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Beshoff MotorCars Serves the San Jose Area With New & Used Mercedes-Benz Cars

The staff at Beshoff MotorCars are ready to help you purchase a new Mercedes-Benz or used car in San Jose.  When you visit our car dealership expect the superior customer service that you deserve.  With years of experience and training the Beshoff MotorCars team will get you into the Mercedes-Benz that was built for you.  Get the new or used car by Mercedes-Benz in San Jose that you have been dreaming of by calling (888) 586-4453 or visiting Beshoff MotorCars today.


Established in 2002.

Mr. Ray Beshoff was the General Manager of the largest Mercedes-Benz dealership in the US for several years, based in Los Angeles.  In the late 1990's, Mercedes-Benz rewarded Mr. Beshoff for his outstanding success by offering him the opportunity to build a brand-new dealership in San Jose.  Located at East Capitol Expressway and Tully Road, his magnificent facility has the appearance of a Tuscan villa and the feel of a friendly meeting place.  Since opening over seven years ago, more than 10,000 happy customers have driven home in a Beshoff MotorCars vehicle, many having discovered the accuracy of our message "If you can afford a Toyota Camry or a Honda Accord, we may be able to put you behind the wheel of a Mercedes-Benz".  Please call us at 408/239-2300
or visit   Very best wishes from Ray Beshoff and the entire team.

Beshoff Motorcars Mercedes-Benz Dealer

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(408) 239-2300
Address:3000 E Capitol Expy, San Jose, CA, 95148
  • Monday: 7:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 7:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 7:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 7:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 7:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Sunday: 10:00 am - 7:00 pm

Reviews on Beshoff Motorcars Mercedes-Benz Dealer

ShadiYoussef Y. | 2015-04-21

I would never recommend this dealership as they are unprofessional with how they treat people.

I came in and no one seemed to want to help me and I was in my business attire so it wasn't like I looked homeless.

Erik F. | 2015-04-07

I never ever would recommend this dealership to anyone anymore. Sadly this is the only place for a Smart car unless you go to San Francisco.

The Sales staff when I bought my car 2 years ago was top notch and I miss having Harry sell me a car. Angie Challenor in service was a fantastic lady to bring my car into and have serviced.

As of today, Sales still runs great under the hands of Stephen Lowe, Gabriel Kohan, and Johan De Quant. I will only deal with these fine gentlemen when purchasing a car.

Now why is this place a 1 star? Primarily for their service dept who I have had now swapped advisors 5 times. I meet a new person everytime and I hate re-explaining my issues with this car. My 2013 Smart ED has been running well the first 2 years and lately in the last 3000 miles it has had 5 failures for Engine Failure (car today only has 13k miles) Each time it gets fixed, I get my car back for a week, then it plops in the shop for the next 3 weeks for the same failure. It was cool that Angie Challenor, Danial Salinas, Mike Romano, Brian Leir would always take my car and give me a nice C Class loaner. My car is on a Priority 1 base concern with not only the dealer, but with MBUSA. As of today's issue, the decided to plop me into a Smart Gas edition, which i find highly ridiculous!!! At this point and time, I should be treated as a HIGH CONCERN CUSTOMER.

Has ANYONE driven one?? Its terrible! And with the issues I have with my Smart dying 5 times, my confidence level and reliability in the car is ABSOLUTELY 0!!! I now have to sit in this loaner car for a WEEK! HOW CAN YOU POSSIBLY DO THAT TO A CUSTOMER?? A standard maintenance check, sure I can deal with that for a few hours, but A WEEK??? GET REAL!

MBUSA better be reading this as well as the service dept. Not a happy customer at all!!

Jack B. | 2015-03-17

Update to my previous post on March 15th:

My new car (CLA250) was delivered to my office yesterday afternoon.  I had not laid eyes on it before yesterday and it is a BEAUTY (they got it from another dealer)!  They delivered my car to my office, on time, with absolutely no disruption to my office operation.  The car was immaculate, paper floor mats protected the new floor mats, the windows were clean, the wheels and tires were polished, the upholstery and dash were spotless (no dust in the nooks and crannies of the dash like is often seen with dealers that don't pay close attention to their work).

I am ecstatic with my car.  Beshoff has done exactly as it said it would do.  I could not be happier.

Thank you Johan DeQuant, Rick Pham and Shaun Van Dick for your exemplary service and follow through.

Nigel L. | 2015-03-11

I have been a loyal customer since 2012 when I purchase my first C350 from them. They had been great so I purchased another 2014 E350 fully loaded from Beshoff again. The sales Johnny has been good as the past so does the service advisor Joe.

Everything has changed after I worked with the service advisor Brian who is totally not care about customers although he claim he did. He even reported a issue with my sun visor to MBUSA as normal so MBUSA told me they would never do anything further because their "Authorized Dealer" told them there is nothing wrong.
For all 2014 E350 luxury car owners, here is a warning for you. If your sun visor will not close tightly to the headliner and leave a gap between headliner and sun visor. It's consider "NORMAL". Why is it "NORMAL" because I am the only one person who noticed the issue and reported it. Brian can even made this issue sounds "NORMAL" and made MBUSA to ignore this issue. Benz clearly addressed this issue in 2015 E400 which equipped the exact same sun visor as mine. My old C350 after all these years also does not have the gap between sun visor and the headliner. I really admire the way Brian works with MBUSA to cover an obvious "DEFECT" as "normal".
If you also have 2014 E350, I suggest you to check your sun visor to see if you have the same issue. I believe the problem sun visor is the one which has a small secondary sun visor within the main sun visor. We shouldn't accept a crappy design visor after you spent so much money with a car claim to be a luxury car.

So far, no one at Beshoff contacted me regarding this issue. I am not sure if they care about public review or not. I made a video which shows my problem. You can take a look at… .

Lori T. | 2015-03-11

Seriously annoyed!! Purchased power steering fluid from here that was supposedly  compatible with my car. I should had known when I asked him he replied that it was compatible with "most cars". After doing some research we went back the same day having concerns & they assured us it was the right one. The next day I wanted to make sure so I called mercedes benz on Stevens creek & sure enough beshoff sold us the wrong one.  I looked at my manual & MB service manual & my car is in fact compatible with another fluid. So within 2 days we came here 3 times, such a waste of time. Although this is the closest MB dealership to me I don't trust them & will be driving to Stevens Creek!!!

Travis R. | 2015-02-25

After doing some pre-purchase recon at pretty much all of the Bay Area Mercedes dealerships either in person or via email, I found that Beschoff's customer service was by far, the best.  

Apparently, the other Mercedes dealerships sell way too many vehicles that their staff feels that they don't need to greet a prospective buyer, even when they're staring them down through the window from their desks.  This happened to me twice at one dealership.

I was greatly impressed with Beschoff right from the first email response I received from December Ward (internet sales) regarding my interest in an ML.  She thoroughly answered most of my questions right away and quickly followed up with the answers a short time later to the questions she couldn't answer at that moment.

When we had settled on a price and the time came to go to the dealership to take delivery, the rest of the staff's customer courtesy and professionalism showed right as we entered and were greeted by the receptionist.

We met December in-person to finish filling in the paperwork and then headed off to financing to meet Gabriel Cabrera, where we completed our transaction.

Both December and Gabriel were respectful of my family's time by enabling us to finish as quickly as possible and they didn't have any regard for their own time, as they had to stay late for my family and I to arrive from the San Ramon area.  

To summarize, unlike my other car buying experiences, the staff at Beschoff actually made my family's very first Mercedes purchase enjoyable.  December explained everything thoroughly and Gabriel didn't try to pressure us to purchase more than what we intended.  He's the first auto finance person that actually accepted a NO response and moved on to the real task at hand, completing the purchase.  Everyone at Beshoff made my family and I feel like 'rock stars' as we drove away in our new 2015 ML350, instead of having that 'sick to your stomach,  did we just make a mistake using this dealership?' feeling that seems to happen after buying from another dealership.

Gilbert P. | 2015-02-06

The sales representative that helped us buy our first ML 350 was very professional, " no force  selling " .
I will surely recommend MARCO to our friends/ relatives. Thank you again Marco.

Laura M. | 2015-01-24

I have purchased three cars from Beshoff MotorCars, and this is by far the best Mercedes dealership in California.You can rest assure that your are always being taking care of, from the sales team to the customer service. I highly recommend this dealership, I have referred several friends, and they are just as satisfied as I am. Beshoff MotorCars stands above, and beyond,

Shannon F. | 2015-01-09

My husband and I recently purchased our new mercedes at Beshoff Motors. In the Bay Area, there are a surplus of options on where to purchase a new vehicle. What attracted us to Beshoff was the warm, friendly, and professional customer service we recevied from the beginning to the end of the deal.

As you all know purchasing a car is a LONG drawn out process. But, working with Thomas Vo (Internet Sales Manager) was such an enjoyable experience. He entertained all of our questions and concerns with open ears and was able to answer all of our questions clearly and without hesitation. He is a very knowledgable Mercedes guru. I highly recommend making your appointment online to work with him on your next purchase or lease.

After we made the decision on what car etc, Thomas introduced to the General Manager/ Partner- Mike DiGulio. He was so graciuos and welcoming. we truly enjoyed our time speaking with Mike.

The last leg of the journey was getting to work with the incredible finance team. When I say everyone in this dept. is amazing, I mean EVERYONE! When you think of working through the countless pages to purchase or lease a vehicle, you think of running for the hills. But, not with Beshoff's team! Gabe (Sales Mgr), Yad (Sales Director) and Gabriel  handled everything with such finesse, clear communication, and friendly service- even our 12 month old was entertained. The entire process of signing the documents went so smoothly and was enjoyed by great conversation.

Bottom line- if you are in the market for a new car- do your reserch online and make an appointment at their website so you can work with Thomas. Our entire experience was a truly enjoyable experience. We highly recommended Beshoff and their dedicated team!

Rupesh z. | 2014-12-31

Let's face it; the infamous car buying experience is what we all dread.  The pushy sales, forced options that i'll never use, and worst of all having doubt and buyers remorse setting-in as i drive off the lot and my ride begins to depreciate.  ...these are just a few reasons why i've been jaded with buying a new car.

However, the excellent team at Beshoff Motors really take pride in their trade and it clearly shows.  Walking in and being greeted with a smile and a firm handshake through MARCO, i felt my bones this was the place.  It was that instant rapport built that was carried through till the end of the car buying experience.  When, even, as i drove off in my new ride and i needed help with syncing the bluetooth and figuring out the auto light feature on the car, that i knew i was in the right hands.

Even after almost finalizing a car at a competitive 'benz dealer, i decided that i knew this was my spot to purchase my car.

After having been in customer service and sales myself and now working for a growing startup, i understand the mental grind one endures in a job where the guest comes before anything!

Marco, was upfront, honest, and most of all helpful !!!  So much so, that even i was trying to recruit Marco to work for our company.  

To the owner and managers, which i admire, since i can tell that you take the time to actually read your reviews 'cause you genuinely care.  If i was to offer you one tip, mentor and cultivate growth in the resources you have.  Embrace humility and dust yourself... Why, you might ask?  Because the next guy or gal that walks in the door might just purchase 10 cars not for himself, but rather his employes that have grown and overcome challenges together and the company goes IPO.

Or, thats how i'd like things to play out for 2015.

Stay blessed and most of all Marco stay hungry!

randi s. | 2014-12-19

I have purchased and serviced many cars over the years and i have to tell you that Mike Digiulio is the most pleasant and professional person I have ever dealt with at any dealership. I would strongly suggest buying or repairing your Mercedes Benz at Beshoff MotorCars.

Lesa I. | 2014-12-15

Today we decided to look at our options in SUVs. We have been loyal BMW owners for years. Due to the horrible customer service and pushy staff at our local BMW dealer, we stopped in at this MBZ dealership because we had heard such favorable talk about this dealership. The staff was excellent from the time we drove in with our BMW, till the time we left in our new MBZ SUV. Our sales person Marco Mora was excellent! He was attentive and genuinely caring. He was not pushy in any way. Marco just wanted to make sure we made the choice to our satisfaction. He even called us this evening to make sure we were home safe and happy with our new vehicle. When you are considering a MBZ go see Marco Mora. We could not be more satisfied!

Richard L. | 2014-12-15

I'm very disappointed in every aspect in dealing with Beshoff Motorcar Dealership. I have purchased 5 new MBZ's from 1988 to 2005 from Smythe European. When I learned that my salesman had move to Southern Calif, I decided to give Beshoff a try. BIG MISTAKE! The 2014 S550 was ordered Nov.2013, and arrived late Jan.2014. The salesman called me for an appointment delivery at 2:pm. It took over 3 hours to do paper work just to pay "cash". The very next day, the salesman was no longer employed. I couldn't get any help, technical instructions on all the electronics for several months. Finally, after talking with everyone from the top, down, David Castro was the only person to help me.
I also have my Smart Car serviced at Beshoff. Yesterday (sunday) after having a flat tire, with no spare, I had it towed to Beshoff Service. Guess what? My service advisor is no longer employed there. After being passed around today, they told me that because I didn't have an appointment, they couldn't replace the tire. I'd have to wait until tomorrow.
Beshoff Motorcars Mercedes Benz has a serious employee problem. I personally will never do business with them, and I would not recommend them to anyone else.

Vladimir P. | 2014-12-06

I have very mixed experience with this dealership. I am currently leasing a Smart electric car and although the whole leasing process was very simple and streamlined, the sales person gave us and I quote "100% recharged car" which turned-out had only 20% battery left.
I was almost stuck on a freeway and when I came home the battery was at 0%. Anyway, a bit unpleasant and dangerous, but things happen. After 2 months the car started leaking oil, so I brought it to the dealership and while they fixed it and washed it as well, they did not recharge it, which meant that it made my commute to work (I picked up the car at 7:45 in the morning) much more interesting.
On the positive side, they provide you with a lot of perks (such as C250 as a loaner car, road side assistance, etc.) so yeah, mixed review.

Jeremy T. | 2014-12-02

In a very late response to the manager (LOL), I'm guessing you or the employees remember who I was. I was not mad that I couldn't return the bottle of transmission fluid, in fact I was just a little mad it was opened. I had asked, when I purchased the gasket and filter, if the items were the correct fitment on my car. I was soon to be disappointed when I found out the gasket didn't fit, even though the filter could for some reason. WHICH is why I know to make sure that I need to be very specific when I ask.

Lena C. | 2014-11-30

I have both Mercedes and BMW. Undecided on the next car. I had some battery issues yesterday with my BMW 325i, replaced it at Stevens Creek BMW a couple of month ago.   Thought I should call them since it is still under warrantee. Have been calling since yesterday. Tried different options to get to the service department, it just kept on ring. Thought it might be the holiday, so I called Beshoff to confirm my conclusion. They answered on the first ring. So, guess where I am getting my next car.

K C. | 2014-11-25

We feel really blessed to have a wonderful buying experience with Yad Singh, Finance Director, and Callie Huynh, Sales Consultant! This is our fourth Mercedes Benz with Beshoff Motors; (ML 500, R500, C250, and now, B series). This is my first review for Beshoff but feel they deserve praise.

Both Yad and Callie were very professional, responsive, kind, and simply delivered!  This is our second experience with Yad and he took care of things for us so that we didn't have to worry about the details. Yad kept his word and made sure we were completely satisfied. While waiting for our car to be delivered, Callie provided a movie for the kids to watch, while we were finishing up the paperwork with Yad. Callie has integrity, listened to our needs, and was very pleasant during the entire process. We felt really comfortable to ask them questions and was not pressured at all. They get a perfect "10".

All of the Beshoff team members have excellent customer service (hands down) compared to other dealerships. The facility is immaculate. This experience exceeded our expectations and we are very pleased. We will be back again...

Josselin A. | 2014-11-09

My little guy, the smartcar, had been giving me little problems left and right for a couple of weeks; after refusing to start one day after work, we decided it was time to take it in. My dad called it in the next morning and they told him they would call him back later that day to see if they had any time. Okay so far, reasonable. Never called back. They call back the following day to tell him he could just drop it off later that day. Next morning while I am at work, one of the service guys calls me and leaves me a message saying he needs more information about what's going on. We play phone tag up until about 6pm even though I'd left him a couple pretty detailed voicemails. Finally he leaves me a voicemail saying he THINKS it's my battery. I call him back and say okay, do whatever you need to do. He goes  I'll have my partner take a look at it tomorrow just to make sure that it is. To this point, I'm okay because I figure it's better to be safe and pay for something that actually needs work than something that might not. He also added that if it is the battery they would go ahead and fix it and it would be ready by the following afternoon. So far, my car has been there for 3 days. I never hear back from anyone to tell me that something has been done and that my car is ready. 9pm and my dad calls me asking me if I've heard anything...nope. So he calls. I wanted to save them from my dad's wrath but I was pretty irritated at this point so I let him. They tell him it was only a wire that was loose and that it was ready to go. Seriously??? That took almost 4 days to figure out? One of the guys told me that I was never called back because they entered my number wrong in the system. What? So you're just going to let my car sit there forever? They were really difficult to communicate with. The only reason that I go to them is because the old Smartcar dealer closer to my house is gone and this one is the closest one that services Smartcars.

Rosie R. | 2014-11-02

Very disappointing! I brought my car there for some warranty work and asked them to check and see why my car shakes during idling. I was told the 140.00$ charge for diagnosing would  be waived if I did the work. So I agreed. When it was time to pay the bill there is was 140.00 for diagnosis! When I phoned I got some run around about he manipulated the bill so it just looks like I got charged! At this point I was so fed up! My car still shakes during idling and had my engine light go off 2 weeks later just to find out the shaking was because of something else. What a rip off! I got a call a few weeks later from quality control asking how my service went. I told them every thing that went on and my rep was suppose to follow up but not to my surprise jack shit happened! Don't ever waste your time with these clowns! All glitter but no quality!

Hardy C. | 2014-10-22

I'm revising my rating based on service performed on my RV (Mercedes engine).  Once I was able to speak to the service department all went very well.  Very nice facility, friendly and knowlegable staff, a great Mercedes loaner car...  The whole experience was very positive.  What I describe following was a big issue, so hopefully they will work on their communication.  "It's hard to know what kind of work to do because they don't answer their phone or respond to phone or online service requests! I've tried calling, goes to voice mail, left messages, no return call.  I entered an online service request/issue, never got a response."

Untung S. | 2014-10-18

Re: Buying S63-coupe AMG at Beshoff San Jose, CA.

Extremely disappointed and humiliated when trying to buy cash for a S63-coupe matte color with a MSRP of $198,175.  Sales manager, Rick Pham stated that i need to show him a bank statement for the last three months with average balance of $250,000 on the account.  Eventhough I'd pay with a Well Fargo bank cashier check and that's not good enough because he stated cashier check can be cancelled.  Then I would like to place $50,000 deposit to hold the car for a few days, he simply said the car is only for first come first serve customer.  I simply dumbfounded with his statement, and when I asked him to provide his company policy about showing a bank statement requirement in order to buy a S-coupe AMG, he simply walked away and asked me to leave the dealer.  

Never in my life dealing with a car dealership ever encountered this type of experience and just realized the difficulty to spend $200k plus in one afternoon.

Anita L. | 2014-10-18

This review is for the sales representative, Andy Tran, who assisted me on purchasing a new 2014 E Class. While I have shopped at other MB dealerships in the SF Bay Area closer to me, it was my first experience with Beshoff, only because they had the car I wanted in stock.
I was greeted warmly by Andy. He showed us the exact car I was looking for and took it for a test drive. He was very patient and not pushy at all.
I didn't decide to purchase in the first visit, but went back there in 2 days, closed the deal, and brought the car home. This happened only because of Andy's great service,  which was accommodating, professional, and friendly.
He also followed up with me after the purchase, which I appreciated.
He is the sales rep to ask for at Beshoff and a pleasure to work with!

Milton V. | 2014-10-10

This is for David Castro
Beshoff is a great place to get a car of your choice. I am very satisfied with this dealership especially David Castro for helping me with all my questions and concerns. First buyer and my wife and i was nervous to be first buyers but David Castro gave us the  confidence to buy. I am soooo glad i came to Beshoff and I'm blessed that I had David as my sales consultant. He made us feel good and buy with confidence
Thank You guys and especially David

Ana G. | 2014-10-10

I bought myself a beautiful 2014 C250 mercedes benz from David Castro, He is such an excellent asset to this company. David Castro really take care of me, I will really recommend him with my friends and family, keep up the good work. Thank you again for all your help.

Cathryn S. | 2014-10-09

This review is for Vinnie Do, he is a great guy really helped me with what I was looking for. Very satisfied with my very own first Mercedes Benz. I couldn't be any happier and without that Vinnie really helped me on making it happened! So go there everyone is really helpful and friendly they'll do their best to make sure your satisfied!!!!!  I would definitely recommend my family and friends here at this location!

M H. | 2014-10-09

Bought my first Mercedes there and was given incredible service by Mike L.  No pressure, very informative and friendly. Great experience. I have to share with you the Rock Star of the place. Joe Martin in service. Beshoff is so lucky to have Joe Martin on their team.  His professionalism is second to none, he is so respectful to his co workers and customers and you can tell that everyone enjoys working with him.  I live far away from Beshoff but I go out of my was because of the service and comfort that is provided.  I like the clean facility, friendly faces provided by the service staff, Elvis who gives me a great loaner car, and the many others that I don't know by name.  My biggest draw back is that this dealership isn't in Santa Cruz, huge bummer but well worth the drive to San Jose.  Thanks and keep up the excellent work, it doesn't go unnoticed.

Melissa H. | 2014-10-04

This review is long overdue.  I have bought or leased a car with Beshoff for several years now and I am so beyond satisfied with them.  

I wanted a Mercedes, for obvious reasons, and I didn't know where to begin.  I actually considered buying a used Mercedes from another dealership until I was referred to Beshoff.  I can't believe I almost bought a used Benz from a Lexus dealership.  What a huge mistake that would have been!  

I had the distinct pleasure of working with David Castro.  He politely showed us his used inventory(which was immensely better than any other dealership I shopped with) but we actually ended up going a new vehicle that worked with my budget and fit my needs better.  Nobody else ever seemed to ask that I was driving low miles per year and that I cared about warranty coverage.  

David, throughout the entire process, focused on my needs.  I NEVER felt pressured like I feel that I do at other dealerships.   Car salesman only see dollar signs when dealing with clients but David made this experience unlike any other.  He made me feel welcome and I did not feel like I was being sold on something, I was being directed to the right fit.  This is invaluable. Sometimes you feel taken advantage of by a car dealership, but driving out of there in my beautiful new car, I was SO happy.  

Since then we have traded in our leased vehicle for a newer GLK 350 and I was so happy with the experience  that we purchased an ML 350 both from Beshoff and with David Castro.  

His whole team was amazing and very attentive.  The financing team was so thorough and I never felt that I didn't know what I was signing up for. The facilities were immaculately tidy and inviting.  The Service department, well that is a whole other tangent that I will rave about soon.

It's the details.  Not everybody notices, but I did.  This was excellence at its finest and they've earned a customer for life. I rave about the Beshoff team all the time and I don't plan on stopping anytime soon.

Henry L. | 2014-10-04

The sales staff at Beshoff Mercedes is awesome, especially David Castro. He helped us get our first Mercedes vehicle over a year ago and we've been coming back to him ever since. I've also referred friends and family members to him because I know that David will take care of them.

He gave us a phenomenal deal on a C250 over a year ago with zero down. When we brought it in for the annual maintenance he saw us and greeted us like we were family. When we asked him about possibly trading it in for a larger car he told us that he'd take care of us and will get us the best deal possible. On that same day we traded in the C250 for a GLK350.

When our other family car was on its last legs we naturally went back to David to check out his used inventory. When he told us he had a CPO ML350 for 40k we jumped on it.

David Castro and the rest of the team at Beshoff really took care of us. We love our new/newer cars and have never felt cheated or any bit of buyers remorse. They never made us felt pressured with a "take it or leave it" attitude.

Thank you Beshoff Motorcars Mercedes-Benz!

Firas A. | 2014-09-29

I knew exactly what car I wanted, and had spoken to several dealers about their inventory. A few offered anywhere between $5K and $10K off the car on the phone, without any negotiation. I went to Beshoff to check what inventory they had. I met with David Castro. They didn't have any cars in inventory, which is fine. David checked with their "sister dealer" in Fresno and located a couple of cars. When I asked him what's possible, he said these cars go at full MSRP, then added that it's possible (but not sure) that he could offer $500 off. Yes, seriously! I walked out without saying anything more...and bought the car elsewhere. There are 2 choices here - either he is clueless or he's a terrible salesman. In both cases, not good. He lost the business and won this review.

c b. | 2014-09-22

After two tries at other Mercedes dealers, a friend sent us to Beshoff Motors in San Jose.  She had just bought a Mercedes. What an amazing experience. They work  with you and find  you a car. I ended up with a totally beautiful GLK350 W4 , more then I could of expected for a price we could afford. We were referred to go see Johnny Ngo ,a super person, compassionate, and wants to sell you a car! Yes! A compassionate car salesmen,  they do exist.

BB G. | 2014-09-16

Johnny Ngo Sales Consultant - Awesome Guy!

I was trying to decide between the BMW 328i and the Mercedes C250. Both cars drove beautifully however the Benz had feel of elegance that won me over not to mention the inline turbo was extremely responsive.  When I visited the BMW dealer the sales guy sounded like a recording as if he had said the same thing over and over. He didn't make any effort to understand what my needs were and kept trying to up-sale me to a different model. I'd say his name if I remembered it but he didn't make much if an impact on me.

I then went to the Beshoff dealer in San Jose.  Johnny Ngo greeted me, he didn't pounce on me like other sales guys do. He asked me what my must haves were and MOST importantly just listened to me.

The car I wanted he didn't have in stock. He pulled some strings and had one setup for delivery for the next day. The day I was to pick it up I sent Johnny a text to his personal cell phone at 8am. I told him I changed my mind and wanted a different model. I really felt bad because he already pulled some strings to get me a car he didn't have in stock. He responded immediately and said don't worry let me see what I can do when the dealer opens. He called me promptly at 10am and said I have what you are looking for. I emailed him the application and some bank stuff. Johnny called me shortly after that to stop by and see him. The car was out front freshly detailed and all gassed up. The paperwork took about 15 min and I was off. Johnny called me the next day to see how I was enjoying my new car. I love it!!!!  It's my first Benz and I can't imagine ever driving anything else. Thank you Johnny Ngo for your great customer service and great communication throughout the process. You made it so easy. I highly recommend the beautiful Beshoff Mercedes dealer in San Jose and if you want a smooth transaction see Johnny Ngo.

About a week after getting my car I ran by the dealer to ask a couple of questions about connecting to MBUSA and setting up my dash.  the service guy sat in the car with me and patiently answered all my questions.   Awesome customer service and very very happy with my choice to buy from Beshoff.

Sarika S. | 2014-09-09

Came in earlier today to get an oil change but I didn't have an appt. The lady who greeted me wasn't the friendliest about me not having an appt but the other guys were nice. Gerardo helped me out and they were able to squeeze me in. He told me a turn around time of 1.5 hours and I decided to wait there.
My car was ready in about 1:15 hours and washed and ready. To speed up the process, I paid while my car was being cleaned. Gerardo was super nice and kept me up to date. He even let me use a $10 accessory birthday certificate towards the oil change!

Jay T. | 2014-09-03

Nice building, convenient location, pleasant during our visit, but couldn't find what we wanted in their inventory and from there it went downhill.

* told the only difference between 2014 (which they had) and 2015 we want (not on lot) was the 2015 MSRP was $1500 higher - mbusa indicates the actual difference is $600.

* told the only diff in base stereo (which they had in their stock) and the $850 upgraded stereo we were looking for (which they didn't) was the speaker grills on the pricier unit have the audio company name embossed on it, otherwise both were made by the same company, and are virtually the same speakers, no audible difference.... I'm betting if they only had upgraded units their description would have been different.

* their ask for getting a vehicle from another location was +$3000, explaining we would have to pay $1500 shipping to get our from the other place, and then pay $1500 for them to truck the traded model back to the other location, too.  Lame.

* told via email by one rep they would check on available inventory at other locations and get back to us. 4 days later nothing.

* called and spoke on the phone with another rep who said she would check and call back, but didn't

We've put a down payment on a vehicle with another dealership.

M. J. | 2014-09-01

Amateurs, ineptitude, unethical business practices, and utter lack of thinking outside the box is an apt description of the sales staff, sales management, and the finance function of this dealership. Zero stars would be too many!

Stephanie R. | 2014-08-28

I am on my 3rd Mercedes. I was having a B service done to my 2nd Mercedes and I got to use the 2008 c300. This was the year they changed the body style. I loved it, I traded in my car for a new C300 a week later. I have always had my services done here. Never have had any complaints about anyone that works here. Everyone is very nice!

Bryan T. | 2014-08-25

This is a review for Andy Tran, a sales consultant.

My family loves Mercedes, and Andy has helped us purchase every Mercedez-Benz we own! He is a very kind hearted salesman and has helped my family for years. Andy is a very friendly guy and has helped us easily understand everything before we purchase our vehicle so that we fully know what we are purchasing. I highly recommend Andy Tran as a sales consultant because he will go out of his way to help you out. Andy is a hard working sales consultant and listens to all your concerns and does his best to find the best deal for you. He ensures that you are confident on your purchase and makes sure you are not reluctant. Thank you for all your help through these years!

MATTHEW G. | 2014-08-18

This is a review for Will Eugenio: Sprinter Sales Manager.

Bottom line: Will made the process exceptionally smooth and transparent. We feel we were treated fairly and that we received excellent final terms for our three-year lease on our 2014 Crew Cab Sprinter.

We called ahead on a Saturday. We discovered that it seems the way Sprinter sales are currently done in the Bay Area, there is typically a single sales person per Sprinter dealership who is able to sell/lease Sprinters. Based on our research, Beshoff in San Jose and perhaps Sacramento are the largest Sprinter dealerships in the area. Several of the other Sprinter dealerships seem to operate primarily Monday through Friday. Thank goodness Will Eugenio @ Beshoff has decided it's a good idea to work on Saturdays, offering a productive option to those of us who have better things to do during the week.

We came in with one of the loss leader Sprinter lease promotions from the corporate Mercedes Sprinter web site. Will was able to work with us using this "too good to be true" offer as a meaningful start point. We walked the lot, checked out and narrowed our options down to a couple in-stock Sprinters and then returned to Will's office to run the numbers. We worked through all aspects of the deal in a deliberate, steady manner until the numbers worked for both of us and we were done for the day. Will took Sunday off, and then personally delivered our Sprinter to us, saving us the great inconvenience of having to drive back down to San Jose.

We would be hard-pressed to come up with anything but good things to say about Will and our sales experience. Highest recommendation.

Seema S. | 2014-08-16

Very disappointed with their customer service - not what I would have expected from MB. They don't return calls and messages, go back on their word and then try to turn it around that you are at fault. Such a frustrating experience! Currently taking 3+ weeks to get a simple service completed.

Carol E. | 2014-08-08

Thanks to Mike Romano, service advisor, for working us into the schedule for a routine service while we were on vacation in California!  Great service.... We love our Sprinter RV!

Stefany M. | 2014-07-31

I don't like to leave Negative od bad reviews but sometimes places are begging for it.

  Worse service ever bad attitude horrible nasty advisor rude and stupid they tell you all problems like professional they are not mechanics they only print out the label to read it to you. Want to charge excessive amount of money to fix anything also make sure after they check your vehicle there's no problem everybody complain after they service Mercedes ! check engine light, stereo, electronics or other (new) problem will show after any service or inspection.

Long story short.

Beshoff Mercedes Benz dealer sucks.
So I got in accident some lady run the stop she crash into me. Insurance got my Mercedes Benz sl550 to beshoff dealer they charge for full inspection $180.+ b service more than $300. Vehicle show no signs of any problems until... Yes until I pick up my Mercedes Benz.  4 days after I went to smythe Mercedes Benz dealer, Free inspection first time customer with a FREE MERCEDES RENTAL VEHICLE  WOW GREAT.. they show sketch and paper from full inspection turns out the beshoff didn't even check vehicle properly,
1 malfunction air bag $600
2 abs malfunction $400
3 not enough compression on convertible damage.$2500
4 brakes and rotorsto be replaced ( my expense) $875
5 4 fuse $4.50 each not working $20
6 not enough tire pressure $.Free and car wash free rental free free HONESTY, RESPECT AND GREAT SERVICE
How can this happened in 4 fuc.. days any of this can be a big deal I call them back they said nop sorry we have no idea we have to do another full inspection FREE?  nop $180 more. I said what? You make a huge mistake you want me to pay again go back.. hahahahaja I laughed no there's no way no even free next time you will destroy my car maybe said it was like this when you leave Mercedes sl550  Fuc... Liars thief. Snobby cockroaches.

I call n insurance they wrote another check for more than $2,000

Wes M. | 2014-07-30

This is a review for Brock Burrell and Sophia Chang.

It was an absolute pleasure and refreshing dealing with intelligent, friendly and knowledgeable sales people. From the first point of contact to closing they made me feel very comfortable, answered all of my questions and made the entire process seamless.

Brock and Sophia are the gold standard of sales professionals and I highly recommend going to them for your next car purchase. Again, thank you so much and I look forward to working with you on my next purchase.

Deepak G. | 2014-07-27

There's no negative score so this is the highest rating I could provide. The CLK and the E convertibles have anti roll bars and I went over a speed bump a little too fast.  The rear head rests deployed as a safety precaution.

Went to service and asked them to take a look and see if they can reset so I can put the top up. The service manager said that it's an hours job and said it comes with a car wash. Total over 150 with tax. All it takes is 10 seconds with the tool that MB provides with the car. Rather than giving me the whole reset of anti roll bar and that it's not that simple story, he could have been honest and straightforward that he needs to charge me the minimum shop charges even though it's a less than a minute job.

Be your own judge.

Kelly M. | 2014-07-21

I purchased my new Mercedes here a few months back with the help of Elizabeth Kitchen.  After terrible service at a different dealership my husband and I stopped at Beshoff to "look" at cars.  Elizabeth was SO helpful we ended up leaving with one that day.  She wasn't pushy, she explained in detail answers to any questions we had and she made the process unbelievably easy.  We are still so happy with the car we will definitely be purchasing our next from there too. If you're looking to buy or lease ask for Elizabeth Kitchen!

Rick S. | 2014-07-17

I just happened upon seeing Beshoff today on Yelp, looking something else up. Thought it a good time to call out a few things. And a couple key employees of the Dealership.

I have been doing business with Beshoff probably since around 2006. In these 8 years, I have happily driven off the lot with 4 new Mercedes. I continue to do business with them because of their outstanding customer service in Sales and Service.

In sales, over the years, I have dealt exclusively with Johnny Ngo. "Exclusive" is a good word, when it comes to Johnny... because he has a manner that makes you feel like YOU stand out alone. His manner is cool, relaxed, confident... and you feel the same when dealing with him. His focus is on your needs and desires when it comes to selecting the vehicle perfect for you... and you never exit a transaction like you've just been through the war afterwards. Johnny's a straight shooter. One of the good guys.

When it comes to Service, I have never confronted anyone better, no matter the geographic location or car type, than Mike Widergren! This guy just... gets... it. Oftentimes, servicing a vehicle is like going to the dentist (a necessary evil!) But Mike makes the experience SO easy, it's almost a pleasure. And, like Johnny, same attitudes are prevalent with Mike. Upbeat personality, no pressure, knows his stuff! Mike takes service to whole new levels... and I have been dealing with him for several years also. Mike will hone in on what you suggest your car needs, he will make suggestions for other potential needs, writes it up, makes you feel taken care of... and then gets you (painlessly) on your way. His follow-up with you is precise, friendly, professional... and he gets you back in the saddle as soon as possible. Mike's just a great guy too. Like I said, there have been many service reps over the years... I often feel like I'm getting oversold on everything during past experiences. I have never felt that way with Mike once! But there's also no bull about Mike either. If your car really needs something, he tells you straight, doesn't pull punches either. And even IF you feel you're paying a slight premium for something vs. a run-of-the-mill repair shop... it's worth it -- BECAUSE of the added comfort you get from a guy like Mike, who sees to it that it's done RIGHT and on time and that you are happy with the experience and the results.

It's a good dealership. There are others. I can't think of names at the moment. But Sales Managers, financial guys, receptionists... all good, all friendly, all professional.

You've already made the decision to treat yourself right by purchasing (or leasing) a Mercedes Benz... might as well go to the place that's gonna make SURE you are treated well.

ivo b. | 2014-07-14

We bought an ML350  in January at Beshoff.  The sales guy, Thomas Vo, advised us to buy a special plan to protect the car from scratches (Zurich protection) which we did. When arriving at home I noticed some of the material used to protect the car had leaked a little bit in between the transparent cover for the blinkers built into one of the side mirrors. It was nothing serious and I decided to ask the garage to take care of this during next maintenance. In the course of May the liner of the trunk door came lose and one week later somebody made a few little scratches on the side of  our car with a shopping cart. So I decided to go to Beshoff to have them take care of this.
For the liner, they asked 600 $ (six hundred !!!)  to repair this. When I asked why it did cost   so much, the sales guy said "at Mercedes we do not repair, we replace... So we need to install  a completely new liner ").  I decided to not let this be repaired and bought for 5 $ glue and glued the liner back into place myself, as good as new... Concerning the side mirror, they noticed there was a crack in the side mirror and they stated I had to pay a new cover (300$). They said it was no warranty. When I pointed them to the fact the it was clearly the paint protector that had leaked into the mirror, hence this was proof that the crack was there from the beginning, they ignored this. Finally when I asked them to take care of the scratches, they simply said that I had to go to a body shop, they didn't do these repairs. Although the salesman, at the moment of buying the paint insurance plan,  clearly made us believe that small scratches were part of the Zurich scratch insurance program. (and believe me these are really small scratches).  To conclude, at Beshoff, they may have made a couple of hundred dollar at my expense, but for sure, they lost at least one  customer.

Veronica V. | 2014-07-12

This review is for my salesman Johnny Ngo.

Honestly I wasn't even the market for a car yet, my lease wasn't up until November so I was in no rush to get into a new car. However, it never hurts to window shop right? My friend referred me to Johnny since he knew I'd be in the market for a new car in the near future. I shot Johnny a text to see if he could get me a ball park price on my next car. I've been eyeing the cls550 with the designo red interior. I know it's pricey, prob out of my range, and most likely had to be custom ordered. But like I said before, it never hurts to ask!

Johnny texted back right away and was very straight to the point. He put his best deal out on the table without me even having to haggle. I really appreciate that in a salesperson, thank you for not wasting my time!

I let him know exactly what I wanted in my car, the price I was willing to pay and that I was not willing to settle for anything less.
He completely understood. More kudos to you for not trying to bait and switch.

Not only did he locate my red interior, he found it in matte white! (Another rare color) it was sitting at a dealership in Oregon and they were willing to pay to have it transported to my house. NICE! Also pick up my lease at the same time. EVEN BETTER!

The price Johnny gave me was TOO good to pass up, so I bit the bullet and had the docs overnighted to me to be signed.

In 5 days, my car was sitting pretty in my garage. I'm an ecstatic costumer.

BTW this entire transaction was done via text, email and phone. I live in Southern California so had no time to come to the dealership. I've never even met the guy but I'm willing to refer him to everyone I know! Doesn't matter if you live in NorCal or not! Johnny will work with you!

Michelle M. | 2014-07-04

this is my familys first benz and the experience couldnt be better! We worked with December and Jearond who were both super friendly and knowledgable.  December gave me the best quote out of all the bay area benz dealers (by 5% less!!).  She is super friendly and responsive.  She also helped me surprise my dad with the car.... the car buying process was super smooth and fast bc she prepared all the paperwork before we got there :). I bought bmw and toyota beforw but this time was the fastest and easiest!! Again I highly recommend December and Jearond, they are the best!!!!!!

Aron N. | 2014-07-03

We bought a mercedes e350 , good services, but still have to wait a while, Vinnie Do sale man is good and very friendly give us a good deal on the car, I will recommend him to my friend and relatives, thanks, kev

Wena S. | 2014-07-02

This review is for my European Delivery ("ED") in May 2014. For those of you who don't know what ED is:

ED is an official MB program where you custom order your car at an US dealership; pick your car up in Stuttgart, Germany; drive your car in Europe for pretty much as long as you want; drop your car off at one of several locations in Europe; and then have your car shipped to the US dealership for pick-up in the US. The most surprising thing is ED doesn't cost you anything extra! All shipping & customs fees, European insurance & taxes, etc. are paid for by MB. In fact, MB even gives you a free night at one of several 5-star hotels (many of which come with a gourmet dinner for 2) across Europe, 2 tickets to the MB Museum in Stuttgart, 2 taxi vouchers for use around Stuttgart, 100 euros for lunch at the delivery center, and numerous other gifts & accessories. Best of all, you get 5%-7% off of MSRP, and the normally required ~$1,000 destination charge is waived (even for models that are only sold at MSRP due to under-shortage/over-demand)! Basically, unless if you're a professional negotiator, you'll actually end-up saving money. Anyways, back to my particulars...

Once I had set my date of arrival in Stuttgart, I looked for a dealership to order my car (if I remember correctly, MB needs about 2 months of lead-time to build your car). I decided to go with Beshoff Motorcars because, as far as I could tell, they are the only dealership around the Bay Area with an ED specialist. I assumed that there are much more logistics and coordination involved in an ED so I wanted to work with someone who is experienced with it. As it turned-out, the ED specialist is the owner's daughter (or so I presume given her age and last name), and she once did ED herself.

So I made an appointment with the ED specialist. Keep in mind that she is not a sales person (which is good in my book), so you probably wouldn't ask her about detailed car questions. However, she answered all of my questions about ED, and I ordered my car with a $2,000 deposit, which was fully refundable except for $200. Since I did my research & test drive in advance, this appointment took less than 1 hour. About 1 month before my European pick-up date, I went back to pay the remaining balance, which took just 15 minutes.

A few days after placing my order, I was very excited to receive an official MB invoice that confirmed my requested European pick-up and drop-off dates. The ED specialist then gave me recommendations on which complimentary hotel to select as well as numerous other travel advice; she was part travel agent! On top of that, she took care of several special requests that I made, including a private tour of the AMG factory in Affalterbach (since I was buying an AMG model).

I am currently waiting for my car to arrive at the dealership, so I can't speak to that part of the process yet. Nonetheless, I highly recommend Beshoff Motorcars for ED.

Rubbie S. | 2014-07-01

I showed up today at Beshoff Motors Mercedes-Benz Dealers and services. The staff is very nice friendly and attentive. We didnt have to sit around waitiing to have some one communicate with us. then we were told to have a seat in this excellent lounge area where there was coffee, tea, hot chocolate, fruit, grinola bars, FREE WIFI, TV etc...

Then we drove off in a loaner car which was a 2014 mercedes I will definetly be back. LOve the service Thank you Elvis

Erik J. | 2014-06-30

Terrible customer service.

Prepaid a back window pane from them and needed an instillation within the next coming days. The "service" manager couldn't give me a quote for how long the instillation would take or even tried to find a ball-park number. She was able to schedule me in the next 10 days, however... when I said this was unacceptable and I would like to pick up my part and have it installed by another outfit she replied, "fine, come pick up the window from the parts department." No attempt to work with me on schedules, price, hours, etc. Terrible.

When I arrived there were 5 employees standing around the service department (wholesale part department is located in the adjacent building to the east), I had to call to them to get their attention and then vaguely waved in the direction I should go.

For a high-end car dealership, the people they employ are relatively low-end and leave a bad taste in your mouth.

Haydeh E. | 2014-06-26

I bought couple of cars from Johnny Ngo and just recently I bought my new E350
My dream car!!! He made it happen I can't believe how far this guy go to make you happy I love this guy!!! So kind so professional so fast responsive can't say enough good things about him.he was so good I took my friend next day and she bought one too. You want a car and good sales person go to Beshoff and find this guy
Johnny Ngo !!!

mike t. | 2014-06-24

I bought My Mercedes the other day from Beshoff Motorcars and was extremely pleased ---- I was immediately greeted by Mike LeGear who i found to be friendly, knowledgable and very helpful--  I truly believe he went above and beyond to be sure that i was happy with the vehicle and even pointed out a number of things to me that were very helpful--- not to mention that two days later he gave me a follow up call to be sure that i was happy with my purchase!  Well,  Yes I am ,, and I would recommend Beshoff Motorcars on Capital Expressway  in S.J.  to anyone --- But i personally would especially suggest to ask for Mike as i truly believe more people/ sales and just in general need to be more like him!  So far all around a great experience and again I LOVE  my new CLS550!!!!!  Mike

Kevin K. | 2014-06-10

I was in the market for a car and had already zeroed in on an E or CLS class Mercedes. I used to have an E430 (bought new). This time I was looking for newer certified per-owned model E550 (another V8) which are harder to come by. We had been looking for a week and half or so using all the auto websites (Auto-trader, , etc.). We also test drove an E350 at Smythe European (not the model we wanted) but were very disappointed with the sales reps enthusiasm (that is a different review all together :-) ) . That same day after Smythe we called Beshoff Motors to see if they happen to have the model I was looking for. And sure enough they had just gotten one in. We changed plans and went there that afternoon. We met Sophia who was very nice and friendly. She had the keys ready, showed us the car, and took us for a test drive right away. Very refreshing. The car was awesome. But the price was above what we had budgeted for. So we left but Sophia said she'll talk to her boss who was not there at the time and see what she can work out. The next day she called and was able to work on the price a bit. So we went back and test drove the car again. We also started the paperwork to see where things fall. Well to make the long story short, we bought the car and drove it off the same night. She had the car washed, detailed, and filled up with a full tank of gas while we did the paperwork. The main point of this review is really the interaction we had with Sophia. We never felt pressured. The whole process was very pleasant and enjoyable. She also followed up a few times after that day to make sure we knew how to use all the features in the car. Later that week we went back for more instructions on the features. While there, she introduced us to the senior service manager whom we'll be working on any future maintenance or service needs. She also bought us two brand new Mercedes key chains. I don't know any of the other sales people there. But if you need a car, go see Sophia. She is awesome! :-)

Bruce K. | 2014-06-10

I can't say enough about Service Advisor Regi Caselli at Beshoff Motors.  If you take your car to him regularly, you will only be pleased. He has gone out of his way time and again to keep my car well maintained, and me happy. What I appreciate most is that I can trust him. I take both my SLK and our E350 to him for service, which is no small feat, since there are other dealers and other options much closer to where I live. Ten  months ago I took my 2002 SLK230 in for a diagnosis and his response was, " how long to do intend on keeping this car."  Now I have to tell you, I love(d) that car to death and swore every day that of its five years that I would drive it "until the wheels fell off."  Well, I spent the money and had the work done. But I drive the car hard and had put over 150,000 on it in my time, and three months later I was again facing needed work, and I asked Regi for advice.  The upshot was I decided it was time to sell the car, and he lost a customer -  only because I bought a new Mini. But, that was typical of Regi, he was more interested in meeting my needs than in writing repair tickets.

Well, the Mini Cooper lasted 5 months, and I am back to relying on  Regi.  I traded the MINI for a 2007 SLK55 AMG with 44,000 and I am happy, happy, happy to again have my SLK.  And, I am happy to know that I can again rely on Regi to do well by me and keep me happy.  Ray Beshoff, I congratulate you on having sincere employees like Regi who are professional and dedicated to high quality customer service.

And Regi is not the only one who stands out - from service technicians like Luis Aparicio to Bilhaz Diaz in Parts. Ms. Diaz, for example, has gone to great lengths to track down obscure parts for me. I recommend them without reservation.

Annie C. | 2014-06-07

Bad dealer . We called ask for CLA availability for test drive. The guy told us they have two. So  we drive down there in 30 minutes. But when we got there, they just changed the story and told us they don't have. One was sold this morning. The other one sold one hour ago. They asked us to take a look their other models.  I don't get it, why don't they just tell us over the phone that don't have instead of lying us.   We will ever have business with this dealership anymore .

Tim D. | 2014-05-31

To the point.......I have a CLS550.  The little parts girl was rude, condescending, placating and patronizing to someone who was old enough to be her parent.   She told me that I didn't know my own name and aggressively told me I should review my own drivers license and learn my name.  True story.  Her manager? unavailable.  Later? Still unavailable.  Went to look at a CLS63 to lease, Steven comes out with his accent, Irish, Scottish......whatever, arrogant, leans against my expensive car and oh by the way, the $400 part they ordered for me that I took abuse for?  Was wrong. Pass all the way around on these guys in EAST SAN JOSE.  The location supports the attitude.

Nakita G. | 2014-05-24

Sales associates are not trained.
No customer service.
They try to make the most money off of you.
Save yourself time and money do not go here.

Genesia O. | 2014-05-20

I recently purchased a Smart car from Brock Burrell at the Mercedes dealership on Capitol Exp and I must say that the service surpassed my expectations.  Prior to meeting Brock, I was on the Capitol auto mall shopping for a second vehicle - something inexpensive, yet safe & reliable to drive to work.  Unbeknownst to me,  Mercedes was offering exceptional specials on new Smart cars.  I called to inquire on a fluke & Brock answered -  from the moment we spoke, I was treated with the upmost courtesy & respect.  I expressed my needs & my concerns regarding my credit & of course affordability.   He recommended test driving the Smart car & when I arrived he had one waiting for me!  It's been roughly two weeks now & I love driving this car around town! I contacted Brock regarding a rattling sound in the late evening & the very next morning a service rep was calling to schedule a service appt for me.   Again,  the customer service of this salesman & the dealership as a whole are phenomenal.  (Danny & Nathan in service are also wonderful)!

All in all, I truly have enjoyed my experience & if you are budget conscious, like myself, this is the way to go!  I can't wait to share more updates about my newest purchase!  


One satisfied customer,

Genesia Oliver

Maria W. | 2014-05-20

They were wonderful in the purchasing of my Gl450 and has continued into the servicing/maintenance.  I book online with their convenient system.  Every time I am serviced I am provided with a loaner which is very helpful ;-)  Very happy with my service at Beshoff!

Fahima G. | 2014-05-20

I recently purchased a white C class here. Im in love with my new car. The service was amazing. I was greeted kindly by Thomas who got to helping me right away. We talked about what kind of car would be best suited for me, and he even suggested that I could take my time test driving whichever ones i wanted to try out. He gave his honest opinion and didn't try to sell me something i wasn't comfortable with! I've yet to witness such customer service at a dealership. I'll  be recommending this location & his exceptional customer service to my friends and family.

ke z. | 2014-05-18

I just bought my GL450 from Beshoff Motorcars-Benz Dealer in March. It is a very nice and comfortable car.  I am very glad at that time  met the salesman Andy, he is a very easygoing and friendly Asian guy . Every time when I have questions of my car and he always give me very helpful answers. I strongly recommend this salesman Andy, he is the best  car salesman. I give 5 stars for Andy.

Harizo Y. | 2014-05-02

I've been going to this dealership for the past 5 year because i bought a new car in 2009 from them; unfortunately I've had some issues. They finally changed management in the service department to where they're helping me out. Im glad they are taking care of my issues now.

John S. | 2014-04-30

I want to thank Eric Johnson and Beshoff Motorcars Mercedes for the great service that they have given me on the purchase of my new Mercedes Sprinter. I started my transaction online by filling out a questionnaire of the model and the options that I was interested in. I received a response from Eric immediately. He informed me that he was a Internet sales associate. He took down all the information about the model that I was looking for and said that he could drive to Santa Cruz and meet me to show me this vehicle. I was a little shocked that he said he could actually bring it over to show and test drive. I thought I would be having to drive to San Jose. We set up an appointment for the next day. It turned out to be exactly the model that I have been looking for and doing research on for the past six months. We took it for a test drive and I was immediately sold.
I was referred to Beshoff Motors from a woman that I had met in Santa Cruz visiting from San Francisco   who had the exact same model that I was looking for. She told me she had done a lot of research and purchased it online through this company and was very pleased and how effortless the transaction was to complete.
I knew nothing about Beshoff motors so I started doing some research and got on yelp. I was amazed to see several negative comments and ratings from past clients not being happy with them and a complaint about Eric Johnson. After completing this transaction I can't say enough about the dealership and Eric. Eric is very professional, personable and a pleasure to deal with. I would highly recommend him to anyone that was interested in purchasing a vehicle from this dealership.
I had never shopped online before and was amazed how easy it was and felt that I got an extremely good deal on the vehicle that I purchased. Eric drove my new Mercedes back the next day from his dealership in San Jose and met me at  my bank to complete the transaction it was effortless.
My thanks again to Eric I would highly recommend him and the dealership to anyone interested in purchasing a new vehicle.
John from Santa Cruz.

Chris L. | 2014-04-28

I write reviews that are honest. I don't beat around the bush, if I like someone and their service they provide, I will say it. The neg reviews on here are biased. I took the time to visit over 10 Mercedes dealers from San Francisco to San Jose. We have always only owned Lexus and the fact of getting a Mercedes was daunting. We wanted to lease a new car and have the safety and looks we want. Instantly, Johnny Ngo was there to help. He didn't beat around the bush, we told him our prices from other dealers and he was able to give us a deal. But we still were not sure. He wanted to make sure that his dealer was separate from the rest. Johnny really cares. He wants to make sure you have the best experience with your car. He gave us the best value on packages and made sure we were treated.. well like family. Before you make any decisions elsewhere, take your business to Johnny. This is our first mercedes lease and I have to say, at this rate, we may even just buy it and perhaps buy other cars from him as well.

Felix T. | 2014-04-23

Recently I had an issue with the chargeport of my 2013 Smart ED.  Danny my service advisor was amazing.  From start to finish he kept me informed, and accommodated all my needs.  I would highly recommend Beshoff's Service department and Danny to anyone who owns a Mercedes or Smart.

L R. | 2014-04-10

My husband and I just drove away with our new Electric Smart car and we couldn't be more pleased! Harry O'Leary was so helpful throughout the entire process. We wanted a specific color and specific options with our car and so we needed to order a new car from the factory. Harry went out of his way to ensure that we stayed in the loop and kept us up to date with the progress of the building of our car. He advised us when the car arrived and then helped with the paper work and spent time giving us an in depth tutorial of the car and its operating systems. (He even hooked up both of our phones to the blue tooth!!!) Everyone we interacted with at the dealership was polite and professional. This was a wonderful "car buying experience."

L & B Richardson
Los Gatos

donny s. | 2014-04-09

Looking for the CLA45 for a while, a friend of mine referred my to Johnny Ngo. very professional and knowledgeable about the product. I want to know details about the car I call him, I need to know where the car is I call him. sometime I called after hours. he will still answer.
finish the deal in less than 45 mins.
that includes test drive,trade in and financing paperwork.
No BS, worry free and straight up.
you might like him or you might not,  who cares right? if you are looking for a deal and the first class service Johnny is the guy to see.

Sarah S. | 2014-04-05

I had a great experience with Beshoff. In particular, working with December. She was helpful and responsive to all my emails and texts. She gave me all the information without hesitation, and guided me through the process seamlessly. I appreciate how hard she worked for me, and will highly recommend her to others. Thanks...I'm loving my new car!

Alla W. | 2014-04-01

I bought a c250 from Thomas Vo. We first talked via the internet and he invited me in to check out the car. The whole process was very smooth and efficient. He was very knowledgable about the vehicle, courteous, and didn't hassle me at all. I am definitely recommending him to my friends for their future purchases.

JP L. | 2014-03-29

Unless the sales man thinks you're ready to buy the car and pay high price for it, he won't waste his time.

It's a shame that you can't drop in to go check out a car to figure out which one it is that you want to buy.

Karen L. | 2014-03-21

Beshoff Mercedes Service Dept has the worst service advisors I have ever dealt with.  They don't return phone calls, not even from the Service Director/Manager.  First time here, last time here...I am shocked that the Mercedes Benz brand even deals with this and allows this type of stuff to continue.  Next time, I will buy a BMW.

Charlie CV L. | 2014-03-13

Great service!I had problem with my car and they came to my house and fixed there.
I also deal with sale and service people; they are very friendly and helpful.
If you plan to get a Mercedes, I recommend you to go to Beshoff Mercedes-Benz Dealer.

Hatifa E. | 2014-03-12

Brought my car in for service A and the rep said u would honor the deal from Steven creek if I brought it in plus the yelp discount. When I got there he said yes yes but sign this first and when u get back after your service is complete I will make the proper adjustments. All lies!!! Nothing was done and when I wanted to discuss the fees with him he disappeared supposedly on his lunch. Finally when I spoke to the manager and stood up for myself he appeared and said he will do it this time but will alert my file that we can discount anything in the future! As if I will be returning back to this place where they try anything and everything to rip you off!! Worst service ever!

Erica P. | 2014-02-20

After months and months of shopping for a new BENZ and undelivered promises made by other BENZ dealerships I was referred to Johnny by a client of mines.  The thought of purchasing a car at any dealership is mind bogging but Johnny has change the way I think about car buying.  Not only that he has made my experience a memorable one I was in and out in less than 45 minutues with my new 2014 E CLASS.  No hassle, he was honest gave me the best deal of the century that no other dealership can match, not even the biggest Mercedes dealership in NEWPORT BEACH can compete.  

Excellent services, everything well delivered as promised and I can't be more happier. I highly recommend this dealership and of course JOHNNY our sales guy.  I will definitely be back if  I'm ever in need of another BENZ.

Seye E. | 2014-02-04

I used to take my Mercedes CLK55 only to Beshoff for 10 years because that is where I bought the car new and it was closest to my home. I stopped taking it to Beshoff because of this one incident:
I came in for a service and complained about a noise in my AC.  They fixed my fan motor and stopped the noise.  But my dashboard clock was wrong when they were done.  I noticed on the way home from the dealership and called my Service adviser Mike W immediately.  He said I could just reset my clock to the Sat link and it should fix itself and if I couldn't, I could bring it in to him to fix.  I tried to reset it myself and it didn't fix the problem so I figured I would bring it in the next time I do my service instead of making a special trip just for a clock (cell phone and watch are fine for short term).  My clock was wrong for over a year and a half (usually 1 year schedule between services but I got busy and was not driving the car as much) but I was really looking forward to my next service when I would bring it in and have them fix it.  When I finally bring it in, I am told that their service guarantee is only good for 1 year from the service so they won't fix the clock without charging me for their error even though it is only $500 to fix.  I asked to talked to the service manager who looked me in the face and told me that he knows they didn't break my clock even though it was fine when I brought it there and it was busted when I picked it up.  Service adviser said he could kind of remember me calling but not for sure since he sees so many people.  

End of story - I will never buy another car or get another service from Beshoff.  I don't know who those guys think they are to not stand behind their work in this age of the internet but I will not give them another dime of my business and I know savvy people here will pay attention.  Nice move for $500.

Elizabeth J. | 2014-02-03

I'm giving Beshoff Motorcars 5 stars because of the staffs dedication.  Buying a car is not always easy, but Beshoff makes you feel confident that they are dedicated to getting you the best deal they can and dedicated to give you the best service possible. It's a family owned business and that really shines through at every experience I have.  The dealership itself always is extremely clean and waiting for my car to be serviced feels like I'm waiting in my living room.  All in all, I feel like beshoff motorcars goes above and beyond in it's duty as a mercedes benz dealer.

Ernest U. | 2014-01-23

Your statement regarding the service advisor informing us of the issues when we picked up the car is again inaccurate.  Reggie wasn't even there when we picked up the car on 12/26.  In fact, he left a voicemail on 12/26 telling us that the car is ready for pickup.  Nothing was mentioned in the message about any leaks or issues.  We still have the message and you are welcome to listen to it if you'd like.  No one and I say that again no one ever offered or contacted us for a free evaluation.  I'm not sure where you are getting these informations because nothing can be further from the truth.  

At any rate, we will never go back to your dealership.  There is really something wrong with your organization.  It definitely need an overhaul so you can get your facts straight.

DivaBayFish J. | 2014-01-17

I received the bill from sales assistant on my C300 lease, they try to charge me  25cents per mileage that suppose to be 20 cents only on my contract!
.... I have to call Johnny and text him more than 5 times to get it fixed!

Good luck to whoever want to buy Mercedes, you should go somewhere else but this location...

Cindy C. | 2014-01-14

I purchased my Benz from Beshoff motorcars and have been quite happy with my purchase . They have a large selection of new and preowned vehicle. I had to special order the car I wanted and it took about a week or so to get it. The service dept is great, although I did have a small problem with the carwash attendants so I always decline to have the vehicle washed when I bring the car in for service. All in all it's a great dealership .

Katherine F. | 2014-01-04

Fantastic experience. The sales and finance guys worked very hard to set up a great deal for me! Ask for Mike LeGear; he's kind and patient, listens well and will take as long as needed to make you happy! Steven in finance was excellent, and Gabriel C. in paperwork was quite pleasant. I love my MB SUV :)

Avik C. | 2014-01-02

(A year back we bought a C250 from Beshoff. Should have written a raving review right then, but better late than never. After having test drove and corresponded with folks at Smythe (good) and Fletcher Jones (very bad), we considered Beshoff. The lady who contacted us, Cynde O'Neal, turned out to be one of the nicest saleswomen we'd met. She soon found the exact car (color, features) we wanted, never pushed too hard, answered all our questions, and finished with an awesome deal that she promptly agreed to make even better once she heard we had a matching offer, finally delivering the car at our doorstep. Super experience!)

Well recently, we got our Service A done there, and was blown away again! This time, the service advisor was Daniel Salinas. Quoting a very reasonable rate for the service, he arranged for drop off and pick up, and got the car done in a few hours, looking and driving like new! Now for the best part. Well, a few weeks back the car was rear-ended while waiting at a red light, which caused the right back corner to bend and come out a little. When we mentioned this to Daniel in the morning, he said, well, we don't do body repair so we probably can't fix this, but let me recommended a shop that does...which we later found to have excellent reviews. So we thought, well OK, let's go there when we get the car done here. But as the car was driven out for us, we found that they fixed it! For free. And never even mentioned it. What a nice touch, a delightful surprise!

Other car dealerships in the area should follow Beshoff's example. I don't know how they manage to maintain such high standards across their staff. Kudos!

Andy L. | 2013-12-16

5 stars. Courteous and well informed.

Johnny Ngo, thanks for all the help. Love my new car.


This special shout out is to Bilha over at the parts department. I had all 4 of my wheels stolen and when all the other local dealerships needed at least 3-5 business days to get them in stock, she told me they will overnight them and send them out with the road side assistance crew to help me out. Can't thank them enough.

Heather O. | 2013-11-25

Ask for Jearond, he really knows his stuff! He is so easy to work with and really tried to get you the best deal possible.

Karen D. | 2013-11-22

This Mercedes dealership is located on the corner of Tully Road and capital Avenue. It's always clean and they offer a variety of different models for you to choose from.

I have owned Mercedes in the past and I use this dealership for my car repairs and maintenance. I found the mechanics to be very nice and they did a good job of explaining the repair and the cost to me. The front office where you pay the bill has personnel that are very nice as well. If Mercedes is what you drive you  not only have a luxury but reliability. Try this dealership out because I give it four stars.

Maria G. | 2013-11-22

I can not believe I didn't post my review for this dealership right after I bought my car. This is long overdue...

Sales: My husband got rear-ended near our home and it made him think how if it were myself and our toddler son in my compact car, we would not have been so lucky to walk away from the accident. The next day we went to Beshoff Motorcars to scope out a car and met with Mike Le Gear. Mike was absolutely amazing at helping us find what we wanted and that was a car that would be safe, comfortable and reliable. He's very friendly and knowledgable about the cars and did not give us the awkward and pressure hard sell. It was such a great experience compared to when my husband bought his Lexus SUV on Stevens Creek (hiss!). We ended up getting a pristine / very well-kept used 2010 S550 (with some AMG options) and couldn't be happier! I've been driving the car for more than a year now and it drives and handles just as amazing as the day I bought it. The whole "The Best or Nothing" isn't just a tagline, it's what I think is the Mercedes commitment to quality and experience.

Service: Service center at Beshoff is the bomb. Have my scheduled maintenance done here regularly when it calls for it and it's a no-hassle kind of deal. I live much closer to Smythe in San Jose but I still make the drive out to Beshoff for service because they were so good to me during the sales that I would like to continue to give them my business (and refer any friends or family there).

When it's time to replace the Lexus SUV, we'll definitely be making the full switch to Mercedes and keep our business with Beshoff.

Val M. | 2013-11-20

This one is long overdue!!  I bought my 3rd benz 3 years back on lease from beshoff.  Ive owned and bought the Es before this too so there is no doubt that im a Benz girl.  

But my last experience was probably the best one.  For the first time i felt like i was buying a 80k car!  Ive been to smythe and also the BMW and lexus and stevens creek.  The experience there of buying a luxury car was no different from the hyundai dealer next door.  There was nothing that made me feel special about buying such an expensive car.  And till i bought at beshoff I didnt even know there could be a different experience.  

Firstly when you walk into that place itself its super nice and high end.  Feels like a right home for high end cars vs stevens creek hustle bustle.  Their sales is not pushy and gave us our own time to feel and try out different cars and models.  The process was really smooth.  Best was the finance with Yad Singh...really simple and smooth process.

It was our anniversary and thought it would be nice to get it that day but didnt have our check book,. But it so happened that We actually walked out of that place with the car by just signing a paper and no money down!! (well i had to go in the next day and finish up the details)  I was shocked honestly cause ive never done that before with even a 10k car nevermind a 80k car.  Apparently we could test andt try it for a week or so i think provided we stay in certain miles.

And getting my car back there to service is also a pleasure as the waiting area is nice (if they really ever made me wait!)

Next month im off to beshoff again to buy my 4th E 2014!!!

Omar d. | 2013-11-11

I'll break this down in three parts, Sales, Finance and Service.

Andy Tran was excellent. My wife and I came in to check out the new CLA250s, but Andy led us to a car that was more to our needs. We went with a C350... at first, but didn't really get a chance to give it real world situational driving with the two little ones in the back and myself being 6'1". After one day of driving it with the kids, I had a change of heart and wanted to exchange it for something else. Legally, dealerships aren't obligated to take it back. There is no longer a "grace period" with cars anymore, but Andy helped me in getting into a better sized Benz. Not only that, on top of being under the weather and had a day off, he went out of his way to come back in and make sure we were taken care of. I eventually was a proud owner of an E350 that fit our needs.

Yad helped us out with finance and was real straight forward with us. He was able to lower the APR and gave us good advice on payment options.

Service has been great, from roadside assistance to upgrading the software for COMMAND Navi. You're pretty much in and out of there.

Ashlee W. | 2013-10-24

Called yesterday afternoon (10/23/13) into the main phone number to schedule a service appoinment for my car. I didnt catch her name but she said the service dept is closed right now and she took my info and said they would be calling me back. I verified if they were going to call me back that day. Her response was yes they will call you back today. Well its the next day and no call back... That makes me rethink taking my car there for service... :o( Not the kind of service I would have expected from Mercedes.

Christina D. | 2013-10-18

David Castro was a great salesman! Classy polite, good guy. Helping me too move to my ultimate goal which will be an S class in the end! He worked hard to find me a fabulous e- class it's beautiful brand new 2014 Designo limited edition mercedes ! Will see David again in a few years to make my goal happen! Ask for him he will make it happen for you!

Edgar D. | 2013-10-10

I regret taking my car to Beshoff  for service as they were not very precise on quoting me for the needed repairs. I had to end up paying $400 on top of a verbal $1000 repair quote for repairing a problem with the hood on my vehicle. I also needed a new radiator but after being quoted for over $4000, I decided not to use their services for that and decided to get a second opinion from another Mercedes dealership. The recommendations that I obtained from Beshoff were very excessive and therefore costly. I was even told that the car would need to have triatomic alignment after replacing the radiator costing me an additional $500. The second opinion was that the radiator had nothing to do with this alignment therefore was quoted wrong and would have been overcharged. This was my first and last time that I will be using their repair services as I feel they were imprecise dishonest with their quoting. I will be paying $1150 at another Mercedes dealer for my repairs compared to $4000+ that beshoff quoted me for.

Laura V. | 2013-09-18

Just leased a smart car from Beshoff, what a great experience!

We'd been searching long and hard for a car, which was not a terribly fun experience, until we came here. -We were so happy to hit it off with Olivia, who handled the leasing process so smoothly, kept us informed about the steps and what all was involved, and got us really excited about our new smart! She's wonderful to work with; very patient and knowledgable, and truly shows she wants to help you meet your needs.

We would highly recommend Olivia and the Beshoff team and are loving our smart so far! Thanks for making our experience so great, Olivia!

Ronilo C. | 2013-09-18

Outstanding service! Very friendly, great financing, and most of all pleasant, courteous and very knowledgeable staff. Thanks for an awesome deal and financing. Andy tran and Yad  Singh you are the man! Highly recommended!

Paul N. | 2013-09-17

This place is not honest with there words. I bought a 2012 e350. The sale man say he will give me free schedule tune up for up to 3 years or 50 thousands mile which ever come first.
   I came back for my schedule turn if the first they did not charge me, but the second Time I came back they said the free turn tune up are no longer offer. Never buy any car there again.

Loc H. | 2013-09-16

Two years went by and we were back for my mom C300.  AGain, i wanted to go directly to Beshoff in SJ for inventory and deal BUT my mom wanted to give a shot at our near by location VON HOUSON IN EL DORADO HILLS.  I hesitant at first and told her no but being a good son, I also wanted to let her try.  As it turned out, another BAD DEAL AND BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE (See my reviews of them and the story on my other post).

Anyway, I was contacted by Jearond A. and he was very cooperative, straight forward and helpful in the whole process.  In a week we took delivery of the car (was only available in Oregon so he had to do a trade for them) which prove how great they want your business.

as i've said it before...San jose will be the place to shop for any future cars.

Myoung K. | 2013-09-15

The service rep was great!

Johann F. | 2013-09-13


The service advisor Mike W did not call to  inform me about what had to be done to get my car fixed - although I was told that I would be informed by 12 noon.
When I called around 3 pm to find out the issues related to my E320, i was given a bunch of excuses and was told that my car will not be ready until Monday - 3 days later.

Beshoff's  cost was about 25% higher for the exact same repair. I called  and checked with another Mercedez service dealership on Steven Creek Blvd.
I got ripped off.
I will never go to Beshoff service ever again.

Beeta O. | 2013-08-09

I'm a 10 year loyalist, but given my last encounter with the sales team here, it's evident that this place is a nightmare in terms of sales service and I'll be going to Audi or BMW for my next car. I honestly can't even believe these sales people are qualified to be representing the world class Mercedes-Benz brand. If you're considering a Mercedes, it's definitely worth a drive to Smythe or Authobahn.

Celia F. | 2013-08-05

For years we have been waiting for a small diesel SUV to arrive on the American car scene and Mercedes got there first, so we went along to test drive one at Beshoff Motors.  We were greeted by Andy Tran, who remembered us from a time when we were browsing on the lot while our Smart was being serviced (always happy with our Smart services at Beshoff, BTW).  Andy was cheerful, energetic, enthusiastic, helpful, attentive and polite - a pleasure to deal with.  He answered our questions in a straightforward way,  brought us something to eat and drink (we had missed our lunch) during the course of the afternoon, and even threw in quite a collection of extras with our purchase.  We traded in our Smart car but accidentally left a library CD in the player, and when we called him that night to leave a message about it, he answered in person, promising to look the next morning when he returned to work.  Next morning, promptly, he called us back saying he'd found it.
On every occasion we've been to Beshoff motors, everyone has been friendly and efficient.  We've been happy with both their sales and service -absolutely no complaints thus far and we are delighted to recommend them.

Chris W. | 2013-08-02

Never buy a car from Beshoff Motocars!  I was in the dealership last week and was thinking about trading my 350ML in on a new one.  The salesman asked if he could run my credit.  Well about five minutes later we heard a salesman yelling in the lobby, "Co signer needed!" in a very sarcastic voice and laughing.  Then our salesman told us we needed a cosigner.  We said, "we heard the guy yell that to everyone."  I had never been so humiliated and we left.  I complained to the General Manager a few days later, nothing was done.
Dont go to Beshoff Motors if you dont want your financial situation yelled out to everyone the go to this dealership. Dont go to Beshoff if you want an honest person. Take your business else where.

Grace L. | 2013-07-20

I come here to get my Smart car serviced. The service is prompt, friendly and I've never had any issues. Oh and the wait area has free coffee, hot chocolate, tea and snack (there were muffins when I went) as well as magazines.

David M. | 2013-07-17

I've taken my car back for routine service and again they are top notch. Even when i did not have coupons for service they would honor it. Hell- I didn't even know the coupons were out there. Now the 2014 S550 is coming and I am going back to Beshoff to get it. I won't drive anything else but a Benz for the rest of my life and I will go to Beshoff as long as they are around. I've been getting the shaft all my life with other cars and other dealers.

ziad z. | 2013-07-09

Accorded the best customer service by far. From day one that I was scouting for the car I really wanted, Aj Solis guided me all the way along with Jonathan Ngo. These two gentlemen were a huge help making it happen so I can drive home my brand new 2014 E350 convertible.

Angie of Service Center exemplify the symbol of QUALITY  how customers should be taken cared of. I am very satisfied how I was assisted.

John Z. | 2013-07-06

Although I live in Los Altos, Beshoff is the nearest Smartcar dealer.  The airbag failure light on my 2011 Smart came on two weeks past the 24 month warranty.  Beshoff Service said, in essence, drop dead, no warranty.  A few years ago I had an out of warranty problem with my other car but the dealer said "we'll take care of you" and made the (rather expensive) repair at no cost to me.  Just FYI.
UPDATE: The Service Manager called me soon after the above was posted.  He offered: to look at the problem, a Smartcar loaner for the day and, to discuss any repair with the factory rep.  He was optimistic that it would be covered since the problem did surface before the warranty was up although I didn't report it until later.  In short, a terrific follow-up from Beshoff.
FURTHER UPDATE:  They were really good with follow-up to get me to bring the car in.  I did, they gave me a loaner (MB) for the two days it took to replace the failed part and Smart covered all costs under the warranty.  Many thanks to Dana, the Service Manager, for appealing to the factory rep.  Both Dana and John were really terrific!

Amir L. | 2013-06-22

Wow.  That's really the best way to begin this review.  The service I received at Beshoff could not have been better!  These guys are AMAZING!

My E350 was towed here after getting a flat on the road.  I was initially hesitant to have MBRace tow it here because it's about 2 hours away from where I live.  But they said there's no other option..  AND I'M SO GLAD THEY BROUGHT ME HERE!!

"World Class Act" is what I would use to describe this dealership, their service department, and especially DANA CALDWELL and MIKE ROMANO.  These guys were immensely helpful, very kind and accommodating.  Knowing I was so far away from home, and that my car would have to stay with them over night, they gave me a loaner car to go home in.  (MB usually does not give loaners out for tire issues.. Especially when the tires and wheels are upgraded after markets not MB-affiliated, as was my case)

Dana Caldwell and Mike Romano went well above and beyond the call of duty for me, and they were so nice doing it.  I cannot thank them enough, and I PROMISE to buy my next vehicle from this dealership, even though it's well out of my way.  I would absolutely recommend them to ANYONE and EVERYONE.  They are the absolute best!!

THANK YOU, Dana and Mike!  You guys deserve more than 5 stars!!!

Shadzi W. | 2013-06-03

I went to this dealership and my salesman A J Solis was no pressure and strait forward with me. He worked his butt off and to find me the perfect E350. I loved my shopping experience.

Lydia K. | 2013-05-24

Bought our "certified" pre-owned SL550 at Beshoff.  Little problems keep popping up and we keep taking it to certified Mercedes auto shops to have it looked at and repaired.  A few months ago, we were told by the mechanic that they believe the car had been in a major accident.  We had a second opinion, same answer.  All the mechanics said that Beshoff should have asked further questions when they noticed the VIN missing on the driver side door because by Law, there must be VINs at both the dash and the driver side door.

We went to Beshoff to talk to them and the Salesperson says that they didn't know and it is not their fault, then said he will have his manager call us, NEVER got the call.  We called numerous times with no return phone calls.  What a cheat, selling lemon certified cars.

JLis L. | 2013-05-21

Adam was our sales person and was very professional.  Unfortunately, he lost a sale (me) due to his unreasonable and frantic/anxious manager who seemed intent on not selling me the car.  I'm giving Adam 5 stars because he tried his best at accommodating my offers--even though his manager wasn't willing.

Parth D. | 2013-05-19

Beshoff is the best Mercedes Benz dealership in the Bay Area. Period.

If you are looking for a great car salesmen, I would highly suggest asking for Joseph Ngo. He was great to work with, knowledgable, and finds the best deals.

Terri R. | 2013-05-09

Since deciding to buy a new car sometime this year, I have had my mind made up on purchasing a new Audi.  I just so happened to stop in at this dealership after shopping at Eastridge, just to see what they might have on their lot. Not expecting much.  I was greatly impressed with their friendliness and professionalism . After talking with A Jay, and touring the lot of inventory, I have now decided to change my mind from buying an Audi this year, to definitely purchasing a Mercedes from this dealership.  A Jay convinced me of the pros of a Mercedes, and I have to say the lot and inventory was impressive, but what convinced me mostly was the approach of salesmanship, not the typical "too aggressive, bullying" approach you would get from most sales reps.  Being in sales myself, this was a breath of fresh air.  I have usually bought my cars from individuals since having a bad experience from a dealership before.  After visiting this beautiful dealership, I now have a new outlook on purchasing from a lot.  I will definitely give them a great review and share with anyone I know looking to buy a vehicle.  Thanks for changing my mind and keep up the great work!

Takeisha T. | 2013-05-08

I purchased a new car on Saturday and I worked with A.J. Solis he is the BEST. A.J. has been working with me since the end of March. He was very patient with me (believe me that takes skill) A.J. periodically checked on me until I made a decision. When I made the decision A.J. went ABOVE AND BEYOND to make sure I got the exact car I wanted and the best deal possible. A.J. is very knowledgeable about the product and a good fun person to work with. Make sure when you go to Beshoff you ask for A.J. anybody else and your losing out!!!!!!! After my purchase he continues to check on me to make sure I am happy and I am enjoying my new car. A.J. is my go to guy he should be yours too. A.J. made my car buying experience a good one!!!!!

Ernie R. | 2013-05-06

Bought my C230 Sports Mercedes Benz here in 1996. They have a great waiting lounge which had Wi Fi and flat screen TV. Staff are friendly and helpful. I would love to buy my next Mercedes Benz here again. Great service and satisfied customer here.

Alex J. | 2013-05-02

Amazing service and costumer service by Beshoff and specially AJ Solis. He help me to get a great deal that fits my budget.
AJ, explain me and guide me with every detail in the process of purchasing my new car.
We went thru my options, he was very respectful with my decisions and explain me everything I asked.
Very pleased.

Denise C. | 2013-04-29

Great Sales and Service Staff!  I cannot say enough about their A+++++ service.

Lorraine M. | 2013-03-31

Beshoff Motorcars Mercedes-Benz has really improved the team and gave me excellent quality service in purchasing a C250.

They were very professional, knowledgeable, easy to work with and focused on customer satisfaction and making sure you understand everything before moving forward on your purchase.

Susan, Adam and Yad went out of their way to make sure customer service was first on their list. They made sure that everything was very clear to me on the pricing, product features, my trade in value and did not want to move forward, until I was comfortable about purchasing my C250.

They filled up the car with gas, they went over the computer features. Gave me the website to get educated on all the features.

Again, thank you and great job to the Beshoff Motorcars Mercedes-Benz Team!

Ashley B. | 2013-03-29

Two weeks ago my dad and I went to Beshoff Motors looking for a 2013 C250 and was accompanied by Mike LeGear. Mike was great to work with knowledgable, easy to talk to and was very real unlike many other car salesmen! He went above and beyond by filling my brand new car with gas and adding on the PERFECT heart shaped Mercedes key chain to my new set of keys! Other than Mike being a pleasure to work with I felt like everyone that I ran into at Beshoff Motors made my day extra special and rewarding.

Yad Singh the finance director is another gem at Beshoff Motors. He made the dreaded paperwork part of getting a new car as fast as possible getting me out and into my new car as fast as possible!

On a side note, I also only have great things to say about the service I got from Mike Widergren in the service center as well! He was so great to follow up with a call everyday that my car was there and made me feel like family. He completely understood my needs and listened greatly.

All of the above has proven to be the reason why I gave Beshoff Motors 5 stars!!

Beshoff Motors is a dealership I will be going back to to purchase my next Mercedes, even if by then I am no longer in Northern California =)

Mike V. | 2013-03-29

I had my S550 in for repairs, and the service was excellent! I would like to thank Reggie and Dana for providing outstanding service.

Alvaro S. | 2013-03-27

Happy new C-Class owner!!!!! The experience was amazingly quick and painless! ;) , the sales person (AJ) was really helpful and friendly. Usually salesmen are sharks, but not AJ!!!! I am very satisfied!!!!! I will recommend Beshoff Mercedes every time!!!! A+ Service and Experience! Ask for AJ, he will take care of you!

Sahar B. | 2013-02-28

Recently, I purchased a C250 and our sales associate was Adam Kofod. He is an amazing person, he helped us alot.He does not look for an individual product sale but a full relationship with client.He stayed in contact with us, followed-up appropriately and as a result received genuine referrals from satisfied customers who can see he goes the extra mile. Thank you Adam.

Pierre B. | 2013-02-26

The guys at Beshoff succeeded in getting me the hard to find 2013 GL450. This is the second vehicle that my family has purchased from them this year, and as long as employees like AJ and Gabe continue to work there, we'll continue to buy our vehicles there in the future. It's just about as hassle-free a car buying experience as you'll find anywhere.

Chris H. | 2013-02-20

Recently, I accompanied my father to purchase what he called his "Lifetime Achievement Award." Adam Kofod was our sales associate and he was absolutely phenomenal. He was incredibly patient and willing to answer all of our questions and requests. Without a doubt, he went above and beyond to ensure that we had a positive experience. My wife and I recently purchased a BMW from a different dealership and I wish our salesman was as congenial and genuine as Adam.

If you are purchasing a new vehicle, Adam will make your experience much more rewarding and satisfying!

Michael P. | 2013-02-19

I'm writing this review because Eric Johnson was so great.  He was very nice and helpful and doesn't pressure you and make you feel uncomfortable. He answered all our questions and did everything as quickly as possible.  We were able to call in the morning and leave with a car that night.  This dealership has letters all over the wall expressing the satisfaction and happiness of  A LOT of their costumers, which is unheard of when it comes to car dealerships.  If you are in the market to buy or lease a Mercedes or SmartCar  you should definitely come here and ask for Eric Johnson

Team D. | 2013-02-14

Took our new CLS here to develop a working relationship with a dealership (despite the fact that we didn't buy the car here). There was a wait, but David in the service dept was beyond helpful and a real pleasure to work with.

Rachel G. | 2013-02-09

A loyal Nissan customer for years, I was referred in by a trusted friend for all the right reasons. The dealership is a step above the rest. I was instantly greeted by AJ Solis to discuss SUV options. He was able to quickly narrow down search results  based on my preferences for models and options. He and sales manager Fred worked quickly to get me in the price range I was comfortable in. I was in my new GLK 4 Matic that night. Servicing area is like a corporate lounge. Don't have to visit there til I hit 10k.  Would highly recommend Beshoff and AJ if you're looking for a new lease, purchase or trade-in.

Carlos N. | 2013-02-01

After going to a couple different South Bay area Benz dealers and getting blah treatment and pricing, I drove over to Beshoff. I wish I would have just come here first! I got my car for a lot less than what I was offered from the other two dealers, plus my salesperson whose name is AJ, was upfront and didn't play games like a lot of other places I've been. Also the sales manager, Fred was able to get the exact car and options I wanted in less than 2 days.
I'm very happy with my car and I would totally recommend Beshoff. Save yourself a lot of time and check Beshoff out first.
Thanks AJ and Fred! See you in 24 months!

Sammy L. | 2013-01-21

It's unfortunate that I'm writing this review.  To be clear, I've been going to Beshoff for nearly ten years now. I've generally been satisfied with the work. Being a dealership, I expect prices to be higher on average and generally don't bother with second opinions. But my recent experience leaves me disappointed.

Here's the situation:
I went in for an estimate on a wheel bearing problem. Before they started the estimate, I asked whether they meet other dealer's prices. The answer was 'yes'.
After the estimate, I found out the repair would cost $1,600.  So, I got an estimate from Smythe. Smythe's estimate was $850. I mentioned that to Beshoff, and to my surprise they told me Smythe's estimate must be wrong and that I should take my car to them for the repair.

What happened to "meeting other dealer's prices"?

Given the huge difference in price, I took my car to Smythe which they fixed for $850 as estimated.

This is unfortunate since Beshoff is a more convenient location. The reality is that I will likely still use Beshoff for minor service, but may start seeking second opinions on major ones.

Alex B. | 2013-01-19

One of the most satisfying dealership experiences I've ever had.

Came down from San Mateo because they were the only dealership in the Bay Area that had the vehicle I was interested in. Having never been there before, I didn't know what to expect. After walking into the showroom and seeing the vehicle I was interested in, we met AJ who said he would help us out. I told AJ what I wanted to pay and he told me he could make that happen. He talked to his manager Gabe and in about five minutes came back with the price and terms I had asked for, no questions asked! No negotiating, no haggling! The whole process from walking into the dealership to driving off the lot in my new car took less than an hour.

If you're in the market for a new Benz, go see AJ and Gabe. You won't be disappointed!

Leslie A. | 2013-01-17

I was contacted the next day my the manager of the service department. He was very apologetic about the experience that I had. He stated that is not how Mercedes operates and as a apology he offered to pay for my next service. i appreciate that mercedes acknowledged there was an issues with the service I received and took measures to try and make things right.

Wendy K. | 2013-01-10

Took my ML in for service and was pleasantly surprised by the very friendly and attentive service I received from John. Getting service on your car is never at the top of your list and to receive such professional friendly service was a pleasant surprise.
This is definitely my first choice for service from now on..

Alexandra H. | 2013-01-06

Recently brought my car in for repair of what seemed to be a braking issue. My service advisor, Angie, was very helpful and thorough in explaining the process. They gave me a courtesy vehicle to drive while my car was being serviced, which I fell in love with :). Car was ready for pick up the next day and the issue no one has been able to repair is now gone!

Noel S. | 2012-12-13

Adam Kofod is the person to look for when buying a car at beshoff. From start up to the delivery he will make sure you will have a pleasant experience when buying a car. This is how every salesman should treat a customer. Will recommend my friends and family members to him only. Thank you Adam for a good buying experience. I Love my CLK55 AMG! It Rocks!, Thanks for the gift too!

Sudha N. | 2012-12-11

They are the largest dealership in the area, so while the folks at Smythe are nice and we actually take our mercs there for svc, since they are closer,  Beshoff was able to get me the car I wanted at a fraction of the time (6-8 wks) that it would take Smythe ( 4 - 8 months).  They have certainly improved since our last experience.  6 years ago, Beshoff did not even bother to check that a $3000 option was actually installed and working in the car before delivering it to us, especially after taking extra days purportedly to install all the upsells they had signed us up for.  So I went in a bit warily, and was pleasantly surprised, and even wowed by the improvement.

This time around my sales person -- David Castro, was super knowledgeable, and totally on top of the order experience.  He also knew AMG features, and order options inside out, which I could not say about the Smythe dealership who got us a sales person who did not even know what colors are available.  Thanks to my kid, I knew what I wanted, but would have been at sea if left to Smythe.  David on the other hand was so handy with his facts, that I actually pretty much did everything over the phone while doing a costco run.  Really appreciated that he was so helpful.

Jesse Q. | 2012-12-05

I was in the market for a Smart car and after visiting Beshoff and meeting Harry O'Leary the Smart Manager I not only purchased a Smart but a GLK as well. I highly recommend Beshoff to anyone that is looking for a new vehicle or for service. Everyone at the dealership is extremely polite and helpful. A+++++++++++++

nate s. | 2012-11-27

Service is my review.  
They have done some basic warranty service on my S550.  Always done to Factory Spec.  I am pleased and notice the care and precision taken to ensure my car is in tip top shape when i drive off the parking lot.
thumbs up.

Joseph V. | 2012-11-16

Very unimpressed with the service at Beshoff.  I showed up with out an appointment at around 1:30 in the afternoon was in no hurry to get the car back and had someone picking me up.  The service gofer checked the car and tried to get a service rep to speak to me, but none wanted to they were all in their office not with any coutomers but they wanted me to fill out an early bird envelope.  After I resisted and the gofer finally got some service rep to come out and talk to me in the bay and not even in his office, I wanted to go overt the service and tell them of some issues I saw.  It was my parents car and they are older and did not follow up on the service.  He had me sign the early bird drop off form and told me he would contact me by the end of the day, this was Wednesday, I did not hear from him until early Friday morning.  He again apologized when I told him it was Wednesday afternoon already ???  The car had not been touched and he went over the services needed for my approval and said the car would be ready later that day.  He called back and we played phone tag, I told him to leave the price on my voice mail so my parents could bring a check and pay the amount due, they do not like to use credit cards.  He then called me back and said they do not accept credit cards for over $500 our bill was around $750.  I then asked to talk to the manager they did not have a problem taking a check for the purchase price of the car when we bought it there was over $90K (S500 Mercedes AMG package) and now they cant take a $750 check after waiting on hold they then said that he would make it ok and they would take the check tomorrow when my father would pick up the car and they did.  Overall bad experience

Smokie H. | 2012-11-12

I'm now sitting here waiting to check in my new car for the THIRD time to fix the DVD player that beshoff installed which has never worked properly. ?????

For my last service, it took THREE HOURS from the time I left my house and returned home to check my car in for service. Drive time is 20 mins each way. Then nothing was done on my car as they didn't have the part so another two hours to pick up car equals FIVE HOUR WASTE OF TIME that I don't have to waste.

I've now been waiting fifteen minutes for my "appointment". Why they bother is a mystery since they never see you at your appointed time, which according to their service advisors is blamed in other customers who are late.

Simply unbelievably poor service but all MBZ dealers in San Jose are the same. We've found a reputable mechanic close to home for maintenance service but had to come here for DVD player.  

So this visit, I waited 45 minutes after arriving on time for my "appointment" during which time I read the other bad reviews for Beshoff service and then went and took all the quarters out of ashtray after reading that anothe customer had money stolen out if the car. I'm now very amused by the "thank you for your yelp" sign in the service advisor's office.

A N. | 2012-10-25

I am writing this disappointing review for the Internet Sales Team @ Beshoff.
I requested a Internet quote for a CPO Mercedes via the website. I got a auto-responder email but no one really followed up about the car.

I still went to the dealership to find out that the car was sold the night before. Sadly, I started shopping for a different one, and test-drove and like another CPO car. The Internet Sales Rep was not available, so the other salesperson who showed me the car asked me to get in touch with her.

For the next 3-4 days, I made several calls and sent out several emails to the Internet Sales Manager lady but to no response. Finally, I called the salesperson who had shown me the car (I appreciate him, as he helped me out even on his day off to point me to the right people). Finally I was able to get to the Internet Sales Manager lady on the phone, and she tells me the car was sold a day before.

When I told her I have been trying to get hold of her for a while now, I was simply told "I was out of office"

Now here are my questions for Beshoff Motors:

Why would I as a customer, be willing to buy a Mercedes from you guys?
If you say customer service, would you expect me, if my car breaks down and I try to look for service, the person incharge of it comes back to me after a week saying, 'I was out of office"
Totally irresponsible I would say
There is this out of office reply that can be sent out, so I could contact someone else. Or else someone can be nominated as a backup person.
If you say Internet Sales, then this person needs to be on top of this thing, as there will be a lot of requests coming on the internet as technology advances.

And again, it is never about the car, because a Mercedes speaks for itself, but the service that you would provide would make you guys different.

Needless to say, I bought me a new Mercedes from another Mercedes dealership, and sometimes feel glad that I encountered this experience.

Feel free to reach out to me if you would need a more detailed information than my write-up above.

Ana C. | 2012-10-09

I have been a loyal customer since 2007 when I purchased my first Benz, their staff is professional, knowledgeable and friendly. I recently purchased a new car and I received the same exceptional service. Their SERVICE DEPT is also great, David Khuong (service advisor) is simple phenomenal, he is super friendly, prompt and honest. He has been my service advisor for the last year and a half and he is by far the best advisor they have. He doesn't try to sell you services that your car does not need. If you dont have a dedicated advisor, i suggest you request David, he will treat you well.

General B C. | 2012-10-08

Great customer service! I am so happy that I bought my car from this dealer!

Pam O. | 2012-10-04

Just bought a 2013 SmartCar.  Having a blast, absolutely love it!  Feature-rich and very high tech.  Delivers on all promises.  The dealership itself was very friendly, efficient and had a nice invertory of SmartCars.  Everyone was helpful from the finance guy to the parts person.  Harry O'Leary assisted me through the entire process.  No pressure, straight-talk and very informative. He clearly knew his invertory and made sure I got the car with all the right options.  In my opinion he went the extra mile to make sure the buying process was a positive experience. He took all the time I needed to make an informed decision. He has since followed up to make sure my needs have been met. The SmartCar almost recommends itself, but because of Harry O'Leary I would recommend this particular all who are interested. If you go check it out, ask for Harry!

Henry L. | 2012-09-21

I made my service appointment online and reserved a loaner car.  When I dropped off my car, I was told that there was no loaner available because I did not call to reserve the loaner.  The service advisor said the loaner cannot be reserved online even though the webpage allowed me to click the loaner option.  If it is not possible to reserve the loaner online, they should disable the option in their website or at least  inform me when they sent me the confirmation email.  I am definitely not happy about it since it screwed up my plans for the entire day. I was planning to go to see the Endeavour flyover in San Francisco today.

Wei Z. | 2012-09-18

I was in the market for a new car.  After working with Audi to get a R8 that I wanted and experienced less than stellar customer service, plus eventually deciding R8 wouldn't be as practical of a car for me as I had hoped, I eventually decided to pick up a 2013 CLS 63 AMG instead.  Found Beshoff actually from a search I did on , they had one in stock, although not in the color that I wanted.  Filled in some information and Elizabeth (Liz) reached out back to me right away.

When you are buying cars like these, the products speak for themselves, so there's very little "selling" on the part of the dealership, that's one thing Elizabeth understood very well and from the minute the conversation began, she was all about finding the right car for me and catered to my requirements every step of the way.

She worked tirelessly over the next few days to locate a car that met my criterion in the MB dealership network, she kept me informed the whole way and was very responsive in following up to all my questions.  Eventually when the right car was located, she started working with me on the $ terms and everything went very smoothly.  The entire deal was negotiated over email and phone calls, by the time I went to pick up the car, everything was done and the whole process was painless.

I am loving my new ride and would recommend Elizabeth (Liz) to anyone who's looking to buy a new MB.  I can't yet speak for their service department (as I haven't needed service yet, and probably not for another year), but it seems like it has gotten mixed reviews here.  Hopefully my good experience at Beshoff continues.

Jerr B. | 2012-09-12

Here's my experience  brought in my CLS 550 to get some warranty issues and wheel  issue, I'm very please with their Service Dept it was a breeze getting in and out , Julie our Service ad visor was just easy to work with and great at communicating with me....I've read alot of the yelp reviews and personally I check the reviews as to see what the issues were and in my opinion the whole auto industry has changed alot and I am a more first impression type of person, Great Job and I really like the waiting area......I'll be back in 3k miles for my Service

Cynthia H. | 2012-08-31

Leased a Smart car from Mike (sales) and Yad (finance). They were great--helpful, low key, and gave me a great deal. Thanks guys!

Ten Words or Less, A. | 2012-08-28

This review is going to require more than ten words.

Adam Kofod, Internet Sales Representative is the MAN!  The level of consideration, service and patience that Adam had during the purchase of my new car is world-class, and I highly recommend dealing with him.

I negotiated the entire deal via email and phone, as I live in Southern California, and things went as smoothly as any bargaining session could go.  At no point was I made to feel like a second-class buyer because I didn't come in person during the negotiating phase.  If you have any qualms about purchasing through the Internet with Beshoff Motorcars, don't.  Adam was very attentive, and always went the extra mile to get the information I needed.  As with any negotiation, there were hiccups and tough spots, but Adam stuck with it and tried his very hardest to keep the discussion going.

The day I came to pick up the car and drive back home, I was well taken care of, and every little question I had was answered courteously and thoroughly.  Adam was very knowledgeable, and the few things he didn't know off the top of his head he honestly answered that he had to check on those, and immediately got the answers.

The finance department helped me complete the transaction with a minimum of pressure and fuss, and I was in and out of there in much less than an hour.

I even got a call from Adam the next day to see if I had any questions that came up on the drive home.  That shows dedication to establishing a long-term relationship with customers, and more dealerships should be this way.

Thanks Adam!

Alfredo S. | 2012-08-26

Today I visited your dealership for the first time. purpose of my visit was to test drive a pre owned vehicle I viewed on your website,  discuss my trade in, and possibly make a purchase. my past business has been with Smythe European/Mercedes Benz and I have been !00% satisfied with every dept. From sales, service dept to the shuttle service.
Todays visit, at your dealership, which only lasted 10 minutes (and 5 0f those minutes were in the bathroom) was horrible, unpleasant and all while feeling lost. All the talk from clients in the waiting area of the service dept at Symthe European, i am now finding to be true about your unwelcoming, unprofessional dealership.

Danny V. | 2012-08-24

i would highly recommend not taking your car here for service. The tech here barely have any technical skills, they are trained to read what's in the book and doesn't seem to have real life experience. They are quick at blaming on anything aftermarket on the car including your tires that aren't what they had on originally. WTF Beshoff. After the experience at Beshoff I had recently, this would probably be the last MB I consider. Lexus treats you much better for a car half as much.

Andrew M. | 2012-08-15

Not smart Smart service. I brought my Smart Passion Convertible here because the rear hatch opening button was somehow broken off and they are the only Smart dealer in the South Bay. After arriving 10 minutes early to my appointment I waited 25 minutes until I could talk to a service provider. It was obvious he knew nothing about the Smart car. I waited another hour and a half while they diagnosed the problem and then he came back to me to explain they couldn't get the hatch open (yes! that is why I brought it in!) and perhaps my 2008 was different then the current model (it isn't!) and I needed to bring it back for a longer diagnostic. Then after another half hour the service advisor came back said "the latch to open it was completely missing" - what I told him from the beginning! I am stuck coming back here when the part comes in, but next time I drive up to San Francisco for service on my Smart Car.

Alex Y. | 2012-07-22

This review is mainly for Elizabeth and Reggie. Elizabeth is in sales and helped me and my partner get 2 benzes. She did a great job, found the vehicles we were looking for, got them in our hands at a reasonable price. She calls to say happy birthday, maintains a good relationship and sometimes even gets us free car washes. I took my car in for service and Reggie is an awesome guy. He gets your car taken care of properly and makes sure you get into a courtesy vehicle right away. The place is very clean they have a great selection of cars and great service. Smythe on Stevens Creek is a a motel 6 compares to Beshoff which is a Hilton. I highly recommend this place if you are looking for a benz.

Paul C. | 2012-07-14

Great customer service. Helpful and friendly. Not trying to rip you off like most of other  Benz dealer do or at least try.

sunny y. | 2012-06-08

I went there to lease a Smart for Two and the agent Harry drove over to give me a ride. The whole experience was great, particularly for me as this was my first time going to a dealership and get a new car. Harry was as good as it gets as dealer goes. He was very explicit about all the details, how things work, safety issues, and was not pushy at all about things that cost money but I don't want. Overall it was a very hassle-free experience. Luv it!

Philip S. | 2012-06-04

I gave a horrible review about them stealing money from my ashtray during serviceing and they must have had it removed.

If this is possible then what is the point of YELP? Reviewers should be notified if its being removed so they can petition it!!!

Frances B. | 2012-04-18

I have nothing but high praises to sing about Shaun at Beshoff.

My husband and I were looking around for a car for a few months, and obviously, as buyers, we wanted the best deal possible. We found Beshoff through Costco online and were put in contact with Shaun, the Internet Sales Manager. Shaun responded to our inquiry quickly, and let us make an appointment with him shortly thereafter. As mentioned, he is a sales manager there, so he is extremely busy, but even then, he delivered excellent service. He entertained us the entire time we were there, from test driving the car, to patiently going over numbers with us. He was flexible with the figures, and we left  very happy customers that night.

Don't get me wrong; the other salesmen we worked with at other Mercedes dealers were excellent as well, but Shaun won us over with his personality. He's patient, entertaining and very attentive to his customer's needs, and for that, it was an easy decision to go with Shaun. He's even called me a few times to check in on how we are doing with the car, and to thank us for our business.

Without reservation, we highly recommend seeing Shaun.

Jen C. | 2012-04-18

I just want to say that Beshoff Motorcars Mercedes will be the only place I purchase my cars! The sales staff is amazing and they know how to take care of there clients from beginning to the end. This is my first yelp review but I felt I needed to do a review based upon the service I received. I purchased my car from Elizabeth and she was amazing to deal with. I will be recommending her to family,friends and co workers in the future.

Rod C. | 2012-04-09

I bought an E-Class (from Downtown LA Motors ... they are great!) for my parents who live in San Jose.  Despite my suggestion of having the car serviced elsewhere after a terrible experience (the coin tray was cleaned out by a rogue employee), they continued to go there.  

A few weeks ago, my dad brings the car in for routine service, which included servicing the transmission.  My dad picks up the car drives it home and things seem fine.  A few days later when he was expecting out of town visitors, my dad noticed a puddle of transmission fluid under the car. This occurred on a Saturday and when my dad called the service department at Beshoff, he was informed it was closed.  He explained the situation, and asked to have the car towed back to the dealership and get a loaner vehicle.  Beshoff could not accommodate either request on Saturday, so I had to drop everything I was doing, drive 50 miles to my parents' home and arrange for a rental car.  

On Monday, they towed the car in and inspected the car. They concluded the transmission fluid was over filled so the excess fluid blew out?  The rental cost me $200 and my dad asked to be reimbursed and they said absolutely not!

I thought this was a Mercedes dealer.  When a Mercedes dealer sells you the car, they try to impress upon the buyer that owning a Mercedes is about the entire experience from the purchase to driving and impeccable service.  I've owned several Mercedes, Hondas, Lexus, and Porsches. I must say the Japanese car dealers do a much better job with the service experience.  I will continue to insist that my father not go to Beshoff, unless he wants to continue to waste time and money!

I think I'm going to buy him a Lexus so he can avoid going to these unprofessional and unskilled people who can't even properly fill transmission fluid in a car.  That's pretty basic.  If you can't do that, would I trust them to change my tires ... What if they don't tighten the lug nuts properly .... YIKES!!!

Ling K. | 2012-03-28

I called in for my A tune up and asked to speak to my service adviser David T. I was told that he no longer works there. WHAT?!?!?!  MY DAVID T. was gone?!?!?  I thought "Oh no... What am I going to do?!?!? Maybe I may have to go somewhere else."  Well, I went in and thought I would give it a try.  My new adviser is David K. We talked for a bit.  He's a major dog lover and so am I so we got along really well.  Wheeewww!!  I'm so glad that I didn't have to go somewhere else.  He provided me with great service with a great smile.  

If you need to get a loaner, you probably will speak with Danny S.  He's a super nice guy and always tries to accommodate your requests.  I was thinking about getting a GLK so he got me a GLK loaner to drive for a day.  He went out of his way to ensure that I was able to get one.   Now that's customer service.

I have to give props to Julie too!!  She's a sweetheart!!  One time David K. wasn't there and she took care of me.  I had a flat tire and told her that I had the tire and wheel insurance.  She got it fixed and covered with no problems.  She made it seamless.  

I hope Beshoff's knows that he has real winners with David K, Danny S. and Julie P.

Maria C M. | 2012-03-01

After car shopping for a while I found out about this dealership after visiting infinity (across the street) Mike Le Gear took care of me. He provided me with the entire inventory and showed me every different car in the floor looking for all the features I wanted in the car. He never made me feel pressured and was honest with me all the way. After purchasing the vehicle, he went out with me and showed me how every button in the car worked. Mike gave me the best experience in buying a car; he is very knowledgeable and experienced in Mercedes cars and in his job. Next time you are there ask for Mike, it would change any experienced you have ever had in buying a car.

Thank you Mike!


Food L. | 2012-02-27

Yesterday, I bought a ML 350 from Beshoff.
I had a great experience working with Shaun Van Dick.
The car is awesome which was expected, but the the wonderful buying experience was unexpected.

People in other dealerships wanted me to follow their selling process and often didn't follow up with my requests, but Shaun not only listened carefully to what I wanted, but anticipated what I really needed.  And he made me feel very comfortable by being flexible and accomodating the buying process that I wanted to go through.

Shaun never felt like a salesperson, but a good adviser. He was honest, straightforward, and guided me through the process. And I am very pleased to have done business with Shaun and Beshoff Motors. It was a very positive experience for me and my family.

Bob B. | 2012-02-11

I have 2 Mercedes - a ML500 and a E350 and usually get my service work at Beshoff MotorCars.   Julie Passon is a new service advisor for me (this is my 3rd time I've worked with her) and I'm really noticing a stepped up in the service Julie brings to the table.  She is very thorough; if there's something she's not quite sure of, she double check to make sure.  I highly recommend you ask for Julie if you need any service work for your Mercedes.   Julie's direct number is 408-239-22449 and her e-mail is: julie.passon@beshoffmoto…

Anh N. | 2012-02-10

Came in to change the car key batteries. Everyone was very helpful.

D D. | 2012-02-09

I have updated my review of Beshoff as they did right by me and took care of a mix-up/mistake that was on their end. While it took a bit of time to clear up, the end result was positive.

I am on my 3rd Mercedes from Beshoff, they have always been a fabulous dealership to do business with, including their Service Dept.

Phuong N. | 2012-02-04

I just made my purchase at Beshoff last week.    I must say this is one of the best car buying experience that I had.   The transition was very pleasant from start to finish.  I did not feel any pressure.  Indeed,  I was  very happy, feeling so much joy and satisfaction with this purchase.    I want to thank Harry again and again for his excellent service, with highly professional attitude, very knowledgeable, who was also very considerate,  caring, and  worked very hard with honesty and patience.  He earned my trust and applaud.   If you need a Mercedes or "Smart" car, please come to Beshoff and ask for Harry O'Leary.   You will be very happy that you took my advice.  He is someone that you can depend on and feel rest assure that he works for your interest over his.  Check him out then you will know what I mean.

J S. | 2012-01-19

I've had my Mercedes 560SL serviced with Beshoff Motors for years, and always I've received outstanding customer service from their service department.  Today...a service representative - David - gave me service that was above and beyond my expectations.

I have a leaky radiator, I think, so I needed to fill it up with some more coolant.  I go in, buy the coolant, try to figure out how to put it in, and David recognizes me, calls me by my first name (he remembered!) and offers to help me put in the coolant, since I was clueless on how to do it (and I don't want to replace the radiator right now).  So he walks me through the process, gets his hands dirty (he was wearing a thousand-dollar suit, too) and helps me not only put in the coolant, but also helps me clean my dirty air filter.  Amazing service.  But I would call all of that "outstanding" service, which I've come to expect from Beshoff.  But here's the part where I want to write this review.

I reach into my wallet, sight unseen by David, and pull out $30.  I go over to him to shake his hand and palm him the cash.  He looks at my hand, sees the cash, and generously refuses the tip.  I insist, please, it would have cost me more to ask a specialist online.  He insists, no, thank you, it's my pleasure to help, and if I need service, please come back to him.  I graciously agree, and keep the $30.

For other potential customers out there, I give Beshoff my highest recommendation.  This is, hands down, the best car dealership I've ever been to (and I've been to Honda, Toyota and Volvo dealerships, as well, which were also okay (the Toyota dealership I went to actually sucked), but Mercedes seems to set the customer-service bar very high).  Regarding Beshoff, they're a great dealership.  I recommend them to you 110 percent!

Michelle B. | 2012-01-18

This review is of the staff and leadership at Beshoff Motorcars.  I work for Second Harvest Food Bank and Beshoff Motorcars contacted us a few months ago to announce that they would donate $100 from every car sold during the holiday season to our organization, no strings attached and no promotion needed on our part.  We just picked up the check, which turned out to be for $17,800, a gift Second Harvest can turn into more than 35,000 meals for hungry people!  We are very impressed with their generosity and concern for the community.  Ray and Meagan Beshoff, and the whole staff there, were very warm, helpful and friendly.  If I can one day buy a Mercedes, I know where to go!

Sole M. | 2012-01-06

I always get my car serviced here and they are Awesome!! They Always do a wonderful job and wash it too :) They are def. a little pricey but u get what u pay for and they are 100% worth it. I have had a few minor issues at times but the manager is always helpful and prompt to fix the problems. Great customer service forsuree..I

Michael Z. | 2011-12-15

Very bad experience ...

Paying Beshoff for the same suspension repairs in 14-months is apparently good customer-service by Mercedes.  Instead of taking into consideration my horrible MBenz-SL experience, multiple past repeat repairs before the care hit 50k miles (i.e. ABC, struts, ignition, valve covers, suspension, hardtop, engine/transmission mounts, rear main seal)...

Anyway, so I thought i'd open a discussion with MBenz-HQ in New Jersey, I contacted them 5-times (in 3 weeks) to discuss with a service manager, and still no response... Even filled out a bad rating survey after call #3, and still no acknowledgment.

Very disappointment with Beshoff and Mercedes Benz, I recommend you avoid.

Cheryl H. | 2011-12-10

Had the nicest service advisor, rick, at beshoff help me out with my car service. They checked over my contract and explained to me that my car was still under warranty. That really helped so I didn't have to worry about the cost. Everyone at the dealership was very warm and welcoming.

tommy b. | 2011-11-30

Hey Folks,

We got great service from William Eugenio at this dealership!  He's the Sprinter guy and sells other cars, too. He's fast, detail oriented, and very friendly.  He drove all the way up to Oakland with the contract for us to sign!  

It took some dealers a week to return our calls. Will had our deal done a week after talking to him the 1st time.

Grade A salesman!

We'll definitely come back to get another vehicle when the time comes.


Cyrus T. | 2011-11-19

Had a great experience buying a car here.  The place is beautiful, and there was no pressure to buy.  While they offered the usual add-ons at the end, there was no pressure, and they were great about letting me get the car I wanted.  I thought the sales staff and financing people were super professional.  Best care buying experience I have had.

Cindi H. | 2011-11-12

Best car buying experience was worth the drive from San Ramon! I knew the car I wanted,  submitted an online lease application very late Friday night. Shaun called me at 10AM Saturday morning, we worked out the numbers, and when I drove down to the dealership, I was in and out in 90 minutes. The car and the paperwork were waiting on me when I arrived...very easy, fast, and smooth.

Love these guys!

Anthony D. | 2011-10-18

From 1 to 4 Stars!!!

Please read the entire review as each entry increased my rating based on Beshoff Motorcars' service department's response to this post.

Original Entry: 10-18-2011 (6:30 a.m.)

Asked my service adviser (Michael W.) to give me a call several times so I can understand the service completed.  (Never happened.)

Had to replace a fuel filter 3 times and it's still broken.  (Incompetent?  Most likely.)

Had to repair the same shock twice.  (Why not get it right the first time?)

Mr. Beshoff - My 2005 E500 is at 99,700 some odd miles and it's time to replace.  You may not care, based on your service department's performance and etiquette, or, maybe, business is so good these days, but I will not consider your dealership for my next purchase.

Update: 10-18-2011 (11:00 a.m.)

Received an unsolicited call this morning from Mark Peachey, Service Manager, at Beshoff.  I told him I was leery about returning for service even though I was still under warranty because of the above issues not being resolved and the possibility that more issues may come-up again, because of the above.  Took a chance and drove my car in.

Mark explained that they will try and duplicate the issue and even fill-up my gas tank as that's when the warning signal comes on.  Provided a loaner car at no cost and sent me on my way.

I'm still nervous but I've got to get this done.  Mark helped me be a bit more confident with Beshoff with his professionalism and customer first attitude.  I'll update and let you know.

Update: 10-19-2011 (9:30 p.m.)

Mark Peachey called me at around 1:00 p.m. today and said that they could not duplicate the trouble message coming up (which I was actually okay with because cars are like that).  Bottom line is that Mark actually believed me and instructed the shop to replace several parts that may cause the issue.

*** Perfect service Mr. Peachey, thank you. ***

Glad to see that customers do come first at Beshoff.  Like everyone else, we all have good and bad days (Michael W. may have had a few) but always, always, always return customer calls.  A happy customer keeps coming back, spends money and recommend to a hand full of friends. An unhappy customer will never come back, never spend money and will tell THOUSANDS of the poor experience, i.e. Yelp!

Based on the updates above, when it comes time to buying my new ride I'll definitely consider Beshoff at the top of my list again!!!

Billy W. | 2011-09-27

I accompanied my parents during their recent purchase of an ML at this dealer.  Andy Larjani was our salesperson.  Andy was patient and friendly.  He offered to drive us around the dealership when he noticed my Dad was having difficulty walking around the large front and back lots.  That was definitely a plus and one of many extra efforts on Andy's part to provide us with great service.  After settling on a fair and expected price, we moved to the finance department where we worked with Kimo Dayekh to finalize the deal.  Kimo was friendly and efficient.  He did not try to sell my parents extras they did not need.  Best of all, when a discrepancy was identified after the deal, Kimo worked quickly to correct the issue.  All in all, this was the friendliest non-pressured auto purchase I've experienced.  Great Job!

Marcus O. | 2011-09-22


Manager reached out to me to personally apologize for how the situation was handled. He mentioned that they brought it up in a staff meeting and claimed that it was a learning experience for them. I hope they follow through and improve. He offered to personally drive up to my house and provide the missing accessory, which he did. I'll increase my review by two stars for their attempt to improve the situation, though I wish it was done prior to me writing a yelp review.

I bought a brand new, expensive, practically fully loaded GL550 from these guys. When doing the contract I told them I wanted the accessories in the brochure and pointed to the pictures. They said yes and priced everything together. Two weeks later when I came to pick up the accessories they said one of the accessories wasn't included in the deal, even though I had agreed with the sales guy on it. When I complained to them that I felt they dropped the ball on providing me what was promised, the parts guy said he understood why there could of been a confusion as the picture had 2 different product sku's and the salesman had only inputted one. He then offered to get the other for me and honor the original deal. I left absolutely delighted that I didn't have to deal with any crap and even told my wife how great they were. Lo and behold, one week later they call me and tell me they can not honor that agreement and that I would have to pay for the accessory. They offered to give me the accessory at their cost claiming this was a compromise. How is it a compromise for me if I've already paid for the thing to pay again for it? For a measly $120 bucks they pissed off an influential customer who bought a 100k car from them. Very, very poor decision on their behalf. Now I've gone from delighted about their brand to just flat bitter. Good going Beshoff. I'll be sure to buy my cars in the future from another dealership, you guys can keep the $120 bucks for the accessory I should of gotten and I'll keep my integrity.

John W. | 2011-09-09

First of all the Service Rep my girlfriend worked with was rude and condescending. My girlfriend brought her Benz in for a Recall. I think it bothered them that she brought in the car for the recall and it was free of charge. The Service department has a horrible attitude towards women and tries to rip them off any chance they get. After the recall the Benz had the same symptoms so she had to bring it back in for them to investigate. They charged her for rechecking their faulty work and analyzing the same things that they had previously looked at. The Service Rep gave her an attitude and rudely told her she was going to be charged if they looked at their crappy recall work again. No, heart! No, kindness! No, let us look at our work to see if we made any mistakes. Which, by the way they did. This place sucks and is not considerate or fair when dealing with women. I would never in my life recommend this place or ever-set foot in their service department again unless you want to be overcharged unfairly.

Self S. | 2011-08-24

The last time I feel so good about life? It was about a week ago when I visited the Beshoff Mercedes Dealership. It's not all that complicated, I like the little things in life that makes me feel like a princess. Is it so wrong to feel like a princess? I can say that I am not extravagant, and at the moment, only have one tangible item that makes me feel great about life. It is my Mercedes Ben.
With the price comes great service, but you know what? It's worth it. When I drop off my car at Beshoff, I feel welcome, valued, and treated like a human being, whether I am spending money or not. There are always free donut and coffee. The service guys there are incredible and kind. And kind is very important, because I never felt like they treated me like a "woman."
My service representative was David Truong. I met him for the first time, although I have been going to Beshoff since 2003, roughly about 8 years! We sat down and went through the usual consult. He surprised me when he told me that he went through the history of my car last night. I was beyond impressed, and asked if it was normal, he said yes, we get the files the evening before. Well, maybe with David, it's normal, but I haven't had any service managers told me they read my Benz history the night before!
Then it was time for me to get my loaner and something extraordinary happened. He told me I didn't have to wait in line for my car, and that it was parked right behind me already.  At this point, I felt beyond a princess, I felt like a queen. Someone actually took the extra steps to do the little things that saved me time. Whether it was done because it was more convenient for them or not, I benefited, and to me, that is worth more than any money I spent. I recommend if you have a Mercedes, go to see David Truong and tell him, I you saw this review so you will get the Queen / King treatment you deserve.

Want to see more reviews?

Meghan C. | 2011-08-13

Complete waste of time. Horrible attitudes. And they dont stop calling. Check out the other Mercedes Dealership area. Who puts a Mercedes Dealership across from Eastridge Mall?

Tony L. | 2011-08-08

I needed to trade in my Audi. I shopped this around as a trade in as well as shopped around for best pricing on a new car, either Mercedes or Acura. My one condition is that I wanted to close 95% without coming in, and I wanted a great price on both trade in and on purchase. Fred Jaber at Beshoff gave me fair, honest and great pricing on my E350 and on my trade in, as verified by a buddy of mine who is a former BMW salesman. When I came in to close i was very happy not to receive the standard "let me see what I can do" followed by a double team. I got an even better price in person and closed in an hour. Great! I will purchase my next car from a Beshoff dealership as well, and if it's a Mercedes it will be from Fred. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

TJ B. | 2011-07-26

Here's an update:

The manager of Beshoff got in contact with me to apologize and asked for a second chance to possibly have a better experience. I decided to give it another go and went in for a detail.

All in all, we had a much better experience. Everyone was kind and very willing to help.

Another two stars for customer service skills for the manager and his kind apology.

Daniel W. | 2011-07-14

Originally my appointment wad scheduled with Reggie at 1:00pm. I arrived early and David happily took me in. Beshoff was best priced compared to San Francisco, Walnut Creek, and Fremont. Free car wash and yelp 10% off to boot! Thank you David of Beshoff!

R S. | 2011-07-12

I was VERY happy with the caliber of service and help I received here, and with David.
i needed a recall report done on my car and called the smythe dealership on stevens creek first because they were closer, and the people i spoke with were no help, and told me i needed to go to the dmv! A long story short, i ended up hanging up and calling Beschoff.

They were so helpful, and took my information and heard me out first instead of being quick to dismiss me, and it turned out my car had an open recall on it, i went in the very next morning, they performed the work for free, gave me the needed paperwork i originally requested, picked me up to and from work, and washed and vacuumed my car. I didn't have to pay a dime.

These people are great and have a good team!

Ian B. | 2011-07-07

We just purchased a new Mercedes here and have to admit this. The car buying experience in this instant has changed 100% from the average expectation. The Sales Manager was awesome and very helpfully. The Finance Manager explained the process to us in detail. I try enjoyed this experience of buying a new car. Thanks to Fred Jaber for all your help.

Jill R. | 2011-07-06

We came to service our 2008 and went home with a 2011!! We are VERY HAPPY customers due to the amazing service provided by Fred! Thank you for your hard work...we are enjoying the new ride :)

Khoa N. | 2011-05-29

We got our first Mercedes-Benz at Beshoff.  Thanks so much to TONY CHIEM to make my purchase and trade-in transactions went smoothly.  
TONY is a great nice guy and took care us every step of the way.  we really enjoy our luxury car and highly recommended  TONY CHIEM @ BESHOFF Mercedes!!!!

Elli L. | 2011-05-21

Purchased my SLK here, and the service was wonderful. We came in knowing what we wanted to buy, so it was a pretty straightforward process - saw which cars they had in stock, chose the shiny red one, and got a decent deal on it. The salesman was very laid back, and he emailed us afterwards to check up on the car and our experiences with it.

Have been getting the services here, too, since it's still under warranty. Try to come in early - they're often very busy, and showing up at around 3pm on Saturday won't get you very far. Today, I made an appointment and was able to get my car in at 10am and back by noon-ish. Spent the intervening time walking around the nearby shopping center, but their waiting area is well appointed and comfortable as well. You can get a ride elsewhere as your car is being serviced, too.

My service rep, Mike Caliguiri, was very helpful in replacing a defective part. It was considered a trim item, but to my surprised delight, he was able to have it fixed for me. It was very casual, and quick. I also got 10% off for checking in on Yelp, so bring your smartphone!

I'm gonna admit that I've never actually bought a car somewhere else. But when you buy the luxury car, you buy into the luxury experience and luxury service that comes with it, and I feel like this dealership has definitely held up their end of the bargain.

Karina A. | 2011-04-29

We purchased our car here, and it's been getting serviced at this dealership ever since then. Our service rep, Mike is great.  He's very upfront and down to earth. A rep that doesn't add the extra BS that your car doesn't require. I used to come here weekly for the free car wash, but since Beshoff decided to go GREEN it's no longer available.

Despite of the high cost for parts & maintenance...  You get what you pay for!!!  I will continue to be a lifetime customer with Beshoff for their fantastic services.

Elaine T. | 2011-04-20

They had a Maybach on display in the showroom once when I came in. I was too afraid to come near it, nonetheless touch it. If fairies were real, this was the closest I'd come to one.

Anyway, my review is for the service department.

Drive up and someone will immediately ask for your name and escort you to a service manager. I worked with John Kim who was really friendly and professional. He casually joked that he took it I'm not the one whose name is on the documents considering I'm a girl (under my father's name). He was really quick in entering the car's information into the system and with all the documentation. I was in and out of there within 15 minutes. A shuttle car was also waiting for me outside right when I was done. Top-notch service! They'll also pick you up from your house if necessary.

It doesn't hurt that this dealership is close to my house either.

karishma g. | 2011-04-20

These people are awesome.. I got a merc C300 from here. They helped me right from the time of getting the car I wanted, the color, the package.. They provided so much discount. And were very jovial and friendly. David castro was very helpful.. Yad singh helped me getting my loan approved and was very responsive. They provide great service.. Follow up well. If its merc, I know where to go now.. Thanks Beshoff for the splendid experience..

Bianca K. | 2011-03-17

The only reason I drive almost 40 miles to get my service and maintenance done at Beshoff is because of David Truong. He is attentive, sincere, and completely straight forward. When I talk to him about my car, I feel at ease and know that he is genuinely committed to addressing all my concerns.

My hubby and I bought my car last year and David was the reason we got upgraded from a lemon c-class from a wonky dealership in the peninsula, to a CPO C-Class from Beshoff. He wanted us to get out of the car we had just bought (which was in really bad shape, unbeknownst to us foolish consumers) and into a car that was better taken care of, and was a much better investment. That whole experience was a mess, but David and the sales & finance team at Beshoff helped smooth the situation. Since then, David has been awesome in helping me take great care of the CPO C-Class that he helped us purchase.

Working with David at Beshoff has made owning a Mercedes a real joy. Knowing that the car we are investing so much on is kept in tip-top shape is the best feeling in the world. If you want peace of mind, see David at Beshoff and you'll get exactly that, and MORE.

Mike T. | 2011-03-12

I've been having problems with my CLK for the past 7 years and these guys have not been able to repair the problem permanently nor would they give me a new car. Their service Director is a good person but watch for one of the service advisors. Also their GM is worse than a used car salesman, I don't trust him.

Rebecca P. | 2011-02-20

David Castro and Yad Singh were amazing!! I drove away in a 2011 E350 coupe that night and they were the only ones there when it was all said and done. David never made me feel pressured or uncomfortable. He was professional,articulate and so patient.
Yad(finance) was willing to work with me and stayed late to make it happen.  11pm. I have had amazing follow up since as well.
Thank you guys and I love my car!

Danny G. | 2011-01-31

Took in my C350 in for some warranty work to Beshoff. Worked with Mike Widergren and the service was fantasitc. always kept me updated and took care of all my concerns. The car came back to me washed and very impressed wtih their level of service.

Thank you MIKE!!!!!!

Andrew C. | 2011-01-24

Had to take in my e55 because something was acting up (electrical). David from service was very meticulous about the entire process. He walked me through the possible causes and financial impact of each outcome. This helped me to understand what was going on with my car.

Also, it was nice that David proactively gave me a call on the status of my car. I didn't have to worry about when I had to pick it up. I had a great experience with the dealership.

P.S - Free car washes are always nice too!

Amyzee K. | 2011-01-23

Wow, David Truong is really popular on here...  Why???  Because he's simply an awesome service advisor--and as we all know too well, they are HARD to FIND.  Beshoff is lucky to have him!  David, if you're out there reading and reviewing on Yelp like the rest of your well-advised-mercedes fans:

Thanks so much for being so professional, knowledgable, and informative...   You're the best service advisor I've ever had--and trust me, I've had many...

Aaron C. | 2011-01-15

I just brought in my gf's E-coupe to get serviced the other day, met with David Truong and discussed what needed to be done. Dave was extremely helpful and helped us with some weird noises we have been hearing while driving the car on the freeway, he reassured us that their technicians would investigate the issue and when we got the car back, the noise was gone!

If you have a Mercedes and need to get it serviced, I would recommend stopping by and ask for David, he is very professional and attentive; you won't be disappointed!  

Overall, I'm extremely happy with the service at Beshoff, I also own an Infiniti myself and have always gone to the Beshoff Infiniti dealership. Same experience there! Beshoff truly is the bay area's best dealerships.

Dean Y. | 2011-01-12

We recently bought two new vehicles here and I would state that if you need a Mercedes go see TONY CHIEM.  He has the most knowledge of every vehicle new or used.  Let him go to work for you since he does get the best deals in the nation.  Tony's sense if integrity is what makes this dealership the best.  He is honest with the pricing and will help you get the car of your dreams.

rina y. | 2011-01-12

Decided to check out Beshoff because we'd heard some really positive things about them. We let them know that we were just shopping around at this point before making a decision. What really impressed us was how friendly and helpful their staff was. We had a lot of questions and they were very patient with us without making us feel the least bit pressured. By the way, the inventory of cars was great, too.

Saroth H. | 2011-01-09

I didn't buy my MB here so I can't say much about the sales department, but after having to taking my car in twice in one week I can say the service department is top notch.  It's always a pain when things stop working right on your car, but the service I got from David was fast, smooth, and professional.  I was in and out of there right on schedule and made it on time to my flight.  Outstanding!

Frederick G. | 2011-01-08

I had a wonderful experience here.  I brought in my mom's car to be serviced, and David helped me out so much.  He was entirely honest with me, and pointed out what my car needs and which services I can hold off on my next visit.  He made me feel that I was highly valued as a customer and put my worries to rest.  He completed my service requests in a timely manner and most importantly, he assured me that the car was in good hands.  Get your car serviced from David!

Melanie G. | 2011-01-08

Went to take in my moms c280 for regular maintenance and I was surprised. When I was talking to the service guy, I was actually helped and not being taking advantaged of/being upsold on unnecessary things. David was personable, friendly and set me up with shuttle service. My service didn't take longer than quoted. Will keep coming back here instead of Smythe for the next service.

Esther A. | 2010-12-23

After purchasing a used MB, I've been to both Smythe European and Beshoff for parts and was much more impressed with the customer service at Beshoff. They are courteous and helpful whereas at Smythe I was treated like a number - the cashiers as Smythe didn't bother to ask how they could help - they just sort of glared at me waiting for me to say something. The parts guy told me how much things would cost very arrogantly. Who needs that?

I was initially skeptical about submitting a request for a repair appointment at Beshoff online, but I got a call within a couple of hours. The rep who took my car was respectful, listened to what I described the problem to be, suggested his thoughts on what might be causing the problem, then he called me the next day to tell me he was correct about what the problem was and that they were able to fix it within a few hours, under warranty, just like he said they would.

Call me a fan!

Chris P. | 2010-12-07

This is a long over due review for my sales representative Johnny Ngo.  We purchased a brand new  S550 from him and he was very knowledgeable.  Great experience at Beshoff compared to Smythe.

kelly t. | 2010-10-15

After we spent 60k on of of their cars, they still want to charge $250 bucks for the DVD for the built in gps which can probably be downloaded and burned within mins..

Way to go on your customers loyalty services...

C B. | 2010-09-02

Major kudos to Johnny Ngo and Kimo Dayekh!  Be sure to ask for these guys when you go there, even if you're just will not be disappointed.  They both went above and beyond to fulfill my very picky and demanding requests. STELLAR customer service you can't get anywhere else.  Who knew a car dealership could be honest have a heart?  This is unheard of!!! This is my 2nd purchase from Beshoff and each time just gets better and better.  They really do care about making their customers 100% satisfied.  If you need service on your vehicle, ask for Mike Caligiuri.  He's a no BS kind of guy and will take care of you for sure.  I told myself this was my last car purchase, but these guys have made me have a change of heart!  I'll be back in the future, wouldn't go anywhere else!  Thanks Johnny, Kimo and Mike C!

bill r. | 2010-08-28

I took my 04 Sprinter into Beshoff on Friday for a 10 a.m. appt. I was 15 minutes late due to an accident coming over from Aptos. I was met by Reggie my service adviser.

What happened after that defies automobile dealer logic.

It was a perfect experience.

Reggie was prompt and courteous and checked me in at once.

From there every single person I encountered fell all over themselves offering to assist me.

I took a new 2010 Sprinter on a short test drive with Will. No pressure, no nothing. Drove the car, came back. Said goodbye to Will.

Went to lunch across the street....YEAH In-N-Out...then came back to relax in comfy lounge.

Asked one of the guys to fetch me my Advil from my truck...he did and brought back a bottle of water for me to use to wash down my Advil.

Car was done, Sprinter was washed...and if you know what a Sprinter is...that is a 20 to 30 minute job minimum.

They washed my windows inside and out.

But here is the kicker. I had agreed to a $168 dollar fee to evaluate a noise I had heard in my transmission....they found the issue quickly and Reggie told me he was only going to charge me $70.

I nearly fainted.

Who are these people? Don't they know that car dealers are icky and creepy and make you want to wash after being around them?

Holy cow make me want to buy a new Mercedes just so I can come back and get the royal treatment again.

Maybe that is their diabolical plan?

Well done to everyone.

Bobby O. | 2010-08-03

This was one of the worst dealerships I have ever been to in my life! I think they should have spent less on glitter and glamour and focus mostly on customer service skills. Never in 20 years of going to dealerships to get my car serviced has anyone told me my car was old when my 9 year old car is in better shape then a lot of 3 year old cars. I say to everyone near and far join me at Smythe European where they repair it correctly the first time, and you won't have to keep making repeated trips to Beshoff Mercedes so incompetent, and rude, so called technicians that tell lies to cover up what they messed up on your vehicle! Oh yeah if your vehicle isn't brand new they tell you your car is old. Not even worthy of one star!     (SO WHO HAS THE LAST LAUGH NOW REGGIE)

Rod B. | 2010-07-28

Hats off to the Internet dept., Manu Vohra in particular, over at Beshoff for getting me into my dreamcar the last few months and at a price lower than I expected. After being snubbed not only over email but also during a dealership visit at "an unnamed Benz dealership in San Jose", I got a complete 180 degree turnaround at Beshoff. I was in constant email contact with Manu who provided me with up-to-date info. Them giving me the lowest price for my C300 didn't hurt. But honestly, I would've bought from them if they weren't the lowest price in the Bay Area not only because I live close by, but I can definitely vouch for their customer service from previous reviews.

Even after the purchase, Manu still checks in to see if I have any questions or concerns...that in itself was way beyond expectations. If I have an extra 5 or 6 figures in disposable income laying around and feel like an impulse Benz purchase, you bet your ass I'll be at Beshoff at the drop of a dime.

Jen H. | 2010-06-20

Dear Johnny,

Having a family who enjoys new cars, I know far well the "whole tiresome procedure" of purchasing a brand new car.

Johnny definitely mitigated the whole ordeal! Beshoff was our first stop, but as a smart shopper, we had to also check out the other dealerships in the Bay Area.

After looking at 2 other dealerships, we decided Beshoff was the dealership to make the transaction. We agreed on their business model, professionalism, and most importantly pricing.

After two weeks of negotiating via email, telephone, and in-person, we finally received our beautiful car =D!

If you want the best price in the Bay Area and great customer service, MAKE SURE YOU CONTACT JOHNNY NGO to purchase your next new benz!  

Hopefully, we'll return soon!

Thank Johnny for everything!!!

bob t. | 2010-03-26

I purchased my new E 350 coupe from Beshoff about 3 months ago.  The purchase experience was excellent..  Christopher Kane was the sales associate who helped me with the selection of the car and the transaction.  
I had visited Smythe and Beshoff when shopping for my car and Beshoff was a better overall experience.  If you are looking for a Mercedes give Chris a call.  I have bought a number of cars and this was by far my best  deal yet.

Lei S. | 2010-03-08

My friend bought nice Jaguar from here around 2 years ago. 3 months after he bought the car his front brakes busted on him, a few months after that he went to change his oil come to find out there was barely any oil left!! After that, he tried to register the car and he had to find out through the DMV that the car was a RECALL and he couldnt register it.

More and more problems kept occuring and it just hit him "WHY SHOULD I PAY FOR THIS CRAP?!" So instead of paying for all the problems that kept occurring with the car he emailed the owner of beshoff and letting him know everything. The owner told him that he would gladly take the car in and fix it. Common courtesy, right? NO, when he went to pick up the car about a week later, he found out that because of his problems with the car he ONLY RECIEVED A 10% discount on their service to the car, so he had to pay for the other 90%! GREAT COURTESY BESHOFF, FANTASTIC!

Absolutely horrible service, period! Im currently helping him write another letter to the horrible owner of beshoff to let him know that he is yet again dissappointed.

I would give 0 stars, but I decided to give 1 because when my friends car was at Beshoff, the courtesy car that they gave him was unbelieveably NICE! It was a 2009/10 C300! Now that is real courtesy beshoff!

Kiki K. | 2010-03-02

My experience was of absolute quality here. Mike W. went above and beyond to help me out. I went in to only replace a speaker, he did a search and informed me my car was still under warranty. The next day I had a loaner vehicle, and my car's little (but expensive) door lock (which he pointed out was broken) and speaker were fixed, free of charge. They even washed my car!  Everyone here, from the front desk, to service, to parts offers honest, quality service, with a smile. I am so glad I found them. I will never go back to Symthe again (they suck)

Jim B. | 2010-02-15

We bought a GL450 from Beshoff and got a really competitive price, but by far the best and most straightforward service.  We tried to buy it from the Pleasanton dealership, but they were unwilling to work with me on the price, instead telling me that, "the GL's are in short-supply, since most are going to China now."  Really?  I asked them why there was a national lease deal going in if there was such a short supply.

I also called Autobahn in San Mateo, Smythe, and Fletcher Jones, and they all gave me a round-about response when it came to pricing, so I ultimately went w/ Beshoff, whose staff recognized that I had a certain price goal and they told me what they could do...and the deal got done quickly.  

In addition, they gave me a very fair price on my trade-in, so I plan on recommending Beshoff to everyone in the Bay Area who needs a new MB.  Tim, Shaun, and Doby from the internet sales team and JC from finance are an absolute pleasure to work with.

Tina P. | 2010-02-11

So it's been 2 months that I've had my GLK now and I love it.  I've been looking at SUV's for awhile and couldn't decide between a Audi Q5 or the Mercedes GLK.  Both were around the same size but the only difference was that the Q5 was a lot more.  When I decided to go with the GLK the first dealership I went to was the Fletcher Jones in Fremont since it was close to my house and the guy I was working with was brand new so he really couldn't give a deal or anything.  It also seemed like the manager wasn't willing to negotiate even though my family has bought 4 other Mercedes from here.

The second one I went to was the Beshoff since my husband was talking to one of the sales guy Johnny and found out he could give us a or try to give us a better deal than the Fremont one.  Also he was really friendly and easy going so I felt better right off the bat.  He also said I could get free car wash whenever I wanted which is really cool.  

After going there one night Johnny was so helpful that we decided to get the car but had to wait for it since they didn't have it on the lot.  I wanted certain specific things on it so they had to bring it up from one of their LA places.  After about 3 days it came and Johnny told me the ins and outs of it and I was extremely pleased about the car.  Now that I know that Johnny is there my parents are willing to buy their next car at Beshoff instead of Fletcher Jones.  Also I'm telling anyone I know who is looking for a Mercedes to get their car from here instead. I also got a gift card for studio pictures at some place which I haven't used yet but will soon.

Luk S. | 2010-01-22

Beshoff Motorcars, with Johnny Ngo service, provided me by far the best experience I have with any dealership.  I came in to the dealer having looked at one of the listed inventory list.  Met with Johnny Ngo and immediately he took care of me.  His concept is simple but yet powerful, which is 'What can I do to make you happy".  Indeed he did just that and more.  I am glad to have purchased my car from Johnny.  Thumbs up !!!

Juliana C. | 2009-12-21

Been shopping for a new car for the past week and decided to go with Beshoff. We visited 3 MB dealerships in the area - Beshoff, Smythe, and the one in Fremont. Surprisingly, Beshoff was initially the most expensive. Smythe offered the best deal  right off the bat, but the Fremont dealership came up with an even better deal a few days later. However, after some extremely unprofessional behavior during paperwork processing, we left the Fremont dealership. Smythe was also out of the picture because of it's lack of inventory - they did not have what we wanted.

At this point, we were considering other cars and MB was pretty much out of the picture. Until Dody called with an offer just as good at the Fremont one! We came in and snatched up the car immediately.

After talking to and visiting so many dealerships, I've come to the conclusion that they're all pretty shady but with persistence and some research, you'll be able to get a good deal. Car salesmen are stereotypically sleezy for a reason!

Perks of this dealership: I got a free night at the Wynn in Vegas for purchasing a car (depending on the car you get comped a 1 or 2 night stay), free studio portraits (random, but it's their effort to be family-oriented), and free car washes (of course)

Leanne P. | 2009-12-15

Ugh.  this review is so freaking overdue that its not even funny.

This place is not only horrible, but its immoral.  They freaking SWINDLED my parents by lying and cheating them.  I swear to you, there is a special place in hell for the people who work here...

So here's the story... In like late 2005, my dad realized that it was high time for him to get a sports car... He's been wanting one for like as long as I can remember, but instead of buying it, he put the money aside for my brother and my college educations.... When he realized that my brother was done and I was almost done, he decided that he could let loose and buy his dream car... He went to Smythe first, but they didn't have anything that he wanted [letting loose for him isn't really letting loose.... he was still hardcore budgeting and he didn't want to get a new one, just a certified preowned]... anyway, he had his mind set on the CLK series but they didn't have anything he liked at Smythe, so one of the guys suggested he check out Beshoff's stock.... BIG MISTAKE.  So he went to Beshoff and they showed him a bunch of printouts of the cars that they had.... they sold him a car THAT WASN'T EVEN ON THE LOT.  Why wasn't it on the lot, you ask?  BECAUSE ONE OF THE MANAGER'S HAD TAKEN IT HOME SO HE COULD LOOK LIKE A BIG SHOT.  Yes, I did have to capitalize all that crap because I was BEYOND peeved when I found out.... The next day, my parents were telling me about it and how excited they were, and I was pissed as hell to find out that they hadn't even test driven the car!  Now yes, that was their bad too.... they shouldn't have agreed to buy a car that they hadn't even seen in person... but in my opinion, those with power should not prey on the powerless... The people at Beshoff knew what they were doing, and they decided to go ahead and con an older couple out of their hard earned money.  

So anyway, I went in with them the next day to talk to the person... I said that we wanted to look at the car and then look at some other models... and they said that if we decided to get a different car, we'd have to pay the licensing and DMV fees and all that crap on the other car [the one that they never even test drove] why the hell should we do that?  Cuz apparently they had already registered it to my parents' names.... WHY?  Who knows... cuz they're idiots.  And when I threatened to just leave without giving them a damn cent, they threatened my parents citing CA law that there is no cooling off period when buying a car....

... but wait....

its a certified pre owned car.  which means its USED.  which means, OH WAIT.  CA STATE LAW DECLARES THAT A CONSUMER HAS A "COOLING OFF" PERIOD OF 3 DAYS AFTER THE SALE TO CHANGE THEIR MIND.  Mofuggin beezy I swear.  And of course, my parents didn't know this... and they didn't want to be sued or have their credit hurt.... so they just took the car.  I mean granted, it was a decent car, it wasn't a horrible deal, blah blah... but still!  Its just dirty for you to do stupid shit like that.

If you're a real consumer sales manager, your goal should be to build the relationship with your customer.  That way they refer their friends and family to you.... Work smarter, not harder.  And moral of the story: don't be a douchebag.

zach b. | 2009-12-11

I believe all the 4 stars come from all the wealthy people who buy their car without even negotiating. If you are one of them, then you come to the right place at Beshoff Mercedes. Especially when you have to trade your old car, do it somewhere else since the used car manager and the internet car sales will offer you lower than the lowest value of your old car.

S W. | 2009-11-23

YUCK!!! Horrible place and salesmen.  Don't waste your time here.  Smythe European have much better people and customer service.  Smythe's facilities might be a little dated but their customer service is 100 times better than those people at Beshoff.  Internet sales are horrible, service dept is horrible.  If I could give this place a fat 0 stars I would.

Josh T. | 2009-11-18

I found out today that Beshoff misdiagnosed my Mercedes and will not refund my $330.

They replaced my auxiliary battery when my main battery was the actual issue. The main battery was replaced about a year ago and came with a 2 year warranty.

Obviously they didn't want to have to replace the main battery for free so they said it was the auxiliary battery. I took my Mercedes to a reputable Mercedes mechanic who said that the auxiliary battery typically lasts about 15 years.

So there are two reasons the misdiagnosis could have happened. 1) The Beshoff mechanics are new to working on cars or 2) The mechanics lie about the issue to make the dealership more money.  

Let's look at the big picture. I paid  over $70,000.00 for my Mercedes, why would I pay top dollar for rookie mechanics to work on my car? All joking aside, I wouldn't trust these guys to properly fill the tires with the correct air pressure.

Going forward I'll be going to a high end Mercedes mechanic who charges half the price of Beshoff and has 15 years of experience working on Mercedes. Sure I won't be getting a courtesy car anymore, but it's not a comparable tradeoff.

Raza M. | 2009-11-13

Had an insanely bad experinces with this dealership


So back in January I put a $1000 deposit in a car order, later to find out that the order was never placed and thr car didn't exist at the plant. I requested a refund of my deposit and moved on with my life. BUT they didn't refund me so I called and emailed me and the insured me that the refund was on it's was. It never came. I went through this cycle 5 times before I eventually called my bank and filed a claim against the charge.

A couple months later they had a car I was interested in and offered it to me at a great price, and as a business man, I could not resist and picked up the car.

Weeks later, I received a call from Beshoffs accounting office. They couldn't find the deposit I put down in their records

I showed them all my personal bank information and spent several hours over the next few months verifying that my bank sent the funds. Beshoff kept hassling me saying it was my job to prove that I sent the funds and they even threatened to take me to small claims court.

So I called them again and left a message with Bank of America on the line to back me up and say the money was sent and beshoff must have lost it.

No response.

Then 2 weeks later they called and said they found the money. I have never had such a bad experince with any brand, and have been treated better at Honda dealerships than this place.

There are multiple Benz dealers out there, so don't waste your time on these jackasses.

Grace H. | 2009-11-05

This dealership sucks major a-hole mainly for their poor, painfully sluggish customer service. I purchased my C230 at the Mercedes Autobahn dealer out in Burlingame but it was too far of a drive for service. Since I lived in San Jose I started going here. Being a fairly new dealership I assumed it's new look was up to par with it's customer service... WRONG!

They've worked on my car on two separate occasions: Service A and B. It took 24hrs to make an appointment both times! Every time I was transferred to the service department they were away from the office. I left a few messages in the mornings and never got a call back until the following day.

Each time I brought my car in I chose the 7a.m (first appointment) so I can make it into work before 9a.m. They told me it only takes 45 min but each time took more than 1.5 hrs. and I was always 2 hrs late to work. They wash you car as a complementary service.... COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME, water and headache because they always manage to give my car back with water spots... I'm not just talking about a few spots on the side view mirrors and the cracks of doors... its all over the whole car.. and dried up water wipe marks... either they're lazy or blind. I wasn't having it so I demanded a rewash but the spots and wipe marks only got worse. I never received an apology from anyone, not even my Service Rep. Some random worker gave me my keys.. I waited for 10 minutes as I finished my last cigarette and still no one in sight... I drove off the second time and swear I'll never go back.

I was better off driving 40 miles out to Autobahn!

Martina B. | 2009-09-16

My experience with Beshoff was terrible. The customer service was horrible. The man that was running numbers for us was not the brightest crayon out of the box.  It's pretty sad when you use a calculator and you tell your customer a number and the customer tells you that your math is wrong. My husband was doing the math in his head and was right. The Beshoff employee became a little defensive and got a little too cocky and rude for his own good. We mentioned that at another Mercedes dealership that we've talked to could get us the same car for less. The Beshoff employee then said "well that's a no brainer then" We left without buying a vehicle from here.  He was right, it was a no brainer. We bought the same car for less at the Smythe European.

That employee at Beshoff was a jack ass and because of his attitude he lost a sale.

Joey C. | 2009-06-05

Prior to Beshoff, my family and I used to always buy and take our cars to get serviced at the Fletcher Jones/Claridge's Mercedes dealership in Fremont. However, I've visited Beshoff quite a few times since they opened shop in San Jose's East Side. Oh, wait...I meant Evergreen. At least that's what I was told (its still the East Side people!). Anywho, my experiences at Beshoff have always been a hit or miss and even then, never a full hit to be truthful. The only service advisor who I thought was actually very helpful and courteous doesnt work there anymore. Since then I always get assigned with a different service advisor and have been bouncing around from one advisor to another with the only thing being consistent being the mediocre service. It's not that the service is completely horrible, its just not superb or what one would expect from a Mercedes dealership. It's kinda hard to pinpoint. Ironically, the building reminds me of Orange County fakeness and their lounge and waiting area tries to be homey and nice, but its not like I expect to hangout for more than 10 minutes to get helped at a dealership, although at this place I actually have. I like anything related to car services to be an in-and-out sort of deal, not to be sitting around some wannabe plush lounge area, so it kinda ruins it for me. However, they have stayed open longer when I've ran late to pick up my car, so thats pretty cool of them. overall, average in my book.

Andrew C. | 2009-05-18

bought my new 09 R350 here from internet/fleet manager Shaun. all worked well. in -n- out within 3 hours. Beshoff' price beat any MB dealer in the bay area even FJ in Fremont.

Suck p. | 2009-05-09

the price on the paper is not the same as promised on the final paper the price difference was like $10000.   This dealer likes to rip people off............we had to go back and fight for the price that was promised.  

DO NOT SHOP HERE..............................................­..........

Lien T. | 2009-05-06

i bought my first brand new car here about a month ago. and i am in LOVE with my car. my experience at the dealership was great,yet surprising. I first came with my brother to browse for cars. i told my brother to change into something suitable to wear, because no one would take him seriously coming in Pajamas to the dealership! he refused to change, so we went car browsing anyways. as soon as we pulled up, we were greeted with a nice man who asked if he could help us. we told him we were just browsing around the lot. so we walked around the lot looking at C-Class series...CL-Class series, and the CLK- Series. A nice young asian man by the name of Johnny Ngo approached us and asked if we needed help. he quickly went to grab the keys and showed us the details and specs on the car. You know how they say, they save the best for last... The  last car he showed me was the CLK grand edition convertible. it was beau-ti-ful! i fell in love with the car! it was way over the price i was willing to pay. johnny understood and i walked away with a sad face. the next day johnny called back and was able to lower the price for me...but i still was not able to make that kind of payment...he called me every single day for 4 days...lowering the price even more until we both agreed on a price. i came in to pick up my baby and she was in a beautiful, shiny condition. i left the lot with 5 miles on the car! Johnny was a great help and very patient with my low ballin ass. hahahaha. i definitely recommend coming to see johnny for a great deal!

Katie Anne N. | 2009-04-24


My parents and I went to the dealership "to look" and then left my parents to head to the Sharks game. On my way back from the game, my mom called me and told me to come to the dealership. It was almost 9pm. We filled out the paperwork and headed to the finance department. The lady that helped us seemed a bit impatient with my mom. She kept checking her phone and kept trying to push us to make a decision. It was late and we were trying to figure out what was best for us, but they obviously wanted to finalize and secure our money.

When we finished, we realized that the lady mistyped the % after we signed all of the papers and my mom was pissed. It was about 10:30pm when we finished and everyone had gone home. She was determined to have it fixed but the salespeople were practically throwing us out. They told us to come back the following morning. Why should we come back when THEY made the mistake?

I went out to the car and did a walk around. It was pitch black out. The car was dirty and in need of a major detail and wash. The gas tank was empty and the salesperson told me that he'd follow up with me and would make an appointment for me to come down get it washed and the tank filled. So I drove the car out of the dealership dirty and on empty.

I sent the salesman 4 emails. No response or follow up on how my car was doing. So unprofessional.  

Service Department:

Fast forward 3 weeks.

ESP malfunction light goes on. WTF? I get cars do their thing sometimes but you know what. This is a MERCEDES BENZ not a 15 year old pinto that you inherited from your grandfather. You expect the car to last and not break down or have problems. I called the dealership to make an appointment first thing on Saturday. I brought the car in and was pissed off. I should not have to bring my car into the service department after only 3 weeks! My car doesn't even its license plates on and I'm taking it back to the dealership. The valet guys were very nice and my service advisor was informative and was realistic about when I'd see my car back.

Loaner car:

I asked for a loaner car and the guy at the service desk was super nice. He was friendly and made the experience bearable. The service guy told me to wait out front while he pulled the car out. Out comes a brand spanking new 2009 Gun Metal Grey C300. Who would let this car be a loaner car? Will you trade and take my other shitty one in the shop instead? It was absolutely gorgeous and took my mind of the fact that my 3 week old car was being serviced. Then I saw that they automatically charge you a fuel fee of $20. The loaner car had HALF a tank.

There is a deadline to bring the loaner back or they will charge a late fee. Why would you charge a late fee for bringing back your loaner when I had to bring YOUR 3 week old car that I bought back for service? Unbelievable. I got my car back today after it was in the shop for 5 days. My service advisor called me every step of the way to inform me what was going on, whether parts have come or not.


1 star- sales/financing
2 stars- for loaner car requirements
3 stars- the car itself for having a malfunction after 3 weeks
4 stars- the service department; communication was excellent, friendly staff
5 stars- awesome loaner car

This would have never happened at Lexus.

John A. | 2009-04-02

My experience here at Beshoff has been so-so to close to terrible.  It is too bad because my overall experience had overshadowed the great service that my former advisor(Michael Wildegren) provided.  With the exception to this, everything there was terrible.  Let me list the problems that I've experienced at Beshoff MB with when I had my 2005 C230 sport sedan: manual transmission.

1.  Since my car is a manual, I guess the staff there would be excited that they get to drive something thats not an automatic. Well, one time, the guy that took my car did a small chirp peelout.  I don't know if it was done purposely, but he was laughing and the one of the service advisors was giving him a bad look to not do that.  The guy in my car probably did not see me, but I was sitting on the bench in front of the loaner car window.  I could not believe it.  I wanted to come out and just knock him out for that since I babied the car.

2..  The car wash staff is very unprofessional. Whenever I would bring my car there, I would get the car back with the bass & treble turned up to the maximum.  Being a Mercedes owner, you tend to baby the car.  I babied it from the outside - in...This happened maybe 19 out of the 20 times I brought my car for service or car wash.  

I remember that I would test the staff by purposely setting my bass and treble to the lowest, set the radio station to some boring am talk show and leaving a rap cd on the chair.  When I would get the car back, the bass/treble settings would be changed to the highest and the radio station would be at 106kmel or my cd would actually be in the cd player. That would piss me off so much that would complain to the attendents and they said that would not happen again. This happened almost every freakin time so I just gave up.
3.  Third, when I brought my car for service one time, I received a dirty/ smelly station wagon loaner.  It was incredibly dirty and it smelled pretty bad.  I did bring the car back to get a cleaner loaner, but it was out of my way since I worked in San Francisco at the time.

I think I'm going to stop there because I have too many complaints about this place.  The only thing that  Beshoff did well was give me Michael Wildegren as my service advisor.  I since then sold my C230 sport sedan and probably will not buy another Mercedes from this place unless I was given some type of big discount and assured that service here has improved.

Chris S. | 2009-03-27

If your car is out of warranty, please don't take your car to this place. They'll hit you and rob you in day light. Check this out I paid $300 just for oil change (WTF), come on people that F up. My question is, Is your mechanic has an MS degree or PHD in auto mechanic. The customer service is nice, but the price is not.  So, find yourself a good mechanic out there. I've found mine.

So, I have no faith in this place. Therefore I took my cars to AUTO POINT in Richmond. It's far but I save more than $200 for my oil change, it come down to $70 plus oil filter. The shop owner is my buddy.

B T. | 2009-03-26

I just took my 2005 E55 AMG in for a thud sound that it was making whenever I drove over anything uneven on the road. The car was with them for about a week and a half. It was a glass panoramic roof that needed a bolt re-tightened. In order to do that they needed to take off my headliner. Putting it back there are several stains in the light gray suede headliner. Also, the rear window tint has been severely scratched up the what I believe was a wrench the technician used to tighten up that bolt. The tint is only 5 weeks old. Now I have to wait almost a week for them just to look at the scratches to "see" if they are able to replace it. I was told that they don't pay the replacement price to a customer so I could go back to where I got it done initially, but they outsource it to a vendor they always use. I'm hoping it's not a POS vendor that will further mess up my car. You would think their technicians would be a little more careful on a $85K+ car. After this I don't plan on going back to Beshoff again. The dealership looks great but needs their service to match it.

Steve S. | 2009-03-10

Took the car here today for service. Had called the day before to make a 10 a.m. appointment today. Arrived at 9:50 a.m. Greeted courteously, and asked to wait in the lounge until my service advisor was available. The lounge is spacious with a TV, soft music, coffee and tea, and wi-fi. It's comfortable enough to wait there for a few hours while you wait for your car if need be.

My service advisor Mike became available at 10:06 a.m. We walked around the car and reviewed the work to be done. Mike thoroughly explained the service and arranged for a shuttle to take me back home. Back to the lounge to wait for the shuttle, and was on my way by about 10:45 a.m. Not too bad.

For previous visits, I've utilized their loaner cars, but I don't like how they charge you for them, and you may even need to fill up on gas depending on how lucky you are when you receive the car. The loaner program is a real loser. So I'd recommend a shuttle - it's free, and they'll both drop you off and pick you up.

Overall, if you're looking for a dealer to provide service to your Mercedes, I'd recommend Beshoff. They are way better than Smythe. If saving money outweighs getting work done by a dealer though, then look elsewhere. I always feel somehow dismembered after leaving - like I lost an arm or a leg.

Walter P. | 2008-12-30

My hooptie rollin', tailpipe draggin'
Heat don't work an' my girl keeps naggin'
Seventy-four Buick, deuce keeps rollin'
One hubcap 'cause three got stolen
Bumper shook loose, chrome keeps scrapin'
Mis-matched tires, and my white walls flakin'
Hit mickey-d's, Ranz starts to bug
He ate a quarter-pounder, threw the pickles on my rug
Runnin', movin' tabs expired
Girlies tryin' to dis 'n say my car looks tired
Hit my brakes, out slid skittles
Tinted back window with a bubble in the middle
Who's car is it? SBC won't say
We all play it off when you look our way
Rollin' four deep, tires smoke up the block
Gotta roll this bucket, 'cause my Benz is in the shop

My Hooptie!…

Yes, its true! They charge for a loaner car.    I would recommend using their shuttle service.  Its free and the driver is super cool.

Special Thank you to Jingsik Kim for taking care of me during my vehicle's Service A Maintenance Schedule.

Service "A" Charges:  $239.00 (about once a year).

Joseph V. | 2008-12-28

This review is from 2003-2007 from buying to servicing.  Buying from Beshoff was a great experience.  The place just opened a few months ago so everything was new, and sales staff was eagered to sell us a car for a decent price.  The buying the car was easy with Richard.  He was straight forward, no hassle type of sales man.  What encouraged us to buy here was that it was close to home, and the service department was huge state of the art facility.  They also included lifetime car washes for the life of the car.  

Serving the mercedes was a pleasure 99% of the time.  Our service advisor was friendly and quick to get us in and out.  When we had to leave the car for a big service job, he would provide us with a rental.  The dealership provides wifi and morning pastry with coffee.  What a treat.  The majority of our service was covered under warranty but we had this strange issue with our brakes and how it was making a werid noise so we were charged for that inspection.  They claimed they fixed it but after a couple days the noise reappeared.  We called the service advisor and complained that problem was not fixed and they try it again.  After a few days, it came back.  I called to complain and the advisor didnt know what to do and suspect it was a problem with the tires.  He also reversed all the service charges he originally charges us since the problem was never resolved.  Now that customer service!  Ok now for that 1%... I went in for an oil change and when I picked up the car the hood was slightly opened.  I opened the hood and found my oil cap on the engine and not screwed on.  Come on guys play closer attention next time.   Oh, Beshoff changed their policy on car washes.  If you come in for a scheduled service, you will get your car washed automatically.  However if you just want to drive up and have your car washed you will be turned away or be asked to come back.  I believe they officially changed their car wash schedule to tuesday, wednesday, and fridays for drop ins.   This place gets 5 stars for their sales and service department minus that one hiccup.

Christy L. | 2008-11-20

They lied that the car was "certified pre-owned" - I learned the hard way that Mercedes can't certify a BMW. The car was missing headlights, there were no lifts on it so there was no chance they could have inspected it, and the oil needed changing. They were reluctant to take responsibility for the problems and I had to fight to give it back and get my deposit refunded.

Also, the salesman who helped me - Yasser Alkasem - made inappropriate comments about my looks and told me I should upgrade my husband to someone better. When I complained about the cars safety issues and that I couldn't drive at night, his response was that I should only be driving during the day with the top down and working on my tan. Yasser Alkasem should be fired, but when I complained about his comments they were dismissive and more concerned with sales.

I was sold an unsafe car and was sexually harassed.

H P. | 2008-08-02

Okay... so I just got my car back from taking it in for regular maintenance and I have to give this place 2 stars-it would have been less, but I had to give them something since I was helped in a prompt manner and it was clean (they also offered a loaner car over the phone... Stevens Creek only offered me a shuttle). This place does not by any means give the kind of service you'd receive at Lexus. Maybe it's the area that this place is in, but the service people seem really cheesy and not at all willing to work with you on the price of anything. (If you have a Lexus and take it into the Santa Clara location then you know the service is awesome and the service rep. might work with you on the cost of repairs if you're in a bind.) Mercedes however will take you for every dime you've got. I'm just extremely unhappy and still in a little bit of a shock. Once the warranty is up on my car, I'm never taking it back there again. On another note.... if you're wealthy and want to pay an arm and leg for simple work you could get done else where.... have fun!

Ocee D. | 2008-06-01

This really should be a one star rating, but they somehow squeezed out another star.  Because the interior of the dealership looks nice.  
 I had just got in a really bad accident and had to get a new car, so I stopped by here to check out what they had.  I was the only one on the lot, but I was wearing my gym clothes, so I guess they didn't want to waste time on me.  Finally after nearly 30 minutes, I was able find someone inside, choppin it up w/ the other sales clowns and not payin any attention to the lot.  He said he'd be right out, and as he walked out......he decided to help out an older customer for 15 minutes before coming to me (probably thought it'd be an easier sale).  I had a copy of my credit report with me and wanted to get a quote from him on one of the cars, but he said he can't give me a quote without running my credit.  I showed my credit report that was one day old and he wouldn't give the quote......itsallgood....Smyth Stevens Creek got the sale you Beeeetch!
 Went in a few months later for service and they service manager was real cool, made things easy for me.  I told him I needed some bulbs replaced too and he said it'd get taken care of.  It wasn't....and when I went in for a recall correction......they said since he didn't write it down, they can't fix it for me w/o charging.  Forget it, I'd rather give the other dealership my money.  
When I took my car in for the recall....they said that it would take 2 hours max to fix it....but I didn't get my car back until the next day when I called and left a hostile message on the service managers voicemail.  When I showed up to get my car, this jerkoff tried to up-sell me.......Even if you got your car from this place, find somewhere else to service it. .

Lina A. | 2008-01-31

I would have to say that this place has the worst maintenance service. After purchasing my E500 and getting the many upgrades ipod, navigation and the perma plate.  I took it in 3 days later to have these services installed. Only to get my car back dirty and scratched! My interior is the light beige and when I got in it was black all scuffed along the door jams. While inspecting the rest of the car on the passenger side there was a nice scratch when I opened the door. My nice new car was no longer new and clean but damaged and dirty!  You can imagine how P.O. I was to have bought a new car from them only to have their own service department damage it. I wanted to say take it back and give me a new one. They offered to fix the scratch with some touch up paint. I was like hell no you better take it to the body shop and repaint it and I want all new interior along the door jams since they stained it. So I was left to leave my car there for a week well they fixed all their f* ups.  I said I would never go back there. Well for my service A I went back only to be upset again. Yes, those damn grease monkeys dirtied my interior again!

I am so done with them and would never recommend service @ Beschoff to anyone. They are great to buy a car from them but that's all.

Calvin D. | 2008-01-11

Brought my car here to have my brake pads and rotors replace, along with service b. Two days later, and after paying $1900 for this service, brakes were squeaking, every time i come to a stop. My car sounded like a damn bus, coming to a stop!

So I called my service rep and complained about the issue. He took the car back for 3 days to investigate and repair the issue. Well, the squeaking was still there... Called and complained the second time and this time, he says "well... this normal behavior for AMG brakes" , i'm like.... ummmm, how come it never did it before? why did i pay 95k for a car that sounds like a damn school bus coming to a stop?

Anyways,  they finally fixed the problem after the 3rd visit. Such a waste of time and having to hear my service rep saying that is just un-professional...

Giving it 2 stars, since they do a better job washing your car, compared to smythe european.

Karen N. | 2007-12-05

I bought a used 2004 CLK 320 on Halloween. After about 10 days, the transmission started acting up. I took the car in, picked it up a few days later and the problem hadn't been fixed. I took it back, they kept it for a few more days, had their Service Team Leader drive it. Mark Peachey, the Service Manager drove it , and the problem got fixed.

Nonetheless, having transmission problems after having the car less than two weeks made me somewhat regret my decision to buy the car. I even thought that buying a car on Halloween was an omen.  I had the opportunity to talk with Mark and express my lack of confidence in the car. He listened and said that he would do whatever he could to help me regain my lost confidence.

Then I bought a MB CD changer from EBay and asked Beshoff to install it (do not try to do this yourself unless you are a MB tech). The previous owner had apparently swapped out the stock radio and put it back in upon trading in the car. As a result, some wires had been cut and I would have to pay to have the dash removed to fix it. I felt that since the car was a Certified Pre-Owned car, it should be covered under the warranty. Long story short, it wasn't covered but Beshoff picked up the tab for the extra work.

But wait...there's more.  I got a call today from Mark Peachey because he saw paperwork indicating something about problems with my CD changer  and called me (??!!) to see what happened and if everything got fixed to my satisfaction.

People, I bought a used car and only paid $25,000 but am being treated like I bought a Maybach.   Unless something happens to change my mind, I am their customer for life.

Kelly T. | 2007-11-19

I was a bit nervous after reading all these reviews about heading over there, but it was the closest dealership, so I decided to take a look.
I'm in the market for a new car and as a Xmas gift, my favorite person (Hehe) had decided to take care of it for me! YEA!
Anyway, we came by yesterday to take a look at some of the cars. We met with Andy Pham, who gave us a tour around and helped us decide on what would be a good fit for me. I kind of had an idea of what I wanted but still wasn't sure. We test drove a few models and walked away feeling confident in buying my new car here and from Andy.
I have dealt with a few rotten salesman before, but he was very professional and courteous. I didn't feel extremely pressured and he answered all our questions throughly and gave plenty of information regarding all the models I was interested in.
I highly recommend checking them out if your in the market for a Benz.

Paul N. | 2007-04-09

For the service department ONLY.

Beshoff has just about made it as pleasant as possible to have your car fixed. I came in for a routine service but discovered there were special bulletins from the factory that needed to be addressed. My service adviser explained everything to me, and told me they had to keep the vehicle overnight. I was sent to the waiting area while my adviser arranged for a rental. The waiting area was nice, and had plenty of periodicals for you to read.

The morning after my service adviser called me. This was a shock for me. I *never* get update calls from my service adviser from other brands. (I have a large car collection. I've dealt with lots of service advisers and dealerships)  I always have to find out what the story is by calling them. He called me with just a plain ole status report, and when I could expect my car. If you are in the auto service business, little things like this count.

When I returned to Beshoff to pick up my vehicle I was greeted by a gentlemen whom took the keys to my rental and asked for my name so that my car could be brought out. Turns out that it was the Manager of the Service department.

Thats service!

Maj H. | 2007-04-01

The people in the sales and service department here are so nice and attentive.  Sometimes when I drop off my car for service, I stroll around their showroom window shopping...eyeballing my next car.  I forget the sales guy's name, but whenever he sees me, he always comes up to say hi and ask if I need help.  Amazingly, he also remembers my name.  He always ask if I just want to take one of their cars for a pressure.  But he's never pushy or overbearing.  I like that.  When I'm ready for my next benz, he will be the one I buy from.  For the life of me, I can't remember his name, but I do remember his face.

The service department is awesome.  Their reps actually listen to what I say and ask them to do....unlike Fremont Mercedes (they totally suck) and Smythe European (they're just okay).  Service at the Autobahn is decent, but a bit far for me.

ulises g. | 2007-02-27

great service great people...the service advisors do a good job and they are very friendly and they let you knoe exactly whats wrong with your car...mark peachey the service manager took good care of me the last time i took in my CL class benz......