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Cartelligent helps you buy or lease any make or model new car with just a simple phone call. Learn why thousands of clients LOVE the entire experience and say they'll never go back to car shopping without Cartelligent.

Simply speak to a car-buying expert, get all the information you need to decide on the right car and then pick up the vehicle from your local Cartelligent branch. Most car-buying sites introduce prospective buyers with a dealership in their area where they still can spend hours picking up the car; Cartelligent walks you through the paperwork and shows you the features of your new car in less than an hour.

Cartelligent helps you:

* Buy or lease any make or model new car
* Minimize the amount of time you spend on the process
* Receive expert, unbiased vehicle and financial advice
* Get multiple quotes across brands
* Search through statewide inventories to find a specific vehicle
* Skip negotiations and still get a fantastic price
* Get a great value for your trade-in/


Established in 2000.

David Shapiro founded Cartelligent in 2000 with the vision of creating a fantastic car-buying experience for everyone. Since then, the company has grown from a single location in Sausalito to branches throughout California and has delivered over 20,000 new cars. The company remains dedicated to the belief that the car-buying process should be as easy and enjoyable as driving the car itself.

* 2000 - Cartelligent founded in Sausalito
* 2008 - East Bay Branch opens
* 2009 - Silicon Valley Branch opens
* 2012 - Southern California Branch opens

The Silicon Valley branch is located in San Jose and serves clients throughout the Peninsula from Menlo Park to Sunnyvale to Los Gatos. The Cartelligent service is unlike anything else in Silicon Valley.

Cartelligent is the fastest growing car buying service or auto broker in California and over 97% of our customers recommend us. Call us today to get started with a free consultation.


Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(408) 324-0400
Address:521 Charcot Ave, San Jose, CA, 95131
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Saturday: Closed
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Cartelligent

brian g. | 2015-04-24

Best car buying experience I've had by far. Way easier than Costco and saved a lot of stress. End to end process was less than a week. All digital processing and the pickup was personal, thorough, and quick. They even went above and beyond by securing my carpool lane access stickers in advance. No waiting for the DMV for me!  Sweet.

G R. | 2015-01-06

Top notch service. Second time I used their service and not the last one. After Harvey, Don is my new man. He really understood my needs and customize the solution for what I needed. The process is so easy:

- Go test drive few cars that you like and settle on one
- As soon as you know which car you want give them your top 3 choices for colors, option, etc..
- Tell them your budget and they will work with you to get the best deal (be reasonable of course, don't expect a Ferrari for $100/month).
- Then they'll let you know when to go pick up your car. The paper work takes only 25 minutes and you are gone with your car.

I experienced the dealership nightmare before and I would never deal with a dealership again. I hate their stupid game: "Let me ask my manager to see if we can get you a deal". This was the old way.

Cartelligent is the new way.

I have recommended them before and will continue to do so.

Kristin H. | 2014-12-02

I loathe the car-buying experience, hate might even be a better word.  This was the first time I used a car broker, and I am SO THRILLED WITH MY EXPERIENCE I HAVE TO TYPE IN CAPS!!!  Hilary Lucas was my contact person out of Danville, she is absolutely stellar - responsive, personable, helpful, knowledgeable, the whole package!  I live down in the San Jose area, so she connected me with Don and Billy to complete the car exchange and they are equally stellar.  The whole Cartelligent team went above and beyond to help us - in every instance possible.

We are a young growing family with a baby at home, and Billy even offered to bring my new car to my house when I didn't have a ride in to get it!  

I am super excited to buy our next car (albeit in twenty years) but I know I will be in good hands with the Cartelligent team.

Angelo D. | 2014-11-09

My wife and I were looking to purchase a 2015 Subaru Outback. We started out visiting the dealership, but they were not able to locate the color and trim we wanted. They continued to push us to order one, but that was about an 8-week lead time.

I called Cartelligent and spoke with Harold about the situation. He was great and explained a bit more about how dealerships work (and don't work) with each other. He said the car is probably out there, but sometimes competing dealerships might not want to help each other out. Low and behold, Harold found an inbound Outback that matched our request down to the splash guards. On top of finding the car we wanted, Cartelligent negotiated an unbeatable price.

If you are looking for great help with your next car (and a great deal), definitely give Cartelligent a call.

Scott D. | 2014-10-29

For a customer service oriented company that markets itself as making car buying easy and pleasant, I was disappointed.  I felt like i got the run around like I would get at a dealership.

I purchased a new car through Cartelligent and they were going to take my old car as a trade-in.  The price on the new car was fine, but I felt that i could have gotten as good a price by going to a dealer myself.  I wanted to buy thru Cartelligent for the convenience they offered, including making it easy to trade in my used car.  

I made an appointment to pick up my new car and have them inspect my old car and tell me what they would give me for it.  When I arrived, the person who does the trade-in valuation work was not there and would not be back for several hours.  This felt like a bait and swtich, especially as I made an appointment to see them to evaluate the used car.   It has now been 4 days and i still don't have an answer on the old car, which I had to leave with them.  At this point, the hassle in driving out to go pick up the old car will be significant.  As the trade-in weighs in on the economics of the deal,  I don't feel I've been treated well from a price perspective and certainly feel that the service has been poor.

Vicky G. | 2014-10-10

The Cartelligent team helped me end my lease early with Volvo and negotiate a great deal on a new Mazda 3 2014 hatchback. The team members are very professional and congenial and the process went incredibly smoothly, quickly and efficiently, just as I'd hoped it would.

In less than two months of lease ownership, the new Mazda had two VERY serious mechanical failures that were outside the control of Cartelligent that jeopardized the life of my son and me.

After the second nearly fatal incident, I contacted Cartelligent to let them know I had lost confidence in the safety and reliability of the car and demanded that it be replaced.

New car owners rightly expect a car that is safe and dependable and it was clear that the vehicle was problematic and unsafe from the get-go. The Cartelligent team worked with me and contacted the dealership from where they had initially procured the car as well as with various other auto industry entities to find a solution. With their support and deep industry contacts, they helped to successfully encourage the dealership to replace the car -- no easy feat.

I commend Cartelligent's efforts in working with me throughout this traumatic experience to get resolution. They also arranged to have the car delivered to my home, which was an added and welcome touch. I highly recommend their services.

James H. | 2014-06-14

These guys are terrific.  They made the car buying process easy and straight forward.  I knew the car that I wanted, they went out and found it, in the exact specifications that I asked for, at a better price that I think I would have gotten from the dealer, and if I would have been able to get it at that price, it would have taken me an all day investment of my time in negotiations at the dealer.  Instead, I went in to their San Jose location and was driving away with all the papers signed in less than 30 minutes.  This is a great service that I would recommend to anyone who knows what they want and values their time.

Fred L. | 2014-06-09

I had a really good experience buying a new car from Don at Cartelligent. I went in knowing which car I wanted. They quickly were able to find one and have it ready for me within a few days. I got a good price for it, and great service. There was one snafu with getting the HOV lane access sticker, and Don went to bat for me and was able to make everything workout. In contrast, I couldn't even get my local dealer to get me a price quote, even after they spent the time to do a test drive with me! What I would say is if want a fair price and great service, use Cartelligent. If your obsessed about price and want the absolute lowest price, and you like negotiating and have the personal time to put in, then take your chance with the  dealers. There is a great episode (#513) on "This American Life" illustrating how car dealers work. Good luck!

Gordon H. | 2014-04-26

We just used Dwight McCarty and Cartelligent's San Jose office for the second time (purchased a car for my wife eighteen months ago) and were equally pleased this time around.  Cartelligent removes all the unpleasant dimensions of car buying (paper work, interaction with dealers, etc.) and assure you get a great price as well.  They also fully get you checked out on your new vehicle (a not trivial task given all the tech additions to new cars).  Dwight is very knowledgeable about cars and clearly keeps the customer's interest front & center.  We will continue to use Cartelligent for future car purchases.

Mara F. | 2014-03-31

EXCEPTIONAL Service.  Not sure why anyone wouldn't use this service to buy a vehicle, they save you all of the hassle of car buying.

Jamsheed W. | 2014-03-29

After test driving a BMW 328d xDrive at a dealership, I knew that is what I wanted but with different color and packages. A couple days later I contacted Cartelligent with a particular car which the dealership said was on it's way.  Raffy at Cartelligent worked on securing the car for me at a good price. A week later I signed all the papers at Cartelligent, Billy walked me through the BMW's basic and some novel features, and then I drove of with the car. The whole process was smooth and seamless.  Took two weeks from test drive to car in possession.

Michael I. | 2014-03-17

I tried using these guys in the past, but I did not get the best deal from them. I actually got the best deal by going into a dealership, telling them my quote from Cartelligent and they beat it by a long shot! By a long shot I mean about 5% better on the MSRP and about 15% better on the lease payment all else being equal.

They give you the impression they will get you the "best" deal but, they will not. They make money off your fee and a kickback from the dealership.  I would not use these guys again.  

Really, it's a play on those people who just want a car and don't really care about the price so long as they don't have to get involved with the dealership.

Jared C. | 2014-03-15

This is the second time I have taken advantage of the Cartelligent new car buying service.  The first time Dwight found me the exact spec VW Jetta TDI I was looking for (fresh off the cargo ship).  This time around my wife wanted a new 2014 Sienna with specific options and color.  Dwight was able to find it, negotiate for it (better price then we could have negotiated for), and had us driving down the road in less than a week.

It was also nice to utilize his connections to take care of adding a hitch and getting the windows tinted before we picked it up.  It was great to free up my time, ease my mind of the details and just trust Dwight.  The guy gets it done. Ready to roll in the new swagger wagon!

I also have to mention the amazing job Dwight did of taking care of our trade-in.  He was able to get us top value for our 2005 Sienna XLE Limited.  So nice NOT to have have to deal with random people coming over to your house to test drive your car, waste your time and then try and haggle you down on price.  Piece of mind to just let someone else (Dwight) take care of it for me!  The trade-in service was just as sweet as the new car buying service.

I was a believer after the first transaction but now there is no way I would ever do anything related to buying or selling a car without calling Dwight and his team at Cartelligent.  They can do the work, while I hang out and play with my family.  Let the pros do what the pros do.

Gotta run and cruise the town in the new mini van!

mike d. | 2014-03-02

Billy and the branch manager were awesome. We saved a ton. I will definitely use them each time I buy a new car.

Cheryl W. | 2014-02-27

If you want to make buying a car easy and pleasant (not kidding!), call Cartelligent. Dwight listened to what I wanted, used his connections to set up a test drive, found me the car of my dreams (the only one in the Western U.S. in the colors I wanted!), then called me up and said "Come and get it!" I had the car in less than a week. I went to Cartelligent, signed the papers, and off I drove. And with his savvy negotiations and connections, I paid less than I would at a dealership. Wonderful experience.

I hate buying from dealerships and will never do so again. At Cartelligent I was treated with respect and great customer service (even though I am "just a woman...").

Thanks, Dwight!

Diane D. | 2014-01-31

I went to three dealerships looking for a fun sports car.  None of the sales men took me seriously.  It was really frustrating.  I was actually thinking of driving to another city to see if the sales men would treat me better.

Then I found Cartelligent.  I am convinced they are the only way to buy a new car now.

I purchased a car through Don at the San Jose office.    

After I gave Don a spec sheet on what I wanted, the Cartelligent team went to work and got me my custom ordered car.  

I recommend this service to anyone looking to buy a car. Cartelligent handles everything and they got me the car at the price I asked for.

When I stopped by the San Jose office to pick up my car, it was waiting for me in the showroom.  I signed the paperwork, got a tour of the car, and was driving away in about 1 hour.   The tour took longer than the paperwork did.

Thanks, Don for the amazing experience!  Thank you Cartelligent for knowing that women like cars also!

Chris S. | 2013-12-26

OK, so I only Yelp when I have an extraordinary experience.  And dealing with these guys at Cartelligent in San Jose was extraordinary.  First, they're a bunch of nice guys - that's one thing.  Then, they're GREAT at what they do.  At first I was thinking, "how can they possibly know all the details (or even MOST of them) for so many different cars?"  But, folks, they do.  They are knowledgeable, helpful, NOT pushy, and simply good at what they do.  They under-promised and over-delivered!

This was my first purchase through Cartelligent.  Don Horrigan handled my transaction front-to-back, and It was seamless.  My wife and I were torn between a few cars, and were not completely sure which one to pursue.  Don asked for me to answer a few simple questions about what the car was needed for - simple stuff - then we narrowed our choices down.  Don then told us to go to the websites of the manufacturers and pick out the packages and options that we wanted - so we built a few out, printed them and gave them to Don, and he took it from there and kept me posted.  I made our choice, and they went to work on finding the car and pricing it out....we got a better deal than we possibly could have at a Dealership!  

Billy Moore did a lot of the legwork as well, and is generally an all-around helpful, knowledgeable nice guy.  He delivered the car with white-glove service, Christmas Eve, and helped for me to make it a surprise on Christmas morning, big red bow and everything!  Now how can't you call that extraordinary??  It was awesome.  The best Christmas ever!  Thank you, Billy, for making it so special!!

I have NO IDEA why anyone would EVER go to a dealership again - sorry, car dealership salespersons of the world, but I think that this is the only and best way to buy a car!  I got a GREAT deal, no hidden crap, no haggling, no "let me talk to my manager" (yuck), delivered on time, simple.....these guys are my people, period.  I could be a walking, talking commercial for these guys.  I would be if they did that stuff!

Thank you Don, Billy, and the entire Cartelligent team for the best car buying experience of my entire life!

Tony L. | 2013-12-16

I don't know why more people don't buy a car this way.  This is my second time using an auto broker .... first time with Cartelligent.  Soooooo easy! Soooo much more civilized way to buy a car.  The dealers are the worst!!!!  The whole experience of buying a car from a dealer is unpleasant.  Don't do it people!!! Cartelligent will make it a quick, informed, easy and respectful experience.  And I love I am in and out in 20 minutes.  Lifeis moving at the speed of light these days .... Cartelligent understands that and simplifies the buying experience.  Would definitely recommend!  Oh .... and I am thrilled with my new BMW .... thanks Dwight !!!

Jordan K. | 2013-12-04

We've done several vehicles through Cartelligent over the past 10 years and most with Dwight McCarty. I don't know why more people don't use Cartelligent. Getting an email from Dwight that says "we'll take it from here" is about as good as it gets.

A B. | 2013-09-24

I worked with Brendan to sell my car, and it was a great experience.

I'm happy because of the good price he got for the car and streamlined sales process (obviously), but also because the service and responsiveness from Brendan/Cartelligent was top notch. Highly recommend.

Jose V. | 2013-09-15

Great customer service provided by Dwight and the Cartelligent team! I had an easy, painless process when purchasing my new car. Definitely beats the hassle of going to the dealership.

The team was able to find me a better loan rate than what I had already lined up, saving me even more money in addition to the great price they negotiated with the dealer.

Pick up was simple enough, paper work for about 10 minutes then a walk through of my new car. This is what the car buying experience should be, not the tired old sales process at the dealership!

Emily L. | 2013-09-14

I will never ever buy a car any other way. Brendan at Cartelligent was amazing. After filling out their online info request, he got right back to me (on a weekend!). He was incredibly helpful and informative every step of the way, and it was just amazing to have a car buying experience feel so relaxed and fun! He found us a good deal on the exact 2014 Acura MDX we wanted, got us a good deal on the financing and extended warranty,  AND got us a much better price for our used car than we'd have gotten for a trade in. I can't recommend them enough. Filling out the paperwork was fast and painless, and he was super patient with our little ones and even let them play with some of the toy cars in the office. They had an Acura rep on hand to explain all the bells and whistles, and we drove off feeling completely awesome. I've never had so much fun getting a car. If you want a stress-free experience, a good deal, and a painless way to maximize the return on your current car, you cannot go wrong with Cartelligent.

Mike F. | 2013-09-01

Cartelligent is the best !!  I filled out the contact form on and soon Dwight called me back.   After a great conversation, Dwight and his team were off looking for just what I wanted: A 2013 Honda CR-V EX-L AWD White with Beige leather interior.  After a couple of days, it was clear that there just weren't any cars with this particular combo on the West Coast ... but wait!!

Dwight found me a 2014  Honda CR-V EX-L AWD White with Beige leather interior for about what I was expecting to pay for a 2013!

Doing the paperwork at their office was pleasant and painless.  Dwight's colleague Billy was very knowledgeable about my new car and explained all the features to us.  

I drove my new CR-V away from their office knowing that I just had my best car buying experience ever!

I've purchased a lot of cars over the years, and the hassle of going into auto dealerships and putting up with their nonsense made buying a new car seem like a real drag.   Dwight and Cartelligent have turned that all around for me.

When you are serious about buying a new vehicle and want that experience to be a real pleasure, Cartelligent is the place to go!

Jack L. | 2013-08-13

No surprise here due to the numerous other stellar reviews, but these guys are totally awesome. You'll never go back to those sleazy dealerships again once you purchase a car from Cartelligent!

The staff  was great to work with. They located the exact vehicle we wanted through one of their partner dealerships, and the car was ready for pick up at their San Jose office in just a matter of days!

It almost seems too good to be true-- but it's not. The paperwork took less than 15 minutes and they gave us a short tour of our new car. We were out of there in less than an hour with our shiny new ride!

To top everything off, they got us an unbelievably good deal on the car, making their fee completely worth it.

They'll even help sell your old vehicle for a great price with another small fee!

You have to give Cartelligent a call if you are in the market for a new vehicle. You'll be amazed with their service and never want to go through the painful dealership process again.

Charles S. | 2013-08-11

Don and the folks there made it so easy to buy my car. They asked me all the key questions and even came up ideas on buying a model that was less money. When was the last time that happened to you.

I strongly urge anyone to use them and avoid the horrors on going to a dealer. They are five star folks.


Paul L. | 2013-08-11

Great service - quickly delivered the exact hard to find car at an excellent price. The actual buying process only took 15 minutes.

Amre S. | 2013-08-01

Received a check for my old car and verified that the remaining balance is paid off.

Again, as good as it gets!

Kelsey H. | 2013-07-23

This really is the only way to buy a car!  I just purchased a car through Don at the San Jose office.  I decided on a whim that I wanted to lease a Prius and had used Cartelligent before so I sent them an email.  I received an answer within minutes and was on the phone with Don a couple of minutes after that.

After outlining what I wanted, the Cartelligent team went to work.  Within a few hours they found the exact car that I was looking for at an amazing price!  It took only 6 hours from me reaching out to them to them finding my car.  Amazing!

I could not recommend this service enough to anyone looking to buy a car.  It can be so frustrating, or it can be easier than a trip to the grocery store by using this service...really.

When I stopped by the San Jose office to pick up my car, it was waiting for me on the platform out front.  I signed paperwork (10 minutes), got a tour of the features and I was on my way.

Thanks, Don for the amazing experience!

Renee A. | 2013-07-10

I had no intention of using a broker to buy a car until I found out about Cartelligent from a friend of mine who used them a few years ago.  I am so grateful to her and to Cartelligent (specifically, Don) for helping me purchase my new Acura MDX in what turned out to be a really pleasant experience.  We knew exactly the car we wanted and, it being a new model, I knew it might be hard to find in a timely manner and that I wouldn't have much (if any) negotiating room.  I am a very thorough researcher, but I was dreading the process of going to different dealerships to find the car, trying to get a decent price, and potentially having to wait a while to get the new car.  Not to mention having to deal with whatever measly amount they would give me on my trade-in.  

I no doubt ended up saving money and a LOT of time and agony.  I paid a flat fee to Cartelligent and in exchange they went to work negotiating the price and options on my new car and getting a surprisingly great offer on my trade-in.  Don was so informative throughout the entire process (which was all done through email and phone until I came down to get the car and give them my trade-in), and I feel like I understand so much more about the car buying process and the industry-it actually was fun!  He spent so much time insuring that I was getting the best deal possible.  I never would have been able to do this on my own.

I can wholeheartedly recommend using Cartelligent to make what can be a time-consuming/feeling that you are getting taken advantage of process into a fun and easy experience where you will likely save money overall.

Keith P. | 2013-05-29

We recently leased a 2013 Nissan Leaf through Dwight McCarty with Cartelligent.  We knew the type of car and options we wanted, sent the email one afternoon and drove away with our new car within 72 hours and the entire process was done via email and a phone call or two.  It was that simple.  

We are both extremely busy and HATE the car buying process.  If you are ready to buy or lease a new car, this is best the way to go and Dwight and Cartelligent are the ones to go it with.  We researched pricing before contacting them (had two quotes from competitor services) and Cartelligent beat both.  Having bought or leased 10-12 new cars in the past 20 years, my experience with Dwight and Cartelligent was by far the easiest, most hassle free we've ever had.  Including the time I paid a licensed dealer to negotiate and purchase on my behalf.  

In addition to the prompt, courteous service we received with the new car purchase, we handed over our old car, they put it out for bid and we received a check a week or two later.  As easy as it gets.

We'll never buy or lease a new car any other way.  You won't be disappointed, just check out their Yelp reviews.

You won't regret using Cartelligent.  Feel free to email with any questions, I'm happy to be a reference.

Frances F. | 2013-05-10

I contacted Cartelligent a year before I bought and had a casual conversation with Dwight McCarty just to get general knowledge about how Cartelligent operates.  He was very informative.  When I was ready to purchase in April of 2013, I contacted Dwight and we started our process.  Cartelligent was extremely efficient, helped me get EXACTLY what I wanted with no extras or upgrades that car dealers always want to sell you.  I am extremely pleased with the services, the time frame, and the price I paid.  Cartelligent also sold my old car for me.  This took all the hassle out of car buying and I highly recommend their service and will use them the next time I purchase a car.

Mike L. | 2013-03-18

Bought a '13 Lexus 450H via Cartelligent.  This is probably the 3rd or 4th time of the family using Cartelligent.   Last time I tried, I paid the fee, but it did not result in the car I wanted [I had to trade in a clunker for 'cash for clunker' program].  So now, 4 years later, I want to take advantage of my previously paid fee -- expecting some push back.  But alas, no problem...they honored the fee from 4 years ago.  They quickly got on finding the car and brought in the features, colors, etc. that my wife wanted.  They also did it well below what I had negotiated for essentially the same car.  Paperwork was all done, and I even got a pick-up and ride down to Cartelligent offices (1 hr. round trip) to pick up the car and finish off the paperwork.  The trade-in was going to be a problem due to an accident - but Dwight kept working it until a reasonable offer came through.  Great job Dwight!

Winnie C. | 2013-03-14

We've used cartelligent twice before (in their sausalito office) and was very pleased by pricing and how smooth the transaction was.   But there was the thought of "could I have gotten a better deal haggling on my own?".    Not the same as buyers-remorse.. but more of a curiosity of I wonder if we could've done better.

So when our acura reached 10 years we decided to test it out this time while searching for a new acura mdx.  We went to  dealers and haggled our way, wasting away the days with two young kids in tow and  dealing with sleazy salesmen and bitter coffee.   After we got the price as low as we felt we could get, we left dealership saying we needed to get the kids something to eat and will come back later... (we never came back).

Then we called Cartelligent or san jose and told them the exact same specs we were dealing with at the dealership and see what they can do.  In the end... they couldnt' beat the price we haggled.  the difference being about $1,000.  So we declined the car that Cartelligent  found and  Cartelligent honored their end of the deal and gave us back the $500 fee since we found a deal cheaper, so we lost nothing other than time/effort on our part for this "test".

We called the Acura dealer back up and what do you know? they raised the price significantly since we didn't call back the SAME day!!  screw them. I hate them.   Even when they kept calling back later with better deals,  we decided we were in no hurry and drove our old acura for a couple of months more.     Funny thing is that when it was due for its 105k service, I ended up spending about $1,000 in services!  ironic?  insane!!   and they said the next service will cost that much since i postponed  replacing the brakes.  AHHhh ! time to seriously buy a new car!

Screw it, we really didn't want to deal with the haggling  ferengi-like salesmen at dealerships and went back to cartelligent in san jose.  This time though we did a total turnaround and decided instead to go for the subaru outback.  Something more cheaper, better milage, more practical, and good safety ratings.  Dwight McCarty (our Cartelligent broker) came back with what we thought was a pretty good deal and even got some bonus upgrades on it that we weren't expecting.  He even went OUT of his way to insist we don't get the hitch attachment from the dealer ($600) and instead installed it for us from u-haul for cheaper (about $200).   the whole transaction at cartelligent went super smooth like last time,  only spent like 20 minutes signing papers, going over the new car features.  Dwight  took care of everything for us, including the old-acura trade-in!!  He was extremely professional the whole time.  Also for fun he gave us a tour of the Club auto Sport building.

Bottom line, is if you're willing to spend the days/hours arguing with sleazy salesmen,  driving around dealerships or calling them  you MIGHT find something cheaper on your own.  But in the end for me, my time is precious and i hate dealing with unsavory folks so i let cartelligent do all the dirty work and i feel it is worth the fee they charge.  I never feel "buyers-remorse" with them becuase I think they really try hard to make us happy since their reputation is at stake.

Kyle B. | 2013-03-03

I will never buy a vehicle any other way.  

I just tried cartelligent and worked specifically with Don Horrigan.  I wanted an exact (and relatively difficult to find) vehicle, and we were trading in a car.  We got above blue-book trade-in for our car, and they found me *exactly* the vehicle we were looking for, and managed to get a deal that was significantly better than what I was expecting.

But.... the best part was the ease of the whole thing.  I told them what I wanted.  Filled out a 1 page questionnaire on the trade in, and that was it.  They took care of everything.  I drove up in the trade in, and exactly the vehicle I wanted was waiting for me, shiny and ready.  30 minutes of signing papers and BS'ing and I was driving away in my new truck.

Easiest purchase ever.  Without exception.

Brett F. | 2013-02-07

I used Cartelligent for the first time recently, and it was a great experience. I knew the exact model I was looking for (a 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport with a very specific trim), and had already done a test-drive. The agent I worked with, Brendan, was super nice, got the details of my request right, kept things simple, and quickly found a car that matched my request--at a price that was better than I had managed after talking to two local dealerships.

I will absolutely use Cartelligent the next time I'm looking for a car, and I highly recommend them.

Arvind K. | 2013-01-18

This review is for our purchase of a 2013 Audi Q7 S Line Prestige with almost all the bells and whistles added -- so it was very difficult to find and very few dealers had it especially given that we were picky about the exterior and interior colors in addition to the options and packages.

We dealt with Antonio Contreras from Cartelligent. Extremely happy with how everything went and how quickly things moved, effectively and efficiently. Most work was done over quick phone calls and emails. If you are looking to buy a new car, and you know what you want after test driving at dealerships etc, just give these guys a call.

We'll be replacing another car of ours pretty soon and we're sure it'll be through Cartelligent.

Ben M. | 2013-01-04

If you're not buying your car from these guys you're crazy. I worked with Antonio Contreras who helped me get a new Audi Q5. He got a price on the car better than what I could have negotiated myself (despite the fact that I have the Audi Supplier Discount). No time negotiating with the financing person, refusing 40 different options, etc.

To top it all off, when Antonio showed me the car, he stopped for a second and said "look at this, it's dirty. I'm so sorry. It's been out in the rain. Take it back here any time to get et detailed". I was somewhat surprised as the car looked pristine. He wiped his finger on the tailgate and showed me a little bit of dirt. I told him I couldn't ask him to re-detail the car. He wouldn't take no for an answer. Eventually I suggested that he could detail my old car, which I was going to give to my sister.

When I came back a few days later to give my sister the old car, it was spotless.

If you want to purchase your next car pain free, do it with Cartelligent.

Sheila B. | 2012-08-08

I needed to get a car and did enough research to know what I wanted.  I called the Cartelligent guys up after hearing about them from a friend, and was very happy with their service.  The total price I ended paying was comparable to what I would have paid had I gone in and haggled for myself, which I would have hated. They made it all very easy, and made it take very little of my time. 5 stars - easy!

Dieu N. | 2012-07-02

Cartelligent came highly recommended by a friend of mine, so I tried it out. First, I checked out the website. I couldn't really find any information about what kind of service it does exactly, so I figured I just put in some quick contact info to get started. All I know is that I want the best possible deal, financial advice, car buying advice, and never to have to deal with a pushy salesman. So ultimately, I'm paying for convenience. I figure that Cartelligent is the equivalent of using H and R Block is to doing your taxes, but for cars.

I did get this experience, but all I'm not so sure about is the price tag. It's $500. Maybe it's worth it, maybe it's not. I'm only hesitant about it because it feels like a rather big number. When I told a friend I was using a broker, she asked me how much the service was. I was a bit embarrassed to say the price, and she told me she doesn't know if it's worth it, or how much I'd really save in the end.

I don't have buyer's remorse when it comes to the car. I got a high-in-demand Prius C, and it's great. But I have reservations about whether the cost of the service was worth it. I just feel like I could've called a friend who's good at haggling to help me out.

I think if it's indeed worth 500, they should better communicate that. What deals were made? What did they help me avoid? What advantages did they give me?

I appreciated that I can speak with someone who had no interest in pushing a sale on me, or pulling the wool over my eyes. However, I did have to deal with a salesman when I took the car for a test drive, who kept on insisting I bought it that day, or went with a Yaris. To Cartelligent's credit, however, I was "briefed" as to how to best handle them in that situation.

I feel like for 500, I'm at the very least paying to not have to deal with any salesman whatsoever, and at best, get the best possible deal for the exact car I wanted, sans salespeople.

*7/3/12 - I'm amending to my original post because I just found out that they had a $295 option, in addition to the 500, and the even more luxurious 995 option. Dwight asked me what I was looking for in Cartelligent's services, and based on what I said, he should've informed me about the 295, which I would've been more comfortable paying. Instead, he gave me the impression that there's just a 500 option, which includes services on the leasing and delivery (at least here in Southern California.)

In the feedback survey, there was a question about whether I'd recommend Cartelligent to a friend or use the service again. I think I would for 295, but not 500. Learn from my mistake and be aware of the price options!

Josh R. | 2012-05-21

I loath buying a car and this past time was no different.  I knew exactly what I wanted, market rates, and availability of the car with the features and color I wanted.  I prenegotiated with dealers and STILL Cartelligent got me a better rate - I was in and out in 20 minutes versus the 4 hours the last time I bought from a dealer.  I will NEVER EVER buy from a dealer again.  Dean was straight up - there wasn't a feeling I was being messed with, no "selling" me anything, just information, and it was left to me to make my decisions.  

I could not have been happier with the process.

Dave O. | 2012-03-21

Cartelligent did an outstanding job finding the right car for my wife.  We had a difficult set of options and colors to find on a 2011 Chrysler 300, especially since we wanted it on a year end closeout model, thus we were limited to the unsold cars on dealer lots.  But Dwight McCarty found the exact car and configuration within a week and a half, including difficult to find colors.  This might well have been the last available car in CA with this exact configuration we wanted.  And when the dealer only wanted to trade for the car, not sell it, Dwight worked magic and found a car to trade for it, but that transaction between dealers was invisible to us.  This was my first experience with an auto broker and I would definitely use Cartelligent again.  They made the process quick, easy and painless while getting me a reasonable price on a difficult to find car.

Jen B. | 2012-03-18

I just had a great experience with Cartelligent and Dwight McCarty. A friend recommended that I use Cartelligent and I was completely impressed throughout the process. I wanted a car that had an unusual combination of features, a bit of a needle in a haystack. Dwight found and secured one right away. The paperwork was FedExed to me and the car was shipped to my door without my having to do anything! I can't tell you how much the $500 was worth it, especially for someone who's busy and doesn't have the time--or the stomach--to go from dealer to dealer and/or search around online.

Tim B. | 2012-03-09

Hardworking with no nonesense and friendly. Went over the new car briefly and helped sync phone to the bluetooth, etc...Even made money trading in our leased car AND got out of the lease early. Will return when my other car "Betsy" finally gives out.

tammi r. | 2012-02-24

I picked up my car yesterday in San Jose. Hillary in Danville arranged the car and Dwight, in San Jose, was there to finish up with paperwork and introduce me to the car.  Love, love, love this company and its peeps!  So quick and really, no hassle! I will return.  This is the only way to buy a car!

Tony P. | 2012-02-15

We recently used cartelligent for our business lease to lease a fully loaded BMW X5 50i SUV .   I would say it worked ok.    Don had a lot of patience going through and understanding our requirements from our side.     So , if you know all the numbers, and needs and what you're planning to get and all your expectations are set correctly, they would execute the deal for you without having to deal with sales guys, and dealerships etc.,   I just had to meet them only to pickup the car.  Most discussions were carried out through email and phone.   Plus the option of not being tied to one dealer.

Jim S. | 2012-02-15

Close your eyes and imagine the ultimate new car-buying experience.  This is what I found at Cartelligent.  I was not looking for an exotic car...I needed a Toyota Sienna and knew my exact specifications.  After 20 minutes on the phone with Don Horrigan, the ball was rolling.  Within a day or two, they had located my car.  Another 20 minutes signing papers and I was out the door with the car I wanted, at the price I wanted, with no regrets and no pressure.  Priceless!

Prashant F. | 2011-11-05

Summary: I had a very good experience with Dwight McCarty at Cartelligent while buying a new car 3 months ago. I intend to do business with him again and I also recommend him to others.

- I have been a longstanding customer of Hammer Auto (have bought four cars from them over many years). I was satisfied with the service I got from Hammer Auto (I know the Yelp reviews on Hammer are mixed) but I decided to try Cartelligent because (1) a friend that I had referred to Hammer was not happy with his experience, and (2) a co-worker used Cartelligent and was very happy with Dwight.
- Dwight was courteous, knowledgable and helpful throughout the process. I came to him with some broad requirements and we worked together to narrow things down to a specific make and model. Dwight helped me find local dealers to test drive vehicles and did a decent amount of pricing research to help me out. In the end, he helped me get a pretty good deal on the car I wanted.
- Now here's the really important part. My lease was expiring and Dwight did an AWESOME job of settling my lease. (Basically I bought my leased car and sold it) The amount of money I made on "flipping" my leased car was several times more than Dwight's fees. (He explained that I got lucky and that I shouldn't expect such results every time)

So overall, a really great experience. No meaningful negatives at all, except that sometimes Dwight wasn't super-fast to respond to email and that I had to follow up by phone a couple of times. But a great outcome and worthy of a 5-star Yelp rating.

Joshua C. | 2011-10-18

Ryan Mize is great and sincerely puts in the effort to make sure his clients are satisfied! My first Car (a Honda Civic) was purchased through a dealer instead of Cartelligent.  While I gave that dealer a decent review, I did not realize that they are so good at baiting and switching...anyways, I regretted having made the purchase on such an impulse instead (initially I was skeptical of Cartelligent and when the dealer initially quoted me a price better than Cartelligent's, I went along with it instead).  

This time around, I was determined not to make the same mistake.  After test-driving and knowing what I wanted, I called up Ryan.  The process was great!  Had my car within a week...smooth process and everything worked out well.  Didn't waste time calling around, but instead trusted Cartelligent to do all the work.  Got me what I wanted (a Nissan Altima 2.5S), at a great price (better than the best I found with calling around maybe 1 or 2 places at most).  This is by far the best way to buy..just go to a local dealer to test drive if you want to get a feel for the car and decide exactly what you want, and then once you know exactly what you want, you can trust Cartelligent with the rest!  Great job!!!! I will make my future purchases through Cartelligent :)

Only 1 suggestion: Hire a receptionist/someone to pick up the phone, and perhaps expand the size of the team so that phone calls could be promptly answered/returned.

Janelle B. | 2011-10-03

Everyone in my family has used Cartelligent and finally it was my turn to step up to the plate and get a new car.  I knew I did not want to waste time at dealerships, so I went straight to Ryan Mize.  I told him what I was looking for and her was there to help me every step of the way.  Ryan made the process efficient and painless!  The whole process only took about 2 weeks and when I arrived to pick up my car, it was all ready for me parked out front of the building.  

Big thanks to Ryan and his job well done!

Matt B. | 2011-09-02

We used Cartelligent to purchase a new Nissan Armada. We worked with Dwight who found the vehicle we wanted, with the options we wanted at the price we wanted. He did almost all the footwork to find and secure the vehicle even though inventory near us was rather low. He even found us a screaming deal on our loan (far below what I could have gotten on my own).

He was professional, courteous and very responsive throughout the whole process. I think we exchanged in excess of 30 emails over the course of a couple of days.

When we arrived to pick up our vehicle he had all the papers prepared in advance. We breezed through the whole process in about 10 minutes. He even got a couple of toys to entertain my 20 month old son while we signed.

My experience with Cartelligent and Dwight was excellent. I will definitely do business with them again when we're in the market for another vehicle.

Ellen V. | 2011-07-01

We bought a VW Jetta Sportwagon TDI from Cartelligent in late June 2011.  Don Horrigan was the salesperson who helped us and we would recommend him to anyone who wants to buy a car for the best price with the least amount of hassle.

After visiting three VW dealerships in the bay area, we were discouraged by the sales process. The salespeople told us that the car we wanted was difficult to find and they tried to convince us to buy what was on the lot (for more money than we wanted to spend). We contacted Cartelligent after reading reviews on Yelp and I am so glad we did.

Don found the car we wanted, tracked it as it came into port in San Diego and had it transported to Sunnyvale. He was courteous, responsive and kept us updated every step of the way. We also decided to finance through him since he found a rate that beat the one Chase Bank offered to us.

The $500 fee is worth it to hire someone who is willing to listen to you, find exactly the car you want and is willing to stick to the price you want to pay.

C Z. | 2011-06-23


I bought my Nissan GT-R through this broker and it was a huge mistake.  I should've just bought straight from a dealer.  Seriously, with websites like and , you don't need a broker to find your car any more!

But let me tell you about my story.  It's long and I'll try to keep it short.  I hired Ryan to find a GT-R (a $90K+ car) in the color I wanted.  They were never good at communicating, so I had to call them every week or so.  The car took a month to get to me. It turned out the BRAND NEW car I was supposed to get was having the windshield fixed at a shop in Southern California while Ryan and his team kept me waiting in the dark.

I guess everyone's experience with Cartelligent will be a hit or miss.  If they find the car you want, then it'll be smooth.  But if they decide to sell you one that's being repaired without telling you (like what happened to me), then you will need a lot of prayers.

I ask everyone to consider using alternatives such as and and STAY AWAY FROM THIS BUSINESS.

Randy D. | 2011-06-07

I used Cartelligent to purchase a Lexus RX350.  I was originally reluctant to pay a fee for someone to find me a car but it was worth every penny.  Ryan Mize was fabulous.  He found me the car I wanted; he got the best price around for the car; we were having the car shipped out of state and he dealt with the dealership throughout the process to ensure that everything went according to plan. Definite Two Thumbs Up!

Richard L. | 2011-06-02

A bumpy start, but a happy ending.   All's well that ends well.

I started looking at new cars in January 2011, and test-drove several of them before settling on a BMW 128i.  I was able to use the BMW web site to "build" one with the options I liked-- in particular I wanted one that was blue.  I selected the "get me a quote" button and found that pretty much all the cars in local inventory were silver or black.  Boo.

I saw the Cartelligent ad in the SF Chronicle, and thought they might be able to find what I wanted.  Plus, the low-hassle aspect of using a car broker was very appealing.  So I signed up ($500 up front) and Dwight did the search.

No matches anywhere in California.  There were a couple that were close, but they had expensive options that I didn't want. So it looked like I would have to order one.  Oops, in early February of 2011 you can't order a new 2011 BMW.  Ok, I was in no rush, so I said I would wait until they were taking orders for the 2012.  I was asked a couple of times to "put my order in early" but since the actual 2012 cars weren't ready to order at that time, I didn't see the point.  

So in March 2011 BMW started taking orders for the 2012 models.  I went back to the website and indeed, several options had changed.  I rebuilt my car and hit the quote button.  The quote I got from Cartelligent was exactly $500 less than what I would apparently have paid at a dealer had I ordered the car online.  I was told that their price was "$500 over invoice" but would be surprised if the online MSRP is only $500 over invoice as well.  Maybe it is.  I tried a few times to find out exactly what was going on, but never quite got a good answer.  Nevertheless, I was not obsessed with getting the very best price, although I would have appreciated an upfront explanation of the details.

I ordered the car, was asked for a credit check, and then was told 6-8 weeks for delivery.  6 weeks later, Dwight says the car arrived in dock, and one week after that, I had my car.  It was perfect, exactly what I ordered.  Dwight picked me up at my office, and in less than an hour I was done.  I signed lots of papers, and was surprised to find that they had taken care of the DMV registration as well... so my plates should just show up in the mail.  Sweet.  

I think that because of my specific request of a rare color, and the unusually bad timing, I hit some bumps in the process that most people won't have.  The experience overall, was quite good.  I've not had much direct interaction with dealerships, but what little I have had has been stressful.  

Definitely this is the way to buy a new car.

Alexandra Y. | 2010-10-07

These guys are great!  I spent 2 months trying to order my car through a dealer, only to find out they never ordered the car, and in September told me I would get the car in December.  I went to Cartelligent, and they found my car the same day I contacted them, and I had the car in my possession less than a week later.  Amazing!  The process was painless, the service is friendly and competent, and I would recommend Cartelligent to anyone looking to buy a car.

Martha D. | 2010-04-16

I think having a root canal is more pleasant than the car buying experience ... the last couple of cars I've purchased have been done online but at the recommendation of several friends, I tried Cartelligent this time and it was terrific.  

I had done my pricing research and Ryan Mize got me the car I wanted, features I wanted, simplified the trade-in process (which I ended up not doing) at a price that according to TrueCar was a "Great Price" and I have no doubt, a lot less that if I did it on my own.  We were in an out in 30 minutes and 20 of that was showing me all the features of the car.

Hilary F. | 2009-08-08

After getting the runaround at a dealership when trying to buy a new car I decided there has to be an easier way. I learned about Cartelligent from a friend and found out they just opened a new location in San Jose close to my office.

I worked with Ryan Mize who got me exactly the car I wanted at a price that was way better than even the promises I got from the slick salespeople at the dealership. It was fast and easy and I'm recommending Cartelligent to all my friends and family!


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