Honda of Stevens Creek in San Jose, CA

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Honda of Stevens Creek invites you to experience a new way to buy and service your vehicle. As a Sonic Automotive Premier Dealership, our entire inventory comes with our True Price.  By regularly comparing our prices with the local market, True Price eliminates the time consuming negotiation process and delivers you an exceptional deal.

Honda of Stevens Creek

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(800) 692-2129
Address:4590 Stevens Creek Boulevard, San Jose, CA, 95129
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: 10:00 am - 8:00 pm

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(800) 692-2129
Address:4590 Stevens Creek Blvd, San Jose, CA, 95129

Reviews on Honda of Stevens Creek

Purity O. | 2015-04-22


So, we were in the market for a new car, because we were not in a hurry to buy a car, we took our time shopping around. Initially, we were shopping for a Nissan Juke, we went around checking out various dealerships....horrible experience. After reading reviews on juke, we decided to get a Honda (coz we already own a Honda and its a great car). My husband made initial contact through email, and Nick Doshi replied prompt with a quote, at first we thought it was a joke because the offer was pretty fair as compared to what we were offered in Sunnyvale and South-bay Honda. My hubby was very skeptical about this offer, but I encouraged him to go in, unfortunately when he got there, Nick had left for the day and he didn't want to speak to anyone else, so he left. We went back two days later, and as we were walking through the door, we met an angel CARLOS ALAN DUENAS! He told us Nick didn't work that day, but he'll do his best to help us, we didn't trust this because we had been through a lot of car sales people with promises they were not able to deliver. We went to his office and the whole process was fast and he gave us the price as was promised by Nick and even a better APR on the loan.

Carlos is so patient and very understanding. When we went back to pick the car we had chosen( silver with black interior), we looked at it and decide that we wanted a different car instead (white with beige interior). he didn't fuss, he told us to give him sometime to get the car cleaned and programmed.....which he did as fast as humanly possible.

From my hubby, my son and I, we want to sincerely thank Carlos for making our experience such a pleasant one. Your updates as we waited for the car to be ready, made it easy. thank you also to Lamont the finance manager and to the nice lady at the front desk who made us popcorn while we waited, my son says you are awesome.

If you are looking for a car ask for CARLOS DUENAS, he'll work with u.

Thanks CARLOS!

Nicholas T. | 2015-04-20

Never go to their service department. Very very poor attitude.
I went there and asked about the tire pressure measurement system light, and a guy asked for 160 bucks just to check what sensors are used in Honda C-RV. I asked him if he can look it up since it is a C-RV, and he used a sarcastic way and tried to show he knows much better so that I should not asked any question. Anyway, I can pay 160 if it is necessary, but why the bitch attitude?

A J. | 2015-04-17

Great experience with a repair that was covered by the extended warranty on my 2010 Honda Pilot. Steven did a great job taking care of us. I was in once to have the problem evaluated. It took about 25 minutes in and out. They ordered the parts and it took about 25 minutes to do the work. Amazing!

Mehari A. | 2015-04-15

They wasted my time by not keeping their website upto date. Do not trust their website, the cars uou see there may have been sold a long time ago.

Madison L. | 2015-04-08

Took my new car in for an oil change. They were busy, but managed to get to me quickly. They didn't try to convince me to get the more expensive packages. I hate when people try to rope you into paying more. Summer gave me a call when it was ready. All in all, a pretty good experience.

Grab a free bag of popcorn while you are there. My son loves it.

Baroness M. | 2015-04-05

this business is unconscionable! i've tried to make an appointment with them 3 times for an airbag recall. each time goes like this, they say they'll order the parts, they take my name and number and then nothing. i get that this service isn't going to net them any $$ since it's a recall and on their dime but you would think that they'd have more regard for the safety and well-being of their customers. i mean, they're air bags FFS! i have no airbags! how do you sleep at night?! this place need to be shuttered yesterday.

Ellie B. | 2015-03-27

Gross. I go to pick up my car and it smells like an oil spill + mans gym. Seriously? How hard is it to spray some air freshener. Repulsive. Also, I love how they always pull all these random issues out of their ass to get you to pay way more than you were intending. Skeeving place.

Pankaj B. | 2015-03-24

Amazing experience with Honda Here. Specially Amin who assisted us. Buying a car never been so fun and easy. Just want to say it u want to buy - new car, buy from here. :)

Peter T. | 2015-03-22

If I could give Honda of Stevens Creek a "-5" stars, I would.

I first visited them to to check out the seats in a Honda Accord ELX for my achy back. Initially, they seemed willing to work with my need to take my time to figure out if the seats would work for my back and not jump into a purchase without spending a lot of time sitting in & driving an Accord.

I worked with a couple of sales people who were pretty friendly and interested in being helpful, but I suspect that they had big car sales quotas to fill and so lost interest in working with me after 2 or 3 visits to drive the car.

At one point, I was treated very shabbily by a manager who basically accused me of wasting their time, despite the fact that I had explained my special needs due to my back disability. They resorted to what I can only describe as very slimy "storm trooper tactics" to discourage me form spending any more time there.

It worked--I went somewhere else that had understood my needs and worked with me, Moral: if you have a disability, or just like to take your time when buying a car, you may well find this place very unhelpful.

Also, Honda of Stevens Creek's so-called "True Price" (meant to be a no haggle low offer up front) is a bit of a sham. Two other nearby Honda dealers quoted me significantly lower prices when I spoke with them.

Caveat emptor if you shop here!

Jaybird B. | 2015-03-16

If I could give this place zero stars, I would. I cannot believe what my husband and I were put through when we were looking to buy a Honda Hybrid. Granted, this was a little while ago but here's the story and why we have avoided this place like the plague ever since. The first guy who we think had a Russian accent was very nice and kind to us even though we didn't see the model we were looking for but as we were about to leave, the manager came out all angry because we didn't want to buy a car that wasn't a hybrid. I guess we weren't allowed to leave without being hassled to buy something we weren't even interested in. He actually started yelling at us because we just wanted to leave! He also wanted like a $10,000 mark-up if we did want to purchase a hybrid because the model of the car was new and we thought that was just insane and laughable and told him so which made him even angrier and more crazed. The shouting was absolutely astonishing and ridiculous and the most unprofessional sight we have ever seen. Do not be duped by the crazy prices at this place. We ended up purchasing our car at a Honda dealership up in Rhonert Park the very next day and bought it at a nice normal price, even a way better lower deal than we expected and  were treated with decency and kindness. Kindness goes a long attract more bees with honey! Suffice it to say, be warned about buying a car from this place. We really felt so sorry for the first poor salesman who orignally helped us out because we could tell he was a decent guy but that manager was really something else and not one I would ever want to encounter ever again.

Kim l. | 2015-03-09

We just began looking for a new car and Honda happened to be our first stop. We parked our car in the front and Faycal B was right there in the front waiting to greet us. He was so friendly and had all the answers. We test drove the CRV and the Accord. He was patient and helped us move our baby car seats in and out of the cars. Great customer service. He pointed out all the new gadgets and explained everything in great detail. What a great sales man. We had a great first experience with this Honda Dealership.

Taiki Y. | 2015-03-09

Worst service. I was told that it takes about a hour to replace a rim, but it actuary took 3 hours and their customer care was really bad.

Brad G. | 2015-03-06

The service at this place stinks!  I had to have my daughters civic towed here because the kill switch for the alarm had an issue and the car wouldnt start.  They gave me all kinds of run around and BS and overcharged the sh*t out of me.  Talked to my regular mechanic about it and he said they didnt have to do nearly all the crap they told they had to or charge me for it.  Will never go back here that is for sure.

Heather F. | 2015-02-25

Terrible, unprofessional service. Do not waste your time or money here.

Mars C. | 2015-02-23

NEVER EVER EVER GO HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  They supposedly processed my down payment refund but my bank doesn't see it transmitting, they "PROMISED" it would show up by today and NOTHING! I reported it to my bank so if nothing shows up in 6 more days; they will pursue action. The BS just doesn't stop with these guys.

BTW- I went to Capital Kia which financed me for a Kia Soul PLUS quite reasonably (without the hours of waiting, the ever changing rates, the endless requests for more and more paperwork), Kia worked hard to get my business, meet my financial and amenity requirements AND still are responsive. GO SEE ERIC! I was going to be a lifetime Honda owner but after how they treated me, are still not refunding my money  and my new awesome experience at Kia- My loyalty to Honda is OVER.  SHAME ON YOU HONDA STEVENS CREEK!

I HOPE PEOPLE STOP COMING IN TO THIS DEALERSHIP AND THEY SHUT DOWN. Nobody else should have to deal with them ever again.

google i. | 2015-02-20

Stopped by today to purchase new Honda accord.  As I walked the lot I noticed something odd NO SALESPEOPLE?  I waited about 20 min but still NO SALESPEOPLE not even 1 person,

GENERAL MANAGER if your reading this please talk to your staff this is UNACCEPTABLE SERVICE!!!

Amanda R. | 2015-02-17

I bought a used non Honda car from them two weeks ago and I had to make an appointment to have an alarm installed. When I called and arranged it with the service department I was told I could get it done on a Tuesday, I show up for my scheduled appointment and am ignored by they staff in the service department because I didn't drive in with a Honda, finally when someone helped me they needed papers I wasn't told to bring it took them for ever to find it and deal with the guy who came back to help me came back with an attitude as if it was my fault that there was no one there who could do it. I was then told I was expected to wait 4 hours for the guy to get there and install the alarm or come back on a day he was there. Not once was I offered a shuttle or a ride some where until the nice guy who sold me the car came by the check in on us but at that point we had already gotten 711 food for lunch. Finally I was given the keys to my car and with not so much as a word of thank you or even an explanation of what was done I was sent back on my hour long commute home in the same cold uninviting way I was revived

Carlos L. | 2015-02-06

Just want to give an update on my situation. I ended up going to another Honda dealership and the experience was night and day. From the gecko the service agent listened to my concern, when I mentioned a possibility, he decided to take my car for a quick spin and came to the same conclusion that I had come to after driving it for just a few seconds.

End of the day it was a warranty related issue. All I wanted was reassurance that the problem I was experiencing was in fact covered under a conventional powertrain warranty and I would have gladly agreed to leave my car to be inspected with the potential of being on the hook for a $150 fee.

But with this service adviser's lack of confidence... Not no way was that going to happen. By the way, the dealership I did end up going to wanted $175. Yes more... but because of this service agents confidence and assurance I went with it.  I was certain myself after reading up on the car's own warranty booklet and internet research but your incinerate, uneducated, & ill-advised service agent didn't even know what what the part was for. Accused me of playing semantics with him when I tried asking what exactly in his humble opinion did a powertrain warranty entail, I specifically mentioned a part called a carrier bearing and he resorted to saying it didn't even come up in any database and his "manager" wouldn't consider it a warranty issue anyways.

I may not be coherent in automotive mechanics or the inner workings that go into a vehicle, but the term I specified should have registered with this joker, he didn't even know what it was. The service adviser where I did go to surely did know after test driving my car...

Word of advice to all, not all Honda dealerships are created equally. Some care about your experience and some just want to nickel & dime you.

If your Honda owner and are in need of service, I highly recommend South Bay Honda in Milpitas. Great folks and you even get a light treat for waiting.

If you can avoid Stevens Creek Honda, please do and do yourself and humanity a favor go elsewhere, you'll get better results by just going elsewhere.

Thank you,


Jaret M. | 2015-01-26

Went in to get my radio reset and as soon as i drove up i was greeted. I had Dave T. come out to help me within 5min.  He was friendly, he quickly figured out what needed to be done, he call a tech out and they both fixed my radio right on the spot didn't even take my car to the service garage. Fast, No Hassle, Done! With this type of service and friendliness i will certainly come back. Thanks Dave!

Samantha M. | 2015-01-21

Went in yesterday to look at a car I saw online. I would never recommend this place to friends or family, or any first time buyers.

After finding the car I found online, test driving, and talking with a sales associate, it was time to sit down and talk financing. That is when everything went bad. After telling them what I could afford, the "finance manager" came out to talk to me.

After giving me an example of an APR rate of something around 7% and me saying that I have gotten anywhere between a 3.9 and 6.9% at other dealerships, the finance manager decided to use the entire conversation to tell me how that was impossible considering my credit score--which he quoted at 650 but is at 680 (I checked this morning). He told me how 650 isn't very good, and asked me what I expected to get with that such a low credit score. He asked me if the other dealerships knew my score when they gave me the better rates (yes), and questioned the idea that I should even be considered for a better rate. I told him I have asked around and how I was told that I should get up an walk away if I get offered a 6.9% or higher--and he very quickly interrupted and said "who told you that? who's giving you that information?"

There was no movement in any of the numbers, no attempt to sell me the car. They showed me some numbers, none of them seemed to move down, which I didn't understand. You know, I don't have the best credit for a couple reasons but a 650-680 is an average score considering I have never made a big purchase!! Not to mention I have honestly had better rates at three other dealerships. When I told the "finance manager" that he seemed offended. He told me that he was not worried about selling this car, but he would check with the banks to see if I could get a better rate.

After he went off to his office for a few minutes he came back and said, "so I put your info in for a loan and the first offer was an 8.9%"--he didn't even sit down at the table to tell me, he said that from a few feet away and then walked away. After a few more minutes he talked to the sales guy again--he didn't even come back. But he told the sales guy to bring the offer that he had--which was the same as the first offer but a higher apr%!!!!! Not to mention the paper had "congratulations" written on it like a big FU.

It is hard to convey what an asshole the finance guy was in this yelp review because it is not really up to him what rates the banks give me--but it is up to him to try harder, be more professional, and be less rude. Just because the loans that he checked in with gave me an 8.9% doesn't mean he checked all loan 'avenues' or even that something else out there might give me a better rate.
I've been shopping around and this was the first time that I had been treated like this. It was really amazing in a bad way.

Again I have been searching since last november--I have seen cars that I liked but couldn't afford, and cars I could afford that I just didn't like enough--but I have never been so disrespected by a dealership. NEVER make a customer feel bad for 1) asking questions, 2) questioning numbers 3) having an average credit score 4) being a first time buyer.

Mc F. | 2015-01-21

Recommended for anyone who likes to deal with thugs and liars. I went to this place to buy a Honda Accord. The sales guy was nice and showed me the car. Afterwards, the Sales Manager came and showed me numbers that were $3500-$4000 more than the invoice price. When he realized that I have done my homework, he went out and printed another sheet of paper claiming that he just negotiated a "special deal" with Honda just for me. After every round of negotiation, he would print a new sheet saying that he negotiated another deal with Honda. My advice: drop the act! After some back and forth we agreed on the price since I was getting tired after 3 hours. As I was getting ready to sign the deal, i realized that he had bumped the payment and claimed that everything else is the same! How funny!! Needless to say that I was disgusted with the whole experience and walked away after wasting more than 3 hours without a car. There are certainly more reasonable sales people out there with more integrity, just not at this place!

Chrystal G. | 2015-01-17

I went to Honda of Stevens Creek because they had a 2014 Nissan Pathfinder listed under their preowned cars. The price was great, and the car had only 120 miles on it. I assumed the car was returned by the original owner or something, which seemed odd, but hey - a good deal is a good deal! After 5 hours in the dealership, we were all set to purchase the car - we were just waiting (a long time) to see the finance department (which was annoying since we had our own financing - we just needed the purchase contract!). While waiting, the customer service rep and the sales manager kept checking on me to make sure I knew they were trying to hurry things along. At one point, I was told they were on the phone with the DMV, which was the hold up. It seemed weird, but OK. When I finally got in with the finance department, he gets a phone call saying that it turns out they CANNOT SELL THIS CAR. Yes, you read that right. After wasting an entire day at the dealership, they JUST realized that it was actually a NEW car (the Carfax report which listed NO previous owner didn't clue them in) and since they are not a Nissan dealership, they could not legally sell the car. They immediately offered me a deal on a Pilot or Odyssey instead, but we were so disgusted with the situation by then, that we just left as soon as possible. The worst part is, I did not hear a single peep from the salesman, sales manager, or customer service rep apologizing for this massive mistake. It seemed they were only interested in me when they thought they were going to make a sale! There are a lot of other Honda dealerships out there - try a different one!

Matt H. | 2015-01-11

I should have looks on yelp first
Can I give 0 stars??
User beware!! Read this first!
There is really no reason for this place to suck! But they do.

Let me start. I scheduled an appt with Jamie who was very nice over the phone, he made a Saturday appt scheduled shuttle I thought all would be good right? Wrong!

I get there at my 7am Saturday appt and there is couple dozen cars already there in 3 rows with no appts! I thought ok I planned ahead made appt. I'd be seen quick! Wrong! They went through all cars in order of arrival. What the hell way even make an appt!  As Im waiting in line pinned in front and back no escape! I watching some blond so called service advisor named Summer attempt to advised another customer and after he leave she starts talking shit about customer right in front of my car.  So Im thinking please dont let me get her. And oh yes I get her as my advisors. Now I've been going to Honda dealers for over 10 years and never had issue, I know her job better then her. But After few seconds of talked to her, clearly she knew nothing about cars, nothing about listening. Why would you put this chick as a service advisor who know jack about her job or customer service?? I just dont get it.

So here it is 8 hrs later for diagnostic test and still heard nothing. WTF?

So I guess its a good thing shuttle was late. Other wise would have misses that too because of all non appt people.

Dont even bother with appt.
Or Honda Stevens Creek

Baothuong N. | 2015-01-09

Came here on December 27th 2014. My youngest sister was ready to buy a Honda. We walked through the lot by ourselves in the cold. I had my mother and husband with us too. No one approached us until we decided to head towards the door to go inside. A man named Moe offered to help. He took us to a couple of cars that he felt met our needs/wants. I've purchased many cars in my life and feel like I know what to ask and look for when buying. Moe did not answer a single one of my questions with confidence. It made me feel extremely uncomfortable buying. He handed me the car fax and told me all the answer i had were in there. I came here to speak to someone, to be taken care of, not to research on my own. He was rude and very short with me. I requested a different sales rep. He practically scolded me for asking. We finally get him to talk logistics with us, which was like pulling teeth. I understood why he was so hesitant to get on the computer to talk numbers with us because he had a hard time turning the computer on and logging in. after waiting 10 minutes and him being unsuccessful, we had had enough and left. we went right down the street to Toyota and purchased a 2015 that night.

Carrie L. | 2015-01-09

We used to take our car there for maintenance but switched due to finding lower cost service.  Service was adequate.  Been many years since we last has service there.  Replaced Honda Civic Hybrid battery 2x on our 3rd.  Last service done a rear seat belt buckle was left under seat when battery was replaced.

Deepak S. | 2015-01-07

This place is good for Honda Services. My 2011 Honda has never been to any service place apart from this.

This facility has good waiting area, Wifi is flaky, ATT data won't have much coverage. 4* as they don't explain in detail in what are the service packages, list the items in detail. Check in for service is pretty quick.

Thi N. | 2015-01-07

Walking around the Honda Parking lot its hard NOT to be impressed by the cars they make. All the newer makes are so beautiful, but its such a shame that they cannot sell them. I came with my sister, my mom, and brother-in-law. Once we got there we didn't know where to look. We were hoping to sit down and discuss finances first, then go and look at options ( Because that is how we did it at every other dealership- I've been car shopping for 4 months now ). We were approached by an older salesman named Moe.

He asked us if we needed help and began to show us cars. Because he was just pointing out some and not really saying much about them, we asked for a Vietnamese speaker so my mom could also be involved in our conversations. He said pretty straight forward " Our Vietnamese sales man quit today ". We accepted and moved forward. Because we did not show much interest in the second car he showed us, he said .. "well, I'll show the cheapest car you can get". Because we all work in customer services similarly. We were startled by his language. What he could have said to make me feel like I can afford something there .. is " This is  what you can get for your money's value". That would've been better since I feel like its kind of an achievement buying a car at 22 years old- he made me feel low.

We then went back to the first car he showed us.. My sister (the car expert) starts asking some questions about the mileage and gas. He guy goes into the car and pulls out the manual. Tries to read the details, but has a hard time, so he gives us the book and tells us that the answer is in there. We did not come to read manuals- could have done that on our own time. We were looking for verbal answers. He clearly did not know a single thing about the car except the color of it. His demeanor was extremely rushy, yet did things slow and answered none of our questions. My patience was already done and I wanted to get out of there. My sister, on the other hand, is extremely patient.. but she even spills over and says " can we get another representative, someone who can answer questions?". Moe goes " what? what? What did I not answer? I show you right here" points to the manual. I roll my eyes- yes, I admit to giving obvious attitude. He does not refer us to another representative.  He suggests we take it out for a test drive- I say no, I don't feel like we should until after we get the logistics done. Keeps pushing it. Pushes and pushes. We walk in and tell him that were going inside. Follows us and tells us to come sit at this desk. We ask him " You dont need like a computer or something?" . He goes no. Then he gets up and goes "oh yes". Come sit over here. We move and wait for him to open up the computer. Apparently he cannot log-in and then apologizes because he is " not good with computers". We've been there for almost an hour and felt like we wasted so much time. He continues to try to open the computer and log-in. He comes back with a tablet and tells me to put my name and email in. I dont know why- i just did it. Then rushes away while saying " How much can you down?" .. I tell him how much and he walks in. It was weird that he asked that question but I knew nothing about the car I was looking at or how much it would cost me. Instantly after that question- i plead my family to leave and we do! I felt such relief leaving. As we walked out he is talking with coworker and he say " Sorry, you took wayy too long- we're gonna move on" and his response " 5 minutes too long?!!!" with his arms up in shock as if he thought he was doing a good job. I mean, come on man. Why do you even work there? How did you get hired?

So, Honda Steven's creek gets a one star in my book. In my opinion, the workers there should able to use a computer- bare minimum. Appropriate dialog  would be cool too. I went across the street and bought a brand new 2015 car at Toyota the same night. My advice to young professional buyers : Buy from someone you feel you can trust and do not settle because you think the car looks nice, for you can find a just-as-nice or nicer car else where at a dealership that will also sell it to you nicely.

Anu R. | 2015-01-06

No wonder they have such bad reviews. We stopped by one day to test drive a car. We were asked to wait 30 mins, we did. After 45 mins we went to the person "DOSHI" who was assigned to us and asked him the status. He asked us to wait another 45 mins, then we asked him why is it another 45 mins, then he started saying "I'm doing paper work for people who are buying the car and I can't keep them waiting and i'm not sure if its going to be just 45 mins or 1 hr". This is how they treat you when you want to test drive. God knows what happens after you buy the car. SO RUDE. Don't go to DOSHI

We then told the receptionist that we want to talk to the manager about this, she was very nice and apologized on his behalf and assigned us another person. He was nice and polite. That is the only reason I gave them 3 stars.

Jason D. | 2015-01-05

If there was somebody else in the area with the car I wanted I would've gone there, but this dealership was the only one with the used car that I wanted - I was stuck in the dealership for 5 hours trying to buy a used car that hadn't apparently been inspected or cleaned. I drove it off the lot and they made me come back the following Friday to get the car alarm installed that I purchased. Come Friday they seemed to have "lost my appointment" so I had to come back Monday. Aside from the fact that the car had faulty brakes and a vibrating steering wheel while driving, they said they would fix it all in 1.5 hours. I'm going on hour 5 and the car still isn't done. Worst dealership ever, they wouldn't even let me negotiate a price on a car that apparently wasn't road ready. These people are just a bunch of money hungry assholes

Anne L. | 2015-01-04

Like all other one star reviews for this business, I implore consumers to stay away! DISHONEST, DECEITFUL, UNETHICAL.

My husband and I have owned 2 Honda cars and are very loyal to the brand. This dealership is not loyal or respectful to the customer at all.

We were given a reasonable quote for a Honda Pilot. We thought everything was going smoothly until we were told, "Oops, that price didn't include these $900 running boards." NOTHING on the car's description noted the running boards as an added dealer feature. Incidentally, the option is shown as $725.00 on Honda's website. Chad, the dead-behind the eyes sales manager, said he had no idea why that information was missing from the window sticker, and Moe the salesman acted as if he had no idea the running boards were even visible on this showroom car when he quoted the total price.

We were verbally quoted a financing rate of 0.9% for 60 months. Later, we were shown a hard copy of finance rates and told, "Oops, the original rate we quoted you is for 48 months, not 60." We were irritated, but chose to accept that. We were also given a very low trade-in value for our car, but again, out of convenience and wanting to move forward with the purchase, we accepted it. Just when we thought EVERYTHING was set and we were about to pay for the car, we were told, "One more thing, the 0.9% finance rate we showed you is actually for 36 months." Apparently the sales manager made a "typo." That was the final straw of their FOUR "honest mistakes" in a 3-hour period.

Dealerships sell cars every day, and Honda vehicles sell hand over fist. All of these innocent mistakes by a salesman who said he had 29 years in the car selling business amounted to pure deceit and dishonesty.

When we said we were done and leaving, they couldn't have handed us the keys to our trade-in fast enough. No effort was made to work with us or to stay true to original quotes. Chad the sales manager made the most empty apology, shrugged his shoulders and said, "Ok."

Hours of my life I won't get back, and I will never forget how we were treated like idiots who didn't know when they were being lied to.

I relayed my experience to a friend who said I am at least the 10th person he knows with a similar story about Honda of Stevens Creek. He recommended Anderson Honda in Palo Alto as being very honest and professional. I got an immediate price quote from them on the same Honda Pilot package; it was $50 less than Honda of Stevens Creek.

Making this very long story short, I'm glad this happened because the very next day, we purchased a gorgeous Ford Flex with far more amenities and at a much better price. Plus, the dealer--The Ford Store in Morgan Hill--was exceptional in their professionalism and customer service.

C M. | 2015-01-04

I recommend salesman Sami Nurahmed at Stevens Creek Honda. He was patient and personable with our family and did not apply aggressive sales tactics. We met with Sami a couple times. First, to look and test drive the Pilot, which was a positive experience. At that time, Sami was very friendly and showed us both new and used models as well as how to navigate the Stevens Creek website for our search. Sami then touched base with us through email which made future communications as we discussed inventory and offers much more convenient. At our second visit to purchase the 2015 Pilot, Sami again was patient with us as we picked out our specific car and discussed the specifics of the deal. Sami remained kind to our young sons as well. He took great care of us and I would recommend him to others.

Jonathan T. | 2014-12-30

Not the best Honda dealership in the area, but also not the worst. They have a lot of cars on the lot and Pearla took the time to walk me to similar models of cars that I wanted, as they did not have the exact model/year/trim. She explained the features and made solid recommendations of the car that would fit me. When they didn't have what I wanted on the lot, Pearla went to look up if the one I wanted was out there somewhere, if it was, if they could transport it here.. That's when things started to get shady. She gave me some quotes on the car I wanted and I told her I'll get back to her and think about it. I came back just a couple days later for a test drive because I didn't have time when we first met. I said I'll get back to her in a bit and she responded by saying this deal expires in 2 days. Of course we all know that's a lie because if they can sell you a car for price X on one day, they can sell you that same car for price X the next day. Then she said "I don't even know if that car is still available" and I asked her to check if it was and she said "I don't want to check if that car is available if you're not serious about buying the car". Really? How can I be serious about buying a car that doesn't exist? None of what she was doing made any sense to me so I just left. Go to Capitol AutoMall. It's worth the drive down.

Jose S. | 2014-12-29

I bought my car here two years ago and the experience was nice. Decided to go back to purchase car for my wife but this time around the experience wasn't at all like last time. Salesman was inexperienced but quite nice and accommodating. We decided to test drive an accord... First try on a 2015 model battery was dead. Once we test drove the second car we were ready to purchase but finance manager was a jerk to the salesman and to us unwilling to negotiate at all and over all not pleasant.
We went next door to the Volkswagen dealer and within 3 hours we were driving away on a brand new 2015 Jetta which my wife loved more so than the accord.
All in all I still love Honda vehicles but won't be going back to this particular dealer at all!!

Jen W. | 2014-12-29

I bought my first car here in July 2006, with an online quote that put me in contact directly with the fleet manager.  They didn't have the exact trim that I wanted and asked if I would accept an upsell as their nearly-fully loaded showroom coupe with custom rims was the next closest match.  After some negotiation, I did agree to a slight upsell, and have been very happy with my coupe for the last 8 years.  (It got bumped down from significant other status by a man 6 years ago, though sometimes I still think my coupe is more reliable.)  The fleet manager was very courteous and didn't waste our time with any of the salesman talk - just told me what he could get me given that I had already done my research on specs and local dealer prices.  

I had negotiated an iPod connector installation and clear coat application with the sale, and scheduled a separate appointment for these soon after I took the coupe home.  I noticed a rattle inside the passenger compartment between the time that I drove the coupe home and the scheduled service, and asked the service department to check on it.  They assigned a technician who drove the car with me down a back street so he could hear the rattle - he immediately recognized it and fixed it on the spot for no charge.  (it was a loose connector on the glove compartment)  This convinced me that their technicians knew the cars very well, so I kept bringing the coupe back for every service, whether it was a simple oil change or a major service milestone.  Had another similar experience a few years ago, where I noticed a subtle but odd noise under the hood when I stepped on the gas pedal.  I gave them very specific details on when it occurs and under what conditions, and they were able to narrow it down to the heat shield on the drive shaft, which was under warranty, so I didn't have to pay a dime to have it fixed.  

If bringing your car in for service, definitely schedule an appointment through the Honda Ownerlink website (it's very easy).  It can get very busy in the middle of the day, and may take 15-20 mins of waiting outside with your car before a service advisor is available to accept it for service.  First thing in the morning is fairly quick, less than 10 minutes wait.  They do a complete free inspection at every service and provide recommendations for future preventive maintenance.  I keep these recommendations in mind and try to schedule a major maintenance when I receive a service coupon in the mail (several times a year).  Waiting area has a coffee machine and free wifi, but I found the wifi to be a bit slow in general and finicky with VPN, so have not been able to do work there.

S P. | 2014-12-24

This is going to be good ... so settle in.

Most of my material interaction here was with the "Sales Manager", "Kassey" or "KC" responsible for new car sales.

I'd agreed to a price for a new 2015 CRV LX over the phone and actually rode there in a taxi to close the deal. Kassey brusquely asks me which colors I want, and then hands 2 keys to John, a sales consultant. Next, John and I wait 25 mins until someone drives us to their lot which is TEN MILES away to even see the car I want to buy. No problem, I'm fairly easy going, so I put my faith in Stevens Creek Honda.

We get to the lot. They show me the 2 cars. The Gray one has 35 miles on it (I'd told KC I didn't want something that was test driven). The Silver one has 15 miles on it which I'm assured is just them driving it to the lot from the showroom. OK, I'm in a hurry so I accept. New to the country and don't have a car yet and want to stop taking cabs.

On the 15 mile car,  there are stains on 2 seats - NEW CAR!!. John  is nice enough to say there are others clean ones with plastic on the seats but guess what - KC in his infinite wisdom has given him just 2 keys and we'll need to drive 10 miles to and 10 miles fro to see anything else. John shrugs and when I ask him what KC was thinking and why he's being so difficult, he simply says "well you wont have to deal with him after the paperwork". On my way out,  I see other "new" cars with drying coffee cups in the holders - Whats going on here ???

Sounds ridiculous so far? ... hold on .. there's more.

Now we drive back. We arrive and I walk away. I'm followed by Chad, a nice enough but expressionless dude who says he'll look into helping me. Nice enough. He lines up another consultant and I'm to go to their sister business to see more cars. Thanks Chad.

They ask for my license. I given them my Indian license, which allows me to drive in CA for 90 days. Now KC walks out and says he can't sell me a car without an American license. Sounds like bullshit ? It is.

Car ownership does not require a US license and the good State of CA allows me to drive for another 80 days on my current license. By this time, I've had enough, so I thank everyone and walk off.

I wont' get into KC's attitude to me the whole time, but his decision making the whole time says something about his respect for customers. Someday this dealership may learn - or they won't . Business is good.  

Oh and BTW, the good folks at Keypoint had done their due diligence on my license and all other documentation and approved me and had my account setup. I was good to drop $3k down.

Car buying seems like a crapshoot here and it shouldnt be. Steer clear of this dealership if you're looking for options and want a clean new car.

Lynn H. | 2014-12-24

If I could, I would give zero stars. I had the worst experience here ever. As a first time buyer I expected to get the best customer service, however I was deeply upset upon leaving Monday. I came here Sunday and was helped by Prac, who was extremely nice, however on Monday I was approached by a different sales associate. I do not remember his name, but I think he was Russian. He had an accent. He was extremely rude and was not helpful. He kept bashing on my credit. As a sales person, he should have made me feel like he was trying his best to help me, instead I felt like he didn't want to sit down and talk/negotiate. I just felt like he was unhappy helping us. As a result I ended at South Bay Honda, and bought the car there instead.

Raj N. | 2014-12-18

Incompetent, ripoff. Two words to define their service department.

I took my 2004 Odyssey to them because the engine warning light was ON and the automatic gear was not shifting beyond 2nd. After the so called diagnosis,  they told me that the transmission needs to be replaced immediately. Engine light was ON because of catalytic converter issue. They advised that catalytic converter needs to be replaced before next smog check, quoted $4700 for transmission work. I then took my van to Ron Gates transmission at Sunnyvale for a second opinion. Main mechanic at Ron Gates told me that the gear shift issue is most likely due to broken catalytic converter and he suggested to fix it first before he checks the transmission box. I took the van to World Mufflers in Sunnyvale, got the catalytic converter replaced for $450. Viola... that fixed the gear shifting issue..!  

Long story short, had I not taken the Odyssey to Ron Gates Transmission, I would have ended up paying these crooks $4700 to replace transmission. Instead I got it fixed for $450.

Question to folks at Honda of Stevens Creek. Whats your service business model ? Rip off unsuspecting customers ? Have some shame !    

Folks, If you are smart with your hard earned money, take your Honda else where for service.

Habby L. | 2014-12-18

I called yesterday on a simple inquiry and they must have captured my number through caller ID. Less than 24 hours later they harass me to come in for some supposed vip experience even though I told them I was busy. I regrettably agreed. After working all day, I drove through valley fair christmas traffic to that stupid appointment. When I walk in the receptionist was nice and told me to have a seat, but the sales woman had no clue what was going on and looked like I woke her up from a nap. She says, "not me, I don't have an appointment! Do you know who you talked to?" "I'll help you if you want.".... No, I didn't want your help, you're the one that wanted me here for some supposed "dealership experience"!  I tried to remain calm, but then she asked me if I knew where my car was... Obviously I know where it is, I drove it there. Thanks for this informational meeting and for the dealership experience. You can't even get the sales experience right, I wonder how I'd be treated with a service issue. BYE!

Bharat R. | 2014-12-14

Worst customer service with incompetent people & thugs as salesmen.
I walked in to enquire about purchasing a car. I have already done my research and had some questions on the finer details in the difference between the various trims. The saleswomen never seemed to understand what I wanted. She kept grinning & didn't listen to what I was saying and she was saying something unrelated to what I asked. Then when I asked her for comparison between various trims, she opened op & asked me what other cars I was considering. Then she put a comparison between those cars and was trying to prove Honda was better but never answered my questions on trims. She was then talking about the 'Honda experience' where I don't have to worry about anything but just buy the car. She was then trying to shove 2014 models down my throat saying they are same as 2015 except they cost lower(the price difference on their website was just $100!!). Next I asked her for test drive. She took a copy of my driving license(took 5 minutes for this) and took me out to the parking lot and said she'll get the keys. I was sanding in the hot sun for 15 mins, she never returned. When I was standing near the car, another salesman who was passing by spoke to me as if I was a car thief trying to steal one of their cars and asked me what I was doing there. Then I walked into the building and the saleswomen hands me over to her colleague. And that guy was so rude as if I was wasting his time. He started the process all over again and started asking me what car I was looking for. What the hell, I spent 40 mins in discussing it with the previous saleswomen. When I told him that I had already spoken to her & she had already taken a copy of my driving license and asked if he wanted to take a copy again. He shouted back at me asking "DO YOU WANT ME TO HELP YOU OR NOT". Yes he shouted!! Is this how you treat your potential customers who are going to be giving you business. And when I asked him if I'll be test driving 2014 or the 2015 model, he said they have no 2014s left which is contradictory to what previous sales person said just some 20 mins ago. I don't think 12 cars would have been sold out in 20 mins.
Worst experience I've ever had with a car dealership in my life!

Honda experience my a$$.

Jordan P. | 2014-12-13

Zero stars if I could.  

I'll keep it short and sweet since I've apparently got bang up luck when it comes to jerky dealerships:

I bought my Accord from these guys in 07. Overall the experience was good enough for me to come back in August and buy another vehicle.

The sales department isn't good. Neither is finance.  Ultimately my hang up lies in the fact that I never got called back to resolve a huge issue that I had regarding the finance department. (I requested a refund on a Dent plan 2 days after my purchase...Ray in finance failed to process that request & I never received my $800 check in the mail. Which is so irritating since I sat in his office for close to an hour while he cancelled my gap insurance plan, but failed to complete the other half of the equation by canceling the Dent Shield).

I won't be calling and asking to speak to any of the incompetent jerks that work at this joint.  I've already called like 6,000 times. I get stuck in a phone tree, hung up on, etc. (The list goes on. I'd relay it into the review, but it's so boring and tedious.)

I am pretty sure I'll be taking my business to Capital Honda or somewhere else in the bay.

This place is a joke. I love my car, but Honda of Stevens Creek is not good. Save your time and shop elsewhere, I know I will in the future.

Mayra S. | 2014-12-12

This review is for the service department.  I am so upset to right now. Brought my car here for oil change.  I usually take it to the Capitol Honda, so muc better over there. Here, I was waiting for long time before someone came and asked me what I needed.  The reason why I came here because I live closer to this place.  Shuttle service was at lunch and I had to stay here for an hour.  At the other place,  they always  take me home and after the car is done,  they come and pick me up. I wanted  to go to the mall while my car is getting the service  done. So disappointed.

Thattil P. | 2014-12-11

I never wrote reviews before and this I am writing a review because I thought it would be helpful for people who bought extended warranty from this dealer prior to 2012. In my case, I bought 2007  Honda Odyssey from this dealer and due to the sales push, I bought and extended warranty for 1500 dollars as well. I never used warranty for any repairs and did all the services in the dealership even though they were more expensive compared to other places. As per the terms and conditions after completing the term, I applied for reimbursement of the warranty when I contacted the dealer to check why the warranty claim is not getting reimbursed, they mentioned that the warranty company got bankrupt sometime in 2012 and wanted me to contact a person in the parent company 'Sonic Automotive'. First of all, in the first place, they never informed me about the bankruptcy of the warranty company which happened 2 years before. To make the long story short, they never gave the money back citing some lame excuses and when I went to the dealer to discuss this, they conveniently pointed to the parent company contact person and they cannot do anything about this. I stopped being a customer and now will go somewhere else for my buying needs and vehicle servicing needs.

Somehow I am not able to see the review in the list of reviews. May be this being the first review it was filtered out somehow.

Ramu S. | 2014-12-06

As some of the others have mentioned in their reviews, the shuttle service at this dealership is just a joke. I think it's only there so they can say they have a shuttle service as it is not available after 10:30am on Saturdays.  Highly inconvenient if you have to wait for 2 hours for just an oil change.

Linda T. | 2014-11-30

This is just for the service department only.

I've had my car service here once in the past year (& several years before because I was in their system), & it was fine.  In fact, they are quite busy on Saturdays, not a surprise, & the maintenance work got done in a timely manner.

However, the shuttle service is a joke.  On Saturday, there are something like 2 set times that day that it leaves the dealership to drop you off, it's early.  So, I'd missed the shuttles for the day & was stuck there.  Luckily, one of my friends had texted me wanting to grab lunch, so I said sure, but you'll have to pick me up.  I have to wonder, do they offer it just to say that they have shuttle service available?  Is it any better during the week?  So, I didn't even ask to find out if they offer to bring you back to the dealership.  I forget what other dealership I went to for service where they stopped shuttle service after a certain time, so I was able to get a ride home, but not a ride back to pick up my car!  Hmm, might've been in Long Beach.

Anyway, because of the inconvenience of the lack of good shuttle service, I took my business elsewhere more convenient for me.  They're busy, they won't miss my business.

Located on the south side of Stevens Creek Blvd. between Saratoga Ave. & Lawrence Expressway (smaller streets it's between are Richfield Dr. & Palace Dr.).

Sahil K. | 2014-11-24

So this review is more like an update to my earlier review about their service department but I'd like to start afresh. I was dissatisfied with my first experience with Honda of Stevens Creek. But they were very prompt to address my concerns and take good care of me. What turned out to be a miscommunication was taken care of very professionally by the management here.

Soon after I left a review, I was contacted by one of their representatives who immediately got me in touch with Maya. Maya is the customer relations manager at Honda of Stevens Creek. She made sure to personally reach out to me and understand my concerns. She then introduced me to their service manager, Jim Duffer, who helped me schedule an appointment to bring the car in. I finally met Dave Thomas at their service department who happened to be my service advisor. Throughout the whole process, Maya made sure that she stayed in touch with me and kept updating me on the progress of the repairs. At the end of it, I walked away as a happy customer.

Thank you Maya, Jim and Dave for taking good care of me and proving to me that Honda of Stevens Creek is willing to go an extra mile to make sure the customer leaves satisfied. No business is perfect and people make mistakes all the time. But what matters at the end of the day is to own up to your mistakes and correct them.

Guys, give them a chance to understand your requirements as a customer and reach out to them if you're not satisfied with any of their service. If it is a valid request, they will take care of you for sure. Looking forward to do business with them in the future as well.

Kirsten C. | 2014-11-23

Worst experience EVER!  Deserves a 0!!
I called yesterday to make an appointment for today to test drive an Accord. I was told the sales people were to busy to speak to me and that she would schedule my appointment for today. Ok, no problem. People get busy.
Today, I went in for my appointment and was met by a salesman, Virani.  I explained that I had called and had an appointment.  On the way to his desk he asked me if I was buying today.  I told him I was finalizing my decision today (I was deciding between 3 different cars).
He took me to the car and let me sit inside. I then asked him to test drive the car.  He told me that he could only take me up and down the street.  I told him I wanted to drive the freeway as well and he told me he didn't have time.  When I questioned this he replied that he needed to be available to the customers that were purchasing that day.  He also told me that if I were a customer coming in to purchase today that he would show me the same courtesy.  Really!!!!  When I walked away, clearly bothered, he told me I could wait inside for someone who had time to take me on a full test drive.  WOW! Please don't go out of your way!
I will never go back!  This salesman is the prime example of why people don't like dealing with car salesmen.

Susie S. | 2014-11-20

I went in a few times for oil change. Everyone was really friendly. Free wifi and coffee in the waiting area. No complaint!

Piyush S. | 2014-11-16

I came here to buy honda CRV but the rsponse was pathetic. The associate just showed lot of attitute and was not willing to talk. Will never recommend honda to anyone.

Jaclyn A. | 2014-11-14

Please learn from my mistake & don't deal with this place. Although there are many wonderful people that work there I'm sure. I was blantantly lied to & manipulated. Then when I finally meet the GSM, who I believe to be a pretty good guy, who was going to make it right. He did not. I understand miscommunications but this was such an amazingly unpleasant car buying experience I would take any car, anywhere else, if it meant I never had to endure such a profoundly unscrupulous experience. For the love of God, go somewhere, anywhere else. I did not buy a car from them and although I sympathize with their with their inability to run an efficient & professional place of business, I sincerely believe they need to take a good look at their outcome. By outcome I don't mean how much money they make off of their customers but by the outcome of the sheer number of people who leave unhappy. The number of opportunities missed due to mismanagement. I was ready to buy a car. Loan preapproved, I'm going to get a car, it's just a matter of where and how much.  I simply needed to give them my money, let my bank overnight them a check and leave. They could not help me execute that.  I have exactly what I wanted & needed, just not with them.

Marty R. | 2014-11-12

The sales team is horrible. I was getting a 2005 Chevrolet Corvette. So I called in because they had a good deal on the corvette. So the sales person that was helping me was Crystal. I stated to Crystal that I'm really intrested in the corvette but I need to work numbers over the phone due to I live 2.5hrs away. So Crystal mentioned to me the things I needed to do so we can work the deal. So I started the process and got it done 2 Hours after she requested it. I called Crystal that it's done. I got no answer for 3 hours so I called back.she didn't check it yet. Then no response 2 Hours later.i called again she said she will check in the morning. So I waited the next day didn't get a call i had to call in again they just checked it.bit still no deal she said had to check on the deal if it can be made.then I called before they closed still no freaking answer then I'm like do these guys want to sell a car. Then I called the next day and crystal was off then I'm like wow so I get a hold of the sales manager. He's as much help as crystal is. He does nothing to satisfy me with a good deal and he doesn't apologize about he's sales over these guys.

I don't recommend them at all. I spent a lot of time on the phone for no reason.

Sam V. | 2014-11-10

Bought our leased 2012 Civic.  It was an exciting night.  Buying car during game 7 of the World Series.

Perla was our sales person.  She was professional.  Explained all the details of the paperwork.  Gave us space when requested.

Lemount was our finance guy.  Very professional as well.

Ask for these people when your ready to buy from Honda of Stevens Creek.

Evelyn R. | 2014-11-08

I came here for a failing IMA battery. I got it replaced but I lost my black tablecloth in the process.. I had three in there and either an employee stole it or forgot to put it back in my car...or maybe they thought I wouldn't notice since I had a few things in there. Either way, I work with this tablecloth....I don't like thieves.

J Q. | 2014-10-25

Robert at service department is very friendly, professional and knowledgeable. Walk in for a oil change without an appointment on a Saturday afternoon. Very satisfied.

Janet Yejee B. | 2014-10-05

Everytime I stop by here for service it's been standard except for today's trip. Holy. My kid dropped a piece of plastic jewelry into my seat belt buckle and it was so jammed! So I went in for service and Summer helped immediately. She got down on her knees, pulled out a flashlight and some tools and got to work! She enlisted Timmy, and together they did some major surgery to chip away at the plastic bit and to ultimately allow me to avoid getting a new buckle completely. They saved me $200 plus! Took 30 min and they were so good! I can't believe how excellent these employees are. Honda you have amazing service. I left completely satisfied!

Dave H. | 2014-10-02

Recently I thought an engine cover was missing from my CRV after an oil change, but after talking to Jim, the service manager, we decided that it was deleted from CRVs after 2009.  He was cheery and helpful even though I brought up a problem that did not exist on my vehicle.

I have to ding them one star for the engine being greasy and it was difficult to get a hold of someone that could help without an onsite visit or a yelp review.

daniel r. | 2014-09-22

Went to this place yesterday 9/21/14 To buy a car and they tried to hustle me for my money an extra $4000 dollars on top of the current sales price. The salesman Tien told me he worked there for only 3 weeks and did not have answers to any of my questions we sat down for a while and he tried to get as money as he could out of me. I ended up leaving after waisting 4 hours of time there. Tin called me the next asking for $2000 dollars I went in and talked with him again and they were not trying to help me they were just trying to see how much money the could get out of me. The sales manager Casey came out and he was even worse and even more unprofessional I don't know what is going on with this place nowadays but some serious changes to take place a shake up of management is needed! This is the worst dealership I have ever been to and I've been to some bad places before.. DO NOT EVER BUY A CAR FROM HERE!! BAD SERVICE!! BUNCH OF CROOKS WORKING HERE !  STAY AS FAR AWAY AS POSSIBLE FROM THIS PLACE!

Avital A. | 2014-09-20

Car salesmen have the reputation of being a sleazy bunch and boy, these band of merry men sure live up to that!
We wasted 3 hours of our lives here. We had done plenty of research about the car we wanted and the price we were willing to pay. Within 20 minutes of talking with the salesperson (Sami), of which 10 were him going back and forth to whoever he needed to talk with for price consultation, we had agreed on a price. Or so we thought.
We waited for the next 130 minutes for them to get the car and to meet with the finance guy. Finally we get to the finance persons office and turns out that the number he has worked up is higher than what we had agreed to. The finance guy's snide reaction was "$460, you're going to argue about that?"  Heck yeah, it's my hard earned money.
When we broke down the numbers and asked about the discrepancy, the manager  told us that we did not have that price 'officially written down' and hence they could not honor it. What the....?? This was the price their sales person wrote down for us. Do they not talk amongst each other?? What was the salesperson doing when he went back and forth to 'consult' about the price?

Long story short - don't go here. They clearly do not care or understand customer service and satisfaction.

Brandon P. | 2014-09-16

This place sucks let me repeat THIS PLACE SUCKS! First off I live over 2 hours away and drove here because they had a vehicle I was researching and it was reasonably priced (Nissan 350Z) I had been in contact with a guy named Tin who I'd been texting for a few days regarding the car. I told him how much I wanted to put down, gave my info for the credit to be ran etc. I told him when I come down I don't want to have to haggle so shoot me the best price and we'll call it a deal of all goes well.

So today I drove down and seen the vehicle in person and let me say they do wonders with their cameras. The rims which were listed as black, were Plasti-dipped and were peeling along with the door handles. These parts were never photographed and included online. Secondly the paint had white water spots all over it like it had sat in the sprinklers for weeks.

I asked Tin why it looked like $hit and he said we can detail it for you. Next I was quoted a payment of $275-$320 with a $1000 down over the phone. After I get there I'm congratulated and told I'm approved for a payment of $519... WTF? I said how did it double? I was told well the interest rate is a little higher. I asked why wasn't I told this before I made the drive he said well we never know till you actually get here. I was so pissed I got up and said thanks and good luck selling your overpriced POS and left. I've owned many vehicles and dealt with several dealers and this place is a JOKE!

Take my advice, the reviews regarding this place are legit and for me to take the time to share my disgust should be enough for anyone deciding to shop here that this place is not worth your time. Check the reviews and take your business to a place who will treat you with the respect you deserve. In conclusion, Honda of Stevens Creek, you can go to Hell!

Abhi B. | 2014-09-06

I went in there to look for  CRV. That made me feel like an unwanted customer. More over sales director Leroy was rude..

Not a good experience..won't come back here and won't recommend others.

Asim H. | 2014-08-28

So, this is my 1st ever review.... I wanted to take the time and express my feelings. I recently purchased a brand new car from "Honda of Stevens creek" and the person who helped me was Asad Hanif. He was so kind and helpful and made it so easy for me . He went above and beyond and explain the entire details about my new car. Not only he took excellent care of me, but he took his time to help me find one of the best car and the best deal out there.
Before I drove off from their parking lot Asad made sure that I'm extremely satisfied and I have peace of mind.
I highly recommend Asad one of the best in class sales associate at Honda of Stevens Creek.
Thank you Asad.

Amy G. | 2014-08-22

I will never take my car anywhere but here. They take such good care of my car and I. My service advisor, Steven Muñoz, has the best customer service. Always gets my car in and out. They're honest and not out to rip you off.

Sara K. | 2014-08-19

I came in Saturday afternoon with my parents to test drive the 2014 Honda Civic. Before we even walked in the door, a sales rep named Amine greeted us, introduced himself, and asked for our names. Even though my parents were with me, he addressed most of his questions to me and treated me as a valued customer. We discussed various car options and I was able to test drive the car long enough to get a good idea of how the car drove. Amine was an excellent car sales rep and acknowledged that I was well researched which was really nice. I am not a car aficionado or expert but I did research all week to figure out what options were available to me and what true market value would be. This location displays the TMV right off the bat so it appears there is less negotiating necessary once you decide on a car. Unfortunately, I did not end up buying the civic, but it merely because of my personal preferences. Ask for Amine if you would like friendly and informative experience!

Kim C. | 2014-08-18

Awful, rude, unprofessional, unorganized, deceitful, everything you thought negatively of a dealership will be found here. Avoid amine, Sophia (a male, yes), the uses sale car manager (younger middle eastern). Long story short:
1. Forced me to buy a car although never test drove the vehicle.

2. Promised trade in a certain amount, however, in contract value of car significantly less. READ THE CONTRACT

3. One week later, New monthly car rate lower available. They failed to mention another down payment is required.

4. Salesmen do not collaborate with finance, which is why they reeled me in promising a lower rate, because of THEIR MISTAKE DEMANDING MORE MONEY.

Katie R. | 2014-08-17

Had a great experience purchasing a car here!! Super friendly staff! Will be a customer for life

Edward T. | 2014-08-17

I just purchased a new honda accord today at steven creek dealer !! The sale consultant " Amine Kedir" did an excellent job helping me trading in my old car and i got what i want for the new car :) so come and ask for Amine Kedir whenever you decide to buy a honda car !!!

Tammy G. | 2014-08-16

After significant research on my part and unresponsive reps at a local dealer, I found the car I wanted online at Stevens Creek Honda. My partner made an appt and we trekked down to San Jose from the East Bay. We met with Amine Kedir and had an easy and pleasant buying experience. Amine has a straightforward style and good sense of humor. He was incredibly helpful. We left with the car we wanted at a fair price and feeling very positive about the experience.

Prashila V. | 2014-08-16

Would give zero star if I can .i have been calling for 5 days no one called me back.i actually wanted to trade my Audi with honda and when I went to see them in person I felt like I would have got better service by taco truck after spending $5. But they don't care if you are spending 50k on new car.THe sales rep did not even greet or said good afternoon,he wanted to take my Audi Q5 for ride before giving me appraisal and not even once he smiled. I feel good that I didn't buy my car with them.oh he even took pic of my car and make me feel like I am doing favour to yourself a favour don't ever go there. They don't care about you all they want is your money"when I asked  him I have two kids sitting on back sit he said they need to be out because I.need test drive. He wanted test drive my car  and he don't even know anything about audit. I m glade I did not buy my new car. Don't even go ther

Nick W. | 2014-08-15

Rating on location/atmosphere only

I can't rate service or sales because I was here with a friend getting his car looked at.

But I was impressed on the cleanliness, and the several people that asked if I had been helped or if I needed anything to drink while I waited.

I also over heard a few reps chatting with customers and they were polite and seemed pretty informative.

So based in first impressions, would rate this place high. My friend seemed happy with it so that was all I needed to hear.

Noni Y. | 2014-08-15

rude service people and over priced estimates. you'd think giving out prices was labor intensive.
this is my 3rd honda, I KNOW what good honda dealerships are. I've been in SF, LA, and the burbs of LA. that's 6 dealerships that I've have had contact with. So to be given a quote over 140 for a new key when I just got a new key in la for my previous honda for 70 ( actually some dealerships will offer to do it for free) is unacceptable.

also love this shady "s.J" person writing me a rude note. good job being an employee and attacking people for having bad experiences.

Aaron M. | 2014-08-14

I bought my Civic from Honda of Stevens Creek. The sales staff was really friendly and was not pushy at all. Their customer relations manager Maya was extremely helpful throughout the whole process. She made me feel super comfortable with the big purchase I was making! Definitely recommend!

Andrew D. | 2014-08-13

Bought a used 2011 Ford Fusion back in February. It is not August and they still haven't sent in the paperwork to the dmv. I had a very hard time contacting the person who I'm supposed to speak with regarding getting those plates. The person I speak with sent me a replacement form for the plates by mail. I filled it out and called her 2 weeks after and she advised me that they never received them. So she sent another. I sent it back, and of course. She could not find it. It's been so long without having plates for my car. I wouldn't recommend this dealership to anyone.

Zaha S. | 2014-08-10

I've been to other Honda dealers for service, and this one is the best I've tried.
Everything about my appointment was efficient and easy.
Even though it was a Saturday morning and 15 other people were all dropping off at the same time, it only took a few minutes to check-in and drop off.
They have a fleet of service advisors who use iPads to get you checked in.
Super fast, easy and efficient.
Car ready when promised.
Quick and easy pick-up/check-out.
Service  advisors were very friendly and courteous.
I recommend.

Abhi K. | 2014-08-10

NEVER go here for a service appointment. They don't walk you through the process at all. They skip through all the important stuff and try to trick you into paying up more from some useless stuff like changing vipers for a car that is just 8 months old! The customer service representative was basically trying to cheat me into paying up for a "recommended package" which was twice the amount for the basic package which I needed. I was careful enough to notice that he skipped through the stuff and asked him for the basic package. Ridiculous service. This dealership doesn't even deserve a single star. DON'T GO HERE!

sindu m. | 2014-08-09

This a review for Amine Kedir. We just bought a Honda Fit. He listened to our needs and did not push us into anything. The service was excellent. ! Amine was awesome and knowledgable about all the cars that Honda had to offer and let me test drive any car that I pleased. I told him about my needs and my financial situation and he showed me the car he thought would be the best for me.

Sarah R. | 2014-08-06

I am writing a review for the sales person Sam (Samir) who sold me a Honda EX-L last week. After a week he still sticks out in my mind as a great person so I feel inclined to write him a review.

Sam was awesome and knowledgable about all the cars that Honda had to offer and let me test drive any car that I pleased. I told him about my needs and my financial situation and he showed me the car he thought would be the best for me. I am so happy I didn't go with the base model as I really don't think I could have been as happy and he gave me an AMAZING deal to fit my budget.

He paired my new car with my phone and spent a good hour helping me set up the car. I am pretty sure that Sam is the youngest sales person at Honda as he is 19 and in college so I feel good that the small amount of commission he made off of the sale is helping a good guy through college. :)

Also a good sales person will give you a balanced account of how the products are. I told Sam that I was a snowboarder and he told me that the car I was looking at didn't have a two piece folding back seat so it may be difficult to get my snowboard in but I could get a roof rack. That really stuck out in my mind because there aren't many sales people who would give you how it is. He didn't come off as eager to make money off of me which I liked.

Another manufacturer's dealership that I went into (which I will not name!) told me that I could enter some kind of raffle and bothered me for my information including mailing address and phone number right as I walked I walked out.

In the past couple of days I have been emailing follow up questions that I forgot to ask about the car and he's been responding very timely, like asking about billing for the XM radio and advice about getting it detailed.

It seems like many people on here have had terrible experiences with their sales people... especially from all of the 1 stars. You guys should go and see Sam. I was referred to him by a friend and now you can can be referred by me. He's a good guy, who will give you a good deal and you'll leave happy.

K V. | 2014-08-04

I went to test drive vehicles and ask question, while driving the salesman attempted to give me a guilt trip by stating that there isn't any money in selling cars and blah blah blah. Huh?! When inquiring about overall cost and monthly payments I was immediately provided with a form to do a credit check. I informed him that I wasn't purchasing a vehicle at the moment, the salesman walked away pissed off mumbling. -Oh hell no! I left and while leaving this man begins to whistle at me and follow me to my car. Oh no you did not! I informed him that I didn't like his attitude and his conduct, he pleaded that I take his business card. Nope! I will not ever take my business to this dealership.

alberto f. | 2014-07-31

I took my car to get recall work done on it and they crashed my car. They paid for the repair, as they should,  but lied about paying for the car rental while my car was in the repair shop.
Service was always friendly but never delivered what was promised. Always saying they will get the charges reversed. It has been 2 months now and still nothing happened.
Also said the repair should take 3 days. It ended up taking almost 2 weeks.
Don't get your car serviced here.
I had a earlier review  of this place but somehow it is not showing up again. I will keep posting to make sure people know about how bad the service is here.

Danyi W. | 2014-07-25

I bought my Civic here. before I gonna buy it, all the sales man are treated me really well, but after i bought it, all change!

i have been told i can so my finance there, but, after i paid the down payment a week, they call me said honda denied my loan, then I have to pay off the car in a week. then, the finance director called me again that she can help my to apply the loan again, but need to increase the APR. so, i wait for a weekend, but she still said that my load got denied. and She talked like a bitch, nearly just yelling in a phone to ask me to pay off the car in 2 days.
Finally, I pay off the car, but they still calling me, said the graduation discount they give me before is not working, so I have to pay extra $500.

people just talk rude there!

Don't Go There!

steve s. | 2014-07-22

After reading these reviews, I see I'm not alone.  I do have some good things to say though.  The price I paid was awesome for a used vehicle with low mileage.  Some of the people were nice.  The place looked spotless.  If that's what you care about, this may be the place for you.  if you want fast service though, you'll be frustrated to no end.  20 minutes wait time for every task is the norm, whether it be paperwork, getting the car some gas, or other misc tasks.  I had made an appointment, had a check ready to write for the whole amount, was told the car would be ready, and it still took 2.5 hours.
7/23/14 update:  their response says what happened to me is not consistent with normal practice.  If you read the other reviews, I think the evidence shows it is.

Esqbyday T. | 2014-07-17

Terrible! They called to say they had the car we were looking for.  I told them we could come the next afternoon to see it and, likely, buy it.  They sent a confirmation email the next morning.  I called to say we were running late.  When we got there, they told us the car had been sold the night before! Why did they send a confirmation email if the car had been sold???  Why didn't they mention the car had been sold when I called to say we were running late???  Instead, we drive 50 miles, with two small kids, for nothing! Terrible!

Dylan Y. | 2014-07-14

I'm sorry. I really like Honda but this dealer just doesn't do it for me. I called a week ahead to make sure they had the part I needed for my car. The lady confirmed and set me up with an appointment for the early morning.

I show up and the guy who helped me said they didn't have the part and there was nothing they can do.


Any other dealer would have at least offered to order the part and make me a new appointment and probably would have even taken 10% off for the trouble.

Anyway, I drove it over to Honda Redwood city. Problem solved.

Ziwei H. | 2014-07-13

Avoid this location if possible!  This place is a nightmare and the manager tries to rob you of your money.  

I brought in my car to this dealership because it was making a weird wheezing sound, and it took the mechanics THREE times to make a reasonable diagnosis.  That means they took apart my car two times without fixing anything and even made the noise louder.  The third time, the wheezing issue was fixed but now the transmission has a weird sound after I start up the car.  The mechanic insisted that it's normal and that it was there before - umm I think not.  

To make matters worse, the dealership tried to charge me for extra stuff.  When I went to pay for the service, the mechanic told me that the dealership manager insisted that I pay the $75 diagnostics fee even though it was covered by my Honda Care package.  When I called Honda Care, the representative said that the fee was already paid to the dealership.  I told the dealership what the Honda Care representative said and the manager immediately dropped the $75 fee.  LOL It's pretty clear that this dealership has duped many innocent people  in one way or another.  Utterly ridiculous!

Well, I'm never coming here again if my car needs maintenance.  And by the looks of the other reviews, I won't come here to buy a car either.  I heard that the Campbell dealership is much better, so I suggest trying that one instead.

L P. | 2014-07-09

This review is pointed towards the auto repair customer service department. I didn't have an appointment. I drove up and was cheerfully greeted. Eber Pacheco was the representative who helped me with my auto concerns. I thought for sure I was going to have to spend a fortune going into the dealership. Not so! I was pleasantly surprised how I was treated by Eber Pacheco. He was friendly, knowledgeable and helped me find a solution to my issue which didn't need a mechanic or cost me anything!  I left there with an answer, peace of mind and it felt good to not get ripped off and taken advantage of as a woman. Honda, reward your great technicians for excellent customer service. Eber acted like he enjoyed his job and that's refreshing.
Thanks again Eber Pacheo for the nice experience and peace of mind.

Peggy K. | 2014-07-07

SEXISM IS ALIVE AND WELL AT HONDA OF STEVENS CREEK. When looking to buy a car this past weekend I was very disgusted when one of the sales managers said to me that

"Maybe I didn't understand how trade-ins work BECAUSE I AM A GIRL".

This is not a joke...he said just that and even repeated it when I ask him if I heard him right, and I still can't believe it. It's the 21st century and this dealership still employs people with that mindset. If you have a mother, or a sister, or a daughter... and think they deserve should STAY AWAY from this place until they get their act together!!!!!

Bernard E. | 2014-07-07

Called before arriving and  i was told that the car is available to view and test drive because no one is interested for the day. I arrived but they cannot find the key guess what the future owner is holding it . I ask that customer how long have you been here and she replied almost all day. My point they let me drive all the way and the car is almost sold out. Too bad i do have the full amount in cash with me to pay the car, seriously they wasted my time  not coming back there anymore

David J. | 2014-07-06

I've had a couple of problems here that make me recommend against Honda in general and this dealership in particular.  I bought a new 2006 Honda Accord SE, auto trans, from Honda Stevens Creek about 8 years ago. I let them talk me into an extended warranty thinking I was hedging against possible big problems.  

I moved away from the Bay Area to Washington, DC. from 2007 - 2013.  When I asked about the warranty at the Honda dealerships where I got it serviced I was told I couldn't use the warranty there as it's tied to the original dealership.  So, I thought at least I could get the refund for the service contract I was told about when I bought it.  

However, when I went in to the dealership to process the refund I was told Honda of Stevens Creek is under new ownership, they no longer wrote refundable extended service contracts, and I would need to call the corporate office.  The corporate office told me the warranty expired 2 years ago and I had had 30 days to file for a refund after the expiration.  True that the original paperwork said that but seems I would have gotten some notice that the contract was ending via mail. Honda and Stevens Creek in particular had my address as I was still getting mails such as recall notices and flyers.  So as someone else pointed out in a Yelp review I'm out $2K.  

The bigger issue actually is the reliability of the car.  I bought a Honda thinking it would be reliable and I could drive it 200K+ miles, for 10-15 years.  Looking back at my repair records starting in late 2012 at ~100K miles I started spending what amounted to thousands of dollars on different repairs that don't seem routine, like damage to knock sensor/harness and air intake tube, separation of air intake tube from "breather box" caused by vibration (which caused stall on the highway), and replacing broken engine mounts which caused the intake tube to come loose among others.  Earlier this year I started having transmission problems culminating in car losing motion on the highway with an 18-wheeler behind me!  I serviced the transmission regularly (I have the receipts to prove it) but at $127K miles I'm told I need a rebuilt transmission for ~$4500!  This is far fewer miles than I would expect from this or really any car these days, and I won't put the money in to have something else go wrong.  

Turns out there's lots of similar complaints about Honda/Acura transmissions from 2004 - 2008 (and before actually) - just google "honda accord auto transmission problems" and you'll find lots of similar stories to mine.  

I went to the dealer today to see if they could give any consideration as a trade-in given this seems to be a not in keeping with their advertised quality, but the best the sales guy could say was "car has to be running for us to accept as a trade-in; maybe try to sell it to a mechanic."  So, with that kind of consideration for their quality and past sales I can't recommend a Hondas to anyone who needs a car with long-term reliability.

George T. | 2014-07-03

I went this week for a servicing of my new Honday Odyssey. The service light was one and the advisor recommended me to do a B1 service as per the computer.
Then, I got the shock when he told me that the price for the service is going to be 215dollars. That sounded way too high for non-repair work. I looked into the work order and it said oil change and air filter change and lots of just inspections and checks.

It sounded like a simple oil change which should have cost 50$ at a mechanic shop. Lets say, Honda dealership should charge a fair price of 100$. But, 215$ for a 1 hour job is ridiculous. Only specialist doctors can make such money hourly. This whole dealership thing is a scam to fleece unassuming people. I am never going here again.


Cynthia Y. | 2014-07-02

This review is for the service/auto repair side, I don't know about their vehicle purchases. I was a little hesitant at first, but I had recently moved into the area and I really needed an oil change for the past month!

I went yesterday morning to get my motor oil changed but there was a ridiculously long wait so I made an appointment for later in the day and came back. This already started me off rubbed the wrong way but their service when I came back was so awesome that I had to write a glowing review!! I would recommend making an appointment even though they take drop-ins since you never know when they'll be busy!

When I came back for my appointment to get my motor oil changed, they inspected my car, took my keys, and I went off to the waiting area to grab a vanilla latte and read some gossip magazines. About 30 minutes later, the gentleman helping me came out to let me know that they found a nail in my tire (no wonder my check tire pressure light had been going off :P) and that it was taking so long because they were patching it for me. He just wanted to let me know that it would take a few more minutes for the patch to dry and then I would be all set. It was fantastic service for him to come out to update me and make sure I knew what was going on. I was worried about how much this was going to cost me, but I knew it had to be done.

Well, no worries there! When he brought me the receipt, not only did he not charge me for repairing the tire (he did it on the house!), he even gave me a major discount on my motor oil change!! He remembered me from the morning and was incredibly helpful. I don't know if you can request the help of a specific service adviser whenever you go in, but if you can, ask for Adrian! He was very nice and extremely helpful in getting everything done. Even though they were pretty busy, everyone was extremely pleasant. I will 100% be coming back here for everything that needs to be done on my car!!!

Dave Dawar Lodin L. | 2014-06-30

I went to Stevens Creek Honda Yesterday to lease a Honda Accord. Their sales women Perla Alvarado and sales manager AJ Sardar was very helpful in finding me the car with features I wanted. AJ made the process very smooth and their finance manager Ahmed Nadem took care of the finance paperwork in no time. I am happy with their service. They have great customer service and I will definitely recommend this dealer ship to my friends.

A S. | 2014-06-30

Bought a Honda CRV from them. First off I got a sales guy who was a bit 'difficult' to work with. He wouldn't show me the car spec that I wanted.

But then I walked in the next day and got a better sales guy - Mike. He  worked out well. I got the right car at the right price. They matched the tru car quote. He also made sure I got the car with the right brand of tires.

Also the finance guys are great here.

So my advice is to make sure you are working with someone who you click with. Feel free to ask the manager to change your sales guy if he isn't working out.

All in all it was a good experience.

Mur¬i K. | 2014-06-23

I could not cut short this feedback as they drove me crazy with their sales/service.

This review is for purchasing used Vehicle and after sale treatment I got.
First of all I had a tough time deciding between private party vs dealership, finally I decided to go with dealership anticipating a good condition, multi point check-up and serviced vehicle.
Day 1: I walked into this St.Cr Honda after seeing an online add, met with a sales person, who showed me the vehicle of my interest (but only after a 20 min egg hunt for the key). Test drove the vehicle, checked few controls and liked it on its face. I told him that the vehicle RO says "Pending Transmission service" and I expect it should be taken care if I want to buy. He walks in to talk to his manager and comes back after 15 minutes to say 'Its nothing don't worry', seeing my doubtful look he then asked me if I will buy once that is taken care off, well its an 'Yes'. He walks me in, talks to his boss again for 20 minutes comes back to say no. This time his boss Safi says "What is the problem here", with an attempt to shut me off, well but this is not my first time car purchase, so I insisted on the service as promised by the sales men, then Safi says "Who is he to tell, I'm telling you that it is just a transmission fluid, we don't have to do this for you". Well he smelled the purchase from my end already so didn't want to commit on anything.
I insisted that first of all the dealer price is 1.5 to 2k higher than private party just because it is expected to be in good serviced condition, if you say that you don't want to do this, will you guarantee that its only the fluid service and not any other, he says " Well these are pre-owned" they don't carry any warranty or guarantee, you are not purchasing a new vehicle here. I sensed an attitude here but then brushed it off smiling finally convincing him to get the service done. So when you negotiate they say, they are not Mom and Pop shop who sell under valued cars, they take care of so many things and price it fairly, when you ask for services they say, you are not buying a new car here. ???

So after all of this and searching for documents and then closing with finance it took nearly 6 hours to walk out of the showroom, good that I looked at only one vehicle. Finally it was mid night, so no service center hence no detailing, but the sales person was generous to offer a next day detailing and transmission fluid.

Day 2: I drove my vehicle to the service center only to find that they could not locate the required document to perform the same, they walked to the sales and got it, again that is 20 minutes of wait, when I went to pick the vehicle there were grease marks on the doors and interior was not touched except for arranging the mats. the sales person who handed the keys to me could notice the same and said if you are not happy please ask for a re-detailing. I got in the car and noticed a clicking noise under the steering wheel, it was feeble but audible enough from the passenger seat, the only reason why I could have missed on day 1 was because of the audio system turned on.
Day 3: Took to service again, Classic question from them, did you purchase any warranty on this?, well I did but isn't it their responsibility to check for these things before they sell, this is the least you expect from high cost dealership purchase. She says this might have come after the purchase, coz we would have fixed it if we observed. I just purchased the vehicle at 12 midnight drove for 15 miles in all before returning to the service station on day 2, and she says this happened after the purchase. Smoothly she said " good that you have warranty,  I suggest you go to Toyota as they are the best to service toyota van", great suggestion, else I wouldn't know.

I would never suggest a purchase or service from this place to any one. Well can't ignore the good response all the time from Steven and Ed though, they are the only good reason to stop by and say Hi.

Desmond N. | 2014-06-22

Why do they even call themselves a Honda dealer?!

I mean, the reason I took my car to Honda at Stevens Creek is because I wanted a full check of my Civic SI, and I was willing to pay the price though it may cost a bit more than my mechanic.

I told them the car shake when it goes to 50mph. First, a guy came to me and said "oh sure we will let you fill a form first."

Second guy came to me, looked at my car and said "oh sure you can fill out the form, let me get (someone's name) to help you out."

Then, the third guy came to me, said in a straight face that they DONT do car inspection.

I was like "WHAT? why?" He said, "because of liability problem. what if we inspected the car and everything's alright, and you had a problem later?" I said, "well if it's a car INSPECTION then I expect you to find the problem before it happens right? That's what it's for."

He said, " we don't know what you will do to your car after we checked it." I said, "well, I drive it and occasionally I fill it up with gasoline. Please, just help me check my car please."

He said, "We don't do car inspection anymore."

Fk it, if it's really no longer a service customers can have, why do you guys bother to find three different guys to help me out?

AND what car dealer doesn't do car inspection? I mean, what is your workshop for? A car dealer that's scared of "liability problem?" I say they shouldn't do ANY service to ANYONE if Honda's so scared of things go wrong.

No customer courtesy whatsoever, it's like I'm begging them for their mercy. I will NOT go back to that place again for whatever reason. Period.

Shiv H. | 2014-06-16

The after service of Stevens Creek Honda is very bad. Once the car is sold so are all the promises. Expect better customer service even for existing customers and not only as a new customer. Have written to Relationship manager too but no response since 2+ weeks.

B C. | 2014-06-04

Don't waste your time and money here. The so-called "managers" are just playing games with you. It's the 21st century and I can't believe they still try to resort to these sort of tactics. I'm a Honda and Acura owner and will likely buying another, just not here.

Phuong T. | 2014-06-04

We bought a Honda Pilot about 7 years ago.  Anyhow, we bought into this warranty plan where if after 7 years, nothing was done on the car, we would get 2K back.  We finally got in touch with the dealership only to find out that the company they were working with went out of business, which neither party decided to tell us.  Honda of Stevens Creek is honoring the warranty but only if certain things are of those things is an expiration date that we were unaware of (as well as other documentation).  This is 2K we're talking about...maybe not a lot to them but a lot to us.
We actually were waiting for the refund check to come to us all this time...unaware that the company had gone out of business and not notified by Honda of Stevens Creek or their parent company  Sonic Automotive.  I just think it's bad business practice.  I'm still arguing with them about it and hope that they change their mind.  Anybody else in a similar situation???

Leon V. | 2014-05-30

As usual, once you leave the lot, you're on your own. They tell you, please leave us a good review for us on yelp!!! Well, unfortunately for them, we as patrons can edit & follow up on our experience. TRUST NO ONE AT THE DEALERSHIP!!!

Deborah N. | 2014-05-27

I had a great customer service experience with the service center. The check engine light went on in my 2011 Honda civic. Hung  quickly diagnosed it (tempormental gas cap) and I was not charged.

Sherri B. | 2014-05-26

Wish I would of read the reviews before taking my car here to have it serviced. I just needed to have my tires rotated, see if they could fix a nail in one of the tires and change my oil- instead they somehow took off the bluetooth option, screwed up my radio station settings, can't remove the oil indicator option, and best of all, didn't fix the nail in the tire! Had the nerve to hand me a paper saying my car was "good to go" with no work needed! WOW!! That is not acceptable on any level!

Rhea B. | 2014-05-22

I purchased my brand new car, honda civic lx coupe on May 18, 2014. Out of all the honda dealerships I've researched; Stevens creek Honda absolutely had the "True Price". when I first arrived at stevens creek Honda, I was shopping for a car. I waited 15 mins patiently for a salesman to offer help. There were 4 salesman who just stared at me and didnt offer to help. All they did was stand around rather than help customers. I was grateful when salesman, AMIR VIRANI, came out to help my boyfriend And I with a car. Virani introduced me to the used honda civic cars and new cars.I was debating between a 2013 honda civic ex coupe versus a 2014 honda civic lx coupe. Virani aka Rani has helped me made my decision without pressure into buying other pricier cars. Rani was very patient with me in choosing a car. He allowed me to test drive two cars on the same day. He was knowledgeable with the Honda cars and he had a great sense of humor. He made sure that when I purchased my first car that I get a good offer for it. The car I chose was a 2014 honda civic coupe. The tag of the car was $17980; but when I was taken in to purchase the car, Rani gave me a better deal on the car for $17480; which was $500 off! What a deal! He made the signing process quick and simple. The finance manager, Steven Kim was very thorough with the papers I was signing. He explained each form briefly before I signed it. While signing the papers, Rani offered my  bf and I refreshments. I told Rani that I specifically wanted a white honda civic with a black interior and he patiently took the time to check out the inventory for me. I came to conclusion in purchasing a Charcoal honda with black interior because all the white honda civics had beige interior.

Rani was Very helpful with getting me car insurance with my car with an affordable monthly payment. Rani also took the time to compare the pricing of car insurance between a 4 door and a 2 door honda civic which allowed me to make my final decision on a car. Rani promised me that when I get my car, it will look spotless inside and out. I was Unsatisfied  with the cleanliness of my car. It seemed like my car wasn't washed ; as if it was rushed and wiped down quickly with a cloth. The dashboard of my car looked filthy. It had lint all over and dust. There was dirt on some areas outside my car. I made a complaint to Rani about the cleanliness of my car and he took care of that right away! He told me that he didnt want to bother the service workers, so he cleaned my car himself and apologized for the inconvenience. I felt bad because it wasn't his fault that the other employees didn't clean my car well.

I left Stevens Creek Honda as a satisfied customer. Ask Virani, he has the pictures on his ipad to prove it. So if you Are looking for an honest, reliable, knowledgeable, and helpful sAlesman, ask for Virani. He will do whatever it takes to help you find the car of your dreams!  His number is 408-247-2550.  I would recommend my family and friends to him and to purchase cars from this dealership because Stevens creek Honda offers a more affordable price compared to other Honda dealerships.  I would give Rani a 5 out of 5 stars for being an excellent car Salesman.

Michael D. | 2014-05-21

I tried going in today to look at a 2014 Civic EX with salesman Sami. My family is purchasing a family vehicle; my mom is mainly using it to commute but is asking my dad and I to help out with the process. Ultimately my low review stems from rather sleezy tactics Sami used to try to get a sale from me. He told me there were no Civic EX's on the lot and the one sitting there was sold. Ok, maybe the inventory is depleted. But then Sami tells me to bring my family tonight and he'll sell us a Civic EX at a price $2000 below MSRP. I'm starting to wonder whether there is actually a Civic EX in inventory, given that he is claiming he can sell to us tonight and to rush over after work and bring my parents. I ask if I can see the Civic EX, and he avoids answering, saying to just "bring my family." He confirms the car is in inventory but refuses to let me see it in person. He's willing to show me the Civic EX-L's interior but cannot even let me see the Civic EX with my own eyes and avoids answering why that is the case. I'm sure once I brought my family he would have told me the EX was sold earlier that day, but hey, there's another model I'll sell to you. Next time I want bait-and-switch I'll go to another dealership.

UPDATE: The manager has claimed on Yelp that him or his dealership reached out to me by phone to address my concerns. Unfortunately, while I appreciate Scott G's response, that is simply not the case. I was so dissatisfied with Sami's tactics that I declined to give any of my contact information to him; it is therefore impossible for the dealership to claim they contacted me or that we had any conversation regarding what happened. I certainly did not initiate any contact on my behalf, nor they with me.

C S. | 2014-05-20

don't get me wrong.. I LOVE my car, but I HATE their service. The salesman was very helpful, but the sales manager was a jackass. Once you sign that paper, they'll start treating you like crap. Picked up the car the following day and asked them why they didn't fill up the tank like most normal dealerships would and they said: "we don't fill up tanks on used cars" REALLY??!! this is such bs because I've purchased used cars before and they've filled it up.. guess this dealership doesn't know the true meaning of customer service.. all I have to say is.. Karma.

Raghunath K. | 2014-05-13

I was with a dealer named ASAD HANIF here for my new car. The whole purchase experience is awesome. ASAD was more professional, knowledgeable and more helpful in answering the tons of questions that I put up before even I agreed to purchase my Honda car. The process was really smooth and ASAD helped me in getting each and every step of the process done precisely until the keys were in my hand. Even after that, he did touch base with me and asked how do I feel with the new car and offered me to help with any further questions that I might have. This is what I called "Service Par Excellence" and I strongly recommend going to this place to ask for ASAD HANIF to deal with your purchase and I hope you also get the same share of the pleasant experience that I got.

Thank you ASAD and Honda of Stevens Creek

Ethan L. | 2014-05-12

I went in to look at a 2014 Odyssey EX-L. I asked if they could come down on the price at all. The salesman did the whole "I have to talk to my manager" thing and came back with the same price. He did this again and came back with his manager and the SAME PRICE. The sales manager said they can't possibly come down on the price. He said that they are actually selling them at a loss to clear inventory. I ended up buying one from a dealership in Seaside two days later for more than TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS LESS. These guys are jackals. Only give them your business if you like getting screwed.

Edit for business owner: There is nothing to discuss. There was no "confusion." The dealership in Seaside showed me the invoice price which was in line with what my research showed me that new EX-Ls actually cost. Your sales manager lied to me and no doubt lies to all of your customers. I just hope that plenty of people read my review and take their business elsewhere.

Annie L. | 2014-04-24

If I can give this place -10 stars, it would be  -20. As for the salesman, I will give him all the stars he wants because he was the most helpful through all of my experience. My mother came into the dealership today looking for a car, and it completely went down hill. She was helped very well with Steve, and when she stated her price for the car, of course, as any other salesman, he had to talk to the manager. As they were seated, the manager confirmed about the price she wanted, but the made a snide mark saying..

"Who do you think is going to pay for the taxes?"
My mother- " Well, thats not for me to know but this is my offer."

The manager closes the book and says sorry and gets up and out of the office without her and left her sitting there.

what kind of fucking service is that? As a sales MANAGER, we have the right to give an offer and you have the right to have a counter-offer, but if not, aren't you suppose to be the least bit of help and ask otherwise? Maybe a " is there something else we can work with?".

But no. The manager did not only do his part VERY POORLY but belittled my mother because her offer was too low.

Because she left her sitting there, she got up and said that his customer service was not very up to par with any standard customer service. And all he did was say, sorry and kept walking.

I really do not want to here a reply and say it is a miscommunication between two parties. BECAUSE LET ME REMIND YOU, SHE BARELY SAT IN THE OFFICE FOR 5 MINUTES. There was NO communication to began with. I hope that manager gets fired, you inconsiderate, unprofessional "manager".

Heather W. | 2014-04-21

Normally I don't get ticked at this kind of stuff because I try to be understanding! But we drove over an hour to come check out a car that we called about before heading down to make sure they still had it. A guy named angel told me yes and set up a VIP appt for us and we got down there as soon as we could. We were running a little behind because it was farther than we expected so I called to let them know and he said no problem and moved the appt. we got there 20 minutes after calling and were told that the car was sold. I understand they are going to sell it if it comes down to it but what ticked me off is that they didn't tell me that when I called twenty minutes before getting there. And the guy who helped us was a total jerk and had a " I really hate my life and don't care" attitude! Needless to say I do not recommend them and will not be going back!

Juliana V. | 2014-04-19

The worst service ... I do not recommend anyone to do an oil change or other services at this place. The inspection results were not communicated to me by the service advisor. He just gave me 3 papers and said bye without saying that the air filters are dirty and breaks are in bad condition ... I'm not coming back...

Dave A. | 2014-04-14

I came to this dealership a month ago to lease a Civic after stopping at 2 dealerships we had no patients to go through all the bs you go through to buy a car. I met with the sales manager AJ SARDAR he was very friendly and took the time to listen to us on a Sunday when his dealership was very busy. AJ made the car buying experience pleasant and quick, we were able to get a great deal and awesome service.,,,,I recommend anyone interested in buying a car to take the time and speak with AJ before driving up and looking for a car

Lizbeth G. | 2014-04-10


I purchased my first vehicle here a month ago. The same day I took it home, it overheated. I tried to contact my sales representative in order to get a diagnosis, but he never replied to my messages.

Finally got a hold of him and he agreed to get me a free diagnostic.

After taking my car back, the rep told me that I needed a new radiator, as it was cracked and leaking coolant. He also suggested to replace the water pump and thermostat "just because its a good idea to change all thee things at the same time". My total would be $722. My car is only 2 years old! I just bought it one month ago! And you want me to spend money on an extra water pump and thermostat "just because"? Oh, and my warranty doesn't cover it? How convenient!

I talked to another mechanic at Akin's auto repair. He will fix my car for $350. He will only replace the radiator because there is nothing wrong with the water pump, saving me $372.

Thanks for ruining my experience Honda of Stevens Creek.

Allen S. | 2014-04-01

The service in the service department is basically a "F-you" with a simile on their faces.  I mean how mad at them can you get when they have your car in the palm of their greedy little hands?  If you get your car serviced there, you can plan to wait at least an hour longer than the time-frame that they gave you for your car to be finished.  I heard several customers complaining about that.  The work they did was good, but they really  give attitude with a smile.  I don't particularly like that.  They are more expensive than other Honda dealerships that I've visited out of the area, but that's what you get for the Bay Area, needlessly expensive items.  It's not outrageous to get your car worked on here (it's cheaper than some run-of-the-mill "tire and lube" places), but it is more expensive than what I've experienced out of the Bay Area.  Good repair work, very slow, and they will tell you "sorry-charlie" with a smile on their faces.  All of 'em.

TL K. | 2014-03-20

I bought my car there and took it for service there for years and got mediocre service but it's a dealership I didn't expect much more then that.  When I had a warrantee issue i got them to do the work on the car but then it turned into a huge nightmare and my car has never been the same since. The work was shoddy, the management wouldn't take responsibility for the things they broke on my car and just blamed their sub contractor for the work. They wouldn't take responsibility for them arranging and directing the work. I will never go back there

Igor P. | 2014-03-17

I have bought a new CR-V there. I'm new to the area and to the US, so here are my comments:
The price offer was good, and the sales person was very nice, as he should be, of course.

However, when I came to sign for the car, I was offered all the range of additional insurances, and I was caught unprepared. I ended by agreeing to sign for Honda Care. When I came home, I found on Internet that the price they sold me the Honda Care is 1.5 times higher than it should be (at least).
Next day, when I came to take the car I asked to cancel the Honda Care. I was told by the financing guy, named Sakhib that he can not take it off from the financing as the bank would reject if he sends a new request for the same car. Ok, I told him, then lets  fill the cancellation form. We did fill a form, and I requested to have copy of it, he told me that he would take care of cancellation from here on.

A month later, I got a mail from Honda Care, congratulating me with the new contract. I called them, and they told me that nothing was canceled. I called Honda of Stevens Creek and spoke with Daniel Sahagun (Customer Relations Manager). He promised to call me back, of course it did not happen. I called him back , couple of days later, then he expressed his "surprise" that no-one called me back  and transferred me back to Sakhib. Sakhib told me that he should check with financing - why they did not cancel. Blah-blah... I ended by sending myself the fax to Honda Care directly and canceling easily.

I feel that they were trying to cheat on me, or maybe they just don't care about their customers. Don't know which is worse. Any case - it is pretty low in my eyes. In my home country (Israel) you won't find this behavior with respectable companies, if customers asks Honda to cancel - there is no question, it will be done.


Danielle G. | 2014-03-14

I do not know why this place is rated only 2 and a half stars, they have great customer service and my salesman Sami Nurahmed was extremely polite and positive! I came to this dealership with my parents because they were searching and comparing for a 2014 honda accord from other honda dealerships  and we ended up making an out the door purchase with the best deal possible. My parents were happy, I was happy, and Sami made his sale. Overall, this dealership is very recommended because of their service and unbeatable prices.

D F. | 2014-03-14

Our only experience with Honda of Steven Creek has been with the service department. Each time we've had routine maintenance performed there (at a premium price), they've tried to tell us about all the other work we "needed." Several times we had them go ahead and do it, but at one point, they claimed our suspension was cracking and needed to be replaced, and several engine-block mounts were cracked and similarly needed to be replaced -- a service that was *very* expensive. We took our Honda to a third-party shop recommended in Bay Area Checkbook. They checked it out, and the only thing wrong with the suspension was that the *paint* on the outside had some hairline cracks. And while one engine-block mount did have a problem, the others were fine. The repair cost a fraction of what Honda Stevens Creek wanted. It makes us wonder how many of the repairs we agreed to in the past were really "necessary." The combination of high prices and shady practices stopped us from coming here for any type of service.

Jing B. | 2014-03-09

My husband and i went here first time to go look for a car. We are a first time buyer, no credit history and everything. But we bring along with us our co payer. As we arrived a gentleman came up to us named ASAF HANIF he assist us, and explained everything. He assisted us all through the way, the apr the bank us offering was too high but he help us make it low. He is very knowledgable, and very sincere. You can see if someone is giving their 100 % percent effort to their work. And im giving him a two thumbs up for that.
Thank you for helping us getting our dream car. Even though the deal was done and we have our car now he still check us if the car is doing good. He such a good guy. So if you go here make sure to see him he will help you i guarantee. :)) Thank you ASAD Your an angel! :)

Debasish P. | 2014-03-09

I don't have words, these people are real cheaters. when I bought the car there were few spots in the car seat, which cant be noticed very well. Still I asked , and the salesperson told it is nothing..

today I did a detailing, and I found the spot was actually a hole and they hide it by some kind of material which you can't see. I have taken the pic also.

After paying 18k, I bought a car with car seat damaged, patches on the hood, and i guess the previous owner was smoking in the car and that is why there is a hole in the seat. I have a small baby, so I am worried.

Antonio N. | 2014-02-21

Just bought a new Odyssey...had gone to Frontier Ford first, and they only wanted to give me $500 for my 2008 Ford Edge trade-in. Here, they offered me $8,000. Sami, my car salesman was very helpful, and the manager Jay was really easy-going; made the buying experience as enjoyable as possible.

Lesley B. | 2014-02-16

Never going here for anything that has to do with my Honda. Worst customer service. There is a lady that works there cant recall her name but she assisted me when I took my car in for a paint job and my car got inspected. That lady said she would give me a call to set an appointment for my car to be dropped off for two weeks, since it was a paint job. NO  CALL AT ALL!! So after I called to set the appointment myself (early December) and was told that I had to wait until january so  I gave the lady that answer the dates that worked for me and noooo my only option was February since everything was taken. Why cant they explain the details to the customer in the first place. The employee should know what days are available before having me (the customer) change my plans and my available dates.

Finally, my car was dropped off on February 2nd, a sunday. The guy that assisted me and took my car told me that my car would be ready in 2 weeks. His exact words " We will be shooting for friday pick up but latest monday". Before I left I made sure to tell him to keep me posted and give me a call friday to know about my car. He said he would and if anything give him a call. Friday came by no call whatsoever. Gave Honda a call around 10am and no answer from the guy, he was out for the day and was told "can you call tomorrow at 8:30am" he will be in. I did as i was told and he was not in and that my car would be ready for monday OR tuesday. At this point I  am pissed!!! No communication or exact details about my car of when to pick it up. I was not offered a rental car at all, so I rented a car for 2 weeks since I was going to be carless (expecting to get my car on monday). Then I get the news from that SAME lady that my car will be ready monday or tuesday, you serious!!!! I cant afford another two days for a rental and not knowing the exact time to pick my car up.

I ask to speak to a manager, I told him about the situation and the shitty communication with his employees. All he did was apologize and that he would do something about it. WOW really thats all you are going to do. Well anyways after several calls I finally got someone from HONDA to call the paint shop and get details of my car. He mentioned that the service consultant was injured and that was not fault of course its not but its YOUR FAULT that a customer is pissed since your communication is the worst ever! It is your job to have someone else contact the customer if the regular service consultant is out for a few days and let them know about their car. I am suppose to pick up my car on Tuesday, he did not give me a time just said to call before I head over to make sure my car is there. We will see if the manager is saying the truth or is just like the rest of his employees!!

Imran M. | 2014-02-11

After having my Mazda 6 for 10 years, I figured it was time to buy another car! Of course, I started to do some shopping and finally decided on going with the Honda Accord Coup as they are sporty and reliable. The sales rep which helped me out was Amir Virani. This is the guy you want to go too if you are looking for 100% customer satisfaction! He makes sure that the customer leaves happy and will do whatever he can in his power to work out the right price! His attitude, personality and constant smile on his face made the process of buying a car so much easier! Thanks for the wonderful experience and I will def. be sending my friends your way!

Joseph H. | 2014-02-09

If you have a Customer Relations complaint regarding Stevens Creek Honda, contact Vicky Comer, Corporate Customer Relations, at Sonic Automotive: her e-mail address is vicky.comer@sonicautomot… .

Brittany A. | 2014-02-07

THIS IS THE WORST PLACE TO GO. My car had recall that needed to be done on it, so when I called the lady said she ordered ALL the parts and she would call me when they got in...but they never called. So a week and a half later I talked to someone else who said they were never ordered and he'd order them and call me. AGAIN no one ever called...mind you one of my recalls was a HUGE safety by this time I was so irritated. Once they realized how mad I was they actually did their job and looked further into it. Turns out thr initial call they DID order the parts and had them but didnt put them in the correct name so again they finally got my part....after a month and a half of getting yanked Round I finally went in and dropped my car off expecting ALL the recalls to be done...but nope. They did the major safety issue (thankfully) and said the other two were just inspections... Which one did fail and after all this they never ordered the part for that one but said they would and they would call me...3 months later... I still havn't heard a word. I gave up.

DONT GO HERE. Im so close to reporting them to the better business bureau.

Jessica C. | 2014-01-28

I purchased my vehicle (CRV) here back in 2010.. Ever since, I've been coming here for service.. I had noticed the change in employees and since last year 2013, I started to see a gentleman by the name of Adrian Cruz. This service advisor is awesome. He is smart, knowledgeable, honest, efficient, the list can go on & on. I can tell when someone likes their job, this man here-he genuinely likes his job and cares for the customers he serves. He will be my advisor as long as he is here and as long as I have a Honda.. I will continue to go see Adrian when my car needs any type of service. Thank you for all your help, Adrian! See you soon!

P.S. This place can be busy and packed, I allow myself extra time when dropping off my car, so that I don't end up blaming it on the employees when they are just doing their very best to provide the best service to each individual customer. *Just a tip* (;

Vivian C. | 2014-01-24


I've been going to this dealership for big service items for the last eight years. When I'm feeling lazy I'll go there and get an oil change done just to save myself some time. I am a girl and know that some auto repair places will try to rip you off if they think you don't know any better.

The last two times I went in for service here weren't very positive experiences, and I was so insulted by the service rep today that I left without getting any work done on my car. They tried to quote me $500 to change the drive belt on my car a few months ago - I ended up going home, buying the belt from Amazon for $25, and installing it myself in less than 10 minutes. When I asked why the price was so high for the belt, the guy told me that it was a "special order" part and that it involved removing all sorts of parts from the engine. Yeah, sure buddy.

Today I went in for an oil change - they had mailed a coupon to my house for a $21.88 oil and filter change. I also know that my front tires and brakes have been getting close to the wear markers, and wanted to have them check it out and get those replaced if needed. The service rep took one look at the coupon, then looked at my car, and said "it's going to cost more than that." Okay. How much? "$90." $90, for real? HAHAHA. Do I look like I just fell off the turnip truck? He told me that he could "take at most $20 off" for the coupon, for a $70 oil change. Then he asked me "have you ever had your oil changed here before?" - obviously. After looking at my vehicle history on his iPad he went to "consult" a coworker, before coming back and announcing to me that the best they could do was $80 for an oil change. "Because the filter is expensive."  I've been changing my oil for many years, and buy the Honda filter at the Honda on El Camino for $10. I can understand paying a dealership a little more (ie. $40) to get your oil changed, but walking in with a coupon that they sent me for $21 only to be asked to pay $90 is downright INSULTING.

I told weasel man it wasn't going to happen, drove myself over to Larry Hopkins Honda, asked them to quote me for an oil change ($41, hey that sounds more realistic) but because of the time I had wasted at this place, their techs were booked for the rest of the afternoon. I ended up buying the oil filter from the parts people at Larry Hopkins, who told me that they had heard a lot about Honda of Stevens Creek ripping off customers - especially females, and headed home to finish the oil change myself.

Bottom line: if you don't want to get ripped off, go elsewhere. There's another Honda just down the street with helpful honest employees and prices that won't make you want to punch someone in the face. I am never going back to this dealership again and had such a bad experience at this place that I spent time writing a yelp about it on a Friday afternoon. YUCK!

R A. | 2014-01-22

Just good old terrible service for warranty issues.

Kristin V. | 2014-01-15

Third time is a charm, right? Haha. No.

Beginning of December my husband and I once again showed up looking to buy another car. We thought we would give them another chance but lesson learned.

Donovan was awesome in assisting us while we looked at cars even though it was dark and freezing cold. He had a wonderful attitude and made us feel very comfortable. I was suprised that he even came outside to greet us given our last experience.

We left that day without finding a car but I had my eye on a used car that hadn't even been serviced, yet. Donovan kept his word and called us the next day to let us know the car didn't pass smog so they couldn't sell it to us. He would call us a few more times to see if we were interested in cars he thought fit what I wanted. Great job, D. Too bad that Honda didn't keep you as an employee.

After about a week my husband decided to sell our used car that we were hoping to trade in. We sold it directly to Honda of Steven's Creek and were told that we should receive our payment within a week or two.

Fast forward a month later and we still haven't recieved payment but we have seen our car listed and removed from their website. I can only assume this means that Honda sold our car.

My husband tried to track down someone to assist him but no one would return his calls. I'm glad that Honda took time out of their busy schedule to notify us that Donovon was no longer employed wtih Honda so that another employee may assist in selling us a car but when it comes time to pay your customers that seems to be a phone call you easily avoid or just don't want to make.

Since no one would return my husband's calls over the course of a week he had to go down there in person and clear this up. Thanks for finally explaining your procedure to your clients. Too bad it had to take my husband paying a visit in person for results to happen. You should try explaining your procedures to your employees so they know what the heck they are talking about to your clients.

To sum it up Honda of Steven's Creek you have lost out big time. Twice we have come to you to buy a car and you have failed so poorly at your job that you are losing our business again. I will gladly take my cash somewhere else just like we did twice in 2011.

Earns A. | 2014-01-13

As of this day, No phone call. Crazy right? They have my letter with phone number but they said they could not reach me. Yeah right! I gave them my number again via PM and no phone call. You guys can keep the refund, if there is any. This will be my last post for this business. I am done with them.

Armando m. | 2014-01-12

Had the best experience at Honda Steven creek dealer ship.virani our sale person was so calm did not even rush us or for us on to wish car to buy he waited for us to be sure on wish car we wanted and we did.Thanks Vanir for the best service.

Lee L. | 2014-01-10

Nearly 5 years after my last review, we went to Honda of Stevens Creek again in pursuit of our next car.  Though we did not purchase a car from them, the shopping experience was noticably better than before.  Upon entering the showroom, we were greeted by one of the staff.  He asked us some general questions about why were were there and then found a sales agent to work with us.  He was friendly and informative and was able to answer some technical questions that we had about the operation of the vehicles that we were interested in.  We went on a test drive of a CR-V, which was unfortunately on the short side because the trip computer said that car had a range of 1 (yes, one) mile until empty.

We got a follow-up call a few days later, which was nice.  We explained that we were looking for something else, and he thanked us for coming by.

Yvonne B. | 2014-01-09

I don't know why this place has such a low average rating.  I guess I am not too picky about a lot of things.  I always receive awesome service here.  The service guy I usually ask for is coincidentally named Steve.  Plus there is also Jeanette who is the first woman I saw to be in service.  It was very refreshing to see that especially since there are times when I have to bring the car in by myself.

Klowd W. | 2014-01-05

My wife and I came here to get an oil change today and was helped by service rep Francis Le.  He was nice gentlemen with lots of knowledge about our SUV.   He was very friendly.  I would highly recommend anyone locally to come and experience the high quality in service by Francis.  Request him by name and you will not be disappointed!!

Herlyn N. | 2013-12-27

After purchasing a car from this dealership in 2012 I canceled out my Gap and Extended warranty immediately that night because I was told I really didn't need it and the finance adviser at the time said that I should see a credit on my account.  Now, two years later I am paying off my vehicle and find out it wasn't done.  I called and left about 7-10 msg. over a period of 5 days with no call back until the 5th day and still got the run around being transferred from person to person still without an answer. I even spoke to the GM of the co.  Finally, I called the GAP Ins. co. and Extended warranty department on my own to get some of my answers but still today three weeks later Honda of Stevens Creek had not called me back to make sure I got my questions answered and now I am trying to make sure they have my current address to ensure proper delivery of my reimbursement but even at that I still have no call back now two days later of getting this answer.  ERRRRRRR I will never purchase a vehicle from this dealership EVER again!!!! NOT Recommended.  I wouldn't have even given them 1 star if I could.  They act all nice and helpful to ensure their sale but after your purchase they could careless what happens to you!

Becky C. | 2013-12-20

Went in there and got the new guy (only been there 3 months). Test drive a minivan. He said he wouldn't but it and didn't think I should get it (what a great sales guy!) During the ride he quoted me incorrect leasing information and when I called him out on it he said it was for other cheaper models. I don't understand why he would give me other prices since I was very clear I was only interested in ex-l with navi.

In the end, after a lot of back and forth we agreed on a price and then they let us walk away because they wouldn't include $200 floor mats. I went online and two other local dealers were willing to make the deal and give us a better discount on additional accessories. I ended up buying at Fremont instead.

Omid M. | 2013-12-10

I bought a used Honda Civic from them in September. They told me they would give me the title to the car within 45 days. It is December 10th and I still do not have title to the car. I call them and they tell me to call their other dealership because the people I need to talk to have been transferred to their Nissan dealership. I bought the car from Honda I expect to have Honda employees help me.  I call their Nissan dealership and they tell me to call Honda. I have been going back in fourth between the two dealerships. They won't let me talk to their General Manger on the phone. Finally one day the GM leaves me a voice mail admitting they lost the title to the car they sold me. They have ordered a duplicate and it will get to me within two weeks. Its been a month since the voice mail and still no title. They are all hiding from my phone calls again. I keep on trying to call the General Manager and still no response. Do not buy a new or used car from them. As some of the other reviews have stated once they take your money they don't care about you anymore. I was nice to them for the first two months but this is beyond pathetic now. I am stuck with a car that I cannot register under my name.  I am going to hire a lawyer because I have been told its against the law to not give someone the title after 45 days.  It is also illegal in California to sale a car that you do not  have title to. SAVE YOURSELF THE HEADACHE.

Todd K. | 2013-12-07

I've been in several times for maintenance and repairs and have had excellent service. Communication and follow up has been spot on. I highly recommend the service team there.

Ali S. | 2013-12-06

I took my car in for I believed was a warranty related issue.  All they could do is LIE about other non issues (not warranted by my concerns) and want to charge me for tests.  I will not go back since TWO other shops confirmed my brakes were in GREAT SHAPE.  Buyer beware, non car folks, shop around.  I KNOW cars and smelled a rat from the get go.  Like I said, I believed the issue I originally questioned will become a TSB.

Anna P. | 2013-12-05

Came here a few days ago to buy a Honda Accord 2014 brand new. I'm so happy to have a good deal from a salesman named Le. He gives me a good deal that's I'm very appreciated. Thank you so much Honda. You guys got me yay!!!

Michelle T. | 2013-12-05

I went to there to get a replacement vehicle for the one that i just lost. Kasey was very accommodating, and so was Shakib. I told them what i want, and they were able to deliver it. I am thankful for them for the impeccable service they have rendered.

Kimmie D. | 2013-11-30

Excellent deals on New autos!  Ask for Prac ;)

Tiffany L. | 2013-11-23

This was the first time I came into this dealership, and I had the worst experience. I have been eyeing the honda civic, and today I finally had a chance to go down and talk to the dealers about the car I wanted, and I was actually very excited. Right when I entered, this man standing at the door just looks at me as if I was a joke. I asked him to help me and he was talking as if he was not interested at all. Then when he told me they weren't selling the car I wanted with navigation system there, I asked if he knew if they could possibly be selling it at the dealership over at Capitol. He simply laughed and replied "how should I know, I work at this dealership so I could care less what they sell over at that dealership." How rude. And so I said I would look around since I didn't want to be around his rude attitude anymore. A little later I see him with a new set of cutomers, whom of which look quite older, and I notice how different he was acting towards them. He had a fake smile and nice attitude. I basically wasted my time here, and I left uninterested because my dealer was uninterested in me because I looked young and did not take me seriously at all. He just lost a customer because of his attitude, and I'm sure he will lose plenty more if he keeps this going.

Jacqueline R. | 2013-11-21

Came here a few months ago to test drive the 2013 CR-V. I was interested in leasing a new compact SUV after the lease on my RAV4 ended. I must have waited at least 15-20 minutes for a sales rep to take me on a test drive, which was interesting because the place hardly looked crowded and there was nobody wandering around the lot.

The test drive was fine. The sales guy showed me all of the cool features inside the car.

I'm giving this place 4 stars because after the test drive ended, the guy immediately took me inside to show me the current special deals they had on their website. I really liked this because at other dealerships, they try to trick you by not telling you about their current deals so they can get you to pay more than you need to for a car. This guy showed exactly me what they had going on at the time so I knew exactly what I could pay for my down payment/monthly on a leased CR-V. In the end I didn't end up getting the CR-V, but I was really glad that I knew exactly what I was getting myself into. If I hadn't gotten a better deal over at Lexus, I would have definitely purchased the CR-V!

Stephanie L. | 2013-11-16

I came back to my home town and realized my car was way overdue for an oil change and decided that I would get one before I drove another 600 miles down south. I was helped by one of the most pleasant person I have yet to meet in costumer service, Francis Le. Francis Le was extremely kind, genuine and helpful with excellent customer service. Even though I was only there to get my oil changed, he was extremely observant and noticed that I had some condensation in my headlight and recommended that I get it replaced becuase it may potentially decrease the lifetime of the bulb. He answered all of my questions (not to mention I had lots) and provided me with the cost quickly and efficiently. I will definitely be coming back to get my car serviced here in the future!

Hai C. | 2013-11-16

Honda of Stevens Creek knows how to treat a serious buyer properly.  From Kevin (VIP Concierge) on the phone to Martin Do (our sales person on the floor), it was an extremely pleasant and perfectly straightforward experience from start to finish.  Martin was extremely polite and cordial throughout the whole process.  I greatly appreciated his customer service manner.  We drove off the lot tonight with our second Honda from Honda of Stevens Creek in 2 years.  I got a new car at a great price without any sales shenanigans from anyone.  This is the experience everyone should expect when buying a new car.  Thanks Martin.

Ryan P. | 2013-11-15

Took my car here for an express oil change at 7 AM, hoping to get my oil changed before getting to work.  Normally I go to Capitol Honda, as their service is exceptional, but came here because Stevens Creek is closer to me and was able to honor Capitol's oil change coupon (2 stars for that).  Service Advisor did not look happy helping me, was told it would be 1 hr but ended up over 2...I understand the morning rush, but come on.

They also did not give a car wash voucher, something Capitol Honda has always done for me.  Will be going back to Capitol from now on.

Melissa N. | 2013-11-15

My bf lives in this area and I decided to give this place a try. I had an horrid experience at Honda of San Leandro, so I was hoping this experience would be better. I was crossing my fingers. To my surprise, the workers were very pleasant and made sure I was taken care of. A biggie for me. I was helped by Service advisor Francis Le. He was very professional and very helpful. He made me feel very comfortable. He was very genuine and honest bc I didn't feel like he was trying to rip me off. Hard to come by nowadays. My car was completed in a timely matter and I will definitely be back again. Five stars and high five for sure!!

Aileene C. | 2013-11-14

This place is great! Everyone is so nice and friendly. This was my first visit here and I was very satisfied with their customer service. They're also quick with their work but manage to do a great job. I will definitely return here again. Keep up the good work!

Robert S. | 2013-11-13

A few days ago, I went to Honda dealer because my car was overdue for oil change.  I also had some problems with my headlight, and I was getting some squeaky noises from the suspension.  I talked to Francis Le, the service representative and he advised me with the stuff I needed and how much it would cost.  He's very knowledgable and polite.  The car was done in timely manner and everything was fixed as expected.  I will definitely be back there again.

Cathy R. | 2013-11-08

Memories from our purchase of a used as is vehicle, NOT a Honda from these folks

TRUE VALUE:  Their sales slogan which prices their vehicles, new and used, at fair market value and is supposed to translate into "You do NOT need to waste your time negotiating the price".

Where they do waste your time?   It is In the turning you over to the "financial bull pit"!

These "Sales Managers" do not value your time.   Their job is to make up the difference in any lost profit and to add to more to their "TRUE VALUE" sales price.  Here is where you begin to deal with five to seven different folks trying to get to this goal.

1.  They will begin by trying to match your approved auto loan interest rate and of course do, but it takes you awhile to figure out this game. Their goal is to have you finance your auto through their loan department.

2.  You spend your time listening to sales pitch after sales pitch for the add ons: Lojak, service agreements that they can not honor in their service world as your used vehicle is not a Honda,

3,  They will not allow you to take this used vehicle to your own mechanic to run diagnostics to make sure there are no surprises until you are ready to walk out. With pressure you can accomplish this, but only after you hold your ground.

4.  They tell you they have done these "inspections" and present you with a Carfax report showing the vehicle has not been in an accident and a list of "inspected" items.

5.  They are not interested in what your mechanic has discovered.  Brakes at 4mm?   A sales manager response..... "that is not my problem until they are at 2mm".

6.  Forget about the large scrape on one side covered up with paint they did not disclose.

When these folks find that you will take the vehicle only with your bank auto loan, BEWARE... because you may only get one key for your new used vehicle, no vehicle manuals, and NO gas in the tank as we did.

Were they successful in making a customer who would return to them for another vehicle new or used or refer their friends to them.? NO

Sales maybe on the right track here, but their financial folks have a long way to go.

M P. | 2013-11-02

Just finished buying a new Pilot with the help of Kasey. She was great and helped me every step of the process. I had 2 trade ins and she went to my house with me to pick up the 2nd car. The estimates on my trade ins and the financial figures for the new car took quite a while to get, but I sat and talked with Kasey and didn't even notice the time.
She is super friendly and easy to work with. If you plan on going to Stevens Creek Honda, make sure you ask for Kasey.

Manuel P. | 2013-10-25

I expected better service from a dealer. My service agent was rude. I saw him also being rude to the previous customer. Avoid this dealer.

Update: 11/10. This post was commented by Steven's Creek Honda saying that they were interested in my feedback and that I should call them. I did 4 times during 4 different days, always got a voicemail, always left a message with my number but I never received a call back. That tells me that they really do not care about reaching out to their unhappy customers. I will definitively use another dealer in the future.

Diane F. | 2013-10-22

Very push salesman! At first the got me to relax and I believed they were really trying to find me the right car for my teenager - then when we told them we were going to think about it and do our due intelligence the manager stepped in and tried to bully us with - this is today's price only. We were followed all the way to our car. The only reason for two stars is the internet girl...Felicia was very professional setting up our visit.

Jenisis S. | 2013-10-17

I'm shocked that this place got such a low Yelp score, then again, I'm not surprised. I've noticed that people only spend time writing bad reviews when they have a bad experience. Most SATISFIED customers just carry on with their lives... This dealership is a very busy professional place. They service at least 100+ cars a day and at least 150+ on the weekends . So having a few negative reviews isn't that bad at all if you do the math. ;)

Anyway, I always have a great experience here. ALWAYS. I used to go to Capitol Honda and South Bay Honda but never received such superior customer service than I do over here. More especially because of my service advisor, Thomas Wakayama. He's one of the most trustworthy and professional service writers at Honda of Stevens Creek. TIP: Whenever you set up an appointment, make sure you set it up with him! This applies to walk-ins as well; just ask for Thomas. Also - if he isn't there, ask for Adrian Cruz. He's been very helpful as well. If you're looking to buy a new car, both of them can help direct you to the best salesman there. I'm telling you, it's never a hastle with this team.

Compared to other Honda dealerships, my service times are super quick and easy. I could literally go on my lunch break and get a full-service whereas my past experiences at other places make me wait at minimum 3-5 hours. They also make recommendations for me as to what my car needs and even suggest ways to make my vehicle's performance last longer. All in all, I've never had any complaints here. And I'm one SATISFIED customer.

Terry M. | 2013-10-15

This review is for my salesman FACUNDO SILVA.  He was awesome and a genuine guy. I high a great BS meter and it never went off. He is great at what he does.

A little back story to why I came to Honda of Steven Creek.
I have bought 1 brand new and 1 used car from Toyota in Sunnyvale. I was very happy with them and I was looking for a 2010 Prius. Their prices were on par last month but this much they were higher than most. I politely asked them to give a returning customer a fair deal. They "ran the numbers" and came back with the same price. I headed to Honda of Stevens Creek without reading Yelp like I usually do. Look for my review of Sunnyvale toyota for more details.

I found the Prius I was looking for Facundo greeted me and asked me what I was looking for. He also told me that there was a slightly older and cheaper Prius available as well. I was set on the 2010.  

He grabbed the keys took a test drive.  Facundo actually knew many details about the Prius, most salesmen do not know the ins and outs of the Hybrid cars. Afterwards I asked him to run the numbers. He came back with a much lower number that Sunnyvale but it was a tad higher than I wanted. He asked if he lowered it to x-price would that work? I agreed. A few minutes later we had a deal.

This is where I really appreciated Facundo's knowledge. I was paying part cash and part credit card AND I did NOT want my credit to be ran because it wasn't needed. He understood and also knew what information he needed and what info they didn't need. NO SSN needed. I have heard horror stories of other dealerships running check checks over and over.

He told me it was best to get a cashiers check, since it was Sunday I had to wait one day but I was perfectly OK with that. He was his day off and he came in to make sure all the paperwork was completed correctly and the car was ready when I got there. He gave me a call a few hours before we were set to meet and told me everything was ready at Honda. I told him I was ready with my cashiers check.

Meet with the finance guy Ray O., He was very straight forward and didn't irritate me about upgrading our warranty. He gave me the options and explained them in detail and also told us what most people buy (it wasn't the most expensive choice) When I said no thanks he went to the next thing.

I was very happy and Honda of Stevens Creek saved me $1300 over Toyota of Sunnyvale. 2010 Prius was the same color, same model, and this one had 1,000 less miles. The price was right where I wanted it after literally 5 months of research.

Nancy K. | 2013-10-13

The process of getting a new car for my first time took forever lol

The hospitality was great

Kasey did a great job going through everything with me for my first time buying a vehicle

Overall 5 stars even though the process was a long wait kinda lost track of time due to friendly customer service

Steve T. | 2013-10-13

I was there on Oct. 4th to get my drivers side window fixed on my 2002 Honda Accord, and also to get new hood struts.  They fixed the window and Eber (I don't know his last name)  told me they had to order the hood struts 'cause they don't keep them in stock there.  So I told him to order the struts and he said it would take a week to get them.  I said I would call later the following week to see if they came in.  
    I called them back on Oct. 12th, asked if they came in, got transferred to the parts dept.  Phone just rang and rang about 12 times, no one answered.  I hung up called back a minute later and a woman put me on hold about 6 minutes, she comes back a says "Um......they're still looking to see if they came in.  Give me your number so we can call you back."  I gave her by number but she never did call back and Eber wasn't there for them to ask.  
    I called back the next day, Oct 13th and talked to someone in parts, and that guy told me there was no record of Eber ordering the struts.  This is extremely disappointing and a complete waste of my time.  Needless to say I'm not going back to this dealership if I can help it.  
    I called Capitol Honda and they had at least one of the struts in stock so I'll be going there instead.   I do not recommend Steven Creek Honda if this is how they operate.  They don't order the parts and  they don't call back.  Not good service.

Joy C. | 2013-10-11

The financial director here is extremely rude.

Fidel A. | 2013-10-07

Updated: 10/07/13
We got a flat 2 days ago and honda put lug locks on all the rims and they didn't provide the key. When we called them they didn't want to help and they argued with us telling us to go take our car to the dealer to get it removed. We live 3 hours away. We asked them for the lug key and they said they don't have it. We had argue with them to pay for towing to take it to our local honda and for our local honda to take it off. We also asked them to pay for new lug locks since it wasn't our fault. They still argued and the guy who sold us the car "Daniel" was raising his voice at us saying "what do you want us to do? You live far and we don't have the key!" Very disappointing! This dealership has really bad service. If you want to buy a car without the headache , trust me don't come here. If I could give a 0 star I would.

Stephanie B. | 2013-10-06

I was a little nervous buying a new car here after reading several of the reviews about bad experiences, but we had a great experience.  After doing our research, we determined that their "True Price" on the vehicle was good and wanted to do a test drive.  Before going to the dealer, I called the customer relations manager, Dan Sahagun and explained what we were looking for.  He set us up with a very nice salesman, Steven Jones, who was knowledgeable and not pushy at all.  Everyone we came in contact with was very courteous.  A slight scratch was noticed by the detail department, and everyone bent over backwards to make it right for us, down to personally delivering the car to our doorstep.

Janis T. | 2013-10-04

When we first arrived on their lot we were surprised that no one came running out to intercept us, and push us into buying.  This afforded us the luxury of freely evaluating the cars on the lot.  At one point, we approached the building.  Sam came up to us and casually introduced himself.  He never exerted any pressure, which made this a much more enjoyable experience.  Samantha, the financial officer, also put us at our ease.  Both were efficient and amiable, and we could not have asked for better service.  Good job, guys!

Chris G. | 2013-10-01

Here is my experience I was looking for a used car for my daughter for under 5k I went on the web-site and found multiple ones on the Honda of Stevens creek the web personal  Katie chatted with me and I was told a certain Honda accord was still on the lot and ready to purchase, I set an appointment   for that day. When I got to the dealership I was greeted by a young sales man named sunny who had no idea of this car and was very new at what he does so he was not very well versed  or had no knowledge of the inventory, after walking around the lot for 25 minutes we found the car on the back lot another 20 minutes go by and he tells me the car is not ready and he will contact me in a few days to give me a status in the mean time I want to get the financing started on the Honda, I filled out the credit app. The finance manager Mr. lee? Young Asian gentleman came out and asked me if I was serious about this purchase because of the price was under 5k and finance companies don't like doing loans that cheap so he looked me in the eye and firmly shook my hand and said do we have a deal I replied yes and I got no calls from anybody!! I called 3 days later and spoke to sunny on his cell he said he was off today but he said he could not hold the car for me its first come first serve after I thought we had a deal I told him he replied sorry. So I called the sales manager and explained what had happened he said he would look into it and call me right back but he never did then I called the general sales manager subhash he called me back and told me that the Honda is going to be wholesaled to the action cause the repairs were going to be to expensive so he suggested I look at another car on the lot and he would call me back with a few other choices NEVER got a call back!!!! I am upset cause they ran my credit so I didn't want to run around dealership to dealership running my credit I wanted to stay there and make my purchase, but I got treated like I wasn't making a big enough purchase to get the service they claim to give!! I ended up at a ford dealer in Tracy with the same request they treated me like I wanted a new car and was able to get me in a 2007 Nissan Altima for about 9k we were financed through wells Fargo at a great rate and 1,000 down . that's how a good dealer follows through with a customer that wants a car under 5k cause you never know what they might buy!!! I do not recommend Honda of Stevens Creek so take my true story how you like.

Chris Garcia

Anais P. | 2013-10-01

Wishing I hadn't gotten Honda care!! Kind of feelin' scammed!

Sunil P. | 2013-10-01

This place sucks! I went to get a test drive since I generally think Hondas are great cars. The "general manager" said they were too busy with a free test drive event and asked one of the workers to show me a car. The worker took me outside and asked me to walk through the parking lot on my own. He said he didn't give test drives and didn't know enough about the models. And with this he left me waiting in the sun.
Needless to say, I drove away immediately. If they cannot be competent enough to sell something, I can't wait to see how they handle my service once I've bought a car.
I hope all Hondas are recalled and this place shuts down.

Sriganesh C. | 2013-09-30

Worstttt Experience!!! It cannot get as worse as buying a car (or even just inquiring) at Stevens creek Honda. I was planning to buy a 2013 Honda Civic , so I booked an appointment and went there last weekend. I was helped by Sales consultant Facundo Silva to get things started. He was really good. he showed around the cars they have, colors etc etc.Then we started talking on numbers. I had a better quote from Anderson Honda and I asked whether they could match or beat it. They were not able to match it. We went on talking about numbers and I asked about recent grad discounts (I am a recent grad),  Honda finance apr etc etc. After 4 long hours, all of a sudden sales manager Naresh Doshi came and told me he cant sell a car to me as honda finance do not accept student visa candidates (I am on student visa, waiting for my work visa permit and I am employed as an engineer). I told them I can provide the proof of employment, visa sponsorship verification document etc, but that dumb head Naresh was soooo rudeee!! I have never seen such a rude sales manager in my entire life!!

I said though i got a better quote I came all the way to buy a car at your place, he said "If you want to buy a car just go to the dealer you told, I cant sell you a car". He said exactly the same words!! I got so pissed off and started arguing that after 4 long hours of wait this is not the right way to treat your customers. Though I understand the fact that Honda do not finance students, there is a way to tell that politely to your customers. He was not listening to what I said and for shocker, he just walked away as I was talking to him!! I was shocked!!

I went to the sales consultant Facundo and asked whats all these about!! He was so polite and he said the mistake is ours to not have asked about your visa status. I then asked for the General Manager Subhash Chandran and spoke to him everything what happened. he apologized for what had happened!! I just left that place telling him to advise naresh not to treat his customers like what he did today or else they will lose customers once for all!!

Naresh Doshi and Stevens Creek Honda Sux big time!!

My kind advice to all!! never buy a car form Stevens Creek Honda!! You will regret it forever!!

P.S: I bought civic 13 ex from Anderson Honda, the very next day for a better deal (infact best deal).  They gave me a lot of offers and additional accessories at very low rate and very very low apr!! I will write my (best) experience about the same very soon!!

Jasmine D. | 2013-09-27

I had a great experience here at Steven Creek Honda. Our salesman Martin Do was very helpful, knowledgable and very eager to gets us the best deal. Again thank you Martin Do and Steven Kim! We will refer our friends and family to come see you guys!

Dianne B. | 2013-09-23

I wish I looked at the reviews before I came here. I told one of the service representatives I already knew that I needed to get my passenger side window regulator replaced. The service rep did not listen and ended up giving me a bill for the diagnosis.

Aki M. | 2013-09-22

If I can give a zero star, I would.

I bought my 2012 Odyssey back in November 2011.  My sales was so nice and they even send me anniversary card with my picture with the car.  So I went back to get 2014 Accord.  I was thinking to lease this time.  What they presented me was because they do not have any special, $860/month for 36 month for EX-L, which brings my total payment to approximately $31,000!!!!!!!!!!  And their selling price for EX-L was a bit over 27,000!!!  And they want me to give the car back to them?????  And they offered me 2013 for $370 right after that.  I was very offended that they offer such crazy numbers to a returning customer.  So I got up and left.  Then some guy who claims to be a GM comes and told me that he can get me a 2013 in any color.  While they have 2014 out, I assume they want to push 2013 out.  But it doesn't seem like much discount has been given, and I was still very upset about their rediculous offer of 2014..  So I left.

Guess Honda is so popular that they don't mind losing a returning customer.   I will never go back to Honda of Stevens Creek.  I can't afford a Honda..  So I am going to go look at a BMW today.

Fred D. | 2013-09-14

I've been there numerous times and each time I ask for a test drive, I get turned down.  You have to sign up in advance to be a 'VIP' customer to get a test drive.  Even though there are plenty of sales people wandering around sometimes.

One time, I was getting service and really wanted to drive a car.  The sales guy took pity on me and let me drive a car.  I've been to other dealers in the area and sales people jump when you ask for a test drive because it means a potential sale!

But that's not my biggest grip ...

I gave my phone number and left.  I got called no less than 5 times.  The first time was a survey about the sales person, and I gave my best thoughts on the subject.  But then the daily calls began all from the same number.  Even after I asked to be taken off their call list, and I was pretty pissed, because it was harassment at that point... they still called one last time to ask me about my experience.

Here's how to fix it:
- Don't call people more than once.
- Allow people to do walk in test drives if sales people are available.

Rick C. | 2013-09-11

Why am I not surprised at all the one star reviews on this Yelp page? Let me explain...

I go in knowing exactly what car I want and with my approved loan from my bank and luckily enough the car was on the lot! Should've been a good experience from here... Next thing you know they are having me fill out a credit app even though I told them I have my own loan. They assured me they could top my APR. Not only was it a worse loan, they practically called me a liar for informing them of the APR I was getting through USAA (my bank).

In any event, I go with USAA's loan and purchase the car. Then they say the don't do electronic checks with USAA... which was a red flag. I even gave them printed instructions from my bank on how to handle it. Whatever. I decided to have my bank deal with them so a signed the paperwork saying that I would accept Honda Steven Creek's loan in 5 days if they didn't get the check from USAA.

Next day USAA says they called and explained to the finance team how to receive the funds even if they don't do electronic funds transfers. I call Honda to double check that they understood but couldn't reach anyone for 3 days. FINALLY a day before the "due date" a lady calls and said, "the instructions are too confusing" and I need to hand a check in person or default to their loan. I find it hard to believe the people at Honda of Stevens Creek are TOO INCOMPETENT to receive funds from a loan. Just another tactic to force me into their horrible loan rate. I demanded to speak with the manager and get the deadline extended and she said the Director would call me ASAP. Surprise, surprise. The director NEVER called me back.

Luckily USAA said they could send the check to them by overnighting it. Horrible, HORRIBLE business tactics. No means NO. They don't care about their customers it seems.

Ben E. | 2013-09-05

I guess this is one more bad review in a sea of bad reviews - but what the hell. . .
I am a locksmith. i was fixing a Honda ignition for one of my customers. a few weeks after the repair (my bad luck) there was an issue with a known recall for that particular Honda.
my customer - called me to see if I can stop by at the dealership while they were working on the car  and check - because they were not willing to supply the part for free (as they should as part of the recall) because of previous work that was visible on that part. all my explanations fell on def ears. i was there trying to make them understand (they are not stupid. they know I'm right) that the marks on the part has got nothing to do with the problem. they ended up charging the money anyway.

to add more, they always said: "why do you care about this? she will pay for it. not you!" I replied: " you don't care about your customer" ? he replied "no". at this point i figured there is nothing more i can say. I just left.

I can only speak about the service portion of the dealership, since I did not have any experience with sales. all I know is that I will never take my car there to be fixed. very bad attitude .

Adam A. | 2013-09-05

My car was running just fine.  Took my car in to get checked out from a small rattle.  They didn't fix the rattle but told me what it could be.  Shortly after, everything went downhill.  Last 3 weeks, car has needed to be in the shop 3 separate times.  It blew a head gasket because the radiator busted.  Well what do you know, I had them do service to my cooling system on one of my visits.

On Friday August 23, 2013, my car blew the head gasket.  I expected Honda to take the head off and wait for it to be shipped to the machine shop for work early Monday.  Apparently, it didn't get shipped till Monday August 26 afternoon so the machine shop could not work on it.

The machine shop looked at, said nothing was wrong and just needed to be surfaced.  It got shipped back on Tuesday.  Problem is, Honda didn't know my head came in so they did not know it was there till Wednesday.  Then I got quoted to get my car back on Friday August 30, 2013.

Well, Friday came and apparently, the head needed work.  Now it needs to be sent off again.  Well, it is too late Friday.  Now it needs to wait till the next business day.  But the problem is, the machine shop is not open weekends and probably has Monday off because it is labor day.  So, it will be shipped late Tuesday, worked on Wednesday at the machine shop, returned to Honda on Thursday, and the car may not be put together till Saturday.  Are you f***ing kidding me!! More than 2 weeks for a head gasket and over $1,500.  So, do I get a loaner car will you take this long... NOPE!  Honda does not do loaner cars...

Terrible service and no communication with the customer.  Its like they do not care about my car or that I need it.  On several occasions they have told me the wrong date the car will be returned.

Lyly N. | 2013-09-02

I thought I wrote a review for this place already. hmm...Well where to start?
RUDE STAFF minus my salesman!
I only went to this Honda because it was the only one with the last 12' accord coupe exl I wanted!!!

Ugh words cannot describe how bad this is place is. Bought my car with missing handbooks and it took them a month or so to get me the correct ones!

The financial lady that did my paperwork was beyond rude. All because I told her 3 times I do not want the damn honda care package. She was a BBBIZZZZATTCHHHHHHHHH!

Now that I have my car and the books they owe me.....NEVER COMING BACK AGAIN!!!

Natalya W. | 2013-09-02

Disgustingly aggressive, rude, RUDE, RUDE 'sales' person. The WORST I've ever experienced. I was there today, Labor Day (9/2/13). I was initially helped by Sunny (who seemed new) and was told by the Finance Manager to bring Dilip back to talk to us. Mind you, we've only been there for less than 10minutes. We walked in knowing exactly what car we wanted and how much was reasonable and wanted to pay.

Dilip sat down with no estimates, no talks of numbers, no DATA what so ever, and basically pushed us away immediately saying: "There is no negotiating. It is what it is." WELL DILIP, I'd like to know "What IS what?! Because you haven't even given us an 'it' or a number yet!!!"

We told him what we wanted, that we are aware of the average prices, etc. Then he says "Did anybody do their homework? You guys are coming here without having done your homework? You should do your homework first." There is NOTHING that happened for him to say that. This was completely rude and out of line.

Dilip told us that he just "sold his friend a car earlier today and gave them the best deal he could. He said, "whatever Corporate Honda Offers, it's the ONLY thing he can give. He can't beat it or move the price up or down." Um, excuse me? This isn't my first rodeo, thank you! And what's even better about today's experience, is I've gotten 6 Honda's from Stevens Creek before, let me repeat myself, S I X H O N D A S from H O N D A of S T E V E N S C R E E K and NEVER have I have anyone talk to me this way and not present any valuable data.  Or even data at all!

So obviously after having gotten cars from this very dealership six times, I'm aware that Honda is a popular car.  And another unprofessional quote from Dilip (one of the many): "Honda's are selling like hot cakes. Don't you know that? Look on the streets they are everywhere. Don't you see them all over the streets? Take a look on the streets. The price is the price. The online price is not the price."

Wait, what? Do I notice Honda's on the streets? And the online price is NOT the price? Huh?! Did you just contradict yourself, Dilip?

Why, yes. Yes he did :) He saved himself by raising his voice on his next statements which was lovely (*sarcasm*).

In summary, he didn't give us ANY numbers, offer us anything and was raising his voice for NO reason. Its unfortunate that sales people that actually care like Sunny did, who took time to help us find the car we wanted the way we wanted, talk to us with the upmost respect, have to lose a sale and work with people like Dilip.

If you're in your 20s, even mid-20s, DON'T go to Honda Steven's Creek. They treat you like you are nothing. Even though I may look young, he doesn't know my annual salary and what my job title is, but if Dlilip did, he sure as hell would not have treated me the way he did. I promise you that. :) Never going back to this location again. Oh and the best part of this story - I ended up getting an amazing deal from Sunnyvale Honda.. and just got home :)

Jimmy N. | 2013-08-28

Daniel is awesome. Just recently bought a honda civic here. Got the color I wanted, service is superb, and the atmosphere of this honda is nice. I really recommend Daniel- my family is planning to buy a second car here.

Alik R. | 2013-08-24

Came to buy car to the place.

Al R. | 2013-08-24

I like this dealer ship for a good and reasonable negotiating for the final price of buying a Honda. My experience with their service department is also a good one. On-time delivery and proper service make me go back there for my Honda's service. Keep up the good work.

Maria E. | 2013-08-22

I came in to get a new tire because I had a flat. First the service advisor told me he would be able to go patch the hole and then he comes back after an hour and half to tell me that I have to buy a new tire! But my tire is out of stock. It would be here at Honda at 8am tomorrow. I was also an hour and half late for work because they took so long to tell me this. I had to drive with my spare for the rest of the day.
I call this morning to see if my new tire was here and the parts department tells me that it won't be here till 2pm! Are you kidding me?! I work at noon and don't get off till about 8pm! I'm very upset at this point. The service advisor gives me some lame excuse that he didn't know that the parts department doesn't have morning shipments. How the hell do you not know this? He must have thought I was stupid since I'm a young girl. I gave him a piece of my mind and he called me back within 15 minutes saying he found a tire for me locally. Obviously if you could find a tire that quick you should have just done it in the first place instead of upsetting a customer! Honestly after this experience, I will never buy another Honda! First and last time! They are great when it comes to taking your money on a sale but when it comes to customer service in their service department it's very disappointing!! I would give them ZERO stars if I could!
Manger ended up having to give me a rental car because tire STILL wasn't at the dealership. I don't think I'll ever come to the dealership to get anything serviced if I have to deal with this kinda of customer service. The one star is for the manger for understanding his employee made a mistake and being nice about to situation.

Stephanie S. | 2013-08-21

Beware: this is the worst place to get service on your car.  IF you can even find staff to help you, they will keep you waiting and treat you poorly even if you have an appointment.  And they are not just rude, they are openly hostile.  Perhaps they are frustrated because they seem to be understaffed and overbooked.  But you pay a lot of money to ensure good service on your car by taking it to the dealer.  You think you could at least expect a little professional behavior (acknowledge you?  eye contact, perhaps??  less attitude?)  They treat women poorly.  DO NOT GO HERE!!!

UPDATE: It's been 3 days since I took our Civic in for service.  I requested a safety inspection before a cross-country roadtrip.  The car broke down 3 days after our visit to Honda of Stevens Creek and is now in need of service.  I REPEAT: save yourself the trouble and DO NOT GO HERE!!!  HORRIBLE IN EVERY WAY!!!

Angie W. | 2013-08-21

This review is for the service department. Beware--they have coupons out, but do not automatically give you the best price they have. In fact, you have to decide which one to use at the time you are paying, or they will not honor them. This is unlike Acura or any other service department I've ever encountered, who apply any coupons out there to your service bill automatically.

My son, who is still a young man, went in to get the oil changed on our Civic. He had two coupons from this business that arrived in a letter with their letterhead-- one for oil change and one for service, and then he had another one he had accessed by the internet for oil change that was slightly better. They talked him in to getting it serviced around 500 miles earlier than the recommended time. When he went to pick it up, the service advisor suggested that he could use the larger oil change coupon, which resulted in him getting $25 off a $380 service bill, rather than 20% off, which would have been a much bigger savings. He didn't realize what had happened until the next day. He was very upset, so I called twice and asked if there was anything we could do. They promised to call me back. No one ever did.

Today I went in with the coupon, which is still good, and explained that he was misled when the service adviser offered to use the $25 off coupon, thinking it would result in a better savings. They kept me waiting for over 30 minutes while they passed around the receipt and the coupon. Meanwhile, an irate customer asked me where the service manager was, as he had been waiting for 20 minutes to drop off his car.

Finally the manager came and told me they could not change any transaction after the fact. They are incapable of issuing any type of refund. How could that possibly be true? When I explained that they should have known he had the 20% off coupon, since he had the other coupon from that letter and had the letter right there, they claimed they never saw the letter and know nothing about the coupons. They claimed marketing companies send those out and they aren't responsible.

The manager then gave me a voucher for a free oil change and told me it was worth $60. Since I was holding a coupon for a $17 oil change, I wondered how he could spin such a lie. I assured him we wouldn't be in the area by the time the oil needed changing again, and that we surely would never come back. They seemed completely unsympathetic to unhappy customers. Obviously, ripping off Honda owners is part of what they do for a living.

Linda V. | 2013-08-20

Service has been going downhill for awhile. I've been going here for years. I got an oil change over a month ago and the service staff said I needed new tires and brakes. Instead of giving me a quote he said he'd work on prices and email them to me.

I never got the email. So i called a month later to get a quote for my brakes and they kept passing me around to different departments until finally the guy puts me to the service managers voicemail. I left a message and never got a call back. So I emailed their service center hoping they would respond, but they never did.

I ended up finding Atkins Auto Repair through Yelp reviews and they gave me a great quote over the phone for my brakes and I was able to get them done the next morning! It's too bad Honda let themselves go.

Agam B. | 2013-08-19

Good service.  I make an appointment before I go, and always get a helpful customer rep (quick shout out to Vince!)

The turnaround time was within two hours, and I got a phone call at the end when it was done. I haven't bought a car here, so I can't speak to the negative reviews I see here in that area, but as far as my maintenance/repair expectations go, I've been coming here for three years now, and I have no complaints at all.

Alex R. | 2013-08-12

This has been the WORST experience I've ever had. I inquired about buying a PILOT (touring) through email. They quickly responded and asked me if I wanted to make an appointment. I did, for the following day at 3pm, and was told "the black Honda pilot (touring) would be available for me to test drive.

The day of the appointment, before noon, I received a call confirming my app. They told me, "park in the VIP parking, tell them you have a VIP appt and we will have the car waiting for you up front."

When I arrived, at 2:30pm, I asked a group of 3 salespeople where the VIP parking was, they all shook their heads. I parked on the street, since no other parking spots were available. I then walked in and saw the "VIP desk." I walked up and told them I have a VIP appt at 3pm. They looked through 4-5 papers and couldn't locate my appt. Both people behind the counter (man and a women) were too busy on their cell phones and answering the desk phone. Finally, a different person came and introduced me to a sales person.

I had to explain everything (already done through email and phone) to him. After already wasting 15 minutes, he then started the appraisal of my trade in, and obviously low balled me and refused to go up. Finally, once agreeing on a price for the trade in... GUESS WHAT, they didn't have the car I wanted. The car that was promised to be outside, waiting for me to test drive was no where!!

I then asked them if they can get it from another dealer (since I'm here already) they said, "NOT for that price." I shook the salesperson hand, took my paperwork from his hand "thanked him" and started to walk away. Another person came out of an office (manager) and told me if he can assist. I stated, "no thanks" and walked away as he tried to reach out for a handshake. He then stated, "when a person reaches for a handshake, you shake their hand." By this time, I had already driven across the city, wasted an hour of my time, I was pretty frustrated. I snapped and said, "when a person tells me I have an appointment, when a person tells me they have my car, when a person tells me they will give me VIP services, and they lied.... " as I walked away.

Once again, I have bought at least 6 cars from dealerships in my life, and this was the WORST experience I've ever had. Stevens Creek Honda will not be getting any services from me or any person whom ask for a referral. Thanks for nothing!!

Kimberly L. | 2013-08-11

I brought my Pilot into the service center last week for a recall on the electronic ignition.  I was having trouble with my key fitting into the ignition, so we expected the two problems were related.  Otherwise, I would have gone to my trusted mechanic.  However, my key was stuck in the ignition, so when I left the car, I gave them my 2nd set of keys and told them "do not take the key out of the ignition."

The staff were very nice and professional and the place is clean.  

However, before I could even leave, the service advisor, Summer, had found about 5 major things wrong with my car.  I wasn't asking them to even do a diagnostic.  I only wanted the ignition fixed.  The next day I received a phone call with the complete diagnostics.  

The problem with my ignition was not covered under the recall, so it would just shy of $1000 for the repair.  Then there was another $2,000 + in repairs that needed "immediate attention."

$1000 seemed like a lot, so I called a locksmith who quoted the repair for $225.  I called Summer at Honda SC and asked them to proceed with an oil change only and I would pick up the car in the morning.  

I show up to pick up my car and after paying $42 for a simple oil change, they could not locate my extra set of keys.  I waited 45 minutes for them to find the keys in my visor.  I talked to the manager (who was very polite) and told him that I was not happy at all about making me wait and I thought that $1000 to fix my ignition was highway robbery.  He gave me his card and told me that he thought the estimate was high as well and that he "might be able to do something about it" and would call me that afternoon.  No phone call came.  Which is fine because I will never go back there again.

Phil B. | 2013-07-30

Worst dealership ever. Shady tactics, prices vary from web to lot, extended warranty ripoffs. Avoid this and any other dealership owned by Sonic.

Tamiko B. | 2013-07-23

Recall repair on our Honda minivan and an oil change.

Dropped it off the night prior and it was ready the next afternoon.

Staff in the repair area are friendly.

Walked around the lot w/the hubby and the salespeople were nice enough -opened cars up for us, answered questions.

We've bought from a car dealership in Sunnyvale off El Camino before so probably won't buy our next car here, but the service area seemed pretty A-OK & it was fun to look around.

Jordan L. | 2013-07-20

Horrible horrible experience here, came to look at the new 2013 civic coupe and prac helped me out. Everything went good until it was time to make a deal, throughout the entire process he was buttering up the fact of my credit score being great and other crap but when it came to present the APR he presented me a percentage and tried to sell it to me without even processing my paperwork and worst of all LIED ABOUT IT. safe to say we left right then and there SO AVOID THIS PLACE AND PRAC IF YOU DONT WANT TO GET RIPPED OFF!!! WOULD GIVE ZERO STARS IF POSSIBLE

Harshit M. | 2013-07-13

I went to  Honda Stevens Creek to have accessories added to my new car (LoJack, cargo net and cargo hook). I had an appointment at 11AM and reached there at sharp 11 (2 minutes before 11 to be precise). I told them that those 3 things have to be added and he told me not to worry since he had everything on record.The car was taken for service and I was told it would take about 2 hours. I was fine waiting if it was going to take only 2 hours.

At 1:30 I was told that the accessories had been added. When I opened the trunk there was no cargo net and no hook. Only LoJack was added. I told them and it appeared as if he did not know that cargo net and hooks was also to be added. He then pulled out the docs in front of me and realized that cargo net and hooks were also on to-be-added list. With a customary apologetic face he took my car again and told it would take about 45min to 1 hour max.

Tired of waiting till 3:30 I went back to check if really something was being done and again with a sorry face the guy told "It will be done in just couple of mins". An hour passed and still the repair was not complete. At 4:30 I again checked back and he took me inside the garage just to show that the repair process was on and how much of effort the repair guy was doing for me.

At 5:20 when my anger boiled I told him that I want to talk to manager, he replied in a rude voice "There is the manager, go talk to him". The manager had nothing new to say but "We will make sure it is completed quickly". Really ??? How quickly?? I have already wasted 6 hours. Finally at 5:30 my car was ready.

Ironically Honda of Stevens Creek sent me a service card a day before I had to go for repair saying that "You have been added to Honda VIP customer club". Really?? Is that how you treat your VIP customers. Shame on Honda's customer service

Raju S. | 2013-07-12

This is by far the worst car showroom I've been to. The sales people to be fair are nice (they are too few though) but the managers are RUDE the moment they come to know a deal may not happen that day. A sales guy called Martin was very helpful, he explained about the car, gave us a test drive and after that we discussed tradein. He came back with his manager, and that guy was oh my god RUDE when I said the tradein price is not ok.

Then he says: "you are lucky you got a salesperson who gave you a test drive". I was like "WHAT?". He says "I said the sales guy is a nice guy". I am like "What does that have to do with anything?" And before I finish saying that, he shouts something like "Good job, Martin" and storms off, as if implying we said anything abut the sales guy.  What the hell would we care about the sales guy being nice, it's abut the car and the price, if we can't agree on a price we walk out - why do you have to be rude about it! What do you mean he was nice to give a test drive- isnt that what car sales people do?
And Don't you understand I could still sell my car outside and come back for a purchase?!

I think this guy was just venting some thee frustration on us! And that is the opposite of what a "salesman" is. I grew up in a family of salesmen, and I can tell this is not a guy who should be in sales- he just doesn't take any pride in the craft of sales!

I'll never buy a car from this showroom! A least as long as this "manager" is around there shouting at the customers.
I'd buy a car from Martin anyday, though.

Great D. | 2013-06-17


I stopped by yesterday to purchase a new 2013 Honda Accord.  As I stepped on the lot looking at the different cars I stopped and wondered WHERE ARE THE SALESPEOPLE??  Now nobody likes to be hounded especially when you pull into a lot but this is ridiculous.  NO SALES PEOPLE ANYWHERE??

After waiting 20 minutes I went next door to the Mercedes Dealership and of course the service was night and day.  I came back to the Honda dealership about 40 minutes later and again NO SALESPEOPLE????

Service is subpar needless to say I went to Southbay Honda

Sam And Diana V. | 2013-06-14

Great service! We have a 2000 Accord and 2000 CRV. I have taken both cars here for service repairs over the last year and have absolutely no complaints. Close, convenient and reliable service. Love the popcorn in waiting area!

James M. | 2013-06-13

i got good service, I'll be honest that I feel conflicted that I bought a new car in 2010 and I had an electrical problem. I don't feel like there was any acknowledgement of this except my negotiation to have inspection fees removed from my repair bill.

I have heard and know of worse experiences, however i bought this car for the lack of maintenance. I don't feel great that i had to get repair bill. I felt since I bought the new car, I still owe on the car, we should have had an understanding the first maintenance issue is on Honda SC.

I'm not sure if I would buy my next car from Stevens Creek Honda, this experience didn't make me convinced Honda is the brand I would like to stay with.

After reading the other comments, I will definitely think twice about coming back here.

Carrie S. | 2013-06-03

I am an avid Honda fan.  After 2 very serious car crashes (hit by a drunk driver, and a teenager texting on her phone), I walked away due to the safety features and I was totally sold.

I have purchased my Hondas all over the place.  Minnesota, Wisconsin, New York, Pennsylvania, and Indiana.  I have had them serviced at numerous Honda dealerships, all with outstanding service.

I have given this place 3 tries.  Now, I am done.

This location, is, by FAR, the WORST Honda service department I have ever been too.

Today I came in around 3:00pm to find not a single car in the bay.  Nada.  I was doing a little happy dance thinking I could get my car in quick for an oil change.  After waiting 25 minutes, and going inside twice to find someone to help me (and being told that someone would be out shortly), I finally had to leave.  A few people wouldn't even give me eye contact,,,that whole fake "I didn't see you, but you know I really did" act.

The previous time I came, with an appointment, and waited for an hour in my car until someone came to check me in.  Hence, why I didn't try to bother with an appointment today.  I clearly can't work the system here.

The very first time I came in, they pushed all for all the service "needs", and promised me a car for the day.  Little did I know it was a rental car with lots of additional fees.  I said hellz to the no, but got my car serviced and out the door I went.

I just kept coming back because I have had SUCH great experiences elsewhere.  I really believed that Honda was an outstanding name wherever you went.  

I am now going to try the Accura Honda repair place, which has an outstanding reputation that I am hoping to experience.

Sal E. | 2013-06-02

Walked into this place at 3pm today and left at 8pm with a new car!

Why it takes sooo long is a mystery but it is well worth the wait when you feel good about your purchase of this price point.

Jerry was our salesman and I stumbled across him while waiting for the manager to help me. Jerry is very down to the earth. He is not pushy and he is very honest. Probably as honest as they come when it comes to car sales. He had an answer to every direct question that we had which was the complete opposite of the salesperson who attempted to help us down the road at Mazda who had not one direct answer for any of our questions we asked.

Sherry was wonderful also. She comes across very bold at first but once you get to know her she is a very tender hearted individual who also knows her products. I went from wanting to walk out and cancel the sale that Jerry started and buy a Honda up farther north on 880 (from my being burned in the past from add-on sale finance freaks) to adding on TWO products that I dog soldiered myself never to fall for due to how outstanding Sherry is.

I could see why this place receives so many bad reviews on Yelp. #1 it's a bit chaotic, I don't care how busy they are, the General Manager just needs to hire more help to accommodate the higher traffic. #2 They should separate the sales reviews from the service reviews (it appears from a quick read that the majority of the negative reviews are for the service department - thank God we have our own great mechanic). #3 Not every salesperson is Jerry!

H M. | 2013-04-13

I tried to arrange a test drive for a second time at this dealership.
This time I was smart, I called in ahead and scheduled a test drive.
I was asked for my name and time and was told to show up and let receptionist know my name and everything will be peachy. When I showed up there was no record of my name or a scheduled test drive. On top of that there was no sales person available.
I was basically told to go catch someone on the lot. Which I did try to do just that. But the only sales I caught said he was too busy and that was it.
It was a waste of my time and driving. I'll make sure they get no business from me.

Adrienne A. | 2013-04-10

Dealt with Samantha about a car I was interested in purchasing. Not only will I not be purchasing from them, but I will avoid any of the other dealerships in their group. I sent an email stating that I was interested in a specific car. I said that I only wanted to be contacted by email. Of course, 15 minutes later my phone was blowing up with calls from them. In all, I received 5 phone calls within 2 hours. She called again today, I said I was in the middle of something and didn't want to be contacted by phone. She sends an email stating that I was extremely rude to her and she just wanted to explain that the car was sold. She furthers this by sending 2 more emails about how she was just trying to help and was not a sales person. Could have fooled me. I'd rather deal with a business that follows what the customer wants, not what they want. Since she is the "face" of this company, I'd rather buy a car elsewhere. Talking over a customer on the phone, then justifying how right you are in email, not the best way to go about gaining customers. From their previous reviews, looks like I am not alone.

Lori M. | 2013-04-03

If I could give this place zero stars, I would. About two years ago my car was totaled. The front end of the had to be replaced. The body shop selected Stevens Creek Honda to do the repairs. Long story short, my car has never been the same . The issues are too extensive to list here. What made the situation even worse, is the was that the staff at Stevens Creek Honda handled the situation. They took no responsibility for fixing their own work. In addition, when I brought my car in for an oil change or some other simple repair, they would always come back with something major that had to be done in addition. I finally started asking for second opinions from Capitol Honda, and they said that the work that Stevens Creek was recommending did NOT need to be done. Clearly, I was bring taken advantage of. I now bring my car exclusively to Capitol Honda, and the car is  in great shape. Now that I'm not spending money on unnecessary repairs, my overall auto costs have gone down as well....Run, don't walk, to Capitol Honda.

Jenny Z. | 2013-03-29

I don't know if their "true value" program a sales tactic or a real program. The sales person told us that the company has invested a lot of money to put the program in place so that the price is guaranteed to be the lowest.  He said there might be some rare cases when there is a lower price somewhere, but it would be a strange color and more mileage on the car.

We almost trusted him.

However, we got two more quotes from other dealers, the same model, same color and low mileage (30mile) on the new car, the prices are both more than 5% lower.

Therefore, either the program is not well executed, or the sales person has lied to us.

VR R. | 2013-03-25

This review reflects my experience with their service dept.  

During my visit to this dealership for an oil change, they pointed out that it also needs a brake fluid change.   The quoted me a price which was more than twice what a reputed auto shop had quoted days earlier.   The service advisor upon hearing this got really rude and started mumbling that this was not pep boys....

At the very least these guys need to learn how to be polite towards their customers.

Richard W. | 2013-03-23

just drove off in a shiny new 2013 Accord, one of the better car buying experiences i've had. Omar and Sherry were stand-up folks.

Ada L. | 2013-03-02

Customer services = zero! Really really poor management! I was looking to buy a new suv and i've went to several dealership tryna get the best deal. C'mon we all shop around for the beat deal! When we first got there, there were no salesperson willing to work! They were holding coffee wondering around chatting with other associates. Guess what! Nobody offer to help us until i actually have to stop one of them to help me! The car listed for $29000 but we actually got an email from Oakland Honda saying they can offer us at $26000. When we ask the salesperson if they can match the price he brought us to the manger. To be honest, the salesperson was helpful and tryna make a deal but not his "manager"! When he came out he didnt even invite us into his office which i consider basic manner! He just sat us down in the waiting area! After we show him the email he gave all kinds of crap saying that email is just a scam blah blah blah! All i wanna hear is one answer either u CAN or u CANT match the price! But he just decided to give us all kinds of bullshit! He was like if u shop around already looking for the best deal then pretty much if im going to give u a good deal today u still gonna find a better deal! We were tired of that so we just ask whats the lowest u can go! He show us the MSRP and invoice and told us that they already go under the invoice! Wth?! Seriously? I checked on kbb the invoice was only $27xxx and he said $28xxx was already below invoice? stupid! We're not 5 years old! Not the first car we bought! He just aint serious in making the deal with us! What kind of manager is that?! Tired of his words! Just freakin tell me if u can match it or not! Wasted my time!

M K. | 2013-02-24

I just purchased a 2013 Honda Pilot, and the experience at Honda Stevens Creek was great.  Jalil and Steve were very friendly, honest, and gave us a great deal, a full $3k less expensive than the price we were quoted at another local Honda dealership - with minimal haggling.  They didn't try the usual high pressure sales tactics.  I would buy my next car from them.

Bret O. | 2013-02-21

Took 4.5 hours to get my oil changed after several mistakes, including changing the oil on the wrong car.  Never again.

Diana M. | 2013-02-19

Honda will usually have a promo during most 3 day weekend holidays so I decided to capitalize on the opportunity.  I've been searching for a specific model:  2013 Honda Pilot Touring 4wd, with navi/res, black exterior/black interior.  I'll compromise on grey interior if need be.  Found what I was looking for at this particular dealership.  MRSP said $42K.  The sale price online was at $38K. El Cerrito and Dublin also carried the same model but wouldn't budge on the numbers.  

Made an appointment with their e-sales person, Katie who confirmed that the model was indeed on their lot and scheduled me to come in later that day.  When I finally arrived, Jerry was designated to be my sales person.  There was a little glitch at first as he offered me  to test drive a "similar" model.  I was very clear that I was only interested in test driving the model I had requested - resolved in a matter of 20 minutes.

Jerry was not pushy or tried to fanagle numbers. A number was thrown, in addition to my  request of all weather floormats and cargo tray be included in the package.  The middleman manager, (I don't know his name but he was filipino), came by to further the negotiation. After a couple of hours, we solidified a deal at  1.9% APR. No hassle, no headache, no fuss.  

Thanks for making my experience a good one Stevens Creek.

P.S.  Loved their popcorn!

T C. | 2013-02-15

I had to say this dealder is really suck. I was there two weeks ago. They did not want to talk to me if I am not ready to buy a car from them. Of course, I want to shop for price first and would not want to buy a car that day.
A seller guy came to ask me if I have any quesitons then I told him that I do not right now. I am just looking. Then he asked me if I am ready to buy a car that day when I was there. I said not yet. I just wanted to find out more information from the dealership on the accord. Once this guy heard that I am not ready to pickup a car then he told me that I need to make a reservation to talk to them if I have any question. That was interesting why the guy came to ask me if I have any question then he did not want to deal with me once I told him that I am ready to buy a car that day.

Kimberly B. | 2013-02-11

i've been waiting for this moment to be able to finish and post my review on how much time I wasted dealing with morons working at this place!

When I got a letter in the mail from Honda Manufacturing that instructed me to bring my car to the nearest dealership for a new exterior paint job, I knew I was in for some trouble. I hated dealing with Stevens Creek Honda but because they were the closest dealership to our house, I was stuck and had no choice. I brought my car in a week before Christmas of last year, and didn't get it back until 2.5 weeks later, even though I was told that the job would finish within 5 days. They also didn't supply us with a rental car when they didn't deliver their promise, which was stressful on our end because we were scrambling to make things work without one of our cars.

2.5 weeks later, we got my car back and drove it home. On the way home, the side bumper pads on both doors flew off while we were on the road. AWESOME. A day later, we were wiping bird poop off of the hood of my car and the new paint job scratched off instantly. WTF. We were so frustrated by this point. When we called the dealership to let them know what happened, they initially weren't going to pay for the new bumper pads and thought it was coincidence that they happened to fly off the day that we got the car back from them. ARE YOU FREAKIN' SERIOUS?! It wasn't until we talked to one of the service managers that we finally got them to pay and install new bumper pads on my car. They also made us bring the car in two more times just to inspect the paint job, take pictures, etc. etc. Because you know, we have all the time in the world to hang out at the dealership every day. They blamed us for not wiping the bird poop off within 30 minutes of it going on our car, and that it was only natural that paint would come off by the next day. Really?? Because we've never come across that with our other cars. Seriously, a bunch of BS that they were throwing at us and we were so tired with it by this point!

Honda had been using AutoWest Collision Group to fix my car, and both just provided horrible services the entire time we were dealing with this situation. They never called us with updates when we asked for them, and they both blame-shifted a bunch and never took fault in any of the ordeal. I finally got my car back today; it only took 2 whole months! I'm so glad I don't need to deal with any of these guys anymore! They need to start reading all these 1-star reviews that people are posting about them and get a reality check!

Wendell A. | 2013-02-06

Came in to buy a car and was most satisfied! Facundo and Jalil were most helpful and gave the best possible deals for me on my new civic. I will be returning soon to this dealership and will recommend these guys to anyone. Thank you once again!

Amy H. | 2013-01-24

I called Steven's Creek to ask for a quote, and was given the typical car dealer run-around - "Bring us written quotes, we'll see what we can do." I ended up purchasing from Anderson Honda (Palo Alto) b/c of the price, and customer service. BUT, that didn't end the calls from Steven's Creek. I got 7 subsequent calls, even though I told them each time, I've already purchased a car, please take me off of your list.

I finally called the dealership and asked the manager to TAKE ME OFF OF YOUR CALL LIST! I explained the situation. Not only did he fail to even apologize for the inconvenience of the repeated calls, he then told me "it may take a few days for us to remove you from our database." HUH!?! I work in systems analysis, so I know the time it takes to remove a customer from a database - approx. 20 seconds.

Needless to say, I will NEVER purchase a car from this place, and given how inept they are at dealing with the simple task of removing me from a list in a computer file, I'd suggest you think twice before doing so. ANDERSON HONDA is the place to go.

Che R. | 2013-01-19

Omg the girl Amanda  from the service department  sucks!! We were trying to have the door visors installed and she was like "do we install that here?" Well Why ask me lady I don't work here.. Then she asked the older lady she was like "do we install window VISER, BISOR, whatever" and of course the older lady dont know anything but take the money.. C'mon even my 8 yr old bro know how to pronounce that word.. Well she sucks.. Why work there if u don't know a damn thing

Scott Y. | 2013-01-14

vehicle: 2006 pilot.  61,000 miles.  

Came in for a service bulletin repair.  it was fixed accordingly.

service rep said my accessory belt was cracked and that i should have my timing belt replaced as well.  i declined the repair as its rather expensive and with only 61k on the odometer, it seemed like a ridiculous recommendation as the car isn't driven hard or been exposed to extreme weather conditions.

took the pilot to honda/acura of campbell for an inspection (i highly recommend them for repairs).  they pointed out that the bolts on the timing belt covers had not been removed (no signs of marring on the bolts and the dust was still intact).  how could honda know that i need a new timing belt if they didn't look at it.

great example of why STEALERSHIP is a fitting nickname.

Cindy N. | 2013-01-12

I was looking for a snow chain for my Honda Fit.

Since owner's manual did not specify (or show recommended brand and size) which one to buy, my husband called the parts dept and asked.

We went to Napa Autoshop but saw 2 different types so he called again then he got a different answer from the first time.
Then I called then got a different answer!!!!!

we were like " who is telling us the truth??"

5th time calling - they said " we have the snow chain for your car, it's Honda fit right?"

we were like " then why didnt you tell us at the first!!!!"

so he was really mad.....

Shweta G. | 2013-01-11

I would give it a Zero star if I could. The dealership is full of bunch of liars.  I am a pregnant woman full term and it is irritating to be dragged into their dealership with false information after a full day at work with no dinner in stomach. They confirmed to me multiple times on phone that the car I want is on site. So we go there to buy it. First of all it took forever for someone to help us and when they did, they slyly tell me the car got sold in last 1.5 hour. I challenged him to show me paperwork to prove it as I had been waiting there for a while and from what I know about car sales they dont go that swiftly with all the paper work, service sale etc. I didnt see any customer walk out with new car. Not only that, the agent raised his voice so I pointed him to the big banners they have where they see Customer Satisfaction is #1 priority for them. He ignored it and walked away with a face that said I dont care. Who reads these anyway!

I would have been Ok if they admitted they made a mistake and dont have the car on site but being sly about it is not acceptable.

Ethics & customer service in business is seriously going down.

Sam w. | 2012-11-29

The service and other managers need to look at this reviews. I had a problem with my boot not closing properly and went there twice for a new car... I almost created a dent in my boot trying to close it.. in exasperation i went to south bay honda who immediately fixed the alignment isssue.. Way too casual service not interested in helping the customer at all one day i waited 10 minutes while advisors while laughing and whiling their time away.. Better get better or my business goes elsewhere..

Andres A. | 2012-11-29

service was great, they were polite. the prices are a lot higher for the same service than ocean honda.

Niki G. | 2012-11-16

I came to Honda to trade in my G35 coupe and buy a new 2012 Accord coupe in white V6, with leather and Nav...EXACTLY what I wanted. I spoke to one of their e-sales agents, Katie, first and she made an appointment for me to come in a look at it.

When I got there I was immediately greeted by someone on the sales staff. They found my appointment and paired me up with my sales agent, Stephen (or steven? idk) He was super friendly and knowledgeable about my car. Unfortunately the Accord I came to see was in their overflow lot by spartan stadium so I had to wait for him to go get it. After a long test drive I  decided I loved it and wanted it.

My G35 coupe was having all sorts of issues and I wasn't sure how much they would offer me.....Honda ended up offering me, what I thought, was a great price for my trade in, 14K, blue book said 16K private party IF, everything wrong with it had been repaired, it really wasn't worth the money.

The Accord was listed at $5000 off MSRP, a fair price, I didn't think I needed to do any haggling there....they also offered me $400 off the extended warranty, just to sweeten the deal!! The only issue was the APR...I did not want to take the 4.9% they offered....NO, that's way to high!! I argued, and argued, and then the manager came over and explained that since I was a first time car buyer  I could not qualify for anything less, even though my credit score was awesome! So I told them, thanks but no thanks.....I don't need a new car that I'm about to get up they rush over with a FIRST TIME CAR BUYER APR SPECIAL of 1.9%.... Boom....DONE!

I went to finance and they made that quick and easy as well!!

I left my Accord at the dealer over night so they could wash and wax it for me :) When I came to pick it up, I had to wait quite some time for them to get to me, but it was worth the wait, I was so excited! My sales agent from the night before explained my new car alarm, the navigation and helped me set up my bluetooth phone! He was very helpful!!

When I got home, I realized a little plastic piece was missing from my gear shift, I called and they told me I could come in anytime and they would give me a new really was, THAT easy. I am so happy with my car! Thanks HONDA, you made my first time NEW CAR buying experience very pleasant.

Sorry yelp, I can't agree with you on this one....

Jai S. | 2012-10-25

Even a single star is more for this dealership. By far the most horrible experience i have ever had shopping.

So this guy named David calls me and sets up a VIP appointment for me for a CRV. He even said there are about  4 CRVs of specification i had. Basically i was looking for a CRV EX. I even searched their inventory before heading to there. It mentioned the same 4 CRV's. Then i go there, i was greeted by this person called Paul.

He takes me around to look for the car and he never finds it. Then he goes back and checks his listing. He then took me to his office and said the are 3 models and asked me to select a color. i listed 2 and told him i need to see vehicle before i decide. He took me in search of the vehicle and later says Sorry we dont have the vehicle. By then its almost 1 hour.

Later he took me to his Manager, this guy tells me may be those 3 vehicles are already gone. He is not sure either. Later he tells me we could arrange for the vehicle from some other Dealership if I was particular.
I was like Damn with this dealership, i even had taken checks to buy the car that was mailed to me at the price listed.

All in all, be very careful of there SCAM, these guys tell something, show something on their inventory online and GO there they try to trade you with whatever choice they have. Very rude as well, They were not even courteous to apologize.

Shari J. | 2012-10-23

I guess I should have read these reviews before going to Stevens Creek Honda. If I had read them I never would have gone. What a waste of time! First they give you VIP treatment over the phone. I was working with David Broussard who is a VIP Concierge there. On the phone he said he would make sure there were cars waiting for us when we arrived. I did ask him to bring in two other Honda's from different locations so my daughter could test drive them as well. He said he would do his best and get back to me. Well, he never called back and when we arrived on Saturday morning he wasn't there, the other cars weren't there and no one was expecting us! So much for VIP treatment. No one was anxious to help us nor were there ever any apologies. Needless to say, we didn't stay long. Went across the street to Nissan Stevens Creek and bought a car within one hour! The sales team there was very interested in making sure we got the car we wanted for the price we could afford. They were very helpful.

nehemias P. | 2012-10-14

NO, I didn't BUY or SERVICE my car here, but I did have a great experience with their sales consultant Moe Eslami.  I was looking into this used Honda Accord and he mentioned that it wasnt a good car to buy because that car had been in an accident.  I thought that car salesmen were suppose to sell you anything to make commission.  I thought that was a good sign and even though I didn't buy my car here, Moe did an overall great job.

J W. | 2012-10-12

This place is VERY dishonest!  I had my car repaired here and they said they would give me a no charge rental for the two days I was having my car fixed.  To my surprise, the rental company (Enterprise) charged me for the two day rental!  5 months later I STILL have  not received a refund even after numerous phone calls and emails! Don't go here, they are VERY dishonest! Someone should write to Honda Corporate about how dishonest they are!

Maria L. | 2012-10-01

I went in to buy a crosstour that I havd already researched. The sales guy wasnt knowledgable but pleasant and a terrible liar. Doesnt matter. What does matter is that the finance dept ran a hard inquiry on my credit report 7 times!!! with a credit score of 705. This has generously brought my credit score down to 640 a nd has cost me 1000 upon purchasing another car. NEVER NEVER NEVER buy from these horrible people.

Lisa T. | 2012-09-20

This place is Horrible! I would never recommend this dealership to anyone! They by far have the worst customer service ever. I found a vehicle for sale with a sales price of $14491,  thrilled, I went to go test drive it and buy it. Upon arrival, the manager on duty said that their was an error in the advertised sales price and it was in fact $19491. I was furious because it was a mistake on an employees' part so Honda should take ownership of their problem and make the customer happy. I even have proof that the sales price originally was 14k but they did not accommodate me. I feel they are the definition of FALSE ADVERTISING!

Zohar H. | 2012-09-20

This is one of the worst maintenance shops I have had the 'pleasure' to service my car at. I had an issue with the car door lock system. After an entire day that the car was at the shop, they told me they fixed the issue. I took it home and when trying to lock the door, I found out that they fixed the original issue and introduced a new one. I brought the car back for a whole day. After I took it home I found that they fixed the door locking issue, but now something was draining my battery. I brought it back and was told I needed a new battery. After insisting they were wrong, they took the car for an entire day and told me they found the issue, which was a burnt fuse. Took the car home, to find out that it did not start the morning after. Drove the car back and they kept it for couple of days, this time fixing the issue properly. Took the car and found out that the stereo system did not work (as it was locked). Called them and asked for the code, but was told I have to come in with the car.
During all this experience I was expecting to get a call from the manager/director due to all the issue, but this never happened.

My suggestion, stay away (unless you have extra time on your hands)!

Heeyeun J. | 2012-09-18

This one star is for my sales representative Mark, who was very kind and explained everything thoroughly to my parents and I while picking a brand new 2012 Honda civic. Which didn't take a long time at all. We picked the car, a 2012 Honda Civic coupe, went inside and decided the price we were comfortable with and we were done. The horrible service was when we went to sign papers with the financial department woman named Sheri. She was constantly telling us to buy the full car alarm, which I understand is good to let us know the options we have. But the scoffing and disrespect with the "okay, you guys are..." after we agreed not to add it was so rude and unnecessary. I almost felt like that's the way that department gets commission so they try to squeeze the last dime out of you. Then, there was a misunderstanding with the monthly price of the car. She got angry and told us that basically, we were making her job hard. She called our sales rep so he can clear the misunderstanding. She literally SLAMMED her office door closed when we left. I almost felt like not buying the car afterwards. This is not my parent's first car purchase and they agreed they haven't been treated with such disrespect.

Christine Y. | 2012-09-13

This was the first time I've ever been to a dealership by myself, so I wasn't completely sure what I was supposed to do because I was just running an errand for my dad. I drove in and literally did not know if I was supposed to just park my car somewhere and go inside, but I saw some cars lining up where it said service so I just decided to do the same.
I didn't know you were supposed to wait inside the car until someone came to assist you, so I got out of the car and the valet parking man kinda yelled at me, which was a bit rude but it was whatever.
A man came to help me and he was super friendly and helpful with everything. He was clear about everything that he was going to do and when I came to pick my car up, he told me everything they did and also recommended a couple things to get changed (fluids, etc.)
Not to mention they repaired everything way faster than they had told me, which was a plus because I didn't want to be waiting around by myself for 2 hours anyway.
The only eh part was the rude valet dude but otherwise, yay!

Ellen C. | 2012-09-10

I actually have been searching for a while now for a vehicle which will give me the same loyalty that my Acura has been giving me. With that said I saw a sports vehicle online which was in my price ranged budget.

I did everything online firs,t then got a phone call 20 mins later I get a call from a woman asking if i wanted to come in and test drive the G35. So excited I said yes. I drove down to san jose, found the place easily with no problems.

I walk in said I had an appointment. Announced that so and so's VIP appt was here. Whoa special treatment. I was so excited. Filled with interested buyers. =)

None of my Mechanic friends could come with me so I ended up going by myself.  My friend told me set my price and if they didn't work with me then leave.

It took a while for M. Green to come out and help me. Everyone else was very helpful I waited for about 15 mins then I had to go back in and ask for M. Green. When he did finally come out. We walked the car. I test drove it. I asked a few questions.

We came back and he asked me to have a seat. Keeping this short he didn't work with me on the price, He mentioned that they just got that 8 days ago. (ok what does that have to do with working out the price with me?) I easily walked out.

I guess it wasn't my time yet to buy, I love the car but i'm sure when I'm ready to buy someone will work with me.  

I don't know if i'll be back here but there are tons and tons of dealerships out there.

oh wells

Sammie P. | 2012-08-27

The service department for vehicle maintenance is great. However, the sales and finance department at this location are TERRIBLE. I would highly recommend going elsewhere.

Kyle H. | 2012-08-20

I had an awful experience at Stevens Creek Honda. The staff seemed to be excellent over e-mail and phone. They were very prompt in responding and very courteous. I was interested in test driving a car, so I made a same-day "VIP" appointment so I could come in. I wasn't sure what this "VIP" appointment was, but I would soon find out what it meant: absolutely nothing.

I arrived a little early for my appointment, and the receptionist paged a sales manager to come out and help me. This didn't happen. Seeing that I was still sitting there waiting, she paged several more times, to no avail. She even went to physically find a sales person, but still no luck. All the while, there were sales people standing around both in and outside the showroom, either doing nothing or talking with each other - NOT helping other customers. I waited for over half an hour before a sales manager came over, and assured me that a sales person would be with me shortly. A few minutes later, a regular sales person did come over.

Sooooooooo, what exactly was the point of this "VIP" appointment?! The 30+ minute wait was unacceptable. It wasn't particularly busy, and like I said, there were plenty of sales people roaming around, but none seemed to want to help me. I was about four minutes away from leaving.

The person that did eventually talk to me, Jim, didn't seem to care about my existence, and cared even less about the presence of my girlfriend. He casually showed me the car, and seemed generally oblivious about the car's features and details beyond what was written on the window sticker. After the exceptionally brief test drive, he pretty much just wanted to know if I was going to buy it or not. And why would I? Rather than run down a list of features, desirable qualities, how the car compares to competitors, he said almost nothing. He wasn't pushy or aggressive (it's hard to be when you aren't saying anything), but I was surprised that he wasn't actually trying to sell me the car at all! He just seemed to not care.

I love Honda cars, but their sales people are horrifically bad. This take-it-or-leave-it attitude needs to stop.

Matt R. | 2012-08-20

Way too crowded for service.  They always send out coupons so it's tempting to go but once you go it takes way longer than they say it will.  On the plus side I got an additional discount cause they felt bad about wasting my whole day.... I won't go back though.

Valerie S. | 2012-08-07

Very nice Honda automobiles which are represented by a sales staff who could care less. The sales rep treated us like we were stupid/thick children. He actually said: "We don't negotiate at all."
He also said: 'People who buy our cars are not high class people."
He was condescending and behaved like he was doing us a huge favor by coming out of the showroom to speak to us. He never offered his business card or any other courtesy. Never,I mean NEVER will we go there again.

Tim C. | 2012-08-06

I took a look at a used Honda Civic here. The dealer allowed me to take the car to a mechanic for an independent inspection, which was good, and there were no major problems, which was also good.

Since the car had major cosmetic problems and needed some minor repairs, I made an offer for about 80% of the sticker price. The dealer countered by offering it to me for $700 more (just $300 under the sticker price) and when I made a second counter-offer, he brought in his manager. The manager claimed their price is the "true price" and said 'we can't" go below the sticker price. Just categorically can't. (This price was at least $700 above blue book value.) (Of course, they're a business. They *can* charge whatever they want, and it's silly to bring up how much money they spent on the car -- I don't care about their budget, I care about mine.)

What kind of used car dealer won't bargain? Perhaps he thought I wasn't very bright, but I wasn't going to pay the sticker price. I wasted 4-5 hours on a weekend at this place, and I don't know what kind of used car dealer who isn't willing to bargain. You might as well buy a new car.

Paul C. | 2012-08-01

Out of all the cars I have bought, this place was the worst.
The manager with glasses named Jack does not do anything to help you in any way.

First, it took us more than 5 hours to complete the process of purchasing the car. We just sat there and waited and waited and waited. Then they come back and tell us we have to start our interest with 10.0%. THAT'S RIDICULOUS.

Second, since we didn't get our bill and the due date was less than a week away, we had to go over there and ask them what was going on. They tell us to don't worry about it and just wait few days. The bill obviously does not come.

Third, We go back since the due date has passed. They just give us a number and tell us to call them. We get mad because that's not our job, its theirs. We have our own jobs and things to do. Then this supposedly  "manager", Jack tells us to get out of the office and threatens to call the police. WOW

Thankfully the owner came out and apologized, but  that was the most embarrassing and unprofessional customer service I ever had to deal with. If we didn't go back and ask them to do their job, my credit would have gone bad. (By the way, we still had to call the bank and other places ourselves when the dealer was supposed to do that.)

I feel like every time we go there we come back out angry and dissatisfied.

Michael C. | 2012-07-29

I could not be happier with the service these folks provided. We went there in 6/12 and bought a used car. The car was in fantastic shape! they gave me a great deal which even included 24 month bumper to bumper warranty. I took the car to Monterey and noticed a wobble when I broke at high speed. I took it to them on my way back home and asked them to repair it even if it wasn't covered by the 24 month bumper to bumper. It turns out that it wasn't covered but they DID NOT ASK A SINGLE QUESTION! they simply set an appointment for me and fixed the problem by replacing my rotors. I will always come back here. End of story

Steve T. | 2012-07-25

I considered buying a car here. Since I live in Sacramento, I called with a few questions regarding a particular one they had in stock. I was asked to leave my name and phone number and the sales rep would get back to me. Ugh, I knew this was a bad idea - my question was simple - does the car have a warranty - couldnt that be answered immediately?

Fast forward to the next day - I start recieving calls from 866 764 4973 which hang up whenever I answer. I get these phone calls every day & night. No one answers, just hangs up. I trace the number online - it is associated with new car dealers, and Honda of SC is the ONLY dealer I spoke with and gave my number to.

I call and speak to the sales manager. I let him know to take me off whatever this list is I'm on immediately. I inform him that I WAS going to purchase a car through them until I started being harassed every day. He seemed not to care, but assured me I will be removed.

I'm not sure what I even did to deserve this?

Serg B. | 2012-07-23

I recently had to go to the DMV to renew my registration. It was a mess since I couldn't do it online for some reason. Turns out that I had a manufacturers recall on my car and I could pay for the registration but they would not give me tags until I took care of it. I called Stevens Creek Honda and they told me that I could bring the car in get it all taken care of (free since its a recall) and do it all right away. I was stuck at work till 6:30 and couldn't make it in that Friday. I forget the guys name that helped me on the phone (Stan maybe) but he said use the night drop and we'll have it ready by tomorrow morning. Sure enough, I picked up the car at 10:30 am Saturday morning all done with the paper work I need to go back to the DMV. Every one at stevens creek made it a painless process so I'm happy with them.
I've never had any other service done at this location.

Sizzler R. | 2012-07-22

Horrible customer service. This review is for the Service department. I have called up couple of times to get a quote for my Tyre and brake pad replacement. A phony lady Samantha.. picks up my phone..and she says that she cannot contact the service department, and she transfers my line to the service department. And no one picks up the phone for 10 minutes, and another lady picks up the phone and puts me on hold again!!!!!!! I will never get my car service done at Honda Stevens Creek..

Daniel J. | 2012-07-09

I went to Honda of Stevens Creek earlier today to test drive a Lexus IS-F that they have on the lot.  I had come through the "trouble" of making an appointment and when I arrived my name was listed on a whiteboard as a "VIP".  

The sales manager then arrives and introduces me to a sales associate.  I visually inspected the car and requested a test drive.  Then comes the kicker.  They asked me to fill out a credit application or else I would not be able to test drive the car!  I know some high end dealerships do this since they don't want any old bum off the street test driving their cars but this was a 2008 Lexus ISF with 65,000 miles with an asking price of $34,999!  Doesn't a Honda Odyssey cost more than that??  

I was shocked and declined to fill out a credit application since I already have a loan approved.  It's a $35k car guys!  It not cheap by any means but really??...fill out a credit application to drive the car??  I'm sure dealerships profile people, whether its right or not.  I wasn't in sweat pants and a hoodie, I was in my business casual work clothes.  

You really think I would go online, request a quote, make an appointment to come see the car just so I could give it a joy ride?  Give me a break..actually don't give me anything..I want nothing to do with a crappy dealership like this..

PS: Before I stopped by Honda of Stevens Creek I was at Lexus of Stevens Creek and they let me test drive a near new ISF no questions asked!!

Dennis S. | 2012-07-06

Went there to test drive a used vehicle that they had listed on the internet.  I called to see if they still had it, the sale person told me that he would have to check inventory and call me back.  He did, somewhat pushy about getting in there to see the vehicle and booked me a VIP Appointment.  I got in there, the car was on the lot in a coned off area with a tag in the window with my name on it as person interested.

Went in the showroom, walked around and was not greeted once.  Walked over to the Information counter and asked for Ryan who was the person that I spoke with on the phone and sales guy asked me for my name. He then said, oh are you Dennis? I said yes.  Long  story short, drove and interested in the car.  I am then told to go inside and he would need to get some information off the car.  I took him out to the vehicle he wrote down some stuff and then went back in.

After standing around for 25 min. he comes and asks me what I am looking to get for my trade and what he thought what my car was worth.  Appraiser did not even go look at my vehicle. Leaves me for 10 more mins. and comes back and tells me that my car is only worth the lowest value on

Very disappointed in the way I was taken care of and how it was handled.  Customer service from beginning to end should be an 10, with 10 being the BEST... they got a 3.

I took a friend there in the past to look at cars and was treated even worse... thought I would give them a second chance.  Let see what happens...


Katie S. | 2012-07-01

I'm not sure that I went to the same Steven's Creek Honda as everyone who left reviews.  My experience was incredible.  My friend and I had looked at cars at more dealerships then you can imagine.  Yesterday when we were just about over it Katie from Stevens Creek Honda called and we zipped on over.  The place was packed with people buying cars. I didn't expect someone to get to use right away.  We walked on the lot and Steven Kim welcomed us like an old friend.  Not pushy, not anything other then professional but still warm.  At the end of our time there my friend bought a new Accord at an insanely low price.  The finance manager (I believe his name was Jack) was incredible.  The options where CLEARLY printed out. None of the crazy writing that you have to try to decode.  The numbers were clear.  It just felt very honest.  Thank you guys so much for taking care of my friend =).

Chad H. | 2012-06-29

I purchased my car just over 5 years ago, and would rate as follows:

Sales person 4/5 - straight forward, needed to negotiate little as the finance guy is the one who will get you

Finance guy: 0/5 - Even with excellent credit (high 700s), he told me the interest rate would be 8%, but could be reduced to 6% (the going rate at the time) if I added all the extras.  I was wise enough not to fall for this, but the amount of effort it took me to offer a fair deal, I was about to walk out on the sale entirely. The only reason why I did not is I knew I was going to pay the car off in 4 payments.  I could see another finance guy pressuring another family the same way.

My main review is regarding the service department.  I have had good, but never great service.  I have had lousy service.

Oil changes - despite being more expensive, I did bring my car in for oil changes and never had any problems.

Service Check One  - The service check itself went ok, until the next morning.  When I tried starting my car, it would not as the battery was totally dead.  I called the service department who supposedly looked at the battery the evening before.  They told me I would have to bring it in to get the battery changed and then they charged me for the battery.  I ended up having a separate company come out to jump my car so I could drive it in (had I known what was going to happen with the second servicing, I would have made other arrangements).  They did not stand by their work and just said that batteries can give false readings. Isn't that the reason I brought it in for them to check to make sure it was still alive?

Service Check Two - Some miles later, it was time for the second major service check up. It also coincided with a recall fix.  I called to make an appointment and indicated to the scheduling person exaclt what I wanted done to the car.  I was quoted just under $300 assuming nothing else needed repairs.  My wife brought the car in while I was at work, they told her the car needed new brake pads and new tires, which she declined (as I told her to decline any and all additional service in my absence).  When she got home, she showed me that we had been charged $600!!! (I should have told her what the expected fees were going to be).  

I called the servicing dept. and first asked what the expected costs would be without identifying who I was.  I called 2 - 3 times and each time I was told they would not be able to quote me as it depended on what needed to be done.  I argued that under their set standard service packages which clearly indicates the servicing they will do, they should be able to provide a quote with the understanding that items outside the defined services would be extra.  The third person I spoke to also gave me an amount around $300.

I then tried calling the manager who was not available, so I wrote an email laying it all out.  After back and forth, his final answer was, they did the work and therefore can't refund the money (should be read as "would not") but would provide free servicing next time if I bring his email in.  No definition as to what the next servicing would entail, but as the next servicing that would be needed is an oil change, I just paid $300 for the next oil change.

Regarding the the brake pads, took it to another place which said I had a good year left on them.  Also had the tires replaced for $400 instead of the $700 the dealership wanted, and got a better tire.

In conclusion, I will not be visiting this dealership ever again.

Jessica C. | 2012-06-23

I went there the first time because of a recall issue.  When I was there, they told me I needed new breaks, which I thought I would.  They gave me new break pads, but never resurfaced the routers (even though the itemized service summary said so). My car still shook when I would break.  This was the first time I got new break pads and my mileage was 80000.  About 2 months later, my car was still shaking when I would break, so I took it to another mechanic who said the routers had not been resurfaced, so did it for me. This fixed the problem.  I went back to Honda (my second visit to this place) and told them, and they said there is no difference to the routers for wear of 80000 and 10000 miles. That sounded like a line of crap. However, after 2 weeks of trying to deal with this issue over the phone, they finally gave me credit, which was nice of them.

Then I went back for the 100000 mile service since I had the credit.  Although my service person was very nice (the last one was too), I always got the feeling that they were trying to pull one over on me. When I tried to pay, I asked to be explained the charges (because I don't understand them, since I'm not a Honda mechanic). When I asked for a mechanic to walk me through the service and charges, he asked me why I wanted to know this. Unbelievable. Then, the cashier (Shirlene or something) seemed to either be in a bad mood or just a totally unhappy mean old lady. She was never friendly, talked to me like I was bothering her, and also talked to me like I was trying to rip Honda off by asking for an explanation of charges.  When I was going to pay, I told them about my credit.  They practically jumped down my throat about not telling them sooner. How was I supposed to know? I thought it was a separate issue with payment, not my service.  It was as if they were thinking - if you had told us sooner that you were going to use a credit, we would have found more stuff to charge you for. Granted, this is speculation, but in the end, I received bad service from this place three times and was so irritated that I had to yelp about it. I hate this place and will never go back.

By the way, if you find a deal for service at another mechanic shop, tell Honda the price and show proof of the price (like an add in the paper) and they will match it. That saved me about $300 the first time around.

Yield S. | 2012-06-16

Buyer beware.  I scheduled an oil service appointment a few weeks ago.  That's all I wanted.  As the person is writing me up, I was being pushed into all the other service  items I didn't need e.g., "brake fluid looks dirty, you should have it flushed" and bunch of other upsell items.  I went in thinking I'd spend $40 for an oil change, and they ended up trying to sell me some $400 in extra services.  I held firm on the oil change.

About an hour later, the service guy comes out and says I need new front brakes and my pads are down to 1mm.  I continued to hold firm on the oil change only for now.

In any event, just had my brakes inspected by Tires Les Schwab in Freemont and asked them to do a complete brake inspection.  Came back all clear.  Les Schwab said I had about 6mm left on my front brakes and that I shouldn't change them yet.  Les Schwab, if you don't who these folks are, run a 100% honest and transparent business.  No games, no tricks.  I've been going to Les Schwab for almost 20 years now and they've earned my business - and they'll earn yours too if you give them a shot.

I wouldn't do anything at Stevens Creek Honda on your vehicle except oil changes and warranty work.  All other repair/maintenance services should be deferred to your "trusty" mechanic.  I don't trust the service desk at Stevens Creek and you shouldn't either.  Buyer beware!

Steph G. | 2012-06-13

This review is about the car sales department, and NOT the service. My boyfriend and I came to Santana Row to look at some used cars. We walked for the whole day around the area, and didn't find anything under 10k that didn't have over 150k miles on it. We were about to give up, when we walked onto this dealership. We saw a number of cars in the sub 10k price, some of which had ridiculous mileage, but others that were very reasonable. Although I don't remember the salesman's name, he was helpful and not too pushy (for a used car salesman). We looked at two of the cars on the lot, and test drove one of them. In each car, there was a car fax report, and the report on the maintenance that was performed, and the items that were fixed. The cars were unlocked for you to view. The salesman also showed us a number of cars on the lot which were not fixed up and ready for sale, but waiting instead in the back, so be sure to ask about those. There were a lot of really nice used cars back there.

We test drove a Toyota, but didn't end up getting it. I would say that out of all dealers on this street, this place has the best deals to be had, but their inventory goes very quickly. Unfortunately, since we did not actually purchase the car, I don't have any comments about that process. I would still recommend using craigslist if you're on a budget, because the guy mentioned that they don't typically finance used cars. Still I was impressed that they listed all the parts and service that they performed on the cars for you to look at, rather than giving you the run around.

Anna H. | 2012-05-12

I've been here two times in the last 12 months due to Honda's CRV recalls.

The amount of time it took for an employee to help me out with my car was pretty quick each time I've been here. I came here this time for the light switch recall. I informed Vinny (honda employee) about how my engine sometimes turns off when waiting at a red light. He told me how a diagnostics cost 150 but he was nice enough not to charge me for that.

I left my car there for about 2 hours before they called me saying it's ready to get picked up. Vinny showed me all the problems that my car had from the through diagnostics. He also gave me the prices of how much each repair would cost. Although I didn't get my car problems fix there, the employees there were really helpful.

4 stars for great customer service! Minus 1 star for extremely high prices for car services!

Lakshmi Narayan J. | 2012-05-08

The director(David Morrone) is a very sweet, honest person...Even though his employees screwed up..he solved the problem..hence impoved my rating.

Arrogant,Uptight staff.. Stay away from this female named 'SUMMER', she'l screw your happiness and over charge you..Also very the extent she says 'if your not interested, go else where and get it done, but you need to pay for 2 diagnostic charges of $300 total when nothing was fixed..EXTEMELY RUDE...She comes up with a big list and doesn't bother to hear what you are saying!! .Stay Far Away from this place!!!!!!!!!!! their prices are skyrocketing and they don't honor the coupons much..Also don't give the solutions to areas that they cannot fix..such as damaged wheel alloys..

Kris S. | 2012-04-25

If your looking to buy a car, I wouldn't not buy one from here unless you feel like being at the dealership all day and end up paying more than what you wanted to.

The sales person we had (Jim) was really nice but the finance person (Lori) is really slow and lies to you so she doesn't have to deal with you.

We ended up giving our car back to them after having it for 3 weeks because after 2 weeks they calles us saying that our loan wasn't aproved onless we come in and pay an extra $800 more on our downpayment plus our intrest rate would go up 1.2%.  My husband went in to talk to them about all of this to see if they could work anything out for us.  They said that they would help us find another car that we would be aproved for and they would have it there when we returned our car.  The day we returned our car they didn't find another car for us so we just gave them the car back.

We asked for our downpayment back and Lori told my husband to come back the next day to come an pick up the check (because we returned the car on a Sunday).  My husband got their and Lori told him that the check wasn't ready and she would mail it to us and we should have it by Thurs. or Friday.  Well Friday came around and we still didn't have the check so my husband called Lori and she never answered her phone and so my husband would leave a message and she wouldn't call us back.  Finally on Saturday we went in to just pick up our check and Lori told us that the accounting and payroll has been out all week and will be back on Monday.

My husband went back on Monday and they still didn't have the check and so Lori told him that the check should be ready by Friday.  Than she call him back later that day and told him that we can come by on Wed. and pick up our check.

All I have to say is DO NOT buy a car from them if you are planing on getting financed thru them.

Ted P. | 2012-04-06

Follow up on this shameful place...
I received an e-mail from SC Honday today: "Thank you for scheduling your service..." blah blah blah.  Immediately I was confused. I didn't schedule this appointment with this place. The day I drove off the lot in my wife's new car I swore it would be the last... what gives? I thought OH NO!? I didn't warn my lovely wife and now she's about to step back into a viper pit!? So I frantically called her, thinking had to stop her before she walked into a trap.

Turns out, she didn't schedule the appointment. But.. but.. the e-mail from Stevens Creek Honda read "Thank you for taking the time to schedule your appointment in advance. Your service appointment for 05/26/2012 11:15 AM has been created. " Surely we must have played some sort of part in this nonsense?  

Bzzzzzzzzzzzt - wrong. They scheduled the appointment and creatively used verbiage to imply / infer that it was our idea.

Crafty. Bastards.

Some folks may look at this as a bonus / perk. I see it as "Welcome to my web, said the spider to the fly..."

Do yourself a favor and avoid this skeezy place.

Aaron J. | 2012-04-06

I have to say this is dealership is by far worst I have ever been to. I truly believe they are an inadequate to hold the name Honda. I first went to the dealer a week and a half ago. I found the car I wanted witch was a rear car. 2012 Honda Civic EX-L W/Navigation, Taffeta White w/ Stone Interior. That weekend I got on hondafinancialservices.c… and got preapproved that way I could just walk in and spend as little time on the lot as possible. I called on Sunday to make a VIP appointment witch I did. On Thursday my appointment was at 6:45pm. They called me on Thursday to remind me of my appointment, and at that time I asked them to have the car pulled out and detailed witch they said they where doing cause it was surrounded by multiple cars, and It would take them a while to get it out. When I arrived at the dealer they dealer called my cell and said that I need not bother coming in cause they could not find my car. That would have been better if they called me earlier before I got there. In witch earlier they had told me they where pulling it out to have it prepped for me. They then told me they couldn't find it but in witch was a lie cause a salesman walked out and said he had just sold that same exact car. I asked them to find me that same car in CA witch they could do really easily but in stead lies and said we cant find one, would you like the silver one we have. I would have bought it but I just didn't like being lied to. So I went on and searched for the car and found that there is only 5 in CA, and one of them was at . I then called Marin Honda and asked them to hold it for me so I could dive up and purchase it. Marin Honda was 100% truthful and they matched the Price of Honda Of Stevens Creek. I would recommend that if you are looking to buy a Honda you go to Marin Honda.

Justin K. | 2012-04-02

WORST place ever try to avoid this place go to capitol even though its a longer trip it is worth it.
So one day I came in to do an oil change and it took 3 hours they weren't even busy it was 1p.m. ended at 4 for one oil change nothing else and I saw the workers joking around walking and the service just sucks.

Kunal S. | 2012-03-12

What's wrong with this place?

I called the service department today asking if they had any service specials for oil change. The person who answered the phone had no clue about the ongoing specials. Her response was, "come by the service center and ask them". Really - you are answering the service center phone line and you don't know about ongoing specials?

Then I drive to the dealership/ service center. They made me wait and said someone will be "right there" to help me. After waiting for 10 minutes with virtually no customers ahead of me, I decided to walk up to the service desk asking for help. I ask the guy about the oil change special and sure he didn't know about the specials or the price for the oil change (he ended up asking his peer).

This dealership won't be successful with such mismanagement. I have an appointment at Capitol Honda tomorrow - they do a far better job of clearly communicating with customers, have competitive pricing and a provide a useful/ detailed service summary after every oil change.

Time to step up Steven Creek Honda or you are going to be out of business soon!

Alexander L. | 2012-03-08

This review is only based on my recent buying experience with the individuals that helped me with my car purchase.  I was in the market to buy a new car, did my research, went in with the pricing and everything that I wanted in mind.  So I locked on to the Honda Fit Sport 2012, I scheduled a test drive and came on in.  The test drive went smoothly, the gentleman that I was with "David", was polite, answering my questions but not pressuring me.  So I made an appointment to close the deal and the buying process was so smooth.  I had a very professional salesman named "Kerry" who assisted me and he was one of the nicest people that you could want to meet.  He didn't argue with me on the price, explained everything to me in detail, and didn't try to up-sell me on anything at all.  The gentleman that I spoke to in Finance explained my warranty options, but was not at all pushy.  When I said that I wanted to stick to one path, he didn't pressure me whatsoever.  

I all honesty I went to the dealership several times and overheard some pretty abrupt and pushy sales people, so I can understand what some of these other reviewers are saying.  I also have to say that the manager that I met when I went in for my test drive was just...a walking stereotype.  In the end I was lucky that I got the Salesman I got, and the financial counselor that I got.  It was a excellent experience and I appreciate the people that helped me make this car purchase so seamless and easy.

The Sale Itself: Like I said, I did my homework and I knew what constituted a good deal in buying this model and I ended up with an excellent deal.

Malissa W. | 2012-03-08

I called for a bit of direction on unlocking my stereo after a dead battery. The woman I spoke to was rude, unhelpful and patronizing. She told me that I wasn't reading my car's handbook correctly and I needed to make it easier on both of us to just bring the car into them and have them unlock the stereo. I was so angry with the way I was treated, there was no chance I was going to bring my car to them now or ever!
I love my Accord, but the customer service at this dearlership was one of the worst cases I have ever incountered! Very sad!

Amir J. | 2012-03-03

Don't go to this dealrship. They have no idea what they are talking about. At their part Dep. they have this guy by the name of Dat or Danny, He has no idea about anything and when you ask for a part he transfer you to service Dep. I spend 20 min on the phone with him to get a quote on a part, and he couldnt even find the part # for me. This guy was rude and unqualiifed to even answer the phone. Man I feel so sorry why I even bought a Honda. Just to buy a part you have to go through hell and at the end you dont even get the part. Another thing is their false advertising, I went their last week to have them check my engine light warning for free as they advertise it on their website and the sevice adviser told me: "no you have to pay $150 to read the error mesaage for you which a diagnostic fee"!!! so what happened to free read engine light advertisment!!!! Please dont take your car to this dealrship because you end up being upset and ripped off by bunch of unprofessional people!!!!

A D. | 2012-01-08

Wish there were negative stars to review these folks. Went here to get a test drive for one of their cars on a Saturday evening. Firstly, there were no sales persons to attend to us. We just stood there for a good 10 mins then go ahead to talk to this guy Steven Jones who completely ignores us. So we told him so that we asked you a question and he just says you could see I was busy, you should have understood. He kind of told us off. He was extremely rude and need to learn the basics of sales person training.

Phew they are not driven at all and don't really care if their cars sell or not. I am going to stay away from this dealership for sure.

Rachelle R. | 2012-01-04

It's done. I now have my own personal (lengthy) story to tell.  Lesson learned: read reviews first! (1 star really means 0 stars for this review)

On Friday 12/30/11, I parked at Safeway after work and turned off the radio, only to hear a weird rattling noise from my engine.  I called my local, trustworthy mechanic, but only to find out he was closed until Tuesday due to the holiday weekend.  

Out of desperation, I booked an appt with Honda for Monday 7:15am.  Hardly anyone was there in the morning, but I didn't get a call until about 3:30pm stating that they needed to have my timing belt tensioner replaced = $700 on top of the $150 diagnostic fee.  Ouch!  I was able to get a loaner car after asking (a basic to the bones KIA Rio)

Tuesday: no update and left a message for a call back.  

Wednesday: received a message in the morning, suggesting that I get the full timing belt package done = $740+ $150 diagnostic fee.  BUT, 3 damaged parts were found and parts were ordered = $829 + $150 diagnostic fee. WTH!   I asked for a faxed copy of the diagnostic eval "let me ask the technician to write something up".  I called my local mechanic and got quoted $580 for EVERYTHING.  Acccckkkk.  But I was told that since Honda already had everything pulled apart, I had no choice but to continue since I would probably be charged a 4 hour minimum for labor.  Told Honda to go ahead and can the $150 diagnostic fee be applied to the total? The response was "no" but a discount can be found.   No update by 4:50pm and decided to call: "oh, it's ready"

I happened to rush through traffic and get there 20 min before closing.  But when I get there, I'm told he has to figure out my bill.  Click click click on his computer as I stand there.  He then tells me he messed up on the original quote.  He continues clicking forever.  Then says that he was supposed to add this and that and the total would actually be $1200 and that he might get in trouble. But wait, a discount was given and must give me the original quote.  So the total is...drum roll...$880

Then the girls at the cashier desk sucked too.  Just essentially tossed my loaner keys to them,  wrote my name on the loaner car clipboard, and good to go.  They didn't even check my gas line. Shouldn't have filled it up :(

Sigh. I think the strategy is to wear you out to the point that you just want your damn car back.  And that they did you a huge favor by overcharging you in the first place then give you a "discount" so you feel good at the end. Too bad.  Why can't they read all these Yelp reviews and FIX this huge customer service issue???

Overall, I'm just glad I got my car back even though I'm in the hole $880.   All I know is that I will NEVER go back to this nightmare of a place again. Great start to the New Year...

Tomas P. | 2012-01-02

I thought the experience buying my car here was okay until I went to another dealership that never put any pressure on me to purchase an extended warranty. I did not enjoy working with the Stevens Creek Honda finance guy.

Jeanine W. | 2011-12-30

Ugh, the first place that has warranted a review update from me, so I can further express my personal frustration.

Went in again for some routine maintenance, oil change, brake fluid, ect. Had an appointment to bring in the Civic around 9 AM, and was told they have a free, courtesy shuttle to take you home after you drop off your car. Awesome.

By 9:30, we were in the shop and had everything set with our technician (Jeannette) on what needed to be done, signed and sealed. Great.

She told us the shuttle was just dropping off a couple of people and would be back soon. Even better.

ONE HOUR LATER, at 10:30 AM, I figured I would inquire as to how much longer the shuttle would be. Because if I would have known it would have taken that long in the first place, I would have just called someone to pick me up. Not good.

After wandering around for a few minutes, looking for Jeannette (in which I saw countless other Honda employees, no one bothered to ask if I needed any help), and when I found her she seemed pretty genuine and apologetic that no one had told us the shuttle was back.

I'm not sure where the miscommunication happened, it someone was supposed to tell her the shuttle came back or another employee, but either way she got someone else to take us home right away. Fine.


I came back later that day (around 4:30) to pick up my Civic, after I had been told all the work had been completed. My grandfather and I went to the window to pay, finished paying, and went outside to grab the car. We were all done, right?

No. When I came outside, no one was in my car, but Jeannette and another technician came outside and told me she thought the other technician "heard excessive axle noise", and she just wanted to drive it for a few minutes to be sure.

Let me tell you, there are only a few things worse than thinking you finally have your baby back after about 8 hours and then there's another reason to keep it?!!?

So she took it for a spin, came back about 5 minutes later, and said there was in fact excessive axle noise, and that she would try getting in touch with Honda the next day to see if it is was under warranty, and that she would call us that same day.

So....there was something wrong with my car and you had to wait until the last minute to tell me? Or did you just want to see if I could pay for the initial charges and THEN after whipping out the credit card try to charge me more?! Either, something just doesn't seem right to me about this place.

It's been two days and I haven't heard from Honda since. I guess no news is good news?

Next time I am FOR SURE going to El Camino to avoid this sketchiness! It's pretty obvious customer service is last on their list of priorities.

Walt M. | 2011-12-29

Warning... Warning, Will Robinson!! Do you have a problem with your Honda? Don't bother taking to Steven's Creek for repairs!

We purchased a 2008 Honda Accord from Steven's Creek Honda. We were Toyota faithful for many years and decided to "step up" to a Honda. I'm not sure that was the right thinking... Our purchase experience was pretty painless. I called to get an Internet price and the quoted prices was honored. Smooth sailing ahead.... So I thought.

About a month or so into driving the car, we noticed a strange shifting issue. Seemed like the transmission was slipping. So we returned with the issue. Not reproducible. You've been there, I'm sure. OK, we'll play...

The issue kept occurring and more frequently now. So we went for a test drive this time with a mechanic - oops, pardon me - a Technician. He felt it. Now we had proof. Problem on route to solution. Wrong...

The dealership service department could not determine the issue, and that included the time they spent on the phone with Honda experts in Japan! I was starting to get a bit perturbed now... These guys are pros? And they couldn't find the issue? We complained to the Service Manager who in a nutshell, along with the local Honda America representative said it was "normal." Normal like a 3-legged cat... Let the insults begin.

So, I contacted Steven's Creek Honda's GM via telephone to register a complaint about the service we were receiving. HE told me it was normal and went on to say, his wife's car does the same thing, as well as, "we just can't please customers like you." Pardon me? It just goes to show, stupid is as stupid does. After that, we were sure we were dealing with schmucks from top-down.

We received recommendation to Larry Hopkins Honda Service Department. Within the first visit, the problem was resolved. It was a defective deceleration solenoid. The part was replaced and we've had no problems since. Kudos, Larry Hopkin's Honda Service Department - to a bunch of pros!

D S. | 2011-12-29

Im over forty years old. I have been dealing w car dealerships for years,purchases and service. I've had some good experiences and very bad. This was the worst, worst, worst. I went online to look for a particular car. The dealership's add online had a strange color. I decided to call for more details. I asked was the car still on the lot was told to call back in ten minutes to make sure the car was there. I called back. Was told the car was blue and was on sale a thousand cheaper because or due to year end sales. I was told it would be better to make an appt.. Sound strange, I did it though. Drove over the seventy or more miles and found that I had to look for some one to help me. I finally found someone. Go out to the car and its brown. Not what was stated over the phone. Then I basically get the run around and shuffle around from salesperson to salesperson. Unfriendly and totally un accommodating. Of course I was super low balled on my trade-in. What a waste of time and gas. Don't go. Poor business practices and tactics.

Samantha B. | 2011-12-26

I called the sales department and asked if they had a specific model and color for the Civic I was looking for.  The saleswoman completely lied to me over the phone saying that they had the car in stock and would even have it out in the front ready for me when I arrived.  Of course, the car was not outside when I arrived about 20 minutes later.  The salesman who helped me first looked through the inventory list and said he couldn't find the car I was looking for.  Then he went into the back room and magically came back with the supposed key to the car.  I then proceeded to walk around the lot with him while he "looked" for the car.  After he couldn't find it, he said he would go onto the roof to look through their inventory.  When it was all said and done with half and hour later, the car was nowhere to be found.  The salesman then gave me the lame excuse that the car was just sold (yeah right... in between the 20 minutes I called and arrived at the dealership).  I was very disappointed that they lied to me outright and tried to resort to the usual bait and switch tactics.  I would highly recommend Anderson Honda.  The were the one dealer that actually admitted they didn't have the car that I wanted, but allowed me to pre-order one of the cars that was arriving a few days.  Plus, the salespeople at Anderson are very polite and not pushy at all.

Kim B. | 2011-12-21

Run Away.
I've never had such a negative experience with a car dealership in my life.  I had to go to the dealer due to a Honda software recall and I will never go back.  

After making an appt, I still had to wait one hour before they could take my car, then they tried to sell me everything under the sun - and I decided to get an A1-oil change service from them, as I was due.  They tried to up the price by making me sign a document that would discount future visits but I'd have to pay up front.  When I turned them down, they  were very rude to me when I turned them down.

The cashier women were beyond awful - it was like they've given up on the human race and wanted everyone to be as miserable as they were.  

And finally, the very next day, my battery gave out on me - of course the dealership never checked it.  I had my car towed to Acura Honda Connection in San Jose where they treated me with respect and in a timely manner.  Got my battery replaced for $130 in less than 15 min.  Yeah.  15 min.  Screw you Steven Creek Honda.  You suck.  You will NEVER get any more of my money.  EVER.

Saurabh M. | 2011-12-17

Don't go this place. They are crooks and liars. They sold me some BS EasyCare warranty for an old car claiming it as bumper to bumper and when i took it for servicing and to check some problem, they said they gonna charge me $150 for that.

I can see now why other yelpers are giving them bad reviews, this place needs to be shut down.

Shirley D. | 2011-12-16

Worst ever!!! The most obnoxious salesperson I've ever encountered - one of the most obnoxious persons, period, that I've ever known. EXTREMEMLY high- pressure. I don't think I'd get a car there if they gave them away for free!  AVOID THIS PLACE!!

Ying S. | 2011-12-14

Took our odyssey there for regular maintenance and asked them to check one of the doors which makes loud noise while closing.   The rep asked for $150.88 "diagnosis fee" just to check it out.  What a good strategy to get away with their warranty responsibility. Since it took this place more than 5 trips to conclude a battery problem in the past, I couldn't agree to risk $150.88.

It seems like some also experienced  the same.  I also agreed that it's pricy place. Not going back to the same place anymore.

Vadim V. | 2011-10-17

Sales people are CROOKs. Refused to honor the deal they accepted on through . Sherri Williams, a sales woman, accepted my counter offer to get my phone number, called me to BS into a higher price and to badmouth other dealers, then told CarWoo people that "they did not expect this to be an all-cash purchase." That was a lie because I specified that it would be a cash purchase. She avoided answering my direct question as to how she got my tel number; only later I realized she accepted my counter offer and had no intention to honor it. When I told her that she should follow the rules of CarWoo! auction since she agreed to participate, she went bonkers: began to yell and scream at me as if she were selling rotten tomatos at some bazaar in Turkey. "Unprofessional" does not even begin to describe this feisty lady.
Brian, the manager, instead of trying to straighten out his sales lady pleaded ignorance: unfamiliar with how the system works, blah-blah,... .

Hardik P. | 2011-10-05

Wish to give a big ZERO.

Talked over email and phone to kirit for Accord v6 of particular color. Scheduled appointment, went to get test drive, quote etc.
Could not believe I got answer that "we dont have even one v6 accord for test drive"
Sale person was pushing for 2011 model with huge price compared to other dealers. Claimed they are getting 2012 models in 4 days and was not ready to disclose price. Ended up without any test drive/prices in my hands.

will never return to this place for business.

Sandy G. | 2011-10-02

Just purchased a new Civic here and the experience was excellent. Sherri sold me the car and couldn't have been friendlier or less pushy. She was easy and straightforward and made sure I got what I needed. Lori was our finance person and again, was easy to talk to and made the process as painless as possible. I knew what I wanted, got it and was on my way. I'd recommend Sherri any day!

Audrey C. | 2011-09-25

The salesman was nice enough, but the sales manager is an absolute douche.  He had so much attitude and pretty much told us we were wasting his time.  Horrible customer service.  Go back to the ghetto you came out of.

Alaina B. | 2011-09-23


Like many others, I wish Yelp offered an option to give a zero. We've had nothing but horrible customer service at Honda of Stevens Creek.

We bought a Honda Pilot Touring edition here and sorely regret giving them our business. We've had to go back for several problems with the car that were under factory warranty and its always been such a hassle and nothing has ever been fixed on the first trip--there are always so many problems and excuses on their end that it ends up taking us 3, 4 or even 5 trips in to get simple issues resolved.

Brian S. | 2011-09-18

Should of read the Yelp reviews and saved my time. There sales department is unreasonable and feel every car they have is gold. The unwillingness to even work with me, lost a sale. It was just a, the price on the window is what you get and if you don't like, beat it. I have purchased cars from Stevens Creek in the past, but not this one nor will I ever. Maybe the GM of this dealership should start reading the Yelp posts on here. Out of over 200 posts (including filtered), 50% of the reviews are 1-star. I'm not saying Yelp is everything, but that speaks volumes in my book..

David N. | 2011-09-08

I came here for a warranty repair and even that was painful. It took me 30 minutes to check in my car.

And the rep threatened me with a $150 diagnostic fee if it turned out not to be seatbelt that broke. Kinda hefty when I tell you the SRS(seatbelt/airbag) light is on.

Luckily, the seatbelt was broken so I got away with a free repair.

My advice - don't go here unless you've got a free or warranty repair. And even then, the experience will probably suck.

Jack L. | 2011-09-07

My wife and I were in the market for a Honda Odyssey. We decided for the sake of prudence we would visit three dealerships. We went to Capitol Honda first which was a total waste of time and we went to Stevens Creek Honda second. Phoebe Tan was our saleswoman who went out of our way to answer all our questions or find someone who knew the answer if she did not. She did not pressure us at all and was never pushy. Phoebe, if you're reading this, you're awesome! We were given a much lower price than Capitol Honda, a much higher trade-in offer than Capitol Honda gave us, and we were treated so much better than we were at Capitol Honda that we decided to buy the car from Stevens Creek and no longer felt we had to continue our search. Lori, the finance person, was also awesome. She also treated us very well and there was no pressure or scare-tactics from her either. Lori, if your'e reading this, you're awesome too! We got the exact car we wanted delivered the very next day and Phoebe made sure any scratch or blemish we found was taken care of by the body shop. It was just overall a very easy, stress-free, and even fun experience. I highly recommend anyone looking to buy a Honda to go see Phoebe at Stevens Creek Honda.

Sharon E. | 2011-08-30

Looking for a car could be fun but at the same time be a bitch!!  The sales guys werent pushy so yay to that.  He was really friendly, answered all my questions and helpful.

Tim C. | 2011-08-28

My rating is based not so much on the sale but the customer service after the sale. I rated it 1 Star as a whole because of the non existent customer service after we drove off the lot. And frankly, the lack of service made us forget about the positive service we received prior to purchase.

To start off, everything up until the point of sale was fine. That's where it  started to piss us off. As one other poster already pointed out, once it got to the final paper work, all he did was up sell the warranty. It seemed that was all they cared about at that time. It was unclear what this was and what that was, what was this fee and that fee? Oh, and did you want the alarm? What?! Of course we want an alarm, doesn't this $40k+ vehicle come with one?!  I don't know about others, but this was not a good experience for us.

Now to the part that really pisses us off...

As we left, we were told by the sales manager that if we needed anything, call and he'd take care of it. Well, we called because they only gave us one set of keys(key with alarm control and a valet key). Now there's two drivers that will be using this vehicle and with only one "main" set of keys, it's been quite inconvenient for us. Every car I've ever purchased has had two sets of keys, and that's all we want - the second set of keys! I'm sure if we wanted to pay for an extra set, they'd be happy to oblige us, but that's besides the point.

Amber L. | 2011-07-25

However I did just purchase a car from here and all 5 people I worked with were excellent!  I wont be bringing my car to their shop for repairs though ;-)

Priyanka A. | 2011-07-23

Only reason I am giving it one star is I can't go any lower than that!

The guy who helped me was very good but overall, they cheated me with their 30k package, hardly did anything to the car to charge me a hefty 550$ bill !

I recommend you go somewhere else, this place is very rpicey and not worth it

Vinayak K. | 2011-07-23

Can I give this place a zero?

Very pricey, possibly the worst place to get your car looked at!

Briana C. | 2011-07-12

I recently took my Honda Civic in to get my visors replaced. This was the first time I had taken my car to Stevens Creek Honda. I was in a bit of a time crunch and had an appointment to get to.  Jim was awesome and was going to make sure that I was out of there in less than a half an hour, in time for my apt.  After looking up the info on my car he discovered that a recall had been issued for something on my car.  Jim and David were EXCELLENT to work with and were most concerned about my car getting fixed and about it not being inconvenient for me.  I have never had such amazing customer service at a dealership and my expectations were greatly surpassed.  I would recommend my friends and family to Jim and David at Stevens Creek Honda in a heartbeat!

Harrison T. | 2011-07-12

Same as MP - If I could give a ZERO or a NEGATIVE, I would.

I went to maintain my car last week and asked them to fix my front wheels brake because I heard the 'gigi' sound when the car was moving. They finally charged me almost $1000 for only the brake repair, not including the maintenance expense.

I, of course, didn't let them do the repair and brought the car to a repair shop which only charged me $109. Don't you see the difference?

Don't go there !! If you really need to, don't trust them at all, use your own common sense and judgement to offer them the work. If they see you accept their advice, they will be very greedy and give you all nonsense, unfair quote.

Jeremiah S. | 2011-07-12

I planned to buy a 2012 Honda Civic Hybrid and emailed a rep for a quote. The guy (his name is T.J. Singh) quoted me $22k, which is a pretty good deal. I go in and the rep finds me and tells me the price is actually $26k !!!! I asked, what happened to the quote he gave me? He responded that he quoted me the wrong model. He showed me the list of all the civic models and the price he quoted. I looked at it and the one he quoted, the Si Civic, was so far away from the civic hybrid on paper. There was no way you can make a mistake like that. I showed him my email printed out where it stated in big fat letters HONDA CIVIC HYBRID w LEATHER. Price: 22k. And he denied it. How am I supposed to continue doing business after that if I am forced to overlook such dishonesty? They give you a crazy too good to be true price just to get you to come to the store, where it's harder to back out. I did quick search on Yelp and found other people complaining about T.J. doing the same thing! I went straight to Capitol Honda and gladly bought the car I wanted for a higher price. Stevens Creek, never again!

Benjamin T. | 2011-06-26

Came here on a Saturday afternoon planning to buy a 2012 Honda Civic. Walked around the entire showroom and car lot for a straight 30 MINUTES without being helped!

Finally a salesman named Julio Lou came and offered me assistance. He told me, "If you want to buy a 2012 Civic, do it today. Next week, everything will be gone." So I asked him the price he would give me and if we could get down to details. This is where I got really pissed off. He blatantly replied "Everything you see, the price tags on the car, thats the selling price. Don't even have to ask. You want to buy it, do it now. It will all be gone by September."


Just because I look like a young asian man in my early 20's, that doesn't make me a less valuable customer. Another salesman even lied to me and said "If you want navigation, you're gonna have to get the model that comes with leather seats"
Too bad I actually did my research before I came.
Brought my business over to South Bay Honda later that day, and in a week i'll be a proud owner of a 2012 Civic Coupe. You can suck it Julio.

LoveMeTender t. | 2011-06-08

I am always helped / Greeted as soon as i pull up service with a smile.

Jade D. | 2011-06-08

first they said hybrid car cannot use the special price coupon for oil change. then i asked how about the other discount coupon for repair service and they said oil change is not part of repair service??!! but end up getting 20% off because i insisted. if not because they mailed me the coupons, i'd not driven to their store at all. No wi-fi at waiting lounge although there's a poster saying it is provided

Allen C. | 2011-05-28

Trevor is great, but not all the service advisors are so good. Had 3 services done here over the last 2.5 years. Good oil change coupons.

Aaron J. | 2011-05-20

I got an "Express Oil Change" here on my wife's car, and while it wasn't terribly "express" (I was thinking Jiffy Lube quick, not ~1hr), the service folks were polite and friendly.  I don't think I'd come here for sales, though, as I got a slimy feeling from some of the salesmen I encountered while waiting in the showroom for the service to be completed, and I was downright ignored by others.

Smita K. | 2011-05-19

I see that there are lot of bad reviews here about Stevens Creek Honda. May be I was an exception. This is the first time I went there. I worked with Randal and his manager Safi. They both were very nice and professional. Randall was very efficient in getting all the info I needed and they made a good deal for us (2012 Honda Civic) . I am quite happy with them. Will definitely recommend working with Randal and Safi for your car.

Vasanth V. | 2011-05-09

I just hate this place and I will never ever recommend anyone to buy a used car here. I bought my car here and trust me the salesman here are of some kind. Very bad attitude. they should take 101 classes on how to talk to customers and pay some respect! Very rude... Would never go back... I would recommend Sunnyvale honda instead. Trust me this is not the place for you. I was told earlier my first visit. yet ignored the bad reviews and suffered. Nothing personal but being honest. That's why you see how bad it is reviewed in yelp.

Tiffany C. | 2011-04-14

I used to go to the dealer all the time when I lived in san diego and I never had a problem.  Don't go to this dealer! First of all it took me an hour just to drop off my car.  Then they told me I needed to replace my assembly rack and pinion at $1200 and that the coolant hoses needed to be replaced. I went to two other places that told me I didn't need to replace it! I won't be coming back to this dealership anymore, nor do I recommend it for anyone else.

Aaron B. | 2011-03-28

Extremely disappointed with this dealership. I was trying to buy a Civic Hybrid and Jeff Weiss was helping me. He must of not know this car at all because everything he said about the car was a lie from factory Bluetooth to 800 miles on a tank of gas. I attempted to purchase the car but Jeff was still trying to work on the deal he said I should pass time by walking to the mall and he would call me later. Never got a call. I ended up finding the perfect Civic Hybrid at Berkeley Honda.

Olga O. | 2011-03-15

My vehicle was stolen from my driveway - on a busy street = after my car was serviced here... THEY FIXED MY DOOR LOCKS and alarm. Dave Morrone -  service manager was not nearly as concerned as i would expect. I highly recommend driving to Los Gatos Honda since SJPD is undermanned and this crime will go un-investigated.

Artem M. | 2011-03-13

Bunch of snobs who thinks that they are bad ass.  Went there few times and experience was ok, but the last time I went there, it just killed me.  I lost my Honda keys and my car was towed over there so they can make a key.  Key had to be programmed and car wont start without that program.  Anyways they made a key, but were unable to start a car with it.  They blamed me for aftermarket ignition and tried to charge me $50 for the service that had no results.  I called Rescue Ron, he came and made me a key that worked!  I just drove off their property beside them yelling at me for owing them money.  Month after I got a call from them, the guy on a phone insisted me to pay $50 and said that he will start a lawsuit against me.  I said "Go Ahead", and hung up...Never heard from them again ever thanks God!

Monique P. | 2011-02-20

If I could give them a ZERO, I would.

My dad and husband bought their Accords here a few years ago and had a decent enough experience that they wanted me to buy my new commuter hybrid from here.  We went there and patiently waited around, only to get passed around THREE times!!  Each salesperson was sure to make it clear that they didn't want to help us... maybe because we weren't buying the most expensive car on the lot?  One guy even told us he was doing us a favor by even taking the time to talk to us!  When the receptionist asked another guy if he'd help us, he asked us what car we wanted, we said the Insight, and he said, oh, and walked off.  When the receptionist called after him to see if he'd help us, he said "No," sat his large lazy a** down, and made himself a cup of coffee right in front of us. I don't know... but I've never been so offended in my life.  

It's not like buying a car is a small purchase, and it's not even like we were trying to haggle!  We just wanted to test drive the car once, and then buy it!  We would've been the easiest customers in the world.  We complained to the manager, but in the end, were so offended we just left the lot.  These salespeople need a lesson in customer service.  I get better service buying coffee at the local 7-11.

We went to Capitol Honda later and were treated with a lot more respect.  Save yourself the headache, avoid this place like the plague.

Michael W. | 2011-02-12

I'm going to refer to the other posts: horrible customer service.

But thanks for treating me like crap, since you stopped me from making a purchase from you (an accord); bought it somewhere else. THANKS!

jessica n. | 2011-02-04

0 stars if I could!!

This place is awful with internet sales and quotes!  We called them inquiring about a car they had and dealt with Naresh Nick Doshi on the phone. We went back and forth like usual with dealerships and finally came to an agreement.  The next day we called and dealt with TJ Singh because Nick wasn't available and he assured us we had a deal based on the numbers Nick gave us. TJ said he would email us the numbers so we don't make a trip up north for nothing. Two days go by and still no quote via email. Keep in mind, I am calling TJ multiple times per day asking for the email.  On the third day, I call him saying I haven't received anything yet & he says he has an approval letter and will email that to me. I did not ask for an approval letter you idiot! I asked for the freaking numbers! I already know we will be approved cuz we have no debt and credit score is over 700!! Asses!! He works out the numbers and quotes me over $20 more per month than what was agreed upon saying that we only qualified for 4.9%, which is not negotiable. Bull-freaking-shit!!! I call my bf and tell him and he decides to call Nick since that's who we dealt with initially. Nick was so rude to him over the phone. I have never heard a salesperson say "Don't go there" to a potential customer! Absolutely ridiculous.

I hope they read this and see that we got a brand new car (2011 instead of 2010) at 2.9% interest (non-negotiable my ass) & a total of only $240 more.

Save yourself the time and don't go here to deal with these jerks.

Eric C. | 2011-01-25

Rear differential fulid change

Michael was very helpful and all the employees at the site are nice and willing to help.

the Cashier, dang I forgot her name, was funny and impressed me by her multitasking skills.

Even though it's my girlfriend's car that I took in to get fixed, it worked out all good for me!

Jamz Y. | 2011-01-17

Will have to ask the wife why she didn't like it here. As I recall it had to do with the fact that they priced higher than other Honda dealerships and the usual pressure tactics. Or was it that it seemed no one was interested in our business and that they were competing prices with their luxury Lexus brand. Of course this was back in 2008 and alot of things may have changed -- looking at other recent reviews however it seems that its more miss than hit even now.

Yang C. | 2011-01-13


I called around to get quotes for oil change on my Honda Insight, which is a hybrid car. I knew that it requires a special oil, so it will be more expensive than regular oil change. I also found out, from my research, that dealers have wide range oil change prices.

Stevens Creek Honda quoted me the lowest, so I made an appointment for the service and came here. But when I came in and did all the paper work, they said it will be about $20 higher than the quoted price. That put the price in the average range from my research. When I complained, they said the price quoted was for "regular oil change" even though I specifically inquired about oil change for a hybrid card. They asked me to schedule an appointment online, and online form did ask me about the car make and model, and it quoted me the same price.

I definitely feel cheated, but finding another dealer means more time spending researching and finding another good time to schedule the oil change, so I just went ahead with the service.

Only thing they could do was 10% off. Big deal. I felt so compelled, I am writing this review while waiting for the oil change to be done, using their free wifi service. At least, I made a positive use of something they provide.


Cindi M. | 2011-01-09

It's time to take my 18 year-old to go buy her first ever car.  Budget ... $5,000.  

So the sales consultant wasn't as aggressive and rude as the one at Infiniti, but he only kept pushing leasing a car for my daughter.  Again her budget made for a great down payment, on an over priced vehicle.

At least this guy kept a nice personal bubble and not in my face and a little more respectful as he tried to sell us a car far out of her price range.

A S. | 2011-01-08

I brought in my 2004 Hybrid Civic because it was stuttering and to me felt like some sort of transmission problem. They have to go by the book and so the first thing recommended is a full transmission flush. This cost a spectacular amount of money. Over $500 bucks. It didn't fix the problem and when I brought it back they said that there was a known problem with the start clutch. While they could repair it independently, other places told me it would take a full transmission replacement, this was also spendy and the fact that it was a known issue meant that I the flush was a complete waste of time and money.

Martine M. | 2010-12-10

I bought a Honda from Stevens Creek Honda recently. I thought the sales people were fine. HOWEVER, the woman who closes the deals with all the paperwork has obviously been trained to up sell products like extended warranties, etc.,  - and she is extremely aggressive!

I would NEVER use this dealership again.  If I could give this business a zero Yelp rating, I would do it.

Rod R. | 2010-12-10

Bought a car from Stevens Creek Honda in Aug. 2010.  The sales team is the embodiment of all of the "Car Salesmen" horror stories that you have heard of.  And it seems it goes all the way up to the general manage.

Love the Honda product.  The service folks have been great to work with.  Parts department seem to have their act together.

If you are going to buy a Honda, go some where else.

Ling H. | 2010-12-06

I had to bring my car in for the air bag inflator defect mass recall. The girl in the parts or service dept. was nice enough and ordered my part. She told me to give them a call back if I didn't hear back in a week. I never received a phone call for a month. I'm not complaining since I was super busy to even go in. I finally was able to make an appt. on a Thursday afternoon to bring it in Saturday morning. They open at 7:30AM!

It took about 10 minutes or so for me to check my car in at 8:30AM and they were done with it before 11AM. Super quick! So I would suggest you go in early and be done early so your Saturday isn't shot being carless.

They said they would perform an "inspection," but I think it's all mumbo jumbo because although there were ticks on a couple boxes, there were no comments and no one talked to me about any issues. Personally, I think they just tick off all the boxes as green for it being ok.

NOTE: They offer a free drop off service back home within a 2mile radius. However, you have to be at the pick up area 30 minutes before... I guess if you live within 2 miles of the place, you should just have someone pick you up, unless you want to go to the mall or something right down the street.

Nina M. | 2010-11-30

I bought my civic here and this place deserve a 0!!!  HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!

So I purchased my car right before it closed and so they couldn't detail my car and didn't even give me a full tank of gas.  The guy that helped me said don't worry about it come back any time and they'll detail my car then.  So about I think 4 or 5 months later I finally have the time to swing by for my detail.  Now this is the first time I've purchase a brand new car so I wouldn't know anything.  Anyway, I came in and requested for my detail but they said I can't get one because I it is only available within 3 months of purchasing the vehicle.  Funny how the guy had helped me no longer works there when I asked for him.  Well Hellllllooooooooooooooo!! if they had told me this when I purchased the car, I would have make time to swing by within that 3 months time frame.  Never again will I purchase anything here nor refer anyone here.

I now go to Capitol Honda to get all my service taken care of.  They have wayyyyyy better customer service at Capitol Honda in San Jose.

Melissa S. | 2010-11-24 I don't quite understand why this place only has 2.5 stars because I came here twice to get my car serviced and everytime I come out satisfied and happy.
The first time I came here was because I needed an oil change and that went great. The price they offered me was pretty good. I think I could've done some research to get my oil changed for a lower price, but I decided to come to Stevens Creek Honda because it's just easier and more practical especially because I bought the car there too. I didn't have to wait too long before a representative came to help me out. The wait was a bit long...I think it was something hour or so.
The second time I came here is actually yesterday. My car was due for intermediate maintenance. The line was slightly longer so I had to wait for a bit. The whole maintenance costs $153 and took about a little less than 1.5 hours. I had to wait an extra 10 - 15 minutes because they couldn't find my key - I don't know whether it was because they mislabeled it or what but this one guy was SUPER NICE. He kept going back and forth looking for my car key and when he finally got it, he helped me back my car out and smiled to me and said to have a nice day. I thought he was the nicest guy and thanked him. One thing that sucks is that I forgot to ask for his name...haaaaa
Anyways, overall, I'm very satisfied with their service, especially that guy who helped me look for my key. I will definitely come back here in the future!
Oh, they have this small area where you can sit and drink coffee, watch TV, read magazines or edit your essay (as I did) while waiting for the car to be done.

Aarthi S. | 2010-11-21

So they managed to get my car part the next day put it in within an hour.  No reimbursement for the $100 with extremely rude customer service.... but the job got done finally.

Angela W. | 2010-11-20

I had to have my car keys replaced today and the parts/customer service departments at this location were really great.

I called ahead to get an idea of what needed to happen and everyone was very helpful and willing to research prices and parts for me.  Losing your keys is a complete nightmare- especially with a car that requires a different key to open and start the car!  The staff here really made the experience much less agonizing.

While you can't beat the customer service you CAN beat their prices for parts.   Two exterior keys cut cost just under $40 but it only took the guy five minutes to make them.  I ended up at Auto Zone for the ignition replacement and saved about $50 for not buying it directly from Honda.

I'd shell out more $$ just to have a good experience though- they take care of their customers and THAT is always appreciated!

s v. | 2010-11-09

The worst place to buy a car in the Bay Area. The price they quote over Email is to entice one to go to the dealership...after that, it is one scam after another. THe interest rate is inflated, they trick you into buying extended service contracts and receommend "friends" of theirs to buy insurance from. They sold me a service contract for $1695 saying if I don't use it in 6 years, I will get all the money it was the easiest thing in the world....come six years later and bye-bye money.  Apparently I missed the really fine print about sending all documents within 60 days of the contract expiring.
When I went to purchase the car they were all smiles...3 yrs later I went to ask if they could provide me with a copy of my car papers because I lost them, I was asked to wait in the lobby by the receptionist. For 45 mins no one came to help me. Then the receptionist beckons to me and says in hushed tones that if I am not looking for a car, I will be there waiting forever and asks me to walk around the corner and go into the first office I see and talk to the guy there in a forceful manner. When I did that, the guy gets irritated and says come back on a weekday and talk to someone else because he only sells cars. Extremely unprofessional dealership with zero customer service. The sheer volume of business makes them indifferent I suppose. I would give zero stars if I could.

Anupama k. | 2010-10-24

We had a really bad day by having decided to go to these guys.

The Costco buying program offered for a reduced price and on calling the 'internet person' for Steven's Creek Honda given by them we were offered their internet price over the phone and were also promised a lower COSTCO value if we were to come in person. He also assured that the price would be matched with any other lower offer from another dealer if we had one.

So we made an appointment with Mr. Naresh and went, only to be told the price would be same as on internet and not lower and that there would be no matching done. Though we were disappointed we wanted to test drive the car since we had never tested a new model and this was the first honda dealer we had been to and we had already spent the afternoon reaching the place and waiting for him.

We were more shocked to be told that we wouldn't be allowed to test drive if we did not plan to buy it the same day. Optionally we were asked to walk out if we insisted on a test drive and try asking the front desk to give us someone to help out with a regular showroom price (1000$+) and then the test drive was guaranteed.

Needless to say we just walked out and saved ourselves any further dealing and time.

Roy C. | 2010-10-22

This is the only place on Yelp I've seen where 50% of the ratings are a 1 STAR.

This is a first for me, but I'm going to rate a place ONE star. It's got to be REALLY bad for me to give one star, and this place earned it.

I did my research on line and found a few cars available at various dealerships that met all of my specs. I put my request in on line for quotes, and Stevens Creek Honda was the first to call. I knew exactly which car I wanted on their lot and what I wanted to pay. The "internet salesperson" quoted me a price and said if I wanted better I would have to come in and he could talk to his manager. So I drove in. We found the car I wanted, we went to his office and he offered me $100 less than what he originally quoted on the phone. In actuality, this offer was something I was prepared to take. Not a great deal, but acceptable. But, in these economic hard times, I was there to get a really good deal. I then reminded him that he said he could ask his manager for better pricing.

I should have been suspicious of the sleaze ball as he was the type of cool cat that didn't take his sun glasses off inside. He probably thought he was playing poker and it would be hard to see through all of his crap with shades on.

He comes back, throws a piece of paper at me and says "This is what I've got for you from the manager." The paper had all sorts of chicken scratchings all over it. I had no idea what he was showing me. "Just look at the bottom number" he barks. Turns out the offer he got from the manager was actually worst than the deal he offered me. When I asked him if he thought he was being funny coming back with a worst deal he got down right belligerent with me. He started yelling and threatening me. "Either buy the car or leave." It was down right shocking.

At first I contemplated complaining to the manager or asking for a new sales rep, because I actually wanted to buy the car and was willing to take his offer. The reality is that the way he exploded on me, there was NO WAY IN HELL I was going to give them a penny of my money.

From Steven Creek I drove straight to Larry Hopkins Honda. Within 45 minutes I was driving away with exactly the same car at $600 less than what Stevens Creek offered.

Pilla Z. | 2010-08-30

Let me start by saying the car I bought is quite nice, drives well, etc.. etc.. The one star is for the less than competent staff that run the place and their inability to be truthful.
I will try and keep this short: after I bought the car, I received a call saying that my loan had been rejected at the rate I agreed to (despite the fact that I signed all the paperwork and the car was sitting in my driveway) and that they needed a little more information in order to get it fully processed. They asked for my wife's information and I responded (explicitly) that I do not want her on the loan and that I would return the car if need be. I was assured that she would not be placed on the loan. Well... you guessed it, they put her on the loan anyway. After going round and round with them, she was finally taken off due to that fact that she NEVER SIGNED a contract. The bank was more than upset with their shadiness.
Also...they never return phone calls, I've yet to receive my plates, and, in general, once you leave the lot they could not care less about you.
If you can, go elsewhere.

Tim Y. | 2010-08-18

Decent place. They do push a lot of extra services on you. I just wish you could request the same advisor each time. It's random and whoever is available. A courtesy call halfway through the service would be nice too.

For some reason I still would rather go to the dealer than a local mechanic. Maybe it's some sort of false sense of peace of mind going to the dealership but I've had no problems here. I actually bought my Accord here back in 1997.

They offer a loaner car for their major service ($1000+) but it's nothing to brag about to your friends...the last time I went they gave me a Chevy Cobalt! I guess it's better than taking the shuttle.

The facility was renovated and upgraded a few years ago so it's pretty nice. The waiting area has a small TV (usually playing food tv). Free wifi is nice...there is a coffee machine for 0.25c but the advisor will usually give you a quarter for it.

Check online for any discounts or coupons..and if you ask nicely, they usually give you 10% off.

Imraan A. | 2010-08-09

Parts department is a joke!Poor service and even worse attitude .
No surprise they hold a steady score of 2 and a half stars .

Yvonne D. | 2010-08-01

Don't you love Yelp reviews from people with 0 friends and less than 5 reviews?! Anyway...

Steven's Creek Honda was the first dealership I visited in my 6 on-site visited and provided one of the 13 e-quotes I received. They were mid-range in terms of pricing but had a lot of cars on the lot. I thought that would help the pricing, but they didn't seem to mind that it was close to the end of the month and in 3 weeks, the 2011 cars were coming out. The sales person I worked with was TJ Singh. After the test drive he immediately asked, "buying the car?" Awkwarrrrrrd. I explained it was my first visit and I was not planning on buying the car that day. A few days later he emailed with a one liner "still interested?" I explained the pricing from the other dealerships I went to and in-person confirmed the pricing and he didn't respond for another few days that he could beat any price by $50. Unfortunately I had already left Norcal (which he should've known) otherwise it would've been a very attractive offer. Ohhh well.

Heather F. | 2010-07-30

I brought a car in for service and they were amazing! They were busy and extremely friendly. They have a beautiful waiting area and assisted customers with coffee/hot chocolate and donuts. They said the service would take 1 hour. They were done prior to that. The salesperson was helpful and answered all of my questions. I will definitely bring the car back to this Honda.

davey e. | 2010-07-15

Positive- Car was nice.  Clean, detailed well.

Negatives- Bait and Switch.  Girlfriend and I agreed to purchase at a set price.  Salesman agreed.  Price changed upon arrival to dealer.  Car not in stock after being assured that it "was in stock"  Ended up with high pressure to purchase more expensive model.

Took 5 days to detail and tint windows.

Poor communication between sales staff and management.  Overall not happy, cannot recommend.

ANDY K. | 2010-07-13

Overall I give zero stars.  Not worth the time to write a few words on the craptacular service I received here.

I will say that they were so desperate to sell me a used car that they took a check with my old address, overlooked the fact I had no insurance and conveniently dismissed the fact that my  drivers license was expired. Oh and I got a bottle of water. For this they earn one star.

vinh t. | 2010-07-12

I brought my Honda for a service check in 2008. The service was ok.

However I regret giving them my work telephone number because  to this day I still get the annoying "service reminder" phone calls.

They have an automated opt-out system that only works if your telephone number is displayed, so if you work for a large company that uses a common outbound number, you are out of luck.

(I called Stevens Creek Honda several times but got the runaround)

Rubeun T. | 2010-06-29 I had a Smog Test for my CR-V and it failed due to a check engine light. I already have a trustworthy mechanic who told me to take it in to Stevens Creek Honda to have them run the diagnostic since he doesn't have the equipment to read the CRV's computer.

I took it in...Steven's Creek Honda people were very nice and courteous...but they gave me the bad news and said I needed a new Catalytic converter and quoted the part alone as being $ labour...$1200. He also recommended various other fixes for leaks and loose parts that ran in excess of $1800...however I was only interested in the most important fix...which would have cost $1200 (which would allow me to pass my Smog).
I thanked him but declined to have them fix it...paid the $150 diagnostic fee and started to walk out...but had my brother not caught it...I would have left the place with no diagnostic report to take to my mechanic and just 2 sheets of paper with no diagnostic info...they had forgotten to include it after I had paid $150 to the cashier. It could have been an accidental oversight on their I'll let it pass.

What was the real eye-opener and the reason for this review was when I took it to my mechanic on Monday and got a call that he had fixed it on Tuesday for $300 total.

So despite them being professional & courteous...I still have to give them 1 star. I guess this should not be too surprising to anyone who has had to deal with a car companies "official" service center. I have another shocker of a story about Smythe European who failed to fix my mother's Benz several times charging several hundred...and all it took was my mechanic (the same one who fixed my CR-V) to diagnose the REAL problem and fixed it for much cheaper.

Moral: Find a trustworthy mechanic...and cling to them for dear life...because there are a LOT of people who would be happy to exploit your naivety. I even upgraded my AAA so I could tow my car all the way to my mechanic no matter where I break down.

To all the people who might dismiss this review and may have had a good experience with Stevens Creek Honda's Service Center...I totally agree with you on them being courteous and professional (in my case at least). However, unless you've actually had a second opinion of an independent, trustworthy probably might never have known if you in fact paid way too much.

K. H. | 2010-06-27

Wow, I am surprised at the bad reviews on this dealership.  Although we did not end up buying a Honda, I have to commend their sales rep Julio Hou on being a professional and patient man.  Unfortunately, Honda didn't have what we wanted and we ended up stepping it up to an Infiniti, I would recommend you to speak to Julio Hou.

Gregory K. | 2010-06-23

I bought a used Honda Pilot from this dealership last week.

I first saw the ad for this car on Craigslist. The ad was clear and accurate. It included links to over 40 pictures and a free carfax report. I called the dealership to verify the car was still in stock, and they confirmed it was. He tried to set up an appointment the same day but I said I would call back if I was available. Low pressure, and he was amiable about it.

My wife and I did end up driving to the dealership that afternoon. We took the car for a test drive and liked it. The salesman that rode with us knew how to work the GPS, climate control, and stereo, but didn't know how to activate the 4WD. Another salesman had to come to us and show us how to turn it on. I had done my research on this model so I wasn't curious as to what features it offered, more that they actually worked.

Price negotiation was fairly painless. They matched my bank loan rate and were open to further haggling. It took only 2 trips for the salesman back to the manager for us to settle on a price. The loan and warranty person was only moderately painless. I remained firm and declined all the extra add-ons and drove off the lot 2 hours after arriving.

I've never used the auto service at this dealership but based on other reviews here I do not plan to.

Maria F. | 2010-06-01

I purchased my first brand new car  (CRV EXL)from here this past weekend and had a great experience. I did Internet pricing with various Honda dealerships in the area and received horrible customer service from almost all of them. Many were giving me the run around and were constantly pressuring me with phone calls: not Stevens Creek Honda.

I worked with the Fleet Manager and Internet Sales Manager and both were honest and helpful. I took off one star for the Finance guy who seemed to rush me out of there as well as trying to pressure me into buying warranties that I did not want.

Overall though, it was a pleasant experience and the price I received for the vehicle was very competitive - none of the other dealers would match it in fact.

Caroline I. | 2010-05-18

I bought a 2010 4WD CR-V 4 days ago and had the alarm and protective coat put on today and I have to say, my entire experience was so smooth. Manolo Rios helped us and he was very professional. He was helpful and informative without being pushy. The day after I bought the car, April from the service center called to schedule a time to have the alarm and protective coat placed. I scheduled it for Wednesday (tomorrow). Well, I completely forgot I had plans that morning and called her back to re-schedule. Not a problem, switched it to today without any hassle. I even got an e-mail last night reminding me about my appointment.

I went in this morning at 10 and Wayne helped me. The work was going to take about half a day so they lent me a car for the day, no charge. Nick at Enterprise gave me the run down and I had a car for the day. Nothing fancy at all, but hey, it was free and it worked. Around 3:30 Wayne called to say the car was ready. (I just checked my e-mail and yep, an e-mail telling me my car was ready is there too). I went straight to the Cashier's window and signed a paper or two and I was done. I think I waited about 2 minutes in the car in the morning before someone helped me and only one person was in line in front of me when I came to pick up my car.

I'd like to see how their service changes over the months or years I go to this Honda. I do plan to have all the regular service done here since my experience has been so great and it's right around the corner from where I live. I hope my service wasn't a fluke - I hope it stays this great forever!

Rekha S. | 2010-05-14

I bought a civic here in 2007 and had a pretty bad experience. The guy who sold it to us was only concerned about us giving him good survey results when Honda called us a couple weeks later. I bought the alarm system and had to come back three weeks later on my own time to get it installed (ie, the chip put in). The guy who sold us the car was very sketchy about us coming in to get the alarm set up. I don't understand why since I paid for it and it was expensive. Overall, I'd stay away from this place when you're looking for a new Honda.

Frank K. | 2010-05-01

I leased a Civic from them. The car was good and reliable but it was the worst car leasing experience of my life. These guys simply lie and cheat! The agreed to a price for my trade-in car (I know you should never sell your car to a dealer but anyway...) but they did the paper works with a price $2K lower - I caught it and the lady in finance said they would correct it - it was late at night 8pm or so - I didn't check again and they some how buried it in the paper works and down-payment and monthly payment etc. They pulled a real fast one on me. I will never deal with these guys again and I warned every one of my friends not to either.

Besides, they sell me a anit-theft device and remote control, the damn thing never worked and they never fixed it.

Stefanie Y. | 2010-04-30

Service department was horrible! I got there bright and early to avoid the wait and ended up having to wave someone down to get acknowledged even though there was no line.  I had recently moved from Fremont to San Jose, so I brought along my Fremont Honda Dealer coupon. The lady said they accept coupons from other Honda dealers, but not my coupon, because the major service they were going to do was better and different than the Fremont dealer. I got quoted about $200 more for the major service than what the coupon said, even though the list of services listed on the Fremont dealer coupon was the same exact as the Stevens Creek Dealer.....

Anne B. | 2010-03-31

I bought my Honda at another dealership which was too far away for me to travel back and forth for repairs.  They sold me the car with no antenna and so I have been using my iPod and enduring the static for 3 weeks.  But, no more!  

I took it in this morning to Trevor and he handled all the hassle of dealing with my old dealership, as well as removing a pesky warning light that wouldn't go away.  Although this took Waaay longer than it should have (I believe in part to calls back and forth between the dealerships), I was entertained by their free WiFi, donuts, and coffee machine that requires tokens (they give you tokens).

J M. | 2010-03-24

Agree with the reviewer who said they would give this dealership one star it it was possible. This was my second visit here -- the first time I cane in search of a CRV, and the salesmen instead started pushing me towards a Honda Element -- a truck, and not to mention an ugly one. Went back today to check out their newer selection and Essentially the worst customer service I've ever received while shopping for a vehicle -- salesman abandoned me on the lot for a phone call while showing me a vehicle. When I went inside and asked to be helped by someone else, the other four salesmen standing around looked at each other with a 'whose going to take this one guys' look and shuffled through some paper-work in an attempt to help me. With the end of the month approaching you would at least think these jerks would scramble a bit fill their sales quota for the month.

Monica L. | 2010-02-16

This weekend was my second stop into SC Honda in the past year or so to look at cars. Both times I had really friendly service that was not pushy or overbearing. I test drove both times and both salespeople I had were mellow and low key. I guess I got lucky!

Phoebe helped me this weekend and went on a test drive with me. She was not pushy and I thought was honest with me.

Unfortunately I decided to not buy a Honda but only because I saw something else I would rather have.

I highly recommend Phoebe if you need help and want to test drive a Honda. She is very resourceful and knows a lot about the vehicles she is selling.

William W. | 2010-01-01

this review is for the service dept.

CROOKS.  plain and simple.  i came in here for a simple oil change when the service advisor, trevor, recommended a transmission cleaning and several other procedures that i was unfamiliar with, which naturally made me suspicious.  i pretended to get a phone call, stepped outside, and looked up the procedure(s) that trevor recommended. lo and behold - all after-market nonsense that does NOTHING to improve car performance, life-span, fuel efficiency, etc etc.  i'll be sticking w/ hopkins honda in sunnyvale thank you very much.

T M. | 2009-12-22

"You can't afford it"

We went to check out the CRV and the Pilot.  I was surprised at how casually the salespersons were dressed and behaved.  The person we spoke with, let's call him X, said he was busy and asked someone else -- who looked like a customer -- if he could help us.  That guy simply said "no."

So, X told us to come back after checking out the Toyotas we were interested in.

When we got back, someone, as casually dressed as any other customer approached us, asked if we had spoken with anyone else, and when we mentioned X's name he refused to talk with us further.  Instead, we were made to wait for about 10 minutes while the front desk paged X.  Eventually, he came, in told us he'd be back in a couple of minutes and disappeared.  Tired at being made to wait so long, we were about to leave when X waved to across the floor urging us out of the showroom -- even though we were standing next to a Pilot we were interested in.  When my fiancee wanted to check out a car, he showed his impatience with us asking us to move along.

His answers to our questions were monosyllabic.  In contrast the Toyota sales person was incredibly enthusiastic about discussing the pros and cons of the vehicles we were interested in.  The only thing X seemed interested in was "how much can you afford per month?"

He showed us two CRVs, relatively basic vehicles, and openly communicated his reluctance to show more loaded cars or the Pilot in the showroon.  Instead he wanted us to look at "almost new" used cars.  Twice when we asked if we could see a particular vehicle his comment was "that's very expensive."

After the second such comment we decided to leave.  X simply said "OK" and turned his back to us.

I don't know if anyone from this dealership or from Honda will read this review but we are leaning towards a fully loaded Toyota Highlander Hybrid.  I wonder what X thinks that is costing us per month. (grin)

Hunter S. T. | 2009-12-02

My favorite part of my experience with Stevens Creek Honda was when I purchased my car and listed on the car amenities was CD CHANGER. Upon driving off the lot, I decided to throw in a couple of CDs, opened the trunk and to my dismay it was missing. Now, I did have the salesman open the trunk to show me where it was and when I left, the piece that went inside was missing.

I turned around and went back inside where I was met by Jack Ma? I think that is his name. He told me that since I failed to check inside the cd changer that it was no longer their problem, eventhough, the car I bought listed that one was included. He told me to get out of his store and never return. Then approximately one year later, the car blew apart and the warranty had expired 24 hours earlier. 24 HOURS! The repair cost me $2000...

I will never return to Honda of Stevens Creek again.

Abby G. | 2009-12-01

I would give these jerks zero stars, if only I could.I went here because I had previously had a decent car buying experience with them. However, my pretty little car got totaled and I needed a new one, so back I go.

When I was in the lot one of their salesman actually said to me, as I was asking questions about various cars "are you actually going to buy a car today?" well, no..

So this irritates him and he walks off saying "Well then I have other customers to see"

Well excuuuuse me. I was getting ready to leave when a more friendly salesman saved the day, eased my frustration, answered my questions, and sent me on my way.

So I come back again, a few days later when I decided they had the car I wanted.  

After I sat for HOURS waiting for them to find "the right financing option" for me, they talked me into a warranty, and sure it sounded like a great idea.

Well a few months later when my keys are locked in my car and I call the emergency roadside number that is part of this shmancy warranty they kindly inform me "don't worry you can just call hyundai, you have a factory warranty!"

The bastards sold me a warranty, knowing I was still covered by the hyundai warranty. And they cover, pretty much all the same shit.

Yeah, maybe I should have known a newer car may already have one, but I didn't, and they just sang the warranty praises to pad their pockets.

Violet S. | 2009-11-23

I had my car in for oil changes and minor service work at Stevens Creek Honda a handful of times.  The dealership is fairly close to my house but I won't be taking my car back in for service here.  

Twice they had me waiting almost half the day just for an oil change.  

Twice they sent me on my way without the service adviser bothering to mention that the technician noted issues with the front suspension on my car.  When *I* initiated the discussion, the response was, "Huh....  Well, we can schedule you to bring the car back in" because the tech didn't bother to specify what the issue was, just that the suspension was marked red, as opposed to yellow or green.  I wasn't looking for a free full diagnosis here, just a general explanation would have been nice.  

The final straw was when my car was recently recalled.  I called them *3* times over as many weeks trying to set up an appointment.  Every time, it was a different story as to why the parts weren't there.  I called a competing dealership and had an appointment the next day.

These guys are like an anti-thesis of upselling; they weren't trying to sell me anything and I don't have the patience to do their jobs for them.

And why is Fox News ALWAYS on in the customer waiting area?!

I'll admit it, I don't like working on my car, but I'd rather drive twice the distance than return to Stevens Creek Honda anytime soon.

Matt H. | 2009-11-18

Forgive me yelp for I have sinned.

I read your reviews relating to the crooked service department and they are no doubt true.

I needed a 20k service on my Accord.  I checked on edmunds and it estimated a price should be about $114.  

The dealership quoted me $299!!!!!

Furthermore, I had already been at the dealership in April getting an oil change when they brought up the fact that I should get the service.  At that time I was quoted $141.

Furthermore, I went through with the service b/c I needed to get it done before a road trip.  A deal with the devil you say.

Well, here is how the bill breaks down:

VALUE package-this OPTIONAL package was included in the quoted price, never was I given the opportunity to ask for the recommended service per Honda specifications.  This VALUE package includes like wiperblade check and  some type of fancy lubrication package.  complete BS.

Next, the invoice said 20k service, however, I was charged for a 15,000 mile service and that was the breakdown, which included an air filter change that was not on the recommended list.  So this added to the quoted cost.  The best part was when service man explained the bill to me, he went through all of the usually stuff, and then glossed over the VALUE package and the fact that it was worthless.

The car has 24k miles on it so basically I think of this as the 30k service.  Edmunds quoted the 30k service at $180.  

So basically I paid $100 more than estimated for the service b/c I wanted it done asap.

I guess they deserve 1 star b/c they are relatively quick.

Note: they had absolutely no business in the car sales department while I was there for 2 hrs, so they will find a way to make their money, i.e. from schmucks like me.

Super B. | 2009-11-03

Was there last weekend. Patrick Nguyen was our car salesperson. He was really rude when we decided that we wanted to shop around first. He said that it is a slap in his face because we negotiated and decided that is not the car we wanted. He was actually yelling at us as we walked out. Will never ever recommend to anyone...

Paul K. | 2009-09-29

These people are lazy, ignorant, and dishonest.  I walked in with a plan to simply purchase my lease because that was an easy choice (hey, it's a Honda Accord.  The car is quality to the bone).  Well, not in this dealership.  Entering the showroom I walked up to the customer service counter where the sales reps were deferring to each other on who was going to take this "lease purchase paperwork" right in front of me.  When this man name Steve reluctantly agreed to "help" me, he did the usual bouncing back and forth with "I have to talk to my manager," going into the sacred glass counter area to ask for EVERYTHING.  He could not give me any useful information, and in the end one of the finance managers came down from his throne to finally answer my questions intelligibly.  He told me that for this lease purchase the best he could do (yeah, him, right?  because he is the bank giving me the loan of course) was an 8.99% APR for a 60 month with my 805 credit score.  On top of that, they needed me to bring in the car for inspection (why??), and charge me about $750 in processing fees.  Oh, and they also said they were not authorized to release MY credit report to me.  So I couldn't even see my actual credit report.

I walked away, went to a bank on my own where I got a 5.99% APR.  I didn't have to pay any processing fees because I dealt with Honda Finance directly.  And NO, you DON'T need to have the car inspected if you are purchasing your lease.  These people wasted my time, could have costed me thousands of dollars on poor lending practice, and charge me a ridiculous processing fee for doing absolutely NOTHING.

Go buy your Honda elsewhere.  As a general rule of thumb folks, if anything sounds fishy from a car dealership just walk away.  You can ALWAYS find a better deal elsewhere at a later time.  As for this dealership, either Honda Corp needs to do a complete management overhaul or this dealership can swim with the fishes besides countless other shady car dealerships that didn't survive.

Emma R. | 2009-09-29

I went there to sell my 2006 Civic. Had the worst experience with the sales person. He kept on haggling and finally reached a price which wasn't even a good deal. He kept on going back to talk to his manager and got stuck with one final price. I even called back to check if he would increase the price a bit but he was just too adamant about it. I ended up taking my car to Capitol Honda and received a price 2 grand more than what these people offered. Overall, I had a bad experience. Please don't go to this place if you want to sell your car. All they want to do is waste your time explaining what defects your USED car has. Total BS!

Mona W. | 2009-09-20

Came here for service a few times and I have no complaints. This place is usually very busy on Sat. Even if you made an appointment online there could still be a short wait. The staff are pretty friendly. They help me arranged rental car and answered all the questions I have. I will bring my car here for service again.

Joe L. | 2009-09-11

This review is for the Service Department.

The incident began with my first visit to Capitol Honda.   it was my mistake going back there again (even though I had a prior bad experience with a car purchase which did not materialize) due to habit.   I used to go to the Volkswagen dealership around there when I had my Jetta.    

I purchased from Honda USA online a pair of ski racks for the 2007 CR-V models.  Upon receipt of the racks, we realized the installation instructions and the racks are for 2006 and prior years' models' roof attachments.  The racks would not fit the 2007 models' roof attachments unless you detach the attachments, cut and refit with special tools.  It was a mistake of Honda and we learnt of that from researching on line and a Honda dealer in North Carolina actually made a YouTube video talking about this and offer the solution mentioned above.  I made an appointment and went to the Service Department, the service technician in the garage had no idea how to do it.  Both of us went to the service department manager, he did not believe my story and gave me a look essentially saying I was stupid and bought the wrong items online.  I asked him to sell me a pair of ski racks for 2007 models and asked him to pull out the instructions.  He did and shut up but he said he was helpless.

I went to Stevens Creek without an appointment afterwards.  I explained my dilemma to the service desk person.  He understood and went to check with a technician garage.  The technician came out and said he knew exactly what the problem was.  An appointment was made for the next day and it was done.  Quick, efficient and customer friendly.

Kevin S. | 2009-09-07

I've taken my car here a few times for service and they are pretty friendly. The waiting area is comfy and the free wifi/coffee is neat. A 7-11 is literally 50 feet away, so you can get your snack on if you want to wait around. Unfortunately, they have the world's crappiest satellite package - no ESPN/ABC/CBS, so we got to watch Food Network on a college football Saturday - FAIL.

I haven't had any problems with them trying to upsell me on service, but they can be a bit poky (had a reservation for 8:45 AM oil change, didn't put it up on the hoist until 11:30 AM - apparently they parked it and forgot about it). At least they gave it to me gratis, no questions asked.

Khanh N. | 2009-08-22

We just had a great repair experience at this dealership, so want to make sure the good work gets some credit. We took the car in because the check engine light was on after a long trip from LA to SF. The quote for the diagnostics were $150. The advisor, Derek Young, was very helpful. They spent a long time (4 hours) working on the car, but did not find any problem. They then replaced the gas tank cap, and found that was the fix. The great thing was that they did not charge us anything for the service, and gave us the gas cap for free. We have been going to this dealership for regular tune-ups for the last year, so that surely was a factor. However, it was a nice, responsible service visit. We are happy to have taken our car to them. Thanks, guys!

Rick D. | 2009-08-14

I recently purchased a Honda Fit Sport from Stevens Creek Honda.  Overall it was an above average purchase.

- The staff was helpful.  While I was waiting in the showroom, their employees showed me to the popcorn and coffee machines and kept me company with a quick chat.
- My salesperson kept in regular contact throughout the process.
- The finance handler (Steven) was knowledgeable and got me through the paperwork quickly.  He even found an alternative fix to a problem that came up during the process of handling my bank's pre-approved loan, thus allowing me to get the car on the same day.

- They really pressure you to apply through their Honda loans, even if you have your own financing.
- Bad communication (at best) or potential bait-and-switch (at worst).

After coming to an agreed price on the trim I wanted, they told me that the only one remaining in stock and in my color was pre-installed with a sunroof.  Hence, they wanted an extra $250.  I threatened to leave unless they sold it to me on my terms and my agent spent some time speaking with the superiors before coming back and told me that they wanted to make me happy and shook my hand.  I assumed this meant that they agreed to my terms.  What happened instead was that they somehow found another vehicle of the color I wanted, but without the sunroof.  I was fairly surprised that the car we agreed upon (and shook hands on) was not the same car we haggled over.  Ultimately I didn't even want a sunroof to begin with so I let the matter slide but I suggest that other buyers be wary of this tactic.

Melissa O. | 2009-08-11

how do they stay in business????  certainly by not selling cars!  no - really!!!!  

1.  last wednesday got a quote from these guys for a crv ex-l from their internet manager, tommy.  he said they would beat or match any competitive quote.  i had a better one, but thought about it overnight and the next day i left him a voicemail asking for a better quote and highlighting that i would be ready to purchase in a few days.  never heard back.

2.  called the dealership on sunday and spoke with michael.  he first quoted me the wrong thing and when i asked if he could beat my $1k below invoice quote from another dealer, he asked me why i just didn't go with that quote.  said he would talk with his manager and get back to me.  never heard back.

3.  yesterday called their sales manager, steve yuan and left a message saying i would be in at 4pm to test drive - that i would like a quote and a car ready for me to drive .  again - never heard back.

so - they clearly don't want to sell me a car.  you'd think a non cash-for-clunkers deal would entice them, as i've heard dealerships are getting antsy for uncle sam to start paying them on that program already.

me?  yeah, i'm working with another dealership now.  someone who actually wants business - my business, even - and has let that be known.  what a concept.

Bill M. | 2009-07-28

Service department?  What service department?!?  There is a "pinging" sound coming from the engine.  Made an appointment on line  for our vehicle to be serviced.  We've had our Pilot for a little over a year.  My wife and I make arrangements for child care, and travel arrangements for my wife to get to work.  The service associate tells my wife that she can't drop off the car unless he hears the "pinging" noise which apparently the engine isn't "pinging."  It's a good thing these guys aren't doctors, because if I had a bad cough and he wasn't able to hear it, he would probably turn me away!!  I've contacted them by phone twice, and I'm STILL WAITING to hear from them.

Ocee D. | 2009-07-14

1 Star

Came here and Akram N. showed me a few cars that I liked.....I decided to come back later with my girl so she could help me decide. Test drove the Hybrid I was looking at and every time I hit the gas, it made a buzzing sound.
gf, "what's that sound"
me "yea, what's that sound
Akram "I don't hear anything"
me "you don't hear anything, huh?"
Akram "it's supposed to sound like that"
gf "my friend's hybrid makes no noise"
me "it's not supposed to sound like that"
Akram "I can have my sales manager look at it"
Me "why, is your sales manager a mechanic?"

Next car....Accord
me "what's wrong with the suspension?"
Akram "I don't notice anything"
me "we're bouncing around like a don't notice anything?"
Akram "oh, bigger cars do that"
Me "my car is bigger than this and it doesn't bounce.....I even had an accord before and it didn't bounce....."
This jackoff had the balls to ask me "how did you buy your mercedez, you're a picky buyer".....
"the mercedez didn't buzz or bounce".....dumbass
Finally found a car I wanted to get.....the manager was going to call me back w/ a trade-in value the next morning.
called at 2pm and he said he'll call me right back
Next day, "Chris" calls to follow up since I stopped by and didn't get a car
me "talk to your manager, I'm waiting on him to give me a quote on my trade in"
chris "what kind of car is it and how much do you want for it"
me "your manager has all the info, i'm sure he knows what he's doing"
chris "what car are you looking for"
me "don't waste my time.....we'll talk when I get the quote"
4 days later....after I got my new car from capitol honda....Akram calls....
"you're late....u were supposed to call me the next morning"
Akram "are you still interested?"
me "are you kidding? i never got a call back w/ a I bought a car somewhere else"...
Some people could really use an uppercut to knock some sense into them.

Max P. | 2009-07-08

A while back I was working on my friends S2000
I got the car all finished at about 2 in the morning
Ugh what a mess new cars are
Anyways i didnt have any honda transmission oil in my garage
So i figured I would just fill it up after i bought some from the dealer in the morning. Turns out this dealers part depeartment was not open on sundays.
I had went in and talked to one of the service writers
The oil was not more than 10 feet away from her and i asked her if should could help us out since my buddy have to drive back to LA later on that day.
She was no help at all, neither was anyone else at this dealership.
Why have the service dept open at all if you can not get oil, oil filters, or any other simple fluids.
I know the guys out in the shop have to get parts to work on cars so I am guessing that someone was on the back counter, why not just put that same person on the front counter and serve regular customers and the service techs at the same time?
O well I will not be back at this dealership.

Kai G. | 2009-07-01

I recently bought a new Civic from a different dealer. The car barely has 800 miles. I kept on getting this Check fuel cap message. I figured this aint normal. I called this place up to book an appt, service dept agrees to take me in over the phone. I go in at 8am. i talk to their service consultants. The guy basically was like, oh that message is normal, it's part of the indicator system of your vehicle. we cna't take your car in until we get a check engine light. i'm like how is this related to checking engine light. if the damn thing is givng me messages over and over again, something's fucked up w/ this NEW CAR.  HE BASIcALLY REFUSED TO LOOK AT MY UNPLATED NEW CAR EVEN THOUGH IT IS UNDER WARRANTY. ONE would think you'd take it in since u'd get manufactureed for labor and all from the Honda of america. I started calling the other dealers, sunnyvale, los gatos, fremont, they all appear to be willing to let me bring in it for diagnosis

Jeff H. | 2009-06-19

I bought a 2010 Honda Insight here last week.  I did all of the negotiation over email and phone.  Once I was satisfied with the price, I went in and bought the sucker.

I was a little disappointed by how long the car buying process took.  I paid in full, so I have no idea what the hold up was.  Also, I think they need to add a water cooler.  Who the heck drinks from water fountains anymore?

I also didn't like how they tried to sucker me into paying $700 bucks for a shock sensor attachment for the factory alarm.  In addition, they would have charged me for wheel locks and door edge trim, even though I stated beforehand I wanted absolutely no options.  They threw em in for free since they new I would just leave if they tried to play the BS with me.

Andrew N. | 2009-06-05

I just got a call from their automated robo dialer on my cellphone, and am annoyed enough to come write this review.  Since when did respectable organizations use automated telemarketing?  Hence the 1 star.  If you don't like computerized telemarketers calling your cellphone, don't go to these guys.

Matthew L. | 2009-05-27

This review is for the service department specifically two people at Stevens Creek Honda, James Enlid, assistant service manager and David Murrne, service manger. I had brought my 07 accord regarding a steering wheel vibration a week ago for them to diagnose. They verified the vibration and recommended 4 new tires. (car has 28k) I took it to Americans Tires to get 4 new Bridgestones to correct the vibration that i was having, however it did not rectify the problem. $400 dollars down the hole and i still have a vibration in the steering wheel. I went down to SC Honda to talk to the service manager and he said he will call American Honda to see if they can figure out what the problem is. He said he would call back a day ago. I am still waiting for a call back. Ive left them many messages for both James and David. No response. Not only did they misdiagnose my car and recommended new tires they dont even return my calls... are they avoiding me? you tell me.


When your warranty is over dont even bother going to this dealer for service.

rad k. | 2009-05-27

I bought a 02 honda from this place. Within two months a patch of paint came of the car. I suspect they may have painted over to make the sale. Once the sale is done, they have been very hard to deal with. Their service department is the one that gives me real trouble. When ever I took my car there, they find a big list of problems that are must fix according to them. Once I fell for that. But when they said that my battery (recently replaced) was down, I took to some other place for opinion and they found it ok. I never go to this place again. If you take it to this place, be sure to double check their service recommendations.

slbvic c. | 2009-05-21

This is for their Auto West Collision Body Shop representative:

What a Joke!  I wanted to talk to someone about a bumper repair.  The bozo I was transferred to has WEAK communication skills and likes to give the run around on the phone.  Said that fixing a bumper for a 2005 civic is $800-$1100..WTF!!!  I might as well buy a new OEM one, installed, for $900!  I pointed this out to him and he said, "Uhhh, well jes, you can do that also if you want" !!!  Ripoff artists!

Don C. | 2009-05-21

In 2007 I took my S2000 there for a check up since my CEL was on. Code reader tells me there is mis fire on one of the cylinder. My car was under 100k warranty with Honda. The service person inform me that they need to charge a diagnosis fees of $125 just to take a look at my car. They will reimburse the fees if repair is needed. Several hours later they call and said they need to take the engine apart in order for further diagnosis. My car was running fine and it is unreasonable to me that they need to take apart the engine for a mis fire. Since S2000 engine is hand build and I don't trust the work of their mechanics. I told them I do not want the engine to take apart since my car is running fine beside a CEL once in a while. They charged me $150 just for diagnosis although my car is still under warranty. I believe the reason they want to take apart the engine is because they can reimburse more labor fees from Honda. I would NEVER go there again...

Gokmen E. | 2009-04-26

Just bought a new Honda Accord EX Sedan. Great car as i own another one. Really good salespeople too. Not pushy at all, nice an smiley faces. Ask for Frank. He's the most helpful person. He might be one of the main reason we ended up buying a Honda, as it wasn't in our initial plans to buy a Sedan. We were mostly looking for a Crossover or a smaller SUV. Been to almost all the dealers in the area more than twice, and as indecisive as we are, it is very very hard to settle on one. We liked the Toyota Venza, the new Toyota Crossover, the best but thanks to Frank and good people at the dealership ended up with Accord for 40% less price, better fuel economy, better emission scores, just as roomy and eye-catching.
My only complaint is the color selections might not be enough. Although they have Royal blue, and red, they didn't have iceberg blue (really beautiful, lighter blue color) that is available at CRV, or dark cherry that is available for the Odessa Van.
The car that we initially purchased was slightly damaged during inspection process, and we were quickly offered a replacement. The whole process was handled very professionally, and quickly.

Pancho P. | 2009-04-09

K so I got a car from here on Sunday and there are some good and bad things about this place. The sales people were not pushy which I liked; they didn't haggle me for my phone number and all my info up front like some of the other places do. It is a big lot and there are a lot of cars to see and drive. The bad thing though is that they do not detail their cars at all, they give you a coupon for a free 12.99 car wash across the street which is not good enough. When shops detail a car they make sure to get the smoke smell out of cars and a car I drove just smelled awful! Needless to say I did not get that one. The service is decent here, but I don't think anyone could ever in their right mind give a dealership more than 3 stars considering the paperwork you have to do. So 2/3 ain't bad I guess!

robert s. | 2009-04-09

Typical slimy sales here. I got pre approved by Honda finance before I came in. I told them what monthly pmt I wanted to make on a lease. they lied about my credit score which I had checked before I came in. Came in too high for the monthly pmt and when I said either you meet my pmt number or I will have to look around. He comes back with and says ok I got what you wanted and it was $15 higher than the previous one i rejected. They must really think all customers are stupid. finally i get my target pmt and when signing the paperwork They say oh do you want to keep the alarm in the car? If you dont pay $7.50 a month more we will have to take it out.  Now after all that , they forgot to get some papers signed so i had to go back in and they were so slow paying off my trade in that I got collection calls. All in all don't expect anything other than the stereotypical idea of a slimy sales experience here

Steve L. | 2009-02-02

Trust Yelp, these guys bait-and-switch you! Do not take your business to them.

I worked on a quote for a CR-V with their internet sales agent, TJ Singh, for the last 2 weeks. Finally got to a price that I was happy with and he even sent me an official quote. The price was very good so I asked, via email, to re-confirm that the quote was valid. He re-confirmed - in writing.

Just like others have reported on Yelp, I went into the dealer, quote in hand. TJ wasn't there so the Sales Manager took it. He then told me that the quote was not valid, that TJ had e-mailed me to tell me that was a mistake! What a joke! I did everything over e-mail and there is NO record of him recinding his quote. In fact, he re-confirmed it to me in writing!

This dealer sucks, period. Just don't deal with them. They will offer you anything to get you to come into the dealership, where they will bait-and-switch you - oldest trick in the book.

Trust Yelp, honest people do not lie - avoid these guys and take your business elsewhere. Palo Alto (Anderson) is very good and has good reviews on Yelp, for example.

Shaun C. | 2009-01-25

Alright, lets preface this review with the disclaimer that everything that happened here was not necessarily there fault, but with the fore knowledge that they were given you'd think they would be up front with you.

I saw a reasonable deal for a used car on their website.  I was contacted via email that the car was in stock and to visit at any point the following day.  I was nervous, to say the very least, I am a first time car buyer and though I am normally very confident, I felt uneasy about the fact that I, being an amateur at this was most likely going to get screwed over.  So I walked in and was greeted by this cheezy ghetto manager who had this "Im going to take your money with a smile and I don't give a shit because I am better than you" attitude from the moment that I met him.  We walk out to the car I was there to test drive and he seemed disinterested, as if I was wasting his time.  I explained to him my situation and asked if he could work with me.  I told him what I could afford and he said that most likely I wasn't going to get what I wanted.  I told him I could negotiate and he took as that I was willing to give 2g's down and was ready to buy.  I was transferred to the finance guy who was nice and seemed to be honest.  He couldn't do anything for me and said that he would try a few more options but they would take a moment,  I was done, I couldn't handle it anymore and made an excuse about needing to make a phone call and walked out.

Overall I walked out of there with nothing accomplished except for successfully wasting two hours of my life.  The manager, I hope you read this, you are a douchebag.  Take a shower, you greasy douche.  Anyways..This place sucked, I will give it two stars for the finance guy who talked about why he liked dutch people.

Pedro H. | 2009-01-03

The wife and I bought 2 cars pre-owned got a good price on them, but then the problems started after we took them home. First of all my car was leaking transmission oil so i told them and they said they would take a look and see whats going on. They call me a few hours later confirming the place between the transmission and engine is leaking (ACCORD 05 V-6) They then say they would be willing to only charge me  50% WTF?!!  I just bought this car no more then 24hrs and now they have me paying for chit that was inspected beforehand? GAAAAH they pissed me off so much! Also we bought the extra Alarm protection window sensor thing, they put it on my car and "forgot" to put it in my wifes Accord WTF? I asked the dude what happened and he just simply replied oh maybe the alarm guy was off! I didnt want him to look like a dumbass and say "Hey dude you where there when I bought both AT THE SAME TIME!" So he says just bring it in when you pick up your car from the shop. If you guys who read this learn something about this review PLEASE HAVE THE CAR INSPECTED BEFORE YOU BUY THE CAR AT A DIFFERENT SHOP, AND ALSO LOOK AT THE ALARM INSTALLATION! They might pull a fast one on you.

Darlene W. | 2008-12-29

I bought a Fit here today, but if I were to do it over again, I would have stuck with the Sunnyvale dealership.  

On Saturday I negotiated a price with a salesperson over email and phone.  I was able to get the price I wanted, and he claimed to have the color and model I wanted, so I told him I'd come in on Sunday.  On Sunday he calls me to tell me he'll get the car ready, so I took a cab to the train station in San Francisco, took the train down to the South Bay, and caught a bus to Stevens Creek -- a 3-hour long journey.  "Oh, we don't have the car, we traded it this morning and it got sold already."  You couldn't call to tell me this?!?!

So they said they would get one in the color I wanted, but that I would have to pay an extra $150 to get it delivered.  I was too exhausted from my trip to argue with it, and it was still a decent price, just not the price I had hoped for.  I picked it up today, though the delivery came an hour late.  One would think that for $150 they could manage to plan their schedule enough to be more reasonably on time.  And the car turned out to have some door protection thingy that the dealer didn't tell me about, which I didn't want.  I didn't have to pay for it, but that still doesn't mean that I want it.

The staff was friendly and in the end I got a fair deal, but I'm not crazy about these folks and better deals can be had.  If you want a Honda, stick to the Sunnyvale Honda dealership.

ryan y. | 2008-11-13

What i did was use the Costco website and the website said 08 SI was worth 20k, this was in March 08.  So i brought that piece of paper with me and met with Slava and i said i want to buy this car.  I did all my HW before hand bought the car for 19k before tax.  Got 4.9% interest 5 years paid for the ext warranty to get the 4.9%, i canceled the warranty before the 60 day period to get my money back i still get my 4.9%.  Anyways the shopping experince was easy, negotiating was easy, thanks to costco.  nice people.  Car service is also pretty good i've only taken it once for an oil change, i did all the other oil changes.

Katherine P. | 2008-11-08

I'm confused by the reviews for this place. Half of them seem to be completely fake - either by users with fake computer generated images and one review, no friends and really really good reviews, or users with no pictures and 1 review that's very very bad. How strange.

Anyway, today I stopped by to see if I could get a key duplicated, and the parts consultant - Don Muston - actually told me it would cost a lot of money (upwards of $200) and rather than try to get me to do the key duplication, he actually recommended I think about it, since it was pretty pricey and I should really only do it if I need it. I told him I would, and thanked him for his honesty. A lot of car places would be excited to get you to spend money, but Don was upfront and friendly. I'm still thinking about whether to get the key duplicated, but if I do, I hope Don is there when I go back!

Ayla D. | 2008-10-11

I bought my 2009 Honda Fit this past Tuesday. And I LOVE IT!

I'll start at the beginning.
I went here a few months ago to test drive the 2008 and get  a feel for the Honda Fit. The man I dealt with was overly pushy to sell the car. He marked it up $3000 over the MSRP, which seemed odd to me for a car that was only going to be on the market for another month or two. He used all the cliche lines, "What number would make you happy?" and even brought out his manager to talk me up. I left there ASAP.

I was hesitant to return until my mom [who purchased her used 2006 Honda Civic SI from here earlier this year] gave me a referral to the man she bought her car from. Malachy [Pronounced MAL-UH-KEY].

As soon as I received the offical email about the 2009 Fit being released I decided to give Malachy a call. We went to the dealership to scope out the car I wanted, but they didn't have it. At the time I was interested in a White '09 Sport with navigation. They informed me they had it on order for me and would let me know by November.

At this time I was becoming restless on purchasing my car. Malachy stayed in touch with me and let me know when he had a possibilty of receiving the White Fit early. Although he did not confirm the White Fit in his possession I decided to come down anyway. I was disappointed to find no White Fit. However, a Blackberry Pearl California Concept Fit caught my eye in the showroom. Malachy was not pushy at all and showed me the Blackberry Pearl. The deep black/purple caught my eye and I fell in love.

They gave me $800 for my '98 Chevy Malibu, which was much more than I was expecting for it.

The process of purchasing was long, but fairly pain-free. I was unable to purchase the car on my own, and had to have my mom co-sign, which was a disappointment, but I really wanted the car. Fuad helped us with the finance paperwork. It was late and my mom and I made many errors on the paperwork and asked a lot of questions, but the staff stayed positive and helpful.

Overall I enjoyed my experience at Honda of Steven's Creek. Although I do recommend requesting specific people if you are pleased with someone's services. As at all places, not all employees are as easy-going and attentive to the customer's needs. I highly recommend Malachy and Fuad!

I'll update on all further services I receive here. So far so good!

Wendy H. | 2008-09-28

I requested an online quote from SCH.  Some guy emails me back with this nonsensical ad.  When I asked him to give me a quote, he sends me another cryptic message.  Finally I gave him my lowest quote and asked him if he can beat the price.  He emails back and says, "well we don't make deals over the internet because we find people use our quotes to get a better price at another dealership.  You have to come in first."  What a dipshit!  Who's naive enough to think that the buyer doesn't shop around?  Is there a federal law against pitting one shop over the other?

Well he didn't get our business. We don't like cloak and dagger tactics.  Especially since they said they would provide an internet quote!

Mike L. | 2008-09-18

Just as Marcus B says...

HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE... not just the GM Kevin Gaythere... but Steven Yuan (sales manager) and Dennis Gamba (internet manager) just as big of an idiot.

They are also LIARS... got quoted a price drove all the way up there from SF and they bait n switched us...

STAY FAR AWAY...  Business here sucks ass

Antigone D. | 2008-08-05

Buying the car itself was not extremely painful.  Everything that came afterward was.  It was basically impossible to get a finance person on the phone.  I had to threaten to go down there in person to *gasp* all of a sudden have an AVAILABLE Finance Rep on the phone with me.  I faxed in paperwork to cancel the warranty (which I had only signed up for in order to lower my interest rate, with every intention of immediately canceling, which they said would be, "No problem!") and I called today, 15 days later to confirm.  Well, Ken, the Finance MANAGER (whose personal fax line I sent the paperwork to, just a minute after getting off the phone with him, having stated that I would fax it "Right away") had never given it to the Marcy, the woman who faxes the paperwork to American Honda.  Basically, they were hoping to let the 60 day mark pass so I would lose $1898!  

I LOVE my 2008 Honda Civic, but I will never buy from here again.  I have a friend also looking at buying the same car, and I'll insist that she go elsewhere.  There's Anderson in Palo Alto and Capitol Honda.  Stay away from here!

Megan M. | 2008-07-27

This review is about the service dept only. My car was bought in soCal.

I'm surprised about the other reviews that are so negative. Ray is my man. Last year, my 7-year-old civic, which has only 30K miles on it (no typo and no- I didn't somehow figure out how to roll back the odometer), was diagnosed with a failing transmission by my then-regular mechanic. I called Honda Steven's Creek and Ray was able to negotiate a new transmission under warrenty even though my car was no longer covered by warrenty. When I discussed the problem with the Honda dealer in Los Gatos, which is closer to my house, they told me I was SOL.

I paid for labor only. Saved me about a grand.

Ray has hooked me up a few times since then. He is my man. I even go there for oil changes now because they actually tell me how long it will take and don't underestimate like my old mechanic did, leaving me without transportation.

Business Credit R. | 2008-06-12


I bought a 2008 Honda and was lure into purchasing an extended warrantee package. After reading a article on Consumer Report and knowing that  I got riff-off. I came back to exercise my right to cancel the contract (within 60 days). An Asian sale guy (5ft.7, ~170lbs) sent to help. Knowing I came in to request a "cancelation form" the guy changed his attitude and became an ass with rude, impolite, and unhelpfull. He made me wait indefintely ouside the finance doors, and when I was so frustrated and tried to walk up to one of the finance office, the asshole rasied his voice and verbally kicked me out of the premises and thread he'll call security (?!) Is that  the attitude from a brand name dealer after the selling is done,? If so don't expect to make your claim smoothly if your car does break down with that type of warrantee package. That riff raff shouldnt be working there to affect the whole Honda badge.

Michael C. | 2008-05-22

For my company, we needed to lease a car quick, so we went to several different places on Stevens Creek.  We started with Lexus, and the people there were very friendly, as would be expected with a higher-end car dealership.  Unfortunately, the price range was also high-end, and therefore, out of our budget for this year.  We then went to the Toyota dealership, and we must not have been important enough to the sales guy that he wouldn't sit with us, and just asked us questions rapid-fire, and then went on with his business.

Finally, we ended up at the Honda dealership and first spoke with Todd.  He was very friendly, and let us test-drive the Civic Hybrid first.  Unfortunately, my biz partner and I were pressed for time, but promised that we'd be back later to test-drive a few other cars.  We couldn't make it back that day, but showed up the next day, and decided we didn't need to test drive any other cars.  After talking back and forth with Todd, him and his manager finally made us an offer that fit our budget.  Unfortunately, we didn't realize that the monthly price quoted was not inclusive of tax, and I felt really bad to make them stop the whole paperwork process.  

We then asked about the Civic instead of the Civic Hybrid, and were able to re-negotiate a good price.  The whole time, the staff was very professional with us, and worked with us as much as they could to get us a deal that fit our budget.

Overall, the process was fairly straightforward, and we left the lot that day with a new car.  Afterwards, we received several follow-up calls asking us how everything was, making sure that no problems have arisen since we had bought the car.

It may not be a high-end dealership like Lexus, but the level of service we received was pretty close to my own personal experience with the higher end dealerships.

Melissa H. | 2008-05-22


In Oct 2002, I moved here after graduating from college.  I was excited about buying my first car.  I called a couple dealerships and came to Anderson Honda after they gave me a good quote.

They did the usual sleazy stuff.  I had decided on the exact model and year, which they had, but they first showed me a more expensive car.  Typical car salesman behavior, nothing horrible or unexpected.

Then the unexpected happened.  I tried to negotiate a little more, and they kicked me out of the dealership.  Yes, you read that right.  They kicked me -- a little unassuming Asian girl -- out of the dealership.  Their exact words were something like "We will not sell this car to you under any circumstances.  You must leave now."

So I walked outside.  I was totally shocked because nothing like this had ever happened to me.  Then they started playing good cop, bad cop.  A salesman came outside and told me that he was fine with me, but his colleague inside was very angry.  They would only sell the car to me if I agreed to pay $200 more than the price we had agreed on.  I said ok.  Why?  Obviously I was disgusted with how they were treating me, but it was still a decent price and I was tired of car shopping and I wanted to get it over with.

So I got to *gasp* enter the building.  The salesperson who was supposedly angry with me was suddenly all smiles and shook my hand.  My heart was still beating wildly.  I distinctly remember my hands trembling as I signed the papers.

Right after this happened, I could not decide if they really were that angry, or if they were cleverly trying to milk $200 more out of me.  Now that I'm six years older and wiser, I'm pretty sure it's the latter.  I can just imagine them high-fiving themselves on the successful scam.

Based on my experience here, I am skeptical of some of the glowing 5-star reviews.

Kathleen P. | 2008-04-18

This place is a joke.

My husband read the Yelp! reviews before calling Stevens Creek Honda to have his transmission and radiator fluid changed in his car, so we knew what to expect.  The only reason he picked this place is because they are now open on Sundays, which I'm sure the employees are absolutely thrilled about.  Maybe that explaines the crappy service of Derek, who "assisted" us during our visit.

Derek wasn't thrilled with the quote we'd been given over the phone.  He said it was $100 or something under what it "should" have been, which then why was it ever quoted to us?  Anyway, we dropped the car off, went and had lunch, and called the dealership at the agreed upon time.  At that point, Derek said my husband's brakes were "metal on metal", and the brake pads should be replaced.  Really?  That car that stops on a dime?  I don't think so.

When we returned to the dealership, Derek reminded us that the technician said the brakes were "metal on metal," and "tin on tin."  He then said that he could have the brake pads replaced by the end of the day.  Yeah, I bet you could.  We paid only for the agreed upon service, and got the heck out of there.  Props to the cashier, though.  She seemed very nice.

BTW, my husband checked his brake pads when we got home, and then had his regular mechanic check them out as well, and they're fine.  There is no need to have them replaced right now.  In the future, I will avoid this dealership at all costs.

Javan E. | 2008-04-15

Great place to buy a car. Not pushy and they'll get what ever car you want from their warehouse down the street. 4 star only because the finance guy can be a pain in the asssss.

Kenji Y. | 2008-03-22

I just wanted to get an oil change.

They were offering the "Express Service."  They parked all their stock cars in the Express Service line so I had no idea where I was suppose to go to get the service.  This was the same 6-7 months ago.

So I drive up to the regular service and there are 3-4 workers just chitchatting.  I waited patiently for a few minutes (because at other dealer service areas, they come up to your car and ask you what you need) and finally asked them if I could get an express service.  The worker looked confused and said "let me go ask if we do it" and went inside, came back to tell me they only do Hondas.  I swear I have been to other Honda Express Services and they do Toyotas/Acuras, etc.  I had an Acura.  The guy insisted they don't.

Whatever, not a big deal, I decide to stop by their dealership anyways to take a look at their new cars.  When I'm about to leave, this saleslady gives me this smart ass smerk and walks in front of my car very slowly.  It wasn't friendly, it was a degrading smile.

Because of slackoff attendants at the service area and a smartass "face you just want to slap" sales lady, I won't be returning here.  Could've been worse, so I'll give them a 2/5 :)

Hendrick L. | 2008-03-18

Compared with everyone else, it looks like I had a pretty good experience here, relatively speaking. I approached the dealership knowing exactly what car I wanted and what I was willing to pay (approximately). I also did a lot of research to determine a "fair" price I was willing to pay.

I emailed my price to several dealers, and Stevens Creek Honda was one of the dealerships that responded. They agreed to the deal via email and the phone. I went into the dealership, and the whole deal went really smooth. There was nothing underhanded done, nor was the price changed at the last minute. The finance guy wasn't even rude when I turned down the extended service / warranty packages and offered to let me sign up a few months later when I changed my mind. All in all, I had a good, straightforward sales experience here.

Amy V. | 2008-02-21

This place is awful.  Do not go here.  If I could give it less than one start I would.

Basically, I was doing my due dilligence in my car search and these guys were totally unaccomodating.  They said they would send me a price, then sent me a note saying that they would beat whatever other quotes I had.  When I sent one over, the guy basically told me I was a liar and got mad at me for what some other dealer had done.  I asked him to provide me with a price and he still wouldn't.  He then sent me a not very nice email saying that I obviously wasn't really serious about buying a car yet and when I was I should get back to him.  I showed him - I bought my car 3 days later from someone who actually was respectful and had some customer service skills!

Lest you think that it was just this one salesman, I must tell you that my boyfriend also contacted them in a last ditch effort to use the dealer closest to our house.  The salesman told him that he couldn't tell us if they even had the car I wanted before they discussed price.  He eventually agreed to check and said he would get back to us...we still haven't heard anything.

Car buying is painful enough, I don't need anyone else to make it worse.

Ryan G. | 2008-01-16

Scummy, sweaty hands salespeople gave me a really bad vibe.  Their initial offer had a 20% markup over MSRP, which was pretty insulting.  After a little back and forth where they said it had to be at least $800 over MSRP, I mentioned I had a competing offer about $200 under MSRP.  They insisted on seeing the email offer, and then - after more dramatic back room discussions, could only match that offer.  I thanked them for their time, drove ten minutes down the road to Larry Hopkins Honda and got my new car for $100 less than the email offer they had sent (and they were super nice).

Abby S. | 2008-01-09

Horrible place for auto service.

I went in for an oil change and experienced the misfortune of having Lily as my "service advisor." After watching her see off a couple who was ahead of me, I knew I was in for trouble. Aside from giving cold glares, she delivered all information and responses in a rude "you are the bain of my existence" tone.

I asked her what I would need in order to have a new key made while I waited for my oil change and she quickly snapped back "the key machine is broken" as though I had known that and simply asked the question to screw with her.

Afterward I simply said nothing as I signed the consent/estimate form and walked out to the waiting area. After about an hour my car was ready and Lily came back saying my car was ready and "a break light was out so I authorised the techs to put in a new bulb for $5."

I suppose she expected me to kneel before her and offer gifts and a promise of my first born child because she was absolutely shocked when my response was "you should have asked me before adding to my service and cost."  

Her most logical response was "well, that's the first the we check, the lights, to make sure they are working." Uh...that's fine and dandy but the second thing you should do is tell the customer and provide the choice of paying an inflated $5 to change the bulb or fix it myself for free since I have bulbs and hands!! She also said I should have my power steering reservoir replaced because there's a leak "somewhere" and "if that didn't work they could do a diagnostic," to the tune of $250. Thank you master Lily, service rep of the year.

These guys will do anything to get an extra penny and I'm tired of it. No more Stevens Creek Honda.

Vince C. | 2007-12-30

Just bought a new Civic from Stevens Creek Blvd.  I had gotten price quotes from Stevens Creek Blvd, Anderson and Fremont Honda.  Anderson had the lowest price.  

I went to Stevens Creek anyways with the email quote from Anderson.  Since we live closer to Stevens Creek Honda, we went to Steven Creek.  

I feel a little bad that I didn't buy the car fom Anderson.  So if you live in Palo Alto or closers and looking for a Honda, go see Bobbie C. (Internet Sales).  

My Sales guy is Gere and he was a straight up nice guy.  Very helpful in telling us about the different features of the new Civic.  

Finance guy was a Petro (sp?).   The finance guy gave me many options such as the Honda Care, KARR alarm, LoJack, Phantom, etc.  
I wanted the Honda Care but it was pretty darn expensive $1910 for 7 year / 84000 miles.
I was not too much into the KARR alarm system though they did have the 3 year total replacement policy (someone steals your car with in the first 3 years) they will replace the car.  $799.
I stated the alarm and all the other options were too expensive.  

So I asked if there were any discounts since I was a AAA / Costco member.  
He said there was and he knocked down the Honda Care and Car alarm to $1600 / $499.  

I repeat everything is negotiable.  

Since I was buying the car from the wifey, she was there and played hard ball.  And got the price down to $2000 for 3 options (Honda Care, KARR, and the Phantom($249))

So the finance guy lowered the base car price to adjust the cost of the Honda Care, Phantom and KARR car alarm system.  

I think the Phantom option is useless (Its where the parts of the car have an ultra violet marking on it).  If someone steals your car and gets it to a chop shop and then the police some how finds the chop shop they can use the Phantom system to ID whose car parts belong to.  

I give them 4 stars Gere is a nice guy.  Finance guy was doing his best to get us out the door as soon as possible since the kiddies were waiting in the play room.   Start to finish took 3 hours.  

Do come prepared with research done price quotes from other dealers.  Also come with patience, you can get a lower price then MSRP if you play hard ball.  

There was minimal haggling.  Good experience.

Nobody M. | 2007-11-01

Their used car salesguys are retards as per the standard.

Me (after test drive):  "Hey, this car (used 911) pulls to the right and it smells like burning oil."
Them:  "Oh it doe?  We'll have our tech guys look at it"
Me:  "Great, call me if you get it fixed in the next two days"
Them:  "How about you come inside"
Me:  "Why?"
Them:  "Let's talk about price, getting you in this car"
Me:  "Get it fixed and then we'll talk about price"
Them:  "Ok, well how about you come in and sit down."
Me:  "Why?  Do I look tired?  I told you, get it fixed and we can talk"
Them:  "Well if we have someone buying the car it will get fixed faster"


Bea M. | 2007-10-22

I needed my front headlight replaced so I went to this dealership.  I was in and out, which was unexpected considering the long line of cars waiting for service.

However, as I got in my car to go out at night, I noticed the headlight they had *just* replaced was not working!  What a crappy job.  They couldn't even do such a simple task well.

Needless to say I am very upset and I still need to go back to have them look at it again.  What a hassle.  

The staff did not leave a long lasting impression either.  The girl answering the phone in the Service department is clueless (told me I needed to leave my car there ALL day.............................To have a headlight replaced??? come on!)

Jackee K. | 2007-08-22

So far, it's been a good experience.  I had an appointment this morning at 7:15am, showed up and the check in man was really nice.   The service advisors were nice and helpful, and my inspection went by very quick (they were done in half an hour).  They did have to order a part for me, so hopefully the second part of my experience will go as good as the first one.  So far, so good.

Edit: Went back to get my seatbelt repaired and they were super quick (took about an hour--the key is to wait there, they get you done quicker) and nice...and completely understood when I changed my appointment four times.

J S. | 2007-07-14

After a crazy Friday night.. I dragged myself out of bed at 6:30 to try to make it to the honda dealership at 7am for a quick-service oil change. After a few snoozes.. I arrived at the honda dealership at 7:10am. There were a line of more than a dozen cars in front of me... How the heck does all these people wake up on time?

Anyways.. after waiting for about 7 minutes, I got ushered into their posh waiting area with freshly brewed starbucks coffee and wifi. No donuts today. After about 30 minutes later.. my car was ready.. was home by 8am!

Now thats a quick oil change... with no funky oil smells... emitting from my car! Yeah....

Takeo E. | 2007-05-16

I've never bought a car there (which I understand can be a quite negative experience), however I can speak to the quality of the Service department.

I was stunned! Here was a service department, clean, well kept, where the staff is friendly and efficient (If you go, go look up Trevor, he's the man) and no one's tried to rip me off! (unlike DUBLIN HONDA!). I know my way around cars ( generally) and I know when someone's trying to BS me. I took a car in there with a few problems I knew about already, and I let them have the car without saying what the problems were. They caught all but one of the problems, and suggested economical and common-sense fixes for all of them.

In addition they call when they say they are going to, and (with one exception, but I had just had an accident) they have the car ready as promised.

After a few negative experiences other places ( Are you listening Dublin, Vacaville and Pacific {San Diego} Honda?), I keep coming back to Steven's Creek.

Jennifer W. | 2007-04-03

So I'm on a test drive and pass by Stevens Creek Honda and see one of their sales people chasing a dog out into the street (STEVENS CREEK! During Traffic!!!!!). So I pull up and return my test car a couple lots up the road and haul my butt over to Stevens Creek Honda, only to find a dead dog.

Yes, accidents do happen. But upon walking up a very overweight black guy laughs and taunts me to go look at the dog as he kicks at it saying its dead and laughing. Long story short...the whole ordeal was a huge joke to them. Even after speaking to the manager, he did not care it was his people and didn't even question them. All sales people deny seeing the dog on their lot, even though we all know how they watch the lot like hawks to find customers. Even the person who hit the dog said it ran out of their lot. Down the main driveway!!!!!!!!!!!

The point...I think everyone should take a minute of their time to let them know how you feel. All the manager has to do is look at the video to see who chased the dog into the street. Who knows...maybe he told them to do it. They were extremely rude and laughed it all off.

We took the dog to an emergency vet to check for a microchip but there was nothing. It was a Jack Russel with a black collar that said something.

Please take the time to let them know someone should be repremanded and that this is not OK.

Also DONT DEAL WITH THESE PEOPLE!!!!!!! Please pass this on to everyone.
UPDATE They just called pretending the dog is theirs! Trying to get him so they can probably throw him away. PLEASE DO SOMETHING
Sales 800-715-5242

Kirin L. | 2007-03-27

My husband dealt with Haile (a male) through their Internet quote system.  Pretty much, the summary of the experience is as follows:

Mar 22 (5 days ago) :
"I have attached the current pricing on your new Honda as follows:
our Internet Price Quote is: $.....23,212.75 plus Fee's for 2007 HONDA CIVIC HYBRID w/NAVI

Because market conditions change so rapidly, I can only guarantee this price through the close of business this Monday or within 7 days of this email."

Yes, he really did put that apostrophe in "fees" but that's beside the point.  The point is that he quoted a price and a time frame.

So, we went in and spoke with Haile yesterday morning.  We test-drove said vehicle and went back inside the dealership, spoke for about five minutes where we determined that we were ambivalent about the vehicle, and broke for lunch.  When we got back home, we found this email:

"I apologize for the typo error, the price on CIVIC HYBRID w/navi is $.....25,646 plus tax and DMv Fee's.



That's the most unprofessional email I could possible imagine.  Again the apostrophe in "fees" and he makes a few other errors including improper capitalization of his own name.  It's not that I expect people to be perfect, but when they are in the business to take that much money, it should be apparent that they have graduated high school in my opinion.

This email was postmarked pretty much immediately after our test drive and regarded as a "typo error."  Were the original sets of numbers next to each other on the keyboard or something?  I don't routinely expect people to type "23,212.75 " and mean "25,646."

We felt that this was unacceptable and asked for his supervisor's contact information.  Needless to say, we haven't heard anything from anyone.  We're so glad that we learned the EASY way not to buy from this place

We ended up with a Prius.  It's a much nicer car, besides.

Christina G. | 2007-03-05


I drove down here on a recommendation from a shop in the city to go to a dealer. After debating, I decided to go close to where my boyfriend lives. Stevens Creek it was. They got me an appointment pretty quick, and they rushed a part for me to get it done before registration was due (the next day!) Trevor was a great service leader and called me every hour when my car was ready (my phone was having issues). I was so wowed that he took the time to call me every 60 minutes. Best of all, it was all under warranty even though I didn't buy my car there and it's 10 years old!

Oh, and I was also very impressed that they fixed my ignition, even though I never said anything about it. Trevor noticed it was under warranty and replaced it free! On top of my free emissions repair ;)

Viet N. | 2007-02-07

The relationship started off good (hence the two stars)....found the car I loved at an excellent squared away and was off in my car...happy as ever.  

My car hits 36,035 miles, technically out of warranty for 35 miles and an O2 sensor fails.  They wanted to charge me $750 in diagnostic fees because they couldn't find the problem.  Wasn't something I broke, as the tech put it, "yea they fail occassionally."  I understand that they couldn't find the problem but 750 in diagnostic fees?  BS, especially only being 35 miles over warranty.  Long story short, called American Honda and they took care of the bill.

Then to top it all off, as I drive away to and push the button to roll down my doesn't go anywhere.  I take it back and ask them to fix my window and they have the nerve to tell me "how do we know it wasn't broken in the first place?"  Irate...I call American Honda, they have me take it to another dealership (Capitol Honda) to fix the problem.  Ends up being, somebody didn't reconnect the ground wire to the window at Stevens Creek Honda.  Finally got everything taken care of and NEVER GOING BACK TO STEVENS CREEK HONDA!

Vicky T. | 2007-02-02

Update:  As a whole dealership it goes down to three stars from my original five

Salespeople: 1.5 stars
I was told the COSTCO price was not that good of a deal and the so called fleet manager/internet manager something would not let me see the price. What he offered me as a first deal was insulting... to the point I didn't even want to test drive, I decided to leave. Supposedly he has been the fleet manager for two-three months...whatever....His sales pitch sucked and when he talked he sounded nervous and didn't have any confidence in his pitch what so ever.  In calling around to other Honda dealers around the Bay... I was able to get a good price on my new accord with the out the door price including some extras.  

Repair/Service Dept.  Five STARS!
My family and I have been Honda of Steven's Creek people for over ten years. Now that I am "all grown up" I have found this to be the only place where I will  get my services done (eventually I will buy another car from here). The customer service is amazing. They remember your face and details ("How's the teaching job?"). The service reps listen to your concerns about the car and keeps it professional... but they are hilarious and always messing around with each other. They keep the atmosphere light... and hook it up with the discounts. They try every means necessary to find you discounts on your service.... When my car took longer than anticipated and I had to get back to Santa Cruz, Jayson got me a loaner car free of charge. I live in Santa Cruz, work in East Side San Jose, but continue to go to them. The hours are convenient for a commuter like me, and their service station is open on Saturdays. Most importantly, the service reps are honest and don't try to get you to fix stuff that is not necessary.... From when I have dropped off my car at 7 AM until I finish paying around 5 PM, I have NEVER had a bad experience in the 7 years I have taken my car to get serviced.  They check in when they say they will, attempt to accommodate to your schedule the best they can and they are relatively easy to get a hold of. All of the reps are great, but  ask for Jayson, Lynda or Trevor (they are the ones who I have interacted with the most).

Camille C. | 2007-01-04

I'd actually give Honda of Stevens Creek, as a car dealership, 3.5 stars if I could. I bought myself a 2007 Civic LX early last month here through Costco so I didn't have to deal with that whole hassle negotiating prices with the salesmen. (FYI: Costco works with certain dealerships to have a "Costco sales rep" at the dealer and set prices for Costco members; for example, my car was priced at $800 over invoice--and we were still able to negotiate a little bit down from there). Anyway, our Costco sales rep at the dealer, Gere Do, was extremely down to earth and, I felt, very honest and up-front about things. I went there like 6 months prior to buying my car and test drove a '06 civic and hybrid accord. At the time, I had been considering getting a hybrid, but Gere told me to reconsider because the civic gets great mileage for a lot less $. When I told him I was also considering a Toyota camry, he told me that was also a good choice and I couldn't really go wrong with either Honda or Toyota. The only time I was disappointed with Gere was when I arrived at the dealership (I came all the way from Sacramento to San Jose because apparently, none of the Sac Honda dealers have a contract with Costco) and he did not have the exact car he had promised me. The car he had for me was the right color and model, but had a lip spoiler and fog lights (AND 45 miles already on it)--all fine and dandy, but that tacked on an extra $1000+ dollars that I did not have. I was upset that I was potentially going to go home empty-handed after driving over 100 miles for nothing. However, Gere talked to his manager, Larry, to see if he could give me a discount. We were informed that since the spoiler and fog lights were from the "parts and services" department, it was separate pricing and they could only take $100 off the car. That was a no-go from my standpoint, so Gere worked his magic and was able to get the car I wanted for the price I was quoted, and it only had 5 miles on it. Furthermore, Gere was extremely courteous, and as busy as he was, tried his best to make sure I was comfortable and got what I wanted. He even (personally) filled up my gas tank before I left the lot. The reason I gave 3 stars, though, is because of the financial sales guy, Henry. He started off nice enough, and I understand that this is their last chance to sell you some add-ons (extended warranty, alarm, etc.) but he got quite a bit ruder and short with me as I refused the extras. Furthermore, I felt insulted as he tried to sell me the 7-year warranty because he said, "it covers bumper to bumper, so if you get a flat tire and can't fix it yourself because you're a girl, you know, the warranty covers that..." That is so not the way to get me to buy something. Also, my mom was co-signing with me, but I was the buyer. He did not seem to understand what we were telling him, and therefore, had us sign in all the wrong spots. It wasn't until we finished all the paper work and he ran my credit card that he realized this, so we had to start over again.  Anyway, Gere was great; Henry was not so great. I got the car that I wanted for a reasonable price. I left feeling good about my purchase and I still do, so: 3.5 stars.

Sarah F. | 2006-12-18

Just alright.  They got the job done and were quick and efficient but I just felt like a number to them - the service wasn't anything great and it was more just of a "how quickly can we move this customer on out of here."

I will definitely be shopping around for another Honda dealership before considering to bring my car back here.

Erwin T. | 2006-11-07

I bought my Ridgeline here last January (2006) - I was told to come back at night to pick up my car, I left with a bubble in the paint where I was told that it was just a glue residue and will easily comes off when I come back for re-coating - paint protectant/sealant.  After a week, I took the car to service department for the sealant coating, I was then told that what I thought was glue residue was really a bubble in the paint and there is nothing that they can do for me - I have to talk to my sales rep. for it.  I looked for my sales rep and told me that she was sorry and that there was nothing more she can do for me since I already bought the car... for which, she assured me that it was just a glue residue and they will take care it for me...
DONT BUY A CAR FROM THIS DEALERSHIP!!!  It took me 8 months to get it repainted -  the paint where the bubble was never the same again, not just that one spot but for the whole side of the truck... The truck was repainted 3 times - still not the same as the original paint job.  The time I spent haggling for them to fix it and the time I wasted dropping off and pickup the truck is not worth all the trouble.  The first time I got the car repainted - they left overspray all over the truck and I had to have it clayed and paid 200+ to have it removed.  Second time was the same thing, oversprayed and then heavy swirl marks that was highly visible since my truck is black, the swirl mark looks like white stripes across the car.  Now the third time, no oversprayed visible but still, it has heavy swirl marks on the hood, looks like the hood oxidized where the swirl marks was... all extra money I have to spend to correct what was originally a bubble in the paint.  - AGAIN, skip this dealership!!!

Jill P. | 2006-05-13

By far the BEST car buying experience I've ever had.  I would highly recommend this dealership to anyone.   I bought a used Mini from them - my sales rep, Slava, their Internet Sales person couldn't have been more responsive, helpful or understanding.  Case in point, I had brought my own financing and once the deal was done - they realized they had found me a better interest rate.  They called as I was half way home and asked if I wanted to come back and sign another contract.  Now that, my friends, is service.  A lower interest rate meant nothing to them... I wasn't even buying a Honda!