AutoNation Volvo San Jose in San Jose, CA

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Established in 1996.

AutoNation's roots trace back to 1996, when current Chairman H. Wayne Huizenga invested in an Atlanta-based waste management company that later became Fort Lauderdale, Fla.-based Republic Industries, Inc. Republic Industries would go on to acquire most of the more than 321 new vehicle franchises the Company operates today, as well as several waste management and vehicle rental companies, before changing its name on April 6, 1999 to "AutoNation, Inc."

AutoNation Volvo San Jose

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(408) 983-2400
Address:4600 Stevens Creek Boulevard, San Jose, CA, 95129
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm

Reviews on AutoNation Volvo San Jose

Su F. | 2015-03-21

This is a big volvo dealer and also a great one. Jeffrey Cox helped me a lot and provided various info about the car so that I can make a comprehensive selection. This guy should be a professor since he explained the math calculation so clearly. All all other guys are nice and helpful. Overall, I will recommend this dealership to other friends if they want to buy a volvo.

Jo M. | 2015-03-15

Seriously I don't often write reviews, but this dealership impressed us way beyond our expectations.  To be honest we weren't sure what sort of car we wanted to buy - all we knew was that we needed an SUV that would support family dogs and kids.  This dealership stood out way beyond others that we were chatting with at the time - Jeff Cox is outstanding - thoughtful, informative and most importantly to us, not at all pushy - he saw his role purely to ensure that we were happy with our overall purchase - and to provide us with all the information we needed in order to do so.  We ultimately purchased a Volvo XC60 T6 AWD - an amazing car that we now just love.... it handles beautifully and lives up to and beyond our expectations.  We couldn't be happier with our whole experience of dealing with this dealership and with Jeff Cox and would not hesitate to recommend either.  Thanks guys!...

Bonnie E. | 2015-02-09

I bought my 2006 Volvo here.  Sales people were Honest, polite, helpful, and knew their cars.  Good experience
Since then I have taken my Volvo to their service department.  I have never had cause for complaint.  They do what they say they are going to do, and they do it well - I have never had to take my car back for more work on the same problem.  They finish the car by the time promised and are willing to give me a ride BOTH ways when I leave the car.  Service reps are polite, listen carefully, and knowledgable.  Highly recommended!

V M. | 2015-01-23

Very disappointed in this dealership. Drove from Vacaville to do first time business with them in purchasing a used 2010 Honda CR-V.  Test drove the car then went through the process to purchase it. When I went to drive it off the lot and got on the freeway, the car started making a horrible thumping sound and smelt burnt. I immediately took it back to them and they questioned me if I left the brake on while I was driving?!?! They called me the next day and said the issue was resolved and it was the rotors and replaced them. Giving them the benefit of the doubt, I drove back to the dealership from Vacaville. They gave me the keys to the CR-V and I (once again) drove the car off the lot and onto the freeway only to experience the SAME THING! I returned to the dealership, took my check back, and left. Although the salesman was very kind, I don't forsee myself returning to this place or recommending anyone else to it. Beware of purchasing the used silver 2010 Honda CR-V on their lot.

Chuong P. | 2015-01-20

Mr Jerwin from Volvo Stevens Creek helped me with the car purchase. Overall experience was a pleasant one in comparison to my previous visits at car dealers. The car had minor issues but Jerwin went out of his way to get the deal through. I was very impressed. Thank you Jerwin!

Larry W. | 2015-01-13

Update: -1 star for repeated post-sales spam, with no opt-out option.

Bought a used car from Jeff Cox. Friendly and professional. He made sure the test drive was to my satisfaction. Unlike with other dealerships (looking at you, Beshoff Infiniti, Capitol Chevrolet), it was easy take the car to my mechanic for an inspection (copy of driver's license and comprehensive insurance, sign a free rental agreement, done). Minimal BS over price. It took a while for them to get the paperwork ready, but everyone throughout the purchase was courteous and accommodating.

Roman A. | 2015-01-12

Great experience. Our salesperson Armando Nieves was very helpful. We made 3 test drives of different XC60 models and he was very patient answering all our questions. We got a great deal on the car and were very happy with the price.

Stephen N. | 2015-01-06

We worked with Jeff Cox to buy a 2015.5 Volvo S80 with platinum trim. Jeff was very helpful over 6 months of looking at options including possibly getting the car in Sweden with free RT tickets and a great price. In the end he found a car that almost exactly matched our criteria at the USAA guaranteed discount price. AutoNation Volvo also honored our USAA E-check using our own financing and gap insurance without pressuring us to use their financing. A positive experience and we love our new Volvo with E-drive. It really does get 37 mpg at 65 mph on the highway using regular gas.

Maria H. | 2014-12-22

We took our 2004 XC70 Volvo wagon in for its 120,000 mile service, and my 3 month old came down with a pretty nasty cough. When I spoke with PAtrick in the service department and asked if we could delay pick up due to having only one driver at home (myself, at home with sick baby). He was first of all incredibly polite and courteous in general, but secondly offered to drive my car my house, so we wouldn't have to figure out picking the car up!! That is customer service!

c t. | 2014-12-09

We bought a 2014 S60 on Black Friday. Armando Nieves was our salesperson and he was just perfect. My husband was not looking forward to the 'adventure', dreading it actually, but we had such a great experience, I had to make a review about how well it went. Armando was so professional and attentive and we felt totally comfortable talking with him about our options and trusting that he would take care of all of the details.

We love our new S60.

Hao T. | 2014-11-29

Rude and worst customer service ever!!! Glad I didn't buy a car from these guys. Guess what?! I'm going to take my $$$ to bmw where I feel that they deserve it!

12/1 Thanks for the offer Molly but car has been bought and trust me, I will not return to Autonation Volvo or ANY Volvo dealership.

Monica B. | 2014-11-26

I went here the first time a month ago for a steering line leak, a timing belt and front brake pads. $2,600. I paid by cash and check. Patrick is an awesome service rep and deserves recognition. It was a great experience free courtesy car.

Second time around I spent $2,200 on new shocks and struts. They fixed my car fast and it was done almost the same day. I go to pick up my car and pay $1,000 on a credit card and try to write a check for $1,100 and the cashier wouldn't take my check, I felt based on my appearance on that day. I am in a custody dispute from hell and the last thing I needed was judgment from the cashier about my check.

It was embarrassing and it made me feel not welcome there and I felt like an idiot for spending $5k at a shop that treated me like my check was not good.

I will not go back there. Sorry Patrick.

Mara B. | 2014-11-22

Got my first Volvo here!
I have nothing but good things to say about the experience we had in this dealership. Came in to look for an XC60 that I've been eyeing for. Jeff Cox helped us find a pre owned 2013. We felt we had a great deal on the car without the hassle of a pushy salesperson. Everyone here are very nice & they will take care of you. Highly recommended.

Howard B. | 2014-11-05

Fred Saboori did an outstanding job getting us the exact Volvo XC60 that we wanted, finding it at a port in Southern California and keeping us updated on its progress getting to the dealership. When it was clear the car would be delayed, he dropped off a temporary XC60 for our usage over 50 miles away. When our new car finally arrived, he drove the same 50 miles to walk us through the final paperwork and introduce us to all of the features of our new XC60.

Pelle K. | 2014-10-29

Big Thanks to Jeffrey Cox,

High professionalism and very nice overall experience to buy our new car from Jeff. Also beeing new to USA we really needed a lot of help to navigate all paperwork, something we got great help with despite beeing after closing hours.

Tom C. | 2014-10-26

I haven't written many reviews, but felt compelled to share my wife's and my positive experience at AutoNation Volvo. We live about 75 minutes away, so we didn't want to waste half a day at a car dealership.

From the moment we walked on to the lot, we were treated with courtesy, respect, and professionalism. Our original contact was Edwin, who was already working with other customers. My first thought was "oh no, now we have to wait around, as he will want to keep us for himself". Quite the contrary, Edwin introduced himself, as well as his associate, Jerwin. He said that Jerwin would take great care of us, which he did.

We went for a test drive, and Jerwin was quite knowledgable, even though we were buying a pre-owned Hyundai, and not a Volvo. He was never high pressure, but helped in any way he could.

The best part of the entire process was the fact that AutoNation Volvo prices their cars fairly, even competitively. Armed with info from Kelly Blue Book, Edmunds, etc., I already knew we were getting a more than fair deal. My only worry was that there would be hundreds (if not more) in tacked on fees, etc. Such was not the case. There was only an $80 doc fee, which for me is well worth it if it means I don't stand in line at the DMV for 3 hours!

In the end, it was a great, no-haggle experience. And the icing on the cake was that the car came freshly detailed and topped off with fuel!

Highly recommended!


Kelsey M. | 2014-08-19

This review is related to a routine maintenance experience. Short review: I do not recommend taking your Volvo here -- overpriced, unorganized and unprofessional.

While it's expected that anything on a Volvo will be more expensive than other cars, I still think the prices here are outrageous. I took my car in for a basic 7,500 mile check and was told it would be ~$200 just to replace oil and look under the hood. In the essence of time and convenience I conceded thinking that for that price I would, at the very least, get good service. They assured I would get my car washed (when I asked they responded with 'of course' as if it were even silly to suggest otherwise). I then got a call later saying I had run over a nail and had to get my tired patched for $50 (which should typically be anywhere from free to $20).

When I got back, I noticed that something I had specifically requested hadn't been done yet, and my 'freshly cleaned' car had water and dirt spots everywhere, and had grease stains (which were a lovely new addition) all over it. Even the shuttle driver who works there asked what happened to my car and rolled his eyes in camaraderie. They ended up sending it back to be rewashed and had me wait inside. Inside was hectic with agents speaking loudly to customers about invoice disputes with incredulously frustrated tones. Once I got outside to see my freshly re-washed car I asked to borrow a rag and dried off excess water and dirt and dusted the windows myself while they watched.

Luckily, the service agent I worked with was incredibly nice, genuine and wonderful and is at zero fault that my experience today will keep me from returning.

Pamela B. | 2014-08-13

First time looking at Volvos, came to test drive the V60.  Jerwin answered all our questions and took us out.  Very personable and no pressure.  Came back a second time and fell for the XC60.  Again Jerwin helped us.  Third visit we bought the XC60.  Easiest buying experience we have ever had, got a discount being Costco members.  Also traded in our car and got a fair price.  Jerwin was AWESOME and great experience.  We love our new Volvo!!

Henry M. | 2014-08-10

I have long hated car shopping because the salesmen have variously been devious or lacked knowledge about what they were selling.  This was a VERY different experience.  Salesman Jeff Cox actually LISTENED to what I wanted and was exceptionally knowledgeable about the car I bought -- a hot V60 R-Design wagon.  He got me an excellent deal, was patient about explaining the complex electronics of the car, and was conscientious about follow-up.  Jeff is a gem!

Danielle M. | 2014-08-05

Great experience. Jeff Cox was great but super busy with like 3 car sales at the same time. I definitely think more sales staff could improve the experience. Overall fantastic tho. I love my car

Bruce N. | 2014-06-27

Just bought a new XC70 and was very impressed with the quality of service and knowledge of Volvo cars and their competitors from Fred Saboori and his management. We struck a fair deal for both of us in a short period of time including a trade-in of our 1998 V70 Volvo. They were very respectful of the research we had done ahead of time on price for the new XC70 and the value of the trade-in which made closing the deal very efficient. I strongly recommend this dealership as an efficient, quality place to buy a new car; Volvo cars for their superior safety features, longevity, good handling and overall quality of workmanship; and Fred Saboori for handling customers in a gracious manner while providing knowledgeable guidance through all aspects of the car buying process!

Paul K. | 2014-06-15

This review is for buying a new car only..

We worked with Jeff Cox.  Jeff was extremely patient with us, explaining the details of each feature of the car for my wife, working through the differences between the model we originally we looking at and another he had on the lot.  In the end, we chose an optioned V60, and they were able to offer an interest rate below the best rate I had found from local banks/credit unions.  That, with our costco membership, they were able to further reduce the interest rate and offer a very competitive price on an extended warranty.

All in all, a great buying experience.  Now, if we could all just figure out a way to make it go quicker!

Song H. | 2014-06-04

Our family bought a new V70 when this was Smythe Volvo. We also have a XC90 and both our cars have been coming here for service for a long time. The buying experience was average, but the service experience has been really good.

Most of the time the service is great, but every once in a while something goes awry. Our service advisor is Eileen and she's a pleasure to work with. Sometimes she's hard to reach but when I do reach her, she really takes care of us.

I really like that they can arrange for a loaner car if given proper notice (I drive about 36 miles to get to them so hitching a ride is hard). I also like that they are very thorough when telling you about upcoming service items and recommendations. I sometimes think they are a bit aggressive/conservative. One time they suggested a head gasket replacement because there was signs of oil. Well, over 20,000 miles later I've kept checking the oil and there's no oil loss. The head gasket would have been $4K! So there are super cautious and that's good, but some of the prices can scare you.

After becoming AutoNation, I really like that I can see my service history and make appointments online. I had been keeping my records manually.

I also like how they list very clearly the recommendation and prices on the service sheets they provide. One thing I wonder about is pricing. They are a bit expensive. Sometimes I take their recommendations and do the work myself or get some local mechanics do the work. However, I think it is worth it for periodic services since they diagnose things so throughly. There are also a few unique factory items that I like to have the dealer perform. For those items, I just grin and bear it.

Overall, a very good experience. A bit expensive, but worth it if you weigh the advice given and proceed accordingly.

Kk .. | 2014-05-29

I used to like this place and the service has always been good but  I stopped going because their rates were outrageous.  They said they are competitive, but the mean only competitive with other rip off auto row rates.  $300 for a brake fluid flush?  Ridiculous.  They say they will price match but why not just give a fair price to begin with?  Because their goal is to make as much money off you as they possibly can, ala Las Vegas.  Wish their approach was more honest, because I'd still be customer.

Carol C. | 2014-04-30

Purchased our Volvo here 10 years ago and have serviced it here ever since.. Have never had anything but top customer service and excellent work.

Andrew W. | 2014-04-23

This was the best car buying experience my wife and I ever had.  Between the two of us, we have purchased over 15 cars. From Mazdas to Mercedes, Fords to BMWs.  The Volvo dealership was professional and knowledgeable.  I highly recommend seeking out Oliver - he was our sales guy.  He made the whole process easy and flawless.  As far the our new Volvo - fantastic!  I highly recommend including Volvo in your search for cars.  Thank you Volvo, and thank you Oliver.

David S. | 2014-04-16

Here's the latest about the practices at AutoNation Volvo.  ALERT TO CONSUMERS

Our check engine light came on so we took the Volvo in.  It was our O2 sensors, and the estimate to replace them was $1150.  We called another Swedish mechanic who we know and trusted from previous experiences with our SAAB and Volvo.  He quoted us $650.

HERE'S THE SCARY PART:  When we called AutoNation back to tell them we'd be picking the car up because we got a quote for $650, they lowered their price to $850.

Make of it what you will.  I call it bad business, boarderline unethical.

PS thank you for cleaning our tires.

Isabella M. | 2014-04-10

We purchased Volvo s 60 from the
Autonation Volvo on Stevens Creek.
We had a very good experience with our
Sales person Ed Willis and managers Jose
And Rick. They were understanding to our
Demands to buy a certain car for good price
And terms.  Ed Willis inspected our car and found
A tiny scratch smaller than a needle and made sure
Ithat it will be fixed. It's a very good group of good professional


David H. | 2014-01-31

Recently interacted with Oliver in sales.  He was very helpful throughout the entire exchange and reasonable when discussing pricing.  Rick, the GM, was also helpful with a couple questions I had subsequent to the purchase.  All in all, highly recommend.

Jae R. | 2014-01-17

Jason is my mechanic over here! He's been taking great care of my 2000 Volvo T6 =) He's honest and really cares about my concerns! Eileen is my financial rep! She's great too! She gets my appts scheduled and takes care of my paperwork flawlessly!

Jay B. | 2014-01-16

Buyer Beware!

I should have started using Yelp more regularly before I bought my car here, so I could have read the overwhelmingly negative reviews.  After reading through some of these, my experience doesn't seem all that different from many others...

So I purchased a used car here and became a 1st time Volvo owner.   Within 90 days, the car begins to stall randomly while driving (neighborhood, highway, low speeds, high speeds).  I bring the car into the AutoNation Volvo service department and later that day, they tell me the $219 diagnostic check didn't reveal anything, but they're pretty sure the problem is with the Fuel Pressure Sensor and the total repair will be $727.  Immediately, I smell something fishy... I know a little bit about cars and there's a myriad of things that could cause the car to stall at random intervals, so why are they specifically pointing to a Fuel Pressure Sensor when the diagnostic check yielded nothing conclusive???  So I go online to research known issues with my particular make/model of Volvo and lo and behold, the Fuel Pressure Sensor failure has been on-going for years.

I explained to the Service Dept that I don't think it's fair the dealership sold me a defective car less than 90 days ago and to turn around and charge me $727 to have it fixed.  If they were serious about keeping a 1st time Volvo buyer happy, they should simply fix it and I'll be on my way.  Further, I wanted the GM in the loop on this, because I couldn't imagine he/she would be okay with this situation, especially when they sold me a car with a well-known issue.  Well, to make a long story short, my service advisor nor the GM could give a rats @$$ about my pleas for customer satisfaction.  Either I pay them or they're not fixing it.

If this were some random part failure, I assure you I wouldn't have a problem paying a fair sum to repair any used car.  That simply comes with the territory.  If I were running the show at AutoNation Volvo, I'd fix the known safety issues before selling these cars to the general public.   Especially, for something as simple as a Fuel Pressure Sensor which costs them about ~$100 each, plus 45 to 60 min of labor.  Then again, if they fixed the FPS ahead of time, they couldn't charge $727 down the road.  Oh well... anything to make a buck.

So I end up taking my car to a local Volvo repair shop near my office (they're everywhere in the Bay Area, just Google it) where they charged me a palatable $342 all in, along with a 3 year warranty.  Moral of the story, if you buy an out-of-warranty vehicle from AutoNation Volvo, don't waste your time/money bringing it there for repair... do a little research and save yourself some cash and a lot of disappointment.

Carrine J. | 2014-01-14

After reading all of the negative reviews on yelp, I was a bit hesitant to come in and almost changed my appointment to a different Volvo dealership. However, I was in need of replacement front brake pads and was told that mine were 95% worn out.  This was one of the only dealerships that were open on Saturday and had last minute appointments.  The lady that answered the phone to make my appointment wasn't too friendly.  I drove from San Francisco to get it done and she forgot to put me down as a "waiter" so my promised time to get the car back was 3:30pm!! My appointment was at 9:30am!!!

My service agents (Aaron and Eric) were both very friendly and knowledgable and were able to get me in right away!  Although I came in to get my front brake pads replaced, after their diagnostics, I also had to replace my rear brake pads and battery. BUMMER because I wasn't planning on spending that much money.  Regardless, Aaron and Eric were both really great when explaining why I really needed to also replace these two items and made sure that I understood everything.  Although my bill was a lot more than anticipated, I was happy to get everything done in only 3 hours!  Plus they threw in a free car wash!  

I'd definitely return to work with Aaron and Eric!

Some additional pluses: free wifi, cool new coffee machine

Stefany V. | 2013-12-25

I purchased a Volvo out of state over the summer and have been dealing with a battery issue recently- finally caved and took it here for service earlier this week.

Had talked extensively with my original dealership and mechanic about the issue I was dealing with and had narrowed it down to the precise issue- only to get blindsided by the information that I'd be incurring a $220 "diagnostic fee" when I dropped my car off- in addition to being told that my appointment and notes were not in the system at all.
I was not pleased and made that clear, and the employee I worked with was polite and apologetic about their policies.

Ultimately received a call at 5PM that they had finally found the problem- and it was the problem I'd said. Work would be completed the following day.  No worries.

Received call the following morning that work was completed and was done so complimentary due to the customer service issue- that's where they earned that extra star in their rating! What started off as a poor CS situation was appropriately and fairly rectified- just had to upload software to stop a parasitic drain.

Was asked if I would like my 60K service done while I was in ($360)- I found this steep and declined, but did say I was up for an oil change- which was an (unsurprisingly high) $100. I've used dealerships for synthetic changes before and have maxed out at the $75-80 price tag, so perhaps this one prices out at the higher end in general? I do not have a local mechanic to compare prices with but feel that is high. Considering work done overall, I am willing to pay it and am looking forward to picking up my S40!

andy w. | 2013-12-25

I bought my S60 from these guys. I chose this brand because they treated me with excellent service. No sales pitches, no pressure (unlike other dealers on Stevens Creek)..

Carolyn D. | 2013-11-28

Oliver helped me buy my car. He was very courteous and answered all my questions. I have absolutely nothing to complain about. The following week I made arrangements to have the Lo-Jack installed and found everyone in that department to be helpful and kind. All the work was done to specifications and on time. Everyone I encountered,introduced themselves and shook my hand and smiled. I do believe this to be the beginning of a lovely relationship.

Micah S. | 2013-11-15

I was deeply disappointed by this dealership. In short, I called inquiring about a specific car and was lured in with lies and half truths about financing, trade-in value of my current car, and sale price of the car I wanted to buy. I felt totally manipulated and encourage anyone reading this to go to any of the other Volvo dealerships in Palo Alto, Burlingame, SF, Marin, or Walnut Creek. I can't imagine any other dealership being as dishonest as AutoNation Volvo San Jose. Seriously, take your business to another Volvo dealership.

George M. | 2013-11-05

Just bought a used Volvo from AutoNation and we love our car. The staff was great and while we may have paid a little more then we wanted the car was in very good shape and got a 60 day warranty too.

Karsten T. | 2013-10-14

Generally satisfied with the dealership.
I bought a less than one year old C70 out of their courtesy pool while I was a looking at a similar car that was on sale at Enterprise.  The Internet process was actually not that successful - they almost lost the sale because they failed to point out the different length of warranty and services they were offering.

Once I went to the dealership I was working with a more experienced sales manager, Jeffery.  A little bit of the usual haggling, but nothing extreme.   I got a decent deal although I paid more than I was prepared to.   Jeffery was always on top of his email or phone messages during and after the sale when I had some follow up questions.  Overall the treatment was very personal and courteous.

THe one point of improvement is the actual signing procedure - you have to walk over to the nearby Mercedes dealership under renovation.  Adds 30 min to an already lengthy closing process.

Overall I would recommend this dealership - getting a car out of the courtesy pool is a good deal vs buying a new car.  Do ask for Jeffery.  Their service offering seems to be superior compared to other Volvo dealerships (courtesy car, Saturday service), I do not have first hand experience yet though.

Melissa M. | 2013-10-01

My 2004 Volvo was in for 7.5K mile service with April, who is ALWAYS FANTASTIC! April and I chatted because I was on the fence about whether or not to get the fixes done or just trade in. April recommend me to Oliver.

Oliver was AMAZING! He made the experience so easy. Not only did I feel super informed, but there was no pressure. It was the buying experience I had not had up until this time. He walked me through each process so I knew exactly what to expect and gave me a super deal on both my trade in and new vehicle. I ended up with a car I am obsessed with...LOVE it! Oliver even went so far to follow me to meet up with my husband to complete paperwork, then spent more time going through the technology package on the XC60 T6. How this guy knows all of this stuff is SUPER impressive.

So, if you are going in for service- see April. If you are going in to purchase a Volvo, Oliver is THE guy!!!!

C. W. | 2013-09-15

Prepare to get scammed.  Went in looking to purchase a 2013 S60, had been shopping around with other dealers, so knew what the price should be.  Not only did was their price over $2000 more then other dealers, they tried to get us to finance with them, when Volvo financing had lower interest rates and an 3 month free payment incentive.  Ain't nobody got time for that.

Beatrice R. | 2013-09-14

I just bought a 2013 T60 from Essie at Auto Nation Volvo and my experience was fantastic! Essie and I spent 4 days going back and forth over pricing and he did everything to make me happy! I feel that all the sales people and management, including Brian who did my paperwork at Mercedes, were all very competent, welcoming and knowledgeable. Very excited for my years with this car and looking forward to further working with the staff at AutoNation Volvo!

msp r. | 2013-09-01

First let me start off by saying that i recently purchased my 5th volvo, the third from SJ Volvo.
Rick and Ed (internet sales rep) were great, i got a fantastic price from them on a 2014 XC70 that was still "on the boat" from Sweden when they reserved the car for me.  

These two guys are so patient, i called and emailed them weekly on the arrival of my car and when it finally arrived, they even delivered it to my home so we didnt have to go to the dealer to sign the paperwork.

BTW despite what you read here about the service department, they are great. April is amazing and she's honest, you really feel that she cares about you and your car.

that said, you dont buy a Volvo because they are cheap to maintain, if thats what you want go buy a toyota or honda. You get a volvo because they are safe. what price can you put on the safety of you and your family? i guess thats for you to decide.

John B. | 2013-07-06

First, let me say that my wife has been a fan since she bought her S40 in 2009. She drives from Monterey to have it serviced because Terry and April are great and very professional and overall, the car has had very few problems. Buying the car was a very positive experience. That is why I give them 2 stars instead of just one.

Shift forward to now after change in name and management. I won't detail my experience but find the sales force there to be archaic, incompetent and rude and suggest if you want a Volvo use a broker or go up their food chain to find someone who knows how to be professional and responsible with their communication. You can find their corporate leadership online and I'd go to the head of the class if you want a Volvo rather than deal directly with the clowns at this dealership. Caveat emptor!

Kristy T. | 2013-06-29

My Mom and I had been test driving cars trying to find the right one for a month or so. Our last test drive was Volvo because we were sold once we started talking with Oliver. He was really helpful, patient, and genuine going through all the options with us - between leasing and buying a new or used car. There were three parts that really struck me

1) Oliver pointed out that there aren't many Volvo's at used car dealerships because they don't break down and don't need a lot of maintenance
2) Volvo's only need the 87 gas grade
3) at first, I didn't want to buy a new car, a used car would've been fine with me, but Volvo also provides 3 years (or 36,000 miles) maintenance (oil changes, etc)

Admittedly, at the time we went in (no appointment), the APR was very high. However, a couple weeks passed and Oliver surprised us with a phone call stating that he found an APR that was less than half of the original offer so we jumped on it immediately before the APR increased again. Oliver even drove to my work so that I could sign the papers!

It's been about three weeks and we still love the new Volvo - we really feel this is a long term investment just like our Nissan Pathfinder which recently hit 200,00 miles after 12 years with us and is still going strong.

L.K. E. | 2013-05-30

I am a long-time Volvo owner and  I have had  2 Volvos serviced at Smythe for the past 8 years.  I have  been very satisfied with the service and with the personnel. I have had several different service advisors over the years and I have been satisfied with all of them. I have never felt that work was performed which was not needed.  An independent repair shop might be less costly than Smythe, but I am more comfortable with the dealership as I know that they use genuine Volvo parts, and that the mechanics are trained specifically for Volvos.  I also like the generous policy with respect to providing loaner cars.  
I recently traded in my S60 for an S80. I think I got a very good deal on my trade-in and a good price for the S80.  I was very pleased with the salesman, Essie Asfshar. He was very friendly and very knowledgeable about the dealership's inventory, and the details of the various models.  He was particularly helpful and patient with respect to explaining and demonstrating the various "tech" features which were new to me. I highly recommend him to anyone contemplating buying a car at Smythe.

Ted H. | 2013-04-29

This place is the worst. The sales team is completely incompetent. They don't follow through on appointments scheduled ahead of time and they don't honor prices they've verbally committed during the sales process. AVOID

natalya t. | 2013-04-23

Just bought a new Volvo XC90 - had nice no hassle experience with Jeff; price matched on-line offers; Jeff was very polite, no pressure, helpful, even drove the new car home for us

James J. | 2013-04-02

Buyer Beware! Before buying a car at Smythe Volvo, I would highly suggest you look elsewhere. For one, they are controlled by a big company mentality, and do not look out for the customer. Two, they will do whatever it takes to get the sale done, including  lying to you about whats covered on your Warranty.  After you make the purchase, and reality sits-in, you drive off in your car and everything you discussed and agreed to also flies straight out the window, especially around the warranty and what it covers. Once something happens, they will make up stories that don't make any sense just to justify why they shouldn't cover it; or isn't covered. Here's a couple lessons learned: (A) never buy from this dealership again (B) these guys are liars, especially their management team. My overall experience with this dealership was like dealing with the Keystone Cops.

Gingahh p. | 2013-02-18

I called ahead of time and was connected to Ehsan A. in regards to purchasing a Volvo XC60.  The last time I purchased my S40 was 10 years ago, it's time for a change. Ehsan was knowledgable and helfpul on the phone. We made an appointment and Ehsan had the car ready as discussed on our phone chat, what I was looking for etc. We test drove it, looked at our options; however we had some concerns with the price but the Smythe team worked with us. I'm happy with my XC60 and will enjoy this investment for years to come and knowing that my family is safe in this vehicle!

Antoine T. | 2013-01-15

I called the parts department to ask about a turbo sensor and I was spoken to very rudely. I asked to speak to the manager and was put on hold for 10 minutes before I hung up. I called back and was told the manager was on lunch. I asked why then was I put on hold for 10 minutes. The parts attendant told me that it takes 10 minutes to find the manager. Sure I do not know about Volvo parts but I do not deserve to be spoken to rudely and given the run around when I request to speak to the manager.

Sharon N. | 2013-01-11

I called in about a service question and the guy was totally condescending.  If I'm calling to ask you about issues I'm having with the car and want to understand my options, you're suppose to provide your expert advice in a helpful and friendly manner that would make me compelled tand excited to come in, not go elsewhere!

Paul G. | 2013-01-02

I had a very positive experience with this dealership.

I first contacted them through the internet.  Jeffery Cox is the internet sales guy and he was very responsive, finding the exact car I thought I wanted and quoting a price that was spot on what Edmunds suggested.  I was out of the country, and they were willing to hold the car if I sent a deposit, but I decided to wait until I got back.  Jeffery send me a couple of emails over the next few weeks - not pestering - more nice inquiries if I was still on track.

I had actually changed my mind and wanted to buy an Audi, but I had the opposite experience with the Audi dealer.  They  simply would not engage over the internet, and when I went to visit them (I could not schedule an appointment), no one was available to help.  

So I went to Volvo. Drove the XC 60 I thought I wanted, also drove a S60 and decided I liked it better.  We walked all over the lot and storage lot and found a color I liked. The deal was easy.  I looked up the recommended price at Edmunds (which was below invoice) and they quickly accepted (with a couple of tweaks and add-ons). Jeffery even went with me to the airport to drop off my rental car.

If you are moving to the area from overseas, Jeffrey Cox is the guy you want to be dealing with.

Cyndie M. | 2012-12-05

Women beware!

I took my Volvo C70 in for a scheduled service.  About an hour after I had dropped off my car I received a call from Mike the service rep who informed me that the radiator fluid needed to be changed and that the rear brake pads and rotors needed to be replaced.  He told me that the fluid was about $96.00 and the brake jobs was well over $600.00.  I told him to change the radiator fluid but that I had a friend of the family who would perform the brake service.  I took my car to my friend the next day for the brake service.  He called me back and informed me that the brakes were fine and did not need any work at all.  He said that they weren't even half way worn out.

I will never trust Smythe Volvo ever again.  I have a lot of questions but the main one is I wonder if Mike was attempting to take advantage of me because I am a woman.  Why would they tell me I needed the brake service if I didn't need it?  

Cyndie M.

Janice E. | 2012-09-14

I would not recommend this dealership to anyone. This is by far the worst experience my husband and I have ever had with a car dealership. Not only did the dealership give our loan to the wrong company, they also never registered our car...8 months later we are dealing with the registration. I am thoroughly disappointed that I am spending time out of my precious maternity leave with my newborn at the DMV for vin verification (this is so not my problem) and now a ticket for expired registration.  I am looking into reporting this dealership to the Better Business Bureau. I have NEVER been so frustrated with purchasing a car. If I could, I would give the car back and buy from another dealer.

Christine O. | 2012-09-05

if you're interested in getting a Volvo, I'd highly recommend going to see Ed at Smythe Volvo.  He provides the highest level of integrity and commitment to his customers and makes sure he understands what your expectations are so that he can offer you the most appropriate fit for your needs.

I love my car and I know that I'm not just a customer with Ed -- I'm excited about  my new relationship with Ed and Smythe Volvo!!

Marilynn B. | 2012-07-29

Great  bunch of guys to work with.  From 1st visit to day of purchase, these guys were awesome!   Jeff promised a mature sales staff...and he was right.  Wasn't sure if I could make the deal work. And they were patient with me and we got to the right  number where we were both comfortable,  The finance department was fast and efficient.   I think I met everyone there - Jeff, Ed, Rick , Roberto and Jim in finance, all very professional!    I hope my future meetings will be as pleasant.  I would recommend them to anyone.

Emir P. | 2012-07-21

This would be my first time at this Volvo dealership. I was here for a 7,500 mile (equivalent) service.  Comes with Level 1 service for $139. I really didn't care for any of that except for the "complimentary" software update that comes with it. I really needed to know if it would do anything for my car's transmission  since it's showing some harsh shifting and hoping real hard that the update would make it go away. But it didn't. If anything it's a little worse than it was.
Which service pack? I don't know either
I can't really tell if they did or did not but base on how my car was returned to me, it seems that they didn't.
Driver presets were still the same. Clock, Radio stations and Seat memory. I was expecting all the settings to be affected by the software update. It's  kind of like taking your battery connection off for 15 minutes and putting it back on.
I guess I'll never know. I'm not really sure why they wouldn't. Maybe to save labor hours??? They charge one hour for a half an hour job though. Hmm...

My service adviser's Customer Service was good though.

Susan S. | 2012-05-30

I recently purchased a 'used' 2012 Volvo S60 (to replace my 2001 S60) from Smythe Volvo.  I love those cars!

Although I had initially contacted Ed Willis, he was not working the day I went to see the 'perfect' car.  So, I inherited Anthony Giannosa who was wonderful, a great salesman, so easy to work with.  In the past I have found Smythe to be a bit uneven ...  customer communication is an area that could be improved.  The service managers can seem dour while the sales managers can appear to be a bit slick.  That is why Anthony impressed me; he was clear and direct, full of facts and comparisons, had an easy low-key style (even smiled as we chatted), and/ but knew when it was time for him to step back and be quiet, letting me walk around, look at cars, think.  

I bought my perfect car and Anthony was the professional who made this a good experience for me.

Roy C. | 2012-05-27

Went looking for a midsize SUV for the wife. Went to Lexus, Audi, Land Rover, and Infinity. However, we said, might as well check Volvo. And are we glad we did! We got a great deal for a 2012 white XC60  AWD with the help of Ed, who was awesome! Never pressured us, gave us all the info, and even let us test drive all the different classes of the XC60. And even though we were about to 80% sure we were going to buy the SUV that same day, he recommended we sleep on it and come back the next day to decide. The other dealerships were great, minus Audi who are arrogant people, but Volvo overall from theyre front desk to sales to financing were top notch!

janis p. | 2012-05-23

Horrendous service.  Horrendous customer service.  I was set up for a 3 month check up and sent home after waiting for 45 minutes because they didn't want to see me until 6 months.  I went back at 6 months and in addition to my regular service, I had to have my CD player replaced because it didn't work from the start.  The CD player rattles constantly so now I have to have it serviced AGAIN.  That's four visits (since I had to leave my car there for an entire day) when nothing should be wrong with a brand new car.

Richard N. | 2012-04-15

Second Visit  -  Better Results....

...This review is only about a taking a test drive before buying a car...

Our choice for a new car has narrowed down to an Infiniti EX-35 Journey AWD and Volvo XC-60 T6 Platinum.  I called Smythe Volvo to schedule a return visit with "Essi", but Frank, another salesman who answered the phone, said Essi was recently reassigned elsewhere.  Whoa!  That really was "recent".  My wife and I just met the guy a few weeks ago.  Anyway, we arranged to see Frank in about an hour.

At Smythe, Frank apologized for running over in a previous meeting and asked Anthony Giannosa to help us.  Although we were not buying any car until mid or late May, he patiently waited in the back seat while I got a better handle on the navigation system and some of the other controls.  Then we drove a few blocks to Kiely Blvd...onto 280 for 3 exits to De Anza Blvd and back to the dealership where Anthony outlined some of the cargo features we mentioned were important.  The drive was a bit longer than the one with Essi and Anthony was definitely more talkative and conversational.

In the showroom, we asked Anthony if the Service Department was available for us to check out.  The door was unlocked so we went inside and he outlined some of the advantages offered by Volvo and Smythe, in particular.  One thing I didn't realize was they've got use of 15 service bays at Smythe European, the Mercedes dealer a few blocks away, in addition to 8 bays inside Smythe Volvo.

Our impression walking away from our follow-up test drive was the same with the's a fine machine...but better about the salesman.  Anthony seemed open, communicative and helpful.  If we go all the way, I'll see how the purchase process puts things to the test.

John A. | 2012-03-17

Really, really, really good shopping experience. I musty have visited 10 dealers over the course of a couple of months looking for the perfect car, so when I say I was blown away by Jeff at Smythe Volvo, I'm speaking as a veteran (this isn't the first car I've bought, either -- I'm 72). Jeff was straightforward, knowledgeable, friendly and easy to work with. I feel like I got an excellent car at an excellent price, and met a nice guy to boot. I've never felt a need to write a review of a dealership or a salesman, but in this case I do. If you're in the market, check Smythe Volvo out, and look for Jeff.

Bob S. | 2012-01-04

I usually have good experience here with my usual Service Advisor, Eilleen, but today I had this guy named Terry. It was terrible, I was waiting for him for a good 20 minutes.  On top of that, I think I paid for brake job that might not b needed at all.  They claim that the rotor is .5 mm too thin?  Rally .5 mm too thin? And claimed it was a safety issue.  In addition, I have been complaining about this noise coming from the brake area before the warranty had expired and they said they could not find it,  Now that it's out of warranty, all of the sudden they are confident it's due to the rotor.  Man, something does not smell right and I feel like I just been suckered.

Irene L. | 2011-05-30

I've been searching for a new car for about 2 months now & I have been to Smythe once or twice (or three times) in the past month. FRANK is super nice & awesome. Please ask for him if you're in the market for a Volvo. Definitely will go out of his way to help you w/ any questions, return your calls (immediately), etc & is POLITE. All the other salesman are okay too, but aren't as genuine and awesomely nice as Frank. However, Jose (the manager) is rude & tries to be intimidating. I find Rick (the other manager) SLIGHTLY more pleasant than Jose. I LOVE my new 2011 S40! :)
All the service advisors are pretty friendly with the exception of Terry. Dealing with him is like a horrible root canal. lol

Biggie V. | 2011-05-13

Our car buying experience was great. Our salesman was polite and did not put a lot of pressure on use to buy a car. Haggling was also as pleasant as could be.

The reason for the 2 star rating is the service department. We purchased Volvo's aftermarket DVD entertainment system for our XC90. When my wife came in to have Smythe install the system she encountered the service adviser Terry. Terry greeted my wife with "I have no idea what I amsuppose to do with this car!" My wife's excitement of having a new car was immediately crushed by this douche. Terry then walked into his office to "check it out." The service manager witnessed the encounter and asked my wife if everything was okay. Obviously it wasn't and my wife assigned another service adviser, Mike. Mike was great each and every time we had to take our car in for service.

My other gripe is, we seemed to always run into "your car is due for it's xx,xxx mile scheduled service" when we would bring our car in for an oil change. We never seemed to escape with our shelling out at least $150-$350 every 7500 miles. I would look at the service invoice and I could see a lot of 'checked the brake wear' but no actual service except for the oil change. Seemed like a racket to me.

We have since sold our XC90 gas hog and bought something else.

Holly A. | 2011-03-09

My boyfriend and I drove an hour down there to look at one of there "specials" listed on their website. We get there and walk around looking for it for a while with nobody coming out to help. We finally go inside and ask a guy and he tells us that it has been sold. We ask how long ago it was sold, thinking it must have been very recently since we saw it's listing that day, and he replies, "Ohhhh, like, quite a while ago". He asked another guy to make sure and then walked us aimlessly around outside looking for something similar. He barely spoke to us and when he did, he sounded like he was high. The lot is tiny and they didn't even know their own inventory or manager their website! Such an unproffesional dealer. We went across the street and were immediately taken care of, given hot chocolate, and shown many good options. Stay away from Smythe!

Amy O. | 2011-02-13

Have only been here for service - twice. Mike my service advisor is great...always excellent customer service and excellent work. Shuttle service is also easy to use. Smythe makes getting your car serviced easy!!

Helen W. | 2011-02-11

I bought my car (XC70) in September 2010 from Jeff Cox- and he was amazing.  Above and beyond the call of duty- really.  

First, as a stay-at-home mom, it was challenging test driving with the munchkin.  Seriously, I had been looking at cars for over a year because of the situation.  However, Jeff made it easy- I would move the car seat, and he would entertain the kid while I got the car seat sorted out.  (And no, I don't trust just anyone with my child, but Jeff made me comfortable with the situation, and my kid had a ball with him.)  

Second, I wasn't sure I could afford a Volvo, even though I really liked them.  Again, Jeff worked with me, to find a used model that had everything, plus more, that I could afford.

Lastly, again because of the lack of childcare issues, Jeff brought a lot of the paperwork to my house.  He lives in the same city as we do, but it made my purchase sooooo much easier on me.

Now I have an awesome car, and it was a pleasant experience dealing with Jeff Cox of Smythe!  (I never thought I would write that about a car dealer/dealership!)

Now I just hope that the service department is reasonable when the time comes....

WHIRLYBIRD W. | 2011-01-31

I took my baby ( S60R) in for some new brakes.  Mike had them replaced and had me back on the road the same day.  Love this car and love the service I got at this dealership!

Lisa N. | 2011-01-11

After a horrific experience here two years ago (in which I was brought to tears after they charged me $150 to tell me my gas cap wasn't screwed on tight enough), I was extremely hesitant to take my Volvo here again for service.  However, it was to the point where I was afraid to drive my car and couldn't get an appointment anywhere else.

My service advisor was April and she was very pleasant and professional.  She explained exactly what I needed fixed and gave me an estimate that turned out to be pretty close to the actual final price.  

*They gave me a free loaner to drive while my car was being repaired.
* Open weekends and longer weekday hours than most independent shops.
* The estimate was surprisingly very close to estimates I got from other smaller, local shops.
* Obviously going to the Volvo dealer guarantees the use of authentic Volvo parts.  You can't always be sure of this at independent shops.

* They advertise that you can make an appointment online, but really that's only possible with one or two basic repair services they offer.  If you need something more specific or complex, you have to call.
* I asked if they would give me a discount if I paid in cash (my bill was a whopping $1,700 for a new auxillary drive belt, timing belt, and 6 ignition coils).  They said no.  That's a little ridiculous.  I knew it was going to be expensive (that's the nature of owning a Volvo), and was prepared to pay it, but at those prices they should offer some sort of discount or incentive to pay in cash instead of credit card.

All in all, I'll probably come here again for major repairs and scheduled maintenance.  For the little things like tire rotation, oil changes, etc., I'll stick with Midas and America's Tire.

Jenny B. | 2011-01-04

We bought our V70 wagon from Frank.  He was so much fun yet helped us with every detail.  He knew everything about Volvo!  We have been working with Eileen in Service and I can't say enough about her.  She knows her stuff and in fact the cashiers are great too.  We have had Volvos for years and dealt with the dealership in Burlingame.  The experiences there were horrific!  We live closer to that location but it is worth the drive for the best!!!

Robin B. | 2010-12-28

I have to echo what Wonder Woman says about buying a car from Frank at Smythe Volvo.  I had a wonderful experience from start to finish - Frank and Rick were great to work with and took all the stress out of the car buying process.  I really walked away feeling like I got a great car at a great price.

If you're even remotely interested in purchasing a Volvo, you owe it to yourself to go see Frank at Smythe Volvo.

Marie S. | 2010-11-02

I have a 2007 XC90 and overall I am pleased with it.  I have had some issues (thankfully the vehicle is still under warranty) but Eileen in the service department is amazing.  I have called her on several occasions and she has always returned my calls----even if it's the next week.  There was one occasion when the part in my vehicle (the center armrest/storage between the driver and passenger seat) broke....originally they said that it was not covered but Eileen is taking care of us.  The maintenance is extremely expensive, however, I feel it's better to have a warranty on the work done than none at all.

ivo b. | 2010-10-17

My Volvo is an XC90.  During a period of 3 years about everything that can break has been broken in this car.  Two times transimission replacement, a new turbo, new airconditioning, replacing the steering mechanism, faulty installation of handsfree phone. You name it, it went wrong.  The local dealership at Stevens Creek provides you with  the worst customer experience I have ever gone through. The people at the reception desk can not care less about the problems you have.  The service people treat you as if you are an imbecil who does not understand anything of a car. I am driving a car for more than 40 years and have been using  several brands, the combination of Volvo and the dealership at Stevens Creek has been my worst experience ever.

Jennifer J. | 2010-08-31

I have left 2 voicemails (Saturday the 29th around 1pm and Tuesday the 31st) for the service departments appointment desk and have not received a phone call back.  I have a unique seatbelt problem that needs to be fixed and can't use their online appointment booking service.  I am shocked that both voicemails have gone unanswered.  I guess they don't want my money and should go to another local Volvo dealer/shop.

Wonder Woman M. | 2010-08-29

Forget what you've heard about car salesmen and go see Frank!  Frank is AWESOME!  He was patient, not pushy in the least, honest, and even let us bring our dog in so she could try out the XC60 to see if it indeed would haul our "Border Pointer".  Frank made buying my first brand new car a pleasure!

I am a die hard Volvo fanatic, so I knew the car is good, but Frank was the catalyst for our purchasing from Smythe and not looking elsewhere.  I am probably good for at least 10 years (probably longer) before I buy my next Volvo, but I hope the next time I have to shop for a car is as pleasurable as this time was.

Inge B. | 2010-06-22

I am very pleasantly surprised by Smythe's service department at this point.  Last week the "urgent - transmission service needed" indicator came on in my XC90.  Good Yelp-er that I am, I immediately researched both the indicator and the local dealerships (my car did come from Smythe originally).  
In my googling, I learned that this model and year has a known transmission problem.  Then I read the other, less-positive,  reviews of Smythe on Yelp, and braced for a battle.  I needn't have.
We never even had to mention the known transmission issue - the service rep, Eileen, informed us that it was a possibility of her own accord.  When the mechanics pulled the pan it was clear that our car was among those with the problem - Eileen handled everything through Volvo corporate and we will get our car back this Friday with a replaced transmission at no cost to us.
The folks at Smythe have been professional and helpful all through the process.
This will make it even harder for me to talk Mr. B. out of buying the nifty C30 courtesy car they gave us...

Dan W. | 2010-05-12

I have always had excellent service at this dealer, from buying my new C30 from Frank to getting it serviced.

I really like their loaner car service, I get to rry out a different Volvo, sort of an all day test drive. They have always been courteous and friendly to me.

Noelle J. | 2010-01-30

The World According to Noelle
Allergic Girl's Guide to Life

We decided we needed a new family car. So we came to Smythe Volvo and experienced excellent customer service from start to finish. We were able to purchase a brand new 2010 Volvo Wagon with Bi-Xenon headlights, Climate Package, and Stereo with HD Radio. I'm very happy with my new car and the excellent no pressure customer service.

K H. | 2009-12-17

I bought my Volvo from Smythe in 2001, as soon as it went out of warranty I switched to a trusted Volvo mechanic because dealers are ridiculously expensive (And my mechanic at Scandia in Sunnyvale  is great).    

My fuel pump was leaking, trusted mechanic checked it out and told me it is under a 10 year warranty and I should take it to the dealer.   I call Smythe, the Service Advisor,gave me a bit of attitude  (implication is trusted mechanic may not know what he is talking about) and says that MAYBE it is covered or MAYBE it is not.  

I found that attitude annoying and not helpful at all.  So i called Carlsen Volvo, they delivered essentially the same message but in a much nicer way, fixed my fuel pump, and also fixed several recall items with no charge, no upsell, no attitude..  if I buy another Volvo you can bet it will be at Carlsen.

San Jose M. | 2009-11-27

My wife own a S60 Volvo 2001 and let me tell ya! I have always believe these car were superior in there own class!
Yet, I am sad to sad that the dealerships have fallen short of any expectations of retaining any kind of descent "want to own a Volvo owner"
The S60 was taken in to "Smythe Volvo" leaking gas from fuel pump looking on the net I had found out there was a recall not only on the "Faulty Fuel Pump"
But also on the Master Cylinder which they refuse to replace!.ok Next the check engine light comes on, Now let me tell ya the fee was over a hundred now,
I get the car back, talk it over with my wife at home and the next day I go to Palo Alto to pick up some money,All of a sudden I loose Compression I don't understand?
I pull up next to my employer home open the hood and to my surprise! the top of the plastic guard covering the spark plug was Split! a Plug shot out and crack it.
calling Volvo Smythe I was told them what had happen and lucky for me I had tools in the car..I reinserted the plug as my employer watch! handing her little bits of metal
that strip from the plug hole.while talking to volvo management.I was told to unplug the module the car will run shity he said but you can get here. it was on a Saturday.
I drove to Smythe and I was told this word for word."The bosch Plugs that I had bought over a year ago were wrong for the car"huh? that's what was recommended.I was told
by Volvo management that they only recommend using there plugs! Huh? What the hell! he also said that it could have been my fault that the plug came out! Huh!
I was the top in my class in high school in fact before the semester was over I was doing city collage auto program and pull A's..Now I have someone telling me it was my fault.
You now folks! I just got piss! Now my intelligence was being Question!..
now I decide to go back to the dealership we bought the car from now let me tell you what this Bastard said it would now cost me $500.00 to have the car put back on the machine
to test for faulty ness WHF! Smithy wanted 160 or so, Here are somethings I found out you should do, One trust any of these fucks! bottom line! I know of small holes in the walls
that do better for the car then any of these two dealerships!...Next the Module complete can cost anywhere from $75 and up what I found out later is that the boot that got damage surrounding
the plug,was only $10.So who cheating who? how do we know that we are getting what we pay for? if that car went into the shop how do I know that they would have replace the whole unit
rather then, say they did and just replace the boot, hey man it just business! All of this just reminds me of how the first time I came too what was the service center
on capital expressway and I use to hear and watch the anger toward this dealership! Why I ask you? If we cant rely and the honesty and the quality that Volvo means then
hell get a toyota or a honda chances are you'll be much happier Volvo use to be synonymous in quailty but I guess everything to in too shit after a while!!
I am dissapointed not for the car maker but the People that they intrust too help them keep there jobs! I would fire until thing became right again!
And what ever happen to "The customer is always right" policy? in closing I leave you with something so funny!!A sheet of paper already fill out staple
to the bill

Jay N. | 2009-10-27

I have some doubts on this dealership, but I can't be 100% legit.  I brought my car there couple times for maintenance.  Both time I found out my gas was much less than when I went in.  Something strange there.

Once I left my wallet on the seat (my negligence).  They could not find it anywhere.  After I complained it again to the pick up boy, suddenly he said he needs to take a test drive.  After the test drive, I found the wallet underneath the seat.

Strange???  I don't know the answer.

Nitin G. | 2009-07-14

The only reason, I am giving 2 stars to this Volvo service center is due to it good shuttle service.

My 1999 Volvo C70 convertible, was having problem with ABS light and stuff going on and off. When I took it to Smythe Volvo, they charged me $160 for inspection, and than they called me to tell me that my car need new ABS module that will cost me $965+tax. They won't adjust inspection charges into this cost. Come on, I am not new to Car service. But anyway, I found out that Volvo is known for its ABS module failure but they won't do anything about it. I am planning to write them in this regard.

The service attendant was very rude when I requested them to adjust inspection cost in the service charges.

Eric B. | 2009-06-22

We went in three times for service. Each time we picked up the car, a new bulb was out, including the license plate bulb. Each time the cost to replace was $200. Simple things like fixing the rubber door trim were never a courtesy, like at the Lexus dealer -- you got it - $200 bucks. Final straw, we went and specifically asked for the transmission to be checked. No problem according to them. Two weeks later the transmission is shot -- bonus tip: google Volvo transmissions and you will find that Volvo has serious transmission problems with the XC 90. This, of course, is a money making opportunity for the dealer as opposed to an opportunity to make it right. Service team is rude -- can't see it for days and no loaner will be available. AVOID VOLVO AT ALL COSTS -- AVOID SMYTHE TOO. Horrible. The worst service ever. You will pay too much and the car will come out worse than it went in."