Euro Auto Imports in San Jose, CA

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On this page you can find detailed information about the company Euro Auto Imports in San Jose, CA.

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Euro Auto Imports

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(408) 885-9600
Address:1660 W San Carlos St, San Jose, CA, 95128
  • Monday: 10:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 10:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 10:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 10:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 10:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 11:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Sunday: 11:00 am - 7:00 pm

Reviews on Euro Auto Imports

Isaac J. | 2014-04-21

This place is shady! I got an 06' Chevrolet malibu a couple years ago (1st time ever buying a car from any dealership) the salesman which i had a couple of them assisting me were shady, i asked for an carfax report they were really hesitent about printing the carfax, after I told them i was going to walk out dude brings me 2 of 4 pages of the carfax and claimed their printer ran out of ink. (I mean really? Any kind of business out of printer ink = red flag) so i told him i want to take another test drive and check the car out for good so i drove the car it kept hoppung might've been the transmission the salesman who assisted me was real suspect just flat out snakes, i also questioned him "why does the gauge have the "check engine light"?? He kept telling me he will get that checked out by their mechanics blah blah overall horrible experience here i recommend you save your money and NEVER SHOP FOR CARS ON W. SAN CARLOS ST. I ended finding out that the Malibu was salvage titled, and majority (if not all) of their cars are lemon. Please do your research! Im surprised this dealership is still around. Smh scandelous ass dealership and salesman.

Rhea E. | 2013-10-02


I'll rate them a 3 cause I like my car anyway and they did help me transport it to a Caltrain station so I could drive back to Oakland then train down to pick it up. BUT THEY ARE LIARSSSSSSSSS with an extra rattle.

The story:

So I got in a car accident while traveling, needed to get another car within a few days. Was looking at 1990 jeep cherokees. They randomly had one that was pretty prestine cosmetically. Drove down to look at it, already had another one from craigslist that seemed like a dependable car albeit pretty dirty cosmetically, but about 1500 less.

As soon as I got there the saleman was like "you will love this car its perfect blah blah blah." I'll play the girl asshole but I probably know more about cars then you do. SO after assuring me that this car is perfect, going on again and again the car needs nothing while at the same time admitting he didn't know if any work was done on it and there were no records. But he would sell this car to his own daughter!!!! And after all is said and done I bend over to get something and he exclaims how hot I am. I bet you don't even have a daughter you fucking CREEPER. I hope you realize how I let you be a lying idiot. Whatever, I gave him an offer of 1800 for a 2700 price. Sure he exclaimed with all his excited salesman attitude! Well the boss said no, duh,

Well, I was there for awhile, the decision was hard because cosmetically it was in excellent condition, and it had all working power windows too, tires were at 70%, it was stick shift, which is semi-hard to find. But the engine was covered in oil and the air ventilation tube was taped into the engine right on top. Well, as an old car oil covereage isn't that big of a deal, so I talked to a 3rd guy who worked on it, and did the mechanical inspection. He was quiet, thought he was pretty decent and believed him, but he turned out to be THE BIGGEST LIAR.

He said, the car was bought at auction for 1300, they put in a few new interior things, PUT A NEW CLUTCH IN, and the tube that needed to be replaced assured me that it costs like 15 bucks at autozone. Well, I get back to LA and that part is not 15 bucks at autozone, it is a dealer part only and costs about 200 dollars. Plus because of it oil was all over my air ventilation system. So after the PCV valve or whatever and crank shaft and air vent, it was another 500 bucks. LIAR

A few weeks later my idol control started flipping out, and my clutch started being weird. Took it in to a very reputable and amazing shop in Berkeley. First thought maybe they changed the clutch but not the pressure plate or the other thing i forget what its called so that with a strong clutch the other weak component would wear out. Well with more digging they found a few missing bearings and rusted out part that points to definitely NO CLUTCH WAS EVER PUT IN. SERIOUSLY YOU ARE GOING TO STRAIGHT UP LIE ABOUT THE WORK THAT YOU DID ON THE CAR? I MEAN COME ON, ITS A 1990, IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE PERFECT BUT I'D LIKE TO HAVE CORRECT KNOWLEDGE ABOUT THE CONDITION OF THE CAR. SO RIDICULOUSLY DISRESPECTFUL. So here's another $1300 in for a new clutch kit and hydrolics repair. Plus fixing the exhaust which was not harnessed right and rubbing against the body.

After all this is fixed I think it'll be a pretty reliable car, but these guys just talk and trick you. They'll dress a car up cosmetically and leave you off with a bad engine. And this was a JEEP, on those german cars you are looking a pricey fixes.

Oh, and so when I made a deal on the car finally the boss gave me his credit card said ill buy you lunch and ppl at the office, so I went, and his credit card DECLINED. and didn't even pay me back. haha so i got conned into buying everyone lunch. and thanks for the empty gas tank too. You should change the name to Snake Oil Sales. I may even take back my comment of the creeper salesman because boy, was he quite the character for the job.

Daniel R. | 2012-11-08

i would give 0 stars if i could my wife and i just finished our law suit against this scammer dealership . they even went as far as changing there name they used to be know as Auto Connect . Do not come here they will SCREW you over they forged my wifes signiture on a whole new contract they we never even spoke of let alone agree upon . Also they use fake names and overall very bad people . they will lie as well and force you into something you dont want DO NOT COME HERE !!

Mel M. | 2012-09-24

I bought a 2006 Chrysler 300c SRT8 (66k miles on the car) from Euro Auto Imports back in January/February of 2012 for the amount of $20,000 with my $5000.00 down payment + $2000.00 on an extended warranty contract. Although I might know more than an average Joe when it comes to cars,  I still felt like I got taken from this dealership because of what I had to go through after purchasing from this dealership. When I purchased my vehicle, it was intended for a weekend/fun car as I have a car that I use for work commute so I don't rack up the miles on my new used vehicle. At this point, I thought I had an awesome deal with my affordable monthly payment.  After about 2/3 weeks of owning this car, I started noticing white cloudy smoke (not condensation) coming from the exhaust but the smoke only happens on every start up then it goes away almost immediately and the car doesn't ride funny or make funny noises but I know that this is not normal.

At this point, the car has only been driven only on the weekends and drive it very easy since I've purchased it. I then decided take my 300c SRT8 to Stevens Creek Chrysler to get my car diagnosed for the problem which cost me a flat rate of $145.00 dollars to do the diagnostics. After 1 day of diagnostic, the dealership said my PCV valve was bad (clogged) which caused oil to go into the intake manifold, intake tube, throttle body and exhaust system. I thought to myself that this would be a perfect time to use the extended warranty I purchased. After I had Stevens Creek Chrysler contact my extended warranty, they refused the claim and said it was only maintenance that needed to be done on the car. I ended up having to spend another $400.00 out of my pocket again on parts and labor to replace the pcv valve and to clean up where the motor oil went because of the clogged PCV valve where it wasn't suppose to go into. After spending money for all this work, the problem did not get fixed at all. I am frustrated at this point and feeling that I got a lemon from Euro Auto Imports.

The car at this point wasn't enjoyable for me to drive anymore knowing that there is something wrong with it mechanically. Because of this, after owning the car for only 5/6 months,  I decided to trade in my car for a black 08' Chrysler 300c SRT8 with 47k miles that I purchased from Stevens Creek Chrysler and I am now very happy with my car and purchase. A few days after I traded my 06' for my 08',  Stevens Creek Chrysler told me that my trade-in has a bad motor which is going to cost $6000.00 to repair before putting it out on the lot to sell. Even though I knew it had an issue, I didn't thow it had a bad motor but lucky for me that Stevens Creek Chrysler didn't hold me accountable for it.

My sales person at Euro Auto Import was Jim who was helpful but still doesn't make me happy having to spend all the unneccassry money to try and fix the problem and me loosing my $5000 down payment on a car with a bad motor.

If you guys at Euro Auto Imports are putting bad cars on the lot knowing that they got issues, you should be ashamed of yourselves. You guys should be inspecting all cars before putting them on the lot. If you are inspecting them and don't want to be given bad reviews on yelp, maybe you'r problem is not having good mechanics. I don't really know how you run your business but all I can tell you is my experience from you which is not great. Even if you provided me with decent service but  selling me a bad vehicle, that is more than enough for a bad experience with your dealership. All I can say is "Live and Learn".

Lets recap why this is a bad experience:

1. $20,000k spent on a car with a bad motor
2. $5,000k down payment down the drain.
3. $400.00 parts and labor to fix problem that didn't get fixed
4. $145.00 to diagnose the problem
5. $3,500k more spent on down payment on 08' Chrysler that I shouldn't have had to spend again by getting a new car because of this bad one.
6. The one star I gave this dealership was the ok service but I'm sure someone in that dealership knew I was getting a car with a bad motor.

A G. | 2012-03-01

A friend of mine was looking for a car and after going to multiple dealers came here and was able to finance even though his credit is minimal and what is on there is not good. The first salesperson we met with was not helpful, but afterwards he decided to talk to Pasha instead and worked out a deal with Pasha and Alfredo. After an issue arose we ended up dealing with Mike (the owner) and based on the reviews on yelp I was a bit skeptical that he was so easy to deal with and willing to correct the situation in a very fair matter. However his word ended up coming through and I am satisfied. Jasmine is also very helpful as well. If you are in the market looking for a car, to sell your car, or get a loan regardless of your credit situation I would come here and speak to Mike, if he is not available meet with Alfredo or Pasha - there is also an older gentleman there, but I dont know his name. I am thinking about selling my car eventually and would come here to get a new one

nastasha s. | 2011-11-28

I was in the market for a new car and being a first time buyer in a recession is not the ideal position to be in. My bf and I went here to just check stuff out and I found a lot of cars I would be interested in. After dealing with pasha, who worked out a great deal for my new dodge avenger, I couldn't be more pleased. I think everyone needs to keep in mind this is not Capitol Toyota, this is a used car lot. Every single use car is going to have its problems and as well have things that need to be worked on even of the car is new to you. Pasha got me new front and rear brakes, filled my fluids got my tires fully inflated and even replaced the caps on the tires so they would no disinflate and still is going to fix a few minor wear and tear issues. I am happy with my purchase and regardless of what the car might face as far as problems and future issues, it's inevitable with every new car and eventually with any used car. If you see a car there and you like it ask strictly for pasha. He is charming, knows how to please his customers and will make things work!

Kate V. | 2011-10-20

Not worth one star. I purchased a car here and it was worse than a LEMON! It had problem after problem and they wouldn't do anything to help the situation. On top of all of the problems that the car had, they never gave me the title to my vehicle that I paid for upfront with cash. I called multiple times, e-mailed, and even stopped in there with absolutely NO help. They just gave me the run around every time saying that the owner of the dealership had the titles and they would call me when he got there. Needless to say, I never got a call. Finally I just went to  the DMV, only to find out that there was supposedly a lien on the sale through some savings and loan that I had never even heard of (& I'd paid cash...SKETCHY!)  Long story short, WORST purchase in my life!! They are stereotypical used car salesmen-don't let them fool you!

Theresa B. | 2011-09-04

Before you consider buying, take a walk around the neighborhood and note how many cars they have parked on the street (in a three block radius in the surrounding residential neighborhood). It's even money that these cars don't run. How do I know? After they abandoned two cars in front of my house for over two months, I spoke to my neighbors and we agreed to call the Sheriff (again) about the abandoned vehicles. We've tried speaking to the dealership, but they are openly hostile. These guys  told the officer who responded (and chalked the tires to confirm that they were in fact abandoned) that the car had been sold to a "friend" but wouldn't run so they couldn't move it. Magically, it was gone the day before the Sheriff was supposed to tow the clunker, and parked two blocks away in front of a different house. These other reviewers who've had cars break down in the middle of the street, these cars just get dumped in the neighborhood until someone complains. Speaking to the other residents and comparing notes, I've realized someone in the neighborhood calls about one of their abandoned, broke down cars left parked on the street about every three to four months. They're also fond of driving the wrong way down San Carlos when moving their vehicles, double parking at the stop sign, and using all the cars on the lot as their personal valet service (hence the empty food containers and clothes in the cars) If you want a car that actually runs, this may not be the best place to buy one. If you want a clean car, this may not be the place. And if you want to be treated with anything approaching respect, really, stay away. Everything about this place is shady and creepy.

Daisy M. | 2011-08-05

The reason I give one star for this place is because I can't go any lower.

My friend bought a car here and the first week, the car broke down in the middle of street so she took it back. they told her that the car will be fixed. Anyhow, a long story short, she had to take the car back twice for the same issue. The car is still at the shop and she got a loaner from the dealer. A loan car which all the gage is not working. When she asked for a different loaner, they told her that she has to take whatever is availble. This loaner just died in the middle of street. She've almost got killed this morning. She tried to call the dealer, but @ 9:20am, no one answered the phone. The office is suppose to be open @ 9am.
Don't ever buy anything from this dealship. Only thing they sell is junk cars, and they service is terrible. If you want to rick your life, go ahead, but otherwise, stay away from this place.

Julianna M. | 2011-07-25

This place stinks! I found a box of Chinese take out in the back seat of one of their cars, and the guy wouldn't clean it out. When we walked up to the office it reeked of of marijuana. The dealer told us the price of almost every car was 15,000 dollars OR MORE, and he told us this was wholesale! I couldn't find 1 car that had less then 60,000 miles on it, might as well go spend the extra 5,000 and go buy a brand new car with a warranty, which they don't offer on any of their vehicles.

Over all this place is a rip don't waste your time or money.

Ashley N. | 2011-07-12

Im in the market for a car and I saw the deals they had online. So I called down to their dealership to speak to a rep and I let them know what I was looking for. he immediately told me to come down to the dealership even though I said I didnt want to waste my time coming. I asked if I can fill out an app online, and he told me NO to come down to the dealership and that his name was frank and then he hung up on me right away.... 30 seconds later im on here writing a review.

Karen Z. | 2011-05-12

they sold my friend a truck and the transmission went out on the 2nd day. they gave him a loaner  which broke down 2 blocks from the dealer . gave him another loaner and it broke down on his way to work.  he only knows a small amount of english and he was totally taken advantage of.

James J. | 2011-03-15

Yo, It was a Saturday and I was browsing around for cars when I came across this place. I was looking for a 2002 Infinity but ended up driving away with a 2008 Nissan Maxima. While I was there they worked to give me a good deal and they kept it straight up and fair. Even later in the week when I had changed my mind about the rims and tires they made it quick and painless for me to switch it back. My review is definitely that of a satisfied customer. Check them out, they'll do your right.

Schemika B. | 2011-02-10

Well, Well here we are almost three months later and we are still having issues with these people!!!! I swear this is the WORST experience I have ever had....

Joe C. | 2010-10-21

Buyer Beware!!!!

I was helping a friend buy a car and we stopped by this dealership.  They had the car she wanted so we asked if we could take it to our mechanic to have the car checked out.  They told her that she had to put a $400 deposit to take the car off the light.  1st sign of shadiness.   They told her that if everything didn't check out that she could have all her money back.  She took it to the mechanic and it had all sorts of problems.  she took the car back and asked for her money back and the scum dealer told her that her mechanic didn't know what he was doing.  They refused to give her, her money back and said if she didn't want to car any more that she would have to pay an additional $400 for a restocking fee.  She is still trying to get her money back.  DON"T BUY A CAR FROM HERE!