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Whether you are looking for a Mitsubishi, or a pre-owned car or truck, Capitol Mitsubishi is here to help. If you don't see what you are looking for, click on CarFinder and simply fill out the form. We will let you know when vehicles arrive that match your search! If you would rather discuss your options with our friendly sales staff, click on Directions for interactive driving directions. We are conveniently located just a stone's throw from San Mateo and Santa Clara at 750 West Capitol Expressway in San Jose. You can also reach Capitol Mitsubishi any time by filling out our contact form or calling us. The entire staff at Capitol Mitsubishi looks forward to serving you!


Established in 1995.

We have a skilled and knowledgeable sales staff with many years of experience satisfying our customers' needs. Located in San Jose, California, the staff at Capitol Mitsubishi will help you find the Mitsubishi vehicle you want. At Capitol Mitsubishi we offer a searchable online inventory of new 2013 Mitsubishi cars in San Jose, along with well-maintained used Mitsubishi and pre-owned cars by today's top manufacturers. Come on in and take a test drive! Our sales staff will help you find that new Mitsubishi or quality used car that you have been searching for.

For years, the financial staff at Capitol Mitsubishi has offered expert advice for those seeking an affordable Mitsubishi car loan or lease. Our service doesn't just stop there. San Jose customers can come in and take advantage of our knowledgeable Mitsubishi car repair technicians and a fully-stocked inventory of Mitsubishi auto parts.

Capitol Mitsubishi

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(800) 630-0983
Address:750 W Capitol Expy Auto Mall, San Jose, CA, 95136
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: 10:00 am - 8:00 pm

Reviews on Capitol Mitsubishi

Venu S. | 2015-04-25

If it was possible to give them less than 1 star then I would have given them 0 or negative.
I went to the service department to get my car serviced and the service guy - Sal Solemani was super rude. I understand that Saturday mornings are busy for them but that does not means that you treat your customers bad.

First off - He tried selling me the major maintenance package and when I said I had a coupon from Mitsubishi then he reacted as if I had committed a crime. His first reaction was this is gonna take more than 3-4 hours even though I was the second or the third customer in line. Mr Solemani then told his service guy that do this car in the end.

I also had to get the rear light fixed and Mr Solemani would not just listen. When I asked him for the third time what about the rear light he grunted and yelled "What do you want ?". I told him about the light again and then he asked me to get a quote from parts department. You are the service department you should be getting it and not making the customer run to a different department.  I still kept my patience and got the quote. Original Mitsubishi quote was $65.89 and they were charging me $85.89 for no apparent reason. Thats a markup of more than 30%.

I went back and told Mr Solemani that I got the quote from parts department for the rear light and he was even more pissed now. I asked him can you add it to the service and he told that its gonna cost $140.00 for labor charges. Are you kidding me ?

Bottomline Mr Solemani was just turned off by the fact that I had a coupon from Mitsubishi and thought he is losing an opportunity to make money out of me.  He is rude and just wants to over charge the customers. Sad part is that there is no other mitsubishi dealership in the area and thats why they think they can do anything.

Stay away from these guys and you are better off getting your car serviced somewhere else.

Dishar R. | 2015-04-15

They fixed the Problem cause they had to.  Still, expected more from a name brand dealership. And it was my sister first experience buying a car. Actually, it is her first car that is hers. So, the moment was ruined by the breakdown the day after.

They did fix it though

Sandy S. | 2015-04-14

After searching on (an excellent site)  for a 2009 Black/Black Subaru Impreza, we found a beautiful one advertised at Capitol Mitsubishi. We live in Carmel, so I wanted to make an appointment to see the car. I initially emailed Marty  on 4/12/15,  to ask a few questions, and he promptly returned my email. Then I called him to say we'd be in at 11:00 a.m. to view the car, the next morning-4/13/15. It was about an hour and 20 minute commute, from where we live.

We arrived at 10:30 a.m., on 4/13/15 at the Capitol Mitsubishi Dealership, and walked in. I saw only one person in the showroom and asked the man, "Does Marty  work here?' He replied, "That's me."  I identified myself, and asked to see the car we had discussed during our email, and phone conversation. He said, "That was sold last night."

I told him, "We came all the way from Carmel to see the car that we had set up an appointment to view, couldn't you put a hold on it or something?"

"No, we can't do that, was his reply."

Needless to say, we were very disappointed, and appalled that no one had ad least given us a courtesy email, call, or text, to say the car had been sold. Very unprofessional way to run business, in my opinion.  This is why I would NOT recommend Capitol Mitsubishi.

William N. | 2015-04-13

After a couple weeks of research, went in there with a friend to get a specific used BMW M3 they had listed. We were courteously greeted by a salesperson. That salesperson had to take care of something so he handed us off to another salesman named, Frank.

Frank, the used-car salesman, was helpful at first in showing the car. I noticed the car had a modified exhaust system and asked if we could look under the hood to see if there were any other obvious modifications. I looked for a hood latch in it, but couldn't locate it right away, so as not to continue searching I asked Frank if he knew where the hood latch was, to which he kindly replied "yes" and opened the hood for me. This is where things went bad...I noticed immediately that the car had an aftermarket intake installed...Frank began to say that the car was not modified and that it's not part of the engine so it doesn't matter. However, many intake systems are used in combination with a tune and therefore often times engine parameters are changed by a tuner, and that I work on cars all the time.  Frank promptly responded to me with the smart comment of: "oh you can work on cars but didn't know how to pop the hood." So I proceeded to tell him he was a dick, to which he told me I was the same. So I asked to speak to the GM.

The manager was somewhat apologetic though I felt more like he was blowing me off as he wouldn't even look me in the eyes when apologizing. Long story short we left the dealership immediately due to Frank's incredibly rude comment. Plus the dealership totally tried to downplay the modifications as stock, until I showed them the Borla brand name, also they sell cars they get a auctions, and the BMW had dealer plates on it which means they've been using and driving around the car. Never again will I set foot on that lot. Frank the salesperson was EXTREMELY rude. After my experience there, it's no surprise they have a 2-star Yelp rating. AVOID AT ALL COSTS.

Alan Z. | 2015-04-07

Guy who sold me my Evo was funny and helpful. He got me a good deal as well. I forgot his name but he had an accent and was really funny. Kinda reminded me of Borat lol

Philippe P. | 2015-03-24

I brought my car for 90,000 mi service in the morning of 2/17/2015 to them: it was recommended that the timing belt be changed which I agreed to do. I picked up my car in the early afternoon of 2/18/2015 and drove it back ok. I left for Europe on 2/28/2015 and came back on 3/15/2015. During that time the car was driven by my wife once around town. When I drove the car on March 16th I noticed that the engine was loud and a check engine light was on so I brought my car to my usual mechanic (who I have been a customer of for the last 15 years) the following day (I did not want to drive it to Capitol Mitsubishi since they are pretty far from Palo Alto and I did not feel I could trust them with my vehicle). My mechanic performed a diagnostic and told me the check engine code was multiple random misfire. A compression test revealed that all bank 1 cylinders had 200 psi and all bank 2 cylinders had 150 psi. Diagnostic cost = $260.

At that point the timing belt and components were inspected. My mechanic found that the timing belt was very loose and bank 2 cam off the mark by 2 notches. Water pump was original and its gasket showed coolant seepage. Tensioner and idler bearing were also original and noisy. My mechanic replaced the water pump, timing belt and timing belt components and installed fresh coolant mix. Repair cost = $520.

Bottom line: I did not go to work for 2.5 days and paid $260 + $520 = $780 to fix that problem. I spoke to the service manager, Sal, who was rude to me, calling me "my friend" and telling me I was the one who made a mistake by not calling him first. I will never do business with them again and recommend staying away from them for service.

Eric B. | 2015-03-19

Let me just say this and only this. When your pre judging someone based off the age your already at a loss with a sale. Came in to look at a specific car that I drove from the valley to see and took a good 5-10 minutes just for this car dealer salesmen to come say "did you need some help?"...I already know what down payment I need to have which I already have in pocket but his snobby attitude just killed my vibe right off the bat. Let this be a lesson Frank. DONT PRE JUDGE...I'll stick with my car for now and go somewhere else instead.

Don't come here. The ratings explain everything about this place. You sell cars...relax

Mo N. | 2015-03-09

Yet Again Another Great Service Provided by the staff at Capitol Mitsubishi. Thank You Sal and Isac.

G R. | 2015-03-03

Tried to buy a car from them.
They don't seem to really want to sell.
It was a very non typical experience.

Devin S. | 2015-02-17

Worst dealership ever! Would give 0 stars if I could.

This dealership plays all sorts of games and their sales team is completely shady. I am from out of town so I called this dealership and agreed on a price of a new car over the phone. I drove about 2.5 hours to get there and when I go to do the paperwork their sales "manager" (Thug) says they cant do that price. What??? Should have left the place right then!

Sadly, I proceeded to purchase the car. At this point, they inform me that I must buy their $2,000 extended warranty in order to secure financing for the vehicle, which of course I found out later to be completely false and illegal.

I drove the brand new car for about a week and my credit union calls me to confirm the financing on the car and they mention that they offer a completely optional extended warranty for $200. So I asked why the dealer said I needed the warranty to secure the loan and they said they had no idea.

At this point I was so pissed off I told the credit union that they are not to finance the loan and if they do I will not pay a dime. They said OK and that they wouldn't finance the loan until I said it was OK.

Guess who calls me shortly thereafter? Thats right! Capitol Mitsu! They wanted to argue with me about the situation and I told them I wanted extra options in the car and that I wanted a refund on the warranty. They agreed to everything except one option on the car. So I said I would drop the car off to them by the end of the week and I did.

I drove a brand new car for a week and it didn't cost me a dime.

Oh yeah, they also tried to call my credit union and tell them that we had resolved the dispute and that I wanted the financing to proceed. My credit union called me and wanted to confirm that was the case and I said YEAH RIGHT!!! Haha


If you are looking for an Evo like me or another mitsu please head on over to Oakland Mitsu. The two owners over there run a tight ship and was hands down the most pleasant car buying experience I have ever had.

Also remember that the consumer has the power. Persistence pays off and you can get your money back if you think you have been screwed over by a dealership. There are plenty of attorneys that will help you out for free or low cost.

Rupesh B. | 2015-01-30

This review is regarding the service department. I wish I could give negative reviews to them. I have been doing all my services with Concord Mitsubishi(with one exception of Oakland Mitsubishi), but since we moved to Fremont a year ago, thought I would try this (as its closer to my work as well). I just took my vehicle to the service department(without appointment) to check if they have any open slot for the service and fix the recalled part and they said yes(also for replacing the recalled part). I left the vehicle with them and went back to office in my friends vehicle. When I returned, to my surprise, I see the service department saying they didn't replace the recalled part as it was out of stock. Then in the first place why did they accept to fix it when the part was out of stock? Didn't they knew it was already OOS? Also they pushed me to go with upgraded service which I didn't want to as it doesn't have enough mileage to do so.

Overal, my experience was so bad with the kind of marketing they do and the way they fool their customers. I would never ever go there again. Prefer to stick to Concord Mitsubishi (I did try Oakland Mitsubishi as well, its ok but not as good as Concord!) even though its quite far for me.

Lisa S. | 2015-01-28

Wow! So glad I have taken the time to read these reviews. I have been really wanting to buy a specific used car from this dealership but decided to sit on it for a while as I'm not in a huge hurry. The list price was very good almost to good and made me suspicious. We experienced the same thing when arriving we walked around for several mins and finally had to seek out a sales person. When we expressed our interest they didn't seem interested in us. Totally strange experience. I have since called about the car and they were not very receptive. I was just about ready to give in then I read the reviews so I think I'll pass.  It almost feels like this business is not what they claim to be....makes a person wonder when you read the reviews.

K K. | 2015-01-26

Stay away! Go to another Mitsubishi if you insist on buying a Mitsubishi. All this place cares about is getting the sale. If you want good service forget it you won't find it here. I went in tonight because three of my car keys have all broken. In the past I've been able to walk in to a Mitsubishi dealership and have it repaired super quick and be done. Tonight I walked in all they cared about was selling me a car once I explained I'm only here to get my key fixed I have no intention of buying a car tonight everybody turned around and walked away they left me with the parts guy who then tells me that the parts department is closed and refused to help me.

Sharma S. | 2015-01-12

I have a very similar experience as Luke. I went in with my heart set on a 2014 Evo MR.

First day I went in, was just looking around. It was the week before Christmas and walked around the entire lot with not 1 person offering to help. I walked into the showroom where a sales person was and I asked if they any MR's in there. The sales guy points to one in the show room. I spend 15 minutes looking in and around the car and got no additional help so I left. There were no other customers and the sales guys were sitting around doing nothing.

Went back the weekend before Christmas and the same sales guy is there. I said I want to test drive an MR. He was reluctant to get my wife and I a car but eventually got one. We get on the freeway (right next to the dealership) and as soon as we get on, he says to take the next exit and directs us straight back to the dealership.... Are you kidding me... a fricking one exit test drive?

I still was considering the car but due to the treatment from these guys and not being able to have a good test drive I walked down the street and bought a WRX. The Subaru sales people were much nicer and let me actually drive the car and encouraged me to have a proper drive.

The sale of MR ($40K+) was theirs to lose and they lost it... I wish I had the name of the sales guy but he was not very friendly and didn't give us a card.

Jay M. | 2015-01-07

Sal in the service department is rude and just lost a customer's business. Called to schedule recall work and was told to bring the vehicle in Monday - Friday.  When I asked how long the work would take, he said they would have to pull the part to see if they had it in stock. Seriously?  You expect me to drive all the way down there just to check to see if a part is in stock.  He said that's how it works.  Idiot.  Done with that dealership - never again.

Eric A. | 2015-01-03

"worst experience ever!"

I have been looking for a truck for the last few months to carry my dirtbike. I stopped by this dealer to see about a lifted truck they had on the lot. The salesman saw my cadlilac that I pulled up in and asked right away if I was trading it in. I said no, and asked if I could test drive the truck I saw. We went for a test drive and he didn't say one word to me or my wife. When we got back he said what do you think? I said well maybe something with not so big of tires as the road noise was a bit much. He ok thank you and have a nice day. Got in the truck closed the door and left me and my wife hanging. He proceeded to put the truck back. xx? No help in looking at anothe truck, no let's try another vehicle, nothing straight closed the door in my face. My wife got mad and knocked on the window and asked if he was always this rude? He said we could leave the lot. My wife asked for his name and he said he didnt have one, then proceeded to make made one up. He said Johhny? My wife went in to ask for the manager the salesman came in sidea and said we could leave the lot now and to have a nice day?! Is this how they treat buying customer? Imagine if you had a problem with your car? Don't buy here the customer service is horrible!!!!!

Ben A. | 2014-11-15

Good service at service department!

Omar N. | 2014-11-07

I can't believe yelp is asking me to select a star minimum because this place deserves zero stars. Giving it a star is already an overstatement. This place is run like a middle eastern/persian meat market from the 17th century. You won't find any professionalism or even a hint of that thing called customer service. Like many of the previous customers who had a terrible experience here, I came down to Capitol Mitsubishi to get my car serviced for a recall. First off all, these %^%*^% couldn't find my appointment in the system. I had made the appointment 2 weeks ago. Then the service manager goes "we don't have the parts to service your car, I don't know why they gave you an appointment today?". No apologies, no humility for me driving all the way to the dealership but I looked past that and asked if I could get another appointment at a later date. This is what the manager says: "no I need you to call us in 2 weeks to get an appointment because I don't know when the parts come in". Really? You work at the service department and don't know when the parts come in? Then I asked to speak to the GM, they told me they don't know when he is going to be in. There it was again- that gleaming lack of insight all of the employees seem to exhibit at the dealership. I even went to the sales department to ask for when the GM would come in and they didn't know either. Out of desperation I called the operator who was this rude black lady who hung up the phone after I asked her a simple question of transferring me to a manager, any manager. Finally, because I am a loyal Mitsubishi customer and a fan of the brand and their products, I called the corporate hotline and left a complaint with them. If you or anybody has experienced terrible customer service at this place please call the hotline at 1-888-648-7820, ask to speak to a supervisor and have them document the complaint. They will be sent to the corporate office to be reviewed by the c-level officers.

Jonathan C. | 2014-11-05

Had some recalls on my vehicle that needed to be performed by an dealer. Hate this place so much I drove all the way to Oakland Mitsubishi to get the work done! (i live in Santa Clara by the way) Much better customer service in Oakland! Worth the drive to not be treated like crap or talked down to! Please do not come here unless you want to be treated badly!

alexandra h. | 2014-10-27

Really sour experience overall. Don't expect them to do you any favors but they make you feel like they are moving mountains for you. If someone makes a mistake in paperwork they cant assume responsibility but instead try and subtly blame the customer. Even tried to upsell me by positioning it as a momentous offering, a dirty tactic in my opinion.

Luke Z. | 2014-09-17

Came here to test drive a used Lancer Evo MR.  

Had to walk into a sales guy's office before being helped.  

Guy blew me off and wouldn't allow me to test drive.  Says car is way too fast and can't be adding miles to the car.

I explained there's no way I know what to choose between a STI or EVO without driving both.  I also said I test drove a 2012 e93 M3, and I drive the Tesla Roadster.  

Still no and shoo-ed me out the the door.

I suppose I walked in like I was a high schooler, but I actually work in tech and get paid very well.

I would say even if he couldn't let me test drive the car he should've done in a less condescending manner.  Now, I don't even want to buy a EVO anymore.  It's a shame.

Tyler K. | 2014-09-15

This dealership is sh*t. I came in looking to purchase a 2014 Evo GSR. I've already narrowed it down to this or one other car. I have a pretty big down payment saved up also for this new vehicle I wanted to purchase. I walk up. Sales man greets me and shows me one of the evos in the showroom. Hands me off to the sales manager,Marty (total duche), probably because he thought I was a waste of time. I don't know if it's because I'm young (23) or I wasn't trying to drive away with a car that day he didn't seem to want to help me at all. I'm seriously looking to purchase and evo but it will definitely be from a different dealership. Marty just kept asking me why I'm not buying today, why I'm not buying today, I told him well I would like to test drive the car first before making a purchase, if I like the drive I'll be ready to buy. No test drive. Said they don't do test drives and that I should trust the reviews because they are all accurate. I'm thinking to myself so you want me to spend around $40K on a car and you won't let me f*cking test drive it before I buy it!? Horrible customer service, horrible salesman all around, I'm in sales and these guys made me feel like I was 15 years old with a brand new license. I'll be for sure taking my business elsewhere to a sales rep that earns it. Not just sits on his as* and has no respect for the customer or their needs. Save yourself some time and find another dealership for your buying needs, even if it's farther it'll be worth the drive. Read all the other reviews. Oh yeah and Marty, I'll be buying an evo and never coming to your dealership again, besides telling everyone else to go elsewhere.

April L. | 2014-09-08

Honestly, the worst dealership I have ever encountered.  Service and Parts department employees are rude and their prices are outrageous.  Seriously....$185.00 to program a key fob on top of the $175.00 the charge for the fob itself.  Go to Salinas Mitsubishi where their fobs are cheaper and they only charge $60.00.  Better yet, order online and do the 2 minute job yourself without getting nasty negative and pissy service reps.

Ernest S. | 2014-08-20

I have heard and seen with my own eyes the mechanics will add oil to cars to blow the head gasket. Thus getting more work, some awful service.

John W. | 2014-08-07

Absolutely terrible service here. My mechanic said I needed to go to the dealership to get a tpms scanned. Just scanned. My mechanic said it would cost no more than 20$. At capitol mitsubishi, they said it would cost 280$ but they could make me a deal for 250$. Of course I said no way. He laughed at me. I have also been there many other times for getting keys cut. Every time I went I had a bad experience. As being from San Jose. I would say take the time to drive to the other mitsubishi dealer in Oakland. It would be well worth the time.

Julian C. | 2014-08-05

I recently bought a 2006 3 series BMW from here, and within a month i had problems with the car, but cars break down thats what happens with used cars, the service department was as good as it gets, they understood and they had my car towed to the dealership and fix it as soon as they could i was very pleased with the service manager and his customer service is great i would recommend people to shop!

Frank H. | 2014-07-16

I never write reviews specially if they are going to be negative. But my experience is something that I don't want anyone to go through.
  So I buy a used car from them, I get approved and I drive out that same day. The negotiation is just like in any other dealership. Except that their staff doesn't know squat about the car. Honestly, I knew more about it than the salesman.
The service center however is a different story. Terrible people, Lazy, rude, and no customer service skills.  A week later after I buy the car, the car starts with problems, I take it to the service center and this guy Sal, the service manager, keeps telling me to come back tomorrow. I go back four times. The 5th time was with appointment. And they still kicked me out. So I get more people involved. Until they decide to take a look at my car. I took it in a monday, they said they'll call me on tuesday. I didn't hear from them until friday and that's because I called them. They tell me that my car will be looked at on sunday. UNBELIEVABLE!!! Almost a week later. I was not provided with a rental, loaner, or anything like that. I'm currently riding the bus and missing work. Or renting cars out of my own pocket.

Morticia A. | 2014-07-02

Where do I start? This has to be the WORST and I mean BEYOND worst dealership I have ever been To. Me and my husband came to buy a Impala LTZ, we had $15 thousand dollars on us to buy the car which our Credit Union *County of Santa Clara* had told us that they had our car and that they don't have what they call a "contact" person to get in touch with to be able to do a workable budget number for our loan. So we test drove the car, the only thing that seemed to be "cool" was the auto start button on the key and at that the guy was so unknowledgable about the car that my boyfriend was telling him about the car and this guy wasn't new! He also came off arrogant saying it 2 as "top of the line" & worth 16,000. We had others cars to look at, we weren't impressed. We went back to this place to buy the car and negotiate and Marty wouldn't budge on the price and the dumb lady "Tracy" who works their "finance department" was saying that the other place our credit union guaranteed us the 15,000 mark for the same make and model and color was unreal.  Well it was, it was in Fremont waiting for us. She laughed at us, & I got so mad that I told my boyfriend in front of her this was a rip off.  So as we got up Marty started talking crap saying we won't find sh*t. Well guess what Marty?  We got treated way better at DGDG down at Hyundai and bought a 2011 HYUNDAI SONATA GLS that was wayyyy better than that piece of crap Impala that was $18,000 & we got a 3 year warranty with a 100 buck car payment, and we got the car for 12,000. And Hyundai treated us better and I'll have you know "mitsubishi" they laughed at you when we told them about how sorry your service was. They got paid and you didn't. You should've taken our offer and not tried to take advantage of us. Lol don't go here people, our car sales guy said what a bad reputation they have and how many customers to
Come to them after they get treated badly or get screwed over by them. By the way! This @$$ hole Marty had the audacity to ask me and my boyfriend If we wanted water like he was going to get it and he said "let me show you where it's at" and then added "or would you like te, coffee or bottled water?" I said "bottle water yes!" & he said "well where's your money cause it cost money" and I'm like "wtf you serious? " down at Hyundai we spent the whole day there after this bullcrap and our salesman gave us gumm, gave me a Snack bar because I was feeling sick from not eating and even got me a REAL bottle of water and was so sweet to us. Ugh. Unbelievable I get so sick when I think of or I see this dealership.  Pathetic people here. They need to be fired.

Rhea B. | 2014-06-21

I bought a 2013 Mitsubishi outlander here last year and in 1 year, our check engine went on so thinking it's under warranty, I took it back here. But before taking it here to get serviced my hubby checked the engine and noticed that there is a milky substance in in the oil cap and the engine is also leaking oil plus another friend who is also mechanic told him that the engine needs to be changed and it's a defect. So I brought the car in and told them the problem. They want 140.00 per item that is wrong with it for diagnostic fees. Technically I had 3 items which all could be related to one thing but they were willing to only charge for 2 items. I told the service mgr to check the oil, to show him the milky substance and he started asking questions related to it, so obviously he knew what the problem was leading to... He even wanted to let me bring it back home and return it when their main mechanic is back... I said no way! I'm leaving it here until it gets fixed. He then tells my hubby that there were also 2 other cars that came in with the same problem already, so obviously there is a problem. He then tells us that since service isn't done there for maintenance I have to show proof that it's being done. ( mind you that my hubby is a mechanic and does our car maintenance every time) so now we had to show receipts that's hubby bought our oil and filter at Walmart plus the cabin air filter. Isn't it obvious when the cabin air filter is different than the one it was originally in when I first bought the car? They were trying to work their way around it so that the warranty does not take effect when there was even another worker there that said that the 2013 outlanders have that problem.. So after a week of waiting for our car to be ready and not even worked on, we had to bug them again because they didn't even give us a loaner car for it. Another 3 days later they finally call and say that they couldn't figure out what was wrong with the car. "Are they freaking kidding me? Are they that stupid?" Their master mechanic cannot figure out what is wrong??? So they said they will just flush the oil system and charge me 230.00 to flush it but will waive the 280.00 diagnostic fee. But the thing is it doesn't solve the problem nor do they address the other issues. Plus they want me to return in 1k miles of driving it to follow up. Then what, another $140? They mention there is a leak or something loose in the spark plugs, but are not fixing it. What kind of service is this? So if I drive this car with my daughter can they guarantee it's going to be safe for us? Even when it's obvious that it's a lemon car, they are trying to manipulate every situation so that the warrantee does not apply. I have been through so many cars and never have I gone through so much hell in 1 year with a car that I bought new. This review deserves no stars... Negative stars if I could do it. I even told the manager that I've never gone through this mess with any other cars, and you know what he said? He said " well the newer cars are so advanced that it's harder to maintain them which is why they should always be brought into the dealership." So what now? Never trust a new car? Now they are saying we have to return it in 500 miles... And pay another 140.00 when they check it again. Now I get my key back and it's broken! They said it came in like that and they can't do anything about it. This place is a freaking joke!!! Never trust this place. They have the worst service, warrantee, and just take all your money.

Sharai S. | 2014-06-20

Purchased my vehicle there a couple weeks back drove my vehicle for two weeks and come to realize my breaks suck.i came two hours away.i called an explained to them my break problem.i came back and they gladly fixed and replaced my breaks and of charge and labor charge.more happy with my car. I recommend sale person Kevin he worked a good deal and  was able to get my breaks fixed.thank you..!

Heather P. | 2014-06-04

I had to write a review after reading all of the bad ones.  We had an excellent experience buying our new Outlander this weekend. Patrick is fantastic.  Ask for him!
He greeted us immediately and helped us make our decision as easy as possible.
We understood all of our options and never felt pressured to buy.  
We were finished buying the car faster than it took to install our new roof racks.
Thank you Patrick!

M R. | 2014-05-13

Really happy with our purchase experience !   Bought a used car here a month ago and everyone involved was polite and professional, especially Marty and Tracy ...Just stopped in to service department today and the service manager, while busy , got my problem handled and I was on my way quickly . Thanks again !

Ray E. | 2014-05-11

Just bought a car here yesterday. To be fair, it was audi q7, not a mitsubishi. It was an ok deal for a 2011 q7 tdi diesel. We didn't negotiate much and he gave us ok for our trade in. The process was relatively quickly but the biggest thing was service. They were rude, not willing to take the time to recognize our needs. Most of all, they didn't even fill up the gas tank when we bought it. Instead they said, it's not our policy. Yea right! Stay away. Only reason I went there was because they had the only deal worth enough to drive down from SF.

Marlene B. | 2014-05-02

Service department is horrible, the guys who sit in the office which includes the service manager! They know their the only dealership in town, the nearest after this one is Salinas.  
Service department "desk" men & service manager don't have any customer service skills what so ever. I don't appreciate being talked down to or told "If you decide you want to listen to me, come back on Monday." I will NEVER EVER EVER buy a car from this place again. I don't care if every car dealership closed in the area I still wouldn't because their service center office staff, the only 2 men I've dealt with are total condescending jerks.
My car is under warranty and I need a repair ugh do I drive to Salinas to get it fixed or just pay for it from my great car guy.  
NOT COOL! NOT COOL!  Don't buy anything from here or get your car serviced unless you enjoy being treated badly.

Kevin J. | 2014-04-26

Very sh*tty service!!! The salesman used f***ing word during the price negotiation. I was schoked when I heard it. Nobody behaves like a professional but rather  ass**hl*e. Don't bother to visit!

I was here to see a used car. Everything was okay during the vehicle check and test drive. But things quickly got ugly when coming to numbers. I put my inital offer around 85% of the retail price. I was ready for an acting laugh from the salesman which did happen. But I didn't expect what was coming next. This salesman kept bs, took all the printouts away and used the f word to send us out of door. Come on, this is a business negotiation, if you don't like the offer, just talk about it. But acting like an assh*le????!!!!

Felt lucky that I didn't buy anything from them. Do yourself a favor and stay away!

Aaron B. | 2014-04-26

I have bought two lancers here and both times it has been a pleasant experience.   Art worked wonders and always willing to work with me getting a new car while Sal gave me a break on service and is always giving advice and tips.  I went in expecting the worse and was quite surprised.   I recommend them both.

Shelly W. | 2014-04-17

Such a shady dealership!!! I wish I read all the reviews before coming here last November but they had a vehicle that I wanted and randomly came to check this place out all the way from SF...first of all, when my stepfather and I pulled up into the dealership and started looking at vehicles, not one salesperson approached us.  I spoke with a sale person on the phone and told him I was coming but when we got there he wasn't anywhere to be found. So we looked around in the mean time and no one else wanted to really help us. This was odd considering how most of the car salesmen I've dealt with are pushy and eager to sell.  After 10 min of being neglected of service we went inside to find someone so that I could test drive a car. At that point, one of the workers realized we might be interested in actually purchasing so he began to help us.  After test driving, the salesmen I spoke with finally returned and we stepped into his office to speak more about the car.

This is where all of my soul and life energy is just sucked out of me.  WE WERE IN THE OFFICE FOR AT LEAST 3 HOURS TRYING TO WORK OUT NUMBERS. We weren't even purchasing the car we just asked what they could offer us given specific financial restraints. He kept having to go in and out of the office to speak to the manager and the only thing that kept me sane was the fact that our salesmen happened to look a lot like Gustavo Fring from Breaking Bad! 4 hours later, the manager finally decides to speak with us and literally begins the conversation saying "what do you want". We didn't really know what he meant by that but he went on telling us about his life experiences and pretty much ended it with a "deal" that wasn't a deal at all. We left saying we would think about it and asked all we could about the vehicle saying we would come up with a decision in a few days.

The worse part of this is when I actually decide to move forward with the purchase, I ask the salesmen if I could get it checked out by mechanic considering they didn't use carfax and would only provide me an Autocheck...the salesmen says it's fine but 2 hours later, he decides to leave a voicemail saying the manager informed him that the car is lowered and may have frame damage... AND YOU COULDN'T TELL ME THAT IN THE 4 HOURS WE SPENT IN THE was a complete joke and I never returned the call.

Bottom line:  Don't come here if you want honest service and a car whose history is laid out in plain sight!!

Farshid S. | 2014-03-29

Great inventory folks they got all type of great use car selections I was just bought my beautiful Audi q 5 and I love it great deal and great service

Cynthia G. | 2014-03-29

1.5 years ago I brought my outlander in for repair when a window went off track. It was under warranty at that time. They started a window repair by ordering parts and putting it back on track. I called and came by but the parts never came in. Finally when I accidentally rolled it down on a hot day it went off track again...over a year later mind you. So I took it back and explained what had been going on. The shop manager was rude, tried to make it my fault because I hadn't come in for paid serving--I finally resorted to talking to the owner AND coming back with my brother to get them to listen to me. Owner also tried to make it my fault but did seem to feel they had part of the order in and made a partial repair. Six months later I'm still waiting for the rest of the parts needed to finish. I'm not sure I'm up to more male posturing, blaming me that their dealership is suffering, and rudeness. But I would like the repair finished.

S S. | 2014-03-18

Just bought an Audi from the Capitol Mitsubishi used lot. And I got a lot of personal service from the new management. Since I was coming from Ventura the manager stayed late to let me drive the car and had it ready for my test drive when I drove on the lot. My test drive started at closing time on a Sunday and like all smart car dealerships they didn't let me walk off the lot without a signed contract and my (new) used Audi. Which meant that their finance department had to stay late too to sign the reams of paperwork. (Bummer that they don't take credit cards)

It's apparent that this was a tired dealership in the past...  The showroom/restroom needs paint and a redesign ( they said they're working on it) but i was surprised at the quality of their used car selection. Three Audis, Bmws, Volvos, Cadillacs, infinitys, all high end or sports models. And all in nice shape, not your typical Mitsubishi trade-in lot. They are definitely trying to impress with their used cars.  

I had a great experience ( if buying a used car can be defined as great) with fair financing, a good deal on the extended warranty and now that i've had the car for a couple weeks, no surprises. They even sent a nice letter thanking me for my business and inviting me back for service, although i don't think I'll be driving to San Jose for my next oil change. Thanks for staying late and making the deal.

Vijay K. | 2014-03-02

Not sure why this place has such low rating. My purchase was seamless, the staff were professional and I felt comfortable doing business. I bought a 2012 ford focus, its in excellent condition.

Tiger B. | 2014-02-21

Should have read the reviews before i went there. Worst dealership I've been to.

First off, I don't mind people who smoke, but I do mind sales person who smokes and smell like cigarette. Who would want a brand new car with already odor to it. I know I don't.

Second, why sale used car there if you don't actually know anything about that used car? I felt awkward test driving in the car when there was just silence.

Third, I hate sale person who are bad at lying. Sales person told me that they bought the used car for 40k, and if they were to give me an discount, they will only be making $500 off from me, so they can't give me any other deals. PEOPLE, if you are gonna buy an used car, ask for the carfax, then you can make a deal. Because most used cars are from auctions, and auctions cars are usually from repo, lease vehicle, or other dealerships who can't sale the car. Auction cars don't go for much, I've seen cars like the one I was gonna get go for half the price they were going to give me. Only reason why I don't buy cars from auction is that I can't. Most good and new cars don't go to public auto auction, so only dealers with the right licenses can go and bid.

Last thing, sale person was gonna give me a good deal with affordable payments at an good rate. So I waited three hours and was happy that I was gonna get a good deal. But when we got to financial, it was a whole different story. Right from the start, I've kept on asking the financial lady, before we go any further, can I please see the numbers? She kept on saying we will get to that. Every time I asked her, she changed the subject, seems like she was trying to hide something from me. When I finally got to review the final document. My payment was different, interest rate was different. So I was like WTH, the numbers are not right, sales person said he will give me my offer. The financial lady try to show me if they have given me my interest rate then my monthly payment didn't add up. So I was like the hell with this place. Took off and had a great dinner with my family.

Funny thing was that the sales person said: we are under new management, so we are buying and selling used cars. What the new management need to do is hire sales person who knows their car they are selling, and who are more motivated about selling, not just for commission but to make the buyers feel like comfortable about buying.

Been there almost four hours and only one car sold, and it was Presidents' Day. Cars were on sales but no sales, lol, go to Roseville auto mall, where they know how to treat their customers.

I feel sorry for those people who go there for a car.

Matt L. | 2014-02-08

This review is for the service department. Since I just reviewed Livermore Auto Group's service department I figured these guy's should probably get a review too. I just came here simply because it was close in proximity  to me. I was very unhappy with my visit that was over two years ago. Even today I'm still getting junk mail from these arseholes!

Let me skip the dirty environment, junkmail and mainly just talk about the guy at the service department. Keep in mind this visit was about a year and a half ago so I don't know if they have a new guy as the service representative but on my visit the guy was blatantly lying to me to try to get me to buy unneeded services.

The service rep told me that because my car "came with a turbo" that I need a special $200 service to "check my engine" otherwise my warranty would be void. LYING PIECE OF FILTH.

Save yourself the trouble, if you need Mitsubishi service take it to Oakland Mitsubishi or Livermore Auto group.

John E. | 2014-01-29

Bad service, bad faith, bad product, bad people.  Do not buy extended warranty.  Not worth the paper it is written on!  Would never buy again.  Will tell everyone I can get to listen the same BEWARE!!  Worst experience I have ever had.  Spent over a year trying to resolve.  Run around and false promises. You have been Warned!

Ian C. | 2013-12-30

I've heard mixed feelings about this place. But having gone here several times; I've found no glaring faults with them at all. If anything, they seem to be a decent dealership from what I can tell.

My first experience with them was when I rode along for a test drive in an Evo X. The sales person was up front about everything, and although he was definitely trying to sell the car to us, it was no different than the other dealerships I've gone to. When we clearly stated we didn't want to buy a car that day, he was fine with it, and we left with no drama.

Months later, I came back having bought an Evo X (from another dealer), and had service done on the car. The first time was a recall (clutch master cylinder), and the other time was for an oil change. Both times, they've done good work. Yes, they will recommend certain services to you that may or may not be needed - but pretty much every dealer does that. I've owned Acuras, Toyotas, and Hondas - and every dealer I've gone to for those cars does the same thing. The trick is, you have to know your car to realize what it really needs, and what is more of an "upsell." And like most dealers, the service does tend to be on the pricier side. But again, that is the nature of most dealers - so in this regard they are not unusual.

The service guy, Sean is friendly and very approachable. He seems to be open for a little "wiggle" room on certain things as far as price - but you do have to ask (and maybe haggle a bit). But in the end, the service I've gotten seems to be spot on. Would I go back to them for service? For maintenance and warranty work I would definitely go back. For anything else such as modding, that is probably best left to a reputable tuning shop.

Anthony L. | 2013-12-06

Sal and the guys in the service department are great! Worked with me to make sure that I was taken care of. I came to them for my first free oil change. When my light came on for my brakes and I took it in. They worked with me so that i could get a deal on new brake pads and also to get my rotors resurfaced. Sal did a great job working with me to make sure that I was taken care of and that i left a happy customer! Great customer service

Update: I know that this place has some negative reviews. The biggest thing about Yelp is that you should take everything with a grain of salt. Many positive Yelp reviews get filtered out if you're not an avid "Yelper". I wanted to write a review and show some love for Sal and Sean over in Service at Capital Mitsubishi. I got my 2013 Mitsubishi Evo back in February of this year and these guys have been nothing but great to me. I really clicked with these guys because they're in the same business that i'm in "The Smiles Business" every time that I work with Sean and Sal I leave with a smile on my face. In short you cant judge a book by its cover, theres always going to be mixed reviews on everything. Until you meet these guys and deal with them first hand, you'll see that they are very nice, professional, and personable and only want the best for you so that you keep coming back!

-Anthony Laden (AKA: Nathan)

Jordeezy F. | 2013-12-05

Im in the market to buy a sports car between a subi sti or lancer evolution. Went in and test drive a gsr evo then tried to make a deal with them. The general finance manager started talking to me about prices and looks at me like i dont have money and tries to talk down to me. I had to sit there for 30 minutes listening to him ranting about his son and how he bought him an evo and got it in an accident....WHAT DOES YOUR SON HAVE TO DO WITH ME BUYING THE CAR I WANT??? Then he tried to down grade me to a lower end mitsubishi evo... so i said forget it IM OUT! next day they called to appologized and i accepted the appology. I said that you could of had me to buy a car as a potential buyer and in the market for a great sports car... i only buy cars from the dealers who takes care of me the minute i step foot in the lot. Thank u mitsubishi but no thanks.

Lisa R. | 2013-12-04

OK I have read the reviews but I have to say that I have been coming to this dealership for years. I have never had a problem with anybody here. I was just in their this morning & I was working with Sean ( I think that was his name. The big guy in the service center) I came in for help with my battery & he took care of me & sent me away a happy camper. I was in and out of there within an hour. Kept in contact with me every step of the way. The young guy in the parts dept was very helpful too. The Cashier offered me coffee & to turn on the TV for me. One of the sales men told me to stay inside & wait because it was too cold to be waiting out side. Thank You Cap. Mitsubishi this morning for all your help. You guys ROCK!

J S. | 2013-10-31

I was very hesitant to bring my car at first due to all of the negative reviews, but the blinker mechanism in my Mitsubishi Montero Sport broke and I figured the only place that might have the part readily available was the dealership.
The service manager named Sean (or Shawn?) seemed pretty nice (he gave me some coupons to use if I wanted to bring my car there for service maintenance) and it turned out they did have the exact part for my car and replaced in a few hours.  The only downside is that this place did seem a little bit expensive.  For example, the diagnostic check was $140.

Ken S. | 2013-09-18

My short interaction with their service department staff is all I need to know that bringing a vehicle here for service would be a total mistake. I'm going elsewhere. Maybe in time they will train better and bring the quality of service to a level that is represented in the first contact, so I may try again in  a few years.

I called this morning to inquire about a car inspection. Specifically, the manufacture's coupon for free inspection and free engine check light diagnoses. The person who answered the phone continually asked for me to repeat my question and was clearly distracted and very hard to understand. I asked for an appointment and if they honor the manufacture's coupon I received, but he was more interested in telling me of all the things I should have already done to the vehicle instead of dealing with my request.

Tina B. | 2013-07-11

I feel we had a great experience with this dealership. I HATE car shopping, but this time was different. My husband and I did not feel any pressure that you usually get when shopping for a car. This is far the BEST experience of car buying I have ever had. RJ was able to get our interest rate lower, both Pete and Marco were very nice salesman. Rudy made signing all the paperwork easy and fast. Steve was very helpful when I picked up our NEW Lancer. This is our 3rd Mitsubishi vehicle in our family. We've have had NO major issues with any of our vehicles. ALL and ALL, everyone was very nice, friendly, and helpful. Thank you for a GREAT experience.

Tim C. | 2013-07-10

If you are a die-hard Mitsubishi person then I suggest you drive a little farther to the next closest dealership. This dealership is owned by the same people that owns the Stevens Creek Subaru. All the key positions are their family members who has no idea how to perform their jobs. The service manager particularly is clueless.  The sales guys are rude and they hustle like I never seen before. If you don't want your car or your day ruined by these guys at Capital Mitsubishi then I suggest you stay away.

Dmitry K. | 2013-06-24

I serviced my Lancer there for a couple of years. Maybe they are not exactly sweet, but they get the job done, and their prices are fair. I am not sure what all these people with one-star reviews are so mad about.

I serviced my car in Mitsubishi dealerships in three different states. The worst service I received in Ohio (Things got overlooked, issues were misdiagnosed. Nothing terrible though). At the same time, people in that Ohio service center were very, very nice.  

After all, Mitsubishi in the US is a cheep, under-appreciated, unpopular brand. What do you expect? Want to be loved, buy a Bentley.


Had another service today. No issues. No complaints.

Had a chat with a sales person about maybe selling my car a couple of month from now. No issues. No complaints.

Ordered new floor mats from the parts department. No issues. No complaints.

Maybe my expectations are too low? I don't now.

K Y. | 2013-06-18

It's been a while but I decided I would chime in with my review of this place.  First I wish I could give zero stars.. With that being said, I've went here on two different occasions to look at cars to buy.  The first time I went here, I saw a IS250 and a Evo 8 I was interested in.  The sales department is lazy, they didn't even bring the keys out for me to look at the interior.  I literally just felt like I could be doing the same thing over the Internet.. When I asked for the carfax on both cars, someone came out from accounting or loans and asked me "which car do you really want, I'm only going to run one car fax" really?! I'm interested in 2 cars and your only willing to tell me about one.  I'm pretty sure dealerships are required to show me the car fax if I ask..  After explaining how unprofessional that was to him, he finally printed both only after he ran my credit and realizing, yes I could probably walk off the lot with nothing down on either car.  

Because of the poor and unprofessional service, good luck getting me to buy a car from there.  I didn't realize because I came in basketball shorts and a tee shirt that I would get the run around.  Maybe next time ill write my credit score on my shirt so you guys won't think I'm "wasting" your time...

Nathan F. | 2013-06-17

Bought a Lancer Evo and got robbed blind with half the dealer scams in the book. Don't be dumb like me, educate yourself and avoid their scams. Or better yet, avoid this place altogether. Will never go back there again.

Pooya P. | 2013-06-13

Capitol Mitsubishi Dealership it is my favorites place for sale or buy car and truck .

Briseida R. | 2013-06-03

My fiancé and I bought our first car together, i traded in my 03 Galant with more than 150k miles on it, got us a 2011 Galant for a steal, the sales consultant Hector was great! And the General Manager was very helpful, we're happy with our new car, and did i mention i got my old car there?? Yep i did and that car never left me stranded, i loved it... Even though all these negative reviews make me doubt our decision, it doesn't matter, ppl make their own decisions at the end of the day no one forces you to do nothing, we're very happy about it.

curtis l. | 2013-05-11

Bought a 2003 mustang gt here 2 years ago and now need to get a smog. The car has a supercharger and intake system. No worries considering it passed smog to be sold right?  Way off, this vehicle can not even pass the initial visual inspection. Both aftermarket parts need to have an identification sticker clearly visible. But of course not on the vehicle sold from these crooks. When I contacted the manufacturer on the parts they say both are California legal except that the combination together can not pass the emissions testing. This vehicle was never legal to sell the way it sat on the lot but of course they were able to find a smog place to allow them to receive a positive test. Upon returning to the dealership the used sales manager Al said that all the paperwork checks out on his side so they are off the hook. He told me that if I went after anyone it would be the smog shop 3 blocks away that he did not have a name or phone number of! He then told me that he would pay me 1/2 price for the vehicle which was evidently 1000 over the reasonable price, yeah right. But of course he thought I would buy another bucket off his lot. Next step bbb and the state to do some serious digging around on this dealership!

John S. | 2013-03-28

worst service ever. I was not aware of their reputation prior to coming here, but when I did I regretted my decision immidiately. At least I didn't buy a car from these jokers. I feel very sad for the others that did. We were looking for a used honda and they had one on the internet. When we got to the dealership they did not have it on the lot and said that it would be coming back, I still don't know from where. After being hassled to fill out a credit app for no reason at all we decided to leave. We were belittled and upset by the time we left. Read the other reviews and do yourself a favor and stay away.
We had to deal with the so called GM, the dude kinda looks like Al Pacino, but has a very unpleasant demeanor, clearly had no clue what kinda of a car he was selling and what was going on.

Sean O. | 2013-03-12

My girlfriend bought a Mazda 3 here about 2 years ago. The check engine light had been going on and off for a while and eventually had found out that the problem was the starter and flywheel. While we never like going to this place, as the employees are all complete assholes, we have no choice since we have an extended warranty through a 3rd party that forces us to go back to this place for repairs....

We are now on day 21 of this horrible repair to fix a simple starter. A STARTER!!! That's all they have to fix and they are blaming the warranty company saying that the starter they shipped to them was bad and didn't work. Then guess what? The second starter was a dud. I called BS on the first "dud". We are still waiting for the car to be fixed. Horrible place to exist. Don't even go here if you think it's the car of your dreams because if it really is the car of your dreams, it wouldn't be sold here. If you come here, bring a torch and pitchfork to defend yourselves.......

Eugene J. | 2013-02-20

OK I admit its probably my fault at this point to go back where I am not wanted. I stopped by with my sister to look for a used car on Presidents' Day and left promptly after being told that the price of the car was not important and if I could not afford it I should take the bus. If the price did not matter I would drive a Ferrari, but it does and so does customer service, and this place has none.

Lori V. | 2013-01-04

I agree with Russ W. "It does not get any worse than this place!" One word describes this place...Sal!! Sal is the parts manager, but he struts around like he's the owner. I have never met anyone so arrogant and unprofessional! After dealings with Captiol Mitsubishi 2 years ago, my husband and I said we'd never go back. Our mistake is that we did. Our 2001 Eclipse Spyder needed a new rim (was driving and hit a pot hole from construction work..they took responsability and agreed to pay for a new rim) so we thought we'll take it to the dealer, and they'll know what rim to order. We brought it to them on a Friday by noon, by the following Friday they still didn't have the rim. The first rim Sal ordered (off the vin # of the car, not looking at the rim which was in front of him) came in on Tuesday. Oops wrong rim. They ordered another rim that afternoon, it came in on Wednesday, oops it's alloyed not chromed like the rim in front of him! It will cost another $400.00 to chrome the rim, and up to 4 weeks! At one point they said they might be able to put a different rim on our car from another Eclipse, so we could drive the car until completed, but they never got back to us with response. They were going to charge us $351.89 for the 1 rim, $400.00 for the chrome, $159.00 for alignment, and the said we'd probably need a new tire for $ $160.00!! Oh, I forgot the $280.00 they charged us for the evaluation of the car to begin with! My husband went back and fourth with Sal, trying to get a better deal, and he said "your not paying for it!" My husband was happy that the contract company  agreed  to pay for the rim as it was, he did not want to rip the company off. We just wanted the car done. After a sleepless night of figuring out what to do, we had both decided we wanted to disengage with the dealership, Sal and the managers. We decided it would be cheaper and faster to buy 4 new rims, which we did through Skips Tires, "Thanks John", but where this story really goes south is when I went to pick up our car on the following Friday. My husband asked if they could wave the $280.00 fee, and of course Sal said no, and he wanted to charge us a restocking fee for the rim. He finally agreed just on the $280.00. When dealing with Skips, and when I talked to a Mistubishi dealer in Concord they both said they wouldn't of even charged us a fee to look at the car. You could see by the rim that it needed to be replaced, and an alignment would need to be done.  They had my car on the rack with the hood open, even though they knew we were coming to pick up the car. "There were no other cars there that they were working on, I think they wanted to make it look like they had business" Sal and I did not get a long. He stared me down, trying to intimidate me, he wouldn't leave my side, like I was going to rip something off. He told my husband that they don't take checks, and when I gave my card to pay (my 100.00, the company paid $180.00) my portion, I noticed it said they took checks.  When I asked the cashier (very nice, I don't know how she deals with Sal breathing down her back)  if they take checks she said that they do take checks for under $500.00. I looked at Sal, and said " why did you say you don't take checks." He said, "with the way my husband had been acting,  he told my husband No Checks."  I think he thought we'd put a stop payment on the $100.00.  I've never met anyone so power hungry as Sal! In summary, Capitol Mitsubishi have inapt people running the service department. It took Skips 3 minutes to talk to a supplier and get a fax print out of the rim. It matched perfectly to our rim (it was alloyed, but we got 4 matching rims for $800.) and Sal being the Mitsubishi dealer couldn't even get it correct, he went off vin # instead of looking at the rim, and realizing that the rims were not factory, and had been changed. Do not do business with Capitol Mitsubishi..they only care about the $$$ not the customer.

russ w. | 2012-11-27

It does not get any worse than this place, folks. I bought a used car from here and have come to regret it. Everything about the experience was unprofessional, the only reason I ended up going through with the transaction is because they had the exact car I was looking for. To give you some highlights:

* on the test drive I noticed a clunking sound coming from underneath. The sales guy says, "oh, that's normal, it's the 4WD kicking in.' i took it to a shop afterward, they found all of the bolts holding the skid plates were loose causing the clunking. so much for their thorough inspection of pre-owned cars. pfft

* they call me the next day and say, "whoops, we screwed up the contract paperwork" and make me drive back the following day (an hour drive) to re-sign the paperwork.

* the dealership is filthy and the sales "professionals" talk like sailors... in front of my 4 year old son.

* upon noticing my 4 year old son, the sales guy tells us his great way of avoiding lines at Disneyland... he tells them his son is disabled (though he's not).  

Do NOT go here. Totally classless!!!

Johnny J. | 2012-11-12

This report is strictly on dealership (I went for warranty repair and that part was no problem at all) and as I was waiting for my repair being done I decide to use their "Mens room" located in sales part of a dealership. I was little in a hurry (you know what I mean) I walk in a mens roon and luckily (before I use it) find out that there was no toilet paper and paper towels at all!! Ok, no problem; I aprouched first sales person (lady in second door to the left from Mens room) and informed her: "there is no toilet paper in the mens room". She reply "OK" and completaly ignored me (no phone call to anybody to refill it ETC)!!!! So I want to few doors more left to what LOOKS LIKE SUPERVISOR and ask this guy to refill the tiolet paper. He immidiately call somebody to do it and I was able to finish my bussiness there with out problems.
Totaly unprofesional from that sales lady....if I ever decide to buy my next new car from them she will not be my choice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jon M. | 2012-11-06

Terrible service department. Recall was done on a faulty part previously and now am receiving trouble codes relating to the part that was replaced before. Took 8 calls to the service department and multiple emails before i finally reached someone there and when i drive down they tell me all they can do is sell me a new part and that its no longer under a warranty. This is not my first run down with their service department and will deffinatly be my last this is by far the worst service department in the business

Vladimir Angelo M. | 2012-10-22

this place still doesn't deserve a star.

i was unable to get a hold of them over the weekend. i was able to speak with mac today. (monday). Apparently mitsubishi finance is lagging on sending them the title.. so i told him that i will give them a call and have them expedite the  title. then i asked him the reason why the pay off check was mailed on a week after i dropped the car off. first mac replies by telling me that their check has been sent and cashed my mitsubishi and that they are lagging on the title. i told him, i understand but explain to me why my car's payoff was sent a week later. mac replies with, we have a procedure to follow. i was getting frustrated and kinda cut him off mid sentence and told him, your finance department told me the day that i turned the car over to them that they would expedite the pay off check the following morning but that didn't happen. it got sent out a week later. mac didn't not have a reply for that, he tells me that his finance department shouldn't have said that. i told he that he should have a talk with his finance department because that is bad customer service. before i got off the phone with him, i asked for his full name and that i will be keeping in contact with him to stay up today with my check.

Mack T. | 2012-10-07

I was there to check out an used car that I really like but wanted to test drive it, I would have bought it if I liked it. I contacted Josh for a test drive prior showing up. He unlocked the car for me and there were another couple checking out the exact same car. The other couple got right into the car and Josh didn't do a single thing to help me out. I waited until the couple walked into the showroom and checked out the car before I go out for a test drive. We had the car started and ready then the manager came out, gave me a B.S. speech, didn't even know what car it was. Apparently a Z4M is a M3, he was trying so hard, not sure if he was drunk but he repeatedly said m3? z? z4? m5? WTF?! How do you not know what car you have and you're a manager of the CAR DEALERSHIP? AND then he requested me for a credit check and work out the financial details before I even test drive the car. I was like I don't even know how this car drives/operates, how can I go in and go work out the numbers? I've never got my credit checked before test driving an USED car. I was angry, I felt offended, I drove 30+ miles to go check out a car that I really liked. I walked off and went to other places for other cars.

I'd not recommend this dealer to ANYONE. Manager looked like he was drunk, or high, just very unprofessional with that clown hat. I was going to write a good review for Josh since he was communicating with me before I showed up. I felt bad for the guy for a second since he probably lost a deal. He texted me to apologize... then I asked so did the other guy get a credit check before test drive? He said yeah, he's doing it RIGHT NOW. I was pissed because he just lied to me, I watched him took off the lot. I was right across the street at Toyota/Scion, looking right at them.

I checked Yelp later on and realized they have a 1.5 star, that's more than my expectation. F!@K this place!

Jlyn T. | 2012-09-18

Wow. I really wish I yelped this place before I brought my parents with me to buy a car. I purchased the 2012 Lancer.  So, Rudy the manager was working with me and my dad on rates and payments and such. He promised us 340 a month with 6% APR. So then we were waiting for him to set everything up for like an hour and he comes back and says he made a mistake and it's now 9% APR but he was gonna work something out so that my monthly payements would be 350. So we go to the financing office and a totally different person tells us we have to pay 400 a month! My dad was livid at this point because different people were telling us different numbers! & Rudy the guy who promised he would get us that monthly was nowhere to be found for the rest of the time. Just straight unprofessional, promising things and when it came down to it.. they were all lies. I made a yelp account just to write about this experience and hopefully you'll think twice about choosing this place to buy a car. All bad.

Greg D. | 2012-09-17

So, what's the point of service & parts having phones if they don't answer & the mailboxes are always full? Not everybody can just show up to ask a question or get a price. Sadly, I would rather call Napa than these monkeys.

Ronnie L. | 2012-09-10

Certainly deserves negative stars!! Called internet sales, and was told I'd be guaranteed approval for finance. Went there, signed paperworks. Was going to put 4,000 down. Sales guy kept trying to increase the down payment no matter how many times i said no. Then came back, said I wasn't approved and told me to buy their other cars they had in their inventory. ARE YOU SERIOUS? I said no thanks, left in a quickness pissed off. Don't tell me things that I want to hear over the phone, and make me go there and waste my time!! Their customer service is unprofessional, rude AND FULL OF LIES!!! You guys just lost a car sale, I'm sure they'll be other dealerships that will  be glad to take my $$$ and provide me with better service!! Dueces capital mitsubishi, I won't be surprise if you guys are closed from losing business!

Unique R. | 2012-08-15

I've always hated their service department from after the very 1st time I came here to get my Galant fixed. The only reason why I kept going back is b/c this is the only local Mitsubishi in San Jose! Unless I want to travel about an hour to another dealer. The first time I went here I had warranty and had a service done which cost my warranty nearly 3K and caused me a week without a car. You'd think they'd have loaner cars or a discounted rate to rent a car, but they don't!

They don't have extended hours so working FT and going to school PT makes it near impossible to ever get in. I always have to order hubcaps, since my hubcaps seems to fall off every 3 months.

Their service prices are outrageous! I needed a new key and the labor to "program" the key cost more than the key itself. it took less than an hour to program the key, yet was charged nearly $200 for service!

I now need to fix my door check and have left 2 message sin the past week to schedule an appointment. i have yet to receive a phone call back! You'd think the service department would be on top of everything and get everyone in accordingly, but no, sadly the money hungry service managers can't even return a call for someone who wants to pay them money for service.

I will not attempt to come here again. I will now be seeking another shop.

DO NOT GO HERE FOR SERVICE!  I don't know how the sales department is, but if you have a Mitsubishi and need service done, look at all the negative reviews on here and go with your gut instinct. There are too many bad reviews on Yelp for us all to be wrong.

Narie L. | 2012-08-06

I'm not really a Mitsubishi fan. My very first lease back in 1990 was a Mirage & I swear by the time the lease was up the vehicle started having problems. The moon roof started leaking and in spite of them fixing it, every time it rained the floorboards would get wet and they couldn't figure out why. Then it was the passenger side mirror that kept on knocking every time I would hit 60mph. After that experience I had sworned off Mitsubishi. Fell apart after 3yrs & yes I did all my maintenance on time!
 It was quite by accident while car shopping in 2009 that I saw the GT Spyder & fell in love with it. Always wanted to experience a convertible, you blowing in the wind and all :). Enjoyed every minute of it!
Unfortunately my lease term came up & I needed to get into something else. Since I got my last lease with them I figured I'll go in & ck out what they had.
My sales guy was ok enough in the beginning. Guess it's not his fault they have such ugly selections.
Immediately he tried to put me in a sentra...not interested....don't even want to test drive...NO!!! He then suggested I test drive the Lancer Sportback.
 So off we went test driving. While on the road this gust of wind came along and almost blew us off the road! I screamed out: WTH!! & looked at him as he sat there with this blank look on his face as if he hadn't noticed. I swear had he not been in the car with me(looks as if he weighs upward 400lbs) I would've been blown away!
 Once we got back on the lot I informed him that I wasn't interested in purchasing. May just be me but their vehicles feel like matchboxes & I told him as much. Still he tried to persuade me in purchasing. He kept on saying how "pretty she is".  Who cares about how "pretty" a car is if you don't feel safe in it! Furthermore if I were a men would "pretty" be the first selling point!
 I leased the Spyder just for fun and the experience was wonderful. However it is not a vehicle that I would consider purchasing to keep and certainly not purchase used.
 Didn't care for the slick finance dude either. Don't care that your wife and daughter drives a Sentra.
 I'm not sure why the sales person keep calling me anyways. What part of "I don't like your vehicles" is not clear.

G M. | 2012-07-06

I'm never going back. Mitsubishi North America should be paying attention and putting a new, robust dealer in place in the Bay Area.  From the sale to the service, its been nothing short of a complete disappointment.

Ryan W. | 2012-06-11

agreed.  lower than poor.

Although they did work with us on financing, it seems they just displaced the cost in other areas (i.e. finance rate, fine print, warranty, etc).   Furthermore, they charged us more than was actually listed on the web.   I'm less than happy with the car so far, as it's refused to start a couple of times.   I do have a "warranty" but wtf, I just bought this thing a week ago.   They've emailed us a few times to follow up on our satisfaction, but have never replied to our responses.

Dumb and Dumber-er...

Stephanie M. | 2012-05-15

Wish I could do less than 1 star!!! I told them I had cash and all that I had. They told me that they could work out the deal on a certain car over the phone. I went in, test drove the car. The car had a few things wrong with it, so I felt justified in the offer. Sat down with the guy and he told me he could not do the deal. Why did I just waste my time? If you say over the phone that you can make the deal, then honor that. Plus, fix the issues in the car. The leather interior was dirty. Thats an easy fix, clean it.

B J. | 2012-04-30

Made an appointment to test drive a Lancer EVO GSR. When I got there one GSR was in the showroom and the other was on the display rack outside. I talked to the salesman I made the appointment with and he said the car was "Exclusive" for serious buyers only and offered me to test drive a used EXO IV. He said it was basically the same car. I'm 38 years old, and I pulled up in my 2010 BMW M3 how does he know I'm not a serious buyer? It's obviously not because of the car I drive, it's more of these guys being lazy not wanting to pull the car out of the showroom or down from the rack. No wonder these guys still have so many 2011s, poor customer service.

Pissed off I left and drove to Livermore Mitsubishi, test drove a GSR and an MR no problem.

Brianna J. | 2012-04-28

Still a Great place to get parts!!!
Hey Anna what if i have never bought a car from this dealership.
Implying that i would change my review if i bought a car is just Lame. Please deal with it.
Capitol Mitsubishi always treats me honestly and nice whenever i come around.
This Saturday i went down to get two Valve cover gaskets for a montero. Dwayne was working the parts counter today. We both looked over the reviews on Yelp and are sad to see that most people have a problem with sales!
Well sales may be lacking but i feel the Parts department is right on the ball!
The girl in the cashier booth was was a joy to talk to too.

Karen V. | 2012-04-05

Yelp needs to figure out a way to let people award less than 1 star. This place doesn't deserve any stars. Hey Yelp, can you rig up negative stars?

My husband and I purchased a car here 2 weeks ago. Today we were packing up the car for a road trip when my husband noticed the car had a flat. After taking the car to a mechanic, we learned that the tires we're so old that they were cracking. The mechanic told us we needed 4 new tires. And he was not someone in the tire selling business :/

This was the last straw in a long line of crappy things about this place. They told us that they had the car "detailed." We drove off to find an empty soda bottle and crumbs in the center console, ashes in the ash tray, etc. When we were going through the financing department, they could barely keep any of our information straight. After being pre-approved by our bank to finance the car, we were told we'd have 7 days to get the check to the dealership (we live in Burlingame, so commuting back and forth was an issue). First thing Monday morning, we're getting harassed about the check. We purchased the car Saturday evening.

This place needs to be driven (no pun intended) out of business. They told us to bring the car down so that they could inspect the tires. After reading the other reviews here, I think we're better off paying out of pocket and keeping our car far away from them. Lest, we end up with another mess on our hands.

L M. | 2012-03-27

Capitol Mitsubishi is like family to me.  I bought my Mitsubishi in 2006 from the same owners (Stevens Creek at the time).  To give an idea of how much I recommend this group, I live in Petaluma and drive to San Jose to have Sal and the guys work on my car.  The only other people I let touch my car for service is Wheel Works and they don't open the hood.  Sal and the guys are absolutely wonderful and I can't say enough about the quality of service they have provided me over the past 6 years.  Mitsubishi cars are built to last and with Capitol Mitsubishi service quality, the investment that is made truly enhances the performance of the vehicle.  Visit them soon!

Josh T. | 2012-03-23

Wow! I'm not sure how this place is still paying the bills...

I went to look at one of their cars that I saw posted online and when I came in to take a look the sales guy and managers did everything wrong to sell a car that you could immagine. I think this whole place read the "how to screw up a sale for dummy's" book.

I'm not sure where to start with this mess of a place but I guess we can start with my first impressions. Right when I walked in the doors I thought I was in a gas station bathroom. The dealership litterarly looks and smells like you're in an old run down gas station bathroom.

I came at around 2PM on a Thursday and the place had about 5 or 6 sales guys and no customers but me. I ended up with a sales guy that whispered and laughed the whole time he talked to me. As strange as that was I took the car for a test drive and was ready to make an offer. I told the sales guy that I was serious and ready to buy right now and made an offer. My offer was higher than it should have been but I was ready to buy! I mentioned that because I was serious I didn't want to mess around with the back and fourth but instead of listening the sales guy brought my offer the manager who decided to play the sleezy car salesman waiting game to build anticipation with me.  

After the sales guy and the manager went back and fourth a few times and made me me wait while they said in their office not actually talking about the price, the next time they went into their office to chat I drove away in the car I showed up in.

Again keep in mind that I could have been in and out within 30 minutes and they could have sold an overpriced car and everyone would be happy...but no they wanted to play the old waiting game and mess around.

After I left, the sales guy and the manager "RJ" both left me indiviual messages and I called the manager "RJ" back immediately. I told RJ that I thought they sold cars at Capitol Mitsubishi and asked him why he was messing around when I was serious about buying. I only asked for a small amount off of the asking price and he said "I'm into the car more than that and can't sell it for less". RJ, if you're "into the car more than that" then you're a terrible dealership and paid too much for the car. I informed him that I knew how much that they were into the car for an just wanted to have an honest conversation because I am a serious buyer.

I gave RJ a few chances to tell the truth and be honest with me but he decided to stick to his lies so that he could get top dollar for the car...  Because RJ is so stuck on getting top dollar he ignores the importantness of putting the customer first.  The terrible sales folks at Capital Mitsubishi are a reflection of the horrible manager RJ. If they want to be a successful dealership they need to scrap the whole crew(especially RJ) and hire some real sales people who listen to their customers and not the sound of $$$.

Honestly I didn't think that I would write this much but this was a frustrating experience for me. I have purchased over 30 cars my life and have never been to such a terrible dealership in my life... I have no doubt that this place will not be in business much longer as they are no doubt running at a loss because of how shady, unprofessional and smelly they are.

You have a lot of dealerships to chose from in the bay area, DO NOT go to this joke of a dealership.

Ana Maria F. | 2011-12-27

This place definitely deserves 0 stars.  Everyone on here that gave it horrible reviews spoke the truth because I was treated the same way when I bought my Eclipse 11 years ago and it appears that they are still up to their sleazy tactics.  I didn't have Yelp back then to see how others people's experiences were and if I would've known what I know now I would stayed miles away from this awful place.  I can't believe the five star ratings this dealership has received.  Especially from Brianna who even stated in her review that she has never bought a car from this dealership.    If she had, I feel confident that her review would have turned out differently.   This review is long overdue and I hope people will heed this advice.

Winston C. | 2011-12-05

bought fluids that were in stock, they did not know how much to sell me so i said ill just take another bottle just in case. come back to return the one bottle extra($65) that i bought and didnt need, they want to charge a 30% restocking fee???!!  What the heck! This is bad business. This fluid is a regularly stocked item and not a special order. Im a customer, a REPAIR SHOP! I WILL NOT COME BACK, YOU HAVE LOST A CUSTOMER!

Pelican R. | 2011-11-30

Amazing that anyone would rate this dealership 5 stars. I was there for 10 minutes today and I can honestly say I would never go back. It takes a special kind of scumbag to elicit that type of response.

I stopped by to see a used Evo that was advertised on Craigslist. As soon as I get out of my car the snakes are slithering up. Guy was abrupt and kind of rude, didn't even ask for my name or offer his. Whatever. I just wanted to see the car. He proceeds to walk me over to the used Evos section, in the typical "follow me" fashion all these salesbags like to use. They have a whopping selection of three cars, and they're all overpriced at $30k and up. You could get a new one for not much more, or so I thought.

We walk over to the "new" cars section and by new I mean overpriced with $3995 markups so they've been sitting on the lot for a year or so. The guy says with a straight face, this one's only $43k. We're talking about a Mitsubishi here! Good luck with that price.

I don't want to waste any more of my time, or his frankly, so I said. Wasn't this vehicle advertised at $23k? He says, "No way, that must have been a typo." Okay.

I said, "Thanks." and started walking to my car. This is where it gets crazy. Dude is straight stalking me, *yelling*, "Hey! Stop! Where you going?! STOP!". I thought I was being harassed by a cop or something. I get in my car, he's standing behind it so I can't back out. He moves to the side and i start to pull out.

THEN he starts banging on my window! The nerve! I said (thru the closed window), "Don't touch my car." and give him the Dikembe Mutumbo finger wag. Dude continues screaming, "What are you doing? Where are you going?". Geez, what an idiot.

I'm going home. And I'm never coming back to this place again.

Jason J. | 2011-11-12

I really wish Yelp would add a negative star option...

After test driving the Outlander Sport - I asked the guy for a business card - the prices of the 3 cars with the options I was interested in - he asked me to walk in side and sit down. Thinking he would print them out for me but low and behold, it seems he wanted to play "let's make a deal" the version that holds you captive and asks "what can I do to make you buy this car today" Well it took me 10 minutes to figure out we were playing a game - I was not in the mood to play. I got up and started walking. Then he said - don't leave yet, I thought you wanted me to get you the prices - REALLY!   Yes-like 10 minutes before you wheeled and dealed me  and on top of that - offending me.

Victor l. | 2011-11-01

This dealer is okay. Ask for Hossein. This guy is super nice and Hector is really nice too he seems to be a salesman as well. The guy you'll be talking too when you sign the lease..Oy, that guy just doesn't smile. Depressed I guess.  That's my experience. I like my new car

My experience:
I used to live in Concord, CA at the Mitsubishi dealer there. Very cool people. My lancer ES was awesome. Got me through college and work for the last 6 years and I ran it almost to 180K miles. At that point it was looking like it was on it's last leg. I needed a new car.

Since this is the only Mitsubishi dealer around and I want to warn you if you don't have experience buying a car ask your family friends for advice. Please! Once you sign that contract it's over. There's no 3 Day Cool down in California. Anyway I got a great New Mitsubishi Lancer ES 2011. I love it. But, I didn't know it was leased I assumed it was a financing option. So I'm stuck. But that's okay it was my fault but I love my new car very much and miss my old one entirely. lol

If you're new to the differences in Financing and Leasing google that.

Tim W. | 2011-10-05

Horrible sales service. Do they even read these reviews to improve themselves and their staff? I test drove a Lancer. I dealt with a new sales person, who ended up forgetting to give me my ID back. I admit I also forgot it myself, but they requested it and usually return it after they make copy. I had to take off from lunch break to pick up my Dad, and the manager kidded around saying that he's holding on to my ID.  What? Until I buy a car?  I told him politely that I made it clear to the sales person that I came just test drive cars. He gave me the ID back quickly, so that's fine. But wow, the boldness to ask me to check out other cars? I told him I had to leave and was on a lunch break. There's my vent. = Z

vanessa w. | 2011-09-28

This dealership has honest service with integrity.  You don't find too many folks who REALLY want to help you. These guys were not only spot on, but friendly and amicable.  i enjoyed the wait as well as the results.  I almost bought a LEMON, but they STOPPED me from a BAD purchase!!!!  I had a 27-point inspection done on a used car.  They found that the car had frame damage that was not reported on CARFAX.  Also that the brakes were about to fail.  THANK YOU to Sal and Max in the service department-  you guys really saved me from a HUGE headache!!  I highly recommend.  These guys will tell you like it is.

steven p. | 2011-09-23

I would give the place a 1 star if it wasnt for the nice salesmen well just one particular one and the managers were so facepalm. We went to go buy a new lancer for my niece. We saw another salesman earlier on the weekend and was looking for him but we came across another salesman who was very pushy. The salesman we saw earlier went home for the day and was going to come back after we came. Then when he came it was fine until another salesman showed us the car. Since I am a tuner since the mid 90's, I understand what does what with cars. Was fed the usual b.s. about the midgrade lancer can be faster then the Evo easily with adding turbos to the bigger engine. In my mind, The car first off is fwd and now awd like the evo. 2nd, it was automatic and a flimsy one after driving it. After trying to negotiate a price, they would not budge on the car which to me was ridiculous since it was a base car with no options. After we sat down and tried to do the paperwork the manager gave us a very high rate and we just left. The managers were very pushy and still did not want to reduct the price of the car even with the high rate. We would not have done it anyway but in good faith i guess they are too cheap to drop the price there. So we left and later on the weekend they said they want us back and they made a mistake with the interest rate which was more then half they quoted us on. Also, It was wierd they wanted a credit check before acutally setting a price on the car. I WOULD NEVER go buy a car there. Seems like every car dealership on captiol is so shady and cheap. We got a pre owned 2008 bmw 328i at stevens creek for my niece and we are happy we did that instead of buying this POS lancer they would not drop the price at all or add anything.

t n. | 2011-08-31

I would be surprised if this place will stay in business for another 2 more years.

I got a car here. The experience was OK, not to say its a bit bad. I think I got screwed at least for 3k and 3k more on the stupid warranty that I can't get money back. This is because I was stupid and can't blame them for.

If you buy a car here, and get some deal for free service, beware. Make sure you get your deal written down. Yes I got the car with some sort of oil change for free. I asked the guy to give me document. He said: "Don't worry about it, it will be in your service record". Hmm yeah? I got there for first oil change and they said: "what record?" Basically I lost the deal, got mad and kinda fight back. The manager came out try to please me by give me some free oil change but of course nothing close to what he said when he wanted to sell me the car.

The service department sucks ball really bad. The 2 guys as advisor are really dicks. Over 3 times I've been at the service, 3 out of 3 I came out unhappy. They don't seem to care if you want  to have your car there for service or not. There was 1 time I call them and ask for advise and how much it cost to install the option. All they said was: take the car in, and we can talk. I got there, they gave me some figure that I thought it's a ripped off, and not even look at what option I wanted to install. I wasted the trip there. I don't understand why they can't give me the estimate on the phone. How stupid is that?

My screw up right now is I can't get my car service anywhere but this place due to the deal as well as warranty. Screw me.

Mitsubishi is good car and I would recommend my friends but I can't recommend this place.

When the general manager has to answer service department phone call, you know how bad this place is.

Capitol Mitsubishi: you're lucky I give you 1 star. You don't deserve it.

Jian S. | 2011-07-25

i hate this place. i bought a used "certified" pre-owned subaru from them in feb, and paperwork and everything went smoothly and i even bought their extended warranty. people are always nice when things run smoothly. anyways, the drive home from san jose to the central valley where i live takes about an hour. i noticed this noise coming from the engine. the next day i took it to a subaru dealership and paid for an inspection to make sure the car was ok. 20 minutes later they gave me  a bombshell that they heard what was confirmed engine knocking and that its going to need a new engine. of course i suspected subaru for being shady because there is no way a "certified" pre-owned car with only 37,000 miles would have engine knocking. oh and they also said there was evidence of previous front end damage that was fixed (carfax didnt show anything about that). i called the dealership back, Frank the general sales manager, said to tow it back to the dealership, which i did. they gave me a loaner car and it took about a week. they called me back and said nothing was wrong with it. all the sales people were very disrespectful as if i wasted their time with this, heard some laughs as i got in my car and drove off. i drove the car back and the noise was gone. it is now july of the same year (5 months after purchase), and the noise is back and much louder. took it back to subaru dealership and they again confirmed engine knocking and estimated the cost to about $5,300. warranty should cover it, but i dont know what capitol did to hide the noise, but they did not fix anything. they somehow extended the inevitable. please dont go there. the sales people are nice only when you are buying their cars, but are freakin a**holes when you confront them with a problem.

Dan B. | 2011-07-20

One of the salesman named Rudy Ruehl called me about buying a car I had on posted on Craigslist telling me that he was interested in by the car for himself (not the dealership).  After bring him the car to see it turns out that the car was not for him but the dealership was interested in buying it and the wanted to low ball me on the price by offering me whole sale for my car and wasting an hour and a half of my time.

Had they told me that the dealership was interested in buying car not an individual I would not considered bring my car there and wasting my time.

If they are willing to lie about one thing they are willing to lie about anything.

Tiffany S. | 2011-06-20

Basic assessment: service advisor/manager is extremely lazy, and this place is a rip off.
I had just bought a brand new Evo before moving to San Jose. It is under warranty and needing routine maintenance so I decided to take it to the local Mitsubishi dealer. Made an appointment, pull up and no response. Go in and it was like pulling teeth just to get a service advisor to get up and check in my car for service. Then he tells me all of this stuff I need for routine maintenance, and that it will cost $210. I've never had my Evo serviced before, so I agree to it. My ride and I drive over to McDonald's for breakfast (a block away), we just got our food and Max calls and says it is done. There is just no possible way they could have performed $200 worth of work in about 20 minutes. Go back and the Max still will not even get up from his desk. Go in the shack expecting him to at least say, every thing on the car is ok, go over a check list, the bill, at least acknowledge they did something to the car, but there was no response. He just tells me to go to the cashier. I look around there is no cashier sign, he just kind of says oh it is down the hall, with complete and utter lack of concern. Even the oil change sticker at the top didn't have anything written on (date, oil, mileage, nothing). They must have just reset the maintenance indicator, called me and charged me $200. Terrible rip off, I am glad it was maintenance I needed, can't imagine how much they would've ripped me off if I needed a repair.

Elliot K. | 2011-06-16

I've used Capitol Mitsubishi several times to service my Eclipse Spyder.  The service managers, Max and Sal,  are totally awesome. They are friendly and knowledgable and always do their best to make sure that i get the RIGHT service appropriate for the car's mileage and current condition.   They have also been very supportive in getting those weird quirks fixed that any car will sometimes do.

Today i chose towait for my car. A salesman(name??) was kind enough to let me use his desk so i could sign in to work and get some things done while i waited.  Thanks man!

Their WiFi is a little sluggish and unreliable,  and that could be addressed.

The car has always been returned to me in a timely fashion and washed. Their service prices are fair and competitive. I just havent had any problems or issues with these guys unlike some other service dealers, so i have to give them a really high rating.  I will happily continue using them.


roxana f. | 2011-06-14

I took my car there for a full diagnostic on the transmission after a body shop outside re-built and did a lousy job.  Max, the service manager was absolutely awesome and very cordial as well as the rest of the team.  I dropped my car and they gave me a ride to work back and forth.  He only charged me for 2 hrs of it, when reality took a lot longer, very considered and very helphul.  I bought my car brand new from them in 2003 and since then I never had any problem.  Now thanks to them, I'm able to take the mechanic that re-build my transmission to small claims and hopefully if everything goes good, I'm able to go back to the dealer to get it fix for good.  The people are awesome and they know their job.  Thanks again Max and all of your team.

John M. | 2011-06-10

I visited this dealership because it was close by and I was looking to buy a Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X (2010 or 2011) back in December 2010.  The experience here was far less than stellar.  The sales people were completely disorganized even though there was little foot traffic at the lot.  After waiting around a while, the sales person got my information and started to warm up the "demo" Evo X MR with SST.  They only had 2010 model years, but Mitsubishi released the 2011 in December, so not their fault on that item.

While exiting the parking lot, the sales person drove before switching drivers to give me a turn.  We got 100 feet out of the drive way and promptly ran out of gas.  He pushed the car back into the lot and was going to use another Evo X for the demo ride, but it was out of gas too.  What the .... ?

About 20 minutes later a gas can showed up with enough gas to get us to the station across the street.  The driving experience was OK, but the salesman was not very helpful identifying the vehicle features and accessories.  At one point he looked in the glove box for the owners manual while I asked questions.

I give 2 stars because they actually let me test drive an Evo X, something that a few reviewers of this business said they never had the opportunity to enjoy.  The salesman did the old pressure sales bit, but at the time I was not ready to purchase (test drive in November and purchased in December).  I did end up buying an Evo X, but not from them.

I would avoid these guys.  They are the example of "where not to go when shopping for a new vehicle".

rachel n. | 2011-05-31

After visiting this dealership... I almost bought a bus pass.

I was first helped by Jose & Marco who were very nice sales consultant but afraid did not meet the terms & conditions i first established over the phone before even going to the dealership. After spending over 3 hrs there it seemed like we could not come to an agreement.

as i was about to leave they brought out there sales manager by the name of FRANK, who was EXTREMELY RUDE, CONDESCENDING, & JUDGMENTAL.  He had a VERY PATRONIZING TONE, implying I wouldnt be able to make my payments. I've never met anyone who had the audacity to be so rude to someone they were trying to do business with.

FRANK basically closed the deal on me walking out. so I went to the MAZDA dealership the next day & bought a mazda 6.

Lela N. | 2011-04-05

I always get my car serviced here. They keep track of everything.

Jose C. | 2011-02-21

This review is extremely overdue, but it must be done. As a newish yelper I feel it necessary to tell my story about two Mitsubishi dealerships in the south bay. If I could give them 0 stars, I would.

When I was in the market for a new car back in '07, I considered the newly designed Mistsubishi Lancer. I had a friend in the south bay that suggested the dealers near his house, because they had all the cars I was considering.

On a day my friend was available, we went down to the Dealerships at Stevens Creek, after visiting a couple of them we went down to the Mitsubishi dealer(when it was still there). After walking around and waiting for a salesman to come out and help us, which is usually the case, we walked up to a group of 3 of them and asked for help. Initially they acted like we had rudely interrupted them or something. They asked what car I was interested in and I replied the Lancer. Immediately one of them said they did not do test drives for the Evo. I repeated/clarified that I wanted to see the Lancer. He then said that they had a no test drive policy. I said, "Are you serious? I've never heard of a no test drive policy. You can check my license, and I have proof of insurance." He said it didn't matter and he couldn't do anything. I replied,"Who buys a car without test driving it? It's only a $16,000.00 car. That's ridiculous!" He said that in order for me to test drive the car I would  have to talk to the financing department and possibly do a credit check to show that I was ready to buy the car. I said I was ready to buy a car, with a down payment and a possible trade in. He asked what I drove, and I pointed to my car. He said, he didn't think I was there to buy a car. By this time I was upset. I told him, "This is bulls**t! I am 30 years old, and you're treating me like I am some punk @ss kid trying to go for a joyride or something! I don't need this crap! I'll take my business elsewhere!"

My friend and I then drove over to Capitol Mitsubishi. We walked around for only a couple of minutes then a nice gentleman walked over and asked if we needed help. I began explaining everything that had happened at the other dealer when he said that they were part of the same dealership group and were owned by the same company. I finished my story and told him that I could not believe what they told me and I was hoping to be able to test drive the Lancer. He said it would not be a problem as he then took my friend and I to the back lot where there were a few lancers, but he said he had to go look for the keys. He took about 10 minutes or so then returned with the keys. He said he spoke with his manager and the manager reiterated the same story as the salesman from the previous dealer, which was the no test drive policy. I got upset again and I said, "Are you kidding me? I have a few cars in mind and I want to check them all out before I decide. I don't want you to check my credit, lower my rating in the process, only to waste both your time and my time. I have never heard of anyone going through so much trouble just to test drive a car." All the other dealers were accommodating. Later on, I even found out that some of the dealers we visited prior to these, were part of the same group. What kind of subjective, stupid, BS, policies do these people have that they pick and chose when, where, and with whom to follow them? What the hell is wrong with you guys? He then insisted that it could all be worked out If I were to first go inside and speak with his manager and finance guy to show I was serious. I replied, "That's a cheap, dirty, sales tactic. Go screw yourselves! You've lost a customer for life and I'm telling everyone I know about the treatment I've received." We left immediately.

About 2 weeks later I went to the Mitsubishi dealer in Serramonte(no longer exists). I told them the story, and even though they were initially denying me the ability to test drive, they actually let me. The car was priced right, nicely equipped, and in competition with another. I left the dealership and after some thinking I couldn't bring myself to give my business to ANY Mitsubishi dealer. I went for what I believe to be a better, and at the time, more expensive vehicle. I've been really happy with my car and ultimately my choice. It actually felt good to give more of my money to a different dealer. I will NEVER give a dime to Mitsubishi and more importantly any dealer associated with Capitol Mitsubishi.

On a side note, I was able to get the great deal I was looking for, with no hassle, no back and forth, no BS, with all the terms I wanted including the low financing rate advertised, and I was in and out of there in less than 1.5 hours. And the kicker is I didn't go for a test drive because I had test driven the exact same car before and this particular car had only 15 miles on it and I felt confident and great about my experience.

Kim V. | 2011-02-12

I should've checked Yelp before I came here. This visit/transaction was completely at my discretion. AND, I'm actually two years late on writing this review.

I was browsing online, in search of my FIRST car, in 2008, when I had turned 18-years-old. Being that I was a full-time student, and part-time worker, and with no parental help, my price range was under 5K. BAM, stumble upon Capitol Mitsubishi, on a 2001 Impala for 5K. It was green, and the picture. So I beggggged my sister to take me to the dealership to check out the car. So we drove there, and came about asking a salesman on the car. I forgot his name, but I remember he was bald, and told me he commutes from Sacramento to work everyday. He pulled the car up, and let my sister and I take a look, and walked away, giving us time. One star for that, because I hate buggy sales people who like to "stick" around or "linger" around if you know what I mean. After a few minutes, "I WANT IT." I told my sister. She was in complete awe, because she thought I just wanted to "see" it. "I already brought my money!" So after a lengthy battle, I convinced my sister to co-sign for me. Went into the office, and started on paperwork.

Here is the problem being 18-years-old and buying a car for the first time, BY YOURSELF. GET PARENTAL consent. Half of the problem was MY FAULT: being suckered in, not knowing what I was buying, knowing nothing about cars, and thinking it's a sign and buy deal. The other half was the sales persons fault: not informing me about the cars condition, illegally selling me a vehicle without telling me about its problems, and taking advantage of a car-illiterate 18-year-old.

So I put $1800 down and decided to finance the rest at $150 per month. Signed the paperwork. Purchased insurance. And drove the car off the lot to my home. A month later, finance from the dealership phoned me and said the bank denied my sister and I, and that I had the option of in-house financing it. Which would raise my $150 payment a month to $400. Whoaaa! I was only working part-time! How could I afford that?! And on top of that, school tuition! I was stressed out, FREAKING out, is more like it. Option two, he said, was to find a different co-signer. So I did. My friend offered his help, and said he was willing to co-sign for me. We went back to the dealership, and he asked that the car be placed under HIS name instead of mines. The finance guy said OKAY. Didn't even both to CHANGE the information, and left the car under MY name. Why was this a problem? For me, because my friend surprised me by deciding to pay the remaining balance OFF instead of co-signing. So being that he technically paid for three quarters of the car, the vehicle should've been under his name, and the finance guy was too lazy to go back into the system, and EDIT the owner's information.

I didn't even have the car for a full YEAR until it started having MAJOR technical issues. I had got into two minor accidents in April (6 months after I bought it). I was a new driver, 19 at that, and irresponsible, I admit! The first accident was not my fault, and I immediately informed my insurance company. I had driven over a dip in the ground and it messed up my alignment and wheels, which I got fixed for $200. See? REALLY minor. Second was a week later (irresponsible, I KNOW). I was paying attention to my navigator, when I hit the side of an SUV. Physical damages came out to $1400 on the SUV, because they had some custom candy paint red color paint, and my insurance took care of that. My damage was my headlight and fender, which I got fixed for $500. New headlight, and popping out the fender and smoothing it out. See? MINOR AGAIN.

A month later, my car started showing "symptoms." It started when I was on the freeway and it was going slower than normal. It worried me, so I monitered it every time I drove. A week later, the problem progressed. Not knowing anything about cars, I started asking friends.

"Everytime I step on the gas, it jerks a little bit and I have to really step hard on the gas peddle for it to go faster!"

Probably needs a tune-up, someone told me. Then the problem got worse. It started making this shrill squeeking noise every time I stepped on the gas. WHAT THE HECK is going on I asked myself! I barely had enough money to get by, so I couldn't take it to the shop. But I called, and they told me they couldn't tell me what the problem was until I brought my car in. My car was literally going 20MPH MAX on the roads, and 50MPH MAX on the freeway. So to avoid causing traffic, I drove my car to the Chevrolet Dealership at midnight and dropped it off. The next morning, I called them and told them that I left my car there in the middle of the night to save myself the embarrassment of going 20MPH on the road with a shrilling squeeking car during the day time.

Continued in next review....

S. Jeff S. | 2011-02-11

Please listen to the other reviews, this dealership is not worth your time. Service/customer care both at the dealership and over the phone is non-existant. Once you sign on the dotted line they forget your name and don't care about you at all.

I have a car financed in-house and I making a payment is one of the most excruciating experiences of the month. First they send me my statement late every month so that I get it only 5 days before the due date. And the statement they send is not detailed at all. It literally only shows the name/address of the dealership, my account number, my monthly payment, my name/address, and the date the statement was written up. It doesn't show me when it's due or even how much I have left to pay on my car loan. And since I'm not local and they send me the statement so late, I have to pay over the phone via ATM/Debit Card. Every time I go to make a payment, I'm transferred between at least 3 different people. And the person who does process my payment (Cashier) can't even tell me my balance. She has to transfer me to another lady "upstairs" who is never at her desk and never returns my calls.

Actually today I just went through this ordeal (main reason I'm writing this review). And right now I'm waiting for a call back to see if I can finally be told how much I owe. I'm planning to pay off the car next month just so I don't have to deal with this dealership anymore. I'd rather make minimum payments on my credit card account for 3 months than have to deal with Capitol Mitsubishi's crap any longer.

And that's just the experience I have now. When I bought my car they snuck in the GAP insurance. Now I could have been more attentive, but after being at the dealership the entire day, I was exhausted. And the GAP contract itself says that I can cancel the insurance within 30 days for a full refund ($500+). But when I go back to the dealership (100+ mile drive) to cancel, they claim they cannot because the car is financed in-house. Now, I might have been tired while I was signing the paperwork, but I know that wasn't ever mentioned either verbally or on paper.

As for the car they sold me, I'm happy with it, but then again, I doubt they did much work on it to begin with since it's a Pontiac not a Mitsubishi. Even though I love my car, if I had to do it all over again, I probably would not have bought this one, the car is only one part of buying a vehicle, the dealer experience post purchase is very important.


So my car was up for smog last year 2011. Now, they sold me the car with a Cold Air Intake installed on the car. My dad and I were concerned about the smog legality of it. The dealership assured us that it was totally legal and that it had passed smog prior to sale with the intake installed.

When I brought my car in for smog it passed everything except for the visual inspection. Reason? Modified intake courtesy of the cold air intake that did not have a EO Carb #. Luckily the previous owner through all the original intake plumbing in the trunk when he traded it in, so I swapped the illegal part out for the factory part, and have left it that way.

I asked my smog guy (who I've gone to for years and trust) how the car would have passed smog prior to sale. He said, dealerships have their own smog facilities, and that this dealership probably just passed the car so they could sell it.

So that's another reason to avoid these guys. They sold me a car in a condition that was not smog legal without modification.

Danielle A. | 2011-02-10

I am very surprised at the reviews for this place. I just recently bought a 2011 Lancer from here and was totally satisifed with the customer service. Our dealer's name was Richard. He was great! Not pushy like most car salesmen, he really listened what we needed in a car and to what our budget was. He worked hard to make our car payment affordable and reasonable. I feel like we really got a good deal. Although i feel like he could have threw is some stuff for like a 6 disc cd changer....but all in all it was great! i would most def buy a car there again.

Kate C. | 2011-02-05

Avoid this place if possible!!!! This is all I have to say.

B Z. | 2011-01-26

I would highly recommend purchasing a car from Capitol Mitsubishi. I did! I went to the dealership with the expectation of only test driving a 2010 Outlander and walked away with a 2011 brand spankin' new, fully loaded Outlander. The staff was quite pleasant and not overbearing in any way. My Sales Rep (Kia) could not have been more attentive, patient, or accommodating while I asked him a million and one "dumb girl" questions. And his sincerity for making sure that I understood the information he was providing was endearing, he was very sweet. Capitol Mitsubishi could not have made it easier for me to purchase the car...I was almost disappointed there was none of the stereotypical strong arm tactics. Everyone was wonderful all the way down to the "Finance Guy"--Frank. I felt as though they really worked with me and my kinda "iffy" credit. Anyways... I LOVE LOVE my new car. I am still in the excitable phase of my relationship.

Kim C. | 2011-01-22

Well, after reading the reviews, I'm quite surprised. My husband and I just purchased the Evo X from them and are very satisfied with the service provided. Like any other big purchases, we did our homework and knew what we wanted/needed. We dealt with Bob, who was patient with us and gave us the space we needed. Of course with any car purchase, there's always going to be negotiating involved. Frank the manager was able to get the numbers where we needed them to be and felt comfortable in making the deal. They were up front with all the numbers. And the financing paperwork went smoothly. Overall, we're happy customers. Just come in prepared and educated about what you're buying and you'll have a good experience.

John C. | 2011-01-20

Laughable part was now that my car was totaled I had to pick up some paperwork. They said if I hurry now they could get me $1000 off for being a loyal customer. Didn't have a heart to tell him I was taking the money across the street.

Jose V. | 2011-01-18

I have Been looking for Month's for a 2010 Evo SE finally found one at Capitol Mitsubishi. I had read the bad reviews and approached the dealer with caution . Richard was the Salesperson that had helped me and was extremly warm and pleasent and knew absolutly everything about the vehicle which surprised me .
I would definetly buy another vehicle from this Dealership and would highly recomend Richard to any one fo my friends .

Evan T. | 2011-01-18

This place is a sh#thole. I'm talking about 95% of the workers there too. These dudes are slime balls and need to be exposed. The car runs but had a few problems they didn't disclose to us. Took it back to them 3 times, they just patched it up. The 4th time they wanted to get us in a brand new car. WTF ??? Just fix the damn problem and it will be fine. Also, they didn't keep their word when we asked them to cash the check the day we asked. The check was cashed the next day LOL.....$$$ in the bank so it didn't matter, it's the principle tho. Never again will go to these douche bags. BEWARE !!!!

L R. | 2010-12-06

Not sure about the service department, they don't seem to be the friendliest people and perhaps a bit shady, but my experience with the Sales Team was definitely worthwhile. Frank and Nathan were very helpful and accommodating. Nathan and the finance manager helped me secure financing at a rate that was affordable and made the buying process quick and easy.

After hearing a noise coming from the rear breaks, weeks after purchasing the vehicle, Frank had me bring the car back and replaced them at no charge!

I trust this team and would recommend giving them a chance...for all of you reading the negative reviews....

Marcus M. | 2010-11-23

Do not go to the service at all.  I paid $800 for an engine analysis for them to say that there is a leak in the upper oil pan.  Did I really have to pay that much money??????

After I got my service, I did not get a checklist of what was done.  When I asked Max (who was sitting and relaxing in the service office with a mechanic), he said that it was just a list and "it does not mean anything, the mechanic could just mark it without doing it."  I was surprised at this statement.  Did I pay money for service that was not performed?

I also waited to get my car for 20 minutes, because the workers were PLAYING with another mechanic's mini-bike.  Really, i paid a lot of money and spent my time for this type of service.

I will not pay overpriced charges so a lazy service manager, and non-working mechanics can get paid.


Angelito M. | 2010-11-23

I don't believe that anyone actually gave this stealership over a 1 star rating! Hell, if there was a negative option, I would've chosen the lowest of the low...because that's who these folks are! If you're a smart car shopper, GO ELSEWHERE!!! These are the same shady freaks that inhabited StevensCreek stealership that kept my car for an extraordinary amount of time, and still would've kept it longer...until I said enough was enough and had to take my vehicle back w/ the assistance from local law enforcement. DO NOT PATRONIZE THIS STEALERSHIP!!!!

Kamui K. | 2010-10-17

Workers were rude and ignorant.  How could you not know the HP inside a 2010 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution?  Also, I had to service my car and they were trying to over charge me by $600!

I love my Mitsubishi, but with the service I have received from this dealership, I don't think I ever want another Mitsubishi.

Steven P. | 2010-10-05

Horrible horrible place think twice about ever stepping foot in there.  

My wife and I made the mistake of purchasing a car from there. The list of hidden shade tree mechanics continues to be discovered.  Right after the papers were signed and I drove the car off the lot, the oil pressure light lit up.  I immediately turned the car around and confronted them about the problem, some how their supposed 100 and some odd point inspection missed the engine operating on low oil pressure.  They said they would look into it they gave me a loaner vehicle (at least one respectable thing) about two week later I finally got the car back. They replaced the valve cover gasket and oil pressure switch, their ignorant service advisor Max told me the low oil pressure was most likely caused by the leaking valve cover gasket.  I had a good laugh about that.  Needless to say, car was good for about three months.  I changed the oil with the recommended viscosity and the light began to show again.  I sent a sample of the oil I removed from my vehicle to a laboratory to get tested. What do you know, higher viscosity oil than recommended for the car. Rather than fixing the problem, they put a thicker oil in the vehicle to mask it. I checked the oil pressure myself with my gauge, engine warm at idle, right around 4 psi, explaining why my oil pressure light flickers at idle.  Their service advisor Max, proclaims I waited too long and they can look into it but it will cost me $140 just to look at it. This place is an f ing joke

I made the biggest mistake in my life a few months ago. Purchasing a car from this dealership. Please heed my warning and stay clear.

This is just a small sample of the many problems I have had. I don't have the time to list them all.

Super B. | 2010-09-18

This is the worst place you can buy your car from. The agents are all liars. After negotiating with them they will make you pay monthly payments directly to them. I realized that and they told me that my loan payment starts in the 3rd month so who pays for the 1st and 2nd month. I called up the bank and they say that there's no such thing. I call Mitsubishi again and they keep telling me that I have to pay them. I told them that I will go to an attorney and sort this out. The sales manager calls me about 3 hours later and offered to give me back my money.

Never ever buy from this Mitsubishi ever. Please never even step inside.

Joshua Z. | 2010-09-06

They are trying, very hard, to sell you a car that does not worth so much.

I thought it is a good car, and perhaps it indeed is a good car. But the managers are expecting too much from me. I wish I could make a deal with them, since I like the car, and the salesman is so nice, but I am not so stupid to pay the pre tax price with MSRP - 1000 (factory rebate).

One manager ask for my budget, I answered honestly. Then he tried hard to sell one car to me for exact my budget (after lower his price for 1K) and the car does not even satisfy my simple need, while the exact car I need should cost 3K less.

Do enough research and be prepared for the sarcasm if you really have to buy one from them.

Weston W. | 2010-08-30

for the love of god and all that is holy... do not do business with these folks...

These guys are seriously crooks, do not make the trip to see their supposed lowest price. They are getting their money any way they can.

Spoke to bakersfield mitsubishi, and literally had all but signed paperwork, when we decided to wait to potentially find the exact color my wife wanted on a 2010 evo x.

After seeing online a discount of over 2k lower than the next cheapest dealer, I drove the 175mi north to do business.

Jimmy was inexperienced, un-professional, lied (or was truly un-knowledgeable about interest rates, down payments etc).  They managed to get me financed for less total financed, with a bigger downpayment and a worse interest rate. Screwed up loan docs and required me to make a second trip to re-sign paperwork and insult me in the process.  They did fill my tank up to help simmer my rage down, but it didnt go very far.

I later found out that they lied down my credit scores (yes, a prepared buyer would know exactly where he was at) by almost 100pts to justify the terrible rates.

To make things worse I had to play games with sending in more and more paperwork after my second visit there.

This place is seriously full of crooks and liars. The best analogy to this is the music video "no vaseline" from Ice Cube... because believe me, they will bend you over and violate you any means possible.

Ronald S. | 2010-07-21



first of all, i was researching for cars and i found a beautiful eclipse sitting on their inventory, so i decided to check that out. so we negotiate the price. the price was set. we agree to pay $7500 for the car. and WITHOUT EXPLAINING ANYTHING,  the finance manager SIGN ME UP FOR EXTENDED WARRANTY. i asked him what that for and he said "part of smog in CA", ooh. okay i said. when i got the paperwork, i read those are actually extended warranty. so i came back to the dealer and wanted to get a refund on $532 for that. another manager talked to me. his name is Frank he looks LIKE $H!T. we argued about the refund. and he said " IF YOU WANT THE CAR, TAKE IT AND PAY NOW, OR I CAN TAKE THIS DEAL BACK, GIMME, GIMME THE KEY....YOU WANT IT OR WHAT? PAY NOW...." AND HE ACTUALLY POINTED FINGER AT ME, YES POINTED FINGER AT ME....... WHAT KIND A PERSON IS HE? A DEBT COLLECTOR.? WTF? . AND I SAID" JEEZZ CALM DOWN, I'M A TEENAGE BOY YOU LOOK THIRTY BUT ACT LIKE TEENAGE BOY......JEEZZZ....." .....HE GETS MORE ANGRY " YOU KNOW WHAT THE DEAL  IS OFF"             AND HE TOOK OFF....









BUYERS, DONT EVEN THINK ABOUT IT......... ESPECIALLY THE GUY NAMED Frank.... ugghh... i hate that guy...... rude and disrespectfull..

Quang T. | 2010-06-30

Let me tell you a story. As someone who took the plunge to try a mitsubishi product instead of a toyota or honda, this dealership has made my experience hell. I LOVE my 07 outlander, but the dealership and service is the worst i have every experienced at any dealership from any automake. First off the service advisor is a CLOWN who keeps telling me im his friend. For a 30,000 miles service he upsells me saying the service is close to 700 dollars, but for me since im his "friend" he will make it 500 dollars. After negotiating back and forth i got it for 470. First off since when is negotiating part of the service experience!!!! i felt like i was back there renegotiating the price i wanted to pay for my car! Also i don't appreciate being suckered with high prices and sales tactics during a service. i am into cars and knowledgeable on how much these services should be so i fought. I feel bad for people who don't know better and are SUCKERED by the service advisors

The Horror is just beginning. Also when i brought my car in for standard service the driver side window was making bad screeching noises and slightly off the rail. Also my outlets and cig lighter were no longer working. I picked up my car from service but the window was still busted. They assured me these were under warranty and would be fixed but a part was needed for my window. They said they were gonna call me when the part was in so i could come back in......

Fast forward 3-4 weeks. I have to call in to see where the part is because i havent heard anything. The service advisor doesn't take any blame or doesn't even apologize and simply blames it on his parts department. Magically he says the part will be here in 2 days. Also realized that the outlets were never fixed as i tried to use my phone charger for the first time and zero power.

Parts are here and i bring my car back in. I have to leave it for a day which is annoying but understandable and tell them the outlets are still not fixed as well.

Come back next day. The sound is gone from my window but the pane of glass is badly off the rail and will barely close. IT IS WORSE THAN IT WAS THAN BEFORE I BROUGHT IT IN! I tell the service manager this and he goes this is a different problem, you only reported a sound last time so we fixed the sound (but really busted my window in the process). Since when does a dealership work on a window, but is still content to give it back to the customer broken waiting for he/she to discover the problem! RIDICULOUS. he then engaged me in more banter blaming the techs and parts department and that he was simply trying to take care of me because i was his "friend". At this point i was furious., They said they needed to order yet another part for my window and that i would have to come back AGAIN. He goes "just remember my friend i replaced the fuses for your outlets which are not under warranty so im taking care of you." Woop di doo he replaced 2 50 cent fuses!

Now im still in the process of going back there to get this last fix. The service advisor will remain unamed but he is a joke. the dealership is a joke. Its a depressing atmosphere. i will not be surprised if it is closed down in 6 months.

Stephen C. | 2010-06-26

These guys give a whole new meaning to the term "stealership". Called for some prices from both their parts and service department and both of them were charging 50-100% more then the other dealerships in the area. Stay away at all costs!!!

Helen N. | 2010-06-10

Twice I came here to buy a new car and a used car. Sales person was nice at first. They were the typical sales that only want to sell you stuff and forget you when they got your business.

Their service department also suck. I probably ended up paying too much for the parts that I didn't need! I rather go somewhere else to service my car.

Rebecca M. | 2010-06-05

Never dealt with their service department before, but I had a great time buying a car from them. Sean was super helpful and patient. He made sure I got the right car. Plus, their internet specials are pretty awesome. Make sure you check those out before going there.

Jessica C. | 2010-05-18

my review keeps getting taken off.

This place sucks. That's it, there's nothing else to say about it.

I even tried talking to the GM like Mitsubishi Corporate suggested. The guy who came out and introduced himself as the GM ended up not being him (he flat out lied!!) then told me that If I didn't stop complaining he would refuse service to me anymore.

Excuse me!!!!! I payed money for that damn car, I pay your stupid service department, the least you guys would do is provide any semblance of customer support!

If I could sell this car and buy something different I would.  DO NOT GO HERE!!!!!!

Eamonn G. | 2010-04-03

I wish there was a zero option on Yelp. Obi Wan described Mos Eisley spaceport as a "wretched hive of scum and villainy," but he could just as easily have been talking about this place.

Mitsubishi have settled a class action lawsuit for peeling paint and as part of the settlement you're supposed to get a dealer to sign a piece of paper saying that they've witnessed the peeling paint. These people tried to tell me that I'd have to make and appointment to come back on Wednesday between 11 and 3.  I said "So that's the only time you can sign this piece of paper?" He said that's the only time the camera would be here, he told me that I needed photographs as well as the signed form (a flat out lie, there's no mention of photographs anywhere in the ten page settlement) so I offered to take the photo myself. He refused. "That's the way it's set up" he said. I think what he really meant was "I just feel like being awkward today." I told him not to expect me to come back in future to buy a car and he yelled something after me about other dealers.


Oh, and I once came here looking for help with my radio, I needed to retrieve the code. He was going to charge me $160. My local mechanic did the job for $50.

Brandi K. | 2010-03-08

STAY AWAY!!! My husband and I drove over an hour to look at their Evos and basically got kidnapped! The salesman kept trying to give us the run around after we told him our budget.  We sat for at LEAST an hour waiting for them to check our credit (or so they said). He kept coming back and trying to convince us to go higher then our budget, and even wanted us to test drive the car that we knew we could not afford. They were too pushy and wouldn't give us our keys back after we asked for them at least 4 times. I had to go into their office and pretty much yell at them to give me our keys!! Terrible terrible terrible experience at this dealership. If I could give them a zero I would!

Frank S. | 2010-01-08

Their service has no knowledge with evo X...I called and asked if they have service for evo X reflash if my car has error on my S-AWC...they just say no and thats it....Everytime i call the service..their voice is either just woke up from bed or i'm bothing him...they are not helpful for me to go to dealer to do service at all and im not going there ever again..i been there for recall..and they are really i called saramonte mitsu, i only ask one question, the service adviser gave me most of the answer i need with polite manner....i made an appointment tomorrow and i'll see wut they can do for capitol mitsu service...PLEASE UPDATED UR BRAIN AND UR MANNERS !!!!!

Jeff U. | 2009-12-26

Just went here for an oil change and the reviews of this place must be from old management.  I read the reviews before I came and wanted to test how rude the salespeople were and the bottom line is they WERE NOT.  I saw the "baby evo" and Javier Gonzalez helped me out.  He did not make me buy anything and gave me some great information on my evo and newer evo's.  I would definitely recommend anyone to come see him to buy a car or get some information on a mitsubishi.    

All of the other reviews must be from some subaru fanboys :)

Jessica J. | 2009-12-06

DON'T DO IT, this is the worse place ever. They sold me UNSAFE car and because I didn't finance with them they never return my phone calls when I call asking about my title, its been OVER TWO MONTHS since the car was purchased. YOU WILL REGRET GOING TO THIS PLACE

Mark G. | 2009-10-26

If I could give a zero I would.  This pertains to my experience from Stevens Creek Mitsubishi (Which is closed now), but since they are the same owner and management, they practice the same horrible customer service.

Long story short I have bought 5 mitsubishis from this dealership and my recent purchase is the last straw.  The issue somewhat got resolved, but was done so with the dealership being sneaky and conniving (the only options were to walk away with their car or receive only $500 for a $5000 trade in when we decided to walk away from the deal).

I have given this dealerships my business 5 times, but I will not make that mistake again. STAY AWAY FOR YOUR OWN PEACE OF MIND!!!

JAY K. | 2009-08-29

We have owned 2 lancers and  love the car, too bad Capitol Mitsubishi is giving Mitsubishi Motors a horrible representation.
Try another dealership if possible otherwise take a day or 2 to fully understand the fine print. They will either add something or deduct something in the contract. Also check for second opinions in ALL Services needed. Karma's a B!T%# and they have already lost their other shady location ( Stevens Creek Mitsubishi.)

I would give them no stars if possible, BEWARE.

Vineet K. | 2009-08-29

There should be a SPECIAL HELL for evil people like Max Nurastami (or however he spells his name), them main guy in charge of their repair shop.
I have 1993, 3000 GT that needs constant TLC. I moved here from San Diego, so did not know better.
In very very quick summary, he charged me 1500$ to replace shocks and struts, wanted another 2000$ to replace tie rods.
The real problem which Performance Import Service's Gordon diagnosed in 20 minutes was that my rear tires were shredding and I could not see that, since that tear was on the inside of the tires.
Max and his henchmen saw it, changed other stuff and completely lied to me. I mean in todays cheat 1500$ from someone and then try to cheat another 2000$
I almost sold my car to salvage cause I could not afford 2000$ worth of work on it. My love...almost died cause of this shit eating a***hole. It cost me 300$ for new tires and the great Gordon of Performance Import Service charged me 0$ for his honesty.

p.s. that guy Max ( and all his salesmen), look very creepy too...should have been my first sign

Jeremy B. | 2009-08-25

Wow..okay where to begin..

First off I would like to state I am Mitsubishi fan. I love the cars, I love how they drive. Iv owned three so far. A 1994 Mitsubishi eclipse Turbo, I currently own a 1992 Mitsubishi 3000gt VR4 (twin turbo) and a 1999 Mitsubishi eclipse GS. They are great cars and are very reliable.

About a couple days ago.. I believe on Sunday, around noon, I went in determined to buy an EVO lancer MR. The previous week, I did all the research, found out the pricing and was ready to purchase a new one. From the moment I walked in, I was pushed from one car to the next till I had to firmly say which car I was interested. Without even asking for a test drive, or disusing a price, he pulls out the paper work and asks me to sign the documents. I was a little hesitant at first. He ran the checks on my credit and everything. I told the him (middle eastern, late 40, kind of bald) I will probably be doing a straight loan from the bank, "I will have to wait a few days" He went straight to trying to convene me to finance. I told him repeatedly several times no. Yet he kept trying to show me the numbers, how much I could be saving. ( I bank with TechCU, I know I can get the possible loan from them) After much arguing, he finally tried to give me a price. Now when I went in there I had my hopes on the price I saw online. I ran the numbers, calculated tax and had a ruff idea on what Id be paying. He told me straight up about 4k over what the website had said.  I was completely shocked and tried to get the price lower yet only knocked off like 2.5k. At the point, he told me to wait, that he would go talk to his manager to see if could do anything else. He came back shacking his head so I stormed off.

Quick tip, Save some time and hassle and avoid the sharks. Go online and do your research. Be firm and assertive. Make sure you bring a friend or family member and watch out high prices..

Jes K. | 2009-07-25

If i could give no stars I would. Initially the staff seems very friendly, but that quickly changed during the negotiating process. I came with my parents, who are not fluent in English,  because they were going to co-sign. The manager was helping us and quickly caught onto my parents accent and spent the rest of the time mocking and mimicking them. I found it very rude and disrespectful! I will NEVER EVER go back there!

Don C. | 2009-05-21

I once drop by Capitol Mitsubishi and would like to take a look at the Evo. The sales person (Bernie) keep asking me in a rude manner if I want to ride with him to SF because he's going to show the Evo to one of his customer......??!! Maybe he want to show off his driving skills or how amazing performance of the Evo...... I drove a Elise on that day and when I leave those sales keep banging on the door asking me to pop off the engine cover which I refused. Then they open the door and said " you are afraid to open the cover because your car is fake" Huh......????? Which I think it was a funny experience that I had.

M C. | 2009-03-06

I came here with a friend after looking at another place. We were Evolution shopping that day. We came on to the lot and it was horrible. The grass had a pond from all the bad plumbing, the sales floor was dirty and the restroom looked like the ones at 76.

We were looking at the Evo XIII but then turned our interest towards a Evo IV. We told them we were interested and even offer our Acura in for a trade in. We were then discriminated against. They didn't want to let 4 guys in their 30's test drive a $20K car, just because it was turbocharged. After they finally realized that we were not even interested in buying before testing they said yes.

The price they were asking was higher than market value. We knew what the car was worth and walked out. They ended up calling us the next day to offer us the car at the price we were asking eventually. We just had to do a big run around from Sacramento back to San Jose.

After the sales, was when problems started. The front windows had 20% tint on them. They are legal in Nevada where the car came from but illegal in California. However they didn't have an issue selling it like that to us. When my friend actually signed all the papers, we really took the car for a spin and found the trunk was empty. The car had no spare tire, jack, wrench and even the board was missing. The only thing in the trunk was the turbo timer's box and mounting bracket. And a aftermarket intake without smog stickers.

This places preys on those who are not familiar with vehicles and California law. Well to their surprise we are and it is time to send them to the State Automotive Review Board, they should at least get a couple of strikes. For mainly missing safety equipment and an illegal smog.

Ellen G. | 2009-01-30

I'm adding a star because it's been almost 4 months and there have been no problems with my car. So yay!

Justin L. | 2008-12-08

Don't bother going here. All their used cars are junk. Yes even their Evos. I saw 2 of them, one had a nicely modded intake box with a pretty window with the intake scoop mounted by zip ties. Yes zip ties, not bolts. And they didn't really give a crap about the car's appearance so they left all the neat little stickers hoping that someone will be stupid enough to buy it and thinking the stickers will make it go faster.

Typical hustler-type sales people and think their cars are the shit and everyone else's is shitty. These guys worked more like drug dealers than decent sales representatives.

Do yourself a favor and skip out on Capitol Mitsubishi and Stevens Creek Mitsubishi, all the reviews here are true to their word. Go find your car elsewhere where people will treat you like human beings.

Jenifer J. | 2008-12-01

If I could they wouldn't get a single star. They sold me a lemon. then they re wrote my contract and removed the warranty. because of them I owe $6000 on a car they doesn't work. don't trust them

Klint R. | 2008-10-06

Crooks, thieves, liars, cheats...take your pick because this place epitomizes sleazy car salesmen.

My wife and I bought a used vehicle from here after doing our research, negotiating a "good" price, and checking Car-Fax.  Unfortunately we didn't get the car checked out by an independent mechanic only to discover it needed $5000 to repair damage to the steering and suspension.  The damage was due to an undisclosed prior accident that had been covered up with a new body panel.  Of course when we called them on it they claimed the other dealership just wanted to make money on the repairs.  Not likely considering how well regarded the repair shop is in terms of customer service and honesty as well as the obvious extreme tire wear on a new tire after only a few hundred miles of driving.

If you are going to buy a vehicle from here, I suggest budgeting in attorney fees because you will probably need one.  We learned our lesson, please don't repeat our mistake.

John m. | 2008-06-17

very very bad. This place is run by a bunch of Arabs that treat women like dirt. My wife brought in our 2004 galant v-6 for its major tune-up. I wanted to make sure it was done right by "experts" since the timing belt was going to be changed. They did the job alright, but in the process some how broke our gas filler cover door. It was hanging on by a thread. My wife told them about it, and they said, "we can fix that for 250 bucks!!!"  My wife said they talked down to her, and basically made her feel like dirt. Never go here . They are rude to everyone, even when I have gone there. Stevens Creek also owned by them is run by a bunch of Arabs too.

UenvyMEsha X. | 2008-03-21

Leased an 08 GTS Lancer in December 07 from Capitol Mitsubishi and just got rid of it 03/08.  The reasons why  you should not buy a car from these crooks are as follows:

1.  SHADINESS-Finance manager tried to get me to sign for the car before I examined it for damage, defects, or mileage.   I refused.  

2.  SCRATCHES AND SWIRLS-Lancer arrived from Stevens Creek Mitsubishi (same owner).  It had scratches along the door handles of the car and a few on the body.  I was assured the scratches would be removed.  Car was buffed twice and scratches were not removed.  However, swirls were added.  Refused to take the car and told the finance and service manager that I would leave and come back the next day and if I couldn't get a car without swirls or scratches, I would leave and not come back.  Came back the next day and the car was clean.  It rained later that week and revealed that the scratches and swirls had been covered with wax.  Took the car back, notified Mack (general manager) of the problem and was assured it would be fixed and I could pick the car up the next day.  Left my car, only for them buff it again, add deeper swirls to the scratches and cover it with wax again.  After this, I was terrified of them destroying my paint even more and me being stuck with the car, so I just stop letting them swirl it up.  My car was, at this point, entirely covered in swirls.

3.  RATTLING DOOR-  My right front passenger door began to rattle a few days after having the car.  Took it to the dealership and was told that some of the bolts in my door had been tightened and the rattling w as resolved.  It was not.  Notified Mack and was told it would be taken care of.  Ended up having the door panel replaced (2weeks after driving if off the lot) only for the rattling to remain.  Called Mitsubishi Arbitration and got no help there.  They only warned the dealership that I had called.  After this the service dept refused to print work orders or invoices for the work they were doing on my car and pretended not to hear the rattling when it could clearly be heard from everyone but mitsubishi.  Refused to let Capitol work on my car with no records it had been worked on.

4.  ELECTRICAL PROBLEM-Windshield wipers went out on the freeway at 5am in the morning and almost had a wreck trying to get off the freeway.  The windshield wiper controls weren't working.  It was only when I flipped the signal switch to get off the freeway that they started back working.  I was terrified and this was the last straw.  Took the car to Capitol and was told by Ricardo in service that a diagnostic on my car was not covered by my warranty and I would have to pay $110 to have my windshield wipers checked.

5.  UNPROFESSIONAL MANAGEMENT-Requested numerous times to talk to Mack (general manager), only for him to hide in "meetings" or refuse to talk to me.  Service manager rude and unprofessional.

6.  INCONVENIENCE-Every time I tried to take my car in to have the problem inspected by a different dealership they couldn't get me an appt until at least a week and I would have to leave my car and have no way to get to work, etc.  I had to drive an hour to Capitol every time I had a problem and the other dealerships were even further.  I am a travel nurse and work 12-16 hr shifts and don't have time to waste having a brand new car repaired.  Please buy another brand if you don't live close to a Mitsubishi dealer or you are a traveler of any kind.   Had two Nissans and never had to make an appt to have my car serviced or looked at.  

6. MITSUBISHI MOTORS-Mitsubishi arbitration is a joke!!!  Get a lawyer!!!!

7.  RELIEF-Just got an 08 Nissan Altima Coupe.  I love it.  I love it.  I love it.  Nissan management very professional.  Had two Nissans before the Lancer and never had any issues.  Went back to Nissan and now I can breathe.  I will never buy a Mitsubishi again.

Albert H. | 2007-11-30

WIll never, never, never again do business with these guys.  Thought I got a good deal on my '04 BMW 325Ci, but their former repair work is starting to fall apart.  I knew they had worked on the driver side door, less than a year after buying the car, it's starting to fall apart.  Tried to contact, but they ignored me.  Seems to me that after the sale is made, they don't give a damn about the customer.  I even had trouble getting them to put a front license plate (they were trying to charge me for it), even though it's California law.

Sau y. | 2007-10-09

I came here for a friend of mine b/c he needed a car and in the world of negotiations, I've done a pretty decent job for myself. We did the usual research before stepping foot in the lot; specs, options, pricing on the vehicle. On their website, the price was, "MSRP $20,075" and when we get there the sticker states the same + $1,500 Sun and Sound package, so "$21,575." The guy constantly reassures us that he's a "no pressure/ no bullshit kind of sales guy." My friend test drove it and liked it. Next, PRICING. He takes my friend's info down & then he writes down "$24,975," circles it and starts to say "this is what the dealership wants for this vehicle." And I basically tell him he is out of his mind. I don't even let him continue as hard as he tries because I already know he'll be wasting my time. Of course, they've planned out this good cop, bad cop thing where he gets another guy to "swoop in and fix things." The guy is conveniently located, comes in and starts to talk. I tell him to not insult my intelligence as the other salesman did and I tell him "$21k FLAT out the door after all taxes and fees." He tries to argue that 21k out the door is not the price they deal with and that I'm negotiating the government's money (the tax and fees part), the price that matters to the dealership is the selling price, not the out the door cost for me. I tell him that the out the door cost is all that matters to me and that they can figure out their cut with a nifty little calculator (which they didn't calculators or computers at each desk so he wanted me to use my PDA)- WTF? He goes back to his "boss" to discuss, makes us wait 15 minutes & comes back with $21k + tax and fees." I say, "no." He goes "I'll go back." Another 20 mins pass. I get sick of this as he comes back with $500 off. I tell him "you get 10 minutes to come back with $21k out the door or no deal." He asks, "you'll write a check RIGHT now?" Of course, dumbass- that is what I've been saying since the start.
He comes back with $21,300 out the door and then it turns out they don't have the color we want (which they initially said they did), but they own the Stevens Creek one so they had the manager come up to me when I was about to leave and tell me "21k if he takes the grey off our lot, but 21,300 if he needs us to get the black b/c of commission he has to pay, etc." I tell him no deal.
We start to leave and ANOTHER guy (4th one yet) comes up & he's says "come on, 21,300!" I tell him "yeah, I'll take $21,300 out the door if you give me $500 cash back!" He asks, "are you a college grad?" I answer, "yes." He asks, "got your diploma with you, i'll make it happen." I ask him, "do I look like a carry a diploma around with me?!
AH! but I did indeed... SCU sends out these little card diplomas that are laminated, so I showed it to him, he took it, ran inside and blew it up on their copier. You'd think that 21,300 - 500 is 20,800, but no, it was just 21k out the door, but by then I wasn't going to snatch an extra $200 away. I figured they could share it among the 4 of them.

And to close, we ended up getting the car for around/ under invoice (or at least from what the internet pricing tell us, we did). Automatic transmission + optional package is what put us over the lesser price. It was a decent deal in the end although I've gotten much better deals for myself in the past.

I didn't appreciate the sleezy worker guy who hit on me or the tag teaming or the back and forth with all the guys when I came in stating $21k and I walked out with $21k- they wasted both our times.
Lastly, the worst experience of all was with the financing guy. He was rude, moody and unprofessional. He rushed us through our paperwork, and when I told him that I transferred the funds and b/c banks were closed Monday for Columbus Day that the funds would not be in until Wednesday, etc... he gives me this look and says, "well now we have to do all this other paperwork." And he goes "find out Tuesday if the funds will be there (they planned to deposit Tuesday) and then call ERICA at ext 104 to take care of a WHOLE NEW SET  of paperwork. I said ok... but then I checked with my bank that day and found out it wouldn't be in until Wednesday morning. So I decided to go back to the dealership THAT day to just take care of all of it so I wouldn't have to hassle with it during the work week. When he saw me... oh the disappointment in his face... I told him I knew for a fact the funds wouldn't be in the bank until Wednesday and that if I had to redo all the paperwork (as he said), I'd like to do it today. He looked at me, rolled his eyes, sighed, looked defeated and said "don't worry about it" I see him take out my file, cross out "deposit tuesday" and write in "deposit thursday" on the post-it instead. WHAT THE HELL!?

F* U MR. ASH, you lazy ass mofo! (that is his name).

NO BS: I tell you what I want and if you can't or won't provide, just say so, I'll get over it.

Nobody M. | 2007-07-08

You want to be hassled into buying a car--come here.  

Be ready for third world strong arm sales tactics, lies and intimidation--oh yeah....and the guys I dealt with were aggravatingly stupid, too.

Beware--Capitol and the Steven's Creek Locations have the same owners.