FJM Truck & Trailer Center in San Jose, CA

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FJM is a comprehensive Service Center located in the heart of Silicon Valley. FJM offers a full range of services, including truck and trailer sales, trailer rentals, and truck and trailer repairs. We service and repair all makes and models and perform major and minor repairs including, electronic diagnostics, engine, transmission, differential, brake and clutch repairs. We focus on preventative maintenance programs, and can perform your annual smoke test. Fleet maintenance is our specialty.

FJM has two "Quick Lube" bays to promptly meet any of your oil change and preventative maintenance needs. We also specialize in welding modification or fabrication. FJM has a steam cleaning facility on-site and offers towing and emergency roadside assistance.


Established in 1983.

FJM Truck Center was founded in 1983. FJM has been successfully developed into San Jose's premier independent truck service and repair provider. The two-acre facility is located near the Highway 101 and 880 interchange.

In 2000, FJM opened a full service truck dealership to take advantage of the tremendous growth in the market of truck sales. Since establishing the business in 1983, Mr. Mangione has increased service, repair, and truck sales by $4.1 million and client base by 900 percent.

This solid expansion and growth rate have been bolstered by the unprecedented market growth in the Silicon Valley region of California. The business continues to monitor and balance it's customer base to maintain constant expansion in the industry.

FJM Truck & Trailer Center

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(408) 298-5110
Address:1535 Industrial Ave, San Jose, CA, 95112
  • Monday: 7:30 am - 5:30 pm
  • Tuesday: 7:30 am - 5:30 pm
  • Wednesday: 7:30 am - 5:30 pm
  • Thursday: 7:30 am - 5:30 pm
  • Friday: 7:30 am - 5:30 pm
  • Saturday: Closed
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on FJM Truck & Trailer Center

Chris W. | 2014-12-31

Very helpful with setup, very thorough process.

Dennis knew his stuff - price was good.

Jeff G. | 2014-10-31

I bought a trailer for work , a dump with a manual hand hydraulic lift , it works great and no problems . I bent the leg lift on a job site and needed it replaced they replaced it right away and it was bent so bad they had to cut it with a torch ! I read some other reviews and frankly people crack me ,up this is a working business place ,where guys work hard and service the industry . Everyone has to wait in line sometimes and it's not fast food you can't always get in and out. I recommend them to everyone who's sensible about reality and needs the tools to get the job done !

Christina D. | 2014-10-17

Martin is the man . I had a situation that was complicated and he helped me with great compassion and costumer service. Price was great. I couldn't have asked for any better business to help me. Thank you all who helped make this happen. God bless

Neil A. | 2014-04-03

This place is excellent. Honest and high quality. I won't let anyone else touch my diesel F250. Plus I bought a trailer here which is also awesome. If you need service. Call Martin in the service department. Very knowledgable and honest.

Hiroyuki I. | 2014-03-20

Really carful guys
I got estimate $9000 and some one in my international box truck
Less than $2000
They spend ten days to just diagnostic
And this San Leandro dealer fixed in one days

Lora R. | 2014-03-05

Meh, indeed. We purchased a great trailer. We had service that was mildly timely...paperwork was fast enough alright, but the rest was ho-hum slow going.

The gentleman that helped us was fairly knowledgeable, but seemingly bothered by having to, uhhh, well, work. We had some questions, they did get answered.

Price was fine. Not good. Not terrible. Luke warm. And NOT luke warm in a Goldielocks "juuust right" sort of way...

So. Meh. Customer service was lacking, but if you're not looking for sales persons that understand that the sweet spot is in the experience, and you simply want their product...sure, I recommend them. But if you seek finesse and a sense of "they give a gosh darn about me and my needs", go elsewhere.

Jeffrey D. | 2013-10-15

Watch out for these guys, they will try to nickel and dime you to death.

I will not be returning here, ever.  They wouldn't honor their own tire coverage and then kept tacking on item after item to replace or repair on my dime. After looking up the price for the parts they said needed to be replaced their price was almost double.

Getting a second opinion turned up that they were full of crap.  Half of what they said needed to be repaired was in correct operating order and only needed minor adjustment not full replacement.

Also their trailer prices are about $500 to $1000 more than other PJ trailer dealers.

Shop around, these guys are not the ones you want to do business with.  Luckily I didn't buy my trailer here.  I won't be bringing my trailer here for service either.

Christopher T. | 2013-10-05

Just bought a new utility trailer. Talk to Dennis. Had a great experience. Price seemed reasonable and service was great.

Philly A. | 2013-08-27

these guys are one of the best... they took in my trailer and took care of what i needed to complete my job... thanks to martin... danny.. chris and rick... hats off to u guys!!! Definately will be back for future business

Mike B. | 2013-03-29

I don't understand why the negative reviews but I had a great experience with FJM.

I have a 1999 Ford Explorer and U-Haul won't rent a trailer to a Ford owner. (I guess due to the roll over incidents during the 90's)

So I went to FJM today.

I rented a small trailer for $33.

They are A LOT cheaper than U-Haul.  By a few hundred dollars.

Word of advice? Use tie down straps.  It would prevent your items from shifting during transport.

Believe me; it is a great $20 investment.

I bought my tie downs thinking that I won't be needing them

But I did.

I will be renting from FJM again.

But why not 5 stars?  They are not open during the weekends.

Raj D. | 2012-12-07

F**K these guys, I rented an enclosed trailer from these guys and in the inside there were metal sidings in the front corners that were rigged on with staples. Naturally when hauling equipment in these trailers things are going to shift around so these metal sidings got pushed in because of the poor quality of them.  When I came to return the trailer they said it was completely damaged and that I needed to pay for the repairs which they said it would cost $600... are you KIDDING me??!!!  $600 to staple on some metal sidings, I told the manager I would do it myself but he said he wouldn't accept it so I told him the most I would give him is $300 and still he was like uhh the lowest I can go is $350.  Also they don't have insurance for their trailers.  There guys are a joke, do NOT go to them for business!!!

Paprika C. | 2012-08-29

I searched far and wide for a 24' deckover trailer without a dovetail to build a tiny house on, and couldn't find it anywhere. Diego at FJM found a manufacturer able to fabricate the large size I needed. He stayed in touch with me throughout the order process and his estimated price and delivery date were precisely on target, a rare result these days! The price I paid was competitive and right in my expected range and the service was friendly and attentive. There was a slight hiccup when we arrived to pick it up because the manufacturer didn't get the wheels and tires fully ready, but the service guy in the yard was super friendly and helpful as he quickly fixed things up and got us on the road. The trailer is exactly what I need, a strong and level foundation for a wonderful tiny house, and I will definitely shop here again.

George B. | 2012-08-20

This place is awesome.

I used to rent trailers from U-haul. If you ever rented from U-haul you know the condition of their equipment is usually poor and reliability questionable at best. I've been a customer of FJM for four years, prices are great, service is spectacular, and they a good selection on trailers.

Diego: thank you for the great customer service. I'll be back.

C C. | 2012-05-04

Thanks to FJM Truck & Trailer Center (especially Robert and Frank) for quickly and accurately diagnosing ongoing issues I have had with my truck.  

I had heard from a friend that FJM has a great reputation.   After bringing my truck in having the repairs immediately fixed and it didn't cost me a fortune was refreshing.

I would highly recommend FJM Truck & Trailer Center for any repairs on any type of truck.  Their staff is extremely courteous, friendly and answered all my questions.

Janet T. | 2012-04-11

I was in need of a new trailer for my business so we went to FJM because we had purchased from them in the past.  We bought the trailer and ended up having a little problem with it.  I spoke to the owner Frank and he was very accomodating to make things right.  We were given a brand new trailer and we are more than pleased now.  You know you are working with a good company when they are willing to help you...after the purchase.  I would not hesitate to recommend FJM for all of your trailer needs.  Thanks, Frank.

Hany L. | 2011-10-05

I bought a 5x10 trailer from FJM about three years ago. Since then I have returned twice to have them repair an oil leak.

The first time cost me almost $200 to fix a seal. Immediately after the first repair I noticed the trailer was still leaking so I brought it back in a second time. This time they tell me it needed a new hydraulic pump and it would cost $600.

After hearing this I didn't understand why I was charged the initial $200 since it obviously didn't stop the leak. None of the unprofessional employees there wanted to explain why I was charged the original $200 if it didn't stop the leak.

Martin from FJM was rude and unprofessional. Every time I asked a question he followed with a laugh and then a vague explanation. I don't know how these guys stay in business.

I was sold a trailer that I was told to be of the highest quality. Three years later I have spent over $800 on repairs for it and I am still not confident the leak has stopped.

I regret buying my trailer from these guys. When my trailer needs more work I will definitely stay away from FJM. I recommend everyone else does the same.

Andrew C. | 2011-06-27

FJM had the best price for the size trailer I was looking for, a 5x10 utility/landscape trailer, for a weekend camping trip.  I was able to reserve on short notice and when I showed up late Friday afternoon, I found that they actually pulled a brand new trailer from stock for me to 'demo' for the weekend. I paid for the 3-day rental and bought a new tow ball which they were able to put on the shank for me.  When I returned the trailer first thing Monday, they actually refunded me for a day's rental, just because I brought it back so early.  Who does that?

Great service, great products, great price.  No need to go anywhere else.