILLED!!

The paperwork, credit check and everything involved in buying a car was flawless and effortless. The Mazda folks here worked with us very professionally and got us out the door with my new car alot quicker then I thought we would.

After we went through all the financial paperwork, I came out to my new car that had been washed and cleaned up for me as well as fully filled up with gas. Chip went through all of the console features on the car with me helping me to understand the stereo system and how to use the Blue Tooth with my iPhone, as well as the wipers and lights and where the locations of the buttons were on those.

I HIGHLY recommend this location if you are considering a Mazda. Chip was a great salesperson and treated me very professionally and kind during the whole process. I am definitely a Zoom Zoom fan now!

Beth C. | 2010-02-16

I bought a new car that I love but the salespeople lied to me a number of times during the sales process, trying to take advantage of my having not purchased a vehicle before.  Although I love my car, I would never set foot in that location ever again.  And I certainly learned a lot about how sleazy car salespeople try to cheat you out of every possible penny.  Disgusting.

Adam K. | 2010-01-20

Customer service was not poor, it was non-existent.

There is the stereotypical case where a salesman will hound you until you drive off the lot in a new car.  On the opposite end of the specturm, there is Oak Tree Mazda, where I was ignored until I drove off in my old car.  

I was hunting for a new car.  I asked if someone could show me the Mazda 3s.  The guy simply pointed me to the back lot and said someone would help me.  I walked around and looked at the cars.  Ten minutes later no one had come out to help.  I went inside again seeking assistance and was essentially ignored.  

I simply left for another Mazda dealer that was much more helpful and interested in my business.  

This was long ago and only with a few individuals that I'd assume must be fired or have found another career where you can sit back and do nothing.

Kathy D. | 2009-12-29

3.5 Stars.

I went here about 8 months ago to purchase my car.  It was efficent and quick. I went to two other dealerships before this one.  They had the car I wanted and importantly the color.  Went in, looked at my car and contemplated between the sand gold and metallic grey, picked the gold and was out of the dealership and drove off with my car 2 hours later.  It would have been even faster if there weren't two other people ahead of me, apparently everyone was in the car buying mood. Marty had helped me - chill guy and didn't try to be all sale-sy with me. Thank God.

It' was a bit hard to spot out the dealership and to find the entrance in.  But, it appears that way with ALL dealerships.  They do have  a nice lobby where you can wait while your car is being serviced.  Free wi-fi, television, arcades, coffee, and vending machine.  People are friendly, but wished they'd be better at giving a status.  I've been sitting here for over 2 hours now...

Tina P. | 2009-12-28

1 star says it all.

I hate when car salesman treat you like this is your first rodeo. Been here, done that. The first salesman in the lot sorta tried to help us, but walked off and never came back when we asked to see inside of the the vehicles.  The the other salesman wouldn't come near us because we were somehow "claimed" and we had to ask ourselves for help. That's right - we had to ASK to be harassed (aka helped).

The salesman was easy going and played it up like he was nice guy.

Too bad the scumbags are really behind the scene.

3 really bad things:

1. They almost let us drive off the lot with tires that were unsafe to drive on!

2. Their financing department didn't follow up on their work and didn't submit all the paperwork to the DMV!!! Didn't find out till a few months later and we still didn't have our license plates and registration! They totally caused us a painful trip to the DMV which is totally one of the highlights in buying from a dealer, not having to do all that yourself!

3. The manual transmission handle was the wrong gear layout!!! They couldn't find the right one!

Okay on the front end, terrible on the back end!

Cocoa G. | 2009-12-23

I was somewhat weary when I read the other reviews here but have found every encounter with Oak Tree Mazda to be great.

Yeah! The best part of my experience with Mazda today was knowing they now provide pick-up!
HOT TIP: If you're in need, make your service appointment on Wednesday mornings. It's currently only available on that day till 3:30PM.

Craig P. | 2009-11-20

If you're looking for a no hassle experience then go to Oak Tree Mazda and ask for Keith Bettencourt. Keith is very professional and personable. I located the car on-line, called Keith and arranged a test drive and I was in and out in less than two hours with a very nice 2004 Jetta for my son. I felt comfortable dealing with Keith and felt my purchase was a win-win for both of us.

Alex C. | 2009-10-05

Aggressive, rude staff. I bought my car here because I found a really good deal. But the salesmen and the manager were so disrespectful to me when I was telling them that I had other cars to see. They ended up offering a really good deal I couldn't reject, but they almost insulted me.

And don't expect anything from them once you have paid. I came back to ask for a set of mats because they gave me the car without any, and the answer was a rude NO.

Zoom Z. | 2009-09-14

I have only had experience with the service department. I am giving them one star for two reasons:

1. One of the service associates told me I needed new brakes front and rear. When I went to my regular mechanic, he said I had about 50% front and rear. Fortunately, I didn't listen to the BS.

2. I didn't realize they were going to wash my car after servicing and they did a horrible job. My car was recently repainted in the front and now there were scratches in the finish. Did they use sand paper to wash the car? Of course, if I did complain, they'd just say they were there before. Note to self: do not let dealers wash your car.

Verdict: Investigate any service recommendation and don't let these morons wash your car.

Steve M. | 2009-09-11

Keith from Oak Tree Mazda's Internet sales department was fantastic. This may have been the most low pressure and... get this, enjoyable car buying experience I have ever had. A few of the sales staff at Oak Tree have been pretty awful in the past, and I was sceptical about visiting this location. If it wasn't for Keith I would have bought my Mazda3 somewhere else... and most likely have had another bad experience. If you are the slightest bit interested in a new Mazda have faith in Oak Tree, just make sure to speak with Keith, you'll be happy you did.

Russ K. | 2009-09-09

All you dipshits that write about bad experiences dealing with salesmen, I have a little secret for you...cut out the middleman and deal directly with the sales manager like I did.

I was able to get three sales managers from different Mazda dealerships to duke it out for my business, and Oak Tree won, based on proximity and price.

But where Oak Tree won me over was with the service - they have always treated me with respect and were great about providing a loaner whenever my car needed warranty work. I've had to deal with way too many a-hole service advisors to know that Oak Tree has a great crew there, and to me, that is what really makes or breaks a dealership.

Anna S. | 2009-08-15

Lets face it:  All car salesmen are SCUMBAGS.  They lie, they cheat and they will do just about anything to sell you a car.  Being as this my third purchase, I learned to never buy from a corporate based dealership (AKA Toyota & Honda) but I am a Honda gal.  I need my Honda.

I kinda had no choice but to choose Oak Tree Mazda since they had the car I wanted.  I went in with my guard up expecting some sleazebag to try to charm me, don't get me wrong, they did, but I met a nice sleazebag.  His name is Marty (Sorry Marty, but you are a car salesman).

He was very nice: he took my banter, my attitude, he took it all and still kissed my butt.  The fact that he took it  all and still succumbed to my demands was very impressive.  For that I give him five stars.  Maybe it is because the economy is bad? *shrugs*.  He filled my tank and made sure I understood everything that I signed which was kind of odd for a dealership.  Would I go back here again?  Well, I hope not!  Would I recommend it?  Maybe ... =b

Desiree V. | 2009-08-12

So the manager read my post with regards to my dissatisfaction with service at Oak Tree and was most concerned. He encouraged me to come and have my car serviced there. I am going to see how it goes. I hope things are better, I feel bad for doing a scathing review, but just because I'm a girl I should be taken seriously about cars. I knew what I want, obviously since I bought the MS3. Lets see how it goes. I will update. I'm sorry for being so bitter towards Frank, but I think he will no for next time to take a girl serious.

Sarah V. | 2009-08-10

I can't speak for Oak Tree's sales because I didn't buy my Miata here, but I've been a customer of their Service department for about 5 years now and totally love them.
Everyone in Service is super friendly, very patient, and extremely helpful. They have always taken good care of me, they always take the time to answer my questions and explain everything to me in detail, and are always respectful. I know sometimes mechanics can be very patronizing to female customers but I have never seen this at Oak Tree. They truly care about making all of their customers happy.
Also they are a good value! They have seriously reasonable prices for basic services and are constantly having specials and coupons on top of it. I go here for every oil change. This last time they change my oil and filter, checked my alignment and tire wear, and checked all my fluid leves all for $29! That's cheaper than any chain lube shop, and you know they are using the best parts for your car. They even have a shuttle that dropped me off at work so I didn't have to wait around. But even if you do end up waiting around, they have a computer set up if you want to surf the net, a huge TV, and even video games.

Eric D. | 2009-08-05

After my relocation settled, I needed to pick-up a car fast and chose to get the CX-7 I had tried previously.  Because of work visa issues, I opted for a 3 year lease instead of a purchase which would make it easier for me.

I went back to Oak Tree mazda expecting another bad experience, but since it was the closest to my place, I gave them a second try.  I met with another salesman (Chip) and got pretty good service.  Enough to make me lease the car from Oak Tree, in spite of my previous comments.

Chip & Byron (the finance guy who took care of me) were both fast on service, but I somehow got stuck in a queue for financing and spent 6 hours, on a friday night, sitting in a chair before I could sign the financing paperwork and leave with the vehicle.

Kudos to Chip & Byron for turning my opinion of Oak Tree Mazda around, and I hope future communications with the dealership will go as smoothly.

Juliet J. | 2009-07-06

I bought a used car here in October, and since I bought it have continually had problems with all the things they said they'd "checked". (Either they knowingly lie or their mechanics don't know what they are doing)  Right away I had to have a rear brake cylinder replaced.  Also, the heating/AC only comes out the top vents.  The CD player does not work.  And after they said the car had never had any damage, I found glass inside.  And to top it off, I wasn't told until after I bought the car that they only had one key for it, and they laughed and told me I had to go to a dealer for another.  And those are EXPENSIVE!  Just a key is $113, not including a keyless entry.  I felt disrespected at this place and should never have bought a car here.

Van N. | 2009-06-02

I only go here because it's down the street from where I live so it's the convenience but if I wasn't so lazy I would definitely go to another Mazda dealership.

The service is not there.

I have an RX-8 that I baby to death so anytime there is any kind of issue I take it here and have it checked out and pay for the absurd costs that Oak Tree charges.

At my last service it was suggested I needed new tires so I went ahead and purchased the new tires from Oak Tree. 2 Days later my tire pressure sensor came on indicating my tire pressures were low. I brought it in to Oak Tree, they added air and off I went thinking the issue was resolved.
The next day, the tire pressure sensor went off again! I took the car back and told them the problem and this time they actually took the time and made the effort to see what the true problem was. Found out that the technician didn't' hook something together properly. Oh boy!!

This is just one example of some of the similar issues I have had with Oak Tree. They don't thoroughly examine the problems and are always trying to make a quick fix to band-aid the problem.

I'm giving them one more chance. Next time they screw up again I'm going to another Mazda dealership!!

Cathy S. | 2009-05-31

Marty contacted us to let us know of our options since we were to return our leased Mazda 3 back to them in the next couple of weeks. One of the options was to return our car, pay no additional fees and walk away with a new car and since we went waaay over our miles and there were a few scratches on the rims, getting another car from them was the way to go. Marty was not pushy, was patient in explaining the figures, and made sure we got the deal wanted. We got a new 2010 Mazda 3 Grand Touring 5-door for our asking price! We will work with Marty again in the future!

Matthew R. | 2009-05-18

I wouldnt reccommend this place. I went there multiple times for the same problem and it was all suposedly fixed free of charge because i had a warranty. I took it in 3 times because the headlights kept blowing or so i thought. One of those visits they replaced my headlight enclosure thinking that was the problem. A week later i have water in my headlights because they didnt put headlight covers back on the back of the lights. Anyway, i go in another for the third time for the same headlight problems and they tell me they wont touch the car, I supposedly modified the headlight bulbs and I replaced them after each visit because their techs would never use such bulbs. I had not touched the bulbs once in all this time and here they plainly told me i was a liar, They forced me to sign a paper admitting that I had modified my headlight bulbs, otherwise they would not release my car back to me. My brother in law who works for mercedes diagnosed and fixed my problem in under 5 minutes. These stupid techs couldnt do it in 3 visits.

Rebecca M. | 2009-05-11

I went here to look for a particular used car I saw listed on the web site.  First off, the info listed on the web site was wrong, and not just little things - warranty, cd changer. I talked to Marty, who ended up being a jerk and rude to em and my boyfriend, and I almost walked out except I really wanted this car, and couldn't find the equivalent anywhere else.  The car was missing a body piece (side mirror cover) and he haggled with me over $50 to cover replacing it, and even implied I did something to it when I test drove.  Anyways, I bought the car but would definitely NOT recommend Oak Tree mazda or Marty.

D M. | 2009-04-17

This place is horrible--I will never return!  I made them a reasonable offer on a Mazda3 ($1000 less than the asking price) and they jerked me around for nearly an hour.  When I wouldn't come up to their price, the sales person had his manager come out, who proceeded to yell at me!  Can you believe that?  People at the car lot were looking...  When I told the manager I would consider offering a higher price the next day if I still wanted the car, he told me he wouldn't sell it to me tomorrow, and that if I wanted it after that day, he would charge me an even higher price than sticker!!  I can't imagine how these morons even stay in business!  I ended up buying an Acura the next day with no pressure or stupid shenanigans at all.

Steve K. | 2009-03-27

Have to first admit that Mazda is back in business. Their cars are top notch and a lot cheaper than Lexus or any other top brand.
And that is about the only positive thing to say about Oak Tree Mazda. Walking into the dealership they hardly notice you are there with an attitude screaming please don't bother me. The dealer will try and short your trade-in car and claim ignorance on any offers they have advertised. Have you noticed the TV adds they are currently running - apparently nobody in the dealership have. When evaluating your trade in they will give you one price in the negotiation and then put another on the contract. When we signed the papers the finance lady gave my daughter papers to play with while she waited. When we got home I found that the papers she gave us was credit reports from other customers that had been rejected with social security numbers, address etc. SO DO NOT HAND THEM ANY INFO UNLESS YOU ARE COMFORTABLE THAT THIS WILL BE GIVEN AWAY TO ANYONE THAT WALKS THROUGH THE DOOR. In short, there are so many other dealers around that will treat you like a customer. This place for sure does not!

Steve W. | 2009-03-21

Avoid this place at all costs. The sales people do the stereotypical high-pressure thing and are a total pain to deal with. One of them actually hung up on me when I was trying to get some information about the car.

Hilary F. | 2009-03-20

Kristina greeted me as I drove in for a servicing of my 2004 Mazda 3.  She was courteous and knowledgable.  I felt I was in good hands right away.  The tech who serviced my car was Dave.  He found a problem that could have cost me big if I had not had it repaired.  (A hose clamp to the radiator was coming lose.)  Thank goodness he found it.  Thanks, Oaktree...I'll be back!

Alice W. | 2009-03-15

I recently leased a Mazda MX5 and Marty assisted me. He was very patient, explained all my options in detail, and was never pushy. I took advantage of a very nice internet deal and drove out the dealer with a wonderful little convertible. I have had it for two weeks now and absolutely adore it. I sincerely recommend Oak Tree Mazda - ask for Marty and you won't be disappointed!

Rhett G. | 2009-02-23

Having your car worked on is never a fun event, so I have to give extra props to Oak Tree Mazda for keeping me coming back.

For the record, I live in SF, but purchased my car here 3 years ago. I went to my more local dealership (Royal Motors) and will never go back. I drive ALL THE WAY FROM SF just to come here.

My personal automotive repair motto has always been "If you don't feel like you're getting screwed, don't bother going anywhere else".  Special call out to Tim for always remembering me (or maybe my car).

Oh, and the waiting area has free wifi, videogames and a taco truck that comes every day at noon. Since nobody is here to buy a car it's actually quite peaceful and has served as really effective remote office. I'm considering making this a weekly event.

Rob G. | 2009-02-19

Oak Tree Mazda may be one of the smallest dealerships on Stevens Creek, but that doesn't stop them from doing a TON of service business. Every time I come here their service lot is packed and there are at least two or three customers waiting.

That's never stopped Tim from providing excellent service to me.

I can truly appreciate this (being from a shop myself). There are two things that make a great shop.

1: Excellent customer service.
2: No come-backs or unexpectedly long waits required.

I've dealt with #2 twice here. Both weren't really Oak Tree's fault (bad parts) and everything was under warranty (hence, free) so I'm not too bitter. They always give out loaners for anything more than minor warranty work so that's a huge plus. I'm definitely glad that I own a Mazda in this area... I've heard some horror stories about Mazda dealers in other parts of the country through forums etc. and am happy that Oak Tree is my closest option.

John S. | 2009-02-18

Went here to buy a speed 3 and they were pulling really shady tactics. They tried to intimidate me hardcore. When I walked out the door the manager (old fat guy with gray hair) yelled after me that if I left, the deal was off. This was after a fair amount of super fast talk from the salesman I had. Well whatever, I ended up buying from Capitol Mazda where they were much more courteous. Ironically, they drove the car I bought over from Oaktree. Ha. (Note that Oaktree and Capitol Mazda are owned by the same guy.)

Later came to Oaktree for service. The bezel in my shift knob was cracked. They guy ended up marring the surrounding metal on the knob. It took him like 40 minutes to do this repair, which seemed like way too long. Luckily they decided to order me a whole new knob, so it's not all terrible. The front desk people in the service area seem pretty nice. I wouldn't trust this place with any real service though, just based on what I observed. Get your oil changes and regular service done elsewhere folks, it'll be cheaper too.

Fabio S. | 2008-12-31

Avoid this shop. They were 2 hours late on my service and didn't do everything I asked for because, they said, 'replacing the fog light will be too expensive'.
To get an estimation, I had to wait 30 minutes more. unacceptable !

They are friendly but not really able to do their job.

Joel D. | 2008-12-15

Buying a car is never fun, but I had a decent experience with this dealer. I recently visited their lot with the intention of driving, and possibly buying a Mazda5. Given the economy, I felt it was a good time to buy a car given how desperate the dealers are these days.

Upon arrival I was greeted by a middle-aged, somewhat goofy but friendly salesman and he took us directly to the selection of Mazda5's to take a test drive. Overall he was very friendly and not at all pushy or impatient, which I appreciated. After the test drive he gave us lots of time and physical space to talk about the car and eventually we told him we wanted to deal.

After qualifying for the 0% financing offer they offered us sticker price of course, but we came back with a number that was several thousand below sticker and they didn't get mad or balk. They came back with a number about $1K over our initial offer ($2K below sticker) and after only two rounds of haggling we settled on a price that was only $400 above dealer invoice (which I verified on edmunds.com ).

Closing the deal was relatively easy. They offered a few add-on items during the doc signing (extended warranty, etc) but they were not pushy about it. I would definitely return to this dealer if I was going to buy another Mazda in the future.

Ellen J. | 2008-09-28

I got a great deal on a car here with very little fuss.  It was one of the very low "teaser" prices in an add.  We went, drove the car, liked it, and bought it.  The people we dealt with were pleasant.  They did try to sell us an extended warranty but they didn't push it too hard.

Kathy S. | 2008-08-29

I wish there was a way to give NO STARS.  These crooks tried to swindle my friend into buying a car with major problems.  She was wise enough to take it to her mechanic and even though their check up was $108 it was worth every penny to hear that it had problems.  The car was used, but low mileage and in nice condition, a little Honda CRV.  She really wanted it.
Because she owes on her 07 Mitsubitshi, they said it was only worth 9G and would not take it from her.  But they offered to sell her another car.  What would she want with two cars?  But she figured she could see the Galant on her own.  
She slept on the deal.  Tossed and turned, she told me.  Luckily she took the 2nd car to the mechanic who told her to give it back. Immediately.
When she called them to say she was returning it, they told her she could not.  That she signed papers.  So she told them (true) that her boss' lawyer said she could return it.  Well, I guess that showed them something, because when she came back (I was with her through the whole ordeal) the big boss (who didn't speak to the common public) came out of his office with a full refund of her down payment.
She is very confrontative and gave them a piece of her mind for them trying to trick her into buying a second car she did not need, and one that had major hidden problems.  The reply of the saleswoman?  "Oh, we will just put it on the lot and sell it to someone else".  First honest thing they said.

Shane G. | 2008-08-22

Horrible experience with the service department. We bought a Mazda 3 here last year and have brought it in for all of our scheduled tune-ups. After this most recent tune-up, my wife heard a horrible scraping noise while on 280. Turns out they did not screw the engine shield back on! It came loose and dragged on the ground destroying the part and scaring the hell out of my wife. We took it back to them and they became defensive, taking a position of denial and not accepting responsibility. They did that defensive thing where they tried to make us feel like it was our fault and that we couldn't prove they did something wrong. They told us we'd have to order and pay for the new part ourselves! When we protested they relented a little and offered to replace the part. They discovered that another part was damaged by the loose shield and they found a cut in our tire. This is when they grossly began wheeling and dealing in an attempt to sell us tires. (When they did the tune-up 2 days prior, they said we had a month of wear left, now they were saying the tires were bald and dangerous to drive on!) Very shifty and dishonest.

In the end they repaired the damage they caused at no cost to us. But they made it very difficult and never treated us like the loyal customers we were. They never stopped trying to run angles on us to get us to spend money with them. We felt like marks for a bunch of con men. They are not genuine about customer service at all.

Hyman W. | 2008-08-22

I was cross shopping a Mazda 5 with Hayward, Oakland, and OakTree.
- there were not many inventory at Oakland. I went there to talk to Simon Tse. He is a nice guy, but does not have the car I want.
- did not go into the Hayward store, but talked to them on the phone and sent them emails. Pretty much got a price quote, but not the best price.
- Sent email to Oak Tree and Keith (the Internet Manager) replied to me. After 3 emails, I got a price quote with the detailed pricing. The price was good.

When the day comes, I  know that I will either buy it from Hayward or Oak Tree. Since Oak Tree had more inventory (via the Mazdausa.com ), I drove down there and talked to Keith.

Did the test drive with Keith and went straight to talk about the price. Both Keith and I put everything on the table, within 10 mins, we made the deal --- the price I want.

Keith definitely is a open and straight forward guy. He did not play games with me.

When I talk to the Finance guy, Bryon, he is good also. Straight forward, did not "push" me to buy anything extra and did offer the financial options to me.

My purchase experience at Oak Tree is 5 stars. I dont know about the service department or any other sales guys here, But both Keith and Bryon are good guys to deal with. I am very happy about the purchase.

Zakk D. | 2008-07-31

Car buying is my passion.  I love the battle of the offer sheet.  The bullshit "I'm going to take this back to my manager" crap and all the other fun stuff they pull.  I'm damn good at car buying.  Damn Good.  2-4 times a year a friend or family member, someone who knows what I do to car sales, asks for my services.  And when my brain dead brother-in-law wanted his first car, you all knew who he came asking.

Its awn.

Luckily a good family friend of mine retired from Ford back in the day and gets the "Z-deal pricing" which is a ridiculous savings off what civilians get.  Its good for friends and family, and all you need is a code.

I procure said code and still haggle with these guys.  I put on the full dog and pony show, when the sales guy goes back to "get approval" I tell my brother-in-law how to hem-and-haw on this and that.  Get them sweating.

This goes on for maybe 90 minutes and I pull the oldest trick in my tool box.

"Hey sales guy.  Lemme see your pen.  This is what we're going to pay for this car.  This number right here in the box.  Go tell you're manager that this it, this is the offer he's been waiting for, because me and Elliott here came to buy a car, not drool on this table.  Get this number *pounds pen for dramatic effect on price*, and come back with the paper work because you, my friend, just sold a car."

It works every time.  

The sales expereince does suck here.  The salemen are not sharp, it takes too long to do anything and the place is all aroud not that nice.  But the thrill of the hunt here is enough for me to give it 3 stars.

Eli G. | 2008-07-24

While I can't speak to the buying experience at this dealership, I recently had a great warranty repair on my transmission done there. I had done all my service work including my 30k at an independent shop and they took me on my word on that which was nice :) They took the time to have two different technicians do ride alongs with me, at which point they did exactly as I asked and replaced my 5th gear. Gave me a rental car free of charge (minus gas) and I had my car back in two days. Great care free experience.

They will try and push ridiculous service intervals on you like any other dealership but just ignore that and cut through to the great service where you get what you ask!

eus l. | 2008-07-10

Tried to buy a mazdaspeed3... now it could be cause i look young (i'm 24), but they gave me NO attention, and did not treat me seriously.

When I was asking questions, the salesman kept looking OUT THE WINDOW of the dealership, and never made eye contact with me.  He would NOT let me testdrive the car, and would NOT go over the options with me.  He just gave me a printout... i did not wait for the printout and just left

I ended up going next door to Steven's Creek VW, and purchased a GTI which I loooove.  I'd recommend u walk next door and check them out instead!!

Message to the dealer:
Just cause someone looks young, and in flip flops does not mean they can't afford the car!!  There are enough young software engineers here that can afford a mazdaspeed3 that look just like me!

Nadia L. | 2008-05-13

Having gone to Capital Mazda for years since that's where I bought my car but also being dissatisfied with their service dept for years, I decided to finally try a new dealership to get my Mazda 6 serviced when I moved back to the Bay. Since my good friend lives down the street (free ride after I drop my car off), I decided to give this one a shot.

I made an appointment before Saturday and was very surprised to get a call the day before to confirm my appointment from a VERY nice receptionist. Then the day of, the staff was very professional and nice, Robert helped me out and took care of my care in a timely and efficient manner. Also, when he called me to give me the status report, he didn't try to to upsell me on things I don't need or give me BS attitude like Peter from Capital Mazda does all the time.

I appreciated the service and will definitely be back here again.

Stephen S. | 2008-04-13

terrible service department

I found my car leaking some fluid on Saturday and made an appointment with Oak Tree Mazda. My year model 2004 often has problems with the filter leaking so I hoped it was that. I night-dropped it the day before and early in the morning I got a call from Tim. Tim told me that my car was had been severly damaged on the side of the leak and repainted and repaired but some internal parts are squeezed where the oil leaks. I was shocked and started an argument with him as I am accident free for almost 250000 miles and got the car brand new. He pulled a bit back about details but was insisting the car was repaired. At least so he said the bumper was repainted. Now you have to know I hand wax my car and park it away from others so it doesn't get dents. I got it brand new. I got really upset about this lying in my face.I rushed to the dealer and got my car without service. I was extremely upset about their lying. Later I got a call from Alan the service manager. He excused and offered a free inspection for the leak. I asked him why I was told this story anyways when they don't know where the leak is from and told him about the citysearch reviews they have here. He told me it was to justify the cost for checking it out. Arggghh!!!! No one ever spoke about cost! Of course it costs money to find the leak!!!!! I am the first to understand that honest work costs something but honesty is nothing that is celebrated at Oak Tree. In any case I went to Menlo Mazda. They certified the car is in tip top shape as it should be. The leak was from a oil filled motor mount gasket which they fixed under warranty. The car never had a body damage either. I spent 400$ with Menlo for "Spa" like services, like accelerated tune up and some fuel injection cleaning. This is how business is done not lying, scaring and gauging customers like Oak Tree does. As others have said be warned about the service department at Oak Tree. They are the worst!!!!!

Jennifer J. | 2008-03-05

I have been servicing my Mazdaspeed Protege here since I bought it in 2003. Everything was great and actually, above and beyond, until the warranty on the car ended, but for the last year and a half since then, all these guys try to do is rip me off. Not to mention the service level has gone down a step since their recent remodel. I already know getting anything done at the dealer is going to cost more, but I stuck with them because they were the only place that specialize in the Mazdaspeeds near me, so I was willing to pay a little more to make sure work was done right.

I just had an outrageous experience that is the last straw with them.
My car has a turbo charger, and the last time I went in to Oak Tree to get some routine service, I asked if they could also check the car out because I felt like it was lacking some power. They told me some screws were missing from the turbo causing it to malfuntion, and it would have to be replaced, which they gave me a written estimate for over $4000 for.

I just had the actual repairs needed done at Bob's Almaden Transmission, for a grand total of $221. There was absolutely nothing wrong with the turbo. They just replaced the two screws and a gasket from the exhaust (true, these things were causing the turbo to malfunction but once replaced, it worked perfectly again!).  Oak Tree never bothered to tell me they could replace just the screws, instead hoping I'd be gullible enough to fork over the cash without question.
At Oak Tree, they put they the guy who knows nothing about car repair (or at least plays dumb) at the front desk, so when you question things on the estimate he can't even give you the answer.

Sorry to be so long-winded, but please, don't get your service done here! The quality of the work is fine, but you may end up spending thousands on work you don't even need! Next step- I'm reporting this to the BBB!

Jimbo S. | 2008-01-29

I was very satisfied with my purchase of a Speed 3 here.  The sales people were professional and made sure I got the car I wanted (while we were walking around in the rainy cold).  The sales guy looked a little irritated at me that I was getting picky, but he fought through it and did what I wanted!  This place had the biggest inventory and gave me the best deal that I could find in the Bay Area.  I would definitely buy here again.  The guy with the eye patch is a bit intimidating though and wanted me to move my car so that more customers could come to visit.

FreneticRed F. | 2008-01-15

Bought my Mazda 3 here in 2004. It was a bit of a slog but in the end, I got a decent price.
They were respectful and didn't apply any pressure - that's rare when buying a car. The boss, Kevin, was a really good guy - I'd buy from them again. Can't comment on their service department as I live in SF now and it's too far.

Kimmy G. | 2007-12-09

I am going to say four....car shopping is never fun , but these guys stayed extra late with my husband and I while we were negotiating.  We were there till about 11 pm, but not because they were taking forever, we went and decided to leave our checkbook at home so we wouldn't buy a car that night, even though we knew we wanted a mazda 3.  We test drove it, loved it, and then decided to buy it.  We negotiated a price to our liking, and trust me, we did tons of research, so we knew we were getting a good deal.  I then had to go home and get our checkbook while they waited around for me to return.  They did forget to put in our floor mats and we did feel like they were trying to up-sell us on a lot of things, but they were also very patient with us, and rectified their mistake right away.  Both of the men we talked to were nice, and didn't beat around the bush.  They were salesmen so its not to say that they didn't try to get a higher offer from us, but in the end we left happy and are still very happy with our car, and the service mazda provides us.

Andrew B. | 2007-10-03

This dealer has a poor service department in two areas: service not completed properly; and service advisors who do not communicate well and set expectations properly.  

The last straw for me: The LED radio display on my RX8 stopped working. Brought car in for warranty repair. Service advisor verified, ordered part, told me it would take 3-5 days. 5 days later I called, service advisor was on vacation, and no other advisor would return my call with status.

Parts dept told me the part was backordered. Dealer will give me no ETA on the part, will not escalate/expedite, and no service advisor has ever gotten back to me or shown any whiff of customer service to help.   It took them two plus months to get the part.

In a previous visit, the dealer has run my car out of gas by idling and then was not able to figure out for a day why it wouldn't start (complete incompetence).  

Before my last visit and experience, I thought service was bad due to their temporary facility during dealership renovation.  But they now have a shiny new facility and the same awful service.  In short: stay away from them -- I will be from now on!

Oliver L. | 2007-09-20

Rude and unprofessional sales "manager" really adds to the local community option that OakTree Mazda is a bad dealership.

I went to check out a car that had been listed on Oaktree's website and other car sites for over a month at least. Price was reduced almost 10k since it was first listed. Something seemed out of place as if it wasn't sold by then, there must be something wrong.... and there was.

Car looked in decent condition on the outside, but upon closer inspection lots of things were out of place. Wiper stalks (metal) were TORN off (not just missing, but looked like they were stolen), radio panels were missing and the rear trunk had so much bondo it was all blue (not even a good job - just blue all over the place) all the way from  top of trunk down into the spare tire well. Something was out of place...

Took it for a drive and it seemed ok, but A/C would randomly shut off and overall the car just felt worn and beaten and broken into. Not the excellent condition the dealership touted.

Went inside to return the keys and ask the salesman a few questions (he was young and very nice). But then the manager comes out and tries to do a hard sell on us. When I tell him I need more information and REAL answers to my questions (what happened to the car, what was all that bondo for? etc etc?) he really turned into an ass.

He claimed that the bondo was to "glue on panels the former owner's dog torn into a bit" - a blatant lie - but car dealers are expected to do that.

Then he tried to claim the dealership could not provide us with a safety inspection since the car was new on the lot - oh please, you idiots never learn - 30 days is not new  and people don't believe you.

When I told him I had to think about it, he asked if he could ask me a personal question and then proceed to become very irritated and asked me why I came in and sat down if I wasn't serious about buying a car.  haha I should have spat in his face right there and walked out.

I would not trust my car or anyone's car to Oaktree. Their senior manager did not respond to a e-mail request for his comment on what happened and the car is now gone for their lot - I hope to God the new owner knows what they are getting into and that Oaktree is ready for lawsuit if that owner ever gets hit because it will blow up.

Tara D. | 2007-07-20

Never again will I have my car serviced here. Shoddy work. Accused me of doing damage to my car then had to backpedal. After dealing with this, I just realized that they installed 3 of one size tire and one of another. This will be my third trip in to the dealership for this single set of tires. After picking my car up the last time, I drive off the lot only to discover (once I'm on the freeway!) that they couldn't be bothered to actually close and latch the hood of my car before returning it to me. If they can't get a tire install right, why would I want to take my car back here for anything else. You have other choices, go elsewhere.

Sergio H. | 2007-06-21

I was interested in purchasing the new Mazda Speed3.  
I researched on line and got my deal all set up.  On a whim I went to Oak tree to see if they would match the deal I had gotten elsewhere.  I spoke with one of the sales reps, took the test drive and sat down to make the deal.  I gave him the price I wanted to pay, the down payment amount I had and the monthly payments I wanted to make.  He kept me for 4 hours and finally agreed to my terms after I threatened to walk and go to the other dealership where I had gotten the original deal.  It took another hour to get the car prepped. I had to send it back through for a second wash as they didn't get all of the packaging off the paint the first time around.

Overall experience was OK.  The wait for the deal not acceptable, they could have sped things WAY up.  The dealer prep on the car was OK. I've received a couple of follow up calls since I bought the car on Saturday 6/16/07.

Next time I'll stick with the on line sales dept and avoid all of the dealer hassle.

Derek C. | 2007-06-15

First, I have to state we've taken our cars here for over 7 years and always had a good experience.

Now? This place is a joke.

We took our car in for service and it was pure chaos. There wasn't a line to identify who was next to stand in front of their ridulous counters and Jetsons light fixtures, the guy doing intake of the vehicles wasn't the one intaking the customer and "Golly, Didn't bother to take down the whole VIN", they were condescending and had poor service workflow. We waited over half and hour just to do our intake. One of the counter people was also yelling on the phone at someone else during a customer intake. Nice!

On top of all this, they completely misdiagnosed our problem and charged us $125 for it. It was a $65 part at another shop, not the $1100 service they ended up quoting us.

So let's recap. For $125 we received:
- about an hour of wasted time dropping off and picking up the car
- unwarranted snootiness
- having to tow the vehicle to another place ($150)
- had to rearrange several business and personal meetings because of it
- having to go get the car at the other shop
- and now I'm spending 20 minutes writing this to warn other Yelpers
- loss of the use of the car for 3 days
- loss of what we thought was a reliable, friendly dealer

I'm not counting the $65 + labor to replace the part since that wasn't their fault. But their lousy service isn't mine.

With apologies to that other reviewer, we also had the misfortune to have Kristina "helping" us.

All in all, I'd say a total clutasterf*ck.

Carolyn C. | 2007-06-14

This place used to be great, and now it is horrible. I will NEVER take any of my Mazdas back there. I also will not be buying my next Mazda from them. I was so upset by their customer service that I didn't even want them to service my car, and instead am taking it to another garage. The waits are long, there is no organization to how people are serviced, no place to stand in line or take a number of have a seat. Everyone feels like they can just interrupt, and the Mazda Speed guys just sit around waiting for something itneresting, don't jumo in when it is really busy. Since the remodel, this place is terrible and I wish I could give it a 0.

Joe K. | 2007-03-21

I had, initially, written a very, very long and negative review about my warranty work on my Mazda3. But once I got less angry, I realized that my experience wasn't that bad.  Basically a part took 33 days to be replaced - a part that, while not critical to the car, prevented me from doing important things when driving. You see, on a Mazda3, when the clock display goes out, you can't see what radio station you're on, so you can't find new ones (easily). You can't use the climate control. You can't use the trip computer. It's not debilitating, but it isn't fun. I'm kind of stuck with my presets, and that's it. And when I went to Tahoe, I couldn't tune radios to the AM band stuff that tells me if I am going to need to put on my chains, which was very annoying, because I couldn't give an ETA, and trying to explain why I didn't know if there was chain control or not when it is broadcast all over the AM band is a pretty difficult explanation without admitting that your car sucks and doesn't have a working AM radio.

I view 33 days as excessive for warranty work. I was repeatedly told that the parts weren't in stock, etc. In other words, it was their supply chain's problem. And that doesn't matter to me. Your supply chain is not my problem. When I work with my customers at work, our supply chain isn't their problem (and they remind us of this constantly).

They get 3 stars for fixing the problem right, the first tine, having my vehicle ready when promised. They lose points for not maintaining a good customer relationship - there wasn't any communication that the part would not be there in 2 days (the lower bound of my initial quote window which was 2-10 days) and I had to leave voiemails  - twice - to get them to call me back, plus call Parts directly. They say they called, but my phone doesn't lose voicemails. The instant that I started sending emails I DID get phone calls, so what are the odds of my phone magically losing the two voicemails I was told I was left?

33 days is excessive for a basic electronic part. They did nothing to make me come back here, and I probably won't.

They also lose points for not finding a nail in my tire when I asked them to see why I was losing 2-3 PSI a week in cold weather. When I had that wheel replaced (for unrelated reasons) the tire shop I go to in SF pointed out a nice fat nail right in the tire.

Seriously, if they can't find a nail in a tire, I probably wouldn't trust them with service.

Bobby l. | 2007-03-17

Let's see, grand opening $15 oil change special on weekend, and you only have 4 mech's working? Come on! You can see there's going to be a jump in service work.
I made an appointment for an oil change @10am, come in 15 b4, and I'm not in the system.  Its 11:49 and its still not done? I'm never going to take my car for an oil change here again.
They added a flat screen, ps2, wifi internet, and a computer for customers.  That's nice, but after a hour for just a oil change, this gets old. Anything you add will get old after an hour.  Maybe if you put money in the service dept instead of bigger offices, people would be happier.
I just want to go home!

***edit 12:28
just got home ( i live like 5-10minutes away). the car was just sitting there yet no one informed me it was ready.  Im pretty sure it was sitting there for a while.
originally i have it 2 stars, i'm lowering it, because Oak Tree is 1 dealership, it has an speaker system.  How is it that your service people can't even use the speaker system to let people know it was ready? Another guy that had his oil changed waited the same time I did, and we both had to go and ask if it was ready. what the heck!

Customer service isn't always how you treat the customer when they buy your product.   Would I recommend this place? no.

*****update 3/27/07
I emailed the owner and gave him feedback and he emailed me apologizing, the service manager called me to apologized as well and gave me a free service toward my 12k service.  They'll look into what happened and see what they can do to better their service end.

James G. | 2007-01-25

Horrible experience here with the sales department.  Strong armed, brow beated, and harrassed...(was I).  Thank God this wasn't the only dealer for 8's!  I should have stayed in my backyard and gone directly to Menlo Mazda.  I did check with Putnam Mazda in Burlingame but...

My dollars eventually went to Menlo Mazda (see: ) in Redwood City, which by the way has a pleasant non-pushy sales staff and outstanding service department.  It was a plus that they were able to quickly (uhh the same day) get me the car I wanted exactly as I wanted it -- loaded.

As the consumer, do yourself a favor - don't work with sales folks who depend on you for their livelihood when they treat you like crap.  This was the case at OTM.

Yeh K. | 2006-09-02

I have never purchased a vehicle from this dealer, but took my van here to be serviced by the dealer.

Since the repairs stemmed from a recall on the vehicle, I did not have to pay anything, and was given a rental car while they fixed the problem. I was greeted promptly, given all the paperwork needed, and was given a rental car all within 20 minutes. Since I could not return to pick up my car that day, they let me keep the rental car until the next day (free of charge).

Overall, the service department was friendly and accomodating, but then again it was a recall service.