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The Owner Loyalty Program is free of charge and the benefits include:

Free Loaner Cars.
Free car washes at each service.
Free oil changes with any maintenance service.
25% off all parts accessories and over the counter parts.
$250 team sponsorship for any son or daughter playing youth football, baseball, soccer, basketball, or hockey.


Established in 1982.

Capitol Mazda has been part of the Del Grande Dealer Group since 1982 and has earned the "President's Club" Award virtually every year since its inception. Originally known as Almaden Mazda, it has been one of the Top Dealerships in the country over the past 20 years. Staffed with a TEAM of Mazda enthusiasts, this group has earned repeated "Performance Champion" awards, "The Full Circle Service" Award and is a Mazda "Gold Cup" Dealer.

This Dealership continues to set records for Mazda, with its commitment to Employee and Customer Satisfaction.

Capitol Mazda

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(888) 679-6934
Address:980 Capitol Expressway Auto Mall, San Jose, CA, 95136
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: 10:00 am - 8:00 pm

Reviews on Capitol Mazda

Lea P. | 2015-04-24

Today (4-24-15) I came to check out a Mazda 6 and had a wonderful experience. The man helping me was Tin Pham. He took us on a test drive and answered all the questions we had regarding financing a car. He was extremely patient and very knowledgable about his material. I appreciate the fact that nobody is paid on commission, therefore there is no pressure to force you into buying something you aren't 100% satisfied with. I will be returning to Mazda tomorrow to hopefully buy a car. After an exhausting day being pressured by people to buy, Tin was a breath of fresh air.

Miss M. | 2015-04-16

Okay this review is based on customer service only. Nick Corini reached out to me about making this right. It is crystal clear he genuinely cares about his dealership and his customers. I still don't think Jim is great, but Nick has 100% tried to show he cares. I am not sure if I will find the car of my dreams here but I am confident if I do Nick will work hard to make sure I am taken care of. And who knows maybe then I can drop a 5 star on what a wow experience I had. Stay tuned yelpers it may get interesting.

David S. | 2015-04-11

I'll preface this review with a two quick tidbits: I'm a blend of car guy, techie and lover of the finer things in life - well-bostered leather seats, aesthetics and getting a great deal. Also, this review is about my experience from a visit to the dealer and test drive; planning to purchase in May.

A couple of nights ago, a friend and I pulled into the DGDG lot to check out the new 2016 CX-5. We were greeted almost immediately by Steve Kline, and for that I am incredibly grateful! Steve led us around the lot talking about trim levels, drivetrains and most importantly, color. Once we honed in on the perfect model, Steve grabbed the keys and off we went.

I knew I liked the exterior of the refreshed CX-5, but I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the cockpit and the interior as a whole. The engine, while not butterfly-inducing, feels more powerful than it appears on paper - and boasts great fuel economy too - which is huge for a commuter of nearly 100 miles per day. With radar cruise control, Bose sound and full LED exterior lighting, I knew this was the bite-size SUV that I've been looking for.

After the test drive, Steve thoroughly explained the features of the car and pointed out the differences between the refreshed and current models. We then stepped inside to crunch the numbers - everyone's favorite part! Steve gave us some insight on the dealership's pricing model, which is designed to take the back and forth negotiating, hassle and most importantly, time out of the buying process. This is my first time back to DGDG post-commission, and I can say gone is the feeling of being thrown into the shark tank. We ball-parked some of the numbers, as I'm still weighing the option of trading in vs. selling my current car privately.

I can say confidently that I will be back to Capital Mazda to purchase my CX-5 from Steve. Having spent my entire driving career at DGDG dealers for services and car purchases, I can say that they're a step or two above the local competition. (Especially the Steven's Creek Dealerships) I've never felt pressured, been questioned or made uncomfortable in any way during the buying process or thereafter. This was another five-star experience thanks to Steve, his knowledge and friendly, yet honest, demeanor. I look forward to working with him more during the buying process. Updated review for that coming soon!

Ron R. | 2015-04-10

I just spent my day purchasing a Mazda 3 here, Gitea Perkins was the salesman who assisted me throughout the process, it was a bit time consuming , but Gitea's demeanor and personality is one that you do not mind the wait, professional courteous and knowledgeable, I got a great deal and would do it all over again , Jamie in finance is is the same, courteous professional and knowledgeable.
I highly recommend Gitea if you are in the market for a new Mazda.

Fallon W. | 2015-04-06

I purchased a new Mazda3 last week and it was the best car buying experience ever!  Michael Montuy was professional and kind - he made the process seamless and easy.  I went in with a special E-Plan PIN number (employee pricing which I could obtain through a relative), and they were able to give me $600 less than that.  No hassle, no energy draining negotiating - I felt really comfortable working with him and the finance team.  They gave me an amazing deal and APR that I was super happy with.  You can tell that Michael and his team really care about the complete satisfaction of their customers.  I'm recommending them to everyone!  Thanks, Michael!  I am so grateful you were the salesman standing outside the dealership when I came by to test drive.  :)

Vivien B. | 2015-04-03

If you go here do not work with Ernesto. Not professional at all. During the whole experience he was more worried about his phone. Even during our test drive he was on the phone. Btw the guy went to "lunch/something came up" took my ID and I had to wait until he came back so I could not leave the dealership and when he "tried" to turn on our manual car he stalled the car. Nice! The gentleman that helped us after he went to "lunch" was so much nicer and professional his name was Steve or Steven cool guy! Sales manager came up to us didn't tell me what interest rate or anything only that it was Sunday and that he wasn't getting a response back until tomorrow and I'll get a call a little bit after 9am. I didn't get a call from Ernesto until 4. Really? Don't waste my time. And his excuse was im sorry I didn't start my shift until 1. Great excuse. This whole process with them was waiting. I already had to wait because you decided to go watch your futbol game and take my ID. Anyways when he called on the phone he was dancing around the main points like dollar amounts he was just pushing that I needed to put $5k down to get the car. Whatever I went to Fremont Mazda got a way better deal. Better customer service and an even better Mazda.

Kathy C. | 2015-03-29

I been through alot of dealership looking for the best car for me and my son and nothing was found. . Thank god I met Michael Muntoy at Capitol Mazda. He help me alot and compared the best car for me and my son. I got a 2015 mazda 6 and it was a good deal!. Need a car? Michael Muntoy is your man at Capitol mazda. :)

Vanessa G. | 2015-03-19

I had a great experience at Capitol Mazda, Gene was who took care of me and my husband and who made us find o great car.

Chelsea D. | 2015-03-15

I went back a couple weeks ago to use my final free oil change voucher. Service was fine--nothing to write home about, nothing significant to complain about either. I was told to expect a 90 minute wait and ended up waiting for about 2 hours. I had to do the tire rotation this time since they blew it last time, and I had a tire sensor recall they needed to attend to, so all in all, I wasn't too upset about that extra 30 minutes.

That being said, I'm not changing my rating. I had an annoying experience buying the car (literally spent over an hour negotiating with the sales manager because his internet salesperson misquoted by several thousand dollars and I wasn't about to pay for his mistake), followed by multiple unacceptable experiences with the service department, followed by a direct message from Nick the GM (I think) in response to my last review, which resulted in no follow-up. Supposedly the service manager was going to call me to work with me on fixing their prior eff-ups, but I never heard a peep. Not even a missed call.

So overall, having ONE average experience recently isn't enough for me to recommend this place or ever return.

Cathy J. | 2015-03-11

I just purchased a Lexus RX450H from MIchael Montuy of DGDG Capitola Mazda.   Michael was the BEST!   It was a great experience and I would highly recommend Michael and DGDG Capitol Mazda to anyone looking to purchase a vehicle.   Michael was completely service oriented, patient, and willing to answer any questions we had AND  If he didn't know the answer, he was upfront with us and said he would get the answer for us.  We liked the honesty! .  No pressure from MIchael at all.... he made Gil and I  feel very comfortable during the entire sales process.  He followed up with us after the sale and I consider him a friend.  I give Michael and DGDG 5 stars.  DGDG Captiol Mazda is very fortunate to have MIchael on their team!  


L B. | 2015-03-11

Excellent dealer experience at Capitol Mazda!  Straightforward, honest, clear communication from product specialist Derrick and an outstanding deal on a Mazda CX-5.  Thank you for shattering the stereotypes about dealing with car salespeople.

Darrell V. | 2015-03-11

5 stars for great customer service, purchasing advice, and professionalism. Romel and David not only helped me find the car I was looking for but also found it with the perfect price. I would definitely purchase here again. You guys are awesome!

Lori T. | 2015-03-05

Wow. Blown away by the level of service at Capitol Mazda. I didn't expect much going in for my new Mazda's first oil change and tire rotation but was pleasantly surprised by how I was treated.

First, the service center is filled with down to earth, fun people. I was promptly greeted and helped when I walked in for my appointment (made EASILY online). I was assisted by Jeff, who made this visit an excellent one.

It took a little over an hour for my car to be finished and upon ringing me up, with my trusty Yelp Deal, I was in and out quickly.

There's free wifi that I was able to use to work while my car was being serviced and the waiting room offers coffee and popcorn (I did not try either of these items though). There's also plenty of seating for waiting.

A+ for the visit to Capitol Mazda and will definitely be returning for my next scheduled maintenance.

Thank you, Jeff!

Cindy D. | 2015-03-05

Mazda at DGDG provided extraordinary service. This was exactly what I was expecting from a dealer. I was introduced to Paige (coolest guy!) who thoughtfully introduced me to Steven.

It was Valentines Day & the sales manager - Steven - had a date with his wife. He was about to make his way out until I walked in inquiring about a used Lexus. As he was working through my paperwork, I spotted a gorgeous Mercedes that looked nearly brand new on the lot. With my sudden & last min. interest, Steven didn't flinch. He stayed longer & answered all my questions. The Mercedes ended up being the car of my dreams. That's when he passed me off to Dave - the finance guy.

Dave acted as my financial consultant. He gave me tips on improving my credit & more. Overall, the experience was fun & informative. Later, I found that my brake light was out & a dial on my AC fan was out of commission but these guys ran to the rescue & fixed it right away. They've got charm & a passion for what they do. Now, I'm rolling around like Missy Elliot in my big, shiny ML350.

Matt T. | 2015-03-01

I got my Mazda3 i-Touring 5 days ago with the helpful guidance of Earl, Alan, and Dave! I could not have been any happy for driving home my very own car that night. My transaction was smooth sailing since I walked in the door. Unlike the other prior dealerships I visited the previous week, they did not once rolled their eyes whenever I had a change of thought or suggest. Earl and Dave definitely knew their stuff and seeing my excitement for this new car experience, they expended every ounce of effort to get my pricing fair and reasonable.

As a first time buyer of a Mazda vehicle, I am a happy camper with my new Mazda3!

- MT and NT

Madhu D. | 2015-02-28

Bought a used car recently . Had a good professional experience with Romel. He is patient and tries to help with following up but following up just enough.. He doesn't go overboard like other salesmen who just annoy you to the core . Fred, the finance officer also was very helpful trying to make it easy for the consumer to get through the process easily. Overall.. Pretty nice place to get your first machine ..(at least for me ) .

Charles M. | 2015-02-21

So I took my car in to get the clutch done because they sold me the car with a clutch that was wearing out. And they fixed it free of charge labor. The only thing was I bought the parts which included clutch kit and slave clutch cylinder.  which I was very happy that they did do the labor for free. really appreciated it. This was about a month ago. So I gave them a good review. I didn't check my clutch I just drove my car normally like I did before they changed my clutch and I watch all the fluids weekly and all was good. But recently my clutch started slipping again and smelling where my transmission is located at. So I thought maybe I should check on the new clutch slave cylinder. Because I read that maybe it might be leaking. And sure enough it was still the same old clutch slave cylinder that was on before they did the labor. Which means they took the clutch slave cylinder that I personally bought, and did not replace it at all. Which has given me the idea that they did not resurface my fly wheel either and just changed my clutch. They had one job. Thanks. But no thanks. Many may think it's how I drive but I've driven stick for years and I've never had a problem like this. Don't buy a car here unless you know what you're getting yourself into. I will post pictures of the slave cylinder I purchased and the slave cylinder that is stock on the Miata I have on right now to show that they did not replace my clutch slave cylinder. Not I might have to replace my clutch once again AND my fly wheel.

Diana T. | 2015-02-08

The service here is good as when my car needs maintenance, smog check or oil change I take it in. I feel like the staff accommodates to try to get my car fixed whenever it is in need to be brought in. It's a nice and clean dealership. It also has free popcorn to snack on when I'm at the dealership, this helps a lot when I can only take my car in during lunch or after work and in need of something to keep me from getting to hungry while I am at the dealership during the lunch or dinner hour. I'm sure the popcorn is also a big hit amongst kids too. I love my Mazda and enjoy driving the car. My parents bought me a Mazda 3 in college and now that I'm a working professional and a mom I still love the Mazda and have a newer model Mazda that I got recently because of its safety rating and comfortable ride.

Julie O. | 2015-02-05

Overall  I'm happy with our new mazdaspeed3. Most of the staff were extremely nice. I will say I was a little irritated when they gave me a quote on the Apr and then when we came back totally changes what they said. A little dishonest and sneaky if u ask me.

Christine B. | 2015-01-28

I have not only one, but two GREAT experiences in buying a car through the Capitol Mazda DGDG dealership.

The latest experience was working with Kathi Greene, the Internet Fleet Director.  As busy as she is, she immediately dropped everything and assisted me in finding the best deal possible.  It was hard having to trade up from my Miata, which I loved, but i have to say the bigger mazda cars still have that "Zoom Zoom", so I walked out happy.  And, they are as elegant as any BMW, but half the price.  They also have some great incentives right now, including a Mazda loyalty incentive of $500.

Kathi made the experience hassle free, quick, and she is just a pleasure to work with.  She also took good care of me by having Fred from Finance wrap everything up for me in speedy fashion.  

I absolutely dreaded all the hassle that I associated with buying a car before.  DGDG makes it what it should be.  A pleasure.

Michele G. | 2015-01-22

After a bit of a rough patch, the Service Dept went out of their way to turn around my experience and make me a super happy customer.  Chris the service manager was quick to help out and go out of his way to make things right.  I now have my new favorite service adviser Frank - I told him he is my special guy now!  Frank is super personable and really helpful.  Went out of his way to take care of me.  When something wasn't right he went back to his people and asked for a full review of my vehicle so that I would not have to go back for a long time.  I will be returning for all of my regular service needs.

Aryonda D. | 2015-01-21

I can't tell you how wonderiful it was to work with Michael R.!!  I had my mind set on buying a used car, but require a manual transmission. He sat down with me and went over his entire stock, only to find out the car I was hoping to test drive was already being purchased by someone else. So I decided to test drive a new 2015 Mazda6. Man, am I ever glad I did. Michael, and the rest of the Mazda team, were amazing. I was already preapproved, so the time to process paperwork was very minimal and I was in and out within 2 hours with a brand new car. He even spent the time to go over all the functions of the panel!!

If you are planning to purchase a new car, I would highly recommend this group.

Dj H. | 2015-01-19

Worked with Earl he was awesome really changed my mind about my car buying experience.  He was stright foward and just great person to work with.  We brought a mazda 3 sport  2013 for a great price and no hassle.

We also did our loan through the dealer , no problems there.

My only advice would to get there early for the car you want as they go pretty quick.

Anthony S. | 2015-01-18

I purchased a new Maza6 at Capitol Mazda in San Jose yesterday.   Although I was only "window shopping"  I ended up purchasing a new car.  I was very impressed with the quality of the cars - the selection they had and the service I received.  My salesman, Gene Johnson was extremely helpful.  He got me a fair price and handled the paperwork very efficiently.  Even got my Apple Iphone set up on the Bluetooth feature that comes with the car.
I am very happy with the outcome and excited about my new car.
Anthony Savicke (Redwood City)

Doug P. | 2015-01-10

I bought my Mazda3 here over 4 years ago and have had nothing but great experience's since. Kathy G. made the buying process quick, easy and comfortable. Although I live in Hayward now (Fremont previously) I have and still take the drive into the south bay to the dealership to visit their service center. I will not visit the dealer in Fremont because of reviews from others, and one less than adequate experience there. Over the course of this Mazda ownership I have dealt mainly with Jeff L. as a service advisor and he has been exemplary in every facet from service to being courteous and helpful. Making an appointment is always a no hassle headache free process. On some occasions I will utilize the waiting area while service is being performed and find the area to be clean and comfortable.

I would not hesitate to recommend Capitol Mazda to a prospective buyer or current owner seeking a good service location.

Andee L. | 2015-01-07

I've never encountered such horrible service and negligence as I have at capitol mazda. My family owns 3 mazdas and love them but the way my car was handled here was terrible.  I called in 3 times leaving messages to finally get an appointment after I was told someone would call me back. Then when I went in for my appointment they said they only had time for the oil change and not enough time to check out the weird noise. This was after I told the receptionist that my main concern was the noise.  I agreed to bring the car in another day without complaint.  The oil change and tire rotation went fine except that after my 1 mi drive home I realized one hubcap was missing.  I immediately called in and the person who helped me tried to say he didn't know who helped me and didn't know about the hubcap even though his name was on my receipt. He said he'd figure out and call me in the morning.  No call the next day so I called in in the afternoon and asked to speak to the manager.  He told me he would order another one for me and call me back when it got in on Monday.  It is now Wednesday and now I am finally fed up. Phone calls aren't working so I'm not sure what else to do but write this review and then have to storm in and show that this is upsetting and unacceptable.

Rachel D. | 2015-01-06

All thumbs down. I spoke with a sales rep for almost a month about a certain car. I made an appointment to come in and trade my car, obviously for the car we had been speaking about. However after the 1 1/2 hour drive there we arrive to be told the car was sold 2 days ago. They never even called to tell us they didnt have the car anymore. I will NEVER go to this dealership again as they only care about the next dollar and obviously not customers they talk with for a month about trying to get the right car.

Jess W. | 2015-01-05

Had an outstanding experience as soon as I walked into the door. I was looking for buying a used Mazda3, I called ahead to get an appointment and they set me up with Frederic Cabinian. I had done a lot of research on cars before I went it and new what I was looking for in a car as well as what cars I wanted to look at that they had in stock.  Fredrick was able to tell me which ones I wanted to look at and which ones were no good. He walked me though the entire process, as a first time car buyer I was really nervous and didn't want to be taken advantage of, or treated like I was oblivious to cars.
Fredric took amazing care of me and showed me all the cars in my price rang and walked me though the process of trading in my old car for the new one. He went out of his way on multiple occasions when I had silly questions or help with the car in any way.

When it was time for me to go to the finance department, David Civelli took care of me. He walked me though each and every step, going above and beyond to make sure I understood everything. Since I was buying a used certified car he showed me the different extra warranty's I could get.

Since I got the car, I have gone back a few times for questions or what not, and they have gone out of their way to help me and make sure I am getting the best experience possible.

If you need a used car, come here hands down. You won't regret it! :)

R P. | 2015-01-01

Thanks Capitol Mazda (or DGDG?)! Whatever. Screw Lexus Stevens Creek! I got my CX after selling my unreliable RX. Anyway, I'm a happy camper now. Sales guy wasn't pressing at all. The finance dept. only sold you the basic, and most important, other than that, they're cool with whatever options you chose. I picked 4 out of 5 offered anyway. Their staff was very hospitable. The service department is staffed with happy and fun employees. They play K-Love radio, too!!!  Awesome!

Adam S. | 2014-12-12

Top marks to Capitol Mazda and specifically to salesman Derek Bowers.  Derek spent well over three hours going over every detail of every car of interest.  He really knew every detail about each car.  We test drove two cars and he was ready for us to drive many more.  His sales skills and presentation manners are second to none....NEVER pushy, never rushed, he took the time to answer all of our questions and present us with options based on our criteria.....not his or his company agenda.  I felt like I was sitting across the desk of an old friend.  Thanks Derek, keep up the great work.....

Edris R. | 2014-12-08

I didn't end up purchasing a car here, however Kathi Green was amazing to work with. She was kind, patient, and very knowledgeable. She was wiling to go the extra mile to get the deal done. Unfortunately my wide found the same car locally and we ended up purchasing the Mazda.

If you are going to buy a Mazda, I would recommend buying from Kathi, she is absolutely one of the best "car" sales persons I have dealt with.

Elizabeth D. | 2014-12-05

UPDATE 2/24/15: This whole ordeal  has finally come to a close!  The GM, Nick Cornini, got in touch with me to fix everything.  He was very concerned about my issues and made me feel like someone over there was finally listening to me!  He was able to straighten everything out very quickly and threw in a few incentives to make up for all my time and frustration.  Nick is the guy to go to if you have any issues like I did.  I still don't recommend working with Jamie- there were just too many mistakes with that kind of purchase to make me confident in recommending him.  I definitely would say you can count on Nick to get things done and I've always loved their service team!  I'm raising my overall experience to 2.5 stars.  Nick did a good job at patching things up, but I still can't completely forget everything I went through.

This review is for the financing department only. (I love the service team and my car) I bought a car mid-October. Jamie Gowin (sp), one of the finance guys, seemingly doesn't have a clue what he is doing. He filed my loan paperwork incorrectly with Capital One and has yet to straighten it out. I've been back to sign and resign paperwork, with Jamie misplacing paperwork that needed to be sent in, not knowing what needed to be resigned, and overall being a scatter-brained mess.  I have debt collectors calling me constantly because my loan has yet to be adjusted.  Jamie has been generally unresponsive  and although he has promised me time and time again that he would take care of this situation and make me his top priority, I'm still dealing with this headache of a situation.  I would NOT recommend you work with Jamie to fill out your loan paperwork.

Chris S. | 2014-12-05

Our experience was as good as it gets when buying a car. Thank you Lora W.!

My girlfriend and I have been looking for a new car over the last 2 months, we have been up and down the DGDG dealerships (which we were very satisfied with overall) and on the weekend when I was ready to pull the trigger we found ourselves at t Capitol Mazda looking at a certified pre-owned 2014 Mazda CX-5. We had loved the look of the CX-5, but the examples we had seen were all priced a bit higher than we were looking to go. This 2014 was at the top of our budget, but I feel we got a really good price on it.

Lora was a great sales person to work with. Going well beyond what many others we have talked to at other dealerships. After we had settled on the price (which was very straight forward without any hassle), Lora didn't just disappear like some sales people have tended to do. Instead she showed us everything we could possibly want to know about the car. She helped pair our phones to the bluetooth, made sure all the floor mats and little things were in place. She made us feel comfortable and happy to be buying a car.

It still took a little while to get into finance, but it looked like everyone was busy and working so I never felt like were were waiting for no reason. James (I think), in finance was equally great to work with. He talked about some of the add on features like extended warranty and service. But was much more informational about them and way less pushy than others we had experienced. We ended up getting the service plan at a reasonable price and a really good interest rate.

Over all it was as good of an experience you can have buying a car. I would recommend everyone to see Lora at Capitol Mazda!

Emily R. | 2014-12-04

Eric Vallard is your guy. This was my first car purchase (of this century) and I was nervous going into it. I had been to two other dealerships where the people were, to put it plainly, typical car salespersons. They were a little pushy and treated me like I was an idiot, pointing out the air conditioning button in the car and telling me that it came out of the vents. Neat. Eric on the other had was extremely comfortable, asked me some questions, but also let the car do the talking. The entire process was huge and scary for me and Eric's calm demeanor as well as understanding attitude made me able to make the purchase. And the price was a selling point too. Overall I got a great car which is going to last me quite some time and it was a great experience. If I need a new car in 15 years and he is still there he will definitely be the one to help me!

Badr E. | 2014-12-03

This place is the worst place i have been to, the internet sales lady (kathi greene) scheduled an appointement to look for mazda 3 sport, the appointement was with (mike wayne) he wasnt ready i told her i have to start at 10 and he told me he is the only one in store so we cant test drive,, so why the hell did she(kathi) tell me to come at 10 ? Nevertheless he gave me bad offer for lease i told him i already have better offer from oaktree he told me (ok they are in stevens creek u can go to them) .. It is normal i guess for me to say that this offer is high but he didnt accept that, non professional not clean not friendly un organised place, it was rainy day and i went from mtn view to them on time

mark T. | 2014-12-02

Great service and nice sales people. Car dealers can be a mixed bag. You have to spend quite a bit of time with them when you're really looking for the right car. Eric Vallard was my man along with some help from Mike. They went overtime helping me try out all the cars I wanted until I found the one I really liked. No pressure, lots of patience and just simply being friendly and helpful. It felt like just hanging out with a friend.

I was able to take my time and make the right choice. Negotiating went smooth. I left without feeling I got a bad deal. If anything I wanted to make sure they made some money too because they were so helpful. Um happy with my car and the follow up after I had already made my purchase was helpful as well. They seem to practice a lost art these days- great customer service.

Kim M. | 2014-11-26

Great service. The service/maintenance representatives here are always friendly and helpful. I always take my Mazda to this branch even though it is farther from my home.

Alice C. | 2014-11-23

Our car buying experience at Capitol Mazda was excellent. We were very impressed with the whole team, especially Frederick, Jaime and Derek. We had contacted several dealers in the San Jose area but the  professional follow through and personal touch of this team sealed the deal. They went out of their way to answer our questions and accommodate our needs. Perfect!

Sue B. | 2014-11-02

This place is awesome. Bought a used Honda from them. They have the best team of people I have ever had the pleasure of doing business with! The Service Dept. was amazing in particular, and salesman Mike Wynne keeps his word. Thanks to J.D. in Service too! Friendly and honest business.

Richard J. | 2014-10-27

Gene Johnson and the crew here made my day. No pressure. Great deal and out the door with happy keys. This was the first time I bought from a dealer in 32 years.
I highly recommend the staff at Capitol Mazda.

Shannon R. | 2014-10-25

Ask for Michael Romero! He's extremely helpful, polite and patient. No hesitation recommending him!

Chris A. | 2014-10-16

Love the costumer service here! All thanks to Fred.

I came here searching for a car with my gf and her mom. I've only bought one car from a dealer before and the sales people were kind of pushy. But when I came here to Capitol Mazda I was helped by FRED, the Internet sales manager. He was really helpful and knew about all the cars they had. I asked to see a specific car that I had seen on their website and he pulled up the information, grabbed the keys, and pulled it up to the front of the dealership. I liked what I saw so I took it for a test drive. It drove as nice as it looked.
I came back the next day and Fred really helped me out A LOT! N even gave me GREAT price!!! He even threw in a free oil change after 5,000 miles of my purchase.

If you're interested in getting a good quality car, with good mileage, and want great customer service then come to Capitol Mazda and ask for FRED! I promise you won't be disappointed.

Sandy D. | 2014-10-11

I recently bought a new Mazda 3 from Capital Mazda and working with Mike Wynne was stress free experience.  He gave us a great deal and even hooked me up when I noticed a small scratch on the bumper 1 week later he gave me a rental and had the scratch repaired for free.

David j K. | 2014-10-06

First, why a 4?

Sales team was great. I drove down from Berkeley to get a rare Honda Element single exterior color, and stick shift. Miles were good, fair price, best price I might add, and quick response.

So why not 5?

First, I paid in cash. And boyyy did they push for financing (instead). They mentioned I could potentially earn more financing than sitting on my cash. But the lowest rate I could get was 6% (sorry, but I can get 2% with my Credit union BTW). The dividend in most bank accounts less than 1/4 of 1% So If the interest rate is 6%, and I earn much less than even 1% with my bank, where is the savings there? The lady had no answer.

Second, my tank was on1/4. Look, I know its pennies to complain about (50,000 pennies to be exact), but come on... fill up the damn tank.

Third, the windshield had 5 stars in it (non-repaired).

Fourth, the vehicle hand't ever "officially" been in an accident, but the front bumper was slightly separated and dented.  

Fifth: after the sale, I was emailed about my experience, not prompted on my end. They simply asked. So I said ok: After I wrote,  I was told that (the problems) I listed above would be discussed with the assistant GM. But  I was never called back. I emailed again, and was not responded to. And after trying one more time, I was still ignored.

Would I do business there again? Meh maybe. Price was good, and I got my car. But all the little shit really put a sour taste in my mouth. Nothing above and beyond worth more start. With an element of honesty, this would have been a five star. easy.

Tracy I. | 2014-09-26

I went in there just to browse wasn't set on buying a car yet. Chris approached me and my dad and was nothing but helpful! He wasn't anywhere near your typical pushy car salesman. He was friendly and patient! At the end of it all I bought a certified used car through him. His manager Efron assisted and was also super helpful! After that I met with Jamie to do the final paperwork. These three guys made buying a car painless and headache free!!!! All my services are covered along with the extended warranty I'm nothing but set!! I highly recommend Capitol Mazda and the help of Chris Efron and Jamie!

Jay p. | 2014-09-20

Fred Cabinian was a breeze to work with. We handled a lot of the deal prior to making the trip down, and when the time came it was very easy. The car is great, Fred was fantastic, and the whole experience was 5-star. I would highly recommend Capitol Mazda, and Fred Cabinian.

Jessica C. | 2014-09-19

Capitol Mazda refused to negotiate with me over the phone, even though I explained that I lived in San Francisco and wanted to make a decision before driving all the way out to San Jose. Oakdale Mazda and Putnam Mazda both worked with me to give me their best prices over the phone, and Putnam ended up getting my business, specifically the purchase of a brand new Grand Touring CX-9. Sorry, Capitol, but your sales tactics definitely did not work with me.

Ruben G. | 2014-09-15

I purchased my first new car last week from Capitol Mazda, and I couldn't be happier with my choice and the business experience. Being 22 I was very reluctant of dealing with any car salesmen , but I felt instantly relaxed and comfortable being helped by Lora Whitehead; if it wasn't for Lora I probably wouldn't have walked out with a car that day. She put no pressure on me to buy, and was happy to help show me many, many, many (I mean many) Mazda3's to help find the right one for me. She was very patient, and just a pleasure to do business with. She helped me try out my haggling skills to get a fair price, and great deal overall. If you're looking for a Mazda, make sure to stop by Capitol Mazda and ask for Lora; the DGDG dealerships in general I would say are a very great place to shop for a car. Also, I could tell that the whole team over at Capitol Mazda is great, I sat in on their celebratory lunch and I wish my office was that fun and friendly. Shout out to Lora, THANKS AGAIN!!!

Robert S. | 2014-09-14

This dealership made the whole buying process as enjoyable and stressless as it can be at least :) Derrik Hill and Jamie were a pleasure to work with. If your in the market for a Mazda I recommend checking them out.

Joyness Y. | 2014-09-09

The one star is NOT for Derek Hill but Mazda itself. The sales person, Derek Hill, who worked with us went well and smooth.. He wasn't too pushy and annoying lol but informative and attentive.. The deal was very simple and direct and we walked out there very happy..

I'm giving this place 1 start because and probably isn't the sales rep, but the finance dept.. They gave me a set monthly price which I was happy with, but when it was time to sign papers with finance, there was $2 added.. which made things disappointing.

Update: (10/22/14) I've had my car for 2 months now or so, and I have taken the car twice to the shop. One problem was the gas indicator sensor was malfunctioning, so the "check engine" light was on but it was just that. Second problem, the shock and shock mount was bad.

The salesman was good but the place which sold me the car, the car itself, was bad.

Jeff B. | 2014-09-08

A couple of days ago, I went on an exploratory mission to examine the new Mazda CX-5, having searched around the net.  As I had had stellar experiences in the past with other Del Grande Dealerships (Capitol Hyundai specifically), I decided to go to Capitol Mazda, even though it was a bit of a drive from Hollister.

Upon arriving at the dealership I was pleased that I wasn't immediately pounced upon by vulturous salespeople. Having a few minutes to stroll amongst the vehicles by myself was nice, and what I was hoping for, as I wanted to get a feel for what was available. Their inventory of vehicles was quite impressive, and there was no problem finding exactly what I was looking for.

I was met by a very friendly -- and never the slightest bit pushy -- salesman by the name of Derek Bowers, who happens to be the Internet Sales Manager.  I was so glad to have Derek be the one to help me with my search.  Like I said, he was probably the least pushy salesperson I had ever dealt with; there was never any pressure whatsoever, and his knowledge of the inventory and specifics of the vehicles I was considering was spot on!

I test drove a few vehicles (including the new Mazda 6, which was nice), and Derek helped by gently steering me towards what would be the best configuration of options for the vehicle, based on my needs and wants -- all while keeping me within my price point.

I never felt the slightest bit rushed, and Derek's remarkable knowledge of the various vehicles' systems was quite impressive and helpful. I ended up trading my 2006 Miata and drove home in a shiny new 2015 Mazda CX-5 Touring.  Great vehicle, and I felt good about the entire process.  I drove away with the perfect vehicle for me, and Derek went the extra mile.

Additionally, it's worth noting how great Matthew Yi, the Finance Manager, was to work with. He's very personable, a clear communicator, a genuinely nice person to deal with, plus he really knows his stuff.  A+ to both Derek and to Matthew for making it a great experience, and I would wholeheartedly recommend this dealership -- and these two individuals -- to anybody wanting to have a seamless process in procuring their next set of wheels.

Kudos, guys, and Thank You, Capitol Mazda!  Another Del Grande success story.

leeann p. | 2014-09-06

I've been looking for a new car now for about 18 months.  I've been to EVERY dealership in Santa Cruz and a bunch in San Jose, test driving cars, and I've dealt with a LOT of sales people.  In general, it's been a stressful and negative experience, overall.  The vast majority of the sales people I've spoken with, don't know anything about the vehicles they're selling and either can't answer questions, or just make up information!
Once I had decided on the car I wanted, I used the website to price out my dream car and sent the request off to dealerships in my area to see if anyone had the one I wanted.
Mike Wynne from Capitola Mazda responded right away - they had just received a car matching my specs, and it was still wrapped in plastic!  He quoted me a fair price, and we made arrangements for me to come in the next morning to do a test drive.
When I arrived, Mike got me into the vehicle and we did our test drive - he pointed out all of the features and buttons on the car, and he *knew* what he was talking about.  The test drive confirmed that this was the vehicle for me so we went inside to start paperwork.
Mike worked through the process of getting my trade in appraised, determined that I was qualified for the 0% financing offer, and coordinated getting my vehicle detailed and ready to go.  After working through the paperwork, he took me out to my new ride, and walked me through EVERY button and knob on the dash, making sure I knew exactly how to operate all the controls - he even got my phone paired up with bluetooth!
I don't buy cars very often - my last car lasted me 10 years - and I hope my new Mazda CX-5 lasts me just as long - but I am happy to have found Mike for this purchase - his laid back, calm and knowledgeable attitude was just the ticket - and while it took a bit  longer than he thought it would, overall my experience was very positive!
Thanks Mike! I have told all my friends to come see you!

Andy L. | 2014-08-31

Purchased from Gene Johnson and had a good experience.  He's a really nice guy and was very patient and helpful.  The only issue was the tire pressure warning light came on during my drive home.  I called Gene and he said the tires just need air.  I filled them up and reset the light so I guess the service department just didn't fill up the tires all the way.

Later I got a email survey from Mazda on my experience.  I gave the dealership what I thought were good marks, noting that I may have 2nd thoughts about taking it back for service b/c of the under-inflated tires. I guess Mazda shares the survey with the dealership cause later I get this strange 1 line email from Gene:

Hello Andy,

I got my Mazda servey and I dont know why u touch me I keep u infor and when out of my way   to get your car done ????????????????

I don't know what he meant by "touch" since we only shook hands, maybe its dealership slang?  I'm curious but thought it best not to respond as the 16 question marks worried me.  I read that there's a strong correlation between repeated punctuation marks usage and mental instability.  I really thought the survey was just to help improve the experience and I did not intend it to be a knock against Gene or the dealership.

So in summary, good experience with Capital Mazda/Gene and the only time I touched him was for a handshake.  Giving you 5 stars on yelp so please don't email me anymore.

Art A. | 2014-08-26

Two words: Kathi Greene.

I've only bought one new car previously and it was an awful experience, so I was dreading this. Kathi made it painless and fun, and helped me find the exact car I wanted. And, even though I'm done with the sales process, she continues to answer questions and support me. I'm not used to this level of customer service, it's pretty awesome.

Sara K. | 2014-08-19

I just bought a 2014 I touring Mazda3 from this location. Because my family has a Costco membership we received a Costco discount for my car which was the icing on the cake since I payed less than true market value. And of course, the car looks amazing in meteor gray and the technology package is the bomb. I chose this car over the Honda civic and Toyota Corolla based on the drive, mpg, technology features (nav/backupcamera/blindspotmonitor), etc. after a copious amount of research all week. All this would have not been possible without the fantastic assistance from Kathi Green, the Internet Fleet Director. She knows what she is doing (and she has plenty of awards on her desk to prove it). She made the whole process so easy and she never rushed me with a decision despite how fickle I am. Finance did not try to pressure my parents and I into purchasing any packages, he simply made us aware of our options. Basically, I really recommend visiting this location because you will receive the best customer service at this dealership! I couldnt be happier :)

Allister D. | 2014-08-18

I also like to thank Fred! He's an amazing guy who is well experienced. He also helped my parents with our transition into getting their vehicle. I also would like to recommend him! Thanks again Earl & Fred

Toni R. | 2014-08-15

We are extremely happy with our Mazda CX5!

The last car we bought from another location left us feeling like we were taken advantage of-- this experience left us thinking "we are excited!"

We worked with Derek Bowers and he was kind, helpful, and funny. He made the experience very easy.  We told him what we were looking for in a car and he found us a perfect fit.  He shared the details of the sale, our options, and all the awesome features of the vehicle in a detailed and quick manner.  We got everything we needed without our time being wasted.  We appreciate that he was a real person and wanted us in a car that worked for us. Derek made us feel comfortable and respected. This is a great car for a family with young children.  It also has AWD so we can make trips to Tahoe easily.  We love the blue reflex mica color and the storage space.  The best is that the mileage is great and works for an everyday commuting car too.

We will definitely be back for any of our future cars.  It was a pleasant experience and the entire staff were friendly and patient with our noisy two year old!

Jennie S. | 2014-08-12

I just purchased my new 2014 mazda3 touring!

I received an email qoute from Earl Smith for a really great rate. I told him what I was looking for and he came back with the exact car I wanted. He was not pushy or annoying like the Honda dealer, that would not stop emailing and calling me, and even made a comment about me waisting his time! When I came to test drive the car I was debating on a sport or a touring. I test drove both and he encouraged me to gas it up so I can see the power on the freeway! Pretty awesome smooth ride! The touring won me over by the blind spot monitoring and rear cross traffic alert: when you are backing out and a huge car is blocking your view it signals you if a car is coming up. How awesome is that?!

Earl went over everything in detail with me and was very patient with my many questions. He got me the best deal ever, even better pricing then what truecar. Com gave me. When it comes to car salesmen it is hard to find someone honest and actualy care for their customers. Earl made my car buying experience stress free! If you plan on getting yourself a great deal on an awesome new ride I super highly recommend asking for Earl!

I'm a proud Mazda owner, thanks a bunch Earl! :)

Dale W. | 2014-08-09

I recently purchased another Mazda from Capitol Mazda San Jose, and Kathi Greene treated me like royalty, as she always has.

I was considering trading in the first car I purchased from Capitol Mazda (a 2008 Mazda RX-8 GT, 6 speed) because I needed an automatic transmission car for my commute. Kathi was extremely helpful as always, and I received a very competitive price as well as an excellent trade-in value for the RX-8. I also decided, before I had chosen a car to buy, to purchase an extended warranty and prepaid maintenance contract. I found an excellent 2010 Mazda 6S GT that is almost a twin to the other car I purchased there two years ago. Kathi went above and beyond for me, as she has done for others I have referred to her.  

I signed the papers on a Monday after work, and picked the car up the following Saturday. The car looked brand new, thanks to Kathi (and Marco, who detailed it for me).

I am thrilled with my  most recent car, as I have been every single time I have purchased. After close to a decade of knowing Kathi, I consider her a friend as well as the person who puts a smile on this car nut's face every time I get inside either of my cars. Kathi, you are the BEST!

Cristina S. | 2014-08-08

I went to Capitol Mazda because it has the best reviews in Yelp but it has been a big MISTAKE. My sales person was Kathi Green. She wasn't polite, disrespectful, and extremely offensive. First of all, Aeron called me and told me that they will beat any offer that I have from any Mazda dealer. That was a lie! they gave same price for a less featured car. Second lie was that they promised to be flexible with the payment and I had to leave the car there until the money was ready in the bank. And third lie was that they promised to install the Skylink and the mirror before I picked up the car and they didn't so I had to come back again a few days later. Kathi pointed to Aeron due to his lack of knowledge and follow-up. Poor boy, he is doing this job the best he can, he is too young. I don't see that as a nice gesture between mates and even more coming from someone so senior as Kathi. VERY VERY VERY VERY DISAPPOINTED

Andrea R. | 2014-08-06

I just bought my first car here, 2015 Mazda 6 Touring. Loving it!!!

First time we went, we got approached right away by Christian Salvador! He provided great service! He didn't rush us, unlike at other locations. He was also really patient, especially dealing with my dad who test drove 4 cars, who had lots of questions, and someone who was determined to get a great deal! He also had a sense of humor as a bonus! He made us feel comfortable and not intimidated. Christian also delivered the car to our place and gave me tips and tricks about the car.

Other staff were also very friendly. They greeted us with huge smiles! They also made sure someone was assisting us. They understood and respected what we wanted. One staff looks like Walter White / Heisenberg from Breaking Bad! He looked and talked exactly like him!

If we were to buy another car, we would definitely go back here. Hopefully Christian's still there though! :D

Thanks Capitol Mazda!

Marissa S. | 2014-08-06

Thank you Earl Smith!  He got me a great deal on both my trade in and my brand new Mazda 3 that I LOVE!! On top of it all, he was fun to deal with.   :)

Ahmad N. | 2014-08-05

This Mazda location is my favorite, unlike the one up in Fremont. The service always goes smoothly. Although, you could be waiting for a long while sometimes whether you're waiting to talk to someone or just for your car.

But over all the service is decent and pricing is one of the best, compared to other Mazda dealers around the area.

I come here mostly for maintenance, and they let me know ahead of time of any potential problems.

Brooke M. | 2014-08-05

I recently purchased a 2015 MAzda6 from Capitol Mazda and had a wonderful experience. We worked with Derek Bowers and through the whole process was fantastic. We will definitely purchase another vehicle here when we are ready.

Thank you for the wonderful buying experience.

Kathryn H. | 2014-08-05

I had a wonderful experience at Capitol Mazda. Lora helped my husband and I. While we eventually decided not the buy a Mazda (we got a Prius), we couldn't have been more happy with the service and professionalism that Lora provided compared with that of other dealerships in the area.

elaine b. | 2014-08-05

We had a great experience with Gene Johnson, manager of internet sales. He found the car we wanted in record time after I called about an on line listing that had unfortunatley sold hours earlier. Gene got my call in the afternoon regarding a metalicc dark blue Mazda 6 that was listed on line at their dealership in Willow Glenn. I had been waiting for 4 days for a different dealer to locate one which they did not do. Gene  informed me that the car i wanted had sold hours earlier and there was not another just like it in the state, though one was on the boat coming in. I elected to go with a second color choice but it still had to have the beige interior and the same upgrades in the Touring class of the Mazda 6. . He made a huge effort to find the Sol Red with beige interior with same upgrades.  It took a lot of looking and many calls but by the end of that day and within hours he found the car  located at the sister dealership many miles away. It had just been unloaded from the truck. Gene promised i would get it, that it would not slip away. He had it brought in and detailed by Monday at 5pm, less than two days from the initial call.  But the best part was he made this an easy business transaction. From the initial call to him to the time he found the car was a matter of hours and he was on top of it every moment, that was clear to me. And for that I am thankful. I knew I could trust him to bring in the car I wanted. He also gave us a better deal.  Gene is a pleasure to work with and I am so glsd i made that call. Not just because of the car but we had such an enjoyable experience working with  him. We purchased the Sol Red Mazda 6 July 14 from Gene.  My Mazda 6  is doing great, a car with a lot of get up and go and some very nice extra's. The Sol Red is a beautiful red and we are getting complements and looks regularly. People like the car.

Thanks Gene Johnson for an experience well worth the drive over the hill..


Matthew L. | 2014-08-02

Was looking for a replacement to my Camaro. I've been driving it for 1.5 years and its just too impractical. So I came in to Capitol Mazda to test drive the mazda 6. Looking for a bigger sedan thats fun to drive and efficient, and I definitely found the car.

Got helped out by Ray. When I first walked into the dealer, all the sales seemed to be on the phone or helping someone in person, so I stood around for a few minutes just taking a look at the car. Maybe 4-5 minutes in, I was approached by a sales and within a minute I was walking towards a Mazda 6 for a test drive. Efficient dealer selling efficient cars! But anyway, along the whole test drive the sales (forgot his name sorry) kept friendly conversation going on for the whole time without disturbing the driving experience. He said he owned a Mazda 6 himself, and he really gave an honest view on the pros/cons of the car. Overall, great dealership and I will definitely come here if I decide to get the Mazda 6.

Misty J. | 2014-07-31

I would LOVE to give Capitol Mazda a 5 star rating but I can't because of the unprofessionalism from the receptionist and whom I assume was the general manager. I'll explain why I was put off by these two at the end of this review, but first the good stuff, and the reasons why I bought my car from Capitol Mazda and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a car!

Sales Staff: 5 stars
Vehicle Quality: 5 stars
Prompt Response: 5 stars
Timeliness of process: 4.5 stars
Decor/Atmosphere of Lobby: 4 stars
Other Staff: 3 stars

First of all, I started my search about 6 weeks to 2 months before I was ready to buy. I went to my local Mazda dealer and was surprised that they only had 4 Mazda6 on the lot! I ended up at Capitol Mazda because my local dealer did not make an effort to call me back, not once. They lost a sale!

Now, onto Capitol Mazda. I found Capitol Mazda through and was contacted by Derek Bowers within 5 minutes. I gave him my specifications and within another 10 minutes, he called me back. Derek had my car on the lot, with one exception; it didn't have a manual transmission. I was pretty set on a manual so Derek continued to search. Within 30 minutes, Derek called back, said he found me a manual transmission, on the water, but that it didn't have a moon roof. In fact, a manual transmission did not come equipped with a moon roof, so I had to make the choice between fun, manual transmission, or a moon roof. I had only test driven manuals, and that's all I've ever owned. Derek convinced me to come test drive this car, the automatic, and if I loved it, I could take it home, and if not, I could wait for the 6-speed manual.

2 days later, I drove an hour to Capitol Mazda. I was happy that when I drove into the lot and got out of my truck that I wasn't "bombarded" by pushy salesmen. However, I was unhappy that when I walked into the sales lobby, not one person greeted me; not the receptionist or any of the sales people walking around or sitting at their desks without customers. But hey, I was happy to not have 15 sales people hounding me. I walked over to the receptionists desk, and even though she was not on the phone, it took her about a minute before she actually even said hi. So, I told her I was looking for Derek and she said she'd get him. However, she didn't, she answered a phone call first, and someone else actually let Derek know I was there.

Derek was still with customers, and even though we had an appointment, he handed me off to Eric Vallard. Eric was very friendly, low-key and professional. Eric himself gets 5 stars from me! He let me test drive the exact car I was looking at, really allowed me to get a feel for it, and what do you know, I LOVED the car, so I decided to purchase it. One downfall was that I was at the dealership a total of 5 hours, which no one wants to do on a Saturday, but that's often how the car buying experience goes. They offered me a fair price, the certified price, which was nice, except they were not open to any room for negotiation. I actually almost didn't purchase the car because the monthly payment was $25 over my budget, and they weren't willing to negotiate or adjust anythiing to get me there. I actually was ready to walk out the door but I convinced myself that I would save at least that much a month on fuel. During the process, Derek even checked in to make sure all was well. We signed papers and that part was annoying, but the guy (I think his name was Matt) was friendly enough.

After I signed all of my papers, I had to wait about another 15 minutes before my car was ready. But hey, they were getting it perfect for me, right?! When she was finally ready, Eric walked me through all of the additional bells and whistles and helped me get everything adjusted. I drove off with a beautiful, shiney, dependable, luxury-level car at a fair price! Because of Derek's committment to find me the car I wanted, and Eric's professionalism and knowledge, I highly recommend Capitol Mazda.

The part of the experience that dropped them a rating was the rude receptionist, the atmosphere of the lobby, and the unprofessionalism of the employee (I think the general manager) who stood at the receptionist desk, and spoke with a customer on speaker phone. I did not need to hear the details of that call and neither did anyone else in that lobby! Get a more friendly receptionist, lock the general manager in his office, and modernize the lobby a bit, and you'll get 5 stars!

Jorge L. | 2014-07-30

I shopped around for a while, visiting different dealerships around the bay area. I was looking for an affordable car. But most of all, I was looking for a great buying experience.

I arrived at the dealership and I was approached by Earl Smith. Earl seemed like a nice guy who was only interested in helping me find a car which suits my needs.

Turns out he wasn't only interested in finding me a great car but he seemed determined to get me the lowest price possible.

I never felt pressured to buy. And I thank Earl for making my car buying experience as pleasant as possible.

I walked away not only with a car that i love, but also with a price much lower than expected.

I heavily recommend visiting Capitol Mazda. And I definitely recommend seeing Earl for your new car needs.

Andrew M. | 2014-07-28

Steven provided excellent customer service beginning to end. I highly recommend Capital Mazda and Steven for your first point of call when looking to buy a new car.

Nicole R. | 2014-07-25

I don't know that I would give my entire experience at Capital Mazda a 5 star rating, but I would give Steven Valentone 5 stars for his customer service.

The my first encounter with Steve actually happened on his day off. I was interested in driving a Mazda3. And apparently they were understaffed that day, Steve took my sister and I out for a test drive. He apologized for being in his street clothes (unnecessarily), complimented my driving (woohoo!) and asked my sister and I reasonable, personal questions. What stood out the most to me was that he never asked for my phone number. I HATE being asked for my number. He seemed to understand that I was still in the research part of my shopping. He took my email instead. This is so much less intrusive.
Flash forward a week later and I wound up leasing the very same car.

Buying a car is not fun. (Getting said car is fun, but the buying process is not.) However, Steve never once came off as a sleezeball and was professional and personable. I believe he is more like what other car salespeople should aspire to be.

Dustin L. | 2014-07-24

So I guess review will be biased because I bought two Mazdas from this dealership. My review is just way overdue.

Vehicles bought:
I have bought a 2005 Mazda 3, brand new and did all the services at the dealership, even when they moved next door or across the street.

I just recently bought a 2015 Mazda CX-5 GT.

Sales department: was very friendly and knowledgeable about the car they were selling. I also went for the Costco car program. I would say I got a fair price but not a stellar deal. When you go through the Costco car program they are required to tell you about all of the warranties and all of that fun stuff. They always go over that stuff with you. That's how they make money.

Finance department: This is the boring part. All the paperwork to go over and sign and they try to see you all the warranties they offer. This is the part you can't get around unless you send someone to buy the car for you.

Service department: I have the most experience with this part of this Mazda dealership. I have been servicing my Mazda 3 here for about 9 years. They have knowledgeable staff. They most likely have some online coupon for services so make sure to give them your email address. And when there isn't a sale going on they help you out on the pricing if they can. They also have a Internet area. A seating area with complimentary popcorn machine, vending machines, complimentary water and coffee, and a TV with Direct TV on whatever station was watched last. They will wash your car too if it's not super busy.

Parts department: I have seldom dealt with the part department but if they have the part they can sell it to you or have it shipped over from another dealership. I did have one problem with the parts department telling me a cold air intake was not c.a.r.b. legal when in fact I went to another store and bought the same item and it came with a c.a.r.b. exemption number. But that was only one time out of the handful of times I spoke to them.

Overall it's a good place. And if you fall in love with your mazda you will love it here too.

K R. | 2014-07-22

I've been looking at Mazda3's online for over a year now (just biding my time, till my current car is ready to be retired.) I finally walked onto the lot about a month ago to look at them up close & personal, and take a few different models for a spin. I was unable to accomplish what I'd hoped for on that particular day, but was soon contacted by Nick, the GM, to come back for a 5 star experience. And that's what I've received. I spoke directly with Nick to discuss my needs, and then was introduced to Earl, who's been my salesman from that point. I have looked at about 6 different cars, with different trim levels, both new and used. Earl has been extremely helpful & accommodating, and is very knowledgeable. I am being crazy indecisive, and he is doing his best to help me out & find exactly what I'm looking for, with pure patience, and no pressure. I know I'm being a pain right now, and he's handling it like a champ! Couldn't have asked for a better level of customer service from both him, and Nick. I still haven't made up my mind about what I want, but they definitely have my business.

Zhen-Chi C. | 2014-07-18

I came here late afternoon to look for a car. Christian let's me drive couple cars back and forth. I finally get my Mazda 3 very late that night. At that time, it is already beyond the working hours, but Christian stayed with me explain everything, went through the manual book without trying to skip anything, showed me all the function of the car, stayed with lets me check out and ask question before I left. Lets me take the car home right away, and it is around 10 pm to 11 pm Sunday night. I am very appreciated the whole team, they stayed extra late to clean up the car for me. The next day I came for detailing for free (which cost buyer in Toyota dealer), and I was treated very nice. The waiting room above Toyota's. Mazda 3 rating is around a Corolla, but their service is amazing.

Bill F. | 2014-07-11

I came here with my relative to help purchase a Mazda 3.  We used the Costco,program via fleet department  to avoid the "Hard Sell" and pressure  from buying a new vehicle.  The process was fine for us,,and Kathi was gracious in helping us find the car and letting me discuss the purchase with my personal auto mechanic, who is also a family friend.  

When we were ready to do the paper-work with the finance people,  some of the car buying pressures came into play:  the "Hard Sell" of the prepaid routine service (oil change, rotations, etc.), extended warranty, and Low-jack system.  We were ready to go somewhere else when this started.

If it was not for the graciousness of Kathi Greene, we would have gone somewhere else.

Andrew P. | 2014-07-07

I don't know where to start exactly.  I guess I should talk about how terrible the other guys were first. I traveled around the automall for a good amount of the day, getting various quotes and testing several vehicles. Keep in mind that I'm 6,5" and I don't easily fit into a majority of the vehicles.

Anyway, I went as far as to run my credit with another dealership on the street who gave me a hard time. They gave me the typical spiel about how, "they must have a down payment in order to get the bank to notice us." and "I'm doing you a real favor by dropping this price so low. You won't find this deal anywhere else" Well you know what? I did.

The second I walked onto the lot of Capitol Mazda I was greeted by helpful staff who pointed me in the right direction. Eventually I was helped by Gitea Perkins. Now he is the true reason I left such a perfect review. This man will do ANYTHING for you. He even went as far as to buy my girlfriend, my dad, and myself ice cream! The man's a true businessman. There's not many like him left. He's not just there to milk you of all your extra money for the month, he's there to get you a car. I didn't have to even explain myself to the man; he knew that I needed something affordable but worth the investment.  Within 2 hours I was driving off the lot in a beautiful pre-owned Honda Accord. I'm so impressed with how well I was treated. I think I'll go here for every car purchase in the future. Thanks Gitea and Capitol Mazda, you've made my day!

katrina s. | 2014-07-03

Dont bother visiting this dealershp, a complete waste of time. People here are unresponsive and not interested in conducting business. They wouldn't even bother giving you a written quote, everything is verbal as if they expect you to memorize all the numbers! I totally agree with other Yelp reviewers - go where your time is appreciated and treated as a valuable customer.

Patricia G. | 2014-07-02

Great experience purchasing our Mazda 3 !! Shout out to Eric and Steve in sales ! Will return for sure ! Also the manager Nick extremely helpful !

Katie N. | 2014-06-30

I've been researching for a new car, decided to stop by Mazda to test drive the Mazda3 or Mazda6. After walking around the parking lot, my father and I stopped in the lobby to get some help. We literally stood around for 10 minutes, no one acknowledge us or even let us know someone would help us. I hunted down one of the managers and asked to send someone to help us, seriously???

Finally, Derick Hill came out and assisted us. He lets me test drive both cars, was  accommodating, very down-to-earth, and helpful. I told him the model and color I wanted and he did his best to search through their inventory, lo and behold, they have 1 left! Finally got my brand new car, and I'm glad to have my first purchase experience at Mazda.

DJ C. | 2014-06-30

Bought a 2015 Mazda CX5 Grand Touring and it was a wonderful experience. AAA and Costco give internet pricing discounts and Kathi Greene is an excellent example of FREAKIN AWESOME customer service!!! Earl is FANTASTIC at showing you how to use your new vehicle computer system. I'm turning 50 and needed lots of help from Earl. Thank You!!!

Johnny D. | 2014-06-29

Devlyn helped us with a test drive and was very helpful and courteous.
We also spoke to Dustin and had a good experience as well.
We are considering a purchase over the next 5 days and there was absolutely zero pressure even though tomorrow is the last day of the month.

Bottom line: very professional, very helpful, and didn't waste a minute of our time as most dealerships do.


Joseph C. | 2014-06-29

I have never had such frustration when dealing with a dealership. Even after i bought the car. I had to take the car i bought less than a month ago in to get repaired. It was still under the 90 day warranty so that should be easy enough right? Wrong! I called numerous times and was left on hold for 15+ minutes. Finally one of my attempts was answered just to be told that they were busy with other customers who were actually there and they would call me back. So i left my name and number and let them now i was getting very annoyed trying to talk to someone. NO ONE EVER CALLED ME BACK!!!! I finally called back a few hours later, they attempted to put me on hold again until i told them I would not hold and told them what had happened. I finally got to talk to a manager, Even he was unable to provide me with an immediate answer for the question i had about the warranty. Once again i was on hold while he found the answer, Hey, at least we were finally progress on this now. So, after 6 hours of trying to get in touch with someone to talk to about my vehicle that i have had for one month that was no longer drive-able, i finally got the clarity on what needed to be done. So they vehicle got towed over there later that day. It took just under a week for them to fix it. i get a call Friday night saying the vehicle is finished and was asked if could pick it up before they closed. Keep in mind this phone call came at 4PM and i live in Discovery Bay, not exactly down the street from them. So i told them no, and i probably wouldnt be able to until Saturday maybe even Sunday. Ok they said. So today, Sunday comes around, and i call over there to be informed no one is there to release my vehicle. Why wasnt i told this on Friday when i informed them today was a possible day i would be able to make that drive to pick it up? I WILL NEVER DI BUSINESS WITH CAPITOL MAZDA AGAIN!!!!! I should have seen the signs when i was buying the vehicle. Ihave not had 1 good interaction with this place. No one can give you an answer, they transfer you over and over and over again. They forgot some things on their end when doing the purchasing paperwork and called me to get it. I called them back as soon as i got their message, which was a matter of minutes. When i call,no one answers and we played phone tag for about 5 days, and each message i got, include more and more attitude because they were unable to get a hold of me. Just a bad experience from day one. I WILL NOT RECOMMEND THIS PLACE TO ANYONE!!! Unproffessional, un-knowledgable, non-customercentric. Horrible place to buy a car.

Danielle T. | 2014-06-27

I just bought a Mazda 6 Touring this week from Derick Hill. He was amazing. Unlike the stereotypes, Derick was humble, friendly, down-to-earth, and not pushy. He was very accommodating with any questions or requests I had. He stayed past his shift to help me out and I never felt the slightest rush during the end.

Mike Wayne was also very informative when I came in the previous week to look at their cars.

Leah S. | 2014-06-27

Me and my husband recently purchased a truck from Steven. He was very knowledgeable of all vehicles. Had great personality.  Not pushy and will make you feel comfortable about your purchase. Would highly recommend Steven as your salesman when stopping by Capitol Mazda.

Amber J. | 2014-06-23

After weeks of research after totaling our 2014 Kia Optima, we decided on a 2015 Mazda 6 touring.. after much searching along with the help of cars direct we were connected with Mike Wynne at Capitol Mazda. He was awesome. He helped us get approved with the awesome Mazda rates and found us the car we were looking for.  There were only a few in the north state and we were on a tight schedule to get our car.  After prearranging everything with Mike over the phone, He was able to hold the car for 4 days until we could make it down. Once we got there, we were in and out in an hour and a half.Mike and his staff were very friendly and courteous.  Thanks Mike.

Raoul C. | 2014-06-23

Bought a used Mazda from Capitol Mazda. The whole process was transparent, honest, courteous, no pressure. No back and forth haggling games like some other dealerships that I will not name. The car came with a Mazda pre-certification that was shown to me before I even signed the contract; unlike that certain Mazda dealership on the Peninsula.
Best of all, we were assigned to a honest, knowledgeable salesman (Mike Wynne). Even though I screwed up with the wrong contact going through Costco Auto Program, Mike treated us the same. For your next car, go through Milke and Capitol Mazda and you might just be able to pocket part of the fee Capitol pays to Costco for funneling members.

Josephine T. | 2014-06-21

I wasn't sure what to expect at first, since car dealership experiences can vary so drastically. After  wandering around the lot, a really helpful receptionist summoned Mike Wynn, and I'm glad she did. Mike made the experience fun yet professional, like buying a car from a friend who cuts through the bs. Friendly and smooth experience overall. Loved it! (Kudos to the great music, courtesy of Jamie, my new favorite financial guy!)

Richard B. | 2014-06-18

What can I say about a car dealership? All of them are there to make money at the expense of your time and sanity. This one is no different, but they do have 2 things going for them: good used car list prices and Frank Moreno.

They intentionally set their prices low to get more people to walk in. I like this a lot because it eliminates some of the need to haggle, something I would normally rather do without.

Frank is one of the friendliest car salesmen I've met. He's pretty new to the dealership, but was very helpful and made buying a car as easy as possible.

It's not 5 stars because the rest of the people that i had to deal with wasted my time.

Kelsey B. | 2014-06-14

I was looking to find a midsize suv. As a first time buyer I knew it was gonna be hard. Our dealer Gitea Perkins did anything and everything he could to get me my car. He and his team worked so hard and I ended up driving off the lot in my car that day with a big smile on my face! He worked very hard for me and it made my first experience very very good! I would highly recommend this dealership and Gitea!

Shreyas N. | 2014-06-11

Horrible customer service. Absolutely no respect to customer's time. They don't care about appointments! U will have to buy the car if u have to testdrive!
Do yourself a favor by going to a different dealer! The manager himself was not bothered bout respecting the customers!

Lily Y. | 2014-06-04

We made a three hour drive to buy the car my husband wanted for his birthday and Dustin made it happen! He was great! He was thorough and knowledeable about the car and wasn't pushy at all. He was very patient and definitely went out of his way to make sure we were happy. I defintely recommend anyone purchasing a car to go see Dustin.

nicholas s. | 2014-06-02

I was looking for a part for my 2001 MPV which failed it's smog test and was extremely disappointed by the sarcastic attitude of the parts representative. My qualified car mechanic also received the same attitude over the phone when describing the part which was required.

If you need Mazda parts I suggest you go to another dealer, a parts store or EBay but don't waste your time here!

Kyle D. | 2014-05-31

Wow, such patient staff! Had a difficult financial situation and without the help of Christian Salvador ,  Probably would not have walked out of the dealership alive. Haha. Very accomadating , very understanding , very helpful! Now the owner of a beautiful Mazda, couldn't be happier! Thank you so much, Christian is the man!

Kyle G. | 2014-05-31

I had shopped around the whole Capitol expressway area and was pretty disappointed with the service I received everywhere, until I happened upon Mazda. Gerry was great and helped me find the perfect car for me with no hassle or pressure. We test drove a few cars and struck a good deal. Gerry is my new buddy after spending half the day with me while mainly talking about life and everything other than cars. If you need a car and want good service go talk to Gerry!

Will B. | 2014-05-31

I just purchased a new Mazda from Christian Salvador at Capital Mazda in San Jose. My financing situation was tricky due to problems with my credit, but Christian put in hours of work and got us approved and even at a good APR. I didn't know we'd be leaving here with a car, and I honestly couldn't be happier. Will recommend Christian and the Capital Mazda team to my friends for their future car purchases.

Catherine K. | 2014-05-30

After a gruesome, long three weeks of hunting for a Mazda CX-5 with visits to surrounding  dealerships near San Francisco and long emails from all around the bay. I came upon Capitol Mazda!

Yes, it is a lil far of a drive, but if I had known better, I would have came here first! I was greeted by Aaron, who walked us out to the lot to show us their inventory.  Although, he is fairly new. He was knowledgeable and the fact that if it was something out of his scoop he was quick to go through the proper channels to find us the right answer! When there was a little wait time as it was nearing closing time, he went out of his way to make sure we were comfortable and tried his best to move things along.  Aaron made our visit to another dealership much more pleasant!

Yun T. | 2014-05-29

Came in to look for a new car and was helped by Gerard "Gerry" Vasquez for my 2014 CX-5. Super friendly and super nice, he did his best to help us with every step in the paperwork and negotiations process. He follows up on your progress with the car and any additional necessities purchased, making sure your paperwork is in order and that everything is to your satisfaction.

Edit 03/21/2015
It's been over a year since I bought my car. There was an issue with the Bluetooth unit add-on I bought for my car and so it was returned. I'm still waiting for a refund check that seems to never be coming even though we've called many times. :/

Kevin E. | 2014-05-29

I just brought my mazdaspeed3 here for the 30k service.  Without any prompt,  the service associate offered to apply a 15% coupon from their website.  He also gave me an extra discount on my upgrade to synthetic oil.  When the service was done,  the mechanic said it needed an alignment.  I approved this at $45, but when I reviewed the alignment report, all the numbers were in spec BEFORE the alignment.  The alignment was suggested due to weird wear on the rear tires,  but it might just be because I hadn't rotated the tires in quite some time.   Anyway,  my service associate (Frank Moreno) offered to remove the cost of the alignment.   He was very professional and responsive to my concern about the alignment.  
I would definitely return here for a future service!

Anthony C. | 2014-05-24

Beware if you are of any ethnicity other than Caucasian. I came in with a pre-approved auto loan through Capitol One and an email from their General manager Nick Corini stating that a down payment was not necessary. However, Martin in the Fincance department made up a bs lie stating the bank wanted a down payment?!? Not only did i have a Pre-Approved loan i also had a cosigner with  a total combined disposable income of over $8,000! I couldnt figure it out at first, but then I seen Mike ,one of the people i spoke to on the phone about the pre approval offer a few days earlier, shy away from greeting me then I knew this was a discriminatory practice. So im sure they will chimmy up to some people who are objective buyers and just want a Mazda but for those customer service freaks this is definitely not the place to go. They have cars but so do other dealerships throughout the area. I am of latin and pacific islander descent. supporting this business is supporting unethical practice. people should be concerned of what they are contributing their hard earned dollars towards.

Shaun C. | 2014-05-22

Everyone knows that buying a car is never as much fun as it sounds.  Sometimes it is painful and nerve racking.  Sometimes it's a more traumatic experience than a hppy one. For instance, those of you who want to see my experience before I came to Capitol Mazda, see one of my previous reviews about Oak Tree Mazda.  Devlyn was the associate that helped my partner and I get the car that we wanted. It was not easy since there were only 2 of this specific car in Northern California.  I initiated a bidding war with Fremont, Oak Tree, and Capitol and Devlyn came through with shining colors.  She and the rest of the team bent over backwards to make sure we had the car as soon as they could possibly get it for us.

We could not be happier with the customer service and left feeling great.  I will be recommending to all my peers and friends that they are looking for a new car and for someone who is not going to waste their time, to go see Devlyn.

Thanks a million!

Sly F. | 2014-05-19

I wanted to give a shout out to Christian Salvador and Derek Hill who helped me with my purchase of a Mini Cooper. They were both very friendly and helpful.

I wouldn't consider buying a car as typically a pleasant experience, especially when trading in a car, but once we got over the agreed trade-in-price and final price I wanted to pay for the Mini, everything went smoothly. I would go back again to purchase another vehicle at Capitol of Mazda. This is the second DGDG car I have purchased and I like that they do include a 90 day/3000 mile warranty.

Mann P. | 2014-05-18

Capitol Mazda made leasing a vehicle seamless for me. I was debating in multiple mid size commuters and ended up going with this dealership. I recommend going onto and getting yourself a certificate that locks in best pricing, also you get to deal with experienced friendly sales people like my guy Mike Wynne. Mike has over 30+ years in the business and is a straight shooter I have a background in sales myself so its refreshing to see that you have a genuine salesman who gives it to you straight and skips all the BS. I was in and out of of there in less then an hour. Also want to give a shoutout to Shelly in finance also super friendly great attitude. If you want the best deal with fast friendly service get yourself down to capitol Mazda and ask for the Man, the Myth, the Legend Mike Wynne he will give your the WYNNEing deal.

James C. | 2014-05-18

Just like most of the potential buyers, I never enjoy buying cars in the dealerships as most the times turned out to be extremely frustrating and tiring experience, but guess what? it was never the case with Capitol Mazda.

I've done my homework on the specific model that I wanted, and gathered all the pricing facts and trade in price for my old Audi A3 Sports beforehand through TrueCar, KBB, Edmunds, you name it. The internet sales manager - Derek Bowers was the only person out of three dealerships in the Bay Area would bother to call me and tried to understand my needs initially. Other two did email but didn't follow up as good as Derek.

I was at the dealership 30 minutes before my appointment and Derek was with the customer at that time. He asked if I'd mind to have another associate to assist me, of course I did mind so I waited until he was ready to attend to me. I'm glad I did wait for him as he made the whole purchasing process was virtually painless, from taking my trade-in, to finalizing the final cost and paperwork. Did I get a good deal? well, let me put it this way, I think I paid a reasonable price and my old car trade-in price was pretty good. What mattered most was, Derek was a very understanding, courteous, yet a blunt person. I'm the type of man who's done lots of research before buying any big (well, sometimes small) ticket items. I don't like wasting my time to go through the negotiation BS since I have better things to do (like riding my bike and spending time with my wife). If I have to guesstimate, the whole negotiating process with Derek was no more than 30 minutes at most. Trust me, those 30 minutes were never stressful at all. I told Derek why I believe my offering was reasonable and he told me his. I supposed we're about the same age so we knew exactly the type of persons we were dealing with - cut the chase, be blunt and reasonable, close the deal, that's it.

The only thing I wanted to critique, was the time I spent on waiting for the finance manager (I believe his name is James too) becomes available. He had another client at the time but he was the only person who could finalize our paper. It was a long wait (about an hour). I would have taken off a star from this review but I can't. Why? because James was also a very efficient person. His two-finger typing could win him a gold medal in Olympics if there's one, and he never pushed us to buy any ridiculously high cost "added value" packages. Once we sat down, we were done within 30 minutes (give or take) and we were on our way to drive off our new CX-5 Touring.

Big Kudo to Derek Bowers. His sales skill and personality were definitely an asset to Capitol Mazda. If I ever purchase another Mazda from Capitol in the future, he will be on the top of my list to buy from again. No questions about this. Buying a new car shouldn't be difficult, and trust me, if you go to Derek at Capitol, it will never be.

Oh yes, I want to add that I did buy the 5-year maintenance package for $1,300, which covers pretty everything maintenance related such as routine tune up and oil change. It's a bit steep but thought since I've never driven a Mazda before, getting service done in the dealership would give me a peace of mind, so be it.

Update: Approximately two weeks after the purchase:

There was a major screw up on the VIN registration that the dealership has caused. I'm leaving the details out now as I do realize that we're all human beings, and sometimes, we make mistakes. Most importantly, if there's anyone there in the dealership and right the wrong to make the customer happy again. Well, Capitol Mazda certainly did a great job in doing it. Nick (the owner of the dealership I think) called to apologize sincerely, and of course, I accepted it. Therefore, I bumped the rating from 2 back to 5 stars again. They messed up big time, but they did what they could to rectify the problem and apologized to me. That's what it matters.

Jarrett T. | 2014-05-15

Car buying can go one of two ways: a grueling battle or a smooth as silk experience. Luckily for me, I came into Capitol Mazda via Costco's Auto Buying Program and I'm happy to say I left with a brand new 2014 Mazda without feeling like I just went 12 rounds in the ring.

Earl Smith was my go-to-guy and he made the process easy and painless. He was friendly, accommodating and was very transparent in the process. Granted, the Costco program kept the price negotiating out of the process (which I liked) due to the pre-negotiated low pricing. Earl explained everything along the way and was patient with all my questions.

If you're in the market for a car, go see Earl and he'll take care of you. I'm loving my new car and wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to my family and friends.

M M. | 2014-05-15

Capitol Mazda is nothing short of amazing for what they did to help me get my car.

I had a horrible experience at Oak Tree Mazda in Santa Clara where I was told a very specific car I wanted (Mazda3 hatchback, mica w/ almond interior) was being sent up from Salinas, which was the only car with this color and style in the bay area. After working out my financing with my credit union and arriving at Oak Tree to finish the transaction, I learned they had brought the wrong car, with no leather seats. Really? All I wanted was TWO specific things and they couldn't manage that. The worst part was they did NOTHING to help this situation, and asked me if I would just take this instead. SERIOUSLY???? This is my hard earned money, and you want me to compromise on what I want? Who does this?

We frantically start looking for anyone else to help us, and our situation was that I needed to seal the deal by the next day - my cosigner was leaving on business the next day and I had a rental car to return. Thats when we reached out to Capitol and told them the situation and we wanted this exact car and we needed it as soon as possible.

We were connected with Devlyn, who is nothing short of AMAZING. She, Dustin, and the rest of the Capitol team helped me through this insanely hard and stressful process of getting the car, and being incredibly patient as I lost my goddamn mind,with the whole reestablishing a loan with the credit union (as we pretty much needed to start from scratch.) as well as us calling her probably a dozen times that day asking for status updates. This was one of the most stressful days of my life as I was on a tight schedule that needed things done to the point where I didn't think it would be possible....but THEY DID IT!

The next day, I had my beautiful new Mazda, and I have the wonderful Devlyn to thank. If ever I know anyone looking for a Mazda, I am sending them straight to this dealership and straight to her. This was professional customer service at it's absolute finest. I'm inspired. She is the best.


Lauren L. | 2014-05-08

Derek Hill is by far the best sales person here. He is so patient, not pushy and willing to work with my fickle wants and needs. He stayed late for me and made sure I got everything I wanted and needed. Love my new mazda3 and Derek made it happen well within my budget. If you come here ask for Derek Hill ( there are 2 Dereks so be specific) he wont let you down!

Captain A. | 2014-05-08

Its been a month since I got my Mazda 3, and I'd like to thank Dustin for making it as smooth as possible. A cool and honest dude, made buying my first car way easy.

Mai L. | 2014-05-07

I bought my first car here with Christian. after looking around online for the car/type/model/trim I wanted, I finally built up the courage (buying your first new car is a big deal) to head over to the Capitol location. I walked in and was greeted by Christian and from there everything went smoothly. I did a one stop and walked away with a brand new 2014 Mazda3 Hatchback! Christian was awesome and very patience. he didn't push me into buying anything extras. the process took a while but he made sure I was ok. good customer service good person! I'm glad I decided to walk into Capitol mazda bc I wouldn't have been greeted by Christian!!

Kate L. | 2014-05-05

I can say we had the best experience at Capitol Mazda. My boyfriend and I were absolutely thrilled with our new car. Special thanks to Frederic who helped us a lot in getting our new car. He gave us a great rate even with our not-so-good credit score. He also gave us discount without haggling and most of all, there were no pressure sales. Lastly, he was very knowledgeable and made us confident in our purchase. We can say that it was really an awesome experience!

Great service, friendly sales people and good car selection. Love this place and we would recommend it to  any one of our closest friends and family members.

We're certified happy car buyers!

Thanks for the ride team Capitol Mazda! Zoom zoom!

A C. | 2014-05-02

parts dept review only

im bad with names but the guy that looks like shaggy from scooby doo was awesome, he knows his car parts. had a hard time describing what i needed but he knew exactly which part i was talking about.  

ordered the parts over the phone, picked them up the same day they came in trouble free.

RNaomi G. | 2014-04-27

I have had it with this place. Used to have good service, but no longer.
Jeff:  "Just stop by, this is easy to do, it will only take ten minutes"
I arrive: "What? Why would he tell you that? And I don't even know why he let you make an appointment to do this on a Saturday. We're busy"
45 minutes later, finally done.
I really hate being treated carelessly.
After my purse got stolen, getting a replacement key was the hugest hassle and time sink.
I used to go out of my way to this location because they had better service, but I won't bother to any more.

Loreliz J. | 2014-04-25

This review is for service only. I've been here a few times for an oil change for my Mazda 3 and I was happy with their service. However, that changed today.

I tried to book an appointment online but their scheduling system was not working. So I decided just to go and drop off my car for a 50K service. I didn't have to wait to long for a service advisor to talk to me. After checking my records he said that I missed the 30K major service so he recommended that I do the 60K service now. I asked him how he knew that I missed that service and he said that he had access to my records from other Mazda service centers that I've been to. He was kinda pushy about it so I agreed to have it done. He said it would take 4 hours so I had the shuttle drop me off at home. When I checked my records, it turns out that I did have the 30K service done so I don't really need to have the 60K done today. So I called the service advisor and cancelled the 60K service and just got an oil change.

It's hard to trust their service advisors after this experience so I don't think I will be coming back again.

Kim T. | 2014-04-23

I had a great experience w Gene who gave me a rock bottom price. We've been watching and we definitely got a good deal. But I have a big problem w what call 'detailing'. The car was kinda gross when we went on a test drive. We liked the way it drove, decided to take the car, but asked them to detail it. They boasted about the guy who usually does it. Well, I'm gonna assume they couldn't see because it was dark. They got a bunch of food off the headliner and crumbs from the Stick shift console. But as I drove away I began noticing small things. Now I see gross stuff, black shoe marks and more everywhere.   :(.        if they fix this I will withdraw my post. Let's see how much they really care!

Maren G. | 2014-04-21

Christian and Steven are the best!  They were not pushy like many other dealerships I have dealt with which was a relief.  I had been shopping around for a new car for a couple of months and had decided on the Mazda5.  We looked at the three models of cars and decided on the grand touring.  I was pleasantly surprised that they had the make, model, and color I wanted in stock and ready to go.  Capitol Mazda has the best selection of cars!  I got a great price on my car and couldn't be happier thanks to Christian and Steven.

Ryan L. | 2014-04-20

First Time Car Buyer Experience ~

I did some extensive research and test driving before making my way to this Mazda dealership. This particular location had by far the best deals in the bay area from what I could find through prices posted online.

I was pleasantly surprised to encounter a very kind gentleman named Gene Johnson, one of Mazda's Internet Sales Managers. Gene was very patient with me and listened intently to the types of features and trim levels I was looking for.

Once we identified the exact car I was looking for (a Mazda CX-5 Touring) I had a great test driving experience and a very transparent loan financing discussion. Gene was very open and honest about everything from the overall sales process to the APR and the monthly payments.

While checking through my credit, Gene linked me to Jamie Gowan, a Finance Manager at Mazda. To put it bluntly, Jamie was nothing short of incredible. He was able to clearly articulate to me the various financing terms and service contract implications and never rushed me or forced me to make a decision one way or the other. Instead, Jamie was genuinely interested in helping educate me and was able to break the math down into simple terms so that I could draw my own conclusions. Much like Gene, Jamie really sought to listen to me and helped me come to the decisions that made the most sense to me (based on my desires, goals, and unique financial situation).

Long story short, I am incredibly happy with my purchase. I very much appreciated this open and honest approach to an auto sale. Jamie and Gene have definitely changed my perception of the overall auto buying experience.

I am very much looking forward to touring around in my NEW Mazda CX-5!! =)

Ninja W. | 2014-04-20

I first visited this place for a test drive.

Dustin Roberts helped me out through out the purchase process right from the test drive till I finished my purchase and took out the car. Also, he did not pressurize me into something that I didn't want, and also explained me a lot things that most car dealers would either not be aware of or would just would reveal.  

If you are looking to get a Mazda from bay area, this is definitely a great place to do it.
I bought a 2015 Mazda 6 Touring here. The staff here are very friendly and helpful. There was no pressure put on me to buy stuff that I was not interested. Overall, It was a relaxing and enjoyable car buying experience.

The entire purchase process was very transparent.

Bea F. | 2014-04-14

I absolutely hate car shopping because of the "pushy" sales people.  I had been to many dealerships and had bad experiences at all of them.  
I spent 5 hours at one dealer before walking away because the AMAZING deal they offered was the sticker price and absolutely outrageous.  Another dealership I went to had 2 sales people at my driver window before I even had my car in park.  

I first walked into Capitol Mazda dealership and was greeted by two people who smiled and waved from across the room, no one rushed me or smothered me.  One asked if I needed assistance and I declined.  I was told to ask if I needed help or had a question.  Wow what a welcomed change!

I walked around for a while and was approached by Devlyn who asked me if I needed assistance.  I explained what I was looking for and she was very helpful and understanding.  She suggested a Mazda 3, which I fell in love with immediately! We went for a test drive and I was sold! I was apprehensive about the financing process because my credit is not the greatest and my trade in was old and falling apart, but both her and the Manager (Jim) were GREAT! I was at ease and it was hassle free! They got me a great deal and worked out a great financing option for me that included GAP insurance and a maintenance plan.  (About $100 a month cheaper than the other dealer quoted.)  I feel that Devlyn was down to earth and understanding, which came across throughout the whole deal.  I have purchased many cars in my lifetime, but this was hands down the best experience ever!!!!! I am definitely a Capitol Mazda buyer for life.  THANK YOU DEVLYN AND THE ENTIRE CAPITOL MAZDA TEAM!!!!!

Ace Lasalle G. | 2014-04-13

gerry vazquez (408) 743-0982 and vlademir were both helpful and friendly they'll help you through out of finding the perfect car for you or the car that you really want. look for them when you have questions and concern when you visit mazda of capitol. i got my mazda 6 2015 and i am very very happy!

Conor O. | 2014-04-12

Good place. Devlyn was really helpful and everyone was really friendly. Happy with the car I got from them.

amelia p. | 2014-04-07

This review is for Dustin in the internet sales department. I have had several interactions with dealerships over the years with pushy salespeople trying to sell you a bunch of what you don't need. Dustin was a refreshing change from that. He showed us options within our budget and educated us about the differences in buying new, used, and leasing. No salesperson has ever explained leasing a car to me. Ever. I will definitely recommend Dustin at Capitol Mazda to any of my friends looking to purchase or lease! Thanks for restoring my faith in dealership salespeople!

charles g. | 2014-04-07

I've purchased most of my cars from Ford in the past.  Always felt pressured and exhausted after going through Fords sales process.   So experiencing Mazda's sales process from test drives to finance was effortless.  Everyone was friendly and accommodating.   I purchased a Mazda Miata to quell a mid life crisis urge. I'm completely blown away by the comfort and performance this ride delivers.   It's roomy enough for my 6ft 250lb torso in fact I have to move the seat forward to reach the pedals.    I never expected the power and steering performance this vehicle delivers.  Incredible suspension and amazing 6 speed manual clutch response.   If your an old school clutch shifter your going to tear up when you drive this car.     Furthermore, I never imagined that sitting in commute traffic with the top down could be so enjoyable.   Speaking of the top.  I elected to go with the convertible hard top that activates with a button.  Wow, another effortless engineering marvel.   You can secure the vehicle quickly and easily when making multiple pit stops.   Anyway,  Thank you Capital Mazda for all your help.  Also I would like to specifically thank Aaron Luu sales consultant who didn't flinch when I pedaled  the metal on the test drive.  He's a true pro.  Also, I would like to thank Steven Valentone who closed the deal like Frank Sinatra, he knew when to get off the stage. Moreover,  Sheri Williams in Finance who spent 2 hours getting me the best loan rate possible and clearly advising me on the best warranty protection needed to preserve the vehicle.

Elizabeth M. | 2014-04-05

My husband and I have always hated to look for a new car with all the pressures.  I am happy to say we now have a new outlook on the purchasing process.  I met Gene the internet sales rep when I walked on the lot to check out the Mazda 3.  He was helpful, knowledgeable, and listened to what I wanted.  
Once we decided the Mazda 3 was the car we wanted it was just a matter of Gene finding me the car I wanted for the price we wanted to pay.  I was willing to sacrifice my moon roof( a gal can dream right?) but he used his years of experience and got me my moon roof and the payment I needed,  I really hope that our next car purchase can be a Mazda so we can have the pleasure of working with Gene again.

J E. | 2014-04-05

I have mixed emotions on them which is why I am giving them 2 stars. My wife and I bought the 1998 C70 volvo for our daughter. We thought it was a great buy. Low mileage for a 98(around 136,000). Everything was great it on but when we took it home the service engine light came on. As well as the drivers seat was not able to tilt forward to let back seat passengers out. We were worried that if some accident happened no one in the back would be able to get out. Mazda was great and took the car in to look at. They fixed the service engine issue(said the car detail guys got the spark plugs wet) and they were looking for parts for the seat.

They lent us a loaner but didnt call us for 2 weeks. When they did call they said that they cannot locate the parts and would give us our money back. Which was awesome. So far Capitol Mazda was great, even though we didnt hear from them in 2 weeks. When asked what they are going to do with the Volvo they said they are not going to sell it but give it to auction as they wouldnt feel comfortable selling that vehicle if they cannot fix it. So we left and was content.

Now here is the problem, I went onto to look for another vehicle for my daughter and what do i see, the Volvo back on thier site for sale. I couldnt believe that they lied to us like that. Did they fix the seat issue or are they going to stick the problem with someone else? So we had someone call up to inquire about the car and they said it sold. I feel really bad for whoever bought the car and I am very dissapointed in Capitol Mazda and will not go to them for a car ever.

It turns out that in the end I am going to get myself a car and give my daughter my current vehicle. So now Capitol Mazda just lost out on more money as I am going to be spending quite a bit more now.

Kristin R. | 2014-04-05

Five stars for my recent purchase with Kathi G in the internet department! My husband and I came to see Kathi last week as we were interested in finding out more about a Mazda6. She let us take our time, test drive and get all the information we needed with absolutely no pressure at all.  We were dreading the car buying process and were pleasantly surprised to see how easy it could be. It was a great experience and I recommend her wholeheartedly.

Shauna B. | 2014-04-05

I had the pleasure of working with Earl Smith to purchase a 2015 CX-5 Grand Touring AWD. Earl spent a great deal of time talking me through the ins and outs of the car, including all it's bells and whistles. He had a great deal of expertise about the car, and was extremely patient and attentive though ALL my questions.

When it came time to talk numbers, the process was fairly painless and I feel that I got a fair price for my trade-in as well as a great deal on the purchase. Even though the exact model and color I wanted were not available at Capitol Mazda, Earl drove across town himself to get it from another dealer. What great service!

Looking forward to enjoying my brand new car!

Jerico G. | 2014-04-05

I bought a Mazda 3 a month ago from this dealership and I was extremely satisfied with the Customer service that I received from Lora Whitehead.  She is not your typical sales person because she is not pushy and she makes you comfortable in making a decision on which car to buy.  Bottom line, Lora is the person to deal with if you are planning to buy a car from this dealership.  Btw, Mazda is such a fun car to drive.  Service dept is awesome, look for Frank.

Anna N. | 2014-04-04

I bought a brand new 2014 Mazda 3 with a tech package here. The navigation system was terrible and the system would hang and randomly disconnect. The staff has been extremely helpful and the customer service was great, but since buying this car I've been back to the dealership at least 4 times, for hours at a time. It's hard to rate this experience because the staff was great, but the experience was, and still is, a nightmare.

Christy A. | 2014-04-03

Today was our second time buying from Capitol Mazda, and our third experience with DGDG overall.  We have always received superior customer service with this company.  Usually buying a car is a headache, they make it a breeze.  No heavy sell, and we have always walked away with a great deal.  Mazda in particular was such a positive experience, we went back for a second car within a few months (2014 CX9 and 2014 Mazda 3). This company has a lot of integrity,  and has been a pleasure to work with. Ask for Derek Bowers when you go - he's done well by us twice over. Would recommend this place to anyone buying a car; Derek made loyal DGDG customers out of us.

Joe S. | 2014-04-02

Used the Costco Auto Program to get in touch with Kathi Greene.  I'm a first time buyer and was nervous about the whole process, but Kathi was extremely nice!  Test drove a couple different cars and picked out the Mazda3 that I liked.  The process was amazingly smooth and fast, not at all painful.

Thank you Kathi!

M B. | 2014-03-27

Gene the internet sales rep called me in regards to a CX-7 I inquired about. He told me that the vehicle was still available and that I could come by that evening (Sunday).

Well about 2 hours after our conversation we drove to Capital Mazda which was about 20 minute drive and was instantly greeted by Lora. I asked about the CX-7 just to find out... It was no longer there and in contract with another couple. Honestly I was pretty upset that we waisted our time to are a vehicle that was supposed to be there. However, Lora's personality was definitely something else. We told her what we were looking for and our limit, she was not pushy at all! She was definitely understanding. After meeting her I knew I wanted her to help us with our car journey.

To cut the rest short- the couple who was in contract bailed out on the CX-7 and Lora calls me right away! We check it out and love it! The dealership was awesome and found me an amazing finance deal.

Although I can't remember his name the guy who took care of our contract was pretty awesome too!

If you're looking for a new or used car see Lora! She's personable, patient, and definitely not pushy!! I've already recommended family & friends to her!

Doreen V. | 2014-03-25

I purchased an MX-5 Miata about a week and a half ago at Capitol Mazda.  I've been to Dublin Mazda twice and had an appointment at Freemont Mazda in search for an MX-5.  After I went to Capitol Mazda, the excellent customer service of their internet sales manager Derek Hill made me decided that I have to buy my car there.  Derek helped me find the MX-5 that I happily purchased after looking at many different trims.  He was very patient and made sure I was completely satisfied with the Miata I was purchasing unlike other dealer (Freemont Mazda) were they tried to shove the Miata on me without letting me see the car.  Other dealer also lied to me that they have the Miata trim that I wanted just to get me to their dealership.  My experience in Capitol Mazda isn't like that at all.  It was totally great experience, very relaxing and no pressure at all, on top of that I got the car I truly wanted for a great price.  I would recommend Derek Hill to my family and friends who are interested in buying a Mazda.  Sheri Williams, the financing manager, is awesome too as well as the sales manager.  They gave me great deals.  This is the only dealership I would recommend so far.  I'm very happy with my new 2014 MX-5 and buying experience in Capitol Mazda!

Jessica S. | 2014-03-24

Please keep in mind that I came in COMPLETELY PREPARED to buy a Mazda 3 and the sales manager Vladimir completely lost the sale for this establishment.

I am a 31 year old professional with a great job, looking to buy my first brand new car. I brought my father with me because the experience was new to me. We initially worked with a very nice and informative salesman named Gerry. He took us to test drive two cars and gave us all the details we asked for... at this point I would have told the guy SOLD. But then he turned us over to Vladimir...

1st) He left us sitting for about 30 minutes with no initial contact or communication, never offered us any water or coffee or anything. He then just comes over with an invoice and sets it in front of my father. My dad says, "she is the one buying the car". Vlad "Oh really? Oh..." He then leaves the invoice and walks away to grab a slice of pizza and back to his little side office. We had to retrieve him to negotiate at all. We told him exactly what we were willing to do and he wouldn't discuss it with us.

2nd) after complete lack of customer service, I had to walk back to his office and I say "Will this offer stand for the rest of the day?" and he says "yeah, why?" I answer, "I am going to see if Subaru next door will work with me on another car I was interested in." and he says "If I knew that I wouldn't have done all this work" WHAT?????? YOU DID NOTHING. I replied "yes you would have, It is your job."

His attitude towards a young, female buyer (that has the $ keep in mind) was absurd. No customer service, no attention or follow-through. To be honest, I would have paid the price he offered, but his attitude lost the sale.

Luckily for DGDG their guys at Subaru are much kinder and attentive and they made a great sale and got my $$$

Gabrielle J. | 2014-03-21

Went in to just browse at cars. Ideal car was a cpo mazda 3 sport ended up actually really liking the 2012 ford se hatchback. Dustin Roberts did a great job helping us out. he answered all questions we had and never pressured us into anything we didnt want, we hit up other dealerships amd they were to focused on trying to sell a vehicle. Go with Dustin Roberts at Capitol Mazda he was very helpful & down to earth.

Ed K. | 2014-03-09

Me and my fiance decided to look into getting a new 2014 Mazda 3 two weeks ago and visited a local dealership. We decided not to purchase at the dealership, and went home to research on the web. Within 15 minutes at 9 at night we received a phone call from a pleasant sales representative, Lora Whitehead, who was very informative and knowledgeable about the current promotions and stock they had on hand. We made an appointment for the following Friday and were greeted by all employees when we arrived. The process was seamless and efficient at this dealership, and we were given a great deal on our new Mazda 3 Sport Touring. I am pleased with the service and the respect for our time that Lora and the staff had. We will make sure to come back and refer our friends to this dealership.

Best Regards

David M. | 2014-02-25

Really great customer service! They go in depth about your car in problems your having! They tell you what they did or what extra they did. They offered me a ride back all the way to sunnyvale (8miles). Mazda is great for more vroom vroom! "Mazda is great lasting as Honda" - Jeff Lillibridge(Service Consultant)

Craig I. | 2014-02-24

I'm a few weeks late, but I guess it is better late than never. Let me tell you about my experience at Capitol Mazda:

I along with my girlfriend were looking around at cars just for fun. Checking out the new and used vehicles with no real intention to buy. When I first arrived at Capitol Mazda I had the pleasure of working with Eric. He was this down to earth asian guy wearing a classy bow tie (what a touch). Looked pretty honest, so I gave him a shot at his sales pitch. I soon realized that he wasnt the typical "Car salesman." He seemed like one of those genuine believers in the cars that he was selling. It almost seemed like the cars were his babies. This sounds kinda weird, but the way he described the performance, looks, and technical details made me just want to make that instinctive buy.

Fortunately my GF was my logic at the time. We had to walk away with no car purchase that night.....but that changed the very next week.

It seemed that Eric's pitch really got to my GF. In fact she started to go on KBB and do reviews about the CX-5 that Eric was raving about. It seemed that Eric's genuine knowledge paid off in the eyes of my GF. With the help of Eric, my gf was able to get all of her questions answered in regard to the car and financing.  A few days later she purchased the car not because a sales guy was creeping down her back, but because she was able to solicit the information she needed about her CX-5 without that rushed sales pitch from those shark like car salesman.

Now the reason I write this review is because I had the unfortunate experience to visit Capitol Nissan right down the rode. I literally showed up and said i was interested in an altima. The guy literally says "sit down i'll be right with you." Next thing I know he has a set of car keys, a piece of paper in front of him asking for my social. I was literally like WTF?!? Are you serious? Not even a simple hello.

So for you car buyers out there, I am a firm believer in the customer satisfaction training given the Del Grand Dealership. Eric was definitely a great example of a easy going guy who just wants to educate his customers of features and really sells the benefits of the car. This was a stress free buy and I would recommend going to Capitol Mazda for that non-pushy experience. Ask for Eric for a guaranteed great car shopping experience.

Toby C. | 2014-02-23

Let me paint a picture:  I work Monday through Friday from 8-6 commuting from Vallejo to Novato so my time is extremely limited.  The trek from Vallejo to Sam Jose is over an hour so if I do spend time to come down on a Saturday it HAS to be worth it.  Financing has to be done prior to me coming in as I know that portion takes a lot of time and I hate sitting down doing nothing for a few hours.  Knowing all this, Frederic C. made my experience THE best car buying experience I've ever had!  Ali B. was also talking/emailing/texting to ensure I received a fair price for my trade-in and both pulled no punches about true expectations.

This is what I love about technology:  about 99% of people have a smart phone and most don't talk on it but they do use it.  Frederic was super quick with both emails AND texts and to me that is so key.  It takes a lot of the hassle and grief out of a convo and gives people the ability to find the right answer before responding.  

The car I wanted was a car that I knew would not last and I felt it was a total stab in the dark to see if Frederic could get me first crack at it.  Frederic not only followed through with his promise, he fought off the vultures who were trying to swipe the car from him (the car was THAT good).  Because I had already figured out the financing beforehand, it made everything go real smooth from when I got there.  Yes there were 15 minute gaps but that's understandable.  It's car buying people, with a ton of paperwork that HAS to be done no matter where you go.  The plus side is they had tv's playing Barclays Premier league games so I was good waiting.  

Jamie the finance man was probably the best finance guy I've dealt with when buying a car.  He was quick and efficient and every movement he made had a purpose.  I can see why some people might think he's too quick but when you've bought cars before you'll see why he's that good.  His explanations are very "to the point" and that's what I love.  I tried to get ahead of him and he actually pulled me back and made sure we were on the same track.  Excellent!

Overall if I could give more stars I would.  Time is valuable to everybody and if you are up front and honest with realistic expectations Fredric will bend over backwards to make sure they are met.  

Oh and to those people who were after the 2008 Mazdaspeed3 with only 39k miles?  Sorry you missed out.  Do yourselves a favor and get with Frederic ASAP to lock in a car you want and work out financing so you can get first crack at the next unicorn that comes in.

David P. | 2014-02-23

I give 1 star for Jim the Sales Manager and 5 stars to Lora the sales rep. My wife and I wanted to trade in our negative equity vehicle for a 2014 CX-5. Lora and her assistant Aaron were very friendly and helpful. Lora made us very comfortable during the viewing and pricing process. Jim on the other hand was helpful at first when trying to figure out a finance options but he really pushed for us to finance with them when we told them we were pre-approved for a loan from our bank. If you are going to trade your vehicle in for a vehicle at this dealer, Jim will lowball your appraisal. They don't care about the Kelly blue book value (we had a printout) but use the auction value. It was very unprofessional when we were still looking at a payment option that involved using our bank loan and Jim took that paper and crumbled in his hand saying,"you don't need to look at that anymore." Then he pointed to the other paper where we finance with the dealer, saying that was our only option. Avoid working with Jim if at all possible.
Tips for buying a car with a trade-in:
1. Go to… and search your trade in using black book to get a more realistic appraisal value. Bring a copy.
2. Go to CarMax and get a free appraisal there if you want another opinion.
3. Got to to get the price people are paying for the vehicle you want in certain areas. This will be the price you will pay. No hassle. Print the certificate and bring it with you.
4. Know the stock number with all the options you want to speed up the buying process. Do your homework.
5. Determine if you plan to finance with your bank or with the dealer. We didn't put our foot down when we told them we were pre-approved for a loan. They wanted to try to give us a better interest rate just so we can finance with them.
6. Do your own calculations prior to going to the dealership and have in mind a realistic but management final sale price you can afford. Don't settle for their first offer. Know the facts. If you don't get what you want for the price you want it for, then leave. We did.

jen H. | 2014-02-22

Ask for Steven Valentone when looking to buy a car. Between him and the General Manager Jim, I left an extremely happy owner of a new Mazda 3 Sport. I walked in with a bit of a chip on my shoulder after having a terrible experience at another dealership.  I told Steven I was looking to buy used but wanted to see my options for a new base model. He took the extra time to show me all my options and possible payment plans and interest rates possible based on my credit score. I was extremely surprised to find that buying new was possible. I had my two little ones with me and they got to be part of the full experience with goodies like popcorn and hot chocolate while they waited. Not once did I ever feel that I was being pressured to buy nor did I feel like I was another chunk of commission walking in the door. Thank you to the fantastic team at Capitol Mazda, all the way down to the financing department! I drove away in the car I really wanted with a grin from ear to ear.

Erma N. | 2014-02-17

My husband and I went here recently to purchase a mazda sport and had the worst experience ever. FRANK, who was supposedly the manager, was so rude. I've never meet a manager with such a bad attitude, such a sour personality.  No manners at all. He talked down to us and we got up because I got tired of smelling his dragon breath and went to MAZDA STEVENS CREEK where the salesperson's there were the total opposite of Frank. We got the car we wanted and I let everyone there know how bad Capital Mazda was and they agreed and let us know Stevens Creek always sells more cars then Capital Mazda. That is a no brainer- Capital Mazda is run by a jerk with no customer service skills.  Go to Stevens Creek Mazda, DO NOT GO HERE UNLESS YOU ENJOY TALKING TO AN ASSHOLE MANAGER.

Josh D. | 2014-02-17

I was very impressed by my overall experience at Capitol Mazda. This was my first time purchasing a car from a dealership and it will certainly not be my last, especially if Gene is still working. Gene made the whole process extremely easy and I didn't feel pressured into buying. He was very informative and professional and was able to help me negotiate and get a great price on my car. I definitely recommend asking for Gene if you are in the market for a new or used car.

Dylan K. | 2014-02-17

Dealerships and car salesmen always make me feel pressured and have lots of anxiety, but this place was comforting patient and handled my questions and curiosity with care. As for the car salesmen I give sterling review for the "baby faced" Eric Vallard his honesty calm demeanor helped me through this endeavor ! His fantastic down to earth personality came out and his ever resilient bow ties were silly but added to his personality of being very laid back yet professional and knowledgable care pulled me through a good car choice. I thank him for his help and wonderful attitude. If u intend to buy a car and u don't want a car salesmen to nickel and dime you and lie then go with Eric Vallard he is an honest easy going guy to have help you out!-Melissa R.

Phoenix P. | 2014-02-15

Bought a car from Earl Smith yesterday and the process was phenomenal ! Earl was punctual, polite, and professional.  He explained everything clearly along the way. There was no pressure . While doing the paperwork because even without financing its quite a stack, Sherry was fantastic! Again, no pressure and she explained everything and was extremely professional.  It was a pleasure doing business with them :)

Lenora P. | 2014-01-21

After 46 years of being a loyal FORD owner, we decided to switch to Mazda for features offered in the CX-5. We test drove the car in San Diego but decided to buy in San Jose as it would be more convenient to pick up the car while visiting family during the Christmas holidays.

The only way to shop in So. Cal and pick up a car in No. Cal was to do so online with the internet sales department.

We generally hate car shopping, and the hours it takes to sort through the doublespeak. We've never bought a car online so this was a new experience.

I will never go back to the old way of sitting in an office for hours. LOL!

Derek Bowers was wonderful to work with. He answered email promptly, he understood the request, added the options we wanted and came back with a very competive price. Derek was able to handle the paperwork by Fedex, had the car ready for pickup with a minimum amount of fuss. We'd had a long day and appreciated his understanding, his effort, and all he did to make purchasing the car and picking it up, a very pleasant experience.

James Gowan also was helpful with financing, and both men were not only helpful, but truthful, and we did not have any misunderstandings about price or terms.

Buying a car was never easier or more pleasant. Capitol Mazda is to be commended for their internet sales department, and for their helpful sales department. The experience didn't end when we drove away. Derek has been in touch to make sure we are happy, and he has done everything possible to make our switch to Mazda a wonderful experience.

C G. | 2014-01-20

Hello! I am writing to provide my experience/feedback on the candor and professionalism of one of the floor salesman, Eric Vallard.  When I started my car shopping journey, I visited many dealerships on Capitol Expressway because I had not narrowed down my likes/dislikes as of yet. (I feel a good sales presentation can help in this process!) Eric was attentive and patient.  He seemed calm and comfortable as he show me the different models in their sales inventory. It was cold and dark by the time i got to visit the Mazda dealership but he showed no signs of impatience or discomfort....(I hate being rushed or pushed along!!!!)  So, if you're considering a Mazda vehicle, please do yourself a favor and ask for Eric Vallard when visiting Capitol Mazda!!!

Jorge L. | 2014-01-13

Purchased a 2014 Mazda 6 on 11/02/13 it has now been 3 months I love the car. It was my first time buying a car and the staff here are very friendly and patient. I test drove two models of the Mazda 6 the sport and the touring. I ended up going with the touring because of the tech package it had. Best decision I made. Next time your looking for a new car check out capital Mazda and ask for Matt Canepa very nice guy

Brett K. | 2014-01-04

I went into capital Mazda today with two of my friends and we were all blown away with how friendly and helpful Mark was. Mark made the buying experience enjoyable, not stressful like in times past for me. I would refer anyone who is looking to buy a car to speak with Mark.

Matt A. | 2014-01-02

I highly recommend Kathi Greene if you're shopping for any new model Mazda.

After visiting multiple Bay Area Mazda dealers I had a clear idea on which dealerships offered the best customer service.  I prefer to make significant purchases  from someone that I feel values my business.

I found Kathi to offer the best customer service.  She's very responsive by email and phone.  She's very upbeat and talkative, but in a good way.

What made her the clear choice was her willingness to share her product knowledge.  She'll literally comb over the car with you and tell you all about it.  

Any dealer can sell you a new Mazda, but you're getting the buying experience with Kathi.

As result she won my business and appreciation.

Erica D. | 2014-01-02

I never had test driven the 2014 Mazda CX-5 that I bought 7 months ago since I had driven other 2014 CX-5's and was confident in my purchase. It was late at night when I was able to take my car home, however the next morning I noticed that the windshield looked odd, like it had a clear spotted film on it. I tried cleaning it a few times with the wiper fluid and the "refill wiper fluid" icon appeared. Also, when I drove the car on the freeway the driver's side mirror appeared to be vibrating.

My interactions with Capitol Mazda have not been the best. After multiple attempts of calling the dealership, driving to the dealership and being assured the problems were fixed/will be fixed, and finally getting the service manager involved, it was decided to replace the windshield and driver's mirror. After about 2 months and about 5-6 visits to the dealership after the initial complaint,  the windshield was finally replaced, the driver's mirror attempted to be fixed (it started whistling, took it back, now no whistle but still vibrates) and I thought that maybe I would be done with all of it's issues.

The text messaging feature hasn't worked for months. Now for the past 3 weeks when I turn on the car it says "voice control unavailable" and the navigation only sometimes works. Today, when I pulled in to my driveway my breaks did something weird and a SBS brake system icon turned on. I don't know if this is a result of someone running in to me 6 weeks ago that only caused a little rear damage, or if this is just another "hiccup" of this car. Once thing I do know is that this is the most unreliable car I have ever driven.

I wish I had followed my gut and insisted on talking to the store manager when I first had issues instead of allowing 2 people to sway me against it. I will be spending most of my day Monday at the dealership waiting for them to check out its current issues and get the 6mo clear coat service done, even though I could've sworn I was told when I bought this service that a rental car would be provided. Hope this helps someone who may be thinking about buying this vehicle or working with this dealership.

Christine Jobeth S. | 2013-12-31


I had called Gitea twice before we came in today. I was confused and not convinced with the pre-approval through Capital One. He was very helpful and answered all my question to the best that he can that was over the phone and offered me to come by the lot when I get a chance.

I honestly thought this was a scam! My husband and I on separate occasions have bought used cars but nothing extreme. Never did I think that my husband and I would purchase a brand new car at this time in our life. PLUS buying a new car is painful with the entire process but Capitol Mazda and Gitea made it our BEST experience with car buying EVER!!

I convinced my husband for him and I to just go take a look and see what the heck is this all about, so we did.

We arrived at the dealership late morning around 11:30am and my husband started looking around the lot through all the cars. I had a few used cars that I saw online so I asked about those vehicles first. Seeing new cars were not really an option for us till the end.

We test drove 4 used cars and we talked about 2 new cars but started to see what we could do with the used cars (financially).

You can see how this process is going.. a lot of back and forth and being VERY indecisive. The greatest thing was Gitea was soooo patience with my husband and I!

It was truly a blessing to have Gitea by our sides throughout the entire process. He was not pushy at all and very informative with everything.

We were at the dealership till 5:30pm... yesss it was a long day but it was well worth it!

Walked out with a brand new 2014 Mazda5 - AND we LOVE it!

Never would have thought this would happen for us right now...but it did and we are truly blessed and will be returning again for our future business here and to Gitea.

=) =) =)

Darren C. | 2013-12-26

Just bought a new mazda 3 and traded in our old car. Earl Smith was very helpful. He helped us find a great price on our old car. Thanks Earl!

Pavel K. | 2013-12-24

Came here today to help my 74 year  old father to buy a used vehicle, after he totaled his previous car. The experience was good with the initial lot salesman, he was nice and very helpful.  My dad liked the car.  There were only a few minor things that were an issue.  It is an 8 passenger minivan, but the 8th seat was missing. There were 2 both remote controls advertised, both were missing too. To top it off, the name Ashley name scratched on the dashboard.  So, I was looking for a deduction for those issues.  Unfortunately, the initial lot salesman that was nice could not help us.  He needed to talk to the manager. While he was talking to the manager we called a dealership parts shop and found out that to replace the missing seat would cost approximately $3,500.

Taking all of that into consideration, our issue that is pushing us to write this review now, started when the manager Mark came out to talk to us. He probably is in his mid 60's with some missing teeth. When I told him about our concern with those things, he looked at me and my wife with a smirk on his face, and  stated  "I will knock off a few cents so you can take your girlfriend to a nice Christmas dinner  to  Mc'Donalds of your choosing. "  Then he got up and reached into his pocket to get a bunch of cards, showed me his Safeway saving card and offered it to me with those few cents off the original price. After which he said my name is Mark and left.

I'm not that easily offended, but this manager was completely rude, disrespectful, and extremely offensive to my family and me. We were not there to beg for a vehicle, we were in fact ready to make a 100% cash purchase on a car, and to be treated like that was uncalled for and extremely unprofessional. There should be no reason anyone let alone a manager (who should know better) to speak to a consumer in such a demeaning and condescending tone like that.  It was definitely not a pleasant experience to say the least.

Michael N. | 2013-12-23

Car buying is always a mixed bag.  It's always fun to test drive cars, but once it gets down to the negotiation things usually get pretty annoying.  This wasn't the case at Capitol Mazda.

I was in the market for a small car with good gas mileage.  So I did some research and it looked like the Mazda3 was a good deal with 40 mpg hwy.  I went onto AutoTrader online and it looked like Capitol Mazda had the best prices in the area for used Mazda3's.  The listed prices were already well below the Blue Book price for certified pre-owned cars.

We came in on a Tuesday afternoon and we were greeted by Kim Nguyen.  She was very friendly and helpful. Despite the fact that we asked to see 4 different cars, she never blinked an eye.   Funny enough, she wanted to set up her niece (who lives in South Carolina) with one of my friends so that she could convince her to move to California.

After test driving the car and looking at a bunch Mazda3's in different colors, we got down to the negotiating.  I knew that there wouldn't be a lot of room given that they were already significantly cheaper than the other dealerships in the area.  But we managed to still knock off a couple hundred dollars off the price.

Overall, I think it was a pretty smooth experience and I would recommend them again.

J S. | 2013-12-21

We just purchased a new car from this store and received excellent customer service from Derek Bowers. He listened to our needs and worked with us so that we met a price point we were comfortable with (which was very important to us). He wasn't pushy at all, gave us space to talk in privacy and was very friendly. We are very satisfied and should we need buy a new car again we would be definitely considering this dealer again.

Shane S. | 2013-12-19

Let me be the first to tell you DO NOT BUY USED CARS FROM THIS DEALERSHIP. THEIR MECHANICS ARE NOT SMART CANT TELL THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN WATER AND COOLANT!! OR READ A TIRE GAUGE!!  I purchased a 22k car from them and specifically asked about any issues with the engine transmission and electrical and was told the car had no issues. A few months later I took the vehicle in for a oil change at a independent shop and got a inspection. Boy was I in for a surprise. There was oil leaks building up in the engine for some time in the spark plug holes and leaking down to a puddle on the engine. Also I got a inspection report from them which shows me their mechanics are dumb . During my oil change and inspection the mechanic found nothing but water in my cooling system!!! which is really really bad. So I was lied to even while asking the right questions just so they can sell the car.. if their mechanics can't tell the difference between coolant and tap water would u take your car there? I highly advise getting a inspection done by a Independent shop before you buy a vehicle from them. They are liars! all in all Ive spent almost 2000$ in repairs after i have bought the car.

i than filed a complaint through BBB and got  response from the GM Corini and he basically told me " who would put water in there " and im thinking to my self who the hell inspects it and doesn't see it. Capitol Mazda Mechanics that's who. and than he tells me that i had a 3 month warranty only later to tell me it started after i bought the vehicle such LIARS!! also the tires were replaced after 2000 miles of purchasing the car due to the mechanics wrote false numbers on the inspection. so all in all ive replaced two gaskets front and rear breaks and rotors flushed the coolant and replaced the!! i shouldn't have been so dumb and not read the yelp reviews. They hid all the problems from me even though i specifically asked.

If anyone is up to filing a class action law suit against these guys please contact me ..

Nora H. | 2013-12-18

After my car recently got totaled in a rear-end accident, I decided to go for it and get a new 2014 Mazda 3. If I'm going to be forced into buying a new car, I might as well get one that I reeeeally want.

I started emailing with Frederic C. regarding the model I wanted and the price, etc. He was incredibly responsive and helpful, and I felt good about the process at that point. A few days later my dad and I went to the dealership to get the car. First was the test drive. Frederic didn't come with us, but a different guy did - I wasn't sure who he was, which was kinda weird. He also said next to nothing during the test drive. Come on, I want to be sold on this car! That put me off for sure.

I LOVED the car, despite the awkward test drive, so we decided to move forward. The trouble came when I decided I no longer wanted it in white - I wanted it in meteor gray. The only option was to have one driven down from the Oakland dealership. I was okay with that since it was what had to be done, but we kept getting the runaround from these guys at Capitol. There was lots of calling back and forth to the Oakland dealership, and they kept telling us "just waiting on the VIN number!" "just waiting on confirmation!", stuff like that. Why would it take two hours for just that? Because that's how long we were sitting there. We just didn't appreciate them obviously lying to us about the status of what was going on. We were fine with waiting, not being openly lied to.

The next day, the car finally arrived, so we got to pick it up. It was smooth sailing from that point on. Sheri, the finance person we worked with, was wonderful. She gave me an excellent deal on an extended warranty. The car itself was beautifully detailed, and Frederic did a good job of walking me through all the features. I left the dealership happy, and I love my car. I just wish the process itself had felt more professional.

Ryan L. | 2013-12-16

I had a 2001 Saturn and it was beyond time to buy a new car. I did my research online and I stopped by the Mazda dealership first. I liked the Mazda 3 but I felt I needed to look at all the others to make sure I got exactly what I wanted.

After looking at everything else out there and being ignored at most dealerships, I turned to Capitol Mazda. At most dealerships, I was surprised that I knew more about the cars than the sales people. They didn't know what options or colors or even the overall packages of the cars. I thought that the people at Mazda really knew what they were selling.

Both Steven and Earl helped me pick out the car and get through the whole process easily. Let me say, that I think buying a new car is a horrible experience. It was pretty good at Capitol Mazda. Even the sales manager (I forget his name) stayed late to help me through the financing and purchase so I could get to a dinner with coworkers. I thought that everyone was really nice and friendly. Steven was laid back but helpful. Earl walked me through all the paperwork and was very friendly. I never felt pressured and no one acted like a "slimy" salesperson.

I came back later and took delivery of my cleaned up, detailed car.

I am so happy with the car and the experience was great. I don't know if I'll be buying another car for several years, but I would recommend Capitol Mazda to others just from the sales side. I'll be back for maintenance, so I hope that the service side is just as good.

Craig K. | 2013-12-16

Earl took care of us and helped my wife get the car she wanted. We were very happy with the low pressure but high service atmosphere they offered.

Great buying experience, definitely recommend Capitol Mazda and Earl if you are looking for a car.

LaShae B. | 2013-12-14

This was the best and easiest car buying experience of my life!  I talked to Mike Winn and got pre-approved on the phone, came in and filled out paperwork with Gitea Perkins & Jamie, and was out the door and on the road in under 2 hours.  And I LOVE my new Mazda!

Alan N. | 2013-12-12

Look for mike, he will make your first buying experience unbelievable, I purchased my first car there and it was fast and easy!

Paola B. | 2013-12-10

Capitol Mazda, and I have to say this was one of the easiest process and the staff was great! They helped me get a great rate and fulfilled my financial needs! Being a college student, purchasing and financing a car is definitely not the easiest thing in the world. But they treated me as an adult and helped me purchase an almost brand new car at an affordable price. I also get my Mazda services done here for my oil change ups, etc. They even give free car wash!

NU R. | 2013-12-06

I met with Eric Vallard ("Bowtie Guy"... he wears a bowtie everyday to work... AWESOME!!!). And had a really good experience. I got my car easily and with pretty much no haggling. plus he knew everything about all the little tech gizmos that came in my mazda 3. Plus the car is awesome. Kills the honda civic.

Also (BIG PLUS), when I wanted to sleep on it and finance the car through my bank, he was cool with it. Sure, he told me that he couldn't guarantee the car would still be available to buy if I waited a day or two. But, when i said I'd rather sleep on it and see what my financing options were outside of the dealership, he did not pressure me to reconsider. Instead, he came in early the next morning to get me the car, even though he was working late that night.

Great experience and I got a good value. Can't complain. A tip to car buyers: I got a significant discount because my car was a stick, so if you want a cool car, try a manual transmission. With a much lower demand, they're likely cheaper. Mine was a bout 3k cheaper than the automatics.... Just sayin.

Anyways, great car, minimal haggling (haggling was more from the manager than Eric to be honest), and I got to sleep on it. I'm not sure about the other sales people there, but Eric was great and down to earth.

If you're looking for a midrange sedan, this Mazda3 Grand Touring kills corolla or civic. Give it a test drive before going with a boring old civic.

Adam B. | 2013-11-05

I did a rather thorough search for a new car, ending up with a Mazda. I interacted with many salespeople, did a ton of test drives, and I had the best experience at Capitol Mazda, particularly with Mark. They were really straight up and didn't BS me, unlike some other dealers... watch out for the ones with low sales price that jack up the fees. They gave me a good deal straight off, without a bunch of arm twisting, which I was glad is not a necessary part of the car buying process anymore.

Mazda has been making great cars, and if you're in the market you should check this dealership out.

Stephen T. | 2013-11-02

I am on my 3rd vehicle purchase from Capitol Mazda. I always get my service done at the Service Dept. Because they always have done a good job on my cars.

Robert M. | 2013-11-02

Daniel is a good guy to see at Capitol Mazda. He listens to your needs and goes all out to get you the car that is right for you. Jaime in the finance department is great. It's my second time buying a car here and have been very satisfied on both occasions.

Alex J. | 2013-10-30

Hi, I've just came from Russia and was looking for a new nice car for a fare price. I've took a look on multiple cars, but Mazda was the best choice. Capitol Mazda has a really good discounts and was able to find out what I'm really need. Daniel was very friendly and did help me a lot to find the car that fits me best for a good price. Now I'm a lucky owner of new mazda6.

Julie T. | 2013-10-29

Absolutely thrilled with the service at Capitol Mazda!! I was so impressed with the knowledge and attention I received during my multiple visits. Randy Janjuh was very helpful in making my decision. I took multiple test drives and he told me about everything I needed to know about my new vehicle. There was no pressure to "talk numbers" during my initial visits and it made me feel like I could trust them. When it came time to purchase my car, it was a very easy process. I felt like they had my best interest in mind and were willing to accoommodate my needs. Thank you Capitol Mazda!!!

Biken And Srijana T. | 2013-10-29

a big shout out to Michael James, the man who sold me the cx5 (my dream car) for a real good deal. I got a 2013 cx5, touring with roof rails and the choice of my color for the price of a sport cx5. Well, not exactly, there was only a very little xtra amt I had to pay though. Still, it was a great bargain. Our dealer, Michael did not rush us out to serve another customer, but he took the entire half day showing us the best financing with both the pros and cons. He was very patient and charming. Also,Jamie from finance dept. enlightened both me and my wife about the warranties and yes Jamie, rock and roll rule. Thank you Jamie.  Capitol mazda has a very important asset like Michael James and Jamie and trust me folks, my next purchase for my wife will be there again. Good service and professionalism is what you guys have. We love it. Go no further and go to capitol mazda and ask for Michael James. Other dealers were half honest and lacked the mentality to the needs and the budget of customers. With capitol mazda along with Mike, they listen to the needs and complete satisfaction for the customer rather than "well, that's not even close to our invoice" Helloo! Hanlees dealers.. you guys suck big time.. Capitol rocks. thank you again Mike and Jamie.

Jennifer P. | 2013-10-28

I am so pleased with my recent experience at Capital Mazda.  I was in the market for a new car and after doing some research, I made an appointment here yesterday afternoon.  

I dealt with Frederic Cabinian, their Internet Sales Manager and Jamie in the Finance department.  This was my first time purchasing a new car and I am so happy that I got to deal with Frederic and Jamie.  They made the experience pleasant and hassle-free.  Frederic was patient, friendly, and upfront and he helped me find a really cute 2014 Mazda 3 Sport sedan.  This was after I test-drove several cars and changed my mind about the trim at the last minute!  I got a good deal on the price and Frederic helped me get a better interest rate than the one that I was pre-approved for from my credit union.  Jamie in Financing helped to make the paperwork part actually kind of fun.  He was entertaining and also very friendly and I am glad that although he thoroughly explained the additional warranties and insurance options to me, I never felt forced to purchase anything.

All in all, I feel very good about how everything went.  I visited several dealerships over the course of two months and no matter where I went, I just didn't have a genuinely good feeling about any of them.  But it all worked out in the end and I am really glad that I bought my car at Capital Mazda! :)

Steve J. | 2013-10-28

My wife and I just bought a 2014 Mazda3 over the weekend.  Capitol Mazda really lived up to the DGDG motto of making me a "happy buyer".  Our sales rep, Earl Smith, was not only a pleasure to work with, but he was also very knowledgeable about the entire line-up of the brand.  He really made the car buying experience a hassle-free one.  I have been a happy customer of the Del Grande Dealer Group for a long time, and this purchase adds to my opinion of how great DGDG is!

Erin W. | 2013-10-27

I'm a happy car buyer!
:) Randy Janjuh was an incredibly knowledgable sales consultant and was able to answer all of my questions with ease.

As a first time car buyer, I couldn't have pictured a better experience. I was able to test drive the cars I wanted to and finally found the Mazda of my dreams!

The experience was enjoyable, and I was treated with respect which made me very comfortable. If you're looking to buy a car and truly learn about all of the specs and features compared to other cars - and look under shiny hood - Capitol Mazda is the place to be!

I highly recommend Randy as a professional, friendly, honest, and knowledgable sales person who will give you options and make your car buying experience a breeze. Thanks!

Virginia R. | 2013-10-25

Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaandy! Best car sales men experience I've had. Randy is a super laid back, sweet, low pressure salesman. I actually waited 2 days to buy my car just to be sure he's the person helping me. Super guy.. Super car! Go see Randy if you want to get a car without feeling like you were taken for a ride.

AJ E. | 2013-10-12

I have never posted a review of any place despite having this Yelp account for quite some time.

Stepped onto the lot and was greeted by Kim Nguyen - one of the sales consultants who was friendly enough and helped me find the Pre-owned Certified 2012 Mazda 3 I was looking into.

I had done a bit of research beforehand and felt that the price ($13888) on both autotrader which was replicated on their website was good for the mileage (31k) which was confirmed on the carfax. Furthermore, the description they provided of the car stated "showroom condition" and "So clean, it looks like it just rolled off the showroom floor." This could not be further from the truth.

Initial inspection of the car revealed that there were some scratches and blemishes on the car body. I don't even care about that. What bothered me was finding a dead spider's corpse in one of the rear tail-light. I don't even understand how that spider could have gotten trapped in there, but the salesperson's response was "oh, how did that get there?"

The tires looked fine so I asked to take it for a test drive and the first thing I noticed when I stepped into the driver's seat was the dusty condition on the inside. The interior, while not dirty by any means, had quite a bit of dust everywhere but Kim assured me that this would be taken care of when I made the decision to purchase. This confuses me because it is such a simple task to make a car seem much more appealing to prospective buyers.

Moving along, I am about to pull out of the parking spot when I notice the car mileage. I was expecting there to be some usage beyond what was listed on their website/carfax because other people could have tested the car, etc. However, the car's odometer indicated that the car had 5000 more miles than originally indicated. This instantly raised a red flag for me as things felt fishy. Carfax indicated that the car's mileage as of 08/06/13 was 31056. It is now 10/12/13 which is just a tad over 2 months from that date and there were over 5000 miles driven on this car.

When I asked Kim why this may have been, she said that the "Big Boss" must have taken the car out daily and used it. Now I found myself once again confused why the dealership's OWNER would take a 2012 pre-owned Mazda 3 on multiple drives for that 2 month time period and somehow rack up over 5000 miles. This does not add up at all whatsoever. Things were getting more and more fishy.

So we finally get out on the road and everything is going smoothly. I mention the Mazda pre-owned certified warranty which included up to 7 years and 100k miles powertrain limited warranty and Kim told me that the car was not a certified pre-owned car despite the listing on their website. She claimed that I was getting an amazing deal if they were going to be "forced" to honor the warranty. As my suspicion levels were reaching an all-time high, we finally get back to the dealership to negotiate a price.

To make things short, the OTD price Kim gave me was 15.4k. I tried to bargain her down citing that the car clearly did not match the description on their website. I also brought up the extra 5k miles in the 1.5 month time span which clearly differed from both their website and the carfax but she would not budge. She kept passing the buck and saying that the owner must have been the one that did it and made no attempt to look into how a car can get that much more mileage on the lot in 1.5 months.

I asked if she could work with me to get the price a little lower and she did the old "let me try ask my manager" routine and came back with the exact same price. I told her to give me a call if she changed her mind and I began writing down my offer for the car and Frank Hernandez, the sales manager, walked up to me and said something along the lines of "There's no need to do that. We're not budging."

Before going into that dealership I had been reading the reviews here just to see what I was going to be getting myself into and I now see exactly what many reviewers have been talking about.

In Summary/TLDR: I would never recommend anyone go to this place as the sales representatives that I had the "pleasure" of dealing with refused to play ball for a product that is clearly misrepresented and misleading. I'm just going to go with a Honda/Toyota and be done with all this nonsense.

Ski Z. | 2013-09-11

Having recently moved to the area, I started my car search on the net working with a number of local dealerships in the area. Matt Canepa was head and shoulders above the rest, both in terms of communication as well as customer service. Matt stayed in regular contact over a period of 4 weeks of exchanging emails and running multiple scenarios. At no point was he pushy and we finally agreed on a car and price which suited our requirements and without the usual back and forth regarding pricing. I have purchased two cars in the past 2 months and the experience at Capitol was exceptional. Thanks again to Matt and the team for all of their help and support.

Connor P. | 2013-09-09

I had an awesome experience buying a new 2014 Mazda6 from Capitol Mazda.  I actually came in with my mom to test drive a CX-5, but sat in the M6 and started to think about myself.  I waited a couple weeks to do some research and then worked with Page from the DGDG group who had helped my sister and cousin earlier this year with their cars.  He was able to let me test drive the car, tell me all about it, give me the real life feedback and then walk me through the pricing options. I then wanted to evaluate other options including the Chevy Volt and he was really understanding of my timing and indecisiveness.  After three trips meeting with him I ended up going with the Mazda6 Grand Touring with GT package and the 28/40mpg that came with it.  This car has an amazing new design and I couldn't ask for anything more.  When I made my decision, Page stayed till midnight to take my old car and personally prep my car since the detail group was gone for the night.  I then worked with the finance team who walked me through the forms and made it a smooth transition.  Never once was there a hard sell or push to make one decision or another on cars or options.  After a week of driving it there is so much technology that comes along with this car that makes for a great ride.  Right now I'm back in the dealership getting a fresh acid bath on the car and a full detail.  The entire team here at Capitol Mazda have been great to work with and I would recommend coming in if you are interested in buying and don't want to be hassled like other dealerships I've been to on Stevens Creek. Thank you Page and the Capitol Mazda Team!

Mark G. | 2013-09-02

First time patron of Capital Mazda and it was a really great experience. Shopping for a new car on Labor Day weekend can be a pain. Lots are swamped with people with plenty of deals to be had. After doing some extensive research online I had decided between the Ford Escape and the Mazda CX5. Took each for multiple test drives over the extended weekend to finalize my decision.

Now the ride in the CX5 really made the decision easy but I really appreciate the friendliness and knowledge of the 2 sales reps I dealt with on each day. On Saturday I dealt Matt Canepa. He made the test drive process really easy and answered all the questions I had. He wasn't aggressive with his sales pitch. He knew I was kicking the tires on the Escape yet didn't lay the screws to me. He allowed me time to come to the decision on my own.

So on Sunday after another trip to the Ford dealership I came back to Capital Mazda. Matt was busy at the time I arrived so he sent me in the direction of Earl Smith, the internet sales manager. Earl was really awesome. He asked me the basic questions to see what I wanted in my car (mainly package wise) and brought around a CX5 Grand Touring with all the bells and whistles so I can see what I can live without. Took it for another test spin and again was very happy. Came back and decided the one I test drove the day before was the one for me.

Earl brought me inside and we went over the numbers. Now I think I could have gotten more from my trade in but in the end the money I was going to be saving on gas made the difference negligible over the next year. The sales process was very fast and painless.

If the process was a bit faster, no fault of Earl's, I would have given 5 stars but really it was a holiday weekend so I can't really complain.

So if you are in the market for a Mazda and want to be treated to friendly and professional service I would recommend Capital Mazda. Ask for Matt or Earl. They'll take care of you.

Hannah B. | 2013-08-24

After buying my Miata at Capitol Mazda years ago, I have had it serviced there consistently. They take great care of their customers and are always friendly and considerate.

jenny m. | 2013-08-21

Well, we just purchased a used car for our oldest daughter who will attend college starting tomorrow....whew! Almost giving up, this was supposed to be our last stop for today after we had been checking out different dealerships unsuccessfully for about 3 hours, not to mention the times we spent searching for her car before today.

Our charismatic sales consultant was Randy, and let me tell you......what a fresh breath of air! Not pressuring for decisions, always being respectful, driving up three different cars for us to test, considering my daughter's budget, and showing endless patience for our questions and attempts to negotiate, he was just so helpful all around. In addition, he seemed very knowledgeable in every aspect concerning his business. We will definitely look out for him when purchasing cars for our other two teenagers (one of which already earned his driver's license).

Great thanks also to Jim, the manager, and Saehee, the finance director, who made the process of decision-making much easier by considering our offers and trying to get the best deal out there regarding interest rates and technical coverage. Saehee also has a very precise way to explain matters when questioned.

Because of our positive experience so far, we will recommend this car dealership to our circle of family and friends as well as our co-workers.

Thanks Mr. Randy!

Danny V. | 2013-08-16

Experienced a great service provided by sales manager Mark. Good place with nice people.

Mary K. | 2013-08-15

My family and I just left Capitol Mazda and we could not be more unhappy with the experience.  We were there for 3.5 hours, our 5 month old daughter sleeping on us for the last hour. We decided on a price with the sales rep for a Mazda 6 and when we went back to the finance rep, the number had increased by $1000. What had "apparently" happened was our sales guy thought our mazda loyalty discount would be taken off the number we were given but the price already included the discount.  Can I say again ... MAZDA LOYALTY discount. The miscommunication was between the sales manager and sales rep.  It was already after 9:30 so Jim, the sales manager had already left.  We got him on the phone but he wouldn't budge on his price. His excuse to keep his customers, us, happy and understanding were "we turn over 200 cars a month and sometimes there's a hiccup."  ?? Even though we'd agreed on a price with the sales rep, he wouldn't honor that number and brushed his Mazda Loyalty customers aside.

Justin P. | 2013-08-10

I came from three hours away not even knowing if I would get financed for my 2009 Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder and everything worked out even with bad Credit,

Randy was very helpful and made everything super easy I will definetly be going here again for my next car.  A+++++++

I love this place.

The only negative remark I do have about this place was the lady processing the financing papers, she was really pushy when it came to the Warranty and when we said we didn't want it for the 10th time she got really mean. Only complaint other than that this place is perfect

Willandre M. | 2013-08-06

Very Good customer service  for Mike Wynne, really appreciated your help buying a new car for my son. also Thank You.. Kathi G. straight forward deal.

Purva S. | 2013-08-01

Great customer service. Everyone is real friendly. The car I wanted wasnt in stock but they managed to find one for me the same day :)
Frederick is a really sweet guy! Was honest about the pricing and also kept me good company till I got my hands on the car.. :)

C Lee G. | 2013-07-30

Am the proud owner of a beautiful certified '12 Mazda3 with every option I wanted at a great price. Gene Johnson was a pleasure to work with. Everything you want in an auto salesman -- genuine and sincerely interested in pleasing the customer. Which he did in spades here. Actually picked me up at the Fremont BART, got a flat tire for his efforts, and smiled all the while. Highly recommended!

Eric E. | 2013-07-30

Went there not expecting to buy a Mazda since I didn't have a good view of Mazda beforehand. Randy changed our perspective of the brand. His enthusiasm of the Mazda 6 totally changed our impression of Mazda. The entire experience from the test drive to the signing of the papers Randy was with us every step of the way and made sure we were always taken cared of. I definitely would recommend Mazda to friends and family and would refer them to Randy.

Teddy G. | 2013-07-30

i bought my car from here a few months back and was quite satisfied with the customer service. the sales associate that helped me out and made everything possible was Frederic. he was great with communication and helping me a car to fit my taste and budget. now i am a proud owner of a mustang GT :) ithey also give you a complimentary oil change too after your first 5,000 miles. just got mine done today and service was prompt and the associates were nice as well. ask for frederic!

Collin R. | 2013-07-29

If you ever have bought a car before and hated the dealership, then this is NOT that place!  I have had my share of cars in the past, and yesterday was by FAR the best experience EVER! Gitea Perkins and Mark Crouse were extremely professional and sincerely cared for our wants, needs, and desires!  Even the sales manager Jim and the finance guy Jaime were examples of what it takes to be customer service reps.  I mean, their performance was exemplary!

My wife and I bought a CX-9 and we couldn't be happier.  The trade-in was very fair and the deal went as smoothly as I could ever have hoped for.  If anyone dreads going to buy a car because of the atmosphere, then you need to go here.  Absolutely friendly and will be recommended to all of our friends.  Thanks again you guys!

Dalena R. | 2013-07-29

Mike Wynn was awesome and I was in and out on a Saturday afternoon.  He worked with my situation and made it possible for me own a beautiful vehicle!  Thank you Mike!

Joe D. | 2013-07-29

This past Saturday my wife and I purchased a Mazda 3 from Mike Wynne. He was great. He was very personable and professional. Our experience at Capitol Mazda was easy and pleasant. Mike went out of his way to make sure we were comfortable during the paperwork process asking a couple of times if we wanted anything to drink or eat (they were BBQing outside that day). The orientation process with our new car was very through and clear. Overall our experience at Capital Mazda was fantastic. When we are looking for a new vehicle in the future, we definitely will come to Capital Mazda and speak to Mike.

Joshua C. | 2013-07-26

I have bought about 7 cars throughout the years from Gitea! He is very straight to the point and does not not waste time! he is very hospitable and is definitely the guy to talk to when it comes to buying a car! The Gitea experience is the reason I keep buying cars from him!

Rob W. | 2013-07-24

Update on Capitol Mazda:
I was up in SF this weekend and got a flat tire.   I was able to make it to a repair shop.  When the searched for a replacement I was told that there was a "Nationwide back order" on my tire size and that they could not get a replacement till Monday.  So They put on my spare "donut" and told me not to drive on the freeway.
I called a tire shop in SF and they said they had a spare.  Once I got there they said sorry, it was the wrong size.

I called South SF Mazda, Dublin Mazda looking for a tire and they did not have one!
I called Good year in SF and San Jose, Skips in SJ, Costco and about 6 SF tire shops and was met with the same results- Sorry it is a special order, can get it Mon or Tues.

I then called Capitol Mazda where I purchased my car and THEY HAD IT!!! Only place in the bay area I could find it.... so I drove home from SF on the El Camino and had my tire replaced with the same one I had at the same dealer who sold me my car with very accommodating and helpful people.  I can tell you that over 1/2 of the shops I called were not friendly, felt like I was bothering them when I asked them to see if they had my tire in stock or when they could get it.

When I showed up for my tire replacement they were able to get me in and out in under an HOUR!

I know there are low reviews for this dealership but read into them... My sales rep Kim Nguyen still calls me to check in with me,  say hi and make sure I am still happy.

Xuan C. | 2013-07-23

I haven't purchased a car here yet, but I will. Frederic C. is Amazing! He works really really hard for you. He is honest, and will try to get you the BEST deals! He reminds me a lot of this guy named Wendell who also used to work for DGDG.

Whatever you do people, don't go to Oaktree Mazda, not only will Oaktree's general manager harass you via telephone call, but he is super aggressive. Really freaked me out for sure!

Plus at Capitol Mazda, Frederic C. offered me strawberries! :-)

Matthew S. | 2013-07-23

This is an update to my review from a couple months ago. I was given really bad service and left. I was contacted by Mr. Corini the GM over there. He apologized and gave me an update on his employee. I was very happy that he contacted me. It shows how much they value customer service because even tho I did not buy from them they still wanted to make sure I did not have a sour taste in my mouth. I was happy to be contacted personally by the GM and he even gave me a few free oil changes and gift card to make up for my experience. I def will be coming back since they made things right! THANK U!

Allison B. | 2013-07-14

This is my second time working with Capital Mazda and I couldnt be happier.  

Not only was the sales guy great, but it was nice to have a test drive that was laid back and fun.... no hardcore pressures or sales pitches. He gave me the feeling that he was letting us decide if we liked the car- not trying to tell us that we liked it. :)

Their finance team really gave us some good options and plenty of time to choose what worked for us.  The financing was easy and once we decided we were ready to buy, the paperwork was seamless and no-stress.

I would absolutely recommend Capital Mazda for their selection of cars, their great sales team and low stress/low pressure atmosphere.

Also- our sales guy was Eric V. and he was the best sales guy- and we have taken a lot of test drives!

Eric S. | 2013-07-12

Capitol Mazda was heaven sent, I walked in with my mom and RANDY greeted us with exceptional customer service. RANDY took the time to listen to our situation and find us the PERFECT car he had patience, awesomeness and was very friendly. Management was on the same page as him in being helpful as well as the financing stage Capitol Mazda really knows people they changed the car salesmen stereotype, i highly recommend RANDY JANJUH and capitol mazda to anyone interested in a car!

Samantha N. | 2013-07-06

We have just bought a new car at Capital Mazda. We were helped by Earl and Jim and we were so happy with our service. They were very nice and friendly.  We highly recomend this dealership and these two men to help you buy your new dream car.

Melissa O. | 2013-07-06

Everyone i worked with at this dealersip was wonderful to be around from start to finish. They helped me to get into a car that fit the needs of my family. Frederic, sales and Jaime, finance were awesome. I felt like they were really interested in helping me and not giving me a bunch of stuff i did not need! Will recommend this dealership to anyone I know in search of a new ride! Zoom zoom!

Steve N. | 2013-06-30

Capitol Mazda reached out to me after my experience and I have to say, they have earned their stars back. Overall, I felt that everybody at the place was fairly nice except for the salesperson that sold me my car, but I finally got a pretty genuine apology from one of the managers and I feel as if they do care about their customers. They mentioned that the salesperson that I had a rift with, was a new employee and still learning the ropes. They also believed that the new, moving forward business model should be for salesperson to be less pushy and more truthful to the customer. They have definitely improved in my book and I hope to have better experiences for future visits.

Ran C. | 2013-06-30

Just bought a new Mazda 2014 here today.  I would like to recommend this place to anyone who wants a great car and a happy purchase experience.
Eric (the Bow Tie Guy) and Kathi helped me out with the car purchase, very nice person and great services. They reserved the car for me for a whole day without taking any cash deposit.
Armando, the fiance manager, is also a very professional/fun person. Due to a tight budget, I told him that I would not buy any add on warranty/maintenance package. He understood it and still gave me a lot of great suggestion on car selection/car maintenance.
Definitely rate them with 5 star.

Katie R. | 2013-06-20

Armando in the finance department did a great job! He wasn't pushy on the extras and did everything he could to get us the best deal. Thanks!

Jamie A. | 2013-06-18

Nick from Capital Mazda got a hold of me regarding my horrible experience.  I have to say I was very pleased.  Nick and Milt definitely took care of me and fixed almost everything.  I am very happy with the end result.  Nick and Milt were nothing less than professional and just very kind, apologetic & down to earth gentlemen.  They definitely made up for the pain I had to go through.  I couldn't give 5 stars only because I had an issue in the 1st place.  However if I would have delt with these 2 gentlemen from the get go it would have been all Stars ************** - Thanks guys.. ur amazing

Chelsea S. | 2013-06-15

I came here to buy my first car and everything seemed good with the car (besides it being pretty dirty on the inside but they cleaned it up when I complained) so I went through with it. I noticed there were some false advertisements about the car, but I wasn't too concerned about them.

Halfway through the drive home (to Pleasant Hill which is an hour away), the tire pressure monitoring system light came on. All I thought was," You've got to be kidding me!" Especially since I saw nothing wrong with the tires AND I JUST BOUGHT IT A HALF HOUR AGO. I drove back a few days later for them to fix it and apparently they reset the system. While I was there, the guy at the front desk acted very cocky and sarcastic. Of course, halfway home again the light turns back on. I'm already annoyed about this because driving back and forth to San Jose and Pleasant Hill isn't cheap.

I go back again to have my car checked out and they say they need to order 3 new tire sensors. That would've been nice to know the first time I went back. Shows how much they really "checked" the system.

So now it's the fourth time I'm going to Capitol Mazda. They say the TPMS sensors are there, but after 2 hours of waiting they come out to tell me they ordered the wrong size. I asked them about compensation since I've wasted a lot of gas going back and forth and they say they can fill the gas tank. That's simply ridiculous. Why would I drive to San Jose on a nearly empty tank? That won't work for me. Also, when I receive my car to go home, another tire light is on and they say not to worry about it. Well, that doesn't make me feel much better.

So to end off my review, I'm currently sitting in the service waiting room and it's the fifth trip over here. HOPEFULLY, this will be my last time here and I hope it isn't this much of a pain for anyone else buying their first car!

Update: Halfway home and the tire system light turns on again. I would've never bought this car if they told me it can't even pass SMOG. Here we go for the 6th drive over there!

Sheri C. | 2013-06-15

When we got there Frank came out and was great. It was as if Frank was a friend shopping for a car. Never once did he try to push any of the cars on me. Gene was also very nice who entered all our information into the computer. Very nice guy. Then we also met Armando. He sat with us and explained everything in detail. When we weren't sure of the words in the contract he took his time to explain everything . I would and do suggest anyone looking for a car to talk to them.

Ed W. | 2013-06-10

I visited with a friend that was doing a comparison between a Mazda 3 and Subaru Impreza.  Randy came to speak to us and first of the bat he asked if we were looking to buy soon or just doing some research.  We told him the later and he was very accommodating in helping us giving plenty of information about the car.  He let us take it for a test drive and even encouraged us to try out the 'performance' part of the car.  At no point did we ever feel pressured to do anything and at the end of the test drive, he even printed out a spec comparison between the Mazda 3 and Subaru Impreza.  

I understand the pressures of selling, so whenever he did sell, it was non aggressive.  I understand another reviewer had a different opinion of him from last year, but from my experience he was pretty customer service orientated.  Thanks again Randy!

Cathie N. | 2013-05-28

Art and Jeff are usually the two guys to greet me at the door whenever I get a service check up for my car. They are very friendly, helpful, and timely. I went in today to get an oil change and full round inspection. Jeff took the car in and said I would be done within an hour to an hour 15 minutes, and it was exactly between those times. They even rinsed down my car for me when they were done with the check up. Be sure to check in here because there is a check in offer! Thanks so much Capitol Mazda!

Judy M. | 2013-05-27

Though I did not go through the entire process of buying a car through these folks (settled on a different brand this time as needed more room than the CX5 - though it was so compelling for many other reasons), I had quite a few dealings with the sales staff at this dealership while making my decision.

The customer service of the sales staff was awesome.

Specifically I worked with Kathi Greene, Internet Sales Mgr by phone and email.  She was so responsive and bent over backwards to work with me.  

I also want to give Rob and Randy a great review.  When I went into the dealership I did my test drives with them.  

Rob was so helpful, explained lease terms to me and had great customer service.  

Randy was delightful and so easy to feel positive about.... he exudes a natural positivity and is a true fan of Mazdas himself through personal experience, sharing that enthusiasm and knowledge without being pushy at all.  Great customer service - even when I got there just before closing to do a test drive!

Thanks to you all, because of your customer service, I will remember you and Mazda of course, for next time I'm looking for a car.

Germana M. | 2013-05-26

We originally went to Toyota Used Cars and they turned us down and wanted a lot of money down, 3500 to be exact due to our credit.  Then a light down, went to Mazda and they worked with us with only 1500 down and got me a 2010 Nissan Cube which I LOVE.  Reza is the one who helped us and he was awesome.  If you don't have the best credit, go and ask for Reza.  Jamie, finance guy, awesome too and he got our original payments and interest lower.  I highly recommend them and we would go back again when we are ready to buy our next car!!!  Happy car hunting all!

Sophie B. | 2013-05-25

This is an update to the review I wrote a few days ago:

Nick, the owner of Capitol Mazda, read my review and immediately apologized and took full responsibility for his salesman's actions. He was great and asked me if I would be willing to come back in and work with one of his favorite salespeople to make things right. I came back in and met with Kathi Greene who was just wonderful. She was very personable and did her best to tell me about the cars (even though I was looking at used vehicles and she usually sells new models.) Kathi made me feel very comfortable and walked me through the whole process, answering my questions and making helpful suggestions (which seemed just honest and unbiased) as we went. She made time for me on a busy Friday even though she usually had several appointments and made sure another salesperson (Mike Wynne) was available to help me when I came back in later that day since they needed to tune a few things in the car.

Nikc, Kathi and Mike were all great. I feel like they really made a big effort to make up for the poor experience I had when I first came in. Nick even offered to let me have any car, new or used, for 500 below their cost and ended up giving me my 2011 Mazda touring for 650 below cost. Everyone I dealed with, from the sales people to Nick to the maintenance guys I was introduced, was great, just very professional and friendly. This has changed my opinion of Capitol Maza completely and I will definitely come back and see them again if I want to get a Mazda for my next car.

Melisa N. | 2013-05-22

I bought a new Mazda 5 from Rob in the internet sales dept. and also spoke with the Manager Jim. They did not have the color I wanted but were able to get it for me. I'm very happy with the experience and follow up and would defiantly buy from Capital Mazda again!

kat G. | 2013-05-09

Kathy is BS and we love our car.

Aston L. | 2013-05-05

Hello, yes this is the Internet sales department.  When do you want to come to the dealership?  Yes, we can give you this fantastic price for this car on our lot.  When do you want to come to the dealership?  Yes, we can take your Canadian import as trade-in, even though the odometer's in kilometers.  When do you want to come to the dealership?  Yes, we can give you this fantastic price for the Technology package upgrade.  When do you want to come to the dealership?

Welcome to our dealership!  Please don't mind my colleagues hovering around you silently for no good reason, they just have nothing better to do.  And please don't mind the fact that our showroom looks like ass and that we feature our oldest cars on display.  It's a lot of trouble for us to put the latest generation models in our showroom.

Please have a seat in my dingy cubicle.  Let me have the keys to your trade-in vehicle and I'll be right back (I'll only disappear for 15 mins).  Hm, sorry, the car you saw in our online inventory doesn't actually exist... hold on, let me talk to someone about that (I'll only disappear for 15 mins).  Oh, your car's Canadian and the odometer doesn't switch to miles -- sorry, I didn't read your email properly and we can't give you anything for it... hold on, let me get someone else to explain to you why (I'll only disappear for 15 mins).  Oh wait, I have a surprise for you -- the missing car you wanted is on our lot after all -- it's your lucky day!  Why don't you go outside and check it out, fall in love with it, etc.... I'll be right back (and only disappear for 15 mins).  Oh, sorry, we quoted you the wrong price for the Tech package -- it's actually $1600 more for this car, and we can't give you a better deal below invoice because yada yada.  Sorry!

You don't want to buy a car from us?  How is this possible??

Y K. | 2013-04-30

Update 5/22/2013:
Mazda Sales team contacted me and did a detailed cleaning of the car. The water marks were not completely gone but a little better than before. They also created the key for me. So I am satisfied and therefore giving 2 more stars! I may buy my next new car from them too.

Do not buy from them. Gitea was the Sales guy from whom I purchased CX-9. They did not clean the water marks and gave me a wrong key! Now has asked me to pay for the new key and clean the car myself.

I don't recommend anyone going there and I won't buy anything from this dealership. This was the first time I purchased Mazda and these little things related to the sales process really spoiled my new car experience.

Mazda Dealership forced me to create the Yelp account......

Holly S. | 2013-04-23

Our experience at Capitol Mazda ended up being quite a pain in the ass-solely due to Jaime in the finance department.  Over a month of calls, faxes and letters before the issue was resolved.  I had to involve the GM in order to get anything accomplished.  If you do go to this dealership, make finance slow the f*ck down and take as long as you feel is necessary to complete the transaction.

Eric U. | 2013-04-19

I've heard that buying a car from a dealer is something that people dread. I'd never done it before today. I was a little worried that it might be a hassle or that I would feel pressured to spend more than I wanted to. That was not the case here. The process was easy, friendly and comfortable.

I came in and saw Rob V. last weekend. I was pretty much decided on the car I wanted to buy. He took me for a test drive in it and I had a great time driving it. When we got back, we had a short (less than 15 minute) discussion about pricing. I had looked up incentive pricing through my employer ahead of time and thought it was pretty good. He gave me the option between a really low price, which beat the employer incentive price by a couple hundred dollars, or a little higher price along with a great financing deal. Unfortunately he didn't have the exact model that I wanted in stock. We parted ways and he told me to let him know if I decide I want to buy and he'll find my car for me.

I went home and worked on my own financing options, insurance quotes, and selling my car privately. I contact him on Tuesday to let him know I'm serious about buying and he got the car for me very quickly. I came in this morning (Friday) to finalize the purchase. I inspected the car/test drove it and it was just what I wanted. I told him I'll take the lower price option and he started working up the papers while I got my insurance policy started. The numbers were just what I was expecting to see. I told him about my financing options and he took them to his financing guy and they were able to beat my bank's terms. I took the deal and went to speak to his associate, Jamie, to go over additional options and sign the papers. Jamie explained them well without pressuring me to buy anything I wasn't comfortable with. The process went very smoothly. After that Rob went over the car's booklets and gave me a tour of the service center and car. We finished with a handshake and I was on my way with my new car.

From start to finish, I was at the dealer about 2 - 2 1/2 hours. I don't think it could have gone better. If I'm ever buying a Mazda or recommending a dealer to a friend who is, this is the place.

Francisco D. | 2013-03-30

I am updating my prior review because I was contacted by the Finance department this week, because they were not able to get their Mazda Loyalty rebate funded by Mazda and wanted me to provide a proof of address. This comes after a year of owning the car.

The lady from the finance department didn't even ask me if I like the car. I am dropping my rating because when I had an issue with the APR, right when I bought the car, I was charged a higher percenteage rate-it should have been 0.9% and she (lady in finance) gave me 2.9% on the contract. When I contacted the Dealer, they just washed their hands and said: "Sorry, but the loan has been funded by the bank already."

So let me get this straight... you need my help now, but you couldn't help me last time with my APR???

Wow, talk about Karma!

Samuel H. | 2013-03-16

I went here last week to get an oil change done. My service advisor Art Gonzales was very friendly, knowledgeable and answered all the questions that I had. He also kindly informed me of a recall on my clutch pedal. I needed to get a ride to work and so Marco Aracon gave me a ride and promised he would detail my car for me. When I got the car back, everything was done as promised and Ken Thompson from the parts department kindly answered all the other questions I had about my car and how to take care of it. All in all a 5 star experience. Thank you and keep it up!

Kate R. | 2013-02-28

I just bought a 2014 cx5 from Kathi Green last week and I couldn't be happier!!!

First of all, Kathi was amazing! She was not pushy at all and was genuine when she said that she wanted me to find everything I want in a car.  I was able to test drive the car without a sales person in the car with me so I could figure out what I liked and didn't like on my own.  Kathi is also very personable and felt like I have known her for years!

Second of all, I LOVE MY NEW CAR! I traded in my BMW x3 and was not sad to see it go.  My cx5 is comparable to my BMW, and I am so happy I worked with Kathi to get my new car!

Overall, the most painless car experience ever.  I have recommended Kathi at Capitol Mazda to several friends and family members, and I look forward to visiting Capitol Mazda when my car needs servicing.  Thanks, Kathi!

Melly M. | 2013-02-17

A good place to find a decent deal on a car - Mike Wynne was quite helpful in assisting me during my car buying experiences in August. Since I had some unique needs, he went out of his way to ensure that I would be comfortable throughout the process. If I was in the market for a new car again, I would definitely swing by.

Overall, thumbs up.

Lauren C. | 2013-02-10

Went to see Armando Arteaga who works for DGDG at Capitol Mazda. Best customer service ever! Armando didn't pressure me into any decision and made sure that I was 100% happy with my purchase. He answered all the questions I had and actually knew what he was talking about and never let me down. Never felt more comfortable purchasing anything before and got a great deal on my car!! Hal and Jamie were amazing as well!!  Would recommend them to everyone but if you're looking to buy a car, ask for Armando! I'm not just a car buyer. I'm a happy car buyer! :)

Erin P. | 2013-01-16

If you want to be harassed contact or go here.  I asked for an internet quote andhave been continually harassed via phone and internet. Wish I never looked at Capitol Mazda : (

Bria S. | 2013-01-05

My husband and I hadn't purchased a car in twenty years and were not looking to play games or haggle.  We found Kathi Greene through AAA and she worked diligently to get us our Mazda Miata.  Kathi was never pushy nor aggressive, and made he car buying experience stress free and actually exciting.  If you are planning on buying a Mazda, you should absolutely work with Kathi.  She is delightful and insightful and someone you want on your car buying side!

Sher L. | 2013-01-04

***great staff !***

i bought my mazda5 2 weeks ago and Mike Wynne or MW as they call him was the salesperson who helped me. He was very easy to talk to, knowledgeable and courteous. I told him i had dinner plans right after so he processed everything as fast as possible. Same with their finance manager, Sushi =) (so sorry i forgot your real name) was very friendly and fun to talk to. My overall experience here is five stars!!!!

If you're looking for any Mazda vehicles, this is the place to go! I will definitely go back here for my next car!  =)

Alison L. | 2012-12-31

I had a extraordinary experience buying my car at this dealership. My sales person was Shawn Cox and he went above and beyond the call of duty. He made the whole experience of buying my car easy, pleasant and as expedient as possible. At every juncture he was honest and straight-forward when answering my questions, and was never pushy with trying to close the sale. He also covered all the important points and by the time I drove off the lot with my new car I could not think of a single question that had been left unanswered. Thank you Shawn and Capitol Mazda. I love my new car!!

Violeta V. | 2012-12-29

I was in the process of looking for a car for awhile, did my research and knew Capitol Mazda is where I wanted to buy my new 2013 Mazda. We worked with the dealer in getting a good deal and thanks to Armando, we closed the deal.  I walked away with the car that I wanted and I was very pleased. Thank you, Capitol Mazda! I would go back and purchase another car in the future and I would recommend Capitol Mazda to all my friends.

Antony B. | 2012-12-24

We bought our Mazda in this dealership several days ago. We were pleasantly surprised by their prices and quality of service.

I appreciate the help of Randy, who helped us to choose  a good car and guided us through the process. He is a good guy and a sales professional. I highly recommend to ask for him in dealership.

Rohit P. | 2012-12-21

Mike Wynne is a very good saleman. It gets better as he doesnt try to impose/push his opinion on you (very unlike other dealerships).

Gianna H. | 2012-12-18

I bought my Mazda 3 from Kathi Greene and it was a really great experience. I was referred to her by a friend, so I called ahead of time to let her know what I was looking for. A few days later she called me to let me know there was a mazda 3 available in the color I wanted. She made the whole experience super easy-no pressure. Make sure you ask for her when you visit!!! And I love love love my car!

Danielle F. | 2012-11-15

I had been searching everywhere for just the right CX-5 and called Capitol Mazda to see if they had it in stock - I spoke with Randy and he found me the car very quickly!

I went over about an hour later to test drive it and he had the car off to the side waiting for me.  Long story short, he was able to get me the deal that I wanted and the car that I wanted with very little process and effort.

Even better?  It turns out it was his day off and he happened to be around to help out.  I didn't feel rushed to make any decisions to help get him out or anything!

I would DEFINITELY go back to Capitol Mazda again!

Andrew H. | 2012-11-05

Dan + Brian hooked me up with a great deal on a 2011 Mazda. Honest, respectful guys that help you with what you need to get a solid car at a great price.

Wyatt C. | 2012-10-03

I got my used mazda "checked out" at this dealership and they took forever and were extremely pricey with every little thing they did. The overall mechanical check was ok I thought, they seemed very thorough. They said they checked oil levels but when I bought the car and got back home a few days later I checked the oil levels... there was not one drop of oil in the engine. Im not saying it was low I mean not one drop on the dip stick or any oil in the engine. I quickly added 3 quarts of oil and took it to my mechanic. He ruled out any type of oil leak at all and said the underside of the car was totally oil free so they had to have checked it poorly.. very poorly. Save your time and money and dont go here!

edit: after this post they refunded a portion of the money I spent on the car inspection which was very nice.

Mike S. | 2012-09-30

We came down looking for a specific car that was turning out to be a pain. I called down to Capitol Mazda. Spoke with Teddy. He looked over his inventory and called me right back. He had the car we wanted. Sent me a few messages and texted me a few photos. Showed up from the north bay. Checked over the car. Signed papers and my mother in law was driving off in her FIRST brand new car in under two hours. Thanks Teddy. I'll probably be back in a few months for a 3rd  Mazda.

Vanessa V. | 2012-09-13

Car shopping is never fun, but capitol mazda makes the process much easier. I was looking all around the bay area and the outskirts for the 2013 mazda cx-5 touring model. There was no way I was going to spend thousands of dollars for a 2nd or even 3rd choice car. Kathi worked with me and was the only dealer willing to special order me a car with all specifications and colors that i wanted. Never felt pressured and never felt like they were being sneaky and trying to pull a fast one. I highly recommend this dealership. Kathi was very diligent about getting me what I wanted and didn't pressure me into package upgrades I didn't want. They also had the best prices from Roseville (Sac area), Tracy and Santa Cruz. This was a no brainer. I was more than happy to give them my business and will be referring family and friends to Kathi. I couldn't have asked for a more pleasant experience.

ARLENE C. | 2012-08-16

We had the best experience at Capitol Mazda!!! Armando Arteaga was our car dealer and he was WONDERFUL!!! Very honest and helpful. He was suppose to get off  work at 6pm that day but he waited for us to get there from the city which was around 7:30pm. He never pressured us in any way. He was very knowledgable and he met all our needs. So if you want to buy a car don't hesitate to go here but ask for Armando you won't regret it because he's the BEST!!

Indranil B. | 2012-08-12

I was looking around for cars online and one of the best deals online was with Mazda. I went to the Stevens Creek Mazda dealership the day before and had a bad experience setting the deal there. There was some serious miscommunication on their part and was ultimately a deal breaker. I tried calling Capitol Mazda afterwards, and we had the numbers settled within a few minutes.

The process of checking the car, going through paper work, and overall treatment was great. It was really simple and to the point,  and that's something that makes my life as a buyer so much easier. I was assisted by Daniel Radcliffe and Teddy Martinez, so definitely go ask for them if you want a painless and a simple process of buying a Mazda!

L. R. | 2012-08-12

I came in to test drive a car that I'd seen available here via .  Wasn't really intending to make a purchase yet -- just test drive.  I was met at the door by Randy J. Very friendly, easy-going, no pressure guy.  Liked him (and the car) so much that I ended up buying it same day!  No regrets. Took off a star because I had to wait an awful long time for them to get around to doing my contract ... but they were apologetic and nice about it, and it gave me a chance to watch some Olympic highlights in their waiting room.  Good experience overall.

Nathan L. | 2012-08-05

I came here looking for a Mazda3.  I had already done my research and knew what price I wanted to pay, as well as what my trade-in was worth.  (You should *always* do your research before buying a car.)  I was hoping that this preparation would help me get through the negotiations process quickly and painlessly.

They offered less than half of KBB value for the trade-in (which was almost insulting), and much higher than the price I wanted to pay on the Mazda3.  I negotiated them down a little bit, but they wouldn't budge on the trade-in, and everything combined was far from the ballpark of the net price that I wanted to pay for the car.  So, I walked out.  No better offer was given on my way out, that meant they were playing the long game.  I hate the long game.

They called me back a few days later with a better price and better trade-in offer, but while I was waiting for their call, I took the opportunity to shop around a bit.  (Note to dealer: you have competition in the area.  I know San Jose Mazda dealers are owned by the same group, which may be to your advantage, but there are plenty of other options within reasonable driving distance that your customers can go to.  Don't wait too long to give your customers a good offer if you want their business.)  They kept insisting that they could only give me the good price on the car if I did regular financing (Mazda had a special 0% financing for 60 months offer), and that it would cost me an extra $1000 on the negotiated price of the car to get the special 0% financing.  Um...ok?  Maybe I tipped my hand too early by showing that I was interested in that offer, and they were trying to use that as leverage, I don't know.  It felt a little fishy, but I can also appreciate the fact that nothing is free, so I was willing to consider it.

I hate negotiations, and I got the sense that they were starting to give me the run-around a bit, so I got online quotes from a few other area Mazda dealers to see what else was out there.  I'll take somewhere that's simple, fast, and honest any day over somewhere that tries to negotiate the heck out of me.  Turns out one of those dealers came back with a good quote that had no extra markup on the 0% financing, so I had some good leverage when I went back to talk to the sales manager about his offer.

The salesman that I dealt with here (Matt) was pleasant to talk to and did a great job of showing me the car without making me feel pressured.  After the initial negotiations bombed, the sales manager that I spoke with (Jim) was upfront and honest about everything, and pulled some strings to get the trade-in into the ballpark of where I wanted it (good cop / bad cop sort of thing).  When I explained that the other dealer in the area wasn't trying to hit me with the extra $1000 markup for the 0% financing, Jim told me right away that he couldn't do that, and that if the other guy really could, I should just go take him up on it, because it was a fantastic deal.  I appreciated that honesty, did exactly what he recommended, and took my business elsewhere.

Bottom line:  negotiations are no fun here, don't be afraid to walk out if they're not giving you a price that lines up with your research and what you think is fair...and don't sweat about it if they don't call you for a few days.  Aside from that painful negotiating process, Matt is a solid salesman, and Jim is a good sales manager.  They are professional, knowledgeable, respectful, and generally honest people as far as car sales are concerned.  It seems like a good place to get a car if you're willing to sit through the negotiations to get a deal you're happy with, but there are other places in the area that don't give you nearly as much hassle, and might even get you a better deal than you'd be able to find here.  I'd be happy buying a car from the people here if the deal was right, but I'd also recommend taking the time to shop around a bit before making your final decision.

KK L. | 2012-07-29

The internet department Mike Wynne is snobbish, arrogant,  inflexible and un-helpful.

The price he quoted is much higher than other local dealers.

Fancypants J. | 2012-07-24

Apparently this dealership thinks the way to sell a car is to be rude/sarcastic to customers. We came in to test drive a particular model. They didn't have the color or trim we were looking for so then it was hard sell time trying to get us to buy a car we had already said we didn't want. We were looking for FWD and there were 2 AWD cars on the lot so we were told "well we don't usually discount but we can give you $200 off" (sorry but this is insulting-$200? off of a 27k car we don't want?) and when I said we did not want the AWD because we didn't need it and the mileage wasn't as good I got the sarcastic response "oh..yeah..that ONE mile?".

Maybe this is how cars were sold back in the day but that kind of attitude doesn't fly when you're looking to purchase a car that you'll be driving for the next 10 years. No sale.

Aki N. | 2012-06-19

Definitely five stars!   I went there for buying a new car - Mazda 3.  

Randy helped me a lot to decide to buy that car.  He even helped me to get a better deal (APR) which is one of my important factors when I buy a car.

His talk is always full of honest and even after I bought the car, he contacted me to find out weather there's anything he can help me further.

I do love my new car.  I really want to say thank you to Randy and the people working  in this dealer.  Thank you very much, Randy.

I'll definitely visit there again for maintenance in the future.

Jaclyn R. | 2012-06-19

I was looking persistently to find the best deal on a mazda3 and I found Capitol Mazda through . I came down to San Jose to test drive cars and James Kane made it the best experience possible. He listened to exactly what I wanted and helped work out an amazing deal on a car! James is the man!

Roque T. | 2012-05-17

Bought my first major car (2008 Honda Accord) with the help of my sister. The staff was extremely helpful, educated and attentive the entire time we were there. Our agent Randy was especially helpful in the long process of the transaction. I will definitely recommend my friends and family in the area to stop by here if they are looking for a car.

Jenny L. | 2012-05-04

Do not let them walk off with your Drivers License!

Public Service Announcement:

They swipe it into their DGDG computers BEFORE you drive a car. DO NOT trust them. Worst of the worst!

Should be negative stars.

They swipe your CDL into computer and tell you we just are making a photo copy, they lie. Keep your license at all times, do not give it to them.

Joseph P. | 2012-04-25

I bought my second hand Honda Civic from these guys.

I got the feeling they were only interested in my money. I had just moved to the country and was in a rush to buy a car, so put up with it. When we were negotiating the price, the boss asked to use my employee discount buy himself a new laptop, in exchange for a better deal which seemed pretty sketchy.

The check engine light came on my car the day after I drove it out of the shop. They were pretty good about it and got it fixed and paid for my taxi rides there and back. It was still a huge inconvenience and left me with little faith in their inspection process for second hand cars.

I won't be going back

Tim W. | 2012-04-24

Worked with Randy for a test drive. After he shared a few things about Mazda, I told him I have read information about the car online and simply wanted to test drive a car. He stated, "You're not allowing me to do my job here..." in that he is suppose to talk more about the cars and the company?  He also stated: "I work off commission."  Yes, I understand that he doesn't want to waste time. I also don't want to waste his time. I simply wanted a test drive! I wondered if his job is to have good customer services or purely focus on lengthening his talk. He was friendly, started off making me feel uncomfortable that I came in for a test drive, but follow-through on providing a test drive.

Rachelle R. | 2012-04-24

I requested to see a Mazda CX-5 on Friday via the website, got a call and email the same day for a test drive on Saturday at 2pm.  Bamm!!!  I'm the new owner of a Mazda CX-5 and I'm in love!  Lucky for me,  Armando Arteaga was my contact guy.  My husband and I have been shopping around for a car over the past 4 months, and Armando is the most knowledgeable, friendliest, non-salesmany, non-pushy, relaxed car salesman I've ever encountered.  I didn't have that nagging feeling that I was being manipulated or ripped off.   He was even able to answer all of our questions about the car and it's current competition.  The best part of the whole car buying experience was the test drive.  He let my husband and I test drive up and down a winding hill at full speed and full stop to test out the cars full potential.   If you want a test drive, call for an appt with Armando.  He's the best! Zoom Zoom!

Nam H. | 2012-03-22

This is my first review so I'll be as thorough as I can be.

On March 14, my fiance and I drove into Capital Mazda to check out the 2013 Mazdaspeed 3 but we were instantly attracted into the new 2013 Mazda CX5. It was an instant hit between us within 5 minutes of sitting in the crossover vehicle. No one bothered us until we asked a few questions, which I personally like in a dealership. I asked if I could get the key to the CX5 to hear the engine noise ( I wanted to hear if the vehicle had a manly sound or a wimpy one) and the salesman had no issue with it. After hearing  out the car, we knew that we were going to purchase the vehicle but as it was late, we decided to come the following week as it was already 9pm.

On March 19th, we spoke with the internet sales manager, Kathi Greene , who was extremely nice. Supposedly she is the best of the best, which seemed apparent when her desk was littered with massive quantities of awards/trophies from the past decade. She was extremely nice and thoughtful. Humble and down to earth was what attracted us. She wanted us to have the best experience so she went out of her way to make it that way. The dealer didn't have the make and model that we wanted so she made a couple of calls and found one at a different location. She said go on ahead and have dinner and by the time we get back, the vehicle will be ready. That is what we did and it happened as she said.

We were the new owners of our 2013 Mazda CX5 Touring model with the Bose system and moon roof package. Of course with me being in the military, I received my military discount with it as well so we got an excellent deal.

After 3 days of owning the vehicle, we received a call back from Kathi Greene saying that there was an issue with some paperwork. Apparently the VIN numbers were wrong on them. I knew that was a big issue and they said we were required to be at the dealership immediately. I was on my way to the gym in Castro Valley so this was extremely out of my way. I was almost disappointed that this happened because everything went so extremely well. The fiance and I drove all the way to San Jose to get this all fixed. It did not take too long; about 15 minutes. Kathi knew it was extremely out of our way so she threw in a free cargo all weather mat!! We knew she was going to give us a free gift as she told us so but I thought it would be something along the side of maintenance or some sort but it actually worked out better for us as this vehicle would be our vacation car across the United States. We were extremely ecstatic about it!

I want to say that my fiance and I had such an amazing experience. We could not ask for anything more. Thank you Kathi Greene and Capital Mazda.

Very Respectfully,

Nam and Linda

Roxana M. | 2012-03-10

Had an excellent car-buying experience from Capitol Mazda today... was helped by Gitae, who worked hard to get me a great deal and was attentive, efficient, respectful, clear, and thorough in outlining all the features and options.  This dealership moves a lot of cars (and they had a huge selection), so definitely worth checking out if you're looking for a new Mazda.... and ask for Gitae - he'll go the extra mile to make sure your experience is a positive one.

Mike A. | 2012-02-25

I'll be very honest... I wouldn't recommend this to my worst enemy.

First they did all my paperwork wrong, then demanded i come back in to do it all again. Not even an apology for the inconvenience. They then told me my first payment started on the 26th, then said the 16th. Then i got my first bill on the 6th. The lady that took care of my contract and billing was rude and disrespectful as well as the management team. The only positive thing i can say is that the sales associate was very friendly and helpful (sorry i forgot his name, id love to give him credit for being the single only good thing this place has to offer). Bottom line, I will go out of my way to make sure no one i know goes to this terrible dealership and has the same rough experience i did. Stay away and save yourself a headache.

Andrea S. | 2012-02-20

Just bought a Mazda 3 GT yesterday and I have to say the experience was as pleasant as possible. My salesman was Gitae whom I recommend. He's a salesman, make no mistake, but I felt like he was fair, gave me a good deal, and didn't mess around once I made a decision. I think the financing department was fair too. I'd definitely buy another car from them.

Max A. | 2012-02-08

Many thanks to ARMANDO for making it possible for us to purchase exactly the Mazda5 that we had been looking for.  His temperament is both easy-going, humorous, kind and persistent.  None of the difficulty that you might expect from 'car salespeople'.  We were going to buy a nice used Mazda from Hertz (they were also great to deal with).....however, for only $20 more a month got a touring model in the color we wanted with wheels, sunroof, stereo, etc.....funny those little details but it makes the difference between just driving a car and driving a pleasure!  Even if the dealership doesn't have exactly the vehicle you are looking for, I would recommend talking to Armando anyway.    Thanks again!  Aaron & Phillipe

Mario M. | 2012-02-08

Just want to start by saying Thank you to Nick (owner) for taking time to show that you sincerely care for your customers. After writing my review Nick contacted me to apologize and make everything ok.  I called him and he wanted to hear my bad experience. After our conversation he offered to detail my car, give me a few oil changes, movie tickets, and dinner for two. When I dropped off my car there was a loaner  ready for me, no stickers this time. The following day I returned and the car was ready and parked in front of the service Dept.. I met Nick and he apologized and came through with his promise. He had the movie tickets, oil changes, and a gift certificate to Nicks On Main, which my wife loved, she says thanks and could not believe you would go to the extent. What really amazed me was the detailing job. I got to say hands down that was an awesome job. Talk about a mirror finish! The car was as smooth as a babies bottom and the interior was super clean. What blew me away is that most of the minor scratches are gone, could not be happier. To put a cherry on top they fueled my car.  Nick thanks for stepping up.

Ty R. | 2012-02-06

The service department will take you for a ride. First of all their rates are too high and things take too long, but it gets worse. My alternator went bad, I brought the car in, they ended up keeping it 2 nights instead of 1, they were unable to do a simple alignment, and they gave me a BS story about needing a new suspension bushing in order to get the car to stop pulling. No way I was going to pay them the $350 "discount" rate they quoted me for that, and thank goodness I didn't. A few months later I took the car to my recently-discovered top notch auto place, Alpha Auto Repair in SJ. They aligned it perfectly, rotated and balanced all 4 tires for $90. Took about an hour. When I mentioned the suspension bushing thing to Henry at Alpha, he said "I think somebody was trying to up-sell." Damn right they were. I hope I can get even with these Capital Mazda people by steering a few would-be customers away from them. Look at the other service dept. reviews, and head elsewhere.

I've learned that the local mom & pop auto mechanics are the way to go. Steer clear of dealerships (especially this one) at all costs, even if you need major work done.

Steve L. | 2012-02-04

TRADE IN BEWARE:    They offered us $1,000 for a 2004 Chrysler Pacifica, I had to negotiate for hours to get $3,000.  At one point I stood up and was going to the Kia Dealership but they stopped me.  Today my Chrysler Pacifica is for sale on thier lot for $7,700.

Long T. | 2012-02-01

Service was okay. I was not impress...

Trent M. | 2012-01-29

Before you go to Capitlol Mazda, there are two things you should do.  One, engage the Costco program.  Capitol Mazda is the only Costco-authorized Mazda dealership within 30 miles.  If you don't belong to Costco, consider the $50 membership fee translated to a $1,000 difference between Capitol's Coscto price and Oak Tree's "negotiation" price on a 2011 Mazda3 iSport sedan.  Two, deal with Kathi Greene. She is AMAZING!  She is incredibly transparent and ferrets out the most obscure rebates and cost savings, as possible.  She genuinely holds the consumer's best interests in mind.  (See my Oak Tree Mazda review for the contrasting experience.)  Kathi at Capitol Mazda, on the other hand, is one of the best I have ever dealt with - since 2004 I have bought an '04 and '07 Civic, a '04 TL, a '05 4Runner, and a '11 Corrolla.  Having seriously cross-shopped and negotiatied with over 20 dealers in that time frame, I have an appreciation for those in the industry who display the integrity such as Kathi Greene at Capitol Mazda possesses.

Tim L. | 2012-01-25

Brought the 3Speed(ster) in for its first oil change today. Was warmly greeted by service adviser Jeff. The fast and THOROUGH  service along with great employees will definitely keep me coming back. Even though I'm closer to Oak Tree, it's worth the drive!

Don H. | 2012-01-24

Without even setting foot at the dealership, the dealership succeeded in projecting a terrible image, quite a feat even by the low standard on car salesman, safe to say we will never come near this dealership.

Neland M. | 2012-01-21

I ended up with a MAZDASPEED3!

I'm a first time buyer so I'm definately not as experienced as other buyers. But this dealer made the process a lot easier for me. What really set the difference for me was how the people who assisted me remained APPROACHABLE. Even the guy who detailed my car after the sales gave some type of acknowledgement that I was good to go.

I actually used the COSTCO program to get in contact with KATHI a few months prior to my purchase. I walked in to do a little homework on prices and offers but I never felt like I was under pressure to buy. She gave me a contact information and a few months later I returned for an actual purchase.

A few hours earlier, I was thinking about a test drive at the Fremont Mazda dealer which was much closer to my house. After the worst experience of my life at the Fremont dealer, I contacted Kathi at CAPITOL Mazda on short notice to see if they had any SkyActiv 3s I could test drive. She setup a test drive right away with one of her colleages, JEFF. As soon as I pulled in, not even 5 minutes later we were already taking the SkyActiv 3 for a spin. Unlike some other sales reps, Jeff was actually KNOWLEDGABLE about the vehicle whether it was the size of the brakes or how to setup the bluetooth. We also took the speed3 for a spin as well.

After returning from the test drive, Kathi and I began to informally work on numbers we can start to work with. I will say that the Costco Auto Program definately brings the price down just enough to make that starting difference in terms of value. I decided to bring the offers back home to finish a little more research and came back yet again....spending on a college budget isn't an easy decision haha.

By the time I left the dealer that evening, the offer was set in stone. I did make the decision to return the next day to finish the paperwork and take home the vehicle since it was already getting late and I had work early in the morning. And this made me enjoy the experience even more simply because we worked more around my schedule.

When I finally picked up the vehicle the following day, Jeff and Kathi made sure the offer remained the same. The final moments of that day was closed up with Jeff who went down the checklist and just had to make sure my Phone was setup properly with the bluetooth =)

This experience was back in November and it's nice to know that Jeff still follows up with me to make sure everything is running smooth. If you're a first time buyer, definately give this dealer a shot. This is an experience with the SALES department so I'm not yet sure how the service department would be.

Olivia L. | 2012-01-13

Review of the service department:

Came here for an oil change with a costco coupon (15% off) and they tacked on a $150 repair charge for the battery, which was not necessary because the car was staring fine.  

Go somewhere else.

Amy C. | 2012-01-05

Two reasons why I refuse to patronize Capitol Mazda again:

Reason #1: The service. 1 to 2 hours to change ONE tire, with an appointment?! Seems like they care more about people who are paying for their service than repeat customers who are there for maintenance. Oh, and you only get one year for free replacement if the tire is faulty. For how expensive their tires are and how crappy the service is to accompany them- take your business elsewhere. They also made an appointment for my car to get the paint fixed before the paint arrived in the shop. At that time I lived 40 minutes away and wasn't told that the paint hadn't arrived yet, so you can imagine how upset I was that there was no attempt to reschedule my appointment.

Reason #2: The customer service. When trying to get a new tire, I had to talk to four different people who each had to look up my information and explain my story each and every time, which was tiresome. I always feel pressured to buy additional items or upgrade my service- I've even been bribed to write a positive review for the salesman, and was emailed and called several times after I didn't. I'd rather go someplace else that genuinely cares about my car and service than their own commission.

I'm glad to see that others are happy with their service! I guess this has just been my crappy luck.

Vincent B. | 2011-12-30

I recently purchased a Mazda 3 from Capitol Mazda.  Great experience and no hassle.  The salesman, Randy Janjuh was awesome.  He was tentative to my pricing needs and very friendly.  He really enjoyed helping us and appeared to really like his job, which is not say from my previous car purchases in the last few years.  I will buy from this dealership again.  Pricing is very good and staff helpful.  We love our Mazda.  I highly recommend this Mazda dealership.

Dulce D. | 2011-12-29

It has been years since I went car shopping and I am glad I went to Capitol Mazda.  My initial visit was a visit to the car lot after work in the evening and did not expect anyone to talk to me and honestly, I did NOT want anyone to talk to me because I know how some car salesmen could get pushy.  However, when Denny Samuel approached me with friendly smile, I felt compelled to talk to him about what I was looking for.    He patiently listened to my preference and needs and went out of his way to look for the perfect suv for me.  The next day, I test drove all the suvs available and Denny was very knowledgeable and answered all the questions I had for each suv.  I felt no pressure from him to sell and felt that he was genuinely there to help me buy.  Thanks to Denny Samuel, my car-buying experience was stressless and kudos to Capitol Mazda for having  Denny Samuel to represent them.

arun s. | 2011-12-24

And I'm another happy car buyer :). Thanks Randy for helping me find my new car.

I totaled my previous car in Nov and came to Capitol looking for a used car. Met Randy, who by the way is awesome, and saw some good deals on new cars. Randy patiently took me through their inventory and helped me select a car. He understood my priorities and kept me updated till the car was ready. I met Mike, the manager of the dealership and Mike (Mike 2, the singer :) who's another awesome salesperson in Capitol. Not sure if I was polite to the manager :), but he did understand my needs and offered me a good deal. I picked up my car and I absolutely love it :).
I found the whole staff friendly and helpful. I'm really glad I met Randy. In fact we're good friends now. And I can say for sure that this was by far the best experience I had in a car dealership. I highly recommend Randy and of course Mike 2. I'm sure the rest of the staff too will take good care of their customers.
I'm enjoying my car and finding new reasons to drive around :D.

Desene l. | 2011-12-23

AMAZING experience. I thought car buying was supposed to be a painful experience and this was so easy!

First time buying a car and the sales department was great with my questions. Daniel and Mike were great; they spent a lot of time making sure that I got the best interest rate. The price was great and all my questions were answered. They were wonderful about pulling cars from other lots and bringing them over.

Overall no complaints and I plan to go back for any servicing on my car.

Shinya S. | 2011-12-22

I was looking for a Mazda car to buy.
Mr. Randy Janjuh at Capitol Mazda helped me a lot to find out and to buy a car. He knows a lot about cars. He explained me not only the price things but also the technical details of the car. His explanation is really great. When I call to him to ask about the maintenance after I bought it, he continues to help me as well. He is really great guy!! I would like you to contact him, Mr. Randy Janjuh, when you are looking for a car to buy at Capitol Mazda!!

Dal H. | 2011-12-20

Would give it ZERO stars if I could. We went looking for a car for my daughter twice. Yes, we visited this dealership 2 times and nobody bothered to come out and ask if we needed help. NOBODY! We stopped by about a month ago and were the only people on the lot. We were there about 30 minutes. You think they would have noticed us...

Maybe they were having an off day so we decided to give them another shot and stopped by again last week... and again we were the only potential customers on the lot. What were we thinking??? Nobody came out to assist us AGAIN!
We were on the lot about 20 minutes. Plenty of time for someone to come over.

There was a guy that saw us on the lot and didn't seem to care.

If your are serious about buying a car, don't waste your time with this SHITTY dealership!

We went over to Stevens Creek Mazda and they helped us right away!

Cerena D. | 2011-12-07

I recently purchased a used 2010 Mazda 3 here and I couldn't be happier. The salesman Armando was great. He did everything he could to go above my expectations and made my experience a good one. He was friendly, straight forward and made a deal I couldn't refuse. So happy with my choice! Thanks again! :)

Warren W. | 2011-11-26

This review is for their service department.)

I was experiencing some weird knocking noises when accelerating/decelerating and I wasn't quite sure how to replicate the issue. Art (Gonzalez) answered my call on a weekend and had an easy going demeanor that put me at ease. We've all been there before, where a mechanic tries to upsell you on things you don't want/need. This was not Art.

Art also was the first person to greet me at the service line, and quickly listened to my needs and tried to help replicate the issue through a test drive. I appreciated that he didn't make me feel dumb for bringing the car in for a silly warranty issue, and warranted my concerns.

Although we couldn't pinpoint the issue, he wanted to help and tried pinpointing it himself. Long story short, he replicated the issue, had his guys work on the car and I was out in a little over an hour. When he was returning the keys, he even read the issue out for me (talk about thorough), stated he would follow up in a few days (people still do that?!), and said to contact him if I experience the issue again.

I really appreciated his patience, thoroughness, professionalism, but ability to be easy-going at the same time. Mind you, I took the car into a different dealer the week before and the service advisor quickly wrote off my concerns and attributed it to an AC compressor activating, and did not want to go on a test drive with me. I'm glad I went with my gut, and took it into Capitol Mazda before my warranty expired!

Next time you service your Mazda, ask for Art. He'll take good care of ya.

Gee G. | 2011-11-19

Remember these people Daniel, an internet manager and Mike Wynne [sounds like "win"] also a manager.
I thought Daniel was a disappointment and was not happy with our brief conversation, but then he connected me to Mr. Wynne who it seemed just wanted to hear himself talk and who also quoted me a worst offer for my trade-in than Daniel. Mr. Wynne kept referring to what another dealership would pay for it as if they wouldn't have kept the trade-in on their lot and sold it far above what they had they offered me for it in order to rip me off as well as another unsuspecting customer in my opinion. Seems to me all these guys want to do is make as much money as they can off the consumer, but if you're in the market for an automobile I would consider another dealership. On top of everything that these two people stated they also wanted a down payment, I imagine to try and drain my finances, put extra money in their pockets, and look good for the company.  I did not pay a down payment for the car I was trading in not even taxes,fees, etc.  These two folks appeared more interested in soaking my resources than selling me the car choice I had submitted online.  I wanted a car with more room to put things for the profession I am in and learned of their Mazdas with the new Skyactiv [that included the tech package], something these gentlemen would never have known, obviously, since they didn't ask.  I really hoped, I had found a professional bunch of honest and fair individuals to get this deal through-instead I found my dealings with the likes of these two, Daniel and Mike Wynne, who turned out to be like many of the majority of the horror stories you read or hear about and that seem so  commonplace in the automobile industry.  My advice is to simply stay away and don't buy anything new or used from Capitol Mazda.  The consumer really needs to do his or her research and perhaps consider traveling a little farther from home in order to increase the slim chances of dealing with reputable and trustworthy employees of lesser known and smaller dealerships.  If you're out there please let us consumers know so we can check you out.  Thanks for sharing my pain.

Karina B. | 2011-11-10

Well first off let me give a huge compliment to the salesman of the year, Norman. What a stud. I got my car as a gift from my parents and it could not have been a better buy and car for me. Norman was the salesman who helped my parents with the selection and I could'nt be happier. Not to mention how wonderful and gracious he was. The staff at the dealership blew my mind at how easy going they were without feeling pressured to purchase a vehicle. They genuinely want the best car for me and allowed my parents to take their time with their selections.

Secondly, my hat goes to JEFF the service attendant. What a great and professional employee you have got here. He epitomizes the idea of going ABOVE AND BEYOND for your customers. I cant thank him enough for all of his help, time , and accommodations, not to mention his willingness to just serve his customers! Thanks a bunch

And to the readers, people, I wouldn't look any further for a great DEALership on a car! Thanks boys

Alex M. | 2011-11-10

After writing about my experience at Capitol Mazda on Yelp, I was contacted by Nick, the owner, as well as John, the service manager. They were both very concerned with my experience, as apparently this is out of the ordinary. Although I am still not sure why my parts were overpriced, they did their best to investigate and reconcile my business. I truly was impressed with the level of customer satisfaction demonstrated by both of these gentlemen. My new advice is: if you feel that your repair bill seems a bit too steep, contact either John or Nick- they will ensure that you will come out satisfied with your service experience.

Dan G. | 2011-11-08


Not long after posting this Yelp review I was contacted by someone from Capital Mazda who wanted to help.  He explained that they're a family business and this isn't how they do things.  "Fantastic" I thought, they really want to make things right.

I gave him the invoice number from work, the name of the person I'd worked with in their service department, and anything else I could think of that would be helpful while they researched my experience.

It's been three months since I last heard from Capital Mazda.  :(

Perhaps the intention to help was there?  I'll never know.  In the end what I have is another example of poor customer service from them.


Sales is good but I've lost trust in the service department, and ultimately the dealership.

My 2006 Mazda 3 would be driving along just fine, then the transmission  would "stick" (for last of a better word) and there would be a loud BANG from the transmission and in the car it felt as if someone had hit the transmission with a sledge hammer.  A split second later the car was driving fine again as if nothing had happened.

The service department tried to figure out what was going on, they decided that it must be the transmission and offered to replace it.  "But your cars kinda old, I'm not sure I can find the part" they told me.  Really?  A 2006 is too old?  Then they offered to bring me to the sales department to talk about a new vehicle.  :/

I declined and sure enough they managed to track down a transmission. About $2000 later it was installed and I was on my way home when the same problem happened again.

I took the car back to the dealer and they scratched their head a bit and said they'd take the car back to the garage, they reset the onboard computer and clean the contacts that ran from the computer to the transmission.  That ended up fixing it.

So rather than start with the simple, inexpensive stuff, they jumped right to bad transmission and tried to convince me that they might not be able to find the part I need because my car was "old", and that I should just buy a new one.

That all happened maybe a year ago or so.  Just today I got a voicemail from their service department asking for the "owner of the 2006 Mazda 3" (never once using my name) and saying that they haven't seen me in a while and as a "valuable customer" they'd like to offer me a discount on an oil change.  Nice.

Sorry for the long story, cheers for reading it all.  I will not be back to Capitol Mazda and would never recommend them to anyone.

Erick W. | 2011-11-03

First off, I've got to say that I don't work for Capitol Mazda, nor do I know anyone who does. I am a customer who just bought a Mazda 3 from them. I just had to say that because if I read this review, I would probably think it was a fake. It's not, this is the real deal.

If you're interested in buying a Mazda, call these guys and ask for Armando Arteaga. This was the best sales experience I've ever had with any product, not just cars. Armando was completely focused on my experience as a customer. He earned my business by making sure I was happy with the purchase, not just making sure I was going to purchase. He was honest, straightforward, and made sure I was well informed about what was going on. I had done a lot of research ahead of time on about the tricks often pulled by dealers during the car-buying process to work you over for more money. I came prepared to ask about all of these, but there was no need. Armando explained everything that was going to happen during the process before we even started. His explanation was perfect. There wasn't a single surprise throughout the entire purchase. I drove an hour from San Francisco to San Jose to buy this car, but after working with Armando, I'd drive 10 hours the next time I need to buy a car just to work with him again.

A little bit about the actual process, I found the car I wanted on Capitol Mazda's online inventory. I called them, spoke with Armando, and he said that he would pull the car off the lot and send me a quote within 10-15 minutes, which he did. His quote was a very competitive price, several hundred dollars below the TMV price I had set as my benchmark. I was all set to accept this quote since it was a fair price, when another dealership I had been talking to gave me a ridiculously low quote (like to the point where I emailed them back and made sure it wasn't a mistake because it was so low). Anyways, I forwarded the quote to Armando. He worked for an hour and was able to match it. Armando had the better Yelp ratings, so I decided to go with him. By the time I left to go to the dealership, I had the car picked out and the price set. Armando stuck with our agreement and we didn't negotiate price further once I was on the lot, which was a huge relief. Armando was very knowledgeable about the car, pointing out a lot of features that I wasn't aware of, even though I had spent a ton of time researching. On the test drive, he encouraged me to play around with the car a little bit and feel the joy of the zoom zoom :) Which was awesome, by the way. After we decided to complete the purchase, as I mentioned, he took the time to explain that he was going to offer me several other products but that these were completely optional and I was under no obligation to purchase them. The extended warranties etc. that he offered seemed to be a solid value, but since my dad is an auto mechanic, I didn't need them. Armando didn't pressure me one bit, and treated me with the same kindness and respect after I declined to purchase these other products, which was another thing that won major points from me. After my credit had been run, and he was about to hand me off to the finance person, Armando again took the time to explain that she was going to offer me more products, like all finance people at dealerships, but reminded me that they were entirely optional.

My finance person was the director of finance at Capitol Mazda, her name was Sahee (probably spelled completely wrong). She was courteous, fun to talk to, and professional all at the same time. As expected, she offered the additional products and services, but still treated me very well when I declined. Everything was very straightforward and easy to understand. The process didn't take long at all and I walked out with a contract and monthly payments that were significantly lower than the best-case-scenario I had worked out beforehand.

I couldn't be happier with the experience I had here. Everyone was professional, courteous, and fair. I've had some terrible experiences buying used cars and was prepared for the same battle when making my first new car purchase, but it turned out none of that was necessary here. Armando in particular was great to work with, just the ideal salesman. He's earned my business for a long time to come.

Charmaine G. | 2011-10-26

I recently purchased a car from Armando our car salesman and it was a great experience. I researched and inquired via internet and the next couple of days Armando called me right away to schedule an appointment to come in.

I told him I was looking for an SUV within a certain price range (around $10,000 or less). We were looking into getting a Scion XB, however it was not the ideal car we were looking for with the budget we had. The next day we came in Armando suggested a couple of other cars on the lot and one particular car (Mazda Tribute) fit perfectly with what we were looking for.

We had the finances taken care of the same day but had to go back a couple of times for some car issues (the digital part of the radio was not showing up and there were some unusual noises with the car). Armando set up an appointment with Art and Mike and they got the job done within a couple of days.

The staff at the Mazda Capitol location are very helpful, friendly and understanding. They definitely made me feel like they wanted me to come out of their lot feeling satisfied and taken care of.

Armando is a straight forward salesman that cares about his clients. He is a family man and enjoys helping others. Go to Armando and he will take care of you!

Diana C. | 2011-09-22

I preface this with if I could give negative stars, I would. Without hesitation.

Unless you want to be sold a defective car for the price of a brand new car, DON'T go to Capitol Mazda. My parents live in Jacksonville, Fl, and because I wanted my mom to be a co-owner of a new car with me, I bought a NEW Mazda 6 in Jacksonville from a Mazda dealership. The dealer in turn contracted with Nick Corini, the general manager at Capitol Mazda in San Jose, so that I could pick up my new car in San Jose, when I returned to California.

I filled out all the paper work, put a substantial sum for a down payment on the car and went to pick it up at Capitol Mazda in San Jose. I had spoken to Nick on the phone from Florida to make sure everything was going fine and he assured me everything was fine and the car would be ready for pick up. Well, the day I went to pick it up, Nick didn't even bother to come out and greet me. Instead, he put the responsibility on Michael Heaths, who had no idea whether the car was new or used or where the second key to it was. It was obvious he was told about the sale pretty much a few minutes before I got there. First, I waited for at least 40 minutes to get the car (even though I called ahead that day to make sure it was ready). Then, when I started the car, it made a funny noise and did not start properly. Michael said that it's just the oldest car on the lot (for a 2011 model) and that it hadn't been used in a while. I should have never driven it off, but I could not possibly fathom that it could be defective and I believed him. I started it again a few times and it started fine.

The second day after I picked up this new car, the "check engine" light came on. I couldn't believe this was happening. I called Nick frantically, trying to figure out what was wrong. He didn't answer his phone despite the numerous attempts I made at reaching him. I left voicemails and messages with the girl at the front desk, Natalie (who is extremely nice). I scheduled an appointment with the service department in San Francisco to see what is wrong with the car - this was on the second day after I purchased the car. I took the car in 3 days later (because it was a weekend and they didn't fix Mazdas on the weekend). They told me that the car had a defective engine and that the engine needed replacing. I could not believe how badly I was ripped off. I never imagined I could pay the full price of a brand new car, and be given a car with a defective engine. Nick NEVER responded to any of my phone calls. He never offered to have the vehicle replaced (which the service manager in San Francisco said he should have definitely done as a courtesy). He did absolutely nothing but ignore me. To this day, he has not responded or tried to rectify the situation in any way.

This isn't the first new car I've purchased or the first salesman I've dealt with, but by far the worst experience of my life. I read the earlier yelp review of the shady repairs that are being done at this lot and not being disclosed to customers. Well apparently, this dealership also sells defective cars for the price of new ones. This whole experience has been a nightmare (to say the least) and I am now stuck with a car with a replaced engine that I paid full price for. AVOID CAPITOL MAZDA AT ALL COSTS. These people are scam artists in the worst possible way. Maybe you'll be one of the lucky few, who are actually sold a normal car, or maybe you'll end up like me and you won't be so lucky. Like the saying goes, better safe than sorry. Stay away.

David K. | 2011-09-22

Six months into owning the used Mazda3 I purchased here, and it's already cost me $2000 in repairs. Way more than the cost I paid below blue book value. Repairs have included: replaced brake rotors, replaced struts and shocks, AC broke, new tires. I don't like giving bad reviews. But these guys really burned me, so I have to take back my two stars I gave them after their shop tried fixing the car.

j t. | 2011-09-15

Talk to Armando. He's the nicest car salesman I've encountered, and I've encountered too many sleazy ones in the past month. I visited a dozen dealerships around the south bay and hated dealing with pushy salespeople who want to "talk numbers" when all I wanted was to test drive a bunch of cars and narrow down my choices. Armando wasn't like that at all. He seemed honest, down to earth, and gave me the space I needed to make my decision.

Capitol Mazda had exactly what I was looking for, but I wasn't able to buy a car that day (had places to go, people to see, etc). I called up Armando the next day and he came in on his day off to help me through the process. I thought I'd arrive at the dealership a little earlier to look at their selection again and nearly panicked when I didn't see the one I wanted. My feelings quickly shifted as I found out Armando had arrived even earlier than I and had pulled my car to the side, away from the hands and eyes of others prowling the lot.  What a great guy!

corie j. | 2011-08-14

As a car dealership goes, our experience with Capitol Mazda has been much better than most. The relationship we have built with  their representatives has resulted in two car purchases. In particular, we can always rely on the wonderful service from Customer Care Director, Wendy Gasperik. Whenever we have a question or need following a car purchase, Wendy consistently provides us with outstanding customer service and follows up every step of the way to ensure we are fully satisfied. If we contact Wendy by phone or email, we can always count on her friendly and welcoming personalized (expresses sincere interest in how our family is doing) response within a short period of time. With this level of customer service, when shopping for another car in the future, Capitol Mazda will be our first stop.

Linnea E. | 2011-08-02

I'd gladly give 5 stars to the sales guy... Michael.  Wow, he really was wonderful to work with! I went in a month or two ago to look at a CX-9, and had my daughter with me.  He was really helpful and friendly.  I ended up not buying at the time.  When I went back about a little over a week ago, I was amazed that he remembered me.  And I mean REALLY remembered details.  I didn't even have my daughter, but he remembered exactly which car we had liked, that she wanted the dvd player, and that she told him she gets car sick easily!  Heck, he even remembered that we had been in a rush because we were on our way to a sharks game! Anyway, he worked with us to find just the right car and to answer all of our questions.  Really really great.

The actual negotiating/buying part was relatively painless.  I had a change of heart on options, and the sales manager worked with me to get exactly the model I wanted.  Do I think he could have budged a little more on the price? sure.  But all in all, I don't feel bad about the deal.  Price they gave on my trade-in was relatively reasonable.

My only complaint would be the time I spent when I went to do the paperwork.  On this point alone, I considered only giving a 3-star review.  As I've said in other reviews... don't waste my time!  I had called in advance and told them I was coming at a specific time to make the purchase.  I was told the car would be on the lot (it was being pulled from Sunnyvale) and ready to go.  I guess I was then foolishly expecting a fairly speedy transaction.  Not so much.  It took more than 3 1/2 hours!!! It felt like they were stalling on the paperwork, and I don't like the last minute attempts to squeeze more money with "extras."  When we were FINALLY done, the car wasn't even ready!  So I'm thinking they must really be doing a nice job getting it all polished up.  Nope.  They did a half-assed job washing it, and that was it as far as I could tell.  Based on a comment made by the finance lady, we don't think they had even sent anyone to get the car until after we arrived on the lot. By the time they had the car out to me to go over the features, I was so tired and hungry, so I'm still going to have to read the book... no idea what all the buttons do.  

service department remains to be experienced... keeping fingers crossed that I won't see them any time soon for anything other than preventative maintenance!

Leticia R. | 2011-07-30

A special Thank You to Daniel Zamora for his professional assistance in the purchase of my new CX-7. Fast, Easy and hassle free.

Sharon D. | 2011-07-30

Teddy Martinez is the BOMB! He was friendly, professional, knowledgeable and helpful. He answered our questions and walked us through the buying experience, making it fun and easy

Caterina V. | 2011-07-29

Go see Norman!!!
I'm a single girl shopping for a car and quite honestly at most dealerships the salesmen either completely ignore me or treat me like some frou-frou girl that doesn't know anything. I know things thank you very much! On a Sunday afternoon I stopped by and Norm was helpful, nice, and all about me and what I needed and wanted. Not what he needed to sell. If you plan on buying a Mazda Norm will find the perfect one for you and make sure your happy, no pressure sales! The way it should be! Hey Mazda guys your lucky to have Norm as part of your team.
See you soon Norm!

Jenelle C. | 2011-07-28

I was looking to purchase an extended warranty for my mothers car, I phoned several dealers as well as emailed.  I only received a few responses, Rhonda  Cook in the Finance dept. was the one that took the time to go over my options and find a plan that I could afford. Thank you again for your help. If your looking for an extended warranty for your car call Rhonda Cook she was great.

Rashi T. | 2011-07-27

Teddy Martinez is the man to go to if you need to buy a car. He is extremely helpful, honest and genuinely wants to get you the best deal. I bought my first car yesterday and I am more than happy with the car and the amazing price. He was able to get us a much lower price than any other dealership around. He was hands down the best salesman I came across during my car shopping.

Yunmi B. | 2011-07-22

I want to specifically acknowledge Saehee Ju who helped me with financing my car.  It was so smooth and seamless that I almost did not feel like I was in a car dealership!   She had me in and out in no time.  

She is very honest and upfront, which is hard to come by in the car industry.  Wherever Saehee is I go there and nowhere else!

Amanda M. | 2011-07-22

I have been in the market for a new car and I have had a lot of questions about various cars. Saidu was a great salesman to work with and I often go to him for any questions or concerns I have. He is honest and straight to the point, definitely makes me feel comfortable and I will be purchasing my next car with his help for sure!!

Michael B. | 2011-07-04

For the used-car division:

My salesman was really cool, helpful, INTELLIGENT, and honest.  Obviously he wanted to sell me a car, but he did it with honest advice and encouragement, rather than heckling and bullying.

I didn't actually buy my Mazda from that dealership, but they seemed pretty reasonable.  While other salesman might have a few traits (cool and honest, but not helpful) this guy had all four.  The best salesman out of the 10-15 that I met during my car shopping.

Erin R. | 2011-07-03

I brought my Mazda 3 in for express oil change and asked them to check left rear tire.  Low and behold, a nail.  They fixed it in record time then offered a free wash!!!  Art is the greatest!  Don't forget to ask for Art and leave a yelp review for him.

Tia V. | 2011-06-26

Dave, the man who sold us our car gets 5 stars, but the rest of the department there is a little lacking. The made price negotiation long and drawn out and made several errors on the final sales paperwork. I love my car though and they got me what I wanted at the price my husband wanted and that is what matters in the final say. I look forward to using their service department.

Danielle K. | 2011-06-18

Talk to Armando.

He's courteous, easy to talk to, and tries to help the customer as much as possible. Basically, he's not your typical fast-talking, sleazy, plaid-and-stripes-wearing, gold chain adorned car salesman.

(This reviewed was placed even though they didn't have the car we wanted in stock. Had they had the car, we would have had a deal.)

He's that good.

Dusten R. | 2011-06-17

Hold on to your hats folks you are in for a RIDE.... And not the kind you want
  I will spare you the week long history before we showed up here... But Sunnyvale Nissan (a partner dealer) sent us over to Capitol because they had the 07 Yukon XL we wanted. Nissan said, "we called ahead go talk to Norm" (by the way Norm is a GREAT guy he just needs to go work somewhere else). When we got there Norm had to hand us off to Dave because he was busy with another customer. By the time we got there (20 minutes later), the Yukon XL was already being purchased...

  They then turn us on to an 07 Ford Expedition EL Limited which was a way nicer car with a few more miles.  I figured this is a better stronger vehicle with a history of WAY LESS problems than the GM so we bought it along with an extended bumper to bumper warranty. We had come all the way from Sunnyvale, had a pre-approved load and the finance manager didn't even want to finish the deal, he wanted us to waste another day and come back the next day to sign all the paperwork, when I said no, today or no deal, he all the sudden had time to finish the deal.
    After what seems like forever (which it shouldn't have been since the loan was already approved) the service guy run's the car around the corner to get gas and the check engine light comes on. Dave the sales guy says "no problem bring it back first thing tomorrow, we will take care of it."
  This is where the story gets ugly...
I was turned over to the very poor service department.  This is now less then 12 hours after I purchased the car. Friday morning I get to service and speak with Art and give him my list of things wrong with the car 1) Check Engine Light 2) cracked tail light 3) cigarette lighter not working and 4) memory buttons on power seat popped out.
   After sitting in the service area for 3 hours Art says they have ordered a new tail light and  we fixed the other items. The check engine light is the catalytic converter go take it to Ford, I called ahead for you and let them know what was going on...notice the cigarette lighter never addressed (whatever its probably a fuse).
  So I take it to Ford... Ford says we have ordered the catalytic converter and by the way it looks like there is at least one cylinder coil miss firing but we won't know for sure until we fix the catalytic converter.

Fast forward one week (now 7 days from purchase on the following Thursday)....
Ford fixes converter and then says there are 7 coils miss firing but since you have a warranty we will try and get that approved so we can fix for you.
  Well the warranty company has no idea who we are because it takes 30 DAYS TO KICK IN!!!!! I now walk across the street to Mazda and tell the service guys what Ford said (Ford still has my truck) they look at me dumbfounded until I talk to Norm, Dave, and Rhonda (finance person) who then get the sales manager involved. ENTIRE SALES DEPARTMENT SAYS IT WILL BE FIXED NO MONEY OUT OF YOUR POCKET. Well... That's the last I heard from the sales dept no follow up and no help making sure the problems were taken care of...mistake #1.

  Art the service guy says he will pick up the vehicle from Ford first thing tomorrow morning (friday) and we will fix it ourselves and deal with the warranty company later. I call Friday morning about 10:30 and Art had NOT PICKED UP THE CAR FROM FORD YET?! mistake #2.
  I call Art back around 3:00pm to check on things since he never called back, he says its on the computer right now I will call you back in 15 min. I was in SF for business so I drove straight to Mazda before Art ever picked up the phone, and what did I find? They were just plugging in my car to the machine, mistake #3.
   Magically the check engine light is off and they can't find any problems and refuse to call Ford to get the reports but want ME to go to Ford and get the report for them. I have now wasted 2 and a half work days of the past 5 work days to deal with this and they wanted ME to go do THEIR job!!!
As irony would have it the new owners of the Yukon XL we originally wanted were also there with problems,  they were so upset that they got in a yelling match with the service manager who refused to fix their car... They had also found an issue the day of purchase and Mazda said bring it back we will fix it. But did they? NO!!!

While waiting for them to return our truck I saw 4 other unhappy people picking up their cars who also didn't get fixed what Mazda said they would fix.


Oh yeah... Mazda only had one key to the truck, I found out from Ford that it will cost $50 for the key plus $130 to re-program AND another $65 for the key less entry button. Ford suggested to buy 2 keys so I don't have this happen again. Mazda waited to tell me this AFTER I already signed on the dotted line.

Nick D. | 2011-06-01

The morning right after I wrote my review, I was contacted directly by the GM, Nick.  He conveyed his greatest disappointment about my experience, assured me a corrective measure was taken and invited me to return to the dealership to make things right.  After sharing my experience with my friends and co-workers all day, they convinced me to give Capitol Mazda one more shot and see what the GM has to say in person, so I called Nick and told him I'd be there later on in the evening.

I arrive and meet with Nick and another gentleman (forgot his name and title.).  Nick expressed great discontent of what transpired less than 24-hours prior and gave me his word that he will make things better.  He introduced me to their top sales guy, Armando, who would assist me.

Armando walked me throughout the lot, showing me all the cars that fit my criteria and even cars that were not yet prepped for sale.  He also went through a list of all the cars for sale at other dealerships within the Del Grande Dealer Group.  I did test drive one vehicle but needed to do a little research on it.  Upon leaving, Armando gave me his card and told me he'd contact me in the next few days.  He also brought me back to Nick, who invited me to come back as they expect some cars to come in over the Memorial Day holiday weekend sale.

In the end, I purchased a vehicle from another dealership however, I did appreciate that Nick immediately acknowledged my review and offered his personal commitment  to recover from the situation.

Din H. | 2011-05-14

Came here looking for a used Mazda and found one that I'm pretty happy with. George was very patient with my dad and I and took time to listen to what we had to say. He didn't try to hustle me into buying a brand new car and took his time searching for what we wanted. George also kept me updated with my car when it was getting detailed and checked up. I'm very happy with my purchase. George took great care of us and he'll take good of you. Just ask for George Olagov.

A. R. | 2011-04-22

2009: I bought a new car from Capitol Mazda.

If you want a good car buying experience here, you should buy through your Costco membership. After test-driving cars in multiple locations, I went online to and searched for the exact car I wanted.  The car was located at Capitol Mazda, so I called them up to tell them I wanted to come over and buy it.  As Mazda's internet sales manager, Kathy Greene made our experience easy, giving us $1000 off for being Costco members, $500 off (for being a new customer or w/e), and [$4,500 off for the "Cash for Clunkers" deal).  And Costco already discounts the vehicles so you don't have to worry about haggling.  It was nice not having to deal with the other salesmen's "personalities".  

My finance lady was Rhonda. She was very to the point, and handled all of my paperwork correctly and efficiently (considering there is so much of it).  

This was an overall great experience, and I would highly recommend this method of car buying (through Costco).

Dann L. | 2011-03-26


I came to Capitol Mazda with some outstanding credit issues that I was worried would affect my ability to get a new car. Tony Roberts at Capitol Mazda was not only a great car salesperson, but provided a great experience with no bull and no issues - exactly as promised! Tony got me approved with a great loan within an hour and got me into a great pre-owned car.

And if that wasn't awesome enough...

The car that I bought ran great, looked great, all that - I just realized it was too small and realized that about 24 hours after I drove away. I called Tony and told him that I was really bummed that the new car was too small and was expecting him to tell me "too bad - so sad..." and he said "Bring it back and we'll get you a new one!" I came right over and Tony got me into a different car that has worked out perfectly! And... got me an even better loan that the first one.

Tony can be reached at (877) 875-8679 or

Abhishek J. | 2011-03-09

I bought a Mazda 6 about a month ago and my dealer was Kathi Greene. To be honest, if it was not for Kathi, I probably would have bought another car. Kathi is a great person - she is extremely quick with her email/voicemail replies and offers the best service. She helped me a lot with all the paperwork and makes it a point to regularly check with me how my car is going. Some of my other friends also bought new cars recently. Even though their cars are not giving them any trouble as yet, none of their dealers check back to see how the cars are doing. I think Mazda provides the best service in the market and Kathi is probably the best dealer I have ever met. In short, if you are looking to buy a car then go for Mazda, and once you decide on a Mazda, think of no other person but Kathi - she's the best!!

Katlin L. | 2011-02-05

SO helpful!

After having a helluva time at other Mazda dealerships, Capitol came in and saved the day!

They send me coupons for oil changes, major services and always do a great job.

They also wash your car for you, inside and out..

I have always had great experiences with Capitol Mazda and they finish jobs sooner than they say they will, not HOURS later. They also have a much bigger selection than oak tree on Stevens creek and it is not awkward to drive into a tiny dealership, they have plenty of space and many more cars to choose from.

in short, this is an awesome Mazda dealership to use!

Toygar A. | 2011-02-03

Went there for a regular maintenance service + some parts installation to fix a noise issue. Mileage was 18k at that time. After their "trained" mechanics installed the parts, I started hearing noise not only from my front tires but also from the rear. On top of that, instead of doing a regular oil/filter change, they did a second 15k maintenance (which costs about $250 - and as I mentioned  the car was at ~18k) and charged me the full amount. that could have been OK, the only thing is my original 15k service was done at the very same dealer!

so, all in all, I had to go the dealer three times to get a noise issue fixed. what I achived in the end was my noise problem was NOT solved but made worse, and I ended up paying +$200 for a service that I did not need.

I had done business with them in the past (repairs/service) and they had some good representatives, but the overall experience was never what I would call "satisfactory", just plain simple OK. but this time they screwed up big time. what really sucks is I did not even get an apology.

Michelle B. | 2011-02-01

Beware!  Something's fishy at Capitol Mazda.

We saw a car advertised online for a good price with low miles.  The ad stated that this had been a loaner car for their service department.  The dealership is about a 45 minute drive for us, so we called for to make sure they still had the car.  They did and we were told to ask for Tony.

We arrive and Tony does not seem to have been expecting us.  He grumbles about all the work he has to do, but goes to get the key to the car.  He comes back, seems confused and goes to find the car keys again.  And again.  Finally he comes back and flashes a piece of paper at us that indicates that someone loaned this car out for the night.  But he says we can test drive a similar car and write up the paperwork so all we need to do is come back the next day and pick up our car.  I don't like that, but my wife agrees.

Then Tony offers us $2,125 less for our trade-in than it is worth (Tony says some bullshit about how they have to take dings out of the car doors, but the value of the car through already took that into account).  This pisses me off and my wife doesn't like it,  but she thinks the used car is such a good deal that we can afford the loss.

We test drive a car that is on their lot.  It's the same trim and color, but it has a lot more miles on it, a surprisingly large crack in the windshield and smells like smoke.  Why the hell don't they detail their cars before they put them on the lot?  Why would you have someone test drive a car with a large flaw that smells bad?  All of this seems weird to me.  On top of that, Tony insists on coming with us.  I've test driven a lot of cars, and this no longer seems to be the norm, so I don't know what the deal is.  But on top of that, he only lets my wife drive it around the block.  She doesn't even get a feel for how the car drives.  It's the shortest test drive I've ever taken.  And he doesn't point out any features.  He doesn't defend the car when my wife complains about road noise.  Why did he come at all, other than to make us drive around the block?

My wife is not deterred by any of this though and proceeds to sign all the paperwork for the car.  They say they will not cash the check we write them until we have the car.  They say we can pick the car up after 5pm.  

She calls the next day and is told to come at 6pm.  She says no, we have a houseguest and she needs to be home sooner.  Tony says he will find out how soon we can have the car and he will "call her right back."  Hours go by and my wife calls him.  He claims he was just about to call her.  The car will be there at 5:15.

She arrives at 5:30.  The car is not available.  She's told it is being detailed.  She is told repeatedly it is "almost ready."  Then she is told, "oops, they took your car to get gas."  30 minutes later (where the heck did they go for gas?) and she sees the car pull in.  She is given the key and sits in the car for the first time at 7:15pm (2 hours after it was "ready for her to pick up").  She turns the key and sees that the odometer reading is 2000+ miles over what it says on all the paperwork we signed the night before!   She can't believe her eyes.  They suddenly remember that their sales manager has been driving the car back and forth to Modesto.  

Tony says they can take some money off the price. He tries to offer her a new car, claiming they will give her a ridiculous deal ($3,000+ off sticker?).  She asks to sleep on it, but he refuses, claiming it's the end of the month and they need to make the sale right then and there.  She says no and then suddenly he says they can let her sleep on it.  At this point I tell her to run away from there ASAP.  They have lied to us and mistreated us from the start.

Oh, and by the way?  They cashed our check.  We had to put a stop-payment on it.  They claim they will reimburse us for the fee the bank will charge us.

Avoid Capitol Mazda at all costs.

Jessica A. | 2011-01-13

Since all my other cars were hand-me-downs, this was my first car purchase. I financed a Mazda3 back in October and overall it was a pretty easy experience. The salesman I had was Armando and I do have to say he's pretty awesome. I would definitely recommend him-- he's a friendly, upfront and funny guy. He answered all of my questions and didnt make me feel like I was clueless for not knowing anything about cars/purchasing. When my car had to be serviced he came out and said hello and spoke to all of my family members who were picking me up while the car was getting fixed.

On the other hand, when it came to doing the paperwork and financing, my sister and I did wait a while to see the lady that does the financing, but it was on the weekend--so understandable. That was a different experience. She was more concerned with how many more people she had to help after us rather than going over everything I was signing (my life over) for. When my sister and I asked her questions she made us feel like we were idiots and pretty much just told us the basics, handed us papers and sign here..sign here..sign here.

Also, when I test drove the car, I could tell it needed an allignment, which was serviced later on, but aren't the cars suppose to pass a complete inspection before going out on the lot??

The manager said a simple hello and wasn't really super friendly.
So if your thinking about purchasing a car here, I would recommend Armando, and the brunette finance lady who was helpful and patient :)

T S. | 2011-01-12

After raising my concerns described in my previous review to a manager, the manager tried to understand why I had a bad experience and address those issues. In addition he offered to cover my expenses and  help me find a deal on another car. Although I was not able to find another car that I was interested in at this dealership, I appreciated how the situation was handled and would be willing to try this dealership again. In comparison I know other dealerships that would not offer to cover a mechanic's cost after problems were discovered that should have been disclosed in advance.

Jim T. | 2010-11-27

This is a review of Capitol Mazda's service department:

Wife's Check Engine light went on the day before our trip to Reno (of course, isn't that the only time those lights turn on?). Took her car to our normal service tech and while they are awesome, they were also swamped and simply couldn't find the time to get the code pulled from the car.

Seeing as how this is a Mazda 3, I called Capitol Mazda and asked if I could squeeze in a time to have someone pull the code just to make sure the engine wasn't about to explode. While Jeff said they were super busy, he advised to bring the car in and they'd take a look.

When I got there, I worked with Josh Delgado. He was friendly, helpful and explained what was happening the entire time. He even waived the service fee (I assume since they were only pulling the code and not actually fixing anything that day). 90 minutes later Josh tells me the gas cap was loose and that was the reason for the light...

So not only am I super-embarrassed that it was such a dumb thing to waste everyone's time with, I feel bad that I'm not even paying them. I offer to pay the service fee and Josh instead tells me it's no big deal and sends me on my way.

Yes, he lost the dealership $30-60 but in exchange, I will be sure to make Capitol Mazda one of my first stops when I need a new car (which will be very soon). Thanks Josh (and the tech who pulled my code) for the incredible service!

Aye B. | 2010-11-23

It is kind of embarrassing, but I think I'll bypass social norms and write well about a car dealership.

After I requested an on-line quote, Mike Wynne responded to me over email. We went back and forth (over email) a bit over requirements to fine tune a quote. About a week later I had compared all the quotes from other dealership and found a more competitive quote elsewhere. But based on Yelp reviews, I thought it might be better to go with this dealership if they could match the price. I spoke with Mike over phone and after two brief conversations, he agreed to match the price. He kept my credit card on file because he was getting the car from far away (a few hundred miles). We agreed to meet in a couple of days. And that is when the best part of our experience began:

Mike had the car ready when we reached there. He offered us a test drive even though we had told him that we have driven it earlier. He did not push us to buy anything extra. I think salesmen have outsourced that part of job to document preparer these days (who by the way was trying hard to sell us extra warranty and protective coating). We were in and out within two hours. About half an hour was spent because we changed our mind about financing at the dealership. This was purely a personal decision and Mike did not sway us either way. After the purchase, Mike went over all the features and settings with us in good detail.

The only complain I have is that Mike did not offer us tissue paper when tears of joy rolled down our cheek for the unexpectedly pleasant experience. But I won't hold that up against him.

Kathleen H. | 2010-10-14

We bought a Mazda5 from Capitol Mazda on Sept 11. The first annoyance was the low price they were willing to give us for our 2005 Toyota Matrix trade in. We had guaranteed offers for $6500, but the first number they came out with was only $4800, and the number we finally negotiated up to was only $5300.  All told, there was a lot of back and forths haggling over the price for an hour, and literally the salesman said any lower and we'd be taking food out of his children' mouths. We were happy enough with the price, but when we got home I checked (we went in for the GT, but ended up with the Touring to get the price where we needed it) and we paid exactly $10 less than Edmunds listed as the True Market Value and what everyone else in San Jose is paying for that car.  For that $10, it seems it shouldn't have been as much of a fight and with so much melodrama. However, while annoying, that was partly our own negotiating and we accepted the price of the trade in and the car, so it's unfair to complain about the deal after we'd agreed to it.

The *real* problem came when the time was coming up on when the first loan payment was due, and we hadn't received our loan documents. We tried to call starting 2 weeks before the payment was due, and it took 3 calls before we even got someone to call us back. The Finance manager said the papers had been sent and they would arrive at least a week before the payment was due. When that didn't happen, we called again. We were told, again, they would be there any day. When they hadn't arrived 3 days later, we called again. She then looked further and said the paperwork had gotten "misfiled" and the loan never sent to Chase. She had us pay them over the phone via credit card and said they would send the payment  with the loan papers so the payment wouldn't be late while we waited on the loan documents.

That was Wed, Oct 6th, and the payment was due Oct 11th. On Oct 8th, the loan appeared in my Chase online banking, but not the payment. So we called again. We were assured the payment had been sent and would just take "a couple days" to show up since it wouldn't have been processed until the loan was set up. Oct 11th was a holiday,and I know from being a longtime Chase customer than transactions that happen late on Friday through the weekend don't show up in Online banking until Tues morning. Because of the Holiday, I expected it to show up on Wed. When it didn't, my husband drove down to the dealership instead of calling.  He was given a few halfhearted apologies, and a copy of the email directing the business office to send the check- On Friday the 8th- and the UPS receipt. The email to cut the check wasn't even sent until 45 minutes AFTER we'd been assured the payment had already been made. To make matters even worse, although the email said to write the check for the right amount, the check was actually written for $1 less! (The first check finally did clear Chase today, the 14th)

If they had told us on the 8th that the check had never gotten sent, we could have asked them to reverse the charges (Or disputed them) and made the payment ourselves, for the proper amount, on time. Instead, the check didn't even arrive until the day after it was due- and didn't get processed until 2 days later- and for the wrong amount.  They have allegedly overnighted another check for $1 and did manage to email us a .pdf of a copy of the check. We can only assume it has been sent.

It has also now been just short of 5 weeks, and we haven't received our license plates. I'm dreading that phone call, because I wonder if that paperwork was "misfiled" too.  I have no idea how a business that is run so dishonestly and incompetently can stay in business.  It's also scary because this group owns 6 other dealerships in Capitol Auto Mall and the Bay Area, and all the paperwork goes through the same business office.

Christopher L. | 2010-09-10

This review is ONLY for the service department and mainly JOSHUA DELGADO. I think he's new here, but he treated me like I'd been his regular for years!!

I had some warranty work done to get my 08 mazdaspeed3 turbo replaced because of white smoke at idle.

Dropped it off Tuesday afternoon and was quoted by Saturday for pick up. I got a call THURSDAY that my car was ready and they even washed my dirty ass car.

Big props to Josh for being super patient with me even though I bombed him with 99999999999999 annoying ass pre and post followup calls.

Jonny A. | 2010-09-08

I went into Capitol Mazda back in April to pick out a car to start saving up for. I had some money saved up already, however, I ASSUMED my credit wasn't the best because I had a little trouble with it in the past. Teddy, the salesman, ran my credit for me and I was approved for 60 months 0% APR! I also got a very reasonable monthly payment plan. This was all after Teddy let me take a nice long test-drive both on the roads and on the freeway. While driving, he explained every detail about the car. He told me the differences between my cars and the other ones I was eying and eventually I settled for my gorgeous 2010 Mazda 3. Teddy was extremely friendly as was the rest of the staff. They even had a BBQ going on so I had a free lunch! It felt like I was buying a car from a friend rather than a salesman. There was no pressure whatsoever. It's been a few months and I still am loving this car and all the people who work there, as I have already taken the car in for a routine oil change and rotation of tires. Thank you, Teddy and the rest of Capitol Mazda!

nancy m. | 2010-08-27

Service Department "TWO THUMBS UP"

Andrew W. | 2010-08-22

Original: 8/22/2010

If you're close, go here to test drive and then deal with someone else.

We all know the stories about how car dealers are sleezebags... well in my case its partially true. I went to do a test drive with Armando a month ago to figure out which car I wanted to get and that help convince me to get a Mazda3. My job and paycheck wouldn't start for a few weeks so I told him I'd be back in a month and he was cool with that. I went back one night when I had time but he was on his way out so he handed me off to another salesman named Brain. He helped me find the exact trim and color I wanted in the lot and try it out (I just learned how to drive stick the previous weekend so he let me do some cool stuff in a parking lot).

I got them to match a quote from another dealer but wanted to sleep on it cause it wasn't a firm offer. I went back on the weekend to close and after wasting an hour of my time to "run a credit check" (which I had already done and reconfirmed on my Droid that I was more than qualified), they came back with a revised offer of $2 grand more than what we had settled on. As we're about to drive off, they come back and offer us close to what we settled on previously, but after we walk in, they tack another $2 grand on again.

Also, while I was waiting, I could also hear them trying to convince another buyer to getting useless addons that most car buyer sites will tell you is unnecessary, easy to do yourself for a lot cheaper, or already included.

Updated: 9/20/2010

As a follow up, the manager/owner contacted me afterwards and try to smooth things over. Still not the best deal in my opinion and I had already happily bought my car, but they did try. And I did originally like their salesmen -- at least the ones I actually worked with for more than 10 mins.

Evangelina B. | 2010-08-04

After my bad experience the first time I brought my beloved 2006 Mazda3 hatchback back in for a service repair. Nick, one of the managers went over and beyond to make this visit pleasant. He informed his staff with great communication I would be arriving today at a certain time. When I arrived they had the paperwork ready along with my loaner car. Arturo, one of the service advisors, was very helpful throughout the day calling to inform me about the status of my car. When I went to pick it up he went with me to the car over the details. very helpful. I also received an additional follow up call about my experience today. Very helpful. This location really stepped up to the plate after my first bad experience and made my last one a great one.

Roman L. | 2010-07-19

So after reading my previous review the manager of this dealership contacted me and did everything he could to make me happy. I was really impressed with the level of service and in light of my positive treatment would go back for my auto needs.

Andy W. | 2010-06-03

I bought a used 2009 Mazda 5 from Norm and had a good experience.  

One note for future buyers.  The car we bought had only one key, which was a problem because both my wife and I needed to drive it.  A new key is an expensive proposition at $200-$300 and this led to some controversy about who is responsible for paying for it.  A used car does say it comes "as is" so, technically, the dealer is off-the-hook.  But the buyer of a one-year-old used car would expect it to come with two keys unless its disclosed otherwise.  The controversy arose because Norm wasn't aware the car only had one key until we were on our way out the door .  Ultimately, Norm and Bob took care of giving us a second at no cost, kudos to both for their help.  But for future buyers of used cars, my advice is to check how many keys the car has during the negotiations so it doesn't become a source of controversy later.

Kristina L. | 2010-05-25

I had a very positive experience buying a Mazda 3 5 door with Kathi Greene and Gitea Perkins at Capitol Mazda.  I thought the customer service was great, they had to put a lot of effort into locating a car with the add ons and features that I wanted, and always responded promptly to my phone calls and questions.  I didn't feel pressure at this dealership to buy a car like I had at others, and I would highly recommend Gitea as a salesperson based on his knowledge of the vehicles he's selling.

Kathi made the financing very simple and straightforward.  Overall, purchasing a car through this dealership was easier and more pleasant than I would have expected.  I just purchased my car last week, so time will really tell whether or not this dealership will be good to me now that I've driven the car off the lot.  As far as the buying experience goes, I couldn't have asked for better!

Emi D. | 2010-05-08

My 5 stars represent my sales guy, Ryan.  He's not your typical pushy sales guy, he has a much more laid back approach which I appreciated.  He tells you all your need to know about the car, but allows you to make your own decision.  I also went to Oak Tree Mazda while shopping for my 2010 Mazda 3, but returned to Capitol, because I wanted to give the sale to Ryan (and they price match).  

When I went in to purchase my car it was later in the evening and the service department was no longer open and I was unable to get the second key for my car.  The next day Ryan drove to my house to hand deliver the second key for my new car.  His service was above and beyond!

Arnab C. | 2010-04-22

I used the mazda website to request a quote for a new mazda3 GT. The sales representative (Kathi Greene) all but flat out refused to offer a quote. Instead I received nothing more than uninformative invitations to visit the dealership and discuss things, in person. After multiple requests for the quote, I was informed that the MSRP is easily found on the website.

I don't know about you, but there are lots of dealers out there that know the difference between an MSRP and a quote. This isn't one of them, and if the real life experience is anything like the online one, I can only imagine how pushy they must be.

yogesh d. | 2010-04-21

If there were 10 stars, I would give all 10 to Capitol Mazda. Purchased a new RX-8 a month back... Teddy was our salesman.. absolutely cool and professional guy... whole sales experience was the most amazing I had in bay area.. Got a decent trade-in price for my old car and Teddy never rushed me or tried selling non-needed things... The dealership also promptly closed my old finance account. If I have to buy by next car, I would not even consider any other dealership.

Jason P. | 2010-03-20

My experience is similar to quite a few other reviews listed here. I purchased a used Mazda3 in January. 2 months later I heard a disconcerting noise while braking, and took it to a closer dealership who diagnosed the problem as 0% rear brakes and discovered that the transmission was way over due for a service (about 10k miles). I called my salesperson who first tried to say it was outside of thirty days and they couldnt do anything about it.. I persisted, saying that it didn't seem reasonable that they could sell me a car requiring major maintenance. I spoke to a manager who told me to bring it back to them, and they'd sort it out. I brought it back in, as they requested and they had no idea what I was talking about and said that unless I remembered who I spoke to I was out of luck. I persisted again, to a complete lack of sympathy, making me feel like I was asking for something ridiculous. I'm going to pursue the issue further with Mazda of America, but buyer beware.

Cynthia K. | 2010-03-15

so far so good. Got a 2008 Mazda 6 sport.
Best part. Angie.
Not your typical douchy car sales person.
let me decide for 3 days after a half day test drive extravaganza.
I would recommend her and Capitol to anyone looking for a lower cost. ( under 11,000) car.
Beware of the other sales guys though. they seemed a little slimy.

Lee J. | 2010-02-06

I arrived having done all of my homework on all the cars I wanted to test drive (4 total) and I was going to pay cash.  When I walked in no one even acknowledged me. I had to go to the receptionist and ask to see a salesperson.
Kathi Greene was sent to help me and told me 1 of the cars was sold so she would get the keys for the other ones. 1 car was filthy inside with cigarette burns. 1 car wouldn't start because the battery was dead.  And 1 car she said wasn't on the lot, but I ended up finding it on my own.
After test driving the one I found, it had problems so I decided against it.  When I returned the keys to Kathi she asked how it went. I told her it was making funny noises and she said "ok well sorry you didn't find something that worked for you' and that was it.
Never once did she ask how I wanted to pay for the car or what was my price range.  She acted like I was wasting her time.
So I left and went to another Mazda dealer.

Rose F. | 2010-01-20

My boyfriend contacted the dealership via email. Mike replied very quickly with a prices for a few of their Mazda CX-7 and CX-9 they had in inventory.

We made a trip there to see the vehicles. Test drove one with Mike. He explained all the bells and whistles that the vehicle had to offer. Unfortunately, we couldn't complete our transaction until days later. Mike was very understanding and courtesy to us.

When we returned three days later to pick up the vehicle, we were there for 2 1/2 hours before we were owners on our brand new Mazda CX-7. The car was detailed and given to us with one final explanation of the vehicles features by Mike.

We were completely satisfied with our experience that we had with the dealership and our salesperson. The owner of the dealership greeted both times we were there. A very friendly environment. No pressure to sell us anything we didn't want.

Definitely, we will contact Capitol Mazda and Mike next time we're in the market to purchase our next vehicle.

Jason J. | 2009-12-02

They're either lying assholes, or they are careless idiots. Made it seem like the wife and I would have an oh-so-impossible time even qualifying to buy a friggin' used Mazda 3 with missing radio buttons. Seriously! A used Mazda 3 in lousy shape! This seemed especially strange to us, since, you know, I have a paying job and other qualifications that make obtaining a car loan rather easy.

So we left these bozos, drove up to Sonnen Audi VW in San Rafael and leased a 2010 Audi A4 *and* a 2010 VW Jetta -- right in line with what we thought we could afford in the first place. Yet Capitol Mazda acted like $10K for a vehicular turd was right on the outskirts of what we deadbeats would be able to borrow.

You sure you read the right file, jackass?

Both the A4 and the Jetta have all their buttons, by the way.

Jerry Y. | 2009-11-23

Before heading to the dealerships, Mazda had been a top choice for what I wanted to buy. However, after visiting the dealership, I had changed my mind, not because of the car, but more so because of  the sales guy.

Prior to coming to Mazda, I had exchanged emails with the sales rep named Mike. He had told me that there are some internet deals/discounts he can give me with good interest rates.

I was very interested, so I came in to do a test drive. Test drove the car and during the test drive he had asked me about financing options. There was an awkward moment during the conversation:

Sales guy Mike: "How are you going to finance this?"
Me: "I have good credit and a good job"
Sales guy Mike: "Takes more than that to buy a car"
Me: "?????" (thinking wtf)

He was quiet for the most part during this test drive which is somewhat unusual because the other dealers would tell me all the nifty features their car can provide, while sale guy mike was silent and didn't even ask if we can go on the freeway (which later I heard from a friend that should be the thing to do in a test drive!).

So we get back and we talked about pricing. I told him that the Stevens Creek dealership was offering me MSRP @ 17,800. Sales guy mike told us that it is 19,800 and he even went on the website to show us. My friend who was with me swore he saw it for cheaper on the cars. Instead of just giving us the 17,800 or telling us that he can give us a discount, he walked us out to the car to show us the sticker to PROVE that he was correct.. WHAT THE HECK was that?!?! How awkward! Afterwards, both my freind and I didn't want to talk to him and he just gave us his biz card and quickly showed us out the door. What happened to the internet discount mike?!

Overall, it was a bad experience. I love the car and the features, but man I do not want to deal with someone that didnt' respect me. Went to the VW dealership next door and was much happier and now i'm leaning towards the VW.

Sales people need to realize that the sales guy makes a difference.. a BIG difference in most people's choices in purchasing a car.

I recommend Stevens Creek Mazda or avoid anyone named mike at this dealership

Burbie G. | 2009-11-21

I bought my car through the Costco system-I wasn't sure what make I wanted I did know what I was not willing to compromise on, I  needed 6-8 seats, a moon roof, and AWD or 4x4.  

The first day on the search I talked to Kathi - she was business like, efficient and answered every question including price.  I had no intention to run around town if the dealers couldn't even give me what I wanted within my budget.  When I finally did get to meet her and see the car, she allowed me to take the car out on my own with the kids.  I took my time in deciding as I had about three other cars but each time I came back to Kathi and asked a question she was right there for me.  Her service and her willingness to let me do my research was awesome.  At the end of the day the CX9 AWD won the the research and the feel BUT it was Kathi who made a lot of that happen.  She was right there for me every step of the way.  I was honest and up front about how I take my time, I research and I won't be pushed into something - I was honest and what I got was a just as honest sales person.  Those that have given her bad ratings here probably have done so out of spite rather than out of understanding what it takes to be in sales.  She is exceptional and she won a customer for life.  Her professionalism was worth more to me and my new car is FABULOUS!  I will let you know what I think of the service department as we have always used another Mazda dealership for our Miata.

Be warned Kathi is busy so its best if you make an appointment.  Thank you Costco for this great program

Rui M. | 2009-10-02

Just purchased a new 2010 MazdaSpeed3 through Kathi Greene.  Kathi immediately responded to my internet query regarding the cost and availability of the car we wanted.  She was concise and to the point in answering my questions.  Several other dealerships I contacted wanted me to come in for a test drive before giving me a quote...that bugs the crap out of me!

We scheduled an appointment for a test drive on a Saturday morning.  Kathi greeted us promptly and hand us the keys to the car and told us to go out and have fun with the car...without her!  This was great!  Wife and I drove the car around without having a car salesman yapping in our ear the whole time about how great the car is, etc.

They did not have the exact car (color and options) we wanted.  Kathi showed us that one was on order from the factory and would notify us once it was built to come down for a deposit.  Long story short, Kathi kept searching for us and found the exact car at another dealership and had it transferred to Capitol Mazda sooner than expected.

All of the paperwork was done in a timely manner including the financing.  The finance lady (cannot remember her name) had everything ready to go and did not put the hard sell on the paint protector deal (don't buy this, it's a waste of money).  All we bought extra was an extended warranty.

All in all, I highly recommend working with Kathi Greene at Capitol Mazda.  I don't understand all the negative reviews here about her.  We would buy from her in heartbeat and will be recommending her to any of our family and friends that are looking at Mazda vehicles.  A+!

Jonathan P. | 2009-08-19

I bought a used 2003 Audi A4 from Capitol Mazda.  Before buying the car I hooked it up to my code reader and discovered it needed a cam tensioner replaced.  This was after the salesman assured me the car had passed their rigorous inspection and was found in great mechanical condition.  After finding out from a local shop what the repair would cost me and negotiating with a ridged and cold staff, I finally purchased the car.  What a mistake.  Long story short, after getting into the head to change the tensioner, it was discovered that the car had been run with little to no oil.  It needed a major engine overhaul.  Also, the tires were found to be worn on the inside edge and way out of alignment.  So much for their inspection.  Beware buying a used car from these people.

Janelle C. | 2009-08-10

This used to be my go to place to buy a car. Now? Not so much. The follow up I had from Kathi was non existent when she found out Mazda wouldn't finance my new car. Then I got a call from a Gitay who said I should not have gone through Kathi but should have gone through him and since I didn't he couldn't help me. First rule of customer service folks? Don't freaking tell me what I SHOULD HAVE DONE!! I explained this to him and he said he would speak with the owners and call me back in three days. That was now 12 days ago...still waiting. Nice service. I was the biggest fan of both Mazda and Capitol Mazda until now. I have purchased 4 cars through them so I was a full on fan. I loved my Mazda's. I AM SAD NOW....

Jonathan T. | 2009-08-09

My wife & I bought a Mazda3 5-door from Mike Wynne at Capitol Mazda in July 2009, and it was a pleasant & painless experience. He was not pushy and was willing to negotiate a good price. We set up financing through the dealership at 2.9% for 36 mo., and the whole process worked as smoothly as one could ever hope. I've got no reservations recommending this dealership & salesperson.

Paul K. | 2009-05-22

I think we can all agree that having to buy a car sucks as much as going to the dentist ( well, unless that dentist is Dr David Ichimura - see yelp review ). Let's just say that I went to at least 6 different Mazda dealers, and settled on working with Capitol. They didn't have the car I wanted on the lot, but they worked very hard to get it there, and the whole process was better than nitric oxide in the dentist's office. Tyler and Kathi in the Internet Sales department were great. They never tried to get me to buy something else, and made sure they delivered the car I'd asked for. 5 stars.

V B. | 2009-05-17

Very good experience buying a car at Capitol Mazda. I dealt with internet sales and that person has been really helpful, got me a good price (at least I think it was good), was very efficient.
We negociated the price over emails, and once we agreed, we scheduled an appointment. When I arrived there, the car was there, the papers were ready. In all, I think I spent 1 1/2 hours at the dealership. Since getting the car completely ready was taking slightly longer than expected, the sales rep suggested that I went home and he would deliver it to me and I liked that.
So to sum, good price and very good service.

I also serviced my car there once, and got a very good experience as well. Took the car in very quickly, told me it would last 1 hour, it didn't take longer. No surprise when I received the invoice. Probably not the cheapest place to service a car but it was close by and convenient. I'd recommend it.

Lauren K. | 2009-04-30

DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT buy a car from Capitol Mazda.  Worst experience ever...They're sneaky, underhanded and will do anything to screw you out of your money.  If there's any issue and you need help, they won't return phone calls and you have to call the owner to get anywhere.  Please don't waste your time by going here.

Regan C. | 2009-03-31

Lets just say, the salesperson that was showing my friend and I some Mazda cars was NOT interested in selling or leasing Mazda cars. At one point, he wanted to just leave us alone to test drive by ourselves so he could go somewhere else... He didn't seem very knowledgeable in Mazda cars either - I hope other salespeople at this Mazda dealership aren't as disinterested as our guy.

Heather H. | 2009-03-11

I just wanted to say that I am really pleased with the service at Capitol Mazda. Jared W. is always so friendly and trustworthy. As a single girl its nice to know that im not getting ripped off when I get my car seviced.
Also, Kathi Green is the best, nicest, honest, most upbeat sales woman there is! I felt so safe buying my Mazda 6 from her, i even refered my friend to buy from her.
I give Capitol Mazda 5 stars!!!

watani f. | 2009-02-26

so, while on my mini-vacation in san diego, i get a call from mazda regarding this review. the guy that was calling was the same guy that offered me a free oil change =)

1st, he gets kudos for making the call. however, he didn't even read the review before calling. before he admitted it, i had already mentioned that simply based on the type of questions he was asking me regarding this review. HIS managers asked him to call me about this review claiming it was a negative towards him - i'm not sure how his "managers" got that from my review. the managers drew up a picture for him that he said something horribly wrong to me. like i said in the last review "he was cool, at least he wasn't an ass about it".

...go figure...


to the managers reading this:

my personal time is valuable to me. i hate having my time wasted on what could have been avoided. the return call was appreciated but not necessary. i have the free oil change offer from him but, i will not use it. simply because i will not sit around for a 90 minute oil change. a free 90 minute oil change is not worth it. guarantee a 15-30 minute oil change and i'll be there along with many satisfied customers. i'll be back for my tune-ups and such but not for a 90 minute oil change.

1st advice? higher dedicated oil changers. when the word get's out that you crank out oil changes within 15-30 minutes, you'll win alot of business.

2nd advice? make sure you print out the review for your employee to look over before they make that call. how embarrassing for him...and a waste of time for both of us.

Glenn R. | 2009-02-19

I started going here because they had the best coupon deal on their website for the 60k mile service for our MPV. I reminded them that I needed the hand brake adjusted because it was loose. The service man said "Oh yeah. They'll check that. It's part of the inspection process for this service." You see where this is going right? They say my car is ready. I get in and pull the hand brake and -- that's right -- it's still loose. So I get out and tell the service guy that the hand brake is still loose and they apologize and say okay we'll fix that real quick. So I have to wait another 20 minutes for them to adjust the handbrake. So my question is, if they overlooked something the customer can quickly check, what other parts of the service did they not do?

A few months later the check engine light came on. We took it back to this same place thinking maybe it was something they did and they would cover it for no charge. No luck on that part. We had a faulty sensor on the engine fan, and a battery that wasn't holding a full charge - day 1. Our service man was nice enough to check the recall list and found that there was a recall on the transmission sensor (that they were supposed to tell us about that last time our care was in the shop!). Day 2 our service tech called in sick so a new service tech took over and found a leaky water pump. Fair enough, but you see how my faith is dropping -- three mistakes so far. The good thing is that the service man was nice enough to get my extended warranty paperwork out of the glovebox, call the extended warranty people and take care of faxing the paperwork back and forth for the stuff that was covered. The bad part of the paperwork story is that he missed the 5:00 pm deadline to fax the final paperwork on Friday and we had to wait 'till the warranty place was open on Tuesday (yes Monday was a holiday) before we could pick up the car. The car was in the shop for about 11 days total.

Lena E. | 2009-02-19

We worked with Internet Fleet Director Kathi Greene.  She impressed us with her detailed knowledge of the Mazda5 we were interested in.  She did not apply any pressure during our test drive.  In fact she let us test drive the car unaccompanied.  Her business card at the time indicated that she was a 5 Year Performance Champion... and we can see why!    We considered several Mazda dealership quotes, but chose to buy the Mazda5 from Kathi because of her professionalism, knowledge of the vehicle and genuine concern for her customers (she knows the value of treating customers well = repeat business and referrals!)  Today, when we picked up the car from her, Kathi was just informed that she was THE Performance Champion for 2008.  We hope our purchase will help her earn that title again for 2009.  : )

Magdalena O. | 2009-02-03

oil changes have taken up to 5 hours to get finished. I understand that if I take my car in on a Saturday, it may take longer...but 5 hours?!!  If it isn't 5 hours, it's at least 2.5.

They actually forgot to put the cap on the oil, so when I drove away....yes, this was the same day that I had to wait 5 hours to get my oil changed, the car was making a horrible noise so I pulled over, popped the hood and oil was spewing everywhere!!

Last time I had to have them check my battery.  I got a loaner car.  Nice of them since this wasn't under warranty but...the car was already on empty.  I was annoyed that I had to put gas in it.  When i pulled in to put about 2 dollars in the tank...the gas tank cover was broken and I couldn't even gas up the car if I wanted to!!!!

This place annoys the hell out of me. poor service and then they have the nerve to beg you to give them a good review on their stupid survey. yeah..right...

christina c. | 2009-01-23

I picked up my new fleet car with Kathi Green here and she is AMAZING!  She went above and beyond her duties with me.  She only works on internet, Costco and fleet sales however.

I was here to pick up my new Mazda 6 and I expected her just to hand me my keys and send me off since last time I picked up a new fleet car it was at the Chevrolet dealer and that's what they did.

Kathi was completely thorough and showing me all the super cool features of my car, even encouraging me to come back to have them customize my car with the details available to me for free. She seemed genuinely enthusiastic for me which made me even more excited about my car.

She did a great job of getting my car detailed and perfectly set up for me.

Thank goodness for Kathi! Try to work with her if you can. Also definitely check out the Mazda 6. Awesome car! LOVE the convenience package with built in blue tooth you can program up to 4 phones with, blind spot monitoring, leather/cloth seats, and most importantly...DUAL CLIMATE! No more arguing about the temperature in the car. Woohoo!! A must for every couple.

Ash V. | 2009-01-08

I actually bought a used Hyundai from this Mazda dealer and I had a terrific experience.  My sales representative was Tony Day, and he was really helpful and understanding to our situation.  We had a bad experience on our last car purchase; we got a used car that turned out to have a bad transmission.  But Tony let us take the Hyundai for a unaccompanied test drive, and it was thousands below blue book.  The finance department was extremely helpful in getting us financed with a good interest rate and a low payment.  I really appreciated how they were very patient with us, since we were moving very cautiously after our previous bad experience.

Our finance person was Julio, and he was really helpful in going over each and every detail of the contract.  Other finance people skip a lot of information and try to get rid of you as quickly as they can.  Julio was actually really patient with us and explained everything so we didn't feel like we were in the dark.

There were a few minor problems with the car: a headlight didn't work, the trunk button didn't work, and a couple other very minor issues.  Having a Hyundai, I thought they might dish us off to the Hyundai dealer to get it fixed.  But they took our car in and fixed everything.  The service people were surprisingly helpful!!  This is the first time I've ever had a good experience with the sales AND the service at a car dealer.

I will definitely recommend my friends to this dealer and to speak with Tony.  We also plan to buy our next car from this dealer.  Good dealers and service people are hard to come by!

Terry E. | 2008-12-23

I purchased a new Mazdaspeed 3 from Capitol Mazda in early November '08' and couldn't be happier.  I initiated the contact with Kathi Greene, Capitol's internet sales director and after she let me take the new car for an unaccompanied test drive, she quoted me a price that was approximately $2,000 below dealer cost.  That was all it took.  The buying experience was very pleasant and Kathi was easy to work with and truthful in answering all my questions.  She is a true Gem!  You won't be sorry if you deal with her.

I've read some of the other reviews regarding the service department, but I can't comment on the service department as I haven't had any need to use them yet.  Once I've had a chance to see how the service department works for me, I will come back and update this review.

Matt P. | 2008-12-10

I had a debatable issue with my car that a couple other dealerships claimed they would not honor under warranty due to a few modifications on my car. Talking to Peter on the phone, he says he will honor my warranty as long as the aftermarket parts have not contributed to the cause.

The service department quickly found the problem and ordered the part, taking only a day to receive. The car was fixed, and when I came to pick up Peter greeted me nicely, remembering our phone conversation. Paperwork was handed out and my questions answered logically. I think I found my new Mazda service dept in the bay area!

Eli T. | 2008-12-09

Bought a Thermostat and gasket for bobby's Mazda and it was quite expensive. 30 dollars for both and I could not buy the rubber gasket that slips over the thermostat anywhere else. Oh sure I could have gotten the thermostat for 10 dollars at Kragen, Pepboys, or Autozone but not the gasket.

So 5 stars for having it in stock but 1 star for forcing me to buy a gasket with the thermostat and 1 star for not separating the gasket and thermostat and 1 star for the unit being 30 dollars. You get an average of...

lets see 5 plus 1 plus 1 plus 1 = 8 divided by 4 equals 2 stars.

tien t. | 2008-10-03

I have to admit, the main reason why this place gets a 5 stars is my Mazda is still under warranty when I brought it in, so I had to pay nothing out of pocket.  I didn't have an appt, but they diagnose the problem within an hour and a half while I was waiting there.  They also gave a free rental, also under warranty, while repairs are being done.  I got my car back the next day.

Why didn't I give it a 5?  Too many interrupts when I was talking to customer service.  While I was there, there were only 2 staff, and there were 3-4 customers sitting in the waiting area.  There were too many interruption with telephone calls and having to update other customers.  I didn't mind the interruptions because I was in a pleasant mood, but if I had lots of errands to run, I can see myself getting frustrated.

David P. | 2008-05-25

This review is for purchasing a vehicle.  Dealt with Kathi Green.  I do recommend you deal with her.  Took off a star for a few reasons.  One, I dealt with Kathi over the internet and the phone.  She gave me the best quote for the vehicle we were looking for.  I specifically requested she hold the black color, and advised when we would be there.  We arrive exactly when I said we would and what do you know...the black I requested was sold the night before.  There was another black, but of course it was a few hundred more for some options.  I would think that if I had an appointment and requested a certain color, that vehicle would be held for me.  Either way, not too big a deal as the options of the vehicle was what I wanted.  

Issue number two.  She quoted me a certain price, but when I get there, she says she quoted me a price a couple hundred higher.  After having the black vehicle sell the night before, this was another red flag.  Luckily she gave me the vehicle for the price I was quoted.  I highly doubt these issues were done purposely, but it is a little bit poor customer service.  

However, overall Kathi was great.  She was friendly, made us feel comfortable, and gave us the best quote by far compared to all other Mazda dealers in the area.  Just a fyi though, go through the Costco vehicle program to get a few extras for free like oil changes.  Kathi is the rep at Mazda for Costco.  Overall, I recommend her and this dealer.  Pleasant experience purchasing a vehicle.  

Oh and she let us go on a test drive by ourselves.  This was a really big plus as we were able to drive the car and discuss it without having a sales rep in the vehicle.  Just made the test drive much more comfortable.

Nadia L. | 2008-05-13

WORST SERVICE EVER! I have been going to this Mazda dealership for years for some odd reason we ALWAYS end up getting Peter as our service guy, no matter what time or day I show up and because of that, I have horrible a horrible experience. This guy is the worst customer service guy ever! He will sit there and smile at you while giving you a smug look and attitude the entire time. He is ALWAYS like that, never changes. Will talk back and make rude comments. I have even filed complaints against him but nothing ever changes, he's always still there. Don't ever go to this dealership to get your car serviced. Not only will you get bad service you will have to deal with this arrogant, self righteous a**hole's attitude!