DGDG Buy Center in San Jose, CA

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On this page you can find detailed information about the company DGDG Buy Center in San Jose, CA.

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DGDG Buy Center

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(888) 337-6015
Address:911-C Capitol Expressway Auto Mall, San Jose, CA, 95136
  • Monday: 10:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 10:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 10:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Thursday: 10:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Friday: 10:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Saturday: 10:00 am - 4:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on DGDG Buy Center

Dorothy H. | 2015-04-24

Went through DGDG Buy Center to sell my car.  I was given a fair price and made an appointment to go in.  I was not going to buy another car right away, but decided I needed to.  Found a used car I liked at Capitol Mazada.  Jeff was great brought my car to him and he drove me across the street while he appraised my car.  He calls to give me the final price, which, again, was fair for what  KBB said my car was worth. He said to make it easier on me we could do it all in one transaction, so I would not have to go back across the street.  All was great til this point.  What he neglected to tell me was that I would have to wait until my new car was funded before they would cut a check for me for the new car.  Finance guy even said, "I bet he did not tell you that"!  By this time it was getting late and finance guy at Mazda said once it was funded, which is the day it is approved,  a  check would be cut.  This all was on started on Thursday the 9th, so I figured by the end of the following at the latest, I would have my check.   Friday the 17th comes, and no check, so I send a follow up email and was told that the business office said my loan should be funded early next week.  Monday comes and I get my payment voucher for my new vehicle loan.  I decided to go online to set up account and see that had set it up on the 14th.  So I wait a couple more days and still no check.  Another email and this time told check is in for signature and will go in the mail today or tomorrow.  Here we are today, Friday the 24th and no check.  Not quite sure how they can take your vehicle and not give you the money for it, just because you bought another vehicle, which was 100% financed!  Anyway, because of their lack of communication, they have lost a customer and any kind of referral!!  Make sure ask questions, silly me for not!!

Patrick L. | 2015-04-17

Easy and quick to sell my car.  Ali and Jeff were great.

Darren L. | 2015-04-16

I brought my Scion XA down to the DGDG Buy Center after reading all the positive reviews on here. I was helped by Ryan Victor.  The process of getting the appraisal on my old car only took about 20 mins.  I thought the price they offered me was very fair given the low mileage of the car.  Since I still needed my car until I got a new one, I asked if I could possibly bring it back the next day which was a Sunday.  Even though they are closed that day and Ryan had the day off he said he could come in and meet me at the Buy Center and take my car,  I really appreciated him going above and beyond to help me out since it's difficult for me to make it down during the week. The thing I most appreciated about Ryan was his honesty and follow up.  You don't find a lot of that when dealing with large car dealerships.  Ryan was always calling me and letting me know where we were in the process of receiving my check. It turned out my wife needed to sign off on the car as well and Ryan actually took the paperwork directly to her work to have her sign.  He knew that I needed the money ASAP because it was going towards a new car purchase and I felt he did what he needed to to make me happy.  He even took the check directly to my bank and deposited it. That is what I consider excellent customer service. I can honestly say that if you want someone who will bend over backwards to make you happy and actually do what he say he will, then Ryan is your man.  I wouldn't think twice about selling another car to him.  The best thing was he got me even more money then he first quoted me.  Ryan is a great guy and DGDG is lucky to have him.
Thanks again for all your help Ryan!

Dale V. | 2015-04-15

Price offered is Fair Market value as opposed to dealer trade-in value.  Got the best offer compared to low-ball offers from several dealers I went to.  Efficient processing - appointment, appraisal,  paper work, test-drive, evaluation, etc - in and out  within 2hrs.  Also, a very good staff  to pull the deal through.

Rebecca N. | 2015-04-08

I bought my Chevy Volt from Paul Duran at DGDG. It was a great buying experience. We started the conversation over email. When I came in ready to purchase Paul provided me excellent service! He followed after my purchase to see how I was doing and if I had additional questions. Overall, it was a great experience. I will absolutely contact Paul for my next vehicle purchase.

L M. | 2015-03-07

I needed to sell my car but was procrastinating because I was dreading the process. I briefly listed it myself on Craigslist, but quickly realized I didn't want to deal with strangers, scammers and the weird email responses I got. Life is too short to take that on...

I wised up and called DGDG, thanks to the Yelp reviews. Ali Bayat answered. He was professional and extremely accommodating to my schedule. I dropped the car off, they evaluated it and offered me a good price. I thought maybe I could get a little bit more from the dealership where I planned to buy my car. I was wrong. The dealership nit-picked everything and offered me $1,200 LESS than DGDG. Thankfully Ali honored his offer. I brought my car back and DGDG handled everything. It was SO easy. Ali was a pleasure to work with -- way better than any prior car selling experience. Ali was honest and a man of his word. We made the deal on a Saturday but the accounting office was closed. We chose to have the check mailed to us. Any other place, I might have been skeptical. We received our check quickly and Ali personally reached out to us to make sure the check arrived! Talk about service. Ali went above and beyond our expectations. Highly recommend and next time I'll go straight to DGDG without hesitation.

Bill Q. | 2015-03-07

Sold my car here recently (worked with Ali Bayat) - I got a much better price here than the first dealer I went to, it was easy and they did exactly what they said they would.  I highly recommend them.

June G. | 2015-02-28

Thanks to David for reaching out and doing his best to get to the price i want.

Vance C. | 2015-02-22

I recently had the occasion to sell my Acura MDX to DGDG. I must say it was a very pleasant experience. I dealt with Jeff Howery and he made the entire process comfortable and easy. He was very professional and very nice to deal with. I feel they gave me a good price for my vehicle and were very fair. I am planning on selling another car to them in the near future as well.

I definitely recommend them!

Alex T. | 2015-02-19

Jeff Howery is the man to go to if you need to sell your car quickly for a good price. He walked me through the whole process of selling my 2011 Nissan and had me in and out of the Buy Center in about a half hour! No hassles, and I got the check that day! The whole team at the DGDG Buy Center is super friendly but Jeff was extra special.

Nooji P. | 2015-02-19

This is was my second visit at this location and must say this place is pretty amazing. Staffs are really friendly especially Casandra ( the manager) was very patient and helped me out to sell my sis car for the price I was looking for. My family was even impressed with her time management when she was suppose to get our check the next day. Over all This place is great to sell your car and hassle free. Kasandra makes it alot more easier and quicker.

My P. | 2015-02-18

Really impressed with the professionalism of Jeff Howery and DGDG.   When I posted my ad on Craigslist, Jeff called me and said interested in buying my car.   He puts me at ease in giving an honest assessment of my car value over the phone based on the Internet data on my car.   In the afternoon I took my car in for two test drives one by Jeff and the other by DGDG's technician Shane.  After the inspection and within one hour from the time I walked in, my car was sold to DGDG facilitated by Jeff.   What really cool is DGDG has the whole process figure out.  All the paperworks were done by DGDG including notice to the DMV, transfer of title.

I really recommend DGDG and particularly Jeff Howery to handle your transaction.  Jeff's manner is so good with the customer, very friendly and very competent in what he's doing.   DGDG gives you a fair price that is way over the Trade-in price at a car dealership.

Abigail V. | 2015-02-14

I worked with David Castellanos and it was such a smooth process. He had bought a car from my mother in the past and now it was my turn. I had an ACURA on Craigslist for over 6 months and was unable to sell it. I contacted David and not only was he professional but he tried the best he could to meet me at a selling price that was fair to me and that I am thankful for. I should have come to him much sooner but I'm glad I was able to work with him...I was in and out in less then an hour...go to David Castellanos he is amazing! Thank you...

Cat J. | 2015-02-11

I worked with Bobby to sell my Honda CRV in December. There were a lot of complications with multiple people on the title (who were out of state), mileage updates on the title etc, and he helped with everything. He worked directly for the DMV on my behalf to make the process as smooth as possible for me.  I may not have gotten the most for the car but it was much easier than selling to a dealer or an individual poster.

Michelle D. | 2015-02-08

Bobby Egan made the process of selling my 2008 Ford Focus an easy process. He took care of everything and made sure he was able to get us the best return for the car. He is also very friendly and I would recommend him to anyone who wanted to get a car sold as fast as possible! We were in and out within an hour or so and thought it would have taken half the day! Thank you Bobby and all at DGDG :)

David C. | 2015-01-31

Very easy with top notch customer service.  Ali and David are on top of their game and will do you right! Will come back again next time I need to trade in my car.

Vignesh V. | 2015-01-27

I wanted to sell my IS250 and so got a quick Auto-trader appraisal. The cash offer was fair to the KBB value. David Castellanos contacted me suggesting they may actually be able to offer more. Though I was not able to get back to him before the instant cash offer expired, he was able to schedule me in for an appraisal. The appraisal was very easy, painless and quick. He took my car for a test drive, did a complete inspection while he got me in touch with the ford dealer next door. Once the inspection was completed he gave me an honest appraisal and as promised gave me a good value on my car. There was no "push to sell" attitude or deadlines nailed on my offer. I went back a week later and everything was still good.

I would definitely recommend evaluating your trade-ins at the DGDG buy center.

Sean C. | 2015-01-17

DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THESE LIARS! I wish I could give them ZERO stars. I posted my Mini Cooper S Convertible for sale on Autotrader for $13,000.   DGDG called and tired to convince me to bring it to their buy center for a cash offer. I told them i was not interested because dealers always give low offers and i don't want to waste my time. They were very persistent, but I insisted that they make me an offer over the phone before i would agree to go their location.  DGDG took my VIN number and told me that based on their research, they could pay between $11,000 and $12,500 for my car depending on its condition.  I told them that i would not sell for $11,000 because the car is in perfect condition with tons of upgrades. They told me that if the car really is in great condition, i'd get closer to the high end of their offer ($12,500).   When i showed up, they agreed that my car was perfect, but they offered me only $10,000.  When i asked why they were now offering $1000 below their "lowest" phone offer, I was told that they "misspoke" on the phone by telling me my car's retail value instead of its trade-in value.  BULLSHIT. These assholes flat-out LIED to me just to get me in the door.

Katelyn L. | 2015-01-14

I am a working college student, went to them with my savings and needed a car, without problems! Main thing, because I literally don't have time to deal with them. Brought a car in November 2013, had problems from the very start, complained, then finally brought in for a oil change, and was told the tans was leaking, and sometimes else major with the gears as well (forget what they called it) they have my car for a total of 30 DAYS. Was in constant communication with the GM at Buick/GMC, Steve, and service manager, Ken. Then not 2 months later, the car completely dies on me at a stop light; started right back up but still.
Just had to turn it in today, 1/14 becuase JIFFY LUBE told me I had a trans leak, again!!! I want a different car! But don't have the money to take a loss on this pruchase. Put all my money into this, and I know I bought a lemon, but they won't buy it back from me so I can purchase something with no problems. I need help!

bikram g. | 2015-01-12

Took 30min to sell my 2014 Camry Hybrid XLE. I sent a note to them and was contacted by Ali Bayat immediately. Having done the groundwork, I knew what to expect - ~30% drop or more of car value in first year. The process was straightforward - Ali did an evaluation & test drive (10min). Gave me an offer and we negotiated a bit (10min). That happened to be the best offer among all places. I signed the paperwork (10-15min). They took care of everything including finance company paperwork for loan closure. Ali was nice enough to drop me home. An amazing experience.

Also I had a scratch in my car from the curb.. they were nice enough not to raise this as a concern. Overall it saved my time and had a great experience.

Mark G. | 2015-01-02

I took my pickup truck into the Del Grand Buy Center.  I had contacted them after submitting my truck to the AutoTrader Trade-In Marketplace.  David Castellanos replied and told me that they may be able to give me even more than the AutoTrader offer.  I made an appointment and took my truck to the Del Grand Buy Center.  Everyone in the building from the moment that I walked in was friendly and helpful.  David helped me immediately even though I was an hour early for my appointment.  He asked a few questions and test drove my truck with me.  Then I met Shane who is their mechanic that appraises the cars that are brought into their center.  He was very courteous and professional.  Within and hour I had an offer that was more than the AutoTrader deal.  I was told that a check would be ready in about 3 hours.  My wife and I went to a movie matinee and came back to pick up the check for the sale of my truck.

Awesome job Del Grand Buy Center!  Highly recommended!  Thanks for making the used car sale so easy and pleasant.

Dale W. | 2014-12-20

I wanted to sell my second car, a Mazda 6 s GT, and hoped to get an appraisal from the dealer where I purchased it. My salesperson suggested that I contact the DGDG Buy Center to get the best price, so I did. The car was already at the dealership across the street from the Buy Center, so David Castellanos brought the car across to start the process while I was at work. He contacted me to go over the numbers, and I said I wanted my salesperson (also a friend) to do that for me, and I would take any suggestions she might have after the process was complete. She happened to be off that day as usual, but he diligently continued to attempt contact until they did get together. I received a fair price for the car and as most other reviewers have said here, i did not have to haggle or go through any of the not so good aspects of selling a car privately. David was thorough, friendly, helpful, and went the extra mile to get me as much for the car as possible.

I went in on a weeknight after work and after a long commute, and signed the papers, and the check was ready the next working day, so I stopped to pick it up.

I highly recommend David, and also Bobby Egan. Both men are very professional and treated me with respect. We had some very pleasant conversations about cars and sports, and I felt as if they had become friends during this process.

I saw in another review that the person said, whoever is hiring this great team at the Buy Center deserves a raise, and I completely agree. There are many other reviews I read before writing this one that had me nodding my head in agreement. The Buy Center takes the difficulty out of selling a car, and it is in a safe environment where women especially would feel safe - very important.

Today I stopped by and dropped off some cookies I purchased at Dick's Bakery in Campbell - i do that for the service and sales departments at my regular dealer (Capitol Mazda San Jose) and wanted the Buy Center to feel as good as I felt after the selling process was complete. Highly recommended!

Edward E. | 2014-12-18

I had a great experience visiting this place. I wanted to sell my car and was searching for the right place that could offer a good deal. I got it at this place! Thanks to all crew, they've been very nice and helpful.  Especially huge thanks to Ali. He's a very friendly and nice gentleman. He's ready to assist you with every step of the way.
Thank you guys. Thank you Mr. Ali!

Crunchy C. | 2014-12-08

If you post a car for sale on Craigslist, these guys will spam text and call you every single day incessantly even after you tell them not to (and according to many other reviews, lie and waste your time after that).  Don't support these disrespectful fucks.

Lyndi W. | 2014-12-08

I just sold my car at DGDG several days ago. Id like to recommend Ali- he is a very professional and nice guy. All the selling process went very smoothly. He drove me back after I sold my car to them, and he also stop by the bank to let me deposit my check. The service is pretty good.

Anabel P. | 2014-11-18

So I had posted my car for sale and Bobby got a hold of me, after getting some street offers, I ended up taking him my car and get it checked out. He was honest and totally professional, but I had my 2 little ones with me and kind off just talked about a ball park and options. I really liked that there was NO pressure on negotiating anything at the moment and no feelings that I had to close a deal. If I don't get anything better, I do plan to go back and close out at the best deal he can give me. THANKS BOBBY!

Anna Y. | 2014-11-03

This review is months overdue but word of advice: don't sell your vehicle to this company. They use tacky salesman tactics, undersell you, make false promises, and treat you like shit. We left our car on their premises with the intent to sell, but paperwork wasn't finalized and these people thought it would be appropriate to empty the car of my belongings and move the car to another location. They only apologized after my lawyer boyfriend threatened legal action.

They also promised a ride back to my place, but instead called a taxi which they claimed they would pay for, but surprise surprise - I paid out of pocket.

Also, know what your car is worth. They started with $800 and ended up buying for over $1,500. We knew it could've gone up for more but grew really tired of dealing with these fools and throwing out our shit.

Theresa E. | 2014-10-27

Bobby at DGDG has far exceded my expectations.  From the time I brought my vehicle in,  to the time they had a buyer, was about an hour and a half.  Bobby was very professional and very informative.  Bobby explained every step in the process and answered all of my questions, his exemplar service will have me reccomending DGDG to others.  I am one happy customer!

Robert C. | 2014-10-26

I just sold my car to DGDG buying center.   Jhustin helped me with the whole process and made it very simple and fast.  I called in and provided the info of my car to Jhustin over the phone, he then made me an offer.  I wanted a little more than the initial offer and Jhustin made it happened.  I went to DGDG buying center and the process only took about 20mins tops.  I strongly recommend using DGDG buying center if you are trying to sell your vehicle and make sure to ask for Jhustin he will get you what you want for your vehicle.

Cal J. | 2014-10-24

Bobby and DGDG far exceeded my expectation. Amazing professionalism!

I put up my Lexus Hybrid car for sale on Wednesday. Within hours, I received a text message from Bobby from DGDG Buy Center (had never heard of them). I brushed him off saying that I don't want to sell to a reseller as I will get squeezed on the price. He asked me to give him a chance. He took the VIN number and other details and we setup a meeting for next day evening. In between, I received couple of other enquiries, one of them agreeing to the price, but asking me to falsify the sale price in the transfer records, which I refused.

Went to DGDG to keep my appointment, not knowing what to expect. I was blown away. Bobby came out to greet me as I was pulling in. He took a quick look and spin followed by his mechanic doing a detailed inspection inside the shop. He had an offer for me in 10min (shade under my asking price) and we had signed the docs and dropped off with the promise the check will be delivered the next day. Entire transaction took less than an hour. And the check was there next day.

Ron J. | 2014-10-24

Jhustin and Melissa were great. I told them what I was looking for and gave me a great trade in price so I could get the vehicle I wanted.  Great place to sell a car. They gave me the best price of anyone else Tnanks DGDG Buy Center especially Jhustin for everything!!!

Deepak G. | 2014-10-19

I got a call from Jeff Howery, acquisition manager who sounded non-pushy and fact-based.  Other companies were changing their story of how they can help me sell the car every minute on the call and all they wanted to do was list my car on Cars.com .  

Anyhow, I went there with the car expecting that he will not be able to get me the price close to my asking.  He did and the check was ready the next day morning as promised.  This was way better than the 10 people that came to test-drive the car and wanted to offer me 2K less for the car.  Jeff was really awesome and texted the next day to ensure that the transaction was smooth and I had no follow-through issues.

Highly recommend DGDG!!!

Mathew L. | 2014-10-17

Total Joke.  Offered me below the trade in value.  Didn't look at the car and certainly didn't take any time to actually discuss a real number.

Nick M. | 2014-10-05

The staff is excellent, customer service is top-notch. Cassandra was absolutely excellent in dealing with more than a few paperwork issues that popped up.  There had been some DMV screw-ups with paperwork with my car which would have been a complete nightmare for me.  Cassandra handled it all, and kept me informed throughout the entire process.  It took about 2 weeks for all the paperwork to go through, and I didn't have one bit of stress thanks to her.  

Not only that, but I sold my car for exactly what I asked for within minutes of showing up.  

Phenomenal experience, they took care of my headache, and since the workers aren't working for a commission, there's no low-balling/annoying haggling going on.  10/10, would do again.

Mike A. | 2014-10-02

I had a very similar experience to many of the other reviewers here. I was trying to sell my car on Craigslist, and getting a ton of hassles and no results. To be fair I've sold cars on Craigslist before and had good experiences, but for whatever reason this time around I was having a hard time finding a serious buyer. Bobby Egan from the Buy Center had emailed me about my car and since I was getting fed up with dealing with CL I decided I would go down and see if we could do a deal.

Let me be clear that the DGDG Buy Center is obviously in the business of buying cars at as low a price as they can and reselling them at a higher price, so you can't expect to get as much as you would from selling to a private party. Having said that, I felt they paid a very fair wholesale price after a bit of negotiation. Just make sure you do some research and go in with reasonable expectations.

Bobby was great to work with, friendly and straight forward with me throughout the process, and even gave me a ride home. I would definitely recommend the Buy Center to anyone who doesn't have the time or patience to deal with selling on Craigslist.

Gopi S. | 2014-09-08

Really nice and friendly staff. Jeff helped me out selling my car with a reasonable offer and at the end I was completely satisfy with their service. The transition was smooth and easy. It took less than 2 hours. Really recommend going here before selling your vehicle elsewhere.

Hungwu S. | 2014-08-23

They don't really give you an offer or committed. Tricky and playing games though they do have a professional check.

Brandon T. | 2014-08-20

I almost hung up the phone on Jeff when he called me because I explicitly stated in my craigslist ad that I didn't want to be contacted by dealers or consignment centers. I am glad that I didn't, because this was literally the best experience with any "Dealer" or whatever they identify themselves as, as possible.

After Courtesy Chevrolet thoroughly screwed me over, and over, and over from start to finish with my new Chevy Camaro I purchased from them, Jeff and the DGDG center saved my rear end. I had a 1000 dollar service performed on my car at Courtesy to prepare it for sale, and was informed that everything looked perfect on it, only to find it had leaks coming from every which place when it was put up on the rack. The DGDG Buy Center took it anyways, since it was still under warranty, and gave me way closer to private party value than any other place had offered me.

Now, had the lying bastards at Courtesy not screwed me over, I still could have sold it private party and made more money, but for the time and hassle - I definitely think I will go to them first before trying to sell my next car.

From start to finish I was made to feel welcome and respected. Classy people, these! Plus, they have a mechanic/technician that thinks he is Richard Grieco.

Thanks, Jeff!

L F. | 2014-08-12

Ok, I thought this sounded like a great idea! I was looking up the Kelley Blue Book value on my Acura MDX 2002, and it came back at $4900 for fair condition despite the high mileage of 250,000.  I knew the vehicle needs new front brakes and the rotors in the front done as well. The tires are good, almost new. The wear and tear on the car on the inside of the car is minimal. The outside has a few door dings and some missing point on the edge of the rear bumper. No accidents, clear title, clear car fax and only one owner. The Auto Trader Instant offer was $1984.00 and The DGDG group was listed as one of the centers that would honor that offer. We made an appointment and went in at 11:30am to meet with Cassandra. She was great, but the entire process was VERY SLOW. Over 1 hour later, she came back with the offer from DGDG, which I expected to be close to or even above the Auto Trade offer of $1984.00. OH NO! Cassandra presented the offer of $300.00 to us! She claimed the vehicle needed many things done, one of which included $2200.00 to "replace the carpeting"? Yes, there is a hole in the carpet on the driver's side, that would be easily covered with a new floor mat. Recarpet the whole car? I think not. So we had her go back, but she was still returning with low ball offers from her boss. Did I mention this car is an Acura? They run forever? The entire inspection done by her mechanic showed NO ISSUES with the engine, transmission, electrical system, the computer or the drive train. It needed an alignment, and in the future the struts could use replacing, and the boot on the drivers side. So we left after 90 minutes of wasted time! Yes, I should have read the "fine print" that says the Instant Offer may  change after the mechanic examines the vehicle. NO PROBLEM for me! I posted my car on Craigslist, disclosed all of the information I gained from the mechanic's inspection over at DGDG, and started with an asking price of $2500.00 cash only. Within 90 minutes, I sold the Acura MDX for $3500.00 cash. Yes folks, $1000 cold bucks over what I asked on Craigslist! I will call DGDG tomorrow, to let them know too!

Kori K. | 2014-08-01

I went to trade my vehicle in for another and I had the greatest experience with the buy center and their Subaru dealership who had the Toyota Matrix I ended up with. Not to mention I'm a first time buyer (although I've been through the process before under my parents as the title holders) and this was much better.  

Kassandra from the buy center was so informative, flexible, aswered all my queations, helped me find a vehicle, walked me through the process and kept in touch with me while I was out looking at cars. She is the sweetest! Because of her, my process was stress free.

Kristoffer from the Subaru dealership helped me test out the Matrix, explained everything in plain terms, and was super personable. He also helped to make the process stress free and fought to get me a a trade that ended up with me paying nothing! It was amazing.

Kassandra  was there in the end to send me off, took pictures with my old car and I, and sent them to me through text.

Everyone made everything so easy! And I definitely got a fair trade :)
Highly recommended.

airwalker c. | 2014-07-21

Sold my car here last week. Very Smooth experience.
Ali was the point of contact and he was absolutely great. After selling my car, he even dropped me to my place.
Overall, I got a good price after a little negotiation. I would have got a few hundred bucks more if I sold it to a private buyer, but it was not worth the hassle of test drives, inspection etc.

Chris M. | 2014-07-18

I also did not expect to sell my car to a dealership.  I listed my car twice on craigslist and each time ignored the DGDG offers to visit them.  After several inquiries from private individuals that went nowhere, I decided I'd see what DGDG could offer.  I made an appointment with Ali and met him the next evening.  The process was very quick and painless.  The price we agreed upon I think was very fair for both parties.    Ali did a great job taking me through the whole process.  This is my second experience with a DGDG entity (the first was buying a mazda across the street) and the second time I walked away singing their praises.   I would be very happy to do business with them again.  To whoever hires, trains and sets policies at DGDG:  you deserve a raise.

Gabe R. | 2014-07-15

I had a great experience selling my vehicle at DGDG Buy Center.  I had a few unique circumstances that were making it a bit more of a challenge than usual (an incorrect CARFAX report, lease buyout etc.) and was having a hard time finding a buyer.  This plus I travel between two separate areas!  Danny helped me out, and with his help we were able to address the items as well as find a price that worked for me and deal with the logistics of my being out of the area!  Thanks Dan!

Sharon I. | 2014-07-06

The experience for me had been pretty good. I was contacted by Danny as he found my post on Craigslist. I was skeptical at first but saw all these good reviews and decided to give them a try. As everybody else has mentioned, they gave my car a test drive and had it inspected by a mechanic. I got a carfax report as well. After some back and forth with David, the manager, I finally got a price I was satisfied with. In the end, it wasn't as much as a private seller was offering me, but they took the hassle out of contacting DMV and giving me a check on the spot so I took the offer.

Natalie K. | 2014-07-01

After putting my car on Craigslist and not getting any serious offers, I decided to swing by DGDG this past weekend. I noticed all of the great reviews on yelp and since I had some free time I thought, let me just see what they have to offer. I wasn't in a rush to sell my car but I also did not want to keep paying extra insurance and other costs. I pulled into the drive way and when I started walking to the entrance, I was instantly greeted by Bobby. He opened the door and welcomed me with such friendliness. He was in the middle of his lunch but still took the time to help me and answer all of my questions. We took my car for a test drive and then ran a carfax report. He provided me with the range as to what my car was valued at ( I was pleasantly surprised at the high range).  Bobby then asked me if I wanted to continue with the process and have their service department inspect my car. I already knew my car was in great condition so I wasn't too worried and agreed to have the car inspected.

After they came back with their findings, Bobby provided me with an offer. I did not like the first offer and asked for more. He instantly invited me to speak with his manager, David, and he gave me another offer I was completely satisfied with. There was no back and forth. I was amazed at how fast the entire process was. David even bought me an ice-cream while I was signing the paper work. Once completed, we used my car to take me back home. Since I came in on a Saturday, the people who cut the checks were not there. Bobby drove all the way to my house to drop off my check a few days later as promised.

Bobby was such a delight to work with. He was so humble and made sure I left happy. I was so pleased at the entire experience and would highly recommend going to see Bobby if you are thinking about selling your car. I will make sure to only work with DGDG. Forget trying to sell your car to a dealership. You might as well just give it away for free!

Steve C. | 2014-07-01

I had a very smooth transaction to sell my 2009 HHR to Buy Center with the help of Jeff Howery.  He was very professional, and I was very impressed with the process - it really saved my time and reached a good result.

Clark M. | 2014-06-30

This place was a great experience for me. After some ridiculous trade-in offers while buying a new car, I started to look into other options to sell, finding the DGDG Buy Center on Yelp. Since I had bought the vehicle from Oak Tree Mazda (and had a great experience there), I decided to give them a try.

Jhustin is a rock star at this place. He greeted me nearly at the end of the business day, and got me an offer within a matter of minutes. They also set me up with a cheap rental for a few days, while waiting to take delivery of my new vehicle. Absolutely hassle free.

As far as the offer itself, I definitely didn't get quite as much as I could have through a private sale, but I got something fair and reasonable that allowed me to walk away feeling good about the deal. These guys hit a sweet spot between doing a dealer trade-in and a private sale, and without the hassle of either.

If you're selling a car, definitely drop by and check these guys out.

Tony P. | 2014-06-24

I came here after getting a call about my Craigslist Ad for my wife's 2009 Audi A4 Sedan.  It is already hard for DGDG to beat the stereotypes of a "Dealership" but they definitely put in their work to break the mold.  I met Bobby our rep on our first meeting.  Over the phone he gave me a range of what we could get for the car if everything was good.  I decided to give it a try.  The process was painless and pressure free.  I actually left after our first meeting so that I could think about their offer for a few days.  They honored the price a few days later after I eventually decided not to deal with shady Craigslist people for an extra few $$$, plus I didn't have the time as I was buying a new car right away.   Even after I decided to sell the car to DGDG my schedule was super busy and they were willing to work around it (staying late, and coming in early).  The check signers were not there they day I decided to sell the car to DGDG so Bobby offered to drop the check off the following day at my work place!  I did not at any time feel any kind of pressure from DGDG.   I would definitely go here again when selling my next car.

Ryan M. | 2014-06-23

Kassandra was great to work with, very knowledgeable, kind, and helpful. She even met me the following business day to drop off the check since they couldnt get it issued that day (5 stars).

The process was relatively straight forward, but took longer than I had expected it to and was somewhat frustrating. I was there for almost 2 hours because the initial offers were 1k less than my target amount, and a lengthy process ensued to get to the offers to that amount (3 stars).

In the end, I sold my car for the amount I wanted, and got to work with someone as helpful as Kassandra. 4 stars.

Adi k. | 2014-06-19

These guys are the most annoying people on the planet.   They lure people to come in only to low ball them and waste their time.    Avoid at all costs!  I'm sure all of their reviews are from people they paid to post good reviews for them.    What a headache these guys are.

Jessica C. | 2014-06-04

Overwhelmingly positive experience. The process was simple, quick, and very transparent. Infinitely better than having to deal with a car salesperson. Their only incentive is to get you the best deal possible, and it absolutely shows.

Karen D. | 2014-05-29

I needed to sell my son's high school souped-up Mitsubishi Evolution and I did not want to deal with the phone calls, test-drives, and the questions about all the modifications that were made to the car. I did the online offer, but had to take the car in to be evaluated, no surprise. Jeff Howrey contacted me immediately via e-mail and I set up an appointment for Saturday morning. The process really is as transparent as they claim; he went through all the little dings and defects, showed me the AutoTrader estimate, and then went over the mechanic's evaluation with me. You won't hide anything here, they really do check out the car thoroughly and show you what the market will bear. Jeff was very kind and personable, and I never felt talked down to or taken advantage of, he was just honest with me about what the car was worth. He was able to get me an offer of $3500 over the AutoTrader estimate, so I was very happy. I had to wait a few days to get the check as it was Memorial Day weekend, but he met me at the door with the check when I stopped by Tuesday afternoon. The process took about 3 hours overall, but that is a small time investment compared to the hassle of selling privately. They are very professional in the office and keep you informed as the process moves along. Overall, this was a really easy way for me to sell a car that was designed for a very specific buyer, and I highly recommend this service to others.

Robin C. | 2014-05-28

Simply put, I didn't expect to sell my car to a dealership.  I don't like being low-balled and I don't really care for in genuine people. If it wasn't for me being contacted by DGDG, I would have just stuck with craigslist and seen where that would  have taken me.

But from the moment I stepped into DGDG, I knew something was different. Perhaps it was the friendly and cheerful receptionist at the front, the music selection they had playing in the background, or just the overall customer service...Hmm..Sure all those things are nice and welcoming, but more specifically, I think it was just that the people here are straight-up honest!

David Castellanos was my DGDG contact and he was very helpful and efficient from the get-go. In similar situations in the past (talking shop when you don't really know much about the subject at hand) I'd be in a constant state of feeling intimidated and kind of let the pro do all the talking. But David was very easy to talk to and found ways to relate as often as he could! We talked about our first cars, about a new job I just got, how DGDG is different from the rest of the dealerships, etc. It seemed a whole lot less like he was trying to sell me something and more like we were two old friends catching up!

If you're looking to get a nice and competitive deal with excellent customer service, I strongly recommend you contact DGDG!

Travis H. | 2014-05-27

Got a call from Ali off of my Craigslist ad and decided to go down to get the evaluation of my car, since the activity off CL, autotrader.com and cars.com was light beyond the scammers.  The whole process took about an hour and I was leaving there with a check in my pocket for a price that was on par with what I expected from a private buyer.  Made the used car selling process very easy and would recommend you check them out when trying to sell you own car.

todd h. | 2014-05-23

We've sold two cars though the DGDG Buy Center and we were quite happy with the experience. In one case we got less than the estimate, which was reasonable since the car was not all that great. And in one case we got a little more, but it was only two years old with nothing wrong with it.

It was a painless experience. Much less stressful than selling a car yourself.

The only negative is getting the check is not as streamlined as the buying process. In one case they had to mail us the check and it took some time. On the second car we waited and hour.

Other than that, a much better experience than one would have thought going in and we didn't feel like we got ripped off either.

Kastur R. | 2014-05-23

Pros : Quick deal. Can trust check. Whole process less than 1h. Staff is friendly. Can hangout in VW shop next door for wifi.

Also I would advise coming here for a free carfax and inspection report.

Offers basically dealer trade-in prices. No real negotiating up.

Was told I can get a ride home but ended up being a really long (1h+) wait even though I was told it would not be so long.

Alex A. | 2014-05-20

Kassandra contacted me via e-mail on CL after I posted my ad.  I gave her a call and she was very courteous, even going as far as giving me a ballpark figure and explaining how they do business.  

While we ended up not making a deal, it took all of 5 minutes out of my day to get a quick quote over the phone from a courteous and friendly professional.  This is great customer service!

Godwin L. | 2014-05-20

I was a little skeptical about selling a car to a dealer, but DGDG Buy Center totally changed my mind. I can never imagine someone would actually help you to sell a used car at a highest price. Thank you, Kassandra. She spent an hour on the phone to look for the one that pays the highest price. I buy and sell so many cars in my life. This is the only time that take the less effort and hassle to deal with potential buyers. I get it all done in few hours. I am talking about a $20k cash deal. Again, thank you Kassandra for your honesty and professional service.

Christina H. | 2014-05-19

Scoot over Craig's List, DGDG Buy Center is taking over!!!

On pricing:  

Unbelievable!  Our buyer (Ali) was very efficient in getting us what we wanted within $100 dollars, which is pretty much a wash, because we would have to have the car detailed before even posting it on Craig's List.  So with that in mind I would say he got us the exact price we wanted.  I was shocked at getting a private party price from a dealer!  Don't be turned off (like I was) by the quote you get on the internet, wait for the call from the center, or call them directly, because they can do a lot better.  I highly recommend Ali.

Customer Service:  

I can't say it enough, Ali was fantastic, very patient and accommodating, made the whole process completely painless.  I have never sold a car through such a quick and painless process!  We were buying another car across the street and Ali went out of his way to take us back and forth to check out the cars at the other dealership while he checked out our car and he even brought paperwork for us to sign at the other place when it was all done.  So, we sold our car and purchased another at the same time.  He was not concerned with time either, it was pretty late in the evening and he looked as fresh as if it was morning time.  

I absolutely recommend that if you are selling your car, you check these guys out first.  Save yourself the worries of posting it on CL, waiting for phone calls, and low ball offers from opportunistic people.

Kingston Y. | 2014-05-17

After reading all the reviews, I thought it was too good be true, that a dealer would pay near private party prices. I went to their website for a instant quote, and the quote was the same as every other instant quote online and dealer I went to. Jeff sent me an email and called as well. I spoke with Jeff and he informed me that they normally go about 1-2k more than the instant quote.

Long story short, I had nothing to lose so I set an appointment to have them appraise my car. If I didn't get the price I wanted, I would at least get a carfax to show any buyer on CL. I was in and out if the dealership within 2 hours. The quote I got was good enough for me, not sure if I was to haggle for more but I was satisfied with what they offered.

In the future I would get an appraisal from them before going anywhere else.

They're located right next to Fiat so drive into the Fiat parking lot once you see it. I made a mistake and pulled into Ford and was almost suckered to stay there since they have a sign that says "we buy cars"

Kristian H. | 2014-05-14

Was a little skeptical about this place after getting a lot of low blow offers from other dealers, but DGDG Buy Center is completely different. Kassandra took all my worries away, great customer service, and she did everything to get a little bit more money for my car. No scary parking lot, dealing with large amount of cash, or any of the craigslist unknown. She took care of all the paper work and even gave me a lift to the train station after. Selling a car this way was very easy, and the price is not too low compared to selling on your own.

Would definitely recommend DGDG Buy Center, and Kassandra in particular.

Chris C. | 2014-05-14

I was in a bind and neded to sell my car.   It was straight forward hassle free process kudos to Kassandra and the team at. dgdg saved my bacon.  than you

Patrick X. | 2014-05-13

Comparing with the experiences from car dealers, this place is way better.
1. Price, they offered simply more than the dealers. I did some homework in craigslist, so I know how much I can cash out if I sell it by myself. I understand that DGDG needs to get some profit, so the offer seemed to be reasonable to me.

2. Speed. The dealers would inspect and do background check for about 30-45 minutes, and would issue a check some day(s) later. DGDG will issue a check in the same day if it is not too late, and the brief test drive and mechanical inspection won't take too much time.

3. Experience. Staffs are friendly, offered me seats, coffee and watching tv etc, making the process very pleasant.

Thanks to David and his manager (also named David I remember)!

Lee E. | 2014-05-13

When you need to sell a car the DGDG Buy Center is the definitely the place to go.
The transaction is painless, fair and friendly. The guys are up front and deliver information in an unhurried professional style. The offers are fair and conversation was pleasant.
I would not hesitate to utilize their services in the future.
Good job DGDG Buy Center!

Sharath V. | 2014-05-12

When its time to sell your car, DGDG Buy Center is the place you need to stop by to sell your car.
I wanted to sell my 2012 Nissan Rogue, as I was relocating, and i hoped to get a good price by selling it to a private party buyer, but how wrong I was!

Ali from DGDG Buy Center, reached out to me, seeing my ad on craigslist and requested me to stop by to have my car evaluated. I was skeptical and reluctant, but I decided to go, and that was the best deision I made!

Ali, helped me get a solid deal for my car, better than all those private party buyers, who tried to low ball me horribly!
The process was smooth and easy, just a few signatures and I was relieved of the car, and I also got a ride back home! Awesome!

All you people, if you are out selling your car, you need to stop by at DGDG buy center, you probably will end up with the best deal, like myself and the many other yelpers out here.

Thank you Ali and everyone at DGDG Buy Center!

Ed P. | 2014-05-11

I got a fair Autotrader quote for my car and then was contacted by Ali from DGDG. After a few emails, I met with Ali. One of my concerns was if I sold my car I didn't have a ride home. He said not to worry and he would get me a ride if I sold my car. Sweet.

I drove in, Ali came out as he saw me pull in, and did a short test drive. The mechanic looked over my car and detected minor maintenance issues that would have cost over $1,700 to replace. Ali crossed off the minor stuff. But still was over $1k.

After a few phone calls, Ali came back with an offer that was still OVER the Autotrader quote, even with the maintenance repairs that were needed! Way cool! Where do I sign?

I wanted to lease a new car, so he took me over to the Chevy store next door and introduced me to a sales dealer Vic. In the end, Ali had cut two checks...one to the Chevy dealer for the lease down payment and the balance to me.

Other than the few hours total spent, everything went smoothly and I didn't need that ride home after all.

Dan H. | 2014-05-10

I just got back from a couple hours wasted at the DGDG buy center.  Everyone was very smiley and friendly when I arrived.  They took a look at my car, and said I could expect to get about 21k for it.  Then they drove it, inspected it, came back.  They came up with a list of questionable problems(the car had just been serviced by a very reputable shop who had not seen any of these problems).  They then said they would offer me $18.5k for the car.

After some thinking, I decided to take their offer of $18.5.  They disappeared for a while and then came back to tell me that they could only offer $16.5.  I was quite unhappy that they made an offer to me then refused to honor it.  

These guys wasted my time and did not deal with me honorably.  I would avoid them.

Sharon E. | 2014-05-09

After completing some on line price comparisons along with the personal struggle of selling my truck I located DGDG Buy Center. My personal buying agent Bobby held nothing back looking for and locating the best price for me.   I gave him the number I was hoping to sell my truck for, went to lunch and when I got back he had a buyer for me.  True my own personal struggle was to sell or not sell.   What's my truck worth oppose to what it's really valued at, but in the end with Bobby and DGDG Buy Centers help, I'm a happy seller.   So simple, so relaxing, such a friendly group of people.   The best part was I sold my truck and never had to met anyone in a dark alley.

Thank you Bobby and the DGDG Buy Center!

Tony R. | 2014-04-29

I've reached the "state of mind" that it's time to sell my beloved BMW M5.
So, how best to sell it?  Where do I go where there's not a lot of pressure, *AND* the company will offer me a FAIR price?  I checked my BMW's used price on KBB and afterwards selected the option to get a "Guaranteed Price" for my M5.
I ended up at DGDG Buying Center and was PLEASANTLY SURPRISED.  Where do I begin?: 1) Great rep -- Jhustin Marcos was the BEST.  He was polite, patiently explained the buying process to me, and explained why I had come to the right place.  2) The technician who checked out my M5 was clearly knowledgeable about my vehicle and also recognized that the car had been taken well care of.  3) The rest of the staff was very friendly, helping me pass the time (Can I get you coffee?  Do you want some water?). 4) Here's the best part:  Jhustin was quick in having my car inspected, all DMV paperwork processed, AND got me a check in the amount that was VERY FAIR!!!

No dealing with strangers at my home door step.  No aggressive, non-serious buyer test drives.  No haggling/low-balling prices.

All I experienced was probably the BEST way to sell my car.
Oh, and when it comes time to buying next vehicle?  I plan to buy from DGDG!
Thanks Folks!


Jamie Y. | 2014-04-24

Shared my experience here with some family friends who are also looking to sell their cars. I told them that the DGDG Buy Center is unlike selling to dealerships - in which they appraise your car and have other dealerships bid, and now they are planning to make the trip down to San Jose! I gave them Kassandra's and David C's business cards  which proves how my satisfaction and trust here at DGDG.

Long H. | 2014-04-17

Great customer service!!!

I had my car up for sale, so Jeff called me. He was absolutely wonderful. I told him how much i was looking to get for the car and he told me that the price  I wanted was very reasonable.  He stated that he can get what I was aiming for.

Long story short. Jeff made mulitple calls to different dealerships and got the price we talked about.

Mary D. | 2014-04-16

Kassandra and the crew at DGDG buy center were great. They were patient, explained how  they appraised my car at the price point they did and tried to find a dealer that would pay the price I was asking. The only reason I have 4 instead of 5 stars is that i didn't sell it to them. I was able to go to another vendor and get the asking price I wanted. However, for anyone who is tired of craigslist flakes and sometimes freaks I'd at least give these folks a try.

Jeramy B. | 2014-04-11

I'm not trying to buy a car just selling. I've posted on my add that I didn't want any selling services to contact me yet this company has emailed me six different times. Super annoying.

Kristina B. | 2014-03-31

I posted my car on Craigslist and got an email from David Castellanos at the DGDG Buy Center. At first, I was very skeptical thinking I was going to get a low-ball offer from a dealer. I was wrong - not only did I get my asking price but I got to work with the amazing team at DGDG! It didn't feel at all like I was selling a car. I made an appointment to bring my car in and was promptly welcomed and offer a drink upon entering the building. After the mechanic did a review of the car, we had an offer from another dealer in the DGDG family in about an hour. Dropped off the keys and title a little later and got my check. Considering they took care of all the DMV paperwork too, it was well worth. If I sell another car in the future, I would definitely call DGDG Buy Center again.

Kim R. | 2014-03-25

Kassandra and David are the best!  I had a great used car that I listed in Craigslist, but after super low ball offers and creepy people who never responded, I decided to head down to DGDG after talking with David. Within 60 short minutes he and Kassandra explained the process, took pictures of my car, got me a cup of coffee and $700 more then I thought I could get for the car!  Plus they handled all the paperwork with precision and ease. I will never consider selling a car on my own again. DGDG is the way to go!  Thanks Kassandra and David!

Nicklas J. | 2014-03-22

After having had both my cars out for sale on many sites for a few months with only lowball (vs KBB) offers and scams coming in spite the cars being in great condition i got an email from Kassandra at DGDG stating that the automated offer sent by Autotrader was not at all what i could expect from DGDG, it is worth a lot more.

Within 2 days both my cars were sold. No hassle, superior responsiveness on Kassandras part and a very easy process all in all. I knocked off roughly 10% of what i would have expected if i sold it privately but not having to deal with any of it, getting it done in 2 days for 2 cars i would do it over again without any hesitation.

DGDG and Kassandra is the way to go if you want to trade your car quickly and hasslefree!!

Ex-Seattleite S. | 2014-03-19

I listed my car on Craigslist and was contacted by Ali. We met shortly afterwards and started negotiating. I had a price in mind and Ali went out of his way to get me a good deal, which I did. The process was super smooth, the staff very friendly, and and zero funny business. I highly recommend Ali if you're selling car - very respectful, honest and on your side.

Gloriana G. | 2014-03-16

Selling my car was so easy! I had posted it in on auto trader and craigslist and had some interests but no decent offers. DGDG reached out to me as they were interested in buying my car. Took it to the center and within a couple hours my car was sold. Their offer was fair and much better than what the dealership was offering.
Jeff was a pleasure to work. He was honest, proactive, courteous and professional and made the process painless. He even had some great tips in dealing with my 8 month old. ;-)
It was a great experience-hassle and haggle free. Thanks Jeff! I will definitely be back in the future if I need to sell another vehicle.

Kent J. | 2014-03-10

5 Star Review Time (to be reevaluated if Yelp offers 6 Stars in the future).

Look at the average star ratings and other reviews - It is no exaggeration to say that the service and support that I recently received from the Buy Center at DGDG was well above and beyond any level that I expected when I walked in the door.  Without question, you will receive a fair offer without any hassle and they will work with you as best they can on resolving any issues that you may have with the car, paperwork, etc.

Price: The price that I was offered on my car was exactly on par with or above offers that I was receiving from private party individuals who contacted me via ads that I placed online.  Everyone was trying to low-ball and knock thousands off of the fair price (KBB) of the vehicle.  Their price was also easily above offers I received from other car dealership buy centers.

Customer Care: The highest marks here.  I won't go into details on my particular case on this Yelp review because it isn't relevant to the Yelp community writ large, but David C. and David L. took every step possible to accommodate and assist in my transaction.  It may sound over the top to say, but trust me, you are in good hands here.  I would say to request to have them handle your case, but I have confidence that I would have received the same level of treatment from any other member of their team.

If I had it all to do over again knowing what I know now, I would have KBB'd the vehicle to get an idea of the price and taken it to DGDG first thing to see what their offer would be.  Their process is seamless, and if the price is anything near the KBB price, it will save you the hassle of having to coordinate with private parties who will try to low ball and bargain with you, and other dealership buy centers that don't offer as fair a price.

Also, they are very military friendly for those who are serving.  Always a plus for those in uniform.

Two thumbs up.

Ramil M. | 2014-02-28

Jhustin was sending me these invitation emails to come in as a response to my Craigslist ad.  Did not pay attention initially but ended up going there in the end.  When I finally showed up at the Buy Center, Jhustin introduced me to David.  The latter helped me the rest of the selling process. Very painless. No pressure. These folks don't work off commission and it shows in how they interact with you. David tells me that he gets paid per car that he buys for DGDG.  The more cars David buys the more money he makes.  The only way he buys your car is if you see his offer better than the other offers.  On top of the assurance that the DGDG check they are handing you is for real! It's a win-win for both buyer and seller. I highly recommend selling your car here than other car dealerships.  In comparison, Piercey Toyota of Milpitas will send you a mailer telling you that your car is worth this much and are willing to pay you the Blue Book value.  Piercey  will not even inspect or test-drive your car in their so called Buy-Back Event when you are at their dealership. You will waste your time driving there and they will just throw you a super-low number out of thin air based on who knows what.  This DGDG buy center on the other hand is your second-best option to selling your car via Craigslist--that is if you find someone from Craigslist who you can trust and can hand you tens of thousands of dollars in cash or check the first time you see them.

Geoffrey H. | 2014-02-26

When I woke up on Wednesday, I decided to sell my car.  By 1pm the same day, I had a check in hand from DGDG Buy Center.

I worked with Jhustin, who was great.  I brought my car in, and he pulled some comps to give an idea of what I could expect, while the DGDG mechanic inspected my vehicle.  Within an hour, Jhustin put the details of my car, plus photos of my car (from his iPhone) into his system, and then he started to field calls from his network of dealers.

I ended up getting a bit less than what I hoped for, but well within the range I had planned on.

This is a super fast, super convenient way to sell your car.

Sam F. | 2014-02-25

Times are changing folks.  DGDG Buy Center is the new way to sell your car.  Convenient, efficient, safe and nice people all at the same time.

This process beats the pants off of Craigslist, ebay, autotrader and especially the dreaded "trade in" at the dealership.  DGDG Buy Center has a network of over 15 different dealerships that are actively looking to buy used cars and an expert staff, led by Shane Forte, in the back that fairly assess your vehicle's value by giving you a no-cost inspection.

There is no creepy dude that wants to meet at the Home Depot or Mall to see your car, drive it and then negotiate the deal like his life depended upon it.

No listing your car on some car site, uploading pics, hoping that your make/model  is already listed so that you can copy the listing, etc, etc, etc and then hoping that it sells to some random person that you'll never see again (you really HOPE).

No sellers remorse at a car lot (dealership) always second guessing whether you got the best value for your love (car) that you just "gave away" to the sales guy.

The process is simple.  Drive-in, walk into the Buy Center, get greeted by the friendly staff (like Ali, Cassandra, David L.), go over your vehicle information and within 15-20 minutes you have an offer for your car.  This is where it gets a bit tricky.  Most people have some particularly strong attachment to their car.  I know I did..I really really liked my car; but sentimental value doesn't factor into any equation on any sale at any place at any time.  You have to let go  :)
The offers are fair and there is a bit of wiggle room, so come prepared with your vehicle value.  Keep in mind that they are in business to stay in business and you may not get exactly what your looking for; but, again, keep in mind who your dealing with...a professional group of folks that exude customer service.  You always pay a bit of a premium for that; but its well worth the hassle-free, safe environment that you get.  Plus, you get a check from an establishment (brick/mortar..they're not leaving the country after this deal) right away with the assurance that it will clear.  No escorting the buyer of your car to the bank for a cashiers check, crossing fingers that a check will clear or any large cash transactions that make you as paranoid as Scarface.

It's the first place I'll go if I need to sell a car again and have recommended them to co-workers looking to unload their car.  

Tell them Sam F. sent you and they'll treat you right...

Great job guys...keep it up.

erfan m. | 2014-02-14

Ridiculous. They are so annoying with their constant emailing trying to get me to sell my car to them. I have repeatedly emailed back saying I am not interested and not to email me again but I just keep getting scammed.

Wouldn't recommend them.

Tracy H. | 2014-02-10

I never imagined selling a car could be so easy. I almost didn't make the trip over to the DGDG Buy Center. I filled out the information online, and was sent a "laughable" rock bottom quote from what I can only assume was an AutoTrader automated response. I had already written off the Buy Center as being about what I expected (ridiculous low-ball offers) for your car. I got a call from Jeff, saying that my car is in demand and he would like to make a deal. I told him I was skeptical and didn't want to waste my time. He assured me that my car was worth a lot more than the automated quote, so I decided to take a chance.

I dropped my car off at the Buy Center for them to look over and see that it was in great shape. I also left Jeff with a number that I felt was fair for both sides (and told myself I would walk if it was a penny less). I left to get some lunch and Jeff called like 15 minutes later saying "we have a deal for the amount you requested". I honestly wasn't expecting it to be that easy. I was expecting another low ball offer and then some arguing and eventually leaving, but all that was unnecessary.

Jeff is a great guy to deal with. He was honest with me and I feel like he was treating me fairly. I am glad I ended up at the Buy Center, because it turned out to be a great experience (hassle AND haggle free). Thanks Jeff! I will definitely be back in the future if I need to sell another vehicle.

Vicky C. | 2014-02-10

I tried to sell my vehicle here. They have courteous demeanor but they only want to scam you out of your car. They tried to take advantage of people who needs money quickly. They kept asking me why i wanted to sell. No only do they give me the lowest blue book value, they dripped coolant on my radiator tried to lie to me that the radiator is broken to try to bargain down the price even further. I found out it was bogus afterward. Glad i didn't sell it too them.

Creighton S. | 2014-01-28

I recently have put my vehicle up for sale on Craigslist. I have been contacted multiple times by this place to buy my vehicle. I have informed them that I am not flexible on my price and they continue to send emails, sometimes they are very rude in their replies. If I was interested in their low offers I would take my car to the dealer.

Rachel C. | 2014-01-24

My husband sold his Boss 302 Mustang to David at DGDG Buy Center and the experience was excellent.  The purchase price was negotiated via phone / email (sight unseen).  When it came time to drop off the car, the transaction went through without a single hiccup or surprise in about 30 minutes, including a test drive.  For anyone who values their time and is looking for a fair value on their car, pay these guys a visit!

MexfromIdaho H. | 2014-01-16

My wife and I recently concluded the sell of a vehicle that belonged to a Dear One.
Kassandra spotted my AD on CL and she approached me for the opportunity to be of service.  She was very proactive, gracious, courtesous and professional in doing so.
Although I had 3 other dealer offers and two private parties interested I chose to deal with Kassandara and the DGDG off of Capital Expwy. Why?  Simple - Kassandra.

This young lady was responsive and geniunely interested in my needs not just the need to do her job.  She listened to our story, took the time to understand what we have been offererd to date and with her team came up with an offer that beat the dealers, came close to my ask offer on the CL AD for private parteis and removed all the concerns and hassles I would have had doing this on my own.

Kassandra did what she said she would do.  Got us our check  when she said it would and made what is normally  stressful time so smooth that I enjoyed the transaction completley.  That's not supposed to happen at a Car dealership is it!!!  

The only bump in the road was the ribbing I got for wearing my Seattle Seahawks Gear!  Go SEHAWKS!

Kassandara was gracious enough to drive me home on her own time.  She even provide a thoughtful gift for my wife and expressed her sincere thoughts for our Loss

I stronlgy recommend Kassandra should you have the need to buy or sell a used vehicle.

Gracias Kassandra may you , your Baby girl, family and Team at DGDG be blessed!

Pankaj Y. | 2014-01-09

The rate that I was offered for my Acura TSX was slightly better than other dealerships, but what makes me rate this place 5 stars is the people.
Kassandra is the nicest person ever, she is very sincere, friendly, and good at her job. She made the process very smooth and easy.
They took care of the loan and paperwork.
Let me have the car for 4 to 5 days to finish up my stuff, and offered me a ride home after drop off.
I highly recommend this place to anyone.

Alek I. | 2013-12-19

The reason why I am giving this place one star is because I posted my car for sale on craigslist and stated in my ad that I do not want to be contacted by any dealer, reseller, buy center, etc.

Apparently DGDG thinks that does not apply to them and still emailed and called me. Once they got me on the phone they would not stop talking about how desirable my car is, they can get me close to what my asking price is (which by the way is bs), etc.

Bottom line, if I specifically say do not contact me, that means do not contact me.

Vinay K. | 2013-12-02

I visited a lot of dealers to sell my car but this was by far my best experience. No gimmicks or lies. Simple easy and straight forward.  I worked with John and his manager David. Both were a delight to talk to and the overall process was very pleasant. They took the car for a test drive and quoted a reasonable price. I negotiated a bit and agreed on a price which was close to the KBB value.

Jonathon C. | 2013-11-22

Jhustin (yes spelling is correct), was a pleasure to deal with, made the whole experience comfortable, and got me a deal I could definitely live with. Very pleased and I definitely recommend this place

Christina D. | 2013-11-20

The appointment process was easy and the center was clean. When my vehicle was inspected, the representative told me that my car was registering a check engine light for a cracked cylinder and this problem brings my estimated value down $5K. Although I wasn't thrilled about the price difference, I was more interested (and concerned) about the cylinder. I called my dealership (where I get my car serviced) and asked for them to check my car. Diagnostic costs and 4 hours later, my mechanic diagnoses my car: the rep at DGDG had a case of FOS (full of xxx). There was no light, no error, no cracked cylinder.

Thanks DGDG for giving me a panic attack and an emptier wallet.

Sai B. | 2013-11-19

Great experience overall at DGDG Buy Center. Jhustin was responsive over emails, polite and quick throughout the transaction. The deal was very good when compared other trade-in deals out there at other car dealerships.

Eric Z. | 2013-11-16

don't get me wrong, the staff and the person who dealt with me were all very friendly (that's why i gave them three stars here), but when it comes to price they offered, not quite.  I listed my vehicle on craiglist and  got email from dgdg and asked me if i want to take my vehicle to their site. In general, i hate to deal with dealers, but since it's close to where i live, i thought, heck, i'll give it a shot.    Got to the place, i was welcomed by steve, a very friendly guy. He did a quick drove around my vehicle and handed it off to mechanics.   While we were waiting, steve talked about their business model and why they can offer better price than others etc, I started to think,  hmm, i am in the right place.   I waited for about an hour as there were some other vehicles in front of me and here we go,  steve gave me a price range between 15 to 17 grand,  i was like are you kidding me this is how you offer better price than others as I can even get 18 grand offer from those greedy new car dealerships.  Steve got up and went into a room asking for the price they can offer, not sure if this some type of game they play like when you buy new car in dealership, anyway, he came back and gave me the best offer of 17500. I was like hell no and I got up and left, wasted one and half an hour there.  The same day in another used car dealership,  I got 19 grand check for my vehicle in my hand without any hassle and haggling.

Brianna S. | 2013-11-13

I had been offered a terrible deal for a trade in at the dealership.  I'm so glad I found my way to DGDG.  Not only did I get more money, they made the process very easy, pleasant and positive.  No one was pushy or made me feel uncomfortable.  I took my car in just to see how it all worked, and walked out an hour later with a check in hand, plus an additional voucher to be applied towards the new car I wanted to buy!

Thanks Kassandra for your assistance and making the whole process so comfortable and easy.  And thanks David for working out all the paperwork and fine details, you were so accommodating when I had issues with my documentation.

If I ever need to sell a car again, I will definitely come back!

Kristi B. | 2013-11-08

Working with Jhustin to sell my '06 Jeep Wrangler was a no brainer.  He handled everything, even put me together with Melissa in sales to get a vehicle that was more in my monetary comfort zone.  No ads to bother with, no hassles with no-shows, no haggling.  Straight forward and a done deal so fast!  Who knew signing papers would be so fun.  Thanks Ashley for going through all that with me so late in the evening!

I will definitely be spreading the word about DGDG and the crew in the buy center at San Jose/Capital Expwy.  I'm a very happy DGDG customer.

Livca S. | 2013-10-02

I sold my Mercedes-Benz SLK350 today. David Castellanos made things so easy and fast. It was a pleasure working with someone with such a great attitude. I highly recommend working with him! I'm even planning on purchasing a car from that dealership in the near future. I had a very positive experience and I'm sure anyone would too.

Matthew R. | 2013-09-10

I've never had a positive experience in a dealership until today.  Normally car dealerships and the dentist feel about the same to me....  I went to sell a car that had some emotional attachment to us, it was bought for a family member by a family member that's no longer with us.

Kassandra first contacted me about the Kia I had posted on Craigslist, I dismissed her because she was from a dealership but she was persistent and eventually got me in the door.  After she greeted me and talked to me about the process, she took me to Jhustin at the purchasing department where he showed me the value of the car, went through all the features and add-ons to make sure that the value was accurate, then when his dealership wasn't able to take the purchase at the price we wanted he found a sister location that would.  

Jhustin's service was exceptional, Kassandra's persistence was the only way I came in... but even outside of these two employees, this entire place has a vibe you'll never encounter at a dealership.  I introduced myself to the manager (apparently the manager of Del Grande Dealer Group, Dave), at the end of the whole experience because I wanted to let him know what an incredible job he's done with his staff.  He thanked me for selling the car, talked baseball and books with me and then offered me a ride home!!  Even though I declined, that blew me away...

I'm a firm believer that cost is an issue in the absence of value.  This place presents enough value that if I was buying instead of selling, I wouldn't have even noticed the pricetag.

Jessica S. | 2013-08-01

Simple, painless, willing to buy lots of different types of cars. Really courteous and low-pressure. And they gave me a pretty darn good deal. Nothing to complain about here in an industry where there's often a lot to complain about!

Worked with David C. and would recommend him to anyone looking to sell. If you want to sell your car, save yourself the hassle of going elsewhere or selling on your own and just go to DGDG.

Nguyen C. | 2013-07-30

Very nice and helpful staffs. I posted my car on craigslist and got a call from Justin. I came to their dealer and they take a look at my car, inspected and give me the quote right away. Had to negotiate a little bit on the price but totally fine. Customer service is good, I have a drop-off afterward.  Ali and Justin are helpful persons at that dealer.

Marcy M. | 2013-07-29

I highly recommend David Long and his team at DGDG if you want a fair price for your car, a customer service focused team, and a very low stress transaction.  They went above and beyond the call of duty to buy my car at a fair price and were completely honest and transparent about the process.  Dave even gave me help with my new car purchase which had nothing to do with them!  I can't rave enough about the friendly service and good experience.  I never knew there was such a thing.  I had gone to two dealerships to get a price on my car and they both treated me like I was asking them for a favor and low-balled the price to the point I walked away.  DGDG, Dave and his team have my vote and my loyalty.  I'm telling everyone to go to them if they want a fair no hassle deal. 10 Stars!

Bobby V. | 2013-07-22

I came here to sell my Honda accord looking for a better price than what was quoted on auto trader and overall I was very happy about it. The customer service was outstandingly awesome, great to talk to. They also gave me more than what was quoted or offered by other dealers. Their was some issues however when I sold my car due to my family however they were nice enough to give me a little bit more money despite that issue. Which I am very grateful for. Overall experience is a 5 thanks to Ali (I think that was his name I'm not to good at remembering names haha) and jhustin who helped me through the process.

Joel C. | 2013-07-14

Selling my car with DGDG was a great experience.  Ali and Dave could not have offered better customer service.  They were transparent about their price offers and were not pushy at all.  They took me to a train station when I dropped my car off for a free inspection and then helped with a rental when I sold my car to them.  I highly recommend DGDG to sell your car.

Dawn T. | 2013-06-18

I just had my car picked up at my house and a check handed to me as the final steps in finishing the sale to DGDG Buy Center, supervised by Jhustin Marcos.  Jhustin worked very hard to get a sales price for my BMW that would make the transaction attractive enough for me to pull the trigger.  

As a very busy person and someone who doesn't not want to literally stand in a DMV parking lot to immediately register a car, the service that Jhustin provided to me was fabulous.  Yes, you will yield less money for your car than if you sold it on your own, but the upshot is worth it:

1)  You don't have to worry about liability or safety issues since no one will know where you live.  
2)  You won't have to worry about someone doing horrible things (like robbing you or stealing your car--and, yes, this does happen) because you have a lot of cash in your house.
3)  It's super easy.

Get in touch with Jhustin Marcos today if you are considering selling your vehicle.  He is very responsive and actually fun with whom to work!

argus Y. | 2013-05-29

definitely a very friendly place and they were all very nice and helpful. john was especially patient and easy to work with. it was a great experience and i won't hesitate to recommend to anyone. only reason i put 4 instead of 5 stars is that i didn't sell to them. my car was quite popular and i was able to sell for higher price quickly. but if you have a harder to sell car and don't want the pain of selling it yourself, they are definitely easy to work with and a great alternative to the hassle of dealing with selling.

Catie F. | 2013-05-28

I had a fantastic experience at the Buy Center with David and David. Not only was the sell process incredibly quick and easy (30 minutes in and out, including test drive), but it was clear from start to finish that their priority was my walking out of there with a good experience. The process was clearly explained to me and I was able to get an incredible price for my Civic (better than I was planning to list it for privately). It was SO much easier than I thought selling my car would be! I wouldn't look anywhere else if I was trying to sell a car again.

Gustavo G. | 2013-05-24

Needed to get rid of a gas guzzler.  A friend recommended the DGDG buy center.  I went down and was helped by David.  He thoroughly explained the process and after they checked out the vehicle they made an offer.  I got pretty close to top dollar for an older truck.  I was pleasantly surprised.  I am very happy and glad I went down there.  Beats trying to sell your car online.  Thank you David for the excellent customer service.  I will definitely spread the word to my friends and family.