Fairground Cars in San Jose, CA

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On this page you can find detailed information about the company Fairground Cars in San Jose, CA.

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Fairground Cars

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(408) 993-2277
Address:344 Tully Rd, San Jose, CA, 95112
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Saturday: 10:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Sunday: 11:00 am - 5:00 pm

Reviews on Fairground Cars

Igor G. | 2014-07-23

If i only could give negative amount of stars i would do it. I went there with my other half to look for the cars at the first the lady was helping us and she seem to be very nice. Until her manager got involved. I dont know what is wrong with him but he tried to get into my face about financing the car here i simply ask hi i am looking for 0 percent loan. He start calling me names and saying that i don't know anything and how the loan are made and that i am nobody to tell him what i want. All i can say i hope this manager learn hot to treat the customers but you lost a lot referrals and i also going to make sure i will tell about my experience everyone and everywhere. Even if it will only the place to buy a car I will not buy car here.

Olena S. | 2012-10-16

NEVER buy a car from this place!
Never! Don't even look at how nice they are and all that BS.
Never even go there!
Reason? Where to begin with...

We bought a car in May 2012 (5 month ago).
We paid around 12K for my 2004 Nissan Murano with 142,000 mls on it. In addition to car they recommended to purchase extended warranty (they are selling wheelz warranty). We paid for it because you buying used car, with high mileage you want to be secure. It promised a lot - engine group, transmission group, cooling, electrical and so on.   We were kind of skeptical about it. But paying almost $2K for warranty seams to be reasonable amount for 24 month. Of course - car is not new, there will be many more repair to come, but if something major will happened - at least you can save some money there.

So, as of today - October 16, 2012.
Car is towed yesterday to Nissan dealership. My coolant with brown-Ish mud was sprinkling all over. Didn't want to take a chances of engine overheat - call tow truck.  After looking at a car mechanic said
 - blown head gasket and possibly cylinder crack. Yes, you bought a car as is - and we understand it. And in this situation oil change/system flush was just not enough. Problem was there before we bough a car. So what mechanic recommend is to replace motor, as he is pretty sure it was overheated before. Bad news
- turned out wheelz not covering gaskets. And all labor related to it. So at this moments all blown engine-sprinkling coolant and possibly cracked cylinder is our responsibility. Estimated repair cost - $5k with USED engine replacement.
Yes, this car was my choice and I should have read all the "fine prints", but how do you expect people ever come back to your place and recommend it to someone else if you a paying a KBB value for a car in " very good condition" and 6 month later it cost you additional $5k for a problem that was there BEFORE you bought it?

Second - 6 month later I still haven't received my car registration. I called them many times asking where is my pink slip, and what should I do about it. And all they are saying - well, we bough it from auction, we haven't received a pink slip from them yet. And you can drive with that white piece of paper on your windshield that we gave you - you should be fine. Seriously? 6 month they don't have a pink slip from auction yet?? And they know I'm calling and asking about it and  I shouldn't worry - just drive you are fine.
Well, I can't drive - cause car broke and I can't register it even.

Bottom line - save your time, save your nerves and save your money!
All this smiling/chatting and buddy-buddy attitude gives you a falls impression that you can trust them.

Emilie A. | 2012-04-11

I was very impressed with Fairground Cars! Mario and Joe were great!! I didn't feel pressured at all, and not having very good credit, they really worked with me! I have been refering everyone that has been asking about my car to go check them out! Thanks again guys!!!

Emilie :)

Sagar P. | 2012-02-13

Great first experience here! Management was awesome. One of their salesmen, Mario worked very hard to get me out of there with my Firebird within hours of just showing up. I am very happy with the service I got and  the price. They do a lot to make deals happen and seem flexible with what you have. If you see a car you like on the lot at Fairgrounds, my experience would tell me not to hesitate at all and go for it. Glad to have done business!

Evelyn K. | 2011-09-26

This review is about my personal experience purchasing a car (versus other reviewers who did NOT purchase & reviewed based on their shopping-only experience). I think the fantastic service I received *after* they already had my money speaks volumes about the trustworthiness of this business.

I recently purchased one of their higher priced vehicles after seeing it advertised on one of the big online conduits. I searched high & low for the exact model in the exact color with the exact options I wanted from both individual/private owners & dealerships. When I found my perfect vehicle online at another dealer, it was quickly sold before I even had a chance to see it. This happened a couple of times so I knew that the next time I found my perfect vehicle, I had to act fast or risk losing it again. I did my homework, knew the product, & knew what the market pricing was for my vehicle.

When my perfect vehicle sprung up at this dealership, I was a little hesitant to buy a non-certified pre-owned car from a dealer (versus private party) & pay the dealer premium because I like value (nicer way to say "I'm cheap!") But unlike the big corporate franchise dealers (with their big overhead & franchise fees), I found minimal markup, even in the initial asking price. (I don't mind haggling & negotiating, but this should be refreshing for those that hate it.)

When I came to this dealership in my old car, I did not intend on selling it to them, so I did not bring the title with me. However, they offered me a surprisingly fair price & even offered to let me leave my old car with them for 2 weeks untouched while I drove my new car & thought about whether I wanted to buy back my old car for what they paid me for it (essentially a refund).  Afterward, I advertised my old car online & got no responses.  I also got the advice of a friend in the auto industry.  It turns out they gave me good, honest advice in telling me that I was better off selling it to them than trying to sell it myself.  When I was finally ready to hand over the title to my old car, they actually stopped by my house to pick up the title and paperwork because they were in my neighborhood & I do not live very close to their dealership.

Because of the speed with which I needed to buy my new car, I did not have enough time to transfer the necessary funds to my checking account before coming here.  I did not have enough cash in my bank account to cover the check (I did NOT finance) so they accepted my check for the full amount and agreed to hold the check until my very large deposit cleared!  When an administrative error caused a member of their staff to deposit the check 1 day too early, I promptly received an apology & a check reimbursing me for the overdraft fee charged by my bank.

My experience in a nutshell:
* I got unpressured, casual, pleasant, and honest service
* I got a great deal on my new car
* I got a very fair price for my trade-in
* My deficiencies were well accommodated, making my life easier!
* I did not have to spend an entire day at the dealership (like my sister and I did when we bought her car from a corporate franchise dealership with NO trade-in)
* I got a bumper-to-bumper (not just powertrain) warranty, new set of branded floor mats ordered from my local dealer so I wouldn't have to drive back here again, gas tank filled TWICE, car detailed post-purchase, & nice loaner car while my car was being detailed
* I was made to feel like a valued customer

Being a business owner myself, I know the value that a small business brings to the table & the importance of the owner's character.  Ed is "good people" -- he is a sincere, compassionate, & honest person.  Bottom line: if Ed makes you a promise, he will honor it.

Key Points:
* No frills facility (it's a huge dirt lot behind a chain link fence with a modest office facility, thus the low overhead)
* Honest used car dealer (oxymoron?!)
* Low haggle asking price
* Fair pricing for trade-ins
* Fast processing
* Can deal directly with owners who can make concessions
* Small business owners care about individual customers, who they hope will be repeat customers who also bring referral business
* Very accessible owner who answers/returns calls & reads/responds to emails promptly
* Great service AFTER the sale

* Avoid coming on weekends (staff is busy) & come on a weekday, preferably Tues-Thurs
* Bring necessary paperwork for your trade-in, even if you think you don't want to trade in
* For patient & courteous service, ask for Elizabeth. For fast & efficient service, ask for Joe.  Avoid Ali.
* GPS navigation sends you to wrong place! Entrance is on Monterey Rd, *NOT* Tully Rd!  Huge dirt lot (old fairground, hence the name) behind chain link fence next to the Holiday Inn Express at 2660 Monterey Rd, San Jose, CA 95111.  Look for "Santa Clara Paintball" because Fairground Cars' sign is hard to find.

I highly recommend this business, will shop here again, & will refer friends & associates.

The sword b. | 2011-09-13

Let me start by saying don't buy a car from these people!  From the gate I felt I was rushed and being pressured into buying a car that I just came to look at.  I took some time and decided to go back and buy the car.  Driving the car home (approx. 1 hour off the lot)  the low coolant light went on.  Got the car home and there was no coolant in the resevoir.  My husband later found out that it was a couple of miss matched hoses, but this explains why I didn't get much of a test drive.  I then tried to get a code from a couple of the managers there.  Each one told me they would call me the next day.  After about a week of getting ignored I took matters into my own hands and got the code myself.  I am now happy with my car, but wouldn't recommend Fairground cars to a friend.  Mainly because of the shity customer service!  If you do buy from here, try hard to avoid Ali, he is very unproffesional!

Schimen S. | 2011-08-09

- Negative 5 Stars Review:

I am not sure about their customer service or the way they treat their help.  I walked in there today to see about a car.  Their was no one at the reception area.  The first office to the left of the reception area was open and there was a male Fairground's manager loudly berating an employee.  It seems the manager did not care if there was anyone in the reception area while he reprimanded the employee.  He condescendingly told the employee that unless he (the employee) had a note from a doctor that stated that he could not be in the sun, he could not be inside...and if he couldn't get in touch with his doctor over the phone, then he should just go home.  It was very hot out today. I think the poor employee was suffering from heat exhaustion.  Either way his behavior was not professional.  If that's how he treats an employee, what does that say about his people skills?  The manager should be ashamed of himself.

Still no one came outside to assist me during this time.  I waited 10 minutes, until finally a woman walked past me.  She was going to continue to pass me until I asked for assistance.  After talking to her, I decided to take a generic business card.  During which time she started verbally fighting with the belligerent male manager (who by this time came out of his office) about who was in charge and who wasn't.  I had enough and walked out.  I am not sure if the owners were out of the office or on vacation.  I am sure they would be very interested in knowing how their staff treats potential customers or fellow employees.  I flung the business card out my car window as I drove off.

I will never recommend Fairgrounds Cars to anyone looking for courteous customer service.

Mr S. | 2011-04-29

So here's my story. Ived saved up along time to finally get a car I love. So I found it at fair ground autos on tully in San Jose. Ya they are friendly they really helped me out so I thought. I drove off the lot not even 200 miles and the clutch went out.I towed it to a shop that specialize on mustangs. They went to change the clutch  and it actully blew up. In by blowing up it also blew the inputshaft. It needed a whole new transmission. Also they told me its never been in an accident. Ha ha it's been smashed in the front. The radiator support is crushed into the ABS module. Then 3900 dollars later the chasis of the car bedded to be welded another 1k. I'm not done yet the night I drove it there was a clunk from the rear end JOE said he would take care if it. So I had the shop look at the rear end and boom it was literally the worst one the shop has seen. I called and talk to the owner Ed  and to Joe all they cared about was the money promised to them. It was in my account. The car took 5,100 in repairs just shy of owning it. I had a warranty that I bought the inspector came out like they do and denied the claim on grounds of it was there before I had a warranty.these guys are trying to sue me now Becase I had to put a stop payment on there check. Just remeber people when you do buy a car there is a lemon law no matter what they say. There is just strick guidelines.

J V. | 2011-01-11

This is not like any other dealership anywhere....the vehicles on this lot don't stay very long, they sell their vehicle from dealer to dealer weekly so if you see and like one of their vehicles then you better step up to the plate and make a purchase, cause that vehicle might be "Gone" the following week.
The staff is very knowledgeable about every vehicle on the lot and will guide you in the right direction in your auto purchase.

2 thumbs up to Fairground Cars

Vu H. | 2011-01-07

This is a great place to buy, trade,or even sell a car.  Traded in my vehicle for a newer one with absolutely no headaches.  Ed and Chris will definetely take care of you and will go to great lengths to get you into any car you want.  The staff that works for them are friendly and expediant.  But the best part was I have been rejected by at least 10 other places due to credit issues and these guys took my business with a fair deal. Ed is prior military and will help anyone who is active or retired without hesitation.  I have to say this is the first times I walked away from a dealership and did not have any buyers remorse or feelings of getting ripped off.  Hats off to you guys!

Moureen C. | 2010-11-24

I just bought a beautiful little Subaru Outback (previously owned) from Elizabeth and Joe at this small dealership.  these folks were wonderful to work with!! So easy and convenient.  They were willing to drive out to my central valley location and pick me up once the car was ready to go! Very pleasant office atmosphere and wonderful people here.

Frank D. | 2010-11-15

Ok.  These guys don't waste your time..  I seen the truck i wanted,  I told them about a couple of old trade ins I had.  Next thing you know the salesman gave me the price I was looking for and took these trade ins too.  It was an easy process and took 10x less than any car dealership. I have had the truck for a week and I love it.  No problems and I would tell anyone to buy a vechicle here.  Oh yeh good luck selling that 1960 chevy truck.

Darren M. | 2010-11-04

I just recently got a car from here! It is a new place so they are just getting everything situated, but with that in mind they still had great service! A friendly woman by the name of Elizabeth helped sell me the car and she was very knowledgable and was helpful with any question we had. I don't think I will be buying a car anytime soon, but if I were going to I would definitely come her again!