Capitol Buick GMC in San Jose, CA

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At Capitol Buick-GMC, we offer new Buick and GMC cars in San Jose, along with used cars, trucks and SUVs by top manufacturers. Our sales staff will help you find that new or used car you have been searching for in San Jose.

Our financial staff at Capitol Buick-GMC can offer expert advice for those seeking a great car loan or lease. Our service doesn't stop there. San Jose customers can come in and take advantage of our knowledgeable Buick-GMC car repair technicians and a fully-stocked inventory of Buick-GMC car parts.


Established in 2012.

Capitol Buick-GMC is a Proud Member of the Del Grande Dealer Group.

Capitol Buick GMC

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(888) 481-8119
Address:909 Capitol Expressway Auto Mall, San Jose, CA, 95136
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: 10:00 am - 8:00 pm

Reviews on Capitol Buick GMC

Rigo G. | 2015-03-31

Came in looking for a truck . Angelo Hernandez took care of me and I found my truck . Totally recommend this dealership . Better customer service then the lot next door

Shelby W. | 2015-03-24

I had an appointment to come in a test drive a specific Hyundai, and was called the morning of to confirm this appointment, drove all the way to the dealership, and the car was sold. I ended up test driving a Rogue and was helped by a man at the dealership over who was excellent. I cannot believe that they would make me drive to the dealership and be disappointed, then not even greeted when I arrived on the lot.
I will NOT be purchasing a car from this dealership.

Effie M. | 2015-03-20

We went to just look at a new vehicle and Angelo really made us feel at home.  He worked within our budget and got us the car we wanted. Not only was the experience great but they called back and Mata in finance was able to get us a better rate! The entire experience was great and I highly recommend this dealership!

A A. | 2015-02-28

I came across Vic on yelp as I was looking for a hassle free car buying experience. Being the internet manager here, Vic ensured we were happy car buyers from the very beginning and we didn't feel pressured or haggled at all. DGDG has a "one price no brainer deal" which was an added bonus. I would definitely recommend Vic to anyone who is looking for a new or used vehicle.

Lisa L. | 2015-02-11

went to look at the used cars. I saw a terrain that was pretty much brand new online so i came in to look at it. Im so glad i got Brooke, the only sales woman. She really helped me figure out how everything works, my blootooth and all the controls. I love my new car and i really felt like she helped me make sure it wasnt just what i wanted but needed. I kept getting distracted and she helped me focus on what was really important to me like the all wheel drive and a sun roof. I didnt get the one i saw online but a slightly older model that had what i wanted. Everyone was friendly and they also narrowed down what type of coverage to get too.

Carolyn B. | 2015-02-10

My husband and I had the best experience at this dealership!  Our sales guy,  Marchel Jones, didn't push us to purchase a car at all.  My hubby knew he wanted the new GMC Canyon, but didn't know which model or color.  We decided to stop by this dealership one Saturday evening.  Marchel let my husband take a Canyon out for a spin.  We weren't ready to purchase and Marchel didn't push us so we left.  Of course my husband went home and did more research on the Canyon.  We remembered seeing the model he now decided he wanted, but the following day was Superbowl.  We still decided to stop by on our way to a Superbowl party and yes, it was THE ONE!  Again, we didn't want to purchase because we were on the way to a party.  Marchel told us he'd hold the truck for us and we arranged to meet on Tuesday.

We went back on Tuesday and it took us a couple of hours to reach the deal with wanted.  The finance gal was superb!  She didn't push any extended warranty bs on us.  

My husband went to the service department to talk about getting accessories installed.  He said they were also great to speak to!

Thanks again Capitol Buick GMC for making our truck buying experience amazing!

savannah m. | 2015-02-08

I have to say after car shopping and dealing with rood people who just wanted to sell me a car, I was ready to give up but there was one more stop and I'm glad I made it here. We were greeted by John and right away knew we were finally dealing with someone who was not going to pressure us. I also had the pleasure of working with Angelo. He made the whole process run smooth. I am so happy with my purchase and am so happy I got myself a car i knew I was going to love. The only thing I did not like was having to deal with the lady at the end. She somewhat made me feel like I was making a mistake not buying all the extra warranties and what not. I don't like feeling like I'm dealing with what seemed like a mean teacher at school. Other than her scolding me everything else was perfect. Thanks guys

Michael W. | 2015-02-02

I initially was looking just to test drive a new 2015 Yukon Denali XL. Something larger as the family is getting bigger. The initial visit was pleasant. Staff was nice, showed us the car, went over everything, even offered a test drive. Which sealed the deal for me in wanting to change from my Mercedes GL.  

However, when it came to price, it was not pleasant. They told me right off the bat that Yukon Denali are selling at MSRP only. Rather insistent that they do not deal with these cars - not even close to their NO-Brainer price.

After that visit, I started looking around at other dealers in the bay area. Heard the same thing from a couple of dealers in the San Jose area. But in other areas of the bay, different story.  There are dealers that will honor GMC credit union and also the Costco buying prices. Saved alot of money - A LOT OF MONEY.

So please shop around to all the GMC dealers if you are looking for a Yukon. There is a huge price difference from dealer to dealer. I do agree that these cars are in demand but that does not mean that you have to pay top dollar.

We are picking up our brand new 2015 Denali XL with all the options and the 22 rims this week.

I also sent an email to sales manager at Capitol about this issue of why have a NO-Brainer price listed when you do not even honor market price? No reply.

buddhamae m. | 2015-02-02

I bought in my 2010 GMC Terrain for Recalled item, 28-pt inspection, replace HEPA Air filter and Rear Wiper Blade.  I will begin taking my car in to this dealership for Oil changes as well.

This Dealership provides excellent service and will ensure you are in and out quickly.  They are patient, helpful and the waiting room is always clean.

Jack T. | 2015-01-31

My wife and I had no intentions of driving home with a brand new SUV today.  We were going to "just" look at possible cars to buy.  We got to the lot, we were met by John Altringer.  He welcomed us and asked what were we looking for.  We told him we were interested in the Buick Enclave. he walked us to the back lot and showed us numerous models of the Enclave.  I instantly liked what was shown to us.  When the wife and I saw one particular Enclave we liked, John was very helpful in giving us the information  about it, but when we were told it was not a AWD it was a deal breaker.

John suggested that we looked at the Acadia models. He informed us that the Acadia models were one in the same as the Enclave models.  We took a test drive in an Acadia and we immdiately fell in love with it.

When the "real" work began (price negotiations), I was very surprised how John was willing to work with us dealing in the number crunching.  In the end, we were able to come to an agreement on a good price.  John and his fellow staff helped us find the Acadia model that worked well with our desired price.

It was very enjoyable dealing with John and the staff at Capitol Buick GMC.  They are  very friendly and in no way a "pushy"  bunch of car salesmen.  John in my book is one reason why I think this place is a 5 star dealership.

Jimmy P. | 2015-01-28

Awesome, quick, in & out... Had my eyes on a specific SUV. It was at the sister dealer in Newark. Angelo went out of his way to go pick it up for me and get it detailed. I showed up later that day and walked out an hour later with my new 2007 Chevy Tahoe. I can't tell you how grateful I was with the quick turn around and final numbers we agreed on... Big time 5 stars! Ask for Angelo.

Allison P. | 2015-01-14

I am one happy car buyer, thanks to the knowledgeable staff and no pressure buying process.  Michael P. contacted me via text!   It was the easiest way to communicate my wants and needs for a new car because I am a busy single mom of two wild boys and I am always on the go.  I scheduled a time to meet to test drive a very nice affordable Used Chevy HH.  Allen was super kind and patient with all my questions and very knowledgeable.  He even helped my mother who drove me there program her new Toyota highlander maps to get her home safely.  (She didn't even buy that car here!) wow nice service!  
I have had my car for a little over a month now and I couldn't be happier.  Thank so much for the smooth buying process! I am a HAPPY with DGDG! Thanks, Michael P., Allen, And Page W. for all your help.

Paula M. | 2015-01-04

I was first set on the 2015 Nissan Murano, but that other dealership didn't have not one on the lot and wanted full price their loss!

We then went to GMC CAPITOL BUICK, as I wanted to test the 2015 GMC Terrain. We were met by salesman Luis Ramos. We went for a test drive and although I liked it it was too small inside.

Then Luis showed us a 2015 GMC Acadia....LIKED IT!
I wanted out of my 2011 BMW X5.... great handling on the road but just didn't like the interior controls, not user friendly as awkwardly configured.

BUT...the Acadia is very user friendly, lots of cup holders and drives very well!... plus better mileage!

I really liked the no pressure sales pitch from Luis! He was able to get us a good deal for my trade in and we saved several thousands off the Acadia!
Plus received a full tank of gas and it was also the last day for a $600 costco card!
I am a Very Happy Satisfied and Proud Owner of a GMC Acadia!
Thanx Luis Ramos for the great customer service!

Bernadette M. | 2015-01-03

I would like to begin by quoting the General Motors Mission Statement:
"G.M. is a multinational corporation engaged in socially responsible operations, worldwide. It is dedicated to provide products and services of such quality that our customers will receive superior value while our employees and business partners will share in our success and our stock-holders will receive a sustained superior return on their investment."

Unfortunately, as I consumer I did not experience this yesterday at the Capitol GMC/Buick Dealership in San Jose, CA. What was to be a fun, exciting experience of purchasing our third family car, turned out to be a day of distrust and just plain terrible customer service.

It did not start off that way a week ago. I began our car search by going to , as I am a member of Costco. I entered my information, and within 5 minutes I received a call from Mr. Jones from GMC. He introduced himself and we had made an appointment to meet him to look at cars last weekend. We test drove the Chevy Traverse that day. He informed us that because their lot was part of DGDG, that other cars in the auto row he would have access too. During our drive we have explained that we were already approved by our credit union. So we were looking for price range within our means. My husband and I then walked down the mall looking at other used cars. When approached by other sales associated, we informed them that we already had a sales rep we were working with. Mr. Jones.
Knowing that car salesmen usually work on commission/ and or quantity of cars sold, when we bought the car, we wanted Mr. Jones to get the credit for it since he took the initiative to call us first.

We had to leave last Saturday, with out a car purchase since we had to pick up our children from daycare.

We exchanged emails and texts over the next couple of days. Then on New Years Eve, I received a call from Mr. Jones in regards to the Traverse. I was asked, "Since it is the end of the month, what would it take for us to go in that day to make the purchase. If the price was reduced be a couple of thousand, could I come in that day ?" I said I was not sure if we could come in because my husband, who is a manager in a lab in Campbell was completing their end of the year inventory. He did not know when he he would be done." The earliest we could come in together was yesterday, Friday January 2.

We had an appointment at 1pm with Mr. Jones. I texted him that we would be coming a little earlier. When we got there, he was still with a customer and informed us that Angelo was going to help us from here on out. Basically I told Angelo that we did not need to test drive again and that we wanted to go over numbers.

So we went inside. Then I had to go through the whole thing again. I was asked for my license, and my husband's information etc. I asked why was that needed. He said to compare financing. I said I did not want financing from GMC because I already had financing through my credit union, Alliance Federal, who also is associated with GMC of Capitol. Numbers were not making sense, as I had already told what I was looking for. I then mentioned about the "discount" that was offered two days ago by Mr. Jones. Angelo of course had no idea. When I texted Mr. Jones last, and I still have the text, I texted what we were targeting our purchase price to be. If that was never going to be an option or possibility, he should have just texted that back to me. Instead of having us come in at all. As I tell my students honesty is the best policy.

I understand quotas and commissions need to be made, but seemed like when we were not able to come in New Years Eve, the customer service went away. We were an hour inside, and honestly I felt I was wasting my time and decided it was time to leave. Mr. Jones followed us to the car and had asked what had happened. Honestly, getting the run around and what I felt was being misled (just 2 days earlier we were offered a discount) but yesterday numbers being run were without the discount and just the sticker price was frustrating. On one of the Traverses, there was even a HUGE scratch.

When I got home, and had an email for a 1pm appointment with Mr. Hernandez, which was strange to me because I never made that appointment. We were passed on to him by Mr. Jones.

This is new for me because when we bought our 2 cars perviously, one through Stevens Creek Auto-mall we had great experiences. I just assumed all car dealers do things the right way. So for now, I will just continue to talk to my friends, family members and coworkers who have had good experiences buying a car.

Reece W. | 2014-12-28

This review is for the automotive service department only-- I was experiencing some problems with my vehicle that when checked brought up codes for my timing chain. I then found out that the parts were still under warranty and that I could take it into the dealership. I first called the Chevy dealership which sits right next to the Buick and they were booked two weeks out so they then transferred me over to the Buick which the customer service rep had an opening for the next day (1st Red Flag) I took it and brought my car in. When I met with the older guy Rex that took my car in I explained what was going on and that it was covered under warranty. He informed that he would call me in a few hours and let me know what they find. Now before I go into this next part I did not know how detailed the work of replacing a timing chain was neither did I care because that's what they get paid to do right? RIGHT!!!

So he calls back and explains to me that his mechanic did not see anything wrong and that the car must have something else wrong with it and when I asked him to give me the codes that their diagnostic system generated it was the same exact ones that has to do with my timing chain. So when I explained this to him again and asked that if they are not going to do the work to put it in writing and I will pick up my car, he then asked to call me back so that he can look further into it. I received a call back and he then tells me that someone informed him information on the wrong vehicle and that my vehicle was already in servicing and the work is being done (Without my permission and you have two cars of the same color, model, vin and problem in your auto service area 2nd Red Flag). The estimated time of finishing was a week and then they were acting as if they did not want to give me rental. Once I get to the dealership again talk to Rex who set up the rental and the whole time he keeps on my making the comment that they are not responsible for anything outside of what they fix.

Nine days later I pick up my car and long and behold when I get in my car and press the accelerator a message pops up on my dash that my Stabalik Traction Control is off and my car makes this crazy sound as if the brakes are crunching together. I stop the vehicle and go back into the dealership and ask Rex what happen and he just acted as if he did not know what I was talking about nor cared. I asked to speak with a mechanic explaining that that was not happening when I brought my car in and he informed me that the mechanics had left for the day and to call on Monday. Long story short I was furious said a couple more things and begin to drive the vehicle home, called on Monday to just play the hold please game.  

I ended getting the green light from my vehicle maker to take it to another dealership and having them fix the issue along with putting in a report  to have them taken off the list as dealers that provide service for their cars.

I WOULD NEVER COME BACK HERE they are lazy, nonchalant and inconsiderate.

Oh and they don't know how to service vehicles.

R F. | 2014-12-17

My wife and I brought our 2006 GMC Yukon XL in because the ignition froze. We decided to bite the bullet and get a handful of other minor issues fixed as well. We'd anticipated 4-5 days for the work and were pleasantly surprised to get a call less than 24 hours later that all work was completed. Plus we used a coupon on the website to save over $400. Fast, friendly, no hassle service from beginning to end!

Meghan H. | 2014-12-15

I just bought my first car from a dealer on saturday. I was always so nervous because the stereotype of being a girl trying to buy a car is so true. Most people try to take advantage of a girl and give them a whatever deal. Luis and GMC Buick made me change my mind for sure!!! They were so nice and really worked with me to give the best deal!!! My friend that was with me was jealous of the deal I got too!  I will definitely be recommending and buying my next car here!!!!!!

Angela H. | 2014-12-03

Well I took my car in for a transmission service they ended up fixing a few other things that needed to be done charged me for a transmission service took my car back to my mechanic at home (was traveling through San Jose when I stopped here) looks like they never did they transmission service and got charged for it defensible would not recommend ever taking a car here for service

Nathan G. | 2014-10-10

Great team and really easy to work with.  Love the new car too!  Would highly recommend these guys, and if they the rest of the DGDG dealers are the same, then I would definitely go to any of them.  Thanks!

Lyndsay B. | 2014-10-09

June 2014 -- Found the car that I was looking for, had my financing squared away -- should be easy right?

Getting the paperwork done wasn't too bad, usual BS that you get at a dealership.  I expected that.  I asked if there was a second key/manual to the car (it was used) and I was told they didn't have it.  Ehh, by this time I'd been there for over 3 hours and I was over it.  Got the key to the car, paperwork done, and rode off into the sunset.

A couple days after I had purchased the car, the salesman emailed me to let me know that they had found the spare key fob and manual.  AWESOME! Except driving back to the dealership was ridiculously far out of my way.  I asked if there was any way to have the key fob and manual mailed to my house.  

No problem -- they would get it out that day.

---- I want to say, everything, up until this point, was pretty damn good for a car dealership... totally within my expectations ----

Until my key came.  Or didn't come, would be more accurate.  I came home from work to find a thin, manila envelope that had been apparently crumpled into a basketball, stepped on, then straightened out and half-assed taped back together sitting on my porch.  In plain sight.  If that wasn't bad enough, my car's make, model and license plate number were also written all over the envelope.  In huge letters.

Oh wait, it gets better.

I open the envelope (after photographing the ridiculous state that it came in) only to find that there is the manual inside.  Okay, let's just make sure the dealership didn't send them separately... Call to find out that nope, they did send them together.  As I'm waiting on hold I realize who ever taped this excuse for an envelope together, missed a spot.  Or someone seized the opportunity to remove the key that is in an envelope indicating what car it goes to.  Yea.  Between their dealership mailing out my key in this crappy excuse for a mailer, someone now has the key to my new car, and the address where I live.  FREAKING FANTASTIC!

I speak with the manager, or at least the guy who was in charge that day, and I was told repeatedly that I was a liar, and that there was no way they ever would mail a customer a key.  After being told my only option was to deal with it, or return the car for a refund, I decided to give a call to the owner of DGDG.  I got his assistants voicemail, left a message, and she promptly called me back, as appalled as I was at the situation.  Funny how the manager guy from Capitol Buick called me back super fast apologizing all over the place.  They sent a loaner vehicle, which was to be comparable to the Dodge Durango Citadel I had just bought, while they rekeyed the entire vehicle, at their expense.

I got some lame, bottom of the barrel Buick mini-SUV.  

Whatever, at least my car isn't compromised.  When I finally am able to go pick my car back up, no paperwork.  Nothing.  Nothing to sign off that the work done was satisfactory, or even ever occurred.  I'm so beyond OVER IT with this dealership I just want my damn keys so I can put this crap in the past.  My car had both the driver and passenger seats leaned way back, and all my settings were messed with.  After I'm told that everyone was admiring my car because they had no idea Dodge had a luxury SUV.  Um, great thanks, so you had to go take it for a test drive?

Get home to realize they missed one of the door clips in my driver door when they rekeyed the lock.  There's now an obnoxious hollow sound when my driver door is shut.  Incredibly noticeable.  Guess what?  I have no paperwork or proof they touched my car, so they won't fix it.  Or look at it.  And after being called a LIAR last time I brought something to this dealerships attention, I'd rather not even say a damn word to them -- not worth my breath.

I will never, ever, do business with this dealership, or likely the Del Grande Dealer Group dealer, ever again.  Such a nightmare.  I was really hoping that the whole satisfaction thing "100" they have going, actually had some weight behind it, but it just seemed like they wanted to be shady about everything once I said something about them making a mistake.  


Heidi L. | 2014-10-08

I had a great purchasing experience. I really enjoyed working with Luis Ramos and he made the experience simple and easy. He listened to our needs and worked with us. I definitely recommend working with Luis and the team at Capitol Buck GMC.

Tracy I. | 2014-09-26

Went there to look at a car I saw online....needless to say I was swarmed by volchers!! I wanted to see my options and was pushed into almost buying a ridiculously over priced car... I didn't appreciate the sales woman "Regina" bashing my bf who didn't think it was a wise decision to go with the car and he was right. Also when I kept trying to leave they had my car keys and registration in some back office.. I even went to sit in my car and she came out of the building yelling my name asking me where I was!!!! They are pushy rude and will not let you leave!!!thank god I got out of there and didn't get stuck with a relationship with that dealership

Megan W. | 2014-09-20

After such a great experience in July when I purchased my Jeep Wrangler from Capitol Buick GMC, since being its now September theyve continued to take care of me. I love my Jeep and havent had any issues to make me regret purchasing it, however the minor issue I had at first (missing clamp for softtop) I contacted Capitol Buick GMC and Mr Dave Hayes (Sales Manager) took the time to reach out out to me and made me even more secure about my new purchase and to make sure they will not leave me hanging as well as made himself my direct personal contact for any issues or concerns, made me feel like I had just purchased a Brand New Bentley and I have to say its how I feel driving around daily in my Wrangler. Today just put the iccing on the cake, had another issue, took my jeep in for service to look at this morning. Received a call with an update about 2hrs after dropping it off. And being my only source of transportation I asked to speak with Dave Hayes "Sales Manager" and no questions issues or concerns at all he assured my car would be taken care of and my only worry by thought at the time was how would i get around being a single mother of 2 boys, whose life turnt upside down 4yrs ago and just began to turn for the better this year in Feb. So i was liteweight scared to ask but knowing I must make means to pull the life of mine that had fallen so far down losing so much, our home, my previous job and more. And making means to pull it all together again having regained full time employment, then blessed some more to be able to purchase a reliable car of which I love so much, I call it my new toy... And continue to pull up so any signs of falling again can cause me to become alil paranoid. So I was when told I would need to have my car repaired and would take alil time, first thing to mind was I cant miss work and must get my boys to school and with a lil help from my parents picking tha two up after school and watching til i get off work. Other than that Im pushing hard as a single mom to recover what we lost and need 1 being a stable home again of our own even though we have one its not our own so being my next goal i must be at work i must have transportation so while talking to Dave I asked would I be able to get a loaner while mine is being repaired.  And not one sigh or aww or thought about it did Dave have. He replied with a yes that made me even more proud I made my purchase with them. No hassels no problems and Care and Security is all I received from Capitol GmC the best Ive ever received from any dealership. Theyre not just Amazing Capitol Buick GMC is a Blessing  5 stars and more is my rating and if it werent foreal I wouldnt take the time to submit a review and am because the way they take care of the customers is so amazing its Unreal! %

Harry A. | 2014-09-05

I have had much better experience at franchise dealerships than I did here. Sales folks weren't courteous and made us wait for unnecessary reasons. I guess the manager (Steve?) was pissed we stretched him too thin on his margin. Forget about after sales, I must have called them 10 times over a month to sort out a finance letter they sent me and no one would return my call

Debbie M. | 2014-08-11

We purchased a used 2006 Acura MDX Sunday.  The salesman helping us was very courteous and friendly. As we were looking at the car he told us it had navigation. Then we took it for a test drive and it drove beautifully. We looked at it some more and decided to buy it. Once we got home we started checking out all the gadgets. That's when we discovered it did NOT have navigation. I use my phone for nav most of the time anyhow so it's not a feature I'll miss but that's not the point. The point is we were told it included it and I figured that feature into the price. It appeared as though it did because of the trip screen but that's all it was, a trip screen. It's partly our fault for not checking out the gadgets at the dealership. When we test drove it there was a cd playing.  Today we were driving it with no radio or cd playing and noticed a noise that resembles a bearing going out. That doesn't make me happy at all as that's not cheap to repair. Last night, in the dark, we also noticed the back inside light is not working. We haven't checked yet to see if it's a bulb or an actual problem.  We had been test driving many cars when we decided on this vehicle.  Since they do a thorough inspection (151 point inspection) we felt pretty confident in our purchase. Now we feel as though we were hustled. Buyer beware: make sure you check the vehicle you are considering thoroughly. We thought we had, apparently we were wrong. I will NOT purchase another vehicle from the DGDG group on Capital Expressway again.

Daniel R. | 2014-07-01

Go see Teddy , great straight forward salesperson. It is rare to find a no-pressure salesperson now a days . Teddy was patient and helpful. Got the best deal ! Worth it .

Thanks TEDDY

David L. | 2014-05-28

Had to update because I had an issue with the car I bought. Dreaded going back to dealer because I didn't know if they really stood by there 100% satisfaction guarantee. The salesman Robert met me at the car, asked what was wrong and said - I just want you to be happy with what you're buying ? (What, no excuses or double talk.) Robert said let's go inside and take care of this! Robert talked to sales manager Steve ( not sure of his last name) and he came over and said we want you to be completely satisfied! Finally, a salesman (Robert Ramirez) and a dealer I would send my own kids to and not worry about them getting ripped off! After 30+ years of buying cars, I now have my go-to place to recommend family and friends to. Can't thank you enough Robert!

Janae L. | 2014-05-20

I came into the dealership without having a specific car in mind to purchase. Robert walked with me around the lot and allowed me to look at vehicles that caught my eye. He was not the pushy salesman that was trying to direct me toward vehicles I was not interested in. I returned the next day and purchased a brand new 2014 Buick Encore. They were able to get me in the vehicle at the price I wanted to pay.

Since taking the car home, I emailed Robert with some questions. I received a call back within 10 minutes from the manager, David, responding to my questions. Overall, this experience has been great! Capitol Buick GMC was not the only dealership I went to, but they were BY FAR the most professional and friendly staff I encountered.

Lauren r. | 2014-05-17

Service is incredibly slow for a standard oil change, don't bring your car here for regular maintenance unless you have all day to wait.

Dan T. | 2014-04-17

My car needed maintenance: oil and filter change plus tire rotation. It also had brake pulsation and a slight pull requiring an alignment. Rex, Ken and crew did a great job! It was finished on time and under the origional estimate! They even washed it for me  :-)

Chris K. | 2014-03-27


Bob made our experience at the Dealership very pleasant. He is extremely knowledgeable and never at one point was pushy. Asked exactly what we wanted in a new truck and he gave us exactly that. He made the buying process stress-free and actually pretty fun. Not to mention the tremendous deal he and his team got us on a new Sierra.

He even was extremely accommodating when I first called him around 7pm explaining exactly what I wanted in my ideal truck. He even negotiated and prepared all the paperwork before we even got to the dealership so that he would not make us wait longer than needed.

If your in the market for a new GMC or Buick, check out Capitol GMC and ask for Bob Davis, you will not regret it.

Thanks Bob!

M B. | 2014-03-04

My car overheated and was towed to Capitol GMC.  I bought my Acadia and usually get it serviced at Moore GMC in Los Gatos.  My last few experiences there have been sub par.  

I found your staff and the entire experience to be great and will be coming to your dealership going forward. Also, when the time comes i will be looking for my next purchase at your dealership as well.

Big thanks to Ken Kelly.  He is great and i give him the highest recommendations.

Vince V. | 2014-02-28

I had an amazing experience at this dealership! Michael is great, not pushy and actually listens to what you want! 5 stars

Christina D. | 2014-02-09

Steve Powell you are really great. You have had so much patience with us and followed through for another car bought. I love the hot dog guy he is so sweet and man he makes a great hot dog Bob is serious the best guy taking care of everything he had it all covered! He is super nice with a great attitude and a great spirit . I'm very happy again thank Steve and bob! My finance lady was so great also putting it all together with out you nothing would happen right! and your super funny !! Tks again to you Steve, Bob, and the crew at capitol Buick Gmc!!

Joe C. | 2013-12-18

I guess I'm the one with the bad experience. Test drove a 2014 Lacrosse the other day. Sat down with Bill to work the numbers, after a few rounds Teddy his manager stepped in. We got close on a price but I had a concern with the front seat not being comfortable. I drive a lot so that is important. Teddy offered me to take the car home for an extended test drive to make sure i was satisfied. I declined as it was late and needed to get my son home.
I received an email a few days later from Steve, another manager asking if I was still interested which I was. I was then contacted by the original salesman Bill. I told him to review the deal and sharpen his pencil. He suggested I take the car to make sure it's what I want before going over the  deal again and I agreed. Made an appointment to get the car. I live in Gilroy so it's a bit of a drive.
Well I get there and Bill acts like I just walked in? asking me which car I was interested in, asks if it's ok if he goes with me for the test drive?
Then says we need to review the deal before  but can't find any of the paper work from the other day. He goes to Steve and comes back with a number over $100 more  per month than the other day. So at this point I got up and left.
The whole experience was very unprofessional with no concern for my time.
Needless to say I will never go back there.

Christina H. | 2013-12-13

Almost a year later and the used car I purchased last year is still working as good an an audi should (better than a used american car) Got all of my paperwork sorted out by july and everything has been good since. I would only suggest that the dealer learn a bit more about purchases from folks out of state or nonresident people to make things a bit easier for us after transaction.

Gerry T. | 2013-11-13

Sales Internet Manager Alex Castillo was very professional and knowledgeable about the vehicle my wife and I were interested in. My wife was down to two choices between a Subaru or GMC. After explaining to Alex that we were on a "holding pattern" until she decided. There was no pressure to "buying now" instead he sent us a comparison between the two vehicles to assist with our buying decision until we were ready. My wife decided on the GMC Terrain for overall comfort over the Subaru Forester. A bigger plus was they had the vehicle she wanted with everything she could possibly need. The whole sales experience for the vehicle purchase was almost painless.

Hopefully the service will be just as good as the sales.  I will update when we have the vehicle service.  Until then, go visit Capitol Buick GMC.

Carlos P. | 2013-11-13

We are a Growing Family of six and James at Capitol GMC Helped me Every step of the way and found us the perfect car to fit our Family.

Janet G. | 2013-10-25

Driving around town I wondered what was the big buzz with all the black & yellow license plates until the day came where my husband and I purchased a brand new vehicle.

I was 8 months pregnant walking into the dealership looking to trade in our Silverado for a bigger vehicle that could accommodate our growing family. Worked with Bill who later introduced us to manager Dave who made the final deal.
I'm happy to report we made the purchase and are now happy owners of a GMC 2013 Yukon. Big Thank you to Dave who made us not only feel welcomed, comfortable but followed through and gave us his card & word if any issues to contact him.

I'm a happy customer looking forward to going back, getting my 1st FREE oil change and referring my family and friends to this wonderful team.

Ricardo S. | 2013-10-03

I must say that when I think of dealerships I think grouchy, mean, and overly annoyed people who hate it there. However, this dealership was nothing close to what I had thought. I was going to go to the dealership where I bought my car 4years ago in Sunnyvale to have an emissions recall issue done on my car but thought that place is a little far to drive so Ill go to Capitol. I was surprised to get a reminder call about my appointment for the next day when I just made the appointment 6 hours earlier. I did not forget, but thought wow...thats great service to call me. The dealership in Sunnyvale did not call me :(

I came in and dropped my car off thinking I was just going to have the recall issue taken care of. I got a call saying it was ready for pick and thought ok, "that was done quicker than I thought" , cool. When I walked up to the service area my car was not there, the gentleman apologized for it not being where it should be and proceeded to walk with me to find it in the back. Once again I thought to myslef, "this is nice, he didnt just point and say its over there nor did he just leave me and walk around the office looking for someone else to help me, he went with me to look for it". As we got closer to the car, I noticed my tires had and wheels had been polished! WOW! and I noticed my car had been washed! Double WOW!! I was not expecting this at all, and my car did need a cleaning and I do love it when my tires are shinny black. The gentleman said something like, "O, yes we like to take care of you guys and go above and beyond". I wish I remembered his name but he had a  flat top of some sort close to a military style cut. He was great and I drove away happy and will come back when I need assistance. O and he informed me of a small issue I had with fluid, but did not push me or overwhelm me with the typical, "well we found this wrong and that and its going to cost you this and that". thats the last thing I want to here when I go to a dealership and he did not do that to me, thank you.

Miss M. | 2013-09-20

I may always buy from Joe Bardo (see my other reviews he's literally the car buying god) but for service on Michael Keaton (yes my car is named, accept it) Ken Kelly is the man when it comes to service! He always always gets me in when I forget to call and schedule regular oil changes. He also is the best at making sure all my warranty stuff is handled in a timely manner. If he can put up with me and all my crazy demands and still give me a great deal on service? That's how business is done. My first encounter was when I called to ask about pricing (this dealer was a little higher then the one I bought from) and Ken was helpful and willing to match pricing! It may be only a few dollars but he earned my business as long as I own a GM. The crappy Chevy dealer next door (owned by the same company) would be lucky to have someone half as reliable and pleasant to do business with. Maybe then this Chevy owner wouldn't refuse to go there. Keep up the good work Ken!!! I appreciate you!!

Matthew B. | 2013-08-18

This was easily the best car buying experience I have ever had. Our salesman was Alex and he was great. No pressure and very easy to work with. They were able to get our car within a few hours. What a great experience!

James C. | 2013-08-05

The sales team were super helpful.  Steve, Teddy, and Marchel were patient and super accommodating.  My wife is very happy with her 2013 Buick Enclave AWD!

Bailey L. | 2013-07-28

We had visited 3 prior dealerships, to the point of sitting down and discussing vehicles and pricing, so we knew the pricing, options, rebates, packages pretty well.  When we arrived at Capital, was met by Nas, who was friendly, informative and gave us plenty of space as we viewed one of their trucks.  It was a good match for our needs so we went inside and sat down with Steve, a manager.   Many dealerships have a nice salesperson, then you sit down, fill out forms, they get you a price, you offer a price, the salesperson bounces back and forth 3-4 times between the mystery price approval kingdom and the sales desk.  Then the assertive sales manager comes out to try to hammer out a deal, sometimes it works, often not. This dance can take hours.

At Capital, we sat down, and within 5 minutes (after greetings), Steve asks what we want to pay for the truck.  Knowing that we were well informed of the model and pricing,  he went from our offer, to his offer (which was very good), back to slightly above my offer, and we were done.  Friendly, fast, professional.  To be honest, the longest part of the sale was waiting for the truck to be cleaned and prepped.  No issue with that.  Nas was nearby, always assisting with completing paperwork.  Showed us all the details of the truck operation.

This was one of the best vehicle purchases I have had, and that stretches over decades of many, many cars.  Our last new car purchase took about 4+ hrs to complete.  This might have taken 1.5 hrs.  Pretty darn good.

Wouldn't hesitate to visit Capital GMC again.

Joshua C. | 2013-07-26

Teddy Martinez has sold me quite a few cars through out the years! Teddy is straight to the point and does not play games! the experience was great he showed me all the options and it was straight forward and one of the easiest car buying experiences i have had! Simply put, buy a car from Teddy and he will take care of you.

Monica C. | 2013-07-12

Let me just start out by saying the customer service at Capitol Buick GMC is exemplary!! Big shout out to Dave Hayes and Dan Dunne who made my day so much easier and the transaction of purchasing my 2010 Ford Escape the most pain free vehicle purchase EVER.

It was as simple as going online after a few days of looking for a vehicle, emailing them and then getting a call this morning from Dan then Dave, they worked to find me the loan that would work for me, took most of my info over the phone, and had the vehicle cleaned and ready to go by the time I got to the dealership in the later afternoon.

They were able to take my trade-in, which had to be towed over, with a smile! They had the paperwork ready to go and I was out of the dealership in an hour and a half. I couldn't have asked for better service. I would recommend this dealership and have faith that those working to get you into a car there, will make it happen!!!

Thanks again for great service Dan & Dave!!

Anne C. | 2013-06-20

I was shopping online one night for a GMC Terrain. I put my info online to a bunch of different dealerships. The next morning Dave Dunn called me first and within the next hour I was at the dealership. Dave was very helpful and really listened to what I needed. It was a no pressure sale. He showed me several models and explained in detail what features it had. He was very informative and knowledgeable. Although I had no intentions of taking home a car that day I actually took home a Buick Encore. After test driving the Terrain and the Encore I found it was a much better drive for me. Although, I wouldn't recommend it for a family of more than 3.

When it came to making a deal on the price of the new Encore both Dave's did what they can to ensure that I didn't go over budget. After going in and out of the office several times they managed to get my payments just where I needed it to be.

Even after I signed Dave and his manager (David Hayes) continued to educate me on how to use the onstar features, the Bluetooth and even helped me connect with a live onstar rep. Great customer service! Their team was very attentive.

Dave Hayes (manager) included all weather mats for my new Encore since I have 4 kids ranging from 6-13 yrs. old. Other mom's out there know how important these are to a new car with regular carpet. When I received a call that my mats were in all I did was drop off the Encore one day after work and they loaned me a Yukon (gas tank all filled up and ready) to drive home. When I returned the next day not only were my mats put in place but they clean my entire car. When I left Dave Hayes reminded me to bring it back when once my car needed its first oil change. Never the less I was impressed!!

Thank you Capitol GMC!! Great place to buy a car.

Stephen H. | 2013-06-05

Nas and David at Capital GMC were very professional. They located the car we wanted, brought it to the dealership, gave us the right cash for our trade....and well, just made the deal right for us!! Keep up the good work and good people, Capitol GMC!!

Michael D. | 2013-05-28

Edited with no information: (**)
Most importantly I stress that Dave had been a really great point of contact, and would like to extend my thanks.

I believe it best to share the car buying experience in its entirety that I had through this dealer.  There were both ups and downs, but mishaps were remedied.  I'll preface with saying about three months ago I met Kevin Del Grande. He gave me his card and told me, if ever I was in the market for a car, that I would be well taken care of at any of his establishments.

In the market for a new car. After an extensive search and narrowing my choices down to a Prius C, or Subaru BRZ (I know, amazingly similar..) I found a used 2008 Audi A4 at a DGDG dealership, Capitol Buick GMC.  Upon sending a request for additional information, Bill Wessel responded same evening, inviting me in to the dealership for a drive. I was extremely excited, as my previous car purchases had been $4,500 or less.  This was my first experience with a such a large buy at a dealer. However, upon arriving at the dealership it rapidly became apparent that I was the one with more information about the car I was purchasing. Bill clumsily pawed around the car, twisting knobs without any knowledge of what was about to happen, then explained what those knobs did after the action had already occurred. **I deleted a bit here. I don't mean to be hard on the guy, no hard feelings man :) It was obvious he really wasn't accustomed to selling this brand vehicle and was left with nowhere to go when he wasn't sure of the outcome.  Already having a poor impression of the establishment, I really just wanted to buy the car and be on my way.

Discovered the vehicle using the USAA Auto Service, an exclusive deal with $300 off final price.  Upon mentioning this, and that Kevin had referred me to the dealership, promising 'I'd be taken care of', Bill went to the manager, I believe his name was Dave. Many minutes later Bill returns saying Dave would not honor that part of the purchase, although because I knew Kevin he was still going to give me the $300 off... Because it was a nice thing to do... Fine. The vehicle price is already relatively fair.  **I was later told the branch wasn't under the impression that deal they had was extended to used cars as well.  It was later corrected for future customers as well.

I had chosen to finance the vehicle through USAA as well.  Even after telling Bill, he offers a loan through the dealership, **when he went to negotiate a deal with Dave I did a little math, the price was based at a hefty 8% APR. No thanks, did my own research i found **3% through my own personal bank much more appealing.

I was so close to finally being out with my vehicle, and in a slightly better mood. Unfortunately Bill's returned after moving the vehicle to the detailing area with the news that in **cutting the rear pricing sticker with a steel razor blade, part of the tinting was essentially peeled off a small part of the rear window. Great! Dave come along as his backup this time.. Says this is the 2nd time that day.  Dave offers to either retint the window or knock $100 off the price. (**Was told they are no longer using this practice). Hoping to escape from the dealership before any other goofs happen to my new car, I take the hundred dollars off and attempt to leave. At the end of the night, with gratitude, Bill drove my old car back to my house, and again unfortunately, rolled down the one window on the car that doesn't have the motor power to roll back up..+$ound $ystem + sketchy neighborhood = bad news bears.

A few days later I received a phone call from a customer service representative at the dealership. She asked if anyone had given me a tour of the new features of my car, and that she wants to ensure that I am completely satisfied. Excellent! Finally some great customer service, Albeit after I had already made my large purchase. We scheduled a time for me to arrive at the dealership, and upon my arrival was told that not only were they not expecting me, but they did not even know what vehicle I had purchased, and had assumed it had features that it actually did not. I left after rearranging part of my day to accommodate this tour of the car, with no new information, feeling very abandoned, and toyed with, by this dealership.

Maybe this is a one off, but my initial opinion of DGDG Capital Buick GMC was one of caution. I figured it was, seeing some of the other reviews on Yelp, however it seemed like nobody had any idea of what was going on. Upon being contacted by Dave, I was told of the mishaps and, embarrassment, really.. The customer rep who called was only supposed to reach out to new car buyers, and simply assumed my vehicle was one of theirs, though she really didn't know what it was.  There were a lot of mishaps, but Dave was good to remedy.  To reciprocate his words, 'You're a cool guy'

Duane M. | 2013-05-21

On Mother's Day this year, my wife and I drove to Capitol Buick GMC in San Jose to look at the GMC Terrains. Our salesman was Kyle Chiomos who was polite, non-pushy and knew his cars. Within 15 minutes of getting to know Kyle he had asked us the right questions to determine that we were not apposed to looking at certified used Terrains. Kyle showed us the only used 2010 Terrain on the lot which we both got into for a test drive. Both my wife and I drove the SUV and asked our questions which Kyle answered and then some. The negotiations back at the dealership were friendly and after several trips to the Sales Manager's office we had a deal.

The interest rate was dropped a full percent and the extended warranties were affordable and for 5 years bumper to bumper. The entire experience was a true Mother's Day gift to our family. The Sales Manager, Dave offered to fill up our Terrain after we were down on our first tank full of gas after driving the car for just about two weeks. I just drove home from getting that tank filled at the dealership to check the mileage the Terrain was getting against the computer average mileage readout.

We were impressed with the friendly staff at GMC Buick in San Jose and I would score the team with a 10 out of 10 in the area of integrity. Dave also told me that the dealership would cover the first oil change and filter when the time came. The service department uses Mobil One Dexos blended synthetic and standard oil in the cars they sell.

I would recommend anyone interested in a pleasant car shopping experience should take a trip to Capitol Buick GMC at 909 Capitol Expy Auto Mall in San Jose. You won't regret it.

Duane and Linda

Alvaro S. | 2013-05-13

Bought a 2013 GMC SIERRA, with no problems and at a great price.... Salesmen are NO pressure, extremely helpful and knowledgable!!!! Very happy. Thank you Alex!

Leah P. | 2013-05-03

My husband and I recently leased a 2013 GMC Acadia from them and were very happy with the quality of service we received from Alex and Steve. They were professional and answered all of our questions. We would recommend Capital Buick GMC to our friends and family, anytime!

Veronica E. | 2013-04-25

Nas Sadegh was our sales agent.  Usually at auto dealerships, one can feel pressured in making quick decisions , however, dealing with Nas was great. He took his time with us and worked with what we needed in a car, not to mention also financially.  Ask for Nas...he is friendly, honest, respectful, knowledgable, and very professional!

Gerry M. | 2013-04-18

We bought a Terrain Denali from Capitol Buick at the Auto Mall in San Jose.  From start to finish, the service was outstanding.  We had the Terrain in mind before arriving at the dealership.  They clearly explained the leasing and purchasing options available to us and were very knowledgable about the vehicle and its features.
The team at Capitol Buick made the whole process effortless and were keen to clarify any of the questions we had.  They also gave us a very fair dollar amount for our trade-in vehicle. We would recommend them to anyone.

Ryan E. | 2013-03-26

Needed to find a Buick dealership close to home, found Capital Buick/GMC, and decided to give them a shot. Took the car on for an air conditioning issue, they found a couple other issues as well, and I was very happy with the service, communication and this is now my shop for my Enclave.

David H. | 2013-03-23

Brought my Verano in for it's 1st Service. I was greeted immediately by Ken and Rex. They had me sign some paperwork and I was on my way. I picked it up in the afternoon. It was washed and the it looked great. The cashier was very friendly(I think her name is Mercedes). The Service was great and I will be back to get my next service with Ken and the team at Capitol Buick.  Thanks!!

William C. | 2013-03-20

This was honestly the best experience we could have asked for. ASK FOR TEDDY! He & the team has made our car-buying experience (2013 Terrain and 2013 Verano) a great one. Awesome, Truthful staff and no sleazy, greasy salesmen like Chrysler Dodge in Stevens Creek.. He drove us home, set up our cars at 9pm, went over everything, detailed inside and out, and is a great salesman to work with. Thanks Guys!

Marissa P. | 2013-03-18

My husband and I purchased a GMC Terrain and are both very satisfied with our decision. We walked away feeling good about our buy and welcome at DGDG. Everybody was very attentive without being pushy, also very honest and realistic with us. Altough we didnt purchase a top of the line, most expensive vehicle we were treated as if we did. All in all a very goid day for us.

Claudia C. | 2013-02-08

Bill Wessel was awesome fielding my emails about ordering a new car. Most other dealers just blew me off, trying to sell me what they already had in inventory, but he took the time to listen to what I wanted and responded very quickly.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to others shopping for a car.

Brian B. | 2013-01-10

First and foremost, I apologize for the delay of this review. I had meant to post this shortly after my wife and I purchased a new 2012 GMC Acadia from Capitol GMC / Buick in San Jose on Sept. 23. Without further delay, here ya go.

OUTSTANDING customer service in every facet of the car buying experience! My wife and I arrived at the dealership on a Saturday afternoon and looked at all of the mid-size SUV models from Chevrolet, Buick, and GMC. As we became very interested in the GMC Acadia, Bob Davis approached us and asked if we had anyone helping us or had any questions. Bob was very courteous and allowed us to test drive one of the Acadia's. During the test drive, he was very informative and personable. When we got back to the dealership, we had yet to decide on a purchase. Bob recommended we take the time to think about it, and, if we were still interested, to contact him. Imagine that -- NO PRESSURE!

After thinking about it overnight, we made the decision we wanted to go forth with the purchase. The specific vehicle, however, was not in stock at Capitol GMC / Buick. David Hayes, the sales manager, contacted us after we spoke to Bob with our concern. Within a few hours, David had swapped one of his vehicles for the Acadia that met our specs. We arrived at the dealership on the mid-afternoon of Sept. 23. David went over all of the operations of the Acadia, allowed us to test drive it, and then explained the financing options.Like Bob, David was exceptional in his customer service!

We were directed to Fred Penney, finance manager for Capitol Chevrolet. Once again, we were introduced to a gentleman with exceptional customer service skills! Fred was very informative in the entire finance process.

A few weeks later, David called us to let us know he was able to qualify us for a $500 Costco Cash Card. We had purchased the vehicle just days before the promotion had commenced. Although it wasn't ecpected, we were thrilled!

Imagine that -- EXCEPTIONAL  customer service, OUTSTANDING car buying experience, a GREAT deal on the car of my wife's dreams, 0% financing, and a $500 Costco Cash Card! WOW!

We received follow-up calls from Alex Castillo, Internet Sales Manager, David Hayes, and Bob Davis to ask us if there was anything else we needed. That is the definition of FULL SERVICE when it comes to customer care!

I HIGHLY recommend Bob Davis, David Hayes, and Fred Penney from Capitol GMC / Buick for your car buying needs!

Rheann E. | 2012-12-30

i visited last week. I was helped by nas sadegh and couldn't ask for better. he was very nice and honest. he helped us choose the perfect car. i am very happy with my decision and all customer service was excellent. thank you to nas and all management. will refer many.

Naomi R. | 2012-12-30

I just bought a used car from Capital Buick GMC and the overall experience was excellent (as buying a car can be) . I knew what I wanted and was not able to get it closer to where I live and I put calls into many dealerships looking.  Tino Rosas was the only sales associate to call me back.  He had the car .  He got it to the price I needed it to be.  He held the car for 2 days because I couldn't get there.  When I got there the service was great as well and they had me in and out of there in about an hour.  I drove away in my new car with a smile on my face.

Joshaua T. | 2012-12-27

Great customer service. They were very friendly and accommodating. If you need a car go there!! See Alex or Pete. Not like the cheesy car salesmen you can find at other places.

Jamal R. | 2012-12-16

i am a employee at capitol buick gmc. last week i brought a used 2008 pontiac g8 gt i'm very satisfied with vehicle tino was my sale man that helped me with the he helped me out a lot i thank him for all the help with this car. if anybody is looking for a new or use car tino the guy to go to he is the best and can answer any question a bout a vehicle. i am a happy car buyer,

tino thanks bro you was a great help i love my pontiac g8 gt
i did good on this one.

Harsha K. | 2012-12-09

I visited Capitol Buick yesterday & today (12/9) about a used car. I ended-up not buying the car I wanted. We couldn't agree on a price. But, I would like to point out the extreme professionalism shown by Pete Rogers & Dave. Extremely good folks to work with. Though I didn't buy the car, I really appreciate the support provided by them. All the best guys.


Stacie C. | 2012-11-02

Just bought a 2012 Buick Enclave and thanks to Alex and Dave I had the best car buying experience! They were very accommodating and the deal went very smooth. Capitol Buick GMC is definitely the real deal and I would highly recommend these guys to anyone

David F. | 2012-09-28

Excellent car buying experience with John and Dave. Went in early evening on Sunday and came home that night with a new set of wheels. John is very helpful showing me options that matched my criteria. When it came down to negotiating the deal it was no nonsense - these guys really want to earn your business.

David E. | 2012-07-30

Bought a new Enclave from Capitol Buick about a month ago. Alex walked us through all the differences between the Enclave and similarly sized SUVs, and at no point pressured us to buy. We'd experienced the heavy sales pitches (and clearly scripted "let me bring in my boss" encounters) at other dealerships and so this was a relief. The Accounts person wasn't the most pleasant to deal with, but the rest of the buying experience was a pleasure.

John W. | 2012-06-25

The guys at Capital made our car buying experience actually positive.  Definitely ask for Anil.  Dave, Steve, and Rhonda were also great to work with.  We love both of our new vehicles we purchased last week.

Jaxx B. | 2012-06-03

Talk To Dan Tait & Jason Robbins In Finance. (Tel Them, James Burton Sent You) Best Dell I've Ever Thus Far...

Erick I. | 2012-05-26

My husband and I came into Capitol Buick GMC because they had a really nice 2010 Jeep Cherokee Laredo listed on their site for a really great price.  We go there and are greeted by Bill who was more than happy to help us.  He wasnt your typical pushy salesmen just trying to make a sale.    He was very personable and nice to talk to.  The process was pretty quick.  They even had a BBQ going and brought over hot dogs to where we were to make sure we were happy and fed =)  To say the least, we ended up buying the car.  If you're looking for REAL customer service go to Capitol Buick GMC,  they really know how to take care of their customers!

Ronnie T. | 2012-05-02

Just bought some new wheels from these guys last night.  I came home a happy customer with a beautiful new car.  Bill and David treated us respectfully.  Great new dealership !

steve p. | 2012-03-25

Great new Dealership!!!!!