Lexus Stevens Creek in San Jose, CA

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As the largest luxury dealership in Northern California, yes we have the largest inventory to choose from and offer the best deals, but we also sell the most hybrid vehicles (and know how to service them!) and offer after-market goodies to personalize your Lexus (F-Sport, etc.).


Established in 1989.

Lexus launched its new way of operating in 1989, forever changing the expectations of luxury car guests.  The Penske Motor Group acquired Lexus of Stevens Creek in August, 2002.  Since then Lexus of Stevens Creek has expanded rapidly, and is now the #1 new and used Lexus retailer in Northern California (also actually the largest of all the luxury vehicle brands), and has the largest Service & Parts Department.  Why?  Because we like to do things "differently" than the usual car business.  We're not perfect, and do make mistakes, but we always try to do the right thing, and make up for any mistakes.

Lexus Stevens Creek

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(408) 553-4500
Address:3333 Stevens Creek Blvd, San Jose, CA, 95117
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Sunday: 10:00 am - 7:00 pm

Reviews on Lexus Stevens Creek

Glady B. | 2015-04-07

Great Car Dealership! The best way to describe this place. I had my car for 10 years. It was an Acura  RSX that I shared with my sister under my dad's name. After a long, fun years of driving my two door sports car, Acura, I decided I'm ready for a slight change. This time I am going to buy my own car with my own money and under my name therefore this purchase was very important to me. Since I'm a manager for a bank and we strive to always exceed our clients' expectations, customer experience is very important because this time, I will be the client. I went to one Lexus dealership in the Bay Area (which I choose not to disclose the name) since they have the specific car I fell in love with but the experience was not satisfactory since I felt the service could've been better. So I was determined and searched for this particular car... A black 2013 IS 250 with dual tone, black and tan, interior leather seats and xenon lights.... Then Lexus of Stevens Creek came up with the exact car I was looking for. Very nervous, for my own first purchase, my fiancé and I went there and as soon as we drove in the lot, a guy sitting next to the door greeted us and pointed us to a garage to park. It felt overwhelming so we exited and parked on the street side instead. As we walked across the lot, the same guy approached us and gave us a warm welcome. His name is MO SWELAM. He asked us how he can help, I told him the car I was looking for and he responded with "Great Taste! Let me take you there." So he opened the doors and started talking about the car and its features and offered a test drive. During the test drive, he was very nice and pleasant and didn't sound arrogant and cocky. He invited us inside to negotiate after a pleasant test drive. The negotiation was a great experience. The first price I gave him, he was so opened about it and said he will check in with his manager and see what he can do.  He was a great listener. He genuinely listened to every price I offered and kept on checking with his manager to see if it can be done. I felt the sincerity of his goal to help me as his client.  In addition, he offered to give me some privacy to talk to my fiancé and my friend (over the phone) to see if the offer is the best out there. He patiently waited from a distance until I was ready. After a long negotiation, we shook hands and got ourselves a deal. When the car was ready, he took the time and showed me a lot of the features and even set up my and my fiancé's bluetooth. Lastly, he took a picture and his final words are he'll call me in two days and check in with him and call him should I have any questions  or need help with my car. Again, GREAT CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE PROVIDED HERE BY MO SWELAM!!! If you want a genuine and sincere help for your purchase, visit this place and see my guy!

Shawn L. | 2015-04-02

If you need an honest and experienced support, go here and find Robert R. He will help you all the way...

Rohan G. | 2015-03-24

Amazing place. They really helped me have a wonderful experience owning my first car and made the whole process really enjoyable. Special mention and thanks to sales person Celine Bian for making sure I get the perfect deal for my car! She's great and really helpful to work with!

Bee X. | 2015-03-21

Own 2013 450h RX and live in Monterey CA....i drive all the way to this service dept. because of service advisors such as deep Sani and Ivon ....Monterey Lexus could and should take notes from Stevens creek!

Marie W. | 2015-03-16

My husband and I have been driving a Lexus since 2000 and have since upgraded to the LX600H, which will be our 3rd. We recently took our vehicle to the Steven's Creek service center for a recall fix and was at the service center on Martin St. in San Jose over the weekend.

1st - We requested a quote for recall repair that is now not being covered by Lexus because of the miles on the vehicle and when we got the quote it seemed reasonable then when we returned they were "mistaken" and then quoted us a price $600 more than originally quoted.

2nd. - the car was left with garbage in the car, like paper mats and such.
3rd - the car was not washed like we expect when we take it to the dealer
4th - one of the the hooks that hold our mats in place was missing, when we return to get it back, they give us one that doesn't even match.  What the heck is going on with these people.  The darn hook was there when we dropped it off.

I have to say they are lucky I was not the one dealing with them but rather my husband because everyone all the way up to the head of the dealership would have found out what bull crap this entire experience was especially for customers that are loyal Lexus consumers.  It just sickens me that we spend the kind of money we do to purchase luxury vehicles and the folks servicing them don't give a damn.

Chuck C. | 2015-02-28

Came in here a few times and didn't receive much help. Probably cause I'm not dressed fancy and I'm young looking. Few times I came pretty I had to seek my own help.

Finally, the last time I came I was greeted by a nice guy named Huan. I mentioned to him a deal I currently had at another and they were able to give me similar.

I only came here because they had a specific GS 350 in the color I wanted.

I decided to go ahead with the deal. The process was smooth and the financing was ok. Huan was great and so was everyone else.. when I finally got help.

Low rating because I felt bullied into services such as prepaid maintenance and wear and tear coverage for my car. Anyone who has purchased cars or has done their research knows that these are unnecessary. Got told I'm making a huge mistake and I was a foolish to decline. Every gear head will tell you it's pure profit for the dealership.


The delivery of the car was awesome - definitely the best delivery I received. They detailed the car and walked me through every feature.

Check em out! Just do your research first.

vinny l. | 2015-02-22

I bought two cars from joe hart in the pass and I am looking at purchasing another car. I called joe, went in to look at cars and decided on a LS460, I picked color and left him a message of what I wanted, two days later no call back so I called the dealer and they patched me to joe,he told me he had a lot of customers,busy but will call me back. He didn't. I am disappointed,I was hoping for another easy smooth process but unfortunately it didn't happen. I remembered that when I bought the last two this dealer and joe always asked that if Lexus survey the customers that they would like a ten but I guess they fail to realized that a 10 start being rated when I make contact with the individual or dealer. I guess company values and individual values of the customers with joe hart have changed. Disappointing.

Martine J. | 2015-02-17

Just a quick review to say THANK YOU to Stevens Creek Lexus.  I was afraid to go and buy a new car yesterday.  I thought I would be there haggling for hours.  How wrong I was.  Hector Cruz was the best salesman I have ever encountered.  He made the process so simple and seamless.  What a pleasure to deal with him.  I left in 1 hour with the car I wanted, the color I wanted and the payment I wanted.  If you want a new Lexus, please go and see Hector Cruz at Stevens Creek Lexus.  Fantastic customer service.

Diana T. | 2015-02-17

I love this place. I think the service here is great. I bought my Lexus here and love it! The sales, representative, Hector sold it to my husband and I and he was very informative and helpful as he took his time to walk us through all the features. The place is clean and there are free beverages for its customers.

Yan L. | 2015-02-17

This place sucks.
I went for a regular maintenance, that cost me 3 hours.
In the waiting area, you can see flies over the cheap cup cakes. Computer keyboards are so dirty nobody bother clean it.

Cee V. | 2015-02-17

This review is way overdue but I finally found Joe Minster's business card and wanted to say thank you for going out of his way to help me.  I came here on a storming day needing a battery replacement for my car key but realized I had come to the the sales dealership instead of service and parts.  Joe kindly replaced the battery for me anyway and when I proceeded to pay, he told me it was complimentary.  It just shows how committed he is to his customers.  Come see Joe for 5-star treatment!

Matthew L. | 2015-02-12

I'm back again in 2015! New year, new job, and new commute car. I decided to get rid of my old commute car and get something nicer and of course it had to be a Lexus. This would be my 3rd Lexus purchase from Lexus of Stevens Creek. Dealing with Mo in the past has always been a pleasure and still was when I purchased my LS. Found this car on their website and decided to come check it out during a break in the rainy weather. Mo wasn't in yet and I ran into Joseph who helped a friend prior, and he remembered me. Joseph was very welcoming and showed me the car while I waited for Mo. He allowed me to take a longer test drive than usual and let me take my time looking over the car. This is one thing I like about purchasing a car from Lexus is their customer service, no pressure, easy purchase, very accommodating and they are down to earth people. I didn't wake up thinking I would buy a car that day, but I drove off their lot in the most comfortable car ever.  Thanks once again for the great purchasing experience.

J S. | 2015-02-05

This is for the Sales Dept only. I stopped in, no appointment, to see a referral. He is extremely busy most days so I figured he'd send another person to help me. I was only looking; gathering info on an SUV. I really hate dealers; a cut below atty's.
I was greeted warmly, immediately by an Associate. He had me wait in the lounge & paged the referral I was to see. Total time? 5 to 7 minutes.

Ryan S. came to help me. I cannot say enough about how I was treated by him. Very considerate, knowledgable, professional yet personable & funny. Not a fake guy. I was ease with him the entire visit. Any questions I had, Ryan answered perfectly. I spent almost 2 hrs & this guy knew his products!! Never pressured, never felt rushed. No b.s., no strange remarks, no eye-rolling.....nada. I haven't decided fully but if I were to obtain a Lexus, new or used, I would try like hell to have Ryan S. to deal with. Refreshing!! An excellent Sales Person & employee.

Yashesh D. | 2015-02-03

One of the worst experiences of my life. Never buy a car from here. This place deserves NEGATIVE ratings. Most of that credit will go to Joe Hart (some sales manager).

To start with Joe Hart had problem with my friends accompanying me, he bluntly has if you only want one car, one one person should come. When my friend tried to talk to these person, JOE HART asked him to not task as he does not have a say (my friend was helping me decide on the best features and he came with me to he can drive my old car back). He asked my friends to wait outside for no saying they do not have room for friends. When I asked him about any good offer, he asked me to leave as "he does not like people who ask for offers (which is consumer right)". Joe Hart was the person to contact me from the dealership via an email. I drove all the way from Sacramento to waste my time with this kind of treatment.

I got my new Lexus RX 350 form Pleasanton dealership and the process was very smooth, it was done in less then half an hour. Their first price was already a $ 1000  cheaper then Stevens Creek and with far better treatment.

All in all Stevens Creek staff is just terribly rude and mannerless, I think they should not run a customer service business.

Parth D. | 2015-02-02

Friends this is the worst experience I have Ever seen during car buying at Stevens creek Lexus san jose, I went to this dealership because, my company has some tie up and they provide discount for that, I went to buy Lexus 350 here, First I was contacted by this dealership when i submitted request online. Guy names Joe Hart contacted me and sent me email, we did few email exchanges for features and all, he asked me to come if i like, so we can work out. I drove 140 miles to that dealership. When I reached there and met this guy and introduced my self but he was like i don't know you, so I said we communicated in email in this week, so he responded arrogantly, saying I talk with 80 people. I thought he might have bad day but that didn't end here. I went there with my friend as I wanted to buy and come back, so he can get my car back. After that he found my email communication using my Email ID, then I expressed my interest and we had one doubt about feature, so my friend asked about it, so on first question he insulted him saying why are you talking, i will only talk with him, so my friend stopped. I still stayed patient, so i said i like the car but I am interested to buy it in this price $47000 (I had quote from 2 dealers for same price, its just i wanted to buy from here as my company suggest this, so I was expected better service), so he just rudely said I don't want to sell car to you. Not sure that guy is mad or what but my experience was worse ever, I would never suggest anyone to buy car from stevens creek lexus.

On the otherside, After leaving from here, I went to pleasanton, just to check for same car, First time I went there, just after entering I talked to salesman here I said I am looking this car and I showed my quote, withing seconds he said i can give u this car for $46000 which I never expected, that was $1000 less than I was execteing, I was really surprised, in ten minutes I filled all the forms and finished my paper work, I really liked service.

Cdub W. | 2015-02-02

I had been a Lexus customer for 10 years and I love the brand. While I bought my past 2 cars at Stevens Creek Lexus, this time I decided to to go to a different dealership (actually went with a different car maker all together). Now that I have a new experience with a different dealership to compare with, I realized Stevens Creek Lexus is actually far from deserving of 5 stars. My bad for letting them pressure me into the car but looking back, all the sales wanted is to fool me into a deal.

There are definitely dealerships out there that are interested in helping their clients find a good value deal that works for them while building a long term relationship. Unfortunately I don't think this is one of them.

Grace C. | 2015-01-24

Compared to Lexus of Serramonte in Daly City, the service people here weren't very helpful. Even though I purchased my Lexus from Longo, since moving up to the Bay I'm unable to service my car in LA and thought Stevens Creek would be a good option since it's near my parents--unfortunately, I was turned away for a car wash and was hoping to get a few service questions answered.


Oscar S. | 2015-01-23

First off all let me start by saying that I have received the best customer service from CELINE BIAN, if I could giver her more stars I would without a doubt. Not only she was very informative on the vehicle but she also got me an excellent deal for an 2015 IS 250 crafted line. Loved the fact that she wasn't pushy like other dealers and wanted to get me in a new car, not just cause she gets a commission out of the sale but cause she actually likes her job and you can tell. Will soon see her again to see if she can get me a great deal on a 2015 NX. Thanks again CELINE for the great customer service.

Marteen N. | 2015-01-21

Easily the worst dealership I've ever dealt with. If I could give -5 stars, I would. Do not buy a car from here.

I had a scheduled appointment with the fleet manager Joe Hart, who has asked me for weeks to come in. After some negotiations in person and via email, we agreed to a price for a new GS 350 F sport. I came in to pick up the car and I was handed off to a different sales person to finish the transaction.

I purchased insurance for the car, they ran my credit, and we went down to financial services to finish everything up. After watching some confused financial service people argue about something, which looked like an act to me, they came back and told me they couldn't sell me the car for the agreed price and they wanted to charge me an extra $2000.

I walked away because I told the dealership if they couldn't match the price they committed too, do not waste my time. Even after my warning, I left work early and wasted 4 hours in the dealership only to be lied to in the end.

I would gladly pay more for a car at another dealership to avoid this terrible place. The sales people here lie and the customer service is an absolute joke. I cancelled the insurance policy I purchased and was charged 10% for the cancellation fee. Although its not the direct fault of Lexus Steven's Creek, I still lost money due to the insurance policy cancellation and had my credit checked by them because of their manipulative sales tactics.

No apology, no follow up call, no email. I got nothing after the experience I encountered with Lexus of Steven's Creek.

Buy a car from somewhere else. Don't waste your time and money here like I did.

Update 1/20/15: The manager of this dealership sent several emails to me asking that I call in. You have my phone number from several sources including the credit check you ran and your terrible fleet manager has my number as well. The fact that you can't make the attempt to find my phone number and call me further perpetuates your bad reputation.

I'm not calling you and there's nothing else you can do for me. What you can do is in future, do customers a favor and don't bait and switch people hoping they'll give in to your pathetic finance increase scheme after 4+ hours of negotiations and paper work. Dragging out the paper work process and changing your agreed terms at the very last minute is bad business.

Hannibal C. | 2015-01-15

My family goes back a long way with Lexus, having been one of their many customers ever since I could remember. First SUV that I remember my parents purchasing was a Lexus LX470 and another LX470 afterwards. Fast forward about a good 7 or 8 years, my mom picks up a RX350, though she didn't pick it up here at this dealership. Next customer? Me. In December of 2012, I picked up my first brand new leased car, a 2012 Lexus IS250. Gary Luu, he was a salesperson at the time, was very friendly and warm. My dad is a very hard person to negotiate with especially when it comes to numbers but Gary was patient enough to spend an entire afternoon going back and forth between my dad and his manager and finally settling down with a 27 month lease contract for my IS. I was also able to test drive this car before hand and during that test drive, Gary was teaching me about the different functions of the car and how to utilize them while I was driving (paddle shifters mainly). At the end, as much as I knew I would miss my daily driver before that which was a New Edge Mustang convertible, I was driving home with my brand new 2012 IS.

Fast forward 2 years and 3 months, I was back at the dealership again, this time returning the IS and picking up another IS, a 2015 Lexus IS250 F Sport. This time, my salesperson was John Kim and I really had to give it to him. I didn't know that he was new until the finance manager came out and spoke to my dad and to be honest, I felt sorry for him as well because as I mentioned above, my dad is a hard person to negotiate with when it comes to numbers. Regardless, John did an excellent job being as patient as he could be and running back and forth between his manager and my dad, spent again, an entire afternoon there but at the end of the day, I drove home my new IS250 F Sport with my girlfriend.

It has almost been one month since I took delivery of the car (took delivery on December 21st, 2014) but I love my new IS a lot. Definitely a huge step up from the 2012 IS I had before. Definitely hit up this dealership if you're looking for a new Lexus!

Mike S. | 2015-01-12

Great group here , I got my 2015 RC 350 F Sport here and glad I did. I am a first time Lexus buyer and they made a loyal customer out of me that's for sure. Glad to of spent my money here and gotten my new toy from them! I even ended up getting a 04 Audi A6 they had used on the lot for my mom, it checked out and had a clean history. I bet they never expected to sell two cars to a scruffy lookin guy like myself haha!!! But they didn't judge and just helped me out!

Jenny J. | 2015-01-03

Lexus has very poor customer service. Stevens Creek Lexus is the worst of them all. It does not matter if you are buying a car or a owner of one. They are ill mannered either way.

I am a first time owner of a 2015 IS for about four months now. I LOVE my car but I regret buying it because of their very unsatisfactory service. I was promised free car washes and have been DENIED of that twice. Or I get excuses that they are busy and have a long line of other cars to wash. At first I was thinking that these 30 something cars that were in line were of other owners. They were not. They were the unsold cars that they have on their lot.

Apparently, the free car washes only apply when they feel like it.

Izzy V. | 2015-01-02

IF I could give it 6 I woudl!  

I have always purchased my cars but this time was open to a lease option. This Lexus is for my 21 year old daughter and I wanted to make sure she was in a reliable safe car..The fuel efficiency was a super big plus too!   I was not sure that she could afford a lease but its December to remember sale/event & we will remember this December for sure!!  Herman (my longtime favorite sales guy hands down) was so patient to explain to me & my daughter all the options and situations so that we could see how affordable & effective a lease is.  Thank you Herman for making this happen for my daughter first Lexus. She loves her 2015 CT200!  She is on her way to building her credit & I feel that she is in the best possible safe car out on the market!  I think you just found another loyal Lexus daughter :)

R P. | 2015-01-01

I don't get how this place deserving a 4 or 5 star review at all.
They are so stuck up and arrogant employees. If you don't dress up, then they'll treat you like you're nothing. I came 10 minutes before the store was closed, stood up in front of receiptionists who are busy talking to each other while packing up and ready to leave the office. Nobody offered me any assistance. Nobody. I raised my hand. Nobody even took a look at me. Nobody. I said 'excuse me', one of them said "Huh?", then went back to talk to her fellow employees again. This 1-star goes to Lexus car as well. I've had bad luck with RX - even the sales guy there admitted it by saying "What do you expect, it has been driven over 100K miles". I've had it with this dealer. A battery needs to be replaced every year - paid for at least $1000 for every service here. It's just not worth it. Instead of trading my car for another Lexus, I've settled with a Mazda. And I'm really happy with my CX.

Nicola M. | 2014-12-23

Ok so my review is way overdue!  I've had the pleasure of dealing with Robert Riley on two occasions when I've purchased a vehicle from this dealership.   During my most recent visit, I was looking to trade in my existing RX for a newer model.  Never did I imagine that I would be able to drive off in a brand new 2015 RX350!  Well guess what, Robert made it happen.  

Robert was extremely patient and thorough as he explained all the details regarding a lease.  He made sure I fully understood all the points as we went along.   We discussed the options I was looking for, and luckily there was a vehicle in stock with the interior, accessories etc that I wanted.    Robert was able to work all the numbers to reach a very reasonable amount (did I mention he's very patient) and I never once felt uncomfortable or pressured to do anything.   Since I was on time constraints, I had to return the next day to pick up my vehicle.   After I had completed my paperwork, I walked outside with Robert to find my new car waiting for me all fresh, cleaned and with a big beautiful red bow placed on top!  I was absolutely thrilled.  

Robert displays exceptional customer service.  His courtesy, professionalism, sincerity and knowledge are truly unmatched.  Lexus Stevens Creek should feel very lucky to have him on the team.  Because of Robert, I will be coming back Stevens creek for any future automobile purchases.

Cy L. | 2014-12-21

We wanted a new 2015 RX350 AWD and we walked in without appointment.

Our sales Celine is knowledgeable about Lexus and she helped us pick the right options we need. For price, this dealer can match the internet quote and maybe slightly lower. The transaction was very smooth without any pressure. Celine is highly recommended.

Mark N. | 2014-12-15

Came to get a used car after the previous one went bye-bye.

Shopped around the day before, but was determined the next day.  We were met up with Sam.  Sam is a good man.  Having to work on his birthday he was all smiles and quite cheerful.  Very knowledgeable of the cars on the lot.  Not bad considering there are a lot of cars on the lot.  We were settling on 3 cars.  He had no problems letting us test drive all 3.  After that, we had our usual negotiation time.  I think we all walked away feeling good.  I did my homework and didn't come with some unreasonable number.  We worked with each other's limitations and were happy at the end.  (Well, we still have to finance the thing, so not happy about that part.)

The whole process took about 4 hours.  So if you're going to hang around filling paperwork and stuff, you have to connect with the salesman.  We did with Sam.  In financing, we worked with Gary.  Gary's a good guy.  Been driving Lexus's forever (same as Sam).  I think that says a lot about the car and their own commitment to the product.  Gary explained all the options clearly and was very honest with his answers.

Still 4 hours is a long time on a Sunday.  That's the tough part of car buying.  There's got to be an easier way with a used car.  However, it's CPO and that's important to us.  The 3 yr/100K is great.  The car is, of course, top notch.

If you have a couple of hours to burn on a weekend and you're thinking of buying a car, this is the place to go.

Kai S. | 2014-12-10

Jusu purcased a CT200h from Celine. She is a very nice person and offer me a really good price and professional support. Great service experience!

Allyssa B. | 2014-12-02

Jennifer Martinez in internet sales is FABULOUS. Honest, nice and helpful. She knows what she's talking about - was able to walk through all the features of my little entry level luxury IS... all the fun paperwork... and get me on my way. Also big thanks to CELINE who was able to get me the price I wanted and who also was very persistent (in a good way!) - she helped me with all of my queries about all the cars I was interested in. Best of all, Celine negotiated my ideal price. A few words of advice- car shopping can be daunting and negotiating is the hardest part - do your homework - shop around - if you find what you're looking for here try VERY HARD to pre-negotiate prior to your visit and have all of your I's dotted and T's crossed i.e. discuss financing, eligibility, pricing, etc. PRIOR- no one wants to spend an entire day working out the details at the dealer. I've been told that you can get all the paperwork squared away even before going to the dealer - this is helpful as the financing part takes just as long as figuring out which car you want! All in far so good. Let's see how it goes with service :)

John G. | 2014-12-01

Purchased a car from Vincent Nguyen (Internet Sales Manager) here on 11/22. He stayed back to help us wrap up a deal and didn't rush us - even though he was running to a wedding. Gave us incredibly honest answers and didn't play any games. We were in and out of his office within 15 minutes awaiting Finance paperwork.

Got a Lesxus IS250 F sport at an incredible deal. Would highly recommend Vincent.

Thank you so much!

Ken L. | 2014-11-19

Great buying experience with Internet Saleman Vincent NGUYEN via Costco Autoprogram. Even got us hot hand delivered chocolate Chip cookies and hot chocolate while doing papers without normal haggling.

Erin M. | 2014-11-17

Wow !! Came in not knowing what to expect be able to lease a brand new 2015 200ct is amazing ...the car drives smooth and picks up speed great! Going to the other dealerships I felt pressured and they weren't very willing when I told them my situation. But at the Stevens Creek Lexus dealership working with Herman he was so informative and kind, making sure I know all the details. I couldn't have asked for a better experience. Explaining to me the leasing process and the different options and the what ifs made this so much easier to understand.

Angela V. | 2014-11-09

We came in to test drive an IS 350 F Sport. It was a busy day so we waited about 20 mins. Finally a curt middle aged Asian guy came over and said he would take us out. I'd give his name except he didn't introduce himself. Whatever. I'm not very chatty during initial contact anyway. Why the 1 star? Because the entire test drive became a power trip. First, he wouldn't let me sit up front next to my husband. He wanted to sit up front and me sit in the back. Yeah right! He would not let us drive faster than 40 F SPORT! He wouldn't let us do one exit on a freeway. Basically my husband drove a few blocks out and I drove a few blocks back. Not nearly enough to get the feel for a 48K car. During those few minutes we all sat in awkward silence because he didn't say a word about the car. This was our first experience with Lexus. Honestly, I was ready to move onto our second choice car but the hubby wants what he wants. So the next day we drove 45 mins to Serramonte. Met the nicest sales person. Test drove the car about 30 mins up and down hwy 1, got a FAB deal, and drove our new car home that evening. Sucks for you Lexus of SC.

Lis S. | 2014-11-08

The team here did a great job with my family. our sales man Sam was absolutely the best. He has incredible customer service and spoke to each of us professionally. Chris helped my mom learn the technology in her car and is very sweet. The gentleman in the finance office was also great and professional. Beautiful cars and professional team. Good job Lexus!

Hang T. | 2014-10-10

For a luxury car dealership, I expected good service and salesman that were not as shady as the ones you see on TV. I would say my experience was mixed.

My husband and I decided to look at cars on a random weekday. We were trying to decide between an IS, ES, or GS. We were greeted by one gentleman (name withheld). He was nice and very charismatic. All in all, he was very helpful. He told us that he just came in to finish another deal on his day off and that he was going to leave to meet up with his wife after he was done with us. He gave us estimates of what it would cost to lease or buy a GS. In the end, he quoted us a little more than we were willing to pay for without talking to his dad and looking around some more. So we left but we did schedule an appointment with him for the following day since they had the color I wanted. He told us that he was off that day too but he would make the time to come in and help us. I appreciated that. When we left, we really wanted to buy the car there just to give him the commission. Later we would realize that we would have been jipped if we went with him.

When we got home, my father-in-law did some investigating and found the car for about $6000 cheaper at Redwood City. He then called Stevens Creek and talked to a Vietnamese salesman since his Vietnamese is better than his English. That salesman, Chau Lam, was able to get us very close to that price so we decided to go with him. To our surprise, the first salesman we worked with was still there when we arrived. We had met with him around noon that day and he was still there at 7pm. I was now starting to doubt his story about coming in on his day off and staying to help us. I don't know if he was blatantly trying to lie to us, but it sure seemed like he did. Since we had worked with the first guy initially, I think the credit went to him which I think was unfair because Chau tried to give us a better deal. I'm sure he knows that in order to make more money in the long run, you have to make sure you take care of the customer well. That's why I'm going to get my NX from him. We shook the hands of both salesmen and at the end of the night we were able to drive off with my husband's dream car.

My husband and I were upset that we weren't able to get that price in the first place from them. The first salesman supposedly gave us his "best" price. He said that he took money out of his commission to give us that price. I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt. Maybe that was the price he would give us, but not my father-in-law who had a fantastic credit score. I will never know for sure, but he could have still given us a cheaper price with a higher APR and i would have been fine. If I bought that car at $6,000 more, I would have felt so ripped off that I would have never come back to him.

The next day due to some issues with financing my husband and father-in-law came back the next day at around 4pm and they see the first salesman again. This day was supposed to be his day off!? Now I don't know who to trust.

Tip: Do your research because this area has a lot of Lexus dealerships and they will try to match prices in certain situations. Also, some of the salesmen are out for themselves so be careful. Trust your gut if you think you're being ripped off.

BOTTOM LINE: GO TO CHAU LAM FOR YOUR CAR NEEDS! He will give you the best deal for sure!

Dawn D. | 2014-10-07

I've been car shopping for about a year now. I've seriously visited over a dozen dealerships within the year. .

I visited this showroom around October/November of last year and couple things stuck out during the 2 visits I had.  I can't remember the name of my salesguy, but I can easily dig up his business card, or look him up on their website (if he's still there)

At any rate, I took a CPO IS 250 out for a Test drive and this is what I remember:
Salesguy was checking his phone and texting during my test drive. Really?!?  I remember thinking "Can you give a potential customer 100% attention? Did he not think I'm serious about buying?"
Salesguy said some negative things about the Audi brand.  Not the right things to say to an Audi enthusiast.  Just because he was previous a Audi owner with bad luck, doesn't mean I have bad luck with mine.  I couldn't help but take offense to that.  

He was nice enough to show us the F Sport though which was on an upper floor of their building, so I give him that.  

A couple weeks later, we saw a used BMW wagon on the lot, and I was surprised my hubby wanted to ask for the same salesguy...  I remember him looking at his phone again.  Suffice to say, I remember telling my husband that I didn't want to buy a car from him even if I really wanted the car, which I didn't. May be we're just different personalities.

Hector C. | 2014-10-02

I just finish buying a car for my Gf. from Lexus of stevens creek.

Buying my 7th car from this Dealer and it's always been easy dealing with the financial department. Gary Luu is awesome and very low pressure in presenting his products.
I walked out of his office after signing my life away with a big smile on my face.
Special Thanks to the GM Jared Miller who orchestrated the hole thing, and made it very simple for me to make my Gf very happy.

Jasmine S. | 2014-09-30

After three years of owning only one car, my husband and I decided to purchase a pre-owned vehicle for our growing family.  Ever since I found out I was pregnant back in April 2014, we knew we needed something that was safe, comfortable, but most importantly, reliable.  We reviewed many different car rankings and safety award websites, not to mention YouTubed the heck outta every possible car prospect we could think of and narrowed down our search to two particular ones: an Acura MDX or a Lexus RX 350.

We were very specific about the color and mileage of the car, so leave it to AutoTrader and to help us find our dream car.  One of them was located at Lexus of Stevens Creek, and since we live fairly close to the dealership, we popped over there about an hour before closing and met Hector Cruz.  He was very friendly and knowledgeable about their vehicles.  He displayed the cool tech features of the car, such as Bluetooth syncing to your phone, the cool navigation system, and voice command functions.  The test drive went really well and we really liked the car, but since it was our very first look at a car in years, we wanted to give ourselves some time to think about it and possibly still check out the MDX.  Once we got home my husband knew he didn't even want to check out the MDX.  The RX 350 was so roomy and knowing that the MDX has a cramped third row made it less attractive.  We worked with Hector over the weekend trying to work a deal, but unfortunately that car was sold before we could pull the trigger.  

Flash forward a week...  We were so unlucky as we attempted to buy a car from two other dealerships.  One was sold before we got a chance to see it and the other was in very poor shape.  We were pretty annoyed at the whole situation.  Then during lunch my husband happened to refresh one of his car finder apps and all of a sudden our dream car appeared and what do you know...  It was at the Lexus of Stevens Creek dealership!  I texted Hector to see if the car was still available and if we could come in that afternoon for a test drive.  He said he was finishing up with another client, but to come by and he would have the car ready for us.

When we arrived, sure enough the car was ready and waiting to be driven.  First we gave it a look-around...  Pretty clean with only some minor scuffs and paint chips, but definitely in 100 times better condition than the previous car.  Took it out on the road, it drove exactly as we expected/hoped it would drive like, went back to the dealership, and worked out the numbers with Hector.

Now, I don't have too much experience working with car salesmen, but I can tell you that Hector is a true gentleman.  He is not in the business to screw you over; he is in the business to having you leave Stevens Creek Lexus feeling like you just won the car lotto.  He takes the time to explain to you why the numbers are the way they are without being obnoxious about it (unlike the car salesman we dealt with when we checked out the poor condition car).  He took the time to personally connect us with our insurance company to get the proof of insurance sent to them, as well as their service department who ended up giving us a discount on an all-weather cargo mat! (Thanks Neil for the excellent service!)  Even Nor Assad from the finance department was awesome; he wasn't super pushy about selling us a bunch of extra stuff, but the packages he did suggest were actually very practical.  The folks here are really intuitive to their customers' needs!  

My husband and I are very satisfied with our car, a pretty much fully loaded, pre-owned, certified 2013 RX 350 in the exact color and with the exact mileage we wanted.  We definitely feel like it was meant for us!  

The service we received was outstanding and we highly recommend anyone in the market for a new or pre-owned Lexus to seek out Hector.

Nicole W. | 2014-09-21

Joseph minster went above and beyond for our family. My mother had buyers remorse over a used car purchase and Joseph went beyond his duty and made sure my mom was able to exchange the car for the one she wanted. He also out up with our entire family nagging him to make sure it was done correctly. Thank you Joseph.

Paul A. | 2014-09-20

My wife and I have been looking off and on for a used LS460 but never quite got around to pulling the trigger. A few weeks ago I took a Wednesday off and we wandered onto the lot again at Lexus of Stevens Creek to check out their inventory. We had been there before but had not been all that impressed with the sales staff. That changed when Joseph Minster came out to the lot to greet us.

Joseph immediately put us at ease and was very respectful and helpful walking us through the various 460's they had available, expertly answering questions about features and trim lines. They had just received a 2012 perl while LS460 Sport that we immediately fell in love with. We did the test drive thing, expressed our interest, and then parted ways. At no time did Joseph apply any pressure whatsoever. It was a very pleasant and informative experience.

Over the next few days I did a ton of research to figure out a good price for the car. Joseph helped by emailing me the service records (it was a lease turn-in so had very detailed data), the carfax report, the spec sheet, etc. Once I figured out a fair price range I emailed Joseph a starting offer and after a few exchanges we settled on a price at the low end of my range. I typically hate price negotiation stuff, but Joesph was very accommodating by conducting our entire negotiation over email. I never felt any pressure or negativity at all, even as I pushed the price lower (twice!).

Prior to completing the purchase, I emailed Joseph that we would be paying cash, so would not be interested in financing, nor were we interested in any other offers like extended warranty or dealer add-ons. Any you know what? They honored this request and made the final transaction smooth as butter. No BS in the sales office over the final details, unlike every prior car buying experience of my life. We arrived just before closing on a Friday night and the staff stayed late to make sure we could leave with the freshly detailed car that night.

We are super-happy with the LS, and just as happy with our buying experience thanks to Joseph. If you are shopping at Lexus of Steven Creek, go directly to Joseph Minster and you will not be disappointed.

Hin Fai L. | 2014-09-10

I went to the show room last weekend. I thought they treated me nice last time, so i went there again. Thinking to buy another car from them with in 4 months. I talked to the sales manager and the sales person who helped me get my CT2000h last time. I gave them all my info and what i want to lease. I told them just let me know what they can do like last time. They said they will get back to me at the end of the day. So I left and wait and wait and wait. Its been 4 days with no reply. Maybe they don't like repeat customers......and i was gonna refer them more business. I gave them one star when the first time i called in on 4/27. After that i changed to five star because the way they made it up for me. Now i have to change back to one.

Anton V. | 2014-09-02

My family was always driving Honda's before and we were in the market for a family car. We tested Honda Odyssey EX-L, Toyota Sienna XLE, Honda Pilot and Nissan Pathfinder SL. We like Pathfinder SL very much. Climate control and leather seats were always critical features for us, but these bump MSRPs of these mass market models into 30k-40k.

We wanted lease, rather then purchase. All the Pathfinder SLs in-stock had MSRPs around 40k, while base RX price tag was 46k for in-stock models.

I prefer to deal with countrywide dealers. In my experience, they were giving me more discounts than smaller guys. My two previous Honda's were from Penske and we decided to give a try to "Penske Lexus"- Lexus Of Stevens Creek.

I researched Lexus forums for the best leasing deals on RX 350, reported by people in August. Called to Lexus Of Stevens Creek.

Vincent was my sales person and after going back and forth over the phone, he gave me the numbers, matching the best August deal seen in Lexus forums.

Evening same day, we came to dealership, picked a car from their in-stock vehicles (they had 5 different colors to choose from), closed the lease with the price, negotiated over the phone, and drove off in new RX.

It took us 3 hours in total.

In the end, we have leasing terms, matching Nissan's terms, while Lexus is charging $10 more per month then Nissan wanted to charge us for 40k Pathfinder SL.

C W. | 2014-08-30

Peter Chu is the guy you want to see. Utmost professional, got me the best deal, and service here is genuine, down to earth, and for the most part pain free! I went to autobahn motors, Mercedes of stevens creek, and a couple others but Peter definitely took care of me here. Highly recommended! Will be coming back for other great deals on my future cars!!

Ayesha .. | 2014-08-26

Worst service we got we went to buy a 40,000$ car and the manager when we called him was so rude worst customer service and if manager is like that what r u teaching ure sales people..wuld rather and will go to pleasanton or freemont now.would not recommend this dealership.

A H. | 2014-08-21

I've worked with Haley Frandy ( haley.frandy@lexusofstev… ), an internet sales manager at Lexus of Stevens Creek, on two separate occasions (a purchase and a lease). I highly recommend her. She is easy to talk to, goes out of her way to help, and best of all, will work hard to get you the best deal possible. I'll definitely be going back to her when my lease is up.

Paiman V. | 2014-08-19

My experience started when I called the dealership to ask about the lease specials - I was transferred to Celine who quickly reviewed the deals and set up a time for me to come in for some test drives.

At the dealership, I was promptly greeted and linked up with Celine who was very warm and friendly.   We jumped right in and began looking at the various cars/models and she explained in great detail the benefits of each.

At the end of it all, we were able to work out a reasonable deal and I am definitely a happy camper....LOVE the car (CT200h)!  Although, it's a's quite sexy and has some power when in Sport mode ^__^  

Seemed like most the folks working there were good, kind and genuine people, but I highly recommend Celine as she will take good care of you!

Nina C. | 2014-08-18

Mo Swelam is awesome , I owe it to him to write this review about his great customer service.  He did not pressure or haggle us which makes me want to come back to do business with him in the near future.  He showed us our options and took his time taking care of us .  thanks Mo!

Janice T. | 2014-08-16

I'm a long-time Lexus owner/buyer and I used to buy from Magnussen's.  Never again, now that I've found Lexus of Stevens Creek.  A very refreshing difference.  I've always been greeted warmly by everyone there.  Ryan Schrantz is an awesome sales person who seems genuinely concerned about his buyer's wishes.  He's pleasant, knowledgeable and made the normally anxiety-ridden car buying experience a real pleasure.  Thank you Ryan!

Henry Y. | 2014-08-09

Got to the dealership at 4pm today (Saturday). There was a sign pointing us to customer parking. Apparently there were no spots available until we got to near the end of the driveway, where we finally found a spot available. These spots were all stacked spots, so that the outer car is blocking the inner car. This becomes important later. Read on...

After parking our car (which was our beater car), we started walking towards the dealership. A sales person approached after we almost got to the dealership asking us if it was our Civic that we just parked. It was a corolla. If you are a car sales person, you should know the difference. It was rather insulting. After us acknowledging that it was our car, he informed us that we couldn't park there, because we were blocking cars that are for sale. Of course, all of the other customer spots would have blocked other cars for sale, anyhow. What is so different about the spot we were at?

The sales person the proceeded to point us to a very compromised spot, with a light pole and a giant outdoor trash car blocking most of the spot. The dealership didn't even park their own car behind the stacked spot. And they are asking us to do so? His tones was just down right rude. He didn't apologize for the fact that there were no available spots, nor the inconvenience that it is causing us to have to walk all the way back to our car and move it. Again, insulting.

We decided to leave the dealership and I swear I'll never come back. This tarnishes my perception of Lexus, and makes me want to get rid of my Lexus so I don't have to ever deal with them again.

This is Bay Area. You guys should get used to dealing with people coming in with crappy cars because you can never gauge the affluence by what they drive or what they wear. The way we were greeted and treated were just not acceptable.

Also, if you got no parking spot, fix the damn sign so you don't point us down a driveway that we can't get out of.

Very disappointed with the staff...

michelle y. | 2014-08-01

This Dealership is great and the sale person(Vincent Nguyen)  didn't give me any pressure so we buy the car from him Awesome person great customer services.

James L. | 2014-07-29

My gf just bought a certified pre-owned White IS 250.     Our sales advisor is Joe Hart and he made our shopping experience enjoyable.  We had an appointment with him at 7 30 pm and when we got there, there was a sign that said Welcome with my gf's name and to contact him. He greeted us right away and took us to the car we wanted.  My gf's parents were with us and Joe made them very comfortable and answered all the questions they had.  Joe was very professional and accommodating.  At the end, my gf decided to purchase the car.  There was only one finance manager working named Gary, who was great when it was our turn to finalize the paperwork.  The wait was quite long because they had a lot of buyers ahead of us but Joe always made sure he acknowledged our patience and thanked us for waiting.   He came to our waiting area to make sure we were okay and to give us how many more minutes we had to wait.  Gary made our finalization painless and quick.  He gave us all the information we needed and made sure we were confident and understood everything before we signed.  Of course, Joe stayed with us the entire time.  He handed our keys and we drove off with the IS 250 extremely happy! Thank you Joe!  I would definitely recommend Joe Hart from Lexus of Stevens Creek!

Reason why I minus 1 star - We had to wait about a week longer since the car was delayed and was promised that it would be there several times before the day we saw it.

Amnon R. | 2014-07-27

I've been buying, leasing and servicing my cars in the Bay Area for the past 22 years. Been a customer of Lexus of Stevens Creek for the past 7. This dealership is simply amazing. Forget the fancy technology, the slick look, the hospitality and all that. Their EMPLOYEES are good people, they are loyal, they love their dealership, and they pass this feeling to the customer. I've been working with DOMINGO GUTIERREZ for the past 7 years now, since he was working at their amazing Service Center in Santa Clara. Domingo is THE KING of customer service! He will get you the best deal possible, follow up with you, never lose his patience, always keep his promise, and just overall a great guy. Domingo - you are a class act!
From Cindy Kushner at the reception desk, to Gary Luu (finance manager), and everyone else I met there until today, they are simply good people. You guys earned my business once again. Keep up the wonderful work!

Umesh L. | 2014-07-21

Ok to all the 5 star reviews, perhaps you guys told them right away that you want to buy a car.
I mean, I am in a car dealership telling everyone I want to test drive an RX and get one ASAP but guess what apparently, I didnt look convincing enough.
I got the folks there to help me out and do a test drive and give me some options but after coming back and reviewing I reached out to them and asked if they can find me a specific car with some specific options.
No response for like 3-4 days
Then reached out again...No response
14 days later I got an email saying most of my options are not available, this is after me specifically saying, if any of my above mentioned options are not available I am fine with what is and would like pricing on the same.

I heard from a friend of mine that he went in here too and the guys there were pre-set on the fact that he wouldnt buy. ...and guess what he went over to pleasanton lexus and got a car the next day.
Long story short, dont go here and save yourself a trip to the lexus dealership. Go to ANY OTHER LEXUS dealership but not this one cause 1. they dont know customer service and 2. They only care about selling and not who is going to get the car.
Will never go there again ever!

Rui Z. | 2014-07-14

Amazing customer service. John Kim is excellent.

Allison F. | 2014-06-25

I've only brought in my IS250 here for maintenance services, but had a pleasant enough experience each time.  Each time I was able to be seen, get a loaner, come back and pick up my car without a problem.  Surprisingly enough, there's a lot going on even at my early-bird appointments, but I just occupy myself with the well-stocked counter of snacks and fridge of drinks.

The last time I went, however, was for my 60K maintenance.  It was a big one and Todd told me it would take more than a day.  I dropped my car off bright and early at 8 a.m. Thursday morning, got my loaner, and was told that I would be contacted when it was done.  Thursday and Friday passed without a word until I finally called Saturday morning to see what was going on.  I was told that the service had been finished on Friday and that I could come get my car.  I was pretty annoyed that no one had told me that my service was completed, especially because they start charging if you don't pick up your car within x amount of days of service completion.

Tamara K. | 2014-06-25

I had the most amazing sales experience at Lexus of Stevens Creek.  I first contacted Joe Hart about a year ago, expressing our interest in a Lexus RX.  We weren't quite ready to purchase at that time, but Joe was incredibly helpful and polite about our decision not to purchase.  Fast forward a year, I contacted Joe again.  My husband begrudgingly agreed to meet Joe and test drive the RX (my husband loathes car shopping and dealing with sales people).  Joe proved that car shopping does not have to be painful.  He has been in the industry for a long time and is a consummate professional.  This guy is no BS and no stale sales tactics.  He gave us a price which easily beat the competitors, with basically no back and forth (none of that "hold on, let me check with the guy in charge in the back room" which we all know is an imaginary person conjured up to make us feel like we're getting a deal).  I committed to purchasing the vehicle but was then waffling on the color.  Joe patiently showed me several other color combinations until I was comfortable with my selection.  The finance process was also amazingly easy -- I think the paperwork took 10 minutes, no joke.  The gentleman in finance (I'm sorry, I cannot remember his name at the moment), was so polite, efficient, and thorough in explaining the different documents and did not push to upsell me on extras.  Even the GM came out to shake my hand and congratulate me on my purchase.  I could not have been treated better if I were buying a $200K car.  Thanks Joe and Lexus Stevens Creek for a perfect car buying experience!

Johnson C. | 2014-06-16

Great First Purchase Experience Led to A Repeat Sale!

In August, 2013, my wife and I purchased a RX 350 SUV from Lexus of Stevens Creek.  The experience was absolutely wonderful!  The dealership was modern and professional, the personnel courteous and attentive, the quality of vehicles were top notch, but most of all, our salesman VINCENT NGUYEN was the best!  No pushy, high pressure sales tactics, and game playing!  We cut to the chase, told him what we wanted, and shortly agreed to a price that I knew (after a ton of research) was a GREAT DEAL!!  We were so happy with our SUV, the great service department, and price......we came back 10 months later and purchased another vehicle (2014 ES300h)!  We specifically worked with VINCENT NGUYEN again, and he gave us another GREAT PRICE!  So seriously, if you want a stress-free buying experience, be treated with courtesy and respect, and get a truly great price to boot, see VINCENT NGUYEN, the internet sales manager.

Nikki V. | 2014-06-09

Came here on a Saturday evening tired of looking at ISs but not finding the one that hit my sweet spot.

So we walked in and slowly imerges Issac.  Cool as a cucumber, we tell him we wanna test drive a IS 250 and he asks us what we are looking for (obviously I was hoping miraculously the 250 would zoom around like an Audi S series) and his like if you really want power just look at 350.  

So we sat in a few, so I could get a feel for which one I liked (I'd already test driven it before and loved it, just not the sticker price).  
Not being able to find any 350s with the options that we wanted, Isaac said, "Ok there are a few cars that have just come in, let me go look upstairs," 25 mins later he said "Ok lets go,' his still super chill and cool as a cucumber not annoyed by my ability to not pick a color.  
We go for a test drive, and the first time in my life this guy let us go on the freeway (the previous sales guy we met here on our two previous visits...didn't even take us on a decent test drive...only residental areas; my husband was irritated).

So of course I secretly love the car and tell my husband, and hope that the price will be decent.  Long story short...Issac made it happen with the help of Brian by 10pm that night (I'm sure those two are like ALRIGHT ALREADY just leave so we can go home). Of course then I forget I don't even have a check book with me....go figure right!

Then Mark helped us with finance his a funny, awesome guy and says just come back tomorrow with bags of

But next day sadly Mark wasn't there in were waiting for some guy...and I was feeling then my hubby goes and looks for a vending machine and Rich was there (his like a grandpa....real sweet looking guy)....and my hubby doesn't have a $1 for get me some Cheetos; but Rich gives him a $1. (Too sweet).  So I get my cheetos and am munchin away when some loud guy comes and finishes our financing stuff.  Then Issac painfully walks us through the details; we finish up knock on Mark's window say bye and Zoom zoom away :-D

I really enjoyed the experience here (the interior lobby/sale needs an updating though), thanks to Rich for my cheetos, Brian, Mark and ISSAC!!!!

E N. | 2014-05-29

Excellent service!!!  We purchased a used rx350 a couple weeks ago and got a great deal on it, thanks to Robert Riley .  There were also delicious cookies and water bottles inside :).  Highly recommend!

Vicky L. | 2014-05-28

I was debating between purchasing a used 2013 Lexus RX 450H or getting the 2015 Lexus RX 450H.  After searching for a used 2013 Lexus RX 450H for a few weeks and with no luck, I decided to contact Lexus of Stevens Creek for a brand new 2015 while I was on vacation in San Jose (I'm originally from San Diego).  

However, there was a catch.  If I was going to get a brand new car, I'm going to want it exactly the way I want it (color, features, packages, etc.); no compromising.  :)

After talking to Sam about what I was looking for, he told me that he didn't have the exact car I wanted in their inventory, but would look around the other dealerships to see what they can find.  Not only did Sam found the car I wanted exactly, he was able to get it for me the next day!  When I went to the Lexus dealership in San Diego, they said I would have to wait 60 to 90 days!

Since it was my first time purchasing a car, I didn't realized I  needed to be an auto insurance policy holder to drive the car off the lot.  I thought simply being a driver under my parent's insurance was sufficient.   I was completely unprepared and Sam and Mike were nice enough and patient enough to walk me through the whole process.

Once I was able to square away with the insurance ordeal, Gary helped me finished up the financing of my car.  He did not pressured me in anyway to purchased any addition packages and was extremely helpful.

Overall, my experience here has been fabulous!  Everyone had such great customer service and operates as if you are family.  I would highly recommend purchasing your car from Lexus of Stevens Creek!  

I know that when it comes time for another car, I know where to go. :)

Samuel W. | 2014-05-21

Chao is a great salesman.  The dealership likes to keep it straightforward.  They also give the best prices for your Lexus whether selling or trading.  These guys are run by Penske who bought the Longo Toyota dealership in LA as well.  The service center is even better.

Customer service is number one at this dealership.

Caroline S. | 2014-05-19

Dottie Barbera, worst sales at a car dealer I have ever met, her language is rude and insulting. I didn't feel welcoming at all, Lexus is a very nice brand, I am very surprised this kind of service exists in the company.

Di W. | 2014-05-19

So it's finally time for me to get a new car after my car lease ended. This time I was in the market for a SUV because I'm a bit tired of hybrid cars hehe I test drove the BMW x5, Audi q5, range rover evoque and the Lexus rx350. All of them are pretty much in the same price range, except the x5 and evoque were a little higher but then there were so many deals going on in April for all of the above cars. Personally I love the evoque and I was very close to closing a deal with range rover. Then I remembered I should give Domingo a text and try out the RX. To be honest I wanted to try another brand since my last car was a CT. I went to this Lexus few months ago to test drive the IS and Domingo was very nice and never pushy so I texted him and went in for a test drive. The same day, I walked out with my new fully loaded RX and Domingo pulled out the best deal ever :))) thanks to Domingo and Lexus stevens creek for making this deal happen so smoothly and quickly! I highly recommend Domingo- no BS whatsoever.

JOhn k. | 2014-05-08

Lexus, i purchased car today in San Jose CA steven creek dealer, New RX450h and will pick up tomorrow. but i feel upset and Discrimination from the finance director when we were signing documents.

today, i picked the car RX450h and asked for commercial license plate with sales Peter. Also, i reminded finance manager Ed when we were signing documents about to apply commercial license plate. and he didn't know about it and went to next room, asked his boss (director of Finance) .

suddenly someone in white just came in to the room and showed Ed the form, when we were still in conversation without any notice or introduce. then, asked ' will you drive the car to weight station if DMV require to weight, YES OR NO?' i told him i have never hear about it when i purchased new car! i explained to him 'i brought the BMW X1 from Peter Pan which same group, and no one asked about that requirement in Sep 2013, can you double'. he said 'i have 20 years experience, DMV must required'. i explained to him from my point of understanding 'the Wagon buying NEW from dealer, it should not need to weight again due to out directly new from dealer, unless used car which need to be weight required by DMV'. But he didn't try to explain to me in calm and keep asking me same question' will you do it, drive the car to weight station and get ticket, yes or not?' in a few times to me.

I and My parents feel upset and discrimination.

1. why he didn't said excuse us when we were talking?
2. why he didn't introduce him to us first when he met us?
3. why he not even said 'hi' to us
4. why not to double check with other people or other dealer in same group. i already told him the experienced with Penske (peter pan BMW) which not long ago Sep 2013.
4. why he has no patience to explain to us, even customer right or not. i do think he should have professional to do that. Also, he said has 20 years experienced in this industry.

Michael L. | 2014-05-05

Terrible experience.

Sales person gave every possible reason why we were getting a good deal. They need to make money, feed the family, they are the top seller. I only wanted a price quote other then their MSRP they refused to give it.

Go to Putnam Lexus.

Nessa R. | 2014-04-30

Amazing customer service! First dealership experience and i got lucky finding my beautiful electric wasabi green car with these guys. My first visit I test drove the car with Chau and he was very friendly and never pressured me. He'd contact me to check in and I really thought I wouldn't be able to afford the car so I shot him an email explaining my budget and from there he tried to work out a good deal. This made me want to come back to the dealership and find that car before someone else got it. Chau wasn't there but Bill and Eddie helped me out and it all ran smoothly from there

The experience couldn't have gotten any better and i have my new car to show for it. Thanks, guys! :)

Wade M. | 2014-04-27

Just got my black gs friday. Vincent nguyen was my sales. I did my own homework I narrowed my choice to two either is 350 or gs 350 , and gs seemed like a better deal at the end. I contacted steven with 5-6 emails, when I was ready, I scheduled with him for a afternoon appointment, in and out took a total of 2 hrs, Service was excellent, if u want a sales man that knows his game, email vincent nguyen or call him he wont let u down.

Al R. | 2014-04-24

I wish I could NEGATIVE five stars. Durability of the car, 2014 Lexus IS 250, in question. A/C unit stopped blowing cold air after putting barely 5k miles. On top of that, horrible customer experience. Wasted time and energy to people at Lexus of Stevens Creek: Kara - service rep, Duncan - Service Manager, Customer Care, and Brian- Sales Manager. They decline warranty for a small repair, and insults you with 15% off.

I was bounced around by these people. They were unhelpful, insulting, and lack of customer service. A horrendous experience from them. Service rep was unknowledgeable, could not pin point the exact issue at first.

I might have gotten a bad apple, but when your Lexus of Stevens Creek, expect these kind of services from them. So disappointed. Would never come back here ever in my life time.

Kristin M. | 2014-04-12

We had an awesome experience here today thanks to Hector Cruz! He helped us find our PERFECT deal by being honest, genuine, and helpful (even telling us truthfully when one of our choices was a poor one).

We approached the lot not bombarded by sales associates, but approached with bottles of water (on a super hot day) and a normal person just looking to help us answer some questions.

The inside of the facility is extremely nice with a play area for the kiddos & free drinks for the adults.

They were very reasonable when it came to negotiating price & overall made our purchase effortless. They have officially switched us to Lexus fans!

Hiro T. | 2014-03-26

Car Shopping has never been so easy with the team at Lexus of Stevens Creek. The experience I had with them was unusually pleasant!

- The first sale person I met was Hector who was very pleasant, gave me sometime to have me look around and asked me if I had any questions. He did not push me when I told him that I needed to leave soon for picking up kids. He just told me to call whenever I have time for a test drive.

- Since Hector was busy next day, Domingo assisted me for a test drive. The car I was interested in was 200CT. He explained a lot about the car and asked me which one I would like to drive (either standard or sport type). He let me try both generously since I was not sure the differences. But after 2 test drives, I could easily chose "sport"! I still had a hard time to choose the color but Domingo patiently gave me time to think (he and his team also gave me useful hint to choose color!). At the end, I ended up choosing "bright red" which was a surprise to me since I originally planned to buy "white".  Anyway that was the best decision I made on color! I love it!!  

- Other staffs in the office were also very friendly, cheerful and courtesy, While Domingo needed to go with another customer, some staffs came and sat with me and my daughter to help filling out form or keep a good company.

- Doming and Eddie stayed with me until 11:30 pm to finish all the transaction. They maintained professional attitude despite of late hour.

At the end, the team were all saying "we would like you to feel good about your decision and would like you to be happy"!!    

Overall, everything was so smooth and I am glad that I chose my car there. Thanks to Domingo, Hector and Eddie for helping me out to choose the best car for me.

Meng S. | 2014-03-24

Thank you John and Celine for your help getting my car!  Lexus of Stevens Creek was outstanding!  I purchased a RX350 and it was a fabulous experienceThe representatives are fast and responsive.
I highly recommend getting your car here.

Andrew J. | 2014-03-10

Joe Hart at Lexus of Stevens Creek was outstanding!  I highly recommend doing business with him.  I purchased a 2014 Lexus ES 300h and I couldn't be happier.  The process was seamless and Joe made me feel like a VIP.  Everyone that I dealt with was great - Joe, Edward, Bill, and Maya have made this process extremely easy.  Thank you to the team at Lexus of Stevens Creek!

Ro S. | 2014-03-05

Robert Riley - Thank you!

Car shopping is like getting a root canal.  So painful.  I've been doing a lot of internet research on the integrity of different cars.  Highlander, Tacoma,  RX350, etc.
Using Consumers Report to guide me as well as personal reviews of others.  

We've tried a few cars from private owners and I could never make up my mind of what I would really be happy with it.  

So after a semi bad day we decided to check out another dealership.  We'd already been to a few in the past with not good results.  The rep at Hyndai didn't know how to get to the 3rd row.  The Toyota rep didn't know that Highlanders offer 2nd row captain seats...  it goes on and on.  I'm always still surprised but maybe they are part timers. or whatever.

We drive into Lexus of SC parking lot.  No more sales rep - I just want to look at their cars and get an idea of how much they charged for their used RX350.
Out comes a rep with a big smile on his face.  Oh God I'm thinking - not another one.  But this one's different.  Mr. Robert Riley starts pointing out the differences of each model.  It's very interesting and enlightening.  Wow - I didn't know that.
I had planned to nicely decline his help but he's actually being a big help.  

We let Robert know that we're retiring in a bit and want a nice car that we can travel in comfort.  And because we're retiring we don't want a large debt.   We were looking at new but preferred a used suv.  Told him the color I wanted etc.

He saw me drooling over the beautiful new cars but asked us to take a walk with him to the used cars.  He asked if we'd be interested in a hybrid.   We could be but really didn't know anything about hybrids.  He showed us a beauty for  about $34k.  More miles on it than I was interested in but we did take the test drive.

My gosh, we learned so much from that test drive.  He pointed out this and that - explained how the battery works - when the gas comes in.  How many mpg and how that works.  He literally explained how the whole car works - mechanically and technology.  We did turns and accelerating.  My husband drove - I didn't want to.  But Robert said I needed to drive to see how easy it is to handle.  And he actually gave me the confidence (am used to driving my Accord) to drive.  I'm so glad I did.  However I was still turned off by the high miles.

Our test drive was done - I told him we would think about it.  Robert still had his smile.  This is usually when a sales rep's smile goes away.  He gave us more information.  He didn't scare us into thinking someone else will come and buy it.  He really didn't pressure us.   We thanked him for his time.  He's such an uplifting person.  Made us feel so important.  

Well so many different reasons made us decide to buy this used car.  I contacted Robert and told him we were interested and also gave him an offer I was hoping to pay.  Robert went to bat for us and got us the price we wanted.  He was genuinely happy that we decided to buy this car because it truly fit our situation.  He's such an enthusiastic person.  Honestly, he did not make a huge commission on us but he treated us like we were his best customers.  Our car was under $34K not their usual $50k or their one of a kind $384K.  

He assisted us with the loan app - truly made it so simple (first time).  We used our own credit union so they didn't make a commission on that either.  

While waiting, the service person came twice to confer with Robert on different items.  Robert's like a dentist - telling us each little detail and what's about to happen.  I appreciated that so much.  And he made sure every little detail was taken care of when readying our car.  He gave us each new key holders.  Gave me a wonderful surprise that our car has "remote start".  I really wanted that (and he remembered).  All the details, we wouldn't have even known were missing.  He's just wonderful that way.

It's a done deal.  All paperwork is signed - Robert takes us to our car.
He spends another 30 - 40 minutes giving us a tour/tutorial of the control panel and navigational system.  Also gave us a "guardian angel"!  He makes sure we are comfortable driving a car we're not used to.

The whole experience  was refreshing and wonderful.  I am so happy to have my new 2011 RX450H.  It not only looks beautiful - it runs beautifully.  Robert made it happen for us.  He's like the genius at Apple's genius bar.  He's just amazing.  I'm so happy.

Mr. Robert Riley if you're reading this - thank you thank you - you were right - I love my car and it's a perfect fit.  You and your company are so "first class"!

Sovan K. | 2014-02-08

I went there few times tried to make a deal on a used  RX350 and GS350,  the sale person only discount$1000. This is worst than a small local car dealer place.  I thought big dealer normally give discount like at lease $3000 or more. Than, I went to different lexus place at Fremont, CA discount me $4K on same car.

Tom D. | 2014-02-07

I just finished buying a 2013 CT200H. A quick note about me, I'm not a big fan of the car buying experience and I try to avoid it as much as possible, especially considering my last experience with Capitol Ford (don't ever go there).

It was time to get my wife a new car and we went to the SJ auto show to get a feel for what was available out there. When we wandered into the Lexus area of the show, we both got really excited with what we saw. I thought Lexus was going to be way too expensive, but I was pleasantly surprised that the prices, while more than your basic Toyotas and Hondas, weren't that much more. We started talking to Jennifer Martinez and what a breath of fresh air for a car salesperson, she was was interested in listening to what we were looking for in a car and not just immediately giving us the hard sell.

We met her at the dealership a week later and she was all that I could ever hope for in a sales person; informed, helpful and not pushy. We test drove a few of the models and left to give some of the other brands a chance. After an especially bad experience at the Honda dealer, we came back to make a deal.

The buying process was painless from beginning to end. No games. The next time I'm ready for a new car, I will start at Lexus and call Jennifer first.

Eva S. | 2014-01-23

I highly recommend Lexus of Stevens Creek. Specially go and see Joseph Minster, he's the best! Always very helpful, professional and work with me to get a great deal for a CT200h...and even though it has been a month since I purchased it, I still have questions and he is always available to answer them anytime. Joseph, thank you, you are the best!

Wes A. | 2014-01-22

My automobile was serviced by this dealer and I must say, I was impressed overall. I would have given it a 5 star rating, except for two small areas that I felt could have been better.

I arrived at the drop off area at my appointed time. 45 seconds passed before anyone assisted me. For a "luxury" car dealer, I expected someone to greet me sooner, especially since I saw 4-5 people standing at the nearby service counter. After describing my appointment (service recall) to the staff, I entered the dealer and had coffee, snacks and sat while I waited for my loaner car. The customer area had over 10 people reading, drinking coffee, working, etc. This is a minor note and I'm pleased that they have loaner cars, but it took over 25 minutes before they had one ready for me.

Overall, I was pleased with the service and the accommodations, especially since they add fuel and wash the car. Perhaps I'm being overly critical, but there is competition out there and it's good to let them know that customers are expecting nothing but the best.

Tony K. | 2014-01-21

My experience at Stevens creek Lexus was over the top.
Mo my salesperson was very knowledgeable and caring, he gave my kids some balloons and stayed with us throughout the process .
The sales manager Efrain gave us a great deal and made sure that we were happy.
The finance manager Edward was quick and pleasant ,he offered us all the extra protection available.
By the time we were done with the paperwork our ES-350 was already detailed and ready for delivery.
Thank you team lexus for taking care of my family.
I will refer all my friend to Stevens creek Lexus

Diem N. | 2014-01-01

Had a great experience at Lexus of Stevens Creek today. Was greeted by a salesman named Gary Luu. Right from the start I let  him know what my conditions were  for purchasing a car today. I needed good trade value, low interest and a low monthly payment. Gary wasn't phased and helped me decide between leasing and purchasing my Lexus. Even though I beat him up pretty bad over the price and terms Gary was patient, sympathetic and professional. I absolutely love my new Lexus! Would highly recommend Gary to anyone in the market for a new or used Lexus.

Alexander H. | 2013-12-23

Funny how things come full circle.. In the end of my car search / purchase of my new 2014 Lexus IS350, I ended up getting to work with the Sales Team @ Lexus of Stevens Creek to get the car I wanted.  

After the terrible experience and fiasco over @ Putnam Lexus (on the Peninsula), I contacted Paul Georges again to see what could be done.  I explained what happened over @ Putnam and the folks over @ SC Lexus took care of me above and beyond.  Communication was prompt and to the point.  No beating around the bush and no games.  

Paul, myself and Rich Sorrentino (sales manager) ended up agreeing on a great price and I put an order in that same day.  A couple weeks later, the car I wanted was on the lot, detailed and primed for pickup. Did i mention that I also got the December to Remember incentive that Putnam Lexus never even mentioned to me? :)

Like i said, funny how things happen and I ended up back where I started my car search!!  Thanks Paul, Rich and company for making my car buying experience an awesome one!!

5 star service for Lexus of Stevens Creek, no games, no BS - good deals.

S D. | 2013-12-21

Exchanged a few emails/phone calls with Haley Frandy, internet sales manager at Lexus of Stevens Creek.   Bought 2014 ES300H yesterday at a great price. I completely agree with the other reviewer:

"she was completely honest and genuine throughout the entire process; definitely not your typical pushy, unwilling, fill in whatever adjective you can stereotype about the average car salesman.  She never once pressured me into something I didn't agree on or pressured me to agree to a price I wasn't comfortable with.

After meeting with the finance manager to sign all the paperwork etc...she made sure the vehicle was completely cleaned, waxed, went over all the vehicle features with me, and got to drive the car home on a full tank of gas.  

if you're a serious buyer and you have a price in mind, go contact Haley.  Seriously.  She doesn't play any games and she'll get you the best deal, hands down"

The whole process was completed in about an hour. I was pleasantly surprised. Will come back again if need another Lexus. Haley, you are amazing. :-)

Kellie H. | 2013-12-18

I just realized I never gave my sales guy props! It is Joseph Minster :)

We are in the prcoess of getting another Lexus. Of course!

Kevin C. | 2013-12-10

I started the process of emailing a bunch of different Lexus dealerships in the Bay Area looking for the best deal for a 2013/2014 ES.  Doing my research beforehand and thinking I could get a great deal since it was nearing the end of the year, most of the dealerships came back with over the top out of the door prices.  Ridicolous.

Enter Haley Frandy, Internet Sales Manager at Lexus Stevens Creek.  After exchanging some emails back and forth of what I was looking for and the target out of the door price, we settled on a mutual price for a GS model.  Being the largest Lexus dealership in Northern California, she told me they had a wide range of selections.  Now, I think it's important to say this...she was completely honest and genuine throughout the entire process; definitely not your typical pushy, unwilling, fill in whatever adjective you can stereotype about the average car salesman.  She never once pressured me into something I didn't agree on or pressured me to agree to a price I wasn't comfortable with.

When we finally settled on a ballpark out of the door price, I finally made my visit down to this dealership to look at the vehicles.  Initially, I was settled in on the Mica Blue GS, but after looking at the color when the vehicle was parked inside, I wasn't so sure.  Eventually after going back and forth, I finally settled in on the Black GS, and after a last minute attempt, she was able to shave off an additional $300 from what we had already agreed upon.

After meeting with the finance manager to sign all the paperwork etc...she made sure the vehicle was completely cleaned, waxed, went over all the vehicle features with me, and got to drive the car home on a full tank of gas.  

if you're a serious buyer and you have a price in mind, go contact Haley.  Seriously.  She doesn't play any games and she'll get you the best deal, hands down.

Mike M. | 2013-12-10

We probably spent 150 thousand buying two vehicles from this company.  The last was a Lexus hybrid SUV.  After 20K miles the leather in the side panel of the seat ripped. This is a not a place where your back, keys etc touch. It only flexes back and forth.  Their service department said that it was normal wear and tear and they wouldn't honor our premium platinum extended warranty.  I Went back to the dealer, and the original sales guy who talked to his manager.  It looked like I had a winner.  They took a small sample from the side panel, and said that they'd take care of it and "call me in a week."  Four months later, with no callback I ended up selling the car and buying a BMW.  Lexus cars are great.  This dealer and their so called "service" are not.  I'll never deal with them again.

Angela C. | 2013-12-02

The worst customer service I have ever received.

Thanks for nothing. Your brand means nothing when your customer service is horrendous.

Maria G. | 2013-11-22

Interesting - looks like my previous review was removed or something. This is only for the Sales side of Lexus. The service center (in Santa Clara) is actually pretty good.

If you're in the market for a Lexus vehicle, please avoid this place like the plague. When my husband and I walked in looking to upgrade from his Forerunner to a RX350, one sales guy treated us like complete ass. Given we weren't exactly dressed nice and designer, one would expect to at least be treated with some shred of respect and dignity when we're willingly dropping $60k+ on a car.

Three Strikes You're Out: During the sales process, the sales guy managed to score three strikes. When my husband asked if there were deals or specials going on (like, 1.9% financing, no downs, etc), the sales guy answered back "If you're looking for $10,000 off, go across the street to Chevy". Strike One. We should have walked away then but we weren't done looking. When my hubby finally saw the RX350, he asked the sales guy what the difference was between AWD and 4WD. Much in the same tone as his first answer he said "For someone who is buying a SUV, I would expect you to know the difference." Okaaaay - Strike Two. My husband at this point has gone quiet and I know there's a storm raging on in his head. When we went on the road/drive test the sales guys told us he was sorry about being short because people kept "coming in and wasting his time and not buying cars" - Strike Three. It was then my husband lost his crap and asked if we looked like we couldn't afford the car, told the sales guy we didn't want to deal with him, and turn the car around back to the dealer. Oh, as an added bonus and treating customers like idiots - the sales guy told us we couldn't "customize" the RX and that they only had configs that were in stock (of two different varieties). Please, piss off - even Toyota and Honda tier cars let you customize your vehicles. What a deceitful thing to say to a customer.

We called the general manager of the place and complained, his remedy was to assign us to a different sales person. No good. Even with a nicer guy being assigned, we knew they were trying to save their hide. We nope'd on out there, contacted a dealer up in OR (where my husband bought his Toyota) and they found us a beautiful brand new RX350 with almost every option available for the same price as the "stock" version they had in inventory at the dealership. You bet my husband drove up there and got the new RX350 - out of spite in a way. Hehe.

My advice, if you're looking for a Lexus, don't come here. You want a pleasant experience buying a car of that cost and this isn't the place to do it. Don't believe me? Try walking in dressed just as a regular Joe and see how they treat you. Makes for a interesting social experiment.

Jacqueline R. | 2013-11-20

If you wanna get a new car from people who genuinely want to help you and treat you right, come to Lexus of Stevens Creek, because this is exactly how I felt from my experience here!

Earlier this year I was looking for a new car within a certain budget to replace my 2010 RAV4 whose lease had ended. I honestly wasn't looking into Lexus because I had a feeling they would be out of my price range. Fortunately I discovered on the Lexus of Stevens Creek website that they had a phenomenal deal on the CT200h, so I decided to go for a test drive.

First of all, just upon entry into this dealership I was automatically greeted by numerous employees wandering around the building. It was such a pleasant surprise after dealing with some not so friendly salespeople at other dealerships I had visited on the Stevens Creek Automall earlier that day. Also, the appearance of the dealership was way nicer than the others I had visited prior to Lexus.

Hector Cruz assisted me and my cousin and took us out for a test drive. He was very patient and answered my dozens of questions and showed me how to use all the nifty little gadgets in the car. He also let me take an exceptionally long test drive which I really liked because it helped me get a better feel for the car. I specifically told him that I wouldn't be able to commit until I spoke with my dad about it since ultimately my dad would be buying it for me. Hector was perfectly fine with that and said if I was still interested, go ahead and call him and he would take care of us. I was really quite happy with the way Hector handled the situation because I had been basically thrown under the bus by some of the other dealerships I had visited at the auto mall that day once they had learned that I wasn't planning on purchasing a car that very moment. Hector had no problem with me walking off the lot without anything at the moment which was nice and definitely made the situation less stressful.

I talked with my dad and he was all for getting the CT, so I called up Hector the next day and he was excited and asked us to come in whenever we were ready. When my dad and I got there, he was all prepared and ready to sit down with us and talk some numbers. Hector set up everything and we were onto the paperwork and everything in no time. We found out that he was currently the top sales guy at the dealership, which impressed me and my dad because we knew we were dealing with the right guy!

My dad had also befriended another sales guy named Paul Georges who clicked with him really well. He was awesome. I even met the VP/GM Jared, and he was very friendly and talked me as well. I felt so comfortable and at ease at this dealership because they really made us feel at home.

I ended up getting a PHENOMENAL deal on my CT because we got several rebates, including one for me being a recent college grad (with proof of graduation) and a special deal that they just happened to have that week. The guy in financing kept trying to add on supplemental packages to our car but my dad kept turning him down LOL. Once we were all finished with the paperwork, my CT was waiting for me in the loading dock with a fresh car wash and a full tank of gas. Hector even took pictures of me with the car which were later put into a cheesy little video of me and the car as a congratulatory perk.

I had to return to the dealership the day afterwards because I needed to give them physical proof that I had graduated. It was awesome because when I entered the dealership, some of the salespeople had recognized me from the day before and welcomed me back. One guy even asked me if I needed help with my car, so he came with me and showed me even more cool features that I hadn't known about yet.

Basically, I had a really great experience and I am in LOVE with my new car and also really happy with the service I received here! Hector is totally your guy and don't hesitate to ask for him when you are there!

April Leigh S. | 2013-11-20

Five years ago I had a wonderful experience working with Joseph Minster. I was fairly young at the time, and felt as though some of the other sales associates didn't take me seriously. Joseph was respectful and courteous at every turn. And while you should never really trust a salesman, I learned very early on that Joseph was a guy that I could rely on to be straight up with me. Five years ago I bought the IS350 from him and never had one complaint about the buying experience or the car.

Now, I've moved to the Santa Cruz Mountains and need a vehicle that better suites my commute and lifestyle. I contacted Joseph (who actually remembered me from all those years ago!) to let him know that I was interested in a used RX, and not only did we set up an appointment to do some test drives, but he also worked with me prior to our appointment - providing me with further information about cars I was interested in or informing me about vehicles I may not have come across on my own (not in a nagging way, but was simply great with communicating with me when I had questions). When I arrived at the dealership for my appointment, he was expecting me and had not preoccupied himself with another potential client. We test drove a couple of vehicles I had zero'd-in on, and returned to his desk to talk numbers.

Like many others, I live on a strict budget, therefore I had very specific perimeters for which I wanted to stay within regarding what I would receive for my trade-in, interest rate and monthly payments. Personally, negotiating is painful no matter what (I seem to hate the process even if I do have the upper hand) - but Joseph makes the experience less painful and really helped me to achieve what I wanted. I did go over my budget for my monthly payment by $50, but I was able to include a service maintenance plan and an extended warranty plan - something that will be a huge savings for me.

Overall, it's pretty difficult to have a bad experience with Lexus. Especially if you go visit Joseph at Stevens Creek. :)

N H. | 2013-11-18

My wife picked up a used BMW this past weekend.  The overall experience was well above average.  There are no issues with the car so I cannot comment about parts nor service.  Joseph Minster was our salesman and thus, this review has 95% to do with him.    Joseph was friendly, professional, knowledgeable and just a very down to earth decent guy.  I would purchase another vehicle from him again.  He acted as a true consultant to us and operated in a very direct fashion.  No stress, no over the top (being too pushy,) just really easy to work with.
Nice building (aka - nice place to sit while negotiating, very clean, lounge area, kiddie area, indoor parking.)  The other sales people on the floor were personable and also very friendly.

Nadine C. | 2013-11-16

We drive from Vacaville, past about 5 "affiliated" dealerships to come here and it was WORTH EVERY MINUTE OF THE TRIP!  The service here beat very other Lexus dealership closer to us because they treated us like people and not a paycheck.  They worked hard to simplify our experience (right down to a FaceTime call to look at our trade in) and that made a huge difference to us after the OFFENSIVE treatment we received at the Lexus dealerships closet to home.  We genuinely appreciate their efforts!

Bryan T. | 2013-11-10

I brought my '02 SC430 in to sell.  It's in good but not excellent condition.  However, the buyer (Nor Asad) at SC Lexus told me the car was clearly in a bad wreck, had non-factory replacement parts and "so much bondo on the back quarter panel" that the sensor didn't even register the metal frame underneath.  

I am the second owner - bought the car three years ago with 8k miles.  It now has 50k.  Of course, there were some minor scratches and such from a few years of San Francisco living, but I've never had an accident, and the CarFax is completely clean!

Anyhow, they insulted me with an offer of $9k, saying it would easily be worth $15k if the title was clean.  So, I took it down the street to another dealer, now with the CarFax in hand, and got $15k.

Lexus of Stevens Creek: Taking advantage of anyone who doesn't know better!

Nivas Y. | 2013-10-30

Excellent dealership. No hassle buying. No pressure sales. Great customer service. I've never had such good service from a car dealership & car service center before. Purchased a pre-owned Lexus from them. Was in & out with vehicle in less than 3 hours total and did NOT overpay. Easy/simple negotiation. Told salesperson (Paul Georges) what I was willing to pay for the vehicle, he came back & offered his absolute best price which was not too far from my original offer. Done!
Found out after 1 week that the brake pads actually will need replacement soon. I spoke to the dealership sales manager on the phone & then visited in-person. The sales folks were all aware of the issue. The manager reviewed the vehicle's service info & notes. Agreed to pay for the brake replacement w/out any haggling.
They setup appointment with service center for me. At the service center they take excellent care of customers. They were in communication with the sales folks at the dealership. They had notes about what needs to be done. They give you a loaner car until you pick up your vehicle. Or provide drop-off / pickup shuttle service if no loaner available immediately.

Ron L. | 2013-10-11

If you want to drop $50,000 and feel good about it, visit Lexus Stevens Creek.

This is my first Lexus, and it is all that is advertised.  Great service, no stress environment, and a flexible staff who is ready to do what they can to separate you from your money.  This is the first time I didn't feel stressed during the car buying process, and I even got a great deal without trying.

Paul M. | 2013-08-20

We drove out Sunday with a new GS 350. We are happy with our purchase and our experience was excellent. John was a nice guy, who helped us test drive the models we were interested in. He wasn't pushy and was helpful in answering many of our questions and providing technical details.

We told him we might be back the next day, with no guarantees since we were still shopping around. We slept on it, since it was a big decision and there were many things to consider. We decided on the model we wanted and came back the following day. John was understandably busy because of their weekend promotion but he left us in good hands with Gary Luu, who helped close the sale.

Gary was also very knowledgeable and patient with helping us find the right car. When we finally made our decision, he walked us through the various payment options and kept us entertained while getting the paperwork processed. He was with us from start to finish the day of the purchase and was honest and courteous.

Mark, the finance director was a cool, funny, yet very professional guy. He zipped us through the paperwork formalities as quickly and painlessly as possible. So fast, we spent more time waiting for them to detail our car.

This was our first experience at Lexus Stevens Creek and were fortunate to have met a good group of people helping us make our big purchase. Their customer service was excellent. The Penske Group of dealerships overall were good. We had visited other dealerships in the area that weren't as welcoming and responsive to its customers. So we appreciate good service when we get it.

Obaid A. | 2013-08-01

What a Great Bunch!
I purchased a used car from Lexus of Stevens Creek few days ago. My sales person was Haley. She is friendly, professional, and very responsive. When I checked out the car, it was clean and very neat. They also made sure that the tank was full. I had a great experience buying a used car at this place. I would recommend Haley and the dealership.

Carrie T. | 2013-08-01

We had a great experience buying our car here from Mario Quinonez, He was helpful and not pushy at all - he worked with us on the price and stayed late to help sort out all of the paperwork. We were really touched that he even took the car to fill up the gas tank for us - we really appreciated that service! I'd recommend working with him to anyone looking for a new car.

Neha H. | 2013-07-31

Their agent John Manasseh helped me get a pretty good deal on a CPO IS250. I just went for a test drive, but when we started negotiating the price, he slashed it by almost $3000. He was pretty fast and I did not have to go back and forth with him while doing the negotiation.
The dealership is offering four year loan with 0.9% APR on their IS models, which is a pretty good deal I think. They also offer 30% off on five year car maintenance program if you pay for it upfront.

Chris R. | 2013-07-17

To start with, this is a review of two salesmen:  Ryan Shrantz and Paul Georges

The Good news is my wife did get her 2013 RX 350.  Even better news is that these two gentlemen made the experience easy.  Luckily I didn't run into the salesmen from some of the other reviews or I would have walked.

My wife went in for a test drive with Paul Georges and was impressed with the vehicle and liked Paul.  I told her I would stop in after work.  I'm very loyal if someone treats me and my family right, so I did seek out Paul and waited for him to finish with his current customer rather than go to a different salesman.

It's a good thing I did.  Paul showed me everything about the car and let me drive how and where I wanted without once pushing me toward buying.  He knew the car would sell itself.  I told him if I did come back, I would find him.

When I came back Paul was on his day off, so I left and came back the next day; same story.  I had decided to push toward a deal for the right price, so I asked for the fleet manager, since this would help me get the best price and still get Paul his commision.

"Man times have changed."  I've always dealt with fleet in the past, because they move volume, not price.  I guess now days this is called the internet sales department and it has a large team.  The internet sales manager brought down Ryan Schrantz to take care of me.  He was as cool as Paul.  I told him I knew what I wanted and was ready to deal if the price was fair and wouldn't make me fell like I bought a car and left with poo in my mouth.  I told him I wanted to look at numbers before driving it again, so we worked out a preliminary deal that is honestly a good deal.  I won't go into the exact numbers to protect his business.

He was cool the whole time, knowing that I didn't need to buy, but wanted to under the right circumstances.

On the way to test drive the RX350 I spied the new 2014 IS 350 and told him I wanted to drive that next.  Let's go ahead and skip the RX Test Drive, which clinched the deal for me to by a safe car for my family that handles well.  

The RX was for my wife, but I spied the new 2014 IS 350.  I currently drive a BMW 3 series, and I drive it hard (the way it is meant to be treated); Ryan got the keys and we took this fine machine through it proper paces.  I had a blast test driving the IS 350.  Chi Ching for Ryan, because I know what I will be buying soon.  I want to get out of my 3 series that it seems like everyone has, and into this redesigned powerhouse of fun.  Don't want to get him in trouble, so I want talk speeds on this test drive :-)

Well to end this, Ryan and Paul rocked, let me take all the time I needed, didn't play the dealer profit pitty card, and let me drive the car the where and the way I wanted to.

The cars sold themselves (I will be getting the IS 350 soon), but I could buy them anywhere, so it is Ryan and Paul who sold the dealer.

Ryan and Paul closed the deals by breaking the molds.  If you go to this dealer, call before and setup an appointment with one of these two.  They will make your experience well worth you time, even if you don't buy and just want to look.

P R. | 2013-05-24

My first experience was a bad one and my rating is of coursed biased by that. But I would go back here if I am in the market again. The first time was six months ago and I made contact with one of the internet reps (don't remember the name) after seeing their listing on CL. He was polite and nice but handed me over to another sales guy (with some sort middle eastern name, suleman or something like that, don't remember either) who turned out to be the very definition of rude and pushy salesmen. I called to confirm the appointment before starting and he asked if I am going to put down a deposit that day! I was annoyed by that but ignored it anyway. As I was driving to the showroom, he called again and asked if I am going to put down a deposit. Even when I said I am driving and can't really talk, he kept pushing. Such a d-bag... needless to say, he didn't sell anything to me that day.

The second time, I did things differently... found their eBay listing and offered the fair market price (about 3K less than their asking price; note the disparity). After 24 hours, I got a response with a price in my offer range and I accepted. The rest of the transaction was pretty straightforward. Finance guys got me a decent rate and took delivery of the car the following day.

Although I bought my car from here this time and I would indeed consider them the next time, mainly that's because of the eBay route I took, which cut down the haggling part drastically, and because of the quality of the car itself (Oh yeah, she's a beauty!! Love'er!). Otherwise, I would approach them cautiously and with low expectations.

Jay O. | 2013-05-15

BEST Salesperson: Ryan Hafich

If you want the most honest and straightforward salesperson in Lexus Bay Area go to Ryan Hafich. This guy really works hard at delivering impeccable customer service, making sure you get into the Lexus of your dreams at the most competitive price.  The best thing I liked about him was that he was really hard working (always available, always calls back, never sounds annoyed) , earnest and most important to me was I felt like he was honestly trying to give us his best which he did because I just drove off with my brand new baby two days ago and I love it. Thanks Ryan your the best!!!

Rachel L. | 2013-05-07

Go talk to Ryan!!!!  He is awesome!  I was apprehensive to lease a car, as i had been screwed over in the past and Ryan listened to my concerns and put together a great deal that made me feel very comfortable!

M H. | 2013-04-30

I purchased my car from Internet Mgr Eddie Hsieh last week.  Great experience.  Never rushed, answered my endless questions and provided a highly competitive price.  Without a doubt I would recommend him.  Lexus of Stevens Creek better do a great job holding on to this guy!

Ryan V. | 2013-04-18

This review is for Mark Hudson. We have had two positive experiences leasing a Lexus from Stevens Creek Lexus. We ran into a small issue that involved something minor.  It was clarified and resolved by Mark , in a very professional and compassionate way. Thank you Mark for going out of your way to help a loyal customer stay happy ( even though the issue was not the fault of Lexus ) Above and beyond service!

Scott W. | 2013-04-01

I find it interesting that there are reviews describing perfection with few details, and extreme disappointment with lots of details. Can you spell, "Shill?"

Our experience with this dealership was a huge waste of time.

We are Lexus owners, and came to upgrade from our $50K plus three-year old vehicle to a new one. We loved the vehicle we had, minus a few little quirks, and those quirks were all addressed in the new model.

We were set to go, ready to buy.

We dealt with one salesperson, who refused to discuss anything or commit to anything once we left the dealership. In other words, we test-drove and committed to the vehicle, then went home to gather our data and prepare for the selling and buying processes.

Once we left the dealership, every contact with our salesperson included a demand to return to the dealership. No question would be answered, no email would make any commitment, no request for price, color, options would be answered without deception or arm-twisting. In short, we were going to have to do this on their 'turf,' or not at all.

I got exactly one commitment from our salesperson, and asked him to email it to me. I got a long form with lots of unnecessary numbers, but the one number I wanted, the agreed-upon sales price, was thousands of dollars higher than we had agreed. Of course, some people might not notice this because the monthly payments were emphasized. But I noticed, and asked politely to please recalculate the payments with the price we had agreed upon. No response.

I have bought a lot of new cars before, at dealers ranging from Volkswagen to Lexus to BMW to Porsche. I have bought used cars. I have seen lots of tricks and arm twisting. I have also had several very congenial and efficient transactions with salespeople who were smart and flexible enough to change tactics when the responses called for it. Do you have the car I want? Will you sell it for this price? If not, what price? What options will we accept or reject? Can we do it by Tuesday? These issues take an hour to resolve with normal people.

We were not prepared for the full frontal assault that one usually expects from a used car dealership and salesperson, but that's what we got at this dealership.

Interestingly, after refusing to return to the dealership until I had a commitment on a specific vehicle (yes, we wanted a specific interior color and exterior color, but were flexible on option packages), I got the interesting email response, "all of our computers are down." I guess that is yet another attempt to force us back into the dealership, yet I wondered how he sent it by email if their computers were down. I said I would wait for a response until their computers were up, and its now three weeks and counting. Must be a hell of a virus...

In the end, we did not buy a Lexus from them. I spent about 4 hours of additional time dealing with Lexus financial and Lexus corporate, as I thought they might be interested in our experience. Those interactions taught me how dealers like this can get away with behavior like this, as there was no regret at all that I could discern on the part of Lexus corporate. I got some form responses, and disclaimers that Lexus corporate has nothing to do with Lexus dealerships. Sigh...

As long-time Lexus owners, I can tell you that most, if not all, service isn't done on premises. You have to drive out to the airport to a separate service facility. Good luck with that ongoing experience in your expensive Lexus.

As a final note, I find it intriguing when a salesperson has exactly ONE way to sell, and cannot recognize when it just isn't working. They keep hammering out the same, tired techniques, and never realize they are just pissing off a potential customer more and more with each interaction.

I will not go anywhere near this dealer. The attempt at deceptively changing the price really got to me. Today, I gotta say, "Wow." Are you sure that Lexus premium is worth it?

Teo V. | 2013-03-27

Lexus of Stevens Creek is the best place to buy a Lexus in the bay area. I especially like their clean showroom and upstairs indoor garage where they park all of their dark colored Lexus. I'm a nut when it comes to black cars.  When I buy a black car I want it in pristine condition.  I'll put on those swirl marks and water spots myself. =)

They probably have the best selection in the bay area. They are very charitable as well, donating hundreds of coats to the needy during winter.  Allowing different organizations in the community to use their facilities to host events is both business savvy and beneficial to the community. It's a win/win situation.  

I had the pleasure of doing business with sales person Peter Chu.  He has a very professional and friendly demeanor about him. The test drive was a dream and there was no up-selling, I felt comfortable with him. I will recommend all of my family and friends to Peter Chu.

Sales Manager Efrain Moreno is awesome! He is very professional and helped me with options to finance my car without any issues.

Finance Manager Brian Crocker did my paperwork and he was super cool.

This dealership offers a great deal, great staff and great service. I highly recommend this dealership for your next Lexus.

They also have the LFA. =)

Aaron J. | 2013-03-08

This review is for one particular salesman, Ryan Schrantz.  I came in not even looking to buy a car.  Ryan was cool with that...most salesmen won't give you the time of day if they know you're not there to buy.  He spent as much time with me as I wanted, walking around the lot, the showroom, and the "other lot" (upstairs, inside) checking out various cars.  

"Test drive (my idea, not his)?  I'm still not buying..."  I asked.  "Sure," he said, "let me go get the keys."

Needless to say, the car sold itself.  Ryan is smart, and recognizes the quality of his product and that there's no need to be the typical pushy salesman.  If you are looking for a no-stress, polite, and - wait for it - possibly enjoyable car buying experience, ask for Ryan if you're considering a Lexus.

Fotomaker A. | 2013-02-18

This is a terrible dealership to work with. If you are considering buying a new Lexus in the SF Bay area avoid this dealer like the plague. Take the extra time to drive to the East Bay to Magnussen Lexus in Fremont, CA off Auto Mall Parkway.

Lexus Stevens Creek will rip you off on the Blue Book value of your top condition, well maintained trade-in. They will not register your car properly with the appropriate systems and services affiliated with the new car. When you try to reach them your calls will all go to voicemail. When you do reach a human being they will tell you to handle whatever the issue is yourself either by calling an 800 number or "look it up on the Web". They will not send you confirming emails (as the manufacturer's/service providers' manuals say they should) stating that setup and other issues they are supposed to handle on your behalf have been taken care of (and taken care of accurately). And they will tell you you're entitled to a dealer training seminar, give you a piece of paper with the date of the next seminar, then when you try to register the same day they'll tell you the seminar on that date is already filled.

In addition, if you take their advice and try to use the website all you will find there is a sales portal to ads. When you try to find any information relating to your situation or your car you will not find it there (unless you purchased the one specific model of SUV that they do seem to have a link to).

Magnussen Lexus, unlike Stevens Creek,  will make you feel pampered, not just  'handled' as a customer. We've bought several cars there in the past.

If your desire, when spending over $45,000 on a new car, is to be taken care of conscientiously and accurately and with the type of follow-through that type of financial investment deserves and warrants, go to another dealer. Buyer beware.

Jennifer F. | 2013-02-04

This is a review of Lexus of Stevens Creek involvement in the local community. Some of you might only think that Lexus sells sexy cars - and they do. But they also HUGELY support local San Jose area non-profits. I am part of a local women's organization and Lexus of Stevens Creek lets us use their classroom and other "behind the scenes" areas several times a month for our group meetings. Finding a place in the city that allows us to do our non-profit business, without depleting our coffers is just really awesome. We are so thankful to have Lexus of Stevens Creek in our community. They are really about more than just cars.

Julie S. | 2013-01-31

My salesperson was Ryan Schrantz.

I generally hate the whole car-buying experience.  I get no thrill out of bargaining.  I just wanted the car (ct 200h) at a reasonable price and to feel like I wasn't getting jerked around or ripped off.  Ryan was very down to earth and knowledgeable about the cars from the mechanical point of view, since he said he used to work in their service center.  He was also familiar with my former car (a Mustang) so that was an added bonus.  I had test driven the car before in Southern California, where all they did was let me take it around the block, but with Ryan, we did a full test drive including going on the freeway.  He made the paperwork and pricing as simple as possible.  It was a positive buying experience, and I am happy to have my new Lexus.

Ken B. | 2013-01-23

I am not a fan of the Lexus brand, but my wife insisted so we ended up with a new 2012 RX350.  So far, the staff at LSC has been great.  We had a few issues with the car, all minor, but they immediately addressed every problem with top priority and the resulting repairs exceeded all our expectations.  Almost a year later I'm still not a fan of the brand, or the car, but I cannot say one thing negative about the dealership.

Daryl N. | 2013-01-10

OK, car buying is NOT supposed to be this good. Just great!

      Earlier in my life, I lived with three roomates that all worked at different Bay Area automotive dealers, so I know the stories-  and the shanangans....but was thankful I didnt have to buy a new car as an off-the-street customer all those years since I had the inside hook-up for almost any car brand I would want to buy from my roomies.
    But now, after 10 years on my Land Cruiser, it was time to get another car, and my roomates were all married and moved away. But my "wife" wanted a NEW CAR. We know how reliable Lexus and Toyota are vs the industry.
   So I walked into Lexus right-off-the-street and was very reticent that I would get hard sold and pressured. But Lexus salesperson & sales manager were very very nice, no pressure - great test drive, no closing pressure - and we went home. So weeks later, I sent an email in with my "best offer".  Received a quick and courteous reply within the hour and they clearly knew who I was from our short meeting weeks earlier. The team at Lexus Stevens Creek made me feel right at home and were just plain down to earth nice people. We had a blast buying a new car - unbelievable!
      I have to say, this was so good, I even sent my boss to them, and he also bought a Lexus GX460! We did NOT pay sticker, we gave a REASONABLE offer, got exactly what we asked for and got a great deal on our trade-in.  No BS about a 'black book'  to argue lowball trade-in values that nobody else has but dealers, and the trade in was right on the money of what I expected .   No BS, no hassle, no silly games.  
    The efficiency of Lexus SC moving me through the car buying process was great, and actually enjoyable. F&I had everything ready when I walked into the office, and though I was not hard-sold at all on those added features, the deal for the pre-paid service plan was just too good to pass up - and I am pretty miserly. It makes total sense all around.  And the time sales spent with me to go over all the advanced features of thisawesome new GX460 was highly valuable.  
    And to top if off the service center is great, very very nice checking-in, wonderful service managers, and fast service. They actually sold good stuff in their store  that I actually NEEDED, so I spent some serious cash there as well.  I could actually see the Lexus mechanics really doing the in-depth inspection work in the bay from the coffee & muffins area.  -  Lexus and Penske Jr have the RIGHT business methodology and selling culture for a winning deal!

Bravo Lexus SC!  We'll be back when the other car burns out!

Nick K. | 2012-12-28

Lets start with, I did buy my 2012 RX 350 from this dealership the last weekend of November, 2011.

Good news, I love the Lexus SUV.

Bad news, every time I think of it, it makes me wish I had bought it somewhere else.

The sales person Jaio Osborne intentionally or unintentionally misled us as to what the Costco and my company sales deal was. I didn't want to negotiate much, but I later found out that price I was given was not correct. Complained to the General Manager Brendan Harrington... Guess what he told me,  "We are the largest luxury car retailer in Northern California for a reason," and deals are customized to the individual. So how does that help me. My colleague, bought the exact same car in Redwood City, but at a price that was $2000 less than mine.

Jaio, kept on pushing us to buy the whole time and when it came to the color, she told us that there was only one on the lot and someone is about to bid on it. Later we found 3 standing in the lot. She also came back and gave us a really low quote on the toyota I was trading in. Half the KBB trade in value. Later talking to the staff I found out that the car was never appraised as they didn't have time..... Really?

Now, why am I writing this review after a year? Cause, I just bought another car and had a totally phenomenal experience. Guess what..... all dealers are not as bad as these guys are. So I thought I should at least warn my fellow Yelpers.

Hajy A. | 2012-12-28

I was here already 4 times, and tomorrow I am going there for the LAST TIME I WISH!!! The reason why it is the last time is these:

I was there for the first time at the 16th December, 2012. We chose one 2013 Lexus GS 350 with F Sport package. We agreed with the car and it's price at the same day. After agreeing in everything I asked them to give me their bank information, but they told me to get Cashier's Check in order not to wait until they receive the wire transfer.

The next day, December 17, 2012 morning we(me and my father in law) got the cashier's check and went to the dealership to get our car. We signed everything, did everything, saw our car again. And we told that we will pick up the car the next day.

I came with my friend to the store to pick up MY CAR, but they started to ignore me. Everybody in the office started saying that they told me "Cashier's Check needs to be cleared after 10 WORKING DAYS!!! AND YOU CAN GET YOUR CAR AFTER THAT!!!" which was a LIE!!!
I returned back home in SHOCK!

Next day I went to the bank, and got the statement. Took that statement with me to their office. The statement was saying "MONEY WAS WITHDRAWN FROM THE CASHIER'S CHECK AT THE 18TH OF DECEMBER, 2012" which was the next day when I gave them my Cashier's Check.

Yesterday, the 27th of January I told them that I will call my Lawyer and bring him with me. Even though, they told me "You can take your lawyer and come to our office", they even don't care about their clients.

I am calling everyday 3-4 times. Most of the times they even don't answer the phone. The salesman ignores me. The operator lady named Maya is also saying the same thing which Salesman says to me.(not only salesman, also a finance manager and the guy called Brian, who helped us to sign all the documents)

I told them at least to return my money back. They don't return my money or car back.

And now they tell me that they will give me my car at the 2nd of January. It will be 2013 and the car will be 2012 year produced. IT WILL  HAVE DISCOUNT ON IT.

I need some help to solve this problem! If any suggestions please send me an e-mail to this address:

Operator: Maya
Salesman: George Soliman
Salesman 2: Sam(friend of George Soliman)
Finance Manager: Don't know his name, but I will know it tomorrow
Other manager: Brian(don't know the last name)

Paul Phong N. | 2012-12-24

For the Sales Department,

I went there for a Lexus.  Very neat, nice, and well organize environment.  I was helped by Vincent.  He gave great customer service, friendly, and even help me out with the deal that I've requested.  This is one of my favorite dealer I sees around.  I've been thru many dealerships and often got rude services or got into an argument due to deal not met.  But, not here, the deal is fair and I am very satisfy with my purchase.  I will be returning back to this dealer for a second Lexus, once my fiance and I settle in.

Hon T. | 2012-12-07

The service is getting worst and worst.  This time, I asked for maintanence service.  The service advisor just gave me the paperwork to view then asked me to sign it if everything is okay.  Also, I tried to call back twice after missing his call, and I got no response.  The next day I went pick up my car.  The receptionist asked me for my advisor and I told her.  I thought she will ask him to come out to talk to me regarding my service, but all she had come back with was the paperwork.  I was so displease.  That's what I got from so-call luxury car service;  there's no differeniate between Lexus and Toyota except the price.  VERY VERY disappointed!

Hanover B. | 2012-11-28

Just bought a new CT200h from at Stevens Creek Lexus.    

Buying a car is a lot easier these days due to  the internet, but there still exists the need to interact with a salesperson and of the many inquiries I made with many  Bay Area dealers, I'm glad we happened upon Ryan Schrantz at the very beginning of our car search for my wife.    What a nice guy!  SCL was the closest Lexus dealer to our home and he took us for our initial test drive of the CT.   He was extremely patient on the test drive, didn't rush us, is extremely tech savvy and took his time in explaining the various aspects of the car and there was no pressure to make a deal afterwards.   We left the dealership that day with a positive impression of Ryan and SCL.  He followed up the next day with a nice personal thank you via email for letting him show us the CT.   Little did we know that he would become the barometer for the other salespeople we met, as none of them measured up to that initial experience with Ryan.......

I did keep in touch with Ryan throughout our car search and even though we didn't buy a car for three months, once we decided on the CT200, he left enough of an impression that I took my best deal to him when we were ready and asked him if SCL could match it.  He was able to get us the price we wanted and we agreed to meet the day after Thanksgiving.   We had narrowed the buying decision down to two different color combinations and when we got there he was thoughtful enough to have both cars side by side ready for us.  Once my wife decided on the color, every aspect of the process of actually buying the car, from the paperwork to delivery, was done in a professional and courteous manner.  

I had a few questions after we got the CT home and he has always answered them promptly via email.   Refreshing to see  that it isn't all just about the sale, but rather that the buyer is taken care of afterwards as well.

My wife dreads the entire car buying experience.  But with her new CT, she has nothing but nice things to say about Ryan and her experience at SCL.   That smile when she drove off with her sporty new car was priceless.  

Thanks Ryan for making this happen!!

Eric G. | 2012-11-18

I got my last two cars from these guys and they're an excellent dealership all around.

Alex N. | 2012-11-12

Great dealership.. Super clean and extremely friendly. I love the receptionist, Cindy!  Bought my IS here at Stevens Creek. Will do more business in the future.

susie h. | 2012-11-07

This review is for Robert Riley, a salesman at Lexus Stevens Creek.  I went to test drive the Lexus Suv's about 2 months ago in my search for a new family vehicle.  I did not, in fact, buy a Lexus, but that is beside the point.  The cars are pretty awesome.  Robert was my salesman and here is what he did.  He was very gracious when I was looking and test driving, but then I left my wallet accidentally in one of the test cars with several hundred dollars in cash I should add.  I realized the wallet was missing as I showed up to meet my husband at dinner.  I called right away as the dealer was closing.  Robert found it left in a vehicle and then, hand delivered it to me at the restaurant in Los Gatos.  He was obviously not familiar with Los Gatos and is took him out of his way after work.  I was so relieved and grateful!  Thank you, Robert, for your willingness to go out of your way to just plain be nice.

Peter W. | 2012-11-02

Sales Person: Ryan Schrantz

Bought my New 2012 IS250 F sport with Ryan about 2 weeks ago. Ryan was very professional and not pushy at all. I first spoke with him through the internet and he was very friendly and was able to get me an awesome on the car. If you looking for someone who is real, doesn't play games, and professional, go with Ryan Schrantz. You won't regret it.

Elia S. | 2012-10-31

Saleswoman: Dotti Barbera

A BIG THANK YOU  to Dotti, who made my auto experience quite pleasant and well worth the drive from Monterey.  She came highly recommended from one of her customers who is on his 10th Lexus from her. I highly recommend anyone looking for a Lexus to contact Dotti.  She is friendly, professional and quite committed to making you feel comfortable with your auto purchase experience. This lady knows Lexus. Again THANK YOU DOTTI!!!  I truly appreciate my experience at Stevens Creek Lexus.

Giselle G. | 2012-10-31

Salesman:  Peter Chu

On Sunday  10/07/12 I bought my CT200h F Sport and I absolutely fell in love with it!!  The whole reason for all of this was simply gas mileage.  I had a 2006 Hummer H3, which I loved, but it ate up gas like no other. My new Lexus gets 42 MPG which leaves me very satisfied.  I am very pleased with my new car:) It's been a joy to drive and I've been enjoying all the features of the car. I was very pleased that they offer a new owners seminar which clearly walks you through all the features that are offered in your new vehicle.

I just also want to give a commendation to Peter Chu for his excellent service as my sales representative. He took extra time in helping me understand the car's features. His sales tactics was impressive to that he didn't pressure me but yet always willing to be of service which in my opinion is a great attribute of a good salesperson as he stayed past the closing time to ensure that my family was assisted in every way until the closing paperwork was complete. Having more salesperson like him would be a great character for Stevens Creek Lexus as being professional and caring in providing customer service.

Thomas P. | 2012-10-27

I have purchased Lexus cars from 3 (Concord, Serramonte, Stevens Crk) different dealerships in the Bay Area and my experience at Stevens Creek was the best.  Zabi is a knowledgable, easy to work with Salesman.  And on the service side, Gabriel is trustworthy and up front.  Two great guys to work with at Stevens Creek Lexus.

Anthony W. | 2012-10-25

Hector Cruz is awesome. The GF and I bought CPO IS250 here towards the end of December. The process was smooth, quick, bit back and forth on price, but ultimately painless. Hector was friendly, knew the ins and outs of the car and we left satisfied.

Fast forward to last week, our car was totaled in a wreck. We stop here to see what they have and Hector offered us test drives while we're in the hunt for a replacement. We're still pondering what to do, but if we go back to a Lexus, we'll definitely be doing it here with Hector.

Karen D. | 2012-10-24

I'm reviewing Joe Hart and Jared Miller...

I was in a difficult situation...I had purchased a certified pre-owned 2010 Lexus 460 last December (from another dealer) and my husband and I hated the way it drove like a truck because it IS a truck. You don't get that sense until you take it on a long trip!  It killed my husband's bad back! We keep our cars for a long time and we knew, we had to get out of this car.   We wanted to drop down to the RX350.  We had originally gone back to the dealer that sold us the GX460 and they wouldn't even return phone calls or emails.  When we did talk to them finally, they said the color we want wasn't even out there.  Irritated at how we were treated, I reached out to Stevens Creek and Joe Hart came back to me within minutes.  Not only was he helpful, he HAD the car in the color I wanted.  I couldn't move that fast that day and the car was sold.  Joe said, don't worry, I have another one coming in the following week.  We spoke a couple of times, met him on Saturday and he had held the car for us.  He was a straight shooter, showed us all the Costco pricing sheets and was a pleasure to deal with.
We still had the issue of our GX and Jared Miller, the sales manager stepped in and helped make the deal happen.  He understood our  situation and after only one back and forth, gave us a reasonable number for our trade.

We absolutely LOVE the car and most importantly, we love how we were treated!

Thank you Joe, Jared and Lexus of Stevens Creek!

Rôgęr I. | 2012-10-21

I came here for the first time and man, I felt like I just walked in the park.  I was assisted by a very warm, super friendly, accommodating, great Certified Internet Sales Manager LISA M. BURTON.  She is simply awesome and knows every minute detail from the vehicle info all the way to the financial aspect.  If you happen to come by to this place, you better look for LISA if you wanna get the best service.  She gave me great pricing scheme as well and explained and simplified all stuff very well.  She knows how to handle a customer no matter where you're coming from.  She deserves a raise for a job well done!!!! I can never be any happier now that I'm driving my brand new 2013 LEXUS RX 450h (hybrid).  I will give her 10 stars.!! Kudos to you Lisa and to Lexus of Stevens Creek, no wonder you are #1.  Keep up the good work.  All the staff are great too, from the front desk to the Finance Director MARK HUDSON.  I tell you, he's the COOLEST I have ever met.  He makes it look easier to go thru this finance thing.  He gave me good discount too.  Thanks a bunch.

Bernd G. | 2012-10-20

salesman- Joe Minster

After driving my Infiniti I35 for many years I stopped by Lexus Stevens Creek to review my options and was very surprised at the quality of Lexus. I met one of the best salesman, Joe Minster, who helped and answered every question I had without being pushy. After a test drive and looking at options I bought a 2013 Lexus ES 350 and can say that I am so happy with the service and consideration I received during and after the purchase.
I highly recommend Lexus of Stevens Creek but ask for Joe Minster for the BEST professional and honest experience.

Ana H. | 2012-10-18

Salesman: Joe Hart
After a couple of months of doing some research, I decided on the Lexus IS-F for commuting. After experiencing non-existent service at Lexus of Monterey, I contacted Joe, and took a little 1.5 hr drive up to Stevens Creek. I found Joe to be friendly, helpful, knowledgable, and had us all wrapped up and ready to go in less than 3 hours! I am a very satisfied customer, and LOVE my new Lexus!

Michael G. | 2012-10-17

Salesman:  Parish Verducci

After my new Jeep Grand Cherokee was totaled in a very bad accident, I decided to treat myself and "step it up a notch."  I looked at the Audi Q5, ML 350 and a few other luxury brands, but nothing compared to the value of the Lexus.  From the moment I walked in the door, Parish was friendly and not pushy in any sort of manner.  I looked at a number of RX's and decided on the RX450h Hybrid.  They had the exact color combo on the lot that I wanted and all the options my little heart desired.  Financing was cake.  The Financing manager didn't overly try to up-sell me anything, but explained things fully.  I did end up purchasing the extended warranty and service plan.  Parish practically went over every detail of the car and took every minute I needed.  He even said to "come on back" with any questions, and I don't think that's just some line they are giving you, they mean it.  They want you as a customer for life and so far, I can see that happening.

Mimi T. | 2012-10-01

Let's get straight to the point. Lexus has the most awesome customer service. My family completely trust Lexus and we've bought our fourth car from them this Summer.

Don't believe me? Try asking for Joe. He'll take care of you the minute you walk in make sure you leave happy. All those long reviews yet no tips. Look for Joe! If he can't help you, I don't know who can. :)

Ilya L. | 2012-10-01

I had a great expirience with Lexus of Stevens Creek. Buying a car was a breeze and actual pleasant experience.  We negotiated price with Lisa prior to arriving and we payed exactly what we negotiated for. Nobody mentioned that we need to pay more. Lisa Burton helped a lot during the process. First, she took us for a test drive. Then after paperwork she spend good 45 minutes explaining all cars features. Lisa even send email to me with car pictures and all warranty details. We love our new car and shopping experience at  Lexus of Stevens Creek. It feels more like a family vs. sale transaction. Ask for Lisa once you at a delaership.

Anne C. | 2012-08-31

Came into the the showroom at Lexus of Stevens and was greeted by salesperson Dottie.  She was very professional and knowledgeable and made me feel comfortable throughout  the purchasing process.  I am enjoying my   ES350 and  will pass along Dottie's name as well as the dealership to all of my friends!!! Thank you again Dottie.  AC San Jose, CA

Zachary H. | 2012-08-28

I had the worst sales experience ever at this place. Granted it was a Sunday but that doesn't excuse the rudeness I encountered when asking for assistance checking out the ES350. Perhaps it was my polo shirt and cargo pants, or maybe it was the fact that I pulled in with a brand new car from a competing dealership which they had lent me for a test drive - but still, they failed to earn my business. If I do go with Lexus, it certainly won't be from them. The sales person (caucasian woman in her 50's) also straight up lied to my face that there is no ES for under 40k, and the only car they have under 40k is the CT. Sorry, I have internet access to look at and found it grossly insulting for her to spout that kind of nonsense to an educated car buyer.

MR E. | 2012-08-20

Salesman:  Mario Quinonez (? spelling)

Wow..i think i just had the most pleasant time buying a car. Normally buying a car is an all day ordeal.  This was the first time i was in and out in less than 2 hours..i think it has to be a record of some sort.  

Our salesman Mario, was super nice.  We just came to check out the CT200h, and we were so impressed with the test drive and knowledge of the salesman we had to come home with one.  Mario was great..he answered every question we had.  He seems like a true car affectionado, so it was nice to get someone who did not try to BS us with fake stats..he seemed to really know the product lines.  He even tried to break down the origin of the lexus grill..kinda cool facts.

Anyhow the best part was he was able to fight for a fair price for us.  We did not have to spend countless hours haggling over the price.  We told him what we were looking to pay, and he tried his best to make it happen for us.  

So if your looking for a new Lexus..hit up Stevens Creek.  If Mario Q is still working there, definitely look for him.

A S. | 2012-08-19

Sales Person: Robert Riley

I just leased my new CT250h from Lexus of Stevens Creek, and would like to give a shout out to Robert Riley.  He is an exceptional gentleman who works tirelessly to address his customer's needs.

Our car buying process started and ended in one weekend, and I credit Robert for easing the lengthy process.  Robert pro-actively approached us as we were looking at the cars in the lot, and was very helpful in answering all the questions.  He showed us numerous cars to fit our need and negotiated with his sales management vigorously to get US the best deal.

He understood the limitations of the cars we were looking at, and did not hide anything from us.  In fact, his honesty and transparency throughout the entire sales process was a refreshing car buying experience.  

I would recommend that anyone looking for a Lexus in the Bay area should purchase their car from Robert.

Jill B. | 2012-08-12

I had a great buying experience here.  After 4 months of hemming and hawing on buying a car (was looking at mostly private party) and not making a decision, I finally decided "I'm buying a car by this weekend".  

The stars aligned as I found "the one" online from Stevens Creek.  

I would be coming from Sacramento, so I called in advance to ask several questions on the condition of this pre-owned vehicle and to make sure they'd be able to meet my budget needs.  

We worked out a deal in advance, I came down to see the car the next day.  

All was easy breezy.  It was a team effort and I was very satisfied with Mr. Harrington (general manager: so wonderful on getting back to me promptly and "making things happen"), Isaac DeLaRosa (pre-sales: answered all questions promptly via phone, email, & text), George Soliman (sales: went over and above the call of duty), and the great finance director Mark Hudson for making all so fast, smooth, humorous, and painless!  

Woo hoo!  Thanks for making this such a wonderful experience and conclusion to my long search :)

Love J. | 2012-08-08


We all know that finding the right car, none the less, finding the RIGHT car sales person is a lot harder than we think and a lot of times, we either get frustrated, over whelmed or flat out annoyed.

The first time I approached this dealership, I was looking for a pre- vehicle which indeed they had plenty of but not the right one in terms of color, price range, etc. What I CAN tell you about this dealership off bat was that they were not pushy AT ALL which I liked.

After doing my research and looking amongst dealerships/private sellers via auto trader, , craigslist and such, I became restless and started to give up on this search for a car. Finally, one day, an ad appeared on Auto Trader and was listed under "Steven's Creek Lexus." I originally wanted a black on black vehicle but I guess I'll take a look at the "smokey grey mica" vehicle they had up for sale. We showed up and I found the car in the WAY BACK of the lot hiding in the corner. Sam approached me and my father, chatted a bit but inside my mind, I was unsure about the color of the car because I was so stuck on black. He then showed us a few of the other vehicles in silver but I was not budging. We then walked inside the showroom and we started talking prices. The prices went back and forth but we weren't able to get the right price. Unfortunately, we ended up leaving because we just could not agree!

Overnight, I couldn't stop thinking about the car. Again, the color was not my first pick but I still had an itch about it. I called Sam mid- afternoon, made an offer and we were on our way. When we got there, they were getting it ready for me. Sam even went out of his way to have the guy take out the dents for me that I did not take note of. Amazing customer service... left me just speechless. All my questions were answered, everything I needed or asked for. The best type of FIVE STAR rating that could have been earned and keep in mind it was from this remarkable sales man. Sam, I honestly could not be happier with how everything went down, you truly made my Lexus experience one that I will never forget and I admire the NO PRESSURE sales that most sales people do not understand. In conclusion, this Lexus of Stevens Creek definitely earned my business with the amazing customer service and I will be referring anyone who has interest in buying a Lexus. Shout out to Caesar who came last minute to fix the dents and the sales manager who approved it to make it possible for me and I truly appreciate everything everyone did for me as a team.


Cheryl G. | 2012-08-07

Is it possible to give them 1 & 1/2?! Lol..I can't really say much on this place because this will be one of many MANY car dealership reviews I will post in the next week. My boyfriend was looking for a car end of May. This one had a Pathfinder that was fairly close to what he had been looking for. When we went to test drive it they ran the background check on his mom because she is supposed to be the co-signer. They put her as the buyer. Then upon making the deal it was about $2000 over priced. I understand you have to make money but they claimed they didn't know about the dimple on the under bumper of the car. The driver seat leather was torn AND....the icing on the cake?! The CARFAX was missing I would say about 3000 miles on it. Okay so not everything is reported to Carfax but can u at least tell us where the car has been seeing as u only claimed to have the car for not even a few weeks? Shady & suspicious. Already out the door they stopped us make a "final" deal..when he gave it to us..I laughed. His Middle Eastern accent said to me, "Why you laugh?" I said because you sir are being a comedian. They called my boyfriend the next day for I think about a week. Ahahaha..suckers! The Pathfinder was there at least a few more weeks after that.

Jose P. | 2012-07-31

Ok so my fiance has been asking me to go look at a 2012 lexus IS250 for a while now, so we went to look on Friday. We walk around for a while no one greeted us (we look like average young people) until we went all the way inside when the receptionist ask if we needed help we said yes and finally someone came to help us his name was Robert he was freindly  he showed us some different types of IS 250 Lexus the first car the battery was dead so we couldnt see inside, we continued on he showed us their huge inventory gave us a tour kinda of took to long but anyhow we finally saw a Lexus F sport Pearl Grey at the top garage and that was the one, long story  short we didnt agree on price that night but we came in the next morning and got it at a price we felt comfortable with and went into finance the guy was a bit firm its probably because we didnt buy anything extra but we were in and out which is awsome, the car presentaion was too long so i left because i needed to go to work my Fiance stayed, the car just has alot of features and registering online for the lexus and stuff. We love our 2012 Lexus F sport its Hella nice so go see Robert hes not pushy he knows alot on lexus and very experienced and patient, but be prepared to be their awhile thanks again!

Elise J. | 2012-07-29

Herman and Ryan were great!

Madonna Y. | 2012-07-28

This review is strictly for Edward. I found Edward to be very approachable and seemed to actually have a good heart when trying to make a sale, which you don't find a lot anymore in most car salesman. He was straight up from the get-go and made it feel like this whole interaction and experience was all about you which is how it is supposed to be! He was never rude during the interaction nor did I ever feel any pressure from him to complete a sale. He definitely made sure that the car you were interested in was the car you wanted to commit too. Although I wasn't the actual person buying a car from him, he made me feel just as part of the sale and didn't ignore any of my concerns.

Thanks Edward for actually being real to your customers and making it about them and not the commission you will be getting from it!

LuuDa P. | 2012-07-26

Just picked up a 08 GS 450h from Steven's Creek.  The experience there I couldn't ask for anything better for the first time buying from a dealership.

Ask for Edward Hsieh (Internet Sales)…

I have been to many dealership in search for the perfect 4dr Lexus.  Been to many dealership and most of them, I have to say I feel like being prayed on by  vultures  for my money as soon as I walked on the lots.  This GS was the perfect Lexus I was looking for.  Perfect for the VIP scene.  I checked out this GS in the morning and came back after closing hours 7pm to show my GF that this is the car I been bragging her about.  As we approach the GS Edward was on his way out texting his lady that he was on his way home.  Next thing you knew he was there till 11pm helping me.  I didn't feel forced or obligated while Edward was helping me purchase my first Lexus. Edward also sat there till 11 something  walking me through my new car. He also texted me to make sure I was enjoying my new car and if I had any issues that needed to be resolved.  Thanks Edward for being down to Earth and making my first experience a good one.

Marshall C. | 2012-07-23

My pathfinder was on life support, so I started to research new SUV's.

After much research and test drive, the RX350 was my best option in terms of aesthetics, price, performance.

When I arrived, I walked around and looked at some RX350's on the lot. When I was ready to talk to someone, I started walking toward the show room and was met by Ryan Hafich. There was never any pressure. I mostly had questions about the RX350 and the sales process. I told him I wasn't there that day to by was making final decisions. He spent the time with until I got all the information I needed.  

I went back a few days later hoping to drive out in the RX350. I was in a hurry and needed to drive off the lot in under an hour to get to a meeting. Everyone had a sense of urgency. The paper work, includng financing was completed in half an hour. I was amazed at the literal speed at which everyoe worked to meet my time constraint.

FYI. Normally after the completion of a sale, the salesperson spends more time with te new owner to go over details, feature sand functions of the car in greta detail to ensure you drive away compleely familiar with the vehicle.

Other cars I considered with Infiniti JX (no power, and drove like a boat). Acua MDX and Audi QX.

Final note, there was one post sales matter that came up. Ryan Hafich has been working to resolve and provide the result I had hoped for.

Overall, pretty satisfied with the vehicle ad service. If you're going to purchase a new or used Lexus, ask for Ryan Hafich.

Randy A. | 2012-07-10

I was looking for a CPO RX and found one on their website.  I put in all my information and got a call back from Edward (Internet sales manager).  He really took the time with me over to phone to make sure we were both on the same page and that I did not waste my time driving down to the dealership coming from San Francisco.

We were both straight up with each other and I had an unusual situation.  I wanted to trade in my car, or sell it privately, depending on the price difference.  I had a buyer call me right before I was going to bring it to the dealership but if there was a only a slight difference in the price offered by the private party I would have just did the trade-in.  After finding out the trade-in value I told Eddie I wanted to see if the private party wanted to buy it and called them over to the dealership to check it out.  Eddie was patient the whole time and never once pushed me to buy the car or sell mine to the dealer.

Sold my car, brought in the money to down the CPO RX, and we were good to go.  Very easy going guy with a lot of patience, seeing as how I left the premises in the middle of our transaction and was completely understanding.

5 stars for Edward, 3 stars for the dealer itself.  Why? Because I walked into the place with shorts and a T shirt on, I had 5+ salesman standing at the door staring at me.  Not one of them greeted me or asked me if I needed help.  But I had an appt set up with Eddie anyways, and I'm glad it was him vs the others.

Jeanette K. | 2012-07-09

Knowledgeable, mild-mannnered, and fair.

That's how I describe Edward (internet sales manager).  

I happened to be visiting San Jose from LA with my boyfriend when I drove past this dealership. We'd been talking about getting an SUV next year.

I made it clear to Edward that I wasn't going to buy for at least a year but I wanted to start looking at my options and start budgeting for my growing family.  Other salesmen may have skipped out on spending time with a buyer like me--he wasn't going to make a sale from me that day. But, Eddie spent quality time with me and treated me like I am a customer he really cared about.

His knowledge about cars in general is pretty impressive, but he was also really good at describing amenities that I really cared about in a car. He really empathized with my needs as a woman in her 30's, planning to have kids in the car.

Next, he was very kind and sweet --not like some of the annoying, pushy types that most of us are used to at car dealerships.  I can tell he really loved cars....he really loved the Lexus brand.

As for prices, I'm the QUEEN of negotiating. I'm the girl that calls up 6 dealerships to peg them against each other to get the best deals...without ever walking into the dealership. But with Eddie, I can tell that he really was being fair.  

No tricks. No gimmicks.

Just a good kid selling good cars.

I'll be back to buy my RX next year at Stevens Creek, and to be honest, I think I'll even have my mom buy hers from here in December.

The only reason I gave this dealership 4 stars, as opposed to 5, is because I didn't get coffee and snacks. Quite frankly, I think my current BMW dealership in Beverly Hills has spoiled me.

Rimi K. | 2012-07-09

I got my car from here.  The Salesmen were super nice and took really good care of me.  What an amazing experience!

Joseph H. | 2012-07-09

This is by far, the most professional dealership I've been to.  It's clean, got a huge selection, and has everything I'd expect from a luxury dealership.

Ask for Edward! (he's the Internet Sales Manager so he's not always on the floor)

He's a good kid and doesn't get pushy - he'll patiently answer any question you may have and even come out to you to make sure you know how to operate all the technical doo-dads of your new Lexus.  

He knows his shit, and if you tell him I sent you, he'll give you a good deal.

Parth P. | 2012-07-07

By far the best customer service experience I ever had !!! They have set such a high standards for customer satisfaction it almost feels like being spoiled and treated like a king every time you go there.

They are very patient to listen and understand your part of the story. They pay attention to details just like Lexus car makers. They follow up very well if you are dealing with any issue.

I bought GS 350 in here and not only that I feel that I bought a sweet and amazing ride but more importantly a peace of mind !

Sales department is pretty good. No pushing around and pressure tactics. They were the only one who let me try their different car models for a test drive as compared to some other ignorant car dealers on Stevens Creek.

Not to mention, I won't even hesitate a lil bit to buy another Lexus from here in future :)

Stacey H. | 2012-07-02

Recently purchased our new little red ladybug (LEXUS IS 350C) here.  Robert Riley was our salesman.  I have never received such great customer service.  He truly went above and beyond, he was honest and straight forward which i truly appreciate!  He even tried to save us some money by offering a slightly different model.  He still calls me at least once a month to check in on us!  This is definitely a first class dealership!  If your looking for a Lexus go see Robert Riley!

E C. | 2012-06-07

Joe Minster at Lexus Stevens Creek helped me buy my IS 250.  I LOVE IT!  I test drove everything at all the different dealerships and not only did my car out perform all the other cars I tested yet so did JOE MINSTER!  He is 1st class in Customer Service and he just gets it not to mention he got me an amazing deal!  I love the service center as well at Lexus off of Martin avenue.  While I get my car serviced I get free drinks and snacks along with access to the internet.  I also like that I get to view the service workshop where the cars get worked on.  My experience buying cars was always a major chore and now I look forward to coming back to Lexus and working in the future with Joe.  Thanks again Joe I love my car!

Sarah D. | 2012-06-06

My fiancé and I went in to Lexus about a month ago,Ryan Schrantz was so helpful and super mellow. He showed us different models, took us for a test drive and answered all of our questions without being pushy. We left that day to think about it. When we decided that Lexus was the brand for us we knew we wanted to buy it from Ryan. I really hate when sales people are too pushy. Ryan is just a nice guy who believes in what he sells. If you go there, ask for Ryan.

Jen G. | 2012-06-01

Four years ago I bought my first Lexus.  I live in Los Gatos and originally started with Lexus of Stevens Creek due to proximity but ended buying from Putnam Lexus in Redwood City as they were much more willing to work with us and were frankly more polite.  
We are now looking to buy our second Lexus.  My company has this Passport Program with Lexus of Stevens Creek that proports to offer "no haggling automatic discount" so we decided to give them a try despite the earlier negative experience.  Well nothing has improved.  Not only does the Passport "not apply" to the model we want (funny there was no fine print on the program that said "select cars only") but they claim their margins are so tight and can't go much below list (hmmm isn't the whole Lexus story is they have high margins so they prioritize and give great service?!?).  So back to Putnam we went. Without even telling the sales rep that we were a repeat customer- he offered us a great price (over 3x the "discount" offered by SC).  When I complained that the Passport program felt like a bait and switch (get you in the door only to tell you the discount does not apply) they were rude with their response.
I  LOVE my Lexus and the service I get at Putnum.  I would encourage you to go w/ Lexus but go elsewhere for your purchase and service.  It simply is not worth the frustration.

Kaitlyn T. | 2012-05-28

Just purchased my second Lexus and happy I made the decision to go with a Lexus car again. Not only is the car amazing, but the shopping experience was the best one. Everyone was very pleasant and accommodating. They really know what customer service means.

I went into the Stevens Creek dealership with the worst expectations; figuring I would be dealing with aggressive people (come on I can't be the only one who thinks car sales people are all sharks - sorry). I couldn't expect going there by myself was going to be a positve experience; maybe still traumitized by my first experience at Toyota Sunnyvale. But I was pleasantly surprised how wrong my misconceptions were. I really did have a no-pressure experience.

Herman Samaniego was my salesperson. I had been in contact with him through email prior to meeting him. And even in our email exchanges he was very nice and never felt like I got the runaround BS that I received from other Lexus dealers. Upon meeting him I received the same kind of service. He is very knowledgable in Lexus cars and helped me understand my options. Throughout the process he was very helpful in finding the best deal for me. Even after the purchase he helped me get familiar with my car and sent me tips and apps that would be helpful for my Lexus.

Not only was the selling process comforting but the closing process was just as pleasant. I really did think that it was going to stop right at Herman. But the Sales Manager, Efrain Moreno was also very nice. I really thought the pressure was going to start right here, but I was wrong again. Efrain talked me through some of the options I had for me to consider and we were able to find something that worked for me. Not once did I feel I was being pushed to make a decision. They really care about making the customer feel comfortable. From beginning to end it was a great and fun experience. So if you are in the market for a Lexus, I highly recommend the Stevens Creek dealership and ask for Herman Samaniego. You won't be disappointed.

Joel J. | 2012-05-27

I had a great experience buying a new IS350 from Lisa Burton at Lexus of Stevens Creek last week - Lisa is great and the whole dealership clearly values the customer experience.

I knew exactly what car/color/package combo I was looking for, and emailed with the internet departments of 7 different dealers locally to find someone with the specific car I wanted willing to give a great deal.  Lisa was super fast in getting back to me, direct and honest the whole time, and made a great initial offer.  She also followed up quickly by email sharing the spec sheet detailing the VIN, stock number, and all the details so I knew exactly what car I would see when I came in.  (this may seem simple, but it was also super important -- another local Lexus dealer responded with a "bait and switch" offer sending me a description of a car that clearly didn't match the VIN they sent)

The experience finalizing the deal in person with Lisa went super smoothly as well.  She showed me the car, let me check it all out, even testing out how the carseats fit.  They had a sale about to start so we started at a price even lower than their initial offer, and then ended up at a great all-in deal after working through the final details and the trade in value.  After everything was buttoned up, Lisa then spent a good 30 minutes with me in my new car taking me through all the different systems and features, offering tips from her own experience, and making sure I didn't drive off until I'd gotten every question answered and knew where all the bells and whistles were.  

All in all, Lisa and Lexus of Stevens Creek were everything I could have asked for -- direct and honest, selection to have the exact car I wanted, a great deal, and all the touches to show they really put the customer first.  Highly recommended for anyone in the market for a new Lexus.

Brandon K. | 2012-05-27

Stopped by just to see what was on the lot, I had a car in mind, but was sort of just kicking tires.  Joseph Minster met me on the lot and let me tell you, I have not worked with a more down to earth and experienced sales person almost anywhere.  He made me feel extremely comfortable and did not place any pressure on me or my wife.  He also was able to find THE EXACT car we were looking for and made the entire experience enjoyable.  Highly recommend Stevens Creek Lexus and HIGHLY recommend working with Joseph Minster!

B U. | 2012-05-19

Just bought an IS250C in red that I was looking for all over California. When I first went to Lexus Stevens Creek, they did not have the color I wanted, but a few days later the sales rep, Herman Samaniego, contacted me to let me know that they will be expecting a red one within a week or two. He told me I had to put down $500 to have first right of refusal when coming in with absolutely no obligation to buy and with a full refund if I don't buy, so it was a risk-free deposit, just to show good faith. It was perfect timing since I was in the process of selling my car. Herman was on vacation, but he kept me updated on the arrival of the car to the port, through processing, and finally to the dealership. The car coming in was a bit higher in MSRP since it had a wind screen, but we negotiated down to the price of the original one I test drove, and I called and visited many other dealers and found out that there was no way I was going to get such a good price on a convertible. When my Lexus finally arrived (it was held up a bit during importing) I sold my car the same day and made an appointment with Herman, who was ready to go through with the deal as agreed. Everyone was very professional and respectful, no pushy sales staff, no up selling and all that annoying stuff you get at other dealers. The car, of course, is more than you can expect for the price, I absolutely love it. I give both Lexus and this dealership all five stars because they deserve it and I would recommend it to anyone who is in the market of buying a luxury car!

Dennis K. | 2012-05-14

My main man Ryan Schrantz helped us late Sunday night even after hours to get my mother in laws brand new ES. Kudos to Ryan to upkeep his professionalism and outstanding customer service unlike the other salesmen who were eager to get home. No offense to them, but Ryan made sure we were satisfied customers and went home with a fat smile in our faces. Thanks!!!
Ps. Thanks to Brian out finance guy too for waiting up that late too

Bapu R. | 2012-05-07

Worst experience ever, nobody cares about customers , like they have their own things to do!

Emcee K. | 2012-04-12

I actually bought my Lexus in Oakland, but since I'm based in the South Bay, I gave service here a couple of tries.

Service here always come out way more expensive than it does at other dealerships.  On one visit, my service rep actually tried to sneak in an extra fee to replace the battery in my key. The fee, by the way, was outrageous. The battery was nowhere close to being out of juice.  I know this because I used the key for an entire year before I actually had to replace it.  I may be a girl and I may not know that much about cars, but I'm not dumb enough to think that a battery replacement could cost so much.  As is typical with a dealership, they tack on all these extra tests and charges that really aren't needed so pay close attention.

The one good part about this place is the free shuttle service.

Back to the battery in my car key, when it was time to replace it, I swung by Lexus of Fremont.  $8 for the battery itself.  The man who helped explained that the exact type of battery was hard to find, but that I could probably buy it online for future reference.  He even showed me how to switch it out.  That's service.

Christine C. | 2012-04-12

I bought my new RX350 here last Sunday.  John Le was my sales rep.   He is knowledgeable and honest and very helpful going over the features on the car.  I got a decent deal on the car plus traded in my previous Lexus.  I have been a long time customer over their service dept in Santa Clara.  I trust their great customer serivce over the past decade.  I highly recommend coming here if you are looking for your next Lexus purchase.

Shirley C. | 2012-03-15

This review has long been overdue.  Had a great experience with Robert Riley at the dealership.  He spent over 5 hours with the fiance and I and went over the differences between a 2010 vs. a 2011 IS 250.  Bought the CPO 2010 in 2011 and Robert was kind and nice enough to followup with me a year later to see how the car is doing.  Great customer service!

Margi T. | 2012-03-10

Last weekend, we had the best experience at Lexus of Stevens Creek with the Internet sales representative Lisa Burton. It took us three days to seal the deal (buying a new car is a big decision), and Lisa was super patient and understanding. No pressure. Super friendly staff at the dealership. They were very welcoming, even with our two-year-old in tow.

By appointment, we test drove the CT200h on 280 and San Thomas on Saturday... and again Sunday. Lisa is very knowledgeable about the hybrid and all its bells and whistles. Monday morning I made my decision and Lisa was on it -- taking care of most of the paperwork before we arrived, expediting the process during our lunch break, getting the car ready, etc.

After signing all the paperwork, Lisa spent nearly an hour teaching me about my new car before I left the dealership. She paired my iPhone with the car, taught me about the display menus, walked me through the manuals (it comes with ~five books that weight a ton), set up my Homelink (garage door opener), helped install my son's convertible car seat, showed me how to lock/unlock the doors without the remote, recommended service agents, etc. My husband couldn't stay for the walk-through, but Lisa offered to schedule another one-on-one session with him any time and invited us to a new owners event, as well. If I ever have any questions about the car, I really feel like I could take up her offer to help and give her a call.

The difference between the MSRP and dealer invoice on the CT200h isn't very big, so it doesn't leave much room for negotiating or discounts. But I'm really happy with the model we selected and the price Lisa gave us (in line with Edmunds' True Market Value). While I wasn't super thrilled with the trade-in value from the dealership (lower than KBB) on my Toyota 4Runner, it was better that the AutoNation and Edmunds estimates, as well as so much more convenient than trying to sell private party via Craigslist AND then be down a car while we wait for another model to come in stock or trade from another dealership.

Overall, I highly recommend Lexus of Stevens Creek, especially Lisa Burton.

Derek S. | 2012-03-01

Came by to test drive the '13 GS 350 a couple weekends in a row. This local dealership is perfect for test drives, local and convenient.

Both the sales associates were willing to sell the car at MSRP...probably explains the constant inventory on their lot.

...the Internet sales manager also wanted to sell the car at MSRP...

...good luck!

Erik N. | 2012-02-19

We went in last Sunday and found exactly the car and color we were looking for. Our salesman, Zabi, and our finance person, Brian, did everything they could to make the experience quick and pleasant.

The car was in great shape and priced fairly, but they were still willing to give us a bit of a deal.

They gave us the car with a full tank of gas, which was much appreciated.

My wife loves her new pre-owned RX350.

This is the best dealer experience I have ever had.

Lucy C. | 2012-02-16

Wonderful dealership!
Wonderful customer service!
Beautiful showroom!
Friendly staff!
I would highly recommend this dealership to anyone looking for a smooth transaction.

Raymond C. | 2012-02-15

THANK YOU,,,,,,very much( Herman Samaniego) For Doing everything to help me get my CT200 Lexus. I really love this car,Out of all the DEALERS I went to you were the ONE that helped me get my FIRST brand new CAR,,,,,, Thank You                                   RAYMOND CONTRERAS.

Tyrone n. | 2012-02-15

thanks for just staring at me from inside and not coming out to help me... happily found it else where

Thomas L. | 2012-02-08

this is my 1st lexus and i would not go anywhere else to buy my car...  the staff was friendly and i got an awesome deal on a 2011 IS...  look for John Le from the internet sales department, he is straight forward and extremely helpful but do some homework on the spec that you want...

Mary N. | 2012-02-05

They are amazingly pushy and rude.  We worked with two different salesman and they both had the same attitude.  They did not care at all about what we wanted and were only try to sell us what they had on hand.  They also kept insisting that we were not going to get a better deal anywhere else because no one is selling the specific car we wanted under MSRP.  Their reason "You are buying a low end lexus."  Seriously?!  I've never heard of insulting people as a great sales tactic.  The first person who took us for a test drive couldn't actually even manage to remember our names.  We ended up buying at another lexus dealership where the salesman was extremely nice and helpful and ordered us the exact car we wanted without a hassle.

Dave B. | 2012-02-02

ZERO stars for "salesperson" Lisa Burton.

I am going to review Lisa, a person so incompetent, lazy and unhelpful in assisting my girlfriend purchase a new Lexus it had *ME* insanely angry. Here goes...

Remember the "December to Remember"? We never will. It was car upgrade time for my girlfriend and I turned her on to the new Lexus Hybrid, the CT200h. Great looking car, very good gas mileage and impressive Lexus financing so  we began looking for her car in early December 2011. First stop at Lexus of Serramonte was laughable. Salesperson was unknowledgeable about the hybrids and they did not have her color in stock. Usual runaround about how long and complex it was to trading out a CT with another dealer to get her color.

I suggested going on the Lexus website and creating her vehicle and sending out an internet request for area dealerships. This was on a Friday night. Saturday morning a cheery Lisa called my girlfriend to invite her to San Jose to take a test drive. With some trepidation we took the hour-plus long ride to see the car. We showed up on time and she kept us waiting but we understood as this is a busy weekend and month.

Upon driving the car my girlfriend noticed that Lisa was busy typing away on her Android phone, oblivious to us. While she drove I looked in the back seat and tried to verbally engage Lisa as to the details of the car and tips for how to drive this hybrid and maximize fuel mileage. This woman knew nothing about the car and wasn't shy to tell us so. I also learned that she had been a car salesperson for less than a year. Apparently she doesn't believe in doing any homework on vehicles or customers. When I pressed her for information on driving tips she urged me to "go online". So which website, I asked? "Google". Yes, she told me to Google it. Why was I even asking these questions? Furthermore she only let us ride in the neighborhood and not on the highway. Bullshit. They let us do it Daly City. Annoying.

Once back at the dealership she saw that the exact model my girlfriend wanted was on a boat from Japan to Southern California and all she had to do was put down a $500 deposit to claim it. She did...but received no receipt. I was suspicious.

So we went home and logged into the Costco website and made an order for the car and listed the Lexus of Stevens Creek dealership as a participating dealer. We waited days but received no response from the dealership. So my girlfriend called her and told her about Costco. Suddenly the tone turned to "We don't do Costco deals on hybrids" and then "Oh, another customer put down a deposit first so you can't have the car". I have never seen my mild-mannered girlfriend so angry and livid. I felt awful being in the middle of this situation.

The clock was now ticking on the end of the Lexus sale event and us needing to leave town for Christmas. We were both panicked. Lisa told us that she had looked but there were "no" basic or premium CT models to be had in California. I knew there had to be a way out of this madness.

So I remembered that my credit union uses an auto-location service called Autoland. Just go on their website and tell them the car you want. We did this an in less than a week they had located the EXACT car she wanted and had it shipped from Orange County to Sunnyvale. A quick 1 1/2 hour visit to the credit union down there and the car was hers. No hassle, no nav system bs, financing and paperwork all done. There were nice and more informed than TWO Lexus dealerships. Think about them before wasting your time at this dealership. And just plain avoid Lisa. The End.

Rodrigo D. | 2012-02-01

Hands down the BEST customer service I have ever received.  Thank you to Herman Samaniego.  For a few months I had been in the market for an SUV.  I did my research and test drove quite a few of them.  I decided that I liked the Lexus RX 350 the best.  So, I followed the advice on Edmunds and contacted a few internet sales manager (about 6).  Some of them were nice, others were very pushy, but noticed that none of them wanted to commit to giving me an actual price.  None except Herman.  I sent the same email to all the internet sales managers.  It stated the vehicle I was looking for, the options I wanted, the amount I was willing to put down, and the price I was willing to pay per month.  Most of the responses I received asked me to come in and they would talk to me about my offer.  Herman actually got back to me with the exact car I was looking for and matched my offer.  

I was excited about getting the car I wanted, but wasn't excited about having to drive to San Jose to buy it since I live in San Francisco.  I also had dinner reservations that evening, so it was looking a little tight.  Herman DELIVERED THE CAR TO ME!  This was completely unexpected and way above any form of customer service I had expected.  Now, I know you're probably thinking that I way overpaid for my car to get that kind of service.  The truth is, Herman gave me a FANTASTIC deal!  Even my friends and family can't believe the price I paid for the vehicle.

Needless to say I am very happy with my new car, and will DEFINITELY recommend Herman to anyone looking to buy a Lexus.  Thank you Herman!

Dereyk D. | 2012-02-01

I had been today the 02/02/2012 at the dealership looking to trade/upgrade in my IS250 AWD.The biulding looks great but that does make you feel welcome as the people working there .Its the people makes the difference .
 I work in for marriott and I know how to give better service .

Alex D. | 2012-01-23

We just got a CT200 ... love it !!! This is the third car that we bought for Lexus, we love the quality.  Hector Cruz is the best Sales Person, you can ask him everything, he really knows about the car or SUV, he has been there for 5 years, so if you need help, do not hesitate to call him or ask for him.  You are going to be happy with both, Hector & the car that you decide to buy !!!

Ayaka S. | 2012-01-11

Such a typical Stevens Creek dealership. The salesman are super rude and judgemental.

I came here hoping to look at the new GS. When we were walking to the show room, a salesman approaches me, so I asked him if he had one to show us. He said that the car is being shown at the silicon valley car show, and if I wanted to see it I should go there since they aren't available for sale yet. I thanked him for the information, and I still headed for the show room anyways to look at other cars. The same salesman kept following me, and asking me if I was looking for anything in particular. He sounded like an annoying fly in my ear. I finally asked him if he had a CT in stock to show me. He told be to follow him. Which I did. Then another customer asks him a question, and he just left me hanging for about 10 min. The other guy was asking about drilling holes on his bumper for the license plate. You aren't going to make money off of him.. I just left after that.

This place doesn't even have a service department on site. You have to drive all the way to the San Jose airport to go get a service.

When it comes time to purchase a new car again which will most likely be a lexus again, I will not be coming here. Buying a car is a large investment, so I better be getting top notch service to go with it.

Michelle H. | 2012-01-08

I knew exactly what I wanted walking into the dealership: a used, white with black interior Lexus IS 250.
Drove out with: a used (25,000 miles on it), pearl white , with black and grey interior Lexus IS 250.

I am in love with it! Zabi was the best used car salesman I've come across. This is my second car bought and he made the process overwhelming but in a good way. He made every number work for both him and I. He battled for numbers with my trade in with his managers and finally came to a good price. I Was also happy with the finance department, Anita was awesome! Thank you for making me feel like I really deserve this car and move on up from the scion tc! I came out with a $40K-$50k car with only spending $29K at 4.9% :))

Zabi you rock :))

Joe C. | 2011-12-29

I have to say buying my first car @ Lexus was a great experience!

I started the process through the Costco website which directed me to Joe from Lexus of Stevens Creek. For a couple days we went back and forth through email to find the specific car we wanted. Unfortunately, the car we wanted was popular and many times we thought we had the car but lost it. I ended up being transferred to another rep (Lisa Burton) who was awesome! She was able to work with me over the phone and find a car and a deal that was even better than we originally started with!

I came to the dealership a couple hours later to start the whole process and it was a long but enjoyable experience. Lisa went over some paperwork with me and was very detailed in explaining the whole process. She also took the time to answer my questions as well as go over the features of the car. I instantly felt comfortable with Lisa and she treated me more as a friend than as a customer. After working with Lisa, she passed me to Brian for the financing paperwork who was also very nice to work with. Brian was efficient and clear and made signing your money away a little less painful =)

At the end, Lisa helped prep the finishing touches on my vehicle and after a couple tips congratulated me on the purchase. She definitely stayed longer than she needed to (I think she was off by then!) and made sure I was satisfied and happy with my entire experience. I really want to thank Lisa and Brian for making this big purchase painless and fun!

Amit K. | 2011-12-26

I couldn't be more pleased with my Lexus IS 250 and the service I received! Before going into any Lexus dealership, I spent time searching the Internet for the best deal I could get and got many calls from various Lexus dealers. However, I don't think I could have gotten comparable service from any Lexus dealership than I did at Stevens Creek. First off, the internet sales manager (Herman Samaniego) returned from his home in the evening since he was off from work just to help us find the right car as I tend to work late. He let my wife and I test drive the car, answered all our questions and though I originally came in for a Lexus IS 250 w/out navigation, after experiencing what it is to have all the advanced technology with the navigation, I got one with navigation. Also, he arranged for the work that needed to be done with their service center the next day before I picked up the car. The next day he also came back from home in the evening to help me set up all the technology in the car to sync with my phone and my wife's, walked me through all the neat things that the car can do. He also made himself available in the future anytime I had any questions. The finance manager also discounted my extended warranty and maintenance services to prices that made economical sense. If you are going to any Lexus dealer, I would highly recommend you meet with Herman Samaniego at Lexus of Stevens Creek for exceptional service!

Samantha C. | 2011-12-05

My fiance and I had very nice experience purchasing the Certified Pre-owned Lexus GS 350 the past weekend.  We found the car on AutoTrader and it has almost everything that my fiance wanted.  We came in to test drive the car and met a nice salesman there.  However, thing didn't work out when we started the negotiation process:  our offer got declined but there was no counter offer from the salesman!!!  It was sad because he was pretty nice to work with.  
Since my fiance loves that car so much, a couple days later, I put in an Internet offer.  Lucky us:  we got the response from Herman.  He was very direct and fair; the approach that works well with us!  After agreeing on the price, we came in for a test drive.  The car had a few issues and after a couple days of confirming and addressing them, Herman took care of them.  We really appreciate his honesty and patient (I put him through "hell" with all of my demand and concerns (it's a big purchase so I wanted to be sure the car won't give us any issues later.))  
Herman also introduced us to Lisa who worked with us when he was not around and she was so nice and easy to work with...
Buying a car can be very stressful.  However, I have to admit that Herman and Lisa made our experience a fun one...  Now, I understand why they have so many great reviews from Yelpers.  My fiance and I will come back to Herman/Lisa when we are ready for the next Lexus and we will also gladly introduce them to our friends who are in the market for a Lexus...

Kev T. | 2011-11-26

I recently purchased a SUV from Steven Creek Lexus. what I did are compare the quotes from Lexus dealers within 100 miles from where I live and negotiate a best price. I finally pick Steven Creek Lexus since their price are quite competitive. The sale manager Lisa M. Burton help me with my purchasing. after we agree on the price, the rest is straight forward, we checked on the vehicle, test drive, then start the paper work, Lisa walked us through all the things we need to know include finance document, monthly payment, car maintenance schedule, and finally demonstrate car functions to use in detail and help us personalized driver setting. etc. we complete the transaction in about 3 1/2 hours since we walk in,
overall the transaction is smooth and exactly as what we expected - a pleasant experience, Lisa Burton is professional, friendly and very helpful, I highly recommend purchase cars from Lisa and Steven Creek Lexus.

diana H. | 2011-11-21

My husband and I were looking to buy a Lexus ct hybrid and had gone to the lexus dealership in Fremont only to be greeted with subpar assistance in locating a vehicle I would be pleased with. Mind you if we're going to be buying a vehicle from someone I expect great customer service...Fremont was a true let down. They failed to attempt to search for what I was looking for and failed to follow up. The next day we decided to try out the stevens creek location and were pleasantly surprised by the wonderful customer service we experienced with Herman. Not only was he very welcoming and understanding but his above and beyond service and willingness to make sure I was satisfied was simply outstanding. He gave a us a good deal on the special edition hybrid and made sure everything was taken care of and followed up the next day to make sure everything was ok. Overall if you want to be disappointed go to Fremont but if you are like us and expect good service when buying a car then Stevens creek is definitely the place to go. Ask for Herman!

Denise L. | 2011-11-01

Large dealership, very clean and friendly service. However, I came here this past weekend to purchase my new IS 250, and we had already done the deal over the phone. So with paperwork with the dealer (who I think was a bit new, as I felt it didnt go as smoothly as I had thought it would), finding value of trade in for my car, it took about the time that you would think, but the waiting time for the Finance Dept. took forever. It was about lunchtime, so I walked the short trek to pick up some slices of new york pizza (a defnitle plus of having nearby food places) and ate it in the parking area where theres tables and seats. There's about 3 finance folks, and we finally got called. I had expected the process to be 2 hours max, as my parents had been there the year before to make a similar purchase (price negotiated over the phone). I was there for almost 4 1/2 hours until I rode my new vehicle out. Took way too long, as for others, that time consists of making a deal and test driving, which that did not happen for me. Great place, but need to speed things up a bit.

Michelle B. | 2011-09-30

Just bought a car last week from Lexus of Stevens Creek. Everyone was SUPER friendly and helpful, I totally recommend this place

A. D. | 2011-09-28

My experience buying a Lexus this past Friday could not have been better.  On the day of the purchase, and every day since, the team at Lexus Stevens Creek has been nothing short of amazing.

Of special consideration is the sales representative that I dealt with: GEORGE SOLIMAN.  George was nothing short of incredible.  He was patient, friendly, knowledgeable and (most important) honest.  I will be directing all who are considering buying a Lexus to George at Lexus Stevens Creek.  Incredible guy!

T.L. T. | 2011-09-16

The buying experience was pleasant and fast, and the financing portion was very good. This is why I am giving one star, as opposed to no stars.

The used car I purchased came with a warranty; I would pay half of any needed repairs, and Lexus would pay the other half. The stipulation was the broken items needed to be repaired within a thirty day window after the purchase. I took my car the the CSAA diagnostic center, and they found a steering wheel problem that would cost about $400.00 to repair.

I went to the dealership on Saturday, 9/10, and provided my paperwork to the original salesperson.  He said he needed management permission to approve the repairs. I asked him to please let me know if Lexus wanted to repair the car, and I would pay half, or if I needed to get it done elsewhere and return. He said his manager was in a meeting, and he would get back to me. I received a call later that day saying he'd let me know Monday, 9/12.  I missed the call from the salesperson on 9/12, so I called back on 9/13. On 9/13, the salesperson told me his manager was in a meeting and he would get back to me. He called and left a message around dinner time 9/13, with no information, just a request to call back, which I did immediately. I did not receive a return call on 9/14. On 9/15, I called, and told him I really needed to hear from him, that the thirty day window is coming up, and I needed him to take action. I did not receive a call on 9/16. Now I am going to have to raise this with a manager over a $400 repair; I now think Lexus of Stevens Creek has dishonest sales people, and I will be looking to other Lexus dealers for my car repair needs. The sales person made a $19k sale, but has lost me as a customer over a $400 repair. Futhermore, if they don't fix it by the end of 30 days, I will have to sue them in small claims court for legal fees and the repair costs. A hassle and a bummer.

Vivian W. | 2011-09-06

Mr. Joe Hart is a good car dealer... very professional, I'll buy another LEXUS from him next car. I just got CT200h from him.

Stan L. | 2011-08-04

My parents were in the market for a Lexus RX350 or RX450h a couple of months ago.  We were served by Herman Sameniego and found him to be very professional, up-front and not pushy. He patiently explained the different options, the pros and cons of the hybrid, and cautioned us that the hybrids were in low supply due to the Tsunami.

My parents opted for an RX350 and were very specific about the colors and options they wanted, in particular the Parking Assist.  No dealer in Northern CA had the car we wanted, so we decided to put a deposit and wait.  

After about 6 weeks, Herman contacted us to inform us that a car matching our specifications was leaving Japan, destined for another dealer. However, it was an RX450h so he wanted to confirm if we wanted that model.  We agreed and Herman was able to re-route the RX450h to Steven's Creek Lexus.  The day it arrived, Herman contacted us and we picked up the car shortly afterwards.

The best part was the Loyalty Discount promotion. Lexus owners buying a new car get $1000 off!

Michael M. | 2011-07-31

On the sales side, Lexus of Stevens Creek probably does a pretty good job.  But... on the services side, there are pluses and minuses
customers will want to watch out for:
On the positive side, Lexus of Stevens Creek  do try to provide good service and deserve credit for that.

Lexus will take care of you as long as it's part of the standard warranty.
BUT on routine servicing:
Pricing:  Lexus dealer standard servicing charges are VERY expensive
and these days, just not worth the premium, especially considering:

Service/Business ethics:  New customers should  review and watch out for unnecessary servicing, add-ons, even unnecessary fuel additives that are added (and charged for) at the time of most all routine servicing.
I also had the personal experience with their inaccurate and mis-leading
charges in their billing, on two occasions.
This Lexus store has some good people but they could sure do better.

Contrast all this with much better pricing and at least equal service at their sister Toyota stores, which is were I'm taking my Lexus from now on.
I realize it's been a tough couple of years for all the dealers, but I was
sure hoping Lexus could do better than this.

Product-wise: Lexus makes outstanding quality and well designed cars.
Not quite the performance of BMWs, but the quality and designs are
very good.

Emily Y. | 2011-07-31

We were in the market for a CT200h and was contacted by Lisa Burton.  We knew the wait would be long due to the situation in Japan and Lisa was great in helping us acquire our vehicle.  She kept us up to date with information of our vehicle as well as letting us know of other available vehicles in case we changed our minds about color/options.  

All in all, this was our first experience with a Lexus purchase and Lisa has exceeded our expectations.  Definitely an A+ experience and would not hesitate to work with Lisa again for our next Lexus purchase.

Andrea M. | 2011-07-25

THE WORST customer service EVER. I was in the market for a car and was torn between Infiniti and Lexus. I bought my car from Lexus, Stevens Creek because everyone said that the customer service was better. WRONG. I bought a certified used car on April 1, 2011. I have been trying to get a small problem resolved with the navigation system-the software is old and should have been updated with the most recent software version. I have called no less than 20 times, spoken with my sales person and customer service and can not get the Sales Manager to call me back. It is now July 25, 2011, nearly 4 months later and still no phone call. I will NOT be recommending them to anyone.

Katlin L. | 2011-07-17

If I could give this place more than 5 stars, I would!

To start, I came in and was immediately greeted by Joe Minster, little did I know I would be receiving some of the best customer service I have ever experienced! Joe wasn't pushy at all and really listened to what I wanted and made very knowledgable recommendations. He showed me the Lexus IS 250 with a sport package. I came in knowing very little about these cars and left the lot knowing I had to have the car.

Joe let me test drive a car that was the exact car I wanted but in a different color so I wasn't putting miles on "my car". I loved it and all the features it came with.

After knowing I wanted the car, I came back the next day ready to talk numbers and make the purchase. This was my first big purchase/car purchase and Joe made it so comfortable and easy! I ended up getting a really awesome Costco discount and was still able to do everything at the dealership!

I highly recommend this dealership and working with Joe if you can! They bake you fresh cookies, offer drinks and go above and beyond to make sure you have an excellent experience :) besides how amazing the cars are, it is actually fun to visit the dealership!

Albert H. | 2011-07-17

(1 STAR for the random sales dude) First time I was there checking out what they have, I was met by one of the sales on the 1st floor. I told him what I was looking for but he never really took me seriously (bad move on his part).

(5 STARS for Herman Samaniego) A couple weeks later, when I was ready for my purchase, my friend got me a nice quote from one of the internet sales manager, Herman, for the car I wanted. I called him up and put a hold on the car. Herman's very professional and made the entire process very easy for me. I was told the car would arrive in a couple of days. But it was delayed for about a week. Regardless, Herman kept me informed throughout and the car arrived and I finally went in and met with Herman. He's unlike other typical pushy sales persons. He has a very calm and mild demeanor that I like. We went on a quick test drive and he explained many of the car features to me. I bought the car right away.

(2 STAR for the finance dude) After working with Herman, he handed me over to the finance guy for the paper work. He explained all the extras that I could buy and I told him I didn't need any. He kept on pushing me which I didn't appreciate much.

Yu D. | 2011-07-09

We went there to test drive a Lexus R350 over the weekend. A salesman took us for the ride, that's when the bad experience began. Instead of talking about the car, he was talking about the plight of his home country. We can sympathize with that, but this is not why we came to the dealership. Our attempts to switch conversation to the car were dismissed with the attitude "It's Lexus. What else do you need to know!?". He also wouldn't allow us to take the car to a highway. After the drive, instead of asking us if we have any questions or concerns, he had the arrogance to say "Let's go sign a deal". So we just turned around and walked away. The only reason I give it two stars is because the building itself is very nice.

Melanie L. | 2011-06-24

I'll be honest. I HATE going car shopping. It's exhausting. I'm not one of those people who drools over the vehicle and all it's special options, etc. I just want to be in and out, which is impossible when you go buy a car. So I began my journey in dread.
    First, I did my homework. You know, , tmv, etc. Priced it out with the package I wanted, etc. Found out that is not an option because the cars come with set packages and you can't piecemeal it out the way you want, unless you want to custom order. Went to Lexus of Fremont first. The Internet/fleet manager helped us out, I liked that he was straightforward, but their inventory was limited and I wasn't too giddy about the price. So we went to Lexus of stevens creek.
     I asked for the Internet manager but he was gone for the day. So I asked for Herman, because he got good reviews. Turns out he is one of the Internet managers! He took us on a test drive and I liked his personality. He was a little salesy but not your typical annoying, pushy kind of salesy. I told him I was pregnant and didn't want to waste my time. I don't think he thought I was serious until my hubby told him we were already at Lexus of Fremont earlier and talked numbers. Then he was very serious and he made it easy on us. It was as quick and painless as I'd ever experienced. I was happy with the price! :)
     If I buy another Lexus I will definitely go back to Herman. My whole family drives Lexus and they didn't really like their salespeople, but from now on, we know Herman is the salesperson for us. He used to work at Nordstrom for many years and it shows - his high quality service speaks for itself. He even called me after the sale to ask if I had any questions and to follow up!

Lynn C. | 2011-06-21

I had a pretty rough day; went to another dealership earlier and I was exhausted.  I was ready to give up but my posse was like, hey, let's stop by the Lexus dealership.  A few years back, it was my dream to get an IS250.  I wasn't driving, so I had little choice in the matter.  Pulled up and saw the IS250s.  I've driven one before and was excited to get back into the driver seat.  Joe Minister came up to us and right off the bat, offered all of us waters.  He asked me what I was interested for and saw me eyeing out one of the IS250s.  Came back promptly with the keys to test drive.

We went to go get gas for the little car and he bought us chips (asked if he could eat in my car.  I replied, sure).  He was friendly and encouraging and never too pushy.  It was a lot of fun driving around and by the end of the test drive, I was willing to throw down bills to get that car.

The negotiation process is usually a big pain but Joe made it really easy.  We threw numbers around and came to a deal really quickly.  Big 30k purchases are supposed to be intimidating and scary, but this one was made easier by Joe.  He handed me off to Ted while he got my baby gas and got it detailed.  Ted was really friendly too and tried to make the paper signing process as easy as possible (HOW MANY TIMES DO I NEED TO SIGN?).  

Did I say we also got cookies?  Boys in my posse had enough time to walk around and spotted an easy bake oven near reception.  The cookies were great.  Plus the other salesman spotted the boys wandering and showed them some cars, even a Porsche.  I came out of signing for my car and I see all of them crowded around a hot yellow car.  

I came in, I saw, I drove, and drove away with a new car.  I'm extremely happy with my purchase and will hopefully be driving Usagi (my car) for years to come.  Thanks Joe :)

Runip G. | 2011-06-14

We went in to buy a Lexus hybrid 200h but ended up buying a IS250.

Unlike most car sales people who barely know the difference between a lamp post and a car, the sales person Jaio Osborne was very friendly and professional. She patiently explained the various features of the car and also kept in touch by email. Price was pretty close to Edmunds True Value and negotiation was minimal.

Couple of downsides. The selection on the lot was very limited,  There were no hybrids available and the wait time was 3 months (non-guaranteed). I am attributing it to the Tsunami. The other downside was that there is a $500 "Park Assist" option which is listed as an option on the Lexus and several dealer web sites. This gives us the rear sonar sensor which beeps based on the proximity of any objects. We have had it on our 10 year old Volvo and also my Mini Cooper and saved my butt a couple of times. Really useful since we did not get the NAV option with rear cameras. However none of the cars of this model had it and the dealership also refused to install it even if I got genuine Lexus parts.

Randy D. | 2011-06-07

We bought an RX350 from these guys through Cartelligent, thinking I'd get the best price that way.  Stevens Creek Lexus threw roadblock after roadblock at us. They constantly came up with new hurdles we needed to jump through in order to finalize the transaction.  We were having the car shipped out of state and they were IMPOSSIBLE to deal with. They witheld the car's "birth certificate" which was necessary in order to register the car while waiting for some BS paperwork. It was one thing after another and overall an awful experience; not worth getting it from them.
I would not buy anything from them ever again. Not even mats for the car!

Aimi L. | 2011-05-19

Jaio Osborne is the sales person to work with! She takes customer service very seriously; she's responsive, straightforward, and knowledgeable.

I wanted to buy a CT hybrid, but NO dealers in the bay area (East Bay to SF) were able to get a hold of one. Jaio very thoroughly explained my options, and I decided to be placed on a wait list. As soon as she saw a car I might be interested in, she called me and emailed me the exact spec right away!

I will definitely contact her if I buy a Lexus in the future, and I would recommend my friends.

Michelle H. | 2011-05-12

I'm going to use the last guys template!

Day1-my brother identifies his car. Ends up being a rather rare upgrades IS Lexus! the salesperson "reserves" the vehicle. He contacts my parents who live in Sacramento.

Day2-  my father calls the salesperson to confirm the car is still reserved before he takes the two hour drive. My parents arrive and speak with the salesperson. They start talking numbers and then he leaves them for about half hour. He returns telling them that they sold the vehicle yesterday. My brother was crushed.

What w waste of time!!! Seriously that's the worst customer service and such a waste of the day. Lexus is a great brand but this dealership is a horrible representation of the brand. Stay away. Thought used car salespeople were dishonest. Looks like in these times new car sales people are even worse. Just at least be honest with them!!!

Ranjan G. | 2011-05-11

Spent 1 hr 40 mins in the dealership and ended up coming out without a car. Seems like dealership didn't want my business for a new car and won't honor the written down price of their own sales associate which initially I thought was already too high. We were willing to compromise on the color since there's not much inventory on display and the Sr Sales associate was dragging his feet in finding the car we wanted.

The whole sales experience was more of a cheap dealer than a premium car brand. Didn't expect this type of customer service from Lexus.

Tim M. | 2011-05-05

Many thanks to Jaio Osborne for her excellent, knowledgeable assistance as we considered the RX hybrid.

L S. | 2011-05-04

I purchased a RX 350 from Stevens Creek and normally, I'm the last person to write a yelp review unless I'm amazed or utterly offended.

This is the third vehicle  I have purchased from this dealership utilizing a person whom I think is truly an example of what makes Lexus Customer Service the finest I've experienced, certainly in the automotive world, but easily on par with those who have built a lifetime's reputation on customer service - Ritz Carlton, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Apple, and American Express.

Their salesperson, Hector Cruz,  turned a car purchase into a couple of hours of happiness!  C'mon, who ever says that?  Usually the experience of buying a car is just a step above a dental root canal.

How does he do it?  Obviously he has the support of management and crack team of people behind him, however, it is the little things (or at least, he makes them seem little) that he does to turn every obstacle into another opportunity for him to show how much he cares about his customer.  And who doesn't want to be around people who care?

Not all salespeople are the same.  Talk to Hector before you buy a new Lexus or a used car.

Anthony N. | 2011-04-24

All the employee at this dealer is super friendly and very easy to work with. My saleswomen (Jaio) was very nice and very good to work with.

Kristina T. | 2011-04-23

An update from my previous review last year!  Greg Choy is no longer with Lexus Stevens Creek, but Herman Samaniego and Joe Hart are! I recently leased a 2011 IS 350 Sport and I could not be happier with the vehicle as well as the customer service and price that I received!  Please take my advice fellow Yelpers, contact Herman Samaniego( Internet sales manager) or Joe Hart (fleet/internet) and you will have the easiest, most pleasant car purchase ever!

Gigi w. | 2011-04-12

I had a really great experience with Lexus of Stevens Creeks. I bought my Lexus RX350 2011 from Peter Chu. He help us out with the price and he really did walk us through for all the function with car, key and he really did walk us throught the manual book with all the warrenty coverage. Hightly recommended you to buy with PETER CHU.

Definitely will come back for PETER CHU. I will give him a 5 star.

Patty O. | 2011-03-23

I had a really great experience at Lexus of Stevens Creek. Brian Crocker helped me get a really amazing deal. He was super communicative throughout the process. Upfront, honest & super helpful with all my questions regarding purchasing a Lexus. I felt confident I was getting a great deal. I must have really liked this dealership & Brian because I flew from LA to San Jose to get my car :) If you are looking for a new Lexus, definitely call Brian asap. He'll put you at ease & will try to get you the best deal out there.

Johnny M. | 2011-03-23

My parents purchased a Lexus LX from Lexus of stevens creek. They loved the service there, so when it came time to find a new car for my wife I started there. I met  Brian Crocker manager of internet sales, he showed my wife and I several models and and was extremely patient with us as we tried to figure out what we needed. He didn't try to sell us anything that wouldn't be perfect for us. We are still trying to decide on what my wife wants (could take some more time), but out of all the stops we have made Brian and Lexus of stevens creek was by far the best. Hopefully she decides soon and we can give our business to them.

Hea T. | 2011-03-22

My experience with Joe Hart was fun and interesting.  I never worked directly with the fleet manager, but through the Costco Auto program, my experience wasn't as painful.  I got to see the invoice prices for the cars I was interested in. We did comparisons as well. Very good experience and Joe is awesome.

Anina V. | 2011-03-21

I purchased my Lexus RX a couple years ago with the help of Brian Crocker.  He was so helpful that when I was recently thinking about getting a new Lexus, he's the person I contacted.  He took me on a test drive, he worked with me on price, and even though we decided that the best thing would be for me to hang on to my current Lexus for awhile longer, he was courteous and professional. When I do decide to buy a new car, I will definitely go through Brian!

SITANSHU G. | 2011-03-21

Went for a test drive for RX350, and met a "sales consultant" named Parrish Verducci, who instead of selling the car, wanted us to feel that a "luxury" car like Lexus is not for us. Thanks for your floor piercing low price of $XX,000 , I am taking my deal elsewhere. Losing 1 customer might not affect you, but it will affect other customers I would have generated for you.

Illy M. | 2011-03-16

We made a purchase this past weekend and had the pleasure of working with Ray Castaneda. He made us feel welcomed without the pressure of having to make a sale but rather working with us on what we wanted. Customer service at its finest and I am definately coming back here for my next car purchase.

B C. | 2011-03-15

We recently purchased a Lexus at Stevens Creek and are absolutely thrilled! We've had the pleasure of working with Ray Castaneda. Ray is such a great person to work with. He's easy going and very friendly. Ray didn't pressure us at all. I felt like I was doing business with an old friend. He made us feel welcome and didn't push us or bully us into buying just any Lexus. We got the one we wanted and at a great price!

We originally wanted to purchase a Lexus from a private seller and I'm so glad we didn't! This Lexus location has that friendly family atmosphere. Great sales and service from Ray and great service from the finance manager as well.  If you want all around excellent service and no pressure to buy go see RAY!!!

Tram V. | 2011-02-09

My experience at Lexus of Stevens Creek was nothing less than delightful. I knew exactly what I wanted before I even asked for a quote at any dealership. That said, all I needed was the quote and what kind of deal they could give me when I do ask for one. The other dealerships would try to sell me used models with a gazillion miles on them already (while I told them I wanted a new 2011 model), but not LSC! My sales manager was Mr. Joe Hart. He knew I did my homework and understood what I wanted, so there was no hassle from him; he only made sure I got exactly what I wanted and on the day I went in to take "my car" home, I was in and outta there in about 2 hours! Honest, to-the-point, and there was no BS whatsoever. I like that.

Joel S. | 2011-01-20

Did my research online and clicked on "Purchase Inquiry."  I soon received an email from Sam Fankuchen and the rest is history.  Sam is a great guy if you are looking for a Lexus.  A no pressure-to-buy-type sales guy, just gives you facts when asked. It was actually a great buying experience for me and we were done in record time - an hour and a half!!  If you are in the market for a new or used Lexus, definitely see Sam!

Brian W. | 2011-01-05

Serious buyers. Ready to buy the car that day.

Day 1: called them. Asked for quote. Already had AmEx discount quote in hand, already knew invoice prices (which are crap anyway), they had cars on the lot that had the exact options we wanted, everything was all lined up, knew expected discounts from searching online forums, blah blah blah.

Day 2: still haven't heard anything. Another dealer had the car we wanted, had an acceptable quote, so we did business with the other dealer.

Day 3: Oscar Afaji (sp?) from Lexus of Stevens Creek calls us. We say hey, never heard back from you, so we did business somewhere else. He asks how much we paid (not a professional question the way he asked it, and none of his business!), then says he would've offered a price $1,500 less than anyone else I've heard of getting the car for.

Riiiiiight. Jerk. If you were that hot to make the sale you would've gotten back to us to start with, and after reading a couple of thousand forum posts on various forums about this car and the prices people are getting for them, I think I can be reasonably confident that we were dealing with a complete $@#!hole here.

I'm glad we didn't give you a penny. Heck, I'm sorry we had to burn the electrons on the phone to call you, and I'm even more sorry we had to breathe the same air as you did.


Phyllis F. | 2011-01-03

Recently brought my 2010 RX350 from Lexus of Steven creek. My car purchasing process was pleasant and smooth, we got the car and the price we wanted. They also did above and beyond on some scratch paint job for the car.  I truly appreciated the service from Mark Hanrahan, and his manager, Mike! this is the best service I had with car dealers. Simple thing but it shows they do care their customers very much.

I highly recommend Lexus of Stevens Creek if you are looking to purchase a Lexus. Mark Hanrahan is a nice guy to work with!!

Sam K. | 2010-12-20

Recently, our RX300 was salvage due an accident because it was too expensive too repair. I contacted several dealership for quotes and the first call I received was from Sam F. I initially have doubt about this dealership due to my bad experience in 2006 but decided to meet Sam F anyway.

Sam was able to get the RX 350 with the color we wanted. I paid deposits on Friday and came back on Monday to clear the paperwork, paid the remaining payment and collected the car. Sam is not pushy, he answered all the question with the payment, warranty, servicing and the car features. I highly recommended Sam F to anyone looking for new car and he will do what ever he can to help.

I also wanted to give credits to Anita Clevenger who help with all the finance paperwork even though she is from different department. I bought  from her the 3 years maintenance plan (45k servicing) since it will save me money in the long run.

David D. | 2010-12-19

One star for two poor experiences.  When I went in to buy an IS250, I was professionally greeted by a sales person, Cleveland.  After test driving the car, we started talking numbers.  I showed Cleveland my Costco card and he returned with a number, $34,135.  When I proceeded to negotiate from that number, he said the Costco number was final.  Further, he stated pointedly, "are you gonna buy the car or not?"  With that, I left.  I ended up getting the same car at Serramonte Lexus from a more flexible sales person named Eric for $33,125.

I visited the Stevens Creek dealership another time with my friends to see the new IS250 convertible; when it was released.  They had one in stock, and when we asked to see the top in operation, the sales person said that he couldn't; it had been sold.  Within a few minutes, an older couple (prob in their 50's) and well dressed asked to see the convertible in operation - the same sales person obliged.  As me and my friends were in our early 30s and had just finished playing tennis in fitness wear; I guess we didn't look Lexus material to the salesperson.

I will not buy a Lexus from Stevens Creek.

Anthony J. | 2010-12-18

Go see Eddie G and hopefully you will get Efrain as your Finance Manager! Good people

Susanna S. | 2010-12-15

My husband Rich and I had a lease ending soon and contacted Ray Castaneda asking him what we should do to get into a new car. Because our business is in full swing we hardly have any time to dedicate to the whole process of returning and getting a new car. I already knew what we wanted so what happened next blew us away.  Ray said "Don't worry, I'll handle everything!" We were able to handle all the paperwork over the phone/fax. Ray drove the new car to our home in Santa Cruz and took back the old car.  The whole experience was seamless and we appreciated the extra mile(s) Ray went to do us the favor.

We appreciate the service and we appreciate Ray Castaneda and definitely recommend a Lexus if you're interested in a reliable product and extraordinary customer service!

Tyler H. | 2010-12-08

Pushy, Pushy, Pushy.

At the Lexus dealership in my hometown I had experienced true Lexus service... The most friendly, helpful and knowledgeable staff, they really left a lasting impression on me.  

So when I first relocated to the south bay I went to Lexus of Stevens Creek to start looking at IS350s.  The salesman (Sebastian, I think) was so full of cheesy one-liners and pressure tactics that I couldn't even stand him.  I told him that I'd need to talk to my wife before deciding on a model (come on, it's a $30K purchase, who wouldn't!) he actually, and I'm not kidding, told me I wasn't a man if I didn't sign the papers that night.  Naturally I walked out.  They had my cellphone number (from making the appointment, I know stupid of me to give it to them) and the creep kept calling and texting me for almost a week before he finally got the very clear picture that I was not interested in dealing with him.

We ended up finding a nice used IS300 at Fremont Toyota and love it.

Pei W. | 2010-11-29

Bought my car yesterday, and george soliman was the man who helped. Great guy and great help, unfortunately we didn't get the deal we liked. But he did his best to satisfy us, and that's what counts.

Albert L. | 2010-11-06

Do NOT waste your time here!!!  We felt UNCOMFORTABLE here.  

If you look at most of the 5 star reviews, the users only have a few reviews which is a clear sign to listen to your conscience.  

We came in here to test drive the IS250.  I saw a bunch of the sales people lounging around and no one came out to greet us or made us feel welcomed.  We asked to test drive a NEW IS250.  Sal who came out to greet us lets us test drive a 2008 IS250.  How are we suppose to base a decision on a car when that's not the car we're looking to buy?  During the test drive, Sal did not initiate any type of conversation.  He gave us no details regarding what features the car came with.  After we got back from the test drive,  he asked do you want to buy the car today and started giving alot of pressure sales tactics.  I could tell he was trying to size us up as well.  After we said, we're deciding between Lexus, BMW, and Infiniti,  Sal stormed off and left.  

Poor customer service.  I would NOT buy my next car from here.

Laurie G. | 2010-10-21

Lexus made me feel like a Rock Star

Last night Lexus hosted a community event to kick off their Community Calendar that benefits local Non profits.  What a awesome night.
This event took place on their roof top at the Dealership on a gorgeous fall night.  I should have taken my camera because it was incredible.  Full Circle wine bar with several wineries pouring wines, Parsley Sage Rosemary and Thyme provided a variety of appetizers that they served to you.  PSRT also provided a choice of mixed drinks, Nothing Bundt Cakes out of Los Gatos provided a variety of cakes (red velvet rocked!) and Lexus showcased the new LFA (only $350,000.)  Sun shone, band played, several white sofa's sitting areas, some white tented, with large screened TV's in order to cheer on the Giants.

All this to kick off their support of non profits.  You have got to love when someone steps up and steps up like this.

Thanks Lexus for treating us like stars!

Eric M. | 2010-10-15

Going into a car dealership can be like diving into a tank of great white sharks.  However, this experience would be like swimming with dolphins.  I have purchased at least 15 cars over my lifetime from various dealerships.  I have never been treated with such kidness, consideraton, and lack of that in your face salesmanship like I was with Mohammed, my sales person at Lexus.  He went above and beyond to make my experience a positive one.  I called around to all other dealerships in the area and nobody could offer me the my new Lexus GX at the price he was offering it to me.

I had to wait on a loan from my personal banker and Mohammed was very patient and didn't force me into their financial office like so many other dealers do.  He let me take my time on my decision with the vehicle and was not pushy at all.

His calm, gentle manner made this experience so positive.

If you're looking to buy a new Lexus walk into this dealership and ask for Mohammed!!!

Ram D. | 2010-10-08

Last week I bought a brand new 2011 GX 460 from Lexus of Stevens Creek. When I started looking mid-sept the 2011 model was still not available at any of the dealerships. I called Lexus of Stevens Creek and asked to talk to a sales rep about the car. They transferred me to Jared Miller, one of the Sales Mangers there. On the phone I felt very comfortable talking to him. The next day I stopped by at the dealership to talk about the car. Jared told me that the car are still in the port in LA but he said he can expedite and get me the car I want within 10 days.

He gave me a great deal on the car.. There was no sales pressure or haggling. Jared sent me all the information by email and couple of going back and forth on the email we agreed on a price and took delivery of the car on the 30th sept. One of the best car buying experience I ever had.

Maurina V. | 2010-10-04

This was the best experience I have ever had buying a car! Joe Minster was the Lexus salesman that worked with us. He was helpful, trustworthy, and pleasant to be around. My partner and I bought the car we wanted for the price we wanted.

If you are looking to purchase a Lexus, I highly recommend Lexus of Stevens Creek and Joe.

susan m. | 2010-09-01

Just bought our first Lexus. The purchase experience at Stevens Creek Lexus was outstanding. Our salesman, Sam Assad, had a great "can-do" attitude and was very pleasant to work with. He and his colleagues worked together to help us get a beautiful car at a really good price with great financing. And it all took about 24 hours.

James H. | 2010-08-01

Went yesterday to trade in my 07 gs350 and get the 2010 rx350.  Expected the usual car buying experience but to my surprise I had a very positive experience, felt like I got a fair deal, and got the car I wanted.  One of my better dealership experiences.  It's all about who your salesperson is, mine was Eddie Ghanim.  Ask for him if you want a straight shooter.

Ricky B. | 2010-05-23

I've owned a Cadillac Escalade, a Yukon Denali, a BMW 7, a Mercedes and a Lexus.  By far Lexus dealerships are the most professional, courteous and helpful bunch of people in the whole freaking world.  I don't know what it is about customer service, but Lexus knows how to treat customers and make sure that everything is ok.  Now I know why people love Lexus.  I hate my BMW by the way.  Don't shop at Weatherford or Stevens Creek BMW.  WORST CUSTOMER CARE in the world!

Bernard L. | 2010-05-03

Unfortunately Howie doesn't work here anymore. But their selection is good and I imagine they're still flexible on pricing. As expected, if they don't have a particular model or color in stock then they're willing to transport one in.

sherlock w. | 2010-04-15

This review is not just for the good sales service at LX of S C. This is especially a thank you for the wonderful experience me and my family had with Ted Liu. I was a walk in to browse on a cpl vehicles and Ted spotted me and greeted me  right away with his biz card. Although he was kinda bz that day, he came back promptly and allowed me to test drive the HS and the RX. During the test drive, we had some kool conversations just about life and what we do. He did spend some time explaining some functionalities of both vehicles tho. What I'm trying to say is. There is no pressure of selling or pushing whatever with Ted. He patiently waited for my pick between the 2 vehicles we drove and gave me a very nice quote on the RX with a good trade price on my 07 IS too. We agreed on coming in the next day cuz it was getting late to sign all the papers and BOOM! DONE! I also wanna thank Sal (another MCS) that helped out the whole process and the delivery too! All in all, mom and I were treated like family. With Ted being one of the sales management, he can make the calls and that means he can make a difference for you! (No managers coming in and out talking trash about your trade what so ever that kinda BS) Thanks guys for the smooth transaction! Enough said! I know where to get my Lexus' for me and all my friends and fam now!

Dorothy Claire S. | 2010-02-24

TED LIU, Master Certified Sales

If I can give more than 5 stars, I would.  I am beyond words to describe the enormous customer service provided to me even after I have already bought the car on 12/20/09.  Their customer service continuous on and on. Ted Liu who is the Master Certified Sales at this dealership still nicely follows up with me to see how everything is going with my new car.  First off, if I'm the sales agent, you buy a car from me, I will thank for your time, then move on. (I guess its why I'm not in this profession? hahahah)

So as I continue, a bad situation occurred to me last week with my new car.  Someone in Oakland stabbed my bottom gas tank and stole my premium gas. So to make story short, it is now sitting at the Lexus Service Ctr (which btw, they also treated me with calmness eventhough I was completely stressed out), the staff there are highly respectable and very professional.  I'm all about customer and how us consumers are being treated.  I give them more then 5stars for this too!

So I called Ted Liu at the time after the incident and told him about my car..."Well see, it's all about who you know right?" as he says. He called the Lexus Service Center right away and I was immediately taken care of %100.  The loaner car provided to me was even waaaay sweeter than the sweet lexus I got! So much to a point where I wanted to say...will you keep my car there for awhile and let me drive this loaner?? hahahaH!!...but that wouldn't be right.

My purpose for this review is to express the professionalism, courtesy and the best services Lexus has been and have been provided to me.  It all started with TED LIU....I tell you this...If I live far and I need anything that has something to do with LEXUS, I will be in contact with this guy.

Nancy D. | 2010-02-06

Having owned Toyota's for the last 10 years and being very happy with the brand I thought I would not consider any other vehicle.  Well as things happen I was in a serious accident and I am certain that the Toyota's safety features saved my life.  When I was finally able to move around enough to look at getting a replacement car (my other car was totaled) I went to Toyota, Nissan, Acura and then to Lexus.  I thought Lexus might be a little out of my budget but safety was number one to me.
I went to Lexus of Stevens Creek and was introduced to EDDIE GHANIM ....he was a pleasure to work with!  Knowledgeable, friendly, helpful, caring and kept his word.  I was thinking a new model 2010 RX 350..but ended up with a 2009 same model much less payment with very low mileage.  Great SUV.  Best experience I have ever had purchasing a car....not pushy, no gimmicks, straight forward transaction.  Eddie, pretty much had the car detailed and fully gassed up for me....sat in the car after I signed all the paperwork and went over every feature possible....even set up my Bluetooth feature.  
I would definitely recommend Lexus of Stevens Creek and Eddie Ghanim.  It was a pleasure not a pressure!!!  Thank you Eddie!!

Rahul B. | 2010-01-22

Went there to test drive an IS.  Too small.  Drove the ES before leaving.  Liked it.  Came back the next day, negotiated a great price, and left with the car.  I don't think I spent more than a total of two hours at the dealership.  Buying the car from these guys is a similar experience to actually owning a Lexus.

Karthik L. | 2010-01-21

Had a good experience at the Lexus Stevens Creek. I started with Costco sales, and so was directly referred to fleet manager (Joe H). Worked mostly with Joe and George S and had a good time. Did not feel like I was pushed to make a decision and they were quite okay when I said I needed to test-drive the Acura and Infiniti before making a decision. The first time I test drove, it was raining, so I requested an additional one the next day and again had no issues. If there was one point they could improve, it was to reduce the waiting time in spite of having appointments. Could be partly because of timing, as I was trying to complete the deal before the end of the year (last week of Dec). Overall excellent service on pre-sales.

When the time came to take delivery of the car, worked with George on the features and Anita on the financing. Got a better deal than my credit union for financing and so took up the offer with Lexus financial (3.29% APR).  Again, good service and George took the time to explain the features and also transferred my contacts/set-up blue tooth etc.

All taken, if the wait time is reduced, this would be as good a service as you can expect from a car dealership. Would definitely recommend working with George S and Joe H. Also, going through Costco avoids the hassle of having to negotiate. In my case, since I was looking at a car not on the lot (due to color/features constraints), I paid the invoice price. Might have even gotten for lower than invoice if I was willing to take one from the floor.

Tracy T. | 2010-01-10

I cringe at the thought of going to car dealerships, because of the fact that there is always this perceived notion that it will take hours to settle and seal the deal for most individuals. Not here...

I would have probably given this place a lower rating after a pretty horrible test drive at this dealership with one of their salesmen. Kristina on the other hand, turned it the other way around and provided us with wonderful customer service. Very responsive via e-mail and in person. Quick, efficient, in and out with our brand new car. None of that back and forth BS. If it wasn't for Kristina, we would have never came back and gave Lexus of Stevens Creek a second chance. Thank you, Kristina!

Robert C. | 2009-12-31

My wife and I purchased a new Lexus RX450h last month.  It was our first car that we bought together.  Neither one of us had any experience with buying a car in the past and we weren't looking forward to what was ahead of us.

Prior to our purchase, I had contacted various dealerships in the Bay Area for a quote for a 2010 RX450h.  I had received two responses from Lexus of Stevens Creek and Putnam Lexus in Redwood City.  The difference between the two dealerships was that I received a phone call from Herman Samaniego.  He was the internet sales representative for Lexus of Stevens Creek.  We spoke briefly over the phone about the various options for the RX450h and scheduled a day and time to come in for a test drive.

I chose a Sunday (which apparently was his day off, but he didn't mind coming in at all).  I actually didn't know it was his day off until after the purchase.  On the morning of the appointment, I received another phone call from Herman to confirm our appointment.  This is just great customer service!

We met Herman promptly at the time we decided and he walked my wife and me right upstairs to look at the inventory of RX450h's they had in stock.  We chose the color we liked and took it for a test drive.  Herman was very knowledgeable about the car and was really patient with us in explaining everything about the car.  He answered all of our questions and spent about 2.5 hours with us before we even sat down to discuss price.

I felt that we got a pretty decent deal on our car and am very happy with our choice.  We highly recommend Herman as he is very professional and knowledgeable about the cars he sells!

Danny K. | 2009-12-23

This is by far the best Lexus dealership in the Bay area and one of the best salesman here is is Sal Mohamed/Safik. I have bought 2 Certified Lexus automobiles from Sal and the experience has been the best. I most recently purchased an RX 400h 2006 model. It was perfect and Sal helped me in an unpressured and friendly way make a decision between a GX470 which was considerably more and a more sensible for my wifes needs: RX 400h. So a note about these automobiles... Remember you have to be prepared to pay or what you get. These are high end cars, not GM or Ford or even Toyota (yeah, they are high end Toyotas) ... so even Certified cars you pay a bit of a premium on Lexus ... but they are worth it. Anyway, the day after I purchased the car 3 of the tires went flat when I went out to drive the RX the next morning. I called Sal and he personally went with me to the Service Center down the road and with no waiting they immediately took the car back to the service area and  fixed the problem "defective valve stems on the brand new tires" Sal took about 2 hours of his morning time to help make sure I was a satisfied customer. Now that is real customer service.

Note about service:  I have always owned Lexus and also take my car (GS 400 to the Lexus service center. You pay a bit more but the work is guaranteed and you get a loaner car...never been disappointed with the sales or service experience at Lexus of Stevens Creek. Now I have heard some rumors that they are cutting back on the loaners but I cannot confirm that.

In any case... So if you are in the market for a new or used Lexus I would ask for Sal... I would recommend you set up an appointment because he is very busy.. probably because he is very popularhOh yeah and the front receptionist is very helpful and friendly. Everyone here makes sure you are being helped. The free soft drinks and coffee while you wait is nice too. And Sal will take good care of you and you will walk out with little or NO buyers remorse. If you do it is because You are probably expecting the unreasonable! That said I would at least do a little research on one of the car sites before you go and check Kelly Blue book if you have a trade. Arm yourself with knowledge, and you will see that Sal is a reasonable salesman. Again, Remember this is Lexus.... not GM, Ford or Dodge/Chrysler! Happy Car buying.

Looja T. | 2009-12-15

Went in for a test drive to decide between the ES 350 and 328. Was accosted by a salesman called Joseph who was very friendly and took us out on a test drive. After the drive, however, when I mentioned that I wanted to test drive an Audi and wanted to get a sense how much I could expect to pay for the car - he became downright rude and gave me the proverbial cold shoulder. Must be nice to have a job where it is acceptable to be an ass to customers.

Liked the car, hated the salesman, and hence will not be buying from this store for sure.

Deana B. | 2009-11-30

My husband and I went to Lexus on a sunday afternoon not expecting to get a car that day but after 4-5 hours of talking with our salesman Ted Liu we left that night with a Lexus, IS250 and we are LOVING it SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANKS TED!!!!!!
I can't say enough about this place and Ted Liu...I have never been at a dealership where everyone was so friendly and offered drinks several times and chocolate (it was Halloween) They were genuinally nice and talked to us as more than just customers they were interested in 'US".
Some of the other salesman even sat down and chatted with us while we watched the hockey game at the lounge!!!

We came back two days later  to finish up paperwork and Ted  Liu took our car and filled it up with gas!!!

It was such a GREAT experience, we are loving our car more and more every ride we take in it, and I would recommend you stopping by here!!!!!

ps. Ask for TED LIU :)


George B. | 2009-11-10

Excellent visit to Lexus of Stevens Creek.

I had visited the dealership with no intention of actually buying a car, but just looking around at what they currently had in stock.

My first impression was they had many vehicles in their inventory, different packages, colors etc etc.

I was approached by a friendly sales person, I told them I had no intentions of purchasing a car that day, but they were still nice enough to see what I was interested in as well as what options I had in mind, and a rough price estimate on how much everything would round out to.

The waiting lounge were exceptional, one of the best I've ever seen in a dealership. I can definitely say I will be visiting Lexus of Stevens Creek again once I am ready to make my Lexus vehicle purchase!

Tina B. | 2009-11-10

service is great--

however, the desk was a little unorganized-- I hope it was just an off day for them--

JOHNSON J. | 2009-11-06

LSC has been here for a long time and has great customer service and support. We've bought 4 cars from them and have directed many others to do the same. My friend just recently bought a LS460 from them at a great deal and we were in and out in less than 1 hr with a brand new car (since we didnt need to test drive).   the sales executives have the knowledge to get you into the car you deserve to drive.

Nine N. | 2009-09-26

Well what to say about dealerships.  Recently shopped around for a Lexus ES 300, LS 300, RX 330 (SUV), or the GS 300-430 series.  Had NO idea which type to go with 'til I test drove, but knew which amenities were essential:  wanted Nav, memory seats, mark levinson sound system, etc.  I did my homework (with the help of several good friends input), and of course some of my cousins who are into cars n' such.  But anyway, ultimately when I test drove here, it came down to two:  the RX 330 OR the GS 300 or 430 sedan.  

I had specific colors in mind:  DID NOT want black or tan interior; had to be grey perforated leather seats; DID NOT want a black, pearl white or beige/champagne colored exterior..

With all that in mind, although the dealers here were definitely more attentive, knowledgable and patient than most other dealers (Toyota, Honda, Audi), at the end it was all the same:  the dealer still wanted me to go for the higher end, higher priced model that only had 2 of the 10 features I'd required in making a purchase!!
So yeah, needless to say, I didn't come back to this location!!  But I will say, there is another Lexus Dealership in Fremont and in Pleasanton/Dublin, which has the MOST friendly, paitent, honest sales associates there :D

Mike W. | 2009-09-16

This is my 2nd time buying from Stevens Creek Lexus and have had great experiences both times.   This time around I bought from Kristina and she really took care of us.  I would definitely recommend her and we think that she's great!

NOTE:  I would definitely avoid one sales lady in particular, Dottie.  My wife and I went in a few weeks prior to purchasing to look around and had the WORST experience EVER!! When we mentioned to her that we were not ready to buy, she literally slammed her black book on her desk and turned around.  What a BITCH, how the hell do you expect to sell cars when you are SO rude!  She kept on telling us to get a car that we did not want, and was like "Well I found you this one, why don't you want to buy it??" BITCH we F'n want White on Gray do you not understand that in your dinosaur brain?  We do not want White on ivory.  AVOID HER AT ALL COSTS!  

Kristina saved the deal for us, and if it wasn't for her I would have given Steven's Creek 1 Star.

Krulberg G. | 2009-08-11

I was in at this dealership some time ago.

It started very well. I was approached by Joseph who was extremely helpful and friendly. I expressed interest in two cars and we took the first one for a test drive. It all went well until I mentioned that I still needed to test drive an Acura before I made up my mind. Once he figured I wasn't going to buy a car he lost a little interest.

Things became extremely unpleasant  when I asked if I could test drive the second car. Joseph was was extremely rude and I was very taken aback. I'm extremely surprised that Lexus allows their name to be sullied by such unpleasant and aggressive sales people. Acura it is then.

Laura M. | 2009-07-24

The only reason for writing this review is because of Joseph, the friendly salesman. I had gone to this dealership 2 weeks prior and had absolutely no intentions of going back, after another salesman, Ray had spoken to me. He took one look at me, handed me a card and basically said when you can afford it, come see me, and walked off with a snarky little you're not worth my time attitude. Little did he know, I had full intentions of buying a car that day. I went back, and that is when I met Joseph. He had no problem helping me out, and now i'm rolling in a sweet new ride! I'd reccomend Joseph to anyone. Thanks Lexus of Stevens Creek!

Nick N. | 2009-06-07

We test drove an RX 400h and had a good experience here- probably will end up waiting a year to get a 2007 off-lease but will definitely come here and talk to Joe Minister to get a reasonable deal without any drama.

A C. | 2009-06-06

most of the salespeople are professional and knowledgeable. there was one salesperson who didn't talk at all, but i now see him as an exception. i talked to at least 3 others and they're all great.

love my car, by the way. love. it.

Brit C. | 2009-05-25

I went in here the other day browsing for a car.  I was there for a good 30-45 mins. No one approached us, or even took a second look at us.   When I walked in, I was torn between the is350 and the 328i, but when I left,  I had narrowed it down.  We took our business up the street to BMW.  Made my decision much easier!

As a previous Lexus owner, I was extremely pissed at the way I was (or wasn't) treated.  Ultimately, a little customer service would have gone a long way.

yi-li c. | 2009-05-04

Kristina Taroni was so wonderful to work with!  She was sick on the day I called her but she still helped me reserve the car that I wanted, and gave me a quote.  She had me working with George Soliman in her absence.  George helped us test drive the car and explained many features to us.   They were willing to work with our preferences and budget and we got the exact car we wanted!  Both Kristina and George called us after we drove home with our new car to make sure everything went well.  We are very happy with our new purchase and had a painless experience buying a car here.

Y U. | 2009-04-29

I went to this dealership for testing a used is-250 .
So being new to this area i had a driving permit and not a license. I was allowed by all the dealership to test their cars new/used with that permit. Its quite acceptable everywhere. The dealership reacted to this permit like something they have never seen. Ignorance ...thats it ..
They refused to give me the car for drive...this came from the guy who was sitting inside and not from the salesperson.
I was quite surprised that someone who was so senior to so many salepersons was so ignorant on DMV Rules.
I decided to not get a lexus

Ken G. | 2009-04-12

My Wife had her heart set on a BMW.  After SEVERAL bad encounters with BMW salesmen, I talked her into checking out the Lexus.  When we arrived we met with Joe Minister.  I was ready for him to tell me that his cars are the best in the world, etc, etc.  He was not what I expected, he was very nice and not pushy.  My wife was very relaxed and didn't feel stupid when asking a question.  Joe answered every question and took us on a test drive.  During the test drive, he explained stuff that my wife need to know while she was driving and waited to explain the Nav and bluetooth until she was parked. The BMW salesmen would brag about their nav while she was driving and telling her to watch them while she was driving.

Joe found the car that my wife liked and worked a good price with her.  After we had bought the Lexus, he gave us about an hour long class on the Nav system and all the other bells and whistles. He answered every question and had a great sense of humor.

Joe even set us up with an appointment to see the service center in Santa Clara.  We met him at the Lexus dealership 2 weeks later at a time that was good for us and he drove us over there. He gave us a tour and set us up with our first service appointment. While we were there, he even gave us a refresher course on the Nav system and answered more question.

We had a great time buying a car, and I was thinking that may be impossible.   If you are looking for a new Lexus, go see Joe.

A X. | 2009-04-01

I was a little skeptical going into Stevens Creek because previous dealerships I visited in So Cal were not true to their word/email.  Either the car was suddenly "sold" or the manager did not agree on the internet quote (shouldn't they have asked before I wasted my time to drive there?).
Boy was I wrong about Stevens Creek.  I went through the internet sales dept (Kristina Taroni) and was pleasantly surprised how quickly all my questions were answered and the price match for the IS250 with another dealership was actually honored (Serramonte had a competitive quote but didn't have my car in stock).  Despite Kristina being completely bombarded with other customers, who just like me, waited until the last day before the 1% tax hike, she gracefully took care of us. All the paperwork was ready, the price was exactly as quoted (no surprises), the car was detailed and ready to go before we even got there, and the finances were personally tailored.  As most people would prefer to be at the dealership as little as possible, it was such a smooth process that we were in and out in 1  1/2  hours with the exact car we wanted. No hassle.  Great deal, great service, great dealership! Thanks Kristina

Linda D. | 2009-03-23

I recently purchased a Lexus from Herman Samaniego at this dealership. I have to admit that I am a real pain when it comes to buying a car. I researched and contacted dealers throughout the Bay Area for 4 months before actually committing to buy. Unfortunately, I've found with Lexus that many dealerships just can't be bothered with my trying to get a honest price for my new vehicle. I found a recommendation for Herman through the club Lexus website and decided to email him. Herman was very patient with me and agreed to my price. Most of my transaction was done via email and telephone. My husband and I picked up the car and were out of the dealership within an hour. Call Herman for a quick and easy Lexus purchase!

Leza D. | 2009-03-21

Ted Liu!!!! He is awesome. I went to many dealerships and test drove many cars but not one made me want to buy their cars. Ted is honest and will really work with you and do his best to get you what you want. Obviously in buying a Lexus you have to be realistic but I honestly thought there was no way I would be able to get one and he made it happen! He is professional, friendly, persistant , fair and helpful. They took my 4runner as a trade in and got me into a new 2009 IS250 with evey option I wanted for a price I could afford! I can't even tell you how happy I am right now.

The location is REALLY nice and they make you feel great when you walk into the door. There are 3 floors of cars and when i walked in i smelt cookies! The receptionist was nice and greeted us once we walked in and quickly got us some help which lucky for me was Ted! So many car sales men give the profession a bad name and i was honestly scared to go in and do all this but I was suprisingly pleased at Lexus.It was a great and easy experience. I left VERY happy with my car and didn't feel like I got hosed. The deal was very fair and i got an awesome price. =) If you are thinking about getting a new car...definetly go see Ted Liu at Lexus he is GREAT!

DJ W. | 2009-03-19

I had been drooling over the RX 350 since I saw the first commercial. My first stop was Putnam Lexus for a test drive. At that point I fell in love.

Putnam told me that they had no flexibility on price and if I wanted a deal to buy a 2009. I decided to do a little shopping around and sent out some internet requests for pricing. I submitted my quote request around 10pm on a Sat night. At 12:30 am I received a response from Kristina Taroni at Lexus Stevens Creek. Kristina pretty much had me with that email. I was so impressed with her responsiveness.

The next day I spoke with Kristina on the phone, negotiated a price and by 2pm I was driving my new RX 350. I got exactly the color I wanted and all of the options that were important to me. Kristina made the process fun and painless.

I highly recommend Kristina and the RX 350. It does feel bigger than the 2009 model but as a result I feel safer. It is a pleasure to drive.

Kevin L. | 2009-01-13

This is my first time buying a car and Lexus of SC made it extremely easy.  On the first day I test drove with Bill, who was chill and friendly.  I left to visit other dealers.

On the next day, I returned and was greeted by Joseph Minister.  Beforehand, I was pumped to deal with some slick-haired car salesman.  Joesph turned out to be the complete opposite.  1) He displayed lots of patience and expertise 2) He applied ZERO pressure.  Joesph was great; he answered dozens of questions and even walked me through the auto insurance purchasing.  I could see that he was extremely busy as his phone rang every 5 minutes, but Joseph ignored all of those calls and gave me his undivided attention until I was completely satisfied with the deal.

After this, I was handed off to Tony, who was professional but did not seem rather interested in dealing with me.  Maybe it's because people in my demographic do not usually sign up for any of the options he was selling.

At the end of the day, I ended up paying for less than the listed price on with a 6.25 APR over 60 months with zero down.  I had been researching this car for over 3 months so I was sure that I received the best deal possible.  I did feel that the finance rate was a bit high even though it's supposedly below the market average; however, I do not have "high credit" nor cash for a down payment so I didn't have too much leverage to haggle it down.  Plus, my friend who bought a Lexus a month before me ended up with 8+% APR.

The only downside is that the car (IS 250 AWD) drives so well that I didn't notice I was going over 90 mph in a 65 zone until the police pulled me over.  

Overall, I felt pleasantly surprised to be treated with so much respect.  Lexus of SC is a dealership that focuses on customer satisfaction as opposed to applying pressure.

So if you want a great deal and an even better buying experience go to Lexus of Stevens Creek and ask for Joesph Minister.

Tom N. | 2008-12-29

I went in to check out an RX 350 and got jumped by a salesman the minute my foot hit the pavement. He had a great deal for me that was only good "today". The vehicle is very well made with a beautiful interior, but horsepower is not its strong suit. The salesman kept saying "yeah, punch it!" and "whoa baby, feel that power?" After the test drive I almost ended up having to run back to my car to get away. This soured me on the Lexus and I went with a Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland, with all the same bells and whistles, but real horsepower and a pleasant buying experience.

Ray S. | 2008-12-10

Watch this video I created:

This dealership is really great! This past Saturday I visited the dealership not expecting to buy a car. I was greeted by George Soliman in the parking lot. I asked him if I could take a look at some GSs and LSs and soon found myself test driving an LS in Los Altos after driving on 280 for a bit. George was very knowledgeable and flexible with me.

George and Mike Nessim are true professionals. They answered all my questions and arranged financing for the car. I was there with my girlfriend and she ended up getting a new car as well.  I was really happy about my test drive - no pressure to get back to the dealership - they moved at my pace and did not pressure me to buy. I highly recommend this dealership and especially George Soliman. I am sure everyone is nice there, but if I was you I would ask for him by name and tell him I sent you.

Watch this video I created:

Ray Stendall - A Happy LS430 customer!

Anne K. | 2008-11-12

This dealership was the first place I went when I decided to check out  the RX400h. They had a couple of RX 350s in the lot so that I could look at  the interiors, etc. but no 400h's. I took the 350 out for a spin and it was pretty nice so,  I asked the salesman if I could drive the 400h and he said, "Why?  It's just the same as this!" What? This guy was really aloof and kind of smarmy. Despite my misgivings I went ahead and put a 400h on order. The next day I went to Putnam Lexus in Redwood City and got such better service I called Lexus of Stevens Creek and asked for my check back. The salesman was super mad. I don't blame him... next time be nice.

Appa M. | 2008-10-02

update: too many promises that weren't fulfill.

It's a dealership!!!

For me it come down to the question, Would you rather owned a BMW 550 or a Lexus GS460? most would say the Bimmer... no doubt most will agreed, but i can't live without touchscreen Navi, comfortable interior and an V8. hahahaha

I love the BMW 550 but i don't like the idrive and believe me you will be very frustrated if you try to use it,  with that said I chose to go with the GS460 which is an awesome car and cheaper then the BMW.  

All of us have horror stories regarding buying a car at the dealer, mine is not as bad as some of you but the headaches and frustration is there. It's all nice and goody when the salesman greet you and take you for a test drive. negotiation is not as bad.... we both agreed  to the price...

However, when we get to the finance department is when everything fail apart. we spend and additional 3 hrs there just to clear out the misleading number. all i can say is that there were a lot of promises that was not kept and misleading sales tactics and payment amount is all wrong.

Our sales guy is Ted Lui and he's trying to do his job as would anyone else and he did provide us with some useful info. However, with all salesman you should be careful and hammer out all the number before going forward and if that fail then walk away. I think Ted is a good sales Rep and a good person, but for this transaction I didn't feel he do a good jobs.

If you are in the market for a new car I recommend getting a Lexus. of course within your budget. However, I advise to all my fellows Yelper to negotiate the price or payment (in writing) and any upgrade you make to the car make sure that you owned it when your lease is up.



BTW... the final contract that you're going to sign in the Finance department don't always add up so you have to go over it very carefully. they charge us an additional monthly payment until we pointed to them that it wrong and of course they blame on the computer.


oH..... I'm glad I decided on the GS it an awesome and fun to drive car.

Wendy K. | 2008-09-29

I love lexus, i just bought my third one...but this dealership is hit or miss. back in the day i got a second generation is300 and totally loved it. since i was young at the time, my dad helped me through the negotiations process, but i didn't find it too hard, and the sales lady was nice enough. i got a decent deal (not a downright steal, but good enough for me to be happy). three years later i went to put my name on the list for an RX400h. It was still new at the time and the salesman i spoke to wasn't interested in something he couldn't close on that day. i'm huge on service and reward my business based on how well i'm treated. so i went to magnussen lexus of fremont. the salesman there was nice enough, but the finance and service depts pissed me off every single time. so i got all my service done at stv crk service on martin ave (i love them, but that's another post). another three years go by, bringing us to today....i go to stv creek to give them another chance. spoke to ted liu, who seemed quite nice and knowledgeable. one thing leads to another and we end up leasing a gs460. i love the car, but when we finally got down signing paperwork, all kinds of shady fees started popping up. "where did this $700 come from? You said the chrome wheels were $1000, not $1295. If you deduct this, why doesn't the payment go down?" The poor finance guy had to listen to me rant and print up the lease agreement several times. I know, my fault for not doing my homework ahead of time, but I expect Lexus to be honest and have a transparent pricing structure.
Now that the papers are signed and the car is home, i still don't have a good feeling about the lease. what else was he hiding? did i really get a good deal?

Side note: I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the RX400h - the hybrid, not the regular RX - it handles so well, the Navi is easy to use, a very comfortable ride, and tough as nails underneath the beautiful exterior. If I could afford 2 lexuses, I would totally buy the 2010 redesigned model next year.

UPDATE - One more star added because Ted and his boss Fred called about my post, made me confess why I was unhappy and apologized profusely. Fred offered me a service discount coupon for my troubles. When I'm ready for another Lexus, time will tell if I come here again.

UPDATE #2 - Fred never came through with that service discount coupon, so the extra star is removed, and shame on them for empty promises!

Carla C. | 2008-09-09

I'm still not sure what to think about our experience here. I know car dealers get a bad rap no matter what, but after reading the Yelp reviews I just expected more.

We were left to sit for over an hour for unknown reasons. I KNOW it does not take that long to run credit because #1 I'm an accountant #2 I pull my credit report once a year religiously so I know what's on it #3 I can be approved by my credit union online in less than a minute online.

Even with the playroom, crayons, video games, a tv and free sodas our kids were asking why it was taking so long. THAT has to say a lot.

Another weird thing was the salesrep never talked to us about the cost of the vehicle. It wasn't until we were in the Finance Mangers office that we saw cost, payments, and that they were trying to finance us through Lexus. I specifically said, multiple times, that I was going to go through my CU. I'd already checked out their rates and knew they'd be cheaper than anything the dealership could get me.  

The poor finance guy had to redo the paperwork at least 3 times. It really reminded me of the scene in Fargo, where the customer is ranting about some clear coat and how they scammed him, but William H Macy just wants the commission so he takes the yelling and in the end, he gets what he wants.

A solid 'Meh. I've experienced better.'

Paula D. | 2008-08-31

Just bought our second Lexus from Lexus of Steves Creek. Again, it was a great experience. We got the car we wanted at a great price. Since It is model year end, I was able to take advantage of 2.9% lease rates.

Herman was our sales guy. He has been selling Lexus cars for a long time and certainly knows his stuff.

SC Lexus is different than most car dealers. Everyone will acknowledge you in a friendly way (a nod, a smile, a quick word). Your sales person will not pressure you to purchase a car, but will take the time to explain what's available and take you for a test drive.

I thought I wanted an IS350, but ended up getting a I250 instead. I couldn't be happier!

Susan Y. | 2008-06-18

I came here with my family after we seeing the grandparents because we had time and we were kind of looking for a car.

When we got there we looked around on our own, we weren't approached immediately which wasn't a bad thing but soon enough a salesman asked if we had any questions, in which my dad straight up said "No" to (haha he's a very straightforward guy..) and he gave us our space. Anyway we later did have some questions and such and the salesman, Sam Asad, was informative and cool. We went for a test drive, and in the end, we did get the new IS250 we were looking at. Sam wasn't pushy though or pressuring us at all to buy it which was nice.

We got a good deal and Sam took good care of us -- through the paperwork, informing about the details of the car and how to use everything. He's also a pretty funny guy, and he was also gave us Lexus key chains and "lunch bags" to each of us.

Overall great service and I'd recommend coming here if you're looking to get behind the wheel of a Lexus! And if you're being helped by Sam, you're in good hands.

Selene K. | 2008-04-13

7pm on a Saturday night, we walk into this dealership.  We're greeted by every single person with a smile.  What a huge difference from BMW.  The sales person here was great.  He listened to every single detail my friend was describing and led us to the exact car.  During the test drive, he answered every question all of us had with a ton of knowledge.  

After the test drive, we get back into the showroom and he asked my friend if an offer was going to be made for the car today.  Accepting the rejection gracefully, he didn't try the desperate salesman approach.

When I get tired of my BMW, Lexus will be my preferred choice and this dealership will be the one I buy it from!

Mary T. | 2008-02-21

Back in summer 2005, my sis and I accompanied my dad to get the Lexus he had been eye-ing for the past couple of months. He had his old car for 10 years, so we pushed him to upgrade. Of course, they let the only Asian guy working at the time take care of us...but we were fine with that because he was really cool. We checked out several models and my dad knew exactly which one he wanted. Earlier that day, my bro said his friend could get us the same one for a good deal, so we told the guy at the dealership that we'd call him in a few days. My bro was wrong, and my sister managed to negotiate a really great price on my dad's new car. Minus one star because they talked us into getting Sirius radio, which is screwy (unreliable) and my dad never listens to!

Connie C. | 2007-12-31

L'Empress is the name of my Lexus. She's quiet and sophisticated, and purrs like a kitten. She's old in age, but young in spirit. She's sleek but built like a tank. Like me, she's been through a lot this year, and just when it seemed like she was going to give up and quit, she had a resurgence of life and is now stronger than ever - she's a survivor! This girl is solid as a rock.

A year ago, L'Empress gave me a major scare while I was driving on 101. Some may remember that incident from my review of Divine Grace Auto Service (… ). She also had several battery issues throughout the year, and needed a couple jumps to bring her back to life. She's now almost at 200K miles, so I thought that maybe it was time that I gave her some rest. So I went to the Lexus dealership on Stevens Creek where L'Empress was from 15 years ago to take a look at some brand new 2008 models.

There was no doubt that my next car would also be a Lexus. I've driven BMW and Mercedes, but I have to say that Lexus has been my favorite car to drive, and the most reliable and easiest to maintain. While at the dealership, I fell in love with the GS 460. What a gorgeous car, and such a powerful and smooth ride! Although I didn't buy it then and there, I am seriously considering it. The staff here was courteous and professional, and I have always had a good experience whenever I've had to bring L'Empress in for service, so I would be totally comfortable working with the guys here to get me the perfect successor to L'Empress.

For now, L'Empress' reign continues to be steady and strong. She made it through a tough 2007, and I'm certain that she will still have much more life to live in 2008.

Kenji Y. | 2007-10-23

I helped my friend's parents buy a GS350 at this dealership since they offered the lowest price through email negotiation.

The dealership was very clean and provided free food/drinks while we waited.  Surprisingly, they didn't play any games or do any sweet talking, etc. and actually gave us the price we agreed over email /w no additions.  Very straight forward transaction and treated us like humans.

I give it a 4/5 because I heard the dealer called my friend's parents telling them to not tell people what price they got and how the sales rep got in trouble...  What's that all about?? but -1 star for that.

Jonas M. | 2007-08-19

I came to the dealership in a beat up accord and not dressed like the typical lexus customer about 4 months ago. I had every intention to buy an IS, but let me tell you that I was very much mistreated over there. I think they gave me a beginner sales person because he really didn't communicate anything to me. He acted like he just wanted to get rid of me. Also, during the test drive, the wheel wasn't turning all that well, and he told me that it was just the power steering. But I insisted there was something wrong, but he just ignored me. As it turned out, there was a problem with the car, and it wasn't me. He didn't even apologize! Anywho, I bought my IS elsewhere the next day, because I was so pissed off. I didn't feel like they wanted my business, to be honest.

kim t. | 2007-08-15

I hate going to car dealerships but Lexus of Stevens creek is not like other dealerships.  All the sales folks here are super friendly. I was greeted by many staff members there who made me feel super comfortable.  Bill Billamay sold me the car that had all the options I was looking for and made my buying experience very smooth.  I ordered the car on  a Sunday and picked it up on a Tuesday.  I got a great deal and
have no complaints.  Go see Bill if you want a Lexus because he'll take good care of you.

Jason P. | 2007-06-28

One star for a nicely designed show room with a comfortable guest seating area and an open layout.  The service seems to be subpar however, especially for a luxury dealership.

My wife and I spent about 15 minutes checking out a GS350 inside the show room.  At first, I appreciated the fact that we were not approached by anyone in sales and had time to browse by ourselves.  We then approached the front desk where a very polite receptionist asked us if we needed help.  We replied yes, and she called for someone from sales to come up to the front.

We then waited patiently for about 15 minutes and still no one showed up!  We got up walked around a bit more and finally left.  They must sell a lot of cars to be able to have such disregard for their potential customers.  I bought a ML350 a few months ago from the Mercedes dealership down the street and I can tell you the sales experience was exponentially better.

Jerry Y. | 2007-06-18

I just got my IS250 from Peter Chu yesterday, and I have to say this experience was really up and down.  Peter was not a very good sales man, but he delievered the best price he could in the very first place.  I then went to Automall's Lexus dealership for another price quote, and the dealer was so rude that he started talking in MSRP and asked me for counter offer.  When I asked for a price 1,000 lower than Peter quoted me, the dealer refused to talk to me.

Anyway, I went back to this dealership to finish the business.  Beware of the manager because he'll sale you things you don't really want it - you could get painting whatsoever services within 200 bucks.

Cynthia Y. | 2007-06-11

I often equate going to Lexus of Stevens Creek with shopping at Neimans: no high pressure sales, beautiful showroom, and great service.

They will work with you to make sure you are satisfied. I found a small scratch on my SC when I brought it home and they went out of their way to make sure that I was still a happy customer.

Going through the internet will save you a lot of hassle--makes it easier for them to offer you a deal.

geoff k. | 2007-06-05

I did my auto shopping via the internet.  We've owned two Lexus SUVs previously so we didn't have to be sold on the car.  We also knew what we considered to be a good deal.  The manager of internet sales immediately quoted a price lower than anyone else.  We got the vehicle for almost $6,000 below MSRP.  We've chosen to lease our last three vehicles since my wife wants a new car every three years.  Believe it or not, this is a cheaper way to go especially since I end up selling the car for a nice tidy profit instead of turning it in at the end of lease!

At any rate, they had the vehicle detailed and ready to go.  The paper work was painless and the saleman couldn't have been nicer when he took an hour to explain the new features of the car particularly the navigation system to my wife.

Believe me, I've dealt with other Lexus dealerships before and Lexus of Stevens Creek has my business for years to come.

Marci K. | 2007-03-06

My recent purchase here was was simply the easiest vehicle transaction I've ever made...  

First, I already decided what car and options that I wanted and knew the purchase price that I needed.  Being an educated consumer is definitely the first step to getting the best deal.  Then I made an Internet Purchase Reqest with Stevens Creek Lexus.  Within ONE day the sales manager, Ron Coury called me and offered me a wonderful price (below dealer's invoice) on the exact car that I requested.  Their price even beat Lexus Monterey Peninsula's fleet price.  So I came in that very weekend to pick up the car.... met Ron in person, negotiated a bit more on extended warranty and other extras, signed the paperwork and drove off with the new RX that afternoon.

There was no need to haggle and I knew that I was getting the best price available with excellent customer service.  
I'm very happy!

Update - I received news that Ron Coury is no longer with Stevens Creek Lexus.  =(

M C. | 2006-09-12

I came upon Kristina Taroni of Lexus of Stevens Creek thru an auto broker website.  If you want a non-stress, straightforward, classy type of negotiation & you like to do everything online then she's your person.  She's quite responsive even while on vacation.  I always thought that I'd buy my second Lexus from L of Serramonte but everything went south when the original salesperson I dealt with left.  Kristina made it all so easy & comforting especially after such a bad experience at the other dealership.  And when you go to their location, what an experience!  Patrick Kane, their President/General Manager was such a gentleman.  They personify the Lexus experience really well.

Yeh K. | 2006-09-02

Purchased an IS 300. A few months after driving, the tires became unevenly worn (only on one side of the tires). Took it to the dealer service department to figure out what was going on. They couldn't find anything wrong, but did an alignment tune-up just in case, and replaced all four tires. After another month of driving, the same thing happened again.

Made another appointment with the dealer and was told that they cannot guarantee the tires because they were 'z' rated tires and the only thing they could do was replace the tires again--the catch was I had to pay for them this time. Stunned, I called the hubby and explained the situation. He refused to pay for new tires and insisted on them correcting whatever was making tires wear unevenly. After he talked with the service department, I was not charged for a new set of tires, but the problem was not corrected.

I ended up trading the car in for something better.