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Established in 2008.

Capitol Hyundai was acquired from the Bob Lewis Automotive Family by the Del Grande Dealer Group in March of 2008. Capitol Hyundai has quickly established itself as the Bay Area's Top Hyundai Dealership for New and Certified Pre-Owned Hyundai's and for "Top Level" Customer Satisfaction. Customers are finding Capitol Hyundai with the largest "State of the Art" Hyundai facility in Northern California, to be a "World Class" experience.

Capitol Hyundai

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(888) 448-3048
Address:1050 Capitol Expressway Auto Mall, San Jose, CA, 95136
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: 10:00 am - 9:00 pm

Reviews on Capitol Hyundai

Clint E. | 2015-04-24

I came in expecting the whole car salesmen nightmare story and was pleasantly surprised by less of a salesman and more of a friend. Dale Esters was very supportive throughout the whole car buying experience and even gave me some useful tips on how to go about procuring my car. Very little hassle or haggle. Would buy from again.

SweetHome P. | 2015-04-15

We recently bought an Elantra from here after shopping in 3 other dealerships in the bay area. This dealer turned out to be the best in overall experience. They are straightforward, very easy to deal with , friendly and professional. Simmon wong was our sales person and he was very helpful in getting  us a good deal and accommodating our requests.He did not know, but the car  was meant to be a birthday gift and we finally drove out with the car at 1130 PM. The showroom was open till 1130 PM to close the deal !!!!.
If you are looking for a hyundai car and want the best service , and want to be treated well in the whole process, and tied of rude pushy sales staff , this is the dealer to go to.
They also have a huge selection of cars with different colors and accessory combinations which we found lacking in some dealerships
Over all very happy and highly recommended.
Update - 21st April
We needed our license plates urgently for the behind the wheel driving test and tracy was really helpful in getting it shipped the next day. She expedited the process and we have everything we need now. Thanks a ton Tracy. Cant be happier.

Anuj K. | 2015-04-12

Great and professional service! I was buying my first car, and interacting all the time with James Lee. He made the entire experience very smooth, to the point where I was able to accommodate all the discussions in the late hours of the evening (after office).

I had also spoken to a few other Truecar certified dealers, but ultimately ended up picking Capitol Hyundai at San Jose for a number of reasons. First, they have very competitive prices. The prices might not be the very very best (just a couple of hundred of dollars above my best price), but I was able to get a number of perks in addition to the deal: free first oil change + free first service. Second, I was also able to negotiate a few other deals easily (related to the maintenance package), which I thought were excellent. And third, James Lee was excellent at explaining all the features, and providing a great end-to-end experience. Folks at their sister dealership on Stevens Creek were unprofessional, and more sales-y, which is why I could instantly spot the difference between the two dealerships. Ultimately, if a salesman can speak in the customer's interest, it is what we want. Kudos to James for that!

Do end up going to them if you are planning on going the Hyundai route! You will love them.

Kassi B. | 2015-03-29

We were absolutely terrified of car shopping. We've heard so many horror stories and this was going to be our first time buying a car on our own. But after this experience, I no longer feel as if everyone is just out to sell you a car.

Ross and I walked around for a few minutes before Ryan came us and asked us if we had been helped. They were super busy, but he was very attentive and friendly. I was interested in a particular car so he was able to find it in the computer for my test drive.

We got to drive the car about 8 miles for the test drive. He was very informative and obviously knew lots about the cars. He showed us all the fun features before bringing us inside to fill out some info so they could pull up my credit. He offered us tea and water while we were waiting. Ryan did not feel like a sales person at all, felt more like a friend who was helping you out. His easy going personality instantly put us at ease.

Due to my trade in being upside down on the loan, at first the car payments were set too high. They worked and worked until they were able to work some magic and bring the payments down to something we were comfortable with.

Signing the paperwork and getting out of there was way easier then i thought it would be. They were willing to work with us on our budget and everyone was super friendly and helpful!

We had such a good experience, we will definitely be going to another DGDG dealer when Ross is ready to buy his car.

Thank you for making these first time car buyers feel at ease!

Al P. | 2015-03-27

Had a great experience here!! Sales rep Ken Gordan was very helpful, getting vehicle on my own places were not willing to help or even try. Ken went that extra mile to get me the vehicle i wanted and push to try and find a bank to work wit me.

jeff r. | 2015-03-21

Do buy your car from here ! They treat you like a king unlike the criminals at Boardwalk Chevrolet ! I bought my 2011 genesis rspec here and the salesman let me drive the car as much as I want. I got a fantastic deal from them and I bring my car there for service where they always treet the customer like a king.

they even hand washed my car for free once.

Just a fantastic place to buy your next hyundai or have it serviced.

Jaybird B. | 2015-03-16

Okay this dealership is great hands down. We really needed to buy a new car since our old one got totaled and my husband needed a new one for his commute.  We had our eye on a used car (only a couple of years old with low miles) that was parked at the front that happened to be on sale during the President's Weekend sale. Luckily, we got there early enough for a test drive, immediately loved the car and went right in to do the paper work. It was so easy, convenient and the customer service was just outstanding. Everyone we encountered there was so friendly, helpful and knowledgeable and we couldn't be happier with our purchase. I would absolutely recommend this place to anyone looking for a brand new or used car as you will be treated with kindness and respect and end up with a great car!

Christy O. | 2015-03-06

Not only did I go in on my first appointment and was able to find a car meeting all my standards, but I got to
BUY a car at a lower interest rate than anyone else I went to! at a lower net price, lower down payment AND lower warranty cost! I couldn't believe it! I was there all day and at first it wasn't looking so good. But, Then they went and got the finance director to help and between all of the people helping me at Capitol Hyundai, I was able to figure it out where I not only was so grateful for my fantastic loan deal. Not only my car. But also extremely grateful for the humble hospitality of the staff. I HIGHLY recommend this dealership to anyone wanting to finance a car whether you're having difficulties or not! They will take care of you in the best ways possible!
Simmon & Jason at Hyundai were the two gentlemen to help me purchase my car. These 2 gentlemen are the reason I found a car, got a loan & left the lot with with my beautiful 2015 Hyundai Elantra SE in 6 hours!
Thanks guys! I hope you see this!

Vicky N. | 2015-03-03

I have been using this place for my 1st & 7500 scheduled maintenance ever since I bought my car here. Not only is it because it is clean and organized, the service "coupons" that they offer online gets me. Maybe you can shop around and get it cheaper from a small business but do they wash and vacuum your car as well? This place does! So the service special "coupon" and the car wash saves me about +$20 (in car wash and gas costs) all in one place than the opportunity cost of going to 2 different places! BOOM. Economics.

Amy C. | 2015-02-09

This is my last update on this Hyundai Dealer.

I leased a new car from them. Eric Wong was amazing.  He picked up immediately what I wanted and what I would feel good in.  

Embarrassingly I was back in a week because my "check engine" light came on.  Having owned a Hyundai for 10 years, you'd think I would know that it was probably the gas cap not being tight enough. But oh well, I came in and it was all taken care of that day. Tray Nichols even called to let me know that he saw my Blue Link report come through and wanted to let me know personally that it was probably nothing but the gas cap.  No big deal.

These guys are outstanding.  When my kids are ready to drive, I'm taking them to get a new car here.  I know they will take care of my kids.  So awesome.

Cassandra F. | 2015-01-29

I already had got an Elantra from another place and they gave me a 19.36 APR! I wasn't happy.

Fortunately I had spoken to Ryan and Erik about what exactly I was looking for! They were having dinner at a restaurant next to my work..

Then went to Capital Hyundai and talked to Ryan... He right away got on it... Thankfully he got me a better APR 12.99 ....

I said I'll take it! than he send me to talk to the financial department guy "Jason" who tries to give me a better APR 7.15 ! Wooohooo they were very helpful and most importantly they take good care of me... Thank you gentlemen

Grace T. | 2015-01-28

I've purchased my car here a few months back and came back in for an oil change. Wayne helped us at the desk to check our car in. Even though it was a 1.5 hour job, he informed us ahead of time. He was friendly, to the point and made sure we had excellent service. I love their guest lounge with the free coffee, tea, and hot chocolate. There's a tv there and a few computers to keep u busy as well. Awesome service!

Mike H. | 2015-01-05

Wanted to purchase my Hyundai that I was leasing but they did not give me a deal at all. Apparently wanted to charge me $1200 for a vehicle inspection fee, on top of a higher price. There were numerous similar used cars on their website for less.

Then I get a bill in the mail for $400 for turning the car in, even thought it was spotless. It is a lease disposition fee apparently buried in the contract, that they never talk about.

Be careful when you lease and turn in your vehicle, it is not a fun process. I loved my car but I left with a bad taste in my mouth.

negin f. | 2014-12-30

I've bought both of my Hyundai's brand new from this dealer in the last two years. And I have been super satisfied with their service and how helpful they have been.

I love the people here. Everyone is so nice and just the environment is really comfortable. I have been wanting to buy my third Hyundai from them but one of the employs is making me want to stop coming here.

Hillary is the cashier of Hyundai so she picks up the phone and she's the last person you talk to before leaving your service. But she is so rude. Every time I call, I dread her picking up because she's so sassy on the phone. Full of attitude and not willing to nicely tell you that we don't have appointments for the next two weeks.

Yesterday I had it with her. I was in the front and this sweet gentleman was helping me and then he handed me to her and right as she was suppose to help me she picked up the phone and started talking. She didn't bother me to tell me before she picked the phone up that I was done with her. She just waved at me to signal that I'm clear to leave.

Her personality is just plain rude. I hate coming to Hyundai because I have to deal with her. I would buy my third car once I don't have to deal with her for the next 10 years with my car.

Julia A. | 2014-12-29

Simmons Wong made my buying experience easy and pleasant! Got in with a caliber, and out with a beautiful Elantra in about 2 hours! Very satisfied with the customer service!

corie j. | 2014-12-29

Excellent dealership!!!  What a comfortable buying experience. We were fortunate to have contacted Sarin Meng via internet and had an incredibly smooth transaction from the get go. Sarin was great to work with as we had to stay within a tight budget in order to purchase a new 2015 Veloster (that we located on Capital's website). Our email and phone conversations regarding pricing were extremely fair and expedient. Once we agreed on a price, Sarin followed through with a text that confirmed our agreement and when we arrived on the lot, the car and price were exactly as quoted "not a penny more." Sarin is the "real deal"...truly a nice guy with attention to customer service. Once our paperwork was complete, our car was detailed beautifully and ready to go. Then, Sarin took additional time to activate our blue tooth and fully explain how to use the car's advanced features. We also briefly met Vern, the Manager, who was also very nice and Reza in Finance...a real pleasure to work with. If you're looking for a Hyundai, I highly recommend that you visit Capital Hyundai first.

Amy H. | 2014-12-20

Decided to update this.

After our horrible experience, we did receive an email from the service dept manager apologizing for our experience. He offered to make it up to us by giving us a free oil change. That was a nice offer, but we bought the maintenance package with our vehicle, so a free oil change is a mute point because we get them with the package we bought. UGH!

Sagayaraj S. | 2014-12-20

First of all, this is a great service facility. Service advisors are very friendly and helpful. I used to go to Stevens Creek, but the service was not great, only took a lot of money. Anyone using that place should try Capitol Hyundai.
Wayne Dabio was very helpful and courteous! Strongly recommend Wayne!

Jane D. | 2014-12-15

I recently purchased a new car at Capitol Hyundai. Fabulous experience. I shopped for 3 weeks, trying and testing and researching and visited this dealership (as well as many others) several times. I was always greeted with professional courtesy and personable attention. I knew I had come to the right dealership when sitting next to a woman I noticed her give a Christmas present to one of the service managers. I asked her about it and she said she had owned Hyundais for 13 years and the care and service was wonderful. I figure if a car dealer can make you feel like giving them a present they are doing something right.

Tina T. | 2014-12-13

Why would they even take the time to try and make a customer upset? Basically, I went to see salesman Will last week on a car. We were trying to come to an agreement on pricing, but couldn't so I left. If you are negotiating and it doesn't work out, you leave and keep looking. It's no big deal. So, one week later, basically WILL'S MANAGER called and asked me what happened and I told him that we didn't come to an agreement and I will keep looking. He said, "Well, what if I sell it to you for your price, would you still be interested?" I said, "I would." Then he asked me about Christmas shopping and other questions basically making conversation (I thought he was being nice). After that, he said, "Oh, we actually sold it." I knew what he was trying to do at that moment and it was to waste my time on purpose. I try to stay respectful no matter the intentions of others, so I simply said, "Okay, Thank you, Bye."   I thought he deserved a negative review since he took the time to do that. . You need customers more than customers need you. You are selling one car that I was interested in. I can look elsewhere. Please be more professional and not save numbers just to waste their time.

Julie M. | 2014-12-10

GREAT experience!!  My husband is in Hawaii and wanted me to go look at the 2015 Sante Fe Sport.  I had gone to the Hyundai dealerships in Burlingame and Colma and neither place had the vehicle and did not know when they would have one available in stock.  My husband went online and saw that the Capitol Hyundai had the exact model we were looking for.  He called and spoke to Ryan who confirmed that they indeed still had the model and I could come down and test drive it.  

Ryan was very nice and extremely helpful.  NO pressure and NO sales pitch!  He let the car sell itself!  I ended up purchasing the vehicle that same day!!  Ryan gave us a great deal and when my husband asked him about the APR on the loan he saw online, he double checked and got us the lower APR price.  It was one of the most pleasurable and easiest car buying experiences I have had....especially with my husband being in Hawaii and communicating over the phone!!!  

I would highly recommend coming to this Hyundai dealership if you are in the market for a Hyundai!!!

Maria D. | 2014-12-03

Awesome experience after jumping lot to lot we finally made it to Hyundai where this gentleman Casey started to help us we have always haf used cars with racked on miles and he got us into a new car 2014 Accent BS with only 22 miles on it it was awesome and to have a car payment that i could afford wow i was so please to be at Capitol Hyundai Thank you to everyone there that made this possible you guys are the best.

James R. | 2014-12-01

Worked out a deal with Steven Yee via e-mail (or at least thought I did) where he sent me a message with a final price, and text that said price includes destination fee, dealer discounts, and a couple of Hyundai incentive rebates.

About an hour later I am at the dealership wrapping up the deal and he manages to slip one Hyundai incentive that just came out past me that he conveniently left out of his "price includes" list.  So the dealership pockets the incentive rather than me.

I know it is my fault for not walking when the deal at the dealership didn't match the deal in the e-mail one hour earlier.  I hope my review will help someone else avoid the same mistake.

Marie L. | 2014-12-01

BEWARE BUYER!!! Very unprofessional!!!! Shady people!!!!!! I would not recommend this dealership at all! I've purchased cars from other dealerships in the past, but this one has been so difficult and has made buying a car a horrible experience. They don't stand by their word or contract.

Drew P. | 2014-11-29

Great experience here. I came here because I was shopping online for a 2015 Sonata and was talking to multiple dealers. This and Hyundai Burlingame were giving me the best quotes, but Burlingame did not have one I wanted in stock that day. I found out later this Capitol Hyundai is one of the largest Hyundai dealers in Northern California and they did have the best pricing.

Mannie (Emmanuel) was our salesperson - great guy - tried to upsell us on all the packages, maintenance, service, and paint warranty which is to be expected and if he didn't he wouldn't be doing his j-o-b. He was knowledgeable and not pushy. Thank you.

Bob T. | 2014-11-20

Wanted to update this. The service department was great! As mentioned, I have had really bad experiences with some other dealerships and was very wary of how it would be handled. All the people involved were excellent at resolving the situation - Daniel, Wayne and Trey were straight shooters and got things fixed quickly and with no cost - can't say that very much these days.
Great Job

Todd T. | 2014-11-18

Just Leased my second Hyundai, First was for my daughter 3 years ago and now just went back and leased another for my mom The sales manager Vernon Tara was helped me both times. gave us a great price and rushed us in and out with almost no hassle. love the car my mom was so happy.

Christina W. | 2014-11-15

Amazing! My mom brought me in here to purchase my first new car The salesman was very helpful and informative to help me make the best car purchase. The service area is super helpful. I never feel overwhelmed coming here to get my car serviced. The staff also are super personable. They say hi to me by name because they remember me. two thumbs up!

Megan M. | 2014-11-13

I don't even know where to start. Let's just say I wish I could give Capitol Hyundai no star at all! I do not know how it is possible for them to be the bay areas #1 Hyundai dealer. I came in on 3 occasions I am 18 looking to start my credit the first time I came in they said I was a ghost (credit wise) which I already knew and said I needed a cosigner they didn't make any type of effort to find me financing and wrote me off two weeks later I ger an email from sarin a sales guy then from Sam Taylor a sales manager of some sort then Joanne burgher saying they're sorry for their Bad service and they'd offer me a deal they wouldn't normally consider. So with that I thought hey I'll give them another chance I came back about a month later. I found a car a really liked they met my criteria and fell in love. but financing is the worst!!!!! So don't get too excited. They were trying to find me financing and they but not til the next day and I had to call them getting on their asses to get their sh*t together basically. But once I finally got ahold of them they gave me some story about how I could only be financed a certain amount but what they were saying DIDNT make sense at all the car I wanted was what the bank was willing to finance me for anyway nonetheless they tried to talk me into getting an older model which I didn't want. I said I'd think about it and give them a call. They haven't reached out to me to make a deal since we last spoke i dont believe they do want business these finance guys don't cme to work to work. IF they wanted my business and valued me as a customer they would have contacted me already and held their word about giving me a deal they wouldn't consider. Don't waste ur time at Hyundai they give DGDG a bad name.

J. D. | 2014-11-11

I don't know where to start, I still feel like a fxxxing idiot from getting suckered buying a vehicle from here. I bought the vehicle at night, which was my bad I didn't know or at least someone should of said something that there were scratches on the vehicle and looked like someone went over it with nail polish. I took it out for a test drive but didn't go far. But when I bought this certified used vehicle with under 30k miles on it and drove it home I realized that the steering and alignment was off. As a certified vehicle this should have been checked before being put out to sell. I notice when driving long distance that the feature which displayed miles per gallon hardly changed. It's a 2012 sonata and the sales guys guaranteed there shouldn't be any issues because it's fairly new and certified. So I called the next day and the sales guy was out. So I sent him a email with my concerns.

He said bring it in and they will take care of it. I trusted them because of how everyone mentioning how they have great customer service. So the day I bring it in Manny (Emmanuel) who sold me the vehicle was not in again. I talk to a different manager which I explained the issues and that by the MPG looks like I'm driving a hummer instead of a sonata. He gave me attitude and talked to me like I'm retarded (maybe because I'm a girl) and that I bought a used vehicle. Well i told him to take the vehicle back since I was in my 3 days of having it. Dudes whole persona changed once I said that and had a service manager take in my car. I'm pretty sure he did that to go past the 3 day return policy.

 So the really nice service guy I belive his name was Matt was very helpful. He noticed just starting the car something was wrong. And yes there was a bad battery in it. Which also should of been on a certified used vehicle check list. Ughhh

 Got my car back, they changed the battery, fix the scratches (which were more like keyed marks), and said they did a manual reboot on the mpg part. So a week later my mpg started to do the same thing except the opposite. It's random when it happens. But now I would get it saying I'm getting 75mpg on the freeway. I know that is not right. So when I try to contact the sales guy again I get no response back. Also my steering wheel was still going to the right when they said it was fixed. I didn't feel like driving back to capital one, so I had, Bruce's tire in Oakland look at it. Finding out its the steering wheel it self and they rotated my tires.

So why am I writing this 4 months since purchased. Well now I'm pissed again. My Bluetooth and sound system randomly turned off and will not turn on again, the mpg still doesn't work correctly. And when I called the service department and young lady said they couldn't really help me because of mileage, I know I bought a extended bumper to bumper warranty, I had vin ready and she seemed clueless and couldn't help. Funny cause Harley davison oakland can check for extended policy with the vin and when people purchase extended stuff from them, so they have a better computer system than supposedly the best hyundai dealer in the Bay Area. Now I'm waiting on a call from financing to get a copy of my contact. Since there was a mishap with mine.

Brittany C. | 2014-10-30

Can I give them more stars please?? Let me first say this dealership is by far the BEST I have ever been to. Car searching for a few months, I narrowed my choice down to the Genesis Coupe brand new. Looking for a certain color, this dealership was the only one who had it in stock and at a great price! On my way to the dealer, the internet sales manager calls me and says the car was just sold but they have it in a different color which was red. In my mind, well I'll just go over to at least test drive the car and so I did. Getting to the dealer, Ryan who was helping me out pulls the car out and its ready to go for the drive! So quick, fast and an easy process. Ryan was definitely very helpful and knowledgeable about the car. The paperwork process was hassle free, easy, and quick!
I was so amazed at how the bargaining process was at a very easy, to say the least its the end of the year so of course they want to get rid of their inventory BUT STILL!!!

The finance manager Susanna was very nice and helpful, yet also offered me a better deal with a different bank than what i was quoted with originally. The signing process was super fast and quick! Although I have already bought many cars before, I know how it goes =)

If anyone is looking into buying a car, DGDG has really set a great reputation, yet this dealer in particular. A+++++ Way to go guys!!!!

April B. | 2014-10-28

This past weekend we went in looking for a used car to replace my old one. We had visited a few other lots and had that annoying experience in which a sales guy follows you around the lot asking you questions over and over even after you say, "We're just looking, thanks".  We pulled into Capitol Hyundai and were met in the lot by Kenneth Gordon. He was not pushy so we felt comfortable engaging in a conversation about what we were looking for. We had a very specific price range, as well as an ideal condition in mind for the car (ie, mpg, miles already on car, etc).
To cut the story short, he worked with us for hours during which we took 3 cars out for a drive. He went to other DGDG dealerships to get 2 of the cars. And he was easy-going although committed to finding us a car within our expectations. The process of buying a car is usually icky and slimy because the dealers can seem so untrustworthy. Ken was none of that, though still a great salesman, and I appreciated it. He put some gas in for the drive home with my new used Chevy Cobalt.

Brianne W. | 2014-10-08

Let's start with the day I decided
To purchase a Hyundai. I went
To Capitol Hyundai and the guys were so unprofessional I decided to buy a Hyundai from capitol Chevrolet. DGDG should be ashamed of the kind of guys they have selling on their lot. They text me inappropriate things on my cellphone and were extremely unprofessional. Going forward 4 months my check engine light turns on. I drop my car off at Hyundai and they told me that they would be in contact with me the following day and that I would be given a rental car for the time being. The rental car was filthy and given to me with 1/4 tank of gas. I was told to return it with the same amount of gas. Ok, nothing new. No call the next day from GAVIN. It was then 3 days later he called and said oh the mechanic is still trying to figure out what's wrong with the car. Fine. Another day goes by and he says we need to replace the motor and we have to order it.. Blah blah blah.  Calls me and says we fixed your motor and now your car is leaking.. We need to fix that problem and put a few miles on the car. Another whole week goes by and he finally calls at 5pm (the shop closes at 530) and says ok your car is ready. I tell him I'll be by tomorrow as I can't be there in 30 minutes. I get my car back the next day and the first thing I see is my gas light on.. And the gauge is -- meaning it's been on empty for a while! I never let my car run on fumes. I asked if it's policy that if a customer gives you a car with gas, you should return it with gas. Like I do with the rental car. He states that it's not policy and they will not be putting any gas into the car. Word to the wise.... The customer is already pissed that
You had their car for over 2 weeks and gave them a dirty ass rental for the mean time. Pump $3.69 worth of gas so their light isn't turned on. I will be selling my Hyundai.. There's a reason for the warranty. The cars a
Piece of shit.

Julie S. | 2014-10-05

Mannie Manuel provided a top notch sales experience for our purchase last week. He is knowledgeable, professional, friendly, does not pressure you into anything you dont need and really looks out for the customer. We have already referred friends and family to see Mannie for their future vehicle needs because we know they will be in good hands. Thanks for everything Mannie!!!

Robert F. | 2014-09-27

I purchased a "lightly used" Genesis at Capitol Hyundai. Sarin was my sales agent and he could not have been nicer to deal with. Very low pressure, just the facts. the car was in competition with another dealership who had this same exact model, color and interior trim....Capitol Hyundai's price was $2,000 less for the same car and the car had less mileage than the other dealership. The purchase went very well.

I would say however to prepare yourself for the finance people. It's not bad, but their job is to make sure you really understand the different additional waranty packages available....and there are many. You might do better to have that discussion before making the purchase decision so you are prepared for what you want. I do believe, from what I caould understand, that Hyundai's idea of extended warranty is really superior to the other car companies extended warrenties because the extended warranty is actually through Hyundai, not a third party that would come into play....the warranty will cover basic oil changes and services that you will need to do on any car, so you are basically "pre-paying" for these services and at the same time picking up some additional warranty protection for a used car.

Liz K. | 2014-09-21

Capital Hyundai really does everything they can to make your experience 100% awesome! Shout out to Steven Yee for the best service ever. Steven's reassurance and attention to details kept me reassured that I was in the best hands.

I won't go into details, but whatever bumps we ran into, Steven was there to smooth is out and make everything perfect!

Khristine Q. | 2014-09-16

It's been a few years and I still go here to get my car serviced. It's like the Disneyland of dealerships and service departments in fact, they were rated #1 for  service in their district for two years in a row, 2012-2013. Love these guys, Wayne is the best!

Ralph A. | 2014-09-15

Over 2 hours for an oil change that I has an appointment for months in advance. Don't think I'm coming back for an oil change here.

Alex B. | 2014-09-15

The place is quite good and comfortable.
I had no hassle at all to have a car I was looking for test driven and even had some more options for my requirements.
Brian O'Toole was nice and easy person to deal with.

Tam C. | 2014-09-03

We checked out the Elantra and I basically was greeted by one of the best sales car person ever named Eric Wong. He really helped us out and I didn't feel any pressure from him. I'd recommend him for anyone who's newly buying a car because he takes the time to break it down and goes through the details with ease. He was also awarded this sales person award thingy I forgot but it was on his desk. Way to go Hyundai! Superb customer service.

Cheryl P. | 2014-09-02

My nephew loaned me his Hyundai Santa Fe to drive while he was touring the US and Europe playing with Gavin DeGraw and while driving it I had an issue that brought me into their service dept.  Gavin was very professional and took care of every detail for me as the issue was related to a recall.  While the car was being repaired they got me a loaner which ended up being a Tuscon and I fell in love with it.  Thoroughly impressed with the service and now with the Tucson when it was getting close to time to give the car back I knew where I was going -- Capitol Hyundai.  I was given to Brian O'Toole to help me with my car buying experience and he took care of my every need, helping me pre-qualify, finding the perfect gently used 2013 Tucson Limited for me with all the bells and whistles I desired and for an excellent price.  Then their finance man Mark get me a loan with an interest rate that beat the interest rate offered by my credit union while allowing me a longer payback term.  I began this buying process late on Friday night and by 9:30pm I was home with my new Tucson.  The next morning my cream puff wouldn't start :-( so I called the Hyundai roadside service and they had a tow truck to me in 15 minutes who found my battery to be dead so he gave me a jump and I drove it back to the dealership and returned home with a brand new battery!  I have never had such a positive car buying experience!  This dealership is a class act in every way!

Amrita G. | 2014-08-30

Eric Wong is amazing! He did a great job accommodating my needs and was extremely patient. He also wasn't pushy during the whole process. He is very informative about the model and about every other comparable model. I love my Elantra!

Jim v. | 2014-08-25

My wife had a 2012 Hyundai Tucson Limited that we both loved. We were very satisfied with it but we were looking to get AWD as some of the vacationing we want to do requires a bit of off-roading. We settled on a 2014 Hyundai Tucson SE AWD in dark blue and checked with many dealerships only to find that there were very few in Northern California that matched our particulars. Capitol Hyundai was able to track one down in Serramonte and offered a reasonable price. We'd purchased our 2008 and 2012 Hyundais there so we had some confidence about dealer integrity and followthrough. We were not disappointed. "Mac" and "Reza" were an absolute pleasure to work with during negotiations and provided excellent customer service. They were able to get the vehicle transferred and prepped while I was there so i was able to take it home the same day - Mac even stayed late to make sure I had everything I needed. We will be back for service and highly recommend this dealer. If you have used them before, as we did, you need to look for them on the opposite side of the street in their new facility.

Kelly B. | 2014-08-23

Bought my car here. This place rocks. I will buy my next car here . Everyone was so so friendly and the rates were great too.

C E. | 2014-08-19

I have had my car for 12 years and it was time for a change.  Was looking for something different form the brand I had, and hoping for better customer service.
   I did my research prior to arrival, so I knew what I wanted. However Simmon Wong's customer service was exceptional.  I did not feel pushed or cajoled into making any decision in a haste.  I test drove all the cars that I wanted to (2 cars), at the same time was guided and education on each of the cars. I ended up with the Santa Fe Sport 2.0 with an interior that I LOVE!  On Red tag.... Awesome!
  Simmon Wong was excellent and so was the quick talking but no bull---- finance director Jason Marcucci.  Thank you Jason for your input and prompt work process.  The whole experience was wonderful.  And yes I will recommend my friends and family to this Hyundai on Capitol for the service and affordable cars.

James H. | 2014-08-19

Went back to check out new cars for the wife. Met with Simmon Wong. Great knowledgeable guy. Went out on a test drive and was given a terrific customer service experience. Told me a lot of new options for the new 2015 cars and was not pressured to buy right away. He was very attentive and able to answer my questions and has done follow up calls. If you are looking to buy from a honest dealer, go find Simmon.

Devyn J. | 2014-08-17

My poor baby nissan altima was totaled after just a year of having it and I have been dealing with the stress of insurance companies and trying to find a new car. I stopped by the capitol hyndai dealer after seeing the most beautiful Kia Cadenza. This car was perfect. I wasn't ready to get the car that day though. I shopped around at many other dealers and looked online but I was ready to talk to a salesman about that car.  So i came back a week later and Kenneth came out to let us take a look inside. He was polite and straight to the point with no sales bs. We hoped he could seal the deal and he did along with the help of the finance manager jason. Overall my experience at capitol hyndai was great and I left without feeling like i got my head tore off. And of course i love my new car! :)

Maureen P. | 2014-08-05

Prior to purchasing my 2011 Hyundai Elantra (my first car!) from Capitol Hyundai, I had visited many dealerships and test drove many Elantras. I was set on an Elantra for multiple reasons- great mpg, high safety rating, affordability, cool specs, etc. The great thing about Capitol Hyundai is the customer service. I was greeted with smiles and enthusiastic staff ready to answer any of my questions. I really have to say thank you to Simmon Wong, Billy Kuang, Mark Borbolla, and Jason Marcucci for making the purchase of my first car a great experience. They all went above and beyond to make sure all my questions were answered. Thank you to all the Capitol Hyundai staff for all you do. I would definitely recommend Capitol Hyundai to anyone who is looking for a great deal on a car! :)

Edgar M. | 2014-08-02

An update on my situation: Apparently I was sold my 2008 Nissan Altima Coupe without it having a smog. This led to the delay from the DMV and the months of waiting. My biggest issue is all the time that I have been wasting having to deal with these people ( ERIC WONG, REZA, some secretary) and none of them could offer me a reason as to why my DMV paperwork was taking soooo long. Ive had to constantly call them only to be told i need to be patient and that the DMV type of stuff takes "2-4 months"-ERIC WONG....the man had no clue that there was no smog done on the car CLEARLY.

Sooo today I had to go to the Capitol Subaru and get my smog done which was nothing other than a waste of time because clearly this should have been done before I purchased the vehicle. Definitely won't recommend any one near me to buy a vehicle from here. I will also be contacting corporate, to let them know my situation.

Sharan M. | 2014-07-26

Went for my regular car maintenance today at 3.15 and was out at 4.30 with my car fully serviced. Very good service!

Tori L. | 2014-07-23

A few weeks into ownership of the Genesis I noticed the steering kept pulling to the right so to drive a straight line I have to keep the steering wheel on a slight left-turn position. I brought it back to the dealer under warranty. They told me that was "normal" and how the road has crowns.
Lies! The steering pulls even in parking lots. Firestone alignment technician told me some alignment parameters were off from the factory and shouldn't be adjusted by anyone($$$) but the manufacturer.

The most unforgivable thing during my service visit was that they left my car (many others, too) idling while waiting in line for a bay to open up. That took well over 20 minutes and I had to run over to my car to turn it off after I noticed. Idling kills engine as it's a time when car engine produced most black sludge. Idling also kills our air while burning up customer's wallet on gasoline at 4 dollar per gallon all while sitting in line.

Seems to me any problem they don't want to fix or they don't know how to fix they'll tell you it's "normal" and you should just leave it as is till warranty expires. There is definitely room for improvement.

Lexy W. | 2014-07-23

I had spoken to sales rep Kevin on the phone and set an appointment to come in from Modesto, CA to the Hyundai. I already knew what car I wanted and due to my work schedule couldn't make the trip to San Jose until 4 days later. Kevin immediately stated he would watch the car and text me if it sold, so I didn't waste a trip. He even texted me the morning of the appointment to inform me he had the keys and the car was still available. Awesome!

I did a test drive of the car, everything was good. Some how the Finance Director Jason got involved. (I came in with preapproval and didn't need their financing, so I'm not sure how or why he was involved. They did say they could get me a better interest rate due to my credit being really good, maybe that's why).  He was immediatly condescending to my friend and I (because we are women?) He would say things like, "Let me educate you", "I don't even care what your credit score is" and made a LOW ball offer on the vehicle I was trading in.  He then contradicted himself 10 times saying the car wasn't worth anything, but he would buy it on the street for 4-6k himself. He wouldn't let us get a word in, and had no desire to listen to any questions we had. He raised his voice at us every time we disagreed with something he said. We told him we would not be trading in the car, as we felt we could get a better offer. He said, "Well ok, we wouldn't take the car, even if you wanted us to."

We asked if we could continue to work with Kevin without him due to his remarks and his attitude towards us. This obviously pissed him off. After he kept talking down to us, and we asked multiple time for him to just go away because we were tired of being treated that way. At one point after we said we didn't want to work with him, he stated, "Well you know, we don't have to do business with you. I am the director of this place. I can tell you to leave." My friend and I walked out and I was done.

As we were talking in the car and getting ready to leave, Kevin came out to apologize for Jason's behavior and explained customers should not be treated like that and they do want to do business with us. We said we would be willing to stick around and continue the deal as long as we did not have to be around Jason. Out walks Jason to the car, he did a half ass apology and we explained why we didn't want to work with him and that his service was rude and unacceptable. He "educated" us on how lucky we were that we were getting such a good deal on the car because most dealers sell it for a lot more, and went on to say that we just misunderstood him inside and we were overreacting. We said he seriously needed to get away from us, and we were going to leave. Kevin tried to come to the window to talk to us, as he could tell the conversation with Jason was not going well. Jason told him to go away. Jason kept trying to talk to us, and I told him he just needed to go away, and I said I would not talk to him further and mentioned Yelp. He eventually left and Kevin again apologized for Jason's attitude.

I was in a major moral delemia. On one hand, I was getting a great deal on the car. On the other hand, I did not want to give my money to a business that treats customers the way Jason had treated us (we assumed he was head of the business due to his remark from earlier). I was so upset. Kevin continued to check on us and offered us water and snacks and apologized.

Eventually Vernon Tara came to the car and apologized for Jason's behavior.  We asked Vernon if Jason was the head of the business and Vernon stated no, he was above Jason. I explained that due to Jason saying they would not take the car on trade-in I was probably going to walk away because I was counting on that to go towards my down payment (I only wanted to finance a certain amount) Vernon said he doesn't know why Jason would say they wouldn't take the car, and gave me a reasonable offer on the trade in car. Vernon apologized again, and I felt ok so I decided to move forward with the deal.

They got the paper work ready and then we were sent to Mark Borbaollas office to get everything ready. Mark was AWESOME. Very nice, and went above and beyond to make the rest of the experience better. He ended up getting me a 1.75% interest rate (VS the 2.29 I came in with).

Kevin, Mark and Vernon get 5 stars.
Jason gets 0 stars.

Never have I been treated this way as a customer. I was shocked, and HORRIFED that a paying customer would be treated this way. I sincerely hope that Jason was just having a terrible day and does not always treat customers like this. It was unacceptable, unprofessional and shocking. Will I ever buy from DGDG again? No. Although they do have good prices, I will never be treated like this as a customer again. I do hope he gets talked to and his ego can be burst. I have coworkers who were going to go to DGDG to buy cars, but after my experience, they will go elsewhere. They lost future business because of Jason.

Mr R. | 2014-07-21

Best place to buy your Hyundai. Brian is very nice and helpful. He is very patient and not pushy. I'm purchasing my second Hyundai from this dealership. The finance manager Reza is a very nice guy too. All star Hyundai dealership.

Bev S. | 2014-07-10

After the sudden loss of my beloved PT Cruiser I was suddenly in an unexpected quandary about what to get for a replacement vehicle. I studied up on Consumer Reports and was intrigued by the ratings on Hyundai in general. I was offered an Elantra as a rental car and several friends and neighbors suggested the Elantra, Sonata and a Mazda 6.

Well after a few days in the Elantra and dropping by Capitol Hyundai, (where Brian O'Toole showed me everything I wanted to see on the lot and answered all my questions), I was ready to make the big decision and got a beautiful 2014 Sonata.

I was so comfortable with the deal that I didn't even have to bother my husband into coming down for the purchase. We did call him a few times to ask some questions but it was smooth sailing and Capitol Hyundai went the extra mile to present me with some finance options I wouldn't have normally considered.

I have never had a buying experience so amazing that I've walked out thinking "Hey I'd like to ask Brian out to go fishing sometime just to say thanks!"

If you drop by tell him Baja Bev said "Up the Dubs!" Be ready for a big smile and a high 5.

Mike S. | 2014-07-09

Ryan in Sales is my new hero -- made the purchase process SO EASY and avoided any pressure.  I think we ended up keeping him there til almost midnight, but he was totally cool about it -- extremely professional, friendly, and knowledgeable.  Exactly what you want when you are buying a car -- and there are PLENTY of the "other kind" of car salesman still out there (as I learned, walking away from multiple dealerships who tried to up-sell me on crap).  Very satisfied with this experience, and will gladly refer family and friends (and fellow Yelpers) Ryan's way.

Sharon I. | 2014-07-06

Can't say enough about their service department. I had to get my car towed here due to a failed battery and they paid for my rental car while it was getting fixed. Then I was called later that day because everything was done (SO FAST). I had to drop my car back off at Enterprise, which was super busy since it was the end of the day, and ended up getting to the service dept past closing hours. There was one guy left and he gave his service manager a call, who said it was okay to take my cc number and they will just charge me tomorrow since everything was closed out already. PHEW.

Also, I have to mention that they charge a reasonable price for everything. My boss was nagging me about how I should go to AutoZone and replace everything myself but when we looked at the prices, the labor cost was minimal. My boss conceded and said the time it would take me to learn how to install the car parts myself would cost more than what they were charging me to just get it done.

Thanks guys!!

Morticia A. | 2014-07-02

I wish I could give like a million star for this place. After being mistreated by Mitsubishi Car Dealership. We went here and Met Simon! Simon was super nice to us and did beyond expectations and above. He helped us find the right car in our budget with the latest upgrade and technology we found us a 2011 Hyundai Sonata GLS. What I loved about this dealership is everyone was so quick to ask you if you needed help. If not, they weren't pushy at all! You know how some salesman are just annoying with their overrated lines and selling tactics? Not this place! Simon asked what we were looking for, and when he didn't have it he said if he could assist us with anything more he would be glad to but we rethought what kind of car we were looking for when we saw the Sonata. He was knowledgeable and professional also funny! We had many things in common.  He even offered me gum, food, & beverages. He is such a gentlemen too! The place was air conditione, well kept and up to date, they have a wide range of cars to select from that are inexpensive buy high quality. Some could be pricey but you get what you pay for. Simon worked us up a BIG deal and got us a warranty when their wasn't one on the car to begin with. He even spent time after my husband bought the car to show him how the car works when he didn't have to do that. But he is soooo friendly and nice that he showed my husband the works of the car. He was personable and very kind. I recommend you ask for Simon for a great deal and a great Hyundai Experience. Great job on your first month Simon! We love our car and appreciated your busines! :)

nelson s. | 2014-06-29

I used the Costco service and it referred me to Capitol Hyundai.  I met with Steven Yee and the process was so easy and painless.  No pressure, just take a test drive and after that, he shows me the Costco price.  My wife liked the Elantra GT and I knew it was a great price and accepted the deal.

Jojo L. | 2014-06-17

I called a day in advanced and asked what the lease would be on a new Genesis. They quoted what I believed to be a fair price so I made an appointment the following day to test drive.

When I arrived, I was told the vehicle was a demo vehicle and that a mistake was made. The car had nearly 800 miles on it already. A couple things really irritated me:

1. Why wouldn't a dealer call the customer and tell him/her that it was a mistake rather than wait for him/her to travel to the dealership to notify?
2. The price they quoted me on the demo car was a higher price than what was quoted on the phone.
3. They said I had to wait several months for a new one to arrive if I didn't take this demo one.

I highly recommend reaching out to the Burlingame Hyundai location, who beat the price quoted over the phone for the exact same car with exact same exterior and interior color.

Kenneth K. | 2014-06-11

I came in here after dealing with a horrible experience from a used dealer off Stevens Creek. After seeing most of my friends telling me about DGDG I wanted to take a look at Hyundai since it caught my eye with its nice styles, economical gas and engine performance for the money. While parking I was instantly greeted by Simmon!! He was the most nicest, easy going salesman who knew what you wanted by asking the right questions. After several test drives and car browsing I would have never of thought of getting a brand new 2013 genesis coupe. The staff here is amazing!!! Keep up the work guys!!!!!

Jackie B. | 2014-06-06

I leased a Hyundai Elantra a little bit more than a month ago from Capitol Hyundai... I know this is late, but better late than never right?  My lease on my current Elantra was coming to an end and I knew I wanted another one.  I worked with Steven Yee and he was so helpful.  We did a lot over the phone so when it was time to come in, I just filled out some paperwork and went into finance with Jason M. Steven had let him know ahead of time that I was not looking for all the bells and whistles.  All together from the time I walked into the dealership to the time I drove my new Elantra off the lot, it was only 45 minutes! They did not pressure me into purchasing anything I did not want and they made sure I understood everything on the lease and Steven made sure he went through everything in my new car.  Even though I was just getting into a newer Elantra, he made sure to point out the differences.  I am beyond happy with my whole experience there.  I would highly recommend them especially Steven to anyone looking to buy or lease a car.  Thanks DGDG for all your help!  I am a very HAPPY car buyer :)

Alfred M. | 2014-06-05

I stopped in to see about a car.  A month later and they are still running my credit throught a half dozen lenders.  I had told them I was no longer interested in a vehicle, as I all ready purchased one. And yet today I get another letter from a lender. When do they stop running my credit? How do I make them stop?!  

Be aware, they will run you through so many lenders, they will ruin your credit!

Ely V. | 2014-06-01

I recently purchased a 2014 Hyundai Elantra . I am so happy with it, love it, great deal thanks to Steven Yee and Jason Marcucci , they are awesome, they did everything they could to help me out with everything, my payments, APR . I highly recommend this dealership to everyone, they have the best warranty, cars and costumer service out there.!!!!!

Sam R. | 2014-05-29

Steven Yee and the rest of the crew at Hyundai Capitol are great.  They are very accommodating, courteous, efficient and they want to help.  Everyone who works there are very friendly and genuine.  This is my second car I've purchased.  I purchased the Elantra GT for myself and the Accent for my daughter.  Excellent service and it makes buying a car a breeze.  I was a Toyota owner for over 30 years but since I've purchased Hyundai, I've switched.  They make everything easy when owning a Hyundai. . I really like the maintenance program.  Since my daughter is moving away this will help get her car tuned up on a regular basis.  Can't wait to buy my next car from them again.

Sonny M. | 2014-05-28

We never thought we'd rate a car dealership with 5 stars, but, here it is. We did much research before making a choice and the 10-year, 100k warranty strongly influenced our decision. Full of confidence we finally ventured into the dealership and offered Hyundai a certain percentage under dealer's cost. The sales manager came back stating they couldn't sell the new car at the price we offered, instead, they'd sell it to us for a cheaper price. Needless to say, the rest of our experience in that sales office we spent trying to figure out 'what just happened' and 'what we did wrong'. We still don't know, but, we got the car cheaper than expected...

Carole D. | 2014-05-27

What is the definition of Customer Service??  I will tell you....his name is Mike Sorge and he works at Capitol Hyundai.  He wasn't just a nice guy that took care of my car when I brought it to the dealership.  Let me tell you what Mike did!  I called and the volume on my car had gone out, no radio, no Bluetooth, no navigation voice.  After speaking on the phone and telling him I worked in Fremont and couldn't get to the dealership, he offered to meet me on his way home, brought his tools on his motorcycle, drove to a meeting place, changed the fuse on my car and fixed it.  That's right, he fixed in on his way home from work.  Why, simply because he is a Great Guy and understands the meaning of that description.  He didn't know how helpful it was to me last week, nor whether his actions would ever be rewarded.  I hope the management team realizes what a gem they have working for them.  Next time I am in, I will leave a special thank you gift for Mike for being the amazing person he is!  Thank you Mike, your kindness and generosity will be passed on to the next person that I can help.

Karen K. | 2014-05-23

Very relaxed, pretty effortless. Have you ever heard of a car purchase like that? I hadn't. This blew my mind. We agreed on an excellent price in about 5 minutes. Done. It still took about 2 hours, but it wasn't haggling. Just working through paperwork and waiting for the car to be ready. Pretty normal.

This place has really earned all of its reviews. Not only was the purchase easy, we decided to buy a Hyundai after being 40 year Honda lovers. The Elantra was simply much quieter than the Civic. And a beautiful comfortable interior.

Reesa L. | 2014-05-19

We recently purchased a used car from Capitol Hyndai and had the best car buying experience we have ever had.  

Everyone we dealt with was courteous,  respectful and professional.  Our sales person was Serin Meng he worked closely with us and was very helpful.
He let us speak to the mechanic who did the intake on the car we came to see.
The mechanic was Todd Cockrum.  He was extremely knowledgeable and passionate about his work. very friendly and a great guy.   He answered any questions we had about the car and was also very helpful.  We appreciate the time he took to talk with us and answer all the questions we had.  

Working with Serin and Todd made us very comfortable and we chose to buy the car.  

We worked with Rezza in finance and he was also a pleasure to work with. He was so friendly and professional and made the finance end a smooth and pleasant experience.

Kudos to Capitol Hyndai for having such a great team!!

Charlotte R. | 2014-05-19

Recently bought out my lease here and it could not have gone more smoothly! Vern, Kevin, Jason, and Steven...they're a superb team.

An J. | 2014-05-15

I would like to give 5 star to this dealer. Great experience.This is my story:
we were really need to change our car because we`re going to have a baby soon. so we were looking for the SUV car. We made a VIP appointment a 7:30 p.m. I`m telling our story in detail because they were there for us until 11 p.m. ( I never had such amazing experience). It was cold and windy night and our sales Manger Mannie Manuel was looking in to the stock for every single car to find me the one that I was looking for. It was dark, cold and windy but Mannie did it for us. he wait until we get the car and go over with us. I really appreciate this guy.
Also I would like to thank Mr Mark Borbolla for financing part. Even thought it was late (10 p.m) but he was go over with us with every single detail. he was so nice with great customer service. Thank you Man.

And at the end I would like give Mr Verona Tara ( General sals Manegar) 5 star for the great customer service. I`m not going to the detail but he really works us and if I have my car now it`s because of him.

I just want to say if you a need a car go here. They are nice, fast and sophisticated. A+ for them.

Thank you Hyundai team.

jitu p. | 2014-05-07

This review is for Brian in sales. Such a nice guy. Really helpful and helped me land a great deal. Answered all my questions and was very patient. Even offered to drop me home. Such customer service is unheard of in today's world.

Karen G. | 2014-05-01

Great experience!!  Steven Yee got me a great deal on a new car.  He was knowledgeable, personable, and absolutely no pressure.  My husband and I were both very happy with the experience, as well as the car.  This is my 2nd Hyundai.  The 1st I bought in Burlingame, but my 3rd will be back here at Capitol.  Thanks Steven!!

Lida S. | 2014-04-26

My car broke down about a month ago, which really did not bug me much because I live in SF. As many are aware, BMW (BART/Bike, MUNI, Walk) is the best way to go around the citation giving city. However, my mom and the babe work late nights, and were being affected by the weather :(.

Enter Capitol Hyundai.

A friend of mine told me that his buddy Billy is a no nonsense kind of guy, and that he has the hook up. I gave him a ring and he had a 2012 Ford Fusion with relatively new milage transported from another branch, and also a 2009 Sonata for me to test drive. One thing lead to another and he gave me a deal a couldn't refuse.

The only problem at the time was that the car was not at the lot so he would deliver it to us the next day. That was a big no no because I already made plans with the old lady. Luckily, Billy saved the day by going to the lot and getting it personally! An hour and a half later, with the help of the Big man Mark at financing (who was super friendly as well) he had me in the road with my new Hyundai Accent. This car would be mainly used by my family, but once I need another car, I know who to call. Thanks Billy for making my first new car purchase a smooth one!

nuri g. | 2014-04-22

5 stars for providing details about their inventory over the phone, following up with updates timely, and finally getting me my new car very quickly and accommodating all requests. Another 5 stars go to Kevin Kuang for personalized service and attention! I will definitely be back for service and further purchases.

Thu B. | 2014-04-19

They are really nice and kind even I made some mistakes but they still take care good for me, I would like to recommend everyone come here to get your dream car

Jasmin A. | 2014-04-18

This review is for the service department. I went in for service last month and had the worst experience.

First I had my appointment cancelled even though I had scheduled it the month prior. The afternoon before my appointment a women called me at work to tell me that they wouldnt be able to accommodate me because they had too many other auto butler appointments. I explained that I made the appointment the month before and re-arranged my schedule to be available, but she just ignored me, letting me know all she could offer was to reschedule.

When my rescheduled appointment came up they ran thirty minutes late and brought my car out with damage. I complained and the service technician let me know someone would call me on Monday to discuss it. Monday came and I received no call and have since gotten the run-around everytime I call. Extremely, extremely disappointing.

Roxanne W. | 2014-04-16

I have purchased many cars in my lifetime and never have I had an experience that matched the one I had at Capitol Hyundai. The no pressure sales technique of John Choi made buying a car from him a must. This particular car was purchased after looking at many different ones in 3 counties. By the time I came to Capitol Hyundai, I was exhausted and "over it." They took such good care of me, sold me a car for way less than I expected, lowered my APR, and, since my car was certified, gave me 100k mile bumper to bumper warranty. Signing for the car took less than 10 minutes thanks to Jason Marcucci. He was so good at explaining everything and gwtting us outta there.  I will recommend this dealership to any and everyone who wants to buy a car stress free.

My only suggestion, fill up peoples gas tanks. It's almost become an industry standard when buying a car. Other than that, I love you guys!

Mellissa N. | 2014-04-09

Dale is the man. Went to go look for a car, thought about it allll night and rode home with it the next morning. He helped me get the car I had my eyes set on. He is so nice, GREAT customer service. This dealership is the only dealship on capitol that didn't chase after my brother, mom, and I like meat. They let you look and shop in peace. Dale welcomed us as we got out the car and kindly asked if we needed help to let him know.

Ian C. | 2014-03-28

Bought a new Sonata this month. Billy Kuang assisted my wife and I and we had the best car purchasing experience of our lives. very patient, clear, understanding, and a vert good listener. His recommendations were perfect for us.

The finance manager Jason, was also amazing.  He did not try to push all the extras on us but rather offered them  by explaining the benefits. This allowed us to make our decision without the added pressure.

wonderful experience!  5 stars without a doubt!

Kar T. | 2014-03-27

This is just great. I recently purchased a new Santa Fe Sport from Capitol Hyundai and would like to say I am extremely happy the things went with these guys.
Smooth process, easy transaction and well qualified professionals.
Mannie is theguy who sold the car and REZA is the one who sorted the finance. Both of them are just amazing and very co-operative.
I definitely suggest them for any potential buyers.

Marat N. | 2014-03-26

This Hyundai dealership is definitely above the rest, at least when it comes to buying parts.

Parts clerks fast friendly and professional.  They have the parts computer right at the parts counter, so you can just look at the screen and browse along with the parts clerk to determine which parts you need and what you're buying.  They could sell me any part I asked for, not just the major mechanical parts, but even a tiny o-ring just by itself, or some obscure plastic part from inside the cabin.

I bought over a thousand dollars worth of parts from them, and the experience was much better than at any other Hyundai dealership in the Bay Area.

daniel b. | 2014-03-24

I had an issue with my vehicle and it was towed to another dealership. I had no issues and Hyundai handled it as though I bought it at that dealership. Hyundai backs up their warranty.
way to go.
I am a happy car buyer again!

Anthoney P. | 2014-03-22

Mike Pepper was very helpful. Seriously, it sucks working with used car dealer scumbags. He is the exception, Mike is true to his word. I could tell he is a happy camper. No bullshit  i was out with my G35 within 2 hours of coming in.  Trust my word and go experience what I'm talking about.

Dana H. | 2014-03-17

I was so bummed by the lack of decent customer service in this place...not from the salesman, who was very sweet, nor the fleet manager...but from the SALES manager! He was over-the-top, unnecessarily rude. When I called him on it (I actually called him I was so irked!), He replied with "I wasn't being rude." Literally. No, grace DO people get to become managers??

Charles, Charleston, Char - whatever your name is, politeness goes a LONG way. And, if you can't be polite, fake it! In this day and age when ever consumer has a chance to give public feedback, I'd watch my mouth with a paying customer.

You would be so much better off at any other dealership. Personally, I went to Hanlees and had a phenomenal first car buying experience.

Amy H. | 2014-03-15

We shopped around and found an Accent for $500 less at Hanlees in Fremont. We told the manager at Capitol and asked if he'd match it - and said we'd buy right now if they would. They said they could not. Fair enough. We said thanks for their time. The manager's response surprised me. He said, "yeah, we'll see you when they don't honor that deal." This comment was snide and rude and though it brought chuckles from the other staff, it was incredibly inappropriate and ensured that we will not only never give them business but I will also tell others to avoid them.

Why would a sale manager choose rudeness over politeness? If he had said, "Hey, good luck guys. We hope we can do business in the future,"- I would have written a positive review. And if he reads this, you know who you are - we saw the huge stain on your shirt.

Nicole M. | 2014-03-12

Wow! Just wow!

Page Wallace hooked me up with my dream car. He was so knowledgable and passionate about finding me the right car to fit my awesome personality. He didn't BS... He was straight up about what I could afford and what my options were. I knew exactly where I stood.

Mark the finance dude got an ok rate on Sat but on Monday he called me after working all morning to cut my interest rate in half. His extra effort saved me 7 grand in interest.

These guys don't mess around.

The only thing that would of made my experience better was a spa treatment.

Thanks guys!

Russ B. | 2014-03-12

I HATE buying cars. I find the whole process adversarial. I hate the process so much I hold onto my cars until they literally fall apart. There is so much competition and pressure on the sales persons they will do anything short of chaining you to their desk to get you to sign. I've had sales persons refuse a test drive unless "I was sure this was the car I wanted."

Well, that completely changed with Capital Hyundai and Billy Kuang. Billy is knowledgeable, low pressure, and really focuses on the customer. He is patient and allows the customer to make a decision on his or her own. As a result, he sold me not one, but two cars over a month's period.

If you enjoy high pressure sales people, being harangued and brow beaten, go to any of the other dealers in the Bay Area. If you would rather make an informed purchase from a knowledgeable sales person see Billy at Capital Hyundai. He'll make the process painless.

Lisa C. | 2014-03-11

Great experience! Drove in with a trade in at 5pm and drove out in my new car by 8pm.  

Casey my sales rep. and was awesome.  He listened and understood what I wanted.  The Finance guy Vern worked his magic on my trade-in, etc. and the finance guy Reza did a great explaining in detail what I was signing and made sure I understood everything before I left.

It's clear that Hyundai stands behind their brand in terms of product and customer service.  I highly recommend them to anyone looking for an honest dealership that offers great customer service and support.

Kayla C. | 2014-02-28

Had the best experience yesterday by Eric Wong in Sales. Took the time to listen to my needs and found me the perfect car that is catered to me. Test drove the 2014 Elantra and fell in love with it especially after the knowledge he had on the car. Very happy customer and will recommend Eric to anyone looking for a car. Capitol Hyundai is by far exceeded my expectation of a car buying experience. Thanks again Eric

Vanessa P. | 2014-02-25

Thank you Jack Laflin! He was great and went above and beyond for me. I have my new Elantra and couldn't be more excited!!!

Jose E. | 2014-02-22

Sarin was great sale associate in recommended to buy car with his great.. But one guy from financial my car idk the name but his white guy he bool guy he was super agrecive he try to sell the insurance for my car call me stupid sarin was olmost loosing the sell for that guy but sarin was great I hope more people buy car from him... But stay wait from the other guy I hope I can remember his name

Fred M. | 2014-02-19

After lots of research, swung by Capitol Hyundai for taking a look at an Elantra Coupé. The salesman Brian O'Toole was extremely nice, promptly provided all the information I needed and really walked the extra mile to give me confidence for buying a vehicle with him. He was certainly one of the major reasons I've decided buying a vehicle at that dealership. Overall was really an excellent experience so far!
Will post another review once I need to service my Elantra...

Paul R. | 2014-02-19

Had a great experience purchasing a car at Capitol Hyundai over the weekend. It was a pleasure working with Jack LaFlin. Got a great deal with no hassles at all. The sales team there is very efficient and seem to focus on customer satisfaction. I highly recommend them. The most pleasant experience I've had at a car dealership. Thanks Jack.

Tony G. | 2014-02-16

I was in Capitol Hyundai a few months ago to look at the Elantras with my father who was in the market for a compact sedan.  Capitol Hyundai was our first stop and we met with our salesperson Billy Kuang.  Billy knew the Elantra and never once pressured us to buy the car.  Because of the level of service we received we made Capitol Hyundai our first and last stop.  My father purchased his brand new Elantra Limited and has loved it since.

Thank you Billy and Capitol Hyundai for making our car buying process smooth and easy.  We will definitely recommend you guys to our friends and family.

Chao Y. | 2014-02-16

Mannie Manuel and Mark Borbolla are AWESOME.  Got me through my first car purchase out of college within 3 hours and WITH A GREAT DEAL AND ZERO HASSLE~!!!!!!!!!

If you are in the market for a new Hyundai, this is the place to be!

K P. | 2014-02-16

Bought a new Santa Fe here today -- received very attentive customer service from Joey and Brian. They were not pushy or rude in any way and between the two of them were able to answer all the questions we had. Very pleased with those two polite & professional sales people. While we were not initially so pleased with their sales manager, he was willing to work with us, showed us the invoice as required by law, and eventually met our price. We felt we were treated fairly in this part of the process. Reza the finance guy was incredibly organized, made sure we understood all our payment options & warranties, and most importantly got us in & out of his office quickly. Easily the nicest & most honest finance manager we have dealt with.
Overall, a great car buying experience; Del Grande is doing a good job at Capitol Hyundai.

Susan P. | 2014-02-15

Had an awesome car buying experience today at Capitol Hyundai.  My husband and I were helped but the most likable sales guy, Joey, that you could ever imagine.  He was patient, listened to everything we had to say, was helpful, but not overly aggressive, polite and very attentive.  He did an amazing job showing us cars and talking to us about our needs.    He had a great team behind him and had one of his colleagues, Brian, jump in and also provide us some helpful information on the car.  The two of them could not have been better and the obvious camaraderie between them really helped us to feel at ease.  Great job Joey!!  Great assist Brian!  

One of the main reasons we came to Capitol Hyundai is that we bought another car there two years ago and have had such a great experience with this dealer.   Our service advisor, Wayne, has always been super and the fact that we have been so pleased there made a big difference in us returning for a second car.  Overall, this is a great dealership with a great team!

GoodEats E. | 2014-02-15

Bought my car over 3 months ago and I was absolutely blown away by the level of knowledge and professionalism that Capitol Hyundai offers.  I dealt with two phenomenal sales people there.  My first trip down to Capitol Hyundai, I met with Billy Kuang.  He was the most pleasant salesperson that I have worked with and he knew his cars.  He never made me feel pressured and took his time to show me the Accent, Elantra and Sonata.  We did not end up buying that day but we did go and look at other dealerships on the street and no one else treated us the way that Billy did.  Billy's attitude is what sold us on a Hyundai and that is why we went back in a week later.

When we went back in, Billy was unfortunately busy. We were planning on leaving and coming back when he was available, but he assured me that Ryan would take good care of us.  At this time, we were still unsure if we wanted to get the Elantra or the Sonata. Ryan really cared about our needs and recommended that we get the Elantra. I felt that Ryan cared about our needs and helped us get the perfect car. Wow, two great salesman  at the same location.

I would definitely recommend Capitol Hyundai to my friends and family. Be sure to ask for Billy or Ryan.

I love my new Elantra!!! :-)

Jewels Y. | 2014-02-14

Had a fine test drive and email communication with one salesperson, only
to arrange a meeting with him and be switched to another because he was obviously in the midst of selling a pricier car.

The new salesperson didn't have any idea what we were doing, was too busy to actually focus on us (he was on his phone about another client and arguing with finance and talking to another family who kept coming over to his desk) and then when he apparently decided I wasn't his best commission just about threw my keys for my trade in at me and there was no doubt he wanted us to leave.

I've never actually had a car dealer or salesperson make me feel like they wanted to say "and don't let the door hit you on the way out" until now. Not all situations are ideal, but I had a good amount of cash in hand and all my documents needed. I'll take my business elsewhere. What a waste of time and the trip.

Yolanda S. | 2014-01-27

I was just going to LOOK, and I ended up driving away with a BRAND NEW ACCENT! John Choi was great! I didn't feel pressured and was giving many options. I was in and out of there within a couple of hours! They got me out of a horrible high interest loan and I got to trade in my old car! I was a mess there, I was so undecided, but John really had patients. I am so satisfied with my new car! Everyone was super nice!

melissa g. | 2014-01-12

Damn good service! I took my sister to this dealership to purchase a car and it went smooth. Eric Wong and Mike was the best. My sister (April) had visited to make her purchase pr process smooth; it was a bumpy road for the first ten minutes, but Eric c as me through.  The car that was on was no longer available, so that meant April would get the same model with more features. We was concerned about the cost. Eric and his manager agreed that it was only fair for my sister to the car at the price quoted from carsdirect. The previous weekend, we visited Toyota of Stevens Creek and the salesman was full of crap. We appreciated Eric and Mike's honesty. I will send my enemy here if they needed a car. Thank you for everything.

David M. | 2014-01-10

I have no choice but revise our earlier recommendation on the Dealership since it's taken a YEAR from the time we purchased the car and the dealership has still not entered our Pre-Paid Service into their system!!!   This is absurd and forces me to locate the Sales Rep who had sold us the Service plan to personally vouch for the Service plan!!!    We purchased the plan for sole purpose of family being able to service the car at other locations and now we have no choice but the bring the car to the Capitol Hyundai and pray that the Service Manager can locate the Sales rep to vouch for the plan!!

If it sounds too much like Banana Republic, it is!  This is now how Lexus was treating us when we serviced our cars there!

In April 2013 we tried to resolve this when it 1st surfaced during the 1st oil change visit to the Capitol Hyundai Dealership! We were assured the problem would be resolved!  

Yesterday, the service desk was still unable to locate our pre-paid Service plan and we had to locate the Sales Rep and have him testify!!  

This is absurd.

Yvonne C. | 2014-01-02

My Husband and I were talking about getting a new Suburban. We went to 2 Car dealer ships before Capitol Hyundai with in a half hour. The others did not show any interest in us. We jumped back in our Suburban and made a u turn at the light and pulled over. Deciding were we should go. We seen what we were interested in. My Husband and sons got off and they liked what they saw! Right away Eric Wong a car salesman came to us and was so happy to meet us. He was really nice. Asked if we had any questions. He asked what we were interested in and right away started handling business. I would tell our family and friends to go there because Eric Wong sold us on his personality and Kindness

Thanks Again  Eric Wong!
Victor and Yvonne Rodriguez

Nicole W. | 2013-12-28

"It's Nice to be Nice" --Quoted from the best sales person at Hyundai. Brian took the time with us to show us every feature of the car we were interested in. He was patient and helpful with every question we asked and encouraged more questions. He was not in the slightest pushy, like car salesmen can be, but made the experience truly enjoyable. I did not feel for one moment pressured into buying the car or felt cheated. He offered us the best price but gave us service you'd receive when buying a $100,000 car. Cannot even begin to say enough nice things about him but if you are in the market for a Hyundai, see Brian; he will take care of you wonderfully.

Anthony M. | 2013-12-27

Best Hyundai dealership in the Bay Area.  You may end up paying slightly more but worth it after dealing with the "used car sales men" from all other dealerships in the area.  Purchased my Santa Fe Limited from them...  Great experience!  Quick, no hassle, easy to work, friendly, no surprises.  

I purchased my Genesis in September of 2012 from Stevens Creek and I won't do that again even though they were the cheapest.  They were Unprofessional, hidden fees, etc.  From every step in buying the car from Steven Creek, I felt I needed to be on high alert or else I was going to be taken advantage of and I'm sure I was.  After half the day gone, I just wanted to be done with it.  This was after I had already set the deal via email and told them I wanted the paper work ready so all I had to do was sign, give a check and leave.  Not the case at all!  

Capitol was the complete opposite.  When shopping for the 2013 Santa Fe, Capitol was completely priced but not the most competitive.  The reason I choose them was the Internet sales associate, the responsiveness, the transparency and professionalism.  The deal was seamless!  Don't take the chance...  Go straight to Capitol.

Matthew L. | 2013-12-16

It's been some time now dealing with Capital Hyundai since I purchased my Genesis back in 2010. I've gone through a few service advisors but one person stands out from all of them and that is Wayne Diablo. There are not enough positive words I can say about his customer service skills, truly exceptional.  He is by far the best person for that job, very patient, personable, always willing to please a customer and most important, follow through!  I plan on keeping my Genesis for a while and look forward to many more years of excellent service from Wayne!

John S. | 2013-12-09

Had a great experience working with Kevin in online sales!  He was extremely helpful and worked with me on getting a great price on a new Sonata.  Couldn't be happier with the car and how easy everything was.  No hassles -- quick and easy and got a great deal.

Chris L. | 2013-12-06

This was my first time buying a new car or going to a main dealership. After all the horror stories you read about dealers and the reputation they have i felt like i was going to war. I researched the car i wanted (Hyundai Sonata Limited Turbo) and found Capitol Hyundai had the only one within 500 miles according to the Hyundai USA website.

I scheduled a test drive with Casey and loved the car so much i bought it that day. Casey was great, lots of information and none of the high pressure pitches i was preparing myself for.

I got an amazing deal on the car, from what i have seen other people paying for less equipped cars i feel like i should have been wearing a mask and a striped sweater.

Anyway.....great experience all round, ask for Casey he will take great care of you.


Took my car in for its 1st service which was complimentary. Their waiting area is very comfortable, with free beverages and big screen TVs. I was in and out within 1 hour and they even washed the car too. Great after sales experience.

Seth J. | 2013-12-04

I have dealt with some shady dealerships in the past...with my last car purchase I got a real taste of the difference between places looking to make an honest buck and places looking to take some poor sap for a ride.  Capitol Hyundai is DEFINITELY above board, just as the others have described; little to no pressure, customer service centered, and looking to work with you.

I had been to my local dealership the weekend before but didn't have sufficient time to close a deal.  I had intended to sell my car privately, but after considering the condition of the car, I decided to trade it in.  They were VERY pushy and didn't want to let me go.  The overall feel was VERY invasive.  They only had 1 car on the lot that matched what I wanted.  So when I arrived at Capitol Hyundai to find about a dozen to choose from, I was VERY pleased.  They even had a couple used models with 5-6K miles on them that I could have saved a few bucks on.  

I finally found the perfect fit for me, GREAT price...even beat the "best price" that I had printed out online.  I opted for just a couple add-on options and they were quick and easy about moving on from the options I wasn't interested in.  It definitely felt like I was being helped, rather than being pushed for a bigger sale.  As part of my options I got the service contract, I just hope that the service department is as helpful as sales was.  I have am quite optimistic that they will be.

My salesman was Billy...he was awesome to work with.

Vaidya N. | 2013-11-24

This was my first time buying a used vehicle and needless to say it went off very smooth. Mannie Manuel from Capitol Hyundai was so calm and persevering inspite of my erratic schedule. I had already looked at the vehicle online and on my drive noticed some things and Mannie had the fixes done immediately.
The Mrs is quite happy with the purchase (its only been a couple of days though). But I will second what Channing M. says in her review - they really need to educate the finance portion of the dealership. Customers come in with price quotes, invoice prices and loan pre-approvals of every kind and so this kind of pushiness makes no sense. No point telling me what is a good deal - I have already looked at , , , costco etc to know what is one.

Abby S. | 2013-11-21

Of all the random things to happen to one's car, the door to my gas lid fell off the other day! Imagine my surprise when this happened... And the frustration when I attempted to put it back on and it jammed shut in a sad, crooked angle.

Assuming that I'd need to get this fixed sooner than later, called my trusty San Jose Hyundai dealership. Turns out there's a few recalls on my 2008 Sonata that need to be addressed at the same time. Appointment was made for the next day.

Though I appreciate the service team's willingness to offer a rental instead of waiting around, I explain to them on the phone and in person that I live about 30 miles away. By the time I got home in the rental, drove back in the rental and returned home in my vehicle, might as well head south to Carmel for a relaxing getaway.

It took a little over 3 hours to get an oil change, fix the door and make all the necessary safety inspections with regard to the recall. Though I saw my car waiting in the driveway for at least 40 minutes before an attendant notified me that it was ready. Hmm...

Still way better than the dealership in Burlingame (and they don't sent profane Private Messages on Yelp as a response to a negative review), so for now I'll be trekking 30 miles each way for service.

Kara A. | 2013-11-17

I stopped in to Capital Hyundai in September. I test drove an Elantra. I was eager to buy one, but wanted a manual transmission.  Mannie Manuel told me that I could order one but it could take up to 60 days and that one may show up at a nearby dealership sooner. I agreed to order one and checked in with Mannie every week. I asked him to check the status of my order as we were approaching the 60 day mark. He told me that it wasn't shipped yet because they were still making it. I asked what would happen after 60 days and never got a response. I called Capital and asked to speak to the manager, but instead was connected to another sales guy. Mannie had located the car in Southern California about a month earlier, but told me I would have to pay $800 to ship it. I decided I wait for the one that was ordered because it didn't make sense to spend extra since the car was promised to arrive within 60 days. The 2nd sales guy I spoke to, told me it probably wasn't being made, but he could give me a deal and ship the car for $1000 which was $400 less than what they normally charge. I drove to the dealership in person after that call, on day 65. I spoke to the manager Vern Tara, and he told me they do NOT order cars and one would not be coming in. He was very rude and unprofessional when he spoke to me. I was in disbelief that after waiting 2 months they were not going to ship the car themselves to make up for my wasted time. Vern told me it would be at least $900 to ship the car. Unbelievable! Couldn't get a consistent or honest answer out of these guys for the life of me. I would definitely avoid this place. Save yourself some time and go to another dealership. I called a couple dealerships in Southern California and negotiated a much lower price than what these guys offered. I had to fly to Southern California to get it, but the flight was only $80 and the dealership picked me up at the airport. I wish the guys at Capital Hyundai had been honest with me in the first place, but in the end I saved almost $2000 by going to Southern California and picking it up myself. Had these guys been honest, I may have paid the shipping cost when the car was first found in southern ca.

Channing M. | 2013-11-08

This was my first experience buying a new car and I have to say there were some good and bad parts to it. Reza helped me pick out a car and was amazing. He was very knowledgeable about all of the models, unlike the manager and salespeople at Stevens Creek Hyundai.

However, when it came to the finance portion of the transaction I can definitely give ZERO stars. This guy, whose name is luckily not stuck in my mind, was such a pushy jerk. I came in and told him I was financing with USAA and that was that. He proceeded to tell me that I could not get the car deal with USAA that I had printed out as they have a car buying program and have this particular dealership partnered with this program. I told him that I would call USAA and let them know that for some reason the dealership that they partnered with would not hold up their end of the agreement and keep the deal that they supposedly offer through the car buying program. I am pretty sure he thought that because I was a young woman he could pull a fast one on me... lucky for me that guy was SO wrong. I made sure to stick my ground and told  him I was going to leave and complain to USAA if he didn't honor the deal. Finally I got through to the guy (gah, I think his name is Vern?), and moved onto the next step.

I have come in and had the car serviced and their department is great. The place is clean and nice so I would suggest coming here, but be prepared for pushy, rude finance people. And if you are a young woman, stand your ground because these men apparently think that you are not smart enough to see their tricks. I have recommended this spot to a colleague who purchased a car and had similar experiences with the men in the finance department.

Love my car though. She is quite the stunner.

Gelila M. | 2013-11-01

My husband and I traded our elantra for a hybrid sonata and we couldn't be any happier. The customer service was great considering how the salesmen treated us at Stevens Creek. Colin Crawford, our salesman extraordinaire made everything happen. He was super knowledgable about the cars and honest with us. We felt good buying from them. Thanks Colin and Capitol Hyundai!

Roxanne B. | 2013-10-30

I went in to buy my first car and it went very well. I had the pleasure of working with Kevin Kuang, who made my experience very enjoyable and hassle free. Honestly didn't think it would be so easy, but it was. I really thank him for being so professional and charismatic, and for giving me the best deal. I will definitely come to him for future car purchases and will make sure to recommend him to everyone I know.

Thanks again Kevin!

Chefs Joe And Deb R. | 2013-10-27

I had the most amazing car buying experience this weekend at Capitol Hyundai, no hassles, no pressure, no going back and forth haggling over the price. Their salesperson Kevin Kuang was a pleasure to deal with and made the stress of buying a vehicle well, no stress at all. The finance manager Rick Martinez was very helpful as well and also made my buying experience pleasurable. I highly recommend that anyone looking to buy a new or used car should stop by Capitol Hyundai and check them out first before you go anyplace else, you won't be sorry!

Warm Regards,
Chef Joe Rizzi

Milan S. | 2013-10-24

As a first time car buyer I heard endless horror stories about others' experiences with car salesmen so I walked into the dealership ready to go to battle. To my surprise, the car salesman I worked with, Sarin, was a heaven send to work with. He was pleasant, non aggressive, didn't try to cheat me, and made sure I was his main priority although there were other possible buyers coming in asking for him. Even the guy in finance, Jason, was pretty awesome. I didn't plan on buying a car that day but I was so happy with them I ended up going home with a new 2013 Hyundai Elantra GT for an awesome deal.

Pablo B. | 2013-10-22

I just bought a car here.
Sold by Jack Laflin. Explained all the details about the car. Fast, respectful of my time. Didn't insist trying to sell what I don't need (something I really hate). Straight, no faked negotiation. I had an excellent buying experience with him.

Wendy N. | 2013-10-21

Bought a 2013 hyundai elantra gt, and so far so good! I made quite a quick decision on the car, but im happy with it and the folks working there were very friendly and helpful. Chu Wong sold me the car, and he treated me as well as he'd treat his own mother. Thanks!

Ed M. | 2013-10-11

No hassle transaction.  Purchased two cars from this dealership with the excellent and professional assistance from Casey Wilson.

Looking for Hyundai? Call or see Casey Wilson directly.

Yusuf C. | 2013-10-11

Turned in my 2011 Sonata and leased a 2013 Elantra GT, Very pleased. Casey Wilson is a real pro and couldn't be happier with the whole process. First off, the car is very impressive for a base model. I not only got a screaming, red tag deal, this thing is loaded with features: heated seats, blue tooth, alloy rims, and it's just the base model.

Everyone loves the interior. If you compare Hyundai interior to Honda or Toyota there's more style to Hyundais and much more value IMO, not to mention the body styles which is a matter of preference I guess. But it seems like Hyundai puts more work into the designs, good looking cars. Back to Casey. Get a quote from him before you buy any car. This dealership moves a ton of vehicles and can compete with any in the area. I did my homework before settling on them.

Finally: Lease turn in was a snap. I feared it would be a tough process but Casey made it easy, even though I had more payments to go and was slightly over on my miles. Referred my close friend to him who ended up just purchasing a new Sonata, gorgeous car. Could say more but it's time to log into Netflix and watch some Walking Dead...

Dean V. | 2013-10-08

My Sonata purchase process was flawless. When I got there, the sale staff was professional and to the point with a great deal beating other bay area Hyundai dealers (whom I had a horrible experience with).

Although the dealership did not have the car I wanted (blk inside and out fully loaded), they got it shipped in one day from another dealer in Petaluma. And I did not have to pay extra!

My car is regularly maintained at Capitol Hyundai now.  The service staff is excellent. I use their oil change coupons from their website to get better deals.

Michael C. | 2013-09-30

Purchased a car on a Friday the same day of the company picnic. Everyone seemed more intent on getting to the picnic except the finance guy named Reza. The use vehcle we bout had no extra key mats or owner manual also the car was not detailed either. Our salesperson "Mannie" was ask if the mats keys and manual were available he said everyone had left for the picnic and that we should come back the following Monday. We called the next day which was Saturday and spoke with Mannie and agreed to meet Monday at 10:00. When I arrived Monday Mannie was not there and noe of the staff was aware why I was there. Eventually Mannie showed up an hour later, never greeted me or apologized for being late. He handed me a key and said my general manager said this is all we can give you. Mind you I never asked for anything for free or a "comp" I simply wanted to know if there had what I asked for as part of the purchase. Again this jerk never apologized for the inconvenience or misunderstanding. Bottomline is after all was said and done my car was detailed and I was speaking with the service manager Mannie strolls by and the service manager asked was everything taken care of he replied yes and walked off and no apology and not thanking me for my business. During this process I did ask to speak to the General Manager and he apparently refused to speak to me which supports why the salesman was such an asshole. I also sent an email which went unanswered. Do yourself a huge favor. Stay away form the Del Grande Delearship Group as they are only interested in the sale and not service after the which is far mor important. I now deal with anothe Hyundai delearship that values my business and I will never purchase anything from Capitol Hyundai or their parent Del Grande Dealership Group.

David L. | 2013-09-27

Just bought a new Sonata hybrid here last night from Ryan Paek (hit him up at 408-963-9857), who is one of the best sales associates I've ever dealt with. Definitely ask for him if you come in, he was knowledgeable, professional, friendly, not pushy at all, very helpful, and ready and able to hook up a good deal.

I really can't speak for any of the (few) negative reviews here on Yelp. Everyone I dealt with was great compared to every other car buying experience I've had, and all the numbers and paperwork were honest and fair. Ryan made everything quick and painless... just how a car sale should be.

If you're even slightly considering a Hyundai, come in here to get treated well and get a good car at a good price.

Jc C. | 2013-09-26

Steven Yee was GREAT!!! He found me the vehicle I wanted and got me a quote in a DAY. I like that he responded to my e-mails quickly.  Dale Esters was great!! I deal with Dale and he was wonderful throughout the process, Best sale men I have ever dealt with. Oink got me a great deal that fit perfectly with what I wanted to pay. Overall my experience could have not been better; I would defiantly recommend this dealership to my family and friends.  They go above and beyond for you and they made the experience great!

C D. | 2013-09-22

Everything is nice here until you have to pay for the car. Don't expect the finance guys to be as nice as the salesmen.

We were buying our first car. Sure, we're new graduates and have little credit history, but the two of us have good jobs out here. The finance people were condescending and impolite. When we said that we'd like to get low financing (considering all the deals you hear for 0% APR, we figured we could get something close), the finance person quipped back that it would "take a miracle" in an arrogant tone. The next morning, after they talked to the bank, we got approved for a 0% loan. Some miracle.

Next came signing the papers. Wow, there were a lot of them, and I understand that it's necessary, but the finance guy didn't have to be so distrustful that we really had job offers. He made us have our HR departments resend job offer letters with updated dates---because the offers we currently had were dated 6 months ago when we got the offer. Really? On top of that, he was speaking to us with the most patronizing tone the entire time. Yes, we're new, but you don't have to be a jerk about it. I was actually considering getting up and leaving. They threatened us that if we didn't qualify for the New Grad discount that they would repossess our car. Never mind that we were putting down $6k on a $21k car.

And God forbid if you want to see any documentation on the random fees that they charge you. When I asked about where in the California law it states that the doc fee has a max of $80, they couldn't show me anything. They merely stated that it was what it was. I pulled up the California State website showing that they currently had it listed at $55. After battling with them, they lowered it by taking $30 off the price of the car. If you're going to charge something and say it's backed by state law, be ready to show me that state law.

Overall, I had a pretty crappy experience at this dealership. I would expect more from a place that I'm giving $21k to. My next car is going to be a Tesla.

Jeff E. | 2013-09-22

I want to thank Steven and Ryan for making my first car purchase such a breeze. I originally sent Capitol Hyundai an email saying I wanted to schedule a test drive. Steven got back to me almost instantly and asked what I was looking for, what accessories were essential, ect. He asked when I was available and I scheduled an appointment for around 6:30 that evening. When we park, Ryan comes out front and asked if he could help us and I told him I had emailed Steven earlier that day. He runs inside, talks to Steven, and within 5 minutes I'm test driving a brand new Veloster with Ryan. Ryan was very knowledgable with the car and made an effort to demonstrate or mention all the features in that particular model. After the test drive was done I had decided that this was the car I wanted, so we went and side and talked about price with both Ryan and Steven.

I'm 21 and never purchased a car so I'll admit I was a little nervous because everyone makes it sound like they are going to try and take advantage of you and rip you off. I can honestly say at Capitol Hyundai this is not the case. They gave me a number, and I threw another one back that was pretty large and Steven thought about it. I mentioned they were having a deal going on but it was apparently only for the MT base model. He tells me he's going to make it work out for me and comes back with a price that I agreed was very fair. While doing all the paper work, it was getting late and the detailers were all cleaning up and getting ready to go home. Ryan ran my car over to them and put my car at the front of the line to get a quick detail before we were done with all the paper work. The car came out looking amazing and Ryan told me I could come back sometime next week and get a free full detail.

It just still amazes me because at first I wasn't even considering a Hyundai, yet I go in to test drive one and I end up leaving with one of my own that very same night. Like I said, I'm 21 and some of the other dealerships on capitol wouldn't even acknowledge me as I would browse the dealership *cough* Honda *cough*. I guess those guys were too busy to make a sale. Anyways I was very pleased with my first car purchase and in a few years, I will more than likely make my next car purchase here as well.
Thanks Capitol Hyundai!

Taylor J. | 2013-09-15

$40 to patch a tire? *slow whistle* But at least they were willing to squeeze me in without an appt. and washed my car without me asking...

Jn K. | 2013-09-12

My second time visiting the dealer for service on my sonata.  Always a positive experience.... First was the brake switch recall and this time wanted to check out a weird sound coming from the front wheel. Had my appointment correctly... Sent me a reminder about my appointment via email. And had my car looked at and gave me an update in less than 10 min... You guys are awesome. Had a horrible experience at Fremont hanlees Hyundai...  But you guys are nothing but positive experience....  I highly recommend this dealer to anyone...

MaryLynn P. | 2013-09-02

This is the 2nd SUV I have purchased from Casey at Capitol Hyundai.  Our family has purchased over 7 cars/suvs from Casey.  He is the absolute best "car salesman" you would ever want to deal with because he treats you like he has known you for years.  Casey is never pushy and always treats you with respect.  He is very concerned to make sure you get the vehicle that you want at an incredible fair price for everyone. Even when the deal is done Casey calls to make sure everything is fine and if you have a concern months down the road he will help you out . It is a awesome experience to purchase a car with Casey and none of the pressure you find at most dealership. Thanks again Casey!

Patrick N. | 2013-08-27

Bought a 2013 hyundai genesis 2.0t auto from Kevin. Made the process simple. He didn't pressure us into making decisions but was very helpful. Definitely recommend asking for Kevin if you ever go to this dealership

Robin G. | 2013-08-27

A shout out to Manny, Jason and Ryan at Capitol Hyundai in San Jose.  We just purchased a new Sonata and we're very happy with the service we received.  Ryan was extremely helpful and excited to show and test drive with us the car we were interested in.  He was eager to help, very informative but not pushy.  We were very clear we needed time to discuss and make up our mind and he respectfully understood.  Days later, once we made our decision, Manny the Sales Manager and Jason in Financing were very helpful in getting all the paperwork in order and making sure we were happy with our purchase.  Everyone was warm and friendly and we're very satisfied and excited with our purchase.

Lisa B. | 2013-08-26

We purchased a 2007 Hyundai Elantra in December of 2012.


Nope, that's not a typo, folks. I never thought that I'd say this, but my 9 month pregnancy and natural childbirth without drugs was utterly PAINLESS compared to this 9+ month headache with Capitol Hyundai.

Originally we came in to see an advertised car that was more affordable but left with this safer, boring family type car.  I'll detail everything about the car itself later, but overall I want to shout from the rooftops that I am extremely disappointed with Capitol Hyundai and will never do business with them again.

Fortunately, the negotiations between the salesman and the finance guy weren't the worst and we did acquire favorable finance terms. HOWEVER, major loss of points for the misspelling my last name no less than THREE times on the contract, necessitating several very inconvenient return visits to fix this.

Oh, and the actual registration card still has my last name misspelled on it as does the paperwork with the bank.  Sad face.

The car itself has low miles on it but the accident that it was in was not disclosed on the official Carfax for this vehicle.  That said, whoever fixed the collision damage on the right passenger quarter panels and door did a fairly good job but it's not completely imperceptible.  For a 2007 vehicle, the air conditioner doesn't run cold.  

The motor mounts are broken, one of the air conditioning vents doesn't work, and there are some minor dings and scratches throughout. It's been pretty reliable mechanically so far, though, thank goodness.

California DMV stipulates that dealerships have 90 days to get the registration to the new owner.  

After leaving so many messages to the appropriate person regarding this matter, I was told that they didn't have the "correct contact info for me" (gee, then how did MAJOR BANK LENDER have all of that info on file then??) and that "paperwork was incomplete from the previous owner" and it would "take a while". O-RLY?? Por quoi??  What's the problem?  Why are you trading in used cars without complete paperwork and then reselling them, eh?

Not cool. Not cool at all.

I laugh every time I get an email reminder from them about taking the car in for an oil change or service. For one, it's not addressed to the right name in the email.  Why is this not surprising?  The incompetence is predictable and almost comical at this point.

The next time I need a car and still happen to be in this area, I'll be sure to avoid the entire DEL GRANDE DEALER GROUP (which for reference consists of Capitol Volkswagen, Capitol Hyundai, Capitol Mazda, Oak Tree Mazda, Capitol Kia, Capitol Subaru, Capitol Chevrolet, Nissan Sunnyvale, Capitol FIAT, Capitol Buick, GMC, and Fremont Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram).

I'll reiterate that a natural childbirth is a walk in the park compared to my experience with this dealership.

Kaila R. | 2013-08-26

I wish I could give this place 6 stars! As a first time car buyer I was a little nervous about getting conned into paying WAY too much and being peer pressured into buying a car that I don't absolutely love. This was not the case at ALL at Hyundai! Ask for Jack, he's the absolute BEST. He wasn't pushy at all and I ended up picking a great car. Not only that but he brought the price down so that my monthly payments would be more affordable! He treated me as if I was an old friend and made me feel completely comfortable. My mom was also very impressed. I could not be happier with my experience. The whole staff that day from the head boss down to financing were absolutely fantastic. They really work with you to try and make you satisfied with your purchase. Jack even sat in the car with me after I had purchased showed me the complete run down with everything inside the car. We will definitely be returning in the future because of the service we had.

Jennifer G. | 2013-08-11

Do not waste your time.  I test drove a used Mini Cooper, and although I had my own loan preapproved, was talked into letting them run my credit.  They came up with an interest rate higher than my credit union.  Then, the sales person made me fill out forms and wait for almost an hour to show me a ridiculous monthly payment.  I was almost out the door when I was introduced to the manager, I think his name was Dennis.  He told me my offer was not even close, and made no counter offer.  Then, after doing some calculations, decided to up my price closer to asking price.  I sent an email to the sales person with my numbers.  I got no response.  Sent numbers to manager, then sales people started calling trying to get me to increase my offer.  I told them, as stated in my email, this was my final offer.  Then I get messages from other "managers" telling me they have good news and to call them back.  I call them back and he offers to take $200 off the original price.  Not even close to my offer.  These guys are unprofessional, and seriously need training.  I would never step foot in this dealership again, even if I did get the price I wanted.

Tim H. | 2013-08-10

I had a very good, clean, business like intraction with Capitol Hyundai leasing a 2013 Elantra.  I had been through the websites of a lot of web fronts claiming to have great lease deals, but most turned to be shams just designed to hook me into the sales game. Hanlees of Fremont had a good review, so I went there first, spoke to Simon, who after earning my trust tried to loop me into the old sales game of "Well if I get you the deal you want, you';ll sign today, right?  Always these F&*@**ing dealers and their sales games. I just wanted a price so I could decide if it was going to be something I could do. These stupid dealers: Serramonte, Stevens Creek, all gave me the same run around.  LISTEN DEALERS: if I am motivated enough to get out and seriously look at leasing your car, someone like me: driven, focused, when I ask for a price ( and obviously your best one), don't screw with me and tell me you can't do it unless you know I am committed. You just lost me as a buyer. You are such poor salesman you can't see when someone is serious, either way, you will lose my trust.
 Back to DGDG Hyundai, I spoke with another salesman there who got my info from their web sign up form.  same old stuff "Come down we'll see about getting you into a car at your price, but no guts to actually answer about price. Don't they get it. AS a salesman of many years myself, when a person is openly asking about price and clearly demonstrates knowledge of what they are askin ( I know all about the Hyundai's), they are ready to close, you don't have to go through the whole rig-a-morall to try and squeeze every last dollar out of them. GIVE THEM A PRICE. and work from there.
 So MIKE VU is one such salesman. Excellent job Mike. Gave me what I asked for. He also did not pretend to NOT KNOW about Hyundai lowering the price on their lease to $139/mo.near the end of July. The others all pretended not to know about the price lowering, causing me to question myself. SHAME on them  Cheaters. It was all over TV, you imbeciles.  Mike and Capitol were straight up helpful.
I bought there and would do so again. Mike worked within the parameters I gave him and got a price and a car I liked, extending the $139 deal past the deadline.  .

Marianne C. | 2013-08-09

After researching every lot at the Capitol auto mall, I am proud to say im now driving around in a Yukon Denali! Much easier than I thought!
  I walked into the dealership on a Monday just checking things out and met salesman Michael Vu who come to find out was fairly new to the company.  He was professional and truthful with me.  He wasnt pushy which is a plus! He showed me some of their inventory and I left with his business card, an appointment to come back and cell phone number.
 The next day I received a text from him which I thought was awesome confirming our meeting time.  My family and I met with him and in no time I was in a great SUV of my choice, payment met my budget, and felt like we were treated with honest care.  He was also running around helping me fax to my insurance company and did everything to make our visit comfortable!! Also left with an appointment for my 1st free oil change in November!  
  Another staff member I would like to mention is Jason Marcucci in the financing dept. (hope I spelled that right) He was awesome as well.  He knew what he was doing, he made sure that my payments were in my budget with $0 down and paid off in 60 months not 72 months.  He was so funny and very nice to my mother and sons which is huge in my book.
  Thank you everyone at Capitol Hyundai for making our can buying experience wonderful and I will definately refer all of my friends to this dealership!!

Michelle V. | 2013-08-07

No pushy salesmen? Can this be?!

Walked into the most popular Hyundai dealership in the Bay Area not knowing that a few hours later I would be walking out with a brand new 2013 Limited Edition Hyundai Elantra.

Sarin (salesman) greeted us when we showed up and asked if we were looking for any particular car. I ended up test driving the base model 2013 Elantra. I pretty much already knew how comfortable this car is and how well it drives because we've had this as a rental in the past. Anyways, the one thing I really liked about Sarin was that he didn't try to sell me anything. He pretty much just grabbed some keys for us and opened up some other Elantra models for me to take a look at. I'm really picky with what I want in a car. And by picky, I mean weird and frugal. I prefer cloth seats over leather. I prefer MPG over how fast the car can go. I ended up with leather seats, navigation, moonroof, etc (the works!) because my monthly payments wouldn't be that much more versus the base model. Crazy huh?

Their finance guy is pretty hilarious too. He got me a better interest rate on my loan than my own credit union. And he also taught me a few tricks I didn't know to boost my credit score in the future. More importantly, he's a FOODIE. We were talking food the whole time we were processing my paperwork. I'm definitely going to try the Persian pastry with a glass of good Brandy that he recommended.

Capitol Hyundai sells more than 300 brand new cars a month. So obviously, they don't need to push sales because they know when a customer walks in, the customer is most likely walking out with a car. I really like that they have that going for them.

Excited to bring my car in for her first service appointment. I wanna see if my "waiting" experience then can be enjoyable as well. :)

Michael B. | 2013-08-05

Not impressed!

I started my tour of the site by being told that competitive dealerships were liars and that  they (capitol hyundai) spend a lot of time trying to rebuild trust in their potential buyers... My salesman Will seemed nice, arranged a test drive without a prior appt and found a car that I liked. I explained my financial situtation to him and explained what I could afford to do and that I wouldn't be able to purchase a vehicle without the help of financing.

After spending about 40 minutes or so with him telling me that my best hope of a monthly payment (at around $200; $80 over budget) was with at least $2000 downpayment. This was after a lengthy discussion of what I would be able to afford as a monthly payment and how much I could put down as a deposit. During my time there he kept asking the same thing - "What can you afford to do? What would be a comfortable monthly payment... Even after I reiterated the same thing over and over. Finally we looked over his inventory for another car and found one for less than half the price. I asked for the financing information on that vehicle. He went away and came back 5 minutes later - dismissed the cheaper vehicle and said that it would be the same monthly payment as the more expensive vehicle and brought back new figures for the expensive car - still out of my price range in both monthly payment and deposit.

Unsatisfied with the answer I went online to the car in question and noticed that the website has a "finance calculator"... at 36 months, 6 % apr and $500 the monthly payment would be $137 (as per their websites calculations) - well within my budget.

I called back and spoke to John who agreed to check on the car and find out about the financing side. When he called back he had spoken to his boss and agreed that the cheaper car was going to be just as expensive as a higher priced vehicle. I explained to him that I had used the website calculator and was told that that was just an estimate and that the numbers were all wrong... Monthly payment calculators have been around for a long time and are pretty standard... balance, rate, time = payment. I explained again that I had adjusted all the figures and that the payment was within budget.

John then asked if I had a credit card I could use to just buy the car? Seriously - we just spent all that time talking about financing... If I had a magic credit card, why would I have spent all this time explaining my need for financing. I need a car, not an argument.

So then John tries to tell me that I'm wrong about the monthly payment amount. I have to ask 5 times, in 5 different ways what was wrong about the information - the price of the car (which is advertised), the term of the loan (which they kept insisting was going to be 36 months) or the APR that they had quoted the day before at 6%!?!??! Finally he tells me that the APR is going to be more like 9%... and that the payment is going to be closer to $200.

Then he tells me that it was unlikely that a bank is going to want to finance a car for $5000. Are you kidding me? Between you and the bank, you're telling me that a bank isn't going to want to finance a $5000 loan???? He tells me that he can put in an application but it wouldn't be worth the time. Then he asks me if I still want to come by tonight (we had made a tentative arrangement to come view the cheaper car and do a test drive). Why would I want to come see a car that you are telling me I wont be able to get financed? or be able to afford?

So I go back onto the dealerships website and put 9% in the calculator. The monthly payment is still less than $150 and with only a $500 downpayment.

These guys are looking for people that don't know the business and / or money to try and trick into buying a car... at the very least they have no interest in what you want and are going to try and up sell you because they think they can.

If its any consolation - this dealer is part of the DGDG group. Before I went to hyundai, i had been at the VW dealer across the street. They were going to sell me a car at around the same price, were impressed with my credit and financing wasn't going to be a problem...

Its my guess that this dealership isn't interested in selling cars or helping customers as much as maximizing their profit margin.

Jim P. | 2013-08-03

This dealership is like no car dealership I have ever shopped at.  Minimal pressure, great sales team, awesome finance guy.  From start to finish, we had a tremendous experience.

Micheal Vu, our sales person, noted the cars we wanted via email, and then had them ready to go for test drives.  Then they handled the transaction painless-ly.  Ours took extra time because we were buying 2 cars, but it was worth the wait.  I would totally recommend this dealer to anyone looking for a good deal on a car.

Corinne D. | 2013-08-01

I just bought a used 2011 Sonata from Capitol Hyundai and am very pleased with my whole experience! This was my first time buying a car from a dealership and was very nervous at first but a wonderful gentleman William Ng made me feel comfortable with no pressure. I test drove a couple cars and feel in love with the Sonata so my buying process began which did take a few hours but what can I expect going on a Saturday like everyone else ;0)

Sean A. | 2013-07-29

Capitol Hyundai was awesome, just bought my first car from them (Hyundai Genesis Coupe). I worked with Will Ng and the finance manager Onik, who were great/genuine guys. I came here after another Hyundai dealer turned down our reasonable offer for a Genesis, and Capitol Hyundai accepted my offer right away. The process was easy and painless and I would definitely refer people to choose Capitol Hyundai over the other Hyundai dealerships in the bay area.

SuZy Q. | 2013-07-24

I came in last week to look for a car, I had a recommendation from my co worker to ask for Kevin Kuang. Kevin left me a great impression, he is friendly, nice, genuine and a funny guy. I asked him a lot of questions about the car and I gotta say Kevin is very knowledgeable and knows all his stuff. He spend more then an hour with me and remain very patient. This is the kind of person that needs to come work for my company. I end up buying a car that same day, I been looking around for more then a month already and Capital Hyundai has the BEST PRICE.

Kevin even did a follow up call on me to see if I'm getting use to my new car yet and I'm lovin it! Capital Hyundai has a lot of selections and unbeatable prices. All the staff there are really friendly, I would definitely recommend all my families, friends and co workers to go Capital Hyundai and look for KEVIN KUANG! Thanks again Kevin, I appreciate all your help, ur the best!!

Kelsey L. | 2013-07-19

I finally got to buy a car and I am super happy with it! It took over a month of hassling at other dealerships and not being treated well, and being frustrated. Capitol Hyundai and STEVEN YEE were a total different experience, and everything went smoothly. I felt like Steven listened and took care of us very well, knew we had done our research, and hooked me up with a Limited Sonata Hybrid at a fair price. He also trained me on how to use all the dashboard equipment, and I can't be happier :-) He also just helped a friend of mine.

Denise L. | 2013-07-18

i went to hyundai sunday after looking for two days, i was confused and tired. however , right when i drove up william ng seen me and my 5 year old daughter and came right to us. told him what i wanted and he gave me two different options. explained the difference between both, the pros and cons and was very patient and detailed with his information.

after taking it for a test drive i was in love with both so he allowed me to drive the car to a freinds house to get their input. that i appreciated.

i was sold on the sonata, when it came to closing the deal he really seemed to have my best interest at heart. i left with a great deal.

when i picked up the car it was detailed, he help me put the car seat in, set up my bluetooth for me  and even took a picture for me with me and my daughter next to the car, he didnt just rush me out.

ask for william ng if you are going by. as a single mom i felt very secure with his help.

Keith W. | 2013-07-16

I needed a vehicle for my son.  Sales Associate, Colin Crawford, had helped us two years ago with a car for my daughter, so I knew just who to call.  Turns out we ended up purchasing my son the same car Colin drives, an Elantra GT (4 dr hatchback).  My son loves the car, and Colin Crawford made the entire process painless.  I felt like we got the best price available with no hassle!  

I hear Colin is moving into a new position within the Del Grand Dealer Group and he can help you with several makes and models up and down the Capital Auto Mall.

Chip M. | 2013-07-15

This is a model dealership that other local car companies should emulate, Low pressure environment, a sense that the sales staff is glad to be working there. i was looking for a car for my kids and was quite lucky to be introduced to Jackie Velisek. She knows her stuff, realizes you don't have all day to spend at the dealership and models true professionalism. There were no mysterious "i have to speak with my manager" discussions where the salesperson disappears for ages, no attempts to upsell and no pressure to add options you don't want or need. I felt like Jackie had my best interests at heart and simply was trying to meet my requirements. I could think of a half-dozen other dealerships that should ought to be running. Hats off to Jackie, ask for her if you visit Capitol Hyundai.

Christine D. | 2013-07-12

While driving down the street to the grocery store last Sunday I picked up my phone to read a text (don't ever do this!) and veered right into a parked card on my street. I have never had an at fault accident in 22 years of driving and I was totally devastated!  Insurance said my Scion XB was a total loss.

I began doing research to find a fuel efficient car with GPS and Bluetooth so I would never have to touch my phone again while behind the wheel.  I realized to get what I wanted leasing would be the only option within my budget.  

I started at Capitol Nissan.  They told me that based on the fact that my ex husband's failure to pay mortgage appeared on my credit report, they could not lease to me but could sell me the new car.  What?? Well, that didn't make sense and so I walked.

I then headed to Hyundai as I knew that the Company had come a long way over the years and that the Elantra was one of the most fuel efficient and safest cars on the market in my price range.  

William greeted me and took me for a test drive in a fully loaded beautiful 2013 Hyuandai Elantra Limited. I immediately fell in love with the car. I had done endless research on how to handle car salesmen as a single woman, and was ready to be tough. I had even coached my daughter not to squeal "I love it!"  But William soon disarmed me with his low pressure attitude and all of his information that matched up with the good things I had read about the car.  He explained my situation to the finance officer as I didn't want them to pull my credit if they didn't think they could lease to me.  He said it should be no problem at all.

And so the games began.  I truly wasn't negotiating as much as I was just 100% sure I could not exceed my bottom line.  The initial offer came back $4000 over what I was willing to put down and nearly $200 over what I could pay per month.  I was devastated.  The emotional side of me wanted the car so much, but the practical side of me knew it was either pay those prices or feed my child. Seriously.  

William went back and forth several times, but could not match my offer.  I got up to leave, truly intending to do so, when suddenly - VOILA! They made it work.  And they had themselves a deal!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this car!!! I just keep going outside and sitting in it and smelling that new car smell :-)

The finance guy Jason was awesome, and in the end the Sales Manager Charstan made the magic happen for me (PS Charstan was not hard to look at either ;-)

The reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because it took several offers and me walking out to finally get to my price, which I think could have been avoided.  All told I was at that dealership for 5 hours which was a bit overwhelming.  But I drove off happier than I had ever been leaving a car dealership in my life!

I can't promise you a no hassle experience, but if you are willing to stick it out you will get a great deal for an awesome car at Capitol Hyundai!  Take that, Nissan!!!!

Randy S. | 2013-07-09

My  son moved from Texas to San Jose  after he graduated in December. I am a proud Hyundai owner having owned 4 separate Hyundai's. It was a no brainer to get my son a Hyundai. However it was a pleasant surprise to receive such un real service, treatment and care from Colin Crawford and the entire Capitol Hyundai staff.
I basically bought it over e-mail. and phone calls with Colin. Everything went very smooth. We showed up in January, took a cab to Capitol Hyundai, and in 10 minutes had my sons car ready to go. I cannot say enough about th great service and friendliness from all there. The car(2013 Elantra GLS) is fabulous!!  Do yourself a favor...go see Colin if you want an unreal experience.

Warrick P. | 2013-07-04

Capitol Hyundai is a first for me in a number of ways... I have never offered up an unsolicited positive review for a Car Dealership ever. I'm 43 years old, I've bought 6 or 7 cars through dealerships ( not that many I know... But that's because I hate the car buying experience... Or rather, I used to hate the car buying experience) so most of my car buying or selling experiences have been private party in nature.
Capitol Hyundai in San Jose changed that for me this last weekend... They were really very good ! And for me to say something like that about a car dealership is interesting to say the least.
Jackie Velisek was amazing, was happy to put up with my indecisiveness, happy for me to try car after car after car (lots of test drives) and made me feel very much at ease... Seriously, not lip service... She actually sells without pressure, she seems to have grasped the Customer is always right concept and respects that buyers do their homework before buying... She was terrific and has earned a customer for life.
I can say without reservation that you won't feel pressed or uncomfortable or any of the many other negatives associates with the dealership car buying experience if you go with these guys and specifically Jackie Velisek.

Halfbreed S. | 2013-07-02

I was in the market for a new car since my recent accident & my car was totaled..... Since I've already owned Hondas and Toyotas I wanted something different. So after shopping around, I decided on a Genesis Coupe. See, I've just recently moved up here from LA, so I had no idea where to go up here. So I called a friend in LA to see how good he could do for me and he suggested that I check around up here so that I don't have to deal with flying down and driving over 300 miles in a new car etc etc, but he'd help me as much as he could. So after he gave me a quote I was directed to a Hyundai dealership in the East bay....but then I decided that I should shop around I went to a couple dealerships, test drove the Genesis Coupe and instantly fell in love. But I was feeling hella pressure from the sales guys, some were even rude because I just said "I want to test drive the Genesis Coupe" and didn't know you actually had to say "I'm interested in buying a new Genesis Coupe" (who woulda thought there was a secret language when buying a new car!!) I was about to give up & was going to repair my totaled car and keeping her for a while long.

Until someone mentioned Capitol Hyundai.

I promised this would be the last stop I make. If I didn't like the dealership or got mad or wanted to punch my sales guy, I was going to go back to my 02 Honda Accord...fix her & keep her for a while longer. I mean, she has a few years left in her anyways...So Capitol Hyundai was my "Make it or Break it" stop. On Friday, June 28th 2013, I pulled up, and was greeted by a sales rep, William Ng. I didn't bring up anything. Nothing about the quotes, nothing about the accident, just walked in half heartly and said "I'm just looking". He walked around with me, told me about all the different models, asked why I was interested and started to genuinely carry a great conversation with me. He spent a lot of time talking to me and letting me test drive whatever I wanted. I felt no pressure, and was enjoying the conversation. I asked to test drive the Genesis Coupe, he let me get right into it and we took her for a spin. That's when I told him about the accident, about how much my insurance company was buying my car back for and that I wanted to buy a Genesis Coupe. Once we got back, I told him if the numbers were right, I'd drive off the lot with the car that night.

Long story short, I love my new Genesis Coupe!! And if it wasn't for my sales guy, I would still be in my ugly Nissan Sentra rental hating every commute...and most likely not willing to get a Hyundai in the Bay Area.

Thanks Will!!! Shelly & I are totally happy you got us together!!!! :)

I-yelp K. | 2013-06-24

We bought an SUV from this dealership last month. We were very pleased how Daniel helped us through the buying process. He is very responsive via emails and phone and he does not manipulate or push you to get your business. We highly recommend Daniel and his team if you are in the market to buy a car.

Joseph C. | 2013-06-17

My wife and I recently purchased a new 2013 Hyundai Veloster Turbo from Capitol Hyundai.  Our experience was very good.  The salesman, Mike Pepper, was friendly, knowledgeable and, most importantly, not pushy.   General Manager Dennis Billings gave us a good deal on our trade-in and on the final price.  I would highly recommend this dealership to anyone interested in purchasing a Hyundai automobile.

Bob P. | 2013-06-17

Very good experience smooth, and thorough.  Dealing with Mike Pepper was relaxing, and professional. general sales manager Vernon Tara was no nonsense, and to the point.  I would recommend friends, and family

Sarina O. | 2013-06-17

honestly, I loved my car and the service I received when I bought it(of course because they want to close the deal) but afterwards I was not so happy. They had left these stickers on my rims and the sales guy told me to come back and he will have them taken off. I went for my service and asked them to take it off and nope, they didnt. I complained so they gave me a free mini detail and got my car back and the sticker residue was STILL there! I ended up having to buy product and do it myself! then, when I was having an issue with the way the car was accelerating(they supposedly checked this issue before) I called(kid you not!), 5 different times and never received ONE call back! I spoke to my service guy who was supposed to get me a loaner because I could not miss work at my new job and he never called. I asked the receptionist if i could get the service managers name and she said "it was complicated " and couldnt give me a name? I even spoke with the "customer service" rep who deals with complaints there and she assured me I would get a call from the manager cause this was unacceptable and NO CALL AT ALL FROM ANYONE! I now have to drive to a further dealer and hope that the service will be better cause HYUNDAI HAS DISAPPOINTED ME SO FAR.

David F. | 2013-06-15

I was contacted by Dennis Billings General sales Manager of Capitol Hyundai. We exchanged a series of voice mails where he stated he investigated this matter and he apologized to me for the bad treatment I received from his staff and managers. He stated he did not know why his managers did not honor the deal,and he understood that this was a complete waste of my time. He offered and I accepted one monthly car payment as his way of apologizing. The offer was not contingent upon me writing an updated review, but I do want to recognize that this was a nice gesture on his part. I would suggest that if you go to Capitol Hyundai and you have any problems please ask for Mr. Billings personally.

Justine G. | 2013-06-12

I just bought a genesis from here. William Ng in sales was very professional and efficient at getting us what we wanted. He wasn't pushy at all that's what I really liked about my experience here. Manny Manuel and William Ng are awesome at Capitol Hyundai! Excellent customer service, great overall experience!!

Matt S. | 2013-06-11

Colin Crawford at Capitol Hyundai was great, as were all the staff. Even the business manager, by whom one would most expect to be pressured when it comes to signing the papers and deciding on options and maintenance agreements, was super. He explained all the the options and tried to tailor them to our driving habits, but without pressure. We worked with Colin over a period of months to find the exact car and color we wanted, and he came through. We picked Capitol because of their excellent Yelp ratings, and we were not disappointed. If you want a trustworthy car dealer, go here.

Alex G. | 2013-06-10

Never thought I would ever buy brand new car since I was always against this practice. Yet, I got new and loaded Elantra for a very good price. The sales person, Michael was excellent and treated my wife and I like you want to be treated in the event of buying a car - patient, understanding, not pushy, well he was great! I need to give the big kudos to the financial person, Onik, who processed our paperwork and answered all the questions we had.
Well, when it was said and done, we got out of there and.....came back a week get 2nd car :) At this time I was working with the sales person, Erik, who also is must have salesperson if you want to find a great car for the great price. This time I decided to go with Accent and can't be more happier about the purchase.
I know, I know, it's kinda strange to give credit to sales people. But we all have different jobs and need to respect each other. Last thing in my life I wanna waste my time writing reviews on Yelp about people treating me badly, so this is not the case here.
Overall, I want to the thank Hyundai at Capitol Expressway for the great customer service and rewarding experience of searching for cars my family desired.
Mike, Erik, and Onik - a personal thank you to all of you!

Colby R. | 2013-06-05

When you take your brand new car in to have a spoiler put on more than a month after initial purchase (because you never received the promised call to schedule an appointment, and when you finally called yourself it takes weeks to get in...) only to find out the loaner car promised is off-lot, through Enterprise. If I had an hour to set aside to wait for Service, then a pick up, then a car....  I'd still be angry. Not to mention a less than satisfying purchase experience to begin with (it's no fun feeling taken advantage of when you spend that kind of money on something).  I am now late to work, and left with an overwhelmingly sour taste in my mouth (plus a smelly, sub par "rental" and the knowledge I have to do this AGAIN to return the damned car tonight!)

I will say the only thing in their favor was the friendly, patient and helpful Service staff. I know this isn't their policy (it seems all DGDG dealerships use that Enterprise). One star on their behalf.

DGDG - this has been an amazingly disappointing experience. I WILL NOT be back. I'll find another dealer to take my business to in future, service and purchase related. I would not recommend this dealership to anyone looking for good Customer Service and quick, efficient, painless visits.

PS - the customer pays for sales tax and to refill the gas on the "rental-loaner" as well.

Magereta W. | 2013-06-02

I got my New Veloster (style & tech packages) here last week. I have studied the features and all before I came here. This is my first stop in shopping for a new car. Came here to test-drive Veloster and LOVE it.

Arrived at this showroom, I was friendly greeted and warm welcome. William Ng is the sales person that helped me. He is very helpful. He answered all my questions and concerned. Good service, that's  my first visit impression. Per my request, I got my finance approved at no-time and painlessly even-though my financial situation it is not great-thanks to Onik-the finance guy.

I shopped around very briefly to other Hyundai dealer just to get the taste of how other dealership works and to confirm the price offered by Capitol Hyundai is pretty good. I was told by other dealership, they can get me $ 200-$ 500 less than the price I was offered. I told them, good to know, thanked them, and left...their approach and services are nothing compare to Capitol Hyundai. They are too pushy. I don't like the feeling of being "sold", I like "buying". I won't jeopardizing service over saving $ 200-$ 500 for item with big tag like this.

I compared Veloster with similar car: Toyota Prius (too bulky and pricy for me), Honda CR-Z (no option for sun/moon roof), Scion TC (same money w/ no tech features), Ford Fusion hatchback (hm...)

Here, I don't feel the pressure like I felt in other dealerships.

Other places, I feel like, they are rushing me into test-driving a car and suddenly they want me to sign a paper, releasing a very personal information, and expect me to buy.  I tried to explain to them that I specifically looking for an automatic transmission car that has navigation, sun/moon-roof, leathered-seat, hands-free, ability to start the car remotely, and etc (all convenience features). All of those features but still maintaining the total cost below 25 K. I told them there is no point of test-driving a car that does not met my criteria. They don't really listened, they only care about selling me anything that has 1 or 2 features that I am looking for for the maximum price that I can afford.

Anyway, William and the team (Eric, Onik, and Charstan) were patiently working with me to get what I want. It has almost everything that I want in a car and the price..yes..under 25K-total cost. I am very happy with my new car. I still paid less than KBB fair price. Nothing like Veloster, Capitol Hyundai and exceptional service from William Ng (very friendly and professional). I am a..very..very happy car buyer.

William is awesome, I can't thanked him enough. I called him several time and left him messages with some questions. He always got back to me at no-time and ready with the answers. He helped me to get a better rate in car insurance, set-up MyHyundai account, scheduled my first car service, navigation, bluetooth, my favorite music channels, and all. I picked-up my car on Saturday night, it almost 9 pm when I got there...on my way home is almost 11 pm, I accidentally pressed something in the car and suddenly...the engine sounds is changed. I was very concerned because I don't know what happened. I stopped at the nearest gas station, I called William, he was already on his way home but he turned around and met me at the gas station. He explained to me that my automatic transmission Veloster also can be use as a manual. I was accidentally pressed the switch to manual transmission button that causing the sound of the engine changed. I don't know how that night would end if he didn't answer my call. I would be too scared to proceed. Ever-since, I called him with all kind of questions regarding the car and he is there to answer all of my questions.

First week:
- Thursday: 1st visit-test-drive and Q & A, negotiation.
- Saturday: 2nd visit-confirming prior discussion, more Q &A, negotiation
The following week:
- Thursday: 3rd visit: deposit & initial signing.
- Saturday: Picked-up my new car

People in this dealership are great people. I feel sorry for others that had bad experiences here. I am working in Sales as well, here are a few tips that I can share: If you are coming with good attitude, people will treat you with respect. Purchasing a big tag item can be very stressful of course nothing wrong with shopping around. It's actually a smart thing to do but doing it smartly. Do your research on your private time. Research online is a great resource, type keyword: steps to buying a new car.

- Know what you want,
- Know the market price (a great negotiation tool-save time for everyone)
- Test-drive
- Respect other people time.

Here's one of the link that helped me:…

I learned from my recent experience, I hope it helps...Happy Car Shopping!

Marymichael M. | 2013-05-29

I see that there are mixed reviews on this site about Capitol Hyundai. All I can say is that I had a great experience. My fiance leased his car on Friday and I went back on Sunday and bought my car. The sales people were really nice and worked with us on good pricing for both vehicles. My fiance has dealt with Capitol Hyundai for years and is a repeat customer. I was a loyal Honda driver and have converted over to Hyundai. The Armenian finance guy is GREAT!!!!! In fact, I went back Sunday afternoon just so I could work with him on my financing!

Trang N. | 2013-05-27

I recently purchased a Nissan Murano from Capitol Hyundai and was very pleased with the service and professionalism I received. Reza Saatchi assisted me throughout the entire process and ensured that the car was met my specific needs. The vehicle went under a 130 point inspection before we bought it and the dealership made it a priority that everything was perfect. Reza could not have been more helpful and I am thankful he was there for me.

Another person who assisted me was Jason Marcucci in Finance. He walked me through the entire process since it was my first time financing a car and I really appreciated his honesty and help.

Overall, I was very happy with my interactions with Reza and Jason from Capitol Hyundai. They made a normally stressful process much more relaxing and did an excellent job in providing me with the perfect car. Definitely referring them to everyone I know interested in buying a vehicle.

Tami T. | 2013-05-22

Three stars for getting the car I wanted at the price I wanted. But one star for experiencing poor customer service afterwards. So I guess an average of 2 stars. They never returned my call about a small chip in windshield for the car I bought. Customer service is a big deal and the obviously do not have it.

Ashley D. | 2013-05-11

Just want to start off saying how amazing our visit was to Capital Hyundai. My fiancé and I had got engaged the day we went shopping for cars, we needed something that was going to fit our needs since we have a little one on the way. At first we unfortunately were unable to qualify for the first pick but that didn't stop the sales representatives and managers one bit. They worked really hard to do anything they could to help us out and we ended up walking away with a brand new Sonata. We couldn't have asked for a more pleasant experience. Thank you so much Capital Hyundai and to both of our amazing sales reps.

Ben G. | 2013-05-07

I came here just to look at the new Sonata as i have seen a few commercials and a few driving around. I was helped by  Will Ng. I must say he was the most helpful person i have ever gotten at a dealership. To be honest before this experience i have never particularly liked looking for a new car due to the hassle to high pressure salesmen and the lengthy bartering of trying to get a good price.  I would say i will be back for any future hyundais.

Viv R. | 2013-05-03

Needed a second car. Didn't think it would happen ( credit issues) til I walked into capitol hyundai and talked to sales person named Will. Would highly recommend. Didn't think car buying experience could be this good, glad I chose hyundai capitol and lucky to have had Will as my sales person =). Thanks again!!

Gladys L. | 2013-04-21

My girlfriend was looking for a Car, we came here, the sales guys
Are truly un-professional, this was the worst car shopping experience
Do not shop here we sat for 3 1/2 hrs and it was horrific we had to
Walk away

Ram V. | 2013-04-21

I came to  Capitol Hyundai after a very poor experience at a different Hyundai dealership  

1)  Had been in discussions over phone / email with Jack at the dealership.  He was very prompt and responsive to internet requests.

2)  First impressions:  Spacious and well maintained showroom.  Jack was very friendly and polite.  Although, I had to wait for some time from my appointed time, it wasn't bad at all.

3)  Then comes the worst part of any car buying process - negotiations.  I think the dealership knew how to identify a serious and informed buyer.  Understanding that I'd done my research and I knew what I believed was a fair price, Jack and his boss did not spend too much time haggling (I'd like to believe I got a fair deal as none of the other dealers around the area were ready to agree to my price).  

4)  Finally, there was no paper weight  (of coffee cup spilling coffee) that makes you vulnerable to their sales of extra products and services.  Of course, the dealership did highlight complementary products and services, which is completely understandable, but they weren't pushy.  

5)  Delivery was prompt and service was good.  Jack had tuned to what he thought would be the channels that I'd like to hear on XM.  Helped set up Bluetooth etc.,  A nice touch.

I bought my car in Dec. 2012.  Overall, it was a good buying experience.  Look forward to similar experience for my routine services.  

The reason for not giving 5 stars - Somehow couldn't get myself to give 5 stars to a car dealership :).  But definitely one of the best Hyundai dealer around the area.

Doug N. | 2013-04-17

What an awesome expierence...buying 3 cars????? Stephen Yee sales, the sales manager Khaled Aldada and Ricky Martinez listened and made are car buying expierence not only bearable, but fun! It was a pleasure doing business with people who are doing there best to serve the customer and realize it's a big purchase for 99% of us. I know usually it's a hassle, but Capital Hyundai was fantastic. Great Service, Great deals, Great trade in value and Great financing options. Consistent across the board by all the employees we met at Capital Hyundai (rare when entering car lots). They have literally hundreds of new and used vehicles to choose from, knowledgeable, friendly sales people who listen and genuinely want to listen and get you the car, the payment, the service we all so deserve. Capital Hyundai  flat out rocks! I have never done a utube video about anything, but I did about this one! My son, my wife and myself went home with fabulous cars and a great price. We truly feel like are family is know part of the Capital Hyundai family. It's obvious NOW why you see Capital Hundai yellow and black license plate frames everywhere!!!!!!! Check out the 2 minute video below!

Googly W. | 2013-04-15

Excellent Customer service. Great experience buying a car.
I had no idea that I will be buying a car by just walking into a dealer. They made it really simple. I traded my 2010 Nissan altima for 2012(brand new, barely 1000 miles) Sonata Hybrid. I got a good value for my old Nissan and good value for new Sonata. I worked with guy named Eric, he is really good. He spoke with this manager to get us a better deal on Nissan. Overall was a very smooth experience. I am giving 4 stars because they refused to give a full tank for new Sonata and did not consider the brand new tires (that I had put for Nissan) while trading. But it is an excellent buy and I am very happy with it. Now will have to see their service.

September R. | 2013-04-12

Best, best service available!!! Never have we ever gotten service as good as we get at Capitol Hyundai. Our favorite is Jason, in service, who always makes us feel like his most important customers. We have purchased two vehicles at Capitol Hyundai and are so very very pleased with the service we have received there! What a wonderful experience to find outstanding customer service these days!

Easton K. | 2013-04-09

I first dealt with James Lee.  I'm sorry James, I was going through a car brokerage service and they directed me to the Fleet Director.  James was great, he was friendly, and most of all he wasn't pushy.  I had been to Ford across the street just before I went to Hyundai and they blew me off.  Forget those guys, they lost out on a serious buyer.  James approached me right away and he was very friendly and knowledgeable.  He let me test drive the car and then gave me his card if I needed anymore information than him, because I wasn't 100% committed to buying a new car yet.

As I mentioned earlier, I went through a car brokerage firm, who paired me with the Fleet Director, Steven Yee.  He was also very friendly, knowledgeable, and best of all he wasn't pushy.  There's nothing that turns me off more than someone who is pushy, even the financier (I forgot his name) wasn't pushy.  Due to complications from the DMV (being the slow, incompetent, lazy sloths they are), my current car at the time didn't have current registration.  In order to qualify for the $750 rebate, your current car must be registered to see what competitor you are coming from.  Their manager, I forgot his name, approved my rebate and gave me a month for the DMV to get their beans together.

Steven Yee showed me all the features of my new 2013 Hyundai Elantra Coupe SE.  Leather heated seats, automatic sunroof, Bluetooth connectivity, etc., it's a really great deal for the price.  He gets a 10 out of 10.  Everything about my experience with Capitol Hyundai was pleasant and I look forward to dealing with them in the future.

Piyush K. | 2013-04-03

I went here to buy a new Sonata Limited edition. My overall experience was quite positive. The people I dealt with at the dealership were quite professional. Negotiations did not took much time, just 2 days, mainly on email. The complete process of paper work for getting a new car took around 2 hours and the people at sales never tried to bug me when I refused to take any maintenance offers !!

I would definitely recommend it to others.

Cam C. | 2013-03-31

I came here on Friday and bought a car from Jackie Velisek. The experience was great from the moment I walked through the doors. Jackie was very accommodating, knowledgable, and honest. I highly recommend going to see her if you're interested in buying a car. The next time any friends or family members need a car I will make sure they go see Jackie at Capitol Hyundai.

Ramakrishna D. | 2013-03-18

recently i purchased 2013 santa fe. my experience with capitol hyundai is excellent. my internet sales manager is James Lee. He was extremely responsive and  clear in his communication. He gave me a great quote that none of the other dealerships could match. i highly recommend for any one who is interested to buy a new car.

James W. | 2013-03-17

I just bought my new Accent from Colin Crawford at Capital Hyundai.  I could not have asked for more friendly, professional or transparent service.  I find most sales persons to be annoying and difficult to deal with, but Colin is the complete opposite. He went above and beyond and keep me well informed through to process.  When I buy my next car Colin Crawford will be my first call.

L F. | 2013-03-17

I just bought an Elantra from Capitol Hyundai and I am very pleased with the whole process. I  contacted their internet department and had Steven as a seller. He was extremely responsive and  clear in his communication. He gave me a great quote that none of the other dealerships could match. I visited the dealership twice in person to look at the actual cars and test drive. I was helped by Colin who turned out to be very well informed, patient and friendly salesman. He found me the car I wanted and handled all the paperwork. It was all very painless despite the Christmas sales rush. Before coming here, I visited Stevens Creek Hyundai and Cammisa Hyundai and I got a bad reception and handling from both of them. It was totally worth the long drive to deal with Capitol Hyundai instead.

Carlito S. | 2013-03-11

Best dealership in the bay area specially SAN JOSE!, I purchased a nice per-owned INFINITY like new!  and what a great place and professionalism from REZA, STEVE,RICK and JASON all of these people can help you get the car of your dreams! good credit , low credit even bad credit like me they still work it out for you and give you the best deal... many thanks to them and I recommend anybody to go check it out this dealership



Arjun A. | 2013-03-11

Service update:
I picked up my car from service at CapitolHyundai today. After some initial concern on from the shop not being able to find a solution to my squeaky driver seat, I went with my fingers crossed. I was pleased to find the car washed and ready to pick up right when the shuttle dropped me off at the showroom. The squeaky seat and rattling sun roof were fixed! Thanks to some seat channel lubrication all round. Wayne who handled my service was very patient, helpful and considerate and helped make the experience a pleasure. I am very happy with the first service and hope subsequent ones show the same level of expertise. The only small bug is that my car was not cleaned inside.

Danah L. | 2013-02-26

I want to thank Dale & the financing team for all their help. This was the most painless experience I've EVER had at a dealership. My fiancé & I went in at about 1030am to just "look" at some cars & ended up leaving with a brand new 2013 Santa Fe by 1pm. There was no pressure to buy & they were all super honest. Best thing was - they had a children's room for my 5 yr old. While we were working on a deal, my son was kept occupied & most of the sales people were entertaining him. Never had I ever seen this at a dealership. I am super happy with my purchase & most importantly with the service I got.  Thanks again Dale!  I will be definitely referring all my friends to this location!

David N. | 2013-02-12

If you were looking to get a new Hyundai go to Capitol Hyundai and see Eric Wong or Mannie Manuel.

These people are GREAT. It all started with my brother and sister in law purchasing 2 2013 Sonatas and lots of interactions with the great service department people. Then it came time for myself to start getting on a new lease. Eric Wong who setup an amazing deal for my 2013 Elantra. I thought that I could only get a Sky Blue Elantra based on my deal but it was with the help of Mannie Manuel after hearing me complain about disliking the blue color he was able to help me with getting my desired color. A Pearl White Elantra with nearly same price as my original lease deal. Before I even finished with all the paperwork Eric Wong hooked it up with a free oil change appointment. Even after I finished purchasing the vehicle Eric went the extra mile to show me all the neat features of my car and even setup my Bluetooth for me. From start of finish my experience was great Eric Wong and Mannie Manuel are straight forward, friendly and helpful. Thanks to them I am now a new and proud owner of a White Elantra 2013!

- Big thanks to Eric Wong and Mannie Manuel!

Jordan L. | 2013-02-11

Huge inventory, friendly staff, amazing customer service and cheap cars.. what else could you ask for? I was in the market for a Hyundai Genesis and put my name and request out to every Hyundai in the area. Colin was one of the first sales representatives to contact me, within a day of my putting the request out.

From day one, Colin was there to answer any questions I had, and even provide information I would not have known about even after my own research. He was polite, helpful, courteous and most importantly, honest. He gave me his honest opinion whenever I had a question which was a nice surprise, instead of constantly trying to upsell me. Colin even provided his personal number if I had any questions on a whim and he was not in the office.

The car I had wanted was not in stock at the time he contacted me, but he told me they had one coming in with their next shipment. I asked if he could hold the car for me and he cheerily replied that he could. I was not able to get the car for a couple weeks after he put it on hold, I was surprised that he held it for me for so long!

The day I was finally able to make it to the dealership, he called earlier in the day to confirm that I was still coming to purchase the car. When I confirmed, he then said that he would go make sure the car was completely cleaned inside and out, and ready for me to take home when I got there.

When I stepped into the dealership, Colin quickly came to greet me and handed me the keys and owner's manual. He had pulled up the car and had everything shined, cleaned, prepped and ready to go. He even let me take the car out for a spin on the freeway while he handled some paperwork. Paperwork and pricing were as quick as you could expect, Colin wanted to get me the best price possible and Onik was amazing and helped me figure out the best way to finance the car while also building up my credit score.

In total, I think I spent about 90 minutes at the dealership, starting from when I stepped into the building to when I drove off with my new car. I would not hesitate to purchase another car from Capitol Hyundai in the future, and would not hesitate at all in recommending them to any of my friends or relatives.

Thank you Colin, Onik and Capitol Hyundai!

Douglas M. | 2013-01-29

Just wanted to thank Sarin, Onik and Charston for a fantastic buying experience! It took a while to complete the sale (you definitely need a few more finance people on staff) but we felt well attended to during the whole process.

Your dealership and team are top notch (and we visited many throughout the Bay Area while looking for the perfect car). Your success proves that it is possible to be truthful, trustworthy and friendly while selling cars. You have earned a loyal customer that will gladly recommend you to anyone looking for a new or used vehicle.

Thanks again!

Karin W. | 2013-01-24

This review is for the Service Department only.  

If I could ever get the service desk to answer their phone, I wouldn't have taken my business over to another dealer.  I have called numerous times for a simple scheduled service, only to get voice mail, no returned calls, or it just rings and rings.  A ringing phone in a Service Department is a cash register.  Whether it's warranty or customer pay, that's a revenue stream thats flowing over to your competition.

I will say that when I was actually able to speak to my advisor, and have brought my car in, the service and attention was top notch which makes this review difficult.  But, something needs to change.  Maybe add a scheduler, or have the advisors rotate on taking and returning calls.  I'm sure I'm not the only lost customer.

So far, i've taken 3 scheduled services over to Stevens Creek Hyundai.  Calls are answered and returned by the advisors, and no issues with appointments that are in line with my schedule.  Saturday appointments are no problem, they are adequately staffed on Saturdays, which is the only time most people can get their car serviced (like me!)   This is what nails a perfect score on the factory survey!!

Sorry guys......I will definitely buy my next car from Capital and continue referring folks looking to buy a car.   But, as far as service, my business goes where it's wanted.

Y Z. | 2013-01-23

I originally stopped by the Stevens Creek dealership looking for a new car because my current one literally died on me. Having done my research beforehand, I knew what to expect budget-wise; however, the sales team was unable to present me with affordable options.

As a result, I began calling other dealerships in the Bay area the next day to see if anyone could offer me alternatives. Although my initial call to Capitol was pleasant and professional, I soon became unindated with a dozen phone calls and text messages asking when I was going to come in. I was at work so I couldn't pick up the phone. I tried texting back to the agent to ask for specific numbers so I could compare his packages against other dealerships. (After all, we all know car salespeople make too much commission/profit off these deals that are supposedly the best the dealership can do).

Anyway, after I found the best deal at another dealership, the Capitol salesperson started to hound me with long and multiple voice messages, basically begging me to come down to the dealership in person. The reasons for going in were circular and repetitive (We are #1. We have the best deals. You won't be disappointed...) However, I already indicated that the offer at Stevens Creek expired that night and I could only make it to 1 dealership since I had to work late. In the end, without a clear offer on the table from Capitol, I went elsewhere to get my new car.

Bottomline: Salespeople are by nature pushy and aggressive. I had thought I'd receive better service at Capitol due to the great reviews I'd read here on Yelp. However, my experience was quite the opposite. I even called to try to speak with the infamous Mr. Yee (previously highly rated here on Yelp) but he didn't pick up and never returned my phone call. Buyer bewar - Not all Yelp reviews are what they seem!

Andrew I. | 2013-01-15

Found a car sold by Capitol Hyundai through the web. Contacted Stephen Yee, the internet specialist, and he gave us an amazing quote for a used car (it was a VW car). At first we thought he was joking when he quoted us the price, but the following day he got back to us and told that we could definitely have the car for the price he had quoted. These guys are extremely reasonable in bargaining (unlike those in Dirito Brothers WC)

The service by them was outstanding, beyond helpful and beyond friendly. Stephen is a very hardworking man, and he is available to answer our emails and telephone calls from all day and all evening long. He even responded waaay after office hours are closed. Very flexible hours, up to our convenience. The staff were very accommodating of our needs and concerns, answered every single little questions we have (we had a LOT, since we're first time buyers). They were extremely respectful, had a great sense of humor, and most of all, not pushy or annoying.

The whole process was done as quickly as we allowed it to be, certainly could have gone on so much faster if we didn't have so much questions. There was no hidden fees, they weren't trying to rip us off. In fact, since we are first time buyers with limited credit, our interest rate is supposed to be off the roof (try 15%). However with great effort they lowered our rate to an astonishing number that is almost unheard of for first time used car buyers nowadays.

Overall, i would HIGHLY recommend these guys to everyone looking for a car. They are the largest Hyundai dealer on all bay area, and they respect their customers greatly!! HUGE Props to Stephen Yee and the finance guy working in the back office whose name I can't spell. Their mission was to save us a lot of money and make the experience as pleasant as possible, and they truly succeeded.

Ms. P. | 2013-01-15

I would highly recommend Capitol Hyundai!!

We went there early on Saturday just to see a car they had on their lot, honestly hoping to not run into anyone. We one of the sales guys happens to be there and comes out and starts talking to us. We end up taking the car for a test

We didn't buy because we were not 100% sure we even wanted to buy yet, however Casey Wilson gave us his card and said come back when your ready. No pressure, super down to earth guy. It was a pleasant experience go figure.

Needless to say we went back the next day after a horrible experience at Capitol VW and worked with Casey and the team. These guys rock!!

Got a great deal and wonderful service! If you want to buy a car check these guys out!
Onik is an awesome guy too and you will leave feeling like you didn't get taken advantage of!

Loving my new ride!

Isabelle D. | 2013-01-11

I purchased my very first car here and I am definitely satisfied with my car buying experience at Capitol Hyundai.

My husband, father-in-law, and I worked with Eric "Chu" Wong and he is a great sales representative. He made sure that we were happy with the car that I chose and we are so thankful to him for giving us a great deal for my Hyundai Elantra.

I am also satisfied with the services that Alfonso Ochoa, Services Advisor,  and Wayne provided to us. There was a minor defect on the rearview mirror of my car, but Alfonso and Wayne made sure that it was fixed right away. They made me feel that they really care about their customers.

Andy M. | 2013-01-04

I dropped by earlier this week with my friend and the first thing I noticed was this place was fairly clean and tidy. That matters with a car dealership. My cars are kept CLEAN.

Anyways my friend was there looking at cars for his gf and their family so we walked in and was greeted by nice guy named Eric. He was very knowledgeable about the cars that he was showing us and was clear and upfront. He gave us the basics about each car we looked at which I can respect out of a car salesman, which is hard to say OF a car salesman because most of them like to fluff the bullsh*t. We talked it out and shot the poop for a little bit about cars and he was really helpful with my friend which didn't know much about cars. Even though my buddy wasn't ready to buy the car, Eric took his time and effort to educate us about what car would be best for my buddy's gf.
Eric was personable and very hospitable, even when he knew we wasn't buying a car that day. A good car salesman will do that because he will earn your respect and business in the long run. Look for the guy Eric, you guys won't be leaving the dealership all pissed off like when you do from other dealerships. He's laid back and passionate about cars. If you're looking to buy a car, look for Eric. He'll take care of you.

Prateek M. | 2013-01-02

I would like to state my grievance about my recent experience of buying Hyundai Elantra Limited Edition with Tech package from Capitol Hyundai San Jose CA.
There was the quote given to me from sales manager through email and when I went there on Dec 31st around 6:00 PM.
After waiting of about 2 hours got to know that they are not willing to honour that for me.
It was really disappointing and they really wasted my time on that day.
Please never ever trust the quote they give over phone or even in email.
Sales manager also said even if they give some quote they may not honor it.

I would never go back to them and also it is really bad name for Hyundai as a whole in my perception.

I would not recommend anyone to go there.Stay away!!!!

Michelle S. | 2013-01-01

I wanted to extend my thanks to Colin Crawford and the Capitol Hyundai dealership.  I received the highest of customer service from Colin and would not hesitate to refer family and friends to him. He exceeded all expectations and I could not be more pleased with the overall experience and/or my 2013 Hyundai Sonata!  Thanks again Colin, I appreciate the VIP treatment and you going the extra mile for me.  

In addition to Colin's excellent customer service, the inventory is huge, the staff extremely friendly, and they go the extra mile to give you the most competitive price of all dealerships in the area.  I am one to do my homework and compare all options, I know I got the best deal.  Thanks again, Colin!

Mister H. | 2012-12-31

Capital Hyundai provided a wonderful car buying experience. The staff was friendly and helpful. There were many different models and colors of cars available. They provided quick and efficient service. If you visit Capital Hyundai ask for Kevin Kuang! Both my mom and I purchased our vehicles from Kevin. He didn't play any games and was able to get us a great price on our new cars!

Mo R. | 2012-12-30

I brought my cousin in to the dealership just browse, but ended up coming home with a Sonata. Thanks to Sarin Meng. He was very helpful and provided great info about the car. Sarin made the transition smooth and easy. I recommend this dealership and Sarin Meng if you're planning on to getting a Hyundai.

Sean V. | 2012-12-29

I was in contact with Colin over the course of 3 months. He helped me pick the exact car that I wanted and then he diligently monitored all of the local dealers as well as the local port where Hyundai drops off cars from Korea.

After waiting nearly 3 months, my dream car was finally at port! Except that it was allocated to another dealer :(

Colin worked his butt off and traded with the dealer which was in Richmond to bring my car to Capitol Hyundai instead. This took only two days and as soon as it arrived at Capitol Hyundai, I went in to sign the papers.

Colin clearly went above and beyond the call to not only make sure that I get the perfect car for me but to also keep an eye out for my exact car and keep in contact with me over the course of the months that I was waiting.

It is the very definition of perfect customer service. I tell all my friends to buy Hyundais and I tell all my friends to buy them from this dealer.

Sharon P. | 2012-12-28

Hey Dennis Billings !! You say in the video that you take these reviews seriously. So will you call me back ? The manager won't . I purchased a car in Oct and found out both on line and by experience  --the lousy mileage issue. Now I'm a registered nurse still working with a long commute after 40 years---I made it clear to everyone that mileage was the main issue for buying the Hyundai. They all knew I was driving a 11 year old Saturn that still got 31 mpg. Fortunately, I didn't trade it in...because my new Hyundai doesn't even reach 32mpg on the hwy NOT 39. They all kept silent about the pending lawsuit and let me buy it anyway. I requested to return the vehicle before 30 days and got no response --except the form letter about how to get "reimbursed" for the gas...hmm maybe $67 a year...can you buy 100 gallons of gas with $67 ? Because that's the amount of extra annual gas I will need to buy for my commute.Do you know that for several years now, Gallop poll's top trusted profession  is : a nurse.
And the lowest ? : car salesman. I have spent a lifetime,caring for people and preserving their dignity in the context of corporate healthcare. Above all, I treat them with respect and honesty. This buying experience only shows why car dealerships poll so badly with the public.

Srihari Y. | 2012-12-27

This is a quick review of a new car sales. I started working with Capitol Hyundai via the internet yesterday towards purchasing a new Sonata based on my brother's recommendation.

They were prompt, and very helpful. I would like to thank Daniel Zamora, Senior Sales Representative, for everything, right from receiving me, till the final sale, including a trip to the bank.

Capitol Hyundai found me a good rate and a rebate. They were courteous and upright throughout the process.

I would recommend them to anyone thinking about purchasing a new car.

Anyika N. | 2012-12-27

I just have to continue giving out shouts to my salesperson, Manni Emmanuel, and Dennis Billing (GM) who have continuously washed away my worries & concerns. For sure, when I'm ready to upgrade to my dream car, the Equiss, I will drive from Oakland to Capitol Hyundai to purchase this car. Cause they have proven themselves to make it right for the customer. I'm sending them both Super Kudos! Please open a dealership in Oakland so I don't have to drive so far for great service!

Colin C. | 2012-12-26

Capitol Hyundai is the epitome of what a modern car shopping experience (should be).

Thanks to their new location,  their inventory all fits in one place, and if you're  technically savvy,  you can conveniently browse the whole lot from the comfort of your home computer.

I leased a New Elantra GT through the Internet Sales Manager (Mr. Crawford) he provided me with a direct price up front,  no silly business,  and when it came down to sign the contracts,  the price he said is the price i paid!   whats simpler than that?

traded in my old car,   after a minute of haggling with the used car manager i got the value i was looking for.

its a car dealership,  so please do your homework!!  it makes everything go smoother,  plus these guys are super friendly,  (and a bunch of pushovers when it comes down to price!!!)

Service has always been prompt in the past, nothing to worry about there,  but i will go ahead and update my review after my first FREE oil change.

Thanks Capitol Hyundai Team!

C C. | 2012-12-24

Service:  Five Star!

Once again, Daniel and his team are "out of the ordinary" dealership people to work with.  Our overall experience with Capitol Hyundai continues to impress!

We brought our Passat in for service work and everything was done quickly and efficiently.

Extra thanks go to Dennis to his commitment to customers.

Nikhil V. | 2012-12-24

I was more than a little skeptical when I first read about this dealership on Yelp. A car dealership with such a high rating? How could that be possible?

Much to my surprise, I had an excellent experience at Capitol Hyundai earlier this month. Steven Yee had a no nonsense no pressure style which I appreciated greatly.

Came in through the Costco Auto Buying program and they connected us with Steven. We came prepared by pre-selecting a car we were interested in test driving. Made an appointment with Steven and he had the car waiting for us when we arrived.

There were no games and everyone was extremely professional and courteous. Onik made the paperwork easy. Khaled, the general sales manager, always took the time to ask about our experience during our visits.  Would definitely recommend this dealership to anyone.

Frances S. | 2012-12-22

Great Dealership the staff is amazing! I took my good friend Diana to see Dale Esters to help her decide on what model of the Santa Fe she wanted. Dale made the experience fun and easy. She ended up buying the fully loaded model and is loving her new baby.  If you are looking for a great car buying experience go see Dale and his co workers at Capital Hyundai  they are all very kind ,knowledgeable and there to help. I personally have bought  every car I have ever owned from Dale and all my future purchases as long as he is working will be from him.  
5 stars all the way!

Victor A. | 2012-12-22

Great selection of cars and fantastic customer service.
Great job by salesman Tommy
Rhee and Jason Marcucci in Finance.

Itzel A. | 2012-12-17

I drove off the lot with my brand new car!  They were efficient and provided some of the best customer service. It was my first car buying experience and they made it as painless as possible. See Jack and Khaled, they will take great care of you!

Judepher L. | 2012-12-17

I will be completely honest and say that I would have never recommended a Hyundai vehicle to anyone because I believed the stigma about them as being poor quality and bad design. With that being said, my fiance was interested in  purchasing a new vehicle and she instantly thought of Hyundai. You can imagine that at first thought I wasn't too pleased but, given that she didn't give me any hassle when I got a new car in February (Subaru WRX baby), I decided to be on board. Before we went right to Hyundai, I recommended that we check out several other cars that she may have been interested just to give her a feel for what was available. We looked at the Ford Focus (not very roomy) and the Mazda 3 (interior looked antiquated and the salesman was indifferen to us). At this point she was really looking forward to Hyundai; we drove across the street and we were isntantly greeted by a man named Jack LaFlin. I am a harsh critic when it comes to dining experiences, movies, and trips, so I am not reviewing him or the company lightly. He listened to exactly what my fiance was interested in and didn't make us feel pressured at any time. He showed us several different options that pertained to the car we were interested in: hatchback, good gas mileage, roomy, powerful, and attractive body style. We decided to look more closely at the Elantra GT hatchback and Jack was very patient with us when he discussed all of the features, complied with all of our requests, and was happy to give us several test drives (I admit I was impressed with the Elantra). We did decide to move forward with the purchase and Jack was an absolute All Star with trying to give us the best price on the car, a respectable trade in with our vehicle, and superb customer service. Even though we did not agree on a deal that evening, Jack gave us a call the next day and gave us an offer that we couldn't refuse. After we purchased the car he spent hours with us making sure that we were completely content with the purchase as well as going over all of the features, blue tooth setup, and final arrangements. I have to say that after looking at the Hyundai lot, test driving a few cars, and doing my own research, Hyundai has came a long way in the last several years and they have definitely been making a name for themselves; I have even changed my perception of them. Jack - Thank you for making our car shopping experiences a quick and enjoyable one and I would recommend that any future customers should visit him. Hyundai, Jack is a valuable employee to your team and he really epitomizes what customer service is all about...give this man a raise!

Sharon S. | 2012-12-16

Overall an excellent experience at Capitol Hyundai for our car purchases. Daniel Z, our sales rep was helpful and knowledgeable without being pushy or over-bearing. Worked with us positively to get a couple great deals! We were on a 'time line', and everyone was helpful in getting paperwork, etc. completed quickly and efficiently. Thanks Daniel and Capitol Hyundai.

B R. | 2012-12-15

Buying a car can be really daunting, but Jack at Capitol Hyundai really eased my experience. My husband and I pulled into the parking lot on December 1st and were immediately approached by Jack.  He didn't swarm us in the smarmy way car sales people do, but gently greeted us and asked if we were there for service or looking at buying, and we told him we were interested in possibly leasing a Sonata.  I immediately felt close to Jack, probably because that was my grandfather's name, and Jack has really nice trusting eyes.  I felt like he was the real deal, and he cared about my needs, not his.  From that point on, Jack was patient and nice as he spent the day showing us around the lot.  He immediately knew I am not the "top of the line" kind of woman, but one that wants the most bang for her buck, and he shared the options with me, but never forced them upon me.  We finally agreed on the car, actually the same car he drives (less upgraded of course), and then we were worried about the "closers", and how pushy they will be, but the entire experience was painless, and I could not be happier with my new car.  Before I left, Jack made sure to go over all of the special car features with me, synced my phone with the bluetooth, and preprogrammed my radio stations.  This was truly an amazing experience, and I appreciate everyone that helped me at Capitol Hyuandai.  I absolutely love my 2013 Sonata, and I highly recommend Jack if you are looking to buy a car.  I will definitely return to Jack in the future.

MonicaLynn I. | 2012-12-14

So, I had been driving this crappy Saturn Ion for waaaay too long. This car had manual doors, manual widows, no stereo, and the driver's side door lock was broken. I had to unlock it from the passenger side every time I got in it. It was time for a new car. I wanted a 2013 Veloster. I had something pretty specific in mind and a friend put me in contact with Colin at Capitol Hyundai. He couldn't find exactly what I wanted, but he found me something better! This was the first time I had ever purchased a car from a dealer, but Colin made it easy and I drove off the lot in no time! Also, I LOVE this car! Hyundai has grown in leaps and bounds in the last few years. The features you get for the price you pay are staggering. If you are looking for a new car, get down there, find Colin, and get your new car : )

Oh... And if you there is an option to get a proximity key on the model you are interested in, do it! No more rustling through my enormous purse for my keys anymore!

Bill B. | 2012-12-13

The team at Capitol was terrific!  Mannie, our sales guy, was thorough and very responsive.  Dale was great when showing us around the available cars and patient with our test drive.  Onik was extremely helpful in putting together our purchase.  I hightly recommend the team at Capitol!

Joo P. | 2012-12-12

Great dealership.  I drove all the way to san jose from san francisco because of these yelp reviews.  I'm glad I did.  thank you other yelp reviewers.  had the same experience that others are talking about.  If you are in the market for a hyundai in the bay area...this is the place to go.  The sales people are very nice (Colin, Dennis, Kaled) and the price on the car is very competitive.   Gotta give a shout out to Hyundai as well for their Santa Fe Sport 2013....a very nice ride!

Matt B. | 2012-12-12

I went down to Capitol Hyundai a few weeks ago to check out the 2013 Tuscon. I was pretty set on what I wanted, package, color, etc... The new dealership looks great, by the way!
I was first met with by their GSM, Khaled Aldada, who was very friendly, and he matched me up with one of the sales consultants, Dale Esters. Dale was helpful, courteous. He obviously wanted to make sure I was satisfied. Test drive was great, and I had my mind made up. They ran numbers for me, so I could figure out how I wanted to finance the car. I had to wait another week and a half to get my finances in order. Dale did a great job following up with me during that time. I want to also thank Vernon Tara, the sales manager, for giving me a loaner vehicle, while they went to get the one I wanted from Santa Rosa. I work retail, so car buying can be a bit tricky during the holiday season, especially when you don't have a car.
So, now I have my car, and I just needed to work out the rest of the finance part. Rick Martinez was excellent. He never got pushy, and did a nice job explaining the extended warranties, and other add-ons. He listened to what I was looking for, which didn't happen in my last experience with the finance dept at another dealership.
I had an excellent experience from start to finish, and I absolutely love my new Tuscon. Everyone who has seen it, can't believe it's a Hyundai.
Thank you again!

Caroline C. | 2012-12-11

I recently bought a new Santa Fe Sport from Capitol and it was a wonderful experience.  After much desperation trying to find the exact car I wanted, and being told inconsistent things from other dealers I was overjoyed to come into contact with Mannie Manuel!  He was efficient, friendly, and extremely helpful!  He secured the car for me the day before and made sure it was there for me to purchase the next day!  He stuck to our deal in terms of a price and there was not a second that I didn't feel comfortable or secure with my purchase.  Mannie spent almost 3 hours with me explaining the car and all the features, even helping me synch all my contacts into the navigation system and making sure the app was properly installed on my cell phone!  I recommend Mannie and Capitol to anyone and everyone!  I am so happy with my car and so grateful to Mannie and everyone who helped me make buying my first car such a wonderful experience!!!

George m. | 2012-12-09

much thanks to kaled and steven  , i love my new turbo vuloster, great service ,no pressure, great price, my case was challenging and they came through, awesome job

Reyan R. | 2012-12-02

I rarely would write a review for a car dealership... because I don't generally write reviews and because a car dealership... well - not generally worthy of a review (unless "beware"!).  But not Capitol Hyundai!  Last week, took my new 2013 Sonata here with a roof glass issue that appeared manufacturer's defect.  From Hyundai's inspector, to Service Advisor, to cashier, to Service Manager - all staff was professional, courteous, friendly, accomodating, prompt, and personable.  They reviewed my car's issue, conducted research on the issue, found and fixed an outstanding safety recall, got me into a rental car, finished business perfectly and promptly.  Really pretty great, as I really didn't expect to be AMAZED by a car dealership!?  Many thank you's and congratulations to the Service Manager and his team at Capitol Hyandai.  I will be back to service my Sonata in 2013!

Joe S. | 2012-11-23

After the previous review, the manager of the dealer contacted me to give them another chance.  We came back for our complimentary second oil change and the speed and service were excellent.  Really commendable effort and great customer service.  Very much appreciated.

Lee O. | 2012-11-17

I usually never write a comment but felt that Casey should be mentioned for his good job. My husband and I recently brought a car at this dealership and the experience was good. Casey Wilson was our salesperson and he is friendly, fantastic and knowledgeable. He was not pushy at all and allowed us to take our time to choose and test drive the car that we wanted and explain the options that they have. Unlike some other dealership/salesperson that makes us feel that we have to give some commitment before we can test drive it.

C E. | 2012-11-13

This dealership certainly deserves its high rating and its standing as being one of Hyundai's best.  

After a disappointing experience elsewhere, we got to a bustling dealership.  The sales manager noticed us a minute or two after we got in the door and then walked us through the lot until he found someone available to help.  That's service!

We worked with Manny - a stand-up guy.  Car salesmen have a rep for being smarmy, but you feel like you can trust him.  He treats customers with respect and is focused on getting you the car you need (not just what he wants to sell you).

I'm excited about owning my first Hyundai (all Hondas and Acuras to this point) and appreciate the buying experience.

Lucy S. | 2012-11-12

I had an awesome experience with Capital Hyundai. Steven Yee is an excellent salesman and he was fantasic! He was courteous, kind, very upbeat and he was in contact with me thru email and phone throughout the entire purchase of my new car. He put in alot of extra work  in order to provide me with excellent service. I highly recommend him and Capital Hyundai with your next car purchase.

Henry Q. | 2012-11-04

On November 3, I took my friend to two Hyundai dealers to buy an Elantra. I already left feedback on Stevens Creek in my other review.

After leaving Stevens Creek Hyundai with a terrible impression of Hyundai dealers, we came to this place and realized that there do exist dealers are genuinely interested in customer satisfaction.

Capitol Hyundai gave a fair price over email, was willing to negotiate over phone, had plenty of parking for customers, and no difficulty locating the keys or the vehicle.

They are sincere and honest, as well as incredibly efficient (preparing the car while simultaneously working through the paperwork so that we could drive the car away as soon as the paperwork was done), making us feel comfortable with the price we were paying and the service we were getting and could expect to get in the future.  They also respected our time and did not make us wait randomly while "talking to bosses". This is a dealership I would be willing to pay a small premium to buy from because they know how to take care of people.

Additionally, we generally would not take the insurance referrals from a dealership, since we would expect there to be some knockback which we would have to pay over the price of insurance, but this dealerships' referrals matched and beat the insurance quotes we found through independent research.

Daniel B. | 2012-11-03

Worked with Colin and Onik; they were easy to work with and helped my fiance and I find the right car.  Not only are they knowledgeable and straightforward, they are friendly and easy to talk to.  If you're considering a Hyundai you should definitely come here!

Jan-Michael M. | 2012-10-15

This place is hell!!! Do not deal with these guys! Trust me! Bought a car here. Returned it a few days later because of mechanical problems. They were not willing to fix. They acted As if it was my fault. Lol  Bought a car from Colin. Financed With Jason Cucci and Onique. I already returned the car , so the loan was supposed to be cancelled. I recently just got a statement from the mail from wells Fargo and they said my loan is still active. Wf said I need to contact Capitol Hyundai because they need to pay off the loan. I've been trying to call these guys (Onique, and Jason finance manager). No returned phone calls nothing! These guys are straight up ignoring me. I'm going over they're right now to whoop some ass after I finish this review! What a effing headache! Plus I never got my refund of my down payment!!Shady!!!

D L. | 2012-10-13

After 6 months of test drives and research we purchased a 2013 Accent from Jack LaFlin at Capital Hyunai, San Jose.  Salesman, Jack LaFlin was wonderful.  He never pushed us, pressured us or tried to sell us something we were not interested in.

We went to Capital Hyundai 3 times before making our decision.  Each time we spoke with Jack he gave us helpful information and listened to our desires and concerns.  He took time to get to know us and was better able to suggest vehicles that would meet our needs.  

After the first visit we asked him not to call or email because we were trying quite a few different vehicles at a number of dealerships and we did not want to get inundated with ads and phone calls. He honored our request...not everyone did. On subsequent visits he was always friendly and never pressured or hurried us. He took "no" for an answer without a qualm. He just wanted us to be happy customers.

Jack also spent time searching other dealer locations for the car we wanted.

When we did decide to buy from him, he went out of his way to make sure the car we wanted was ready and the paperwork in order so it did not waste time. He also spent plenty of time after the sale showing us how things worked and setting up tech stuff that we were not accustomed to. He also set up a free oil change appointment for us online at the dealership.

Jack made sure we knew we could call him anytime if we had any problems in the future with the car regarding maintenance etc. He was honest and forthright.  This was not our typical experience.  

We would purchase from him again without a doubt. We also had a good experience with the finance manager, Onik Golaziz and the Sales manager, Vernon.

 If you are interested in a Hyundai, call Jack LaFlin.  408-445-3032 or email  1050 Capital Expressway SJ 95136

The Lagasse's

Diana H. | 2012-10-13

This review is long overdue -- I'm afraid I only remembered because it's time for my 6-month maintenance.

I can't say enough good things about Joseph, the man who sold me my 2009 Hyundai Accent. He was incredibly helpful, friendly, upfront, and didn't try to bully my mom and I into buying a car we couldn't afford. I could tell that he's a man of high moral standing -- he even followed up a few times periodically to make sure I was doing OK with the car, since we'd mentioned that I was new to the area.

This is a place that clearly knows the value of having a good reputation and long-term profit.

Francine V. | 2012-10-10

Buying a car is more than a test drive and a lengthy negotiation process with the dealership. It's about empowering yourself as a consumer, and making a purchase with confidence. The context within which this happens is fully dependent on your knowledge about what you want in a new car, and the salesperson you end up with. I knew exactly what I wanted based on market research and test driving various makes and models. The salesperson I ended up with, and the subsequent purchase process, turned out to be a pleasant surprise. It was Eric's second day in his new career with Capitol Hyundai. His fresh approach to customer service was friendly, unbiased, and honest. He gave me plenty of room to think through my options, supported my decisions, and hustled to make things happen. I have purchased many new cars in my lifetime, including my new '13 Santa Fe. Thanks Eric Wong! You have a promising career ahead of you.

Jay M. | 2012-10-04

Very positive experience with the service dept on the complimentary oil change at three months after the initial purchase. In/out in 55 min, including a car wash! Purchase was the best car buy ever, thanks to USAA, and very professional folks, like Steven Yee. Yes, I know the followup is all automated, but it does work!

John R. | 2012-10-03

If only I could give more stars...I bought my first car from Capitol Hyundai and would gladly recommend them.

Here's my story:
After discovering the 2013 Veloster Turbo, I knew I had to at the very least get behind the wheel of one asap. Right now the cars are in high demand, so San Jose was the nearest place where any were available (coming from SF). I called them up to make a test-drive appointment.

When I got there I met Jack LaFlin. I can't say enough good things about this man. He put absolutely no pressure on me whatsoever to buy, and was happy to let me have a good time checking out the car. We went for the drive, and when we got back, he showed me some of the other features in the car. I explained that I wouldn't be ready to buy until December/January, but we agreed he would call me in November to see where everything was.

Push up a couple of weeks and I called Jack to have my sister drive the car too - she'd be spending some time in the car, and I wanted her to get a feel for it before I made any lasting commitment. At this point I had some Hyundai discounts available to me, but was still a few weeks away from being able to buy. I offered a large deposit for them to hold it for 3 weeks - a little push back, but they agreed. They never even blinked when I told them I wanted to use the discount program, which took several thousand dollars off the sticker price.

Jack had called me a couple of times during the 2 weeks they were holding the car to let me know that nobody was test driving it and they were considering it sold, much to my satisfaction. Jack was great about answer questions regarding finance/insurance/etc.

Moving up to 9/30 - I got everything in order a week early and was ready to buy. I arrived early on Sunday morning, and we started to go through the process.
I met Charsten, Jack's boss, who was really great about making sure everything was good to go, then I went to Onik's office for the financing. I was really prepared and made sure every price matched what it was supposed to (there were some things that needed adjusting), but overall the financing process was pretty easy.

Jack also set me up with a free service appointment and when we found a small scratch on the driver's door, told me I could bring it down anytime to have them buff it out.

It took around 2.5 hours all in all, but I am thrilled with my new car.

TL:DR - Jack LaFlin is an amazing salesman, and Capitol Hyundai gave me an outstanding first-car-buying experience.

M A. | 2012-10-01

I wish I could give a half star.

Where do I begin. I purchased my vehicle from this dealership in November 2011. I've done routine maintenance here for the upkeep of the vehicle. I've recently been having issues with the vehicle not responding correctly when the accelerator is pushed. There have been issues like this with my model vehicle that I have follow on a Hyundai Forum. The issue is with the waste-gate of the Sonata 2.0t. I brought the issue up to the service gentlemen, and he looked at me as if I was a complete moron. He assured me that it was normal and there was nothing to worry about.

How is my car not working correctly something to not worry about!!

I have yet to have the issue addressed and will more than likely have to take it to another dealer to be fixed, which is unfortunate because I really would have liked to keep all maintenance and vehicle related issues to be done at the dealer I purchased from.

When I come to pick up my car, they say they ran a diagnostics on the car and nothing came up. As I go home the issue comes up again. Livid, I call the dealer address the issue and never receive a call back. Then to top it off, I receive an email from Hyundai blue link saying there is an issue with the motor! So if my car can tell me something is wrong with it via email, why can the darn dealer fix the issue, especially when I let them know exactly what it was and how to fix it.

Second is the blue-link remote start feature on the app. I spoke with hyundai blue link and they say I need a module replaced, but one again the service guy says there is no such thing. I show him the part number and he doesn't even bother to look it up or help me with this issue as well. I'm over this place and their poor service.

Beware of the service department, AVOID AT ALL COSTS. Take your business elsewhere where you can be treated with respect.

To top is off, the complimentary wash left heavy swirls all over my paint. I has to pay to get the car buffed because it looked horrible. =[

Ever heard of using a clean wash mitt?

Russell P. | 2012-09-26

Casey did a great job! Friendly, professional and worked with us to get a cheap deal on a great car.

Yogesh G. | 2012-09-24

I bought a 2013 Elantra from Capitol Hyundai yesterday, here is my great experience:

After having a horrible experience with Steven's Creek Hyundai one day earlier, this place was like a breath of fresh air for me. Before walking into this store,  I had done my research and I knew exactly what I want (Car, model, color).

As soon as I walked into the store, I was greeted very well by the person named "Casey." This guy was warm and very nice to talk to. As soon as he realized that I have already done my homework and I have come ready to buy the car, he called his boss/colleague "Howie."

"Howie," he was a very sensible guy. He did not waste a single second on explaining irrelevant stuff, which no one is interested in listening (most of the salesmen just keep talking). Once he realized I am a serious buyer, he directly asked me, "what can I do to earn your business?"  And that's it, we started our "to the point conversation" and within half an hour I agreed to buy from them. This was unlike other dealerships (lStevens Creek Hyundai)  where you spend hours and hours listening all the crap that the salesman is going to tell you, including comments about your culture, race and nationality. I was very impressed with Howie, he takes care of his customers well. If you happen to go to Capitol Hyundai, ask for "Howie," I am sure you will have a pleasing experience.

By the way, I got a VERY GOOD DEAL on my Car.

Once I finalized the deal and doing all my paperwork, I met another wonderful guy. His name was "Reza." It was such a treat to talk to this person. I am not sure about his designation, but this person helped me with getting my car ready. He payed attention to every single detail in the car, made sure everything look good. After I got the keys, he spend at least 30 minutes with me and explained the functionality of the car in detail (much needed). He really took care of everything I needed. He was polite, humble and had respect for his customer.

I thank Capitol Hyundai for making my car buying experience enjoyable, after my VERY BAD experience with Steven Creeks Hyundai. Special thanks to "Howie" and "Reza."

Brennan S. | 2012-09-23

Firstly, be sure you like who you deal with.  I dealt with Colin from internet sales, a young man but he's enthusiastic and actually cares about cars and knows his stuff
(I'm a car buff myself, so I was able to tell, and he did very well, knowing more about the Direct Injection fuel system in my new Veloster than I did).  

I picked to go to this dealership because they had over a dozen Velosters while the two dealerships closer to me in Monterey had only 1-3.  The moment I walked into the showroom I saw a stunning bright 26.2 yellow Veloster, manual with Style and Tech Packages - EXACTLY what I wanted.  It was a Certified Pre-owned New car.  Hyundai had let an employee use it for as bit, so it had 9,000 miles and the price was dropped by about $1,800.  

Colin brought it out of the showroom floor and we went for a test drive, and he had a pretty good route.  I am unfamiliar with San Jose, and he was a good navigator as well.  Once we got back we worked on numbers - of course.  But of course, I had to ask my wife.  I asked if I could have the car over night, but they weren't keen on that.  The sales manager (also nice) said that I could drive it back to Monterey to show my wife and bring her back up to get it, which was good.  It's around 65 miles each way, and the dealership footed the gas (sorta, more later).

Capitol Hyundai wasn't giving me an amount that I liked for my trade in (a 2011 Mitsubishi Outlander), but once I brought up that I was going to take it somewhere else to get a quote their number improved by about $1,700.  

I told Colin that I didn't think that the price was low enough for a car having 9,000 miles on it, even if it was 'new' (the car was basically a demo).  He understood where I was coming from and dropped the price by another $800.  That brought the price under $20,000 for a car worth nearer to $23K.  

The finance guy was OKay, he didn't try to upsell too much.  Mentioned an extended warranty, through Hyundai, which I took.  The MSRP for the extended warranty was $2440 or so.  He said because we were military it would be $1600.  Then he said he could bring it down a bit, down to $1350.  I told him I'd take it for $1200, and it that was a price we agreed on, because it was 10:30 at night and none of us wanted to be doing paper work.  

The car was not detailed or given a full tank of gas, but I feel like this was due to me getting back to the dealership at around 8:30 when they close at 9.  Colin told me that he would make sure I got a tank of gas.  

A few weeks later I brought the car back, flashing empty, and got it filled up and "detailed"  The "detail" was unimpressive to me...  I could do better in 90 minutes - which was HALF of how long I waited for the detail and gas.  

Capitol Hyundai was focusing on making things easy.  Easy is nice, but I'm a numbers guy and wanted to see the best numbers.  Their numbers were good enough to allow me to buy the car.

s g. | 2012-09-23

Buying a Car should be Exciting enough, not just pleasant, and
this one was indeed the best experience that we've had between about
*twenty* dealerships that we've visited in the last three months,
including a couple of places where I stopped short of closing the deal.

That's right we shopped around quite a bit - you name it,  Acura, VW,
Honda, Toyota, Ford, Nissan, and Hyundai, until "Colin" (the internet
sales manager) made us want to buy a car at the Capitol Hyundai
dealership, during labor day.

You get top-notch treatment when you get there, but my advise is
to first get in touch with an internet sales person. We had decided to
take a look at the 2013 Sonata, and yet spent a good couple of hours
looking through many cars. We thoroughly liked their unique "lot tour"
in one of their brand-new vehicles, where you get to see the models
and colors while enjoying a cool ride (on a hot day).

Then comes the best part - a truly hassle-free buying experience.
Once we picked the particular vehicle, they came up with a
pretty good quote - Hyundai was offering great discounts for labor
day, and throwing in an incredibly low APR financing.

A CAUTION for "new" buyers - financing is the biggest playcard
for most dealers. They can quote a low sale price for the vehicle
with hidden financing terms, and you will end up paying more than
the discount by way of interest (do the math each time).

Again, this dealership (and Hyundai) proved a class apart - what
you see is what you get! The very first quote sheet that Colin
got had a clear break down of the sale price and financing - no
hidden terms and options! I came down with a final/firm offer and
the deal was made - that's right within the hour.

Our family then actually went out to lunch, since we were starving,
and returned to complete paperwork (shh... nobody will let you
walk out at this point). The finance department experience was
pleasant and quick.

We actually wanted to get a top-of-the-line 2012 Accord, but instead
bought a fully-loaded 2013 Sonata limited, for about the same price.
This was not an impulsive but a very judicious investment - I could go on to
talk about this, in a different article, but the credit goes to this dealership,
Hyundai's value for money, and ofcourse its number-1 warranty terms.

By the way, a few Nissan dealerships are quite an annoyance, to
put it lightly.. Stevens Creek has a really bad management, and
the Oakland one will quote/say whatever to get you over there.
So just AVOID them.

Enjoy your buying experience, there's always enough time.

Craig W. | 2012-09-23

I went here to have a couple recall issues taken care of; the service department is the cleanest, most organized, and friendliest that I've dealt with in a long time. I'll definitely return in the future for any service issues that may come up.

Randy S. | 2012-09-13

The worst car buying experience ever . . .but the gm has contacted us to try and make us happy. Does every employee @ Hyundai have to share so much about their kids? We cut short our sons 13th birthday dinner to have these guys disrespect us. Watch for updates but I doubt they will do anything. Gee they offered the same car for $2300 less via email, but sold that car back in June maybe they will offer free oil change and car wash. I should be so lucky
Now they are repainting the car they offered one car payment for troubles

Violeta A. | 2012-09-03

Dustin Roberts, the sales rep was great. It's been 6 months since our Hyundai purchase, which ended on a bad note because of the experience in the finance office. We felt like we were pushed a set of add-on services that we didn't need and ended up canceling, through a stressful process. The only reason we didn't ditch dgdg altogether was because of the good experience with Dustin.

Kevin B. | 2012-09-01

Went through Costco's car buying program and was contacted by Steven Lee with in an hour. He was just fanastic both over the phone, in email and in person. Not pushy at all..we drove the car on a Friday and we told we had to check out other cars and he said ok let me know how I can help.

I had a few more questions after i got home so i emailed him and he got back to so very quickly, always answering my questions. He was not evasive at all. We decided to go back, because we thought the service was great (and we like the car as well). during the car buying experience he was still excellent.  Everything was upfront with him and I enjoyed speaking to him on a personal level.

I couldn't recommend him and this dealership anymore. It's the way car buying should be!

Umit Y. | 2012-08-29

I was here at this dealer yesterday and worked with Kevin and Rick (finance). I agreed on a price and the car, when I come in it was just procedures going incredibly smoothly. Unlike regular car dealer experience, this was like a dream. I treated very well, price was right, car was right, financing was incredible 0% APR on an hybrid. What else you can expect for? If you are in the market for a new Hyundai, I suggest you talk to Capitol first, they provide very competitive pricing and incredible service.

Andy C. | 2012-08-25

My gf and I went to buy a 2013 Accent Hatchback at this dealership. Service wise, they were generally friendly and not too pushy.  But you still have to bring your negotiation game with you.  I wish all car dealer follow Scion's pricing model -- everything is clear price, everyone gets the same price.

My main issue was that sales person got various facts about different models of the car wrong.  I asked if the wheels were the same for GS and SE models and he said yes even though SE model has larger wheels.  I asked if there's any anti-theft feature installed on the car.  He told me the car has anti-theft immobilization installed.  After we bought the car, I can't find any place in manual mentioning the feature.  Only thing I have found is Canadian people saying their 2012 version of the car had the feature because it is required by law over there; the US model did not have it.  I would have ask for even lower price on the car had I gotten the facts straight, but now I'm going to have to get it installed -- very annoyed.  I'm not totally sure if we will go back in the future.

Sherri L. | 2012-08-22

I just bought a Hyundai Sonata 2.0T this past weekend and just let me say WOW I was very impressed with HOWIE.  I am very thankful he gave me great service and helped me tremendously.  He is a ROCK STAR!!!  I don't normally write reviews but this experience was well worth my time to write this.   HOWIE was very courteous, attentive and kept me informed the whole way through.  I just wanted to personally thank him and give him a great review.  JASON was great too.....

Mayank K. | 2012-08-18

It was the first time my wife and I were buying a new car. We had narrowed down to the Hyundai Elantra. We had a few quotes from dealers and Capitol Hyundai wasn't necessarily the cheapest. So we were wondering why we should even bother going here.

A visit to the dealership totally changed my mind.

Howie, my sales guy, totally bowled me over by his honesty and customer service. No pressure selling of any kind. In the end, he even delivered the car to our doorstep.

The dealership was the most comfortable I've been in. It has free wifi, coffee and doughnuts while you wait. I imagine this will be very useful when we bring our car in for servicing.

Overall, highly recommended and a 5-star car buying experience for me.

David Amanda A. | 2012-08-01

This dealership is awesome!!!!

JASON IS THE MAN!!! Ask for him!
You want your sales person to be JACK!!!
He's the man who can make everything happen..

I'm a mother of two kids barley starting my credit..knowing how expensive cars are and to make payments are just impossible...
Well this dealership made it happen for me!!!

My personal experience was remarkable..I'm defiantly coming back..
They gave me a great price on a 2010 FORD FOCUS..and the worked with my price range...I'm happy and satisfied with my car cute for me and my family..

Everyone has different experience don't let other stop you from checking this place out!!! Like everybody says, "don't judge a book by it's cover"


Goodbye buses!! Goodbye light rail!!  And asking for rides GOODBYE...
With my new car let me give you a ride!!!!  =)

Fancypants J. | 2012-07-24

This dealership was much better about test driving a car. The person that helped us was polite & friendly & didn't pressure us. I know these guys work on commission so it was nice to be able to try a car out and not feel like we were going to be ambushed by pushy sales people on the way out. They appeared to have a large selection to choose from. They even took the time to wash the car we were going to test drive prior to taking it out on the road.

Bertha C. | 2012-07-22

Tried to buy a sonata 4th of july week.  I knew exactly what I wanted and the price I would pay.  I wanted to do everything via internet but was in the area and decided to stop by and test drive.  Jack was the salesperson I dealt with.  He tried to sell me everything but what I had said I was there for including a used car at the same price I could buy a new one for. i left the dealership after 3 hours and his 4th trip back to his manager and still no price for the car i wanted.  i left and 10 minutes later he called me and said he found the car i wanted and could cut me a "deal" for the price I asked.  I declined and found the same car for $1500 less than my offer price at another dealer with no hassle.

NIRVANA z. | 2012-07-13


Alfonso helped me with my car's oil change and threw in a car wash/detail for no extra charge! I am so super satisfied with the service here. He taught me some maintenance tips, set up an appointment for me to come in at my convenience, and checked on me several times while I waited for my car to make sure I was okay!

Their customer lounge is so comfortable, I could spend all day watching their big screen, drinking their starbucks coffee, and using their free wifi!!

They also play awesome, upbeat music and the temperature in here is amazing. And their bathrooms are well-kept and really nice for a car dealership. I'm seriously impressed with this location.

Thank you, Alfonoso!!!

And of course, my 2012 Elantra is AMAZING and I recommend it to EVERYONE!!

CalBear H. | 2012-07-10

We went shopping for an Elantra on and Alex Asi from this dealership gave us the best quote.  When we showed up to pick up the car, it was already detailed, washed and ready to go.  Alex make sure we had a chance to test drive the car first, explained all the features on the car, linked up our BT with the phones and the cars and just got everything set up for us.  

Unlike most car salesman, Alex was NOT pushy, he explained things thoroughly and left the decision up to you.  I think you get Alex only via the Internet sales channel, but everyone should go through Alex, he will give you a great deal!!

Helina Y. | 2012-07-07

I made a yelp account just so I can write my review for Capitol Hyundai.

Basically, I've been in the market for a new car for the past year or so, and have taken that time to do some research. As Tommy below stated, do your research. VERY IMPORTANT, not only if you want to get a great deal, but also to make sure you are making the right decision on the car you have your eye on.

I got the 2013 Elantra Limited w/ Navigation, and let me just say it is an amazing, beautiful car. It is so luxurious; you just have to drive it to understand.

Like I said before, I had researched this specific car months in advance and came into the dealership to see the car. I was greeted by David, who is such an incredible dealer (and person). I came into this situation armed and ready to fight for my right as a consumer. I know very well the bad reputation dealers have and their dirty, dirty antics. To my surprise, David was nothing like I expected. He was very calm and didn't try to make me buy the car. He walked me through everything the car has to offer and told me that if I do make the decision to go with an Elantra, he will gladly assist me through the entire process.

I had also spoken to Alex online about the Elantra and he was equally spectacular. He is so knowledgeable and kind. Both Alex and David made me feel at ease and I was not pressured even for one second to buy the car (crazy, I know).

I knew I wanted to get the Elantra before speaking to both of the gentlemen, but it is after having talked with them that I felt very, very confident with my decision. They were honest, calm, cool, and collected, something that I thought was impossible at car dealerships. There is just something about this dealership that is unlike any other. I am so very happy that I did business with them.

A day before I purchased the vehicle, David told me he would get all the paperwork ready for me ahead of time so that I wouldn't have to spend the whole day there the next day, plus he came in on his day off to make sure everything went smoothly.

Onik took care of the financing and was excellent at it. He is a very intelligent guy and was helpful throughout the entire process. He answered all questions and made sure I knew all relevant information about the particular business.

After everything was finished, Alex showed me all there is to know about the car (and there is so much!!). He gave me great tips and spent over an hour making sure I walked out of the dealership completely satisfied with all aspects of the car.

I am extremely happy with my car, but more so with the remarkable customer service. I give Capitol Hyundai (especially David, Alex, & Onik) a million stars!

PS: I got a mind-blowing deal on the Elantra (I did purchase on July 4th, though). Remeber, Google is your friend.

Also, know that I had contacted and visited a few other dealers (and let me tell you they were unpleasant and trying to scam me), so this was not my first time at a dealer, but it was definitely the BEST.

Tommy B. | 2012-07-04

If you read my other reviews, you'll see that when I don't give 5 stars very often. When I do, it means something.

Purchased an Elantra GLS with preferred package during Memorial Day weekend, but only after about 2-3 months of internet searching and working with Mannie Manual from their internet sales department. (By the way, internet buying is THE way to buy. Best way to even the playing field with the dealerships. DO YOUR RESEARCH) He was very accommodating and patient since I started looking in Feb/Mar. I had a specific price in mind since the beginning and I eventually got it, but that's not why this place deserves 5 stars.

Dealing with car salesmen will leave you with a slimy dirty feeling, mainly due to the dirt that permeates your soul after having to deal with these evil people. Some of their crap that'll give you:

"That price is not good anymore because our inventory has changed since you were quoted..."
"Here's a letter from our manufacturer stating our future shipments will decrease, we got it right after we quoted you... so we can't offer you that price anymore"

This is not what you'll get when dealing with Mannie. He's honest and upfront and he wont blow smoke up your a**. He's not overly pushy

After having experienced car dealerships at their worst when buying my Subaru back in 2011 and dealing with a couple other dealerships when buying my Hyundai, this place definitely deserves 5 stars.

A couple car buying tips: Do your research before you tell the dealer you're ready to buy. Make sure you know what's a good price, based on the options and trim you get. Internet buying is best as you can get quotes over the internet and research to see if its competitive. Also can get quotes from multiple dealers, including a copy of the sticker. Purchase during big sales, such as memorial day, independence day, labor day etc...  Month end and quarter end is your friend, but choices are usually lower during these times.

Kym L. | 2012-06-27

The BEST place by far to buy a car. The sales guys Reza & Kenneth were so helpful, courteous and funny too. And Jason in Finance
took very good care of us as well. I highly recommend Capitol Hyundai. Great experience buying a car! Thanks

Nicole A. | 2012-06-24

This is my first yelp review i've ever written but I just needed to let everyone know NEVER BUY A VEHICLE HERE, and if you decide to, NEVER EVER give out your correct phone number.  I am harassed multiple times a day (no I am not exaggerating) by some hyundai survey number (714) 369-1890. When I have asked them to please stop contacting me, they call back 2 minutes later. Sometimes when I ask they tell me they can not stop contacting me, and will do so again tomorrow unless I cooperate and take the survey... for the 20th time! I am ready to look into press charges. Not to mention that they call me at ungodly early hours and keep waking up my baby. I can not reiterate enough...DO NOT GIVE OUT YOUR CONTACT INFORMATION!!

Tammy F. | 2012-06-16

Reza Saatchi and Kenneth Gordon were awesome Excellent custimer service!

Joshua H. | 2012-06-15

Update #2:  During refinancing, I called Hyundai Motor Finance and asked them about the GAP INSURANCE I was forced to buy at the dealership.  They said that they never require gap insurance, that doing so may not be legal in my state.

Jason, from finance, originally had told me that Hyundai Motor Finance required gap insurance, because of my lack of credit history.  When I explained this to them, they straight up said that dealerships do this for the commission.

To sum up, not only was Jason unable to obtain good financing for me, but he misrepresented Hyundai Motor Finance's requirements in order to get a commission.  He is helpful and generally polite (as is the whole dealership), but I felt that the financing process was overall a bad one.  

Lessons learned: Get financing before you go to the dealership, DO NOT buy any warranties and service plans from a dealership NO MATTER WHAT.

Update: I went in for a quick fix on a minor issue.  The dealership was great.  Jason, from the service department, was efficient and extremely polite.  Dustin, my original salesman, even filled up my tank with gas (I'm not from San Jose, so it was a bit of a drive).  Waiting area was comfortable.

Original Review: I have loved my experience with Capitol Hyundai.  Dustin was my main salesman.  We began talking via email approximately 6 weeks before the sale.  He was willing to negotiate, but not pushy.  He was also extremely accommodating, even offering to pick me up from the airport when I arrived in the area.

In addition, Dustin took care of me even as he was away on his honeymoon.  An associate of his, Reza, was extremely helpful in dealing with my concerns and facilitating the sale.  When I arrived at the dealership, the car was in great condition and was waiting for me.

My financing was done through Jason.  Jason is incredibly knowledgeable, polite, and efficient.  My only complaint is that he was unable to obtain a good interest rate, though I think this had more to do with his unfamiliarity with my unique employment situation (recent graduate, to start lucrative job within next year).  The best he could do was 72 months @ 8.29%.  I refinanced with my bank for 72 months @ 3.34%.  Again, Jason was great, but be sure find your own financing first (I know, car-buying 101).

Finally, the atmosphere in the dealership is very comfortable.  I love the wifi and comfortable seating area.  My deal did not take long (the longest part was the financing, which I should have done beforehand anyway).

Highly recommended - do an Internet sale through Dustin and it will be the most comfortable car-buying experience you've ever had.

Amanda S. | 2012-06-11

I had been thinking about a new car for almost a year and just never knew how to start or what to do. I was put into contact with Page through the Del Grande Dealership group and my experience was made so much easier. I have never bought a new car before so I was alitte apprehensive about the process. Page was very helpful in getting me the information that I needed and making me feel comfortable throughout the whole process unlike some other dealerships I experience that aren't always willing to help if you are still deciding.

After about 2 weeks of research through Page I went down to Capitol Hynudai this last Saturday and was able to purchse my 2012 Hyundai Accent with ease. Between the sales guy Steven who helped me directly once I got down there, to Colin the General Sales Manager who gave me a fair price for my trade in, and Jason the financial manager that closed up my deal and helped to explain everything to me including what things I really needed and what I could do without I felt like they had my best interests at heart. I have never bought a car before so the 2 hours that I was there didn't seem too long and my friend that came with me agreed.

I highly recommend the entire team at Capitol Hyundai and they were all very knowledgable and helpful.

John m. | 2012-06-03

Internet, Internet, Internet, that is the only way to buy a car. I contacted Capitol Hyundai friday night of the Memorial Day Weekend. I contacted them about 6pm and by 9pm I had an answer back from Manny, their Internet rep. I wanted a Titanium Grey Genesis with black interior, and premium pkg. Manny said he had a new one just off the truck still wrapped in plastic. He quoted me a price at the same time for exactly what I wanted to spend. The next day (saturday) I went down to Capitol and met him and asked about a test ride. Mine was still wrapped in transport plastic but another one was available. So he gave me the fob and off I went by myself for 20 minutes. Way cool. No one to ask a bunch of stupid questions of me during the test ride.
   Manny said the internet price was all good with his g.m.  I then went to talk to Jason in finance or the payment center. Jason was a good guy, knows his stuff. Gave me a good discount on a extended service plan up to 75k miles, I pay 0.
   All in all , the easiest method to buy a car. Manny was excellent, professional, and accomodating on everything. I would recommend Capitol Hyundai to everyone, especially now that they have their own facility and especially recommend Manny their internet rep, good guy.

Carol N. | 2012-06-02

Service department review update: General Manager contacted me after my review, so I responded. He never followed up after that. I took the car back 4 more times over a course of a month and finally got it fully repaired. (4 repairs on the exact same part.) Service advisor's response was, "We must've got a bad batch." That's no excuse. He got argumentative at one point and brought up something completely irrelevant. I was going to give him a piece of my mind, but sorry dude...I have more dignity than that. After it was discovered it was a part failure of the same part repeatedly, he changed his tune. I must say...Wayne provides great customer service!! I won't be back though. I am done and have moved onto another vehicle. I was considering another Hyundai but lost a customer. Don't get me wrong...Hyundais are pretty good cars. Once mine hit 50k, I started experiencing problems. If you are on a budget, Hyundai's cars are pretty comparable to a Toyota or Honda. Either try another dealership for your service needs or go to Wayne repeatedly.

Julie N. | 2012-05-31

5 stars for Customer Service.

Dustin was extremely helpful, and patient. I really appreciate the fact that he wasn't pushy or demanding. He truly took his time and that made me so happy. I've talked to a few cars salesman and you know what, Dustin is my favorite salesman hands down.  No unnecessary bullshit, quick and easy.

I highly recommend Dustin if your at Capital Hyundai ! (:

saurabh S. | 2012-05-29

If you have dealt with pushy, irritating, ignorant and  lying salesman; you are in for a pleasant surprise.

I went through the Costco auto buying program and the Costco rep Stephen Yee referred me to one of his colleagues Jack. Jack is genuinely knowledgeable about cars and he will help you find a car that meets your needs rather than forcing a car on the lot. A lot of  car salesman don't even know how various features work. But ask Jack about all the engine options, navigation, seats, sun roof etc, you will know he cares about this work and takes it seriously. He gave us plenty of time to think about "what we wanted to buy" and never asked us "how can I earn your business today".  

I would spend a few hundred dollars extra and buy here than buy at a place like Stevens Creek Hyundai.

If you are interested in buying a Hyundai, definitely go through this dealership.

Ryan E. | 2012-05-28

When it comes to buying a car- you just want a good reliable car that fits your financial comfort zone. After going to other dealerships on the peninsula, we took a drive down to San Jose to Capitol Hyundai. We did our internet research and was after a particular car but we were happy to have REZA help us making a better choice and still meeting our financial comfort zone and in the end- leaving with the car I am so delighted to have. REZA was such a joy working with, calm and educated with his stock of cars and prices. He was patient with my two boys as they roamed the car sales room, and made purchasing a new/certified used car such a great experience.

I'm writing this to help you with your future car purchase. I hope you consider driving to Hyundai and looking to see what they have at a great price.  Reza worked with what I was able to afford and I GOT the car I wanted! The big names that are out there may be great but the quite giant down the street is fabulous!

nick l. | 2012-05-27

Nice dealership. Our sales person Dale, was knowledgeable, friendly and very helpful. He didn't push us to get a more expensive car and sold us our very first budget-yet-not-like-budget car (Hyundai Accent) as a married couple. They got us a car that wasn't in the lot, with the color we wanted and the incentives to go along with it. We hope to be a loyal Hyundai customer and will definitely come back if we decide to upgrade in the future.

ruth k. | 2012-05-26

I came here after trying many cars in a number of dealerships, in serramonte and burlingame. After narrowing it down to a few, including the Huyndai Elantra, we started asking for quotes on the internet. Colin at Capitol was the only one who responded with a real quote and a real reply. His quote was good enough to drive down for, and meet with him.

Colin is open and knowledgeable without a big pitch. The Elantra is pretty charming and doesn't need a big pitch, but the previous dealership I went to turned into a stressful experience. I was very limited on time and wasn't sure I could get through all the paperwork and financing in the same day, but was able to get out in under 2 hours. Capitol also has a nice selection in terms of colors. For buying a car, a pretty painless experience.

My Elantra is beautiful!

Michelle T. | 2012-05-26

I had already scoped out the car I was only a matter of finding it and throwing down the $$. We did everything through the web since extra time wasn't something both my husband or I have a lot of. We hooked up with Manny through the internet sales and viola! Car was found, delivered, purchased in a matter of days. The price was perfect, Manny was very organized and attentive to our requirements. We couldn't have asked for a better experience. NOTHING went wrong. That's why I'm giving 5 stars. We have a friend who had just purchased a Genesis through this dealership and that's why we decided to do business with them. So, here I am...spreading the word. Call Manny...he'll do right by you and get you the best deal possible. (and a few extras!!) Love that guy!!

Marcus J. | 2012-05-18

Bought my car here last week and I must say that I was thoroughly impressed.  It was the first time I had ever bought a car, so I was a little nervous and leery because of stories about car salesmen who try to rip you off.  What I got here was far different.

Jack greeted me when I was looking around and he was very friendly without coming off as a con artist.  I told him the car I was interested in, and he took me right to it.  He was very knowledgeable about the car and answered all questions clearly.  On the test drive, we even had some personal conversations about life.  Again, a really nice guy.

After agreeing to purchase the car, I was introduced to Jason, the finance director.  He was also really cool.  Initially, the rates I got were very high (turns out I don't have the best credit), so I was looking at a fairly high payment.  Jason was able to make some calls and lower my rate and payment significantly.  He really did me a favor and saved me a lot of money.  Thank you Jason, and I didn't forget your name.

All in all, a great experience.  The car is great.  As I found out, buying a car isn't exactly the quickest process, and I had my gf and 3 year old hyper daughter with me.  I quickly found out that bringing a 3 year old to a dealership is almost like Auschwitz for them.  She got very hyper and anxious.  First my gf decided to wait with her in our nonairconditioned car  on a very hot day.  Jack was nice enough to bring them ice water and cookies.  Then both me and my gf had to sign some paper work, which required my daughter to comeback inside (yikes), Jason had toys in his office (he has 3 little girls of his own) and my daughter was able to entertain herself.
Above and beyond I say.

Thanks you guys and I will recommend you for future car purchases.

C I. | 2012-05-18

Bought a used 2011 Sonata last Saturday after doing some shopping around. I had originally stopped by a month ago and test drove one.  Met my salesman Jack at the time and it was a positive experience. Over the month it took me to decide Jack called me a couple times to just stay in touch, no pressure. So when I went back, I knew I wanted to work with him.  The whole process felt very professional and after negotiating, I feel like I got a great car at a great deal.  Brought the car back for a quick service check up today and was impressed with the Service staff as well.  Great experience in a nice new facility.  Thank guys.

Lili D. | 2012-05-16

Great dealership! I am very happy with my 2013 Hyundai Elantra.

J. E. | 2012-05-11

This is the place to go if you want to buy a Hyundai! Let me start off by saying I live closer to the "other", Hyundai dealer in the area, and I had a bad dealing with them. So I decided to go on yelp and read up, so glad I did! This was their second day in the new location, the "sparkly" building on the left.

Capitol Hyundai provided me an exceptional experience from start to finish. I called in the morning to make sure they had the specific model and style of the car I wanted. Sure enough they did. I let them know i'd be in later in the evening to test drive the car. They took my number and said that they looked forward to seeing me.

Steven called me and let me know that the car was set aside for me, 2013 hyundai elantra limited. I called him back and told him i'd be in around 7pm. When I got there the car was set aside for me. Steven let me take it for a test drive and it drove like a dream!

I walked in after the test drive and let him know that I wanted this car. Immediately I filled out paperwork and started the process. Steven was up front with me the whole time, told me options and let me decide best what I wanted to do. No hassling or anything, it was smoothe sailing. Steven was cracking jokes with us and made the whole thing so quick and memorable. I really cannot stop saying enough praise for him and this dealership.

Onik helped me sign the paperwork and discussed the details of my contract. Very pleased with the detail he provided and clarification he offered to all of my questions.

All in all the start to finish was amazing. I was there for about 3 hours total and it didn't feel at all that long. I feel the price I paid was very fair and loved how friendly and helpful everyone I came in contact was.

EVERYONE should go to this dealer if you want a Hyundai, they will treat you like stars!

Jeffrey H. | 2012-05-11

I visited this dealership yesterday, and Colin was an excellent guy to explain the vehicles and talk turkey without all the usual car dealership sales pressure.  All in all a top notch car shopping experience.

Filmquisha J. | 2012-05-06

I originally posted this review on Wednesday, but was strong-armed by Capitol Hyundai to delete it. The salesperson, who is a relative of a friend of mine, was told that his job was in jeopardy if I did not delete this review (according to my friend). They also stated that upon deletion of my review, I would receive 2 free detailings of a car I would have to buy somewhere else, and two free gas fill-ups. I deleted it for my friend, but could not stop feeling bullied and upset about the dirty tactics and having to censor myself about something I feel so strongly about. Below is the review intact; I am also reporting the resulting events to Yelp corporate:

If you love wasting a ton of your time with a bunch of numbskulls, then this place is for you.

Came in, wanted to buy a fairly inexpensive used car. I make a salary plus commission (I know commission is not documented) and also receive child support. I have additional income that I knew would not be considered for documentation, which is fine, as on paper (and in life) my debt to income ratio is close to 20%, rare in these times. I made all of this very, VERY clear before coming and when I first came in.

After waiting for more than two hours, and being told that everything looked okay, I was finally told "We can't help you. You are 1099".  Unbelievable! It took you over two hours to figure out what I told you when I first walked in?

To add insult to injury, I was told that the supposed "finance manager" read my child support statement incorrectly, and said that the father "was not paying his support; he's probably in JAIL or something". Not only has my ex paid consistently for 15 years, he doubles it by sending me the same amount again, every month through the mail. In addition, he manages International Portfolios for American Express in NY, and can mop the floor with this tired "finance manager". I was deeply, deeply, insulted, and so angry that if I were a man I would have smacked this "finance manager" to the ground. He also looked me in the face and stated that I had "no income" though I work every single day, because 1099, in his eyes, is not considered "real income". These people are a joke.

By the way, directly afterward, I went to San Leandro and brought a shiny, pretty Mercedes in 45 minutes with wonderful and welcoming customer service (and a free warranty). Review soon. Go to h-e-double-hockey-stick Capitol Hyundai!

M G. | 2012-05-03

Surprise! This dealership overall service was great. Went over to get information on a Sonata and drove it home. Sales, Manager and Finance reps overall had given a good experience. Fair price on both trade-in and new vehicle.

Heard the dealership is moving in to a bigger lot across the street soon.

Thanks Capital Hyundai Team (Joseph and Dave in sales),

April M. | 2012-05-02


I had the most positive experience you could even imagine.

COLIN was my sales person, but I never once felt pressured.  He was completely 100% honest with me and my boyfriend at all times.  He answered any and all questions we had, and was more than patience with our request for both of us to test drive each car.

While we were waiting for all the finance and DMV paperwork to complete... I suddenly realized we had been there for about 5 hours and I hadn't eaten all day.  My mood completely changes from excited about my pending purchase to cranky and starving. I was about 30 seconds away from having a temper tantrum on the floor when TYLER walked by and asked if he could get us anything while we were waiting (more so referencing the free coffee and hot chocolate).   My boyfriend joked, saying that if he had any food that I'd be really happy.  Tyler GOES OUT OF HIS WAY TO GET ME FOOD!  He brought prepacked salad and claimed he was about to be off and hadn't eaten it yet, so it was all mine.  WHO DOES THAT?  Needless to say, tantrum avoided, and I went back to being happy as a clam.

Then, JASON walked us through finance.  He allowed me to finish eating in his office, which automatically made him really cool.  He made everything really simple, and really worked to make sure that we were getting the best possible deal, as well as being smart about how we were spending money.  I truly felt well taken care of.

Cando V. | 2012-04-26

Ok, so I've been using Yelp forever now as someone who just reads reviews and checks out business info / photos.  I've been waiting for the right one that would inspire me to write my FIRST review.  *drum roll*... Capitol Hyundai is the one!  My husband and I went in to test drive a 2013 Elantra, with the intention that if all went well, we'd buy it that day.  In the past couple of weeks we test drove some other cars and had options, but the sales people really just didn't "get it".  They essentially lost a sale because of the way they operated.  Frustrated, we looked online to see what cars / dealerships had good reviews and then we found Capitol Hyundai.  Even though we live in SF, we drove to San Jose simply because they had the best reviews.  

When we arrived we walked around the lot, looking at the cars available and sat inside to see the interiors.  We felt welcome to spend as long as we wanted doing that, and the second we were ready to speak to someone we were greeted by Reza who took great care of us that day.  He is extremely courteous, professional and genuinely values his customers.  That's something you can feel, it's in the way someone carries himself you know?  Not sales-y or pushy but yet still able to guide you along in the process of making the decision.  Since we liked the car we applied for financing; that process was easy enough.  As soon as that was settled, negotiation for OTD price started.  My husband was prepared with some internet research and had a number in mind.  There was the typical back and forth with the price, all in a friendly cooperative manner of course.  We came to an agreement, though our attention was fading since by then it was mid-afternoon and we didn't really have breakfast.  We said we had to take a break and go grab some food first before continuing.  Reza actually offered to get us lunch delivered so we could finish signing papers.  Since we had to go down the street to grab a cashier's check for the down payment anyway we declined but appreciated the offer.  

After lunch we went back to the dealership and were turned over to their finance consultant, Onik.  He sorted out the rest of the paperwork for us, license, registration, transferring title, etc.  He was also very knowledgeable about the company and their products, gave an excellent presentation on the car care packages they offer, and was amiable and pleasant to speak with.  

Time to leave.  The car was waiting out front, all washed and polished, gas tank full, and Reza went over a final checklist, verifying everything was as it should be.

All in all, this company shows that they understand the importance of making the customer feel happy with their purchase.  Good people, attention to details.  The car buying process is usually kind of tedious and depending on the dealership, can make you question your decision during and after the sale.  Not so in this case!  We're very satisfied and highly recommend them.

Shaundel F. | 2012-04-24

My husband and I purchased a Mini Cooper JCW here. We had it for 2 1/2 weeks, but was only in our possession for 6 DAYS.

After selling us a car that they claimed "went through a thorough safety inspection", the horn didn't work, that came up as a red flag for us, so we took it to the Mini service center. Hyundai said they would pay to get it fixed, but it was like pulling teeth, we had to convince them, which doesn't make sense. Mini contacted us back and told us that there were many issues with the car, huge safety issues. My husband contacted Hyundai's General Manager, and after numerous back-and-forth correspondence, the Manager agreed to give us our money back and they'd take the car. This was all happening at the same time we were experiencing horrible issues with purchasing a bed, read my review… .

They get 2 stars from me since they did take the car back and the other star is for Alex, he sold us the car.  He was very nice.

Once we returned the car, we went straight to Mini and purchased a new car there, MUCH better service! Would be weary of purchasing a used car from here.

Gina A. | 2012-04-24

We went there on a Sunday and drove off the lot with our new car on Monday evening.  Dale was our salesperson and he was extremely helpful and worked within our criteria and budget needs.  I felt like he had our best interest at heart because we clearly explained what we could afford for monthly payments and that safety is a HUGE factor (we have a young baby) and he always kept it in mind.  He went above and beyond and showed us cars that he felt we would actually be interested in, not just vehicles that he was trying to get rid of.

The finance guy, Jason, was also great to work with when it came to closing our deal.  He explained all the details and every form that I had to sign.  I felt like they truly cared about our purchase (I'm a first-time buyer) and made us feel at ease with all the ins n outs that come along with buying a vehicle.

Overall, the staff was welcoming, helpful and very personable.  Ended up purchasing a 2011 Elantra with EXTREMELY low miles - it's almost brand new.  We are happy with what we found.  I recommend seeing Dale if you ever need to buy a car!

David J. | 2012-04-19

Worked with Kevin in Sales. We did a lot of back and forth negotiating, but we ended up with a great deal on a new car, and we've been very pleased with it. The extended warranty and service plans are almost too necessary to decline, so plan on spending another $3000 dollars on your purchase. It's good to know that going in so you can setup your financing properly. Our monthly payment ended up being about $70 more than originally planned. But, we are happy with the car and our experience here. We would definitely return.

*Update. Removed a star because the extended service plan was presented to me as covering all recommended services over the term of the plan. Turns out all it covers is oil changes and "inspections" - which just means they take a look at the engine and hook it up to their computer for a quick analysis, which they do for any service. So, no recommended services are covered. The service plan is just oil changes and tire rotations. Deceptively misrepresented by finance guy.

Jasmine P. | 2012-04-13

It's about time I've updated my review.  After months of self research, test driving and all that... I decided I wanted the limited released 2012 Hyundai Veloster. Since my last review, I've actually bought Ruby.  Who is Ruby, you wonder..? Well she is my 2012 Hyundai Veloster, she's fully loaded with sun roof, 18'' wheels, kick a$$ gas mileage and most importantly...bright red leather interior.

                                                           MY STORY:
I purchased her for practical purposes, my old car was dying fast (it actually barely even started the night bought my new car) and also personal reasons.  I needed steady transportation to drive 3 hours weekly to see my grandmother whose health was depreciating fast, courtesy of cancer.  

I made my reasons for my purchase clear to the guys (Steven in particular) and they worked with me to make my not so little dream come true.  My wish was to not only make my first big purchase on a time schedule (before my grandmother passed), but I was also I was a tad picky.  I wanted white, fully loaded, automatic, with red leather interior.  Black interior wouldn't due, and it had to have the Style and Technology package. This was my baby, and she had to be perfect.  Most importantly I wanted to share my grown up life/first big purchase, with my grandmother (also my best friend).

                                                   WHY BUY FROM HERE:
Thanks to the guys here, I was able to get Ruby.  After months of literally calling across the West Coast of CA for my perfect car (limited released new edition), making arrangements with Hyundai dealers in Arizona, which fell through last minute, and pulling out my hair. I awoke December 20th, with a text message from Steven Yee with a picture of fully loaded Veloster with everything I wanted EXCEPT the white exterior.  

I decided to check it out, and after hours on the phone with my grandmother and sitting in the car which still had it's white wrapping paper (straight from the port) around it, I decided to have a "head to head" with Steven.   Being in sales myself I made it clear I wouldn't be "sold", I knew what I wanted and had held out for 3 months for the perfect ride, and just wouldn't settle.  Finally when asked what was stopping me I mentioned my fear about being keyed.  Key marks show up more on black than white!  "I'm hot", I told the guys; "...I'm afraid some jealous chick will key me at the mall, one day.  If I get keyed, will you take care of it?"   To my surprise, the store manager, said; 'sure', jestured with his hands to show the amount of scratch room he'd take care of, and the deal was made.  "Sooo, you'll cover 2-3' of scratch if this car gets keyed...ok then, it's a deal."

Days later I drove my first big purchase home to show it off to my mom and grandmother.  My grandma was too sick to ride with me, but the joy on her face when she peeked out the window to see it meant the world to me.  I was her baby, and she was proud of my accomplishments.  

With the help of the guys at Capitol Hyundai, I was able to buy a brand new car, something that is rare in my family.  Not only that, but I was able to buy it alone, without a co-signer, with affordable payments, and NO BUYERS REMORSE.

Me, My Mother, and My Grandmother are very grateful to STEVEN YEE, and the entire Capitol Hyundai staff.  I cannot even began to sum everything they've done in this yelp review.  Overall there are pros and cons with every experience, but all and all I couldn't be any more happy.

I even got a bow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ps: Colin kicks @$$ too!  Snag him or Steven if you get the chance!

Ellen G. | 2012-04-11

I LOVE THIS DEALERSHIP!!! Actually I think the people here make it what it is... KEVIN KUANG (sales) AND JASON MARCUCEI (finance) are the bombs :D

I don't know how to tell you how awesome they are... but here. Let's start with Kevin:

I am a 24 year first time car buying female. The first time I went to the dealer I brought a posse like everyone suggested, but then I met Kevin, talked to him, and realized that he is so honest, caring, and professional that I really didn't need one. I wanted a very specific color and it was very hard to find; nevertheless Kevin patiently worked with me until we found it. 2 days before it came in he called me, and the day it came it he emailed me letting me know that it is all gassed up, getting detailed, and waiting for me. When I went in (I was comfortable enough to go alone) he honored the quote he gave me 2 weeks ago (which was a VERY GOOD QUOTE). I needed to trade in a car and he tried his best to help the trade in my favor. Before I paid he showed me the car and went through many things with me (a thorough check) and made sure that I was happy. After I paid he patiently taught me how to use all the buttons and set up my phone for the car's blue tooth system. I mean... I can go on and on about how awesome he is but you really have to experience it for yourself. HONEST CAR SALESMAN DO EXIST and his name is KEVIN KUANG. Please, if you need to buy a car, call this dealership and ask for Kevin! No one will work harder for you than he will - no joke!

Okay, now onto Jason Marucei (there are 2 Jason's here so I put down the last name). He was the finance guy that I dealt with. Same thing, honest, caring, professional. He works very fast while at the same time made sure that I understood that everything we were signing and how the numbers all added up. He made tons of honest recommendations on what I probably need and won't need for the extra packages (ie. warranty extension etc.) and did not push me to buy anything at all! He looked for the best deals for me and gave me some nice discounts where he could. The finance rate he got me was also very amazing... To top it off, he was so fun to chat with. We exchanged stories and really just had a blast.

I find that at this dealership you really don't have to worry that you will get ripped off, because you really won't. People here, at least all that I have encountered, are so nice and professional that I really want to tell the whole world that they should not be buying from anywhere else. After I bought the car I was sitting inside exploring the functions and many employees would walk by and knock on my glass to make sure I have no questions. I love love love it here! If I have the money I will buy more cars here, but I don't so I want to let you people know that this is the place to buy your car. Nowhere else will serve you better.

Hope this review helped but trust me it is an unbelievably good experience - go and see for yourself!

Kevin P. | 2012-03-21

Watch out for the financing guy name : JASON !!!!!!!

i would recommend this dealership from sales man all the way to manger except one jason guy.  i had a few friends buying Hyundai this year and they were all happy with it. This dealership is pretty good. the price is reasonable. sales man will try anything you help you. I think this is one of my best experience at auto dealer. i would totally give it a 5 star if wasnt the jason- financing guy - killed it. He is very rude. He will say that he is trying to help you while lying to you with some B.S you know is not true. if you were going to buy a car at this dealership, please request you will not have to deal with jason.

Debra S. | 2012-02-29

This has been one of the best car-buying experiences I've ever had. Dustin was very patient, knowledgeable, absolutely no pressure, and I think I got a very fair deal both on the Sonata that I purchased as well as my trade-in.  Even though he had already given me a price on the internet, before signing on the dotted line he spent a couple of hours with me to test-drive several cars and went well out of his way to make sure that I got the exact car that I wanted. Everyone I met there from Jason the service guy to Rick the finance guy were more than friendly and helpful. I would recommend Dustin and Capitol Hyundai to anyone who's looking to buy a new car.

Kristina P. | 2012-02-23

My parents were in desperate need of a new car, but didn't want to get smacked with a horrible deal because of it. After driving a few cars, my mom was pretty sure she wanted a Hyundai Sonata. So we called and/or emailed every Hyundai dealership in the bay area (and beyond.) After a very swift and thorough responses from a wonderful dude named Dustin, we decided to check it out.

Capitol Hyundai had many MANY Sonatas available, both Hybrid and standard. Dustin met us with a friendly smile and did not disappoint. That dude knows his stuff! He was patient and knowledgeable about all the cars (we even discussed my fairly new Tucson!) Me, my husband and BOTH my parents rode around with Dustin in several models as he pointed out each and every nuance of the different models. He answered all of our questions and more. His service and dedication was subtle and professional, and we appreciated his laid back, no-haggle approach. Dustin was the reason my mom went home with a new car. Well, that and a super awesome price on a 2011 Sonata Hybrid.

Dustin introduced us to Jason, who helped my parents through the finance process. He was energetic and fun while also being very knowledgeable and accommodating. After finding out my parents were Costco members, he immediately discussed Costco deals we had not heard of; he just wanted us to get the most bang for our buck. We appreciated his humor and his willingness to assist without being pushy. We only walked out of there with what we wanted, and nothing more. After learning of my own recent purchase, he also offered the Costco services to myself and my husband because we had not been offered them a few months back. (I don't think it was lack of awesomeness from the team we purchased from, just a lack of Costco-deal-availability.)  My husband and I will be going back to the dealership to further discuss these deals! :)

Both of my parents are over-the-moon with their new Sonata Hybrid, and repeatedly tell everyone about how pleased and happy they are with the customer care they received from both Dustin and Jason at Captiol Hyundai. The entire family highly recommends this dealership, and working with these two wonderful gentlemen.

Megan M. | 2012-02-20

What a great car buying experience I had this weekend. I finally had to replace my car with over 213,000 miles. I first test drove with Jack in early December and it was great test drive but I told Jack that I needed to save more money so I wouldn't be buying until at least mid February. Jack understood and didn't keeping calling me weekly like a lot of dealers do. He called me in mid February which is exactly what I told him. Jack made the car buying experience run so smooth. We came out to test drive a sonata again this weekend. Jack really knows his products and truly stands by what it is he sells. He owns a Sonata too. The negotiating went smoothly, they took my old car in, and financing went quickly. No one played games with us or tried to one over us. Once everything was done, Jack helped pair my blue tooth and explained in detail features of the car. We had a great experience at Capital Hyundai. If we need another car we will definitely come back again.

Karen P. | 2012-02-10

Well, I promised I'd be back with an update, and here I am!  

It's now been over a year since I purchased my Tucson and I still LOVE it!!  It's reliable, gets good gas mileage, and is still as pretty as the day I bought it.  I bring it in for my regular servicing (oil changes, tire rotation, etc.).  Wayne in the service department is very friendly and helpful, and I rarely need to wait more than a minute or two for help, whether or not I had an appointment (once I had a nail in my tire and they fixed it right away).

I recently took it in for my 15,000 mile service, and I thought the cost was very reasonable for all of the things they check - less than $200!!  Shuttled too and from work - painless!

I've purchased many cars in my lifetime, and Capitol Hyundai is THE place to purchase a car - awesome looking, reliable cars, nice, non-pushy, knowledgeable salespeople & finance group, and service is the icing on the cake.  Five stars all around.

Bumpus H. | 2012-01-31

Terrible service.  I had to go here to correct a recall on my car.  They tried to charge me to just have somebody to take a look at my hood latch.  Later that day they were supposed to pick me up to bring me back to my car and nobody came and when I tried to call to see what happened I just got the runaround eventually getting sent to voicemail after trying for an hour.  When I asked the guy the next day who was supposed to arrange the shuttle why nobody ever came, he pretended like he didn't hear me.  I think it was somebody named Jason who blew it according to the shuttle drivers.

Roger P. | 2012-01-21

I bought a yellow genesis coupe at this dealer, sales person was good and buying went very easy, once the car was out the dealership then problems started showing up.when i went back to ask them they mentioned its 150 point inspected car which they never did and mentioned to me there were no problems. I took the car to different Hyundai and they showed me the problem. Once they sell you a car they never care for your problems. DONT NOT BUY THE CAR HERE. ALL FALSE PROMISES

Saumitra D. | 2012-01-17

Went here to look into the Hyundai Sonatas and Elantras after having seen them in a couple of other dealerships. The other places guaranteed that they could beat any price but were slow in having someone talk to me and offering me a test drive.

I used TruCar and already had an estimate from other dealerships over the Internet but wasnt sure what to choose between the Sonata and Elantra. The salesperson Colin Crawford was really who turned the deal in this dealerships favor. He was not pushy and had a great demeanor. I test drove both the Sonata and Elantra 3 times on different days with different configurations and he was very knowledgable about both cars not trying to push any one of them or getting tired of my not deciding. The test drive was pretty good; with him encouraging me to test the cars braking, handling and various features instead of just sitting and asking how it feels..

The negotiations were handled openly. They were able to match and better the other prices after a couple of iterations. At this point I had already decided to purchase from Capitol Hyundai even if the other dealerships offered couple of hundred bucks lower here and there just for the effort put in to earn my business.

The delivery of the car was also handled smoothly with a detailing, fuil tank of gas and all the paperwork. Other dealership tried to spin a whole story around the lease for a 2012 Sonata that was nationally advertised at 199 with 1999 down saying that this deal is national and locally it can be more depending on advertising cost, cars on lot blah blah. I appreciated the fact that Colin did not BS around the obvious nationwide promotions Hyundai was running on the lease and plainly offered that deal. He also mentioned very clearly what kind of promotions Hyundai was running and how I could use them, e.g. there was cash back on the Sonata and not Elantra.

Overall, a very pleasant experience, if you are looking for a Hyundai give them a shot. Hopefully the trend continues with the servicing at this place.

Sam R. | 2012-01-14

Was contacted by Khaled after I wrote my first review, He took it upon himself to personally take care of me and to have Steven try to locate a 2012 Santa Fe that met my requirements. This vehicle  in the configuration i wanted was pretty much sold out in California. However that did not deter Steven who kept searching, and more important keeping me apprised on a daily basis, 2 weeks later and beating the loan from my credit union Steven and Capital Hyundai found what had to the the last V6 Black Santa Fe SE in the state. I cant say enough about this place. Don't waste your time going anywhere else, but if you do, know you will find your way back to Capital Hyundai.

Phil M. | 2012-01-06

I recently purchased my second car from Capitol Hyundai within the last year.  My new purchase was a 2012 Limited Elantra for commuting.  My first car was a sweet black SE 2011 Sonata which I fight with my wife to drive.  My first purchase with Capitol was a piece of cake.  They had the best prices anywhere as well as service.  I live about 100 miles away from this dealership yet chose them after seeing at least 4 dealerships in my own area.  They came strongly recommended from my brother in law who has leased at least 6 cars from them.  All went perfect in my first purchase as I mentioned with the best price.  
I must say on my second purchase I have again received the best price, but a few errors occurred in what was negotiated in price and was told I will be receiving a check in the difference in price.  I also did not receive my manual and noticed that a maintenance contract was added on my contract that I did not know about nor was told exactly what it covered.  I contacted the dealership and was told this will be taken care of soon and will receive my check, manual and information on what the maintenance contract covers.  If this all occurs you will see my Yelp rate jump from A-OK to Woo-hoo as good as it gets.  I will let you all know.

1/9/12 Okay, ,can these guys be any better with customer service and follow up?  So as you see I bought a second car from Capitol Hyundai a week or so ago.  The second transition was a little bumpier than the first, but these guys want to make it all "RIGHT".  My sales person Casey called me right away to let me know that my manual got left behind and he will ship it out.  The Manager Khalid called right away to take care of the accidental overcharge on what my price was to be.  You see, I was quoted one price but the contract was slightly higher.  You know what?  They are shipping the manual to my address and a check for the difference in what I was quoted versus what was on my contract.  Now you know why I drove a hundred miles (past many competitors) to buy from them.  I now move my "A-ok" up to "Yah! I'm a fan" and look forward to moving it from that rating to a 5 STAR of "Woohoo" once everything arrives.  
Take it from me, they are doing it the right way!
1/23/12. You just earned your 5th star as the check for the accidental overcharge came in. These guys back up what they say.   They have our business for life.

Fish v. | 2012-01-06

Our Hyundai Sonata 2010 was a good buying experience at this dealership. This was the first time I ever bought a new car. They even dropped off my car at my doorstep. I have to say that I really like this car and did have a minor issue after the warranty expired on an option and took it up with Hyundai Corporate.

The folks here have taken care of my issue in a very friendly manner that is quite impressive. I guess they can solve things that Corporate cannot.

Jason in service is great - give him a raise Mr. Dennis! You have a great team working here and I cannot praise them enough.

We will be considering trading in this car for a newer Sonata in about a year and will certainly be coming back to Capitol Hyundai. Their newer cars are quite cool.

Lindsey C. | 2012-01-04

Wonderful experience, great service, very informative and not pushy

I've been on a car search for a few months now and visited most of the dealers along Capitol expressway. This was my first purchase and I was just nervous to make a final decision. I walked on the Hyundai lot to take view some of their used vehicles and the sales manager, David came out to greet me and answer some questions. He wasn't pushy or overbearing and was able to answer all my questions accurately. I had done a bit of background research on the 2 cars I was interested in and he was very friendly and informative to fill in the blanks.

My father is a huge supporter of Hyundai in recent years as their performance, safety and overall reviews have skyrocketed. I hadn't heard much about them but after driving the Hyundai Elantra I was almost sold. David introduced me to his colleague Francisco to help answer any remaining questions and have a contact when I returned later with my boyfriend. After a few hours of viewing other cars and reading reviews on different dealerships I was pretty much sold. This dealership was wonderful... they really are friendly and seem to let the cars sell themselves. I didn't feel pushed or lied to and I would definilty recommend this place to any of my friends.

I love my car and with a 10 year or 100,000mile warranty, I'm not worried about any problems. I hope I won't have any problems down the road but I know that I'll be taking my car to this dealer for maintenance and repair.

5 stars!! Thank you David and Francisco.

Lindsey Y. | 2012-01-03

I bought my car (2012 Hyundai Elantra GLS) 2 weeks ago, and I'm writing to say that I absolutely love it. I spent about a month trying to figure out what dealership I wanted to go with based on a few factors 1.) How I was treated 2.) The deal they were offering (which if you think about it, kind of go hand and hand).

I submitted my information through and was set up with Charles Seaman as my internet contact. Charles responded to my emails and questions promptly and gave me a pretty good deal when we talked on the phone. When we finally met in person to get the real deal negotiating down he was very reasonable and gave me an even better deal than I had thought I was going to get. I had a great experience with him and I know he wasn't pulling any tricks over my head ( I studied negotiation in college!).

Also, he made arrangements to get the car color I wanted from another dealer. This may not sound like a big deal, but I was chewed out by other salesmen at other dealers saying things like " It would be easier if you wanted the color we already have." Charles went the extra mile to make sure I was going to get what I wanted.

I'm very pleased with my experience with this Hyundai dealership and would highly recommend it, and Charles!

Eric O. | 2011-12-29

Hassle free, best price on a new Sonata.  I contacted most Hyundai dealers within a hundred miles, and Capital Hyundai was willing to beat any price.  No hidden charges, no bait and switch - I got the car I wanted for the price I expected.  And our sales guy, Francisco, was great.  Pretty much the opposite of what you expect in a car salesman, and I mean that in the best way possible.  No pressure, friendly, accommodating.... Best car buying experience I've had!

Nikki S. | 2011-12-25

I just purchased my 2012 Tuscon Limited on 12/23/11 from Charles Joseph - the internet sales manager. It was somewhat difficult finding the color and model I had wanted with the added package. Charles was able to secure the car I wanted and the purchase was seamless.
He has a lot experience selling all types of cars, and has been at Capitol Hyundai for 2 years. He is very patient and calm and is in no hurry to see you leave. He took a lot of time explaining all the bells and whistles that the car came with and was willing to go over any aspect again until I understood it.  He was knowledgeable and very courteous in all aspects of our communication - via internet, phone, and in person.
I literally live within walking distance to the SF Hyundai dealership, but chose to go to San Jose because of all the wonderful reviews on Yelp. I was not disappointed.
The Hyundai dealership is planning to move across the street from its present location to become the largest Hyundai Dealership in California. It is worth the trip to San Jose - Hyundai cars and SUV's really shine and for the amenities you get for the price - you cannot beat the quality.

Linda V. | 2011-12-23

Best buying experience ever!

I just moved to California from Canada, when I started my job I quickly realized that I need to buy my own car as I would have to travel from Oakland area down to SJ. I told my coworkers my situation and here went the car shopping.

We went to Captiol Hyundai, and straight off the bat everyone was super great and nice. I told Mannie my situation with being new to the country and off the bat he says Hyundai offers a great first time buyers program. He asks me if I wanna take a look at the car lot and off we go.

I took one look at the Elantra and new it was for me! It was a great size and looked great! I opted for the limited edition; I stated to him that I was a single mom and need a good price!!

We did the paperwork and my loan was approved! Mannie and the whole team at Hyundai gave me a great deal! Mannie and Steven were great! When I came in with my coworkers everyone was so helpful and genuinely friendly asking me if I needed anything while waiting to sign the papers for my car.

During the week prior I had joked with Mannie that I wanted a bow and champagne when I got my car to celebrate my first buy... well.... when I signed the papers with Jayson (who is also really awesome!! and explained all the paperwork; and also gave me a great deal on the maintenance package!)  I had come out and walking to Mannie's desk and there were my coworkers, Mannie, Steven and Khaled with Champagne congratulating me on my first purchase! It was awesome we toasted and on my car... you guessed it... a bow!! and not just for show! I drove my car off the lot with my bow (which half of it came off on the freeway lol).

This was the best customer service I have received, this team really goes above and beyond to get customer satisfaction. I highly recommend anyone purchasing a car to stop by Captiol Hyundai, you will not be disappointed and they do no treat you like a money bank and try to get you to buy a car right then and there. They ask you what you are looking for and give different options and ask you to think about it. You will not find pushy sales people! which is a luxury these days in the car business!

On my 2nd day of owning the car, Hyundai already scheduled a complimentary oil change next year! They are definitely up on their game to continue great service even after you have driven off the lot!

Thanks to all the guys at Hyundai! you guys are awesome!!! Mannie, Steven, Khaled and Jayson!!!

My best to you all and for providing me a great experience!!

Jeff A. | 2011-12-22

I was searching for a 2012 Sonata 2.0T Limited for a few months and eventually got it here.  Other Hyundai dealerships actually had the exact trim I was looking for (Shimmering White)  but this was the first place that gave me a fair price with NO HAGGLING.  This was huge for me considering a certain Hyundai dealership in Fremont had us storming out of the showroom without looking back (didn't even return any of their phone calls to return either).  

I appreciate the great customer service my girlfriend and I recieved from Casey and Jason.  Maybe it helped that they heard about our horiffic shopping experience up until that point but I have a feeling that they would've renewed our faith in car salesmen regardless.  The whole buying experience at Capitol Hyundai lasted only a couple of hours and was not stressful at all.  They even complimented me on my 2000 Nissan Maxima trade-in that had over 200,000 miles on it (which was deserved in my humble opinion).  

I highly recommend this place, not only to buy a new vehicle but to also restore your faith in humanity.

Disclosure: I was not paid to write this authentic review...seriously.

George S. | 2011-12-13

We bought r our Hyundai thru the Costco auto buyer's program, and were directed to Stephen Yee, the Costco representative.  We received a prompt, no hassle quote, and the process went smoothly and easily.  We were so pleased with ourexperience.

Heather G. | 2011-12-11

I had my mind set on an Elantra with very specific features. I sent out requests for price quotes to many Bay Area Hyundai dealers. Charles at Captiol Hyundai not only quoted me the lowest price but he was able to have the car on site within 48 hours. The paperwork portion was relatively painless and Steven helped me pair my phone to the car and patiently went over all of the controls with me before I drove off. If you're in the market for a Hyundai I highly recommend this place!

Franklin W. | 2011-12-08

Purchased a Genesis through Jack.  Two things stood out that I rarely find when purchasing a new car.  First Jack was very knowledgable about the car(s)...I have found that is very rare, which I always find odd, after all these people spend all day there...secondly, Jack is very personable.  He never rushed us or felt like we were wasting his time or was thinking about a possible next customer.  And finally, after deciding to purchase, These transactions take quite a bit of time and  and its better off working with someone that is a true professional.  

Would highly recommend working with Jack.  We had spot checked online pricing and they wereon par even though this was not an online purchase.

YMMV of course as I've purchased many cars in the past and found differences in employees working at the same dealerships but this particular transaction and salesperson was positive enough to compell me to put up a review that is not food related!  Just looking up and down the other reviews, looks like I'm not the only one with a positive and similar experience.

Kristin D. | 2011-12-05

After much research, I decided to replace my 2005 corolla with a 2012 Elantra. These cars are HOT right now, and not easy to come by. Especially since I'm picky and wanted a very specific color/option combo. Wanting to get the best deal, I contacted several dealerships in the bay area, and had dealer after dealer try to sell me a different color, or different car entirely. When they found out I wanted something specific, they suddenly stopped contacting me, as they apparently didn't want to put the effort in for the sale. Mannie at Capitol Hyundai was the only one who stuck with me even though I wasn't an easy sale, and worked with me for over a month until he found exactly what I was looking for. Even though I live closer to a different dealership, it is worth it to me to drive the extra distance, and I highly recommend Capitol Hyundai to anyone in the market for a new car.

A P. | 2011-11-15

We already had our heart and mind set on Hyundai Sonata 2012.

The second we stepped on to the Capitol Hyundai dealer ship Jack approached us with a warm welcome. The series of questions Jack asked we knew right from the start that this guy knows his cars inside out. We told him what exactly we are looking for in our new Hyundai Sonata 2012 and he showed us couple of Hyundai Sonata 2012 that matched our preferences and also made some suggestions right off the back.

Interesting thing is mostly everyone at that dealership owns an Hyundai Sonata 2012. That tells you a lot about a car.

I'm a Marketing specialist and I know if someones trying to sell me something. With Jack it was different he wasn't trying to sell us anything. He just wanted us to get to know the car better before making any rational decisions. He repeatedly told us folks I really want you to know what this car offers before you can make your decision.

Before we know it we were picking out the color for our new Hyundai Sonata. We took the car out on a test drive. While test driving Jack was showing my mom and I some of the cool functions and features. We couldn't believe how smooth and quiet the car was at first. We couldn't even tell if the car was on at first.

Soon after the test drive we went into the office to work out the deal on the car. Jack asked once again if we were satisfied with the car and if it was our final decision. I've never seen a salesperson ask that question before. We were surprised see that coming from a salesperson. We have bought cars before and gone to so many dealerships and no one ever asked us if we were satisfied with the car we are buying. More like k here's the car that you're buying sign here and the car's yours.

Jack patiently worked on the deal with us and repeatedly asked if we had any questions about the car, terms and conditions, or the warranty. He's a very knowledgeable fellow with one goal in mind, keeping people happy. I'm happy to say that we had a smooth transaction with Jack, Khalid, and Jason.

When we were working on our paperwork with Jason he again explained everything in details. I've never seen this friendly service before at a dealership. I've seen people who act like they know everything but are full of crap. But it was different with this dealership.

Once our paperwork and everything was done Jack was waiting with our new car in front. One final time Jack showed us the functions and the features of the car and also helped us pair our phones to the car.

Before we got home Jack had already left a voicemail on our home phone congratulating on our new car and already had set up our first car service appointment in Jan.

I'd have to say these guys know how to work with people and know their customers needs when buying a car.

Thank you Jack and rest of the team, Khalid, and Jason for helping us buying our new Hyundai Sonata 2012.

Mathew S. | 2011-11-06

Very good buying experience.....they got us the car we wanted...
with the desired colors and options at the best price in the bay area.
Other dealers would promise the car, but it never showed up...

Capitol got the car from near burlingame and we had the
car much faster than we thought...

Steve Yee was a great salesman, dedicated and courteous.

Overall a very good experience.....I would highly recommend
this dealership.

Jigish M. | 2011-11-02

Excellent. Superb.

The staff, the managers, sales person everyone here are there to help you pick the best car for your needs. I went there after visiting couple of other places but nowhere did i find the level of transparency in the pricing that Capitol Hyundai Offers. Other dealers would just try to make a sale and then forget about you, but these people will take care of you and your car needs really well.

I would recommend this place to all my friends and family.

Juanette H. | 2011-10-12

If you want a hassle free car buying experience buy your car here and from Colin Crawford. A couple of months ago I bought a Equus from Colin and I must say it's a beautiful car.

He was well versed in the Equus and gave me a fair price for the car. I had also test drove a Mercedes, a  Lexus,  and an Infiniti and I kept coming back to the Equus as a better car for my money.

Colin was able to answer ALL of my questions about the Equus. I can 't say the same thing about the Mercedes dealership.  The salesman at the Mecedes dealership didn't tell me a thing about the car when I test drove it. I guess he thought because it was a Mercedes it would sell itself. Wrong!

I had asked Colin the first time I was at the dealership if he would do something for me if I ended up buying a car from him and he said sure. Well low and behold he honored that promise. So I count Colin as a honest and man of his word.

Juanette H.

Munazzah Hassan K. | 2011-10-11

We started  a search for sonata 2-3 weeks back ..... the closest to our home was stevenscreek ... so we tried getting a car there ... but my husband said lets check with the fremont guys too ... so we went there too ... but both the dealers really pissed us off .... it was a horrible experience ... we really got disappointed with hyundai...

My husband postponed the idea of getting a sonata ... but yesterday he just called Capitol hyundai and asked for the info of our desired car ... he was helped by a sales person Francisco and he was really nice .... he said he would call back and let us know if he has the car ... we were out already so we decided to visit the dealership ... we were on our way when Francisco called again and said that he has similar cars but not the one that we desire but he can get it for us .... we told him that we are just parking outside and will meet him ...  he was there waiting for us ... the manager came out too and greeted us warmly ... he was also very friendly and cooperative ...

We decided on the car interior and exterior and other things and then Francisco said he could get us the car in the morning ... today we went there and everything went smoothly .... we were so happy and satisfied with all the customer servise ... in the end the finance manager Jason Marcucci helped us with the paper work ... he was also very nice and cooperative ... he had all the paper work ready and we were out of his office in 10 minutes happy and satisfied ... and came home with a car that we love !!

We had been going to the dealers for 3 weeks and were not satisfied at all ... at Capitol Hyundai it just took us a day and we have a sonata now :) !!

Please DON'T go to Stevenscreek hyundai or fremont hyundai ... it wil just be a waste of time and u will be greatly disappointed ...

If u want a Hyundai ... go to Capitol Hyundai ... u will come out a contented customer :)!!

Candice T. | 2011-10-09

In the pursuit of car-buyer happiness, I accompanied my boyfriend to almost every dealership in San Jose. It took him over three months to make his final decision on a car and in that time, we got pretty savvy to the tricks of the trade.
In typical car salesman fashion, no one would ever admit that they don't know something about the car in question and we constantly caught them simply making stuff up about certain models.
We must have heard the question, "What do I have to do to earn your business?" at least 27 times... and it always felt like slimy bait. Several times, my boyfriend would be put on a "call list" when a new Sonata came in. And he never got a call back, but we did surprise visit to a few dealerships only to discover that he was lied to about the vehicle being available or that they had received a shipment without letting him know.

Enter Capitol Hyundai. This place was actually an accident. I was picking my Volkswagen up from service and my boyfriend insisted on driving me there. Next door was the Hyundai dealership, and knowing that his final choice on a vehicle was the Sonata, we asked to talk to someone while my car was being pulled around.
Colin Crawford, tall and lanky, never asked to "earn" our business. He never made up specs on the car. In fact, he knew so much about the Sonata, you would think he worked on the manufacture line. He wore a nice tie and was genuinely interested in talking shop. He knew there wasn't a car on the lot he could sell to my boyfriend, but Colin knew *what* he wanted.
Much to our surprise, he called about four days later. The exact model, year, color and detail just arrived and was sitting on his lot. A coincidence? Nah, I just think he knew he had a smart buyer who knew what he wanted, and getting that car was the ultimate in customer satisfaction.
My boyfriend had a copy of the Zag price sent to the dealership and then came in for it. The process was long, but the good-humored Colin and his Finance Manager, Jason, were eager to please and up 'till 10pm to do it. There was no unnecessary haggling over the price, since we got the Zag quote. And they insisted that he come in the next day to have the car fully detailed free of charge. All information was told up-front and in full disclosure.
I really appreciated their honesty and overall genuine nature we encountered at Capitol Hyundai, a refreshing breath in a business full of two-faced double-deals.

Tim W. | 2011-10-05

Friendly sales person, Jack. He forgot the key on the way out to show us a car, had us wait longer. Wondered if he is using the sales strategy to get us to stay on the lot longer. He was knowledgeable of the cars, shared information that were not relevant to us about rims, tires and tire sizes. I think the best way to go is to ask customers what they want to know, allow them to take the lead and not be pushy with information. The Sonatas and Elantras were attractive, something I seriously would consider to buy a year or so from now.

Pravin P. | 2011-09-18

After getting harassed and flat out lied to at another Hyundai Dealership, I decided to try my luck with Capitol Hyundai and was amazed by their service on every level possible. The associates at this dealership show great pride in their work and demonstrated that they are there for you the client.

Being a recent college graduate, I've been looking to buy a car that's well priced and has good longevity. I had settled on the 2011 Elantra GLS, but this model has been sold out at every dealership in the area for months! This situation left me with choices between the Accent model (which I find too small) or older used Elantras which seemed too highly priced. It was then that they showed me a recent model that they obtained -- a used Elantra 2010 w/ 35k miles -- and presented me with some really stunning discounts and incentives!

I got the feeling that they understood my side of the situation while still doing their job (unlike the other dealers I'd gone to where try tried to manipulate me into a hurried overpriced sale) and that is where they really shine. Not once in our three visits were we ever pressured into buying a vehicle immediately; in fact, they suggested that we wait until they give us an alert on a deal instead of trying to shoehorn us into a higher class/higher price tag vehicle that wouldn't suit me.

Overall, my experience with this dealership has been excellent. :-)

Lynn B. | 2011-09-14

I'm reviewing the SERVICE department at Capitol Hyundai. We own a 2011 Sonata Limited 2.0T which we LOVE.

We purchased our car at Stevens Creek Hyundai, only because we just happened to end up there and never checked Yelp or we would have chosen to buy it at Capitol.

We had nothing but trouble at Stevens Creek Service...they suck! Capitol Service is FANTASTIC. Yesterday was our 2nd oil change at Capitol. The people are SO friendly and helpful. It turned out that our car had a couple of Service Alerts that required more time to do -- so Wayne Dabio offered me a loaner car so I could continue my day. Wayne was a joy to work with.

We live in Santa Cruz, so we have to drive "over the hill" or to Salinas to have our car serviced. We have many choices and we will continue to ONLY choose Capitol Hyundai.

Jackie B. | 2011-08-15

My car buying experience was great! From sales to finance, these guys know what they're doing and there was never any pressure. I actually had 2 salesmen, Colin and John.  And between the two of them, they told me anything and everything I needed to know about the car I wanted to buy.  They made sure I knew the different packages that were available to me along with the different options for colors.  Vernon, one of the sales managers also worked with me.  I let him know that I'm on a budget and he worked out the numbers so it worked for the both of us.  I was most hesitant about going into finance because I've never bought a car before.  But Wayne walked me through every step and explained everything in terms that I could understand.  Overall, my first car buying experience was absolutely amazing.  I would definitely recommend this dealership to anyone that is looking for a hassle free car buying experience.

Laura S. | 2011-08-11

Excellent car buying experience! Customer service at Capitol Hyundai is five star all the way from salesmen to financing.

My salesman was Colin...extremely professional and knowledgeable about Hyundai. Of all the sales people I dealt with he was by far the most accommodating.

I will be a loyal Hyundai owner forever!

Roxann G. | 2011-07-28

I bought my third Hyundai from Capitol Hyundai this week and I will return when I need a new one again. The sales staff are friendly, knowledgeable and easy to talk to with NO pressure what so ever.

Jason, in finance, was great as well. He worked really hard to make sure I got the best deal to include maintenance and warranty AND stay within my budget.

I highly recommend Capitol Hyundai to anyone looking for the BEST car for the BEST price with the BEST staff.

Thank you Dustin, Steve, and Jason for making a typically grueling experience a painless one.

Ashley B. | 2011-07-01

Thank you Capital Hyundai! I'm so happy that I decided to purchase my first car here. I had been searching for a Black 2012 Accent for a couple days, and luckily they had the only one in stock in the whole area. Came in around 7PM and left in 2 hours! With everything I needed including a full tank of gas. Excellent and quick service. What more can you ask for? Steven Yee and Jason Marcucci, the finance manager guided me through the whole experience and I genuinely feel like I got the best deal I could've got any where. I love my car. I will be back. Keep it up guys!

Dan B. | 2011-07-01

Service is sub par

Kelley F. | 2011-06-24

After a terrible experience at a Nissan dealer looking at a used Infiniti G37, I ended up considering the Hyundai Genesis Coupe 3.8.  A friend referred me here, and I had a great experience, and purchased my first new car ever!  Colin Crawford was my Sales Consultant, and made my experience as pleasant as possible for buying a new car.  He was very knowledgeable, personable, patient, and detailed.  When I came in to sign the paperwork and pick up the car, they were a little short on help, so Colin personally helped to do the final detail on the car!  He worked with Khaled Aldada (the General Sales Manager), and gave me what I feel was a truly excellent price on the car.  We also worked with Jason Marucci in Finance who equally wonderful.  I've never even considered buying a Hyundai, but I'm so glad I took a look!  All the bad stereotypes I had about Hyundai were completely erased when I went to this dealership.  Good luck with your car purchase!

Ly D. | 2011-05-30

Over the weekend, I came to look and test drive a bunch of cars but I decided on 2012 Elantra GLS. TOMMY came up to us and was extremely helpful! Tommy was with me from the test drive all the way till the very end where I drove out of the dealership! I really liked how he didn't constantly pressure me to buy the car.  Everyone should buy from Tommy!!!  Also, JASON from FINANCE was so great to us! He was very thorough and walked us through so many different scenarios before we were comfortable with a decision. The general sales manager, KHALED, was also very helpful! He really got me into the spirit of buying my first car & made sure I was completely taken care of. I am SO happy with the service I received. If you need a car, I would definitely recommend that you come see TOMMY, KHALED, & JASON! I LOVE my new car, thanks guys!

David C. | 2011-05-25

Hands down the best car buying experience I've ever had, and I've had a lot. I've left massage parlors leaving less relaxed!

Buy from Matt, he's way laid back and knows everything about thing, he didn't hassle us via email or phone. He knows his product sells.

I will buy from them again.

Norman P. | 2011-05-23

Came in to get a transmission flush.
Quoted $400. Are you serious?
Was told to come back on Wednesday to do it (you'd think they'd bend over backwards to get me in and out same day lest I go elsewhere).

Went to Stevens Creek Hyundai and had it done for $210 within 2 hours.

Nissa Z. | 2011-04-27

Brought my car in for an oil change and an overall check up.  The staff was courteous and took their time explaining what I needed.  When I asked what exactly NEEDED to be taken care of, they were honest and informed me that most of the stuff on the list doesn't HAVE to be done it's just suggested as it is an older car.  Non life threatening.  

The whole process only took a little over an hour.  They offer coffee in the waiting area and tv if you want to wait around.  I decided to go as soon as they open and noticed that they have a night drop off as well.  You fill out the envelope insert your key and drop it in the box.  Nice!

I'll be back!

Cyril R. | 2011-04-02

I just bought a Hyundai Elantra 2011 model and am very happy with this car in the one week I have owned it. I worked with Mannie and Jason in finance and had quite a smooth and hassle-free experience with both of them throughout the shopping process. They got me a very fair and competitive price on this car and were honest with all explanations and clarifications I needed. I would recommend others to work with them. I have no experience with their service department so far which is why I have not given them a 5 star rating. Also, it would be nice if new models came with at least some free maintenance period, but they do not. This is more of a manufacturer issue i think but other brands like toyota offer it, so it would be good for Hyundai or dealers to include some free maintenance.

Dipankar R. | 2011-03-24

I bought my Sonata 2011 just 10 days back. The car is good and I have no complaints about it. After I decided to buy the car, I was told by a guy called "Jason" in the finance that I will need to buy additional warranty with this car. He told me and my friend that "Hyundai is strongly recommending its customers to purchase the additional warranty since this car has a new engine". Since he led us to believe that we were going to buy the Hyundai warranty and we would be in deep trouble if we don't buy it, I bought the 10 years warranty from him for $1699 USD. He also sold me something called a "Mobiletrace" which is a GPS tracker for $600. He told me that the car does not have any security system and I must install this if I don't want the car to be stolen. What Jason said was a lie, of course. It turned out that he sold me a third party warranty. The car also comes with a nice alarm system. I went back the next day to cancel these and met his boss "Tony". He promised to exchange the third party warranty for Hyundai warranty but also ended up giving me a third part warranty. I cancelled it on the same day. I did not install the mobiletrace and cancelled it too. But they are not replying to my queries about the refund for these. I have left tons of voice mails. Called up the internet sales person Tyler and Steven who said that they were unable to help me. I paid a visit to "Jason" again and was made to wait for 2 hours. He said he will get back to me about the details about these cancellations but it has been about a week since then and he is not taking my calls. This is clearly a very unprofessional and unacceptable way of selling stuff to trusting customers.

UPDATE as on today 03/25/2011:
Today morning I got a call from Mr. Dennis, who is the General Manager of Capitol Hyundai. He explained to me over the phone that Capitol Hyundai is going to redo the contract minus the cost of those items that I had previously canceled and apologized for any inconvenience that has been caused. My frustration was gone and I was relieved so much to know that I won't have to pay for stuff that I did not want and had canceled. I went to the showroom today afternoon and met with Mr. Tony, the director of finance who immediately made the new contract for me. He was actually having lunch when I arrived and I don't think he even finished it before attending to me. Then I met Mr Dennis who was very nice and friendly and he informed me that Capitol Hyundai would be giving the first service and oil change for free. This was a great response to my feedback. So I'm changing my rating of Capitol Hyundai as a four star.

Aside, if I could I would definitely give ten stars to Yelp :) I'm going to be a diehard Yelp fan now!

Ben O. | 2011-03-21

DO NOT GO HERE.  Read on if you don't believe me.

I was recently referred to Steven Yee at Capitol Hyundai via the Costco car buying program. After deciding to purchase the Hyundai Sonata, I shopped around a bit and found a better price at Stevens Creek Hyundai.  After some negotiations at both dealers, I ended up buying the car at Stevens Creek.  After notifying Steven of this decision, he thought it would be a good idea to insult me via email.  I didn't think much about it.  Steven was unable to differentiate negotiations from personal insults. Typical car salesman.  

Here's where Steven's actions get pitiful.  Since Steven had my personal information from the Costco program, he signed me up for numerous email offers and other childish things like email franchise information.  In the last few days I have received over 20 emails and numerous phone (both home and cell) calls from various franchises and other car buying programs.

Anyone who employs someone so immature as Steven should not receive your business.

lyndsie d. | 2011-03-18

My husband and I recently purchased a car here (2011 Elantra) and have been eager to remind everyone that, hey, YES it is a HYUNDAI!! We love every aspect of our new Elantra, especially the stability control which has paid off since this wave of bad weather. The interior of our car is amazing--a much better quality when compared to more expensive Honda, Acura and Toyota models of the same class. I have a toddler and NEED reliable, easy to clean and tough to wear interior. Hyundai delivered! Oh, yeah, and, 40mpg highway?!? No contest for the same price!
We worked with Jack to find the perfect car, first looking at the Sonata and then saving some $$ with the Elantra...yeah, a salesman that tried to help US! He was awesome when dealing with our trade-in and presented all information on monthly payments and costs in financing vs leasing. All around a great, informative, compassionate salesman.
The financing/leasing dept (same one? Not sure...but located in the VW building, which is the same dealer) was also a breeze with the help of Karla. Once again, she presented all information and was honest to the full extent on all warranty and nitty gritty information. Signing paperwork with her was quick, efficient and got us out the door before closing!

I couldn't say more about this dealership, our new Elantra and Hyundai. Don't judge until you SEE these cars, in person, just after viewing comparable (and more expensive!) makes and models. The car drives great, is safe, clean, quiet and looks so much nicer than any other 4-cylinder cars out there (*coughFUSIONcough*).

Laurie T. | 2011-03-18

I just bought a certified pre-owned Jetta from Casey Wilson at Capitol Hyundai and I couldn't be happier.   Casey was so awesome!   I bought the car for my daughter, and Casey knew how important price was to me.  Not only did he help me find something within my price range, he made sure that it was a safe, reliable car, with a warranty!  When we first visisted his lot, they did not have anything that my daughter really loved.  Casey went to work and found the exact car we were looking for, color, interior, everyting she/we wanted, within my price range.   When the car arrived, we drove over to pick it up and do the financing.  I was not looking forward to this part, I've bought 4 cars in the past and this can take hours and hours.   Not with Casey, he was ready to go, had the finance person ready to go (she was also wonderful, along with the General Mangager, Colin.)  The whole experience was just fantastic.   I keep telling all my friends they are crazy if they go anyplace else.   Even if you don't want a Hyundai, which we didn't, Casey can find anything you want!.   It feels weird to be so darn happy with my car buying experience, but because of Casey, I do.   If I had the money, I'd do it again tomorrow!!!   It's also really nice to see all the other people on here who feel the same way about Casey.  He is a true professional, who really works for his customers!!!

Ailsa B. | 2011-03-17

SO ... a couple of days after buying my Accent, I realized I wanted to swap the personalized plates from my Jeep (which I kept) onto my new car.  I spent quite some time cruising the DMV website trying to figure out how exactly to accomplish this, and while I found the form for doing the swap, I couldn't find anything on how I was to go about getting a new license plate for the Jeep!  Thankfully a friend suggested the dealership probably had dealt with this issue before ... so I stopped by on my way home from work to ask.

Yep, they have a lady on staff who knew exactly what I needed to do (and I totally can't remember her name, I suck!).  She explained the process for me and then put my sale paperwork on hold for a few days so I could get to the DMV.  

I took myself off to my local DMV office this morning, had them issue me a new regular series plate for the Jeep, then after work I stopped and gave the "swap to the Accent" paperwork to Hyundai to file with all the other paperwork.  There was a bit of confusion because I dealt with all new people today who thought my Hyundai paperwork had already been filed, but we got it sorted out with the help of Maria and Tony and it's all good.

Now, I just have to wait for the registration for the Accent to arrive and I can put my personalized plates on!  Woohoo!  SO excited!  I love my car!

Christy H. | 2011-02-18

I had the BEST car buying experience ever with Capitol Hyundai! I would highly recommend working with them on your next vehicle purchase! My sales consultant Colin, went above and beyond, as did the finance manager Jason! Thanks guys! I really appreciate all of your hard work!

Balaji K. | 2011-02-07

When I read some of the 5-star reviews here I thought maybe these were written by bribed reviewers or some such scam. However I think those 4 to 5-star reviews for the sales department at Capitol Hyundai are right on spot.

My wife's 2009 Hyundai Elantra got totaled when someone rear-ended it and so we had cash for a brand new car. We decided on the 2011 Sonata and visited Capitol Hyundai first more than a week ago. The salesman was Mannie, who sent us an internet quote immediately after my request through Edmunds's site, took us to the exact car we wanted and let us take a test drive. He was a decent chap, not talkative or suave but not rude either.

Anyway we decided to take it easy and wait for sometime before buying a car. We did not visit any other dealer that week and went back to them the next Saturday. Mannie had gone on a vacation but the sales GM, Khaled, set us up with a salesperson named Casey. We told Casey that we had come in the previous weekend to take a look but had only decided this weekend to buy a Sonata and also that we wanted to trade-in our older 2006 Honda Civic. So he started off going to get the paperwork and when he returned we reminded him that we still had to meet 2 other dealers the next day before making our final decision. At that point he got kind of peeved, saying that if we had not decided to buy it then and there, it was not really worth his effort trying to put together an offer or write down figures. Talk about salesmanship- this person needs a 101 course on this subject.

So we were in an awkward spot- Mannie had offered us a sweet deal the earlier week ($1300 below invoice price and way below Edmunds TMV) but that one had expired 5 days previously. Now this guy was saying that he may not be able to work the details with us if we did not buy on the spot- and we wanted to buy soon because my wife needed a car at the earliest. Anyway, we did the right thing and said that no matter what we would shop around for the best deal and would not be pressured into making spot decisions.

This is where it got interesting. Khaled, a big, genial and talkative person (and I think Casey's boss), took over the deal-making. He saw us slip away from his dealership and decided he still wanted our business. So we sat down and told him that Mannie had given us a sweet price that had already expired. And to our disbelief, he put down a price that beat Mannie's number by more than $100. We mentioned the trade-in and said that we would go by the KBB price and/or Edmunds TMV (with the tradein car being somewhere between Fair and Good). Khaled put down a figure closer to the Good than the Fair value after looking over and driving my trade-in. He said that he would honor those numbers if we wanted to make a deal on Sunday (which we insisted be the day when we we would purchase our car after visiting other dealerships). No pressure tactics there, so that was good.

So on Sunday we visited San Leandro Hyundai (through Costco auto program) and Magnussen Hyundai and they couldn't beat Capitol's offer. We come back to Capitol and told Khaled that his price was all nice but that we would like no nasty surprises or scams such as random fees or dealer-added options etc., when we signed the final documents. So Khaled showed us the actual numbers for the cash we would be paying and we found that his advertising fees etc. all matched what the other dealers were quoting. So far so good and we had a deal.

Finally Khaled handed us over to another salesperson Jack, who we found was very knowledgeable and helpful and showed us all the controls and other features of the car. He also explained the warranty, service terms etc before letting us take another drive of the actual vehicle. He also took the time to answer our numerous questions when we did the visual inspection of the car before signing all the documents at the F&I department.

The F&I department was just like at other dealerships, pushing extended warranties etc.. They cajoled me and my wife into taking a sweetened warranty+service contract (though Hyundai offers 5 yr/60k and 10 yr/100k it is not as complete as one thinks it is and this extended warranty makes everything 10 yr/.100k). We are risk-averse people- we have had several nasty surprises with the supposedly reliable Honda Civic, because of which we ended up shelling out 1-1.5K during the 5 years that we have owned that car; and we plan to own our car for the longest possible time, so it made sense to us. But the F&I lady was very patient (more than 1.5 hrs in the F&I office alone) and sweetened the deal quite a bit before we agreed on the final price of the warranty.

Anyway, at the end of the day we are very happy that we purchased the 2011 Sonata and on the whole have nothing but good things to say about Capitol Hyundai as far as sales is concerned. I would recommend this dealership if you live in the bay area. They are very straightforward, don't scam you and treat you very well indeed.

marc p. | 2011-01-27

Listen, I'm 45 and I've bought a few cars in my lifetime. My experience at Capitol Hyndai and with RANDY MUNSON in particular was spectacular.

4+ months research and shopping and the best deal and customer service was here. Randy responded to my Internet request within minutes, delivered quotes well below MSRP and made it clear that he wanted my business and would go to extremes to to make me happy. Really, what more could you want?

Capitol didn't have the make/model/color I wanted in stock but they did a dealer trade and delivered the car at a price and with a process I could have scripted myself -- honest, simple, easy.

Bottom line: Hyundai is making the best cars for value in the world and the proof is there if you do your research.  I don't praise easily. But Capitol Hyundai is the place to get a righteous deal with folks you'd want to have a beer with maybe even invite to Christmas  dinner.  

Thanks Randy, Vern, Rachel and the whole Capitol crew. You're doing it right in what is often a very wrong world.
Best regards,

gar l. | 2011-01-27

This is really a combo of a five-star and a one-star review.  The five-star is for the deal and my fine experience with the internet sales staff and sales manager.  They offered a deal better than other dealers would discuss,  they answered calls quickly, they were scrupulously honest and did exactly what they said they would do.  If I wanted to buy another car these would be the folks I'd go to first.
When there was nothing left to do but write my check, they let me wait a long time, and then put me in a small room with the guy who wanted to pay another $2000+ for some service and warranty contracts.  He would not tell me the price to begin with, nor would he let me skip his spiel. It was laughable - there was no brochure or summary of the contract, and what was written down, scattered on the back of several pages of a multipart form, contradicted what the guy was saying.  And of course if I didn't decide to pay the money right that minute, the deal would never be available again.
It was particularly odd to be blind-sided by this absolute hokum after an experience that was, in all other ways, exemplary.  
So I have no hesitation recommending Capitol as long as you're prepared for this final little performance before you get your car.

Steven K. | 2011-01-15

In late December 2010 and early January 2011, I was ready to buy a Sonata from this dealership, and I had made an agreement with a highly professional salesman named Tyler that he would let me know when the make, model, and color I wanted when it became available, which would be about three weeks after my most recent test-drive.  (This is after having test driven and read about Nissans, Hondas, and Acuras and then having decided that I wanted to buy a Sonata LImited--either gas powered or hybrid.)  I was just waiting patiently for the model I wanted to arrive on the lot, and Tyler had explained that I could expect it probably by the end of January.

I was surprised to be called weeks later by another salesman, Manny, who had briefly and casually spoken with me at the dealership while Tyler had gotten the keys for a test drive.  In his phone call, he asked whether I might still be interested in buying a Hyundai, telling me there would be a big sale this weekend and never explaining why he was calling me and not Tyler.  When I told him that Tyler and I had agreed on a specific model and color, he seemed surprised and started asking me basic questions I had already answered with Tyler.

When I expressed concern that the dealership seemed to have forgotten our verbal agreement and the specifics of it, he said that they have many customers and that it is hard to keep straight who wants what.  I explained that his comment was slightly insulting and didn't give me confidence in that dealership.  He then told me that I had "miscommunicated" with Tyler.

I just wanted to buy a car, and I don't understand why the dealership couldn't simply sell it to me without leaving me feeling like they didn't care enough about my business to keep track of what I wanted or which salesman I was buying it from.   I tend to be "no nonsense" about major purchases, and I prize professionalism, consistency, and courtesy, so this is not the dealership for me.

Jeff B. | 2010-12-28

We visited this dealership several times during the last two months, while shopping around for just the right deal on a small 'crossover' SUV.  After shopping the competition  (and dealing with a few obnoxious salesmen elsewhere), we ended up coming back to the one dealership that treated us right, and worked the hardest for us: Capitol Hyundai.  In particular, we consistently found our salesman there, Casey, to be extremely courteous, respectful, knowledgeable, and hard working, while making our buying experience pleasant -- and without any pressure whatsoever!  He's as honest as the day is long, and it was the best car-buying experience I've ever seen.  Great dealership -- they go the extra mile for you -- especially Casey!  Thumbs up!

May L. | 2010-11-01

After I posted my review in June, Dennis the GM emailed me and asked me to come back in.  So this past weekend, we went back and bought the car!   Not only did they give us the best price over the phone (we called nearly every dealer in the Bay Area), they beat it by a bit.  In fact, one dealer - Stevens Creek Hyundai said that there was no way that Capitol would sell us the car at that price and that it was just to get us to go there.  

Well we went, and we got a great deal even better than in June.  They also stuck to the amount for our trade-in (4 months later) and the whole experience was completely painless.  I know, shocking!

So thanks to Khaled, Vern, Huck and Maria (who needs a bigger computer monitor, Dennis!) for a pleasant buying experience.  No pressure, no sales tactics, and no exaggerations.  Just a solid car and a good price.  In and out with a new car in about 2 hours, can't beat that!

Julian A. | 2010-10-24

My new favorite car dealership. Well, my only car dealership.  After having sold off my Tacoma within an hour of Craigslisting it, I realized I needed a new car.   Thats when Capital Hyundai came to the rescue. They had exactly the car I wanted.

Let me get right to the point, then you can read the details:
1) Time: awesome
2) Honesty: awesome
3) Informative: awesome
4) Service: awesome
5) Recommend: YES!

When we pulled up to the door, Jack greeted us right away, but not in a way like he was ready to rip us off, more like in a welcome to our home way.  We told him we wanted to test drive a specific car we saw online and he took us directly to it; no questions, ands ifs or buts about it. While we walked to the car he asked a few questions to identify our needs and wants in a car and also explained all about the car we were about to look at.  While driving he was really informative.  Considering how many different models they sell it was amazing how much detail he new.  When we told him we were serious about driving away with it that day he went to work for us. He made sure we had all of the information about the car to make the right decisions.  He patiently walked us through the loan application and all of the paperwork before we went into "financing" with Jason, which sounded like thats where the serious "buying" business happens.  Before going into financing he even gave us the keys and said congratulations, which was kinda fun.

Jason, from financing, was equally amazing. He was really informative and helpful. At no point did we ever feel like anything was not being disclosed. We paid a fair price, got a fair deal, and drove away with a great car. It was a completely transparent transaction.  

We are now proud owners of the 2010 Hyundai Elantra Touring

Derek A. | 2010-09-16

I recently helped my friend pick out a 2011 Hyundai Sonata. Jason Marcucci was great. He clearly explained all the necessary paperwork she needed to sign, was extremely engaged during the whole process, & recommended some great sushi spots in the area (not telling; got to ask Jason). Thanks again!

Andrew W. | 2010-08-22

As far as I can tell, one of the best car experiences I've had.

I asked for a quote online, and got an email. After a few back and forth on options, I went in for a test drive. Steven was courteous and helpful and not pushy... he just pointed out the route and let me feel out the car.

A week later, my girlfriend flew out to visit me, and I asked Steven if I could test drive it with her. To my surprise, not only did he let me do that, when I got there, he just pulled it out of the parking spot, handed us the keys, and told us to take it for a spin while he went back inside.

Perhaps its the New Yorker in me that just relishes the idea of a test drive, but for them to just hand you the keys, I'm a fan. That said, the car wasn't for me so I don't know how the purchasing part goes but I wouldn't be surprised by anything but the best.

Shauna S. | 2010-08-21

Great experience here! Khaled, Casey, and Rachel were amazing! Casey took so much of his time with me, explained in detail ALL features of every car I looked at, was very patient and super nice. This is the place to go if you want a positive buying experience. They made things happen for me that no other dealership could have possibly done.

D B. | 2010-08-10

We did not end up buying a car from Capitol Hyundai, but it was only because our car choice was so specific that they did not have the inventory - not their fault at all.

The reason we felt so compelled to write this review is because, of all of the Hyundai dealerships we worked with to find our car (and there were many across California), the two people we worked with at Capitol Hyundai - Vern and Tyler - were standouts among them all.

From the moment we met them, through to the end of our purchase (from another dealer, mind you), Vern and Tyler were helpful, honest, transparent with pricing, responsive, and easy to talk with. They didn't even make a deal with us, but they advised us on our deal when another dealership ended up having our car.

They didn't have to do this, but they did.
They didn't have to take our calls, but they did.
And they didn't have to be gracious even after they knew they weren't getting our business.

But they were.

One note on price:

The prices we were quoted at Capitol Hyundai were not just fair, based on every bit of internet research we did for weeks, but they were unequivocally lower than the other two dealers in the Bay Area, and came without the cheesy salesman smarm and BS that is rampant at the other two dealerships.

Thank you, Capitol Hyundai, for being real and fair and kind.

When we buy a second Hyundai, you will be the first and only call we will make.

Brian T. | 2010-08-03

This is a mod friendly dealer for all you people who are looking to get a Genesis Coupe. I got mine around the end of May and they've shown a lot of help and comfort when it comes down to customer service. When I bought my Genesis Coupe R Spec, I didn't full inspect everything and left with a good deal with Vern and the general sales manager (sorry I forgot your name) because of the Memorial Day Sale.

Long story short, I found a bumper crack on my splash guard a month later after I fully washed and detailed the car. So noticing there was no scratches, no scrapes and no impact damage I went to see the service department and (I forgot the guy's name I think it was Alan) after about 5 minutes of waiting he came and inspected my car and noticed the crack. He was really open that this could've been a manufacture problem and didn't doubt us one bit. He talked to us like we are fully trustworthy even though we just met. So I come back to pick it up 4 days later and my "Jen" coupe has a brand spankin' new bumper. The only thing I did NOT like was that the license plate was drilled in still.

Anyway so another experience I had with them was about 3 days ago to buy floor mats and a cargo net. When I arrived with my different looking Jen, a few sales people came out and started asking on what I did with her so I answered a few questions before going to get my floor mats. I come back and saw that the few sales people came in with a few more sales people to ask around. So I answered their questions and began to leave to see Vern coming out to greet me. I couldn't talk much since I was just backing out so we talked a little before I went zooming off. So when it comes to mod friendly and friendly customer service, this is the place to go since they make you feel like you're at home.

Stanislav M. | 2010-07-17

I was in the market for Hyundai Sonata 2011. I visited Hyundai dealership @Stevens Creek, and while the guy showing me the car was nice, the one that he called to "talk numbers" was a typical "sleazy car salesman", like in some bad movie. I didn't like it a bit. But enough about the bad stuff.
Captiol Hyundai experience was different. They agreed on the price by email, didn't do that "come here and we'll make you a deal" routine that I hate so much, and the whole process was easy, efficient and didn't waste my time. The salesman I worked with was very nice and helpful. He answered my questions, explained the deal and gave us a small tour of the vehicle, explaining all the small things that can be frustrating in a new car (how you do that? how you open this? etc.)
I generally don't enjoy shopping too much but the experience with Capitol Hyundai was easier and more pleasant than I expected. And I like my new Hyundai Sonata :)

Andrea S. | 2010-07-15

We came to the lot looking for a used car in our budget.  we told the sales person our maximum was $10,000. cash.We were browsing at a used Mazda while we told him this and I asked how much the Mazda was being sold for (there was no price on it), and he said he could work out a deal to sell us the Mazda for $10,000.
 Of course that was just a ploy to weasel us inside, where he proceeded to pretend to go to his manager to plead our case to sell us the car for the price we could afford.

After wasting 20 minutes of our time telling us the car goes for $15,000 and they cant let it go for less than $14,000,also tried to get us to finance the car after we told him we were only interested in paying cash. He just couldnt accept the fact that we didnt want to make any sort of payments. After continuously telling him no to the financing,  we got fed up and started to leave.

Salesman then went into "panic mode" and begged us to stay there while he talked to his manager again. His manager comes out and starts this fast talking regime telling me how I wont ever be able to find a car in the price range we are looking for and that they have the absolute best prices in town. He proceeded to ramble on and on without giving us a chance to say no to anything.  I finally had to cut him off and tell him we were leaving.

He had the nerve to follow us out the door and to my car where he continued to ramble his high pressure sales pitch and tried showing me a pathetic used Kia which he said he would sell us for $10,000.

We ended up having to just get in my car and lock the door and drive away without a word (not that we had a chance to get a word in edgewise)

Unfortunately, they had kept our phone number and actually called us the next day and left a creepy message asking if we found a car yet, and if we call back, the manager would like to talk to us some more.

If you are looking for a car, new or used, steer clear of the hyundai dealership unless you like the high pressure and bait and switch tactic's.

Cynthia M. | 2010-06-06

Casey Wilson is the best. He was friendly, informative, not pushy, answered every question we had plus anticipating things we would want. Every request was a yes, and he really worked to earn our business. We would recommend this deaslership but especially Casey. Ask for him and you'll have a great experience.

Tomas J. | 2010-05-03

My wife and I test drove the 2011 and 2010 Sonata at Stevens Creek Hyundai, and had the prototypical car buying experience: the salesman was, well, a salesmen; he promised a price only to have his manager reject it , and tell us to give him a "reasonable" price.  After a frustrating hour of negotiation, we decided to call Capital Hyundai.  What a difference!  I spoke with Casey, told him what we wanted to pay, and he agreed to our price over the phone.  When we arrived, he had the car ready for us. We were prepared to buy without test driving it, but Casey said, "You should never make this significant of a purchase without trying it first." We knew at that point that we were dealing with a different kind of car salesman; one who is honest, patient, and courteous.  Casey was all of that and more.  We purchased the Sonata (2010) from him at the price we wanted, the transaction was smooth, and we couldn't feel better about our purchase.  Khaled Al-Dada, the sales manager, was also wonderful.  He was completely transparent in our dealings with him.  This is the first car that I've purchased, but I've watched my father purchase several cars.  I have never seen a car purchase go more pleasantly.  I would recommend that any interested in buying a Hyundai go to Capital. They were great.

By the way, we LOVE our Sonata.  It's not sexy, but it's packed with features and drives like a dream.

A T. | 2010-04-02

Overall it was a surprisingly pleasant experience dealing with the folks at Capital Hyundai. Anyway, up to this point I always avoided buying a new car because I do not like to deal with any of the car salesmen in the dealership (I had really awful experience in the past at couple of the Toyota and Honda dealerships). Anyway, I was in the market of buying a cross over SUV and I really liked the Santa Fe.  Being a frugal shopper (well... I guess cheap is really the better word) I wanted the best-bang-for-the-buck so I went through the routine of getting multiple quotes online from multiple dealers.  

I was very specific in my request (specified the trim level, accessory, etc) but only Capital Hyundai (my contact person was Huck by the way) gave me a direct quote for the car I was looking for. I receive about half a dozen quotes from other dealership that basically tried to pull the good-old car salesman trick with me such as 1) tried to sell me something else  2) refused to give me a direct quote (the " come in and we will make a deal" routine)  3) dead firm about their quotes even though it was downright inflated.

Huck from Capital Hyundai was very reasonable and upfront with me, we worked out a deal via email and I was able to get the vehicle I wanted for a price that was more than reasonable. The entire transaction process was fairly fast and straight forward; no hidden charges were thrown at me and nobody tried to force me to buy the unnecessary extended warranty.  

I would have give this a five star except the floor mat for the car was missing (well at least they did not try to give me a replacement mat from other cars). This was pointed out by the salesman right before I depart with my new vehicle. No biggie I guess since I will be notified when the mat becomes available.

If you are in the market for a Hyundai you should definitely swing by this place.

irene y. | 2010-03-04

All right, this was my 6th time buying a new car over the years and the MOST PLEASANT one!  What a difference -- polite, respectful people, very straight-forward and up-front.  Sure, they want to sell you a car and will negotiate with you to death, but no games, no lies!  In the past, how many times I had to go through the statements and ask about every charge that wasnt mentioned to me before -- not this time.  Paperwork was completely clean!  Oh, and did I mention, I got an increadible deal on the price!  Just ask for Lloyd or Gus and ENJOY buying your new car!

Danielle S. | 2010-02-26

So I am a totally unsastisfied customer with my Huyndai Tucson and unfortunately have been since a day after I walked off the lot.  I have owned my Tucson for a little over 3 years.  I bought it brand new off the show room floor, that was my first mistake.  Second mistake, was being a single white female w/ no back bone to say NO!  So next thing you know I am signing papers and being handed keys to my new car.

So here I am 3 years later, back in my home town of SJ and all of a sudden my car wont start.  Not fun to say the least when I have an hour commute to SF everyday.  Well let's make a long story short!

I had recently replaced the car battery and it seemed to be working fine for a few months.  All of a sudden my car wouldnt turn over. The first time it happened, i jumped my car and drove it down to the late night drop off.  Well of course by me jumping the car it recharged itself and the dealership couldnt find anything wrong.  Well 2 days later, it happened again.  This time I was furious and called a tow truck and had my car towed to the dealership.  Of course, they couldnt find anything wrong w/ the battery or my car and had my come pick it up.  Well again, it happened within a week later, and yet again I had it towed to the dealership.  This time, beyond furious and having done my research I demanded to speak to the Supervisor there.   I explain to him what i think is going on, and suprised by his knoweledge of the problem couldnt believe that it had taken me 3 times to get some sort of answer out of the dealership.

So what was going on?  Apparently my Radio was staying on even after the car was turned off and it was draining my brand new battery.  This is really where the story gets good.  So the supervisor tells me that they will be taking the radio out and sending it in to get repaired.  What happened next was unheard off!    About a week or two had gone by and I hadnt heard anything so I call down to the dealership and speak to a technician.  Well according to the technician the radio had just been sent in and it could take another week or two for it to come back.  It was now approaching the Holiday season and I knew it was going to take forever.   Well another week or so had past and still no word.  So AGAIN i call down to the dealership and speak to yet another technician.  This techinican puts me on hold and gets the supervisor on the phone.  What he told me next about sent me over the top!   Apparently, the radio HAD NEVER been sent in and it was sitting on the floor shop the whole time!    So here I am 2 MONTHS w/o a radio which should have maybe taken 2 weeks!  

THIS WAS THE WORST SERVICE I HAVE EVER RECIEVED.  I was furious and threatend to right the Hyundai Headquarters and also try and claim a LEMON LAW as I now have documenation as to how many times my car had to be taken in for the same problem.  Of course this got them very concerned.  When I asked if there was some way I could be compensated, with a tune-up or free service the supervisor basically said it was out of his hands.  WTF!  


kim m. | 2010-01-13

Customer service at it's best!!!  We searched practically every dealership from Gilroy to Sunnyvale -  that's a lot of test driving!  Long story short, we ended up at the Hyundai dealership!  Everyone there is so pleasant, especially our salesman, Casey.  He never tried to steer us in to something we didn't want (unlike the other dealerships we encountered).  So a big THANK YOU to all the people at Capital Hyundai for a wonderful car buying experience.  I absolutely L-O-V-E my new Hyundai Genisis!!!

Jennifer T. | 2009-11-19

I had a major car problem that required me to get details for a new car ASAP. I went to the Stevens Creek location and had to fight the Mgr to give me a print out. Couldn't get more than one with different numbers. Useless for me to compare at home on my time.

Decided to check out Capitol Hyundai and had an amazing experience. Was helped out by MIKE KIM who not only won me over but my father...who was on the phone. Note: he isn't easy to please and asks tons of questions! Mike printed me out a number of quotes so I could compare and then reviewed details over the phone a number of times with my father. Didn't pressure and even was nice enough to stop me from running my credit unless I was sure to buy throug I wouldn't ding my credit....who does that?!

I wasn't planning on buying the car, but the he provided me with so much great assistance, information that I was able to make that decision on the spot. Note: I am 25 and am not a millionare so getting a price and not just buying is something I had to do.

Thanks to Mike Kim who made buying a car smooth as the ride I went home with. PS. Their warrenty is amazing!

Lisa S. | 2009-07-20

I'll try to keep my commentary to a minimum and just leave the facts in my review.

My fiance and I came to Capitol Hyundai to see the fleet manager, Jack, knowing exactly what I wanted (Hyundai Accent SE with auto transmission), how much I was willing to spend ($12,000), and ready to pay cash in full for a quick, hassle-free transaction.

Jack had a pleasant demeanor, and we had arranged to meet him at 9 am but we were about 30 min late to see him. He was gracious and didn't complain.  We chose to go to Capitol because it had a 100% customer satisfaction slogan.

I had also looked into other places, including using the Costco auto buying program at Cammisa (do this), but I had already been to Capitol Hyundai once and hadn't been immediately offended, so I went back.  We also went on the second to last day of the month, as commonly advised because the salesmen are interested in meeting their quota.

We talked with Jack briefly and I just wanted to know which car he could sell me for the lowest possible price.  He was forthcoming with invoice prices, but he didn't have an inventory stock list (so they say, even though the stock list is fully available online, prices included) and made us walk around the lot looking at cars which I didn't care to do.  All cars are pretty much the same to me, as long as they run.  I wanted the cheapest car possible, which was why I knew I had to stick with a Hyundai.  I told Jack up front my goals: a quick transaction, no walking around trying to get me to fall in love with my car, $12000 max, and no lies.

But he walked us around anyway.  I settled on two options and wanted them to give me the cheapest one.  They would not give me two quotes, or tell me which one would come out cheaper.  They made me pick and haggled me one car at a time.  By this time, we had been walking around for an hour, even though I had picked the two cars out within minutes of seeing them (it took that long to walk around and point out the Accents as distinguished from the other models).

Then we went into the pricing.  Hyundai had a national rebate of $1500  for the 2009 Accent and $400 for recent college grads (which my fiance was).  When they put the numbers on that stupid four block sheet, writing the numbers big like a kindergartener (I'm sorry, I know I promised less commentary and more facts), my fiance noticed that Khalid (the sales manager) had failed to subtract properly.  Khalid, however, pointed at his false number and said to us, I have been in this business for years and years and this is the absolute lowest price you will ever see.  That's when my fiance pointed out the subtraction "error."   Khalid was unabashed and unphased.  He fixed it (a $1000 "mistake") and we moved on to his next thieving trick.

Next, we looked at the number, it was $13,800.  ($14,800 if my fiance hadn't bothered to check the math, that should be illegal, by the way.)  We said no.  We had made it very clear $12,000 was my limit.  Why did they even waste our time?  Khalid said that he was already losing $1500 on the deal.  I blinked and said "no, you're not."  He said "yes, the rebate is $1500, I'm already losing that much."  I said, "doesn't Hyundai pay you back the rebate?"  He said something that tried to sound like a no.  I asked again.  Finally, he said "yes, sure they do."  

Ok, so maybe it's semantics.  Khalid thinks he was actually "losing" his cash windfall from me.  I think that doesn't really qualify as a "loss" per se.

Throughout the whole pricing process, Khalid and Jack kept telling me how low my monthly payments were going to be.  I kept telling them I was paying cash and monthly payment meant nothing.  But they didn't care.

3 hours and one price quote later (which took 30 minutes to get. seriously, 30 minutes of waiting and of following Khalid and Jack around like pestering children asking them to give us a written quote) we had to leave to meet friends for lunch.

As we walked out, with the "absolute lowest price you'll ever get" on a Hyundai Accent with auto transmission, Khalid said "Now, if you go to another dealer and he tries to beat it, come to us, we won't be undersold."

Then we came back.  We didn't shop around, we were so frustrated with the whole situation, we just wanted it to be over.  But they had said it would take at least another hour to get us out the door on the car at the price we agreed because they had to prep the car (clean it) and have me sign the papers.  Jack promised to get the car and papers ready while we were gone so that all we'd have to do was sign the papers and we could go, no need to wait on the car.  We said we'd be back at 5 pm.

When we came back precisely at 5 pm, the papers weren't ready to sign, as they had promised.  Nor was the car cleaned.  

They apparently didn't think we would come back, and didn't feel like it would be worth it to keep their word to a customer.  Their prerogative, I guess.

Word limit - TBC under my fiance's login.

Sharon S. | 2008-10-24

I walked into several car dealerships last month. It was my first time ever to consider buying something other than a Honda. I liked the cars I tested at both Honda and Toyota just as much as I liked the Hyundai I ended up buying. However, when it came to customer service and pricing, Capitol Hyundai got my business hands-down. The salesman, Casey, was the antithesis of the old "car salesman" image. He listened to what I wanted and what I needed; he didn't push me to make a decision before I was ready. He gave me the information I asked for, and when I asked about something with which he was unfamiliar, he found an answer for me.  The floor manager, Khaled, was no more aggressive; he appeared genuinely interested in my getting the right car, at the right time for me. Neither Casey nor Khaled tried to get me to spend a little more than I wanted, although they did explain the features of one class over another to help me make my decision.
Even my experience with the finance department was pleasant. I had some unusual financing details, but nobody flinched an eye. They said, "we'll figure this out," and they did, without sneaking in extra fees. Nada, the finance officer, was personable and knowledgeable; when she discovered that another financing company had offered me a lower rate (I wasn't even aware of that information at that time), she found a way to provide me with an even lower rate.
I recommend Capitol Hyundai not just because Hyundai cars are making a splash in terms of safety, features, and price, but also because my experience with everyone involved there made me wish I could afford to buy ANOTHER car. When I do need another car, though, that's where I'll be returning. If you go, ask for Casey.

Jaime L. | 2008-08-04

I was recently looking for a new Hyundai and was in several local dealerships.  Although all seemed helpful.  I received superior top notch customer service at Capitol.  The sales guy,Casey Wilson was very personable and not pushy at all.  The Management was excellent, Khalid Aldada.  I would feel comfortable recommeding my family to go to Capitol for a new Hyundai.

Michelle A. | 2008-07-10

I've brought my car in 2 times to fix my clutch & air bag sensor.  The customer service is nice but thankfully my car is still under warranty. If it wasn't, i don't think i would bring it here since it's much more expensive than a regular mechanic.  Anyways, make sure you opt out of any following up calls! I've gotten 4 follow up calls (within 2 weeks) from "Unknown" callers asking your opinion of your service. I've even answered one survey but they seems to always call. I'm already on the "Do Not Call" list and had to directly call customer service to take my # off the list. The lady even told me they give your phone number to 2 difference survey companies.  BEWARE!!!!!