Normandin Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram in San Jose, CA

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Normandin Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram has a wide selection of new and pre-owned vehicles, a large service center, thoroughly stocked parts and accessories store and an onsite auto body shop.  You can also contact us for all your Fleet and Business vehicle needs with our Business Link program. We offer great deals on new and used Dodge Chargers, Challengers, Darts, Jeep Wrangler, Grand Cherokees, Chrysler 300s, Rams 1500s and many more.  We also sell custom-created Jeeps.


Established in 1857.

Normandin Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram originated in 1875, during the horse-and-buggy days and two decades before the advent of the American auto industry. Amable Normandin, a blacksmith and sleigh-maker, originally founded it as a buggy-making shop. Fifth-generation Normandins currently own and operate the dealership: Mark as president and general manager and Paul as general sales manager.

Normandin Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(877) 330-0391
Address:900 Capitol Expwy Auto Mall, San Jose, CA, 95136
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: 10:00 am - 8:00 pm

Reviews on Normandin Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram

Adam C. | 2015-04-21

the normandin collision center right behind them is garbage. started off good. finished bad with the company trying to charge me more money the day of pick up. you don't do work without authorization and then surprise it on the customer when vehicle is done.  I will never go there again. bunch of thieves.

Candice R. | 2015-04-15

I just purchased my 5th car from them. I can honestly say I will never go anywhere else. This car was for my mom. Matt normandin treated us with so much respect and kindness. My mom loves him. I trust them and that is HUGE when buying a used car for your mom. There is a reason the family dealership has been around for so many generations. I can't say enough great things.

Christine T. | 2015-04-12

This place is the absolute best!!!! The customer service was outstanding!!!! I was blown away by how quick the whole process was! I've bought several cars and this was by far the best experience I've had, EVER!!! This is the Only place I'll buy my future cars from!!! Thank guys you are awesome!!!

Joe Riggs G. | 2015-04-07

I bought a used certified car here back in 2008. The sales people and finance managers were great to deal with and was in and out in under 1 hour.  I had a loan check from my bank and i chose a car around the amount i was financed so there was no hassels on either side. The service/parts department is excellent too. Why the 2 Stars? Beacause i sold the Normadin car in 2012 and from 2008 til today and 3 different addresses later, I STILL GET ANNOYING FLYERS IN THE MAIL (JUNK MAIL) ONCE A MONTH ABOUT EITHER A SALE THEY GOT GOING OR A BUYBACK EVENT. C'mon guys - think green and save some trees!!!!

Jeff H. | 2015-03-27

I bought a Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon there about 3 years ago. I brought in some papers for comparison shopping, and before I even pulled out my homework Glen and Paul offered me a better deal than I was looking for.

Ever since, I have been bringing it in for regular oil changes, which cost 1/2 what the other dealers charge. Jason the service guy, and Mark, Service manager/owner, have always gone above and beyond if I had any questions. They took care of any warranty work, and even fixed things without nickel and diming me.

When I came in one night to pu my Jeep, I was late and the shop had already closed. The guy at the counter, Louis, said no problem, he would find the paperwork, and have me out in a few minutes. Sure enough, he was able to run my card, and I was out in less than 10 minutes.

My wife is always jealous, as my Jeep always seems to come back cleaner than when I dropped it off.

My first Jeep, and my next will surely be a Jeep from Normandin.

PS. Make sure to check out their Car show in the summer. Great to bring the kids too.

John H. | 2015-03-27

Where can you find decent service at a dealer?

I bought a 2015 Challenger SXT back in January. I love the car but dread the day I'll need to bring it in for routine maintenance. Their service department is always jammed packed full of cars. It reminds me of the area around my daughter's school in the mornings and afternoon.

A week after buying the thing I had a spoiler put on. Expecting that the work, as well as some detailing, would be completed that day  (how eager would you be to get your new car back from the shop?) I went down there and they couldn't find the car. Well, I hunted around for it and when I found it the detailing (I paid $400 for) hadn't been done and it was really not like me to be Mr. Calm. My wife was amazed. then when I was told that it would be a couple more days due to scheduling I wondered how long Mr. Cool would be in possession of my soul.

Surprisingly, they actually got the job done the next day.  I needed to pick it up after hours so I stopped by to pay for it and pick up the keys. Well, they have no provision for after hours drop off and pick-up. they chain up their lot and the choices of places to park it were next to the dumpster at Enterprise rent-a-car or down the street. I opted for leaving my other car down the street.

I've had other issues that they don't seem to be able to handle either. Like the hoards of junk mail I get.

I R. | 2015-03-25

The manager we talked to here was so rude and unhelpful. Our original salesman (Glen) was a nice enough guy, but as soon as the sales manager stepped in (I can't remember his name) all hope was lost. He did not try to make a deal with us.  We went in wanting to make a deal on a '13 Dart with low miles. When he could not make a deal with us on that, he insulted us by saying we could get into a 2001 minivan with over 50,000 miles if we were interested. Either he is a complete and total idiot or he was just trying to be an a**h***. Either way, we took our business down to Kia and ended up getting a different car that had lower miles AND more features.. HA.

Shariyah M. | 2015-03-18

These guys are great. Was looking for a new car and did extensive research on it before going anywhere. I knew what I wanted and began my search. I looked as far north as Yuba City and as far south as Salinas and no one had the car I wanted with the features I was interested in, until I came across Normandin. Not only did they have what I wanted in the colors I wanted but they had insane rebates offered that brought the price way down from what I was seeing. Made an appt with Matt and headed straight down. We ultimately ended up working with Izzy and he was awesome. Gave great information and even helped us in getting money back from our trade-in which I never would've known.

The guys are great to work with from the sales manager to finance. While we didn't get all of the rebates (based on who we financed with), we still gor enough to make me happy. They suckered me into a longer warranty but I don't see myself trading this beauty in anytime soon. Will definitely do business with them again.

Arian E. | 2015-03-10

I've been bringing my 2012 Rubicon JKU here for service when I'm out in the CA area for a while now. I usually work with Jason.

The service here is excellent. Jason once replaced a blinker bulb for free for me, on the spot.

Given that my girlfriend's place is right behind Steven's Creek Jeep, you'd think I'd go there, but given my repeated negative experiences with those aholes I chose to drive down to Normandin whenever I'm in the area and need service. Prompt & great team.

Dana H. | 2015-02-21

Bought a pre-owned Mitsubishi Lancer GTS for my 17 y/o daughter from this dealership.   The car was very clean and low mileage. The transaction was smooth with the salesman named James Mulder.  

From day 1, it leaked oil.   We live in Santa Rosa and finally took it into San Rafael Mitsubishi.   They found the oil leak at the oil drain plug stating that Normandin most likely didn't re-install the drain plug correctly after they serviced it prior to putting it on the lot for sale.   It cost me $78 for them to drain the oil, re-install the drain plug with a new gasket and they re-used the oil as it was almost new.

I contacted Mark Normandin and they made it right and sent me a reimbursement check!

Niner F. | 2015-02-16

So I am very happy with the price I got from Normandin. So why the one star you ask? Here are the reasons:

1. When test driving the car for the first time, we pointed out how the cars alignment was off and pulling to the right. The salesman agreed and said he would have it fixed immediately. Went back a couple days later and it STILL was never fixed. How do you sell a car and have a customer tell you something is wrong and you still choose not to fix it. They could have had it aligned within an hour but chose to ignore it and sell it like that. How many other cars have mechanical issues that you leave out on the lot and know there is an issue? Luckily we have a family member who owns a shop and did it for free.

2. After buying the vehicle, they never washed it for us. They delivered a dirty car and were totally fine with it. I have never had a dealership ever not wash a car after a purchase.

3. The car was used but only had 17k miles on it. However, a week later we discovered that the second key they provided doesn't work. They explained that it was out of warranty (due to years not miles) so it was our issue.

4. Nothing better than spending a lot of money on a car and having to drive straight to the gas station because they sold the car on empty.  Class Act Normandin. Yes we know you were in the carriage business for years but todays cars require gasoline. Drove off the lost straight to a gas station.

5. Now this is the BEST part which all of you should beware of.  ALL OF THE PRIOR OWNERS INFORMATION WAS LEFT IN THE CAR.  That's right. ALL OF IT. I had this persons sales/financing contract. All of his insurance information, cop of his credit application. His home address, social security number telephone, ALL of his financial information.  Also, His home address and phone number are programmed in the navigation/bluetooth information. They never cleared all data from the car. If I wanted to, I could easily jump into the identify theft business. Luckily for the prior owner, I am a good person and took all of his documents and shredded it. I felt nervous even having it in my possession. SHAME ON YOU NORMANDIN. Your lack of quality control puts your customers at GREAT risk of identity theft. IF you (Normandin) think I am making this up, call me and I will tell you the prior owners name and what city they live in and I still remember their insurance company because it was my old company.  I will even tell you what bank financed him.

Steve J. | 2015-02-14

All I can say is fantastic customer service, fantastic buying experience and one satisfied customer.  The entire buying experience was a blessing.  We did spend a long time at the dealership and it was so worth it and we love our car!

Chase P. | 2015-01-28

Had a great experience at Normandin. Not only were they able to show me a variety of cars that finally led me to the car I really wanted, but they were informative and not once were pressuring. They would rather you leave feeling happy about your purchase than just simply leaving with keys in hand (like most dealers in the area). I've visited other Dodge/Chrysler dealers, and they were all the same...not willing to give you the time of day if you had questions, scoff at you if you question the price, and basically try to bully you into buying their cars.

I've been a Ford guy all my life, and I can safely say I'm now part of the Mopar family. If you do make it out to Normandin, ask for Matt - great guy, very helpful, and makes a point that you have a great car-buying experience.

Nicole P. | 2015-01-20

We Love these guys!!!
Initially I did not yelp these guys, and honestly some of the reviews are really scary, but, they were wonderful to us.

We bought 2 vehicles from them, 1 a few months ago a dodge promaster for our work fleet (our guys love it and it is way cheaper in gas compared to the other vehicles on our fleet). a couple of minor recalls on the vehicle but hey they didn't build the car........ We also got  a dodge charger (it was time to trade in my personal vehicle, time for an upgrade). I love that car!! Both times, no hassle, no bullshitting, they were both very nice and reasonable guys (not your typical car salesmen type).

We will definitely be coming back to buy another work van!

Thanks again,
Nicole, Dennis, and Junior

V J. | 2015-01-19

Very happy with my Jeep! However, the service could be WAY BETTER. They are all nice and friendly when you want to purchase a car and make promises to you to get the car.  Once you get the car, they are so RUDE. They talk to you as if you are dumb. If I could, I would return it back and purchase my car at another dealership. I have left several messages  and NO CALL BACK. I will not be referring anyone to this dealership with this type of service. Buyer Beware....

Ted A. | 2014-12-31

Super shady sales people here! We went shopping for a Dodge Ram truck, and the first salesperson couldn't find the truck we were interested in, and then he disappeared, handing it over to some other random guy. This new guy was really shifty, and told us that the truck we were interested was "just like new" but it had 1700 miles on it driven by the owner of the dealership. It was dirty, there were scratches, and the price was ridiculous. When we called him on it, he lowered the monthly payments from $700 to $400 after "talking with the finance guy".

We left, of course, and it really soured us on Dodge. We ended up getting an f150 from a much better dealer: Frontier Ford on Steven's Creek.

LOGAN C. | 2014-12-21

This review is not for buying or service I didn't even get that far due to the absolutely terrible attitude of the "sales man " by the name name of "Izzy". Total jerk to my wife we had lots of money to put down and we're ready to buy a car. My wife wanted to test drive a 3rd car and he said "cmon you want to drive every car on the lot " any ways we are taking our money else where and would advise all to watch out for "Izzy" he's shorter older man with an accent.

Becky F. | 2014-12-03

I bought a pre-owned car here about 2 months ago and have been back 3 times within 3 weeks for repairs (for basic things that should have been taken care of prior to me driving off with the car)! On my last visit to the shop, they were supposed to fix the brakes, not a week later they were making noise again! I reached out to the manager MULTIPLE times and never heard back - I'm VERY disappointed. When they sold me the car, they mentioned that they had changed the oil (2 weeks into me having the car the oil light comes on) and also fixed the brakes (negative, right after I left the brakes were making horrible noises, went without my car for the day while they were getting "fixed" and its STILL not better). I'm super bummed, thought I was getting my monies worth....guess not.

Brandon W. | 2014-11-26

So I left work early and showed up 5 minutes before 5:00PM after calling earlier and was told they closed at 5:30PM and could fit me in for an oil change as long as I came 30 minutes before they closed, which I did. The guy rudely tells me everyone has gone home for the day and for me to come back Saturday. Why was the door open if you were closed? Why send literally all of your mechanics home early the day before one of the biggest traveling days of the year?

I left work early and made the journey down during rush hour to get bad service coming from Palo Alto. Normally I'm pretty pleased with their service, but today was a big letdown.

Barry S. | 2014-11-23

I have been having my Jeep serviced at it's place of purchase (Normandin) for over five years.  The Jeep has never had a mechanical problem, so it has only been oil changes, rotations, and other scheduled maintenance.  All work has been done properly (I assume), timely, and for a reasonable price.  I almost always find a coupon for the services I have done.  The customer service has been very good.  I have waited on a few occasions to get my vehicle checked in, but generally it is very quick.  As far as pick up, they even have Sunday pick up between 10-3, although the service department itself is closed.

With past vehicles, from dealerships other than Normandin (all of which were not Chrysler Corp), I have usually felt pressure to have services that were not immediately necessary.  For example, getting certain fluids changed well before the manual states.  I recently took my Jeep in for oil change and a tire rotation/balance, having a coupon for both.  I also included a coupon for the brakes and asked them to inspect them, and replace the pads, if needed.  During my last oil change I was informed I should change the pads at the next change, so I was expecting to need to do so.  The service advisor called and said the pads were still good and I could again wait until the next oil change.  How many dealerships do that?  I was quite impressed, as I was prepared to pay for it this time.  The advisor even told me to hang on to the coupon for when I eventually need to get them done.

Anyway, so far I have had good experiences.  My hope, and expectation, is it will continue.

Aileen S. | 2014-11-19

After a horrible experience with Stoneridge Jeep, I was looking for the car my daughter wanted from other dealerships.  
I found two here at Normandin and sent an email for additional information.  James Mulder emailed me back quickly and our two day online conversation began.  He was extremely fair in his pricing and was very straight forward.  I was able to guarantee all features, send my online application, agree on a price and receive my rate along with monthly payment all via email.  I tried to get as much completed before trekking down to San Jose from Pleasanton after a loooong day of my son's soccer tournaments.  
James was scheduled to be off at 7 and I knew we were just going to make it.  He had no problem staying later for us to finish the paperwork, dig the car we chose out of the lot, and go through all of the features with my husband.
James was amazing to work with.  It was so exciting to surprise our 16 year old daughter with her first car and car payment!

Christina S. | 2014-11-02

I am NEVER BUYING a Chrysler made vehicle again or dealing with NORMANDIN JEEP DODGE RAM. I am looking into the lemon law and researching into hiring an attorney, plan to contact the Better Business Bureau (BBB), and San Jose Chamber of Commerce to vocalize how dissatisfied I am with Normandin Jeep dealership and Chrysler Manufacturer. Where do I begin?? If I were writing a review on the dealership last December I am sure it would be much different as it was when I was buying my new 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee, Overland, Diesel engine and was so happy to drive a new SUV off the lot. Unfortunately for Jeep I am writing it now after owning the car for almost 1 year.
  After 3,000 miles the vehicle has been a nightmare to own. Lets begin with the issues starting with when the diesel exhaust fluid, Urea, wasn't filled all the way (100%) when I originally drove the car off the lot. Not knowing this originally, a few months after owning the car a warning message came on saying to fill the diesel fluid, so I brought the care in to the dealer thinking it had to be filled every few months. the service guy took a look at the low levels and verbalized how it wasn't topped off or filled when I bought it and drove it off the lot. Okay, so not a huge deal but an inconvenience and the beginning of several trips  to the dealer. Another inconvenience was when the navigation lighting wasn't changing from day to night, again not a huge deal but its a brand new car and expensive and I wanted everything to run and work properly. Well, I was no longer easy going when my check engine light came on around 5,000 miles and wasn't told what the issues were. Since then, i have had awful service at Normandin. The service department although has nice staff, Jason Horwood, they aren't very professional and organized and don't talk to their customers about what the issues are. As a woman, its frustrating to be brushed off and not told why my new car's check engine light was on, or why at one point my car wouldn't shift and the electrical warning light was flashing. Its like they dont know the problems and are trying to cover it up and say "we ran software updates" and proceed to tell me "everything looks good." Normally I would believe that, but for the check engine light to continuously come on and still have no answer, is frustrating.
    Imagine you're on you're way to work and you're about to get on the fwy while attempting to accelerate to fwy speeds in drive, non manual mode and youre brand new SUV with about 8,000 miles suddenly doesn't shift out first gear. Car behind you zooming by and honking and you literally can't go faster then 15-20mph. Well it happened to me and it was terrifying. Fortunately I live close to the dealer, so i put my hazards on and slowly drove 15mph to the service dept. Jason checked me in and took note and said they would figure it out, and gave me a voucher for a rental car. After 5 days I go to pick it up, I wait for 15 mins for someone to acknowledge me when one of the staff rudely pulls the service slip out of my hands and another 10 mins later my car is retrieved. I get inside to drive off and the CHECK ENGINE LIGHT IS ON. I am naturally pissed and ask to speak to Jason. I walk back towards the rental car company wait in line and go through the process again. After another 4 days with no phone calls with any updates I go to pick it up. This was around May 2014. oct 2014 a recall arrived in the mail for faulty visor wiring that can potentially ignite while driving. Simultaneously my check engine light goes back on, and randomly one day my driver seat lower lumbar support deflated. I called at beginning of Oct for an appt and next ava appointment was over 2 weeks out. I dropped it off tues oct 21st mentioned all the above problems and picked it up on Wed Oct 22nd after 5pm, as I couldn't get a ride until my husband was home and was notified car was ready around 3:45 that same day. Well the service guys were already gone when I retrieved my car. The engine light was off but its like they didn't even look at the seat. it still buckles and moves. The issue is the check engine light came back on Friday Oct 24th while driving to work. After attempting to contact Jason he gave me info to contact Steve Rodger, the service director for Normandin as well as customer service for Chrysler. Steve and I made phone contact on Monday Oct 27th around 2:30 pm. Steve was kind enough to listen to my frustrations and prompted me that he was contacting Chrysler regarding issue to see if there was any more software updates needed. He notified me that he would call me back with info before the end of the week. Well its now Sunday Nov 2nd, I haven't had any info given to me and my check engine light remains on. Maybe its just a sensor issue, but what if its a precursor to an electrical issue and again my car doesn't shift. I am beyond over Jeep and wish for my money back or at least a reliable one. Dont buy from Normandin

Sidney G. | 2014-11-01

Had my oil changed and tires rotated about 4 weeks here by a new employee who didn't tighten all my lug nuts so 3 of them fell off somewhere on the road. I discovered it a week after I had changed my oil because I was planning to do some off roading. Thank God I checked! Can you imagine. I was so mad I took it back to the dealership. Dan the service guy was helpful but as I was telling him what happened a mechanic walk by saying,"its safe to run on 4 lug nuts." WTF! That wasn't the point! There employee put my life in harms way and my family. They offered to replace the lug nuts but since they are gorilla nuts they had to special order them. 4 weeks later I come to get my oil change and have them replace the lug nuts and they are not right. If I didn't have a service contract I wouldn't come back.

lisals p. | 2014-10-24

this dealer is a rip off. they sold me a used car and it has broken down 3 times and when i called them about it they said it would be taken care of...sure after taking it to them to fix it again over heated and they sold me a phony warranty that doesn't even exsist. the car cost over 30 grand. and now they will not help with any of the problems it's still haveing. i've only own the car for 4 months before the first break down. my 30 grand car has been at another dealership now for 1 1/2 week. don't know how much it's going to cost to fix it. this dealer is a rip off. and they could careless about it as long as they could sell u a car if something happens to it do not expect any help. beware of this dealer rip offs.

Lorie S. | 2014-10-22

I just want everyone to know that the people at Normandin dealership are all great and I would recommend them to anyone!
Scott Langton sold me two Dodge Challenger R/T cars within a two and a half month time frame.  The first one I got on August 1, 2014 but on October 3, 2014 someone ran a stop sign and totaled my new car.  I contacted Scott and he helped me find a new one and I bought it on October 18, 2014.  He was very helpful and such a nice guy!  The guys in the body shop are great too!
Keep up the great work everyone at Normandin!!
Lorie S.

Cyrille S. | 2014-10-20

This review is more than a year over due, but I am compelled to finally write it as every time I think about my buying experience, I feel a sting in the back of my neck. First of all let me say this review does not at all reflect the sales department, James Mulder was AWESOME. He was very professional and not at all pushy. He gave me all the fact and let me decide what I wanted to do. I got what I feel is a very fair price (compared to another dealership) without much hassle and that is why I came back to buy the car from him and not Stevens Creek Dodge, which is way closer to my work. I want to say thank you to James as this is long overdue because I really love my new car. If this was a review for the sales department, they would get 5 stars form me, actually I just recommended a friend to Normandin and he bought a '14 Charger R/T about a week ago. He also wrote them a great review!
  I owned a '07 Jeep SRT (got it used) for about 4 years and I loved it so much, I decided to trade it in for a new '14 Jeep SRT. After the car was delivered (June 2013) I came in to do the paperwork, I dealt with a guy names Marlin (you know the finance guy that sells you all the extra stuff...) and this is why I am writing this review! I knew I wanted, the Mopar extended warranty; Mopar is the Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge factory warranty. Is not a shady 3rd party warranty where you have to mail in receipts and get reimbursed, they pay the dealer directly and the whole experience is completely transparent to the customer. I had this 70k warranty on the '07 and that is what I wanted. This is what I asked for just to have him tell me they "do not sell that" (I will refrain from stating my opinion on this comment) but they do have some other 3rd party warranty (Mechanic Repair Contract). Now here is where I went completely wrong, I agreed. Instead of thinking about it and just going directly to Mopar to get what I wanted, I was so overwhelmed with the new car I just said ok (100% my mistake). I stated specifically that I needed something with $0 deductible and he confirmed this warranty had a $0 deductible as this was the "Platinum" policy... After signing the all the paperwork I never saw the actual warranty contract, I asked him about that and he gave me a pamphlet and said the provider will send me all the paperwork.
  Fast forward 3 months, no paperwork! The pamphlet he gave doesn't even have a 1-800 phone number and the name of the provider is in very small letters. After some google searching I figured out the phone number and called them. They state that Marlin should've provided me all my paperwork and details that day and that my policy has a $100 deductible. I was furious! I called Marlin several times, he seems to never pick up his phone judging form the next few months of attempted communication, just to not have him call me back at all. This continued for several weeks I then emailed several managers at Normandin and one of them got back to me the same day and promised me that Marlin would take care of this. I thought that was the end, but boy was I wrong! Getting a hold of him was next to impossible, I did miss 3 calls form him over 3 months period but that was because I was at work in a meeting, every time I called back promptly just to get his voice mail and he would not return my call for literally 2-3 weeks! I eventually got fed up and went over there and found him. I told him I wanted my money back (this is now about 6/7 months owning my vehicle). He said it would take time and then said that they do sell the Mopar policy and he would see what price he could get me (so now they sell it?!!!), I showed him the prices and terms the Mopar guys gave me (as I called them directly inquiring about the policy and they said ANY Chrysler, Jeep & Dodge dealer can sell me one) and he said he would get back to me. 2 weeks later NOTHING! I called him several times just to get no answer or call back. I finally got a hold on another finance guy Dan, he had me come over there and I had my paperwork done in 10 minutes. I got completely screwed on the "pro-rated" refund but got my $ back in 2 weeks!
  Bottom line, I will now state my opinion... Marlin obviously makes rips (or commission) on the 3rd party warranty. I do not know if he did not like me or just didn't care at all but that ruined the whole buying experience for me. I am not mad at him selling me what made him money, it was my decision to buy the policy, I am upset about how he completely dodged and ignored me for MONTHS! This is beyond unprofessional and rude, it is downright insulting. I would for sure buy another car from Normandin but I would NEVER deal with that guy again. The best advice I have is be informed about what warranty you are going to buy and know that you can for sure purchase by yourself whatever the dealer is offering you.

Ann B. | 2014-10-18

I have brought my boyfriends chrysler in for an oil change 3 times. Only once did I recieve somewhat of a pleasant experience.  

Basically I come in for an oil change with no appointment (I called two different times and they said I didnt need an appointment for oil changes) all three times that I brought the car in i told my advisor that I had work and I would pick it up later that day so they wouldnt have to worry and rush. When I would come pick up the car it was never washed ever, I was never told about the car it was pretty much pay the cashier thats it. Oh and i had to walk out and find the car for myself. All 3 times I took it in.  

Now Ive been around dealerships for all my life and I know we are in a drought but customer service would lean more to maybe asking if the customer might want a car wash or better yet even asking if I needed a shuttle ride to my job instead of just having me walk. Also some customers are interested in there cars multi-point inspection or if they even recieved one ever. Pretty much to my knowledge and the paperwork I recieved for my car, all ive had are oil changes I dont think they even rotated my tires. I was going to encourage my boyfriend to buy the warranty extention offered by chrysler but I feel like it would be a waste of money seeing as there is no communication between service and customer.  If I dont know whats wrong, they wont fix it.

I know its a busy dealer but to at least offered a car wash or shuttle ride would be nice or better yet at least talk to my advisor about my car so I at least know what they did to it...I dont wanna go to stevenscreek for my maintenance but I might have too because its rediculous what I have to do to get my car and I dont even want to start on the part I wanted to order from parts. They talked to me as if I was an idiot female....

Leo S. | 2014-10-13

Great straight forward experience here. Scott in sales and ben in fianance made me a killer deal and made me a happy customer.  Definitely recommend them both and this dealer for your next chrysler jeep or dodge

Sumaya K. | 2014-10-09

I just bought my jeep 4 months ago took it  2 times for problem in the engine the second time they didn't give me rental car for 3 days the first day they can't give you rental car until we see what is the problem second day they said almost fixed the third day at 3 they said it's fixed you don't need rental bad bad service

Monique M. | 2014-09-29

Had a great experience buying my first brand new car from Matt Normandin. This deakership is much nicer than the one on Stevens Creek. The staff is friendlier, the dealership is in better condition, and most importantly, the prices are better. Would highly suggest Matt as your sales guy, he's no nonsense and super nice.

Snehal S. | 2014-09-14

One star is the minimum yelp allows me to give but I would have given a lower rating.

Unreasonable waiting times is what is to be expected at this dealership. You can see the sales representatives standing around in an idle manner. The customer is not the first priority at this dealership. Instead, it would appear that they're doing the favor for the customer by having a dealership.

If you are an Indian, do not come to this place. You will be made to wait while everyone will be immediately served. Especially by the other Indian looking sales guys here. One guy even told me that the car(challenger) was pretty expensive and I should "think" about it once. Wtf ! Did he think I could not afford it ? Never coming back here again !

Jason K. | 2014-09-13

My wife is driving Jeep Commander for a long time.. So, I had service and maintenance from many different Chrysler dealers. This is the best place to get done any service jobs include maintenance.. I trust what they saying and what they found.. Also, they always provide service with reasonable price.. I always to come here for any problem of my wife's Jeep. You should come here if you driving Jeep.. Jason who is service advisory of Jeep is providing always good service with honest. I come to Normandin Jeep because they know Jeep.

Matt L. | 2014-09-08

All experiences with Jason in service have been great. I have been servicing my vehicle at normandin since 2006 with Jason. I can say this the look of the dealership has changed and for the better. They now have a no appointment needed fast oil change lane. In and out in a hour. Not bad with no appointment needed. They offer a shuttle for those who need a ride home if your service is going to take a while. Great new update to waiting area. Parts has a updated look also. Folks in parts department are cool. I deal usually with Rick in parts. Nice guy. I would expect that the bad reviews on here are people who are one time customers or short time customer. If you do a bunch of service here at you will find out that this place is a 5 star company.

Julie U. | 2014-08-22

I highly recommend the service center at this dealership. I've taken my 2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee here three times over the last six years for replacing various parts due to wear. Every singe time I receive excellent service from all the employees I come in contact with.

J F. | 2014-08-22

Their advertisements are very misleading including their website.  When we called about a vehicle on their website, the price jumped $10,000.  Then they have a "special"  - no disclaimers- now it's only for certain cars and they are only $200 discounts.

John S. | 2014-08-05

This Dealarship is hands down the best I have ever experinced buying a car from.  I went through their Internet Dept before coming in and Matt Normandin was my Salesperson who helped me.  He was to the point didnt try to pressure me in any way what so ever.  I ended up leavving the Dealership within two hours with my brand new Dodge Charger which I absosulty love!  About a week ago I was called by the Finance Dept to sign off on my Title on my trade as I was the legal lein holder.  while I was waiting I spoke to Matt about how happy I was and that I had taken the car to have  it washed the week prior at Delta Queen car wash and they told me they were not able to get some water spots off the crome and glass and wanted me to pay $150 to have it detailed of course I said no that I would speak to the Dealer later.  Matt offered me right there and then to have it done;  Now that is excellent customer service!!  This Dealarship is one of the best I have ever been to top notch  no BS!  Thank you to the Normandin crew for making my car buying experience a super one!


Catarina C. | 2014-07-30

Hopefully chrysler makes it right if u guys say it's covered under warranty it should be covered under warranty please treat everyone equal and pls keep in mind peoples cars when I checked my car my radio was on my clock was changed everything was changed so pls respect and not mess with stuff that doesn't need to be touched

Maren K. | 2014-07-29

I have had a horrible experience trying to track down my extended warranty. I bought a used Chevy Traverse about a year and half a go, and I have still not received a copy of what my extended warranty actually covers. I have left weekly messages and have not received a single call back. About a month ago, I finally spoke with a new receptionist who finally mailed me a copy of my warranty, but it was just a copy stating I had purchased it. It did not state what my warranty covered or how to even activate my warranty if I needed it. I have left two messages this week again, without a call back. The customer service after the purchase of my vehicle has been awful. Also, I was told that my car came with a couple of other features, which it didnt actually have. I was willing to let that slide, but not receiving a copy what is covered under my warranty is just awful

janine p. | 2014-07-21

After having a very pushy car shopping experience at another dealership I decided to purchase my car through Costco and they directed me to Normandin. Costco had an incredible price for the exact car I was shopping for. After going back and forth with the Costco rep at Normandin we finally set up a time for me to come in and buy my vehicle. When I arrived at Normandin and asked for my contact I was told that he had gone home for the day! I was astonished. All of the people in the people just stared at me until I started to walk out the door and one of them finally said, "but we'll definitely find someone to help you". Like I said, this was my first time purchasing a vehicle on my own, so I was hoping to speak with my contact or someone who was knowledgeable about what I was looking for. They sent someone out to me who was very nice, but this was definitely his first or second time selling a vehicle. I told him exactly what I wanted- a stock Jeep Overland- we looked at the three colors I was interested in and I finally decided on one.

I was planning on trading in my current vehicle, so while we started the paperwork they went to go appraise my vehicle. I filled out everything and the young man kept walking in to a back room to let someone else process and deal with the paperwork. I felt like I was just being handed off to someone else because the guy in the back didn't want to deal with me. He probably went back and forth 4-5 times. Finally, the man from the back decided to come out to the front and he showed me the price for the vehicle. It was $5,000 more than what the Costco rep and I had agreed on. I even showed him the email, but he would not honor the price. I asked him if it was the standard Jeep Overland he was showing the price for and he told me this was a higher end model. They completely did not listen to me and were trying to upsell me this entire time. I knew what I wanted and I was not going to be swindled just because I look young and this was my first vehicle purchase. I asked to see the price of the standard stock Overland and he said they didn't have that car on the lot, so he wouldn't show it to me. Why not tell me that in the first place and let me have my time back, so I could go find the vehicle. Or better yet, why had the Costco rep withheld that information from me? Was he planning on wasting my time when I got there too?

Finally, I asked to see what they would offer me for my car and they came in very low and  I was definitely not happy about the price. The man basically said, "well, tough". It was at that I had enough and got up and walked out. I wasn't going to sit there and be treated rudely and talked down to anymore.

After I got home I promptly wrote the Costco rep an email about my unpleasant experience and told him I would be taking my business elsewhere. He wrote back a few days later and said "Well, you should have asked for the fleet manager". No apologies, no attempt to get my business back- nothing. I am happy to take my business elsewhere if they don't even care that much.

Jian F. | 2014-07-13

My car buying experience here is great.
I already test drove somewhere else so just set out to shop around. Emailed James Mulder and agreed on price, made sure my Cherokee is ready to drive away on that day. Got there and test drove again just to make sure everything right. Signed paper work, put downpay, printed insruance and walked away in about 1.5 hours.
No hassle at all. No more "OK let me ask my manager" and back and forth game. And you don't need to spend your whole day in the dealership. Marlon did try to sell ext warranty but not too pushy.
Of course, without asking, James throw in a full tank of gas.
Thumbs up for James, Marlon and Normandin. Gotta include Normandin in my list when my other suv is ready to retire.

Jack N. | 2014-06-30

This review is for service NOT for buying a car since I have not bought a car there. My Jeep Patriot needed a new transmission. I was without it for 3 weeks which is understandable. I can not give 5 stars because when I asked the service manager for a loaner since my car would be laid up. He said I have to go through Chrysler. I called Chrysler and they said the dealer could have authorized. So why didn't they? My cars in the past have been washed when they are in for service. They don't do that. The good news is they did keep me posted on what is going on. They did fix it right the first time.

They treated me much better then Premier Nissan did, never by a Nissan. Buy a Chrysler product because Unlike Nissan. Chrysler stands behind what they sell.

Mayalia B. | 2014-06-30

Dear Steve, let me be the first to tell you that you SUCK at customer service. How dare you tell a customer that "I should be grateful that I am getting my engine replaced and only have to pay 100.00 to do so." Never
Mind that it was my warranty that allowed that to happen and not on the "goodwill" of you or any of your employees, especially when I call to complain that you have had my car for over 3 weeks and that my rental car provided by my warranty would only be allowed for 7 days. NOT OK. Every time I needed to learn the status on my car I had to personally drive to the dealer to find out as no one would rerun my phone calls in a timely fashion. Your service reps are over worked and need a lesson on promptness and providing customer service, so do you for that matter. TRUST that I will Never bring my beloved car back to your dealership nor will I ever recommend that any one go there. Mind you all of my immediate family owns a Mopar vehicle we will take our business elsewhere.

Mary C. | 2014-06-30

Chrysler sent me a recall notice for necessary repair work for my Dodge Challenger. The letter stated to call any Dodge dealer to schedule a service appointment and all repairs and parts would be free of charge. I live in San Jose, but purchased my car in Dinuba, so I couldn't go to Dinuba for repairs, it's too far! In March I called a Dodge dealer in San Jose and was put on a waiting list. I immediately called a dealer in Fremont and was put on their waiting list too. Then I called Normandin and spoke to Jada who put my name on their waiting list as well. I figured I'd take my car to the dealer that called me first.

In June I still hadn't heard from any of the dealers, so I called the dealer in San Jose and was told that because I didn't buy my car from them, I would have to continue to wait because their customers have priority and their cars will be repaired first. The Fremont dealer told me I was still on the waiting list and they'd call me when the part came in. When I called Normandin, Jada immediately scheduled me for the repair work. My son brought my car in on a Monday, and the dealer provided him a free ride home. The work was completed by Thursday. Everyone at Normandin was professional and courteous and my son and I weren't treated differently just because my car was purchased from another dealer. Thank you Normandin for your outstanding customer service. By the way, tomorrow is July 1st and I'm still waiting for a call from the other two dealers. I'm guessing I won't be hearing from them at all.

J W. | 2014-06-24

My Wife and I were trading in our 2006 Pick up Truck and several of my friends and co-workers recommended this place for their great selection and awesome customer service.  That was not my case.  I went down here on Memorial day weekend (debated about whether or not to yelp this) to trade my truck in.  I got a salesman by the name of Izzy who when he met me on the showroom floor was messing around on his phone as he walked by then stopped looked up and said "oh did you need help?"   I told him I did and we started to walk outside.  I told him I was looking at a Jeep Grand Cherokee and I wanted to trade my 2006 Pick up in.  He stopped dead in his tracks and turned to me and said "Maybe you should come back on a week day when we are not so busy" I was floored.  

I proceeded to tell him that I drove 75 miles to come there because of recommendations.  He then started to help me but was rushing me around looking at cars and his next question was "what did I want my payment to be? again I was floored.  I told him the range my wife and I were looking for and he replied "Oh we cant do that at all."   He didn't ask how I was paying if I was financing or anything.  Then they appraised my truck without even looking at it.  This place was a nightmare.

The first two things out of a salesman's mouth should not be come back later when we aren't so busy, and what do you want your payment to be?

Ultimately I did by a Jeep Grand Cherokee that day but from Stewart Chrylser Jeep Dodge Ram in Colma.

Zeba E. | 2014-06-18

I've been here two times to re-program my keys and both times service has been prompt and excellent.  I was greeted by Alvin and Bob helped me, both were so nice! The first time I went Jason spent time re-programming my car and even updating it. Very nice group.  Thank you!

Michael K. | 2014-05-29

If I could give less than 1 star I would. You would think I learned my lesson the first time I took my into Normandin Chrysler Jeep service department...sadly no. But I had no choice since they gave me back my car sounding worse than when I took it in. And they even charged me again to fix a problem that they obviously over looked or didn't bother to double check before they have me back my vehicle. So on top of the $1,600 they billed me for the first time they decided an additional $140 was needed to fix their mistakes. Just arriving their that morning was a joke to begin with. The service staff running around like chickens with their heads cut off. No one to greet you and take your car in. Rude, unprofessional, non attentive, old staff trying to look busy but help you. Even worse is when you call later that morning to get an update on your car you cannot even reach any of the service staff. I must have called 6-8 times until about 6 hours later I finally reached somebody. And it was not even the service guy handling my vehicle.

Eve B. | 2014-05-23

This place was terrible! I was looking for my first car. I don't even remember who helped me but he was very aggressive and super rude. He had me fill out some paper work for a car I loved. I told him my credit wasn't great and he then told me I shouldn't even try. So I opted out of them sending my information to a bank.  Come to find out a couple of weeks later that they DID send my info to banks and they ran my credit 4 different times!  Which as we all know dings  your credit every time!!! I  am so angry!

Kk .. | 2014-05-02

This review is for the service dept.  I rarely take the time to write reviews but this place impressed me.  My last 2 cars were Lexus and Cadillac,  and those service depts are actually not as good as Normandin Chrysler.  The service was courteous, prompt, and with a smile.  Waiting area was high class and comfortable.  5 stars all the way and I will be a return customer for sure.

update 3/25/15 - another strong showing of service for scheduled maintenance.

Lorie F. | 2014-04-24

I wouldn't take my vehical here if the service was free. You never get to talk to a human, all calls go to voicemail. The receptionist's are rude.
Places like this do not deserve our business.
Horrible customer service, never will I patronize this business!

Jerry Z. | 2014-04-21

I called the day before and was told that there was nothing scheduled for the following morning. I set the 8:30 Saturday morning appointment and arrived at 8:20 to a very long line of cars waiting to be serviced. I informed several people that I had an appointment, and rather than try to help me, they said that they only handle oil changes and that I should talk to Dan. In terms of customer service...that's called lack of ownership. Dan eventually made his way to 9:15 to be exact. That's a total of 45 minutes waiting for someone to talk to me even with an appointment. That is very frustrating when you are unsure if you should be in a different line/area/etc. That's after I told him I had an appointment several times, and after he helped a customer who did not have an appointment. (Yes, I asked because I wanted to make sure that my frustration was a legitimate concern.) My first question to Dan was to explain to me the appointment system they had in place. He did say sorry for the wait, but he had no answer. The most frustrating part is that I had an appointment for a transmission fluid change. My car was ready at 12. That's over 3 hours to perform that service...which is a pretty good indicator that there is no need to set an appointment there. Either get rid of the appointment system, or treat appointments with some form of legitimacy. The people there were friendly, but the lack of structure for a service department that displays their 5-star service banner prominently in the service area is what gets my poor rating. 5 minutes there, I already came up with a better system for handling appointments, which I would be happy to share with them.

Tyler M. | 2014-04-21

It won't let me rate 0 stars, so they get 1.
Unfortunately I've had to deal with this place multiple times.  My first was with the service dept.  I brought my jeep in for a standard checkup, not only did I get the jeep back with a check engine light on, but when I asked about it, their response was, we were to give a std checkup, not check the check engine light..." I was so surprised by the stupidity and lack of customer service I just hung up and never went back...
Until I found myself purchasing a used car from them (because I couldn't find it anywhere else, I didn't shop there by choice)  I purchased an extended warranty with the used car and got no documentation for the warranty, but the old man that takes care of the warranties said the repair shop would call and get all the info.  This is not true and because this guy only works when he wants, you can imagine it's pretty difficult to get any solid information when you need it most.

Quicky-review:  NOPE

Aurora R. | 2014-04-16

Horrible place to go car shopping. Very unprofessional!!!!
So my sister and I went car shopping this past weekend. We where helped by a sales guy named Enrique. They didn't have what we where looking for but he said they get cars every week and asked for our phone numbers.

6pm comes around I noticed i had 2 missed calls so i called back. It was Enrique thanking me for coming in today. After he started asking me if my husband allowed me to have male friends and what kinds of stuff i like to do for fun!! I was shocked!! Wtf!! People done come to car dealerships looking for a boyfriend or anything like that. Very unprofessional!!! I will never go back to this place or give my number at any dealership not to be harassed and hit on by a creep like Enrique!! I called the dealership and told them what happened and they said they would talk to him. Who knows if they really did or not i hope so.

Heather K. | 2014-04-03

Randy, whether he could not find the keys or whatever else he was doing, good customer service would dictate that you go and let the customer know what is going on. Your dealership was not swamped with customers, and this guy meandered out, smiling away, shrugged when he said he couldn't locate the keys. Too bad, as my friends just bought a Dodge they love. I bought a Ford instead.

Shayne B. | 2014-03-27

When my son's car decided to blow up, I decided he'd get my old one and I'd get something shiny and new.  I went shopping and kinda stumbled into the new Jeep Cherokee TrailHawk and liked it but it wasn't configured with the options I wanted.

I found one at Normandin that was setup with the options I wanted.  Made an appointment to go see it with Matt Normandin via email.

When we got there, Matt had the Jeep we were interested in ready to go. We waffled back and forth between it and another one on the lot. Matt was ever so patient and never once came across as a typical "car salesman".  No games, no pressure. He just gave us their best deal on each and gave us time to figure out what we wanted to do. Even moved them so they were right next to each other so we could compare the different stereo options side by side.

I've had some difficult car buying experiences... this was not one of them.

Thanks to Matt for being a pro and making it easy.
Enjoying our new Jeep.

Shane D. | 2014-03-19

Brought my car here for service and will NEVER go back.  

I saw a recall notice for the ECU listed on a website.  The ECU flash looked like it might fix a couple of issues I had with idle and rough running so I brought my truck there and asked them to flash the ECU.  They said it would be $170 to do it since my truck was no longer under warranty.  I showed the documentation that I had made a complaint to another dodge dealer while it was still under warranty and that I thought they should flash it for free but they said no.  Whatever, I wanted it done so I left it with them.  Here is where it got even worse!!!

They called me hours later saying " well we ran diagnostics on your truck and that used up your $170 pre-authorization for charges, so if you want us to go ahead and flash the ecu we need you to authorize more money up to $300"  I was pissed and said I never asked for a diag and to top that off all they did was hook up a code reader which I know takes all of 30 seconds to do.  I complained to the service manager and he  was a total jerk.  He said I could pick up the truck and pay $170 and they would NOT flash the ecu or I could authorize more money and he would give me a discount (WTF?) so that I would only have to pay $250 and they would flash it.  Unreal!!!  Since I wanted my truck back I paid up but I was steaming.  What a total scam!!!!  Bunch of dishonest crooks!!!

Kenneth M. | 2014-03-07

Mike and Jason in Parts/Service are both awesome! My Jeep's (2000 TJ) clutch Master Cylinder/Slave Cylinder decided to kick the bucket at a horrible time, and Mike went out of his way to ensure I had the replacement the very next day. I got home and threw it altogether, and picked their (both Mike and Jason) brains a bit further over the phone to ensure I did the install properly. While I typically steer clear of dealerships as I don't believe in buying a brand new vehicle, these two gentleman will keep me coming back to Normandin for OEM parts.

I can't vouch either positively or negatively for the sales staff as I very honestly have not dealt with them, but I'm inclined to doubt there's any better place in the area if you need parts and knowledge for your Jeep.

Cheers gents!

Warren A. | 2014-02-23

Thank you Normandin for raising the bar on car buying.  I contacted Normandin via email to let them know I was interested in a vehicle.  They located exactly what I was looking for and we had exchanged all the needed details via email to accommodate my busy schedule.  

I showed up Saturday to take care of some quick paperwork and I was on my way with a great new jeep at a great price (Less than an hour!).  

Everyone at the dealership was super friendly when I showed up, not knowing that I was there to make good on our email exchange.  A few salesmen asked me if I needed any help, I told them I was fine, as I proceeded to roam the lot looking at other vehicles to make sure I making the right choice.  Once I said I was fine they kept their distance.

Most dealerships do one of two things in this scenario:
- Ignore you and/or are impossible to get someone when you wish to hand them money (BMW and Subaru on steven's creek I am looking at you).
- Stalk you like an injured lamb, just waiting for the right opportunity to take you out back and do unsavory things to your wallet.  If they unsavory things were described here yelp would delete my review.  (Jeep on stevens creek I am looking at you).

Normandin is a family owned dealership, not some autonation or pensky.  That means they genuinely care (look at any of the bad reviews here, the owner follows up with everyone to understand where they can improve; not some internet social network advertising person, the owner of the dealership).  The other thing that I really liked is everyone seemed like car guys.  During my hour we chatted about off roading, track days and racing.  

Thanks a lot guys, this was a stellar experience.  OK that is my once a year nice yelp review, back to writing reviews of businesses that have upset me.

Wade G. | 2014-02-18

We have leased many cars in our lives and our most recent purchase of a new Dodge Durango at Normandin was the easiest and smoothest by far.  Matt (Fleet Manager) did an absolutely fantastic job for us and I cannot speak highly enough about him.  We never felt pressured and he was incredibly thorough throughout the entire process.  Needless to say, we will be coming back here again and I recommend anyone in the Bay Area to do so, as well.

Nikki B. | 2014-02-10

I have to thank Travis so much!! He works in the service department.  It was my first time taking in my car to get the first round of maintenance done.  I had know idea what to do and was very nervous...He moved my car, showed me exactly what I needed to do, what the service department was going to do, and explained everything.  I just love doing business with this dealership!! Thank you so much!!

Mike R. | 2014-02-07

Doug and his crew have helped us twice with body work issues. I found them to be very accommodating and he went well beyond what was promised.

Thanks for the great service!


Francis B. | 2014-01-23

I work at a auto care with my uncle.  Every time we call for automotive parts, this location always has it in stock.  We appreciate it, that helps us get our customers on the road.

Irish P. | 2014-01-13

I needed new car keys last month because my boyfriend misplaced my previous copy.
I was canvassing around dealerships and other places to find the cheapest rate to get them done. My key has a transponder so getting another one isn't just $10, it's much more than that so it was important for me to find a low-cost spot.  
I call and the receptionist answers. She sounds friendly and all. I tell her about my situation and she forwards me to Service. I wait for my phone call to be answered, but no one picks up. I hang up and call back and the lady picks up again. I say, "I'm sorry, I was on the phone with you two minutes ago, I just need to be directed to Service." She goes, "Ugh, hold on." Nice customer service skills, lady.
Someone picks up the phone the second time around. I don't remember his name, but I wish I did. I tell him I need car keys and he asks for my car's make, model, and year, as well as the VIN number. He then tells me that he needed to see if they had the parts in stock for my key and that he would call me back within 10-20 minutes to tell me what's up. I agree and give him my number. 30 minutes pass and I couldn't wait any longer. I called another dealership and things actually went through with them.
The reason why I am writing this review is because literally about 28,800 minutes (yes, I calculated it, lol) has passed and I still haven't gotten a call back. I'm guessing it's because it was Christmas Eve that day I called and more than likely they just wanted to get the hell out of there. That's understandable, but they could've at least called me the day after Christmas or something, you know?

John G. | 2014-01-06

My review is based off the fact that I had three imports before this, and if I so much as had my oil changed they at least rinsed the exterior of my car, offered me a shuttle, and if I were to buy an import comparable to the 300c they'd give me a loaner.  I feel like I got the luxury car charge but none of the treatment.   I was really excited to get  my Chrysler but after paying for a costly repair and noticing this it was kind of a letdown.  Did they even put a seat cover in when they sat in my car? I'm assuming the repair was done but there was nothing memorable about getting my car serviced here other than my receipt.

Don M. | 2013-12-29

As you read through the reviews here you will often see James Mulder mentioned with kind words. Let me add mine.

I started working with James when I thought I would special order a Jeep Patriot because none of the local Jeep dealers had in stock a car equipped with options I wanted. Having a case of new-car fever, I didn't want to wait several weeks for my new ride, so I kept looking.

The choice came down between two cars, one that James had on the lot and another car, with options closer to my wish list, at a dealer near Sacramento.My plan was to buy James' car if I couldn't make a deal in Sacramento, but I did.

My preference would have been to work with James because he is local. He  was patient with my many questions, and always  responsive to my e-mails, which I can't say of the other salesman I first worked with at Normandin. Plus, James wrote in full sentences, not text speak. With James I never felt any pressure to rush my decisions.

Something I learned about buy a car to get the best deal: decide exactly what you want, then use the Internet to get the best deal. That is what I did with James. Oh, another thing. Have your financing in order BEFORE you but the car.

Pavlo K. | 2013-12-28

Bought a brand new Jeep Wrangler there.

My initial expression: they do care. Sounds simple, but unfortunately this is not that common nowadays. These guys look like they are doing business in the old fashioned way, for me that means not trying to be fancy, but rather get things done, and done them right.

Buying experience with both Harry and James was the least stressful l have ever had: no pushing, no exhausting price negotiations, no sleazy salesmen techniques, no BS - everything was honest and straightforward. When I finally felt that I'm ready for Wrangler - I came in, paid the price well below the MSRP and drove away in my new Jeep in less than 2 hours.

Service experience is also great. When I installed a bigger tires - I just drove in and they recalibrated my speedometer at no charge (If you're a member of any jeep forum you probably know what that means - other dealers could charge you up to $70 for this procedure).
I also had a warranty issue (noisy water pump). It is always stress to have something wrong with your brand new vehicle, but Jason did his best to make it fixed fast.

The bottom line: I'm pleased customer and would definitely recommend Normandin to whoever decided to go along with a Chrysler made vehicle :)

Jim K. | 2013-12-28

A long, long time ago I signed up with Normandin to schedule repair appointments with their service department by email. I soon received a reply stating that someone would soon contact me.
I'm still waiting.
Fortunately my Sebring is more reliable than the service department.

That was on May 15, 2013 5:09:04 PM
Check Engine Light on a week before the Smog Test.

To make a short story even shorter:
The on-board computer told me the cam position sensor was bad.
The parts store up the street sells them.
It must be one of the easier parts on the V-6 to replace, even a 73 yr. old man can do it!
Even more of a shame I let myself get suckered into that Service Contract.

Alex J. | 2013-12-22

Easy and satisfying car buying experience through James Mulder, the internet Sales Manager at Normandin.  Did my research, visited other dealers, etc.   Normandin had a Cherokee with the options I wanted.  Gave James my research on models, pricing, etc.  Could he be competitive with the best I found?  Turns out he could and we had a deal.  I picked up the car three days later. All very straightforward and with a minimum of wasted time - which I appreciated.  The last car I bought was an Audi at Rector, and I have to say that this process was just as easy.  Full five stars for James calling me back on his day off to help locate a file folder I mistakenly left in his office.

Roshad G. | 2013-12-18

I went to the dealership to looking at Cherokee's and the salesman was okay. Typical guy trying to make a deal which was fine. I looked at a few different Cherokee's but was on the fence due to the price so I wanted to do some research before spending the money. The sales guy called me the next day and said they would drop the price for me. So I go back the next night and the sales manager was the worst car sales person I ever seen. He didn't want to check the value of my trade and was acting as though I was bothering him, yelling at the sales guy saying I had better not be wasting his time. The worst part was they are remodeling so the sale floor is wide open and everyone could her this guy basically saying he did not want to help me. They called me and then acted like I was bothering them? I don't know what the managers problem was but in the end he lost three sales. Two of my employees were going to buy challengers from the same dealership but when I told them how I was treated they will be going somewhere else and so will I. You never know who you are dealing with so it's best to treat your customers like they all important.

Megan L. | 2013-12-15

This review is solely based on the car-buying and financing process; I have never used the service department here.

After looking at the rebates they were offering online, I sent an email to James the Fleet Manager and gave him a heads up that we would be coming late in the evening (they are open until 9pm and we arrived around 6:30). After arriving, my husband and I were introduced to James who introduced us to the salesman Jim. Jim was fantastic; I was very confused about the different tiers of the Jeep Compass I was hoping to buy, and he was very patient with us while we tried to wrap our head around the different options and packages. The rebates they are offering right now are amazing; my husband and I were sold. Great car and great price. We knew we could finance through USAA (we have a motorcycle financed through them already) but I was curious to see what the APR would be through Chrysler. The finance team did a great job of presenting us with a few different options, since we were not putting any money down I was not expecting a whole lot of wiggle room. My husband and I were impressed with the APR and decided that the price of the SUV was way too good to pass up (and hopefully we will refinance the APR in a few months once we have sold my old car). Ben helped us sign all the paperwork and get set up with an extended warranty. He was so friendly and we had a lot of laughs. We really felt so taken care of, and were so grateful that we never felt rushed (by the time we left with the SUV it was past closing time). I cannot say enough good things about James, Jim, and Ben! We will definitely be recommending this dealership to friends and family, and hopefully return for another purchase in the future :)

Esther A. | 2013-11-22

Stay away from the 98 doge caravan, Tranny problem 3 X's bringing the van back. Why five stars? The honesty plus caring attitude  from the parts guy Mike. It's hard to find real down to earth grounded people. Mike gives Normandin Chrysler Jeep Dodge RAM: a good name! important for folks who trying to survive in to days time. Thanks Mike. Further,  I give the Chrysler guys on stevens creek 3 stars. Tony fixed my car the next business day which is great. That's why he got 3 stars, However he had me calling mechanics looking for warranty paper work and tearing up the place when all he had to do was type in the Vin number from the Van. I don't get it?

Ellen M. | 2013-11-18

Izzy was so helpful and professional in assisting us pick out a jeep wrangler.  Ben in finance was very efficient, helpful, and professional.  Our transaction at Normandin Jeep was the most pleasant experience that we have encountered in buying a car!

Ali B. | 2013-10-22

If your car needs fixing, prepare to wait forever.  Nobody knows what the other mechanics are doing or know how to check your info in the computer system....and guess what? The mechanic responsible for my car was out sick.  I went in person to get some progress since the receptionist didn't contact the supervisor for me like she said.  The first mechanics I spoke to had alcohol on his breath.  I would rather try my luck with Midas.

Linda O. | 2013-09-22

I received a recall notice so I set up an appointment to go in. To start off I gave two stars because the people were nice at least. What really bothered me was that they seemed like they didn't know anything.  I was already worried because when I called no one knew what the recall number meant and that should have told me not to go  in in the first place but I wanted to avoid driving down to gilroy. When I took the truck in they were still confused about the recall number and not only that but they were saying it   right to me. I mean its already bad that they didn't know but they flat out told me oh I wonder what that is i guess we will have to look it up.  So unprofessional.

Patrick M. | 2013-09-15

I had both a good and a not good experience buying a car here.

First the good, dealing with James Mulder I was able to find the car I wanted and at a price I thought was good.  He was very helpful, friendly and honest.  If I buy another Chrysler product I'll look for him first.  Deal all done, I am super happy until I go to finance...

Ben in finance is friendly but pushy on buying a service contract.  I did research before I went in and already knew the cost ranges for a Chrysler service contract.  He quoted me a "fleet deal" of $1600 which is discounted from $2400...  Uh huh,  I  know from working in dealerships he makes a nice commission for service contracts he sells.    He continues to ask and badger about the contract.  Saying about how expensive parts fail and so on.  At this point I am starting to wonder if the car I am buying is a Piece of Crap...   3 more times he asks and then lowers the price on the contract with "If it's a matter of money..."  I warned him if you ask me again about the contract I'll walk out and buy the car somewhere else...  That shut him up.  It's unfortunate that one person can mar an otherwise good experience.  

Would have been 5 stars, except for Ben

John C. | 2013-09-09

These guys are very unprofessional. They confirmed the availability of the car and the price on Friday with a $5,000 discount. They asked to come on Saturday morning.
After 1 hour driving from San Francisco to San Jose with two kids, they said that the car was not available anymore, while it was still showing on the web. Don't waste your time with this company.

Mickela G. | 2013-08-25

I grew up like 10 minutes away from here, and I remember asking my mom as a kid if we could go there because they have horses.  My mom said they didn't, so I asked why they have a horse on the roof if they don't have horses.  Took a few years before I realized what the purpose of the Capital AutoMall was...

So when it came time for me to buy my car, I was excited to go to the place with the horses.  Generally, I didn't feel pressured to  buy a car right then and there, like I was expecting (a la Bernie Mac in Transformers 2).  Instead, a little old guy walked up to us and asked us if we had any questions.  As we drove off to look at other cars, Mark did try to sweeten the deal, but that was a "pushy" as it got.  The entire process application process was really laid back, and full of laughter and jokes.  He told us about how his daughter is going off to college, he asked me about my job...  He even thanked us for having a sense of humor because that's what makes his day go faster (seeing the like 4 other salespeople just hanging out hoping people show up, I can only imagine how boring it would get at times).  

When we met with the finance guy, he was just as great.  Ben also talked about his kids, and their first car buying experience.  He talked about his family, his wife, where he was from... And he even took the time to review the loan agreement to make sure I was getting the best deal.

Overall, it was a great experience and really do recommend coming here for your Chrysler/Jeep/Dodge buying needs.  My mom gets her Chrysler 200 serviced here and also has great service.

Alexis G. | 2013-08-07

I called to schedule a service for my Jeep that was issued by the factory and an oil change, I was on hold for over 15 minutes, when I decided to hang up and try again. When someone finally answered the phone the woman that answered said she couldn't schedule anything and I would have to call back the following Monday because service department lady was on vacation. Well I am sorry I did not realize making an appointment was something only one person can do. I work at a doctors office and I promise anyone with half a brain can do it. It is ridiculous and unacceptable. I will not be having any services on my car from this establishment if the one answering the phones is an idiot I'm pretty sure that ones that hired her are too.

Mike H. | 2013-08-01

Review for the car dealer side:

Without going into details, I have been looking to do a non-standard purchase for a work car.  Both Jim and James were very helpful in the process, and while we couldn't get the car I wanted down to the right price, it was a pleasure working with both of them.  I'd have no problem referring someone to either of them. Heck, I've already mentioned them to my mother who's also car shopping.

Why not 5 stars - hard to give 5 stars without closing a deal, but I'd like to think it'd go just as smooth.

No complaints.  Thanks guys.

Andrea H. | 2013-07-30

This place is a joke. I drove all the way to this dealership from Pacifica because they had a brand new Dodge Durango I wanted in the color combos I liked. My husband spoke with them ahead of time to confirm we could get the price we had been quoted at several other dealerships, so we drove down there with our 1 year old son.
Several salesmen were standing around outside smoking and chatting and not one offered to help me as I walked into the dealership.
Finally someone inside went outside and got one of the guys for me (can't remember his name) and even as he introduced himself, you could tell he didn't want to help me. Meanwhile, my husband was entertaining our baby in the children's area.
I told the salesman which car I had come to see and the price I had been quoted. Then he acted annoyed that I wanted to test drive it and was like 'haven't you already driven this at another dealership?" Um yes, but for the $$ I was spending, I want to make sure I test drive the actual vehicle I am buying.
So we did the test drive, and then went into his office to do the deal. He leaves for a moment to get some paperwork, then comes back with his manager and tells me the car will be $4500 more than we talked about on the phone.
I told them there was no way I was paying that and they needed to honor the price I was given on the phone. They refused and I just left after wasting an hour of my time!
We then called up Antioch Dodge/Chrysler after I was referred to them by my credit union, and not only did they quickly get me 1.99% financing over the phone, but Antioch sent a driver to Normandin, took the exact Durango I wanted off their lot (haha, normandin), and then delivered it fresh and clean to the door of my office in San Francisco for the exact same price Normandin refused to give me. It even had Normandin's little driver manual booklet in it and the same VIN#.

So to wrap this up, if you want a good deal and to be treated decently, don't go here- one star was one too many...

Joshua K. | 2013-07-22

Took my Chrysler in for AC Repair and some other minor things needing attention. I arrived at 7:45 a.m. for my 8:00 am appointment. and they checked my car in fairly quickly. That was about the end of the quickly part. It took them the entire day to finally give me any news regarding my vehicles repairs. I actually had to call them and get the update. Finally reached someone and said that the vehicle inspection & repairs were going to take longer than anticipated and I could expect to have my car back by Wednesday...Hello. I took it Monday morning at 7:45 A.M. If I'm paying these mechanics $110 an hour, which is the hourly labor rate at Normandin Chrysler, I would expect some top notch get it back to me as soon as possible service. But instead I'm stuck without a vehicle for 3 full days. Thankfully my wife was able to adjust her schedule to drop me off and pick me up from work those few days but man what a hassle. With the estimated overly expensive repair of almost $1,700, did I mention $110 an hour rate, you would think they would offer a loaner car knowing they are going to leave you stranded for 3 full days. Instead they offer you some lame discount next door at Enterprise. What a joke. I get better faster service at Sears Automotive Centers. Not to mention our car sounded worse once we got it home, it now makes a rattling noise when we turn on the AC unit or are sitting idle in the driveway. All the dealership horror stories about the overly priced service and inconveniences of going to one were brought to surface that day. Never again. Lesson learned, never buying a Chrysler again.

Claire G. | 2013-07-19

I have just picked up my car from the body shop and I am very impressed.  The service has been great.  Got in and out with no fuss and very quickly.  I dealt with three people in total throughout my interaction with them and each treated me in a respectful and professional manner.  I would recommend them to anyone.

nastasha s. | 2013-06-13

I'm looking to buy a 2013 Dodge Charger and have been doing my research and found a really good deal here. I've been already been approved at Toyota for the same amount as the '13 but they have a '12 so i thought why not give here a try. Steven is the sales-person I'm dealing with and he is so awesome. He really took my demands seriously (and i am picky) and found me what I want. Test drove the car and sat down to start crunching numbers.

My mom and I dealt with Mo (middle eastern/Persian man) for the financing part and that changed the whole experience. I've read past reviews and obviously, I am not the only person who has run into this guy. He came in with a crazy loan at a crazy interest rate and basically called my mother and I stupid for thinking we could have the kind of monthly payments I was looking for. He was really snide about all of his comments and frankly made me feel uncomfortable. When I asked him if he shopped around for other loans he said 'No, but you can'. Last time I checked that was your job. Just an FYI we have already been approved at Toyota for the same amount with an interest rate more than half of the amount he was trying to finance us with.

So, at this point in time, I did not drive off with a Charger because Mo was such an unpleasant person. Just got off the phone with Wells Fargo and got approved for the amount and now I am just wondering if I really want to even go through with this anymore. If i could give any advice, it would be to get rid of that guy. Steven was great and did a really great job and if i come back to buy the car it'd be solely because of him. If i don't come back and you guys lose this $30,000 sale, its because of Mo. I already have had to do so much research on finding a new vehicle, I didn't realize I'd have to sit here and try to find a better loan, especially since you employ people to do that for your customers. That guy really made me feel like I could not afford the car and that I don't deserve it and he said if i'm looking for a used car he would give me a better number for my trade-in but if not thats all I get (Toyota offered me $1500 more on my trade-in) WHY WOULD YOU TELL ME THAT??? And everything I would ask he'd answer it with 'WELL WHAT DO YOU EXPECT'. I expect to never speak to you again.

I will follow up on if I purchase the car through here. I really do want to. This is the car I want and it is at the price I want. But if I have to even speak to that guy again, I doubt it.

M G. | 2013-06-01

I am writing a three-star review because when I came for an oil change in my Dodge, I sat in their waiting area for more than three hours.  Granted this is not a Jiffy Lube but that was an insane waste of time and now I do all my own oil changes.  I wouldn't waste time here again for an oil change.  I reminded them I was still waiting there many times but that didn't seem to make it go any quicker.  I can do my own oil change in 30min at home...

I have also been there fixing a broken AC hose and getting some recall work done.  The quality of work seems high and the folks are nice enough but they need to be a little more aware of customer's time and the value of that time.

Sue C. | 2013-05-28

Yesterday (memorial day sale) I stopped at this dealership for the first time. I had a stack of web advertisement for various brands and models that I intended to look at that day. I stopped here first because there was a big discount on a particular vehicle. I did buy the car. Matt, who is an online manager, was the sales rep who helped me, and Ben was the finance person who helped me. All in all I bought more that day than I planned, but it was because I had no idea how much was offered nowadays in terms of warranties, prepaid maintenance, special packages for protecting paint and interior, etc. I normally don't even buy an extended warranty on a car because I have so seldom used one. However, this day, I got a great purchase price, got a strong trade-in value for my car, and have a 7 year warranty and 7 years prepaid maintenance, all transferable should I ever sell or transfer the car to someone in my family etc. Because of the good discount and trade-in, the total financed seems extremely reasonable for the value I received. The most outstanding thing about yesterday was how Ben (I think that was his name) explained everything to me. He explained the things NOT to ever do because it would cause damage to my car, he explained and compared warranties and how they relate to maintenance of current model cars, and he explained the prepaid maintenance options, which I had never heard about. He explained everything in a way that was thorough so I could make decisions. He obtained some extras that I wanted. All in all, a good day. I'm most happy about my new car (convertible), which my grandson and I promptly drove to Santa Cruz in.    SC, San Jose

Frank M. | 2013-05-20

OK, been looking for a 2013 Ram 1500 Express package.

Found 3 online, at three kind of local dealerships, so I went to the closest first, poor attitude, poor inventory and NOT getting my business.

2nd I contacted a dealer about 40 miles away, they had a truck I was interested in, right package and options, but fell through with follow-up.

3rd I contacted Matt Normandin, Online Manager at Normandin CDJ, he took care of me both online and on the phone, appeared to want my business. It's also about 40 miles away.

The next day I drove over with my trade in, met with Matt and he handed me over to Marcus who showed me and demoed the truck I liked. After we talked details a Manager came in with an offer, which I rejected, so he went away and a few minutes later returned with a very acceptable deal.

Next stop Ben in finance, nice/fun guy. We worked out the fine print, lined up an extended warranty and prestige package, both of which I wanted (as I am a veteran of the business and know their value, I'm a retired assistant service manager from a large/major dealership and grew up in the business).

From the time I got there until I drove away in exactly the truck I had been dreaming of, 90 minutes !!!

A week later I returned for the prestige package install, paint, interior and trim protection application. Install the wheel locks, remove a minor dent we found while examining the truck on day one and meet the Service Team.

Steve Rogers, Director of Service and Parts Operations set me up with Reyes Porfilio, Service Advisor, who set me up with a free rental car for two days while they took care of my new baby. That evening he called and told me my truck would be ready for pick up the next morning when they opened. I was there and it was perfect. Turned in my car and drove home.

Getting me into this truck took some work on the parts of sales and finance, but they went above and beyond to make my purchase experience as good as it could be.

Service took just as good care of me as did sales and finance.

All in all, I'd tell anyone I know to take the drive to Normandin, it's where you want to do business.

Gianna B. | 2013-05-15

I just purchased a 2014 Grand Cherokee and I couldn't have had a better experience!! Matt was extremely friendly and helpful. The whole process was quick and painless. Will be back to service my Jeep here when the time comes!

Rhuwena P. | 2013-05-11

I've been eying the Rubicon for a while & Marcus greeted my family with a warm welcome. He took me for a test drive last week & is very knowledgeable of his product...the truck had all the bells & whistles, but the deal wasn't right. After walking away he called me 5 days later saying he had the perfect truck for me, so the family & I went to visit him again & sure enough he was right. He knew what I was looking for & he hit it right on the dot. The experience working with Marcus has been a pleasure. No pressure to buy was ever felt & he was very courteous & friendly. If you guys are into Jeeps, I definitely recommend that you talk to Marcus. He will treat you right! Thanks again Marcus for a wonderful service!

Johnny S. G. | 2013-05-08

I'm sorry to read the negative reviews for Normandin. I've actually had pretty positive experiences so far.

I've dealt with Service Adviser Reyes since the computer of my 2001 Dodge Intrepid went out, which was May of 2011. And haven't had any other issues with the car (now approaching 250,000 miles!!) nor my 2002 Dodge Sport Dakota (now approaching 50,000 miles!!!). I have regular service done on these 2 vehicles when needed and the blessing of the Lord that these vehicles are still looking good and running like new!!

I do wonder though, why nobody in the Service Dept answers their phones.

Laurel L. | 2013-05-03

I purchased a Chrysler from a non-Chrysler dealer and needed to take it in for some warranty work before the bumper-to-bumper ran out. Normandin was the nearest Chrysler dealer to me so I called and made an appointment. While waiting in the service line of cars, I was greeted by a nice gentleman who chatted with me. My service person was Paul and he was super nice and helpful. Some of my warranty stuff I wasn't sure about because it was kind of questionable. Paul got everything worked out and covered under the warranty, everything done and had me on my way within a couple of hours. He explained everything to me and I am super happy. It turns out that the nice man who greeted me was Mr. Normandin. I don't know about the sales group but the Service Dept is awesome and I would seriously think about buying my next vehicle there.

G. K. | 2013-04-26

So it took me a little bit to finally sit down and take the time to write this review as I felt Normandin wasn't even worth my time. However, I want to make sure everyone is aware of what truly goes on at Normandin.

My wife and I were in the market for a new vehicle.  We had purchased a Jeep GC SRT-8 about 5 years ago and loved the truck.  We thought we would go down and take a look at a new SRT as Normandin had 2 at the time.  We go down and were greeted by one of the Normandin family (young man) and he was nice enough.  He took us out in the truck and we liked it and decided to let them appraise our SRT and look at the numbers.

While they were appraising our vehicle, we made small talk with the seemingly inexperienced salesman.  My wife and I are both in sales and tend not to show all of our cards and I think that may have been a little frustrating for the young lad.  As he goes off to figure out our appraisal, the next thing you know "Mo" comes rolling into the office with a chip on his shoulder.

He basically comes out and offends us with a low-ball offer on our truck.  I asked him if those are his final numbers as we would like to go and test drive one more vehicle before making a decision.  He then has the audacity to say "Well, when you are serious, come back and I will give you real numbers".  

Wow..........  Now last time I checked, I was sitting in his showroom, test drove a vehicle 5 years newer than the exact one I currently have and you want to tell me I am not serious about making a deal??????  Really????

So, my wife and I got up, walked out, drove over to St Caire Cadillac, spent $20K MORE on a NEW CTS-V, had an awesome experience and LOVE the new car!

Moral of the story - Mo, you should treat evevy one with respect...  If you had made me the right deal, I was ready to walk out of your store with a new SRT.  However, that ship has sailed.....

** Update **  I have revised my rating from one star to two stars as Paul Normandin reached out to discuss our experience at his dealership.  Paul shows genuine concern about his customers and I commend him for that.  Thank you Paul!

T. S. | 2013-04-26

I bought a used MX-5 Mazda from them. I purchased the car via email and phone. I never left my office until I picked up the car. I used CarGuru to research the car and value plus all the other usual value sites. I was ready to purchase. I had a MINI Cooper trade and had a monthly budget. I first talked to Matt then went to Kenny. I worked with Jim for somethings and then Marlin and Ben. It was a pleasure to buy the car from them. I will go back in two years for the grasshopper Rubicon. I encountered a problem after purchase with a point in the deal. It took phone calls and some wait time but it was taken care of to my satisfaction. This is why 5-stars because they solved the problem. It was fun buying my car from Normandin. The top hasn't been up since I drove it home.

Todd W. | 2013-04-11

I just returned from here on a mission to help my mother, who is in a wheelchair, find a minivan that would be accessible.  We worked with Vee.  He was incredibly helpful and patient with us even though he knew it was unlikely that we would be buying anything in the short term.  When I am ready to purchase a new vehicle I will definitely  go back and look Vee up.  He was not the pushy type of sales person we all run into in this industry, just very knowledgable and patient to help you in making your decisions.  Thank you Vee!


Jessica L. | 2013-04-03

Worce service department ever this place is a joke. They are rude no help at all and to top this off I received my car back filthy and dirty.

Brian K. | 2013-03-20

"Service" Department is a joke - no concept of actual customer service

I brought my van in with a key I bought online to get programmed since the dealer has to program it if you only have one other key.  It was a Saturday at about 3:30pm.  It wasn't busy so I figured it would be pretty quick.

Dan the service adviser was very friendly and eventually the van was moved to a service station to be programmed for $67.  He said that they would clear all previous codes and reprogram the existing and new key.  Sounded good to me, let's do it.....  that's when it all fell apart.

A little while later Dan tells me that after the technician erased the codes the car went into "lock out mode" and that "this happens sometimes.  It locks us out for 90 minutes and we close in 30 minutes and we're closed tomorrow so you will need to leave your car here and pick it up on Monday."


He said it in a sort of sympathetic gee, too bad your car did that, way which made me feel like it was something wrong with my car so they are really not at fault here.  Kinda sucks to be me.

He didn't offer ANY actual CUSTOMER SERVICE.  Not a "gosh, how are you going to get home from here?" or "Is this going to be an inconvenience for you to be out of a car for tomorrow and have to get down here on Monday morning to pick it up?"  or "How can we help you out since we DIDN'T WARN YOU ABOUT THE POSSIBILITY OF THIS HAPPENING AND THUS GIVING YOU THE OPTION TO DO IT ANOTHER TIME WHEN YOU COULD AFFORD TO WAIT FOR 90 MINUTES VS. ANOTHER WHOLE DAY!!!"

Remember, I only came in to get a key reprogrammed, I didn't expect to be leaving my car there.

I did get them to give me a ride home (after asking for one, not being offered).  We managed to get through Sunday with a lot of activities going on with only one car and my wife dropped me off at 7:30am on Monday then fought Northbound 87 traffic to get to work (not fair to her).

On Monday I dealt with Steve who was very friendly but more of the same. He said that they do key programming all the time so that tells me they should have known to warn me about the possibility of lock out.  I told him that I was not pleased about how this all went down and asked him what he was going to do to make the situation right... crickets.....  He said it would be a little while before it would be ready.  I said then I don't want to wait around because I need to get to work so give me a car and I will pick it up later that day when it's ready.  He said he couldn't do that but I could go rent a car myself.  EXCUSE ME????  You guys screwed this up and I have to rent a car if I need to go somewhere?

I said I would NOT be paying for the key programming because of this mess.  He looked at me like I told him I was from Mars.  "Did you buy the car here?"    I'm sorry, what difference does that make?  He finally said: "I'll see what I can do."

Eventually, after 60+ minutes the car was ready to go and Steve did manage to waive the $67 fee.  Thank you.

Bottom line, good customer service SHOULD HAVE looked like this:

1. Tell me in advance about the 90 minute lock out and let ME decide if I am willing to take that risk.
2. Failing #1: Take responsibility for the lack of warning and offer to do whatever you can to ensure that the customer is not further inconvenienced because of your screw up.  Ideally, offering a complementary car.
3. Failing #1 and #2 at the very least offer to waive the programming fee (before being asked) because by now your customer can tell that you have absolutely no concern for him and what is best for him but are only concerned about your own bottom line.

I will never return to this dealership and will tell as many as possible to do the same.

Robert P. | 2013-03-19

I recently purchased a new Jeep Grand Cherokee from Marcus Ramirez. This young man was remarkably knowledgeable of all the features this vehicle had to offer. Although his boss was not particularly willing to deal their best offer, I would still have to say that the experience was pleasant and fast (and believe me, I didn't have much time to waste). If your serious about purchasing for this dealership, see Marcus Ramirez.

Rich H. | 2013-03-12

Just purchased a new vehicle from Normandin in San Jose. I could not  be happier with the service provided by the entire team. If you are considering purchasing a new vehicle, I highly recommend you contact James Mulder, their fleet manager, first. He is a very nice guy, patient and professional.

daniel B. | 2013-03-01

I haven't purchased a new vehicle in over ten years. I was dreading the thought of buying a new Pick up truck. I knew I wanted a Dodge Ram 2500 Diesel. I was able to get the truck I wanted and a great price. I have nothing but great things to say about Jim Mulder, who sold me the truck and Ben, in financing  who wrote up the deal. I would recommend this dealership to everyone. I would would also recommend you talk to Jim, he is a straight shooter.  No bull shit type of guy.

Dan W. | 2013-02-23

I had to drop my 2011 Jeep GC in to take care of signal bulb problem. Jason fixed it for me right there on the spot. I didn't even have to get out of the car. I was on my way in five minutes. Excellent service. And I love the GC. Jeep did a really nice job with this car.

M W. | 2013-02-19

We have purchased 3 vehicles from Normadin and this was by far our best experiencewas quick (from test drive to driving off the lot we were there for less than 2 hours!), we got a fair deal for our trade in, and we never felt pressured, a big deal for me!

We love our purchase! Big thanks to Geoffrey, Mo, and Ben!!!

Katelin M. | 2013-02-05

Normandin is great!  It's true, that they dont answer their phones, but Jason left his email in his recording and got back to me right away.  He told me I could bring my Jeep in that same day since my check engine light was on.  It ended up just being a lose hose.  They fixed it at no charge, and gave me an oil change as well since I was due for one which was only 19.95 with a coupon I had.  

They have drop-off and pick-up shuttle service.  They also offer text messaging so you get updates when you car is ready.

I hope to not need their service anytime soon but will be glad to take my Jeep to Normandin!

Tim C. | 2013-01-11

Phenomenal service! I did not get the feeling I was having a car shoved down my throat as I have in previous experiences purchasing new vehicles. I worked with a guy named Shawn, he was probably the most awesome sales rep I have ever worked with. I will definitely buy mine and my families vehicles from these guys from now on.

I highly suggest that you go see these guys if you want to buy a car, its a family owned business and they do not have the cheesy car salesman attitudes .  I was able to get out of there with the Jeep I wanted under the price that I wanted to pay.

Thanks again Shawn, I love my jeep .

Tim Cook.

Priyal S. | 2013-01-05

Jason is the man to meet for servicing. First time going to a jeep dealership, and i was amazed at the service they provided me. Checked my engine, replaced a few things and i was out. I went to go pick my car on saturday and the servicing dept. closed at 4pm, but I'm guessing i met the manager, and he did what many people don't do as a manager, as much now! He basically helped me get my jeep from the service dept.   props to the guys at jeep! I wish i had come here before!

Thanks Jeep for the wonderful service, you guys are doing a fantastic job!

Neil K. | 2012-12-10

Buying experience was very low key.  I shopped several other dealers and Normandin was the price leader.  Neither the sales staff nor the finance staff was pushy.  The owner made time to shake my hand and thank me for my business.  I was in and out in and out in 90 minutes.  First service was free and done as promised.

Victoria T. | 2012-10-25

This review is for the bodyshop in back of the dealer.

A while back, our insurance company sent us there. When we arrived, the receptionist lady was nice. She is not the problem. However, the so called manager there was absolutely a disaster. To start with, he was mad when the receptionist paged him and interrupted him (From his smoking break?). Then he absolutely totally ignored whatever we said, not even listening or paying a bit of attention. He quickly did his own thing, and chewing sunflower seeds at the same time, spitting the shells out right in front of us. Totally un-professional, low class. Even a street bum behaves better than this guy, and he is the bodyshop manager?

John M. | 2012-10-20

I love cars. And buying a car should be easy, but it's probably one of the most stressful and annoying processes for most of us. Pushy sales people, the negotiations on price, the pressure to buy extended warranties and "extras".

When my 2011 Mustang was lemoned, I decided to buy a Dodge Challenger SRT8 and my only experience with Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep dealers was Stevens Creek. Read my review of that place to see why I'd NEVER buy a car from them. Then, I read the reviews of Normandin Chrysler and thought "let me give them a try". WHAT A DIFFERENCE!

Here's what I did:
1. Built my car online at the Dodge website exactly how I wanted it.
2. Emailed every Dodge dealer within 100 miles of my home for a quote.

In 24 hours, Kenny (Internet Sales) at Normandin emailed me back with a quote that was UNDER INVOICE. The only add-ons were tax and License and he stated it would take about 4 weeks for the car to be delivered from the factory. All via email, I left a $1000 deposit and within 24 hours, received an email from Dodge with a link to track the build process of my car. And 4 weeks later... just as promised... my car arrived at the dealership. Kenny called to say it was there and when I arrived, there it was all new, clean, and perfect. He tossed me the keys and we took a quick drive. After a few minutes of filling out the DMV paperwork, I met with their finance guy who offered an extended warranty at a GREAT price. I declined and there was no pressure AT ALL. I signed and drove away.

That's how simple buying a car should be. If you're looking for a new Chrysler, Dodge, RAM, or Jeep, do yourself a favor and call or email Kenny at Normandin.

Five Stars!!!

dave m. | 2012-10-01

This is just a follow up from last week. These knuckleheads that call themselves the parts dept. now told me they had my phone number wrong the whole time and the part has been there the whole time. So I wonder why when I called them the previous 3 times and went in there they never mentioned this until now? And if my part was there why weren't they able to locate it last week? They are basically liars. This place and the guys who take your info, you REALLY NEED TO MAKE SURE THEY GET ALL YOUR INFO CORRECT. They got my phone number wrong, my credit card number wrong, and my address wrong. It's like they have no idea what there doing. But the icing on the cake was I FINALLY after almost a MONTH go to get my part and its the WRONG PART! Like I said these guys are horrible and I hope they go out of business soon. I'll never set foot in that place again

Julia K. | 2012-09-28

I have had the best experience at this Chrysler Dealership...the service department and body shop ROCK.  Ask for Paul in service...he is kind and diligent.
You can trust them to do the job right the first time.  The facility is clean, very clean.
They are very busy, because they are good, so it takes a little patience on the customers part ... they do really try hard.

When we bought our Jeep they were efficient and personable.  Our Chrysler 300 C was the best car I ever owned and we got close to 200K miles on it before it had to be put out of commission...the people at Normandin were great at taking care of it...

Thanks Normandin for a great run with your cars.

Chris M. | 2012-09-10

While this dealership has a large lot and decent facilities, I did not have the greatest experience here.  Two things stand out in particular: 1) all the cars are locked all the time, so it is a big imposition to go find a salesperson, who hopefully gets the right set of keys (something that didn't happen for me x3) so you can take a look inside.  2) very abbreviated test drive, insufficient to evaluate the car.  If you don't treat me as a serious buyer (and if I am risking the hassle to ask for a test drive, I am), then I can't treat you as a serious seller.

The salesman was pleasant enough and didn't pressure me.   However, I honestly had a better experience at other CJD dealerships in the area.

Jesse S. | 2012-09-07

This review is for the Dodge service department.

I cringe every time I have to deal with these jackasses. For starters, the service advisers NEVER answer their phone. Do you know what the service advisers' job is? It's to write up estimates, answer customer questions, and let you know when your car is ready. All of that should be done from their desk, where the phone is. They don't actually fix the cars. Why don't they ever answer their phones? Why does it take hours or days for them to return messages? What are they so busy doing?

I always have to deal with Kevin, and he's among the worst service advisers I've ever had to deal with. Rude and condescending and doesn't seem to know what he's talking about half the time.

Took my car here to get a problem fixed with the steering column that caused a warning light to come on when I make left turns. They had my car for two days and said it was fixed. On the way home from the dealer, I made a left turn and the warning light came on. I called to ask what the fuck, and they said there are two parts that needed to be replaced, but the warranty company would only cover one of them, so they only replaced one of them. They never told me any of that of course. They said they road tested it and found it to be fixed, which I don't believe.

I brought it back and asked them to fix the second part. They didn't give any estimate of how long it would take to fix. After three days, I asked when my car would be ready, and they said they had to order parts and it would be ready tomorrow. So they had my car sitting there for 3 days waiting for parts and never even bothered to tell me.

I asked them to do a break inspection and they said I needed to replace all 4 rotors. I called bullshit and brought the car someplace else who told me I needed to replace two rotors and resurface the other two. Big difference in price. They also pointed out that the control arms were broken, which the dealer didn't happen to notice. How could they be so sloppy?

Burbie G. | 2012-08-23

Kenny and Benny are the guys to see - Kenny for your buying experience - if you are looking for high pressure used car sales men guys - DON"T talk to Kenny - He's everything opposite - he made our experience such a pleasure after having been to another place that sells Jeeps in the area where we felt we were just a number and more so where we witnessed the staff arguing who's customer we were! (charming experience) - but Kenny restored our faith in car sales men.  Benny was the finance guy - he listened to us - we listed to him - everything was well explained and the deal was done.  Pretty clean deal - no fuss - but we had a lot of expectations having been and spoken to a number of other dealers over the weekend we bought our car here (this was a few months ago but promised I would write a review just been a long time coming).  Can't speak for the service department - we may or may not try them but will certainly return and work with both Kenny and Benny again if they are there the next time we need a new car.

Dan B. | 2012-08-20

Come to Normandin if you're looking to buy a Chrysler, Jeep or Dodge! They will help you find the car you have been looking for. This place is great they will work with you and have great people!

Marcus is the man to see if you want a new ride!

Robert N Nadja B. | 2012-08-20

Me and my husband just got a car here and the experience was awesome. The sales consultant was very nice and helpful his name is Marcus Ramirez. We didn't  even have to look that long because he listened to us and got us the car we wanted for a great price. Thank you so much we love our car!

Gene L. | 2012-07-30

Pleasant car buying experience - dealt with salesman Mark Matter and finance manager Marlon Dimalanta. Quite surprised at the lack of upsells throughout the entire 3~4 hours I was there.

After settling on a specific vehicle, Mark put me through the paces rather briskly. When it came time to finish off the paperwork in the finance department, Marlon offered to sell me LoJack + an extended warranty only, and none of the unnecessary add-ons many dealerships try to push onto customers (ie: interior/exterior protectant, alarm, CD-changer, window etching, etc...)

Of course, having done proper research beforehand helped move things along; but overall, Mark and Marlon made me a happy owner of a new car without the usual  sales pitches & expected hassle of buying a car.

Albert S. | 2012-07-29

I had a very bad experience in purchasing my truck at this dealer. Delivery etc was so poor. Had it not been for the vehicle itself, I would have gone elsewhere. The Salesman that sold me my car seemed to be an early graduate from the worse salesman university. Their follow up was equally poor. I chose to have my car serviced at another dodge dealer who treats me as a valued customer. I would not recommend this dealer

Sarah B. | 2012-07-27

I went to Normandin's service department with a 4-year-old well-kept Dodge, naively cheery, expecting some semblance of efficiency in service and/or reasonably knowledgeable staff. I should have checked Yelp.

On arrival Wednesday morning I met Kevin. We went over the concerns I had, he listened to the awful noise, and he signed in my car. He said he'd call me that afternoon to let me know what they found, but by closing there had been no call.

Thursday: I phoned and got no answer. Eventually someone did answer, informed me that Kevin was out that day, and couldn't locate the warranty information I had given. Many hours later, I had an estimate, and I was told work could be done that afternoon, but realistically I should expect to pick up my car in the morning. To me, this seemed honest and fair. I suppose I was speaking with some kind of liason to anyone who had any idea about my car, because he repeated the same costs to me when I asked how they addressed my initial concerns, really confounding my efforts to KNOW ANYTHING AT ALL ABOUT THE SITUATION.

Friday: I phoned and got no answer. Kevin called mid-morning (hey, my old service representative buddy! Remember the time you never called me, kept my vehicle overnight, and disappeared for a day?) to say that my car was "being worked on now," and I could expect to have it back sometime in the afternoon. I lost my cheery disposition at this point: two full days during which my car was not actually worked on. When I got it back the brake sounds said to have been caused by the faulty alternator were as before, but I'll try to take their word for the necessity of its replacement.

My experience with Normandin left me politely, impotently angry - angrier than I've ever been about car maintenance, and coming off a junker from '93 I have experienced a lot of it. They seem to do enough business not to have to care very much about how they do it; I've never been as tossed-aside and casually kept waiting without updates on the status of my transportation and totally without a handle on the diagnosis. I get the impression that a 3-day turnaround for a simple repair with a part in stock is not unusual, as no apologies were made, no explanations given.

It is the most inefficient, unresponsive business I have ever paid to exhaust me. It's a bad joke, and you can expect to call a dozen times without answer on your way to the punch line.

UPDATE: The best part might be the automated calls and e-mails I continue to receive a year later, reminding me to return, and how can we harass/distress you some more.

Colin G. | 2012-07-21

Normandin's son is a buddy of mine, and when he heard my 2004 Tacoma was in a wreck, he told me they have a body shop as well as a dealership.  Being new to the South Bay, my decision to take the truck here was an easy one given the connection.  That said, these guys did a great job.  Doug, the body shop manager, told me it would take 2-3 weeks to complete the work.  At 2 weeks 3 days he called me to let me know I could pick up the truck that afternoon.  During that time, they replaced my front and rear bumpers, both front quarter panels, and they pulled in the left side of the bed about an inch.  I'm no expert when it comes to paint, but if there is any difference between the new white and the old, it is indiscernible to my eyes.  Honestly, after the detail job they did, the truck looks as good as it did they day I picked it up.

One last thing to note: there is an Enterprise Rental facility adjacent to Normandin's.  My insurance covered my rental car while the work was done, so I was able to walk over and get my rental after dropping off my truck.  The claims agent came by the shop to check it out before they started work.

Anyway, I highly recommend this place.  I can only speak to my own experience, but I would have no problem bringing my truck back here in the future (although hopefully I won't ever need to do so).

Brett K. | 2012-07-01

I went into Normandin to test drive the new Dodge Challenger, fell in love with it after the test drive and went forward with the purchase. This was the second car I have ever purchased and Mark Matter from sales was incredibly helpful, friendly, and made the process easy and quick. He let me test drive the car and the car spoke for itself, no high pressure salesman ship, just presented me with facts about the car which I really appreciated. Got a great deal on the car and I couldn't be any happier.

Lisa H. | 2012-06-27

My husband and I had a wonderful experience at Normandin. We traded in our 2010 Jeep for a new 2012 Jeep. Our sales person Harry Singh was great (he's been working there for 10 years!). The negotiations took less then 20 minutes and there was no pressure of "closing the deal". The only emotion was excitement when we drove away with our New 2012 Jeep.

Michael S. | 2012-06-26

I bought a used 04 GMC 2500HD that came with some dents, I spoke with Doug the mgr and he wrote me up a great price on the repairs. Being white they match the color perfect and can't even tell any work was done. My rear bumper was little bent and they even trimmed the bumper pad to make it look less damaged, you hardly notice the bent bumper now. After the work they detailed it and detail guys did a great job. Service is number one there and they take care of their customers. My HD looks real good and i feel better driving it now that its clean and straight.

A L. | 2012-06-16

I'd read some really positive reviews about this dealership on yelp which was the reason I bought from them.  Unfortunately, my experience was far different.

I bought a new 2012 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited in March 2012.  The sales experience was awful.  The vehicle had defects in the paint which required multiple trips back and forth to the dealership (it wass a 60 mile round trip for me).

The body shop manager was an absolute jerk.  I never felt like anyone would take ownership of the issue.  I kept getting passed from one person to the next, and the next person never knew what was going.  It was almost as if once they had sold the car, I was on my own.

I will never go back to this dealership.

Alan S. | 2012-06-12

This place is awesome they are so nice and they helped me wen other dealerships Didn't want to help us . This place is a must go if u want to buy a car highly recommended

Barbara B. | 2012-05-25

Best car buying experience I have ever had (I purchased a Jeep Liberty Latitude). I have purchased four vehicles prior to this one at other dealerships and this was my second Jeep Liberty purchase.  

From the moment I walked through the door, I was approached in a friendly, non-aggressive manner by Federico.  He has a nice, laid-back, no pressure European style that I appreciated.

My hackles are always up around sales people and I hate 'being sold'. There was none of this with Federico - he just provided information and let me take a test drive.  I do my research and have exact VIN numbers written down from the website when I arrive.  It is important for me to do the research before I step through a dealer's door to make sure I am an informed consumer.

The first vehicle I drove was exactly what I had asked to see, but somehow the model wasn't working for me.  I mentioned this to Federico and said that I needed to think about it.  It is at this point you normally put up your force shield to fend off the hardcore sales pitch. There was none of that. He said okay, and we made an appointment for the following week to get together again.

In the meantime, I went to other dealers over two hours away.  One had the exact features and color that I was interested in and it drove like a dream.  I was prepared to buy at this dealer - until - the floor manager under estimated my knowledge and low-balled my Jeep trade-in by over a thousand dollars.  I felt this was pretty sleazy, and informed the sales guy that it was insulting that they would approach me with a number that far under blue book value.  It was that moment that I decided that I would not give this dealer my business - even though the vehicle had everything I wanted.  I refuse to reward bad behavior.

I went back online to the Normandin website to research the models they had and I found one that had all my requirements but was in my second choice of color.  

I had an appointment with Federico on Tuesday, but had already made a decision to buy from Normandin provided they could locate me a vehicle that met my most critical requirements (tow package).  

On impulse, I stopped in on the Saturday before our appointment to see if Federico was around - he was -I had identified my first and second choice vehicles in their inventory and provided the VIN numbers.  We test drove my first choice and I knew instantly that this was the vehicle that I wanted and decided to go with it.  

The negotiations with the Floor Manager, Moe, on price were very fair, plus I knew what I was willing to pay for the vehicle before I walked through the door and how much I wanted for my trade-in.  Once we all agreed on a price, I was off to Ben to take care of payment.  I paid cash for the vehicle, so there was no financing to work through.  Ben was engaging and I enjoyed my discussions with him during a process that normally is tedious.

From start to finish - this was a great experience.  It is the consumers' responsibility to be informed and I was, which made the buying experience less stressful because I already had the facts.  I knew what I wanted and how much I was willing to pay for it before I got to the dealer as well as the dealer trade-in value of my current Jeep.  If you don't do your research and get a bad deal - that is your own fault.

The final decision was which dealer was most worthy of my business and it was an easy decision.  Federico's no pressure, authentically friendly demeanor was a sales style that I wanted to support and reward - he is like the Unicorn of car sales people.  You are convinced it doesn't exist - but then you meet and work with someone genuine like Federico and feel good about giving them your business.

Federico, Moe, and Ben made a lifelong customer for Normandin.  Each time I get in my Jeep, I feel good about the purchase and the people that I gave my business.  Great job!

Wilma H. | 2012-05-01

If you can live without your car for several days, take it here.  They seem to have a hard time getting Chrysler  parts.  The service department maybe good at doing repairs but it takes for ever.  I took my car in for transmission repair.  I had an appoint but they never looked at the car for a week, there were other cars inline before mine.  If I had know this I would have taken it someplace else. This time a piece in the shifting gear broke.  Kevin told me he had to order a part.  It would be in the next day and he would call and let me know when it would be ready.  When I called Kevin, he told me the part had not arrive but he would check to see what happened.  It seems there was something wrong with the order he placed.  Kevin said it would be shipped today and he would have it by  the next day.  Kevin has never done anything on the time he told me

Leo G. | 2012-04-16

Our sales rep, Phil, was outstanding.  He was really terrific and helpful.  Yes, there were a few times where he pushed, but it never got the point of being annoying or over the top.  He's been selling cars for a lot of years and took his time explaining his product.  

When it came down to business though, this dealership falls short.  We were in the market for a minivan and had selected one from their lot.  It had a markup of $1995 over MSRP (yes on a minivan).  We sat down to begin our negotiations and I made it very clear that there was no chance I would even consider the idea of a markup on a minivan and that the negotiations would need to start from MSRP.  After promising the world and a smoking deal (about 45 minutes of "the game" being played) the sales manager came out and offered me MSRP telling me how much he had hooked me up by waiving the markup.  

That was just a quick reminder as to why we'll be sure to purchase all of our future vehicles through the internet/fleet department.  No games, no hassle, just a good price.

Darren M. | 2012-03-07

If you are in the San Jose area and in need/want of Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep, RAM service or purchase GO HERE.

Talk to James in Fleet sales.

Their dealership is large and has some VERY cool old cars in their showroom showing off how Normandin has been in business since 1875!!!

Tim S. | 2012-03-05

This review is for car buying only! Service department is 5 stars!

DO NOT BUY FROM THEM! Their word, hand shake, and even signed an agreement means nothing. They backed out of them all.

I went into the dealership Sunday to buy a new Patriot. We agreed on a price, did a hand shake, even signed on the line. 1/2 hour later they came out and say we made a mistake and need to charge you $500 more! WHAT?!? No way.. we agreed, we shook on it, we even signed the paper! Take that $500 out of something else we said.. They said sorry no deal then. WE WALKED OUT! Complete waste of time and worse service ever!! I will not let any Friends buy from this place again!

I called a few other dealership with the exact paper work I had signed, as I still had a copy in my hand... I found my exact Patriot at the dealership in Dublin. They were GREAT! Jeep bought and sold. =)

dennis c. | 2012-03-03

My wife and I recently (12/11/11) bought a "Certified PreOwned" 2010 JEEP Compass at Normandin Chrysler/Jeep/Dodge of San Jose and although we love our JEEP and thought we paid a fair price, we are very disappointed with how the after sales service has transpired.  A day after the purchase, my wife and I noticed a few basic things that we thought a "CPO" car should include like floor mats, an extra set of keys (we were given 1 key), and a carfax report.  The sales guy who sold us the car, Jim (Carl?), was completely M.I.A even after multiple calls and voicemails. We felt these are information that he should have been provided or explained to us during and after the sale cycle.

So we decided to contact the sales manager and the disappointment did not stop here. The used car sales manager,  Ronnie , offered a duplicate key at "cost"  -  $117 is at cost for a key!?. Even the basic floor mat is extra!? When I told him that this was not my experience when I bought a CPO from Audi,  he basically told me that I cannot compare my experience with buying an Audi from buying a Jeep. Wow!  The "manager" just admitted that you do not pay us enough to give you the basic level of customer service. He should just say we suck you can't compare us to Audi.

A few days or 100 miles later we had a flat tire and had to bring the car to a tire shop, the guy at the tire shop noticed that one of the other "good" tire had a huge crack that they recommend we replace due to the location of the crack. Wow!! This is a certified pre-owned that should have been inspected! I decided to go ahead and replace all four tires for safety reasons. The worst of this is that the tire shop after the test drive around the parking lot confirmed a rattling noise from the front side of the car that my wife and I also have noticed but never made a big deal of (it's a CPO!). He recommended that we have the car inspected right away since he suspects something is not right.  And behold, upon visit to the nearest Chrysler/Jeep dealership service shop it was confirmed that our Jeep's control arm bushing is worn out. WOW!!! This is a certified pre owned that should have been inspected! If a kid from a tire shop can notice an issue why didn't a mechanic at Jeep!? Normandin just completely lost our confidence. We are not having our car looked at by these clowns - even if it's for free!.

I do not expect used cars to be perfect. But I did not expect this much issues from a "certified pre owned" after just 100 miles or a few days of driving. These clowns at Normandin does not know anything about "after the sales customer service" NOR do they know what "Certified" means. IT MEANS that you can put your name on the work and guarantee that everything is up to standard. Finding a huge crack on a tire and driving a "certified" car off the sales lot with a worn out control arm/bushing  is NOT UP TO STANDARD.

Although, my wife and I love the Jeep, dealing with Normandin was not a pleasant experience that we care to repeat. We do not trust these clowns to work on our JEEP even if it's free.

Next time someone complements our nice Jeep, We will recommend any dealership but Normandin of San Jose. We can stand by our "word' and there is no way we can recommend Normandin of San Jose after this experience.


Jackie E. | 2012-02-04

They switched out my license plate holder without asking permission. They put a tag in my window that says I need another service in 3,000 miles when owner's manual states service is only needed every 6,000 miles.
The car dealership where I usually go for service washes my car for free in addition to charging LESS for service.

Joey I. | 2012-01-09

Bad experience at buying my first ever american car, the sales guy said the car had bluetooth, satelite radio, and it did not have any of these, floor mats were not included so they gave us cheap normandin ones that lasted for about 3 days and then fell apart, went to get a cargo cover because the salesman said that we could get the cover at retail cost, the parts guy got up and went to yell at the salesmen right in front of us and this scared us. I am going to try to get the things that the guy said the car had from dodge because that is a false claim and false advertisment. Worst experience ever

Paula B. | 2011-11-28

I decided to go here since my experiences with the dealership on stevens creek (their service dept) were terrible. From the moment i drove up for my appt., the gentleman that drives the cars forward was welcoming and even made me laugh at 7am ( Im not at all a morning person so this was a big plus for me)! I cant say enough nice things about Rick- my service guy. He was wonderful, explained my warranty benefits, and addressed every issue i brought up ( this was the total opposite at the stevens creek service dept.). He was sincere, honest, and a genuinely nice guy. He exceeded my expectations of great customer service! Because of Rick, I would definately recommend this dealerships service dept.

Mike S. | 2011-11-14

After doing a lot of research, I called Kenny, the Internet/Fleet Manager, and came in to place the order for my new car.  

He was very friendly, and we very quickly got through the available options and discussed price.  This was a no hassle, no negotiation deal; The price was a (very tiny!) fixed amount over inventory, minus any available rebates/specials/whatever which might apply once the car arrived.

After leaving a deposit, contact information, and a handshake (which took about 30 minutes total), I was on my way out the door.  The next business day, I had an email from Jeep with a link to my order status, so I could "watch" the car being assembled/shipped.

I was kept updated on the status of the order on a regular basis until it arrived from the factory roughly five weeks later.  On the last call (when Kenny called to tell me the car had arrived), Kenny told me that a manufacturer's rebate was available, so the new price for the car would be significantly BELOW the invoice price!  We scheduled a time for me to come by to pick it up, and I saw him the next day.

When I arrived, Kenny greeted me.  Before doing the paperwork, I suggested that we take a quick test drive around the block, just to make sure everything worked as expected.  He handed me the key fob and said "take your time -- it's your car!".  

Talk about being treated with trust, humility, and respect!  :-)

After cruising around the block on my own, we very quickly went through the details (no surprises -- everything was exactly what was previously discussed, including the price), and then I sat down with the finance guy to do the paperwork, and Kenny met me again to do car setup.  All in all, maybe another hour or so.

Seriously...there was absolutely nothing more these guys could have done to make me feel more comfortable, respected, and appreciated.  I really can't expect to ever have a better car buying experience than I had with Kenny at Normandin Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram.

Max L. | 2011-10-18

Kenny Rocks!

We previously had an awful experience at another dealer on the same street and that made us lose all the faith of this car-buying system, then a friend referenced Normandin to us and there we were! It only took Kenny less than 2 hours to get everything ready for us and we do appreciate everything you've done for us in such a professional manner!

Max at Sunnyvale 2011-10-18

Michael C. | 2011-10-15

This place is a Joke!  They will tell you endlessly about how they have been in business for 150 years.  The customer service is terrible.  The people that own the dealership volunteer at Marthas Kitchen the local soup kitchen in San Jose.  If they really want to help out the community they should spend more time at their place of business and improve customer service.  If you do go here do not interact with a salesman named Marcus he will act as though he has a legitimate concern for helping the customer, but in reality he is the epitome of the sleezy car salesman.  I would rather someone be upfront then perpatrate.  Stevens Creek gets the bad rap, but at least they let you know where they are coming from

Linda S. | 2011-09-30

So I took my car in about a week ago to get the oil changed (I also bought it here a year ago-that was a great experiance)..

I tell the technician that my left blinker is also out. After waiting 1.5 hours for the fix, he comes and tells me the oil changes is good and (his exact words): "Ma'am we don't see the blinker out, you must not know how to use it properly"

So I leave and guess what, I do know how to use the blinker, and the  light is out!! Grrr!

Not sure if the comment was sexist but it was not right and the fact that the light didn;t get fixed and I will now need to take another day off work to get it fixed I am very unhappy!

Daniel L. | 2011-09-12

This past June I took the family to spend an entire day test driving various 2011 models and configurations until we found just the one for us.  The sales staff were patient and accomodating.

They located the exact configuration we wanted at another dealership and had it ready for us the next morning.

Ben "aka, The Closer" was very friendly while going over all of the fine print and presenting a fair deal.  While the dealership was stingy on the trade-in value, I felt they made up for it with other discounts in my case.  The Costco membership discount makes the price negotiation process much easier.

First service went very smoothly.  The detail shop did a fantastic job on the Prestige package.  Paint and leather look great.

Victor L. | 2011-08-27

Don't come here to buy!!

Customer service sucks I test drove a Durango and the salesman seemed to have no interest in my business after I told him I would think about his offer for the car. I asked for his business card and he blew me off. Ended up purchasing the same exact car I test drove at Putnam dodge in Burlingame. These guys here at Normandin could learn a thing or two about customer service from Putnam.

Stephan C. | 2011-08-10

I took my car in for an "Engine Check" light with code P 0406 (EGR)  and P 0032 (O2 sensor)  (I gave them the codes when I dropped it off). They charged me $135 to tell me I needed to replace the EGR and the O2 sensor; they wanted almost $700 to fix the problem.

Needless to say, I will never go back.

Jennifer P. | 2011-08-05

My boyfriend and I just recently purchased a vehicle from James Molder and he was the BEST! Great customer service and he went out of his way to make sure we were happy. I will definitely recommend this dealership to anyone that wants excellent service. We are very happy customers. Thank you James. I'll send all my family and friends to you because I know you will take care of them.

Chris G. | 2011-07-29

I bought two cars from here. I went to Kenny. He is so nice and a sweet guy. He did not pressure us when we were looking for our first dodge grand caravan then I got in an accident and had to get a new car and he helped us find a used one. I recommend coming here and seeing Kenny. I would buy again from him.

Jessica J. | 2011-07-21

Great staff, love my new Jeep GC! Harry and Ben are super friendly. This was such a great car buying experience...Not only am I happy with my new jeep, but I loved that it felt like I wasn't pressured into buying anything. :)

mark m. | 2011-06-06

I have been there twice for parts and service. The staff are nice people. The work they do is great. I will continue to bring my Dodge Ram there.

Angie I. | 2011-05-27

James Mulder, the fleet manager at Normandin is wonderful. What else can I say? If you want to be treated like a person and actually talk to a car salesman who knows his stuff, go to Normandin. James was amazing. He made us feel so important and we will definitely be buying our next car from  Normandin. 5 stars all the way!!!!

Jen R. | 2011-05-19

Sorry to read Rick C's review, because I thought James was a doll to work with.  He went well out of his way to help me get as much of what I wanted for my budget.  He didn't waste our time trying to sell me options I didn't need, and even worked something out with another dealer to get the right Durango for me.  When it didn't arrive in the time he'd promised, he set me up with a loaner for the day I would have been put out.  He had even offered to send for lunch while we hammered out the final details!  This was definitely one of the best car-buying experiences I've ever had, and a co-worker went to see James after I told him how well I was treated.  I don't think I've ever worked with a more knowledgeable salesman, and I really appreciated his straightforward manner.  It was very refreshing not to feel like I had been taken advantage of, or that I was being condescended to because I'm a girl.  Gotta love plain ol' respectful treatment.  Thank you for all your help!!

eddie t. | 2011-05-07

Ok, so where do I start. Two months ago, I began my car search.  I was interested in purchasing a 2011 Challenger.  I first visited Stevens Creek Dodge and experienced the WORST service humanly possible.  The rookie sales guy and his "manager" were dealership bullies.  Our conversation at the table after the test drive lasted no longer than five minutes.  The interrogation and pushy attempt to get me to submit to the old "how much do you want to pay monthly" line, was lame.  I became very uninterested in wanting to buy a car.  I thought, okay, the last time i bought a car was five years ago and five years before that and both times I dealt with the same "bully" sales guys at different dealerships.  I ended up giving in because I wanted the cars.  Geez, ten years later and its still the same jerks that run the show.

So, two months pass after that incident & I decided to give Normandin on Capitol Expressway a try.  I called ahead of time, asked to speak to the fleet manager and was transferred to Lee.  I explained to Lee about the guys  at Stevens Creek and how customer service would actually be nice for a change.  Lee said, "come by, lets see what we can do."

I showed up a little after lunch time, test drove an RT challenger and began the negotiations.  Lee was straight forward, told me the actual price based on what add-ons i was looking for without the smoke and mirrors and he took the time to go through the various options and models.  Lee was extremely thorough with all the details.  Long story short, he found the RT Plus model to my EXACT specifications at another dealership in Walnut Creek and with the help of Randy and the owners, did a vehicle trade to get the car I wanted over to Normandin.  

That day was Lee's "Friday" & he was supposed to be off at 5pm.  My challenger was en route from Walnut Creek to San Jose at around 6:30pm.  Lee called his family and said he'd be home a little late to finalize my purchase.  The car arrived and was detailed and ready by 8pm.  Lee stuck around & was insistant on going over the walkthrough in full detail despite holding over passed his off time.  I left about 9pm with my new 2011 Challenger R/T!  

The eight hour process from start to end was a pleasant experience.  I was extremely impressed with Lee's commitment, excellent customer service, friendly demeanor and most importantly going above and beyond the call of duty to help me out.  

My experience with Lee gave me faith in the car buying system.  I was treated like a human and not a stat.  Give Lee Roebke a buzz, he'll do his best to get you into the car you want.

Rick C. | 2011-05-05

I was looking at an '11 Jeep Grand Cherokee and had a 2005 Mercedes Benz CLK 500 as a trade-in. Long story short, JAMES MULDER, "Fleet Manager",said that the max he could give me on the trade in was $10k. ... despite the car blue booking for nearly $18k. I laughed at the quote.

James then said "you won't get more than $10k. Any dealer offering more would be insane and I'd be weary of them" .

LOL. Needless to say, I ended up purchasing at Lithia Dodge in Santa Rosa and without any haggling, they offered me $16k for me trade-in. Also, prior to my purchase, Autoworld Dodge in Petaluma offered me $15k for the trade in.

I'd stay FAR AWAY from this dealership and from JAMES MULDER .... unless of course you want to be ripped off.

Mykia F. | 2011-04-04

This was the best car buying experience. I communicated with Lee through the internet an let him know exactly what I wanted. When we pulled up the vehicle was all ready there waiting for us to test drive. He went over the entire vehicle for us and answered all our questions.  We told them what we anted to put down and what we could afford to pay. Everything went smoothyly with the financing, we did not have to wheel and deal lol. Will be aback when ready to purchase in the future. FYI I drove 50 miles out of the way for the same vehicle that was at the San Leandro location because of the service, was on their lot for almost an hour and no one spoke to us or tried to help. The customer serbice at Normadin is excellent!

Mo C. | 2011-03-05

I went to Normandin Dodge dealership for the first time to have my keys programmed and I have to say I received A+++ service.  Steve Rodgers in service was beyond awesome and Bob in parts was good providing he was the only one there and was courteous to let every one in line know he would get to them as soon as possible.  I have to say I left the dealership really really happy and proud to be a Dodge owner.  Thanks for the great service You are definately the new home for my Charger needs.

Eric C. | 2011-02-16

They got the job done, however they do not place emphasis on quality, rather quanity is their M.O.  I brought in my Wife's SUV for a bumper replacement (with paint).  They painted the bumper off of the vehichle.  Anyone who knows about these things know that a journeyman painter would never paint a replacement part off of the car.  The reason is that no paint mixed after the fact will match 100%, so they employee a blenbding technique to effectively fools your eye into believing they are an exact match, or makes any difference impercievable.  When I complained he told me it was impossible to match paint on plastic to paint on metal.  Then he offered to respray it, however my insurance is not going to pay for another rental, so they pretty much blew the one chance they had to get it right.  Bottom line is, you might get lucky depending on your type of damage and paint color.  White is one of the toughest colors to match as if relects the most light back at your eye,

Larry G. | 2011-01-26

We just had the hood repainted on our Mercedes and it looks great. I guess we didn't pay the parking lot attendant a big enough tip and they keyed the hood.
The estimate and painting process was fast and easy. The car was washed, windows cleaned, and it look like brand new.

Vu H. | 2011-01-10

Had to get a key made and programed. Ben in parts was helpful. Pretty good service.

Solita M. | 2011-01-08

Sorry. The last time I went in in the fall to get my car serviced, Mr. Toscano in the service department was an as*. So, I turned around and decided to buy a new vehicle in November---at Stevens Creek Chrysler. They were much nicer to me. Too bad, so sad.

And yes, I am sure the Normandin people know who I am since I sent them the exact same email.

Edwin D. | 2010-11-04

We bought our Jeep Commander, including a maintenance contract here a couple of years ago and so far we have had only excellent customer service. Jason our maintenance guy is very reliable always returns phone calls the same day. 2 months ago our other Jeep had problems with the windows. They did not close and were half way stuck. They took us in right away and fixed the problem. Then 2 weeks later the same problem appeared with one back door window and again the problem was fixed the same day. We have been very loyal Jeep clients and would not think of changing to a different brand or maintenance shop!

Susan W. | 2010-09-07

My in-laws were visiting, and needed to get an oil change on their rental car.  They insisted on using a dealer, and went here because the car was a Seabring.  We called before to see if they could schedule us for today, they said yes, and we said we'd be right down and drove the 5 minutes to the dealer.

Arriving shortly after 11:30 they took the car in, and then came out in a few minutes to say they might not get it done before lunch!  

Since they already had the car, it wasn't really an option to leave.  Two hours and $40 later, our oil change was done.  (The actual oil change took 15 minutes.)

Milton A. | 2010-08-15

Either car sales people lie or they are pushy. Harry lied to us. My wife and I went to Normandin to look for a Pt Cruiser. After we found the one we liked, we were told that we could not get it out the door for 10,000 because they bought the car for $9755. No big whoop. We left. Later that night, Harry called my house 3 times to tell us they have another car for us in our price range. Excited about the new prospect, we met with Harry again ( He was not pushy) Saturday afternoon. My wife started the car. I thought it sounded a little weird, but she was happy with it. My wife looked through the car and liked it. I checked under the car and found nothing but rust from bumper to bumper. I asked Harry "where did this car come from?" At first he said "I don't know because it's a rental". "You don't know?" I replied. I was surprised because he was after us to buy this car for three days. He finally said, in a low voice, I think Hawaii. This would explain the rust. My wife asked if the bottom falls out would it be covered under the warranty (Certified Pre-Owned). He said no, but at least you would get two years out of it. WTF! Not only did he waste our time, the company was trying to sell us a rusted 2008 silver Pt Cruiser from Hawaii. They bought this car on 8/4/2010 and the Grey one we liked was purchased in April. This is why the price dropped from $13,999 to under $10,000. They wanted to get rid of it quickly. Do not be fooled by the history of this dealership and be careful what Harry says. He may try to sell you a car without an engine and claim he does not know how that happened.

Andrea S. | 2010-07-16

Very pleased with the service at this dealership. Got a great deal on a car and the transaction went smoothly with no high pressure sales tactics. Upon purchasing the car, they had given me a key that didnt work on any of the door locks, but they were able to get a key maker to come out and make one that did.

Steve M. | 2010-07-13

I'd like to start off by saying that I have never purchased a new car until I came across this dealership. I had gone to 2 other Dodge dealerships, and luckily this one was the best out of all 3.

Oliver helped us out as soon as we got there. Their team wasn't pushy or rude. They were very helpful and didn't take too long trying to play the "game". Ben, the finance guy was cool and very nice to do business with.

Buying a brand new car requires feeling some kind of comfort and trust in the people you are purchasing it from. I felt that when I was at Normandin.

Nitin K. | 2010-06-15

I take my van to Normadin for service. I have been going there for past 1 year since I brought the van, paid for 3 oil changes and just found out that they never changed oil filter, i am not sure if they even changed oil.
Once they left filter loose and resulting in oil leak.
Second gripe is about prices, they charged me 280$ for transmission quick learning procedure, other chrysler dealership charge 90$-120$.
Charge 47$ for oil change which they didn't do.

Randy L. | 2010-04-30

I don't know how well the technicians work on the performance of the car but everything is nicely organized and all are at work as supposed to. Very cooperative team, this is all behind the real work, I forgot his name but one of the manager's were nice enough to lead my automotive class around to see how EVERY PART of the dealership works but not what we are studying, the paper work, the salesmen part, the negotiation, the body shop(Repair, and paint), parts department, the library, and of course the garage where all technicians are at work. He informed us of all the new technology that is also used. Very neat.

Joaquin G. | 2010-04-21

I brought my 2007 300c in for service due to my transmission not shifting. The rpms would go well past 4000-5000 and I would have to manually shift to make it change gears. When I spoke with the Bob he recommended service to my car as the fix to my mechanical issue. This of course was outside the coverage of my extended warranty which they were all too aware of. I was now given a $900 dollar bill for a transmission flush, spark plug change (what does this have to do with my transmission), and an oil change (Again what does this have to do with my transmission).
This entire experience has felt like a hustle from a shady back alley mechanic. After having a huge dispute concerning the bill we settled for about $600 and I left feeling completely hustled. The next day my car began doing the same issue with the transmission, go figure, and I am out the money and time spent to the dealership to get my car back.
I have purchased my wife's jeep here and use them for service on my 300. I have been coming here for over 10 years and I can tell you that I will never spend one dime in this dealership again. I will not even allow them to work on my car as they obviously are more concerned with putting useless costly repairs on the consumer than fixing the problems that are brought to them.
The customer service is terrible with the attitude of ohh well seeming to be the norm. I would stay away from here if I was you!

Steve S. | 2010-03-29

Made a bad day tolerable.  Friendly people. Renee called Hertz right away.  They kept me notified on a part delay and still had my car done on the estimated day.  I came 5 minutes after closing because of work and they were there waiting for me with a friendly smile.  My car was returned looking better than before the accident. I hope this never happens to me again but it is nice to know that this type of service still exists.  Thank you Renee and you other friendly people that I cannot remember your names.

Stephen L. | 2010-01-26

Ok, first off, I am a rookie when it comes to buying a car, it was my first time and I had my father there to help guide me thru the whole thing. Also, I am the kind of person who isn't much for talk. I just want to get it done and get the chit chat and all of that out of the way.

I would say overall the experience and people were nice and polite. Originally we had been talk to their internet sales guy Kenny, but were unable to actually talk and meet with him the day of. But that is ok. His assitant was nice, at times he seemed like he was still learning, but that is ok, so was I. Bruce I believe his name was, was the main guy we dealt with. I sort of felt bad for him because he was going through he normal routine and I was just confused at certain things which he was nice enough to explain and help me through. The finance guy was alright, he was nice and polite but was a little to forceful with trying to get us to buy some added warranties. Overall though, I enjoyed it and thought that they were nice people doing their jobs. I would recommend people to go talk to them.

Kay I. | 2009-11-11

This review is aimed towards to Normandin Repair Center.

When my Acura was in an accident the insurance from the individual who hit my car said it should be repaired at Normandin. The length of time it took to get the car repaired was quite long but many cars were ahead of mine so I have no gripe about that. However, my trunk needed to be re-welded and new front bumper needed to be replaced. This means that new Acura symbols needed to be placed on; they put the signs on backwards and when asked about it, the manager or someone in charge stated, they could never figure out what way the Acura sign goes on. If that's the case, maybe they should leave the auto industry and work elsewhere.

That was minor compared to what I saw inside the car. There were METAL CHIPS inside the vehicle from it being welded but I have no idea how they got there. Furthermore, there was paint on the wheels from when they were repainting and the welded trunk was far from being the way it used to be. When a car is in an accident, it is obvious that its never going to be the same, but when you close the trunk, you have to push it down several times before it closes. Horrible. Maybe this place only enjoys dealing with domestic vehicles, who knows?

Definitely stay away from this place if you're in need of a repair.

Eric O. | 2009-11-02

Great service!

Jason Horwood has been my service adviser since I bought my Grand Cherokee (from another dealership) in 2005. He's extremely courteous and helpful. When I needed to have the struts for my lift gate and lift glass replaced (two separate instances), he offered to have them installed while they were doing routine maintenance.

He remembers you and does whatever he can to make sure your vehicle is serviced promptly and professionally.

I'll be going to Normandin for service as long as I own my Jeep.

Laura K. | 2009-08-31

I am posting to tell about a recent experience with the Service Department, but have also had great experiences with the dealership in all the other departments.

1) Last week, my Jeep Grand Cherokee had a rear blinker light and brake light malfunctioning, discovered during a car inspection at the DMV for my son's behind the wheel driving test.  At this point, the test was over and I would have have the car repaired and reschedule an appointment. If you have been to the DMV lately, appointments have about a month lead time.

So, I called  Normandin Service Department and explained my situation and asked if I could bring the car in as a drop in, RIGHT NOW. The rep had great customer service, "Bummer," he said and agreed to see the car. I had a small time window to get back to the DMV to resume the test.

At the Normandin Service Department, the service was EXCELLENT. All of the bays were in use with other car repairs and the Service Department Manager expedited my repair by working on it with another Service Manager to personally solve my problem. Great attitude and great service. We had the car fixed and were able to get back to the DMV to continue the driving test. Whew!

Now for other experiences...
2) Sales: Purchased my Jeep Wranger Sahara with all of the extras that I wanted and at the price that I wanted. The sales rep and finance rep were both respectful and acknowledged that I knew what I wanted and did not try to sell me a different model, and there were no issues about me being female.

3) Body Shop: My Sahara was rear-ended and Normandin handled the body work that involved a replacement of the back bumper, light. Again, it has handled very professionally. The work was excellent and the staff handled everything.

4) Service: Maintenance. I've had maintenance work done and it has always been a good job. As far as prices, maintenance is expensive, but their prices aren't out of range than what I've found at other service centers.

I currently own a Wrangler and a Grand Cherokee and this is the best Jeep dealership and service center that I have used.  

I would say that they are excellent.

Marielle M. | 2009-07-15

I am so angry and frustrated with the service department. They racked up $1800 in expense without my expressed approval. I did not want to invest money in a car this old. The car is in pieces and in order for me to pick it up, I must pay. I'm being overcharged and taken advantage of. The service manager makes no apology and his communication skills suck. I have never had a good experience with this service dept and avoid using it as much as possible. The car was undriveable and the dealership was my fastest solution. I regret buying this car from Normadin. One week after driving it off the lot it was back in the shop. I am in the market to buy a new car and it most definitely won't be from Normadin and I will never return to this service department.

David B. | 2009-06-22

This review will be directed mostly towards the Service Department.  The sales department is typical of most dealerships, using the same old tactics.  The auto-body shop was nice and helpful, I would give them a higher rating.
  Now for the service department:  I used them to service my Jeep for almost 4 years.  I stopped going there after the quality went down hill.  At first I thought it was because they did not want to perform work that was under warranty, but after the warranty expired the service got worse.  Twice in a row they left my oil cap off after servicing the vehicle.  When I took it in to have the alignment checked because it was pulling to the left, the service technician told me not to worry about it and that all Jeeps do this... Did he really think I would believe this?
 The last and final time I took it in was to have the clutch replaced.  I was given a load of BULL.  First of all it was expensive, but that was my fault, I should have known better than to take it to them.  The real problems happened when they took the car apart.  The service tech called me and told me that they needed to order two fly wheel bolts directly from Chrysler because the service manual said they needed to be new and not to use the old bolts.  And if he re-used the old bolts it would be "Bad Mechanic-ship"  (His words).  This added a week to the job.  
 When I got the Jeep back,  I noticed that the jack, which is normally under the rear passenger seat was on top of the seat, half expanded.  The jack rod was on the floor, and for some reason my first aid kit was opened and two Band-Aids were used.  He didn't even put the kit back or throw away the rappers.  Everything was spread out across the cargo compartment.  Unfortunately for me, I noticed all this after I got home.  When I called to complain I had to leave a message.  Of course no one called me back.  When I called again two days later the guy who answered responded by asking, "Well what do you want me to do?  I don't know what I can do about it?"
 I bought a service manual online and read the procedure for replacing the clutch.  No where does it say that the bolts on the fly wheel need to be new.  In fact, there are 6 bolts on the fly wheel and it says "Only use the original factory bolts.  Do not use after market bolts."  So now it all made sense.  Odds are the mechanic broke two of the bolts, and they didn't want to tell me about it.
 If you take your vehicle to be serviced here, make sure you open up the engine and check everything before you drive away.  They are not the "5 Star" Service center they claim to be.
 As a side note, When I took the Jeep to Aamco, they told me that the clutch looked like it was in okay condition about 40% life left, but it definitely was never changed.  So now what do I do?  Do I hire a lawyer and spend a lot of money so I can get 1300 dollars back?  I have driven a clutch all my life, there is no way I could have run the clutch plates down that quickly.

Craig R. | 2009-06-17

REVIEW 2 - SERVICE - took the Jeep Grand Cherokee in for some basic work and the folks were fast, efficient, and very helpful.

REVIEW 1 - I'm sorry to read the negative reviews for Normandin. I actually had a pretty darn positive experience with my last car purchase from this dealership. I bought a 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee in which I allowed the sales staff to exercise their usual sales shenanigans.

I entered the situation with the knowledge that I had a price set and should I be unable to achieve said price, I would not hesitate to walk away from the deal with a broad grin on my face that would tell the world I am no sucker! Of course, some of that is nothing more than male posturing, because as we all know, buying a car is nothing more than a pissing match between buyer and seller.

In the end, it took two hours of negotiating, and the price of the vehicle dropped $6000 from the original ask. Did I feel like William Wallace after a serious British ass-whoppin'? Naw, it was just good clean hagglin'!

I liked the folks I dealt with, and I am fairly happy with the Jeep. Yes, it has quirks, but those will be addressed when I return for service.

Car buying is a challenge, but there are ways in which one can turn the experience into something more than the equivalent of having a colonoscopy.

1. Know the price you're willing to pay.
2. No warm, fuzzy feelings for the situation? Use your legs and walk out!
3. Don't get steamrolled - speak up.
4. Prepare - know what you want and insist on it.

If all else fails, use a credit union auto buying service. The process seems to take all of the sting out car buying. No haggling, and they find you the exact car you want.

Good luck!

Jen M. | 2009-05-08

Three big negatives on this place:

~When I said I wanted to look at Rubicons the guy had the nerve to ask me if I was sure. Just because I am blond doesn't mean that I don't know what a Rubicon is and what to do with it.

~He then tried to talk me into a Sahara. Besides the whole off roading thing, Sahara doesn't come in the color I want. He assured me that it did. I showed him in his brochure where it said it didn't. He wouldn't believe me. He kept going on and on how he could get it in that color. This is when I walked out.

~Finally, ended up going to the Salinas dealership. They didn't have the car I wanted but this place did. My guy called Normandin and they agreed to sell me the car. When my guy drove up there to get it they had sold it out from underneath us. Even though they had promised it to us. Even though I had signed all of the paperwork.

In the end I would not ever do business with these people. They are insulting and are liars.

David W. | 2009-03-18

The dealer itself is great. By that I mean the sales team. I was very happy with my jeep commander and the price i paid for it. Now the service department gets an "F". Once again, the people I dealt with were very nice and polite, but they are basically crooks there. here's 1 problem:

My jeep would smell like gas in my driveway. I took it in and they replace the seal and all seemed fine. A few weeks later, there's the smell again. It would smell on and off for about a year before I took it back in. They replaced the seal again. Well now after my warranty expired, they said that I need a new gas tank which wasn't cheep. Well what do you know, it still had he problem a month later. It turns out that my neighbor, who is now in jail, was syphoning my gas. I never had a leak, never needed new seals or a new tank. I was getting ripped off my my neighbor and the dealer.

problem #2
I took the jeep in for a routing oil change and tire rotation. The service guy told me that there was an oil leak and that it would cost $2300 to fix. I took the jeep to Evergreen Auto and the mechanic there pulled out a long pole with a clip on the end and said...heres your oil leak...there was oil spilled in the engine when they did the oil change at the jeep dealer. He cleaned it out and didn't charge me a cent. He did also look under the car to see what was going on. He said to have a nice day and I did. I'll never go back to that Jeep dealer again!!!

Tom N. | 2008-12-29

Just had a wonderful experience here buying a top-of-the-line Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland. I went through their Internet manager, Kenny Huynh, and the costs were presented openly and I drove away feeling I had bought a great vehicle at a very good price. Anytime anything took more time than they expected it should have, personnel apologized and I felt I was a valued customer. And Mark did a great job explaining all the features (a lot!) to us. The best experience I've had at a car dealer!

Huey K. | 2008-11-08

(Disclaimer: This review has nothing to do with buying a car at Normandin.)

The General Sales Manager of this place hit my car the other day, and offered to replace my license plate bracket here.  He was totally nice about it, so I came in, and they had that fixed within 20-30 minutes and washed my car.

The food options here include a vending machine and a food truck that sits outside.  My only gripe is that I had to take 87 to get back home.

Craig R. | 2008-08-10

I'm sorry to read the negative reviews for Normandin. I actually had a pretty darn positive experience with my last car purchase from this dealership. I bought a 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee in which I allowed the sales staff to exercise their usual sales shenanigans.

I entered the situation with the knowledge that I had a price set and should I be unable to achieve said price, I would not hesitate to walk away from the deal with a broad grin on my face that would tell the world I am no sucker! Of course, some of that is nothing more than male posturing, because as we all know, buying a car is nothing more than a pissing match between buyer and seller.

In the end, it took two hours of negotiating, and the price of the vehicle dropped $6000 from the original ask. Did I feel like William Wallace after a serious British ass-whoppin'? Naw, it was just good clean hagglin'!

I liked the folks I dealt with, and I am fairly happy with the Jeep. Yes, it has quirks, but those will be addressed when I return for service.

Car buying is a challenge, but there are ways in which one can turn the experience into something more than the equivalent of having a colonoscopy.

1. Know the price you're willing to pay.
2. No warm, fuzzy feelings for the situation? Use your legs and walk out!
3. Don't get steamrolled - speak up.
4. Prepare - know what you want and insist on it.

If all else fails, use a credit union auto buying service. The process seems to take all of the sting out car buying. No haggling, and they find you the exact car you want.

Good luck!

partricia b. | 2008-06-10

My family and I I have never been so disrespected by a car dealership in our lives.  My mother, 79, an avid Chrysler owner for over 20 years, went alone with her 1995 mint condition LHS to get a hole in her cooling system repaired. Rick Toscano, the owner of the service division, charged her $300 to give her an estimate of $5000 for repairs on a $1500 car.  In under an hour Harry Singh had sold my mother a USED SUV for $24,000 CASH including a $2300 warranty and refused to give her any money for her LHS, or even to comp her the $300 for the estimate that lured her onto their lot in the first place.  Mr. Singh convinced my mother that she was purchasing a minivan (not a SUV) with better mileage than her LHS, also not true.  He also had her sign away her rights to a three day cooling off period, just in case anything should anything go wrong with the vehicle.  Both Mr. Singh and Mr. Toscano took advantage of my elderly mother who made the mistake of going alone to their disreputable car lot.   If they had not been so unethical or ungracious they would have made a customer for life; my mother would have taken her car to their shop for the next twenty years.

Angela K. | 2007-10-20

This was, hands down, the worst car buying experience of all time. They didn't want to provide information about the vehicle we were there to look at, we were handed off to three different people, and the price of the automobile was mysteriously increased in the process. Luckily, we caught them. We were subjected to hearing a manager swear and yell at a salesman, and basically felt like a check and nothing more the entire time we were there. I will never return nor would I send anyone I know to this dealership. Shysters and icky used car salesman tricks. Boo Normandin.