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Established in 2007.

The Del Grande Dealer Group opened this location for Subaru in 2007. It has quickly risen to one of the Top Subaru Dealerships in both Sales and Customer Satisfaction. Staffed with a "Team of Subaru Enthusiasts", and a Company Vision of being the Subaru leader in Northern California, Subaru customers are quickly finding their Capitol Subaru experience to be "Best in Class."

The Team at Subaru has recently earned "Stellar Performer" Dealership Certification which sets a new standard in Customer Service. Capitol Subaru is also a "SPT" (Subaru Performance Tuning) authorized Dealer and proud to offer Certified Pre- Owned Subaru's that meet a rigorous 152-pt inspection.

Capitol Subaru

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(888) 859-4562
Address:920 Capitol Expressway Auto Mall, San Jose, CA, 95136
  • Monday: 7:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 7:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 7:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 7:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 7:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm

Reviews on Capitol Subaru

Ram G. | 2015-04-19

I should be honest and say that we didnt buy a car today. This review is about my wife and my experience at Subaru @ Capitol.

When we arrived and parked no salesperson jumped at us intimidating us (believe me, we walked to some dealerships and there were people gawking at us and walked up to us with salesperson attitude).

When we walked in, Michael Gonzales was at the door welcoming us. He was 'too good to be true' sales person. We were upfront and told him we were 'exploring' mini SUV cars from different makers and wanted to experience Subaru Outback. So he took us to the lot and showed and explained briefly about Outback vs Forester. He later brought keys (after checking with us) and explained about Outback and how it stands out from competitors. At no point he was boastful but certainly happy and proud of what Subaru stands for. He was knowledgable and very good communicator. My wife and I were super impressed with how NOT PUSHY he was. We went for test drive and explained and let us experience the car, we both were very comfortable all along. We played with different settings, in fact someone else could have found us annoying but he was very patient and calm.

He said he understands we are 'exploring' so he will run some numbers to help us better compare. Some dealers we visited wanted an assurance of purchase before they could give us any pricing but Michael was not at all worried that he could possibly wasting time his with us. He asked our preferences and compared Buy vs Lease and honest with his suggestions.

We did not buy a car. But today's experience was the best off more than a dozen times we walked into multiple dealerships.

As for the car, we are still thinking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But if we decide to go with Subaru I know who I will call first- Michael Gonzales.

Jennifer G. | 2015-04-14

My husband and I made the decision to buy a new car and were referred to Page Wallace at Capitol Subaru by a close contact. Page already had appointments with two other clients but made sure we could see someone else that day since it worked best with our schedule. He set up an appointment for us to meet with Chris Groeschen who showed us the two models we were interested in. Chris helped us better understand the two different models, let us test drive them and waited so patiently as this pregnant mama debated between colors for 20 minutes. Chris was friendly, easy to work with and the best part - not a pushy car salesman (thank goodness!). Everyone we worked with at Capitol Subaru was great - all the way up until we drove away in our new Crosstrek at 10:30 p.m. on a Sunday evening. Page even stopped in to meet us after his other appointments and excitedly shared his knowledge and expertise regarding the Crosstrek by getting down to the more intricate details like the additional door locking mechanism and what makes the engine so unique. So fun to witness his passion!

All in all, I would highly recommend Capitol Subaru if you're looking for friendly, knowledgeable people and a positive auto-buying experience. Thank you Subaru - I LOVE my new Crosstrek!!!

D T. | 2015-04-13

I had an 8 hour sales experience that made me never want to buy a car again. Poor experience and a terrible price. Would not recommend this place.

Buzz A. | 2015-04-09

Bought a car here. Took over two and a half weeks to actually buy it. Got my price the first day and wanted no extras. Salesman MIA for days. Had a co-buyer and papers never went out when told they had, then sent to wrong address. No one returns calls or reads e-mails. General manager introduced himself after I managed to get a complaint in. He was useless and also doesn't return calls or e-mail. Paperwork screwed up. Still screwed up even after I bought the car. Really?

Chris Y. | 2015-04-08

Buy a Subaru there is OK!
Get maintenance service somewhere else if I were you.

For 4-year service there, about 70K miles in my outback, they never change air filter, not even ask if I need to change it.

More than one time, they simply split oil over my engine when they change the oil. It makes the burn smell really unbearable.

Service Rep. knowledge about the car is not convincing at all. The service attitude there makes you feel like you are begging the service. Really, they are there just to do the paper work, and service your car is not a priority for them ! And it is getting worse for the past 4 years. Very sad....!!!

So I decide today to bring my business somewhere else!
Good luck! Wish you don't have the bad experience like me there.....!

Laurie O. | 2015-03-28

I contacted Michael Holm online about a Fiat  I saw in their online used car stock.  He sent me additional information on the car I was looking for, including a brochure.  He emailed me and we had an appointment set in no time.  He sent all the paperwork in advance, so I was able to physically leave the dealership within 2 hours with my new car.  He is very informative and personable and helpful!  I would recommend Michael Holm for buying a car with Capitol Subaru!

RJ P. | 2015-03-27

I just had to add a quick update.  Kari is fantastic yet again.  My son had to take the car in for service because the service engine light came on.  Apparently the water pump is starting to link.  Well the dealership my son took it too said it would be $700 to fix it, my son was in shock because we purchased the extended warranty.  I sent Kari an email to get clarification on what our warranty covered.  She called my son directly within an hour and told him the all we would need to pay is $100 and that the warranty does cover.  


RUSS V. | 2015-03-26

We had a great experience from start to finish.  I did tons of research of the vehicles and dealership beforehand.  The sales people were terrific, no pressure just a lot of professionalism!  Customer service by everyone in the dealership was fantastic.  

We did the Costco auto program and there were no issues whatsoever.

I first met with Nicole who was able to answer my hundred questions.  After that Ryan Villasenor helped us and the service was exceptional.  He was true to his word on every single detail, got us the car we wanted with the options we wanted at the price we wanted.  All I can say is the process so easy.

Not to mention there's free coffee and popcorn, that's what sealed the deal :)!!!

Of course I'm a big Subaru fan and I recommend Capitol Subaru to everyone!

A. S. | 2015-03-23

We came in yesterday (Sunday 3/22 around 3pm) to test drive an Outback, which is going to be our next car purchase. We were greeted and all was going OK (not well) until we mentioned we were also looking at the Prius. The salesman (didn't get his card dang it he was brunette, brown eyed, dark skin, of Hispanic origin) had a major attitude from then on out. Said "Oh those are two totally different cars. Well thanks, Captain Obvious! That's why we are here to test drive!

He dumped us off at some car, not even close to what we wanted to look at and before we could turn around he was gone. No offer to let us test drive or anything. Finally after scoping the Outback out as much as we could we went back to the sales department looking for *someone else* to test drive with us, but he was the only person we could find so we asked if he would take us. He begrudgingly agreed, had us get in the car, and then drove to the driveway entrance where he finally asked to see a driver's license. Weird. We got in. He didn't even offer me for me to sit in the front while my boyfriend was test-driving. Rude.  It was a warm day yesterday so I rolled down my backseat window. This whole time the salesmen is just sititng in the front seat with a scowl on his face underneath his sunglasses, not saying a single word or explaining features, and making us feel extremely uncomfortable. Finally my boyfriend asked him how to turn the A/C on because it was hot. He didn't even help my boyfriend turn it on so he could focus on driving, but gave him directions as to how to turn it on.

Here's the icing on the cake: the salesmen turns around and says "Roll your window up." No please, no thank you, no nothing.

I wasn't sure if I heard him correctly, so I said "did you say please?" Of course he quickly backtracked his words and said "Yes I didn, will you please roll up your window. It creates less turbulance." I asked him if there was a reason why he was being so rude and by this time my boyfriend explained how he had an attitude problem since we arrived and needed to turn it around." He apologized by saying "I'm sorry if YOU think I was being rude," - not "I'm sorry I was being rude." He tried to save face by asking if I wanted to test drive but I was so anxious to get out of that car I told him no thank you.

Anyway, we both couldn't wait to get out of that car. Hopefully the next time we try out a Subaru, the Redwood City dealership will be accommodating. So far Capitol and Steven's Creek both suck.

Chris T. | 2015-03-17

Bought my 2015 wrx back in April of 2014. Capitol let me take a test drive, met me at a very reasonable price, and aside from the slimy sales guy who tried to sell me all of the warranties, everyone there was perfect! (I can't blame the one guy for being slimy. If he wasn't, he'd suck at his job), everybody seemed good, and made the process as easy as buying a new car can be -- which is still a gigantic pain in the @$$, but hey, that's just life.
Went to another Subie dealership, and they told me that I couldn't test drive a WRX. Salesman told me some garbage about "50% of cars in the United States are purchased without a test drive." ...yeah, see you later, bud.
Capitol was professional and compliant.

Mia Bianca C. | 2015-03-17

Not very impressed with their communication in the service department.
Why? Well I called on Thursday in hopes to get a general oil change appt for Saturday. A woman in service who is NOT April scheduled me for the latest appt possible. A 4:00PM. So on my way to the dealership April called me to tell me we need to reschedule because whoever scheduled me for that 4:00 made a huge mistake because they will not have a tech at that time. Well April I know it's not your fault but why would you call me at 3:30, 30 minutes prior to my appt to tell me? Was I not on your schedule for you to call me EARLIER? So I explained I was already down the street and she said "well if you can be here now I can accommodate you" what?? A tech can do my oil change in less than 30 mins because because you said you won't have a tech at 4??

So I go and it takes an hour and a half for my car to be finished. And on top of that April tells me the reason why she wanted to reschedule was because just in case I came in late past 4 what???? So you wanted to reschedule me now not because you won't have a tech past 4 but because you assumed Id be late??? Why didn't you just ask me how close I was or if I can come sooner?! Don't get me wrong I'm extremely grateful I got my car taken car of but the LACK of communication that is relayed to their clients is extremely disappointing.

On top of that I specifically asked April to please relay to the techs NOT wash my car. And guess what? They did. So my car has all these streak marks all over my windows and swirls all over my car! I KNEW this would happen because quite frankly they don't give a shit you dropped 30k on a car so why take the time to fucking wash a car right, right ? Right.

Really wanted to give this place 1 star but they did get my car done. Just wish it was taken more seriously and done more professionally.

Janet G. | 2015-03-17

My experience buying a new Outback at this dealership has been one of the worst business experiences ever, even though I have bought several cars over the last few decades.  We went there knowing what we wanted, with great credit scores, a big down payment--what could go wrong?  We also set the appointment up through the Costco purchase program, relying on the "no haggle" approach that program advertises.  Our salesman kept us in his cubicle for hours, misrepresented the available interest rate by twice as much advertised, did not show us the actual invoice price of the car and was condescending.  We were at the dealership for 4.5 hours.  

Efforts to resolve the overcharging have been time consuming, unproductive and telling about this dealerships unsavory business practices. They have poor communication, to say the least, which seems to be a designed effort to create confusion-- that seems to repeat with each effort to resolve the matter.  A good example of this is the two different explanations that I was told about charging double the financing interest advertised by Subaru on the Costco website.  The first explanation I received from Andrew in  the Finance Dept. was that they were trying to make money on the deal.  He explained that they were in the business to make money.   Really!  The more "clever" general manager simply described the double charge as a "mistake."  The first explanation is more likely, since their standard purchase contract states that the dealer gets to retain any interest paid that is not charged by the bank.  In other words, whatever they can get you to pay over what the bank that funds the car loan actually charges, is theirs to keep.

Do yourself a favor and go anywhere else to buy your car.

Ken P. | 2015-03-17

An excellent buying experience. All of our need were met. A great no nonsense price was given. My highest compliments to Eugene Levins and Capitol Subaru.

Huy N. | 2015-03-15

Okay, its been 6 years since i bought my Wrx here. Less than a year into my car it developed a squeak and click with the clutch. I brought it in to the dealer and they said it was normal.

As of yesterday, 5 years later, after an oil change I was told that they recommend me to replace my clutch pedal and get it re welded because they noticed the clicks and squeaks from the clutch.  

It feels underhanded to ignore my complaint only to address it years later and charge me an arm and leg to fix it.

Susan L. | 2015-03-14

This review is for Ryan Villasenor, internet sales manager. Overall a great experience buying our 2015 Outback last week. He was attentive, patient, enthusiastic, never pushy, always pleasant. He listened carefully to what I was looking for, didnt try to sell us anything we  didn't want; after listening to my husband's safety concerns  he suggested the Eyesight Driver Assisted Technology which we weren't aware of and asked us to test drive a car with this package to  experience it.  Negotiated a fair price. We highly recommend this outstanding sales rep and Capitol Subaru in general for a low pressure, pleasant experience.
(Finance department would get 3 stars but thats another review, watch out for pressured add-on charges to the final deal)

Olga V. | 2015-03-13

Best car buying experience!  Everyone was friendly and knowledgeable.  My sales-rep was John Navarro who definitely deserves "Sales Rep of the Year" award :)

Benita P. | 2015-03-09

This review is for Alvin Lee.

We were in a market for an Outback. After shopping for a few months, we were a proud owner of our brand new ride.

Alvin was calm and patience in helping us out. Great customer service. Easy process and paper work. Go to guy. Look for him!!!

Jessica P. | 2015-03-02

After wasting nearly 6 precious Saturday hours at a nearby KIA dealership (Insert bad KIA joke here), my husband and I left Capitol Auto mall defeated. We headed back home over Highway 17 to Santa Cruz, which provided a great deal of time for us to discuss our frustrations with the day's events at KIA.
Some of you may be wondering why this yelp is on the Capitol Subaru site, well rest assured, I will get there and it is a really cool story!

When we got home we decided to call Capitol Subaru as they had a Jeep that my husband was very interested in. At 9:00 p.m. at night a sweet, friendly voice answered the phone, her name was ERIN. She patiently listened as I downloaded my frustrations, responded so uniquely actually apologizing for our experiences, even though it had nothing to do with her. I am not a naive person, she actually cared about my sucky day at the Auto Mall... She confidently invited me back to her lot and said, I know we can make something work! She spoke highly of her finance team, the dealership as a whole and reassured me several times that they would all work diligently to get us a car.

Truth be told our credit is a little yucky right now, so I told her to contact a miracle worker! We "hit it off" on the phone and she actually motivated me to come back to Capitol on Sunday (the second most amazing day of the week) to explore options.

I arrived promptly at 10:30 the next morning and Erin had texted me as to her whereabouts prior to my arrival. I felt important and considered. My time felt valued and I was so appreciative of her conscientiousness.

We ended up test driving a used Subaru, 2009 Forester and we fell in love. There were actually other interested parties and we happened to get there first. Lucky us! Erin worked tirelessly with Rusty (of financing) to work a manageable deal.
Well, our deal was nothing short of a miracle and both my husband and I were thrilled with how things worked out.
Our expectations were not "met", they were blown out-of-the-water! I will reserve the details out of respect, but trust me when I say BRAVO CAPITOL SUBARU FINANCE!!!

Erin stayed late to get this deal done and paired us up with Finance Manager, Steve who was so professional and helpful. Again, changing my opinions of "car dealers".
Steve even hugged my kids when we left! They all made us feel like we had been friends for years. It was one of the absolute best car buying experiences of my entire life.

I will absolutely be a return customer provided you keep the DREAM TEAM!

Erin, Steve & Rusty are incredible!

Yelpers- You're Welcome!


Christina C. | 2015-02-23

Fantastic experience! Found my dream car. Nicole and Andy were extremely helpful.

Jennifer N. | 2015-02-12

If you're looking into buying a car, come here!! My boyfriend and I were driving down capitol strip just to browse cars. We have been talking about buying a newer car for quite some time but just never pursued it. That's when we came here. We had just gone to Mitsubishi and Chevrolet where we received horrible service so we left. At Subaru, I expected to get the same service. However, that's when Dan came over to us. He introduced himself and was very friendly. We told him our situation and he took care of us immediately. We browsed the lot and talked about what our needs and wants were. Initially, we were looking at the BRZ. But, as he showed us the WRX, we were absolutely sold. It had everything we wanted.

Getting the car was a little tougher. However, Dan did everything in his power to really help get us this car. This is when his manager, Gus, came in. Previously, we had dealt with manager from Capitol Toyota while his dad was buying a Tundra. That guy was the biggest jerk. I expected Gus to be the same as I stereotyped these car lot managers. However, Gus was super awesome as well. He helped with the process of getting the car and numbers. He also didn't beat around the bush and was very honest. I really respect that kind of service.

As we got our car, Dan was so helpful throughout the entire process. I felt like he wasn't just an ordinary car salesman as we could actually talk to him comfortably and not be intimidated. We both felt like we were talking to an old friend and that's an interaction you don't receive at dealerships (unless they are your friend).

The whole process of getting was super fast and quite enjoyable for both my boyfriend and I. I'm not ready for a new car myself however, when I am, I definitely want to come back to Capitol Subaru. Dan and Gus are super helpful and awesome and I hope they will be there when I'm ready for a new car!

Greg N. | 2015-02-05

I had a good experience at Capitol Subaru. The main negative was the long transaction time. (slightly over 4 hours)

I had purchased another car from DGDG group in the past, with excellent results, so I went back to them for my Subaru.

I used TrueCar to get my pricing and emailed with Jose my sales rep. He was very nice and did not give me any extra "sales tactics". I told him I just want to keep this simple, and quick, and he agreed no problem.

The bigger issue came with my trade-in, I had not traded in a car in a while, but used their online Autotrader evaluator to get a price. Their offer was a bit lower (about 7% lower), we ended up slitting the difference. The evaluation took longer than expected. I sat at his desk for quite a while as the looked over the trade in (which was also purchased at their sister dealership).

The finance manager was pleasant and friendly, although did push the warranty pretty hard (but he kept clearly saying it was my decision), but he did bring it up every chance he could get. He also informed me about fiinance options that were near 0% and weren't publicized, so I appreciated that.

Overall, a great experience, but a long wait, despite trying to pre-negotiate as much as possible, and being ready for a cash purchase,

I arrived at 11a and left at 3p. (a Tuesday morning, seemed very quiet that day)

Luis M. | 2015-02-04

Capitol Subaru is the best place to go when you're looking for a car.
When you go there ask for Michael Holm, he is amazing and very knowledgeable and will do whatever it takes to make sure that you are a 100% satisfied.
This was our second time coming back for a Subaru and we were not disappointed, definitely will come back.

Will P. | 2015-01-26

Purchased a 2015 Crosstrek.  Best car buying experience ever.  Great pricing, fantastic customer service, and a first class operation.  Worked with Page Wallace, and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

Jenn B. | 2015-01-22

This review is for Kafui Dzubey-Dzide and his management team.

Came in to test drive and negotiate the price. Came back next day to buy the car with cashier check and it took 3.5 hrs to do the paperwork. By the time, I left this car dealership, it was too dark so I didn't realize the rear passenger headrest was missing until the next morning. I called Kafui right away and he returned my called within 2 hours later to inform me that he checked with his management and they are okay with ordering me the headrest replacement. It was only a few days before Christmas so I waited until after January 1st, 2015  to call Kafui to check on the ordering status of the headrest. I emailed, left him a voice mail, texted him and never heard back from him. I emailed the general manager and 3 sale managers to inform them of the problem and did not hear back. Now that I think about it, Kafui and his management are not honest as they lied to me so that I don't return the car because this dealership prides itself on 3-day return with no question asked. AVOID Del Grande Dealer Group/ Capitol Subaru!!!

Joann D. | 2015-01-21

I was overall pleased with my experience at Capitoal Suburu last month when I purchased my used 2013 Ford Escape. The only major downfall was the lengthy wait time to meet with the Finance Manager and close out the sale. I waited well over an hour, and spent about 4.5 hours at the dealership in total.

Unfortunately, my experience has declined since then. Upon the initial inspection of vehicle at sales, I noticed that the handle on the interior lining of the trunk of the was loose. My sales consultant assured me that this could be easily fixed and that I would need to come back at a later date since the Service Dept. was not available at that time. I felt a bit inconvenienced, since I do live about an hour away, but agreed.

I tried to make an appointment with the Service Dept. multiple times. I called to learn that no services are performed on Sundays, the day I purchased the car. Getting a timely appointment was also difficult as the department seems to be booked up especially on the weekends. I was finally able to bring the car in. Thankfully, they were able to re-secure the lining without having to order parts.

At that time, I notified the Service Dept. representative that I never received the electronic key code to lock and unlock the vehicle from the exterior of the car. After speaking with the Sales Manager, I was advised to go across the street to the Ford dealership where they had a relationship with the manager who could assist me with having the code reset.

I went across the street and explained my situation to a representative. After verifying my request with Capitol Subaru, Ford agreed to complete the work. Unfortunately, their Service dept. had even less availability due to recent staff changes. I could only have the work performed during the week in the morning/early afternoon hours.

I went back to Capitol Subaru, and asked for either the code be requested from the previous owner of the car or if I could have the work performed at another dealership closer to where I live since I work until 6pm during the week. I received a hard no from the Sales Manager, and was advised that if I did not have the work done across the street, I'd have to eat the cost of something that I should have been provided at sales. I was also advised to come back on a holiday or when I had time off.

This was all very infuriating. The only reason they wanted me to go to the neighboring dealership was so that they could leverage their relationship and not have to pay for any work to be done. I was definitely not treated like a customer that  had just spent ~$18k at their dealership a few weeks ago.

I emailed my Sales Consultant with this information a few days ago, and have sadly yet to receive any kind of response. I am truly disappointed in the service I have received, and as a result, I would not recommend buying a used vehicle from Capitol Subaru.

Dan H. | 2015-01-21

Looking to get a new WRX, I emailed their internet manager Mike Holm?  Upon arrival, he handed me off to a 'sales associate.'

I was peppered with silly sales pitches and cliches during the test drive.  Sometimes the best thing a salesperson can do with a customer is remain quiet -- learn when to talk and when to shut up.

Asked about a 2014 Subaru trade in I had and they didn't bother to disclose that Subaru has a guaranteed trade-in policy all the while offering me ~3k less than the guaranteed amount.  All this AFTER I told the sales associate this would be my 3rd Subaru -- hinting I've been around the block here. I felt that was really sneaky and preying on customer ignorance.

Anyway, ended buying the car at Steven's Creek Subaru.

Ankit A. | 2015-01-17

Worst experience I have ever had purchasing a car. I was waiting weeks for my car to arrive at another dealership which was to be traded to Capitol Subaru for me to purchase. I had to constantly call in to have the sales rep check the status for me.  I was called in after 3 weeks to do paperwork with a promise of getting my car the next day.

The finance paperwork experience was just awful. If you have to get your car here don't work win Steve in finance. He does not know how to talk to people. He cashed my down payment before we came to pick up the car and finalize paperwork. Then he lied about not knowing the car wasn't there yet. The reason we didn't do the final paperwork was because the mileage on the car was unknown since it wasn't there yet.

The car didn't show up the next day when it was supposed to because someone at Capitol Subaru decided to sell the car they were supposed to trade to the other Subaru dealer to get ours. After lots of frustrating phone calls they located another with the same package which we ultimately purchased.

If the car we wanted wasn't so difficult to locate, we never would have gone through with the purchase here.

The service department here is also awful. I had to bring my car back to get inspected for a service bulletin issue, which required a part to be ordered. I was told it would take 2-3 weeks for it to arrive. I called in after 3 weeks to check the status of the parts order for the repair and they couldn't find any record of the parts being ordered. I had to have them look at my service record notes to verify that the parts should have been ordered for me but were not.

Please do not believe the great reviews of this dealership. If you can do your business at another Subaru dealership, you will definitely save yourself from unnecessary headaches.

Manny M. | 2015-01-15

For a whole week I was having issues with my car not starting up each morning. I called Capital Subaru to make an appointment. Earliest they could take a look at my car was 7 days later. Seriously? When I finally get there 7 days later, the "service advisor" basically tells me that my car is fine. He attempts to talk me out of actually having their service guys look at my car. He finally agrees to allow my car to be inspected/serviced. I requested that they take a look at the starter, alternator, and battery. He didn't allow for any tests except for the battery. Everything checked out okay according to their one battery test. What a waste of time. His name is Gil. I would avoid him at all costs.

Neren A. | 2015-01-15

Awesome customer service received from Steve and the rest of the Capitol Subaru staff. I will highly recommend this dealership if you are looking for a Subaru.

Rajiv A. | 2015-01-14

John Navarro was knowledgeable, thoughtful, and transparent during the whole process.

He didn't try to up-sell me on any features. He listened to my use-case (mostly long road trips for rock climbing and camping), and recommended which features he thought would be useful, which would be useless, and which are simply a matter of preference. I was able to use his knowledge to make an informed decision on what my ideal car was, and then he was able to actually get me that exact car at a very fair price.

At handoff, he gave me a superb tour of the car's features, and what was new compared to my previous car, including common mistakes I could make - like leaving the interior lights on and activating the AC while the heater is on.

In conclusion, John was welcoming, knowledgeable, thoughtful, accommodating, transparent, and worked hard to get me the car I wanted at a price I was happy with. I will definitely work with him again, and will recommend him to anyone I know who is considering buying a car.

Claire L. | 2015-01-14

Why 5 stars? Because I've been to almost all of the dealership in Capitol road and I think Capitol Subaru is the absolute best. Our sales person Nick was patience and informative throughout our process of selecting, financing, and delivering the car. We spent a couple of hours looking at more than 3 cars, trying to figure out our financing option for 3 cars and ended up financing one of them. By the time we drive away with our new car it was 9pm and Nick still have a big smile on his face! We have not been pressured into buying and the dealership did their very best to help us land the best deal possible with our situation. I will highly recommend Capitol Subaru and its team. This is my best experience purchasing a car in US so far.

Deirdre G. | 2015-01-12

I bought a used Lexus RX today from this dealership.  It was a great experience - largely because Alvin Lee helped me through the process.  If you are looking for a Subaru (or a used car), ask for Alvin!  You won't be disappointed.

T D. | 2015-01-11

Custom ordered a new 2015 Subaru from Jamie Cassady at Capitol Subaru (Internet Sales team); haven't taken delivery yet but appreciated his timely service and straight forward approach to competitive pricing.
Will post update after I take delivery in Feb 2015. So far, so good though.

Trevor O. | 2015-01-10

Lied and did not provide all parts of the vehicle I bought.
I purchased a certified used outback and upon delivery of the vehicle there were no spare keys and no headrests in the back seats. I was promised they would be found and given to me once they were found. Several weeks of calls, texts, and even a letter promising they will get these things for me, now nothing. Called my salesperson Nicole and no answers or returned calls , even from the GM ignores me. I knew I should of not driven off the lot or just returned it after two days but I trusted my salesperson, foolish me. Two headrests and spare keys will be around 500 dollars this completely not alright to lie to your customers like this. I have text messages and the letter as prove wish i could post the pictures if possible

Andy J. | 2015-01-08

This review is about the service I received today in the Parts/Serivce dept. it seemed as though I needed a new tire(s) so I brought my car here to have it diagnosed. The service advisor Ruben was super knowledgeable about my car (Toyota) and familiar with the issue I was having which made it easy for him to find the problem. The gentleman at the front desk Richard was professional and was eager to help me with my issue. He answered all my questions though he seemed very busy at the time he still was reassuring even I was waiting in the lobby .. Go to him if you need help! They have popcorn and coffee/tea/coco for customers while they wait for service! Awesome

Oscar M. | 2015-01-07

This review goes over to Jamie from the Internet sales department. I came in selected the color and trim level of my new BRZ. Jamie provided an exellent costumer service. Not pushy at all and very patient. Thank you again JAMIE!!!
Also brought my Other subaru for service while waiting for the new car, GIL provided excellent service at the service drive!!

Jose M. | 2015-01-07

So after looking for months for a BRZ and not getting approved I came here to Jamie Cassady and he was able to get me approved. The process went smooth and he is such a great salesman. He's not pushy, shows all the facts and numbers, which made me feel comfortable. I really appreciate his hard work and am glad that he took my case. Thanks a lot Jamie!!! If you're looking to buy then ask for Jamie Cassady, couldn't have done it without him.

Caroline K. | 2015-01-06

This message is for Chris. HE was the salesman that helped me out with buying my car. He was very very patient with the many questions that I had and I did not feel like I was being pushed to hurry up and buy. The process did take a little while but that was expected. Although I had test drove the car at another dealership, he let me test drive again. He was sincere and gave great customer service!  I recommend coming to this Subaru for him and he'll take great care of you! Thanks again Chris!

Ladd S. | 2015-01-05

Having bought and sold cars for over 50 years (I know that makes me sort of old), I can honestly say that purchasing a Subaru from Jamie Cassady at Capitol Subaru was likely the most pleasant, fair, economically sound purchase I have made.  While most dealerships will be pretty nice if you are dropping 5 figures, very few will provide both the best price and give service you might expect at a Rolls Royce dealership.  I drove 150 miles and would easily drive twice that for the price and service I received.  Clearly this is only one person's experience, but I would say, if you are reading this, before you put down your hard earned money, at the very least give Jamie Cassady at Capitol Subaru a call.

Chris Y. | 2015-01-02

This review is specific to this Subaru's service center. I was unable to share this with their Customer Service dept, despite that I received a voicemail requesting for my feedback, instructing me to call 408-723-1200. So, I share this review with all Yelpers, and those considering taking their Subaru here for service.

Before I begin, I did *not* purchase my Subaru at this dealership, but was informed that I can bring my car into *any* Subaru location for service. Given the "raving" reviews on Capitol Subaru, I figured that I'd take my car here for its first service. Per the Subaru owner's manual, my first service should be scheduled at 7,500 miles OR 7.5 months. However, according to the service advisor (whom I will leave unnamed for the time being), the owner's manual is wrong, and that I should *not* have brought my car into service until 7,000 miles.

Here is a timeline of events:
1. Scheduled appointment for 1pm, brought my car to the service center on the dot.
2. Informed the service advisor that I am having my first service, and also experiencing a sound-related issue.
3. I also informed the service advisor that I did *NOT* purchase the car at Capitol (Note: This is key importantance)
4. I was told my service should be completed in 2 hours, at 3pm, give or take 30 minutes.
5. I went home, and never heard any updates or callback. It was 5pm. I called the service advisor at 5pm and was told that the "delay was due to reattempting the sound issues" and that my car just finished its "first service"
6. I go to pick up my car, and here's what unfolded:

- I was told that my car did not need a first service yet until 7,000 miles, and as a result, the only thing that they did was an oil change (at 3,600mi), and nothing beyond that (no first service, no fluid changes, no checks, no car wash, nothing)
- I was then told that they would charge me $40 for the oil change, and that the reason for charging me is so that they don't start my service schedule early. Apparently, they were doing me a "favor" by not granting my first service and that I should start it once my car hits 7,000 miles. Was told the owner's manual is wrong.
- I was told that "time has nothing to do with first service" and that I should not bring it in just because it's been 8 months old
- I was also told that HAD I purchased the Subaru at their location, the first oil change would have been waived, but since I did not, the $40 was to be charged to me.

Honestly, I didn't have time to escalate and argue, and figured that I would take time to sit on it, think about the full outcome, and prevent any emotional bias. With that being said, there is a seemingly lack of integrity at this service center. They had my car for 4 hours, to run "sound tests" that should only take 15-20 minutes, and an oil change, that should at the most, take another 20 minutes. I never received a call nor update, and was ultimately charged for an oil change that, according to the service advisor, was not yet needed.

Here is my advice for this particular service advisor:
As someone who is experienced in customer service, you are clearly taking advantage of first timers. You should have informed me of the stipulations prior to me leaving my car there. You did not call to update me, and did not actually perform an actual first service.Instead, you charged me $40 for an oil change that I did not need, and spun the story in a way that you were doing me a favor. I do not respect your taking advantage of customers, and will be sharing your name with your direct superiors and other related contacts.

I intend to share this experience directly with the the Regional Customer Contact Center, Subaru of America, and Bay Area Subaru forums and groups. Your service center is affiliated with this location's branding, and due to your poor choice of actions, you have lost my respect as a customer. In addition, potential customers who learn of my experience may also be directly affected, which in turn will ultimately impact your dealership's revenue. I look forward to speaking with a manager whom is willing to make amends for your actions. Thank you.

Kimberly A. | 2014-12-29

Amazing customer service! I walked in a bit timid, with the preconceived notion of car dealerships and their pushy attitudes towards customers. Amy greeted me when I came in, and immediately helped me without being overbearing. I had already narrowed down my choices to the Forester, Outback, and Crosstrek after doing research online. She was very knowledgeable about each car, and let me test drive them, again without making me feel pressured to make any rash decisions, which I really appreciated.

Once I decided to get the Crosstrek, she handed me over to Ric to sign the paperwork, and he too was very personable, easy to talk to, and knowledgeable about the car business. My family and I used to be avid Honda/Toyota owners, but now we've converted to being proud Subaru owners!!

Edzel B. | 2014-12-17

Do not take your Subaru for service at this dealership! I went here to take my 04 WRX wagon for the passenger airbag recall last September. I scheduled an appointment on a Saturday, the service advisor said: "Oh! We don't have the the replacement parts yet. We just learned about the recall. Call us back in 2 weeks." I went on vacation the following week. After my vacation, I scheduled an appointment for Saturdayagain, the second service advisor, made a copy of my recall letter, told me he ordered the replacement parts by my VIN number, and will call call me when it arrives. Well, a week passes by and no phone call. What kind of crap service is this? I'm NEVER going back here again.

John L. | 2014-12-12

Highly recommended Subaru dealership to anyone looking to buy a Subaru.  

I was in the market for a 2015 WRX and talked to an online rep and got scheduled for a test drive. Upon arriving the online rep that was suppose to help me got caught up with another customer, so instead he redirected me to Jamie Cassady.  Being a WRX/STI owner himself, he knows his stuff.  After taking a test drive in the new WRX with Jamie, I fell in love with the car, except they did not have the color I was looking for.  Jamie helped me track down the car and said it would arrive in a week or two, which imo is not bad at all.  So I put a deposit on it and called it a day.  Not even a week in, maybe 5 days later, I got a call from Jamie and my WRX had arrived.  So I rushed down to the dealer and got my paperwork done and drove off with my new WRX.

All in all, I had a wonderful experience with this dealership thanks to Jamie Cassady.   Swift and smooth transaction.  I will definitely refer all my friends that are looking for a Subaru.  Ask for Jamie and he will take good care of you.

Charmaine Q. | 2014-12-10

Was unhappy with the way the sales manager handled the possible transaction. Was ultimately ready to drive off the lot with a brand new outback. Having the most inventory of Subarus in the area does not mean that they are the best dealership to deal with. Left that dealership around 2pm. Drove off the lot of Subaru Stevens Creek with the exact model, color and specs I wanted around 4pm.

Ben H. | 2014-11-29

This review is for their new car sales service, and specifically working with Jamie Cassady.

I was in the market recently for a new 2015 STI.  Having researched thoroughly I knew that the STI's were hard to find especially the limited models.  I figure I would contact some local dealers and see if there might be some in stock somewhere.   After having sent out some emails one of the first replies I received was from Jamie Cassady of Capitol Subaru.  He informed me that they did have one on the lot and it happened to be a limited model.  I decided to go down and check it out in person with the old lady.  

As soon as I arrived, I was warmly greeted by an employee who asked if I was here to see anyone in particular or if I was just interested in looking around.  I told him I was there to meet with Jamie.  A few seconds later I met Jamie and we went out and took a look at the 2015 Limited STI.  After kicking the tires for a bit and checking things out he asked if I wanted to test drive, which I gladly agreed to.  

To keep a long story short, I wound up purchasing the vehicle for a great price and without any drama.  I was anticipating a long drawn out night of negotiation, some song and dance but I was very pleasantly surprised that this was not the case at all.  Jamie was polite, professional, and personable during the entire process - he really made the whole entire process pleasant, which in my experience is not always the case.

In closing if you're in the market for a Subaru I would highly recommend working with Jamie and Capitol Subaru!

Chris G. | 2014-11-28

From our entire family, THANKS to Nicole Lerner for her professionalism/personalized attn. to putting together our 2015 Subaru Outback w/every bell & whistle possible.  We look forward to family outings (including two Golden Retrievers) under the safety features (eyesight, blind side vehicle warning light, Subaru Design...) provided at half the price of other high end manufacturers.

D N. | 2014-11-27

I was interested in getting a car from them awhile back. I'm writing this review not because of their service, the people at the dealership were great. But i've unsubscribed from their spam mail at least 5 times now.

Arlen S. | 2014-11-25

Bought a new Outback from Capitol Subaru and was very happy with the experience.  

Eugene provided great service, from the first test drive where I stated I wanted to come back in a couple days and he said "Great, let's set up a time" instead of the hard sell I've gotten from other places trying to prevent me from walking out the door until I bought a car.

The second visit was also good, from walking the lot together looking at various color choices and discussing the various options to getting what seemed to me to be a very good price.

David B. | 2014-11-24

Took car in for Auto Butler service.  

Complimentary popcorn. Lovely.

Austin Y. | 2014-11-23

My family has been through the car-buying process many times over the past few years and our interactions with Capitol Subaru has been by far the best out of all of these experiences.

My family and I had taken particular interest in the Subaru BRZ as it seemed like a great and fun car for me to take down to college. After visiting a neighboring Subaru dealership (who's staff was not nearly as patient, kind, nor caring as the folks at Capitol), we decided to try our hand at the Capitol dealership. Based on our previous interactions, we were definitely a bit skeptical...but not for long.

After sitting down with our Sales Consultant, Michael Holm, we were treated with a great amount of patience and generosity. Unlike the previous Subaru dealership that we went to, Michael gave us our space in making our decision and did not rush us into purchasing the car the day-of. Even when we decided to take a few days to think about the purchase before buying, Michael did not constantly call us to heckle us about purchasing (something that the other Subaru dealership did).

When we visited a second time to make a reservation on a BRZ Premium, we worked with Sales Consultant John Navarro (because Michael wasn't in that day). Although John was not present when I arrived, we were greeted by Financial Manager, Steve who made us feel so at home, the slightly elongated wait wasn't even a bother to us. He also constantly gave us updates about John, who was consequently stuck in a test drive. Much like Michael, John was super patient and very professional in our interactions. Never once did he pressure us to buy or make a decision and was able to answer all of our questions without fault or hesitation.

We ended up making a reservation on a Black BRZ that was due from Japan on September 3rd; however, due to an early shipment, we were able to get the car a few weeks early on August 25th. There were absolutely no hassles at all with the signing and financial process as everyone worked with us with much (again) patience and kindness.

Even after the car had been purchased, the crew at Capitol continued to surprise me with their care. As I had no knowledge on how to drive a stick shift car, Michael was kind enough to take me on a lesson in a used Outback so I was able to drive my newly purchased car home without worry.

In addition to that, when I came in two weeks later to have a spoiler installed, I was again treated very well by the Capitol staff. Many props to the Service Advisor, Gil Portillo, who took care of the process from the moment I pulled into the lot to the second I took off with a new spoiler perfectly installed. Gil also had the servicemen take care of a few scratches that I noticed on my hood.

All in all, my interactions with Capitol Subaru have been nothing but spectacular. I would not hesitate to recommend Capitol and their professional staff to anyone who is in the hunt for a new car!

Justin T. | 2014-11-22

Came in to check out the WRX, the first sales rep showed us the car, took a copy of my driver license, and went in to grab the keys. Another guy came out and unlocked the doors so I can check it out but refused to let me test drive the car unless I sign paper work to purchase the car, no negotiation on price with a $2000 dealer mark up. I saw another guy test drove a WRX without signing any paper work. Not sure how this place does their business, the wrx is a $30k car, car payments are only $400 or so.

No one would be willing to buy a car without at least a brief test drive. I will look elsewhere.

Mel L. | 2014-11-09

This review is for their service center.
Amber was such a doll checking us in and explaining what services were/were not needed. She told us it would take them about an hour and a half so instead of having us sit around she called for a shuttle.
Jorge took us to a nearby Target to kill time. He was even nice enough to take us to Starbucks before heading back to the dealership!! How sweet is that! Often, shuttle drivers are pretty awkward. Jorge however was different. He was very talkative and made our ride go by quickly.
Overall, it was a great experience and I look forward to our next appointment Subaru!

Chris N. | 2014-11-07

Work with John Navarro and John ONLY! He's really what you look for when you're looking to buy and / or explore your options. I got upfront pricing and no hassle quotes. If you're in the market for a Subaru, go see John!

Glenn S. | 2014-10-21

Nick was a good salesman.  No pressure.  And he laughed at my jokes! All staff seem friendly.

Chan M. | 2014-10-20

Be aware that there is problems with certain models that had oil consumption issues.  The service department gave me the run around that it was normal to burn a quart of oil by 1200k miles.  I knew this was full of BS, which I lost money trading in the car.  Several month later, a class action lawsuit appears.  If you have this issue, Subaru service department is useless.  They will only do a oil consumption test and state there is nothing wrong, and or fill up more oil to trick you.

Vladimir G. | 2014-10-10

My fiancee and I had been shopping for a 2014 Subaru Impreza for a few weeks. We found exactly the one we wanted - Quartz Blue hatchback on Capitol Subaru's website. I exchanged a few emails with the internet sales manager (Michael Holm) and agreed on a decent price. Then, I called Capitol Subaru early on a Saturday morning (10am) and said we'd like to come in and buy the car. We wanted to lock down the 0.0% financing they had in September. The sales person had me fill out a credit application for the financing online, so we would save some time with the paperwork. He said we should come in at 2pm.

When we came in, about 10 minutes before 2pm, we asked to see the internet sales manager. No one really paid attention to us, they left us standing around for a good 5 minutes before I was able to grab someone and ask them again. When the sales manager finally came out, we asked to see the car right away and take it for a test drive. If all checked out, we said we would purchase it. The sales person went to get the key, and came back after a few minutes empty handed. He had to ask around his coworkers to figure out that the car had sold earlier that day. Now why would he ask us to come in at 2pm, when I called at 10am and not either hold the car for us, or give us a heads up that there's another interested buyer.

Then, without any apologies, he passed us off to one of his fellow salesmen and left. The 2nd salesman tried to upsell us to a Crosstrek - a good $2-3K more. After insisting that we're not interested in that, he tried to upsell us to a more premium trim of the Impreza we wanted. We were also not interested. He then proceeded to try to find us another car, but it was clear that they didn't have what we wanted on the lot. He suggested we could order one, but it would take 12-16 weeks, and there was no way to guarantee that we would get the 0.0% financing they were currently offering. So no car, and no financing deal on a different car. Great. Needless to say, we walked out of there and didn't look back.

We took our business elsewhere, and we're now happy owners of exactly the car we wanted.

Brian A. | 2014-10-01

I worked with some really nice people. If you want good financing, go in with a competitive APR. They'll spend a lot of time to find you a better financing option through them.

J. Y. | 2014-09-29

This review is based on their used car sales service or lack there of. I saw a car on their website right when it was posted. I submitted a contact form stating I was interested in the vehicle and would like to make an appointment to test drive. A used car sales person immediately emailed me back and ask when it was best to call. I provided my contact information and a time to call; did not heard from the sales person until 3 days later via email that the car was just sold -- 3 freaking days.

Terrible customer experience. My business as well as my family's business will go somewhere else where prompt communication is still valued.

Matt R. | 2014-09-28

I was quoted a price under the Costco auto program, and promised an email confirmation later that day.  When I called up the following morning to find out why I had not received a confirmation of the quote, I was told the price had changed.  They said they could give me aggressive pricing, but what use is this when they had already lied on the first quote.

I followed up with management at the dealership and Costco, but no one seemed interested.  Seems the auto sales industry has not shaken it's shady reputation - DGDG will never have the opportunity to stick it to me again.

Stephen C. | 2014-09-23

This review is for Kafui Dzubey-Dzide.

I was fortunate to be working with him when I was passed-off twice by the initial sales manager (despite making appointments). That is when Kafui came in to ensure I was taken care of before I left dissatisfied. Honestly, I could not be happier.

He was a great partner to work with, knowledgable and humble. He worked through my busy schedule and obstacles that got in the way of my purchase. Not only did he get me a great deal, he held the car for me despite offers from others while I worked things out with my bank for financing. He even worked tirelessly on his day-off to ensure the paperwork was ready when I got there. The post-sale service from him was equally great as he personally coordinated a scheduled maintenance on my behalf.

I was so impressed that I dropped off a bottle of wine to thank him for all his hardwork. He is truly an asset to DGDG.

Brian M. | 2014-09-18

Like most people I was pretty apprehensive of the car buying process.  My process was pretty simple, I emailed about 10 dealers for the car that we wanted (2015 outback limited) and asked if they could meet a price target.  Capitol Subaru's price was even with 2 other subaru dealerships.

I went with Capitol Subaru based on the no non-sense style of Kris Yee (the internet manager).  He helped make the process very straight forward as majority of negotiation was already competed and he honored the price quotes given online.  It took me about 2 hours total to complete all the paperwork (lots of papers to sign, dmv paperwork, etc) but process went smooth.  I would recommend working with Kris Yee and Capitol Subaru to friends in the future with the caveat that they price shop before entering the dealership.

Melinda P. | 2014-09-15

I needed to buy a car quickly and I had my heart set on a Mazda 6, which I test drove and thought it was very nice. However, I thought I should test drive more than one car just to be sure I was getting exactly what I wanted. Lucky for me the Subaru dealership was right next door to Mazda, so I walked right over.
Nicole saw me wandering around the lot and quickly came over to me with a great big sweet smile and asked if she could help me out. There's something about dealing with another woman in a situation like this that really takes the pressure off. Nicole made me feel super comfortable right away and in minutes I was test driving a Legacy. As I test drove the car Nicole talked the whole time about all of it's features unique to the Legacy and unique to Subaru. I could tell she was passionate about Subaru's and I learned a lot! I knew nothing about this car before I drove it. By the end of the test drive I knew I had to have a Legacy.
I wasn't ready to buy that day and although Nicole tried to talk me in to buying, for fear the car would be sold the next day, she didn't put heavy pressure on me. I was nervous about going to buy a car by myself for fear of pushy sales people and I'm so glad this wasn't the situation.
I bought the Legacy two days later and I'm very happy. I couldn't have, and wouldn't have, done it without Nicole!
Would have given 5 stars instead of 4 but it takes forever to get through paperwork at the dealership!!!

Brian D. | 2014-09-12

Ever since my car purchase here, the service advisor Victor has been nothing short of amazing. He exceeds my goals I set for a service advisor and those are pretty high.  Mike handles any work done to my car and is an excellent mechanic. All together the team at Capitol Subaru is a well oiled machine. I'm glad to have purchased my vehicle here and have them for anything I need. Good family to be with.

Meagan T. | 2014-09-01

I knew I wanted a Subaru Outback, but was originally looking to purchase a pre-owned car.  I submitted an inquiry online and several dealerships emailed me, but only Eugene Levins of Capitol Subaru called to leave me a message.  A couple weeks went by and I finally decided to take a test drive.  I called Eugene, left a message and he replied within 24 hours.  We set up an appt for the next morning to test drive two Outbacks (2.5 and 3.6 engines).  Eugene was not at all pushy and was good at answering all my questions regarding the difference between the two vehicles.  In the end, I chose to lease my Outback because the monthly payments were more manageable.  I highly recommend Capitol Subaru and ask for Eugene Levins if you have an option on which sales rep to use that's hassle free and non-pushy.

Jenna H. | 2014-08-28

Wow, what a great dealership. My experience at Capitol Subaru was outstanding. Tommy worked with me over the phone and gave me a great deal on the new 2015 Subaru Legacy. I had an awful experience with Diablo Subaru in Walnut Creek and decided to take my business to DGDG in San Jose. Tommy was professional, easy going, and not pushy. He understood that this was a big purchase and let me take my time deciding. Andrew was also wonderful. He processed all of my paperwork at the end and was very knowledgeable about the warranty and maintenance packages Subaru offers. If you are thinking of buying a Subaru, head over to Capitol Subaru in San Jose. I can guaranty you will have a positive experience!

Margaret H. | 2014-08-27

Ryan and Rick at Capitol Subaru were really nice to work with.  No smoke and mirrors just honest helpful service.  We have bought several cars and this was by far the most pleasant experience.  We highly recommend Ryan and Rick at Capitol Subaru.

Aaron B. | 2014-08-24

I spent quite a bit of time at dealers trying to find a good deal on a used car. After a few bad experiences I was getting disheartened, but that changed when I went to this Subaru dealer. It was late when I showed up one night wanting to see a Hyundai Elantra that seemed promising. Nicole, the salesperson was awesome in getting me a last minute test drive, answering or quickly getting the answer to all the questions I had, and most important of all was in no way pushy about getting the sale.

Long story short I bought the car and in large part that was due to Nicole. The loan officer and other employees I had contact with were very affable as well, which from past experience, is typically not the case.

If you are in need of a new or used car, you should at least stop by this dealer and see if Nicole can help you out. Even if you don't ending up buying something from there, it will be a pleasant experience.

Bobby M. | 2014-08-14

We came here several months ago looking for a Suby.
And we all dread the vulture percentage commission salesman right?

The sales lady Amy was spot on, not pushy about making the deal today, just nice and informative, I must admit she played the sale just right to make us happy.
I'm a mechy designer and machinist that works on his own cars, before that I fixed jets at United Airlines. So I can read thru the mechanical crap after 20+ years of owning Subies.
Being this was a car for my wife I let her ask the questions and listened patiently to Amy's answers.
Every answer she gave was 100% correct.

It started out to get a baseline model legacy because of price.
Amy informed us about the price difference of the Impreza vs Legacy.
The ladies were off for test drives, first the Impreza then the Legacy, and of course the wife wants the bigger quieter car with more HP.
Then she saw the Limited, OH BOY here we go!!! All the bells and whistles with a saturday night Tokyo light show.

The wife said she loved it but thats too much and quite pricey.

Then she said "Follow me, I have a 1 yr old car with 10K on it in perfect condition"
"Would you like to save about $6-7k?"  Hello?
Negotiations started, she hunted the internet, found the same car for $600 less than the already bumped down price we were negotiating at.

Then, we already had the finance stuff ready, she beat that % rate hands down!!

I just came back from the first service, Perfect. Washed cleaned and ready in a reasonable time.

In 2 years it's my turn for a new car, If I decide on a Suby I would come back because of how painless it ended up being.

But thats because of a sales lady who understands the golden rule and that patience is a virtue.

All be well

Jason R. | 2014-08-07

This was the best car buying experience I have ever had.  I first tried .  After emailing back and forth with their specialist for 4 days, I wasn't happy with their offer.  So, I went to Capitol Subaru because I wanted a Subaru BRZ, and they had the best inventory in Silicon Valley or the peninsula.  

I ended up finding the exact car that I wanted, and including my trade-in, I was able to get a price $4,200 below the offer!  I was very happy with the deal.  And, I was very happy with Tommy, the Sales rep because I was direct about what I wanted, and he was able to quickly approve the deal and let me drive away with my new car.  It was a completely *opposite* experience than I remember when my wife and I bought a Honda CRV.  I will certainly come back for the next car.

Rich J. | 2014-08-06

I had spent close to two weeks shopping for and test driving used cars.  I was becoming discouraged until I met Nicole Lerner at Capitol Subaru. Nicole is a superstar sales person who knows her product.

I was so surprised that the sales people at the other dealerships did not know their product. A lot times when I asked questions they did not know the answers or answered by reading what was on the window of the car. Thanks a lot, I could have done that myself.

When I met Nicole she came outside and introduced herself and asked me "can I tell you about this Outback?"  She then proceeded to tell me in detail all the features about the Outback and how it compared to other cars I was considering. Wow! Someone who know their product! What a refreshing surprise! During the test drive I was also impress how she explained to me the Subaru transmission.

I had come into this dealership with pre approved credit from a bank. The sales manager looked into it and was able to get me a better deal with another bank. SOLD! I wanted the Outback right away so I was going to return the next morning after I dropped off my rental at the airport. Nicole offered to follow me to the airport and wait while I returned my rental. I bought the Outback that night and could not be happier. Nicole is a superstar and Capitol Subaru Rocks!

Bublu K. | 2014-08-02

Krish Yee was great , he is very good sales man. however, the finance guy sucked.  Forgot his name , may be John.  He pressured me to buy the extended warranty. On top of that he lied on the warranty conditions. Two weeks after I bought the car , I got to know that the conditions are different. All five stars for Krish and -2 stars for finance dept.

S P. | 2014-07-29

I took my 2008 subaru here for an oil change and also wanted them to inspect a problem with the electrical power outlet. The person at the counter told me that they would charge 1/2 to 1 hr labor ($100-150) to debug the outlet issue. I told them that I had already replaced the outlet itself and that it may be a fuse issue. The service rep was unrelenting and insisted that they have to add inspection charge. Thankfully, I refused the service. Upon replacing the fuse (replacements are included in engine air filter unit cover), the electrical outlet was working!

Brandon H. | 2014-07-28

Took my car here to fix a broken turn signal. April was the one that helped me. She inform me that it all it needed was for the wired to be reattach since it came loose. She also inform me that my break, tire, and rotor needs replacing and would give me a discount to do it. I stopped by today to get it done and was once again helped by April. She gave me the discount even though I did not present the coupon. She was extremely kind and help through out the entire time she was helping me. Would totally be coming by for my future service and would ask her to help me again.

Wenli Z. | 2014-07-27

My boyfriend and I decided to buy a new SUV long time ago. We went to a couple of Subaru dealers around bay area. This whole experience was so complicated especially go back and forth with salesmen, we were exhausted.

Then we went to capital Subaru,we thought this is gonna be the last dealer. I can't do it anymore.fortunately we met Michaels Holm. Michaels are the best salesman i have seen so far!
We are very happy with our new Subaru Forester!
Thanks again for making this process so wonderful and super easy.
I think we made a right choice,not just the car, but also the right person.

Haim B. | 2014-07-24

This is the BEST Subaru dealership in the Bay Area. Don't waste your time any where else they have the best prices and the nicest
Sale personal . Just call Christopher  yee or Jose.we checked five dealership for our Subaru and by far they are the best.

mark d. | 2014-07-21

Be Happy- Not at DGDG. I would give zero stars if I could.

I brought my 2008 WRX Subaru here with a problem involving my clutch and the firewall.  It is a known issue with Subaru and they were doing goodwill repairs to the cars.  I talked to a gentleman with an accent that sounded Eastern European, but I could be wrong.  I informed him that I was having a problem with shifting and brought my car to a repair shop that happened to be the preferred repair shop for this dealership.  That repair shop told me of the issue and that they were being repaired under a goodwill program.  When I informed the gentleman of this he smiled and made a comment under his breath along the lines of "likely story."  

When we went out to my car he pressed on the clutch and told me it was stiff.  That was the reason for the firewall damage he said.  We walked back inside and informed me that it would be at least $2,000 for a new clutch and about the same to repair the firewall.  $4,000 total- ummm H-E-double L-no.  I argued with him about how it was a known issue and Subaru issued a notice to the technicians about it.  I told him that Subaru was doing goodwill repairs. I asked him if he could talk to someone else who might know about this.  I received no help from him.  All he wanted to do was make a $4,000 sale off of what should have been a free repair.

So I took it to another dealership that actually listened to me, looked at the car, and agreed with me. They did a goodwill repair on the car and gave me a free rental car while it was being fixed.  And the clutch is no longer stiff. I recommend that you do not take your car here as they do not care about the customer-only their bottom line.  I will be a lifetime customer of the other dealership.

Tim C. | 2014-07-20

Buying a car is like buying a house, one of those big life event. So you want the experience as pleasant as possible. I definitely had a pleasant experience here. I have been to couple of dealership to find a commuter car, its never the car that turns me off from getting it, its always the people at the dealership. So I definitely recommend this dealership even if its far from you, its worth the drive!

Autumn M. | 2014-07-15

This was my first experience buying a new car and it was quick, easy, and painless.  My husband and I live on the central coast and researched Subaru Outbacks in the area.  After test driving the Outback, I researched comparable models in the Bay Area since we were going to be up there over the weekend.  I found the prices at Capitol Subaru to be the lowest.  We contacted our local dealer to see if they could match the price and after going back and forth for a couple days, the salesman said that they couldn't come close to the price and we should take the deal at Capitol Subaru if that was in fact the true price.  

I contacted Capitol Subaru that evening to schedule an appointment.  They transferred me to a few different people then said someone at the dealership would call back as soon as possible.  I wasn't expecting a call back anytime soon, however my phone rang about ten minutes later and we were connected with Michael Holm.  His attentiveness was superb from start to finish.  He agreed to meet us earlier than his scheduled start time that weekend.  He was very courteous, informative, straightforward and not pushy at all.  My husband and I needed to be in Sonoma for a wedding that afternoon by 3:30 and let him know this once we agreed to purchase the car.  We started the purchasing process at 9:45 am and drove the car off the lot by 11:25 am.  

Michael wasn't able do a proper "delivery" because we needed to leave for the wedding.  We arranged to meet at the dealership on our way back to the central coast on Monday.  Michael confirmed the appointment via email on Sunday and by phone on Monday.  He said to let him know if we needed to change the time and he'd accommodate our schedule.  Michael came in on his day off, filled up our tank of gas (my in laws drove the car all weekend while we were at the wedding) and went through all the features on the car.  His help and attention made buying a new car a painless process.  I'd recommend him to anyone interested in buying a Subaru.  It was worth the drive!


Renee G. | 2014-07-15

My DH and I were looking for a new car to downgrade our Toyota Sequoia (Love it, but a bit of a gas-guzzler when it's just me driving around running errands!). Anyway, I had my eye set on a Toyota RAV4, but DH had read that their safety test failed. So we tried the Ford Escape and Edge. Didn't like either one of them, just didn't feel right driving them. So we headed to Mazda for the CX-5. Really nice car, but I wasn't as thrilled as DH was about this car, and since it was going to be my car.... So we headed over to Subaru.

As we arrived, Nicole was walking out the door to greet us. She dove right in asking us what our needs in a vehicle were. We told her our needs and that we were interested in looking at the Outback or the Crosstrek. She took us to the Outback and explained all the "nooks and crannies" of the car, let us sit in it and answered all of our questions. After listening to our "needs and wants" in a car, she said that the Crosstrek probably wasn't for us, but she'd show us anyway. She was right. It was too small for us. As we were heading back to the Outback, we passed by the Forester, which caught my eye. She let us take a look at the Forester, then we test drove it. We absolutely fell in love with the car! After Nicole explained the different options available for the Forester, we decided on the one we wanted, and she went on her way to find a car that matched our wants.

The next day, we got a phone call from Nicole saying she had the car we wanted! We headed in that afternoon, test drove it again, and the rest is history! Nicole did an awesome job finding the car that best fit our needs! She told us everything we needed/wanted to know about the car and did an excellent job of negotiating a great price for us!

We had a really good experience here.  They even put up with our two sons running around the place a bit while we were in the Financing stage. They were all really nice to our whole family and Nicole was a SuperStar!!  Thanks to her I am now a Subaru "Believer"! :0)

Elissa Y. | 2014-07-12

The experience here was somewhat.. Pleasant yet unpleasant?
We contacted Eugene about a used car here. When we came, he was very friendly and helpful with all the questions we had. I liked him a lot actually... Until it came down to the negotiation. Long story short, he told us he wouldn't budge at all and when we tried to make any sort of negotiation, he would just shake his head and say, "I just said this. Did not just say this? I guess you guys aren't listening." Something along those lines, but it was very rude.
We would have left more happily, rejected, if he at least talked to his manager about the price we gave, but he refused to even leave his seat. Maybe I'll come back in the future, but we'll see.

Dave C. | 2014-07-11

my 2014 Subaru Forester that I bought here was totaled in an accident (drunk driver; thankfully I was unhurt; very safe car). I contacted Tommy to see about getting a new car. 5 days later I reach out to the sales manager as I haven't heard back from Tommy. He say my message was in his junk mail folder. Anyway, gets me some info on vehicles. I need to wait for the insurance to officially total the car first.

When they do I reach back out to him again. And again days go by and I don't hear from him. In the meantime I got a killer deal over at Carlsen Subaru. When he does get back to me, same story: junk mail folder. Seriously, add me to your safe senders list if you want to do business with me.

Next I need to get refunds on my unused Maintenance Plan and Auto Butler. Tommy puts me in touch with the finance dept. They send me a form for the Maintenance Plan refund, but tell me there are no refunds for Auto Butler. Apparently that's the policy set by General Sales Manager Rusty Bumstead. Heck of a way to treat a customer who bought from you and was trying to buy another car the very next year from you. So I'm out the $400 or so of amortized value remaining on my plan. Enjoy that money, Rusty. Take your wife and a couple of friends out to a nice dinner on me.

Brian S. | 2014-07-10

i would give them a 1/2 star if i could.
This is a review for the employee named Victor.
My buddy was down in the area buying a car from VW, i was with him and i own a Subaru. i have some minor issues with my car right now and i figured while i was in the area i would go to Subaru and ask for some advise.
I was told by a buddy of mine that works over at Chevy in the shop, to go over to Subaru and ask for the shop foreman. So that's what i did. The lady at the parts counter directed me to a group of guys all sitting around chit-chatting and said it was the guy sitting down, (by the name of victor). so i walked up and kinda briefed him on what i was there for.
I never even got the question out before he told me, "that is what they pay there technicians for $120 per hour." and that he wouldn't answer any questions till paying these guys to figure it out. So even if my question was as simple as what type of oil should i use for my car he would have never known what the question was, he just shut me out. so i walked away a little ticked off at there customer service, i mean coming from all these commercials i hear these guys are supposed to have excellent customer service and that was not the case this time around. ok at this time of me walking out i was with some friends. i mentioned to my friend the experience i had there as we continued to walk out. When we got to the door he mentioned pretty loudly about how bad there customer service was and continued to walk towards our cars. I guess (Victor) heard this and was a little mad at what was said mind you there were a few customers already there that heard the statement. So (Victor) quickly caught up to us. He says, " you know this isn't how we do business here," and continued to ask "what was your question anyways." i told him forget it and said you didn't even hear me out before you pretty much pushed us out the door. So i continued to get in my car to leave and he is just standing there staring at me kinda mean mugging me. at one point he was wanting to fight me in the parking lot, what i mean was he was within 3 inches of my friends face trying to bump chests. I have never seen an employee act with such rage while "on the clock". it was really childish. if i had a direct connection with his boss Tully or Shaun i would defiantly follow up on this because no one should be treated with this type of disrespect anywhere. I've been to almost all of those dealerships with in the week and have had excellent customer service all until i met this guy.

i have been told by several people to go to Capitol Subaru and to never go to Stevens Creek but with how i have been treated there doesn't make me ever want to go back.

(Victors anger towards us made me feel as if he was having roid-rage.)

Dave C. | 2014-07-09

I bought a new Crosstrek Hybrid over the 4th of July weekend. My sales representative, Nicole Lerner was absolutely fantastic.  She was extremely knowledgeable about the product and anticipated my questions before I even asked them.  Both her knowledge and enthusiasm for the Subaru product were a factor in my decision to make this purchase.  I highly recommend both Capitol Subaru and Nicole as a sales person

R B. | 2014-07-08

I have very mixed feelings about this establishment.

The sales rep Amy who sold me my used car was great and professional! I would give her many stars. But overall my experience with this dealership was terrible.

First the price on the contract did not match the negotiated  and agreed upon 'out the door price'. I just warn you to double check everything before signing your contract, it was very sneaky of them to put in extra charges after we had already settled on an 'out the door price'.

Second, the finance guys are rude and very short with the customers and in typical dealership fashion take their sweet time doing things with no regard to the actual customer. In total I probably spent 5 hours there, even though I knew exactly what car I wanted.

Lastly, and definitely the worst part of our experience the manager, Rusty, is probably one of the worst customer service people I've experienced. He actually told us to leave because he didn't care if he sold us the car. He also had no response when we brought up the extra charges on the contract, just a very condescending attitude and remarks, one of them being "You're just being difficult". Once I mentioned that I would be writing this review, he said "I don't have to sell you this car, just so you know I'm the number 1 Subaru seller in the bay area and number 8 in the nation". Which I definitely question after seeing his attitude.

My only warning to all: double check the final contract before signing and definitely avoid talking to Rusty- unless you like to battle.

Jesus B. | 2014-07-06

When growing up. I've always been told that dealerships are horrible and all they do is bug and pressure you to buy a vehicle ect. Not at Capitol subaru. They where kind, helpful and respectful. Never ones was I pressured to do anything. Everything was cool and relaxed. Very informative about everything. I would recommend anyone to come in and buy from these guys. For sure changed my outlook at dealerships. Just want to say a big thank you to the guys who helped me out. I'm so happy with my new 2015 wrx.

Joseph P. | 2014-07-05

Michael Phuong Chung helped me with my purchase of a brand new 2015 Subaru BRZ Blue.Series. He was extremely helpful and professional throughout the entire experience. I appreciated his respect while other dealerships did not take me seriously due to my age (24). I would recommend future Subaru buyers to Michael and Capitol Subaru's finance department to anyone that wants a very easy going experience that want to help the customer in any way possible.

Kait F. | 2014-07-02

I bought my car here without really trying out other dealerships. Capitol is so well-rated here that I figured I was picking the better one so I have very little comparison.

I test drove a version of my desired car a second time and was ready to buy, and Capitol seemed to offer the better price (they beat another dealership's TrueCar price). Email responsiveness while planning the purchase of my car was spot on, down to minutes between responses. I go sign the paperwork at around 7pm after work, and things are going smoothly. I noticed on the contract that the car they transferred for me (they had to dealer trade for my color choice) had 110 miles on it. Kind of a surprise, but really that's first world problems right? I didn't take it for a spin when they brought it around for me because, really, could there actually be something wrong with a new car? I was really excited to get the car I had waited for so I didn't consider that.

I had some issues with email responsiveness when I've had questions after my purchase, since I personally prefer emails and the dealership seems too busy to respond to emails. But as long as I get them on the phone they are great to talk to and want to answer questions and be helpful.

McLazerso N. | 2014-07-02

Purchased a new car from them this week, Tommy Q was a pleasure to work with and provided me with an excellent experience!

Now to try and drive nice for the first thousand miles...

Marnee' M. | 2014-07-01

Tommy was very accommodating and answered all of my questions thoroughly and promptly, both through email and in person. He worked with me in helping to find just the right car.

Holly R. | 2014-06-29

Purchased a used car from them. After waiting a month for the price to go down (originally way over priced) we ended up getting an decent deal. John was our sales guy and he was great! Full of personality, very friendly and was nice to work with.
Luckily we made it easy (I think) we knew exactly what we wanted, and the price we wanted it for.

Russ M. | 2014-06-27

I came here because I had some bad experiences at another Subaru dealer.  I was immediately introduced to Tommy Quach, who ended up taking me through the whole week-and-a-half long process.  He was knowledgeable, friendly, and flexible.  The dealership did not have the car I wanted in stock when I went the first time, but Tommy was able to find it at another dealership and bring it to Capitol Subaru for me.  In addition to all this, he kept me posted on that progress while I was out of town.  

Not only did Tommy get me a great price on my new BRZ, but he also was more than fair with the price for the 2008 Prius I was trading in, which saved me the headache of selling it myself.  

This was hands down the best car buying experience I have had.  I would very highly recommend this dealer, and Tommy specifically, over any other Subaru dealer in San Jose!

Nicole M. | 2014-06-26

I have never purchased a new/used car before so I was apprehensive about going to a dealer and what the experience was going to be like for me. I really had nothing to worry about with Michael Holm as my Sales Representative! He was pleasant and knowledgeable and wanted to get the perfect car for me! I test drove 2 cars and decided on the 2013 Hyundai Elantra which is an incredible upgrade from the car I used to have.  I am so happy with my purchase! I got a great deal and Mike in Finance helped me out with all my paperwork. Everyone at Capital Subaru is professional and friendly and were all part of a great experience as a first time purchaser. Thanks again Michael for all your help and follow-up!

Justin T. | 2014-06-24

I went to a another Subura Dealearship and had a horrible experience. After doing some research and with hesitation i set up an appointment at Capitol Subaru. To my delight and amazement my experience at Capitol Subaru was painless and very pleasant. i have been given advice that you never want to trade in your vehicle because you are never given a fair price from the dealership. However, when brought in my 2004 Acura TL to be evaluated for trade in i was given a very fair price. It save me from the hassle of having to list onto craiglist and deal with paperwork.

I worked with Tommy Quach, Internet Sales Manager, who was honest, genuine and very patient. I asked every last question i could think about before leasing a brand new 2015 Forester. Tommy graciously spent the time to answer all of my questions and not once tried to rush me through the process. Eventhough they were preparing to close for the day, Tommy spent extra time out of his day to set up the Bluetooth in the new vehicle.

Not only would i buy or lease a vehicle again at Capitol Subaru, i would highly reccommend working with Tommy Quach if you are looking for a pleaant buying experience.

Rich L. | 2014-06-22

Update 2: I forgot to post this earlier. A couple weeks ago, I checked my oil level after the car had been sitting in my garage overnight, and it was very overfilled and well above the "full" mark on the dipstick. This could lead to premature fouling of the catalytic converter. I get a strong impression that these guys just don't care about their customers' cars. Capitol Subaru is a joke.

Everett S. | 2014-06-22

It is my first time writing a review on Yelp!, and my recent positive experience at Capitol Subaru prompted me to take the leap.

As a Santa Cruz resident, I came to Capitol Subaru looking to find a great deal on a new Outback to replace my 8-year-old KIA car which was rear-ended hard enough for it to be deemed a loss. I will say without hesitation that buying my new 2014 Outback 2.5L Premium with CVT and Package 2 at Capitol was one of the best decisions I have made. I did not always have positive experience with salespersons from other dealerships (both new and used) in the past for various reasons, but at Capitol Subaru it was the first time (since I was legally able to drive 15 years ago) that I drove away from any dealership very satisfied and without experiencing any trace of regret. Many thanks to Ryan Villasenor and other staff for the least stressful dealership experience. I did encounter a minor issue when it came to financing, but it was quickly resolved by very helpful staff who would not think of letting me feel like hope was lost, and got me right back in the financial office with a better-than-anticipated financing. Because my personal experience at this dealership was the most positive of all dealerships I have been to in the past, I would highly recommend Capitol Subaru to anyone looking to buy a new car, even if they were not considering a Subaru initially. Let it be noted that I have owned two Fords, three Hondas, one VW, and one KIA (as abovementioned) in the past, before I bought a Subaru for the first time.

Alexandra H. | 2014-06-16

I recently just bought a 2015 Subaru Forrester and I am the happiest person ever! John was extremely helpful and not pushing me into something I wasn't ready for. As this was my first car I have ever bought, I was a bag of nerves. John made sure I was 100% informed and that I felt very comfortable. He laid out all of my options and I felt like he had my full interest at heart. I will recommend John Navarro for all of my Subaru needs!

Kendall L. | 2014-06-15

I recently leased a 2014 Forester Limited edition back in March of 2014.  This was my first car buying/leasing experience and I was very worried about being pressured and being hassled.  BUT I did my research online about reviews on different Subaru dealerships in the area and Capitol Subaru had the best reviews.  I even wrote down names I kept seeing in good reviews of salesman that were amazing.  So after doing my research, I finally decided I needed to at least go and test drive a Forester.  

When my mom and I got to the dealership, we were pleasantly greeted at the door and asking how we could be helped today.  The gentleman at the door was able to introduce us to Eugene Levins.  Eugene was very approachable and friendly and was happy to show us some Foresters on the lot.  We took the limited edition out for a d test drive and I immediately LOVED how it drove, felt, sounded, pick up and go, and looked.  I had done my research on this SUV before even stepping on the lot so I knew I liked how it looked, but I was sure happy I took it for a test drive.  Before I knew it we were doing paperwork.  Eugene was very knowledgeable and accommodating.  I wanted to finance it but the monthly payments were too high, so Eugene showed me leasing options which suited my financial needs better.  Everything was explained to us, nothing felt rush/forced on us at all.  It actually was a NICE experience!  Hard to believe my first car buying experience ended up being so pleasant.  We definitely spent a good 5hrs there total, but with any car purchase or lease, it will take a while to do the test drive, paper work and see the financial dept.  All in all, I'm EXTREMELY happy overall with my first car buying experience.  I would also HIGHLY recommend asking for Eugene if you are interested in a Subaru.  He was great all around.  Go to Capitol Subaru! :)

Crystal L. | 2014-06-12

first of all.. Eugene  is the best ever. I definately recommend him.

First we went to the Serramonte Subaru. Their pricing was outrages!! the highest in the bay area. THEY are NOT recommended...

we continued our search and found Capital Subaru and was alittle hesitant because of the distance from SF but Eugene took our phone call and eased our hesitation. He is very nice and professional. we went by and checked out the car with Eugene and he told us everythin we needed to know. Each question was answered and if we were unsure.. he made sure he went out of his way to answer our questions.  the whole experience was very pleasent. he let us take our time and was very patient with us.

We're very happy with our new Sti and will definately be back.


Perry H. | 2014-06-12

Capitol Subaru has a huge selection of Subarus in their inventory (likely the largest in Northern California). I picked up a new BRZ yesterday after some negotiation and had very great service throughout the entire process. Do your research before shopping for your car and you'll be able to get a new car at a great price from this place.

Scratch G. | 2014-06-12

The showroom is nice and clean. The receptionist over the phone is courteous and helpful.

The management seems quite thoughtful in meeting customers' needs judging by the layout of the showroom, the multimedia display they set up and the friendly chat between them and customers.  

The service team is quick and efficient. I had my car's first service done within 45 minutes.

I like this place a lot except for one deceptive salesperson - John Navarro (aka JR)

I bought by my car from John 6 months ago and I courage potential buyers to avoid using him.

When John sold me my current car, in order to entice me to agree on the price, he promised to give me a full tank of gas on the date of my first service, as long as I confirm with him so that he will be at the dealership then.

Fast forward to 4 months later and it's time for the first service. I called John about the service appointment a couple days before about the tank of gas. He asked me to make an appointment with the service dept and left him know so he can be sure to be at the shop. I made the appointment and texted John the date/time. He texted back "perfect".

On the day of the service (10 am), John was not at the shop, I texted him to check where he is so I can get the tank of gas. He replied "sorry buddy, won't be in until after noon". I told him that I felt left down by him. He promised to send me a gas card.

Over a period of following two months, I traded texts with John a few times. He came up with excuse after excuse for not being able to send me the gas card.

A full tank of gas for my car is about $50. If John Navarro (aka JR) couldn't keep his promise on a full tank of gas, how can he be trusted on a $20k+ purchase?!

Think twice before you agree to buy a car from him.

Other than John Navarro (JR), this is a great place with great people.

Kate M. | 2014-06-12

This review is for Tony, a horrible salesperson. We wanted to test drive the STI, he asked if we were going to buy the car today. If not we can't take it out for a test drive because they are held for customers. How are you going to buy the car if you have not even test driven it at all? What kind of stupid question is that? He "added if you were going to buy the car, with 10K down you're payment will be like 500/M or so". Again, how do you know if we're going to finance? You do not judge your customers just because they look young! We weren't going to even finance. There goes your commission. We're never going back there again! Terrible customer service!!

Justin L. | 2014-06-10

Recently decided to succumb to the hype of the new WRX.  While we didn't necessarily need another car...I jumped on it once my better 1/2 gave me the unexpected green light :D

I went through the Sales Dept to custom order a fully-optioned Limited trim vehicle direct from the factory.  This required a $500 deposit and what seemed like an eternity of waiting.  After a few production delays and a total of 3 months of waiting, my custom WRX was finally delivered from Japan to the dealer.  Due to the rule of high demand and limited supply, my haggling on the vehicle price proved fruitless.  I ended up having to go full sticker.  At least I was able to get a decent price on an extended 7-year warranty and maintenance plan.

I've never owned a Subie before but I already love the Rex after my first 800 miles with it.  I'll plan to post an update on how my scheduled services go at Capitol.

Grace L. | 2014-06-10

Tommy Quach is easy to work with and we had a great experience. Highly recommended.

Emily L. | 2014-06-02

My husband and I emailed prior to coming to Capitol Subaru. We inquired about a used truck and asked if they would accept a trade in as well as facilitating and completing the reassignment of personalized license plates.

The answer was yes to both questions, so we drove from Alameda to San Jose. We test drove the truck and decided to purchase it.  The negotiation process was fast and efficient, however, the waiting for the finance part was way too long.

We were told it would take half an hour to meet with the finance person. Half an hour went by and we were told it would take another half an hour.  During that elapsed time, we had second thoughts as this process normally doesn't take that long. However, we couldn't leave as they had our pink slip for our trade in.

After an hour passed, I inquired how much longer it would take and was told it would take an additional 45 min to one hour wait to meet with the finance person.  At that point we were furious. We do understand and were told that they were unusually busy with many sales, however, we should have been told up front that the finance part could be up to a 2 hour wait. When you are first told it would be 30 min, then another 30 min, and then up to another hour of waiting, this is quite frustrating.

In the end, the GM personally completed our transaction in a speedy manner, which we did appreciate.  Additionally, he did offer to purchase food for us, however, we didn't have the time to wait. They were not able to help with the personalized license plate transfer they initially said they wold be able to.  We were very unhappy with the financing  portion of this purchase.  We are Subaru customers as have purchased a 2014 Subaru Outback in Oakland, however, we get of our services done at Capitol Subaru.

Vichet H. | 2014-06-02

Service sucks. Had to call Subaru of America to solve some service issue. Took it in for service to only make things worst.

Shyam R. | 2014-05-31

I've bought my last 4 cars from this dealership. They are part of DGDG. I've bought 3 cars from Tommy and one from Chris. Both of them were extremely courteous, helpful and went out of their way to help me with my purchases. I've even referred a couple of friends who have bought a few cars from them both. Special mention for Steve from the finance team. He hooked me up with a warranty plan for my lexus I bought from the dealership. Overall excellent experience! Will certainly be back in a few years!

Felicia B. | 2014-05-28

I recently purchased a Subaru Outback from Capitol Subaru and would recommend this dealership to anyone. All of their sales staff that we encountered during the time we were deciding to buy a car and ultimately buying a car were stellar. Tommy Quach was the salesperson that walked us through the buying process and made everything easy and hassle-free. This is definitely the place to go to buy a Subaru.

Kevin T. | 2014-05-27

John Navarro was an amazing Sales Consultant.  He took us on test drives of both the Subaru Forester and the Subaru Outback on Saturday night, 5/24, starting around 8pm.  He was very knowledgeable about the different features and walked us through all of them.  We weren't sure about colors and which car we wanted yet at the end of the test drive, and he told us there is no pressure and to come back in the morning when we can look at them in the daylight.  

We showed up again bright and early on Sunday morning, 5/25, at around 9:15am.  He talked us through the different trim levels, various financing options for both cars, and also let us go on test drives of both vehicles again and showed us how the EyeSight system works.  After all of the considerations, we finally decided to go with the Subaru Outback fully loaded.  

He walked us through the price negotiation process, and even offered us food while we waited (he makes a great egg salad sandwich).  He stayed with us the whole time and was very friendly.  

He then handed us off to Steve Sarich, the Finance Manager.  Steve was also very fun to work with and we had a great discussion with him.  After we got all the paperwork out of the way, John came back and showed us our new car after it was detailed and showed my wife how to connect her cell phone to the system and how the infotainment system works.  

Both John and Steve were great and we're very happy that we went to Capitol Subaru.  You guys run a class operation.  Thanks!!!

Igor G. | 2014-05-21

The review regarding the service department only and specific person(Victor). I came there on a couple different occasions. Victor have 0 knowledge about what covered by warranty and also he has no customer service skills. He is totally rude person and one big liar. He told me a couple times that he is a manager when i found it later he is not a manager he is simple service advisor. Have been talk to GM he is nice person and willing to help to resolve issue but unfortunately Victor bring their service quality down to the ground. If you come here for the service please stay away from the Victor. Also I will limited my business with this dealer ship for all my future needs even for purchasing a new car.

Betty M. | 2014-05-17

We walked into Capitol Subaru looking for a new Subaru sedan. Amy was our sales person. She came up to us when we first walked into the lot. She listened to everything I wanted in the car, and guided me to a variety of cars that might have worked. She was very truthful with us and helped me with the search immensely. She answered all our questions. She was nice, very knowledgable and very helpful. I ended up buying a Legacy from them. The financial part was long and drawn out, but spotless and effortless after the paperwork. The only drawback we had, was the security system took a couple days to set up. But I gave them 5 stars anyway, because Amy's good service and friendly smile made up for it all.

Dan T. | 2014-04-25

I was referred to Tommy at Capitol and was not disappointed. He got me the exact model I wanted and gave me the best price I had heard yet, and made the process quick and painless. More importantly, Tommy is a Subie guy himself and knows his product, which can't be said about very many car salesmen out there.

C G. | 2014-04-24

I've been meaning to write a review for Capitol Subaru but more importantly for John Navarro, a salesman there.  To keep it short and simple, John was a TOP NOTCH salesperson who took the time to address all my concerns and questions! Extremely patient and knowledgeable as well!! The ONLY reason I ended up not purchasing a Subaru vehicle is because Subaru did not offer a dark exterior color with the dark interior combination.  :(    So, if you're considering a Subaru vehicle, do yourself a favor and ask to work with John!!!!!!!!

monica s. | 2014-04-21

This review applies to the service department only. I had to take my fiancé's STI in for service. I was pleasantly surprised by how courteous the service rep, Victor was. Victor took excellent care of our car and even noticed that the center console had a broken part, something we weren't even aware of! Parts were ordered and delivered ASAP. This was a pleasant change to the experience we had at Stevens Creek, which was horrible due to the fact that the dealer damaged the body of the car every time we took it in for service.

Gear heads don't fret, Capitol Subaru will take care of your car!

Amadeo D. | 2014-04-17

We test drove vehicles at other dealerships before deciding on the Forester, and the difference between the customer service we experienced at Capitol Subaru and the others was like night and day.   (Capitol Honda was particularly offensive)  

Page Wallace is the measure of a salesman that his peers should aspire to.  While purchasing our car, he demonstrated superior product knowledge with a low pressure approachable attitude.  Page was prompt, cheerful and personable.  He took our phone calls after hours and on his days off just to answer our questions, and he was genuinely happy to do so.  After we signed our paper work, he spent 20 mins in the car with us to personally sync up our phones with the car via bluetooth and to train us on the nav system.  All of the staff at Capitol Subaru that we met were great, but Page was notably outstanding.  I would highly recommend Capitol Subaru, and Page in particular to anybody looking to buy a car.

Carol T. | 2014-04-14

Review for Ryan. I just purchased my Forester...and he was very helpful and patient in answering all of my questions and helping me find the perfect car for my needs. He wasn't pushy and worked with me on pricing and what I was looking for. He was very pleasant to work with, and I highly recommend you make an appt with him!

Jason W. | 2014-04-13

Page Wallace is the man. Couldn't be happier with our experience! We went to a couple other dealers in the area, but had to do the whole song and dance at those places. As soon as I connected with Page, everything was super easy. He was understanding of our budget and took the time to work with us and make sure we were getting everything we wanted in the car at a very reasonable price. Never felt pressure to do anything, but very informative. We were so thrilled with the experience, that we told my inlaws about it (who were in the market for a Honda at the time) and 2 weeks later they bought an Outback from Page. We will definitely be back for our second Subaru!

Alex E. | 2014-04-11

Had a really good experience purchasing a new legacy. Our guy, Ryan, was really easy to deal with and accommodating.  It made a usually taxing experience relatively pain free. Thanks all!

James L. | 2014-04-09

This review is for Tommy Quach - the Internet Sales Manager.

I noticed a pre-owned car model I was eyeing for quite some time being sold by Capitol Subaru.  Since I am located in Southern California, I gave Tommy a call and setup a trade-in and completed most of the transaction over the phone.  He was able to reserve the car for me while I traveled up to get it.

Tommy was attentive to all my questions and made sure I was a happy camper even after purchasing the car.  He went the extra mile and answered a few post-purchase emails I had.  I would gladly recommend him to my friends and family.

Thanks for everything.  All the best!

Raniel C. | 2014-04-08

This review is for Ryan at Capitol Subaru.

Bought my Impreza Sport a month ago, and I couldn't be happier with the buying process! For many buyers (me included), the experience and customer service during the purchase is just as important as the sales price. Ryan was very patient and not pushy at all. He clearly answered all questions we had. We even test drove the car on an uphill climb, the freeway, and thru some tight turns, which is exactly the things I come across in my daily commute.

We used the Costco program to buy the car. Ryan was even able to price match from another dealership to get us a better price.

Overall, it was a great experience, and we recommend going to Ryan if anyone is thinking of a Subaru!

Subbu P. | 2014-04-07

I heard about DGDG and their dealerships on the radio and decided to check out Capitol Subaru a couple of months ago. Ryan Villasenor started helping me out. I was not looking for an immediate purchase but Ryan was patient, showed me around, allowed me to test drive multiple cars. i was ready a couple of weekends ago and gave them a few preferences, 3 cars that I zeroed down on all got sold so quickly that i could not believe it.

went in to get the Venetian Red pearl 2014 Subaru Forester Limited, but that was selling like hot cakes. Wish that color is not as rare as it is, but nevertheless, got myself a marine blue Touring. When i was buying the car yesterday, Ryan actually came to Union City to pick me up. In the last 2 months, i have only seen happy, smiling faces there. The team does not want to just sell you something, but like the tagline of DGDG goes, they want you to be a happy car buyer and that is evident fromt he way they treat their customers. I wouldn't mind getting my oil changes done here even if i have to come all the way from Union City. Had to wait a little for the paperwork, but that was only because there were so many cars being sold in parallel. Mike was a great guy too, closed out the paperwork pretty quickly.

Thanks Ryan, Mike and team for making the purchase experience pleasurable and  tension-free.

Jessica S. | 2014-03-24

I would like to thank John "JR" (my sales guy) and Steve (my finance guy) for making my first new car buying experience easy and painless. I am a 31 year old Silicon Valley professional and they made the car I wanted a reality!

I test drove two cars with John in the morning. He was super informative and attentive to both me and my parents who joined me. He was very straight forward and even when we initially walked away to think about the cars, he was glad to share his information and offer to talk to us at anytime.

Then after a HORRID experience at Capitol Mazda, we came back to talk numbers.

John sat us down, offered us water and popcorn. Introduced us personally to everyone that would be working with us in our discussions and stayed with us the whole process. I know they are salesmen, but I got the feeling that they "really wanted to make it work" for me . We got to all the right numbers in the car I wanted and he was genuinely happy that the deal was done.

Steve was great as well, walking us through all the paper work and even paying enough attention to the details that he saved us 1% on my taxes and 1.5% on my financing.  

Thank you guys again, I love my Crosstrek

Raven P. | 2014-03-14

I specifically came from Southern California to look at a car that they had on their website. Test drove it and got back to the dealer and it was sold! But before we sat down, Adam had another car waiting for my parents and I to look at. After literally 30 minutes-we had a deal.

The only time we spent waiting was for the finance man to be ready. But after we got into his office, he was the fastest one... My mom timed him and all the paperwork took 20 minutes!

My family loved working with Adam and Rick!

Ray W. | 2014-03-11

They are always great with their service. They get my routine oil changes done quickly and are always happy to give me a shuttle ride back home if I need to leave my car there longer than an hour.

I recently had some issues with my brakes and I thought I had to get my rotors refinished. I happened to be driving by on my way home from work and they were able to squeeze me in and get the rotors done.

My only complain is that their car washes are subpar but I bring my car in for oil changes, not car washes so it's not a huge deal. Definitely one of my favorite Subaru dealerships.

Audrey T. | 2014-03-03

As my first car-buying experience, I was ready to be defensive and aggressive.  However, there was no need.  

The day before the purchase, I wanted to stealthily scope out the vehicles by myself, but with his laser vision, Elson caught me among the car field and made his approach.  Fortunately, he was very helpful, took time to answer my questions, and allowed me to look at the car interiors without pressure.

On the big day, I was running on fumes as I had just gotten off of the night shift from the hospital (It would behoove you to be well rested and fed.)  I bought my 2014 Forester through Kris Yee (we exchanged emails regarding price prior) and this guy has personality.  When I met him in person, I instantly recognized his voice from his Youtube review for the hybrid Crosstrek.  He speaks exactly like in the video.  If his boss is reading this: Put him in more videos.

I was in between the Forester and the Outback and was able to test drive both of them in residential areas and freeways.  Kris was very knowledgeable and enthusiastic during the drive.  It seemed like he knew I wanted the Forester before I knew I wanted the Forester.  I appreciate the fact that he deterred me from getting the more expensive model, guiding me towards something that was more practical regarding my preferences. I felt very much as though I was talking to a peer instead of a salesman.  

It was a long, but relatively painless process. After everything was finalized, I was extremely tired, so Kris kindly drove me to the gas station to fill up the new car with a tank of gas.  

A good salesman is honest, personable, and listens to the buyer's needs.  Kris was all that and more.  I would not hesitate to recommend him to my friends.  

I love my Forester.

Bob D. | 2014-03-03

I relate car buying to having a root canal. wife and I had another great experience at Capitol Subaru.

I went on their website to validate the price quoted to us from another Subaru dealership near San Francisco.  When we were in their store, they quoted us a price for an Outback that they were going to bring in from another dealership.  The quote from that dealership seemed very inflated, so I wanted to compare with what was being advertised.

Once I found the car...the exact car...that my wife was looking for, I noticed that the MSRP listed on the website for Capitol Subaru as being $3,000 less than what the other dealership quoted us.  So, I contacted them directly to find out exactly what they were asking for the car.

So, I spoke with Tommy over the phone and it was refreshing to find that he was direct and honest.  When I asked for the asking price, he quoted me a price without any hesitation.  Tommy was willing to handle all of the haggling over the phone and we were able to reach, what I believe is, a fair deal before my wife and I ever drove to the dealership.

Once we were there, Tommy didn't waste our time and he was direct, open and honest about the deal.  As we were finishing up, he noticed that we had a rebate certificate in our documentation with our, he then saved us another $500.00.

Lastly, the finance guy was also direct and honest.  Once we said that we didn't want an add-on that he sells, he didn't bring it up again...also very refreshing.

In all, my wife got the exact car that she wanted and we spent quite a bit less than another dealership was charging...for the same car.

I can't recommend Capitol Subaru highly enough...

Ron B. | 2014-02-28

The salesman was friendly and nice but the finance guy was horrible! He tried to sell us everything from extended warranty to free muffler bearing lube and when we said no he got upset. He tried to finance the car through the dealership when we already had a pre approved loan through our bank. He was very unprofessional and it made our experience unpleasant. I would not recommend this dealership.

Gina C. | 2014-02-26

I was here with my family to find my first car.  I am happy that I read the review on yelp and came to the right place. Thank you Christopher Groeschen. He is very knowledgeable and patient. He gave us awesome test drive, explain the car function and answer our questions at the same time. He is easy going and very helpful. We had a great experience here. After buying the car, the following up service is great too. Chris really help me to make sure every thing about the car is perfect and open to answer all the questions. I am really satisfied with my new Forest and the Capitol Subaru. Highly recommend!

Amanda K. | 2014-02-25

After many weeks of dealing with dishonest and desperate car salesmen in the Bay Area, I returned to my first stop, Capitol Subaru and Kafui.  Thank you Kafui for making my dreaded car buying experience easy and stress free.  You and your team were professional for the get-go.  You were straight forward, and joy to work with. I appreciated your patience,  easy going style, and great sense of humor!

Thank you!

Karel S. | 2014-02-23

Was car shopping for MIL and made the mistake of going to Stevens Creek first. Very deceptive and not forthcoming. Thankfully I reached out to the internet sales team from Capitol Subaru. Within 5 mins, I got a confirmation email from them saying I will be contacted by a rep. To my surprise Kris called a minute after receiving that email.

Long story short we bought a car from him. Kris was not only quick to reply, but was very open and explained everything in detail. Even the finance guy only took 15 minutes of our time. Great experience from them and they even allowed our husky inside during all the paperwork.

Look forward to doing business again with Kris. Call me when you guys get the Levorg in stock. 2.0 turbo please!

Daniel N. | 2014-02-21

Eugene Levins, awesome guy. I asked for a quote online, from an associate's experience he said it was great and their prices are under sticker prices.

Within 24 hours, I had an email, point of contact, and a price that is quite nice.

Visited Capitol Subaru, asked for Eugene, he prompted showed up to greet us, without an appointment, a few moments later, we realized he was talking to another customer and politely asked us to wait 5 mins. I thought it was the usual BS, make us wait, but promptly 5 mins later, he was done with his transactions, and we proceeded to test drive the BRZ, threw some numbers out, and 3 hours later after some paperwork, and a quick lesson in driving manual we were out the door with a decent price.

4/5 Stars. 5/5 = you'd have to wow me, but they were close.

Go see Eugene for all your BRZ needs! He gives free lessons for potential buyers! :D

David M. | 2014-02-20

Capitol Subaru is the place to go to buy a car!  Thanks Jamie Cassady and Brad Welch!

About a month ago, my wife and I began searching for a car to replace her Honda Fit.  The Subaru Forester and Outback were on our short list of cars, so we headed to Capitol Subaru because it's the closest Subaru dealership to our house.  We were greeted by Brad Welch and he spent about an hour with showing us cars and answering questions.  He was very knowledgeable and did not pressure us into making a decision.  We went home, discussed our options, and decided on a Forester XT Premium.  Additionally, I decided to go through the Costco Auto Program to get the car.

After filling out the Costco forms online, I was contacted via email by Jamie Cassady.  Jamie is the point of contact for Costco customers, so the remainder of our buying process was with him.  We talked on the phone a couple times, discussed the cost, and I put down a deposit on silver XT that was scheduled to be delivered at the end of February.  Well, while we were waiting, a Red XT arrived on the lot and my wife decided she liked that one better.  Jamie happily applied my deposit to the red car and we purchased it the following Saturday.  The entire process was low-pressure and smooth.  We got the exact car we wanted for a price we were happy with.  And they worked with us on our trade-in to make sure we received a value we were happy with.

This Forester is my third Subaru.  The first two were purchased at other dealers (before Capitol Subaru opened) and this is by far the best experience I've had buying a new car.  When the time comes to buy the fourth, I will be back to Capitol Subaru.

Susan K. | 2014-02-20

I did the research and decided a Subaru was the car for me - highly safe in all weather conditions.

Then came the hard part.  Finding the best deal and a trustworthy salesperson.

I lucked out.

I was referred to Jamie Cassady.  He gave me honest, no-nonsense information AND an AMAZING DEAL (thanks to the Internet, we car buyers are no longer in the dark)!!!  

I learned to really trust his advice.  For example, I wanted to get certain options, and he told me which ones would not be the best use of my money.

Even my ornery husband liked him and said he was super pleasant to deal with.

I highly recommend Jamie Cassady and Capitol Subaru!

Andrew N. | 2014-02-17

Capitol Subaru is a fantastic dealership and is my top recommendation for a Subaru dealer in the Bay Area.  I just purchased a brand new 2014 Subaru BRZ in World Rally Blue from them and it was a great experience.  

My client advisor was Elson Ho and he was extremely easy going and helpful with the process.  For the paper work I was with Ric Dickerson who was my finance manager and he did a great job as well.  I also highly recommend Vlaho Miletak (used car manager) who initially pointed me in the right direction for my new car purchase.  

This was my first new car purchase so it was a big deal for me but everyone that I worked with and spoke to at Capitol Subaru made it an enjoyable experience.  They didn't have the exact car I wanted on the lot but they were able to transfer one from another dealer for me in just a couple of days.  The deal was able to finish very quickly but also very efficiently.

I'm so glad that they are within close proximity of my home because it's such a huge advantage for me.  I will definitely recommend this dealer to all of my friends and family while I enjoy my new BRZ!

David T. | 2014-02-17

Used the internet to agree on pricing on a new WRX. Had a great deal negotiated and very excitedly went down to the dealership to pick a color. Picked ice silver and had a that is when the experience went south.

I told the sales person, Eugene,  I could buy the over the weekend but would be in later in the week to complete the purchase. On Monday I get an email that the dealership could no longer  honor the written price quote and the price was going up $350 "due to market conditions".  

I wrote back to say the car is still in inventory, was unsure how market conditions change in 1 day, and that I had a written quote on the price agreed,

Got an email back saying the same thing and if I want the car come pick it up for the new price.

Feeling really wronged I wrote the store GM telling him the same story.. "crickets"..

Be careful my friends for quick changes in "market conditions"!

Evan P. | 2014-02-16

I was in need of a new car, and having never purchased a car from a dealership I was hesitant. When I called Capitol Subaru I was fortunate to have my call answered by Amin, who was very patient with my questions and concerns about the car I was planning on traveling to see (I live in Monterey). He worked with me to get the car I wanted while keeping my payments exactly where I needed them, and I couldn't be more happy with my purchase. Thank you Amin, and everyone else involved for making this experience a pleasant one. I definitely don't feel like I was pushed into anything I didn't want, and I feel I got an excellent deal on a car much better than I thought I could get. If you're in the market for a new or used vehicle (they have lots of used cars of all different makes), then check out Capitol Subaru first.

Quera L. | 2014-02-15

My boyfriend and I just bought a Scion xD from Capitol Subaru. Our main dealer was Amy she was amazing! We didn't have a car before this so she arranged to have Tony come pick us up in one of their cars so that we could go for a test drive. The car basically sold itself tho because the price they had this amazing car 2011 Scion xD with only 30,000 miles on it. But the experience in looking at and buying the car was really easy. Amy set us up with a low APR that she worked very hard to get for us. She worked with us the entire way and was in no way pushy about selling the car. I would recommend Amy and the cite CarGurus. That where they had the car listed and that's where I found out about it. Thanks so much guys!

Huy P. | 2014-02-14

Great dealership. Great experience. Ryan the fleet manager was awesome. He made everything super transparent and clear. He let me actually test drive the car on the freeway and also let me drive a little hard slalom in a parking lot. I think that was the difference. Originally I had looked into a Ford Focus ST or Ford Fiesta ST....they are terrible cars compared to the WRX. Go with Capitol Subaru, you won't be dissapointed.

Ali A. | 2014-02-10

Came here with a friend who was buying a used car. Tommy the sales man was excellent. One of the best car salesmen and dealers I've ever seen work with a client.

Roberto G. | 2014-02-05

I purchased a vehicle a month ago and it is having a lot of mechanical issues. The engine was replaced before buying it and I had to bring it back because the engine did not sound right.  Nothing was found the first time i took it back. The engine light went on and I immediately took it to a certified Subaru servicer. Through out this time sales management and service management were having communication issues but after several emails and voicemails they became more responsive. The Capital Subaru dealer covered all the repairs that needed to be done to the vehicle.

Feel free to contact me if you have any follow up questions.

Scott G. | 2014-02-05

Awesome experience. Tony was great. Super easy going, and not your typical salesman that's for sure.

Matthew M. | 2014-01-31

My experience with this dealership is exclusively tied to my working with Eugene Levins.  That is why I set the rating so high.
Eugene was prompt, honest, and straight to the point when working with me.  He was able to find me a discount that would meet my price needs, and was very understanding throughout the process.  
If you go to this dealership make sure to ask for Eugene.

Bao N. | 2014-01-31

The service here is beyond extraordinary. I came into the dealership without a vision and very indecisive. With that, Tommy was very patient and understanding. Even though I didn't buy a car I felt his service was top notch and should be highly regarded. When I'm ready, I'll definitely be back to him for any of my needs.

Jeff H. | 2014-01-29

I arrived at Capitol knowing exactly which car and trim package I wanted. After test driving a similar model, I sat down with Eugene and discussed exactly what I was looking for. I preferred to deal with a local dealer, so he searched dealer inventory all over the area, and we were able to find a car at another dealership. He worked his magic and was able to make a deal to get the car into his inventory. I was extremely excited when I got his call saying that he had found the exact car I wanted. 2 days later I was driving home in a new Subaru.

Not only did Eugene go above and beyond to make this deal happen, but his no nonsense approach combined with a relaxed, no pressure attitude made this an awesome car buying experience. Thank you Capitol, and thank you Eugene!!!

Thomas C. | 2014-01-27

I never thought it would be this easy.  

I walked into Capitol Subaru to look for my first even Brand New Car.  I was a little apprehensive, expecting pushy sales people, and a confrontational haggling session over the price.  My fears were immediately put at ease.  I worked with Jon Navarro, who treated me with respect and went above and beyond my expectations when it came to customer service.  He helped me find the Forester I wanted, with the packages I needed.  When it came to negotiating the price, Jon was straight forward and honest throughout the process and got me a deal 600$ off the MSRP with and matched the interest rates offered by other lenders.  I couldn't be happier about the entire experience.  Jon even drove my old car back to my house in Sunnyvale for me, I was blown away.  

Bottom Line.  I was treated like family, and I am in love with my Forester.  Thanks Jon!

Lee L. | 2014-01-21

Jamie Cassady.

That's all you need to know for a great car buying experience.

I hate buying cars.  Every time I think about having to go through the process of test drives, picking options, negotiating a deal, and navigating the paperwork, I usually crawl under a table and sob softly.  That's why I've been driving a late-90s car until recently.

Jamie Cassady and Capitol Subaru gave me the opportunity to dry off my tears and really enjoy the feeling of slipping into the driver's seat of a new car.

There are some dealers that don't think the internet exists.  They think that they can control the entire process, believing that the customers will be uninformed about whether they're getting a good deal on their car purchase.  Others still use the hackneyed phrase, "what can I do to get you into a new car today?" and try to dissuade you from doing further research to make sure they've given you a fair offer.  It's pretty clear that at Capitol, they understand how the ground rules for car buying have changed.  There's no hidden fees, no additional dealer markups, or any other tricks to pad their bottom line.  Sure, there are a variety of options, such as extended warranties and paint protection, but once you've said no then that's the end of the discussion.  We were treated with respect throughout the entire process and are beyond pleased with our recent buying experience.  It was an immense pleasure working with Jamie.  He was friendly, patient, and knowledgeable.  No flash, no sass, no "I've got 23,428,957.6 customers who will buy this car if you don't" - just honest, genuine advice and recommendations.

This is our first Subaru.  We're excited about putting it through the paces in the coming months.  I suspect that it won't be our last Subaru, and when it comes time to buy again, Capitol Subaru will be our first stop.

Fanatic F. | 2014-01-20

This being my VERY FIRST new vehicle purchase from a dealership, Elson couldn't have done a better job. He greeted my fiancé and me immediately with a very warm welcome. We told him what I was in the market for and he immediately led us into the lot where the BRZs were parked. We both honestly narrowed the selection down to two models within a matter of a few minutes.

They were two different BRZs - two different colors with two different transmissions. I loved the World Rally Blue (WRB) with A/T but the Lightning Red (LR) with M/T was so stunning! We asked if we could take a test drive in the LR and the rest like everyone would say is history.

Like the DGDG slogan states - I AM A VERY HAPPY CAR BUYER :D and would recommend anyone in the market for a car to head over and see the team at Capitol Subaru.

Kathy W. | 2014-01-18

Okay so I haven't purchased a car there yet, my mom has and loves it! This review is just about the amazing customer service from ADAM was AMAZING!!! I had my head set on a Kia Soul that was sold but still on the website so we were ready to leave but he was super friendly, super nice and just helped us learn about other options took us on test drives and just made it a great experience. I just wish he would have been able to follow us to every dealership we went to throughout the day since everyone else was just selling us and trying to sell us more expensive cars than what we were looking for. Adam was helping me get into something good but that I can afford. HE UNDERSTOOD MY NEEDS not trying to make money in his pocket. If you go ask for Adam!

Sara T. | 2014-01-13

Jamie was very accommodating, despite us appearing at the dealership quite late in the evening. We have been happy so far with Subaru and highly recommend Capitol Subaru.

Casilda M. | 2014-01-09

was not impressed with the purchase process via the online shopping experience. I requested a price quote and got a bunch of generic emails but never a real number just a bunch of run around please improve this aspect

Eitan D. | 2014-01-08

Do not go near that place!

I got my car around a year ago from Subaru Capitol, I wanted a bigger car so, I traded my beautiful Nissan rough 2009 (I keep my cars in good shape) and had to add 6000$ to buy  a 2005 Nissan Moranu, the car looked nice, low mileage.

The agent was Kafui, really nice guy.

At the beginning it all went well, seemed like professional service and trusted people, Kafui promised me that the cars are in great shape and that as an evidence the customer can return the car and cancel the deal.

I asked to take the car to a mechanical check before I sign the contract, but they refused and said, that I need to sign to take the car to check and that I should not be worry because I ca later on cancel, I signed and got the car and left my amazingly preserved Rough at their hands.

The next day I took the car to a mechanical check confident that all is well , I was wrong, there was an oil leak, it was not noticeable during my test drive because as the mechanic said, someone added oil to fill in what was missing, but did that in a non professional way and spilled the oil all over the engine.

I wanted a second opinion so I took it to Nissan Sunnyvale, they said that there are multiple issues other than the oil issue, I am not sure what are the professional terms but there were some issues with the pols that hold the engine, allover 2000 dollars worth fix.

I asked to cancel the deal but the dealership said that I can't get my old car back but rather  the $ value of that car as it was rated at that time, I had no choices but to keep the car.

I had the issues fixed and moved on, pretty soon after that (couple of months) I started to hear noises coming from the engine, initially they were almost seamless, but gradually they turned to become pretty loud.

The mechanic said it is not something they can fix, it will require a full engine  replacement!!!!

Good Luck!

K C. | 2014-01-06

John Navarro (sales) and Dennis McMasters (service) provided excellent service today.  My new car was due for its first service and needed to have the glove box replaced.  They set me up with a loaner car and made my very busy day smooth and easy and my car was returned in a few short hours.  I appreciated their customer service to ensure I was fully satisfied.

T. E. | 2014-01-05

I just wanted to congratulate Capitol Subaru and Tommy Quach (my sales guy) for doing an amazing job while selling me my new 2014 WRX. Tommy went way above and beyond the normal call of duty. He got me a great price on the car as well as delivering the car to my home in Sacramento from San Jose. Yes - he (and Kris) drove my new car 2+ hours/130 miles. That is amazing. Thank you so much!

Andy P. | 2014-01-04

Went in today to get the oil changed and rear view mirror fixed in my BRZ. Service department was very nice and helpful, and considering the amount of people there, they were quick too.

I also spoke to Adam about looking into a different vehicle. He was extremely good to work with, and very helpful in me making my decision. Definitely check him out if you go there. I will definitely go back for any service or future purchases, and I can now see why this place is rated so much better than Stevens Creek.

Thanks Subaru!

Tom W. | 2014-01-04

I worked with Jamie Cassady on my purchase of an Impreza hatchback. Jamie was very knowledgeable on Subaru's cars and very enthusiastic about Subaru cars. He was easy to work with and gave me great service.

David P. | 2014-01-02

I purchased a 2014 Crosstrek. I have never owned a Subaru before. The internet sales department did a great job in finding the Crosstrek I was looking for! Thank you for everything Jamie Cassady!

B L. | 2014-01-02

Came over after a not so good encounter at S.C.Subaru nearby. Walked the lot and Chris asked me if I needed anything. I told him, he helped me find the car I wanted.  It was late at night and the car wasn't ready yet,I said I could come back tomorrow day. Chris said he would check it out and get back to me, I gave him my # and he called me back like 15 min later and said it would be all prepped and I could test drive it in the morning. Did the drive, I liked it, so I said lets do it.  He came back with the price sheet etc... basically told him what extra services/warranties I wanted and how much I would pay. It ended up a tiny bit more than I wanted, but I actually had fun with the bargaining. (the let me clear it with the mgr routine) After 1 go back and me saying nope, I write down MY number and Chris goes back, the sales mgr comes out and says lets just figure what we can do and a price. The fact that he came out from behind the wall to talk to me directly spoke volumes. Usually other times I've bought cars at other dealers you NEVER ever even see the supposed "manager".. ( I always wondered if one even existed at other places ) No hard pressure sales, If this place wasn't so far from me it would be ideal.  Oh fyi. the price while it was only a couple hundred over what I figured OTD, I wanted to have paid however, I had it in my mind if they would deal in the grand scheme of this reasonably I would buy right then and there, if not I would walk. I bought right there and then.

Nisee D. | 2013-12-31

Brad did a great job -- respecting our budget and patiently showing us all the options.

We weren't necessarily committed to getting a car that day, but Brad was able to get us what we wanted at the price we wanted.

Thanks for saving us a trip to a different dealership.  You were great to work with!

Neetal K. | 2013-12-31

After visiting quite a few dealers, we were finally satisfied and happy to have stopped at Capitol Subaru.From the moment we stepped in, we had a wonderful experience and felt welcome. Our salesperson  Adam Ischia was extremely friendly, patient and courteous.He listened well to our needs, was very knowledgeable and was able to answer all our questions with great confidence. I would definitely refer Adam and Capitol Subaru to all. We were at the end of the interaction a happy car buyer:).

Alex G. | 2013-12-29

Bought a used car right after xmas here. I cant say enough good things about the sales dept. Eugene was my salesman and was tops! The place was packed as they had some sort of holiday sale. But I got in and out quickly even with inundated finance dept because of the line of people. I would definitely buy new or used here again. If you want a new Subaru or nice used vehicle I would definitely consider.

Brian H. | 2013-12-28

I have been coming to this dealership for about 2-3 years now for my 2006 Subaru Impreza. The maintenance is a bit much, but again its expected from a dealership, but as the saying goes, "you get what you pay for." I'm very pleased with the service as well as free popcorn, water, and coffee. Most of the staff smile at you even when you're in the waiting room, or walking along the lot. Staff always greeted me and was very friendly towards my every visit. Since then, I'm actually thinking about leasing a new car now, and Amy was more than happy to help me out with my purchase. I didn't feel any pressure during our conversations, and I was very pleased to know that she knew exactly what she was talking about when it came to the car, and that shows confidence in the eyes of a future buyer. Thank you to the staff, and Amy for the pleasant customer service.

Jill S. | 2013-12-28

We came prepared to purchase a car. We received a price from this dealership for an outback via the internet. They did not have the color of car that we wanted to buy.  The salesperson, Tommy would not look for the color for us from another dealership unless we were wiling to pay more for the car. We ended up going to Serramonte Subaru. We got the color that we requested for 100 dollars less than the price given to us by Capital. Serramonte Subaru  did have the car moved from another dealership.  It was Capital's sale  to lose. When we came into the dealership, we were prepared to buy a car. We bought the car from a Serramonte on the phone for less...go fiqure.

Heather C. | 2013-12-26

Whether its the sales or service department the employees at Capitol Subaru are amazing.
If you are in the market to purchase a car I highly recommend Michael Holm.  He is patient, informed and kind sales representative who will give you all the assistance you need with out the high pressure sales approach.

Matt N. | 2013-12-22

Came here to buy my first Subaru.. Converting from a muscle car kinda guy! Adam and Kris were the salesmen that helped me out and they were MORE than helpful. Not pushy, very informative, very friendly... No complaints!

N U. | 2013-12-17

My boyfriend recently bought a 2014 Crosstrek, with the assistance of Capitol Subaru employee Kafui. Not only was Kafui helpful and easy going, he was honest and didn't waste any of my boyfriend's time; if you've ever stepped foot into a car dealership, you'll understand how rare these characteristics are with car salesmen. I've never seen him so satisfied and happy after a car buying experience. He said everyone at the dealership, but especially Kafui, was great. We highly recommend this Subaru dealer, especially since we've had not so great experiences with others in the San Jose area.

Laurie R. | 2013-12-17

I'm still in the process of buying a car, but even though I've not yet made my final decision, I feel compelled to share my super-duper customer experience that I've been having with Ryan, from the minute he greeted me.

I've been shopping around, and whether I end up buying a car from Capitol's inventory or elsewhere, I think Ryan and his colleague Eugene Levins deserve my kudo's for their top-rate genuinely kind approach to helping me with such a big decision, as my last car purchase was 13 years ago. There has been no pressure, no hard sell, good listening to what's important to me, lots of patience as I moved from uncertainty to more certainty, and good information to help me reach a decision. Enthusiasm for their product and knowledge are there too, in a genuine way.

Emma C. | 2013-12-15

First off this dealer by far is wayyyyyy better than stevens creek. This was my first purchase of a new car and before hand all Ive heard were horror stories about car salesmen.  Greasy fake one uppers...and most of them at stevens creek were just that.  Let me start from the beginning. I went to stevens creek to test drive and the salesman who helped me was hossein. He was actually the only reasonable salesman I saw at this location. The only problem was he could not give me the price I wanted...hence forth the transfer to capitol subaru. Now going into this whole ordeal i understood the concept that salesmen aren't my friend, wont send me an xmas card or add me on facebook however the MAN WHO SOLD ME MY CAR was just that. His name is KAFUI DZUBEY-DZIDE.  He was extremely friendly and very courteous.  He came across genuine and sincerely empathetic to my needs and most of all my "out the door" price. I didnt feel pressured into anything I didnt want or need. He got the price I asked for and made the process fast.  I know we aren't going to be best friends after tonight, however he sure made me feel happy while I was here. Remember KAFUI is the name YOU want.

Jenna T. | 2013-12-11

I am always nervous when I go into dealerships to buy a new car. I've had bad experiences in the past with dishonest sales people and bad dealerships. Thank god, I finally found a dealership that was able to change my impression! I was promptly greeted at my appointment time by my sales Adam Ischia. I had previously found the perfect car online (DGDG has great, comparable deals!) and wanted to test drive my possibly soon to be new car.

Adam was an extremely knowledgeable about cars/business side, I was very impressed! I was looking to trade in my BMW which was a great car but wanted to get into something newer. Adam made me feel extremely comfortable throughout the whole process of trading in my car and help guiding me to find my perfect car. Great customer service all around with Capital Subaru! Mike and Capital Subaru Finance team was extremely helpful to help get what was needed done to finance by car.

I have already recommended Adam from Capital Subaru to my co-workers and family who are currently looking for a new car. Adam and Capital Subaru really went the extra mile and were extremely honest and knowledgeable from start to finish. Great customer service is key in my book and I will be definitely coming back in for future services with my car and when I am ready to make another purchase!

Kate BBo K. | 2013-12-01

My visit to Capitol Subaru was one of the best car buying experience I have ever had.

My saleman, Christopher Groeschen was a huge help he showed me different Outback models with different options what I was looking for. And explained everything that I had questions about.

He made me feel very comfortable and easy to move forward. Usually, car buying process and time is not that pleasant. Especially, having annoying and cocky salesmen. BUT, this time was different.

Thank you Chris for your easy going and pleasant experiences and I will be recommending all my friends to stop by Capitol Subaru and see you to get same great service and great Subaru cars!!

Aadil R. | 2013-11-28

We recently purchased the 2013 BRZ limited from Capitol Subaru. This was our first car purchase and I must say we were very nervous. The staff here is so amazing. We worked with Eugene Lewis. He gave us the best buying experience we could imagine! Very calm and no pressure what so ever! We went to see the car three times before we made up our minds and he was kind enough to show us the car every time. As far as pricing was concerned he gave a price that was very reasonable. It was such an hassle free purchase!

We could not have asked for a better service. We highly recommend Capital Subaru for your next Subaru purchase! Three cheers to this dealership and five stars to their service, especially Eugene Lewis!

Stephanie T. | 2013-11-21

I came in with my boyfriend about 5 months back with the thought of buying a BRZ. I was serious, had the money, but maybe because I'm young, nobody took me serious. I don't remember the sales associates name, I think it was Larry. He took me on a wild goose chase around the entire property looking for a white, on black, manual transmission BRZ. I guess they had no more on their lot, so he took down my number and told me he would call me as soon as one comes in. He estimated about a week or two and sent me on my way. Here I am, about 5 months later still no phone call. Oh well. Now I'm going to find one off craigslist.

Lisa K. | 2013-11-19

We just bought a 2014 Subaru Outback last week with Kris Yee, he is totally awesome! There was no pressure to buy anything, he listened well to our needs and delivered. Very knowledgeable, he was able to answer all our questions with great confidence. I highly recommend Kris Yee for the best Subaru purchase experience! People like him makes me proud to be a part of the Subaru family!

Sai B. | 2013-11-19

Great experience overall at Capitol Subaru. Eugene Levins was very responsive over emails and provided us with all the financing numbers we needed to lease our Crosstrek XV. A week later, we made our trip from San Francisco to Capitol Subaru and drove back in a couple of hours. Happy customer!

Aaron B. | 2013-11-11

This was one of the best experiences I have had with a car dealership. Very helpful and they did the best they could to get me into a new car. I highly recommend seeing them if you are looking for a vehicle. Well done guys.
   Plus Adam, the gentleman I dealt with, was friendly and happy to help right away, he changed his schedule to work with me.

Sannette N. | 2013-11-10

We purchased a 2014 Subaru Outback in November.  We worked with the sales agent Michael Holm, who I can say is excellent and very professional.  Service was awesome and we got treated with respect.    He made sure we know how to work every little detail about the car, radio and more before we left:)).   Ric Dickerson, Finance manager helped us with the finance paperwork made it really easy and fast.  Thanks Ric.
Thanks for your great service Michael.  We are so happy we got you as our sales agent :)

Nick K. | 2013-11-06

Amazing service! Super friendly and passionate about what they do. I'm a first time buyer and they really took good care of me & I was able to walk out with the subaru I wanted for an unbeatable price. I had the pleasure of working with Kafui as my salesman & he delivers an outstanding car buying service as well as very knowledgable, I wouldn't hesitate to buy from him later on.

After meandering around numerous dealers in the area & up north(Sacramento) they don't compare. I'm an ecstatic about my rates & take home price. SOLID DEALERSHIP.

RJ P. | 2013-11-05

My wife and I bought a 2014 Outback this weekend.  Worked with John the Sales Guy.  We liked him.  The problem was his dealing with his management (we were there over 4 hours) and the low-balling on the trade in.  I had all the back-up, they just wanted to play at 20%-30% below KBB.  I should have gone through my credit union and sold the car on my own.  The last 4 times I did that the dealer delivered the car to my driveway and we agreed on a fair KBB price

Drew B. | 2013-11-02

We are from monterey, and went to our local subaru, and they jerked us around, and gave us the usually car buying schtick. Then we got in touch with tommy quach at capitol, and from the very beginning he was straightforward, and easy to deal with. He made car buying easy. These guys are the absolute best!

Paul V. | 2013-10-29

Capitol Subaru really puts their customers first.  I bought my car from Jamie, and the process was smooth and efficient.  After the past year, every time I bring my car in for regular scheduled Services, they provided me with thorough inspection and maintenance.  April, who works in the Servic area, was extremely helpful and friendly.  Thank you all at Capitol Subaru.

Johnathan D. | 2013-10-21

Wow. I really didn't think buying a car would be this easy. My longtime girlfriend's trusty 1993 Camry finally went to that big service station in the sky. After our lengthy research process and many test drives she fell for the Outback. We found a great price for the uber base model on Truecar (the only one she thought she could afford). Enter the Capitol Subaru team. Not only did Internet Sales manager Ryan Villasenior match another dealership's price (a $700 savings on the ultra base model), but he actually got my girlfriend a better package with alloy wheels, fog lights and a few other bells and whistles she never expected to get!

We did have to advocate a bit for the financing she wanted. However, the entire time Ryan was transparent and willing to work with us. As another Yelper noted, Ryan will help when he can and tell you no when he can't. It also helps that my girlfriend has a stellar credit score. In the end it was a far departure from the experience I had 6 years prior when I bought my car at another dealership. My process took 8 hours and I left feeling gross and cheated.

Capitol Subaru makes you feel like you're part of the family. Is it weird that I can't wait for her first service so I can say hello to these guys? It also helps when your salesman buys you ice cream and treats you like a real person. Yeah he bought us ice cream that happened! Tell Ryan you want the Subaru Outback Ice Cream Special ;-)

In the end it was a perfect storm of our research, Capitol Subaru's professionalism, and my girlfriends amazing credit that made it all possible.

Peter C. | 2013-10-20

I purchased a 2014 Subaru Outback from Capitol in September. This review is for Jamie Cassady in the Internet Sales Department and Mike in the Finance department. My wife and I had a phenomenal experience with Capitol Subaru. They were punctual and on time. They answered all of our questions quickly and accurately. The price we received was inline with the market.

It's basically the ideal experience you want at a new car dealership. You get treated with respect and they genuinely want to earn your business. But they do it through professionalism and excellent service.

Jennie D. | 2013-10-17

This review has been months long overdue! :(

Capitol Subaru's in-store sales and management team is AWESOME!!!  
Let's start with the man who made it all happen for me and my husband - RUSTY (aka, FRANK). We love Rusty!!  :)

Rusty is well seasoned in this industry, and he will not play games with you. He's a very cool guy. Very nice, professional, honest and direct. He gave me an amazing deal on what I wanted without any hoops to jump through. Told him what I can afford and what I am willing to pay, he just gave it to me straight on what he can do, and that was it!  No games. No Bull. No time wasted! What more do you want?

He's got a great sales team (Amy and Alex)!  We had a great time chatting with these two, and test driving the Subaru Forrester + Outback was great! Those ladies, rock!  They did not pressure us at all, and they didn't over sell us either.  Just really fun to talk to, informative, and really direct.  I love that.  Best car buying experience ever. ;)

If you are looking for a new or newer car, COME HERE and ask for RUSTY, ALEX + AMY.  You will be as happy as I am with my purchase! Believe me, you can't go wrong with them.  :)

Su K. | 2013-10-15

I did not end up buying from this dealership but my interaction with this dealership was nothing but simple, easy and straight forward. If you are in a market to buy a car, I strongly recommend Jamie Cassady at Capitol Subaru. He was very responsive and prompt. No BS'ing and gave a very fair offer (almost $10,000 less than another dealership's offer and within a few hundred dollars of's true market value). I would have bought the car from him if it weren't for an hour drive down to San Jose to buy the darn car. (I live in Oakland.)

Taylor W. | 2013-10-15

I bought a new Subaru Impreza here and it was easily the smoothest car buying experience I've had.  I dealt with the Internet sales group--Jaime and Ryan.  Both were great and very responsive to my emails.  Their inventory was pretty extensive and they were also very honest about which cars they actually had in stock.  

(I previously dealt with a different Subaru dealership and I must have asked to look for 3-4 different cars on their website or in their own inventory system at the dealership and they could not find any of them on the lot.  It started feeling like I was getting the run-around so I decided to try Capitol Subaru instead).

I got a great, competitive price over email.  My wife and I drove down and test drove the model we were interested in.  There was never any pressure to purchase, even after getting the price quote.  We decided to purchase the same day and Jaime even drove the car home for us (since my wife doesn't drive yet).

Kimary C. | 2013-10-09

I never thought I would have a GREAT car shopping experience but I did last night!  I found 2 cars that I liked on line and made an appointment.  When I got there both cars were still there (did not happen at other places).  I met with a salesman, Brad Welch and he showed me both cars, we went for a test drive, I asked questions and he had all the answers.  The car I was looking at was a little bit out of my budget but there was no pressure at all to purchase a car that I was not able to afford.  I will be heading back to Capitol Subaru in the future!

christina t. | 2013-10-01

Alex is AMAZING! Just bought our new Outback from her and she just blew me out of the water with the customer service. There was a paint issue with it and she went to bat.  In fact, she didn't really have to bat, the team at Capitol Subaru obviously stand behind their vehicles. They fixed the paint and gave me a loaner all for free. They are really top notch. I won't go anywhere else. Despite my hookups, Capitol Subaru is my go to place from here on out. Thank you DGDG Subaru!!!!! Rusty, Alex, April, Victor, Page.... you are all amazing. Thank you so much!

Rebecca H. | 2013-09-30

I just bought a new car. I loved doing business here. The team went above and beyond to get me what i needed and wanted. They offered amazing customer service. I was very impressed. They even went out of there way to go pick up my dog from the groomer so i didn't have to leave in the middle of signing papers. Amy, Chris and Kafooie(sp...I'm sorry) all made this a very painless experience for me. I will for sure be recommending Capitol Subaru to my friends and family. Thanks so much you guys.

Enrique M. | 2013-09-25

overall great service. tony was very helpful and provided me with all the information i needed. felt comfortable with the purchase. happy with my new car.

Edwin E. | 2013-09-21

Service: 2 star
Attitude: negative star
Price: 0 star
Overall: 0-1 star

I will never come back to this Subaru.

The salesman who showed me the car is good and nice. He is also patient. But the guy who talk price to me is really not friendly and rude. I don't want to put his name here since he is just working for capitol dealership to make money.

Salesmanager is a old guy but is always stand on salesman's side and try to contempt you if you don't want to pay high price. He said he understand that some people can not afford an expensive car and can go for cheaper one.

I believe the cost here at Capitol Subaru is $1000-2000 per car more than other dealership and they will try to sell it with higher price. If you care about price, never go to this dealership since they need to charge more to compensate their cost. But if you don't care about price, then you can try this price. But you can always get exactly the same car with $1000-2000 less than this dealership at other Subaru dealer.

Overall I don't like this dealership and the experience here. Good luck with your experience at this dealership. Try to avoid interact with them face-to-face but only talk through phone. If you don't feel good, then never go there.

Linh T. | 2013-09-18

This review is for Amy!  5 stars for her outstanding customer service and negotiation skills on our behalf.  My husband owned a WRX before so he knew exactly what he wanted.  Amy knew that getting the best price and customer service was all we needed.  She didn't have to sell us on a car; my husband saw the STI parked right out front and that was it.  It was going to be his.  LOL!  We told Amy our budget, the price we were looking to spend and she made it happen!  Yes, we got an awesome deal for an STI - rare but she did it.  If you are looking for an honest, friendly, and patient salesperson - go see Amy, she'll take care of you.

Jorge R. | 2013-09-16

I had the worst experience in my life today  in this dealer , to be specific with a service advisor Dennis McMaster he was rude nasty and racist, I'm very happy with the person who help me to but my car(kafui ) but I'm so very disappointed with the service department specially with this guy named above (Dennis McMaster)  I really try not to be an asshole be nasty like him . He also seen very racist against Latin people.. So  question is he was rude unprofessional and nasty with me because I'm gay or because I'm Latin??? I hope he get  trained to know how treat people equally and not be rude and nasty base on sexual orientation or ethnicity ..One start  for this department thanks to this employed named above ..

Matt L. | 2013-09-15

Elson Ho was very helpful with our purchase of a brand new Outback with all the fun bells and whistles. We never saw ourselves buying a new car, but Elson gave us a great deal and helped us out. We hope the next 15 years of driving this car will be as pleasurable as our experience here!

Kyle W. | 2013-09-13

After a recent promotion I was finally in a position to purchase the new car I have wanted for almost a decade now: a Subaru WRX

After a very poor experience at my neighborhood Subaru dealer (Carlsen Subaru in Redwood City) I drove down to Capitol Subaru for another try.  To my great delight Amy greeted me, treated me like the potential buyer I was, and sold me my new Subaru WRX.

Amy was the perfect salesperson to me.  She listened, didn't try to sell me things I didn't want (I knew exactly what I wanted), and she worked with me to offer a fair price (price was very important to me).

I give 5 stars here because of Amy's service and the overall experience from the moment I walked into the dealership.

If you are in the market for a Subaru - go to Capitol Subaru.

Stanley W. | 2013-09-09

My reviews are never based on just the product, but the service as well. Capitol Subaru gets a five star from me because of Kris and Steve from finance. If you are looking for a Subaru, especially a wrx or Sti, kris is the guru master. He was very knowledgable, friendly, patient, and everything else u wish for in a perfect world of car salesman. Car salesman can be a d*ck. I was on the borderline for a few different car makes, but after talking to kris, I was sold on a 2013 wrx :) can't be any happier with my car shopping experience here. I recommend kris Yee to anyone looking for a Subaru.

Oh yea, loooooooove the car. Almost got the sti but got the wrx and gonna spend that difference on making it faster than the sti (legally too)

Miranda W. | 2013-09-05

First time buying a new car on my own (with my fiance). Many 5 star reviews here for Eugene Levins - same opinion here!

Capitol Subaru was the first dealer we came to - Right off the bat without even negotiating, Eugene gave us his lowest price. I didn't believe it, so we went and checked elsewhere - and low and behold, we did not get any pricing as low as what he offered us. We didn't check back with Eugene for about 2 weeks because we were doing some more research, but he didn't call or bug us either. He sent my fiance an e mail following up a few weeks later, which was nice because it was low pressure whereas other dealerships pushed us really hard. We did our due diligence in terms of negotiating and getting our best deal, and within 3 weeks we ended up buying our new 2014 Forester from him.

Definitely a great experience - I would recommend anyone to get their new car here, especially with Eugene! Thanks so much!

C. E. | 2013-09-02

I recently purchased a new 2014 Forster and had the best sales person possible. My fiance and I went to Santa Cruz Subaru and experienced what most people think of when buying a car. Talkative sales guy who is unwilling to move off of MSRP. With one phone call, after looking online for other Subaru dealerships in the area, Alex our sales person was able to assist us quickly with no hassle. My fiance explained my desire to lease a Forster and what we would like for our purchase amount. She was upfront and very helpful through the process. We ended up purchasing the car and had the agreement done all over the phone. When we got to the dealership to pick up the car, she was knowledgeable, friendly, and processed the transaction efficiently. The process was painless and professional. If you are looking for a Subaru, you should ask for Alex. She is great.

Andrew W. | 2013-08-31

Great job! John Navarro was our sales guy, and he did such a good job of walking through our options. We ended up, after a long afternoon (bear in mind it was a Labor Day weekend!) the very happy owners of a lovely new Impreza.

Chops to Ric(?) the finance guy, who walked us through the mad amount of paperwork required by law to purchase a new car, and really helped us to make better decisions about what to pay for and how to pay for it.

Looking forward to knowing these guys, and to having a good long relationship with Capitol Subaru.  Now to sit down and read the manual, as this car does tricks!

Henry T. | 2013-08-31

I'm a proud owner of a new Subaru Impreza purchased at Capitol Subaru!! The experience was painless and a breeze!! John Navarro was very knowledgeable and even put out a cheese plate for us while we waited for the finance manager to process our transaction!! Kudos John for the great service!!

Sherry C. | 2013-08-31

One star is for Gil, the service adviser, however, April Marie in service deserves 5+ stars. When purchasing a per-owned car, how many sets of keys are you suppose to receive?  3 - one main key, one spare key & a valet key.  I was so excited about my 2011 Forester, I didn't realize I only received one key.  Note:  I purchased one of their package plans, that if I should lose a set of keys, I can have it replaced (with a limit of keys ordered per year).  However, I did not want to use my "credit" to order the 2nd set, in case I should ever need to do so.   When I noticed I didn't have a second set, I emailed Adam, the salesperson to order a duplicate.  That process wasn't too painful & eventually drove back to the dealership (over 50 miles) to pick up my keys I should have received the first time around.  Now for my valet key, which I never got..

Anyhow, I'm at the service department for my first oil change since I bought the car.  Prior, I had emailed with a picture of my dash to  Adam about the coolant light that was coming on frequently.  No reply back.  I get it...figure he sold me he car & is done with me....all technical/mechanical problems should be delt with by the Service Dept.

Ok, here at the Service Department as I write this post.  The service guy, Gil Portillo was extremely rude.  How rude you ask?  Well, when I pulled up to the service station, I waited in my car, as there's a sign that reads,"Service Customer-Stop here, please wait with your vehicle", which is what I did....for over 10 minutes & no least say something to the affect,"I'll be with you in just a moment."  When I tried to explain the issues I was having with the car: coolant light comes on periodically, delay when starting the ignition....Gil rudely interrupted me...talking over me. Plus w/ my 13 year old daughter witnessing this ridiculous situation.  Gil tried to first explain that the coolant light coming on is normal & only happens in the morning when the car engine is cold.....I tried to explain that this happens each and every time I start the car...of course, Murphy's Law, I started the car to prove my point & the light was off....I also mentioned the delay when starting the engine....during this conversation, Gil is talking over me, not allowing me to explain the problems with my car.   I was so dissatisfied with his customer service, I had asked to speak someone else.   I was very lucky to have April Marie assist me.  I learned that April Marie is new....she listened, was apologetic & patient.  Complete opposite from Gil.  Gil either hates his job, needs to retire or be trained on customer service.  I actually dealt with Gil before when I had to come down to pick up my spare key...he was unfriendly during that visit too, but I just shrugged it off...  I just wish I had read some of these other reviews beforehand...sigh

Over an hour later at the dealership, which is not a prob, but the good news out of all this....April Goodan relayed to me that the technician confirmed there was a recall and with an issue with the starter delaying, which was fixed.

Now leaving, supposedly they washed my car....looks the same (dirty) with a few water spots....

I recommend dealing with April in Service....she's very pleasant , professional ....hope she survives working with the knucklehead(s).

Jim C. | 2013-08-31

Go see Amy. You want great service and one who'll take care of you....GO SEE AMY!!!! Enough said. :-)

Kashyap P. | 2013-08-25

I bought a pre-owned audi A4 from the dealership. Michael Holm is the best car sales person I have ever worked with. Not a typical over smart sales person. I would even say that I bought the car from Capitol Subaru because of Michael. That being said, I also think that overall, Capitol Subaru is a very customer friendly dealership. Every single person at dealership was polite and helpful. I strongly recommend Capitol Subaru and especially Michael Holm if you want a transparent and easy car shopping experience.

Dirk D. | 2013-08-20

I got my 2013 WRX from this dealership and they are awesome, Elson Ho and Amy are kool as hell. I was approached by Elson but they didnt have a hatchback WRX like I wanted. The next day he took a pic of a hatch wrx they just got in still wrapped up. Went over there the day after and both Amy and Elson closed the deal. Had an awesome experience here and would recommend this place to anyone looking to get a Subaru =]

Sabya M. | 2013-08-19

This review is only for their internet sales department.

I recently saw a used vehicle on their web site that I liked. I asked about the vehicle and they promised to get back to me as soon as it was ready for a test drive.

It is 2 weeks since that communication. The vehicle is not on their website any longer. I assume it is sold. They did not care to communicate after their initial email. In my opinion, that is unacceptable professional behavior.

Noël F. | 2013-08-19

I just recently purchased a pre-owned vehicle from Capitol Subaru and have nothing but great things to say about my experience!
First of all the staff was super friendly, super helpful, and very easy to work with! They made me and my husband feel completely at ease and the process was very smooth. We mainly worked with Page- he's a great guy, was very informative and we had a fun time joking around with him. He had answers to all of our questions, made sure he knew exactly what we were looking for and explored every option that could fit our needs. He found us the perfect car!
The location was also very nice. It was super clean, organized and welcoming. The popcorn machine was of course a hit :)
And lastly, we are absolutely thrilled with the purchase of our Rav4!!! It is everything we wanted and more.
Needless to say we had a fantastic, positive experience with Capitol Subaru/DGDG and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a new or pre-owned vehicle!! Thanks guys!

Yun H. | 2013-08-10

Eugene helped me out to get one of the first BRZ in the West Coast.

Overall, it was a very pleasant experience. I don't feel any pressure from the beginning to the end of the car buying process. I would definitely recommend my friends to come here. Sorry I meant to write this last year.

Sheryl L. | 2013-08-02

I can't say enough about Adam Ischia at Capitol Subaru. After meeting him briefly about 10 minutes before the dealership closed, I could instantly tell him was not the usual salesperson. He was straightforward, ethical and friendly. As a former mechanic, he was very knowledgeable about the value of Subarus and honestly shared the pros and cons. The dealership did not have the right car for me at the time so he took my card and promised to call. A week later we ran into him at a restaurant and he remembered me despite our brief meeting. It's was like Divine intervention as I had received a call from another dealership and we were going the next day to purchase from them. He followed up with details the next day and we came and purchased. Adam worked hard to get me the payments I needed, including discounting the car even further. Thanks, Adam!

Amber D. | 2013-08-01

If I could give negative stars, I would!!!!! Mike in finance is a complete jerk! He talks to you like you are beneaeth him. Good luck with the sales people too. I received a phone call from Jose apologizing for the poor treatment by Mike within minutes of my hanging up with him. He promised that I would only work with him. After going back & forth all afternoon he said he would call me the next morning. Turns out he had it off! Every person I have spoken with at this dealership needs to take a lesson on how to treat people. I reccomend they go to Capitol Honda, which is where I eneded up purchasing a vehicle. They should speak with my salesman, Mike. He was phenomanal!! I'd rather ride a bus then give capitol subaru my money

Mike C. | 2013-07-31

I bought a 2013 WRX from this dealership and dealt with both Eugene and Jamie in the sales department as well as a brief dealing with the parts department for a roof rack shortly after purchasing my car. Everyone was extremely friendly and willing to help in any way possible. Having completed the actual purchase with Jamie, he was great, taking his time to make sure everything went to my liking and thoroughly explaining all paperwork, features, services, and options related to purchasing process, dealership and car itself. I would definitely buy my next Subaru from these guys and recommend them over any other Subie dealership in the valley.

Rory G. | 2013-07-28

I recently bought a 2014 subaru outback from here and I have absolutely no regrets about it. The saleswoman I worked with (Alex) was super friendly and went out of her way to help me find what I was looking for on multiple occasions. The process was very straightforward, being a first time car buyer I was expecting to have to wade through a ton of bullshit to get the price I wanted, but they met my offer almost immediately.

The car buying process itself was also quick and painless, and they didn't try to shoehorn in a bunch of features that I didnt need. All in all I was in and out with the car I wanted in about 2 hours. If you are looking to buy a subaru, go to this place and ask for Alex, you will not regret it.

Crystal T. | 2013-07-27

Came in to buy a car, got great service from Amy, she was very attentive and patient when showing us different cars. 5 stars, would come back to this dealership and would definitely recommend to others.

Ryan E. | 2013-07-12

We recently bought our new Subaru Outback at Capital.

While the overall experience was good and staff were friendly, I felt that the entire process to purchase the vehicle was far *too long* - it took us around 3 to 3 1/2 hours to buy the vehicle.  We have excellent credit and have everything we need to buy a car.  
At times i felt the staff could have expedited matters.


Eduardo S. | 2013-07-08

Alex was our sales associate, she was great, what an awesome car shopping experience. She knows her product, we test drive the Outback in 2.5 and 3.6L. Any questions we will through at her, no problem she knew the answers.

At the beginning of our drive she asked us what we were looking for and understood our needs and interests, after that it was all fun. Alex has a great personality, by far this has been my best car shopping experience ever, if you are looking for a car, a Subaru is a great option, then you have to try Capitol Subaru, and ask for Alex even though if you have to wait a little bit.

Marlo M. | 2013-07-06

When you experience something great, you should write about it. Alexandria is an amazing sales person because she has great product knowledge and is able to present vehicle features in a compelling way. Friendly and no pressure approach. Alexandria made our first stop very pleasing.

fred t. | 2013-07-05

I want to recommend Tommy Quach in the Internet Sales Dept.  his service is first class and is equivalent of what you would find from a luxury car dealership.   He's very knowledgeable about the products and various trim levels and differences in features.  He's very professional and not pushy.  If you are in the market for a Subaru, give Tommy a call.

Silas F. | 2013-07-01

Recently purchased a 2013 crosstrek premium. I called Capitol while at another dealership in SLO and spoke with Ryan Villasenor. I told him I had a final offer from the SLO dealership and needed a quote from him. He quickly quoted me a GREAT, low price. Based on the research I had done, I knew what he was offering was a great bottom line price. I drove up to Capitol a few days later, had a quick test drive with Ryan and started the paperwork. Ryan was a down to earth, easy person to hang around for the long process of paperwork and signatures. He was honest and in no way had the "slimeball car salesman" attitude.
I'm very happy with my overall experience, and I have a wicked cool car.

Hien N. | 2013-07-01

My wife and I just bought our 1st 2014 Subaru Forester at Capital and we surprised by the great service that we had.   We had been to several dealerships but nothing compared to the customer service that Page from Capital Subaru had given us.  We were often intimated to go to dealership because we were always getting hassle by the salesman if we need help.  We were lucky to have Page as our salesman and we never felt rush when we out looking at car. He is the ONE OF THE BEST SALESMAN.  Page took care of us from A to Z.  He thoroughly explained everything about the car and he accommodated our need. When we asked if we can come late on Sunday, he changed his work schedule to meet our request.  We literally came in at 7:45 pm and got out at 9:30 pm even though the place closed at 9 pm. Unlike other place where you buy the car, the salesman rushes to sale and leave you to figure out how the buttons and knobs work in the car on your own. Not with Page.  Page went through the manual and explained every function of each button and knob in the car. He even set up our Iphones to be connected to our car.  We were so grateful and lucky to be served by Page.  Because of this, we will recommend to our many friends and workers.

Olga M. | 2013-06-30

Was looking for a new car, went to drive around an Impreza after driving 5 other cars from other dealers, got off the lot with a brand new Subaru! :) John Navarro (JR?) is the guy to talk to if you want a good deal.

Starting off w/ my usual 3 star rating
(+1) Plenty of cars in stock, yes there are some colors that are more popular and thus less available but so many options! They have identical versions of cars that go on sale after they've been on the lot a bit - great way to get a discount!
(+1) Nice sales facility, AC'ed, comfy chairs, cold water and popcorn (fave amongs the middle aged men and little kids).
(+1) John Navarro was my sales guy - knew what he was talking about and really tried to get me a good price. Granted he's still in sales (and i know what that means after working in medical devices...) but really tries to be more or less direct with you. Also brownie points for digging me up Advil when I had a headache. The finance guy Steve was also great to deal with! Fast and courteous.
(+1) Test drives were encouraged! Took the car out on regular road, highway and expressway - a great way to feel for different roads
(-1) Car prices listed are not set in stone. I know that's how dealerships work but another local dealership has their "no bs - below invoice" price directly on the windshields -makes it harder to negotiate but gives you a clear window of what to expect. When you have to "haggle" for a price, something i've gotten better at, it takes up so much of my time and so much of their time I wonder why they still implement the technique? Most bay area residents are pretty tech-savvy and know the car's true value before they step onto the lot...or can google it while at the dealer.
(-1) Packages, services, packes, and all weather floor mats - yes you're a dealership and that's how you make money but if I already discussed not wanting them, please speed up the process.

Overall a pleasant experience! Yes there are negatives involved, but buying a car isn't without major paperwork+time hassles.

NOTE: Whatever you do AVOID the Stevens Creek Subaru and Come here! Honestly though,  I left the SC Subaru so disappointed that I almost doubted buying a Subaru.

Jennifer T. | 2013-06-30

We just bought a beautiful, shiny, blue 2013 Limited BRZ (automatic transmission), and I'm loving it so far! We're really happy we went to Capitol Subaru to buy it. My husband agreed to a good price with Jaime online, and Kafui was very helpful in giving us a final test drive and going through the various financing options. We shopped around at a few other dealerships, which either didn't have what we wanted (and didn't offer to help order it), or gave initial offers that were substantially higher than the price Capitol Subaru gave us. The BRZ isn't that easy to find, and as a result, many dealerships seem to raise the prices over MSRP a fair bit. They were eventually willing to negotiate down, but in contrast, Jaime gave us a good price and was straightforward from the beginning. When we arrived at the dealership, we got exactly what we agreed to. The whole experience was much more hassle-free than when we bought our Infiniti; there was no hard sell to buy extra packages, and the maintenance package was much more reasonable (based on mileage rather than years, which is great for us because we don't drive a ton). So, we're happy with the buying experience and we're super excited about the car!

Hrag C. | 2013-06-26

For something as serious as purchasing a car, Capitol Subaru makes it really smooth. Everyone that I interacted with while shopping was great, especially Alex. She made it a mission it seems, to make sure I knew everything I needed to know about the cars I was looking at. She was super friendly, helpful, and charming. Rare at a car dealership.

Sejin J. | 2013-06-25

I am updating this because I was very wrong about this dealership. Do yourself a favor and do not associate with this dealership. You would end up with a car with so many problems and would not be able to take your car in for any repairs even with a warranty.
I bought 2012 WRX from this dealership. A few months later I found shifting was not as smooth as before, and later it got stuck from 3rd to 4th while driving. In addition, it got stuck during shifting to reverse on hills and even in parking lot. I took it in immediately, and they said they could not find anything wrong... Okay, I gave them a benefit of doubt and drove for another few months. The problem never went away... I just drove it with problems because I got used in a fact that malfunctions just happen occasionally. Fine, I could deal with it until it was the reason for slashing my tire on the hill of San Francisco... Okay, I did not worry about it because I bought the warranty/insurance deal from this dealership when I purchased the car. It supposed to cover the tire, rim, and windshield, and remote key. Guess WHAT! This guy told me that the warranty/insurance deal does not cover the damage because it was my fault that the tire was damaged. Okay, this time I was extremely upset and told them the damage was partially due to the shifting that I complained before... The rep asked me why I didn't tell him in the beginning, and I told him because I thought the warranty was supposed to cover the damages, and I didn't want to bring it up about the shifting because they didn't find the problem before (even I am still having the problem).
The situation got weird because another rep told me out of nowhere that the performance car has a tendency of doing that so I need to shift from 1st and then reverse, and the manager came out and ask me why am I blaming the dealership for damaging my own car. He was practically yelling at my face in front of others, and then I got upset and raised my voice too. I guess he tried to intimidate me, but did not work (guess what! I am 12 years Army veteran, they are not many things left in this world scares me). Then he lower his voice and asked me not to be upset. And heh suggested that showing him the problem while test driving... We got in the car and I tried to shift to reverse in front him. It GOT STUCK! This manager guy had a nerve to tell me that I do not know how to drive a manual (even I have over 7 years experience in driving manual car) and told me when car get stuck, I need to shift in second gear to align the gear and shift to reverse... I never even had this problem with any of my old cars before... If Subaru car has a problem like this, they should disclose it before they sell the car... Anyways, we drove around for a while, but I could not replicate the 3rd to 4th problems. At the end, I got tired of arguing and just paid for the tire, and they had a never to say they were not going to charge for a service...
Surprisingly I wasn't even this mad until today. I was not even going to write a bad review about them until today! But everything changed after I had to bring in my car today for having weird noise in back of my car... last weekend, my girlfriend and I went to San Francisco for our anniversary, and my girlfriend hear something in back while I was driving. I turned down the music, and then I could hear something clucking back in the car. So I brought the car in. The rep drove the car for little and told me he could not hear anything. Are you kidding me...? I heard the sound all day way from my home to dealership. He quickly took back what he said and told me that the mechanic would find anything if there is a problem... at this point, I was about to lose my temper and told him I would like to use their shuttle service to leave. He told me he would call me when the driver gets back. 30 minutes later, I did not hear anything from him, so I went to him about the shuttle. He told me that I was not going to need a shuttle because they checked my car and could not find anything. They simply blaming on my umbrella and bike helmet back in the truck made the clunking sounds... I lost my words and temper... I told them I would go to other places and asked for my keys.
I am a fair guy, and I would never try to cheat anyone for a dime before. I paid good money to buy this car and service from them, and I expect them to honor their end and treat me with some respects and sympathy... do yourself a favor and do not make my mistake. Do not buy from them!

Sean B. | 2013-06-23

Buying a car through Jamie Cassady at Capitol Subaru was a great experience. Researched a number of Subaru models online, called Jamie on the recommendation of a good friend (another satisfied customer), and was in a new car 24 hours later. No BS, no muss, no fuss, and Jamie is one heckuva nice guy to boot.  The paperwork took longer than the deal, and even that was quick and efficient; by far the easiest car purchase I have ever made. Would definitely purchase another vehicle through Jamie; I highly recommend him and this place.

Li-Lun W. | 2013-06-19

I got my 2014 Forester XT right after my birthday in April.  Jamie factory-ordered it for me in March.  The car arrived much sooner (2 months earlier) than I expected.  Negotiating the price with Jamie was also much easier and hassle-free than I had expected from any auto dealer.  The only thing that one may need to pay attention to is with the finance guy; you need to do your own calculations on whether and how much you save if you buy the maintenance packages, etc.

N T. | 2013-06-16

I bought a Subaru Forester 2014 two weeks ago.
The experience of the car sale was unbelievable easy and awesome.
The buy process is like 1-2-3 you're done. The only issue was that the waiting for the finance guy to complete the paper work took quite many hours. If you want to get out before dark you better get started in the morning.
I like this dealer for the following reasons:
1- No pressure to buy when you'r shopping.
2- Test drive is an easy process. I test drove with Page, who is a very knowledgeable person. And his presentation for the car was awesome.
3- No hassle or playing games at the price. I did my homework and knew what the price was. Page told me the price (which was valid only during that day). And I asked him if the offer is valid 24 hours. He agreed.
4- The follow-up after the sale is awesome. They really try to make customer happy.

I bought cars before, and this happened to be one of a very few best experiences.
This is the way the car sale industry should follow.

Andy D. | 2013-06-16

i went here to have them install my auto tint mirror on my WRX. it's a brand new car i didn't wanna try to install it  myself.  i called a couple days ahead and i got a quote from the service department that it was about $30 range. i finally arrive and ask them again so double check on the price and they told me it's $68 or so. I told them i got a quote for $30 range on the phone, but they decline and ignore it. if they told me it's $68 on the phone, i would've done it anyway, but i was mad that they didn't honor their pricing. i ended up doing it my self. Maybe because i didn't purchase the car from them. i was planning to bring my car here for all the service but with this experience, I'm having doubt in them.

dancing a. | 2013-06-14

Car shopping is, needless to say, a big pain in the behind! My husband and I actually had already made a deal with Capitol Ford (zero stars!!!) and due to their negligence, the deal fell through. Bummed that we had wasted over 10 hours with another dealership, we decided to pursue the new forrester, and we're so glad we did! The car is excellent, and the service at the dealership was quick and easy. Michael Holm  recognized that we were in no mood to wheel and deal, and made us a simple, good offer that was almost too good to be true. Michael was very knowledgeable about all of the details of the new car, and gave us a full tour of our new vehicle, even setting up my blue tooth so I could talk hands free on the drive home from the dealership. We spent countless hours car shopping, and our experience with Michael Holm was, by far, the easiest and most pleasant car dealership experience to date.
Thanks for the new wheels!!

Kim M. | 2013-06-09

Go see Kafui! He is honest and patient and made the whole car buying experience easy and smooth. Mike in finance helped to get the lowest finance rate possible.

H W. | 2013-06-04

I live down the street from another Subaru dealership but I bought my new car (Last month) from Capitol. Everywhere else they were marking up BRZs even on pre-orders but not Capitol! They want customers for life, not just a quick profit. My original sales guy was out when the car came in a few months later but Jamie did a great job filling in and getting us all settled and out the door with the keys and a huge smile! I love my new car and will definitely send send anyone considering a Subaru their way!

Mandy N. | 2013-06-02

I just purchased a 2013 Impreza with Capital Subaru a few days ago.  A few weeks back I test drove it with Jose and it was a great experience.  Once I was ready to buy, Jose was tied up with other stuff so another sales guy Kris helped me the most on my buying day.  He's a hoot and made me feel genuinely happy to be there.  Even through delays in paperwork, we were chatting it up about things we had in common haha.

What was ironic and hilarious at the same time is that Kris has the exact same car I was purchasing (he showed it to me in the parking lot and everything because he said "I know car salesman can be full of shit sometimes, so let me prove it to you").  He obviously knew what he was talking about with this car!

Everybody at the dealership was super friendly, congratulatory, and made the entire process much less stressful than I could have asked for.  (Apparently these salesman don't get commission for the cars or something because it's the biggest Subaru dealer on the west coast, so I guess that's why these guys were so nice and helpful!  They don't need to worry about their paycheck, only the satisfaction of the customer.)

My only teeny tiny complaint was that it took me FIVE HOURS to get out of there haha  BUT that was not anybody's fault due to my particular finance situation (tried to pay 20K down but no bank would get me a loan for the few thousand left so the terms had to be reworked).  Deciding to test drive it again before starting the paperwork would have knocked off an hour or so.  It's completely understandable though since buying a car anywhere is going to take several hours regardless.

Overall, I'm pleased with my purchase and the dealership experience.  If you're looking for a Subaru on the peninsula, just go down to SJ and Capital Subaru.  Worth the distance from me in Palo Alto.

Arch Hubert M. | 2013-05-31

I was in the market for a new car. I went into Capitol subaru to see what options that would fit my needs. Tommy Quach was the sales representative who help my mother and I out. He wasn't pushy or like a sales person. Very genuine and respectful. Tommy helped us out as much as he could. Definitely went out of his way to please us in making the choice and financing. I already recommended capital subaru to my friends and family to see Tommy Quach. He also followed and made sure everything was well with the car I purchased!! Thanks! Capitol subaru will always be the first place I look for a new car!

Maximus C. | 2013-05-28

Michael Holm was very helpful in finding me the suitable CrossTrek, he also made sure I got a great deal on my purchase and turn around time was very impressive as I rove the car home soon. Highly recommend Capitol Subaru and Michael Holm

Artur G. | 2013-05-23

Not sure about sales but service department is surprisingly good. Fast turnaround, nice and professional staff. I have been here a couple times and very happy with both visits. Dennis was my liason both times and I would highly recommend him.

Only bummer is they don't give loaner cars, thus -1*.

Ika C. | 2013-05-22

I had been doing my research on Outbacks for some time. After recently being "helped" by an extremely rude salesman at Walnut Creek Subaru, I was a little put off from going to any other dealers for the time being. A couple weeks ago I randomly had an hour to kill between running errands. My brother had been telling me how friendly and easy going Capitol Subaru staff were, so I decided to stop by to take my first test drive of the Outback.

I absolutely had no intention to buy, as I had yet to reorganize my finances and sell my current vehicle. Upon arriving at the dealership, I was immediately greeted by Kafui who was more than happy to help me out. I let him know up front that I wasn't ready to purchase and just wanted to take a test drive, which surprisingly didn't deter his his willingness to assist me. After taking the test drive, we talked some numbers and Kafui did an awesome job at getting me an incredible deal. Again, I was probably about 3 months away from feeling comfortable enough to purchase an Outback, but after dealing with the amazing staff at Capitol Subaru (particularly my awesome saleman, Kafui) and the great deal they presented me with, I found myself driving my brand new Outback off the lot 5 hours later! I can't speak enough for the staff, they didn't put an ounce of pressure on me to buy and left the decision totally up to me! I was even given the option to sleep on it and come back the next day! The staff totally breaks the stereotype of your typical car dealership, especially my salesman! So, if you're thinking of purchasing a Subaru, head down to Capitol Subaru and ask for Kafui!!

Brendon M. | 2013-05-20

Bought my 2008 WRX STi from here earlier this month and I couldn't be more pleased with the product and the service. It's a dream car come true for me.

First off, Kris, who is an expert on the STi and WRX, did a great job of taking his time, telling me about the car, comparing value's against competitor cars like the Evo or newer STi's. He was very knowledgeable, professional and patient throughout the whole process. When I wasn't completely comfortable with the payments, the sales manager bent over backwards to make the payments work for me. All along the way, they took absolute care not to push and make the experience an enjoyable one.

In the end, I walked away with confidence in my purchase AND a great experience. When it's time to trade in my STi for a new one, I'm coming here first.

Dee D. | 2013-05-19

I just recently purchase a BMW with my wife here at Capitol Subaru! We was eyeballing the BMW they have. It was the best price and very low mileage throughout California.

First off, let me say that these people do not "HUSTLE" you or "Pressure" you. I ran into Mike Holmes, a Elder gentlemen that was very helpful and did what he can to work us on pricing and monthly payments. ( Thanks Mike! ) also, the finance person ( sorry forgot his name ) but he is very honest and willing to work with us also and receive a great deal!

Before I made the purchased I decided to take a drive to Stevens Creek BMW to check out another car that they have for sale that is cheaper but higher mileage. The car itself made a very loud humming noise. Ask the salesmen about the car history and Regular maintenance interval such as the 60K service and his response was " It don't need those stuff, just a regular oil change and that is it! " ask him about what is the humming noise and he said it's " NORMAL" WOW! he lost my service and lost a sale! TOO BAD Stevens Creek BMW!

We return to Capitol the next day Call Mike during work to hold the car for us the. Took it for another spin and we came to our decision to get the car but onluy for our asking price and monthly payment. No hassle, No pressure, No hustling! We are happy with our purchase! Best customer service I have going to a car dealership. At other places, I would have to walk out to look for a sales rep just to get some questions answer. Here at Capitol Subaru, Mike showed up in 2 minutes and that showed me how much he take cares of everyone that goes there. Again, Thank you Mike and Thank you Capitol Subaru to help my wife and I purchased our new car!!

Aberz M. | 2013-05-09

I had my auto purchase at Capitol Subaru. They are superior in service, the minute I arrived to the lot, I was greeted by Alex, she was very nice and introduced me to my new car. She offered to go for a test drive. We drove and she was very good at explaining to me about the car. I was happy but I knew I still had to negotiate. Negotiation process was easy and painless. I ended up with a better rate than I thought I would get, and all the perks I wanted i.e warranty added. Thanks Alex for following up even after the purchase. Keep up the good work. Highly recommend Capitol Subaru, for a new or used vehicle.

Andrew V. | 2013-05-08

My wife and I headed over to Capitol after test driving cars in the morning to see if they had the WRX that we were looking for. A different dealer told us that there were no more WRX wagons to be found and they had the only two... funny because Captiol had 16!

Kafui helped us out and took care of us from the start. No pressure to buy, let us look at cars and informed us that he had one with 3 miles on it. After some discussion, we came back and bought it the next day. It was great, no pressure and a breeze to buy. When we buy our next Subaru, we'll be back to purchase another from here.

Hayden H. | 2013-05-06

Ask for Alexandria.

I've never bought a car. I didn't know what to do or how to do it. Luckily, I have a good friend who has been drifting semi-professionally for nearly a decade. He's bought cars, worked on cars, and sold cars. He went with me to Capitol Subaru as my "wingman" to keep me from doing anything dumb, and because he wanted to test drive a particular car too. Alexandria helped us. She knew her stuff. I may not have bought a car before the other day, but I've been in sales for a years. I know how hard it can be to put someone at ease, especially when they are spending a lot of their money. Alex had no trouble doing that for me. She was awesome. I never felt rushed or imposed upon. I am thrilled to know that there are such good sales people out there. Make sure you see her.

I got to drive the car I'd seen on the website. I got a fair deal for my trade, which was going to be a rough sell at any dealership. I got through the entire experience painlessly. In fact, I enjoyed my time on the lot. How many people can say that? I have to give a nod to the whole team. Steve in finance was awesome. He beat an incredible offer it took me hours on the internet to get. Everyone was phenomenal. Knowledgeable, friendly, and downright helpful. I would recommend Capitol Subaru to anyone. I thought it might just be my lack of other experiences, but my buddy agreed wholeheartedly.

Go to Capitol Subaru and buy a car. You will not regret it.

Terry-Anne M. | 2013-04-28

We went to Stevens Creek first and didn't have a good experience but then we came back to Capitol Subaru and Adam Ischia really catered to us! It was a wonderful sales experience from start to finish. He made us feel comfortable and not stressful at all. I would highly recommend Capitol Subaru but refer you to Adam - just a very genuine sales guy that ensures a win/win situation for both the customer and Subaru!

Tina S. | 2013-04-25

I always come here because there is usually oil change coupon :)
Things used to be better.... before Justin left.

Christina T. | 2013-04-15

I stomped into the dealership late Friday night still disgruntled from my recent attempt to purchase a car earlier that day at Stevens Creek Subaru where I felt deceived, but that story is reserved for its own personal review.

Immediately, Tommy came to my rescue with not only genuine service but a great deal as well. I am very proud to say that I am finally a Subaru owner, but I am ever happier to be an advocate for Capitol Subaru. I can firmly say that all of the staff is personable, friendly, and genuinely wants to help their customers find the best deal with the lowest rates. Don't go anywhere else.

Thanks so much guys!

Harry I. | 2013-04-08

great experience. My best experience in buying a car.  Me and my wife had a great experience working with Tommy the sales guy. We bought the Subaru  Crosstrek XV limited last week. They did not have the color we were looking for. Tommy promised us that he would have the blue car in 2 days time. He did not collect any deposit from us . Had the car  at the showroom in 2 days as promised..Would reccommend to go here if anybody is interested in buying a Subaru or any used car. After sales experience also good so far.

John S. | 2013-04-05

Buying a car made EZ!
Capital Sabaru does it.   We have bought or leased 25+ cars over the years and never has the dealer been so great.  Right car, a 2013 BRZ, right price, and Page Wallace was the right guy to lead us thru the process.  My wife loves the car and ready for the first road trip.
Thanks team Sabaru.
Pam n John

Andrew P. | 2013-04-04

Let me start by saying that sales associate Michael Holm was the only positive part of our "experience" at Capitol Subaru.  He was polite and helpful when we took a test drive in one of the 2013 XV Crosstreks.  Internet manager Ryan Villasenor, on the other hand, was quite arrogant as he told us that this particular Subaru dealership would not negotiate on the price of the 2013 XV Crosstrek Limited that we wanted to order.  This guy needs to find another job!  After telling him that everything in life is negotiable, we asked to speak to his boss.  General sales manager Rusty Bumstead offered to come down about $500 from their original price, but his counter-offer was still unreasonably high for the vehicle we wanted.  These guys apparently make their money by moving a great deal of inventory at inflated prices.  What's astounding to me is that there must actually be people out there who go along with Capitol Subaru's "we don't negotiate" mantra and pay whatever they are asking.  Well, I'm happy to report that we ordered and received the XV Crosstrek Limited that we wanted from a nearby dealership who treated us with respect and met our price!   We are very happy with Subaru's product, but I will never recommend Capitol Subaru as the place to buy one.  Sorry blew it!

Paul C. | 2013-04-04

Great pricing and friendly representative.  What else do you need in a dealership?

Joseph P. | 2013-03-31

Came here on Saturday and drove away in a new 2014 Forester Limited and had a very good experience thanks to Michael Holm. He's not your stereotypical car salesman. In fact he's just the opposite - real easy to talk to and just a genuinely nice person.  The car I wanted was actually traded to another dealership just moments before I came in, but Michael was able to find almost the exact same car and had it delivered to the dealership within a few hours. When the car came in, he walked me through pairing up my iPhone with the car's bluetooth as well as all the buttons and controls, which I appreciated since I'm too lazy to read the manual.

Heidi S. | 2013-03-29

Wish we would have started our car search here!  We bought our Subaru Forrester from Brad, who bent over backwards to find us the exact car we wanted. He was honest, caring and very transparent.  We had started our search at the other Subaru dealership in town (on Stevens Creek) and had a horrible experience.  Thanks, Brad - we love our new car!

Murali S. | 2013-03-28

I don't want to even rate it.. Its that Bad here. BEWARE of CHEATING/ BE READY TO WASTE YOUR TIME. I spent the whole day here inspecting a car,test drove it and negotiated to price only to realize at the end that the price they had put up on the car was not the actual one!!! they increased the price by $5000 !!! telling that they had a issue on the Price Tag they had put up!!!! They made us walk away telling that they cannot give the car at the price they had agreed for !! Ridiculous ... GO HERE ONLY IF YOU HAVE PLENTY OF TIME TO WASTE FOR!!!  REALLY REALLY BAD DEALER.

Ann H. | 2013-03-27

My wife and I completed a test drive with Adam and had a truly wonderful experience.  He was very knowledgeable, friendly, patient with our questions, and he let us complete a thorough test drive (e.g. on the freeway, up on uphill on-ramp, allowed both of us to drive, etc.).  I highly recommend asking for Adam if you are visiting Capitol Subaru.

We actually ended up buying the vehicle at another dealer as the specific option we were interested in wasn't available at Capitol Subaru and they weren't able to offer us a good enough deal on a factory order, but we really appreciated their service and will definitely go back to them the next time we're looking to buy a car.

charles f. | 2013-03-27

I had been researching cars and pricing for a few months before I started to get serious and drive some cars. Out of respect to the other dealers I'll leave their names out. But my first test drive was a caddy sts and while the car was ok, I got the high pressure close from the salesman. This was after me telling him I used to be in the business and work in banking. Haha, he even used the "what if I get you this price, will you drive it home tonight" line. smh. The next day I drove a 350z and was underwhelmed.

one thing to note: I was looking into performance cars and  of the first two drives I was never able to get on the freeway.

So on the way home I decided to check out Capitol Subaru and get some info on the WRX and possibly a test drive. After briefly checking out the used car lot I walked in and was immediately greeted by a nice saleswoman named Alexandra(?) who answered some of my questions and then handed me off to Brad Welch.  Brad showed me the 2009 WRX they had on the lot. We went on a test drive, and I fell in love. While Brad and talked I let him know my situation(looking and wanting to think before I made a decision) Brad answered all my questions and managed my concerns. Brad was very laid back and didn't try to pressure me or even get me in to "write" me up. He gave me his card and told me to call him if I wanted to buy it or had questions. We exchanged numbers(in case someone was interested in buying before I made a decision). I thought about it and texted him that night to set an appt for the next day to buy that same 2009.

Buying a car takes time but not once during application or financing did I feel bad about my experience. I would highly recommend Capitol Subaru based on their service, friendliness and professionalism. If you're looking for a good car buying experience this is the place. And be sure to see Brad Welch.

Anh N. | 2013-03-26

This has to be my favorite dealership! They introduce themselves to you and if you say you're just browsing, you're able to browse in peace without a shadow behind you. The following around like a shadow is my biggest pet peeve when car shopping!

I purchased my 2011 Subaru Impreza here and had such a hassel free experience with everyone at the dealership. John (JR) was a nice, friendly, helpful and funny salesperson. He was not pushy at all (another pet peeve of mine). He listened to my needs and was able to work within my budget. I would highly recommend coming in to see John!

Rick in the finance department was also nice and friendly. He was able to accommodate with my changing minds of where I would finance my car from. He actually return my phone call on his day off with a suggestion of how I should handle my situation.

Thank you for such a stress-free, hassel-free car shopping experience! I am in love with my car :)

Dick D. | 2013-03-23

Went in to test drive a new Forester, and was prepared to buy that day if satisfied. We walked around the lot and not one sales associate approached us so we went into the showroom. One gentleman was in the middle of something, so he asked another salesman to assist us. This douche was too busy on his iPhone and snapped "I'm busy". He approached another guy and was similarly dismissed. We were left high and dry and left without even looking at the vehicle. Pathetic customer service. Go elsewhere if you are interested in being treated decently.

Stephanie G. | 2013-03-17

We almost all hate going to the dealerships to get our car serviced as it's usually a whole day affair and leaves us with nothing but pennies left. Capitol Subaru did a superb job at getting me in and out in a timely manner, offered to shuttle me to a destination, and called me when the maintenance was completed. I went to the Steven's Creek Subaru dealership for my first service and I must say Capitol Surbaru's customer service was much better. Even though it's a bit further from my house, for good customer service there is no price.

Alon K. | 2013-03-05

Eugene is the best! Offers a fair price and works hard to get you the right car. This place is top notch

Sarah G. | 2013-03-04

Overall, I have to say I had a great experience purchasing my new car at Capital. I think I received a fair price even with all my requirements. The salesman I worked with was Eugene Levins and he was very easy going. No pressure at all.  I recommend going to Eugene and Capital Subaru for your next car purchase.

Loren John B. | 2013-02-24

So I've been looking at the WRX for quite some time now, and I came here based on referrals from friends and reading up on other reviews. The car buying experience can be such a drag sometimes, but enough research can make the experience a pleasant one.

I contacted Jamie Cassady, the internet sales director, through email. Sidebar: this dealership took the extra initiative to market themselves on Facebook and YouTube, especially Jamie. I found that to be very impressive about them. Anyway, we exchanged emails when I inquired about a specific model with certain options. Considering the popularity of the car, he gave me a very fair price compared to other quotes I got from other dealerships. He also gave a time table of 6-12 weeks if I wanted it because the car would need to be ordered from the factory. I was willing to accept this. He also gave the option of doing a dealer swap with a sister dealership for a car very similar to what I wanted, if I chose to buy it instead.

I went to the dealership to give the car a test drive, and I was approached by other employees asking if I needed any help, without being too pushy. I asked to speak with Jamie, and he gladly showed me a couple WRXs on the lot. Based on the specs I discussed with him in our emails, he let me try one similar to what I wanted, but it was running out of gas. Rather than cut my test drive short, he let me try another car out. Jamie has the patience of a saint to deal with novice stick shift drivers like me, and I'm glad he gave me the opportunity to try out the cars. As we drove, he pointed out the features to me, asked me about how I heard about Capitol Subaru, what I liked about the car, etc. What was a plus was he didn't try to force any sale of the current WRXs he had in stock, but he provided information on them just in case.

After the test drive, we exchanged information, and he gave me his card. A couple days later, he gave me a follow-up call to see where I stood with interest in ordering a car. Unfortunately, I have put ordering a WRX on hold due to concerns over the ridiculous state of gas prices nowadays. I still have hopes of owning one someday, and I may change my mind later. He sent me a courtesy email saying to keep in touch if I ever change my mind.

Still, I can say I had a great experience coming here and trying the car out. I highly recommend coming here if you're in the market for a new Subie. Jamie will take good care of you and offer you a VERY reasonable deal.

The location of the Capitol dealerships are a plus because traffic is much lighter out there. Thanks Capitol Subaru!

Vanessa R. | 2013-02-24

I purchased my 2010 Forester at Capital Subaru,  even wrote an awesome review about 2 years ago here on YELP. On the 25th of January, I took my car into the service department for my normal routine oil change. I had only had my car for about a year and a half and noticed a rattle in my sunroof. So while there, I had them take a look at it.
When my car was ready, I was informed they could not locate the rattle and the only way to really look for the problem, they would have to pull the headliner back. Unfortunately, my warranty wouldn't cover it so I would have to pay over $300 out of my pocket for this part of the repair.
When we purchased the warranty, we were given a few different options. We took the option that we were told covered "ALL THE BELLS AND WHISTLES" for 7 years or 100k miles. When I asked the service department why my warranty wouldn't cover this issue and he said after 36k miles, it doesn't cover certain things. Pretty much after the 36k miles are up, it only covers anything with a "motor".
I left and on my drive home, I was questioning myself if i had heard the guy who helped us with financing, wrong, I got home and before i even explained the issue to my boyfriend, I asked him what he heard in the purchasing of the warranty. Same thing..."it covers all the bells and whistles for 7 years or 100k miles". It was this flip book that we were shown and each page he turned, had more things it covered at the warranty years/miles increased.
So i called the service department and spoke with the person who helped me with my oil change. I explained to him how i feel like i was lied to about what i purchased! he said i needed to take that up with the person who sold me the warranty!
I love that this dealership is so close to my work and home and I've never had any issue what so ever with them. Always friendly and we almost purchased another Subaru a few months back, just for the reason that we loved the service we got when we purchased the other one, but this is something we relied on greatly and really disappointed that we were lied to.
I will not be taking my car back here for service anymore.

Leonel M. | 2013-02-20

Awesome dealership! Bought my 2013 WRX here and was the best dealer I had gone to. The sales personnel are laid back and they don't pressure you to make any decision you are not ready to make. I brought my car for service and it was awesome too. They said it would be an hour and I was out in that time. I wish the Wifi was a little better, but that is just minor.

Carmelo O. | 2013-02-19

I've bought a total of 3 Subarus from here and every experience had been great. I've worked with three different salesman and they don't actually feel like car salesman. The stereotype of car salesman has been sidled down to just salesman. No creepy lines to your significant other, no cheesy smiles, no crappy salesman style deals. Just straight forward sales.

My latest experience was awesome. I went in, test drove a few cars and after that was brought into a cubicle office to seal the deal. It was a very easy deal and I didn't have to bargain and have my salesman go back and forth between me and the sales manager. (I've always hated how dealers do that).

Everyone was very nice and helpful. Even before my salesman found me and began helping me, I was asked by 2 different salesman if I had already been helped.

When I took delivery of my new car, my salesman, Ryan, went over everything with me. He even helped me set up the bluetooth between my car and phone. I am very happy and pleased with the sales side.

I've also taken my car in for a service (I had a bad rear differential for my 2006 WRX) for warranty work and they took care of it the same day. It was nice not getting a call from the dealership to have them tell me I was going to be charged for something. The only call I received was that my car was ready for pickup.

Everything was explained to me about what was done to my car. They even rinsed off the dirt. I wish they had done a full blown car wash but the dirt off the car was acceptable.

I'd take my car back here if services didn't cost twice as much as private mechanics.

Bottom line here is that if you are in the market for a Subaru, come here first. You'll be happy you did. Also, ask for Ryan and tell him I sent you. Hopefully he'll hook you up with a good deal.

Ron S. | 2013-02-19

I was browsing Capitol Subaru's website and looking at the 2013 WRX's when I saw one that I liked, so I pressed the "Chat Now" button on the bottom-right corner of their page. I chatted very briefly with a representative who forwarded my information, and from there on out I was in contact with Jamie Cassady, the internet sales director.

Jamie and I were in constant contact by e-mail and phone until a deal was struck on a 2013 WRX hatchback in Satin White Pearl. When I arrived at the dealership to test drive the car and finalize all of the paperwork, Jamie explained to me exactly how long the entire process would take and what it involved. Before leaving the dealership, He very thoroughly explained every feature on the car, and even walked me through syncing my phone to the bluetooth system.

Jamie, as well at the rest of the team at Capitol Subaru made the car buying process really easy. I was never pressured into buying a more expensive vehicle or expensive options that I didn't want. I've told my girlfriend about my positive experience with this dealer and now she is considering buying an Impreza through them!

I've also used this dealer in the past to purchase parts for my 1994 and 1998 Imprezas and the parts department was always very friendly and knowledgeable. Plus it says a lot to me when many of the people at this dealer drive Subarus themselves (unlike a lot of other dealerships).

I will definitely be back to buy my next Subaru from Capitol Subaru :)

Fred I. | 2013-02-18

Since my 2005 STi had been babied since i bought it by Eddie at Wheelworks in Los Gatos, i was very apprehensive about taking it to anyone else but since Eddie did not have the tools to change the Timing Belt i need to find someone who would take as good care as Eddie had always done....well, I found a second home now with Capitol Subaru.  They were very customer serviced oriented, Gil at the Service desk is one of the best (and a Niners fan to boot)...service was handled professionally and all completed on time.  Even the loaner i was given for the day was a blast to drive!!!  I would recommend any Subaru owner to feel good about taking your car to Capitol Subaru.

Michael S. | 2013-02-13

Sometimes you don't appreciate good customer service until you try somewhere else. I bought a STI at Capitol Subaru, but it is not the closest Subaru dealer to me.

I called Stevens Creek Subaru to schedule an oil change. A machine answered and I navigated their phone tree. The service department phone rang a long time before someone answered. Their first appointment for an oil change was five days away. Before I could respond, I was put on hold.

So I hung up and called Capitol Subaru. A friendly person answered the phone, not a machine. She didn't have to transfer me in order to schedule an appointment. I had a choice of times for this afternoon.

Simple things like that show a commitment to customer service that is lacking at other dealerships.

Henna P. | 2013-02-11

I made an appointment for service and was helped right away. They were very friendly and fast! I was in and out of there (with a free carwash) in an hour. I have been to several Bay Area Subarus for service, depending on where I lived at the time, but this location is by far the best! This will definitely be the place I take my Legacy in the future!

When it comes time to replace my beloved Subaru years from now, this will also be my first stop :)

Matt T. | 2013-02-08

My experience with Capitol Subaru was excellent! Rusty, Tom, and Mike went way above and beyond what I expected from a dealership to help me get the car I wanted, get me the financing I needed, and educate me along the way. I highly recommend them and will happily go back to them in the future. No pressure, very helpful, and friendly group of guys!

5 stars all the way!

Zachary B. | 2013-02-07

We are truly in the future as my wife and I bought our new Subaru online. Capitol's internet salesperson, Jamie Cassady, was not only helpful, but flexible as we got stuck in traffic on our way down to pick-up our new Impreza. After the convenience of all the online convenience, it was nice to have a real person take us across the proverbial finish line!

These guys are super busy, so we really appreciated the attention and customer service that we received. The purchase was absolutely ZERO hassle and we were on our way with our brand new car in record time.

Even more important is that we feel at home at Capitol and know that we will get top-shelf service from Jamie and the gang when we take the impreza back for service.

There's a reason Subaru's are held in such high regard, and there's a reason that Capitol are so highly-recommended - QUALITY.

Katie C. | 2013-02-02

Amazing! Love these guys!

We (my boyfriend and I) went in to look at a few Subaru (I call them 'Ru's) options. We had decided on a 'Ru a few months ago and Capitol seemed to have the best selection. We had also heard great things about their sales team too. Our expectations were exceeded.

I knew Page Wallace (Manager of the VIP program) from high school. He is still as friendly, honest and kind as he was back then. Unfortunately, he was with another customer when we came in and but thankfully he referred us to John Navarro. He made sure John knew what we were looking for and introduced us to John immediately. John was great! Funny, friendly and very knowledgeable. We immediately knew we were in good hands.

STAFF: Everyone was friendly, smiling and it seemed like a "family". Everyone working together; no 'salesman rivalry'. We were treated incredibly well. We never felt like we were viewed or treated as "commission".

CARS: Come on, these are Subaru's. These babies pretty much sell themselves. But in case you DO have any questions, the team is very smart and well trained. There wasn't one question we did not have answered - Honestly. Subaru makes a great car. Safe, sexy and sensible! (the 3 most important S's right?)

PRESSURE: This is the first time at a dealership I really didn't feel any pressure.  I felt like we had all the time in the world and that John would have showed us every car on the lot, if that is what we wanted!! This is the 4th car I have purchased and definitely the most relaxed and dare I say...pleasant experience I have ever had. Even the high end "Luxury" dealerships have nothing on Capitol Subaru.

THE PURCHASING: We found a used 2011 Subaru Impreza. The price was totally fair and John did everything he could to get us the BEST price/financing available. He was totally dedicated to us the whole time. It was a VERY busy day and we hadn't made an appt. He treated us as though we were his top priority. He was fun and friendly while remaining completely professional the whole time. Mike Davis, "the finance man" was fast while being very detailed. We felt he completely explained everything we were signing very well. He was really friendly too; and thank god for the bowl of candy on his desk! While we were finishing all the paperwork, John had the car detailed and ready to go (no waiting) by the time we were done. It was great.

EXPERIENCE: Fabulous. I am referring everyone I know to Capitol Subaru. I can not wait to buy our next car from them. Hands down, the best car buying experience ever.

**A special thank you to Page Wallace. Thanks for making sure we were taken care of. Michael and I really appreciate it. Love the Impreza!!! Great team you have there.

Brian A. | 2013-02-01

Thanks Jamie Cassady and the team at Capitol Subaru! This was my first venture into buying a new car for myself and I have to say, it went pretty darn smooth.

Jamie was very knowledgeable and honest. Cool dude all around and very easy to work with.


jimmy y. | 2013-02-01

Not only does Capitol Subaru have the best selection of WRXs they also have the best customer service. My purchasing experience was very satisfactory and would recommend any Subie lovers to visit Capitol Subaru for your next purchase. Page Wallace and Kris Yee were great help. Super knowledgeable and helpful on their cars and guided me to a great choice. I am one happy customer. LOVE THE CAR!

Sushant T. | 2013-01-31

Capitol Subaru are very professional. We were helped by Jose and he gave an all around idea of the car we were interested in. He ensured the Test Drive also covered Highway driving. Worked with us very patiently to reach best deal. Definitely my best experience of car shopping.

Joseph M. | 2013-01-26

I came all the way from San Francisco to this dealer due to the reviews I saw on the web.  I've brought in my 2012 SWP WRX premium in for 7,500 miles service.  Even though I was 30 minutes late but I was still able to get my service done quick.  

- Thank you Gil Portillo (service department) for all your help.  Great work :)

I've also test drove a STI since I was thinking about trading in my WRX for one.  Jamie Cassady helped me out and he is a very honest and kind salesman.  I regret for didn't buy my WRX here.  For sure I will come back for my next STI.

If you want to buy a car with crazy non-sense mark up price - Go Serramonte Subaru
If you want to buy a car with reasonable / good price - Come here!!!  

P.S. - I went to Serramonte Subaru last time for service and my coolant level was way below "LOW" level and they said they have checked all of my fluid.  Luckily my friend checked it for me when he was helping me to install my boost gauge.

Thumbs up for Gil Portillo and Jamie Cassady!!! Thx guys!!!  I will keep driving back from San Francisco just to have my service done here!!!

Forgot to mention, they also washed my car and it's very clean :) So happy since my car got very dirty due to the rain 2 days ago!!!

Antoine T. | 2013-01-25

I called the Parts department was rudely greeted by the parts attendant.

Stephanie H. | 2013-01-20

I was very pleased with our experience today at Capitol Subaru. Tommy was our sales person, and he was friendly, knowledgeable and very low pressure. We went through an internet price quote, which was very low, and they gave us that quote without any haggling. I really appreciated the lack of negotiating, and with a lot of research I found that the internet price was a very fair and low price to pay for the car we ended up with. We did run up against a small amount of pressure with the finance guy to buy the super extended warranty, but that's his job, and he didn't press too much. It didn't take long, and we walked out with a car we were very happy with. Thanks for all your help today, we love our new Forrester!

Ivette T. | 2013-01-20

I recently purchased a car here and their representatives were just amazing. They were all very nice, friendly, and helpful. Paige Wallas and Adam were the ones who helped us with the whole process and all I can say is that they were AMAZING. Definitely will come back here to purchase another car soon and definitely recommend this place to others. You will walk out of here happy with the best deal and customer service.

Becky M. | 2012-12-31

I came into Capitol Subaru buying my own car for the first time and I honestly was not looking forward to it! If I was sure of anything, I knew I wanted a used car because I could not afford a brand new one! Enter Adam Ischia. Adam is not only easy on the eyes but listened to my needs (I basically wanted the EXACT same car as my 2000 Subaru  that I adored) and worked with me to find the perfect car. I ended up driving off the lot in a brand new 2013 Subaru Forester and I couldn't be more happy! Adam was great to work with and I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a new or used car!

Michael B. | 2012-12-30

one word...Brad Welch... ok thats not a word thats a name... he's the best. he's got my vote for salesman of the year... would definatly look him up next time i need a car. i went in to buy a used car i saw online... and he did not try to talk me out of it and upsell me a more expensive car. he treated me and my wife very well

Faizal N. | 2012-12-27

This was our first Subaru buying experience.  We were wandering the lot when John Navarro found us.  He was extremely knowledgeable about the Outback, and helped us get a great deal in the most painless way possible.  John was absolutely fantastic and we will recommend all our friends purchase their Subarus from John and this dealership!!  Thanks John and Capitol Subaru!

Andrew R. | 2012-12-26

I rarely do negative reviews and usually prefer to focus on the positive. However, I have never had such a negative experience buying a car. Right before the holidays we were attempting to purchase a new Subaru. We did our research before we started shopping and know what the Fair Purchase Price was according to Blue Book. After much haggling we left without making a purchase. After shopping around through other dealers we attempted to give Capitol Subaru a second chance to earn our business by letting them compete with the other dealers. The Sales Manager at this location was a total tool. He promised us a deal to come back in over the phone however when we arrived and spent over an hour, they wanted to charge us more and would not accept our trade as it was not acceptable for them. At the end we walked out a second time. We will be bringing our business to another dealer who offered us the deal we wanted without jumping through all the hoops. I would like to make a special note that the sales associates were very nice and seemed to really want to make the sale, however the sales manager wanted to act like hes doing you some kind of favor by selling you a car. The customer should be treated like a guest in your store and not treated with disrespect. If hell froze over I still would not bring any business to this car dealer after my experience there.

Maddelyn T. | 2012-12-22

I went in to buy a car as a young girl alone. The salesmen were very friendly to me and didn't try to out smart me. I asked John Navarro to meet me an hour earlier than opening so I could get to work in Monterrey. John was very helpful and was realistic with what interest rate I could get and how much I should finance. Since I was there for so long I was getting cranky and hungry-- John made me a sandwich.
Great customer service and willing to meet me on my terms.
I highly recommend this car dealership. They are so large that they are able to offer better discounts than smaller dealerships.
cheers boys.

Parag M. | 2012-12-20

When I decided to buy a Subaru, I talked to multiple Subaru dealers in bay area. Initially I was getting a best deal from Carlson Subaru in Redwood City but they did not have the exact same interior I was looking for. When I talked to Tommy Q from this dealership, he was willing to get the vehicle from sister dealership, matched the best price I was getting from Carlson. Tommy and his colleagues were very friendly, helpful, approchable, which made the process very smooth. It was a pleasant car buying experience, overall.

Lissa o. | 2012-12-20

If you are looking for a new Subaru and you want to walk on a lot, this is an okay place because they have selection but I've had the worst experience here, repeatedly.  I bought my last new car by just walking onto the lot so when I sold my car in 2011, I decided that this time, I was going to take my time and find something I loved (and I had another passed down car so I have something that I can use in the mean time).

What I have learned is that I like the del grande group and how they manage their car inventory but this particular dealership is just a nuisance.   I have been looking at cars for about a year and have test driven anything that fell remotely near what I'm looking  for so I've actually been up and down Capitol row and Steven's Creek to figure out what I like driving and if new or used is going to work for me.  I work full time and I have a 3 year old so my schedule is usually tight.

Anyway, first I wanted to try the Impreza wagon and at the time, there was only one on the lot at this location so I schedule a test drive with the internet sales guy.  I show up on time, he's not there so another sales guy goes to take me and he goes to start it and the car won't start because there's no gas in it.  So the guy takes me for a test drive in a regular Impreza and says it will drive just like the wagon.  Now, physics and car designs being what they are, I know that's an exaggeration so I make an appointment to come back and see the wagon on a different day because at that point I'm out of time.

When I come back the next time, I try the wagon (which gosh, indeed did drive differently) and the forester.   And I end up really liking the Forester but they don't have new or used in the color I like.  So I start to do my research and I find what reasonable price I'll pay and wait for one to come up.  The Subaru salesmen tell me each time that they'll let me know if something comes in but no one has ever called or emailed so I just kept looking on the website (note: the volvo dealership emails me anything that fits in my range).  So one finally comes up and I go down to look at it but trying to get the sales guy is like pulling teeth because it's a hot day.  I finally get someone to test drive and I like it enough but it's not a super great price so I go on test driving other makes and models and decide I still like so I go back the car gets sold the day I went down to buy it.  No big deal, those things happen.

Now, since I know what I'm looking for, I regularly scour the del grande site for what I want.  There were a couple that I liked but sold before I got a chance to even go down and test drive.  Again, oh well, that happens, especially with used.  So one of the sales guys at a different lot in the del grande group knows what I'm looking for and knows that I haven't been looking for a long time and haven't had the best luck (I've even gone to those credit union sales to look and have looked at cars up in Roseville).  Anyway, he calls me when he takes a trade in that is exactly what I'm looking for.  I go down and test drive and love it.  He says he'll put a hold on it and we start the deal, get the pricing and start the financing but it has to go through the smog and safety before the transaction can complete.  So somewhere in there, it gets on the internal website and then a manager at Subaru kills my deal because he wants the car.  So more wasted time on my part.  SO thank you Capitol Subaru, you've convinced me that you are in fact, a huge waste of time to even look at anything near your dealership.

Jesse G. | 2012-12-18

love my new forester!  Service was great and salespeople (tom and kristoffer) were very knowledgable.  Price was right on the money as well.  Thanks Capitol for a very positive experience!

Rick G. | 2012-12-15

I took my stepson, to purchase a 2010 Nissan Versa, he spotted on the website. Not only did we get a great deal, but we also got 5 star treatment, from John Navarro and Page Wallace. Make sure you ask for one of these guys, when you visit capitol Subaru.

Petr Z. | 2012-12-15

Recently bought here 2013 BRZ. The car is so awesome!
My buying experience was really pleasant. Eugene took great care of me, always providing fresh updates about the order and promptly responding to my emails. I got the car a week earlier, for a good price we agreed on before. (I was surprised at another dealership, when they tried to increase the price right before buying even though it was already significantly higher that the price from Capitol.) Mike did great job helping me with all the paperwork. And I was overall very satisfied with all the people I got in touch with. Even though this is not the closest Subaru dealership, I am really glad I got the car there.

Jack L. | 2012-12-14

Brought my 2012 Forester XT Touring there at 4 months ago.  Got a very good discount from the internet sale Tommy Quach there (They probably need to clear the inventory for the 2013 models).

The pricing and process was very straight forward.  Other local Subaru dealership in my area (Yeah, I am living in southern CA, and I drove 400+ miles on my new car back home) still want to make big money.  I really have no idea what they are thinking since the prices can be found easily on Edmunds, and prices comparison is so easy now a day with emails.

Anyway, I just visit bay area again and got my 1st free oil change from them, and I am surprise they give me a  car wash as well.   No complain here.

Marben B. | 2012-12-14

This is where you buy a Subieeeeee!!!  Great price right from the start. Tommy Q. is your man!

Eric F. | 2012-12-14

Had a great experience here buying my first car with Kafui.  He took me on a test drive, helped me figure out the options I wanted, and was generally very helpful throughout the whole process.  I hadn't purchased a car myself before, but Kafui, was very patient as we went through the process.  I didn't feel pressured, which is refreshing at any car dealership.  Now the proud owner of a new car :)

Reginald F. | 2012-12-12

This is a review for the dealership side since I haven't had my car services there yet. We bought our first Subaru yesterday. From the first email to the handing of car keys, it was a pleasant experience. No hint of sleaziness or pressure from Ryan Villasenor. My sister is in the market for a new car and I have recommended Capitol Subaru already to her.

Thomas L. | 2012-12-12

Ryan and Jamie are the best. They are very professional and really helpful. And beet part of all they gave me the price I wanted. Thank you Captol Subaru for the great experience! Will always send a friend to these guys, they do it right. Easy process no hassle

Huy N. | 2012-12-11

Had a great experience buying our first Subaru.  Page was very knowledgeable and seemed passionate about the cars, which was a refreshing change from what we got from the staff at other dealerships nearby.  Agree with other Yelpers that this has to be one of the most comfortable and pressure-free car dealerships out there.

Lydia S. | 2012-12-04

Brought my little puttputt 2005 here to be serviced per a recall that was placed on my car. Dennis was very friendly over the phone, less personable in person - maybe we caught him on a bad day.
The service was done in 2 hours as said. The last 20 minutes we waited for my car to be "washed" and "cleaned". I thought wow, this place is nice and goes above and beyond." Nope. My car rolled out wet with the few bird shits I had on the side of my car which were so lovingly placed there by some birds the day before. A guy wiped down my car, looked at the bird crap and decided to skip over it leaving that side of my car wet. I thought oh okay maybe they cleaned the inside. We got inside the car and it smelled like that New Car scent, but alas, my car wasn't even so much as wiped down. Instead, my children's booster seat and infant car seat were moved and thrown around the back seat all jacked up and out of place like they were taken out and literally THROWN back onto the backseat. Okay? So I waited that extra time to have water thrown on my car, air freshener sprayed inside and have my car seats screwed with (which by the way is really frustrating and difficult to adjust when you're 9 months pregnant).
So many thanks for fixing a recalled part of my car for free, which you had to do for free anyway, but no thanks for fucking with my kids' safety seats and "cleaning" my car.

Kai Z. | 2012-11-30

It is a great place, and I love their service! The only flaw is that a little far from campus...

Heather R. | 2012-11-22

I just had the pleasure of buying my third Subaru from Capitol Subaru - I couldn't be happier. This was hands down the most stress-free and pressure-free car buying experience I've ever had. Both Tommy Quach and Ryan Villasenor were exceedingly patient and pleasant to work with; I can't say enough good things about them!  Even the finance guy, Michael, was great to work with (definitely a first for me!). If you're in the market for a car, go see these guys first.  Thanks, guys!!!!

DJ M. | 2012-11-14

I just bought my new first Subaru Impreza this past weekend. And I am extremely happy with Capitol Subaru's service. The service was exceptional.

Before I bought the car, I  knew exactly what I wanted and what I was willing to pay, so I contacted Jamie Cassady (who's the online sales director) via email to get a few quotes on the car + options I wanted. The sale went very smooth and quick. No BS. In the end, I got exactly what I wanted. Extremely satisfied.

I would recommend Jamie to anyone who wants to get a great deal and great service on buying a Subaru.

Marcello C. | 2012-11-11

This weekend I bought my first Subaru and am truly impressed by the sales team here. Kafui was a great sales person. He actually felt more like a consultant without anything to gain. He was patient, understanding, and very kind. Everyone that helped him made us feel welcomed, even getting us something to eat because we were starving.

Thank you for the great experience and we look forward to coming back in the future.

Crystal P. | 2012-11-01

This past weekend I purchased a 2013 Subaru Impreza from Capitol Subaru and had such a great experience from start to finish. Page assisted us that day and began by taking the time to understand exactly my needs in order to help me find a car that would fit my lifestyle. He was not only extremely knowledgeable but I never felt pressured at any point during the buying process.

When we found a car I was interested in, he asked me right away if I wanted to test drive it. We drove it around town so I could experience the great features the Impreza had to offer (AWD, CVT...we tested u-turns, sharp exits, manual shift mode, etc).  I knew this was the car for me and everything else following was straightforward and easy. Once I finalized the paperwork, Page took the time to sit in the car with me and go over the audio and phone options.  

I now feel as though I'm part of the Subaru family at Capitol as everyone I was in contact with was fun, friendly and made my overall experience as smooth as possible.

Thanks again!

J C. | 2012-10-28

This is a review for the sales department--specifically Eugene Levins and Jamie Cassady.

My buying experience at Capitol was great all around. My initial contact was with Eugene--I'd wanted an Impreza with specific options, and we'd emailed about several different possibilities over the course of a month or so. Eventually, Capitol got in a few cars that were possibilities for me, and I did a bit of negotiating with Eugene over email. Then I went in to the dealership, and after very quick negotiations, was able to agree on a fair price.

I was in a bit of a hurry that day--didn't realize how long the paperwork would take--so, since Eugene was also helping another customer, Jamie finished the sale. He took the time to thoroughly go through all the features and care info for the car, and answer all my questions. I felt that he sincerely wanted me to have a great experience, not only about the purchase but also with my car in the long term. He's even called several times to check in and make sure everything's going OK.

I'd been looking for the right a car for almost a year, and had not-so-great experiences with other Subaru dealerships in the area so, if you're looking for a Subaru, I'd definitely recommend buying from them. You'll get excellent customer service.

Pat M. | 2012-10-27

I had a very pleasurable experience buying my new car at Capitol Subaru.  I highly recommend this dealership.
My salesperson was named John Choi, and he helped me from my initial email thru their website, and text messages; all the way thru making the final purchase and him handing me the keys.

The Finance Manager was named Steve Sarich, he too, took care of all my financing needs and at a lower interest rate than I thought I could actually get!

When I got home with my new car, I had to celebrate, so I tried something new a lemon drop martini!

Samantha V. | 2012-10-26

I brought in my 2011 Subaru Legacy because I had issues with my air conditioner as well as another minor problem with the tire pressure sensor. I was greeted by Dennis McMaster, a service advisor.  Dennis professionally and courteously acknowledged me and made sure to call me back within 15 minutes to give me an update on the timeframe for the repairs.
Capitol Subaru was able to fix both of my issues within 2 hours and they washed my car! Dennis even called the next day to make sure my car was running smoothly. I would definitely recommend going to Capitol Subaru for any repair issues.

Jeff S. | 2012-10-25

I will preface my review by saying that I did not end up purchasing a car from this dealership. I will get to that, but I gave five stars for the way I was treated by the Sales Rep John Navarro. I am a first time car buyer and he was extremely patient and courteous. He was knowledgeable and answered his cell anytime I had a question. He treated me like a guest in his own home, offering me beverages and even gave my girlfriend a slice of cake that a previous client of his had brought for him. His service was truly 5 stars.

The reason I did not end up buying the car was that there were some minor issues with the car that came up when I took a USED car to a third-party mechanic to get a second opinion on it. While the issues were not the end all and I was going to try and work with the dealership, an employee in the service department was rude, cold, and extremely defensive when I presented him with the findings by my mechanic. He was confused "why I would take the car to a mechanic when I thought that there was nothing wrong with it." I was dumbfounded by the arrogance of his question. Every subsequent question felt like an attempt to make me feel stupid and uneducated. After that experience, I decided to take my business elsewhere. It's a real shame because I really liked the car and wanted to proceed. But if that employee exemplifies the type of people in the service department (which I really hope he does not), I would never return for any service, not even an oil change.

Mary W. | 2012-10-25

I bought a 2013 Forester from Capitol Subaru this week, and am very happy with the experience.  After about 5 months of testing and researching, I was ready to make my decision.

Ryan Villasenor was a great salesman.  Always professional, he gave me a fantastic deal and treated me respectfully.  Working with him was a pleasant departure from other salespeople I have worked with.

I would recommend this dealership to anyone who was looking for a great deal and working with good, straightforward people!!

Varun R. | 2012-10-25

Walked in for a test-drive... walked out with a brand new shiny 2013 Subaru WRX!!! Was personally assisted right from the time we walked in, to the time we drove out, by John Navarro!! I've never had such a fantastic experience at a car-dealership! Great job, guys!! (^^,)

Darren W. | 2012-10-19

Bought my first brand new car, got a 2013 impreza which I love. Very happy with my decision. Everyone there is very nice. If you want a great experience go see Paige Wallace, he will give u the VIP treatment. He know everything about the cars and gave me the best experience I could ask for. Thanks guys!

darleen k. | 2012-10-17

I had been looking for a car for over 3 months.  I had narrowed it down to three types of small SUV's.  I happened to notice one day that there was a used Forester on the lot with super low mileage so decided to stop by.

I was greeted by Chip Miller who was super nice and helpful.  After the morning from Heck by other sales personnel at other car places he was a breath of fresh air.  He actually listened to what I was looking for and helped me select the car that best fit me and my family.

Chip is a stand-up kind of guy.  He really did make my car buying experience fun and I love my Subi!

Alameda M. | 2012-10-15

Purchased my 2nd Subaru here.  It is an Outback and I was helped by John Navarro.  I'm so amazed at his tenacity professionalism and willingness to work with me with the purchase!!!  After being frustrated with east bay dealers I came here with some hesitations and could not be more satisfied with John Navarro.  Thank you DGDG and John for I am completely satisfied with purchase!!! I love my new Subaru!!!

Bryan K. | 2012-10-13

Subaru cars are great, but this dealership is pretty shady.  My wife and I tried to be open about what we were looking for and what we were willing to pay. John one of the floor people (who don't seem to know much) wasted our time for an hour leading us on.  He was offering us prices that he then retracted after talking with the big scary sales manager.  Who eventually came out and talked to us rudely. We were nothing but polite and straightforward, but as soon as they saw that they weren't going to make an obscene profit from customer ignorance they became almost hostile.  Lots of great cars out there don't waste your time here.

S F. | 2012-10-12

Working with Eugene Levins at Capitol Subaru was completely painless and easy. All of the process up to picking up the car was done by email, so no hassle there. The pricing was fair and straightforward for the car I bought. All in all, it was about as effortless and pleasant as buying a new car can be.

Update 11/2013: I bought a 2013 Subaru a bit over a year ago. Since then the low oil light always comes on before the car is due for service - it's happened three times so far. It's a little frustrating as I've been taught never to drive a car low on oil, etc, which results in me having to rush in immediately to get the car serviced. Subaru tells me this is normal, but I've never had a car that ran low on oil between services before and it doesn't inspire confidence whether it's normal or not. This will be the last Subaru I buy. This is unfortunate as otherwise it's a good little car.

Jess E. | 2012-10-09

Missing some intelligent conversation and an informed expert in your life? Seek out Kristoffer. The whole crew of people we interacted with at Capitol Subaru surpassed all expectations we had of the car buying experience. As a first time buyer my fiance was overly ambitious of what he wanted and could afford, but through patience and a desire to make a deal work out without compromising quality or service, Kris, as well as his supervisor, and finally Steve, the Finance Associate, were nothing but helpful.
We were extremely satisfied with the car we drove off the lot and are confidant that we will be going back for maintenance and eventually an upgrade years from now. Also, look for my fiance's, Tony, interview on their YouTube page.

Samantha O. | 2012-10-04

Just got a new car here. The customer service was awesome,  John Choi was very helpful. I love my new Outback!!!!

Marimar H. | 2012-09-27

I traded my 2007 Forester in for a new 2013 Outback and I absolutely love it. My salesperson, Adam Ischia, was fantastic to work with. He was very knowledgeable about the ins and outs of the different subaru models and was extremely patient (and not at all pushy or "sales-persony") with me as I test drove, asked questions, asked more questions, and finally found a car that I absolutely love.  He was formerly a mechanic and was able to give me great details and tips about how my new car works and drives. He really worked with the rest of the Subaru team (all of them were super nice) to get me the right financing and the best value for my trade in, and the best deal on my new car. They allowed me to stay within my budget, and the best part is, I drove out in a brand new car that I thought would surely be out of my reach!  I'll definitely return to this dealership in the far off future when it is time for a new car again.

Justin-Rey B. | 2012-09-21

This dealership is amazing. As a first time buyer, I didn't have much experience with buying a car besides watching my parents do the deals.

I went in to test drive a WRX and ordered a 2013 White Hatch on 8/15. My salesman gave me a weekly notice on the car and it's status until it finally arrived yesterday.

The staff was very accommodating and very friendly. During the deal, all the numbers were presented to me, everything matched and everything made sense. There was no verbal agreements or anything. This dealer was extremely honest and never tried to push me into doing something I didn't want/need. The entire process was pleasant and very comfortable.

I will be coming back to this dealer again when the time comes for a new car (in the future of course). I highly recommend this dealer for anyone looking for a new/used car and want great service with honesty.

Kyle N. | 2012-09-14

I brought my Outback here about a year ago. Recently I notice a clunking noise when breaking from reverse to drive. So, I called up the service dept. talked with one of the service rep.. He told that is normal. However, the noise come on only couple weeks ago. To diagnoses the problem there is a charge fee for this even though the car is sill under warranty.
I called up Steven Creek Subaru service department. They told me to bring it in right away. It didn't cost me anything. They also shuttle me back to my work and also promised to wash the car. My experience there waspleasantt. Where as CapitolSubaruaservicee ishorriblee. When asking for for shuttling, they said it too far. Car wash only done if the service guy is happy that day.
On another occasion, there is another problem with the car. Instead of finding out what happened they blame I cause the problem. Seem like there iwarrantyee service, it your faults or take it somewhere else.
I'm sure some of customer get great service, but for me I wouldn't come back here again for my service gettinging another car from them.

Alvaro F. | 2012-09-10

Stay away from this dealership.  You're better off trying Stevens Creek or Carlsen.

The experience started off OK and just got worse from there.  I gave this dealership 3 tries to make my experience better but each time was a disappointment.

I was turned away two times by the most discourteous service rep.  He asked in a very gruff manner if i had an appointment and i said no.  He said he was too busy for the day and asked i come back another day.  I came back early saturday morning and was again turned away.  Finally got my car serviced (on the 3rd visit) and dealt with a different service rep (mind you i purchased their flagship car the STi, which is their most expensive car ... you'd think they treat you a little better).  

So after picking up my car I called to follow up on some notes made and asked about a service.  They said it wasnt covered by the maintenance plan which i purchased.  A very convenient fact they leave out when selling you a car.  So keep this in mind if considering buying a car, the maintenance plan only covers oil changes and tire rotations.  When explaining this to me, the service rep was really rude.  I also asked him about something i read in my manual regarding oil change intervals that disagreed with his recommended interval and instead of explaining became very confrontational.

This dealership is good at selling cars, but don't expect to continue an ongoing relationship after you sign on the dotted line.

Overall - This is the worst experience I've had with a dealership.  Do what i did and head down the street to Stevens Creek for your automotive needs.

Rude and very unprofessional.

Steve C. | 2012-09-04

My wife and I were interested in a new Subaru, so we thought we'd give Capitol Subaru a try. Out of sheer luck we found ourselves dealing with John Choi, a remarkable salesman who really knows his stuff. John was low pressure, high knowledge, and the ultimate combination of courtesy and excellence. John's main concern was helping us buy the car we wanted, and he remained committed during the entire process start to finish. If you're going to buy a car this year, buy it from John Choi at Capitol Subaru.

Warren L. | 2012-08-29

Well, after 2 year of my bliss with my Impreza Outback, I decided to upgrade to Subaru Outback instead. I did some online research and 2013 model has many features I would enjoy. I called up Tommy Quach again and hopefully he can make it happen and he did just that.

However I did have to wait 2 more weeks because the car is not even in the shop yet so per his suggestion, I put down $50 to secure the rights to look at it. Once it arrives, it was just matter of time before I drive new baby off of their lot.

Overall, Tommy didn't disappoint and still very professional for a returning customer.

Nadia J. | 2012-08-27

My husband were recently on the market looking for a new or used car. I was on Capital Subaru's website and was looking at new Subaru's because of their advertised low apr financing. Then I decided to look at their used car selection. I found a 2006 Volvo s40. Then, I realized that it was awd. We live in South Lake Tahoe so that was a major plus. So I sent over an email to John Navarro with an offer. He accepted my offer and the next day we were on our way to San Jose. My husband and I were so excited. Then when we saw the car it was love at first sight. The car was practically new. So we went inside and worked the numbers with John and realized that we had to make a down payment to qualify for the loan. We were not prepared to put anything down. Then it was suggested to get a newer and or possibly cheaper car. Which only made the situation worse. So we walked outside and John came after us and invited us back in. We tried some other things but to no avail. So went left a second time with heavy hearts and disappointment. Not to mention the 4 hour drive home. My husband and I hardly spoke the whole way home.

But, to my surprise the next day I noticed that we had received email from John. What impressed me is that he had sent it to us at 1:45am. Which meant that he must have felt bad about what had taken place. So I thought wow how thoughtful. So I called my husband and said that I think this salesman really wants to help us. We should call him and see what we can come up with. So I did. He told me that he was just talking about us to his manager to see what they could do. In the meantime, my mother-in law had said that she would give us the money. So now I had something to offer. So in the meantime, the car was held for us until we had reached an agreement. Which we did.

Micheal in financing along with another gentlemen pulled the deal together as far as the financing goes. But, John was with us every step of the way. So when you go to Capital Subaru remember to ask for John Navarro.

Calvin L. | 2012-08-26

I just picked up a BRZ from Capitol.  Worked with Michael Holm, who was a total class act throughout the entire process. On the finance side, we worked with Nana, who was also a breeze to work with. Unlike at other dealers, Capitol was never pushy.

I had a preorder for the car all the way back in March and finally got delivery in mid-August.  Mike was very responsive to my concerns and questions. He even provided me with frequent updates, like when Subaru finally announced the pricing for the vehicle, when the first two arrived so that I could visit and take a look, and when to expect delivery for my car.  He was also very accommodating to my requests (like  opting out of the dealer car wash). By default, I don't think these guys put on the front license plate holder, so its up to you if you want to attach it (fyi, California law requires for it to be mounted).  We primarily communicated through email, which is my preferred method and Mike had no problem with it. If you like phone, Mike is a great phone guy also.

In the end, they got me a great price and APR for the auto loan through JP Morgan Chase for the car, despite it being very high in demand. The whole process didn't take more than a couple of hours, from the test drive to signing the final papers.

If you're looking to buy a Subaru from an honest and responsive dealer, definitely check out Capitol Subaru.

Matt S. | 2012-08-24

Eugene Levins made all the difference.  We purchased our car through the Costco Auto Program.  Eugene is the car salesperson we met and discussed our car interests.  We initially wanted an Impreza but ended up with a Outback.  Gene pointed out that I would not fit comfortably (6'2" 225 pounds) in the Impreza.  We tried one, a Forester, and finally an Outback.  The Outback was the most comfortable by far and was a very nice car.  Yes, we ended up paying more than planned but given that we had nearly 200,000 miles on hour current Honda Pilot, we knew we wanted something that would be comfortable for another 200+ thousand miles in the Outback.

Eugene did not know every fact of the car questions we asked but he new most of them.  I have never met a car salesperson that did.  I don't hold this against him.  For the important questions (1-2), we were able to find it in the brochure or in one of the car manuals while waiting for the contract to be drawn up.

The entire process of working with Eugene, the test drive, the contract paperwork, the finance department, etc. was all a very good experience.

We have not yet brought our Outback in for service but we hope the Service Department is as good as Eugene and the finance department personnel.

They deserve and earned, in our case, five out of five Stars.

Dson F. | 2012-08-13

Fiancee and I bought a new 2012 Impreza over a month ago and was happy with the experience from start to finish. I emailed every Subaru dealership from the North bay to the South bay and everyone in between and by far the pricing and follow-up was the best at Capitol.  We were looking for a very specific Impreza and all the dealerships seem to have only a limited selection e.g colors, options etc.   We worked with Jamie C and found one available but due to demand it would take a couple of weeks for it to be delivered so we put a deposit down and a few weeks later we got exactly what we wanted.  Jamie took the extra time to explain all the features in the car and made sure that my fiancee was comfortable with her new car.  We will definitely come back for our next car purchase.

Natalie S. | 2012-08-13

I have recently bought a 2009 Subaru at Capitol Subaru and had a great experience.
The agent who helped us threw the process was Michael Holm and he was very helpful. Also after we paid and came to take the car a week later (due to private issues) he was very attentive and caring. He even called to remind us to come and get the car! :)
Overall it was a good deal and an enjoyable purchase.

Maria H. | 2012-08-08

Went in this week to buy a 2011 Forester that I had spied online while on vacation. We were pleased with the whole process. It did take a bit of time, but we ended up with a car we love, and great financing. They even gave us a fair price for our trade in- which we were kinda just expecting them to chuckle at ;)  Whew!
Our salesman Chip and the F&I manager Steve helped us tremendously, plus they were very nice and fun to chat with! They were even super sweet to our 4 year old, of whom had no choice but to escort mom and dad to buy a car.
Overall we are very happy with Capitol Subaru, and we would definitely recommend them to anyone :)

Debbie S. | 2012-08-06

I just had to purchase a new car after my 12year old car decided to retire.  Honestly, I was not looking forward to the experience-almost dreaded it!    First of all, shortly after I walked onto the lot at Capital Subaru, I was greeted by Chip Miller.  I told him I wasn't set on any car specifically, but had a few specific requirements. He proceeded to show me what was available on the lot, and no pressure at all.  The next day, he had additional cars for me see and I appreciate that he didn't try to up sell me on a car over  my price range.  (I was prepared to leave if that was the case.)  He listened to me, was courteous and professional.  This car buying experience was truly a pleasure thanks to Chip!    I got the car  I was looking for, at a price that was fair and below KBB.  If you are in the market for a new or used car, go see Chip at Capital Suburu.   Everyone I encountered at this dealership was helpful  and a pleasure to deal with.
I'm a happy and satisfied customer!

Steve B. | 2012-08-06

I've used the service center for pretty trivial things, and I really appreciate that they don't try to nickel and dime me. They even did not charge me for a vehicle inspection due to leaking oil that turned out to be a leaky filter that they did not install themselves!

Kasia K. | 2012-08-05

I got my first car here a little over a month ago.  I've been to 4 other Subaru dealership, and this place was the only one where everyone was nice, was knowledgable about the cars and was actually willing to talk about the price.  John Choi was my sales rep and he was great.  Definitely made up for all the other awful reps I met that weekend.  He walked me through the entire sales process (it's always exciting to purchase your first car) and then called me the next day and then week to make sure that I am still happy with my purchase.  I'd definitely send friends to him if they were thinking of getting a Subaru.

Eric K. | 2012-08-03

We were in the market for another car recently.  After testing out and researching a bunch of old and new cars, we purchased a new Subaru from this dealership.

We primarily interacted with John Choi, who was professional, patient, and knowledgeable.  I appreciated the customer focus and no pressure approach.

I had been in this dealership about one year prior to this car purchase to do a test drive with a different salesperson.  Based on my experiences, I believe that they have put together a consistent and effective sales team, making for a great customer experience.

lucy c. | 2012-08-01

It's been a week now and wanted to make sure we write a review ASAP!
We just purchased our new 2012 Forester. After lots of online research we decided to sell both of our cars and downsize to one fully loaded ride. My boyfriend had a WRX and loved the car and the company, so it was a no brainer in going with Subaru, but still a huge commitment in purchasing a new car.
This was my first new car buying experience and I was of course very weary of car salesmen because of their bad rap. We decided to head to Capitol Subaru, since their reviews were much higher for all around service and satisfaction, than the much closer dealership in our area. When we got on the lot, Kafui greeted us as soon as we walked up. He asked what we were looking for and took us to the Foresters right away. We wanted to look at a few models and Kafui was kind enough to not only show us the one we were looking at but also pulled up two other Foresters to compare. He asked us if we wanted to test drive and NOT ONCE did he ask us to buy now or start any sales pitch, if anything he repeated that there is no pressure and he is here just to answer our questions. He let us drive the conversations and the experience. We knew instantly we wanted to buy with him!!
We came back about a week later ready to buy and Kafui recognized us right away. He stopped what he was doing and helped us pick out our car. We really felt like we made a friend and not someone who forced us into any sales, he worked with us on our budget and was able to make the deal happen- we got to build our dream car with him and we never had to settle once! This was such an amazing experience, even Nana in finance was great and really personalized the process.
Now, we have our dream car and at the right price. Kafui and the team at Capitol Subaru completely changed my mind about the car buying experience and I have become a bigger fan of Subaru and will continuously go back to them and Kafui - period! Needless to say, I highly recommend Kafui and this dealership, and we are so lucky to have landed such a great sales guy and friend... He even gave us a great sushi place down the street to eat at, this is first class service! Go see Kafui and the Capitol Subaru team if you want top notch service and a great deal!!

Owen L. | 2012-07-30

It was sunday afternoon, first time in Capitol Subaru dealership, it was a pack with  many many peoples try to buying a new car. To be honest, don't know what to expect but after all my experience was great. My salesperson Michael was really helpful and detail on everything......I would recomm.. to everybody. Not to mention, Steve the financial guy is also good at what he did.  So, I am really happy with the result.....hope they can keep it up.

Kristoffer G. | 2012-07-29

Got my second car there, a new BRZ. Was lucky enough to get one from the wait list.
They are honest and very helpful. Jamie that handles the Internet sales helped me a lot this time over and also things after the actual sale like give me a good pointer to a company that does a good job with the clear bra protection for a reasonable price.
Sorry Yelp, but if I just would taken the best guy in my area I would have paid more and got a worse film. Will write a separate review once the film settles and I see that there are no problems.

The only problem they have right now is that the BRZ is a too good to be true car with an unmatched bang for the $... So it will probably be a couple of years before I return. But I have been servicing my Outback there for the last 4y and have nothing to complain about. (With a pre-purchased plan)

Juan O. | 2012-07-29

Went with my girlfriend to get a car for our college age daughters. Kristofer Yee gave us a great deal with none of the traditional "car salesman" tactics. He worked with us until we got the price right where we needed it. We plan to buy 2 more cars in the near future and will be going back to have Kristofer help us with both of them. *Next time we will start earlier so Kristofer avoids girlfriend problems (he stuck it out with us to make the deal happen, handing us the keys right around 11 pm!)

Rosanne M. | 2012-07-28

My husband and I just bought a 2012 Subaru Tribeca from Capitol Subaru in San Jose, CA.  This was probably the most pleasant car-buying experience we've ever had.

Kristoffer Yee was our sales consultant and we can't recommend him highly enough.  He was very knowledgeable, extremely patient, and did not pressure us at all.  My husband was there many times, driving many different vehicles, and Kris was always friendly and helpful.

Gus put together a fair price for us, and Mike helped us though the financing process.  They didn't even give us the expected high pressure for an extended warranty or other extras.  Everyone we worked with was helpful, professional, and low pressure.

Our overall experience was extremely positive and we would highly recommend this dealer for anyone who is considering buying a Subaru.

Thien N. | 2012-07-27

I just bought a Subaru BRZ at Capitol Subaru through Ryan Villasenor.  This was a very popular car and I contacted 8 dealers and was on 4 waitlist, including the one at Capitol Subi.

From the moment Ryan Contacted me to when I made the purchase, Ryan always focused on my needs, and made sure that I understood each step of the process.  He also made himself personally available for me to constantly bother him to find out where I was on the waitlist.  Ryan's professionalism and focus on making my purchase an enjoyable and informative experience rather than treating it as another sale, was the reason why I passed on 4 other offers to purchase a BRZ elsewhere.  

My experience with Ryan and Capitol Subi compared to other dealership I went to confirmed all the positive reviews on here. Bottom line is, if you are in a market for a Subi, I recommend Ryan Villasenor and Capitol Subaru.  They're straightforward, and you'll actually enjoy the experience.

Hope you like the wine Ryan!

Hongsoon K. | 2012-07-09

Kafui Dzubey was very helpful when I purchase my car. He was very honest person and did not pressure me into buying the car. I recommend Capitol Subaru to buy your car in future.

Josh R. | 2012-07-03

Also my first time buying a brand new car, and not used. Heard about the BRZ a few months back and decided it was the one I wanted, looks great and an awesome MSRP.

All the details were handled over the phone and email and never had to go to the lot till the car was delivered to do the signing of paper work. Jamie Cassady and Mike were beyond awesome during the entire process and I love my new BRZ.

Miss W. | 2012-07-03

The guy I talked to was fantastic! Very professional and warm with none of that salesperson demeanor. Really wish I could've bought something from them - too bad the model I wanted wasn't in stock. Nonetheless, I was able to test drive a similar model and he gave me some some good tips, too. Definitely recommend this dealer over the Stevens Creek one!

Matt Y. | 2012-06-29

Thank you for my white 3.6L Legacy!!!! Page you are the man. Very friendly and knowledgable on all models of Subaru. Highly recommended!!!!   Ask for PAGE!!!!

Alexis G. | 2012-06-27

I bought my first car here back in December.. OMG doing anything here is just ridiculous! I've given this place plenty of chances to redeem themselves.

My first Oil change with a week in advance schedule, took 4 hours!!! that's unacceptable!
Then after waiting 4 hours my car still had the oil change light on.. it took 5 people to figure it out how to make it go away. Then the mechanic said not to bring my jeep there because they only service Subaru's.. I bought my car from them! I would have much rather taken it to jeep or a jiffy lube since they would have done a way better job, in less time I'm Sure.

At this point I wrote a letter to the store manager explaining my experience and I was really upset with them. This was back 4/20/12... never receiving any sort of reply back.

Second time..
Then a key making (which they did not give me at the time of purchase.. ask for your 2 sets of keys!) it took them 3 weeks to order, OK I understand I bought a jeep from them, they never called to say the key was in.. 6 weeks later I have to call them because they forgot of course. When I took my car in I was quoted an hour by the receptionist, then an hour and a half by the maintenance guy, OK.. two hours later my car isn't done because the maintenance guy ducked out for lunch! Really they have plenty of people on staff sitting around shooting the sh*t by the coffee machine! RIDICULOUS!

Then asking to speak to the store manger in person, he said he was sorry and it would be unfortunate for me not to give them another chance to have better service. WOW. I don't think so buddy... He would bring it up at the next staff meeting that they need to work on their customer service..

Then twenty minutes after leaving the dealership with my car and new key, I got a call saying it was done and ready to pick up.. obviously communication is not their strongest quality.

After 6 months, I finally got my spare key I should have received when I bought the car, it only cost me 8 hours of my life and an extreme about of stress and frustration..

randomtask .. | 2012-06-26

Came here because of all the positive reviews on yelp.  Then I noticed they had a bunch of youtube videos on all the different cars as well as interviews with prior customers about their great experience.  This place strives to make happy car buyers and succeeds.  After sizing up a few dealers and getting quotes, I emailed Jamie at Capitol and he knocked all the competition out of the park with his internet quote.  After a few back and forth emails about little details, I treked down to take a test drive. Jamie was off but Eugene was there to assist.  We found the car I was looking for, took it for a test drive, sized up my trade-in, made sure all my questions were answered and then it was up to me to make the call.  All the numbers looked good so I pulled the trigger. The rest of it was easy working with finance while they filled up the tank and detailed the car.  Eugene went through all the features of the car, helped me pair my phone before I left and always suggested things that would help me later on.  These guys and gals are the bomb, if you're looking for a Subaru, look nowhere else.  They are a larger dealer of Subaru's in California so will have the biggest selection and the best deals.

pui-yun c. | 2012-06-25

I'm sad that I have to give this place one star and bring down the ratings.  If they had a separate listing for car sales versus their sales department, there's no question that I'd be giving them a five star review.  However, similar to other reviews I've noticed, it seems like their service department is definitely lacking.

We purchased a 2012 Outback in May had a very pleasant experience.  However, after two weeks of driving, the iPod connection starting acting up.  At points it wouldn't even play music, but after a few more tries, it would play music but not display any track information, not even time elapsed.

While this doesn't affect the drive of the car, it's still a feature that we paid for, and expect it to work.  I scheduled an appointment, and took it in this past weekend.

First off, the person that took my car made me seem like I was being petty for bringing the car in.  After explaining the question, he asked "That's it??" as if I were wasting their time.  

About 4 hours later, they call and said the car was ready for pick up.  I went, and they said that nothing was wrong.  That if my unit was not listed in the manual as a "compatible unit" that not all the features would be available.  I would've accepted that explanation if the feature never worked when we picked up the car, but the feature HAD worked for the first two weeks.  Why would it suddenly stop working after two weeks? I don't think the car is THAT smart that it would say, "oops, this isn't a compatible unit, you got away with using this feature for two weeks! not anymore!!!!"

I insisted that it had worked before and stopped working, but the service rep did not seem interested and ended up telling me if it stopped working, then something was wrong with my phone.

Anyway, we drove home and looked in some forums and discovered that if you disconnected the battery for a bit, and reconnected it back, the feature should be restored. We tried it, and it worked! If it stops again, I'll be taking it to another Subaru Service center.  Disconnecting and reconnecting the battery is not a viable long term solution.

Luan T. | 2012-06-23

My service representative Guillermo Portillo aka Gil was great.  He was kind, humble, very oriented, and genuine.  He guided me through with the negotiation of my warranty company; and let me say, the warranty company was not very compromising with any help.  I had a chance to speak with them over the phone once and  it was like pulling hair just to get any direct answers.

Gil put in great efforts of informing me what to do or not to do.  He also kept me updated from time to time with the progress of my car.  The car did take awhile in the shop but because of the warranty company was not cooperative and delaying the process.  

I would recommend Gil to others who decides to come here. He'll be direct with what needs to be done and not beat behind the bush wasting your time.

Recommendations: they need more service rep like Gil.  It'll make any customer have a peace of mind when dealing with a dealership.

Thea N. | 2012-06-23

my buying experience was great.  i got the car i wanted at a great deal.  the salesperson (Cory) was one of the nicest, honest, and knowledgeable salespersons i've dealt with.  wish there were more like him.  I also love my Subee!!  it's a really smooth ride!  

the experience with service department, however, is the complete opposite.  my first trip there was great, but it was Cory that helped me and he seems to have left the company.  my recent trip (which turned into 2 trips), i dealt with 3 different people, within a 2 week period, and all seemed to have the same poor attitude.   My car was due for an oil change, but I had an issue with the left turn signal, as well as wanted to install side-door moldings.  Both times, it took 4-5 hrs to get my car back.  Both times, i was told i would receive a call when the car was ready, but never did.  the side moldings needed to be special ordered which was not a big deal, until a week passed, and i never received that phone call i was told i would get when it arrived.  It turns out, it was never ordered, because i was suppose to pay for it before hand!!!  Communicate people!!!  On top of that, the left turn signal was not working properly after the first time.  and i was transferred from the service department, to the parts department, to the cashier just to have my side-moldings installed .  

if i did not need to take it to a Subaru dealership to have it serviced, i wouldn't take it here.  but because it's a Subaru, and i love my Subee, i don't have a choice really.  but i will be checking out other dealerships in the area soon.

Jenna G. | 2012-06-17

First off, I have purchased many cars in the past.  Michael Holm and Capitol Subaru was one of my top experiences.  My finace and I needed a car that we can take to the snow, but that I also could commute in.  During our car search, it became apparent that the Subaru Impreza 5-door was the most logical choice.  We first went to Steven's Creek Subaru and had an awful experience.  There is definately something wrong happening over there.  Without going into it, I got the feeling that the management did not like the sales lady we were working with and actually tried to keep her from making the sale.

So we went to Capitol Subaru to check out their inventory.  They had alot of Impreza sedans, but not many wagons.  Michael came out and took us on a test drive.  The test drive went well and I liked that Michael was down to earth and easy to talk to.  He never pulled out that horrible 4-square chart.  The dealership did not have exactly what we wanted (we were pretty specific) and they searched their database to ffind what we wanted, but no one had it.  Michael helped us build the exact car we wanted.  All we had to do was put in a $500 deposit, which was completely refundable, and wait for it to be built.  Michael kept us updated on the status of the car and when to expect it.  

When the car came, we already knew what it was going to cost.  There was no haggling.  We came in, signed the papers, and drove home with our perfect new car.  It now has about 2,000 miles on it and I love it more and more each day.  

I definately recommend Michael and Capitol Subaru!  If any car salesman pulls out a 4-square chart on you or asks you for your budget before tell you the price of a car - RUN!

Richard S. | 2012-06-07

First time buying a car, and first time buying a new car. They accepted my BRZ reservation 7 months ago and delivered it today, on time, with mechanics working overtime at short notice to prepare it for delivery.

If all car dealers were straight-talking and awesome like this, I might understand better why my friends are all terrified of me getting ripped off buying a car. Instead, it was smooth and cheerful and worth it. Would buy here again, if my new car lets me down someday :)

Nicholas B. | 2012-06-04

My wife and I came across this dealership last minute while shopping around for a 2012 Subaru Outback. We already had a very good offer from another nearby dealership (about 11 mi away, you do the math), but the entire sales team's attitudes and demeanor at Capitol Subaru when we walked in was so much better than the other dealer, that we felt more comfortable and safe buying a car from them, even if we had to pay a little bit more on top of the other dealer's price. They greeted us with open arms, paid a LOT of attention to our dog (really exemplified a commitment to dog-friendliness, whereas the other place didn't so much as take a second look at our dog). The experience was very pleasing, especially after working with the other dealership, where the fleet manager was very pointedly asking us why we were passing up a good deal, and wouldn't work with us regarding some simple add-ons we wanted (wheel locks, all-weather floor mats, etc...)

We worked with Chip Miller - he kept on cracking jokes throughout the process, which helped to lighten the mood, as buying a car can be a very stressing situation, since you are committing to such a big purchase. We prepared our price goals ahead of time, so we were very aggressive about getting the price we wanted. Chip and his manager worked with us the entire time, until we were able to settle on a price. We started our dealing at Capitol in the late afternoon, and so when it came to the point that my wife and I were feeling hungry, Chip offered us some delicious egg rolls that another sales person had brought in.

Overall, buying our first Subaru from Capitol was a one of the better experiences we have had in buying a car. I've also sat in on negotiations when my parents had bought their cars, and this experience was equal or better.

Sobe W. | 2012-06-02

my car-buying experience at Capitol Subaru was very pleasant and informative.  I went in on their first day pre-order of the BRZ by accident, and I was not happy about the fact that Subaru Japan did not really release substantial information about the car and delivery date,  John Choi was my salesman he took my order and brief me on everything he knew at the time and told me the delivery date would be in September.  Couple of month went by, John did not forget me and kept me in the loop on where are things on my order, he was very patient with me even though I got more antsy as the months went by.  And much to my surprise, the car arrived 3 months early and it was everything I was promised!  The transaction was simple and easy, took awhile to sort out all the paperwork but John and Nana took care of me and informed me all the in and outs about the purchase, both free and paid subaru service programs.  They answered all my questions and I would definitely recommend them to my friends and loyal yelpers!
they also offered competitive interest rate on loans so do ask Nana for details.

now go and buy a car!

one suggestion on making car buyers feel more special, my friend bought his ducati motorcycle and he received a call from ducati office in Italy congratulate him on his purchase, a simple phone call goes a long way in this scenario, I wish other companies would do the same, it really shows how much company value their customers.

Kim W. | 2012-05-29

CAPITOL SUBARU!~ YAY! Yah-- seriously an awesomely, exciting experience (never thought I could say that about purchasing a car?!) at this dealership! Everyone who works here is extra, super cool and chill. I never felt pressured or uncomfortable ever, at all! Came in knowing exactly what I wanted, and I came out getting exactly what I wanted! I am so grateful for such an easy, happy, good car buying experience!

So, an essential component to this awesome-o experience: PAGE "Cool Beans" Wallace!!! He is the bee's knees! He helped me through this incredibly daunting first car buying experience like an OG. He is impossibly patient and thorough with all kinds of everything (like: ordering my car EXACTLY to how I want it, silly questions, specific random/extra details, etc.)! He even sat with me in my beautiful new WRX and helped me program my mom's phone number into the bluetooth/voice dial thing! Come on! That's so rad! AND, he is funny and has a great sense of humor, can't beat that!

I can't sing enough praises of Capitol Subaru. Everything about this place is awesome, and I LOVE MY NEW CAR! It's infinitely PERFECT!

Monique Y. | 2012-05-28

Thanks for a great car-buying experience! We had visited and talked to 2-3 other Subaru dealers in the area.  All the sales people were your typical car salesmen--pushy, untrustable and just an overall slimy quality to them.  We visited Capitol because of the friendly email exchanges we had with Ryan, the Internet manager.  

We were greeted by a friendly young lad name Kris--it was his 4th day on the job! And his boss, Gus was there to greet us as well.  (Ryan was out that day) They were trying to get Kris up to speed so Kris took us out on a test drive--pretty knowledgeable about the car, but we had to go to Gus for numbers.  Gus is a great guy as well--he's the Retail and Internet manager for Capitol, and was trying to really set Kris up for success.  Great to see how he took care of Kris.  Genuine good guys and were not pushy at all.  

We came back a week later to do the transaction and worked with Ryan, as Kris was gone.  Ryan is laid back and extremely pleasant to work with as well.  Wasn't sales-y and we felt he was a genuine family man.  They threw in some sweet all-weather mats for our Outback upon request!  Car was cleaned and detailed before we drove off with it.

Overall, a pleasant and smooth experience with some truly friendly, nice, and helpful staff.  Try it out!

Ryan R. | 2012-05-27

As is the case with all dealership visits, you don't meet with all of the staff, just a few. In that vein, my review is of Ryan, the salesperson who helped me with my Impreza I bought a few weeks ago (middle of May '12).

Almost everyone has had a terrible experience with a salesperson one time or another, from lack of knowledge, insulting demeanor, making promises with fingers crossed behind backs, etc. My experience with Ryan was none of those things; instead, it was pleasant and enjoyable.

I decided I wanted to buy a slightly used Impreza vs a new one because of some features the previous generation had. I looked around all of the Subaru dealers in the Bay Area for inventory that fit my description and found one that was exactly what I wanted in Capitol's inventory.

I made an inquiry via email on the car (because I live in SF, so visiting the dealership without being pretty sure a deal was going to happen was a long trek) and Ryan replied quickly with some info about it as well as a price. I replied with my own offer, and soon thereafter he countered with a price I thought was very reasonable, and I agreed.

A week or so later he arranged a ride from the CalTrain station at a time that was convenient for me, we test drove the car, and I bought it for the price we had previously agreed, without any backpedaling, hard selling, having to check with managers, etc. He even waited patiently while I was on the phone with my insurance company for more than half an hour.  

Best of all, while paperwork was getting done, etc, we had a real, genuine, fun conversation. I had a lot of fun chatting and time flew while I was there.

Bottom line is, if you want a to actually enjoy the process of buying a car instead of having to steel yourself, Ryan is who you want to work with.

Michael P. | 2012-05-27

Thanks Guys!

Service Reps: Kris Yee, Gus Banvlimmerman and Steve Sarich

I had been shopping for a used Mazda for about a month and went to about 8 different dealers in the Bay Area without running into a single sales rep who wasn't pushy or absurd about the cost of purchasing a used vehicle. I was pretty much at wits end when i came across a used Mazda 3 in the Del Grande auto group. I called the Mazda dealership, thinking that was the right thing to do but was met with probably one of the rudest sales reps during my entire purchase experience.

Luckily, i had heard good things about the sales team next door at Capitol Subaru and thought that they could help me out. I called Subaru and their sales rep, Kris Yee was more than happy to detail the process and concerns about getting the Mazda over to their lot.

A day later I came down and drove home in what turned out to be a great purchase. These guys were really helpful about getting me all of the relevant information i needed for my credit and being a first time  buyer, the process can be a little daunting without and help. Kris showed me the vehicle and led me through a no pressure sale that I didnt think i would see compared to the pushy and fatalist tactics used at a lot of dealerships in the bay that I had become accustomed to.

I've learned to say NO pretty easily during the process of buying a car but the guys were reasonable and willing to help me work out something that fit into my budget. I think theres something to be said about a sales rep who's patience supersedes their financial motivation and doesn't use other interested buyers as a threat to the customer or utilize some sympathy driven pitch. Thanks alot Capitol Subaru, I recommend no matter what make or model of vehicle your looking at you try to go through these guys!

Briell K. | 2012-05-25

This past weekend we bought a 2012 Outback.  We had a really good experience with this dealership.  Our sales guy Mike was not pushy at all and was very accomodating with what we wanted with our trade in and pricing on the car.  Honestly we were going to the dealership just to check it out but wound up buying the car since they gave us the deal we wanted with 2.9% financing for 60 months.  We also bought the maintenance package since it was all inclusive and I wouldn't have to worry about it for 3 years or so.  This was the first pleasant car buying experience I've had and we love the car, I'm officially a fan!

Cathryn S. | 2012-05-22

Ask for kafui, he is a great guy and very funny. Althought we didn't get to take home a Subaru wrx today, he was really a nice and understanding guy. He answered all our question and help us with all the things we asked for. For sure we will come back here because other locations didnt really help us as much as they did.

Today, we came back because kafui told us there was a pearl white wrx in stock. So we talked and negotiated and now were taking it home!

Michael D. | 2012-05-20

If I could give 0 stars I would. The service department of this dealership is second worse only to Audi's in Las Vegas. They are a -5 for criminal activities. Admittedly, I stopped going to dealerships for service after the Audi's experience but hey, my car is under warranty. Our Subaru went downhill over the last year developing a strange vibration in the front end. Then the brake rotors warped and our "suby" became nearly undrivable. I'm sorry that my wife had to drive the car. But a trip down south was miserable due to the shake/shutter issues and poor braking performance. First trip to this dealership yielded nothing. Brakes were just fine according to the service attendant. What a joke. I went away very pissed off.

I gave them one last try before the warranty ran out. They then admitted that the brake rotors were warped twice beyond spec but the wouldn't warranty the repair. They refused as well to acknowledge the vibration in the front end. They told me the car drove perfectly normal and that the service manager knows these cars and test drove it himself. If that's the case, he needs to find a new line of work. Seriously. We were screwed and wanted to dump the car on someone else but no one would buy this car the way it drove. How can you sell a car that the dealer won't fix? Our only recourse was to trade it in.

We decided just before the mileage ticked past 36K to try Carlsen Subaru. Not only did they acknowledge all the problems with the car, warped rotors, unbalanced wheels and an egg shaped tire, they somehow manage to fix through what is known as a road test variation. They rented my a car for $15 bucks splitting the cost while they performed the repairs. Not only that, they fixed the brakes as well under warranty.

The car drives as new thanks to Carlsen Subaru. They mentioned that they get a lot of Capital's business even though they a pretty good drive. And now I see why! I'll be giving Subaru of America another call regarding the performance of both these dealerships.

Joseph M. | 2012-05-16

Folks...  I know that purchasing a car these days tend to be an ALL DAY AFFAIR. Frustrating in as much as waiting at the dreaded DMV!!

Such is NOT the case at Capitol Subaru..  with that said....

I'd like to extend a huge compliment to CAPITOL SUBARU's, Jaime Cassady for the excellent service he provided me last week in the purchase of my son's WRX STI.

I found Mr. Cassady personable, caring and above all a true professional.  In an industry that is not known for such character - Mr. Cassady should be commended.  I found him extremely knowledgably of all the vehicles he had shown me.  

Such a commitment to great customer service is to be commended. You have definitely gained a new customer who will refer all of his friends and colleagues to CAPITOL SUBARU.  and GO SEE JAIME CASSADY!!

Dr. JC McMurray

Mitchell H. | 2012-05-16

The customer service from the sales staff was excellent. Chip helped me and my fiance buy a car and although it took a couple days, the experience was as pleasant as buying a car could be. I would absolutely buy another car from Chip.

Chester A. | 2012-05-12

At first, I went to this dealership because the other subaru dealership sucked. Now I go here all the time for service -- the people are friendly, the wait room is stocked with popcorn, wi-fi and ipads, and the service is as expected. You can tell by their staff, service, and facility that they do really try to accommodate the customer.

Like today, I came in and paid $0 because they made me wait too long (2 hours for an oil change). I honestly wouldn't mind waiting that long again next time for a free oil change, safety inspection, and to answer all those questions I have.

Well worth the more expensive service you're paying for. See you again in several months.

Dan N. | 2012-05-09

I went here with a price in mind for a WRX, on speaking with a salesperson here (i'll leave his name out) i named my price...and yes they are so big on "being family owned" and we're not happy unless you're happy.

Our salesman goes and gets a 'suit' from behind the glass...glasses, suit, and an attitude. He ends up insulting me and my family saying that with that price I cannot get a WRX and should look into another vehicle... Guess what? I went somewhere else and paid less and got more options and was out in less time. Don't insult your customers knowledge thanks.

Mark L. | 2012-04-30

I wanted to do a test drive of the Forester so walked in and talked to Michael Holm. Nice, easy going guy who walked me through a few models and test drives. The week after I used the internet dealer, Tommy Quach to give me a quote on what I wanted. Went back to the dealership, negotiated the price with my trade-in, and the very same day drove out with my car. A bit of fun in the going back and forth on the price but I expected nothing else. In the end the price was great and I was satisfied, what more can you ask?

Alex K. | 2012-04-23

Jamie Cassady and Eugene Levins. Those are the two people you want to speak with at Capitol Subaru. Eugene said he would make it simple and easy and he kept his word. Jamie was a pleasure to work with. He was very knowledgable and was able to answer all my questions regarding the 2012 Outback Premium and various questions regarding Subaru technology and its other models. I spent a great deal of time debating between colors and features, but Jamie was very patient. Unlike another Subaru dealer I went to, I at no point during the process felt pressured to make a decision. Best of all, they offered a very competitive price that I was very pleased with. The overall experience was terrific. Both Jamie and Eugene care a great deal that they are able to offer the best price and experience to their potential customers. Jamie Cassady, Eugene Levins and Capitol Subaru is the way to go!

MJ R. | 2012-04-19

When it comes to buying used cars...I wouldn't want to brag, but I'm a pretty good negotiator.  My results speak for themselves.  I have bought several cars in the past, drove them for months and re-sold them for more or same amount I paid.  But I'm also ethical and wouldn't feel good walking away from a deal where the salesperson was not also happy!

When I buy a car, what I can't stand is slick car salesman who tries to pull wools over my eyes.  I spot those guys miles away.

Here's my recent Capitol Subaru story.  

My friend needed to buy a car.  She's a single mother who is NOT a like most, she has a budget.  The last car she bought was from one of those slick-looking used car salesman who thinks this is still 1983!  You know the type.  Well, to say the least, she didn't get the best deal she could have.  So, this time she wanted to do better and not get shafted.  She came to me and asked for my help.

With my advice and coaching and after test driving a few different cars, she set her sight on a Subaru Forester. We then proceeded to visit different used car lots.   The first one was Capitol Subaru.  There she found a 2010 Forester Limited Edition...a beauty!  She loved it immediately, but it was simply too expensive.  We didn't think she could afford it. We agreed to continue shopping.

From there we went to Subaru Stevens Creek.  There she also found a SUV she liked, but all the time I was there I was under the impression that the guys were trying to shaft her.  I want to say that the Sales Manager was nice...I think his name was Ari.  But I was not impressed with the others (who shall remain nameless).  In fact, after we reached an agreement and my friend suggested we go across the street to get a bite to eat and think the deal over...some dude came out of the wood works looking like he was from 1983 and he told me; "The deal is only good for 5 min...if you are not back by then the deal doesn't stand."  I replied; "Who the heck are you?"  He said he was one of the managers and that he had worked on that deal for us.  As I walked out he followed me, menacing me that the deal wouldn't stand longer then 5 min! Bla, Bla, Bla!!  I told him that this was 2012 and not 1975 and that I didn't appreciate his tone.  In fact I said, we basically had a deal until that point, but that his attitude was such a turn off that I didn't know if I trusted that dealership was a good place to buy a car after all- I wasn't not sure I want to entrust my friend to them anymore.  My friend and I left...and I told her not to buy the car because they were too sleazy!

All the time we were at Stevens Creek's Subaru, Kafui, the sales rep from Capitol Subaru was trying to help my friend afford the car.  He was in constant contact with me over the phone.  He was calling around and calling me back.  My friend does not have perfect credit, but Kafui was trying to get her the best possible rates.  He was making suggestion to us and really trying to get her a good deal.  A real helpful salesman!

So, when we left Steven Creek's Subaru I suggested that we went back to Capitol Subaru. Even though the Limited Edition Forester my friend wanted was over her budget,  I was under the impression that Kafui was really trying to help my her out and I suspected he would get her a good deal.  As soon as we got back there he greeted us with his big white smile.  

After walking around the lot for a few minutes, Kafui suggested we went back inside.  He assessed the value of my friends trade-in car very fairly.  He gave us his best price on the Forester and within a few minutes of non-threatening negotiating we made a deal!  Kafui got my friend the exact car she wanted at the price she could afford.  While we were sitting at his desk he was going back and forth to his Sales Manager Gus.  They both made me feel like he had my friend's best interest at heart - really, really.  Gus was also awesome.  

Let me just finish by saying that I bought probably 15 cars in my life and buying my friend the Subaru Forester she wanted was by far the most pleasant experience ever.  At the end I know that she got a really good deal.  So she is very happy.  Kafui sold a car; I'm sure he's happy.  

Everyone was happy and my friend made a new friend in Kafui...the car salesman of the year!

Thanks Kafui!
(and sorry if I spelled your name wrong!)

Gerald B. | 2012-04-17

Came here Saturday (4/14/2012) thinking I was just gonna test drive a '10 Impreza 2.5 GT, but ended up trading in my '03 Impreza 2.5 TS for it instead. This is my 3rd Subaru, and I must say that this purchase was the best experience I've had at a dealership... ever. I was fortunate enough to have been assisted by Tommy who was extremely helpful, enthusiastic, and REAL. Not only was Tommy very knowledgeable, and courteous, he also did what he could to make it as smooth a transaction as possible. Tommy is also a Subaru driver, and shared my enthusiasm for the Impreza 2.5 GT, which made it that much more pleasurable to work with him. I have had experience with the old Ron Price Subaru in South San Francisco, Putnam Subaru in Burlingame, and Carlsen Subaru in Redwood City, and thought Carlsen & Ron Price were the best. But after my purchase, I'd have to say Capitol Subaru in San Jose has set a new bar for me. I'd gladly make the drive from Daly City to San Jose and do it all over again. I would definitely refer friends and family here as well. Great cars, great service. Enough said.

KC H. | 2012-04-09

I bought my 2009 Forester here (on a bit of a whim) 3 years ago and have been coming here to get it serviced ever since.  Everyone I have dealt with in the Service Center has been friendly, professional, and reliable.  I have trusted all the work they have done (aside from one guy, can't remember his name, convincing me to get a major service done before it was necessary, and then, after I had it done, trying to get me to do it again).  

Overall, though, I feel like they really do have the customer in mind and do what they can to take good care of my car at a price that is reasonable.  With their new show room that has work stations and wi-fi it's super easy for me to take my car in for a service and then work out of their waiting room.  If you're looking for a Subaru (and I highly recommend it- I adore my Subee), definitely come to this location!

rohit g. | 2012-04-06

Dealt with Ryan to buy the car using the Costco program. Its truly a hassle free program, and Capitol Subaru and Ryan Villasenor made it a even better experience. It was an absolute pleasure dealing with Ryan. His courteous and professional attitude made it my best car buying experience ever...

Sarah N. | 2012-04-04

Thanks so much for an awesome experience! Page Wallace helped me out and he was really knowledgeable and nice, not to mention available to chat after the purchase. Even on his off day, he helped me out with a question that I had about the car. In fact, I was trying to decide between a VW and the Subaru, and he was highly knowledgeable about both cars regarding pros and cons. Super honest.

I would recommend any and all of my contacts and friends to drive the extra 29 miles just to work with the staff at Capitol Subaru. We hadn't even gotten out of the car yet, and there was someone standing outside to greet us and open the doors for us. Just the day before, I had gone to Boardwalk VW and we were on the lot for 20 minutes. Not one person came up and even asked us if we needed help. So we left.

Everyone we came into contact with at Capitol was super nice, and not in the textbook typical sales guy kind of way. They were real, non invasive, and not pushy at all. Thank you for a great experience. I love my new Forester!

Jason C. | 2012-03-28

I was lucky enough to have pre-ordered for 2012, so there was no back and forth bargaining involved in this transaction.    I could've negotiated, but didn't feel like getting more greedy than $800 below invoice.   The salespeople here are very friendly, professional, patient, and courteous.   Never once was there a condescending word at all.    It was a complete, 180 degree experience compared to Stevens Creeks Subaru, where the owner actually told me to leave and said he'd not sell me any wrx below MSRP (granted, this was towards the end of 2011 when inventory was sparse, but still...he did not have to be rude about it).   I wasn't left standing around waiting for help as is the usual experience in other car dealerships.    

If you come here, ask for Eugene Levins.   He will take care of you.  

There are a few points to be aware of when in the market for buying a subbie (and just any new car in general).   Feel free to skip this wall of text:

1)   If you don't want low-profile tires, remember to specify otherwise.      They appear to come as stock on the wrx, from what I'm seeing in the catalog (it's the older 2011 copy though).   I like them very much myself, but I wasn't paying attention to that little detail when buying the car originally, so it was a bit of a surprise.   Some people like them, some people don't.    

2)  Also be aware that there's an extended maintenance plan that the dealership will aggressively try to sell you on, in order to facilitate meeting the requirements for the limited 3-year warranty that comes with the new car.   Basically, if the car isn't kept up in good enough shape, Subaru will not honor the terms of the 3-year, and so the warranty defaults back to a standard 1-year on parts and labor (don't quote me on that, b/c I'm not terribly familiar with all the specifics).    BMW's have a similar set-up if I recall.   The maintenance plan will cost anywhere from ~ $1750-$2000+ depending on whatever promotion is going on (the offer to me was the former).  

If there's anything about buying a new car, it was this little tid-bit that kind of blind-sided me.      And it's one of those things you don't want to have to decide upon on the fly (the discounted cost only applies at the time of purchase of the car).      Now, the plan can be cancelled within the first 90 days of having the car, but then it takes the head office up to 3 months to return the cash back to you.   If this is one negative about this dealership, this would be it.    Had I been forewarned well in advance to me picking up my car, the overall experience would've been smoother.

Nothing wrong with the maintenance plan at all.     It seems like a worthwhile investment that saves time, money, and stress.   It waives all the taxes and environmental fees for all the servicing, it's just that you have to pay for all the servicing on the car up front.

3)   As usual with any dealership, once the money exchanges hands, your access to freebies disappears.   Don't forget to ask for those wonderful all-weather floormats!

4)  It helps to have some peace of mind to bring a friend or mechanic who can help you with final inspection before signing the papers and driving the vehicle off the lot, just to be sure that there are no problems.   Luckily my car has none *knock on wood*, but I happened to be unprepared in this circumstance when my order suddenly showed up a month earlier than I had expected.

Andre X. | 2012-03-26

Representative name: Tommy Quach.

I'm in the market to purchase a Subaru. Happen to get Tommy Quach. The name is very familiar and it went back to 2010 where he helped me when I came and looked for a hatchback STI for the first time. We didn't strike a deal since STI suspension was a bit on the soft side.

Today I went there to talk seriously about ordering an STI. We have been in touch through emails for the past 3 weeks or so. He went ahead and quoted me a price. He told me that he quoted me a price below (paste from email):

Here is quote on a 2012 Subaru STi Sedan:
M.S.R.P. $34,845
Invoice: $33,013

Your Special Ordered Price: $ 32,313 before taxes and lic.

He told me that he had given me a quote and I confirmed that he did. I told him he gave me a quote of $32,000 something. He said its $33,000. Then I asked him if he's sure, since I pointed at him on his own email that it says right here $32,313. Then Tommy told me that, that's before the $750 destination fee.

Alright, let's move on.... then I asked him to lower the price as he can't sell the STI if there's no customer order the car. He did, he gave me $32,913 with destination fee included. I wrote it down on the brochure he gave me and head to another Subaru dealership.

When I arrived at another Subaru dealership, he gave me a quote $31,913, minus some dollars off the invoice price. Then right away I gave Tommy a call to ask him whether or not he wants to beat the price. Tommy said that he already gave me the lowest price, which is the same pricing $31,913 with destination charge included. I argued that he showed me a true car value from a website, and clearly told me that "some dealers" may not include the destination charge, that's why the quote he gave me was $32,313 with destination charge included. He also said that if I went with the other Subaru dealer first, he could have gotten me the same deal. I was like, really?

Anyway, I said, let's start over and would you beat the price or not? Tommy adamantly said that he'll match the price and asked me if i would give the business to him? Why should I travel to Capitol Subaru if he can't beat the price? I told him also that the reason I chose Capitol, because he helped me in 2010. Then he started going off with a guilt trip that he helped me before that's why i should be loyal to the one who helped me before and he took loyalty very seriously.... yada yada...... what happens with return customer courtesy?

Anyway, finally, my deal with the other Subaru went very smoothly. No BS... probably I paid slightly more, but I get a great customer service. It's very clear that he doesn't need to fill up his quota nor the dealership. He clearly didn't need me as his customer nor did he need my business.

I wrote this as this just happened around 12:45pm 03/36/2012. It's up to you, but I would not recommend this salesperson. NO STAR if I could.

David G. | 2012-03-24

Times sure have changed since Justin left.  This review is for the service department.   First off, I am very involved in Subaru communities- iclub, nasioc, 3gwrx; and have owned a few subarus in the past.  I go in for an oil change today (since I prepaid for them) and ask the service rep if they used synthetic oil on the car since it has been required by Subaru since 2011.  Victor, the sales rep says "we followed Subaru requirements" in a condescending tone.  I said fine I've been here for years I'll take there word for it.   I later go home and compare invoices and my mileage counter.   They did not use the synthetic oil, and tell me my next oil change is in 3700 miles instead of the 7,500 for synthetic.  I call the service department and get victor who tells me, synthetic is only for the 2012 (wrong) and the mileage is 3750(also wrong). He tells me "I've been working here for a long time sir" in a very d-bag tone. I called two other dealerships to confirm that my information was right.    How can the service manager not know anything about the cars?  Pretty pathetic...  Shame it has gone so downhill, I will never be going here again.

Beverly C. | 2012-03-09

I came from a bad car accident two weeks ago (car totaled) and needed a new car (had my Honda Accord for 13 years so its a bittersweet parting). After doing a lot of research, it was a toss between a Mazda (with a three row seating) and a Subaru. We headed to SJ to start our search and went to Subaru first. We were greeted warmly by John Navarro (awesome man!) and walked the lot. They had tons of inventory so we were overwhelmed on which one to pick. We ended up loving the Outback so we decided to do a test drive on it. John was not pushy, We told him we don't need the top-of-the-line car (although I wanted the Limited edition) but we don't want bare bones either. He helped us pick the options we wanted and we were set. As I sat down, I mentioned to John that I wanted a decent APR on my loan and what my budget is. He was able to get us where we needed to be and more. Steve Sarich, the finance manager (another awesome dude) suggested us with different optional add on's without being pushy and addressed the pro's and con's of the different offers they have. I would highly recommend this dealership to anyone interested in a Subaru; make sure you ask for John and everything will be alright!!!

Jack E. | 2012-03-08

This place is so lame. They do not care to take care of customers. I showed up with cash in hand for a Subi, but they blew me off like i was some nobody and as if I was there just to mess around. So, I went to Audi and got the right treatment and a nice A4 Quattro. One of the managers here is terrible! So arrogant.

Annalisa C. | 2012-02-27

Our family has purchased all of our vehicles in the past 5 years from the Del Grand Dealership.  

2007 Subaru STI- new
2008 Mazda Miata- new
2009 Subaru Outback- new
2009 Mazda CX7- lease
2002 Mini Cooper- used
2000 Subaru RS- used
2012 Hyundai Sanata- new

5 out the 7 have been directly ben from Capitol Subaru.  Our overall experience with the family owned dealership line has always been exceptional; the staff was always supportive, helpful and worked alongside with us to make purchasing a vehicle possible.  The great customer service has us always coming back and allows us to give great referral to others.

When purchasing our vehicles from Capitol Subaru, we've always turned to Jose, a friendly and attentive sales representative.  What we love most about Jose is his approach in sales.  He's never pushes; you know how it can be when you browse at car lots... sales men watch you like a hawk and you know all they want is your commission.  Jose IS NOT AT ALL like that.  He asks what you're looking for, shows you a few offers, allows you to peruse, follows up, and then sits with you.  He's very knowledge of the cars available, and when you don't know all the technical names, terminology, or meaning behind all the bells and whistles of the car (like me and my mom), he breaks it down so that you understand.  It's never been an overwhelming buying process working with Jose, but instead, an enjoyable experience that memorable.  

For this specific review, I will be sharing the experience of mine and my mothers.

I purchased my very first car, a used 2002 Mini Cooper.  I always wanted one and was very nervous to get a car all on my own... no one to cosign with, just me.  I was very nervous but Jose, and the other employees from Subaru, ensured me that they'll help me through the entire process.  My road test was fantastic!  Here was a key to buying the Mini.  I wanted to make sure that my hair was flying all over the place with all the windows down and the sunroof back.  And it did!  Ah, the right gas millage, the right price, the right color, all that was wrong was that it wasn't a convertible.  After test driving, I told Jose I wasn't sure because it wasn't a convertible.  He understood.  That night I went to test drive at another dealership their Mini convertible and I wasn't sold.  That next morning, bright and early when they first opened, I was ready to sign the paper work.  They assisted me through the whole process- needing to get insurance on the car, the bank loan, and all the other small things you can think of.  Jose was very attentive to all my questions and concerns.  If you are a first time buyer, he's the guy to go to =)

My mom purchased a brand new 2009 Subaru Outback.  She's never owned a brand new car so it was very exciting for her as well.  My mom is very small and was nervous to just do the road test in the station wagon, but the staff was very calm, attentive and supportive to my mom's needs and concerns.  During the road test, they saw how uncomfortable my mom was because she was nervous, so they spoke with her at ease to comfort her and calmly shared with her the interior feature of the car.  My mom is very appreciative of all the help and support Capitol Subaru gave her.  She's also brings her car in for service.  What is nice is, the dealership sends reminder emails informing you of future services on your car.  It's a great tool and reminder when you don't know off the top of your head how often you should go in.

My boyfriend and I recently purchased together the 2000 Subaru RS.  This being our first big purchase, again, I was nervous but Jose was able to coach us through the process.  The finance department was extremely helpful through this process working hard to ensure we could go home with a dream car of ours.  It was nice that my boyfriend and I have purchased from Subaru before so all of our basic information was already in the system and that sped up the process just a smidge.  From when we walk through the door, to the negotiation, to the signing on the dotted line, it was a pleasant experience and I count on it, that our next purchase, will be back at Capitol Subaru.  


Nice, clean, and open waiting area & bathrooms are modern and up to date

Complimentary popcorn and beverages

Children's area

Subaru/ STI meets


Parking area of potential buyers.  There are maybe less than 10 slots to park

In the waiting area, there predominantly sports playing on TV.  However, magazines that are available cater to women.  Perhaps a nice mix between the two?

Head on down to Capitol Subaru and I hope you enjoy your buying process.  Making a big purchase can be difficult, but the staff, both on Sales and Service end, are there to help you.  *Happy yelping and happy car buying!

Jennifer T. | 2012-02-25

We recently bought a used Subaru Outback from salesman Kafui.  Great experience, very professional.  Would definitely buy from him again.

Judepher L. | 2012-02-19

I purchased a 2012 Impreza WRX a week ago and I had a very pleasant experience. First, let me begin by saying that I have owned a Honda Civic for the last 11 years and, needless to say, it was going to take a lot of convincing to get me into a car other than  a Honda. From the moment I walked into the Honda dealership and mentioned the word "SI," I was greeted with discouraging remarks about how I wouldn't find one for the next six months and that they would not go below the MSRP. As you can imagine, this was a foreshadow of the customer service that I had yet receive. I promptly left and went across the street to Capital Subaru to take a look at my second choice, the WRX.

As soon as I stepped on the lot I was greeted by a gregarious and upbeat salesperson named Page Wallace. I told him that I was interested in checking out the WRX and he quickly showed me the inventory. He was very thorough with his explanation of the car and not once did he mention price or how difficult it was going to be to get me into this car. He was very patient and assisted me with all of my questions.

Once I test drove the WRX I couldn't think of a reason why I would want any other car. Page asssited me through the whole process and I didn't feel pressured at all. I would recommend Capital Subaru to anyone and I couldn't have been more pleased with my purchase.

John F. | 2012-02-15

Just bought my first car from a dealership here a few weeks back, a used civic si. Was recommended to this particular dealership from a good friend who said they had "a great inventory of used cars, as well as great customer service". He was definitely right on both accounts, ended up buying my car at a good price and it was pain free, no hassles. Worked with their salesman Tommy who was just outstanding at making sure the process went smoothly and efficiently. Would absolutely recommend anyone to go to do business with the guys over at Capitol Subaru, honest people who purely want to get you in your next dream ride.

Amanda R. | 2012-02-13

AVOID!!!!!! AVOID!!!!!! AVOID!!!!!!  If I could give this business NO stars I would.  

I took my recently widowed mother to this dealership to purchase a used 2011 Subaru Forester.  The salesman that eventually came out to meet us, after the rain had stopped, was all and all a nice and funny individual.  The salesman made it appoint to tell me that they have the best reviews on Yelp for their customer service.  My mom was deciding between the base model and the loaded model Forester.  Of course she fell in love with loaded model Forester, which was being advertised for $23,888.00.  

So we go inside, sit down with the salesman, and run some numbers.  I tell the salesman my mom's situation and the fact that she just recently sold her late husband's pickup truck and received $23,000 cash.  I tell the salesman that we would like to buy the "loaded" 2011 Forester, that we just drove, for $23,000.00 (in cash) including tax & license.  Of course the salesman said, "Oh, I don't think that will be possible, but let me go talk to my manager."  So 10 minutes goes by, and the salesman comes back and says we can do $25,200.00.  (It should be mention that my mom wanted this vehicle so bad that she was willing to go into her savings, of ONLY $3000, to get this vehicle.)  I told the salesman that she would have to use her savings, but her top offer would be $24,500.  Very shortly after the salesman comes back, shakes my hand, gives my mom a hug, and says, "WE HAVE A DEAL!"

The salesman tells us that he will be back in 30 minutes and he was going to go start the paperwork and run my mom's credit. The salesman comes back and fourth a few time and then returns.  His first words were, "I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry. I really screwed up on this one. This is totally my fault. The numbers we just ran were for the first vehicle you test drove, the base model Forester not the one you want.  When I put all the information in the computer I put in the wrong stock number."  The salesman tells me that the vehicle he promised my mom, only minutes ago, was based marked at $26K.  My now very upset and disappointed mother says, "I definitely can NOT afford that."  I told the salesman that the very large window sticker that was sitting on his desk this whole time was displaying $23,888.00 and that was the price we were negotiating this whole time.  I told him that the window price on the base model vehicle was $21,999.00 so why would I agree to pay him $24,500.00.  The salesman then starts throwing a bunch of different numbers at us, which did not make any sense, so I told him that I'm sorry that HE made the mistake and that they should not punish us for it.  I also asked him not to take away the vehicle THEY promised my mom and shook hands on.  I told the salesman that the three of us knew exactly which vehicle we were negotiating on and just because he put the wrong stock number in the computer we should not be punished. My mom then told the salesman that she really wanted that vehicle and she was willing to pay $25,000 and that was it.  The salesman then returned to his manager and about 10 minutes later he came back with a $25,700.00 offer.  My mom and I grabbed our belongings and said, "I'm sorry, but this is wrong in so many ways."  We left without the vehicle we were promised for $24,500.00.  

After I left the business and calmed down a little, I called and spoke with the manager.  The manager knew exactly who I was and the situation that had just occurred.  I advised the manager that this was very unacceptable and their customer service was nonexistent.  I advised the manager that I should not be punished because of their mistake and that they should not go back on a deal that they already agreed upon and shook hands on.  The manager responded by stating, "I'm sorry, but people make mistakes and I can not take thousands and thousands of dollars off a vehicle for you."  I advised the manager that I was not asking for thousands and thousand of dollars off the vehicle, I was asking or $700.00.  The manager then became quiet.  I then advised him that I did not want to talk numbers any longer and I was no longer interested in buying anything from them.  I told him that I just wanted to express that his customer service SUCKED and that they did nothing for THEIR mistake to make the customer happy.  The manager then stated, "Look the owner of this business excepts us to do our job and he knows that people make mistakes."  I then ended my conversation with him and drove straight over to CARLSEN SUBARU, in Redwood City, where we bought a fully loaded Forester for about $1500.00 cheaper than the one at Capital Subaru.

Now talking to many friends and family members about what happened here, I as told that this was illegal.  I was told that this is called "Bait and Switch."  I will be looking into this and sending many more letters and reviews out to the public warning them to NEVER step foot on this property.

Tatyana A. | 2012-02-06

Had very good experience buying Subaru Impreza Hatchback 2012 in January. My sales manager was Eugene Levins - and it was a pleasure working with him. No pressure on additional features/more expensive car, easy negotiations, simple paperwork process. Wpuld recommend this dealership and Eugene to whoever is looking for buying Subaru.

Rich S. | 2012-02-02

Bought a 2012 Outback in November. I don't get to drive it much but I love the vehicle.
Regarding our experience with Capitol, we had done our research on the car and pricing so we knew exactly what we wanted and for how much which helps to eliminate the BS. Nevertheless, our sales guy, Page Wallace, made the experience about as painless as possible. Page was very knowledgeable and patient, especially with my wife, who asks a lot of questions :) The only area which we are still having some difficulty with is the Bluetooth audio. I have read reviews from others who are having same difficulty getting Bluetooth audio and phone to work together as we are. This is not a major issue as my wife drives the car and will rarely if ever use BT audio but Subaru should address this. I've driven Fords and Acuras in which I was easily able to operate the BT systems after only a brief glance at the instruction manual. If we can get the BT issue resolved, I'll bump my rating to 4 stars, which is the highest rating I can give until I spend a few years with the car and go a few rounds with their service dept. Just had our first service visit and was in and out in an hour as promised. So far so good....

Meghna S. | 2012-01-31

My husband and I had a really good experience purchasing a 2012 Subaru Outback here recently. To be honest, we were apprehensive about the whole "car buying negotiating" process. We were able to find a price that worked for us on True Car and they matched the price for us. The customer service is impressive. Ryan and Chip were most helpful. We made three trips to this place, Chip helped us test drive the  Outback and during our second and third trips Ryan worked with us to pick out our options and sign the papers. Easy peasy.

We love our Subaru. Sometimes we just invent excuses to go out so that we can get behind the wheel. I think I am a fan for life. Will be sure to get another Subaru when my Toyota retires (which hopefully is at least another 100k miles away).

Samantha B. | 2012-01-31

My son and I contacted a sales person about purchasing his first car. Everything was great till they ran his credit. He then very rudely told us WE were using the wrong social security number, and basically accused US of fraud. After countless hours of dealing with the credit bureaus, thinking my son was a victim of identity theft, only to get a TYPO fixed, the agent at Equifax told me that the sales person at the dealership did not read the report correctly, and should have NEVER given us false information.

Jennifer C. | 2012-01-30

Great customer service. Very friendly sales representatives. We didn't end up buying the car we test drove, but if we had I'm fairly sure it would have been a good experience as well. Tommy is great!

Tim M. | 2012-01-25

My turbocharger on my 2008 Subaru Outback went out for the second time last November 2011.  It had first been replaced in June of 2010.  Unfortunately, the year warranty had expired.  I approached the service department hoping that at least I could get a discount on the work since the turbocharger shouldn't have gone out so soon.  The service manager was rude, condescending and even refused to refer me to the general manager.  I left a message for the general manager but he didn't return my call.  I was told to call Subaru of America and they weren't of any help either.  

I had been a loyal customer for years, but called to have my name withdrawn from their mailing list.  Until they have different management policies, I'll never patronize Capitol Subaru again.  I agree with other yelp comments.  Things were different when Jason worked there.

Brandon H. | 2012-01-08

We visited Capitol Subaru in October to purchase a 2011 Impreza or Forrester.  The 2011 Impreza models were sold out and the Forrester wasn't quite what we were looking for.  Then the "salesman" Matt Overman told us about pre-ordering a 2012 Impreza.  Now, buying a car you have never seen before is not really something I recommend doing in most circumstances, but Matt was so awesome in handling the process, I would do it over again.  He told us that the 2012 model had been completely redesigned and they improved gas mileage by 11 mpg on the highway.  We asked to see pictures and after figuring that the 2012 model was the same price, but we also got a $500 gift for pre-ordering, it just made perfect sense.  We picked out the color based on other Subaru models in the same color.  Matt helped us choose different options for the car and walked us through the financing options.  He made us aware that we would probably have to wait 6 weeks, which we were ok with.  During that time, he called and invited to show us the 2012 model when they got a sample.  Talking with Matt was awesome and he made us feel like we were important people, not just another sale.  His friendly service really was the reason we didn't go to any other Subaru dealership to check out their offers.  We were so impressed, we invited him to go rock climbing with us to repay him for his help.  We definitely recommend Capitol Subaru and when you get there, ask for Matt!

Jaclyn S. | 2011-12-31

went to Stevens Creek Subaru and had given dealer car information that I was interested in.  Emailed back and forth while waiting for me to decide what options I wanted on my car.  Suddenly I had no response for a few days so I contacted Stevens Creek and they said the dealer I worked with was no longer there.  I mentioned I had called Capital and was also pricing a car and the guy at Stevens Creek was rude and kept saying Capital was basically ripping people off. I just wanted a price quote?! Called Capital and spoke to Kafui and started all over, but everything went smoothly, he didnt bad talk any other dealership and I got a great price.  This is mostly bad talking Stevens Creek, but just by looking at the yelp reviews Captial is by far the dealership to go to.  Kafui I hope you are still here when I get my next Subie!

sam l. | 2011-12-30

We just bought a 2012 Impreza from Capitol. We drove all the way down from San Francisco to buy from Ryan and Capitol because they were nice and much more knowledgeable than the other dealers we went to. The only slight problem we had is that Subaru didn't send a cargo mat, which was supposed to be standard with our model. Ryan told us that he'd just mail it to us, which is super convenient! Thanks Ryan and Capitol for a great experience!

Edwin S. | 2011-12-28

QUICK SUMMARY: Jeff Filiault is the man. He's super nice and not pushy. He knows his stuff and is more motivated to correctly represent Subaru than to up his sales numbers. I would recommend him to everyone. Don't bother with Subaru of Stevens Creek. Do you research online and try to get quotes from their online team as well.

My family purchased a 2012 Forester from here not even a week ago and it was definitely the best buying experience my parents have experienced in the last 30+ years. We've purchased from Honda, Toyota, Mercury, and Lexus dealerships in the Bay Area in the past and this was our first experience purchasing a Subaru.

We live closer to Stevens Creek Subaru, but that dealership wasn't nearly as professional as Jeff Filiault and his associates at Capitol Subaru. The Stevens Creek dealership seemed shady, pushy, and unfamiliar with Subaru's vehicles -- an overall uncomfortable environment. Just check up their yelp reviews.

So we went to Capitol Subaru on Black Friday and, unfortunately, we were ignored by all salesmen because they were so busy. :(

We went back the next day and were lucky to run into Jeff Filiault, who knows everything you need to know about anything Subaru. Jeff is actually a pretty new salesman, but you would never be able to tell with his high level of knowledge. We expressed that we weren't looking to buy a car that day and he still took the time to explain the ins and outs of the Forester and Outback.

Come Christmas Eve, my family and I returned to see Jeff and he was equally friendly and still did not pressure us to buy. We eventually sat down to talk about pricing and Jeff was very helpful which we discussed pricing with Gus.

By the end we had agreed on a price not far from the best price we found on . My parents got an email from the dealership advertising $1000 off of invoice pricing for 2012s. We also bought a couple accessories at cost. Jeff was extremely thorough in giving us a tour of our brand new Forester and has already given us a couple follow-up calls to see how we're doing.

Even the financing person (Steve?) was really nice. Overall, I would give the dealership a 4.5 star review, but Jeff makes it a solid 5.

Kien M. | 2011-12-21

Go talk to the Internet Sales Director, Jamie Cassady. I got a great deal on a 2012 Outback 3.6R and I pretty sure he will give you an offer you cannot turn down. Buying a new car never been easier.

Cameron S. | 2011-12-21

Chip Miller was great. No pressure, eased us quickly through the buying process. Got a great deal on a 2009 WRX!  However, I had to drop them from 5 star for the buying experience to 3 star because here we are 3 days after the purchase, and I still don't have possession of the vehicle.  Something about the LoJack needing to be installed by a third party that won't be there until Friday.  I could take the car, but can't logistically get back and forth to drop it off.
Also, a mistake was made with the finance paperwork where my address wasn't entered correctly.  I've been on hold with Subaru Finance for over an hour and not happy.  Also, the hours posted on the message do not reflect reality.  Message stated that the office is open from 7:30-7pm PST M-Th, yet attempts early and late to get through stated that the office was closed.  Should have been corrected at the dealership.  Great car, service severely lacking.

Josh R. | 2011-12-17

This review is directed at the service center.

I took my 08 forester her for it's 60k service after reading the reviews here on yelp. The car has always been dealer serviced in the LA area, but after moving to the Bay Area, I had to find a new place for service. I was amazed to see that this place had plenty of positive reviews.

While this is not a rant on the pricing, I will discuss their pricing first. Before I decided to take it in, I looked at all the surrounding Subaru dealerships in the Bay Area to compare the costs of the 60k service, and noticed that the cost here is significantly more, about $200 more or so than Livermore, Albany, and Stevens Creek Subaru. I looked at the difference of what services are performed, and Capitol offers significantly more things, going beyond the recommended 60k service by Subaru corporate. This didn't bother me since I wanted the extra services for my vehicle (transmission fluid change, differential change, and cabin air filter change to name a few) and would have requested them anyway.

So I bring it in on a Saturday morning, was given a rental loaner, and picked it up later that afternoon. Overall, it was a typical service experience. I left the dealership, started driving the car, and notice something a different with the transmission (it's the 4 speed auto), which started to have a kick when going from 1st to 2nd and going down from 3rd to second. I ignored it, thinking that it was just the nature of the traffic that day on my way home, which was bumper to bumper due a closure of lanes on the 87.

I arrived home and went about my evening, with my forester not being driven until work for Monday. On my drive that Monday morning, I noticed the issue of the shifting again, and since it was a cold day, I ignored it because for those of you haven't owned a subaru, they can be very quirky, and thought this might just be one of those quirks I didn't notice before. After a couple more days of the same shifting issue, I was concerned and had my brother, who himself has owned 3 subarus, including this one since he sold it to me, see if he could notice the shifting issue. He noticed immediately that there was something wrong with the transmission. He asked me if I had the transmission fluid change during my last service and I said yes. He told me that it was a fluid issue based on past experience.

He recommended that I have the fluid changed asap, and he ended up going with me to Speed Element in Fremont to have it done as soon as our schedule allowed for it. When we finally had the fluid changed, I noticed the kicking feeling in the transmission was gone, but not as perfect as before the service. He noticed the same thing too.

After reading what the do it yourselfers and mechanics on iclub (a subaru forum site) said about the sensitivity of my transmission and the fluid that used with it, I know there was significant damaged done to my transmission. While I don't anticipate my transmission going anytime soon, I'm sure it's shelf life has now been significantly reduced.

So, the lesson here is, find a trusted mechanic and shop to handle your vehicles. I figured that the extra cost in taking my forester to a dealer would more likely guarantee me better care. At the end of the day, all this service center cared about was max profits and not their customers vehicle. Shame on you Capitol Subaru.

I recently bought a new 2011 Outback from Irvine Subaru, which included dealer services for up to 45k miles.  I ended up giving the car to my dad because I have no faith in any Subaru dealership near me here in the Bay Area to do my service.

I invite the Service Manager to message me at anytime to discuss this matter.

Julez K. | 2011-12-13

I bought my brand new 2011 Subaru Forester at Capitol Subaru through Eugene Levins, Internet/fleet Manager.  He gave me the best deal out of 10 Subaru dealerships I was in touch with for a week in a half: 4 in Central/Bay Area and 6 in the LA area.  Throughout the whole process, Eugene was very professional, straightforward, and helped me achieve all my goals for a smooth purchase (ie: best price, best interest rate, fair down payment, etc).  During the paperwork portion, Eugene directed me to Steve Sarich, the Finance Manager.  He was very efficient in handling my paperwork and offered me some very nice warranty packages on my car and the best part was he wasn't pushy about it.  

All in all, my experience at Capitol Subaru in San Jose, CA was very pleasant and I couldn't have asked for a more professional and friendly staff.  More specifically, I'd like to thank Eugene for all his help and promise in sending me home with my SEXY new Subaru Forester.  And thank you Steve for funneling me into the system and getting my paperwork printed, signed, and filed away past your workshift.

Looking forward to my oil changes and maintenance sessions! :)

Mariano F. | 2011-12-12

Jamie was a huge reason I purchased my 2011 Impreza Outback Sport from Capitol Subaru. I didn't feel pressured and he was able to help me make an informed decision. Service is top notch...they even let you check out iPads while you wait for your car to be serviced...bonus!

Steve C. | 2011-12-05

These guys were top notch. Would have been 5 stars, but nobody is that perfect. Parking was a bit odd. Need better signage. They only had about 5 Outbacks in inventory. Seriously. They really need more cars. Lots of forresters though.
I was greeted nicely when I arrived, not hammmered by salesmen. I had an appointment with Ryan, the Internet sales associate. He was very pleasant and easy to talk to. I had a trade it, which they gave me a fair price on , in line with KBB trade in value.
I had read the reviews about stevens creek sub, so I went out of my way to Capitol to avoid any issues. I am glad I did. Even the closing was quick and painless. Stephen was a nice guy. Got me through quickly and I was on my way home with my wife's new car..  :)

Stephen L. | 2011-12-03

I was well taken care. Page and JR took care of me and I feel like I got a fair deal on my 2011 Subie and a fair deal on my trade in. I will buy from this dealer again and would recommend to others.

Lacey C. | 2011-11-29

I just bought my 2008 Subaru Impreza about 3 weeks ago and I love the car! My Sales Consultant was Kafui Dzubey-Dzide. He was so personable and wasn't just trying to "sell" me a car. I had already printed out some choices from online and he took a look at the cars and gave me exactly what I wanted-even doing negotiations with the Financial dept to get the car in my price range. Also, my car was actually located at the Mazda dealership and he actually went and picked it up for me!

I got a spectacular deal on my 2008 and was treated very professionally. The only drawback that I can think of is that the whole process took about 5 hours..but other than that, the whole process was pain-free!

Thank you Capitol Subaru!

Chris H. | 2011-11-23

I bought an Outback in April 2011.  I started by looking at the dealer inventory online and inquired with the Internet Sales Director Jamie Cassady about a specific vehicle that I was interested in.  I discussed everything via email with Jamie and he was professional and pleasant to work with.  I made an appointment and pretty much just showed up and he had the car ready.  I test drove it, did all the paper work, and drove it home!  Everyone in the dealership was friendly, professional, and never pushy.  I dreaded the thought of going to the dealership to purchase a car, but I'd have to say Capitol Subaru made it even enjoyable.

And forget Livermore Subaru.  I got an email from them saying "WE WILL BEAT THERE PRICE."  A good dealership needs to at least know how to spell.

T N. | 2011-11-18

Capitol Subaru customer service is bad!  All they do is trying to upsale/trick you into some thing you don't need.  

My last service there was a major serivice and since it would take a long time, they gave me a car rental which included with the service price.  What they didn't tell me is that they only pay for $25.00 for the rental and I had to pay the rest.  I think they have some deal/share commision with Hetz.  

You have to watch out what they say they cover and what they charge you.
As for me, no more Capitol Subaru, I am taking my car somewhere else.

Simon B. | 2011-11-18

I purchased my two Subarus from Capitol Subaru dealership. One of them is 2011 Outback that has been purchased in May 2011. Jamie Cassady  (who's an internet sales manager) is one of the best car sales persons I dealt with so far! Very friendly, not pushy and very knowledgeable in cars that he sells (which is somewhat rare nowadays). The price was great and no negotiations were needed. I'd highly recommend Jamie@Capitol to everyone who's looking for a new Subaru!

Derrick M. | 2011-11-17

**NOTE: this will be a bit long as I wanted to best describe my experience and be as helpful as possible**

I just purchased my 2011 Impreza WRX last week! I am super pleased!  

We arrived at the dealer around 7:30 pm on a Friday evening and met with Page Wallace.  He is an awesome guy! Very kind, knowledgeable and laid back.  We test drove three different vehicles.  Page was very patient with us as we were pretty much there until closing.  The last vehicle we drove happened to be on special for the Veteran's Day weekend.  It was brand new and was in the perfect color! (WR Blue =D)

We made our way inside to work out some numbers. They were very flexible and gave me advice that I found very helpful.  What I really liked was the fact that they were genuinely interested in HELPING me; not making a sale.  (Bear in mind it is after closing hours)  Eventually I decided to go ahead and BUY! (I got a deal of a lifetime, NO LIE; I even ran KBB and Edmunds) I had long awaited a WRX/STi for as long as I can remember.  

Another plus was that Page and the Financing manager (sorry I forgot his name) were car guys! They also owned Subaru's (WRX's) so we were able to talk about the cars the whole night!  We scheduled to pick up the car the next day.

My only little ding would be that they had told us the car would be ready for pick up between 1:30-2:00pm the next day (Saturday)  We arrived around 1:50pm and the car had not been filled with gas. We waited about ~50 minutes. (It was about 2:45 when the car came back will a full tank)  We did a walk around and formal introduction to the car.  He also went over the service schedule and the service department. After we were all set to go and I took her home!  **I did not mark down for stars because I had no other engagements that day; my only agenda was picking up the car, and was in no way in a rush.**

I am highly pleased with my experience at Capitol Subaru! I got an AMAZING deal and a beautiful graduation present for myself!  

Also after pulling off the lot, I already had some people turning heads and giving me thumbs up!

Stay tuned for updates!

Matt S. | 2011-11-16

my wife and I purchased our 2010 Forester at Capitol Subaru a little over a year ago through the internet sales director, Jamie Cassady. The price of the vehicle was pre-negotiated through the American Express car buying program and was below invoice price. zero haggling.
Jamie was very professional and pleasant to work with. this wasn't my first new car and is our second Subaru.

My second experience at this dealership was also with Jamie when I nearly purchased a 2011 WRX but due to a personal decision I didn't buy the car. Jamie really worked hard to get me the absolute best price on the car, beating out every dealership in the greater bay area.

Jamie understands the value in customers and that every customer has the potential to be a recurring customer, and brings more to the table than just a sale.

The service department is also great! my wife is the primary driver of the forester and brings it in for maintenance. The techs treat her as a competent person and have always gone the extra mile to make sure any and all questions or comments are addressed, NEVER blown off like she or we don't know what we are talking about.

I've referred several friends and family members to the Capitol dealership because of the positive experiences i've had here. I will definitely be buying my next Subaru from Jamie@Capitol Subaru!

Ryan M. | 2011-11-15

Purchased my 2010 Outback from Jamie. The deal went smoothly and without the typical pushy salesman feel. I'd also like to add that the service dept has been amazing as well. I would refer any of my friends or family to Capitol Subaru.

LOVE my car!

Richard K. | 2011-11-14

This 5 star rating is for Jamie Cassady, Internet Sale Director at Capitol Subaru.  

Jamie made our car buying experience as painless as possible.  I expreseed to him the need for us to get in and out of the dealership as quickly as possible, and he was happy to accommodate.  All of the negotiation and financing prep work were done via phone/email, which allowed us to pick up the car relatively quickly.  

Thanks, Jamie.

Chad C. | 2011-11-13

The experience at Capital Subaru was wonderful.  Jammie Cassady was very easy to work with and rand his knowledge of the Outback and all of the features was fantastic. I couldn't be happier and my next vehicle will most likely be a Subaru.

Colin M. | 2011-11-12

Jamie Cassady was a great help when we ordered our 2010 Outback Limited. At that time, Outback's with the nav system were in very short supply nationwide but he promised a 6 week delivery. I must admit I was skeptical that he could get a precise delivery day, and was very happy when the car actually arrived 2 weeks early, just before our Xmas 2010 trip. It is a great car, it now has 30,000 miles on it and is completely trouble free and a real pleasure to drive.

Ed M. | 2011-11-12

Jamie was awesome.  Love my new WRX.  Best price, no hassle.

Mii T. | 2011-11-12

I had a great purchasing experience when I bought my STI Hatch (an incredibly practical alternative to a 2 seat sports car, with a more visceral driving experience than almost any sports sedan).  Jamie helped me through the process when I came in to look at the WRX line. No pressure or excessive pushy emails and phone calls . None of the BS or the misrepresentations that some dealers (including another Bay Area Subaru Dealer) make when they don't think you know about the product, or the attitude from certain Teutonic marques.  I got the straight facts, went with the STI, and I am loving it every day.

Robert S. | 2011-11-11

Great experience from when I first contacted the internet sales department all through the sale.  Jamie Cassady was really helpful throughout the entire process and made buying a new car a snap.  Go see Jamie if you want a hassle and pressure-free car buying experience.

Sandra H. | 2011-11-11

A Winner: BEST customer service, BEST price. Great experience with buying my car(s) from Eugene in Internet sales:

It was easy. Called them, got a quote. Then called around to get a better price. No one else could beat that quote- absolutely no one.  
Did some price research and saw that the price was a phenomenal deal for the 2011 Outback.

Eugene patiently put up with my going back and forth between Graphite and Green, several times. When I finally decided, he was able to get exactly what I wanted in a timely manner.  Green it was.  Then I threw him a curve ball: How much better could he do if we got 2 Outbacks?  A friend of mine ended up getting one as well.  We have been very pleased. I would definitely go back to him for another car.

Devin M. | 2011-11-11

Found a Forester I wanted at this dealership that I just had to have. I was contacted by Jamie Cassidy before I could pick up the phone to call after I did a search on the website. The price quoted was considerably lower than all other dealers in Southern California and I could not get any of them to budge on the price. My wife goes to school in Santa Cruz so I had to visit her sooner or later. I decided to fly up and purchase the car then drive it back to San Diego. Jamie arranged for a car to pick me up from the airport and the car was ready to go when I arrived at the dealership. With the price of the plane ticket and gas I still saved over 500 bucks from what any dealer in San Diego would go down to. I shopped around for a while before finally settling here but I am glad I did.

Nikhil B. | 2011-11-09

Had a great experience with Capitol Subaru. Ryan picked me up at the caltrain station, and even though there were a few bumps in the process, I was able to get out with my new car in time for a noon meeting.

In addition to great customer service they were also able to give me the best value for money. Their price was slightly higher than the lowest I could find in the bay area, but it already included all the extras I wanted.

Lissa G. | 2011-10-22

We love our Subaru! We dealt with the Fleet & Internet Manager Eugene Levins-- he's awesome! Definitely received some A++ service! We built our car from scratch and he didn't pressure us to buy things that we didn't need. We received our car 2 weeks later and we are very satisfied customers. I would recommend this location to anyone interested in buying a Subaru and ask for Eugene. He tells it like it is without the BS.

Ronni C. | 2011-09-26

So this review is strictly for the service department, tho the sales team and finance are awesome ( I bought my forester here). I have been a service customer here since they moved into this location, and i have never once been unsatisfied.

First let me say that I drive my car hard and so i might be more frequent of a customer than the norm, but when I go in there everyone is always friendly and professional. The receptionist and the Cashier are always helpful and patient, and the tecs will actually come out and talk to you about your car ( If you want to know all  the gory details).

There has been a few service advisers that i have seen over the years and all have been great. I go to T now, and he really goes the extra mile for his customers. I'm always in and out in the shortest amount of time possible, and have never waited longer than a hour for a oil change.

Corey G. | 2011-08-14

I used to like coming to Capitol Subaru for their service department. This is back when they had Jason and Ivan working at the service desk. They made sure to explain the work they had completed and insured that we left satisfied. Somehow, that has all changed since they remodeled the place and brought in new people.

My wife's Subaru Forester was leaking what I thought was oil and there was smoke and a funny smell coming from the engine area. Since she was going on a big trip, we had her bring the car in to have it checked. Once we got in, they suggested that the car should have the 120K service since we were so close in mileage. They showed us this card of what that included, and the price was something like $700 in BIG NUMBERS. The service included a thorough check of the car. Later, they determined that the smoke came from a leak from the transmission onto an exhaust system so that would be an additional $130 to fix. The $700 price was actually for a different car, so the entire work came to around $1000. That was fine since we wanted her car to be in tip top shape for the long trip.

The next day, she left for her trip. When she got to her destination, she noticed the smoke and funny smell was still there. After a few days, it didn't go away. I finally met up with my wife later and discovered that they didn't fix the problem. There was still oil all over the area in the engine where I had mentioned it was leaking. I had to drive over 600 miles round trip to bring the car back to have it looked at again. I was not happy.

After I got back home with the car, I called the dealership the next morning. They told me to bring it in at 10:00 a.m. I promptly arrived and had to wait about 20 minutes just for them to get to me. After I had pulled up, another person pulled up 5 minutes later. But since they were so disorganized, not only did I have to wait a long time to see someone, but they helped the guy who showed up after me before they got to me. I was livid. I told them so, they apologized, but they just don't get it. You see me there. I'm in the front of the line waiting, and then you take the car behind me.

This time, I took the service agent out to my car, opened the hood, and showed them what was wrong. He looked at it and decided it was the CV boot that was torn, but that they would also do another check to be sure. He promised me the car several hours later. When it came to that time, they gave me a call and told me that in addition to the CV boot, the battery was leaking and it needed replacing. Hmm! That was the same battery that they put new pads on just a week before and which looked exactly the same last week and now it needs to be replaced. Why didn't they catch it when they had the inspection the first time? I said no thanks and bought and installed a new battery on my own.

It's now a week later, and the car is still smoking and smelling funny. I look under the hood and guess what, the area they said was fixed is smoking and there is some wet oil on the engine block. Dare I go back and try for a third time?

Maybe, I should go back to Stevens Creek Subaru? They, at least, gave me a ride to work when I dropped the car off.

I just don't think the service department at Capitol Subaru is on their A-game. They need a lot of work just with customer service. I don't think I'll be going back.

Kenji Y. | 2011-08-02

I'm going to do this review for my brother since I stuck around him the whole process of buying the Outback.

Very straight forward, the salesman (i'm sorry I don't remember the name but caucasian bigger guy with short hair with an Impreza mouse), greeted us and everything was straight forward.  No dirty tactics or pressure.  Just told us why he liked the car and was very patient.  My brother was very indecisive about a lot of things too, but the dealer didn't rush.  The OTD price was exactly what was quoted over email and the price was better than any price on edmunds or TMV :)

At the end, I even pointed out a tiny dot on the car that wouldn't come off with a scratch and the sales man took it back to the detailer to get it fixed without showing annoyance.

The dealership closed by the time the transaction was done, but he took his time to explain every detail about the car including setting the cell phone to connect.

If I'm buying a brand new Subaru, I'm coming here.

Frank B. | 2011-08-02

The current state of Capitol Subaru's service center is abysmal to say the least. Since Justin and Eric are no longer there the quality of service has tanked. My last oil change I had a service writer who just exuded attitude while trying to up sell me service. The other one was of no use either. Avoid, avoid, avoid. Had the same staff from early 2010 and prior still be around I would highly recommend them because they always did an amazing job for me. Take your Subaru to AutoHQ and see Kevin for quality work and customer service.

Kara N. | 2011-07-25

Capitol Subaru rocks! I just bought a new Subaru Outback, trading in my old car. I went through USAA and worked with Jamie Cassady who was honest, to the point and extremely knowledgeable about Subaru (you would think he was building them). What I loved the most about going here was that they only tried to upsell us on the things they thought we would need and get the most value out of. I am in marketing, and understand the value of upsell for commission, but when I buy a car, and I tell the salesperson exactly what I want and don't want and they still try to upsell me a bunch of packages I don't want or need, I leave. Capitol Subaru is the complete opposite and Jamie made the process easy and straightforward for us. My husband is in finance and the numbers they ran were completely accurate (he checks it with his own calculator), while giving us the lowest price and APR. Great job and highly recommended!

CJ C. | 2011-07-24

First of all I own an Evo so I hate Subaru.  Just kidding I have an STi.

Before I start I want to say I don't really like all the junk mail and e-mail I get from Capitol Subaru.  I went there once and now I have 40 trees worth of paper in my recycle bin from they junk they send me in the mail.  You're probably saying, well why don't you unsubscribe from their e-mails her derr.  Yeah, I did.  I still get them.  I've unsubscribed to every e-mail they've sent me.

On to the review.  

I bought an after market TBE exhaust from some dude on craigslist.  My muffler guy was swamped so I took it to Capitol Subaru.  Who would be better work on my Subaru than a Subaru dealership!?  No.  

First the service writer or front desk bitch, whatever you want to call them swindled me.  I showed him what I had: downpipe, midpipe, and exhaust.  I told him I wanted all of it put on.  He gave me a reasonable quote so I agreed.  They take my car into the shop.

After about an hour the service writer comes up to me and says the exhaust doesn't fit.  I look at him in disbelief and ask wtf he's talking about.  After conversing more I figured out they were trying to put the cat back exhaust onto my stock downpipe...  I told him that wasn't what I asked or what we agreed on.  He told me that if I wanted to have the downpipe put in I would have to pay more...  I argued with him for a bit and gave in.

The whole time I'm sitting in the waiting room the 3 service writers are giggling like a bunch of school girls and throwing stress balls at each other.      

Another hour passes and my car finally comes off the lift.  They tell me they're going to wash it and it would be ready to go.  I get the car back while still wet and semi cleaned.  They did a pretty half ass job.  I looked under the car and the pipe was hanging extremely low and the exhaust was angled upward touching my rear bumper.  I thought...  Ok...  I guess that's just how it fits.  

Now I have a burnt bumper and for a couple weeks after every bump I hit I could hear the exhaust scraping and there was a constant rattling in the cab.    

I eneded up taking my car to my usual independently owned muffler shop and the dude fixed Capitol Subaru's botched job.

I'm never coming here again.  I'll stick to independently owned Subaru specialist like Garage1 and AutoHQ.  They are more knowledgeable, honest, and will NEVER give your car back with shoddy work done on it.

Kent Z. | 2011-07-23

I was planning to check out other dealers for a new car while visiting Subaru.  But Doug let me test drive the new Forester which was an awesome experience.  So I made a deal in the evening.  He gave me informative introduction about the car in comparison to hatchback and Outback while satisfying my expectation.  When I picked up the car, he walked through every feature for me.  One of my best personal experience.  On another day for my car service, Mike and his co-workers performed very professionally.  Finance and all staff make me feel cozy as well.  Personally, I believe Capitol Subaru is most supportive dealer in that area.

Ed r. | 2011-06-18

I've just concluded a trade-in and purchase of a new Outback. I did all of my selection and dealing with their Internet salesman, Jamie. I had a very favorable feeling that I was listened to and he made me as good of a deal as I was going to get on a car that met my needs. Working with a high volume dealership at it's best allows a car buyer to take advantage of their selection and ability to squeeze their margins down vs a lower volume dealer.

I was worried that they would not care as much about servicing me but they displayed good teamwork. Stephen the finance guy even pointed out a way for me to get a $500 refund as a repeat Subaru buyer.

They are a hardworking personable team. I hope they can keep it up.

April P. | 2011-06-14

After literally spending a week at another dealership trying to buy a car I decided to cut my losses and check out Capitol Subaru.  Quite frankly, this may have been the best decision I've made this decade.

There were two cars on the lot I was interested in looking at.  My sales consultant, Doug Herfurth, was extremely helpful and seemed to instinctively know the two most important features I look for in a car - working A/C and a good sound system.  I am nothing if not simple in my requirements.

Due to a few financial missteps in my past, getting funding for a vehicle was challenging to say the least.  If it hadn't been for Doug's persistence in helping me find a car I loved AND one that the bank loved too I'd probably be riding around on VTA.    Kudos also to Rusty for putting it all together and to Gus for handling the paperwork so efficiently as well as quickly.

Yesterday I returned to the dealership to have my car detailed and sales consultant Page Wallace took the time to explain all the perks of buying a car from Capitol Subaru.  First oil change done at the dealership free?  120 day tire protection?  Free towing back to the dealership in case my awesome car breaks down?  I still don't quite believe it but Page swears it's true.

People, do yourself a favor.  Skip the other dealerships (Toyota Sunnyvale, I'm looking at YOU) and buy your car from Capitol Subaru.  When it comes to a car dealership, this is as good as it gets.

Amanda H. | 2011-04-27

You could not ask for a better experience than the one you will get at Capitol Subaru!  

My husband and I just bought our first Subaru and love it!  I generally hate even stepping on a car dealership lot because you are usually inundated with pushy salesmen who don't listen to a word you say.  We got the complete opposite experience at Capitol Subaru.  We were immediately greeted by Dick Shepard, a genuinely friendly, easy going and knowledgeable salesman.  He offered us a test drive and spoke knowledgeably about the car we were interested in but also really listened to what we wanted and made recommendations based on his feel for what we needed.  We walked onto the lot just looking around and ended up driving off with a new WRX! The entire sales experience was seamless and Dick thoroughly explained everything we needed to know.  It was such a pleasure working with Dick and we will definitely be back.

Jason C. | 2011-04-25

Capitol Subaru is a great dealership! My wife and I went to test drive the 2011 WRX. We were greeted by Dick Shepard, a sharp and likable salesman. He took notice of our interest in a Dark Gray 5 door WRX and offered us a quick test drive. We immediately fell in love with the ride and decided to move to the next steps. After getting back to the lot we decided to take the pearl white 5 door instead. Mr.Shepard took us through the process and made it enjoyable.

I would recommend Capitol Subaru to anyone looking for a great car, but most of all I would recommend Dick Shepard,as he is the reason that Capitol Subaru will remain my number one choice.

Peter W. | 2011-04-21

My new Subaru Outback!

Now that I've had the car for 2 weeks, I feel like I can write a fair review.  And the review is this, "they made it easy!"

On a Saturday, me and a friend were out test driving cars in the south bay.  We started up at Stevens Creek dealerships and eventually ended up at Capitol Auto Row...

We walked into the Subaru dealership and were met at the door by a very nice guy named Page.   He answered our questions, gave a little advice.  And after walking away, both myself and my friend commented that this was a sales guy who would be good to deal with.

That night after some thought, I decided it was time to pull the trigger.  I sent an email to Page, and in the morning I got his reply.  And, by noon on Sunday I had a great quote in my hands.

With the large inventory the dealership had, they were able to offer me the exact car I wanted (both the color and the options).   When I got there, Page took all the time I needed to drive around and make sure that this was the car for me.  

The checkout (money) guy "Steve" was quite personable and great too.  He explained everything I was signing in plain English and was quite willing to proceed through the money process at my pace, making sure everything was clear.   The one thing I though was difficult here, was the heavy handed last minute sales speech for the add-ons...  But, I just said "No" and moved on.  No sweat!

When I took delivery of the Outback, Page was there to answer all of my questions before I drove off in my new ride.

I am very satisfied with the experience of buying a car there.  I especially appreciate how willing these people were willing to be "people" rather than just sales machines.   Going there convinced me  that car salesman are people too!

David Y. | 2011-04-15

No one said buying a used new or used car is easy. Things worked out real well here. I had a great experience with Doug and Rusty (sales manager) when I found the car I had been looking for. They did everything they said they would do and I that's the reason for this review. I do know a little about the car business (8 years as a line tech at local dealer) and more than surprised at how easy they made buying a used car from them.

NOTE: I don't like Subaru vehicles so this review is for a year make and model I was looking for specifically, your experience may differ but I had good luck with them. See Doug he a nice, down to earth, low pressure guy.

Ann A. | 2011-04-13

We never thought it could be this easy and painless to purchase a new car! We just purchased our 2011 Subaru Outback and decided to purchase it from Capitol Subaru even though we live in Santa Cruz. They were extremely price competitive (more so than Santa Cruz), had the exact car we wanted, and made the entire process very pleasant. We worked with Jamie Cassady, Internet Sales Director, and handled the majority of the negotiating via email. Jamie was very professional, courteous, and knowledgeable. He answered ALL of our questions (we had many) very promptly and thoroughly through multiple emails.

We arrived the next day and he had the car ready, filled out the paperwork quickly, and gave us a top-to-bottom tour of all the car features before getting us on the road with a full tank of gas. We especially appreciated him syncing our phone. He even printed out directions to a nearby Pho restaurant and we went and enjoyed a delicious lunch. We would HIGHLY recommend Capitol Subaru, particularly their internet sales department and Jamie Cassady. Top notch operation!

Shayan A. | 2011-04-02

I purchased my first new car through these guys and it was the best experience I have ever had. Page my customer service rep was fantastic at showing me all the great features and getting the deal I wanted. Thanks again love my wrx wAgon!

Jen L. | 2011-03-25

I never thought buying my first brand new car ever could be as painless as it was with Capitol Subaru.

We live up in Oakland and visited the Downtown(Oakland) Subaru dealership first but they had limited inventory as far as the car we wanted. We spent the next day inventory searching online for the car that we did want (5spd manual impreza premium wagon with options). After searching all the dealerships from Sacramento down the peninsula, we found 'our' car listed on Capitol's online inventory. I requested an online quote and was contacted by Ryan Villasenor. He promptly sent me a quote for the vehicle and recommended that I apply for financing through the dealership to see if I could get a better deal outside of my pre approved auto loan - they had a 1.9% financing promotion til the end of the month. Turns out I was able to get a fantastic deal with them both on the car and with the financing.  

Before I went to the dealership to do the test drive I checked the fair value for the vehicle with options that I wanted on Kelly Blue book - Capitol's internet quote came in a few hundred dollars less.

When I did finally get to the dealership, I had printed out my internet quote, the Kelly Blue Book value, and everything else I felt I needed in preparation to haggle, wheel, and deal. In the end I didn't have to do any of the above. Ryan met me at the dealership on his day off, took me on the test drive, and helped me through every step of the purchase. It was shockingly painless. He had the car detailed, gassed up, and even sat with me in the vehicle showing me how to use the gps and pair my phone to the blue tooth. To top it off, he gave me a call the next morning to make sure that the car and everything was okay and to see if I had any questions about the financing.

Made the hour drive down from Oakland totally worth it and I'm ready to recommend them to all my friends :)

Alex N. | 2011-03-23

I did my research online and came in to test drive a Subaru Outback on a Saturday. The person who helped me test drive was super nice and helpful.  I came back the next day and bought the car, even though the sales person who helped me the day before was occupied with other customers.

This dealership exemplified tremendous team work, and it showed when I had some communication issues surrounding my purchase and the trailer hitch.  The issue was resolved when the managements and even the owner of the dealer got involved... According to them, it was because they wanted EVERY SINGLE customer to be happy.

In a world where fast pace sales practice is common, and typical car buying experience is a pain in the _ _ _ ,  I am impressed by Capitol Subaru's effort to fulfill their mission of satisfying their customers.

The sales team and managements get 5 star.  Minus one star over all because the "finance manager"  really displayed his disappointment and intimidation tactic when I literally said NO to all his offers of extended warranty, prepaid service plans, etc...

Hey... When a customer says NO, one may want to learn say Thank You with a smile. The same customer may just come right back and buy ... something else.


Thanks guys for your help with my new car !
I highly recommend Capitol Subaru ! ! !

Sharon L. | 2011-03-20

If a salesperson tries to pressure me into something...I'm gone. Faster than any car could drive.  

Kudos to Capitol Subaru for being effective but non pressure salespeople. Went in on a Sunday late afternoon on a whim. The dealership was PACKED, but someone came to chat with me pretty quickly. He explained that they were super busy and it might be a bit. "A bit" was only 10 minutes MAYBE at most before Chip came to test drive with me. He drove a Forrester and an Outback with me.  We weren't sure which one we'd be interested in. Chip gave mean opinion, but nothing overly strong and it came across as just opinion not "you must buy this model."  He spent a good chunk of time with me.  Super friendly, super informative, no pressure at all.

Went back a couple of weeks later armed with some quotes and a trade-in.  Chip was out, but Tommy helped us out.  They matched the lowest quote without much thought.  Also gave a very fair price for a dealer trade-in. I knew I could have sold private party for a bit more money, but didn't want to spend the time doing it.  Had done some research about what similar models used were selling for, along with KBB price, and trade in values.  Capitol Subaru was very fair.  Not high, but not low...matched pretty much what we were expecting.  

Finance part of things took FOREVER but honestly every single car I've purchased with family/friends always takes forever in that part of the transaction, so nothing surprising there.  Not as much pressure to buy other stuff as with some other transactions I've done.

Because of the deal Capitol gave us, I actually ended up purchasing the "ideal" model with all the options I wanted instead of the more basic model which I normally would opt for.  

Nothing but respect and patience from both Chip and Tommy, and I felt like I demanded a fair amount of time.  I'd recommend anyone to them without hesitation.  

If anything goes awry, I'll update this review. But for now, I'm super happy with Capitol Subaru.

Hannah D. | 2011-03-15

I am pretty disappointed with every experience I have had with Capitol Subaru.

I bought a 2002 Impreza WRX in May 2010 from Capitol. It had 120,000 miles on it. I was a little skeptical of the high mileage, but was assured that these cars were very mechanically sound. I also read the carfax, and nothing seemed to be out of the ordinary.  
In September, my check engine light came on. Turned out to be a 500 dollar repair. I was upset because I had only had the car 4 months at this point. At the time, they also informed me of a small oil leak that "shouldn't be a problem." I asked repeatedly if I should fix it. I was assured that I didn't have to.

Less than a week later, my engine light was back on. I took the car in and was told it was a software update. I asked if it had anything to do with the repair they had performed less than a week earlier. I was told no. It still seemed fishy. They did not charge me; however, every time I take my car in, it takes at least 2 hours, even for an oil change.

In December, my battery died (for no apparent reason) on one of the coldest nights of the year. I was stranded for 2 hours waiting for AAA to come out. When the technician ran a diagnostic on my battery he said the battery was a complete dud. I thought this seemed odd since my car was bought off a dealership less than a year earlier. The AAA tech said that the battery was definately bad when I bought the car. Yet another disapointment from Capitol Subaru.

My most recent experience is what has prompted me to write this review. I took my car in for a routine oil change. I had a coupon, so I took it to Capitol once again. I waited my usual two hours for the change to be done. When I went up to get my car, I was informed that the leak that "wasn't a problem" before had gotten much worse. I was also told that I should not even drive it home! I was qouted $478.50 for labor and $151.38 for parts. On the invoice the total estimate came to 729.83. However, 478.50 + 151.38= $629.88! Why was there a $100 dollar discrepency on the quote?

I explained how disapointed I was that after having the car for less than one year, I would have put over $1300 in to keeping it running. The service person told me it was because of the high mileage on the car. My last car had many more miles, and I did not have to spend over $1000 per year to keep it running. Once again I asked about why they didn't fix the problem when they first noticed it, and was told that it was not a big problem when it was noticed. I cant help but wonder if the repair would not have set me back so much, if they had taken the time to fix it. The service person told me he would "see what he could do," and that he would "try to help me out."

Subaru did hook me up with a rental car (since I am scheduled to give birth any day). I did not want to be without a car.

When I brought the qoute home to my husband, he was livid, and thought it seemed shady as well. Apparently, he voiced his anger on yelp without my knowlege. He is Anthony S. if anyone wants to read his reviews.

I picked my car up today, 3/14/2011, and when I went in, was ambushed by an angry service person asking who Anthony was. I asked him why and he handed me a copy of his yelp. This was the first time I had seen it, mind you. But the service person scolded me none the less. It was very insulting. I did tell him that Anthony did make some valid points, although he could have been more professional. They spoke on the phone and seemed to reach an understanding.

When I got the bill I was told that they took $200 off the labor costs. Unfortunately, the bill was $620. So in reality, I ended up paying exactly what I was qouted. I felt scolded, and insulted. I also did not feel like a valued customer.

On my way home, my engine started smoking! I brought the car back immediatly and was told it was just burnoff. For over 600 dollars couldn't they clean up after themselves? The service guy spent the rest of the day trying to be very accomodating, but it was just too little too late.

All in all, I would say this. Do not buy any used cars from Capitol Subaru and do not go to them for any maintence. I know I will not be going back.

E G. | 2011-03-07

I bought a 2011 Subaru Outback here in March 2011. I now own the exact car that I wanted and I am very, very happy with the price I paid.

I did a lot of shopping around and the price at Capitol was very competitive.

I received a price quote from , I called Jaime,  confirmed the price and the next day I went in and Eugene helped me since Jaime was out of town.

The color I wanted was actually at another dealership, but Eugene had it ready for me that same day.

The entire transaction was mellow and very pleasant. There was no haggling and no pressure.

Mike in finance was very friendly as well. He explained my paperwork very clearly and answered my questions.

I highly recommend Capitol Subaru, Eugene and Mike in Finance.

Christian H. | 2011-03-07

Update: Contacted them via email to take a look at previous issue.  Never heard back.  Fail.

Daniel D. | 2011-03-04

First off, I would like to say that I don't like Subaru, and the only reason I went here is because there was a 99 Honda Civic on sale here for $6400, with only 64,000 miles. When I arrived I took a test drive and genuinely liked the car. My friend and I went into the office to discuss financing, credit, etc.

I was dismayed that even though the car was so cheap, and I had two thousand dollars to put down on the car, they wouldn't finance me because I was too big of a "financial risk", because my credit isn't really all that and I don't make a whole lot. What did they really have to lose? I pay all of my bills on time and this would have been no different.

Dale E. | 2011-02-21

We were just looking today, and Page was great! No pressure, but shared all the important info on Outback's and Forester's. When we're ready to buy, we'll definitely be back, and ask for Page, he was the best salesman I've ever met!

Christine W. | 2011-02-20

I just bought a Legacy from them and was impressed with the customer service. Although they had a lot full of police cars because a car had just been stolen by a guy on a test drive, Page was able to help me quickly and was very knowledgeable.

Having been to so many dealerships in the south bay and on the peninsula, this one was the best. We had been to two other Suburu dealerships and many other non-Subaru dealers over the course of 3 weeks. My husband and I weren't planning on purchasing that day, but we ended up buying a car because we were impressed. There was no pressure, no run around, no wasting my time, just the facts and a few helpful hints. In fact the sales person, Page gave us a hint that would have ended up with him not selling us an extra. We should have listened to him, but didn't. Our bad! Anyway, it seemed that they wanted us to get the best deal and from our research, they had the best deal in the area.

The only bad thing that I found is dealing with one of the finance people. He had a sour personality and I could hear him down talking a customer from his office in the small portable building we were in because they are under construction. I'm glad I only had to interact with him once to ask a question which he couldn't answer. However, the other guy got back to us promptly and was great.

So far, I've been in to have a bluetooth set-up on my car and the service guys were great. They gave me a ride to the mall while I waited and picked me up after it was done. Overall, very friendly and prompt service. I recommend this dealership to anyone that is in the market for a Subaru or needs service on their Subaru.

Steve D. | 2011-02-14

Richard was absolutely fantastic. I am typically very hesitant, guarded and cautious around sales people. Out of our own depravity, my wife and I typically have a natural distrust of sales people, but Richard made me feel at home and did not pressure us whatsoever. He was VERY knowledgeable about the WRX unlike the guys at Mazda who didn't know ANYTHING. I'm talking basic information, like, how long is the drive train warranty... please Mazda, at least read your own pamphlets, but we digress. To be honest we felt like we were added to a family when buying our Subaru here, which is completely different from my other experiences. I am definitely going to be referring Richard to all my friends and family. This experience was great. Secondly, we got a fair trade for our truck, a great financing rate, a great deal and that was exactly what we were looking for and I drove off with a clean 2011 WRX.

Go through Richard, he's knows his stuff as a performance car enthusiast and knows the WRX like the back of his hand and doesn't come off like the car salesman you have pictured in your head right now.

After we bought our car Richard took us around and introduced us to the entire staff that was going to be taking care of us afterward; parts, part sales department, service manager, etc... Normally the experience of buying a car is like, "wham-bam-thank-you-maam", but this time I felt like I still mattered after we signed the paperwork.

Joe B. | 2011-02-12

I was in the market for a 2011 Impreza and had a trade in.  I spoke with Putnam, Stevens Creek, and Capitol Suburu (yep, did my shopping around).  Out of all the bay area Subaru dealerships, Capitol had the best selection and actually had the car with the color combo i wanted in stock- black on black.

After speaking with Page on the phone, I went down and met with him and Eugene.  They had great customer service and didn't beat around the bush (like most dealerships).  They gave me such a good trade-in price and a killer price on the Impreza,  I decided to pull the trigger.  I couldn't be happier.. thanks guys!

Edward M. | 2011-01-31

A colleague of mine just got a great deal on a new 2010 Forrester from Capitol.  He dealt with the internet sales manager and cannot stop raving about what great service and pricing he received.  I'm actually considering stopping buy and test driving a WRX.

Kate A. | 2011-01-30

They lied to me twice:

1) On price - they quoted me a price on the phone and when I drove all the way down from Oakland, they tried to reneg.  When I was one foot out the door, they agreed to the price.  
2) On the car history.  After 5 hours of sitting in their dealership trying to finalize the deal and watching their circus performance, I was about to sign when they finally disclosed the car history that I had asked for several times.  Richard, the sales guy, told me that it was a one-time a year offer for a car that had been owned by Subaru and used for car shows and executives of the company.  In reality the car had been used as a RENTAL in MONTANA.  

These guys are not only liars but were a massive time suck because they weren't straight shooters and couldn't get to the point.  I heard the same one-liners and sales pitches from Richard about 10 times each and each story and condescending 'this is the way things work, little girl - did I say I could be your grandfather?'  took a good 10 min a pop.  

This store is a good example of how not to do business.  Don't LIE to your customers and waste their time.

lonni f. | 2011-01-29

I requested an online quote from several dealers.  in the request, I was quite clear that I wanted to be contacted via email, and not by phone.  I wanted to ensure that everything was documented in writing, so that when I decided where to make the purchase, I could bring a printed copy of the email along to avoid any games.

Literally 5 minutes after submitting the quote request, my phone was ringing, and it was Kafui from Capital Subaru.  I was not happy, and made it clear to him that I wanted to work via email, and ended the conversation.  Nearly a day later, Kafui got around to emailing me with a quote (and never apologized for calling me against my wishes).  The quote that he provided was nearly $1k higher than all the other dealers.  I replied to the email asking if he wanted to provide a more competitive quote.  2 days passed without a reply, and then my phone is ringing again, with Kafui wanting to talk.  I told him that if he wants my business he will never call me again, and I hung up.  Another day passed, at which point Jamie Cassady emailed me, with this long drawn out explanation of why they could not adjust their quote by much and knocked a mere $200 off the price (leaving them a good $800 higher than the best quote I had received).  Needless to say, I didn't bother haggling with them further.  They clearly do not care about my business when they can't even follow a request as basic as keeping everything in email, and they're not interested in providing competitive quotes.  I purchased the vehicle from Stevens Creek today, and didn't have a single problem.  Its a shame, as Capital was the closest dealer to my house, and I likely would have given them the business if they could have gotten within a few hundred of the best offer.  $800 doesn't cut it.

Justin W. | 2011-01-27

I am not one to typically write negative reviews, but the service was so poor that I thought future consumers and car buyers needed to be informed.  

First and foremost; Subaru sales are at an all time high.  Subaru's are selling themselves these days, as they are superior automobiles with their AWD and luxury for the price.  Capitol Subaru exploits that to their full extent.  

I should note, we did purchase a brand new 2010 Subaru Legacy Sedan from Capitol.  The only reason, and I'll reiterate, the only reason was due to their inventory.  They were the only Subaru dealer in the greater Bay Area to have the model, color, and options my wife wanted.  They could care less about you as a consumer- they know you are going to buy the car.  When negotiating, which we were doing in cash, they told us our offer was too low when it was only $2k off sticker price, and that we could take our business elsewhere.... believe me, we would if there was anywhere else to go.  After settling on a price, they nickle and dimed us on the extended warranty, options, even a spare key!!  When we asked them to print out our extended warranty for our records, they never got around to it, after 4 attempts at asking.  When asked us for a spare key, they said they were unwilling to do so and charged us $150 for the key and programming.

We negotiated leather into our price.  We finalized the deal on a Saturday, they said it would be done Tuesday, and it wasn't done until the following Saturday:(  They never even took the time to call us to let us know... I had to continuously follow up with them as to the status.  

As a final note, I would say do your homework.  Look around, as there are Subaru dealers in Stockton, Sacramento, etc.  Anywhere, and I'll say it again, anywhere, will be more courteous, professional, and willing to negotiate then Capital Subaru.  Definitely come in with printed documents showing other, similar vehicles to assist in the price negotiations.  

Capitol Subaru takes full advantage of Subaru's reputation and quality, and hold it against the consumer-- a shame as that is the opposite of the reputation Subaru has built for itself.  It's a shame car dealer like this have to exist and operate as such.  I would personally take my business elsewhere if given the option!!!

Also note that they currently operate out of 2 trailers during their construction.

thb t. | 2011-01-02

to give a little background, i'm a fairly decisive, well-informed person when it comes to shopping for something that is a pricey as a car.  as soon as i narrowed my car choices down between the CRV, RAV4, and Forester and test drove each one, i knew the forester was the one i wanted even with only a 4-speed transmission.  i watched the youtube  video for the symmetric all-wheel drive and was sold.

so at capitol, i let it be known that i was ready to purchase the same day and i'm not messing around.  i had better-than-the-costco-pricing already from another dealership and wanted to know how much lower capitol would go.  i stated a price where i would make the purchase and  i found it much better experience than when i purchased my passat 4motion from ron price and when i purchased my acura rsx from mike harvey.  did i get the best price possible?  no.  but did i get a fair price that didn't leave me with doubts?  yes.

the whole purchasing took about 20 minutes (+ 15 min test drive) and even though it was a busy day i walked out in about 1 hour total.

John G. | 2011-01-02

Traveled down tfrom the Sierras to buy a car from Capitol Subaru. We negotiated a great deal over the phone, and there were no surprises when we went to pick up the car. Our salesman at Capitol Subaru was Kafui Dzubey-Dzide, as he responded to our internet inquiry, and he was great to work with. I joined Yelp just so I could give this guy a good review and a little positive PR (I seldom go to this level of effort, but Kafui deserves kudos for facilitating a very smooth transaction). Kafui got the car from another dealer, he had it ready to go when we arrived, and the paperwork was correct down to the penny. Car buying as it should be - easy!

James L. | 2010-12-29

Just bought a 2011 WRX Wagon here two days ago, everyone at the dealership was friendly and easy to deal and I'd highly recommend doing business with them, from Doug the sales guy to Rusty (I think it was) doing the negotiating to Gus doing the finance paperwork to the guys doing the detailing they were all very nice to deal with. Not sure how this dealer does it but they definitely have hired and trained the right people, it definitely makes all the difference in your buying experience. They were truthful and straightforward in everything they told me and when I asked something they weren't sure about they told me they weren't sure and checked into it.

My only gripe and it's a  minor one, is I wish we could have wrapped it all up faster so I could have been on my way and enjoying my new car. I feel like we spent a bit too much time waiting around.

Also they had a larger stock of WRXs than the other dealerships I visited  and reviewed as well.

Mikey A. | 2010-12-17

I've always dreamed of the day where car salesmen weren't dickheads and with Jamie my dream came true.

I've been meaning to post my review on here for a month now but I have been having too much fun with my 2011 wrx!

Ok so here's what went down -
I ordered my car from Essi but after 1 month got a call from Jamie saying that he will be taking care of me because Essi no longer works there. I thought to myself "uh ohhh, something is going to change - the agreed on price, the service, something!" Boy was I wrong. I've never purchased a car before and have always been scared to but Jamie made it super duper easy and fun too! I really didn't expect my first car buying experience to be so easy. Jamie kept me in the loop at all times (even when I know I called way too often to check the status of my order). I hope to continue my relationship with Capitol Subaru and Jamie Cassidy as well as the parts & services department. (I'll post a review of the parts & services department soon, when I get to visit them). Capitol Subaru is just an overall happy place to be, you know when people say someplace has a good vibe? Yeah, the good vibes are at Capitol Subaru and with Jamie.

If you're anywhere near the bay area, skip out on all the other Subaru dealerships and go straight to Jamie, and thank me later :)

Joel T. | 2010-12-15

2011 STi purchase review

Jamie (Internet Sales Director) is an absolute joy to work with. Coming from an 06 WRX purchased at Stevens Creek and serviced at Carlsen, I can say that the salespeople at Capitol are the best in the bay area right now.

Being in sales myself, I pretty much take my business elsewhere when I meet a high pressure sales situation - these guys are laid back, totally professional - ones that you might actually enjoy a beer with.

Long story short, I needed the car by year end for various reasons, so Jamie helped me order one to my spec, but I had him on the lookout for others that might match closely. He was patient and full of helpful advice as I went back and forth between trims. After getting great customer service from him, I'm sending all my Subaru-loving friends his way.

Picked up the car late Saturday and took it back to get the options installed on Mon. Painless experience - car was completed well within the labor hours required for the center armrest extension, short throw shifter and homelink mirror.

Not sure about the Service dept yet at Capitol for maintenance/troubleshooting, but will post a review once I get to my 1st service or (touch wood) if something else is needed before that.

Not Phi N. | 2010-12-04

3 months after buying my car here (2011 wrx) , I am back for my first service maintenance. Scheduling was easy as a simple call. I got there actually a bit early then my appointed time, but Ray came out and got down my info and had me on my way in no time.

I was running a bit late to pick up my car, but Eric the service manager stayed after closing until I finally got there to pick up my car. The service tech explained the service done to the car and threw in a free full car inspection and courtesy car wash.

Thanks to Eric and the service guys.
Always great customer service and satisfaction as I have come to expect from capitol Subaru.

Bryan T. | 2010-11-18

My, how times have changed.  I called Monday morning before 9am to try and schedule a timing belt replacement and maintenance for my Subaru.  The receptionist was friendly and transferred me to service.  There was a long pause of about a minute or so, then I was transferred back to the receptionist.  She transferred me again to service, saying that they are probably busy.  Again, a long wait, but this time a service rep picks up and tells me they are busy but would like to take down my info and what I'm requesting and would call me back.

I explained to him that I'd like my timing belt serviced and that I had a coupon from them (via mail) that had a discounted price.  He informed me that my car did not qualify for that discount but that they would still give me a discount from the normal price.  He then took down my name and phone number.

I tried to be patient, but got no call back by about 1pm and so I scheduled service at Carlsen in Redwood City.  They were able to schedule an appointment for the next morning.  And I got through on the first ring to a friendly receptionist who was able to perform the scheduling!

By Tuesday afternoon I had a new timing belt and my car was serviced.  But, still no call from Capitol.  I guess it was wise of them not to call back because I was able to take care of it faster without them.

It's a bit of a shame because I always thought they had great service.  Doesn't seem to be the case for now.  I'd be willing to give them another chance, but it's a bit annoying to not even get a call-back when you put in effort to schedule a service - an expensive one at that.

Derek S. | 2010-10-05

I wanted a specific color and trim level that's not very common for the Forester XT.  After several internet searches I found the last 2010 in California that matched my requirements at Capitol Subaru.  I emailed Jaimie in the internet department and asked for his best price.  His first price quote was slightly better than the best price quotes I had received from a couple dealers down here in Los Angeles (though they had colors I didn't want).

After 15 minutes on the phone with Jaime I agreed to the sale and made a deposit so they would hold the car for me.  A couple days later I flew up to San Jose, Jaime picked me up at the airport on his way to work.  Less than 2 hours later I was on the road with the exact car I wanted, for the exact price I wanted to pay.

Jaime and Mike in finance were very professional and there were no games at any time (even though Jaime knew I'd be on the hook for a return plane ticket as he had the last of this model/color combination in the entire state).

Jaime took the time to make sure I was comfortable with everything and showed me all the various features of the car.

Big thanks to Capital Subaru and Jaime in the internet dept!  It was my best car buying experience so far.

Lawrence L. | 2010-09-14

Since the former service manager (Justin) left in spring/summer of 2010, service is awful and shady.  Do NOT trust them with your car.

I paid over $30,000 for a 2008 STI in October 2008.  I kept it completely stock, and I've gone to Capitol for every repair and maintenance, a few thousand dollars in total.  At 40,000 miles, it appears my car is a lemon, and Capitol Subaru can't fix it, despite multiple attempts.  I haven't had a working car in two months.

In spring of 2010, on the way to work, I got a check engine light (CEL): cylinder 1 misfire.  About 38,000 miles.  The car was idling rough at startup.  I brought it to Capitol Subaru.  Justin wasn't around.  The repair tech could not reproduce the problem, and sent me home.  "Because I was a repeat customer," they waived the $135 fee for not finding anything wrong with my car.

The next day, on the way to work, the CEL was back.  Exasperated, I took it to Auto Headquarter.  They did a compression test, and the results were not great--barely within spec.  The car was running rich and there was lots of blow-by.  They told me the piston in cylinder 1 was dying, and would soon fail.  I was skeptical.  They changed the spark plugs, and the car handled a little better.

I drove it for a few thousand miles, but eventually the CEL came back.  Cylinder 1 misfire.  The car idled very rough, and was sometimes slow to start.  I took it back to Capitol Subaru.  Now that the problem was much worse, they actually took the time to compression test the car.  At this point, the result was awful.  140 psi in cylinders 2,4, but 80psi in cylinders 1,3.  Totally out of spec, totally broken.  The cylinder walls were white.  They told me they would have to tear down the engine to figure out what to do next.  By this point, Justin (the old, competent service manager) was no longer with the company.

They took over a week before they even began the work.  When I asked what had taken so long, they told me that a representative from Subaru USA was at the dealership, and they wanted to wait until he was gone before starting work.  They said it would be harder to get the warranty fix approved by the manufacturer, if their representative was on site.

About a week and a half after I dropped it off, they told me that cylinders 1 and 3 were ovalled, and valves were leaking.  They ordered me a new short block, under warranty.  At the two week mark, the car was ready.  I asked if they had compression tested the engine after the rebuild.  The service manager said something like, "I do not have that information, but I'm sure our tech did everything properly."

I picked up the car.  It idled very rough.  I saw signs that the car had not been significantly road-tested.  The engine knock sensor was completely uncalibrated.  When you pull the battery on an STI, the knock sensor reverts to a conservative setting, and acceleration is sluggish.  After a few dozen miles of normal street driving, the sensor calibrates, and throttle response improves.  It's very noticeable.  I was worried.  I drove it home.

When I got in the car the next day, the car shook unhappily when it was started.   On they way to work the next day, just 35 miles after the repair, I got another check-engine-light.  Cylinder 1 misfire.  On the brand new engine.  I drove it back to Capitol Subaru.

This time they told me it might be the fault of the non-OEM spark plugs that my other mechanic installed.  They charged me $145 for new spark plugs and an oil change (which I requested).  They replaced the coil pack for cylinder 1, on a hunch.  I picked up the car.  It idled really rough.  The knock sensor was uncalibrated again.  Noticing a pattern?  I took the car for a couple hundred mile drive, to see if I could trip the CEL.  No luck.

I took the car to AutoHQ, to have them check the quality of the rebuild.  Unfortunately, Kevin (owner) was on vacation.  Still idling rough, I took the car to Santa Cruz Subaru last Sunday afternoon.  Still no CEL.  The service manager wasn't around, but I had a nice 15 minute chat with a tech.  

Tuesday morning, I heard back.  They said the car was idling very rough, and it threw a CEL for them: Cylinder 1 misfire.  This was the first time that a Subaru mechanic acknowledged that the rough idling was not normal!  Progress!  They compression tested the car.  120psi in cylinder 1, 140psi in all other cylinders.  Anything more than 7psi difference between two cylinders means the car is broken, according to Subaru USA.

So Capitol Subaru gave me a car that either:
1) they had not compression tested after the rebuild
2) they had compression tested, and found problems that they didn't tell me about.

Either is inexcusable.  They never acknowledged that rough idling was a problem.  They proved incapable of identifying a serious problem on the first attempt, and incapable of fixing it after two attempts.  And they gave me back a car that clearly wasn't working.

Mark G. | 2010-09-10

Talked to Eugene (also an internet sales manager) on the phone for a combined 30 min.  Went in, saw the car, signed papers, and was out in less than 2 hours.  Gave me the lowest price compared to the other dealerships that I checked and even on for my area.

If I'm in the market for another Subaru in the future, I will come back here.  Their parts and service dept. is top notch also.

The last thing I have to say is if all dealerships were like Capitol Subaru then the car industry wouldn't have such a bad reputation for sleezy and horrible customer service.

Vaga B. | 2010-08-17

I've send them an email , got an really good quote for an new 2010 Impreza, maybe 1.5K less than all other dealers I've been talking  to.

So I schedule an appointment with Jamie Cassady. Since the price was so low, I expected them to start playing games, add fees say that car was just sold etc.

That was not the case. The car was in the parking lot, and the quoted price was the price I got. Paid cash money :) and   drove the car of the lot in 2 hours.

Best car buying experience ever.

Dennis H. | 2010-06-29

Took my car into the service department for a repair.  Eric at the service desk was friendly.  Repairs were expensive, but most dealers are.  The tech messed it up so badly that it was actually worse than when I took i in. so I had to take it back.  Seems fixed now, but still have to ding them for the first mistake.

Ohad P. | 2010-06-24

Although I bought my car here, I'm going to write this review about the service department, because you only spend one day buying a car, but many days visiting a service department.

I purchased a used Subaru Legacy here because they had the exact color and options I wanted. The dealership had not been open that long at the time, and I had never owned a Subaru before, so for my first service, I came here.

I was immediately impressed with Justin Delgado. He's a no-nonsense guy who knows the cars like the back of his hand. Justin is honest and fair, On my second service, he hooked me up with a rental car because he had told me on the phone the day before my appointment that my service would only take a a few hours, but when I showed up in the morning, a few other repair jobs were taking longer than he expected and he didn't want to leave me without a vehicle over night.

Just this morning, he had one of his mechanics spend two hours rotating wheels and tires on my car so that a vibration I was experiencing in the steering wheel would go away. He fit me into the repair queue even though I didn't have an appointment, and he didn't charge me. What dealership repair bay have you ever heard of that does that??

I've done extensive research on this, and their prices for everything are very reasonable, and sometimes below average. Justin never, ever, tries to "upsell" me on repairs, and he often throws in small stuff for free.

Any repair job at Capitol takes time. An oil change and tire rotation can stretch to 3 hours on a busy day. In the context of Jiffy Lube; that can change your oil in 20 minutes, that seems excessive but Capitol Subaru do a more thorough job of double-checking other things, and they have the equipment to work on the whole car if they discover an additional problem. Plus, because this is a dealer, they have a waiting room, free wi-fi, free coffee, and a shuttle to work if you want.

If you drive a modified Subaru this is the place to go. Many of the mechanics, and Justin himself, are dyed-in-the-wool Subaru fanatics, and they have a good knowledge of how to diagnose some of the complex problems that can be encountered in a highly modified vehicle.

This dealership and their repair department is the undiscovered secret of the South Bay. They're not nearly as busy as Stevens Creek Subaru, and all aspects of their service are better. Come here before everyone else gets smart and starts coming too.

Michael P. | 2010-06-20

Let's see I would first like to say I love my new 2006 Subaru WRX!!!!
Thank you very much Gus Van Vlimmeren and Kafui Dzubey - Dzide.
I have been looking for a 2005-2006 wrx model for about 4 months now, but not any
I woke up on Saturday and called every Subaru Dealer in the Bay Area and there were a couple that had what I was looking for but wasn't trying to help on the price at all ! I called Capital and got a hold of Kafui and explain to him what I had to work with and what I was looking for. Right away he was eager to help me because he said "I will help you find what you need". Many of the other dealerships automatically said"no " and "you may have to look at older models" Kafui called back and informed me the bad news, that they couldn't do what I was asking but could work with me and help me finance the car. I was about to give up and buy a KIA , LOL ......
He called about 2 hours later and said" mike come down here and we can work something out, I will take care of you " I was thinking to my self the only sales person that cared to call back not once but 3 times , I figured a man this meticulous about his customers I have to give him a shot. For the last 3-4 months I never met a sales guy so committed on trying to help me get what I wanted.
I got there and I saw the car I was looking for, stock 2006 WRX model with very low miles and a clean carfax.  I can't talk about numbers and what I bought it for but let's just say I walked away happy and that's the most important thing !!!!
Kafui is definitely a man of his word and that's very hard in people now and days.
Going through the finance details with Gus reassured me that I was making the right decision. He is a very personable guy but keeps it professional at the same time. Gus gave me great recommendations like the bumper to bumper insurance and the gap insurance.... many other finance managers would of tried to add at least another 5k to the deal but he made it so simple and hassle free.
Every employee there is very customer friendly as well, and will take great care of you. They have one of the best Subaru Service shops in the Bay Area .So go down there and get a new car, or at least look at what they have to offer. They will treat you like family !!!!

alexei k. | 2010-06-16

i have an extensive service done here just recently for my Outback.

My service adviser was Eric, pre-service one was Stan and I'm pleased how they handled it and communicated (almost exclusively over email, it was my choice) with me in timely manner.

Most of all I'm pleased with SOA who shared HG repair costs with me.

As for repair quality, time will tell as car is only 1 day out of it (will have to report back on it), so far so good.

As it stands I won't hesitate to come again for all my Subaru needs and recommend service department.

P.S. to Capitol Subaru management team : mind you, 4 out of 5 is a good grade!

Terry M. | 2010-04-19

My only experience with this place is their service department.  I found out that I had to get my wheel bearing replaced so I called about 6 places for quotes.  Capital came in lowest, which goes against the rep of dealerships.   They took me right away and did the job in half a day.  It turned out that the work went over their quote but they stuck to the quote without any problem.  Everyone I dealt with was extremely helpful and friendly.  I will absolutely go out of my way to take my car here in the future.  The whole experience was GREAT!

Kathy A. | 2010-03-26

I just bought an STi from Capitol and I had a really great experience. I've bought 2 cars in about a month, one used and one new and so I've been to a lot of different dealerships in that time and this was the best. Their staff is friendly and professional and I had an easy buying experience with Tommy.

I saw the car I wanted in their inventory on the website and called them one morning to verify they had it. That same day I went to Puente Hills Subaru to look at their STis since I was in Southern California at the time. I had a terrible experience there. They convinced me that Tommy was lying about having the car I wanted and even when I called him and asked, he was completely nice about it and sent me photos of the car and the invoice to prove he had the car right in front of him. If someone had basically called me a liar, I don't know if I would've been as friendly and polite as he was.

And everyone there was friendly and professional looking (I cannot believe how many dealers look unkempt and dirty at other dealerships!). The finance manager who took care of me was really great. Jamie was really knowledgable about the STi and showed me how to work everything in the car and remembered that I'd emailed him through the dealership website.

I went back a week later to get something installed at the service department and they were again, super friendly. Tommy checked up with me after I purchased the car to see how it and I were doing and in general made me feel good about the whole experience. And I felt that he was being honest about the pricing of the vehicle -- after the Puente Hills experience, this was a huge plus.

I would definitely go back there to buy another vehicle. I wish they were closer so I could use their service department on a regular basis, but alas, 'twere not so.

Jim M. | 2010-03-26

Justin in service not only knows the stock Subaru setups well, but has useful suggestions for how to improve handling or performance if you want "more" out of your Subaru.  He steered me to Swift sport springs for my 2009 Forester, and so far I have been very impressed by the difference those springs make in the ride quality -- reducing "float" and sway, without increasing apparent road noise.  Yes, you have to get used to cutting a lower profile (and not looking down on econoboxes);  but then that it itself means less wind resistance and better handling.  If you have a question about anything re your Subaru, don't be shy about asking Justin for tips.

Norm D. | 2010-03-19

Capitol Subaru is by far, the BEST dealership I (we) have dealt with.  I know the service guys, Justin and crew, are good guys from when I brought my Impreza for service.

Yesterday, we purchased a 2010 Forester, and although we were there a few hours, it turned out to be a great deal for us.  And I'm sure it was a win-win situation for both parties.  I dealt with Jamie Cassady for most of the time.  I visited the dealership a couple of times to make sure the Forester is the car that we wanted, and Jamie was very accommodating.  He answered all our questions, took us to test rides, and showed us the bells and whistles of the car.  And in addition, he responded to my email inquiries promptly.

Jamie definitely went the extra mile for us.  I know, some may say that car salesmen do that so they'll sell you a car.  But Jamie (along with finance guy, Guss), made sure that we were comfortable with all that's involved with the car purchase.  So, we went home with the new Forester.

I highly recommend Jamie at Capitol Subaru.  If you're thinking of getting a Subaru, please see Jamie.  You won't regret it.

David S. | 2010-02-25

I emailed inquiring about a car the company had listed on AutoTrader and had displeasure of dealing with someone(who I'm not naming) who came across as completely sleazy.  He wouldn't give me a price over the phone which every single other deal I did would, he wouldn't answer questions, he bad-mouthed(multiple times) other dealers who were extremely nice and seemed really honest, and I keep getting spam emails from him.  When he bad-mouthed other dealers he was basically telling me that they were lying to me about having cars on the way...until I told him that they had VINs on the cars and he basically shut up and said "I'll have to talk to my boss" which for me was a relief because it was an end to our conversation.

It's great that others have gotten good service at this place but I honestly felt like I was dealing with a 3rd rate used car salesman and ended up completely avoiding having anything to do with this dealership while looking for a specific car that I ended up buying elsewhere even though Capitol Subaru kept coming up in my searches.  I can honestly say that I didn't truly check out how well they rated in other categories but as far as dealing with them over the phone and via email I was pretty disappointed.

Michael H. | 2010-02-08

I took my 2010 Forrester into here for its 7,500 mileage checkup. I had made an appointment a couple weeks ago, but when I arrived at 7:45 am on Saturday I was a little worried they weren't open as all the lights were off and their gate was mostly closed.

However, I parked along the side and noticed a light in their service department room. I walked in and spoke to the two guys at the counter. Both were very friendly and helpful, and the one person who took my information opened the gate - I guess they had just recently opened.

They told me my car would be ready within a couple hours, but that they had free WIFI access (I had a laptop with me) or I could walk to the Denny's or McDonalds down the street if I wanted to grab a bite to eat.

I hopped on their network for a bit, but I had forgotten my power cord for my laptop and my battery was almost empty after about an hour and a half. I then headed to the McDonalds and grabbed an Egg McMuffin. Headed back a little before 10 am and decided I'd check in to see how my car was doing and found it was ready for me to pick up.

Paid $180 and was on my way.

Jason J. | 2009-12-01

The wife and I contacted the Internet sales guys at Capitol Subaru because we were considering buying a Subaru Forester. We wound up getting a deal from another dealership on a different make and model that was a better fit for us, so no Subaru for us. However, I was blown away by the professionalism of Jamie Cassady, their Internet contact guy. He was exceptionally professional and friendly, and trust me -- we dealt with a lot of dealerships over the last couple of weeks, and "exceptionally professional and friendly" is not something you'd say about many of them. Most of them were 100 percent ass (that's right, Teddy from Capitol Mazda, I'm looking at you), but Jamie was awesome.

If you're in the market for a Subaru, do yourself a favor and drop Jamie a line. You won't be sorry.

J L. | 2009-11-29

The check engine light came on in my Forester, and not wanting to drive over the hill to SC Subaru, I called Capitol. It turned out to be my A/F sensor and MAP sensor, also needed a new CV boot on one side. One or both were not in stock. This just seemed weird to me, you'd think they'd keep certain parts in stock. So, my Suby ended up staying here a week, I was given an '09 Forester to drive (hated it, but that's a different review....)

Pros - I was taken out to my car while it was on the rack, and shown the problems. The mechanic was very thorough in covering everything, and letting me know what should be done and what could wait. Staff were all very nice.

Cons - Never really got a written estimate, I guess I could have asked.
Getting call backs from the service department was hit or miss. I'd be told they would call back in twenty minutes, and never hear from them. Don't keep parts in stock, so I'm without my car for ~week, screwing up my weekend plans.

The car is running well, but I'm done with dealers. I'll find an independent mechanic to work on my car.

Brandi A. | 2009-11-04

I bought a 2004 Outback from Tommy!! I am sooo happy with the car!!! I love love love it!!! Tommy was a great help, very knowledgeable, honest and polite. Rod who works in Finance was a great help also!! I have been to many Dealerships and had 5 cars and this buy far was the best experience ever!! I have recommend this dealerships to my friends and will tell many many more!!!

Noelle G. | 2009-10-25

I went the Costco route and had a great experience. I worked with Ryder on the Internet team and it was a simple as a test drive, decide on the car I wanted and then get the paperwork started. I did a lot of research in between all of those steps so I could have done the whole thing in a couple of hours if I had wanted. While waiting for my financing to go through I had a chance to listen to others shop. They were treated well, got good advice and didn't get pressured. Gus in Finance was easy to work with and didn't rush me to make a decision on some of the options. They even offered me some pizza while I was waiting. It was a good enough experience that now my wife is thinking about trading in our minivan for an Outback...

Rebecca K. | 2009-10-24

Jamie and Eugene in internet sales here are great.  I initially interacted with Eugene and then Jamie took over about halfway through to the completion of the sale.  They are a great team.  Additionally, Gus, the Finance Director, was a pleasure to work with as well.

I did a lot of research and took my time speaking to four area Subaru dealers (of which I was actually up front about with each).  Hey, it's a buyer's market after all. The following qualities set Capitol apart:
- They were NEVER aggressive or pushy -- for instance they never called me, keeping it all via email (as I initiated it that way) until I called them, which I greatly appreciated.  
- They answered every question promptly (and I admit I had many as I'm a conscientious consumer, what can I say) without making me feel like they were doing me a favor, instead they were welcoming of it and I never got the sense that they expected anything in return.  Basically, they seem happy doing their jobs and all it entails.
-  What I especially liked was when, during the initial exploratory phase, I told them I had to leave on a trip for 10 days and I made it clear I would not buy a car until my return - they didn't try to pressure me into purchasing before leaving, regardless of my declaration that it wouldn't happen.  A different dealer's salesman basically ignored my decision and kept trying to pressure me (regardless of his claim he "wasn't trying to pressure" me) into buying before my trip hemming and hawing about the likelihood of the price being the same upon my return.  Jamie and Eugene just wished me a good trip and said they'd hope to hear from me afterward and could certainly honor the prices they quoted me.  

My ultimate decision to buy from Jamie at Capitol was, admittedly, circumstantial -- my other car broke down that week and I needed the new car ASAP before the weekend.  They had it and thus it was a done deal.  But, of course, all of the above certainly didn't hurt and ultimately I'm happy things worked out the way they did.

Peter K. | 2009-09-27

Not a bad place to buy your car. I got my new car from there, and at first I ran into some issues, but the sales manager called me personally to take care of the issue. No dealership is going to be perfect but this one is tolerable.

Kenny J. | 2009-09-01

I bought my 03 WRX wagon here about two years ago. 40k miles later it's still running like a champ. They had lifetime powertrain warranty back then even on used vehicles!

This review is for their service department though. You really can't find a better group of friendly guys to help out when your Subie needs service. They even wash my car everytime I take it there, even for just an oil change! I always get coupons in the mail from them for oil changes, service, etc.

Usually I coordinate service with Justin or Ivan. They always help me try to save money, like when I needed a new radiator they expedited a 3rd party one because it was cheaper than OEM and just as good. Also, they're helpful in arranging rides for me to work or getting me into a loaner car (got a 09 Forrester a couple times).

I even got my roommate to defect from Stevens Creek and he brings his Impreza here too! They do service on Saturdays even for people who are too busy during the week to come in.

Oh yeah, and there's free wifi in their waiting room! If I'm not out to lunch with a co-worker while I get an oil change, I just bring my laptop and get some work done.

I would not go anywhere else.

john d. | 2009-07-08

My review is for the service dept.

I brought my 08 outback in for a 15k service. Being the value minded shopper in today's tough times, a $xx off coupon attracted me to the Capitol Subaru service dept. I was impressed with the quality and promptness of the work done and will be bringing my subaru back. Keep emailing me those service specials!

Robert S. | 2009-07-05

I just bought my 09 wrx wagon yesterday and had nothing but the best service from Jamie (Internet sales manager), Jose (helped me out while Jamie was on vacation) and Gus (finance). I actually had been emailing several dealerships the past few months and Jamie had always been very nice and friendly.

I had test driven an 09 wrx premium in the wr blue color a week or two before but after I was preapproved for a loan, they had sold it already. After numerous phone calls and emails, Jamie was able to get me the exact car I wanted at the dealer in one day. Since Jamie was on vacation, Jose took care of me the day I bought the car. Lastly, I spoke to Gus in finance to finalize the purchase and he was definitely straight up with everything and recommended only the stuff I should really get (I did my homework so I already knew he wasn't trying to upsell me to make a bigger sale). He even gave me a great price on the two options I did end up getting. They definitely made my first car buying experience a great one.

I highly recommend speaking to Jamie or Jose (and Gus when you're ready to purchase) at Capitol Subaru if you're in the market for a Subaru!!

Tinger C. | 2009-06-18

I got my 2009 Subaru Outback XT today. What a great car buying experience!

Jaime, my sales person, was great. Helpful, straightforward, and honest. He is willing to spend time with you and really test-drive the car.

This is my second car. Of course I did my homework before I got into the deaership. This saves time for everyone. I did I took advange of the cash incentives and great rate and got a great deal.

I highly recommend that contact Jaime if you want to get a new car. Jaime is part of the reason I steered away from VW and Toyota and got a Subaru at the end. But of course I like the quality and the price of the car.

I hope your car shopping experience is as great as mine.

Eric L. | 2009-05-20

Although I did not buy a car from this place, I find their salesperson extremely deliteful compare to the surrounding dealers that I went to. He was helpful answering my question and gave me all the info I wanted. Most importantly, he told me there would be a bigger sale in couple of days, how often do you find a saleperson that's helpful and not pushy.

steven p. | 2009-04-24

I have a mix review of Capitol Subaru first off when i first went there, I had a salesman who was very helpful when i was looking for a car.  We were looking for a WRX and just went for test drives to find the right car.

Another day and another salesman later, is when i probably never come back. We were looking for the salesman we had last time but he was not working that day. We ended up with a salesman who was terrible at selling cars. We did a quote on the car and wanted something similar. He said it was not possible  and after we wouldnt budge on the price we set, he talked about how his value and time was being wasted by talking to us.  How can it be a waste of time if we are the potential customers and hes the one selling the car. Gave some typical sales pitch and kept dragging us to convince to buy the car still. Well now we still will look for a Subaru, but not with Capitol Subaru. If he was as nice as the other salesman, we probably work out something beyond the budget but this salesman rubbed us the wrong way.

Brian M. | 2009-03-14

Went there for service the other day and had a good experience. Everyone I dealt with was great and they had my car done very fast. I'm crossing my fingers that this is how they usually are and my previous experience with the sales division was an anomaly.

Eladio S. | 2009-03-13

If I could give them 10 stars I would. Capital Subaru has the BEST service I've ever experienced at a car dealership. In fact, they have probably the best service I've experienced at any retail/customer service based establishment.

I bought my STi at Steven's Creek Imports (aka Stevens Creek Subaru). Overall, I was pleased with the sale and service during the purchase.

I chose to go to Capital Subaru merely for convenience to my home. It's much closer to me. From the first time I went here, I've been treated with nothing but respect from Justin and the other employees in the service department. Justin, you're a great asset to that company and you're great at what you do!

I've been here many times since for oil changes and services. While en route to my last oil change, I was rear ended about 2 blocks from the dealership. I made it to the store and Justin was on top of things. He hooked me up with their recommended body shop and my car was in the paint booth within days.

The mechanics here know their Subarus. Most of these guys drive and work on their own Subarus. They have love for the car and it shows in the work they put into your car. I can't wait for them to install my Cobb Downpipe once I get my Access Port, finally Stage 2!!

I HIGHLY recommend this dealership to anyone in the market for a Subaru. They take care of their customers! This is almost nonexistent in this industry. I will for sure buy my next Subaru from these folks!

april h. | 2009-03-12

These guys are rad and are always super nice and I always get great service.  I will continue to take my car here for mundane things like oil changes and for big things like the 30K services.  What I like is that I never feel like I am being ripped off.  And they take the time to show you how to do things if they are basic.

Emily A. | 2009-03-11

This is a great place to buy a car!  Jamie Cassady was very knowledgeable and took a lot of time with me to ensure I was satisfied with my purchase.  I have since been back to have my first service and the customer service in that department was fantastic, as well... and btw I love my new Subaru Forester- it's like the perfect car :)

RR C. | 2009-03-08

If your looking for 100% customer service in both sales and service this is the place to go. The sales staff is always willing to help out and answer questions for you, even if your not purchasing a car that day, and even tho i have a honda i continue to use there service dept, because of the promptness and customer service!  oh and i read the Review of brian M......i to have worked with Ron, and had a completly diffrent experiance, hes helpful and upbeat and makes you feel like a vip when your in that dealership as well as the whole staff there.

noah a. | 2009-03-01

Much better the second time. They finished my service in less than the time promised, did not try too hard to up-sale me items even though I had a coupon and were friendly. The waiting area had wifi available (and even a computer kiosk available in the sales area).

Wendy K. | 2009-02-23

I came here with Kevin N below...excellent service deserves TWO perfect scores!

I originally started with a request for quote online from Capital Subaru after having an awful time at Stevens Creek. Jamie Cassady was quick in responding and gave us a great deal. Two days later we went to check out the car after a misunderstanding on the mileage racked up from him getting the car from Sacramento. He handled it well and threw in the auto-dimming mirror I wanted but didn't want to pay for.

Peter gave us the run down on the warranties, manual, etc and seemed genuinely excited that we were getting our very first Subaru. I think I liked this guy the most simply because he wasn't selling me anything, haha.

So, 1.5 hours, a set of free ski clips, and all-weather mats later, we drove off with a shiny new Outback Sport. It is the first time in, like 4 car purchases that I feel good about my purchase, that I didn't get ripped off somehow, and that I didn't spend 6 hours playing the waiting game.

I thought I was a loyal Lexus owner, but I am actually excited for some day in the future when I WILL get a second Subaru! Thanks to Capitol Subaru! (and the internet, heehee)

Appa M. | 2009-02-23

I'm surprise that it's took us 1.5 hours, yep 1.5 hours to completed the purchase of our 09's Subaru Impreza Outback Sport and got all the option we ask for for the price we asked. I think the only way to shop for car now is through the internet, so you can negotiate the price at your own time and buy when you're ready. Their internet sale model is "No Hassle" I honestly feel no hassle at all.

Jamie Cassedy is the internet rep. we dealt with through out the whole process. he's able to give us option that we ask for almost at no charge. the car performed great and better then what we expected. The AWD is awesome that's pretty much why we decided to get the subaru, it's sold itself because of the AWD. We pick up the car on Friday and on Saturday we take it up to Squaw Valley.  

This is the first time I feel comfortable when shopping for a car, compare to my experience from Steven Creek Subaru. I don't know how that dealership received (43) "1 Star" and yet still people shop there? If i yelp it first before going there I would never even bother show up, but i didn't and vow never to return to Steven Creek Subaru.

Tom O. | 2009-02-21

Management. Team: Shaun Del Grand (President) and Rick (General Manager)

Service Department Team: Ivan and Justin

Service Events: Drive Line, Vehicle, and Engine; Regular Maintenance and Inspection

Assessment: OUTSTANDING !! Treated me Like I Bought Me Car at Capitol Subaru

Detail: Purchased 2006 STi while living in AZ has dealer install navigation system, 12 disk CD, and Delfi' Gage Pod and Black Box.

Shortly thereafter moved to Sunnyvale and after checking around I heard about Capitol Subaru from other STi Drivers and the very high praise they gave to the Service Team. I was very surprised and a little skeptical given the reputation of other Subaru dealers in the Bay Area.

After one service experience at Capitol Subaru I was convinced this Service Team is for real. Each time I have gone to their shop I have found them to be through, professional, and truly customer focused. They always went the extra mile to answer my questions, review the status of my STi, and ensure that getting my STi serviced was not a major disruption in my life.

In addition, I also found the Service team to really understand the service requirements of a STi. High performance cars like the STi can be a truly enjoyable experience over the entire life of the car; so long as you have a Service Team like the one at Capitol Subaru.

Luke B. | 2009-01-07

This is a review of the Capitol Service department.

So I purchased a 2007 Forester from Stevens Creek Subaru, without reading the yelp reviews first (I had only been in the US for 1 month, and was just desperate to get a car before I had to release the rental car supplied by my company). We had a Forester in Australia and just wanted to start with a car we were familiar with.

The entire process at Steven's Creek was ok, but (no surprise to yelpers) about a month later I got a call back saying my lease application had been denied. Denied! They could only approve finance up to $18k or something (I had no credit history in the US). This was after being "approved" in the dealership, of course. Totally insane. So I said "well, have the car - with several thousand miles and a full month of use - back again!" They grumbled and went away and "fixed" the problem somehow, I make my payments, and I didn't hear from them again.

I took it for two services there, one of which was not noted in my copy of the service history. I started reading yelp reviews and got nervous - I didn't want any problem with the car when it came to the end of the lease. They were extremely careless with the finance side, and I was worried that the mechanical side was looking the same, so I decided to go a bit further afield and try Capitol.

Well, it was impressive. I actually had to cycle 14 miles to work after dropping the car off, and by the time I reached work I had a voicemail on my phone saying my car was ready to be picked up :) It was a basic service, but it was still really quick. The guys on the desk were very friendly and chatty, and they have the car a light exterior wash for me too.

Having owned and raced motorcycles in the past, nothing scares me more than sloppy mechanics. One whiff of them and I am taking my business elsewhere. Something didn't sit right with Stevens Creek, and then I started reading yelp reviews and that nailed it for me. Too risky. Reputation is everything.

I have always liked Subarus and wouldn't hesitate to lease another one, so I would put Capitol at the top of my list when it comes time to trade up or trade in. Hopefully the sales side of their dealership is as good as the service side.

Brian R. | 2008-12-11

I'm reviewing the Service Department.  Never would I have imagined that a car dealership would provide a pleasant experience with good customer service.  I've brought my car in here 3 or 4 times, and each experience went without a hitch.  Crazy, right?!

Ivan and Justin are helpful and respond quickly to emails.  They are easy to communicate with.  I HIGHLY recommend this place.  You will not find a better Service Department at any dealership!  They genuinely care about the customer.

Justin L. | 2008-12-08

Customer Service is WAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYY better than Stevens Creek/Capitol Mitsubishi and Stevens Creek Subaru (Owned by the same people). Got a great deal on a 07 STi, sales rep, Brendan didn't really know a lot about Subarus, but he certainly did get me a great deal on it. Only taking off a star for not very knowledgeable staff. But the Service/parts department was cool, Justin is a good guy

danger m. | 2008-08-23

review for service department.  

first off, way better than stevens creek subaru service department which pretty much sucks and you can reference their yelp reviews as a citation.  

very punctual, and convenient location close to the VTA.  service does take a bit on the long side, but is as promised and starts on time.  would reccomend to anyone looking for service work at a dealership.  Ivan the service manager is very professional and friendly.

Dave M. | 2008-07-30

The service department is really good. I asked them to replace my brakes. After inspecting them, they explained I didn't need it.  The reason I appreciate that so much is that when I visited the other Subaru dealer in the valley, it felt like they were trying to make me do things I didn't need.  The story goes on.... I forgot to ask them to rotate my tires, but after they finished the brake check, they were nice enough to pull the car back in and rotate them for free.

The only reason I decided to get another Subaru was because I found this dealership here in the valley. Otherwise I would have to drive out of the valley everytime I needed service. I am really pleased they are here because I really like Subarus.  

Anyhow. I decided to get another one, and I was happy to find that their deal was better than what I was getting in a couple others I was checking with. My brother-in-law in LA then asked me to get his car from here.  They filled my gas tank when I got my car, too. Nice touch.

Wil M. | 2008-07-25

The owner of Capitol Subaru gave me a call regarding my negative review and sounded genuinely concerned that my issue was not dealt with properly. It means a lot for a business to come back and find out what went wrong with any issues. I'm adding a star for the follow up.

But... anyone want to buy a 2005 exhaust that sounds like popcorn popping when idling? Capitol Subaru?

Dickson C. | 2008-07-19

This review is for their SERVICES department.

I took my WRX in to have a recall repaired.  I scheduled for a time, brought it in, and they got it fixed.  They also had a tech explain to me and point out what the recalls were and how it was fixed.
I was there on a Friday.  They had a BBQ that day and even offered me food and everything while I waited.  The whole service department was very friendly.  Compared to other dealership service department, Capitol is probably the best in the area in terms of friendliness, communications, and competency.

Cindy M. | 2008-07-10

I had a bad experience here trying to buy a new car. If you negotiate a price over the phone, be prepared to play stupid car salesman games when you get there. I had everything nailed down (or so I thought), but then they began the good cop/bad cop routine. We walked out. They called the next day saying they'd made a mistake. If you enjoy this sort of thing, go knock yourself out. I took my business elsewhere, because I deserve to be treated with respect.

Linda L. | 2008-05-09

This place I must say had the best customer service I've had ever from a car dealership. Bf and I went there today to buy some transmission fluid along with some oil filters. They quickly brought out the items he requested and made sure they were for the right car. This place was so friendly, the guy behind the counter, Luke, gave him tips on how to do my maintenance. we even ended up buying the Momo shift knob!

I definitely recommend this place to any Subaru owner who wants to buy a car, because they are home to the lifetime power train warranty. Also I'm sure getting service done on the car will be very painless.

Michael R. | 2008-03-17

Outstanding service experience.  I will be taking my Outback here from now on.

In 2007 I took my Outback to another dealer, Steven's Creek Subaru, for brake work and an oil change.  The next time I took the car on the freeway it overheated and I had to have it towed back.  Steven's Creek replaced the blown head gasket under warranty, but couldn't explain why it overheated.  Gave me some BS theory.  I drive the car for 1.5 months and it overheats again.  See my review of Steven's Creek for more details.

This time I take it to Capitol.  Justin immediately diagnosed the problem as a cracked radiator neck.  Another blown head gasket, and this time the block is warped out of spec.  They also found several other surprises left by Stevens Creek: several missing belt covers, stripped and incorrect bolts in the old block, and an incorrect crank seal.

Capitol repaired all the damage left by Steven's Creek, and replaced the engine block.  They even comped me the short-block assembly parts as "goodwill" when they heard my story.  

The car has been running perfectly for 5 months now.  I will be taking it to Capitol from now on.  Avoid Steven's Creek at all costs!

Seri T. | 2008-03-09

Update part 3: I have my license plate frame back! :) Thanks, Mandy!

Update part 2: I got a message from Mandy at capitol saying that they still have my plate and that they will mail it to me. Hooray!! Back to 5 stars!

Update: I realized yesterday that they took my carlsen subaru plate cover and replaced it with a capitol subaru plate cover. Without telling me and without leaving me with the carlsen plate. There's a reason I had the carlsen plate on there since I bought my car there. Minus one star for that. At least leave me with the old plate cover in case I wanted to keep it. hmph!

Original review:
I had to get my 60k service done and although most people recommended I go to my local shop, I had $300 subaru dollars so I stuck with the dealers. I had gone to santa cruz subaru for my last major service, but this was a lot closer and it had been getting good reviews on the subaru forum, so I gave it a try.

I called Justin to set up an appt and he had the following morning open for me to drop off my car. Since I live in Hayward and have to work in Oakland, I needed a loaner car and he said that wouldn't be a problem. Great!

I went to drop off the car at 8am and Justin wasn't there but Lance greeted me. He was friendly and didn't have a problem with me needing a loaner car. He called enterprise once the paperwork was all done and they were there in 5 mins to pick me up. Free of charge (except for the tax, which was $1.50?).

I got a call from Justin around 3:30pm apologizing that he wasn't there in the morning and that my car was ready for a pick up. I left oakland around 4:15pm to get my car, but I knew that I wouldn't make it in time in traffic before their 5:30pm closing. I called Lance and he said: "not a problem, I'll wait for you." Wow, really? I got to enterprise around 5:40 and back to the dealer by 5:45. Lance was there waiting with my car ready to go. I used my 20% off coupon (look for service specials online:… ) and my $300 subaru bucks for a total of about $250 for my 60k service (for an 05 wrx wagon).

Unlike my 30k service at santa cruz subaru, they gave me a checklist of everything they performed on the car (sc subaru just had a few line items). Both Lance and Justin were very polite and took the time to address customer concerns and questions. As long as they stay and keep this up, I'll be back here for my next major service. All dealers should be like this!