Doaba Motors in San Jose, CA

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Sell used cars,trucks,mini vans and cargo vans.


Established in 2000.

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(408) 422-2187
Address:478 E Santa Clara St, San Jose, CA, 95112
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Doaba Motors

Dipesh S. | 2015-03-11


I am another super unhappy customer from Doaba Motors. I purchased a Dodge sprinter van for my business from them almost 10 months ago. I have already spent over $8k fixing it time and again. Every month i encounter a new problem and when I take it to mechanic shops, they point to those who sold me this van, i.e.Doaba motors.

If you are purchasing it, service will go OK, not great. BUT if you come back with any complains/issues (even in 2 days of purchase), you will be unpolitely avoided for sure. Forget about customer service, this indian owner will straight deny any service/work with a big attitude unless you pay money even for mistakes that came from their sides. Also forget about any kind of  warranty/service on your purchase.

The OWNER is moving to Canada in few months and was saying he is looking for a buyer to sell his business, when we had a conversation. So good luck getting any service/help on your purchase.

In short, AVOID THIS SCAM BUSINESS.  I am also going to file a complaint to BBB soon, thanks to their terrible business.

Jeremy H. | 2014-12-19

I was in the market to purchase a Sprinter and Doaba had a number of them.  I called to ask if the Sprinter I was interested in had any problems and they said "no" it was clean, no issues.  Ok good sign, I asked for an inspection which they obliged and they dropped it off at a mechanic shop (the only reason I a (shouldn't DOABA have picked up on this?)  and there was an old air filter and a few other minor issues but possibly a major one too (but it was too cold to tell if the smoke coming out of the tailpipe was smoke or just condensed water).

Anyhow, I had spent my $125 for pre-inspection and decided to drive with my wife and baby down to San Jose from SF to take a look at the car in person and verify for myself.  I asked Doaba if they would consider dropping the price which they said no...but originally the price was based on everything working fine as they alleged.  I called before arriving and asked if Tam would be there and he said "yes".  I arrived and he wasn't there but showed up 10minutes later.  During that time I got into the van and turned it on and then off...when I tried turning it on again it wouldn't start.  Oh no issue they told me, we'll just jump it.  That didn't work.  Then they fiddled and tried a new battery and it finally worked again... Hmmm...suspicious.  Ok, Tam shows up and I point out that this is a little weird... oh no he says, everything is fine.  I point out that the AC isn't working... he says no, you just don't know how to turn it on... proceeds to fiddle with the AC and says there... you see.  The air blowing out of it was cool but the same temparature as outside (cool day)... we try another van and that AC is markedly colder... See I said...he contests this and says no it is working, at which point we walk back and it is blowing warm air.  He fiddles some more and gets the cool (but not AC) air to blow again.  He proceeds to tell me that if I don't trust him then I should walk away... which I eventually did.  But I had just spent 1/2 my day and $120 for the inspection.  

On top of this if you walk into his shop they are basically taking sprinters and "cleaning them up" externally.  New coats of paint, new bumpers, new rails, etc... but also hiding the bad underneath... who knows how much rust, etc. is hiding under the new paint jobs- All I know is I saw one van being ready to prep for paint and it had visible rust running down the outside... I'm sure in a day or two no one would know.  Caveat Emptor!  

I also asked for proof of a recent oil change (since the vans had no records)... he said Oh, we just did it last week.  Ok, can I see proof?  He said, sure, I can create a receipt for you but it will cost you $50.  You kidding me?!!!  

Anyhow, I would agree with the other 1 star reviews except for the fact that Tam dropped off the van at a shop that would do the pre-purchase inspection.  

Anyhow, my impression is these guys are like the van version of "house flipper" ... buy them dirty and cheap and cosmetically fix then sell...  Maybe not all of them but make sure you carfax and have a pre-purchase inspection by a AAA rated auto repair shop.

Velvet P. | 2012-08-21

Doaba is not the upstanding man you might think he is. Do not buy from him unless you want a car that is going to cost you more money than you paid for it. He sold us a car that had been tampered with (I know this now because we had to take it to a mechanic the next week because the check engine light went on). He fooled around with wiring so it would pass smog illegally and he sold it to us. The car worked for 4 weeks total. I have tried to contact him about getting the smog papers (which he never gave us), I have tried to contact him for information about the car so my mechanic can fix it, and he will not even give me that. This man is a crook. Please DO NOT buy from here.

Shay D. | 2011-12-29

I don't know about the other reviews but I had a great experience with doaba motors.
Over a year ago I purchased a cargo van for my work and I've never had any trouble with the van.
The owner was a nice guy and traveld with me to get the car checked before I made the purchase a nd was totally cool about it even though it took over 3 hours.
Thank you doaba motors!

Cris A. | 2010-06-04

This dealership sold a car with incomplete registration. After a month, DMV put a stop on the registration pending receipt of the original title. The buyers were not aware of this until they went to DMV last month. Original title was never received by the buyer. Now, the buyers are not able to complete the registration and cannot drive the car. Doaba motors claimed that they bought the vehicle from an auction in Arizona. 3 weeks after going back and forth with Doaba Motors, they are still claiming that the auction place hasn't sent out the original title to them. The reason for the delay according to Doaba Motors was that in Arizona, DMV offices are only open Thursdays and Fridays. When they buyer asked for the phone number of the auction place in Arizona where they bought the car from, Doaba motors did not provide. Beware of this dealership. They do not do business in good faith.

Heather S. | 2008-11-07

This dealership sold me a car with a clean carFAX report, but with substantial damage causing the car to be unsafe to drive. The dealership also did not honor it's 30 day return period.  I would never do business with this dealership again and am advising anyone to avoid this business.