Capitol Toyota in San Jose, CA

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Great Service, Great $aving$. We strive to give   customer satisfaction in sales & service. We want to make your experience with us the best experience possible in every department. We realize that your impression is our
future....................... Prepare to be impressed!

Toyota looks upon us as a dealer who
is willing to make a difference. We
currently employ approximately 180
employees. We are continuously growing
in every aspect of the dealership.
Customer satisfaction is our number
one priority here at Capitol Toyota
and we want each employee who works
here to give 100% to every customer.

Capitol Toyota proudly sells the
Toyota Camry, Toyota Tacoma, Toyota
Corolla, Toyota Prius, Toyota Yaris,
Toyota Highlander, Toyota Sienna,
Toyota Rav4, Toyota Matrix, Toyota
Hybrid, Toyota 4Runner, Toyota Avalon,
Toyota FJ Cruiser, Toyota Land
Cruiser, Scion tC, Scion xB, Scion xD,
vehicles.  Come see us today and we
will help get you into the vehicle you
want today.


Established in 1990.

Capitol Toyota opened August 1990. Capitol Toyota has accomplished many things and has been awarded many prestigious awards. We have established ourselves as the premiere Toyota retailer in the south bay. Our dealership still employs many of the original individuals that started here when we opened.

Capitol Toyota

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(866) 826-9885
Address:775 W Capitol Expy Auto Mall, San Jose, CA, 95136
  • Monday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: 9:30 am - 9:00 pm

Reviews on Capitol Toyota

Sombeet S. | 2015-04-24

Great buying experience.

Lily H. | 2015-04-24

So apparently if you make an appointment for maintenance it doesn't mean anything.  It's helping Toyota determine how many cars they have to work on that day.  So instead of planning out my day, I'm helping plan theirs.  No thanks.

Mary M. | 2015-04-24

We consistently have bought our cars from Capitol Toyota and used Capitol Toyota Service for our vehicles since 1994. We have always experienced courteous and respectful service and have great confidence in their advice. Various service managers have come to our 'rescue' over the phone in directing the way to fix any problem when we were out of town. We appreciate the 'follow-up' on any issues our cars may have had - which are few, as Toyota vehicles are so reliable.

Dream C. | 2015-04-23

These guys are great. Someone neglected to tell me that the included 30k miles services (which is actually only up to your 25k, but that's a Toyota issue) won't be included if you go past the 25k mark. The guys here recognized that was an error on their part so they took care of me. Also, the location is convenient; the shuttle drop off guy, Bob, is super friendly, and the lightrail is within walking distance.

Kyle C. | 2015-04-22

TWO HOUR - a record time in buying a new car from a dealership.

TWO HOUR - including test drive of my new car and check all parts, signing and confirming all paperworks, and paying all fees.

This is my best car buying experience so far. FIVE STAR for John Nguyen, my salesman. He is not wasting anytime but quickly get through all paperworks so I can come in and out with 2 kids and grandparents.

Also they have the lowest price among 20+ dealerships that I called in the Bay Area.

My recommendation for all future buyers: Get the price confirmed with John over the phone, then come to the dealership and pick up the car in TWO HOUR.

Steven B. | 2015-04-16

This five star review is for Stephen Tran. My family wanted to purchase another 2015 RAV4 after our previous one got totaled and we returned back to Capitol Toyota to find one.

After watching their inventory for a few weeks, they finally had a RAV4 in the color and with the options we wanted. Stephen Tran was a joy to work with, he made negotiating a fair price easy, he made sure we got all the options we wanted and ensured our satisfaction throughout the entire process.

In & out of the dealer in a few hours with a brand new 2015 RAV4, only have to come back to get some of the accessories installed. Thanks Capitol Toyota & Stephen Tran for assisting us with our new car.

Chris C. | 2015-04-05

After almost a year doing research and waiting for the right time I finally purchased my 2015 4Runner Limited 4X4 SUV at this awesome dealership.  My wife and I were kindly greeted from the moment we parked.  Our salesperson John Nguyen was friendly, prompt, knowledgeable, patient, and provided us with excellent customer service along with a cool test drive.  The pricing negotiation went quick and easy with no pressure to buy right away.  The service department also provided me with excellent customer service.  I will definitely buy my next Toyota at this dealership!

Martin L. | 2015-04-04

Awful! I took my older Siena in for 4 things: oil, filter, battery, handle replacements. I also asked them to check the starter...which never made it into the paper work. They had my car over a week! Turns out, none of it ever got done and they charged me a fortune anyway. I found out after I had a cable fire and starter problem and took it to another trusted shop (family friends.) They reported I only had 1 quart of oil in, filter was never changed and the engine fire I had was related to the poor starter- which capital Toyota never repaired! The service guys at the desk were nice but they don't stand behind their work. Avoid this place and go to a real repair shop!

Bill T. | 2015-04-02

We own Priuses and bring them to Capitol Honda to service them.  I do my own work on the older ones and so have used the parts department considerably and pretty much know what I am doing when it comes to cars and Priuses.  In checking, the Prius is the most reliable and cost competitive car if you are looking at long haul fuel prices and long life of the car.  That's because the transmission is so simple.  The same transmission design is in both the Camry Hybrid and the Avalon Hybrid.  We have one 2002 Prius with 240 K miles on it and a 2007 Prius with 320 K miles on it.

We have 24 grandchildren and each of our children have at least one Prius.  Three years ago one of the hybrid batteries in the 38 battery pack failed.  It was necessary to open the pack and replace the one that was bad at a cost of $625.  That was 3  years ago on a 2003 Prius and the car is still in service every day.  Over the last several months saw Priuses in the wrecking yard.  Despite huge impacts to front, rear, and sides of these cars, not one of them had any compromise to the passenger compartments.  There aren't many of them in the wrecking yards, and they hold their value for sure.  Some people say these cars look funny or are hard to see out of.  Well learn to see and you will be fine because the reason these cars look the way they do is that they are very strong when it comes to an accident.  And we don't want any of our family hurt in a small car.    

There are many of these cars just on our street alone.  So nice to know that the best mechanics and support group at Capitol Honda are within a couple of miles from us.  Read the other stuff here, and our experience has been great whether buying, servicing, or asking for help in Parts at this dealership.  Even their shuttle people are friendly!

This is in response to a regular service on my son's Plug-In done yesterday.  Car was done on time and came out clean and serviced.  Mario was the service writer and Alan did the service.  When you can afford to buy an economical car and have it serviced properly, this is the place.  Bill T.

Bruce A. | 2015-03-23

Great service!  I gave them the information on what i was looking for, and Annette and Gordon delivered well beyond expectations!  No hassle, and very easy.

rita a. | 2015-03-20

Best place to service your car.  Attention to detail, quality service, personal attention FtF with Tony Machado, my service advisor.  Customer service is Superior since I bought my car here since 2007, my car is running like a Champ!  I am very pleased with their shuttle service back and forth to my office and the friendly drivers,, i.e. Louis and Ron. One of the BEST Toyota dealers in the Bay Area.  I have service my 2 Toyotas since 1989 lasted and sold it on 2007 to buy my 2007 Matrix and still running good.  My 2007 looks like brand new. Never had an issue and if I have a question, will call and get the attention deserved as a customer.  THANK YOU, Tony and TOYOTA CAPITOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rocky T. | 2015-03-15

Dropped off my car on a Saturday at 1PM, and was informed to pick it up the next day. The advisor told me that he'd call between 9 and 10am, that did not happen. I called around 11, no answer.  Then I was finally notified that my car is ready to be picked up. So I called the shuttle service at 11:11am, the lady told me the driver will call me within 30 minutes. It is now 12:11 on yelp's clock. And I am still typing my review for this unruly place.

Paul C. | 2015-03-14

They are good with my vehicles. Whenever I take any of my children's vehicles, the bill is typically very high than expected!

I took second child's vehicle.

Somehow they have some secret strategy on your child's car: Toyota Capitol gets even with you after giving all past good deals!

My average bill suddenly from $150, went to $1600 on a child's car.

It makes me slightly uncomfortable, they know the parents are fearful about their children's vehicle. So they have tendency to pack the most bill on these vehicles!

It was my mistake to get the tires from Dealership! Lessons learnt!

Josie H. | 2015-03-12

Bought my 2014 prius  there!

My family bought another prius here back in 2012 and said they gave the best prices. Thus I went back .

As a first time car buyer, I had many cars in mind of what I want, I went from a Lexus IS to a Nissan Leaf. Due to the fact that gas prices were almost 4 bucks at the time, I decided to settle for a hybrid. After test driving and comparing some
Models I settled on a Prius, which lead me here.

Out of the three Toyota  dealerships, this one gave the best quotes! Jimmy was the one that service me! They were able to do another cleaning for me when I spotted some dirt! Awesome!

Faida J. | 2015-03-11

Capitol Toyota convinced my daughter who's a full time student to get thousands of dollars in warranties. It's been two years and   We've taken the car numerous time to get a service done however their answer is always the same 'that certain service is not covered by the factory warranty nor by warranties purchased'
Yesterday I went in to cancel those warranties and rather than get help, the person talking to me 'his name is sonny' get up and calls the cops to have me removed from the premises. I have a video of the incident showing all I was doing is sitting on a chair and my daughter can be overheard telling him why would he call the cops instead of saying he doesn't wanna hp and ask us to leave. Coincidently I just found out they did the same thing with a friend of mine. Apparently this scare tactic is working for them and they will keep defrauding people out of their money and all they have to do is call the cops on you if you try to cancel your warranties or make a complaint. I don't have money to hire a lawyer but if anyone out there is willing and experienced this kind of a problem please advice

Beach C. | 2015-03-03

Ask for Leo only if you want exceptional service the next time you drop your car for service.  Leo Rocks!!

Meh D. | 2015-02-27

It is wonderful to walk into capital Toyota service department and to be treated as wonderful as I was treated by Mr. Jason Lawton, his exceptional customer service , warm greeting and positive attitude made my day. I noticed his attitude was the same with every customer that they walked in. People like Mr. Lawton gives true meaning to great customer service. I am thankful for meeting such a great person and wish him the best.

Gene L. | 2015-02-21

Leo has been our go to service consultant for the three cars we purchased at Capitol Toyota. I believe Leo if he tells me something needs fixing, particularly safety issues as we drive often to Utah. I call ahead making sure Leo is working when I need service. He has gone out of his way arranging last minute transportation to & from my house since my wife can't drive. Jimmy Lee also deserves a pat on the back. Jimmy always greets me by my first name no matter the time between visits. My family purchased two Camrys from him because Jimmy always makes me feel relaxed, unlike other traditional car sales sharks you might find roaming the lot. Buy your car from Jimmy and have Leo service it for you. You can't go wrong with these two.

Josh M. | 2015-02-21

Leo the service writer was fantastic to work with and very knowledgable!

Bz T. | 2015-02-20

The service underwriters are crooks! We bought the premium bumper to bumper warranty and they said our cruise control was not covered! Baloney!! My wife still paid them to fix it and we still had problems. We took van to Fremont Toyota and they replaced it under warranty. I also took my truck there for a check engine light. Yes they took my money and no they never fixed problem.  I'm never going here again.

Mary I. | 2015-02-20

Capitol Toyota is an exceptional dealership.  The Service department is quick, and very professional.  I have gone there for service on my car for several years now and they always do a good job!  I highly recommend taking your vehicle there for service!

Elysia M. | 2015-02-16

Friendly people and quick service. I like that the employees come and keep you updated rather than leaving you in the waiting room

Danielle R. | 2015-02-10

Just brought my car here for its first maintenance. It went very smoothly. When I called on the phone they told me it would take up to 4 hours. Thought it was long, but I came prepared with my computer and charger. Come to find out.. They have a shuttle that will give you a ride! I was able to go back home and be picked up and brought back. AMAZING! I was extremely happy. Marshall was excellent in helping me out also. Looks like I will be coming here for all of my cars future needs!

Robert S. | 2015-02-07

Love their entire service dept. They are always helpful, professional, friendly, and do a great job. I completely trust Debbie Vazquez. I have been bringing my cars here for service for 15 years and haven't had a real complaint yet. They don't try to sell me service that I don't need and I greatly appreciate their suggestions that perhaps I can wait a little longer to take care of a minor repair if it doesn't impact safety nor do damage to the car.

Their culture of quality customer service is visible everywhere; from all the service reps, shuttle drivers, folks behind the counter when you pay your bill, gentleman wiping your car after it it has been washed, and the parts department.

Jonte N. | 2015-02-07

Capital Toyota,  is a great place I see why there number one in the nation, I'm never there longer then two hours. . I get in and get out

Hiram C. | 2015-02-03

We purchased our 2011 Highlander from this dealership. Their service department has always provided great service. Yesterday my wife's car battery had to be replaced.This was last minute and we had it towed to the dealership at 1:30pm and it was completed by 4pm Freddy is an attentive and personable Service Advisor. Thanks!

J C. | 2015-01-29

My husband and I bought a used car here a month ago. They promised a card for the navigation system as part of the deal. Every time we call we get a different story. First the card they got was defective. Then they were on back order. We finally asked for a manager who said the card would be in any day...we called a week later to find out that it hadn't been ordered and they asked for a number off the car. So frustrated. Love the car. Hate the service. We just want our car to work! Hoping there is some recourse available. I wouldn't send an enemy here. No one deserves the poor treatment. Toyota-anything to say??

Mary B. | 2015-01-28

We bought a camry a while back, and we had a sales person who was rushing us to buy a car.  Her name was Aireen or something close to that.  We had our heart set on buying a car, so I saw no reason in rushing us, but she insisted on selling the camry.  We didn't really have the chance to check out all the cars because she kept insisting the camry was the best.  I didn't mind.  I had to get a car because of certain circumstances, but it would've been nice to see the whole inventory.  When we tried to look at other cars, she simply looked frustrated and annoyed.  In the end, I was satisfied with the camry, but the customer service was lacking.  We went through the process of getting the car, and while filling out the paper work, we saw that they spelled our last name wrong, so we corrected them.  I don't understand how it was spelled wrong considering that it was copied from our drivers license.  Weeks later when we got our vehicle registration, the last name WAS STILL WRONG.  We tried calling Aireen to have this fixed, and trying to reach her on the number she gave us on her business card was frustrating.  She took two months to reply back, and when she did, she did it half-heartedly.  A month later after the conversation, we still do not have a corrected vehicle registration.  We spoke with the DMV already and they said we must have the dealership fix the mistake, but we've had the car months now and the new vehicle registration is still not fixed.

Amberlee A. | 2015-01-26

I love Capitol Toyota, I had bought a Camry from Gilroy Toyota, had THE WORST experience. long story short, I totaled the Camry 6 days later and had to replace it. I decided not to go back to Gilroy (I could list the many reasons why, but its a long story) so I went Capitol Toyota which they gave me a completely different customer experience! What a difference! Attentive, kind, explained everything thoroughly and supported me throughout the whole process. Also, just went back for my 1st maintenance and they were Awesome! Jay was fantastic! :) Easy as 1-2-3!

Dennis W. | 2015-01-26

Went to buy a new car, wanted to get the right exterior and interior colors, which they did not have in stock.  Had a set price from True Car that they had agreed to, but then wanted to charge me $4000.00 more because they had to go to another dealer for the car. Then they came in and offered me $1000.00 for my 2007 Prius which has a blue book value of $6500.00. They brought out a Carmax report showing my car with structual damage, I did have a fender bender with minor damage, all repaired at the shop. Body is in clean condition and car runs well, so to offer $1000.00 was a insult, would rather donate to Goodwill. In addition they took it for a test drive without my permission. Overall not a great experience and will not return again. Bought a new car last year at Capitol Kia, had a great experience and would buy another car from them in a heart beat.

Teresa D. | 2015-01-25

Very pleased with my purchase here if you want to buy a car or truck ask for DANG!!!!he is amazing at what he does also he will get you the best deal and you will not be dissatisfied

C H. | 2015-01-22

Took my 2005 puris on 1/2/2015 for maintance customer service is great. No problems..

Terri S. | 2015-01-17

Love this Toyota Dealership!!!!.  
If your ever in need of having your car serviced ask for Justin you won't be sorry !!!!

Infinix I. | 2015-01-17

I used to go for service my car , and they didnt fix the problem well ,but my last time service in capital, Daniel incaprera fixed my car and he is very well behave  and Profesional , I never give my car to some else to fix or service , he is excellent expert ...

Daisy N. | 2015-01-15


My 80 year old grandfather went in for a $50 oil change, and came out with a bill of $1000+ for an entire car job and more specifically, a water pump change for 2009 with less than 15k miles. This was on Jan 7 2015. Service advisor was Marshall Blank.

The most egregious item here is that they picked the most labor intensive item, water pump replacement, as an "issue" to service on. A 2009 Toyota Camry with 15K miles does not have a water pump problem. The water pump replacement alone costs nearly $800.

Water pump replacement is a fairly standard fraud practice across dealers and especially at Capitol Toyota as indicated in other reviews on Yelp and the internet. My grandfather does not even know what a waterpump change is let alone would he ask deliberately for it. As I said, he came in and asked for an oil change and was charged services he did not consent to.

My grandfather is 80 years old and unfortunately trusted these people ; Toyota deliberately took advantage of his age and his inability to comprehend what they were charging him. Unfortunately, this is a common sr citizen fraud scam and says lots of how they view customers, especially the elderly who are unable to navigate through complicated invoices. Aside from the fact that the elderly are on limited incomes and can't afford outlandish charges!

We went in Jan 15 to talk with the dealers about these outrageous charges. Marshall Blank was completely non apologetic and unhelpful in any way. He discarded everything we said and was an embarrassing excuse for client service.

We are reporting this to the CA Department of Consumer Affairs and Adult Protective Service RE: violation of CA Penal Code 368 (senior fraud and abuse). If you have fallen victim to the same scam- make a complaint of the same nature.

Really disgusts me how this branch can continue to operate by taking advantage of people who can't defend themselves.

Pamela H. | 2015-01-15

When I pull up and 6, yes 6, people are standing around and not one of them looks my way, says hello, or approaches me - I have a problem with that. If you want to screw around and ignore customers then at least do it behind the scenes. Please don't chastise me for not pulling up my car. As the sign told me to, I stayed with my car but as minutes drag on and on I'm not going to keep the car running. And once I've turned it off, I'm not turning it on to move it 10 feet. It is ecologically irresponsible to have it running as long as it takes for someone to get to you just to put a number on your car. Then I'm told for an oil change I would have to leave it overnight --- and this was at about noontime. If you are that slow maybe not all 6 of those guys should be on break at once. Price was fair, not good, but fair. Retrieving your car takes them waaaaay too long based on both this visit and a previous visit.

Richard M. | 2015-01-13

No appointment...took my 2010 Camry in for its service...less than 1.2 hours and I was headed back home.   Thorough and even washed my car.  I enjoy not having to wait too long or taking the shuttle home, only to have my wife bring me back for the vehicle.  These people are streamlined...very efficient.  I am very glad I bought another Toyota, and that Capitol Toyota is close to my home.

Trisha H. | 2015-01-13

Had my Toyota serviced last week at Capitol Toyota.  The experience was great.  The technician was professional, courteous and the car was completed sooner than expected.

James B. | 2015-01-09

Just got a car and am so far pleased with it.  But the standard ritual is always interesting.

The sales guy was upbeat and open to everything, Mr "Nothing I Can't Entertain" or Mr NICE.  Then there was the highly caffeinated closer with whom I had to fight over the price, Mr Wildly Increase Revenue Every Deal or Mr WIRED.  The last guy was the shark, the finance guy whose job it was to sell me an extended warranty and boost corporate profits, because that beautiful car Mr NICE described as the answer to all my earthly problems is now described as destined to fall apart in an expensive way by next month.  He's the Sell Our Business guy, or simply the SOB.  Not Mr NICE.  But once you get through all that, you eventually do come out with a car.

S V. | 2015-01-08

My Prius was long overdue for an oil change.  When I took it it, it seemed like a particularly busy day with long lines of cars.  I explained to the service technician that I had to be out of there in a  couple of hours.  He promised to figure out a way to make that happen, and he did!  Not just that, my car's mileage was close to 30,000 miles, and I got the 30000 mile maintenance done as well.  Super efficient!

M. S. | 2015-01-02

Don't sell your Toyota back to Capitol Toyota!!!!  They bought my vehicle back from me and sat on it for weeks before inquiring with my financial institution about the payoff.  I had to light a fire under them to get this done.  Now, 6+ weeks later, they STILL haven't paid me my portion of the loan payoff, stating they won't give me my money until they receive the title.  Doesn't make sense they gave the bank their money but won't give me mine!!! They don't return phone calls and have the RUDEST people working in finance I've ever dealt with.

R P. | 2015-01-01

I have to say Toyota Capitol is a very no-pain dealership. I came there to look for an alternative for my crappy Lexus RX. I met a sales guy Steven, I think. Took a couple of test drives. No pressure whatsoever. Left the lot and told him I'll give him a call as soon as I'm done with my research on the internet. I decided to buy another car, he still thanked me. It's a pleasant experience with the staff here. At least when I spoke on the phone, as well. I would recommend this dealer even if I end up with a Mazda!

Henry G. | 2014-12-30

Never thought I would be in such a disappointment with Toyota! I have always been a fan of Toyota cars, and own them. However this time I had a very bad experience from the Toyota Company and I feel that I had to share my experience!
I walked into the dealer knowing exactly what I wanted to purchase, which was the brand new 2015 Camry XSE. One of my most important
concerns about my car is the stereo and speakers. I believe that we spend so much time in our cars and I love to listen to my music while I'm driving so therefore my stereo and speakers needs to have the best quality. While doing my research on the car it explains that this car (Camry XSE 2015) has 10 speakers, so my expectations about my stereo were met, or so I thought. When I walked into the dealer and signed the contract it also stated that the vehicle had 10 speakers. As I drove the car for a couple of a days, I noticed that the speakers were not as loud as I thought/ expected from 10 speakers.  So I started examining the car, and noticed that I had only located 8 speakers in the entire car. I took the car to the dealership; they could only locate 8 speakers as well. Five speakers in front, two very small speakers in back and one subwoofer that doesn't work!! Really!!  The car has two spaces in the back where it should fit two big speakers, one is filled with a worthless subwoofer and the other space is empty. What kinds of manufacturers design this kind of sound system????  I immediately took the car back but TOYOTA would not do anything to accommodate me for this issue. I called corporate and they did not seem like they wanted to help me either!  I paid $5k extra in order to get the premium package, but corporate tries to tell me that since this car is eco-friendly, this is all the quality I will get. They also mentioned that I have to maximize the sound to be able to hear the music, which makes NO sense to me what so ever! If I'm purchasing a new vehicle, and paying a lot of extra money
for it, I would like my expectations from the car to be met ESPECIALLY when the contract states that there must be 10 speakers in the car! I shouldn't have to spend more money to change the speakers of a brand new car, since the Toyota contract is misleading, and I trusted them enough to sign! I'm VERY disappointed with TOYOTA! I'm unhappy with my $35K purchase due to misleading info, and I will NEVER walk into any TOYOTA dealership again. I just though I should share my experience with everyone so this doesn't happen to anyone else.

Y K. | 2014-12-30

I was dealt with dishonestly and had trouble clarifying what the estimate was. Each time I asked another question, the information changed. "Gabe" was not straight forward, and I believed was deliberately vague and misleading to me. I will not go back there again. Even when finding out when my car would be done, I make two calls to the service manager with no return call. On my 4th try, I got someone else in service who was willing to give me the bad news--not done on time! another day to wait. Avoid this establishment. Way over priced, and full of film flam.

Abhi R. | 2014-12-24

This was hands down one of the worst experiences from any customer-facing rep I've ever had in the Bay area. I'll never step foot into this dealership again and will also be reciting my experience to all who listen.

I went here to check out the Prius plug in with my wife and my dad. We were not greeted by a single person for over 15 minutes despite us walking the entire length of the showroom and even saying "Hi" to a rep. Yes, the reps may be with other customers, but 15 minutes without a single person coming to assist us is super lame. Eventually I caught the attention of a young rep who came by, asked us what we wanted, and left with a cursory comment that he'd find someone.

Soon, an older rep came by and right from the get go it seemed as if he had someplace better to be. I didn't get his name (nor do I care now), but I remember he had a funny two-piece spectacles on a wire around his neck. We told him we wanted to check out a Prius, and hadn't decided between the normal vs. the plug-in.

Without asking us anything about what our needs were or even showing us the two models, he asks us what our price range is. I tell him we're interested in one of the Prius c and the Prius plug-in, and haven't made up our mind yet. He says "Oh? I think the plug in is out of your range then" or something rude like. I tell him it depends on if we get a really good deal on the Prius c (with rebates and college grad, which would be more than 2k according to Capitol Toyota's page), and he says "I'm not aware of anything like that". The conversation got worse and worse after that. Soon, I let him know that we didn't like how badly we'd been treated and that we're leaving.

After leaving Capitol, we went straight to Stevens Creek Toyota where we were treated nicely and with respect. We test drove both Prius models, decided on the plug-in, and we'll be signing the papers later this week.

Now I have no idea if the Capitol rep had a bad day or maybe he was doing some form of profiling, but I did not expect such behavior from a car dealership of all places. Capitol, please fix the attitude of your reps before your reputation suffers more.

Jade P. | 2014-12-24

This review is for my car service at Capitol Toyota. I made an appointment for 8:00am and arrived at 7:50am. I was met with a group of rude employees who simply stood there and talked to each other rather greeting myself and the other cars. I was finally served at 8:30am. What is the point of even making an appointment if you have a system that's "first come first serve." That's BS and unprofessional. I had a major service which took half a day, but than when my car arrived it was washed but not wiped down. The worst part was when I entered my car it REEKED of BO. I had to use half a can of febreeze just to get the smell out. I do NOT recommend ever going here. I know I will never go here ever again.  Toyota needs to walk down the street to Honda and see how a professional and efficient auto service system works.

Calvin M. | 2014-12-19

I brought in my Camry because the front passenger window started straining to open and close, which isn't a good thing during the wettest December on record.  Jay Nomura was my service advisor, and I must say that I was favorably impressed by him.  He was/is knowledgeable, professional, courteous, and respectful.  The service I requested was performed very promptly, and Jay called me when the Camry was ready for pickup.

He eclipses, by far, all other service advisors at Capitol Toyota with whom I've worked over the past decade.  He's been the ONLY advisor, ever, who was both prepared with paperwork and immediately available when I arrived to pick up my car.  Others didn't complete the paperwork and/or were nearly impossible to find when I came to pick up my car.  Jay is clearly in a class of his own and deserves recognition for exceptional service.

Joseph T. | 2014-12-16

I came here for sevices and it was a good expereince for me. The guy named Gabe took care of my services details. He was very informative and knowledgeable on explaining what different installments or maintaince I need for my car, what that part does for your car, and laid out the price for me. He also gave me a recommendation of what maintenance I needed that were more a important but at the same time didn't compromise the price range that I want. I also like it when they gave my car a carwash after service was done the next day. Overall, it was a good expereince for me being that it's my second time there and I'll definitely come back again. I still got a few other maintenances I need that are important to be complete. I also love Capitol Toyota for emailing coupons/discounts to save you money.

Tom L. | 2014-12-14

Just bought a Toyota Rav4. Love the car. Jimmy Lee was the sales person. Jimmy is the man. There is a reason why he is the fleet manager and sells the most car. I see other people on Yelp also said to ask for him. Totally nice guy. Laid back and to the point. Also gave me the best deal. I called probably 12 other Toyota dealerships throughout Nor Cal and also checked True Car. I also test drove the CRV, Mazda CX-5, Subaru Forrester, Subaru Crosstrek, Lexus NX, BMW X3, Toyota Highlander. He also had the model and color that I wanted.

Annette Rizzo in financing is also a sweetheart. Super patient. I made her wait and she never rushed. Also explained very clearly all the financing parts including the prepaid maintenance package. Seems like a good deal. No tax and doesn't expire as long as you get your service at Capitol. Also cancelable and transferable.

When it was done the car was brought out. Detailed and spotless and a full tank of gas.

Will definitely come back for my next Toyota!!

Jarrod F. | 2014-12-13

So been here three hours already and had an appointment for 0930 this morning, went to check on the status of my truck and get told my truck hasn't even been serviced yet. I guess appointments mean nothing any more!  People who were here without appointments have already been in and out. Don't recommend this place to anyone!

Oscar R. | 2014-12-07

Extremely upset!!! This  is about how this dealership took advantage of my in laws, they're both 75 y/o, RETIRED, NON ENGLISH SPEAKING and using their whole life savings.
This is what happened, they purchased a Dodge Caravan for $19,000.00 cash, Dad wasn't satisfied with the size of the driver side because is a tall man that couldn't get in and out of the car w/o having to hit the top of the vehicle. The couple of days later he goes back trying to get a different vehicle, not asking for money back. This dealership turns around and told them that they would give'em back only$14,000.00.Not only that, they induced them to buy another minivan from their dealership "Capitol Toyota", A Toyota Sienna 2012 that values at $24,000.00
So, they sell the car to them and took the $14,000.00 as a down payment and financed $12,000.00 so they can drive off with a better buy that fits his needs.
I just found out about what happened and this isn't the end of this, I'm going to follow up with the California Consumer Bureau and consult this matter with my lawyer.
I know this dealership it's been there for many years and never thought they would take advantage of people that is not informed.
Not only Dad walked away with 14K lower, they manage to sell him another car plus profits and 5 thousand dollars in the pocket.
That's what I call a cold blooded abuse towards 75y/o customer.

Stephanie N. | 2014-12-07

I made an appointment to come get my car serviced and when I arrived their was a wait as usual. I went inside and this lady asked if I needed help and I said yes and that I had a 1PM appointment and she told me that if I were to get my car written up for service today, I wouldn't get my car until tomorrow. This made me very upset. It was 1PM and I had an appointment. So why wouldn't I be able to get my car the same day I scheduled it to get maintenance??? This made no sense to me!!! I walked out towards my car and Ignacio was walking towards me and starting writing up my car. I told him will I be able to get my car today??? He said no because theyre backed up. And I said but I have an appointment! And he goes oh then you're gauranteed to get your car today but it would be any time before 6 because that's when they closed. And that was fine with me because I didn't have plans until later that night. But to conclude this all. Ignacio took very good care of me and my car, he was very friendly and provided great customer service!!! I was upset at first but he definitely made it hard to still be upset when he made sure I was going to get my car that same day. So if you come here for any servicing always make an appointment. It'll save you in the end and go to Ignacio!!! He is awesome!!!!!!!!

Mike A. | 2014-12-06

This is a review of the service department. I brought my vehicle in today for an oil change and tire rotation. I was told it would take 2-3 hours. This seemed excessive, but I know sometimes the mentality is to under-promise and over-deliver so I said ok. I asked about a shuttle and was told the shuttle would give me a ride home, but I would be responsible to get a ride back. What is the purpose of a shuttle service that cannot bring you back to the dealer? At that point why not offer a loaner? This dealer doesn't do that. After waiting 4 HOURS I asked my service adviser for when I would get my car back and he asked me who my advisor was. This after walking past me 5 times without checking in on me or giving me an update. When I reminded him he was he asked when he promised my car back. When I told him noon he let me know it would be 20 more minutes and that he "hoped he didn't screw up my day too much." That is now 5 hours with my children I lost. 5 hours burdened onto mother-in-law to watch my children because I couldn't get my own ride back and they couldn't keep track of their customer or my car. I WILL NEVER come back here. It is a shame because Alfredo who sold me my car was the epitome of class. Piercey is a longer drove, but they understand and follow through on customer service.

Brian T. | 2014-12-01

Great Job Veronica and Capital Toyota. I dropped my car off Monday morning and it was ready for pickup the same afternoon. Great service all the way through the process.

Kait P. | 2014-11-26

So I recently became a driver and my car needed an oil change. The car I'm driving has been in my family for 10 years or so and has only had repairs done at this place so this is where it stays.......for now.
I called a few days ago asking to make an appointment for around 1pm. So today I get there at 12:30 and I wait. I had many errands to run and figured the oil change would take 30 minutes at the most. The guy asked if I was dropping it off or waiting and I said that I would be waiting and how long it would take. He told me that they still had cars from 7am to get through and that I would have to wait until 4:30-5pm for me to pick it up. Well, there went my entire day of not doing any errands. After I left I had called and asked that if I had an appointment why it was taking 4 hours just for an oil change. The lady on the phone explained that "it isn't technically an appointment, just a drop off time. It's on a first come basis that we go through from the time of drop offs." How is that even an appointment!? I said that next time that should be clearly stated to the caller because it's a disclaimer to the person making the so-called appointment. So now it's later around 4:15 and I get a call saying my car is all done and washed and ready to be picked up. I head over within the next 10 minutes and went to the cashier to pay for the service and pick up my car. The guy said he would drive it around right to the front. It had been about 10 minutes and still no car. So I ask a random worker on when I can get my car. He looked at my paperwork and asked a few other employees where the car was. In total, I waited about 25 minutes to get my car. Yeah my car is all better now but the waiting was awful and could have been better.

Vlad P. | 2014-11-26

Their service is so fishy; I do not trust a word those guys tell me; especially when the price of a battery gets to be $500, or when they only become reasonable when I threaten to take my car to another shop...

Kathy M. | 2014-11-24

I had an appointment for an oil change on a Sunday at 10:30. When I  made the appointment I told them I  was waiting. I get there and they tell me they were so busy I would not get my car til 4:00. I was so angry I left and went to jiffy lube. I was done in 30 minutes.

Mathew N. | 2014-11-22

Being big on customer service, I had mixed reviews about this place. I originally bought my TC from here a few years back from Sam. That guy is AWESOME!! He actually didn't sell me the scion since he said he wasn't a Scion sales rep? He had to bring someone else in to finish the sale. Regardless of that, Sam did not pressure me at ALL and I felt at ease the entire time! The finance side was horrible though. When I told the financial person, I did not want to opt for the extended warranty, his attude changed completely. He literally said, " You are making the worst mistake of your life." He kept on making small chide the entire time, cut the small talk, and just pointed to where to sign. I was about to stand up and leave on the spot but since Sam was so freaking cool with me, I decided to just ignore that "child."

5 stars for Sam and 1 for that finance person.

C L. | 2014-11-19

General Manager is a real class-act. Said that if we didn't buy a car from Capitol Toyota we'd get car that would explode or would otherwise be dangerous to our family. Get real. Condescending up the wazoo to boot. Said that he could budge on the "new" Highlander with over 1500 miles on it. Since when does a 1500mi car command the same price as new? Just because I was born at night doesn't mean it was last night. See ya Crapitol. Oh and if their social gal wants more info, I'm referring to the old bald dude at Capitol tonight at 6pm.

Linda T. | 2014-11-16

these guys are always great, keeping me updated and giving me whatever deals available.  always get the work on my car done day of and shuttle service is always very prompt.  thanks ya'll ask for chris or leo.  but their all really nice.

Angel P. | 2014-11-15

We were looking for a new car and my husband would like to check there Prius out. Went in, told them what we wanted, test drove. Also would like to got my car appraised, they checked and drove my car.

The salesman  asked a lot of questions and act like we would buy a car right away without told us the price or any offer. After 1 and a half hour, my baby started to get bored. So I told them we don't have time and my baby need his nap. I would like to know the car price and their APR to compare with others. The salesman started to acted unprofessional and said something like" Why I need to do that. If we don't buy a car from them then what are we doing now. It doesn't make sense" (and much more)
Then he stopped what he did and gave us none of the information we need and told us to come back when we had more time. Really? Isn't 1.5 hour enough?
So we left without knowing the price or any financial they had to offered.

I don't recommend the sales department here unless you are willing to buy from them right away. Even a 1 year old got fussy after visited this place.

N.M. P. | 2014-11-15

I just wanted to make an appointment for my car to be serviced there for the first time and the secretary by the name of Yolanda was so rude and talked so fast and when I want to ask her a question she said I was interupting her.....really who's the costumer here??????

Jacque C. | 2014-11-10

After years of wanting a Prius and 6+ months of heavy research, I came into this dealership certain that I would leave with one. I've heard so many great things from Prius drivers and the research I did also seems to suggest the same. This car did what I needed it to - low maintenance, gas efficient, and can get me from point A to point B safely.

So, I thought this would be the place I'd get my brand, spanking new car...until I noticed something odd. I walked around the lot looking at the different Priuses (or is it Prii?) they had for about twenty minutes, and there were plenty of car salespeople standing around chit-chatting with one another, yet no one came out to help us. No one. I was in a forgiving mood, so I let that one slide.

After walking around for half an hour, someone finally helped us. She explained that the Prius has different tiers and then proceeded to ask me what I needed the Prius to do. Based on my needs (or perhaps wants), she recommended one of the models for us to test drive.

At this point, I thought we had a rough start but it'll get better. Unfortunately not. While test driving, the salesperson seemed more interested in directing me where to go than going into details about what the car had to offer. You know...actually try and sell me the car. I thought she might have been new so I asked her questions that would give her that opportunity. But, it was clear she didn't know much about what the car had to offer.

When that ended she was so quick to draft up a contract and adamant about having us sign it. I wasn't completely heads over heels for the car and she didn't help in convincing me to get it, so I was shocked that she thought she would have us sign then and there. Also, most people shop around before committing to such a huge purchase, and she didn't seem to get that. It wasn't like she was giving us an offer we couldn't refuse, so I don't understand why we would say yes that day. She tried to get her manager to cajole us into reconsidering our decision of shopping around and just commit to it, but to no avail.

We left that place feeling...slightly awkward. Awkward that the salesperson was so confident she would close this deal only to find out that she was so, so far from doing so. I don't know if that feeling is worse than having a shady car salesperson trying to up-sell everything to you.

Needless to say, we didn't end up coming back and I'm so glad we didn't!

james t. | 2014-11-10

I have been bringing my car here for years.  Brought Toyota Sequoia there for an oil  change.  Was told needed new struts, new rack and pinion and alignment, total cost 3000.  
Brought it to Auto Tek in Campbell and they said nothing wrong just normal wear and tear.  
Will never be back.

Frank K. | 2014-11-08

This is less about salesperson and his big stick manager interaction than it is about the dealership. Men can relate to the intense odor a urinal cake exudes, and coupling that with the timed odor elimination spray many men's rooms also have deployed, you should be able to sense where I'm going with the next paragragh.

Now imagine that same intense nastiness in the air everywhere we went in the dealership's showroom.  I had to step away from the salesperson's little cubby to get outside and gulp in fresh air.  Unsure what the reason behind replacing new car smell with urinal cake smell was, but we're done with this dealership. Even if they'd come around to meet our terms, we'd have requested the deal be completed outside...

Oh and the men's room was even worse. Eye's watering, sinus clogging, headache for hours after going home.

Bob B. | 2014-11-02

bait and switch
Here is the link to the 2013 Capitol Toyota LivingSocial special:… - I purchased the LivingSocial voucher on 7/5/2013. I can send you copy of my original voucher if you still have doubts.
BTW, Amazon was kind enough to issue a refund, after I explained that Capitol Toyota did not honor the voucher, I am impressed. Amazon has earned my trust and future business; I cannot say the same about Capitol Toyota.

Lily R. | 2014-10-29

I'll admit, after reading all the 1 star reviews about service taking forever at this Toyota dealership, I was worried. Mario in the service department is awesome, super nice.

Anyways, I had called a day before to make an appointment for 5k service and an oil change. Regardless of what day you stop in, get here before they open at 7am, as there will be a line of cars. Not sure if appointments really matter here, but I'd make one just in case. They stop taking cars here after so many have a service write up (at least from what I saw). I was in and out of here ridiculously quick. Ironically enough... It took me longer to get home because of traffic on Capitol Expressway.

Ronald L. | 2014-10-23

I have had excellent friendly service at this location.
Daniel in service has Allways helped me for servicing .
My Toyota has 177,000 miles and runs great
Thanks to Capital Toyota .. Keep up the excellent  job !!

Ron L. | 2014-10-16

Incredibly Unethical Dealership! STAY AWAY!!

Looking for a used car? Wanna get taken for a ride? Go to Capital Toyota to be ripped off in every way possible!

My son was looking to buy his first car and boy did they see him coming!

First, they sold him a car with modified parts that won't pass the visual smog test, so no shop in town will smog it! Then they forced him to buy an expensive two year warranty in order to get approved for financing. Now that the car broke down, they are telling him that they will not honor the $2000 warranty that they insisted he buy!

Next step; Bureau of Automotive Repairs and 7 On Your Side!

Kanwar G. | 2014-10-11

My wife hss an infinity that she bought at capitol Toyota. We got our service done at the same place even though it is an infinity. It was quick, value priced and I was explained in detail what it needs.very happy like every time we come here. A dealership quality service at a mom and pop store pricing. Very happy.

Steven B. | 2014-10-08

If I didn't have to put a star I wouldn't., horrible horrible service, I was trying to purchase a vehicle from these so cold dealership via the online application. I was dealing with a sales manager called Stephen tran., we were emailing each other back and forth he did not answer any of my questions it seems like he was not even reading my emails. And just stopped replying back to me, this was the second attempt I tried to get some help from this dealership really bad customer service please avoid this place.

Srinivas G. | 2014-10-05

I went to the dealer to check out the Toyota Prius model, pricing and etc. I am new to the US without any credit history and also not aware how the things work with these dealers. I was very disappointed with the person whom I talked to. This guy totally took advantage of my poor knowledge of dealing with the dealers. He ran my credit score without my permission and was pushing things on me. He asked me to sign the credit application form. I initially resisted from signing because I don't want to apply for any credit now but he almost forced me to sign saying this is required. He was very rude to me in giving the quote as if he is giving me some favor by giving some discount. He was comparing the interest rates in India to interest rates here and saying he's giving much lesser interest rates. I thought what a joke?? So I came out pissed off with this guy and still I am. So writing this review. This is not a place to go if you are not experienced with dealing with these guys. They're ready to take advantage of you. Beware !!!

Angela L. | 2014-09-30

I am thrilled with my new Toyota and I had the best experience at Capitol Toyota!
I worked with Stephen, who is so honest, truthful and trustworthy! After researching on various car site search engines, I called Stephen for a quote, and when he found the car, he called back with a quote that was lower than I expected! Went down and bought the car...complete comfortable, no BS transaction! It was amazing! I'm bringing them cupcakes for Thanksgiving...maybe sooner!

Monem A. | 2014-09-26

Toyota service is excellent and the service staff at Capital Toyota is great! Gabe Garcia helped us when when we brought our car for the scheduled service and he was a very pleasant to work with. He took care of my shuttle service to and back from home when our car was being serviced.

Joan P. | 2014-09-23

I had my car in for maintenance service.  Leo helped me and was great to work with.
I love my car and the service was great and the car was ready when Leo called to inform me  my pick up time.

Waqar K. | 2014-09-23

Excellent job done on my car (50k service).

Kevin C. | 2014-09-16

I always bring my vehicles to capitol toyota for service. i always deal with mike lane and never have any problems. i have 2001 toyota tundra and 2004 toyota rav4 that i only trust mike and capitol toyota to service. you get what you pay for, better parts and they work on nothing but toyota day in and day out. tired of backyard mechanics that work on everything. bring your toyota here, they always have sales or something going on. satisfied customer.

Tatiana V. | 2014-09-14

I went into Capitol Toyota looking for a car. Everything was way overpriced, and my boyfriend, father, and I were walking around for about 20 minutes or so and no one said a word to us offering any help. We went right down the street to Capitol Mazda and were greeted by a very nice, down to earth man and I bought a car that same day.

Adolfo G. | 2014-09-13

I went to Capitol Toyota today after making an appointment and having it confirmed through my email. So i get there a few minutes earlier than my appointment just to be told by a gentlemen that they are all booked up for the day and that I should go talk to his advisor. I go and wait for him and when he arrives I tell him what just occurred. His response is that they are full and that they might get to me or not but that I should just stay and wait  in my car until something pops up. So i ask how long would the wait be until they tell me if they will service my car. He tells me that he himself won't do it and that he doesn't know but that i should just wait in my car incase something opens up. I never asked him to personally do the work, I just simply wanted to know a time range since i didn't want to be waiting for an undetermined time in my car on a hot day. The guy just seemed full of attitude and tried to brush me aside. Very bad customer service and their appointment system is completely useless.

Cary I. | 2014-09-12

I guess it really depends on who you deal with but i had the pleasure of working with Kevin H.  He calls me back when he has time to give me all the details I wanted to know before buying.  I ended up with a 2014 Sienna that I totally am enjoying!!!

Thanks Kevin and staff for being so easy to work with!!!

David H. | 2014-09-09

I have been going to Capital Toyota for service since I bought my car 3 years ago. Chris Carini, one of the service staff, always takes care of me. He does the paperwork, calls me when my car is ready. Always good service.

Mary B. | 2014-09-08

I wouldn't take my car anywhere else!  My Service Advisors, Marshall and Justin ROCK.  I have developed an honest trust with them over the years.  So, when service is recommended, I don't wonder if it really does.  I am able to discuss all options, and they NEVER pressure me into doing something I'm not comfortable with.  And since I'm the type that never seems to be able to schedule and appt, they always accomodate me.  I've had my Highlander for 5 years now, and I absolutely love it as much today as I did when I bought it.  Marshall and Justin (oh year, and the mechanics, too!) help me to keep it in top shape.

Kelly C. | 2014-08-31

I purchased my Prius C here almost two years ago, and have brought it here for service ever since. Please be warned that you will ALWAYS have to wait multiple
hours if not overnight for your car, even if you are just getting an oil change. With that being said, that is the only reason why I give it 4 stars instead of 5, because the staff is always extremely helpful and never pushy, which is why I still bring my car here, despite the lines.

I always make an appointment before hand, but know that you will still have to wait. Come on early Sunday mornings (7:00am when they open) to avoid a line out of the parking lot.

I have been helped by a few different guys in the past two years, both Jon and Chris have been honest, helpful and quick. They always give you their direct cell so you can call them and ask about pick up time. Since it is such a long wait, they have a shuttle that you can use in order to get home or elsewhere. Besides the long wait, their service center is pretty great, the long lines are a testament to their good service.

My car buying experience was alright here too. I love my car, I didn't feel totally ripped off. Win win. I love the Toyota care that come with the new cars.

Timothe W. | 2014-08-31

I recently just bought a used car (non Toyota) from them and my experience was like nothing I have ever experienced before at a car dealership and maybe my expectations were to high because I have never bought a used car before all the less I did make a large purchase on their lot. This was a busy weekend for them and I get that also coming from a sale environment. This is my experience in a nutshell:

1. Made an appointment to test drive the car loved it and wanted to get it. I filled out an application for approval they told me I needed an extra large amount in order to qualify for financing...Their financing.

2. Went home and got approval from own bank and brought a check the next day...They Didn't seem enthused about that.

3. Next Day...The finance guys told me they could get me a loan and even beat out the APR on my bank. ( Day 2 and 5hours later, pretty typical)

4. Got sold on getting the warranty and that was an extra $ the way they also told me they were losing money on this deal...not sure why because I assume they wouldn't spend $20k on a car valued at $21K at an auction.

5. The promises they made me while I signing papers for 2 hours were to detail the inside and outside of car, clean the rust on the battery and fill gas tank...When I got my car it wasn't detailed and there was still dust on the console from when I test drove. They gave me 5 Gallons of gas on a 20 gallon tank and didn't remove the rust on the battery.

6. Came back next day to get what they promised...This is where is get interesting. I show up and they told me they do not fill up tanks on 'Used cars' and they didn't have time to detail the car...After a talk with a manager they somehow where able to bump me up and get it done about 45 minutes later they brought my car back saying it was finished and they detailed the doors...didn't fill the tank...I won't bore with the details but 2 hours later I final got what they promised.

I think that if you do decide to go here, go here with a brand new Toyota in mind only. They will be extra nice! Goodluck with that!

I will say that the guy who sold me my car, the guy who did the financing and the Service manager were all sweet and helpful. This is the only reason they are getting 3 stars.

James S. | 2014-08-31

April 8, 2014 (Prius ECU recall month.) Yes, I came back here after I got a bad service 4 years ago because of a recall on my Prius, since this place is closer to my house. Still the same horrible place, I made an appointment only and got an e-mail from Veronica Garcia saying I should be OK and will get my car back later that same day I drop it off there. After  that quick response with Veronica, things started to get really bad. I got 30 mins before my appointment and right in front of me, an employee named John (possibly a fake name he gave me,) was letting people with no appointment go through to clear traffic! Basically, people who walked-in are getting serviced before the people who made appointments at this place! So finally after I got helped by that same guy who let people through, he goes ahead telling me that I won't get my car until the next day. Apparently, this guy felt like my lane was not moving and decided to let the cars behind me go to the other lanes (4 lanes total,) which moved faster than my lane and that's where the screw up began. So technically, this place doesn't even require appointments, just luck of the draw. Me and my family will never ever come back here for service and sales. Luckily we only bought 1 of our 5 Toyotas in this place. Sunnyvale Toyota is a much better place, go there instead and see the difference.

Henrik M. | 2014-08-30

This review is for the sales department. The service department is more professional at least. This is the second time I went to this dealership because I had a horrible experience last time I went. After buying Four Toyota's later at the Sunnyvale Dealership, I decided its time to try this dealership again. I was nonetheless disappointed once more. ..After looking over the cars in the lot for more than 30 mins, not a salesman approached us. I was looking to buy a Camry Hybrid or Prius V. I guess they thought it was because it was 7:30pm that I will not buy a car. I know that at least 2 salesmen saw us before in the lot but never bothered to even ask. A guy comes in later and gets entertained, what is up with that? I hope it is not because I am Asian and the other guy is caucasian. Me and my wife decided to go inside the dealership, try out the Prius V and still no salesman approached us....they were all chit chatting by the receptionist's desk. Before I left, I asked them if they were selling cars out of frustration and told them I'm not coming back to this dealership....Hey Toyota Capitol, I've both four Toyota's not from you in the last 7 years...I'm not coming back ever...

Andrea M. | 2014-08-29

I had just started thinking about buying a new/newer car so I went here to check out some of the Prius Vs to get an idea if it would be appropriate for me.  Sam (I think that is what his name was) was very personable and knowledgeable about the car.  I mentioned a few times that I was not ready to buy just yet but wanted to get an idea where it would put me if I decided to pull the trigger.  

I decided to runs  credit check and see what I would get if I traded my car in.  When Sam came back with a low amount that wouldn't even pay off my current loan I said that would not work for me and I would sell my car first and then buy.  He then came back with a man names Braden.  This man sat down and said that my car was old (it's a 2010) with a lot of miles and he had other ones that were in better condition, even though mine looks great.  He said he had no clue where I would be able to get more for my car.  He said, "I don't think this is going to happen but if I can pay off your loan amount, do I have your business?"  First, why would you ask me if you have my business for something that "you don't think is going to happen?"  Second, I said I was not ready to buy and just wanted to know where I stood going into it when I was ready.  And third, at no point should anyone in customer service speak over the customer.  I was trying to explain that I would need to pay off my loan in full and have some left over to put a down payment on another car.  Braden did not wanna hear it and interrupted me with my responses.  When I told him that I think I would sell my car privately first, he stood up and said, "good luck with that" and walked out of the room.  

I got up to leave and met Sam outside the room.  As he gave me the keys to my car back, Braden came back and said he wanted to thank me for coming by.  I did not want to hear that or his voice at that point.  I told him that I would never buy from this dealership and would tell everyone I knew (and I do know a lot of people in the car sales business) about how awful I was treated.  He said he was "trying to educate me about my car."  I don't need a friggin lesson in car knowledge.  This is not my first car that I am buying or selling.  It was absolutely ridiculous.  

I have never been spoken to and treated so rudely by anyone in customer service in my life.  If I could give zero stars I would.  I guess the one goes to Sam.  At least he was pleasant to deal with.  Braden was awful and has no business in customer service.

Mona A. | 2014-08-27

I went in last week (Aug 23, 2014)  to buy a used car. The car that we liked didn't go thru coz I found out it was a previous rental car so I preferred not to go thru with it. If I am paying more than 16K used car, I will want to make sure that I get what I prefer. So we found another car that we like, but they said it wasn't ready yet and they will call me once it was ready.
After a few text messages, voice mails, phone calls, Gordon the sales person hasn't gotten back to me at all. I also went thru the website to send message regading the particular stock number and no answer. So today I called a few times, left message to Greg, I was on hold for Gordon a looong  time.  No live person.

Horrible service! Will take my business somewhere else. Can I put  a negative10?

Rich R. | 2014-08-27

I really appreciated the wonderful service and the fact that they honored their quote for a break job even though I came in 6 months later and the prices had gone up.

Derek A. | 2014-08-26

My brought my car in today and their service was phenomenal. The assistant service manager Jon was extremely kind and helpful.
I brought my car in around noon, only had to wait 5 minutes for a shuttle back to the office, and they were done before 2pm! Kudos.
All of their coffee was empty and the cashier never ackowledged me, but it's okay; Jon's service made up for it. Overall, this location is legit

Gina L. | 2014-08-26

Scheduled for an oil change appt. Came in at 9 am and was told it would take 1 to 1 1/2 hours and still waiting at 11:50. Was told by the cashier that appointment doesn't matter since its first come first serve.  Avoid this Rick service advisor who tried to charge extra for synthetic oil, or "your engine will blow up". Wow, really!!!
The oil change was finally done and pick up the car at 12:15 pm.  Over 3 hours for oil change.  Don't promise anything you can't deliver...

Sam S. | 2014-08-23

Wow; real pricks in the sales department.
- Lots of "the waiting game" and "working us"
- Not a lot of listening to what we needed
- Plenty of condescending remarks
We said at least four times today that we were interested in leasing a RAV-4.  After waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting, the sales manager informed me that I was an idiot if I thought I could finance a vehicle for the terms I was looking for:  "You need to go home and do some math," etc, etc.  While he was running me through the numbers like a child, we started to leave.  When they finally relinquished our keys he asked if we had thought about leasing.   Uggghhhhhhhhhhhh..................  See you later, a***hole.

Danny Y. | 2014-08-22

bought 2 cars from Quoc and Kevin this week. Totally happy with the purchase of the 1st car, went back and buy a 2nd car next day. Hard to find salesman that works with you and acts on your best interest. The deal Quoc got me was amazing. Went in to buy a used car. He did all the calculations and turned out that buying a new car would be more beneficial because of the gas saving and maintenance costs. With the 0% financing offer. We're now driving brand new cars for almost nothing because of the $ we're saving on gas.

Great job Quoc and Kevin. I'm gonna refer more clients to you guys.

Steven O. | 2014-08-22

Not horrible, but the upselling didn't set well.
Took my Toyota Scion xB in for regular 15k service at 45k miles. Scion has non-negotiable, consistent pricing for sales and service, but wow have the consistent prices outpaced inflation over time!
Then they made two passes upselling throttle body service and something else not listed in my repair book. When I balked, they offered a two-for-one coupon on service.
My girlfriend's truck needed basic service and tire repair immediately, too, so thought I could use it for that.
I was wrong.
Also, turns out I can't use the coupon for my next 50k or 55k oil change, 60k major service, nor the 65k or 70k oil changes. It IS good for the 75k service. It doesn't expire so...  I can use it in 2017?!  ... No dishonesty there, but definitely pushing the limits of usefulness.
I assume they did a good job on what they did; I don't know anything about cars and am very willing to pay for convenience of maintenance. Because I don't know anything about cars, anything outside of the manufacturer's schedule is suspect until proven otherwise, doubly so if no one has actually popped the hood.
I'm not sure which irked me more: the first upsell attempt BEFORE anyone had touched my car, the second upsell of EXACTLY the same products via phone call and without an educational show-and-tell, or the silly coupon.
I have no reason to suspect the services I paid for were not necessary or done well. The service was done in a very timely manner.
But I took girlfriend's truck somewhere else with no upselling before inspection (and none after, it turns out) and will do the same with my Scion in the future.

Jerry V. | 2014-08-21

Great sales expires. Will for sure go back and see Stephan. Only reason I am not giving 5 stars is because they could have cleansed the side if the car better when it was given to us. Other than that Stephan is the man. Oh and we drive down from San Bruno to work with him.

Corinne B. | 2014-08-20

Dang and his floor manager, Jim,  were just amazing!!  I can be very stubborn and opinionated!! It is very hard to get me to change my mind once it's made up!! I had a single cab no frills Tacoma picked out and was certain of my decision. I would sell my present car privately ,get pre approved with my bank and get the truck.  By the time I it was over I had the truck of my dreams, with monthly payments I can afford and a more then fair price for my old vehicle to use as a down. And of course two new friends!! Again thank you guys and I miss you already!!


Rahul K. | 2014-08-17

Excellent service, consistently

I have had my Prius serviced here from day one and have been very impressed with the service.

Jenn P. | 2014-08-12

I just purchased a used car from Capitol Toyota and I could not be more pleased. The sales team worked with me to find exactly what I needed (thanks Jimmy Lee!) the finance department is incredible (thank you Arleen Marcos!) and the service department is the best. (Thank you Brian Hayden!!)
Awesome all around!!

Foodie S. | 2014-08-10

Horrible customer service over the phone and I'm sure it will not be any better in person. Ray needs to either get spoken to or a warning to be fired. He hung up before I was done speaking and had the nerve to sass me.

Ivan J. | 2014-08-10

My latest visit with Capitol Toyota service was rather unpleasant.  Joshua J was the worst service consultant that I had experienced in the 8 years I've gone to this dealer.  His tactics were deceptive and somewhat fraudulent.

I had received a recent promotion for a oil filter and tire rotation for $39.99.  That's all I wanted.  I had to say "no" 3 times to several upsell tactics--including a "buy 1 get 1 free promotion for $90.  I couldn't believe that Joshua was ignoring what I was asking him to do.

But what really got me was his upsell on 6 spark plugs.  He called and recommended that I needed to replace the spark plugs NOW at 95k, since his tech recommended it.      Since the van was in the service bay, I couldn't check the service book.  I did check the forums online, and the forums ranged from 100k to 150k for spark plug replacement.  

Wrong!  The '06 Toyota Sienna requires new spark plugs at 120k or 144 months, so I got the plugs replaced too early.  I felt deceived.

While Piercey is out of the way, I may have to make the trek there next time.  Pretty disappointed that Capitol has transitioned so much into a "stealership.

Mitch M. | 2014-08-09

Nathan is really.great.  There are so many.people that believe negotiating is about yelling and throwing a fit....I am not sure how these service managers do this every day watching grown adults acting like seven years Olds throwing a tantrum.

Regardless of what type.of interaction they just jad....Nathan and his team always seem to greet the next person with a smile and a fresh outlook on their role - to ensure your car is maintained and give you options.

I take all my cars here....I trust them bit I also know they will make things right if they mess uo.

Thanks capital team for a great job....especially the crazy and wacky Saturday mornings.

C S. | 2014-08-09

Jimmy Lee is the best!  Jimmy gave me a no haggle price and got me out of there driving in my new car in about an hour.  He was very patient with all my questions and showed me different options including price break down.  He was constantly running around expediting my time so I could get out of there in time to make another appointment.

It was stress free and I know I bought the car at a good price along with the 0% financing.

mayra c. | 2014-08-03

Worst customer service ever. I took in my car to get something that was messing up looked at and he didn't even want to take in the car, but I told him i wanted to make sure everything was fine. Just the way he treated me was a big No along with another guy who works there. Next time I would just save my time and money and go to another dealership. If I could of gave 0 stars I would of.

Christina S. | 2014-07-30

I set up a 1 PM oil change appointment. When I went to the appointment, the service people treated me like a walk in. Said they could not service my car this day. I pointed out to them that I had an appointment. Then they said, oh...maybe later around 5:30 PM. What about honoring the appointment?? I then called and talked to the Service director complaining about what had happened. He was very apologetic and I did appreciate him trying to make this right, but at that point, I was too upset to go back, so I went to Jiffy lube instead. Done and out in 20 minutes.

I would have to say, they over book and beware of Capitol Expy Toyota service, they do not honor their appointments.

Frederick C. | 2014-07-30

@7-10 years ago, I was happy with the service I got at this dealership.  It was a bit pricey but that is to be expected going to a dealership for service.  I did not mind paying a bit more as long as the work was done correctly and professionally.  this past year though I have had terrible experience with their service.  we took our sienna in for an oil change, synthetic oil was the type of oil recommended.  when we got the van home I checked the dipstick.  it did not look like synthetic oil was used, either that or the oil change was not done at all.  ever since we bought the sienna I had been checking the oil so I know what synthetic oil looks like.  did not go back to argue, I just took my sienna to another place for another oil change.  Another experience I had was I took my sienna in again last month.  coolant in the overflow tank was near low mark and there was residue near the radiator.  technician said no leaks and overflow was full.  Got home to check it again, overflow was near empty.  took my sienna to another dealership, 7 miles away.  technician said overflow hose had a small leak and overflow tank was empty and needed to be filled.  I do not know what is going with this dealership but I am not going here anymore.

Mike G. | 2014-07-29

After a 7000 mile trip to the East coast and back, the 'Maint Req.' lamp came on in my 2008 Tacoma.  I made an appointment online and it was acknowledged in a short period of time.  I showed up at Capitol Toyota and my Service Advisor - Mario Gratton - was very friendly and professional.  He told me they would go over my truck with their free Multi-Point Inspection, change the oil & filter and rotate the tires.  He offered me their free shuttle service to my home but I told them I would wait there for the job to be finished.  I was there for just a little over an hour and the job was finished.  Mario told me what was needed and what was done to my truck with documentation in hand.  I was pleased with the results and it only cost me $42.45 for everything they did.  There is peace of mind when you have your car/truck serviced at this dealership - Capitol Toyota...

Healthy Kitchen Y. | 2014-07-26

Timely, informative, friendly service.

Leslie C. | 2014-07-18

Well something must be going on there as the normal service is quite different. Made a noon apt, showed up and found several guys standing around talking. No one looked up, somebody made eye contact as they put the number on the car, then nothing. Someone walked out  and said who's next, then went to his computer and did some paperwork.  I asked twice if someone would be out to help us  (now 2 people waiting) and they finally went inside to find someone. The 3 others just kept their heads down- one on the phone the other two on the computer. Seems to me that people should take precedence over paperwork.
Never got a call to pick it up (!) so I just left it over night and then went in this am. The tech who helped yesterday was out and so my paperwork was mia. Found then a long wait for the car.

I think that all this could have been made better with just a couple of, sorry to keep you waiting interactions. Oh well.

Kathy G. | 2014-07-16

Just completed a service appointment here for my "green" Prius V! (It is green in more than one way!). Overall, I had a good experience. I booked the appointment five days in advance and was able to arrange for my friend to pick me up outside of the dealership.

When I returned three hours later, everything was all tuned up and ready to go. I'll probably be coming here for service now since it is more convenient than the other local dealerships.

Michael M. | 2014-07-13

Every service person and shuttle driver have been super nice to me. I bought a service plan when I bought my Toyota Corolla. It has been the only place I take it. The hours are super convenient. 7AM-6PM seven days a week. I'd give them 5 stars but it can be costly to do any maintenance at a dealer. They are also so good and busy that you may have to wait longer than you think you should have. If everybody saw how many cars they deal with and how far the shuttle drivers sometimes drive to drop people off, they would understand how well this service team does. I have friends that own their own shops, but I keep bringing my Toyota back to Capitol Toyota.

Bernard E. | 2014-07-13

Went today looking for this specific car That i found on their website, i ask the sales person about it and replied that car is gone long time ago and i ask why still on the website he just simply replied those people at the internet department are lazy, we been telling them to remove those car that been sold but it never happen. My point is i drove all the way to look at it but is not there seriously its a waste of time pls people do your job if you guys want sales ok update your inventory internet people your lucky you guys still have a job a lot of them out there none,

Kathy N. | 2014-07-12

I went with my mom here on July 7th (last day of their sale) and received great customer service. James helped us look at cars and test drive them. There was a bit of a language barrier between my mom and James, so he called Khoa over to help us. I thought that was a nice gesture.

Khoa helped us with deciding on a car and filling out some of the paperwork. He also gave us a good deal on our new 2014 Toyota Corolla S! Score! He was very patient and answered all my mom's questions. He also texted us to thank us for coming in to buy a car.

Last, but not least, Joseph helped us with the financial paperwork. There was a lot to sign, but Joseph explained everything that we were signing. Overall, it was a great experience with every single person that helped us that day. Thanks once again James, Khoa, and Joseph for your help!

Jeff T. | 2014-07-11

I know reviewing a dealership can vary depending on the happiness and experience of each customer.

Thankfully, as I am hard to please, we had a great experience working with Jonathan Badal, Ruben Rodriguez, Arleen Marcos and Jay Alsamarrai in buying new cars: 2014 Highlander and 2014 Venza on July 4th and 5th. I had also sold my first love/first new car to them, my 04 Celica and received a fair offer on my car.

Jonathan took care of viewing the cars and test driving them, while Ruben and Jay helped us with the negotiating process and ended with Arleen's Finance process.
All four employees of Capitol showed professionalism, personable and assured our satisfaction.

The moment they were ready from detailing and putting a full tank on the cars, Jonathan also taught us all the features of the cars and answered all of our questions.

Kim B. | 2014-07-10

Very happy with the Service dept... I drive from Vallejo to get my car serviced here... Wont be purchasing toyota # 7 here....

Stanley T. | 2014-07-09

Capitol Toyota Service just dumps negative experience after negative experience. First, like many auto dealer service centers, you can make an appointment. That turns out to be irrelevant. It does not mean that you will have any shorter experience or be handled more quickly. Second, and again like so many such service centers, they will tell you that your car should be ready by, oh, let's say 2:00. That will rarely happen. For the second time we learned late in the day that they would have to keep it overnight. On my latest visit, they said the car would be ready about 2 pm. At 4:06 pm they called to say the battery that starts our Prius was dead. They said they had no idea how we ever even started the car. By the way, the car has never even hesitated to  start. So our $131 simple 5,000 mi service gets a battery that pushes the price to over $500.00. And the car has to be kept overnight. When I go to pick it up in the morning, I had their usual experience of "I hope you like killing time at Toyota". First you wait in line to get someone's attention. They then call your service manager who brings the paperwork. Then you pay for it. Then you go outside and wait for the car to be brought out. Total time: 25 minutes. Just to pick up a car. And finally they have the fob wedged in (you don't even need to stick it in the slot in a Prius) with the tag number taped with sticky scotch tape. It took a while to get it out and now I have to clean the glue from the tape off of it. We used to to to Stevens Creek Toyota, which was nearly as bad and had the added problem that when they gave you the car late, two of us had to drive home in rush hour. I guess we'll look into Toyota in Gilroy. My advice: think twice before buying a Toyota, because the service experience will be miserable.

Mark D. | 2014-07-08

This review is for the service department only.

When I received an email from Capitol Toyota for an oil change special ($29 for July 2 and July 3 only), I decided to take my daughter's Prius in for an oil change.  I made an appointment ahead of time for 8am on July 3 and arrived a few minutes before the appointment time.  There was already a huge line to check in.

It surprised me since I assumed the 2-day special was to encourage customers to come in for service on days that are historically quiet.  When asked, the service adviser told me those days are normally very busy and he was equally puzzled that his management decided to run a special on days leading up to the July 4 holiday.  

It took 25-30 minutes to get the service adviser to write my order.  At around 1:30pm, I got a call saying the oil change was done and that I could pick up the car anytime.  The service adviser also told me my water pump needed to be replaced.  I was skeptical since the water pump was replaced two years ago and less than 10K miles have been driven since the replacement.  When I brought this up, the service adviser said that Toyota replaced the water pump on the hybrid system on a recall but this time it was the pump for the regular engine.  They wanted to charge $610 to replace the pump.  I told him I would have to think look into it.  

I got to the service department at 3:20pm to pick up my car.  After paying for the oil change, It took 45 minutes to finally get my car.  I had to eventually tell the service adviser I didn't need a car wash since he seemed to think the delay was due to a backlog for the car wash.  I was highly irritated it took that long to pick up the car.  The service adviser did apologize a few times and was very polite about it.  But I was more upset with the management for its decision to offer special coupons on very busy days, to a point where they couldn't handle the volume.

When I got home, I found receipts for replacement of two pumps (one via the Toyota recall and the other by a local mechanic).  I then took the Prius to my mechanic, who thoroughly checked the pump and said there is no leak. He said the service tech at Toyota probably saw some pinkish residue from the previous leak (before the pump was replaced) and assumed there was a new leak.  While I can see how the technician may assume this, I would think he would make sure there was really a leak before recommending a $610 repair job to replace a perfectly good water pump.

I will still have to take the Prius into Capitol Toyota if there's another recall (which seems to be happening more frequently lately).  Otherwise, I will take my cars to Jiffy Lube or a local mechanic shop.

Kathleen W. | 2014-07-08

Justin was very helpful - called with the extra work needed promptly.  Even though the final bill was more than I was prepared for, he did his best to get it to a manageable number and was able to apply an additional discount that I had received in the mail.but forgot to bring with me initially.  Only lapse was failing to return my 4 PM call until 5 and supposedly "all the shuttle vans were out".  Justin fixed this, but the shuttle guy said everyone is supposed to be picked up by 4:30.  Did not know this or I would have been ready.  Justin did say he would send a cab but turned out there was no need.  Taking Discovery card would be helpful as well - only Visa and MC.

J S. | 2014-07-08

Outstanding service.  Excellent service personnel. Best Toyota service center and i have experienced 5.

Nikki B. | 2014-06-14

First we love our 4 Runner, second we loved our salesman Masoud. He is super friendly, sweet, and flexible. Made the car buying experience really easy with no pressure at all.  

Highly, highly recommend asking for Masoud's assistance when looking at a car at this dealership.  We will definitely recommend our friends to Masoud. Thank you, thank you, thank you :))

Cory V. | 2014-06-12

Dear Capital Toyota, never did I ever think I needed to yelp about a place before I was here. Not only were we not approached on the lot, but also spoken to like we are deadbeats. I'm aware my credit score is not 800+, but I am a solid buyer. I have 2 opened auto loans with 2% and 4% interest never putting anything down and on used vehicle. I was planning in trading one in and getting into a lease on a boring Camry for my Mother. I was less then impressed by the lady helping us I can't even remember her name, but you can tell she must have not been in any type of sales EVER. We went inside to figure everything out I told her exactly what I wanted to do, it was as if she never heard of a lease before. She wanted me to do a credit app I thankfully said no I would like to see lease numbers and how much you're willing to pay me for my trade first. She came back with this scribble she told me I had to pay extra for a rebate? Are you that stupid? Then the payment was $640!!! For a stupid Camry!!! Obviously she was not all there. Then she said if I were to purchase I would be looking at a 23.99% rate!!!! Are you kidding me? I've paid off 4 cars, I make great money, and never have had a collection or maxed out a credit card. I was ready to take a care home tonight and because of your lack of knowledge and horrible social skills you missed out. I will never return to this dealer and/or brand at that.

Kate M. | 2014-06-11

Our experience purchasing prius plug in from Stephen Tran was excellent. He is one of the rare ones who seems to genuinely care about customers. Highly recommended.

Fred T. | 2014-06-03

This review is for maintenance service (every 5k) of a relatively new 2012 Prius V under a maintenance plan separately purchased, in addition to the standard plan.

My experience has been improving.

In the first 5k, my engine light went ON due to a false trigger coming off the gas lid not properly closed (?), at least: that's how it was explained to me. In this first experience, the advisor was somewhat patronizing and tried to get $70 for resetting that light .... Extra $70 was not coming out of me when the car was only 5000-mile new. I know who this advisor was but let's leave name out. Coming from a customer-service background myself, better common sense and professionalism could have been done to handle this kind of case. Distrust was seeded but fortunately all still resolved with no extra charge: all good. 3 stars.

15k and 20k service came. Different advisors were assigned and no issue with the car. In these two experiences, I used the drop-off service. The lady that took care the drop-off service and the driver were awesome. I am adding back 1/2 star for them. 3.5 stars.

20k came and hey ...this facility seems to step up their care about customer. This time, let me credit my advisor: Marshal. As before, the maintenance went well, but there are two potential issues that may come up. Marshall explained the issue courteously and sensible .... I appreciate that. My review, from this experience, put another 1/2 star back for his profesionallism. 4 stars.

Thanks Guys! I will see you in 25k service.

Rajesh M. | 2014-05-28

My first service experience was great. Smooth and on time.

Sharon H. | 2014-05-25

Yesterday my trunk decided it did not want to close.  First thing this morning I called my service advisor Rick and said I was going on a road trip this morning.  He said come on over.  Rick, Victor and Jay (how lucky can I lady get!) all looked at my trunk and within minutes determined the problem and fixed it!

My Avalon is over 12 years old and is in great running condition thanks to the service staff and advisors - hey there Brian!!!

Thank you all!!!!

Jagga D. | 2014-05-24

Today, I had a very bad experience of Capitol Toyota. I have purchased 2 cars-Sienna, Camry from Capitol Toyota, and both times I bought Pre-paid maintenance package (55000 miles). One of that 2 cars has been showing "Maint.Reqd.' light for 2 weeks, so yesterday, I called and the woman working in capitol Toyota told me that if I leave my car at the Capitol Toyota Service Center before 12:00 pm I would get my car back on same day. so next day that means today, I have reached there at 10:50 am hoping to return my car back today. The guy working in servicing department told me that they were totally booked for today, and I would get my car back tomorrow. I told him what that woman told me over the phone, but the same reply I received from that moron. Later, sadly I agreed to leave my car there if they would give me a ride home. That moron refused saying they only provide a ride within 10 miles, and I live in Milpitas, which would be about 15 miles. What a jerk. I felt like I am stuck buying 2 cars with pre-paid maintenance package from them (Capitol Toyota).  After I have purchased my first car in 2006, I referred Capitol Toyota to my friends, and 3 of my friends (2 from Cupertino, and 1 from Mountain View) also bought cars from them. Tomorrow I will go back there and get that moron's name. I need to service my car anyway. I already paid for that 55000 miles pre-paid maintenance when I bought my car in 2006 which has currently 41000 miles, and only the original dealer validate it so I am stuck now. But my next purchase definitely wouldn't from Capitol Toyota for sure. If Piercy Toyota and Auto-mall Toyota can return the car within 3 hours after servicing, why not Capitol Toyota? Why they wanna hold our cars over-night even if you leave the car in the morning? Why they don't wanna stick on the words of their own employee who answer over the phone? Why they are not interested giving a ride customers home?

Bo K. | 2014-05-19

Bought a Prius yesterday and everything was fast and efficient.  Got everything squared away in about two hours and got the deal negotiated to what I wanted.  Wasn't pushy at all.  Lance was great and helped me purchase my new car.  

Thank you Lance and team for making it so easy!  I will definitely recommend to my friends and family.

ItsShmee E. | 2014-05-19

Horrible. I didn't appreciate the sneaky tactics they used to have us pay more on the cars we bought. We were able to negotiate to a more reasonable price, only to have them put the original price on the signing papers and have them stare at us intensely to see if we would notice. This happened both times. I know, shame on us for being fooled twice, but this does not make it okay. Also, both times, the salesperson was conveniently, "on vacation" and couldn't be reached after the purchase of the vehicles.

The experience at the service center was not much better. I made an appointment for early in the morning for a standard mileage service/checkup. When I got there, a line of cars had formed. I was told, "Your appointment is for ___, but as you can see, there is a line of cars". What was the purpose of the freaking appointment process? If this is a problem then you shouldn't schedule that many people or perhaps stop taking walk-ins! They estimated it would take a few hours, longer than the original estimated time. I used their shuttle service to get to the mall to waste a little time. They called and said something was wrong with a part and it would take more time and money. The guy on the phone sounded like he was trying to convince me something was wrong, even though I don't believe I expressed doubt. This put up red flags. The amount they wanted for the service was in the thousands. I told them I couldn't pay that, and they gave me a lower price. Well... great, thanks... but maybe you should have started with that price. I waited the entire day to get my car back. I took the shuttle back late afternoon and waited in the waiting room for a while more. It was late afternoon/early evening before I got it back even though I dropped it off early in the morning.

Never again. They have lost my entire family as customers.

Lindsey W. | 2014-05-17

Dear Capital Toyota, I want to share the experience that my family and I had today at your dealership. We were pulling into the lot where the used vehicles are located (on accident), and before I had finished pulling into the spot, a man came up to my car and started trying to talk to me. I awkwardly just stopped responding to him talking to me because I had to park, roll up my window, and get out of the car. Before I could get out of the car, though, another man walks over from the new car lot across the road and stands right in front of my door so I couldn't get out.

I heard the first sales associate (who I found on your website is a gentleman named Ralph) tell the other associate from the new car lot (named Paul) something sarcastic about letting me get out of the car. My husband was jumping out of the car to see what was going on when Paul finally moved and I was able to get out of my car. Before I could say anything else the two men bickered over who would help us until Paul finally stepped between Ralph and I and asked how he could help us. This whole time, the rear door was blocked so I couldn't get my infant out of the backseat - thankfully my husband was there to get him out from the other side.

Even though we were so uncomfortable and shocked by everything going on, we said we were there to test drive a RAV4; we were deciding whether we would be buying a RAV4 or a Honda CRV. He said to follow him to the new car lot. We asked if we should drive over there and he said yes. Ralph was visibly upset and was making small remarks off the cuff like "okay, I see how it is."

We got in the car to drive over there and seriously contemplated driving away - we were so uncomfortable, overwhelmed, and turned off by our initial contact with Ralph and then with Paul. We really wanted to give the RAV4 a fair shot though.

We drove the RAV4 and Paul was nice enough while we drove, but I don't think anything about our interaction made up for the horrible first impression we were left with.

I really hope our experience was an anomaly, because it was horrible and I can't imagine you will retain customers with that kind of aggressive and unprofessional service.

We will be buying the CRV - not entirely because of our experience with Ralph and Paul, but it certainly didn't help sell the Toyota brand to us. Additionally, other sales associates were making sarcastic and unprofessional comments to each other loud enough for us to hear while we were waiting for Paul to bring a RAV4 around for us to test drive. Just another turn-off for the Toyota brand. No follow-up is needed with us since we are set on the CRV now, but hopefully you hear our concerns to avoid losing customers in the future.

Gilbert L. | 2014-05-16

I brought my car in at 8AM and was greeted by customer service agent Leo Incaprera who was friendly and  helpful.  He told me the service needed for this mileage, looked at my tires and recommended they be replaced with a better cheaper  tires and made an effort so I can stay within my budget.  He said the car would be ready at 4PM.  No problems, great service.

Whitney W. | 2014-05-04

This place is awesome!  A couple years ago I misplaced some birthday money in my car and just forgot about it because it's been so long. I dropped my car off for maintenance yesterday and when I got my car back (they thoroughly wash/vacuum it for you btw--big plus!) there was an envelope on my passenger seat that said happy birthday. I opened it and it was the money I misplaced!  They could've easily taken it and I wouldn't have noticed but instead they sat it somewhere where I'd easily see it. I appreciate the honesty and the top notch service they always provide!

Brittney S. | 2014-05-03

I just bought a gorgeous red Nissan versa and I love it ! The service is good I was helped by neil, he is quick and straight forward he also made me laugh. Overall Toyota worked with me and gave me a great deal, Apr rate was good (being a first time buyer) and the warranty cooool price. If I you come go to Neil and the finance lady Arleen she is amazing and sweet ! She explained everything to me and made sure I was comfortable with sighing the papers which can be a little scary at first.  I had a great experience with this dealership I'll be coming back : )

Merryl K. | 2014-04-28

If anything will convince me not to buy a Toyota next time around, it will be this place.  Last time I went there, my tire light was on.  To make a long story short, 3 visits and about 3 hours of waiting, and they never did find the problem.  They ignored me, blew me off, avoided me, etc.  I finally took my car to a local tire shop and a kid of about 17 found and repaired the tire in 15 minutes.  Service?  I think not!

Susanne L. | 2014-04-24

I won't go here again. I paid $150 to be told all I needed was a $4 gromet for the engine cover. I asked for the part to be mailed. Called for weeks, then finally the serviceman said he sent it. Never arrived. Called back numerous times, called the head of the service department. No one cares or calls back. The worst service ever!

Sherry M. | 2014-04-23

We bring our Toyota Camry here for maintenance because of the maintenance package that we have with the car.  I think it's a great option to add to your car when you buy it.  


Yes when you get there at 7am, there will be a long line but at least your car will be in there and be worked on!!

Customer service is great.  Everyone is super friendly.  They call you when your car is done or call you when they find something else with your car.

Great customer service and they are very thorough!

Lillian L. | 2014-04-21

I came back for another maintenance this past Saturday, right before the holiday and it was super packed! I tried to drop my car off right when they opened but it still took awhile because everyone and their mothers brought their car in. Marshall, my service advisor, was really helpful and gave me an accurate ETA of when my car will be done.

I took the courtesy shuttle service and the driver, Arturo, was a really nice guy. The route did take a little long because they couldn't group people by area since it was so busy but they let me know ahead of time and I didn't mind. When Marshall called to let me know my car was done, Arturo picked me up as well which was really convenient.

FYI making an appointment does not guarantee you will be seen right away, it just mean you can get your car back in the same day.

James M. | 2014-04-16

Internet dept is unprofessional.  Definitely have an attitude you can feel through email.  Stay away from this place.

Coco S. | 2014-04-15

The worst service ever!!!!!!!!!!!! I took my dad here just now to pick up his car for the 5k maintenance and it was not even ready! He dropped it off at 9:30am. Supposedly be done around 4pm (That's 7 HOURS)!!!!!  I called and spoke to the lady in the front desk and she says that the car is not ready and that they close in 15 mins. I was like ....seriously? On the invoice stats close at 8pm Mon-Fri. She says that's an old paper.. How can an oil change take this long???   When we got there it was done but still sitting on the metal bars and so many people were standing around waiting for their cars too. The guy drove the car out and gave us the keys, then  I asked the service guy on if my dad will get a car wash? 5k don't you get a wash?? He says they close soon.. so if i want it I will have to come back. WTF????!! I did not say one word to that guy and just told my dad to leave this place or else I was going to blow up.


Jennifer C. | 2014-04-14

I stopped by Capitol Toyota yesterday to check out the Prius C. This is the first new car I've ever been shopping for and the first stop in my research. I've done the online research and wanted humans to fill in the blanks and get me some numbers so I can figure out what would work for me.

Our sales guy was pretty understand of this and took us in two test drives, the Prius and Prius C. The down side is that he was new to the business and when i asked questions he didn't know the answer to, he would either BS me or pretend he didn't hear me. I never got an explanation of the battery displays on the dash, which you think would be basic info for someone seeking hybrids!

The truly negative experience came when we went inside to get some numbers. Our inexperienced sales person passed us along to someone with more experience who in turn passed us along to his manager. We were just trying to get some information and when they found out we were not ready to buy, it was like they didn't want to give us information. They kept trying to pressure us into buying today, and getting concrete numbers was like pulling teeth. When the manager finally ballparked some numbers for us, they were much higher than what I had seen online. His response was, well if you saw that online, then we can get you that. So then I asked for numbers on the second car and he asked me what I saw online! He was being very evasive and not at all helpful. He did not address our concerns or needs, he was focused on making a sale yesterday and was not interested in the future business. Customer service was non-existent. He made the shopping experience a truly negative one. It's people like him that give car salesman a bad name!

When I'm shopping for a pair of shoes, i look around and see what's out there before making a decision. These folks didn't seem to understand that i would need some information before i could go home and make a decision. I imagined that Toyota, of all places, would be familiar with a budget conscious shopper.

Bottom line, even if I end up purchasing a Toyota, it will not be from this dealership.

On the upside, loved seeing his face when we drove away in our new 7 series-too bad! Lost a sale!

Matthew D. | 2014-04-13

Just came back from the service department and WOW! that was the worst customer service experience I have ever received. This review is mainly based on the service rep: Debbie

I have a 2013 Toyota Tundra and the past week I been having suspension issues where it constantly creeks under uneven road condition. So I setup an appointment for a Drop Off this morning at 7. I brought my car in and was greeted by the service rep Debbie. We went through the initial procedures, the current mileage, etc. Then we go in the office and she looks me up in the system. She then tells me I am due for a 30k maintenance. I told her to set me up with it then since my car was already gonna be in their shop. She prints out the invoice and a rough total of 475 came out. From what  remember, maintenance is free of charge until warranty expires. Debbie explains to me that it is covered up to the 25k maintenance and there is a charge from there on out for 30k, 45k etc. The last maintenance I did was the 15k so I asked if we could do the 25. (This is where she started loosing herself) With a attitude she snaps saying the maintenance expires at  25k and since I was couple miles over that it wasn't covered and I would have to pay for a 30k service...Ok whatever, I didn't really care about that and wasn't there in the first place for some 30k service. I tell her its fine and we don't need to do any maintenance.

We move on to the suspension issue. I know for a fact that suspension is covered under warranty. My friend had suspension issues with a 2012 Toyota Sequoia and Toyota replaced it under warranty. Debbie was trying to charge me for having my car inspected for an issue that should not be having problems this new. $75 for an inspection when the car is still under warranty. She then tells me it probably needs some lube and pretty much were gonna nickel and dime you for that. I tried to explain to her how her logic doesn't make sense. She cuts me off and goes outside and calls for my car. She just kicked me out of the service department and told me to leave. I didn't want to argue with her anymore so I got the service mangers number and will be talking to him. Her way of treating customers need to change or she needs to be removed from that position.

Very disgusted with that experience and will probably never purchase or even recommend Capitol Toyota. It is unfortunate all the vehicles we purchased from Toyota this event made me regret it. One bad employee can ruin the image of the whole company. One rotten apple spoils the whole barrel.

Steven C. | 2014-04-09

Good customer service for maintenance

This review is solely for the free maintenance package that comes with purchasing a vehicle. (I bought my vehicle from Sunnyvale Toyota).

+ Great customer service. Whenever I brought my vehicle here for the free maintenance, I was always met with friendly customer representatives. They even washed my car for me.
+ Shuttle service that dropped me home while my car was undergoing maintenance

- On 2 occasions, they called me to let me know my vehicle is ready, only to get there to find my vehicle was not ready yet. (But, I overlook this because of the friendly service)

* They can get rather busy, so make an appointment

Cheri S. | 2014-04-03

Nathan Chavez is the best! I'll take my car to him anytime.

Wade N. | 2014-03-31

Service Advisor........Jay Nomura is as good as they get.   Ask for Jay when you take your car in for service.

Ana V. | 2014-03-25

I have been taking my 4 Runner for service since I purchased in September 2007. I have been very happy with the service since last Thursday, March 20, 2014. I came in here noon time around 1:00PM-1:30PM to get my car checked because Tire Pressure Monitoring sensor was telling me that my tires was soft. I explained the problem to Technician and they were so LAZY to ACTUALLY check what was wrong with my tire. All they did was inflate it instead of making sure there was nothing wrong with it. I knew they only inflated the tire because it only took them 10 minutes to "fix" it and they didn't issue me ORDER #. if they actually checked the problem, the time would have been longer.  Not even 24 hour later the Tire Sensor showed up again. Had to use my husband car to go to work. So went back Saturday with the same problem I told to technician my situation and told me I had to pay $135.00 JUST TO GET MY SENSOR CHECKED, not the tire and guess what? turns out there was a NAIL stuck in my tire! If the sensor is telling me that theres something wrong with my tire then shouldn't you FIX THE TIRE and NOT THE SENSOR? These people are lazy and all they care is money. Customer service has gone downhill which is why I am giving this place a ONE STAR.  Called the Manager and told me to come there and point out the guy  who worked on my car as a proof  that I was there last Thursday, March 20,2014 since the Technician Didn't or just lazy to give me order receipt. WHY should I drive there just to point out the guy when there's Security Cameras to verify that I was really there. I will not risk my safety.

Overall people really need to start doing their jobs right because they just lost a GOOD CUSTOMER.

Marsha S. | 2014-03-19

This was my first time there.
Great service. Easy drop off and quick turn around. Gabe was fantastic.
And Lou, the shuttle driver was a pleasure to ride with.
Will make this my only service department

Francesca A. | 2014-03-16

I admit - I was nervous about bringing my car to a car dealership for the 5000-mile maintenance checkup. Things were going so well with my new Prius - why mess with success?

I called to make the dreaded appointment and MARIO answered the phone. He gave me such a sense of confidence, I made the appointment (for a day when Mario would be there).

My husband drove the Prius in around 8 AM on a Thursday. There were 12 cars ahead of ours. After waiting in line for 15-20 minutes (even though we had an appointment - so did everyone), he was told it would take 5-6 hours to turn around. What?!

Then, he went in to do the paperwork with Mario, told Mario of his concern that it would take so long because he had to wait at the dealership. So Mario expedited the service. He said it would take 2.5 hours to rotate the tires, change the oil and complete the software reset recall. Thanks to Mario, it actually took 2 hr 10 min Without Mario, my husband would have waited for 6 hours!

You might ask, then why didn't he take the courtesy shuttle from the dealership to work, then get the shuttle back again when the car was done? Because the shuttle has a strict 10 mile limit. We live 13 miles away.

So why 5 stars when there's a 20-min wait for a pre-arranged appointment and no shuttle service for us? Because with Mario's help, the work was completed well, the time to completion was significantly reduced (because he knew my husband had to wait there), and because of Mario's desire to really listen to and help the customer.

Sheri N. | 2014-03-15

I went to drop off my dad's car yesterday at Capitol Toyota. I have very mixed feelings about this place and let me explain.

We had to get the brakes fixed on my dad's car. We got there about closing time yesterday, a service man told us that it'd be ready around 10AM the next morning. I get a phone call at 830AM, discussing the price and what needs repairing. Which I thought was a good gesture, because some places would just go ahead and do it and charge you everything later. Often making your jaw drop at the price on the bottom line.

And here is where I took off a star. I told the man on the phone I'd call him back after I discussed prices with my dad. After going through 1-2 people on the phone, the first lady in the service department picked up my phone call, asked me who my service advisor was, and I had no idea. I had a long night, went to sleep at around 4AM, so I'm sorry lady that I couldn't remember what the man said at the beginning of his phone call. I offered that I knew the year and make of the car, just a suggestion you know? And she snapped at me. "Well that doesn't help." And I'd be fine if she had said something along the lines of "Oh okay, that may not be useful, would you mind giving me the name on the vehicle?" But no she snapped at me, and ok I understand it's like 830AM, I'll leave it alone.

We got a new estimate that the time would be around 3PM that we get our car back, by 4PM, no phone call. I had to call them to see if I'd get my car back any time soon, my advisor calls me back in about 20 minutes and tells me that it's ready. Fine I get it, it's Saturday, it's busy.

We're at the front desk and I'm pretty sure this was the lady that was on the phone with us (Not to be mistaken with the other lady that is super friendly). My dad was signing some of the paperwork, and she looked super impatient and just glared at us even when I made a friendly gesture to smile at her. He's old, he forgot his glasses, leave him alone if he's squinting jeez. Our service was about 2-3 times the price of a major service today, so how about you brighten up a little bit.

All of the guys are pretty cool here, and the women too except for the one at the front desk where the Cashier is. Service is a little slower, but it was on a Saturday so I'll give them a little credit. But even then, when we came Friday afternoon, no one approached us for about 20 minutes. The car that came in behind us got helped before us. We were literally the last car to get helped even though we were there well before half of them were. However, they do give every car a nice little carwash which is nice. But they are a little pricier than if you were to bring it to a local Sears. Not sure if we'll be returning.

Amit N. | 2014-03-15

Drop off the car anytime day or night. Night is preferred so you can be the early bird.  But  dare you go after 6pm to pick up your damn car.  The friendly morons at Capitol Toyota will tell you to take a hike, come back next morning because cashier is closed in service department. And then they will give you a survey form so you can compliment their brilliant service.  I am so DONE with Capitol Toyota.  Never again will I make the mistake of going there again.  If you are hearing you just lost a customer BUT does it matter there are others, right.

Luis M. | 2014-03-10

Horrible , i stood outside for 20 minutes waiting to be approached . Nobody helped me . Went in the office and showroom , again , zero help . Awful service

Aaaa M. | 2014-03-07

Good service, good staff. Everytime, I have my maitanence done smoothly. Nothing to complain. Good!

Jimmy P. | 2014-03-06

Well I don't know why this place got low rating; they do deserve five stars. At least the way I got treated. I wanted to buy car for my wife but i did not had any thought of buying Toyota. Lol. Since I was shopping around I end going to this place. I was just looking at the cars and about to leave until new Toyota Avalon caught my attention. At the same time the Joe (the dealer) came asked me if he can help me with something. Since I had the long day ahead of me, I asked to test drive the Avalon. Long story short, I end buying it. And I'm glad I did.

Tim B. | 2014-03-03

In summary, my experience with Capitol Toyota sales department was great. However, their service department is literally the worst ever and I've been to more dealerships than I can count. I ended up purchasing a certified pre-owned Tacoma through Mario.

Honestly, I may have paid a few more "K" for a certified pre-owned Tacoma than had I gone through a private seller. However, the peace of mind of a buying a pre-owned Tacoma with a warranty and the perks that Capitol Toyota provides, like two keys and fobs, new floor mats, and 3 free oil changes seem worth it to me.

So I've had to drop this review down from a 2 (I would give it a 1, but my experience with sales department was good). Unfortunately, this bump is because of the service department. I made an appointment for a 7:30AM to get my first free oil change and get my A/C fan looked it. Since I made an appointment I figured it would only be an hour or 2 at most to get everything done and had plans to stay there. However, when I arrived, they still said it would be over 6 hours. I told them I had made an appointment. The service guy's response was to point me to the full waiting room and said these people have been waiting since 6:30AM. I asked if they all had appointments too, but his response was a curt "it doesn't matter".  To top it off, it took over an hour to get picked up by a curtsey driver to drop me off at home (said my workplace mountain view is too far).

Honestly, I'm going to skip my other two free oil changes they give you. It simply isn't worth the hassle dealing with this service department.

Richard F. | 2014-02-23

Great Experience!

Waited about 30-40 minutes on a Saturday afternoon to get my car worked on - it was extremely busy (as always) - but when I got helped, Marshall was there to explain things for me

I only ended up needing an oil change, but expressed doubt that my tires would probably also need to be changed since I had had them for 40K ever since I drove them off the lot. When he called me back to recommend I get new tires, he walked me through a couple options, which ones he liked and didn't like and why

It didn't hurt that I had a 50% off of the oil change (cause of Yelp) and Toyota had a deal for 'Buy 3 Tires, get the 4th for $1 as well as lifetime alignment for any set of tires I get on the car for under $100 (one alignment would be  $80)

All in all a well respected visit regardless of having to spend the money, but it was well worth it!

Ali A. | 2014-02-15

This review for sales department, particularly Jimmy. I cannot exaggerate how easy and professional he handled my car purchasing transaction which included trading in a car. He gave me top dollar for my car from . No extra talk or any of that. Very honest and straight forward.

Price negotiation was very simple and reasonable. The entire process was completed in a professional manner. By the time I was finished with finance, my 2014 Camry was outside polished and ready to go !

By the way, this wasn't my first new car purchase. But this was my FIRST purchase where I can say I the client was treated professionally and I was able to leave the dealer cool and relaxed as I initially walked in.

Again, Jimmy is the man to go to!

Jay G. | 2014-02-15

Bad experience with sales department. They were very rude.
Stay away.

Irina C. | 2014-02-14

Great service! Love the place!
Even on busiest days the team will do everything possible to  keep the schedule and finish service as fast as possible.
The customer lounge with individual rooms and wi-fi is a perfect place to work!

Justin N. | 2014-02-14

I'm the proud new owner of a 2011 Camry. I had an excellent buying experience with Capitol Toyota. My sales person was Phong Tu. He was friendly, knowledgeable, and was able to address all of my concerns. I was able to negotiate a fair price for the car and my trade-in with Kevin Ta, the sales manager. He promised me that they could buff out and minimize some of the minor cosmetic issues on the car as well a throw in some new floor mats since the car didn't have them. The car came out beautiful. The finance manager, Jay Aggarwal, was also very friendly and made the final bits of paperwork a breeze. I ended up coming back after I bought the car because I found a plastic piece on the underside of the car that was missing some clips and was hanging down. They took the car in, properly attached the piece, and all with no extra charge. These guys are great and I will certainly come here for my next car.

Joey N. | 2014-02-14

Should not even get 1 star.  Brought my tundra here 2 times for service and both times they tried to scam me.  First time they said I needed new brakes.  I said ill get it at next oil change.  Then I take it to Stevens Creek Toyota and they say breaks are perfectly fine.  Alright maybe it was a little difference in opinion.  So I thought I'd give them another chance because they are close to my house.  
I took it there for another oil change and they called me and said I need new brakes (that they are at 2), a new water pump because it is leaking, and repair a transmission fluid leak .  (Total $2300).  My $50 Oil change turned into a $2350 service.  I picked it up WITHOUT getting the recommended repairs and drove it straight to Stevens Creek Toyota.  They did a thorough inspection and found NO LEAKS, BRAKES WERE FINE (said they were at 5) and Water pump was fine.   How do you explain that??????

GO TO STEVENS CREEK TOYOTA.  More professional and I have never had any problems.

Enrique C. | 2014-02-11

After filing a complaint with the BBB Anne from the dealership finally reached out to me via Yelp.  They provided me with the phone number of the service manager.  When I called him he apologized for my experience and offered me a credit to use on future repairs and maintenance.  When I expressed my doubt in returning to the shop because of my experience with service adviser Michael Lane he encouraged me to try another service adviser.  Fair enough.  

I'm sorry this matter could not have been resolved in a more expeditious manner and that it took a complaint to the BBB for someone to reach out to me but better late than never.

Scott D. | 2014-02-08

Recounting my experience with a SALES guy at Capital Toyota (This might not be a reflection on other SALES Staff). John Nguyen, not sure how he got to be a SALES GUY. no customer facing skills, no handshakes, no proper eye contact, wasn't friendly, he felt he didn't want to be with us. Looks like he made his assessment that we won't be buying and his attitude was indifferent, lest did he know that we picked up a similar model at another neighboring dealer. HIS LOSS.

If you can, stay away from him.

lilah c. | 2014-02-05

Updated review :
Well let's see this also includes the Capitol Toyota used service department.

First and foremost they really need to update their waiting area... Did you see my picture? It looks like something from the 70s. Yes they have a coffee pot, but um no coffee anywhere to brew and the water cooler had some brownish stain in the water trap.

Ok, now onto the actual "service" from the techs. Hmmm let's just say if you have to bring your car in more than 2x for the same thing obviously the mechanic is not doing something right. For instance, Tony one of the service techs (whom I can say really needs to work on his customer service skills) tells my husband that the liquid leaking that my husband pointed out to him was windshield wiper fluid when it was blatantly coolant storms off pretty much without a word as to what he can do about a possible leak in the car.

At this time we are extremely unhappy with both the salesmanship and customer service of the this dealership. No one has the decency to callback with a courtesy call. Now it looks like after everything it seems that we are about to lose money on this car, a car that was assured to us by the salesman that this was a well maintained car that should have no problems. However we have had nothing but overheating problems and taken it back to them a total of 4x. I believe it's been in their service department more days than we have driven it.

If there was an option to give no stars I would because of all the inconvenience and emotional distress this has caused. All we wanted was a commuter car to get from point A to point B.

Rob G. | 2014-02-02

Fast and professional! I showed up at 6:55am without an appt on a Saturday and was greeted with open arms. They were super busy, but still took the time to be thorough. Great place to purchase and service your car!  Thanks to Leo and the whole team!

Aimee A. | 2014-01-29

I'm a new 4Runner owner and dropped it off for its first scheduled maintenance under Toyota Care.  They did what they were supposed to.  I chopped the 4th & 5th stars due to the wait.  Here's the break down.  I drove up to the service dock and wait.  A guy walks up to the car and checks the specs, writes them down, and places the service ticket on my windshield.  When I attempt to get me and my kids out of the car, he says, "that's okay ma'am, you can wait in the car.  So I wait (with 2 restless kids under age 5).  Then my service advisor finally collects my paperwork and asks me to walk inside to the service desk and "wait" again.  Finally he processed my paperwork and my service is underway.

Mind you, I did drop of on a Monday, likely their busiest day of the week.  If I could give an extra half-star for the friendliness of my service advisor Mario I would.  But being a previous Honda owner (for most of my adult life) I would drive up to the service deck, they would write my specs on the ticket, have me walk right in to a service advisor, who processed my paperwork and had my service started fairly quickly.  The only waiting I would do was either in the waiting room for a shuttle or waiting for their call to let me know when they were done.

Not sure what all the extra pre-waiting is all about at Capitol Toyota but they need to do something about that.  Plus maybe a little upgrade to the exterior and service desks to make it more inviting.  Honda seems to show a little better in those areas. Just saying.

Christina L. | 2014-01-26

I appreciate the guidance and feedback of Gabe Garcia.  He did a great job of keeping me updated on the service on my car.  I also appreciated him breaking down the different options I had for the major service due my car.  It felt great to know there were additional options for my car.  
Normally the guys just tell me the most expensive level of service and don't give me options.

So thank you Gabe!  I so appreciate your service and will be returning to you and referring my friends to you.

C G. | 2014-01-20

Hello! I am writing to provide my experience/feedback on the candor and professionalism of one of the floor salesman, Phong Tu.  When I started my car shopping journey, I visited many dealerships on Capitol Expressway because I had not narrowed down my likes/dislikes as of yet. (I feel a good sales presentation can help in this process!) Phong seemed excited that I was excited about test driving some new cars and perhaps striking up a deal! It's always nice to work with a person that shares in your excitement! So, if you're considering a Toyota vehicle, please do yourself a favor and ask for Phong Tu when visiting Capitol Toyota!!!!

Lydia M. | 2014-01-20

We just bought our first minivan here. We worked with Stephan Tran and he was very nice and not pushy at all.  My husband and I hate pushy car salesmen.  I think the culture is changing because we weren't swarmed on the lot.  The finance man Joseph was also very nice and we were in and out in 2 hours. I swear that was a record.  If you buy Toyota in SJ, come here.

Diane C. | 2014-01-15

Two things wrong with Toyota on Capital Express, service. One when making an appointment the person on the phone should tell you(me) which service place to drive up to. They wasted my time when I drove up to the wrong location. There is two service areas. I was not the only who did this, the driver behind me did the same thing and waiting for those busy guys on the phone, who ignore me as if I wasn't there. I know you might be busy, but courtesy would be before you take the next call, ask your customer, can I help you? Second thing wrong with their service department,  too many guys to help you. This was not a good thing. Too many service people to deal with when checking in my car. I saw four guys total, really! One guy, I first talked with who told me to wait by my car, second guy who was confused as ever as to what HIS job was to do next. His job was to give my car a number and collect all the info on my car. The third guy job was to ask me what my car was in to be service for today? The last guy then, input all the information into the computer. Note the second guy wrote my vin number down incorrectly, which held up checking in my car. Almost a two hour wait for tires rotation, top off my fluids, and to take off the service check on my dashboard. This was for only a five thousand mile maintenance.

Issa A. | 2014-01-14

I was involved with a friend that was totally taken advantaged of when he had his Camry taken in for an oil change and walked out with a $3,900.00 invoice. Sure the work was authorized but if you knew my friend you could see that he would say yes to any suggested service offered because of a mental condition. I asked the B.A.R. (Bureau Automotive Repair) which is a State agency that investigates complaints regarding automotive repairs. After the B.A.R. investigated they suggested my friend was taken advantaged of and suggested $1,900.00 which Capital Toyota resisted to do until they were advised the Mercury News was getting involved. They did write a check for $1,900.00 to my friend. Since then I was asked that I not bring my Toyota Vehicles to them for repair which was no problem for me, just thought you all should know how careful you need to be when they work on your car.

A L. | 2014-01-12

This review is for the sales/financing departments only - not service....

Just purchased a new Toyota Highlander today.  I dread the whole car buying experience so I had put it off until I could wait no longer.   I have no poker face and I'm far too honest so Joseph S., the sales professional, knew immediately I was in a bit of a bind.   Despite this, he was the farthest thing from pushy taking hours with me to very objectively help me find what I ultimately felt comfortable with.   Given my initial indecisiveness, skepticism, tight timeline and high expectations, I will say the man has the patience of a saint.  Had he not been so kind, I would have either walked away or hastened the process just to get out of there.....thereby likely regretting my decision.   My sincerest gratitude to Joseph.  

When going thru the financing process, of course they started at a ridiculous interest rate.   Getting them down to fair was so unbelievably painless that I almost thought I didn't try hard enough or ask for a low enough rate.....however, fair is all I ask for.  They are there to make money and I'm there to get a fair deal.  We got to a collectively good place in short order.  

I will be back to this dealership when the need arises and I would recommend Joseph S. to anyone.   He at least made me feel I had someone in my corner throughout the process.  He could have been a great actor or a great sales professional or a great guy - I don't care.  I left happy.   I've never been pleased with an auto buying experience until today.  In general, the people I encountered were just decent and good....not your typical sales crew.  Jay (financing guy) was even kind enough to give my poor patient daughter crackers while we were signing papers.   I would actually send my aging mother to this team and be completely confident she would not come back dazed and confused and having spent 2x her budget.

Lee L. | 2014-01-10

Last month we visited 10 different auto dealerships and did test drives at 9 of them.  Obviously, we didn't buy 10 cars, but I'm writing reviews about our experiences at several of them, even if we didn't buy a car at that place.  We didn't buy from Capitol Toyota, so this is a review for the shopping experience.  Take that with a grain of salt; my stars aren't based on the actual buying experience.

I will have to say that the salesperson we met at Capitol Toyota was by far the most animated and funny that we have ever encountered.  He was an older gentleman who clearly cut his car-selling teeth back in the old days - very slick and charismatic, and I mean that in a very positive way.  He's changed with the times, however, and wasn't pushy or evasive or sneaky in any way.  He was very honest (often brutally so) about his opinions about a variety of car features, and my wife and I thoroughly enjoyed our interaction with him.  Had we decided that a Highlander was what we wanted, we would have enjoyed working with him.

Francis F. | 2014-01-10

We have purchased two Priuses here and had them serviced here exclusively. Never disappointed.

Melanie J. | 2014-01-03

I had an amazing customer experience with the service department at Capitol Toyota.  Capitol Toyota made me feel like family and like a VIP!

They were honest with the estimate and gave me a great price worth it's weight in gold for the work done.

When you go, the most outstanding service advisor and assistant service manager is Ignacio Sandoval. It is not possible to say enough wonderful things about Ignacio!

Capitol Toyota has made a customer for life! I would not trust anyone else with my car.

Zita Rebecca M. | 2014-01-02

Toyota Capitol has never failed my expectations with 7 years of service to my then yaris and my current prius. There was an incident 3 years ago, i was pregnant and got into an accident. Marshall Blank from that time until now, has continued his compassion and great assistance. Check in with Yelp and you will also receive great deals.

Phil K. | 2013-12-26

I've been using Capital Toyota for over 12 years with 3 of our Toyota vehicles.  This dealer lost all trust from us after this last service.

We had a car that was due for its 60K service and according our our car's owner manual, it needed most of the fluids drained or flushed.  I called to talk to a service adviser before I took the car into the dealership and they verified that several of the fluids would be changed and the others would be inspected.

So I took the car in and when we got it back, all that was done was the oil and filter and a tire rotation.  For the cost of the 6 month service at $179 (with a coupon).  WOW.  What a rip off.  I can get that at my corner garage for $39.99.  I called back and complained to the service manager that I had called the day before and was told the transmission fluid would also be drained and refilled.

After several hours, they called me back and told me to bring the vehicle in again to get the transmission fluid drained.  Two trips later, it was done to what they promised to do in the first place.  If they don't do the service the owners manual says to do, then what good is "proactive and preventative" maintenance?

They told me that they'll always monitor and check the condition of the fluids at every 5K service.  But that ASSUMES that I'll always take my cars back to the SAME dealership every 5K.  And that's not the case so the fluids may be left in the vehicle for way longer than it should and cause major damage and high repair costs.

So much for "Toyota Care".  I don't think we'll ever trust this dealership again.  They charge for stuff you never get and make assumptions that can mess up your car in the long run.  Proactive maintenance should be done at the manual's recommended service intervals and not simply inspected and ignored.

KS S. | 2013-12-21

By far THE WORST SERVICE Toyota dealership ever. I just dropped of my wife's Camry for oil change and some type of recall notice that we received last week. Arrived at dealership at noon time, all advisors were at their desk, no greeter waited there for 15mins. Employees walking by avoiding eye contact. Finally I had it, asked for Service Manager, one of their staff said that ALL those behind the desk are managers and that someone will be there to help me. Waited another 10 mins. Before I was told that car won't be ready till tomorrow and that I can just leave key inside the car and file out an envelope with my contact info. NICE !!! This is going to be our final TIME there !!! Can't wait till I get the survey !!!

Joe S. | 2013-12-20

My first Toyota experience was exceptional & excellent. Mario was extremely friendly  & professional. He epitomizes the best in service representatives. We could not have asked for a more positive experience with him. The shuttle service was spot on with no problems. Everything was completed in a timely manner. I highly recommend the Toyota Service Department...   Joe S.

Roman Q. | 2013-12-18

Came in because my car was leaking oil after a recent maintenance in Southern California. I no longer have toyotacare so I was prepared for the possibility of needing to pay to figure out what was wrong even if it was something minor. Justin Delgado helped me out and was very friendly. We chatted for a bit while getting all the paperwork done. Even though the service department was very busy my car was ready after a little over an hour. The problem was that the oil cap hadn't been place back on. Justin told me where to go to get it steam cleaned and also didn't charge me at all for the time to figure this out. I am extremely grateful for this service and if I ever need service done while here in the bay they will be my first choice.

Chany U. | 2013-12-18

I brought my car in yesterday for oil change/maintenance. I got to Toyota Service at around 9:45am and it was PACKED (I think everyone was trying to get their cars looked at/fixed before their holiday vacations). I waited about 15-20 minutes to talk to a service advisor. Normally I would get really pissed to have to wait that long but since I saw that there were 10 cars waiting to be helped (and more coming behind me), I understood the wait. I felt they were efficient with their time, especially given how crazy busy it was.

So at around 10am, I was introduced to my Service Advisor - Debbie Vasquez. She was such a sweetheart and helped me very quickly. She was very easy to talk to and you could tell she strives to give good customer service. After she was done registering my car in, I asked her how long she anticipated the wait to be. She said that it may be done at around 2 or 3pm. I figured as much because of how many cars were there. I wasn't sure if I would have a ride to get back to Toyota if I took the shuttle home so I told her I'll let her know if I decide to wait at Toyota or come back later. Debbie said if I leave, make sure to call her to let her know. She gave me her business card and said that if she doesn't pick up, just leave a message.

My sister confirmed that she could drive me back so I took the shuttle home and left a message to let Debbie know. When I signed up to take the shuttle home, there was a nice man with the sign-up clipboard who turned out to be the driver. He said that I could take the shuttle with him and that he was leaving in a little bit. I wish I could remember his name because he was so nice and cool - he worked the morning shift and apparently after 4pm, he worked the pick-up shift as well. He warned me beforehand that it may be quite a ride because he had to drive two customers all the way to Monterey/Bernal. I was fine with that and appreciated that he let me know. He took 5 of us home and it was about 40 minutes before I got home (I was the third drop off) but I didn't mind. He was very pleasant, polite and provided great customer service. So far, I've taken the shuttle twice from Capitol Toyota and I've had a positive experience each time!

When I got home, I called Debbie again to confirm when I have to pick up the car by. I got her voicemail again so I asked her to call me back. At around 12pm, she promptly called back, told me that my car was ready and that I could pick it up anytime before 6pm. I appreciated that they were done with my car so quickly but I was sad to have come home. I would've stayed at Toyota if it was only a 2 hour wait. In any case, I was glad they overestimated. If they gave me a short estimated but I wound up waiting even 30 minutes passed that time, I would've had someone's head. In saying that, I was glad that my car was done and I was glad that Debbie called to answer my question and to promptly let me know.

When I went to pick it up, Debbie brought out my key right away and after going over the car evaluation with me, she said that I was set. She also helped schedule an appointment 5 months from now for my next maintenance check. I was grateful to have her as my service advisor because she was great to work with and I felt like I was in good hands. I was also pleased that they had washed my car as well!

I've been to Toyota Capitol's Service for about 5 years and I've always had a smooth experience with them. It sucks that they have such low ratings because I think there are some really genuinely good employees there who really strive to give great customer service. However, I do understand there's a bad batch. I am just grateful I've only been helped by the gems. I hope this good streak will continue when I bring my car in for its next oil change/maintenance check!

TOMMY N. | 2013-11-29

I'm not sure why this place has so many bad reviews! My review is for today's purchase of a certified used 2011 Camry SE.

Upon coming here, we had done our research of which local Toyota dealership had the Camry SE, low mileage, color and price. Upon arrival at the lot, we weren't bombard with a sales pitch or anything. Our sales guy let us look around before approaching us which I really like and appreciate. It's like going to a department store and being asked what I wanted to buy when I step in. RELAX! Let me look around and I'll ask when I have a question. Test drove the car and loved it! Onto the loan and negotiation part...which took a little longer than I expected but this is my first time getting a car though. At one point, we almost got up and left because we couldn't agree on the price but then Kevin stepped in and sealed the deal so props to him! He wasn't trying to push anything on us, I felt like he was just having a convo with my brother and I. Before sealing the deal, we had requested that two things get fixed inside the car because it was falling off and Kevin said it was no issue at all that is why people buy cars from the dealership! Then we met with JK, finance manager, he was pretty chill and down to earth. I initially thought I tipped over his coffee cup and spilled it over his desk but it turned out to be a prop! Classic moment and I loved the humor that he had. Signed all the paperwork, went to buy insurance and came back to seal the deal. Inspected the car; the two required fix from the morning was completed, car washed and got brand new floor mats. All in all, it took about 4-5 hours (those 2 hours I went home to get required paperwork and buy insurance).

I will definitely come back in the future if anyone in my family needs a Toyota!

Happy Black Friday!

Caroline L. | 2013-11-22

This is my favorite and the BEST Toyota dealership I've ever been to. And here's why:

About a week ago, my brother flew home from NYC to buy my Mom a Prius. He took the time to check out most of the Toyota dealerships in south bay, which most of them treated him like shit, giving him bad deals, and pretty much told him they won't sell one to him because he lived in NYC. Wow, really? He just wanted to buy my Mom a new car. After checking out all the dealerships, we finally came to check out Capitol Toyota, where Rick assisted us, giving us the best deal, no headache, no B.S. and superb service. Not only was he friendly, but he took the time to teach my Mom all the controls of the car, how it functioned and worked.

My parents bought a Toyota Sienna from a different Toyota dealership in the past (I'm not gonna name any names here), but they treated them like garbage and would always milk the money out of their wallet whenever they had the chance. Here at Capitol Toyota, they didn't try any of that, but of course offered the best deals and services with no pressure. You can tell they truly care about their customers and are willing to do anything to satisfy them.

So my Mom was really happy with her new car, however one of the remotes we received was not working when we got home. My Mom ended up going to a different Toyota dealership closer to home to see if they could help fix the problem, but they told her they needed to check it for problems, charge her about $80 and probably keep it for a few hours. Uh, hell no. The car is brand new, it makes no sense to have to pay even more money. When I came home the following week, I went back to Capitol Toyota(today) and explained what the issue was and was assisted right away.

Today I was helped by Justin(yay for lefties!), who was super friendly and took care of everything immediately. I could tell it was kind of busy, but I only waited for about an hour. It was definitely worth the wait though. It was fixed with no problems and my Mom was really happy when I got home.

Overall, the people I spoke with over the phone, the workers, everyone I talked to at Capitol Toyota was super friendly and adorable. I know I can trust Capitol Toyota to not bully my Mom when I'm not around. It is a little further away from home, but the drive is definitely worth it. No BS, up charging, nada. Only the best friendly service anyone could ask for at a car dealership. I will definitely give you guys a perfect 10 when I get that phone call!

Thank you so much Rick and Justin!!!


Rich M. | 2013-11-21

The service dept. is 5 stars!  Best service ever!

Birgit J. | 2013-11-17

Friendly associates, good work, I just leave the car and pick up a washed clean car when it's done.

Tamara S. | 2013-11-15

I took my 2010 Prius in for a brake recall and they were able to accomodate me the same day.  They called when I was told they would and washed it before I picked it up.

Antonia M. | 2013-11-12

I love my plug-in Prius!!!
I got carpool stickers. I'm getting 52 MPG.
Andy was my sales guy. Very good person. I sent him  a text message at 8PM yesterday when I got a flat tire. He responded within seconds. Andy is the kind of guy who doesn't just forget about his customers once he's made a sale. I will be going to him when I'm ready for my next car (hopefully a long time from now).
Good experience.

Marcel C. | 2013-11-09

Thank you Capitol Toyota.
Hi had a good experience and recommend dealing with 3 people.
For sales - Alfredo was very awesome and straight forward.
For service I recommend 2 people who are very professional and dedicated to customer service-
1. Nathan- what a cool guy. Always kind and really focused on customer service and does an amazing job.
2. Mario- very good man as well. Customer oriented and gets the job done.
Thank you guys.
Marcel C.

Richard N. | 2013-10-22

I have bought my 2nd prius in 3yrs and i have sent a lot of friends and family to get their toyotas at this location. All I can say its GREAT service :)

Jenn L. | 2013-10-21

I dropped off my car here due to a letter I received about parts being recalled in my car. Turns out that something about the air bags was recalled.. Mind you my car was purchased in November 2003, and low and behold.. 10 years later something about my airbags gets recalled. What if I had a horrific accident and they didn't inflate?! I would have died!

Anyway, I dropped my car off on Saturday with a 12 o'clock appointment but I ended up waiting 30-40 minutes before I was in and out of that place. What's the point of an appointment when there are 2-3 other people with the same appointment time?! On top of that, they said my car would be done 10AM the next day, however that wasn't the case.

On Sunday, as I'm watching football, I realize it's 3pm and I still haven't received a call.. So naturally, I call them to inquire about my car. After calling several times.. I finally reach my service agent. He informed me that they LOST my paperwork! Wtheck?! I need my car Monday to get to work!!

Man.. I was so upset.. So much for a first impression. He told me he would throw in a free detail which is why I'm giving it 3 stars instead of 2. And thanks to yelp check-in, I was able to get an oil change for 50% off! Score!!

The service here is not that great. They take way too many cars than they can handle.

Nariman R. | 2013-10-21

Great experience. I went on Sunday afternoon and Marshall took my car and although the time estimate was for fixing it by Monday morning, I got a call at 5:30pm that the car was fixed.
The only reason I did not give 5 star is because the car drop off process is just not very pleasant. You have to just stand there until someone shows up. I wish there was a display that would say, you are customer number x and a service advisor will be with you in xx to xx minutes.

Patty L. | 2013-10-19

I would never purchase a car from this dealership. they are much higher pricing. do not honor prior issues on their vehicles with customer's that have purchased several vehicles from them in the past.  

find a dealership that is more customer oriented and is willing to correct their mistakes and work with the clients.

especially do not deal with Anthony.

Glomar G. | 2013-10-18

It took an hour from the time I received my service
receipt to the time I actually had my car.
"Oh it's being washed, it will be out ASAP", says the service manager.
Bullshit. It was never washed, you guys just bumble fucked around.
I don't have time nonsense and chicken ass excuses.  

Follow up: Nothing to left to discuss, Anna L,  
I'm done with your company's lackluster customer service and I've moved on.
Regards, Me

P U. | 2013-10-15

I brought my car in for an oil change, when the car was returned the front bumper was hanging off on the left side. I asked the service guy what happen and he told me it came in that way. I explain that I would have noticed if my bumper was hanging off and there's no way my car came in like that. He quickly say "naw I wrote it down" and started to walk away. As he was walking away another service guy ran out from the garage with a little clip in his hand and said "This is yours. It must have got knocked off". He then clipped my bumper back on and walked away.
I literally stood there with my mouth open. No one came to apologize even though there was staff standing around watching what happen.
Thanks to the guy who ran out with my little clip thingy But the rest of them can go fly a kite.
Capital Toyota I declare you the crappiest dealership in the bay area. Congrats.

Harold B. | 2013-10-08

Courteous, prompt and they are as good as they come.

jane c. | 2013-10-02

The prices here for labor are about $50. More than local garages.  The service estimates are about  30 min. Too Long too.  As a consequence my estimate for a water pump and drive belt was over $600.  I had it done well for $400.  
Conversely, the dealership is clean, it's easy to Get in.  They are open weekends.  They wash the car. The service advisors are knowledgeable.

I did want more specific description of which pump needed replacing of four.  I knew it was one of 3 since I has one replaced the day before.  I had to call back.  Only the vague general need was listed.  That needed another phone call.
I try and stay away unless there is no option and it must be a Toyota part like the gps or aux. battery.

Fancypants J. | 2013-09-29

I submitted an online form for the "best price" on a RAV4 & of course the email reply doesn't quote a price but they want to call me on the phone. I replied that we were planning on coming to the dealership anyway so I was told to ask for John in Internet Sales. So we get there, right around the time we said we would, and John is nowhere to be found. No one else seemed interested in assisting us because apparently if you exchange an email with someone at a dealership you are now obligated to purchase from that person even though there has been minimal interaction and absolutely no transparency on best pricing. After walking around the lot aimlessly for about 25 minutes we decided to leave with no test drive and no John in sight. Waste of time. I hate that attitude that Toyotas are so popular, they "sell themselves". They really don't.

Claudia C. | 2013-09-28

I recently purchased a Prius from this dealership and I just had to write a review after the amazing customer service I received. Mr. John Nguyen was an excellent sales person. He got me the car I wanted at the price I most desired. The dealership is so big I had so many options of cars and colors. Mr. Nguyen took his time and showed me all the cars I wanted to see and he even showed me a few he considered best fitted my needs. He was very patient and very professional at all times. I definitely recommend you take the time to go to Capitol Toyota if you are looking to buy a car, but for a great deal and exceptional customer service look for John Nguyen in the direct sales department. You will be happy to take my advise.

Tara S. | 2013-09-21

I wish I could give no stars. I have been coming here to get my 04 prius serviced and every time is a COMPLETE nightmare. Ill spare you the past details but after my most recent experience, I am not returning. I needed a recall done, my front license plate mounted and a new sun visor because mine falls down, which was my only motivation to bring the car in. Knowing I should check to make sure they have the parts in stock to avoid delays, I called a week ahead to check. I was on hold for about ten minutes with the parts department repeating that I had an 04 prius that needed a sun visor. I was reassured multiple times they had it, In fact they had an "overstock." When I drop my car off Friday of course no one knows about a prius that needed the sun visor and not only are there none there but none at any other dealerships in the area. I was told my car would be ready with its other services by 10-11. I call at 11:10 and sure enough my car has been sitting ready to go and no call. When I arrive MY FRONT PLATE IS STILL NOT MOUNTED ON MY CAR. Don't waste your time/money here.

Cheryl L. | 2013-09-17

Shift my day around just to find out that my car doesn't need servicing when they put a sticker saying that my car needs servicing at 12,000 miles. Even called two days ahead to make an appointment. The guy Victor that was helping me was really rude about it too. He said you shouldn't be here basically blaming me that it was my fault. He also said that he doesn't even know who put the sticker on the last time I was here because the persons number doesn't even come up in the system.

I wish they had a more efficient system to where the appointment people should have warned me that my servicing was a little early. Now I'm sitting in morning traffic. Waste my time and money.

Warren L. | 2013-09-14

Very happy with the service department here, I would recommend - i take my 2012 Prius Plug-in.  i have no comment on the sales side as all car sales are pretty much the same - ya gotta make it an adventure in human interaction.

Nhung V. | 2013-09-13

I came here to get an oil change and air filter change. The wait was reasonable without an appointment and the people were nice. Free "car wash" so that was a plus! But it wasn't clean..They claimed to have washed my car but I think they just wiped it down a little bit. I was content with the work but I felt like it was a bit too expensive.

Ricky G. | 2013-09-13

Just purchased a 2013 Prius from John and let me tell you I did a lot of comparing but no one could beat the price that John gave me. Without question John gave me excellent service.

A. M. | 2013-09-12

Capitol Toyota changed my timing belt and outer drive belts on my new 1995 Toyota Camry (that I purchased there) at 48,999 miles.  This year, I was told by another Toyota dealership who inquired when I last had my timing belt replaced, that they recommend replacing that timing belt at 90,000 miles!!  Capitol Toyota also had me in for a major inspection earlier than needed for $1800.00.   I am now at 144,600 miles and my timing belt is still working fine.  * Make sure you have a "non interference" engine (as I do) though before you wait longer than suggested to replace it.  If you have an "interference" engine you will destroy your engine if the timing belt breaks.
Complain to the Bureau of Automotive Repair if you run into trouble with your mechanic.

Luis A. | 2013-09-10

Met w/ Marshall for m y 10K service.  He fixed a dented bumper, and a brake that I was very thorough on a brake issue, which I was somewhat vague about.

The experience was great and the staff very professional

Maureen P. | 2013-09-09

Good experience buying my third vehicle at Capitol Toyota last year,
Excellent service from Mario my service manager...he even hand dried my car after washing it after my warranty service!  
Keep up the good work.
M. Porter, San jose

Ben E. | 2013-09-05

I bought my car back in Jan 2013. I was trying to get the best deal on a new Prius 4. I have submitted inquiries to 5 different Toyota dealers in the area.
Jimmy Lee was the person who replied my inquiry from Capitol Toyota.
His offer was by far the lowest one. after e-mailing it to other dealers, they all said they would not be able to beat his offer. I told him I am a busy guy and I would like to be in and out in as soon as possible. upon arrival to the dealership, Jimmy greeted me and we started the paperwork. I walked in, wrote him a check for the full amount and was out of there in about an hour. quick and painless.

I have owned the car for about 9 months and I love it. I had the pleasure to get the oil changed on the car twice already for free (part of Toyota care free 2 year maintenance). the service dept is great. free shuttle home. nice friendly staff. I am looking to replace my other car right now, and i will definitely turn to Capitol Toyota again.

Thanks guys!

Nicola M. | 2013-09-04

Since I didnt feel like driving all the way to Santa Clara to Lexus service department, I decided to go my neighborhood toyota service for a quick tire fix.  VERY BIG MISTAKE!!! The service dept. here has to be the epitome of AWFUL service.  I stopped by on a Saturday afternoon to get my tire repaired. I'm not sure whether it was because I didn't drive a Toyota, but I sat in my car for 15 minutes and no one approached me. 2 service advisors walked right by me and not one of them acknowledged my presence!!!  Mind you I arrived 2 hours before closing!  You try to patronize your local business and this is the type of treatment you get?  I think not.  See ya Crapitola Toyota, you'll never see me again.

Zijun P. | 2013-09-03

I'm a new grad that went into Capitol Toyota during Labor Day weekend for my first car since I heard Toyota is a brand I can trust, which is something I no longer believe after my experience.
I was in the middle of my financing for a Toyota Corolla 2013 on the price we agreed on when my dealer Tran told me I was missing some paperwork. One of which was an updated proof of income I can only receive AFTER Labor Day weekend since my company doesn't work on weekends. After I told him this, he said I can come in the next working day (Tuesday 9/3) with the papers and I will receive my keys. He told me not to put any money down as deposit.
Today (Tuesday) I forwarded him all my paperwork in the morning and attempted to make an appointment but did not hear back at all. Finally his manager Quoc told me that he is off until Thursday. Plus, I have lost my car AND the price because I did not sign to "contract the price" nor pay a deposit. All the Labor Day sales were over. I was NOT informed ANY of this by Tran. He made it sound like it was a done deal as long as I bring in the paperwork on Tuesday.  Tran told me via Quoc that he called me Saturday, but I honestly have no record of the call. The car was still at the dealership, but he will not sell it to me nor give me a current quote. I just WASTED my time over the weekend and holiday and most of my Tuesday getting forms and getting insurance for a car I will no longer own.
I informed Quoc that I thought Tran was very unprofessional and this must be some kind of misunderstanding. But not only did this avoidable misunderstanding happen, but they seem totally unwilling to solve it or communicate with me.
They do not value their customers at all. I'm sad this had to be my first experience purchasing a car.

Craig M. | 2013-09-03

They were able to schedule me in to repair my flat tire and give my car a wash both at no charge and finish within the approximate time that I was quoted. Thanks

GS G. | 2013-09-01

First time here and I'd recommend it.  My Camry needed it's 45k service and I called the day before and they told me to bring it in whenever I wanted.  I brought it in at 2:00 and had it done by 4:00.  I've had service in Concord (which I would never do again) and Dublin (which is where I normally take it).  Good staff and the guy who helped me remembered my name.

K C. | 2013-08-31

I came in for my 60,000. Service tech was very courteous, they called me when it was ready. Gave me recommendations and washed my car. This is my first time at this location so from the reviews I didn't know what to expect but I'm glad I gave them a shot. I'll be back.

Henry C. | 2013-08-30

I believe I met the same Joseph that James P. was talking about. My experience was completely different. He was nice and honest. He found the Prius that I wanted. Gave me a test drive. I told him that I hated bargaining. He quoted me a price that's slightly below invoice. I accepted and the deal was done.

I also traded in my old prius. It had over 130K miles. The service manager took a test drive. I was the sole owner and the car had been serviced by Capitol Toyota. He gave me a price that I accepted, consistent with what I found from Kelly's blue book.

The whole experience with pursing a new car and traded in an old car was been nothing but pleasant. Before buying my old Prius from Capitol Toyota, I also purchase two Camry's from them.

I would have rated Capitol 4-star, but I need to offset James P.'s 1-star.

Brian T. | 2013-08-29

Went for an oil and filter change.  Quick response to take care paperwork.  The service was completed within 1 hour.  They also provided me the problem on my car which needs the immediate attention.

Update:  Reduced from 4 stars to 2 stars for their service department.  After the service, a service adviser recommended that I had 3 major problems on my car and he said my car was in very "bad" shape and it needed immediate repair which estimated for $3500.  I took my car to my friend repair shop.  After the inspection, my friend said there was only one problem but other two are just minor which do not need immediate repair.  The cost for the repair is $350.   The lesson learned is that if the repair is expensive, it is better to get inspection outside shop first before you come back to the dealer.

Seamus H. | 2013-08-26

For the third time in a row, i took my car in for regular maintenance and third time they have called with additional repairs.  I have a 5 year old Prius that is in great shape.  This time they called to replace water pump and timing belt.  When I pushed back, service manger went to floor to inquire severity.  When he called back his response was "if you had a Toyota maintenance package we would tolerate the leak and not recommend repair".  I was pissed and feel like Toyota has been scamming me.  I'm giving two stars as he didn't charge me for light bulb replacement and detailed my car for free and some level of honesty but be wary of these guys.  Also Toyota I hate waiting 30+ minutes in your waiting area to even have someone acknowledge that people are waiting.

Tony A. | 2013-08-19

Always friendly and always busy. You have to be okay with a wait, but they try to get you done as quickly as possible. Their service reps are awesome and take the time to explain any questions and they always wash my car, which is usually filthy.

Tony B. | 2013-08-18

the service suck , i have to wait for adviser 30 '' , oil change take 2 hours

Dotty S. | 2013-08-16

I always take my Rav 4 to Capitol Toyota. From the person who greets me, to the person to who relieves me of my money, I am treated with respect, as if my car and I are the only thing on his/her mind. I love pretending that I am the center of their worlds.

Steve M. | 2013-08-16

salesman named Alfredo (tall slender asian with thick eye glasses on) was very abrasive and didn't know anything about toyota cars. he was just downright pushy and disrespectful. we went to another dealer instead to buy a car.

Mimi H. | 2013-08-15

This morning, I called the Parts Dept. and a gentleman answered the phone.  He asked if he can place me on hold and I said "sure"!  After 37-mins on hold..i hung up the damn phone!  Wasted my time!  At least come back on the line and tell me how long the fn wait is!

Paul K. | 2013-08-14

Ok, so very few people actually like car dealers, so certainly that has to be considered in any review...

So here's October of 2012, my wife and I were interested in purchasing either a Prius or Prius V.  We corresponded with a salesperson, met them in person look a test drive, etc...  Then, the usual "lets go inside", blah blah blah

So here's where we go south.  I tell the salesperson we are pre-approved through Toyota financial for a 0% loan, and that one of the conditions of the loan (clearly spelled out in the pre-approval notice) was zero down.  I also show the much lower than MSRP quote from their competition for the new car.

So, the sales guy goes to "the tower" (bathroom, coffee break, whatever), comes back with a "fantastic" quote, which was MSRP, 4.9% financing and $5K down, along with a quote for my trade in well, well below the quoted price i showed them from their competitor. immediately press on the finance rate and down payment, and say no way.  He leaves, then comes back with the correct finance rate, still with a down payment.   So, again, i say "please listen to me.  I have pre approval from Toyota.  Zero down.  Zero interest.  Lets start there."  So, he leaves again...twenty minutes later, my wife and I are getting highly frustrated.  He comes back, finally with the right finance terms, still on MSRP and still on the lower price for my trade-in.  I can see about as much frustration in his eyes as mine for this, as he did seem genuinely concerned with trying to help me.  


I don't think you can fault a dealer for the price they offer, because a consumer has 100% power in the can get up and walk.  Which, at this point, is what we did.  Or attempted to do, as the keys to my trade in were still "with the trade in guy".   To which, to the dismay of the salesperson, I respond by pulling out another set from my pocket, saying not a problem, i can leave now, and we'll just note that you have a set of my keys that you'll go ahead and pay to replace if you can't find them.  

We get up, and miraculously the sales manager walks in, dripping in gold jewelry and oozing the combination of nicotine and slime.  He peppers me with questions about why, why why I won't buy, then as I stand up to leave, finally starts to throw out pricing that is more in line, but still higher than their competition.

So, completely frustrated, I say no, the sales guy returns my keys, quietly apologizes for the managers sliminess, and wishes us best of luck.

Truong V. | 2013-08-14

very good ,, fasrt,...friendly..

Paul B. | 2013-08-10

This review is for the service dept.  Brought in my Prius for a warranty repair.  During a morning commute the instrument panel would not turn on.  I drove the car for a while, then pulled over.  After spending 20 minutes on the side of the road pressing buttons and attempting to reset the car, the panel magically came back on.  

Brought in the car to Capitol Toyota on a busy Saturday morning - they got me in fairly quickly despite the long lines.

Richard was reluctant to see the car about the instrument panel until I also mentioned that I needed a water pump replaced.  He brightened up and said come on in.

Went back and forth discussing the instrument panel before Richard printed something out and said sign here.  Not a word about cost.  Just sign the paper.

What's this $150, I ask.  He says it's the charge to look at the problem.

It's an intermittent problem, what if you can't duplicate it?


Really?  So despite the note from Toyota Corp. stating "we at Toyota care about the customers' ownership experience" and "If the customer has experienced the condition it may not be possible for the dealer to duplicate the condition. If this occurs please verify with the customer that the experienced condition is in accordance with this Warranty Enhancement Program and proceed with replacement of the combination meter" they still were trying to charge for warranty work.  C'mon.

So Toyota says do the work at the dealer, and the dealer refuses.  What now?  Time to visit different dealer.  And report the incident to corporate.

Given this, I declined the $600 water pump work as well - that will go elsewhere now.  I know Capitol Toyota is a business but it would be nice if at least they pretended to care about anything other than money.

+1 star for organization
-4 stars for not accepting legitimate warranty repair

Jen J. | 2013-08-08

I used to go to Fremont Toyota because that's where I bought my car. Then it was milpitas, then now capitol toyota. My service tech was very helpful and hooked me up with my yelp discount. He got my car serviced in a timely manner, and gave me a call to let me know ahead if it would take longer.

Ignacio my service tech
Waiting area with coffee and snacks
Patio waiting area
Courtesy shuttle service
Yelp and Groupon discounts

Small office space for the service techs. Can't fit in too many people
Waiting area too small
People can hear all your business

Robert C. | 2013-07-30

I drive a Camry business lease and, although my personal vehicles are Jeeps and a Porsche, CT's service far surpasses Jeep service which is very good.
CT service looks Porsche straight in the eye.   Great job...Bob C...San Jose

Karen B. | 2013-07-29

I have a been a customer of Capitol Toyota for many years. Normally I don't care for car dealers, but the folks at Capitol are great.  Service is wonderful - great hours, friendly staff, good service, trustworthy.

And sales staff are good too. I recommend Capitol Toyota to anyone.


Mark W. | 2013-07-28

This review is for the Service Department: I bought a used Toyota Avalon from an independent dealer and took it to Capitol Toyota for a major scheduled maintenance since they are within walking distance of my house. I had a Saturday morning appointment. I arrived on time and there were plenty of cars lined up for service. I had to wait about 30 minutes before a service manager checked me in. Overall, not too bad. The service manager was courteous and helpful. My car was done later that afternoon and actually cost a little less than I was quoted. I was pleased with the service and the car runs great. I will be taking my car there for the foreseeable future.

Dan C. | 2013-07-25

After initial contact on there website, then 2 emails and a phone call they agreed my KKB offer price for a used car was ok. Drive an hour to the dealership spend another hour discussing the car to be told by alfrado they would not honor my price after all.

Typical unscrupulous "bait and switch" , look else where.

Alana F. | 2013-07-24

Service Dept only. I waited 40 minutes to get checked in yesterday. There is no sense of urgency here, from the lone guy who puts the ticket number on your car, to the guys who drive the cars into the service area. My customer service rep came out of nowhere thankfully to help me finally but maybe it's because he saw there were 4 lines of cars and backed up to the street. WTH? I like the car wash and I like that they call you when it's ready, but really, that's small compared to the HUGE time waste of time just sitting there. GM - get it together, figure out a better way, create a team of people who at least LOOK like they give a damn and want to get you in and out. The only reason I gave 2 stars was the customer service guy was efficient and nice. Next time, I'll do the early bird.

F and L N. | 2013-07-18

I bought my 4Runner here in 1999 and have had 99% of its service done here.  I depend on a reliable vehicle when I'm offroading a 2-hour drive from any other human.  They have kept my car reliable.  At 200,000 miles I have yet to need to add a quart of oil.  The service time is consistent and reasonable for the amount of work done.  Pricing is reasonable for a dealer.  I've dealt with many service advisors over those years.  All have been courteous and professional.  Most have been very knowledgeable.  At my last visit yesterday, Leo bent over backwards to investigate two maintenance issues, bringing in a service technician, and actually advising me not to do either repair.  He didn't charge for that.  Most dealers charge a minimum of $60 to do anything.  Waiting areas are noisy if you want that, or quiet if you want that.

robert k. | 2013-07-17

I only want to speak on the service department.

These guys are super busy, but they try to take care of you as much as they possibly can, as quickly as they can, and as friendly as they can.

I like that I am always fairly in and out, they wash my car, and they call me when my car is done so I don't have to guess when I come in.

My tip would be to utilize the early bird night-before drop off service, and drop your car on a Friday night so they can work on it Saturday morning.  Then just come in at your leisure on Saturday once it's done.  No fuss, no muss.

Becca C. | 2013-07-15

This review is on their service department. Brought my 4runner in for general oil change, tire rotation, etc... It was a "groupon" type deal. I made a 8am appointment. Was not "checked in" until 8:45 and was told it wouldn't be ready until 2pm. No shuttles were available and couldn't help my husband, resulting in my husband walking 5miles home. When I came to pick it up they said it is just getting washed and then I can go. I waited for the car and it wasn't washed. I asked them why it wasn't washed and they said its because the antenna wouldn't go down (automatically). It's broken you have to push it down its a 1999 4runner so it's no spring chicken! I just walked out, didn't even want to waste my breath. Whether my treatment was because it was a "groupon" type deal or not I wish I could give them 0 stars. Ironically I ended up buying a car from Toyota Sunnyvale this same day! And will be taking both my cars to Toyota Sunnyvale for maintenance. Don't waste your money or time here.

M L. | 2013-07-13

Brought my car in for oil change couple times.  One time the 27 points inspection check list indicated my headlights were working properly.  In-fact the left headlight bulb was burned out the day I brought it in.  The other time I came in to get my car back, the service manager told me that I need a new cabin filter because it got really dirty.  I told him that I just bought the cabin filter on Amazon and installed it myself two days before.  Should see the face on the service guy since I caught him lying and not checking what they should check on the 27 points inspection.  He quickly said let him talk to the tech guy.  Since then, no more oil change at the dealer.

Bobby H. | 2013-07-09

DO NOT COME HERE....these people are morons. Brought my brand spanking new car and the first thing that the associate does is swing open my door hard and wide...which then hit the wall of the building. Complete negligence....and utter disregard for customer service. The next day I get a call back from another associate, they took care of the warranty service but didn't mention anything about the door.....I asked about which he replies "I dont see anything about that here"........ Utter failure in training, customer service, lower - mid and upper management. Do yourself a favor and take your car to a dealership who understands what customer service is really all about.

Alan A. | 2013-07-05

Dropped my car off Friday afternoon, just before the holiday, thought they might have to keep it till Friday.  The service advisor, Daniel Incaprera, came out really quick, told me they would try to have it back to me before the end of the day.  Called me to pick it up at 4:15.  Wow... quick work....   I knew it was really busy, so I thought I would have to wait  a long time at the cashier, but almost immediately after I arrived, Dan spotted me, came over, and did all the paperwork in his office.  Not only was it fixed, (covered under warranty), but they gave it back to me washed....   Thanks for the great service.

Jose E. | 2013-07-03

OK.  1st of all let me admit that I've owned American cars most of my life.  So, any sign of decent service is probably overexagerated.

I bought a 'used' Toyota Prius, and found that it had a leaky water pump.  I approached Capitol to find out how much it would cost to fix.  They told me that it would cost me nothing and they could do it right away.  Shocked, I pointed out that I didn't have a means to get home and could not wait.  They informed that they had a shuttle that would take me home,and my car would be ready in a couple of hours.

Like I said, I've been abused by Ford, and GM for so long that I may no longer be able to tell good from bad, but to me this seems awesome.

By the way they are open Saturdays and Sundays for 'service'.  Try that at Found On the Road Dead!

Krystal C. | 2013-07-02

Very good service. Very fast efficient. Leo, Bryan, Justin  and Marshall are the service reps to speak with. They do not lie and are very nice. They will tell you what is a need to do now fix and what can wait for later. They do not let the mechanics say you need things that you do not. The mechanics also do not do this anyway. Wonderful customer service!

Helps to call ahead and see how busy they are ahead of time if you must have same day and cannot leave it.

Have not bought a car at this location. Just had my car serviced.

Sarah B. | 2013-07-02

My husband called today about our passenger rear door. The automatic door is failing to shut and I have to do a forced close. I previously replaced a faulty manual driver's side door at my own expense despite the problem being faulty factory welds. Despite there being a corporate notice sent to owners on the door cable issue, Toyota wants to charge me a diagnostic fee of $150 to tell me if that's the actual problem. So what exactly is the point if I have to PAY money to tell me if the corporate admitted problem is the actual problem? I have had only negative experiences with both the sales and service departments of this dealership. As far as my actual Sienna minivan:

My Toyota Sienna is THE WORST car I have ever owned and the worst car company I have ever given my money to. After previously replacing the entire rear driver's side door out of pocket due to a faulty factory weld, the automatic slider on the passenger side is now malfunctioning. There was a warranty enhancement notice that went out on a cable issue BUT they want $150 to check to see if that is actually the problem. So, you'll take my money to tell me if there is a problem with the same mechanism you've already announced has a problem? And you call this customer service? Toyota has lost me permanently as a customer and you can be sure I will never, ever shut up about the miserable experience I have had with this van. I could also go on and on about the faulty rear fan wiring, the auto door that has no reliable sensor and closes on my children or anytime we are facing downhill, the malfunctioning factory stereo, and the driver door panel that falls off on a daily basis. Only 80K miles, people!

Boib H. | 2013-07-01

Should've checked the rating first before going there. There's a limit how many times customers can ask for lower price to a car. That number is 2. The third time you ask for lower price, the sales person will snap and give you shit.
The salesman i met was Jimmy Lee. He thinks he's still in china where he can treat customers like shit.

Sean B. | 2013-06-24

Two and a half star average on Yelp, huh? Why am I not surprised? Okay, it seems like the majority of folks on here have had a bad experience and the General Manager hasn't been able to reel this in, so I guess I'll just throw in my two cents and get back to car shopping online.

I spoke briefly with Khoa on the phone, and he seemed great. Professional, courteous, direct. I was all set.

Unfortunately, I couldn't make it in until the next day, and he wasn't in. So Kenny approached us. It was a bit of a mess. First, it took him ten minutes to realize that the car I was interested in was sold the night before. Then he took us across the street to look at a "comparable" car... that had the wrong transmission. Moments after we clarified that I required a manual. We went back, and waited for the one stick-shift FR-S to come back from a test-drive. Stood in the rain, actually. Then, after examining the car and determining that it would be suitable for a test-drive... but not the exact one I'd want due to lots of extra add-on options pricing it $3500 higher... he didn't want to let me take it for a test drive since I "wasn't a serious buyer" that night.

An hour of my life wasted, I still haven't driven an FR-S, and I damn well won't make a trip back to Capitol Toyota to buy a car. Looks like I'll be driving up to San Francisco to pick up my car next week.

QuEENN I. | 2013-06-19

someone once told me "the car biz is ugly" but i did not realize as a first time buyer, i would feel completely screwed over by capitol toyota. where do i start? i recently purchased a certified preowned 2010 toyota corolla s from MARK JOSEPH. i initially was thrilled to find this car and mark who resembled a honest, kind person. ARLENE MARCOS was the financial advisor who hooked me up with my deal. her inner sales woman was on point that day,  june 3 2013 because she talked me into getting "touch of class" package. i questioned her about some scratches on my car that i was interesed in getting fixed.  arlene assured me "touch of class" would take care of that. capitol toyota should re-name "touch of class" crappy service deal! seriously, my car was in the toyota service center for three days when i recieved a call from good ol' mark joseph.  mark joseph claimed there was a "problem" with my loan. he asked for $1,000 more to add to my initial down payment! bs! i told him i could not give anymore. he then asks if in the next 30 days i could produce this $1,000. no, again. mr joseph then asks me how much i can put down. i told him $500. but i was not interested in giving more than i have. he assured me everything would be ok , to call him if there are any problems, and finally that he would find another way to get my loan financed. two days later mark called again, says my car will be ready by the evening. i was very happy at that but he mentioned nothing about my "loan issue". the same day nathan chavez from the service dept to tell me my vehicle was not ready that evening.  it would take longer due to a gas tank issue i mentioned. he also stated the supposed touch of class was not done yet due to the gas tank being replaced. i composed myself and thought: fine, get me my car asap. i was starting to forget what it looked like since i only had it a week but i still had faith. i waited patiently for the call so i can see my car again. tuesday evening armando phoned to say my car was done and ready for pick up! great i was off at 530pm and planned to promptly return the rental and retrieve my car. when i got to rental return, the lady (dam didn't catch her name) was clearly flustered and irritated. she barked at me, "hello!? ma'am what do you need? " uhm, to return this car and to get mine. she informed me they close at six pm  but she would have to stay late to help me.! so i told her i was sorry but i just got the call that imy car was ready and i wanted it after the 8 day wait.  i just wanted my car. so, as i approach my vehicle i am inspecting with my eyes, and there they are:  the scrtaches i specifically requested to be touched up.i  furiously  ask armando if they were truly done with my car. yes he insisted, so i showed him my concerns but he told me there was nothing they could do  and asked and who told me the touch up consisted of smooth paint. uhm no one did but touch up to me means presentable not chunky paint.i expected scratches to be removed as i requested. i was rude to armando (my bad) and told him i did not want to talk to him i only wanted a manager. he agreed and walked away. during this wait, no manager ever came out. i proceeded to call mark joseph remembering he said if there are any issues to contact him directly. he answered  and i explained what just unfolded. mark told me that he already warned me about minor scratches not being fixable and on black paint more visible. ok, i tell him but i am disappointed with all services from toyota. the miscommunications between co-workers, to the lies about "touch of class" i expressed this to him adamantly. he then began to  raise his voice and was clearly upset at my comments. "are you talking about me" mr joseph asks. so yes, i tell him i am disappointed in my overall experience and will never purchase from here again and would advise even my worst enemies not to purchase from capitol toyota. he then interrupts me to say "irene, irene, i am ended our conversation now" and i say "alright, late" he hung up on me. how unprofessional, graceless, and distorted of mark joseph. so, i am utterly defeated by toyota. it is very tragic that my dismay must be played out like this. so to MARK JOSEPH, ARLENE MARCOS and capitol toyota, thanks for reminding showing me the car biz and toyotas true colors... and those colors are BROWN and RED , kinda like caca, doo-doo and/or blood..

Anthony W. | 2013-06-17

Sales experience was good. Used TrueCar, had the price nailed down and everything went smooth. Car purchased in October of 2012.

Why the one star? Their service department. The service department by itself is one star. Expect two to three hour waits for a simple oil change and tire rotation. Their online appointment system is a joke and they don't even honor the appointment times. I had a 7AM appointment one day and they said it'd take over five hours to get an oil change done because of how many people were in front of me. Why even offer appointments online if its first come first serve? I now get the car serviced by the Toyota dealership in Palo Alto since it is close to work and it actually has a true appointment system.

Perla P. | 2013-06-15

Just got home and parked our Toyota Tacoma in the driveway and we couldn't be happier. We got referred here by a dealership in santa cruz who sold a car we were interested in last night they apologized and said they knew who had the truck we were looking for. We called capitol Toyota told them what truck we were told they had and that we would be there in a hour. We pulled up and they had the car out and ready to go! We dealt with Stephen who was the absolute best, super nice and a really good guy he did his job and sold us a car signed paperwork with Arlene and we were on our way home!

David P. | 2013-06-13

Mixed car buying experience but they worked hard to fix the issues in the end. Thanks!

T M. | 2013-06-12

Finally a place that believes in the coustomer!  My service manager Leo and his partner Marshal gave me a great service, suggested items to be repair,  fix my main problem with the timing belt and made sure that I could call them at any time if something was not right.  
Thank you,
Tom who is satisified!

Hebzoor Z. | 2013-06-10

I have a 2013 Tundra - took it in for its first service appointment and was treated very well.  I watched Leo not only give me great service with a smile, but an elderly couple just before me too.  A month after I bought it, Leo's partner Marshal gave me a great deal on 5 All Terrain BF Goodrich tires.  Installing them took about an hour longer than he quoted, but it didn't put me out so no big deal.  They also have a free shuttle service that will drop you off and pick you up within a 10-mile area.

David W. | 2013-06-05

I recently bought a new Prius at Capitol Toyota. Let's face it - nobody looks forward to the car-buying experience. I usually try to do mine remotely - online, email, phone. I began by literally stopping people on the street and asking them about their Prius. As I came closer to the "buy"decision, I was pleasantly surprised with the people I dealt with there - salesperson, his manager, etc. They were patient with my rather long evaluation period (months), let me test drive the car as much as I wanted, dealt straight with me in the negotiation (always a little scary), and I ended up with a great car that I love at a price that was a good one, based on a lot of research.. By the way, the first tank of gas in my Prius got me 50.1 mpg, so they're not kidding about the mileage.

Anna B. | 2013-06-04

We went car shopping on Mother's Day and since this dealership was recommended to us, we went there first to check. After waiting for about some time to test drive a Prius III, the salesperson (didn't catch his name and don't want to remember - old gray haired guy) came with the car and I started asking questions. Having done my research before car shopping, I told him that another Toyota Dealership has a promo price which was $3k less for what they were asking. The JERK'S answer was "SO WHY DO YOU WANT TO TEST DRIVE THIS CAR IF YOU DON'T WANT TO PAY THE PRICE WE ARE ASKING? IT MAKES NO SENSE." Well, it didn't make any sense buying a car from this jerk, so we left. Absolutely very poor service, and to Toyota, you do not need any jerks selling your cars. We ended up buying a Prius Plug In instead in another dealership.
I would give this dealership NO STARS for service if I could!

Erica A. | 2013-06-03

Terrible experience about purchasing a vehicle.

Sales was pushy and not helpful. *Did not purchase car here*

I showed up to buy a used car at first then changed my mind to get a new car. We asked the sales guy to print the options for a car we were interested in and write his best price, his response was that the price listed is the price for the car. We wasted a good 2 hours there for nothing.

We ended up going through our bank for a toyota dealer recommendation and online quote. We ended up spending 2 hours there and in that amount of time the car was washed, gas tank filled and financed. I was still able to enjoy my Sunday in Sunnyvale.

L I. | 2013-05-25


We had a horrible experience at Capitol Toyota and will not be purchasing a car from them again in the future.  Our sales associate was Chin and we had setup an appointment with him online to meet that day to test drive a Camry XLE.  We arrived on site at 1pm, test drove the Camry XLE and informed Chin that we were good to go on purchasing the car but wanted to have a silver one.  He said it would not be a problem and that the car would arrive from the Sunnyvale dealer by 5pm.  Chin explained to us that he had to leave early because he needed to head down to Carmel later in the day, but that we would be taken care of.   This was a total lie.  We completed all the financing paperwork and headed home to wait for word from Chin or someone at Capitol Toyota that the car had arrived and was ready for us to pick-up.  When 5pm passed and we hadn't heard anything we called Chin on his cell phone and he said "Oh no one called you to tell you what happened?  The car from Sunnyvale didn't work out so we had to get another one from Santa Cruz so it won't be ready until later tonight.  Let me text you the contact person's name at Capitol Toyota and you can follow-up with them."  We never heard a a word again from him - no text, no call back, nothing.  We kept calling Capitol Toyota to find out the status or a contact person to help us out.  FINALLY after several hours we went back to Toyota at 9:30pm and had to redo all the paperwork.  Not only did we have to redo the paperwork, we had to WAIT in line again eventhough it should have been a quick re-print of the files with the new VIN #.  The poor guy doing the paperwork that night was trying to juggle multiple customers and it felt extremely rushed and unprofessional.  Not only that, when the car finally did arrive it was pitch dark outside and we had to "inspect" the vehicle at like 10:30pm.  The sales associate who was helping us out at that time was also rushing through the explanations of the buttons, radio, etc. worked on the car.

We didn't leave until about 11pm that night and in hindsight we would have preferred to just pick-up the car and do the paperwork the next morning vs. ruining our entire evening.  We are also contraaswting this experience to one we had at Palo Alto Toyota where everyone was extremely professional, no one rushed us, etc.  We should have just gone there instead and will do so for our future Toyota purchases.

Max L. | 2013-05-25

Great customer service! Purchasing or servicing is hassle free. You also will get fair value for trade ins.

Brian W. | 2013-05-21

I've been going to Capitol Toyota off and on for nearly 30 years (originally as a passenger.) There have only been a couple of glitches in the service in all that time, and they did right to make amends.

The only reasons I can't give them 5 stars is that appointments don't seem to mean much. If I need  2 hours of work done and I make an appointment, I shouldn't have to come back in 4-5 hours just because they are (always) busy. They should amend their policy to tell non-appointment stop ins that they will have extraordinarily long waits, since their appointment book is often full.

J E. | 2013-05-21

I put my car time 30k maintenance. Everything was good until I picked my car.. First of all, I car should be wash before it give it back to me. Secondly, when I have issue with seat belt and consultant said he would check it out. He walked with me to waiting area waiting for my car. Few minutes, he walked away with his co-work and let hanging there. When the car arrived, he still not came. After he chat with his co-worker, he served another customer that just coming.  I have to wait fifteen minute he still not coming back.. I was really upset and I took off and forgot to pay the invoice. With this type of service, I don't think I will come back for service. He doesn't seem to care for me after service is done..

Puneet A. | 2013-05-20

We purchased a Prius Three for the wife over the weekend and were very impressed with the friendly sales and finance staff.
Tran Nguyen from Internet Sales gave us a great deal on the car- unmatched by any other Toyota dealer in the bay area.
Jay Aggarwal - the finance manager is a pleasure to work with.
The staff made us feel very comfortable and welcome. Will definitely recommend to friends and family.

Brian W. | 2013-05-09

Normally Do not write reviews but I have been going here to Capital Toyota for years, since I bought my Lexus in 2010. I am not very car savvy, so it is nice to be able to go to a place where they explain everything about your car from A-Z. I only deal with Scott as my service advisor and he is awesome. Super friendly and super helpful. He always gives discounts as much as he can. Overall I would highly recommend this place because they do professional work with some very friendly staff.

Ben H. | 2013-05-05

Jimmy was awesome! He gave us a great deal on a Sienna!  Friendly service!  We ended up going back a year later and buying a new Tacoma. Dealt with Jimmy and Gordon... Both of them were great!

M R. | 2013-04-29

We really enjoyed working with our sales guy, and I believe that the manager wants to make things right. But the internal bureaucracy kills even the best intentions.

We bought our Highlander from them and after many hours we drove away with a filthy car, which they promised a second key (they only had one to give us) and to detail when we came back to have bluetooth installed.

They didn't detail it then.

The bluetooth was installed incorrectly, which was blamed on a third party vendor. When I brought it to be fixed, I reminded them many times about the detailing and the key.

I was told to find the paperwork proving that I was due a second key. Nice.

And I when I called for status on the repair I was told that the car was "nice and clean." As I picked it up, absolutely nothing had been done in the way of detailing the car.
When I told the guys in service about the detailing, they helplessly responded that "it wasn't in the paperwork." I assured them that wasn't my fault.

So, I'm done attempting to hold them to their promises. I'll just leave this honest review here and move on. Too bad, they're really nice guys.

Van L. | 2013-04-28

Good customer service . Recommended advisor : Justin Delgado. He was so nice when I first came to do oil change. I finally got oil change for only 25 bucks. Awesome !

Hongtao Z. | 2013-04-27

I was so disappointed by their service department. My 2010 Prius had tire repair done at Capitol Toyota two years ago and paid for the service. Since then, I had to refill air very so often since the tire pressure alert light turned on so frequent: initially, every week or so; recently, every two to three days.

Last year, when I drove there for major service, I requested to check why tire pressure light turned red so often and to fix leak if any with previous repair. I was told later that no leak issue was found. I couldn't believe it since obviously the leak continued to happen: I still got tire pressure light on so often.

I didn't have time to check it again until last week, I went to America Tire. Service technitian there found that the leak was due to bad repair done by Capitol Toyota. The plug patch wasn't following RMA guideline. The worse thing was that the previous repair cannot be fixed reliably any more: any further fix would only be temporary and make leak worse. I told America Tire to put back the tire and I'd drive to Capitol Toyota to ask for solution. However, AT didn't agree to install tire back on since they believe it's safety hazard to drive on it. They'd rather replace it with new tire  for free (literally) instead of installing the old one back! Of course, I couldn't let AT take cost of Capitol Toyota's mistake, so I payed for the tire replacement. The AT technitian said I deserve reimbersement from Capitol Toyota for the bad repair that cost me frequent hassles of tire air refills and tire replacement since the tire was supposed to last much longer than being replaced now.

I kept the old tire and went to Capitol Toyota on last Saturday to request some sort of payback for the early tire replacement and bad service. However, the service department's supervisor immediately refused me without saying any sorry! I couldn't believe this was the dealership that I went to for every service of my Prius.

I forgot to ask his name so just browsed Capitol Toyota's website with staff's photoes. Mr. Mike Rudolph looks like the service manager i met earlier today. He was pretty arrogant and impatient when i was in his office. The other service rep was there too and should tell the truth about Mr. Rudolph's manners and attitude.

The funny part is that, when I said the Americas Tire service manager offered and literally replaced my tire with new one for free last week, I decided to pay AT right away since I didn't feel right and fair to let AT pay for the cost of Capitol Toyota's mistake, Mr. Rudolph said I should have taken Americas Tire's free offer! Huh, is that the right way to do business? It seems Capitol Toyota really know how to take advantage of other people...

I think I need to share this story with you.

Jeff R. | 2013-04-23

I am updating my last review. To be honest I was quite upset with the way everything went down until Mike from Capitol Toyota called me personally and made it right.

And to clarify the experience I had was back in October and I have been assured that this "shift change" issue has been resolved.

Mayra G. | 2013-04-19

I purchased my Corolla back in 2003 and I've taken my car into Capitol Toyota for service, and I have to say they are great.  I recently brought my car back to the service department for a recall and had a great experience with the service advisor that assisted me.  Gabriel and his team are very professional, they go out of their way to explain service options, and have also been honest about some repairs that were really not needed, just nice to have.   I've asked a few times on some repairs - would you do this for your car - and I've never been steered wrong.  Gabe is the guy to see!

The team also does an exterior wash on my vehicle every time I take it in for service. It's nice to be able to pick up your vehicle and it be spot less!

Don't hesitate to go here for service.

John D. | 2013-04-18

Can I give less than 1 star?  This place is the typical slimy car dealership.  I don't need to go into the details, but basically their after sales service SUCKS!!!  I did my transaction and was politely asking for a status on a $check for a car sale.  Just a status -- I got the run around---and around -- and around.  First they said 48 ended up to be near a month!  Between that 48 hrs and month. I called for a simple status (very politely) and left messages for the "Finance Manager", sales manager... and  I emailed to TIM VU General Manager and expressed serious concern and only wanted a status.  I AM A REASONABLE PERSON AND I GAVE HIM AN OPPTY TO RESPOND, APOLOGIZE, GET A STATUS...ANYTHING!!  HE FAILED - HE DID NOT RESPOND.  


Taz M. | 2013-04-15

Just another 5 star review for Capitol Toyota, and specifically John N.  We just bought our second Toyota here, and just like my first experience, John made the experience painless.  I simply shot him an email, and he came back with a below-invoice price on a car that's actually flying off the lots for all dealers; I checked with other dealers prior, and they all offered me prices between $500 over invoice or near MSRP (who pays that?).  Save your time, money, and haggling - just go to John!

Kevin T. | 2013-04-11

Bought my 2012 Prius here 6 months ago. The Sales staff are very friendly and willing to help. Got a great price as well as great service. :)) I would recommend Capitol Toyota as a place to purchase your next vehicle.

Anthonh V. | 2013-04-10

I have been with Capitol Toyota for 4 years. The is the best Toyota Dealership to work!

b t. | 2013-04-10

I've had the best experience & wonderful service at Capitol Toyota!  Customer services has always been very professional, pleasant & friendly.  Timeliness has been very well respected & I always bring my car back for all the maintenance work that's needed!  I highly recommend bringing your Toyota to Capitol Toyota!!!!

Sam B. | 2013-03-27

I have been to Capitol Toyota's Service Department several times. I was helped by Mr. Ignacio Sanchez Sandoval. Ignacio is very professional and totally helpful and cooperative. He went out of his way to make sure that I get all the services I need for my car in a timely manner and for the best price. At one occasion, he personally waited for me to pick-up my car, even after his shift had already ended.

Kudos to Capitol Toyota and its service team!

Andy G. | 2013-03-21

I recently visited Capitol Toyota to look at used cars.  The salesman steered toward one I liked in my price range, so I asked if I could take it to a mechanic to get an inspection.  The Sales Manager, Jay Alsamarrai, said yes, the salesman could deliver the car to a garage of my choice the next morning for an inspection.  I immediately got on the phone and made an appointment with a garage I trust, then notified Mr. Alsamarrai of the appointment.  Less than five minutes had passed, but he instantly reneged on his word, saying that he couldn't let the car off the lot for that long because it would sell immediately, but if I bought the car on the spot, I could bring it back later if I found any problems and he would tear up the contract.  

What are the chances he would keep that promise, having just broken his word an instant before?

Eric N. | 2013-03-13

We've got a 2008 and a 2009 Prius.  We've always brought our cars to Capitol Toyota for maintenance and have always had excellent service.

Tina N. | 2013-03-10

The person who helped us was not up to date and didn't know much specs about the cars. He kept straying away from questions we asked. Depends on who you get, I guess. I did love the Camry and Prius!

In terms of service, I've gone here for the service plenty of times and received the best care for my car. Sometimes the car was promised at a time and delivered earlier. That's what I'm talking about! But sometimes, it's slow. I guess it depends on how thorough they're with your car and I want the best.

Loretta F. | 2013-03-10

We had an outrageous experience at this place. They wanted $350 to change a little battery that was done by TRIPLE A for $114. What robbers!!!

Mike W. | 2013-03-07


I have been taking our company truck here for more than a year now. Every trip is a pleasure! Drop it off, they call within a few hours to get an approval for work, pick it up the same day. What could be easier? I have even dropped off late, only given them a tiny window to complete it and still they pull it off. Great job guys! Keep up the good work! I live 50+ miles away and still bring it here....

John E. | 2013-03-07

For service department:

My new Toyota vehicle (1000 miles on it) got a screw in the left rear tire.  Hoping for a free fix I brought it to Capital Toyota.  No free fix but i guess that is to be expected.  It would be nice to have tire maintenance included in the Toyota Care maintenance program but oh well...that's a corporate issue and not a Capital Toyota issue.

The service department was good.  The service rep (Leo) was outstanding.  He told me it would be a quick fix which it was.  I hung out in the service lobby and loaded up on free coffee and read my e-book.  They had glazed doughnut holes but those things make me fat so I stayed clear of them.

Tire repair was quick, they washed my car and Leo came in and told me i was good to go.   I was on my way out the door in under an hour of pulling into the service entry stall...not bad.

Alena L. | 2013-03-05

Prius car trunk wouldn't open, the service rep quoted $400 to diagnose and if it's the lock then it is an additional $650 to replace. I went to Alioto's in San Francisco, they fixed the problem in less than 30 minutes and cost  me less than $350! (It was the lock failing) seriously, over 300+% mark up???

They must think very lowly of their clients, like we don't have the technology to compare rates. Avoid at ALL cost!

I'm writing to the BBB.

Amanda L. | 2013-03-03

Service Dept is horrible! I brought my Scion in for a new key and other items that were on the due bill. I was told that it would only take 45 min to an hour to be completed. Well now after 2 hours waiting still no car. When I asked about my car they could not find it! Then another guy tells me oh 10 to 15 more min.  I asked why is it taking so long? They said other cars are ahead of yours I said it would have been nice to know that when I decided to sit here and wait for it.  Very unprofessional service in my opinion!
Also it took over a month to even get this appointment and everything that was owed to me from the purchase of the vehicle!!!!

Mary C. | 2013-02-24

These guys ROCK my world!

I love my new Scion and Capital Toyota! Purchasing, financing, and servicing are EXCEPTIONAL!

I've had nothing but a positive experience.

Here's a news flash.....they sell cars......they can't be wallflowers. I've read several reviews.... paragraph after paragraph of snarkey comments is just plain mean. Express it in a sentence or two but to carry on like a 'Wheelbarrel full of Crazy" is on another level.

Show these people some love, customer service ain't easy.

If you're looking to buy a Toyota or service your existing Toyota I'm here to say give them a chance.

Brian G. | 2013-02-14

Great customer service! I've been taking my 2012 Tundra there to get serviced and they have done an great job. I went there yesterday to get my 30K service, they only had 2 mechanics and they got my truck done in a little over an hour. They push through 200 cars a day and still get you out same day and in a timely manner. Beats going to any other Toyota dealer.

Jacqueline R. | 2013-02-06

Came here the other evening at around 5:30pm to get my car checked up since I received a recall notice in the mail. Toyota says they will inspect your car at no cost to you if you have received a notice.

The man who helped me asked if I could come pick up my car the next morning around 9am, but I told him that I wouldn't be able to do that because I had to leave San Jose very early to go out of town. He talked to his buddies and they said they would get started on my car right away, and it would be ready in a few hours and I could come back later that night! I was very happy with this and was pleasantly surprised. Kudos for their great customer service!

Amna K. | 2013-02-05


I'll try to get straight to the point.

Don't buy prepaid maintenance. They're ripping you off. In fact, don't go here for service at all. This place almost made me swear off Toyota forever.

I had a very simple straight forward battery problem.They wanted to charge me a $145 one hour diagnostic fee even though this problem takes about 15 minutes to fix total.

The dealership noticed the car was cranking slow. They probably would have figured out it was the battery if they had tried testing it again (takes about 2-3 minutes), but why do that when you can charge a diagnostic fee? They said they might not even be able to *figure out* the problem even after this ridiculous fee.

My Yelp endorsed mechanic tested the battery and it passed, but because it was cranking slow he was convinced it was the battery. It failed the second time. I save money and time while actually solving the problem.

Find reliable trustworthy mechanic. They're out there.

Kara B. | 2013-01-28

I'm still really happy with my purchase.  They sold me a great used vehicle and it's soooo dependable (and I beat the crap out of it off-road!)  I've stopped in a couple of times after taking my truck to Hollister Hills and they ran my filthy rig through their car wash for free, as a courtesy (I bought the truck Certified Pre-Owned there).

Ruthie V. | 2013-01-18

I've been bringing my car here for 4 years and now I write.  

Late last June the visor in my 2007 Camry broke - very slowly.  It started to weaken and drop about 1/4 inch every few days until one day it completely broke as I was driving on the freeway.  I had to hold it up with my hand the rest of the way home.  

Because I coudn't get in to have it fixed until the following weekend, I used some velcro to hold it up but that didn't last long.  When I took it in I was charged almost 200 dollars to have it fixed.  I'm no repair person nor am I one to yell "Holy Shitballs - that much for a frigging visor!!!"   I held my tongue and waited for the visor to be replaced because it had a broken arm.  Then I open my mail months later and get a "Warranty Enhancement Notice" to cover the exact same problem I had with my visor.  So I called and left a message with my information and got a call back within an hour.  
The complaint clerk had looked up my invoice and is sending me the paperwork to send to the manufacturer so I can get reimbursed.

I know Dealerships charge through the nose but I think this was handled very well and I'm happy with the prompt response to my complaint.  I would have never thought to complain that it was a danger but now that I think of it it was because the visor kept falling and that is cause for a potential accident.

Krys B. | 2013-01-08

I have to say that we weren't impressed with these guys.

The first interaction we had with them was over email - we exchanged a couple of emails with a salesman named Alfie, and then after we told him what our tradeins were to get a quote, he stopped responding to us.  We sure are still getting promotional emails from him though - he just wouldn't respond personally.

So we went into the lot.  On the lot, the salesman was professional and knowledgeable, though a little pushy and not willing to negotiate with us at all.  We ended up walking out because he didn't have the car we wanted on the lot, and left our number because he said he'd be getting it soon.

The next day, we got a call from a different salesman there, who left us a voicemail asking what he could do to get us back to the lot.  We called back and left a voicemail for him saying "Let us know when that car gets in, we'll take it"

And they haven't called us back since, even though it's past the time when that car should have gotten there.

So, we're going down this Sunday to buy the same car from a different Toyota dealership - one who returns our calls and is willing to negotiate with us.  I guess the folks at Capitol are just so busy they don't need to be responsive.

Sam P. | 2013-01-07

Came here for an oil change. Avoid Saturday mornings. It is packed! prepare for a few hour wait. $25 with coupon for oil change and car wish is not bad. Otherwise, its $50 and not worth it.

Tina T. | 2013-01-06

I CAN'T believe they did it to me again! I never went back to Capitol Toyota since my last review. My sister unwittingly took my car in for an oil change at this dealership while I was out of town. She gave me the invoice with a list of "problems" my car had. One of the things on the list was a cracked belt. They said it was causing a loud noise in my engine. Yes, I did notice there was a noise I was unfamiliar with. I was going to get a second opinion but haven't had time. My brother in law was having his car worked on today by a mechanic friend and he offered to change the belt for me. He then shows me my old belt, no cracks. What is wrong with these Toyota mechanics??????? Are they unknowledgeable, or crooks???? I will be bringing that supposed cracked belt and the invoice which they specifically wrote that the belt was cracked along with the thousands of dollars my 40k mile car needs.

Tony U. | 2013-01-02

I took my 2001 Avalon in after a Check engine light went on. $150 'diagnostic' charge. they called and stated $700 to fix air fuel sensor Bank 1 Sensor 1, for labor to change under the car. I replied no thanks.
I bought the 'diagnostic' took for $80, plugged in under steering wheel and saw actually Bank 2, sensor 1. This sensor is just under the hood. I bought the sensor for $100 and changed it myself, saving hundreds of dollars.
Needless to say, Capitol Toyota lost a customer after gouging attempt.
I can't prove it, but I suspect they reported Bank 1 Sensor 1 to charge for higher labor, then if I agreed to $700 quote, they can simply 'diagnose' again and would have fixed the one just under the hood.
I am appalled and fear others may fall into the same trap.
Knowledge is power.

Christopher T. | 2012-12-31

I just went to by a car yesterday and I got cheated $5000 because the Sales Manager lied to me when dealing with the paperwork. BE CAREFUL WHEN YOU BUY A CAR! If you deal with the Sales Manager, you better have your own calculator out to check  the pricing. Make sure you know EXACTLY what you're paying for.

BEWARE WHEN THEY SAY THEY'LL THROW IN STUFF FOR FREE. NOTHING'S FREE, IT'S ALL BEEN CALCULATED INTO THEIR PRICE. If they tell you it's "discounted" make sure you check because they'll charge the full price when you finalize your purchase.

David P. | 2012-12-21

Bad service. Poor selection.  Salesman was disinterested in helping me and provided me very inaccurate information about other models.

B L. | 2012-12-16

This review is for Chinh Nguyen in the Internet/Direct Sales Department at Capitol Toyota.  

I set out to purchase a new Toyota this past week, and after test-driving the car I wanted, I contacted all of the dealerships within ~ 60 miles of San Francisco to solicit their best prices.  In most cases, this was like pulling teeth; I had to deal with many rounds of automated emails before receiving a response from a real person, and many salespeople proved completely unhelpful (e.g., failing to factor in the premium package I wanted for the car in pricing, ignoring specific questions I asked them, disregarding my request to provide an out-the-door price quote (including all taxes and fees), etc.).  

The absolute best response I got was from Chinh.  He was the first to respond to me, and he did so without any preceding automated rounds of email.  He responded to all of my questions timely. He provided me with *the best* price quote of any dealership, with an itemized breakdown of car price and fees.  Upon hearing Chinh's price quote, another salesperson sighed and said that he could not come within $500 of that price.  The only reasons that I did not purchase from Chinh are that my hometown dealership had the exact car I wanted (color + aftermarket modifications added to showroom model), and when I showed them Chinh's email, they were (albeit unenthusiastically) willing to almost!match his base price on the car.  Otherwise, I was happily going to drive down to San Jose yesterday to purchase from Chinh. I will keep him in mind for future Toyota purchases and recommend him to friends; I felt that the assistance I received from him warranted some high Yelp praise.

Allan B. | 2012-12-07

This review is for the Service Department.

We service both of our Toyotas at Capitol.  It's quite convenient in that you don't need an appointment; rather, you just show up.  Service has always been performed well and within the time and price quoted.

My 2008 Prius developed an issue with the rear hatch handle; it's a rubber part, and it devulcanized into a sticky black goo.  Blowing leaves would actually adhere to it.  Since this was 4 years into a 3 year warranty, and a somewhat of a weird problem, I called Capitol to see if there was any known issue or recall.  They advised me to call Toyota Corporate for assistance.  Corporate opened a case and informed me that a manager from Capitol would call within 3 days.

Bill called in 30 minutes, and offered to examine the problem immediately.  I was able to set up an appointment to be seen at any time of my choosing that day.  Upon my arrival, I was greeted by Rick, who had been prepped to deal with my issue and to expect me.  They had a few questions for me regarding any possible cause of the problem, agreed that it was certainly odd, and determined that they would take care of it immediately at no charge as goodwill for a regular customer.

The repair was complete in about 30 minutes, the car was washed, and I was on my way.

This is the kind of thing that generates customer loyalty; they took a very annoying situation and delighted me with the resolution.

Jim E K. | 2012-12-05

I've dealt with Capitol Toyota for many years now.  The service has never been anything but great and at least a big part of that is my relationship with Marshall Blank.

Not only has he ensured my service scope was met, but he has exceeded  my expectations many times.  He has put a human face on the company and has represented them excellently.

For service, reasonable prices and superb customer handling, I recommend Capitol Toyota and my adviser, Marshall Blank!

Harry L. | 2012-12-04

Recently took my 09 Prius in for warranty repair.  Both front wheel bearings where howling above 45 mph.  Stopped by at 7:00 Am and was done by 11:00A with no apointment.  Took care of it right there on the spot.  Was very impressed.  I've bought my last (3) cars here because of the outstanding service they provide.  This is why my family only drives Toyota's.

Vito F. | 2012-11-19

Don't waste your time here, the sales person would keep talking with you to persuade  
you buy everything.I would like to take a look at scion TC,however he keeps introducing me other cars and while I want to drive the car for a test me, he insist if I wouldn't buy the car today, that's a waste of time.Then he keeps appraising my shoes or asking some other quesion which have nothing to do with the car.

After that, I ask him for the our the door price, he said the MSRP is set by the manufacture and can't be changed, and I have to pay tax and other issues, as a result, I need to pay MSRP plus two thousand,and I would pay for 20% APR if I buy a used car.

That's a total lie!
For instance, manufacture can't set the MSRP, they can only suggest price.

Gabriela W. | 2012-11-17


I'm not joking.  I have bought Toyota's everywhere except here, and this place made me literally lose my faith in their entire company.  The service is horrendous and they hassle you like no other!! Go to any other place except this one!  I couldn't believe how bad the service was here.  They tried to sell me everything and anything and kept me for four hours, I went across the street to Hyundai and total time to buy a new car with test drive was 1.5 hour.  City Toyota in Daly City is much better than this place.  I don't recommend it to anyone!

Ro a. | 2012-11-15

We have taken all our toyotas over the past several years to this location and their service is outstanding. They are quick and explain what needs to be done.

Lorianne L. | 2012-11-14

This is an update for the service department at Capitol Toyota.  I brought my car in for it's 15,000 mile check up.  Michael Lane was my service adviser.  He gave me a two hour estimate, and my car was done in an hour and a half.  I appreciate his conservative estimate and being pleasantly surprised with the quicker result.  That was much better than being told a given amount of time and having to wait past that.  I left my Maintenance Log out and open so that they could verify the service, but they didn't.  I guess I should've explicitly asked for the stamp.  I'll do that next time.  Thanks for the car wash.  

As a side note, while I was waiting in the lounge I heard employees swearing on two separate occasions as they chatted with other employees.  It didn't offend me, but their language wasn't exactly creating the most professional environment.

Sara T. | 2012-11-05

I can't say enough good things about this place. Definitely the best car buying experience I've ever had. Allen & Quoc stayed late until almost midnight and worked out a fantastic deal for me. They really took care of me and made me feel like a valued customer. I really appreciate the time they took with me and how they did their absolute best to make sure I was a happy customer. If you are looking for a great deal on a car and want the best experience, go see Allen and he will take good care of you too!

Hua D. | 2012-10-23

I had great experience buying a 2012 Prius at this dealership. The salesman Thanh Tran is highly recommended. I first went in to take a test drive and decided the model. The next day  I went in at 10am and left with my new Prius at 6pm.

Both Tran and his manager Reza were very friendly and willing to negotiate the out of door price with me patiently. After two hours we came to a place that I was pretty satisfied.

The following paperwork took a little while though. Both Thanh and me skipped the lunch. But the overall process went on smoothly.

What I want to appreciate Thanh for is: I drove to the dealership with a rented car but I could not find anyone to go with me and return it to the airport. So I asked Tran for the favor. His boss Reza kindly agreed him to drive with me to the airport and have my rented car returned. Thank you for their generous help.

Although I have not had any service yet, I am pretty satisfied my purchasing experience at this dealership.

B D. | 2012-10-21

About a year ago I resolved to not write bad reviews anymore. I had turned over a new leaf and was forever committed to celebrating the greats and not commiserating over the evil. After all, there is no room in my life for bitterness. But this review, I consider a public service announcement.

Please do not, I repeat, do not go anywhere near this dealership unless you are:

1. Like hidden fees and sneaky tactics in your sales agreement to charge you a higher price than agreed.
2. And do not mind having an aneurism as a result of having to deal with their service department.

So where do I start? I'm the optimistic idiot that keeps thinking this loser dealership can change.

1. The Purchase aka The Trojan Horse

Long story short(ish): purchased a vehicle during a special "$1000 off msrp back to school" promotion. A month later I get a phone call from the salesperson saying they've made a mistake and the promotion did not apply to the car I bought so can I please come in to re-do the paperwork. I said sure and she tells me to remember to bring my checkbook. Err... I think not. **Before everybody jumps on this, I now know that I never had to go in and re-do paperwork; hence, Capitol Toyota are a bunch of liars** I cleaned the car, took out my hello kitty air freshener and went into the office ready to return the car because I'm not paying for someone else's mistake and another dealership had agreed to match the discounted price on the same car. The manager tries to convince me to pay them $1000.00 but to no avail so let's just re-do the paperwork reflecting a lower price sans discount. Something doesn't add up right on the new contract, why had my monthly payments increased by a few dollars? It's just a few dollars the manager says, nothing to worry about. I crunch the numbers and find that he's tried to hide the extra $1000 in my monthly payments disguised as some new fees. Oh that was just a mistake the manager says. Right. In the end contract reflects lower price, no back to school discount, the same exact payments as we had originally agreed to, and proof that this dealership has no problem with creative ethics.

2. The Service aka You Are the Boyfriend from Hell My Mother Always Warned Me About....

You never mean what you say:
Every time I bring my car in for an oil change: "I noticed _____ about your car and you really should fix/add/replace ___________ for $$$$." I guess I'll do it if it's necessary. To which they respond "I never used the word necessary but you should really do it." Huh?  

You never call when you say you will:
It's the same thing every single time. Just leave your car here m'am and we'll give you a call when it's ready. I'm still waiting for that call.

You totally ignore me when someone else is around:
Appointment or no appointment, I still spend the better half of a morning waiting for someone to take my car. Someone does the walk around, someone else kicks the tires, someone else asks if I've been helped yet. I answer "yes, but .....(as they're walking away) nothing's been done. Please come back (whimper)." The straw that broke this camel's back? I get a ticket for my car and the service rep goes back to his desk for half an hour. Really? I was the only car here, until the second car pulls up behind me and the service rep spends another half hour with them only to return to my car to say "sorry m'am your car's not going to be finished today, you'll either have to leave it overnight or come back another day." It took you an hour just to tell me that?

You LIE!
BecauseI I've wanted to leave this dealership so many times I know that my pre-paid service vouchers specifically state in black and white "redeemable only at Capitol Toyota." After the final break-up, I call the service manager's line demanding that I get to redeem my service elsewhere only to be informed that I could have redeemed my vouchers at any Toyota dealership this whole time and hangs up. This whole time?

The nightmare is finally over. I'm with a new dealership now and we're very happy. And you, Capitol Toyota, are just an irrelevant afterthought buried away in Yelp afterlife.

Monica K. | 2012-10-14

I have a 2007 Toyota Rav4 which I bought from Capitol Toyota. The sales team was great with no pressure and the negotiating was easy. After my extended warranty ended I continued to get services here because their customer service has always been excellent. If your going on a weekend be sure to get there between 7 and 8am otherwise they do get busy. Tony and Rick from the parts dep. always take care of me and I couldn't recommend them more highly. I am a very satisfied customer : )

Asha D. | 2012-10-13

For Sales Dept...
No other words, do not even think about this dealer..

Fred K. | 2012-10-11

I set up an appointment and showed up thinking I will be severed at my appointed time but noticed it didn't  matter you had to wait for your turn, first come first served.
Why ask to setup an appointment????

randy P. | 2012-10-11

this is my first toyota after having hondas for the past 30 years. Wanted to try a prius and so I was willing to switch... I kind of wish I'd waited to buy the honda lookalike... but, oh well. I love the Prius and it has more than met my expectations...

Capitol Toyota on the other hand... oh my! What a mess! after going to Honda faithfully for years for service, I realize I was spoiled... night and day difference!

At Capitol Toyota all of the staff start the interaction by complaining about their working conditions.. the computers, the dumb meeting they just had, the other people who work there... their lack of instructions to you... hey, gang, we have our own problems... we are paying you to solve problems not share your own...

The next part is how long they make you wait while a retiree circles your car, never speaking to you... 4 or 5 toyota service people walk by doing other things, no greeting, nothing.. then finally, a guy shows up.. looks at numbers on car and makes a joke about which one to do next... wow.. cluelessness is rampant...

then, after the previous guy I'd had for a service representative (who I called 4 times to set a new appointment and never reached and who never called me back) told me that my next service would be a specific service, the new guy blithely says, "oh, they always tell you that... here are your three choices... and iterates a list running from like 50.00 to 200.00" I kind of sigh (the upsell!) and he says, 'do you have a coupon?' "no, I say, I don't know about coupons" and he says, "I'll give you the expensive solution for 90.00"

Great, I say... although all I wonder is what anything actually costs... To their credit, they were fast, the service seems to be complete and fine (although they keep having the 'check driver side mat' and everytime my mat has no 'feet' to hold it in place... so... hey, don't charge for that OKAY?

In all, I will probably go back, the service seems competent although the experience tells me that things are not good at the dealership and that the whole team could use some HONDA style training. In 2 years, I'll trade in the Prius for a Honda... and the deciding factor... will be service... You can do better Capitol Toyota.. start today... you'll be happier and so will we.

FOLLOW UP: So, this review is up for maybe an hour and I get a call from the service manager. He is a nice man who is genuinely sorry that the experience isn't better. He very kindly makes me an offer as an apology for my experience, which is kind, but unnecessary....

I kind of like that the guy tracked me down to talk to me, but in many ways, and I hope he reads this as I think he genuinely wants the service dept to be better... it isn't your service rep. I've had this experience with other folks there, the guy I dealt with is a nice guy doing his best... my sense after dealing with two different service reps is that there is a problem at the dealership.

The folks need training and support to be better and it needs to come from the top...  the customer needs sunshine and positive, directed communication not excuses and not blame...

You have some great products at Toyota and my sense is that the people there DO care and want to do better, but they need some help... this was not meant to viifiy a nice guy who seemed frustrated with a situation that was out of his control.

J R. | 2012-10-09

"Your safety is our priority" & "Our car goes through strict Toyota inspection" where repeatedly mentioned to us the day I bought one of their used cars in CASH. Drove the car off their lot on 9/2/2012 and less than 24 hours later the first issue came up with the braking system. Between the day of purchase and to date (10/09/12), the car has spent 14 days in the shop. Now I can't even trade it in anywhere without losing half the amount I paid for. Was also promised a "re-inspection" after the braking issue but never happened when I brought the car in...really! Also on this same day, a couple who just bought a car from them a couple of weeks prior were already sitting in the Service department's waiting area.

Their credibility has definitely gone down from years past as my step-father spoke highly of them before my experience.

Save your selves the money and aggravation and go somewhere else.

Varun A. | 2012-09-26

I brought my car from here about 4 years ago. It was a good experience overall. But i think they really need to improve the POST car buying experience.

The last two services hadn't been that pleasant, not in terms of communicating with the people but in terms of service overall. I do expect cars to be cleaned and both the last times they told me that machine is not working for cleaning,WHAT!!!. both the times?

Which is little frustrating. Anyways this time it was little better, the guy himself asked that he will clean the car and look at other areas which need attention. One thing atleast in my case is that if i love the service and people there i wouldn't mind paying a little extra for service(which i did taking extended warranty),

A little suggestion for them would be to improve on these small little things. I am giving them 3 stars. If i would have reviewed the last time i would have rated them 2 only.

Hopefully they will continue improving and improve the rating, which will not only help them improving the overall customer experience but also building long term relations, specially for people like me who are planning to  buy more cars in near future.

Rob P. | 2012-09-24

This review is for the service department.

First, making an appointment does not matter. Don't bother. Sure they'll give you an appointment but it could still be a long wait before you are even seen. I had made an appointment for a Sunday and when I showed up it was insanely busy and I was told it would be at least 4 hours before they could get my oil changed.

So, I arrived at 8:45am on a Monday morning and it took them 2 hours and 45 minutes to get my oil changed. I was quoted 1 - 1.5 hours initially, even though there weren't many people in line- an oil change should be relatively quick, right?

Everyone that arrived before and after me was long gone by the time I was given my car back. I had to go to my "advisor" after two hours and ask what the hold-up was.

They had no explanation and only thanked me for my patience.
I will not be going back.

Alexa S. | 2012-09-23

I've been bringing my car here for the past 5 years, and I've never had an issue and the workers have always been on top of things! Unfortunately, when I took my car in this past weekend, I had a coupon for a free minor service because I had purchased one earlier in the year. It seemed as though they didn't take care of me as well as they did in the past. It felt like because I had a free service that day, they felt like they didn't "owe" me good customer service. I continue to go there because they know my car the best, but I really was disappointed this time around and hope that they take care of there customers a little better in the future. Even if they aren't paying for anything.

Thu T. | 2012-09-14

My car  was serviced by Capitol Toyota where had done terrible job and charged expensive. I paid $529 to turn off the engine light off, but the light was on in two days later. So, I brought my car back, they told me that I have to pay $1400 fixed the different problem. They did not take responsible their job, when I asked them to show me  the vehicle diagnostic report which from computer, but they did not have it. So, I do not know, Did they diagnostic my car?
Now, the engine light is still on. I very disappoint their services, it seem they did  not care your car after collected your money.
I want to share my bad experience to people who want to take the car to them fix it, do not go there; high charge and worst job

Russ D. | 2012-09-08

Had a problem with my 2002 Prius - Todd and his team located the problem with the steering rack and it was under a recall-warranty!  They replaced the rack and also took care of the regular maintenance.  Over all good service and great communication.

While I believe Capitol Toyota is a little high on prices for their service, this was just like most of my experiences - problem solved and back on the road!

Eric T. | 2012-09-07

DON'T COME HERE!  Worst dealership ever!  Some big tall Asian (Chinese I guess) guy was very rude and dishonest to us.  We're asking for a silver Prius with a solar roof.  The sales person couldn't find one in the lot, but this guy said he could get it for the PRICE THAT WE WANTED, but he couldn't guaranteed a low mileage car when we asked.  Quote from him that "You don't want a car that is not being tested by others!  It can be a lemon!  All I can tell is it'll be less than 200 miles.  You're trying to impose on my cost to get you the car, which we have NOT AGREED ON THE PRICE!  Nobody puts a gun on your head to buy it from me!". The price was the first thing we asked!  We said if you couldn't match this price from another dealership, we'll walk!  But now, he said we hadn't agreed to the price!  He raised his voice during his whole big talk, and his face turned red!  We felt like we had walked into a black market and talked to a gangster!  Also, if I want a high mileage car like this, I don't have to bother to buy a new car!  And also, I can test my own car instead of hoping for so many strangers to test the car on my behalf like he proudly said and then not wanting to buy it!

Cindy C. | 2012-09-02

I came in fearing the worst since there are so many horrible reviews here, each more overwhelming than the next.. but it's labor day weekend and all other dealerships were booked!

I got there at my appointment time & was not seen till 30 minutes after. There is no separate appointment line, it just seems like its a first come first serve basis. They also put on my paper that I didn't have an appointment even though I did...

I didn't get a call and my phone ran out of batteries so I decided to call

The car was pretty much done by the time Victor told me, and it seems that they washed my car too. It wasn't a through wash since I could still see stains here and there as well as on my windshield but I guess that's better than nothing. Stevens Creek didn't wash mine for my 5000 mile maintenance.

They also stamped and signed for my maintenance booklet which Stevens Creek didn't, and updated my entune since it was having issues. I hope that my traffic navigation gets better.. but it was alright.

benhai z. | 2012-09-02

This is my personal experience with Jimmy Lee., 5 stars over 10 years!  We had a very stressful experience with our first car, a 2001 Honda accord with a student dealer at Honda. So I walked into capitol toyota for my second car and happenly met Jimmy Lee. He is very easy to communicate and we can quickly find the car and he can quickly show me the price he can make. I am able to get the process of finding a car and have agreements on the price in a little over 1 hour. It's an amazing experience. I spend about another 2 hours to sign the documents and get my 2003 Sienna detailed. So I had a very smooth experience. I never thought of buying a car could be this easy and happy. Later on several my friends bought 2 siennas and one corolla from him and they are all very happy.
I recently did a trade-in for a 2012 Sienna. He gave me the similar experience. He showed me a very fair price on my trade-in and the best he can give to me on the new 2012 Sienna.
I think in order to get things done quick. You need to do homework on the internet. Once you know the invoice price range for your future car then you can use that as your reference. He may or may not be able to beat that price each time, but he can sure give the best price they can. And you'll have a overall good experience.
Wish you all can enjoy the happiness of getting a new car. I think going crazy to save more money may make your overall happiness of getting a new car to be less happy.

H H. | 2012-09-01

The quality of repair at this Toyota Service Department is the worst I've ever experienced!

DON'T BOTHER just go to Stevens Creek Toyota and if you don't like the dealerships prices on Stevens Creek there is an AMAZING mechanic on Steven Creek BLVRD near Santana Row. If you are traveling away from Santana Row heading toward the 280. the mechanic is on the Right...directly before the freeway entrance. Don't blink you will miss it.

I don't recall his name but he was very knowledgeable and extremely trustworthy. sometime supporting LOCAL business is worth it!!

KG S. | 2012-08-30

First time using the service department after purchasing a new vehicle and the experience was disappointing.  The appointment time was not prompt due to the installer has not arrived on site to perform the work.  The intake person (Mario) did not help at all and just walked away from the situation. Only saving grace for the department was person (Brooke) who set the appointment and tried to resolve the situation.   We well see what will happen when we come in for our first maintenance.

R. D. | 2012-08-29

This review is for the service dept.

I have a maintenance plan on my FJ Cruiser. I've taken the vehicle in twice now for its scheduled services and both times they have damaged the vehicle.

The problem with this location is that the service personnel (e.g. mechanics) do not own the business, nor do they have their name on the business. This leads to a lack of care as they do not consider they have anything to loose if they mistreat customers property.

The first time, the drivers door was opened up over something, tearing up the protective plastic liner that runs along the bottom of the door.

The second time, the damage was done when the tires were rotated. Although I was sitting in the waiting room, nobody came to ask me for the key for the lock-nuts. Nor did anyone bother to look in the compartment that holds the jack (where the nut-key resides in open view). Instead, they used an alternative tool, which did not fit into the nut-well. Therefore, when they powered the nut off, it badly scored up the inside of the nut-well. These are not standard wheels either. They are TRD-option wheels and they are not cheap. What was most infuriating was that I was in the waiting room the entire time and nobody bothered to ask me for the key for the lock-nuts. Yes, they knew I was in there because I told the gentleman when I checked in, and he came and spoke to me about a replacement battery when mine failed a maintenance test.

In addition, concerning the battery; when I agree to have them install a new battery, I was expecting a battery at least of the same quality as the original. Instead, they installed some cheaper, lower quality item. It looked like a poor after-market product that they placed a Toyota sticker on. My better option would have been to replace the battery myself using a Costco battery; twice as good and half the price. I knew better, however I was trying to give them a second chance after my first experience when they damaged the door.

Bottom line, I do not recommend this service department.

Sue J. | 2012-08-22

Well, I am so sorry I didn't read all reviews before I went there.
First, it took about 4.5 hours to close all cash deal. It's my 6th car  I'm buying from different Toyota dealership and never sales department kept me for such a long time.
Sales person was very unprofessional, even after I said I wouldn't need a credit he kept insisting on running my credit report and wanted to open line of credit for me.
Over 2.5 hours he would come, ask question and then disappear somewhere in the back.  
But only one question he didn't ask me ( which he should ask me from the start point)
If I want some water or coffee? Taking in consideration that fact it was after 7:30p.m. and I spend all day at work.
So, 2.5 hours later they ask to wait for guy who would prepare paperwork, again I'm sitting in the show room and guy is just outside smoking cigarette with his buddies and having conversation, no rush, Right? Another hour passed and then he decided
to come back and do his work.
All questions about car alarm, protective coat for exterior, extended warranty......
Like I said before, it is not my FIRST car, I informed that person about my chooses right way. Well, still he tried to sell me something I don't need:(
4.5 hours later thinking "OK, finally it's over" I'm going outside and guess what? I have to wait again for someone other who would explain to me how car works.......
Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr  Really? I'm 47, I had my first license when I was 16, make a calculation. I don't buy shuttle from NASA it's just another car.
BTW, the only thing I needed for my car was alarm system, three weeks later I have my car, I get license plates but NO alarm. Once they get money, they don't need you anymore.
If you are reading this review, think twice about going to Capitol Toyota:(

Dianna L. | 2012-08-07

Don't go to the service dept...worst customer service ever..

Called in for an appt for an oil change at 9am.. and was told my oil change would be finished by no later than 3pm...ok...3pm rolls around and my car is no where near done. They haven't even worked on it. By 4pm, Michael, the assigned service advisor, then tells me "Would you rather just take your car without any work?" ..WTF are you serious? You held my car for 7 hours and expect me to come back another time for an oil change??!

I went in and found a manager, explained my situation, and the manager made sure my car would finally be worked on. Thank goodness that is is the last service in the pre-paid service plan offered when the car was purchase. I would never come back!

jett t. | 2012-07-30

This review is for the Service department. Basically, Buyer Beware. Be sure to get a second opinion about add-on service recommendations.

Been bringing my 5 yr old Toyota here since its purchase. Best part was getting the car washed.  Had all the recommended maintenance done (every 5k miles oil change plus other recommended servicing.) Took it in today to have some specific things done (brake fluid changed and new air filter with oil change.) Got a phone call adding $250 to also clean the fuel injection system and change the cabin air filter. I called our other mechanic (for the other car) and he said the fuel injection cleaning is not required. It is not listed in the maintenance schedule as a required maintenance item. We do not drive around in sand dunes and if we wanted a car that broke down we would've gotten another Audi (our other car.)   Last straw: have tried to contact "Mike" three times to decline the service and only get voicemail.

Btw; I checked what is required to change the cabin air filter. It's a $15 part that requires some really specialty tools -- your fingers -- to remove the glove box and pull out the old one. They charge $90 to do this.  I'm having them do it as a good bye gift to them.

Joe T. | 2012-07-21

Went today to price out a Tundra with different packages and met sales rep Andy Vu who immediately took me around to see different models and answered all questions that I kept asking. Once we settled on a truck that would fit my budget we walked to the office. Before we reached the sales office another tundra truck caught my attention but was way over my budget by 10K. Andy was great in getting me a fair price that I was comfortable in financing as was the finance manager in going down as much as he did. Overall ... great experience with the Capitol Toyota team!

Derek S. | 2012-06-28

As other Toyota/Scion dealerships were simply sold out of the new Scion FR-S, stopped by to give this dealership a shot. Tien greeted me immediately upon arrival and allowed me to go take a spin of the new black FR-S in 6MT which had already been sold...oops! ;)

The was peppy and fun to drive, although a bit low on power. Tien was a good guy, simply a tad pushy towards the end as he was asking for the sale...

Wolv W. | 2012-06-19

I'm not big on leaving reviews, but I had one of the worst possible experiences trying to look at a car tonight. First, I'm in the market for a new car and interested in a new Scion. Interested to the point I was about a wink and a nudge away from putting down my deposit and signing the finance paperwork. They close at 10pm, and I work on the weekdays, so I thought 8pm was a reasonable time to stop by.  I couldn't find a single sales person, walked back and forth across the lot 3 times.  I finally went inside, and while the receptionist was friendly, she told me I could find the sales people outside. It turns out they were all "hanging out" (aka having a cigarette or three) over at the pre-owned car area (beside the new car dealership area across the street).  After making my way over, I was finally able to get the attention of one sales person since most of the scattered as I approached but he was leaving for his break and couldn't help me, and didn't offer to find someone.

After walking in and standing at the counter (it's now 9:00pm, I'd been there for just under an hour) one of the sales people comes in from wherever he was and starts doing some paperwork. Fast forward, after a few minutes of looking at a car, I wanted to get the final out the door pricing and he first offered to create a quote, but then changed his mind after he asked if this particular car was my final choice. I was honest and said it was one of two cars still in the running, at which point he ballparked the math on his phone.  

He asked if I was trading in a car, I said that I was (I am!) and he wanted to take a quick look at the car and asked where it was. I explained it was on the far side of the new car area (the guest parking) and he immediately changed his mind and said I'd have to come back another time to get a trade-in value because otherwise he'd have to enter it into the computer and he doesn't have enough time (at 9:10pm with the dealership open another 50 minutes).

There was a good chance I was going to put down a deposit and order my car (I wanted a different color than they had in stock), but I can promise you that I will never be returning to this dealership. I'd be afraid that I'd get the same kind of service if anything ever went wrong with my car, which is essentially no service at all.

Time to look at a Subaru.

Shiawase O. | 2012-06-14

my scion  is due for it's 90K, but will i bring it to capitol toyota? oh, i don't think so. i called ahead to get a quote on the service and the price was good, but then i got a lot of rhetoric about  their overcharge snafu on my last visit. i listened to the service manager give me a lot of guff about how they never agreed to the price in the first place and when they don't have the quote in writing, they just charge what they feel like charging. i wanted to rebut about 90% of the blues he was wailing on and on about...but couldn't manage to get a word in here's the deal...they tried to rip me off, then made nice about it when i raised a stink, and now are giving me grief about their questionable practices that they don't even'm supposed to bring my car back there again - seriously?

who wants to bet they find all kinds of expensive things wrong with my ride at this next service visit, including a few manufactured ones...?

ok. that last crack was uncalled for....but it did cross my mind, given the dishonesty and defensiveness i've experienced there and reported here...i might be hella paranoid, but an unapologetic ripoff creates a lasting impression...

later, capitol toyota...

Mallory B. | 2012-06-12

If you purchase a car at Capitol Toyota and have to deal with the finance manager Joseph Coffell, good luck.  He is EXTREMELY rude, espically to women and acts as though you are wasting his time when asking questions about the terms of your financing. His customer service skills need a lot of work and I would recommend asking to have another finance manager handle your finances.

Lesli Y. | 2012-06-11

Terrible Sales People...My husband bought a Prius Pluggable - they barely looked at him.  Arrogant.  Inffecient.  Didn't keep their promises about having the licenses ready on time.  If you can find your car somewhere else don't come here.

A A. | 2012-06-02

CHEATS - that's my word for them. Details:
Bought a Camry and got their 0% financing offer. They saw my pregnant wife and harassed us for hours, ignoring her condition.
Finally, I threatened to quit and suddenly all issues disappeared.
a week later I received a call - the old, "we made a mistake and you have to return the car" routine.
They knew I was pressed for time and exploited that. To "make up" for their mistake, they sold me the care package. I didn't have time or strength to deal with my travel, pregnant wife, visiting parents and job. I gave in.
I knew they were cheating me and I let them.
RECOMMENDATION: Buy a car BEFORE you absolutely need it - at your terms. Read Edmunds "Confessions of a car salesman" before you go to dealers like these.

Overall, they are still better than Stevens Creek Toyota - which is perhaps the worst car dealership EVER!

David V. | 2012-05-31

So I came to Capitol Toyota tonight to check out the new fr-s and no sales men came by to help me. I had to walk into the store and asked for help. This tall sales man said I should go to the other side and get helP for myself. What kind of service is that asking a customer to walk across the street to the other lot for service. I didn't do it so I self helped myself by opening the car and checking it out. After checking out the car for a good 5 minutes later so guy came over smoking a cigarette and said yea that car has been sold you need a down payment if you want to get it. What every happen to how could I help you or sorry for making you wait. I know that they just lost a sale from me plus that car was asking 5k over msrp since it just came out. That sales team lack in customer service and sales.  I rather do business somewhere else where I can get the service and answers that I'm searching for

P P. | 2012-05-28

It took the guy almost an hour to give us the numbers and he was pushy.the whole time. When we wanted to walk away he brought his manager to talk to us and tried to get us to consider leasing the car. We said no thanks and left. Spent nearly 3 hours there. They called back the next day to see if we found a car and we did. But not from this place.

Dale D. | 2012-05-10

This is my second review for this place - the first time (or review) I did not purchase a car here, although my salesman was very good, and i was very satisfied with his service and professionalism.  

The second time was the last time that I will ever come back here to buy or even look at a car.  I'll be brief but descriptive about what happened to me here:
1.) Car salesman was very good, he didn't lie about anything, he answered all of my questions, he was very patient, and he was very helpful - I loved this guy! (Thanks Michael)
2.) Finance department just flat out blows - The guy working here that I dealt with was unprofessional, rude, not personable, and straight up read from a written script to try to sell me on an extended warranty.  He even showed me someone else's purchase invoice (complete with the guys name and personal finance information) to try to push me to buy an extended warranty.  I'm pretty sure there's something that's not exactly legal about that.  
3.) They made me wait in the showroom for 4 + hours to pick up my car - Nobody even asked me why i was in there for so long.  I guess this is standard operating procedure here, and it sucks big time.
4.) After they agreed to finance my new vehicle, they farmed out the loan to about ten banks/financial institutions and lowered my credit score by about 100 points because of all of the simultaneous credit inquiries that occurred when they whored out my loan application with them.  
5.) Do not finance a car here ever!  I had the cash on hand to pay for the car but my girlfriend thought it was a good idea for me to be the primary on the loan so she could get her credit score back up with timely payments - WRONG!  These guys will try to make even more money off of your loan by selling it to a bank.  

In short - this place is flat out shady.  If anyone wants to know more about what happened to me here, just send me a message and ask and I'll be more than happy to give you more details on how these guys screwed me and my 800+ credit score over.

Mark D. | 2012-05-09

i went in for a service recall they them told me i would have to pay for inspection , i talked to service mngr and finally he reluctantly took care of me both men had attitudes and talked down to me to try to intimidate me , i would not recomend i think they are shaddy to say the least

Erin D. | 2012-05-05

3 hours for an oil change and tire rotation.  EVERY TIME.  Somewhat ridiculous, I think.  Now that my complimentary service has come to an end, I'll be taking it elsewhere for service, my time is more valuable than Toyota's "free 2 year maintenance" deal. I give them 2 stars for the pleasantness of "most" of their service personnel that I dealt with.

Harsha J. | 2012-04-23

Went here after shopping around a lot in the area and I guess I got the best price for the car.. Also Jherome took care of me very well and made sure everything worked as he promised..

Raman O. | 2012-04-12

What a horrible dealership... seriously.

I walk in thinking someone will help me, everyone kept walking by me, which is funny because every other dealership everyone is constantly trying to help you. I was interested in buying a car and there was no one that could help me, after 15 minutes, someone finally approached me and when I asked him about the scion FRS, which is a scion that will be available soon, he had no clue what I was talking about, and then I start asking questions about the scion tc, and he tells me that there is a silver one left and that he can sell it for a great price since " YOU LOOK LIKE A NICE GUY" are you kidding me? I'm not 13 I'm 21... and I know that scion tc's are pure priced, meaning if you buy the car here, order it online, or buy it from michigan, it will be the exact same price... so after telling me how I will not find a white one, I went to a dealership in hayward and purchased a brand new scion tc, and every time I'm due for a service I just drive to a different dealership.

Jossi C. | 2012-03-19

I just listened to the message and could not believe my ears! how disrespectful! I would never go back there, specially with so many competitors. Good luck to you guys in finding a new car!

Richard N. | 2012-03-18

Reasonable Test Drive - Makes Us Want to Return.....

Pros:   Convenient South San Jose location.  Big selection.  We found a good guy.
Cons:   None for the test drive

Suggestion:   If you visit on the weekend and want to avoid crowds, go when the weather isn't nice

-   Overall:     3
-   Chance of getting a test drive:    5 ( even if your purchase date is 2 months away )
-   Knowledge of the salesman:    4
-   Selection of cars:     4
-   Makes you feel like you want to come back to buy:   4
-   Offered explanations beyond our questions:    3
-   Made attempt to show the facilities:   3
-   Pushy factor:    1 ( 1 is not pushy.  5 is shoving you to a sale )


The test drive saga continues.  After the rather abbreviated "test drive" of a CR-V at Capitol Honda, my wife and I visited Capitol Toyota a week later to get a feel for the RAV 4.  It was fairly quiet, probably due to the cool and windy weather with a few sprinkles.

One of the salesmen in the lot spotted us as we entered the showroom, introduced himself ( Jesse Escoto ) and asked if we needed some help.  My guard was up since I consider dealerships to be hostile territory and Jesse didn't remove his sunglasses after walking inside, but I said we're looking to test drive the RAV 4 Limited with a 3.5 liter V6 engine and navigation system.  He replied "no problem".  Since I wanted to compare dealers as well as cars, I also indicated we did not intend to actually buy anything until mid-late May...2 months away.  Again he said "no problem".

Jesse found a few of those models in front of the showroom and motioned for us to follow.  Because the gentleman at Capitol Honda asked for my driver's license before leaving the lot, I offered to show it to Jesse.  His response?  "I don't need to see it.  I'm sure you've got one".

I spent the first 5 minutes looking at the instrumentation and working the controls, but Jesse didn't seem to mind.  We drove for about 15 minutes on local streets and Highway 87...then back to the lot.  During the drive, Jesse was low key, friendly and answered whatever questions we asked.  After it was over, he retrieved a booklet on the RAV 4 so my wife could compare features in the 3 different trims ( SE, Sport and Limited ) and see some color combinations.

I can't say how pushy things might have gotten if we were ready to buy, but price never came into the conversation. Just goes to show how patience and building rapport with a potential buyer can do much more for a salesman's wallet than a "what can you do for me now" attitude.

Of course we didn't put the dealer or Jesse ( or ourselves ) to the test with a complete buying experience.  20 minutes can be a drop in the bucket.  But if we get a RAV 4 from Capitol Toyota, it will be with Jesse.

Christopher S. | 2012-03-18

Very slow service. Salesperson took over half an hour to get the numbers, so we left leaving him our information to call us. Paul called back asked us why we left, and at the end of the voicemail, he called us a "fu**in' as**ole"

We will never return to this dealership, for anything. They need to re-evaluate their sales team for representing the Toyota brand. If I were to treat potential customers this way, I would be unemployed.

Esther Y. | 2012-03-13

Used a Amazon Deals coupon here for a $19 oil change + car wash. I scheduled an appointment Sunday at 9 am, being told that Sundays are less busy. So I showed up, handed over my keys, and was told it would probably be about 2 hours due to the long line that morning (despite DST! What's wrong with you people?!). However, they were extremely courteous and attentive and said they would try to get mine done earlier since I was going to be waiting there instead of leaving and coming back. It was like taking your child to a doctor. I checked my patient in, went to the waiting room where there was complimentary coffee and donuts and a flat-screen TV with cable. I sat on a cushy black leather chair and watched TV.

After about 1.5 hours, they called me up to the desk and went over my patient's chart and recommendations. My car is a very well-kept Toyota Corolla 2006 and they recommended services that would cost about $1400 if I did it with them (very few of them were actually necessary after talking about it with a few other car-savvy people)! I knew they were overcharging and after calling around a bit I found they were overcharging by at least double. For example, I needed my front brake pads replaced, which at other places costs $130-170 but they would charge $373.15. o_O

They even pre-scheduled my patient's next appointment. Being a doctor myself, I know this is a great technique to get people to come back. They must've taken a lot of cues from doctors' practices (or maybe it was the other way around)!

Overall, I was very impressed with their customer service and amenities, the cheap oil change (although it takes much longer than other places due to the sheer volume of cars they need to service everyday), and their deals. I did not appreciate their regular prices and recommendations of things I didn't need. It's like me as an eye doctor telling everyone that they need LASIK either for preventative care or to cure them.

I'll be taking my car elsewhere for the front brake pads and my 60k maintenance (also 50% cheaper at other places compared to their $398.88), and to the House of Dad for my oil changes (not a real place, please don't look it up on yelp).

Stephen P. | 2012-03-01

Came in for an oil change and a smog on my daughters car. I did not have an appointment and couldn't leave my car all day. Jay worked it out and was able to get both done for me in a timely manor.  He also informed me of a few things I should be aware of but they didn't need immediate attention.   Thank you Jay for taking care of me and making sure my daugthers 4runner is safe.

Gaye L. | 2012-02-22

If you would like your car stolen from the service department of a dealership, this is the one for you! My daughter took her Corolla to this dealership for a service. The service technician left the car on the forecourt with the KEYS IN THE IGNITION!!! Big shock - it was stolen. The service manager, Bill, even admitted on the phone that another car had been stolen from them as well, but it was just kids joyriding and was found the next day. My daughter's car was not found. What was worse than all of this is the APPALLING customer service from the General Manager who did not even return my calls or emails. His insurance company paid our insurance company's demand for replacing the car, but he would not pay for the replacement costs of the contents of the car. He instructed his insurance to "depreciate" the cost of the contents so that our daughter was substantially out-of-pocket and he didn't even care enough to contact us. No apology....No fair payment. Never mind - I'll just make sure that everyone I know realizes what a terrible service department it is, and that your car is not necessarily safe while at their dealership. Toyota always sends customer service surveys.....but if they actually cared about customer service they would deal with their customers directly instead of hiding behind surveys and their insurance company, and they would apologize for their negligence which directly led to the theft of my daughter's car. We have one more Toyota in the family. I wouldn't take it to this dealership for a service if it was the last one left in the country.

Sharon H. | 2012-02-17

This company is such a rip off it is incredible.  I drop my car off (8:10) to have two seat belts checked and a noise in the engine looked at.  The guy writing up the details tells me they will have it looked at and would give me a call in about an hour and a half to tell me the cost and time it would take to fix.  I had to call them at 12pm!  The cost was unbelievable over $500 for the drivers seat belt and over $300 for the rear belt buckle.  Of course they don't have them, but they will be in 8:30 the next morning.  My car would be ready around noon.  I get a call at 11:30 one of the parts did not come in, but they have fixed one and ordered the other part.  I could bring my car back on Monday.  Not likely!
When I get there they had made the bill including the cost of the second part.  Oh and they did not take off the cost for the inspection like they said they would if I got repairs done.  And they did not take off 10% as we had agreed on the phone.  I guess because I didn't want to be ripped off more.
So here is the kicker.  I check on line for the cost of the parts.  Capitols cost $319.17, Capitols own website $191.88, other website $162.96.  That's one belt.  The second quote was for over $100 part alone.  Website research $19.33.
If you wish to be ripped of by this company, that is your choice.  But these are the facts.  Cost alone should steer you away, but if you want someone to think your time is not valuable, Capitol Toyota is the place to go.  
Oh, they have one star because I couldn't work out how to give a half star!

fred t. | 2012-02-16

Just got a nice Siena from Capitol Toyota.  After either emailing or talking to all of the local south bay toyota dealerships trying to find the right color/pkg combo, it ended up only a few had the exact car I was looking for.   I dealt with Tran Nguyen from the internet dept and Quoc.  Immediately after talking for 30 secs on the phone, I knew that this is where I want to give my business.  Both were very professional and courteous.  Piercy had the exact car that I wanted but speaking to them on the phone, there was NO WAY I was going to spend a dime in there.  Anyway, going back to Tran, the whole process was awesome.  He was very knowledgeable about his product and he was very thorough.  I knew exactly what i wanted, what i wanted to pay and we had a fair deal.  Quick, painless and he didn't make the customer feel stupid (like Piercy did).  No tricks up his sleeves.  Jay Aggawal (the finance guy) was also really cool and funny too.  Again, he made his pitch for extra this and that (like he's supposed to) and we were outta there in 15mins.  Toyota is supposed to be a "turn and burn - quantities" type of a dealership and trust me, many in the south bay are.  but, it was refreshing to see Capitol Toyota making a customer feel like a customer.

Christopher B. | 2012-02-04

We traded in our 2011 4 runner here for a Tacoma. They told us since the 4 runner was lifted and had new tires it couldn't be sold as a Toyota certified used vehicle so they offered us less.

It is now up on their website as a certified used vehicle for a ridiculous price.

They straight up lied to us. I will never do business here again. Alfredo Seagar was our salesman. Jerks.

Reviewer P. | 2012-01-28

I am very happy with Capitol Toyota.  I bought my Toyota from this dealership and always come here for all my oil changes and service jobs (which includes a complimentary car wash).

I never had any problems with Capitol Toyota except once at the service department.  Luckily, the Service Manager Mike handle my situation professionally and provided excellent customer service.  I am really impressed how Mike cares about customers.  Great job!

I remain a loyal Capitol Toyota customer and highly recommend this dealership!

F p. | 2012-01-09

A few months ago I took my car here for the first time to have regular service done, oil change etc. Thought it was strange that it wasn't very busy. I usually take it to Sunnyvale Toyota and they were always busy. When I dropped it off he said it would be a little while before they could start on it. I was ok with that. 30 minutes later I get a call from the service rep telling me my water pump was leaking pretty bad and needs to be replace, going to cost about $700!! I was shocked because I didn't expect a problem when I dropped it off it was fine, just needed an oil change. No one mentioned it leaking 3 months before when I had service done. He said it was really bad and my car could "blow" at any time and cause real damage if I didn't fix it right away. My entire interaction with him just didn't feel right. Felt very shady from the moment I dropped the car off. I picked it up and decided I would take it to the other dealership later in the week. The next morning I pull out of my driveway and there is a huge puddle left behind. Somehow  they tampered with my water pump to make it leak. It definitely wasn't leaking before I took it to them... I ended up having Sunnyvale Toyota fix it for me and they did it for a little less than what Capitol Toyota was trying to charge me.

Will never buy or service a car here! Very shady all around, and they might mess up your car just so they can charge you to fix it!!

Pardeep P. | 2011-12-30

Excellent service by extremely professional team of Capitol Toyota.

Sid G. | 2011-12-23

I decided to get an oil change here as i was in the area and i had to take my aunt to pick her car... I was greeted by a very plesant and cheerful man Marshall who made the experience perfect...i live far away from here and whould have not considered this place for service in the future but Marshall Blank's exceptional service has made me reconsider coming all the way here for my service.. Thank you.

Kevin L. | 2011-12-22

WORST SALES PEOPLE I'VE COME ACROSS! Only focused on their pockets, not your satisfaction. Glad I didn't buy from this place. Went in to look at used cars, the sales guy (didn't get his name - he said he was from Santa Cruz) ignored my request and showed me new cars that were about 5k out of price range. I told him this and he continued to try and pressure me into buying a vehicle that I didn't want. When I walked away he tried to guilt me into staying. When I continued to walk away he attempted to say that I was calling him a bad person and told me that I was a waste of his time. Would never buy from these guys. Was extremely happy when I went to Nissan Sunnyvale and bought a car for the price I was prepared to pay and had a great buying experience.

Ron S. | 2011-12-05

I have to say that my experience purchasing a vehicle at Capital Toyota was Great! I was clear about what I was looking for and they listened and came through for me. I got exactly what I wanted and had no issues what so ever. Thank you Mark and Anthony! My Highlander is a great car!

Thomas S. | 2011-11-24

Hi, I took my 2005 Corolla in for the ECM recall, which they replaced. I had the battery changed too. The staff was helpful and friendly. I was friendly too. The work was completed quickly. The car runs great and I think they washed it too. I felt like a king. :-) Thanks Capitol Toyota!

Girl B. | 2011-11-15

If I could spit on their Sales Department, I would.

Hate. Them.

Douglas B. | 2011-11-07

I had an extremely poor encounter with a young man (more like a surly child, but whatever) at Capitol Parts department.

UPDATE: The manager of the parts department called and said the right things, so I'm upgrading the review. Kudos to Capitol for stepping up to help make the situation right and improving how staff relates to customers.


Christine K. | 2011-11-03


To be honest, after reading Yelp reviews, I wasn't expecting much from this place, but heck, I have free servicing until 30k miles, and I couldn't pass that up!  I pulled up, was immediately greeted by Justin Delgado, who had me fill out some paperwork and told me my 5k service would take 1.5 hours.  During my time in the waiting area, I heard him interact with some other customers and he is seriously a class act.  He seemed very knowledgeable, friendly, and provided an overall outstanding customer service experience.  He even told me my car would be ready soon (without me having to ask first).  My car got washed, and dried to my satisfaction but when Justin saw it, he had them wipe it down even more.  Nice!  Why only 4 stars?

I seriously have no freaking idea why an oil change and tire rotation takes 1.5 hours!!  I used to take my car to a local place and it would be done within 30 minutes, but hey, this was free so I guess I can't complain TOO much.  Btw, this is totally not relevant, but Justin is a total cutie. No, that doesn't affect my review because even if he were ugly, I would have still thought his service was outstanding.  :)

albert r. | 2011-11-01

I was working on a vehicle and was in need of some clarification of parts.  I had been to several shops that deal in aftermarket truck suspension.  I stopped in and spoke to Walter W. in the parts dept.  after much deliberation and research we were able to figure that these components were NOT a TRD option for this truck.  And he went above and beyond in doing some research while I was there.  We found what we thought was the manufacturer of the parts in question.  He gave me the info.  I went home, contacted them and sent pictures for clarification. That story goes on but eventually gets resolved.  But My praise to Capitol for having Walter in the Parts Dept!  Thanks!!  I'll be back for more parts from you guys!!

Jenny K. | 2011-10-10

I had a recent experience with the service manager Bill that was excellent!! Bill took care of a situation that was not up to par - in dealing with our vehicle, he corrected the issues, went above and beyond to pick my vehicle up from my work and bring it back to me. I'm incredibly impressed with the service that Bill provided. I will absolutely take my truck back for future services. It's not often that you find places of business; that make up for their errors - and not just correct the error but go above and beyond to provide a solution; and make sure that you leave a happy customer. I'm impressed with the great customer service that Bill provided and would recommend anyone to go and deal with him. He knows how to provide excellent customer service.

Eugene N. | 2011-10-09

Done 5000 miles maintenance for my Camry here. Very satisfied. Ask for Mario at service dept and you will get outstanding service!

Chris M. | 2011-09-27

This place cannot ever be timely on service, and cannot get the job done.  I got an "express" oil change that took five hours instead of 30 minutes.  The next time I made an appointment and they told me it would take four hours.  They send out great coupons that you cannot use because they are too busy.  Additionally, their car wash was broken so they called it "complementary".

sam s. | 2011-09-23

Honest the truth.  I wasn't sure if I would want to like this place but Ignacio Sandoval Sanchez made me think different.  He is truly a gentleman.  He does what he says.  I went in for warranty repair and he just made it happen.  He is a good man.  I recommend him as a service adviser to everyone.  I'm in sales myself and can read thru people.  This guy does not lie.  They give me great service all the time.  I think since im gonna have a second child soon I will trade my camry hybrid for a toyota sienna right at the same location.  Thanks Ignacio.

Rick W. | 2011-09-15

The service department here is exceptional at selling you things you don't need.  We have a Toyota Camry with just over 40,000 miles.  It has had regular service and has never been abused.  
We went in for a minor service and after the work was done we were told that well over $2,000 worth of work was needed.  They said that the water pump was starting to leak.  They said we needed to change the timing belt at the same time.  They also wanted to change all the other belts and the valve cover gaskets.  The list went on from there.
I took the car to another mechanic (Genuine Automotive) who has an excellent reputation.  I paid $65  to have them inspect every system on the car.  I didn't give them the list from Capitol Toyota until they had finished their inspection.  They found only a few minor repairs that were needed (things that weren't on the Capitol Toyota list).  
Then I asked them to recheck the water pump.  Again, they said it wasn't leaking.  This wasa lie by Capitol Toyota as were most of the other things.

Capitol Toyota has lost our business forever.

Jeff B. | 2011-08-31

Been coming here for the last 15yrs or so for service and bought a 2011 Camry in January of this year.  

For sales, go see Waseem.  Personable, no pressure, knowledgable sales guy.  Would buy another car from him but since I have three late model Toyota's I'm hoping I don't have to buy another car for the next 10years!

For service, Tony, Victor and Ignacio are the service writers I've had the best experience with.  

They've replaced things under warranty whenever they could and when I've had to have other service done they only do what's needed and not trying to sell me more and more...I'm having my work done at a dealership so I  know I pay a premium but at the end of the day that's my choice and I prefer my vehicles are dealer maintained.

I'm surprised by some of the other reviews.

Capitol Toyota will continue to win my business.  It's always good to get to know the people behind the counters and try to establish a rapport.

Good luck.

W K. | 2011-08-26

If you want a service manager that is honest and will tell you like it is....hit up Justin D. He went to bat for me with the extended warranty company that Toyota uses and saved me thousands of dollars on repairs. We kept being told that it was not covered, or that I didn't have a record of a maintenance service...but in the end he was able to provide a compelling argument and get the service covered on the 3rd try. I would highly recommend him - he is great at what he does and as long as you treat him like you would want to be treated...he will take care of you.

Laura D. | 2011-08-21

I don't think it makes a difference to schedule an appointment.  And expect at least 2-3 hours for a minor service/oil change.  I give the service two stars but would give my rep Mike L. five - he was really nice and apologetic for the delay.

Bobby T. | 2011-08-06

I  went in for an oil change and was pleasantly surprised after all the reviews on here. Just needed a routine service oil change and I was in and out within an hour. They suggested the normal this and that just like any other oil change place but didn't push. Planned ahead and used their wifi to get some work done. Overall I would come back instead of those jiffylube places.

D M. | 2011-07-23

Be very cautious when servicing your car at Capitol Toyota of San Jose. I will never take my car back there. I never write bad reviews but this instance is just beyond the pale, recommending urgent work and 4 tires at ~$2700.00, when all I need is to replace two tires before winter.

I feel for those people who follow the recommendation of the Service Department at Capitol Toyota and allow then to perform work on "findings". I'm glad I did not allow then to do more than the Toyota Recall I too my car in for.  

This week I took my car in to get a Toyota recall done. An hour later, the Assistant Service Manager Marshall Blank called me stating that my car required urgent power steering work as well as four new tires at grand total of approximately $2700.00. I told them not to perform any work beyond the Toyota Recall for which I brought my car in.  I wanted to verify that the work was required and check the tires myself and at Costco.

Then checking my car at a private mechanic on the "urgent Power Steering work ($2079.88)... if the work is not done soon it will lead to an additional $1000.00 for the power steering pump...", and with Costco for their statement "...your tire tread is at the legal limit... you need 4 new tires.. we have a special on 4 tires at $575.00 installed...', none of this work is required and I will need only two tires before winter the other two tires are fine.

Be aware and shop around before you folk over exuberant amounts of money on unnecessary work and parts at Toyota Capitol.

Holly L. | 2011-07-12

I really don't like to give bad reviews... but Capitol Toyota deserves it!!

This review is solely for their direct sales manager, JIMMY LEE, and CHINH NGUYEN that I talked to on the phone that tried to cover up for him and not report it to their store manager.

so i was car shopping and decided to e-mail all the bay area dealerships to get the best offer. i responded to each e-mail asking if their dealership can price match the best offer that i received (which ended up being from putnam). all the other sales staff said stuff like "oh that's a really good deal, that you should take advantage of immediately," "let me know if you really get that price out the door," or "we can't beat that."

however, after i asked capitol toyota if they can price match it, i get an e-mail back saying "Hi Holly, Sorry our prices are too high for you. Good luck!"

WTF is all that about??? It was SO RUDE and unnecessary. Car shopping and comparisons are a perfectly legitimate thing to do. I've never had anyone say such an appalling thing to me before!

To make matters even worse, I called in to the dealership to talk to someone who told me he would resolve the issue by getting my contact information down for the manager. Did he? NO.

Needless to say, they did not earn my business! Even if it's the closest dealership to me, I won't even take my brand new car to get serviced there. NO THANKS!

Wendy W. | 2011-07-05

I bought my car from here.. I got a pretty good deal here... But that's not what I want to talk about..

I've been taking my car here for all the minor and major services (15k and 30k) (except once---but I regretted that)... And have never had any issues.. I've always felt they looked after my car and didn't cheat me with recommending unnecessary services... I've had the occasional "you should replace this" or "you need to do this" but it never really added too much to my bill (less than 2-300))

But the last time I went.. They came up with over $2500 worth of services / repairs that I needed on my car... I was not happy... I have been doing all my services regularly and felt that I really needed a second opinion... And I was not surprised to learn that I didn't need the most expensive services they said I needed... Only one of the 3 or 4 things they said was necessary. The cheapest of them too.

I am hesitant to come back here.. As I hate it when I am told to replace things that don't need to be replaced.. I hate to feel cheated. :(

I have to say I was pretty content with everything until the last time I went.

lily rose w. | 2011-06-14

mario in sales is great. he is genuinely friendly and nice. put up with entertaining my kids while i finished the sale. my kids kept asking for mario for days. of course, he is a salesman and this is a business, so a lot of negotiation went slowly back and forth to the "boss." we were even happy with the loan officer and manager. it was an all-night affair. but we got the car and was happy with the experience.

but read my experience about the auto service, blah. if i could i would give it 1 star. i had a recall service on my new car. i called and they wouldn't give me an appt. person insisted it is just a drop off and couldn't even tell me how long it would take. with toddlers, i couldn't take the chance of going there and hanging out with young kids.

so i did an online appt., got a quick response and an hour window to drop it off in the morning. i don't know how this way was possible. got there with a long line. husband was irate. they do it where you line up with the cars and wait for someone to fill out the forms. really, it took all about 15 minutes. we left the car there and went home in our 2nd car.

the waiting area is not much. good thing it was a nice day, kids were able to hang out in the cemented patio.

since this was a recall on their part, i felt they could have been more nicer and sincere. they just churned us out, albeit slowly. i wouldn't take my car here for a paid service.

same time we had a lexus recall. superb service. gave a loaner car. which i wouldn't have minded--you should see their lounge. i could have stayed all day!

MJ R. | 2011-05-06

shop here if you prefer used cars priced thousands above kbb.

ps-- everybody know kbb values have been 15-25% high for 20 years!

Will G. | 2011-05-02

I came to the Capitol Toyota Service for changing oil.
I was asked to wait after the technician record odometer and fill out paper work. But I just keep on waiting and waiting under the sun, while I saw the Advisors laughing and joking, taking their time. I was patient enough to tolerate it, but my pregnant wife was not.
Finally, one came out and we started to talk. So, I told him I wanted oil change, but he's trying to sell me the additional services. His attitude is quite unpleasant and somewhat condescending.
Finally he said "Don't you know your car needs more than just oil change?"
I said "Yes. (I am literate enough to read maintenance schedule that's included)"
He said "Car has a lot of parts and they need to be maintained."
I said "Sure they do. (I thought since the previous service don't mention anything wrong, shouldn't you do the 20 something pt inspection first before you tell me blindly what needs to be done?)"
Then he mentioned that I have to pick up my car tomorrow, since they have a lot of backlogged. What? Why did he even offer me all the services if they didn't have the time to do it? Then I told him in that case I was leaving. But he quickly told me that he'd try to squeeze it in and make it happen. Huh?? Was he just trying to score a few points?
Anyway, after the service, the inspection shows that there is nothing wrong with the car. I guess my gut feeling was right in telling me that they are trying to rip me off. The long wait time, the rude attitude, the salesman tactics, they all left a bad taste in my mouth similar to the experience of buying a car.
After reading Piercey review, it seemed that they are also practicing the same tactics. Next time, I think I'll just try precision tune, which my friends recommend.

Mike (manager): I brought my pregnant wife's car for the oil change and the car is actually under her name. She is not comfortable with me revealing her identity. I have written 100+ reviews over the past few years. And no, I am not in the business of faking reviews, you can check my other reviews. Whether you believe it or not is up to you.

Dino P. | 2011-05-02

My mom brings her car here for service all the time. Great place to come in for free coffee and donuts in the morning too. Everyone is super helpful and eager to please. 5 stars!!!

Randy L. | 2011-04-26

Came here to pick up my Mom's Highlander that came in for recall work. Master brake cylinder replacement an brakes check sound like it might turn into something else, then turn into $$$$. This however was a pleasant experience and expedient as well!! Helpful guy at the counter who went thought the trouble to explain the recall in detail and even shook my hand before I left. The car was pulled up within 3-5 minutes and there wasn't any issue that I saw from a worker damaging or dirtying the car.

Cant really speak on the sales or other guys, but working in the auto industry has jaded me on most dealerships. This place however didn't rub me the wrong way at all.

Easy, Peasy, Japoneasy

Anthony A. | 2011-04-23

Talking about only giving you what you pay for, well this service department will do just that. I took my car in for an oil change and 1 day later the front clips were missing that holds the scoop. Coincidence or not went I returned I was charged $10 to replace the clips. REALLY?!

Way to lose a customer. This should have been caught by the technician while working on the car.

Where's the customer service?

ClosetDork .. | 2011-04-18

I'm sure this place gets compared to Stevens Creek Toyota ("SCT") a LOT.  After all, it's the only comparable in the immediate-ish surrounding.  

I have no idea why I didn't come here instead of SCT to get my car three years ago, and I sure did regret it.  If my end-of-lease experience is indicative of anything, I would've probably gotten an infinitely better experience here than I did at SCT (… ).

First off, Steven T the finance manager was a thousand times more helpful than his SCT counterpart.  It didn't take me multiple calls to get through to him (and to make it an even more stark comparison, the girl at the front desk was so sweet and definitely didn't sound like Little Miss Mannerless at SCT).

Steven explained the whole process, eyeballed the car (and specifically the tiny scratches that I pointed out), alleviating any concerns that I had on  the potential of Toyota Financial hitting me with a triple-digit damage repair bill two weeks later.  

Not once during the whole process was he trying to pull any shifty on me.  Goes to show that you really don't need to go to a luxury car dealership to not be treated like an uninformed idiot.

Robbie C. | 2011-04-17

Thanks, Michael and Rick in the Service Dept., for proving again that a sucker is born every minute.  I am that sucker.

If you had swamp land in Florida to sell me, I would have bought that, too, since I was clearly stupid enough to fall for the six extra services you said I needed.  And I just came in to get a Check Engine, VSC light and oil change done (orig. estimate:  $170.95 + tax).  Read on to see the cost of stupidity.

*Automatic transmission fluid flush:  $159.95
*Fuel injector flush:  $108.88
*New battery:  $144
*New cabin air filter:  $91.21
*Throttle body service:  $84.55

It was really nice of you to give me a 50% discount on the power steering flush.  Never mind that it had been done just six months and 7k miles ago.  The Service History clearly showed you that, Mike, but hey, who can refuse a 50% discount, right?   Who knew that freeway driving makes the powersteering fluid dirtier than city driving.

As for the $393 in labor, it was really big of you, Rick, for agreeing after a lot of hemming and hawing to give me back that extra hour of labor ($131/hr) I was overcharged.  I only waited for 2 hours in that sad excuse for a lounge.  Guess there was no way around the time stamps on the service estimate and credit card receipt.

I really should take a second to thank the one honest person who confirmed that the service inspection checklist is filled out DURING the 27-point inspection, NOT afterwards.  My checklist said everthing, except for the tires and brake pads which 'needed attention', was OK.  This checklist was not provided until I paid the bill.  No other issues were noted or comments were made, so why did I need the extra services?

Because Capitol Toyota needs to make money off every potential sucker that walks in.  Don't let that be you.

Julia J. | 2011-04-06

@mike r. of Capitol Toyota

3 star business is hardly done by my bashing.  Oh and it WAS NOT 5:30.  Perhaps your receptionist shouldnt  tell calling customers to just come down after trying to call the service deptartments line 3 times with no answer.  Perhaps your guys should be more specific what "6pm" means.  You guys were still "open" when I got there.  Not my problem if you cant do a minor service in a short amount of time.  

Needless to say... I am not the only one rating your business.  Sorry... try harder.

Axel G. | 2011-03-30

This rating may actually be for the down economy and its effect on new car prices. Read on a judge for yourself. Until last year, I never owned a new car. I've always had used cars, which suited me just fine. Once you drive a car off the lot, it begins to depreciate, right? So why not let someone else bear that problem. But with the birth of my baby girl, we were in need of a 4-door and reliability. Also, I have a 50 mile commute each way for work, so we needed a gas sipper. This is where Capitol Toyota came in. I submitted a request for Prius quotes on as well as another car website. Many dealerships in the area replied back with their best offer. No one could match what Capitol offered. Not even Costco responses came close! And when I talked to each dealership to tell them what Captiol offered, they didn't even try to match. It was amazing. Jimmy Lee took care of us when we can by to test drive & buy the car. I never felt pressured for any upgrades. The only annoying part of the purchase was when some guy lays it on thick with the warranty extension. I don't like that type of pressure tactic, which is why a star was docked. Jimmy treated me well and the sale went smooth. I still go back here for my maintenance since it's included for a year. Sweet!

carlos l. | 2011-03-25

I came to get my tires replace  and from from the shuttle  driver ,( I think his name is Ron)  to my technicians or assistant service Tony and Victor perform amazing ! I recommend to look for them on your next  car service !!!!

Erich A. | 2011-03-15

I brought in a 2006 Toyota Corolla to get a new set of tires and the scheduled 30K mile service. I am happy with the work - the car runs good as new.

There was a minor disagreement regarding the price of an item on the invoice, but I spoke to Mike the service manager - who was extremely polite and professional - and together we resolved the matter to my satisfaction.

Oh, they also replaced my car's computer for no charge - something to do with a factory recall. I didn't even know about it, but they did.

Bottom line, I would definitely take my car there again. The dealer knows your car better than anyone else, and they will take care of things like recalls that a 3rd party guy won't.

Vanilla P. | 2011-03-13

After a pretty sad morning at Stevens Creek Toyota (… ) we drove the whopping 5 miles to Capitol, where we were greeted by a cheerful sales guy eager to earn a sale.

Yes, we do know it's all a sales tactic, but if everyone puts on a happy face, the process is soooo much more enjoyable.

We found the car we liked, went back and forth a couple of times, but ultimately got a price with which we were very comfortable. We financed, and the financing process is a big long (like all financing processes at all dealerships everywhere), but we walked away with a great interest rate and low monthly payments.

Capitol Toyota was downright pleasant compared to our experience at Stevens Creek. Start at Capitol and save yourselves four hours.

Allie Z. | 2011-03-13

I had my spoiler installed here and got awesome service!!

Dorothee G. | 2011-03-07

Their customer service leaves a lot to be desired.... They see you coming and will try to sell you a service your car doesn't need. They take forever to complete the work, and don't call to let you know it's done.... You have to keep calling them.
I'm not at all a fan of this dealership. If you must use a dealership, I recommend Stevens Creek Toyota or even Piercy Toyota instead....

Victoria T. | 2011-02-28

My family researched the corolla we wanted online. Suppose to be a smooth transaction. Came in 130PM left at 430PM. Like seriously?! The process should of been smooth and efficiently. There was to many sales guys making the situation harder when its really suppose to be a simple transaction. Our main sales Internet manager Alfred was great  but his Finance manager needs to slow down when he talks.

Toyota sales staff can be a bit overwhelming but Alfred is the man to go to.

Stuart S. | 2011-02-19

This review relates to the Capitol Toyota Parts Department.  I received a response from Mike R., the Service Department Manager and he was very concerned with the fact that I was moved around with voicemail etc.  He will follow-up with his department managers and this is most appreciated.
P.S. Incidentally, Capitol Toyota has a great Tire and Service Sale going on right now.

Josh C. | 2011-02-13

this review is for the services department.  i had a terrible experience at stevens creek toyota, so i decided to start coming here instead.  it was ok and less crowded so i could deal with it, but today i ran into salesperson/scam artist extraordinaire.  i brought my prius in for my last prepaid maintenance and a recall for the water pump.  i thought i could have the service done early in the morning, wait, and leave within a couple of hours as i had a busy day ahead of me.  

i went to the service center that is closer to the freeway at 8am, and they sent me to the main department, which should have been my first red flag.  the guy who helped me suggested i get recommended services that were not included with the prepaid maintenance, which should have been my second red flag.  he said he had to keep my car until early afternoon (!) anyway, so i figured i might as well get the services done since this is my last time at the dealer.  big mistake.  

they ended up keeping my car the whole day and changing the times of when it would be ready.  i had to cancel my appointments during the day and almost missed my 6:30p one.  1pm, they called and said 5:30p and that the shuttle would pick me up at 5:15p.  5:25p, no shuttle, and i had to call and ask what was going on.  they said 5:45p and the car would be ready by 6p.  shuttle driver calls at 5:40p and says he's on his way.  i get to the dealership around 6p, and the car is still not ready.  i finally get my car around 6:20p and rush to make my 6:30p appointment, which i was late for of course.  

i didn't pay attention to the bill since i was in a rush, but the services guy added $10 to my bill for a donation to the make a wish foundation.  wtf?  can people just add random donations to a bill without asking the customer first?  i also left my recall letters with the services person, and he claimed they mail them in to toyota, when i know everything is done on the computer.  

i have to say good job scamming me and making your commission.  do any of these people have a conscience?  do you go home feeling good at night knowing you sold your customers unnecessary over-priced services and added random crap onto their bill without their consent?  

no wonder people refer to these places as "stealerships."  when in doubt, always say no.  unless your car is completely not drivable, any services can be performed later.  i learned that lesson the hard way, so i hope you can learn from my mistakes.  do your research ahead of time.  look at priuschat dot com to see what maintenance you really need.  

i hope there are no more recalls for my car, as i never want to come back to this place or any dealerships ever again.

Ben C. | 2011-02-10

I took my Infiniti I35 here to condition it before i sold it. They fixed my bumper, did all the fluids, cleaned it, and even cleared the yellow tint from my headlights without me even asking.

Great service, and great prices, I will be taking my cars here from now on.

Esther R. | 2010-12-28

They had a promotional coupon for a $8.88 oil change last week which I had to take advantage of. I made an appointment for 7am so I could get it done before work.

No such luck. The appointment meant nothing - I waited in line at 6:50am with everyone else. The oil change took over 2 hours and I was late for work.

BUT - this really isn't representative of their normal service. I actually really like coming here to get my oil changed. Usually it takes about an hour and the service is really attentive and friendly. Just last week, due to the crazy promotion, there were a lot of people to attend to.

They have a nice waiting room where they provide: coffee, water, donuts, big screen TV, free wifi and a decent amount of seatings. It's not the coziest place, but I appreciate all the amenities.

All in all, I was disappointed in their service last week, but I won't hold it against them and will most likely come back for future oil changes.

Ocee D. | 2010-12-27

1 Star

Had them change the brakes in our car. They did it wrong.
Secretary needs to make a cheat sheet of all the extensions because she xferred me to parts when I wanted to speak w/ service. Bad at returning calls.

Sandy G. | 2010-12-22

I went here two times and had good experiences. However my last experience on the phone with Mike was awful. He was very condescending and curt. He had sent out a confusing email about a deal that he had emailed out and then would not honor the coupon that his email indicated.

Too bad. I was a good customer here but I will not go again.

Juan G. | 2010-12-06

Left the oil filter loose and use very nasty selling tactics to get you do stuff that you may not be able to do at a given time

Dawn S. | 2010-11-22

I went to Capitol first because according to they had the largest inventory in the bay area.  That part is true - although for the Rav4's I was looking at, they were all the same model - they didn't have anything with additional options for comparison.  The salesman was the worst I have ever had in years of buying new cars.  He kept talking about himself and repeated the same stories over and over again, like he was on meds or something.  Very rude, and also very racist, talking about people from other countries in a derrogatory way.  when it came time to start talking price, he treated us so poorly, trying to sell us on the car we were trading in instead of helping us buy a new one!  It was obvious he didn't really want to sell a car, that he hated Toyotas, and in fact kept talking about Chryslers like they were the greatest, even though we were in a Toyota dealer.  I have never had a more rude, boorish, and disinterested salesman.  I was very happy to walk out without giving them my business!

Laurie G. | 2010-10-26

How can you not give five stars to a business that has hot, and good, coffee and donut holes at 7am!

I called on a Friday and was able to come in early on Monday, my request.  My appointment was at 7 am and they were there and ready for me.  I was told it would take an hour and 1/2 in order to take care of my car issue and in an hour and 1/2 I was pulling out onto the street.  The problem was taken care of, in a timely manner, the waiting room was comfortable and had refreshments, and they even did a quick wash on the car.

Love it!  Take note retailers, this is how customers would like to be treated!

John S. | 2010-10-25

Freaking stealerships. Learn to not overtighten a simple oil filter cap and maybe I'll think about bumping you up to 2 stars.

Cynthia P. | 2010-10-24

Worst service experience ever!  (Second worst was Stevens Creek Toyota.)

I brought a car in that had a problem with the passenger seat/seatbelt sensors.  Because of sloppy hand offs between service advisors, they held onto a perfectly drive-able (and needed!) car for an extra night.  AND they had the nerve to quote me prices for parts that are 50% more than the list price!

Would not go here again to get my car serviced.

A C. | 2010-10-02

A time wasting dealer, never tell you what the real price is. You will NEVER get the best deal here. I got $2500 less on my car, when Capitol Toyota says they can't lower the price any more, with the same car. I found much better deal, more selections from Toyota in Milpitas, Fremont, & Hayward.
Try somewhere else!

Barbara K. | 2010-09-26

TMS decided to check out my car in March and put 30 miles on my vehicle.  They also cracked the engine cover(which I only discovered when it was time to change the oil as I hadn't checked under the hood before that).  I called Michael Rudolph about it and he took care of it right away.  He's the new service manager.  (Brendan Barth has gone back to the parts department and he's great too.

Capitol Toyota has also washed my car and there were scratches which I had brought to the attention of Brendan Barth (former service mgr).  I should have told Michael Rudolph about it at the time I got the oil changed but was trying to get in touch with Brendan to resolve it. Brendan had said to bring in the car anytime and they would buff the scratches out.  

I finally got the car in and once again Capitol Toyota got my car looking like new.  I am very pleased with the service I get at this dealership that I plan to get my car serviced here.  Michael Rudolph is a very nice, customer-oriented manager.  He's easy going and made my experience a pleasant one.  

I wish I had bought the car at Capitol but I bought it at Hayward Toyota and I am not at all happy with them.  They didn't even bother to check the tire pressures which is why my car was swerving all over the 880 freeway on my drive home.  And that was the reason TMS wanted to check the car out to make sure it wasn't a factory defect.

Go to Capitol Toyota and experience the excellent service.  If you have any questions or concerns contact Michael Rudolph.  He really is great and I am sure you will be happy.

Ed B. | 2010-09-02

Been going there for years now. I can count of a job well done most of the time and their staff is friendly and responsive. So why only 3 stars? (1) One time I took my car in for an alignment. Paid for it. Problem persisted. Next day I took it to another shop and they showed me the computer printout. Badly out of alignment. Toyota never fixed the problem. (2) When I go in there, without fail, I'm sweating and holding on to my wallet. I just -know- it's going to cost me a bundle. They are masters at upselling. Be careful. I have my wife's car done at Toyota because I want everything to be safe for her. My truck? Hell, I take that to a cheaper shop.

Christi C. | 2010-07-24

I'm taking my time finding a car instead of an impulsive purchase that I may regret.  I've tried several different cars and dealerships and when I went to Capitol Toyota, I met Robert Ramirez.  He listened to what my interests were and tried to find a good fit for me.  When I left I gave him my contact number and what I may be interested in.  Within a week, two cars came in that he thought I may like.  I went down again and he spent more time with me and tried to help me make a decision.   Unfortunately I didn't buy a car YET, but I appreciate Robert's professionalism and patience.  He builds a great raport and makes me laugh.  When I am a little more prepared, I think Robert will be the guy I contact.  I hope Capitol considers keeping their staff filled with sales staff like him!!!  Left a must nicer feeling when I left (both times) than the many dealerships I have visited in the last couple of weeks.  Thank you Robert!

I owed a Toyota years ago and loved coming to the parts department because it was always well staffed and had great customer service.  I now feel that they have a great sales department too. Thank you Capitol Toyota management!

Charlotte R. | 2010-06-29

I brought my Prius in to the Capitol Toyota Service Department a few days ago for a few reasons. I keep getting recall letters in the mail and when I call to ask about it they say my model is not part of the recall. Then I get another letter. Also, I had my oil changed recently (not at C.T.) and the check engine light stayed on. Finally, I was driving down a dark street at night and both headlights went out at the same time. I turned on my highbeams and those were out too. So I took the car in for all these reasons.
I was only a few hundred miles past my warranty but after some negotiation Chris Carini had the headlights replaced free of charge. I was very impressed and relieved.
The nicest surprise was my car was already pulled up, ready to go and it had been WASHED! I don't know if this is normal or not, haven't received it washed previously, but it was very impressed given that I hadn't even technically spent any money.
Toyota definitely works to keep their customers happy, good job. Thanks guys!
PS - Though I do think the Prius is a little "matronly" and "mommy-status" for me I am still very happy with it.

Janessa D. | 2010-06-29

I bought my car at Steven's Creek, but I've been taking it to Capitol Toyota for the past 3 years because it is closer to my house. I always had an OK experience until this week. I brought it in for a standard oil change and as part of the service they are supposed to check your tire air pressure, check the brakes, and check the fluids. I was stunned when they finally pulled my car up after waiting for 2 hours it was soaking wet!? They washed my car but did not dry it. Then they gave me a multi-point inspection sheet and everything was checked off as green. This confused me because at my last oil change they told me I needed a power steering fluid flush and new front brakes, but apparently these things fixed themselves? So i went to the service adviser and asked him why it said my brakes and fluid were fine and he said yep! everything looks good! Still confused I got into my car and started pulling out. I then noticed my air pressure warning light was on for my tires! This light wasn't on when I dropped it off. I got out and asked them to please re-fill my tires with air, and after a great deal of attitude they did it. I was so confused I brought my car straight to another shop, ( Auto America) and they told me that I was basically metal to metal on my brakes. I am so lucky I went to Auto America, because if I just trusted Toyota I would still be thinking my brakes were fine. They call to follow up the next day after every service. So when Toyota called I told them what had happened and why I was upset. They seemed sorry, and the manager, MIke Rudolph told me to come back down and he would have it re-inspected and give me a great quote for brakes. I cleared my schedule to go down there only to be given the run around by several employees and wait 20 minutes to see Mike. Then he told me he was sorry for my experience and that he would like to make it right by discounting the brake service by 75 dollars. He quoted me 250 for front brakes after the discount. I was really annoyed that I wasted my time. Parts for this job are only 60 bucks and he wanted me to pay almost 200 in labor to a place that didn't do an oil change right to do my brakes... I don't think so. I left. I took my car to Auto America where they quoted me 200 dollars and feel very happy. It seems like the guys over at Capitol Toyota don't know what they are doing and are taking a lot of short cuts. I will never go back.

David T. | 2010-06-28

Outstanding service!  Especially with Stephan Tran and his team.  After a horrible experience at Stevens Creek, i was referred here to try to salvage my hopes of getting a new car, specifically with Stephan.

Needless to say, Stephan and his team made this entire process very simple and painless.  The price negotiation was very down to earth and practical, as it should be.  They were honest, straight forward and did the best to accommodate my needs.  Also, the financing part was not too bad since I've always heard urban legends of where the financing is usually when they try to screw you and squeeze thousands of dollars out of you.  But nope, the nice lady did offer us some deals, but she didn't try to mess with my head or anything.  Maybe because she saw how irritated and tiresome from this entire process and so she knew it wasn't worth it.

Capitol Toyota redeemed Toyota overall and I think that if you are looking to buy yourself a good Toyota -- come to Capitol Toyota, its worth while!

pj y. | 2010-05-12

My experience differs from the previous reviewer, Kathy L..  I went in help my father-in-law to trade in his Volve V70 Wagon for a new Toyota Tacoma Double Cab 4x2 PreRunner with SR5 package.  We began dealing with Tu Nguyen via Email and wrapped up the deal with Mr. Kuang.  I wouldn't say that we got a GREAT deal, but then again, I think it was a fair deal.  I do want them to make money, just not too much.  

The only snag was the time of delivery, but it was coming directly from the factory.  It had nothing to do with Capitol Toyota.  If the time of delivery was a first priority, we could have chosen a different color.  Mr. Kuang was accommodating and thoughtful throughout the whole process.

My experience purchasing vehicles here in the South SF Bay area has been fairly positive compared to the high-stress tactics that I had to deal with back in Boston area.  

Bottom Line: If I am to purchase Toyota again, I will visit Capitol Toyota first.

Lilian D. | 2010-04-19

I brought in my car for service because the rubber lining on my driver side window would fold as i roll the window. However, I should have brought it in before i got my aftermarket tinting so it was partially my fault and i didnt have proof of it being like that before tinting but...the lady who i talked to said it should be okay and my warranty was still good even though she saw my tinting. She asked me to wait a "couple" hours before my car will be serviced because there were a few other cars in front of me. Fine with me. I brought it in at 5pm but didnt get it back till 8:30pm! They didnt even fix my car and said it was due to tampering from the tinter? They popped open the door panel and said its not covered under warranty because its been tampered with. My diagnostic was supposed to be $131 but since i waited for hours, they cut it in half to $65.50 but nothing changed! My door panel is even hanging out and the rubber lining still folds down. So i pretty much paid them to open my door panel and leave it chilling and a car wash....The lady said she will order the rubber lining and when i come back, i will only pay for the parts and another $65.50 (another half off for my troubles?) to fix it. I'm just gonna do this service to get my window working and dont plan on coming back. This is a brand new car i got 2 weeks ago! Stuff like this shouldnt happen! I was about ready to cause a scene but the wait made me dead tired and the lady was polite to me so i let it go.

Amit K. | 2010-04-07

I went there for 1st and the last time to get oil change and tyre rotation. They washed my car, changed oil, rotated my tyres and took around one and half hour (as they mentioned before taking my car) and charged me around $ 70 bucks ($30 for tyre rotation). I went out to drive back to home when I noticed that my tyres were not rotated, I went and told them but the service man told me that they did the tyre rotation. When I told them that I had checked my tyres in the morning and they are still in the same place as they were in the morning then he checked his service pad and noticed that in fact the tyres were not rotated. So, he sent the car back in again and I waited for an hour to get back my car. Basically, they were charged $30 for the service they didn't deliver and if I hadn't checked my tyres that morning I would have come back as a fool for paying them for the services I never got. BEWARE OF THIS DEALERSHIP

Vijay G. | 2010-03-21

Worst ever experience! I wish you guys stay away from this dealership. I was repeatedly called up by the sales person Quoc Tran for a new model Prius and he agreed to the Price quoted by me. So i went there this after noon to make the deal, i was asked to fill up all the forms while i was filling the forms couple of guys barged in and grabbed my papers and said we are not making any deal, i was like "you kidding me". Those guys tried to come up with their own stories which never exist in the Toyota clause, when i clearly pointed out on their short comings they jumped onto a different story they are clearly "beating around the bush". I tell you these guys do not have any Value for any customers, they dont know how to run the business, whatever they say they don't stand by their words. Very cruel and cunning dealership , STAY AWAY from them for god sake . The Dealership owner Syed, Finance manager Jay and the sales guy Quoc Tran are bunch of liars. This has happened to me this after noon.

Kim D. | 2010-03-11

I get a package service with the car I bought from Toyota so I go here to get my service done. And I also came here for my recall.  I do side with those that calling in for an appointment with whoever that picks up is kinda bitchy/rude.  However, the actual service guys/gals that help you when you bring it in are pretty nice.  Maybe 4/5 people I've had help me were really nice.

I drop off my car and if you KNOW how it really goes when you drop off your car I believe most Toyota dealers don't have a rental service since not a lot of places have rentals they have a shuttle service to drive you back home or whatever destination you want and then call you when you're car is done so you can have someone to drive you there to get it. I haven't used it really but it seems to work out fine.

Also, if you talk to the actual service managers/reps when you're there you can also ask how long it will take and if it's possible to have it done that day...given, you have to come really really early.  People...I have to STRESS that due to the recall you're NOT the only person that they're helping so you have to wait in line like everyone and their mom. So you have to go early.  They open at 7am and lately they have extended hours for the recall now so you can even pick up later that night.

PLUS...if you need to come back again I recommend just making an appointment with the person while you're there for another time instead of calling in 'cuz it's no them that are picking up but the snotty girl that usually picks up.

So...overall I can't complain about the service since they've always been good and I have been back constantly...and I don't have to choose to come here even w/ my package deal 'cuz I can go to any of the Toyota dealers as well.

Tal M. | 2010-03-08

My wife and I just bought a 2009 Corolla yesterday.  We originally came in a few days ago, and the one thing that hit us was the salesman (Waseem) was extremely helpful and very low key.  There was no pushing to go inside and sit down and all of that stuff.  We test drove a Matrix first and talked about other options.  He was very straight forward and didn't make us feel pushed at all.
When we said we were going to leave to think about things, he just gave us his card and let us know he was available if we had any other questions.

We eventually came back after our decision to buy a Corolla.  The only reason they don't have 5 stars is because I wasn't as thrilled with the speed of getting the payment in- we didn't finance so there shouldn't have been any sort of delay on that.  

But overall, we're both very happy. I would love a Highlander, but that will be a bit.  When the time comes though, I'll be calling Waseed.

Randy Z. | 2010-02-28

We took our 2004 Sienna in for regular service.  They came back with an estimate for over $1,900 for new brakes, timing belt, oil flush, etc.  We don't disagree that the service was required, but the price was ridiculous.  The discount they offered against the list price was paltry.  (I would have expected better after bringing several cars there for service for over 10 years.)  We terminated the service that hadn't already been completed and took the Sienna to Thai at Almaden Auto Repair which we found on Yelp.  Thai did the service for less than half cost, he used genuine Toyota parts, and he showed us the parts he removed to point out the wear.  We will never bring our car to Capitol for service again.  I rated them two stars instead of one because I suspect the price would not have been much better at other dealers.  The point is, there is no reason to take an out-of-warranty car to a dealer for service.

Jennifer S. | 2010-02-19

I wish I could give this place a lower rating than 1 star. The service is rude and horrible. My car was recalled and supposed to be brought in to be fixed. While on the phone, I asked the lady, her name is Cathy, what I could do to fix this problem? She kept giving me attitude and told me to keep calling in until they got the part. I thought that was unreasonable and she finally suggested to put my name on their list of people to call when the part came in. Where was that thought initially?

I finally got a call back from Cathy and she said I need to bring in my car. I asked if they would provide a rental car since I have school all day and need my car. Once again giving me unnecessary attitude, she said "No we do not provide rental cars, and I don't know what other dealerships are doing."

I thought all dealerships provided rental cars when their own cars have been recalled? It just makes sense to do so, but I guess Toyota on Capitol is not in the business of customer service or things that make sense.

Charlene M. | 2010-02-01

I bought the 100,000 mile warranty plan and it's been really good to me. From January 2009 to January 2010 I put 28000 miles on my Corolla. Driving from SJ to SF every day has its moments. I mean I'm driving the equivalent of going to Los Angeles in a week. And you can only listen to so much music. I think I need XM. I digress, so the service dept is open 7 days a week, and Scott and Debbie are amazing. They are very friendly and uber sweet and they make my drop off effortless. It's nice to know I'm taken care of.

watani f. | 2010-01-11

on nye, i purchased a new spaceship, aka prius, and could not be happier with the process. the staff here is very professional, personable and was so cool to work with. no sales pitch, no pressure, extremely informative and totally worked with me to get the best price.

now, pardon me while i jump in my spaceship and do some errands.


Bamboo G. | 2010-01-08

bad service experience several years ago

Sarah M. | 2009-12-08

This review is only for the auto repair side - not the dealership. I have been taking my Rav4 here for six or seven years. I seriously don't know what I would do without Marshall. He is the best!! Leo is pretty good too. The first time I went in (in 2003 - and yes I take my car to the dealership to get oil changes...I'm just that kind of girl) Marshall guessed that it would take 45 minutes. I guess the shop was backed up a little and he said he would give me a discount. After another 15 minutes he said he was so sorry and that it would be on the house. WHAT??? Seriously?? Dude it was like an hour and two minutes. A free service just because his guess was 17 minutes off?? You're kidding me!! But I guess it worked in their favor because I have been going back ever since and have always received spectacular service. I should mention I went in one time and I think the service manager's name was Debbie....AVOID!! She gave me a price estimate and then charged me more. Super veto. But even with her working there, I'm giving them five stars. I'd give more if I could. Thanks Marshall!!

Audrey C. | 2009-12-04

Ordered parts and had them repair at this place. As always, I think they charge high. But they guy gave me a discount. I think it really depends who's there because I've had some guys give me labor free while some charged an arm and a leg. Either way, they do a decent job.

If your having work done, they do provide a shuttle service. They also have a waiting room complete with wifi and some beverages. Its really an okay place, its just not blowing me away. The staff seems friendly enough though..

Ang P. | 2009-12-02

If you go ask for  TU NGUYEN! A friend referred him to me and Tu was amazing! He was honest, friendly, and informative. He heads up the internet marketing for Capitol so he was very on top of the competitive prices on other dealerships.
The best part of the experience with him was that he was not pushy!! This was my first time buying a car and he could see I was stress out and uneasy about the price so he told me that cars will always be at the lot so don't worry about buying a car today and to buy it when I'm more comfortable. He then added that it will probably be cheaper in a few months so check back later.  
What car salesperson tells you that!?

Awesome time there and TU is awesome!!!

I live in Novato, so the drive to San Jose was so worth it for Tu!

sonya h. | 2009-11-17

I did not buy my care here but I come here for service everytime...they are closest to me and always willing to match other dealer's coupons.  service always comes with a free car wash.  they are very busy and expect to wait at least 2 hours on weekends...but they do have shuttle service if you want to be dropped off...when your car is ready, they call you so you can pick it up.

*my husband bought his car here few years ago...and the salesperson that helped us was very patient, polite and professional...his name is jimmy and i think he still works there...

supposed to give 4 stars but minus 1 star for the stuffy, dirty wait area....

Cathy N. | 2009-09-14

I have been searching to buy a car for the past couple months, but ive been having the worst experiences and hardest times. Dealerships seem to always want to rip you off and get the most money they could out of you. I couldnt find a good deal anywhere! Finally, I went to the Capital Auto Mall Toyota after being referred to by coworker. She told me to speak to Tu Nguyen and that he would definitely help me out and find something that would be suitable for me. I came there and just like I was told, he took great care of me! He wasnt pushy at all and he didnt try to hustle me like most workers do at dealerships. instead, he found me a great car at a price that I couldnt refuse. he made car shopping so much better...if youre looking to buy a car with a good deal and great customer service, go to TU NGUYEN.

Mitch P. | 2009-09-10

I would come back here again because they really focused on the customer needs and not pushy at all, took me a few trips but finally got myself a camry exactly the way I want it. Tu Nguyen is the man to ask for, he's kind enough to answear all my silly questions, but hey it's my first new car.

Stephanie B. | 2009-09-07

they took care of me and my family!
i found a scion xd limited 2.0 online.. came here and swooped it up!
they definitely were here to take care of us instead of trying to hustle.
i got $2,500 for my beater mitsubishi montero.. when i was told by many other dealers that it definitely wasn't worth even $1,000.
my dad refused to sign some papers since the car wasn't ready to drive since it needed it's cleaning and all the plastic stuff taken off.. he didn't feel comfortable signing for a car he hadn't driven yet. the dealer was awesome and let us do it the way we wanted, instead of pushing and pushing.
i ended up getting a great deal, was taken care of, and i super sweet ride!
thanks Irene!

Aaron J. | 2009-08-26

Oy.  The worst.  Absolutely the worst car-buying experience I've ever had.  I feel bad for my salesman, because he was actually alright, but his being nice does nothing to make up for the ridiculousness that I had to undergo at this place from all the other sheisters.

I could rant for pages about this whole deal, but I won't.  In short, go somewhere else if at all possible.  If you can't (i.e., if you're buying a car off their pre-owned lot that can't be found anywhere else), make sure you have ALL of your ducks in a row before you go in to do the deal.  

If you can think of a trick in the "Used Car Salesman's Book of Sleaze," they'll try to pull it on you.  For example, they threatened to process the financing application 5 days AFTER the sale if they didn't receive my own (private) financing by that evening.  It was one of those, "Or else!" messages left on my voicemail...

Um, yeah - Facts:  
1) I never filled out a financing application!  How can you process something I didn't do?
2) I paid cash for the car!  Again - financing app?  Puh-lease.

It's clearly just a scam.  You fill out the app, they threaten to file it (and probably do, making it your problem to deal with).  You don't fill out the app?  They don't have their shit together enough to know who did and who didn't fill out, and so they threaten anyway.

Again - just avoid this place at all costs unless you like the dry telephone pole up the keester treatment.

Doris T. | 2009-06-22

When everyone thinks about a car dealership, usually, it's not a fun experience. But when my husband and I went to look for a car, we were helped by TU NGUYEN. He was awesome, he did not pressure us into buying something that we did not like or out of our budget. He made car buying much more relaxing. Thanks Tu! Your are awesome!!

S A. | 2009-06-05

Hey,I never thought I'd be the one writing a good review of a dealership but the last time we brought our cars there, we actually had pretty good service. I mean, I think the guys here are hardworking and I want to think they really want to help you.
But maybe in the end it was my husband's no bullshit attitude that made everything go so smoothly??? But at this point in time I'm willing to bring my car back there again. They were even able to bring our car across the street for a body shop estimate. I think that's pretty good service...

Eric L. | 2009-05-18

The salesperson was alright but I found the manager there terribly rude. He gave me an impression that either I take it or leave it, and he could not care less. I literally put my check book back into my pocket and never to return to this dealership again.

Mark R. | 2009-05-17

First of all I would like to say that I was pressured into signing for the 55K Maintenance Service Contract (they wouldn't let me leave or have the car I already paid for until I signed) at the time I purchased my vehicle here back in 2002.  They basically were pulling the old we-will-tire-him-out-until-he-signs routine.

The rest of this review will go to their Service and Parts center:

I actually had been feeling pretty happy with their maintenance and service center that I had been going to every 5,000 miles until my last visit.  I usually pay somewhere between $100 to $300 on my service depending on what kind of service my car is due for.  I like to keep going to them because they have a record of all my past visits and it makes it easier for them and myself to know the history of the vehicle in case of any type of malfunction or what not.  

This last time I went I let them know that my engine light was on and that I knew it was just because it probably needed a new gas cap.  The initial estimate for the maintenance check, oil change, rotation of tires and topping off fluids was three hundred and something dollars.  I agreed even though I was hesitant because the service person told me it would take 5 hours.  But it was due and needed to be done.  Now please note that my car is running just fine and has no problems.  The service person calls me on my cell and tells me the reason for my service engine light to be on is that I need a new Catalytic Converter.  On top of that I also need the timing belt chain cover to be resealed (it also has a  leak).  I guess that would seem relevant since the car has 145,000 miles on it.  And I also need to have my brake fluid flushed and replaced as well as having my cabin air filter replaced (which should be included in the estimated price of the basic service).

Here is where I give them one star (and they should be happy that I am giving just that).  This is highway robbery:

Estimate: $389(should be around $150 which is what I usually pay for this service)

Actual Grand Total Price:
15K basic service: $150
Cabin Air Filter charge: $90
Check Engine Light: $130
Clean and Adjust Brakes: $100
Brake Fluid Flush: $110
Oil: $20
Tax: $10
Grand Total:$610 ($500 total labor.  $110 total parts)
(Outrageous for a Toyota Corolla)

Now as far as I'm concerned, all these separate services should be included in the estimate price of $389.  Don't  you agree?

The reason for the check engine light to be on (by the way cost me $130 to have them "look at") is that I need a new Catalytic Converter which they estimated at $1,850.

And they recommend a resealing of the timing chain cover, replace tensioner, water pump and related parts at an estimate of $1,570.

And a recommendation of a throttle body service (what ever that is) estimated at $100.

I will not be taking it back to them.  I can have all this work done some where else cheaper.  I don't trust them anymore and I think they are hurting for money.

I will increase the stars if anyone has a good reason to disagree with me.

Thirty-Cen T. | 2009-04-17

Service department is great. The sales department sucks.

ty l. | 2009-03-29

i would give a negative rating if possible. I paid for major service only 2 months ago (I bring my car in every 2500-5000 miles) and recently my car engine light went on. My dad checked my car and the oil was all dried up and clearly looked liked it hadn't been changed!  Do not trust these guys they will damage your car!

Jun B. | 2009-03-18

Now I clearly understand why this dealership has very poor ratings... it rightly deserves them so.  Capitol Toyota has a very limited selection of hybrid cars and their customer service sucks big time.  We were looking to buy a new Prius 09 and were interested in a very definite set of features.  Capitol Toyota obviously didn't have what we wanted and they annoyingly tried to sell us a Prius that had features that we didn't need.

Seriously, if you are looking to buy a new car stay away from the traditional car salesmen and go straight to the internet folks.  The internet price is the best price.  You can avoid a lot of the useless negotiations and it will save you a lot of time.

Opera G. | 2009-03-15

I recently went to Midas of Mountain View, where I was told that my struts were leaking and they needed to be replaced (price quote $640).  I didn't want to pay such a large sum and needed to check with my 3rd party extended warranty to see if "leaking struts" were covered.  It turns out that leaking struts are covered, and therefore, I decided to go to a Toyota Service Center instead of Midas to get them replaced.  This morning, I went to Capital Toyota and had my struts inspected and they were not leaking (see my review for the Midas of Mountain View , CA review).  The service supervisor personally showed me each struts and showed me what to look for and how I would know when a strut is leaking.  They were very informative and helpful.  They didn't charge me anything for the inspection and even washed my car for me.  I felt well taken care of and I trust them completely.  I also went to Capital Toyota back in the Fall of 2007 and they were very helpful and reasonably priced for a dealership service center.  I definitely recommend Capital Toyota Service Center and will return there again as a very happy customer.

Zozo B. | 2009-03-07

Had a 5K service today. Was merely an oil change and tire rotation. This was my second visit for service, and like the first, I was disappointed on several fronts.

1. First visit had an additional $175 in suggested work for this fairly new car. I did it, assuming that it was needed.

2. Lo and behold, almost four months later, I have the service adviser pushing another couple hundred dollars of suggested work. Most of it was not needed, and the price quoted on one was 15% higher than Big-O.

3. For all the volume they are doing, you would think they could have decent coffee and such. But no, you need to go to the Lexus dealership for that. Actually, for all the upselling on repair work they are doing, decent coffee is not too much to ask for.

I know these are tough economic times, but these two experiences sure make me question the integrity of what Capital Toyota is pushing on us when we get the inspection. AND WORSE YET, like last time, the estimated 1.5 hour wait was more like 2.25 hours, which today did not even include time for the crappy exterior wash.

Frankly, I am rethinking how to make the best of the prepaid maintenance coupons we bought.

Good luck!

Bea R. | 2009-02-19

Had an oil change yesterday, took about an hour. The service man asked if I wanted a free car wash and i was hesitent as the last time they offered me a fre car wash they forgot to wash the car and I had to wait. Granted the last time it was tOYota Stevens Creek, so i figure what they hay, can't happen twice. Guess what it happened twice, they came to get me from the quiet lounge where i was working on my laptop, i put everything away packed up, and went to get my car, it WAS NOT washed. The service man asked the driver to please wash the car without checking with me to see if i could wait. I took over 20 minutes for my car to return to me..AGHHH!! it's not even a real car wash, they just wash the outside, i could have gone to a gas station and been done in 5 minutes. Very, Very, Very irritating, i will no longer be returning to any TOYOTA service center, strictly LEXUS for me! Tryed to save $20 bucks and ended up with being annoyed with a headache, sooooo not worth it!

Andrew S. | 2009-01-02

My Capitol Toyota Haiku:

Saw a Land Cruiser
Told them the price I wanted
Wasted 3 hours


Went back here 3 times looking at preowned SUVs. Got the whole good cop bad cop salesman/sales manager routine.
Really? They are still doing this, huh?

I told them exactly what I was willing to pay. I admit it was quite a strech, but they could have easily told me up front that it wasn't going to happen instead of keeping me there 3 hours with promises of 'making some magic happen' (an actual quote).

They tried to give me 3.5k on my trade when I had already been offered $5k from the Honda dealership (first offer, no negotiation).

All in all, they keep you there for a long time trying to make you cave in.

Be stronger than that, or just avoid them. There are plenty of Toyota dealerships around.

miffy q. | 2008-12-05

It is very unfortunate that the service at Capitol Toyota is painfully lacking, given that Toyota cars are so highly regarded.

I usually go there for my Prius maintenance. The last time I went in, they had made a mistake and charged someone else's maintenance to my service coupons. It was very frustrating requesting the service personnel to correct the mistake, there was a refusal to take responsibility and the blame was pushed onto the main Toyota service center. I was ping ponged between the 2, and the interaction comes complete with a huge dose of condescendence from the service personnel at Capitol Toyota. Eventually, Toyota service center stepped in to take over from me to resolve the problem with Capitol Toyota, it had to escalate all the way to the manager level. I was grateful for Toyota service center's help, they were professional and polite, it is unfortunate that they have so little control on their dealership though.

I have since switched to Sunnyvale Toyota. During my first service, Sunnyvale Toyota informed me that the changing of the air filter on my Prius is included with the maintenance coupons. That came as a surprise because Capitol Toyota had always quoted me for the changing of filters. I have never taken up Capitol Toyota's offer since I can change the filters at half the price that they are asking for. Now, I can't avoid the feelings of being cheated.

Jill E. | 2008-11-17

I went to Capitol Toyota with a friend to look for a car. I was looking at the Toyota Yaris at the time. I test drove one with a salesman named Tommy who was incredibly pushy & actually apologized (rather insincerely) at the end of our encounter. He kept calling me "sweetie", which I found rude & extremely annoying. He never once asked to see my license (and I was only 18 at the time), he ignored my request to test drive the sedan version of the Yaris after I'd driven the hatchback version. Then, after I said I didn't want to buy that same day, he stopped answering my questions & practically ran away. The next week I bought a Scion from Stevens Creek Toyota.

Bean C. | 2008-11-17

I always go to Lexus dealership to service my car.  Recently, we bought a Toyota and the salesman told us they also service Lexus vehicles.  Great, the cost is almost half of Lexus's.  So, we took our Lexus to Toyota for a try.  I wasn't impressed at all, I felt like taking my car to a gas station garage shop.  We went into for a basic oil change service, they wanted to rip me off for services costing more than $500.  The Lexus dealership had never recommend any services like what the Toyota dealership recommended.  
Besides, their shuttle service is only one-way service.  I don't really care about it as I always find my ride back.  But when I picked up my car, I waited for at least 15 mins to see my car pulling up to their customer  driveway.   What took them so long?????  It was very annoying.

Anthony L. | 2008-11-04

Its been almost three weeks since my wife and I bought a 3yr lease on a 2009 Toyota Camry SE. The sales guys really frustrated us and their sales tactics worked one over on us that left us very unhappy with the lease conditions.

Here is how they worked us: First we test drove two diff RAV4 models which the young male (filipino guy from guam) sales rep told us were on a lease special pricing. He was also the Capitol Toyota salesman of the month for Oct 2007. Then once we sat in his office for an hour haggling over the price, he tells us Capitol Toyota doesn't lease Rav4's...he claimed he didn't know they didn't lease RAV4's, but only thought they did. Next, we go to look at Camry's and we test drive the 2009 XLE model, we go back to his office to talk price over a grey XLE that we found in the front lot and 45min into haggling the price, he tells us the grey XLE was just sold. We get frustrated with him and tell him we are going to leave...he freaks and leaves his office and in comes Glen Lilly with our 800+credit report, they claim they can only give us a sub par pricing on the car. In total, they kept us at the delearship for 7 hours, test drove four diff cars, and exhausted us till we just wanted to leave with something. We now have a 2009 Camry SE w/ no options and put $3,500 down and are paying $405 a month for 36 months. At the end of 3yrs we wil have payed $17,599 for the car. Lesson learned, these guys took advantage of us. I know have three years to complain about them since the toyota lease paperwork also says (in small fine print) that we cannot cancel the lease contract before 36months for any reason.

I can't see how these guys live with themselves knowing they are ripping people off everyday.

Robert J. | 2008-10-16

One of the service people here was not honest. I called and asked about the cost of timing belt replacement for my Camry. He quoted me a price 3 times as high as at other Toyota dealers. Suggested that I brought in the car 'today'. How could he charge $1100+ for something that cost about $300 elsewhere?

Alexandra G. | 2008-09-21

The grossest experience in car buying ever. The youngish Asian guy who was showing us Highlanders had a rrunny nose and instead of having tissues in his pocket or excusing himself, walked over to the grass about 5 feet away from where we were standing and put his finger on his nostral and blew mucas out of his nose into the grass. I was horrified and totally discusted. Needless to say, we didn't shake his hand when we left (without buying a car)

Christy H. | 2008-06-28

The only reason I didn't give this place one star is the shuttle driver and cashiers are all very nice.  

We purchased the pre-paid maintenance program when we bought our Highlander Hybrid.  WHAT A MISTAKE!  It may be less expensive, but it's also such a hassle.  I have to bring my car in and leave it for at least FOUR HOURS for a stinking oil change - every 5K miles.  

I can take the car to any Toyota dealership but I WON'T be bringing it back to Capitol Toyota even though it is the most convenient.  The service managers are RUDE SEXIST PIGS!!  I've gotten an attitude from them on the three occasions I've come here.  And I always get some BS hard sell for additional services - my favorite was that I needed new tires after 20K miles!  But if my husband is with me - just to give me a ride home - they speak very respectfully to him.  It's all "Yes, SIR!"  instead of "What can I do for ya, Honey".  GRRRRRRR!  

I don't expect much from a repair shop, but I'm willing to risk being treated this poorly elsewhere.

James R. | 2008-06-10

My wife received an internet quote on an '08 Highlander that was almost too good to be true.  Turns out it was.  

After dealing with a much-less-than-pleasant salesman for an hour or so, we went inside and got down to the nitty gritty.  We showed him the internet quote and he said that those guys were crazy and that they stole lot of his customers so he would not involve them in our transaction.  He came back with a price that was somewhere close to ten grand higher than the quote.  We hemmed and hawed, but eventually figured that there was no way we were going to get the original deal.  (It was worded strangely and open to interpretation, I suppose.)  He offered us invoice price, basically, so we reluctantly agreed.

In comes the next guy.  His boss.  This guy starts to go on about how we are killing him and all that jazz.  The "negotiations," I suppose you'd call it.  I whip out the paper and show him the original quote just as a little indicator of what we were originally expecting.  He looks it over and leaves to "check on it."  

Now we meet ANOTHER dude.  (And I should note that they were ALL somewhat rude.)  This guy never even explained who he was, but I got the impression that he was in internet sales.  He explains that they did all the math and that the 25K was supposed to have actually read 35K; a simple typo.  That was enough for me.  We stood up and left.  

Now I don't KNOW that this was a bait-and-switch, but it sure seemed like it.  I was still willing to purchase the car here, but after dealing with three low-level slimeballs, I was fed up.  We drove over to Stevens Creek Toyota and happily left with our new Highlander.

I want to update this a little:
We ended up buying a pre-paid service agreement at Steven's Creek Toyota, and it is good at participating Toyota dealerships.  Well, Capitol Toyota is very close to our home, so we have been taking the Highlander there for the scheduled maintenance.  The service department has been very nice to us.  I can't say if the sales staff still sucks or not, but the service department is A-OK.  I am upping the star count here to 2 for that.

Melody T. | 2008-02-24

Rosalyn in the Internet Sales department was easy and great to deal with.  She was able to beat my best price for the 08 prius, package 6 in the silver pine mica color by over $100.  If you're thinking of buying a car from toyota, make sure you ask for Rosalyn!

Lauren W. | 2008-01-30

I just bought a Prius here through the internet fleet department (I worked with Rosalyn), and it is was a great experience.  We negotiated price over email (my preference) after I submitted a quote request from Toyota's web site, and they were able to beat my best offer by $100.  I got exactly what I wanted, and they gave me a fair price for my trade-in.  No games at all -- they were very up-front with me, and based on the research I've done, I got a great deal.  I'd definitely come back here for my next new car purchase (hopefully not for quite a while, though!).

Sirinda S. | 2008-01-25

Bought a 4Runner here through internet sales.  ***BEST*** car buying experience ever.  All pricing was done over the internet and the price came in at/below invoice.  We were even able to negotiate a bit more on the price after meeting with the sales guy, Ed.  We didn't decide to buy the car that day, and two days later when we decided to go for it, the same deal still stood.  We filled out some financing paperwork online and went in to the dealership to fill out forms.  It took a total of 45 minutes from the time we arrived until the time we drove off the lot with our new car and that includes going over all the financing, extra options, overview of how the car works, etc.  Ed (internet sales) and Arleene (financing) were very helpful, straight forward, and low (no) pressure.  Who knew it could be this easy?

Candace L. | 2007-12-19

Just bought my Corolla from Capital. Definitely a star for initiative b/c once I mentioned I was headed towards Captial Nissan, they latched on to me right away and were willing to negotiate price. The sales guy was very friendly and walked me through everything. Although the financing guy tried to sell me the Toyota finance plan, he was nice and backed off when I declined. The entire process was so smooth, it scared me because it went so easily.

PLUS, when you go there on a weekend to check out cars or get your serviced, they have a bbq truck there and they give you free food while you wait!

Veerle H. | 2007-11-21

We just bought a brand new Sienna at Capitol. Last week, I've send emails to several Toyota dealers in the bay area and Capitol came up with the best deal (by far), about $500 below invoice. I was in direct contact with Ed Firebaugh  ( efirebaugh@capitoltoyota… ), who immediately answered all my questions by email. When we met at the dealer, there was no pushing for extras or unexpected surprises, it was just the price as we agreed by email.
Excellent service. I was out with a great deal in less than an hour.

Steven Q. | 2007-10-22

I bought a Corolla 2007 here and I'd have to say I'm happy with the car.  The salesman  was fair and didn't seem like he was out to price gouge me.   However, I didn't like the finance guy (Paymon) who talked me into buying additional services to the car.  He talks way too fast which is really annoying and confusing at the same time.  GPS is not an ongoing free service; you pay for after the free 1st year.  Touch of class contrary to what he said does not keep the color of your car from fading.  Additional 30k warranty is pointless - you're buying a reputable car so whats the point of buying an extended warranty in the 1st place if you get a Toyota?  The only addition worth buying is the 30k worth of oil changes and service maintenance coupons as this will keep your factory warranty from being void.  A good plan before getting your car would be to look up the recommended prices on and negotiating with a bank agent what rate you can earn as another finance option so you can compare it to the offer from dealership's finance manager.

Kathy L. | 2007-10-21

I bought a 2000 Toyota Corolla back in 2000 and that service was great back then. In 2007 in my hunt for a new car, I would NEVER step back there again. While I understand in sales that you go where the money is, the guy I got to service me was a complete joke. He was this shady Vietnamese man that I went to, only after getting pissed at another sales rep 5 minutes earlier. Instead of telling me any of the features on the car, he decides to talk the entire time on some personal call of his. So... you've been warned, the quality of the sales people there... eeeeeeeh.

Crown A. | 2007-09-06

Brian H, when you said Walter (his name is Walter Smith) is the biggest jerk ever, that is totally wrong.  Walter is the ugliest, dirtiest, biggest biggest, most disgusting, .....etc. jerk ever born on earth.  

My friend and I had an unforgetable car buying experience with Walter.  I am straightly talking about this jerk Walter, the rest of the team seems pretty good overall.  We are thinking about hiring an attorney and take him to court for racism.  He made fun of our race and language.

I think this dealership is a nice place with good people.  Unfortunately Walter is a disgrace and an insult.  Make sure you ask for a replacement when you run into Walter Smith.  He will provide you an unforgetable experience just like Brian H and me.

Laura F. | 2007-08-04

Two stars bc they had a Prius, October of 2006 (when it was like finding a unicorn in the Bay Area!)
So I was thrilled that they had a Prius, but the salesperson (an icky man) were so not nice!! They tried to sell $3000 of silly stuff (car detailing, alarm system, warranty plan, etc). The warranty plan they sold you can get for 1/3 the $$ through the Priuschat online forum.
I got my spaceship Prius but also got the bad icky sales pitch and weird pseudo-psychological (the bad kind to make you give them your $$) approach. yucky yuck!

Nd S. | 2007-06-28

We were looking at cars and were ready to buy one that day but the sales people were lying to us. We wanted a specific type and color and they said they couldn't find it at any dealer in the area and then were trying to convince me to buy a color I didn't want. They lied to us about the car price to get us to pay more - thinking we didn't do our research. We did not like the service we received there and took our went to a different dealership and had an amazing experience.

phoenix p. | 2006-11-26

Trust me dont go to these guys. They will never back the internet quoted price. And it is a crazy place all in all. Dont ever go to these days. I wasted my thanks giving day haggling around

randall s. | 2006-11-14

So I bought a used car here. When I realized that they hadn't put the floor mats in, I called up, and left a message on the general mail box, and the mailbox of the guy who sold me the car. Guess what. Never heard back. Never. Same old story, they are your best buds before you buy, but don't ever ask for some service, that's where this place fails miserably

Gina A. | 2006-11-05

I bought my Scion here so that wasn't much wheelin' and dealin' going on - worked out great for me. Anyway, I got the complimentary 3 free oil changes with my Scion. I made an appointment the for the first oil change and they totally dishonored my appointment. I was very upset - especially since I was stuck wasting my time! Anyway i gave them a terrible review when they sent me a survey and vowed never to go back even for a free BBQ lunch on weekends or free oil change. (For the 2nd free oil change I went to Steven's Creek Toyota at the butt-crack of dawn and finished lickedy-split!) But this 3rd (and final free) time I had less time to get my oil changed and was nervous since I hadn't check the level of my oil in who-knows-how-long. So I called each Toyota dealership and only Capitol Exwy Auto Mall was open for full service on weekends - even Sundays! So, I went there and the service was fantastic. They totally re-earned my respect and service. The place was quick (and empty - hardly any cars there), they had their free BBQ (I passed - wasn't hungry). I walked away a happy customer. If they dare to send me another survey they will get good reviews.

Bernadette D. | 2006-05-13

This was one of THE BEST buying experiences I've ever had. The things I loved about this dealership:
1. Responded quickly to my email requests
2. Emails included all upfront pricing
3. They offered the BEST price. Really just an amazing deal.
4. No B.S. at all.

Thanks to $4 per gallon gas prices, I decided to chuck my SUV for a Corolla. I'm a geeky Internet girl, so naturally I do all of my legwork online before buying a car. Some dealerships just haven't caught on to how to deal with folks like me that want to negotiate via email then walk in, write a check and leave. Simple. A lot of places still want to play the ridiculously transparent good cop/bad cop routine with the sales manager.

If you're shopping online, ask to deal with Tu Nguyen. It was an all-around great experience. I just bought my car last week (5/4/06).

Update 1/9/07: I just found out that Tu no longer works there, so experiences may vary.