Capitol Honda in San Jose, CA

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Capitol Honda isn't just the top Honda dealer in San Jose, California. We're the largest volume Honda dealer in Northern California! Why do we sell more Honda's than anyone else in the San Francisco Bay Area? It's because of our huge inventory, our competitive pricing, and top - rated customer service. Your satisfaction is our goal!

Capitol Honda

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(408) 445-4400
Address:745 W Capitol Expressway Auto Mall, San Jose, CA, 95136
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: 10:00 am - 9:00 pm

Reviews on Capitol Honda

Ghost 4. | 2015-04-24

Today I went to go look for a new car and when I was walking up to the door the salesmen asked if I've been helped I told him no and that I just wanted to look around first and the salesman said when I was ready to ask for him and the salesmen name was Ross !! and he told me not to go to another salesmen because they did not know shit his words not mine after I was done looking around I did not look for Ross because he was really rude and does not know how to talk to customers I don't know how companies keep bad salesmen like him around .

Nancy S. | 2015-04-18

Today I ventured into Capital Honda looking to buy another great car. Lucky for me a salesman named Hibez Silva was there to help me. Hibez was very knowledgable and very easy to work with. He had an answer for every question I had , this guy really knows his stuff! I test drove a few cars and really took my time going over all the pros and cons of each model and Hibez was really patient and understanding with me. As soon as my credit union approves my loan you better believe I will be buying from Hibez Silva @ Capital Honda. If your in the market for a Honda go see Hibez Silva you will be glad you did.

Brian A. | 2015-04-17

Johnny from Capitol Honda offers the best customer service I've ever received here. He calmly took my questions and answered them very politely unlike another associate  who helped me in my previous visits. I'm definitely always going to have my car serviced to Johnny because of his honesty and excellent customer service.

Narendra S. | 2015-04-13

Just bought my CRV from this place through Mr. Tommy Carter. I had really good experience with this place and would recommend it to others.

Genuine people with no fake promises like "you get quote we will match it" :)

Ramesh S. | 2015-04-10

Purchased a new car from Gennyvie Montiel at Capitol Honda recently. It was an exceptionally smooth and painless process. When we wanted time to think about it, they backed off and let us have our time. The next day, we came in, traded our car and walked out (after some lengthy paperwork) with a new car. Gennyvie took us through the whole process in a professional and pleasant manner.

Honor S. | 2015-04-08

...well, OK, how can I out do myself on the glowing review I wrote last summer?  I can't really; I suppose you can read it and multiply by 10 !!  Seriously.  I took my 2003 Honda Element in for a long over-due maintenance and then some, and I came away with that and much, much more.  They even gave the car a wash and detail job.  I think that I'll have this beauty for another twelve years, at least.   The folks at Capitol Honda have their stuff together.  Angelo Pillinos, the assistant service manager,  treated me as though I was his one and only (and favorite ) customer.  I'm sure I was. He touched base with me a few times to keep me posted on the work and the ETA. Their courtesy pick up van service is very efficient as well.  Oh yea, and did I mention that they have a new and improved coffee station?  Why would I consider going anywhere else?

Xuan C. | 2015-04-06

Johnny doesn't take customers anymore! :(  I'm sad! But Rene Flores has taken really good care of me since! So, thank you Rene! Every please ask for Rene!

I also am in the market for a new car which I will be purchasing in the next 12 months, I've inquired with Hibez Silva. There is something extremely calming about Hibez, very easy going and not pushy. I'd would honestly buy my next car with that guy. I hate how most salesmen are SO pushy, and they don't care about your comfort level.
The only thing that irked me is, the sales boss in the little sales pit area, tried to throw their service guys under the bus. Major fail, pit boss/sales boss guy! He was trying to say my civic wasn't "safe" to drive. When I asked Rene about it, he said it wasn't true. If it wasn't safe Rene would of told me, and I would trust Johnny, and Rene's word over your word!
Here is a tip pit boss/sales boss guy: one of the worst thing you can do is lie, and be pushy with me. It WILL make me run the other way, and I can sense that from a mile a way.

His actions doesn't reflect badly on great people like Rene, Johnny, and Hibez however!
In a market for a new car? See Hibez Silva!
Need a repair? See Rene Flores!

Robert S. | 2015-04-06

I came here with my nephew to check out some Civics. After speaking to a middle-aged Asian lady, she asks us to come into the showroom and have a seat. She returns with paperwork and tells me to write my best offer on the sheet of paper. I ask her if she is a moron because number one, we didn't even specify a car that we were interested in and secondly, we didn't get a chance to test drive a vehicle. She tells me that everyone knows that Civics are great cars. Maybe they are, I told her, but your salesmanship is totally lacking. I was so irate that I had to walk away with my nephew before I said anything unsavory.

lucy l. | 2015-04-05

Good service, love the free car wash with oil change ! Cool that they have weekend hours too.

Glenn S. | 2015-03-30

Let me preface this review by saying I have always had good service at Capitol Honda, but today went far beyond. I booked an appointment with the service department because my right front headlight went out on my CRV. I was expecting at the very least A few hours wait to have the repair done. I pulled up to the service dock this morning and was greeted by Alex Campos Gottfried, an assistant service manager. He asked what I was there for and I told him that my headlight was out. He asked that I pull out of the que and park the car near the parts dept. Alex proceeded to replace my bulb himself... right then and there.
  I can not begin to tell you just how impressed I was by this act of..... well.... customer SERVICE! Capitol Honda, you have a customer for life because of Alex...

Maleny H. | 2015-03-30

This place is worst when the wait to check the vehicle in is too long. Should not come here in the first place

Sean C. | 2015-03-28

I went to honda twice last week and realized odometer was wrong on windshield label. No big deal I go back 5 days later despite me telling them to change it they still haven't changed it. On the second trip I noticed the hood of the car was misaligned despite the clean car fax. The sales person was shady and totally ignored what I could afford. I don't have a good feeling about this dealership.

Vu V. | 2015-03-06

This review is for the service department:

I had a weird judder on the civic hybrid between 1500 - 2500 rpm.  I had a mechanic friend plug it into his snap on scan tool and put it on the lift.  We had like 10 chassis codes and were unable to locate the issue (granted we only poked around for 15 minutes).  

We couldn't tell if issue was engine, transmission, or hybrid drive.  Rather than waste any more of my time I took it to the Capitol Honda.  Their initial diagnosis resulted in the same WTF.  They called up hertz to pick me up and I left it overnight.  The next morning they called me back and said issue was two ignition coils that disintegrated over time.  They recommended replacing those two and the 8 (yes 8!) plugs in civic hybrid.  I got the car back in afternoon and everything is works good.

So if your having a weird one of kind issue on your Honda take it to these guys.  Their tech spent over 2 hours to locate the bad ignition coils.  I would have never guess this since it only happened when car was in gear.  

Also the service manager Sean M., who helped me this time and a previous time is a rock star.  My previous experience there resulted to me escalating to him, for which he handled brilliantly.  Luckily I got him again when I went in this time, he remembered me as that irate customer but was still a pleasure to deal with.  

I seldom post on yelp but when someone goes above and beyond they deserve a Kudos and a BONUS - (Message to Capitol Honda Management)

Regina A. | 2015-03-04

I've been going to Honda capitol for the past 3 years for my Honda civic maintenance. So far It has been good until this morning.

I was coming to B13 services. In addition, my hand break button was stuck so the hand break does not work. I asked the service adviser (Tony) to check what happen with it. He called me and told me that I have to change the whole hand break handle and it's going to cost me $580 ($299 for parts and the rest for labor). I was surprised that It's going to cost that much. I asked him if he can try to open the handle and see  what is the problem and he told me that It can not be opened. The only way to fixed it is by replacing everything. I decided to hold off on repairing my hand break.  

Fortunately, I am working for a car manufacturer company and Later that day, I asked one of my coworker to take a look at my hand break. He was able to open the hand break handle and fixed the problem in less than 30 minutes without even replacing any parts.

I feel like the adviser does not have my best interest in terms of fixing my problem. I will think twice before doing any major service with Honda Capitol in the future.

Ron R. | 2015-03-02

Attention CORPORATE: This place needs to find better Sales Consultant; one in particular, MAZEN. He is rudest salesman I ever met. After not wanting to move forward with signing the contract; he switched from being nice to rude claiming "I wasted his time".  I will never buy a Honda from Capitol Honda, and will tell everyone I know about this situation. *Note* I am a SALES MANGER and would fire him.

Mr. C. | 2015-02-28

I've had to spend the last 4 of 5 Saturday's here because there is always something they " didn't catch". First time was for a flat. I asked them then to check the other tires just in case. They didn't. Not part of the original request. Wait time 3 hours. Next time was for an oil change. Still I asked them to check tire pressure because my light was on, and one of the tires seemed low. They didn't. Not part of the original request. Next time was because I needed RainX & wiper blades. But my tire pressure was still low. Finally they check it. I watch them spray water on the tire, and spin it on the lift. They bring my car back and say they didn't see anything wrong with it. So they send me on my way. Wait time. 3 hours. A pattern? This last time, I'm here because I insist they check the tire. Now I'm told "it's a nail". " Why wasn't it found the last 2 times I was here and asked?" I ask. "I don't know what they did or didn't do." I'm told. "Well can I get a break on the price since they never found it before, even though I asked many times?" I ask. "No." I'm told. Now I need a new tire, and that's okay. But what I don't need is the time wasted in here because they keep missing stuff on my 2013 car, and the lack of customer care. Oh by the way wait time today 2 hours. I guess there isn't a pattern.

Hariprasad S. | 2015-02-21

This was my first visit as I had received a coupon for an oil change. They made me wait for two hours and tried to upsell me by saying that the oil pan drain plug is stripped and hence will need drain pan to be replaced. It was fine before I went there. I asked them to stop working on it and took it to Cartex and was able to get the oil changed, without any issues.

Very shady place, not folks to do business with.

Phino C. | 2015-02-19

There was a recall on my honda, made appointment yesterday  took car in this morning@7:30 and was out by 9;00. Great service, staff was friendly and waiting area clean. I will bring my Honda here anytime. Thanks Capitol HONDA.

jess n. | 2015-02-18

This is a review for the Service Center for Capitol Honda.

I called in last week to get my recalled passenger airbag replaced only to find out the driver's airbag was also recalled. They don't have passenger side airbag because it's back ordered so will have to come 60 days later. one will ride in the front seat. So dangerous Honda!!!! Someone managing supply chain needs to get working more efficiently.

Fast forward to today, it was supposed to take about 2 hours...only to find out one of their technicians cracked my front windshield. How?!? (I understand how it could happen; I took physics class in college.) This is my first time at the dealer and I have to come back to again in the near future. This experience is not incentivizing me to come back. So inconvenient, not instilling very much confidence and this is definitely affecting my brand loyalty after being a Honda owner for so long. Gave you my car and entrusted it in your care. You had an "accident" but how you are handling it is not making me like you.

Kevin T. | 2015-02-18

I was looking for a proprietary part for my 2004 Honda Accord - of course you had to buy directly from the dealership. Phone call was always busy. Tried several times. Tried email as well. Got an email back stating someone will contact me. 48 hrs still no call nor followup email. Found part online. Will never deal with Capitol Honda parts ever again.

Garry S. | 2015-02-17

he service here was incredible. As a first time buyer and through the weeks spent shopping we decided to stop by honda today and with their amazing lease program especially with the help of Sam Reihaneh, I happily left with a brand new honda civic and a very reasonable brand and no headache in the end... just smiles

shannon c. | 2015-02-10

Absolutely horrible service! Hassan was our salesperson, will never return to this dealership. We told them up front how much we had to spend on our cars (yes, we were looking for 2 cars), we said this is it, we cannot spend any more than this. We do not want to test drive anything that we can't get within our budget, we were very specific. We did end up getting the car we wanted for the price we wanted, but only after threats from Hassan and the manager that someone else was there to buy the same car. We told them that's fine, sell it to the other guy, this is all we can afford. They proceeded to try every hard sales tactic in the book and added another 30-45 minutes to our transaction. Then, we had to wait an hour for the finance guy. Meanwhile, Hassan is trying to sell us another car and pulling the same hard sales tactics! Seriously???!!!! The cherry on top? They delivered the car on E, yes, you heard right-NO GAS! They couldn't even take the car to the gas station that is on the same property and put some gas in it! We just spent $15,000 and you can't even gas up the damn car! Terrible, exhausting experience!

M. A. B. | 2015-02-06

I bought my 2002 Honda Odyssey from Capital Honda and have had all my service work done there. I really like working with them--good work, Shuttle service is wonderful, waiting area nice.

Best of all is Alex. He's great both professionally and personally. A few years back my transmission died on me when I was on 101 south of Gilroy. I had always thought that the dealership was more expensive for repairs. Since this was a major one, I did some shopping around. It turned out the pricing was competitive. Alex made sure I had a car to use, kept me up to date on what was happening--I felt I was well taken care of. I can't recommend him enough!

S G. | 2015-02-06

Horrible service. Please note that this is for service dept. only. Didn't wash my car like all the other car dealers. Waited 20 minutes before anyone even approached me. Not enough service people especially for a Friday. I think they had 2 service guys. It's bad enough that they charge you enough and then to wait this long. This is Honda not Kia. Suppose to be great.

Vincent B. | 2015-02-03

Service department was quick, professional, and honest. Excellent customer service and awesome waiting lobby with a fancy coffee machine. Will be taking my car here for any and all of my car's needs.

Alaa O. | 2015-01-31

Apparently this dealer is not using the oil recommended by honda.
I do my honda CRv 2012 oil change every 7500 miles and usually last more based on the oil life indicator.

The recommend to change oil after 4000 miles .... They use regular oil while they charge for synthetic,

Stay away

Stacey B. | 2015-01-29

I've owned my honda for almost ten years. I was having problems and I called service. Spoke to Jillian. She was very professional, helpful and nice.  She patched me into her service guy Shawn. Very professional and knowledgeable. This guy knows his stuff when it comes to Honda's.
They had their driver drop me off at home and pick me up when my car was ready.  Very convenient.
Wish I could remember the guy that drove me. . he was a Caucasian man probably in his late fifties early sixties maybe.  Soft spoken nice guy.
I'm very happy because Honda was able to solve my car problem, which I had two other shops attempt to diagnose with no luck, basically the runaround.

I will be back. Thank you Honda!

Jiang M. | 2015-01-28

This is a right place to get a car! One of the sales Hassan is very nice , enthusiastic. Took me to bank even today is his day off.

Dawn C. | 2015-01-24

Great experience here! The sales people that helped me, Joel Rojas & Gennyvie Montiel, were so patient as I checked out all the detail of the car I wanted over the course of a few weeks. I never felt pressured to make a decision before I was completely ready. Joel, especially, made sure I was making informed decisions based on my wants & needs. I've already recommended Joel & Gennyvie to a friend who may in the market for a new vehicle soon.

Laura C. | 2015-01-16

This review is for purchasing a vehicle.

I want to say that Santos from Capitol Honda is the nicest, down to earth guy. Probably the NICEST sales person I met throughout my car buying journey (and I went to a lot of car dealerships).  He is honest and works really hard. He was very patient with me and answered my millions of questions. I drove a couple of Hondas. I looked at the Honda Fit and the Honda Civic LX, then test drove the Honda Civic EX and the Honda Civic EX-L.

I decided that the Honda Civic EX 2015 was right for me. Santos let me take my time test driving the vehicle. Buying a car is a very personal experience and it is definitely, a mile stone in anyone's life. Santos, made it as painless as possible for me. I did not feel rushed or hustled; and that was super important to me.

Other individuals at Capitol Honda: The finance guy was pretty friendly. Juan is also very friendly and helpful too; I went along a different time when my friend was interested in buying a car. Also, the service desk individuals are super chipper as well. Lastly, Honda has delicious coffee and hot chocolate :).

Barbie S. | 2015-01-15

I stopped here at 3:30 on Dec 30 for an oil change. I did have to wait for a service advisor about 15 minutes, but they were able to fit my car in. At the service desk the advisor said it might be 3 hours because they were very busy. Then he asked if I knew my car had 2 recall notices, which I did not. They were able to do my oil change, and the recall check in just 90 minutes.

Ed N. | 2015-01-12

Wow, sent in a quote request using Honda Web-site selecting Capital Honda and received multiple auto response emails. Figured they were Johnny on the spot and ready to work with new and existing customers. Joel responded with the following email that evening.

Good Evening Ed,

Thank you for your interest in the Honda Civic, a premier brand and vehicle known for its quality and performance.  I am happy to confirm that the 2015 Honda Civic you inquired about is available at Capitol Honda.

Capitol Honda is proud to offer one of the region's largest selections of new and pre-owned inventory as well as competitive financing and a generous trade-in allowance.
I would like to schedule an appointment for you to come in and take a closer look at the Honda Civic.  Do you have a preferred method of contact?
Thank you for choosing Capitol Honda.  I look forward to speaking with you soon.


Okay, so when I first started this adventure the intent was to communicate via email and work some details before coming in. Instead, he wanted me to schedule an appointment. Not happening. Sent him a target OTD price, monthly payment window and said if you can do it, we have a deal and I will come down and sign up. If not, what can you do? No response as I figured the price offered was too low.

So at 3:30pm I followed up using their amazing chat feature. Super cool and Joel was on the other end. It took him a couple of minutes to respond after I provided my name. I informed him we were still waiting on an answer of which he paused, and then said he is right in the middle of working out the figures. The chat feature started a time out session stating I have 2 minutes before they will end this chat. Then 1 minute and I sent him a quick message "Joel". No response for another 2 minutes. I then told him if I am taking up your time I can move on. No response again.

I ended up closing out the chat and decided to check out Yelp to see what treasures could be found there. To my no surprise, I found Joel getting butchered over the lack of basic 101 customer service. I really need to use YELP more often so I can avoid conflict or absent situations.

My experience with Joel was brief but I can say only once, did I feel like being a valued customer and that was from the auto response emails. It went into a flat spin quickly and before I hit the ground, I punched out moving on. I give this experience a 2 since because in retail, if you want business, you need to work for it and here, it was no where to be found.

Capital Honda Management, if you allow it, you own it.

UPDATE: After my yelp report, I received an email from the sales manager apologizing and would call me shortly. Never received a call.

Joel on the other hand reached out via email willing to meet my OTD request on 01/14/2015 to late to close the deal. I ended up at Dublin Honda who worked with me and made us feel important. They did this all by email and text, 1 phone call towards the end and we showed up, inspected, gave a down payment, signed and drove away it was that easy.

My P. | 2015-01-04

Joel is such a horrible salesman. I went with my sister and brother in law the other day to look for a car which I saw online in their inventory list. Not only is he rude and doesn't seem to want to help us, he doesn't know what he's talking about either. He doesn't know shit about the cars. And he showed us a different car model which I didn't ask for. But I did saw this car online also and he totally told us the wrong price (higher than advertised). He basically lacks knowledge of car features, tells us a false price, have horrible service, not friendly, and basically wants to drive customers away. Not sure why people hire him. He's not doing his job correctly. I have great credit and can pay off the car righr away. we were all very friendly to him but he was not treating us like he should. I've been helped by other salesman before and they are much better so I know it is not capitol honda, but it is HIS problem.

Dat P. | 2014-12-25

Beware! Chose your salesman wisely! Some guys are very rude and have horrible customer service. Joel Rojas is by far the worst! He was very rude and never once smile! I never got to drive test the car I wanted. He wouldn't reduce a penny for you either. And he basically lost a costumer that day. I came back later that day and Juan helped me. He was completely the opposite! He was young, friendly, and very easy to talk to! He got me to test drive my car right away and I bought the car that very day. Joel on the other hand needs a total attitude adjustment and needs to be fired because he's driving all the potential buyers away. I felt disrespected and very offended by his service.

andrea c. | 2014-12-23

LOVE CAPITOL HONDA!! best service & they get the job done!!

Tim Z. | 2014-12-23

Long wait to get checked in for an express oil change, then close to an hour and a half to get the work done.  An even longer wait to get the car checked in for a quick repair a couple days later, but Alex gave me a good price on this one so I didn't want to hassle with having someone else do the work.  Nice waiting room.  Went to look at some new vehicles and not one in the "showroom."  I guess they were getting ready for a party or something, but a showroom empty of cars is odd.  When I went back, not a single new Pilot was in the showroom or in the front lot, had to go to a back lot to see one.  I don't understand their method of operation.

Rick L. | 2014-12-09

I have not had many issues with this place until recently. I went in for an oil change in September. It took the usual 2 hours... (Shouldn't that be only 30 minutes?). I had them drive me home with the shuttle service and they mentioned that I could not be shuttled back after 4pm. That is not my issue, even though I had to force them to bring me home and back.

The oil change was fine, there were a few things that needed to be addressed that I will be taking care of later.

In early November, I was getting a smog check done before I went to the DMV to renew my registration. The smog check guy said he could not complete the check since the oil cap was missing.... REALLY? The last time anything was done to the engine was IN SEPTEMBER! So, I was driving around without an oil cap?

So that very day of the smog check, I went to a local parts store, bought a 'temporary cap' and drove to the Capitol Honda. I told them about this and they said that they would order the part and call me in 3 days. This never happened.

I went to Capital Honda today to see why my key fob was not working. They said that it was most likely the battery. I was fine with that. While I was in the service area, I mentioned that the oil cap that I was supposed to get, never happened. No call. Nothing. The lady told me to check with the parts department about that.

The parts department did not see any order on file for a replacement oil cap. REALLY?


I got my batteries changed, paid for them and went to the Service Department and asked for a manager.

They were very defensive that it was me that was wrong. NOPE! I told them the story that I was in last for an oil change, then I went to get my vehicle smog checked and they could not do it since the oil cap was missing. That day, in November, I came directly to the Service Department and had it ordered....... NO ORDER ON FILE, NO PART AVAILABLE AND NO APOLOGY.

I went over to the Manager's computer station and he looked up on my account for anything dealing with this.... NOTHING WAS THERE. Well, He called the parts area and they had it waiting, with my name on it, and no tracking on my account about this...... STUPID!!!


Linda T. | 2014-11-30

This is just for the service department only.

This is where I've been going for auto maintenance.  So far, they seem to do a good job in a timely manner.  

The reason I've been going here is that they have fantastic shuttle service.  You sign up on a clipboard by the cashier's counter after you've dropped off your car, then go wait in the lounge, which has a large screen TV (last time I was there, the World Cup was going on, so I got to watch a few minutes of the game while I waited).  I've never had to wait more than a few minutes before the driver comes over looking for me.  So, I get dropped off at home, so I can get stuff done, relax, whatever, until my car is ready.  So, when I get a call that my car is ready, I ask them to arrange for the shuttle to come take me back, & it's done in a timely manner.  I've chatted with a couple of the drivers, & it seems to be predominantly retired guys who want something to do.

Since they don't have car wash on the premises, you get a voucher for a free basic car wash at Classic Car Wash when you get work done on your car.  

Located on the north side of Capitol Expressway between 87 (west of 87) & Pearl Ave.

Heather L. | 2014-11-26

Barely greeted when I got there. Needed too much information when they did. An hour for you to check my tire pressure and put in more air? Dare I say, "Hell no!" No worries should have gone to Marin or San Francisco Honda to begin with. Y'all are tripping. Takes 5 minutes tops to complete. Get it together people.

Ms.Watts .. | 2014-11-24

I just bought a new Nissan and now I'm disappointed that I won't be coming back here for repairs.

I love this place. So. Much.

Everyone says that you pay more for getting work done at the dealerships, but this place has such good customer service that I don't even care I might be paying more.

The shuttle is so awesome - they drop me off AND pick me up.

They have delicious coffee while you wait.

They gave me a free rental car when they had to work on my car for a few days.

You get a coupon for a free car wash if you do any work on your car!

It's just amazing.

I recommend this place to everyone.

Mike P. | 2014-11-13

Horrible experience today.  Do yourselves a favor and never go here if you want to buy a Honda.

Jacque C. | 2014-11-11

Came here in search of a small, hybrid car after realizing the Prius wasn't for me. Since Honda is right across the street from Toyota, I thought it was convenient to pop over here and see what they had to offer.

What did they have to offer? Well, friends, I wished I knew the answer to that. But, unfortunately, I don't because...not a single salesperson even approached us. We went from car to car to compare their selections and even tried to look for a salesperson to help us...none were within sight in their lot of cars! It was like finding Waldo, but more difficult because at least Waldo had a bright red and white striped shirt to help you flag him down.

After about 15 minutes of this shenanigan, we decided to leave. If they're not willing to try and win your business over and you have to convince them you're worthy of their time, then something is clearly wrong. You'd think that with the winter event going on AND it's near their year-end bonus, they'd jump through hoops to win your business. Nope! Not the case at all.

Perhaps they were cold and were hibernating inside their office. Oh, what am I talking about?! We are in CALIFORNIA! It's sunny most of the time AND it doesn't even snow here. If it's freezing cold and you see snow falling, then I'd understand why there's no one out there helping you.

Kevin W. | 2014-11-02

I would never bring my car here or any honda dealerships for maintenance or repairs again. They quoted me almost $1100 for replacing only the front brake pads, a transmission flush, and replacing the timing belt. I just left after getting that quote and brought it to a local auto shop got everything done for like $550. stay away from dealerships with the repairs!!

Maxine B. | 2014-11-01


To fully appreciate the car shopping and buying experience at San Jose Capitol Honda, is to also recognize that the service staff stands behind every routine and/or repair service.  Our experience with Johnny Nguyen, the Auto Service Center Manager, and his team of service writers and qualified technicians servicing our
2006 Honda Civic LX exemplifies the highest degree of pride and professionalism,
as well as demonstrates the commitment to excellence towards customer satisfaction and loyalty.

We especially appreciate and commend Johnny Nguyen's determination and diligent efforts in working with us to reach an equitable agreement regarding the service of
our 2006 Honda Civic LX.  In our humble opinion, Johnny Nguyen is a vital asset to Capitol Honda's Auto Service Center organization and epitomizes the true essence
of outstanding customer service.

Thank you again for a job well done.

Albert and Maxine

angela r. | 2014-10-31

beyond happy with the service department! got a deal on groupon for an oil change and tire rotation so i brought it in to capital for the first time. the staff is really friendly and i never felt pressured to purchase the additional maintenance they suggested for my car. ryan wolfe is my dude , he helped me out when i had to bring my car back because of a noise i was noticing after i had taken it in. with no questions asked or any charge i droped it off and he had me in a rental within an hour. ive been back twice since then and will continue to come for any maintenance my car needs. highly suggest ryan in service if you have an questions or concerns.

Pratap M. | 2014-10-29

I tried odyssey service twice. First one was a simple oil change and second one was for around $200. I don't question any service or work they suggest. I sort of depend on them to tell me if car needs anything. So far it is ok.

Second time I got a free coupon for car wash. first time I didn't.

Look for discount coupons either on yelp or on their website before going there. You probably need a print out of it.

One thing I like about them is it is easy to get appointment or just walk-in. haven't tried for repairs.

Bryan W. | 2014-10-28

I had a wonderful experience leasing my Honda Civic about three years ago and recently went back in to test drive the new model as my current lease is coming to an end. On this visit I spoke with a salesman by the name of Ken Klamm and went for a test drive. I made it clear that I just wanted to see the new model and was not ready to start a new lease for another few months, so I gave him my contact info and left the dealership. Since then I have been constantly harassed by this salesman with phone calls and emails. He was even somehow able to get access to my mother's info and has been calling her as well. Ken has even left voicemails on my mother's phone telling her that I had set up an appointment with him to come in and move forward with a new lease when we never had set up such an appointment. I do not appreciate this harassment and the lies from this salesman. Sorry Capitol Honda you have lost my repeat business.

David L. | 2014-10-26

Nowadays, buying a car at a good price is easy.  Finding a good, friendly, and reliable service team is rather difficult.  In the past, I always took my CRV back to the dealership where I bought it.  It was time consuming and frustrating with the customer service.   Last month, my car was having problems with its auto locking system.  I didn't have time to wait for an appt at my usual dealership.  I decided to drop- in to Capitol Honda.  I was greeted by a young fellow named Ryan Wolff.  He was very pleasant and helped me right away. They replaced the parts. However, two days later, the door locks made random noises and sometimes they wouldn't unlock.  I brought the car back to Ryan. We drove the car around for a while, but the problem would not surface. Instead of telling me to come back later, Ryan got his mechanic to investigate the locks.  About 20 minutes later, he was able to reproduce the noise and determined the newly replaced parts were defective.  He replaced the parts immediately.  I was in and out of the service department in about an hour.   That saved me the hassle of making another appt next time while living with the defect, who knows may worsen and make my doors inoperable.  I appreciated Ryan's patience and thorough commitment to customer service very much.

Abby Q. | 2014-10-18

Despite the typical long wait time for an oil change, my first time experience was a good one! the guys were nice and efficient. Came here for a livingsocial or groupon deal(forgot which one), and was happy with the service i received.

Phu N. | 2014-10-18

Good services at capitol honda with service rep Sean Miguel! Winner of the free oil change give away!

Justin H. | 2014-10-13

I go to Capitol Honda for general service for my Civic and was helped by Johnny N early on. I also had been served by another rep there on an occasion but had a much worse experience. I have since gone back to Johnny every time I need anything done on my car, and this last time was no exception.

Johnny had changed roles at the service desk but still took the time to help me with a routine oil change. His courtesy and personal attention made a huge difference to my experience at Capitol Honda as he has built a relationship and trust with me. I was subject to a hit and run and the advice and suggestions he gave me were invaluable.

I would give it a 4 * vs 5 due to the rest of the team at Capitol, but Johnny deserves the 5. The other team members at Capitol are not particularly helpful or professional, reflected in my general interactions with them and the poor experience I had with another service rep.

I would highly recommend Johnny to anyone in need of a service expert and who is looking for excellent customer service, personal attention, and trustworthy advice.

Sargon B. | 2014-10-13

Even though I bought my car at a different Honda Dealership, I was told by MANY people to get my service at this location.  I owe all of my friends for the advice since I have not been disappointed.

From day 1, Sean Miguel has been my go-to Service Advisor there.  He's knows his stuff and is helpful in understanding what needs to be done on my Crosstour.  He's not a shady salesman that tries to push unwanted / un-needed services on my car.  

They're even open on Sundays!

Berna G. | 2014-10-12

This is a great place to go for service! The staff is super friendly and very helpful. They are open on a Sunday which is very convenient. They have a clean, well appointed waiting area which offers free coffee!

Sanal P. | 2014-10-11

I really recommend this place. the fleet manager  Tom and finance manager  Max  was very friendly and interactive.Really happy to give them business.Great work team Keep up your good customer service.I also appreciate the sales person who took me through various options.

Rachael H. | 2014-10-10

I just purchased a car from here. It was a hard situation but Gennyvie Montiel was great! She made me feel comfortable and helped with a smooth process! I love my new car and I'm very happy with my choice! I will defiantly recommend all my friends to her.

Vee H. | 2014-09-26

Johnny Nguyen always makes my life alot easier everytime i come here and im glad to hear that he became a manager since the last time i been here! very good choice since he knows what he is doing and knows what hes talking about and he always gives me a reasonable price and leaves me happy and less stressed. I was having alot of issues with my car that other places quoted me double the price and he told me that he would take a look and see if he can help me out with whatever he can do so i left that dealer and went straight to him, luckily i gave capitol honda a call or else id be paying double at a different honda dealer. I feel happy with the price since i can do payments and i love the fact that i dont have to worry about not having a rental since there is rental car here. Thanks Johnny for all your help! Also thanks alot to Rachel i think thats her name that helped me check out the rental car she was so friendly yesterday and made me feel comfortable =)

Mike C. | 2014-09-21

Our Odyssey is turning 100K about now, and because of the fantastic service work over the years, this car can easily do another 100K. Thanks for the great care and service, Capitol Honda!

Susie C. | 2014-09-20

Looking to buy a new or used vehicle make sure you ask for Lycenia Cesena.....great customer service :)

Bruno C. | 2014-09-20

Came in to purchase a vehicle and expectations were exceeded! Salesperson Lycenia Cevena helped us out and sold us a vehicle on the spot! Great deal with great people!

Jacob B. | 2014-09-20

Just bought the new accord and couldn't be more happy.Not only did I have exceptional customer service they worked to find a price and payment that I liked. I recommend you ask for Lycenia Cesena a person who went above and beyond and made my buy a stress free experience thanks again.

Tiffani P. | 2014-09-16

I will say after my initial interaction with the company, I was very disappointed in the service. However, since then I have grown to have a better appreciation for how hard they work to make a customer happy. Yes, they are not perfect, but really no one is. There is always room for improvement and I know the dealership will work hard to make you happy in all aspects of automotive experience. A big shout out to Johnny Ngyuen too! You ever need your car worked on, I would highly recommend going to that gentleman.

Karin S. | 2014-09-14

First time writing a review but the service was SO horrible that I feel compelled to save other people. We asked for Joel Rojas, who had interacted with us over mail about the Cosco deal. We called him. I was ready to buy a Honda Fit and they had what I wanted. Turns out, Mr. Rojas is 'the boss': he does not talk to people. So we got Hassan to talk to. Strange, but OK... We had a very straight forward question: how much is the car with the 'Cosco deal'. Mr. Hassan disappears for a good 10 minutes, when we had said we just wanted to buy the car. He comes back and his original price is almost $1000 more than what Capitol had advertised on their own website. The Cosco 'deal' is $105. We politely point out the discrepancies with his price and the website. He disappears again. He comes back with the price the same as the website but now there is $1000 of 'amenities' on the car but the Cosco discount is $500. We basically stood up to leave and THEN he started to haggle. We were not in there to haggle. They were not honest and I was very disappointed with the fact that we were not important enough, I guess, for Mr. Rojas to talk to us. They TOTALLY lost a sale. I am eager to buy the car and put all this behind me. Capitol Honda proved once more that buying a car is a NIGHTMARE.

Larry R. | 2014-09-12

This is regarding Service only.Never bought a car here.

Impeccable! If you own a Honda or Acura I highly recommend their service. Prices are a hairline higher then any specialist mechanic in the area. And worth every penny. Best part they are open on Sunday and they have the people power to get you in, get it done, and in very timely manner.

Ray N. | 2014-09-07

My gf was looking for honda fit. We walked around the lot and we were approached by a salesperson. This guy didn't even smile, he then asked us "can I help you guys?" My gf asked if she can test drive the car. The guy immediately said "can you afford this car? Is the price affordable?" I told him "she can't just test drive it first and let you know what she thinks?" The guy said "I have an appointment, I'll ask someone else to help you." So my gf and I waited for about 15mins by this honda fit, 3 other salesperson were there didn't even bother saying a word to us. The guy never came out and we ended up leaving. He didn't even have a name tag on.

In my opinion they probably didn't bother talking to us because we looked to young (mid 20s) and that's being too judge mental. I know for a fact that this was the only dealership I encountered being disrespectful. We went to capitol chevy and subaru, they even asked us if we wanted to test drive the cars we were interested in.

Geoffrey A. | 2014-09-03

Having recently moved from Arizona to California, and needing a minor service, as well as obtaining a smog test to register my S2000, I booked an appointment at your dealership. While my car is long out of warranty (and even the extended warranty), in Arizona I had great experience with the two dealers I went to, Dobbs Honda in Tucson, and San Tan Honda in Gilbert.  My experience at Capitol Honda was not so shining.

Going in for a minor service, something I have come to expect to be in the $75 range, I was shocked at the first estimate shown by the service advisor. Still, I needed service so I just signed the form. If I recall, the initial estimate with the smog check was on the order of $275. I can't say exactly what it was, because I didn't get to keep a copy of that estimate. I was told to expect the service to be done around 9:30. A little longer than I had become accustomed to, but not an issue. I had also mentioned that the keyless remotes for my Honda factory security system (installed shortly after I bought the car) were non functional, and that I would like the system fixed. I was also told that there would be a 10% discount applied to the total.

About 9:00 while I was waiting in your "lounge" my cell phone rang. It was the service advisor, who was urging me to change transmission fluid, and differential fluid.  I was a little hesitant, but he was insistent. I should point out that since the day I bought my S2000, it had been takes solely to a Honda dealer, and had the recommended service done at every interval.  Additionally, he mentioned that there was some leakage on the battery, and that it would cost $60.00 to clean up. Not quite sure how a little water and baking soda, plus a dab of petroleum jelly and 5 minutes of work justifies $60, but by that time I just wanted to be done with the experience. The service advisor then advised me that the normal troubleshooting of the remotes failed to identify any obvious issues (like dead batteries). If I was interested in the technician diagnosing it, it would be $125 an hour.  I declined that.

At about 11:30 I get the call that the work is done. The total was a little over $580, and numbly I paid.

The real disappointment, and the reason why I will not be returning to your establishment, EVER, is around the security system. The service advisor mentioned that since there was another S2000 in the shop, the technician programmed and verified that those key fobs worked. I was stunned, because he should know that the Honda factory alarm system uses different remotes, that are tied to the central unit, and that while the standard fobs would still lock and unlock the doors, they are not activating and clearing the alarm. The conclusion by your technician and your service advisor was that I just needed new remotes. Oh, and for a mere $307 each, plus a small programming fee, they would be happy to supply them to me. Of course a simple internet search shows that I can buy them for $120 each, and programming them is trivial, so the price quoted, even with the promised 10% discount is a complete rip-off.

As if this wasn't enough, to find out that Capitol Honda doesn't have a car wash facility on premise, and that the customer (who just spent close to $600) is given a voucher for a local carwash, I can tell you it was a challenge to not laugh in the service advisors' face. Additionally, I would like to comment on the "lounge". I do not expect Honda to have the opulence that you expect in a Lexus dealership, but clearly, Honda doesn't have standards of what is expected of dealers. In Arizona, the lounges were large, with plenty of comfortable seating, some private work areas, coffee and fresh pastries. In general, they were places you didn't mind spending a couple of hours at.  Your lounge, is small, uncomfortable, and lacking comfortable seating. It is almost as if you do not want people to wait for service, and to push them to your shuttles or the local businesses.

For these reasons, I can assure you that I will never set foot into your dealership again. Clearly I had become spoiled by dealers in Arizona who felt compelled to offer as good of service as the independent shops, and to compete on price, yet differentiate with amenities. I guess I will be looking for a quality independent shop. Fortunately, the S2000 club tells me of several outstanding local shops who will take as good, or better care of my S2000.

To add the icing on the cake. On Sunday afternoon, I received a phone call from the service advisor to "remind me" to rate him excellent. Bothering me on a weekend is an unforgivable sin.


Naturally, my email and this review did get some activity. I had an email exchange with their Service director, and we had a cordial exchange. In the end, he was glad that I made some of these shortcomings aware to him, and that he had taken steps to address them. Alas, you get one chance to make a first impression, and they blew it.

Srini S. | 2014-09-01

Sales person Hassan was fabulous. He stood by his deal & made it happen. Hassan is a great person to interact with. Very personable. He was very knowledgable about the models, never pushy, and made the entire experience worth while. Highly recommend Hassan as the person to deal with.

Bradley R. | 2014-09-01

I would of gave this place 1 star if it wasn't for ROSS the sales person attending me letting me know that the value on my car is going to continue to go I know I definitely need to get a different  car ASAP. I don't have a honda by the way I'm just looking for one that's why I came here.  He was very rude right away. He pushed for me to get a new car, then insisted I got a color I didn't want, I had already told him my price range for monthly and down payment, he went completely above that literally for my payment close to 600 dollars which at the moment I pay 300 and the down payment he expected me to give was ridiculous. He is all about the money, I said no he didn't even shake my hand he just let me go, he is just so rude and inconsiderate, won't be coming back here ever . Thanks Ross for the worst customer service experience ever .

Jackson L. | 2014-08-27

Extremely rude salesmen, treats you like you're dumb. Actually the salesman walked out on me after I said I didn't like the price he quoted. Hello, I'm looking to drop major money on a new car, of course I'm going to ask questions and try to get a good deal.

Salesmen and test driver also speak with heavy Vietnamese accent, very difficult to understand.

All in all, bad experience.

J N. | 2014-08-22

From the service department .... "Johnny" is my go to service contact.

Having taken my accord, civic, and now van there for so many years (yes we are a honda family fortunately / unfortunately .. Hehe), I realize I should write a review for one of the service guys, Johnny. Not knowing you can request service guys/gals, I probably went through 4-5 others.  

Johnny has now helped me with so many oil changes, brake pad changes, transmission and brake fluids, and a timing belt replacement. He explains everything to me as well as makes me feel comfortable asking stupid questions.  Capitol Honda did good. Oh we bought our new honda odyssey bc of Johnny. That's how much I trust him.

V. L. | 2014-08-20

Every time I have to bring my 2000 Accord in, Johnny does a fantastic job of taking care of its maintenance while being mindful of my budget.  Always super friendly, professional, and with a smile, he cares for my old Betsy like it's his own baby.  Now that's service!!!

Jill V. | 2014-08-18

This review is for Serviceman Alex Astar. And right off the bat, I must say-he is A-Star. He is extremely helpful, honest and conscientious.  I've had others assist me but he's been the most responsive so far. For example, once I took my car in on a Sunday to have my tires rotated. Alex wasn't working. One of my wiper blades needs replacing-this was not pointed out to me by the service technician and I believe Alex would have mentioned it. A few weeks later after driving a considerable distance I took my Honda in to one of these quickie oil change. I was in a hurry and didn't have time to trek out to Capitol Expressway. I learned two of my air filters needed replacing or so it seemed. I sort of panicked because I wasn't sure they were being up front with me and why wouldn't the last technician have told me that if indeed it were true? I called Capitol Honda and asked to speak with Alex. He wasn't available so I left a message figuring I'd hear back the next day or something. He literally returned my call within 10 minutes and I realized that I was being overcharged by the quickie oil people and that it wasn't an urgent matter. Apparently it was documented in my file but he advised me to have it done by Capitol when I come in for my major service because the cost of the filters was considerably less. Something about his manner and his willingness to chat with me as long as I needed and heck, the fact that he called me so readily in the first place revealed to me that he cares-he's willing to be the person behind the Company-I'm sticking with Alex. He helped me in the past and will help me in the future. It's nice to have a real person behind such a behemoth operation like Honda. It's after all, the people that matter.

Noni Y. | 2014-08-15

the parts department has no idea about how hondas work...i was told I needed to have all my keys " reprogrammed" wtf?! i called to get info about making a new key and this guy is trying to double the cost of everything. this is my 3rd honda, i'm insulted that he thought he could straight out lie to me. or worse, he really is dumb and doesn't know what the hell he's talking about.
i then spoke to someone in the service dept and when i asked for a quote, she started asking for my phone number and vin info...errr, i haven't decided to give you my business, you don't need to waste my time taking all my car info. so getting a new key,cut and programmed about 143. this is odd since i had my old honda rekeyed down south for 70 just last year. 50% inflation? smells like bullshit. looks like i'm getting my spare key made in LA.  maybe this is a sign that my next car needs to not be a honda.

Divya S. | 2014-08-13

Recently got our new car from this place. 3-stars because their prices were amazing and we got a great deal. But the wait time afterwards was strenuous and too much. We were told initially that the manager who will sign off the paper work would need another 15-20 minutes to finish up with a client. But after waiting for 3 hours, I ended up taking my daughter back home so that she could sleep, and my husband stayed behind for another 1.5 hours to finish the paper work. At the end of the night, we got our car. But it was quite some work.

Abe L. | 2014-08-11

This review is just for my initial experience with the service department.  We were the only car in line and they had about ten service advisers looking at us from there offices.  We were told one would come out.  Nobody came out after about ten minutes. They were all just on their phones ignoring us. I went back in and started asking questions and finally a guy came out but he didn't seem happy about it.  
Why can't you treat your customers better?  Probably best to take your car to a quality independent shop with personality.

Greg M. | 2014-08-09

The service manager, Mr. John Hagen, rendered extraordinary customer service.  We recommend the service department at Capitol Honda!  A 1,000,000 thanks!!!


Greg M.

Fabian M. | 2014-08-01

I recently purchased a 2014 Civic Coupe LX. I was very satisfied with the service and the determination to get me a good deal. I ended up getting a great deal with Matt and Kevin. They both helped me out for as long as it took.  I walked out with my brand new car a couple of hours later. On top of that, they hooked it up with a free month of insurance, which gave me time to look for insurance after i declined their insurance. Keep up the great work guys!!

Leticia J. | 2014-07-31

So I've been coming here for all of my services for my car. I've come across some really great service.The girls at the checkout I must say are extremely friendly and they were all so kind to my little girl. Thumbs up to all of you. If you go and get your car serviced please request Johnny Nguyen! Hands down the best customer service ever! He always takes the time to explain every single detail about my car and answers all my questions and is very patient. Thank you Honda service department and johhny Nguyen for keeping myself and my family safe in the road!

Madison C. | 2014-07-30

Customer service here is great! Went in looking at options, Hassan was extremely helpful. Didn't pressure us, answered questions and jumped through hoops trying to work within our budget for the car we wanted. He got us out the door in a beautiful car at monthly payments we were comfortable with. Thanks Hassan!

Mark Y. | 2014-07-27

Santos and the finance representative have been great.  I had purchased a 2014 honda lx today.

Andrew S. | 2014-07-26

I am very thankful for how easy and clear Kao and the staff was at Honda when we bought our new used car. Best car buying experience I've ever had!  Everything was explained clearly, they were compassionate about the accident we have recently been in, and gave us a good deal. I plan to buy my next car here. We absolutely love our new Acura sports wagon!

Ailsa B. | 2014-07-25

My initial review of the service department was 1 star - I had a maybe 30-second interaction with a service person who totally stonewalled me on getting my IMA battery issue dealt with when I told him I didn't have my extended warranty card from another dealership with me, but could he just call to verify the details - and he said no, he absolutely could not. I was pissed off at the lack of customer service, made an appointment with another dealership, and confirmed with the company carrying the extended warranty (as I suspected) that all he had to do was call to get the info - no card was needed.

Within a couple of hours of posting my review here, I was contacted by the service manager who asked me to contact him - he wanted more info. He said he realized he'd probably lost my business for good, but he wanted to follow up on what had happened. I called, because I appreciated his reaching out to me.  He sounded genuinely concerned about the incident. He got the date and time, and he agreed there was no reason I should have been turned away - he also asked if there was any way I would give him a chance to make things right especially since the other dealership I was booked with was so much further away. I figured I'd give him that chance - I believe that if people want to try to make things right they should be given a chance to make good.  I'm glad I did.

I got great service. Everyone I dealt with from that moment forward was friendly, attentive, and made sure I was kept in the loop. I was given updates on what was going on with my car, I was told what the timing was (best case and worst case) for the part arriving and being installed, and was told when the person handling my account would be off work so I would know that I wouldn't be able to reach him personally for a few days.

Fully a day and a half before I expected to hear at the earliest that my car was done, I received a call that my car was done. Apparently someone watches Star Trek and learned Engineer Scott's lesson of "under-commit and over-perform" - not only was my car ready, but they'd even washed it for me onsite which is something they don't normally do - they give vouchers for a local carwash company.

We then took my husband's car in because we knew his IMA battery needed replacing (he has a 2004 hybrid Civic, and we just had a new transmission put into it). We were willing from our experience with my car to give them the chance to do it again with my husband's. Sean managed to get Honda to pay for part of the cost of the new battery even though we were past warranty, which was great, and again they got the work done in the time they said it would be done, for the cost they quoted us, again with positive attitudes, and they kept us in the loop as to what was going on. That's appreciated!

Thanks Sean - I am very glad that you reached out after my first review, and I'm happy to say that my initial negative impression hasn't lasted.

Evie B. | 2014-07-22

I've tried giving this dealership our business twice now and both times have been severely disappointed with their customer service. The first time we went in we weren't even acknowledged. This was AFTER we had asked to speak to someone at the front desk. I love how the secretary overhead paged an associate to come and didn't even try to follow up after we had been waiting there over 10 minutes. The second time we went the associate that met us at the door could not be more disinterested or knowledgeable about the cars. We were looking at cars out in the hot sun with our toddler and he never thought to ask us if we wanted to look inside the actual cars. We were not just trying to waste his time but clearly he wasn't interested in making a sale. I can honestly say I will never give them my business and hope that they realize how much they need to work on their poor customer service.

The Beast O. | 2014-07-21

I want to commend Sam and his team for their outstanding service and professionalism during our lease on the new CR-V.  My wife and I lease a new Honda every two to three years, and we have been pleased with each and every experience.  For this reason, we have been a Capitol Honda faithful for the last 12 years.  My Accord lease is due in a few months so I am looking forward to upgrading to the newly redesign Accord.  Thank you for making it easy!

mike e. | 2014-07-18

My salesman was Hassan Lotfizadeh. I got a reasonable price without too much back and forth. Closing the deal took less than half hour. It took about an another hour for the paper work, prepping the car, ... I have no complaints.

Natalie P. | 2014-07-16

I've recently graduated and will start a full-time job next week and need a car ASAP. The service was terrible. I can't imagine they do any business with this kind of service.

I went in today at 4:30pm to test drive a Honda Accord. My mom,boyfriend, and I walked through the lot and no one came out to help us... So we went inside where people watched us but did not say one word. So I walked into the front office where 3 men were chatting and politely waited until they were done. They all paused to look at me, only to continue chatting. So I finally talked over them, "I want to test drive a car. Can one of you help me with that?" My mom and boyfriend were already annoyed and wanted to take our business elsewhere.

Finally a "salesman" comes out to show us some cars. He...
1. Didn't know the inventory or location of cars
2. Kept pushing for used cars when I insisted on new
3. Did not know specific differences and features of cars
4. Fudged facts to mislead

The only good thing about Capitol Honda is the proximity to other car dealerships that will promptly take your business.

Sandra P. | 2014-07-13

Went in last sunday to look at cars for the college student in the family, Matt go us a good deal for a 2014 civic, great sales man not pushy, the car is great and yes I would return. EXCELLENT SERVICE...

Taylor M. | 2014-07-13

Never have I ever been so disrespected ever by any "professional" ever. First off we met a gentleman by the name of Joel, he seemed nice enough but then we were unknowingly passed off to a incredibly rude older man named Ross. This Ross guy is remarkably unprofessional and if he worked for any type of company I ran he would be terminated immediately. He brought the car around that we were looking into and while we were inspecting the car Ross kept insisting that we take it for a test drive being very pushy and rushing. Making my husband and I very uncomfortable. The car was fine only issue was the tired were almost bald, seeming how there is a law that prevents sale of a vehicle with a safety issue as such my husband was happy with the vehicle and all we wanted to make the deal work was for them to produce the necessary paperwork proving that said tires met this safety regulation, it was a Saturday so according to them no such documentation was accessible. Sketchy. Then before we can even settle this issue the credit application is set out on the table....and while we asked to speak to a manager Ross told us to fill out the application while we are waiting. I think not! Instead of going and getting the manager like we requested, Ross yells across the room "Sam!" And waves him over. (Excuse me!? Thank you for embarrassing us!) Sam the manager comes over and he is little to no help at all, still can not produce the proper documentation for these tires! What kind of company has no access to any type of service records? Ross then pulls out what looks like a pricing sheet in which we are being told the entire reason we are being treated like garbage; according to this pricing sheet Ross would not be making a good amount of commission. We had no idea that Ross wasn't supposed to have this sheet, Sam Let Ross know (and us) that he was not to have access to this record. After Sam made an uncomfortable situation even worse they weren't willing to budge on the price or the tires! Sam walked away after instructing Ross to take the vehicle to get the tires rechecked it took them 15mins to give us a crap answer and still no paperwork.(while sitting there waiting for the 15min we were passed by two other employees that were talking about the incident with the price sheet!)  The final straw was when we came up on the price and asked to have the tires thrown in and Ross completed scoffed at my husband! Look sir, we will never provide this establishment with any type of business. It is unbelievable that these people allow their employees to conduct themselves so unprofessionally. Shame on you.

Art H. | 2014-07-12

Went for an oil change with Living Social deal. I had an 11am appointment, and was told 1.5 hours to do the job. Quite a long time for a simple oil change, but ok, I can deal with it. At 1pm, after 2 hours, I asked how long before my car was ready, and was told that it was the next one up, and it would be around another 30 minutes. If it's going to be that long, just be honest and tell me that before I waste half of my day waiting. I told them to just get my car, since I couldn't wait an extra half hour. This dealer is close to my home, but in the future I'll take my car to my mechanic. The coupon I had isn't worth the hassle of dealing with this dealership.

Evelyn R. | 2014-07-11

Came in for an oil change and was told it would take an hour. Two hours later here I am...still waiting. 40 minutes ago I got a call saying it was ready, he was just going to get my "paperwork" Never knew paperwork would take over 40 minutes.

Rissa M. | 2014-07-10

Took 3 times for me to come back and finally get a car that I wanted..and so far I love it! Worked with mike emadi all 3 times he's was a great help and very caring unlike most salesman good service!

Michele M. | 2014-07-09

Review for the service department!
Normally I make early morning appointments for my car and am always pleased with their quick, friendly service. When I came on Monday it was for a noon appointment. I did arrive 15 minutes early, but I ended up waiting until 12:05 for a service advisor (disappointed but not pissed off). I made a mental note not to make noon appointments any more and got over it.
What turned this around was the service advisor who promptly apologized for the delay when he greeted me, and followed up with an offer for a free car wash as compensation- impressive! (I will still do am appointments in the future though! :))

Dan M. | 2014-07-08

Terrible service from Service Advisor Allan (Garcia?). Made 8:30 appointment to fix leaking power steering hose. Honda replaced our non-leaking hose under a recall 2 months ago but, likely due to rushing the job by technicians, it now leaks.

Got there at 8:25. Told by service queue line guy to move my car to the side lot for service. After waiting there for 5 minutes, it was clear no one was coming to help me. I approached the service department and asked someone, who was confused, and told me to bring the car to the service queue line. Ok.

So then Allan comes to take info on the car. I tell him the problem (power steering line you guys swapped now leaks) and he brushed me off. "Our techs will diagnose and make the appropriate repair" he says in a short manner. Umm, I'm trying to save you some time here buddy. I then tell him I want the hose replaced (not repaired in some way) since leaking hoses cause fires and that was the reason for the recall in the first place. He regurgitates, "our techs will diagnose and make the appropriate repair" -never making any eye contact. Ok.

"How long will it take to let me know the diagnosis?", I ask. "We'll get it in right away and I'll let you know the situation right away", he says. I then go to the waiting lounge with the other forgotten souls for the next 2 hours. No updates from Allan, not even a "thanks for your patience, we're still trying to figure out what's wrong." Nothing. After the 2 hours I take it upon myself to go over there and ask for a status update. He's sitting there, it appears he's doing nothing, surprised to see me. It's obvious he'd forgotten all about me and perhaps didn't even recognize me since he never once looked me in the eye when doing the car intake.

So now, after I asked, he casually gets up to check with a tech. Disappears for 5 minutes. Pops out somewhere asking a tech about my car -tech doesn't know what the hell he's talking about because he's not the tech working on the car. He disappears for another 10 minutes then comes back and tells me they're going to replace the hose and my car will be done by late afternoon. Sigh.

This place is frustrating. I could have gone home and worked for the past 3 hours but instead I spent it trying to figure out what the heck is going on with a stupid car that was fine until it arrived at Capitol Honda.

Car service is a customer service job, right? If I'm right, this guy has no business working here. I don't know if it's his failure, the service manager's failure, the dealership's failure, or a combo of all of them but this kind of crap is why people hate dealerships. I'll never bring my car here for any service and, from the other reviews, it seems this place is just shady all around.

One saving grace was the shuttle driver. Very pleasant and professional. He should work somewhere better than this place.

TL;DR: The service department is majorly lacking in customer service skills. I'll never bring a car here again.

Linda J. | 2014-07-07

Tried to buy local/closest to home, but had a terrible experience.  Felt like I was fighting the whole time, SO not valued at all.  Communicated via email on a 2014 vehicle I was interested in, that's all fine-it's on the lot, etc.  I had a true internet price from another dealer (Capitol Honda doesn't do this) and I asked do they match.  I received an email back that yes, they have a policy to match or beat other deals but must be in person.  Understandable.   My husband and I go in and are passed off to someone.  The salesman didn't ask us anything at all, just got the car for a test drive.  We asked a number of questions about the features, he knew about 30% of the answers, it was like pulling teeth.  Get back to the dealer, wasn't offered a drink, when we asked for a water fountain we were directed to a dispenser, but no cups.  

Ok, time for negotiation-is everyone cringing?  It's the most horrible part of buying a car. First, before we are even discussing any prices, a credit app is thrown on the table.  I told him we're not ready to to anything until we talk about the price.  I'm given the MSRP.  hmm.  no.  But Wait...the MSRP is higher than the price listed for this car on the internet.  I point this out and our salesman says "oh, really?"  yes.  really.  A thousand dollars + more.

Oh, and wait...they've gone ahead and added stuff!  Splash guards, locking wheel caps to the tune of $1,200.  Who asked for that?  No one.  Not interested.  So, they're willing to give us the tremendous deal of $1,300 less than msrp (internet msrp-not the surprise msrp when you get there).  Not good enough, how about my trade?  I have literally 4 trade in value printouts with me (KBB, NADA, Edmunds and Black Book), lowest trade value is $12k, highest 15k.  They're happy to give me $7700ish.  Again, no.  

After 3 times "back to talk to the manager"-can we all just get away from this please? Horrendous.   Finally the finance guy comes out, we go back and forth and he's trying to explain that they added these items to the car, it's the absolute lowest they can go.  They're willing to bring my trade in to $10k. And then further explains that it's a high end car, so it's hard to sell it.  And they have to get it smogged.  The registration was renewed in May of 14-it's smogged and registered through May 15, AND you're the dealership, you kind of have access to mechanics to get it prepped for sale.  Also, none of this is my issue.  

I say I have a price quote from another dealer.  Will you match it?  No.  What?  I have this email from Michelle that says you have a policy to match or beat quotes that we bring in.  No.  Can't do that price. I probably misunderstood it-that price can't include dealer prep or destination charge.  Wait, see right here where it says "includes destination charge?"  I want 11k for my trade and the quote from the other dealer and we're done.  Can't do it.  

Left, went to Stevens Creek Honda, got my trade value, oh and got LESS than the quoted true price on my new car I drove off in and absolutely love.

Tana P. | 2014-07-06

I am writing this review of the service department. I first visited Capitol Honda's service center for a recall notice on my Honda Pilot about a year ago. Before this I had vowed NEVER to go to a car dealer for service and I hadn't for about 15 years. The only reason I went this time was because of the recall which had to be resolved at a dealer. I had such great service I decided to give them another try last week. I was so happy with the incredibly prompt greeting at my car door and willingness of Jin Sik Kim to listen to what I needed done. He called later to give me an estimate and even though I declined a couple of the recommendations he reassured me that it was okay to wait on these items as there were no safety concerns. He called when the car was ready to pick up and the check out process was also efficient and pleasant. I called the service manager the next day to express my appreciation.

Bay Area Consumer R. | 2014-07-02


I'd received a coupon in the mail from Capitol Honda, "Oil Change $10."
I was there in a jiffy! I'd decided to wait in the customers' lounge while the car was having the oil changed. 2 1/2 hours later Customer Service informed the tech couldn't unscrew the bolt (nut) to the oil-pan because it was stripped. The best recommendation is to buy a new oil-pan. They can have it done for $800.

No thank you! I drove down to the garage where I had the last oil changed. My experience is the owner runs an honest shop, Thedy Auto Repair. He lifted the car on the hydraulic jack and we both took a look at the pan/bolt. There was nothing wrong with the bolt. Thedy had no problem changing the oil.

Angela V. | 2014-07-01

Fabulous service!!! Celine was so unbelievably helpful and understanding with the service of car. I never expected such great service!

Andy L. | 2014-06-17

Review for service department. I highly recommend service advisor Tony Tran who is very friendly, knowledgable about what is best for your car.

Lea O. | 2014-06-17

Just bought my car last night! The customer service was unbeatable. The whole experience was unlike other times I have bought a car. It was not painful and by far the best deal I got. I had gone to many other Honda dealers in the bay, shopped online, and ended up back here. Aron, Tom, and Waleed in finance. Just awesome guys. I had my son with me and the process was not too long either. Just a word of advice, if you need a car, and you want the best deal with the least amount of BS, go there. They will take care of you. I promise.

Rob P. | 2014-06-14

What is the point of having an appointment if one still has to wait over two hours before one's vehicle is even in the garage for its service? This is not the first time this has happened, either.

Employee admitted to me that he was burned out, that they work twelve hour shifts and this one employee had worked over twelve days in a row so far. A bit understaffed it seems!

Ramil P. | 2014-06-12

I set up an appointment to test drive a Honda Pilot. Hassan Lotfizadeh was my sales consultant. We went on a test drive for the Honda Pilot that I was interested in purchasing. He was quick, informative and easy to discuss the car and beat the price in which we discussed via email. I would gladly recommend Hassan to my family and friends. He helped made my experience at Capitol Honda worth my time.

Rene T. | 2014-06-12

It's been a while since I got great customer service! Johnny Nguyen at the service department did a great job in helping me out. Explained  the process and delivered when expected. Thanks again.

Ashley E. | 2014-06-11

I was happy when then salesman gave me the free 2014 Calender right from his office. That was super nice. I'll start with a possitive comment and the inku reason for two stars. So the salesman was definitely a typical salesman. I was buying a honda civic and was certain I was going to purchase that day. We took a test drive and after went to sign papers. Having a street bike sold just a day before,my boyfriend did not have insurance for a car. It was a hassle to call and get it over the phone on a Sunday and the salesman made it clear he was irritated with how long it was taking. When going over numbers on my new leased car I know a bit about cars so I asked the gentleman a question I knew the answer to. He lied straight to my face. I then was irritated and knew he thought he had it in the bag. After a hour of him telling me multiple times " it doesn't matter about the price of the car, it's the payment" I started to get pissed. We all know it's about the amount we end up financing. He kept trying to convince me that it didn't have anything to do with the full payment because it was a lease. Now if you know a thing or two about cars and leasing then you know exactly what I'm talking about. After 3 hours of talking with this man I said I would PAY no more than a dollar amount for the vehicle. He STILL tried to tell me a payment instead of what I would actually be financing. I would have left an hour into the sale with this man but I was trying to hold it together for my boyfriend who was now without a mode of transportation to and from work. Please choose a different dealership when looking for a honda. This place is clearly full of non honest salesmen.  Oh. And the door had a ding in it and I would rather pay a body shop to fix it before I step foot back into that place. The last salesman who settled us out was ok.

Dan W. | 2014-06-01

One star because zero isn't an option...

Avoid this place at all costs. Do not be tricked by car dealerships who have a "policy" of running your credit regardless of how you're paying. For example, I walked in to pay cash for a new Odyssey, and they tried to trick me into signing a credit disclosure on the grounds of the patriot act and identity verification. DO NOT BE TRICKED BY THIS... Dealerships DO NOT need to run your credit if you're paying cash or have pre-arranged financing!

I was happy to walk. These people are criminals and thieves. Especially the guy named Santos and his manager with the shifty eyes.

Just avoid this dump.

Alyssa M. | 2014-06-01

I went into Capitol Honda only to look around and ended up buying a new 2013 Honda Fit thanks to Hassan Lotfizadeh. He was very professional, easy-going, friendly and accommodating. I told him that I was considering a Fit; he wasted no time overselling the car or showing me other models. Instead, he quickly grabbed the keys so I can take it out on a test drive. The financing process and paperwork was incredibly quick and efficient. I highly recommend seeing Hassan if you want excellent customer service.
Five stars to Capitol Honda for making my first-car buying experience a pleasant one.

jennifer t. | 2014-05-27

Great costumer service here! I came yesterday to look at a car that I saw they had for sale online, right away I was greeted by Jimmy and he was very nice through out the whole process. He was not pushy what so ever, which was a plus! I've had some really pushy and annoying dealers (not at this dealership) and it just made my visit very unpleasant. Jimmy was very patient through out the whole process, and didn't mind that I was indecisive. I definitely recommend Jimmy if you're looking for a car to buy, or if you're not too sure what to buy and just want to be able to take a look at multiple cars and not feel like you're pressured into buying anything that day!

Erma N. | 2014-05-25

This is an update on my recent experience with the Honda Service Manager, Sean Miguel.

First off, Sean was very accommodating; he came in 7:30 AM to meet me. I had a 9:45 AM appointment else where that could not be rescheduled and because of that, I needed to bring my car in when Honda opened. Waking up early Saturday morning is not everyone's cup of tea, but Sean did just that, so that was a very good first impression.

I appreciated how Sean took responsibility, on behalf of his mechanic, on a service that was not needed. He made it certain everything would be right.

He actively listened to my concerns and reassured me he will fix them. Sean communicated what he and his mechanics (Javier and Mike) were going to do and answered all my questions to the best of his knowledge. I could also sense he was sincere in his words and actions; I never got the feeling he was being a phony by pretending to be nice & upbeat just to make me happy. I would say he is a very nice person with a calm demeanor, which is a good quality to possess especially when confronting an irate customer.

I will continue to bring my car in to Honda and hope I experience the exceptional customer service received today from Sean, Javier, and Mike (the mechanic, not the service representative).

I now know why Sean is a manager!

Robert N. | 2014-05-24

Want go ahead and take that one star away as well, but can't. Tried to get a price on adding cruise control to a Civic, after waiting on the phone with Vin, year and model for 15 minutes ? The only redeeming quality of the store was the receptionist who politely keep coming back on and trying to get me help. Service dept sux. Apparently to busy to help.

linda m. | 2014-05-21

My passenger window stopped working and the driver's side window starting working intermittently. After having the car for a few hours, they told me a motor needed to be replaced. I told them to replace the driver's side (for $482) since it was starting to have a problem and I never sit in the passenger seat so I would fix that one later.
The window was still intermittent and when I brought it back I was told that the new motor had burnt out and it was probably a short in the control panel on the door. They replaced the panel and the motor.
Magically - the passenger window was working again. I told them that it was clearly the control panel all along and that I wanted my money back for the initial "broken motor."
When I asked why the panel wasn't the first place they checked during their trouble shooting process I was told that that's not how Hondas work. Huh? Doesn't troubleshooting start at the weakest point?
I asked for my money back for the first $482 service. Someone "accidentally" threw out the first motor that was replaced (they claim to save parts for 21 days). i was eventually refunded the entire amount and only paid for the parts on the panel change.
I don't think these guys actually do any work on my car. I asked them to change the remote key battery and it didn't work any better. Now that I've replaced it on my own I get 3 times the distance on the remote.
These guys are liars and cheats. Find a good repair shop from your friends.

John N. | 2014-05-19

Time to perform service on the 04 pilot, and had received excellent service once again. Our service rep Johnny Nguyen did great. Got everything done on time, got me some savings, and also help me prioritize and what I could put off. See Johnny !! I think he has been working for Honda for over 6 years !

Fahmi M. | 2014-05-17

Marketing team was in the service waiting area and asked a few customers to give yelp reviews.  Ofcoarse they would like 5 stars for an exchange of free cup holder thingy, but they didn't insist on it.  I was upset only two people were asked, and I didn't get asked.  That was upsetting and resulted in 2 star review.

I wasn't asked because they were having issues with the tablet they were using.  I forgive them!  Changed from 2 star to 5 star.

They are a decent place for service.  I bought my car here too and I would rate sales and pampering with 3.5 out of 5.0

April C. | 2014-05-16

I've been coming to Capitol Honda for the last year and a half for all my repairs and car maintenance. I always stay in the waiting room while my car is getting fixed. There's multiple outlets for my laptop/electronic devices, free wi-fi, water/coffee, sometimes a bowl of fruit. It's a good opportunity to get some work done!

Everyone that works at Capitol Honda is so nice and attentive. The only downside is that repairs are not the cheapest, but that's to be expected when you go straight to the car dealership. Even with discounts I've spent way more money than I'd like, but at least I've got a good record of all the maintenance I've done on this car when it comes time to sell it.

Every time I get an oil change I also get a free car wash, including vacuuming of the interior.

Jerry G G. | 2014-05-03

Now this 5 star review for Mr. Tom Loi and Wally Sai in the sales dept.  I can always come to Tom and he treats me with great care.  This is my 5 car through Tom and I always appreciate his customer care service.  I leave satisfied and happy with my Honda!!! Walley is a no nonsense financial service advisor providing swift processing of the contract.  Thanks Wally Sai!  I drove off with my new Civic EX happy and excited!!!

Service departmemt- take some notes from your sales team and up your customer care services.   My recent outings have not been to the standards of Mr Tom Loi!  Specifically, do what you say you are going to do and treat your patrons with the utmost respect.  Se my previous post for my comments and specifics.

Thanks Tom!  I will see you again for my next Honda purchase!  You're the best!!!

Antionette P. | 2014-05-03

Another reason i love this facility is their service department is incredible they are very friendly attentive don't try to over sell and genuine. So if ur looking to buy definitely see matt Adams (im sure everyone is good too but can recommend from personal experience we've bought two cars from him and u won't be disappointed) then get ur car services here its legit and always a pleasant experience we prefer sean nick and Renee their definitely the BEST in my opinion :-) plus they offer coffee fruit and local shuttle service so ur not stuck there for hours

Joey B. | 2014-05-01

Sean called me after the mishaps of one of their technicians handling my Honda 4 days ago regarding an oil change from the auto service dept, im not going  into great detail (too much to type about my bad experience). But thank you Sean for following up on me via yelp via email regarding my bad experience.

Fyi, to the customers, this is an updated review from a 1 star rating to a 4 star rating. As I promise Sean to change my review rating once the issue is resolved.

Will update to 5 stars once I visit the second time for my free oil change as promised and car wash. Thank you.

Jordan B. | 2014-05-01

Shortly after writing this review, Alane reached out to me and put me into contact with Sean Miguel. Sean spoke to my father about what had transpired. He asked for my father to bring the car into capital Honda. When my father arrived, Sean greated him, told him the previous and current repairs will be paid for by Capitol Honda. The problems were solved and the car is now working great. Alane and Sean provided us with superb customer service, and restored our confidence in Capitol Honda. Thank you Capitol Honda!

Derek M. | 2014-04-25

I always choose to get my oil changes at capital Honda the service in my experience has been exceptional the people are very nice and even you know I get to meet a few of the customers here while waiting capital Honda is definitely highly recommended in my experience
I prefer to work with Mr. Wolfe, but all the other service advisors are professional!

Amadeo D. | 2014-04-17

We had inexcusably terrible customer service at Capitol Honda.  AVOID THIS PLACE LIKE THE PLAGUE!

Our salesman was Ross (maybe Russ) but he did not even bother to introduce him self before he asked what we are looking for.  Getting him to talk about the vehicle and it's features felt like pulling teeth.  He didn't say much at all, so I had to ask lots of probing questions, but his answers were were all brief and vague.  

During a test drive, he got a call from another customer and he actually asked us to return early so he could go finish a deal with them!  When we returned, he asked if we could just wait for a 5 or 10 minutes while he went across the street to finish up with his other customer, then he'd return to help us.  I asked if he could have another salesman answer more questions for us while he left, but he was resistant because he said we were 'his customers'.  I told him that if we were his customers, he should not abandon us.  He finally relented and grabbed the fleet manager to walk us through pricing.  (The fleet manager doesn't get commission apparently, so he had nothing to lose)  The fleet manager gave us a binder to look at and left us sitting in his cubicle for 10 minutes.  We got up to leave feeling disgusted and guess who we saw sitting on his ass chatting with his coworkers when we came out?  Ross had not even bothered to come inside and check on us after he finished with his other more important customer.  He was genuinely surprised to see us leaving and he asked 'what happened'!  

Screw these guys...  I would give negative stars if I could...  Ross was just one salesman, but any dealership that would allow such a level of poor service doesn't deserve your dollars.

Note the 2014 CRV drove pretty well, but we ended up with a Subaru Forester.  :D  Right across the street Stellar service.  See my other review.

Danielle B. | 2014-04-16

Even thought there was what felt like 1000 people there getting their cars serviced at the same time I felt like they did a good job in getting to me and my car was in and out in about an hour and a half. I had the husband pick me up and take me to lunch but there was a TV, free snacks, free coffee drinks, and a vending machine as well. Way better experience then when I purchased the car there (that's another story)

Shyanne T. | 2014-04-15

DO NOT PURCHASE YOUR VEHICLE HERE ! They are rude & very sneaky ! I bought a used car less than a year ago! First of all while I was looking into buying the car they were rushing us & being very rude ! Also they would not give me the spare key unless I wrote a review !!!!! Come to find out they lied about my car being in a accident ! My car had a paint job I never knew about & the paint was contaminated so when I went back to talk about the warranty they tried blaming the whole thing on me ! I completely regret buying my car from here ! THERE SERVICE DESERVES NO STARS !!

V H. | 2014-04-12

Johnny in the service department right now I'm getting and oil change and he deserves 5 stars cuz he's fast and makes me feel comfortable since I have a bad experience on the sales side before from everyone... Don't wanna get into details and all..

Sheri A. | 2014-04-06

Ryan assisted me & I had great service. He recognized my brakes were in need of being fixed. He also recognized I like deals, so he gave me a discount so I wouldn't go elsewhere. I was very pleased with the service, the extra attention to my car, and the price.

L S. | 2014-03-31

Yes, they repaired my car -- BUT only after I put my foot down and argued on behalf of my safety! While driving on the freeway, I noticed that my steering wheel and tires seemed out of sync. A few minute later, my Civic spun clear across the rain-slick, curvy traffic lanes of Hwy 17 and thankfully landed in the turnout. No one got hurt, and nothing got hit.

Two service reps disregarded my safety concerns about the car's alignment, claimed that the car was safe enough to drive home, and even condescendingly presumed that it hydroplaned. After I insisted on repairs and refused to get in my car, they figured out that the car had issues with its alignment (surprise, surprise!) and compliance bushings. Then, when I insisted on reading the completed alignment chart and work summary line-by-line during checkout, a third service rep attempted to pass a snide remark about understanding alignment charts to which I responded, "I read charts."

This was my first, last, and only experience at this particular dealership. And had it not been an emergency situation, I would not have put my life in the hands of such manipulative and misogynistic mechanics. I assume that they have gotten away with such behavior with other customers before. And, I'm sure that they wouldn't have spoken to a male customer in the same manner. However, there is no excuse for such behavior especially in life-death situations.

Shelly D. | 2014-03-30

Hassan Lotfizadeh gave me a great deal on a 2014 Honda CRV.  I am very happy!

Big Mama Kaboose S. | 2014-03-28

I was asked by the mgr to update my review so here we go.....

No need to go into details but after speaking to Sam Matara, the issue at hand was rectified  and as of today all is well.  I appreciate that he was able to get me the item that was missing from the car when I purchased it, even though I was told by the salesman and his boss that it was not possible.

Overall the buying experience was ok, but if I was to buy another car here would not deal with salesman Tom Loi again as he was somewhat rude and unprofessional.  Tong Truong was very nice and helpful in the finance dept.

The majority of my stars are for Sam who got me the cover, Kao was also helpful, calling to follow up on Sams calls to me.  Chuck,  who assisted me today and installed the cargo cover for me.  He was super friendly and fun to chat with. I should also mention that Armando, the detail dept supervisor was awesome last week on the day I bought my car. He was the only one that day who cared that the cargo cover was  missing. He went above and beyond trying to find it for me. Two of the stars are for him. Give this guy a raise.

Sabrina M. | 2014-03-26

I was searching for months to find a good salesman. Finally Santos Garcia was the one. He was not pushing or full of ego. He was there to help me find the perfect Honda and price. Truly grateful for my 2013 baby blue Odyssey.

Waiste of time with the Fiance people... Go through your own bank it not worth going through there BS.

Sicilian P. | 2014-03-22

Review for the service department:

I've been coming here for years! I'm not sure why I never wrote a 5 star review before. ...
I bought my honda over ten years ago from the Stevens Creek location.   Thank God I bought the 100, 000 mile warranty because I work in sales. I drive from San Jose to San Francisco two or the times a week and to Emeryville once a week,  with that being said I put over 50,000 miles on my car the first year I owned my Honda.
One day,  and at 99,200 miles my car started slipping and not going when I press the gas.  Per the warranty the car needed to be towed to the nearest dealership.  Of course I was not happy that I couldn't go to the dealership I bought my car from ..
They tied my car to this dealership on Capitol expressway.   They were so nice,  put me in a rental car, and very understanding.   Long story short they replaced my transmission and I now come to here for all of my Honda needs.  They take my car, shuttle me home,  then pick me up.  It's great service.
My experience has always been great,  friendly and fast.
Thanks Capital Honda!

Martin B. | 2014-03-19

They didn't take me seriously at all, I got laughed at at least 10 times in the half hour I was there. They're all jackasses looking for commission before I even said what I was interested in they asked me to fill out a credit check form don't shop here

John N. | 2014-03-16

Horrible and borderline fraudulent.

I called the service personal saying that I received a safety recall noticed and they stated that they would be happy to take of this for me so they scheduled an appointment.

When I brought in my car, I told them again that I'm here for a service recall and they said "no problem" and that they would take care of it.

I left my car there and went to work.

I received a call later in the day and they said that my car needed some additional work and I agreed to the work but asked again stated about my safety recall and they said they would do this on top of the additional maintenance work.

I picked up my car later in the day and ask them again if they had done the safety recall work and they again said yes.

I received a call from them the following week saying that the parts had arrived for my safety recall and I needed to come back in.

I was irate I told them they were suppose to do this work during my car maintenance and I had asked them multiple times if this was done and each time I received an acknowledgement that they had but unfortunately it looks like they just blatantly lied.

I basically told them if they didn't have the safety recall part it's not a problem they just needed to tell me this and I would have all my service done at once.

In any case I'm never coming back here ever, they are just too sleazy and fraudulent for me.


Sarah H. | 2014-03-05

Absolutely quick and convenient with the express service!! I have no complaints since this has been the 5th time I've been here and the customer service is quite amazing! All the staff you encounter is more than happy to help you out in anyway they can! If they don't have the exact answers your looking for, he/she will go out there way literally to help you get the info your requesting! So on point in my opinion! Keep in mind they have monthly winners for 10$-100$ gas card giveaways if your a regular here! And people actually win! Another cool tid bit is you don't have to have appointment here, it's pretty much a walk in basis if you don't have time to book appt! Super cool for folks who can't be on time for appointments!

Veronica R. | 2014-02-22

I have been a dedicated Honda girl for many years and have always been happy with my cars and service.  Well I just want to give a great big shout out to one of the service Reps Johnny Nguyen for helping me resolve an issue with a little problem that took many hours of his time to get to the bottom and resolve.  He didn't give up or pass it on.  Johnny is always so professional, pleasant and courteous to work with and always makes sure we get the best deal available for service.

Thanks Johnny
From your Thankful Customer, VSR

Michael L. | 2014-02-03

I initiated my car buying task through Costco which directed me to a specific rep at Capitol Honda.  It was mostly what was advertised, a best-price, no haggling experience.  For the most part, Capitol Honda delivered on it.  I was supposed to be shown an "invoice sheet" but wasn't actually given one.  I did my homework though so I was pleased with the pricing.  I actually bought a 2013 model and got a $2,000 incentive through Honda.

Overall the process is the smoothest that I've experienced in the 3 new car experiences that I've had.  I hate that the Financing piece takes so long and they push the maintenance and extended warranties but since that's a big piece of their margin I can understand why.

I've got another review to make about the Service Department which I guess I'll do tomorrow since Yelp won't let me add another one right now.  I'm going to give them 2 stars for my service experience.  As part of buying a new car they give you an oil change at 3 months or 3,750 miles.  I was there at 7:15 on a Monday morning and it was dead.  One other car sitting in the service area and nothing in the shop (you can see it through a window as you walk towards the waiting area).  I booted up my computer and connected to their wifi.  Great, I can get some work done while I'm waiting.  30 minutes later I take a walk and my car is still not in the service area.  1 hour I look again and it's still not there.  I'm about to talk to my service adviser and I finally see my car up in the hydraulic lift.  In fact within 30 seconds it was lowered and the mechanic backed it out and drove it off to the front.

Total time = 1 hour and 20 minutes.

I asked the service adviser if this is the normal time for an oil change and she went on to tell me that whenever a car is serviced, extra work is done.  That was a bunch of baloney.  Seemed like they had 5 service advisers in and no to 1 mechanic.  I forgot to mention that I told her that I lived much closer to Stevens Creek Honda and she went on to tell me "oh, we're way better."  If I can avoid it, I'm not going back to Capitol Honda for Service.

Neemz V. | 2014-02-02

Wish I could give them a 0.25 star rating.

This dealership and their sales team are sleezey snakes.  Your stereotypical car salesman, and that is not a good thing.  Late last year I contacted them through their website, told them exactly what model I wanted and which color.  Their internet sales person got back to me and said they have what we're looking for.  I insisted not to waste my time, and to 100% guarantee that the car was there AT THEIR LOCATION.  Their sales guy said "yes, we have hit here. You should come down."  We were shopping for the 4WD Touring Pilot, so definitely one of their higher premium models.

We get there, meet the internet guy, he connects us to a regular sales person and after walking the lots, come to find that the car we wanted was in fact not available.  The sales person even admitted that the internet guy gets paid or has some incentive for getting folks into the dealership via the website.  I told him that this is sleezey business practice, and they pretty much wasted our morning.

Don't shop here folks.  They suck it big time!

Went to South Bay Honda, found exactly what we wanted through a very friendly and sincere sales team.  They won our business that day and we rolled out of there in our our new Pilot Touring model.

Jasen S. | 2014-01-26

What a pleasant and very easy experience in the Service Department because of Chelsea Haslemann. She came to my car as I was waiting for a service person for an oil change and she was very courteous, cheerful, polite, accommodating and always smiling. She even smiles in the way she speaks! Chelsea also emailed her manager Sean Miguel to make sure I got my two free oil changes as promised when I purchased my new Civic Hybrid. She even told me that the car would take an hour and to relax in their customer lounge and gave me a snack to eat. Chelsea even gave me a free car wash because that is the kind of nice service person she is. You need to have more people like Chelsea and you would have five stars across the board!!! She is an asset to Capitol Honda and a great member to have on any team! Thank you to her for a wonderful experience and short wait for my vehicle to be serviced!!

Mark R. | 2014-01-22

Matthew Adams was very quick and knowledgeable of the car I wanted to purchase.  He knew what I wanted from my verbal description and politely guided me through the functions of the car as I test drove it.  I would highly recommended him to anyone I know interested in purchasing a HONDA.  He was very concise and diligent with any questions I had and made sure that I understood anything that I might have found confusing. He even made sure the color of the car was exactly what I wanted inside/out.

The paperwork and finance process was a breeze. The quickness of the information I had to fill out was unbelievably quick and efficient.

Steph H. | 2014-01-21

Review specifically on Service Department.

Made an appointment for an oil change because of a livingsocial deal that I got awhile back that was just about to expire. Making the appointment was easy and painless. Got there at 12pm and had to wait in line to get a representative to help me. That took around 5 minutes. After representative helped me, I waited in their waiting area for my car to be completed.  My car took about 1.5 hours to be completed.

Overall, the experience was pretty painless and didn't take too long. Remember to always make an appointment since they do service appointments first!

FYI.. they do offer free WIFI in their waiting area to make the waiting process a little more bearable.

C G. | 2014-01-20

Hello! I am writing to provide my experience/feedback on the candor and professionalism of two of the floor salesman, Amir Ghorbanloo & Santos Garcia! When I started my car shopping journey, I visited many dealerships on Capitol Expressway because I had not narrowed down my likes/dislikes as of yet. (I feel a good sales presentation can help in this process!) on my first visit there, I had the fortune of meeting Amir! We test drove a nice civic and checked out some other models in the lot across the street. I was there for a while and wanted to visit some other dealerships before it got too late. I told him my honest intentions and will always consider all options.  I returned a couple days later but Amir was not in that day so I was introduce to Santos! Since I was getting closer to making my automotive purchase decision, I needed to spend more time asking more specific questions and getting more specifics on availability, colors, options, etc! Santos was SUPER patient and attentive and no matter how many questions I asked (or asked again), he answered them with kindness, honesty and sincerity!!!!  And to be quite honest, I would have purchased a vehicle from him/them except they did not have my color paint/interior combination/options i truly wanted available at the time  :(  So, if you're considering a Honda vehicle, PLEASE do yourself a favor and ask for SANTOS GARCIA or Amir Ghorbanloo when visiting Capitol Honda!!!!!

Z H. | 2014-01-19

This is my second review for this dealership. However, this is for the service department.

I don't find these folks helpful. Their staff is usually not very helpful and mostly tries to offer you services that you don't need. Instead of doing the required checks, they are keen to get the customer to pay more. For example, even for a minor scratch the staff recommended seeing a Honda body shop even when it could be done with touch-up paint.

Customer satisfaction is definitely not a priority here. I wouldn't recommend it to anybody.

Pray D. | 2014-01-19

poor customer service. rude.

Sunny Z. | 2014-01-14

Recently bought the used Toyota Prius from Capitol Honda and two employees made this transaction painless, Sam and Amir made me fair and quick deal and I was out of there in 30 minutes. GOOD JOB

K H. | 2014-01-08

This is to the Service Section and the Parts Department.  Not the Sales Floor.

I only go here when I get a special coupon in the mail.  Thats what really draws me in.  Other then the fact that I have leaks on my power steering fluid or brake fluid so I always need to restock since I'm too lazy to actually fix it myself.  But anyways!  When I am here, its because I always get these awesome coupons in the mail that reel me in everytime.  (KEEP THEM COMING CAPITOL HONDA!)

Service writers are helpful.  One in particular worth mentioning, Nic Plangsiri.  He answered all my questions honestly and took the time to make some calls about some parts for service quotes, even though my car is old ('88 Honda).

The Techs were very friendly and helpful.  They answered all my questions with honesty and even though they were close to closing they also checked my brakes for me as well (The 49er Fan Service Writer did not alert me that it was a free check up but the Techs did).  Maybe because I was inspecting them from the window since my car was very close in viewing.  But it was funny to see them look under my car and find out that my car was 4WS.  I'm glad they took well care of my car.  Also glad that the one working on my car was from Honda PACT.  Kudos to you!

I've never had a problem with the Parts Department.  They always took the time to get me a part number (again because my car is so old) and even print out a picture for me so I know what I would be looking for, either at Pick-n-Pull or finding it online OEM.  Thanks for being so patient with me.  (The girl working there, we got to a rough start, but were oki now)

The sitting area is clean.  Pretty spacious.  They have a coffee machine that needs to be cleaned.  But other then that really tasty coffee.  TV...well they could have at least another one or two TV's showing something different.  Like a football game maybe?

The -1 Star goes to the girls working the (I guess customer service desk?) service desk.  I had seen if you do a Yelp "check-in" you get a gift.  Prior to this, they seemed really annoyed that I was viewing my car from the window for a long period of time.  And then talked to the Techs.  Then on retrieving my check-in, they seemed hesitate to give me my free gift, which was a Capitol Honda Beverage Sleeve.  Such a hassle girls.  Thanks for making me feel welcomed.

In fact, I didn't want to have to deal with them again (They were doing a Shell Gift Card giveaway through the mail) that I actually had Nic Plangsiri walk me there.
-Key Hype

Sam M. | 2014-01-04

Great place great people will recommend to friends and family sales is great service is the best I would like to thank Sam and Matt for making it easy

Michele B. | 2014-01-04

Well let me start by saying I was not happy with their service. When we got there a lot of the salesman were just talking and didn't even say anything. Like if they pick and choose who they want to help. Finally someone came and  we seen a couple cars we like, test drove one and  did paperwork but didn't really seem to get anywhere with it. they wanted a little too much for down payment and didn't seem like they tried hard enough. they said they would call us back we actually called them back a couple days later. We end up going somewhere after and got the best service ever and even newer and nicer car. I will not recommend this dealership to anyone. I was told not to go there by friends but many years ago I bought two cars from there. but it sure has change and not for good, obviously they don't need business. Pay people just to stand around and talk or watch the tv inside. That's too bad!

J. H. | 2013-12-31

The phrase 'better late than never' aptly applies to this review. I had intended to do a write up shortly after I purchased our Honda CRV from Capitol Honda in June  2011. Because of delays and time and whether a review was really necessary (Capitol has about 284 reviews and counting), I put the evaluation on the back burner.

However, since I read and use the Yelp reviews as a guide and reference for a product or service which I may be buying, I'd like to occasionally lend my opinion too. Also two and 1/2 years after the purchase, I not only can evaluate the sales transaction, but also opinionate the service department, and the mechanics of the Honda CRV also, good or flawed.

On arrival at Capitol Honda, we visited Simon Tomberlin, Internet Sales , inquiring about the CRV. Simon was very knowledgeable about the interior amenities of the SUV. There was nothing we asked him that he couldn't explain. The CRV was impressive too, with only the foot brake looking a little fragile.

After test driving and agreeing about the price, we waited some time before seeing the Finance manager. Max, who was pleasant, encouraged us to purchase an extended warranty, stating that when the original three year warranty ended, if the car breaks down, the cost of the repair without a warranty can almost equal the cost of the extended warranty itself. Since the extension is from the manufacturer and called Honda Care ( and not from a 3rd party), I purchased a discounted extension.

I've gone to Capitol for the service maintenance, even though the service facility takes over 35 miles travel. The regular maintenance takes 1 1/2 to 2 hours. The service lounge is neat and clean, with complementary coffee and tea, TV, with tables and chairs for laptop. The atmosphere is pretty relaxed and quiet.

I have yet to encounter 'questionable service'. An advisor recommended a 7,500 mile checkup and they accepted a service coupon which reduced the cost. Also the free car wash at Chevron nearby is top notch. The cleaning crew cleans the car inside and out.

As for the mechanics of the CRV, the SUV drives like a regular car, but at a higher elevation, and turns and brakes smoothly. The engine has a lot of pep for a 4 cylinder model. Consumer Car magazine states road noise is above average, but when the windows are rolled up during freeway driving, we hardly notice.

The CRV has some safety features that not many mention. Door safety locks for children. The light flashes on when a door is not locked or ajar when driving. The power window can only move up when pushing the button from underneath. Perhaps my last car was too old and didn't have these features, but they are still much appreciated.

Now for the negative. Several times on hot days in the summer, turning off the engine after driving and using the air condition and radio, we've encounter a dead battery, and CRV will not start without a jump. We've gone to the dealer, including South Bay , but neither can locate the problem. For now we are careful not to use AC or radio much after engine turned off. I believe problem will eventually be resolved unless battery drain is inherent with this type of SUV. Honda Care says not.

We've had General Motors vehicles in the past , and each car has exceeded 100,000 miles, with one  topping 178,000. I expect this vehicle to match or even exceed the mileage if kept long enough.

Overall, we are happy with the Honda CRV and if we had to do over, we would buy again at Capitol Honda.

Leslie R. | 2013-12-29

Let me start by saying i have a Honda crv 2012 i bought bran new from this dealer... At the time had a great experience guy said he would call us to see how everything went blah blah blah its been a year.... He never called... We called him and he never called back. Said if i wrote a good review5 stars for everything when the Honda dealer called us he would fill up my gas tank for free lol... So i did and we never got free gas lol Never stuck to his word So here i am... Any how he did tell us he is the top seller at this place.

Melinda V. | 2013-12-07

I purchased my Accord at Capitol Honda in 2009.  I've always used them for every service need since my purchase.  I have always had great service, quick turn around, nice and friendly people.  I last visited them about two weeks ago and my service rep Tony was great.  Very personable and knowledgable as consistent with my past experinces.  

I work in a service industry in the health care field for a large HMO in the area and we constantly strive to determine what we can do to provide more of a personalized and valued experience for the customer.  That being said, Capitol Honda has always impressed me in the obvious effort put forth into making sure my service is necessary, reasonably priced, personalized, and fast.  

I will continue taking my Accord to Capitol Honda.  I feel they provide better service to my Honda than any private shop being that they are the dealer and thus train all their technicians specifically for working on Honda cars.  So far, with about 50K on the car, I have probably visited them about 20 times for the all the routine oil changes and service needs.  I like to go in early on Saturday and they always have my car back to me within a couple of hours depending on the required service needs.  I have never had to weight more than about 5 minutes for them to check me in.  I have never had any issues with any of the services performed.  

I had a new battery put in recently.  As an example of excellent service and pricing, the battery I bought for my SUV truck at a big box store in the area was virtually the same price, but Capitol Honda installed it and had it ready to go in less than an hour.  

My oil changes and other routine service needs are always done well and I love my free car wash.  I'm a believer in Capitol Honda and having so much experience with them, I can honestly say I am always happy and impressed with their great service department and staff.  Thanks! (Posted by D. Vertin).

Prisilia P. | 2013-12-04

Just an update, I was contacted by Jon and he gave me $100 credit for next time I visit. I sent him both my sister's and my invoices. He said he will look at my problems. I'm adding an extra star just because at least I get a response

Angela C. | 2013-12-02

I'll give 5 starts to Lee Cai. Outstanding salesman, up front and honest.

But to Dan Rhodas, you get 0/5. Awful service. No communication. Thanks for making me wait 4+ hours for nothing.

Maryann G. | 2013-11-22

If you need a new car and don't have time to mess around with a car sales person that may try to sell you cars out of your price range and will still find you a car exceeding your expectations, go see Matt Adams. I've bought my cars here for years & brought my friends and he's always the best! #truth

Phish P. | 2013-11-20

I make a conscious effort to support local businesses when possible.  After buying my Honda Civic at my local Capitol Honda dealership in 2008 I continued to go back to the dealer for warrantied maintenance for the first 3 yrs.  I never had any problems with service or appointments.  I've also used the shuttle service which was fine.  They also occasionally throw in a free car wash!  Today I'm back because my visor is broken again.  Honda knows it's a problem so they extended my warranty.  I wish I didn't have to take time out of my schedule to take care of my car but on the flip side, at least it's because of a elective problem vs engine, starter, or something more serious.  My Civic has taken care of me over 83,000 miles over the last 5 years.  

Why four stars?  Yay! I am a fan.  But I don't think it's a "Woohoo, it's as good as it gets."  There is always room for improvement.  

Thank you Capitol Honda team - keep up the good service and genuine work.

Helen P. | 2013-11-19

Before skipping this dealership and heading to the next closest Honda, hear my defenses. I came in looking to trade in my Honda Insight for a better car. I honestly wasn't a fan of my hybrid. It felt almost like an expensive handbag that I couldn't carry my essentials in or pair with the correct outfit.

I highly recommend going to Billy Bui for all your questions and inquires of a new Honda. He was polite, knowledgable, and easy going. I asked him if he had a White Accord Coupe within the lot. Instead of brushing me off or trying to sell me a different model or color, he went out of his way and drove to their Used dealership across the street to bring it to where I was standing. It may not seem trivial but most car dealers would probably direct you to walk across the street and find it yourself. When it came to test driving, we took a long route around the area so that I could really get an idea of the features and specs of the car. Again, most car dealers would let you drive around the street and U-Turn back in the lot. The transaction went smoothly and he did the best he could to get me the most savings possible. Thanks again Billy! I'm loving my new car!

I gave Capitol Honda 3-stars because I was pushed away by a couple dealers.

Steven S. | 2013-11-16

SO as always, Capitol Honda never lets me down... As soon as I think to myself "this can't get any better" I get proven wrong.

This little blurb is about my 2007 Honda Civic SI. I took it in for a minor service, to Johnny (of course), and while doing the initial paperwork I asked about an issue i had been having since i bought the car in 2007 (It would pop out of 3rd gear). Now keep in mind that I've taken my SI to Capitol Honda for All of my services (except when i was in Iraq) and I've asked about a fix regarding 3rd gear. Johnny said "unfortunately not, the only way to fix it would be to rebuild it..."  i responded with "sounds expensive" and we had a laugh about it. Johnny went back to the computer and continued the paperwork. after about 10 seconds Johnny said "wait a second, you bought the extended warranty... that'll cover the transmission fix!"

I was blown away. for a second i thought he as just messing with me. He went on to say "it'll take up to 2 days to get it fixed AND the warranty covers your rental car. so hows your schedule look this week?"   Johnny also addressed other concerns that i had such as uneven tire wear (another issue that was covered by the warenty). I can continue with the story but I'm sure you get where this is headed. They did a great job.

Now the "Bad Side"

They had the nerve to put me in a 2013 Honda Civic with all the bells and whistles... now i want to buy new car      =P
I hope Johnny doesn't plan on leaving Capitol Honda any time soon because if he does I'll  follow him wherever he goes. Johnny did an awesome job and is the only service adviser that I will take any of my cars to.

Micaiah A. | 2013-11-09

Walked in ready to buy a car. No salesman was available and so we said we would just come back. The salesman that did talk to us just agreed and said, "yea, come back later." No thanks. You lost our business.

Ian S. | 2013-11-02

Great service at Capitol Honda . After checking out several other dealerships and dealing with pushy sales men and terrible deals . I came  back to Honda and purchase a  2013 civic . It was a very simple and fast process . Thanks to my sales man Amine Kedir he made the process fast and simple .Over all a great  experience I  would definitely recommend Capitol Honda and Amine if your in the market for a car .

MyTien P. | 2013-10-30

I usually come here on the weekends to get an oil change and always have to wait 1 - 1.5 hours. I finally decided to come on a weekday so I didn't have to wait as long.  

I came in around 5:20 PM and the guy seemed really aggravated that I came 40 minutes before closing. I'm sure he was hoping he can go home a little bit earlier or something... When I got to the cash register, I gave the guy my coupon for a $28.99 oil change. He seemed even more annoyed and told me he would have to charge me $10 more because my car needs fully synthetic oil. The last time I got an oil change here, they honored my coupon and only charged me $28.99 flat. I didn't want to argue with the guy and just let him proceed with my oil change...

Anyways my oil change was completed in 15 minutes. I'm glad I didn't have to wait over an hour like last time. Hopefully someone nicer (with no attitude) can help me the next time I come here for maintenance.

Edwin E. | 2013-10-29

Be alarmed with whatever the financial specialist trying to attempt to sell you. If you don't know whether you need the option, such as extended warranty, or oil change, or Karr system, then never listen to specialist's talk. They will try every means to persuade you if you don't insist on your decision. After you sign the document, you are dead meat.

Special warning:
Don't buy the KARR alarm system because it is a piece of s**t. You can easily get other system from best buy or amazon. Dealer is just try to make profit from it since it has big profit.

Daniel R. | 2013-10-28

Will never buy here again , they ripped me off and when I gave them a down payment of 4k they called me a few days later saying j need 1,000 more down by two weeks or I have to return the vehicle I think this is so unprofessional . So I has to brake my budget and come up with the 1,000 come to find out 1 year later when I tried trading it in because the car had been in a accident which I was not aware of  I found out I owed more than it was worth how can that be when I put down 5k . I'll NEVER COME BACK . Go to Capitol Mazda

Maoz .. | 2013-10-19

I came here to get the new Honda accord .Matthew was very nice and he so me. And seat with me. And explain how it's work. He took me for a ride.

Jenni S. | 2013-10-19

I am currently leasing a car from here, and I am so happy with my car and the service I have received from here! In May of last year, my beloved 1998 Land Rover Discovery was a goner after snapping an axel. I decided that it was time to lease a brand new car so that way I wouldn't have to worry about another used car dying on me! I'm pretty sure that I visited every car dealership in San Jose, and the salespeople at other dealerships were like vultures! They would stare down approaching cars and wait until that second someone got out of cars, then try to push cars with unnecessary features on them. Not the best way to make a sale!
Then I came to Capitol Honda, and Raul was beyond helpful! I told him that I wanted the most basic Civic, and he found me exactly that (and in a gorgeous red color!!!). Raul was patient and I didn't feel like he was just trying to make the sale, he wanted to make sure I was happy with the car. A lot of other dealers I had talked to were "sure that I didn't have enough credit to get a car without a co-signer since I was so young", so they didn't even bother to check (rude!). But Raul checked for me so I could get the car right then and there! Unfortunately I DID have a good enough credit score, just not enough lines of credit, so I did need a co-signer, but I'm glad Raul had enough faith in me to check!
Plus, their service station is fast and friendly!!
I highly recommend Capitol Honda if you're looking for a Honda!

Henry L. | 2013-10-19

Used my Livingsocial deal here, fast service on a Saturday afternoon and a free gift when checking in on Yelp! So don't forget to check in :D

Christy N. | 2013-10-19

This review is for the best service rep Johnny Nguyen at Capital Honda Services.  You had made my experience there a great one.  I had my car service here many times however it was just mediocre before until I met Johnny.  He was friendly, welcoming and his customer service skills was superb.  He was efficient.  He told me that he will give me a call once my car was done and he did just as he said.  He let me know what the mechanic had recommended for my car and asked me if I like to have them service here.  He even email me the recommendations package so I can have them as reference, I don't have to carry the paper one around.  At this point, I was thinking wow I never thought they can email me this stuff.  This is different.  He called me again and let me know that my car was ready for pick up.  I came to pick it up a for a surprise discount from him.  Overall, I had a great experience and he made all the difference.  I will tell all my friends to go to him and no one else.  You don't settle for less, you settle for Johnny!!!

Michelle S. | 2013-10-17

In shopping for a new car for my mom, we went through the entire auto mall using a Consumer's Reports mag to guide us.  When we made our way to Capitol Honda, we were greeted by Amine Kedir.  We test drove the Fit and found that she liked it but didn't want a black one.  We asked if they had any other colors.  We were asked to sit in the showroom while they checked.  They only had black but they were willing to give us a deal if we wanted the black one.  She really didn't want black so we said we were still shopping and would keep them in mind.  We did quite a bit of test driving of various, similar cars and some were preferred over the Fit but ultimately the Fit had all of the options that she wanted.  We did inventory searches online for the right color and style that she wanted but none were willing to give the same deal that Capitol Honda was willing to give so we returned to them and asked if they'd honor the same deal but on a Fit from another dealership.  To my surprise, they were willing to do the deal.  They not only honored the price they'd quoted but arranged to get the other car from the other dealership to her.  They really took care of everything.

I want to be sure to provide some facts for this review however.  No dealership is perfect and hunting for a new car is not only nerve racking but takes a lot of time and energy.  A salesman is a salesman is a salesman.  When it comes down to it, they're working on commission, they want to get the most of it and so does the dealership.  So here's some pros and cons to our experience with Capitol Honda.

They honored their deal which is saying a lot.  We shopped in about a two hundred mile radius and no one was willing to give the deal that Capitol Honda gave.  And they stood by the deal but on a different car.  That alone is worth the 5 stars.

Our salesman, Amine Kedir, was nice even though at times could be argumentative.  He came in on his day off to go over the delivery of the car.

As with most car buying (not just a problem with Capitol Honda but did still occur), the process of buying the car (after it's been picked out, driven, agreed upon, price, etc.) takes forever.  I'm not talking about them having to go get the car from another dealer either.  It shouldn't take several hours to do a credit check and sign papers.

There is an overwhelming push to give a review of the dealership.  I usually shy away from doing that sort of thing because I feel stuck between a rock and a hard place.  If I give an honest review and everything isn't perfect, then I (or in this case, my mom) gets treated not so nice when she returns for service or needs information, etc.  This dealership incentivizes for perfect reviews.  If you'll notice, almost every review has given both the first name and last name of their sales person.  That's because they've been asked to do so.  I don't think that's right.

If you check-in on Yelp for the free surprise, they know you're on Yelp and will pester you for the above talked about review until you're guilted into doing it.  Again, not right.

Bottom line - Capitol Honda kept their word which is almost unheard of in the car dealership arena so just for that I'd go back.

Reza K. | 2013-10-13

Took my car to the service department on Friday. I needed an oil change but trusted their judgment when they found $1500 worth of repairs with it. No sweat, but when I went back to get my car a young girl at the cashier who obviously didn't know how to do her job wasted an hour to give me back my car.

Note to managers, if someone is on training, put a name tag or something so that people know their time is going to be wasted. if not, for god sakes train them so they know how to do their job.

Here is a hint, people are busy, wives may bring the car and husbands make come take them back. it should not be a big deal, you should not ask the same question 7 times from a customer, they are bound to get frustrated.

Elsa H. | 2013-10-09

I just don't understand their Internet sales strategy...

Don't waste your time to email them. They only give you msrp. They said they won't give you any deal unless you come in (I tried to contact them in different email address and online chat, only get msrp)

Kamal K. | 2013-10-07

Ok. We had a great experience in purchasing our Honda accord there a few years back and with the service department.

However, the sales department seems to have gone down the drain. They are not price competitive now. They also seems to have a dedicated usher (to the door - if you quote too low of a price). Try Anderson Honda if you want to get a better price on a new vehicle

Siddharth G. | 2013-10-04

Sam took great care of me. Really enjoyed working with him. Good car dealership  and nice and humble people to work with.

Frannie D. | 2013-09-28

I was shopping around for a car and we ended up here at Capitol Honda. Amine was awesome! He was very professional and provided excellent service. We located the car I wanted and gave me a discount due to the fact that we had a costco card. I had no credit and he tried his best to help me out. I thought I wasn't gonna get approved for a loan, but he walked towards me and said congratulations, you got approved! Yay! :)

Mr. Truong, the loan officer, was the best! He was funny and very helpful. He seems like he truly enjoys what he does and loves helping people out. It didn't take that long to sign the papers and I didn't feel like they were being pushy at all. I've been to other dealerships and from all of them I like Capitol Honda the best. I'm glad I received EXCELLENT customer service from this place!

                                          **Thanks Amine and Mr.Truong!**

Nikki T. | 2013-09-27

I've received great service here, from the point of just casually walking into the dealership to browse, until now...a few months after I've signed the papers!  Our family has purchased 3 cars here in the past 3 years and have received unparalleled service with each one.

I purchased my car with Tom Loi and he did a great job getting me the car I wanted with a price I felt comfortable with.  I did not feel rushed or pressured to buy anything. (Maybe because he knew I had purchased a Honda from him before?)  But the entire process was very fast.  Took less than 2 hours!  And let me just say, I LOVE my new car.

Fast forward to my first car wash. I noticed the IBEX coat that I had purchased was defective.  I had tried to wipe off some bird droppings from my car (soon after it happened) but it had left white residue to the car.  After another car wash (I hand wash my vehicle) and trying some other methods that I found on respected car forums, the residue was still there. I kinda freaked out thinking they were going to be there forever!  But I contacted Honda's service department and brought my car in. A service department specialist tried to help me first, but thought it was best to transfer the situation over to Jon Hagan, the service manager.  Basically from that point on, Jon provided unparalleled service for me and my car.  It's my first Black colored vehicle so I pretty much baby the heck out of her, and Jon was completely understanding and catered to all my worries.  After giving me a rental car (free of charge of course!) for a few days, they transferred my car to their special body shop somewhere, and had all the issues fixed.  He also had some cosmetic issues taken care of for me (that I hadn't noticed was there before). After everything, my exterior AND interior IBEX coatings were reapplied. Jon personally contacted and followed up with me after every step they took, and reassured me that my car would be back in perfect condition. I really appreciate all the updates- such a personal touch!  Well I got my car back today from Sean (to help Jon because he was in a meeting, but he was so great in answering all questions!) and it was beyond beautiful- shiny, clean, and not a single scratch or smudge in sight!  They even cleaned everything inside out (including my car mats...I mean they look brand new!  How did they do that?? When I clean my car mats at home, they still have a dull look to them.)  And the BEST PART??  Somehow the interior has that coveted new car smell again!! After 2 months, it started to fade, but now it's kinda back. :)  Overall, I am a happy camper!  

Jon and Sean (sp?) handed my car back as beautiful as I remember it on the first day that I drove it out of their parking lot.  I am so appreciative of their service and hope to continue our family's relatively new tradition of purchasing Hondas.

P.S.  I also love that they are now starting to give Honda vehicles as their rentals.  I always felt a little weird driving a strange car, so it was nice to be comfortable and familiar in a rental. I appreciate that!  Also, free WiFI, fruits + coffee + BBQ on the weekends!

I don't have time to write reviews often, but when I do they are super long!  Hope this helps some of you thinking of buying a car. :)

Sheena T. | 2013-09-24

I have been here on multiple occasions before:

- Attempted to buy a car here
- Serviced my vehicle twice here with an Amazon Local deal

The two stars are really for two things that were good here, really.
1. A pretty nice free Honda keychain with a Yelp Check-in
2. My first experience getting my car serviced with an oil change + tire rotation only took about 45 minutes top while I was waiting in the lounge; the guy who rang me up gave me vouchers/coupons for an all-around car wash behind the Chevron next door. The car wash was excellent in that they washed my car and cleaned the interior of my car thoroughly. I kindly asked him if they had complementary car washes as dealerships tend to at least wash your car after getting any kind of service. That has always happened with my previous 2007 Nissan Altima at Premier Nissan. He said that they didn't have a car wash on site and kindly gave me vouchers to head next door to get it done. This part is important and I'll explain an inconsistency a little further down.

Now some pretty sad BS I had to deal with was when I tried get a decent quote for a 2012 Honda Civic Coupe LX. The guy tried to sell it to me at full MSRP with no discount whatsoever. That's basically unheard of in the car selling industry - there's always somewhat of a buffer between the MSRP and a bluebook price, so I didn't want to deal with their BS and just got quotes from other dealerships. Anderson Honda is really better with car dealing, so I would suggest them over Capitol Honda in terms of sales anyday.

The second mishap when I bought another Amazon Local deal and wanted to get an oil change and tire rotation again. However, when I asked about getting coupons for a car wash, this cashier was adamant about not giving me the coupons and said it was only for servicing and maintenance. I said that's not what has happened to me the last time I was there and that usually, all dealerships who do oil changes and tire rotations at least wash your car before handing it back to you. He then proceeded to just type away at his computer and shrug me off. I was pretty annoyed, and this time, it took over an hour to an hour and a half to have an oil change and tire rotation done... on a weekday. I wasn't pleased with my second experience at all, and I decided that I wouldn't be coming to this location anymore after that.

Matthew T. | 2013-09-21

Just bought a 2013 Honda Pilot from Capitol Honda. Went in one afternoon with my family to see
What current stock they had of 2013 touring editions. Was greeted by Matthew Adams, one of the salesman after a few minutes. Very low pressure and low key which we appreciated. He asked us if we wanted to see inside and even drive one. Again, very little to no pressure. Showed us the highlights of the SUV and afterwards checked on current rates and promotions. He didn't try to get us to come in, or pressure us to get our information. We told him we still wanted to test drive some other vehicles like the Explorer and Durango. He simply handed me his business card and said give him a call, he can match prices and help us out.  
A week later we called him, he matched an online price we got from another Bay Area dealer which was a great deal. He even came in on what appeared to be his day off to take care of us. Process was so easy, credit app, approves for a low rate, got the exact pilot we wanted.  
Max in finance was also great, very easy to work with. Overall one of the easiest car buying experiences I've had. I would highly recommend!

Go J. | 2013-09-21

Amazing shuttle service

Thomas N. | 2013-09-19

Went here for an oil change for my girlfriend's Honda Civic Hybrid. She wouldn't let me do it. There is no free Wifi like some other dealerships. Checking in was quick. Staff here is really friendly. Very happy with their service to us. Our service advisor put the incorrect mileage on the paper work and said would correct it but did not. Hopefully they don't complain if we have any warranty issues.

Must try? ehh... I can do most services myself
Try again? only for the girlfriend.

em f. | 2013-09-16

This review applies only to the sales department and not to the service department.  They didn't quote me an exact price online, although numerous other dealerships did.  When we went in, they didn't even try to negotiate with me.  Their price was something like $700 more than other online prices I had received.  So, this was disappointing.  WE bought elsewhere, better price, better interaction with customers.

A warning:  they have a gong in the showroom, which they rung occasionally.  Napping babies would not appreciate this.

Joyce S. | 2013-09-14

Just got my new 2013 Honda civic at this dealership! So much thanks to Amine Kedir for his great customer service. So glad and happy I didn't get stuck with one of those annoying, pushy kind of sales dealers. Amine was very friendly, professional, and patient with me and all of my needs. A very great buying experience and I'm completely happy with my decision to purchase my vehicle here instead of the Toyota corolla next door. Come and get your new car here everyone! :)

Phoebe T. | 2013-09-07

Just gone done at Honda & I couldn't be happier with the service that was provided to me, Jeremy Sworde (who is also the assistant service manager) was super friendly & attentive to detail.

Waited in their new customer lounge which was very nice, fully equipped with AC (it's currently 94 degrees outside), complimentary coffee/hot chocolate, very nice & comfy black chairs, free wifi, a flat screen TV, pretty much like a small high class cafeteria lounge lol.

45 minutes later I get a call from him saying my car was finished. Super happy & stoke about my new car battery. :-)

Also forgot to redeem my check in "surprise gift", but I'll use it next time I'm there.

Thanks Jeremy!

Ammar T. | 2013-09-06

Mathew Adams gave me the best quote I could find. He was a man of his word and stuck up to it. Literally checked credit, signed paperwork and paid down payment in a matter of 30 minutes. By the time I was done with the paper work, my new car was waiting for me outside.
If you need a car, Mathew is the man to go see..

Olivia F. | 2013-09-06

We purchased an Accord over the Labor Day weekend and I have to say that Lupe Jimenez was extremely informative and had so much patience with us.  He literally stood beside us for over 30 mintues while we tried to decide between two different cars and we felt no pressure what so ever!  He helped us by pointing out the differences between both cars but didn't guide us towards the more expensive car as I would expect a salesman would do.  We appreciate that tremendously!  Thank you Lupe!

Lily N. | 2013-09-05

I bought my used car here but I was very scared to come here for service due to all the terrible reviews. I prolonged my oil change because I didn't want to deal with bad service.

Finally, I took it in and Alex blew me away with his excellent customer service. Everything about him radiated professionalism. He spoke loud and clear, explained the costs, and didn't make me do any BS work on my car that I didn't ask for. He actually saved me money because I asked him to do a smog check on my 2011 car. He told me that I didn't need to do smog on a car less than 7 years old. Saved me a TON of money. He estimated 1.5 hours to 2 hours. They finished in exactly 1.5 hours.

Give this man a raise! =D Going to see Alex for every service I get done on my car from now on.

Kristi G. | 2013-09-04

We purchased a Honda from Capitol Honda on 8/5/13. We had visited several local dealerships over the past few months.  We were very pleased with professionalism and knowledge of Derek Martinez.  Mr. Martinez approached us when we arrived on the lot and was extremely helpful in helping up with a very pleasant and streamlined purchase of our new car. Capitol did beat the quote we had from another Honda dealer.

In addition, prior to our arrival on the lot,  I e-mailed I got a very fast reply from Gennyvie Montiel inviting us to come in to talk about Costco pricing.

Roger Villanueva, Sales Director, worked with Derek Martinez to make sure that we were pleased with the entire process.  

It helps to visit other dealerships just to appreciate how well run and organized Capitol Honda really is.  Or if you want to avoid that, I strongly suggest that you go directly to Capitol Honda.

Kunal U. | 2013-09-03

Walked in yesterday.. Within less than 5 hours walked out as a proud civic owner.. Great service.. Santos sales guy was very helpful!

Buy your car here!

Tinny T. | 2013-09-02

Amine Kedir was the sales person who helped me at Capitol Honda. I came in without an appointment and was directed to the cars I wanted to see immediately. He asked me the colors I wanted and came back with the information promptly. He also walked to get the car I wanted in their other lot and asked us to wait inside because it was too hot outside. When negotiating the price, he was helpful and took our negotiations to heart to get the price that we want. I was grateful that he was the one who helped us. He definitely put customer service at the top of his priority.

Jill G. | 2013-09-02

We just bought a car from Sam.  The experience was great.  He is knowledgeable about the cars we were inquiring about and friendly yet professional during the entire car buying experience.  He also worked his best trying to get us the best deal on our trade-in.  I would definitely recommend Sam.

Jamie R. | 2013-09-01

Happy with the service. Oil change only took 1 hr. I will be coming back here again! I used to go to South Bay Honda since its closer for me, but I had a bad experience one day with them and drove all the way down to Capitol Honda. Will be coming here again!

Tony S. | 2013-08-31

Was doing new car shopping and started with Honda to baseline.  Wasn't expecting to purchase today, but the product and sales service was excellent.   A real surprise.

Friendly staff and environment, especially Sam Reihaneh our sales person.  Didn't get the traditional hard sales push, which we appreciated.

Ended up purchasing an Accord Sport.  A great experience.

Ken B. | 2013-08-31

I'm giving Capitol Honda 1 star only because I can't give them less.  I bought my Honda here because it was the only local dealership that had the car with the features I wanted in stock.  This was a mistake, I should have waited and had another dealership order it.  After driving the car out of the lot, these guys promptly reneged on every promise they made.  Customer service was rude and condescending, appointment times were not honored and they tried to find ways to not honor any kind of warranty service and repair.  After going through 3 to 4 months of this crap, I moved my business to another Honda dealer. If they were the only Honda dealer around, I would switch brands, or walk. They do not deserve your business.

David W. | 2013-08-30

They got my friend into a lease, or as I like to refer to them as a fleece.  We did the math and realized she would of been better off buying the car with some down and financing.  She went back and asked them if they could let her turn it into a car loan instead.  They had already told her it was possible when she got the fleece, so of course they said sure.

So she comes by today and when I look at the paper work they charged her 2,700 dollars for depreciation as if they bought the car from her and sold it back to her.  I was like WTF, she had possession of the car the whole time, and of course they didn't explain this to her either.  They also told her she could get a better interest rate if she took a 1400 dollar extra warranty on a brand new car that came with a free 3 year warranty and only had 600 miles on it.  Another rip off.  They also changed the lease price for the automobile from 17,000 to 19,600 which according to Kelly bluebook the msrp on the car is actually 18,500.

These are not good business men, they have no heart and must be laughing at every customer that drives a car off the lot.  They saw her coming a mile away I am afraid.  Please whatever you do, do not buy a car from this dealership.  I can't speak for other Honda dealerships, but this one is bad.

Added 08-31-13 Upgrade to 3 stars

I took my friend in today and talked to sales manager.  After reading over the contract he saw that they had indeed made several mistakes.  He quickly fixed the mistakes and took off the depreciation and the warranty that she didn't need.  Re-did the paperwork correctly and apologized.  I am happy with there handling of the problem so I took them up from 1 star to 3.  Thanks Sam, we appreciate your help.

Jeff G. | 2013-08-30

My wife and I came in to look at their Certified Honda Fit selection.  Hassan Lotfizadeh was our salesman, and he was quick to show us what we wanted to see and to get us into a test drive.  The car was what we were looking for, but the price was a bit high  so we asked for a lower price.  They played ball and we were able to get it for a bit above KBB averages, which was ok with us because it came with a 100k mile drive train warranty.  

The one star I knocked off was not from our salesman but rather because once we agreed on the price, we had to wait for over an entire hour before even starting to sign papers.  I believe they are extra busy on weekends but the wait was pretty ridiculous even for that.  Overall it was good experience and if I ever need another certified Honda I'll most likely be giving Hassan a call.

Jackie H. | 2013-08-29

They were really helpful and gave us what we wanted. Very professional and friendly. The salesman Jean Pierre  was very nice. Overall we had a good experience and came out with a car.

Heather R. | 2013-08-28

First I want to say...I am super excited!! Today I purchased my first brand new car!! I love Hondas always I traded in my old civic for a new 2013 sales associate Lupe Jimenez was the best !!! I dreaded coming tonight due to my past experiences with purchasing used cars from other dealers..but tonight was pain free..the BEST buying experience ever!!! I was in good hands, they all took Great care of me which was very calming and reassuring to me that I was at the right place! Thank you Lupe Jimenez!! I will recommend you always!!! I would also like to thank Elsayed Abdelbaky for your excellent customer support!! You all made this experience wonderful!!! Thank you..thank you!! We will definitely be back for any future car buying and recommend Capitol Honda always :-). Best regards!!

Jill E. | 2013-08-28

a quiet and safe place for getting your car fixed plus the coffee is tastey and free.

Emily C. | 2013-08-26

Bought my 2013 Honda Accord last night at Capitol Honda. Worked with Roger and Lupe to get a price within my range and nabbed the last car on the lot in the color I wanted. Also had the pleasure of working with Deepak in financing. He was friendly and very honest about the packages. We got through the paperwork fairly quickly.

I purchased fairly late so it was somewhat difficult to see the detailing on the car at night. Found a little chip on the bumper from the adhesive the manufacturer puts on for shipping. Took it back today and Lupe was very quick about getting the car checked and setting up next steps to get it fixed despite being off at the time.

Overall, good experience and came home with the exact car I wanted. :)

Baaqar A. | 2013-08-23

5 Stars for Sales Consultant **Amine Kedir**
1 Star deducted for not delivering on quoted price.

After having a very negative experience with Gilroy Toyota, we reached out to Capital Honda to receive a quote on a 2013 Accord LX.   I documented their quoted price in an email and sent it back to their Internet Manager to confirm.  When we went in the dealership we were quote a slight higher price and we closed the deal paying $300 more than we had expected.    We still received a very good price.

Amine Kedir helped us with the sale process.  He was courteous and behaved professionally.   He was respectful to me and my wife and for that we didn't mind paying slightly more.   Our sale was conducted at 9:00pm on Sunday evening which required Amine to stay with us at the dealership until midnight to finish the paperwork.   Next day Amine came to work (on his day off) and got the car fully cleaned and inspected and called us when the car was ready to be picked up.   He also took his time to explain the features and functions of the car before we drove off the lot.  Thank You Amine for great service.

Overall experience with Capital Honda was positive.  


Robbie M. | 2013-08-18

Friendly and knowledgable staff. Came in on the intention of only looking and wasn't pressured to buy anything. I will be making a purchase within a week and will definitely buy from Capitol Honda. Highly recommended!!!

Mark Y. | 2013-08-18

first experience in buying a car, and could be a best ever. So many thanks for Amine, almost took a day to deal with my poor credit. Also, thank you the freaking signiture guy. lol

Danny V. | 2013-08-16

Good service provided by sales person Sam and the rest of the sales team. The prices are little above MSRP, but there is a way to negotiate. Personnel very nice, they take care of everything. On Saturdays, they provide a free lunch for clients, they make a BBQ on parking lot.
We got an excellent deal and my wife is very happy so far.

Jonathan H. | 2013-08-16

Had a great experience buying a used car here. Santos Garcia helped me and my wife find exactly what we needed within our budget. No pressure, no hassle, just helping us get what we needed. Thanks guys!

Jonathan L. | 2013-08-14

Came into to test drive the accord and crv. We wanted to test drive the insight, but service rep was rude and said no and told us to come back another day. WE HAD THE MONEY TO BUY A CAR THAT DAY...but no, he gave us attitude and was like what kind of car you want, small, big, gas seriously....thats the point of test driving. We went to toyota next door and bought a car that day! RETRAIN YOUR EMPLOYEES ON CUSTOMER SERVICE, AND NOT TO DISCRIMINATE JUST BECAUSE WE DON'T LOOK WEALTHY. Telling everyone I know about the poor customer service here. If you're going to buy a Honda, go to stevens creek honda, they are so much better.

Jimmie P. | 2013-08-13

We just got a new white 2013 Honda Accord EX-L.  Awsome experience here at Capitol Honda!  "A" Team Roger Villanueva and Lupe Jimenez personally took care of us from beginning to end.  They both made our buying decission stress free by giving us their professional advice and ensure that we were making the best bang for our $$.  If you're looking for great service, great deals and great Honda selections, Capitol Honda is the place!  Come see Lupe and Roger for your new Honda!

Alex R. | 2013-08-12

After wasting my time and energy at Stevens Creek Honda (see my review for full story) I decided to take my money to Capital Honda.

I called capital Honda (talked to Geneve) and told her my situation, asked her if they had the Black on Black Honda Pilot Touring, she said yes (two). I then asked if the can match the price from Stevens creek Honda ($37,591) due to MSRP of $42,100. She stated, if you have email with the price, YES we can match it. She told me to come and ask for her, she was gong to set me up with a salesperson.

20 minutes later, I arrived at the dealership. Before I can even get out of my car, a salesperson asked if he can help. Since I didn't want to explain anything AGAIN, I told him, I'm here to see Geneve. He immediately stated, "let me get her for you." The salesperson came back and told me Geneve with will be with me shortly. Geneve came out, (friendly, professional) and greeted me. She then asked me to take a seat.

2 minutes later, Geneve came back with the salesperson (the same person who wanted to help me and went to get her), his name is LUPE. She handed Lupe a paper with the car I want, with the price I want and my trade in information. I simply explained, the trade in needs to paid off, the price of the vehicle is not negotiable and the budget is $39k. I was a bit upside down on my trade in, the price of the car is $37.5k and tax/license was gonna go over. Lupe came back with $39.4k about 10 minutes later, I said "NO." He then came back with $39k twenty minutes later, we shook hands and it was done.

There was no need to test drive the vehicle, since its for my wife and she has already test drove it the previous day. They gave me a few discounts $500 I was not even aware off and they beat the APR my credit union was giving me.

I was in and out from the dealership in 2.5 hours (considering the fuel fill up and detail took about an hour). The Honda pilot touring is awesome. There was no haggling, there was no lies, there was no problems. THIS HAS BEEN THE BEST EXPERIENCE I'VE EVER HAD IN A DEALERSHIP... GRACIAS LUPE.

Todd B. | 2013-08-07

Amin was a very helpful and motivated salesman. We knew what we wanted and what we wanted to spend. We were able to buy our Honda Odyssey at the price point we wanted to because Amin was helpful to work with. He had a great personality and treated us with respect...and was good natured. We love our new used car

Ryan G. | 2013-08-04

I really can't describe how bad our experience was here.  You have to read this -- it's mind-blowing.

We went to buy a new Honda.  We had enough money in our checking account to buy it on the spot, cash.  Yet, for some reason, the salesman profiled us as being poor college kids... or worse (we suspect racism).  He took us out back, behind the building, out of view, and began grilling us with inappropriate questions - are we married, what kind of work does my wife do, does she have a job now.  After answering "no" to the last one -- despite us previously indicating that (1) we didn't need financing - we would pay cash, and (2) I had a good job as a software engineer -- he delighted in saying to her, "Well then, you're not qualified."  He was out to get her.  It was scary.

We told him we wanted to see a manager, and suddenly he was desperate to show us the cars (which he had previously refused to do).  We continued walking toward the manager's office.  I finally asked his name (twice) and *he wouldn't give it.*  (He never gave it in the beginning, either.)  Finally, as we walked back into the lobby, he ** mocked ** us -- in a squealing voice and looking at the ceiling, repeating "I wanna see a manager!", twice -- and then he *ran away*.  In stark contrast, we had acted extremely professionally the whole time, even after he had gone crazy on us, and he actually went to that level... we still find it hard to believe.

The fact that Capitol Honda is hiring people capable of this kind of behavior, in this job-hungry market, blows my mind.  There are other people out there who are skilled salespeople who deserve this guy's job.

Side note: They are likely posting fake reviews on Google Maps, where they have 4.4 glowing stars.  Of the 73 reviews there, 30 *in a row* are from "A Google User" (highly suspicious) and all 30 give 5 stars!  (It looks like someone definitely spent Saturday night making fake accounts and posting reviews.)

Cindy O. | 2013-08-01

Let me begin by saying that this amazing rating was earned entirely by Sean M who is the Service Manager here.

             My little Dotty (2008 Honda Fit) was acting funny. There was a slight but noticeable shake coming from the engine which had been going on for a couple weeks, but what really made me freak out was that one day when I powered it on and switched into reverse it just went dead, wth? Of course,  being a girl who knows absolutely nothing about vehicles (shameful, I know) I called Capitol Honda and ask to speak to a Service Advisor, they were all busy but the front desk girl, Ashley, took my name and number. After that phone call I was a bit doubtful that I would be getting a call back but much to my surprise, Sean called me only a couple hours later. I explained to him what was going on with my car and he got me an appointment for the next day.

              Now, let's fast forward to after I dropped off my car and we found out how much it was going to cost, $850!! You can imagine my reaction. So, Sean informed me that there may be a way that Honda can hook me up since I bought my car "certified" and actually, they covered almost all of it. Then I remembered I purchased an extended warranty when I got my car at Tracy Honda. Sean and I went through hell and back to get them to authorize a payment and cover my claim. Hooray! I went to pick up my car and went on my way. My car is running good as new. Today, Sean informed me that my warranty company backed out on covering my claim due to the fact that my name is not on their side of the contract although I am on Honda's side of it. I freaked out because I was going to end up having to pay a portion of it out of pocket. Luckily, Sean saved the day! He was able to do some Service Advisor magic and was able to get everything covered. By the way, for most of the time I had no idea that Sean was the Manager, he always referred to himself as an advisor. It wasn't until the front desk girls signed out my car that I heard them say he was the manager. I absolutely admire that! Nothing like someone who is humble about his position. I really want to say thank you for taking such good care of me and Dotty. You rock Sean:)

Amber D. | 2013-08-01

My salesman Mike was amzing! He took the time with my husband and didn't pressure us once! I purchased a brand new 2013 odyssey from him and I would reccomend him in a heartbeat! In fact  when my son starts driving, which is in a year, I will go back and see him!

Silencia M. | 2013-07-25

What an absolute pleasure to work with Lupe Jimenez! The customer Svc was outstanding ! He focused on my needs and preferences and did everything in his power to accommodate in what I was looking for. I'm very happy with my choice in coming to this specific dealership. I am a satisfied customer and proud owner of my Honda! If you're looking for a Honda I highly recommend Capitol Honda !!!

vivian m. | 2013-07-25

helloooo, just wanted to share  my experience at capitol Honda :). we were greeted with a warm smile. We were treated very nice, he offered us something to drink and if we were hungry they had hot dogs and hamburgers yummy. he had a very nice personality and great sense of humor. was not pushy at all answered our questions took the time and didn't get frustrated. I feel very confident and happy, to know that they have helped me make my decision to purchase my fifth Honda. Great cars for the price and comfort. thank you so much Mr. Guadalupe Jimenez.  Great Job keep up the good work. Give credit where credit is due. :0

Crystal E. | 2013-07-23

I love Capitol Honda!! Everyone there is super friendly and helpful, they have the best customer service!!! Today I stopped by to get my oil changed and I just happened to go into the sales office to check out the new 2013 Accords and I fell in love!!!

I was introduced to a salesmen name Derek and boy was I lucky. Derek is super nice and super smart, the man knows his stuff when it comes to cars. He took me out for a test drive in the 2013 Accord coupe and explained everything to me from the fuel saving, how to customized the settings in the car,what Iha was(I think that the name of the Honda radio) lol. Derek had me completely sold on the car.

I wasn't ready to buy today but when I am I will make sure I go back to Derek. He has a no pressure approached, made me comfortable, and he knows his product. If you ever want to buy a car come here and talk to Derek I promise you won't be sorry :)

Cindy T. | 2013-07-22

Overall, my experience at Capitol Honda was good. My family came there to buy a new car. We got a very good deal for the car. Lupe Jimenez did a great job helping us. He answered all our questions and helped us get the best value for our car.

Jenna M. | 2013-07-19

Wow, this dealership goes above and beyond to help out there customers.

I totaled my 2012 Honda Accord and it was that time to look around and find a new vehicle for myself. I was pretty stressed out about having to search for a new vehicle but Capitol Honda was stress free buying process. Finance was a breeze. Drove away with my new 2013 Accord!

TIP: Come down on a week day so it's not to busy.

John H. | 2013-07-19

This review is for Mr.Guadalupe Jimenez (Lupe) of the Sales Department. Wanted to POST what excellent, continuing service that Mr. Jimenez has given me and my family over the years. We have bought and traded several cars from Capitol Honda with Mr.Jimenez handling the sales and transactions, which was honest and informative. We have come back with questions and looking for service a year later, which Mr. Jimenez was always happy to service us or introduce us to the right people to contact to solve our problems. I will continue to go to Capitol Honda for all my cars and automotive needs!

Mr. John  H.

Tiffany N. | 2013-07-16

Finally got my new car! Thank you to all team players at Capital Honda (
Oscar,Leo, Andre, David and Gina. You guys all made my purchase smooth and easy from the internet search all the way to the final signatures on the financing. I will definitely be coming to see you all soon to purchase my son's first car. Thank you all for your team work and professionalism.
Tiffany N.

Sarah J. | 2013-07-15

Lupe sold me a CRV and it was a very good experience.  I highly recommend going to him for purchasing a new or used vehicle at Capitol Honda San Jose

Maria G. | 2013-07-14

I bring my odyssey here for all of my major repairs. They always do what I ask and my minivan feels great when I get back. I always get recommendations from Jiffy Lube to get certain services done through them so that "I don't have to go to the dealer.".  But I feel that I receive excellent pricing and a thorough service so why service my transmission at the oil changing place? I'm happy with their service.

F B. | 2013-07-01

Contacted their Internet Dept when shopping for a new car. The joker quoted me MSRP! lolwtfbbq!

Worse was the "internet manager" kept hounding saying they can match any competitor, blah-blah when everyone else was quoting so far from this dealership!

Shop elsewhere. Do not waste the time and effort. They are fishing for suckers.

Marie V. | 2013-06-28

Excelent service, came for a Recall and they checked everything Gave me a free chocolate and snack, used the service that leave me and picked me in my house, and Jhonny Nguyen was very helpful, liked the service, come back again!

Jason S. | 2013-06-21

CAPITOL HONDA - Overall 3 Stars

Review for the Service Department:

Went in for an oil and an oil filter change on a weekday 9:00AM since my maintenance minder was showing a B12 service. Service advisor greeted me and I told him what I wanted. Since my Honda was approaching 30k, he was very pushy in getting me a 30k mile service. Luckily I had my guard up after reading all the past reviews here on the service department, and I had to say No, thanks multiple times! As an intermediate home mechanic myself, I know what I can do myself and save money while putting in quality fluids.

I got a service special coupon from their website for $28.95. On the coupon, the words on the bottom says, "Includes up to 5 quarts of Honda oil." VERY MISLEADING!! I asked my service advisor, "What is the brand of oil are you guys using here?" And he replied, "Pennzoil." In my mind, I was furious!!! I thought I was getting a deal because Genuine Factory Honda motor oil is a synthetic blend sold only at dealerships which is more expensive than conventional Pennzoil which I can just get from any old Wal-Mart!!! At least, the oil filter was Genuine Factory Honda.. For about almost the same price at $29.95, I rather go to South Bay Honda, just because they use Genuine Factory Honda motor oil, which was where I have been going in the past. And, my car takes 5W-20. Not the fancy 0W-20. You may ask, what's the difference with the Honda synthetic blend motor oil and Pennzoil conventional oil?? Well, with the Honda synthetic blend motor oil, my car was able to drive 11,000 miles till it reached 10% oil life. Conventional oil, maybe just half of that mileage if I'm lucky. Therefore, requiring more return for servicing. Smart move..... Capitol Honda.....

Also, according to Capitol Honda oil change stickers and coupons, an oil change is, "due every 3 months or 3,750 miles." Ummm.. maybe this was true in the 1980s and 1990s and for cars of that generation, but modern Hondas from 2003 on-wards with maintenance minders should follow by the owner manual's procedure. It says NOT to change the oil until the recommended interval, which is 15% oil life, which, depends on driving characteristics. Honda does not state a specific mileage anymore with the advent of their maintenance minder. Yes, I trust Honda engineers who wrote the manual, not Capitol Honda.

The service advisor was apparently more interested in selling his 30k mile service that he IGNORED my B12 code on my maintenance minder, which he definitely saw when he recorded my mileage! B is for oil & oil filter change. 1 is for tire rotation. And 2 is for an engine air filter and cabin air filter change. However, he returned the car to me without mentioning ANYTHING about a tire rotation or ANY air filter change. It was a test. I kept quiet to see if they would say anything about it. Nope. When he handed me back the keys, he reminded me that my 30k service was due next time. Luckily I already have the air filter and cabin filter at home and ready to replace it myself.

In summary, trust your Capitol Honda service advisors with a grain of salt.. at best. For a "quality oil change", I'm now sticking to South Bay Honda since they use Genuine Factory Honda motor oil.

Review for the Parts Department:

Hey, apparently they got the best prices in town for Genuine Factory Honda fluids such as motor oil, brake fluid, automatic transmission fluid, coolant, etc.. I called a few other dealerships in the south bay, and these guys are the lowest deal, at least for fluids that is!

Bessinete L. | 2013-06-21

I went here cause someone referred me to come.
My car need a OIL CHANGE and whatever needs to be done.
I went to ALEX or ALLAN GARCIA, i cant remember.
He's a straight forward person, he ask me if i need something to be check other than oil change, i said  i worried about my brake cause I'm type of person who brake to the last second, not a minute (don't go near me).
And he said he will check some stuff, and he will take care of it.
Give my information, and walk out, after 15 minutes he called and say, theres a re-call for your car that needs to be replace, i just informing you and no cost to you.
Of course Its fine with me.
The next thing he called to be pick up my car, I take my time cause i ate with my friend that morning.
When I pick it up, he said he also rotate the my wheels and come back after 15K miles. and the cost of my OIL CHANGE? really cheap. and He gave me a free car wash next door. ------ so to those people looking for a nice straight good deal go to ALLAN GARCIA and also he knows how to speak Spanish. =)

Victor A. | 2013-06-20

I want in to the service department because my tire pressure sensor was on, I spoke to Sean he said that he was gonna take care of it check it out and he ended up being a nail on my front right hand side tire. He said since I had bought the car about two months ago he was going to take care of it...100% satisfied with this customer service friendliness and quickness. Thanks Sean I appreciate the help

Ana R. | 2013-06-16

Well now I understand why Capitol Honda only has 2 stars. I had gone to the Honda dealership that day because my mom was picking up her car from maintenance and I have been interested for a while to buy a car, especially a Honda. So it started off good with an asian man helping us out, got to test drive the car I wanted, until a Spanish speaking dealer tried to talk to my mom about the car. I had no problem with the Asian guy but having to explain everything to my mom was hard and the Spanish speaking guy wasn't helpful either. That man was rude, talked back saying things someone of his position shouldn't be saying, and was just am all around grumpy looking man. Sadly I did not go home with my car since the old man ruined my day and pissed off my mom. I honestly don't recommend you guys coming here at all especially with grumpy old people.

Sal E. | 2013-06-10

Today we visited Capitol Honda - All Hondas are not alike.

We parked on the side of the building and entered in the side entrance. Every person employed with Honda in the entire building was helpful and friendly. We asked 5 different people to open one of the cars in the show room at different times and no one was jumping down are throats to sell us anything.

When we locked into Santos we knew we were in excellent hands. He was patient and knowledgeable. Santos allowed us to figure out exactly what we wanted (even if it was three level trim package higher than we had planned from what we had anticipated and had planned to do!). He fought for us to get the best price for the most affordable car in our desired budget even as we changed and increased our entire criteria within our session with him. I would recommend Santos to anyone in the market to purchase a new Honda!

His sales manager Roger was great also. As was the guy who I asked where the bathroom was, when I walked back around he asked me if I had found where the bathroom was! Who does that - follow up on bathroom directions?!?

This place is a very unique dealership. Santos 10 Stars due to his investing so much time into us so flawlessly and 5 Stars for everyone else whom which we crossed paths with today because the were truly as good as it gets!!

Mustang G. | 2013-05-30

My son and I went to Capitol Honda with the purpose of purchasing a new Accord LX Coupe.  We were window shopping in the parking lot for about 45 minutes and well within view of the sales people and sales manager's office and was never greeted or offered any help.  Finally I stepped inside to the sales manager's office and asked to see a sales person.  I was then lead to a sales person's office where I was introduced and greeted.  I was then lead outside to the sales parking lot introduced my son and proceeded to explain what we would like to see / buy.  We were brought over to one of the vehicles on the parking lot sales pitch going as we are viewing the vehicle then finally a test drive.  After the test drive we were brought into the sales office where the negation began.  We were told that the specific color / model that he wanted was not available at that time but would be there next Monday (we were shopping on a Sunday afternoon). My son signs contracts and gives down payment and was told to return Monday to pick up the vehicle, we were told that we could not take the vehicle that afternoon because the vehicle still required some type of inspection but it would be ready Monday morning.  Monday morning my son gets a call from the Sales person stating that the vehicle was still on the delivery truck and probably not be ready for pick up Tuesday morning.  My son calls Tuesday and vehicle still not at the lot but would be ready Wednesday assured by the Sales Manager would call him when the vehicle arrived.  Wednesday afternoon still no call so my son calls the sales manager and vehicle still not on lot but would be ready Thursday.  No call Thursday from the sales manager so my son decides to show up and cancel the sales contract and get a refund of his money.  All of the sudden the vehicle is on the lot and would be ready in 30 minutes.  My son still opted cancel the sales contract and was told that he would the refund in his bank account in 72 hours.  It finally showed up in bank account after 7 days.  This is a prime example of the worst customer service hook line and sinker tell the customer what he want to hear from the Sales Managers.  I highly recommend no purchase a vehicle at this establishment.  Try the other Honda Dealerships in the South Bay Area!!!!!

Otto M. | 2013-05-28

I purchased a certified used Honda Odyssey from Capitol Honda in December of 2010.

We started shopping in November of 2010.  We visited many Honda dealers and Capitol in particular at least 5 or 6 times.  We took many test drives.

Overall the exerpiences at Capitol Honda while shopping and test drives were very good.  We eventually went with Capitol Honda because they participate in the Costo Auto Program.  The Costco pricing was good and Capitol Honda even let us negotiate well beyond the Costco price.

The people who handle the Costco pricing are also the Internet department.  Very low pressure.  You get to the final price pretty quickly and then it's a take it or leave it type transaction.

The buying experience was good.  We negotiated on a few dings and scratches we wanted removed.  They agreed to all of that.

One major complaint would be the experience with the "financing" guy.  He was generally friendly, until it came time for him to try to sell you the extended warranty, interior protection, car alarm, yada yada.. a lot of junk that we weren't interested in.  I politely declined but he persisted.  He even dropped the price on some items.  After I declined again he said:

"You know, Honda didn't build that car you're buying."

When I asked him who built the car he said "15 different engineers and companies.  Honda only builds motors and transmissions."

While this might be technically true it's still a Honda car covered by Honda's warranty.  I don't care if they build the navigation unit themselves, it's still covered by the warranty.  I'm sure the line about the car not being built by Honda is just a sales tactic but it was really lame and I quickly said to move on.  Not one more word about selling us extras.  At the very end when we were done the same finance guy made a big production about having to deactivate the car alarm we didn't buy for $895.  Like the car was going to be stolen before we got home.

We've taken the car in for service twice and the Capitol Honda service department is really good.  Very friendly people and they get you in and out as quickly as possible.

If it weren't for the finance guy this would have been a 5 star review.

Will H. | 2013-05-28

These guys are the ultimate Craigslist scammers...bait and switch. I called them Memorial Day weekend about a used 2012 Pilot they advertised on CL and on their website, salesman said I don't see it on my list let me research and call you right back. Salesman calls me right back and says I found it on the lot, come in and let's talk. I specifically told him that this Pilot was the only car I was interested in and if he didn't have it not to waste my time. Arrived at dealership a couple hours later and guess what, salesman had no clue where the Pilot was on the lot. He looks confused and appears to be hustling trying to locate the Pilot. Comes out a 15 mins later after "making some calls" and says the car is being purchased by another customer as we speak across the road at the new car lot. Yeah right! Salesman then asks me if I would be interested in another car or a new Pilot. Get the F outta here - who you kidding dude? Honda corporate should look into these unethical clowns. Guess what - the 2012 Pilot has been reposted on CL days later as still for sale and it is listed on their website! Stay away from these guys - no integrity nor ethics. Go elsewhere.

Christine S. | 2013-05-23

May 23, 2013 Spoke with Shaun Miquel today. His response to the missing inspection report was to email me one that indicated my car needs $4500 of various repairs. One of them recommended for immediate repair to the tune of $1400.
After hearing all 3 experiences he assures me that this in not how they do business and he would like me to call him when I am ready to buy the new car... I assure YOU this will not be happening.

Anthony A. | 2013-05-14

WARNING. Do NOT bring your car in for service. I own a 2006 Honda Civic. Went in for a simple oil change and ended up paying $450.00 for a new Oil Pan that I did not need. First of all, they made me wait 1.30 hours just for them to tell me that I needed a new oil pan. There were no other customers when I arrived. Second of all they tried to trick me into paying $900.00 but talked them down to $450.00 (reasonable price). And thirdly, prior to this visit, i went here before to get an oil change and no one ever noticed that I needed a new oil pan back then. I found it hard to believe that I needed one 2 months (not even 3 months since my last visit, not even 3k miles since my last visit) later.  DO not let them trick you or own you for $900.00!

Amod K. | 2013-05-10

Giving one start because that is the minimum I can give.

Cheaters. On phone they promised they will beat offer I have ($22,400 out of door). As I visited their place they told it is not possible, I need to pay 24,500 out of door. Just wasted my time.

On top of that, they play mind games to irritate you and do spontaneous buying. They asked me to wait in room and saying will be back in 2 mins with offer, I waited for 15 mins, so went out to check whats happening, I saw sales guy (ROGER) just chatting with others. He said he will be there in a min. I waited again insides closed room for 15 more mins alone. He turned up at last after 30 min wait and  accused me that I am lying and no one would give such a low offer. He said he can make $24,500 and just wasted my time.

I will never in my life will go to this dealership. And would advice same to my friends.

Elle F. | 2013-05-08

Came here with the purpose of getting a new car. I talked to a lady on the phone before I came. Her name was Gennyvie.  She was very helpful on letting me know what vehicles were available and giving me some quotes on the car that I was interested in. Had scheduled an appointment to come in.

Then I was greeted by this man named Derek. I've never experienced buying a car before at a dealership so I was kind of iffy at first, but surprisingly Derek was very laid back and made the whole experience a great one. He had a very funny personality and I liked that because I wasn't intimidated at all like most people because they think car salesman are bad and are out to rip you off.

We test drove three cars. The Honda CRZ, Sport Fit, and the Honda Civic Coupe. I liked the fact that Derek was very helpful during the whole process because he not only answered all my questions, but he wanted to help me find a car that would be the right fit for me . He was also very patient and didn't rush me as I was having trouble deciding on what car to get. I thought that was very important and in the end , I ended up choosing the Honda Civic Coupe. I couldn''t be happier.

The sales manager there was a breeze to work with. I believe his name was Elsayed and he was very kind and helpful . They accepted my offer and I feel like I got a really good price on my vehicle. I'm so happy that I came to this location as I had a wonderful experience buying my first car. I would definitely refer my friends and family to Capitol Honda. And don't forget to ask for Derek if you want someone who's down to earth and will make you laugh all day!

James G. | 2013-05-08

For the Service area!

Had a GREAT experience with their service department. Originally called to get a quote on a fix for an issue my car was having. Was pleasantly surprised by the price so I set up a day to drop it off (the next day). Drop off was EASY and they got me out of there quickly.

A good amount of work was conducted on my car (expected, already knew what was wrong). They completed the work VERY quickly and kept me in the loop when other issues popped up. What was nice was they just called to advise me, not try to sell me stuff I didn't need. This alone will keep me coming back!!

Props to the crew and gal that originally helped me (Angie). I really appreciate it!

P.S.- They also hooked me up with a free car wash at a neighboring car wash. Nice touch.

Caroline W. | 2013-04-26

These guys think of everything. I made my service appointment easily online. There was no waiting time to check in. Johnny Nguyen was fast, professional, thorough. The estimated wait time was accurate. The waiting room was great. It had tables and chair for reading, work or study, a TV and more comfortable chairs, coffee/cappuccino machine, vending machines, fruit. I received a text message and email when car was ready. Johnny went over everything that was done to my car. To my surprise they didn't conduct service that wasn't necessary, so they saved me some money there. Johnny also made sure that I received all discounts possible. Check out and payment were easy and quick and they give you a coupon for a full service wash next door. And because they were a little busy, Johnny personally brought my car around so that I wouldn't have to wait. Later on I received a soft copy of the paperwork provided to me at the dealership via email. Oh, and their service floor where they conduct maintenance and repairs is probably cleaner than my house!

Howard S. | 2013-04-17

Turning in a great review of my service advisor Nic.  I brought in my car for a dead battery, my second in in the 6 yrs I have owned the car.  The first one was replaced under warranty, and the paperwork indicated that the second one was warrantied too.  Well, although Honda corporate refused to cover it, Nic agreed that the paperwork sure gave the impression it was warrantied.  He went to bat for me with the his management at the dealership, and they agreed to honor warranty.  I very much appreciated the dealership making good on this.

David B. | 2013-04-16

Bought my third car from them and Capitol Honda is fantastic. No pressure and they treat you like a king. Only place I would ever buy a new or used car. Car fax always available.

Jennifer L. | 2013-04-14

This is the most upsetting and confrontational customer service experience I have ever had in my life! Even if you don't read the rest of my review please avoid this dealership and especially Wally from the sales department!
I'm from Monterey and I was looking to buy a Honda but I thought that I would shop around to get the best deal. I called Capitol Honda to see what they were offering and a salesman named Wally said that he would give it to me for $700 less than what I was offered in my area. I thought that an hour drive was worth saving $700 so I told him that I would meet him the next day after work. On my way I told him that I would be there between 5-5:30. I got there at 4:30 and they paged him right away and he said that he was on his way. I expected him to be there at least by 5 but  he arrived after 5:30. That means that he was going to have a customer wait for 30 minutes if I got there at 5. In my opinion He should have been there at 5 on the chances I was there at 5 also. As a customer it isn't my job to work around his schedule and to wait around for him. Even still, everything would have been fine if he had just apologized and moved on. Instead he kept trying to justify himself by saying things like "you said 5-5:30 not 5, i got here right in the middle of 5-5:30 (which isn't true because he arrived after 5:30), you should have been more specific about the time," and so many nonsensicle excuses i cant even remember all of them. but basically every time i shot down one of his excuses he would make up another one that would devoid him of any fault. It wasn't just what he said but also the fact that he was very aggressive in his delivery and trying to get in the last word in order to win the argument. It was as if he was trying to bully me into just letting it go.  it isn't right that if i was waiting for him that he would come in unwilling to apologize and instead try to tact the blame on the customer. In the end we left practically screaming at each other. He even followed me outside and was glaring at me as if daring me to say anything else. This is the worst dealership I have ever been to and definitely the most terrible salesman I have ever met!

Harvey S. | 2013-04-11

They got the job done.  They are nice, but I felt like they were trying to always get more money out of me.  I understand that this is the business, but it is a pain when you bring it in for maintenance expecting $400, and the bill is $2000.  Never fun.  And it's bad when the car still doesn't really work after all the repairs.  

On a positive note.  Nick is really good to work with.  Very timely, and felt like he honestly wanted to help me.  I would return back.  They are 100% better than Honda Steven's Creek, who are down-right crooks.  Read the google reviews.  They will steal your money and wreck your car.  Go to Capitol Honda.

Narie L. | 2013-04-08

This review is for the service dept. I finally came in for my first minor service. The wait was long(2hrs) bc  it was Monday morning. They have a wonderful lounge with wifi, large screen tv & coffee. Didn't have any, but they had free pastries. Sure made it comfy enough so that there are little  complaints. Personnel was very courteous & the service superb!!! So sorry to see so many 1 stars for the service dept

Manoj J. | 2013-04-05

They do not honor the warranty for failed electronic car key that never worked from day one. The lady Ericka blames customer for dropping the key, without asking how it broke. The key seemed to work, and had a tail light warranty. By the time I got home, it had stopped working. When I said, they could just change the external chassis, she said that would not be possible, and mentioned I need to spend $225 to replace the key "as I dropped and broke it". Which was expensive and unprofessional.

The other service guys there speak well but offer services that are expensive. I like their communication and their drop-off service is excellent. So I do not have any issues, except for the pricey servicing. Every time I go there, they come up with new reasons why I should spend money, such as $127 for steering fluid change, and $508 for a full transmission service, and $300 for changing radiator hoses. They declared the radiator hoses are rusted, but how can they ever rust if we use 100% coolant and 0% water? Perhaps, I missed something here.

I still recommend this place for all other reasons, as I support the businesses on Capitol. I just wish they made their service cheaper.

Tim W. | 2013-03-31

Yes as many have reviews here about the livingsocial deal, I think I should share my feelings as well. HORRIBLE service dept! The rep help me was Erika Perez, oh man, she seems she hates her job and I wish she would smile sometimes.

1) As many people know first impression counts, as I was grabbing things from the trunk, I did not notice she came by my car. The she yells, "HELLOOO". I was like that was pretty rude, cant she even say a hi or good afternoon. While she was getting my information, a call came in she was assist that call, again FAIL.
(I dont care how long she been in her position, but she needed training in customer service, meet n green)

2) Since I knew Saturday will be crazy long line, I decided to call in advance to schedule an appt. Guess what, their appoint means to secure a spot, but the wait could be 2 hours++. Come on for an oil change, tire rotation, and brake inspection. Should be less than 45 min.

3) During my 2 hour+ wait, I decided to see if the Sales dept had the same bad service. I was right, walking through the lot and the back. Only one person asked us if we are here to see anyone? Then I see him waving to someone not sure if that was like come help me ha. So I decided to walk in the showroom, figure it will be more visible for the sales folks to approach me. Ok so one sales guy did open the door for me and asked if I was here to see anyone. I said, NO. I told him I was looking for a hybrid, he says we have a few in the lot. But didn't really do anything, so I went on checking our the showroom cars. He left us. (FAIL)

4) Result of service dept, we they said we needed to change the brake fluid and power steering fluid as many reviews had the same feedback. Something about balancing my tires. At that point I was like just give me my paperwork.

I guess this is why this dealership has so horrible reviews. Customers do not even want to come back here anymore. I'd recommend, Anderson Honda, you will see the difference right away.

Julieta V. | 2013-03-31

No wonder Capitol Honda is ranked #1 Honda dealer in Northern Californian, because they are awesome! I recently bought a new Honda Accord and I LOVE it! My sales professional was Lupe, very nice and knowledge. I told him I need to be at certain monthly payments and he did all he could to get me in the car of my dermas at an affordable price for my budget. Thank you Capitol Honda, you are my one and only dealership!

Amin F. | 2013-03-29

I have to say Honda dealerships have been pretty good. I have been shopping for new Honda Pilot for last 3 months and was not ready till last week. I got referred to Capitol Honda from Costco program which was great experience and great price point. Santos Garcia was the sales rep who helped me and Kao, both of them were great and very helpful. I would highly recommend to do your research on the web and know what your budget is, both Santos and Kao worked with my budget and I was able to get a new 2013 Honda Pilot  Touring 4WD. Max who was the finance guy was very helpful and explained the process and paperwork.

Jennifer K. | 2013-03-29

I walked in her the other week ready to pay cash for a new car. I asked a salesperson if I could test drive a particular car, and he basically told me that he thought I looked like I couldn't afford it and he wouldn't let me test drive it. Now, I know I look young for my age, but good god I am in my thirties. Needless to say I walked out and will be taking my business to one of the many other Honda dealerships in the area.

Noname N. | 2013-03-28

This old @#@@$ named sam was my salesman .
First question he asked me was "do you even have good credit " with the most degrading tone !
He did not seem even slightly interested in selling the car.
Didnt speak a word during the test drive.
Didnt greet. and even worse. He went into the office after the drive and never came out.

Even if I liked the car I ended up walking out because the customer service was so bad.

A note to the dealer : if you want good service, you should have such arrogant sales representatives fired. I might have bought the car if not for that man. If not teach your sales representatives to show some respect. I was dressed shabby that day but oh trust me, I had enough credit to buy 4 of those cars !!

Lina Z. | 2013-03-26

This review is for the SERVICE Department. Also, my first and last time ever getting my Honda serviced at a dealership.

I bought a living social coupon for an oil change. Super simple right?? Oil change + inspection took 1.5 hours, because they were busy trying to find things that were "wrong" with my car. At the end, the service rep told me my wheels were misaligned even though I literally just had them aligned the week before!!! I personally felt my car alignment improved since the previous week, but of course I freaked out, because I started to think I had been duped by the alignment shop. Because of this bad information from the Honda dealer, I ended up going back to the alignment shop to get all the wheels re-checked. Turns out, my wheels were fine! The way the Honda dealer checks your wheel's alignment is NOT accurate. I have heard that at the dealer they drive your car forward onto a platform and sloppily measure the alignment. They do not put it onto the rack. Figuring this out caused me a lot of stress and wasted time. Capitol Honda also told me my brake fluid was dirty and needed to be replaced immediately. I later consulted with a friend who use to be a mechanic, who told me dirty brake fluid is not a real concern as it is merely a hydraulic system not in contact with small moving parts, such as an engine. The one good thing that I got out of Capitol Honda is they properly diagnosed my center brake light being out. But it doesn't take a genius or a mechanic even to discover that problem.

Overall, I left the experience with the Service department feeling shady inside...dude I thought I was just getting an oil change! They told me these things as if they knew about my car history even though it was the first time I brought my car here. The print out summary I received at the end also suggested a new timing belt since my car has over 100k mileage. Actually FYI, I just got my timing belt changed last year.

In hindsight, the living social coupon was not worth the hassle. I should have known based on the other bad reviews here, so shame on me. Dealerships are also where new inexperienced mechanics get started in their career, so it is probably the worst place you can take your car to get fixed or serviced. Do not be fooled by a pretty waiting room or complimentary coffee.

Nhan N. | 2013-03-12

If you're looking for a dealer that treats customers fairly and with respect, Capitol Honda is NOT a place for you. I had used Costco in the past to inquire about vehicle pricing and eventually purchasing such vehicles at other dealers and I had never any bad experience until now.

From the time I came in the dealership on an empty weekday afternoon, it took more than 40 minutes with 3 different salesmen and finally a pit boss to give me their so called Costco pricing, which by the way, is ridiculously much higher than what everybody else quoted me for a 2013 Honda Odyssey. And what they wanted was for me to sit down to negotiate. Needless to say, I didn't bother to waste anymore of my time with these guys.

The main reasons to buy a car through Costco is to save time and money. This doesn't mean that you will always get the lowest price but a fair price with no haggling and aggravations. My experience at Capitol Honda is anything but that. It's a lot easier to just ignore these guys and move on but I do feel that potential car buyers and Costco should be aware of the trick these guys use. Costco, please take this dealer off your recommended list. They don't deserve to be your partner. Bring your business elsewhere, you'll be a lot happier.

Tina N. | 2013-03-10

I went with a friend to just browse for cars. Person who helped was way too serious, but he definitely knew his stuff about cars. I'm surprised that he wasn't as aggressive as I thought he was going to be on selling us a car. Couldn't even joke with us. :( Test drove the Honda Accord and Honda Civic. I'm not a fan of Honda though, but I did love the new 2013 accord and civics. New layout and interior.

Anthony M. | 2013-03-09

This review is for the service department only.

I recently purchased a Living Social voucher for oil/filter change, tire rotation and brake inspection.  I usually take the car to Stevens Creek Honda for routine maintenance, but this deal was too good to pass up.

The service advisor who assisted me was a gentleman named Jinsik.  My car is 11 years old with over 150K miles.  That fact combined with my Living Social coupon, led me to believe that I was going to be treated like a second class citizen and/or given a laundry list of expensive repairs.  Neither occurred.

After a couple of hours (Jinsik took care of two recall issues on the vehicle as well), Jinsik actually complimented me on the maintenance of the vehicle and identified two issues:  1)  discolored power steering fluid (routine maintenance).  2) engine oil leak (which would require some further work to diagnose).

I explained to Jinsik that the car had recently undergone a major engine service from another mechanic.  Jinsik advised that I take the car back to that mechanic to determine if the leak is a result of that engine work.

That's is.  No pressure.  No catastrophic warnings for not taking care of the matter right then and there.  He handed me a "know your vehicle" report with notes from the inspection, and I was on my way.

As a first timer to this facility, I very much appreciate the courtesy and professionalism of the service I received here.  I will definitely be coming back, since I expect to get at least another 100K miles out of this car.

Ninja J. | 2013-03-02

I wish it was possible to give a business no stars.  Or perhaps negative stars?

I was interested in test driving and hopefully purchasing the new Honda Accord Plug-in.  It is a brand new car and there are not many available in the bay area, so I called them to inquire whether the car was available and whether it was possible to test drive.  I specifically called before going to the dealership to be sure that they had it available and that I could test drive it. Gary on the phone told me that I could come by and test drive it, so I drove from San Francisco.  

When I arrived I checked in at the service desk, and no one helped me for twenty minutes.  When Gary finally did come to "assist" me, he told me that it was the only Accord plug-in that they had, and that he could only let me test drive it if he got "special permission" from his supervisor JoAnne.  He offered no credible explanation when I asked him why he told me on the phone that I could come by that day to test drive the car if it was only a possibility.

When he came back from talking to "JoAnne" (I still don't know if JoAnne is really a person or whether Gary made her up so he had someone else to blame for his poor behavior) he told me that they didn't let "just anyone" test drive the car, because they were concerned that people who were not seriously interested in purchasing the car would come just to engage in "joyriding" with their new vehicle.  I don't know if Gary is aware that the pick up on a hybrid is about as fast as a 1988 Toyota Tercel, and as the owner of another hybrid vehicle I can assure you that they are last on the list of cars people would want to joyride in.

Apparently the fact that I drove from San Francisco was not enough to show that I was genuinely interested in the car, so he gave me a pseudo job interview where he began grilling me with questions to elicit whether I was going to buy the car.  He then asked me to wait so that he could talk to "JoAnne" again and see whether my answers were sufficient to grant me entry into Oz, i.e. a test drive.

After waiting for another fifteen minutes I decided that I would rather walk to work barefoot everyday than purchase a car from these people and began to leave.  I ran into Gary at the door, who apologized and explained that the only reason he was ignoring me was because he was in the middle of another sale where the person was actually serious about buying the car.  Well, at least he was honest! (about one thing at least- I didn't forget he already lied to me on the phone about being able to test drive the car).

I never expected to be treated so poorly while inquiring about a vehicle costing 40k, especially after driving a long distance to see it.  I don't know if I will eventually purchase an Accord plug-in, but there is no question it won't be from them.

Enrique C. | 2013-03-01

I had a disappointing experience when I took my car in for a tune-up.  The service adviser managed to find about $1500 worth of necessary repairs and when I questioned him about the prices of a few things he switched numbers on me twice.  I caught it twice and he said he could not read his writing.  So his sloppy hand writing could cost you more?

A few months later I got a call from the Service Department about the repairs I declined.  They were calling me to schedule the work!  Pushy.  Since they called me I explained the reason that I declined the service.  They listened to everything I had to say and the service manager called me to apologize for my experience and work with me on pricing.  I really appreciated the effort but by the time they contacted me I had already taken my car to Acura Honda Connection where--surprise surprise--a more experienced service adviser looked over the recommended maintenance list from Honda and told me what I really needed.  I was able to get all the necessary maintenance completed for less than half of what Capital Honda quoted me.

While I have serious misgivings about getting major work done here I don't hesitate to bring my car here for oil changes.  I do appreciate the fact that the service manager reached out to me and took my feedback in a positive manner.

Karen L. | 2013-03-01

It's our family's third Honda purchase from the same dealer in all the years that we've lived in San Jose. They always seem to come through and the staff is very knowledgeable as well as make you feel more welcomed than haggled. Most notable is the manager Kao. Save time and just do your research a head of time, bring in your price, and most time they'll match your lowest offer. Buying a car is always such a long and grueling process but they make it a little more bearable. Our sales rep Sam was friendly and professional. When he first brought back my new car from the detail it had a small scratch which luckily I noticed in time so that he could take it back. Because of the wait, he threw in a full detail for a future visit!

Drew S. | 2013-02-25

Lupe Jimenez sold us a CRV just over a year ago and we've been waiting for something to go wrong as this was the best car buying experience we've ever had. I don't know if we'll only buy Hondas for the rest of our lives, but I truly wish I can buy all future cares from Lupe. This was our first family car, even though we weren't even married yet and my wife and I both felt like we had just bought a car from a family member. We kept waiting to feel pressured or told that we should spend more than we wanted because the car is so great, never happened. On the day we went in to compare rates on financing with our Credit Union, Lupe helped beat our Credit Union's rates and sold us the car for exactly what we asked for, plus a little something extra inside. We didn't ask for a crazy price, but we were honest with what we wanted to pay and he took care of us. At one point the sales manager, Kao Saechao, got involved and again we waited for a song and dance and for him to try and sell us on stuff we didn't want, or jack up the price. That never happened, Kao was great and in the end, they gave us a better deal than we imagined. I can't say enough about how Lupe took great care of us, educated us and then sat back and listened. I work in customer service and he wasn't a salesman, he was a guy who cared about our family and future. PS. After a year of having our 2012 CRV, it's the best car I've ever owned and we routinely think about what a great value we got. Thank you Lupe!!!!

M K. | 2013-02-24

Dishonest, high pressure sales tactics is all that I got from Robert at Capital Honda.  He actually told me that standard features of the Honda Pilot EX-L (mudflaps, and locking lugnuts) were options that cost an extra $2k!  Luckily I tried one other Honda dealer before purchasing the car, and bought it for a full $3k less than the price I was quoted at Capital Honda.  Do yourself a favor and go somewhere else.

Cynthia W. | 2013-02-19

I've leased three vehicles from this dealership. I had a great experience all three times, Ross, Roger, and Ryan were all awesome. They bent over backwards to ensure that I was happy!

I recently brought my car in for an oil change and Ryan Wolfe was my service manager. He was extremely polite as he offered to let me come right in for an oil change without an appointment. He offered to have the shuttle take me home but I opted to take advantage of the free wifi and get some work done!  I had the back in less than an hour and went on with my day.

Keep up the good work guys!

Mike s. | 2013-02-05

I stopped in to look at a stick-shift Accord, since they were the only dealership around that had one. I talked to Ken, who was very nice but quite pushy. The car wasn't for me  (LX trim level feels cheap, and the car feels too big to be sporty), and I let Ken know that. Then he took me across the street to look at their used lot, then back to the new lot, and pointed out cars I definitely wasn't interested in (cross tour?!). Even knowing nothing suited me, he put me in a sales cube and did the "wait two minutes while I see what we can do for you" routine a couple times. I eventually just bolted.

Good selection, but pushy, especially compared to the several other dealerships (mostly VW) I've visited lately.

Maybe it's a good place if you're looking to buy right then and there, but not a good place to get information and see what you really like.

Mandy H. | 2013-02-01

I just bought a new 2013 Honda Accord! It was overall a great experience and the Staff was very helpful. I wasn't sure if I wanted a Honda Civic or a Honda Accord so
I test drove both of them. Moose was very helpful with describing the features and how to use them. Tong in finance was pretty fast with all the paperwork, we were in and out! Overall I highly recommend Capitol Honda to buy your next Car!

Mitzy M. | 2013-01-27

I had a great experience here - Mike and Max were wonderful salesmen. Max was very well educated in what he was selling, and I would recommend him as your financial advisor if you went in.

KC C. | 2013-01-25

Johnny Nguyen Assistant Service Manager knows how to deliver...I have 2009 hybrid Civic that began giving me an issue with the IMA battery..My warrranty was a 10 year or 150k miles on battery what ever came first. I drove into the service department..Johnny was quick to help me even though he was already busy multitasking..i told him my issue and he began the write up on my car. He told me if i drop off my car by 2 pm that there would be a good chance they could have battery in the morning and put in and be ready by 2 pm the next day.
Sure enough i got a call at 11 oclock the next day from Johnny. the service tech was just finishing up and it would be ready for pick up..he told me he was working til 6 pm and come in when i can..

I would hire you to work for me in a second you gave me great service.
I will be back for future service...See you soon..

Thank you Johnny

E. R. | 2013-01-21

I only get on Yelp when I have something exceptionally good to write about - I've never used it to write a horrible review...until now.  We had the WORST experience at Capitol Honda - not only will we NEVER go there again, but I strongly advise others to avoid this dealership, too.  We are very well-versed on lease programs and made this obvious.  When it came time to talk numbers, sales manager, Roger Villanueva, disrespected and insulted us.  When we questioned the numbers, he more or less let us walk and made it obvious he was only doing it to 'play the game.'  He then acted as though he was doing us a tremendous favor in adjusting the price.  In reality, we realized he was cheating us - he made it appear as though he was changing numbers when he secretly  readjusted them.  It was very deceitful, and since we demonstrated how much we knew, we expected him to acknowledge that.  Instead he continued to completely lie about rates.  We were outraged.  We wanted to trade in our vehicle, and he pretended to look at it and didn't even come close to offering what it was worth.  He didn't even have the decency to come out and talk to us, though the dealership was empty.  We expressed that we could go to Stevens Creek Honda (where we had previously bought several vehicles) and he pretty much said, "Fine, go there."  This happened weeks ago, but I'm still stunned when I think about it.  I'm so disappointed by the way we were treated and disgusted that a dealership could operate in this way.  I cannot complain enough about this experience.  I would give them negative stars if Yelp would allow me.  Customers should never be made to feel the way they treated us.  Please save yourself from their horrible customer service and go to Stevens Creek Honda.  They will treat you like a valued and respected customer.

Ramesh B. | 2013-01-19

Excellent place to buy used car.

All used cars at Capital Honda come with a 90 day warranty.
And they really honor the guarantee!.

Used car mgr Jim was great.

I bought a used Mercedes Benz E350 in July 2010.
I bought it at a great price which means Capital Honda probably did not make much money on it.  
The hood release stopped working -They replaced the hood release cable.

When I bought the car I noticed the ":convenience features disabled due to low battery"  warning came on - so I had this documented in the "vehicle get ready" paperwork.
Jim authorized and paid for a replacement battery ($200).

Buying a used car is a scary experience - one is always afraid of things breaking in a few days/weeks.
The comfort provided by a true 90 day warranty provided "peace of mind".

I would not hesitate in buying another used car from Capital Honda.

Andrew V. | 2013-01-14

will NOT go back after having to deal with an extremely rude and unprofessional sales person (Rey)

Kari H. | 2013-01-10

I just bought a new Honda CRV and Ray Endemann was an amazing help through the sales process.  I shopped around and got a very good quote which Capitol was able to match. I would highly recommend asking for Ray as he not only takes the time to explain all the car functionality he also offered to be a resource at any time moving forward.

Brian B. | 2013-01-03

I went to Capitol Honda via Costco and figured it would be an easy deal. After being to an Acura dealer and getting fantastic Costco pricing, I had decided on the Accord and went to Capitol. The initial pricing was much higher than I expected. So the sales person went back to work a better deal and came out with a good price. Unfortunately, they did not have the color choices I wanted on the lot and this was good for a car on the lot. OK, I understand how that works so I looked at what they had and considered it. I wanted to get a couple options installed and like round numbers so gave them another price and said I would take the car at the new price. It was basically a couple hundred below what they offered. The sales manager came out and said no and explained his reasoning. At this point, I am really thinking Capitol is a first class organization and was happy with them. So, I said I not really sold on the color and wanted to think about it. Wow, they let me walk away to think about when we were not talking much - I really liked this and felt good about them.

The next day, I get a call from the sales person asking if I made a decision on the color. I said I was still not decided and would let him know. In the meantime, I called another dealer and found they had one of the colors I wanted and got the price. It was basically $700 more than Capitol without any negotiation. I said if they gave me the price I had a Capitol I would take the car. Of course, they said get a quote in writing and the would talk better pricing. So after consideration and talking it over with my wife, I said I'll see if Capitol can do a little better, any better at all, and go to them as I felt they didn't waste my time and gave me a good price. So, I called them back and told them about the other dealer and said get me something slightly better and I'll take the car. He said he would talk to the sales manager in the AM and get call me back. No problem, I knew it was close to closing time. I said to my wife, they probably won't get me better pricing than was offered but I felt it was fair and would take it when they called even though it was my third color choice.

The next day, new years eve, I get the call and was given new pricing only it had gone up by $200. Wait, you are raising the price? I have never had that happen before - it usually goes down or stays the same. I quickly asked, did this price just go up? He said yes, the sales manager is offering this price to you. I said no deal and decided to keep my reliable 1997 car and save the money after that. I was ready to buy and this just turned me off of a new car completely. I suspect they had already hit the end of year quota and did not care about moving the car. Of course, I never asked them for their quote in writing to play against the other dealer as it was not my style. Give me a price I like and we deal or I'll walk to the next one. In this case, I kept what I had and know who I'll go to next time and it won't be here.

If you decide to go there, make sure you get the deal and expiration time in writing so they don't raise it on you.  That price increase cost them a sale, customer and 3 stars off the review that could have ended up 5 stars.

Marevie T. | 2013-01-01

I wasn't expecting to buy a new vehicle so quick after my accident - but I had to buy a car quick and I had no time to dance around a thought. I was referrred to Tom Loi and he was totally helpful in helping me pick the best car for my commute and the whole process of buying a brand new 2013 Accord EX-L!! YAY! Absolutely was good about answering all my questions and got back to me super quick. I'm really happy that it didn't take so long for the process! I definitely recommend coming to Capitol Honda.

scorpio m. | 2012-12-26

Horrible experience!!

I went there because I got internet quote from them. The Sales guy named Moose came to me and told me that he works in the same team and basically wanted to steal the customer  from the other girl who sent me quote. We had agreed on 23k for accord 2013. Moose told me he can do it, so we took the test drive and he took all my information. imagine he gave me quote of 32k. Ridiculous!! When i came there with a quote and he told me he can do the price.

Every time i stood up and wanted to go, he came with another plan. the price he showed me were looking lower, but there were hidden charges which increased so total cost remained same. He is crook basically. The discussion went on for 3 hrs. and when i finally couldn't take anymore he got mad and asked me to return his visiting card and asked me to get out from there.

I dont understand why honda dealers are so rude to customers! i have heard this from many friends but experienced first time.

A A. | 2012-12-24

These people play the typical car salesmen tricks to get your money. Too bad I saw right through them.

Wanted a Honda Civic, talked to RJ on the phone, and told him the best deal I was being offered by a dealership about 70 miles away. RJ said he could match it. I told him the out-the-door price, and his words, "I can match that." I thought, well, that would save me hours of driving, so I went. Now, RJ is a really nice sales person. Patient and informative. Unfortunately, he was full of empty promises.

I went in expecting him to match that price, and he threw a lot of numbers at me.  $80 documentation fee on top of everything, a $400 car prep fee, fees for splash guards, etc. On the phone, I had asked very clearly, "Is this the base price you will offer me, you won't add extra fees or add other things to the car, and I can pay that price + tax/dmv costs?" He said yes. I went in, and pretty much they tried to get me to pay the original higher cost of the car by adding all these random extra fees that I think should already be included in the cost of buying the car. They tried to sway me into buying the car at that price, giving me a lower APR, giving me more money for my trade-in, saying that IN THE END, I was paying what I wanted to pay. Except, hmm, let's take a look at this..

After arguing with RJ for a while, he brought over his manager, Kao(sp?). I was already furious because I thought we had agreed at a FINAL price on the phone (too bad I never got it in writing). Kao showed me fancy numbers, but the friends I brought along and I were just not swayed. He basically said this:

"I'll pay you $600 for your trade in and then your total price will be X" X being a price that was $1000 over what I had expected. Then I argued and said that RJ had promised us a certain price, and then this is what Kao responded, "In that case, I will give you something closer to that reduced price, but then I am only giving you $300 for your trade-in and increasing your APR."

WHAT?!!? Basically, he was telling us that no matter what, he was not negotiating. Not letting us pay any less than a certain amount, telling us that this was the best deal we were going to get anywhere, that the other dealer would add those costs too. Nope, other dealer stuck to their quoted out-the-door price when I finally went there instead.

SO DON'T COME HERE FOR A GOOD DEAL. Or if you do get a "good deal", get it in WRITING. While I was sitting there, another man walked by me and whispered "Don't buy a car from here." Curious, I followed him and asked him what happened, and he said that he called in and a woman offered a CostCo price. He came in, and then they gave him a price that was different and higher than what she offered. "Should've gotten it in writing," he said. Lesson learned. Get it all in writing. Don't let them lure you to the dealer. When I spoke to RJ on the phone, and when I emailed him, I must have asked him 4-5 times to please send me a written email with the breakdown of the costs. He never did. I gave him the benefit of the doubt, and wasted about 3 hours of my life. Needless to say, I went to the dealer 70 miles away who offered me an OTD price 1k lower than Capitol Honda's.

Quang T. | 2012-12-12

After several months of debating to myself whether I should purchase a new vehicle, I decided to shop around and literally did a 180, ending up back from where I started--here, at Capitol Honda. Kao, was the salesperson I worked with for the purchase from start to end, and I was quite impressed with his straight-forwardness. We initially were interacting by email and when I finally came in to see the vehicle, it was ready as had expected. Straight down to business talk--I showed him the lowest price that I found through my searches at various other Honda Dealerships throughout the bay and after several dealings back-and-forth he was able to match it! Although I was not able to get the full amount out of my Civic, he met me in the middle... sure, I could have sold it on the street for more, but he gave me something very fair, and that's all that I really ask for.

Parting from my dependable Civic, after so many years, was not the easiest either... As I was moving my belongings from the Civic to the new Accord, Kao came out of the office and up to me to lend me a hand, and that literally made all the difference in how I felt. Should really consider changing your name to K.O., because it was an absolute Knock-Out service from start to end! All I have to say is this: if you are willing to work with him, he's willing to work with you, and what a pleasure it was to work with Kao. If you already know what you want to buy and what you should be paying, and are tired of dealing with the typical, arrogant salesmen who belittles you, catch up with Kao for a one of a kind experience!!

Ryan B. | 2012-12-10

Quick tip: If you are looking for a true professional person to work with, who will actually listen to you, ask for Kao Saechao!!

Jim B. | 2012-12-09

I purchased my 2012 honda accord exl here back in august of 2012. "I love my honda"! It was a pleasant and smooth experience. The staff was very polite, helpful, informative and knowledgable. Kao Saechao was very professional and honest. He got me a great deal on my new Honda Accord.
    I have always bought my car here from Capitol Honda. This is my third purchase already and I always look for Kao Saechao to help me whenever I come into their lot. I want to thank Kao Saechao for always... what is that word that kids say now a days?...Oh right " hooking it up". I will always be buying my car from Capitol Honda. "A customer for life".

again thank you Kao Saechao and the staff of Capitol Honda

Maria S. | 2012-11-21

Hands down the BEST customer service I have ever received. Thank you Guadalupe Jimenez and Erica Perez. This weekend I had the best experience at Capitol Honda. Lupe was super patient and understanding. Never did he make me  feel pressured to buy a car. Super friendly staff at the Dealership. They were all very welcoming. Lupe was very knowledgeable about the Honda Accord. Lupe made sure i got the best deal on the car i choose. After signing all the paperwork Lupe spend his time teaching me about my new car he also set up my iphone to the bluetooth. He also walked through the manuals of the car. If i ever any questions about the car i really feel like i could take up his offer to help and give him a call. Lupe took good care of me and i am satisfied with the car i choose. Overall  I recomend this dealership to everyone. Make sure you ask for Guadalupe Jimenez he will take good care of you.

Ken H. | 2012-11-17


And particularly for Angie Freidt in the Service Department.

I've been dealing with Angie for so many years I can't really recall, but it's been at least 7, and probably a lot more.

Long story short - I had a problem with my Honda Civic Hybrid, in that the transmission was screwed up by a clutch assembly.  Turns out the malfunction is known to Honda Corporation, but they haven't (yet) decided that it's widespread enough to warrant a recall or free fix.  That TOTALLY sucks, because the problem is all over the internet.

Anyway...  Angie, as always listened to me rant, whine and complain at how expensive it will be to correct this problem.  In fact, I'd already decided to get rid of the car, and switch brands.  However, after lots of soul-searching, I realized it was just a bit of shock to have to pay for this, along with another problem (throttle assembly).  

Upside for me is that the car was essentially a gift, so I don't have much to complain about.  It's a 2004 hybrid that had 9400 miles on it when it was given to me in 2009 for only $6K, so investing another couple of grand it in it a good bet.

Angie is definitely the Service person to deal with there.  She's always been very up front with me.  Giving me price breaks when she is able to, and looking for ways to leverage labor cross-overs when possible.

OK - I'll keep the car for a bit longer, and hope these latest repairs are the last for a long long while.

Thanks Angie Freidt - If it wasn't for you, I would be lost at Capital Honda.  I hope you stay there until you're an old lady and retire, or that you win the big lotto next week (after my car is fixed), and hand your business clients off to a (trusted) colleague.

George L. | 2012-11-07

I contacted Capitol Honda because I was interested in getting some information on a 2012 civic si. Spoke with Oscar Leon and gave him information he requested and he told me that he would get back to me in 10 minutes, needless to say I am still waiting for his call, I think not! Avoid this dealership at all cost!

Mark M. | 2012-11-01

Many years ago they sold me a used car that, as it turned out, did not complete nor pass their 150 point inspection. I sued and we settled out of court. I was lied to by the sale person about the condition of the car, I had to waste time having it repaired. When I called I got the run around. So overall it is not a place where I think they take the customer seriously.

Mishri B. | 2012-10-29

I just leased a 2012 Honda Civic from Capitol Honda and the staff was so friendly and helpful. Mike answered all of our questions throughly and was very patient while we discussed various options and pricing. He did everything in his power to help me out and work with me to make sure I was happy and getting what I wanted. I highly recommend visiting Capitol Honda and talking to Mike when shopping for a car. :)

Louis T. | 2012-10-21

Just got myself a honda accord sedan ex l 2013. Tom Loi was my salesperson. He was very helpful and resourceful. He walked around the lot with to see what kind of car I was looking for. I recommend going to him when finding a suitable car for yourself at honda.

Andrew G. | 2012-10-21

I was interested in a pre-owned car listed on the Capitol Honda website, however I live in San Diego, so the logistics of the sales process was going to be more difficult than normal.  Luckily when I called the dealership to inquire about the car and let them know i lived in southern California, they were more than willing to help.  I probably called Jean-Pierre about 5 times a day for a week leading up to my purchase, and he was always available and very helpful in giving me all the information I requested.  We were able to arrange everything I needed before hand, so when I flew up to San Jose, Jean-Pierre picked me up at the airport, signed the papers, and I was able to drive my new car home that night.  Thanks to everyone at Capitol Honda for making what could have been a difficult process very easy!

David F. | 2012-10-20

I went in today and traded in my Honda Civic 2012 for a Cross Tour 2012. I got to say, the Cross tour is really nice. I need a 4 door car since I got a baby on the way and Lupe Jimenez helped me pick the right one that suits ours needs. I pulled in to the drive way and he helped us right away and is very friendly and fun to talk to. Going from the 2 door civic to the cross tour felt great. With out Lupe's help I wouldn't of found that car. It's a car that's in between an SUV and Sedan. We could fit like 2 strollers in the trunk! Haha. But one for now. If anyone is looking to get a car, go in and ask for Lupe. He helped me save a lot of money. About 4,000$ to be exact too. He's in it to keep more money in your pocket.

Corey G. | 2012-10-16

Received excellent service from Matthew Adams and Tom Loi. They were honest,willing to negotiate and were very professional. Purchased a 2012 Honda Accord V6. I am very pleased! I suggest you seek their service if you decide to buy a Honda!

Ming Houng S. | 2012-10-14

We came to this location to look for our "possible" 2012 Honda CR-V. With the amazing help from of Ray Endemann, we found the model we wanted quickly! Ray gave detailed explanation about the model and met our budget.

Ray is warm and sincere. No pushing to make deal. Finance manager, Adeola, is very nice in helping out all the paperwork in no time.

The whole process was done in 2 hours. No back and forth negotiation needed.

What else I can say! Great team and service. Though our residence is quite far away from Capitol Honda, we still consider to bring our vehicle service there... (but that will be another story!) I will come back to comment after that.

If you are interested in finding your next Honda vehicle there at Capitol Honda, try Ray!! You won't feel sorry. (BTW, they have a new great coffee brewer machine and excellent beans. Don't forget to ask for tokens to taste it!!)

Chelsea H. | 2012-10-13

We were visiting my sister from out of town when our car broke down. We saw the poor reviews for Capitol but went with it anyways because it was the closest to where we were staying. They have been nothing but great and accommodating. We had a fuse go out and they worked with our warranty to make sure it got covered. While they had our car we got an oil change too. We have had great service at Capitol and would highly recommend people to go there.

Anne D. | 2012-10-08

We got our 2012 Honda Accord with the amazing assistance of Lupe Jimenez! There was no pressure at all & Lupe worked our numbers for our interest & our budget. Over the top sales with Lupe!

To our surprise, we went to Capital Honda to have our first oil change & it was free. There was not wait & it was handled promptly & professionally in the service department. The entire engine & car was checked carefully before my husband left.

We have recommended many of our family & friends to call upon Lupe for their need with Honda vehicles.

Thanks Lupe & the Service Department for you professional work! =)

Steven M. | 2012-10-08

Express Oil Change Service at Capitol Honda is consistently a good deal with great service. Allen Garcia, Asst. Service Manager, is always friendly, thoughtful, and courteous. He carefully looks up recall information, service notices, or reports from the last service on the car. I can trust that the work will be done quickly (without appointment) and correctly. I appreciate the advice on potential service areas for the next visit. The new customer lounge is spacious and comfortable. The free WiFi allows me to get work done while I wait.

Om A. | 2012-10-06

Why the reviews here is eather 1 star or 5? Because they push you to leave them 5 star reviews in trade to detailing, car washing, or gas. I will report this to yelp, you should do the same if you have the same experience with them. It is called FRAUD.

Sales department is very bad, rude, and unfair. There was a manager seems to be south american, a little over weight. Oh my god he was rude very rude. I came here to buy car WTF!!! He told me it is impossible to get the car with that price. I got the same car with the same color from nearby dealership with my first and same offer to them!!!!!

Service department is OK not perfect, please read your car manual before going there. They push you to change the oil well before it needed to be changed. They need more business like others, but they are nice and organized.

Satnam B. | 2012-10-01

Brought my car in for an oil change today and the rear lid was also making a strange creeking sound. Capitol Honda service took care of it in about 3 hours. They had emailed me an ad that they would provide a complimentary car wash which I did not receive. Otherwise they have a nice customer lounge, friendly service agents and do have a shuttle service.

I also went in to pickup a window wiper for my Odyssey and the insert they sold did not have that metal to give the wiper a backbone. The wiper with arm was $32, crazy for just one wiper. So, I went to Costco and bought the driver side and got the passenger one for free for $7. The dealership really needs to fix their pricing on parts, they are gouging customers deeply just like their new car sales department!

If you check in on Yelp, they will give you a koozie, but good luck finding one, you can ask service, they will send you to cashiers who will then send you to new car sales. What a runaround !!  3 stars.

Service department is OK though.

Aaron L. | 2012-09-30

Came in to Capitol Honda to replace my 2008 Pilot which was totaled in an accident.

Was helped by salesman Wally Sai who directed me to a 2012 Pilot with all of the features I wanted.

When negotiating the price, he came within $500 of what I wanted and I was pleased with his efforts to make this happen.

Financing was a breeze.

I think this Honda dealership is better staffed, more customer-friendly, and has a larger inventory than other Honda dealerships in the South Bay.

I am a fan!

Tina E. | 2012-09-29

Aron Hagos was awesome I was looking for a car he worked with my budget and knew what I wanted. I purchased a used 2008 Honda Accord I'm so happy with it. His service was outstanding he went over and beyond.

Don H. | 2012-09-25

Thee's plenty of dealership to choose from so don't stop here unless you really want what they have. It took 3 hours to pay for the car after we agreeed on a price. The sad part was i was paying cash!

William N. | 2012-09-23

Had a good experience.  Worked with Lupe and he was friendly and professional.  Bought a new 2012 minivan, not my first choice, but got a great deal.

Anna S. | 2012-09-22

As others had said, service department is fine but the sales, they cannot even be bothered to greet prospective buyers assuming (likely right) that the cars sell themselves. Well this is not the 90s anymore, there are plenty of other automakers out there just as good if not better.

So anyhoo my friend mike wanted a new car, so we went into the showroom hoping to find a 2013 Civic preferably in blue and with a standard trim. 30 minutes later after sitting in cars and watching the salespeople pick their nose we left. On my way home I got massive deja vu over a similar incident at the exact same dealer in 09 with my other friend Theo. Needless to say I was compelled to write this review, considering that this place has a rotten reputation as being arrogant douches in sales by half the valley, I think my two experiences were not exceptions.

Yasmin S. | 2012-09-22

The service people at Honda are great, but this review is mostly for the sales guy I bought from.  John-Pierre is just excellent. I would recommend him to anybody who wants great service during the buying process. More importantly, his follow up service is what makes him a top notch salesman. He is the kind of guy that retains customers because he cares about the quality of his work and reputation long after he made the sale. Definitely go to him.

Amanda P. | 2012-09-19

My husband and I purchased a Kia Forte from the used vehicle section of Capitol Honda.  Simon Tomberlin helped us and was great.  His experience and knowledge with cars allowed him to "sell" without have to "sell us."  He was absolutely not pushy and just provided us with all the information we needed to make our own car buying decision.  We will definitely recommend and use Simon for our future car buying needs.
We went on a Sunday so there were others before us making transactions so the total buying process was fairly lengthy, about 3 hours, but they have an awesome cappuccino machine while you wait;-)

Bonnie H. | 2012-09-16

This is my 2nd time purchasing a car from Capitol Honda and I can defintely say that I will never need to go elsewhere.  First of all, besides the cars being built to last, they have excellent customer service and are very honest when it comes to servicing your car after the purchase.  I was recently in a car accident where my 2003 Honda Accord was totalled.  For the exception of the impact itself, my car was in excellent condition.  I went back to Capitol Honda and had another wonderful experience from start to finish.  The gentleman helping me, (Stephen Pujals) was extremely helpful and friendly and not a bit pushy.  I will always be a faithful customer and would highly recommend Capitol Honda to all my friends and family.  Thank you!

Shannon B. | 2012-09-12

Still proud to be a Capitola Honda Alumni!  

I used to work for Capitol Honda back in the day when Penske was just taking over.  I started out in Sales reception, but eventually transferred over to Service.  

I now live in Santa Cruz and primarily use Ocean Honda, however I needed to get some information on my past service history there since I was selling my car.  I called up and spoke to a VERY helpful Gail Meikle.  She very patiently helped with all of my questions and provided me all of the information I needed.  It was so refreshing to have a live person answer my call within three rings and have all my questions answered even though I wasn't a very current customer.  It's nice to see that Penske is keeping the high training and customer service expectations!

I have to say on a side note....I used to work in Customer Service for the Service Dept....It was MY JOB to contact EVERY customer to ensure they had a positive experience.  And if they didn't we did everything we could to fix it!!!  So, BEFORE you get a survey, do yourself a favor and LET THEM KNOW if you are unsatisfied!!!  99% of the time, they can help fix your grievance!  Posting negative YELPS doesn't really help anyone improve.

Ricky N. | 2012-09-10

I was really surprised to see the low ratings on here.  I shopped at the Honda Used lot and had a wonderful experience.

I found a used car I was interested in through their craigslist ad and went down early morning before work to take a quick look.  (Needed to make sure I fit in the car!)

Simon assisted me and was very easy going.  I told him I was just taking a quick look before I go to work and he was still happy to give me his time.

I came back after work to fully check out the car.  I am the type of guy that takes two hours to pick you can imagine how long I take to decide on a car.  I must have taken hours and hours of Simon's time.  Multiple test drives, component inspection, google searching, calling friends...everything...and yet he was patient, informative, and did not pressure me one bit.

I decided to buy and he really worked hard to get financing for me.  Even stayed very late trying to get approval but the banks just didn't like me!  The next morning though, he txt'd me with the good news....I went in again and signed the paperwork.

He gave me a great deal on the car too, which I very much appreciate.  I had a set budget that I was working with and he went above and beyond to help me out.

I actually came on my lunch break from work to take care of all the paperwork and he had everything ready to go to really expedite the process!

I'm not sure if he sells on the new lot also or just the used lot, but if you are looking for a car, I sincerely recommend stopping by Capitol Used Honda and asking for Simon.  Great guy, exceptional knowledge of the industry, and most importantly, NO PRESSURE!

Den P. | 2012-09-06

I was interested in the Honda Ridgeline and so last Friday evening I stopped by the Honda dealer on Capital to take a look at the Ridgelines and after parking my car and walking around the lot looking for the Ridgelines I noticed only one in the lot and so my husband and I looked around and thought maybe the dealership was closed cause there wasn't a salesman in sight! I finally had to go inside and ask for someone to show me the truck and soon I was shown the truck but the salesman didn't know much about the vehicle and I wasn't too interested in that year and color so he advised me to go across the street to the Used Car dealership since they did have a 2011 black one listed for 27,900 with 40,000 miles so we went across the street and agian nobody came out to help  and show us the truck which I was really interested in purchasing with a trade in. Finally a salesman walked up by the name Joel and didn't really seem like he cared too  much about the truck or making a sale!! I had to ask him tons of questions and ask if he would get the key so I could get a feel of it and take it for a test drive! Not too much to say during our test drive just that he thought the Ridgelines were a pilot with the back cut off and that they don't get too many folks looking for those models when purchasing a Honda! When we got back from our test drive I had to ask him if we could go sit down and talk about purchasing the vehicle. I filled out the top portion of the credit papers he didn't ask for much more than that and soon he came back with no math figures just my credit report and stating to me that they would only give me 13,000 for my trade in which I have a 2009 Ford Flex in Excellent Condition with 67,000 miles .......I could not believe it when my Flex books at KBB trade in for 17,500 and my payoff is very very close to that figure!! He told me no bank would add that overage to the truck!! Then he started going on about working on my credit and saving my money and I just found it hard to believe these people advertise they way they do and don't want to work with a person to sell their vehicles!! I called several days later and spoke with another person and he was going to do a pre approval  with no trade in and told me he would return my call within 15 minutes ....hahahahaha that never happened!!!!!!!!! Bad Bad customer service and way overpriced vehicles.....We are heading to Pleasonton Auto Mall just found some great deals on the Ridgelines!!!!!

Tom V. | 2012-09-05

OMG 1/2 of the reviews for Capitol Honda are 1 star reviews!  LOL. Hmm....I think that kind of says it all.  Reading the crappy reviews feels more like being a part of some 'been treated badly' support group.  lol

This review is ONLY for the Sales Dept at Capitol Honda.  I think the Service Department is top notch and I still take my Pilot with 150,000 miles to their amazing service team.  

Unfortunately dealing with the Sales Dept recently has been the worst purchasing experience of my life (or should I say attempt to purchase)!

I initially spoke with Robert, an older gentleman who seemed nice enough.  He said come in with the best price you can find from any dealership and we'll match it.  I really liked the Service Dept and wanted to show some loyalty to Capitol Honda.  So we show up the next day with our quote from a Honda Dealership that was 45 mins away.  We came in to meet with Robert as we had arranged but he was busy helping another client.  He then passed us onto another sales rep who walks up in shades and immediately the 'bad vibe' radar goes nuts.

As we talk about the car, 'Ben' belittles us as we ask questions about color options and test driving.  Wait, I am about to buy a $20K car and you want to be a jerk about it?  Really??  So I tell him we have cash to put down and a spotless credit score and were ready to drive a car home that day.  We go inside and he does his little 15 minute disappearing trick in between forms.  By the car Sales People, this is REALLY annoying to Real People there to buy a car because we have better things to do sit around for 2 hours playing your little illusion of a 'power trip' game.

After an hour of sitting around waiting of being there, we let the nice gal at the front desk know we are out of time and need to head out.  She pages the dude and he instantly pops out with the final quote.  The final quote is $2000 OVER our lowest found price from a local dealership.  So much for Robert's word to match any price we have documented.  Know that when they say they will match the lowest price you can find, that does not mean they WILL match it.  Bait and switch?  Broken verbal agreement?  Maybe worth writing a letter to the attorney general.

The mystery manager behind the glass room seems to have all say about pricing.  (Btw: We didn't go with the low quote because it was a different color).  On top of it, they want to give us about 2/3 of KBB for our used car because according to him, "No body pays Bluebook."  So again, I'm about to pay you $20K for a car and being a jerk is how you think you are going to get that?  Wow, major lack of people skills here would be an understatement.

To sum it up, It was just a very mentally painful experience that the nearest Honda dealership could treat us this poorly.  It was everything I dreaded about buying a car and so sad that Honda Corporation allows this type of business practice & behavior go on under their name.  Time to check out Milpitas and Morgan Hill Honda. Hoping for a happy ending (lol) & will definitely update this post. (Update: Went to Honda of Morgan Hill a couple days later and had the best experience ever.)

Again, to be fair this review is strictly for just the Sales Dept at Capitol Honda.

Jonathan L. | 2012-09-02

I had to find a new Civic for my son, and luckily I meet Jimmy Huynh a good sale man from Toyota who I bought a Camry 4 year ago.

He was a straight forward Sale Fleet Manager at Toyota, nothing but honest, no game, trustworthy and customer care thought out the process sale.  He offerred a good rock bottom price as long as his manager approved.  He worked out a deal for me that was impossible to pass up! He happily matched the deal that Honda Stevens Creek, Seramonte offered me.

Together with the sale team, Tom Loi help to get the car through the process quickly and Tong Pham, Finance guy who helped quick paper professionally, no games, nice!

Thank you so much to these three gentlemens for making a daunting experience pleasurable!

Eric Z. | 2012-09-01

Unlike almost every other dealership I contacted during my car search (was looking for a Honda Fit), Capitol Honda refused to quote me a price over email.  Instead, they kept saying stuff like "We are not going to lose a deal over pricing but you have to be here to get the price."  I tried to get them to name a price, sent them a quote from another dealership that I had visited recently, asking if they could put up something similar, but they kept repeating that line.  That probably should have been a red flag, but I thought maybe they would be willing to deal in good faith, so I went.

Big mistake.

The test drive went okay.  Pretty standard stuff.  But when it came time to talk price, our salesperson (Lupe) told us to sit down and then disappeared.  I see him return a bit later, when he goes to one of the computers in the showroom and begins typing away. He's pulling up the price he says.  Then he leaves again.

Maybe he really is finding the best price, I think.  With all the big "Honda Summer Clearance" banners out in the front of the dealership, he's gotta come back with a pretty good deal right?  Wrong.  When he finally comes back with the price, it's two thousand dollars higher than the MSRP.  Seriously?

I'm not sure what to think at this point.  Does this guy think I'm an idiot?  Is he assuming that I haven't taken the time to do any research at all on the car I wanted to buy?  So much for the whole "won't lose a deal over pricing" thing.

We haggle.  He brings out a Sales Manager (Roger, I think it was).  Roger starts explaining to me how in order for them to be willing to make a sale, it has to make business sense for them.  They need to make a certain amount of profit.  I get that, Roger.  I really do.  But maybe you forgot the part where in order for me to buy, it's gotta make sense for me too.

I'm feeling a bit annoyed at this point, but I bring out some printed emails with prices from other dealers that I had gotten.  Roger decides to go off on a couple of tangents.  He disses the other dealership (they don't sell as many cars as Capitol, because they're smaller).  He talks about how all the dealers in the area have to offer similar prices since they all get the cars at the same price.  He starts talking about how he'll offer me a deal that basically gives him no profit.  That's all wonderful information, but he fails to match the other price.  The only relevant part is when he offers to throw in a few accessories so that it almost matches the other quote I have.  But it doesn't, so I leave.

He chases me down while I'm heading out, repeating his offer that still isn't as good as the other dealer's.  Would I really get the other offer at the other dealer, he asks.  They'll probably add a bunch of fees or unwanted accessories, he says.

The other dealer turned out great (but that's another review).

tl,dr: Capitol Honda is not your friend.  They do not respect you.  They assume that you know nothing.  They will attempt to convince you to pay thousands above MSRP.  They will try to lure you into their dealership with promises of low prices, but they won't deal in good faith.

Maria N. | 2012-08-17

So my ass was too lazy to change my oil myself so i decided to take it here.

It was a breeze. Dropped off my car and they took care of everything. The wait was about 1hr and 30 mins or so. Once they finished, they give you a coupon for a free car wash that is located next door woo hoo!

David K. | 2012-08-15

Lupe Jimenez made my first car purchasing experience a memorable one. He very helpful in providing all information about the car I wanted and made sure that I was comfortable through the entire process especially with his humor. He answered all my questions and worked through the process quickly and efficiently. I would recommend this salesman to any one of my friends and family if they were interested in buying a Honda. Thank you Capital Honda for the great customer service (and the tasty burgers). And thank you Lupe, you're truly a character!

Dawn F. | 2012-08-06

I have had my Pilot serviced here for almost 10 years. A few weeks back I went in for an oil change and was informed that my SUV needed $2,700 in immediate services. I took my Pilot to another mechanic--one with a longstanding relationship with our close friends. I was assured that NONE of the services recommended by Honda (that my Pilot has supposedly failed) were valid. That's right- NONE were necessary,

Saved me $2,700, but I sure lost faith in Capitol Honda forever.

LuLu G. | 2012-08-06

I was in a car accident about a month ago & had been in the market for a new car.  I settled on a CRV as I have been driving a similar vehicle for over 10 years.  I arrived on a Sunday afternoon with my boyfriend & we were quickly approached by Moose.  He was very nice, personable, and easy going; I never felt pressure to do anything I wasn't comfortable with.  He explained the different CRV models to us & we were on a test drive in no time.  Throughout this time he joked with us while maintaining his professionalism.  He was very knowledgeable about the car & had answers for all of our questions.  Once we got back to the dealership we played around with some numbers & eventually the desk manager, Roger, came over to chat with us.  He did give us some more numbers & we asked for some time to discuss them, we were eventually able to make a deal.  Our last stop was with the finance department, we dealt with Max;  Max was great, I liked him a lot.  I think the entire thing lasted about 5 or 6 hours, I left with a brand new CRV, a full tank of gas, a nice car wash, a picture of me with my new car, and an overall good impression of the dealership.

tammie r. | 2012-07-31

I had the best experience at. Capitol Honda I had the best sales man ever Guadalupe Jimenez he is an amazing trustworthy salesman I told him what I could afford as well as my credit status and he was able to meet that need I highly recommend him I will continue to refer my clients to him since I am a professional hairstylist I have been telling all my clients!

Carina M. | 2012-07-26

I've never owned or bought a imagine my surprise when I received a call from this place on July 25, 2012.

Why? A friend had put me down as a reference, but they weren't calling me for a reference. My friend had decided to NOT use Capitol Honda and it seems she hadn't returned their phone calls, so they called ME to get in touch with her.

The person calling me was named Wally or something like that. He rambled on about the state of her finances and how she is going to incur penalties if she doesn't call back ASAP. I let him ramble at me for 2+ minutes too long before I cut him off and said, "thanks for letting me know. Good-bye." then hung up before he even got a word in.

Really? Spilling her financial information? WHAT KIND OF FUCKERY IS THAT? Wally admitted to calling the other person/people on her reference list as well...*smh* NOT COOL and NOT RIGHT.

That is MY experience with Capitol Honda. They struck me as desperate, ghetto and unethical by contacting me because my friend no longer wanted to do business with them...after that call, I don't blame her.

Pete B. | 2012-07-26

I've now had a number of interactions with Capitol Honda and I can say that over all and for a dealership, they are good and will be on my list for repeat business.  

We bought our first Honda from South Bay Honda back when it was in Los Gatos.  Good place, got the best price.  DId a test drive here at Capitol and they were good but South Bay beat the price handily.  As far as service goes, I do my own oil changes and tire rotations so there aren't too many opportunities for me to use the service department of the dealership.  There were a couple of recalls on our '05 Odyssey so I took it to Capitol.  Partly because it's closer to my house and partly because South Bay moved to Milpitas.  We got the front brakes fixed for free due to a recall (they were making a grinding noise).  We got a busted seatbelt fixed for free (no questions asked the guy said "Honda replaces these for free") and I got the squeaky back brakes checked out a couple of times.  They couldn't fix the back brakes saying that this was a problem with these but I guess not big enough for Honda to figure out what the actual issue was.  That was a minor annoyance but Capitol Honda did a good job of inspecting and then explaining that they really had nothing they could fix other than cleaning out the debris which would take care of it for a while until the debris accumulated and it started up again.  OK.  The second time I took it in for the squeaky brakes the guy said "you need new tires" and I nodded and I said I was going to get them replaced in another month or so.  They said "well, we are actually quite competitive in pricing with tires, mind if I give you a quote for the factory Michelins?"  Amused, I agreed and he came back with a quote enticing enough for me to say "sure, go ahead!".  About six months later, my wife picked up a screw in the tire and, as luck would have it, it was at 3pm on a Saturday and the screw was thru the very corner of the tire, sigh.  I figured the tire was toast and I knew that they'd be ultra busy on a Saturday.  I called and they said they had a tire and to bring it down.  The guy told me there were very busy but he'd see what he could do.  We needed the car the next day so I knew I just had to wait it out.  I checked in with the guy after about 45 minutes and he said he was still trying to find someone to work on the car but that all the teams were busy.  About 10 minutes later he comes in to tell me he found a team that could get right on it and they were actually swapping out the tire right then.  Way cool!  

Honestly, I've had some pretty bad experiences with dealerships so Capitol Honda has had to work hard to change my attitude and I'm happy to say that they have.  Fast forward a few years.  My wife's Odyssey gets rear ended, sigh. Bent frame, double sigh.  Fight with insurance and terrible body shop (Sterling, will be posting a bad review for that shop in a bit).  Finally get the car totalled and start looking for a car.  I emailed Stevens Creek Honda and Toyota and Capitol Honda and Toyota.  After test drives, my wife and kids chose the Pilot so it was between Stevens Creek Honda and Capitol Honda.  Capitol Honda had three of the type we wanted while Stevens Creek initially said they could get one from their sister store, then said it was sold only later to tell me they finally found one.  Well, once they told me the one was sold I went to Capitol so there was no turning back at that point.  Roger does all the coordination, he's the guy I traded emails with.  Sam was the guy who showed us the car and took care of us from a sale perspective.  Sam was great!  He was definitely there to serve us not balking at all when my wife discovered a stain in one of the seats of the first car we looked at.  He immediately went and got the keys to another and inspected it with us.  Sam did his best to make things go along as fast as possible but as someone else mentioned, the finance department is very slow here.  We actually were paying cash for the car (OK check if you want to get picky) but we had to finance the car to get the special deal from Honda.  Sam helped make the best of that situation and kept tabs on us and kept us in the loop.  

In short, I'm a fan.  Their sales people are good here and attentive.  We got a good deal w/o having to haggle (possibly due to using internet sales) and the service has been better than I've expected from a dealer.  If they could fix the slow finance department, I'd have no complaints.  I would highly recommend Roger and Sam as people to talk to there though as they are both very good and attentive people.

Eric W. | 2012-07-24

Buying a car is like a war.  It's a battle between you and the dealer.  I been through many battles.  But this battle was was different.  Capital Honda left me a message saying they can beat my quote I got online, we're having a big tent sale.  I learn very quickly, the guy on the phone, his job is to say whatever to get you down to the dealership, he is not a sales person.  You deal with someone else once your at the dealership.  Apparently, all 4 cars were sold out, really?  No problem, we can get the car from a different dealership.  They quoted me a price that was not even close to the price I got from another dealership.  I told them I wanted to speak to the guy I spoke with on the phone.  I gave the guy a earful, even played the message he left me.  In the end we got the car we wanted and the price.  There finance department is very, very slow.

Denise W. | 2012-07-10

I bought a Honda Accord last week from Capitol Honda.  My sales rep, Roger Bothelo. was friendly and patient.  He was knowledgeable about his inventory and took time to describe all the features in the various models.  After I decided to buy the car I had to work with the desk manager, El-Sayed A., who was very pleasant and was willing to work with me.  It was getting late so I told them I'd come back the next morning to get the car.   The next day I worked with the finance guy, Oscar who was also very pleasant. I did have to wait especially long but it was 4th of July weekend.  Overall, I had a good experience and left with a new car.

Sandy K. | 2012-06-21

This review is for Mike Emadi, at Capitol Honda.

Yesterday, my mother and I walked into Honda to look at their Civics, and we had the pleasure to work with Mike. We were both skeptical because we feared that since we weren't too knowledgeable about cars, we were going to be taken advantage of. That definitely wasn't the case with Mike. He definitely made us feel comfortable, and I never felt inclined or "forced" to buy any car.

After test driving a Honda Civic, I was disappointed that they didn't have the color I wanted (Dark Gun-Metal Grey). Mike some how pulled some strings, and managed to find the color I wanted! After giving me such a great discount and lease agreement,  I ended up driving out out of the lot with my first new car which is a Honda Civic 2012 which I am IN LOVE WITH :). The gentleman who handled my finances (can't remember his name) was very kind to me as well.

After going to other dealerships and dealing with other salesman, Mike and Honda Capitol exceeded my expectations! If you want superior customer service (without the pushy salesman), ask for MIKE EMADI at Capitol Honda. You wont be disappointed!

kellis d. | 2012-06-15

Well, where do I start? Have done very few of these reviews. From my experience, Capitol Honda is "as good as it gets". Bought my 2010 Crosstour about a year and a half ago. That in itself was a good experience. Recently noticed some of the clearcoat coming off. Took car in to see service manager. He couldn't have been more friendly or more helpful. He had to get clearance from Honda to do a repaint on those areas. Jon kept me informed on every step. When I dropped the car off for the service, the service adviser at the receiving lane called me by name. Impressive. every time I have had the opportunity to go in there, I am amazed at the attention they give to taking care of the customer. I am 65 and have crossed the door step of many dealerships in my time and have never had service such as this.
   Your the best Capitol Honda but don't get complacent. It takes work to get on top and it takes work to stay on top.

Jennifer F. | 2012-06-12

I like Moose and Raul, and the gentleman did our loan, and the managers.  Me and my friend, each bought a touring elite on the same day:  my eyes are set on a Honda Odyssey touring elite,  he was accompanying me on this big purchase, and then he realize that  it is the perfect car for his family during the process.   The whole process is relative pleasant, tiring but  exciting too, and we trust the team.  What triggered me to write this review is that whenwent back for a free tank of gas and car wash a month after the purchase( yes ask for a free tank of gas and car wash if you buy from them), Moose showed me same level of courtesy, promptness, and during our waiting, he even went through the trouble and got my 4 year old a balloon, not floating any more, but it put a big smile on my pre-schooler's face,  that is what i call " customer service."  Now if i have any question about new car, my son will say ask Moose.

David V. | 2012-06-05

what can i say about this dealership. so the night that i came over that place was dead maybe 4 customers that i saw inside. so i was outside the dealership walking around for a good 10 minutes and no one came out to try to help me out so i decided to walk in. the first thing i notice walking in the front door was an employee on his phone texting, legs on the table, and just didnt even acknowledged me. next i walked around the show room and still no one came out to help me while i was looking at a few cars that was in the show room. next i came up next to a family and see if they have been helped and they said they have and that there were surprise that no one even came out yet to even say hi or how could they help. I just left and went to HONDA IN MILPITAS GREAT SERVICE THERE

Daniel F. | 2012-06-04

Didn't really like this establishment, bought  2004 dodge Durango didn't fill me up with gas, safety lock was messed up on my door took forever to fix. Took forever for the paper when I came approved with my own loan.

Chinese Kitchen O. | 2012-05-31

I can always depend on Capital Honda's Service department to take care of me. The staff always goes above and beyond my expectations. They value my business and time by giving me reasonable prices and getting the job done quickly. Thanks Danny Mora and Johnny Nguyen!

Seabow T. | 2012-05-28

On two separate occasions, this dealership told me that they had a vehicle that I wanted, so I went to go purchase it.  After I arrived, they told me that they no longer had the vehicle in stock.   The first time this happen I went the same day to purchase the vehicle, so no more than an hour or two elapsed from the moment they told me that they had the vehicle.  The second time this happen I received a confirmation email at 8pm on 5/26/12 for my appointment to purchase the car.  I went to purchase the car the following day (5/27/12) at 2pm, and it was no longer in stock.  I find this very difficult to believe because the internet sales agent, Armida Villareal, told me that she was extending me a good deal on said vehicle because it had been sitting on the lot for awhile.  On both occasions, they tried to sell me another vehicle that they did have in stock.  On both occasions, they tried to explain the error by citing computer mishaps.  However, on the second occasion, the internet sales agent called me the following day and changed her story by telling me that they sold it that morning. STAY AWAY!

NF B. | 2012-05-27

If you're looking for a Honda go to Capital Honda! and look for STEPHEN PUJALS!! He's absolutely GREAT!! He's customer service orientated NOT a salesman, there's a difference!

He's very nice, sincere and has the best personality!! He's so helpful! Not only did he NOT PUSH ME into buying anything but really fought for us to get the better price when bargaining for us to his manager.



jim m. | 2012-05-17

Okay, this review is for John Hagan and his crew in service, specifically Johnny Nguyen.  I was hesitant to take my car in for service due to my previous experience with their sales folks.  I needed an oil change and recall service, so I figured Capitol was closer to my house then Stevens Creek.  

I scheduled my appointment and everything seemed fine.  I was told the service would be a certain amount of time and I went for a jog.  I came back and walked by the nice bay window to see a Honda Pilot just like mine being pulled into the service bay.  I saw Johnny and asked if that was my car and if it was just being brought in for service.  Johnny said I don't think so because it was not on his service side but he would check.  Johnny came back and told me there had been a mixup and it was my car.  He said it would be another 30-40 minutes.  

I was not happy and told him I could not wait.  Johnny apologized for the mixup and spoke to his manager John Hagan.  Johnny told me he would take care of the service the next time I re-scheduled.  John Hagan came to me and apologized as well and said he would take care of it.  I did reschedule my oil change and recall service free of charge.  I also wanted some other accessories for my Pilot and Mr. Hagan really took care of me...Thank you!

This service center is fairly new and probably had some quirks to work out.  However, based on Mr. Nguyen and Mr. Hagan's follow-up and excellent customer service, I will continue to bring my Honda Pilot for service as long as I own the vehicle or until they leave.  Thanks gentlemen!

Lisa B. | 2012-05-16

I took my car in to the service center because it was making an odd noise and, on the way there, the check engine warning light came on. In the first interaction with the staff, I felt that I was getting information and was understanding what they were going to do and what the cost might be.
Later in the day, I received a call. Apparently all sorts of things were found to be broken. Okay, I can buy that. The car is ten years old and there was a warning light on. I approved a variety of work. I found the cost very stressful, but what I was being told seemed to make sense and I *thought* I was being informed in a straightforward manner.
Unfortunately, I was not. Because of my verbal okay to some of the work, Capitol went ahead and approved a variety of work that has been done in the recent past and work that, while it is listed as "dealer recommended" is also listed as "exceeds manufacturer requirements" that _I_ did not approve. I was told a somewhat high price, but not nearly as high as I ended up with! (I was also not told prices job by job. Just a general overall description of the specifics that actually *were* wrong with the car.) I got a lot of talk from the repair representative saying he would find me coupons and would bring the price down. Somehow he never actually made it around to stating those variety of things that they planned to do to the car that cost a LOT of money! I would not have approved a number of these things if they had actually been checked with me, particularly the ones that were just recently accomplished elsewhere! $995.00 worth of inappropriate work later, I have a HUGE credit card bill (because there were things that needed to be done along with those that were never approved) that I will be paying off _forever_!
I can absolutely guarantee you that I will not be returning here!!!

Nerio M. | 2012-05-08

This review is about the sales person who helped us, Jean-Pierre. Jean-Pierre doesn't care about the customer. All he cares about is the commission! We went to look for a car and stopped at Capitol Honda. Jean-Pierre immediately greeted us and after a few minutes of questions, we decided to check out the used cars and settled on one to buy. However, the process was taking way too long. He told us 10 minutes which turned out to be over 2 hours. Seriously? First off, be honest in the whole process and we can adjust ourselves accordingly. We got there in the late afternoon and didn't leave until the evening. Thanks for not offering a snack while waiting. We're starving! Secondly, while we're in the middle of the process, Jean-Pierre goes to attend another customer which added to the time waiting. What?! He apologized and offerred to fill up the gas tank. So, we needed additional paperwork and had to go back the next day to finish the transaction. In the meantime, we put down the deposit.

The next day, our friend, who is a mechanic, went with us to check out the car. The previous night we showed the carfax, and he noticed something odd. This car was a 2010, and it failed a tranmission test which later passed. So, our friend checked under the hood and noticed that the fluids were brown and had a burnt smell. We asked if they could replace the fluids and Jean-Pierre said absolutely not. He got confrontational & angry at us when he couldn't porvide the answers for why a two year old car failed a transmission test. Jean-Pierre told our mechanic friend that there are thousands of sensors which could fail. Then, Jean-Pierre told him, " you tell me which one failed." At which my friend told him that there are technically six. My friend also told him that he wasn't there for an argument just wanted answers to the carfax. If you can't provide answers to the documentation in the carfax, then what use is it? So, we decided not to buy the car and wanted our money back. He told us that they already deposited the money. We haven't even finished all the paperwork yet, and now, it will take 10 days to return our money?! This just shows you another reason why it's all about money and not helping customers. Because he told us to personally go to the financing center and get our money back shows to us that he doesn't care about providing customers with the best car for the budget. All he cares is his money! We will definitely tell all our friends through social media and word of mouth to stay away from him and from this place because he (who also represents this company) aren't looking for the customer's best interest. Fail!

M D. | 2012-05-06

I came here on Cinco de Mayo (a saturday) at 8pm. I was just browsing for a used Honda Civic coupe. Mike E. came over and helped me look around. Turns out they didn't have any of the used civics that I was looking for. Instead, Mike suggested a New 2012 Civic coupe ex. When I got inside and took it for a test drive I was IN LOVE. This was the exact car I was looking for. I was able to drive out of the lot with my perfect car. Also since the car detailing closes at 9, Mike told me to come back whenever for a free detailing. He even gave me one extra detailing for the inconvenience. I will definitely be coming back, Mike was super friendly.

Lorie N. | 2012-04-29

I'm in the market for a new car after getting into a car accident about a month ago in which my car was totaled.  I had been doing my research ahead of time and looked into Honda Accord's.  While shopping around, I was quoted a price of $23,000 for a base model V6 with no leather interior.  I had been emailing Jordan Conyers and she said that they would be able to beat that price.

I walked in today and was approached by a man named Walid who walked me inside so that I could meet Jordan.  While he seemed nice enough, I explained to him my situation and I walked outside so that I could take a look at the Accord's.  I mentioned to him that I was quoted the $23,000 price and he began to question me immediately about where I got that quote from and who I had been talking to.  It was the way that he was talking to me that made me feel like he was questioning my integrity. It made me feel like there was no way that I could have been told that an Accord would be sold at that price.  He insisted on asking me who had quoted me that price and my response to him was, "What does it matter?"  For the record, it's a personal friend of mine who works at the Fremont Honda in the finance department.  

I then asked to see if I could just test drive a V6, and his response to me was "I don't want to put any miles on this car if this isn't the car that you're going to buy."  It was then that my dad interrupted and said, "All we would like to do is test drive an Accord, is that too much to ask?"  

Things got heated after that as Walid started to get aggressive with us, and all 3 of us started to walk off the lot.  It was obvious that he had no customer service skills and literally drove us right out of there.  

Jordan Conyers must have seen us walking off, since she walked out to meet us at my car and asked what happened.  I proceeded to tell her that we had just had the most horrible experience with Walid and that we did not wish to be there any longer.  She apologized for the situation and said, "If it was my choice, I would NOT have put you with Walid to begin with."

Capitol Honda, I have taken my business elsewhere.

Ian F. | 2012-04-29

Received yet another email from Honda, last week. Heres my response:

Well, considering that after my awful experience with Capitol Honda my primary request was to never contact me again, I am confused as to why I just received an email last week from Honda, right after I wrote an extensive review about my car buying experience at A DIFFERENT lot, where they know how to shoot straight with no pressure.

If Honda is so incompetent that it doesn't know how to lose and email address, or is unethical enough to dismiss an unhappy, formerly potential customer's primary request, well, then you have done nothing short of supporting my initial review.

eri s. | 2012-04-27

I came here looking for 2012 Honda crv. I was a bit hesitant at first but Mike Emadi the sales rep there helped me through every step to make my purchase very smooth. I highly recommend working with Mike if you are planning to purchase any cars from Honda!

Babette M. | 2012-04-08

Drove home yesterday with a new Honda Fit Sport. Salesman Mike Emadi was helpful and not confrontational as some salesmen can be. The first visit, my wife was not with me and I wasn't ready to purchase right then. We test drove to my house so my wife could see it. It was late in the evening, too. I had been looking at a Ford Fiesta and needed to go back and compare the next day. Mike got the manager to approve holding the car until the next day for me, just to be good guys--no commitment required.

I did return to Ford and decided on the Honda as it fit the budget better. Showed back up the next day about 2 pm and Mike met me and my wife (I did call ahead to make sure he was not with another customer) with a smile and handshake. They worked with me on budget and I got out the door with the price I wanted.

Overall, a great experience. I really like the new Fit.

Mike P. | 2012-04-06

UPDATE 09April2012: Two separate managers at this dealership called me today after reading this review from this past Friday, to try and make up for their staff's poor treatment at the time of purchase. They initially offered me $50 credit. I told them that $5 credit is just fine, since that is all they owed me. They also asked if I would take this review down. I declined since it was truthful and accurate. I'll be going back in the not too distant future for a few parts I already need, and will update that experience here.

Capitol Honda Parts Department: I called ahead of time as it was rush hour. I confirmed they had my '02 Insight's front brake pads in stock for $44. It's priced like that because I gave them the name of my shop. I drive through thick traffic for 1/2 hour to get there. Once there, the price was suddenly $49. The guy in front of me was not the guy that quoted the phone price. He walked around the corner and asked that guy what to do. He stuck with $49. My daily driver was off the ground so I needed the parts now. I bitched to no avail, and left. Just be aware that if you have more time you can order Genuine Honda parts online at places like Majestic Honda at hondaautomotiveparts dot com. The prices that Majestic quotes are incredibly low and worth taking to your local Honda dealer for comparison, and often I've received a discount in the past.

Vlad F. | 2012-03-30

I have been bringing my vehicle here for various services on and off. But at the recent visit for an oil change and a few other minor things, they recommended a bunch of overpriced services and I got upset and wrote a letter to the service department manager, who, naturally, never replied. Had two of the things replaced by a mechanic at at independent shop at a price lower than what the dealership quoted.

Here is a text of the letter I wrote:

I have recently visited Capitol Honda Service Department for an oil change, tire rotation, and wiper blades refill replacement. Your technicians recommended whole bunch of other things, two of which I had done but others I have refused to be done on my vehicle because of the outrageous rates you charge.

$85 to replace an engine air filter? It is a $20-$25 part at most auto part stores and takes a few minutes to replace.

Your technician said that my car needs new spark plugs and a new serpentine belt and I was quoted $205.00 for spark plugs and $225.00 for the belt, for a total of 430.00. An independent shop a few minutes away in Los Gatos, replaced the spark plugs and the serpentine belt for $273.00, that's a savings of $157.00 over what you charge.

I think you need to research the service pricing in the area and make your rates and services more competitive than they are now.

Thank you.

Anita T. | 2012-03-29

Come here if you want to waste your time

'Cause that's my experience at Capitol. We came here to BUY a Honda Fit. I had a quote from Anderson that stated the OTD price for a Honda Fit Sport Auto was in the low $19,000s. Gave it to some dude that worked here, NEVER saw the paper again. They claimed that it was shredded because customer information was written on it. Did I tell you to shred it? NO, I told you to beat the price. Can you do that for me?

In their opinion, they can.. that's because they meant the pre-tax/title/registration fee. Capitol's OTD cost? over $20,000. Gimme back my damn paper, I'm going to Anderson again.

I'm in my car now with my family and this Asian man comes over and starts knocking on the windshield. The engine's running and he's blocking us from leaving shouting that we can take it for $18,500 OTD. I'm like.. "Really? You're serious? Not shitting us?"

We go into his cubicle, he takes his sweet a** time turning on his computer. He starts typing.. "Manual?" He asks me, "NO", I said. He pulls out a binder and  starts flipping. Types a number into the computer: $19,000.

"$19,000 OTD?" He says.

WTF, DID YOU JUST NOT TELL ME $18,500 OTD? Get your facts straight before you start blocking people's cars offering it to us at a price that was too good to be true. We hustle out, dad's mad and shouting, people are looking at us. Speeding there, we make it back to Anderson before they close. Drove home with our new car.

On the bright side? I put over 10 miles on the car during the test drive before I left.

Immortal S. | 2012-03-18

This  place is a definite hit or miss. I've had many experiences where workers were very short, down right rude, and you wondered why you came here in the first place. Not to mention half the time feeling like people were up selling you and deceiving you about what's actually wrong with your car.

On the other hand, I came across a few guys who seem to genuinely care about what their doing and took pride in helping you out. They went out of their way to really stand behind what they said and make sure you are satisfied. Unfortunately, I never kept track over the years of their name. I really, REALLY, wish I did now.

Oh, BTW. Just an FYI for people: Your radio codes don't mean squat. I came here to get one and they did a great job in servicing me with it. They helped fix mine and I was on my way. The problem you ask? Well it's this- You're radio code is supposedly advertised as having a code for "anti-theft" In case someone stole your car, the radio is suppose to shutdown and lock... which it does every time. The problem is when you go into a dealership and they don't even ask you for one single, shred of proof of if the car is yours, who owns it, any type of registration, nothing, nada.... So how do you set apart the criminals from the actual people who own the cars- they don't. Granted, I'm not sure who would want to steal a crappy honda civic radio... but that's besides the point. They built it for a reason and they should at the very least hold up their side of the bargain. (By the way, it was not at all busy when I came)

Another thing was, this place seemed a little disorganized. I pulled up to the bay area where they are suppose to help you. I saw at least four guys walking around in which I tried to make eye contact...some making eye contact but walking away anyway.... it wasn't until I was about fed up- almost 10 minutes later that someone finally strolled over to help me. That's pretty lame service if you ask me.... It would have been different if they were super busy, or even just busy...

D J. | 2012-03-18

bought a used car . they are shady .check engine light went off 150 miles after i have the car  they said to bad you own it . never again will i buy anything from them

Ocee D. | 2012-03-17

Was up in NorCal for spring break, so I brought my car in for service. They expanded their service department a few months ago and it looks nice. Waiting room has free bottled water, fruit, snacks, and probably coffee for you while you wait. Jeremy got my paperwork together and had me out of there pretty quick, and the shuttle dropped me off.....and picked me back up a few hours later when my car was ready. They might have a low overall rating because of things that go down w/ sales and marketing, but their service department has been impressive so far.

Paul Phong N. | 2012-03-14

This review is for the online department management.

Recently, I saw a car that I like, and offer a deal for a trade-in.  The online service guy was Luart Tobias.  Without, checking his dealer's inventory when I put in my offer he told me the car has been sold out.  As first, I was like okay, that's fine, I was only interested in that car only.  A couple weeks later I went to the online site again.  The car is still listing there.  I noticed the site is very up to date because some of the cars that are sold has been taken off.  So, I have email Luart Tobias again, saying that the car is still posted on the site when he is the one that personally told me that it was "sold out".  It been a few days, he has not reply back.  Tsk tsk, I began to smell bull's feces, if you know what I mean.

If they really want people to purchase car, they would have better representative.  I don't think the representatives that are given online knows about customer services and making sales.


Richard N. | 2012-03-10

Test Drive to Nowhere.....

Pros:   Good location.  Big selection of new cars.
Cons:    Don't expect to test drive a car if you're not ready to buy

Suggestion:  For a test drive, visit Monday through Thursday when it's less busy and sales people don't feel they're losing a sale by spending time with you.   Or just ask for the boss.

-   Overall:     2
-   Chance of getting a test drive:    1 ( if you're not buying a car soon )
-   Knowledge of the salesman:    4
-   Selection of cars:     4
-   Makes you feel like you want to come back to buy:   1
-   Slap in the face factor:     5

This review is only about a taking a test drive before buying a car.

After 9 mostly good years with my 2003 Acura CL, I decided it was ready for retirement.  After reading tons of information and reviews spying on cars in parking lots...we thought a small-mid size SUV was the best choice for us.  However, before putting down $30-40,000, we needed to test drive each of the 5 or 6 candidates. The actual purchase would not occur for a few more months until mid-late May.

The first SUV was a Honda CR-V at Capitol Honda.  Like many people, the thought of spending time at a car dealer is not very pleasant.  What a pain in the butt!  Still, it's got to get done.  We walked into the showroom and were introduced to "Joe", one of their salesmen.  I explained what we wanted and he took us to an EX model for our drive.

Once in the car, I mentioned we needed to take the CR-V to our house ( 1.5 miles away ) to make sure it easily fit into our garage.  "Joe" said ( and I'm paraphrasing ) "as you know, I'm on commission.  I can't really spend too much time with people who aren't buying the car for a few months.  And if another couple comes by and sees additional mileage on the odometer ( it had 23 miles ), they're less likely to buy.  Instead, let me show you some of the CR-V's features here on the lot".

Now, don't get me wrong.  I've got empathy for everybody trying to make a living.  It's not easy.  Just looking around the grounds of Capitol Honda, there were many salesmen competing for the same customers.  BUT.....isn't an eventual sale more likely if things go well from the start?  It's as if a guy on his first date with a woman says "you look just like my mother".  Chances are they won't reach date #2.

Well, "Joe" must have seen the light ( just before I was about to go inside and talk to his boss ) because he  said "okay, let's go for a drive.  As long as we're back in 20 minutes".  The test drive lasted 15 minutes, including a brief visit to our house ( and yes, the car fit easily ), although I should have taken it on 85 or 87 to check the CR-V under highway conditions...even if just for a couple of exits.  Once on the road, "Joe" was kind of charming, volunteered information about the car and readily answered our questions.  A young guy just trying to make a living.

We can understand the plight of a salesman in such a competitive business.  But he knew my wife and I only bought Hondas and Acuras during the past 20 years...3 cars apiece...including a Civic Hybrid from Capitol in 2009.  So you'd guess our next car would also be one.  It was just a matter of when.

However, when you've stated "I'm going to buy a car soon" and can't get a test drive without pleading, maybe management needs to ask themselves a few questions.

Jen J. | 2012-03-05

This review is for the repair department.

Most of the time I take my Fit into a local mechanic for maintenance, and I had just had the oil changed and a complete inspection done there a few days before bringing it into this dealership for a recall repair.  The car was in great shape.  Capitol Honda gave me a free "courtesy inspection" as part of the recall repair.  Surprise - their inspection report turned up lots of work that supposedly needed to be done.  They even said that the oil was dirty and the levels were low.  Two days after an oil change?  I think not.  After this experience I would no longer trust anything this maintenance department tells me.

CJ M. | 2012-03-02

Guys this people are dishonest and not very helpful.I suggest you should do your homework before you decide to purchase a vehicle.The sales department are aweful

Irene P. | 2012-02-24

Terrible service, late, irresponsible, unfriendly, unreliable. Just go elsewhere, please.

Neland M. | 2012-02-22

Suggestion: Go across the street to Capitol Mazda =) Zoom Zoom ^^
Fact: That's where I bought my Mazda Speed3 ;)

I just want to use profanity right now....They should NOT be part of the Costco Auto Program. They glorified the civic SI as being a high performance import which is supposed to be very rare and an automatic markup according to them. Last I checked a Fiat happens to be a more rare import from Italy...unlike Honda's plastic assembled in Ohio/Canada. OH AND THEY NEVER SHOWED THE COSTCO PRICING!

My experience was okay over the phone but in person....they are terrible. Besides what I have already said, they tried to just take my money by trying to sell cars I don't even want. Then they tried to rip me off a used 2008 4dr civic SI for 21k which isn't even the bodystyle I wanted. I remember reading about the Honda Promise and this dealer definitely does not display any hope for the brand Honda was once known to be. Honestly, I even considered purchasing a regular Civic or a more base model Accord but after what I went thru, I was done.

PS: this is in regards to the sales department, can't speak for service and probably never will since I didn't end up with a Honda. So the sales department not only failed in their objective, but also hindered the chance for the service department to try and shine.

Mike S. | 2012-02-16

DISHONEST!!!! Buyer beware. I called for a A12 service, and they quote me oil change, tire rotation, check timing belt, change other fluids, and chg cabin air filter - $450!!!  Call another Honda dealer and search Internet and A12 is just oil chg and cabin filter chg for $125 ish at a dealer.  DO NOT GO HERE. Their sales guys are VERY rude too, I bought elsewhere when shopping '09. -San jose resident who will never go here again

Laura P. | 2012-02-05

These guys are great! So friendly, not pushy but had a great sense of humor. I got a great deal and rate on my 2010 corolla from Capitol Honda. It took a bit longer to get all the paperwork in order than i would have liked, which is why I left one star off. Definitely recommended!

Nguyen L. | 2012-02-03

Apparently, Capitol Honda is now under new ownership so good riddance to the Ted Stevens ownership. Joanne, the General Sales Manager of Penske group called me to see if she called help me with my bad experience. I commend her for reaching out and trying to make things right and I can't blame her for what happened because that was under the old ownership. She encouraged me to try their service if I ever needed one. I will definitely give them a try if I'm in the area. They deserve a chance to earn my business. Thanks Joanne.

Grace L. | 2012-01-24

I've been going to Capitol Honda for service/maintenance of my Honda Accord since I bought it, so for almost 8 years! I didn't have any comparison to any other Honda service locations so I didn't know how good I had it until recently.

You can call in and make an appointment, even if you don't know what service you need, just tell them what mileage and they'll tell you what you're due for or if you don't need any. They also have your history so they'll tell you on the phone what you've done recently, etc... Super helpful people on the phone!

Bringing my car into the service area over the years, I've had mixed feelings about several of the service sales people. Some have been rude, sketchy, pushy, etc... But there are a few that are just honest and helpful! I've always found Rene to be great! The little asian man not so much, I forgot his name. One guy even opened my car door too far and scratched it on a bench that was right outside. Grrr. But Rene has never done any wrong to me, so I like it when he takes care of me and my car when I come by.

They will usually call you if there are any sudden maintenance issues that have popped up while they are working on the car. But usually it's for warning or permission to do the work and the cost. I've found when I asked how serious it is and whether it is absolutely necessary to do it now or how long I can wait for it, they have usually not steered me wrong. But then again that could be Rene being honest again.

After a maintenance service they usually give you a free full service carwash at the location right next door at the Shell Gas Station. Which is awesome! That's like a $15 value.

They recently remodeled their entire service center, so they have a much larger waiting room if you choose to wait for your vehicle. Plush chairs and tables for your convenience. So much larger and nicer than what was there before. Before it was a tiny waiting room crammed with uncomfortable chairs. They also have a courtesy van than can drive you within a 10 mile radius, which does drop-offs and pick-ups! So convenient and awesome!

Compared to the Serramonte Honda that I took my car to get an evaluation and they lied to me about my warranty, I value Capitol Honda so much more now! I think I have it pretty good with them. You just need to be able to think on your own with some of the service sales guys.

Andrew J. | 2012-01-20

Recently got my car brakes serviced. Without fail every time I arrive for service here, someone comes up to me and tells me to wait . But I eventually received  service from Erica who was very nice. However the reason for my dissatisfaction with Honda is this. I have a 2007 civic ex, almost paid off, I've taken all my service issues to capital Honda. They explained to me that due to a poor design my tires are going to wear unevenly and become cupped. As a result, my car uses more gas, and has a bumpier and louder ride that it should have. And i will have to buy tires more often than usual. They are willing to retrofit this problem for a price of 500 dollars. I don't see why I should have to pay to have a car that runs normal. They admitted to me that it was a design issue. My sun visors were also a poor design and they replaced those, perhaps they only fix tiny problems that they have caused but not important problems. For this reason I will not be purchasing another Honda in the future.

Linda T. | 2012-01-17

Took  my car in for service.. had a bit of a wait to see an employee. When I did get waited on, it was very fast to get through the rest of the process. The new service area is very nice and is much nicer to wait for my car than it has been in the past. Got in and out in about 2 hours.. a litle longer than I would have like, but not too bad. I

Justin W. | 2012-01-08

I had a question which was answered pretty quickly and Victor Hernandez was also pretty quick and didn't have me wait long. Made my day a bit easier.

Pam W. | 2012-01-07

Note: This review is for the sales department and only based on my experience on the phone and email since I did not physically go there.

First of all, everyone buys cars, not just car junkies. I don't know anything about cars, but I know how to drive one and I know I am in the market for a new car. I don't think I'm the only one out there who doesn't know much about cars, especially all the terms.

Anyways, long story short, I was in the market for a new car and had some email correspondence with Luart about the Civic. Although there was discussion about the model of the car, there was no mention whether it was a manual or automatic. Being completely new to this, I did not even think of this, pretty much assuming we were talking about an automatic.

Zoom forward to when I was ready to negotiate a price. I had already received a price from a different dealer and I wanted to see what Capitol could offer me. Luart was very prompt at replying my emails and contacting me by phone. However, the sales manager, Roger, definitely gave me a bad first impression. Turns out this whole entire time, they thought I was looking to get a manual.

Speaking of manual...I learned from Roger, the sales manager, that it's also known as five speed. He asked me if I wanted an automatic or five speed. Of course when I ask him what a five speed is he laughs gets even more technical by talking about changing gears and whatnot while my dad (who hears me ask the question on the phone) tells me it means manual. Boy, did I feel dumb. I simply replied him with "Oh, I know that as manual."

Anyways. negotiations obviously didn't work out. Roger was rude and I agree with another yelper on how I was being talked down to. In the end, I decided to wait another year to get a new car but I definitely know that I will not go back to Capitol Honda for it.

S C. | 2012-01-07

I always feel like I'm getting ripped off at the service department and have not been back in two years.  Now their service area has been completely redone.  Large wide screen TV along with separate table for working while they service your car.  (Unfortunately, there is some nut case talking on the phone very loudly about her kids and family reunions without any inhibitions.)  The service personnel where attentive and professional.

Michael M. | 2012-01-05

So I had a Yelp check-in coupon for a free koozie. Well not only did I not get my koozie I got some smart ass salesmen making me feel like an ass  for asking for it.  He was all "Haha you want a koozie let me check".... "OH yeah buddy how many would you like a truck load"??? I was umm do you know what I'm talking about? Yelp has a check in coupon for a koozie and look here I'm checked-in.  I'm not sure he was too bright because all he could say was is that the new Iphone4 s. UGGG!

I thought I might have better luck with the young lady and the checkout counter and her response was what's a Koozie. (FML) I left feeling like maybe I didn't know what a koozie was. Maybe it is some kind of urban bigfoot. Maybe I would have had better luck if I asked for the San Jose Sasquatch?

Rob J. | 2011-12-24

My wife and I are both looking to update our cars. We're considering two Hondas and wanted to get a feel for the new Odyssey and Pilot. The sales folks here are the worst kind of condescending, sleazy types.  The first sales guy treated us like we were idiots that had never bought a car before. When I finally got tired of the attitude and asked for a different sales person, the new guy wasn't much better.  This is one of those dealerships that deserve to go out of business.

Mr S. | 2011-11-28

This review is about the service department at Capitol Honda and not the sales- I've never bought a car at Capitol Honda, and, after dealing with the service dept today, I'm not likely to.

Waited almost an hour before a service manager came out to my car to ask what I needed.  At 1:30 PM in the afternoon there was ONE service manager helping the cars that pulled in the regular service line (not the express service line).  Since I had seen the same guy help the 5 cars in front of me, I knew exactly what he was going to say when he finally walked up to my car because he said the same thing to every customer.  "Wow, you've been waiting a long time haven't you?  Are you ready?"  No, "hi, how are you?".  "Thanks for waiting".  "Sorry you had to wait".  No, none of that.  Basically he was doing me a favor I guess by coming outside to help me.

We finally went inside and I explained to him what was wrong with my car.  He told me they were backed up at least 2 hours so I would have to wait.  I told him no problem as I needed to get this done today.  He typed in the computer for what seemed like forever.  No friendly conversation whatsoever.  I was driving a friends Acura so he had to call to see if they had the part in stock.  While he was on the phone he opened his to go lunch container and began eating his lunch while he was helping me.  Nice.  I mean, do they not get a lunch break?  Pretty unprofessional.  His manager kept walking back and forth to his office, helping no one, so I'm assuming you can do what you want at this place and not be held accountable for it.  Luckily for me they did not have the part in stock.  I thanked him, left with my car, and went to the Acura dealership in Los Gatos where it was a totally and completely amazing experience.  I will not return here for service or to buy a car.

Rob M. | 2011-11-14

This will be my 2nd time purchasing from Capitol Honda.  Kao was great to work with and found their prices not only lower than every other bay area Honda dealership but also found their directness refreshing.  It was nice to not play games as I have found with many other auto dealerships over the last 20 years of purchasing cars.  They definitely have my vote.

jennifer f. | 2011-11-05

Had a wonderful experience with the parts department thanks to the helpful service from Luis Blanco. He was very patient with me since I needed to communicate through my husband via phone. He made the whole process easy and fast. Great customer service.

Chrys P. | 2011-11-05

This was great service. I would know. First off I came in because of a safety switch recall on my Honda CrV '06. During the set up I also decided to go for an oil change and a I was curious to see how much a new visor clip would cost since I broke mine while carelessly slamming the visor back in it's place. I test drove the cars in leu of waiting. When they were done they called me. When the called me in they notified me that to fix my visor clip it would usually cost $5 but he'll give me the part free. Then I came in to pick up my car and they forgot to do the safety recall that I came in for. So he grabbed the visor clip had it installed and had the safety recall window switch replaced. While waiting the cashier lady gave me a free car wash and the total for today's services was not $30 for an oil change + $15 for a visor clip, the total was $0, yup that's right ZERO! You can tell that they will make every thing right and then some. I'm proud to have a Honda and you know when I'll need anything done for my Honda where I'll go.  Thank you Angelo P!

nightly s. | 2011-10-30

I've had 2 consistent service writers here and I'm giving them 5 stars because they deserve it. I've had Dan and Rene. Both of which are good at what they do, and they tell you how it is without trying to up sell you. I've had my '11 Pilot serviced here and I can honestly say, I drive away never disappointed. I know that my car is taken care of AND they treat it like it's their own. These guys, even the rest of the dealership as well, know how to treat their customers and definitely know what GREAT customer service is.

Alex H. | 2011-10-20

San Francisco/Colma car dealers tend to have low inventories, high prices, and generally suck. So, after much shopping around solely via email, I purchased a 2012 Pilot at Capitol Honda and had a great experience. By email, I dealt with Ray Uhri who was quick to respond and beat the best price of any Bay Area dealer who I had reached out to. Still, I was concerned that after driving 55 miles from San Francisco that stereotypical tricks would be pulled or that the model/color I wanted wouldn't be there. My fears were completely unnecessary. Ray was off the day that I came to the dealer so I dealt with Lou Tobias, who was courteous, professional, fair, and didn't try to sell me anything I didn't want. He's been doing this for 7 years and it showed. My internet price was honored (even lowered a little bit). I think that Lou could sense that I was well prepared and armed with information and respected that. Finally, I completed the financing with Max Kibu, another veteran, who made things as quick and painless as possible, and without any last minute surprises or hard sells for add-ons. Capitol was the 5th Honda dealer that I'd visited in person during the past month (test drives, looking at colors at others) and, without a close second, was the most professional. Thanks.

Eddie Y. | 2011-10-17

OMG why do I keep coming here?  Well, this is about the sales team, not the service (which if you read my past review are equally shady and crooked).

I will keep this short, because the more I relive this transaction the more I want to hold my breath until I blow up.

I requested a quote for a 2012 Odyssey
Got a call saying they had one in stock
Went in and they actually beat a lower bid from a different dealership
Signed papers
Brought car home
Realized they swapped a 2011 for the 2012 we had discussed

This is fraud, straight up.  I was able to get this resolved very quickly (by sending a very detailed email to the district manager and owners group, and also opening up a formal complaint with Honda directly) but seriously, who does this?

Javier V. | 2011-10-12

Had a pretty bad experience dealing with their sales department last week.  Sales department talks down to you as if you don't know what your doing, or what your buying, they don't take well to any reasonable offers you throw on the table, nor are they willing to work with the buyer much, then they will go about business stating the vehicle has been sold when they are still posting it for sale, and they will try to get the buyer into a lower model at a rip off price. They claim as if they are giving you the best deal out there when they will try to take advantage of you.

Overall I had a pretty bad experience shopping with capital Honda as the sales manager, and associate were both very hard to work with. I ended up saving almost 2k shopping elsewhere. Just my advice unless very desperate and you have cash to throw away don't shop here.

Nancy B. | 2011-09-20

I have been taking my 2005 Honda to capitol honda since I bought it in 05. I recently had to have a door checker fixed although it wasn't cheep the service I got was a really good experience. Every time I've taken my car there the service department has been so helpful and super efficient! I highly recommend taking your car there for any service.

Michael H. | 2011-09-13

I previously had a great experience with my purchase of a Honda Civic Hybrid at this dealership, so I came back here again to buy a new 2011 Honda CR-V. I am very satisfied with my purchase. The staff is so friendly and does their best to meet customers need.

They will always have my business over any other car dealerships.

Kassidy T. | 2011-09-10

Luart Tobias exceeded all of my expectations and cleared any misconceptions I associated with car salesmen.  Luart went above and beyond to make sure I was more than happy and that I got the exact car I wanted down to every detail.  I was originally planned to wait two weeks for the car I wanted and after one week of commuting to work without a car I decided I could not wait another week.  I contacted Luart and explained my dilemma and that I would sacrifice my cosmetic desires for a different car that I would be able to drive off of the lot that weekend.  Luart immediately went to work and stayed after hours to find the exact car I wanted that would be able to be delivered so I could have it that weekend.  He found the car and after some persistence on his end I was able to get the car the very next day.  As far as pricing and trying to manipulate the price in Honda's interest, I found no such problem.  Luart was not a sleezy car salesman that was only after my money.  He actually cared about me and what I wanted in a car and was the one that talked me out of settling.  He told me I should not settle for a car I would only like and not LOVE and he was so right.  I have definitely recommended Luart to friends and family and would recommend this dealership to anyone I came in contact with.  All of the staff was super polite and I was always greeted with a smile.  I can not thank Luart enough or rave about his professionalism enough to justify how much I appreciated his service.

Cecille G. | 2011-09-08

Recently bought a 2011 Honda Odyssey here at Capitol Honda. I was impressed with how clean & bright the place looked. They also had a really comfortable couch you can sit in while watching TV. Had to wait a while, around 20 mins before we got a salesperson to help us. But when Ray E. finally met us, it was worth the wait. He immediately offered us water & patiently showed us both the models that we were interested in. He knew a lot about the van & its fancy features. He went with us during the test drive & explained all the fun features. We ended up purchasing the touring elite coz of the better audio & ultra wide screen dvd. This was a car we're expecting to keep for a long time so we opted to get the best model. The manager, Roger, was easy with & he worked with us on getting a fair price. It just took a while to finish the whole process coz they just had one guy working that night. However, Tong, knew exactly what he was doing & completed the paperwork with us in a jiffy. We had to come back after a week to have a minor paint imperfection fixed. Honda took care of it without issues. They loaned me a rental car but I had to cover for the gas, which is not a lot, but since our van had a manufacturer's defect, it would have been nice if they offered to cover the cost of the gas also so that's why it's one star less.  It took a day to finish it as promised & it looked great.  Overall, we are very happy & extremely satisfied with the service we got here. Would definitely recommend!

Jack L. | 2011-09-07

My wife and I were in the market for a Honda Odyssey. We had decided to go to three dealerships before we made a decision. The salesman that greeted us right from the beginning started going off about how they have such limited inventory. I was trading in our Infiniti QX56 and asked what the price would be with the trade-in. Well, he had us wait for about two hours before he came back with his offer which was terrible since I had my wife handling our toddler and infant children. I told him I was shopping around and we needed the best price. He assured us he'd do all he could on the price. Well, he came back with a price for the Odyssey and the trade-in. I told him I had to go over and look at the numbers and see if they'll work. The salesman immediately pushed their finance guy in my face who began to lecture me on how to handle my money not just with the car but with my home loan and everything else and how if I don't buy this car today it won't be there tomorrow and with the current loan rate this is a no-brainer and he doesn't understand why I'm thinking about it and I should listen to him because he owns 17 properties and knows how I should handle my money and if I didn't buy it right now the car would be gone and who knows when they'll get the one I want again blah blah blah. I told him I had to go because my three-year-old and infant were crying in the car with my wife. Then he told me to take the Odyssey to drive around and see if I liked it. For crying out loud! I just told him I had two kids and my wife in the car. I'm not moving the car seats to his Odyssey so they can have me on a leash so I HAVE to come back. I never wanted to see either of them again! I finally escaped their scare-tactics only to be called three times by the salesman and emailed once. I guess they still had that same car I wanted that was for sure going to be gone that night if I didn't buy it right then and there. These guys are terrible. I ended up going to Stevens Creek Honda where I got a way better price on the Odyssey and a higher trade-in credit for my Infiniti and everyone was very nice, there was no pressure or scare-tactics at all and we got the exact car we wanted delivered to the dealership the very next day. Don't even waste your time with Capitol Honda. I highly recommend Stevens Creek Honda.

Chris G. | 2011-09-06

Doug Miller, Internet Director & Lu Tobias, Internet Consultant made what is normally one of life's worst experiences (purchasing an auto) an absolute pleasure.  Professional, courteous, anticipating needs/concerns, bottom line consideration to buyer desires are the hallmark of this fine team.  We had been evaluating the Honda CRV-EXL (w/every accessory possible) for some time.  We utilized CSAA, CostCo, USAA & web internet auto purchase services.  Doug & Lu of Capital Honda were the exception in getting to the price & overall package w/o the hassle/back & forth one expects w/auto sales.  If you're looking to get upset, fight for hours over price/accessories/service, frustration.... do not see Doug & Lu.
Our experience w/purchasing the CRV-EXL was so satisfying that our family is looking forward to having one of our other family cars break down so that we can visit Capital Honda & the Doug/Lu team again.  Finally, I confess to being a detail, type A analytic expecting to find something 'wrong/hidden'. If this is what you seek, do not use these fine gentlemen.  Doug & Lu make purchasing an auto a pleasurable experience.  And I can report that service personnel of Capital Honda are equally first rate & go out of their way to satisfy/accommodate servicing of vehicles.
Very Very Satisfied Customers Chris & Wanda

Raoul D. | 2011-09-01

Been there 1nce, for an under-warranty fix. They were a bit slow even with an appointment (2 hour wait each time for 2 visits) so I guess an appointment only saves you from being turned away outright, but they were totally fine otherwise, nothing to complain about. Given my skeptical view of Dealerships in general, I'm very happy with how it went.

Laura S. | 2011-08-14

This a somewhat long overdue review.
I bought my CR-V at the beginning of July. My husband and I went to Capitol Honda just to check for prices. We wanted to buy the car, but we were not sure.
After dealing for a long time with a salesman that was not very knowledgeable, Ray came to rescue us.
WOW! He was great and really went the extra mile to make us happy. He even took a long time explaining how the car worked and making sure that it was squeaky clean!
The car had a tiny dent, and they called me right away to make an appointment to fix it the following week. Everybody was really nice. And guess what? Ray came with us to talk to the service people and he even drove the car there. He is fantastic!
I also received phone calls from him and Capitol Honda to check if everything was OK. What can I say? I love my car!!!!!
Thank you, Capitol Honda!

Francisco B. | 2011-08-12

Hi everyone, I came here just to browse around for a used car i was looking at some civics and scions and finally came to capitol Honda and i believe it is the best decision i have made. Once we arrived we were greeted very quickly by one of there sales man MIKE, he was very friendly and very knowledgeable he help us look at a couple used cars and we I like a few, but his knowledge about the car and warranty and the possibility of getting a new car. So we went for it and I came out with a brand new civic. I love it ! I'd like to thank MAX from financing as well he made everything very clear and was very helpful with warranty after that i felt very reassured about my purchase. THANK YOU CAPITOL HONDA FOR THE GREAT EXPERIENCE WILL DEFINITELY BE COMING BACK!!!!

Michelle N. | 2011-07-19

We were in the market for a mini van.  Yeah I know I don't even want to go there.

Anyhow, we were deciding between the Toyota Sienna and Honda Odyssey.  Prior to visiting Capitol Honda we checked out Sunnyvale Honda and Capitol Toyota.  Horrible service at both places.  At Sunnyvale Honda, we literally had to walk up to a sales guy that was smoking to ask for help.  This turned out to be a huge mistake since he knew NOTHING about the product he was selling.  The sales guy at Capitol Toyota seemed totally pissed off and didn't seem to want our business.  Seriously, don't you fools work on commission?  

Anyhow, we show up at Capitol Honda and were greeted right away by Jimmy who showed us several Odysseys and took us for a test drive.   We were interested in the EX but they didn't have my choice in color anywhere in Cali.  Keep in mind that all Japanese cars are VERY low in inventory due to the tsunami.  However they did have my choice color in the EXL (which is the same as the EX but with leather, moon roof, etc.)  We were crazy about paying the extra money for the additional features, so Jimmy introduced us to Ryan Wolff to try and figure out options.  After some haggling on both ends we finally agreed on a fair price for the EXL model.  I ended up getting the car I wanted at a decent price.  

Max in finance was great to work with.  

After all the paper work was done both Ryan and Jimmy came out to explain all of the features on the new car... in detail.  Ryan even set up my phone on the car's Bluetooth feature.  

Overall great service.  I couldn't be happier with my suped-up mini van.

James M. | 2011-07-15

Well let me say first off that I've had a lot of customer service sales experience in my past and currently. Buying a car from Mike James was one of the most comfortable experiences I've had you really can't ask for a better experience then to come see this guy. Over the period of two days he walked us through everything, and where other people at the dealership would get one star if i could Mike would get five. All in all a pretty good experience. The finance guy Max. Actually called us back a couple days letter to let us know that, even tho we hadn't mentioned it he was able to re write our loan with a significantly lower interest rate. Even tho we had settled on the higher rate. great service from the sales team. The only down fall to this experience was taking the car in to get it detailed we picked it up this afternoon and as soon as my wife got inside you could see black soot covering the inside plastic. It looks like at least washed the car and rubbed shiny stuff all over it... In the end, the car is great! the sales staff was great coordination on agreed upon extras crappy.

Ashley N. | 2011-07-09

I was car shopping and I drove into capitol Honda to browse the cars when i was approached by a salesman. He said he would help me out anyway as possible to drive off with a car. First I told him how much I was looking to spend, payments, down payments etc... He started to show me cars and Obviously he wasnt getting it through his thick skull that I didnt want any the cars he was trying to sale me. Finally he said he had an 07 Honda accord across the street. So we walk together across the street and this idiot bring me out an old school Saturn. I was pissed I told him it wasnt a Honda and he said no its a Saturn I told him immediately to take the car away. He asked me to sit in it and I told him hell no thats not what Im looking for. Them he tried to sale me an old 2001 tahoe..... Im like dude did you here anything I said?? I wanted a gas saver not a huge as family car Im a college student. long story short they need better salemans who will listen.

Amber N. | 2011-07-06

Ryan Wolf is Awesome. Very friendly, knowledgeable, and a straight shooter. He was able to help me find the vehicle that I have been looking for the past few months. After checking out dealership after dealership, Ryan found me the car that I love to drive, that also fits all my criteria: price, fuel efficient, and style.
Ryan went above and beyond with regards to the service he provided. He placed no pressure on us and was extremely patient. If you have to get a new car, I would suggest going to Capitol Honda and ask for Ryan specifically. This was my first experience with Capitol Honda and I hope that the service department and the other cohorts of the Capitol Honda team live up to the high bar and standards that Ryan has set in Quality and Customer Service.

Michael B. | 2011-07-04

I got a really bad salesman.  Maybe the rest of them were fine, but mine was bad .....

Anyway, he seemed fine for the first 45 minutes or so.  I actually asked a ton of questions and he answered all of them.  I test-drove a few different cars.

Then he went a little bit crazy.  It was time to "buy", and I honestly said "I'm not ready today." Obviously used-car salesman can very pushy, but they're always composed.  Not this guy!  He really lost-it.  "Personally offended" and "appalled" actually describe him quite well.  He even jumped in a car and drove-after me across the parking lot!  It felt like I was literally being hunted by this guy!

Afterwards, I was emotionally drained and a little distraught.  What car salesman does that??  I actually got a soda at the McDonald's next door, and just sat there for 20 minutes to calm down.  Really, that salesman makes me wonder .....

Daniel A. | 2011-07-04

I just bought a brand new 2011 Honda Accord at Capitol Honda,  It is the first time in my life I have bought something beautiful for myself!  The car is black on black with beautiful leather seats.  I have actually had people comment if I had purchased a Lexus.  The car payments are affordable and they have an awesome salesman named Ross Pourani.  Ross Pourani did not "push me around" or "make me feel scared."  He was upfront, kind, and personable.  He followed up my purchase with a phone call.  I also spoke to a kind woman named Joanne who I believe was his manager.  They made me feel special about my purchase.  I feel happy that I have a nice place to bring my car for future servicing.  Thank you Capitol Honda for helping me buy the car of my dreams.

Kristin V. | 2011-06-30

First let me say I seriously HATE all car salesmen and dealerships. I have had horrible (and legal) issues with them.

After picking out a used CRV at a nearby dealership, my husband and I just weren't sure yet. We drove to Capital Honda, got out the car, and cringed at the sight of salesmen. We were approached by Mr. David Ross. We immediately didn't get that slimy salesmen vibe from him. You know-the one that makes you not want to share information-guard up! He helped us when we asked for a very specific car and broke the news to us that they didn't have it. He asked why we were looking for a used car when we could get a brand new for just a couple thousand more than the one we had picked out at the other dealership. HE'S GENUIS! After spending about 15 min with David we began to relax and never did I feel concerned for my safety like I usually do! They were great in the financing. They really worked with our broke butts and got us into a brand new 2011 CRV. My soon to be mommy car.

They showed us how to use it, detailed it, gave us a full tank of gas, conducted a survey, and helped me get out the parking lot in a large vehicle. A-freakin-mazing.

I've had the car for only 4 days and I answered a call I didn't recognize. Guess who? Freakin Capital Honda. They wanted to know if I was still satisfied with my purchase and experience. Am I? Yes, who doesn't love the new car smell...

Logged on to do this review...and lo and behold-a personal email from the manager inquiring about my satisfaction.

I want to marry Capital Honda.

perla d. | 2011-06-30

awesome service, went out of his way to help, if you need a car, see Matt Adams, he was super friendly and made me feel comfortable, even with my not so perfect situation.

Angela S. | 2011-06-24

Buying a car can be stressful and a pain. Luart Tobias was awesome and he made the entire car-buying experiencing bearable. I would definitely buy my next car from him if I can. I wish more car salespeople were like him. Oh, and I love my new CR-V.

Honest R. | 2011-06-13

Based on my own experience, this place is the worst dealership in the bay area. Their pricing is very deceiving and not straight forward. I came in there wanted to purchase a Honda 2011 LXP. We agreed for a $355/month, 60 months financing, $5,000 down. After waited for 3 freaking hours for the finance manager to do the paper work, I found out that they adjusted my down payment from $5,000 to $7,000, which included my $2,000 trade-in value despite I many times told them that the most I'll put down on my car is $5,000 (i.e. if the trade in is $1,000 I will put $4,000 down, if the trade is $2,000, the down payment will be $3000). With the $7,000 down, the price they sold me is $24,424 (which is way beyond the MSRP). C'mon gimme a break. With the help of the internet, we buyers know what's the right price. Don't think that we're stupid and will fall for your mind tricks. I think it's very insulting for them to think this way. I wish they've been a little more straight forward with their pricing so I wouldn't have to waste the whole Saturday, waiting 3 hrs for nothing, just to find out that I've been tricked and ended up walking away unhappy.

Overall, what I think of Honda Capital is: Deceiving & Overpriced.

Glen G. | 2011-06-11

I was looking for  Fit Sports edition. I dealt with Simon Tomberlin. He was very accommodating; not pushy at all. Showed me the Costco price.
My wife decided she did not like the Fit. But if she changes her mind, I will go back to Simon.

Tina L. | 2011-06-05

first of all, it's a bad time to buy hondas in light of the whole thing with Japan; dealers are claiming SUPER HIGH prices for the allege short supple of cars/parts coming from Japan.  

i went into capitol honda hoping to buy the 2012 civic lx.  the invoice price for this car is around $17,900 (per KBB and consumer report), this dealership is selling it for $19,405.  

a 2011 civic lx was also around $19,105.  ($300 less, THATS IT???) for an "old" model and style car.

the initial salesman couldn't knock down anything - prices are very firm.  he brought out his "big boss" and he LAUGHED in our faces.  b/c we had the audacity of bringing up "invoice price."  as if negotiating based on this price was such an absurd idea.

he said, "man when i heard 'invoice' i had to come out and talk to u guys myself, i haven't heard that term in awhile."  WTFFF, you mean since MARCH 2011 when japan happened???

what a douche.  since when do car dealerships think they're ABOVE the customer's money??

do not shop here - unless you wanna get ripped off.

Jesse G. | 2011-05-13

The salesman was a little too aggressive for my tastes.  I prefer to let the car do the talking.  The, "Let me go talk to my manager," thing is annoying.  If you can't make a decision or answer the questions, why are you on the floor?

All in all, I would avoid this dealership if it can be done.

david h. | 2011-04-24

These guys were super professional from the minute we walked through the door.  Kao Saechao immediately took us and showed us the car we wanted.  Then Ryan Wolff showed us all the features of the car and gave as a seriously nice test drive.  They then offered us a great deal on the car.  What more could you want these guys were super, super great!  Highly recommended!!

Lara F. | 2011-04-20

When South Bay Honda moved to Milpitas, I started to take my Pilot to Capitol Honda for major servicing.  So this review is just for the service department.  I've worked with Sean (or shawn), Steve, Alan, and Tony (and the people who initially answer the phone and, I apologize, I never write down their names.
Overall, I will keep bringing my car back here.  Sometimes, it's a bit frustrating asking questions over the phone, and I'm grinding my teeth since I think I'm asking simple and direct questions, but I don't get them answered.  However, the department is committed to taking care of me and my car and my needs.
There's a lot of good in there.  People who care and who are genuinely striving for quality of service, and I appreciate that knowing how rough it can be when someone is mad about something else and taking it out on them.
All I can suggest is give them a try.  Their prices are fair (and I swear less than south bay honda was...), the courtesy shuttle is prompt, clean and dare I say, fun?  (i like the people they hire to shuttle me around).  The waiting room is spacious and clean.  The bathrooms are wonderful.  (i've peed in a lot of bathrooms in my life, and believe me, it makes a world of difference when they're spacious, clean and have plenty of what you need)

Guillermo B. | 2011-04-14

I bought my first car here in August of 2009, a brand new 2009 Civic. The buying experience was not so great. After 5 hours of negotiation I was able to get a reasonable price, 3k less then the asking price, at that point I thought it was over and I was going to drive away in my brand new Honda, Wrong!

When it came down to signing the loan agreement, I noticed that the APR for the loan was a whopping 13%. Their excuse was that I was a first time buyer and my credit scores wasn't very good. As the smart buyer that I am, I had obtained my credit score from three different agencies before heading to Capitol Honda. I pulled out my 3 credit reports, they were surprised that I had them. At that that point they lowered the APR to about 3%, something that I was happy with. Oh, yes, then it came down to "do you have insurance for the car?, you can't drive it off the lot without insurance." I did not have insurance, I had canceled it since I had donated Junkie (my last car) to charity a month before. Anyway, they tried to sell me month of insurance for $250.00 dollars, at that point I just about lost it and was ready to walk out, by that time I had been in that dealership for close to 6 hours. I was able to negotiate the price of the insurance down to $100 and they said that " they would give me a $50 dollar gas card if I gave them a good review on their survey". I never did get the $50 dollar gas card, I guess they did not like my review. Oopsie!

I went home after 7 seven long hours, finally able to drive my brand new Honda off the lot, by this time it was already dark outside. To my surprise the next day i inspected the car's interior and the coat hanger on the driver's side was broken. It took them over two months to fix it. They kept saying that the part wasn't available. So one day I went to the dealership and didn't leave until I spoke with the manager and sure enough the next day my coat hanger problem was fixed.

Service Department,

Please do not be a fool like me and take your car every 3.5k, 7.5k.. miles for inspection. Read your Honda Manual, Honda made the car they know more about it than Capitol Honda. Capitol Honda's recommendation exceed the manufacturer's recommendations.

About two months ago I called to schedule an appointment to take in my car to have the engine's and cabin's air filters changed. I was quoted about $140.00 this sounded RIDICULOUS to me. What did I do? I read my Honda Manual and learned where the cabin air filter was at, then you-tubed it. I changed both filters myself and I paid less then $50.00 for both filters. After this I only take my car to Capitol Honda for oil changes and only because they mail me coupons and it's cheap. You can take your car for maintenance to other places and it will not void your warranty (depending on what you get fixed).

I give them two stars, their customer service is just okay. In my opinion they are in it to make a profit not to make the customer happy. Would I buy from them again? Most likely, but only because I got a really good deal when I purchased my car, even though it was a hassle.

Alice L. | 2011-03-28

I'm a bit on the fence as to how to properly rate this dealership.

I corresponded with Jeremy and Doug over pricing for a 2011 Honda Fit Sport that I wanted to purchase. The original quote I received from then online was on the high end, so I asked them to match or beat a quote from Anderson Honda that was about $1.4k lower. Doug asked for PDF evidence, so I attached that in an email to him, and Doug told me that he would get back to me by the next day, but I did not hear a peep from the dealership until Jeremy emailed me 5 days later asking if I was still interested in purchasing the car.

I responded to Jeremy, and Doug replied to the email stating that Anderson had shady tactics that lured customers in with incredibly low quotes, and that their dealership did not do that but they could do something with the new Anderson quote I received. I spoke with Doug on the phone shortly after that, and he said that he could match the 2nd Anderson quote and throw in a couple of free services, detailing, and gas if I purchased my car from them that day. I asked for clarification over email later of our phone conversation and whether or not they could write in the email the extras they would give me and confirmation that they would match the lowest quote I could get.

Jeremy and Doug would not state in writing what I was told over the phone and told me that the agreement over the phone was to go in there with the quote I had originally asked them to match and that they would not allow me to "shop around" anymore. With this kind of declaration, I immediately crossed the dealership off my list. It gave me the impression that they would probably pull some sort of shady maneuver on me if I decided to physically go to their dealership and they had no confidence in matching price quotes.

One of the main things bothering me was accusing another dealer about being shady. I believe that Anderson would have held that low quote for me if I had been able to visit the dealership when I received it.

Jim M. | 2011-03-28

Luart Tobias and Doug Miller could not have made the car buying experience any better. They listened to our needs and wants and then delivered with great service. Their communication and commitment were fantastic.

I work in a service industry and know the effort it takes to give really great customer service and they both delivered.

We bought a 2011 CR-V and will make sure we come back whenever we need a car.

Corrine L. | 2011-03-21

Nicest, fastest most hassle free car dealership around.

Everyone should buy their car here. They were SO good to us!! LOVE LOVE LOVE my new g-ride.

Not like those a-holes over at Morgan Hill Ford....

You will not be disappointed, I got the BEST DEAL EVER.

See you in my sweet new ride. ;)

Neil T. | 2011-03-19

Well, I very much  of a Honda person. I got my very first car, and it was 07' Honda Accord. I LOVE MY CAR, but I dislike to this place.

- Not that many choices. I mean there lot is filled with Minivans, and SUV's
Where are the sedans and compacts?

I think their technician are not that skilled

First, they forgot to reset my maintenance reminder twice, and forgot to place a courtesy reminder on my windshield.

I told them that I was having braking issue. I mention that my brake pedal has to be hard inorder to stop, they check it and said it was fine, but the next oil change, my brake fluid was in bad shape.

The used salespersons' are very pushy to make a sell. At first, I was thinking of buying a new 07'  Accird, but they were trying to get to me buy a used 07' Accord. Both cars were priced nearly the same, but they just wanted to make profit.

I can say, over the years. They did clean up their act, but my past experiences here. I don't I'll get a Honda from here anymore, and we have a total of 4 from this dealership.

Jason P. | 2011-03-02

Why is it that the experience at all new car dealers is so bad?  It really shouldn't be dreaded like a visit to the dentist, but it is.

Basically the only reason this place is 2 stars rather than 1 is because they're not quite as bad as some others...

In summary, go here because you have to, watch their smiles, accept the free drinks and snacks, keep in mind what YOU want, don't take their word for anything, double check their work, and you'll do OK... probably.

Longer version:

We bought our first new car here after we moved to CA a few years ago.  They had what we wanted and I eventually haggled them down to a reasonable price... but we only reached that when I was about to give up and go look for a different car.  Next time I think I'll just give them the price I want to pay and then let them call me back rather than sticking around for the 3hr+ circus of going back and forth at the dealership.

Servicing has been an on and off experience... They are generally friendly, but do use some nasty tricks to sell you more than you need.  My advice would be to carefully read the owners manual and then show up knowing exactly what you want.  Even then, it turns out they won't do that as they have service packages (basic, minor, major, etc) which means you always pay for a little more than you wanted.  A basic oil change is competitively priced, but ask for synthetic and they double the price without telling you in advance.

There was also the time they printed the wrong grade of oil on my service sheet.  Of course when I called them they assured me that they had used the correct oil, but do I trust that?  They frequently over filled the oil too, and then there was the last time I went, they marked on the service report that my gearbox oil (MTF) was found to be dirty, my brake fluid found to be contaminated and my coolant found to be diluted...  This was a surprise to me so I asked what that was about and how they inspected them.  Turns out they did not inspect any of them but were just going off their own records as to when they were last changed.  Well Honda recommends brake fluid changes every 3 yrs, the car was ~2yrs old.  I had already changed out the MTF before the Honda interval myself (which was also not up yet), and the coolant should last for a good while longer yet.  The bill for the recommended work was not for the faint of heart.  Well that convinced me to stay away for any future servicing needs and seek out an independent mechanic instead.  We'll see how that goes...

One positive note is that they did take care of a couple of warranty items for me.  One was without any fuss.  They other I had to go back a couple of times to speak to a service rep who was a touch hard to get hold of but then took care of that as well.

Kezia M. | 2011-02-27

Absolutely hate this place. Car was bought from here which was fine... It's the service that really bites.

Every time I come here, I get ripped off because I most likely don't seem like I know anything about cars (which I don't sadly... haha).

Not only do they take my money, but they neglect the problems I address. I told them my right passenger tire keeps needing to be pumped with air every week and they assured me they would have it inspected. I paid almost 500 bucks for a 15000 mile service, and they tell me NOTHING is wrong with my tire.

Well, it has now gotten worse. I have to pump my tire with air ever couple days. There can't be NOTHING wrong with a tire when it requires that much maintenance. the other 3 are working just fine. Now that I call back only a couple weeks after my service, they want to charge me AGAIN for tire inspection.

TAKE YOUR CAR ELSE WHERE! these guys are a ripoff!

Matt D. | 2011-02-21

Quick summary:  if I could write a zero star review for these people, I would.  They are honestly the most unethical people in the business I have met.  And that's a strong statement, as car dealers in general aren't usually the icons of professionalism.

Background:  Yesterday we decided to take advantage of a President's Day sale on a new Honda vehicle.  We had previously agreed to a price with the Internet sales representative, Luart, and went into the dealership to see the vehicle.  We were first greeted by Kao Saochao, the assistant sales manager.  He was quite pleasant and professional, and agreed to a test drive.  Regretfully, he disappeared and was replaced by a more junior representative that engaged in all the usual (but highly amusing) sales tactics.

This individual handed us off to the Assistant Sales Manager, Oscar Leon.  From the get go, you could see he wasn't interested in being direct or providing an exemplary experience.  Not only did he refuse to honor the price they agreed to, he refused to honor the finance special that we had been quoted, and insisted he had no idea where it had come from -- not until he was shown the special on his own dealership's website (not even Honda's -- THEIR website) did he acknowledge the offer.  Even then, he STILL refused to honor it, because he "he had to make money."

The trade experience that was part of this discussion was equally as amusing.  They originally refused the price we wanted and then while driving out of the lot, in front of other people, he extended his hand and said "you have a deal!" Then of course once inside again, he changed the terms (again) -- not surprisingly.

We ended up walking out.  Luart, the internet sales person, whom was not at the dealership when we arrived, called later during a late lunch to ask "what happened?" Clearly, this was just trying pressure tactics, making all sorts of claims ranging from "he didn't know what he was doing" to people "misunderstanding."  Right.  Luart's office says he's "blessed" but evidently it isn't with common sense.

Save yourself the trouble, drive to another dealership, and get the car you want.  We did, got the price and terms we originally wanted from this circus of people, but instead with zero aggravation.

Funny sidebar:  Capitol Honda was empty.  They had obnoxious music playing out front (which according to the receptionist, was previously inside the dealership, due to rain) that was too loud and distracting.  They had a barbecue going too, but that seemed to be more of a draw to the staff than anything else.  They should spend less time on music and barbecues, and more time on the customer.

The other dealership where we ultimately concluded the transaction was busy, staffed by smart people, and professional.  We had emailed them while having lunch to follow-up.  Upon arrival, they had a written proposal that was precisely as agreed and the whole transaction was concluded in minutes.  Just goes to show you how good management can make a huge difference (and a repeat customer.) Sadly, these folks have a ways to go to get to that level.

Ted D. | 2011-02-07

I went in to Capitol Honda just after Christmas to buy a used Pilot. I found one that looked good on their lot, test drove it, and wanted to buy it. The salesman was respectful, the negotiation was quick, and we agreed on a final, out the door price. Since I was paying cash, it was a simple transaction. (Even though they did make me apply for Honda credit anyhow - some line about federal law, but whatever, they are just doing their jobs).

A month or so later, I get a bill in the mail for another $68 because they had incorrectly figured the tax. Since the dealership pays the state (and not me), that $68 is coming out of their profit on the transaction, and they want me to make up the difference. I called the finance manager at the dealership, and she explained to me that I needed to check what my tax rate was and get back to them, as if I am now on the hook for their screw up. Evidently "price agreed upon out the door" means nothing to the finance manager, but the salesmen are more than happy to accomodate.

I can't really imagine a universe where I'm going to pay them an additional $68 after paying nearly $30,000 for a car because they screwed up a tax calculation. These people are either incompetent, dishonest, or some combination thereof.

Stay away, take your business elsewhere. I wish I could give zero stars, but I will throw in one for Raul the salesman.

Dan B. | 2011-02-06

I purchased a 2011 Pilot here last week. I did my pre work on the web so I new what I wanted but Capitol didn't have it in stock, but they did have one on order. Since I wasn't in a hurry to get the car, I already drove a 2004 Pilot, I asked Internet Manager, Ryan Admunsen if he could secure it for me. Since the car had not yet been built there was no VIN number but Ryan stayed on top of it and got the car for me. 10 days later I went in did the paperwrork and was on my way. That is the kind of experience you should have with a car dealer. I would highly suggest you buy through the Internet instead of the retail sales area.
Thanks to Ryan for making the whole experience easy and fun. He deserves a raise and weekends off!

Nicole R. | 2011-01-30

This is a long overdue review, but it doesn't mean that the service wasn't great enough--we've just been so consumed with enjoying our new Pilot! ;)

First thing's first, Lou is not a douche--and THANK GOD for that because most car sales reps are! We went to South Bay Honda and Stevens Creek Honda and came across some pretty douche-y people (except Marvin at South Bay Honda was really nice).

South Bay Honda had a display of reps/salesmen complaining--more like crying--to their manager about who knows what, all behind a see-through glass office and this is not soundproof either! Totally unprofessional!

Stevens Creek Honda had a sales manager promise he could get us the Pilot we wanted by the next day. Uh..hello? We didn't even tell you exactly what we wanted and what do you know, there was only ONE in the whole state of California and it was down south! All that set aside, going to Capitol Honda was a breath of fresh air. Finally, a place where we felt like we were in good hands.

Lou, Doug, and Tang are a great group--they gave us a deal we were more than happy with and worked well to keep us satisfied in the end. They made the experience of buying a first car painless, we even referred them to our good friends who ended up buying a Pilot not too long after.

M M. | 2011-01-25

I highly reccomend Capitol Honda.  I purchased my Honda Civic from them. The experience was great. I worked with Doug Miller, Ryan Amudsen and Coco Roth in finance. They were great. All very helpful and professional. Ryan was honest, straight forward and gave excellent customer service. I got a good deal and a beautiful car and they all made the experience painless and I was so happy with everything!

Eric L. | 2011-01-22

I just concluded a very unsatisfactory experience with Capitol Honda (used car section).

From our last interaction, they did not accept the deal that we proposed. No problem, that's understandable, no hard feelings. One of the sales people called me a few times afterwards, asking me to come back in so we talk about the deal. He seemed like a nice enough guy so I thought we would stop by on Saturday since we were in the neighborhood.

We sat waiting for this person for nearly an hour. Finally, when a sales  'manager' came to talk to us, he had no idea of any previous conversations and started the negotiations from the beginning.

If you don't like the deal and don't want to re-negotiate, no problem, but don't waste my time and ask me to come back in and try to start from the beginning.

I would never recommend this dealer to anyone; there are plenty of dealerships out there.

Monica F. | 2011-01-19

Five years ago, i purchased my very first brand new car at Capitol Honda..
And for oil changes throughout the years, I usually come here too. Sounds crazy right? But no, the regular oil changes are priced somewhat close to what a regular mechanic would charge- somewhere within the range of $30-$40.
The service is really good. They thoroughly check everything and they give discount coupons. One thing i like too, is that they shuttle you back to and from your house or the mall closeby if you dont like to sit around while they do your car.

OR so i thought.

I reached the 60k milestone, and needed to get service. I went to Capitol Honda and the guy who helped me, Tony - quoted me $580. Painful. First thought was (shit. i can just add a little bit more and buy me a pair of Christian Louboutins or this pair of YSL platforms i've been eyeing for the longest time). -so....I called the mechanic who did my oil change last  to see how much he charges...He tells me, "I'll call you back in a few."

ninuninuninu......wait..wait.....damn it. the impatient in me, just F'ed it and gave in to the dealership's price.

So, there i the shuttle ride, about to make a U turn on capitol Expressway to get on the Freeway (they're so awesome, they were willing to take me back to santa clara)...and my phone rings...the "other" mechanic says...."Hey Monica.... it's going to be $281".. (first i can buy shoes with the difference!)

i had the shuttle driver stop the mommy-van (mini van) and i jumped out...and walked back to Capitol Honda to get my car. So. yeah. lesson learned. No big  maintenance service shall ever be done at this dealership or maybe at any other dealerships anymore.

Kendall C. | 2011-01-02

After looking around for a commuter car...I finally decided Honda was the way to go.  For the price and efficiency.  I had my options narrowed down to two models.  The Civic or CR-Z.  At the time of purchase there were no incentives to buy the CR-Z with regards to finance and any kind of cash back deals.  This is perfectly understandable since this was a new model.  I decided on the CR-Z.  Yeah!!!!

I'm not the kind of customer that's too difficult to please but walking into a car sales place I believe I've always been critical.  Understandably, since this is my hard earned money going to work here.  Anyway, I like a simple greeting but not over bearing.  I expect a professional appearance of both the sales people and the product.  Show me you care enough to earn my business.  Anyway, at Capitol Honda they did earn my business and I would say excelled in some instances.  Most of my dealings were with a very pleasant gentleman by the name of Justin Choy.  Justin was extremely well mannered and cleverly tactful salesman.  I did not feel like I was pressured.  In fact, he diffused my slightly intense personality.  As the negotiations continued, I dealt with his manager until a final price was agreed.  A final price we could both live with and then it was on to finance.  Finance runs its usual process and the documents were clear and straight forward.  The only thing I could say most cases you see the final OTD (out the door) price before you begin signing things and running credit checks...etc...but it wasn't till I went to the finance officer when I began signing all the documents.  Everything was done as expected.  To be sure, I had a friend with me as a overseer and witness to the transaction.

With all the closing details, Justin remained an active part in making sure I was OK and taken care of.  Justin took the time to brief me on the features of this Hybrid vehicle as I'd never owned one before.  Yes...with a Hybrid there's a little more to learn but it's all interesting.  Bottom line is...anyone who has a license to drive will enjoy this car.  Earlier when I went with Justin on a test drive, he coached me on the three driving features and how to use them.  The three driving modes being: Sport, Normal, and Economy.  He was very knowledgeable on this vehicle.  This all occurred on New Year's Eve 2010.

Justin followed up with me on Saturday New Years Day to make sure everything was OK with the car and how I liked it.  He asked me when I would like to bring it in for the accessories I had purchased with the car.  He will call me later to let me know when to bring the car in.

From my experience thus far...I look forward to doing future business with Capitol Honda.  Go see Justin!!!

Kristin H. | 2010-12-30

Anyway, overall I was very satisfied with the service I had here and the purchase I made. I find Capitol Honda to be a very reputable dealership in my opinion. I would give it 4.5 stars if I could - 5 for service and 4 for purchase. Please see below for why.

I went to Capitol Honda earlier this month, as I'd been looking on and off for a new Honda Civic for several months. This was kind of a fluke. I had a family member in town who convinced me to go with them to look one evening after work and boy am I happy I did. Our sales person was RAUL. He was very kind and helped us out a lot.
Basically this is what it came down to - I wanted a USED 2008-2009 Honda Civic Coupe with no more than 30,000 miles on it for between 15k and 17k. This is about the price range many of them fall into so I didn't think it would be that hard, but let me tell you - finding that car was becoming a real pain. After clearly being disappointed with not finding exactly what I wanted Raul decided to take a look at the new 2010 cars and see if we could work something out. Low and behold, they happened to have a 2010 Silver coupe with just 722 miles on it. It was pre-owned, as someone had bought it and their financing fell through so they had to return it (sucks for them, yay for me!).
This was better than what I was looking for but I didn't want to get my hopes up. I still needed to trade in my old car and see what kind of pricing they were going to offer me. Raul was spectacular - knowing my price range he was able to hit surprisingly close to it on the price despite how much newer the car was (and how many less miles it had on it). They also quoted a trade-in value on my old car sight unseen that was within the range I was hoping to get for it.
The next day I brought in my old car and traded it in with no issues, and got to drive away in my brand new "used" car.
Overall I was very pleased with the service I received working with Capital Honda. The reason it only gets 4 stars instead of 5 is simply because I found the actual transaction process to be rather slow and that frustrated me a bit. At the same time, I'm not in the habit of buying new cars frequently, so maybe that's just me. I would simply suggest that you leave yourself a decent amount of time for the process.
I've had my new car for about 3.5 weeks now and absolutely adore it. It has been everything I wanted and more.

On a different, but related, note - I had to take it into the service department the day after I got it because the tire pressure gauge came on. I was pretty upset about this, seeing as I had driven it maybe 40 miles. They were very kind, though, and didn't make me wait at all. I was in and out of the service area in 5 minutes (hey, I'd already paid for the car - they could have been jerks and made me wait). The service manager (forget his name) also gave me some tips for if the light comes on again and how to deal with it without having to bring it in, which I really appreciated because who has time to go into the dealer regularly?

Kiwi T. | 2010-11-07

This review is for the Service Dept. I own a 05 Accord and when i take my car here I always come out a happy camper.  Dealer prices are always a lot higher then mom and pop stores because of overhead costs AND their techs are specially trained to work on Hondas. I've heard a lot of horror stories from my friends so I think I'm going to pay a little more to have peace of mind. The service dept is open at the the crack of dawn, they have shuttles to take me where I need to go AND the best part about it is, they have free car wash coupons for the gas station located next door. yay!

Mike M. | 2010-10-28

Capitol Honda management has responded decisively to correct the situation with Enterprise-Rent-Car after posting my review here. They have given us a full refund for the car rental and are speaking with Enterprise to make sure this doesn't happen again. Really great response Capitol! My wife was VERY pleased with Capitol Honda before this happened, and even more now!! Capitol Honda takes care of its customers.

Jenna L. | 2010-10-02

Car Shopping Experience :

I came here this afternoon to look for some cars. We parked and started walking around all lost. Actually I was a bit afraid we might get hit with a lot of salesmen.. To my surprise - this was NOT the case !!!

I think it was nice to have our own space to look around.. but I wished someone greeted us at least. Probably a busy day.. understandable.

I was looking for the Honda Crv's and had no clue where they were located! I found the hot dog stand quickly though! : ) Free hot dogs on some Saturdays !

Joe G. | 2010-09-03

My wife & I recently bought a used Honda Element from Capitol Honda.  Considering how much money you spend buying a car - the experience was very frustrating.

First - their used cars are across the street from the regular dealership.  We of course went to the dealership first and when we said that there was a used Element we were there to see, they directed us across the street.  O.K. - kind of a hassle but whatever.  We checked out the car and did decide to buy it.  One of the problems was that in the center console the space where the cup holders would normally go was missing.  We had a heck of time convincing the sales guys that something was supposed to go there.  Just to get the deal over with we ended up buying a new cup holder as part of the purchase - they didn't throw it in for free or anything.

In addition to buying the car we also purchased some accessories, which we knew we would have to come back for to have them installed.  We waited 2 1/2 weeks and finally called Capitol Honda to find out if the accessories had arrived.  We were then told that some of them had, but that a few others were either not made for the model of Element we purchased or had been discontinued completely.  This was all very surprising since we were working with TWO sales guys, both of whom were helping us pick out accessories online and in a catalog.  Neither of them ever indicated that something wasn't made for our car or was discontinued.  After lots of hassling and trying to find parts on my own, we ended up having to get a refund for about 1/2 of the accessories we had purchased, which was very disappointing.  The guy who works in the Parts Dept. was nice enough, but I ended up having to do a lot of the leg work, research online, etc. to verify that the parts in question really were not available.  In addition, they still were claiming that the cup holders weren't made for our 2007 Element and were only added in later years.  What??  How can a company make a car without cup holders?  I ended up e-mailing him a picture that I found online of what the center console was supposed to look like and low and behold - the cup holders were in the picture!  My wife ended up buying one herself off of eBay and we told Capitol Honda to forget it - give us our money back.

I ended up complaining to the head of sales for Capitol Honda.  She was nice enough, but made excuses for her staff.  Like, "Your sales guys certainly didn't mean to make these mistakes.  There was no ill intent on their part.  We're all human and make mistakes."  It's like - duh, of course I know this wasn't intentional - what, do I actually think our sales guys were secretly plotting to sell us accessories and then have to get a refund later??  I did ask for a second master key (they only were able to provide us 1 initially) and I did ask for the cash value of XM Radio for two years (a value of about $360).  They did provide the second master key at no extra charge but were only able to provide a 1-year cash value of XM Radio because she said they had already lost money on the car.

Needless to say I will never be shopping at Capitol Honda again and I would steer anyone away from them to another dealiership.  They were not customer-oriented at all, which I think is really sad since buying a car can be stressful & expensive enough.  They could have made it a much better experience for the money we spent.

Joanne E. | 2010-08-11

Buying cars can definitely be a roller coaster of emotion.  There's happiness, joy, stress, anxiety, and so much more wrapped in a tight little ball.  

Our good friends came not too long ago to purchase their Honda Pilot here and after searching long and hard for the perfect car, we decided to drive down here to take our chances.  

We met with Luart (Lou) based on several referrals from our friend who purchased a car from him last week and another friend who referred him to us.  Despite the reviews this place got on Yelp, we trust our referrals and figured lets give them a shot.

I will admit; that walking onto the lot, I could sense that feeling of being a dead carcass with vultures just waiting to pounce on me.  It's such the typical feeling you get when you walk onto the lot while hungry salespersons are just staring you down.  I quickly walked in and was immediately greeted by Lou with a smile, at that moment I knew I was in good hands.

He showed me to their selection of Pilots and I was pretty specific in what I wanted.  I basically wanted the fully loaded, top of the line pimped out 2011 Pilot, minus the tropical aquarium in the trunk.  

Honda was having special financing for the Pilots which was something I wanted to take advantage of.  I came in on Monday to try to purchase my car, but unfortunately they did not have the color, trim, and specs that I wanted.  Lou and Doug worked amazingly together to try their best to locate the car for me so that I could have it as soon as possible.  I'll be honest not leaving with my car on my day off made me a little disappointed.  None the less Lou and Doug were great in keeping me informed the entire day.  I receive a phone call 11AM on Tuesday morning, letting me know that they located my car and it would be on the lot by 6PM that night.   I was a little disappointed that I had to reschedule part of my day to arrange the pick up, but Lou and Doug were awesome enough to give me a great deal on the car as well as a great price on some accessories.  HELLO ALL WEATHER MATS!!  

All in all, even though the process was a lot longer than possible, Lou, Doug, and Ericka (financing) made it so easy to bare.  I know that if Capital Honda could find more team members like these three they would definitely have better ratings on Yelp.

For all you Yelpers out there looking for a car, don't skip out on this place, there are non sleaze ball car salespersons like Luart, Doug, and Ericka who can make owning a new Honda a dream come true.

Thanks guys for the rocking car and great service!!

kim s. | 2010-08-02

Run, don't walk away from CAPITOL HONDA in San Jose!  We were looking to purchase a used Honda Civic.  These people are not interested in selling you a car.  There is very little "wiggle room" in their negotiating process.  We found a brand new Civic up the peninsula for $3000 less than the used '07 Civic we were interested in at CAPITOL HONDA.  When we shared this with our salesman, Jeremy, he said "gee, that's a pretty good deal.  Maybe you should buy a new Civic from them."  He was not willing to negotiate until we pressed him and then he had to go check with his manager.  He came back and said, "the best my manager says we can do is lower the price $500."  Are you kidding me?  These people would rather let a car sit on their lot for weeks waiting for some sucker to waltz in and pay a ridiculous price for a used car.  In addition, this was the only dealership without any follow-up.  Every other dealer we visited always asked for our name and number and called us a couple of days later.  CAPITOL HONDA screams SLEAZE...stay away!!

Becca P. | 2010-07-16

I'm definitely not a fan of car-shopping, but Ryan Amundsen (internet sales manager) seems like a decent human being.  We bought our 2010 Honda CR-V EX from him a few days ago, and we appreciated these things:

1. He was clear and helpful in his email and phone communication.
2. He had a relaxed, low key approach to selling cars---no drama or pressure!
3.  He was honest--he told us right away on the phone that he had to order a car from another dealer to fit our needs.
4. He was reliable--he actually did order in the car we wanted so we could look at it, and called us when it came in.
5.  The out-the-door price he quoted us via email and phone was honored at the dealership (it already included all taxes, fees, and accessories).

The one disappointment was that there was really no more openness to negotiation or even price-matching after we arrived at the dealer to look at the car, but still, we got the best treatment here with Ryan of all the Bay Area dealerships where we shopped (I'm comparing with Anderson Honda, South Bay Honda, and Stevens Creek Honda).

Thanks Ryan!

Marisa M. | 2010-07-01

I can't believe I am giving a car-buying experience 5 stars, but it really was exceptional. I worked with their internet sales guys (Doug Miller and Simon). They were SO professional. No pressure. Met all of our demands. I really recommend buying from them if you are in the market for a Honda. After dealing with the RUDE and SLEAZY dealers at Stevens Creek Honda and Toyota dealerships around the bay (City Toyota I'm talking to you), I would go back here in a heartbeat.

Andrea T. | 2010-06-30

The items below were all resolved promptly, shortly, after this was written.  I still think their service fee is a bit high, but I do apprecaite fast and courteous customer service.

Johnson N. | 2010-06-18

Well I got my 1st car here a long time ago and the service is whatever. I mean they are dealers and all dealers act like shit to their customers in order to have their cars sold. Yet, they don't even negotiate to the price their customers want. Uh, if you want a car sold ASAP, don't you think you would get it down close enough to the customers satisfaction?

Capitol Honda is pure crap, and what "stealerships", they charge so much for everything. I can do everything they can do at home for cheaper. Rip-off!

Go here if you want to get ripped off, otherwise go somewhere else, the manager here is shit and the sales rep are even shittier

Kristina L. | 2010-05-25

I came to this dealership hoping to test drive a couple of vehicles and gather more preliminary information about Honda's vehicles - I could not have had a less helpful experience than I did at this dealership.

I walked onto the lot, and a sales person, Van, approached me.  I told him I was interested in test driving a Honda Fit and possibly a Civic SI.  I told him that a manual transmission was a must, and that I was looking for something sporty with good cargo space.  He retrieved the key for a Honda Fit so we could take it for a test drive.  While on our test drive, I asked him questions about standard safety features, performance of the car, and how it compared to other Hondas.  He did not know the answers to most of my basic questions about the vehicle despite having worked for the dealership for several months.  On top of that, he told me that no civics come in a manual transmission (completely untrue after I visited their website when I returned home).  I asked him when we were driving if he owned or drove a Honda, to which he snickered and told me "No, I drive an M3".

I was not wowed with the car after the test drive, and as soon as we got back to the lot he quickly ushered me into his office, where he sat me down and urged me to begin filling out a sale form for a car.  He said he wanted my information to "run some numbers" for the car I had just test drove, asking for my SSN, credit history, monthly income, and for me to sign a privacy waiver allowing the dealership to sell or share my information with other companies.  Mind you, he did not ask me if I liked the vehicle, if I would like to test drive any others, or what options I would want.

I refused to sign this waiver, and I filled out minimal amounts of the form - just enough to get an idea of what their financing would be like.  The salesman came back with financing information, and after seeing the price of the car and the APR they presented me, I decided it was enough information and I wanted to leave.  The sales guy persisted that I work with him and called the sales manager over, where the two of them continually asked me what they needed to do for me to purchase a car that day.

I told them repeatedly that I was there just to test drive and get more information, and that I wanted to test drive other cars.  The sales manager told me directly, "I don't want you to leave and test drive other cars, I want you to buy a vehicle from us today", at which point he directed my attention to a sign on the wall showing they had sold 153 cars of their 400 car sale goal for the month.  He and the salesman looked at me and said "you'll be #154!".

At this point I got up and basically walked out.  I found the whole experience obnoxious, uninformative (and inaccurate), and discouraged me greatly from ever wanting to purchase a car from this dealership, just based on the salesmanship I would be forced to deal with.  

I ended up buying a car that is not a Honda, but if the dealer had not lied or mistakenly told me that Civics don't come in a manual transmission (they DO), I would have test drove it and maybe they would have sold a car.  It blows my mind that the sales person wouldn't know even that basic information about their product.  Overall, a very disappointing experience, filled with sales people who are only interested in selling units rather than helping customers find a car they will actually be happy with.

Sean M. | 2010-05-21

My wife has 2000 Honda Civic that she has taken very good care of an it is almost like new at 10 years old and 150K miles. Over the years we have mostly taken it to the dealer for all service.

At the 150K mark the dealer recommends a major service which I was quoted $600 at first. Then I a coupon for South Bay Honda showed up in the mail. The coupon was for $100 and it said the major service was $448. Since we have taken her car to capitol before we figured that their "match any other dealer coupon" would be honored. When I asked the service advisor said sure they was accept the coupon, but not honor the reduced price, cause they flush the coolant and brake fluid as a part of the service and South Bay Honda does not. I had the guy call South Bay Honda to verify and they did verify that those services are not included. So I told the service advisor to go ahead and flush the fluids.

About four hours later my wife and I were shopping for house stuff and planning on spending a few hundred bucks when we she got a call from Capitol Honda. At first I figured it was the typical "Your car is ready" call, but my wife's face quickly change from happy to sad/afraid. She handed the phone and said "there is something wrong with my car and it is going to cost $600 more. So I asked the service advisor what was up and he said "The right rear brake cylinder was puking fluid." I was amazed and shocked that it was puking fluid and we had not noticed any problems. When I asked how much he said he would us a discount down to $600 including a $75 brake cylinder. I asked him how low the fluid reservoir was.

While waiting for the service advisor to call me back I called a mechanic friend and asked him if he could fix it for us at his shop. My friend quoted me $150 including labor and 1 $40 (direct from Sunnyvale Honda) brake cylinder. Hmmm quite a huge difference in labor price at a gas station shop and for dealer direct parts.

The service advisor called me back and said the fluid was 4mm above the low fluid line. Hmmmmm now that does not seem to bad for something that was puking fluid. I asked the service advisor flush the brake fluid as part of the service and fill it up.

After picking up her car we drove it directly to my friends service station to get it fixed that day. My friend noticed that the fluid in the reservoir was very dirty and just above the low level line. Hmmm I thought I paid for this to be flushed. When he lifted the car and took off the wheels we noticed that there was no leak at all and the cylinder were dusty but semi new. They definitely had not been wiped down or replaced and other than brake dust the pretty clean.

Not only did the dealer try to steal $600 form us, but there was no hint of a problem and they did not flush the brake fluid as we had paid for.

I am not a mechanic, but these guys are shady. Please stay away from Capitol Honda Service Center and save yourself from getting ripped off.

Picture to show you what I saw when my mechanic opened the brake cylinder.………

suzy a. | 2010-05-14

I spoke at length with a salesman, Steven, being very clear about what I wanted. I requested from him an email with the costs that he quoted plus fees. I made this request at least 3 times, but got no email. Meanwhile, I made arrangements to be driven from San Francisco to close the deal. I did make it clear finally that I would not be coming down there without getting his printout of costs. I never got that. Instead a manager called and all of a sudden the price went up by quite a bit. Even then the manager would not send me an email with itemized costs. He did say that if I brought a printout from another dealer that he would beat their price by $300. I did get a printout from another dealer. However, I called Steven to let them know that I'd rather pay an extra$300. to a reputable dealer than do business with them. They are sleazy to the bone. Besides trying to confuse me with their "misunderstandings" about model, they tried to pressure me with "expiring dealer incentives".  My experience backed up the many other poor reviews given Capitol Honda. They really don't deserve any stars. Too bad Yelp doesn't have negatives (like little turd symbols).

Billy S. | 2010-05-07

This score has been given for my experience buying a new Honda from Capitol Honda.

My sales person, Billy, was helpful in looking for the vehicle I wanted to get and put up with my haggling/bargaining while working out the price.  He came in on his day off and even helped me by delivering my new car to my work so I could easily switch into it.

Ericka in the finance department was also extremely helpful working out the necessary loan documents, as well as going the extra mile to get me a lower interest rate and better warranty.

I'm pretty psyched about the whole experience and would recommend other people shopping for Honda's to stop by.

Sunny N. | 2010-05-06

Terrible customer service.  These people are incredible sleaze balls.  We have bought 4 Honda's from them and we're a returning customer - they didn't know how to treat us!!

What did i do? I gave my business to Southbay Honda! Quick, simple, professional attitude.  Straight to the point.  I had received a quote from them for a 2010 Honda LX and I went there before I went to Capitol.  Capitol wasn't willing to match their price and tried to downplay and said southbay was just bluffing and they weren't going to give me that price.  What happened? Southbay wasn't bluffing and they threw in some extras! Southbay Honda all the way!

Food L. | 2010-05-03

I agree with many of the reviews here about the liars in this dealer.  I experienced the similar situation in the past weekend as well.

We went in on Saturday to pick out an Odyssey, then started the negotiation.  They made an offer (price and APR), which is higher than we expected, so we told them we need to think it over.  The next day morning, the sales guy called to follow-up, and confirmed the offer.  On the same day afternoon, I called up the sales man that we have decided to take the car, and will be at the dealer within 30 minutes, and he confirmed ok.

By the time we get into the dealer, they showed us a higher price and a higher APR, because they said this is what they can do.  I questioned them about why there is difference especially when the sales guy called, he confirmed the offer 30 minutes ago.  The sales guy just said it is what it is, and that's the best they can do.

Imagine they can lie to you even BEFORE you buy the car, how good the customer service it can be?

I will tell all the friends and family to stay away from this place.

kerry m. | 2010-04-30

we bought a pre owned vehicle 3 months ago.  the salesman said the car had been checked for safety and passed.   before buying the car we took it to our mechanic who told us the cv boots were leaking.  we let the dealership know this.  we then asked why the headliner was really "scrubbed?"  we were told the previous owner smoked.  this was NOT the truth ~ in fact the sunroof leaked ~ water coming out the front headliner light ~ also water stains on the driver and passenger sun visors.  we called  the "car buyer" for capitol honda pre owned cars ~ we were told by him that  he knew all about the leak, and "didn't have to tell us" ~ he also said " he knew about the cv boots leaking also."  these things ~he told us he "did not have to disclose"
we told him we thought this was dishonest  by not disclosing the issues with the vehicle.  what we came away learning is to not only ask for the fax on the the vehicle but ALSO ask to speak with the dealership buyer, who has thoroughly inspected the car~ to ask about further issues ~ and get it in writing.....if he refuses ~ there is something going on, and either don't buy the car,  or beware something else is a problem with the car.   the dealership buyer also told us he "purposely does not tell the sales people about any issue/ issues with the cars they sell ~ so they don't have to tell perspective buyers.   the dealership buyer also told us " all dealerships do this

Catherine L. | 2010-04-19

My experience with this dealer was limited, so I will not inflate their rating because I did not actually buy anything from them (I chose another brand altogether). However, I decided to write a review to commend Doug Miller, the contact for the Costco Auto Program, who provides 5-star service and left me with an excellent impression. If you are considering purchasing a Honda through Costco's program, I highly recommend dealing with Doug. He was one of the most professional and responsive salespeople I met during my vehicle search.

Bernard H. | 2010-04-17


I usually change the oil by myself, but I got tired of jacking the car up and reaching deep into the engine to replace the oil filter.  I got a coupon from Honda Capitol for $19.95 for an oil change and thought it was worth it.  I usually hate going to dealers for any service because I've had terrible experiences.  

So came in, turned in my car, and left.  I got a call 1 hour later.  They said the oil is changed, but they went ahead and checked my fluids and said they were "marginal".  They said that I needed it replaced.  This is a surprise to me.  I just took in my car for fluid replacement 5 months ago at another establishment which I reviewed.  I told the sales rep this information and then he withdrew his comments and said, "well, you should change your fluids every 30k".  I checked how many miles I've used and it was about 10k... mostly freeway miles.  

When I picked up my car, the sales rep went over the paperwork and said that it was his job to submit the estimate for the fluid replacement.  It added up to be almost $600!!! Also, there was a $1k estimate there to to piss me off. Of course, I didn't go through with the service recommendations.

I feel that this is some sort of scam to get the customer to pay for more service work as all-the-sudden, your car seems to be in danger if your drive it again.  Also, the cost of replacing the fluids is really outrageous. This is more reason to never go to a dealer.  

If you read my reviews, then you can see there is another place that I go to. Why I didn't go there? Well, oil change is $55 over there. Oil changes are straightforward and $20 is a good deal at the, it was 5 min away from my place.

Lesson: Get the oil change, but don't be duped into their recommendations on extra service. If you want to double check, go to a non-dealer service establishment (check yelp reviews).  You'll get your extra service done at a lower cost.

felicity h. | 2010-04-13

I got a recall notice for airbag on my Accord. I scheduled an appointment one week in advance to bring my car in.  I brought it in on Monday and the rep told me that they did not have the airbag ordered so they couldn't service my car that day.  They couldn't call me ahead of time to let me know that for a whole week before my appointment?  What kind of crappy service is that?
One star is too generous.

Jamie B. | 2010-04-12

SCAM ALERT!!! IF YOU ARE FEMALE AND DON'T KNOW CARS......  This review is for you.

My girlfriend dropped her car off for an oil change and we received a call that she needed new brakes all around.  I think that is odd, and advise her to decline it because we had custom sport brakes installed 10,000 miles earlier (cross drilled, ceramic pads, and I did expect them to wear faster than stock, this though, seemed just a bit too early).  Picked up the car, didn't think anything of it because the brake wear warning indicator wasn't making a peep.  

100 miles later, she calls me saying her car is making noise, so I meet her at work,  give a listen and figure it is either lifters or valves making more chatter than normal.  I check the oil and find it is short a quart.  Fishy as this is an over-maintained car, in prime condition with no oil leaks, recent super clean smog cert, and no oil burning.

Fast forward 4,000 miles... She wants to drop the car off at the dealer for her oil change, so we do and this time we leave my cell number.  I get a call from a service adviser "So we're gonna do the brakes, that will be $850.00 to the Visa?" (this is a round figure as I stopped listening to the charges when I was told they were just going to do them). "What do you mean?" "I see here in the notes that we are to change the rotors and pads on next oil change." "oh, what do they measure?"  "You have 1 millimeter on the front and 3 millimeters on the rears."  (if you have 1 millimeter left on your pads, your brakes are gonna squeal like a pig stuck in the washer on spin cycle, there was no such noise, no squeak what so ever. Now if they told my rotors were warped... I mighta bought it as true and needed to be done.) "I think I'll do them myself, I have crossed drilled rotors on there and I think I want to go with them again." "Oh, uhm, I didn't actually look at them, just says here in this report I am looking at." "Uhm, no thanks, just the oil change please." "So just an oil change then?" "Just the oil please.".............

At pick up, I drive the car to assess the brakes, the warped rotors are really annoying (so much for Brembo rotors), so I research new rotors and pads, order DBA4000xs and and EBC Yellow Stuff (stopping security heaven!!!), get them shipped in, prop up the car to install the new brakes and find out that there is over 75% left on the current pads, NOT the 1 millimeter dire-need-to-change-them-now that Capitol Honda reported!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Pissed, but need to change the rotors anyway, but not for reasons they advised me for).  I get to the back rotors and pads, and can you guess what I found?  Way more life left than the front rotors.

Our Honda has been a dream to own and maintain, but this shop, on only a couple visits.....  I will just say, I am not impressed. I mean if you are gonna scam, make it believable. I just loathe the feeling of  being taken for a ride and aware of it.

Sal L. | 2010-04-08


Went to buy a used vehicle from this place the other day.  Salesman was nice.  Sales manager on the other hand was a total douche.  Iv never dealt with someone so rude, un professional in my entire life.  I mean what kind of manager consistently drops the "F" bomb when trying to make a sale.

The biggest thing that bothered me is the car.  IF YOU ARE BUYING USED FROM THEM, INSPECT THE CAR COMPLETELY.  The vehicle I was looking at had about $2000-$2500 worth of damage to it.  It needed a new bumper assembly, tail gate was damaged and would not open, and and bed side was pushed in and rusting.  It was definatly more than just "minor" damage.  They kept trying to push the fact and tell me that the damage was minor.  They admitted to me that they sell cars like this with this kind of damage and vehicle with much more damage/hidden damages all the time and most people don't care or get it fixed.  Well to me, panels rubbing together and body rust is not "minor" by any means.  I work in the auto repair industry and i'm telling you, do not let this place tell you that large area's of body rust, or broken clear coat is "very minor" because it is not.   I'v purchased many vehicle from both used and new lots.  This was by far my worst experience.  

Its a shame that Honda would tie there names with such un-professional and DIS-HONEST individuals.  

I would give them 0 stars if that was an option.  1 star is def. a generous rating for this place.

Meghneel G. | 2010-03-20

Car Sales Review

Please don't go to this place.

I was lied to, scorned at and generally they tried to make me feel like a loser.

I went to this place with a few friends of mine who wanted to buy a used Honda Civic Hybrid. I wanted to go because I always found that having more of your own people around while buying a car is very good for you in the long run. I was totally correct with respect to this when it came to Capitol Honda, San Jose.

My friend took test drives of two cars and then settled on one that she liked.

Once we started negotiating, Jeremy, the salesperson promised us one price on paper and then orally, a price that both parties were comfortable with. After this, we went across the expressway to their sales department. We were made to wait for about an hour (for no apparent reason). This is the way they wear you down. In the end, they took my friends into a room with a computer where the final deal was to be signed. When they saw the price on the computer, it was almost $3000 more than was promised!

When my friend essentially said that this was unacceptable and that we're leaving, their reply was "Thank you." Horrible.

This place is as crooked as they come. I implore you to not go here if you value your time and money.

Dmitry P. | 2010-02-14

Tried to buy a car with Doug Miller: very bad experience. Tries to pretend to beat the competitors quote, asks for confirmation email at the last moment, and flips saying "this price can't be true". Bottom line is he never had an intention of beating the price I got from Southbay Honda, typical bait and switch. I got my car at SouthBay, and you should too.

Anna T. | 2009-12-29

If there was an option to give them a big fat ZERO stars, believe me, I would.

I called to get an estimate on some services for my car and the auto service guy or whoever the heck he is, was a total, complete jacka**... i mean if you strive and rave about your outstanding customer service, you need to check yourselves because you are FAILING MISERABLY!!!

If I wanna shop around for other options because I feel you guys are over-charging me for basic services, do NOT "challenge" me to find a better deal. That is the LAST thing you need to do and secondly, do NOT cop an attitude with me and get all rowdy, because I will and I DID call your ass out on it. You do NOT treat customers like that.

I will NEVER EVER, EVER recommend or use this service center ever again, even if it's the LAST Honda standing.

Kenny P. | 2009-12-09


I came here today in the afternoon around 1:30pm for an oil change and free diagnostic of my SRS light as they had offered in their mail advertisement.  The lady came out promptly of the service department to write up a work order.  I hadn't seen her previously before, but she was nice and had a good attitude.  

After walking inside to the service desks, she had told me that their was a recall on the ignition switch.  I knew their was nothing wrong with mine at the time and I didn't want to wait longer to get that fixed as well.  So I decided on just the SRS light check and oil change.  I had brought my own oil filter in and she assured I could use it and have the discount on my oil change.  My car was probably not taken into the service garage until around 1:50-2pm, seemed like technicians were still busy or on lunch or something.  

Anyhow, by around 3pm my car was outside in front of the service center and basically done.  I walked in and was informed by one of the guys at the service desk that my SRS light came on because of a faulty driver side seat belt push buckle.  I was surprised that the light came on because it seemed to work fine...  anyhow I was glad it wasn't a major thing with the airbags and started to wonder how much it would cost.  

But the guy didn't say whether it was covered under some kind of warranty or if they just replaced it as a courtesy.  I didn't even know I still had anything on my car still under warranty.  So they basically replaced the seat belt buckle free of charge, SO AWESOME.  

That service alone had somehow made my day, and I ended up only paying for my oil change which came out to $31 and change.  I have been coming here for mainly oil changes only for the past ~39K miles or so and never had any significant problems with their service.  Although I would recommend that you take your car elsewhere for any other  major services or fluid changes because you can probably save some money that way.  In any case, my experience today had really warranted a 5 star review.

Stephanie T. | 2009-11-06

Car sales:
Went in there to check out the Honda's.  We were very clear at the start that we were NOT going to buy today - just LOOK.   Test drove a car, asked a few questions and was then turned over to the 'sales manager' who began the hard sell.  What a total put-off.  ANY dealer who asks "What will it take to get you in a car RIGHT NOW" is not someone I want to deal with.  We soon left and will NOT be back.  That hard sell trick lost our business.

Laina T. | 2009-10-23


I brought my car in today after an unfortunate incident at my work parking lot.  Someone had broken into my car by smashing the driver's side window.  

Yesterday, I called the service department and they were able to give me two quotes, one for an after market window  and the other for a manufacturer's window.  I chose the one from Honda since the difference was only $50 and because I had a bad experience replacing my windshield outside of Honda.  Let's just say there's a bunch of bubbles in my windshield at the moment AND their spreading.  I was also told that the after market one was of poor quality.   They told me they would order it and to bring my car in the following day.

After I dropped off my car earlier this morning, the courtesy shuttle took me back to work.  They're allowed to drop off and pick up customers within a 10 mile radius.  Four hours later, I got a call saying that my car was done.  They asked if I needed a ride to the dealership.  I said yes since I didn't want to inconvenience anyone.  Five minutes later, I got a call from the driver saying that he was on the way to pick me up.  Within 15 minutes, I got another call from the driver saying that he was outside my work.  I hopped in and we were off to the dealership.

After the paperwork was all done, they had my car parked in the front ready for me.  My window works perfectly.  

Service was great and I was greeted by many of the employees with smiles.  I can't complain about anything.

Steve M. | 2009-10-06

I helped my daughter buy her first new car last week. She had a 2001 Honda Civic to trade in and wanted to get another Honda. We went to a couple dealers on the Peninsula, did some test drives and she decided on an Accord. Then the "fun" began trying to deal with the sales people.

We got the standard treatment at the second dealer we went to where we were put in a room for 10 minutes to fill out a credit app without knowing what vehicle we were going to buy or for what price. We walked out. "But wait!", they told us "The financing deal ends tonight."
It was September 30th and Honda has a special 2.9% finance deal for new 2009 Accords but it is available until November. So we knew the dealer was lying.

We went back to the first dealer where the sales guys was actually very nice and I felt like he was being straight with us. But when it came to the financing and getting "approval" from the manager, I felt like we were getting cheated. The sales guy ran our credit scores and guess what? We only qualified for 4.9% financing. That didn't seem right. We almost bought the car that night but the sales guy had to get the final approval for the 4.9% rate which "he hoped" he could get for us.

We struggled to negotiate a decent trade-in value and to knock some money off the MSRP. "I probably won't have a job tomorrow", the sales guy joked. But not getting a good explanation for the financing rate made me suspicious. The next day I decided enough was enough.

In doing our research I noticed the referral service on the California AAA website. I called the 800 number and was referred to Doug Miller and his team at Capitol Honda. We met with Lou Tobias and he was the complete opposite of the other sales people we had met. He showed us the Accords they had in stock and told us the deal he could offer: just a few hundred dollars over the invoice. In fact according to the rules with AAA that was the deal he had to offer us. Here's what else Lou did for us:
* Got us more money for our trade in than the other dealers.
* Got us the financing deal on a 2010 Accord (not just the 2009s)
* We qualified for 3.9% financing and saw the exact requirements for 2.9% and why we did not qualify. That saved us $600 in finance charges compared to the 4.9% offered by the other dealer.
* Finished the entire transaction in a few hours

I could leave bad reviews for the other dealers but I they already have a bunch! Even Capitol Honda has many negative reviews for new car sales when you walk in off the street. After what we went through, both positive & negative, I don't know why anybody would shop for a new car without using the AAA referral service.

Joe L. | 2009-09-11

I wasn't sure if I wanted to share my experience since the incidents were a few months and over a year ago.  However, I noticed from the recent reviews that the dealer's services have not improved so I decided to share my experience.

1) Vehicle Purchase - We were shopping for a new 2007 CR-V (EX green tea) during the Labour Day weekend in 2006.  We landed ourselves at the dealership on Saturday.  We were rather specific with what we wanted (year, model, colour, and accessories).  A search by the sales rep said the only one available, among ALL Honda dealers in the Bay Area, is from their sister dealer in Marin County and they could drive it down first thing Sunday and would arrive by noon for us to look at, test drive and decide if we would like to purchase the vehicle.  It didn't happen because the Golden Gate Bridge was closed and they didn't know of the closure (although it was widely publicized unless you are in shut-in).  We were told that the delivery would be delayed but would still be available later in the afternoon on the same day.  On a hunch, we called Stevens Creek Honda Sunday afternoon. To much of our surprise, they had one!  We went there, looked at the car, and bought it.  We didn't get a call from Capitol until the next day (Monday) telling us their vehicle was available.  We politely declined and explained why but did not receive any comment why he did not see the one available at Stevens Creek.  An explanation, any (even his negligence), would be helpful.

2) Ski Rack Installation - First of all, it was my mistake going back there again due to habit (I used to go to the Volkswagen dealership around there when I had my Jetta).  I had nobody else to blame.  I purchased from Honda USA online a pair of ski racks for the 2007 CR-V models.  Upon receipt of the racks, we realized the installation instructions and the racks are for 2006 and prior years' models' roof attachments.  The racks would not fit the 2007 models' roof attachments unless you detach the attachments, cut and refit with special tools.  It was a mistake of Honda and we learnt of that from researching on line and a Honda dealer in North Carolina actually made a YouTube video talking about this and offer the solution mentioned above.  I made an appointment and went to the Service Department, the service technician in the garage had no idea how to do it.  Both of us went to the service department manager, he did not believe my story and gave me a look essentially saying I was stupid and bought the wrong items online.  I asked him to sell me a pair of ski racks for 2007 models and asked him to pull out the instructions.  He did and shut up but he said he was helpless.

I went to Stevens Creek without an appointment afterwards.  I explained my dilemma to the service desk person.  He understood and went to check with a technician garage.  The technician came out and said he knew exactly what the problem was.  An appointment was made for the next day and it was done.

Michelle M. | 2009-08-24


I wanted to take the time to let Yelpers know about my experience in this dealership yesterday.  I was referred to them by Capital One Auto Finance.  The dealership is reccomended under their approved dealer list.  I walked into the dealership with a blank check from Capital One for  financing on a new car.  I had a trade in, not a Clunker.

I test drove a Honda Insight.  I have been a long time customer of Honda, both my husband and I drive them and love them.   I was ready to buy a car.

My salesman was Shubao Wang.  He and I negotiated a price on the insight that fell within my financing and I was ready to sign the paperwork.

I was then informed that under federal law, I was required to apply for financing through Honda.  I declined to do so, I had been approved with Capital One and I was happy with their service.  I was told that unless I applied for financing through Honda, I was not allowed to buy a car.  I asked to speak to someone else.  Oscar Leon came out and told me that I had to apply through Honda, he again told me it was federal law that I did so.  I told him I would be happy to apply, all he had to do was show me the law that stated it was the case.  He couldn't do that.  He referenced OFAC to me.

I looked up OFAC online when I got home, and the US Treasury Department states that dealers are required to run an applicants name against a federal database of "blocked persons", not apply for credit.  the details of that are here:

Information for Automobile Dealers Regarding OFAC

Executive Order 13224 ordered the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) to make available to financial institutions a list of "blocked persons" known as "Specially Designated Nationals" (SDN). The order among other things, prohibits U.S. citizens and business entities from entering into "any transaction or dealing" with individuals or entities who have been linked to terrorism and appear on the list of "blocked persons."

The Executive Order requires financial institutions, which includes car dealerships, to verify their customers' identity and check their customers' names against the "blocked persons" list.

I declined again to reapply through financing, I wanted to use my Capital One financing, and pay for my car that way.  Oscar refused to allow me to do so.  He repeatedly told me that it was federal law that I needed to apply for credit through you, and that I was just "causing drama".
Then Oscar told me that Capitol Honda would not accept my CapitalOne financing, that they didn't participate in the program. ( Despite being listed on Capital One's website and an approved dealer)

I thanked them for their time and asked for my keys and registration back so that I could leave.  Both Shubao and Oscar followed me to my car being repeatedly aggressive and rude to me about "casuing drama".  They said things like: "don't you want to buy this car?" "What is wrong with you?" " Why can't you just apply for financing?"

Oscar then told Shubao that he had never told me I couldn't use my Capital One financing, right in front of me!  I said fine, let's go buy a car, and then Oscar flipped flopped and said never mind, you can't buy a car with that check.  He repeatedly lied to me, blantantly,  in an attempt to get me to apply for financing that I didn't want or need.

I have already reported his refusal to participate in the negotiated program to CaptialOne.

When I called to do that report, CapitalOne let me know that under the terms of my approval with them, my name had already been cleared of the OFAC list.  In addition, I was approved through American Honda finance 3 weeks ago under less favorable terms than Capital One gave me.  When American Honda Finance ran my credit, they would have run my name past the OFAC list as well.

Overall, I think that the sales practices that were employed against me were rude, abrasive and deceitful.  I would have bought a car yesterday, all the terms had been worked out.  It was Oscar that kept it from happening.

If this is the sales culture that this dealership supports, it's worse than most car dealerships.  

DO NOT BUY A CAR FROM THEM!  They are all liars.

My husband used to bring his Accord in for service with their service department.  He will not do so anymore.

EDIT: I received this "not an apology" reply back from the general manager when I emailed them about my experience:


I will investigate the quality of the communication you received from our staff.

I can tell you that the Capitol One pre-approvals are drafts not personal checks - However dealerships treat both the same:

An either/or financing contract is required to take possession of a $20k plus dealership asset and we would need to run a credit check to accomplish that.
I apologize if the communication wasn't done on a professional level.


Jim Cyr
General Manager

So clearly, it is their sales culture to bully people.  DO NOT GO HERE!

Shaun C. | 2009-08-24

A haiku for Capitol Honda.

Helped mom buy car
This place is like all the rest
Hope you burn in hell

Well seriously, this place is just like every other car place in America.  They try and prod you, they try way to hard to make a sale, then they try to kill you with boredom when you finally reach a deal.  Came here towards the end of the "cash for clunker" chaos in order for my mom to finally upgrade her old school caddy to a new civic.  When we got there I could already feel the load of bullshit that the salesman was trying to throw at my mother.  I stopped that right away.  I told the guy, look, she needs a car, if she wants it she is gonna buy it, other than that relax.  She test drove the car, liked it, asked how much it was going to cost and saw that Capitol Honda has a 2,000 mark-up on all their cars for no reason at all. "Because the cars are new!" the sales dude told us.  Really? What's the hell? That pissed me off.  We left the lot after the dude almost forced my mom into their office where I knew she would be doomed.  I wanted her to go to Toyota and see if she saw anything she liked there.  

We came back an hour later and decided on the 2009 Civic, it's sporty and compact. Perfect for my mom.  She was in a hurry, she told them that from the moment we walked on the lot.  This is what infuriates me about car places.  They dicked us around for five hours total.  They try and assure you that everything is moving as fast as it can and even tried saying, "wow, you are moving so much faster than anyone I have ever seen." After we had closed the deal, it took an hour to get to financing.  I figured it was because they were all at lunch.  And every time we asked how much longer, they would come with this sad little puppy face and say, "oh they are finishing the paperwork, it won't be long..Anyways this is moving so much faster than usual. Most people are here for six to eight hours."  Go fuck yourself.  Our time is valuable, stop jerking yourself off and get the shit done that we need you to get done..Geez...

So at hour four we were moved to financing.  That guy was good.  His name was Shak.  He moved us quickly through the paperwork.  Was as honest as I am sure he is allowed to be and finished everything quickly.  

Overall I was spent, irritated, late for work and the only solace I take from the experience is that my mom is happy with the car she chose and I got a light tan from being in the sun for four hours..Thank God I won't have to go through this for a lonnnnnng time.

2 stars

Michael C. | 2009-08-15


Absolute 100% FAIL. I would have given then negative 12 stars.

My situation is different than most, but if it is any kind of representation of Capitol Honda employee work ethic, then I would advise you to steer clear of it.

Essentially I needed a new computer (a.k.a.: ecu, emu,) in the car. I bought the replacement computer from the internet, and tried to get a quote from this place to get it matched to the car. They quoted me $495.00. Yes you read that right, FOUR HUNDRED AND NINETY FIVE UNITED STATES DOLLARS. This is absurd as it takes about 10 minutes with their special Honda computer hookup. The most anyone should pay for a service like this is 100-150 dollars. (This is verified from many other Honda dealerships)

Anyways, the service "adviser" was the typical Ignorant  Know it all lady that didn't give a crap about what I had to say, and argued with me, with her TINY ignorant service adviser procedure. If she really thought she was supposed to charge me $500.00 for that then, she is not doing her job correctly and has been ripping people off. I told her it was only supposed to be around $100.00 and she told me that it must have been independent shops that charge around $100.00., because Independent shops don't have the computer software that allow reprogramming of HONDA computers. And You might be thinking that, it would be okay to then charge someone $500.00's to get the computer matched to the car, but actually no, because it really is a simple procedure.

Okay wow, I feel better. Anyways, Don't go here unless you're just getting an oil change. ANYTHING else, Go to LARRY HOPKINS HONDA in SunnyVale. The service advisers there are smart, well trained technical service advisers that actually know what they're talking about. It took about an hour and $150.00. It wasn't the cheapest, but it sure wasn't $500.00


Minty O. | 2009-08-02


I bought my CRV here at Capitol Honda at the end of April 2007. Ever since then, I have always brought my car here for service. I know it's not the cheapest, but I always got great service so I returned here for all the services, from just an oil change, to the minor service, to the intermediate service, to the major.

July 23rd, I got new tires for my car from Wheel Works. Balance, alignment, the "works".

The following day, i brought my car into Capitol Honda for the Major 30K mile service. I requested that NO tire rotation be performed since I just had the tires done. There was something wrong with my windshield wiper fluid dispenser, they had to order a part so they ordered the part and asked that i come back later (covered under warranty).

Over the weekend, the steering wheel vibrated like crazy at about 60 mph. so when i brought in the car Tues, July 28th, i informed them about the vibration.

They admitted they rotated the tires, so I said, please fix. I specifically asked for no rotation. He said that they balanced the front "as a good-will gesture" but that I had to pay for the rears to be balanced. I refused. I asked to talk to a manager where I was told, "the manager has nothing to do with this" and to "listen listen, you don't understand what I'm saying". I repeated exactly what he was telling me and said, NO, i am not paying for re-balancing. He told me ok, then your tires won't be balanced. Upset I hung up. I had to call my boyfriend and have him handle it.

My boyfriend went there and spoke to the manager. Everything was smoothed over, I picked up my car.

The next day, I noticed my steering wheel was STILL vibrating at 60mph so Sunday, Aug 2nd, I brought it to Wheel works and they noted that my car front wheels were 6 oz off and all my tires were overinflated by 5lbs!

I don't know what is going on with Capitol Honda. I suppose they are great with regular service, but anything with tires or any special requests go absolutely ignored? Horrible! Disappointing!

Just because I'm a girl, they treat me and talk to me like I don't know what I am talking about, understand what they are saying, or know what is going on with my OWN CAR? BS.

Very unfortunate.

T M. | 2009-06-23

This place has the worst customer service ever.  We walked in, the salesman showed us a few cars and disappeared....Never gonna come back here again.

Steven B. | 2009-06-04

Pretty sad that my favorite Honda dealer has been getting bad reviews but still my #1 place to get my Honda serviced and #1 place I refer my friends to get their cars.  I've gotten my '06 Honda CR-V serviced there since new and never had a complaint. Quick service, and knowledgeable employees make time there go by much faster. They do accommodate to their customers needs by offering coffee, shuttle rides and etc. Even with appointments, you still have to wait. Keep in mind there are people that had appointments before you and others that arrived before you and you simply have to wait. If you want everything to be quick and rushed, you may not be getting the best service they can offer, so be patient and they'll get to you. Never had a problem with them, still loving it and thinking about trading my car in for a '09 Civic. Matt is the person you want to see! 5 stars.

Eric L. | 2009-05-31

Detailing promise was fulfilled, but the quality of that follow-up service was lower than expectation. It was simply a service to fulfill their promise without obligation.

Alessandro F. | 2009-05-21

Very slow service. Even with scheduled appointment it did not help at all. Worse was the service staff trying to give me excuses like "it is the same as doctor appointment and you have to wait" I decided to ask them to pull off my car after more than 1.5  hour and they brought it finished. I wonder if I'd just waited nothing was going to happen until I complained about it.

Lyn L. | 2009-05-20

This review might be premature, but so far, I've been really happy with the service and professionalism of Doug Miller from Capitol Honda.

I've been shopping around for a car for my daughter in Santa Clara...I'm in it has been quite a challenge calling dealers and getting them to take me seriously...

I went to Capitol Honda because they participate in the Costco Car program...Doug Miller is the Fleet & Internet Directory.  He has been very professional and polite.  Completed the transaction in a day.  He did not push "stuff" on me and it seem things are going well.

I'll update this review if things change.

constance N. | 2009-05-19

I went to Capitol Honda for a minor tune up.  They called and told me that I needed 7 repairs for a total of 2300 worh of work.  I had just had a major tune up done and thought they were probably trying to upsell.  I took my car to my normal service place and they said only the upper radiator hose needed to be replaced for $95.  They quoted $320 for this repair.  

Also when they called they said a distributor O ring needed to be replaced.  I heard $35 and repeated it back to them.  When I got there they said that the price was $135.  I was upset because I had repeated back to them the price.  So if you do agree to any extra work, make sure they send it to you in writing and/or quote you the new price.  They said they had  quoted the new total and they didn't..  I eventually agreed to $50 but felt I was overcharged.

Michael O. | 2009-05-05

I go there for service for the last 4 years, but I had bought the car elsewhere before moving into the area.  
My experience with service has always been positive, fast, good quality, and clear explanations.  Not great, but good, at least way better than the chrysler shop across the street for my other car (since defunct).
Could they be better in service? I guess, but I'm happy.

As to sales, they do need improvement.  I was hanging around while waiting for an oil change, thinking of getting a new Pilot.  The only thing salespeople did not do was help.  They kept asking if I needed help, sure, but either they wanted me to buy it right then and take my accord as a trade in, or they were not interested in helping me make up my mind about the car, rather some financing mumbo jumbo, how manly you'll feel when you're driving a big hunky suv, etc, sorry, I wanted technical data, not emotional sales.  I still drive my accord, but I do take it there for service.

DEE N. | 2009-04-29

April 17th, 2009 =)

"One of the two biggest purchases you'll ever make in your life is a car and a house"

I've been wanting to get a new car since last year, but i never found anything
i really liked. I've always wanted a mini cooper but that was a NO-GO for my parents. When my brother's car was stolen last month... I realized that it was time for me to get my new car. I sold my first love -- Honda Prelude to my brother and decided to get a Honda Accord 2009.

We first went to the Steven's Creek Honda but they didn't have the car in the color I wanted.. so we went to Capitol Honda..

My brother is a Car salesman so he knows the games they play. When we were negotiating a price, they wouldn't settle for what we had in mind. so we kept the guy going back and forth. We got to the dealership at around 830pm. they close @ 10pm. We didn't leave the place till about 11:20pm!

The guys that work there.. are .. ok. Not THAT friendly.  They kept saying "When they call you for the survey, please rate us 5's cause otherwise .. yadda yadda yadda.." That's all they cared about but when it came to negotiating a price.. they were firm on what they had set in their mind.
Regardless of my sister's AWESOME 836 credit score, they didn't want to give it to us at the price WE wanted..

We finally agreed on a price and I got to drive away in my brand new baby =) The service wasn't TOP NOTCH. it seems like they care MORE about the price of the car being sold and the stupid survey.

After all those hours spent there at the dealership, My sister made them throw in free floor mats and another detailing & ANOTHER FREE TANK OF GAS =)

Robert F. | 2009-04-25

Typical car dealership.  The salespersons crowd at the dealership entrance.  I bought from the Internet department - had to bargain to get to the price I want.  I went back a couple weeks later and they couldn't remember who I was.  Nothing really special in my experience to earn my loyalty.

Ashish A. | 2009-03-10

I had great experience with Capitol Honda. I purchased my new Honda Accord fully loaded from capitol honda in 3 hours (including negotiation to all paper work). They saved a lot of my time in negotiation. I just called them ( Mr. Tommy Carter) and asked the best price for the car at 8 PM and they gave me the price lower than any other dealer in bay area. They didnt include any other charges that dealers usually add on the price they give on phone/email such as additional accessories, destination charges and all. I paid only registration and sales tax on top of the car price.

I had good experience with their finance department (Miss Ericka) to process all of my paper work.

Best thing is, they kept office open till midnight for me to process everything on the same day.

I would recommend to this dealer for new car purchase.

Cherryl D. | 2009-03-06

My Ratings:
Quality - 3 Stars
Price - 2 Stars
Location - 3 Stars
Service - 4 Stars
Speed - 3 Stars

My Opinion/Story:
I used to take my car here for repairs and maintenance.  I was pretty happy with them when my car had an engine problem which just automatically dies when I'm on a stop.  I found out that there was a problem and they needed to replace the cylinders or valves which would have cost me about $3500.  Lucky for me, I had an extended warranty which was about to expire that year so they helped me out by taking advantage of my warranty.  I had the cylinders/valves replaced and changed the timing belt as well all for $600 (it was the cost of the timing belt replacement).  If it wasn't for my extended warranty, my baby would be in a junk yard by now.  They suggested that I get the valves adjusted every 30K which I think they should have done whenever I take my car to their shop but because they never did, the problem became bigger.  I would have been angry at them if I didn't have the warranty to pay for the repairs.  

I also think their oil change is quite pricey. I just take it to another shop since I get oil change every 3K and they charge $20 less than Capitol Honda.  If I get there early Saturday morning for an oil change, the wait is pretty long.  I don't even know if it's worth going home and coming back or just wait there.  It would also be nice if every service you do there gives you a car wash like what other dealers do.  The customer service is pretty good and they go in details what needs to be done to your car.  Sometimes they suggest things you don't really need but they don't force it on you.  They call you to remind you of your next service and they contact you if there are additional things that needs to be done to the car.  But since I left Capitol Honda and found another shop, I still won't forget the great service they did for my car when it wasn't working properly.

Wendy L. | 2009-03-01

Don't go here!

I brought my Accord into Capitol Honda because it was close to my work and my headlights were not working.

I told the service rep (Angelo) that my headlights were not working and rather than just checking that the bulbs were out, he said they had to do a whole complicated diagnosis which cost me $70. When they discovered it was just the light bulbs, they then had to charge me extra to replace the bulbs. It's fine to charge me the for the bulbs, but shouldn't they have just checked to see it the bulbs were out? That's an easy 1 min procedure.

On top of that they treated me as a typical girl, trying to sell me services that I had already gotten at other Honda dealerships, as well as a bunch of other services that I declined. I have since brought my car to the Grace Honda and San Francisco Honda, which have not made the same recommendations as Capitol Honda which makes me think they were unnecessary.

Lastly, they call about 2 times a year telling me about their Honda specials or reminding me that I need to get my car serviced. I have already told them I will never go back there, but they keep on calling...annoying.

francis r. | 2009-01-22

This place is decent. The problem is that I hate car dealers anyways. The people here were nice enough.

I don't really have much to say about that.

Tom D. | 2009-01-06

Steer clear of Capitol Honda at all costs. My partner and I went to look at a new Honda CR-V. We were greeted by a young Middle Eastern man who was nice for about the first two minutes. We told him we were interested in the EX model with navi, but we also made it clear that we were not ready to buy. All we wanted to do was test drive one to see if we would even like it.

As soon as the jackass realized we weren't going to buy a car that very minute, he spun around on one heel and told us that the only way he would allow us to test drive the vehicle was if we made a commitment to buy it that same day. My partner and I both started laughing, which just made the salesman more mad. He explained that his income is 100% commission (duh, it's car sales dumbass) and that he doesn't have time to "just hang out and drive around" with us. That's fine, but when we ended up buying our new Honda, we went to South Bay Honda. They actually allow you to test drive the vehicle BEFORE you commit to buying it. Crazy, huh? LOL.

My N. | 2008-12-29

I've been here a handful of times ( for maintence and parts) and I've always had impeccable service. Whether it be knobs (which always tend to break on me I don't know why), wipers, bulbs, or fixing an alarm system, CH has always taken care of my car. It's pretty simple: pull into the marked lanes, tell the guy with the clipboard what's wrong, enjoy some complimentry nutrigrain bars and powerade, and badaboom you're outa there. It's also a huge convenience that they open super early in the morning.

Joseph V. | 2008-12-28

I feel sad for sales folks here.  All of them are hungry to make a sale and will tell you that they need it.  I visited Capitol Honda when I was interested in a Honda Civic Hybrid since my company was offering incentives for being green so since Capitol Honda was the closets I decided drop by.  I came on the dealership and was approached by a salesperson and told her I wanted to test drive the hybirds but not ready to buy.  She said ok let me get you someone to help you.  WTF?  I guess she heard the key word "not ready to buy" so she bolted. LOL.  Anyways, I guess they found a newbie to help me out.  We went on a test drive and the newbie sales guy talked about price so I played numbers with him.  So he said are you going to buy today? I said No I don't have money today maybe tomorrow.  He said you can take the car home today and sleep on it all I need is your CA license.  I was told him no i don't want to take the car home today.  He then said but you will have the money tomorrow so why not take it today.  I replied i might have the money tomorrow but that doesn't mean I will buy tomorrow.  We went on for a few more minute and he finally figured out that I wasn't going to take the car home today even if I was going to have the money later.  I don't think he's working at Capital Honda anymore.

Vicky N. | 2008-11-07

i bought my very first car here and i can say that my experience was fairly good.

it all started on a regular Friday (Halloween) when i randomly browsed for cars (specifically for the 2008 Honda fit sport in blackberry pearl) online and ran into an add from capitol Honda that happened to have the exact one that i been wanting for the past year, which i have also been saving $$ for at the same time. i seen that it just had been posted a few days prior and decided to jump on it since its never guaranteed that it would still be there if i waited too long. before i made any inquiries bout the car i prepared myself and had applied for a loan thru my credit union (FYI if you have a credit union, i highly suggest you get your own loan thru them cuz the APR at any dealership can break your pockets) in which, luckily, i got pre approved the very next morning. i had my down payment ready also and from there i left my inquiry for the dealership thru their internet department. maybe less than an hour later i was emailed back by Ty Lim about the car. He was very helpful and thorough. we emailed back n forth and eventually spoke over the phone. he made sure to verify the car i wanted since there were a few adds that stated 2 different colors. the following Monday i decided to come in for a test drive and met with Ty. he right away gave me the keys, showed me the car and we hopped in to do a test drive. i instantly fell in love, lol. anywho i told him that i wasn't planning to buy the car that night but i was curious as to how much i could get the car for. so my fiance and I sat down with Ty and discussed numbers. He was able to knock the price down enough that I could not pass it up. i was iffy at first because i knew it may take a few hours to get the paper work done plus i had to be somewhere later that night. however Ty was never pushy and reassured me that i would be able to do the process in time since i already knew what car i wanted, had my pre approved loan and down payment ready. I was directed to finance where I met with Joey, whom was super down to earth and very informative. And after about an hour and a half later I had officially bought my first car! however I wasn't able to take it home that night since they needed to add a few things and prep the car for me. but by the next day I was rolling in my new ride and I'm happy to say that Ty and Joey were the most helpful and easy going which made my car buying experience something I cant forget. Thanks guys!

Joseph C. | 2008-11-06

Meh, if you would like to try this dealership, make sure that you are very prepared for a huge disappointment.

I called ahead of time for some left over Accords of the previous year's model. (It was during the clearance season.) I asked for an EX-L, B on B with 4 cylinder, the guy was very unclear over the phone, he told me he has one each. (I asked for like 4 different type of accord and he said he has it all.) and without letting me finish my questions, he cut me off by asking my name and set up a time for an appointment--ok, fine, your time is precious, and so is mine.

When I got there they showed me a B on B V6 with everything on it, I said I thought I was clear about how I do not want Navi nor a V6 engine, then they took me to a car that doesn't have Navi nor V6--but has beige interior and gold exterior...oh man, come on, what is this about?

I figured that I might as well just test-drive it since I was there anyway. so I did, and then it comes to the most painful stage--price negotiating.

As soon as I walk into the sales room, the guy showed me their MSRP price and said that he can give me 2K off instantly without me asking...
"I took 2K off for you and you didn't even ask for it, what do you say?"

I said it was still too high so we checked the KBB together...

THE KBB MSRP PRICE is about 1.5 K LOWER than his "2000 off DISCOUNTED PRICE" then he insisted that he cannot really negotiate with me for over 1K after his "special price"...from here you know, Capitol Honda has crazy marked-up prices.

I then asked him if I wanted to add fog lights on it, and asked how much that would be--he told me it'd be 699 and he can give it to me for free...OK, if you go to Honda website, it's only about 300! Since when fog lights gets so freaking expensive?

He then kept telling me that the B on B with L4 is not in his lot, unless I am going to walk away with his gold/beige in his lot...No, I am so not doing it.

I walked out of the dealership without hesitation. Throughout the whole process I felt intensely pressured by not only the guy, but also other salespeople who walked by...stupid jokes and stares were all over the place. I thought I was prepared for all these, but apparently I underestimate them.

I had a trade in, we kinda talked about the price, but I have decided not to buy there. Later the same day the guy called me and ask if there's still a deal. After my rejection, he added 1K on my trade-in... too bad man, I am not going to deal with Capitol Honda for my entire life.

This was my second shot for Capitol Honda, both times with huge disappointment, if you really want a Honda, Larry Hopkins Honda in Sunnyvale is your BEST SHOT.

Ron K. | 2008-10-31

This review is for the service not  the sales department.
The service reps are very rude and unprofessional.
Please don't bring your car here, you'll be dissapointed.

Larissa B. | 2008-10-30

The last 2 times I went to their service department, it took 3 trips to get the problem fixed.  The first time they ordered the wrong part, and this more recent time they lost a part from my car when they took it apart the first time and didn't figure it out until they were installing the new part.  

Most recently, when I had to come back in for the third time, they were very inflexible on hours.  They just needed to replace a screw, but they insisted that I be there before 12:00 and my car would be put in line with other cars. I had to talk to 3 representatives before they grudgingly allowed me to come in at 2:00.  As I expected, it took them 5 minutes to get it done.  I was surprised  that they would be so inflexible given it was their fault I was having to come in at all.  Overall, the attitude I got from service representatives was apathetic and they acted put out when I made requests.

While I was waiting for my car the second time, a woman was there in the waiting area on the phone trying to get someone to pick her up because she had been waiting an hour for the "courtesy" shuttle to take her home.  She and another woman saw a shuttle drop off a customer and they literally ran out into the street and flagged him down before he could drive away.  A third customer in the waiting room was complaining because this was his third trip in for the same problem because they ordered the wrong part the first time.

After the first debacle with them, I gave them the benefit of the doubt since mistakes happen, but given their attiude during the most recent incident, I won't be returning.

MICHAEL P. | 2008-09-28

After my bad experience at the El Cerrito honda dealer, I was so happy to find a no hassle internet quote from Capitol Honda.

I got a great deal on the price without having to be a professional negotiator (which I just am not) and I had a friendly and expedited experience with the whole test drive and contract situation.

Did some follow up work on my alarm and they went the extra mile to deliver on customer satisfaction.

I don't know about other sales people, but the internet division is great for no hassle prices and friendly, competent service.

And I have yet to try my first oil change (also have some warranty issues with fit and finish) so I'll report back on their service dept. I sort of see 1 stars to 5 stars on this place so I have my fingers crossed that it goes well.

Alexandra G. | 2008-09-21

Salesman was extremely pushy! When we decided to leave because the prices were too expensive, he was nearly chasing us out the door saying that he could take 3000, 4000, even 5000 off the price.

Party R. | 2008-09-16

Can't complain about anything. Service was top notch. The shuttle drivers were all friendly, except this one old white dude that likes to give advice on how to care for your car.
They quoted me $125 to diagnose the car but in the end only charged me $75. That's including the minor work they did on my car. Yeah, it's a bit more expensive but with the shuttle, prompts service and everything, I think I'll come back.

Miss Y. | 2008-09-04

I submitted a price quote request online and a woman called me today to follow up (even though I've indicated that I prefer to communicate through email but fine, it's ok.). It was during work hours yet I was still trying to be polite and tell her I wasn't interested because my friend and I already bought the car last night.  She asked me where we bought it and how much we paid.  I told her it's for my friend and I don't know all the  details.  She said that "oh, then you better make sure you don't pay more than $xxxxx." --- well, this doesn't sound any more helpful to me at all and I have no idea what she was trying to accomplish!  Yet she still kept asking me questions. (very pushy!)  ok, so i told her that I am working and can she please let me go back to work?   and then you know what she did? she HUNG UP on me! no apologies, nothing.

I am also in sales and I think it is absolutely unacceptable to hang up on a client!  I think Capital Honda should really give some training to this woman to be a better salesman. I am not buying from you this time, what about next time or word of mouth??  I wasn't even rude to her. This is very very disappointing, and it even made me glad that I didn't pick up a car from them.

Dia D. | 2008-09-03

Car buying sucks..period! My fiance and I went to capital honda on saturday  (8-30) with a price quote for a '08 Honda CR-V from our car guy with our credit union. We get to the lot and, we met the sales man who apparently deals with our credit union and gets the vehicle that we are intreseted in. Rude, Rude and even more Rude. We introduced ourselves to him and right off the bat he basically pushed us to some seats and had us start filling out paper work. We were like, "WTF!?! Why are we already signing paper's before we have even seen the car?!?!" He then looked at us like we were idiots!  car dealership guy ;" I guess so...u want to see that car?,  hold on" He then made us wait for about 15 minutes, so he could find the car and then drive it up. We looked at it checked it out and asked him for a test drive.  again with this exasperated look, and then a shrug of his  hsoulders and he said "fine"
All said and done, the only person at that dealership that helped us in our first car buying experince was the finance guy. My opinion is to get  internet pricing and  make sure that before you head there, let them know what you want exactly and let them know you want to see and test drive the car. or, go to tracy honda. They were really nice. greta customer service.

Gerald I. | 2008-07-13

I've known about this dealership for many years since basically every honda in San Jose has the "San Jose - Capitol Honda" license plate.

I just purchased a car from them last week and was very happy with the service I received. I was in and out and the sales director & manager treated me good. I've also brought in my older cars in for service and I have never had any problems with them.

Now, remember, this is a car dealership so everyone's experience will always be different. Some good, some bad...Service dept wise, its reasonable, but if you're going to buy/lease, do your homework first & "know" the business.

Todd F. | 2008-06-07

I had my best car buying experience ever last night.

It all started with Caltrain.   I was heading home from work early on Friday night.  After hopping on the 5:33 bullet train to get to Capitol Honda (CH) with hopes of arriving at the dealership before 7, I was greeted with the announcement that there had been a fatal accident on the train lines and to expect delays.  What an understatement.  Fast forward to 9:00 when I finally arrived at CH.   Hung, the internet sales manager, was sympathetic of my situation and my desire to get the deal wrapped up Friday night so I could have my weekend.   I test drove the car, we went into his office, quickly agreed on numbers (went through the Costco auto buying program) and then went over to finance.  The finance manager was courteous and thorough without pressuring me to purchase unneeded add-ons.  We got through all the paperwork quickly, and before I knew it we were in the parking lot and I was driving off the lot.  

I would seriously recommending using Hung in Internet Sales to get your next Honda from if you are in the San Jose area.   I was shocked to find all the negative reviews here about CH, but as far as their sales department goes I found no flaws and was 100% satisfied with them.

Darcie K. | 2008-06-03

Bad Honda service department - BAD!!! They totally ripped me off and took advantage of my complete ignorance of how a car works....and this is my rant about my experience:

I took my car in for a tune up before a SMOG test last June. I hadn't had a tune up in a while, so I was expecting the bill to be bigger than normal, but I was completely floored when Monalisa, my "service advisor," called and told me they wanted to perform close to $2k in repairs. She told me my front breaks were gone, my rear breaks were close to needing replacing, and I had a serious leak in some part of the car I'd never heard of before. She also tried to tell me that my timing belt was overdue to be replaced, but I knew for a fact that I had gotten it replaced only a couple years ago. That should have tipped me off as well as the front break thing - I had absolutely no trouble breaking, so at the very least she was exaggerating to scare me into accepting their assessment. And she did scare me. I had visions of spinning out of control and then bursting into flames. Like the sucker I am I said OK (except I didn't have them replace the rear breaks)...I really didn't know any better plus I didn't have the time to go carting my car around for a 2nd opinion. Afterwards I didn't notice any improvement in my car's performance, but I assumed that was just because my car was old or maybe I damaged it somehow and it would never run as well again.

Then, 9 months later I took my car in for minor service at Anderson Honda in Palo Alto. What a difference!!! The only phone call I got from them was to tell me that my car was ready and I only had to pay about $200 - plus that included them replacing my cup holder. They also checked my breaks and said my rear breaks were at 50% and Honda doesn't recommend replacing them till they reach around 25% so the Anderson rep said I still had plenty of life left in them. I wonder how much higher that percentage was 9 months prior when I was at Capitol Honda. That alone pretty much confirms for me that the staff Capitol Honda are a bunch of liars, but I also noticed a drastic improvement in my car's performance after the MINOR service performed by Anderson Honda. After I took it there, my car accelerates quicker and the mileage has improved - it's now as good as it was when I first got it. I wonder what exactly my $2k at Capitol Honda paid for....

James K. | 2008-03-12

Customer:  "Hello?  I'd like to schedule a service appointment for this Saturday."

Capitol Honda: "Sure, our first available time slot is 7:45 AM."

Customer:  "Um, no.  I'm still recovering from my hangover and trying to hold onto the last vestiges of a peaceful, fantasy-filled sleep around that time.  How about 9:00 AM?"

Capitol Honda:  "Okay, 9:00 AM this Saturday works.  What's the problem?"

Customer:  "Well, the Maintenance Req light is on, and I have around 80,000 miles.  I think it just needs a check-up."

Capitol Honda:  "Okay.  We can do that."

Customer:  "Oh, also the fuel gauge warning light isn't turning on anymore.  Can you check into that?"

Capitol Honda:  "Umm, well, if you want any actual service done, you have to drop off your car during the weekdays.  That's when we do service work."

Customer: [Shoves his eyeballs back into his head] "Ummm...what do you mean you only do service work during the weekdays.  This isn't a warranty service.  I just want you guys to fix the fuel gauge light."

Capitol Honda:  "Umm, I know, but we only do actual repair work during the weekdays.  We have to call Honda to analyze the problem, and they're only open on the weekdays.  Plus the parts department can only order parts during the weekdays."

Customer:  "Wait a second.  Your service department has to call someone at Honda to figure out the problem?  What are you paying your mechanics for then?  What's the use of an inspection service if you're not going to actually fix anything that comes up during the inspections?  You have your own parts department.  Are you saying you have NO parts in there so you have to order them?  You don't even know what parts you need right now if any."

Capitol Honda:  "Well, that's just how it works.  We need to call Honda and parts can't be delivered during the weekends."

Customer:  "I've been going to Capitol for the past few years now.  When did this happen?"

Capitol Honda:  "Well, I've been here for at least a year, and it has been that policy for as long as I've been here."


Capitol Honda:  "Sir, if you're going to be upset, I can't help you."

Customer:  "UPSET@#&*@^*!!!  You haven't seen upset.  What you said makes no freakin sense.  I must have paid thousands of dollars in maintenance fees and parts.  All on Saturdays!!!  Did this happen or not....were these repairs made or not???!?!?!!?/"

Capitol Honda:  "Well, that's all I can say."

Customer:  "I'm never coming to Capitol Honda again.....ever."

Capitol Honda:  "Well, I'm sorry sir.  Is there anything else I can help you with?"

Customer:  "How about a lobotomy?"


Absolutely absurd.  There's gotta be something missed in the translation.

"[Ms. Capitol Honda Lady], what you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul."

slbvic c. | 2008-03-10

This review is for the service department.  I bought my Accord from them in 2003 and have never had an issue with a mechanic or service advisor.  The express oil change service usually takes 1-2 hours and is ~ $35.  Good price for honda parts and shuttle service.  Advisors are straight forward and call you when they need to.  My CD changer had a problem but they were able to fix it at no charge since it was under warranty.  Brakes/15/30/60/90k service is moderately priced but you can definatley trust them on not overselling.  Their loung has wifi and satellite TV so I cant complain.

Kimberly B. | 2008-02-25

Car shopping sucks in general. This review is for the entire experience I had at this Honda dealership.

The guy who helped us was an obvious newbie because a) he didn't know what he was talking about half of the time and b) he couldn't stand his ground. I was able to haggle with him to lower the price of the '06 Honda Civic Lx that they were purchasing and he gave it to me for the most awesome deal ever, a price that none of my other friends who recently purchased their Civics could beat!

Now here comes the bologne part. All the sales guys have this head honcho whom they report to and run their price quotes through in order to solidify the deal. The dealer who was helping me that day said that he needed to talk to his boss before we signed our papers. The boss comes out in his white suit, alligator-skin boots, and cocky smile, and tells me that the price I wanted was ridiculous. He left our table shortly after and my sales guy started apologizing. Anyway, long story short, I left the lot with my '06 Civic with the lowest price that I fought over with the sales guy anyway because he just couldn't take it anymore. LOL! I'm not really sure if he still works there....

Anyway, car dealerships are just a total nightmare in general but the experiences are so comical. You'll definitely get that semi-celebrity feeling when you step out of your car in their lot and tons of sales guys swarm you. Hahaha!

Meredith S. | 2007-12-04

I just got my car back and I've changed it from 3 stars to 4. The service advisor (Mona Lisa) deserves 5 stars by far!! She pointed out to me what kind of shape my car is in (which is *excellent* btw ;) and when I should expect to get new brakes, tires, etc. I asked briefly about how to keep my tires inflated properly and she spent 5 minutes talking to me about the right way to do it and if I was ever in doubt, to just bring it back and they would take care of me. Thanks! Oh and I also got a free carwash at Capitol Premiere, sweet!!
However, again, the building itsself just lacks some personality and isn't super inviting, but it is a car dealership...


I'm sitting here right now, waiting for my car to get serviced. The place is clean and all, but not very inviting. I had to leave their waiting room because they blast CNN on the tv (which I have a serious problem with) and the seats are uncomfortable. They also boast free dsl wireless... however I am using Penske's (which I think is across the street) because I can't find anything for them...
However, my service advisor was VERY welcoming (this being my first time here) and alerted me of a recall which I hadn't even heard about yet. Since I live a few blocks away, this will be my new service center for my 06 Honda Civic and it will do just fine... but I still miss Anderson.

T T. | 2007-11-21

Extremely bad customer service, no respect to the customer, horrific experience.

I saw an ad from this dealer for a used BMW M3 (from a Honda dealer!) so I called in the morning and talked to a John Tran, who claimed ot be a fleet manager.  I ascertained the car was there and made an appointment with him to see the car at 1:15 same afternoon.

I arrived at the dealership at 1:10PM, asked for John Tran, then I waited, and waited...
and waited...

and waited...

10 minutes later, some guy came out and said Johnny was having lunch and I should wait a little more as he'd be right out.

so I waited...  for another 15 minutes.  Then I left.

The car was there on the lot, I was looking at it as I was leaving.

You shouldn't make your customer wait for almost half an hour when he comes in to buy a $40K car.  Heck, any amount of money for that matter.  Even if you were eating, finish up in a couple of minutes and come out, or come out yourself and greet the customer and politely ask to make him comfortable while you finish up what you're doing.

As I was leaving I saw someone coming back from a test ride with other customer, with a badge named John and he was Asian.  There could be more than 1 Asian John's but...

That's half an hour of my life I'll never get back.  And an individual - John Tran and a dealership I'll never buy from.

They get 1 star because I can't post this thread with no stars.  But really they get zero or negative stars.

Connie C. | 2007-10-13

We bought our minivan last year, but I was totally lied to by the salesman.  My husband had negotiated the price and ordered the Odyssey touring.  He was out of town when it came in so i went down to pick it up.  When they were showing me the van, it was nice, but as I was asking about the features, I saw that it console in the second row and no 8th seat.  My only requirement was that it HAD to seat 8 people.  The salesman was like, oh you can order an extra seat and take out the console.  I still wasn't convinced and I was ready to leave and not take the car, but then he said he'd check with the manager to see what he can do.  So after talking to the manager, they offered to sell me the extra seat at cost.  So i'm thinking that's ok,  so they went ahead and added the cost of the seat to the car.  So they order the part from the service dept, I go home in my new minivan all happy.  Remember the selling point to me was that the minivan could seat 8 people....well they TOTALLY LIED, you can't seat 8 in the Touring model.   I had to find out myself , because after  2 weeks, I call to ask where's my extra seat (they said it would arrive in a few days) the service dept tells me that first, there's no order for me and second, you can't put an 8th seat in the Touring model.  WHAT the freak!  I was fumming mad.   Told my husband to return the car and get me a model that can seat 8.  Well my husband went down several times to try to talk to the manager and we were offered a "refund" for the car seat, got  a few extra things for the car.  BUT that doesn't make up for the fact they freaking lied to me to get me to drive the car off the lot.   Either way, the salespeople that work there either 1) do not know the cars they are selling or 2) freaking liars.
Would give them no stars but that's not an option.

Benjamin L. | 2007-09-06

I've gotten my last two cars (both leases) from Capitol Honda, and each time the experiences have been relatively smooth.  The first time, back in 2004, I found a lease deal featured on Honda's website, went in, and was able to get my 2004 Civic the same day with little problem.  When the lease expired this past Spring, I decided upon getting an Accord (moving up the ladder, yeah!).  Although they had an Accord LX lease special advertised nationwide, I wanted a V6.  

After extensive searching online through local dealerships and car buyer forums, I located several dealers advertising lease specials for an Accord V6.  However, they were all either in the Midwest or on the East Coast.  After asking for a quote via the internet, I went in to Capitol Honda, mostly because it's my closest Honda dealership, and because they had met my needs the first time.  

After acting interested in financing a purchase and listening to some of their offers, I let it be known that I "may" be interested in a lease.  Then I gradually came to spitting out the special that I noticed online.  After a few moments, I was told that she could meet the advertised price.  So from there, everything went pretty smoothly.  The internet "manager," as she was introduced, didn't seem to waste my time, though because she was gorgeous (I think her name is Sienna) I certainly wouldn't have minded chatting with her all morning.  Although the color wasn't available that day, they said they'd drive it in from Redwood City that evening, and sure enough, I got a call the following morning to come pick up my car.  So based on that, I would probably give it four or even five stars, considering what you can expect from a car dealership.

However, that wasn't my last experience dealing with Capitol Honda.  Two months ago, I accompanied my friend to purchase a Civic.  He also had gotten an internet quote and had made an appointment with some guy named Dewey.  After arriving, we took a glance at the very car he wanted and was ready to sign papers.  They had worked out the price and the finance options.  However, after about ten minutes, Dewey came out to announce that they wouldn't be able to offer him the previously agreed upon finance rate.  Although his credit score was certainly high enough (mid 700s), it was due to his limited credit history.  Although I thought they factor your history into your score, I don't know enough to know if he was bullsh*tting or not.  Anyway, after assuring us that no other Honda dealership would offer him the lowest rate either, he asked if my friend still wanted to buy the car.  I, meanwhile, still maintain that when it comes to most Hondas, leasing beats purchasing.  

Anyway, after some deliberating, my friend decided to sign on the slightly higher finance rate.  By now, my friend had told Dewey that he only had about thirty minutes before he had to leave for a work meeting, and that if the paperwork couldn't be completed in that time, he'd be glad to come back tomorrow.  Dewey assured us that it would be done well in time.  So we sat.  And waited.  And sat.  And waited.  Thirty minutes later, we went looking for Dewey.  He claimed that it would just be a minute.  After another ten minutes, with my friend already late for his meeting, we started walking out.  Dewey chased after us with some papers in his hand.  When my friend asked what the wait was about, Dewey claimed that the finance manager had really "slow" handwriting.  C'mon, I could've come up with 68 better excuses than that.

Anyway, just a tip for any potential car buyers...always request a quote online first before walking in.  When you do this, you will be dealing with an internet "manager," who is able to to offer you lower prices due to their higher sales volume.  The showroom dealers (who you encounter if you simply walk in) simply aren't able to give as low of prices, and will force you to go through more haggling just to come down from their ridiculous first offers.

Steve P. | 2007-07-17

I'm a cash buyer who arranges the deal via phone before I set foot in a dealership.  I had the sleaze bag "salesman" commit to me that the car would be ready and I would be in and out in less than 30 minutes.  I waited for 2.5 hours while they peppered me with a sequence of lies as to why the car and the paperwork weren't ready.

It amazes me that even with such a simple transaction these people still managed to let their true colors show.  Pathetic.

Jesse C. | 2007-06-04

I got my first car here couple of years ago, it was a pretty good experience back then and when it's time for a second car, we decided to come back. But boy, are we totally disappointed!

The sales person (Wally) was ok in the beginning, showing us the civic and we test-drived the car. But when we told him we'll need some time to decide, his attitude completely changed. He became very rude, repeatedly trying to insinuate that we're not "serious buyers", which we were. He was very argumentative, trying to convince us that we're wasting his time. Apparently, according to him, every customer that sets foot in the dealership is supposed to buy a car.

We were not satisfied with his attitude obviously and we told it to him in his face and left. While we were leaving, we could still hear him yell stuff like "don't come back again until you're ready to buy" .... right, I don't think we'll ever go back again with this kind of service. We left a complaint for his manager, have not heard back yet. Let's hope the management is not as unprofessional as the sales rep. Stevens creek honda had much better service.

Takeo E. | 2007-04-25

Whoever had Marvin help him must have caught him on a good day.

I helped my brother buy a 07 Civic a few weeks ago and the Capitol Honda folks used a dearth of high pressure tactics in order to make the sale. We wanted to drive the car and make a decision later, but the salesman and the sales manager my brother worked with used all kinds of underhanded tactics (trying to take advantage of my brother's obvious inexperience buying cars) in order to get him to walk away with it. In the end we ended up with the last laugh because we paid cash for a car they wanted us to finance at 15%!!!

I liked  the dealership layout and the selection but the sales staff there are your typical sleazy used/new car salesmen, rest assured when I shop for my next Honda it won't be at Capitol, Stevens Creek was much better.

AU D. | 2007-04-23

We went to test drive a Civic and get their price. We test frove the car, sat down, this blonde dude came and told us that the 2.9% APR deal is gonna end this sunday (it was saturday). We haven't tried a Toyota yet so we left. I looked at the Honda web page, the deal was there for another week. He lied to us just to make us buy the car then. They lost me as a customer.

Kenji Y. | 2007-04-14

Recently we wanted the Fit.  Since the color we wanted was not available, we put in an order for a car.  We negotiated on a price and were told by Hung Phan that it would arrive in around 2 weeks.  Sounds great!  Set price.. set time..

After 4 weeks, we didn't hear anything.  We contacted Hung Phan and we were told that the car is in high demand (yes, we know it's in high demand, that's why we ordered it).  We were told it'll be another 6 weeks.  I felt our car was sold to someone else offering more..

Wasn't convinced this wouldn't happen again so I asked for a stock # of the car or something to verify that we are actually going to get a car, but no response.  Left a voice message and email, but nothing.  There were times he picked up his cell, but he simply told us he would email us in 30 minutes.. and nothing.  Thanks for wasting our time.

Another incident : I've walked around on their lot one time and saw this dealer on the phone saying "yea, we just got the car, there are 5 people looking at it right now, you should come down now".. clearly there was no one looking at the car.

Another Incident : Years ago, when I went alone (21 yr old), they refused to give me a test drive because they are "busy." They even refused to give me a brochure.

When I came with my father, the deal went smooth. Gave me a test drive and straight forward talk on how much the car is..etc. went smoothly.

samir p. | 2007-04-02

One of the ugliest customer services I ever confront with. All of them are bunch of lair sitting there. When I bought a car for $18200 they say they will match the price if I get any lower price with other dealer but with In 5 day I get quotation for $17088 for same car from Steven creek Honda. I took sale paper with me to capital Honda and try to talk with them first they lie to me they make wait for two day and told me nothing they can do and they want me to get purchase order from then dealer I know which will never happen until I buy another car and they know about it. Because I ask them to make me another purchase order and the sale man from capital Honda no they can't make it that mean no one can do it. SO they have one of the worst customer services in the world. It doesn't going Capital Honda in san Jose at any price they treat you shit as soon as you sign the paper my name is Samir I live in Sunnyvale I did bought a car from them. And the did treat me like shit

Josh C. | 2007-02-25

I know I'm a college student, which means I don't exactly exude money.  I'm probably not the best kind of customer a car salesman can reel in. That said, I'm not surprised that it took 20 minutes of me walking around their showroom until someone even said "Hi" to me and even offered help. But I'm not complaining about that--I expected to be ignored coming in.

However, I didn't expect that the guy who would "help" me would be a complete asshole. I asked to see their Honda Fits, which I was interested in. He started off by saying he didn't have any in stock, because they're quite popular and that they're "sent in from Japan". He sounded like an asshole already but supply and demand, so okay, fair enough.

Then I told him I was just choosing cars still, not dead-set on buying just yet, but I did ask for a quote for a Fit, which I got online. Then he continued by giving me that hand-clasping and shoulder-shrugging thing. You know, the one that says "Shit man, don't ask me, I only work here."

I also asked if I could see the Civics then, which I was also considering. Then he proceeded to tell me how I should have called beforehand to set up an appointment before coming in, blah blah blah. What the fuck? I need an appointment to see your goddamn cars? I don't want to buy one or even test drive one, just LOOK at one.

The motherfucker could have just POINTED in the general direction of the Civics and I would have been happy. Instead he talked to me like I was wasting his time and that he didn't want my fucking money. I understand that I'm a first-time car buyer and probably quite ignorant about things but good lord, don't be condescending or talk to me like a goddamn retard and just shoo me away.

"At least it's better service than Capitol Honda" is going to be my new Yelp motto.

Michaela L. | 2007-01-07

When I bought my car a couple years back, I sent emails to every Honda dealer in town asking for a quote.  It was the very end of the model year, so I was expecting the dealers to quote me a price somewhere below dealer invoice.

Everyone in town sent me a quote in the $16,000s, except Capitol Honda.  Their sales department sent me an email touting their fabulous "special" deal of "$1500 off MSRP", which put them a full six hundred dollars over everyone else.  Did they really think someone who went to the trouble to email every dealer in town wouldn't do any price comparisons?

I really wonder whether they make a practice of this.

Nd S. | 2006-10-17

The car salesman who approached us was rude and insulting. We walked out before we even tested a car because of how dissapointed we were in the service we received. We even complained to the managment - they did not even placate us with how we were treated. I would not go here if you are looking to buy a Honda. They are much nicer at the Stevens Creek Honda dealer.

Andee A. | 2005-11-01

If you need a HONDA you have to drive out to Capitol expwy automall. . . i had the best service from a salesperson named Marvin (you should ask for him if you plan on buying a car).  He was very professional and had a lot of knowledge about cars.