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Established in 2008.

Capitol Volkswagen was acquired from the Bob Lewis Automotive Family by the Del Grande Dealer Group in March of 2008. Capitol Volkswagen has quickly established itself as the Bay Area's Top Volkswagen Dealership for New and Certified Pre-Owned Volkswagen's and for "Top Level" Customer Satisfaction.

This Dealership is the largest "State of the Art" Volkswagen facility in Northern California.

Customers are finding it to be a "World Class" experience.

Capitol Volkswagen

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(888) 959-7823
Address:911-A Capitol Expressway Auto Mall, San Jose, CA, 95136
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: 10:00 am - 8:00 pm

Reviews on Capitol Volkswagen

Eric T. | 2015-04-19

I came in to turn in my lease. They asked me if I had an appointment. TWICE! Who does DGDG think they are, the DMV?

Nicole R. | 2015-04-12

I had an excellent experience purchasing my 2012 Golf here in 2011, but that's pretty much where my good experiences ended. Since then, I have constantly been disappointed by their service department. They have dropped scheduled appointments, forgotten to pick me up with their shuttle service (I even called when they were 15 mins late, and they still never grabbed me - had to wait for my sister to get off work), and when I've had car trouble, I've called their service department for guidance, only to NEVER receive a return phone call despite their promises to call me back in 20 minutes (after I called them all day during business hours).

After every appointment, they always send a follow up satisfaction survey asking me to give them 5 stars, and if I can't, to email them regarding the reason why before completing the survey. After politely fulfilling their requests, they never respond to my emails!

I really want to like this service department (it's so close to my house, and the people that work there are very friendly when I am present on the lot), but now that my maintenance package has expired, I won't be returning to this dealership.

Edward B. | 2015-04-11

Mike Rudolph service manager made a great service recovery and made things right! I was able to pop in on my way to work. He got me in quickly, reset my computer and topped off the fluids. He also suggested to his service staff what to do in the future when the company who provides smog certification is a no-show. Hopefully that will prevent recurrence for all customers. I'm coming back again!

Bryan R. | 2015-04-07

I've been impressed with Capitol, my wife and I have both had a few services done here and you can tell there is a big emphasis on customer service.
Being a sizable dealership I feel there was a bit of miscommunication from time to time but nothing major.
I did explore buying a new car there as well and had a low pressure experience even though I decided not to buy.
I definitely recommend Capilol VW

Anna P. | 2015-03-27

We bought a new vw Touareg tdi in Nov14. I will try to explain the low rating categorically for the benefit of other consumers

Sales 5 stars: dealing with Dino was a pleasure. Well informed, helpful and not persuasive. We could feel the enthusiasm in showing us various cars and also in taking us on test drives. He never showed any kind of displeasure to our needs to try out various cars even if it involved moving several cars around to get access. Also, it took only 15 mins to agree on the price based on true car value. Good sales man. Understands the customer needs, values their time and respects their intelligence.

Finance 0 stars: atrocious. Pressure tactics. Extended Warranty and maintenance up sells. Ridiculous mark ups of upto 3 times on these packages. Even with a super excellent credit score, we were given an Apr which was 1.3% more than the market and that too from a little known bank out of state that doesn't even have 24/7 customer service. We had to refinance from another bank to get the market rate. A hassle.  Not customer friendly at all. Be very cautious dealing with finance team.

Service 1 star:  the new car had a minor pre existing damage on a plastic valence cover. Service dept never showed any kind of interest to fix this on priority. I would expect a pre delivery mistake should be rectified immediately. Loaner car had to be negotiated as well. Not customer oriented at all.  On top of this, It took them 10 business days to fix even after constant follow ups. To add to the misery, when I got the car back it had paint overspray all over. At this point, We got the GEneral manager involved. He was supportive to fix all this on priority and hence the 1 star instead of 0 for service.

James R. | 2015-03-25

Used my 3-day, 250 mile return policy to return a used GTI - I was assured my down payment would be returned, but it's been 2 weeks and this hasn't happened yet.  I've called the GM and Finance Manager to find out when I'll get my $6,000 down payment back, and was assured that the funds would be returned. Still no action from Capitol - my bank has confirmed no process to return the funds has even been started.  I shouldn't have to harang the GM and Finance people for my funds back.  If they finally return my funds as they promised (and are legally obligated to do) then I might consider taking down this review.

+5 min after posting this I was just informed my check is now available - they are claiming it was ready this morning, and just needed to go thru one more approval - curious timing.

hai c. | 2015-03-23

This review is for Lalo: nice guy, very friendly and patient. No rushing/pressuring to sale you the car.
I just got my new car over the weekend, not brand new, but a new car for me. I got a Certified Pre-Own 2013 Volkswagen CC Sport Plus with 2 tones interior. I has been eyeing this car for a while, and been waiting for the right one to come along. I came by Capital Volkswagen last weekend and Lalo approached us to provide assistance. He begins by showing us the car that we want. We walk around to looked at a few cars of the same model; however they do not have the year and color that I like, so we did not come to term to make a deal. Lola asked if I feel "comfortable" giving him my number so he can contact me if he see one that came onto the lot. I don't like giving my number to a dealership, due to past experience & constant calling. I felt that Lalo invested a lot of time with us, so I gave my number to Lola. A couple days later Lalo text me saying that there is a car that I want just pull into the lot, and if I like, he can arrange for me to come and look at it. Because I was working so I let him know that I do not have to time to stop by to see the car. A few more days later, Lalo text me again saying that there is another car that just got it. Long story short, I told Lalo that I will stop by sometime on the weekend and look at the car. When I stop by, he shows me the car with everything I asked of him to look for. We made a deal, and I drove away as one happy customer.
To keep it simple, if you want a car without a hassle, or can't find the car that you want. Give Lalo your number and he will do the looking for you. He doesn't abuse your number, so that's one of the many good traits I found in this guy.
Thanks Lalo & you made car shopping much easier for me.

Peter T. | 2015-03-19

Just had my VW Passat serviced at Capitol VW, and my experience was A+++! The service writer (Mike Rudolph) was friendly, helpful & thoughtful, kept me informed of car's repair progress (since I waited there for it), and the repair was completed 30 minutes early.

While there, I also bumped into the wonderful sales person (Mandeep Bola), who went way out of his way to help me find a car with a seat that would work for my achy back). I was delighted that he asked how the car was working for me and that I could tell him it was great!

Finally, after getting my car back from service, a porter asked if he could help me load some items I took into the waiting room back into my trunk for me. Amazing! In my experience, Capitol VW has always treated me in a way that shows they care about my experience there!

I intend to continue to trust my car to their service dept!

Vincent W. | 2015-03-18

Good sales folks and manager, but the finance manager was a tool.

Our sales guy and the person behind the main office who appeared to be the general manager were great. They were patient and provided great help to expedite the services and purchase of our CPO Volkswagen.

Where we REALLY HAD ISSUES was with the finance manager David Melkomian. When we sat down he almost immediately asked "you do know what kind of car you are getting into?" From that, I knew exactly what kind of conversation we were going to be getting into...

He wanted to sell us warranty and maintenance packages.

Now this is expected, but he was EXTREMELY persistent. He kept pushing that VW's were not reliable cars and were expensive to fix by pulling up reports from edmunds. He emphasized that "this is a GERMAN car not a Honda Accord." We refused numerous times, yet he kept insisting and even bargaining. The conversation lasted well over 30 minutes and we didn't even start the paper work yet. We later learned the the dealership was competing to sell the most extended warranties and service packages at the time. He was probably under a lot of pressure to make sales, but his approach and level of condescension is completely unacceptable.

David, we've had recent European, American, and Japanese cars before. I'm a mechanic, I've done the majority of all the maintenance and repairs on them myself. You're customers aren't idiots, we've done more research than you may assume.

William Y. | 2015-03-14

So I got the first car in my life today from this store, and the agent is called Ali who is a really nice and friendly guy. I got a great Volkswagen 2012 Jetta sport model. It is very power, the engine sounded exactly like what I was expecting to have. I was really happy about Ali and his patient serves.

Michelle K. | 2015-03-06

Okay I must write an update. After my experience, both the service manager and the manager contacted  me from Capitol to make it right. They paid for the repairs I had at Royal Audi VW. They went out of their way to contact me, after their business hours to make sure that I was heard, listened to and appreciated.

I know people make mistakes and I am going to give them another chance. I know we are all not perfect so I am not going to let a mistake taint their reputation.

I was glad to see them not just let a customer go, but go out of their way to keep me. They have lots of customers but they treated me as a priority. I know they made a mistake and I am sure that no one will have to suffer the way I did. That being said, thank you Mike and Khaleed for reaching out to me!

I do recommend them. 4 stars!

Crystal E. | 2015-03-02

I have to say this was THE BEST car buying experience I ever had!!! Mind you this is the 2nd time I brought a vehicle from here. But this time it was different, thanks to my salesman Jim Miller. Jim is the kind of person that made the sale hassle free, no pressure, and made me comfortable. I asked about a certain car and he gave me the real deal,told me what I wouldn't like about it and you know what he was absolutely right!! So of course I didn't get that car.
I walked out that place with my dream car!!! I got a great price, a great finance deal(better than what my credit union offered) and overall a great sales experience. Thank you Jim for your professionalism, kindness, sense of humor, and getting the job done with a breeze. If you are looking for a car don't go anywhere else but here!! And ask for Jim Miller he is absolutely the best!!!! Tell him I sent you :)

Marcy B. | 2015-02-27

I leased a new car here.  The sales experience was good.  However, I'm having a big problem with service.  The voice recognition for the phone has never worked.  I have taken it in three different times to get it fixed.  Each time they said it was fixed but it wasn't.  I will take it in again.  I'm at a loss.

Ray D. | 2015-02-21

I haven't had major problems with my 2013 Passat TDI and have mostly come here for the scheduled maintenance. It's always been a breeze - make the appointment online, show up, watch tv and have coffee, grab my car and go.

Recently, I had to have the cap and side passenger mirror replaced. I worked with Chris (front desk). He took a look at the mirror and we discussed options for painting the parts to match the car. I had previously been quoted $250+ to paint this tiny part. Chris laughed and recommend a body shop they work with. $75 later, it looks great.

When it comes down to it, I don't mind spending $ if it's needed and it's reasonable. I get that here and good customer service...

Alison E. | 2015-02-21

We are incredibly happy with the experience we had with Capitol VW. Juan Lugo met us at the door and helped us choose our Passat. Extremely respectful, pleasant, genuine and not at all pushy. He handled everything quickly and before we knew it we were in financing. The gentleman there found us an amazing deal that beat the loan I had been pre-approved for. We were delighted with everyone there and highly recommend Capitol Volkswagen when you are ready to buy or sell your cars. Ask for Juan and I know he will take care of you!

Judy J. | 2015-02-17

This review is for Aaron Pullen I am so happy with my Mini Cooper, Aaron was fast professional and patient.... If i could give him more stars I would. Thanks Aaron!!
GO SEE Aaron he will not disappoint you.

Bethany C. | 2015-02-16

We had an excellent experience here with Adrian Negrete, and his manager Steve Vose!

We came to see a Jetta we spotted wasn't quite ready to hit the lot, but Adrian rushed it so we could test it the next day. But after having the car fully inspected, they decided it wasn't in the condition to sell. It was disappointing for us, but a very classy and honest move by VW.

We were bummed as we were SO ready to buy that day...but Adrian was a champ. He worked overtime to find replacement options and gave us an amazing deal! They were very conscious of our budget, and we never felt pressured. They even threw in an updated lightening cable for our iPhones.

All across the board, a wonderful experience and we wound up with a much better deal. Thanks, guys! :)

Anna G. | 2015-02-16

On valentines day we went into Capitol Volkswagen to buy a specific car. We had a budget to stick within, and were able to buy the car we wanted!

We worked with Omar (car salesman), Steve (manager), and Ashley (paperwork). They're all super nice and made us feel welcome.

Kevin J. | 2015-01-20

I am very very happy with my experience at Capitol. Uwanah is the best of the best! I don't normally like working with dealers but Uwanah is your cut to the chase kind of guy. I had a very positive, friendly experience. I told him what I wanted and he delivered. Thanks Uwanah! I got Passat as leased car. It was really Great and very satisfied with that car.

Remember his name! Uwanah as perfect sales guy with honesty.

Eugene S. | 2015-01-07

I saw online that this dealer had a used black 2011 Subaru WRX so I went in to check it out/test drive it. We played the "wait for them to approach you first" game and walked around the lot looking at the other cars they had. After about 15-20 minutes, there was still no one coming out to ask how we were doing or if we were interested in a car so we gave in and walked into the building to ask for some assistance.

The car salesman was a nice young male who was respectful, but had no clue what he was selling. I mean, if you are selling a car (or anything), shouldn't you at least know the difference between the different models? Their description for the WRX was listed as the "limited" model meaning it has a moon roof, fog lights and leather seats. The WRX in the lot had none of the listed add ons, so it was actually the base model. The test drive was fine, but we couldn't come to a deal because he wanted to sell this car for the price of a new 2011 WRX Limited.

Needless to say, I am never going back to any dealer that is part of the DGDG group.

Shayne F. | 2015-01-06

They are very aggressive with the upsells.  The Finance manager actually called us idiots because we didn't go for the gap insurance or the other high priced additions.  Car turned out to have been in an accident and they basically lied about the extent of the damage. They said bumper bruise - my own research shows it was much worse.  Integrity is important and it's lacking here.

Ivan I. | 2014-12-21

Me and my wife went in yesterday and had a great experience thanks to Amer, that helped us pick the right car for our needs and offered us a stress free car purchasing experience. If you want to buy a VW this is the right place and make sure you ask for Amer.

Susu X. | 2014-12-20

The service manager Michael he is really helpful. He helped us to settle the problem! I will not hesitate to recommender the service department!

Sam H. | 2014-12-02

I've been taking my VW GTI to Capital Volkswagen for the last year. Every time I go there I get my car sorted as fast as I know is technically possible.

They have a great shuttle service that will take you anywhere and pick you up when your car is ready.

The best advisor there is Erica. She is awesome.

Kenny S. | 2014-11-26

If U want a car, go ask for Uwanah!

I got my pre-owned Touareg at Capitol VW almost 4 months ago. Uwanah and other staff there provided truly exceptional first-class service that I could ever expect!

Hassle-free experience, great test drive, and easy enough paperwork.

The staff there are so nice and always willing to help, even after you swiping your card :) I went back there a couple of times for scheduled service and inspection, and the experience has always been consistent.

BTW, my wife and I both love the DGDG license frame that has "Be Happy" on it.

matt s. | 2014-11-15

I had a great experience working with Colin Crawford on the purchase of my GTI. He was the perfect sales manager for me, knowledgable, friendly and I felt zero pressure to buy. We test drove several different cars and he answers all my questions about each one, including some of the negatives. I highly recommend asking for Colin if you visit Capitol VW.

Sophia M. | 2014-11-05

If you come here ask for Chris. He is awesome. He knows his stuff. Acknowledges you every time.  

Erica is rude and has no customer service etiquette. She has a problem with helping me every time. Never says hi.

Patty well I won't go there. Let's say her new boss saw proof of everything I said.

Jermaine M. | 2014-11-05

Giving this company 3 stars due to the financing manager Onique(Oneek sp?) the sales associate Omar Rubio was very helpful. I originally had an appointment with Alec but Omar did just as well helping me purchase my first car. He did everything he could that was in my range of pay, and fixed anything wrong with the vehicle.

The financing manager in the other hand was very rude, and does not have the best customer service. I live in Pinole, so already it was quite the drive for Omar to deliver the vehicle to me, because there were some things I needed to be fixed. I was willingly, and actually excited to sign the contract for my vehicle. But the address was incorrect. I told Omar whom is the one that delivered my car that they needed to fix this. Which he said he would do. After signing all the paperwork( which I probably shouldn't have done since my address was wrong, ok my blame there) I called Onique no later than 10 minutes after Omar's departure. I let him know I need my address changed and I wanted a copy of the new contract with my new address. He agreed to do so. It has been over 2 months since I've had my vehicle, and nothing has been changed, no calls have been returned. Until last week after maybe 12 messages later. Omar said he'd take it in his hands, and unfortunately it was dealt with too late and now I have to go to the DMV to deal with all the paper work that should have been dealt with a long time ago. Onique is very rude, unprofessional, and clearly wasted my time
After he's taken all the money from me for my vehicle. I had no problem with Omar. In all other news I love my car, and Omar was nice enough to even show concern about my situation.
If you plan on financing at this dealership, do yourself a favor and deal with a different financing manager. Once this is all settled I know I will not return here for business.

Chris A. | 2014-10-29

Came here looking to buy a car and found one that I liked. When I first walked in to the dealership I was greeted by all the money hungry salesmen. I asked to see the salesman the I talked to on the phone earlier that day. Funny part was that the guy I was looking for was the one who I was asking where he was. If that makes sense. Haha. Anyways to make a long story short they talked me into getting a newer car. But I'm not complaining I really like the car that I bought. It's really good on gas and it's really small and cute. I'm really glad I returned the car I bought at Capitol Mazda and bought a newer and better car here.

Perks of this place..
It's really nice inside the dealership.
They have a nice big freshwater aquarium that can be seen from both sides of the walls.
Next to it they have complimentary coffee, hot cocoa, tea, and hot spiced cider.
They have a wide selection of cars and will go to great lengths to make a sale.
**The toilet paper here is really soft on your butt.** (hey it's hard to find soft toilet paper when you go out)

Pushy salesman.
Really cold inside so bring a jacket when you come here.

But yeah. If you plan to come here ask for Amer. He's the salesman that helped me buy a car. He's a cool guy and will help you to buy a car.

Baolong L. | 2014-10-28

The Account manager in DGDG not only offer best price on web, but also deliver 5 star service while evaluation and final deal.

Ron J. | 2014-10-21

Jhustin and Melissa were great best place to do a trade and get the car you want even if it's out of warranty they get it done. Great customer service!!!  Trust them awesome

R.M. V. | 2014-10-20

We researched BMWs and found a great deal here. Alfredo Velasquez was helpful without hovering. Billy in finance was stellar. I would highly recommend this place for all your car buying needs. They broke the conventional paradigms I had ever experienced when car shopping. I will go there first when in the market for my next vehicle.

Danielle G. | 2014-10-15

I would definitely go back here! Mandeep sold us a 2014 Jetta. My husband and I were first time car buyers and we are young, but they did not heckle us too terribly much in the picking out the car process. We paid what we wanted. The reason I'm giving four stars is because although David in finance was amazing and got us the price we wanted and needed he kept trying to talk us into a loan through them which we kept saying no and he kept insisting. That was a little bit annoying, but everything turned out wonderfully and we are the proud owners of a Jetta. :) Thank you guys! We loved our experience and will be back.

Dawn D. | 2014-10-07

I think I test drove the Passat and the CC over here.  I was helped by a friendly gentleman named Kenny.  It was a pleasant experience, but  I just wasn't in love with the cars I drove.  If I was to buy a VW, it would be a Golf, or rather a GTI, or I'd wait around for a Golf-R, but it just isn't a convenient size car to replace my 03 Audi A4 with.

I do love VWs!

Jennifer M. | 2014-10-05

After testing driving several cars, I finally decided upon the make/model that I wanted.  I checked out several dealerships online and found the car I wanted for a good price.   I drove down to San Jose thinking that it would be quick to see the car, say"Yep, that's the one" and hand them a check.  Test drove the car and then.....waited.   Agreed on the price and then.....waited for 2 hrs for the Business Manager to finish "checking the paperwork".  Got to the Business Manager and started signing forms WHICH WERE STILL WRONG and needed to be corrected.  He then asked me if I was interested in knowing about the warranty extension, maintenance plan, etc?  I answered No yet he continued right on and spent at least 45 min trying to convince me to buy extra stuff. Finally, I reminded him that if he hoped to finish this sale today that I needed to go to the bank to have the cashier's check drafted.  He looked startled.  He stopped his spiel to allow me to go to the bank and come back at which point we could finish the paperwork.  I was at that dealership for FIVE hours and this was after I had already decided to buy the car!  Sorry guys, my time is more valuable than that.

Michael D. | 2014-09-29

I recently decided to buy a new car, and I was pretty set on a Honda Civic.  I shopped around for Civics, but before I pulled the trigger, my friend convinced me to test drive a Jetta.  Boy am I glad I did!  I LOVED the drive of the Jetta so much more than the Civic.  I was helped by Colin Crawford, and as many below have mentioned, he is super awesome to work with.  Very friendly, patient, knowledgeable, and best of all, NOT pushy.  There was a 2014 Jetta in red on special, but I didn't want red, so Colin helped me get a good deal on a different color (I ended up going with white).  I will definitely recommend Capitol VW and Colin to any friends in the market for a new car!!

Victoria B. | 2014-09-29

I had a great experience buying a used 2014 Jetta SE at Capitol Volkswagen. I came initially to look at an Eos and a Beetle convertible, and Colin Crawford patiently helped me look at the cars and took me on test drives in both. He was extremely knowledgeable and helpful, and never tried to sell me something I didn't want. I ended up deciding that they were too far out of my budget and I never felt pressured by Colin to go beyond what I could afford. I then came back a few days later to look at some Jettas. I'm an extremely indecisive person, and Colin was so patient with me, even when I wanted to take one of the cars out for a second test drive. I had looked at cars at a couple of other dealers that day too, and the attitude difference between Colin and those other dealers was huge. Colin was always patient and cheerful, even when he was multitasking with several customers at one time (I would certainly have been more stressed out if I were in that situation). He never tried to pressure me or make excuses for potential issues (small scratches, etc) that I asked about on the cars. He even followed up with me after I bought the car to send me a link to a cable I could buy to plug my iPod into the car, and also gave me some floor mats for free because the car had apparently come to the dealer without floor mats. If you are looking for a VW, or a car generally, I would highly recommend asking for Colin at Capitol Volkswagen.

D C. | 2014-09-14

This was a strange situation but the team @ Capitol VW came to the rescue led by Erika in the service dept.

Long story short, my wedding ring fell down beside my seat in a 2013 Touareg. It was under one of the rails that the seat moves on. I took a piece of cardboard to tease it out but as I was moving the ring it fell under the carpet and then down under the seat somewhere. I spent at least an hour in 90 degree heat trying to find it, no joy.

I took the car back to my dealer and spoke to Erika and a mechanic (sorry don't remember the name). They realized what I had done. They were very calm, took my keys and said don't worry. I waited for 45 mins and Erika walked over to me with the ring! They removed the seat and some panels underneath.

I offered to pay for the time and they said "no charge". These guys are great, this was customer service above and beyond in my experience.

Well Done Erika & Team. Thank You.

Suzanne W. | 2014-09-03

I came to Capitol Volkswagen with the intention of test driving the Jetta Sport Wagen.  I'd done my research and was pretty sure this was the car I wanted to purchase, but was still a little hesitant.  Colin Crawford was the salesman who helped me.  We test drove two models before I finally made the decision to purchase.  He was friendly, knowledgeable, and personable.  He knows everything there is to know about these cars and he answered all of my questions.  He was 100% honest with me and gave me a very fair price. He is wildly enthusiastic about the cars and has total confidence in them--he drives a Golf TDI.  If you head over to Capitol Volkswagen, Colin's your guy.  I can't recommend him highly enough.  :-)

Now, onto the car itself.  It is everything i ever thought it could be and more.  I am a woman who never understood why men become obsessed with their cars--until I met my Sport Wagen TDI.  It is a match made in heaven and I am completely in love.  I've never enjoyed driving so much!  

If you're in the market for a car, visit this place.  They won't steer you wrong!!

Dan D. | 2014-09-02

I've had so many horrendous dealership experiences over the years, coming into Capitol VW and dealing with Uwanah over the weekend has restored my faith in new car dealerships. These guys (and perhaps the entire DGDG group) are incredible. I've been shopping for a '15 GTI for a solid 8 months now, I got screwed by the dealership I initially had my order with and gave it a rest for awhile. The morning I went to Capitol I made the silly mistake of going to Stevens Creek first where my hour and a half ordeal ended with our sales guy (LARRY) waving my own keys in my face and shoulder checking me in the middle of the showroom....

I was in and out of Capitol in ONE HOUR with my beautiful new car. We didn't even have a conversation with Uwanah about pricing or anything... the numbers he presented us with were amazing and rather than sitting there playing games he spent all our time there working on getting the deal done so I could go enjoy my new car.


Mohamed O. | 2014-09-02

The team in Capitol VW without any exception are exceptional.... :-)

Ali D. | 2014-08-31

Alex was very quick to help us. We did a test drive, settled on price, after quick financing paperwork and preparation of the car for us we were driving home in a few hours. The facility is friendly for the family and friends who may be waiting to drive your old car.

Dru B. | 2014-08-29

Purchased a car here earlier this month and was a good experience. Return customer, purchased a vehicle at Capitol Chevrolet in April. Had to have the car serviced for some agreed items at the time of sale. The worse experience with the finance department and the sales department. Oneke (finance manager) and Erica Flores (service department) have awful customer service skills. Didn't get returned phone calls by finance then when I called again the finance department said everything would be taken care of, service department wasn't notified leaving me in the middle while the employees took it out on the customer. Extremely disappointed in the service or the lack of Erica provided today!!! Not a happy car buyer!

J H. | 2014-08-28

Erica  Flores, Patti, and Maritza!!!  You guys rock!!!  Superior service!!!!!  I love my VW  TDI and I will only take it here.

Chengyuan W. | 2014-08-20

I just bought a VW GIT last Saturday from them. The car is awesome, and they also offered whole package of service which is also very professional. Especially appreciate Kea and Jeff who really help me out and make the whole purchase process easier. Thanks.

p.s. Hey Kea, I made a mistake on you last name. it's actually "   (Kong)" in Chinese, not "  (Kang) "

Patricia J. | 2014-08-19

A shout out to the Capitol Volkswagen/Fiat dealership and Service Manager Michael Rudolph.

I have enjoyed my 2012 Fiat 500  I purchased from the Volkswagen/Fiat dealership but unfortunately I was in a car accident. When my car was towed in to the dealership they moved into action and helped me out.

Thanks Capitol Volkswagen/Fiat.

C S. | 2014-08-17

Three times I was not called back.. When I finally called they said the could perform a service on citing my vw keys. When I showed up they said the metal was to think with out looking at the keys then when I showed the keys they said the metal was too strong??? And said they'd have to hire someone to cut them (80$) then maybe they could program them (70$). These were OEM certified keys.  Very poor, this place is the type that only want you to spend top dollar repairs, the do not understand the principles of good service and I would not recommend going there. Sorry

Stefan R. | 2014-07-28

I was looking for a new car, and this place had just what I was looking for. Friendly staff and an easy loan process.

Alfred W. | 2014-07-28

This review is for their service department.  The experience I had there was excellent.  My Service Manager Patty was professional and pleasant throughout the whole process.

Last weekend I had some issue with my car.  So Monday morning I took my car in, and I was greeted by Patty.  She was extremely pleasant and attentive, which really helped because it was Monday morning, and the last thing I wanted to deal with was car issue.

I left my car there for a week.  Everytime I called Patty for follow-up, I didn't even have to tell her who I was and she would greet me with "Hi, Mr. Wu!"  She kept me updated on my car and addressed all my questions and requests promptly and professionally.    

Let's face it, nobody likes to take their car to dealership to service.  But Capitol VW made my experience completely stress-free, and I was very impressed by their professionalism.  If you go there, ask for Patty.  She was amazing!

matthew d. | 2014-07-28

Writing this review in context to the overall experience of buying a car at Capitol VW this past weekend but will also call out a few folks specifically because its only fair to assign the recognition. Overall this dealership has established a very nice vibe and environment for the customer. I was impressed with the layout and cleanliness of the facility. I also like that the staff was both younger folks blended with older folks. It cant be one or the other it has to be both. The staff was also multiracial which is also important for reasons i wont go into here. My sales rep was Amer and my top compliment to him is that he is a very likable guy with a mild mannered disposition. Amer kept me feeling right about this purchase the whole way through. I would buy from him again and i would pass my friends his way and to this dealership to work with any staff member because of him. Never felt for a moment that he wasnt trying to make the deal work for both sides.In a good deal both parties win. Next i want to call out Amer's manager whose name is escaping me but his role was to inspect my trade-in and assign the trade-in value. I was very pleased that he offered me a fair trade-in rate...i understand they can not go retail on a trade-in but the value offered was so fair that i did not need to counter. That said i pride myself on maintaining my vehicles to a very high standard. If he had come back with a contentious number i would have started to question the dealerships intentions.  Very happy with Amer's manager . He did me a solid. My final encounter was with the finance division. For this i worked with Onik (prob  have that spelled wrong i apologize). Onik is a total natural and a seasoned pro. We all know the sale doesnt end in the showroom. It continues in the financing office and Onik establishes a very authentic rapport with his customers.  He sells the financing options and the coverage selections informatively but with no pressure on the client. I understand that typically Onik directs the finance staff so he probably isnt usually across the desk from the customer but , like with Amer and Amer's boss, i would feel very comfortable sending my friends through any of Onik's finance staff members. In summary i am very pleased to have found Capital VW...and...i got exactly the car i wanted with not a single compomise on the cars configuration. If the service team can back up what i experienced in the showroom every single one of my service transactions will go through Capitol VW without question. Thank you Capitol VW. I had an A+ car-buying experience.

Lei W. | 2014-07-25

Went there and bought a 2014 Volkswagen Passat Wolfsburg edition. Mandeep, as our sales person (and was just promoted to the online manager. Congrats!!!), was very professional and patient through our entire purchasing process. Took a test drive for three cars and Mandeep explained every single question I came up with the cars. It took some time to negotiating the price, but finally we worked out an excellent deal. Definitely recommend Mandeep and Capital VW to anyone!!

Zhi Bing W. | 2014-07-24

I will recommend Capitol VW to my friends and will come back if I need to buy another car.
For some reasons, it took a very long time to settle my car insurance. They have been extremely patient with me, also provided a good discount up front.

I had to leave my old car there, and drive the new one back. I left the key to Uwanah, and he had someone drive it back to my place the next day.

I want to thank Uwanah and his team for all their help.

J Z. | 2014-07-18

Great great experience. I just got my new car from Capitol. The car is quite rare in the market and they actually get the car from other part of CA to Capitol before I really jump into price negotiation. That saves me a lot of time!

The people are super nice! They explained everything in great detail. They do not push you to buy things but really care about what are the best plans for your usage of the car. Through the whole process, Uwanah was really patient with my super-detailed questions and clear my confusions  completely.(This is my first car so that I got tons of questions). Trust me, if you not only look for a good deal but also great sale experience, this is the one!

If Uwanah Car, ask for Uwanah! :-)

Caitlyn Q. | 2014-07-17

I have no idea where to start with this place.

I bought a Jeep Wrangler back in january from a different dealer in the Del Grande Dealer Group. Biggest mistake i have ever  made in the 20 years I've been alive. Seriously. In the 4 months that I owned the car, it broke down on me 5 different times. Yes, 5. And every single time it broke down, it was for the same exact reasons. Here's where things started to get really annoying.  Every time the car broke down, I would have it towed to the dealership and they would have their techs work on the car. They had my car for about a week each time it was in the shop. And every time I would get the car back, within a few days my check engine light was back on for the same reasons they has just "fixed". After 4 months of dealing with this, I had finally had enough. The VP of the dealership contacted me and we agreed that the best solution would be to get me out of the jeep and into something more reliable. We agreed that I would buy a car from another dealer within the DGDG family to make the process a little easier, seeing as they were going to make sure my previous loan was paid off and they wanted to get me a service and maintenance plan for whatever car i decided to get.

That's when I found this dealership. I started looking into their used inventory cause to be honest, I've never really been a huge VW person so I was looking to see if they had any really good trade ins that I would've been interested in, but when I came across the 2009 GLI that they had, I fell in love. I knew I didn't like the new body styles on the VW's and I definitely wanted something that had a manual transmission, good gas mileage, but still enough power to have some fun when I want to. This car was all of that and then some. It had extremely low miles and the best part? It was a CPO car. So it came with a 2 year/24,000 mile bumper to bumper warranty. HUGE score after my last experience lol. I contacted the VIP sales guy I had been working with, Page, who is hands down the coolest guy I have ever met and worked with. He told me he would run the numbers and even set everything up so i could come pick up the car THAT SAME DAY, despite it being his day off.

When i got to the dealership, I was greeted by about a dozen friendly staff members. Everything from the test drive, to working out the numbers, and signing all the paperwork was extremely easy and effortless. No drama. No pressure. No stress. Everyone made me feel super comfortable and did everything they could to make sure I was happy with the purchase. I even walked away paying almost $100 less a month on this car than what I was paying on the Jeep (another HUGE plus).

The only issue I had with the car was that there was no Bluetooth receiver in the car. It had the mic and all the steering wheel controls but no receiver (so weird). Dave, the sales manager (another insanely awesome person) felt horrible and told me not to worry at all. He offered to pay to order the part and have his guys install it for me (HUGE plus again). That saved me about $500.

Now time for the service portion of this. I honestly think that the service team here is the reason why I love this dealership as much as I do. I have had a couple of super minor things that needed to be done on the car aside from the Bluetooth. My service adviser, Chris has dealt with me a handful of times since I bought the car. Each time I have brought my car in, he has been extremely patient with me and gone above and beyond what I would expect. I live about an hour away from this dealership. I could take it to any Volkswagen service department and have them do the work on my car. The reason I come back to Chris and his team is because not only do they do great work, but because they are seriously dedicated to making sure the customer is happy and well taken care of. They have made this entire process so easy for me and I honestly just cant thank them enough.

This dealership seriously has the most amazing team of people. Every single person in every single department goes above and beyond for every person that walks through their doors. I truly cannot say enough good things about the management and staff at this dealership. I have recommended this place to a number of friends and family, and every single person whose gone here has come back and thanked me for turning them onto this place. I will definitely be buying my next car from here and I will continue to make the hour long drive to bring my car here for services and maintenance.

BIG thanks specifically to Chris, Dave, Page, Khaled, and Mazen.

Amina S. | 2014-07-15

My experience here was amazing because of Mazen. I've dealt with many salesmen in my life especially at dealers. But so far, greatest experience yet working with Mazen. After putting him through the ringer he genuinely wanted to help and make me happy. Yes, he wanted to get paid, but what stuck with me, is after we said we would do the deal, he still proceeded to still get us great deals and ensured we were happy throughout the entire time. One amazing customer service experience with this man!

Jim G. | 2014-07-11

Bought my '12 CC there used a few weeks ago and wanted to share a great buying experience at Capitol VW.

My sales associate Ryan Trevino was very knowledgeable and trustworthy.  He took the time to explain the car (I'm a Volkswagen guy, but he pointed out a few things that I didn't know).  He was also very patient and even went with me when I had to go home and pick up my checkbook.  Overall a great sales guy who I will buy another car from in the future.

The manager Khaled was also very helpful and made things right when I pointed out an error in the ad that brought me to the dealership that day.  When a problem arose with the car a couple of days later he also pushed to see that my car was fixed quickly and properly.

The finance guy Steve did his best to get me through the finance part quickly and made what is normally my least favorite part of buying a car fun.

Overall a really great car-buying experience from these guys!

Gina G. | 2014-06-30

Capitol Volkswagon is the best dealership to buy your next car!!!! Jason Park is the best salesman to go to!  Jason was great...from my first call to when I drove off in my new 2014 black convertible bug.  From experience, buying a new car takes all day but not at Capitol VW! Jason Park reffered me and my family to Ashley Furusho in finance.  Ashley is the best she gifted us VW hats and tops (so awesome) she got us in and out of finance quick!  Overall great eperience at Capitol VW!!!!!  

Thank you,
Jason Park  and Ashley Furusho

Jim S. | 2014-06-25

I recently went with my nephew to buy a new VW CC. After the usual negotiations, which went smoothly although taking a long time, we agreed to purchase the car. As Capitol VW did not have the color my nephew wanted, they arranged to get the car from another dealer. When the car arrived, we took delivery and drove it home. Upon closer inspection, we discovered that the car did not have a rear view camera, although we had specified that we wanted one, and the quote we received we think included it. We went back to the this dealer, and after some conversations, the dealer agreed that we were reasonable in our expectations of getting the rear view camera. They then agreed to install an aftermarket camera at their expense, which they did. It works fine. IMO, they did not have to do this, and by doing so, displayed a degree of integrity not normally associated with car dealers. We ended up being a "happy" car shopper. I will try to buy more cars from them in the future.

Ryan T. | 2014-06-20

Sales Review Only!
2014 GTI Purchased May 26, 2014

My wife and I were in the market for a car and we compared pricing using . Now originally we were in the market for a small hatchback / commuter type and our original idea was to go for a Honda Fit. But I decided to print out the VW GTI as well.  

Jason Park initially called me so we decided to swing by and take a look.  Jason gave us a test drive which my wife loved the GTI immediately.  My wife and I decided to go forward and see what they could offer us after speaking with Jason a bit about the car.  

For the sales portion we were dealing with Kea Kong from this point forward.

Kea was absolutely great!  We discussed many options and of course negotiated but the overall feeling was great. For myself being in the position whether my own or others dealing with a car purchase, this by far was my personal best experience.  Kea knew details about the car, service, finance and basically answered our questions with sufficient and relevant information. My wife and I were saying during the whole process what a breath of fresh air it was to deal with Kea in this transaction. When normal cases from previous experience I find myself getting annoyed.  Not once during this transaction.

We weren't in a hurry to buy by no means but our experience with Kea gave us the feeling it was the right time to buy.  Thank you Kea and Capital VW. The GTI is a pure joy to drive and there is no buyers remorse in the car or after the business side of the purchase has completed.

5/5 from initiation of contact to handing over the keys.

S K. | 2014-06-20

Alex Pryadko, internet sales manager, was great to deal with. He was knowledgeable and did not pressure us. We were undecided between diesel or gas engine for our new VW and Alex gave us the information that we needed to make an informed decision. We negotiated a great deal and could not be happier with our new car. If you are in the market for a new VW I recommend that you make an appoint and see Alex!

Mikey K. | 2014-06-10

1st:  I bought my GTI here.  Great Experience all around.
2nd: I've brought my car here for every single service.
3rd: Patty my service rep was great! So were the front service folks handling rentals - really, very gracious - much appreciated.  Seems to be the service tech that had the issue.

So here's why my two star review:

The problem I have is with lying, Yes, lying.  By whom?  Well, I'm not totally sure, but after never receiving the "your car is done call" for a very basic service - I just showed up.  When I did, awesome Patty checked on my car via intercom and whoever she spoke to said "it's being washed and is all done".  Whoever she was speaking with jokingly made her say "you are a god" in front of me- as in "everything is done just for you." We laughed - good times at the dealer.

Than I sat and waited for 30 minutes watching and wanting to kill Dr. Oz.  30 minutes for a wash? What's up?  Went outside, and there was my car, filthy, no key, no attendant, no contact person.  No one even knew it was there.  Annoyed, I go back in, and now no one knows what's happening- many customers waiting while I have to be "that guy".  It's fine if you say you couldn't wash the car, but don't be full of s*#! and tell the hard working service person who then tells the customer that it's done, when it ain't done.  The service tech then comes out and says, "do you want me to wash your car?" Come ON man - do your job, or at least say, "my fault man, sorry."- own it.

I had thought this was the place I'd always go.  Never had a bad experience, but I won't pay or deal with people who don't have a better work ethic.  It's expected of me - I expect the same.

If they make it right, I'd certainly change the review and a wash isn't such a big deal.  It's the principle of the thing.  Maybe this guy just "yesses" people.  It's a bad reflection on an organization that wants a sterling reputation.

Liv H. | 2014-06-03

Terrible car broke down and they informed me that they wanted to try fixing it by trial and error, but refused to tell me how much labor would cost hourly (which is required by law) and I had to request a supervisor for this information.  They also told me that they had no idea what the problem was and that they would just have to guess and start replacing (very expensive) parts.  So I had it towed out of here and towed it to a mechanic I trust (who is farther away) and it turns out a cable was loose somewhere.  Glad I didnt waste my money here.

Neil G. | 2014-05-21

Have had the luxury of purchasing many vehicles over the years. Never look forward to dealing with dealerships but in this case the negotiations were quick, low pressure, and quite easy. There is always the back on forth between sales and finance but the DGDG group seem to have it together. Juan was obviously a young newbie but everything was pretty seamless. The only complaint I have was at the end of the deal waiting for someone available in finance took almost two hours! So 4 stars instead of 5. Otherwise a pleasurable experience.
Thanks Juan

Matt E. | 2014-05-21

Had a great experience buying my GTI. Staff stayed well past closing in order to get the deal done. Can't imagine a better buying experience.

Celia L. | 2014-05-19

My experience with Capitol Volkswagen was excellent. I sent out an internet quote on Thursday night and Alex Pryadko gave me a call the following day. I told him what I was looking for and he worked very hard to bring the car in for me, with a great price! He offered the best deal compared to other 5 dealerships. Alex always made sure I was satisfied with everything in the purchase package before I bought the car. I highly recommend Alex and I will definitely come back in the future for my second car!

Jacob M. | 2014-05-17

Kenny is the man. Fabulous low pressure, high reward salesman. Showed our family many pre owned cars in our budget and when they didn't have the one we wanted he sent us to another dealership where they had a car we desired. He also got us a huge discount on his word to our salesman at the second dealership. What a amazing guy and awesome salesperson. Go see Kenny Kahn!!

Eve L. | 2014-05-15

I had an ongoing warranty dispute for over 2 years with VW Corporation on a 2012 VW that I bought from Capitol VW. Thanks to the fairness of current service manager Mike Rudolph and current general manager Khaled Aldada, the malfunctioning problem was completely resolved at the dealership's expense.

I am over-the-top ecstatic that there are still people in business who are willing to do the right thing for the customer.

A bit of the back-story: I bought the car in Jan 2012 and noticed the malfunction of the built-in navigation system immediately. The old service managers helped me document the problem, but never helped me prevail against VW Corporation's insistence that "not working" was how the system was designed. After 1-1/2 years of this, Mike started as service manager; shortly after, Khaled became general manager. It didn't take them long to see that I had a valid complaint and that the VW Corporation was unwilling to resolve the issue, and that's when they resolved the problem themselves by replacing the non-functioning VW navigation system with one that works.

Thanks, Mike and Khaled! You are outstanding!

Vla H. | 2014-05-09

They gave me a loaner with enterprise and didnt pay them. My card got charged 4 weeks later for $75!!! I called service dept. at VW and she said she will look into it. Nothing happend! Pissed me off'!

Richard S. | 2014-05-09

5/9 update. After such a disastrous experience I have to be fair, they are really trying to fix things now. After posting my review I got a call the next morning from their service department. They read it and wanted a chance to fix the problems. I begrudgingly let them and waited to see what would happen. One day later the smell is gone and the remainder of the spilled AdBlue looks to have been finally removed. They are really going the extra mile to undo the mess, and I respect that. Some companies would not care but Capitol VW does, and that's huge to me. Since they are close by and have fixed the problems, I will give them another chance, chalking this one up to a (really big) mistake that came from carelessness and I've been assured by the service adviser that this won't happen again. I will continue to provide additional updates in the future, but things are looking (and smelling) a lot better now. Thanks for making this this right.

Hiu L. | 2014-05-07

FINAL UPDATE: Got a call from Capitol VW at 10 in the morning and my car is ready! They even offered to have a shuttle pick me up when I told them I didn't have a ride yet.

I'm completely satisfied with the final outcome even though my experience with Capitol VW started out mediocre. Mike (Service Manager) really knows how to take care of his customers. I will definitely come back.

UPDATE: Their Service Manager Mike Rudoph contacted me right away about my car, he guaranteed my car would be fixed by tomorrow. I will update again once I get it back.

Went to Winn VW for my 10k maintenance and they found a nail in my right front tire, I happen to have a tire/rim insurance but I would have to pay out of pocket and then claim my money back unless I bring my car back to where I purchased it (Capitol VW).

The next day, I went into Capitol VW at 11:30am with an appointment, they took my car and said it would take around three hours, she took my phone number and insurance claim number and said she would give me a call when the car is ready. I then left with a friend, without any paper work which was odd, but I gave them the benefit of the doubt.

Four hours later with no update, I give them a call and it took them forever to look up my car, it wasn't under my name or phone number but under my mom's name, which is on the insurance paper so I guess that makes a little sense. When I finally reached my "advisor", she told me..

1.) She still needs to call my insurance (What did she do the past 4 hours? It took Winn VW 10 minutes to find out)

2.) There are 2 tires that needs repair/ replace (Winn VW only found problem with one tire)

3.) Their shop only has one tire in stock so my car probably won't be ready until tomorrow.

So much for three hours, I asked her to call me once she has update about my insurance (she has to ask for my phone number again, which worries me), I'm still waiting for her to call back.

L P. | 2014-04-09

Erica Flores was HORRIBLE!  We will never go back to this dealership.  The entire time our car was in service she was rude.  We went to Capital because it was the closest dealership to our house, but we would rather dive a few extra miles not to be treated to poorly.  If your car needs service, I sure hope you do not get Erica unless you want to be treated like crap!

Juan I. | 2014-04-08

I went today to complete a transaction with Mike R., Service Manager, and had a great experience. I also interacted with both Patty and Jerry. I had the same great service from them both. Always a pleasure doing business at this dealership.

Isaac G. | 2014-04-06

what a joke, I came in yesterday and offered a deal on a car, and got called today saying that they were able to do the deal for 500.00 more, so I said ok and came back in. They basically gave me the exuse of "whoops, it was a honest mistake" that I spent 2 hours in there while they ran our credit and lowered our credit scores.. Mandeep, our sales rep is a rookie and has no idea how to write up car deals.." oops, I thought this is what you meant" was the most BS exuse from a dealer I have heard. I have bought 50 something cars and will probably buy another 50 in my lifetme. I doubt any will be from this dealer in the future, or from Mandeep if he jumps around to any other dealer I might go to.

Erika D. | 2014-04-05

I have bad credit, but this guys helped me a lot. They work hard shopping around to get the best interest rate I could have. Very happy with the service. Uwanah is a very good seller, he showed us the truck, he put no pressure at all, and worked hard with Ashley (from financing)  to get the best rate. It was a very good experience,100% excellent service.

Joe C. | 2014-04-04

So here is part two of my review;

I received a call Monday morning from Khaled Aldada concerning my dissatisfaction with the customer service I was receiving.  Mr. Aldada quickly stated that he would refund me the money that was due for my registration.  He apologized for what had occurred.

I was happy to receive the phone call and happier when I received my check for my registration in the mail today.

Although I do not feel this should have taken so long to resolve, I am happy that Mr. Aldada took care of the situation immediately.  My entire car buying experience was wonderful up until this small incident.  

I will once again recommend Capitol Volkswagen to my family and friends and I appreciate the immediate response and follow up from Mr. Aldada.

Miss G. | 2014-03-28

Seems they aren't as friendly now they have my money and the deal is closed. Typical.

R S. | 2014-03-25

I would like to commend Erica Flores  who works in the service department for her commitment to her clients and for her professionalism and exceptional customer care. It is always comforting to take my car to this dealership because I know that it will be well taken care of and every detail is attended  to and addressed.

Thanks Erica and Capitol Volkswagon for a job well done!

kat G. | 2014-03-24

Leased a Passat this weekend, and had a fantastic experience. Mandeep (sales person), Steven (finance) and McIver (Manager) were awesome to deal with.  They worked hard for us to get a deal with no messing around. Ask for these guys and tell them Kat and James sent you!

Katie B. | 2014-03-13

Ugh. I'll start the review with the basics, I've never gone to a dealer for a new / used car. And I consider myself to be a pretty friendly, easy going person. . Super friendly staff, I won't name names, because the same friendly staff can't seem to get the paper work part of car sales down. I live in San Francisco, an hour drive from San Jose. Found a great car at a reasonable price. Stoked right!? Wrong. Long story short, I had to drive all the way BACK to San Jose ( a Full month later) to resign a contract that was both printed wrong, and included the wrong sales tax.  Also, my car insurence company ( sourced an signed via. Dgdg the same day as purchased)  never recieved my paperwork either. So when I returned to sign my initial contract with dgdg, I also had them fax the forms I had to print of & sign in my own time to  refile... Countless emails later, they STILL  have not reached my insurence holder!!  AGAIN!  Salt on the wound?  They had offered to reimburse me for  my gas for making the multiple trips to and from. When I arrived they asked for my keys... Obviously I had  to fill up for the trip.  "Oh maybe next time then!" ...  Bottom line- I have a great car, yes. Friendly staff? Yes. Just BE SURE  your really ready to leave after you sign the dotted line!!!! Or you too will be in stress city.

Fiammy D. | 2014-03-08

Well, as most of the one star reviews, I agree that the service department is horrible. They really screwed me over numerous times, and if it was not for the kind gentlemen in the sales department, I may have a one star review as well.

I first have to mention that Mike Pepper is a wonderful person, and his caring nature and witty humor really shows through in the way he treats his customers. I am a 21 year old female who faced the daunting task of buying a car all by myself with no cosigner. I knew of the unfortunate reality that young women typically get taken advantage of when buying a car from a dealership, but fortunately I found the exception at DGDG. Mike made sure to take care of me. I was ready to buy a used honda fit with huge scratches going through the whole drivers side and major dents in the front and rear, but Mike said this was unacceptable. Even after I had confirmed that I was going to come back and buy it, he made sure to get the exterior repainted and the dent fixed just because he "couldn't let you drive away with the car looking like that!"

After purchasing the car, I realized that the front door lock needed repairs. Mike made sure that the door would be fixed free of charge. I live across the bay, and I had drive hours in traffic to get to the service department, where I

I demanded to speak to the general manager, and met Kahled. Kahled promised me that he would make me happy, and he sure fulfilled his promise.

Kahled handled the service department in a way that made me feel completely taken care of. When they told me they could not fix my car on the day I arrived after sitting in 2.5 hours of traffic, Kahled took me to enterprise to rent a car, and then had my car driven to me (all the way to my college in the East Bay) so that I would not have to make another trip to San Jose. He is a kind and witty guy that certainly cares about customer satisfaction. I am not much of a yelper, but I made an account to specifically write this review because I simply must express my gratitude to Kahled and his staff for the the way they handled my situation with such grace and care, going out of their way and spending extra time and money to make sure I did not have to drive back to San Jose. THANKS SO MUCH KAHLED!

Tim D. | 2014-03-06

My experience with Capitol VW was definitely one that left me feeling like I was taken care of to the highest degree. The guys at Capitol--Mazen, Amer, McIver, Khaled, Stephen--worked very closely with me to not only provide a great customer experience and locate the car that I wanted but also to ensure that I was satisfied with the vehicle and to make the process as seamless as possible. Thanks to everyone at Capitol VW, and I have to say that I LOVE my car!

Ashley F. | 2014-03-01

I am happy with my car and got a lot of help from Uwannah. He was patient and helped me get what I needed.

I would also like to add that Erica helped me in the past with my old car when it was being serviced there. She was great as well and always made me feel comfortable.

They have good customer service and I've only had my car for a week, but I'm pretty happy with it! Thanks Uwannah

Jack v. | 2014-02-22

Ok, my review is a little late, but that's a good thing as this gives me an opportunity to give a shout out about the Service Department:)

My Jetta TDi Sportswage is my second VW in 4 years, the 4th for my wife and I, and the 6th for our extended family, All from Capitol VW (yes, we like these guys!)

I wasn't considering upgrading, even though I was extremely jealous of the 40+ mpg my wife was getting in her Passat TDi, but Colin sent me an email suggesting that I could roll out of my 2010 Jetta into a 2014 with no cash out of pocket, and no increase in payment.

Well, I believed I was way upside down on my equity, and I had high-ish miles, but on NYE, I decided what the heck, lets see what kind of magic can happen.

It took some time, mostly because I had to decide on what options I *really* needed (no sunroof;) and what color I wanted (Titanium Grey!!), and the Finance was backed up (aren't they always??) *BUT* When the smoke cleared, I ended up with a TDI and a lower interest rate than I was promised!  Yes, my payments went up, but given that I'm averaging over 40mpg, the savings in fuel costs more than make up for that (and the increased insurance from having a newer car;) So I'm a happy boy on that account,

But when it was time for my 30day, check up, Service was excellent in getting me in and out, making sure I had coffee.  And that wasn't a one time experience. Every trip to the service department has been great.

If you're thinking about a new (or used) vehicle, I'd put Capital VW at the top of your list for places to look. Colin does the internet marketing, so I'd go that way.

Tell him Jack van Breen sent you!

Steve A. | 2014-02-21

Just recently went to DGDG's Capitol VW and like the commerical said--I chose not just to be a car buyer, but a HAPPY car buyer! As great customer service is hard to come by nowadays, it's only fair for me to give these guys a shout out on Yelp for the awesome customer service they provided me not only on the day of my purchase, but even now in the time after just to check up and see how everything is going with my new purchase, pretty awesome!

I had the pleasure of working with Kea in Sales, their General Sales Manager Mciver, and Steve Vose, the Finance Manager for VW/Fiat and recently purchased a new 2013 VW Tiguan over President's Day Weekend and received an awesome deal! Throughout the whole experience, I was treated with respect and not treated like a 'customer' and didn't feel that stigma of being "sold" on anything, but moreso they were readily availiable for any and all questions I had about the car and a few questions I had about financing since I had never financed a car on my own.  Though it was an intimidating experience at first on my part, they definitely made purchasing the vehicle a happy and positive experience!

Though I appreciated all the help I received from the amazing people in Sales, I think the real kudos goes to Steve V. the Finance Manager.  I have always sat in with my family members and friends when they go to buy cars, and let's be honest, purchasing a vehicle is a lengthly process and can take hours, so when you are finally towards the end in Financing, you are pretty much tapped out mentally and are just eager to wrap everything up, sign what you need to and leave with your car.  While all financing experiences I was involved in were bland, and frankly, boring, Steve's professional, yet easygoing and friendly attitude, easily made this one of the most memorable and positive buying experiences I've had!  He was very knowledgeable in answering all our questions and any last minute concerns we had about the vehicle while also sparking a genuine conversation filled with laughs and good vibes. It also really does mean a lot to me that he reaches out just to see how things are going and if I have any questions about the car or anything on my mind.  While this may not seem like much to most, I do appreciate great customer service when I see it, while also seeing behind it all, it is also truly genuine.  

One of the greatest things about this experience was Steve V. and the General Sales Manager of VW, Mciver, telling me, "We don't just want to sell you one car, we want to sell you FIVE.  We just don't want to see you once and have you never come back, we want you to leave happy so you'll be happy to return back to us knowing you'll be in good hands!"   Truer words have never been spoken and it made my day to know I've found a hidden gem in DGDG's Capitol VW, people who actually still believe is 'real' good ol fashioned customer service and people who treat the customer far from a "customer" and makes them as comfortable as you would your own personal friendl or family member.  

Thanks again for to everybody at Capitol VW for the awesome service and even more awesome Tiguan!  This is my first time buying a VW and my first time buying from DGDG, see you guys very soon for my girlfriend's new Jetta she has her eye on!  I can honestly say with a clear conscience that if anybody is thinking about a VW to come check out the guys at Capitol VW, you definitely won't regret it!

EDIT: Decided to update my review and also say that the Service Department is awesome! Brian in Service took care of me today and with lightning speed, got all the info they needed and was car was off to be WASHED and THEN serviced, WHAT!? That is too awesome! As small or as large as they see that gesture to their customers, I for one must say that's awesome that it gets washed/vaccumed when you bring it in for service! Who else does that!? Too cool! Like I said, the Service Dept did a great job handling my 1,000k service on my new car.  Thanks again guys!

Yury G. | 2014-02-16

I priced my car through TrueCar and it led me to Capitol. The deal offered through TrueCar was really good - over $4k under MSRP. Once I had a conversation with Alex, and he was able to do even better... I didn't have to ask. He just said, we can beat that by another $500. I ended up paying nearly $5k under MSRP.

After driving off as a satisfied customer with a signed contract, I received a call from the closing team saying that they had made a mistake in the pricing by including the customer rebate twice. I went back and checked the numbers and they did actually make the mistake. They had to increase the price as a legal matter to the amount we had negotiated - I wasn't too happy for a second when I heard that. BUT, to make things right, they paid a fee to my bank to lower the rate and decreased a service contract fee to ensure I got the same out-the-door pricing as was previously agreed. No skin off my back.

Great price. Great selection. Straight-forward and fair sales / closing team.

Highly recommended. Definitely check TrueCar first for the best deal.

Becky H. | 2014-02-14

I can't say enough good about the service at Capitol Volkswagen!!  I was (am) having issues with a 2007 Jetta I purchased from has been mind boggling, Their service is next to none!!  If the sales department is half as good I, they too deserve Gold medals!  Daniel in service has gone above and beyond....I have lived on both coasts and in the Midwest and I have never seen such good service from any other car dealership...They have a customer for life and I will and am recommending them to all.

Dave M. | 2014-02-10

These guys are great, bought a used car, couple of changes I needed done after buying car were taking care of without any hassle or fuss. Best car buying experience I've had so far. Shout out to Juan, khaled, and Nick. Highly recommend this dealership!

Nor-Cal A. | 2014-01-28

Great service. Mazen, Mciver and Azzi were super helpful. Simple to buy a car here. Definitely highly recommend to anyone wanting to buy a new car.

Ally W. | 2014-01-23

I am revising this *unsolicited* recommendation, deservedly so. I had huge issues with my 7-year old Jetta. I love that car. I wouldn't trade it in for anything right now. Great memories with this lil guy! Anyway, I had to get it towed to the dealership because the transmission was shot.

I called and Erica picked up. She's amazing! She's the best service consultant I've had at VW Capitol. She is also the Assistant Manager and you will find out why once you read this whole review!

She is so warm, friendly and understanding. Most of all she's reliable and she keeps her word. Love her personality and friendly nature!

She quoted me a competitive price for everything I had to get done. Not only did I have to get the 14-transmission issue fixed, I also had a leaky oil pan (yeah, it resurfaced again!), also needed my car battery remote replaced. Which she told me was only ~20.00 (I can't recall right now, but it's inexpensive) and I appreciate her honesty because someone in Service Parts department told me it was 150.00 for a new car remote. No thank you! If it ain't broke, don't replace it. Fix it! ;)

So I had to bring it in for the transmission and 50K. She's so knowledgeable and understanding. She gave me a loaner, a Passat (2013- V5, drives like a DREAM!)

I had the loaner for 7 days or so. It was great to test out the features. Erica always followed up with me every step of the way as my car was having heavy maintenance. She always went out of her way to find me discounts, which I SO appreciate.

ALSO: The loaner car was signed out by me, so I'm responsible for it. I dislike checking out loaners because of the liability, but I needed my car. San Jose has really crappy public transportation, so I had no choice! ANYWAY- The loaner was a great car to drive. Love that 2013 Passat! However, the loaner had a flat tire and I had AAA put on the donut, contained in back of the trunk. Brought it back to the dealer with the full size tire with the alloy wheel in the trunk haha. Told Erica via phone and she's like: NO problem! I'll take care of it.

YUP. She did! Thanks for understanding!

VW Captiol, thanks to Erica and team, you've redeemed yourself in my book!

Only 2 issues (unrelated to the customer service, more like changes with the dealership): (I've said this before and I'll say it again)--

-The service drop off and take off is always crowded. They've been working on it, but it's still too narrow and people are uncomfortable with driving through the narrow lanes as there are new cars and liability is high in a dealership. But to be fair, that BMW had to be towed and was just parked weird. The manager (I think) got someone to move it when I just said I didn't feel comfortable driving through that narrow passage.

-Also, they have limited drop off and pick up hours. Drop off at home hours are cut drastically and that was not what I recall, even when it became Capitol VW and no longer under Bob Lewis. I think there should be exceptions and I understand the drivers may not be available, probably related to cost cutting. However, I think that was unfortunately a major advantage that they used to offer...picking up AND dropping off. I know a few dealers that do this and customers NOTICE! Believe me. BUT to be fair, Erica tried to get a driver but I really didn't feel like asking the guy to stay late on a FRIDAY just to drop me off. So I had to call my Dad. Which sucked because it was twilight hour and he can't see as much as I would if I drove. But I ain't driving his car! ;)

Everyone was friendly. Even the salesman, Sonny. He graciously showed me the Jetta and Passat (doesn't hurt to look!) and applied absolutely no pressure and quoted a price that I'll hold him to!

-ALSO: When I got my lil Jetta back, it was clean as a whistle. I would even venture to say it looked like it had coating of wax on it. I'm not sure because my lil Jetta was dirty! Can't remember the last time I gave it a car wash :) So I appreciate the details. I am extremely satisfied and it has been a while since I had such superior customer service from VW. Erica sets the bar high and the rest of the team who helped.

Thanks, VW Capitol! I'll be back as usual. You really impressed me this time. Keep it up! And THANKS Erica! You rock. I'll be coming back to YOU.

Sam B. | 2014-01-23

It is not easy to pick a new vehicle but everything will be solved once you go to Capitol VW and talk to Colin Crawford. He helped me to get a brand new Tiguan with $2,000 off msrp. Colin is extremely professional and knows all the features of his car very well. During the price negotiating period, he lowered the price without any hesitation which surprised me a lot. At least this behavior makes me feel much more comfortable when deal with auto dealer. Anyway, I highly recommend Colin and Capitol VW if you would like to buy or lease a VW. Their outstanding service and professionalism won't disappoint you!

Jonathan M. | 2014-01-19

False Advertising - Thieves!

Spent almost 6 months looking for a very specific Volkswagen. Finally found it here at Capital VW. It was advertised as a certified preowned, which should mean problem free... After almost $1500 in out of pocket expenses, 2 claims with VWoA, capital refuses to stand behind the vehicle they sold. Because they know that they are CROOKS. Not only was this a falsely certified vehicle, it has had continuous issues and they lie thru their teeth to VWoA about how they have handled the problems. Busted steering rack, bad suspension, faulty key immobilizer, faulty headlamps, faulty tail lamps, missing trim parts, missing door seals, missing various interior parts, missing towing parts, missing safety gear, busted evap system, leaking fuel tank, turned brake rotors (specifically against VWoA policy), the list goes on and on... They know they are selling junk that they are buying from out of state auctions that do not require them to disclose damages or loses that aren't on the car fax report, but they know are listed in the dealer database. Don't be fooled by these idiots, go to Sonnen VW/Audi and you'll be WAY happier. Between Sonnen and Hanlees VW, I've been able to get almost all the missing parts and warranty work done (what I was able to fight to get covered). LYING, CHEATING, CROOKS. FALSE ADVERTISING and FALSIFYING CERTIFIED PRE-OWNED VWs. Abusing what should be a great name of Volkswagen.  GO SOMEWHERE ELSE FOR YOUR VOLKSWAGENS.

E B. | 2014-01-17

I traded in my,first car! For a used escape and i am,struggling to get its 2nd warranty repair in the 2 years I've owned it it took,a week, for,any,conclusive results and now they're telling me,good luck! Im,very,dissatisfied,if you,buy used here het the best warranty or dont bothee

Alicia Marie P. | 2014-01-05

Didn't end up buying a car but still had a very good experience. Called. Had my questions answered. Came in next day. Had all my questions answered. Working with Amer was great. Short of the guy stalking me in the parking lot when I first pulled in, it was great.

Otsa D. | 2014-01-03

These guys are a joke. They offered me an extremely low price on my trade-in vehicle, and tried to lie to me about what its Kelly Blue Book price was. After showing them I had already Kelly Blue Booked it myself, they raised their offer.

The salesman I dealt with was rude, playing with his phone rather than answering questions about the car during my test drive and clearly acting agitated by having to deal with me and my questions.

Despite my frustrations, I decided to trade in my vehicle for one of theirs because it was the right car and the right price I was looking for.

After a long day of negotiating and finally working out a deal, my salesman seemed so eager to get rid of me he did not show me any of the features or even how to turn the lights on in the new vehicle. Telling him I would figure it out myself, I asked him for the bluetooth password so I could connect to bluetooth on my own. He acted annoyed and simply told me not to try and connect to bluetooth there because it might connect to somebody elses (which wasn't what I was asking). He threw in a quick, "have a good night!" and ran back into the building. After driving off, I realized he had not filled up the car with gas as he agreed he would before we left the lot.

I had to return within the next couple of days to bring them a check and finish signing paperwork. They assured me they would hold my check for 15 days, because I had to do some transfers in my accounts to make the funds available for them to cash, but they insisted I write the current date on the check anyway without post dating it. After being assured multiple times that the check would NOT be cashed until 15 days later, I left. Several later, I checked my account to find they had cashed my check about 9 days too early, and now my account is left overdrawn. I am still waiting for a call back from somebody at Volkswagen to rectify the situation.

Additionally, I received a call saying there were some things on my newly purchased vehicle they had neglected to fix before letting me drive it off the lot, and that I'd need to bring it back for them to fix.

I am beyond annoyed to say the least. They are unprofessional, rude, and obviously don't keep their word. I don't reccomend doing business with them.

Heather J. | 2014-01-01

If you are looking for a new or used car DGDG is the place you want to go and Kea Kong is the Internet Sales Manager that you want to work with.

Kea is excellent. He is honest, straightforward and very patient throughout the entire process. He worked diligently to get us the best price possible on our brand new 2014 VW GTI Driver's Edition, beating out all the other dealerships nearby. We had several other dealers in the Monterey area but chose to drive up to San Jose and buy through Kea because he was such an awesome guy and willing to get us the best price possible.

If you're looking for Volkswagen and want a great price and top notch experience, get in touch with Kea Kong!!!

Meghan D. | 2013-12-30

Wow! We stood in the lobby of this dealership on a Sunday afternoon for 20 minutes at the desk labelled "customer service" - we wanted to test drive a Golf. After about 10  employees walked by without looking at us, we wandered around outside for a while, staring down the employees running around, hoping someone would come over and talk to us, but we eventually gave up and left. Not so much as a, "Hi, I'm with a customer, we'll be right with you," or "Hi, sorry, we're really busy at the moment, just have a seat."

I had brought my checkbook with me (that's how much I thought I wanted a Golf), but we ended up buying a Volvo instead from the lovely people at Volvo Palo Alto the following week.

tracey b. | 2013-12-19

Best experience I have ever had leasing a car.  Kea Kong was truly professional, gave us a good deal in writing through email before we even got there.  His price was lower than all of the other dealers in the area.  Nice guy, professional, straight forward.  It was fast and painless.  Less than 3 hours after we got there, we drove away in our new car.

Colin C. | 2013-12-17


This is the 4th vehicle that i have purchased from the Del Grande Dealer Group, and the experience gets better and better every time.    I had no idea it was even possible!

After dealing with Hyundai about a year ago, I had an Elantra that I was not too stoked on anymore.   Since i had my eyes on the Turbo diesel technology that VW specializes in for some time,   I came over to take a peek.

The car drives so much better,  there is no comparison.  

more power,  better economy.

There was just one issue. .   i was in a challenging equity position because of my trade in, and it would take either a highly skilled surgeon (or Magician) to get me out of that position. . . .

Enter, Mciver Wicker,  the straightest shooting GSM this side of Capitol Expressway

he helped me tremendously with my new purchase, and i can say that i could ever be happier : )

I gave myself a pretty good Christmas gift this year thanks to him,   a brand new Golf Turbo  diesel just the way i wanted it : )

Stephanie S. | 2013-12-09

I love bringing my car here for service. They know their customers love their v dubs and are thorough with u about the details. I always feel taken care of when im here. Its a good ambiance, good people, great service. I love driving off with a complimentary washed and vacuumed car!

Artem M. | 2013-12-01

This was the best experience I ever had at a dealership.   I came by to take a look at the car I was interested in and I set up an appointment with a USAA rep.  Colin Crawford.  
He brought a car upfront and took us to a joyfull test drive around really nice neighborhood.  He was super patient and proffesional with me as I asked tons of questions about a car and after I sat down in his office to get started on paperwork he took his time to explain me every step and answer all of my concerns.  After I finished purchasing agreement he even brought my new VW to my house.
Really reccomend Collin if you want do have business with a nice, patient and proffesional but not pushy salesman.    
p.s.  Dealership itself has a very cool and relaxed showroom where you can watch  TV, enjoy a cup of coffee and look at Fish Tank while you waiting for your car to get ready.

Aron G. | 2013-12-01

I will start this review by saying that over the past couple of years, I have noticed a substantial decline in the quality of service (both customer, and automotive) at this dealership.  I have been bringing my car here for the past 5 years (2008 Golf, 65k miles).  Recently I had a string of poor experiences, including an improper oil change and poor customer service (rudeness, inaction, treating me like a bother instead of as a customer), after which I felt that I had to address this issue with the General Manager, Khaled.

Let me just say that Khaled GETS IT!  This business is largely a commodity business that is built on customer relationships and standardized services.  I was literally so mad that I was about to walk out of the dealership, but he took the time to understand the issues that I was having, and he went out of his way to address them, making me feel like a valued customer in the process.  

On my next visit back to the dealership (I botched some work that I was attempting to do myself), the staff was extremely courteous and treated me like I was a CUSTOMER!  Khaled even came over to make sure everything was OK.  

I hear that there is new middle management at this dealership (Mike in service, and a new shop foreman whose name I forgot).  It sounds like this dealership is well on it's way to becoming the best in the area again.  4 out of 5 stars now.. but I have a feeling that they will be bringing it up to a 5 star level soon!

Hunter W. | 2013-11-17

Capitol VW damaged my CPO car in detailing and did not reveal the damage upon release to me.

In the few weeks that proceeded, everyone I had dealt with during the transaction -- up to the general manager had left or been fired and to date, they have yet to return any communication. Sadly, I live in Contra Costa county so picketing the dealership isn't an option, but that's about all that left at this point.

Granted, most car dealers are unsavory -- the folks at Capitol VW are an entirely different class of unprofessional grifters.

Avoid them if you can.

Durwyn D. | 2013-11-16

Great service from Capitol Volkswagen. We just bought a CC and the price was right. Mandeep and Percy were kind patient and courteous.

I'll update once time passes.

Franky N. | 2013-11-02

This was an amazing experience for me! I was purchasing my first car and the people here gave me an amazing deal on a preowned 2010 jetta. Also the customer service was great, I highly recommend Amer and Mazen, because they helped me through every step and explained everything thoroughly for me.

Xinosten R. | 2013-10-31

My recent interaction with the dealership was disappointing. On my first visit there, while I was discussing payment options with the sales person for a used car.. they sold the car to someone else. I called them back after a week on another car, we agreed on the deal as well. I was on my way to pick the vehicle and to pay the amount when I was informed that this car got sold as well.

I am surprised that this happened to me twice in a week.

Vesku M. | 2013-10-28

So in the name of fairness , I'll have to split this review into 2 different departments.

This first one goes to the sales department.

I bought a new VW earlier this year , and Kea Kong completely changed my perception of the whole car buying process. Not once before could I have honestly said that I was happy with car salesmen , but this time I really was. No BS , very straight to the point business, no hidden costs or anything else sketchy.
For a new car , this will be my place to go.

2nd Part, service department. Took my car in to a scheduled maintenance just recently. Got stuff done to the car that I specifically asked not to do. Had to spend my weekend trying to figure out what the heck was done to the car , since it went from being completely perfect to drive , to complete disaster. Not sure yet what is the issue, but I have an idea. The point is , I will not bring the car back for them to find out what is wrong, since I don't want any more damage done to the car.

Found the issue , centering rings for the aftermarket wheels were damaged during a tire rotation I specifically did ask NOT to get done. New rings fixed the issue , and I am happy to stay away from this place.

Charles C. | 2013-10-26

Great experience. Got referred to Kea Kong through , got a seriously great price.  While the other people from truecar referral sent auto replies, kea responded immediately with a real quote for the exact vehicle I had selected. And responded quickly same day to my questions.
When I met him later that week to buy car, there was no funny business, it was all straight from the quote, not a dollar more.  I'm a big believer in individuals who make a company or an experience great, so all I can say is this guy was a straight shooter and a real nice guy.

Dave O. | 2013-10-25

This is a review for the online sales parts department for Capital Volkswagen, online at . and physically located at 911 Capitol Expressway Automall, San Jose , CA 95136.

Oct 17, 2013:   I called, got Tim on the phone to put together a quote for all rotors, liners, fluids for trans and engine, filters for trans and engine, plug and washer.  Got the quote in the email a little bit later, and shopped pricing around for the day.  I ordered that afternoon with Tim and took standard shipping (apparently with UPS).  Their price was competitive with retail, at about 15% cheaper delivered.

Oct 18th, 2013:  I got emails about packages being shipped, and date of delivery was to be yesterday for three packages two of which were pretty heavy in weight.

Oct 24th, 2013:  (morning) I noticed in the morning of the day of delivery that one package was not even moving from the pick up location, but the other two were well on their way.  Called UPS, got their run-around and told to wait until end of day, as well as the sender had to start a lost package tracking.  I immediately called Tim's office, he was not in yet but others helped find out the same info I knew, UPS had effectively consumed a package but it was nowhere to be found.

Oct 24th, 2013: (afternoon, after 2 of 3 packages had been delivered)  I called Tim who was now in the office, he understood the situation very clearly and immediately resolved it by stating he would deal with UPS on this issue and get me out parts for tomorrow, yes tomorrow!  I have scheduled service on this vehicle, and these parts are necessary.

Oct 25th, 2013: (~9 AM)  box is waiting outside, OVERNIGHT UPS.  Tim came through, and the company he works for should be proud to have a problem solver like this fella on their team.  Great on the phone, quick to resolve issues, and professional.

NOTE About UPS:  UPS does a pretty good job *usually*.  This time around they just dropped the ball on one of the first shipment boxes, it just vanished in their system.   We all know stuff happens, its just too bad it almost always happens when timing is critical.  "Double Plus Ungood" for UPS this time around.  Apparently the label was torn off, per Tim's report to me about them finally finding the box (nearly two weeks after the box went into the system, and thus missing).

Oct 28th, 2013: Purchased on Saturday the proper rotors for my vehicle.  Apparently my vehicle VIN # shows the larger ...601-AA rotors as installed but in fact has the ...601-AC (smaller, older style) installed.  This puts VW liable in this mess up, not the dealerships which have the wrong information from VW proper.  The local dealership did know the issue, its apparently not uncommon to have this year make and model with this issue, as they knew what the problem was when I mentioned the AA rotors were too big.  I fault Tim and company in only their lack of knowing about this issue.  I have asked for a refund for the rotors, and the cost to send them back.  This entire mess right now has me out over 3 hours of time, and over 200 dollars in parts costs and labor to do the work.  I'm definitely not happy!

UPDATE: Tim and company sent discs that are actually listed as proper for this vehicle VIN however they are not the correct size.  This is likely a VW America problem.  Sadly I'm 3+ hours out of time, and over 200+ USD in costs (labor and a retail set locally).  Tim has authorized the return of these rotors in a warranty exchange.  When the credit is issued I will update again here.

FINAL UPDATE: Car service was performed, saving me some money.  Spent a few hours and about 100 bucks more on multiple visits to the service garage due to lost and then delayed parts (due to UPS).  I can't give the experience a 5 star due to the carrier problems, but I can give Tim a 5 star for trying to resolve the problem quickly and understanding what happened.  So in all I'll vote with a 4 star, and I would recommend dealing with Tim again as he is into solving problems and knows his business.  I do blame very strongly VW North America for not having the right part numbers in the database for my vehicle.  Apparently some rear brake calipers are smaller on this 'cusp' vehicle, or it was a Friday or out of parts and they used what they had left on my vehicle but didn't update the dbase to reflect this change over issue.  Sad, this wasted a lot of money and time for both Tim and myself.  Shame on you VW NA!

Celia S. | 2013-10-23

Just as a follow up: When I spent $40.00 to send letters to all the banks asking them to remove the inquiries from my credit reports they responded with "the inquiry is accurate and we will not remove it". Hi Lenny (condescending salesman) "who has a background in credit reporting" and gave me the advice to write said letters, thanks for wasting my time and money. And thanks Capitol VW for ruining my credit score for the next two years. As if anyone who was PROPERLY INFORMED would consent to 6-8 hard inquiries on their credit report.

Walter H. | 2013-10-22

So many times organizations forget that it's the customers who keeps them in business.  These guys haven't forgotten.  They got it together and I purchased a used truck.

There's a college graduate on the horizon... may be seeing them again for a new car?  

Thanks guys

esther y. | 2013-10-19

This service department is GRADE A! Erica F. and Gabby are amazing! what care and consideration they put into their jobs! They clearly smile through every correspondence they have with everyone! Erica took swift care of me from the moment I walked in! I recommend this place for sure!

A little update: I just worked with Nick C. and can one service center have so many amazingly helpful people working there? This guy told me to explicitly ask for him so that he can take the time to explain all that was tested on my car. And I kid you not he spoke through a smile the whole time. I really was NOT expecting this from a dealership service center. I really wasn't. But the number of amazing client service reps is kind of unprecedented for one company.

I hope the service manager reads this and pats first these individuals on the back and then him/herself for being lucky enough to have great staff working for them.

Soah L. | 2013-10-12

It was the BEST dealership I've ever been to. I bought a 2013 beetle convertible from Kea Kong and he made everything happen faster and easier. While other dealerships tried to persuade me to their price line, Kea definitely listened to us and respected our budget. Financial manager, Ashely and sales manager, Dave were also very nice and patient to explain the contract information in layman language even though it was in late Friday night. I definitely recommend This dealership!!

Tom W. | 2013-10-11

I'll never do business again with this company. I bought my Infiniti car over there. The car is fine. However, the sale transaction was a whole mess.
The confirmed a low APR with their credit union, but ended up with the VM bank with a much higher APR. I wasn't told until I've got the mail from the VW bank.
The sell guy's name was Wayne Wallace. He promised to reimburse for the expenses I have had, but he never came back to me. I mailed him a couple of times.
My trust is gone. I don't recommend this business!

Kristie A. | 2013-10-07

Excellent experience with my service adviser Chris! Very easy to communicate with, follow up was superb. They were able to provide a loaner at no charge since my car is still under warranty. Although an exact diagnosis wasn't made (electrical issues), I was assured that I will be taken care of if future issues arise.

Why not 5 stars then? I requested my car not to be washed- and boy am I glad I remembered that! They have an automatic car wash on site (touch, with brushes). This destroys the clear-coat and paint finish! While the majority of car owners won't have any problem with this, if you love your car, and paint, be sure to request "no wash"! They also get dinged 1/2 star for not being able to diagnose the problem. It appears that they did everything possible, but I still don't have an answer why I had to call roadside assistance when my car wouldn't start...

Mikhail T. | 2013-10-07

Just bought a passat  here. Alex was friendly, and very professional, as everyone else. I recommend  this dealership.

Michelle B. | 2013-10-03

I bought my first car (Jetta GLI) just recently at Capitol VW.  I was pretty stressed and nervous about the whole experience and was surprised at how easy it was.  I was helped by Kea Kong, who was very professional and gave me great deal.  Since the car I wanted to buy is somewhat rare, I thought I might have to go to southern california to buy it. I'm glad I got in contact with Kea through the TrueCar website because he was able to reserve the exact car (I was very particular about color/trim level) I wanted from the port stock and also beat every other quote I was given.  Once we had agreed on a price, he even let me know that an incentive through VW was coming up on the weekend so he recommended I wait until then to sign.  All this was done through email which I really appreciated with my busy schedule. I had the car within a week of beginning my emailing with Kea, and I couldn't be happier with it.

I was worried that I would be taken advantage of since I'm only 22 but Kea took my requests and price range seriously. He really is all about customer satisfaction and will do anything to make sure you get what you are looking for, with no unpleasant surprises.  

So I would highly recommend Capitol VW, and especially Kea Kong if you want a smooth, pleasant experience and a great deal.

Angie Y. | 2013-10-01

It was a great experience buying a new car from Capital VW.  I put in a request through Costco Auto program and got a email from Dino right away, even it is after 9:00pm, sending me information about the cars they have in stock.

Dino is a very cool guy and really wants to make a deal with us.  After understanding what we were looking for, he found the right car for us with a really compelling price, and we had to say "Yes" to that offer! They needed to get the car from another location, and we got the car the next day, without much hassle at all.

The only thing I hope would improve is the wait time after we make a decision to buy.  It did take a bit longer than we expected to get through the paperwork, (3 hours each day for 2 days). I would suggest bring some work with you if you are a busy person.

Jason M. | 2013-09-30

Well here is another strike on their service. Part of the tire rotation service they were suppose to check the tire pressure. This morning, driving to work the tire pressure monitor light came on. Pulled over on the side of the road (which is dangerous in itself) to look at the tires. No flat so I am assuming the pressure is too low. Thanks Capitol Volkswagen. I really do enjoy having to redo your work. Now I am really scared about the oil change you guys did.

Sergi P. | 2013-09-29

I bought my VW Golf at Capitol Volkswagen. My dealer is Kenny Kahn. Highly recommended to talk to him if you are planing to buy a VW. A very sincere guy. Never did I feel any pressure at all. He made sure I got what I wanted and felt comfortable. He made a very good deal for the car and his attention and follow-up was very nice.

Wendy F. | 2013-09-28

I've been in the market for used Beetle. Somehow I stumbled upon Kea Kong and am so pleasantly surprised to have purchased a new convertible
beetle at a very competitive price. Kea found the car I wanted and the color combination that I wanted. Other Volkswagen dealers were dismissive, saying they couldn't Get the model I wanted. That didn't stop Kea. He searched around the area and traded with a dealer in Redwood City.  But for his initiative, I probably would've dithered on this decision for another several months. Kea was a true gem and I would gladly buy another car from him.

chasity d. | 2013-09-15

I bought my first Golf back in 2011 and the service was fabulous. I went back again this Saturday to buy another car and the service was just as fabulous. They made the process so easy pretty straight forward about everything.  No BS included. There was no pressure, everything was my decision and I felt comfortable with the entire process. I love capitol VW services, they really take care of you.

Nery F. | 2013-09-09

I wanted to Thank Uwanah for his help.  He made it happpen!

Michelle J. | 2013-09-04

I bought a car from Capital VW recently, and it's happy to work with Kea Kong, who was really patient and spent five hours on my deal, because it's my first car, and he explained everything clearly with me, especially which purchase option to go. All in all, I had very good experience in both the service and price, and would like to recommend this dealership and Kea to everyone who's interested in VW vehicles.

Tomasz W. | 2013-08-30

Waited 4 hrs for tire rotation only to find out the car will not be done today.  Left car over the weekend and pick up with 100 miles driven by?? and scratches on rear bumper. Will not return not recommended.
Very disorganized .

Jasleen K. | 2013-08-29

These people should be ashamed of their business. They have no idea how to keep their business running or how to even treat their customers. I had very BAD experience while getting my car fixed twice here.

First of all, ever since I bought my car (used) from here, I have had so many problems with it from the beginning. I chose to ignore few faults thinking it was a used car.

I am not sure about the sales or other departments, but my review is for the experience I had with the SERVICE MANAGER here.

My 2005 Passat's engine light turned on earlier this year at the end of April. I was very worried about it and brought it to Capitol VW right away. They made a quote of $2500 and told me that they would fix "everything (4 pages of different parts/ service)" and suggested me few other recommendations to be replaced/fixed, which I told them yes and agreed upon the money ($2500). While the car was still at the dealership, I received the call from my service adviser, that I have to pay $700 more (Total $3200). I have no idea why they were charging me $700 more. However, I decided to meet the manager at that time and told him that we agree upon $2500 for everything that was wrong with my car. Manager told me to pay only $2500. And I got my car back with the repairs done and Engine light turned off.

In early August (this month), my car showed me that my coolant is low. I immediately checked my coolant and engine oil after looking at the warning. It was way before the time they asked me to come back for my next service. My engine oil was almost empty (below minimum) and absolutely minimum to no coolant in the coolant bottle. I was shocked why the technician at VW didn't detect this issue when he did the extensive inspection on my car in April. I didn't drive my car after that and brought it here to be fixed. I complained them about the engine oil leakage and coolant leakage. I left my car there on a Thursday and then I called them on Friday asking if oil is changed. They said it might not be fixed till Monday. I said ok. I waited till Monday. NOBODY called. I called them again on Tuesday and the service adviser couldn't even figure out whether my car was there and told me that my service adviser is different and she will call me back.

My service adviser was actually a nice lady and helped me a lot. But reaching the service adviser and the manager here is a HASSLE. I came thrice to meet the manager in person. TWO times he was not there and third time I had to wait an HOUR just to talk to him. Then he told me to wait 1 minute and I waited for like 15 mins outside his office to talk to him. He didn't seem in a good mood anyways.

I sat to discuss my car's problem with him and he told me why I came here when we already talked on the phone (I spoke with him on the phone earlier that day). He was RUDE and neither he has any sense of how to talk to customers. He was the different manager from whom I saw in April. It seemed like he just didn't even want to talk to me and was extremely RUDE. He even told me to leave while I was talking to him and told me not to do business with them. These people are the most UNPROFESSIONAL people I have ever dealt with. I left his office and took my car with me. Not getting it fixed from them. I felt cheated with their service and they don't even want to listen to customers complains.

Also, Beware of their overcharged parts. They charge much more than the actual price of the genuine volkswagen parts. You can compare prices of parts online with many sites before you decide to pay them.


Sheronda A. | 2013-08-26

Capitol Volkswagen and DelGrande Group were great! I went in Saturday and bought a pickup truck. I've wanted this style of truck for the last 6 years. I took it home that night and payments and size of the vehicle in my small apartment complex had me thinking I should return it and get a car.
Brought the truck back on Sunday and worked with the same salesmen (Mazen) and Finance (Wayne) guy. They both were great and understood the issue and wanted me to be happy.
Mazen showed me a 2012 Jetta and I loved it. If I wasn't getting my truck I wanted all the extras (bluetooth, leather, etc). I couldn't be happier with this car. The whole team did a great job and I have told everyone at work that if they need a car to head on over.
Thanks Mazen & Wayne!!!!

Predrag N. | 2013-08-20

I made an appointment to go to Capitol Volkswagen to look for a new car (without any intention of buying one yet). I met with an awesome salesperson Kea Kong, who I highly recommend you go and see if you're looking for a new car! He test drove a 2009 Volkswagen CC with me and it was a pretty long test drive compared to other dealerships.

After the test drive, I was a fan of the car but not eager to make a purchase as the price was a little high for me. He asked me to make a reasonable offer that if they dealerships accepts, I would agree to buy the car for. I made an offer and Kea worked extremely hard to make that offer work for us, which he eventually did.

While the paperwork was being completed I wanted to take a look at the car again but it wasn't outside where we had left it. I asked him to see it again and he had already taken it to get washed and detailed and said would even fill up my gas tank  when I am ready to pick it up.

My suggestion is go see Kea!

Nikki B. | 2013-08-20

Recently bought/traded two cars in at this dealership.  Our interaction was with Byron.  He is patient, easy going (no pressure), and experienced. He really worked with us to get the deal we were hoping for!! We had amore complicated case with trading two cars in and he did not even flinch with the amount of time it took to do the paperwork.  Actually I have to say the staff are very friendly, just walking around everyone was smiling.  Wayne did a wonderful job getting us the best deal and explained everything clearly with the paperwork. The duo of Byron and Wayne made buying my fiances car such a great experience!  I would highly recommend Byron and Wayne!!!

Nathaniel F. | 2013-08-16

Their service is super slow. I came in for a oil change and tire rotation at 9:30. This should take less than a hour. They came back saying my brakes needed replacing and would take some more time. So $700 later and leaving after 1:30 when I was suppose to be done by 11-12 I'm fuming.

Nic M. | 2013-08-06

I was in the market for a used, certified, 2012 VW Jetta and I found my car here.  Our sales representative was Venus Pham, and I have nothing but good things to say about her.  She was very attentive, not pushy at all, and really worked hard to get the deal necessary to put me in my new car.  I looked at a variety of other dealers, with competitively priced cars.  Ultimately, I bought from Capitol VW because of Venus' effort.

Melody M. | 2013-07-31

Worst car shopping experience E-VER.

Worked with a gentleman named Mazen Farkouh. Had little to none knowledge of the cars on his lot. He responded to me at one point with, "I'm not expected to know everything about these cars." ...But I am?

I eventually gave up on a VW to which he excitedly let me walk. The issue, believe it or not, wasn't over even after I left.

I walked next door and spent a couple of hours with a true pleasure of a salesman to be around. (Michael if you're ever at Chevrolet) and eventually, long story short, found out they were both under DGDG and if I wanted the vehicle from VW, I had the option to get it over to Chevrolet for purchase. Apparently Mazen saw me walk next door so he had blocked in the car I was eyeing with another car from his lot so that it wouldn't be taken away. General managers got involved from both stores and when VW got me on the phone I stated, "I'm more comfortable purchasing from Michael here (Chevy) because of the extensive amount of time and patience he has shown to me. Credibility has gone out the door with your team. If I'm not able to purchase the vehicle at Chevy, I will not be making a purchase at all with DGDG". The GENERAL MANAGER of VW responded to me with, "That's too bad, if you change your mind let us know" and HUNG UP.

Needless to say he was looking out for his salesman and not for the customer. He did call me a week later saying that never happened and to try and make up for it he would send me a $250 gift card to which, a month later, I still have not seen.

Isab M. | 2013-07-31

Best car shopping experience!! I had the pleasure to work with Dino, and he was very helpful with everything and gave me a great price on the car. He went above and beyond with the questions I had. I did not feel obligated to buy a car at all, bought it in the end! The best part about it is I got the car I wanted, color, model, and a special maintenance service that they provide with the car. Thank you very much Dino for all of your help. I look forward to continuing doing business with you and the Capitol Volkswagen in the future!

Shannon R. | 2013-07-26

I brought my '08 Passat in for maintenance that was covered by my open warranty. I was told this job would take half a day. Two full working days later they had mixed up my car with another's, failed to pick me up via their shuttle service and were inept at helping me over the phone. Every time I called, the women in the service department couldn't get me off the phone fast enough. If I could give Capitol VW's service department a zero rating I would. I will not be returning for maintenance or to buy my next VW. I'd rather have my car maintained all the way down in Orange County, where it was purchased, than deal with their lack of skills and customer service.

Jaime L. | 2013-07-25

My vehicle finally started to show signs of transmission failure so I needed a new car.  I went to Capitol Volkswagen and purchased a 2013 Jetta TDI.  I needed a car with better gas mileage and this fit the bill!  Mandeep was my sales person.  He showed me the vehicle and answered all my questions and if he didn't know the answer, he asked someone and got me the answer.  There Sales Manager, Dave Rubenstein was easy to work with.  Suzanna Torres helped me in the finance office helped me get through the paperwork in a quick and efficient way. The General Manager Khaled Aldada came out to say hello as well and was super helpful.  This is a great place to buy your next car!  Shaun Del Grande, the president of the dealer group also made his rounds around the showroom floor.  He is approachable, actually everyone I had contact with was very friendly, knowledgeable, and profession Like their radio ads state, " I am happy!"

Darron R. | 2013-07-24

Just purchased a vehicle from Capitol VW.  My salesperson was a young gentleman named Juan. He was very polite, professional, and respectful.  He allowed me my space to examine the vehicle but he was right there when I had questions.  If Juan did not have the answer he promptly went and got it.  Juan seemed to have went out of his way to make sure I had a pleasurable experience whether I purchased the vehicle or not.  Once I decided to make the purchase and I went into financing Juan's job was essentially done, but instead he went above and beyond by taking taking care of a few extra things for me, which he did not have to do.  Juan took the vehicle to the neighboring dealer for me to satisfy some minor concerns that I had.  If you go to Capitol VW, See Juan. He's a good guy!  Thank you again Juan!!

Fatty W. | 2013-07-24

I went down there pick up a jetta that I ordered.  Before I went there I was told that the car was ready.  But it was not.  We waited an hour just to get the car for a test drive.  After all the paper work the sales guy handed me the key and opened the door for me.  The cover on the door handle popped off.  he said no problem just pop it back in.  then I realized he only gave us 1 key.  and they key was mangled.  and the owner manual was for a different car.  and the manual for the GPS and stereo was missing.  by this time the sales guy had left.  there were bunch of sales guys inside but no one was willing to help.  everyone said look for your sales guy or the manager.  anyway we got there at 6pm and didn't leave after 10.  when i got home the door handle cover popped out again.  made an appointment in advance to fix the door. was told that the car would be ready for pick up end of the day.  end of the day they told me they were too busy didn't even start work.  another day they said they had to order the door latch.  another day they said they forgot to order some sort of pin for the latch.  how lame is this?  if someone makes an appointment in advance, and you've seen and know what the problem is, wouldn't you have all the parts ready before telling the customer to drop off the car?  almost a week later i picked up the car.  someone was driving with the windows down or the sunroof opened.  i dropped off a brand new pristine car but it came back all dusty with dead leaves inside the car.  but they didn't order the key to replace the one that was damaged as promised.  finally, after speaking to more than one "manager",  they reluctantly ordered the key.  so i had to make another trip to pick up the key.  and they never gave me the MDI cable to connect my android phone as promised.  i have bought many cars over the years to know that this is exceptional failure.  this is my 2nd VW and my other car is an Audi, all purchased new.  things do go wrong at times but it would have been trivial for them to make things right.  but at every step they went out of the way to torment and insult the customer further in the worst way possible all the while giving themselves a bad name and tarnished the VW brand.  oh yeah, the door handle that they took a week to "fix".  it is still popping out every time i open that door!

Gary P. | 2013-07-23

If there was a way to give no stars I would . We own a 2011 Toureg that had a overheating problem. Took it to there service dept they said the water pump needed to be replaced so we replaced it. Still overheating so they said it needed to be replaced agaid so we replaced it. Still overheating so they brought in a tech from VW that said there was air bubbles in the system... The service tech recommended that the service manager drive my car home for the weekend to make sure it was ok. He returned it to me Monday with 200 mikes on it . Totally dirty. Kids foot prints all over my back seat and the tank on empty.. WTF I hope he enjoyed his family road trip in my car. Save your self some grief and shop elsewhere .

Loren C. | 2013-07-20

Do they even have any management at this place? Its disgusting that they call themselves a business.

I'd just like to note that if I could give 5 NEGATIVE stars, I'd certainly do so. I'm sick and tired of this dealership and I've only had my car for 14 days.

This review is mostly about the service department, as they are the only department I've had the very unfortunate luck to deal with so far. (Make sure you watch your mileage when you leave your car with them, as they like to "test drive" for pleasure, and they used up 1/4 of my gas on one of these "test drives".)

I purchased my 2010 Certified VW Beetle exactly 2 weeks ago. So far, I've had so many ridiculous problems with my car that only gets WORSE every single time I bring the car to them. Every time I call, I make sure to call during business hours, yet it takes me HOURS to reach anyone. Either the receptionists do not answer the phone and do not return my messages, or they transfer me to a managers voice mail and I still do not get my messages returned. Seriously, 4 hours is way too long to be calling a business and be ignored. Can you say UNPROFESSIONAL?

When I purchased my car, we noted to our salesman that the brakes had issues, and he told us that we could bring the car back after it was purchased and have them fix the problem. A few days after getting the car, my ignition started sticking and I wouldn't be able to turn my car on. Seeing as this is a huge problem, I called to make an appointment with the service department. I had to wait almost a week and a half before they could "fit me in". I understand a business being busy, but this is a really big problem with the car, and they waited so long to even take a look at it. Eventually they ordered me another ignition part, and after waiting a week and a half for them to order it, now I have to wait at least another week for it to come in.

Eventually my appointment came around, and I dropped my car off at 9 am. I knew that it would be there all day long. I dropped my car off after filling up my tank the night before. They were supposed to check out my steering wheel making noises, and my ignition. I picked my car up 7 hours later and there was trash all over the passenger side of my car. It was DISGUSTING. I'm a neat freak about my car, so whoever serviced it decided that it was their personal trash can. Once again, can you say unprofessional?

Along with the trash being inside my car, A FOURTH OF MY TANK OF GAS WAS GONE! That's so unacceptable! Obviously I didn't use 1/4 of my gas driving the 4.3 miles to my house, and a test drive should not use that much gas either! My car is small, so to even use 1/4 of a tank of gas in a single day, you have to drive really, really far, or you have to drive like an absolute maniac.

First off, I never would have agreed to let someone else drive my car without me being present. I understand that to diagnose problems, you need to test drive the car, but I can ride along, seeing as it is my car. I'd like to be present for these things so that the technicians can't take my car on errands or joyrides or whatever they decided to do with it to waste my gas. Gas is not cheap! Especially when you fill it up with Premium! I'm not paying for someone random to waste my gas and put miles on my car!

Secondly, if they didn't drive super far away, they must have driven like a crazy person to waste so much gas, and that is absolutely unacceptable, unsafe, unprofessional, and downright wrong! What if their insane driving had caused damage to my car or someone else's car! What if they drove through red lights, or did something illegal in my car, and there's a ticket on its way to me in the mail? My car is not a toy for service technicians, or whomever else that works at that joke they call a dealership to drive around in.

Third, I was never issued a receipt for any of the service that they did on my car. They should have taken down the mileage at the start of my appointment, and they neglected to do so. I'm starting to see a pattern of unattentive, unprofessional, unexcusable behavior from the employees here. My service appointment was complete bullshit.

They told me they would not replace the gas because it was necessary for them to test drive the car. Eventually I spoke with a manager and he agreed to refill my tank. It took them 55 minutes to get gas, the manager was flat out rude to me, and when they brought my car back, wires were pulled out from under a seat, and my headlight was broken. I feel like this had to have been intentional, as every time I give them access to my car, it magically gets more and more broken.

Bruce S. | 2013-07-08

Great experience buying our new Passat TDI SEL Premium from Capitol Volkswagen.  I had been emailing the internet sales manager, Kea Kong, for some time prior to coming in before finally deciding to pull the trigger on the new car purchase.  He seemed very up front about everything unlike the 2 other local dealerships I reached out to before coming here.  We went in on a Saturday and met with Kea who is very knowledgeable on all the details of the car and different trim levels.  We never felt pressured and was presented with a great deal that made it a no brainer to move forward .  I would definitely recommend this dealership and particularly, Kea Kong.  He is easy going and very up front.

Don T. | 2013-07-05

March -2014
Another update.  I worked directly with Jeremy Beaver and he has corrected all the issues below.  He also assisted us with the purchase of a new car for my wife at Sunnyvale Nissan (another DGDG dealership).  Not five stars because I continue to have some challenges with the VW service department.

February - 2014
I have to update my Yelp review below based upon my experience with the VW Service Department.

I have brought my car in multiple times.  In summary, this has been my experiences, these were on separate occasions:
1. Waited for an oil change for over 5 hours (service department knew I was waiting)
2. Was given a Loaner car with Egg Rolls in the trunk (I wondered what that smell was)
3. Service writer did not know what was covered
4. Rude cashiers providing the loaner car
5. Car brought in and problem not addressed
6. I brought each event up to the Service Manager, Michael Rudolph, and although he apologizes, the service does not improve.

It appears DGDG and the VW service department do not care about you after you purchase your vehicle.

July - 2013
After 27 years of driving a truck or a SUV, I decided it was time to buy a car.  I no longer needed a truck and I especially didn't need the lackluster gas mileage that goes with one.

Some quick research narrowed my options down to VW and three other makes (Ford, Suburu, and Mazda).  My first stop was Capitol VW where I met, Juan Lugo.  Juan was very new to selling cars, but was super personable and knowledgeable.  We tried the Golf TDI, GTI, and R.  All were fantastic, but the GTI seemed the best fit for me.  I told him I had more shopping to do and would be back the following day with my wife.  He was very professional and not pushy at all.

I finished my shopping for the day, and brought my wife back the following day.  I left the keys to my truck with Dave Rubenstein, the sales manager and asked him for a fair value while the wife and I went on test drives with Juan.   Dave quoted me a fair price on the truck and I let him know that I would be taking the wife to drive the other makes that I was interested in.  Dave assured me that whichever car I was going to select would make him happy as they were all part of the same dealer group.  There was no pressure at all.  In the end, we drove them all came back to VW as it was the best fit for what we wanted.

The negotiation process was fair and easy.  Dave was more than fantastic to work with.   His honesty was much appreciated.  The financing was easy and we were out of there in no time.  Dave even threw in a hat and T-shirt.

In Summary, I would highly recommend Capitol VW to anybody looking for a new or used car.  They are very professional, extremely knowledgeable and fair.  There was no pressure and the entire car buying experience was a pleasure.

Jazmine L. | 2013-06-21

This is a review for the SERVICE DEPARTMENT.

Bottom Line: cool place, check 'em out.

I've been to about 5 different VW dealerships, and I'm on the hunt to find one that I feel safe going to. Long story short, Oakland VW screwed me over so please, DO NOT go there. Dublin VW is OK, they are super hesitant to do any warranty repairs, though.

These guys at Capitol are very straight forward and they get the job done. I went in with a check engine light are my only complaint....the wait was 2 hours (apparently there's a select few technicians that can diagnose check engine lights) that sucked but the wait has always been this long at EVERY VW that I've been to so far.

Once the technician got back to Patty, my service consultation, regarding what service I needed, she was super effective and fast at getting my warranty company on the line, getting the part approved, checking on a covered rental car, and getting me into that rental. She picked out a good rental - fully loaded with a touch screen radio. Patty and I even had a nice chat about several things unrelated to my service which helped ease the pain of the whole ordeal.

Fast service, easy to talk to service consultants, everyone seems very straight forward, and nice rentals. My car got taken in today, so I'll update in a few days regarding the actual service. But so far so good!

TJ N. | 2013-06-14

Some people seemed that they had some bad experience with this dealership. But mine is different and this is true story. I just got in US a week ago with my wife and kids from Asia and we needed a car for settle down. I went there to buy used car but they helped me to get finance program with a great interest rate. Why not? So I had decided to buy new one, of course, they did not pushed me to buy a new car.

My dealer "Derek" took care of me and I purchased TIGUAN with an unbeatable condition and he helped me a lot with getting the right car that my family want. Also, the general manager, finance manager is so friendly and helped me for almost everything. I had some tricky and complicated requests but they had listened and solved problem for me. Because of their great help, I drove a brand new TIGUAN home today.

Thank you guys! Thanks.

Prasanth J. | 2013-06-09

I went to take a test drive of GLI but ended up buying one. Uwanah was my sales person. He was very knowledgeable about the cars and gave excellent overview about GLI and GTI when I was taking test drive. They also promptly called me to schedule courtesy checkup. Overall, it was a great experience for me and I recommend Uwanah and Capitol VW to everyone.

Misha P. | 2013-05-25

Great team @ Capital Volkswagen! Very friendly, prompt and professional. Danny was especially efficient and helped to resolve my issue(s) with my car within a matter of minutes I was back on the road again. I found a new home here for my future service needs! Thanks to everyone who helped me out today @ Capital Volkswagen. I highly recommend them!

Jon W. | 2013-05-21

First off, let me start by saying this is a revision of a "not so great" review left by me a couple of weeks ago. Initially, I was displeased by an encounter I had with a salesman. I said my piece, & within 24 hours, I received a phone call from the GM Khaled Aldada. This man was straight forward, to the point, & wanted to do any & everything in his power to accommodate me. Epitome of customer service. He makes you feel like all salesmen aren't as bad as the stereotype. He took a huge loss just to get me out of my '05 & into a '12, with no money down & at almost half the original APR! The finance manager, Wayne Wallace, was also tons of help. He broke the numbers down in a way that I could understand them better, was quick & efficient, & even gave me a deal on gap coverage. I couldn't have asked for a better encounter.

Danielle P. | 2013-04-14

Couldn't have asked for an easier buying experience. We knew going in (after doing plenty of research on new cars in the market) that we wanted a new Passat (excellent ratings and an all-around attractive looking vehicle), but weren't certain if we should buck up and go diesel or save money and go gas. After meeting with Mike, Jeff and Page, we felt confident the TDI model was the one for us. We were in and out of there in just over 3 hours . . . not bad at all. Super easy and very informative. We are very, very happy with our new purchase. Thanks DGDG.

Bea S. | 2013-04-14

Capitol VW was great with us! Jeff was our sales person and worked so well with all of our needs! We took our new Jetta TDI home last night and absolutely love it! We have put 100 miles on it so far and our fuel gage has not budged!!! We are living this!!! Thank you Jeff!!! And thanks to Capitol VW! We will be coming back soon for a second car!! I recommend Jeff to anyone and everyone!!

David M. | 2013-04-02

I came here looking to buy a new VW GTI. Not only did they not offer me NEARLY as good of a deal as the other VW  dealerships in the area, but after I went with someone else I got the following text from Joel Baker:

"So you used me to drive the other guys prices up. Very sleazy and thanks for wasting our time"

On top of being untrue, the text was childish and an extremely poor way to do business. I'm extremely happy I ended up not going with them.

As I said, I got way better offers at literally every other VW dealership in the area. They pretended to be transparent with me, but honestly it was all untrue. Thanks Joel!

Jin M. | 2013-03-31

Update: I was able to get the recall work done on my vehicle from VW of Stevens Creek, which Capitol VW said was not applicable for my car. This confirms that Capitol VW had been plain lying to me.

Steven L. | 2013-03-15

The first time I visited this place, it was in Fall 2011. I was looking to buy a GTI. I ended up owning a GTI but it was of no help from Capitol Volkswagen since I bought another one via a private seller. However, the entire experience with Dino was memorable. I remembered calling him the day after our initial meet up to let him know I was turning down his offer and being surprised that he was professional and chill about it. There was no attitude ... just a man to man understanding.

Fast forward to March 2013. I lose my keys. I order a new key here. One of the parts adviser drops the ball on the order form by switching the VIN with a different VIN so naturally, I was piiiiiised when I brought a useless Passat key back home to attempt to open my GTI. The correct key arrives couple days later and I tow my car to have it programmed. The technicians are gone for the day so I leave it overnight without problem. The lady w/ a big sense of humor explained the whole process and I left confident I was going to pick up my car the next day.

Well that happened ... along with three other amazing things.

1) Me and the courtesy shuttle driver (Mike) chatted it up with his stories of being a retired dentist and working in a federal prison where some of the toughest inmates would cry like a little bitch without anesthetic. Great guy .. I left wishing the distance between my house and the dealership was longer.

2) A few things were recalled from one of VW's campaign so they replaced and installed it free of charge. They also remapped my ECU to perform more efficiently. I paid $72 to have my key programmed and got over $800 worth of parts/labor.

3) All the girls working in the service department are cool and funny as hell. Maybe it's the free Starbucks?!

BTW, the part adviser that messed up my order left me a very apologetic voicemail. I'm not stating his name for obvious reasons but that was heartfelt and appreciated. Real talk.

Chris P. | 2013-03-11

I was so impressed with the service I got from Capitol VW last time, that they were the first dealership I called when it came time to get a new car.

I was already leaning towards Capitol VW after my last experience with them, but I figured I'd call around some of the other dealerships (there are ~5 VW dealerships closer to me than them) and get some quotes.  The difference in salesperson attitude is (still) night and day - the other places I called ranged from over-the-top sales-y to utter disinterest unless I was there in person ("come down to the dealership and we'll talk").  Dino at Capitol VW was more than happy to discuss the car, options, and talk price over the phone, and seemed like a thoroughly nice chap.

I went down on a Sunday afternoon to the dealership, and was served by Dino and Uwanah.  I finalized the agreed upon price with Dino (absolutely zero surprises - he didn't go back on what we agreed over the phone, nor attempted to add anything on), and Uwanah did the paperwork and closed the deal.  Both thoroughly nice guys - very genuine, and not at all pushy.

I was in and out in about an hour and a half (with ~20 minutes of that watching the Oscars in their lounge while the paperwork was drawn up).  Drove out in a new 2013 GTI with a full tank of gas - nice touch!

Will be the first place I call (again) when it comes time for my next VW - can't give a higher recommendation than that.

Kristina D. | 2013-03-06

So I was actively scouring the web for a used Lexus is250 and everywhere I looked it was overpriced for what was being offered... then one day I ended up on VW's website and couldn't believe the deal they had. I headed over there that day to see my future car. I was introduced to Uwanah and he was quick to get me answers and direct me to the people I needed to talk to. Him and Nike Kite worked efficiently together and had me in and out in a few hours. I hate negotiation and the whole car buying experience; this was completely different than anything I have experienced. There was no pressure from anyone; it was honestly the best car buying experience I have ever had. I came in preapproved from my credit union and the finance department respected that and did not hassle me at all.

Also, as a follow up, I bought the car with a dent in the fender and the service department did an amazing job following up with the repairs and arranging everything for me. Jason in service was amazing at keeping in touch with me and ensuring that the best work was being done. Overall, I would definitely recommend this dealership to anyone looking for a new car.

Hubert C. | 2013-02-16

Thank you Kristof! He's the one (Internet Manager/Dealer) who professionally assisted me in purchasing new GTI 2012. I love my car and don't regret being new owner of VW GTI. After test driving, he gladly answered my questions and helped me determine whether GTI is for me. Even he offered me free slices of pizza for lunch while waiting long for someone in the finance office. If you are looking for VW car, I highly recommend Capitol Volkswagen and you should ask for Kristof. He definitely will make your car buying experience easy and best.

Tarun D. | 2013-02-08

My wife and I just recently purchased a car at Capitol Volkswagen, and we had a wonderful experience.

We met Kea and Joel at the front door and they helped us with everything until we went out of the door with car.  They helped us run through our finances pretty quickly and we were done in just 2 hours.

Great job Kea and Joel, i would love to recommend your name to my friends when they look for VW.

Alex G. | 2013-02-03

My wife and I just recently purchased a car at Capitol Volkswagen, and we had a wonderful experience.

We primarily worked with Andre, who painstakingly worked to find us exactly the car we were searching for, and kept it within our budget. The personal touch he put into finding our car is a rare trait.

When going through the standard application paperwork (normally a dull experience), we had the opportunity to work with Uwanah Udofia, who was very personable and friendly, and made the paperwork process surprisingly fun.

Lastly, we got the opportunity to work with Wayne Wallace, who helped us with our financing and closing paperwork. He too was friendly and funny, and made the closing paperwork an enjoyable experience.

At the end of the day, we drove away as "Happy Car Buyers," just as the DGDG tagline says. After my overall experience, I would definitely recommend this dealership to my friends and family.

Lay Z. | 2013-02-02

What can I say? This is the best experience I've ever had buying a car. If you want a car, please go directly to Kea Kong, the internet sale manager from capital VW. He's a straightforward person, doing honest business and always respect/take care of his customers. Not only a good car but also good service attract me a lot here. This place is worth of visit.

j S. | 2013-02-02

My husband and I just bought a 2013 VW beetle and our experience was wonderful from the time we walk in the door!  The sales group and finance guy were fabulous!!!! I would highly recommend this dealership to anyone wanting to buy a VW.  No pressure, the guys were knowledgeable, and answered all of our questions.

Margie S. | 2013-02-01

I had the best experience today at Capitol VW!  It is a truly beautiful facility, even better than the BMW dealership that I am used to.  The salesman, Will, was easy going, personable and well informed about the inventory.  He suggested a car that I had never heard of, the Eos, and it was perfect for me!  I test drove a couple of other cars and he was right, I loved the Eos.  Everyone there was professional and friendly.  A first class operation.  I will definitely be buying a car there soon!

Noel G. | 2013-01-31

I was in a hurry and I really needed a brake fluid flush on my jetta so I called early in the morning to set up an appointment at VW dealer (because no one else offered the service and ever where else the mechanic was too busy to finish it in time for me to g to work. Hence, VW dealer. I know theyd rake up the price a bit but I needed my car that day.

I called and the lady was really sweet and said "they were busy right now but she could squeeze me in" and told me it would take them 2 hours to finish but it could b done by 1 if i go at 1030am. OK.  I went with my brother at 10:30, dropped it off, head to Denny's, walked for a while in the rain( i love walking) and came back at 12:45pm.

Everything was fine. They got done on time but as soon as the lady brought in my paperwork she said there is a problem with my transmission and told me I should take it back when I have time to see what wrong. She then went  on to say that it would be at least $800 for them to open it and see what the problem was AND THEN probably "thousands of dollars more" if they needed to replace it.

I was stunned. It didnt make any sense because my car had been in the shop with my regular mechanic a couple of weeks earlier to replace a part and he never said the transmission was busted or leaking or anything.

The point it: I think it was bullshit. It was a last resort to take my car to the dealer cuz I know they like to get people back in there as soon as they can and I believe this was their intention. Therefore, I stood there in dismay and perplexed--but mostly pissed.

There was nothing with my car. Excuse me? Thieves. Crooks. This is why I dont do service to my car here unless Im desperate.

Edith G. | 2013-01-30

Kea was wonderful - he spent a whole day working out a deal for me to trade my Mini for a Beetle knowing I was limited on funds and he made it happen.  He came to work the next day - his day off - and spent the entire afternoon making my experience perfect and smooth.

Sean C. | 2013-01-29

We traveled from Chico to buy a used Prius. Kea facilitated the process painlessly and Mando got us a great loan. I couldn't be more pleased.

Dannelle A. | 2013-01-28

Normally, I get my car services here and a guy named Joe Nguyen used to take care of me but ever since he left no one has taken care of me like the way Joe did. I would always come here for an oil change and my last two visit was not pleasant. I was helped by a lady named Patti ( I don't remember her last name) and she seemed really nice at first.

My last visit:
That was the first time I was introduced to Patti and I was only going for an oil changed. I called in ahead of time and they booked the appointment for me. This was when I found out that Joe Nguyen no longer worked there and they said that Patti would take care of me. The wait for my car was decent and they had told me ahead of time that it would take 45 mins. to an hour and I didn't mind. They also offered me a free 10 mile ( I think it was 10 miles) shuttle ride but I chose to wait because I lived further than the 10 miles.

When I arrived, she checked my car and we went to her desk to do the paper work. I was talking to her when the phone rang and she answered it and I could tell the person she was talking to was a friend. I didn't like that she kept me waiting while she was talking to her friend and after their conversation, she didn't not apologize at all. I mean a simple "oh, I'm sorry my friend is going through a hard time" or "I'm sorry for the interruption" would have been nice.

I waited for a good hour for my oil change and when I sat down to talk with her, she told me there were a lot of complications with my car. The last time I talked with Joe, he told me that everything was alright and everything was taken cared of. She said for me to save up because the repairs on my car would be over $1,000.

After my appointment with VW, I went to another auto body shop and they checked out my car and they said it was alright so I believe that Patti just told me a set of lies.

I went in today for another oil change and I was handled by the same lady. Again, I called in a couple days earlier and this time they said that I can just bring my car by  and there was no appointment required and I told them that I might need to replace my liquid for my coolant and they told me that it would not be a problem and just to bring my car by.

When I got to the dealership, she did a walk through of my car and I told her about the coolant and she said that they would to a pressure check and it would cost me an extra $75 and I didn't find that a problem because my car was beeping saying that the liquid did need replacing.

My complaint this time around was the wait. I waited about a good 3 hours for my car. When I went to check up on my car 2 hours from waiting, they said it would be a little more of a wait but my car was sitting out side all clean like it was already done. I waited 30 more minutes and my car was just sitting there. I went up to the front and Patti said the same exact thing and I said that my car has been sitting in the finish area for 30 mins and I have to wait some more. She then checked my car and said it was done. (Like no DUH!!!)

She then told me she would print out the paper work and that took like 10 minutes. Does it really take 10 minutes to print out 5 sheets of paper?!?!! The worst part was she didn't apologize or give me anything off. All she had to say was "The next time you come make an appointment." I told her I did and still she didn't apologize. She just walked away.

I know I maybe ranting but this place is not a good place to get your car serviced. I bought my car there and I highly recommend that you find some other auto body shop to repair your car. I don't think I am coming here again for another oil change.

Lucy L. | 2013-01-20

Best VW dealer in the Bay and its honestly because of GINO. He is the best guy to talk to! Go directly to him! Great personality! He will match any quoted price and even lower. Thank you David for being so patient with us.

Jorge Y. | 2013-01-17

I had a very good experience meeting Joel, who greeted me the first time I arrived on the lot. For the few days I was looking at a Volkswagen to buy, he was very professional and helpful. For instance he taught me how to drive stick and offered suggestions for vehicles that fit my preference and price range. He was very good with answering my questions and always had a positive attitude. Even though I ended up purchasing a car elsewhere, my experience at Capitol VW was first rate. Thanks Joel.

Rachel H. | 2013-01-17

Just bought a great vw at a great price!! Staff were amazing, Wayne made the paperwork process really quick and easy to understand. Will was my sales guy and he didn't treat me like a gal that was only interested in a car being pretty, he asked me questions that showed he wanted to find me the right car to fit my lifestyle. I would recommend these guys! I'm a happy car buyer ha ha

R M. | 2013-01-16

I will never purchase a car from this dealership. They seem to be the exact stereotype of dishonest car salesmen. Management is not only deceptive and evasive, it treats their customers like they are morons.

I called the dealership to discuss trading in my brand new car (5k miles) for an upgrade. I gave them a bottom line price, told them I don't "play games" or negotiate and wasn't interested in making a 2 hour round trip drive to their location.

The salesman told me he needed to run numbers by his manager and would call me back. He did keep his word by calling back, but apparently everything else that came out of his mouth was a lie. He assured me that they could do the upgrade w/in my budget parameters. When I reiterated that I wouldn't play games or negotiate he again assured me that I wouldn't need to.

I went in, viewed the car I was interested in and then waited an hour only to be presented with an "offer" that was more than twice what I discussed with my sales manager. He then presented me with an alternative option to pay almost the same amount for a used car with 18k miles on it. Needless to say, I got up to leave ... but had to wait for the manager to come out and "thank me for the business" and return my keys.

When the manager came out, I told him he and his salesman were incredibly deceptive and that I felt like they had done a "bait and switch" on me. His response was, "Well, the manager Tony, (the salesman) dealt with isn't here so I don't know...I am sorry you feel this way. But you know the type of car you are interested in is going for that much."  

These guys are shady liars. Their explanations have nothing to do with what they are confronted on. They just assume people will go in blindly and overpay for their inventory. Don't do it!  

If you're in the market for a VW, visit either Boardwalk VW or Serramonte VW. I bought a car from each. They are honest, straightforward and truly have a grasp of customer service and a positive customer experience.

Ms. P. | 2013-01-15

I would not recommend this dealership if you want to trade in a car, they don't offer even KKB for the value of the trade in and they are not willing to negotiate what so ever, we came prepared to buy a used car on their lot we'd seen on their internet. We came prepared with what we knew from KKB and Edmunds what our trade in was worth and what the value of the car we wanted to buy was worth. They did not like that, so if you don't come prepare I'm pretty sure you can leave with a car and a  pretty bad deal. I didn't find anyone there overly helpful and we were given bad info as well. We were looking at a used Hyundai that they really didn't want to sell.

The good news for us is we went across the street (same day) to Capitol Hyundai and purchased a very similar car actually better car and we are very happy. Highly recommend "Capitol Hyundai" All the people there are great!!! and needless to say I'm happy.

Nancy B. | 2013-01-05

Horrible experience...consumer beware!  Came Here not expecting to purchase a vehicle, but after crunching numbers(trade-in and mft discount), they were able to come up with a price we were happy with.  They originally gave us a trade-in price of 1250.00, but when they weren't close to our out the door price, they suddenly came up with a trade-in value of $2000.00 without even seeing the car!!  Told them straight-up the car had excessive clearcoat paint peeling, but they still agreed to the deal and had us drive back to Fremont at 9PM to bring in our trade-in.  

After filling out all the paperwork, Byron said he had to have his Mgr look at the car. About 5 minutes later Byron returns only to tell us his manager could only give us 1500.00 as opposed to the 2000.00 they originally agreed to (WTF)??!!  After telling Byron no deal and give us our keys back, he returns to tell us his manager changed his mind and we can have the $500.00 back (again WTF)??  Needless to say, we walked out & they lost a 30000.00+ sale and any future business from us.  Why would you take a chance on losing a $30000.00+ sale for $500.00!!!

Happy to report, we had the last laugh on Capitol VW.  I purchased my 2013 CC from Tracy VW (awesome & trustworthy).  Although they didn't have the color I wanted, Trent was able to get it from another dealership (Capitol VW) and delivered it to us in Fremont the next day!!!

Gerty T. | 2012-12-22

After getting my car serviced here a couple of times, I have to say that their service department is not as good as their sales staff.

When I first got the car, my suspension was making a racket when I went over any bumps, so I brought it in, and they found that a stability block (used to keep the car steady when it's riding on a truck to the dealer) had been left attached to the suspension instead of being removed when it first arrived at the dealer.

My more recent visit was to deal with a "check tire" light that wouldn't go out and some computer issues (my trip time was stuck above 90 hours and stopped resetting when I left the car alone for a while), and they found that the tires on the left were not the same pressure as those on the right, and corrected it.

However, when I arrived, they asked whether my trip time was counting down, and I said, "no, quite the opposite -- it's stuck too high and doesn't reset," and I think the person helping me assumed I didn't know how to use the computer to view the trip time. When I got the vehicle report back, it said the reported symptom was that the trip time was counting down, and that it had been checked. I drove off the lot, but on my way home I switched the view to the trip time and realized it was still the same as before. At least the "check tire" light is off now...

Warren L. | 2012-12-20

These guys are awesome, especially Kea!  He reached out to me several weeks ago when I was getting prices for a 2013 Golf TDI and was friendly and helpful.  Other places had some lower prices but sleazy sales people.  Kea went the extra distance and got me a better deal on the car I wanted, in the color that I originally wanted.  They also gave me a loaner car for the time it took to procure the car that I wanted.  Armando in financing was able to get me even lower numbers on my payments and took the extra bit of time to make sure that everything was correct.

Thank you Kea and Armando for making this buying experience better than I was expecting.  I love my new TDI Golf!

Ryan G. | 2012-12-05

I had a good and bad experience here, but they acknowledged their mistake and took accountability for it, which I respect. However, if the situation I describe happens to you I recommend staying away because then my experience was not just an honest mistake.

My first experience with them was going great we liked the car and our salesman Nick was pretty cool as far as car salesman go. We came to an agreement for about 18,000 on a car after discussing it for a few hours, but then they came out and told us the car we had been discussing all day was a 2013 and not a 2012 so it would be $4,000 more. That seemed pretty suspicious to me that they had us sign paperwork, sit around for hours, and then the car we had come to an agreement on suddenly increases in value by $4,000 because the numerous workers there didn't realize what year the car they were selling was. We left at that point and were not to pleased.

However, the next day the manager followed up with us apologized and said they would honor our original deal. We came the next week to get the car and they gave us the 2013 at the price we had agreed on for the 2012. They got us out quickly and took accountability for what happened, which I always respect. It may have been an honest mistake and that happens or it could have been the bait & switch tactic I will never know. However, my girlfriend and I came away with the car we waned at a good price and it runs great. Had that whole episode not happened they would get 5 stars from me.

With that said since they took accountability I would recommend this place to others unless you find yourself in a situation where they suddenly make a mistake and then ask you for a few thousand more dollars. For all I know it truly was an honest mistake the only people that really know are them and if getting the year of he car wrong was just an honest mistake then I respect how they handled it.

Brian B. | 2012-11-27

Great experience, great salesman!
So I just bought a 2013 Volkswagen Golf TDI! Great car! Definitely ask for Joel Baker.  I hate buying new cars but he made the experience enjoyable. He was extremely honest, knowledgeable, and up front about everything which was refreshing. There were no tricks, never any pressure to buy, and he spent many hours with us test driving and discussing our particular needs. There was very little haggling and we got a great price in the end. He walked us through all the details and kept everything easy. I was very impressed with the financial guy Wayne Wallace as well who made all the paperwork quick and kept the details of the deal very transparent, confirming my good price, which put my mind at rest. Good internet research confirmed that I got a very honest deal. Good job guys.

Jack M. | 2012-11-19

After much research, I locked into the Golf TDI as the car that best met my wife and my needs (environmentally friendly, great milage, decent ride, usable back seat, manual tranny, durable engine, fun to drive). I contacted several dealers after getting price info from Consumer Reports, and heard back quickly from internet salesperson Pam Verduzco. We agreed on a price over the phone. We went down to SJ from Tracy the next day and test drove the TDI. The dealership is gorgeous, modern and very professional. Pam was very friendly and no pressure. She stuck to the price we agreed upon despite the vehicle including several hundred dollars of add-ons. The financing person was very easy to work with and matched the loan rate we received from the Credit Union with no contingencies. Capitol VW is a first class dealership which we recommend highly.

Christina D. | 2012-11-09

Tony the manager has never failed in making things happen!!! He is super nice guy! Tracy S is working on something for me right now and is just making it happen!!! She is very nice but also very hard working ! The staff at Vw are all great . And if there is a problem they are real people and will listen and really help you if they can ! I'm very happy

Yogen K. | 2012-10-26

Capitol VW emailed  me a quote for a VW Passat lease with $0 + tax and DMV registration only. I asked the Internet Director to confirm if there were no other fees and he confirmed emphatically. With car purchase and leasing there may be tons of fees involved. Other dealers confirmed too they would include these fees in their upfront pricing. I asked Capitol to do the same but they completely lied to me. I went to the dealership, thinking they would keep their word but after 3 hours of keeping me there, at the final step, they introduced huge fees.

Clearly they were not able to compete on price that others were offering and just to bring me in the store engaged in complete deception. I have seen dealers make offer on phone and pretend they didn't when you walk in but Capitol VW takes takes deception to a whole new level - not honoring written quote.

My recommendation - don't waste your time here. At the last minute they will try to change the deal hoping that you, having invested your time and emotions, won't walk out. Little did they know that I don't reward dishonesty.

Stef W. | 2012-10-21

I purchased my 2012 Jetta NEW there and there were some issues with it and the service department and management had some hiccups but ultimately made things right. I just wish it didn't take so long.

P K. | 2012-10-16

This was a very good experience.
Everything they promised, they delivered. Everything! And I liked that I did not need to call them, they called me to arrange everything. Cool customer service.
So overall: good price, good service. I only wish they would be closer.

Blake B. | 2012-10-07

First off let me say if you're shopping for a VW, you HAVE to go check out Capitol Volkswagen's showroom. I won't spoil the surprise, just go have a look.

Now onto the deal.  We purchased a Jetta TDI Sportwagen, no trade and financed the deal through VW credit. This will sound cliche, but Justin, our sales guy was; knowledgable, friendly, polite and just generally easy to be around.  Genuine concern cannot be faked. Justin took his time, listened and made the car buying experience as painless as possible.  

Bottom line, Capitol Volkswagen is a professionally run dealership and you can sense that from the time you pull up until the time you're driving away in your new V-Dub!

Griffin K. | 2012-10-02

I had looked online and found a SMART car that Capitol VW had on the lot for what seemed to be a really great price. I went in and went on a test drive with Shazad Shah. No pressure. Just a fun drive. I wasn't sure about whether I would be trading in my current VW or just paying cash. We went through the appraisal process and long story short, I didn't think the offer was competitive so I wanted to go home and think on it. I went back the next day and drove it again. Shah worked hard to get me a deal before I went down to the SMART car dealership to take a look at the used cars they had a well. When I came back for yet a third time (Shah was EXTREMELY patient). I had a thousand and one questions about service, how do you access the engine, battery, fluids, etc. Since this is a quirky little car, he asked the service manager to come out and go through it with me. I bought the car, got a great price and am really happy with the whole process.

Would recommend Shah to any of my friends along with the friendly folks at Capitol VW.

PS they do the service on my 2007 VW passat wagon as well even though I bought it out of town. Love the service dept there. I dumped Stevens Creek VW (even though it is walking distance to my work) after I walked in to schedule an appointment and the service advisor was literally screaming at customer on the phone.

Cat T. | 2012-09-13

Best place ever!!! Thanks so much Tony Tran for everything!! I love my car so much!!!

Siddharth J. | 2012-09-11

I leased a VW Golf from here. The dealers made it very easy and simple. They were accommodating and helpful, without being too salesman-like. I would recommend going through Kea if you need to purchase a new car.

rich n. | 2012-09-09

To start off my wife and I was helped by Kea from the internet sales side and we were very impressed with him.
We weren't in a rush to buy a minivan but we wanted to get an idea of costs and contacted several VW dealerships.  Most were decent in terms of customer service but Kea was far above the rest.  He responded quickly to emails, was not pushy at all and made us feel very comfortable about our potential purchase.

He worked hard for us to get us to a number we needed to be at to feel right about our purchase and very patient.

There was a dealership literally 5 minutes from our house but becuase Kea was so responsive and made us feel so comfortable with no pressure we decided to drive nearly an hour to Capitol VW to make the purchase.

I would highly recommend Kea and Capitol VW.  Thanks

Janet M. | 2012-09-07

Came to this dealership to purchase a used car found through AAA.  Tony Tran helped us, and he gets 5 stars for his efforts.  He really will go the distance for the customer, and without obnoxious, "car salesman" behavior.  Had to deduct one star b/c the financial guy was arrogant, rude, and unprofessional.  Everyone else here was helpful, polite, and service-oriented.  That is hard to find these days.  I would definitely come back for a used car, or maybe for a bug someday....

J. G. | 2012-08-28

Well let me start off by saying this, I LOVE MY CAR.  I purchased a used Subaru outback from here and I would love to give this place 4 or more stars but it wasn't til after the purchase I felt they lost me as a customer and my good reviews.  I arrived and the car was waiting out front, it was dirty, like pretty damn dirty for a car you're trying to sell, not a big deal as a car wash and some detailing is easy and the price for the vehicle was lower then other places.  Test drive was fine, the car salesmen was funny and personable.  I had a few issues and they accommodated me for the most part, I was told there would be a battery changed out due to the current one not holding a charge, this did not happen, eventually I left with them saying they would reimburse me for a battery I bought later, I haven't even wasted my time sending in a receipt and waiting around for 80/90 dollars. I guess they need it more then me to have to put me through the paces anyway.  No here is where I got upset, I agreed to a extended warranty due to the fact that it was a used vehicle and I didn't want to get screwed and end up with a dead piece of metal in my driveway, but after further inspection and research online I found a lot of people had issues and trouble actually using the warranty for what it said it was for, So i called and talked to the finance guy who helped me, he faxed me the papers I needed to cancel and I signed them and sent them back.  That was about a week or so ago and I have sent him at least two emails to make sure he received the papers and cancelled the warranty, I haven't heard anything and I'm just hoping that it was done if not i have all receipts and documents showing I faxed my copy from a ups store,  I feel like I was not ridiculous and did not make any ridiculous demands and they sold a car and made money off me, so at least work  with me a little here.  The sales manager was nice and seemed like he had a lot of staff running all over the place, the building itself was nice.  Like i said I would love to give this place a great review but I have just been left with a bad taste in my mouth.  At least my car runs great and NOW looks fantastic after I detailed the heck out of it.

EDIT: 8/29  Well I received a phone call and emails from both the finance guy I talked to and everything has been handled, like I said when dealing with these guys face to face or on the phone they are awesome, I understand that sometimes things happen and get busy.  I was offered a free oil change and apologies for any hassles I endured.

B E. | 2012-08-25

We came to Capitol Volkswagen to look for a car for my son, his first car. It was the best possible experience anyone could have purchasing an used car. The salesperson, Tony, was extremely nice, low key, helpful and with the help of Andre, the Used Car Sales Manager, found us the perfect car! They gave us a huge discount and made the whole experience so positive for us. Wayne, the Finance Manager was also super nice and once we got started with him, we were out the door in 15 minutes. I recommend Capitol Volkswagen to anyone looking for a stress-free car purchase, old or new. These guys are great!!!!

Thomas S. | 2012-08-25

we just purchased a jetta here. this was the best car buying experience i have ever had. the negotiations were smooth and we were able to find a good price. finance was smooth and we did not wait very long at all. Mike "the panda" was a great salesperson

Tam N. | 2012-07-30

This is the worst buying experience I've ever had buying a car. I would give a negative star if I could.

I called regarding a deal on a volkswagen GTI and worked with the salesmen through the phone for 2.5 hrs, got preapproved and said he would hold the car for me till tomorrow since I would be coming out of state to get it (due to good deal). I get a text @ 9pm saying that he was upset that the manager had sold my car. I immediately called him 3 times with no answer. He replied with text and said he would try to get me the same deal. He texted back later with still a good deal but was $1500 more so I said fine due to the fact it was a bit below invoice price.

I took the 4hr drive there to fine out he went on vacation so I had to deal with his partner and the manager (he never answered my called by the way, guess he didn't want to talk to me). They said the car would be on the lot by the time I get to the dealership which was not and it was 1pm at the I arrived. After 1hr of talking, we settled on a price for my trade. Since the car was not there, they told me to come back and they would call me when it arrives which would take 1-1.5hr. After no call after 3.5hr and 4 returning calls with no answer, I decided to stop by to find out the manager and the partner when home for the day. The other manager called him for me through the cell which he ended being non apologetic and said he would get me the car tomorrow. I hanged up and confronted the manager there which he was rude himself. I left frustrated and wasted my time there leaving with no car.

I don't know why I was the one trying the sell the car for them. All they had to do was bring it in or hold the car but it seems like they didn't care. Drove to another Volkswagen and went straight to the manager and offered him the price. He said yes and I was out of there in 1.5hrs after doing the paperwork and them cleaning the car.

Stay away from this Volkswagen. There are other dealers around if you live in California.

Names of salesmen and manager ( Jason, Dave, Giovanni "Gino" Barboza, Dave Horn)

Alex R. | 2012-07-22

I had probably the worst experience that I've ever had at a car dealership.  So on Wednesday, I went to the dealership and looked at the car.  I was looking to buy a 2012 Jetta SE, and they had quite a few in stock.  The salesman walked us around the lot showing us all the different ones, as well as sample colors for the ones they didn't have.  We negotiated a deal on a specific car and made an appointment to return on Saturday to purchase and take the car home.  

On Friday night, we were called by the salesman to remind us to return on Saturday to purchase the car, which we agreed to.  However, when we returned on Saturday, ALL OF THE JETTAS HAD ALREADY BEEN SOLD. They did not have a single Jetta SE in the lot.  The salesman did not tell us this, however, until he had taken us out onto the lot, and walked us around outside in 95 degree heat.  He then said that we could maybe look at some other cars.  He said that Hertz had come through that week and purchased 13 Jettas.

I just feel like not only was I blatantly lied to, but that they also tried to trick me into buying a car that I didn't want. I felt that they didn't actually care whether or not I bought the car, which I think is a really poor attitude for a salesman to have.  Now, I realize that we only had a verbal agreement, so I'm not THAT upset about them not having the car.  What I felt was really poor customer service is that not only were we reminded to come in to purchase the car, we were never told that the car wasn't there.  In a scenario like this, he should have been straightforward and told us that the car we wanted wasn't available (BEFORE WE CAME INTO THE DEALERSHIP OR WALKED OUTSIDE TO LOOK FOR THE CAR), and that he would get the car over ASAP.  It wasn't until we appeared disappointed/angry did he offer to go see if the managers could get the car from another store.  Since the dealership was slightly out of our way, needless to say, we went to another dealership and had a fantastic experience and we bought the car there instead.

Elaine B. | 2012-07-07

I just left with my brand new Passat and am in love, not only with the car but the overall experience.  What an amazing dealership.  It was so nice not dealing with annoying car salespeople.  I worked with Pam Verduzco who made things haggle free and as easy as possible.  I simply emailed her what I wanted, she did all the work, threw out some numbers and got the exact car and color I wanted.  Came in this afternoon, after a couple hours I had driven off the lot in my new pretty car. I left with an amazing deal on the car, the packages and the warranty. GREAT EXPERIENCE.

Matteo M. | 2012-06-21

I would give you less stars if I could.

I brought in my 2004 VW Jetta with some transmission slippage.  Paid the inspection fee for diagnosis but all they would offer me is buy a new car or a new transmission and no details on the actual problem.

So I did some research and it turns out the problem is VW and money grubbing stealerships like DGDG.  

I repeatedly asking this dealership (among others) about rough shifts and changing the transmission fluid on service visit.  Their answer was always that this is nromal (while under warrantry) and that the transmission is sealed and does not require fluid changes.  Service manual also indicated this (but has been changed on newer models).

So imagine my disgust that NOW due to the burnt transmission fluid they insist I need to replace the transmission.

This is not the first issue I had with DGDG since they took over from Bob Lewis when this was a "decent" dealership but I'd thought I'd give them another shot.

As I said if you can not properly diagnose and service my existing vehicle why would I EVER buy a new one from you?

Also the quality on your vehicles has gone down from my model year, so again why would I put myself through that?

I've had regular (non-stealership) mechanics give me more through inspections on the issues at NO CHARGE and IN LESS TIME than DGDG got back to me.  DGDG refused to credit me inspection on the above, not even as a customer service initiative.

DGDG will never get an additional single dollar from me.

Steph G. | 2012-06-13

Wow, I was honestly surprised by this place. And I have to say, the dealer's group has raised some crazy salesmen, especially at this dealership. My boyfriend and I were walking around the auto mall looking for a used car, and one of the salesmen here tried to talk us into leasing. And I mean, he was a very good salesman. Too bad my boyfriend doesn't like the cars at all...

We spent a whole Saturday afternoon, looking at their stock of new cars. We test drove two of the cars, the Passat and the Golf. The salesman actually let us test drive by ourselves, which was so weird, but cool. Afterwards, we talked about the terms for a lease, which were more favorable than other dealers. They offer a two year and three year lease term, but the prices are a little on the high side. Their offer was for 2k down, and the total price of the lease over 2 years, about half the value of the car. The major downside was that every addition was extra, and the base price of the cars was already expensive. Still, if we had more appreciation for the cars themselves, we probably would have ended up with one.

So if you are interested in this brand, I would recommend coming here, but you should talk over the price, and then go home and do your research, because I thinkt he prices that he quoted were over the MSRP stated on the website.

Eva L. | 2012-06-01

Came here last night and drove off with the car of our choice! My husband and I have been researching and looking for a specific VW and even spent time at another dealership already. However, we didn't end up buying the car we wanted at the first dealership. My husband kept looking and signed up at a website which Capitol VW is connected to. He got a call back from the straightforward and honest Kristof Mosolygo, Internet Manager at Capitol VW. Kristof told us what he could and could not do, met our budget, sent us the forms for our loan via email and we basically got everything going. To be honest, I thought everything was too good to be true, who is this Kristof guy? How can he give us what we want, meet our budget and get this all going so quickly via phone and email? We drove an hour to Capitol VW and I was still in doubt, I didn't want to get my hopes up until we signed the appropriate papers within our budget and rate! But when I met Kristof, I realized this guy was not shady, he was actually the real deal! He could see the doubt I had in him, I got the look! Haha!

When we arrived, the car was all clean and ready for us to pick up! We looked at it, checked it, test drove it, and then the paperwork was all ready for us to sign! No joke, he didn't try to make us pay more or anything like that. Of course, they just did their job in telling us about the additional service packages. After that, we just dealt with the finance guy, signed the papers and we were done! Kristof took the time and explained EVERYTHING in the vehicle, he knew every little detail and even helped me sync my phone to the bluetooth for the vehicle! The guy is a VW fanatic and he had great customer service!  It was about 9:30pm and he still spent time with us!  It all still took about 2 hours, but hey, it was a lot less headache working with Kristof!  If you are looking for a VW, we highly recommend Kristof Mosolygo at Capitol VW, they have a HUGE inventory of VWs too!

Johnny D. | 2012-05-26

Went out for a test drive and a no-pressure talk about the Turbo Beetle with Jason, an internet sales pro. He was super honest, very friendly, and a very good example of how dealership staff should conduct themselves. If we buy a Turbo Beetle, we'll be getting it from him.

Tang N. | 2012-05-23

I just recently graduated from college, so I decided to purchase a new car to reward myself for all the hard work I did in school. Volkswagen have this special program for recent college grads, by paying for their first month payment. I was excited about my new car and I got a good deal. My contract was 0% APR and also the college program.

A month later, when I checked my online payments on VW credits, I was shocked to find out the college program wasn't included in my monthly payments. I thought WTF?!! Those bastards at my dealership violated my contract with them. I had to make the first and second payments out of my own pocket because I don't want bad credit.  

I came back a few times to confront them about this and they said the same b.s that they were going to forward the information to VW credits and resolve this issue. I called VW credits to confirm and they didn't receive any additional information from my dealership. I was frustrated that they were making me jump through hoops by asking for additional information like my pay-stub. For what? wtf? I had a contract with them on the first day when i purchased my vehicle and these guys violated that deal. I just wanted them to fulfill the deal, which forced me to waste time and energy in resolving this issue.

In conclusion, after speaking with management, they called me and they said their going to send me a check for reimbursement. I had a bad experience and i'm not going to purchase another vehicle from this dealership or advise any of my family and friends about going here. They're apart of the DGDG group and their motto is "be a happy car buyer"? Yea right! I wasn't a happy car buyer.

Srinivasarao G. | 2012-05-23

I bought a used car here. I am very much happy and delighted with my over all experience  and simplicity. Thanks a lot to Uwanah, wonderful guy and easily approachable. If you want to buy a car, just call Uwanah. He will make sure that everything goes fine.. I have visited Captiol Volkswagen show room and had wonderful experience. Good follow-up from Wayne Walace too...Overall I am so happy to drive my car.

Rachael G. | 2012-05-21

We had a great experience at Capitol VW...the approach was friendly, helpful, but not pushy or 'hard sell' at all.

Pamela Verduzco was our sales person and a delight to work with.  

The financing portion of our purchase was also quick and easy.

Thanks everybody,

Bill and Rachael Gunn

Hao C. | 2012-05-15

It was my first new car and first purchase experience. I did go to some other dealers before come to capitol volkswagen. The reason why I finally got my car from capitol volkswagen is that the simplicity. We met a nice sale man and his name is Uwanah. We list what we want and what we do not like. he just try his best to make everything easier and simple. We spend less then an hour to make the deal. Thank you, Uwanah! I strongly recommend that who what to buy the vm car go for Uwanah, it will make you a better deal and better experience

Sean D. | 2012-05-04

I walked into the Capitol VW dealership on a Sunday afternoon 4/29/2012 and walked out with my new 2012 GTI.

Uwanah Udofia was very helpful and knowledgeable of what he was doing and not pushy.  He helped me pick out the vehicle I wanted, test drove it and I fell in love with it. Did some number crunching and he was able to get me the deal I wanted within my budget.  

The whole process went smoothly I was in and out of the dealership quickly with the new 2012 GTI.  For those out there who wants to purchase a new or used vehicle make sure you ask to speak with "Uwanah", new car!


Eric Y. | 2012-05-04

I bought a car for my wife here a few months back.  I did quite a bit of research on the dreaded car buying process to get me up to speed.  I visited several local dealerships and dealt with quite a few sales people.  I practiced my negotiation tactics on cars I had no intention on buying and honed my craft to become a shrewd tactician and arbiter of my wallet.  I read and read and then read some more. I had contingency plans to my contingency plans.  I was able to channel Sun Tzu and advance my armies with perfect precision at will. And I even had some tarps, a shovel, and and a bag of quicklime in the trunk to help me take care of anybody who wasn't going with my program (well, not so much on this last point). But I was finally ready.  I was ready to win.

As you can imagine, it became a huge disappointment that I didn't need any of these things afterall.  Instead, I ended up agreeing over the phone on a price actually below my target (exhaustive research here too) and then just showing up. I should mention that I passed close to a dozen other VW dealerships with a couple of hundred miles of traveling here.  Why did I do that? This place beat all the other dealers' bids, didn't play games, and were surprisingly pleasant (read "normal") to deal with. I was in and out. No clearcoating, window tinting offers, or dealer prep fees; no sleeze and slime or general weirdness. In and out.

Although it felt a bit like a hollow victory in the end, I won!  That's all that mattered.  I beat ze Germans!

Chuck D. | 2012-05-03

Buying a car was never any easier than this..And I'm in the business! Uwanah Udofia was easy to work with and we might have set the record for completing a car purchase. Thanks Uwanah for your professionalism and help.

James W. | 2012-04-25

I am quite happy with my experience, and it's mostly because of the simplicity. After getting the run around from two dealerships (including a "Costco" dealer) and them not giving me numbers to work with, I put a request through Capitol VW's website for the car I was looking for, basic info for the lease terms, and asked for their BEST price. Well, they certainly gave me a BEST price. As in it beat the pants off of the other dealer. For Capitol VW's sake, I won't put exact numbers out there, but let's just say that between their discounts and "bonus cash" that VW was offering through April 30, I got the price of car well under invoice.

I showed up and the sales person had the exact car waiting for me at our appointed time. We took a look, he pointed out a few things on the car, and we went for a quick test drive. Upon returning, the paperwork went quickly overall and in just a couple hours I was on the road home in my new car.

I swear I think I've never negotiated less and gotten such an amazing deal on anything before getting this car. Simply put...WOW. Oh...and the car is pretty good too. The deal is what got me off the fence to lease it.

Ian F. | 2012-04-17

I first called Capitol VW after having researched their online inventory and identifying a vehicle I was interested (2003 Mini Cooper). I had previously been looking to buy a new Honda Fit, but after having an absolutely dreadful experience there, I chose to look elsewhere (see prior review).

Upon first call, I spoke with Jason Park, who was quite helpful; he got me my initial estimate (right on the dot Kelly BB) and then, as he was not working on Saturday, and as I believe since the car was listed on the internet, sent me along to Kristof Mosolygo, "Internet Manager" (from here on referred to as "KM").

KM immediately contacted me (via email and then phone) to see if I could be pre-approved for financing (I was) and to set up a time for test drive. We decided it would be best to do on Saturday. It should be noted that the whole time we were smoothing out these details, I was down in Santa Maria, while they were up in San Jose.

Upon arriving on Saturday with my daughter, we were greeted by KM, a pleasant, calm, and kind man with a noticeable and cool Hungarian accent. Ah, in my brain, this explained his European sounding name! We took the car out for a test drive and I was impressed; exactly as it had been listed and incredibly fun to drive! As we arrived back at VW to do paperwork, my daughter went to a sitting area for kids with games and an old TV/VCR combo with a ton of classic Disney films. She was very patient, though I would recommend not taking your kids unless you have no choice.

After a bit of "bargaining", which consisted of me asking for lower payments, possibly extending the amount of months for payment, and lowering the interest rate, KM went back to the finance manager, Trent Lukens. Upon return, KM informed me that all of my requests had been met, and that the interest rate had also been lowered by 4%, therefore attaining my desired monthly payment. Excellent news!

Of course, then comes the paperwork, which always takes the longest, but it's all fine in the end as I walked away with a beautiful new (for me) car.

Finally, I just want to add that KM followed me in the Mini to drop off my rental vehicle, and I drove him back to the lot; this simplified my rental and buying experience as well.

To conclude, I would recommend Capitol VW, particularly the team I worked with, for your car buying needs. They were no-pressure, honest, and exceeded even my expectations.

Yun Ju C. | 2012-04-15

I never thought that I can have a fantastic car like VW CC so easy. All of these have to appreciate Uwanah, Chris Amoroso. As a one-month resident of the states who doesn't have credit record and much case, it's difficult to buy a car with good quote and interest rate. Luckily, I found Capitol Volkswagen. First, I wanna say thank you to Uwanah who introduce different VW cars with patience and make me feel no pressure. Then Chris took several hours to help us to get best financial support. My husband and I were touched and feel warm because he really wants to help us, not just wants to be a "salesman".
I will like to suggest all my friends who needs a car to contact with them. And I can ensure they will have the best car-buying experience.

Gina J. | 2012-04-04

Just ok. The service department inside is pretty good. I have a 2005 jetta and the ignition went out. I thought I would be able to take it to VW and get it back in a day or so, well it ended up taking almost two weeks. They had to order the part from Germany which was crazy to me but whatever. It just took me by surprise and it was also very expensive. I won't be buying another VW.

Danielle W. | 2012-04-03

My husband and i were ready to buy a new car yesterday and we called Capitol VW to set things in motion. We were told by Pam that we could make things happen in one afternoon. Then Pam went on vacation and left without completing anything. The next day we were passed on to another person and had to start all over again. We were promised everything would happen that day. Around 1:00 (this is day 2) we were told that there just weren't any cars available to us. I called and asked for the manager; got put to voicemail. I called again and told the receptionist my story, told them I really wanted the car so put me through to someone who could close my deal. Kristoff took my info, promised he'd call back in 10 minutes. No phone call. That was yesterday. So I still have no car after trying to work with 3 salespeople. Horrible experience.

Frank A. | 2012-04-01

Brought in my Fiat for the first service. Everyone was very nice and friendly.

Few other goods and bads:
- They promised me it would take one hour, it took 2 and a half (why not just tell the truth? I could have used the shuttle service!)
+ The waiting are has nice seats and internet access
+ They washed my car inside and out

[my previous bad review is due to a misunderstanding. The service was actually performed]

Sathya S. | 2012-03-23

I was looking for a new 2012 GTI and decided to visit Capitol Volkswagen(highly recommended by a good friend of mine). Uwanah was very straightforward, helpful and responsive w/ his emails and quotes. Basically, I got a great quote (lowest in the bay area) through email and as soon I went in person, the decision was easy for me. The whole experience was hassle-free and I am happy w/ that I decided to go to Uwanah at Captiol VW, San Jose, even though I live in the city. I recommend Uwanah and Capitol VW, if you are looking for a hassle-free great auto buying experience w/ great deals too!

Isaac L. | 2012-02-28

My initial point of contact, Dino, pulled a shady move and I left a negative yelp review.  Jeremy, the general manager, reached out calmly and I worked with someone else for the rest of the transaction.  They gave me a ride to the dealership, and the car (VW GTI) was ready to go when I finished with the paperwork.   Everyone else I interacted with was pleasant and polite.  Dave Horn, who ran my credit, was a pleasure.

Not an issue with this dealership specifically, but the signing process was fairly tedious: lots of misc insurances offers and 30 minutes of forms.  The guy mentioned that VW might be streamlining the process in the future with some form of electronic signing, which I will definitely appreciate if my next car is also a VW.  In any case, I was happy to get back outside and with my new car.  It's a beauty :-)


Francois V. | 2012-02-27

I was looking everywhere for brand new 2012 Volkswagen Jetta GLI in black. After many failed attempts I came across the Capitol Volkswagen dealership. I spoke with the sales rep Kristof Mosolygo and he was very friendly, helpful and quick to the point. I have dealt with many sales guys before, but Kristof is by far the best. Quick to the point, I drove my 2009 Jetta to the dealership and within 2 hours left with a brand new Car with the price I wanted.  
I def recommend going to Capitol Volkswagen.   They have a great selection of vehicles and make sure to go to Kristof Mosolygo for a great shopping experience and excellent customer service.

Christopher A. | 2012-02-18

After window shopping at three other dealerships who wanted to to fight me for every dollar off of MSRP, I was able to meet Uwanah through carwoo. From the start, I was offered a very reasonable price for the GTI I was looking to purchase. Communication was excellent over the two weeks I needed to put the funds together for this large sale. Although I did spend a while waiting for the finance manager, the overall car buying experience through Capitol VW was a very positive one.

Sandra G. | 2012-02-14

I have to update this review, based on a friend's purchase.

I took one of my friends to this dealership since he decided it was time to upgrade his old car to something nicer.
I just love how they already know me by name and are so welcoming.

After negotiating on a price, my friend decided to finance the car. Since his credit wasn't that good at the time, they finally agreed on a really nice APR.
They don't pressure you at all. They go over the contract with you, they let you take your time to read it so you'll know what you're about to sign.
After a couple of hours, my friend left driving his brand new 2012 GTI, just as happy as a little kid with a new toy.

I will definitely keep recommending this place to my family or friends. Their excellent customer service is what keeps me being a loyal customer.

Neil R. | 2012-02-13

If you don't read any further, just rest assured this is a good place to buy a car.

I have been shopping for a used GTI for a few weeks now, and finally saw one I liked at Capitol VW. Decided to make a trip out to take a look; packed up the wife, and headed out. I am NOT a fan of car dealerships, and more particularly, unsavory salesmen and their "sales tactics." I am not one to be "sold" on a car, or pushed in to a deal, and have had a few poor past experiences, with me walking away. We even once had the crazy salesman at another dealership (cough-Modesto-cough) refuse to leave us be, and jump up and down on the open car door - something out of a bad YouTube video

I arrived around noon and met with Uwanah Udofia; I had called ahead to find out if the car was still there, and the gentleman I spoke to directed me to him - I had seen the car on an internet sales site. Uwanah was friendly and easy to approach - helpful, but not pushy. He'd probably get a C- if we were at car salesman school, and that is why I liked him. He made arrangements for a test drive for us, answered some questions, let my wife take the car for a drive - and he was never pressuring us for a sale.

The car was what we wanted, the price was right (very reasonable for what I have been seeing, especially at a dealer), and the rest went smooth as butter. Even negotiating over the price was easy - no "manager" coming out of a back office with an over-the-top personality (watch me shoot that one down!) to "close the deal." The experience was stress free; not what I was expecting, but a welcome surprise. Even paperwork in the finance office was friendly and fun!

I was nothing but happy with my experience, and with the attention and service I got from Uwanah. If you go to the dealership, ask for him by name - you won't go wrong. I can't vouch for the rest of the sales staff (I didn't interact with them) but I bet they probably follow a similar philosophy, judging by the reviews I have read.

Every detail was taken care of without a hitch - thank you for a great car buying experience!

Jaclyn B. | 2012-01-29

Whatever you do, DO NOT buy a vehicle from the sales-jerk Darius (Dino) Joseph or trust him with any of your private information!!!!
This guy will constantly spam your email no matter how many times you politely ask him to stop or try to unsubscribe.
If the management is hiring&employing employees that treat customers this bad, it's not worth spending a dime there to support their business.
PLEASE AVOID THIS HARASSING DEALERSHIP AND SPEND YOUR MONEY ELSEWHERE!!!!  Best of luck to you finding that car/deal you're looking for.

Jasmine C. | 2012-01-19

We were looking to purchase my second VW after driving my Passat for 6 years. I was ready to get another VW but slightly smaller and more economical.  I was pretty set on the 2012 Jetta and made contact with Capitol Volkswagen online.  I received a response from Uwanah Udofia within minutes with a great quote.  We made an appt to come in for a test drive and I have to tell you, we were not looking forward to it.  While we were excited about getting a new car, neither my husband or I were looking forward to the typical car dealership experience.  Well, if we knew it would be this easy, we honestly would have bought a car months ago.  Uwanah was very relaxed and easy to talk to, we never felt like we had a hungry sales person breathing down our necks.  He showed us many different cars and when we couldn't find the exact one I was looking for he was able to get it from another dealership within 24 hrs.  Uwanah was great communicating how the process was going, when the car would arrive and what needed to be done when they received it at the dealership.  I never had to call him once to ask for status, he would always contact me by voice or text to let me know how things were progressing.  We had a great experience and found this was by far the easiest, most relaxing car purchase we have ever made.  I would definitely come back to VW if Uwanah is still there.  Also want to mention Wayne who processed our registration and sales documents.  He was a very cool, down to earth guy.  Never pushed any sort of bells and whistles on us that didn't make sense.  We told him we only planned to have this car for a few years so he didn't bother trying to sell us the extended warranty but did recommend some things that might help keep our car in good condition over 2 years to increase our resale value.  While we didn't select any extras, we appreciated that he only pointed out the things that made sense given our plans for the car.  

Overall, great experience.  Only 4 stars because the service dept was late in detailing my car for pick up, otherwise everything was nice and easy :)

Claire G. | 2012-01-17

We were in the market to lease a third vehicle that was economical.  I was in contact with four different types of dealerships via email.  Based on the responsiveness from Kristof Mosolygo and his understanding of our budget, with no doubt, wanted to give HIM our business.  When we showed up in person to finalize our contract, Kristof was very professional (no extra pushiness or fluff) and sensitive/mindful of our time.  
For those out there in the market for a new VW or used car, Kristof IS your sales guy; you may end up a satisfied customer like us! Thanks Kristof!!
Garcia Family

Ryan T. | 2012-01-14

I should note that I am a software engineer, seems I've made a few people upset with this review. I could care less how many cars you sell. Yelp reviews should not be bought with a set of free floor mats. This is not to say the dealers here aren't helpful or friend actually did have a good experience here. I'm just keeping them honest. Don't try and game Yelp.

Brian W. | 2012-01-07

I'd like to call BS on the Ryan dude who claims I was  bribed to leave my 5 star review. Kristoff earned that review and I would write it over and over again if I could. The never even asked me for a review until AFTER I had already purchased the car. Ryan must work for a competitor. What's a matter Ryan, jealous you will never sell cars nearly as well as the guys at Capitol? Your review is pointless and lame.

Andy N. | 2011-12-31

I arrived today expecting pushy, overly agressive, fast talking salesmen, but was pleasntly suprised by this young man named Willy Franco. He came to us after we waved at him after finding a car that we were interested in. This guy did not fit the sterotype of the typical salesman. He was very kind and patient, and I felt like he wasnt trtying to push us any lemon or piece of crap car. He was very kind when talking to my family membersand polite as well. When I asked for a carfax, he came right back with one and brought up the idea to test drive without us asking.

When we were negitoating the finances, he was again the same type of person we met from before. Typically from stories that I hear, car salesmen become completely different people when negotiations were brought up.  However Willy Franco is not one of those people.  Again, he looked towards a deal that would good and be mutually beneficial to both sides. We did make a purchase that day and I would contribute him for not being the sterotypical salesman because that would have caused us to leave.

Marnee' M. | 2011-12-31

Christoph was helpful and stayed late to sell us a used car. The car was shiny, but not "clean", and not quite ready for sale. It definitely wasn't inspected. Also, there was some confusion as to weather  or not there was warranty left on the car. The finance gal was able to sell us a warranty after convincing us there wasn't any left (there was), raising my payment out of the range I was shooting for. Typical car buying experience... Kind of like getting a root canal, uncomfortable and painful, but eventually OK.

Jerry Y. | 2011-12-29

Just purchased a 2012 Golf from Kristof, their internet manager, and we are thrilled with how everything went.  After doing a lot of research online, we went in knowing exactly what model and options we wanted and essentially went straight to finalizing on the price.  Haggling was kept to a minimum and Kristof was very straightforward about their profit margins.  We ended up getting the car at a price that several other dealers were not able to match.  They ended up having to do a dealer trade since they didn't have the exact model in stock and we drove it home 4 days later. Overall, we are extremely satisfied with Kristof, the purchasing process, and of course the car.  :-)

Dave P. | 2011-12-28

A great experience and Esequiel did a great job working with me and getting me into my new car. If your looking for a VW come here and ask for Esequiel.

Melissa S. | 2011-12-28

I am very very happy with my experience at Capitol. Zeke is the best! I don't normally like working with dealers but Zeke is your cut to the chase kind of guy. I had a very positive, friendly experience. I told him what I wanted and he delivered. Thanks Zeke!

Nicole A. | 2011-12-27

Had a great experience dealing with this delearship. My sister was looking for her first car but it had to be cheap and cute. Pam helped us out tremendously. She understood that everything had to match and we didnt have any room for error. She took her under her wing and showed her around. The finance dept was great also their was no run around or wait time. I recommend coming here if your in need of great service and car.

Steffen K. | 2011-12-14

The rating says it all!

Shaun Del Grande's dealerships are absolutely the best in the bay area. My wife and I have now purchased two cars from Capitol Volkswagen and couldn't be any happier with the experience. Not only were they knowledgeable of the cars but they were extremely pleasant to work with. We were able to get a great deal without feeling pressured at any point.

We worked the Kristof Mosolygo the internet manager and would wholeheartedly recommend him to friends and family. If you are looking for a new car and are considering making the trip to Capitol Volkswagen I would say its absolutely worth the time.

Couldn't be happier with my new 2012 Touareg!

Dave H. | 2011-12-12

Leased a Passat  here last month . Got the car I wanted at a good price. My sales person,Ramzan Samad, was excellent and made the experience low pressure and enjoyable! Thanks!

Alicia G. | 2011-12-12

First and foremost, after visiting Mini on Capitol; the customer service was far greater than I had anticipated. I was helped by Adam, he was very nice and friendly when he approached my friend and I and was more than willing to help us with any questions we had. Which was a relief because we had a lot. He was willing to go run back and forth to grab keys for the cars and on our test drives he made a point to show us all the unique features on each car we drove. HE didnt pressure us to buy but merely made the possibility of owning a VW that much more of a reality. I had set out that day to just took at my options and Mazda was my next stop but Adam made this deal impossible to resist. He worked very hard at getting me the monthly and down payments that I felt comfortable with. He was very easy going and I really appreciate all he did for me, so the least I could do for him was write this review! At the end of the day we all ended up happy, I drove off in my 06 passat and he got his sale and a yelp review! I'd say we all are winners. Thanks again Adam!

Lauren W. | 2011-12-11

My husband and I just bought a VW Touareg from Pam at Capitol Volkswagen yesterday, and we couldn't be happier with our experience. We worked with Pam, who I believe is the internet sales manager.  She first answered our initial online inquiry, and then we spoke with her on the phone (during which she quoted us some great prices), and finally we met with her in person.  She took us for 2 test drives, and waited very patiently while we deliberated for a long time.  She checked in on us periodically, just enough to be helpful without being at all pushy.  We had a lot of questions, and she was knowledgeable and able to answer them, and I just felt like I trusted her- we went to a lot of dealerships, and there were definitely some sketchy people at others.
When we finally made our decision, the staff was very helpful, including Maria who did our paperwork.  In fact, everyone we met here was pleasant- again, not the case at every dealership.
In the end, we got a great price from Capitol VW, they had a wide selection, our salesperson was the perfect level of attentiveness, and everything went smoothly.  Couldn't have asked for any better experience!

Gary m. | 2011-12-08

I was looking for a Touraeg TDI. I met Bao Ngo and he took me through all
the options and a test drive.

He was very professional and patient and helped me get to the right choice.
They were very flexible in letting me try different cars.

The trade in process was also very straightforward and the manager was easy to deal with.

Bao has done a great job of following up to make sure everything is perfect.

I would definitely buy another car here.

Derek S. | 2011-12-05

Came by to test drive a TDI in stick the other day. The sales guy greeted me prompty and was cordial....

We drove a '12 Jetta TDI 6MT w/ 10 miles on the odometer and a SES light...VW quality at its best... salesman claimed that the vehicle needed a PDI...(Pre-delivery inspection...)

Sales guy had no idea what he was talking about. When I asked him about promotions and more specifically the money factor on the car, he said it was .00285 (x 2400 = 6.84% APR?!?). I tried to give him a second chance by asking if it was for Tier 1...he confirmed...

He had no idea what the acquisition fee, disposition fee, nor the different residuals based upon mileage...

...I ended up doing my research online and validated that the salesguy's technical knowledge was all BS...

George C. | 2011-11-17

So I'm one of those people who never post reviews unless I'm compelled by the  overall experience.  This is one of those rare cases.

I have bought many cars from dealerships over the years, but my recent experience with Capitol VW was the first time I had a truly end-to-end "digital experience" that was both innovative and stress-free.  I interacted with my salesperson, Uwanah, almost exclusively via email and he was both responsive and completely fair in dealing with my trade-in and my new car purchase.  He located the car I wanted, offered me an amazing deal, and we had this thing wrapped up in about a week.

When I showed up at the dealership, there were no surprises, all paperwork was ready for me to sign and take delivery of my new car.  Kudos to Uwanah and the entire team at Capitol VW for figuring out how today's consumers are making new-car buying decisions!!

Shaun A. | 2011-10-26

There were no Shadow Blue GTIs in stock in all of California, but I saw one coming in at the end of October 2011.  I placed a deposit with Uwanah and he kept track of the car and updated me, telling me when the car was estimated to come in.  After 3 weeks of waiting, received a call from Uwanah and he told me that the car came in (4 days early!) Working with him was a great experience, quick and straight to the point.  He explained everything about the car and after a test drive, I was on my way.  Amazing experience, amazing price, and amazing dealer.

laurence c. | 2011-10-26

Goodbye, trusty but tired Subaru. Hello, VW. The SF and Daly City dealers had little stock and talked foolish about how "rare" a basic Tiguan S is, therefore I should pay MSRP. Ha! I found the car I wanted at Capitol, printed out their internet sale ad, drove 60 miles to get there, and couldn't be happier. Cisco, Mario, and Wayne in finance are all car lovers, and know the product well. No pressure to buy overpriced wax jobs, extra warrenty, etc. No "dealer mark-up" price stickers. They saved me quite a bit off MSRP, filled the tank, and even connected my bluetooth phone, something I wouldn't even attempt without adult supervision. Great place, great staff, and easily worth the drive.   Larry

Michael E. | 2011-10-25

I had a very good car-buying experience here.  

I had done some research on the internet, and Capitol Volkswagen had the best prices on new cars.  Uwana Udofia was the sales person that I worked with, and he was great.  He really went the extra mile for me, and he was very patient.  

When I came in the first time I wasn't quite ready to buy yet.  I found a car I wanted, and mentioned that I would like it even more if I could get it in a color that they didn't have.  I then made an appointment to come in for another test drive in a week.  When I came back a week later, Uwana had exactly the car I had requested in the color I wanted, and had kept it in the back lot so that it would be sure to be there for me.  However, in the intervening week, I had done some research and decided on a different model.  Uwana never questioned my decision to change models - he was supportive and very helpful all of the way through the process.  When I wanted to take a car for a several-day test drive, Uwana even called around to rental places for me to see if he could find one that I could try it out for an extended period of time.  

So great service - Uwana was extraordinary.  Also, an excellent price on my new car.  I got a terrific deal.  

The only thing that I didn't like was how little they offered me for my trade-in -- less than half of the Kelly Bluebook value for trade-ins.  This may have been affected by the fact that my trade-in was ten years old and it was not one of the brands that Capitol sells.  The deal they offered me on the new car was independent of their offer to buy my old car, so I bought the new car from Capitol and sold my old car on my own.  

So I'm a happy customer, and I'm looking forward to my continued relationship with Capitol as I bring my car in for servicing under their three-year / 36,000 mile "care free" warrantee, which I got for free with the purchase of my new car.

Little P. | 2011-10-11

If VW was the car I needed I definitely would have bought it from here. It was a great car, just too big.

But working with Willy was a pleasure. He knew all the features and prices of the cars in an instant - no bobbing and weaving to look at stickers. He gave us a test drive of all the models we showed interest in without hesitation. I take down one star for having the shortest and lackluster test drive. My husband and I both have to drive the car and when we came home we weren't entirely sure how well the car drove as opposed to how much we liked the look. Just ask, these nice guys can surely accommodate you.

The laid back attitude of this dealership made for a low pressure environment that made you comfortable about buying a car and not prey for a hard sell. Discussing the cost of the car through Willy and sales manager Gino was an exceptionally upfront experience. No elusive mystery man hiding in the back - Gino sits at an office full few view. In trading in my husband's car they pulled out an Auto Trader report to show the fair trade-in value and gave us $1400 more! This is more than we eventually got. They print you the offer they can give you for the car. No sitting around endlessly with a marker. You get the feeling they've been honest about how much they can give you with less back and fourth.

We were dead set on getting navigation on our vehicle. This dealership offered to install quality after-market navigation in a car that wasn't souped up to a level we couldn't afford and at an exceptional price. Had this car been 8" shorter than the one we bought we would have been delighted to work with Capitol VW.

Nicholas M. | 2011-10-06

I came to Capitol one day after my family and I touched down from NY. I met Ramzan, and right away felt comfortable. After test driving the vehicle we were interested in we decided to make a deal. The paperwork took a bit longer than I would have liked but it was painless enough. After a couple of hours we were on the road with a fresh, fully detailed whip.

About 15 miles away from the dealership the car made a grinding noise, shuttered and then slowly lost power. I called Ramzan that evening upon returning home and he assured me that everything would be alright. Sure enough the following day they sent out a tow truck to retrieve the vehicle and offered me a loaner. The sales staff was extremely apologetic and assured me that they would make sure everything was taken care of quickly. By the following day at noon I had my car again and IT DRIVES LIKE A DREAM. My advice to anyone in the Bay Area looking for a car is to go with these guys. Their staff is polite, helpful, and courteous and most definitely responsive to customers needs

J R. | 2011-09-27

Service Department Review:

Went in for 60k tune-up $$$. Rep was very negligent in sending me home with separating tires.

If you value your life, seek help from another service center.

Jeremiah W. | 2011-09-21

I came here interested in a vw tdi. I contacted Alex (Internet sales) and came in for a test drive. It was the best experience I've ever had buying a car. Alex gave me a great price and never pressured me. I enjoyed the car and his service so much, I came back and bought a sportwagen. I referred a friend to Alex and he had a similar experience. Everybody at vw seemed nice enough, but I'd recommend you track down Alex !!

C A. | 2011-09-18

We purchased a new Tiguan from Capitol VW and give five stars to Uwanah for making the experience easy and straight forward.  The quick replies, via email, expedited the purchasing process...a plus in our busy schedules.  Thanks for a positive experience!

Tyler S. | 2011-09-06

This review is primarily for Uwanah, the Internet Sales Mgr at Capitol VW.  For anyone who knows me, I've bought a lot of cars in my relatively short life and this is probably the best car buying experience I've had ever.  He really changed my perception on the whole car buying experience.  He's simply a nice guy who happens to be a salesman, not the other way around. From start to finish from the email communications to the signing, it went super smooth and I got exactly what I wanted.  Capitol VW is a great dealership as well as a whole.  They have one of the better selection of VW in the Bay and the place looks good and modern. I had a great experience with the Finance Guy, he wasn't too pushy and was very straight forward.  If anybody wants to buy a VW and you can get a hold of Uwanah, you should head to see him. I'd definitely would buy again and send anybody there to buy from his as well.  Thanks Uwanah and the picture looks great!

Jay M. | 2011-09-01

Was in the market for a new car and setup an appointment with Uwanah. He was very professional and made the whole car buying experience for me very easy and fun. He showed me a few cars and explained the options to me very well. Obviously, he was very knowledgeable about VW and answered my questions efficiently. Uwanah did not pressure me as I wanted to take a look at other makes and models. After a week, I got in touch with him and we struck a deal. No haggling, no drama - just very easy and straight forward. Thank you, Uwanah!

Rosie G. | 2011-08-22

GOLD! !! Yes, as good as it gets!! Yelpers, the team at VW Capitol ensures I had a truly positive experience. SHAUN and TIM were amazing in ensuring I found the best Pre-loved Certified Car.

Having moved from Australia, I was  sick of all the hassling from other car dealerships trying to sell me anything and everything,

I wanted TRUST. I got that at Capitol VW.
I wanted simplified HELP. I got that at Capitol VW.
I wanted a GREAT reliable car. I got that at Capitol VW.
Friendly, trusting and helpful. Defintely worth the drive down to San Hose.

Thanks Tim and VW Capitol!!!

Jen H. | 2011-08-15

We knew exactly what we wanted right down to the color and all features.  Conducted all of the negotiations, including trade-in,  over the internet with Uwana.   We asked that the paperwork be ready when we arrived.

We were met by Paula, who is warm, efficient, and professional. She met us, helped us with the trade-in, and also reviewed the features in the new vehicle with us (set up bluetooth, etc).

Paperwork was ready as agreed, our new vehicle was ready.
We then completed the paperwork with Maria, who likewise was on top of things.  

Bottom line:  We were in and out with EXACTLY what we went in for, no hassle, no pressure, no last minute changes. By far the smoothest, easiest,  new vehicle purchase experience EVER .

If you know what you want, Capitol VW is the place to go.

Christine B. | 2011-08-10

This review is for the Service Department:
  Made an appointment last Monday to have a cable for the battery replaced, 9 days later came in for my appointment and they did not have the cable in stock.  Very disappointed, but they did give me a free rental car.  Which will cost me more in gas since I just filled up my car, and the rental insurance is a good thing to not pass up, so money out of my pocket, and the rental car is a piece O crap, litterly the bumper is falling off the rental and it smells so bad inside i gag while sitting in it, but that review is for Herts.  

Im not gonna give a bad rating because the service rep did a great job accommodating me.  So, Thanks for the rental, but really if you schedule an appointment please have parts on hand, I just want my car back.

Justin C. | 2011-08-04

This review is for the purchase of my new 2011 VW GTI.

I've been looking into buying a 2011 4DR DSG GTI Autobahn for about a month now, and Cisco Savala at Capitol VW was able to make me a GREAT deal.

I was initially negotiating with my local dealer, Serramonte VW, but after shopping around, Capitol VW was able to get me a price that other dealers in the bay area couldn't even match.

Before driving over, Cisco took pictures of the window sticker and even the odometer just to make sure it was the exact car i wanted. So, I drove over and Cisco made my first car buying experience quick and painless. I wasn't pressured into buying anything else I didn't want and after I signed the papers, I was soon off with my new GTI!

I highly recommend Cisco Savala as your next VW salesman!

Kelly S. | 2011-08-02

Ran over on a nail :(

The service department took my car with no appointment and fixed the car quickly (I had to get a new tire because they couldn't repair it, but the service was great). Thanks Patty in the Services Dept!

Linnea E. | 2011-07-29

Update... the drama portion of our program has been concluded.  

When I went to pick up my car that Friday, I was approached by the service rep and his manager.  After a long (and somewhat painful) conversation, the manager said he would talk to the GM about resolving the issue.  I got an unrelated email from the GM the next day (he saw my yelp review).  On Monday, they called to resolve my complaint.  

I will say that the GM does seem to take customer satisfaction seriously, which is a good start.  Now if only he could get the other people there to do the same.  While my issue with the dealership is "resolved," I won't go so far as to say I'm "happy."  It didn't fix my car, and wasted a lot of my time, and I'm still out the money I spent on new tires (which for an SUV are NOT cheap!)... so that all still sucks.  But it's over, and that's a relief.  The problem with stuff like this is that even when dispute resolution is reached, the bitter taste can linger.

As for the car... I did as I said, and traded in on a new car.  Ultimately, the experiences I had with this dealership kept me from buying another VW.

Eye -Vin E. | 2011-07-25

I came back this past Saturday to look for another car, and both Tim and Andre recognized us immediately and made sure we were indeed happy with our purchase, which of course we are!
The other person who was extremely helpful was Rick, in finance. I failed to mention him in the previous review, but he is also very deserving of the the 5 star review experience.
As it turned out, we didn't find the right car this past weekend, but we will be back in the next couple weeks once the right car comes in.
Very much looking forward to working with the same team of pro's at Capitol VW!

Joe M. | 2011-07-18

Started out great. Called the internet manager and scheduled an appointment for the new CC. He gave me all the lease pricing details over the phone and was very helpful. When I got there he had to leave so me and another sales rep did the test drive.

Overall I was not that into the car but the price was good so I was going to check out a few other cars and weigh my options. However, this Michele guy kept calling me. I had to tell him I wasn't interested a few times.

About a week later he calls me again, I thought it was a work number so I step out of a meeting and answer. He keeps asking me what it would take to get me in the car and I keep telling him I'm not interested. I hated to do it but I finally had to hang up on him and step back into my work meeting. Afterwards he called me 5 times. I'm sitting there with my phone ringing over and over. I tried letting it go to voice mail but he would just call back. Finally I step out again and the guy is a total jerk. I was totally crept out. Told him to never call this number again. I told him he was being overly aggressive and he replied "I'm not aggressive just determined" I am still shocked!

a m. | 2011-07-15

What happened?! Understaffed? Every time I call it's at least three transfers to the wrong person or dept., getting an appointment for anything is a good 3-5 days out, and they talk so damn fast on the phone you can't understand what the heck they're saying. Last time my car was in I stated that it needed a repair, I got a call asking if perhaps I was doing something wrong, they ran every test and came up with nothing. My husband and I took time off work to go to pick up my car and physically show them the broken part. A lightbulb moment for the repair staff! This means when the part finally arrives it will be another trip to the service dept., another day without a car, and more time off of work not to mention driving around with a broken part for another week until they can install it.

We have a Toyota we take to Capitol dealership and have had excellent service through them for 5 years. Can't say the same with our experience with VW : (

Tara C. | 2011-07-12

Love, love, LOVE this place.  
When I was looking for a new car they weren't pushy and answered all my (what I thought were stupid) questions with patience. The sales manager Dave Halvorsen  even came out to talk to me about my trade in and make sure my concerns were being taken care of and the sales men were nice.  They even gave me a hint on how to get my car for cheaper. REALLY, what kind of people do that?? This people do!!  

When I've had to bring my car in for service all the service people know me and they are all super nice. I love walking into a place and even if they may not know my name they recognize me and make me feel very welcome every time.

You can tell with Capitol Volkswagen that these people love their jobs!

I would definitely buy my next car here again and  tell all my family and friends to come here!!

I love the experience I have here and the little relationships that build with all the people in all departments.

M G. | 2011-07-08

My father recently purchased a GTI with the help of Uwanah Udofia, from the internet sales department, and the experience went so well that we ended up buying a Golf for myself from him also. Uwanah was always very polite, professional, and helpful in answering any questions or concerns. He did research to find the Golf with all the details we were looking for and did an excellent job in keeping us updated with what he found and was always quick to respond to emails. I appreciated that he didn't put undue pressure on us to make a quick purchase and allowed us to spend the time we needed to test drive and look at various vehicles we were interested in. It was nice to work with a pleasant and trustworthy person. I would purchase a car from him in the future and would recommend him to anyone.

Kelly D. | 2011-06-29

I went to this dealership to have my car serviced recently and decided to wait inside while it was being done. Thanks to the wonderful, friendly, and helpful cashier Annmarie, I will definitely take my car there the next time it needs service. She went out of her way to make sure I had everything I needed and her bubbly personality made my experience much more enjoyable.

Darlene W. | 2011-06-02

Capitol VW is awesome! I use to own a 2004 Touareg V8 which I purchased from another dealership. When I had a problem with the electrical system the previous dealership told me it was just a problem with the battery. So they fixed the battery for $300. Of course that wasn't the problem. Feeling betrayed by the previous dealership I decided to take matters into my own hands and visited another dealership, Capitol VW. Joe N. was great. He had the electrical problem fixed and said I could charge this to the warranty. Joe N. really made my day. So I've been going to Capitol VW for my maintenance ever since and they always make me feel like family. Joe N. really knows his cars, and knows how to get the job done. Thanks Joe and Capitol VW!!!

I also want to mention that I purchased a brand new 2011 VW Jetta SportWagen TDI last month. I needed something with better gas mileage. Boy, does it have a wonderful gas mileage of 30/40! And it's not that hard to find a diesel gas station!!! Since I've been going to Capitol VW for maintenance I decided to check out the sales department. A sales rep by the name Dino and I emailed back and forth for a couple weeks about my needs in having a fuel efficient car, space, color, blue tooth, auxiliary hook-up, etc. Dino even advised that I create a 2 year cost list comparing car insurance, gas, maintenance, etc. He was so patient and helpful with me. After some comparison we believed the 2011 VW Jetta SportWagen TDI was ideal for me. All I had to do was come in and test drive the car to be sure. So when I met Dino for the first time he was a breath of fresh air. He has a smile and charm like Frank Sinatra. Then when I went to the finance department Maria and Tony were such a joy to work with and very informative when I had questions about my contract. Thanks again Capitol VW, you have proven to me again that your sales department is just as wonderful as the service dept. I highly recommend this place! When I drove off I felt like I just didn't buy a car, I also bought into a family! Luckily, I get to see them every 5,000miles.

Janet D. | 2011-05-06

The receptionist for Capitol VW is totally indifferent and RUDE. If i had caught her name I would totally put it on here. I talked to Ryan or Brian on the phone too to confirm my appointment and he was pretty cool. First off I have a beetle and the lame-o receptionist put I had a jetta, waaay off, but when I ddi come in looking to see whether or not they could help me with a problem in the paint on my roof Jason, the service writer, helped me out. Without looking at the hood of the car, he saw that my bumper had been third party painted and there was clear coat on my headlight lens so said he couldn't help me. Since he said he couldn't help, I took my car back and my husband took it to a body shop, they are a certified auto body shop that works solely on high end cars and are the #1 shop for Porsche of Livermore. They told me that the bumper and only the bumper had clear coat and the lens looks like that because of age not because of clear coat. When I called back to check with Capitol VW I received a call back from Jason and he told me he had been in this line of work for 16 years and could guarantee that VW would not warranty this. My husband made a good point in that "what does the paint on the bumper have to do with problems with my roof?" he didn't even bother to look at that he just automatically saw the clear coat on the bumper and didn't bother to go any further. I took my car to Sunnyvale and Sandy and Vince were way more helpful and friendly. Please save your $$$$$ you worked hard for it. Maybe their sales department is good but trust the reviews below about the service department. THEY are NOT helpful!

Kishore A. | 2011-04-07

I just bought a 2011 GTI from these guys and let me tell you, this was by far the best experience I've ever had with a dealer. The salesperson, Uwanah, was knowledgeable, patient, and very friendly. He went the extra mile with us in terms of finding the best possible price on the car. It is rare for a salesperson to do that. In addition Wayne from the financing department was also a pleasure to work with! He was very courteous and patient on answering all my questions on financing and downpayment as well as my trade in. All in all I had a very pleasant and smooth experience at Capitol Volkswagen and recommend them to anybody looking to purchase a new VW!

Sherri V. | 2011-03-18

Update:  So after the last phone call with Brad at Capital I heard no response or follow up resolving the issue.    I called yesterday because I was planning on scheduling an oil change and another issue on the "New" car, a rattle.  Anyway the response I got was extremely unsatisfactory.  I had to remind him what he verbally promised me; reimbursement for the over mileage I was charged and the free tank of gas, he also agreed to a full car detail later in the year, but this wasn't mentioned at all.  So after I reminded him of the situation, he said some snide remark, pertaining to "oh yeah you wait until gas is $4.00."  Then he said oh just "swing on by" and we can take care of this.  Swing on by?  He knows I live in San Mateo I'm really going drive 40 minutes for a tank of gas?

First of all if he was serious about solving the issue he would have followed up with me with some kind of contact, but he didn't and it's been almost 2 months.  Also, he mentioned that he didn't work weekends and that he would have to mysteriously take the corporate credit card to fill up the tank, like it's a huge issue (thus after receiving an email from Dennis the General Manager agreeing to provide me with the satisfaction I deserve).  So basically I would have better chance at receiving this if I drove down on the weekday (during his hours).  Maybe he hasn't heard of a pre-paid gas card?  Or instruct someone else on the weekend to take care of this?  So reluctantly I agreed to schedule the oil change on Tuesday, but after the phone call ended I realized this is ridiculous why am I going to take off of work to schedule this appointment around his schedule, no thank you.

I can't believe the horrible customer service of this service department it's a complete disappointment.  I will no longer waste anymore time with these guys.  The advice I give to all of you is to read all of the bad reviews of this service department before you choose to go to them, you will definitely see a pattern!  It will also save you the time, money and energy.

Maria C. | 2011-03-17

I couldn't be more happier with the deal I got on my new 2012 Volkswagen CC thanks to the General Sales Manager Dave and the Internet Sales Manager, Uwanah!!

I drove up to the dealership on a Saturday afternoon (March 5th) and was greeted by Uwanah as I got out of my car.  I told him I was interested in the Volkswagen CC so he took me through the parking lot to show me different colors and models of the car.  I totally fell in love with the R-Line model after we took it for a test drive.  Uwanah was very patient with me as I went back and forth on the two colors (white or silver) I was debating on as well as the Lux-Plus model that I thought would be the better package for me.  (your typical girl can't make up her mind! hahaha)  They even swapped cars from another dealership to get the Lux-Plus model but I ended up with the R-Line model after all of that... but it just shows the extra mile they go so that their customers are satisfied and happy!  As I went into the Finance Department to do all my paperwork the Finance Manager, Rachel helped me clearly understand everything I was signing and went over the options I had on the "wear and tear" package.  She was very nice to work with!

I couldn't be more happier with my new Volkswagen CC as well as the EXCELLENT customer service I received at Capitol Auto Mall.  Uwanah even called me a few days later to follow up on how I liked my new car and set up a free 30 day check up inspection.  I feel like I made new friends at this dealership, not just people who made a sale off of me.  Please ask for any of these employees:  Uwanah, Dave and Rachel and tell them Maria sent you and they will definitely take great care of you!   Thank you again Capitol Auto Mall... you guys are the best!

Latin M. | 2011-02-28

I bought a certified pre-owned 2008 VW Rabbit from there and was impressed with the hassle-free experience I received. I'd definitely buy cars from them again.

nino r. | 2011-02-16

I don't know where to start.

I'll try to make this as short as possible..
Late August 2010??
So I obviously came here to buy a car, after spending about an hour or 2 looking at cars, and test driving them. I told my sales person that I kind of wanted to stay at an " affordable " price range, because of my credit.So I didn't really wanna PUSH it... ??  I was eying this 2008 BMW 328i and a 2008 Audi A4, but it was like $4,000 over my budget. So I ended up getting a 06' VW Passat.

Go inside, do all the paper work, talking etc.
Colin?? [ I think that was my sales persons name] comes out and says that " they" found a bank that will work with my credit, and that I have been approved and I got a loan. YAY!
I finish all the paper work. I get the keys to my car. Then was told to wait inside Capitol Hyundai for .. Jason? [ pretty awesome guy]  he went through all the paper work: how much was due, exact date, they offered me a 2 year extended warranty for free. sweeeeet. awesome cool. thanks. got my keys.


about 4 days later, yy breaks were loud, you could probably hear them all the way from San Francisco. weird thing is when I test drove the car, the brakes were fine. no squeaking, nothing! and also I guess heat from the engine was coming into the interior of the car?? I called VW, I forget how many times I was put on hold for more than 10 minutes. But I took it in, [ because I still had the extended warranty] they gave me a loaner car for the day. I guess I can give them half a star for that right? Come by the day after work to pick up my car, I was told that the breaks were at 97%. also it stated that in the invoice. and that the breaks were still "new" so, if they 97%, why the hell are they squeaking? and as for the engine heat, they said " a wire was hitting the break which caused heat to travel inside the vehicle?? does NOT make any sense.

any who my a portion of my down payment was due in like 4 days. I called and called and left numerous amounts of voice-mails at Capitol VW. ALL day, been placed on hold, the phone dies, hold again, no one answer, the receptionist are so rude. So yeah, I tried to contact them literally for 3.5 days straight. NO ONE returns my voice-mails, no e-mails, NOTHING!! im like what the hell, what kind of  business is this??

So 5 days later, I get a call from Al?? and also a text message from Colin [ my sales person] asking if I could come in later on that evening to pay the remaining balance of my down payment. and that Colin had told me that they finally found a bank for my loan. WHAT THE HELL!??! like seriously?  5 days later?  woooow. so I come in, I talk to Al, because I guess Jason was busy with another client. And I bring up to Al. about the whole " they finally found a bank for me" so this whole time, for a duration of 2.5 weeks, when I walked out from the dealership, Capitol Volkswagen told me they found me a bank and all that crap, and now, Al tells me they didn't , they have been looking and just found a bank the day prior. none of this is making sense at all.I was frustrated, angry, upset, you name it.  I explained to Al, since my credit was not so good, that since they " finally" found me a bank, and TECHNICALLY the first paper work that I filled out, was NOT even legit, nor sent to a " bank " that they claimed . I asked / told Al, that I wanted swap my VW  for the BMW or AUDI.[ considering that it has only been less than a month since I purchased my vehicle and I could of pushed for a higher model since I found out that I qualified for a good loan, I didn't mind spending the extra money. Since I knew I got approved for a loan. so the answer that I got was " Oh no, we can't do that, it's too much paper work, and hassle and its just..." CUT, he didn't even finish what he was saying and just told me to finish the portion of my down payment.AND i had to do ANOTHER whole set of NEW paper work!!! OMG!! what is going on here !?!  he was totally in a rush to get me in and out of this little office.  Oh and he took my " extended warranty away "  I asked him why , he said that bank didn't allow it, and I can ONLY purchase the extended warranty now. SHADY!!  WOOOW. I really wanted to swap it out, BMW? AUDI? INFINITI? lack of professionalism, laziness.

I decided to PAY out of my own pocket for the whole " 97% " brake situation and engine heat. I called them 2 days in a row, left voicemails, from this day on, I have NOT received a single call nor e-mail . NOTHING. what kind of business is this?? been lied to, humiliating.  
I have quite of few friends looking for a new car, and there is NO WAY I am referring them to this place.I know I should of wrote this review earlier, but I have been so caught up with work.

I am definitely contacting the Better Business Bureau AND Michael Finney, show what this really about.

Faye R. | 2011-02-16

They're really nice here. Christian is awesome! Nice fish tank:)

gurleen g. | 2011-02-14

I bought my first car at Capitol VW this weekend and the service was nothing short of spectacular thanks to Andrew! He worked with my budget and found a car that best suited me and had all the features I wanted and needed.

Andrew was very patient and answered all my questions to the best of his ability.

Definitely ask for ANDREW when you're here.

Manda Bear B. | 2011-02-08

**************** UPDATE REVIEW ******************

        After a few hours report my incident to BBB and my review on Yelp. The GM at Capital Suzuku/Volkswagen contacted me to solve this issue. He was kindly apologize for what happened and right away offered us the free repair service that we should have received since NOV 2010.

         48 hours later, BBB emailed us with the explanation regarding our case. A week later, my brother and I brought the car back to Capital Suzuku/Volkswage, San Jose for the replacement of the circulation control head at no charge which in my previous review they asked for $875 + tax + labor.

          I told the GM I would withdraw my complain with BBB and to update my review on Yelp. Overall we were impressed with the way the GM handled the situation. He said this is something already happened. All they could do is to fix it it and hope that we will return for future services.  We met the assistant manager again, he was cool and was sincerely with us this time around. What a nigh changed and improvement in the service.

          We appreciate his gesture, integrity and fairness. This is the kind of service we all deserve and this is the way we should have be treated in the first place when we brought the car in, not after the fact of the matter is.

          I believe in the power of the people, the power of YELP! Once again, thank you Yelp and BBB helped me to have a fair service and got what we deserve. Wish this experience was never happened to us, but we are glad that it got solved!

Ricky N. | 2011-02-08

Hands down the most pleasant car buying experience ever.  I originally came here November 2009 and bought a car from them.  I couldn't be happier with the service and the price was absolutely the best.

Everyone in the process was incredibly helpful and absolutely zero pressure.  You will not be hassled or pressured into a sale, and they do not try to oversell you.

Tim Gardin was my salesman and took exceptional care of me.  I must have taken half his day and he was completely patient and understanding.  He was incredibly knowledgeable about the majority of cars on the lot and very honest.  He also assisted me through the various other parts of car buying (financing, inspection, etc) which were not required of him, but he wanted to make sure my purchase was flawless and comfortable.

Since my purchase, I have returned with two other friends to make their car purchases and Tim Gardin has always demonstrated professional excellence.  Ask for Tim and you can't go wrong!

P.S.  They have lovely waiting areas with a fish tank and coffee.

Nicole G. | 2011-01-19

Had an absolutely FLAWLESS experience with Tim Gardin and the staff at Capitol Volkswagen! After having spoken with more than half a dozen Bay Area dealers, I'd run across some pretty shady, disinterested sales people. Fortunately Tim is the polar opposite. He and Gino B. worked to give me a lower price than any other dealership I'd spoken with. They also gave me a great price on my trade-in. Tim was extremely polite, patient and responsive to all my questions. He even sat with me in my new car for about 20 minutes after the deal was done just to make sure I understood all the features. Really can't ask for a better car-buying experience than I got here. Very highly recommended!

Rod H. | 2011-01-17

I bought my wife a 2010 Jetta TDI online to accomodate our new baby and were quite happy with the sales process.  BUT ever since we've driven it off the dealer lot it's been a big hassle dealing with Capitol VW.

My wife brought the car back for the service dept after a couple months because the sun visor was defective, the steering was pulling to the right, and we had a bad squeaky brake.  The advisor, Joe Nguyen, admitted the visor was bad and ordered a replacement visor.  They tried to clean rust off the brake disk and also tested the alignment.  But the brake still makes a horrible screech every time we drive from home.  The alignment allegedly "passed" their test even though the sidslip results shows that within half a mile, it drifts 5 feet--enough to veer into another lane!  Does that sound safe to you?  They said if I didn't like it to talk to my salesperson, Shawn.  Unfortunately Shawn doesn't return post-sales calls.

After a month, I called back to at least get the visor and spoke to Sal.  He said "call the parts dept and see if it came in."  Umm, because you guys ordered it and I don't know the parts number?  When I pointed this out, Sal said he could call back.  Whatever.   It's been over a month now and haven't heard back.

If you care about your car safety and appreciate a minimal level of customer service take your business elsewhere than Capitol VW.

Annika L. | 2011-01-11

The Sales team was great. Didn't push me to buy a car and understood that I wanted to wait.

M B. | 2011-01-02

Having been contacted by the GM after my initial review, I got better treatment on my final visit (no more business from me, obviously). This time the car was done in three days, and no waiting to pick it up.

So: +1 star for getting the job done, eventually, though I still feel that given my experience two stars is a pretty generous rating.

Here are some tips for all future customers, if you must let them work on your car at all: bring a camera with you, then take pictures of the vehicle from every angle before you leave it with them, make sure they know you did it. Refuse a car wash unless they do it by hand. Then compare the before and after imagery. Yes, I know that sounds paranoid but this is not the first time I had a car scratched by a dealer service department.

UPDATE (2/11/2011):

1. Still driving with dealer plates, almost three months after buying the car. Called two weeks ago and was assured the paperwork was leaving for the DMV that day. CarFax shows no record of updated registration. In one week from now the dealership will be in violation.
2. I canceled extended warranty on the car within the first 30 days of purchasing it. The warranty company issued a check to Capitol within two weeks. The bank where the car is financed has yet to receive the refund from Capitol. Yet again, I was assured on the phone that it's being handled, and since then my messages about the status have not been returned.

What a joke. Bottom line: if you want to buy, go somewhere else. If you need warranty VW service, try Boardwalk.

And guess what, Dennis Billings: I am hereby permanently downgrading my rating of your dealership back to 1 star, because I CAN'T REFINANCE THE CAR UNTIL BOTH OF THESE ITEMS ARE TAKEN CARE OF !!!

Do you think you can read the above?

Sunil K. | 2010-11-04

I bought a 2008 VW Jetta Wolfsburg Edtion  on October 8th and I must say, I had a wonderful time dealing with the guys at VW. When I selected the car online and contacted them, they got me in touch with Uwanah. Uwanah is a great sales guy. Very patient and explains everything very nicely. Me being an international, this was my first car in US. I had no experience driving the car here as the controls are on the other side of the car. But Uwanah did not mind giving me a test drive. He took me to an open car park behind the showroom and gave me enough space and time to drive the car I had selected. That was a very kind gesture to give a car to a person who has not driven one in US. I drove the car around and even drove it outside the lot.

After looking around for couple more options, I decided to go with the Wolfsburg. But I wanted to buy it 2 weeks later. They did not force me to buy it sooner and respected my decision. Uwanah was constantly in touch for the next 2 weeks. They also gave me pretty good options for loans and prices. I was buying on international license, so I had to take the loan here. But if you have US license, do check out other option. I had only one option, so.

The day when I went to buy the car, Uwanah had kept it ready for me. Then there was paper work (which takes good amount of time). Once everything was done, the car was mine.

It is almost a month now. Having a good time with my car. Uwanah had called couple of times, even after buying it, to see if everything was ok and if I needed any help. I have also received couple of service coupons in past weeks.  

My buying experience was great! And I am sure, when I go for servicing the car, I will be treated in the same manner.

If any of you are planning to buy a car here, do ask for Uwanah. The others might be good too but am just saying based on my experience.

Sunil Kamat

Brian C. | 2010-10-25

Read this review!

I recently bought 1 year used VW from the guys over at Capitol VW and there were a number of issues with my transaction, but in the end, they were willing to work with me to make me happy. Here's what went down.

I saw an add for an SEL model Tiguan (advertised well below Blue Book) which was just what I was looking for so I rushed over, test drove it, and bought it. The boys took the car back to have it detailed. Before driving away I give it one final look around the exterior and what do I find?! a deep scratch and a dent the the rear passenger door. The F#$%-sticks doing the detailing had opened the car door up into another car nearby. WTF?! I was pissed, but management agreed to have it repaired good as new and they would provide me with a loaner car while they made the repairs. So I drover her home.

And after one day I realized that what I bought was NOT the top-of-the-line SEL model, but instead an SE model with upgrades. This had about a $3000 impact on the value of the ride. I was very dissatisfied. I cruised over with all my proof of their advertising F#$%-up, wrote up a letter of dissatisfaction, and took it up with the manager. They were cool, offering me the option of returning the car (I really didn't want to) or to provide me with some upgrades to the ride. We worked out an agreement that made both parties happy.

So in summary, I would have given Cap VW 5 stars were it not for the two snafus. Beware Capitol VW's detailing crew as well as their advertising team. Do your research and don't get taken. As far as the personnel on the showroom floor. Wayne, my sales guy, was a pleasant guy to work with. I'd do another deal with him, and their management was very attentive and sensitive to the issues with my transaction. I guess this kind of crap happens from time-to-time and I'd say that the issues I had were just accidents or honest mistakes, but I mean, two F-ups on one car sale? Sheesh.

John S. | 2010-09-26

Avoid this dealership !  I have a problem with my 2010 GTI DSG transmission . It slips, surges and clunks and yet the service dept insists that their is nothing wrong and normal ?  HA . If you believe that I have some ocean front property in Las Vegas I would like to sell you. In all fairness VW of America isn' any better . They could care less about it's customers !  Never again ..

Nick P. | 2010-09-20

Uwanah was a pleasure to deal with from the beginning.  I first got in contact with Capitol through the USAA buyer's program that provided a prenegotiated price.  Uwanah promptly replied with available inventory and to setup a time to come in.

I arrived on time and he took us back to look at both the Passat and CC.  He was very kind and patient with us as we decided between the two models.  After driving, I was still unsure about which model and asked him to price out each option as a lease and finance.

He not only beat the USAA priced but provided me the exact car I wanted at the exact price I was hoping for, all without asking.  I was EXTREMELY pleased with Uwanah's low pressure attitude and felt comfortable throughout the entire process.

It took a while for them to prep the paperwork and detail the car but I was also very happy with the finance personnel.  Overall, everyone was extremely friendly at the dealer and I see no reason why I would not refer someone here.  I look forward to servicing my car here as well.

andy r. | 2010-09-17

Simply the most honest, hassle-free and accommodating dealership I've ever encountered.

Preface: I'm a cynical "old car" guy. A gearhead. A grease monkey. The newest car I ever bought was from the Kennedy/Johnson era. . I never thought I'd waste money on a new car. Only the thought of my wife not knowing how to clean out a clogged EGR valve roadside with my infant son screaming in the backseat convinced me to add a new car to the livery. It turned out to be great.

If I'm compromising Mad Men style, the new car has to be special. It has to handle the road AND huge boxes of teaching supplies. It has to have the torque to pull San Francisco hills with ease AND get better mileage than a hybrid on the highway. AND it has to be fun to drive.

ME: "I want a TDI Sportwagen with these options and in this color..."
SAM @ Capitol VW: "We can get that car for you."

ME: "...AND I have a baby, so we have to do all of this over the phone, so you have to beat two other offers (undisclosed) by A LOT to make us drive all the way down there..."
SAM: "I'm confident we can do that for you. I can have that exact car for you for (undisclosed minus a significant amount)..."

ME: "...AND I need it before June 30 to get the full Federal Tax Credit..."
SAM: "That will be no problem at all. Just let me know when you want it and it will be waiting for you."

True to his word, we got the exact car we wanted with the exact options (+some free extras) We paid exactly what we negotiated over the phone...all in GOOD FAITH!

Their Service experience matched that of the Sale when I returned the car for the 30-day inspection. As I set the brake and unbuckled my son, I was greeted by name by Svc. Mgr. Joe Nyuyen who had the car back to us in short order, as clean and spotless as the day we took delivery.

Everyone, from reception to mechanics, were warm and welcoming to my baby boy, who enjoyed the attention as much as the toy table, aquarium, and Sesame Street via internet access.

What followed was a beautiful drive up Hwy 9 and Skyline Drive, spirited enough that the rearview mirror was completely free of sportbikes...or buyer's remorse.

Hippo L. | 2010-09-11

The post sales support is horrible.  Short story: it took me 3 trips to the dealership to get the spare keys for my car!!!
Long story: When my car was first delivered, the spare and valet keys could not be located and I was told I would get a call to pick them up the following week once they are located.  A week later, I was told the keys could not be located and I would have to come in and the service department would cut me a new set of keys.  I then came in and waited 30 minutes and was told the keys need to be ordered.  I was told again to wait for another phone call.  I got a call a few days later and I told my sales rep I would come in on Saturday at 10am to pick up the keys.  I went to the service dept at 10am the following day and was told I would have to wait for 3 hours to get the keys programmed since I didn't have an appointment.  Apparently my sales rep didn't make an appointment for me and the service rep refused to give me priority even after I explained the situation to her.  So then I had to make an appt and then came back the THIRD time and waited for more than a hour to finally get the keys reprogrammed.  WTF.

Brian B. | 2010-08-29

I bought a car here earlier this month and it was a really great experience!  It was a used car, and throughout the whole process, Sara (who was my salesperson) did an excellent job of showing me the car, negotiating the deal, and was extremely accommodating to my family.  Best of all, we got a great deal on the car, in a low hassle (and very honest) manner PLUS they were even able to beat the financing from my bank... A great experience and a great salesperson!  If you're thinking of buying a Volkswagen, definitely talk to Sara!

The dealership itself is clean and very modern with lots of amenities to keep kids occupied and everyone else involved comfortable while waiting for paperwork, etc.  A really nice environment.

The only thing that's keeping me from giving this dealership five stars (I don't give out many) is that the car itself had a few mechanical things that probably should have been done during the pre-certification process.  I took it to another VW dealer and they took care of the issues (which were totally covered by warranty and pretty minor), but it caused me to have second thoughts about taking my car here for service -- purely from an "attention to detail" standpoint.  To reinforce, they gave me a really good deal on the car, so I wasn't expecting much "extra" stuff, but repairs covered by warranty shouldn't cost the dealer anything anyway, so I would have expected that those were done.

Overall though, these guys definitely get five stars for the sales and purchase experience (which, to reiterate, was awesome!) but slightly less for the prep / service on a pre-certified used car.  That wouldn't stop me from solidly recommending them to friends though.  If you need a new or used VW, check out Capitol!

monkey p. | 2010-08-27

absolutely the best car buying experience ever!  alex helped me through the entire process making things completely painless.  he answered all my questions and i left completely satisfied with everything.  there was no doubt in my mind that i got the right car at the right price at the right place with the right person.  alex is awesome awesome awesome!

Jeff W. | 2010-08-22

Capital VW is the best.  Happily got a 2011 GTI there.

Initially, we visited two other VW dealers and surprisingly, they did not care about us.  No one approached or talked to us, not even the person at Info desk.  After researching Yelp reviews, we took the suggestion of using our AAA membership at Capital VW.  Uwanah kindly and professionally presented the package.  However, there was no 2010 GTI to meet our preference or to qualify for the VW 0% 6-yr car loan.  Finally, Uwanah was able to provide an excellent price on a 2011 GTI that I could not refuse.  During the visit, the staff there was very friendly and helpful, including Maria at Finance.

Having bought 8 new cars in my lifetime, this was the best price I have ever encountered.  Also notice that VW's MSRP price is very close to the invoice price, in comparison with other manufactures.  Probably VW just prices it right with reasonable profit or mark up.

I would definitely recommend this dealer.

Shauna S. | 2010-08-21

Casey Wilson (who is actually employed by Capitol Hyundai-Suzuki) knows his cars and understands people very well- even indecisive buyers like me! I absolutely LOVE the car he sold to me! Would go back here without a doubt for my next purchase :) Casey made my last (bad) experience at a dealership easy to forget.

Serena F. | 2010-08-18

Another great buying experience!
My referral got great service buying from Alex too!  Great pricing and Alex is patient and accomodating.  Thank you Alex!

J L. | 2010-08-18

Recently I bought a mazda 3 from Capitol Volkswagen. Alex took care of me during the whole process. Very friendly sells man and honest. Since I was buying an used car, sometimes they don't come with all the original accessories, so in my case  I needed to make an extra copy for the ignition key but anywhere I went it was costing me at least 200$!!!. The key wasn't even a remote. But thanks to Alex, he found a way to get it cheaper for me.

Very good customer service.  I recommend people to go there now and look for Alex. He can get you a fair deal :)

J. A. | 2010-08-08

I never thought I would ever buy two cars from the same dealership in a row. The first one was a used BMW which I got for an outstanding price (in addition to my trade-in) and drove over the following 8 years. Then when it became time for a change, Capitol Volskwagen took it back as a trade-in towards a brand new VW wagon which I also got for a very competitive price.
Service has been consistently excellent, and the staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. This dealership really goes out of their way to make their customers feel appreciated and taken care of, and that makes a big difference.

Herrick H. | 2010-08-04

I have decided to update my experience with this dealership.

First of all, I genuinely think that their shop foreman, Chris, cares about his customers and his work performed. I noticed a trunk light problem, I assumed it was linked with the previous repair at the dealership last week so I took it back in (turned out it was just a burnt bulb). Chris apologized and explained to me why it took so long to fix my car last time as he wanted to make sure the car is properly fixed, so I don't have to come back in again. I always appreciate the honesty and the information regarding the work he did on my car.

So today, he did a full inspection and fix the light. Being able to hear first hand from the mechanic who works on your car is a nice way to dissolve some hard feelings.

Secondly, their shuttle guy, Johnny is great. He's very polite and consistent, dropping off and picking up reliably.

Satish G. | 2010-07-09

I was amazed that Capitol Volkswagen actually responded to my comment here and they re-instated my free oil changes. Thats very prompt and dedication to customer service!

Nicohle B. | 2010-07-08

I took my car into Capitol Volkswagen yesterday and now I am reading Yelp after the fact, it leaves me wondering if the issues they advised me were correct or games.  I was quoted almost $2300 for repair to my clutch and rod, when I took to 2 other mechanics (one a shop and another a friend), they said it just needed transmission fluid and bolt to be tightened.  They advised of 2 other things, but the person helping me Patty, said I had a laundry list.  

I was going to start looking for another car their at Capitol.  Now, I am skeptical after my latest experience and these comments.  The person who checked me out, showed outstanding customer service, she even explained what they advised and gave me a copy of parts, if i wanted to get their parts but have another mechanic apply.  I am always one to take to delearship for car issues, but with the quote and the differences of mechanic opinions, I am saddened by Capitol Volkswagen.  I thought they were trying to get away from Bob Lewis's reputation.

Also their CHAT Session is useless, they have "people" on the other end that have prescripted replies... Andrea Paz, said sorry the best I can do when asking for some information regarding the fluid I needed.

Candice L. | 2010-06-29

My parents and I just purchased a car here this past Saturday. Sam Z was the salesperson who helped us here. He was absolutely amazing. He was kind and reasonable and very open. Sam made the process absolutely painless. I had been envisioning an impossible afternoon before me, but once I got to the dealership, Sam knew who I was right away after only hearing from my dad that I would drop by. Sam took me out for a test drive with my parents and about twenty minutes later, he gave us great news on an amount that everyone felt good about.

Sam is so great! I really recommend anyone to see Sam for a pressure-free and hassle-free car shopping experience. I could not be happier!

Jason T. | 2010-06-25

My wife and I were shopping for a small suv or wagen that got good fuel mileage. After looking at many other vehicles, we decided to look at the Volkswagens. When we got to Capital Volkswagen, we were greeted by Wayne and we could tell right away that this dealership was different than the others. Wayne spent a lot of time with us while we were checking out the different Sportwagens they had on the lot. Wayne was very knowledgable and, best of all, never used the line "what would it take to get you in this car today." This was very different than the other dealerships that we had been to. It took us a few visits to figure out exactly what we wanted. Wayne worked very hard to get us the right car while staying in our budget. Now we are happy owners of a Jetta Sportwagen TDI. We highly recommend Capital Volkswagen and Wayne to anyone looking for VW.

Kristina R. | 2010-06-19

Buying a car is like finding a puppy.  You don't want to buy a dog from a puppy mill, because most likely you'll pay way too much and the dog will be just like the other dogs.  It's best to find a dog from a rescue, because you know those who volunteer at rescues care enough to make sure both sides of the transaction will be solid.

So after a decade of scrimping and saving, we were finally looking for our "puppy."  A station wagon was our goal, and something with good gas mileage.  

After seeking out the best options available to us in the Bay Area, we stumbled upon the Yelp page for Capitol Volkswagen.  Unlike the other dealerships in the area, Capitol had over 25 five star reviews, and they knew it...they used it as a fairly effective advertising tool.  It drew us in, so it worked well in our case.

First, we called and asked if they had the exact car we wanted.  The sales person on the other end of the line said he would get back to us, but never did.  It was close to their closing time, so we thought he probably blew us off and went home.  Obviously this did not instill a feeling of confidence.

But my husband decided to give them another shot, again referring back to the reviews on-line.  This time when he called he spoke with Sam Zuhdi.  Sam asked if we knew what we were looking for, which we did.  When we described it down to the protection package, Sam said they would have it on the lot the following day.  Unlike the other dealers, they actually HAD THE CAR.  

We talked price.  Sam gave us a deal that rivaled the two others we had from other salesmen.  When we told him we had a better deal offered to us from a local dealership, he told us Capitol would beat the price.  They did, and more.

We dealt with the little details on-line and by phone before we had to travel an hour there to write our check, which was golden.  

Capitol works in volume, unlike most dealers we visited.  They sell a lot of cars, and the price is negotiated under MSRP because they can do so without a lot of lost income.  The day we purchased we drove off the lot with the exact car we wanted for a price we were all happy with.  It was seamless, easy, and far from sleazy.  Also, with a hungry baby in tow, Sam expedited our transaction to get us home before the meltdown.

I am so glad I checked on-line before committing to a purchase.  The other dealers I read about had the most horrific reviews, but Capitol was the only VW dealership in Northern California that had a decent reputation.  This is a dealership that appreciates customers.  

We'll definitely be back in another decade when we save up to replace this "puppy."

alli d. | 2010-06-11

Thanks to the crew at Capitol VW, my girlfriend is now the proud owner of a [gently used] 2005 Saturn Ion, and we both LOVE her new car! It's great on gas and was within price range including financing, insurance, and GAP coverage...

Ronni, the front desk gal, took us on an initial tour of the lot & showed us a couple cars so we could just see what they had in stock, as we didn't really know what cars we wanted to start with looking at. She took care of us by looking up cars in their system that were within our price-range, first, among other specifications. She was incredibly helpful and really saved us a lot of time by first narrowing-down our conquest :) She then introduced us to the sales guy, Alex, as soon as he was available..

Alex was the sales guy who helped us - no, he didn't just help us - he went above & beyond. He was available to answer our questions whenever we felt like shooting him a couple texts, or made time for us if we dropped him a call on his personal cell phone. He did not try and "sell" us on any car, and understood that our first visit wasn't going to be the day we'd buy. Even with our second, third, fourth, fifth (etc) visits, he just let us shop around, test drive different cars, and he'd simply tell us what we wanted to know about the car. He took the time to look up & print out the CarFax of several different used cars to let us compare rates, as well as the KBB "true cost to own". We took our printed CarFax Reports, and KBB info and mulled it over for about a week. When we finally decided which car was the one she needed, we gave Alex a call and he said to come on down, that he'd be there waiting for us....we had called at nearly 5pm on a Friday and he told us it was no big deal, that he'd stay late for us, to make sure everything went the way he knew we wanted it to go. After going thru paperwork and credit checks, we made our way to the finance department and met with a lady there (i think her name was Ana?) who was sweet & took her time to explain everything that was about to be signed.

Andre took care of some last-minute, minor engine work that had to be done on the car within the next week following her purchase - free of charge! He also had the car washed & detailed to make it look like new! He had no problem taking care of everything we wanted addressed, without trying to "explain away" anything. For example, the minor "clicking" noise we heard from the steering wheel column was fixed by changing out some bad ball-bearings. He didn't do what he could of done (the cheap, easy way out), and just give some bogus excuse like "oh, thats normal" or say he was never informed of the problem, so it must be our fault. I'm SO glad he helped us!

Thank you to the guys & gals that helped us at Capitol VW! When it's my turn to buy a car next, I will definitely be visiting here first! :)

Gabe B. | 2010-06-06

Our car brokw down before a 2 week business trip. It was an old hooptie and we had been avoiding the subject of buying a car for months. We finally bit the bullet and the day after I got back, I decided to drive down and check out Capitol VW.
Alex took care of me and was never pushy, or like the stereotype of the "sales guy". He was courteous and polite and accommodating. We just talked in the car about shit other than numbers and pricing, but when it came down to it, the car was a GREAT car.
We went over the numbers and within 2 hours I made up my mind to buy the car. The best deal for the model in all of the bay area hands down. I am so happy with the car and with the experience.
Would go back in a heartbeat if we ever needed another car. I cannot recommend Alex enough, or the fine folks of Capitol!

Dee B. | 2010-05-25

Review about the service dept.....


Our last small service issue (i.e., MINOR issue!) took them double the time they had quoted us.  Even so, we gave them another try.  When I called to schedule recall work (that VW's notification stated would take 2 hours) they told me they would need at least a HALF DAY.   What's worse is they don't offer you a courtesy car and their shuttle bus only covers their immediate area.  

We've never had this problem with other VW dealers we've used in the past.  They must have serious staffing issues and/or an extremely inefficient service dept.  Whatever the problem.....steer (no pun) clear!!

Yelper B. | 2010-04-12

We had a nice buying experience there this last w/e.  Didn't experience any of the sleazy sales moves that we got at the Ford dealership next door.  Our salesman was Peter...very professional and easy to work with and thankfully not pushy.  Making a buying decision is so much easier when you don't feel manipulated.

Don L. | 2010-04-10

So just came back from Capitol Volkswagen and boy...I really want that Candy Red MK6 GTI.

The long, arduous journey known as car buying is transformed into a quick, snappy, happy-go-lucky saunter because of EXCELLENT customer service. Sara helped me today and she was absolutely amazing. None of that high pressure sales tactics bull. Just plain enthusiasm for the product she was pitching. This enthusiasm was manifested through sheer knowledge of the Golf's mechanics, features, and pedigree. Very down to earth and helped me understand  many other things besides the car.

Overall, once I get enough for a down payment, I will be giving Sara an enthusiastic phone call..."GIMME MY V-DUB!"

Thanks for reading.

Brandon S. | 2010-04-06

After waiting around patiently for a few years, I finally decided it was time to buy a car, and after having mixed results at the Sunnyvale VW dealer, I drove out of my way here. Sara helped me for a few hours, and showed me exactly what I wanted, the Golfs and GTIs. She showed me all the little features that I definitely wasn't shown at other dealers, and she even had a pretty big knowledge on the engine and power, since she owns quite a few VWs herself.

Even though they didn't have the color I wanted, she went ahead and gave me a call once a white mk5 GTI came in, and I was able to head over there and buy it. David was there that day, and he was really patient with my mom and I, and ended up giving us a great deal on an incredible car. Even the finance people were really friendly, since at other places it seems they are all business, but I think they go out of their way to make sure that the buyer is happy. It's a shame that not every car dealership feels the same way.

Rachel S. | 2010-03-21

I had been dreading going to buy a new car for at least a week.  When I walked onto the lot at Capitol VW I was approached by Sam.  I asked for a few minutes to look around and he gladly obliged.   He didn't hover and that was a plus!  

I called Sam over when I was ready and from there dealership experience just got better and better.  He was very personable and funny.  I felt like i was dealing with someone I knew personally.   The staff at Capitol VW were very nice and didn't try to pressure me when I had some concerns about buying a used Passat because of my fear of maintenance problems with used cars.  

Sam showed me he could put me into a new Jetta and I could have the peace of mind being covered by warranties and maintenance coverage.  My new Jetta is gorgeous.  Thanks to Sam and the staff at Capitol VW I can finally relax about buying a car.  When I am ready I will go back and feel enthusiasm instead of dread.

I'd recommend to anyone looking into buying a new car to go down to Capitol VW and ask for Sam.  I'm sure the other guys are great too but for exceptional customer service....Go see Sam...He'll make sure you're happy!!

Red Tail H. | 2010-03-03

I bought my 2006 Jetta up in Concord, but I live in Sunnyvale.  Since there's no way I'm schleping that distance for service, I had to find someone local.  Concord recommended the San Jose dealership (Bob Lewis, at that point) over Steven's Creek & Sunnyvale.  

I'm so glad I listened to them.  I've had my share of problems with the service department - they turned off my power seat, not had the car ready when it was supposed to be - but they took care of me each time it happened.  Patti, one of the people behind the counter's, always been helpful when I've brought my car in for regular maintenance.  She helps me figure out what costs I really need to spend.  Let's not kid ourselves - dealer's are more expensive than third party mechanics.  However, the car was under warranty until recently, so I wanted the dealership to handle it.  

They never lied to me, or mislead me when it would be better to take the car to a third party business (i.e. for replacement tires) to take care of issues.

Danielle K. | 2010-03-03

I had the best experience at Capitol Volkswagen. It was the easiest and friendliest car buying experience ever - Jeremy and Dino helped me a ton, and I would definitely recommend my friends and family to shop here. I purchased a 2010 Jetta SE and I absolutely love it. The customer service couldn't get any better here, and I felt very well taken care of. Dino even stayed late (2 hours late - I didn't leave until after 9pm) for me on two separate occasions. They didn't rush me at all and were very honest with details about all the cars I was looking at. This was a great experience and I highly recommend Capitol Volkswagen, especially Jeremy and Dino!

Shannon Z. | 2010-02-23

My dream car is a 1974 Porsche 911 Carrera RS in brown. It just was not going to happen, not on my budget. OK, so reality sets in. My rusting 1999 VW Golf has a dead engine and my daily rides from friends to and from work every day is just not cool anymore. I need a dependable car.

I went to the Capitol Auto Mall thinking I was going to buy a Kia. The Carl Kia group was not really interested in selling me a car that day for whatever reason (and trust me, that car was not going to sell its self). I looked at Suzuki, I looked at some other brands and narrowed it back to buying a VW. I did my homework by finding out the real pricing vs. the MSRP and dealer incentives for sales of the new 2010 cars, I know what I wanted to pay and how I wanted to pay it.

I shopped multiple VW dealerships around the Bay Area. Capitol VW worked very hard to court my sale by offering me competitive pricing, by not hashing a lot of sales tactic and by not treating me like the jerk that I truly am. I feel weird giving any car dealership 5 stars just because the institution of car sales freaks me out, but honestly they deserve every star. I left happy, I left smiling. How many people can say that about buying a new car? Thank you Capitol VW, with a big thanks to Dave & Helder!

christine l. | 2010-02-05

I ended up buying my car from Stevens Creek VW (reviewed here:… ) because they had the right pre-owned specs in stock and Capitol VW did not, and I needed a car quickly. My experience at Capitol was WAY better though, because:
* They followed up with me exactly when they said they would, with the information that I wanted
* They answered questions clearly and directly, no skirting the issues
* They were willing to talk real numbers, not just "come back when you're ready to buy" (so they could play their stupid sales game), but gave me a half-decent starting number, and said we could talk specifics whenever I was ready.
* I test drove 3 cars there, with no pressure to stop wasting their time and buy a car already

So my experience there was a good one, especially in comparison with Stevens Creek VW (who sadly, got my commisssion) I hope to not buy a car again for a while, but if I do again soon, I would come here.

Tri N. | 2010-01-25

I purchased a car from Huck, at Capitol VW over the weekend, and the experience was great. I called in ahead of time to schedule an appointment, and the car was prepped by the time I arrived. The sales and staff were courteous and friendly. I also liked their good communication and honesty.

Howard Z. | 2009-11-27

My review is for the service department.  I'm a long-time customer and have no complaints.  One nice thing about going to the dealer is that they know your VW, have worked on it before and usually don't screw it up.  After a fiasco a number of years ago, I'm done using the quicky-oil change places.

As for prices - they are pretty flexible when you shop around and have never told me they wouldn't meet or beat the prices from local shops.  

Look out for the frequent coupons, promotions and packages on service.  I've taken advantage of several this year and saved lots of money - A package price which couldn't be beat on a timing belt/water pump/thermostat as well as a 20% off your complete bill for having service done during the normally slow thanksgiving week.

Matt W. | 2009-11-03

I am local business owner and I recently stopped by this store to look at VW Beetles that I was thinking of issuing to some of my field personnel instead of trucks. I met with Steve Yee and a few  other guys. As a business owner, my time was well respected, which is very important. The presentation of features and benefits was quick and to the point as well as impressive. We struck a good deal and I drove out in a New Beetle. I was impressed enough to go back and buy another a week later.
Another point, I was thanked personally for my business by the dealership owner as well as the managers Kalit and Rusty. And if you have time Coach has some great stories to tell.
I'm planning on buying a few more Beetles in the next few weeks and I wouldn't shop anywhere else.

Annalisa S. | 2009-10-20

Like others, had been to other dealerships, and couldn't get the information I was asking for.

Decided to ask for information online from this dealership, because of the yelp reviews & got everything I needed from Dino & Jeremy, no BS.

They got the car I wanted from another dealership, gave me a GREAT deal, and were super friendly & helpful.  Unlike any dealership I've worked with.

Gary S. | 2009-08-21

UPDATE:  Since the initial bad experience, I went in there and spoke with Casey (based on recommendations from Yelpers).  He was very nice, flexible and friendly.  Later, the owner contacted me and apologized for the bad experience.  It looks like they care and my experience with Dino may have been a fluke.


I talked to Dino Joseph as well, their Internet Sales Manager.  The guy was clueless and started playing games, quoting me a car over MSRP.  I hang up.

Kiran B. | 2009-08-13

We took our car there for a service a few days ago. They said they heard a noise in our engine. And diagnosed that they need a diagnosis of 600$ more. And said that we were probaby looking at another 2500$ on top of that. Thank god we decided not to go ahead with it. All they needed to do was fasten a few bolts but they wanted to replace a part of the engine.  In our memo they had written that they have fastened the screws. But they did not and we would have been out 3000$. Somebody dropped the ball big time!. As it is they took 150$ from us for wasting out time.
The second place i took it to fixed the noise for 100$.  And mentioned that these screws never get unfastened on their own. I dont know what to think!!!!! Is this a way to keep away recession losses?!

Please help yourselves and stay away. Especially after the free service is over. Go to Cartalk on NPR and find a mechanic near you.

J H. | 2009-07-06

The team at Capitol VW was amazing, the most efficient car buying experience I have had so far.  

The sales team was informed, considerate and eager to answer any questions I had about  my purchase- even days later.  The owner called me the next morning, to ensure that my purchase experience was satisfactory!  

They ensured that I got the best rate and made me feel confident that I had made a great decision... I will definitely be buying my next car from them!

Robin M. | 2009-05-27

I was hesitant to take my 2000 Beetle to the dealership to fix my electrical problems, but I really had no choice. In the past, I have not had the best experiences with Volkswagen. To my surprise, not only did I have a good experience, but I walked away with money in my pocket and a washed car!

Coming here made my day. Everyone was very friendly and the waiting area was clean and comfortable. I had no trouble finding the service department which also added to my great day.

Net M. | 2009-05-25

I just purchased the Routan Minivan SEL today from Capitol VW and had a wonderful Sales Consultant, Soroosh!  I am a very difficult customer; so difficult that it took 3 days and countless hours of dealing with Soroosh.  The  main reason was because my husband and I could not make up our minds on what we wanted.  We were not sure if we were ready for a minivan or if we wanted a SUV.  We looked all weekend long and test drop A LOT of vehicles with VW and also with Chevy, Honda, Mitsubishi and Mazda.  We spent countless hour on the net looking up ratings, reviews and more ratings.  With a 2.5 year old at hand, this was a draining process but throughout the whole process Soroosh maintain pleasant and I alway felt he was looking out for our best needs.  I really felt we received optimal service and an unbelievable deal.  Bottom line being, we are extremely happy with our purchase and experience.  Thank for all your hard work Soroosh!   Soroosh is also very knowledgeable in regards to the VW line.  He was able to answer ALL of our questions without hesitation and provided us with an unbelievable run through of each car.  I feel like I know my car very well and let me tell you there is a lot of fancy buttons.  Your service was outstanding and your dedication is unmatched.  Thank you!

Jennifer P. | 2009-05-04

I'm reviewing only the service department here.

I brought my Bug in for a 30,000-mile tuneup after a short bout of neglect due to pressing issues like moving, and after I picked up my car, I could feel the difference. A good difference.

Here's my run-through of this painless process:

(1) Drop-off. I made the appointment request online via the website and got a call the next day! Some places don't bother to call you back. Super easy drop-off using the after-hours key lockbox. Fill out the envelope, stick your key in, and put the envelope in.

(2) Waiting. I didn't have to wait long at all for the service to be done. Prompt call from service to let me know what was going on and when my car was ready.

(3) Pickup. Cool aquarium in the dealership! While I waited for them to deliver my car to the service driveway, my son and I watched the big suckerfishes and various other tropicals then played around the spacious waiting and showrooms. Vending machines vend drinks for a $1.25 -- cheap! Got in the freshly washed car and left.

Obviously getting work done comes at a price, so of course it was painful to spend XXX for new brakes, this and that, tuneups, etc., but I have to say that Capitol made it as easy as possible, and no service guy oversold me on a bunch of unneeded repairs at all. My car was scraping something due to worn-down rear brake pads, so I was so happy to get them reinstalled and am pleased with how peppy my car feels today.

Meitra C. | 2009-01-28

Please do not service or buy your car from this dealership.

I don't even know where to begin, but lets just say they are not an honest dealership and could give a flying leap about custom service. My real experience is with their service department. I was experiencing grinding from the rear brakes of my 2007 Jetta Wolfsburg and took it in right away. After having to pay for a diagnostic on my brakes, I was told that there was nothing wrong with my car aside from needing new brake pads on the rear brakes....I'm sorry, what? How can a car less than 2 years old, which only has 23k miles btw, need new brake pads. 11 months ago, the pads were at 90% on both the front and back and now the front was at 75% and the back at 0%.

Unfortunately, the only answer they could offer up is driver apparently, I was a good driver my first year and must have been doing some serious hot-dogging the next year to burn through 90% of my brake pads. Give me a break. They urged me to call the corporate office to get action, yet when corporate contacted them, they said there was nothing wrong with the car and did not recommend further action. I don't have time for games like this.

After three days of running in circles with Patty and Dan and them refusing to look further into the problem, I decided to take my car elsewhere to be repaired. I highly recommend you do the same if you are considering them for any of your service needs.

Dr M. | 2008-11-15

Oh my God. We just bought a Rabbit tonight after weeks of getting jerked around by other dealers while doing research. Capitol was amazing. No one lied to us. About anything. Seriously.
We set up a price over the phone for a new 2008. When we got there, the car they said would be there was there, it cost what they said it would cost, and they didn't try to sell us a 2009 that we didn't want (if you like being furious, though, try Steven's Creek. They did all that dickery and more).
We were expecting a fight, but it was the most pleasant car buying experience ever. Completely caught us off-guard.
We got a brand new car for well under the MSRP and Kelley Blue Book Value.
Ask for Nicole on the floor or Marius if you do internet sales.

Miss Bag on Head A. | 2008-09-17

I brought my car here since the beginning when I first purchased my 2007 Jetta from Sunnyvale VW.  Since the formerly known Bob Lewis was closer to my house, I brought my car here.  And because the salesman at the Sunnyvale VW was trying to ask me out on a date and even called my work number, I wanted to avoid him like the plague.

Last week, I brought my car in for a routine oil change and was about 10 minutes late for my appointment.  I believe they don't allow "waiters" after 10:30 a.m.  But luckily for me,  I think her name was Cheryl, she was super sweet enough to take care of me.  She even asked me if I wanted some food because the entire staff was having some sort of outdoor lunch party.  

My complaint is that something was wrong with my wiper fluid because nothing would come out even when it was just filled.  Well, the technician was supposed to have checked it and on the paperwork, he checked the green-good-to-go box, but there was still no wiper fluid coming out.  HE TOTALLY DID NOT CHECK IT!  

Also, the paint on the button controls for my windows are starting to chip off and I had wanted them to order the part, so I could come back next time to have it installed, but there was no mention of that.  So, I don't even know what the deal is with that???

I'm going to try and find a different place to get my next big service done because my last 20,000k service was $400!!

John S. | 2008-09-12

I bought a car from this dealer and was a horrible experience.
They delayed the deal waiting for a better offer while I was sitting there for 2 hours! After I signed the deal they gave me only one key saying they lost the other ones (3!!) and that they would have done nothing about that. There was also other missing equipment in the car.

Gemma W. | 2008-09-02

It has taken me numerous visits for them to take care of different problems (eg check engine).  It took 5 visits in the space of about two weeks for them to finally fix one warning.   I was originally told on the Sat I would get my car back on Mon or Tues and I finally got it back 10 days later!  (with me having to keep chasing them and rarely getting calls returned)  It feels like they play a guessing game of "lets replace this part, now this one" in an effort to fix a problem and hopefully they will eventually get it right (at your expense).  I have only returned there because they are very local to me, but I won't be again.