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Formula 1 Motors

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(408) 248-3300
Address:3896 Stevens Creek Blvd, San Jose, CA, 95117
  • Monday: 10:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 10:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 10:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 10:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 10:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 10:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Sunday: 11:00 am - 7:00 pm

Reviews on Formula 1 Motors

Dt T. | 2015-03-30


I purchased a SUV a month ago and the vehicle was missing Owner's Manual, along with tools for the spare tire and floor mats. I was told to come back in a few days after the purchase, as they were getting another similar make/model in and would just scavenge those items off the new vehicle. Of course the vehicle does not arrive for 5 days, then was told that the colors do not match so they will need to order the mats, which should arrive in 24-48 hours. It has been 3 weeks and countless calls later and the mats still have not arrived, but always told 24-48 hours. Never a return call, differing stories depending on who you speak to, empty promises and false assurances is the strategy deployed. Yesterday I was told to come by and pick up all my items. Today, I am told that the mats will not arrive for another 4 days, and they even have a tracking number.

I can't stress enough to potential buyers when considering this company.

They are very quick to take your money, but once that transaction is complete, they can care less about any promises or considerations made at time of purchase. People I have deallt with: "Mike" the owner was quick in calling me "personally" to close the deal, but no response from him to date. Farzhan, the finance manager with empty promises and little follow thru. "David" the consummate salesman with the "I only do my job" response.  


Michael L. | 2014-12-28

Yes you can expect some level of salesmanship and tricks from car dealerships and this one is no different but the bottom line was that I walked out with what I wanted. The manager came in to congratulate me on buying a car with a warranty, which I'm sure they must take a cut of before asking whether I wanted the warranty. I looked at the warranty and it really covered nothing important so I told him to take it off the price. However, I did get the car I wanted and I admit I didn't do as much price research as I should have prior to going but I had a rough idea of what the car costed. Because the price was way under my budget I decided to walk out with it which was actually a good play even though I wasn't completely sure if I got ripped off. Turns out, i researched and compared on Autotrader later and the price was very fair and reasonable. Not only that, I complained about a couple of things that annoyed me and they agreed to fix them. They ended up replacing the radio for free as part of the sales contract, which is actually quite an expensive part for my car (the dealer quoted me $640). My oil level was full and the tires also looked new when I bought it so they do take care of the vehicle. So overall I'd say I came out OK and the car still runs well so I'm satisfied.

alex n. | 2014-12-20

I just bought a 2013 Mercedes E350 from these fine gentlemen! They are totally professional, gave me an awesome deal, and made a family member very happy!!!These guys were great from the beginning. My experience was quick and painless. I received a very good price on an excellent vehicle. EXTREMELY satisfied customer! Ali was Great! I would recommend coming here to my family and friends for another used quality used vehicle. I saved thousands from buying new. HAPPY, SATISFIED CUSTOMER ALL THE WAY!!!!!

Janet W. | 2014-10-09

Freddie was great and pleasant to deal with. He told me he'd get me in my car for what I wanted for my car and he did!

MO W. | 2014-10-01

This place is horrible!  I called in advance about a range rover told them the price I wanted the car for and after arriving and test driving the vehicle they lied and tried to get 4K more out of me for the car. Asked for the car fax 3 different times, never received it. The salesmen are slimy especially Freddy. Typical salesperson full of crap and will waste your time. AVOID this place at all costs.  The other reviews are fake!

M N E. | 2014-09-18

Great place. The folks were honest and not pushy. They answer all your questions without giving you the typical 'salesy' run around. Easy to get a hold of and they work as a team. I would highly recommend this place!

Tanya R. | 2014-09-16


Awesome!  Very easy process.  About 2 months ago... Buying is one thing, but what about after I buy? A. Are they still helpful? B. Care? C. Easy to get a hold of? D. Keep their word? E!! All of the above!! :)
Super chill environment.  All the guys are extremely helpful, knowledgeable on their inventory,  and work together as a TEAM! I worked plenty dealerships in sales and finance, but I never mentioned knowing the biz. . Cause let's be real... "You can't trust these Salesmen..  They're Salesmen."
THESE guys though- this team is very upfront and honest. AND I'M A LADY! I've worked alongside plenty men talking like girls dont know anything- "they got this sale". (Trust me; I started out playing 'dumb' too.) Well these boys all looked out for me like I'm their sister/friend and didn't try to take advantage. They didn't lie or be sneaky... everything was open- on the table and no pressure. They helped me find the best car for my needs. They mentioned great options and advice that I didn't even think of... Glad I listened! Very happy! I was very comfortable with the whole experience..They all have a cool attitude and motivated energy... very helpful and nice! AWESOME SERVICE AND EXPERIENCE PROVIDED GUYS! THANK YOU!! :)
Very much recommend this spot. ..they worked hard to get me what I wanted...Very cool Formula1- thx!

Stephanie A. | 2014-06-29

too thise out there stayyyyyyyy away from thid dealer hes a lier cheater theif etc etc the worse dealer in bay area

Karen D. | 2014-03-21

Avoid this place at all costs.  They almost cost me and my daughter our lives!  We had a great first experience so confidently bought our second car from them three months ago.  We tried to work with our previous salesman but were passed over to another salesman, David.  David showed us an Infiniti which suited our needs.  Mike, supposedly the owner, worked with us to complete the purchase.  I noticed within a week or so that the brakes sounded like metal on metal so I called David.  The person who answered the phone, Ameet, took several messages - none of which ever reach David (or at least that is what David says when we finally do speak with him).  Mike is never available when we call for one reason or another.

I was finally able to get David on the phone and he told me to bring the car back, we'll take a look at it.  After driving from Walnut Creek to San Jose three times to get them to look at the car, David tells me the mechanic inspected the brakes and "they are fine ma'am, 45% left on front brakes, and 35% left on rear brakes.  The sound you are hearing is the metallic brake shoes - they are supposed to make that noise."  WTF??? I've never heard such a line of bs in my life and I told him so.  

Two weeks later, my daughter and I are cruising down 680 at about 70mph when we hear something fall off the car.  Thank god there was no traffic because THE BRAKES HAD COMPLETELY FAILED!  Turns out the front left caliper had exploded, draining all brake fluid and rendering the brakes effectively useless.   It had been frozen for some time according to the mechanic I took it to, something that would have been noticed by even a novice mechanic if they had actually looked at the brakes.

Ameet screamed at me when I called to tell them what happened and refused to give Mike (remember, he is supposedly the owner) my message.  I have yet to receive a return call from anyone in the company.  

Juliette C. | 2013-09-15

Wow. I don't know where to start with all the great things about this place!! The staff is excellent and will help you in all ways to get you a great car same day! I had spent almost TWO days trying to work out a deal with Beshoff Mercedes. When they shot my credit applying to banks I was hopeless. I saw a car I liked on this lot, a 2009 C300 flawless condition with additional features for a great price. Mike, the finance manager, and David the sales manager, are a great team. I will definitely refer friends and family here as well as buy all my future Mercedes from these good people!!!

Elise H. | 2013-08-12

Bought a Land Rover here under the impression of a car in excellent condition.  Within 1 month, the car requires $4,000 of repairs.  The dealer claims their mechanics can fix it, however do not have the proper machines to do so.  Would not agree to help with costs from Land Rover.

If you buy a car here, have a full inspection done at an independent dealer first.  We learned our lesson the hard way.

I would never buy a car from here again.

Chinh B. | 2013-08-06

Bought an IS350 F Sport from these guys, amazing price, excellent car, extremely satisfied customer.  

From a business perspective, the building they house their offices in looks slightly run down, but don't let superficial gimmicks deceive you. These guys are in no hurry to force a car on you that you don't like and could care less if you buy from them or not (in a good way). No pushy sales guy here.

AMAZING SERVICE. These guys are genuinely nice people and made my first car buying experience PLEASANT! They promised me a second key, detail, and touch up of a large scratch i found on the car, IN WRITING.

Last thought, they're willing to admit they don't know anything about the car, no bs like this car is bla bla bla bla that you usually hear.

Next car shopping experience definitely starts here.

Gosling B. | 2013-07-14

Was seriously looking for low miles European car. I went there dressed casually with family, the Insane guys did every possible thing to chase me out the lot. Told me to go to Audi or BMW dealership to get the car....!! Why the hell you opened the shop if you wanted to direct people to car dealership??

Totally support Om M's review as I too fall in similar category.

Horrible experience at this place..!!

Jay O. | 2013-05-15

Beware of this place! I spent 5 minutes here and that is all I needed to know about the place. I was approached by a salesman after a couple of minutes looking at  a used lexus with 15k miles and the first thing he said was he gave me a price that was $3000 over the internet/sticker price. I guess he must think only idiots from the stone age shop here. Well of course he made some lame excuse about being off work (so now he is just an incompetent salesguy spitting out numbers) btw most of their cars dont even have prices on them and we ended up walking away. They were selling this used lexus at the price of a brand new one! Of course I made the mistake of driving across the street over here at formula 1 so I went back to the Lexus of Stevens Creek where I was treated with some actual respect and I got a brand new lexus for less than the price of this used lot. Terrible terrible service.

Om M. | 2013-05-01

Man quite a few planted and fake reviews it appears...

To keep it short just don't come here if your young, dressed very casual(I was wearing a programming t-shirt), and especially on the weekends...

I work in tech, am kind of young, make more money than I know what to do with, work insane hours, and want to blow some money on benz,I  finally took a saturday off to help my family clean our shed, and am dressed really casual and head here to look at a benz I wanted...

Man they tried there best to get me off the lot, it was ridiculous. I have very thick skin and could not care less.

I asked to test drive a car to which I was asked many times if I was sure I was sure I wanted to until finally they relented, the first person I spoke with was definitely polite I will give him that.

Then some guy came, asked me what I did and completely did not understand what I said, told me I could only drive around the block, which literally took even less than 30 seconds. I asked my brother in the back seat what he thought(he does not even have a license he has a permit) and my brother says its nice but you did the research, to which the dealer starts cracking smart remarks about how there is no research to be done.

The car cost 25 grand, it is a german automobile, most people research everything these days, seems a little senseless someone would not research that purchase.

They basically chased me off the lot and said come back when we are less busy very clearly implying you do not look like a real customer so stop wasting our time.

Very disappointing experience for someone who was serious about buying an expensive car, could not get a test drive without being interrogated for a 30 second ride around the block by an arrogant employee. I recommend you hire some more people for the weekends, and no I do not plan on coming back later, I would much rather blow thirty gs on craigslist then have to deal with unprofessional service.

Fatemeh K. | 2013-01-07

If you're looking for a fabulous luxury car then look no further. Formula 1 Motors has a great selection of cars and amazing service. They definitely made my car shopping experience a lot easier.  I would recommend this place to anyone looking for to buy a car.

Darien D. | 2012-12-05

I was looking for a quality high end vehicle that I can rely on for the next few years.  I had a good down payment, but my credit was bad due to recession based investments.  I found a few cars of interest on Formula 1's San Jose lot.  I was immediately greeted by David.  I didn't expect friendly service because I was dressed in workout gear.  David was friendly and informative.  

I expect a salesman to be a salesman.  So, whenever I get friendly conversation from a salesperson, I'm always cautions of the intent.  It wasn't until after my purchase that I realized David, Mike (The owner), JC (Hayward location), David (hayward location), and their staff are genuinely courteous.  

My loan was not easy to fund. Mike was very open and honest about all the challenges.  There was a point where I was approved, but was going to choose another dealer and they politely gave my deposit back to me.  At that point, I realized I prefer honesty, direct conversation and knowledge over price. I could have saved myself 4k going elsewhere.  But, I rather work and buy with people I can trust.  In the car sales business, that's not easy to find.

I recommend this company.  I'm a real customer.  I would have given a 5, but for a few minor issues that got worked out.  I searched at least 10 dealers from san Francisco, redwood city to the south bay. These guys have the beat quality cars on the secondary, pre owned market.

Roxana F. | 2012-07-16

Look nowhere else if you're hunting for a nice car. My husband and I have been through our share of cars over the past years. After looking and test driving various cars for a month we decided to stop by Formula 1. Hands down the best dealer we've had the pleasure to work with. The dealership had a great amount of inventory. The team as a whole was very friendly, easy going, helpful, highly professional and knowledgeable. They helped us find the car we wanted, Mercedes ML350, with the specific features and options we were looking for at a very reasonable price.
Overall the process was awesome. We were very happy with the experience and would highly recommend Formula 1 Motors to family and friends.

Giovanna S. | 2012-07-12

I searched online all over to find the BMW I wanted and found it through Formula One. Once there I found them to be very lady friendly - not sexist like many other dealerships can be. The transaction was easy, copmpetetive pricing. They weren't pushy with financing add-ons, and warranty options. I had a light go on for my tire pressure after driving around and took the car back to be checked. They gave me a loaner car for the day and took care of the issue right away. I'm happy with the service provided and definitely recommend this place.

Mister H. | 2012-05-04

So i have been looking for a bmw 5 series preferrably a 528.. I am in the automobile business myself. For a big corporation, not a little pot lot like Formula 1 Motors.
The number one thing the company prides themselves on is taking care of the client and working with them..

So i called Formula 1 Motors to talk about the price of there 2008 bmw 528 which wholesale books for 22238 and they are selling it for 25995. Which is a rip off.  Everyone knows You can buy those at auction for 3 to 4 grand back of wholesale. But me being in the business i was willing and able to pay a profit to them. I offered them 23995 plus license and tax.
First off I got no call back and that was yesterday. Then i had to call them today and this is what the salesman said .. No not interested.  To top it off when I talked to this salesman yesterday about the financing which I know alot about. He proceeded to tell me that he has been in the business a very long time. probably longer then me . He doesnt even know who I am or anything about me . and its clear as day just by talking to him that he isnt very successful in his line of work.  
These people didnt even work with me and im in the business . .It like a code. If you are in the business you take care of eachother.  Not these guys. They are the exception.  They didnt even work with me . So i am going to take my business elsewhere.

So if you read yelp. Please dont go to this place. They are not very good on the customer service side and there salesman are ignorant.


Erick N. | 2012-05-03

Sadly, I have to give this business 1 star. I decided to come here because I saw an ad for the exact package and color on a car I wanted. I rolled into the dealership and didn't see anyone, so I decided to take a look at the car myself. After inspecting it I realized one of the sales representatives was standing close to me. He didn't welcome me or asked if I needed help, instead he stood there and gave me looks. I felt as though instead of being helped I was being watched to make sure I didn't do anything to the car. In the end I didn't receive any help. What's funny is when I started walking back to my car the sales man saw it and asked if I needed help. I simply replied, "I did five minutes ago". If you're the salesman who was mugging me and you're reading this don't judge a book by its cover, because I was pretty set on purchasing the car.

Carter W. | 2012-05-01

I am not a fan of buying cars.  I always find the process full of stress and worry.  Let's face it, we car buyers don't do this for a living.  

I was in the market for a nice used car, well maintained, priced fair for my wife.  We were trading in a nice car with low miles but we decided that we needed a little bit larger car.

We drive by Formula 1 often as we live nearby.  A nice Mercedes on the front line caught our eye and we stopped in to check it out.  Long story short... we settled not on the Mercedes, but rather a beautiful BMW 645ci convertible with very low miles.

Salesman Pete showed us all the features and test drive.  We took some time and later returned with our trade.  We then met David and Mike (the owner) and by now I was getting concerned because not once has anyone given us the full court press.  Sure they wanted to sell a car, but these guys are pros.  They never once pressured us.  We were able to take all the time we wanted and at the end of the process I was certain that I was making the right decision.

But here's the really good part.  A small hiccup occurred after all the papers were signed I discovered the next day.  I say small, but in fact it required quite a bit of effort to correct.  I was anxious because using my past experience with car dealers I knew this could easily spin out of control and turn into a weeks long argument.

David, to say in a word, is a true professional.  He calmly handled the problem with such grace and compassion that I was stunned.  To the point that you find me here writing this review.  I'm not a letter writer.  But I did want to share with folks that may be looking for their next dependable pre-owned ride that you should give these guys a competitive look for yourself.

As for me?  Absolutely I will return for any future car needs, and I will tell anyone who will listen to take a look at Formula 1 in San Jose on Stevens Creek.

Lenore L. | 2012-01-31

I'm going to agree with the first reviewer. I was looking at a Lexus GS 350 yesterday that had scratches surrounding the entire car. I was told the buffing guy could use touch up paint and buff and I would never even know the scratches were there. To my knowledge that is not possible These were pretty deep scratches, some of them. I wouldn't have even had this car out there before "buffing out the scratches". And still be asking the same price as the same model/year/mileage as other dealers who have vehicles that look almost brand new. The salesman was nice enough to call me to tell me I had left my CD in the IS250 they convinced me to drive, saying I would like it just as much. Not even close.
I did feel like once the salesman knew I probably would not be purchasing a car he was no longer as  personable. There was no response to my chattering or comments on the car. Just brief sentences that lacked any warmth. Yes, I do prefer salesman who are personable and exude some warmth. They are out there, and I will try to give them my business. Stevens Creek Toyota is full of these guys. Jun and Rene are awesome; I hope they ultimately make the sale for me.
Last thing, the car had a huge 2008 sign on it. It's a 2007. The manager seemed only slightly surprised when I pointed it out. I don't know what that means, but I left that place feeling like I was lucky not to be scammed and I will not be trusting them with my personal information or a huge purchase like this.
Sorry guys. That is my opinion.

Tina D. | 2012-01-11

Very happy with my purchase from them...  The guys are great there....  I would have to say this is one of the best car purchases ever and this is my fourth car that should say alot....They have alot of nice cars to choose from... I have already recommeded my close friend of the family and she has also bought a car from them...

Mark M. | 2011-11-10

My wife and I just bought a $55K + car from Formula One Motors of San Jose on Stevens Creek this month. This would be our ninth car we had purchased from this company. The sales experience as usual was unparalleled to any other dealerships and price we got for the car we wanted was by far the best anywhere in Bay Area. When we walked in, we were greeted by the owner and he immodestly remembered our name and type of car we had purchased from his other dealership couple years back. That to me was a sign that this guy really cares about his customers! He took almost half a day to make sure we are satisfied with what we picked out and we never at any time felt him or his sales team were pressing us in shape or form. Believe it or not, we spent three full day visiting other dealerships in San Jose prior to going Formula One just to acclimate ourselves with prices and cares out there. Almost every single dealership we visited were either too incompetent to sell cars or way too aggressive in their sales techniques!  Both my wife and I felt none of the 15+ dealerships we visited really cared about customer service or what we wanted. One of which we though was the most incompetent was Sunnyvale Ford. All they talked about was how we needed to say good things about them when we receive a survey call from Ford Motors. The salesman had no clue whatsoever about any of the vehicles. Every technical questions we asked him ended with "I think so" and not let me find out for you.. At last when we visited Formula One Motors, we were pleasantly surprised with the knowledgeable staff of a "used car dealership" versus a large Franchised Dealership who claims all their sales staff had go through weeks of training prior to actually selling.. Yaaa right!!!  

To make the long story short, we encourage anyone who is looking to buy a car to stop over at this dealership before wasting their precious time and hard earned money at any other dealership. Not only you get fantastic service, you also get the best price in town without the high pressure sales which everyone hates.

Two thumbs up to Formula One Motors and their staff for their quality service and vehicles!

Jiawei T. | 2011-10-31

Formula 1 Motors just opened this location. While I hate to give a new business a bad review to start with, I simply cannot overlook what observed.

I saw an ad for a Honda S2000, called and spoke to David, the manager, who said it was great and that there is absolutely nothing wrong with the car. I stopped by to take a look. The place was quite impressive - they deal in lots of late-model Benzes and BMW's. Now typcially, cars on used lots go through a safety/functional inspection prior to sale. Having done my research, the first thing I noticed was that the wheels were from an earlier model and were smaller, with wrong sized tires. Ok, understandable - the prior owner may have sold his nice wheels and bought these off Craigslist. Then I was floored when I saw that all 4 tires were different brands! Okay, if front/back were different, I could understand, but this is a definite safety no-no as far as I know. On the test drive, the car tracked straight, but pulled hard to the right under acceleration. There were also some other minor problems, but I'll spare the details.

The manager David and salesman Pete were pleasant and I have no complaints personally. But I am shocked that a dealer (not to mention one who deals in "high-end" cars) would even try to sell this car in its present condition. To me, it wasn't a big deal - I was in the area. But if I came a long way just to see this car, I'd be pissed. But here is the thing. If they overlook such a glaring problem, what other problems are lurking in their other cars?

If you are considering buying a car from them, I recommend an independent pre-purchase inspection (PPI) and ask if they include a guarantee.


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