Boss Auto in San Jose, CA

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On this page you can find detailed information about the company Boss Auto in San Jose, CA.

The following is provided current addresses and telephone numbers of all branches car dealer Boss Auto, and using the card, you can easily locate it visually. Also on the page provides information on dealer Boss Auto in other cities in the California.

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(408) 436-2886
Address:120 E Gish Rd, San Jose, CA, 95112

Reviews on Boss Auto

Serena R. | 2014-02-05

I'm very pleased with the car and the service I received here. Benny was super helpful and made the process of getting my first car run very smoothly. All the cars are of good quality and the best part is that they all have low mileage. I'm very happy with this this car and I would definitely come back here again. Benny is also a very nice and friendly guy which is a huge plus. I didn't feel like he was trying to push anything over on me or sell me a car I didn't want. I am going to recommend this place to my friends when they are looking for a car. These cars are really the best deals you can find as far as pre owned vehicles go.

Naresh K. | 2012-08-23

One of my friend introduced me to Benny. I got a excellent condition Infiniti G35 for amazing price. More than that Benny is a very good guy who do not force or influence your decision. He respects your opinion and help you get what you like.

He is not like a typical dealers who sell and forget, he suggests and gives contact for your car needs like wash, oil change, paint job etc.

Thanks a lot Benny!

Rohit P. | 2012-08-10

I purchased a Toyota Prius from Benny at Boss Auto. It was one of the most pleasant and fun experiences I have had in buying a used car.  Benny is a great guy and was open about all questions on the car and provided every detail possible in making the transaction smooth.

Benny also got the Car detailed, fixed a couple of minor issues and also gave up his time to get a 2nd key made at the dealership.. On top of that he did not charge anything more than his cost on getting the key made.

5 STARS for Boss Auto... I will surely be recommending Benny to all my friends who are looking to purchase a used vehicle.


The BAD : Nothing

Aqua H. | 2012-03-24

I came across one of Boss Auto's craigslist listings when looking out for a used but relatively new (less than 3 years) japanese car as our 2nd car.
As mentioned on another review, the craigslist ad does not mention Boss Auto, and actually even the place where we saw the cars didnt mention Boss Auto  - it was only when signing the paperwork that the name Boss auto showed up and we were able to check the reviews.

The GOOD:  The selection of cars was  great and the owner, Benny, was vey friendly and not a typical pressuring car salesman.
The BAD: Before our purchase, Beni promised to get us the car manual and the 2nd set of car keys a week or so later -- but once we bought the car, he no longer seemed to even have the intention to get either.
The UGLY: When renewing the registration, we were hit with a $400 registration fee and this was because the car registration fee for the past year (1 yr before we owned the car) was also due and so the DMV registration fee was for 2 years (1 yr past ,and the future 1 yr) I contacted benny to ask him to take responsibility for the registration fee for the 1 yr prior to us buying the car (approx $200), but he absolutely refused and not only that, seemed very unprofessional in handling my queries rudely. This was a surprising departure from his behavior before the car purchase and left an extremely poor taste souring our whole experience with him. We ended up paying for the overdue registration fees out of our pockets.

Note to buyers - verify any "past due" fees PRIOR to buying -- dont expect any service from Boss Auto AFTER he has sold the car to you, even simple items like an extra manual, or stuff that he might promise to get fixed on the car "soon".

Andrea T. | 2011-12-02

I was recently entangled in a major 4-car accident that totaled my car and was in search of a replacement when I came across one of Boss Auto's Craigslist listings. There was no mention of the name "Boss Auto" anywhere and so I didn't have the opportunity to look up the yelp reviews until after I had purchased the car.

Benny, the owner, was super-nice and helpful. He was very accommodating and made my husband and I comfortable throughout the entire process. None of that slimy-used-car-salesman-trying-to-push-a-car-you-­don't-really-want vibe. None at all. Having only ever had purchased brand new vehicles from dealerships, the experience was a bit different, but again Benny walked us through everything with ease. No fancy offices or free coffee here, but great honest service and a smile from a guy you'd be glad to call a friend.

Since this was a used car, we obviously wanted it to get fully checked out by a mechanic before we bought, and Benny was completely open to us doing so. Upon completion of the diagnosis, the mechanic said everything looked great and just that the rear brakes were worn and would need replacing due to normal wear and tear and that the front brakes would have about 6mo. to a year to go until those also needed replacing--depending on how we drove the car/aggressively we braked. Benny agreed to replace the rear brakes and when we came to pick up the car the next day--much to our surprise--had also paid to replace the front. Awesome!

I'm now the happy owner of a lovely, low-mileage BMW 3-series and will definitely come back to Benny when my husband's car kicks the bucket.

Anand R. | 2011-01-18

Benny is a awesome ! He goes out of his way to help. We bought a sienna from him in 2007 and a camry in 2010, both cars were low mileage, single owner clean cars. Thanks Benny !

Emm C. | 2010-03-03

My friend who got an awesome deal on his Lexus referred me to Boss. I saw someone else checking out cars and Benny was super friendly to me. He gave me specs on different cars and even told me what I should fix up on my current car and why! He is professional and always smiling.