Mercedes-Benz of Stevens Creek in San Jose, CA

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Smythe European, a San Jose Mercedes Benz dealer, has a vast inventory of new & used Mercedes cars & SUVs. We offer vehicle financing, Mercedes OEM factory service & auto parts.


Established in 1996.

AutoNation's roots trace back to 1996, when current Chairman H. Wayne Huizenga invested in an Atlanta-based waste management company that later became Fort Lauderdale, Fla.-based Republic Industries, Inc. Republic Industries would go on to acquire most of the more than 321 new vehicle franchises the Company operates today, as well as several waste management and vehicle rental companies, before changing its name on April 6, 1999 to "AutoNation, Inc."

Mercedes-Benz of Stevens Creek

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(408) 983-5200
Address:4500 Stevens Creek Blvd, San Jose, CA, 95129
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm

Reviews on Mercedes-Benz of Stevens Creek

Logan T. | 2015-04-24

I dont know if this because today I dont dress well or did not drive my car here. However mr.Mac Sulilimali something did not let us test drive the car. He said unless we sign the paper work otherwise no joy ride. Never happen in Fremont or Beshoff, they let us test drove the S63 a week ago. Is that because you don't even bother or thinking that we going to waste your time? I guess buying premium car we should stick with one dealer. Sadly that you have the G63 in the color that I like, but my seat pants and tee-shirt had a bad impression on you. We are leaving to other dealer.


Tina F. | 2015-04-02

This place has great inventory, both the volume of cars + # of staff members

Came here on a Sunday, it was the 3rd dealership we stopped at.  The first two kept us waiting so long that we just left (Audi + Porsche).  All we wanted to do was look inside the cars were were interested in and potentially sit in them.  

We were planning on buying a car at the end of the year, before the warranty ran out on our current car (we also wanted a much smaller car w/better gas mileage).  I'm a planner, so I like to understand what my options are.

Mercedes of Stevens Creek is the largest MBZ dealership in the bay area.  The new building (about a year old) is gorgeous.  Extremely well designed and functional, tons of cube areas for the sales associates and glass offices for the finance team.  Despite the extremely high ceilings, the building temp was extremely pleasant (unlike the Porsche, it was unbearable and it wasn't even 80 degrees).  

They have TONS of cars.  Chances are you'll find what you want here and if you don't, then they can order it (4-5 mos).  We ended up coming back the following Tuesday to buy the car we test drove on Sunday.  This was a first since I've always had to order my cars in the past.  Yes, I did settle a little, there were 2 items I wished were on the car but weren't and there was one pricey item that was included, that I didn't want.

The experience was pleasant, unlike other pushy dealerships/sales reps.  They gave us great money for our trade in and a little money off of the car (which I've never had any dealership take off money... instead I had to pay a mark up, yes even for a car I ordered... sigh).  Maybe we got the $$ discount cause we came in at at the end of the month or cause I'm a great negotiator?  MUAHAHAH yeah right!  I'm the worst at haggling.

Will be coming back in a week or so, so they can add the extra fabric and paint treatment stuff (extra warranty purchased on those items).  Let's see if they're as friendly after you've already completed the purchase. I'm guessing (and really hoping) they are.  If not, you'll hear about it.

I'm happy with my first Mercedes.

Yangxue G. | 2015-03-31

Mushtaba Aziz helped us with the process. We leased an ML350, it is fantastic. He stayed until midnight with us to get our most wanted package with the best deal. Highly recommend!!!!

Stefany M. | 2015-03-28

Listen to my story:  Mercedes Benz of Stevens creek is my regular dealer since 2002. I had bought many vehicles from this dealer. Time change.... Also service advisor too.

2 years ago I bought 2013 s550 4matic $115K
Now only 22,300 miles they offered to trade or BUY my vehicle for $32,700 and they wanted me to sell a new Mercedes for $163K s550 amg coupe ...

This is  Ridiculous in insult, disrespectful greedy but also Very smart for people who fall for this joke. Why are they sending letters to S class owners and trying to get them ripped off I seen this online and craiglist for $56K you disgrace me. Obviously many employees don't have a Mercedes Benz ripped off.  Only service or parts recommended.

" you never know." Ask for no car wash they always scratch something paint or wheels etcetera.

sheena h. | 2015-03-23

Oh Lord, won't you buy me a Mercedes Benz ? (Janis Joplin)

Clearly the Lord granted this request to too many people in this area, since this dealership is constantly busy. Trying to get your car serviced within a week, much less getting a person to answer the service line, really does require prayer.

Several times I've tried to get in and it's taken two weeks to get an appointment. This included trying to resolve an issue that was making my car not fit for driving. In addition, they have a high diagnostic fee. Other dealerships will automatically apply the diagnostic fee to the repair. At Mercedes-Benz of Steven Creek, it's up to the discretion of your service manager. I think their attitude is that if you can afford the car, then you can afford to pay whatever they charge for the service. Well I can afford the service, but I'm not stupid about money. Regardless, once you do get in for service they seem to do a good job.

I recently bought tires from them and after some wrangling they attempted to match the price at another dealership. Not totally, but close enough to spare me the extra drive. However, if they hadn't been special order tires due to the type of vehicle I drive, then I would have gone to Costco.

Finally, a year ago their car wash was broken and they gave me a coupon to get one at Country Club Car Wash. This is the SAME car wash that over buffed my non-Benz vehicle when detailing it and put in hundreds of halos and swirls. We were shocked that Benz directed us there given their bad rep. I wonder if the previous reviewer, the one who got a ton of halos, had his car taken over there...

Bottom line is that they are busy and in demand, they know it; so don't expect much love or appreciation for your business. For that, you need to tool over to another dealership that I won't mention since I can usually get in within a few days. There I get fast service, superior prices, a better wash, concierge service, and lots 'o love!

Lyly N. | 2015-03-21

First time here and had an awesome experience!
Thanks to Eric Johnson! He was so helpful and fun. Got the car I wanted at the perfect price.

Judith G. | 2015-03-20

We did a European delivery and went to the dealership to order our car to be picked up in Germany, What a great and exciting experience. The dealer took care of all the paperwork and ordering. There are a few things that must be done which they guide you through. The fun was designing your vehicle and the date it will be built, When we arrived to Sindelfingen, Germany {where the factory is located}, everything went like clockwork. As part of the purchase, we got to tour the production line ...just awesome .  The best part was driving through Europe in a new SL 550.
It was a great experince and memory that will be with us for a long time.

Stephanie E. | 2015-03-18

My husband and I own an older model SL and are looking for a 2012 to 2014 SLK. We were in the lot and a salesman approached us. We told him what we were looking for and saw one in the lot. He said he'd go get the keys. He went inside and after a LONG wait he came out and said "it's sold" and WALKED AWAY without saying a word. He didn't offer to put us on a wait list or anything. I guess he wasn't interested in a commission on 45K?!?!
We've been to this dealership before and it seems that if you're not buying a brand new 100K car they can't be bothered!!!!!!!!
We're talking our money to another Mercedes dealer!!!!!

T. D. | 2015-03-14

Even though I like to give positive 5-star reviews, I feel compelled to deduct 2 stars from my car buying experience at Mercedes of Stevens Creek.  

I came to the dealership knowing exactly the model I wanted (GLK 250 Bluetec), the color, and the features. I realize this is not a widely produced vehicle in the US and had no qualms paying asking price. Unfortunately, the transaction was nowhere near as simple as I planned.

Here are the issues I faced purchasing this vehicle. My last interaction with Nick in finance is what motivated me to write this mediocre review.

1) Even though I was confident in my vehicle choice, I wanted to test drive the GLK 250 before purchase. I scheduled an appointment online through the dealership website the day before coming in and they had no record of my appointment. I was able to test drive the vehicle but this lack of attention to detail became a theme throughout my purchase.

2) I was informed that Mercedes was no longer taking special orders for the 2015 GLK 250. No problem, I will just find one from another dealership in the color I wanted. I was informed that two GLK 250's in my preferred colors were available in California. I did end up with the vehicle I wanted at non-negotiated full price (Good - hence the 3 stars) but one of my two vehicle options was actually a GLK 350 (per their paperwork). The dealership didn't admit their mistake and just told me that the vehicle sold before I found out about their error.

3) I signed an introductory contract to get my vehicle sent down from another dealership. My vehicle arrived, my wife and I signed the finalized contract (after turning down the usual unnecessary add-ons), and deal done. Right? Wrong! The sales associate (Name withheld because he is a nice guy) put the wrong VIN number on my contract and it took him almost a week to figure this out and contact me. Nick in finance also did not notice this issue when I signed the contract with him. The dealer only had 2-3 GLK 250's at the time so more lack of attention to detail.

4) Here is the kicker. My wife and I run a business, have a 3.5 month old baby, and were in the middle of getting business and personal taxes completed. We are busy yet very accommodating. We agreed to let the sales associate meet us at our house at 10:30 PM on Friday night to sign a new contract with the corrected VIN because Mercedes finance was pressuring us to quickly fix the paperwork they messed up. We had to meet late because our business did not close until 10 PM that day. The sales associate missed our appointment and we had to reschedule to fix their mistake to next morning at our house at 8 AM.

It was a rushed meeting because the sales associate had to be at a mandatory 9 AM meeting. I made an honest mistake by comparing the new contract with the correct VIN to my initial contract to hold the vehicle instead of the official contract after my vehicle arrived at Stevens Creek. I incorrectly thought certain contract numbers had changed but signed the new contract after recognizing it was correct, regardless of what I previously signed.

I thought that this vehicle buying saga had finally ended. I was wrong. I received an impolite voicemail from Nick in finance accusing me (tone of voice) of trying to deceive the sales associate by disputing the contract numbers! That's just not the right thing to do. I admit I made an incorrect contract comparison, but my wife and I were more than accommodating after all the mistakes made by Stevens Creek Mercedes.

Nick, you can thank yourself for this mediocre review of your dealership.

sam s. | 2015-03-14

WOW.  I mean WOW!! If I could give this dealership 10 star, I would.  Today I came by the dealership to have my tires inspected, since Audi of Palo Alto did not change two unsafe tire before they sold me a 2012 e63 wagon. I was greeted by a lady and immediately a gentleman by the name of Charlie Fish came over to take a look at my tires. I was stunt with how knowledgable, professional and kind Mr. Fish handles the inspection. He knew the ins and outs of the tires and point out the inner part of my tires where they were completely bald. I asked him, how much life I had left on these tires and he said I had to get them replaced ASAP, due to not being safe.  Audi of Palo Alto told me that these tires were good for another 10,000 miles and they wouldn't promise me in writing.  He said that Audi of Palo Alto should not sell a vehicle that is unsafe.  He gave me so much detail about my car, where I was absolutely flattered by his knowledge. Talk to Mr. Fish if you want a knowledge. I will be back.
Thank you Mr. Fish.

Lucy S. | 2015-03-13

Had repair bill of $5,000. called to Jack and Randy,the service department managers for explanation of the bill and  10% discount,I made 4 calls waited for 2 days, non of them called me back.

J. M. | 2015-03-11

Hey there, way to go   LOREN         in the parts department. You gave me such GREAT information and excellent customer service. Did you see the smile on my face when I left??? It was because of you!!! And that's how it's done!!!!

Scott T. | 2015-03-05

Came here to buy a new car. Asked for a sales person for help. Receptionist told me she'll find someone. 30 mins later no one shows up. Asked the receptionist again and all she said was "ok". I left and bought a car from autobahn Mercedes instead. Apparently people are throwing their money at this dealership so much that they don't care to help you. I was here on a Thursday at 7pm so it wasn't crowded at all. Lots of people just standing around idle.

Thibault P. | 2015-03-03

The buying experience has been the best I ever had in a dealership so far.
The negotiation process, while still too long, was not too painful, and they stand behind their words.
They did a great follow-up job, and contacted me several time to make sure that I was fine with the car.
They also have provided solution for some option that were not installed in the car when I bought it.

Hopefully the maintenance experience will be at the same level of service.

Celeste J. | 2015-02-26

DONT WALK AWAY FROM THIS MERCEDES...RUN... (This is only about the service) So it all started with my cars AC...I thought the ac was broken so I made a appointment and took my car here. When I called and made the appointment the service supervisor Sarah (lady with brown hair brown eyes)  I specifically said I needed a loaners car. I get there right on time 10:00 am 15 minutes later Sarah comes out and tells me they ran out of loaner cars......okay I guess I can go a day being carless.... I was annoyed but whatever. So I dropped off the car and waited for them to call. About 3 in the afternoon I got a call saying the car was ready I went back and found out there was nothing wrong with the car apparently it was on a different setting and the lady didn't notice when she first checked the car.... Ok at this point I was really annoyed at first I didn't notice but then I realized they gave my car a car wash... I noticed swirls and scratches ALL OVER the car... There was literally HUNDREDS of them. Every single side , panels , on the hood and back.... Some  scratches were so deep the paint was actually scratched off... Umm what the hell? You guys are the DEALERSHIP not some hoodrat 5 dollar car wash place... So anyways I went back to the dealership to talk to the supervisor Sarah, she tries and DENY that it was from the dealer ship, she claims that mercedes Benz car wash only uses soft cloth BUT after I saw the scratches and swirls I immediately googled about dealership car washes... Especially the one on Stevens creek. And I explained to her I get my car detailed every 3 months and I've NEVER Seen any of these scratches, and she continues to argue with me and finally she told me to come back tomorrow at 12 for a buff. So the next day I come at 12 she tells me oh it's the lunch time for the detailers..umm what the hell?? THEN WHY DID YOU TELL ME TO COME AT 12?! DO YOU THINK I HAVE TIME TO SIT AROUND AT THE DEALERSHIP?!  Anyways so I wait for another good hour wasting my precious time she finally comes and tells me oh we are just going to buff out a few of the places you pointed out the whole buff costs 300 dollars. Yeah ok at this point I didn't even care because I was so annoyed at the situation... So I told her just to buff out those "few" places I pointed out EVEN THOUGH I TOLD HER 10 TIMES IT WAS ALL OVER THE CAR. After the car came back from the "buffing" it looked exactly the same... Ok whatever I was mad and annoyed because I WASTED 2 DAYS IN THE DEALERSHIP so I just left. It was very unprofessional of her to not notice my ac was on a different mode I mean aren't you a supervisor...and being rude to your customer after they point out something wrong THE DEALERSHIP DID Isn't going to get you far in life. I just wanted to share my story of the MOST HORRIFIC car  service I've gotten in 18 years of my life.

John Y. | 2015-02-25

I recently purchased a used Mercedes ML350. Manny and Omar were both very professional and knowledgeable. Omar found my car at their sister dealership in Los Angeles. He had the car  shipped to MBSC and it was just as he described it. I was very satisfied with the purchase.

Jason H. | 2015-02-23

By far the worst Mercedes dealership I have ever made contact with. When calling I thought the lady 'Nicole' to be rude but after realizing they only show respect when you're from the immediate area I knew I was dealing with some very stereotypical people. My vehicle was not given the proper attention (ML63) and I was ultimately told they didn't have time to perform the necessary services. Had I of been a regular and in their computer system I'd of been treated with first class service but because I was from another state and typically use Fletcher Jones as my dealership of choice they treated me as if I were not worthy of their time. I can only forewarn those that are considering have their vehicle serviced here to go elsewhere you'll avoid rude customer service and thank yourself afterwards for not dealing with their attitude. STAY AWAY / GO ELSEWHERE

Daniel W. | 2015-02-22

I feel compelled to warn people about this dealership. They use just about every single dirty trick in the book. They will grossly under credit you for any trade-in and grossly overcharge you for any car you would like to buy then force optional packages on you in the backroom. In case you don't know, all of the treatments car dealers sell for thousands "to protect your investment" don't actually protect anything and cost about $50 online.

I would go to just about any other Mercedes dealer in the area.

Farinaz T. | 2015-02-19

Had a great experience with this dealership when it came to leasing our new suv. Very nice guys to deal with.

Mika M. | 2015-02-15

Worst customer service ever!!
My husband and I wanted to buy small SUV and scheduled an appointment with people in this store..for test drive of course..
We went there on time and nobody new about our appointment, they treated us like we came to bother them, some women aproached us (Nur) and did not ansver on any question my husband had..Then, very arogant man came to tell us that we cannot have a test drive without regular app...My husband told him that we have " at 11 am with Stern - or Steve".. I forgot...he jumped and said " ohhh this is me..." And. Left..
We where shocked and decided to leave...almost gave up from lovely Mercedes SUV....
Fortunately, we found different store in Monterey, completely  different experiance with all people there and and we bought GLA 250 white beauty through Donald Oster.
Also, we advised all our friends where Not to buy car

Lizette B. | 2015-02-07

I have owned Mercedes cars for the last 15 years. My family has purchased over 10 cars and I have never in my life experience such horrible customer service!!!
DO NOT SERVICE your car there! Drive the extra ten minutes and go to BESHOFF in San Jose!!! If you have to get your car serviced at stevens creek, be sure to not use DANNY HO! He is the worst service rep ever! I have been driving my most recent lease for a little over a year and every time this guys has caused a problem! I specifically asked him not to vaccume my car bc my sons Legos were in the back seat, I even wrote it in the comments section! Guess what happens when I pick up the car??? My car was washed and vaccumed! All Legos gone. Can you understand the frustration of a six year old! sanny promised he would pay upto 30$ towards and new lego set and to call him so I could get reimbursed!! So I called and left 4 voice mails, and I never got a returned phone call! When I talked to the manager, he said Danny had left on vacation!!
Then I complained about the tire sensor constantly going off. Danny told me it was reset, but I get home and again the sensor is going off!!!
I bring the car back a few weeks later to check again on the sensor and OMG there is a nail in my tire, but Danny refuses to have my tire warranty cover bc my tire tred is too low!!!
I spoke with the manager frank, he said Danny was the best rep he's ever had and I was the one with the issue. He basically said I lied, that I was told to change the tires the last time I had brought my car in and I was responsible for paying for new tires!!! The comment he wrote in my file was "change tires soon"
Danny told me personally "next service appointment we will get you new tires" and let me drive off knowing I have two kids that travel in this car, if the tred is sooo low that it's past even the warranty amount!!! How dangerous!! Clearly I can pay for new tires, no problem! But he didn't tell me to get new tires!
What use is it paying for Mercedes quality cars and service, if they will treat loyal customers this way!!!
Drive the extra time and stay away from this place! Save your money, time and headaches!!!!
I have purchased Mercedes in Fremont and BESHOFF, but I live closer to Stevens creek, believe me, I am never going back there again! My family and friends will all definitely never return there, unless I find out this guy is GONE!
Horrible, horrible, horrible experience!!!!

Jim F. | 2015-02-07

I recently leased a C300 from Mercedes Benz of Stevens Creek. The process was just as I had hoped.  I first contacted the dealership through TrueCar and the account executive, Samir Karimi, gave me prompt quotes for a few different cars.  I asked that he provide his best price because I intended to buy from the dealership that provided the best price.  I disdain the car buying process.  He said he would provide his best price and I confirmed his price was lower than two other dealerships for the same car and much lower than the average discount from MSRP reported through sites like TrueCar.  My other instructions were to have the car and paperwork ready when I came into the dealership.  I was at the dealership for only 20 minutes, which exceeded my expectations.  Samir also went over and beyond his duty after the sale.  We had to take the car into the dealership for a software update to the touchpad and warranty work on the tires.  We intended to receive the instructions on car features during that visit, but the applicable person was not at the dealership at that time.  Samir volunteered to come to our home and showed us how to use at the convenience of our home one night at 8 p.m. Excellent service and I will buy my next Mercedes from him.

Monica T. | 2015-01-29

Amazing experience buying a GL at Smythe. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience. The whole process can be extremely stressful. However, I never felt this there. I will definitely go back. Customer service was number #1! It was obvious! Thank you!

Christine T. | 2015-01-27

I just purchased a Mercedes-Benz  E400A convertible from Mercedes-Benz of Stevens Creek.  A friend of mine had purchased a car from them six months ago and loves her car.  She also raved about her salesperson, Mark Arnold.  I called and made an appointment with Mark Arnold.  I arrived on time and he was there to greet me.  We test drove a car - it was instant love on my part!  I had an exact list of the things I wanted on the car, and Mark was able to find me a car that had everything I wanted.   The entire process was easy and enjoyable.  The finance manager, Jim Habenicht, was an absolute delight,  with southern charm and amazing competency.

Mark has gone out of his way to explain all the wonderful things about a Mercedes and to patiently answer all my questions.  He follow up with me after I drove off the lot has been excellent.

They say buying a car can be a horrible experience, but mine was pure fun.

Maya M. | 2015-01-26

The service is excellent! Danny Ho is the best. He takes care of us with enthusiasm and professionalism. Caring and kind. We have 3 cars that we service at the dealership. The staff has been always accommodating whether with the Shuttle service or a loaner. Mike is akways reliable and kind. He picks up up abd drops us off at our destination with no problems. I highly recommend the dealership and its wonderful staff.

Michael R. | 2015-01-23

DO NOT GO HERE!  Well, unless you want your car stolen from the service center.  A friends car was stolen from the service center and Huck Hibbard (GM) and Randy Sorrentino (Service Manager) have given them some of the worst customer service I have ever experienced.  Granted they did go out of their way to give them a rental car when the service shop was closed on Sunday; however they also said they could pick up the car anytime on the weekend AND the car was there because they ran out of brake pads that the friend had already specified 2 weeks in advance that the car needed.  And even then when we went in to discuss the car being stolen they acted like they were the victim and not my friend.  On top of top they have not been helpful at all with finding my friend's car and constantly have to be asked to provide information which they have not yet.  They also patronized the person whose car was stolen, telling them to be patient and to be thankful they gave them a loaner car.  Avoid this dealership at all cost.

Christy L. | 2015-01-20

This place is usually busy during sales events and in fact went back since we could not get hold of a sales person on our first visit.
I was pleased to get in touch with salesperson Lawrence. He was very honest. Managers Stan and Alan were extremely nice individuals who tried to assist with my sale. I would highly recommend this place for anyone looking to buy a   Mercedes.

Brian H. | 2015-01-20

Great selection of cars.  Sales associate was very responsive.  Kept us informed thoughout delivery process.  Let us know where the car was from the boat to the port to the dealership.  Pleased with financial terms.  Managed to get us the exact B-Class Electric, which is a very hot car.  We had no issues waiting so we got the car we wanted.  Delivered on Christmas Eve which was a nice present!  Should also mention that the dealership is a gorgeous facility.

Imad N. | 2015-01-18

Jack the service manager seem to know exactly how to save the day when another service representative was having a bad day!
My E350- 2010 had a a faded wood trim that made the car look so ugly with a 2 color combination. Jack fought to get Mercedes America to extend repair after my warranty was up time wise but still good on the mileage side.
I am happy to see the repair completed to my expectations, out of pocket cash was okay not the best as I thought I was not going to pay after Mercedes agree to fix the issue as it was no wrong doing on my side.
I appreciate interaction with Jack as he has always been courteous and a true pro.
The girls inside referred to him as their own dad!

Great job, thank you... I hope Jack will read this!

V J. | 2015-01-13

Zero Stars! Drove from San Francisco to buy a  car I have been looking into buying for weeks. Finally found it at this dealership. Called in advance to make sure car was still on the lot. The salesman said he "touched" the vehicle and the car is still here. Made an appointment to view and was there ON TIME! Had me waiting for 30 minutes, only to tell me that someone is making a deal on the car now. It was so upset. Why couldn't he tell me when I got there instead of waiting around? Very unprofessional service, even to the receptionist. I was upset when I left because I wasted my time but overall I am happy that I didn't get a car from this dealership. Purchased a car from Capital Auto Mall instead. Buyer BEWARE of the SCAM to get you in the lot.

Nima S. | 2015-01-07

We had a great experience with Susan Sulaimani. She's absolutely amazing. She went above and beyond with the service, making sure everything went smoothly and keeping us updated all along. She was very professional, and took time to explain everything and suggest the right choices. Thank you Susan!

Wan D. | 2015-01-07

Super bad experience. Was scheduled to meet a sales rep. Was confirmed 2 times. When I landed at the showroom, he was not there. Asked receptionist, she says its not her problem if he's not there. Spoke to manager and he says he does not know. Never experienced such pathetic customer service in a car dealership.

M. J M. | 2015-01-06

We had to take our Mercedes E350 for service & called to schedule an appointment with Danielle B , she was so amazing & helpful explaining different services that were due & needed to be done !
She took time to set us up with a loaner car
after a few days when our Mercedes was done , she called & went over all the works that was done ...
they washed our car & we could not be any happier ...
I will recommend anyone looking to get their Mercedes serviced to go to see Danielle B at Stevens Creek Mercedes

Marina S. | 2015-01-03

Where do I begin?  First, I have no idea why Jay Falkner is still working there as a service advisor after telling me that my break pads were almost rubbing againt each other and it was dangerous, just for me to check with three retired Mercedes-Benz mechanics, that told me I had 70% pads.  He also said I needed tires of course, because of the rain, I had no tread left.  Again, the mecanics told me I would probably need to change them in two years.   I called the manager and told the woman of his little fear tactics to get a woman to spend all this money on tires and breaks.  My service advisor is now Ron Wood, who is great so far.

Currently, after my driver's seat was replaced a year ago in my 2006 SLK 280 because it was burning my legs and then stopped working all together, I now have the same problem with that seat where the neck scarf heat has stpped working.  Simon at headquarters in New Jersey says it is not covered under the warranty of the replaced seat, even though all the components, according to the mechanics are in the same place, in the seat under my right leg.  So I can only assume that when they put the new seat in, they put the old components of my old seat in, so that the seat would heat up without burning me, but not caring about customer satisfaction down the road.  

Simon refuses to fix this under the seat warranty even though the components are in the seat they replaced.  This is my third Mercedes and I am extremely disappointed in their customer service.  I hate writing bad reviews, but I think a $50,000 car deserves the best customer service, since I love Mercedes and intend to keep upgrading to newer models, but I have no intentions of going back to Smythe European.  

I will now be contacting the District Attorney's Office of Consumer Affairs to report this horrendous treatment.

Jasmine C. | 2015-01-02

Go to Charlie Shen!!! Just went in a few days ago to purchase the 2015 C300 4matic from Charlie and had a fantastic car buying experience! We first called in to make sure the car I wanted was available, luckily the operator assigned Charlie to us. He made this experience fast and easy. He is detailed and went straight to the point. Stan Mojaisky also assisted with this process and he was very nice as well. Overall Mercedes Stevens Creek has a more welcoming vibe and beyond excellent customer service compared to other branches. Originally I was going to buy the exact same car from Autobahn Mercedes, Belmont but had the most horrible experience there.

Kimberlee H. | 2014-12-27

After reading online reviews of the different Mercedes-Benz dealers, I chose Mercedes-Benz of Stevens Creek. I'm delighted to say this was a great choice! The salesman I worked with was very friendly and able to answer all of my questions. After a few test drives, I finally found the one for me. From sales to finance, this was a great experience. I'm extremely happy with this dealership and our purchase!

Robin S. | 2014-12-22

I purchased a C300 at another dealership, but it's still under warranty.  There have been a few warranty issues.  Danielle is my service writer, and she is extremely helpful and friendly.  Everyone else I have dealt with there also have been very nice.

Diego d. | 2014-12-19

I'm really impressed by the car buying experience my wife and I had with Mercedes Benz of Stevens creek.  

We worked with Omar Awwad to purchase a 2007 Volvo S40.  We kinda had specific criterion after we bought a 2005 XC90.

I called MBSC towards the end of the business day.  Then I spoke with Omar and inquired about the S40.  He said he would call back.

Honestly another luxury car dealership said the same thing and never replied.  So I thought fat chance!  There was a storm by evening time, so it was probably safer to just stay in with the fam anyways.

About 45 minutes later Omar called back.  He had answers to my questions.

Fast forward through test drive and paperwork to a couple weeks later.  I had a follow up question.  I called Omar to clarify something.  He honestly did not have to field any of my questions.  But he took his time and gave accurate information.

And btw, I had a third party mechanic take a look at the S40.  He was impressed by the low mileage and condition of the car.  Except for the license plate frame light bulbs, everything was great!

So I'm just really impressed with my car purchasing experience with MBSC.

Susie N Peter L. | 2014-12-17

We bought a used Nissan Armada from Kamil @ Smythe European. He was very forthcoming with our purchase and was available to answer our questions even after the purchase was completed. We felt very supported and we trust Kamil and this dealership to purchase again in the future.

Alex F. | 2014-11-30

Finally received gap and service contract refunds. Mysteriously after my yelp review posted. But anyway, it happened and I'm satisfied.

Susan O. | 2014-11-21

Just purchased my GLK 2014 from Lawrence Michael at Stevens Creek; must say it was a pleasant experience all the way around; made it easy and fast, as I really don't have a lot of time to spend on searching for the right car.  Would recommend them to friends who want to buy.

Katie Z. | 2014-11-21

bought a CLS 550, totally awesome

Mikey T. | 2014-11-20

I'm back to update, as I've recently been fortunate enough to engage in another transaction with this dealership.  They outdid themselves all over again.

I had chosen a vehicle with a very exact set of options, I gave my list to Armando, and he delivered in grand style.  I got exactly the car I wanted, and when I took delivery I was treated like a king.  I'm a huge fan of Mercedes-AMG, and have been for decades now, so having such an awesome experience when I bought my first new one was something I will truly never forget.

I could not be happier with my experience with this place.  There's simply no reason to buy a Mercedes-Benz anywhere else.

Superfastfoodcritic P. | 2014-11-18

Leased a car here 3 weeks ago and brought the whole family.   The sales and lease person we worked with was very warm, friendly and helpful, not trying to close a deal but really trying to help meet our needs.  We got the car we wanted hands down, no compromise.  They are really after you walking away happy and satisfied.  The kids waited patiently in their nice room and enjoyed a hot beverage.

Michael C. | 2014-11-15

ms sulimani was extremely helpful

Christian W. | 2014-11-05

This is the best dealer ever !!
I brought my 250 cla and im very glad with the service and the place is comfortable , im recomended this dealer , buy your mercedes benz in stevenscreek , the best dealer

Claudia S. | 2014-10-30

Talk about amazing customer service! this place is the creme de la creme of Auto dealerships. New waiting room and valet parking, no need to get out of your car.
Brought my car in for a recall and was able to get a loaner car while the work was being done, a 2015 coupe!
They take your old decrepit car and give you a beautiful brand new car to keep you coming back to them! hahahaha
The only con was that the recall problem was not fixed! I guess I'm going to have to take it back and get another loaner, Oh darn!

Once you go luxury car you never go back!!!

Hun N. | 2014-10-27

Painless car buying experience at MB of stevens creek. Came in, gave them my offer, they counter, I countered. Stood firm and eventually we reached an agreement. That's how it should be and the guys at MB of stevens creeks made it hassle free for me. Huge kudos to Charlie Shen our sales person and his managers Stan and PJ. I'll definitely come back for another Benz in the future. Don't come with an unreasonably low price point, you're only gonna waste your time. If you do your research these guys will work with you and get you a deal.

J D. | 2014-10-25

When buying a car, the best experience in any showroom comes from the sales staff and sales management.  I recommend Vlad Kroizinin for the best experience at Mercedes. Absolutely professional and knows about all the cars in the line up.  He is very helpful and he will give you the attention you deserve.  I recommend working with him and no one else.

Ayyeng P. | 2014-10-24

Really people!!! I need to drive this rental to San Francisco and back. Do you expect me to pull to a gas station and fill up your tank?!???!! REALLY?! There are a dozen of you walking around. Fill up your rental cars.

Tereza G. | 2014-10-22

I don't quite remember his name, but the gentleman in the parts department was super friendly and actually took time to walk out and look at my car.
He was really helpful and seemed really down to earth. I didn't feel like this my first visit there but now I feel comfortable coming back! Thank you!

Ayca S. | 2014-10-19

If you are seriously thinking about buying an expensive car and would like to get insulted by a sales person, please hurry and go to Smythe. Me and my husband had the most unpleasant  experience of our lives with the way we were treated today at this dealership. The person started "interrogating" us at the door, and did not offer us to take a seat for more than 10 minutes until we insisted to get more information. Then he went on with his condescending comments which I will not write here. I think he has an attitude problem, and I really wonder how he ended up in sales business. Needless to say, we turned our backs and left.

I think there is a need for some serious, serious customer service training here.

Salwa K. | 2014-10-14

We weren't sure whether we should buy or lease a car and the staff there walked us through the process and were very helpful.
We ended up with a better deal than we expected. Very happy we chose them for our car lease.
Love our new car and the follow up we constantly receive from the sales person.

Frances L. | 2014-10-14

Our family just purchased a car from Mercedes Benz of Stevens Creek and was so impressed with the level of service in our buying experience!  Sam was our rep and he was wonderful.  From the minute that our family walked onto the lot, he was there to greet us.  What we loved the most about Sam was that he was so kind, so nice and so patient with us.  We didn't feel at any time that he gave us any pressure to purchase a car or a certain car.   Instead, he showed us the cars that we were interested in and explained the differences with each and made suggestions based on what we were looking for.  We didn't purchase a car on our first visit and he gave us know pressure about it, but we did make a secondary appointment to visit and possibly purchase our car.  On our second visit, Sam was as gracious as ever and patiently test drove cars with us and at the end of the visit, we were the proud owners of a new ML350.  The entire process was so smooth, seemless and so kind.  We never felt any pressure at any time and we are confident that we made the best decision at the end with Sam's help.  He also introduced us to our personal maintenance serviceman at the conclusion of the purchase and subsequently, met with us one more time to teach us the functions of the car.  We couldn't be more happy with our new car and most of all, we had such a great experience purchasing a car with Sam's help .  We highly recommend him and this dealership to anyone looking for or considering a new car!

David E. | 2014-10-08

This was the best car buying experience I have ever had.   I stopped by the dealership on a Saturday afternoon, right before the end of the month--which is a sales frenzy for most dealerships.  I was interested in an ML 350 SUV but had never driven one or even been inside a Mercedes dealership.   It was extremely busy but I met up with a very kind salesperson who explained that most of their cars are at offsite lots so I made arrangements to return on Sunday to do the test drive.   They helped narrow down the cars for me to drive based on the color and options I really wanted.   I drove two cars that day and was still not 100% sure, mostly because I was trading in a car I had leased only two months ago so I knew I was going to get hosed on the trade in.   I decided the Harmon Kardon stereo system was a must have, along with a couple of options and arranged to return Monday after work to look at the two cars they had in stock with those options.  They were so patient with me despite the internal pressure to sell cars at the end of the month.  I fell in love with a car that night and worked closely with my salesperson, Nur and sales manager, Stan, to put a deal together.  Stan was amazing during the financing process and got me a much better deal on the trade in than the BMW dealer was offering. No haggling and back and forth here--a fair trade in and a great reduction off the MSRP.  What a nice surprise!  We signed the deal that night and I returned the next evening to take delivery of the car.  My ML 350 looked perfect and was sitting inside a glass garage waiting for me.  Stan and Nur arranged for a product specialist, Leland, to deliver the car to me.  Leland was awesome--he took 1.5 hours going over every feature of the vehicle and gave us his mobile phone number for when we had questions.  I was so proud to drive out of that beautiful delivery space in my perfectly detailed black ML 350.   Follow up with me since that day has been regular and thoughtful.   I highly recommend MercedesBenz of Stevens Creek and the sales team of Stan and Nur.  You won't be disappointed and you will drive off in your dream car!  Go for it.

Dawn D. | 2014-10-07

I can't remember when I visited this dealership, could've been late last year or early this year.  Anyways,  I typically walk into the showrooms  without any expectations wondering if we'll even get the attention of a salesperson.  At the time, I was looking for a CPO  MBZ 300 C class with 4matic.  I was able to test drive one,  but I just didn't feel like it was the car for me.  It was beautiful car inside and out, but just wasn't in love with enough to buy it.  

Although I didn't fall in love with the car, I did have an awesome experience.  Monica was our salesperson and she really treated us well and knew a lot about the brand.  She even followed up with voicemails and emails, though it wasn't to the point where it was too much.  Basically, if I would've decided on a Mercedez, it would've been through Monica.

Molly C. | 2014-10-07

A definite five star facility:  We started our MB life with a dealer in Monterey.  Our third MB was a lemon.  Since Smythe was closer to us, we switched dealers.  In 2007,  I drove the relatively new wagon to Smythe with the pink slip and told the service director, R.Meder that I no longer wanted the wagon.  He brought in M. Snyder, the service supervisor and step by step fixed the car which we later sold and bought another new wagon.  Since then, our advisor, Danny Ho who literally knows more about my wagon than my husband and I have been taking superb care of my wagon.  Service is outstanding and amazingly friendly consider how busy he is, never a feeling of being rushed.    Being a retired banker and a natural skeptic, it does sound odd for me to say that I totally trust these guys to take care of my wagon but it is true.  As I said, Danny Ho knows my wagon better than me.As long as it continues to drive beautifully and it does, I know that it is well taken care of.  Thank you, Guys!

KoKo Y. | 2014-10-06

First of all, I love the newly remodel waiting room as it makes you feel very comfortable, it's much better than the old one.

Second, I don't take my car to other MB dealers for serivce although it takes me 26 miles one way to get there. It was because I like my service advisor, Danny Ho, he is the one that I can trust. All the maintenance / repair recommendations he has adviced me were resonable. Job was done super fast while I waited there (less than 2 hours).

Wonder W. | 2014-10-05

Come to this place when you need to browse, test drive or buy a car since they will treat you like a king.

Do not come to this place for maintenance or ask about the part service. The customer service in the part service desk is terrible and know nothing.  They are not friendly and look annoyed with the questions. One of the lady prefers to play the games on her cellphone instead of answering our questions. We bring our other car to Toyota in the same area and their service team are much friendly plus wonderful compare to this place although this place has a "luxury" brand name.

After driving away several miles, there is an alert on the display warning us one of the light does not work.

The highlight for this place is their lounge.

Dani H. | 2014-10-01

I have had my GL450 serviced by Smythe since I purchased it in fall 2010 with my service advisor Troy Schalk. The service I receive consistently is top notch. I always get a loaner car and a discount on service. My car is no longer in warranty and still they find a way to help keep costs down. I highly recommend Smythe.

Tracy S. | 2014-10-01

Smythe European has always given me the best service possible.  i will never take my car anywhere else.  Jay Falkner is wonderful and i will buy a mercedes just to keep using them.

Tracy S.

Chloe H. | 2014-09-30

We walked into the dealership and got superb service. The sales there are very helpful and professional. Highly recommend

JudoNomi K. | 2014-09-29

I'm giving this place 2 stars based on the service I received from this dealership. A salesman named Shawn is by far the WORST car salesman I've ever encountered as he did not want to sell me a car. When I explained to him I was in the market for a new car, he didn't listen to anything I had to say and seemed as if he was in a hurry to leave somewhere. When I asked him if I could test drive the CLA 45 AMG, he said that it was a showroom model and no one could test drive the car. When I asked him "if there was any other car comparable to it that I might be able to sit in, his response was no. Then he informed me that the car was sold.  I would give this place a 1 star rating because of this experience, but the extra star is for it's potential for improvement.

Zack J. | 2014-09-27

I will never buy from them or get service from them again. Jack at their service department screwed me. They quoted me $130 for oil change on the phone but raised it to $170 when I showed up. My air conditioning was no longer working after an oil change. For 3 weeks they made me wait to call and finally nothing. They took no responsibility for it.

There are many great independent MBZ shops on Yelp. That's where I will be taking my car.

Jim P. | 2014-09-24

The transmission on our 2004 C-230 was destroyed due to a defective transmission fluid heat exchanger.  This is apparently a frequent problem for this make / model.  We paid Smythe $6400 for a new transmission.  We were hoping Mercedes would reimburse at least a portion of the cost since this is a known defect.  Smythe was not at all helpful is pursuing partial reimbursement from Mercedes.  When I asked the service manager, he was uncooperative and rude.  I would have felt a lot better if he would have at least make a token effort on our behalf.  Not a good experience.

victoria s. | 2014-09-24

I am only giving one star because I have to.  I have called 3 times to speak with their finance manager to cancel pre-paid options and no one has returned any of my calls. I find it interesting that they are very responsive when trying to sell to you but once they have your money, that's it. No one cares since there is nothing in it for them. I guess I will have to take it to small claims court. What a huge hassle and no what Mercedes has always promoted.

Vicki I. | 2014-09-23

Had a great experience!  I had an appointment with Vlad and I liked the straight forward approach.  Neither one of us wanted to waste time!  He was very professional and when the deal was closed Armaundo took over!  He was just as professional and answered all my questions!  I love, love my new C-class and will be going back next time I'm in the market!  Did I mention Danny in Service is the best!  Looking forward to seeing him again when my new car is due for service!

Kim W. | 2014-09-23

I just bought a convertible E350 from Gora after a few weeks of test driving, thinking about it, testing driving again, asking tons of questions.  He is the best salesman I have ever met - not pushy at all, extremely patient, a great listener, and someone who delivers exactly what you ask for.  He and his team also go above and beyond to make you feel welcome and answer any and all questions you have - even after you drive off the lot!  The responsiveness and care continues at the same level as it was before I bought the car.  I would refer anyone to this dealership and to him and will absolutely return when we need cars in the future.  Goran is a five star guy!

c b. | 2014-09-22

Horrible experiences with this Mercedes dealers.  Quoted us top price and that was it, no mention of coming down, looked at us and said that's cheap!  This was our second try at a dealer, Autobahn  in Redwood City wouldn't even come out and help us so we waited around, they just walked by us.
Ended up at Beshoff Motors in San Jose, a fantastic experience, got fully loaded   2015 GLK350 W4, for super deal, go to Johnny Ngo, he was wonderful, understanding, and works with the customer. Drove home with a beautiful Mercedes. Don't waste your time looking around go to Beshoff!

Tom C. | 2014-09-18

Two years ago my wife and I bought a new ML350 from Smythe and have brought it back regularly for it's scheduled service. From the start we've had nothing but exceptional service especially from our service advisor, Greg Clark. He goes above and beyond in my opinion and keeps us well informed.

I've been to many dealerships with many different cars in my lifetime and yes, this dealership gets it. Every single person I've dealt with has been personable, efficient, friendly, courteous and helpful. There is no such thing as perfection in a business but this place is as close as it gets.

Brian F. | 2014-09-13

Called this morning to make an appointment.  Left a message to have someone call me back.  Called again four hours later.  Left another message.  We'll see.

Clearly these folks don't get it.  If you are willing to take your MB into a dealer, you are looking for a premium experience.  Not having enough staff to answer calls is the first sign of incompetence.

I actually took my new MB here once before.  It was a joke.  Pulled up - nobody was there to help me.  I wandered around for awhile inside until I found someone.  I accidentally left a couple of reusable grocery bags in my loaner on return.  No one called me.  I had to call 6 times just to get them back.  When I finally got my service survey I told them the truth.  Of course, then I got the call from their head of service and I told him to go check out the Lexus service center to see how it's supposed to be.

They are building a fancy new center down the road, hopefully it gets better.  For me, I'm on to the next place to try there.

Drew F. | 2014-09-10

Recently purchased a new e350 and Kamal provided us with exemplary service before our purchase and even weeks after. We were fairly particular with the options and color combinations we wanted and Kamal, but also very impatient in wanting to just get a new car, however, Kamal was the one telling us to wait and find the right car, even though he could of easily sold us on another model right then. I'll buy all my future mercedes through him.

Renee C. | 2014-09-09

This is an update to Fridays review.
Ever problem that we had has been address or resolved. As far as the customer service issues we will have to wait and see. We are happy with the way management handled our issues. We look forward to a long relationship with them.

Xx X. | 2014-09-09

I will never ever bring in my car to Smthe for repair! My last vist I brought my 2007 ML350 for diagnose, the issue is during braking and coming to a full stop, the car starts to shudder, then dies.  My sales technician told me it would cost $5K!!! to repair and even then he wasn't sure if this was the problem? He kept telling me they would need to replace the "mother board" and all sorts of BS!!  I felt he was being dishonest and I decided to walk-away.  I searched the internet and discovered this is very typical of Mercedes, dying after coming to a full stop.  I learned all Mercedes have issues with the crankshaft position sensor.
To make a long story short... I took it to Bradz Motor Shop, Ray the owner knew immediately what the problem was and said he's seen this in Mercedes, typical issue with their crankshaft position sensor. the  the part only cost me $60 + labor= $200!!  So now I send all of my friends and relatives to Ray.
He's reliable, honest and a great mechanic!! find him on yelp and read his reviews!!

Monica A. | 2014-09-09

We've been working with John Stansberry at the service department for years. He is always friendly, courteous, honest and professional. He always does what he can to make the customer happy. Always a good experience!

Michelle C. | 2014-09-03

Great experience! Shaun Abtahi sold us our ML350 last Saturday. Wonderful service! Very professional! Love, love the car too! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Shaun as your sales rep! An all-round good experience :-)

Tanya Y. | 2014-09-01

I took my C230 in for service and Juan Gonzalez was my service advisor. As usual, I received quick, friendly service. They make you feel like family here. Thank you Juan.

Derek S. | 2014-08-26

Came by to test drive the redesigned 2015 C class the other day and was warmly welcomed by Stephanie N.

Despite the on-going construction at the dealership and the trip to the off-site lot, Stephanie was friendly and cordial, despite having limited knowledge about this new model.

The 2015 C Class is a surprising upgrade from the previous generation. All engines are now turbos (C300 is now a Turbo 4 and C400 is a Turbo 6) 4Matic is the only option for the rest of 2014 until the RWD option comes out in 2015.

Cecilia R. | 2014-08-23

I just want to thank a bunch of people in Mercedes of Stevens Creek for making my first purchase of Mercedes a very exciting one. The staff was very helpful esp Zauir, Mark in Internet Sales and Nick of Finance Department who gave me valuable information to reach my decision. Even Armando was very accommodating when I asked him for a last minute info on how to work the car. Truly, they are a team to beat
Cecilia R of SSF

Janet A. | 2014-08-21

Smythe Mercedes-Benz is very mindful of their customers' busy schedules and greet you on time, write up service paperwork quickly, and have you on your way!  Greg Clark is my service manager and is polite and very thorough on giving me updates and getting my service completed to my satisfaction.  He is the very best!!!

Miri L. | 2014-08-19

Charlie Shen helped me with 2014 C250 purchase and he was great to work with. He was really nice, courteous and provided me with the information I needed to make a decision, especially as I was wavering between this and BMW 328i.

Charlie worked with his management to offer me a great deal. I'm very happy with the purchase and look forward to working with Charlie in the future.

Magendran S. | 2014-08-10

I was lied to about many things. False promise were given. Cheap sales tricks played on me. Irresponsible and irritating answers. Never delivered few items. Stay away from this place, try other Benz dealers to save your time, money and fulfill your desire to drive a genuine Mercedes Benz.

pac s. | 2014-08-08

As always I am very pleased with the service at Stevens Creek Mercedes. My service representative Danielle was excellent in describing what they were going to do to my C250. By noon the car was ready and I got a call to informing me of that. I have been taking my cars to SC Mercedes for over 10 years, and hopefully this will continue for the next 10 or more years.

Laura V. | 2014-07-26

This review is for the girls at the front desk. There are two that are rude and bitter faced.  When I came to get my car serviced they had such bad attitudes and I told the girl "seems like everyone is miserable" and she responded with "well its the end of the day" wow really that's how you respond. What a joke you work in the field of customer service get it together.

Carla F. | 2014-07-25

Charlie Shen was the ultimate sales representative. He was friendly, knowledgeable and most importantly, he was not pushy. And, I love my new car. This is an exceptional dealership!

Unique R. | 2014-07-14


I had received a recall notice so I scheduled an appt with John Gonzalez. In the past I normally went to Beshoff; however, John came highly recommended. As soon as I pulled in to the service center & they checked me in, John immediately came out to greet me. After we did the initial car stuff, he informed me the wait time to complete the service would be 30-45 minutes. Their waiting room isn't much, but they do have free WiFi and a huge flat screen TV. Right on time, 35 minutes later, John was there to show me back to my car. They even washed it! Since I was a first time customer, John gave me a goodie bag which consisted of a Mercedes reusable bag, hat, blanket  & to go metal coffee cup.

John really made this customer feel special & I definitely plan to come back for future service.

Jan S. | 2014-07-14

I have been working with Manuel Chua (sales dept) and it has been the greatest car buying experience I've ever had.

A couple of weeks back (6-8 weeks), I've showed up at Smythe and was looking for the new CLA250. Manuel showed me one of their CLAs but also pointed out that all of them are already pre-sold. He explained me in detail how the order process would work and that it takes 3-4 months until the car would be delivered. Since I didn't want to pre-order a car, Manuel offered to keep an eye on any newly arriving CLAs and let me know as soon as one becomes available.

In the meantime I was also looking at other cars as I already accepted that I won't get a CLA250 in the near future. However, last Friday, I received a call from Manuel, saying: Jan, we have YOUR car here! It just arrived, come tomorrow to test drive it!!! I was positive surprised that Manuel still kept me in mind and seriously kept an eye on the CLAs for me. Of course, I accepted his offer and test drove the CLA250. Since I like to go surfing on my weekends, I wanted to make sure that my car fits all my needs and I even showed up with a surfboard before buying the car. Manuel was happy to show me how we can fit the surfboard INSIDE the car. Since the surfboard fits in the car, I was happy to move on with buying this beauty. After signing all the papers, I've realized that the the Towing Eye Cover was missing on my front pumper. Unfortunately, the service department was already closed and they do not open on Sundays. However, Manuel promised me to get the cover as soon as possible to me. As expected, this afternoon I've received an email stating that the cover is ready for pick-up and installation. When I came to the dealership, Manuel was already waiting for me and also gave me a quick tour through their new office building. Also, he introduced to me to their GM and the service department.

Smythe and especially Manuel Chua have made buying a brand new CLA250 a very easy decision for me.

- No buying pressure while browsing around and test driving cars
- Helpful and knowledgeable sales department
- Friendly and professional environment, it almost feels like you know the whole dealership already for years
- Keep their promises
- Constant follow-ups to ensure that you enjoy your new car

I would recommend this dealership without any doubts to all my friends and family members. If you are looking for a Mercedes-Benz, keep an eye out for Manuel Chua at Smythe. I am certain you'll have the same, amazing, customer experience as I did.

Ling K. | 2014-07-09

Oh the worst!!  I brought my car in to replace the 3rd brake light bulb.  The technician took off the housing and broke it.  He said that that happens to old cars.  I told him the car is only 5 years old.  His response "Oh..." and walked away.  Smythe wouldn't pay for the new housing or was willing to give me a discount!  I ended up having to pay for a new housing at full price!!   I WILL NEVER come back here again.

Michelle B. | 2014-07-07

DO NOT GO HERE! My parents had bought a car here a while back and were looking to trade in. They took the car for a test drive and had told them it was not worth anything because the radio was "broken." But I just found out that the radio serial number of my broken radio does not match the serial number of my car, which means that they switched my original radio during their so called "test drive." If I had known this a couple years back, I would have called them to court! THIS DEALERSHIP IS A SCAM. DO NOT GO HERE UNLESS YOU WANT THEM TO MESS UP YOUR CAR! I HAVE NO RESPECT FOR THEM OR THE CARS ON THEIR LOT.

Matt F. | 2014-07-03

I made an appointment the day before for an emergency.  When I arrived I sat in bay for 25 minutes with no one helping.  Jay Falkner noticed and came to the rescue.  Little did he know the extent of repairs needed but he worked with extended warranty company and was able to get 95% of the expenses covered.  Only bummer was repairs took 3 weeks though they provided an ok loaner.  But am a fan of Jay and will only work with him in future!

Shrikant S. | 2014-06-26

Mr Jay falkner has taken care of my car for the past 3 years really well. Appreciate Jay keep up the good work.

Rob O. | 2014-06-26

I was very happy with the process and the deal that was made on my latest lease.   The internet/fleet department guys (Alan Ziffer and Tony Wood) were very responsive in negotiating with me by email so that I didn't have to spend a lot of time in the dealership.  I suppose that it helped that I had leased there previously.  The sales manager, Stan Mojaisky, stepped in where he needed to and made everything work out into a good deal on both my early lease turn-in and the new lease price.  I was very happy with all of them.  They had the car that I wanted (as several dealers did), and they met or exceeded every commitment they made.

Jaime S. | 2014-06-16

Parts staff is very nice.

Beware of service staff. You may spend more than anticipated.

I used to do most of my service here but I recently changed to another dealership because I lost a bit of trust in Smythe.

Patricia O. | 2014-06-15

I love Smythe European! I drop off my car if I need a loaner they have it ready and it's no charge!  When I pick up my car from their service department, I drive away with confidence because I know my car has been taken care and any problem it may have had was resolved. My car is returned to me repaired, washed and ready to go!

Yuye W. | 2014-06-05

Great dealer! Recommend to my friends. Much better shopping experience comparing to that from other dealers. Since my parents speaks Chinese, we got great service in both English and Chinese. Great price ! At least, I am satisfied with the price after buying it. Location is good. Also, they got very large department for car service and fixing. Clear department structure makes the service very efficient.

Rachel K. | 2014-06-04

I have been going there for years. And every time I go they somehow mess something up, call the wrong number, order the wrong parts so I have to reorder. I mean my experiences have bee awful!

Lady W. | 2014-06-02

Frank  was my sales guy and I loved his no-pressure sales style. I didn't have an exact car in mind when I came in, but after a quick test drive I found my match. I closed the deal and am pleased with my car.

I haven't dealt with their customer service yet, but when I do, I hope it will match my previous experience.

Michael S. | 2014-06-02

When purchasing a new car, my first consideration after the price is the quality of the Service Department and the Technicians. I'm going to interact with them long after the sale. Smythe's service department, service writers (mine is Justin) and the quality of the technicians is what kept me coming back for warranty and other repairs. Always done right!

Cealleigh M. | 2014-05-28

I moved to the Bay Area from Texas and had a leased Mercedes.  After you drive a Mercedes everyone knows that you fall in love with the brand!  I shopped around at all of the Mercedes Benz dealerships in the Bay Area and when my lease was up...Smythe European was the best dealership in the Bay.  They provide a boutique shopping experience, no pressure, fast service, and most of all superb customer service.  I purchased my new lease with Kamal and I highly recommend calling him before you go to any other dealership in the Bay.  He will get to know you and help you find the perfect Mercedes model.

Amy E. | 2014-05-21

Their services exceeded my expectation. Job well done and services was great. Thank you Jay Falkner.

Darcy P. | 2014-05-20

First class transaction all the way!  My husband and I just purchased an ML350 from salesperson Shawn Abtahi, and it couldn't have been a more pleasant, professional, and painless process.  We were very impressed by the incredible customer service at Smythe and were treated royally.  Not only was Shawn amazing, but the General Manager and Contract guy were A+ as well.  So happy with my gorgeous, new Mercedes and even happier that I could buy locally.  Thanks, Smythe!

Trinna G. | 2014-05-17

My husband recently purchased a new S550 for his 50th birthday.  Somehow during the process he wandered to the Maserati dealership next door and liked the Quattroporte so much.  We were happy that Autonation had a 3 day customer satisfaction guarantee and the Sales Manager, PJ Roshan was extremely gracious during the entire process.  He was very patient with my husband's indecisiveness, he went over and beyond making sure we were 100% happy with our purchase.  He even went through the trouble of shipping a car from another dealership only to find out that we were keeping our S550 after all.  Talk about a big fickle!  PJ exemplified the epitome of excellence in customer service from offering us the best pricing and courtesy in dealing with a difficult customer and all the drama.  He was just awesome!  

Because of PJ Roshan, Autonation will have a customer for life.  


Marilyn M. | 2014-05-13

We had to take our E-Class in for two last minute service needs without scheduled appointments. Juan Gonzalez, our service manager, went above and beyond to make sure we were taken care of and were safe.  We always get excellent service from Smythe and part of our decision to buy another Mercedes and sell our BMW was the difference in service levels we got from Smythe European.  We have continued to do business with them even though we moved 50 miles away.

Suzanne L. | 2014-05-13

Just bought a previously owned mercedes from Charlie Shen. It was. He was very professional . I would reccomend him and this company to anyone wanting to buy a Mercedes.

Me R. | 2014-05-11

About a month ago I headed to Stevens Creek Auto Row to test drive cars for my next purchase as my 2002 Ford Explorer has over 210,000 miles on it.  I stopped at Smythe European because it was the first one I came to even though I never saw myself driving a Mercedes.  Shawn Abtahi was receptive, cordial and extremely knowledgeable as I walked through what I was going to be looking for.  He took the time to explain that the C350 that I was considering wasn't "apples-to-apples" with the BMW 535, Lexus GS350 or Infiniti Q50 and that these models were more aligned with the E class.  There was zero pressure, no attempt to up sell me, just pure, clean information.  I left to continue my drives and while it came down to the BMW and the C350, the lack of service at Lexus, Infiniti and don't get me started on Audi (completely ignored) put these out of the running even if I did like the cars.  I went back to Shawn, drove the E350 and left still needing to decide.

Over the next week Shawn and I kept in contact with him searching tirelessly for  2014 C350 with my exact specifications.  Having no luck (too late in the model season to order one), I made an appointment to go back anticipating to settle for less on the C class.  What I never expected was the surprise Shawn had waiting for me (surprise to him too) . . . a brand, spanking new E350 (only 15 miles with plastic and cardboard still protecting it) in Lunar Blue complete with everything I wanted from the sports package to panoramic roof and cool cargo box in the trunk.  I still wasn't prepared to buy the day, but because of the personalized service from both Shawn and his credit manager, I drove away in my new E350 that night.

Again, I never thought of myself as a Mercedes girl (neither did any of my friends) but after driving all the cars I did, it really did end up being the best for me (think it handles better than the 535 which surprised me) as did the service.  Living in Redwood City and having another dealership MUCH closer, I returned to Smythe because of the service.  Being in the service industry myself, connecting and creating relationships are the first key to good service and Shawn went above and beyond!  Delivering on your promises is the other key to quality service and the team at Smythe continues to deliver.  I'm someone who holds on to my cars so even though I don't see another car anytime soon, I will be returning to Smythe for anything my E350 needs (I know I'm in good hands with Ron Wood after my first experience) and recommending Smythe to anyone considering a Mercedes.  

Shawn - thank you and the entire Smythe team - you know that every detail counts and made my experience effortless!

R Naidu S. | 2014-05-09

My buying experience was very smooth. Majid helped me get the best deal without going through to and fro negotiation hassle. He gave me a awesome deal which I could not resist. He was also very helpful in providing best friendly advice. Big thanks to him and his manager in helping us make the right decision. I am one week into driving my new car and it's pure ecstasy.

Sean N. | 2014-05-06

I worked with Greg and he was very professional. I had a vibration in my steering wheel at 60mph when I first bought my car. I thought it was the tires so I bought 4 fresh tires and still had the same problem. I then took my car to Beshoff to see if they could diagnose why I had the problem. On my first trip to Beshoff, they dismissed my problem and said there was no wheel vibration. I took my car back and then I still had the same recurring problem.

I then took my car back to Wheel Works to check for alignment issues and bent rims. On my second trip to Beshoff, I actually took a test drive with their master mechanic on 680. The master mechanic said there was no wheel vibration when I could clearly see the wheel vibration. This really irritated me because it's very time consuming for me to take off work.

After a month of frustration, I decided to try Smythe's service department. I came late to my appointment and Greg happily accommodated me even though he was late for his lunch. Talk about putting the customer first! I gave them the okay to charge me $95 for the wheel balancing. I got a call from Greg telling me that I had a loose bolt in the front which caused the wheel vibration. They replaced the part and everything ended up not costing me anything because it was under warranty.

In sum, I am extremely happy with my experience here. Taking your car to the dealership service department can be a scary experience but I will continue to take my business here.

Jeremy N. | 2014-05-02

I had a first class purchase experience with Monica at Smythe. The car I was interested in was clean and parked right outside for me when i got there. She had everything ready. She was very knowledgeable about the product, was able to answer all of my questions about my new car and walked me through all of its amazing features! Nick the manager also made the process smooth, the negotiation was easy, and I left with the perfect car for me!

Thank you  Smythe for the amazing customer service & if I have any buddies looking for a car, I shall recommend them to u! :)

Harizo Y. | 2014-05-02

All I can say is WOW! This dealership is wonderful in every way possible. You really feel like you are at a high end place. Amazing customer service... I was asked by 5 different people if i needed help in less than 10 mins. This was a shocker from what i was used to from another dealership I used to go to. I haven't done any service or repairs yet just fixing all the problems the other dealership created for me. The one technician that helped me was super nice in explaining what happened and worked very fast. Completely worth the switch and i wished i came to this place earlier. Looking forward to getting my car serviced here...

Erwin R. | 2014-05-01

I have to admit, I have never experienced the type of personal service as I have experienced at a service department of a car dealership like I have here at Smythe.  

I pulled up with my G SUV and it was like I was pulling up to an A-list Hollywood event.  My door was opened for me, , I was referred to as Mr., my bag was carried over to the services reps desk for me, I had fresh on demand espresso, provided water and was checked on about once every 5 minutes as I waited.  The only thing missing was an on site masseuse.  With the money you pay here they should have one.  :).  

That said, although I loved the service this place is just ridiculously expensive.  I know it is a Mercedes dealership and their service towards customers is top notch but the work done on my car, which was covered under warranty was also good.  But I could have gone to another mechanic who would have charged much less with same car service, but without the bells and whistles of the customer service.  I really do not need to pay 3X more for this service just to go to the dealer.

One thing I did one to point out is when my leather rear seat motor was fixed and the chair was put back, I tested at home and noticed that some of the leather materials they had to pull back to access the motor and seat was still left off.  :(  Fortunately, Im a little bit of a gear head with cars and was able to put things back.  

The 3 stars is for Excellent personal service but my car work was not completely done at 100%.

Rui P. | 2014-05-01

I am writing this from my buying experience.  I was after a very particular car with specific features.  Basically, I was very picky.

I first went to Beshoff Motors, but unfortunately they could not locate me a CLA45 AMG that I was after.  

I called Smythe and was helped by Monica Fita.  Wow is all I can say.  She was terrific in attention to detail, but the entire time I felt like I was talking to a good friend on the inside.  

Within 2-3 hours she was able to find one in a LA dealership.  I really appreciated her attitude towards the entire event.  She kept saying stuff like "We're going to find one for you, stay positive.  Were gonna do it!".  

She was attentive throughout the entire process, but most of all - fun.  Yeah, fun.  Its lost in sales / customer service sometimes.  If you enjoy who you do business with, you feel more comfortable, and it turns out you feel better about the entire experience.

Smythe was great, and if I could sum up their service in my experience, it is committed.  

If you are looking for attentive help in finding the vehicle that is right for you, and someone who can be the Batman to your Robin, give Smythe a try, and if you run into Monica, chances are YOU will get what YOU want in a Mercedes Benz.

Danielle B. | 2014-04-28

My E350 will be my third car from Smythe. I keep coming back because of the staff, they are what makes this place what it is. My salesman was Mark Arnold, and my sales manager Stan   .He is always genuinely concerned for the customer's happiness and goes above and beyond. The finance person I worked with was Nick, and he was equally as genuine and helpfu

andrea b. | 2014-04-27

just got rid of my 2006 c280, barely got a dime for it at trade it. I did not purchase another mercedes and never will again. My check engine light was on with the fatal error code of 1200 and 1208 (a well known defective part was installed by MB during manufacturing). There have been class action law suits about this very issue. MB told me because of my mileage they wouldn't cover the cost of their own manufacturing defect. Never thought I would get that poor of service from a luxury car dealer.

Michael G. | 2014-04-26

Recently purchased a 2013 SL550 Mercedes.  My salesman,  Ramzi at alharayerir@autonation.c… ,  knew the product,  understood my needs,  was professional and a pleasure to work with.

After we decided on the car the rest of the Smythe team,  i.e. finance and service people rounded out the totally positive experience.

Of course Mercedes makes a great automobile,  but the dealership makes it happen.  Could be more satisfied.

Dita S. | 2014-04-26

I purchased my ML350 almost a year ago. My salesperson was Kristof Mosolygo. The initial conversation was via phone about a vehicle I seen on-line and I was impressed with the customer service. I received a call from him later to let me know that I was improved for a loan and suggested me to come down to see and drive the vehicle. I informed him that I was not coming down unless the prices is negotiable due to the distance (1 hour 30 minute drive). He informed me that it was negotiable and come on down. After an 11 hour day at work I made to the dealership to get to the negotiation table to discover that the price wasn't negotiable because the used vehicle was in pristine condition, however, I discovered items that were missing that deemed not pristine. I was promised to have the parts shortly after the purchase. Also 3 days after my purchase I discovered another missing item that was missing and was promised to have replaced.  After numerous emails, phone calls, and trips while working with Kristof, the parts were never delivered. After discovering that this salesperson no longer worked at Smythe during my many calls I reached out to PJ in which I believe is the GM and still my issue is not resolved. Since then my pristine auto has been in the shop twice and I haven't even placed 7000 miles on it since the purchase and still missing the items that was promised to me at the negation table plus a missing part discovered and brought to the sales person's attention 3 days after the purchase.  I am very disappointed and have decided to yield a social media & media campaign against Smythe. 11 months to make good on a promise after a lie is a sign of poor quality customer service and integrity.

Karima G. | 2014-04-24

I can't even believe I'm rating these people like this, but I also cannot believe what happened, and the way I've been treated.

My ex and I were both signers on a loan for a 2011 GL550 (I was the primary, actually). He sold that car to this dealership without a signature from me, phone call to me, nothing.  I had NOTHING at all to do with the sale of a car that was under my name. I'm no expert, but that doesn't seem right to me.

THEN, someone at Smythe sold that car, and somehow did it without changing the registration.

When I got a notice from the Citrus Heights PD of a red light violation in "my car", with a picture of some dude I've never seen before, I flipped out!
I called the Citrus Heights PD, they told me to call the DMV.  So, I called the DMV, and they told me I need a release of liability from the dealership, or whomever they sold the car to.

When I called Smythe European, I was directed to Alan Zypher (or something like that).  Turns out that this is the guy who was directly involved with this whole debacle.

When I first spoke with him, he was pleasant, and seemed attentive and motivated to get to the bottom of what went wrong.  He told me he would do some "insert industry terms", and get back to me.  That never happened.  After a coupe of months, and still no word from Alan, and nothing has changed about the registration, so I called again.

This time, the first thing Alan does is ask if I've received more notices of driving infractions...
I wonder if that's a dead clue to the fact that he hadn't done anything.
He later confirmed that, and gave me some insane excuse, blaming some other person who apparently told him that it wasn't clear to him that there were vanity license plates on the car, and THAT'S what went wrong?!?
Seriously!!! That car had the Whale Tail plates to save the ocean (ya know, the completely OBVIOUSLY BLUE plates).  Could it have possibly been MORE OBVIOUS that they were vanity plates?  When I pointed that out, Alan replied with...."well, that s what they told me".

I don't know how anyone else at Smythe handles things in any other area, but Alan Zypher is NOT treating me like he gives a damn about something that is clearly his (or someone at Smythe's) fault.

I don't need to be treated like I'm buying a $100k car, but a phone call back, some kind of follow-up, something to let me know that someone recognizes the issue, and is actively TRYING to fix it.

What's the deal, no commission, no service?

Michaela Z. | 2014-04-23

Our experience with Smythe was outstanding. From our initial contact to the test drive, negotiation and delivery. Felt that we were treated with respect, courtesy and it was incredibly straightforward. We are thrilled with our purchase of a E350 wagon and thrilled with Monica Fita, Joe Godoy and team. Don't go to the other dealers in the area - we had a very negative experience with one. This is the dealership you want to be at - they over delivered and exceeded our expectations!

C W. | 2014-04-19

Slava at Smythe European did a great job in helping us purchase our new car!!  We visited both Smythe and Autobahn and Slava provided customer service FAR SUPERIOR to that we received at Autobahn.  He was friendly, efficient and helpful.  Highly recommend.

Dave T. | 2014-04-17

I wasn't really in the market for a new car but I have always liked the 550SL so I took one for a test drive and it was love at first drive. I checked out other dealers, Autobahn (they were just OK) San Francisco was great but too pricey, Fletcher never did get my name right etc.

I went to Smythe  after receiving a email and call from Glen Hartzheim. Glen said he would take care of me. When I stopped by Smythe Glen was busy so he had another salesman take me out to look at cars. Glen also said he would set up a test drive for me.

The other salesman took me out o the storage lot and showed me the SL's. He never opened one up for me and just kind of stood there, we then went back to the dealership where I thought we were going to take one for a test drive, instead he took me to his desk and proceeded to ask me how I was going to pay for it etc. Way to pushy so I walked out. I called Glen and let him know what happened and he said he would make it right if I would give him the chance.

I was going back to San Francisco but thought I would at least stop by and see what Glen had to say and do.

I never made it to S.F.Glen made me a great deal and gave me a fair price on my trade in.  
Glen has kept his word on everything that he has promised me.

I've worked with Danielle in service and she has been over the top in service.

Glen and Danielle are both 5 stars+.
The rest of sales dept needs to step up to the plate in customer service. I've noticed that when you come in that they seem too busy to come over to even greet you.
No one even greets or says hi to you. It's my money not yours yet. I work for mine and I feel you need to work for yours.
Glen and Danielle do it.

Bobbie L. | 2014-04-16

After my earlier review on the problems I had recently when I purchased a car at Smythe, I received an email from someone there apologizing for my poor experience and saying how important customer satisfaction and the customer experience is for them. She asked me to call the dealership GM to share my I did, but no returned phone call. Not surprised.... now that they have my $60K. An while they were mishandling my purchase for 2+ weeks they were also emailing me every other day encouraging me to write a review. on Yelp. Really? So I did, and I have shared my experience with anyone who asked. Save yourself some aggravation and buy yourself a Mercedes somewhere else.

Skylar S. | 2014-04-13

Bad bad bad bad customer service!Don't even waste your time coming here!  They wasted 3 hours of my time just to retract the sales price that was agreed upon by me and the sales person. Who the hell retracts an offer made to the customer??? One of the managers at this location does! That is how credible they are! Total waste of time dealing with pricks. I would never consider buying from here ever again.

Lerna K. | 2014-04-04

100% recommended. I've been going to the Smythe service department for years now and have never had a bad experience. I used to hate getting my car serviced because most places try to rip you off but I've never felt that way here. I always deal with Troy Schalk and he is AMAZING. He's professional, friendly, efficient and always returns my phone calls way faster than expected and gives great advice about what I should do with the repairs I need. I'm always very impressed every time I leave the service department with the staff and how quickly everything is handled. The complimentary loaner cars are a plus too because I never have to worry about getting a rental depending on how long the repairs will take. Overall, love this place and Troy is the absolute best!!

karl p. | 2014-04-04

I bought a CPO (Certified Pre-Owned) C250 here.  And, while the buying experience was pretty typical --- there is always haggling to be done; I felt I did get an excellent deal for a car with only 15k miles on it and a decent warranty.

The car has been great for the past year, except it is in their shop now since the engine light came on.  In fact it has been in the shop twice now in the past week, since they fixed one issue --- and the next day, the engine light came back on.

Anyway, I feel confident they will diagnose the problem --- and since it is under warranty, they can take as long as they want since I have gotten free loaner cars on both occasions: a fully equipped C250/AMG and now just a basic C250.  What's not to like?

They're a friendly bunch over there and very accommodating.  I just sure hope all the major things break while my car is under warranty.

Steve G. | 2014-04-01

Joe Pacella is the best, Thoughtful, careful attention to detail. Meets expectations.
Always makes sure my rental is ready for me. My car gets washed 100% of the time.
Does a full review of my work. Opens the hood to discuss what has happened to my car.

Ahmed H. | 2014-04-01

One afternoon I casually went to Smythe European dealership with my wife and son. The experience was literally awesome. One of the Sales Manager introduced me to Glenn Hartzheim (Internet Sales Mgr),  Glenn was terrific. He took us on a test drive for 2014 ML350, explained us all the various packages, models, etc.  No rush, no pressure, pure facts.  We made the decision the very same day and made the deal. I am not sure about the negative comments, we had a great experience with the whole process. Glenn is a great person and I highly recommend him and the dealership. Thanks!

Mikaela M. | 2014-03-30

One star for the only guy (Asian guy that has a son who is a doctor) that paid attention to my husband and I when we walked in to this dealership in the market for a brand new CLS550. I was looking to replace my 2010 CLS that we bought from Beshoff so we decided to check out this place to see if they have the color and the options that I want. As we were walking in to the lot, we saw about 5 salesmen chatting outside the glass door while waiting for customers, they looked at us while we were walking towards them so I smiled but to our disappointment, they all looked away and turned their body away from us and never bothered to greet us and ask if they can help us.  We even walked past them but not a single hi from any of them. We were very disappointed. I wanted to ask them if there is a new CLS that we can look at but no one was willing to help. I don't know why we were treated that way. Was is because my husband and I are young and we were dressed down that day? I guess they didn't see my Benz because we parked on the side. My husband was annoyed and he wanted to leave but I thought maybe we will get a better customer service if we walk inside. But's just as bad as the 5 guys outside. The staff were walking back and forth but no one were willing to help us.  No one bothered to stop even for a second to see if we need help. As we were about to leave, the older Asian gentleman that I mentioned came from nowhere and started talking to us. He was very nice and he spent a lot of time trying to help us with what I need but at the time that we were there Smythe only had a limited amount of the new CLS in their lot and it didn't have all the options that I want. We also told him how we were treated by the staff that were there that day and we felt very insulted and discriminated. He apologized for it and he was very nice and I wanted to give him our business but we can't just brush off the insulting experience that we had before he approached us so we ended up buying our 2012 and 2013 CLS 550 from Beshoff again, wherein (for us) customer service is so much better. If Smythe only knew that my husband is a doctor and if we want to - we can very well afford to buy the car that we want in CASH.

George R. | 2014-03-18

I would NEVER buy a car from this dealership.  Why?  Well, here's my story.  My wife was in the market for a Mini Cooper Convertible.  I found a used Mini at Smythe European that fit her needs and contacted them to schedule an appointment with a specific salesman on Saturday morning (this was a Monday). The salesman was very nice and even offered to call me should they sell the car before then (I thought this was great.  Would save me a trip, right?)  On Friday night, I received an email from the salesman confirming my appointment (Great again, right?).  At 7:20 that same evening, I received a voicemail from a young lady again confirming my appointment (Wow! These guys are really on top of it!).   Sooooo, on Saturday morning we arrive at the dealer at 10AM and ask for the salesman which we have an appointment with.  I'm greeted with a blank stare and told "that guy left us on Tuesday for another job" (Okay, this happens, right?).  So I figure we can still see the car and I ask this new salesman (the one who informed me that my salesman no longer worked there) about the car.  He gives me a blank stare and tells me that he thinks it's at a credit union sale but he needs to confirm it on the computer.  Sure enough, this car isn't here but off site at some auction.  He tells me they can have it back on the lot in a couple of hours.  Now I'm p&ssed.  I've gotten multiple followup confirmations only to be told the salesperson and the car I've scheduled to see are not there and no one thought to call me.  WTF!   I'm not the type to rant but this is just bush league.  (You can check my other posts.  I'm not an a-hole and I don't expect to be treated like one.)  Smythe European, I will never be a customer of yours.

Jessica K. | 2014-03-14

Spoke to the Service Manager Jack who went above and beyond to help me. I was in the process of buying a used Mercedes-Benz ML350 from a private dealer and wanted it checked out after find out from the finance company the car was not what it seemed. He helped me find out and avoid a very costly transmission problem! I would have bought a car that had a problem that was more expensive to fix than I was actually paying for the car itself!! The customer service and just the above one on one assistance I was provided was more than j could have ever expected!! The honesty from him and advice on the phone was invaluable then the in person diagnosis saved me! Thank you Jack!

Alex R. | 2014-03-11

Slava Aprelenko from Smyth European did excellent job in finding us the right car.  We are extremely happy with his service.  This is a second time he was extremely helpful and made sure we were happy with our purchase.  Slava thank you!!!!

Maritza D. | 2014-03-09

Great experience, Grace Wong was my sales women she was very courteous and friendly! Got the car i wanted& a great deal.

Smokie H. | 2014-03-09

If I could give zero stars, I would.  Not only is the service department incompetent and exceedingly slow but two GLs we've bought in succession have had chronic problems requiring numerous trips to the incompetent slow service dept..  The first GL450 had a myriad of problems including the suspension (fixed more than once but sold back to MBZ  broken with one side of the suspension up and the other normal) , malfunctioning buttons for windows,, dvd player, etc.  Thinking we just got a lemon, we traded it in and got the GL350 Bluetec.  While we love the drive,  safety and mileage, again the myriad of problems with the car -- first immediate numerous issues with the dvd player, then tailgate malfunction that saw the car in service for over a week and now starter/electrical problems and again the car in service for over week.  We just it back and it was not fixed properly so no radio/nav/bluetooth.  We are totally fed up with MBZ and will never buy another again.  I had my trusty old Isuzu Trooper for 12 years/110k miles and only one problem in the 12th year with an oil leak that was quickly fixed; my husband had Audi A8 for same time period and again, no major problems and certainly not our experience with MBZ where it has been one thing after another.

BTW, we bought the first GL450 from Smythe.  While sales was great, service was dismal. So we switched and bought the GL350 from Beshoff. Unfortunately,  Beshoff has equally,  if not worse,  poor service so back to Smythe for service since they are located much closer to us. Both dealerships have you make an appointment for service yet you routinely wait at least 1/2 past your appointment time.    While the staff at each dealer is polite, they are maddeningly slow and the service on the vehicle is incompetent.

To top it off, at both Smythe and Beshoff, the quarters I keep in my ashtray were stolen by service staff.  REALLY?

All of the poor MBZ reviews on this yelp site to be accurate. Don't buy any of the GLs and avoid both Smythe and Beshoff.  When researching MBZ customer service,  a contributor wrote on an MBX site that he contacted the head office and was stunned by the rude reply. Numerous other contributors agreed that MBUSA couldn't care less about customer service.  Our experience with the dealers clearly shows the trickle down to the dealership of this attitude towards customers.  I will be writing to MBUSA but I suspect it will be complete waste of time.  So no more MBZ for us and we will warn everyone else we know.

Boris G. | 2014-03-07

Excellent service, thank you Kamal Massoudi

Mickey A. | 2014-03-06

I recently was in the market for a new sporty car after years old east coast living, where front or all wheel drive is mandated by the snow.  I was dreading car shopping as in the past dealers have been super condescending to me (likely because I'm a small blonde woman).  I had the BEST experience with Kamal at Smythe.  He immediately greeted me when I walked onto the lot, and  handled the entire shopping and buying process with kindness and grace.  I never felt pressured at all, and had the feeling that he was a genuinely decent, honest guy.  My boyfriend, who I brought with me on the second day of test driving, felt the same way.  I got a great deal on a beautiful c250-- I LOVE IT.  The buying process was painless and I got a fair deal for my trade.  Kamal even managed to retrieve my hospital garage parking sticker that I forgot my trade and get it to me a few days later.  This place really is full service, I highly recommend it!,

Boris B. | 2014-03-04

I ended up buying a used bmw from the dealership in Dec 2013, from what seemed like Grace' first rodeo. She failed to sell me the car at first, but then when my friends battery died at the parking lot as we were leaving the lot and we had to ask their mechanics for booster cables, the finance manager came out. He gave dropped the price Grace gave us to a much more reasonable amount and thanks to my friends' stalled car, I ended up buying the car from the dealership. Then, the customer service, or lack thereof, started to unravel. First, Grace and the finance manager assured me that they took care of all the paperwork and filed an application for new licence plates for my car (i had just moved to the US and did not have licence plates), so I took off thinking I'll get the plates in the mail in a couple months.
Fast forward two months later, I get an engine light in the car and decide to take it back to the dealership for inspection. I called the dealership and left a voicemail asking to call me back with available times to schedule the appointment. The call was never returned. So i ended up taking it to the BMW dealership across the street instead.
Fast forward a couple more weeks, its now 2.5 months after buying the car and the plates have yet to arrive in the mail.  In the past couple of weeks I also started to get pulled over more frequently by cops asking for my licence plates, as they usually raise an eyebrow when I tell them i bought the car in december and have yet to get the plates in the mail. So I decided to call the dealership and confirm that the application for plates was indeed sent 3 months ago and inquire on the delay.  It turned out, they forgot to send the application in December and instead sent me a blank form to fill out and send back to them, to "fix" the situation. Now, i'm expected to wait another month or two until I actually get the plates in the mail.
I'm sorry to say this, although not really, but the lack of customer service stinks the entire place, from service to sales. I will never set foot in that place again and I would recommend anyone to do the same, unless you expect to deal with amateur sales associates and crappy customer service. There are better places to take your car for service on Stevens Creek, as well as a better selection of cars. The staff at Beshoff Mercedes was a lot more helpful and responsive when I had to deal with them and would gladly recommend that dealership for new/used cars.

Trent D. | 2014-03-04

This is the best place to buy a Mercedes. "Sam Chao" in sales is one of the best in the business. If it wasn't for him we would not continue to go back and buy cars from Smythe. He has helped my family out with many cars and as long as he is there we will continue to buys cars from him at Smythe. Sam was very  helpful and professional and made our car buying experience very quick and painless.  He even introduced us to Jay Falkner in service so that we could get familiarized with the service department. Jay is also one of the best in the business. He set us up for our first service appointment and was able to answer every single one of our questions on our new car.  If these two individuals represent a small piece of what Smythe has to offer then Smythe would have to be the best place on earth to buy a Mercedes Period....Thanks again guys for all of your effort and help that you provided to me and my family.

Susu X. | 2014-02-28

We bought a ML 350 yesterday,  Joey from the finance office was excellent.  He explained all the options available to us as well as the cost break down for our car,  thoroughly and patiently. Ask for Joey when you buy a car at Smythe.

Tony M. | 2014-02-24

I just purchase my car from Smythe European and was very satisfied with the customer service.

My sales representative was very patient, understand, and did not pressure me into any of the cars.  He actually suggested to take a day to think about my purchase and call him with any questions.  This was very intriguing to me as I am in the sales business and do the same for my clients.  I feel nobody should ever be pressured into purchasing anything especially large purchases without the chance of thinking it over.  The fact that he did this made me want to work with him exclusively.

I'm glad I made my purchase with the dealership and look forward to future business with Goran Muftic.

Kalyanbabu R. | 2014-02-24

I am shocked and stunned, these people can't even know the name of their customers, sent an email, called them up to correct my name and I get emails in the name of another customer.
My car is new (2 months) so not able to comment on the services.
Will give my review in couple of months.

Andy L. | 2014-02-18

Bought a car here last week, everyone was very professional.  They weren't being pushy or try to pressure me into anything, which is refreshing.  I hate spending hours negotiating back and forth, didn't have to do it here.  I'd recommend this dealership to my friends and family.

Jenny T. | 2014-02-15

Don't go here if you're looking to buy a car. Worst service ever!!!! If you want a good experience I recommend auto bahn or beshoff.

My boyfriend and I went here to inquire about the CLA. We walked in on a Sunday, yes they were busy but  we didn't even get a hello from anyone!!!!  Finally we went to the front desk, lady was NOT nice at all. She just looked at us for a good minute. Then my boyfriend asked if anyone can help us. Then she was reply oh everyone is busy. After talking to her, we just decided to leave because it did NOT look like they wanted our business.

The same day I called auto bahn (ask for Clayton) ... To see if they had time for us to test drive a vehicle. Although they were busy they still accommodated us. We drove there the same day and test drove a couple of cars, sealed the deal the same day. The next day I picked up my new whip!

Terence L. | 2014-02-10

My girlfriend and I stopped by in hopes of checking out an SLK.  She's been thinking about trading in her car for an SLK55 AMG, and I was hoping to have her look at one up close and try it out to see if it's a good fit for her, or maybe she should just get the SLK350.  We walked the lot a few times looking for any SLK to check out.  Unfortunately, there wasn't any.  And to make matters worse,  nobody ever approached us and asked if we needed help with anything.  We could see plenty of employees out and about, but that just made us feel completely ignored.  

Only cool point about our visit was seeing the CLA45 AMG that an employee was sitting inside of with the engine on.  Car sounded pretty freaking nice, and has the looks to go with it too.

Bonnie M. | 2014-02-06

I just purchased a 2011 CPO Mercedes Benz E350 from Smythe European.  Some years back I also purchased a pre-owned Mercedes from Smythe, so I was very comfortable going into the dealership to look for a CPO vehicle.  My sales person, Leland Roane, was everything you would expect from a Mercedes representative and more.  He was gracious, informative and when it came time to put a deal together, he totally respected my financial parameters and worked with me to get me into the car I wanted.  If you are in the market for a pre-owned Mercedes, don't be afraid to go into the dealership and look at the CPO vehicles, it is well worth it.  I am delighted with my new car!  Thank you Leland and Smythe.

Teena L. | 2014-01-31

I am changing my rating to 5 stars since I have been here several times now and have always received excellent customer service. They've always had a rental ready for me when I bring in my car to get serviced. They also are good at keeping me up to date with the progress of my car. My service advisor is always friendly and prepared when I come to pick up my car. Overall, just a pleasant experience.

Lauren A. | 2014-01-28

Love this dealership.  Armando Vargas was our sales person.  I called earlier that day due to us being mistreated at another dealership in SJ...  Talked to Armando on the phone told him exactly what we were looking for.  He stayed an extra hour past the time he was supposed to head home to make sure we had the best experience possible.  When we got there he had all the cars we were asking for in the front of the lot.  AWESOME!  We bought the car that night.  It was the best car buying experience in my life.  Best customer service.  This dealership is non pushy.  And they are just normal everyday people.  If you are going to buy a Benz see Armando and Stan the manager.  Thanks you guys.  We love our car!

Martha M. | 2014-01-28

Excellent customer service.  This is the second car I purchased from Smythe.  I purchased a 2009 ML in 2009 and have had a good experience with their service department with every visit.  Most recently I found myself back at Smythe to purchase a used car for my daughter.  They had the car I wanted, a 2011 Toyota Corolla which was a trade-in.  Sales person, Leland Roane was very easy to work with  Transaction went very smooth and the experience was painless.  I will continue to do business with them - servicing my 2009 Mercedes with John Gonzales and when I am ready for a new car I will call on Leland Roan to assist me.  The fact that Smythe is owned by Auto Nation has enhanced my experience with this company.  No only are you getting that "home town" dealership feel, you are backed by a corporation.  Thank you Leland for making this used car purchase easy for me.  I am confident that any issues I may have will be backed up.

Dave K. | 2014-01-25

I'm downgrading these guys to two stars for two reasons:  (1) we thought we were unlucky when our GL450 had lots of quality issues and replaced it with an ML550, but it turns out that the ML550 has serious brake rotor problems -- you buy an $75K SUV because you want it to be safe and this is now the second time we have had serious safety issues with our Mercedes and (2) the quality of the service department is decaying.  Mixing up appointment times, inability to get appointments easily, etc.

The cars are falling apart and it seems the dealership is too. Stay away from Mercedes and stay away from Smythe.

Mike S. | 2014-01-20

I came in to make an appointment for a minor service and the receptionist very politely said I need to talk to a service advisor and need to make an appointment.  I said that is strange, that means making another appointment to come in to talk to a service advisor.  She said that s the way it is handled.  Crazy as that seems I made an appointment, then had to sit around for 50 minutes.  Once I got to the service advisor and told him what I needed he said, ok, see the RECEPTIONIST AND MAKE AN APPOINTMENT.  I know it is a Mercedes and they want to make you feel special, but this advisor is just an unneeded layer of management.  Bring back the old fashioned service manager and a receptionist who will make an appointment when asked.

The sales part was a great experience, very helpful when the car was purchased, just poor service department, I just do not think they fully understand the concept of great customer service

Rich M. | 2014-01-16

I had a very positive buying experience at Smythe European recently.  I bought a new Mercedes Benz G Class and it was a pleasure working with Armando Vargas who was my Sales Associate.  The negotiations were balanced, fair, and very professionally handled.  I am in the Walnut Creek area but will look to Smythe and Armando for my next purchase.

Linda M. | 2014-01-12

Super easy transaction to buy my new GLK350, Kamal was very professional and he followed up to make sure I was still happy with my purchase...which I am. :)

Danielle S. | 2014-01-07

I went in with a tough attitude. I didn't want to get pushed around or pressured to get a car I was not going to be able to afford. I didn't need a new car, but was in the market. Mohammed Malek was very helpful. He was straight forward and no bull. He took all my shots and I ended up in a car that I love. He made it happen and I am very happy. Also the receptionist and the finance gentle man were both very warm and helpful. Although the building was under construction it was comfortable and the tea and coffee were lovely.

Roshad G. | 2014-01-01

I was in the market for a S550 and went to another local dealership before I went to Smythe and let's just say they did not want to sell me a car. So I went to Smythe where I met salesman Ronald Bryant and he was awesome. Very professional, patient, and honest. He a Scott made my purchase one of the best car buying experience I have ever had. I love my S550 and don't see myself driving anything but a Benz the rest of my life and please believe i will be buying it from Smythe.

Linda C. | 2013-12-29

Just bought a new car from Smythe European - I bought it through USAA (my home/car insurance company) who uses Auto Nation (and Smythe is owned by Auto Nation).

Got a fabulous deal via USAA / AutoNation (10.1% off of MSRP) and loved my salesman at Smythe  (Tony Spenser). No hard sales pitches at all, but then again, I knew what I wanted going in for the most part save for a few options that I wavered over. We found a suitable car at a dealership in Seattle and Tony secured the vehicle and had it shipped to me. It was like finding a needle in a haystack but he did it. When it arrived, he picked me up at home to take me into the dealership to drive my vehicle away.

Totally stress-free and I would totally buy from Tony again. Can't recommend him enough. If you are from a military family, make sure to take advantage of the car buying service offered by USAA and make sure to use Tony at Smythe.

Krystle K. | 2013-12-26

I recently purchased a CLA with Smythe European. I knew exactly what color and model I wanted and when I reached out I received a response immediately and constant communication to answer all my questions before I even set foot in the dealership.
Once I actually walked in the great service continued. Everyone I encountered was great and helpful and I never felt overly pressured but I also never felt like I was being a bother. Slava was great he had all the answers I was looking for and took time to show me how to use all the features on my car.
I had been looking for this car for a little while and had been trying to work with another dealership who kept giving me the run around and couldn't make the purchase work.
Slava made time for me immediately and I was able to walk in and purchase the exact vehicle I wanted in the exact color I was looking for with the add ons I wanted the same day I initially reached out to him.

This was the best experience I have had purchasing a vehicle. I highly recommend this dealership. Everyone I worked with there was great and very helpful.

S B. | 2013-12-17

This is what I call excellent customer service! Just bought my Mercedes from Smythe and had the best experience of a car sale!!! Yes - I said 'Best' along with car sale .  Stan the sales manager and Grace and Mark made this a very pleasant transaction. I went in as a single female apprehensive of the bargaining tactics involved with a car sale. But I never once felt pressured and Stan was extremely pleasant during the entire process.
Recently I had the worst customer service experience at Audi Stevens Creek. I own an Audi and was sure I would buy another one - but Audi Stevens Creek had such terrible customer Service - I am now a Mercedes gal!
Thank you Stan and Grace and Mark .
I recommend everyone who is considering a Mercedes or high end car to go to Smythe for your car.

David E. | 2013-12-17

I've had my eye on the Mercedes CLA for almost a year.  Various systems in my 10 year old BMW were giving out, and this was the time to buy a new car.  A neighbor had bought one so it was my turn.  I emphasize a new car, as there have been so many technological changes that will make driving safer for me.  In fact, it's the first NEW car I have purchased in 40 years, all others having been "pre-owned."  

Let's not be coy.  The CLA is a different car in great demand (most of the recent reviews of Smythe European have been about buyers trying to buy just this model).  While I could have a car with any combination of options, I would have to wait months for the ship to arrive.  A salesman at another dealership thought the best question to ask was what color I wanted.  While I didn't want a black car or a white car, any other color would do if I could get the "driver assistance package" that has the new electronic features.  I made an appointment with Anmar Kamil.  As soon as I arrived, he turned me over to Glenn Hartzheim.  He took me on a test drive which emphasized many of the newest features.  The car fits me, a 5'5" mature man.  Visibility is better than I expected.  When we got back to the dealership, Glenn found another CLA with the "driver assistance package."  Another family was salivating over my chosen CLA, and I made the decision to submit an offer and beat them to it.  There was some discussion about the numbers and the trade-in.  I was quite pleased with the trade-in amount.  I was given the option of taking the old car home and trying to sell it myself, but I know what that entails, wasted evenings and weekends, when I could be out on the open road with my new car.  I went into the tiny office of Jim Habenicht, the Finance Manager.  It was a real pleasure to deal with such a pleasant efficient professional.  I could recommend that Smythe give him a bigger office, but this might break his stride. All he has to do is spin around in his swivel chair between the copy machine, his computer, the printer, his in-basket and his out-basket.  Meanwhile, Anmar and Glenn were helping to clean out the old car.  Then Anmar took me on a second drive to demonstrate features of the specific model, Distronic Cruise Control and Parktronic.  And then I drove it home!

I've had the car for three weeks and am having a lot of fun.  I don't understand it all yet, but Anmar sent me some videos on the new features, and there are still more.

Keith L. | 2013-12-14

We had a great experience buying a car at Smythe.  See Majid if you are buying a car.  A great guy who provided us with great customer service.  Even well after the sale he has been really helpful in teaching us the car's features and making sure we are happy.  We definitely plan to buy from them again in the future!

Sarah R. | 2013-12-13

The most painless car buying experience ever. I've visited several dealerships over the last few months but hadn't bought anything thanks to poor customer service.

I'm glad I waited because Monica at Smythe found exactly what I was looking for and made the buying process smooth and painless. She's wonderful to work with and genuinely cares about making her customers happy. I highly recommend this dealership.

Shanna N. | 2013-12-10

I can't stand this place. Would a smile from the parts department or reception be asking too much?

Have been in here quite a few times recently and I have consistently left feeling unsatisfied with the quality of service! I feel like I have a used Civic rather than SL...

One person specifically that I've dealt with is a young brunette with Haneous pink black and white painted acrylic nails who has the most annoyed looking face every time I have gone to the counter seeking help.

Definitely NOT going to ever buy a car from here or return back for service.

You guys suck and the coffee machine which was your only saving grace no longer works - so no coffee and bad service = 2 stars

KriStina T. | 2013-12-10

Review #104 YAY!

This review is loooong over due!! I recently switched my Mercedes Service Dept. from Beshoff (horrible service dept.!!!) to Smythe European Mercedes, and I wish I did so sooner! I was set up with the service adviser named Troy and he conducted himself very professional, friendly and gave honest opinions. He gave me service advice that others would just rip me off on cause I'm a female and they know I don't know anything about cars. I have to trust my service ad visor to make sure I'm taking care of my car and not over doing or spending on services I don't necessarily need. He made the whole process very simple and non-stressful. The rental was a breeze and unlike Beshoff, it was a Mercedes loaner. The dealership is remodeled and looks way nicer than before. Even though I live right across the street from Beshoff Mercedes, I would rather drive all the way here to spend my money at Smythe Service! I would recommend everyone who drives a Mercedes in the Bay Area to get their car service needs here. Once you experience Troy's great customer service, you'll see what I'm talking about! Thank you very much for taking care of my car, being reasonable and hassle-free! Now if only you can give me more discount on the price, haha JUST KIDDING!

Ashish M. | 2013-12-05

Good service! Just ask what you need or want, you will get a genuine response.

Just visited for a regular check for my car.

amanda k. | 2013-11-26

Smythe European and their employees were great! I just bought a car for the first time in 14 years (I had a cassette player and gas was $.99 the last time I owned a car) and they made the process as easy and painless as possible. Super fair and did not try and push any add-ons. Thanks Anmar!

Alisha K. | 2013-11-19

I recently bought a Mercedes from Smythe European and was very happy with my experience!  My salesperson, Majid, was very friendly without being pushy and he did a great job at getting more than offered for my trade in.  Also, when I went to finance, which is usually a grueling experience, Bryan was awesome!  I had been quoted a rate I wasn't super happy with and Bryan pulled some strings to get me a great interest rate that made it affordable for me to get a warranty!  I have already recommended Smythe to my co-workers and told them about my wonderful experience.  

I think I'm hooked on Mercedes now!!!  I love my car!

Michael R. | 2013-11-19

I'm surprised there are so many negative reviews. My experience was very positive, took 30 minutes to agree on price for 2014 C250 and then the usual paperwork. Good customer service and very efficient loan paperwork. Will definitely come back again.

NW Y. | 2013-11-19

Good deal I got for my C250. Grace Wong helped me, she is very nice.

Pamela M. | 2013-11-17

Just leased my third Mercedes through Smythe.  We keep going back because they always have a great selection and treat me professionally.  I worked with PJ and Goran, both of whom were respectful, listened to what I wanted, and did not push.  Goran was very helpful in making sure I understood how everything in the car worked, and he even set up the voice controls for my phone.  We managed to do everything in about 3 hours, even without an appointment.

Moongirl L. | 2013-11-11

Well, Saw all the negative comments abt this dealership guess I am one of them as well.
  Called twice today WITHIN their office office nobody picked up!!! and finally I called again and after tones of auto transfer A gentleman spoke with me on the line. I wanted to check out CLA 250 if it is in stock, but I was expect the attitude from him. I guess European car dealer have that typical bias on people asking for the car but " not buying it" HOW ARE WE SUPPOSE TO BUY THE CAR WHEN WE NOT EVEN SEEN IT AND TEST DRIVE YET!!! U GUYS ATTITUDE MAKE ME SICK!!!!!!

Sam C. | 2013-11-09

i went to here yesterday. I wanna see the CLA250. And no body help up. I asked one people could somebody help me? He said nope, i will find someone help you up. the woman come and say what you suppose to do today.I said i wanna test drive the CLA. she said you dont wanna buy it? and just said okay, i have appointment, and leave never come back. how come a dealer still there should be some others dealer.Plz shut down !

Brenda H. | 2013-11-09

We purchased a Mercedes from Smythe European recently.  Their Sales Team, Leland & Sales Manager PJ were excellent. The Service side was just as good.  Charlie Fish handled our service & was wonderful.  We appreciated their professionalism, quick & accurate scheduling. Everyone was helpful!  True Customer Service, Thank you.   Overall, we are very pleased with the car & the Smythe Team.

Partha B. | 2013-10-31

I was looking to lease a car and went to Smythe in the month of May.  Leland Roane was really nice and explained to me the features and pricing, and answered all the questions I had.  I was out of town for some time, so he called back to check - always polite, not pushy.  Back in town, I went to Smythe.  Leland was on leave, so went for a test drive with Majid Amjadi.  He was the archetype of a car salesman.  When he found out that I was not willing to buy on the very same day, he completely lost interest, and referred me to for pricing and options!!  It's amazing that the same old selling tactics are still used by so many dealers, they do not realize how the world has changed.  I cannot give them more than 2 stars, and chances are low that I will return to them in the future.

Stacey M. | 2013-10-29

Worst car buying experience EVER! Don't trust the financial guys!!

Charlie J. | 2013-10-25

Great working with Slava recently in placing a custom order for my new 2014 ML350 - very much appreciate all the help from him!!!

Charwak A. | 2013-10-23

Hello Yelpers....

I bought my first car about 6 months back from Smythe European. A Polar white C250 Sport Sedan 2013. I have never bought cars here in the USA before and had no experience how to go about doing the same. But the amount of nerd I am, I learned a lot on the fly. about car buying. If I had to give you one advice before buying your car, it would be to do a great deal of research yourself. There is a lot of information available in the public domain and some educational videos on youtube about negotiating. Enough of the non-smythe talk.

So yeah, I am in my office right now just finished all my work and had some free time so I decided to write a review for Smythe. I purposely waited for about 6 months to write this because I wanted to be less spontaneous while writing my review.

The Dealership:

I spoke with Slava as my best man  :) at the Merc Showroom and I will tell you something about this guy. He is very professional and once you make it clear to him that you mean business he is your best friend there at the dealership. I was caught between the audi a4 and the merc c250 and Slava made this choice easier for me. This he did, not by downgrading Audi (approach which some thoughtless dealers make) but by selling the Merc's strengths and also offering me a good price. I spent about 2 weeks before I went to the showroom, drove the C250 on Friday, the A4 on Saturday , another C250 on Saturday and I bought the beauty on Sunday. The whole thing was a breeze. My communication with Slava was direct transparent and he always had the answers to any questions I had regarding my Merc.


Man I do not have enough words to praise the service at Smythe. I agree I am early in reviewing this but so far I have had 2 appointments with them and Troy Schalk who is my service advisor is a great guy and the only one I go to when I have to play around with my car.

I think with dealerships, your mileage may vary in temrms of your experience with them and there are too many factors that go into deciding that. On an individual's part however I must say....
1. Go to the dealership only when you are really interested in buying.
2. Do your research thoroughly.
3. Express clearly where you come from to whoever you speak with and you will get a treatment more than your expectactions.

In the end.... I will just thank Slava for the awesome experience at the dealership, I hope you sell 10x more cars next year :)

Chu W. | 2013-10-16

Do not step your foot in here I would rather drive down to monterey to get my car service. Is a night and day differences between the service and  the professionalism of the two different dealership.

Dave M. | 2013-10-03

We recently purchased a Certified Pre-owned CLS550 from Symthe and had great
experience with Armando Vargas.  Armando was very helpful and forthright about
the car and its history.  We actually got the entire process done in under 1
hour!  We were in such a hurry that he got the car prepped and cleaned up a
minor blemish, then delivered the car to our house.  That is what I call great
customer service!

Maggie X. | 2013-09-16

My family and I were in the market for a new Mercedes, and we'd contacted four or five other dealerships beforehand. Some of the sales representatives at other dealerships were rude, condescending, nonchalant, or unresponsive. On a whim, I decided to call Smythe European.

Armando Vargas picked up my call, and he was the nicest and most easygoing sales rep I'd talked to that entire week (and boy was it a loooong week). He didn't seem pushy, he listened to what I wanted and made helpful suggestions, and he was very responsive, even going so far as to respond to some of my emails at 9pm. Plus he's just an incredibly friendly guy, and talking to him wasn't like pulling teeth like how it was with some other sales reps. In the end, he gave me an amazing price for a beautiful C250, and I was sold. Even when I had scheduling difficulties, he made arrangements so that my family and I would be taken care of even when he wasn't available.

When we went to finalize everything, his partner, Mo (Mohammed Malek I believe?), patiently walked us through all the paperwork and details of the car. He was incredibly informative and very knowledgeable. Even though the dealership closes at 9pm on Fridays, we arrived late due to traffic and he even stayed with us until we were all done past 10pm! And the best part was that Mo didn't even seem a hint impatient or frustrated.

I also wanted to mention that the overall ambiance of this dealership is very friendly and constructive. They are undergoing renovations right now, so some areas are roped off and others are a little cramped, but the staff made the experience extremely comfortable and just.. happy! They were joking and laughing amongst themselves, which is always nice to see since that translates into their customer service. Even the finance manager, Jim (I think? sorry I'm horrible with names!) was cracking jokes and telling us stories past 10pm.

Overall, this was the best car-buying experience I've ever had, and I would definitely recommend this dealership.

Liz L. | 2013-09-16

The new location is great. Its coming along.. And the service is wonderful. My service advisor is John Gonzalez.. He always does his best to make sure I'm satisfied with the work and goes out of his way to accommodate me. He is very well informed. I definitely recommend him. Thank you John!! ;)

Jad E. | 2013-09-02

Worst customer service ever
I came in at 12:30
I waited till 1:30 and no one was able to help me
I had questions and was ready to lease a new C class
I went to the receptionist, she called sales reps over 5 times and no one showed up
Very disappointed with their horrible service

V'Angelo A. | 2013-08-29

Christina M. Thanks for your reply. However, you gave a GM phone number which is the dealership number and not directly to him. I'm getting upset with all the lies and false promises your Dealership is giving to the customers. Your dealership knows which S550 was sold last July 30, 2013 and your GM can contact me directly other than you giving me dealership number and making every customers believe its your GM direct number. Not upset with you but to the crappy customer service your dealership is giving.
Thank you very much.

Allen K. | 2013-08-25

Recently bought ML350. Anmar was very kind and helped me throughout the buying process in a pleasant manner. I would like to highly recommend him.

Jon K. | 2013-08-23

Went late in the afternoon to look at a G550 and didn't realize that the place was a dump...after using their portopotty I went on the test drive and got the hard sell on " certified preowned"  and came to the conclusion that yes....the car was pre owned...what a scam. Made a offer on the car and the offer counter offer game began, two hours later I decided to take their offer, then the hard sell from the finance department with extended warranty and paint protection and LoJack and wheel insurance ...etc ...etc...etc. I spent almost six digits but it was a pain, I think I would have had a more pleasant experience buying a 1974 pinto from a back street car lot.

Kevin C. | 2013-08-21

My name is Kevin. and very good friend of mine Wei referred to Smythe European to buy my 2014 ML350. my sale guy Sam Chao was extremely helpful. very courteous, very professional and very patient. it only took 3 hours the whole process and i got a great deal. Lightning package, navigation, running board, and lane tracking package all included for only 63000 out of the door.
i will bring my friends to Sam to buy more cars.

Kelly B. | 2013-08-21

So I bought a 2011 Toyota 4Runner from Mohammed at Smythe European about two weeks ago, and I absolutely love it!!!  I originally found the SUV online at the Toyota Dealership in Hayward which is a sister dealership.  I wanted to purchase from Smythe European because of their reviews and my dad lives close to there which would make it easier for me since I wanted him to go with me to look things over.  Mo  took the time to pick up the car for me from Hayward, drive it back down to San Jose and had it all ready for me when I got there.  Completely professional, helpful and kind, Mo was wonderful to work with.  I even joked with him, saying I felt under dressed since everyone there was all polished in suits and ties and for me it was jean Friday!
Bryan, the finance manager I worked with was equally as AMAZING! He had everything ready for me when I got to the dealership and I was there probably less then an hr purchasing the vehicle. Brian made signing my name 1000xs on that crazy long contract fun and exciting. :)  Great experience working with him as he explained in simple terms my contract, warranties and options.  It's hands down the best experience purchasing a car I've ever had.  My dad was so impressed he told Bryan he might be back for a Mercedes for my step-mom.
Also, on a side note....when I got home, I noticed the side door had scratches on it that I didn't notice before (it actually says "Ho", which I thought was amazing).  I called the dealership and was told not to worry, they would write a work order for it, call me to make an appointment and have it taken care of.  Top notch service, manners and all around great experience!  Especially since I wasn't there dropping one million dollars on a Mercedes!  Thanks guys for taking care of me :)

vinny l. | 2013-08-09

The vehicle we bought have issues and between the service advisor jay,my sales associate Leland and his sales manager PJ, they have gone above and beyond to make sure my wife is fully happy and satisfied with the out come,they have more than protected the brand and the integrity of Smythe European. We bought a second vehicle from them today. It is very rare now a day for businesses to stand behind the products that they sell after they have taken our money but with this dealer it is an absolute a breath of fresh air. Thank you again PJ, Leland, jay, will definitely refer you guys to my friends.

Mike T. | 2013-08-05

I use to get my SL service here but not anymore....  let me tell you why you should avoid this place.  This happened a few years  back and I now decided to write a review.  

I took my car in for a service B and was promised to get my car back by the end of the day.  I received a call back saying they will have it finished the next day.  At that time I said no biggie, I understand things can get backed up.  The next day I received a call from my advisor that they need to keep the car a bit longer...  Strange, I wondered about that..  Nonetheless, after the 3rd day I get my car back.  Fast forward 1 year later as I was polishing my wheels (I have custom 20" wheels) I noticed there was a curb wheel that was repaired! WTH?!   Did I sleepwalk curbing my wheels and then took it to the repair shop or was I that asinine to forget?  Thinking back to my past service, no wonder they took so long to get it back to me.  They had to get it repaired!!!   Smythe European service is DISHONEST and did not tell me they damaged my car and covered up the damage they made.  

Lesson learned.  Check for everything before you get your car back and stay away from Smythe!  And to think I bought 3 brand new cars from them.  Sorry, you just lost a customer.  You're not the only Benz dealership in the area.

J Y. | 2013-08-05

It wasn't the starter. The broke the ring gear. MBUSA and CA Bureau of Automotive repair worked it out for me. Do not go to Smythe. Go to the other dealer in San Jose. It took me months to fix what they did to my car.

Alicia S. | 2013-07-24

I bought a used vehicle from this dealership and was very politely approached by Monica Fita upon arrival.  I ask a ton of questions and Monica was on top of researching every aspect of each car we looked at and test drove.  She worked with me on price to the point where I was satisfied but not frustrated.  I don't think I've ever dealt with a more professional car sales consultant in my whole life!  What prompted this review is the fact that, many weeks after the sale, she called to let me know the dealership had found an extra key to my car and offered to mail it to me.  I would trust Monica to sell a car to my own mother.  She's truly a cut above the rest.

Rohit B. | 2013-07-22

We were here yesterday to inquire about the Mercedes CLA.  What a rude staff! The receptionist looked at us as if we were wasting her time. Granted me and my wife are 20 somethings, but the rude behavior was uncalled for! I think they thought that we dint have enough money and were just wasting their time. I can understand that this might be true for other places in the US, but assuming that a 20 something in Bay Area (where young engineers easily have over six figures salaries) cannot afford 30-40 k car is just stupid. The person who was giving us information has less knowledge about the CLA than me! And he was acting as if I needed him(Mercedes) more than he(Mercedes) needed me. Someone needs to give these people a wakeup call. This is not a Ferrari dealership for christs sake!

Raven T. | 2013-07-15

A little torn about my opinion because the guy that sold me my car was awesome. He was helpful and did everything in his power to get me the best deal on a brand new 2013 mercedes. He was awesome, and if I could give him 5 stars alone, I would.....

But this review is JUST for their servicing department. My brand new vehicle started squeaking almost immediately..... I brought it in and was given a loaner car while they fixed the 'problem'...... For TWO DAYS...... I get the vehicle back and the squeaking continued.....

I brought it by again, this time they made me go on a test drive to show them when it squeaks...... We did that, the guy said he heard  the noise and knows what needs to be done. I get another loaner vehicle for THREE DAYS.  I get my car back again, the mechanic said he cleaned something in the break area and it should be fine. NOPE. Still freaking SQUEEKY!

Brought it by again. Demanded they fixed it.. Because its been in the shop 3 times and its only three weeks old. After another couple days they proceeded to tell me my breaks had rust on them and some things needed to be replaced. On a month old brand new Benz???  But they haven't gotten around to it yet, because they are busy... hmm ok....   I'm a busy woman, I can't be in the shop repeatedly for the same problem that never gets addressed.  At this point my brand new vehicle was more in Smythe's garage just sitting there for days until they got around to looking at it, instead of being in MY GARAGE WHERE IT BELONGS.

The reason why anyone would buy a Mercedes Benz  is because of  how well they are built and how reliable they are, and for the price their customer service should be impeccable. ANYWAY, I forgave all that....until that nightmare of a sound came back.... Great.

John C. | 2013-07-02

Both the sales people Sam, and the manager Tony are very friendly and willing to answer my questions regarding the car.

Did several test drive and got a e350 bluetec. The price negotiation is also very smooth. Overall I am happy with the purchase experiences.

Steven C. | 2013-06-08

This dealership does not even deserve 1 star. There are a lot of Mercedes dealerships in the area, do not forget that because this place is totally not worth going to. I spent 30-40 minutes without even being helped by any of the salesmen even though they were standing around or chatting amongst themselves. I had to walk up to them and ask for assistance. So, when negotiating on a $40K car, there was a difference of $800 between  the asking price and my offer. So, the salesmen said, "lets go inside and make the deal." He told me to wait in the lobby, didn't even offer an area to sit. 5-10 minutes later, he came back with a list of cars he got from online of used vehicles and gave it to me. All the salesmen around started laughing and he said, "we don't make deals here."  

Honestly, this location needs to fire and hire new salesmen. They probably don't even make the salary that I do, but they feel that they can treat people in such a disgusting manner.

I ended up buying my E350 from Mercedes Benz of Pleasanton - they were courteous and got me in and out with a beautiful car within few hours. I would highly recommend them!

Pablo G. | 2013-06-04

I stoped by this smythe dealership a few weeks ago to inquire about a 2013 c350. I walked up to a older male, I asked him "HELLO HOW ARE YOU DOING" and he walked away from me. REALLY? Ok I'm a young hispanic male. Are we stereotyping here.?

All I have to say about this dealership F*CK YOU.

The guys over at Beshoff Mercedez Benz are a lot more friendlier and have a sense of humor. Unlike these clowns.

Ruby G. | 2013-05-29

I have just had the worst car purchase experience ever with these guys!  I bought a car from their trade union sale in the last two weeks, when speaking to the sales guys I had asked a lot of questions about the navigation and telephone integration system.  Every question had regarding the car the sales man told me not to worry and that it could do everything I needed.  I do a lot of work from my car so I needed to be able to make calls from the car easily without having to physically dial the numbers.  Couple of days later I have a problem importing the address book so I take it back to them - PJ the rude sales guy and his service guy tell me that the car doesn't do that automatically because its not compatible with Iphone software and I need an SD card to download the contacts.  He also offers to reimburse the SD card.  Also told me that he would cancel the deal and get me another car but nothing was in the same price range. After 2 weeks of driving it, I hear a constant rattling sound in the back of the car and after some research I find out that the software on the car doesn't actually integrate with the phone address book at all.  When PJ calls to ask me for the deed on the car I have traded in - I tell him these issues, he is rude to me and tells me that they could look at the rattling sound but there wasnt anything he could do about the software and that he had given me all the information I needed when I purchased the car (none of which was true!) He insists that I give him the deeds to my old car immediately despite the fact that I told him I had started a new job, was in an all day meeting and could get it to him in the next 24 hours!  When I tell him this he raises his voice and starts to get rude...   Im stuck with a car that doesnt do what it is supposed to and likely has other mechanical problems with it and a rude sales guy who isnt willing to help resolve these issues - worst experience!! Any advice?

Steven T. | 2013-05-15

We walked into the dealership because we happened to be in the neighborhood to test drive a C250 and C350.  While I was ready to buy I didn't intend on buying that day because I tend to be neurotic about doing research.  Anyways we were pleased to find the color combination in a very low mileage CPO (4k miles).  It took a bit of negotiation but I did get to my target price.  5 stars so far.

Well that target price slowly crept up about 25% after add-on's and tax.  Mostly add on's believe it or not.  I deducted a star becasue a lot of the add on's had a time pressure.  Meaning buy it now or they will not be available.  I would be lying if I didn't have some buyers remorse regarding the add-on's after getting home and thinking about it for 24hrs.

Elizabeth L. | 2013-05-15

My experience here was great. My boyfriend and I had been looking at E class cars for almost a year when I finally convinced him to pull the trigger.

We visited the showroom on a Friday night. We rolled up in my 2003 VW Jetta and were greeted quickly by a German man named Jo (Joe? I'm not sure how his name was spelled). He was very friendly and went with us on a test drive. We were pretty much sold after the test drive, but we wanted to sleep on it. We went inside and talked numbers a little bit with a salesman named Armando since Jo was a new hire. Armando of course asked if we wanted to do the deal right then, and wasn't pushy when we said no.

We decided to go back in the next day and purchase the car. Armando was extremely polite and answered all of the questions we had. The deal was done in about 3 hours, including with a trade-in deal.

I brought the car back a few days later to have a LoJack installed. I didn't experience anything but absolute politeness, and I am young and have many facial piercings. I did not feel like I was being judged for being "inferior" as others have said.

Our first service is in July, and I will update this review if anything changes. But so far I think that Smythe is very professional and cares about the customer.

June P. | 2013-05-14

I am truly happy and satisfied with the amount of help and support Smythe European employees have given me.  Stan Mojaisky gave his time and effort to help me feel at ease in buying a car.  I was anxious since I have had no car payments for almost 7 years, but the employees from Smythe made me feel at home.  Bryan, the Finance Manager, explained and discussed the advantages and disadvantages of owning a Mercedes Benz.  After a few days, I went back so they can detail clean/shine my car.  My experience with the whole staff is excellent, and their customer service is very consistent.  I love consistency; as a result, I definitely recommend Smythe European Mercedes Benz dealership to all future owners of luxury vehicles.  Good luck!

Kelly M. | 2013-05-08

Came here without my husband (big mistake) to test drive a Mercedes.  When my car was supposedly "carfaxed" they tried to tell me my car was a salvage title. They entered the complete wrong vin # and when I informed them my car was in fact not a salvage they didn't bother to even check the numbers.  I sat there and was talked to like a young child. I think I'm well aware of my cars past.  I was then told ridiculous numbers and was never even asked the amount of cash I planned to put down.  Absolutely worst service I've ever had car shopping. I will be going to Beshoff this weekend to purchase a new car from better people!

Mark B. | 2013-05-08

I bought a new S 350 from Smythe and had an excellent experience.  Stan was my first contact and he patiently showed me and my family the features of the S Class as well as the GL.  He was polite and was totally low stress when we started negotiating the price.  I didn't immediately buy, but a couple of weeks later I happened to stop by Smythe and asked for Stan.  He wasn't available, but Ramzi was and we started talking.  Again, low pressure and high patience.  I was able to negotiate the price I wanted and I drove out a happy customer.  Thank you Stan and Ramzi for a quality buying experience.

Nora M. | 2013-04-21

Just purchased my first car from Smythe and I am very happy with the overall Service from start to finish.  Goran Muftic is great, he made our car buying experience a very good one!  He is extremely knowledgeable, professional and honest.  I higly reccomend going to see Goran Muftic when you are ready to make your Mercedes purchase...he is the Best!  He even follows up to see if we have any questions after the fact.  Great Experience Overall, we are very Impressed!!

Also I highly recommend Charlie Fish in the Service Department, I took my car in for its first service yesterday to get the paint and leather protection put on and my car.  Charlie was great at explaining everything, he was very knowledgeable and helpful on any questions we had.  Great overall experience from drop-off to pick-up!

Brad D. | 2013-04-15

When I bought the car, I told them that I needed to move some money from an investment account into my checking account and it would take about a week. So they told me they would hold the check for as long as I needed before cashing it. Unfortunately, that wasn't communicated to the right people and they deposited the check immediately and it bounced. They contacted me about this and took full responsibility and promised to make it right.

Jessica L. | 2013-04-12

I recently purchased my first Mercedes from Smythe and could not be happier with my experience. From beginning to end, Armando Vargas was great and took care of every detail. He worked with me and got me the deal I wanted, followed up on time and kept every single promise.

If you're looking for a great car-buying experience, definitely go see Armando!

Warren A. | 2013-04-10

This was originally posted on the normal Dealership Review Site, now I see there is a area specific for the service department...

"I have an AMG that I have been bringing to Smythe for two years... but no more.

I went on another Yelper's review of using John Gonzalez for a service adviser...yeah big mistake.  Some days John was nice, good mood, sure we can help you out, we found XYZ give us the OK and we will get it repaired under warranty (probably violates their agreement with Mercedes Benz warranty) other times he couldn't careless if I was there.

Last time was the straw that broke the camel's back, I purchased my tires as well as service from Smythe so they came with road hazard warranty.  I stopped in around 4pm with a tire that was in need of either patching or replacement (MB has a new policy of what they will patch) and he told me

"you showed up and the kitchen is closed I can't help you"
"I have the tire off the car, I just need to hand it to you or someone and go, not in a rush to get it back"
"Well I am back logged from last week still I don't have time for this"
"What should I do then?"
"You should probably take it across the street to XYZ tire and have them fix it"
"Will you pay me for that?"
"No, but I told you I don't have time to even look at it or your paper work until next week".

You know every time I got a survey for the dealership, he would give me a nudge of, do me well on the survey and I will take care of you.

I have always given him top marks, but his bipolar behavior is annoying as hell. I and Mercedes Benz Warranty have given that dealership probably $10,000+ in the last two years and the best I get when I try to drop off a tire with out causing any issues is a big go F yourself from my own service adviser... real nice.

Stay classy John.

BTW I was off the cuff quoted $1600 to get my keyless go fixed on my car at Smythe.  I went and saw Tony at Exclusively Mercedes up the road, $300...

Oh and Tony and his guys are A.) Friendly to work with B.) Honest and C.) all certified Mercedes mechanics. "

Forget Smythe, go here instead:…

BTW All you people who have your cars under warranty/free service plans, enjoy Smythe while it isn't your pockets they are emptying... you will regret your 5 star review one day soon.

Mca A. | 2013-04-09

I suppose that I expected more from a Mercedes service after owning an Infiniti for a number of years, but apparently not.  I am supposed to have my car washed after service, which has never happened.  If I mention it, they give me a coupon to go elsewhere which is terribly inconvenient as far as time management OR I have to wait an extra hour + when they say my car is "ready".  Now that I have an actual repair to be done it has taken WEEKS and I do not receive updates.  When I call to check, I am told that I will receive a call back on X day, and I do NOT.  The service person says "I called you on your cell" but this hasn't happened.  No voice mail, no caller ID showing this.  He interrupts me during explanations.  When calling the front, I am on hold excessively and then again.  I will look elsewhere next time.  I have never had this happen when I owned a Honda, Infiniti, and now at a Luxury place I feel that I am a terrible inconvenience to them.  I guess so!

landy b. | 2013-04-06

I was planning to check out a car, but ended up going home with one. Kamal Massoudi was professional, wonderful, very helpful to work with. He took good care of my car needs. I appreciate Kamal's patience with me. The overall experience in Smythe was great. I added on prepaid service package and its price is very comparable with price from non-dealer.

Definitely will enjoy my new car

Karen W. | 2013-03-30

I purchased a Benz SLK 55 AMG about 3 weeks ago from Smythe and all I have to say is that Mr William Fanizzi, the salesperson that helped me, went above and beyond the call of duty to make sure that I was happy with my car. I have never met a salesperson that was as diligent as Mr Fanizzi in making sure I got absolutely everything I wanted (and then some) in the car that I purchased. He was professional, polite, cheerful and was patient and clear in answering the gazillion questions I asked him about the workings of the car. I had gone in to test drive the 2013 SLKs about a month before I bought my car and it was Mr Fanizzi that helped me during that first visit. I was impressed with his enthusiasm and courtesy throughout our entire meeting and test drive. I learned a lot from his wealth of knowledge about Mercedes Benzes in that short hour I was there.  He promised to look out for a car that suited me and sure enough, a month later, he called me to say that he had found the ideal car for me. I hadn't even considered buying an AMG before I met him, and the minute I walked into the showroom, I knew that he had indeed found the perfect car for my needs. He seemed to know even better than myself what I wanted in a car ( which is, to me, the mark of a top notch salesperson)--sleek, sophisticated lines, convertible top, my favorite color (silver),  a smashing, eardrum bursting Harmon Kardon sound system,  and of course, most importantly, the need for speed and power! Needless to say, I took one look at the car and fell in love with it...the rest is history. I walked away with my dream car that night, and it is all due to Mr Fanizzi. Of course, being Asian and ergo always looking for the best had  already done the relevant research pricewise before buying, and can confirm that Mr Fanizzi got me the best value for the money, and all this without the usual wrangling and haggling about price that I absolutely detest. I highly recommend asking for  Mr Fanizzi  if you ever consider buying a Mercedes Benz to make it a wonderful top notch purchasing experience.

Connie K. | 2013-03-27

I must start by stating that this is a review in progress, and it will be updated. Over time, I hope to change my rating to 5-stars.

I special ordered a Mercedes ML350 from Sam Chao late last year, and received it in mid February this year. Sam was very professional and very pleasant to work with. He had a lot of experience, and everything went smoothly until we had to deal with a factory defect the day after we brought the car home. What a disappointment!

After getting it towed to the dealer in the middle of the night, the problem was repaired, and the car seems fine now. I worked with my assigned service advisor as well as Sam. Sam stayed in touch with us through the whole process, and showed genuine concern.

The reasons for my 3-star rating:
One star deduction for the dealership(manager) not reaching out first to correct the situation. They said it was a manufacturing issue, and they couldn't do anything about it. We settled by purchasing an extended warranty at a discounted rate.:(
Second star was lost, because the service advisor was not aware of the problem my car had. Either due to lack of communication between him and the mechanic or just lack of concern. All he had to do was walk over to the service area to find out exactly what the problem was, and share that with us when we went to pick up. He simply read the report by the mechanic, and recited it to us. We could do that on our own. At this point, he should've done more to help us gain trust in their workmanship.

Keeping my fingers crossed, and hoping to better the rating after future dealings with the dealership! There's a first diagnostic service in a couple of months, and I hope they'll be more attentive...

A P. | 2013-03-27

I purchased a new ML350 and had a very positive experience. I had actually ordered one in 2012, but when a feature that I wanted was no longer available on that model I decided to wait until this year. On both occasions I worked with Sam Chao and found him to be professional and helpful, not to mention patient. I definitely did not get the hard sell from him. I did quite a bit of research beforehand as well as comparison shopping with internet car dealers. Sam was able to match the best online price so I decided to go with someone I had interacted with in person. At the end of the process he put me onto their Financing Dept, however, even that part was quite painless as I purchased with cash. When Sam went on vacation he made sure that his colleague took over to keep the process moving. My experience with his colleague, Sang So, was also very good. Buying a new car can be a rather fraught experience, but I really have no complaints with my experience at Smythe European, thanks to Sam.

F L. | 2013-03-22

I relocated to the bay area from Canada a few weeks ago. I went to a few dealerships on top of this one wanting to lease a coupe. An agent from this dealership called me back a couple days later asking me to come in again to negotiate a price. Since I liked the Benz the most, I went back with an offer and they took it. I signed all the paperwork and was ready to pick up the car.

But the day before the pickup, their finance department said they couldn't do a lease because I am on a TN visa. I was ready to cancel the deal. But the agent worked hard to change the car from a lease to a finance (I could own the car but not lease it). And they chose to go through a credit union instead of their own finance department. However, the monthly costs of a finance was a lot higher than the lease. I was not willing to pay the higher costs.

Just when I was going to give up, the agent was able to negotiate a even steeper discount with the dealership management. The new discount was steep enough such that the finance monthly cost would be around the same as the lease monthly cost. I signed the new deal and now I am happily driving a Benz.

Even though I am on a visa the agent and the dealership cut through a lot of red tape for me. I think they went above and below in helping me get this deal.

John F. | 2013-03-20

I've bought five Mercedes, new and used, from Tony Spencer since 2004, and each time the experience has been excellent.  He knows his product and inventory, and he's always a gentleman.  I've shopped a lot of dealerships over the years, even since 2004, and Tony stands out.  He hooked me up with an excellent service writer, Justin Gray, who consistently goes beyond my (high) expectations.  Mercedes makes a great car, but if Tony and Justin worked at a BMW dealership I'd be buying bimmers.

Yen N. | 2013-03-19

I've been shopping around for a Mercedes E class for a while now and Smythe was finally my last stop. I walked in with no appointment and William, one of the sale consultant at Smythe came out and greeted me right away. I was specifically had a car in mind and he immediately helped me look for it right away. He was really nice and didn't pressure us at all. So, we sat down and worked out a deal right away. To sum up, Will and the financial guy was Nick were really kind and friendly. They made me feel so comfortable and enjoy buying a car. So I definitely recommend Will if any of you guys are planning to buy a car at Smythe. You won't regret it. Thanks Will and Smythe.

D D. | 2013-03-12

We bought a CPO there a few years ago...according to their CPO plan, under  Appearance Standard section, "A detailed visual inspection for dents, scratches, tears and scuffs guarantees a high-quality finish inside and out."…
We, consumers, at times can be gullible when making a car purchase. We put our trust in the sale folks thinking they would be HONEST and give us good guidance. But let me tell you, the people at Smythe are nothing but crooks!!! was our fault for being naive, but it was a CPO...what could go wrong.  Huge mistake, not only the brakes had issues, rims were scuffed, and scratches throughout the car.  We wanted a refund which did not happen, nor an exchange.  Stay away from Smythe..they are NOT honest and would do anything to make a buck..including stealing your money!!!!

Allison C. | 2013-03-07

Bummer - went here for service because it was closer than other dealerships. The loaner vehicle process was quick and easy but everything after required a bit too much work on my part.

Dropped off the car on Friday evening - everything went well and was given a decent loaner vehicle (slight body damage on one side and that always worries me...) The next morning my service advisor phoned and all I was told was it would be done between 2 and 4pm and then she was off the phone - huh? Where was the estimate on cost for this check-up that I was supposed to get? My car was the first one in at 7:30 - how could a standard check-up and oil change take that long I wondered? I called back and couldn't get through to anyone 4 different times, then finally on the 5th try I got through and was able to speak with the advisor again.

This time I was able to get her to give me the cost of the inspection and oil change - $239. Then she was gone again. Tried calling back again a few minutes later and got through and got back on the line with her - this time I asked why a car that has been in since 7:30 would need 6.5 hours+ for a standard oil change. I was told that was just what they tell everyone - eeks! So much for individualized, custom, professional service - why not just gather up all your customers, put them in a line and tell them you are herding them like cattle? When you pay $239 for an oil change I expect courtesy, professionalism, and timeframes specific to my vehicle. Just my two cents.

To my advisors credit she sensed that I wasn't exactly happy with the service, offered me a discount and called when the car was ready. That's why 3 stars instead of 2.

J L. | 2013-03-06

Do not ever go there!! Been there twice and it has NO service at all!! When trying to buy my missing wheel lock, say I need to drill it off since I don't have the code. I won't need to get a new one if I can find the code & key.

Corbin F. | 2013-02-26

I'll keep this short, as I find the lengthier yelp replies to be typically inflammatory and annoying to read:

- My family and I have owned Mercedes-Benz vehicles for over three decades.  With that said, this particular dealership is one of my favorite.
- My old Benz broke, which is why I needed a new car, and the dealership was kind enough to offer me a decent bill on the broken car, to set me up in a new Benz, the same day so my work would not be affected.
- I worked mostly with Monica, who was extremely courteous, patient, and respectful.  She was very happy to review any detail of the vehicle I was curious about.  On the way out we noticed a small scratch on the bumper, Monica immediately documented it and now it will be fixed as soon as I have time to go into the dealership, with a complimentary loaner for me in the meanwhile.  
- Got a brand new 2013 C250 Coupe, and Love it.  I feel no hesitation to contact the dealership with any problems I have, as everyone there has been nothing but helpful and kind.  
- Monica is one of the best Benz salespersons I've ever encountered, I felt no pressure to buy, I had all my questions answered and I got the exact model, color, and package I wanted.

Max K. | 2013-02-25

I had shopped a bit all over the Bay Area for a new Merc, and Smythe seemed the most professional and dignified.   They have a larger selection than most, and were less lipidinous than RAB in Redwood City...certainly less so than Fletcher Jones (which is deserving of a completely separate 1-star review when time allows)...

Mark, PJ and Leland took good care of me; even going so far as to bring in the exact model / color / package I wanted (my negotiating leg grows shaky)....  I probably paid a bit more than I should have, but I was very happy with what I drove away with; in comparison to the 640i which I traded which had HAL9000 like electronic psychosis and alerted on everything from low tyre pressure to errant bird shit.

My only big gripe was around their mismanagement of my expectations.   In their intense need to tell me what I wanted to hear and close the deal, they never once thought to be realistic about times and ETA, which was annoying and caused me to have to rush up to SF for a dinner date after the purchase was closed (sans the normal review of new car features & orientation with the sales guy); yet....I wouldn't have made my dinner appointment relatively on time without the new car (CHP please don't read this review...;)

Wesley H. | 2013-02-21

I had a pretty easy time working with Smythe European a few weeks ago, purchasing a 2012 CPO E350.  Slava was very nice to deal with via email, and in person.  The sales manager, finance manager and eventually the service manager, were all friendly and honest during the purchase, and preparations for coating applications.  I have no complaints about that.  They made financing thru my local credit union very easy and convenient.  They were very easy to work with in terms of delaying my down payment a week, as we had excellent credit.  I ended up giving them the down a week late!  

With that said, I do believe the entire purchasing transaction too much longer than expected.  The waiting period between price negotiations, and when it was agreed upon, the waiting to go thru the financing, took way too long (2 hours).  I feel I got a very good price for the car.  BUT, the constant up-selling of all the packages dealerships want you to add to the car (service, tires, extended warranty, wheels, etc..) was irritating.  While I am typically not a "extended warranty" person,  I did opt for 2 add on's (perma-plate, dentless repair and pre-paid service)

Extended warranties are typically not in a consumer's best interest, and are generally considered to be pure profit by businesses that promote them.  Buying Certified, means you're already paying more for an additional guarantee by MBZ

I refused all other add on's, and I disliked the pressure put upon me and my wife as customers during this process with the Finance Manager.   I realize all dealerships must do this, but this is why I personally despise car buying in the first place.  My wife was suffering from a bad cold, and we probably should have postponed the visit, considering that alone + the endless explanations given for all the add on's.

We eventually opted out of the car function (tour) explanations offered by the sales person, just so my wife could get home.  This is something I can probably do at my local dealership, and I do appreciate it being offered by Slava.  After all, these cars are all very complicated, and it certainly benefits us customers to understand all that they can do for us.  

Overall, I would say the experience was Ok.  

PS:  I did enjoy the 1 day loaner of a brand new C class (407 miles!) while my car was being prepped last week.  My neighbors probably think I'm now a drug dealer.....

PPS:  Oh, and boy do I love this car!!

Karrie G. | 2013-02-21

We worked with Majid Amjadi in the purchase of a used vehicle. He was so very pleasant to work with during the transaction. His approach was very considerate and our experience very positive!

Neil E. | 2013-02-21

My partner and I went to to Smythe to check out a particular used Mercedes.  We liked the car and decided to buy it.  We dealt with Stan Mojaisky.  All went well and we concluded the sale.  The floormats for the car were missing so Stan promised to provide new ones for us.  He said he 'would have them shipped out by express delivery the next week.  We also negotiated for the replacement of a small part on the car that was broken which Stan said he would order and let us know when the part arrived so we could come in and have it installed free.  During the negotiations, Stan introduced us to the sales manager who promised us a discount on any repairs we might need.  We went home happy and waited for the floor mats to arrive and for Stan to let us know when we would get the part.  And we waited.  And waited some more.  I called Stan and emailed him and he ignored us.  Finally I called Smythe's parts department and ordered the floor mats and the part myself (to be paid for under the sales promise).  When they arrived, I scheduled an appointment with the service department to have the part installed and to pick up the floor mats.  The funny thing was, I ran into Stan while I was there and he asked me if I had received my parts, like he had ordered them and I should be grateful.  What a lot of nerve.  I subsequently had to have two repairs done on the car.  Once was covered under the 90-day warranty, but the other wasn't.  I email the sales manager to see if he would follow up on his promise to to give me a discount.  He ignored my email.  The lesson here is that the sales people and managers at Smythe are happy smiley friends before the sale, but once it's completed, they forget any committments or promised made.  This seems very short sighted, because I will not go back there, and I will take every opportunity to bad mouth the sales department to anyone who will listen. On the other hand, my dealings with the service department were very pleasant.  The young lady at the parts counter was very helpful, and Danny Ho the service advisor was very efficient.

Atul A. | 2013-02-17

I bought a Mercedes C300 from Smythe. My experience was really good. Sales people were really helpful and professional. They totally understood what I want in my car. Also, they really pitched the right car for me. I dealt with Majid and Armando there in Sales group. Both of them were really good and didn't try to rush through the deal, as it happen with me at Fletcher Jones in Fremont. I would totally recommend this place, if you want to be treated as a buyer of Mercedes.

Looking forward to have to similar experience for my services also.

Dori B. | 2013-02-16

When I bought my first MB and had to take it in for service I had alternating feelings of fear and anxiety that it would cost thousands of dollars. And some times it does but not that often.
Since my first service visit to Smythe and Service Adviser, John Stansberry; it has never occurred to me to take my car anywhere else. He keeps me up to date constantly on needed/not needed work & the time it will be ready. I never have to wonder when they are going to call. And he ALWAYS has the car washed when I pick it up.
Loaner car department is a fun bunch and they always try to give me something nice.
The staff has been terrific, especially the service advisers, mechanics and car loan dept. right down to the staff that prepares my paper work. Most of all I feel I can trust them with fair pricing and honest repairs.
Now if they only served Margaritas . . .

Thank you Smythe!

Jennylyn G. | 2013-01-28

I have just purchased a car from Majid Amjadi at
Smythe European. He was professional at all times and made sure that all my concerns and needs regarding the car were met in a timely manner. Infact everyone there, Charley, Archie Hodge, the GM and everyone I encountered was fantastic.  
I am thrilled with my car and would recommend this dealership to anyone looking to purchase a car.
The staff I dealt with were knowledgeable kind and willing, infact they went beyond the call do duty to help me with a few issues I had.
Please do not hesitate to use this dealership, I would love for your experience to be as fantastic as mine was.
Check them out...

R M. | 2013-01-03

This dealership is very bad for service. They can do oil changes etc but any other problem, they cant diagnose it.  While the car is in warranty instead of fixing the problems they suppress the errors by changing the computer threshold values. Once out of warranty you will have to replace the transmission and other costly repairs on your own.

These cars are designed badly with too many transmission problems in most of the models.

Look at the threads on MB World and repaipal before buying these cars. There are several cars with less than 30k miles having problems with transmission and engine which are supposed to be good for atleast 100k miles.……

Shirley X. | 2013-01-02

We went in on the 29th of December to pick out a Bluetec ML350, preferably in metallic black with select options that we can choose from ourselves. We were greeted by the salesman Kristof Mosolygo, who specializes in internet sales and we had contacted prior coming in by email, and fortunately he was available without us having to make an appointment. The entire process took about four to five hours, and we settled with a different color (in diamond white) and pre-installed option package as it was the only one they had left at the time. Kristof was helpful and nice, making sure we understood the COMAND system that can throw many off in the beginning. He also made sure to let us know that his service does not end there and he is available anytime in the future to help with any problems with the car. As much as it was a long, stressful experience, we were happy with the purchase, price, and overall experience.

C C. | 2012-12-28

Good price, great service. Purchased a Pre-owned E350 coupe.

One of my best experience to shopping cars. The welcome atmosphere, friendly sales person and the quality of cars are plus. I highly recommend this dealership for shopping new or used cars. The price is great and the after sales service is excellent. My salesperson, Mr. FeriDon Dizadji is truly professional. If you looking for a new Mercedes or quality pre-owned cars, look for FreiDon, I'm sure he will provides you the services you needed.

Rita Z. | 2012-12-23

I went in to buy my car on 12/21/12 and had a really good experience. First dealt with Slava through email, he was very helpful and professional. I went in without an appt and he was busy. Will Fanizzi helped me pick out my car and got me an AMAZING deal. Everyone was SUPER nice and again, I got a really good deal! The entire process took long, but it always does. The negotiation was really easy too, I guess going in during the Winter event and end of the year made it a good time to buy. I had a trade in and got more than i expected for my 03 Ford Explorer. I would not think twice about coming back here! I love my new car!!!!

Reginald F. | 2012-12-03

This review goes out to the Service department. I've been bringing my 2005 CLK320 to them for the past 7 years now and not once have they disappointed me. My service Advisor, Danny Ho is awesome. I'd bring my car for simple stuff like a busted lamp fuse and he'd replace it for free! Now, that I'm looking to buy a new car for my wife I'm not only thinking if the car price and reliability but also that car companies service record too. If MB has the car I want I'd buy it because if the great service experience I've had with them for the past 7 years.

Steve M. | 2012-11-29

i tried to contact someone in the Parts Department 3 times and left a vmail another time.  I didn't receive a response.  Then I called and spoke to the companies operator and was forwarded 3 times - to no avail - no living human being - since no one responds to vmails I wasn't about to waste my time leaving another one.  All this just to speak to someone in the Parts Department.   Then I asked to speak to a manager  ... I was forwarded to a vmail box.   I asked again and was forwarded to Rob one of the Sales Manager who laughed when I told him I was trying to reach the Parts Department.

When I spoke to the companies operator for a 3rd time she advised me to call AutoNation in Florida if I wanted to speak to a Manager (no joke!)

It's plain to see that this dealership is riding on the name only and sooner or later we'll all figure out that its probably better to get a MB serviced at our local Kia dealership.

nate s. | 2012-11-27

Quality Service from a team of professionals.
A bit costly and all.  However, as you get with a Benz.  You get what you paid for.
MBZ is a fine automobile.  Get the finer Parts and Service.

Nitin G. | 2012-11-24

I bought my CLK350 convertible at Smythe. Unfortunately, it started to give me famous "conductor plate" issue in its transmission just after my warranty expired. I tried to talk to MBUSA but they were not able to commit if they can resolve the issue, even if my car has super low miles. I talked to John Stansberry at Smythe, who was able to resolve this issue directly with Mercedes. I even got a brand new GLK for 3-4 days, it took them to resolve the issue. Thanks John!

Louis H. | 2012-11-20

Took my wifes car in to be serviced.  Asked that they look it over and let me know what needed fixing if anything.  They bled the brakes and refilled them, recommended to do every two years.  Told me one of my tires was low and then checked the car out from top to bottom.  Everything was great.  The service manager was very friendly and introduced himself to me.  Everyone here including the service rep who helped me were top notch.  I plan on doing all my services here in the future.

Arman S. | 2012-11-10

This want my first time at a dealer. Not my first time going at a dealer for service. And def not my first time at a Mercedes dealer for warrantied service. I've been to many across north California.

Having that said to give a background, this is by far one of the worst place for customer service. I came in to service my car due to error messages and such and I made an online appointment. When I got there to drop off the felt like I was bothering them. Def rude customer service. I mean they help you out and you get on your way...but it wasn't a pleasant one. I'd value a great fantastic customer service and one that appreciate their customer. Not one who's just a number or a dollar sign to them. I don't think when you go to Honda (toyota GM etc etc) dealerships for servicing that they'd treat you like this. I'm fact they have much better service! Even the BMW dealer across the street has a better service! I've been to BMW dealership for servicing my previous car that was a was great! They valued me and my car! But when I sold my BMW and bought my first mercedes, I regret it. Not because of the car. No the car is AMAZING. But the customer service that this dealer has given me in their service department. It virtually devalued the Mercedes Benz brand for me. Most likely I won't be coming here and I dolly won't by another Mercedes after this one I just bought because apparently Mercedes dealership like this doesn't care..just wants to get their money from u and the company...unlike other dealerships I've been too (BMW, Volvo, Toyota and Hondas, and other Mercedes as well)

This was my worst customer experience I've encountered. I've been to other Mercedes Benz dealership for service and they were good ,it'd of the times but not great or excellent like my experience at BMW Toyota or Volvo dealership service centers.

However their complementary shuttle driver and service was AMAZING! The best experience I have had! But the dealership and the dealership's service department customer service was terrible. Ron woods the service rep, made it seem like I was bothering him with my questions or concerns...and Marco at first was okay but towards the end he was very polite, nice and super helpful. But Ron was the one who made my experience a little unpleasant. I expect when buying a Mercedes, a great luxury respectable car, to have its dealership and service centers at the same value, respect and phenomenal unmatched experience. I guess my high standards I have for my car is too high for the dealership to match (whereas other dealerships I've been to meet or even exceed).

That's my two cents :)

C W. | 2012-10-26

I have a 2012 C63.  Unfortunately none of the dealerships had the color combo I wanted, but like all sports cars, a few issues such as rattles, noise, etc. occured.  A lot of dealerships will not take the time to assess the issue and solve, but Smythe did.  A few annoying rattles were in the car and Troy Schalk project managed the work to the finish line.  Although not all the issues were fixed immediately (some noises went away and some came back), Troy was always there to see the issues through to the finish line.

Bo C. | 2012-10-21

This review is for our second lease from Smythe European.  Our 2010 Merceds ML350's lease will expire next month, so we went to Smythe European to see if there are any deals.  We were interested in GL and Shawn helped us on the testing drive and also gave us very detailed introduction.  We fianlly leased a 2012 GL 350 BlueTec and we are pretty happy with the deal.  The whole process is very smooth and Shawn was very efficient and patient, it is a pleasure to talk with him.  The sales manager PJ is very nice too.  We intended to go to Smythe again after the new lease ended.

mark s. | 2012-10-18

Well, I just posted a 5 star rating for the sales guys, but the service was awful!  First off, when we bought the used car, they had to order a part so we had to come back to get that done (we live about 60 miles away).  We were told we would be given a courtesy car for the time the car was in the shop.  That didn't happen.  We were offered a shuttle ride however so at least we got that.  Problem was that my wife pretty much felt that each time she asked a question, she was bothering the large men sitting around chatting.  When the shuttle driver finally arrived, he said she couldn't get in the shuttle until she filled out the paperwork.  Would have been nice for the really big guys to let her know that, but hey, they were in the middle of a conversation.  Good thing we will not have to go back there again.

Adam L. | 2012-09-19

I have purchased 3 Mercedes from Smythe European on Stevens Creek and have been a customer for over 7 years. I have always received excellent sales, service and beautiful cars. From the beginning to the end of the sales process I always felt welcomed and treated as a loyal customer. My last purchase was with Armando Vargas, I highly recommend him if you are in the market for a Mercedes! Thank you Smythe.

Sarah M. | 2012-07-17

I highly recommend this dealership for sales. There is no pressure from the moment you walk on the lot to signing the deal. They are very reasonable and will make sure you get the car you are looking for. It's rare to find a dealership that cares about the car you drive enough to make sure they sell you what you want instead of what makes them the most money. Anyone shopping for a luxury car should head to this dealership. I test drove 4 cars on a Saturday afternoon without any waiting and Jesse R. was able to answer all my questions and completely understood when I said they didn't have exactly what I wanted.

We have bought 3 cars so far from Smythe and if I ever want a 4th, they have our business!

Myoung K. | 2012-06-02

The service was ok. But the Mercedes dealership in Fremont offers a free car dropoff/use and they will pick up your car for you.  The driver was nice enough but they overbooked so it ended up taking a while to get home.

Simon L. | 2012-05-03

Part dept. is not much of help, would not care to spend any time to find my part, all she said is call me when you have the vin no then hang up the phone, I own a repair shop and would not buy any parts from them again

angela m. | 2012-04-30

If you are looking for a Mercedes in the South Bay area, I have to recommend CHARLIE SHEN at Smythe European. He is gracious, patient, knowledgeable, and truly had my best interest in mind during the entire car buying experience. It's like Charlie was the Santa at Macy's who sends the children to Gimble's if he doesn't have the exact right toy! He's that good! He simply wants to help you to find the best vehicle and at the lowest possible price. As a woman who was nervous and unsure buying her first luxury car, Charlie put me completely at ease and established trust. He is also willing to work hard to earn your business. You won't be disappointed working with Charlie. He is not your typical, fast talking "car salesman." He has integrity and he is kind.

B J. | 2012-04-30

I have mixed reviews. I bought a CPO car that had minor issues. Took it into service to have them repaired. Upon leaving each time I was assured that the issue was fixed. Just to drive home and the problem was still persisting. Took it in two other times before the problem was finally fixed.

I rate them one star for not having it fixed the first time but five stars because they did not give up trying.

Hogan W. | 2012-04-18

As soon as BMW notified me of their lemon repurchase for my beloved 335i, I went to work to find a replacement and settled on a Mercedes Benz. I shopped online to configure a car, got the invoice and MSRP, and sent my inquiries to a couple of dealerships around the area. Of the dealerships not selected, I decided to drive to Smythe European along Stevens Creek to look at their selection on a Saturday. I haven't heard too many good things about their sales team, but I did occasionally visited their parts/service and it was a good experience. I walked around outside and was greeted by a young salesperson by the name of Mike G. He asked me what I was looking for and I told him I wanted to do a special build so I can get exactly what I wanted in a car and not have to pay for something that I wouldn't use. He proceeded to get my name, phone number, and email address. I was interested to see if a particular C-class model still had the option to put in a Power Rear Sunshade since I couldn't find it in their brochures. A power rear sunshade is invaluable to me since I don't want to tint my car and it also serves as a second shield in case people turn on their high beams at night.

Two days later, I received a couple of phone calls and emails from Mike asking if my questions were answered. Hello? He never answered my question if the car came with or was able to buy the sunshade from the factory. Then I receive several emails from his sales manager asking how his service was and if they can get my business for my car. I emailed back and told them I wasn't interested.

Two weeks went by and I decided to give Smythe a second chance. I strolled into their lot to look at an E class and Mike greeted me. It was as if he totally forgot he ever met me. I greeted him by name and his facial expression was perplexed. I told him he never answered my questions about the sunshade, but I was looking to see what he could do on pricing for a special order. He went to see his sales manager a few times and then came back to say he needed a $1000 deposit before he'd give me anything in writing. Then I asked him some questions about a Limited Slip Differential. Since he wasn't aware of the part's specifications, he asked me to follow him to the service department to ask an Advisor some questions. The one advisor that was at his desk totally brushed Mike off and said he was swamped but there was no one waiting around the area. So Mike reassured me he'll have a technician call my cell phone so I can ask him questions about the LSD part. 4 days later and still no call back.

I did receive a voicemail from Mike on Sunday asking me to buy my car from his dealership. I kindly wrote an email telling him never to contact me again due to his bad customer service and that all my questions were answered by Beshoff MotorCars. Stay tuned for a great experience from Dody at Beshoff MotorCars in San Jose, CA.

Kalani G. | 2012-03-30

I bought a certified pre-owned in '09. Since then, Troy Shalk has helped me take care of it. I call in and usually leave a message and he calls back promptly. Not just that, if I forget to call back the same day (due to a crazy schedule) he will call back the following day to follow up.

I had an issue that was covered in my warranty and needed a wheel alignment and took it to Smythe.

I usually go in closer to 8am because I can get a loaner car. There is always fresh coffee brewing and they offer a shuttle if you don't want to get a loaner. (but why would you not want a loaner?)

Anyway, there is always a complimentary car wash and they vacuum the inside as well. The employees behind the desk are helpful and consistently give a warm smile and great service if you come in at 8am or 5pm.

Thanks for helping me take good care of my car Smythe. Appreciate it! :)

Mike G. | 2012-03-27

Have been a BMW guy for 30 years but ended up buying a used GLK350 off another lot across the street.  An MB indie mechanic's inspection found a leak that he said would be covered by the warranty and was also due for the 40K transmission service.  My friend has two MBs and recommended SA Charlie Fish @ Smythe.  Talked to Charlie on the phone and made arrangements to drop it off.  He took all my info, did a quick visual inspection in & out.  Found a broken vent, so wrote up the leaks, vent and tranny service.  Told him I needed it back three days later, called me two days later and it was all done.  Told me what they did, everything but the tranny service was covered under warranty (they had to pull the transmission to fix the leak).  Overall, my first experience at Smythe was very good.

Lokesh K. | 2012-02-24

My GL had a transmission issue and they took 11 days to fix it under warranty. After this, I started having a a wired noise in the car when it hits 60+mph. When consulted on the issue, they blamed on the tires. When I consulted with other shops they confirmed that the tires had not issue other than a possible flat and it cannot cause a noise that way. Not happy with the answers from Smythe
Previously I had lost my sons Nintendo DS when I left my SUV for service.
On the next service visit my car had a dent on the handle.
I have had a real bad history of poor service here.

d h. | 2012-02-09

Is it normal to be charged $1000+ for the first regular service after the free services ends? Now I go to an independent mechanic that charges only $200

Craig S. | 2012-01-25

Purchased two E classes from Tony Spencer.  A 96 and 2012.  He has been there for years providing no pressure sales service.    Extremely professional, and you will not have to haggle.  I live around the corner from Autobahn and I bought from Tony,  so I think that says something.  Great folks at Autobahn (don't like their "value pricing"), and Fletcher Jones.  They just did not make it as painless to get a true best price right up front.  Do your homework on pricing, and I'm sure Tony will surprise you.  I will yelp back here and there on the service dept, and the support I get with warranty issues (If I have any).


Carl D. | 2011-11-05

Car shopping here is great.  This is a great place to buy a car.

We visited Smythe a couple of times to test drive cars.  The first time we were super busy but they found someone who could set us up with a quick test drive.

We came back a week later to get a value on my trade in, test drive, pick a car, and negotiate. Smythe has a large inventory and selection of cars so you have a better chance of finding the configuration and color that you want. Smythe was competitive in their pricing and fair in their negotiations.  Their sales people were very professional and responsive.  The best part was that there was no intense pressure to buy a car. They gave us an offer, we countered, and soon we reached an agreeable price.  There were no pressure games, no drama of "that's an insane price" or other mind games that some dealerships practice.

This was a great shopping experience!

Michele P. | 2011-10-13

Called in and fist person to answer the phone was helpful, but I needed more detailed information so she transferred me to parts. Person at parts was pleasant, but could not answer my question so they transferred me to Service. Service guy named FORD sounded like he was having a VERY BAD DAY and thought I would be the right person to be a jerk to, wrong. I am completely soured on the dealership now, arghhh!

Scott J. | 2011-10-08

I came in looking for a used SL63 AMG but unfortunately they had none in stock. So, I saw a CL63 AMG. Mike was cool sales guy and did a great job on the test drove. While I still have my heart set on a used SL63 AMG, it was  a good experience driving the car there.

Janelle V. | 2011-10-03

I recently purchased a 07 ML500 from this dealership. It was the easiest process and I did not feel pressured like I did at most of the dealerships on Stevens Creek.

My car salesman was Bruce. He answered all my calls and questions about the vehicle and about financing promptly and was very professional.

A C. | 2011-09-24

I went to Smythe to do an oil change.  Because this car was not driven for almost 7 months (just stayed in the garage), the screen would show something about service overdue for 270 days.  When I asked for them to reset the service warning after the oil change, the service consultant said "we won't reset it unless you get Service B." (which they charged over $500 for)  I declined the service, and he said "okay, we won't reset it then."
In other words, they want over $500 for Service B from a guy who just dropped in for an oil change, on a car with 18k miles on it.  And they'd high-jack a simple reset unless I conceded to their demand.
Didn't appreciate the guy's "I'm telling you how it is" attitude as well.  I'm sure Smythe is very capable of doing their job, but which dealership isn't?  I'm done w/ Smythe~

Jenn W. | 2011-09-24

Deep in my heart, I know that when I really piss off my fiance, his Mercedes C280 comes pretty close to being loved more than I am (but not quite). This is a man who used to replace his own breaks on his Jeep and did all service work on it himself, no exceptions. Thus, when we moved to CA from Chicago, and drove the MB 3,000 miles across the continental divide only to have the Service B due upon our arrival, it took hours of researching to find the right place to take the car.

It was important to us that we take the car somewhere that wouldn't rip us off. Sure we have a MB but he's on postdoc salary and I'm still looking for a new gig since the move, so there is no extra cash. When we pulled up to the service driveway, we had hardly gotten out of the car and closed the doors when Mike from Smythe was already walking out to greet us after spotting us from his office window.

He did a full walk around of the car, took note of the 2 baby scratches that are pre-existing, checked the tires and body for visible damage (none), and then showed us a booklet from MB, explaining all the recommended components of Service B. It was a great breakdown, price by price, in print. When my fiance asked if we *really* need to get the break fluid changed, sensing that this might be a way of Smythe getting some extra money, Mike showed us in the MB recommendations that break fluid is part of Service B. Fearing that non-compliance might compromise our warranty in any future event, we decided to go ahead.

They gave us the option of a 2011 C-Class or 2011 GL as a loaner car for the day. We got some lunch, did some shopping, and about 4 hours later our car was ready. Mike gave us excellent customer service.

Now 2 weeks on since our Service B, the car is running as good as always, no mysterious leaks or puddles as some reviewers have noted, and so far absolutely no reason to suspect we had been screwed. ;)

Will return for Service A.

J K. | 2011-08-31

I bought my MB C300 at Smythe and had it serviced here during its warranty period. Troy Schalk or David Schaeffer were my service advisors. The issues I've had here were many. Below is a list of a couple of them:

1.  After one of the B services, I found that oil was leaking from the underside and had pooled inside my garage, fouling up my garage floor. I took it back the next day and they said the the O-ring around the filter had cracked. I consulted a MB enthusiast at my work and he thought it more likely that they had neglected to replace the O-ring the first time and had re-used the old one.

2. Including above, I had to return to them within a week after getting service for 4 out of the 6 times (incl two warranty services) because there was something wrong or missed during the initial service.

3. Troy and David were very friendly and helpful up until the point when I finally had enough and complained that their service was really subpar and that I felt they had damaged my car rather than providing better care than independent shops. After that, rather than conceding or explaining, Troy shouted "What do you want me to do? Call MB if you got problems!" I did follow his advice and called MB USA and explained the service history I've had with Smythe. I'm sure it was a waste of time and nothing was done about it, as they never called me back.

4. They charged me $400+ for every service.

I have since found a local independent shop and have not had any problems - none at all. It surprised me that a shop that charges half the price have cared better for my car than the dealership. No free coffee or loaner, but I don't really care about that.

Jenn V. | 2011-08-25

This place is not even worth 1 star. My parents had purchased a pre-owned certified car here a few years back; it was great, low mileage, spotless. They've had it for 4 years.  If anyone knows my dad he treats his cars with the utmost car, spotless, perfect condition and they recently decided to trade it in for a smaller car so they thought they would get the best deal by bringing it back to Smythe. While on the drive to semi-far drive to San Jose, they listened to the radio and talked about what kind of car they would be interested in.

When they got there, they told my parents they would "test drive and take it for a spin" while my parents talked/deal with someone inside about whatever car they were now interested in. When the service manger arrived, he told my parents that the radio didn't work, the car was broken, and the car was a repaint. That's when things went sour. The radio was rarely used, and worked perfectly up until someone from Smythe test drove the car for 30-45 minutes! There was nothing wrong with the drivers side chair and now they tell them the plastic bar on the side is cracked and missing a srew?! And here comes the best part.. they told my parents this car was a repaint and with all these "things that they found wrong" about the car, my dad had him repeat about the car being a repaint and the service manager from Smythe said it is a repaint. My parents were furious! Why? Because according to their documentation when they purchased the car FROM THE SAME DEALERSHIP (SMYTHE EUROPEAN) the car was said to be the original paint- NO REPAINT. When my dad told them and showed them the original paperwork from their date of purchase 4 years ago, the service manager said "oh, my mistake, no, I was wrong, it is not a repaint, that's not what I meant" SHADY BUSINESS. Rest assure I will write a formal letter of complaint that they lied to us and broke our car.

Bebe D'hala D. | 2011-07-29

This rating is for "Bones" the Benz  mechanic maestro only ! 16 years of experience specialize in only Mercerdes especially the classics.  My car Betty is dare I say getting old, she has endured my driving and has racked many miles. I was told by another mechanic from a different shop that i needed a electronic plate and coil change , and sent me to get transmission oil . I went to Smythe to get  the transmission fluid and was not given a siphon by the aloof front  Parts Clerk  :( u know who u are bad service guy) I was not about to walk back to the parts department for more bad service. So I  proactivley went to the  back shop where the mechanics  did their Majic  and asked for a siphon, Bones greeted me with the  help of another mechanic checked my car for engine oil levels while refilling my cars  transmission oil  he heard a sputter and was able to diagnose the problem by just listening to my car purr , now that's a mechanic !
The best part of my car  problem was just a simple fix and maitenance unlike what my own mechanic had claimed. I was amazed , at the customer service and just true knowledge and interest he shared saved me tons of $ cha-ching $  . Can't. Say thank you enough to  Le Mechanic  named "Bones ".

J R. | 2011-07-21

These guys are awesome. You go into a high end car dealership expecting the people who work there to be stuck up or not willing to help you unless you have $100K to drop, but this couldn't be farther from the case. I've been here twice looking for cars and always got helped right away, and the salesmen took the time to explain the cars to me and all the different options/features. They are very patient. My next Mercedes purchase will be here.

Tony H. | 2011-07-19

Just purchased my 2nd car from Smythe Stevens Creek. Greeted by Sammy and he immediately asked if he could be of any assistance. My schedule did not allow me to test drive the car that evening however he was very accommodating and offered to meet me at the dealership on his off day for a test drive. Sammy addressed all of the concerns I had with the vehicle and made sure I was satisfied. I  am happy with the service I received from Sammy & would highly recommend him.

Meghan C. | 2011-07-18

updated... just had first service and my service team Jim Gabbard and Danny Ho were awesome!

Shaun M. | 2011-07-13

I tend to baby my cars and only take them to the dealership for all their service needs. Sure it costs more, but I believe you get what you pay for and I want quality work on my investment right?

I recently took my C-class in for its routine A service. This time however one of the headlights had burned out and needed replacing- it even indicated this on the dashboard control panel. Since Smythe states that it has an extensive checklist, and my car was going in for a maintenance service at the dealership, I felt confident that the headlight would be fixed ,right? Wrong! When I got the car back, I reviewed their checklist and billing of the work which had been performed. Sure enough, there it was- "both headlights in working condition." I found this odd, and when I returned to my car, the headlight was in fact NOT in working condition. Yes this is a minor issue, and yes they fixed it right away when I pointed it out to them, but I hope they take greater diligence in their work in the future. And I especially hope they do not simply falsify records out of convenience! What I don't understand is when you turn the car on, it tells you the headlight is out! How do you miss that???

It's hard to find a mechanic you can trust, but this experience had made me think hard about whether I will take my cars back to the dealership, and whether they really are superior.

Patrizia Z. | 2011-07-05


Back in early 2008, I was driving my '04 C230 when the engine started to sound weird & my car would not accelerate over 35 mph.  I took my car in to the Mercedes repair shop at the dealer and had them fix my car.  Two days later I got my car back and found out that there was a tare in the vent hose that connected to the engine.  The repair cost close to $1,500 to replace the one part, but needed to be done.  

One month later, I was visiting my parents in Carmel when the same problem happened.  I took my car to the Mercedes Dealer in Monterey and right away they told me that a recall had been issued three months ago (2 months before I brought my car into the Stevens Creek Dealer) on the part I had replaced.  

Since the part was recalled, the dealer said there was no charge for the repair.  I showed them the bill I got from the San Jose Dealer, they said there should have been no charge for that repair; it was a recall.  That got me mad, and then I got the bill from Monterey, and it showed what the repair would have cost and the total was around $800.  That sent me over the edge.  Not only did San Jose fail to mention anything about the recalled part, but they went and charged me double for work that didn't even fix my problem.  

It took me and my parents, with the help of the great guys at the Monterey Dealer, over three months to get only 3/4 of what we paid back from Stevens Creek Dealer.  

Lesson Learned; now I service my car at the Monterey Mercedes Dealer when I'm in town visiting my parents!

PS: After every MB service/repair they wash your car.  When the Stevens Creek Dealer called me and said my car was ready to be picked up, I went down there to find it was not ready.  The lady at the front desk said it was being washed and it would only take 5-10 min.  10 min later, she said that it was actually next in line to be washed, and it should only be another 5-10 min.  45 MINUTES LATER, she said that they still have not washed the car. I said I didn't care and to give me my car.  To fulfill her customer service duty, she handed me a car wash coupon to a local car wash on Stevens Creek.  I politely smiled, said No Thank You, left, and haven't been back since.

randy p. | 2011-06-21

Over all experience was excellent, a little slow in the process till signing a last piece of paper but I guess it was normal for car buying. Sale people are very helpful and knowledgeable, at least to my experience. They do greet you (MIKE) after most other salesman will not want to affiliate with you when you bring your car back for service. Their service department was excellent, taking care my car problem at ease and no hassle. The ONE STAR is for the FINANCE department. You can't never get a hold of them, if you manage to leave them a voice mail, they said in their message "...promise to return your call within 24 hours", yeah right, been waiting nearly a week and no call, so I have to give up. May be try to catch the in their office.

Sumdum-Fooka U. | 2011-05-31

UPDATE: someone from Smythe reached out to "try and make things right" or something like that...One extra star for effort, although I don't know what it would have meant if I took him up on his effort...(which I won't)

Donkeys: expensive and exceptionally poor value for money. Customer service is the worst of any dealer in the bay area.

It's all about pumping up that invoice with unexpected "recommended repairs" when your car is in for regular maintenance or service specials (with coupons!) they use to lure you in.

Saw the same thing play out repeatedly before I realized I was being an idiot. I trusted them just because they had that 3 pointed star out front.

High 5 to my face!

Chandra S. | 2011-05-24

This Dealership is not for folks who check internet prices to buy cars !!!!

I follow AutoTrader regularly to research about a car that I was planning to buy. There was a recent ad from Smythe Mercedes dealer about reduced price on 2008 GL450 and I have sent a mail regarding this to the dealer. The customer rep called me and scheduled for a test drive appointment for a time 2hrs later the same day, at 3.00pm. When we reached the dealership, the representative walked us thro the lot and later said the car was taken to test drive at another dealership.

This is about Mercedes dealership customer service, where I understand nothing is guaranteed but at least they should have been updated about the un-availability of the vehicle instead of wasting my time and taking half-day off at work to go to the dealership to do this transaction.

I think the dealership posts these kind of fraudulent price-reduced ads to lure customers to the dealership and later having them select another vehicle out of desperation. Customers should verify is such ads are genuine before posted price-reduced ads to ad credibility as  internet prices are just for luring cusotmers.

Similar purchase on a different car that I happen to do with another dealership on the same street previously (1yr ago)  was without a dime excellent as no surprises from the time the quote was posted to the amount signed finally before getting the car keys.

I will definitely buy a GL450 but this time its going to be from a genuine dealership, even if its 20-50 miles away from my house, who posts real ads rather than trying to deceive customers.  I should have trusted the comments about the dealership on YELP reviews but took chances and got my lesson.  

Dont take chances by looking at the internet complete homework rather than waste time here....

L E. | 2011-05-07

I have a 2004 C240, and am starting to look for my new Mercedes (I bought mine at Beshoff).  I'm interested in both the C300 and the CLS - very different models and price points.  So I pull up at Smythe today (closer to home), and the sales guy - Jimmy - comes over and starts chatting me up.  I tell him I'm not going to buy today, but am interested in the C300 and the CLS.  "Wow, those are very different."  Duh, Jimmy.  "Why are you looking at those two models?"  None of your business - I can afford either, but want to assess both.  So I begin asking questions, and he struggles to answer many of them - even tries to fake his way through.  Jimmy - I should NOT know more about these cars than you do.  So I look at the CLS - it's beautiful, but too big for me.  So the sales manager comes out and makes a remark about Goldilocksand the three bears  (too small, too big, just right).  Excuse me???  The guy sounds like a condescending idiot.  Thankfully he slinks away after my incredulous WTF glare.  I continue to ask questions, and Jimmy continues to yammer annoyingly about features that I don't care about.  He talks AT me and never really listens to me.  I even asked him for a business card just to be polite, but he was so intent on talking at me and not listening that he forgot to give it to me.  Eventhough I rarely tolerate sales people, I do appreciate those who are knowledgeable, actually listen, and can intelligently answer questions without being pushy.  I hope management reads this review, and that Jimmy remembers me.  I will not be buying my new Mercedes from Smythe.

christianne V. | 2011-04-27

My husband and I are extremely happy with the cars and with the sales consultant Sammy Sirhed.

Sammy is an expert and he knows the details about all the models. Although we visited the dealership just for curiosity (I was not planing to buy any Mercedes, actually), he was restless to show us the advantages of having those vehicles. He made all the effort to find the cars we have dreamed of. More than this, he negotiated conditions to fit our budget.

The service was excellent from the beginning  to the end. The financial guys, Nick Kith and Jim, were as efficient as Sammy.  

Great team, excellent  costumer experience. Congratulations to the team and to the manager Jay Falkner.

Jerr B. | 2011-04-17

Let me Start by saying that I had a very good experience buying my car, I went and did allot of research before buying it and this is were i ended up , I had a friend which recommended Vo Ma and let me tell you he actually skipped his Lunch to Help me throughout the process and that's Service to Me , He went out of his way to take care of my questions , Concerns and buying experience in my Book was just A+ all the way. I would definitely recommend all my friends and family and Last to say the Finance Guy Brain White was just smooth processing the paperwork , If I knew going here was going to be flawless you can bet I'll be sure to Let all my friends and family know where to go when shopping for a Luxury Car. By the way Guys I Love my New Car ..........

G B. | 2011-04-10

This place is nice on the inside with the complimentary coffee and donuts and everything but the service I received was to say I would never recommend them to anyone.  I took my 1970 280 se in for an oil change.  Figured people at a Mercedes dealership would respect such a beautiful car that by the way only has less than 25000 miles on it with almost original everything. I drive this car once a month, if that. So i take it in Danny helped me out, nice guy, saying yeah it'll be about an hour. so I waited an hour and a half. That's cool I'm used to it.  120 bucks for the oil change that's ok too expensive car, expensive oil change.. WHATS NOT COOL: on the drive over, I tested the turn signals, lights, horn. all of which worked. Got it back, Danny told me the horn did not work, hmmm.. that's funny because it worked on the drive over. He did not reply to that statement.. So I left because I do not like to cause scenes and I got a call a month later from a woman there asking about my satisfactory. I told her about the situation. that was one year calls, no mail, no contact, no apologies, just shrugs... .00001 effin stars. Thanks Smythe!

Chris P. | 2011-03-28

After spending five trips to Fletcher Jones to get my AC fixed i decided to take my car to Smythe for future service.  My service adviser Danny Ho is very knowledge.  I was called when my car was ready and was offered either a loaner car or a shuttle back home.  Fantastic service !

Liz B. | 2011-03-25

Of all the dealerships offering quality service for luxury cars, I recommend Smythe. If you are looking for outstanding and over the top customer service, Jim Gabbard is a fantastic service rep.

Not only were the drop off, service, pick up and cashier all great, they even helped with finding tired for a non-Mercedes car... If that's not extremely professional, yet personal, I don't know what is

Emanuel M. | 2011-02-15

I never given any place a 1 star review on yelp, and i never planned to.  i am always fair when rating a place, and i try to be unbiased as possible when reviewing a place, but this place just wouldnt give me the chance to find something nice about them.  I was trying to buy a car over the weekend, but the financial office was closed. So monday came, they lagged on my paperwork and they promised the car would be on pending sale to us. Around 5ish yesterday, they said call back today. We called back today and they said "sorry, one of our employee didn't know the car was on pending sale" Some dirty business.  I waited since saturday. Got my hopes up for nothing.  i mean i do look young and sound young, but i wouldnt make an effort for nothing.  i guess these people thought i was just trying to pull their leg about buying a car.

a s. | 2011-02-09

Most of the sales people and staff get a 5*, one gets a 3*.  The 3 goes to the rep who was just interested in closing the deal and didn't walk me through the details or overview of the car.  

Overall, good dealership but just be careful which sales person you work with if you expect really good service that  luxury auto customer expects.

mary p. | 2011-02-07

I have purchased several high end cars, so I was interested in purchasing either an S63 or a E63.  First, I have to tell you that as a sales professional and someone who ran large sales teams in the high technology field, I know the ropes very well when it comes to selling and negotiating.  First, there is no negotiating at Smythe.  You cannot negotiate with crooks any more than you can negotiate with terrorists.  Yeah, I put them in the same category.  Making a profit is perfectly fine, but bringing a $100K car in for a trade-in and being offers about $60K for it would put the comparison quite close in the crosshairs if you ask most people.  Needless to say, Smythe has two objects:  first, bend you over on your trade-in, and second, while your knees are still violently shaking, bend you over again for their car you intend on purchasing.  I recommend wearing a chastity belt if you plan on going to Smythe to buy a car; if you don't have one, then bring the KY to ease the pain a bit.

Al B. | 2011-01-03

I bought my last used car here and had a decent experience overall.

The salesperson was professional and we paid a fair price (nothing outstanding). There weren't really any frills, just a typical car-buying experience.

The car was in outstanding condition, mostly freeway miles, and I haven't had any problems (knock on wood). From some of the other reviews my impression is their new car sales experience is quite poor. That's a shame considering how much money you go in to spend on a Mercedes.

I'd suggest checking them out but keep in mind that sales staff in car dealerships tend to change often. Oftentimes I feel I am sold when I trust the salesperson, since most of the time I already know what I want. You pay for service and "after service" (how they treat you after you spend $40k on a car). You have to make that decision yourself, but I am relieved to say my experience was decent.

zach b. | 2011-01-01

FIve stars only for Justin Gray from Service department. This guy knows the meaning of customer service. The service department is very lucky to have this guy workin for them.

Ocee D. | 2010-12-05

1 Star

I was starting to doubt myself. I didn't think you could actually take me off the mailing list like you said you would in the 3 or 4 conversations we had, and after 3 months of not getting anything in the mail I almost felt bad for doubting your competence.
But it all worked out, because I just got spam in my mailbox a few days ago from you, and not only were you incompetent enough to not take me off the distribution list, this time you didn't notice that you were offering me a 10% discount to drive from LA to SJ and purchase accessories for a car that I sold  1 1/2 years ago.
Look on the bright side, your 1 star ratings aren't just from me, it looks like the other departments are just as bad.

Mike S. | 2010-12-05

Smythe earnes my first-ever 1-star review.  HORRIBLE.  The hair goes up on the back of my neck just to drive past them.

After much deliberation and preliminary research (with regard to the autos), I was ready to walk in any buy a car (cash in hand).  However, despite my advance appointment, they had no one to work with me.  Nearly an hour after the schedule appointment time, after my THIRD time asking where the sales guy was (and the receptionist coming up with lame excuses that he was out test driving with another customer -- despite my advance reservation -- and never once pulling in another sales person to help me), they finally presented me with the crappiest excuse for a salesperson I ever met.  Pushy, arrogant, had no idea what he was talking about -- didn't seem to understand the distinction between automatic and manual transmission -- would come up with lame excuses on the fly as to why certain parts were (literally) falling off of the "showroom" car.  NEVER EVEN ASKED IF I WANTED TO TAKE ANY OUT FOR A TEST DRIVE!!

With great pleasure, I drove across town and purchased a beautiful CLK350 from Beshoff (I highly recommend Tony Chiem, a class-act salesman who fitted me perfectly -- see my review under Beshoff -- Tony gets my first-ever 4-star rating).

Todd D. | 2010-11-24

Ok, let's be honest... it's rare where you walk away from a car dealership with not only a great experience, but also a very very good deal. You can easily get one, but not often both. Personally, I'd rather have a horrible experience with a good deal... and I think that's what I got.

They had the car I wanted with the right miles and actually a decent price to begin with. Still, no harm in playing hardball to get a better price. Managed to get them down another grand or two and agreed to their offer... That's when the suspect behavior started...

First, the salesman disappeared for 15 minutes after we accepted his offer. He returned and said that his boss said he had to charge us more than what we already agreed with. We said no and expected the agreed upon price. We end up in his office and he keeps on trying to raise the price. Finally his manager comes in and asks that we pay an extra $99 on the car. $99. Not joking. So petty and if I felt I wasn't already getting a good deal, I would have walked out on them. I don't think there's another business where this kind of negotiation happens.

Anyway, we stick to our agreed upon price and seal the deal. On a plus side, the salesman was nice (although somewhat unmotivated) and the guy I gave the check to was nothing short of awesome. Really good guy there. When I buy my next mercedes, I'd probably contact him directly and bypass the sales staff... if it were possible.

So in the end, I got a great car at what I think is a great price... and that's worth a star or two. I'll add in one more star for the finance guy and three stars.

Joey C. | 2010-11-22

HORRIBLE service department!!  They've held my car for an entire week now...all for an A-service and broken i-Pod connector cable (which I was told they were able to replace in like a day) and for some minor dings on my bumper and minor wheel scratches. Initially they told me my car would be ready to pick up by Friday end of day; I dropped off my car on Monday morning on the way to work. Now the guy tells me that there is a run on my bumper cuz they over-applied the coat during the paint job and there is a ''run'' and the soonest it would be ready will be tomorrow around 11am....without the wheels being worked on or the detailing I requested on impulse (which, I admit was a stupid decision). In other words, the soonest they will be able to return my car would be tomorrow (that's the 2nd deadline he threw out there and MISSED) and the job is still only gonna be 75% complete ....Ridiculous!!!
! I coulda taken my car and my business over to Fletcher Jones or even (gasp) to Beshoff Motors and gotten the job done quicker..... Apparently, they were (and i quote) ''under the mercy of the workshop'' they sent my car over to. Realistically, how long does it take to cover up some dings on a bumper and repair some scratches on my wheel??? It's been a week!!! A full 7-days. I'm not religious, but God created the world in a week....!!! This is NOT the way to do business...u can't miss 2 deadlines and give me a job undone and expect to charge full way! These people need to be reported to the B.B.B.!!!

Christian K. | 2010-11-08

If i could give 0 stars, I would.

These guys are flat out crooks, as Is their parent company Auto-Nation.

You can tell them one thing when you're getting your car services, then when it comes to pay the bill and you say you told them you requested one thing, and they will flat out like and deny it.

Be wary if you want to buy a CPO or Used car from this dealer.

Alicia S. | 2010-11-03

W.O.W.  Where is the negative star button?

My family and I were in the market for a S-class and went to this dealership since they seemed to have a good inventory.

First, we pulled up in our minivan. Yes, I realize my car salesman that a minivan MAY not be the car that you would see your next customer pulling up in but you know what??? We have three kids and need another car and who are YOU to judge?

There were FOUR salesmen standing around looking so posh and were OBVIOUSLY too busy to help us. They literally just stared at us as we walked around as if we may TOUCH something. Oh, lord forbid that we need to sit in a car that we want to buy!

Still NOBODY approached us or said hi or anything. We went inside to look at a few cars on the showroom floor. Several salesmen walked past and didn't even smile. I started to feel really awful and I hate that feeling.

My husband took my son to use the bathroom, came back and still no help.

As we are LEAVING a sales guy comes out and says "Hey, do you guys need help?" I told him, "NO we'd give our business to someone else"...his remark? "Oh, we saw you use the bathroom???" WTF??

Bottom line is they suck, are judgmental, think they are amazing without a reason to, have HORRIBLE customer service.

Spend your money elsewhere like we did. Pleasanton will treat you well.

Olga S. | 2010-10-08

If you are looking for a new or used car I recommend talking to Slava Aprelenko Internet Sale Manager. When we got there at 9 am, he was the only one early at work who was eager to help me of course :) He told me about all the discounts I could get which was really nice I thought. I told him the quote I got from another dealer and he gave me a better deal immediately! Since they didn't have exact car I wanted there we decided to order it from the factory. Slava quickly prepared all the documents I had to sign. He was very nice, never pushy, he even reminded me that I am the Buyer and I have right to change my mind of course, I should not feel bad about it.

I paid the deposit and left very excited that I finally got the best deal and ordered the car and now I just have to wait a little :) At home I remembered I had some more questions, also I wanted to add another extra option to my car. Slava was very helpful again. He answered all my questions and said the option I wanted is actually a standard option so I didn't need to add it.

The other guy called me a little later (I forgot his name :( ) and said he will also be making sure my car is being built exactly as i want and he and Slava will email and call me with the updates.

I had a pleasant experience so far at Smythe European in San Jose.

Edit 2/3/2011 We got our car yesterday! It's just exactly as we wanted and the price was actually less than what we agreed on (just about $300 but still!).

Raymond L. | 2010-08-28

Awesome! Why? Because my service adviser is John Gonzalez. This guy knows everything there is to know about your Mercedes and the quickest must efficient way to fix it. He's worked there for over a decade and he's been the absolute best service adviser for the multiple vehicles that I own. He gives you an honest opinion and tells you what your vehicle needs and how to take care of the car without trying to sell you anything or act like he is. If you're not satisfied with your service adviser, it is probably time to switch. Yes you can do that. I did.

As for the rental department, they are friendly and courteous. They always open the door for you and are extremely polite when you are there.

The parts and supply department seems knowledgeable and occasionally helps out the rental department. They have a good staff here and everyone seems to love their job.

Mr. B. | 2010-08-12

Like going to the dentist's office!!!  If I knew the experience of owning a $90,000 vechicle would include dealing with Smythe's service department, I would have purchased a bycycle instead!!!  I am seriously considering selling my car on eBay and buy a Lexus instead.  My experience over the past 2 years owning and servicing my vecicle at Smythe has been very bad.  This include getting over charged or performing un-needed repair or not being able to fix the problem on the 1st, 2nd or even 3rd try.  If you are planning to own a Mercedez Benz, either buy another brand or at least go to another dealer!!!

Edward M. | 2010-07-31

Smythe's service department just lost another customer today.  Me and my CLS.

Rod B. | 2010-07-28

Not too helpful and very vague over email....check
Unpleasant dealership visit experience, being left for dead and getting more excitement waiting 3 hours for a table at Boiling Crab and/or watching paint dry...check

I sure as hell hope your service department customer experience doesn't match your sales experience. I've taken my concerns to the GM of Smythe and  hope the necessary action is taken so that future Benz owners don't have deal with what I've experienced.

Customer S. | 2010-06-13

I purchased a Mercedes in 2008 at another dealership in the Bay Area because they did not have the car, with the specifications I wanted, at their dealership.

Air conditioner began malfunctioning suddenly last week. Went to have it repaired at Smythe; picked it up at the end of the day. Air conditioner still broken. Service provider has already gone home.  Had to rebook another appointment to bring it in again, right after I drove it off the lot and noticed it was still broken.  It's not even a subtle malfunction.  This is not the first time I've experienced this with them. Getting the run-around is frustrating, a waste of time, and, in my opinion unethical.

My family has purchased cars from them since 1983. Over the years, we have seen a downward trend in the service department and  customer service (both in sales and service), not to mention the quality of MB overall, but that's a different story. (They really don't build 'em like they used to).

Because Smythe is the most conveniently located dealership for me, I have nonetheless brought my cars there for service. The last time I had the exact same air conditioner problem on another Mercedes, which was out of warranty, it was fixed properly, but cost something like $1000 (~ 3 years ago). When I expressed disbelief at the price, at the time, they brought out a life size model of the air conditioner components to show why it cost $1000 repair.  This time, with my car that is still under warranty, my agent told me over the phone when he called to say that the car was ready for pick-up, that they "fixed" the problem by "external" means.  I had my doubts.

Sure enough, when I picked up the car, at the end of the work-day, problem was not fixed.

I would strongly advise getting a feel for the Mercedes dealerships other than Smythe in the Bay Area. There are plenty of them.   In my opinion, it should not matter where one purchases the car, especially with a company such as MB.  During the boom, a lot of these dealerships became very arrogant. Now, during bad times, these dealership must be under pressure to cut corners (It's still under warranty, BTW, and I believe they get reimbursed by headquarters for warranty work they do).   That is just short-sided thinking. This is a time when companies should be trying to keep their customers.

I will update this review after I bring my car in again for the same problem. It's ridiculous that they ask you to rate them "excellent" on a post-service questionnaire, when they don't fix your problem.

Yen H. | 2010-06-03

I was recommended to this dealership by Tony from Mercedes Exclusively (which I HIGHLY recommend if you need your car serviced at great prices). He had recommended me to a service adviser, Danny Ho, which i'm so glad he did!

I brought my car in to get it checked out since the the drive felt not as smooth as usual...My appointment was at 9am, but I brought it in at 8am just-in-case, since I wanted to make sure I would get to work on time. Danny came out and greeted me. He asked me about the car and went around the car to check out the entire car, from top to bottom and looked for any door dings or scratches.

They gave me a complementary rental car since I need a car to get to work...He kept me informed and up to date the whole time. To make the story shot, we found out that the transmission fluid was low and they also updated all the software.

When I came in to pick up the car, the cashier was very friendly. They also honored my coupon from Beshoff Mercedes (yelpers get 10% off)!! The whole thing cost me $400+ but I guess that's standard for Mercedes owners. I hope my next visit will be just as good as my first!

If you need to bring your car to the dealership to get serviced, come to this dealership and ask for Danny Ho as your service adviser. I highly recommend him!! Symthe European is lucky to have such a great employee! Bravo!!

Andrew P. | 2010-05-21

If there is a dealership that can continually disappoint Symthe Mercedes is it! The last several times I've reluctantly brought my car in (only because it was a warranty issue) I have left reassured that after warranty I won't come back. Let's recap. First there was the Smythe not being able to find my car for over an hour and trying to tell me that it might be out on a test drive to make sure the repairs were complete, a completely unfounded and uniformed statement from someone who hadn't even checked the status of my car which would not have been on a test drive due to the fact that it was waiting for a part from Germany. Smythe's response? "Next time you bring the car in we'll give you a complimentary detail job"... Did that happen? I'm guessing you know where this is going... NOPE; I brought the car in again for service and reminded about the detailing that was offered by my advisor.... The car was returned to me dirty and unwashed. Symthe does excellent detailing work!!! And then we have this go around where my unwashed car suddenly is no longer available for pick-up at 4:30 when I was called at 1:40 informing me it was ready. I told the gal at the pick up counter that my car was just outside... what happened? "Oh; they're probably washing it.. it will be right out"; then they pull up in a car that's not mine and hand me the wrong set of keys and insist that this 2 door coupe is my car (I own a 4 door c230!) ... Turns out they had even given me the wrong paperwork and called the wrong car! Which in-turn means that they had called when my car wasn't ready for pick-up which is why my unwashed car was shuttled back for washing and the wrong car was delivered to me! Great work guys! This is the type of comment that deserves to be on yelp!

E K. | 2010-05-18

My husband and I are looking to buy a luxury car. Since our parents have mercedes, we thought we would test drive one. We were dressed in jeans and T-Shirts, not thinking we would have to get dressed up for service at this place.
I am quite offended that we did not get service right away (It was about 15 minutes, we actually had to go in and seek out a person to help us. We found a half dead guy to finally help us and he was arrogant and quite rude. We test drove a car and loved it....too bad they weren't more accommodating...because we wanted to buy two mercedes, we wanted to test drive an ML too, but since the guy was half dead and totally not accomdating, he asked us what our parents drove, what kind of car we drive now, told us what kind of car he has, etc. we just left.
Smythe, Smythe, Smythe...jeans and a T-shirt mean should have asked what we do for a living (my hubby is a surgeon and I am a lawyer) rather than what car we drive currently....we had cash to purchase cars...I guess we'll be going somewhere else.
Other dealerships will treat you much better! Go else where.

Katharine A. | 2010-05-14

I have had a lot of experience with Smythe over the last few months not for the car that I drive, but for my boss's car.  

I've dealt with the service department, the sales department and the lease return department numerous times and all have been good experiences.  Friendly service and a willingness to answer any questions I had.

KJ J. | 2010-05-14

We bought our second Mercedes from here about 2 months ago, an SL. The first car was a 2007 ML. Both of our experiences were quite positive and did not match up with some of the negative reviews. I would suggest if you see a car here that you like to call and make an appointment rather than just walk in. Our salesman was incredibly knowledgeable of the SL we bought and he even delivered it to my office as it had a small scratch that needed repaired prior to me taking delivery! After dealing with Autobahn in the past I feel this dealer is much more customer service focused. Also, it does not have an amusement park like atmosphere as Autobahn does when you take your car in for service. If you live mid peninsula Smythe has a service center in Palo Alto known as Park Avenue motors.

Bhawna A. | 2010-04-16

Love them. My service advisor Danny is great. My car is totaled and only reason I might buy a Mercedes is because I never had issue with my servicing. Great customer service. He is always a step ahead.

Ron S. | 2010-03-29

NOTE: For the Service Dept.

Very efficient, smooth, and professional. My experience from the telephone appointment - to the drop off process, this place really treats their customers well. We had a minor Manufactures Recall to be done and they fixed it for FREE (It was covered)! They also did a complimentary vehicle check of the car while they were all up in it. They weren't pushy or talking over our heads.

Thank you Jim!

patrick f. | 2010-02-18

Let me start off with this: I feel totally and utterly betrayed by this dealership, and wish to tell my story in a not so scathing light, in order to just illustrate what I see as a total lack of customer respect and follow through.

Let's begin:

I first went to Smythe European for a service for my newly obtained 2003 E320. By all opinions, everything went well: from the scheduling of the appointment to the picking up of the car; all was on time and the problem (malfunctioning ac unit) was fixed well, and for a good price! So I am thinking, hey this is my new place to go...alright!

Wrong. I schedule an appointment about 3 months later to have the radio fixed in my car. By all appearances everything went well again and I paid a decent price for a job well done. Well, here is where things get tricky: I ended up driving to Seattle the next day, and two days into my journey the radio stops working and all attempts to fix it are in vain. I have to wait a good week and a half until I can return to have them look at it.

And here is where it gets more interesting.

I think to myself, I just came upon a decent amount of cash, this car is an '03 and all, and if it is having these problems, why not check out a new C class benz at Smythe? It seemed like a good idea at the time.
So, I went online found a good car for a good price and contacted the internet sales associate in charge: Nordean Felix.

Let me tell you this right now: big mistake.
I know the economy is bad, and I am sure they are not making as many sales as they would like to during this time, but the sales pressure and outright BS I had to deal with was too much to  bear.
I got the whole gamut from the salesman hard selling me with a low trade in for my car (which he adjusted at least ten times), to him almost openly crying in front of me, telling me "he was a failure as a salesman", um nice try, guy.

What pissed me off the most was this: they would not admit wrong doing for messing up my radio fix (which Beshoff Motors later fixed for me free of charge, but that's another review for another time, albeit a positive one, however) and wanted to charge me 900 dollars to fix it! And they wanted to charge me an additional 300 dollars for a smog check, even though I had paperwork showing I smogged it a week ago!
Regardless, Nordean would not take no for an answer, and even when I made it clear I was not going to buy the car I test drove, he would not relinquish my car keys to me for my E320, and insisted that I "sit down" and keep discussing this purchase. So I played ball and made up a number in my head and tried to see if he would go to it, knowing he very well may never do it, I would never buy if he got there, of course.

Well he did get there, but I was so enraged at his manner of haggling that I demanded my keys, which I then finally received, and promptly high tailed it out of there. Moral of the story: know what you want and if you should compromise, but if its an ordeal and the deal no longer seems fair, do not be afraid to stand up to hard-selling tactics that are used at this dealership. Who knows, maybe if I was in the market for an S600 I would not have had this experience.

I, for one, stopped going here and took my business to Beshoff Motors. They fixed my problem for free that Smythe would not admit wrongdoing to, and to this day, it still works. Bonus: Beshoff was amazed that someone could f'up the fix for the radio that bad, they honestly thought it was funny how they "fixed it" at Smythe.

Kudos to anyone who has not had an experience like this, I hope they treat you better!

Roseanna L. | 2010-02-08

This is not about sales or service at Smythe but it is upsetting enough for me to yelp! I am a volunteer for the Lupus Fdtn of Northern California (LFNC) and Mr. Bruce Daugherty of Smythe European let us down.

For 18 years the LFNC has held an annual drawing for a Mercedes. Thanks to Darin Sparrow, who was GM at Smythe European, funds were raised from this raffle to assist the foundation in its provision of invaluable support services for lupus patients and their familes. Not so any longer! Weeks before this year's draw was to take place, LFNC called Smythe and learned there was a new GM, Bruce Daugherty. We left several phone messages for Mr Daugherty and also sent him letters. He did not respond to any of these. A small group of us volunteered to visit him at the dealership two weeks before the draw. He seemed sincere at the time, claiming he had not received the LFNC mail or phone calls and promised to call us later that day. He even said he sympathized with the cause because his mother had lupus. HE NEVER CALLED BACK.

The good news is that Mr. Tim Vu at Beshoff Motors came through for us at the last minute. So please help me spread the word.

Jim P. | 2010-01-20

My wife and I just purchased a pre owned vehicle here and could not be anymore satisfied with the service the dealership provided! Sam was my sales rep and answered all of my questions with correct answers....the deal was finished quickly and without the back and forth...after talking with Sam I found out he had been employed by Smythe Mercedes for over 15 years it was definitely a great experience working with someone who cares about customer service and by the way I purchased a Hyundai here and was given the same service as if I were buying a Mercedes! Thanks Sam

Leanne P. | 2009-12-15


Okay so I should've done this review a looooooooong time ago.  To my homies at Smythe, I'm so so sorry.  I haven't done you guys the justice you all deserve...

So here's my Smythe story.  First of all, my whole family drives Benzos.  My dad has a CLK 500, my mom has a ML 350, and I [now] drive a C 230.  When I came here to buy my car, it was because I had recently killed my Jeep Liberty [may he rest in peace :(]... and when I say recent, I mean that my arm was still in the sling from the accident.  Now my mom had gotten her ML from Smythe in 2002 and she went on and on about how great they were.... My dad got his from Beshoff, and that's just a whole nother story!  [I'll review them next, he he]

So anyway, I was debating what kind of car I should get, and my dad mentioned that his service advisor [Danny Ho] had told him that they were doing some crazy sales on their Certified Pre-Owned cars.  So on our way to my physical therapy session, we decided to stop by.  When I saw my car, I just totally fell in love.... he just looked gorgeous shining there in the moonlight :)  What I really loved though was that the sales advisors were not pressuring me at all... AND they were willing to negotiate!  The sticker price was like $29k or something like that... it was only a year old and it only had like 10k miles.  I was able to get them to go all the way down to $27k with tax and licensing and everything... and honestly, the best part was how they made me feel the whole time I was signing the docs and negotiating.... they went on and on about how I was joining the "Mercedes Family" and they gave me wonderful presents [a coffee holder, the towels for cleaning my car, keychains, and a hat]  and they even gave me a second set for my dad [who was nice enough to cosign my loan :P... hahaha c'mon I was only 20 at the time!]

So all that goodness happened just when I bought my car... now whenever I come in to get my car serviced, they call me by name... Mr. Danny Ho always comes out to meet me when I bring my car in... he asks about my family... they help me get my coffee/hot chocolate... and they always try to get me a different loaner so that I can try driving other cars :P  I love the whole staff at Smythe and I'm sure I'll be going to them again in a couple of years to buy my GLK :P

Louise W. | 2009-11-28

This place is dishonest.  I had an estimate of $150, but when I went in for the service it was $170.  I said they had quoted $150 so they made it $150, but they did not fix the problem, so the service was worthless.

Gary S. | 2009-11-24

They have the best service department I have experienced with any dealership so far - and I lived in 4 states.  Great and in-depth service, really good mechanics, friendly service advisers.  And what I like most, you can almost always get a loaner car on a short notice.  I am extremely satisfied with their service and will definitely consider buying a car from them.

S H. | 2009-11-18

This has to be the most pompus dealership I have ever visited. The elitist attitude is quite prevalent.

When shopping for a new car my wife and I decided to visit Smythe and see what they had in stock.

We were dressed for a Saturday of leisure and not sporting IZOD/Armani/Coach wear. we waited ten minutes for someone to assist us with a specific car. Many times we were walked past by sales people and one manager.

The message they gave us was if they would ignore us to this extent when trying to purchase imagine what it would be like if we had a service issue.

Stevens Creek Lexus was just down the street and they gladly put us into a new automobile and treated us like worthy humans.

Martina B. | 2009-09-16

Manual, John, and the management were awesome! They didn't have the car in the color that we were looking for so they spent a few hours searching other dealerships to find exactly what we wanted!  In the end we had the car we wanted in the color we wanted. Thank you guys!

Kuankii N. | 2009-09-09

Bought my C300 here last month on my birthday and worked with Glenn Simon.  He was very helpful and made the transaction quick and smooth.  I finished all the paper work in 1.5 hours since he knows I have to get out before 6:30 for my birthday dinner.   My car wasn't ready on the day of my purchase, but he gave me a C300 also as a loaner car so I can come pick up my car the next day with this loaner car.  He even insist that he can come back the next day on his day off to ensure everything is ok when I pick up my car.  Overall Glenn made the whole purchase convinient for me.  I will defnitely recommend my friends who are intesreted to purchase a MB to Glenn.

Valerie S. | 2009-09-06

I had inquired about an SLK advertised on the net, but wasn't interested in that car after receiving the info. I went down anyway and was immediately approached on the lot. The internet sales manager remembered me from my email, made some nice comments about my work (from my website) and hooked me up with the salesman instantly. This was in contrast to my experience with the MB dealer in my city. There I stood around for a few minutes before being handed off to two or three different people (I got the feeling I wasn't being deemed a desirable customer) and felt uncomfortable because of that. That's not the way to feel when buying a car and not what I expect from a MB dealership.

I checked out and test drove a couple of the model I was interested in, then went in to negotiate and all went well. It was a purchase at a car dealership with some of the usual back and forth, but it was a good experience. I was happy. I'll go back again and see Vlad when I buy my next one.

I've since had to return to the service department for minor things and each experience has been great. I really appreciate the time my service advisor, Ford Congleton, takes to make sure he understands my issues and concerns. This is my 1st Mercedes and my 1st automatic transmission so I've had some questions and don't feel reserved about asking. He's also set me up with a loaner which is necessary for me as I'm driving down from San Francisco.

It's a pain in the neck to drive so far to shop and for service, but I really appreciate the quality of the service so I'll continue to do it.

T M. | 2009-08-10

I will NEVER bring my car here again.  I recently had Service A & B done at this particular location and have regretted it ever since.  I came home to find out they forgot to put back my engine cover.  After calling them and informing them they said that they would have to call me back so they can check if they have it.  
Long story short they could not locate my engine cover and said that in order to replace my engine cover it would cost $175.  Yes, you heard correctly $175 for an engine cover that I had prior to taking my car into this location for them to lose it and then turn around and charge me for.  Needless, to say I am pissed.  
If your smart I wouldn't take your Mercedes here.  Look for other locations that offer far better service than the shitty service I received.

Wiles H. | 2009-08-09

If I were writing this review on my sales person, Shawn Abhati, alone, I would give 5 stars. However, I am also writing about the incompetent sales "manager" VO MA; hence the minus 2 stars.

So here's the story. I went in to test drive a CPO '07 C-class. It was my first test drive of the day and I wanted to check out the BMWs before making a decision so I left shortly after test driving. I come back maybe 40 minutes later and immediately we walk to my original sales person. He tells me, Oh my manager told me that the price on that car is a MISTAKE. 10 seconds later, the sales manager Vo Ma comes storming out towards us, and YELLS, "THE PRICE WAS MARKED WRONG ON THAT CAR!!! THE GIRL PUT UP THE WRONG PRICE! LOOK AT THE '06 C280, IT'S $1000 MORE! THE PRICE IS WRONG! WE HAVE TO SELL IT AT THAT PRICE TODAY BUT ON MONDAY WE WILL BE CHANGING IT! NO NEGOTIATIONS!!" then he storms off... OK FIRST OF ALL, we never even mentioned anything about challenging the price. We didn't even get a change to say ANYTHING yet before VO MA comes YELLING AT US. Who ever said we weren't going to pay the listed price??? I came back to the dealership, didn't I? Obviously I was very interested. I don't know what act he was trying to pull, but if the car really WAS marked wrong, he could have said something like, Oh this car was priced wrong. It's actually supposed to be higher but we have to sell it at this price right now. You would be getting a really good deal because we are changing the price back on Monday... I would have JUMPED on that right away! I don't know what kind of so called "manager" that is. He just lost a sale for his sales agent. Immediately after he made his scene, we went straight back to the car and drove to another dealership. Vo Ma has some serious issues and needs work on his customer service.. better yet, he should be fired.

Shawn Abhati on the other hand is a GREAT salesperson! I highly recommend him. He was very professional, was very apologetic and handled the situation (where his manager made a scene) with us very well. He didn't try to push the sale at all. Knowing that we were going to Autobahn, he kindly and sincerely apologized and thanked us... even after my mom called him 10 minutes later to complain about his idiot manager VO MA.

A couple hours later, I ended up going back to Smythe because I didn't find the car I wanted at Autobahn. I called Shawn and asked him to hold the car and told him that I'd be there in 30 minutes. I showed up an hour later and he had already hid the car in the back lot and taken all the stickers off. I didn't think he was going to hold it, especially after leaving twice. Shawn Abtahi is great! I highly recommend him!! Excellent customer service!! He even gave me a little gift pack with a bunch of Mercedes memorabilia in it AND a full tank of gas for my CPO car; I didn't think they did that for used cars. I'm even more excited to drive my new used car now! Thanks Shawn! =)

Bill C. | 2009-06-24

Our family had bought 11 Mercedes and Volvo from them over the past 15 yrs.

In 2004, my sister and I bought 2 MB from them.  They offered me one of those wheels and tires protection.  They told me they'll replace or repair the wheels or tires if my wheel got damage from pot hole or any kind of road hazard.   It seems like a great deal or I took it... 2006 I ran over a pot hole and bent 2 wheels.  I called in and they told me bring in the car along with the the regular service and they will fix it for me.

After I bought in the car, they told me that the wheels and tires still hold the air and they will not replace or REPAIR them.  They never told me this exception when they sell me the contract.  The service adviser told me it has a fine print on my contract.  I verified it and in deed it has a small area say so....with a very very very small fonts....

So I tried to complaint to the sales office about the financial office mis-represented me the contract.  They pushed me around and they told me there is nothing they can do....not even refund me the contract money.

Lesson learned....Read the fine print, never trust those extended warranty or those paint/wheel protection.  

Because of this experience, our family WILL NOT buy any cars from Smythe European anymore.  They lost my whole family business because this stupid scam.

Tim C. | 2009-05-28

I bought 2 new cars a 1 used car over the last 15 years. This place seems like all car dealerships. You have a few good sales guys and a bunch of slick guys that will take you for a ride if you know what I mean.

Let research and low prices lead you to you next car. If by chance this place has the lowest price and the car you want, why not.

Service has always been very good but pricey for none warranty work. No surprise there.

2009 is a great time to buy a used car. it's truly amazing how cheap cars are now. 2 year benz are running about half there MSRP prices today. That's about 10% cheaper than five years ago.

Remember, the fun is over as soon as you say yes to a car salesman.

Angela B. | 2009-05-24

Happy 1st Birthday to my C350, dubbed McBenzie, today !

Bernard was my salesman (Unfortunately, I heard he's no longer working there) and he even sold my parents two other Mercs four years prior. They trusted that he could work out a great deal with the financing department so we set up an appointment with him to shop around.

The sales floor: impeccable. No clutter, no mess, and the set up in the showroom allowed their cars the ability to sell itself. It didn't hurt that they had a SL McLaren in there. Jackie at the sales desk is very friendly over the phone and in person--she doesn't let you walk by unnoticed which I think its a positive. Yeah, sure some of the salespeople there are like vultures but it didn't phase me because I already had a sales advisor.

Bernard gave me a pleasant experience at Smythe. He was very informative and didn't undermine me or categorize me as some girl who just wanted a car for the name-brand. I came in after a lot of research, I know about Benzes and I know what I want. Whatever questions I had, he answered with confidence.

We took a C350 for a test drive, I believe it had less than 25 miles on it, so the ride was smooth and the handling was solid. This impressed me even more so when I realized the same car I had test driven was the same car that I would be driving on a day-to-day basis. I like knowing that I am the person who drove the majority of miles on my car and no obvious abuse to the engine/tranny. He took us to their storage lot so I could see the other models in different colors. This just shows that he went the extra mile to provide me with OPTIONS, instead of shoving a sale down my throat like I didn't have any other choice. Thumbs up.

Overall, 5 stars for my sales experience no matter how much people think they are a stealership.

Onto their service department:
The best experience I had with the service department was last Thursday. My service advisor was Danny Ho (apparently a favorite among you Yelpers), and boy does this guy know his customer service skills.

He welcomed me in the service carport and began doing their regular clipboard, pen, paper-thing: wheel tread, walk-around inspection, etc. He asked aside from my Service A what other chief complaints I had, which I thought was nice because I always come in with something to ask anyway. Always get a complimentary car wash and vac--can't complain, I'm happy as hell.

Knocked off one star 'cause honestly, not everyone there is like Bernard or Danny... but keep it up Smythe!

Esti S. | 2009-05-19

Surprise surprise, I went there again, I had forgot that my husband who loves to buy all kind of accessories with the Mercedes logo, so he had a coupon for $150.00 I went there and has asked to get a partial credit previously I got $85.00 but to my surprise I got a full credit of $150.00 it made my day so after the discount and the coupon it was not bad- I hope I will never need to come back but if I would it will be for the coffee machine!!!

Andrew S. | 2009-05-11

David Nguyen was my sales agent and he was awesome during the whole sales process. He got me a great deal on my car and didn't pressure me to sign right away. I usually bring my Dad to help with car purchases because he's good at  negotiating, but I guess I did a good job on my own. I got a great deal and drove away in my CLK 350. A month  later they called me to let me know that they got a better APR then before.  How many dealerships do that?

Danny Ho is my service agent and he is awesome. I haven't had to see him to much which is good. I only had to see him to get my tint fixed which was damaged when they were removing the info/sales sticker from the interior window. It took a week to fix but they detailed the car and gave a fun to drive loaner.

Brody D. | 2009-04-29

Sales Department Sucks!
Services Department Is Okay...

Alright so unless you come walking in with the actual GREEN CASH in your hand don't expect service. I literally got to walk all around the lot without anyone even saying "hello" worst thing is, there were at least 3-5 reps standing by the main door by the front!

My guy "Danny" at the Service Dept. is great! Fiendly, on time, answers all my questions, seems honest. But go buy parts or check out for your vehicle, now that's a different story! They act like them working at Mercedes means there some snob owner of a AMG SL55 that look down at everyone else. NO JOKE!

Only reason I gave them 3 Starts was 1) Danny at service
2) Good sale prices from time to time
3) Nice cars in the lot

M G. | 2009-04-28

I've been using Smythe for almost 20 years for service on several Mercedes Benz vehicles that we've owned. I have always been treated in a professional, friendly manner. My vehicle has always been maintained to exceptional standards and returned to me when promised. I would never trust my car to anyone else for repair.

Hafid A. | 2009-04-07

We've done purchases with Smythe in the past and have gotten preety good service. Goron our salesman was preety knowledgeable about the S-class we wanted and sure enough sealed the deal. I recommend going with him, not pushy at all and does not pressure you. Its the way a person should buy a car. We've done our services at Smythe everything so far has been good, the only downside of course is the pricing. The service dep. does a good job in assisting the customer. Its the price that gets to ya.

A K. | 2009-03-23

Simply overpriced auto service. $2500 bucks for a lousy 50K mile service. Where do these guys come up with this shit? When you see an auto dealer charge more than YOU make per hour, run fast.

The customer service I do have to say is very friendly and courteous. Everyone from service advisor to the billing department was exceptional. True professionals beyond a doubt. But do you really need this ass kissing to make you feel important? Get off your fucking ego trip!

The outrageous hourly labor charges and huge markup with parts is ridiculous. I mean, these guys get their parts from someone else and charge you up the wazoo for them. Are they an auto parts store too and a service department? Just why are you paying a 30% premium for auto parts just because some guy named Jose gets in a truck to pick up parts at another location that has them in stock?

Unless you like throwing your hard earned  money away, never get your car serviced at the dealer.Go to a independent shop that has licensed mechanics and look at their certificates to see if they are up to date.

$110/+hour - that is the labor rate. Do the math - thats $228,000/year for keeping each service person busy. And that doesn't include overtime. Totally fucking ridiculous.

Obviously the dealer is taking their cut and the mechanic on site is getting their share.  What is it exactly that you get EXTRA from the dealer? An assigned advisor that makes phone calls to you and makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside? An advisor that asks if you want to fix that ding in your car? Or get those tires replaced when they don't really need to? Someone to wash your car and make it shiney? Is that worth markup in your service to rub your toes and make you feel important?  Nothing is free, you are paying for it.

I don't know about you but my ASS hurts reaching for my wallet from the LUBE JOB I get from the dealer (if you know what I mean).

Deal with the mechanic directly at an independent shop and eliminate the overhead. Giving money away to your dealer just because you want to feel like a Mercedes snob COSTS $$$


John C. | 2009-03-18

Unfortunately I don't have the cash flow to buy a new Mercedes. However, I am the proud owner of a 1993 500E. This is a very limited edition Mercedes that was co-produced with Porsche. To say that it is unique and technically complex would be an understatement.

As such I don't trust just anyone to service the car. I was recommended to go to Charlie Fish at Smythe European for my service needs.

Charlie has been great. He has an unbelievable amount of knowledge and passion for the Mercedes brand and cars. He is always extremely helpful and always makes sure that I am not paying for more than I should. On more than one occasion he has saved me a lot of money by making sure that they perform the diagnosis properly before they start the work. He ensures that I know all of my options as well so I feel that I have control over the decisions. He always makes sure that we get a loaner. This makes it so much easier for my wife since she has to drop off and pick up the kids at school etc. On several occasions we've had the loaner over the weekend because they didn't finish our car in time on Friday afternoon. There is never any inconvenience.

Granted since this is a Mercedes Dealer they don't have cheap service rates. But, going to Charlie makes me feel that my prized car will be properly taken care of.

Steve S. | 2009-03-11

Bought my car here in 2006. Had an average buying experience, neither good nor bad. The service though is really where things went downhill. Went there three times before I couldn't take it anymore.

First visit, I pulled up the car to the service line, and stood by it for five, six minutes. I saw Smythe staff chatting there, but no one came to help me. No greeting, nothing. Complete invisibility. Since it was my first time for service, I thought, maybe I've got to go inside and check-in? I had an appointment, so I thought this was very peculiar. So I went inside and they said "Oh, just stand by your car and your service advisor will be out when he's available." Ohhhhkay. So I go back and wait another 5 minutes before my service advisor comes out.

Second visit, they were still so slow to greet me as I stood by my car. As part of the service, they said they were going to wash the car. It was clearly not washed when I picked it up. So I went inside and asked about it. They said Oh, it must have been missed, and gave me a coupon for a car wash across the street.

Third visit, my wife got a loaner car, and driving home, another car hit the loaner's bumper. Working with Smythe on the insurance information and the follow-up was a complete disaster. Calls to them went unreturned, and we finally just assumed they weren't going to do anything about it. Not a good a way to treat the customer though.

Decided to try Beshoff after these experiences, and wasn't disappointed.

Juan H. | 2008-12-24

I recently purchased a mercedes and was going to take it to this dealership for it's Service A.  I had a service adviser Greg who had a tone with me like I was incompetent.  He was not very helpful.  I made an appointment with him during a lunch hour and when I arrived he was paged.. about 10 minutes later I was told he was on the phone.. 10 minutes after THAT I left.  So 20 minutes after my appointment I took off.  The next call I received from Greg "So are you planning on coming in?" Uh.. yeah, no.  I drove around the corner to Tony at Mercedes Exclusively and made an appointment with him.  What a difference of service... plus him being really good looking made the process that much better   :)  Service was done in a timely fashion and I was given complete honesty about what needed to be done; I am paranoid about making sure everything is working and every time I tried to diagnose my car with a problem, he said it wasn't.. again, a very honest service.

Stephanie C. | 2008-11-26

I've brought my lil SLK in to the service department here on several occasions. First time because my check engine light came on and I thought crap, I don't want my car to die on the freeway while I'm switchin 4 lanes so I quickly made an appointment with Smythe. It was late at night so luckily I was able to hop online and make an appointment (aim for early in the morning because of the longer wait later in the afternoon due to other customer appts being pushed back - domino effect!)

Got there early in the morning and was met by the greeter - minus points for trying to sell me dent removal service. No, I like the love bumps on my car. Loved that they had a shuttle van that dropped me off at work and picked me up later when my baby was ready to be picked up. And they leave my car all spick and span inside and out - the one time they weren't able to, they gave me a free car wash coupon for next time.

Another time I've been there was when my sideview mirror got cracked. Let's not delve into how...uhhh I blame that parked car. OK, so it popped off and then I proceeded to reverse drive over it...oops. In any case, the service dept was quick (about a 30 minute wait) to replace my part and re-installed it for me - didn't charge labor either.

Last time was when someone stole my gas cap...or maybe I left it off at the gas station?? God, I should not be allowed near cars. But anyhow, I was in and out and good to go. I wouldn't take my car here for full service because we all know dealerships charge up the yin yang (I prefer to take it my Asian owned car service spot in SF) but for simple things, Smythe gets the job done!

Michelle C. | 2008-07-01

[Preface: I dealt with Smythe's service department for multiple years with my car from 99-03]

Now that we have that underway, let us commence with a fact regarding Smythe European.  Their mission is to treat people with dignity and respect, as emphasized by WD Smythe [RIP].  I think that almost everyone who works there embodies this statement.  I said almost. There are some grumpy, perhaps jaded service advisors there and then others who are eager to be of assistance.  The head of the service and parts department, Rob Meder is exceptionally helpful and willing to make it right.  

It's safe to say that when you purchase a luxury automobile, extravagant prices are the given.

It's like "they" say... when someone has a good experience they're likely to tell 3-4 friends.  When one has an awful experience they share it with the world. It's unfortunate that so many have had awful experiences as read below.  I'd like to believe that that is the exception and NOT the rule.

ashley l. | 2008-06-30

Wow to Manuela-who-ever-the-F* :

Way to be totally disgusting..."I got raped by Danny...."
wow what a classy thing to say on a yelp review.

In case no body has noticed, Mercedes are some of the most high end and premium cars you can purchase on Stevens Creek, so YES the PROPPER upkeep and matinence on them is going to parallel reasonably with the price of the car...if you can't afford the upkeep on the car then you probably aren't ready to own one ;)

Jonathan B. | 2008-05-27

Well i think it is agreed that their service department, although quite helpful and knowledgeable, charges up the ying yang.  i wish i would have lubed up before i brought my e500 in for service.  and I'm not talking about lubing up the car either.

their sales department is great though. cant remember the name of the guy i bought my car from but i told him i would have to come back later because i had a lunch appointment.  he said go ahead and take the car to lunch.  so i basically go to try it out for half a day no questions asked.  just a copy of my insurance card was all they needed.  true their exposure is probably small as if i were to steal it they would get the insurance money which would have been just as good as if they sold it to someone, but i still thought that was cool.

Healthy B. | 2008-05-03

Recently leased a ML350. Served by VJ. He is the one of the best mobile sales I ever seen in my life. He is a honest, earnest, and work hard  person. He is not only being good before I paid the money out, but always being very concerned after the deal is done. I mean, sales could get money once the deal has been closed, they don't have to spend their time or attention on closed deal.
VJ waited for me till 8pm on Saturday night, and  helped me to fill out the forms, explained details, etc. We stayed there very late till almost 10pm!

After then, he delivered  the car to my shop in san mateo.
He is a very helpful, trustworthy person!
Highly recommend to see VJ when you need to buy or sell Mercedes.

Fred T. | 2008-04-26

I went for my service B under Troy Schalk's management, and I was amazed at the superb customer service from start to finish.  I was given full disclosure on the maintenance procedure, present and future recommendations on services, and other expedient inquiries that I had during the maintenance check.  I brought my car from the east coast and I would definitely come back for future service advise.

Tony A. | 2007-12-01

I think the criticism of Danny Ho is completely unfair and unwarranted. Danny is one of the best advisers at Smythe. He works hard to take care of his customers. I know this because I worked with him for over 6 years while at Smythe. Danny does not set the prices, the dealership does. Saying that he charged too much for a certain repair is very unfair to Danny. He has no control over the cost of parts, the cost of the labor to repair the vehicle or any prices set by the dealership. I am writing this to clear his good name. Thank you.

Kelly T. | 2007-11-22

I'm a little confused on what happened today. I was calling about one of their models for Mercedes and I spoke briefly to the fleet manager. He was very sweet on the phone and answered my questions and made a little chit-chat. He was really cool up until the point where when he asked me for my last name, I told him Tran, which it isn't but I'm practically married so whatever, he completely changed his tone and was starting to get pretty rude about me coming by tomorrow - I don't get it?! When I told him that I wasn't Vietnamese but rather Russian, he went back to being Mr. Awesome...??!! Yeah, okay, whatever.....

Ned B. | 2007-11-04

I have no confidence in their service department.  I have an SL500 Silver Arrow that had no problems until I took it in for a scheduled "B"maintenance. I also had it completed deatiled while it was in for service. When I picked it up it looked great but within two days I got two warning light on my dash.  The "Bas/ESP and the ABS lights came on.  I called and took it back in. They had it for another week. I got it back and the car was covered in yellow dust and water spots. Within a day the same two lights came on and my turnsignal off switch stopped working.  They had it for another week. When I got it back  I noticed that two airflow  switches that should have been illuminated at night, were not.  So they have it again.  This place has gone down hill since Autonation bought Smythe.  I have bought three cars from them over the years but I will "NEVER" buy another. I will be trading both of my Mercedes before year end.  Now I know why most of the Sales people have left and gone to work for BMW.

Karin C. | 2007-09-17

The only reason they even got 2 stars is because of Kamal. Otherwise, their used car manager that comes out to value the trade-ins is an absolute A$$. We tried trading in a 2006 Porsche 997S Cab for a E63 and had the deal almost done until this a$$hole comes out starts talking shit about a car he doesn't even know about right in front of us. What a way to sell a car! Tells us he won't give us anywhere close to what we want for the car because its so "ugly" but then called us 2 days later offering $7k more than what was orginally estimated through blue book. Thanks to Smythe we realized how much we loved the Porsche and would never buy a car from Smythe. Completely rude and lack of appreciation for nice car (or just their customers). That was 4 months ago, and today we have decided to give Smythe an extra star to helping us realize that buying the E63 to replace the Porsche would have been the worst mistake ever.

Patti L. | 2007-08-27

Omg, they totally suck ass! Oh, how i hate them.. not once did they ever rotate my tires in the 4 years of servicing. now my rear tires are all bald and i have to replace ALL of them. they are so lousy and they're such dicks too. do NOT go there unless you want to be treated like shit. seriously.. i heard the same sentiments from all the other suckers waiting for their cars. and my sa is such a jerk.. he always tries to strong-arm you into paying extra for alignment and other "recommended servicings". how many times do i have to tell you "NO!"?!?

for you MB owners out there, can you guys recommend a shop or dealership who are not crooks? PLEASE let me know if you have a good recommendation. i'm not taking my car back to smythe.

Manuela F. | 2007-07-23

I also got taken by Danny Ho and don't even have a t-shirt to prove it. I was told my car needed to have the brake pads changed ASAP and they would be 'happy' to change them for $1000. I thought it was weird that my brakes needed to be changed A G A I N, so based on a friend's recommendation I took it to Laslo's in Mountain View.

I come to find out that according to the Mercedes' User Manual brakes need to be changed when the brake pad is less than 2 mm. My brake pads measured 7 mm. I also found out that when I DO need to have brake pads replaced it would be $200 and brakes and rotors would cost $500. So the squeaking that concerned me was due to rust buildup from car washes and they cleaned them for a whopping (drum roll please)... NO CHARGE. I was shocked no $395 minimum charge??? I can't wait to get my brakes changed and give Laslo's some business.

A girl, loves blowing money at the mechanic's it's such a stress reliever, I guess I'll have to find another hobby to spend some money on. Screw that thief, Danny. DO NOT take your car to Smythe! Check out Laslo's- they have all the top of the line equipment, you could eat off the floor it's soooo clean and they are honest mechanics (seems like an oxymoron, but it's not).

If you like blowing cash on meaningless work or tossing $20's by the handful, by all means stick with Smthe European, but remember the t-shirt is extra!

drew m. | 2007-06-22

We were looking for a used car and found a Mercedes we liked at Smythe European. As we started filling out the paperwork, they tell us that they will have to run our credit checks.

We are paying for the car all cash and they need our credit reports? Why? They then tell us that it was the Patriot Act, Homeland Security, terrorists, etc. Unfortunately, we fell for it.

It was not till after we got home that I decided to look into it and realized that it was a scam. I filed a written complaint with CA Consumer Affairs. We will not be buying cars from them again.

If you're buying a car and do not need financing, then avoid this company unless you're ok with them running a credit check on you. Or if you do not want to work with unethical companies, then avoid this one!

John S. | 2007-05-26

Very good experience at this dealership and I recommend it. Mostly, it was my salesman Shawn Abtahi who made the experience absolutely wonderful. I would ask for him by name - seriously I haven't felt so comfortable in a dealership ever! He greeted me at my car when I pulled up, with a smile, took time to explain everything to me, show me several cars, and took me on a fun test drive. There was no heavy pressure sales pitch, just a "let me know what you think when you decide and I''ll be happy to help you get this car any way I can." That is a true gentleman.

PS: if you are also shopping for BMWs avoid BMW of Mt View like the plague (see my other review).

Janice P. | 2007-05-17

I just bought a certified pre owned 2004 C240 from Smythe, my first used car.  I was a bit apprehensive about buying a car that someone else had driven, but this car is great.  It was obviously well cared for by the previous owner, has reasonably low miles, and is in excellent condition.  The service is what I really want to rave about.  Charles N. the salesperson is personable, not pushy, attentive but not overbearing, and genuinely seems to be a nice guy. Kim in the finance dept was very competent and helpful, even called me to follow up on a couple of questions after I bought the car.  This is a classy dealership.

Jonathan P. | 2007-05-16

It seems a bit odd giving four stars to a dealership that I just returned a car to.  But, it wasn't there fault that I didn't like the car.  It just wasn't the car for me.  

I was worried that I'd spend my whole morning at Smythe trying to argue my way out of a car I owned for a whole 32 hours, imagining the manager coming out and badgering me about what's wrong with the car, what can we do to make you happy, we'll find you another one on the lot... None of that happened.

On the contrary, two sheets of paper and ten minutes later, I was getting back the keys to my old car and listening to the manager tell me "sometimes it takes a couple of days to realize that it's not the right car for you".  

And, it wasn't like I was pushed into the car.  No, more like I strung them along for over a week.  Charles Ndewik, my salesman, patiently showed and test drove with me six cars over the course of ten days.  Never did he try to push anything on me.  

My only regret is that I think he's going to lose his commission.  

It was a 2005 C-240 4matic.  Maybe it was just the idea of buying a used car.  Who's knows what's happened in that car already!

Dr. Dan A. | 2007-03-07

I bought 2 benzos from them so far and keep checking there inventory for my next purchase. Jack Healy is awesome! He took care of me and made my purchases easy and stress free. He also gave our 2 year old a mercedes bear to play with and keep while we made our purchases. Its just nice to have someone go the extra mile. I was going to buy a lambo next but im going for a cl600 instead.

Irene S. | 2006-10-05

Scheduled Maintenance:  $485
   (fancy name for oil change)
Wheel Alignment:  $170
Spark Plugs:  $280
Air Filter:  $98
Fuel Filter:  $285
Brake Fluid:  $100
Coolant:  $110
Check Engine Light (Diagnosis Only):  $350

Oh and it looks like you're going to need new tires:  $900

(Four hours later)

Mass Air Flow Sensor:  $893
Drive Belt:  $190

THE LOOK ON MY FACE THAT SAYS YOU MUST BE OFF YOUR MOTHER  #@%!*(%&  $&#@  #%&*  ROCKER (tm laura b.):  Priceless

(This is a public service announcement: my reviews will be on hiatus due to fasting, due to a shot savings account.  For commentaries on the nearest 7-11 near you, please pm me with your request.)

Helen Y. | 2006-01-27

If you plan on getting a Mercedez Benz in the near future then I suggest you consider getting it from Sam Chao at Smythe European on Stevens Creek. My family has bought all of our Benz from Sam. He is an awesome sales guy and really takes the time to make sure you are happy with your purchase.

When I was at UCLA, he wanted to enroll me in a special driving course just so I knew how to handle my car during an emergency. He suggested that I take this course when I was back up north during winter break. While I never took the class, the fact that he would go the extra mile is really considerate.

Even recently, I was set on getting a CLK so he transferred one in from LA. He had all the paperwork ready for me but then I noticed the new SLK in the show room. Of course, I changed my mind! Sam was totally understanding and immediately began searching for the SLK that I wanted. 3 months later, I got my new set of wheels and am thoroughly pleased with it. Thank you Sam!