California Automart in San Jose, CA

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On this page you can find detailed information about the company California Automart in San Jose, CA.

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California Automart

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(408) 292-2277
Address:1334 S 1st St, San Jose, CA, 95110

Reviews on California Automart

Robin W. | 2015-04-22

I bought a Toyota in 2011 was very happy with it went many miles with then I cracked the engine block but I had forgot to have signed off at the DMV then the owner said he would take me down and get it notarized he took me in his car to his time out of his day and I was very grateful not very many people would have done that so thank you I will in the future buy from him again

Kevin P. | 2014-09-25

I bought a car here. No matter how desperate you think the situation is there are better places than this. This guy is a rip off. How he can even live with himself after being such a crook. My transmission blew one week after I bought it. The 30 day warranty is BS, this place is so bad I am surprised they have not been shut down. The Bible speaks of Merchants like this as they are cockroaches....

Ebony S. | 2014-07-10

I bought my 2006 charger 4th of July i took the bus & bart from oakland 3000 down once I got there steve was nowhere to be found which was a good thing his self man I forgot his name was the best respectful once the paperwork was done. It was time for me to get my car first issue the car was filthy dirty in the inside and it wouldn't reverse so I had to leave it and take a loner the next day I came back and got my car the interior was so dirty and filthy I had to do a steam clean myself first issue was a month later the car for making knocking sound I drove back to San Jose which I was charged 95$ but yet my car was still jerking freeway I called him he told me to bring it back 6 months later I called the dealership because I noticed the gauges was not working the salesman told me they would be honest with me that he thinks is a head gasket once I told Steve what it was he said that's not possible one months later blown head gaskets I took it back to San Jose because they have onsite mechanic he charged me 650$ it's at 3 weeks & 4 days when i got my car back I call him and ask about my car he will get a attitude saying they have other cars to be fix but yet I was still paying my car note just didn't have a car so I had to get rentals he told me that if I'll bring the receipts he will pay the difference he never did when it was time r when it was time to pick it up the car I could not take it. It was making loud noises the belt was not connected he told me to not drive over 60 miles per hour wtf the car was so horrible and I had to stay another night until the mechanic can fix it I came back out the next day because steave told me I could pick up a loner so I took the bus and Bart again after work I got to auto mart at 6:30 did the paper work for the loner papers just to be told my car was ready two weeks after that the radiator blew a hole when I took it at different mechanic I was told that the head gaskets does not fixed and that they poured and some liquid sealer remind you I have had the car for a year yet payment was 240$ every two weeks and he even try to run my credit card without asking me his secretary is the most unprofessional disrespectful rude person I've come across they're very unorganized and they like to argue in front of you Steve love to claim he's not the owner...may I jusr gave up the car needed a new engine with I found for 2700$ labor 1500 thats a new car .... Every time I will call and inform him about the car issues he will tell his workers that he was not there or that he will call me back never heard from him never spoke to him my car payments that's when he called me but he got his secretary do it when I was trying to take off my rims and music and take my TV out he came and repo the car...2months later 4th july I didnt even have the car for a year......PLEASEEEEE STAY AWAY

Germana M. | 2014-01-27

If you're looking for a decent used car and don't have the credit, go see Steve, the owner at CA Automart.  Steve has sold us 3 cars throughout the past few years and again, we just bought a NICE Lincoln Navigator this weekend and Steve worked with us on the downpayment and such.  The Navi will be ours in one year too.  Yeah, the interest is high but when you don't have good credit, this is the best thing to do due to no one else will finance us. Hope you have a great experience with Steve and his team and happy car shopping, hope you find what you're looking for!

Camilla O. | 2013-09-18

I am not giving this place any stars at all. HORRIBLE PEOPLE i hate the secretary she is so rude! She is never ever been nice to my husband and i not one time. All their employers are liers! For not having credit history what so ever and wanting to start credit they gave me a 24% apr . Like wtf! And they didnt even know how to disclose rates prices or anything to us! They said the car was goin to be 11,000 i check the contract afterwards and he put some other fees we were unaware of and ended up being 14,500?!?!? Crazy people. On top of that i just got the car for two months and it already broke down!!! They suck i dont want to give then any stars but it wont let me post it without at least one!

Germana M. | 2013-06-10

I would highly recommend CA Auto Mart to those with less than perfect credit. Steve, the owner helped us when no one else would and we have bought 2 cars from them. First was a mini van and then a PT Cruiser which was just paid off today and his wife is also lovely and always helpful and nice to us as well.  If you need a car and have a little bit down, I highly recommend them and tell them we sent you. :-) Happy car shopping, hope you find what you're looking for.

Lisa T. | 2013-06-02

It was an experience like never before.  The owner and staff was very pleasant and respectful he sold my husband a 2000 Buick LaSabre in mint condition the car rides like a Cadillac.  I would definitely recommend this place to someone searching for a car.  Sincerely Darren And Robin Ward!!!!

Gabby L. | 2013-03-01

We got a car from them and 2 days later it broke down (blown head gasket) we took it back and they gave me a car that had blown out tires, wheel bearing was bad, had a hole in the water pump hoes the list of problems go on and on.
Then not to mention they disrespectful, rude and they will steel anything you leave in your car when your not looking. If you go in complaining you will be laughed at right to your face, treated poorly and called names. No matter what you do DO NOT get a car from here. They will rip you off

Kelli P. | 2012-01-23

Stay away from this place. No matter how desperate you are. Trust.

Their cars are old, with lots of miles, and extremely overpriced. Their in-house financing averages about 24% interest. Eeek.

I went through with it and bought a car. I was desperate, and my credit is less than great, so I decided to go here. Oops.

They charge you to use their credit card machine. I think it's like 2% but when you're paying a $3000 down payment and paying a $400 a month car payment, it adds up, and frankly I think it may be illegal.

My wonderful mother let me pay off my car with her credit card since the interest rate was MUCH lower.  Guess how much that 2% was. Redonk.

The day I paid off the car, they didn't have my pink slip available for me.  So for 2 weeks I drove around a car that I technically owned but had no proof of owning while I waited for the slip to arrive.  I asked the owner to simply mail it to me when it arrived but he asked that I bring the car in to "take a look at it". Whatever, I wanted my f'ing pink slip. Turns out, they put GPS tracking into your car until you pay off your debt.  He claimed this was the rules of his bank, and that I had signed paperwork stating that I was aware of this.  After asking enough questions, he confessed that the paperwork i signed simply said that I was aware that there was an "anti-theft" device in the car. WHAT?!

I bought this car in July.  Since then I have put about $1000 of work into it, that includes new tires, new timing belt, and a borage of other things.  I still need new brakes. Obviously nobody is checking out these cars before they sell them.  I am aware that it's partly my fault for not being more thorough when checking out the car, but in my desperation, and thanks to the salesman's slimy smooth talk, I saw past the broken tail light and bald front tire and actually fell in love with my car on the test drive.

I am thankful to have a car.  But thank god I don't have to deal with these shady people ever again.  This experience was enough to make me never want to step foot in a car dealership ever again.

I highly suggest avoiding this place, or if you're desperate like i was, bring someone with you that knows a little about cars, really read what you're signing, and pay with cash.

Kristoffer P. | 2010-06-17

I bought a car here 6 months ago and so far, it's had a overheating problem ($100), the SAI pump is failing ($200), and it may have faulty hydraulic lifters ($1500). Needless to say, I ended up with a lemon. I also found out the car I purchased for almost $6,000 was involved in a crash and was part of a lemon law buyback; which the dealer failed to notify me about. So now I have to sell it for a massive loss in money. Their lack of knowledge about their vehicles should have stopped me from buying, but I desperately needed a car for work. Now I desperately need another car for school and work. DO NOT PURCHASE A VEHICLE HERE.