Audi Stevens Creek in San Jose, CA

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Audi Stevens Creek is the leading Audi dealer in San Jose, CA. Your satisfaction is our goal!

Audi Stevens Creek

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(855) 807-7276
Address:3350 Stevens Creek Blvd, San Jose, CA, 95117
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Sunday: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm

Reviews on Audi Stevens Creek

Hendra W. | 2015-04-25

I have bought 2 cars in a space of 6 months due to personal reason. However that isn't the point. The point is the service in this place is awesome. In the financial department, Rachel, is an amazing lady. She explains everything very clearly to you which in turn help to ensure you don't make the wrong choices in terms of services for your cars. :)

Moving on to the dealer, which is also my favourite person in the whole place, Mohammad Farhad. He has been very pleasant to work with. I wanted a 2016 Audi A6 and needed to make sure that I get the right colour combination and all. The car turns out really good and I'm loving it.! He has a sense of humor which makes it comfortable for me to have a conversation with. I treat him like a friend. For those that want to consider buying a car. Look for Mohammad Farhad, he is a brilliant and pleasant guy. The satisfaction of customers is his utmost pride, so you won't regret having him as your dealer.

Steve S. | 2015-04-23

The service was friendly, fast and professional... Honestly, one of the best car buying experiences I've had. Really worked with getting me a fair deal on my trade in and a good overall price for the new Audi. Whoot whoot! Keep up the good work!

Frank O. | 2015-04-22

First yelp review. Got to give this honor to Audi of Stevens Creek!

I came in to buy my first car on March 11,2015 because my old car, a 1998 Chevy Tahoe was giving me way to many problems. After searching forever on I stumbled across a 2009 Ford Escape located at this dealership.
So after work I ran over to the dealership to take a look at the car. As I was looking it over I was approached by Bob Slocum. I was expecting right away to be grilled or be put down like I have been by the other sales reps at different dealership because of my age (I'm 22).
But Bob was friendly from the start. I told him I was very interested in this car. That I wasn't expecting to bring it home that day but would very much like to look inside it and possibly go for a test drive. Bob went inside and grabbed the keys and he took me out for a test drive.
Immediately I fell in love with the car, and the whole time he was very friendly. Not pressuring me at all into buying the car. Or grilling me about my finances. So at the end of the test drive I made him an offer and a few hours later I went home with a new car. ( it was a big deal for me because it was my first car without getting help from my parents.)

For being a first time buyer and new to everything when it comes to buying a car I am extremely greatful for Bobs assistance in the purchase of my car. What I most appreciate it was that he treated me like any other potential customer. And that I was not pushed away or put down because of my age.
I never liked Audi, but now, because of my experience I plan on my next car to be an Audi  Q5 and you better believe I am going to take my business and my money to Audi of Stevens Creek. I just hope Bob will still be around to sell me that car.

Thanks Audi of Stevens Creek for making my first time car buying experience an awesome one!!

Karthik S. | 2015-04-21

It all started when I sent a request online and got a very quick response from Andrei Smith.
Andrei was very helpful and listed out all the possibilities I had. I got a good deal and leased the car. This was in November 2014.
I decided to convert to finance from Lease and the process was so smooth. Thanks to Andrei.
It's a very nice service.

Clifford C. | 2015-04-21

I ordered my new 2016 A6 with exclusive color. It arrived last week. Tenzen, our sales rep. was fantastic. He is a no pressure guy,very easy to work with and . Check them out and ask for Tenzen Soepa.

Ada M. | 2015-04-20

I sent a request online and got reply quickly. The Internet manager Tenzin Soepa gave me a real good deal. So I decided to visit and talk about it. My finance situation is a little complicated, but he helped me to ask about all the possibilities and contacted me every time he got something from finance department. Finally, I got my new car, an Audi A3!! Love it so much!! Tenzin is a nice guy, never push you and explain everything with good patience. P.S. the day we picked up the car, there's a marketing event at Audi Stevens Creek. Free drinks, BBQs and hotdogs. Wonderful experience. Will come back to buy Q7 next time!

Nic B. | 2015-04-16

EDIT: Audi Stevens Creek reached out to me after I wrote this review and basically expressed that they'd like to resolve the issue completely, and as of today, they have resolved the issue to my satisfaction. I'm leaving the original review in place, but I've updated the score to reflect these changes.  

After having my oil changed at an in-and-out type of place, the check engine light came on. A few of my friends and colleagues recommended Audi Stevens Creek without hesitation, so I decided to make an appointment. The problem was a misfire in cylinder 8 (unrelated to the oil change, unfortunately).

Check-in was fine and I appreciated the loaner car availability. I was told I would be contacted later in the day or the next day when the car would be ready. Off I went. I received a call later saying that the cylinder was misfiring because of carbon buildup on the engine, which is apparently unavoidable on FSI-engine Audis. I was under the impression that this $2k service would fix the issue (along with some other miscellaneous problems that came up during inspection), so I authorized it.

I called the next day and asked about the status. Was told to call again the next day. And the next. And the next. A whole week later, I'm finally called with an update. The service didn't work, and that the original estimate is almost doubling. All of the fuel injectors now need to be replaced in order to fix the issue.

I begin to push back. I am, by no means, a mechanic. But, I understand that there are three components to a cylinder's firing operation; fuel, air, and spark. If a cylinder is misfiring, it only makes sense to address these components first. I asked if the spark plugs/coils had been checked, which they had. Then I asked if the fuel injectors had been checked during diagnosis. No, they hadn't, because there's no way to check them. I disagree; it seems logical that one could swap the injectors from a working cylinder and see if that fixes the issue, or try a replacement injector. Still with me? Onward!

With that in mind, the service they recommended has two problems. First, it seems to be completely elective, and second, Audi Stevens Creek essentially misdiagnosed the issue. Which I brought to my Service Advisor's attention. I was told that there's a process for fixing these issues. Well, if that's the process, then I can only recommend that you take your vehicle somewhere that leaves out the $2k elective services. After some back and forth, I was told that it's basically unfortunate but they're willing to concede 10% off of the service in an attempt to make it right. That's really brave, but their website was advertising a 10% off coupon anyway, so I don't really see that as reconciliatory action. I attempt to cut my losses by asking them to pull the car out and that I'd be taking it elsewhere.

Nightmare over, right? Not quite. I get the car back and take it to another repair center, but they want nothing to do with it. Why? There were bolts missing in the engine bay. Want the specifics? The coil rail and the cooling reservoir (one of the items they replaced while working through the check engine light) were missing bolts that secure them to the car. Bolts. Missing. From the engine.

Around the same time, I receive an automated email from Audi of America asking for input about my experience via a survey. So I decided to take the survey in hopes that someone from AoA would contact me. I did, and I was linked up with someone from customer service. I told them my story, and I was basically told "Well, we have to stick by our dealerships and service centers." Really? So what's the point of the customer feedback mechanism? So you can act like you actually care about my experience? Well, either way, she thought the bolts missing should be fixed (thanks, Audi North America, for reinforcing my belief that bolts should not be missing after a repair), and suggests that she set up a phone call between myself and the Service Manager at Audi Stevens Creek. Sure.

It took about a month for Audi Stevens Creek to call me. They sure know how to make a customer feel special. And today, after almost two months, I'm stuck with the same issue that I had before I brought it to Audi Stevens Creek. At least now I have my bolts, so I guess I have that going for me. Edit: Once again, Audi Stevens Creek reached out and sought a resolution for this issue, which both parties felt was satisfactory.

Adithya R. | 2015-04-11

Customer service at its worst! We were there to buy A4. We had an appointment. They kept us waiting for a long time. Then we talked a little  with the sales guy and then the sales guy disappeared and never showed up. When I asked the manager, the manager was extremely rude. Forget customer service! The guy was literally in arms with the customer. I would highly recommend people to shop at a different audi dealer !

Mike D. | 2015-04-11

Cassandra Crawford was awesome with her follow up and attention to detail. She certainly knows her stuff. She set herself and the dealership apart with timely follow up. This was much different from other dealers i was engaged with. The only downside is she is busy as is the dealer so you may have to wait.

Michael W. | 2015-04-10

Cassandra Crawford made it happen. Without hesitation, she has made this car deal stand out from the rest. There is no comparison. She went above and beyond what most dealerships could only dream of when providing excellent customer service. She comes highly recommended and her staff and their facility are impeccable. No games are being played here. Just Cars -and a huge inventory at that! Come here not only for the friendly atmosphere, but for the chance to get into a car that's made for you. See Cassandra Crawford, you won't regret it.

-2015 Audi A3 TDI Sports Package

Evan W. | 2015-04-08

Though there was a misunderstanding initially,
Audi Stevens Creek is exceeding expectations and working with my busy schedule to accommodate my vehicle for service.

Ihab B. | 2015-04-05

Great experience overal.. Farhan (Sales associate) was very professional and explained all the options - pros and cons clearly. When I decided to order the vehicle he stated a target delivery date and I was kept abreast all along. The car actually arrived ahead of time which was great.
The final close out and closure was inline with what we'd discussed.

Andy C. | 2015-03-26

I hate to give a bad review but I just BOUGHT an Audi, and deliberately went elsewhere--mainly because of communication.

I had to come in a few times to finally get a test drive (3rd time's a charm), and the salesman who helped me was surly in a way I kind of dig, and he patiently walked me through 3 test drives--I found that part fine, but in one of those "man someone else might find this really off-putting" kind of ways.

Afterwards, I specified the kind of car and color I was interested in, and he told me there was one "somewhere in California" and that they'd look into it. Some Google-fu later and I was in touch with the "somewhere" a few days later, and never heard from Stevens Creek Audi about that car again.

That somewhere was Westlake Audi in Thousand Oaks, CA. The experience of talking to them and buying a car from 500 miles away was easier than it was to buy a car here.


* Make it easier to walk in and get a test drive.
* Make it easier to make an appointment for a test drive! (I got denied on both attempts.)
* Improve response time--either personnel or your system. I shouldn't be able to Google a mystery car faster than you can find it in your system and email me about it. I don't know whether it was apathy or technology that got in the way, but whichever it was is problematic.
* I'm not naming the sales rep because I definitely liked the guy, but our literal first interaction was an argument about whether I should even bother testdriving an S3. Dude, I'm there to buy a car! Just let me sit in it!

S B. | 2015-03-22

We purchased a Q5 TDI from Larry at Audi Stevens Creek.  We're extremely happy with our purchase and Larry was most helpful.  Every step of the process was very clear and we got a great deal on our car.  Larry made this a very easy decision for us.  The delivery of the car was most excellent and I would highly recommend Larry and Audi Stevens Creek.

Ilya K. | 2015-03-21

I serviced my A8 there couple of times. Service Department staff is always nice, welcoming, attentive to your needs and knowledgeable. The place is neat and clean. The process is streamlined.
They offer loaners, and for A8 owners they try to reserve an A8 as a loaner.
Nice touches: car is washed and vacuumed after the service. Free coffee, WiFi.
My service advisor: Casey A.

BrasilianChica B. | 2015-03-15

Love this Audi dealership!  Ali Rashidian was absolutely amazing!  If you come here, ask for him!  He bent over backwards with the other staff to get us the best possible deal!  My husband also bought a car!  We are thrilled!

Sree Sagar R. | 2015-03-11

Sam from the dealership helped me with my lease of Audi S3. The  negotiation was smooth and the overall experience was pleasant. I had no issues asking them for all details and the dealership made my purchase as easy as possible. They are the number 1 Audi dealer in volume, I am sure that they can continue to say that if they are serving all their customers with the same experience as mine. I am extremely happy with my car and the deal from Audi Stevens creek.

Michael C. | 2015-03-10

My experience with Audi Stevens Creek was not a positive one.

I came onto the lot because I'd narrowed down my car search to either a BMW 335 or an Audi S4. I arrived about an hour before the dealership close, and Bob Slocum was the salesperson I worked with.

First, he asked me what cars I was looking for - I explained that I wanted a BMW 335 or an Audi S4, but I couldn't find a BMW with all wheel drive. He didn't tell me that they had exactly the BMW 335 I wanted on the lot (I would have bought it on the spot) because he wanted to sell me the more expensive S4. Makes sense, but they missed a guaranteed sale right there.

When it came to looking at cars, it was very obvious that Bob had no real interest in showing me the cars. He didn't offer any descriptions of the car, only answered direct questions, and took nagging to be able to take a test drive. I'm not sure if he thought I wasn't seriously interested in buying (I was looking to buy a new car that very week) or he wanted to go home early, but he was the least engaged car salesman I've ever worked with.

After the drive, I asked about a feature I wanted - he said they had two cars coming in the following week that matched my criteria, and I gave him my contact information so I could come in and take a look. He never contacted me, and missed another sale.

I won't be back, and I'll tell my friends to avoid Audi of Stevens Creek.

D B. | 2015-03-05

Best service department in the bay area.

Prathyay B. | 2015-03-04

James Burnham helped me buy a wonderful car with a great experience.

I likes the ease of buying the car and happy with good discounts overall. Thanks James and Audi Stevens Creek... :)

Chiikiizz G. | 2015-02-23

If I could Give No stars I would. After been searching for a 2012 Lexus RX350 for about a week I found one online being advertised at this dealership so I made an inquiring about it. Promptly I was contacted by Andrei Smith we set up a appointment to take a look everything seemed perfect. When I got there I took a look at car the bumper had a crack and the front had paint chipping of it so I did not buy as Andrei said it was sold as is they would not repair it. As I proceeded to explain sorry but if I'm forking out for .30k plus on a car used or not I'm not buying a damaged vehicle he kept reminding me is USED which I know but I'm not buying something and paying for repairs my self then he got upset telling me I came in my day off and your not buying?! Of course not! And now definitely not! He did mention he could ask his boss for repairing but only if I went with him I'm sorry but No is your sale you do it I'm the customer here! I drove from Tracy and lost a days worth of business as I shut my office down to buy a car if he had mentioned these damages we both could had saved our valuable time. I'm an insurance agent and not everyone I quote buys but I would never get upset and tell the customer I wasted my time with them because they did not buy I will never come here!

Warren N. | 2015-02-18

My wife and I just purchased our fourth car here at Stevens Creek Audi and, as usual, the experience, service and result were unequalled.  We were looking for a late model, low mileage used car and because of our prior experience leasing three Audi A4's from Stevens Creek Audi, we knew exactly where to go.  Curtis and James Burnham spent nearly an hour asking us questions about our needs and identified two cars in inventory that would meet those needs.  After test driving the two cars, Curtis and James discussed other options, including cars not in their inventory, because they wanted to do right by us.  We decided on the 2012 Mercedes Benz GLK350, not only because of the car itself, but because of the financial deal that was put together.  We got top dollar for our trade-in, and a great price, comparable to less attractive cars with more mileage in the same class.  James made sure we were out the door with a clean, detailed, topped off car and went over every feature the car had so we understood everything.  Again, hat's off to Stevens Creek Audi for a great deal and customer service!

Sue H. | 2015-02-15

My brother and I just walked in Audi Stevens Creek. I worked with Mohammad Farhad to purchase an Audi A4. He was such an effective salesman that I didn't have to go other car dealership. He did his best and very friendly. He has been really patient while I was thinking to decide. I would highly recommend Mohammad to anyone looking to buy an Audi.

Marc B. | 2015-02-11

Great experience with Wendell and Stevens Creek Audi.

Excellent buying experience - Wendell is patient, diligent, and tremendously knowledgeable.

In fact, everyone at the dealership was helpful - there when you need them but not pushy.

I understand why they're the #1 dealer. Way above other car dealers I've been to previously.

West K. | 2015-02-10

Expensive, Expensive, Expensive, and they don't necessarily get the repairs correct.  My wife took her Audi TT here last year because the AirBag warning light was on.  They diagnosed it as defective driver side air bag and said it should be replaced.  $1,000.  About 9 months later the airbag light came back on.  Diagnosis, the airbag sensor module was defective and had to be replaced, $1,100.  I asked whether the first diagnosis was correct but they told me a bunch of stuff which sounded ok, but the bottom line is that your really don't know if you are getting the straight scoop.  Also, they recommeded the 15K service while the car was there and that was another $900!   Most of the 15k service is just inspections and they charged over $600 in labor.  Come on!  I know that the work they did could not have taken more than and hour or two.
Take my advice and steer clear of this place and fine yourself an honest mechanic close to home.  Better yet, don't buy an Audi unless you want to start making huge repair payments.

Scott P. | 2015-02-02

This past weekend I worked with Tenzin Soepa to lease an Audi A4. I had a great experience working him and the entire dealership. He did a great job at finding the exact care I wanted and was able to work with me to get me a very competitive lease on the new car. Overall this was the best car buying experience I've had and I definitely refer my friends to work with him and Audi Steven's Creek in general.

Michelle C. | 2015-02-02

Loving my new Q3!!  Andrei Smith made the entire process FUN and completely painless.  Such a great experience and of course a fantastic car!

Nick M. | 2015-01-25

I bought a used GTI from these guys last weekend and it was the best car buying experience I've had (I buy a lot of cars).  Windell was the most easy going person I've dealt with.  Can't say enough about how good my experience was.

Jessica L. | 2015-01-19

Great car buying experience. My salesman, Sasha Volegov, was courteous, efficient, & funny. My sister has recently purchased 2 used cars from other dealers and she said this was by far the best experience! He was straightforward and I did not feel like he was just out to make a sale. Thank you Sasha & Audi of Stevens Creek. I am in love with my car.

KD D. | 2015-01-16

The service department at Audi Stevens Creek is amazing- they provide great service all around.  The service advisors are phenomenal, Casey Angen in particularly.  I purchased my Audi here 5 years ago and have NEVER had a negative experience.  They go above and beyond to ensure the customer is happy.  Love them!!

Harri S. | 2015-01-12

Fantastic experience.
Alireza Rashidian made our day.
Very knowledgeable and professional.
I am very happy owner of Audi today :)

David Z. | 2015-01-08

My experience at Audi Steven's Creek was pretty good. Cassandra Crawford and her team made me feel very welcome when I ordered a new S3 Sedan as I wasn't able to test drive one as they were all sold on my first visit. When the car arrived I was given ample time to take a look at it, plenty of time to test drive one. The team took me through the multitude of lease options and took time to explain everything properly. My only advice would be the best approach is to make an appointment to get the service you deserve as this dealership can get busy.

Katherine C. | 2015-01-05

Just drove home with my CPO A4 Premium Quattro, and I couldn't be happier with the entire buying experience. Some people complained about how they didn't get service and that could be true if you are not proactive enough, I was told that this is THE No.1 selling Audi nationwide, so they are definitely all feeling pretty cush right now and not acting like a pack of hungry wolves.

My boyfriend and I worked with Tenzin Soepa, and he was the BEST. Not pushy at all. In fact, I was going to spend $4,000 less on a slightly more used model at Audi Oakland, but after an hour of detailed breakdowns and financial analysis, Soepa made a lot of sense and allowed us to come to our best decision.  

Overall, I highly recommend this dealership, though a few things to bear in mind is to be proactive - the sales person may not come to you, but once you do get one of their attentions, they are a great team of folks.

drew d. | 2015-01-04

My wife and I stopped by today  around 12pm as we are looking for a new car for her. She was interested in the Audi Q5. We walked around the lot looking at the Q5 for about 10 minutes. No one approached us asked if we needed anything.  We walked in side the sales floor, waited, and about 10 minutes later someone from the back office asked if we needed, help and said she will page a sales person. Waited another 10 minutes no one showed up.  We left.  I asked a Salesman outside if he was free, he said no he was with someone, didn't offer to get us help. So we left to Lexus across the street and got help right away with the Lexus RX350.  

I'd go to another dealer, it was a waste of time.

Linda W. | 2015-01-03

The absolute worst... Is it me? I went into the Audi preowned first, walked around the lot (as I'm looking to buy a new or 2014 C5 or C7. I finally get a chance out of my busy life to check them out in the lot and possibly go for a test drive, a sales guy passes me by in the lot and then I walk into the office and was greeted by a gal who  was sitting at the reception desk however she just didn't have a clue! I asked for material and she said "I don't know if we have any" so I started asking her questions on the suv's , no clue..I said ok, I will just drive down to the new (Audi) cars section. Again (still sitting here in parking lot) I walk around lot for 10 min or so and a sales guy walks by me and proceeded to spit on the floor as he is passing me! Thennnnnn I go into the office (thinking things have definitely changed With sales. Perhaps no longer on commission?) go up to a c5 on display and sit in both sides, walk around , check out the cool stuff in the car, try to bring down the back seat and can't figure it out! In the meantime some guys (that work there) clearly see me and walk by me and go into a office (managers office) and there are 4 guys standing there just what do I do? I go to the receptionist there! Two girls, one texting on her cell phone and the other who says "hi". I asked for brochures and she said "i think we have some for individual vehicles" (taking no initiative to point where I could find them because God forbid she get up and walk me over!) and I ask her if those guys right there next to her were sales people and she didn't know and then she said those are "managers" huh? I then ask her if she knows how to bring the back seat down as I was looking for one where the seat comes all the way down. She said"I don't think it comes down" she then said "I think the c7 is the only model where the back seat comes down". So it must have been obvious that I needed help and or a sales person to help me. We just looked at each other for a time (giving her some time to process) . I then said, ok thank you and walked out past 5 guys that were just standing there talking. I don't get it!!!
And then 2 weeks ago at st Clair Cadillac when I was bringing my Cadillac in for service, I wanted to see the new srx (because I AM in the market!) and had to go up to the receptionist who also couldn't answer any questions! Oh..just two questions.

Damn! I guess forget one on one service to purchase a new vehicle. I will just go online at this point. What a disappointment!

Taz M. | 2015-01-02

Huge fan of my test drive experience here. Mohammad Farhad was such an effective salesman that I almost immediately wanted to purchase a car from him - he was extremely polite, friendly and knowledgeable. The only reason we didn't purchase our car immediately was because we weren't sure if the car would fit in my apartment garage. Can't wait to buy an Audi from him!

J. B. | 2014-12-31

We bought a new car here just this week.  The sales people (Andrei Smith and Tenzin Soepa) were great.  Not pushy, answered questions, not in a hurry etc.  We also feel we got a good value.

I cant speak for any other sales people but our experience was great and I would recommend them to friends.

Phil T. | 2014-12-29

Bought a used car from Sasha Volegov. Great experience.

John B. | 2014-12-27

This was almost a 5 star review. We bought a used Nissan Leaf from Audi SC in December 2014. We love the car, and the salesman, Alireza, was personable and very professional. Unfortunately between the time we test drove it and day we picked it up, they lost the $500 charging cable. We didn't find out until we got it home and tried to charge it. An electric car without a charging cable is not much use.

I ended up buying a used cable on Craigs List and Audi SC reimbursed me for it, so +1 star for that.

It's clear that electric cars are the future. They are faster, better handling, and lower maintenance than gas burners, and increasingly common fast charge stations are eliminating "range anxiety". Audi SC seemed a bit "green" (no pun inteneded) WRT to the needs of electric cars. Even though Audi doesn't yet make one, it's really time for all dealers, mechanics and everyone else who works in the car industry to be aware of chargers and cables along with gas pumps and smog checks.

So hat's off to Audi SC for selling me a nice electric car. I trust they will better track the charging cables in the future.

Sam B. | 2014-12-25

I recently purchased an A5 from Cassandra Crawford. If you're looking for the picture of efficiency,  an honest assessment and a *quick turnaround, this is your woman. She went to great lengths to provide me with the best possible deal, and broke down the options for what I was looking for. No frills, straight shooter, and very easy to do business with. Expressed interest in a car on a Friday, and signed the lease by Monday.
Wonderful experience! (Also, you will likely be amazed by some pretty legitimate multi-tasking skills)

On the service side, I'd give the strongest possible endorsement for making an appointment with Sean Williams as your service advisor. I've been to four or five dealerships previously (Audi and BMW), and this was hands down the best experience I've had.
What are you looking for when you bring your car in to the dealership? Tell me what's wrong with the vehicle, and please don't charge me an arm and a leg. Each time I've worked with Sean, he's identified what's wrong (and nothing extraneous), and found a way to make it affordable. I highly, highly recommend using him for your next service visit.

Wenxu L. | 2014-12-25

My sales consultant was Mohammad Farhad, he's great, patient and nice! My boy friend owns a A3, he loves it and always says good things about Audi. I drove his car sometime and I love the driving experience too. I leased my current car and the lease would end soon, so I was considering getting a A5 or a TT as my next car. That day when I bought my new car, my boyfriend just heard that there might be great deals at the end of the year, so he went to Audi and just wanted to take a look. And we got lucky, there was a nice TTS with great discount! At first I was actually not sure if I want to end the lease of my previous car earlier, but my experience at Audi with Mohammad was so good and I liked that TTS so much, ended up buying it. Exciting new year's gift for myself!

Wil S. | 2014-12-24

So, after an issue with the parts department I was contacted by the GM looking to help out.  

I am very happy with the outcome and I look forward to future visits with these guys. They had all of my parts laid out waiting for me and I felt they were very reasonable with their prices. This is a dealership that wants to earn their customer's business.

Assaf F. | 2014-12-23

Very easy and quick sale process, got a great deal but without all the hassle of spending hours at the dealership negotiations. Tenzin Soepa, the sales manager worked with us from the initial online query through the final sale.... very smooth, very efficient and a great customer experience!

Catherine N. | 2014-12-22

If you are in the market for an Audi - Mohammad Farhad is your guy. I just purchased my first Audi Q5 moving from a Volvo XC60. Farhad was not only a great person to work with but his honesty, his professionalism and his personality just made it a real pleasure. Farhad knows how to listen and take in all your requirements and reservations. I left the dealership yesterday feeling that I have in my hands the best car possible and made a friend along the way. If you are looking for the utmost professional car sales executive - no one beats Mohammad Farhad!

Francois D. | 2014-12-20

I was on the market for a used A6 and reached out via email.
Frank Garcia' sales technique is best describe as a vague attempt to shame you into buying, sprinkled with a bit of a pedant attitude.
First, I don't think that works well in higher-end dealerships but when you have half a dozen dealership in the area, it's pretty laughable.

It's hard to judge the whole dealership with this one experience, especially when internet sales guys rotate every 6 months or so but this was really the worst I've had in all the audi / bmws dealerships that I reached.

I didn't even bother driving to Stevens Creek; I just went to Rector and gave them my business.

Nelson B. | 2014-12-16

Working with Ali Rashidian was a pure pleasure.  I highly recommend his great service and advice.  Pairing great people like Ali with the selection at Audi Stevens Creek makes the experience amazing.

Joshua P. | 2014-12-11

Aleksandr Volegov, my Sales Consultant, Was outstanding! I went in to Audi just to give them a chance, but was completely sold on a VW in y mind.
I was in just before closing one evening and met Aleksandr who did a great job explaining to me the options on all Q5 models and identifying what I needed. He spent the time with me to make a sale of a car that fit me and my needs not the most expensive car on the lot and I value that. Great team all around!!!!!!!!

This makes my first of many purchases through Audi Stevens Creek. They're #1.

Gee G. | 2014-11-24

This review is for Frank Garcia, who has made my car shopping experience so convenient and pleasurable at Audi.

My 2012 A3 lease was up and I was interested in getting either a pre-owned Q5 or start a new lease. I met with him 3 times before finally making a decision and all through our appointments, not once did he pressure me into purchasing or ask how I will be financing an Audi. He was genuine, practical, knowledgeable and pretty damn honest for a salesman. : )

Because I had such a positive experience, I will highly recommend potential Audi shoppers to make an appointment with him. Thanks, Frank!!!

BTW--I ended up getting a different car brand just because Audi's standard features still have a lot of catching up to do. But here I am still writing a 5-star review all because of Frank.

shiu k. | 2014-11-22

Audi Stevens Creek gave me the best purchasing experience. Andrei Smith is the man. He is very polite, knowledgable, and dependable. This is our first Audi. The purchasing process was very smooth even though we were doing a custom order which we had waited for 4 months for the car to deliver straight from Germany. Everything arrived as expected.

I highly recommend Andrei from Audi Stevens Creek. I will definitely come back again if I am getting a 2nd Audi

Sofya B. | 2014-11-21

Aleksandr Volegov exceptional sales rep - best of the best kind!
Audi rules, my fave dealership on Stevens Creek auto-row.

Marsha B. | 2014-11-19

We just bought our second car from Audi Stevens Creek.  It was a wonderful experience.
Andrei Smith, their Internet Sales Manager, was an awesome guy to work with.  I found him to be dependable, knowledgable, flexible to my needs and made the purchase process go smoothly.  Wished all sales managers had Andrei's personality and work style -- what a nice guy.
Thanks Audi Stevens Creek for a nice ride!

Michele H. | 2014-11-17

The service department is awful. Sales folks not knowing how the car works, feeding you crap. They charge you for work that doesn't get done and you always have to take the car back where they keep it for three days. Sold the Audi and now I'm driving a X1.

Noura A. | 2014-11-16

We worked with the sales consultant James Burnham, and a young gentleman by the name of Robert to lease a Q5. These two were super nice, friendly, helpful, and knew their Q5s! They stayed over time (two hours after their shift was done) to make sure our deal went through. James worked very hard to give us a deal that was what we were looking for. They spent time to teach us the car's functionality, the knobs, and the gadgets. Also, the facility had a huge inventory of Q5s (more than 40), which made it easy for us to get what we were exactly looking for. Overall, we give them a two thumbs up.

Matt L. | 2014-11-15

Both the sales and service departments here have been phenomenal. Audi Steven's Creek gave me the best experience in a service department of a dealership that I've ever have.

Dave Hofkins from service is the man. He's very knowledgeable, polite, prompt and communicative. He was very cooperative with my schedule in terms of getting me a loaner and allowing me to bring my car in for service at a time requested. I was very pleased that I requested Dave to reserve me an Audi TT loaner car so I could have a little test drive/toy and he was happy satisfy my request.

If you're concerned about pricing of service DON'T GO TO A DEALERSHIP FOR SERVICE/MAINTENENCE. Of course it's gonna cost you a million dollars, they have very high standards of service at a dealership and they have a huge name brand so they can afford to overcharge everyone. Every dealership will overcharge you and that's the bottom line. Audi of Steven's Creek doesn't set their pricing, some corporate jackasses in an office somewhere set it and it applies to all dealerships.

When shopping for my used S6 I came here twice. The first time is when they were new so I could get a test drive and the salesman was very professional and polite. He didn't call me a thousand times or add my e-mail address to some annoying news letter. He also didn't give me any snooty feelings that  younger looking people normally get at luxury car dealerships that seem to infer that you can't afford the car.

The second time I came here was to look at a Used S6 they had for sale, it was priced at $75,000 and had 15,000 miles on it. He was very helpful and was very direct and honest with me about wiggle room. I showed him a different S6 that was identically equipped but different in color that had 5,000 miles and was priced at $62,000 and asked him if he could give me a deal closer to that price and was very honest and straight forward and just said I should go buy the other one. It's honesty and straight forwardness like that makes me happy with my experience here.

Ultimately, I would totally recommend this dealership for sales or service. If it's your first service experience request Dave Hofkins for the best service experience possible.

Cody C. | 2014-11-12

Buying a car can be a stressful purchase or a very pleasant one.  Audi Stevens Creek in San Jose made it a pleasant experience.  We worked with Nikolas Buitrago and he was great all the way through.  He was low pressure, full of answers, and his followup was great.  His finance manager, Rachel, went above and beyond to make the number s even better.  Let's hope the service team is just as good!

Merduck S. | 2014-11-08

This dealer is stealer in service.
Changing a battery is $415 without identifying the main cause of the issue.  Battery drainage was caused by the faulty amplifier.
Replacing amplifier is another two grand when you can get it repaired under $500.
I would definitely not recommend getting a service unless a recall or under warranty.  They would charge arm and leg.

Joe J. | 2014-11-06

if you buy here? inspect the car properly, bring a body shop person that knows car body/grills. do not trust there 330 point inspection because it may not be true. when buying at the car that's the first thing I looked at, non stated that the grills were broken - which they replace, I month after I was putting gas on car and I noticed that one of the door passenger side were aligned as good as the driver side and this door has paint blemished like it was paint over. I did  emailed audi-usa for this new found defect and again not mentioned on the 300+ point inspection. hope to show this issues when I go for 15,000 miles service, with all these I know I overpaid for this car!

Emee C. | 2014-11-05

Mr. Larry Laurie, Elite Audi Brand Technologist..indeed!  Larry took the time to show me the "basics" on what my 'smart' Audi can do which made me even more excited to see what else it can do.  He picked me up at work on his day off and took me to the dealership.  Who does that!??!  That's right, an Audi Elite Brand Technologist does.  He's not at Elite level for any reason.  Ask for him if you plan on buying an Audi and find out for yourself.  You won't be disappointed.  Hats off to you, Larry.  Your passion about all things Audi shows.

Lei T. | 2014-11-04

Can't reach a human being when I call for service. 3 calls in two days to book an appointment for service and keep getting punted to voice mail. Booking an appointment is not complicated, website is a hassle, anyone over the phone should be able to do it. I don't want people to call me back or fill out a form, I want someone to talk to me when I call and take care of it.

Not happy so far with service at this dealership. Last year when I did service my car, it was not even returned clean. Non-luxury dealers even do that.

Marc S. | 2014-11-04

James Burnham, Sales Consultant, Was outstanding! I went in for my usual service on my Audi. I made the appointment with Vin the service consultant which was also fantastic. After the killer loaner car they gave me I asked Vin if this car was available to purchase. Vin Checked with the GM and handed me over to James the sales consultant. I was in and out of there in less than 2 hours. Great job. After the paper work was done. James went through all the options of this car. Great team!!!!!!!!

This makes my second purchase through Audi Stevens Creek. There #1.

Marc J. Santos NREMTP

JR M. | 2014-11-03

All I got to say is go see Cassandra Crawford.... She's great, got me the car I wanted and had it delivered to my house on her day off and made it all happen w/out me leaving the house at all. I looked at the car at another dealership a few days prior, made attempted to make an offer but the guy did not work w me (his loss) and got the urge to purchase it a few days later. She transferred the car and delivered it personally!!!! GREAT  service and VERY professional.... I would def recommend her to anyone looking for a used or new vehicle

Sandip and Cathy P. | 2014-10-29

This review is for the service department. I took my car in for it's 15000 mile service, I booked the appointment online with David Hofkins, the assistant service manager. He made the process quick and easy from the start to the finish. He took the time to answer all my questions and make sure everything was done properly.

Gadi S. | 2014-10-27

I bought my car here and been servicing two cars in this dealership for years now and they were always great. So why 5 star review now?

Because they messed up... Last time I serviced my car there, someone forgot to screw the undercarriage cover back in and it resulted in it hitting the road while driving back on the highway.

So why 5 stars for that? Since mistakes happen, and with this dealership I know they are not frequent. The 5 starts are for how they handled it: all I needed to do was to send an email, and a driver was sent  to my home, picked the car up, left a loaner and sent back the fixed car the same way, with zero effort on my side.

Only someone that makes very few mistakes and really cares about their customers can provide this level of service.

Tim I. | 2014-10-26

I recently had a great experience purchasing a 2014 Audi Allroad from Steven's Creek Audi.  I worked with Tenzin Soepa and finance team.  They worked me a great deal on a 2014 with all the upgrades.  Great financial rates and a well below MSRP price.   Pretty low key sales pitch just with just an explanation of all the features I was interested in, quick test drive and what would not be possible (a rim swap).  A few things where left off the initial drive away (ipod cable, hatch cover, car manual) and the follow up service has been great.  I look forward to working with Audi Steven's Creek in the future.

Rachel W. | 2014-10-24

Update on my below review:

Daren Ferguson, service manager at Audi Stevens Creek, and I eventually connected - later in the day on which I wrote the below review, in fact.

What I have to say about the service I received from Daren (and his service team) from then on, is only good. In fact it's great. Having persuaded me to return to Audi Stevens Creek the following day to try and make amends, Daren went out of his way to be extremely kind and helpful.

He apologised for not being able to get hold of me sooner, had the dent in my car fixed so I can no longer see it (yay!) *and* also had fixed up various other scratches in the area around it, and gave me some money off my 75,000mile service to make up for the mistake over the oil. It was a good outcome. They did a great job and I was really pleased.

Andrew O. | 2014-10-24

Worst service ever!

They charged me for new licence plates. In a few weeks my address changed and I notified them via email. But they forget to notify DMV. As I result my licence plates was delivered to my old address and than returned to DMV by a landlord.

AlargeHuman K. | 2014-10-22

This review is for Mike in Service and everyone else who has helped me so far.  I've been over to Audi SC about four times in the past two months and they've been respectful of my time and generously given me loaner vehicles to use while my car was being worked on. Being that I own a car with 90k miles I was worried about having to pay through the nose however that has not been the case.  Additionally, the work they've performed is excellent. Mike is very competent and a class act professional. He follows through on commitments and has the courtesy to provide frequent updates. This experience completely changed my mind about Audi Service.  Do yourself the favor and save yourself the hassle and get it done right the first time at Audi Stevens Creek.

Johnny L. | 2014-10-20

My experience with the Audi Used Dealership was very good and I don't normally write reviews but also know that it is easier to write a bad review than a good one.  This just happens to be a good one and I even emailed the GM so he knows.

I have been hesitant to buy here due to the bad reviews I've read on Yelp.  I came in 9/1 to look at a used car.  I have been hesitant as the Carfax was not great and this is a big purchase, even though it is a used car.  This is my first time buying a used car so I don't want to deal with the headache especially with a big purchase like this.  I saw the wear on the car (inside and out) and had long conversations with Rob Fowler and Adam Azimirad.  Adam knows I'm worried and he did everything to make me feel secure without being pushy.  I can deal with cosmetic details but not engine or structural defects if it comes to surprise me later.  He assured me that if there is something wrong, he will do what he can to take care of things.  He did everything he can to gain my trust.  In short I ended up buying the car.  I know I probably could've gotten a slightly better dollar deal somewhere else but my gut told me to trust Adam and Rob.  Adam arranged to have the bumper painted (had the unavoidable rock chips for a 7 year old car) and it was good by the time I picked it up a few days after.  I got the car checked at another dealership after and found out other problems with it (strut mount, missing fender lining, etc.).  I was quoted over $3K parts and labor (this is dealership charges, of course).   I called Rob and Adam and they got back to me right away.  I dropped my car off last Tuesday with Les Rosenthal, who also treated me with kid gloves.  He made sure to calm me down and assured me that they will take care of me.  They fixed almost everything and even got me a replacement tire compressor as it was supposed to come with it.  I also told him that the car was missing the convertible wind deflector that was supposed to come standard (ok, I know it is a used car, but it was important to me) and advertised.  Adam asked me to purchase it and he reimbursed me for what I paid.

Adam Azimirad, Rob Fowler, and Les Rosenthal provided me the great service I needed and I want to make sure that is known.  I work in the service industry as well and I know how "thank you's" are not as easily given anymore.  If any other problems arise, I feel assured that Adam, Rob, and Les will make sure I'm taken cared of.  They are there to do the right thing, something you don't see much of anymore!  Even Jana (again, spelling) from finance was great!

I will definitely come back to this dealership and they a first time used car buyer the positive experience that will make me buy a used car again in the future.  CPO this time!  :-)

Shreelinee K. | 2014-10-20

My car lease was ending soon and I wanted to buy a car which I can be proud of and still fit my budget. I checked out the Audi Steven's Creek Website and made enquiries on the new A3. Cassandra Crawford responded back to me almost immediately and gave me several options. Upon making an appointment with Cassandra, she took the time to go over the options I have and she also gave useful advise & tips which was extremely valuable in my decision making process. Dealing with Cassandra Crawford was phenomenal and she made my car shopping experince seamless. I'm now a proud owner of an A3 & an Audi fan, thanks to Cassandra Crawford.

Anne C. | 2014-10-20

We just purchased a 2012 A7. We worked with Emane Ferzghi. He was so pleasant from the get go. He is very knowledgable about the vehicles and explains things clearly. It was the easiest car buying process we've experienced. This is our first Audi purchase - I don't imagine it will be our last! Nice job Emane!

William W. | 2014-10-11

ABSOLUTE WORST CAR BUYING EXPERIENCE.  Where do I begin?  Poor customer service!  They played games with me and ended up screwing me over.  Their blatant disregard for me as a customer cost me over $1000 in unnecessary taxes that I now have to collect from the Board of Equalization.  During nearly every step in the process, the salesman, finance, and managers made me feel like I was inconveniencing them.  I even had the general manager lie to me.  In the end, I got the car I wanted, but wasted money and spent at least 20 hours on the deal.  To top it off, they knowingly submitted all of my information to a wrong address - something I'm still trying to correct!

I would STRONGLY recommend going to a different Audi dealership, there's one nearby in Palo Alto.  Steven's Creek Audi seems to be a huge corporate run (Penske) dealership that certainly did not care about the customer (me).

Experience:  I knew the car I wanted and had a trade in price in mind.  The actual deal (agreeing on the price and trade-in) took 15 minutes.  It was fairly low pressure sales...  However, at one point, the salesman became angry and took the deal off the table because I had to register the vehicle in another state.  The salesman was passive aggressive and took a few digs at me.  Perhaps I should have walked away.

The finance process and dealing with the managers lasted a week.  They were ignorant of the law and had to redo paperwork a number of times.  During my last visit there, I waited for 3 hours to speak with the finance department to finalize the paperwork.  Before I left, I spoke with the general manager.  The general manager said he would look into my issues and get back with me.  Nothing from him and they then incorrectly submitted the paperwork without verifying the information with me.

Just a disaster of an experience.  I'm actually considering pursuing a lawsuit based on the incorrect paperwork, ignorance of the law, and financial loss I encountered.  I told them this when I was frustrated after waiting 3 hours at the dealership.  Their response?  "We're a big corporation, we have really good lawyers."

Loren G. | 2014-10-05

Rachel in finance was able to help me get through a refund that had been pending for almost a year. She is amazing!

M. J M. | 2014-09-26

Needed to get an extra key for my Audi A5
called & spoke to part department , Lee was very helpful & took his time going over & explaining the process of ordering a key .
I came in the next day & Lee Yetter at part department  took my information & the whole process took less than 5 minutes .
He also set me up with an appointment to get the key programed .
If more dealerships have people working for them as helpful as Lee , they be having more satisfied customers

Nena O. | 2014-09-25

This is one of the best dealerships I have visited . Not only it is in a great location, it also has  an amazing service department. From the moment i arrived I was greeted with a cordial smile. Then met my sales manager  his name is James, super knowledgable and approachable. He made my experience seamless. Every time my car has been serviced I have had a wonderful positive experience. I wish more car delaerships had the human resource and the facility Audi Stevens creek  has. I have sent 5 of my good friends which have purchased cars from this dealership as well.

E S. | 2014-09-14

Just bought a Q7 from Nikolas Buitrago. What a great experience and a great person! It's such a pleasure to work with a knowledgeable, helpful and attentive salesman. He is very laid back - no high pressure sales. He has great follow through and makes a point to actually do what he says he will. Very easy to negotiate a reasonable price too. The day we were in to handle the paperwork was very busy, and although Nik had more than one customer he was working with, he was professional and timely. If you go in I would highly recommend that you ask for Nik.

Frank L. | 2014-09-13

We setup a test drive in a Saturday afternoon. We showed up 10 min before time and asked the lady on the front desk to inform the sales manager. We waited almost 30 mins and checked with the front desk several times but salesman that we set the appointment with just wont showed up. Then we decided to leave and it turns out that some one just blocked the guest parking with a "courtesy car"  and we have to wait 10 mins until someone moved the car so we can get out of this terrible place. This is not the way that a customer should be treated. I suggest you try other Audi dealers in the area if you consider buying an Audi.

Jakob H. | 2014-09-10

Mohammad had enough time, patience and fuel to let us test drive two cars wherever we wanted, however we wanted and for however long we wanted, to allow us to properly evaluate and choose our car. I think he loves the cars he sells and wants to show them off. And why not? The S4 we bought is awesome. The supercharger gives it power, both from a standing start and at speed. The 4 wheel drive really makes a difference with that power: applying that power to only two wheels would not let it move as quickly as it does. Also, when pushed hard enough around a corner, grip will be lost. It's physics. The difference is how the car deals with that loss of grip. Instead of suddenly losing it and spinning out, it gradually loses it at the rear, allowing the driver to easily control the drift. I'm not exactly sure what the car did, it wasn't the same as a regular drift, but it was definitely easy to steer through the bend. Also, my wife marvels at how easy it is to drive. It's well behaved when it needs to be. Perhaps I could learn something from this car.

Jose L C. | 2014-09-09

Custmer service sucks.. lee yetter and brian the la cruz.. i was tryin to get a key for my audi.. and i show them my registration under my name and my DL.. but it was expire.. so u show them a mexucan id.. so he pretty much just drew it on the hands and told me that it was just a mexican id.. that it wasnt mean anything.. i went the next day.. and brian was the same thing.. i ask for his name i he told my.. if i want to say somethig to sayi it on his face that he did give a shit... like i think ima just call main office and file a complaint..

Judy F. | 2014-09-07

Test drove an A6. Salesman (Nick)  insisted on giving us a long lecture  on the features, even though we told him 2 or 3 times we were not interested in hearing about features without first getting a feel for the car. Very pushy tone and condescending attitdue during the test drive - when we asked questions about ther models, he would say things like "I'd show you, but I dont think thats within your price range." At the end of the test drive, we asked to test another model and were told they only allow one test drive on weekends.

No way we'd buy from this place, ever.

Soumya M. | 2014-09-04

We purchased a 2015 Q7 recently and Jon Cornelius helped us finding the right car for us. He was very helpful in answering our questions and explaining everything in detail and made our buying experience very pleasant.

Jeff H. | 2014-09-02

I had a great experience in buying my 2015 S3 from Emane Ferzghi, I have no complaints what so ever. The whole process went very smoothly and I was treated very well. I appreciate all the assistance Emane provided.

Wes R. | 2014-08-26

My wife and I leased a 2014 Q5 and worked with Larry Lurie. He was very knowledgable about Audi and attentive to us and our needs. He actually "sold" us the car, as opposed to just showing us vehicles.

Car buying is often an arduous process but Larry made it easy and offered great customer service. After the purchase, he spent an hour and a half showing us all of the cool technology and features of the Q5.

We purchased a 2007 A4 from this dealership before and had a good experience, but this was by far the best we've ever had at ANY dealership!

Daniel S. | 2014-08-25

I worked with Tenzin Soepa and Andrei from the internet sales side. I have to tell you these two are as good as they come! Car salesmen are notorious in many negative ways, but Tenzin and Andrei are far from it. They were extremely responsive, passionate about the cars, and knows how to do business in this new age of technology. They are not pushy at all and really sought to understand me first to better address what I was looking for in a car. They respond by phone, email, and text  message all day long so it is very easy to communicate with them. Also since they work as a two person team they are available every day of the week! In the end I came out with a great car and an even better buying experience because of those two. Thanks again guys!

(As a side note about the negative reviews you see do understand that each dealership will have a wide range of sales people, it's the nature of the business wherever you go and is by no means going to be specific to Stevens Creek Audi. A different sales person at the same dealership can change your experience from a five star to a single star experience, so keep in mind that my 5 star rating is more for Tenzin and Andrei. To elaborate more when I first did a walk in to the dealership I talked to a saleswoman who actually made me feel like she wanted me to leave, almost like I was wasting her time - granted I was wearing shorts after a hike, but I did tell her I was looking to buy this week. She told me she was only a month in on the job and didn't even offer me a business card when I was leaving the dealership. I got almost no helpful information from her and felt like I knew more about the cars than her, I almost didn't want to come back to the dealership after that experience. I'm extremely happy that I went to the internet sales route and asked for quotes from the website so that I could end up working with Tenzin and Andrei. I haven't shared this experience with the two yet so without knowing it these two guys definitely saved this dealership from losing a customer. Long story short - either look for Tenzin Soepa or Andrei on site, or contact the dealership through their website first.)

Ali G. | 2014-08-25

I made appointment with Sean. I went there to get an oil change. He was really polite and professional. They did a free inspection to my A4 but there is no way l could afford it to get it fixed there. It's way too expensive for me.

Paul F. | 2014-08-25

I just moved up here from Orange County, which is where is originally purchased my A4. I have been having oil consumption issues since the purchase. I've had all my services done at Audi Mission Viejo and time and time again id ask them to assess whats going on and they'd do a bunch of different repairs that did not fix the original issue of oil consumption. I had to add a quart of oil everything full tank of gas! I brought my car into Vin in services. Man oh man, this guy is BEYOND helpful. Not only was he able to diagnose the problem CORRECTLY and efficiently, but he went as far as to take it to Audi of America and had a 5000 service be completely complimentary. He was patient, very kind and professional. Blown away at the exceptional customer service at this dealership. AWESOME JOB AUDI STEVENS CREEK, WELL DONE!

Jean T. | 2014-08-22

Well, I took my A6 in to get serviced and when I went to pick it up I took a stroll through the show room and saw this amazing RS5 - Black Phantom on Black interior ... needless to say I did not leave the dealership that day with my A6 ... Sorry A6 I am totally loving the replacement ride ;)

John Z. | 2014-08-17

What a great dealership, from sales to service. I just took delivery of the second car I have purchased from Radek Kubiak, my sales associate. From ordering a car in April, to the follow up after delivery this weekend, he actually made purchasing a car fun. I've been with Stevens Creek for over two years now and my service advisor, Vin Penugonde has gone out of his way to make my service visits easy. They also happen to have the best shop foreman and R8 tech in the U.S., Simo Luttunen.

David E. | 2014-08-15

If I could rate this dealership a ZERO, I would.

I had a wonderful experience there over a year ago so I returned to Cassandra Crawford (Sales) and Rachel (finance) to trade in a vehicle and lease a Q5.

What a nightmare.  Cassandra is totally unresponsive and I had to constantly call her.  She never one proactively sent me an email or called me.  She was trying to confirm transfer of a specific Q5 to arrive today and totally blew me off and never got back to me.  Guess what--money talks so I walked and purchased a great vehicle from a competitor and got a much better trade.

I have been emailing and calling to cancel my tire protection and maintenance plan and no calls from Cassandra--no surprise!   I took time off from work this morning to go in and Rachel gave me what was supposed to be a website to cancel the maintenance plan but turns out it was an email address.  After googling "how to cancel audi care," I called Audi USA and they have no record of the VIN Number or a Service contract but I paid for it.

Then I called to speak with the GM of the dealership and got put on eternal hold.

What a royal pain.   This should not be that difficult.   There are other Audi dealerships so they are not the only game in town.

Shame on Stevens Creek Nissan--specifically the Cassandra/Rachel team, who, got a 5 star review from me over ago

Rajbir G. | 2014-08-15

The best car buying experience I've ever had. Went in, put a few signatures on paperwork, and got out with a car I have been dreaming about. Literally as simple as that. Cassandra Crawford is the person to deal with. She made it as easy and hassle free as I could possibly imagine. The only reason i gave 5 stars is cos there are no more to give .

A J. | 2014-08-12

My wife and I visited the pre-owned side of this dealership about a month ago fully prepared to purchase an A6. It was dead when we got there on a Sunday. I was therefore surprised that they gave us the least experienced salesperson to help us out. He appeared to be very young and knew nothing about the cars. I don't mind the fact that new staff need to be trained but I wonder how they decide which customers get the joy of serving as lab rats for the new staff. I believe there is a guy there named Frank who knows a lot about both Audis and BMWs so when we asked comparative questions he was called upon anyway. I just found the experience to be clumsy.

I would rather work with the person who can answer all of my questions and has the authority to make pricing decisions.

Anonymous G. | 2014-08-11

I worked with this dealership when I was looking into getting a new A4, and because of the way I was treated and how unprofessional the sales reps there were, I bought my A4 from a different dealership instead.  I worked with Tenzin Soepa, and Andrei Smith. First of all, I was passed around from sales rep to sales rep as if no one wanted to work with me; I never had 1 dedicated sales rep. At first, both Soepa and Andrei tried to help me work out the issues of the lease I wanted, most likely because at this point they both still thought they could get my money for the sale.

As time went on and I started to get anxious for some answers, I called Andrei 3 different times in 1 day, because I was told I would have an answer that day.  Andrei told me he still did not have an answer about the lease agreement I was trying to work out, so I mentioned that I may want to go get a second opinion at another dealership. At this point, he proceeded to raise his voice to me, and tell me that if I was looking into other dealerships I was "a waste of his time, and not a priority client". He said he wouldn't want to go to his supervisor and tell him he has a client who is "calling incessantly, and not even going to give them my business". He said if this is the case, "what incentive do we have to even try to help you? We would rather stop working on the lease all together".

My brother was required to co-sign on the lease, and he lives in Los Angeles. Co-signers have to be present in person at the dealership to co-sign, they cannot do this via fax or email. Due to the fact that by co-signing on my lease my brother is doing me a favor, I did not want to inconvenience him by making him fly up to the Bay Area. So, I told Andrei that in my brothers best interest it might be best that I go down to Los Angeles to buy the car, to not inconvenience my brother. Andrei then said that this was ridiculous and "the amount of money it will cost you for a plane ride for him shouldn't make Audi Stevens Creek lose your business".

I work in sales, so I have been talked to in a rude and unprofessional manner before. This was hands down the rudest anyone has ever treated me in a professional setting. Unless you are the kind of person who is extremely well-off and can afford to walk into Audi and buy a car with 1 check, don't bother going to Audi Stevens Creek because they won't give you the time of day.

Pauline H. | 2014-08-09

They really take advantage of the fact that they're a "luxury" car dealership. Save yourself some money and time and get your car serviced somewhere else. I'm sure going out of your way and driving to a dealership further away (or even a 3rd party car service business) will be of better comfort than the quality of work and customer service they offer here.

So the sensor that turns on your lights at night was malfunctioning in our A6, and the headlights are burned out whether you're in auto or if you manually turn on the lights yourself. The dashboard lights up in manual mode but not auto. This is exactly what we explained to our service rep AND the car technician (he was standing next to the service man's desk) very clearly. We also had a good 5-10 min conversation about the charger/fuse in the front of the car and how it was blown out and not charging anything. Cool.

The service rep writes us up a quote. "It'll be 185 for the diagnostic. sign here" (a ridiculous price already, but hey, nobody forced us to buy an audi)
"Okay, but if it turns out to be the headlights, you're just going to charge for the headlights right?"
"yea we will take off the diagnostic fee and just charge you for however much the headlamps cost"

Later on we pick up the car and bring in the 10% off audi coupon that get mailed to us. The invoice is for $185. "sorry we can't use that coupon" "wait why not it clearly says it's 10% off service parts and labor." The invoice lists the $185 under the "labor" line. The service rep explains that there is no separate computer code for "diagnostics" and that's why it's listed under labor. "sorry we can't take it off because it's a diagnostic not labor."
OKAY. the last time I checked, if the computer cannot distinguish between a labor and a diagnostic, HOW is it going to distinguish between a coupon code that you input in yourself?? (are we assuming that the "computer" will suddenly discriminate between diagnostic and labor when it couldn't before??) Additionally, the last time I checked, performing diagnostics is a form of labor. Hence why it was under "labor". He did not give a better reason than that. It is still a mystery to me as to why he would not go in and apply the audi coupon mailer.

our second question "okay so what did the diagnostic do". "we reprogrammed the computer" (they seem to really like blaming things on the computer. hey you guys. pro-tip we all live in silicon valley. stop acting that your clients are oblivious to how computers work.) "okay that's cool, do our lights work now?" "yes everything works." "can you show us?" (it's a sunny summer afternoon so we're not going to be able to test the auto-light feature, unless we go back into their garage) "i guarantee it works." um okay. we take their word for it.
spoiler alert. the headlights didn't  function that night, on either auto or manual. The night sensor still down't work. In fact, nothing has changed from before we brought it in. We're still driving with daytime running lights (isn't that kind of dangerous? thanks for keeping the roads safe at night for us, Audi of stevens creek/sanjose!) and less $185.  they guarantee they fixed it. they charged us for "computer diagnostics". They did nothing. we still paid. What kind of backwards business economics is this.

Let's go back to earlier that day. "what about our charging port?"
spoiler alert, he forgot to take care of that, so we had to wait out standing in the sun while they took the car back and fixed the fuse in the charging port.

If you MUST get your car serviced here, don't get Sean as your service rep. Everyone you come into contact to at the service center will refer you back to your service rep, unfortunately. Your service rep applies the coupon codes. Your service rep tells the technician what to do. Your service rep tells the cashier how much to charge you and what to charge you for. Your service rep will waste your time and money. It's one thing to pay a premium at a dealership and having them fix things. It's another to pay a premium, have them just flat out lie to you and get nothing done. Our regular service rep is on vacation, it's a shame Sean is turning away his customers.

TL;DR don't get Sean as your service rep. They charged us $185 for not doing anything to our car.

Victor N. | 2014-08-04

Just bought a car from here two months ago and the service was great from start to finish. I had some bad experiences with other dealers in the area (BMW/Subaru), so I was sort of expecting the same from this one.

The sales person I dealt with was Wendell Escolano and he was very helpful. He's very quick with his email responses and I never got the feeling that he was too busy to answer my questions. It was the quality of service that you expect from a luxury car dealer.

In the end, I got a good price on my car and have been very happy with it. Definitely recommend this place.

Srilakshmi S. | 2014-08-03

The service was really amazing. Tenzin Soepa helped me get 2015 Audi Q5. It was a wonderful experience getting my new car here.

Patrick C. | 2014-08-01

Hands down the best!!!  I've owned many new cars, and this place has got the whole experience down .  From the time your car hits the lot, people are on their game. Making  your visit to the service department painless.  It's flows like a fine orchestra. My service  advisor kept  informed on when my car was ready. And it was done early. Give it a try.  We  are planning to buy a new car very soon, from here

Joon P. | 2014-07-23

Today, I purchased a 2015 Audi s5 from Cassandra Crawford of Audi Stevens Creek.  The service was so wonderful and the transaction so efficient and fair-- I can't recommend Cassandra enough!  No wonder she's one of the top Audi salesperson in the US!!!  Go to Audi Stevens Creek and MAKE SURE you ask for Cassandra!!!!

Megan H. | 2014-07-22

Efficient, fair, knowledgeable - would highly recommend this dealership - especially Frank Garcia - for your Audi (certified pre-owned) purchases.

I purchased a barely used, certified pre-owned Audi A4 from Audi Stevens Creek two days ago, and could not be happier with the purchase or the process. Specifically, Frank Garcia (sales) and Rachel Fuentes (finance manager) were amazing.

Frank showed me multiple CPO A4 models, and the test drive route was perfect - it had stop-and-go, freeway, curves, and even we stopped to go over the technology in the car. Best of all, it was a no-pressure experience - he shook my hand when I left and that was it. (Good thing, too, as I will walk away as soon as I hear "what can I do to get you in this car today?"!)  I returned the next day, husband-in-tow, and again Frank let us take the car for a spin without any pressure at all to buy. He knew his stuff, too - was able to answer all of our technical and not-so-technical questions about the car, and was knowledgeable about competing brands as well (I was also looking at  the BMW 328i, of course). He answered all of my questions in person and even by e-mail, and when we decided to purchase he got as far into the paperwork as he could before we walked into the office to sign. The price was fair, the purchase process was as efficient as it could be - all paperwork was ready to go, and when we were escorted to the finance department Rachel had everything ready for us to sign. Frank even took the time to show me as much as he could in the car after the purchase process was complete - until I had to run off to a work meeting! He's even gone so far as to e-mail me video tutorials about the vehicle since we didn't get through everything.

Highly recommended!

J P. | 2014-07-16

My husband and I just had an excellent experience buying a Q5 from Stevens Creek Audi.  If you want to deal with a great salesperson ask for Nikolas Buitrago.  He accompanied us on a very informative test drive and spent hours explaining all the technology in the Q5 after the purchase.  He is professional, polite, extremely knowledgeable and in our case, most importantly, patient.  We're expecting future visits to the service department to be of the same high quality of professionalism.

G E. | 2014-07-15

Audi Stevens Creek was awesome!  Tenzin was genuinely helpful and took care of my every need.  He was committed to making sure I had a positive experience and he delivered.  Got a great car at a great prices -- couldn't be happier.  I usually don't write reviews but from Tenzin's service he deserves it.

Romi M. | 2014-07-10

If you've got the time, read this.  My recent experience with Audi Stevens Creek service department.  This is part of an email I sent to the General Manager.  Waiting for his reply.

 I am writing to you to express and report my utter disappointment at the deceitfulness of certain members of your service department.  On the morning of July 8th, at 8:15am, I brought my 2012 Audi TT RS with only ~13k miles to your service department to investigate an issue with the steering wheel vibrating at speeds above 75 MPH.  I decided to bring it to your dealership because my vehicle is still under warranty and I thought I could trust the expertise of your service department.  I now greatly regret that decision.  
 Let me explain to you the events of what has transpired from Tuesday, July 8th, to the early evening of Wednesday, July 9th.  After dropping off my car at your service department, my appointment was initially with Mike Crisel, upon which my service account was shortly transferred to David Hofkins.  It was my understanding that my car would be inspected for issues that would be related to steering wheel vibration.  After waiting an entire day, I had to make a call at 5:30pm to your service department (because nobody called me) to find out the status of my vehicle.  I was explained by David that the mechanic who is the subject matter expert in the area that my car needed its investigation on,  was too busy to look at my vehicle that day.  I agreed that my vehicle could be kept overnight and that it would be looked at the next day.  
  On the morning of Wednesday, July 9th, David called me at 7:30am.  He explained that my vehicle may need wheel balancing to fix the steering wheel vibration issue.  He explained to me that the cost of the balancing is not covered under warranty and that I would be charged $90.  I agreed to the $90 charge based on the understanding that my wheels would be balanced and that this is what I'm paying for (as indicated on the receipt).  After waiting the ENTIRE day for only 4 wheels to be balanced, I received a call from David at 4:30 pm.  He explained to me that my wheels could not be balanced.  Why not?  My car/wheels/tires only have 13k miles on it.  It is relatively still a "newer" vehicle.  I have never heard of wheels not being able to be balanced at only 13k miles.  David tried to convince me that something was wrong with my tires and that was the reason that my wheels could not be balanced.  He explained to me that I would have to buy new tires for my vehicle.  I do not believe this, as the tires only have 13k miles of wear with plenty of tread  life remaining and no signs of damage on them whatsoever.  I did not agree to buying new tires and just wanted my new vehicle returned.  
To make matters worst, when I went to pick up my vehicle at 5:45pm, Wednesday, July 9th, your service attendants could not find my car in the lot.  After waiting for 20 minutes while they searched, my car was still in your repair bay on the hoist with 4 wheels UNINSTALLED.  Apparently, someone did not inform the mechanic that I did not want to replace my tires and that I was coming to pick my up vehicle.  This is a communications breakdown as I was clearly told to come and pick up my vehicle.

Here is the portion that I am extremely angry about with your service department and your mechanic.  As indicated on my service receipt, I was informed that the wheels could not be balanced and that I needed new tires.  That is bullshit.  On Thursday, July 10th, I went to a tire shop down the street from your dealership.  It only took me 15 minutes of waiting for them to balance my 4 wheels with no problems whatsoever.  I have proof of receipt as evidence from the tire shop.  My vehicle is now running perfectly smooth with no steering wheel vibration whatsoever at any speed.  

So, this brings me to two key points:

1) I was charged $90 for service that was clearly NOT performed.  In fact, when I received my car back, the vibration was even WORST than when I brought the car in.  How would you feel being charged $90 and not having your vehicle for 2 WHOLE days and only to get it back worst than when you brought it in?  This is very bad business practice.

2) The fact that David tried to convince me to buy new tires from your dealership is so deceitful that is beyond my belief.  The same tire shop who helped me balance my four wheels inspected my tires and they explained to me that there is absolutely no need to change my tires.  There is still at least 50% tread life and no issues with my tires whatsoever.  Basically, your service department is trying to trick me into buying tires that I do not need.  (If I really needed new tires, I can guarantee you that the tire shop down the street would have gladly pushed the sale on to me.)

If you took the time to read this, you know better..

Riz C. | 2014-07-10

We were incredibly fortunate to work with James Burnham at Audi Stevens Creek - James single-handedly made this the best car buying experience we've ever had by going over and beyond what one would expect of a sales person.  He guided us through the selection process offering the pros/cons to different car models to fit our specific criteria (space for growing family but without sacrificing performance/handling/features) with a straightforward, friendly, no-pressure delivery.  We did shop around and visited several local dealerships, but James separated himself from many other people we met because he honestly wanted to see us in the best car for us - whether we purchased from him or not - and never spoke negatively about competing cars and never made us feel pressure to make a quick decision because there were 'other people interested in that same car'.  Even when we would stop by for hours to revisit cars we'd already looked at, James never was distracted or disinterested.  Once we decided to buy, he even was able to work with his finance people directly so we didn't have to - we were able to just work everything out with him.  We feel very fortunate to have met James and would highly recommend anyone considering buying a car - even if you hadn't thought of buying an Audi - to stop by Audi Stevens Creek and ask for James.  If you care about finding the right car to fit your needs, James is a great place to start (and in our case, finish).

Joey I. | 2014-06-29

new car sales are great and very helpful and nice, but the used car sales are horrible they are snooty in the used department you would think it would be the opposite, my busy cousin wanted me to look at cars for him and I went to stevens creek audi because his last 2 vehicles have been an audi, im looking at a nice certified used car that is around 60k then one of their sales guys comes out like what are you doing here, you cant afford this shoo! Oh my god these guys are awful. My cousin works many hours a day juggling between his daughter and his work. Its the sf bay area people are more affluent than they look normally.

Sree Balaji V. | 2014-06-23

I went into just take a look at the Audi A6 yesterday. The person who assisted me was Emane. He was really nice and professional. He seemed to really know what he was doing. Went for a test drive and I really liked it.

Next came the talk about the price. After a pretty long talk, the manager gave me a pretty good deal and I took it. I gotta tell you. I had no intention of buying a car yesterday. But they gave me a deal I cant refuse.

Emane got the car washed up and it was ready for delivery at the end of the day. Quick and painless. The only reason I gave a star less is because when my friends leased a car, they delivered the car with full tank of gas but it was a little less than half tank when I got it delivered.

Dan L. | 2014-06-23

I have to write the review after my inspection visit to the service department. My 2010 A4's warranty already expired and I am experiencing steering shake, so I want to take it in for a check up. After two days, I have to make a call and email my service representative: Mike to find out what is the status of my car. Basically, it is just a steering hose need to be replace due to faulty design, since it is not a safety hazard, I decided not to fix it right away. The technician: "F Munoz" also wrote in the inspection report: "Replace front brake pads annd replace front brake rotors status: Fail." Mike warned me on the phone: "The front brake pads are at minimum right now they are failing!"  Because I need the car right away, so I decided not to fix it and informed Mike on the phone. After Mike learned that I am not going to fix it, he doesn't want to deal with me any more, so when I walk in to the service department, he just tell me to go to the cashier, and doesn't even want to discuss about the status of the car. So I went and  paid $180 inspection fee and got my car back.

Last week, I decide to take my car to my mechanic who I can trust to check on the brakes. I was shocked that my mechanic showed me the front brake  pads and rotors are totally fine, the pads still have 50% left! It is the rear brakes that need to be service soon. My mechanic told me: you need to change the rear brake pads in 5-6 months. So basically, the technician at Stevens Creek Audi made a wrong diagnose on my car, or he just wrote whatever that he thinks need to be replaced and the service representative basically lied or just mislead me without ever take a look at my car. They try to charge me $617 for the front brake pads and rotors replacement which are still in good working condition. This is very unacceptable for a luxury car dealership! I already paid $180 for the inspection, and I am not going to be robbed another $600 for something that is not broken! I really expected they will be better than this. One more thing, when I get my car back, they didn't wash the car. For all the dealer visits I have done in the past, luxury or not, I always get a free car wash. I have to ask the guy who hand me the key to get it washed.  That is rather lame for the Audi brand dealership.

To all of the Audi owners coming in for similar jobs without warranty, please be warned!

Sander L. | 2014-06-20

I had previously written a very scathing review of Audi Stevens Creek, after feeling ignored by sales, and treated rudely by service on my first appointment. I still cannot recommend this dealership, but I'm amending my review after a very positive experience with service, thanks to the very pleasant and professional Vin Penugonde. I give him 5 stars. If you must have your car serviced there I recommend asking for VIn.

J J. | 2014-06-19

Do not buy pre owned vehicles from this place. I recently bought a used 05 Prius from them only to have the check engine light come on two weeks later. After taking it somewhere to get diagnosed i find it's a common issue with this vehicle that is going to cost me between $500 and $600 to fix. I called back the salesman who sold me the vehicle (Tenzin Soepa) and personally said that if there was any issue with this thing in the next year they would take care of it , only to get the "sorry manager said can't help" line. Needless to say...Super disappointed with their service.

Warren C. | 2014-06-16

The overall experience in this dealership is awesome, but I'm writing this review particularly for Wendell Escolano. I'm gonna make it short and neat. If you are looking for great customer service with honesty, I would suggest you to ask for Wendell.

- He is willing to sit with you for hours and try to find a car for you. He has spent over an hour to find my car.

- Price: No BS! No hassle! Pretty much: "This is what I can get for you." This is the one of the major reasons why I bought my car here and recommending Wendell. (My wife and I have sat with a few other dealerships, and the experiences were horrible. Lots of going back and forth on pricing, monthly payment, interest... Blah blah blah...)

Again, if you hate being hassled on price and want to cut the crap, Wendell is the right guy for you.

By the way, My wife and I are living in Daly City, and we skipped Rector and Carlsen to make our purchase at Steven's Creek.

Wendell, if you are reading this, sorry to made you to stay overtime. :)

Mark F. | 2014-06-16

I found out recently that Audi eject button on the NAV DVD is disabled at the factory by Audi, presumably to prevent theft by carriers. I called Audi Stevens Creek today to schedule an appointment to have them change the programming to enable the eject button. They wouldn't do it. They claim just inserting an updated NAV DVD won't work & that Audi needs to be contacted. I say BS. Why do they & all other Audi dealers sell the upgraded DVD in their stores?

This is the 2nd issue I've had with this dealership service department. The first was that they were absolutely clueless as to why my new travel trailer with LED tail lights wouldn't work with my 2007 Q7 that had factory hitch & trailer wiring. Turns out the regional Audi service rep DID know what he was talking about & got me on the right path to make the tail lights work properly.  Of course, I needed an aftermarket part (which Audi Steven's Creek didn't stock) to fix the problem.

So if you can, I'd keep looking. This dealership service and parts department are useless.

Eran T. | 2014-06-14

Apparently I don't appear affluent or trust worthy enough for Audi Stevens Creek to let me test drive an RS5. Good thing that policy doesn't hold for Audi Palo Alto and other dealerships.

RJ S. | 2014-06-05

Hi There,

I'm a simple guy and could purchase any car on the market and bought an A6 quattro (used) from Cassandra 8 months ago. Plain and simple. Do your home work and then go see Cassandra in sales.
(2) After the purchase, Mike Crisel in service is your guy. I have been in twice and all my expectations were met. Good luck and enjoy your ride. I am.


john l. | 2014-06-02

Went in there on a Sunday afternoon. There were only probably a few customer and I stood in the show room wondering around looking at the R8. No one bother to say "hi" or came ask if I needed any help. Worst dealer!

Nikki V. | 2014-05-28

I Love TONY!!! Super Tall Asian guy.

Not only is he chill, calm and not a spazz, he is one of the best sales guy we've worked with.
He patiently let us drive the car, ask 1001 questions and didn't rush us either. .
However we usually show up 20 mins before the dealership closes he has the time to spare.

I wanna buy a car just because of him.  
Now waiting for the 2016 model which has the one feature that is not available in the 2015 model.  

TONY can you work your magic and just get the 2016 to us by next month?!!?

Grace L. | 2014-05-22

"I have leased cars for about 25 years now, from a variety of different dealers, so I have had a wide variety of experiences. I leased my Audi A3 (the original hatchback) in 2011 and loved it, so I planned to release the new model in 2014. They discontinued my car and I only had a few choices: lease a different Audi, lease another car from a different company, or buy my car. I had settled on buying my car because it is the only car I have ever leased that I wanted to keep forever. My sales person was the dealership's Internet manager, Tenzin Soepa, and he was amazing. He isn't a typical "car salesman" except that he really knows cars and had answers to absolutely eery question I had. He actually listened, which is very rare with sales people...

I needed to do an analysis of all of my buying/leasing scenarios and he was able to quickly show me the cost/benefit to each one. In the end, it was clear that leasing the new Audi A3 (same name, different car...) was the best and smartest way to go.  Granted I have good credit and had everything ready to go, but the real reason I was in and out in less than 1 1/2 hours is because the person I was dealing with knew what he was doing.

I will really miss my car, but I have to say that  driving home in my new A3 I immediately realized that it was the right decision for all kinds of's a terrific car, but mostly because of how I was treated. As a result of this experience I am much more likely to remain a loyal Audi customer even with a huge variety of other choices out there. I plan to get the new A3 in 2015/16, which is supposed to be styled like my original A3 hatchback, but offered in an electric and TDI model. So I am 2-3 years away from the car of my dreams. In the meantime, I am driving an amazing automobile.

I highly recommend that, if you are considering an Audi and live anywhere near the Stevens Creek dealership, you go there. I live 50 miles away in San Francisco , but it was worth the drive. The difference in how I was treated between my local SF dealership and this one was night and day.  

Thanks Audi and Soepa!

Rosa P. | 2014-05-20

After going to several other dealerships looking for a new vehicle, I was very disappointed with the service I was getting. I felt as if they didn't want my business, but then a friend recommended Audi in Stevens Creek. I was very pleased with the quality customer care I received from Emane. Not only does this dealership sell quality luxury cars, they provide quality customer care as well.

Chris C. | 2014-05-18

Initial impressions only, but couldn't have been happier with my experience today. Contacted the internet sales manager a couple of hours in advance, and spoke with her when I arrived. Probably the best test drive experience I've ever had with her assistant. Having previously had a similar experience to one of the other recent reviewers, where I'd arrived and wasn't approached by anyone to provide sales assistance, I can only recommend breaking from the tradition of expecting to be approached on arrival. I definitely agree that in some ways it's preferable, immediate service and guidance etc., but I also appreciated the zero pressure, relaxed, courteous, and genuinely knowledgeable assistance I received.

Yu L. | 2014-05-17

I bought two cars in Audi, one is S5 and another one is RS5. If you want a sales person, I strongly recommend Tenzin Soepa. I love to buy car from him, he gave me really nice serve and I took my friend there to buy A5 from him. If you want Audi go look for Soepa!

Abhinandan D. | 2014-05-16

This review is really about the sales dept. I ve heard real bad things about the service dept, though I have never experienced it so far.

Cassandra was real patient during the entire deal period, which lasted a gruesome 3 months. I was offered a deal, which wasn't matched by anyone in the 100 Mi radius.

How about that?

All my silly, nitty-witty questions were answered without a sign of exasperation. thank you very much Cassandra.

Iris A. | 2014-05-16

I purchased an A6 for my husband a few weeks ago.  I would actually rate my sales person 4.5 stars Mohammad Farhad.  He was patient and was very knowledgeable about his product.  I would have given him 5 stars had he not talked negative about BMW, considering I told him I drive a BMW and I love it.  If it was up to me we would have bought another BMW but this was for my husband.  Come to find out he purchased a BMW for his wife.  LOL

As for my low rating for the dealership I would never purchase another car from Audi Steven Creek again.  I really wanted the lowest possible interest rate I could get.  They acted like my credit score was horrible when in fact my husband and I both have great credit.  The finance person Maria Fischer said she would hold on to our contract for a couple of days in case we wanted to purchase an extended warranty and she would see if she could get us a better financing deal.  Basically, they would not give us less than 3.9 unless we purchased an extended warranty.  I called back a couple of days later and said I wanted to purchase the Audi care package for approx. $995.00 and she didn't want to deal with me she said to go to service and purchase it.  On Monday morning I went to my credit union and within 15 minutes we were approved for 1.9%.  Both my credit union and I called them over the next several days and never got a return call.  I called and left numerous messages for anyone in finance to call us so we could pay off the vehicle.  I even called and asked to speak to the general manager to get some help to get anyone to call me back to tell me if we could still pay off the vehicle and of course no one ever called us.  I will purchase the Audi care package but not from Audi Stevens Creek.  I refuse to give them any more of my money.  I would rather drive 45 minutes to another dealership to service our car.

As for financing even if you are not a member of call Michael Tran the Branch Manager 408-254-8020.  He will take care of you immediately.  Go in with your financing already taken care of don't deal with them.

Felix Q. | 2014-05-15

Mr. Farhad Mohammad is an EXCELLENT gentleman to work with, and generally just a really cool guy. He is very friendly and professional and has helped my wife and I tremendously through our purchase experience. We were very happy to have worked with him and would highly recommend him to anyone looking to buy an Audi.

Me R. | 2014-05-11

If I could rate a zero star, I would.  A few weeks ago I was in the market for a new car looking at the likes of BMW 535, Lexus GS350, Mercedes C350 and Infiniti Q50.  While really wanting a blue car, the Audi A6 made the list because of the strong performance ratings/reviews I read and I was willing to forego the color preference.  Well, I will never know how the A6 drives and if I do, it won't be because of Audi of Stevens Creek.  My friend and I walked the lot for at least 5 minutes as we watched the sales people enjoy their BBQ which honestly looked like it was supposed to be for customers?  Sales people walked back and forth from the show room to the BBQ never once making eye contact and never once coming over to see if we needed help.  Granted, I could have walked over to them and asked for help, but for me, I shouldn't have to go over, apologize for interrupting their lunch and ask for help.  Now 5 minutes may not seem like a long time, but try it sometime - go to a car lot and walk around checking out the cars . . . We then waiting another 5 minutes by my car in the shade because it was a warm day - nothing.

It's a shame that this customer didn't have the opportunity to experience an Audi (ended up with an E350) due to the lack of service given by Audi of Stevens Creek - I hope you don't have the same unfortunate experience.

Steve H. | 2014-05-10

Soepa is very knowledgable and proactive! Soepa worked with his team to ensure all my needs and wants was taken care of!  His service was so amazing we bought another car from him in less then a year! Thank you to Soepa for being a genuine human being!

Ron F. | 2014-04-28

Sean Williams in the service dept is fantastic. Great guy to work with. They had my car up and running in no time and also set me up with a fantastic loaner. I usually hate going to the dealer to get my car fixed but Stevens Creek Audi is worth it cause of guys like Sean.

Owen W. | 2014-04-27

This is my 4th Audi purchased through Steven Creek Audi. Audi is #1 in my book for Customer service, I had written an email to Audi about a visor clip issue and my car was out of warranty, they called me back and said head to your dealer and we will take care of it... A++

While I was waiting on my car to get the clip fixed and a free car wash I ran into my sales guy Enrique who is now a manager and chatted for a bit, he saw I kept looking at the Audi Allroad and asked if I was ready for another car....

So we sat down and went over some number, but I had to get back to work so asked him to email me the dealer offer.  After a few rounds of number grinding and changes Enrique hit the target zone I was looking for so I headed down to pick up my new allroad.

The dealer was crazy busy, so Enrique asked me to work with sales person Jana Gaytan for the final paperwork. I have to admit she was really nice and on top of everything A++. Being a current Audi only she still walked me over to the new car and said let review all the new features and how to use them, paired my phone for me, connected the hotspot and gave demo's on how to's.

So a Great Job to everyone I worked with, Enrique, Jana in sales, and Dave in service :)

Sam A. | 2014-04-22

I had a good experience buying an A6 here. Cassandra Crawford was very helpful and patient. Even though she seemed a bit intimidating at first she helped me all the way through finding the car that I was looking for at a good price. She wasn't pushy in anyway. But beware of the extras that they offer. Services like window tinting, exterior and interior protection (IBEX) and clear armor / bra are not from Audi. Audi Stevens Creek just contracts these out to a local shop at a huge mark up. My experience with the finance department is mixed.
My experience with the service has been mixed to good so far. After a service appointment, my car key came back all scratched up, but they replaced the key. I wish they had been careful in the first place. I also found a minor scratch that they claimed to be a rock chip. Igor in service is very nice, knowledgeable and helpful. I highly recommend him.

Rana K. | 2014-04-19

Mohammed Farhad s a great salesman.
good follow up, reliable, honest, good service.

Michelle B. | 2014-04-15

After looking for a Q5 for quite some time I was delighted to see that the Audi Stevens Creek website had a HUGE selection of product (wheres Marin had less than 5 and Audi Oakland had only used). I called in and spoke to Jon Cornelius who took the time to get all the specifications I was looking for and to verify they had enough options on the lot to make it worth my time to come in from the city. Although Jon was not going to be there the day that I came in, he promised that his associate Wendell Escolono would help me out. Wendell had all the cars that fit my criteria out and ready when I arrived and made me feel at ease throughout the process. Negotiations (the dreaded part) were simple, straightforward and I am very happy with the deal we made. The next day Wendell went over the whole car from top to bottom/left to right and made sure everything was programmed to my specifications and Maria who handled my paperwork was a joy to work with as well. Will definitely be going back for all my car needs in the future!

Veny P. | 2014-04-15

This past weekend we just purchased a new Q5.  From the moment we have been searching for the right dealer, when we came across Audi of Stevens Creek, we knew we found the right place.
Once we met the sales person Cassandra Crawford, we were REALLY impressed.  She made the entire process extremely smooth, and when she delivered the car, she was very detailed and precise - did not miss a single thing.

I highly recommend the dealership, and Cassandra in particular.  If you are looking for a new Audi - this is the place to go!!!!!

Alex L. | 2014-04-15

We have two Audis in the house and just updated one of them over the last weekend. Need I say I am a returning customer?

Sales: Buying a car with Brad White couldn't be easier. We were choosing between couple models and trim up to the very last minute and he was more than helpful and very patient. The price we've got was over a thousand dollars lower than I could find anywhere on the Internet (and I do know where to look). Also, a car with our particular configuration wasn't in stock, so Brad arranged the exact car we wanted the very next day.

Trade in: this is the part everybody hates but again, Brad arranged our trade-in car for a price I can't complain at all.

Service: I've been bringing two cars for service and fixes for over four years. Have seen only very professional, friendly, and respectful approach. I had a chance to compare Audi Stevens Creek service with the service department of another Audi dealer - it's a day and night difference. With the "other" dealer, unless you are buying an-over 100K car, you're looked down upon. Not here. Another not so small detail - I'm an Audi enthusiast and I know about some performance modification you could apply to an Audi. Usually, any of these mods are frowned upon at best, or you can get your warranty cancelled right there. Stevens Creek _offers_ performance mods with their warranty. A good thing to confirm how knowledgeable they are (disclaimer - I don't have any performance mods on my car but if I were to install anything, Audi of Stevens Creek would be the place to have it done. I mention mods only to emphasize their level of expertise)

Nancy F. | 2014-04-14

My experience with James Burnham and the purchase of a vehicle over the weekend was priceless. My husband works Saturdays so I had to purchase the vehicle on my own. The vehicle was cleaned up before my arrival so it was spotless. We quickly agreed upon a price and the paperwork was quickly processed. They had a nice touch of freshly baked cookies in the showroom while I waited. Thanks to James and the support team I was driving my new vehicle home within a couple hours. Thank you so much and I will ask for James when purchasing another vehicle  

Nancy freschet

Lisa L. | 2014-04-14

I hate to leave a 1 star review for any business. Their service is unexecptible...

Tori P. | 2014-04-11

I had a great experience buying a Q5 here back in December. Radek was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. After I bought the car, he spent about 3 hours with me showing me the ins and outs of the vehicle, including how to put on and take off the ski rack.

The purchasing experience was great. The product has also been great, I've had no buyer's remorse many months later after many weekend trips to Tahoe and 1 long road trip to Vegas. The 5k service was a breeze.

I've been extremely pleased with my experience with this business so far.

Lauren C. | 2014-04-09

Radek was absolutely phenomenal. He had a calm, not at all pushy demeanor, which really let my husband and I take our time to figure out the car we wanted. Radek was always available to answer questions, give us more info, and help with our decision to purchase a new car. My favorite part of the experience (besides, of course, actually getting the car) was that Radek was flexible enough to work out numbers with me via text message. I recently started a new job and didn't feel comfortable stepping away to make a personal phone call just yet, but Radek was really easygoing and literally worked out all of the numbers via text back and forth. My husband was shocked that he didn't pick up the phone and call or have us come in for an appointment, and I just said "Yep, this is why Radek's awesome". He definitely made a difference in our car-buying experience and we are really thankful for that - he even texted me a picture of the new car all wrapped up when it first arrived. Those small gestures really make a difference between the salesmen you want to work with, and the snake-y one's you don't. We had a less than impressive experience with a salesman at Royal Automotive in SF, and even though they were offering a great deal on the car, we ultimately came back to Radek at Steven's Creek because he was very genuine.

Radek took time on his day out of the office to come in and help us sign the deal and take the car, and he even sat in the car with us to go over a few additional features that we didn't know about. It was a great way to start out with our new Audi, after trading in our 10 year old TT.

Special shoutout to Hanna, who was very sweet and helpful when going through the monotonous task of signing all of the paperwork.

I'd be surprised if I didn't have my husband in an Audi by next summer, especially if the exceptional service continues with the maintenance care we receive from the service team. Half the reputation from a dealership is from the sales & financing team, and the other half is from the service team. To share a story that we told Radek when picking up our car: When we bought the TT from a private owner in Texas (while we were living there), we were having regular services under the warranty at an Audi dealership in Dallas. We took the TT in for the last service before the warranty expired and, without us saying a word, the service team went through the car and replaced everything that either looked worn or that typically needed to be replaced in the next few thousand miles (based on experiences with other TT's I suppose) all covered under the warranty. It was so nice and thoughtful of them to take care of us like that - I was hooked. Like I said earlier, it's little things like that that make a huge difference in the experience of a dealership.

Thank you so much to Radek for all of your fantastic help in the whole process, and thank you for making my first "new" car such a positive experience. I hope it is the first of many more to come!


Lauren and Chris

Anh N. | 2014-04-08


Peace L. | 2014-04-07

Ahhh Stevens Creek Audi, you know the way to my heart is through inebriation. Don't think I'd ever buy an Audi, but you plied me with free booze at the A3 premiere. That's at least deserving of 3 stars. P.S. sorry about your bathroom

Michael P. | 2014-04-06

Bought my A4 from here - all throughout the experience was 5 stars. My sales rep was Andrei Smith - always courteous and polite, knowledgeable, honoring his words. He and the rest of the staff made me feel like I, the customer, was indeed the king.

As for the price, I had previously negotiated with multiple dealerships and Andrei promised they would beat any price. He kept his word, and I got premium service at the price I wanted. I even traded in my old car, and that was a fair price as well.

In conclusion, great experience, and at least if Andrei is there for my next Audi, they will be my first choice.

Jinqi H. | 2014-04-02

I got a 2014 Audi A4 here, and the dealer is professional and really nice. Anyway, great deal and I am satisfied with it.

Katie D. | 2014-04-01


After charging us RETAIL cost to replace a tire on a loaner car they actually submitted the check twice -- electronically and then traditionally -- so we've now paid more than TWICE wholesale!

Kunal B. | 2014-03-31

The first car of my life and these guys made it a really smooth experience. I had my mind set on the Audi A3 2015 (Quattro) and I was given really good attention and advise by the agent. I got a reasonable deal on the car and the communication from the agent was extremely good. The agent who helped me out was Farhad. Extremely good customer service and what I really like was that these guys were not pushy like other dealers I went to in the area.

Keep it up guys!

Melissa H. | 2014-03-28

I got my TT serviced by another mechanic and when the battery died, my radio was locked to "SAFE" mode. I tried many ways to unlock it, even removed the head unit... Because I didn't want to take it to the dealership cause I heard it's expensive.

I called them and they said i had to make an appointment, it was going to be 89 dollars for them to hook it up to a scanner and get the unlock code. WTF?!?!

That's the stupidest scam I've ever heard in my life. First of all, I don't understand why I have to pay to get my radio fixed when I didn't do anything to it. The car is supposed to have a working radio. The fact that everytime my battery dies I have to pay 90 bucks to get a stupid 4 digit code just to get it working again?!

No code in the manual. No code written on the of the radio. Now my head unit is basically a useless piece of garbage. Makes me mad just thinking about how many times they've scammed other people.

Joyce H. | 2014-03-25

The review is for service department.  I brought my Q5 for 5000 miles service today; this is our first service at Audi Stevens Creek.  My husband and I were extremely satisfied with the service we received.  The service appointment made over the phone; give me flexible time windows to choose from.  I can easily change my appointment online.   "Like" +1

On the day of service, when we first pull up to the front door we were greet right away.  Confirmed our appointment, meet the service adviser --- Sean, everyone is friendly and with smile on their face.   "Like" +2

Many Audi loaners to choose including Q5, A3, A6....etc.  

Stevens Creek Audi will be my future service site!

Kim R. | 2014-03-19

My husband surprised me with an Audi Q5 for Christmas/my birthday December 2013! We worked with Tenzin Soepa and he was great! If you're looking for a salesperson that is genuine and keeps it real-he's your guy! We really appreciate all he did to help us get the best deal. Real down to earth, real talk, no gimmicks! Loving being apart of the Audi Family!

Stephanie B. | 2014-03-18

Tenzin Soepa from Audi Stevens Creek made my A6 purchase stress free.  I had been looking online for several months, visited a couple dealerships and test drove various cars.  I always came back to Audi.  

I was apprehensive when I submitted a request for quote on line.  I assumed I would receive a flood of emails, to my surprise I did not.  I received an invite to make an appointment.  I showed up to my scheduled appointment and was greeted in a non threatening manner.  Soepa made me feel as I was the only customer in the crowded dealership.  

Soepa is very knowledgeable about all things Audi.  He took the time to explain the various features and suggested the best options to stay within my limited budget.  He is a true example of going beyond the customers expectation.  I was pleasantly surprised by his non aggressive Sales technique and am extremely comfortable and confident with the car I purchased.  

Today I had a minor user error issue, I didn't think twice about calling Soepa, not knowing it was his day off, he took the call and provided the guidance I needed.  Because of the Service I received from Audi Stevens Creek and Tenzin Soepa I have become a customer for life.

Chris M. | 2014-03-17

I leased an A6 TDI for Andrei Smith at Audi Stevens Creek in Oct 2013.  The experience was efficient, professional and trouble free.  Truly a great experience I would recommend to all.

Donna P. | 2014-03-17

I love my Q5.  Thanks to Tenzin Soepa for helping me get the card that is just right for me at the right price!

Burt S. | 2014-03-16

Great service and very professional. Look up Tenzin Soepa!

Anastasia O. | 2014-03-16

Audi Stevens Creek helped me immensely last year when I was on a hurry in between two transocean business trips and needed to locate a car urgently. Andrei Smith did a great job by catching a car that I loved on its way to the U.S. and securing it from another dealership, and doing all the paperwork before I left. He got me through a complicated international money transfer and when I was back, my car was just waiting for me, and Andrei himself drove it to my house. I didn't receive the same kind of attention and care in any other Audi dealerships in the area.

mike k. | 2014-03-16

I got my sweet manual black audi S5 here.  Soepa took good care of me.  Nice guy and I will be getting my next car here as well as soon as the first model comes out that has the google integration :)

Yupeng F. | 2014-03-16

We recently bought a Q5 from Audi Stevens Creek. The dealership is clean, and the staffs are friendly. Especially, Our sales op,Tenzin Soepa, did an excellent job on helping us through everything, from ordering the new vehicle to going through all the paperworks. He is knowledgable and professional. Ask Tenzin, if you are in the market for an Audi.

Joel O. | 2014-03-16

Audi Stevens Creek is a very professional operation.  We worked with Tenzin Soepa as our rep, and he was great!  Very knowledgeable and helpful with all of our questions, and really good on the run-through of all the electronics and features!  We have also had a lot of satisfaction with their service department!  All in all, a good place to buy or lease and Audi!

Subhadeep D. | 2014-03-15

I used be a BMW owner and was looking for a new SUV. I happened to visit Audi Stevens Creek as it was closer to my place and really fell in love with the Q5. I had also checked out BMWx3 but Q5 won our heart finally.
I have to say that Tenzin Soepa our sales rep, showed us Q5 and helped us with all our queries. He was generous enough to give us a test ride several times so that both me and my wife were satisfied with the handling of the car and its comfort. He also helped us with the trade in for our our old bmw 3218. I must say i got a very good deal for it.
I would rate Tenzin 5 stars for his excellent service and salesmanship. You should ask for him if u r looking for a new Audi in Stevens Creek.

Kk K. | 2014-03-15

I searched for a few months for the perfect price on a 2014 Audi Q5.  I submitted one of those internet searches, and a few salespeople called me back.  I went with Andrei Smith and have recommended that all of my friends looking for an Audi go talk to him.

Andrei texted me right away.  He was knowledgable, efficient, scheduled my service appointments, and got me in and out of there quickly.  Go to this dealership for Andrei.

Ann M. | 2014-03-15

WHAT A JOY !   working with Andrei.... Stevens Creek Audi can be very proud of this young man... !!!!!  Sincere, Patient, Professional and Knowledgeable. I love my  
AUDI Q5  and thanks to Andrei I can manage all the New Tech options..... never in a rush to shuttle you in and out.... made sure all my needs were met  !!!!! and the price was the best out there.....  GO ANDREI...YOU'RE A WINNER !!  Ann McGrath

Ali S. | 2014-03-15

I'm not going to mention the name, but the Audi car salesperson who sold me my Audi was pretty deceptive.

After buying the car, the salesperson told me that if I filled out a perfect 10/10 rating on the Audi Survey website I would get a free full tank of gas the next time I came to the Stevens Creek dealership, but I had to give a perfect score or the deal did not stand.

Definitely did not deserve a 10/10 and because I refused to give that, the next time I went in, was told that since I did not give a perfect score I would not be able to get a free full tank of gas.

Recently, I received an email asking to rate the Audi Stevens Creek dealership giving it a perfect 5 star rating on Yelp. This time I was offered a free car detailing, given I am putting 2 stars, now I will not be able to get the free car detail.  

Not that it is a major issue, but does highlight how crafty this dealership is. My next car will not be bought at this dealership because there is a lack of integrity.

Francis K. | 2014-03-14

Audi Stevens Creek has been great!  I bought by 2013 A4 Quattro about a year ago and the service has been great.

Sales- bought my audi with Andrei Smith and he was great.  Our negotiations were fair and I felt that he really wanted to work with me on the price.  He has followed up periodically after the sale and I would definitely buy from him again.

Service- no problems with my routine 5K service. I purchased the Audi service package (i think its worth it).  i had a little problem with my navigation and they fixed it quickly.  I can drop off my car the day before and they have provided me with a great loaner each time.

Elizabeth R. | 2014-03-14

Andrei assisted my husband and me in the purchase of a 2014 Q5.  Being 6 months pregnant I came prepared to spend the whole day there. I was surprised to be able to come to a quick agreement on price, for which we were happy with, and get our new vehicle in less then half the time I expected. The dealership is clean, well staffed with friendly people with a comfortable waiting area. They also have free Wi-Fi which helped me when I accessed the Internet on my iPad to look up accessories for the new vehicle.  We had a pleasant experience with Andrei. He is not pushy, he is knowledgeable, patient and easy going. We appreciated working with him. He was also good at follow up per and post sale. We have had no issues with the vehicle.  Thank you!

Hardeep S. | 2014-03-14

Andrei Smith is the reason I bought an Audi. He said he'd get me into one, when I was still at my shopping around phase, and he wasn't wrong :P Fantastic service the entire way through, going above and beyond what anyone would normally expect.

Nicole I. | 2014-03-14

I purchased my Q5 with Andrei last October. It's a wonderful experience! He tried really hard to find the car I want and I truly appreciate it! :)

Vik G. | 2014-03-08

Disappointed. My cousin is looking at convertibles. Took him to Stevens creek to check out the S5 convertible. Five sales people are on their computers or smartphones. Ask for someone to help us and told they are all busy. A year ago I was trying to buy a car from here and the same thing happened twice before!  Ended up buying my car from niello in sacramento. I know the audi business is good but letting costumers walk out of your show room is insane. It was exceptionally disappointing as an audi owner when I am trying to promote the brand.

Tim P. | 2014-03-08

I have visited this dealership several times, and on no occasion, despite looking around for staff who were willing to engage, do i ever get any help (and also despite looking to try/buy a new RS5). All the staff here have a serious attitude problem from what I can see of it, and I was willing to put this down to one time occurrence before, but I had the exact same experience once again today. Nothing has changed since the last time i visited 18 months ago.

Don't waste your time with these jokers, go to BMW instead...

Alejandro C. | 2014-03-04

I didn't know it takes the whole sales team to be with just one customer. While other customers are waiting. Just because that one customer was looking at the Audi r8 everyone was in one big circle talking about it. All they did was just unlock the car that I was looking at because he was in a hurry to get back to the other customer as if he was the only sales person. I waited after to see if they would come asking if I need any help or questions and they didn't. I didn't even catch the sales person name.

J C. | 2014-02-22

My husband got an email from the internet manager, Ramon Maciel. The email says the following, " I guess you have been looking for a new AUDI S4 for a few months now. The price that we have at $_____ is firm, so don't waste your time offering less like you have in the past. All the other AUDI S4's you looked at before were sold. This means that our pricing is right on the market."

I was shocked at how rude this person was. First of all, we have only looked at a SINGLE CAR at this dealership and we have not had the chance to discuss pricing. Says a lot about their customer service. Says a lot about how they treat their customers. Actually, I would have preferred that this "so called internet manager" said it in my face. Sounded like he was a pussy to be rude in person so he thought of just writing it in email. Coward I think. Now, I just have a copy of his email to prove how worthless he is.

Josh M. | 2014-02-18

Although this dealer doesn't deal much on prices they do however aggressively price their used cars to begin with so it balances out. I dealt with Frank Garcia and he was great to deal with, a real professional who knows how to treat his clients and knows all the ins and outs of the cars. I highly recommend dealing with Frank if you plan on purchasing from Stevens Creek Audi. Also, the finance manager Jana was very friendly and made the Finance portion a breeze. If I buy another Audi in the future I will definitely return to Stevens Creek Audi.

Shwetha B. | 2014-02-12

I went in looking for an A4 sedan and was hoping to find Cassandra because of all the reviews. Since she was busy I was led to another sales rep Mohammed.  He must be the worst sales rep I have ever met. He was too arrogant for someone who has worked there for just a year and wasn't customer friendly at all. I was trying to get the invoice price for the car that I was interested in. Instead of showing me the actual number he gave me a percentage. I can do math alright, but I was hoping for better service.  He didn't seem eager to sell a car at all. Then I tried to tell him about a better quote that I got from another dealer, he and his manager both got so agitated like I was pulling numbers off of thin air despite telling them that I can mail them the quote. I guess they thought I was stupid and tried to intimidate me. They weren't even trying to get me the best deal. All in all it was a very bad experience and I am not going in there again.

C. Y. | 2014-02-11

To be fair, I purchased my first Audi from this dealership and I enjoyed the experience. In fact I came back one year later shopping for another Audi. However, one incident happened at their service department totally changed my mind. I parked my car at the service lane and waited outside while a service staff sat inside my car checking the engine light. Suddenly the car in the front backed up and hit my car, causing damages on the front bumper.  The service staff quickly stopped his work, parked my car at the parking lot, and jumped out telling me this was none of their business. "To do me a favor," they attempted to use a magic marker to cover up the scratches which totally shocked me. The driver in the front car refused to give out her insurance information and drove away. 30 minutes later the service staff came out again and told me they can replace the damaged part for $170. What if my car got damaged during routine service and maintenance? I guess I will have to take the loss myself and beg them to repair for me. This is totally unacceptable.  
I have reported this incident to the management team. If they can properly resolve this matter and clarify their service personnel training protocol, I may update my comment and rating.

Nawaf A. | 2014-02-06

great dealership. This is where I take my r8

gives a car when your car is in service

David is a great service adviser

Would take this dealership over any other one any day.

Hari K. | 2014-01-31

Cassandra Crawford is an exceptionally skilled and knowledgeable sales person at audi of stevens creek. I was in touch with two other dealers who were not as flexible in finding me the right car with the right features mainly because they just didn't have the inventory to support their switch and persistent emails.

She is very pleasant and also went above and beyond to deliver a small surprise for my wife who I bought this for as a present.

I will have no second thoughts about my next car being an audi or stevens creek as the dealer.

Larry Y. | 2014-01-30

Ok, I have been into European cars for awhile.  I have had a Mercedes, a BMW, and now recently just bought an Audi.

I have to say that Andrei is the man you want to talk to.  He is  no nonsense and straight to the point.  He doesn't want to waste your time and tries to find the best value for you.

He wants to close and make sure the customer is happy.  My wife and I are impressed with the customer service and see why Audi Stevens Creek was one of the top dealerships in the state.

S. G. | 2014-01-29

I bought an Audi S5 Prestige from Stevens Creek Audi this past weekend.  The experience went very smoothly.  I had spotted the car on a website the night before and wrote an email expressing my interest.  2011, lease return with only 12K miles on it.  Andrei called me back the next morning and invited my wife and I for a test drive.  By the time we arrived the car was already washed and ready for a test drive.  Andrei scored quick points by letting my wife sit in the front passenger seat.  We wound up buying the vehicle and are extremely pleased with the sales price and the overall state of the car.  Andrei and the Maria Fischer (Finance) were very easy to deal with, no hard sales tactics, pleasant atmosphere, very professional.  Overall, great experience!  Look forward to bringing in the vehicle for scheduled service.

ilya b. | 2014-01-24

Working with Cassandra Crawford is truly a pleasure. She is very professional and  highly efficient. Every little detail, that was promised, starting from great price, periodic updates, and timing of arrival was delivered. I would definitely recommend buying Audi from Cassandra.

Badr A. | 2014-01-20

Had a great experience and Wendell was a phenomenal sales person. I highly recommend!

Jensen S. | 2014-01-12

Sales is great and they will assist you in finding the car you want.  If you are young professional and are looking for a nice luxury car ask for Wendell as he can definitely assist you car search.

Recently I took my car into the Service Department.  When I came back to pick it up  they had damaged my front bumper with a dent and paint scratches.  Vin my service advisor assured me that this mistake they caused would get fixed.  I brought my car back and they took it in informing me they would send it to a near by body shop.  3 days pass with no news of update as to the status of my car.  Finally after 4 days I get a call and Vin tells me its done and I could go pick it up.  I spoke with Vin and voiced my opinion that I felt I was due compensation for the inconvenience and wasted time.  .  It was then that Vin took me to the office of Daren Ferguson the Parts and Services Director of Steven Creek Audi.

Upon meeting Daren and introducing myself I asked him if he was aware of the situation that occurred.  He was unfamiliar and stated that he was only informed that my car sustained damage while on their lot.  For clarification I elaborated the situation.  In the end I reiterated that I was expecting compensation for my wasted time and the inconvenience that their mistake has caused me.  Immediately then he stopped me and simply stated "We don't do that."  Daren began to explain that they were only obligated to fix the damage that was done and they have accomplished that.  Furthermore he began to compare my situation to if I had sustained the damage out in a parking lot at a store and that I would not be receiving compensation then as well.  Disturbed by his failed connection I explained that this situation is very different.  If I had acquired damage though my own mistake that I understand that would be the case, but I explained to him that I left my car in the possession of Audi of Stevens Creek's Service Department and thusly it was his and his department's responsibility for my car.  Still he simply stated "Sorry we don't do that here."  Seeing that there was nothing further to discuss I stood up, shook Daren's hand, and left.

I know for a fact that BMW does compensate owners for mistakes that occur during service so I was expecting some sort of compensation since Audi is a "Luxury Brand"  Very disappointing.

Robert S. | 2014-01-06

Well this is the second SUV we purchased from ASC. The first one was a Q7 which we still own. Problem with that is we shipped to the east coast where my daughter attends College. It was my wife's car and she absolutely loved it. But we love our daughter more and wanted to make sure she had a vehicle that was reliable, safe and capable of handling the winters. So with a reduced family size here in the Bay Area we chose the hard to find Q5 TDI. Brad was great to deal with. A real people person and knew how to deal with an experienced car buyer like myself. The deal was stuck in less than 15 minutes. No hassles. Concise and on point. We look forward to reconnecting with Casey our Service adviser for years who has always been great to deal with and always provided us with a nice loaner.

Martha M. | 2014-01-04

Cassandra Crawford makes buying a car so easy. She gets back to you immediately, is positive, warm, listens to what you want, and works with you to help you get what you need,  She took all the stress out of the car buying process.  Awesome experience!

Jessica N. | 2014-01-03

Definitely have to leave a 5 star review for Cassandra Crawford. Because of her, I have a brand new fully loaded Audi 2014 A5!! She was super helpful and super friendly. Made the whole experience of getting a new car pressure free and super easy. I drove off the lot with no regrets 100% happy!!

Judy S. | 2014-01-02

I had the best sales experience with Cassandra Crawford in buying an Audi Q5 this past week.   She was very knowledgable in knowing the product line and made the sales transaction very quick and painless.  She was very busy but made the effort and time to make sure I was comfortable with my decision in the purchase of the car.  There was absolutely no pressure from her which made my decision that much easier.   I would recommend Cassandra to anyone that is interested in buying an Audi.  She was amazing.   Her support team (Kara and Jana) were great as well.  Thank you Cassandra!

Sophie K. | 2014-01-02

I was interested in the Audi Q5 and dropped by the dealership on NYE but every sales rep was busy. This is understandable considering it's year end. I reached James to get a quote on a lease. After several unanswered messages and even a promise to call me back, I decided it was time to ask for a different sales person since I wanted to take advantage of the year-end specials. Unfortunately, I was passed to Larry who's seriously the rudest person. He told me since I was already working with Cassandra and James, he could not help me and I should just "accept the quote" I received from Cassandra and James. I kept insisting that I never got a quote and for whatever reason, he didn't believe me and thought I was trying to sneak a quick one on him and maybe get a better deal. Went through my emails and voicemails, NOPE, NO MESSAGE OR EMAIL ON A QUOTE.  Audi Stevens Creek may have the largest selections of Audis, but it doesn't justify the rude customer service. I didn't enjoy being passed around from sales person to sales person and then end up with someone who was totally rude and unhelpful.  I'll be taking my business at a different Audi dealership during the next sales event. I get that  these guys have met their  quota and don't care about any other new business, but I never thought I'd have to practically plea with a sales person just to get a quote. Wow.

Sean B. | 2013-12-27

Thu. 2:00pm - Called and asked to speak to someone in "used car sales". Transfered to someone who didn't answer, got message that voice mailbox not set up, please try your call again later. Goodbye. *click* *dialtone*

Okay, that was annoying.

Thu. 2:05pm - Called BACK and explained what happened. Got apology. Tried again, this time salesman answered the phone. Explained that I was looking for a car that I saw listed on and wanted to confirm it was there, and had a few questions about it. Was told that the car isn't in "the system" yet and he'd have to go check. I said that's fine. Asked my four questions (about options). He wrote them down and told me he'd get "right back to me in 10-15 minutes". I told him to take his time, that I was working another 2.5 hours, and as long as he got back to me by 4:30pm, I could decide whether or not it was worth coming to look at.

Thu. 4:30pm - Nothing.

Thu. 5:00pm - End up passing the dealership anyway, so I stopped in, asked for the salesman. He told me he was "just about to text me". Okay. So let's look at the car.

Thu. 5:25pm - After walking around 25 minutes, he finally finds out that the car is at another of their shops, a few miles away, being smog-tested. I ask when it will be done, and he says "today sometime". Um. Okay. Any time soon? Maybe in an hour or two. Can you come back? Maybe. I live a mile away. Call me when it comes back and I'll come back and look at it.

Thu. 5:30pm - Depart dealership.

Thu. 6:30pm - Nothing.

Thu. 9:00pm - Still nothing.

Fri. 9:00am - Nope. Still nothing.

Fri. 2:30pm - Officially giving up. They're making me work WAY too hard to close this deal. I'm not sure exactly what I'm supposed to be doing to make this work, but clearly they're not too motivated to sell another car this month. Buh-bye.

Scott H. | 2013-12-26

Update: They eventually fixed the door lock but it took two days of waiting. I wasted 2 days of vacation that I could have spent with my family. If they had called me and said 'we are hiring an outside locksmith to fix it and we don't know when he'll be here' I would have been very impressed. Instead they told me they would fix it in the morning. We got no replies to our calls to find out when it would be done so we had to wait around. At the end of the first day of waiting we went back and picked up the car so my son would have it over the weekend. Then we brought it back on Monday early but didn't get to pick it up until that evening - again without telling us that it would take all day. We paid over blue book for this car, which is in good shape and I think worth the money but the service at this place was not up to what we should have gotten. It makes me want to talk to the manager (not going to waste my breath) to instruct him what good customer service is.


I came here looking for a used car for my son. Found a nice 1999 Lexus in very good condition. I dealt with a guy named Sasha and  a guy named Cisco. Cisco is a nice guy. Sasha is a lump of coal.

I wanted to take the car to an independent mechanic. When I came it to pick up the car I filled out the forms and when Sasha gave me the key he told me I had 2 hours to bring the car back. I told him the mechanic was going to fit the car into his schedule and I didn't know how long it would take. He got mad and started lecturing me about how they thought I was going to take the car to Tahoe for a joy ride. I am 55 and not the type to lie, take a joy ride or go to Tahoe on a whim. He let me know how utterly gracious he was being by giving me 3 hours.

When I got back he asked me if I liked the car and I did. He put me in a room and came in with a print out about the car with the asking price on the bottom. He said, "there's the price, write us a check" and he walked out. I put on my coat and left. Halfway across the lot out come Cisco yelling my name. I talk to him and told him I didn't expect to pay the asking price. He went into the manager's office (cough cough) and came back with a new printout - $80 less. I walked out again.

We eventually came to an agreement I paid a fairly high price for the car, but it was in very good shape and pretty much exactly what I was looking for. Cisco was going to pick me up at home so I could get back to the dealership to get my car. I found that the driver's side door won't open with the key in the lock (the remote opener works). It should have been found in the dealer's inspection and Cisco told me he'd get back to me about it. It's been over a week and I have not heard from him . Yesterday was Christmas so I expected it to take a while but I have to track Cisco down today and find out what they are going to do about it. I think they'll fix it but I am going to have to complain loudly to get it done.

I am waiting to if see the high price I paid to buy the car a luxury dealer was worth it.

Stephanie A. | 2013-12-21

They are not pushy and their service is good and effective. Nice doing business with them.

Robert L. | 2013-12-21

Just bought a car at Audi Stevens Creek and have to say our sales consultant, Larry Lurie, was fantastic. His knowledge of Audi vehicles is extensive (actually, I believe that's an understatement) and he took all the time we needed to make our decision. Jana did a great job finalizing all the paperwork with us and we felt welcomed into the Audi Stevens Creek family. All in all a great introduction to the Audi brand and, yes, we love our new car!

Taif S. | 2013-12-20

Cassandra Crawford is the person you want to talk to if you want the best service, quickest response, and most hassle-free process of getting your Audi. She is as transparent as any dealer can be.

Believe me on this one, I have shopped around about 4 other Audi dealerships in the bay area, for than 1.5 months! I went to Sonnen Audi, Rector Audi, Niello Audi, and even Audi Concord! Nobody came close to Cassandra Crawford of Stevens Creek when it comes to being courteous, helpful, professional, responsive, as well as getting the best deal on the Audi of my choice!

If you are shopping for an Audi in the bay, please don't waste your time with other dealerships or salesperson - just go to Stevens Creek Audi and ask for Cassandra Crawford.

Blake D. | 2013-12-15

Great Car buying experience. Rob did a great job helping me. I came In to test drive a Q5 and ended up buying the next day. Great girls in the finance office, and great service department. Aces all the way around!!! I now live in Sacramento, and I will have to see if niello can compare. If not then I will make the drive to San Jose for service!

natasha m. | 2013-12-12

This review is in the part and service. I took my car there, with a problem that they said that they had fixed , 2 days later i have the same problem ,i called the guy Mike who said  if there was any problem to me to call him.
2 weeks trying to contact him and no response. Very poor customer service.

Larry S. | 2013-12-08

What a great experience! Audi of Stevens Creek took great care of me. I was not sure what I was looking for and my salesperson, Brad White took time over a couple of days and test drivers, and found the perfect ride for me. I bought the SQ5. Well, the one I wanted was sold before I made up my mind, Brad checked the shipping orders and found one exactly as I wanted it. Good Job Brad... and Maria in finance was great as well! No pressure... 8-)

G J. | 2013-12-07

Giving one star is being nice. After doing lots of research on the 2014 Q 5..I decided to test drive one then came the numbers game. The car rep who offered only $800 off the original price and a monthly payment of about $800 laughed out loud when I informed him that I've seen better deals online and was surprised he couldn't offer more off. He quoted about $45,000 not including all of the bells and whistles.  Then had the nerve to "talk to his manager" and come back saying he could only offer 2.9% Apr with great credit score. He then asked me to call him (while smirking) if anyone ever really offered a deal better than his! The nerve! Never judge a book by it's cover. .I may have been dressed down but was already pre approved for $45,000. My father taught me that car dealerships can always negotiate. ..always. so with that knowledge. ...I'll be taking my check to the Lexus dealership.  #dearaudiyoulose! Jerks.

T Lee S. | 2013-12-05

This review is only for the receptionist/front desk.  She was not helpful at all.

We wanted to test drive a couple of cars, but the sales people never greeted us.  We waited and walked around the lot for 15-20 minutes.
We approached the receptionist informing her that we needed help and would like to see and test drive some cars.  She seemed very annoyed that we were bothering her.  She looked around, then told us someone would be with us.  She didn't get up from her seat to get a sales person, she didn't get on the phone to call a sales person.  We waited.... and waited..... finally we had enough and asked a person who was walking by if he worked there.  He said yes, and from there we were getting somewhere!
During the time that we were there (a couple of days), the receptionist never greeting customers.  I watched her interaction as customers, like us, were walking aimlessly around waiting for help.  Never did she leave her chair or call a sales person.  I saw many customers annoyed and in a foul mood because they didn't receive the acknowledgment or help they needed.

S B. | 2013-12-05

Very poor customer service at the pre owned showroom. Used car sales man was talking like I was buying some cheap $500 car when I was looking to drop $40,000! They should think about revamping their customer service and sales folks - people who buy Audis expect a certain level of decent customer service. Will not be buying from here!

Hasiba C. | 2013-12-02

Cassandra is just awesome!! I have hardly seen a sales person like her. Her knowledge about Audi vehicles, the service they do and everything is just awesome.

I have been looking to buy Audi Q5 3.0 TDI and it's been few weeks  now following up with different Audi dealers. It was selling like cupcakes and being new to country, added to the hurdle of buying a car.  

But with Cassandra, i emailed my requirement to Stevens creek audi dealer, got Cassandra's immediate response & appointment and reached her office and yes she is really really quick.  She showed all available options and tried all best possible ways to deliver the car of my choice.

And in some time she was ready with my choice of audi. It was almost 8pm but she worked even after that with her finance team and other team members to deliver the car and it was just a night before thanksgiving!! What better can i expect from her/them.

And i drove my new Audi home that night, al in all just few hours :)) Thanks to everyone in Steven's creek audi showroom. I will recommend Cassandra, Steven's Creek Audi to anyone looking to buy new car.

Mark K. | 2013-11-28

Andrei Smith was terrific.  We contacted him via internet, came in that day for a test drive, and drove home in our new A8 that day.  It couldn't have been easier.

Bob S. | 2013-11-27

Very happy with our first Audi experience, after years of across the street luxury.
Cassandra Crawford (Internet Sales Manager) is very nice, professional and will work out the best deal for you. Very smooth deal, no sales pressure/displeasure.
She is very direct and upfront, so if you're in the market for an Audi, she'll help you out.


Richard L. | 2013-11-21

This review is for the excellent customer service we had received from Wendell Escolano. We had visited SC Audi twice before we had made our purchase. On our first visit we were met by a very pleasant gentlemen (Wendell) who was very informative and not pushy. We wanted to get some information and see if they had any Q5s in stock. At the time they only had a black Q5 that was a 2.0. Wendell was happy to take us for a test drive and graced us w/ his Audi knowledge. Unfortunately they did not have the color my wife wanted. As a result we went home w/ his card and a lasting impression. Fast forward 2 weeks later, on a whim, we headed back to SC Audi. To our surprise, there was a gray monsoon 2.0 Audi parked to the side of the showroom. We immediately looked for Wendell and sealed the deal w/ him after some brief negotiating and a 2nd test drive. We appreciated his honesty and sincerity. (unlike Rector where a slithering snake resides there) We are 100% happy w/ the car and the purchasing experience. Thanks again Wendell.

Hannah M. | 2013-11-18

Cassandra Crawford, the internet sales manager at Audi Stevens Creek, makes the car buying process downright enjoyable -- something I never thought possible before meeting her!  We'll be back to see Cassandra again and will recommend her without hesitation to family and friends.

Craig W. | 2013-11-18

Cassandra Crawford is extremely knowledgeable about Audi products and provides great customer service to her clients.  I highly recommend Cassandra to anyone who is interested in Audi.  She knows her stuff.

Darcy L. | 2013-11-15

I bought a preowned Volvo from Peter P. and he was extremely accommodating , helpful polite and kind.  He knows cars inside and out and was very professional and not pushy.  He followed up promptly when I left things in the car I was trading in and sent them to me in other words he always went the extra mile.  I love my new-ish car.  Thanks Peter!

Forking A. | 2013-11-10

Hate to give this place a one star because our service technician is great, but Audi Stevens Creek has failed too many times on basic customer service, and the bad service we got today was the last straw.

The "customer service" person (we will refer to her as "the girl") working late afternoon/early evening on Sunday 11/10/13 was so rude and incompetent, that in addition to this negative Yelp review, we are sending an old school written complaint letter and email follow-up to Annette Johnson, a top Audi Customer Service executive at corporate.

Here's what happened: my wife went to pick up our Q7 (purchased new from Audi Stevens Creek) that was in for service and the girl working the front desk was visibly annoyed that we would be picking up our car on a Sunday. It was probably because it was almost quitting time, but that should never matter. Ever. I should mention that there were other customers waiting to pick up their cars as well. When it came time to charge us, the girl proceeded to enter the info incorrectly which caused the card to be denied. When my wife asked her to run it again (because we have excellent credit and have never once carried a balance on that card), she was annoyed that my wife would even suggest it -- clearly insinuating that this was definitely our problem not hers. And, she did all of this in front of other customers. So, my wife called the credit card company and the rep indicated that the girl had indeed entered the card incorrectly. This was on speaker phone so the girl could hear for herself. No apology, no change of attitude. Not only that, but she then started to help the next person in line before she finished our transaction!

Clearly this is a problem that starts with management. It should not be that difficult to hire rockstar customer service folks in this area. There are plenty of competent people out there who would love to help Audi customers and do it with a positive attitude and a smile. Get your act together Audi Stevens Creek!

Lulu J. | 2013-11-06

Ray Aalgaard and mostly everyone in the Service Department who is helping my husband and I with our Audi TTRS 2012 car is phenomenal! Very professional, helpful and returns our call/emails all the time. They are sympathetic too and gives great advice how to handle insurance claims.

I am so happy we found a great dealership that takes pride with their action! Thank you!

Nancy D. | 2013-11-06

I was so pleased with the service I received from Tenzin Soepa, the Internet Sales Manager.  He showed me many options regarding a used Q5.  I came into the dealership after getting information from their website.  I was indecisive at first and he did not put any pressure on me.  This made the buying process that much better!  After 24 hours, I decided on the Q5 and have to say I am very pleased!  Thanks to Soepa for his knowledge and patience.  I will definitely recommend Audi Stevens Creek and Tenzin Soepa to anyone interested in buying a new or used car.

Rak P. | 2013-10-31

Never have I been treated with so much FRIENDLINESS from START to FINISH.. You walk into this place and you're instantly greeted by some of the finest personalities in the business. Highly professional and knowledgable are the folks here. On my first visit here, the kindness I received from EVERYONE at Audi Stevens Creek made me feel like I'd know everyone for years!! I am VERY happy with the Customer Service I received from these ever so kind folks!

David L. | 2013-10-31

I took my S5 in for it's 35k service and had Mike as my service advisor.  He was extremely knowledgable and courteous.  I wasn't up sold or pressured to get any unnecessary fixes done to my car and I loved the way they cleaned up my car.   Keep up the good work guys!

Larry K. | 2013-10-28

I've had excellent service in ordering 2 different Audi's from Cassandra Crawford  -- she is smart, knowledgeable, efficient and honest -- thank you!

D M. | 2013-10-28

Just bought a new Q7 and had once of the most stress free experiences we have ever had buying a car. We worked with Larry Lurie, he was very knowledgeable, patient and we never felt like he was going in for the hard sell. I would definitely recommend him to others who are interested in an Audi.

Johnny B. | 2013-10-26

Sales Review only - no experience with service department yet.

Jana and Wendall were both exceptional sales people. They were the right mix of no pressure, knowledgable, can-do attitudes and willing to work for the sale.

I don't believe I have ever actually enjoyed the car buying experience before last night.  Well done Jana, Wendall, and Audi Stevens Creek!

Steven C. | 2013-10-25

The 4-star review rating is the for the great follow-up from Audi's Stevens Creek Part and Service Manager.

They took the time to listen to my complaints and was able to resolve all issues amicably and with professionalism.

Thanks Audi!  I'm glad that you guys took the time to listen to an unsatisfied customer.  I'll be returning to Audi Stevens Creek for more services.

Kushagra K. | 2013-10-24

Just bought a certified pre-owned Audi A4 from Stevens Creek Audi. Was a wonderful experience as there Internet Sales Manager (Tenzin Soepa) answered all my queries & also gave me very good deals. He was very prompt in responding & worked with me for weeks to get the car. I will definitely come back to Stevens Creek Audi when I want to buy a new Audi.

Sefen H. | 2013-10-24

I purchased an A5 recently.  I have to give Cassandra Crawford, the sales lady a A++  she was not only very easy to deal as far as the price but she went far and beyound to take care anything I ask after the sale.  Ask for Cassandra if you are thinking of buying an Audi soon.

Vivek D. | 2013-10-23

I did my round of car research and zeroed in on buying a Audi A6 car and i also selected the Used CPO car. I was following up with this lady, claims to be the best Sales person of the west and seems she has got some fancy awards. I went all the way to this dealership and test drove a car and liked it, I told them, I will come back the next day and buy it. I have been following up with this super Sales woman since the next day morning for almost 5 to 6 times, sent few emails and also called and ensured the car is yet not sold. She called me to come and make a deal. I went and finalized the price and then she sent me with her Assistant to have a look at the car again, and by the time we walked down the Car park area, the car is already sold and she is not even aware of it. Worst part is, she does not even feel sorry for misleading and wasting my time.
I would say, stay away from these Super Sales woman. Fit for nothing but fancy talks and show casing awards in her cabin.

Syl's M. | 2013-10-21

Service here is as good as it gets.  Ray A. is honest and willing to work with you.  You be frank with him and he will get it done.  My nephew uses this dealer for his service too!  Good guys here.  :o)

Robert P. | 2013-10-18

Service is always perfect.  They are extremely responsive and easy to deal with.  It's always a great experience. Buying my Audi here was a great experience.  The price I wanted and everything. Service (Casey) is always wonderful to deal with.  I will buy my next Audi here.  Come all the way from Millbrae because it's far nicer and better than Rector!

Eddie C. | 2013-10-12

Parts Dept was a big help!

They did NOT pick up my calls prior to 8am so I decide to stop by to pick up a part. They were out of stock but said the part will arrive the next morning. No overnight fees for this at all. Morgan was a helpful and very courteous.

Part arrived the next morning as promised! I had to call myself for a part update but I'm glad the part arrived so fast. Much better than other dealerships.

maria t. | 2013-10-09

My husband and I recently purchased a Q7 TDI from this dealership. We were referred to James Burnham, one of the sales reps..and boy are we glad we were! James is AWESOME!
Purchasing the vehicle was a smooth process from start to finish. Their dealership did not have the particular car we were looking for, but we were able to find it at another one. James got the car in 2 days which was great because we were in a bit of a time crunch. Being new to the Audi family, James made sure to take the time to explain all the ins and outs. Never once did we feel rushed, intimidated or like we were being swindled as we have experienced at other dealerships.
I could go on and on, but bottom line is that James was a pleasure to work with. We drove off that lot confident and extremely pleased with our purchase all thanks to James.

Begz B. | 2013-09-24

Bought some parts here a week ago. But looks like they still have this rude people inside. They wont entertain you if you dont dress up professionally. We just need to buy something and this guy already see us but didnt pay attention asking if we need help. Maybe coz we look like a teeny bopper? "Hey man! We afford all car parts you have."

Jake H. | 2013-09-19

Cassandra Crawford... Need I say any more.

You can tell by the reviews that this is the "go to" person for Audi.  We got our Audi a year ago with her and Joe Q.  Even when I have minor issues or things I need to know / learn about the car, I hit her up with an email and she responds right away.  

Thank you Cassandra and the Audi team at Stevens Creek.

Brian S. | 2013-09-12

After researching on the internet and deciding that the Q5 TDI was the vehicle we need, I contacted Cassandra Crawford via email to see what inventory was available. She responded very quickly, and sent me the details of what was available in San Jose and also some vehicles that were coming from Germany for a sister dealership in LA. One of those was equipped exactly as we wanted, so she offered to reserve it and arrange to have it delivered to San Jose.
I came to the dealership to test drive a diesel model, and make sure I was happy with performance. We were able to agree on a fair price quickly, and she kept me posted by email on the movement of the vehicle.
When it arrived, I was on a business trip, so she scheduled a driver to pick me up at the airport upon my return, and bring me to the dealership.
The paperwork and delivery process were handled quickly and thoroughly, and I was soon on my way home in the new vehicle.
Overall, a great experience.

Rock H. | 2013-09-06

Cassandra Crawford is great! Efficient, friendly, knowledgeable, and great to deal with on the purchase of an Audi.

Chris N. | 2013-08-31

Cassandra Crawford is the person to speak with. Stopped in and she was able to juggle both myself and two other customers with ease plus deliver a very compelling offer. If you're looking for upfront and no hassle pricing, ask for Cassandra.

Getu L. | 2013-08-26

Cousin, all...I bought 04/27/13  mercediz Benz R350 4matric for this dealer but one of this Campany worker she is a internate sale manger (Her name is (Golendera. )then I took her then she tolled me and explained the car condition and payment I agree the price after the payment and sing completely her behaviors is changed I pay all the payment she didn't give the title,registration.I ask her she say u can go DMV they I'll help u when I go DMV they ask registration and title I call her she lii lii again I try more than 10x but no pick up her phone and one of her co-worker his name is Toney  I think he is (manger) and he is lii also no respect Castemer this kinds worker it's not professional and......

Jolie H. | 2013-08-13

This post is in regards to their Service Department which is a JOKE!

I would give them ZERO stars. They are clueless! Especially the service girl Casey who was assigned to me.

Literally, every time I take my car in, even just for a service apt, it is DAYS before I get my car back. Then they "find" all these issues wrong even though they are the only ones who have ever serviced my car so what does that say about their technicians?

This time I took my car in for a routine service. First apt in the am. Was told no problem, car should be done by lunch. Lunch time comes and goes, no call. Call to check in at 3p, no answer. Finally hear back around 5p, oh yea, we have done this and this to your car but these items still haven't been done (mind you all the typical check points of the service, I had asked for nothing extra at this point).

Then she goes on to say that this needs to be replaced and the rear brakes are bad, etc. I need to have a huge service and some pumps need to be replaced because it's been 5 years. Oh no, but wait for it, come to find out they did it 2 years ago when I had to have my whole water pump replaced so really, your just trying to nickel and dime me for more stuff that I already paid for? Wow! So glad I keep track of what you do to my car because you obviously have no clue.

So then she tells me that they aren't going to be able to get this stuff done until Monday so now I need to come in and get a rental car. Super!

The rental car they gave me was an 2013 A6, nice right? NOT! It was a disgusting filthy mess. I found broken sunglasses in the side board that must have been left from the driver before. Hair, dirt, dust, and trash on the floor. I didn't want to touch anything because it was so nasty. The outside was just as bad. Oh and when I turned it on, the Service Now alert came on the dash. You're joking right? 5000 Miles on the car and it has a service now alert and you're a dealership and you can't get that handled but instead loan it out like that?

Needless to say that my car that was supposed to be done yesterday, is still not finished and won't be ready until lunch time tomorrow. I'm not holding my breath!

Horrible customer service, horrible service dept, the place is a joke.

And I never walk out spending less than $1000 on something or another. Sounds like a scam if I've ever heard one.

Makes me want to get rid of my Audi so I don't ever have to deal with them or their company again.

Allen F. | 2013-08-12

This review is for the service department. As a manager myself for the past 7 years, I can summarize my experience from the viewpoints of both a customer and as a manager.

My car was in to fix a common, well documented suspension problem.  As I was in line, Ray was talking down to another advisor in a rude, sarcastic manner right in front of customers. There was obvious discomfort in the other poor advisors face as me and another customer witnessed the event. Right off the bat, this was not a good start.

I decided to pretend I didn't see it, and tried to remain as friendly as possible since he might be having a bad day. Big mistake.  To say that Ray was unpleasant would be an understatement. He was extremely condescending and was generally unhelpful from the moment I walked in the door and throughout the entire experience. Furthermore there was a legitimate issue for my car covered under warranty, and Ray kept looking for reasons to deny service. It wasn't until Daren (service director) looked into the issue that the problem was fixed once and for all.  Had Daren not gotten involved, the car would have been out of warranty, and I would have been stuck with the problem forever.

Both Daren and Scott (tech) were much more levelheaded and courteous. And It's not just the fact that they were able to diagnose and fix the problem either. They were more friendly, communicated better, and most importantly, they were pleasant to work with. As a premiere car dealer, they provided the type of service that Audi customers deserve and expect. Had it not been for those two, this would have earned a 0 star.

The standard of Customer Service has gone up over the years and information spreads quickly.  Just look at the other reviews on here. A quick search for "Ray" and "Daren" under the reviews for Stevens Creek Audi on Yelp shows that I am not alone in my opinions.

Shannon C. | 2013-08-11

I have always had a great service experience here and they are very fast at getting you checked in and on your way. They went out of there way to pick me up when the shuttle driver was way out in Mtn. View, definitely a plus. Always friendly.

Eric E. | 2013-07-30

The appearance of the dealership exceeded my expectations of a premium brand like Audi. The sales person I had the pleasure of doing business with, Andrew, was extremely knowledgeable and made my buying process seamless and fun. Also had the pleasure of dealing with the General Sales Manager Ramy, very nice and professional. What I would expect from an Audi dealership. All of the staff at Audi Stevens Creek seem to enjoy their job and at the same time take it very seriously, a quality dealership!

Paul d. | 2013-07-29

I have visit pretty much every BMW and Audi dealer in the Bay Area and this one is the best. Everyone there is awesome! Cassandra Crawford is nice and professional and not pushy at all. Only reason why I bought a car was because of her. I can't wait to buy another car from here. Maybe a R8!!!

gina R. | 2013-07-26

My 5 stars are for my gorgeous new convertible, which I LOVE, and for Cassandra Crawford and Rachel Fuentes!!   I don't need to say much about my car - it's an Audi, so of course it's amazing.  Cassandra is likely the best sales person of any type that I've ever encountered.  She was so helpful and truly accommodating....even when I got cold feet and had to put off my purchase at the last minute. But I came back!  When I finally got my nerve up, it was a Sunday...the ONE day a week Cassandra takes off....but she came in for me and stayed at least until 6:30pm when I pulled out of the lot!!

After Cassandra sells you your car, and gives you a GREAT deal, ask for Rachel to be your Finance person.  She not only caught an error on the contract (which was in the dealerships favor) but then she gave me a few additional "perks" as well.

All in all, best car buying experience I've ever had.  Thank you ladies!

Zeeshan S. | 2013-07-25

I am a long term Lexus buyer with the bulk of my Lexus purchases made at Lexus of Stevens Creek across from the Audi dealership. I have been having a hunkering for a convertible and the German car brand is on the rise so I stopped by to check one out at the pre-owned section. I was greeted by a sales person who took me to his office to check the inventory. So far so good.. While checking the inventory he quizzed me about how I may pay for the vehicle?  The way the question was posed.. I felt a little offended but thought he just wants to ensure the funding source so I answered him. He then went on and on about how people don't realize how expensive Audis are and they can't afford it but want to get one anyway. By this point, despite my attempt to stay positive and interested.. i totally felt offended as I felt his comments were directed at me for some reason. I couldn't quite understand what he thought i was doing there? ..then he had a 180 degree change in attitude and became very friendly and kept trying to appease. However the first 5 minutes there were enough for me to decide that I don't want to make my purchase at this dealership. I left the dealership and for several hours tried to shake off what felt like an insulting experience. I am still in the market for the A5 cabriolet but not necessarily getting it at Stevens Creek Audi. Sorry guys.. your sales guys tell me you are the biggest volume Audi dealer in the country.. however that won't last long with this kind of salesmanship.

Ralph J. | 2013-07-17

This review is about sales associate Larry Lurie:

Audi of Steven's Creek is fortunate to have Larry Lurie as a sales representative. Mr. Lurie was VERY professional and if I could I would have rated him above five stars in his initial contact, assistance with locating and purchasing our 2013 Audi Q7 and spending the time to show us all the features of our Audi after we purchased our car.  My wife had particular exterior and interior colors in mind as well as options she wanted.  Larry took the time to find our Q7 that was en route via ship to San Diego and reserved the car for us.  Larry kept me up to date via emails on our Audi and when we came into his office to purchase the vehicle, Larry had much of the paperwork completed beforehand and spent over an hour with my wife showing her all the features of the car.  As the saying goes "happy wife, happy life".  Thank you again Mr. Lurie.

Xuan C. | 2013-07-13

Dear Audi Of Steven's Creek,
     I heard Wendell works here now. He is so fabulous! I am really sad, because I realized I should have bought my Mazda from him. I haven't been able to find any customer service like him. He was really willing to work hard for me.
Lucky for you Audi. Ya'll got a great catch, but sucks for the rest of us.

Devaka R. | 2013-07-08

The experience I got at Audi Stevens Creek was a pleasant one. Cassandra Crawford  set our minds at ease when it came to selection and purchasing a vehicle. She in fact gave us a car better than the one we were planning to get! You can't ask for a better purchasing experience than that. Kudos to the entire team and especially to Cassandra. No wonder she's one of the best! :-) I can easily see myself coming here again to upgrade the vehicle in 3 years.

Marlo M. | 2013-07-06

Product gets a 4 star because after all its an Audi. However Our sales man Tony gets a 2 star for coming off a little over confident. We all know how owning an Audi elevates public perception of success, but it doesn't negate the responsibility of he salesmen to sale the product.

Izzy V. | 2013-07-02

I love my used 2010 Audi I purchased here at Stevens Creek Audi. My sales peron was great & knowledgable.  The service center is a bit different..Listen. . I am a spoiled 3x Lexus former owner! So I am very acustomed to the service center at Lexus & the nice sales office & my service rep & sales person.

Audi is nice and okay but not as nice as stevens creek Lexus :) .

Dominik T. | 2013-06-29

This review is about Cassandra Crawford: Purchased an Audi Q5 yesterday. They have lots in stock, but the cars go fast. We were shopping around for a Q5 a while but no other dealership was able to beat their prices. We handled all communications and negotiations via email - Cassandra is very responsive. Once we went in, she got us on the road in our new car in no time :) Together with Maria Fischer who handled the finance they provided us with great service. In a nutshell: price and service makes for 5 stars!

Morgan E. | 2013-06-24

I wanted to get a new car, and I found exactly what I was looking for at Stevens creek Audi. I called and talked to Bob the sales guy (who was great by the way, the 1 star isn't because of him). I came by and test drove the car and feel in love. Now, I want a new car, I don't need a new car, so I did my research prior to coming in. I know what my car and the new car is worth. The sales manager Adam was unpleasant, and I felt like he was trying to rip me of. didn't even ask if I wanted to sit down and negotiate, and told me we could not make a deal. I will now take my car buying elsewhere. I would think I would be treated better at a high end car dealership.

Even after the Manager of the dealership responded to my complaint, he did not seem to care about the way I was treated. I am very disappointed and will not being doing business with them. I contacted Audi and they have been helping me out with my grievance. I'm glad someone cares about the way I was treated.

Cliff L. | 2013-06-23

I recently purchased an A3 CPO (Certified Previously Owned).  The sale went pretty smoothly.  During the checkout, the saleman (Ramon) noticed that the car didn't have floor mats and he offered to provide them at no charge.  Since this was on the weekend and the parts dept. wasn't open, he offered to send them to me.  I thought that was pretty nice since we had already agreed on a price.

A week goes by and I don't hear from him. We had previously exchanged emails so I emailed him and asked about the mats.  No reply.  I leave several voicemails.  Again no response.  Finally, I call the receptionist and she gets him on the phone.  No apology; he just says the mats are in his office and he'll send them to me.

Two weeks go by where I leave more emails and voicemails, which he doesn't respond to.  Finally, I send an email to the dealership's general manager, complaining about the lack of communication.  Ramon finally calls and says that he hasn't gotten my emails (note that he has gotten them in the past).  He never says why doesn't reply to voicemails.  He then says that mats are on backorder.  I forgot to ask him why he said that they were in his office the last time we talked.
It's now another two weeks of one-way emails and voicemails and I've given up.

Obviously, floor mats are not a big deal and I will be buying them soon.  The problem is that he offered these mats and hasn't come through.  Why offer them if you have no intention of providing them.  The other issue is his total unresponsiveness to my inquiries.

I guess that with this dealership, once the sale has been made, the relationship is over.  Kind of short-sided, in my opinion.

Allan A. | 2013-06-10

Cisco Savala is an awesome sales specialist and a wonderful person. I was treated very well and I wasn't pressured into buying a car. Cisco was able to answer all my questions about the car, and he was very courteous. He went above and beyond to satisfy my buying experience. I would definitely recommend to see Cisco if you are interested in buying a car.

Lori H. | 2013-05-29

How many people can say they got a dream car. My TT is a beautiful vehicle. I look a at it and can only say wow.

The whole process was easy and the Cassandra Crawford exceptionally helpful. She and James went out of their way to find the vehicle with the options I wanted.  Interestingly, it was on a ship in transit.  They quickly secured the vehicle and on delivery held it for us until we could get back to the dealership.

Yes, Audi's are expensive but I had done my homework and received a fair deal for
the car I wanted. Since we were preapproved, the paperwork went fast. Cassandra explained the vehicle's functions thoroughly and we were on our way.

This dealership carries a large inventory, they know their product and it shows.  My only regret is that we don't live close enough to have their service department do the future follow up servicing.  Then again, a day trip may be in order.

Jaclyn T. | 2013-05-28

My dad and I have been doing our research on A6 for over a month with 2 failed attempts at the concord and oakland locations.  We made an appt at Stevens Creek and went in to see the car the next day. The Stevens Creek location is by far nicer and larger then the concord or oakland location. As we walked in we were approached by a sales associate asking if we needed assistance. She was able to find Wendell for us immediately. Wendell was a great sales rep and was able to explain everything very thoroughly. After making the deal..we heading over to the financing and Maria helped us complete the paperwork. She is the sweetest lady ever. I had great customer service and loved the communication between the team. I had no problems at all and quite sad to hear that other reviewers have had bad experiences. If youre looking to purchase or are interested, I suggest making an appt and looking for Wendell.

Arvind J. | 2013-05-27

I had an awesome experience working with Cassandra Crawford.  She was extremely responsive in answering all my questions quickly and helping me decide on the right car.

Holly H. | 2013-05-22

The Audi Stevens Creek Service team ROCKS!  

Here is how it works:
+ Your first visit, they assign you a Service Manager, who is now your personal contact for getting any work done on your auto

+ This means they know you, know your cars history and give you personalized great experience

+ Because you have a relationship with your personal service manager, they will look out for you, advocate for you, and make honest genuine recommendations

+ AND They always do their best to provide you an Audi loaner car (it is fun to see which Audi they give you)  or at least they will have a drive get you to and from work
P.S. Even if you are just getting an oil change you get loaner cars or rides if you like

+ Any time you need something done - you just call your personal service manager they make an appointment -they make it smooth and easy

My personal Service manager is Bill Buscher  - and I can't say enough good things about him. I bought my pre-owned 2007 Audi last year, and I was looking for a place to take the car.
From the time I had my first phone call with Bill, to bringing it in several times for oil changes and such he has been genuine, honest, friendly and has proven over and over again trustworthy.  This kind of beyond excellent service makes me feel like I am in really great hands. Who knows maybe you will be lucky enough to be assigned to Bill too!

I highly recommend Audi Stevens Creek Service team - everyone on seems to really care about your experience with them!

JLis L. | 2013-05-20

Love my new car!  Radik Kubiak (sp?) was patient, professional, and helpful.  This dealership is awesome.  Not to mention they were serving some pretty good barbecue this past weekend during their sale.  Thanks for a lovely experience.

Andrea H. | 2013-05-06

We purchased a new Audi and I have to agree with the other posters that it was like they didn't want to sell the car. There were a lot of bumps and hold ups to what should have been a fairly simple process. I did feel like our sales rep Tony was always trying to help, but at the same time, he was often the middle man and I couldn't get things done as quickly and as orderly as I would have liked.

When we finally got down to it, on the day we picked up the vehicle, Joseph in finance was a joy to work with and Tony took his time introducing us around to the folks in the service department and explaining all aspects of our new car. We appreciated everyone's time and effort in the end, but could have done with a bit less stress in the process of getting there.

Carrie D. | 2013-05-03

I'm so impressed by this dealership. Maybe it's because I've never owned an Audi and I"m not used to the upper level of service.

My husband has an Audi and gets it serviced here. Casey is amazing and so helpful! We also talked with John in Sales and he's been great as well.


Paddy O. | 2013-05-01

This is a HUGE thank you to Daren Ferguson, the Parts & Service Director for Audi Stevens Creek.  About 6 months ago, I lost my keys to my BMW.  They inadvertently got left in my sisters loaner AUDI and fell between the twilight zone lost carseat crack.  The keys got found when the car got detailed.  Daren took the extra step and took the keys to BMW where he knew the owners digital signature are in the keys.  They then called my wifes parents house where the car was originally registered.  We finally got the message and the keys.   You have a "Raving Fan" for life.  Thank you

Stephen R. | 2013-04-19

This is for the service department. If i could rate the sales side i would give it a fat ZERO stars. Horribly rude experience with sales. I drove all the way to Audi Oakland to buy my car. i tell others interested in Audi to go elsewhere anytime im asked about my car. i disgress

I have had my car for a few years now, just did the 35k service in fact, and have taken my car in for service many times. Every single time I have had a good experience. I typcially deal with Ray and once it was with Vin.

Aside from the typical maintenance, I've had to take my car in for oil consumption problems, door vibration issues, something about failed coolant component, Stasis equipment, and even one time when i over torqued a bolt and broke it (oops). i have never had a negative experience at the service department. they always fix the issue and i am always completely confident that everything will be fine once they are done.

being a young owner of premium car i was a little worried about being bamboozled by these guys. but ive never once had the horrible feeling of someone trying to upsell me. in my experience they only give me whats needed for my car, never more than that.

assurance. i gladly bring my car here. they have done a perfect job the 8 or so times i've brought my car here, i love the fact that they clean the car too when they are done.

these guys should train the sales side, cause holy crap i plan to be a lifelong Audi owner and no matter how close i live to Stevens Creek I will never purchase a car from there (i digress again).

Actually, I don't disgress. It would be so sweet to parade my beautiful Audi infront of that crappy sales guy and show him the commission he missed to another Audi dealership. i wish i got his name, my [slightly] more mature side just brushed him off....i hate when it does that.

Samantha H. | 2013-04-04

I was in parts about to cash out.
As I am interacting with the cashier, a gentleman in service named Ray interrupts my transaction and begins accosting the gentleman helping me.

Ray is raising his voice, engaging the gentleman I am working with in a conversation that was completely inappropriate for a place where customers can hear.

Not only were his tone, attitude, and context totally unacceptable, he abruptly interrupted  my first experience at this dealership.

The other staff did apologized for his outburst (which they shouldn't have to) but I still think I will be taking my business to a different Audi dealership with better customer service skills.

Chris D. | 2013-03-26

Bought my car from them four years ago and til this day, have always been treated with courtesy, well informed, and quick service. Each and every time I bring my car in, for any reason, I am given a completion time and they have never missed it once. They keep you up to date if there are any changes, walk you through them, and work with you before services are performed. Sales floor is always clean, refreshments are available, and there is always someone available to assist you from their refreshment area to their car sales floor. I've read other reviews and personally dont see the relevance. I have nothing but positive reviews for this location.

Ryan L. | 2013-03-25

This is primarily for the service department, which deserves more than 5 stars.

I've had good experiences with various service personnel here, but Vin (a service advisor) is by far my favorite.  The mechanics and technicians all do great work, but as a customer, you don't really interact with them -- everything is taken care of by the service advisor.

Vin fixed two issues which had flummoxed other dealers in the Bay Area, and even Audi USA -- a headlight issue with the HIDs on my A4 B7, and a weird case where Audi Care CPO contracts before February 2008 actually do cover a timing belt service at 110k miles, even though the contract ends at 75k miles, due to a service bulletin.  These two issues saved me about $6k.  I was expecting a big production to get this done, but Vin said he'd check with Audi, got back to me in 24h by email, and everything was perfect.

I'd absolutely take any new Audi under warranty or AudiCare to this dealer for service.  In addition to doing great work, they have an excellent fleet of loaner vehicles -- new A4, A6, Q5, TT, etc. -- which are also effective sales tools (I'm waiting for my car to hit a certain milestone before replacing it, but was tempted by a new B8...).  The loaner car manager, Lamont, is really friendly and professional and goes out of his way to help customers.  Dealers are a bit more expensive than independent shops or DIY, so if you've got an out of warranty, high mileage car, the dealer might not always be the best choice for everything, but they do great work -- there's a credible argument for just paying the premium to get everything done here.

I've only purchased one car here, and that was a 3.5 star experience, but service is consistently 5.  (It's still the best place to buy a new Audi in the Bay Area, though -- and they sell more R8s than anyone else, so they have to be doing something right.  I wouldn't hesitate to buy a car here.)

Mike C. | 2013-03-19

I recently took delivery of my 2013 Q5 3.0T and couldn't ask for a better experience from Stevens Creek Audi. The person who helped me through the entire purchasing experience was Cassandra Crawford and did a phenomenal job meeting all my expectation!

I was kept up to date on the delivery status (e.g. on the boat, arrival at the port, en-route truck delivery), pick up went very smooth, and my request to not wash the vehicle was accommodated.

This was my first Audi and would not hesitate to purchase another vehicle from Steven Creek again.  Ask for Cassandra !  Highly recommended !

Dan R. | 2013-03-15

I had an amazing first new car buying experience at Audi Stevens Creek. I made a request on Audi's website for more info on the 2013 A5, and Cassandra Crawford promptly responded. She was excellent through out the whole process. She gave me great insight on the car while on the test drive and searched all over for the right options and features I wanted. She helped me find the perfect A5 for me. I would 100% recommend her to anyone interested in purchasing an Audi and to get it at Audi Stevens Creek!

Jan G. | 2013-02-18

This place was a complete waste of time. I'm with my mom trying to find her a new car and we decide to pull into Audi Stevens Creek to browse. We're in the lot looking around and there are no information tags on the cars. I'm like "How the heck is anyone supposed to know anything about these cars without the info tags?" So then I go in search of a salesperson and apparently they're non-existent at this place. The lady at the front desk said it'd be about a 30 minute wait for someone to help us out. REALLY?? 30 minutes?? In what backwards universe do you have to wait to get help at a car dealership? I even asked her about the missing information tags for the cars and she said "yeah I know, some of them don't have any," as if that's the acceptable norm. I couldn't believe my eyes and ears at that point. Then she proceeds to tell me that they're super busy all the time and I quote "We actually sell the most cars in the entire nation!" After that statement I could barely contain myself.

I went back outside to where my mom was, we got in our truck, I put the gear in drive, and said "Thanks for NOTHING Audi Stevens Creek!" The lack of customer service and the straight lies you speak to potential customers is unprofessional, distasteful, and rude. One would figure that since you guys sell "the most cars in the entire nation," you could afford to HIRE MORE SALESPEOPLE! Who else is going to help out the customers inquiring about the cars in your lot? The Lexus guys across the street?! Or do we just take a number and wait our turn like we're at some deli market? I hope the big wigs at Audi Yelp their dealerships so they can see all the BS at this particular one. Seriously Audi, do something about the people who work here. If you don't, well then expect more reviews like mine because I'm not the only person on here voicing my frustration with these guys, and I certainly was not the only customer in that lot NOT receiving the sales assistance any and all patrons deserve. I know this review has 1 star, but if I could, I'd give this joke of a dealership a negative 5 stars!!

Pierre G. | 2013-02-16

A great Audi dealership! I had a great experience searching and eventually buying a car. Andrei Smith was a very good salesperson and was key for my great experience at Audi Stevens Creek! Can really recommend going here, and you should definately look for Andrei, he will serve you very well!

Michael P. | 2013-02-15

Simply, WOW! Cisco Savala was my sales manager. He was extremely courteous, accommodating, and provided me with an excellent Audi A4 that met my desire at a very reasonable cost. I will send all my future referrals to Cisco directly. Maria Fischer was my finance manager. She was equally as courteous and I am grateful for her diligence to see that I received a good finance term.
The entire staff treated me as if I was a return customer buying another Audi R8 (maybe someday I will). I could not be any happier with the service or the product I received. So much so that I will travel from my home in Tracy, Ca., to Audi Stevens Creek for all my service needs, and encourage all my friends to do the same.
My sincere thanks!

Kevin S. | 2013-02-14

Great dealership.  Low pressure but highly attentive sales.

John K. | 2013-02-02

I went in to look at an A4, and I really didn't have any idea of the options available or what I really wanted.  A guy named Soepa helped me.  He was very informative, and did everything he could to accommodate my needs.  He was patient and answered all of my many questions.  Highly recommended place to buy a car.

Ty D. | 2013-01-25

If I could leave zero stars I would. This place has by far the worst customer service I have ever seen. I literally overheard one of their dealers groan and say let me see what these people want... Act like you want a sale and value your customers! The reason why they do sales is because there conveniently located and have lots of cars.. That's it! Literally it! If you know exactly what you want then maybe check there but if you want to actually get some customer service this isn't the place for you..  I wish the head people from Audi would come see what a crap hole this place is and do something about it... Look at the other reviews.. notice a consistent theme?  Customer service is highly lacking here... but i guess it doesnt matter cause its not like there trying to sell cars... oh wait, they are!?


Kimber F. | 2013-01-22

Darren Ferguson and the ENTIRE Stevens Creek Audi team are the absolute best.

I'm a repeat Audi customer and while I LOVE my Audi's the level of service I receive at SCA is bar none the best and was a definite consideration in leasing my newest Audi.

Every single time, I am treated like I'm the most important customer they have!

Thanks Darren and Stevens Creek Audi

Ferdinand L. | 2013-01-21

Came here recently for a vehicle repair, a used 2007 A4 that I had bought from them late Oct 2012.  The car was fine, but really learned that if you buy a car, especially a used car, you have to inspect everything or else any wear tear you'll see might come back and bite you.

But beyond the car and the car purchasing process, I am mainly reviewing just for the vehicle repair experience.  My car still under warranty, I came in because the car wouldn't start, even after the dealership had replaced the battery right before I bought it back in Oct.  Walked in and was spoken with promptly, but since they didn't have a loaner car had to come back later in the afternoon.

Came back early evening, and it felt like everything happened in a blur, kind of a rushed feeling.  Having a variety of vehicles and been to other dealership service centers, that rushed feeling was a first.  Anyways, after turning my car in I was called the next day and was told the techs could not see anything wrong with my car.  They blamed my car not starting on it being winter and the battery possibly being drained because of the cold weather.  Though skeptical, my car works fine so I'm content.  

Hope it goes well for others.

Michael L. | 2013-01-17

It took these guys FOUR tries to fix my drivers side door handle on my audi TT. After the last try, the service writer lied to me and stated that... "we checked it, but it worked perfectly when you brought it in..." Basically, blaming me and covering their failure by claiming they didn't have to fix it. I took one look at the door handle and noticed a new gasket around it for the first time. They replaced a part, and the new gasket didn't match up and it was very obvious.

Fast forward to a month later and I talk to a friend who actually works for their service department. He knows about my SPECIFIC car and ISSUE as soon as I mention it. He tells me... "Oh yeah! the TT and the door handle? they put this detailer on it who was in training... guy is an idiot..." Perfect, thanks for the confirmation and explanation. Avoid these guys unless you want WORLD CLASS DETAILERS goofing up your car.

Joe S. | 2013-01-12

My son and I recently purchased a used car from Cisco Savala at this dealership.  We were in a bit of a rush to get to another engagement and Cisco ensured we were able to take a test drive and get through the negotiations and paperwork quite rapidly.  Cisco was knowledgeable about the vehicle; he accompanied us and directed us on a test drive route on the freeway and through city traffic and when we returned he quickly acknowledged the need for some minor repairs to the car.  I felt he gave us a fair price and quickly got us through the paperwork process.  When we indicated we couldn't stay long enough to get the car detailed and fueled, he agreed to complete that process by the following morning when my son was available to return and pick up the car.  My son came back the next day and the vehicle was ready to go as promised.  If I ever return to Stevens Creek Audi, I will ensure I deal only with Cisco.

Morten B. | 2013-01-11

Give credit where credit is due - this dealership deserves the credit!

I recently bought a used Audi from this dealership and that whole process was very smooth. Sadly there was a problem with the car shortly afterwards. I feared the worst. I took it in to a super helpful used car service manager, who's to my delight had a motto that everyone in the car business and business in general should write down: Happy customers are good customers! He realized that I recently bought the car and reassured me that he would do everything he could to help me and come up with a solution once we figured out the full extent of the problem. Although the repair ended up being expensive the dealership took the cost because it was the fair thing to do in this case. Needless to say, I am very pleased with Audi following through on a certified pre-owned. I will definitely continue doing business there.

Paul G. | 2012-12-31

This may be the hardest dealership in the world to buy a car from.

They have a lot of cars, but few salesmen. Those who look like salesmen seem to be focused on discussing their fantasy football picks.  While I was there one customer inadvertently set off a car alarm on an R-8.  That got one of them out of the man cave long enough to turn it off, but not long enough for the customer or anyone else to get his attention.  

Asking at the desk was of little help.  I was there for an hour and kept hearing the receptionist call for any available salesperson, but alas there were none.

They must not pay on commission, that is the only way this makes sense to me. I really like the cars, wish I could find someone to sell me one.

Barbara P. | 2012-12-31

I am writing a review for the certified or pre-owned part of Audi. I just purchased a 2009 Audi A4, and could not be more pleased with the whole experience. My salesman was Bob Slocum, who was a absolute pleasure to work with and made my buying experience amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was in the market to buy a BMW or Audi, and test drove a BMW the previous day to see how the car handled. That experience was awful, I can't believe how arrogant and rude the sales people are there.... I test drove a car and walked out of the dealership , horrified by the terrible customer service. A couple who I chatted with briefly, walked out too saying they would never return to BMW Stevens Creek. Needless to say, BMW lost my business and Audi made a sale! Bob was very informative and never pressured me. He made the car buying experience smooth and actually relaxing. I was pleased with my deal, and very pleased with my purchase. The customer service did not end there, I need a couple of small things to be changed on the vehicle and Bob informed me of the service days and times and said that we can schedule for you right now, if you want. He also mentioned that Audi will give me a loaner vehicle if  I need one. I just want to mention too, that Audi is offering great financing rates right now, so please visit this dealership and ask for Bob!!!!!!!!

Barb P

Candice B. | 2012-12-02

Andrei was amazing! My boyfriend and I walked into the dealership on a Sunday afternoon just to look at the 2013 Audi a4s. We just moved to the area from VA and since he would be having a longer commute he decided that's new car may ease the pain of it. I was weary walking in because I used to be a manager at a used car dealer and know the tricks people try and play here. We had none of that. Andrei was fabulous from start to finish. He got us a great deal on my boyfriends 2008 Honda civic to use as a trade, ran the numbers for lease vs financing normally, and took us for a test drive. We never felt pressured nor did he try to play games with us. He was straightforward the whole time and I really felt that he just wanted both of us to be happy even though I of course was not the one buying the car. We all still made small talk and joked around.  My boyfriend walked out of the dealer with a brand new Audi A4, and he was  like a kid in a candy store with all the fun features of the car. I am thrilled to be a passenger with my own climate controls and butt warmer.We are both tech junkies.It was painless and a pleasant experience all around. Go see Andrei if you are thinking of purchasing an Audi.

Fahd B. | 2012-11-30

I just signed up for a lease on an Audi A4 Prestige here and was helped by the wonderful Cassandra Crawford. We exchanged several emails while I was deciding on what I wanted and I got to meet her in person where she walked me through the different cars and options they had. She never once pressured me into a decision and made an effort to inform me of all my choices. When I finally decided on what I wanted - there wasn't one in all of Bay Area that matched the trim, options and color I was looking for - so she ended up finding one in another city and had it delivered in! She also helped me with their Foreign Business Program, which I recommend for any Canadian looking to get a car down here and doesn't have much US credit history.

The entire process was really smooth, and if you ever get to buy a car from her, ask her about the guy who didn't know how to turn the car on!

Erik K. | 2012-11-27

I seriously don't know how this dealership stays in business. Earlier this year I was in the market for an Audi R8 and went to Audi Stevens Creek to look at one. They wouldn't even acknowledge my existence even after I said hi to a group of 3 sales people standing outside. So I just left and went to Rector Porsche Audi. In the end I decided against the R8 and instead I bought a 2013 Porsche 911 Carrera Cabriolet. Then last week I gave Audi Stevens Creek a second chance because I need to get a more practical vehicle to haul around my dog and kayak. I wanted to look at an Audi Q5 and Q7. So I drove over there in my brand new 2013 Porsche 911. You would think that someone driving a Porsche wouldn't be there to waste their time. But did anyone even acknowledge my existence? No. They couldn't be bothered by me. Well, that is their loss and another Audi dealership's gain. I will never set foot on that dealership again.

Janet M. | 2012-11-27

Purchased a Q5 from Cassandra at this Stevens Creek Audi. The process was easy...she responded to an internet query of mine, matched the best price I'd received from Nor Cal & So Cal dealers, and had us in & out of the dealership in no time. No upselling of stuff we didn't need, etc.

Daniel B. | 2012-11-24

Took my A4 in for the 35000 mile service. My service advisor, Eric Lunn, is awesome. He really took care of me and because of that, I'll be back.

Beth C. | 2012-11-14

I recently had my Q5 in for a routine servicing at Audi Stevens Creek and the customer service was superior.  My service advisor, Daren Ferguson, was courtesy, responsive and efficient.  My car was ready at the time he had promised as well as cleaned.  The check out process is always quick and easy. The customer service at Stevens Creek Audi is outstanding.

Jon L. | 2012-11-07

Wanted to give some feedback on the service dept for Audi SC.  My tech adviser, Eric Lunn is amazing. He was easy to work with, friendly, communicative and did a fantastic job keeping me in the know during the maintenance work performed on my A4 (aka Black Sexy).

I will definitely make this my "go to" spot for all my service needs going forward.

Jenny H. | 2012-11-02

This review is for the PRE-OWNED section of Audi. I bought my used Honda Accord there and had an amazing experience with Cisco, one of the salesmen there. They continued to wow me even after I signed the contract and bought the car. First off, they gave me the car for a great price. I did not buy a warranty and two weeks later the check engine light came on and they took the car in for repair ANYWAYS! For free. They said "we don't sell crappy cars." Also, they gave me an Audi to drive since I had to leave my car there for a couple days and they filled my new cars tank of gas up since I had to drive far to get there. A+ for Cisco and the pre-owned Audi

Tina S. | 2012-10-30

My husband was looking for a new car and decided on an Audi. We went inside and were greeted by a nice receptionist who called a salesperson to us. We got a guy named Bruce. We went out to look at a certified pre-owned Audi A4 and we decided to test drive it. When we got in the car, Bruce's cell phone started ringing. My husband and I were discussing features of the car's interior and were told to "hush" while Bruce was on the phone with who he told us was his mom. I asked him how we could tell if the car was locked or unlocked and he was unable to answer.

I noticed that the car smelled like smoke and since I was pregnant, I was concerned that the smell would linger and we wouldn't be able to put our infant in the car. When I raised the concern with Bruce, he said "I haven't smoked in years". I explained again that I didn't think he was smoking but that the previous owner probably was a smoker and I was concerned about it. He once again said "I haven't smoked in years". He seemed to have an extremely difficult time understanding that I was talking about the interior smell and not his smell. When we got back to the dealership, we asked him some more questions about the car to which he didn't have the answers. I ended up doing research on the car on my phone while we were waiting around to get the answers that I wanted.

We decided that we were going to buy the car and negotiating with this dealership is AWFUL. Bruce looked at me and said "I don't need to sell you a car. My numbers look good and so do the dealerships" and I said "I understand that, but you and I both know that this car is over-priced". He raised his voice with me and I felt so uncomfortable since I was talking really calmly with him. Once we decided on a price, the paperwork was taking a little while. We needed to get our insurance agent to send over the insurance paperwork for the new car and it took about 5 minutes. Bruce was getting extremely impatient with us and we told him that it would take a few minutes for our agent to draw up the paperwork and he was doing a favor for us since it was way past his normal working hours.

As we were waiting, the dealership closing time came and went. I said to Bruce "won't we have to wait to pick up the car tomorrow anyway since your service department is closed?" and he looked at me square in the eye and said "What? Do you think you own this place? They leave when I tell them to leave" in an elevated tone. My husband looked at him and said "are you yelling at my wife? She just asked you a question" and then Bruce tried to laugh it off. I couldn't believe the audacity of someone who was trying to sell a car to us!!!

When it came down to doing his reviews at the dealership, he filled it out on our behalf which is a bunch of BS and then tried to laugh it off with us and say that he was just joking when he clearly was not. As a customer and a pregnant one at that, I expect respect from people and felt extremely disrespected by Bruce.

Will NEVER buy from Audi Stevens Creek again since even after we did the big survey, nobody even contacted us to apologize or anything. Terrible experience.

Heather D. | 2012-10-29

This was my second vehicle from Audi Stevens Creek.  I decided a bit spur of the moment that I needed more room, and went to trade in my TT for a Q5.  Cassandra Crawford made it pain-free and a great overall experience.  With a phone call and a dealer visit, I was in the new Q5 with all the cool new features that I was looking for, and at a payment that was lower than my TT, even with trade-in. The delivery was super fast, and she took the time to show me how to use all of the amazing features, from the WiFi hotspot to the hands-free lock and more. Had I been left to my own devices, I would never have figured out half of what she showed me, so I appreciated the full tour of the car.  I had considered leasing another German vehicle, but I'm so glad i didn't. I'll stick with Cassandra, and the amazing Audi engineering, and I have to give a shout-out to Vin P. in service for being a great service manager now for 3 years.

Mark M. | 2012-10-22

UPDATE 3/27/13

Set up an appt. for service. Man were they prepared. Bill Buchser, my service advisor, had all my service records and warranty info up. Phuc Tran had a loaner car ready. Almost no paperwork, just a few signatures and I was on my way in an immaculate peppy A4 turbo loaner car.  I cant remember the name of the pleasant young woman who greeted me and ushered me through the process so efficiently, but she was great too.  I could have been out even sooner had I not been chatting about how much I like the radar cruise control feature. 11 minutes total time. Dealer service intake just doesn't get better than that.

Original Review:

A friend who had an Audi told me that he had good experience with Stevens Creek Audi on post warranty service using Audi's aftermarket Platinum Pure Protection Warranty underwritten by Fidelity Insurance. He also warned me against using Audi of Monterey where he had a really bad experience. I took his advice and brought my 2007 Audi to Stevens Creek for some potentially expensive repairs (phone module faulting, TPMS faulting  and trunk lift motor weak).

Bill Buchser was my service adviser and is a real pro with deep and detailed knowledge of Audi systems and excellent customer service skills.  First they loaned me a brand new Audi while mine was being repaired. SWEET RIDE! I almost wished my repairs would take months. Second Bill went to bat with the warranty company to get maximum coverage for me. He even got one TPMS module covered which is unusual since the warranty companies always claim it is a worn out module battery and not covered. Bill had his techs verify that one module was faulty and not because of a bad battery, so we won that battle. The very expensive phone module was replaced without a fight. The trunk motor claim was denied but Bill negotiated with them and worked something out where I ended up paying about 20% of the repair cost. The hinges (not covered) were worn which caused abnormal wear on the motor. Bill got Audi USA to pitch in on hinge replacement cost even though the car was out of mfr warranty. This kind of service, mfr support  and customer first attitude really is great to see. It will make me buy my next Audi here for sure. Bill Buchser is a real asset to his employer and has made me a loyal Stevens Creek Audi customer.

Kristan G. | 2012-10-15

The lease on my 2010 S4 expired and my former awesome salesperson, Timothy Denstedt, had moved on to bigger and better things within the Penske organization.  

When I asked him who to buy and Audi from, he suggest contacting Cassandra Crawford saying "she will take great care of you" and he was absolutely right.  Despite it being a very busy Saturday and multiple customers, Cassandra was knowledgeable, patient, and very helpful.  We walked in with one used car and left with two new ones - which says a lot about how much we trusted her and the great job she did.  

I have now bought 3 cars from Audi Stevens Creek and don't plan on buying from any other dealership in the future.

Robert B. | 2012-10-15

Our family has owned several Audi cars over the years, and currently drives an S4 Cabriolet, an RS6 Sedan and an R8 pocket rocket.  We love the service provided by Vin Penugonde and his team at Audi Stevens Creek.  Vin Penugonde is very responsive to our needs, and works hard to provide the service within our busy schedules.  Bravo Vin Penugonde!

Michael H. | 2012-10-14

I recently had both my first car purchase and service visit at Audi Stevens Creek and found both experiences to be top-notch.  

Purchasing my car with Cassandra Crawford was a breeze.  We exchanged a couple emails to agree upon price and features and I then received email updates every couple weeks to keep me apprised of delivery status of our custom build.  The delivery process was just as smooth.  Cassandra found me a great financing rate through Audi and I was on my way after a solid review of the car's features in no time.

My first service experience with my 2000 Audi was equally as pleasant and professional.  I'm looking forward to taking our new Audi there for service.

Kaushik S. | 2012-10-07

This is the most unwelcoming dealership in my opinion. They don't bother even greeting you while you're there trying to give them your business. They talk as if they are doing you a favor and don't give a damn whether you buy from them or not. Very rude and think that they dont need any customers who wont buy a car at their 1st quote/offer.

I tried to negotiate a deal with them and the 1st thing that i was told was " THANK YOU. PLEASE DO NOT BUY THE CAR". Who talks like this man!!?

Anyways, I'm never stepping foot into this dealership ever again!!!!

Dina S. | 2012-10-07

Since purchasing my A4 from Audi Stevens Creek, I have been very impressed with the staff and service.  Daren Ferguson, the service director,  has gone above and beyond to make sure my care is cared for.  The staff is friendly, the service is appropriate and is completed in a timely manner.

Jernej S. | 2012-10-02

Best buying experience ever! Cassandra Crawford made everything easy, from getting a lease to delivering the car.

Drina B. | 2012-09-29

Wanted a Q5 for a while now. Convinced my husband to test drive to 2.0 last night after checking out Volvo. The sales rep acted like he was a Dr. Of physics and I didn't know what I was talking about. It's our hard earned money and I've been reading about these cars for over a month. They would only take off $750 for the 2012 but thought my Mercedes trade in was worth nothing even though he didn't see it... They are soooo arrogant, I rarely get this annoyed but this guy was ridiculous. Won't go back, I'll go farther away to another dealership. May just go back to Volvo, they are very professional!!

Trynh N. | 2012-09-27

I love my Audi.  The service here is very friendly in the service department.  They've definitely helped me with everything that I need.  They only have free car washes when you bring your car in for service.  When I was living in Dallas, I can get a free car wash at any Audi dealerships any time :(

Subbu V. | 2012-09-27

Bought my 2012 Audi Q5 from this dealership. The whole experience from start to finish was smooth and very professional. It was fun working with James Burnham from Sales. He was thorough in going over all the features and was patient in answering questions. I was able to look at the different models/options without any sales pressure. And to beat it all, Audi of Stevens Creek was able to beat the numbers from other Audi dealerships in the area.

Andrew B. | 2012-09-26

I bought my first Audi with Stevens Creek 10+ years ago.  Came back in two years ago for my second and found they still had great service.  Cassandra Crawford was awesome to work with.  She found the exact vehicle I wanted and for a reasonable price.  If I remember correctly she matched the American Express Auto purchase program.

Adam L. | 2012-09-23

I've owned 4 Audi's and bought 3 from Steven's Creek. Always a wonderful, professional experience. The service I received from Vin over the years was exceptional. Highly recommend Audi of Stevens Creek!

Jasmeet D. | 2012-09-22

Dont tell me I cannot afford the car just because I am trying to negotiate a good deal. That was rude. They are not ready to negotiate at all. I went somewhere else and got my Audi Q5 $5000 cheaper. Dont buy it here. I am sure you can keep a lot of your hard earned money in your pocket.

Alun E. | 2012-09-21

A lot of people hate on the "stealerships", but often you get what you pay for in life.

Bought a brand new Audi here back in 2007, and have had all the warranty and extended warranty work done here. Vin Penugonde has been a great service advisor to me, and it's certainly nice to be remembered when you walk in the door, rather than just another car for the day, and he makes good use of phone and email, which certainly fits with my style.

It's always great that you get an Audi loaner car from this dealership, and they are very good about communicating and meeting your schedule for the work that is done, even when my car had an issue and had to be kept over night, I got to keep the loaner car and drive it back to San Francisco for the night - note that like many San Francisco Audi drivers, it's worth the drive to Stevens Creek for service, rather than Royal in the city.

Bob M. | 2012-09-21

I recently purchased a used car at Audi Stevens Creek. The salesperson, Anthony Oliva was great, he found the car I wanted, coordinated all of the paperwork and financing and got me out the door in no time. This was the best car buying experience I have had. If you are in the market for an Audi or a used car, ask for him!!!

Doug M. | 2012-09-20

I've been going to Steven's Creek for 5 years, in that time my wife and I have purchased two cars:  2007 A4 Audi 3.2Q and a 2011 Q5 2.0T.   My A4 has completed all of the scheduled maintenance through the Audi dealer and each visit was pleasant and completed in a timely manner.   The loaner cars are clean and decent to drive, and the staff has always been friendly.    

My service adviser has been Vin from Day 1, and I couldn't be happier. He's always energetic and is fantastic at  understanding the issues and explaining the solutions.  Status updates are provided on a regular basis via phone and email.  

My wife works with Casey in the service department and has only said great things about her.   A few times when Vin was out of the office I dealt with Casey and have no complaints.  

In summary I feel that Stevens Creek Audi works hard for it's customers.   During the purchase of our cars we were not steered towards cars they wanted to sell (unlike Lexus, Subaru, and Infinity) but listened to what we wanted and gave us options.  Highly recommended

Ernesto O. | 2012-09-19

This review is specifically for Casey Angen in the Service department. I have not purchased a car from this dealership so I don't have any experience with any other department.

I've been getting my Audi S5 serviced by Audi Stevens Creek for 2 years now and have dealt with Casey from day 1. Of all the service departments I have used over the years, I have never had such a positive experience as I have with her. She was always pleasant to deal with, kept constant communication via email, listened to my concerns and addressed them right the first time! There is another Audi dealer closer to me, but I will continue to drive the extra distance for the great service provided by Casey.

Eric O. | 2012-09-18

When I showed up for a second test drive, I did not expect to be driving home in an A4.  They had the exact model I was looking for and the sales rep I worked with, Robert Fowler, provided exceptional service.  Their service department has also been helpful and swift in getting my car back to me.  I look forward to my continued relationship with Audi Stevens Creek on my new A4 and the next car I purchase.

Kiki B. | 2012-09-18

If you have the time to drive to Oakland Audi, I can say I had a better experience there.  After a nice test drive with a nice salesman (Bob) on a Saturday at Stevens Creek, we started talking numbers.  I would expect to have some negotiation back and forth but I would not expect a car salesman to tell me he couldn't go lower because Audi spent too much on the vehicle when they bought from corporate fleet.  It would have been better to just hear a simple, firm response letting me know there was no flexibility on the sticker price beyond -$500-600.  Having a car salesman tell me they spent too much on a car just sounded ridiculous.  I promptly left and continued my search, which was successful the next day.   I drove a gently used (7k miles) current year (2012) Audi A3 TDI home. It even had a few more features than the one Bob showed me, and only a few thousand more miles on it, but less of a warranty as Oakland did not pre-certify it.  I am loving Audi so far and would recommend Evelynn at Audi Oakland, she was straight forward and professionally firm.  No BS.

Renee R. | 2012-09-17

I had Casey Angen help me out with service on my car, and she was awesome.   Went above and beyond to help me out with my car and getting rental/courtesy car/shuttle, whatever I needed.  Will definitely recommend!!

Margo S. | 2012-09-16

I love my Audi Q7. What a great solid car. I had to order it and wait 6 months to get it but it was worth the wait. The salesman that assisted me provided truly exceptional service. Thank you Robert Fowler!
I also really enjoy working with Casey Angen in the Service Department. She is very  helpful and great at her job.
I bought two cars at Audi Stevens Creek and would do so again.

David H. | 2012-09-16

Audi Steven's Creek has been great t o work with both Dave Hofkins in the service department and Ron Anderson in sales. If your in the market for an Audi or looking for exceptional service I would definitely recommend Audi Steven's Creek.

Selina L. | 2012-09-15

My husband I got our first Audi car from Ramon today.  Ramon had all the paperwork ready when we arrived for our appointment.  He was very kind and patient & he explained a lot of things for us to understand about the car as well.  He also said to call him if we have any questions about the car in the future.  The overall process of buying our car with Roman was a great experience.

rongy z. | 2012-09-15

I purchased 2013 q7 today. I was very happy with my sales person ANdrei Smith. They are very busy but he took his time explain everything. He will personally deliver my car due to i have to pay rest money on monday and i lived in Pleasanton.

T Z. | 2012-09-14

My experience at Audi Stevens Creek was only perfect because Cassandra Crawford  Fleet/Internet Sales Manager was wonderful..I purchased two cars and she made the process so easy . She showed me cars I was interested in and we had a deal within minutes..thanks again Cassandra for helping us...
T Zambrano

Rob C. | 2012-09-14

Got the A3 TDI, and it was the best buying experience I've ever had. Sasha Volegov was direct and easy to work with, no high pressure and no games.  I've had the car serviced at this location as well, Dave Hofkins handles things for me and it's always a good experience.  No surprises, car is ready when they say it will be ready, and free loaner car.  I've never purchased a car from the same dealership more than one time, but ASC will break the streak...I'm going to be going back to see Sasha next year for a Q5.

Claire F. | 2012-09-13

I leased my first Audi from Cassandra Crawford, and had such a great experience that (despite living in San Mateo now and therefore being closer to the Palo Alto dealership) I happily drive down to the South Bay for the great customer service!  I'm on my second lease and I look forward to working with her on my third when the time comes.  I cannot recommend Cassandra and Audi Stevens Creek enough!

Geoffrey K. | 2012-09-13

Still enjoying dring Q5 S-model after two years.  My wife loves it!  Still remember the day we made the decision with Enrique Villa, who helped us to make the right choice.  Will see him again in about a year time.

Murali P. | 2012-09-13

I have owned nothing but Audi's during the past 10 years. I bought Q7 in 2008, during the process, I got associated with Vin Penugonde, who is till date my service advisor. I have to say that my perception about a service advisor changed upside down since I started to deal with Vin. He is very genuine and always puts customers concerns ahead of company's interests. He is so knowledgeable, I get answers to all my questions instantaneously. Never there was a response that let me check with the technician and get back to you. Always ahead in his game. I rather have to say, its because of Vin, I bought another Audi in the recent past. Although, most people say, go to a local repair shop once your car is bit old, I have to say that I prefer to go to Audi Stevenscreek for their expert service and guidance. Gives me and my family comfort and peace of mind, which is more important than cost savings.

Jason J. | 2012-09-12

We recently leased our second Audi and our first from Audi Stevens Creek, and the whole process was without all of the usual irritations that come with getting a car. We worked with Cassandra Crawford, who wound up tracking down the exact A6 we wanted from somewhere in Southern California, and it arrived in San Jose nearly a week earlier than we'd expected. When my wife and I arrived at the dealership, Cassandra had all the paperwork waiting for us. We were in and out of there in our new car in a little more than an hour. When we leased our first Audi from a different dealership in the Bay Area, we were there for several hours while we dealt with all their ridiculous "let me talk to my manager" and "let me run it by our finance guy" charades. Good times.

I would not hesitate to work with Cassandra again, and I recommend her without reservation. She's terrific.

Dan C. | 2012-09-12

I worked with Cassandra Crawford to purchase my A3 TDI. What a great experience! When I first inquired about the specific options I wanted on the A3, they did not have one on the lot. I was a little bummed since I thought I would have to order one and wait 6 months. A day passed and she called me to let me know she found one that was on its way over to the dealership. Awesome! I put a deposit down and anticipated the day of arrival.

She called me a week before the car was supposed to be delivered with great news, the car just rolled off the truck! Stoked! When I went in to complete the purchase, she was just as great. She has a great eye for detail and saved me some extra $$ by noticing my company was on the discount list.

Overall, my experience with her was amazing.

Additionally, the service department rocks. I have had my car in for Ibex protection and a hitch installation. Each time I have been in, I have worked with Eric Lunn. He customer service is awesome and I highly recommend him as a service advisor. Any future car I purchase will be from Audi of Stevens Creek.

S R. | 2012-09-12

I just leased a 2013 A4 from Stevens Creek Audi last week. I had the pleasure of working with Cassandra Crawford -- I had contacted her via the Audi Stevens Creek web site prior to going in (highly recommend doing this and setting up an appointment!). From the beginning, Cassandra made the buying process completely painless. She made the sale consultative, not high pressure. Not only is she is very knowledgeable about Audis (she probably knows more than many of her peers in the business) but she also takes her time with you. After I bought my car, I remarked to friends about how buying a car seemed so much easier and less stressful than it had in the past. But it's not the car buying experience itself that's necessarily easier nowadays, it's the person who makes your car buying experience a pleasant one. That's Cassandra.

Once I moved into the Finance Dept, I was greeted by someone equally as kind and professional: Maria Fischer. Maria made the reality part of buying a car, the "okay, this is going to cost me how much each month?" part, also very pleasant. She was very thorough and efficient. I was in and out of her department in probably 30 minutes or less.

Let me also state this, throughout this process, I was a complicated customer (okay, more than complicated). Cassandra and Maria both handled it all with a smile and with the *utmost* professionalism. I am an Audi driver for life and as long as Cassandra and Maria are around, I'll be their customer too.

Phil F. | 2012-09-12

I have been coming to Audi Stevens Creek for all my upgrades and service since purchasing my A5 there some years back. I cannot stress enough how helpful and knowledgeable their sales and particularly the service department are. My service adviser, Vin Penugonde and the staff in the entire service department are top notch. Vin, is always courteous, answers every question I have for him, and always keeps me up to date with any status on my car to get me in and out fast. I've never dealt with a service department that has been anywhere near this good. They keep my car in great condition and make sure the performance and operations meet or exceed the Audi standards. I have even send over other friend of mine to their service department and heard great things from their experience also. Thanks Audi Stevens Creek, please keep up the fantastic job you all are doing!

Heather R. | 2012-09-12

If you live on the Peninsula and own an Audi, I highly recommend you give Casey Angen a call and head over to Stevens Creek Audi.  I live much closer to another Audi dealership but Casey always makes sure you're helped immediately and that there's an appropriate loaner available.  I have two little kids so waiting around for loaner cars isn't an option.  With Casey's help, I have never had to!  She's truly a class act at a top notch dealership.  Their customer service is the best I've seen.

Adriana T. | 2012-09-12

This review is solely for the service department, and in particular for Dave Hofkins-- who goes above and beyond the call of duty. Dave will work with your needs to schedule an appointment and service times that are convenient for you, and he will respond to you right away! In direct contrast to the excellent service department, is our experience with the sales floor. Similar to other yelpers here, my husband and I did not buy our Audi at this dealership for several reasons (the sales floor did not want to bother with us and did not greet us with respect and an earnest desire to help). We ended up buying a car from Pacific Audi in Torrance, where my husband's brother-in-law works and received a much better deal than the sales floor at Stevens Creek. AGAIN-- the 5 STAR review is for the SERVICE department ONLY-- particularly Dave Hofkins-- he is excellent!

Alfredo B. | 2012-09-11

Outstanding service and friendly staff. I repaired/serviced here many times over the years, and will continue to do so.
Sfaff is very good, and they always do a great job on my Audi. I never had any problems and I highly recommend Casey Angen; she is honest and professional. Thank you

Gina O. | 2012-09-11

I absolutely adore Casey Angen.  I would never trust anyone but her to deal with my car. She is honest and patient and always puts me at ease regarding anything with my car. I highly value her and if you want someone who is real and amazing, Casey Angen is the one to talk to.

Brent P. | 2012-09-11

I moved to the area about two years ago, and have been to Audi Stevens Creek several times for routine maintenance on my S5.  The Service Dept, and Vin Penugonde specifically, have been absolutely amazing.  I couldn't ask for a better experience, and actually look forward to my visits there (at an automotive service department??  I know.)  The personal touch that Vin adds ensures my future business there and with Audi.  Keep up the great work!

Kristine P. | 2012-09-11

I purchased my first Audi from Audi Stevens Creek in June 2000. During the course of owning our first, a 2001 A6 2.7T Quattro, the service I received from Casey Angen was so incredibly superior to the service I had received elsewhere that I fell in love with this dealership. I have never even considered taking my Audis for service anywhere else, and I've dubbed Casey Angen as my forever service manager. I've shamelessly plugged Casey on the dealership's Facebook page just to be sure the world knows that there is no service like that received here. In 2006, when I decided to trade up to a 2007 Q7 4.2L Premium Quattro, I didn't hesitate for a second to continue my business with Audi Stevens Creek, knowing that I would have a great relationship with the dealership throughout the life of the vehicle. In 2009, we went back again and traded in our 2003 MINI Cooper S for a 2010 A3 TDI. And, I'm now preparing to sell our now 95,000-mile-young Q7 while we wait for the arrival of our next Audi, the Q5 Hybrid. The #1 reason I will return to Audi Stevens Creek time and time again is due equally to the quality and style of Audi and to the exquisite service received by Casey Angen and the rest of the Audi Stevens Creek service department.

What made the service experience so great? Throughout the life of the three Audis I've owned, I've had my share of routine maintenance and various repairs. A couple of the repairs looked like they could get very costly, especially in periods when I was out of warranty with no service contract. That said, Casey Angen has gone way above and beyond to work with the dealership on approving discounts and working with Audi on getting some expensive and more unusual repairs covered, going up to bat for me to help keep maintenance affordable. I can't describe in words how much I appreciate Casey's dedication to helping customers walk away happy, and without feeling taken or broke.

Bryant W. | 2012-09-10

This place sucks. Horrible customer service. Walked around for 40 minutes and not one person offered to help or even ask if I had any questions. The thing about it is I was really ready to buy that day. My loan had already been approved through my credit union. I ended up buying my 2013 S5 from Audi of Oakland about a week later. It was well worth the drive. The customer service was outstanding. I have no plans on even getting my Audi serviced at Stevens Creek because their service was horrible. It's been a long time since I've felt the color of my skin played a roll in the service or in this case "the lack of service" I received. At the end of the day the color of my money is the same as everyone else.

Chris H. | 2012-09-08

Andrei and Soepa were great to work with!

I was a walk-in, literally walking from work to the dealership. I had no appointment and was checking out the inventory of A3's they had. Even though I was a walk-in, I was welcomed and shown the different cars available. Andrei and Soepa were very helpful and knew how to make the me feel appreciated.

I decided to buy an Audi after test driving some of the cars. The whole team at Stevens Creek Audi displayed great customer service and continued it days after by maintaining communication with me. Thank you.

Phillip H. | 2012-09-02

I've been having this nagging issue with my 2006 A4 2.0t.  While it is still not fixed after several service trips to Audi, this rating is based on "customer service"...  In this respect, the staff performed beyond my expectations.  Not only did they remain courteous, friendly, welcoming; they appeared to actually be sincere about getting to the bottom of issue with my car. So, because of how I was treated, I give them 5 Stars.  Keep up the great job.

Andy V. | 2012-08-22

If you're buying a car, avoid this dealership at all costs. If you're just getting your car serviced, this dealership is great.

I went to buy a car here. First time I went, the first thing I was told was that I probably can't afford more than a used car. Excuse me??

Gave them another chance a couple weeks later. Made an appointment with checkbook in hand and got there 5 mins early. Waited for 30 minutes before I got to speak to the person I set the appointment with. When we finally began negotiations, she excused herself for a second, and didn't come back till 26 minutes later. I know because the clock was staring me in the face.

Needless to say, I didn't pursue any more business with them as they clearly didn't want my business. I went straight to Audi Concord. Walked in, discussed the terms, and had the keys in my hand in the same time I spent just waiting for my appointment at Audi Stevens Creek.

I would give them a 0 or 1 star if I could, but I gave them 2 simply because their Service department rocks.

Eddie N. | 2012-08-22

Andre, Sopa and Enrique were great to work with.  They took really good care of my kid brother on his first purchase of a car.  He loves his new A3!

Christopher J. | 2012-08-22

I just moved out here and was looking to lease a compact SUV. My final three were the Audi Q5, BMW X3 and the Acura RDX. Although I ended up going with the X3 due to the lack of supply of base model Q5's, I had a great experience working with Paul Przywozny. He was there 7 days a week, and accommodated me even during the early morning hours before the dealership was technically open. He responded to my emails promptly and went to great lengths to try and close the gap between BMW's and his  offer, to within $200 of the factory invoice price on a $40k car. The difference in BMW X3 and Audi Q5's residual values (53 vs 59), which he had no control over, was too large, though, that I had to go with the X3 in the end, but I definitely recommend him if you are looking to buy or lease a new Audi.

Tanja F. | 2012-08-17

Love this dealership. I just recently lost my fiance and the lease of his Q5 was up shortly after he passed. I tried multiple times to return the car and buy out the lease at the Audi dealership where we got the car and they said they couldn't help. After a lot of tears and heartache I finally went to Audi Stevens Creek and they were just amazing. They jumped through hoops and made it happen. I was able to keep the car he loved so much and it comes with a lot of lovely memories.

Elaine C. | 2012-08-16

customer service is no good, and expensive!

Nathan W. | 2012-08-13

I didn't end up getting an Audi (Mainly due to price.. They are great cars but in the end we ended up with something under 25K). But, I was happy with the experience. The sales person (Andrei) was informative, not pushy, let both my wife and I drive the car, and was helping to find the exact model we were looking for.

Angie S. | 2012-07-20

DO NOT AT ANY COST TAKE YOUR CAR HERE!  I took my Audi A4 convertible to the service department for a routine oil change.  They told me over the phone that it would take about an hour.  Two hours later my car was ready.  They did a pretty bad wash job on the car (I did not ask for the wash) When I was about to get into my car I saw that the material on the back window was not attached!  I immediately showed the service manager Darren.. FYI he is a jerk!  He told me that the window was like that when I brought the car in.  He showed me that it was "dirty" and it had already separated.  I might have taken this at face value except I was at the gas station the day before and had washed that window.  I asked them to please fix it.  And reminded him I did not ask for the wash to the car.  To which he replied "We wash all the is an expectation".  He stated they would not fix the car because he could tell that it was dirty and my fault.  Never going back here and I plan to sue. Horrible way to treat people.

Ivan S. | 2012-07-18

This one star is dedicated to the terrible sales floor. I would have given zero of negative if it is ever possible.

I am in the process of buying my A7. Visited the sale floor on weekends 3 weeks in a row. For all three times, I was told by the reception lady that I would have to make an appointment to talk to any of the sale reps. This is absolutely ridiculous. This is definitely a very improfessional way of welcoming your potential customer.

For one time, the sales lady told me if I'm willing to wait, I may be able to get a sale rep in a while. Turned out I waited for more than half an hour and their is still no one available. I tried to ask simple question to the receptionist lady. Question as simple as, "If there is a 5 seat option availalbe on the A7". And the lady just simply told me she has no idea and would have to defer my question to the sales.

So, on my forth week, I finally gave up, and went to Carlson Audi in Palo Alto. And I did completed my purchase of my A7. I had a total pleasant experience throughout my whole purchase process.

Now that I own an Audi, I was trying to make an appointment at Stevens Creek Audi for my first service. I live in South San Jose, so distance-wise, I still prefer Steven Creek against Palo Alto. I tried to make an appointment over the phone AM on a day. Got routed to their service dept, no one answered my call....and I was routed to their voice mail. I left a message to them indicated that I'm new customer and just hope to come in for service. Turned out they did not get back to me by end of the day. And again, I was disappointed. I made my appointment with Carlson Audi. Eventually, Stevens Creek called me back in the afternoon of the following day, but they're just too late...

karan s. | 2012-06-22

This review is for the Audi service department. I have recently purchased a pre-owned 2011 A5. I was due for a oil change. I called in they got me in the next day. In the morning I was greeted by Eric in the service department. He looked up my VIN found out my car was under a extended care package and my service would be free. They hooked me up with another car. So I can go along with my day. I told them I needed my car before 3pm. They called at 12 saying it was ready . This possibly was the best customer service I have received ever. Thank you again Eric and the Audi team for such a positive experience.

Sheri Z. | 2012-06-12

This has to be the worst dealership I ever had the misfortune of visiting TWICE!  They don't greet you; the gal in front sits on her butt flipping through magazines and barely looks up just to tell you everyone is busy.  I was so in love with the A3, I actually went home called and made an appointment to come back and drive the A3 diesel explaining that was the only car I wanted to drive.  I was told there was one there.  I arrived on time, sales person nowhere to be found, and after waiting a good 15 mins (not even offered water), he shows up telling me the car has not been processed through!! REALLY people ???????????  Ever heard about SERVICE???????
I was so disgusted with them, it turned me right off Audi. I went to VW Capitol and leased a great Tiguan.  
If you still have your heart set on an Audi, go somewhere else - these people will kill your desire for one!

Prasad S. | 2012-06-10

This review is for the Sales department . Quite frankly, this is the worst Car Sales Store I have ever been to and I have been to a lot of them from Honda, Toyota, Acuras, Lexus, BMW, Mercedes in different places and in different cities across the US.

I went to this store twice and met with the same fate on both occasions. The receptionist at the front desk was nice and told me to wait for the next sales rep. I waited for 45 minutes and walked in front of the manager( giving him stares) and also asked other sales reps(when would they get free) and the answer was they are all busy!!! My point should not allow Walkins if you are so busy!! When you are about to invest 40-60K in a car, your sales rep or the manager should jump on making you comfortable until they are available. The answer is "No sales rep in this store seems to care". Please do not buy your Audi from this yourself time and fuel to go to this store.

Nick L. | 2012-06-04

They were pretty friendly at this dealership. Could not do a deal which is a shame but compared to other dealerships this is one of the nicer Audi ones.

Brent K. | 2012-05-28

Very disappointed! I've been ready (and trying) to buy a vehicle from their stock since Friday. It's now Monday and they still haven't even run my financial application through any banks because "We only have two finance people and we've been so busy." I'm trying to purchase this vehicle from out of town and because I'm not inside the dealership, no one will take me seriously. I could pay for the car in cash, but no one even bothered to ask me that. It's unfortunate the they're the only dealer in 1200 miles that has the specific vehicle I want. Otherwise I'd buy one from ANYWHERE ELSE!

Frank H. | 2012-03-28

Went in here looking around but salesmen seemed dis-interested. Got in a few cars in the showroom and then left for another dealer(cough cough BMW) that was very attentive and even offered me a test drive on one of their new models. Service still has a place in this business but apparently these guys don't get it. Guess I'm not getting an Audi.

David G. | 2012-03-27

Walking into the Dealership made me feel like one of those places which exactly knows how to treat the customers right.

Unfortunately, I was wrong !!

The sales agent : Cassandra seemed like a very shrewd sales rep.
When investing in a car worth 50k you do want to feel confidant in the person which I just failed to get from them.

The pompous talks of being them no.3 int eh US and what not seemed far way aggressive to me.

Off we went for a test drive and instead of her telling me the features in the PRESTIGE model, I had to ask her every little bit.

My friend in the back seat had some questions as well to which she answered with sheer arrogance don't care attitude.

As soon as we stepped back in, she had to leave and had me deal with another salesman SASHA

On trying to haggle on a price we were told,

The manager was apologetic.
However, the next day after going through all this I receive a TEXT MESSAGE from Cassandra asking if I ams till interested with an apology.
I was hoping it would be a call but guess these guys sell a lot of cars and don't care about customer service.

I have made up my mind and will not do business with them. Don't care even f they are no.1

Kurt K. | 2012-03-12

Must admit I was surprised and appalled by how little Stevens Creek Audi seems to care about making an easy sale.  

I came to the dealership checkbook in hand, knowing that the exact model I wanted was sitting on their lot... not once, but twice.  Each time (one weeknight and one Sunday afternoon) no salespeople were available to speak with me or arrange a test drive, even though I spent over 45 minutes looking around on my own and waiting for help.  This did give me plenty of time to observe that several employees were sitting around their offices eating lunch, surfing the web, and chatting on the phone.

After the second wasted trip, I sent an email to inquire about making an appointment for the following day.  By the time I finally received a response later that week, I had already found, driven, and purchased the same car at another dealership.  

I am a big Audi fan, but there is no chance that I will return to the Stevens Creek dealership for service or future purchases.  If they can't adequately manage something this basic, I shudder to think about how they would handle a more challenging situation.

John P. | 2012-03-05

After a terrible experience at a different dealership (different make), I stopped in to take a look at Audi. I had never owned one, and I was curious. If anything -- I walked in there a little gun shy that day. When the day ended, I was the happy owner of a 2011 Q5 3.2S, and it was the best experience I've ever had at a dealership (6 cars prior). I love my car, and I've become a huge fan of Audi.

I'm genuinely surprised at some of the reviews here based on both my purchase, and the service department. I stopped in on Yelp because I happened to be thinking about trading up, and felt compelled to communicate my experience. Best. Ever.

Venus B. | 2012-03-04

I have a mixed review here, mostly because I had a good experience the first time I was here (in January) and a horrible one today (March 4th, 2012).  To tell you about myself, I am not the gung-ho-Gucci-airbag type of girl, but I do know a bit about cars and have bought 5 in the past 20 years.  I am in sales myself, my husband is a business owner, and my mom owns a restaurant.  We are pretty nice people--a background on us.  

My husband and I first visited Audi in January and got a chance to meet Bruce, an extremely nice, non-pushy, down-to-earth salesman who took the time to show us a few of the types of Audi's available  He let us take a test drive while nicely showing us all the bells and whistles, and made us very much enjoy our experience.  In fact, our experience was so enjoyable that we raved to our family about it (who are in the market for new cars as well).  So after testing the VW's today, we cruised on over with mom in tow.  She was really excited to test drive the A4.  After walking around for about 15 minutes (and seeing a few salesman walk by without a hello) we came in and asked if someone could possibly help us.  The receptionist was very friendly and happily paged someone.  

A gentleman arrived shortly after with an accent (German?)  He asked what we were looking for and I told him that we were wondering if they had any 2011 A4's in stock that we could look at.  He said of course.  We told him that we were looking for something with extremely low miles.  He pointed out a few cars, both of which were a 2009 and a 2010 with 35,000+ miles.  I told him that they were very nice, but we had come a few weeks earlier and Bruce had shown us a 2011 that we had really liked, and we wanted to show it (or something similar to it) to my mom.  His response? "If you liked it, you should have bought it." Oh Kayyyyyy.  I can deal with brutally honest, and maybe he was trying to be funny.  No sweat.  So I then said, "You are probably right, however, we were not in the market that day as we were just coming back on a trip and decided to drop in.  We decided that we fell in love with the A4 and would probably buy one in a few months, but after hearing all about it that my mom was interested in possibly a 2010 or 2011, but definitely one with low miles.  He begin to tell us that used cars are not like new cars as they are all different, whether they have low or higher mileage, have nicks or scratches, or the seating may be different whether its a 100 pound person driving it or a 300 pound driving it.  That's why if you find a used car you like, you should buy it.  Ok, got it.  

So he started talking about the 09 and 10 and my mom clarified again that she was looking for lower miles and was really looking for something in silver or grey.  I asked if he had any non-new A4's with low miles and he then asked what was important to me.  This took me a moment, since I didn't know how much more clear we could have been: newer A4, low miles, and grey or silver.  I nicely repeated that I was interested in having my mom test drive or even just SIT in an A4 to get the feel of it since she had never ever seen the inside of one (notice he never even offered to open one for us or her yet so we had only been peering in the windows for the past 25 minutes).  He looked at me  like I was slightly mad and then asked exactly what we wanted.  I think at this point we were all silent because simply put, we were dumbfounded.  It was almost a moment where you are wondering if you had lost your own mind, but I could tell by the looks of my family that they were just as confused as I was.  At this point, he started telling us, mind you, AGAIN that all used cars are different and that they all have different miles and nicks and it depends on the person who owned it, and so on, and at this point I had to interrupt.  "You have made it very CLEAR to us that the used cars are all different, however, my mom really just wants to you know, get a feel for the car, maybe sit inside of it and see if she just likes the initial feel, you know?  And then, if that feels good, then maybe she would like to take it for a drive?"  He then begin to tell me that all the A4's were way different and with all the different owners....blah, blah, blah.  At this point we were done.  When we were here the first time we sat in many of the 2009-2012's and while there are some differences, you definitely can still get the overall feel of the A4's.  This guy was making it seem like the cars were so different, it was like comparing a Hummer to a Miata.  

At this point my mom, my husband and I all looked at each other and said, "Let's go to Original Joe's."  Our fun car shopping day (which we had been serious enough to get a sitter for!) had quickly had the wind taken out of it's sails.  Quite the bummer.

Great job Bruce and Front Office lady, but as my mom said, we won't be back.

Erin-Leigh D. | 2012-02-29

This review pertains to the service department only.

After a TERRIBLE experience at another Audi dealership, I didn't have very high hopes for Audi of Stevens Creek, but I actually had a wonderful experience there.  Did you get that?  Wonderful.  From drop off to pick up, the appointment went flawlessly.  My service consultant, Vin, was gracious and friendly.  He explained everything clearly to me, and didn't treat me like I'm stupid just because I don't know a lot about cars.

Overall, I felt I got good value and courteous service all the way around.

When you need service, ask for Vin!  He'll hook you up.

Pavel N. | 2012-02-23

5 Stars for service, 1 star for sales. The sales rep called Frank is very rude and pushy. Had a feeling i was shopping on a bazaar in a third world country.

Rimi K. | 2012-02-22

Took forever for someone to talk to me and once they did it took another 20 minutes for them to realize I was legit.

The sales guys will likely talk to you like your dumb and I am pretty sure I heard the receptionist chuckle when I was describing what I was looking for.

Why are the sales guys getting the commission if the car is the only reason I came?  Dunno If I want to let one of them get that lucky.  WANT my business or I'm takin it elsewhere.

Kristine K. | 2012-01-29

I looked at prices for 2012 A3 TDIs online, and found that Audi Stevens Creek had the best prices for the basic model.  I checked the Audi Stevens Creek inventory on their website, then called ahead (before I made the drive from San Francisco) to make sure they still had the 2012 A3 TDI available. I was connected to Bobby Tan, who told me he could have the car ready for a test drive as soon as I arrived.   Sure enough, I asked for Bobby at the reception desk, he immediately came to greet me, and everything went smoothly from there.  The car was ready as promised, we hopped in for a test drive, I liked the car, and Bobby gave me a good price.  I especially appreciated the finance manager Joe Quinonez for his honesty, professionalism, and friendliness.  Both Bobby and Joe clearly enjoy their jobs and providing courteous service. It was worth the drive from San Francisco!

Abhishek S. | 2012-01-22

Seriously, how snobby can you get at this place?? They wouldn't let me test drive an A5 because he wanted to check if I could afford it first!!!? WTF? I was going to trade in my (very awesome) Infiniti G37 for an A5, but I think their attitude here really lost them a sure deal. Keep that up ASC, you're going downhill.

Di W. | 2012-01-16

We called in to make a reservation before hand, so when we got there we received service right away.  We test drove the A5 and the sales guy was not pushy at all,
he was very chill and nice.

If you want to test drive their cars and don't want to wait, just call them in advance before going in.  I guess they are by appointment only!

Joshua H. | 2012-01-16

Reading the previous reviews and comparing to my own experiences, I have to make a guess that your experience here can really vary quite significantly depending upon who you talk to or deal with.

I guess I've been lucky: I've had several interactions here; all of them fairly positive. I purchased a new A3 TDI and got a great price without a lot of hassles or dickering (hint: do your research on or similar, and call ahead and arrange with the Internet or Fleet Sales department...that applies to anywhere). I've also had 2 services there: one was my 5000-mile and another for a recall repair. Both times were seamless and hassle-free...I made my appointment, showed up on time; they did the service and it was done (and washed) when they said it would be.

So based on these actual interactions, I can't see any reason to down-rate them.

Michael C. | 2012-01-11

This review is for the crony service department at Audi Stevens Creek.  Based on other reviews, I think the customer service experience you should expect is binary; they're either groveling or snubbing you.  To find out which you should expect, check the mirror first.  For us, they committed the cardinal sin of customer service--making us feel like we'd been ripped off.

My wife had been a long-time fan of Audi, ever since she bought her brand new 2003 A4 1.8T.  It's such a spirited ride, she was able to overlook all the flimsy plastic buttons falling apart and the threadbare steering wheel cover.  Unfortunately, the engineering short-cuts extended beyond the cosmetic to the engine compartment.  The car leaked like a hemorrhaging patient, with cheap plastic valves failing for the engine oil, steering fluid and coolant.  So, we brought it in for service.

First, we used the online service reservation system for Audi Stevens Creek to setup an appointment time.  Mistakenly, we thought this would save time.  Unfortunately, after we drove there for the appointed time, we were brusquely told that their online system was not working and that they were rejecting our service appointment.  No apologies, just a finger to the door and something mumbled about coming back next week.  Ok, we didn't learn our lesson then.  

We came back the following week after having called ahead to confirm a service appointment.  It was time for the 80K service so we told them to take a look at the leaks we'd identified.  They took the car in and handed over an estimate for $1K.  Just 6 hours later, they called and said the car was ready.  Along with a bill for $1200, they said the leaks were going to cost $5400 additional to repair.  And, they billed my wife $88 for each leak they took a look at.  For that much, I figured they would have fixed the leaks and not just confirm what we had already told them.  We cut our losses there.  

When we looked at what they actually did for the 80K service, it was sickening.  Basically they changed the oil and topped off a few fluids for $1200, maybe an hour or two of work tops.  Meanwhile, my mechanic does the same service on my Mercedes E500 for less than $100.  We asked about the cost and were told they used their "sophisticated diagnostic equipment" to inspect the car, as if we were a couple of clueless newbies.  As I wasn't there to pick up the car, my wife got into a heated discussion with the manager.  They gave no ground.  She relented, paid their ransom, and got her car back.  

We took the car to a non-dealer authorized service center and got the leaks fixed for less than $2K.  Just like my mechanic, they don't charge to "inspect" the leaks like the dealer.  Apparently, if you're a white male flashing obvious financial means, then you'll enjoy your experience at Audi Stevens Creek and probably won't notice the relentless gouging.  Otherwise, save yourself the insulting aggravation and thousands of dollars by going to any other authorized service center.  Oh, for good measure, avoid buying Audi's altogether as my wife has painfully learned, since all the mechanics, even Audi Stevens Creek's, agree that they're all engineered for systemic failures within 5-7 years.

Sahar N. | 2012-01-02

After selling my vehicle on Craigslist a few days before, I was desperate for a vehicle. I had in mind luxury car and went to Stevens Creek BMW. After driving a 1 series, I decided to give an A4 one last drive because I had driven one before at Stevens Creek Subaru and had to make sure, so I stopped at Audi of Stevens Creek. 8:30pm I walked in the door-by 11:00pm I had purchased my vehicle. The gentlemen who sold me the vehicle was very helpful and excited for me since this  was a huge purchase for my birthday. We agreed to pick up the car the following day so it can be detailed and such. When I arrived the next afternoon, the car was running on empty, had a broken glove compartment, broken right axel I soon found out later thanks to some clicking when I turned,and the armrest latch was broken as well. This was all taken care of by the help of Vin who might I add was exceptionally helpful.
Just a little frustrating that there was a foggy strip running down the center of the windshield that the service department could not remove when the car went in to be serviced for the laundry list of issues. But when I took the car to have its windows tinted, the gentlemen there took it right off.
Very helpful dealership just not sure if I would buy a used car from here.

Anup J. | 2011-12-30

My only regret is that I cannot give them a "0-star" rating. I walked into this dealership right after Christmas looking for a new 2.0L Audi Q5. There were hardly any customers at the dealership and it was clearly not a busy time of the day for them. After asking the receptionist, a sales-guy walked over after about 20-25 minutes. He couldn't have come off as more uninterested in selling me anything. The guy could have at least offered to show me a couple of the used Q5s they had on the lot and pretend to be interested in selling me something. Maybe, as another reviewer suggested, it's because I'm not in their target demographic group - "50-year old white male". I'm thirty-one.

This dealership, as others have pointed out in their reviews, is clearly doing a great disservice to the Audi brand. When I walk into a dealership willing to put down close to $45,000 of my money, the least I expect is for them to show me some interest. In the end, I did spend that much and got myself an Infiniti FX35 from Beshoff Infiniti.


Jane N. | 2011-12-23

Despite the many negative reviews, I braved my way to Stevens Creek Audi several times during my Audi purchase process, and each time I was treated with courtesy and friendliness. The first time I had an appointment with Ramon, who gave me the keys to an A5 to test drive on my own. Unfortunately, they didn't have the car with the specs I wanted, but he took the time to show me on their system all the A5s that were coming in case any of those would fit my requirements.

Subsequent times I walked in without an appointment and was met by Tony, who was equally patient and friendly. It had been a few months since my last visit, and I began to think that maybe a Q5 might be more suited to my needs. He took me on a test drive, explained all the features of the car and answered any and all questions I had with great knowledge. After the test drive, I also told him I had initially been looking at the A5 and was still undecided between the A5 and Q5. At this point it was 3pm and he still hadn't had his lunch yet, but he still went in and got the keys to an A5 for me to look at again.

The third time I visited, Tony did not hesitate put aside whatever he was doing to help me again, since he had helped me before and knew what I was in the market for. Unfortunately they still didn't have what I was looking for on the lot, but he satisfied my curiosity about some options I was deciding on, and gave me some sage advice about my purchasing decision process, which I appreciated. At that point in time, I was planning to make my purchase within the next week in order to lock in the current finance rates. He took my name down to make sure to check up with me again to see if he could help at any point.

In the end, I did find the car I wanted at the time I needed it elsewhere, though at no fault of Audi of Stevens Creek. Honestly if there was one complaint I had about this place, it would be that they were too popular. Sometimes there is a wait to see someone, and It was difficult to find parking in their lot. At some point I actually got blocked in by other customer cars who made up their own parking spots in the lot. As I was waiting for someone to open up a side gate to let me out, a woman approached me and in a sarcastic tone said "we have a car to get out so if you could move, that would be greeeat. Thanks." So I backed up only to realize that she was one of the cars that was blocking me in! Ugh. Hag. So I had to wait for her to make her 10 point turn to get out of the lot. With these types of customers, I wouldn't blame them for any rudeness they've been accused of in the past.

Evie B. | 2011-12-19

I've always had a good experience here when taking my car in for service. Quick turn around time and communication throughout the day to let me know how my car is doing. But my favorite part is that they always have plenty of loaner cars in their fleet so I usually get a Q5 to replace my Q5 that's getting serviced. How nice is that? It's probably their customer service that keeps our family loving Audi's for years to come. The quality and service are unmatched in my opinion.

Channing W. | 2011-12-11

Quality of workmanship is unacceptable.  If by oil service they mean have the oil leak out of my engine, then this is the place for you.  Hopefully the engine is not damaged by their poor workmanship.  Service so rudimentary, but important only deserves one strike.

Kimberly K. | 2011-11-27

I'm looking for a new SUV, so test driving with the intent to buy in the next week or two.  Showed up here to try the Q5 and Q7.  They had no Q7s at all, and the only Q5s were their service loaners that they're now selling.  Not what I wanted to try, but figured, fine, I'm here, I'll drive it.

During the test drive, our salesman, Bob, made pretty much no attempt to tell me anything about the car, show me any features, nothing.  He asked me what else I'd driven (Mercedes ML350, Lexus RX405h, BMW X5, Acura MDX), but didn't attempt to make any attempt to compare the Audi to them or point out any advantages.  To top it off, he then asked if my husband was going to let me pick out the car myself.  Really?  It's not the 1950s, Bob.  Yes, I'll be picking out MY car that I'll be driving myself.  But not from your dealership.

Drew V. | 2011-11-21

I'm rather shocked reading all these negative reviews as I went to this dealership today as I had set my heart on buying an Audi TT convertible which I saw on the Audi USA website and this dealership's website. As I walked towards the show room, a great new sales representative names Cisco Savala, greeted me sincerely and asked how he could help me. He took me to see the car I wanted, pulled it out for me to check out then let me take it on a great test drive.
I totally was sold on buying the car and Cisco made the decision very easy due to his enthusiasm, non- pushy assistance, and knowledge of Audi's certified preowned line of business. He showed a genuine interest in me as his customer, offered me a cup of coffee while we discussed numbers and facilitated the sale process without hiccups. Cisco is a new sales representative at this Audi dealership but has many years experience in the business and it totally shows. He is totally customer focused and nothing is too much trouble for him to arrange. I have purchased many cars and RV's in the past and the customer service I got today was exemplary.
The dealership itself has a huge inventory of vehicles and the facility itself is clean and modern. The lady who facilitated the Signing and additional options (loJack etc) , Rachel, was extremely helpful and also customer service orientated.
As someone who has high expectations always when it comes to customer service , I was blown away by this dealership's personnel. Nothing but professional, courteous and genuinely helpful. I recommend this dealership and Cisco and Rachel in particular if you are looking for a great Audi purchase. To the dealership, you should be proud to have two great employees as the ones I have mentioned in this review.

Anu A. | 2011-11-01

Decided to try despite all the reviews. Arrived with my brother-in-law. After waiting a while for a sales rep, he came up to us and didn't even introduce himself.  He started by showing me into a showroom model A6, which I had already Looked at while waiting.
When I told him I wanted to check out the model, but would probably need to order because they dis not have the color i wanted the guy wandered off. I figured he was getting some ordering paperwork, but no. He came back after 5 minutes and said I could just take care of that online with some fantastic tool called "build your own Audi"... Wow thanks for the enlightenment buddy.
He then wandered away again.. This time for the exit... As i wondered if he was just some random guy wearing an audi shirt i also realized he never once even told me anything about the A6. Though I was doubting he would have added anything based on the interest level. At that point we decided to leave.
I did try contacting the Internet sales as well to avoid walking in without an appt.. After an initial reply there was no response. So wasn't able to arrange an appointment.
My brother in law used to be in vehicle sales and was in absolute shock... Did add some humor to the whole experience.
Will never be going back there.

romit d. | 2011-10-30

Excellent service appointment experience. Loaners queued up, no questions asked (Q5). Car made available as promised after service - on time, washed and cleaned.

Scott J. | 2011-10-22

After reading the reviews, I am not surprised that this Audi dealer like most suck! I was interested in possibly buying a used or new Audi R8 and wanted to test drive one. No such luck. Now, any other high line dealer such as Ferrari or Porsche would be more than happy to show me the vehicle via a test drive. This is why I will not be buying any Audi let alone an R8!

Michael A. | 2011-10-17

Bin in the service department has excellent customer service!

Tom W. | 2011-10-11


Stevens creek audi was my worst car service experience ever.  My Audi was working fine and I brought it in just to do a recall on ignition coils.  I get my car back after 1 hour and ...THE CHECK ENGINE LIGHT IS ON AND CAR IS RUNNING ROUGH!  (it was perfect and no check engine light before).  I go back and complain and they make up a story how one of my components was "fragile" and it's not their fault and now... they want me to pay $232 to fix it !!! THEY LITERALLY BROKE MY CAR AND THEY WANT ME TO PAY TO FIX IT !!!  I talked to service manager and despite explaining 3 different ways that they broke it, he says "it's not our fault" and refuses to help in any way, and he's completely rude to me!  In short, THEY LITERALLY BROKE A PART ON MY CAR, HAD THE AUDACITY TO TELL ME TO PAY FOR IT, WERE NOT HELPFUL IN ANY WAY, AND WERE VERY RUDE TO ME WHEN I COMPLAINED.

Graciela G. | 2011-10-04

On September 22, 2011, the day after I delivered my car to the Stevens Creek Audi dealership in San Jose for service my car was stolen off the lot during regular business hours and the dealership surveillance cameras taped the individual stealing my car.  The dealership indicated that an EMPLOYEE left the keys inside the car.  This is outrageous.  As you can imagine, my family is extremely upset.  I may have expected this from a second or third rate car dealership-but never from a dealership that prides itself on QUALITY CUSTOMER SERVICE AND PRODUCT!!!!

Erik N. | 2011-09-26

Hard to get any help from the floor sales people. Internet sales people are good. In any case make an appointment.

Service reps go from poor to excellent depending on whom you get. Service techs and detailers are very good.

I bought an A5 from them. I give that car 3 stars.

When I checked on trading it in they gave me the lowest offer in the area.

They are big and they are here in the South Bay. Plan to invest extra time and energy to get the service you want.

Wai C. | 2011-09-22

If you want bad service, wait 3 hours for a salesman, and get discouraged by an old white salesman to drop $50,000 or $60,000 then this is the place to be. Service is NOT part of their job description any more because these Audi are just selling so good right now even at the bad global economy. My wife had to wait about 3 hours so everyone can put their hands on the brand new 2012 Q5 which we were gonna buy and got. No salesman, no service, bad coffee and getting dog-eyed by the other Caucasian salesman there who just chatting and most likely talking about football (49ers' first game of the 2012 season). To clarify, my wife did have her hello kitty T-shirt and I wasn't so appealing either. 2nd hour into our 3 hours wait, one old senior Caucasian finally walks up after we complaint 4 times.  We told him that we want Q5 outside and we are not planning to bargain. He said he need to help others (of course other Caucasians who just test drive and didn't buy) and made us wait for the 3rd hour. Of course none of those people bought anything from him that day. We had no choice because they are the first and only one with the brand new 2012 Q5 at the time and the one they had is what we wanted exactly. Even so is this the type of trouble we had to go through with Steven Creek Audi ? Not only that, but he actually didn't want to sell the car and wanted to call another loyal customer (yes white) to offer him the car before letting us to buy it. I mean do they hate us Asians so much ? We study in school, get our BS degrees without speaking BS , worked hard and earn our money just like all of them white investors do right ? Just because you have the highest volume doesn't mean that you can treat your customers like that Stevens Creek Audi. Now the worst part, the old salesman found out that some salesman took the car out when it was first off the truck to take a ride to and from his home , lost one of the keys and put 100 miles on our new Q5. We had to go back for a second time with our fake "it is okay" smile to get the replacement key. I don't care if they are selling Audi for a dollar in the future that I will never buy anything from them again.

Stefan Z. | 2011-09-13

I recently purchased a new S4 at Stevens Creek Audi. After the deal was now done, I realize that they screwed me over in two different ways.

1) My trade in. I knew what the blue book value was, and had checked several other sources. They made up a far-fetched story about why my car was going to be tough to sell, but presented it in a very convincing manner (if there's one thing they're good at, it's lying, gotta give them that). I was stupid enough to believe them. Ended up getting $13,500 for my trade, and they are now listing it for sale at $19,800, after telling me they'd have to take a loss on it.

2) Financing. After a few days, I checked my credit reports, and it looks like they did 6 hard pulls on my credit at various agencies through different lenders. This is going to negatively affect my credit score. They led me to believe the loan was with Audi Financial Services, where in reality it was with BofA.

To summarize, they were extremely dishonest, and extremely arrogant, a combination of which worked on me. I usually consider myself a pretty well-informed consumer, but somehow, they managed to screw me over.

Most definitely the last time I've purchased a vehicle there.

On a positive note: I've been taking my previous Audi there for service for several years, and have been pretty happy with their service department. I would not want to ding them for anything.

Jack P. | 2011-08-31

I would love to give Audi of Stevens Creek a Five (5) Star rating, but typically when you go to a dealership, you're interested in buying a car, and not wasting an hour (or more) of your time getting no help.

You see, apparently, Audi of Stevens Creek doesn't really give a damn about the "average" car buyer. UNLESS you walk in white, a male, and over 55, the chance of getting help by the "sales" men at this dealership is next to none!!

I know what you're thinking: "But, wouldn't they WANT to make money by selling you a car?"

Any sane person would think that! But, unless you fit their description of a "good" sale, you're not going to get help. That's actually what happened to me. Let me share you my story.

(It's a little long, I apologize!)

About three or four months ago, my brother was in the market for a new car. He was interested in an Q5 so we headed over to Audi of Stevens Creek to take a look. We wandered around for TWO hours without a single acknowledgement from the sales staff. While the lot seemed busy, there were five or six "sales" men who stood around chatting for a good hour.

He ended up buying a Mercedes Benz.

Thinking this was a fluke, and ignoring my coworkers advice of avoiding Audi of Stevens Creek, I decided to give them another chance. When we walked up, we were promptly greeted by Hung Phan. "Great start!", I thought. He was busy with a customer, but I figured things had changed since our last time. Oh how I was wrong.

With my brother with me, we looked at a few cars in the lobby. The A4, A7, and an S5. I was interested in the S4, S5 or the A6 (I wanted one with the Prestige package, although I couldn't find one) and was comparing the three. The entire time, there were two "sales" men watching us, but none offered any assistance. Not even a simple acknowledgment!  Instead, they just stood there chatting with each other at their desks.

We then went outside to look at the cars on the lot. This fat, slob of a "sales" man, walked past us six or seven times, but again, never actually acknowledge us! Instead he just glared at us as he walked by, with this utter look of discontent! Later, my brother over heard him complaining about helping customers (after being paged for any available sales person by the receptionist!)

After an hour, my brother decided to ask the receptionist what the deal was with the lack of help. She seemed shocked that we hadn't been helped, mentioning that "You guys were walking around for an hour, I thought you got help!!"

A "sales" guy comes over, not interested at all to assist us. SERIOUSLY. Every question I had was answered defensively and there were a few things he said completely inaccurate. After a solid 5 minutes of "help", he mentions an appointment had arrived and that "[I could] come back if [I] want."

I was shocked. I mean, seriously bro?! I responded "No, I probably won't be back", but he just walked off. His appointment, some old white guy, was promptly greeted with enthusiasm that's usually only exhibited by children on Christmas Day.

That whole conservation went down in front of the receptionist who had the gall to ask if we had found everything we needed. When we explained the lack of assistance, the horrible treatment, and the general rudeness of the employees there, she became defensive explaining they had the highest sales in the area and that (get this) her SON was a sales person there and HE was a great sales person!

"And McDonalds sells a shit ton of burgers. Your point?"

She then explained that they were extremely "busy" and that the best way to get help was to call in advance and schedule an appointment.

I chimed in mentioning that other dealerships we had visited, even busier than Audi, at least greeted us (a simple Hello goes a long way), and then went out of their way to find help or offer their card if they were busy. Not a "you can come back if you want" line.

Again, she became defensive, even after I pointed out the huddling of men doing nothing (for over an hour).

"Usually they're waiting for their appointments." - OH YES, the men who stood outside for an HOUR doing nothing, waiting for their "APPOINTMENTS"! SURE.

The fact that she had to cover up for these douche nozzles saddened me, honestly.

Around this time, Hung Phan walked over and we mentioned he was the only one who greeted us (and that he would be the only one we would even remotely consider working with to buy an Audi from Stevens Creek.) Hung apologized, offered his card, and gave some insight to the car I was interested in (as well future Audis and a non-Audi car I was interested in) and then walked us out.

In the end, I went with a 2012 Jaguar XF with a Portfolio package.


Rick G. | 2011-08-24

Despite the negative reviews here we had a positive experience and really enjoyed working with the Fleet Sales Manager Cassandra Crawford. She was very friendly, accomodating, patient and ultimately offered a price that was too good to say no to. We actually bought from their used inventory, which can be challenging because the values on pre-owned vary so much. Nonetheless we drove away very happy. Prior to completing the sale we had the vehicle inspected and she had absolutely no hesitation in allowing us to take the vehicle for part of the day so we could complete that.

Financing was better than we could do with our own cedit union which surprised me. The Finance Manager Joseph was friendly, explained everything patiently and was easy to work with.

All in all a great experience. I would recommend with no hesitation to anyone. As always, go in having done your homework regards the car you are shopping for and you're more likely to leave satisfied. Thanks again Cassandra!

Rob R. | 2011-08-16

This dealership does not get it.   I walked in very interested in buying (5:00 pm on a Thursday).  As best as I could tell there were only two other customers on the floor or in the lot at that time.  I could see a half dozen sales reps sitting in offices includding who I thought was the sales manager yucking it up with a couple of sales reps.  I approached the receptionist and told her I was interested in learning more about the A6 and A7.   She said she would get me a sales rep, then got up and walked into the sales managers office.  She came back to me and said it would be a couple of minutes.   While I waited, I watched the Sales Manager and two Sales Reps continue to laugh it up in the office.  After 10 or 15 mins, I approached the receptionist again, and asked if she could check on the Sales Rep.  She told me that since I didn't have an appointment, I had to wait and it would only be a few more minutes.  5 mins later, she tells me most of the staff was in a training and they were short handed today.   The sales manager and his two pals were still giggling in the office.  By this time others had walked in and were waiting for sales reps.  She had made the trip back to the Sales Managers office a couple of times, and she was now visibly agitated by the lack of response of sales manager.   She made yet another lame execuse about it being an exceptionaly busy evening.   Fianally I watched the sales manager get up and walk out of his office over to another sales rep persumably to ask if he could help.  That sales rep immeadiately came out of his office walked up to the person who arrived after me and started helping.  The receptionist tried to tell him I was first, but it was too late.  I waited a couple of more minutes, and finally gave up and walked out.

Drove up to Palo Alto Audi and was helped right away.  Palo Alto is not convienent for me, but the staff so far has been great, and I will buy from them.

Larry C. | 2011-08-10

Audi eventually recalled the ignition coils with my VIN number.  Fortunately I did not have to deal with Audi Stevens Creek because Audi HQ refunded my $721.  They deserve only 2 STARS because Audi was 3 years too late to acknowledge the premature failures.

Ravi G. | 2011-07-20

I was surprised to be honest. My folks needed a new car and they were initially interest in the A6. With the help of the salesman they moved to the A4 and the A5. Then out of nowhere they were wooed by the TT.

When we sat down to negotiate for the TT, the sales guy said there was only one other '11 TT left in California. Seriously? Only one left?

We were annoyed especially after we looked at the inventory of the Audi dealership in Palo Alto and found they had two '11 TT in stock.

However, we still placed an order for a brand new '12 TT to be shipped from Germany. We had to wait 3 months and the sales guy wouldn't give us a loaner car for more than a week. In the end we cancelled the order because Audi was going to take to long to give us the car we want (the guy made a mistake in telling us that our order was completely refundable). Oh well, at least the dealership was nice and had a good selection of cars.

Blake B. | 2011-06-29

This review goes out to my buddy Sasha.  I hope your desk manager reads these reviews, because I have to say, as a former desk manager, that was one of the best quick qualify - lot drops I've seen in some time.  

Their cars are wildly over priced - just check posted prices to NADA.  Every dealer marks up their inventory, but on a $25K used car they had at least 6 to 7 grand mark up.  So if you end up here, keep that in mind.  

Based on my experience this place is a high pressure store where they train their sales staff to either "get control" of the customer or launch them out the door.  


Aeilene R. | 2011-06-23

By far one of the best treatment I received by a car sales man. I went there a week ago to check out the A4 so I can compare it with the 3 series, and C-class benz. My sales rep was Hung Phan, and he was awesome! He told me he just started there a few weeks ago, but his knowledge about the Audi was great. He was friendly and not pushy at all. Trust me it's hard to find a sales man who puts the customers interest before his/her.

On to the fun part...the driving. After going over the A4 trims, I decided the Quattro A4 was the right car for me. The car is really nice in and out. The handling was great. Hung encouraged me to push the car on the on ramp to get back to 280....and WOW the car just hugged to the road at 45 mph on problem. I was scarred because I never push any of my cars that fast around a turn.

After our test drive I told him I wanted to check out the other 2 cars, and he was not upset about it at all. He kindly handed me his business card and told me to ask for him if I decided to get an Audi. Good Job Audi Stevens Creek for having a great sales man.

Prakash e. | 2011-06-21

Based on the mixed reviews here about the car buying experience at this dealership I guess it depends on which sales rep you get and I initially got the worst one.
I came in wanting to look at a specific A4 CPO car listed on their website which had everything i wanted and was priced well. The first sales rep picked out another car that was identical but had 10K fewer miles and only cost $300 more. So we looked at that one. Great car. Then I asked to see the other one as well (the one originally on my list) before deciding which one to test drive. The sales rep started arguing about why I would even want to look at something else when he had shown me such a great one. Well, forgive me for wanting to see two cars while car shopping! The sales rep wanted to know if I was planning on "doing something" that day. I said I would test drive but probably not buy that day since I had BMW on my list as well and wanted to drive both before deciding and I may buy the Audi - just not that day. He actually suggested I go drive the BMW first. Here I was , on a hot afternoon , standing in the Audi dealer lot asking about Audi cars and wanting to drive one and the sales guy wants me to drive the competitor's car instead. WTF. His attitude was "you are not a serious shopper, I think you are wasting my time so go waste the BMW dealer's time instead". If I was not serious, I would not be walking around with 3 different car VIN #'s of specific cars with specific dealers in my back pocket and rattling off options on the Audi that I liked.
Although I should've walked out instantly, I really did want to drive the car as it was on my list of two brands I respect, had great reviews and I was seriously shopping for a CPO car. So I swallowed my ego and went inside, complained to the sales manager who assigned me a different rep (Larry) who was much more pleasant to work with. Showed me a couple of different cars, let me test drive one and when I said I would decide only after driving the BMW as well , he understood and said he hoped I would buy the Audi from him.

I ended up buying a BMW. I personally liked it more than the Audi but the negative experience with the Audi dealership had a lot to do with it as well. If someone treats me like crap before I give them my money, what do I get once I've bought?

I realize they sell a great product that mostly sells itself but that's no reason to treat potential customers poorly. Their loss. Peter Pan BMW just became 35K richer.

Dayna M. | 2011-06-13

Careful, the service department is very expensive and they do not honor the warranties on parts or labor.  They installed 2 differently speed rated tires on my car, refused to honor the tread life warranty, and were overall very nasty in person.  Not a good experience, go to Monterey Auto Tech 1 to get Audi service done.

Raoul F. | 2011-06-02

So the wifey and I came here last Sunday in the hopes of test driving a 2011 A4...we had just come from the BMW dealership down the street, and wanted to weigh our options between the A4 and a 328i we just looked at.

Walked in the showroom, perused the lot, looking at cars &  "kicking tires" for 20 minutes...not even a casual hello from anyone from Stevens Creek Audi. So we finally approached the receptionist, who just couldn't seemed to be bothered, but called for a "Sale floor" rep on her micropone...another 20 minutes i go back to the receptionist desk..and she told me it'll be another 30 minutes.  I ask if I can leave my name and number...and she looked at me like I was nuts, her reply being...  "well, I can't guarantee anyone will get back to you today" I am, ready to plop down upwards of $45K on a car...and this is her response...?!!!  

Needless to say, we walked out, and vowed if they didn't care for our business, they won't get it.

Anthony N. | 2011-05-12

Probably the worst dealership I've ever been to in my life. We saw about 12 employees just hanging out by their desks, drinking their Sprites, and after about 20 minutes of not a single word of help from anybody, despite noticing the presence of my colleague and I, we stormed out.

Seriously, who hires these guys? Audi cars look nice and all, but they certainly are so confident that they feel the cars will sell themselves.

Avoid this place if you can.

Jim P. | 2011-05-09

OK so it is inherently dangerous to write a good review for a car dealership; so don't kill me!

Sales staff was OK. They worked with me, I got a new car and I didn't leave with regrets.

The primary reason for my review is to rate the service department and the service advisors. Both of which are excellent! Prompt, efficient, honest and always willing to listen to you without the standard "We know better than you" attitude. They are the reason I'll keep coming back.

Chris C. | 2011-05-05

If I could give this place zero stars I would.  I came here with a friend that was very intent on purchasing a 2011 TT.  We walked around for a very long time before a salesperson came to help us UNLOCK the car so we could check out the interior.  We fiddled around with it and decided he needed to test drive the car to make his decision.  The person that was helping us disappeared and all the other salespeople were milling around being entirely unhelpful.

By contrast, we went across the street to the Lexus dealership and as we got out of the car, we were immediately greeted by a very patient salesperson.

If you are looking to purchase an Audi, I wholeheartedly recommend you go elsewhere because Audi Stevens Creek doesn't seem to want to work for their business.

Belal A. | 2011-05-04

If Yelp allowed for a rating of less than one star, Audi Stevens Creek would definitely fit the bill.  I went in this weekend looking to purchase or lease an A5; after the service (or lack thereof), I ended up going with a BMW.  

I walked in and, even though there were at least 3 sales personnel available with absolutely nothing to do, I was ignored for about 10 minutes.  I asked the receptionist if anyone in the sales team could help me; all she could do was page someone...15 minutes later, still no one who was willing to help in sight.

Needless to say, I'm never going back to this place again.  They seriously need to step up their service and do their jobs; with the level of service I received I'm not even sure how they continue to be in business.  I guess the new Audi's really do sell themselves.

Leena S. | 2011-05-04

Not the biggest fan like everyone else of car salesmen. ..... True to form Audi Stevens creek are yet another cowboy outfit!!!

First we get a rude salesman who knows nothing... Then we get a half way decent guy... Sells car.... Pick up car and half the items are still not done!!!!....2 weeks into getting car battery dies.... AAA can't even get a reading....then brake lights go out.... No owners manual given..... Days of calls, finally talk to someone who agrees to reimburse cost of battery.... 2 weeks layer still no check! Go in to give them what for... I may see my money this week!!!!

Zero customer service skills.... Typical crappy car dealer!!

They deserve a -100 for sure if not a lower rating!

Lady J. | 2011-04-26

"Poor service" is too generous a review.  

These guys are both sloppy and expensive, not a good combination.

Lizz G. | 2011-03-28

I went for an oil change in the beginning of October 2010. Then my oil light came on 8 weeks later (i hardly drive my car) and i thought it was weird so I took it to a different mechanic who said the car had zero oil and I was going to blow my engine soon.
I said I had just had an oil change 8 weeks ago so he nicely said well come back and check it in a week or two and we can see if the oil is leaking etc.
So i went back (8 weeks later, my fault), I had driven my car a whopping 1300 miles and the oil tank was FULL.
They clearly never changed my oil and charged me for it anyway.

Eryn K. | 2011-03-23

My husband and I went to this dealership with the intention of test driving an A4.  Lucky us, we ened up finding a used 2011 A4 on the lot and it was exactly what we were looking for.  Problem? Not a sales person to be found.  So I track one down, who then passes us off to someone else (I believe his name was Bruce).  Bruce was by far, the worst car sales person I have ever worked with.  We take the car for a test drive and I begin with my usual list of questions (ie: what does the warranty cover, what are the safety features, how long will this car be covered under warranty because it's used, etc).  For each question he and an incomplete answer or a condescending remark.  I ask about why there happens to be a used 2011 on the lot and he tells me this story about how many cars he has to keep track of and he doesn't know.  Further more, since it doesn't bother him, it shouldn't bother me.  Ok, well WE are the ones buying this car not YOU.  And yes, it does concern me and I would like an honest answer.  Anyway, we complete the test drive, get back to the dealership and we ask for the Carfax report.  Bruce prints it from his manager's office, hands it to us, and proceeds to show another couple a different vehicle.  Time elapses and we are still waiting with the Carfax in hand.
After waiting around to buy a car and give this idiot commission, we decide to leave and are now considering a BMW because of the lack of customer service we received at Audi.  No way will we be going back.

Jeremy L. | 2011-03-13

I've been taking my Audi to this dealership for 9 years and have generally gotten good, if WAY overpriced service. I kept doing it because it was convenient and they often went the extra mile, particularly when the car was under the covered maintenance for the first 3 years. They usually gave me a loaner car, always did a nice job washing my car, fixed stuff (including replacing brake pads and rotors, normal wear stuff, under warranty for free).

Now, you're probably wondering why I gave it 2 stars. So, I am being charitable because I did have a good experience for quite some time. However, over the last couple of years (since they spend clearly a lot of money needlessly remodeling the building), the costs have gone up and the service has gone down. My latest experience has ensured that I will never go back. I had an oil leak in my transmission and Ray, the service advisor, told me they'd take it apart, diagnose and fix it for $1,500. That was painful, but I figured I had no choice, so I approved it. The next day he comes back and says it's going to be another $1,200, plus they recommended spending $1,800 on top of that to replace the clutch while they're in there - even though he tells me the clutch is in fine shape! When I told him I was shocked that there was more cost because he had not set an appropriate expectation, he got VERY rude with me and went on a tirade about how exact he is in his communication. Apparently not, because how could I be shocked if he'd set an appropriate expectation? This is in line with the other comments I've seen on Ray - not a quality person. In the meantime, I called a very highly rated (on Yelp) independent shop that I can walk to from my house and they told me a FULL transmission resealing would be $1,100. In addition, he said he wouldn't necessarily have to take it apart to diagnose it, depending on what was wrong. And if he did, he'd tell me the full potential cost in advance. $1,100 vs $2,700???? Audi Stevens Creek were trying to snow me!

Back to Audi Stevens Creek, I escalated to the service manager who said they'd put it back together at no cost (not even the $1,500) because I've been a loyal customer. I appreciate that, but as soon as I got it back, I took it to this independent shop and they did have to reseal the transmission, but the cost was as quoted. I'm never going  back to Audi Stevens Creek.

DO NOT pay exorbitant prices for the dealership service. You should not be paying 2 1/2 times the cost for the convenience!! As soon as you're out of the free scheduled maintenance, find a reputable independent shop who will treat you fairly and keep your car running well! What a disappointment...

Carter K. | 2011-03-08

I called to make a quick cash deal on a new Audi.  Talked to Matt in the sales department.  He told me the lowest his dealer has ever gone on this car is $200 off MSRP ($55000 car), not knowing that the internet sales person offered me $500 a few minutes before.  I told him that another dealer offered me $2000 off (which is true) but i'd rather his car, and he said there was no way that is true and I'm lying.  he told me that if i would send him proof that another dealer offered $2000 off on a new car, he would sell me the one he had for $2000 off.  Not wanting to throw the other dealer under the bus for nothing, I told Matt that I would forward him an email from the other dealer stating his price, only if he sent me an email first acknowledging that he would honor the price if i could prove it. He told me he wouldn't do that so he clearly just wanted to get the other dealer in trouble with Audi headquarters.  Long story short, I bought the car from the other dealer for $2000 off and they were amazing.  DO NOT BUY FROM AUDI STEVENS CREEK! Their sales people lie, and have to sewer their competitors to sell cars.  With so many Audi dealers around, drive another 20 miles and buy from a dealer who is honest and treats you with respect.

Brian R. | 2011-03-02

Went in to purchase a used car they had on the lot... Negotiated a price over the phone and felt like I was getting a good deal.. Drove 40 minutes to essentially take a quick look at the car and make the purchse.  Told the salesman (Frank) that I was purchasing the car for my daughter so needed it to be solid and reliaable (2004 Nissan Xterra).  He seemed helpful on the phone, walked around the car telling me about the flaws and such and stated that he'd certainly put one of his daughters in the car.

Now I'm no mechanic, but I still consider myself a car guy... drove the car and felt like it was leaning a bit to the right... Not pulling, but actually leaning.. When we got back I looked at it head on and it still looked tilted...  Then checked the front tires and could immediateily tell that they were wearing like a car with serious front end damage.  Measured the tilt and the passenger side was 1.5" lower than the drivers side.  When I mentioned this to Frank, he immediately got very quiet!

He assured me it would be pulled around back and checked the next day and he would call me and let me know what the deal was...  (not that I would buy it anyway).  Of course, no call and I'm pretty certian that he and the dealership knew the car had serious issues.  I still see the car for sale on line and wonder what poor person will buy it and not notice the problems.

Very disappointing coming from a Penske owned dealership...  Just seems that Audi should hold higher standards....

MT Y. | 2011-02-01

Service:  -100 stars if possible

My recommendation:  Avoid this place completely if possible

The customer service staff in Audi Stevens Creek has no service whatsoever.  I left my car there at 7am, left 2 voice mails to the service rep, this is 4pm and still I have not received a call regarding the status of my car.

POOR SERVICE:  This no call back happens every single time I go there for the last 8 years.  Once, the service rep even left for a long weekend without informing or calling us while my husband waited for 7 hours in the mall.  Did not get the car until the next week!  We are talking I had to pay almost $3,000 on a clutch and there was no service whatsoever.

UNKNOWLEDGEABLE AND IGNORANT STAFF:  The customer service reps don't have much knowledge about the problems of the car.  There was once that I had problem starting my car and this customer service rep told me that I had a leaking hose inside of the car and $500 to fix.  I took it to another shop and the guy said it was only the battery and less than $100 to fix.  Also, the Audi rep loves to sell people to change timing belt when you don't need it.  These people just won't read your car record but want to sell you

RIPPING CUSTOMERS OFF WITH HIGH PRICES:  the prices are outrangeous.  My rear mirror was broken with the dimming liquid leaked inside, and he gave me a quote for over $500!!!  I went to another shop for that mirror and that guy charged me only $80.  Speaking of ripping customers off.

Audi Stevens Creek does not care because many other Audi dealers closed in the Bay Area and there are only a handful of them around.  So, they don't care whether you go or not.  They are just clueless money suckers.

Mary K. | 2010-12-26

I'd rather give zero star if there is such a choice.  I purchased a car there in Aug 2010.  The dealership's mentality seems to be  "don't care about customers" once they purchase a car.   Salesperson I dealt with, Bob,  became helpful once he realized that I am actually buying a car.  After that, he never returned any of my calls regarding my garage door I left in my previous car or Audi key chain he promised when I purchased the car.  In addition, not only salesperson lacks professionalism and customer care, but also financial manager, Eric.  He promised to return my garage door key, and further to FedEx a check  to replace the key.   However,  I never received either of them.   Audi may be a fast growing brand in US as advertised but it is certain that it will not last too long with lack of quality customer care at dealership level.   No recommend this dealership.

J L. | 2010-12-08

I have had good luck with Audi of Stevens Creek.
i have an Audi R8, and was in the area when I discovered that my TPMS said my tires were low. I've had difficulty getting the pressures just right on my tires, so I used the built-in navi (which as the nearest Audi service center as a specialty option) to arrive at the dealership. I drove right up to the service center and asked a technician if he could help. Within 2 minutes, he diagnosed the issue and resolved it immediately. I was impressed with the knowledgeable staff and friendly service. When I have a need to service my car, I will feel confident about taking my car here.

John S. | 2010-12-08

I have had to stop going to this this dealer for service. They charge "top dollar" and give "concierge" service...but the bottom line is that they don't always attend to what I have asked them to fix/investigate and have made some surprising mistakes (like telling me the engine oil was checked and low, when it clearly was not, and that the engine oil low-level light was on, which it was not). Baffling really.

A factory dealer that charges such a premium should be much better than this.

Another place where they fall down is in recommended maintenance. Overkill! Make sure you take you car to an independent mechanic you trust before you agree willy-nilly to a bunch of stuff. In this case, a second opinion can save you thousands (as  I can say personally of course). I no longer take my A6 there.

I often get a sense the service adjuster is talking down to me and it's like pulling teeth to get my questions answered.  I've been there for the last time.

Alan L. | 2010-11-15

4 stars for service, 2 stars for sales.

I happened to be browsing for new cars and stumbled across these reviews.  To be honest, I was a bit surprised as I feel like I've owned 2 Audis since 2001 and always been happy with the service department, so I felt compelled to say something positive.  Then I started to remember the bad experiences I've had with the sales department.

So let's start with the good: Back in 2001 I got my first Audi and started working with a service advisor named George.  George was always attentive and generally pretty good about explaining problems in a no-pressure way.  After my maintenance plan/warranty expired, he'd occasionally cut me deals, which suggested of course that there was a lot of margin the dealership was making, but I nonetheless appreciated the gesture.  When George left, I was tempted to follow, but I had to stay with San Jose Audi out of convenience.

Circa 2005 I got a new Audi and a new service advisor named Casey took over my account.  Luckily she has also been very patient, very affable, and generally great to work with. Based on these two advisors, I would have no problem continuing to go with this dealership.  Yes, the price is a bit higher than what an independent shop might charge (hence the 4 stars), but I've tried the indy route as well and just didn't feel as well taken care of.

Now, on to the bad.  I haven't had the best experiences with the sales department.  As with some others, I don't know if I just appeared not to be an "Audi person," but it has generally been very difficult to get a sales person to talk to me, let alone actually test drive a car.  The 2 times I did actually move to the price negotiation stage, they treated the offer as an insult ("Sir, we're not giving these cars away") or they insinuated I was lying ("If you really can get that price [offered by another local dealership] then you should jump on it, because that's just too good to be true").  Yeah, those are tried and true sales tactics, and maybe I shouldn't take it personally, but suffice it to say both those cars ended up being bought elsewhere, so maybe someone there should re-think the sales playbook.

Will I still be willing to give them my business in the future?  Sure.  Hard to deny they move cars.  Maybe next time I'm there to look, someone will actually recognize me as a repeat customer and take me a bit more seriously.  Until that time, I'm quite satisfied by their service department and will keep going there as needed.  Just hopefully not that often.

Srinivas N. | 2010-11-06

I went to look out for the new Audi Q5. I did not find any sales person  around. I walked in and went to one guy. This guy was very rude and with a very bad attitude.

He was seeing as if we cant buy the car and he was not ready to compare with other brands or even with other Audi dealerships around.

If you dont care about any savings or have a lot of money to waste, this is the place for you.

Lucky N. | 2010-10-19

Since we cant give 0 stars, I'll give Stevens Creek Audi 1 star for having nice cars on the lot.

Oh where shall I begin?

Well back in 2004, I went to Stevens Creek Audi and fell in love with the 2003 A4. Being 23 years old, I probably didn't look like it was something I should be buying... but the economy was awesome, I was just promoted, and things were looking awesome! I step in there and request a test drive and was denied. Talk about a slap in the face! I ask to speak to a Sales Manager and he never shows up! I leave the place pissed off because I also work in Retail Sales and took the weekend off to purchase my new car!

I ended up purchasing my new "whip" from Capitol VW with 15k miles on it.

So my car was covered under the manufacturer's warranty until 50k. Whenever my (CEL) Check Engine Light came on, I was able to drive my car to Stevens Creek, speak to Ray A. and they would repair it. I reached approximately 57k miles and my Check Engine Light comes on again. I drive to the dealership to see if they can fix it. They take it to the back and do whatever they do back there... and about 20 minutes later, the mechanic says they can not communicate with the ECU and in order to see what's wrong, I would have to spend $1200 on a new ECU. "So you are telling me I have to spend $1200 just to see why the CEL light came on?"

I tell them I need to think about that because just 7000 miles ago, you never had a problem with the ECU. They then try to charge me $275 as a service fee to "Diagnose" my car. I told them I would not pay $275 just to find out you can't communicate with my ECU to diagnose my car!

I ended up going home, and reading up about Audis and their problems online. I find a forum called and post my problem with my car and with Stevens Creek Audi and find out there's a ton of Audi Enthusiasts who have felt the wrath of the Stevens Creek Audi "Stealership". Within an hour of me posting my problem with my car, I get a message from a Forum member who was willing to guarantee a disgnostic on my car if I bought him a cup of Starbucks coffee!!

I think to myself this is too good to be true so I suggest we meet up. I drive to Starbucks to meet a fellow named Dejan who drove the same audi I have. He plugs in his laptop to my car and within 5 minutes, Dejan tells me I need to buy a new coilpack.

I drive right back to Stevens Creek Audi and purchase four coilpacks for $25 each from Ray, switch all 4 of them out... and my CEL light is gone. Ray comes up to see what Im doing, and I show him my CEL light is gone. I tell him about how disappointed I am to find out Stevens Creek Audi wants me to pay $1200 for a new ECU in order for them to even Diagnose my car (without promise they will actually find the problem). I also told Ray I went online and found a Forum that post "how they feel about Stevens Creek Audi" and about Ray himself.

I tell Ray that "by purchasing a Large Venti Mocha Frappuccino for a stranger who doesnt even work for Audi, this guy (Dejan) was able to pinpoint the problem for free!"

Here's my old post from Audizine! To this day, my feelings have not changed and I see others on Yelp are witnesses to my disdain for Stevens Creek Audi. If you really need work done, go to Rector Audi. If Roger still works there, he's the man.  


Ray is a piece of work... once the check engine light is on, he's a pure prick.

Roger @ RECTOR is a great guy... He used to work at Stevens Creek Audi but probably got promoted to Rector...

Ray and Stevens Creek Audi have burnt bridges with myself and buddies... I will NEVER refer anyone to Stevens Creek Audi... unless you desperately need parts and cant get them anywhere else.

Honestly, whats happend to good ol' customer service? "

Kamui K. | 2010-10-17

Nice service.  The Audi staff were informative and kind.  The only thing was, it took some time to have someone come up to me and ask if I needed help, but when someone did, they were wonderful in answering my questions.

sionn a. | 2010-10-07

Note, Steven's Creek Audi staff contact Yelp to complain about honest reviews, they don't like bad press !!!

This dealership is appalling ! Absolutely avoid going here in every case...

The sales staff are lacking class, not knowledgeable and trick customers. Completely unprofessional...

The service dept is one to completely avoid, especially with individuals like Ray Aalgaard.

The parts dept is also one to completely avoid, Lee Yetter acts like he is in charge of the entire store and has a attitude problem- oh and they refuse to give out part numbers as it is their policy. Also watch out for the other Lee, the one that trolls on internet forums in trying to talk up the dealership, desperation really on their part to pretend that they care about customers...

Things were meant to improve after Penske took over the place, but it got even worse and having the corporate management in place to lock down everybody.

Shame on Audi Of America for allowing this franchise to continue, it really is a disservice to the brand...Go to Rector or Carlsen instead to buy a car, and Audi of Oakland are better with service.

And Rector Audi offer proper OEM discounted parts on their online website as well as honoring these prices with in-store pickup...

Rob P. | 2010-10-07

We've (wife/I) tried buying cars from this place 3 times, each time their was a time gap with sales people turnover. Even with new people each time, I guess working at this places makes them all the same. If you get their attention -- they liked to ignore us, apparently we didn't look like we were  'real' Audi customers. Once we did get their attention, they used high pressure tactic's telling us anything to get us in the car, including bashing the competitor cars we were comparing it too. After listening to a bash session one particular time, i questioned known computer-related issues Audi's have had, he told me "...they have those issues because they have and do so much. A Lexus wouldn't have the issues because they have nothing under the hood and don't offer any real features..." I didn't bother with any rebuttal, because it was obvious he was an idiot and no idea what he was actually saying, just trying to sell me a black on black car, which by the way according to him never shows any dirt, apparently dust/dirt on black does not show up and doesn't actually get hot in the sun, that is just a myth......
If you want an Audi, buy it from Carlsen Audi in Palo Alto, that's what we did, great experience; low pressure and easy to deal with.

JDMDAVE S. | 2010-09-11

I dont think they want to sell cars there. I think they just sit around and wait for people to come by cars like the R8 that retails for  about 200K. I waited for about 30 mins for someone to help me. I was looking at a white A3 that I really like and wanted to test drive. After the guy took my id to do what ever they have to do to see if you can test drive the car he came back n told me that he couldnt take me out test driving becuse  someone was coming in to by a R8. so they couldnt help us anymore. THAT REALLY SUCKED. I GUESS ILL JUST GO TO ANOTHER AUDI  PLACES THAT WELCOMES YOU TO THE LOT WHEN YOU WALK ON TO IT.

M C. | 2010-09-09

So, I'm looking for a new car with my wife.  She's considering an A3, but has never driven a diesel.  So, I suggest going down to check one out.  We cal first to confirm that they are open.  They are open until 6:00 and it's around 2:45.  

So, we get down there and they're pretty busy.  I can accept that.  However, it would have been nice to have been relayed that bit of info on the phone.  A simple, "We're busy, so I can schedule an appointment with you for later today or another day" would have been sufficient.  

Anyway, we meet Bobby Tam and he says he's got no A3 TDIs available, they've all been sold.  So, we decide to go in a regular, gas powered car.  On the way out he mentions that they are having a big sale.  "Oh really, what kind of sale?" we ask.  "Make an offer and we'll see" is his response.  How is that a sale?  What's special about that.  Just seemed like typical car sales bs to me.  

Okay, no big deal.  Let's get out and see if this is the right car.  So, we pull out of the parking lot with Bobby driving - his policy due to previous bad experiences letting customers drive off the lot.  Fine, but when we go to change drivers, he gets a call and says he needs to back to the dealership as his appointment has shown up.  Couldn't he have mentioned that before he took us out?  So, we get back to the dealership and there's nobody to help us.  We leave.  

I'm surprsed these guys are actually in the business of selling cars and not just having them on the lot for display.

AVOID ths place.  Thumbs down, WAAAAYYYY down.

dirk d. | 2010-09-01

made the drive up to stevens creek after doing a deal with the internet manager Frank over the phone, and was really impressed with their service and their willingness to make a good deal! definately would recommend this place to anyone! got a 2010 gti by the way:)

susan m. | 2010-08-31

The receptionist and manager at this Audi Dealership were arrogant and the least customer friendly that I've ever seen.

My husband and I were ready to buy a car in the A4 class, but Audi Stevens Creek did not have any sales people available when we arrived and weren't willing or able to tell us when a sales person would become open that  same afternoon or evening. All they could say was "Sorry, I'm doing the best I can", and "Make an appointment".

This treatment was the exact opposite of the high levels of customer service we received at all the other dealerships we visited the same day on Stevens Creek Blvd: Volkswagen, Mercedes, Hyundai, Toyota and Lexus.

This bad customer service experience made me decide to not even test drive an Audi. Today, two days later, I will be buying one of its competitors.

John A. | 2010-08-27

i bought a new car from this place and their price is unbeatable!! although i had to wait for the sales (she was super busy) for 2 hours in their show room, it was well worth the time.

Justin J. | 2010-08-20

Be advised, if you prefer to avoid high pressure sales tactics and the worst customer service experience imaginable (at least as far as I am concerned) stay far far away from Aleksandar (a sales associate with a noticeably thick Russian accent).

I came into the dealership ready to buy a particular car I had seen online. However after spending fifteen minutes with Aleksandar I was certain that I will never step foot inside this specific dealership again. I am all in favor of a straight forward no bs sales approach, but when I am told (in addition to several other instances where he made me feel like he was doing me some huge favor even speaking to me), "You are in my house so you play by my rules, and if you don't like it get out" (in response to me asking him to please not start the paperwork the second i sit down in his office and before price had even been discussed), I have to draw a line.

I really hope that my experience is an isolated one, but I felt compelled to share my experience in the hope of saving another potential car buyer from this same type of treatment.

Alex S. | 2010-04-15

Your stereotypical experience buying a car from a dealer. We bought a 2005 BMW X3 that they had accepted on a trade. In the negotiations the salesperson said they couldn't accept my offer, because they had already received a higher offer from a guy in obvious lie since they are still trying to sell the car...Well the wife really liked the car, so even though I got the queasy feeling I was about to get screwed I kept negotiating....big mistake.

After purchasing the car we bought an extended warranty that was refundable and they quoted us a decent price - well decent for a BMW extended warranty - still ridiculously expensive. Later we decided to cancel the warranty as we felt we were still spending too much.

We waited for a month and the money didn't post to my credit union account. I kept making calls and sending emails and I didn't get a reply from the finance guy, who was so nice when he thought he was going to sell us a $3,000 extended warranty, but suddenly became cold once we served no purpose to him.

Finally, after 5 weeks the receptionist recognized I was getting pissed and I finally got a short two line email from the finance guy that day: He got all my messages. The check will be cut April 10th (40 days after I had cancelled it).

Well it is April 15th, 5 days after the check was supposed to be cut and still no check. I called the finance guy today - a Thursday at 11:30am and he's "with a customer".  I am not expecting a call back today and I am not expecting my money back for a while.

Buyer beware for sure.

Dave S. | 2010-03-19

If they had zero stars they'd get it.

BEWARE: Even though the price tags are classy, the folks are not. Especially Curtis, the used car sales manager. He lied to my face numerous times. DO NOT TRUST HIM.

I came down here and found a car I was looking for--a 2008 RS4. It's a great car and at $60,000, you'd expect good service.

In general, the sales guy was very nice, but at the end of the day, the car had a ding in the car which they (both he and the used car manager) promised would be fixed. They were stubborn on price because the car was in great shape. It turns out the ding would require serious body work--repainting, bondo, the whole 9 yards. Everything which drives the value of a car toward zero quickly.

They, of course, didn't tell me any of this until I took an afternoon off of work to come and *buy* the car. I'd been talking to them all day and had confirmed that the car was ready to go numerous times. BEWARE THIS IS A CLASSIC USED CAR SCHMOE TRICK: They got me to come down all hot and ready to buy the car and then "oh, yeah and one last thing".

Because I came to pick up the car, I didn't bring my car but had a friend drop me off. My wife had to drive an hour back down here from where we live to pick me up.

Marty G. | 2010-02-19

I'd like to begin by saying that in general, every dealer I've walked into has given me trouble because of my age, and especially at luxury dealers, about the car I wanted.

I had none of these issues with Audi Stevens Creek. You need to haggle at any dealer (they need to make money of course), but I found the experience here great. I took a look at a car,  filled out an app and left. Did all the communication via phone and email and came in a week later with a great deal, signed, and drove off in a beautiful Ibis White S5.

Special thanks to the Finance Manager.

D T. | 2010-02-16

Let me start by saying I love my Audi. It's a wonderful car... and as their motto says, "Progress is beautiful"... amazing vehicle.

I will also say that the salesman was very honest and open with the numbers with me and I did my research and homework. We agreed on a fair price and I bought the car. However, the car came without a front license plate grille holder and when he made the sale, he said, "When you get your plates, just call me and I'll get things set up for you to have an appointment to get them put on". Of course, as soon as the dude made the sale, it was like pulling teeth to get a hold of him. I left two voice mails, sent 4 or 5 emails. No replies. I even called their front desk several times and the lady said, "Oh yes, he's right across the room, let me get him for you." and then after holding for several minutes, "He can't come to the phone right now, would you like to leave a message? or wait longer?" TYPICAL SALESCUM. I mean, salesman. Makes the sale and then could care less about keeping their word to do what they said they were going to do.

Now the service dept was great! They replaced the front plate holder promptly, even came to the waiting room to give me updates on the progress of the job and the job was done very nicely.

However, all in all, the lack of integrity on the part of the salesman left a sour taste in my mouth here. Maybe I shouldn't act that surprised... Some people I guess just like wallowing in mediocrity.

Wouldn't ever buy here again, but service for sure....

James N. | 2010-02-11

I came here a few times to purchase some mineral hydraulic fluid for my power steering and man are they rude. On the phone they get right down to business and it's hard to tell whether they are friendly or not because you have a few seconds to speak with them. I came here yesterday to purchase some more hydraulic fluid and the worker behind the counter just looked at me and didn't ask if I needed any thing. I had to initiate the conversation. He walked away from me as I was asking a question about my car and he answered it in a very rude fashion and didn't give me a very good answer for that matter.

Pros - Really nice Audi's are around and they are nice to look at. They have a couple R8's around for eye candy. It's near Santana Row and Valley fair which I like because I can just go to the mall right after wards.

Cons - The employees are pretty rude and dumb. One of the technicians I think has difficulty with depth perception and common sense. I asked him to lend a a funnel to pour in my fluid and he goes " no no you can do it without it," he then starts pouring and spills fluid all over my engine and my car. I just laughed at that matter then he comes back with a funnel. Thanks worker who barely speaks English.

Don't trust the Quotes they give you. You can find a much better price elsewhere for maintenance on your Audi.

Katlyn M. | 2010-01-25

I called the Stevens Creek "Stealership" for a quote on replacing my timing belt, and to my shock the service guy quoted me $2700 for a timing belt only change.  Thank God I had called a few other places already.  Carlsen Audi quoted me $1800, and European Auto Repair $1200 using OEM parts.  But this place gives "stealerships" a new meaning charging 50% more than even the other dealer, lol.  I was like "ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!  Even the other dealer charges $1800!"  Yeah, perhaps you can find some other sucker to rip off.  That will not be me.

A K. | 2010-01-18

This is the dealership that talked me out of Audi.
First strike:
Car broke down 5k after warranty expired.
The fuel pump broke down due to a never replaced fuel filter
even they did all the service for this car.
Damage: 1200 usd.
I had several emails and calls with Audi USA and Audi Germany which actually care more about me as a customer then Stevens creek.
After a few weeks I got a check from Audi, no note nothing.

Second strike pressure sales and they take away your key.
They screwed me complete with my trade in for my old car.
If you go there and they ask for key and paper to get you a quote for your car make sure you get it back immediately.

Third and last strike.
The back panel of my seat broke soon after I got the third and last Audi I ever will get.
I complained about it with my last service (45k,warranty) to get it fixed.
With a comment to my end of lease and this is damage is not covered by warranty.

My advice, if you really think you need an Audi better go some place else.

Andrew O. | 2010-01-02

Walked in with a friend.  I guess we didnt look the part of a potential  Audi owner as we were ignored. Inside was desolate. No customers.  Proceeded to ask some questions to a particularly annoyed looking salesperson.  Didn't want us to drive the car, kept saying "if youre qualified."  Granted, we look young (i'm 26), but to totally ignore us and be ridiculously condescending is unacceptable.  The excitement of buying a car is through the experience you get at the dealership. I received none of this.  I walked into another luxury dealership and even IF they knew we were not going to buy the car that day, they were extremely friendly and offered to test drive the car if we wanted.  Now THAT is service.  Audi should rethink about retraining their salesmen at this location.  Was mildly interested in the Audi, now I will never go back there again.  Just lost a potential customer due to a horrid dealership experience.

U N. | 2009-12-23

My experience at Audi Stevens Creek was a nightmare. I am used to devious salesmen, but this one was the worst. They baited, switched, lied and cajoled. What makes it more difficult to discern the truth was the apparent sincerity of the sales guy. Very smooth, but nothing but a bunch of lies.

I had leased a car and in negotiating a buyback, was offered a certain price. When I discovered the real truth, I refused to buy it and went to Rector Audi in Burlingame. Stevens Creek tried every trick in the book to derail it.

Almost turned me off Audis.

Neal H. | 2009-12-22

I don't like giving businesses bad reviews, but enough is enough when service is just not up to par.

My wife & I went here to test drive & purchase a car. After a few minutes in the lot a sales rep approached us and helped us to test drive a Q7. During our conversation in the car he asked what I was looking for, and the purpose for choosing Audi. He also asked if there were any other vehicles in mind. I explained that I wanted something that was AWD, and that could handle in the snow. My previous vehicle had spun out on the highway during a snow storm a few times and I had heard about the independent AWD suspension that the Quattro provides.

The problems started where the associate had asked me which of the vehicles I was interested in. I explained that I was interested in either the Q7 or the A3. All of a sudden he started telling me "you realize that's going to be double the price right?" I explained to him that since there was a huge discount on the 09's they had in stock I was thinking it could be a good deal. He then said "yeah but your also looking at double the payment." I explained that we were going to pay cash to purchase the car. Can you believe this guy? He's totally treating us like we don't have money!

At the end of the test drive, he said to me and my wife "look I don't mean to be rude, but Sundays are my bread and butter when it comes to sales, and you guys can come back any day to test drive the A3, but seriously I need to get back to the floor to try and help some interested buyers." Wow dude. Is this how they train their sales reps? Get a clue bro I told you I was ready to pay CASH! Does that mean anything to you? Or do I just look too young for your to actually believe I could even afford to buy a car? Oh well your loss buddy!

A week later I went to Livermore Audi and purchased an 09' Audi A3, 2.0T Quattro. Service was dope, George was a little pushy, but definitely took good care of us. Not to mention, John the service rep gives excellent service and explanations when we take our vehicle in for service.

Unless you prefer horrible service, DO NOT SHOP AT AUDI STEVENS CREEK.

Mara T. | 2009-12-19

Before the kid popped out and made his appearance, we figured it was time to get a vehicle that could actually fit a carseat. Oh, the horror!

We procrastinated on looking, but the A3 was top on my list for all the same reasons I loved my Mini... and with 4 doors. We stopped on a Sunday afternoon, a surprisingly busy, hot fall Sunday afternoon.

The guy who originally approached us is not memorable. When we told him we wanted to test drive an A3, he passed us off to a guy named Frank. This was the best thing that could have happened to us. Frank was a no nonsense guy, he didn't try to schmooze us or tell us what he thought we wanted to hear. He knew what we wanted and why we were there, and he was supportive if we wanted to go the Audi route but no pressure. There was no hard sales line or him trying too hard. We got some details, and his card and headed out.

We test drove a few other cars, but we ended up coming back to Audi. Frank emailed with me TIRELESSLY for about a week, and I do say tirelessly...I can ask a LOT of questions. He answered all of them and then some. He gave us a better deal than we expected, and without any haggling.

Due to our time frame we had to take a car that already existed, no time to order. I wanted only three things...a manual transmission with a sunroof and leather.seats. There were only 2 in CA. Frank called one in on trade within 2 days. When we came to pick it up and do the paperwork, we were in and out within 1.5 hours. The car was detailed, ready...and he spent the time we needed in the car going over how it all worked. The finance guy whose name I can't recall was also super easy to work with and amazingly friendly for almost 9pm on a Monday night.

Random note re: the service costs...we bought the Audi service package which covers the first 4 years of service or ~50k miles if I remember correctly for like $700...reason being is that we asked what average costs were and this package basically would pay for itself by year 2 if not sooner.

Two days later Frank followed up to make sure we were happy with the car. Happy as can be with a 4 door, the A3 is a surprisingly zippy little thing. It fits a lot of kid crap and a carseat. Yay. Oh and my payment is less than my Mini was. BONUS.

Granted, I haven't had to service the car here YET, and it seems like most of the complaints are service related... so keeping fingers crossed and I'll definitely update at that point. But from a sales perspective, we had a 5 star experience here all around. If you go in, ask for Frank.

Lisa C. | 2009-12-08


I own an Audi and NEVER again will I buy another and will continue to tell people and friends to never ever buy from Audi Stevens Creek, they are jerks, thieves and liars.

I bought my car from Stevens Creek in 2006 (learned my lesson) and after 4 months of headache and the idiots there doing more damage to my car than good, I left to have my car serviced by another dealership.

1.  The service people are horrible, uneducated and disrespectful. The first time I took  my BRAND new car in for an oil change, they messed up the air conditioner and had the nerve to tell me I will have to schedule another appointment to come in  and it may cost me.

2.  They don't take care of your car, every time I took my car in for a service,  the interior was either dirty or they had marks on my car.  Not to mention, I had to argue with them one time about scratching the hood of my car. And the service person claim she did not see anything.  The car is jet black, how do  you not see white scratch marks.

3. They don't keep you informed of what is going on with your car and half the time, you can't reach the service person.  But when you show up to the dealership, they aren't doing a thing but sitting around or buying boot legged suits and junk from the trunk of some guys car (serious, I saw this and went to Lexus or Jag).

4.  The final and last straw (among many) is when they call to survey how their service was and the service guy (however he found out) had the nerve to call me at my place of work to argue with me about his service , proceeded to tell me that he didn't appreciate my response and I should have said excellence. NOT!
Needless to say I hung up on him.

I would rather drive 15-20 minutes to get my car serviced elsewhere than Stevens Creek.   BTW, JD Powers rank them as the worst in service.  No surprise there. Totally unprofessional and rude.

kate r. | 2009-12-03

Wish I could give this place zero stars! They suck!!!

My husband and I were in the market for a new SUV.  We owned an A4 a few years ago, and loved it.  We decided that we wanted another Audi and really liked both the Q5 and Q7.  After doing extensive research we decided to test drive both cars.  We were looking at 2009 models and San Jose was the only dealer with available inventory. The overall experience was OK.  However, the online customer service rep we had been dealing with, Cassandra, was too busy to meet with us when we got there, so she passed us off.
We decided on the Q7 and absolutely loved it.  We needed to go home and finalize some finances in order to purchase the 2009 that was still available.  After a few days of emailing and phone calls, my husband and Cassandra finalized the pricing on the specific car that she had available.  (there were only two 2009's left on the lot)  My husband asked if we needed to give a check to secure the car, and was told we could do that if we wanted to speed up the process, but since we would be coming down in 2 days it wasn't necessary.
We both took a day off work and were extremely excited to go pick up our new Audi.  My husband spoke to Cassandra 3 times that morning to ensure we had all the proper paperwork and information with us.  
That afternoon, we made the 90 minute drive down with our cash ready to pay for the car in full.
When we arrived on the lot, Cassandra was again too busy to see us, and instead asked someone to go get the car.  The salesman came back to tell us that car was actually sold and driven off the lot the night before!

We were not happy at all!!  
After a lot of excuses, including:
1) being told it was our fault for not putting a deposit down for the car to be held
2) being told by Cassandra that it wasn't her fault, she went home at 6 the night before and it was sold after she left- and then she was too busy the next day to see if the car was still there when she spoke to us
3) being told by Cassandra that she sends outs quotes every day, and can't take every car she quotes off the inventory list (although, this was more than just a quote, it was a negotiated final price)
4) being told it's against the law to remove a car from the available inventory list if there isn't a payment given to hold it
It was clear that neither Cassandra nor the GM of the dealership were able to do anything to right this situation, without it costing us more money or more time.  So we left empty handed, except for the cash we had to buy a new car.

We have since purchased a brand new 2010 Lexus SUV, paying more than the price we agreed on for the 2009 Q7, and with more features. AND LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!
 We actually would have been willing to purchase the 2010 Q7 and pay more, had the Stevens Creek dealership managed the situation better.
(Like telling us that in order to secure the car a deposit needed to be made the day we finalized the pricing, or even checking to ensure the car was still there before confirming a time for us to drive down and pick it up)
I have since looked up online reviews of this dealership and found a lot of really negative feedback about the sales team and specifically Cassandra.  Wish I would have done this before all of the headaches!

They have not only tarnished their reputation as a dealership, but also the reputation of Audi in general.
Until this experience we really loved Audi and looked forward to owning another one. However, the poor customer service at this dealership cost Audi the sale of a $55,000 car and a loyal customer.

Jessie H. | 2009-11-18

*sigh* I realize Audis are nice cars, and usually attract a certain demographic.  But that doesn't mean ignore the person who walks in and may legitimately be interested in a car just b/c she's not "dressed like a millionaire."

I realize I look like I'm straight out of college, but hey, Asians look young, okay?? I literally stood there, walked around, looked at the cars on the floor for about 25 minutes before someone asked me if I needed help.  All the while, several salesmen had looked at me and walked right past me without saying a word.  And all the while, those salesmen had walked up to and helped older looking people.

I guess they never heard of the phrase, "Don't judge a book by it's cover."

Jonathan H. | 2009-10-30

You know that fuzzy feeling you get when an auto tech tells you "Hey, you had this other thing wrong with you car, but we took care of it for you."

You won't get that feeling at Audi Stevens Creek.

First, avoid the service advisor Raymond Aalgaard.  He's doesn't attentively listen to your needs or concerns .  The other advisors seemed to be great!

The technician Alberto Gonzalez was polite and helpful with all me questions, yet only did the minimum to complete his service.

The service experience at a dealership begins with the ASM (assistant service manager), otherwise known as a Service Advisor.  From the onset, Ramond Aalgaard did not look pleasant.  He was not aware of all of my concerns, nor did he bother to address other issues that could've been easily repaired at the dealership.  

I took my girlfriend's 2003 A4 to the dealership for replacement of the battery.  Having unsuccessfully wrestled with it the previous day, I had to depend on the dealership to use their tools to remove the battery hold down bracket.

Simple request, simple job. Right?  Umm, not really.

There is a inspection they call "World Class Know Your Vehicle Inspection," which technicians supposedly visually inspect your car.  The first box checked is "wiper operation."   I told Raymond Aalgaard that I broke the wiper blade on accident, but I did not tell anyone about the wiper arm mounting, which was loosed and needed to be tightened.  This was not a test: I forgot to address something that would have been quickly found if the "wiper blade operation" inspection was properly completed.  Alberto stated "I thought you knew about it."   Hence the assumption was I was  fully aware of the all the operational nuances of a car that is not mine.

"I thought you knew about it."  

Then why am I paying you money to repair my car??  
I am not a Audi tech, so I don't know anything about Audi's, yet apparently it's kosher to tell customers at Audi Stevens Creek -  

"Hey, we didn't repair or tell you about this problem, because we thought you knew about it."  (hypothetically)


In this experience, no attempt to address any issue was discussed with me.   No walk around, and Raymond did not explain my repair order to me.   As a parts professional at a reputable dealership, I know the value of customer service and looking out for the best interests of the customer.  I go above and beyond expectations to ensure my customers are happy and driving SAFE CARS!!

In my opinion, Audi Stevens Creek HAS NO CONCERN for the interests of the customer, nor the safety of the vehicles they are "inspecting."  This was made apparent to me by Sandy, the Service Manager, who entertained my concerns with a brief 5 minute conversation.  


Sandy was visibly annoyed at my inquiry as to why the wiper operation was "inspected."  She admitted "It's just an inspection."  Yeah, and you're JUST representing the accountability for your entire service department, Sandy, when you casually discredit my concerns and walk away from me in mid sentence.   Sandy Jacobs stated, "This conversation is over." and walked off.  

I would take that as an insult, and so should you.  If I was rude, crude, vulgar, and talking in raised tones then such a act would be warranted.  This was not the case.

I asked to speak to Sandy alone, thanked her for her time, and explained my situation.  She brought out the technician and I thanked him as well.  Then when I was telling her that I would've have gladly paid additional money to tighten the mounting point, something that should have been brought to my attention when it was "inspected."  

Yet, I had to debate with her, in effort to find some form of accountability, to which she saw no reason why anything Audi did was out of line.  I must agree with you Sandy!  You did NOTHING out of line.  Actually, your service department only did the MINIMUM, just to squeak on by.  Just enough to get by, right Sandy?  Because it's, as you stated, " It's just an inspection."  

I wouldn't be writing this review had Sandy Jacobs NOT WALKED AWAY FROM ME, and told me the conversation is over.  Yet, Sandy  refused to acknowledge any of my concerns, refused make me feel at ease, and refused to even give me the common courtesy of respect.

And for that, I pass on my tale of crappy service to the Yelpers out there.  What was exhibited to me today was the reason why my girlfriend drives to Scotts Valley to service her Audi.

She bought her car at Audi Stevens Creek, and warned me to NEVER GO THERE.  I, being a parts professional at a reputable dealership, sought to change her mind.  I wanted to show her that Audi Stevens Creek can provide customer service that is at least at par with the independent shop she drives 30 miles to get to.

Now that drive doesn't seem so far after all!

J G. | 2009-10-30

This place makes me hate owning an Audi.  They're a total rip off when it comes to service.  Many of the people there have terrible attitudes.  Most of all, I can't trust the service people.  I swear I feel like I'm getting ripped off every time!

Jeff S. | 2009-10-28

I bought my Audi from the Palo Alto dealership, but did not like their service department. I switched to the Stevens Creek shop and have been much happier.

They have been fair and the quality of work has been excellent. Loaner car - sure. Free carwash - of course. The kicker was when they charged us $0 for a full hour and a half of their time spent looking over the car after my wife thought something just didn't feel right. There was no problem and we were not charged.

I'm not a huge fan of their sales department, but parts and service get a thumbs up and my continued business.

Brody D. | 2009-09-26


The selection is decent I must say, the parts department was friendly when I went to purchase some coolant. But the main reason I would never buy from this dealership and did not buy my Audi A6 from this dealership was the Sales People..... Rude, Snobby, Not Polite, It was to the point where I was like your kidding right? This was my experience when I went to check out the Audi A5 a few month back. And the several stories here are a indication that this is not a isolated single issue.

Drive elsewhere!

K M. | 2009-08-10

After a TERRIBLE experience at RECTOR AUDI in Burlingame, I was so relieved to be helped by Lee at Audi's service department!! Lee was fantastic and finally cut through all the B.S. my fiance and I have been dealing with from Ken at Rector Audi and helped us take care of a dashboard light that had been going off. Lee literally solved the problem in under a minute whereas we have spent the last week being jerked around by the other dealership. I am so amazingly grateful for Lee's help, I don't think he realized what a relief his great customer service was!!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!

To anyone looking to buy an Audi: DO NOT GO TO RECTOR AUDI IN BURLINGAME!!!!!! Ken was our dealer and after he sold us the car, he turned into the biggest jerk I've even met. All he cared about was making the sale and then treated my fiance and I like sh*t. I cannot explain all the ridiculous scenarios we went through with him and I wish we would have given our sale to Steven's Creek Audi where the people seem more sincere. Although the general manager of Rector is nice, it certainly did not make up for how we were treated otherwise. P.S. if you are a woman with a mind of  your own and you don't have a problem saying what you think, you are not welcome at Rector Audi! Ken must not be used to women who stand up for themselves and treated me like I was dirt on his shoe. It was total crap and I still can't believe what we went through!

THANK YOU AGAIN LEE @ STEVEN"S CREEK!!! Awesome service- will definitely come back here!!!

Jon T. | 2009-07-26

This dealership is a JOKE, I'd rather drive 2 times the distance to get to a better dealership. It's a long read but worth it trust me

So here's the story.. my younger sister's in the market for a new car, we were considering a b8 audi Friday afternoon my mom, dad, my sister and I went to the dealership to see the car. Upon arrival, salesman saw us drive in and didn't bother to greet us... maybe we looked poor? but common.. who brings their whole family for a joy ride in an audi a4?! If we were looking for some serious fun we'd hit up some other, more fun cars.

Anyways, after walking around for a while finally an old salesman walks up to us... no read that again he... literally WALKS up to us.. and.. doesn't say a word... no greeting nothing! and stares at us...

um.. excuse me sir but were you expecting us to greet you at the dealership YOU work at?! well I guess so! cuz finally after a few seconds of awkwardness i said hi to him.. he then said hi, no greeting still, didn't ask what car we were looking for or anything. I had to explain to him that we were looking at a4s and interested in doing a trade in.

Next, we started discussing the different models of the a4, the 2.0 awd or rwd. Now i'm not an Audi pro, so I asked him if they made a 1.8 for the b8 body styles since i know they did for the b7. He looks at me like I'm retarded and lectures me about how that model doesn't exist..
SORRY!!! you want me to pull down those panties you have so high up your ass?

After some discussion my dad asks to test drive the car, he looks at us and says something along the lines of "well you're trade in car isn't here... and it's getting sort of late (it's 6pm they close at 8pm) and there is some traffic on the road... " basically hoping we wouldn't test drive the car... my dad insists on testing the car

he impatiently says ok and goes to get the keys, when he comes out he hops in the diver's seat... the rest of my family is sort of thrown off thinking what the hell is going on... he then rolls the window down and says "well are you going to hop in or what?"

WELL if you would have explained to us that you were gonna drive maybe we wouldn't be so lost on what's going on... at this point my mom is already so annoyed at him that she doesn't even want to go  so she stays at the dealership .The rest of us hop in and he takes us down the street... then finally asks my dad to trade seats with him... now i've test driven a lot of cars and most salesmen ask the other family members to ride shotgun... out of courtesy.. but nope he hops into shot gun and continues his annoying attitude towards us.

After the test drive we finally get back, he gives us his business card and sends us on our way, he didn't even bother trying to make a sale.. which is good because I would NOT A CHANCE IN MY LIFE buy from him.

Overall, i think this man woke up on the wrong side of the bed that day or like i said has his panties pulled too high up, on top of that I think he thought my family was just dirt poor and buying an audi a4 was going to drain our life savings. Needless to say his expression changed a bit when he saw us get into out Mercedes S550 and pull out... SO LONG SUCKA u lost a customer

Julia H. | 2009-07-16

This review is for the service department.

I've brought my car into Audi twice to be serviced. Each time has been a wonderful experience. When I park my car someone immediately comes to help me, and directs me to where I need to go. My rep, Casey, is very helpful and knowledgable.

Each time, I have requested a loaner car and they have never  failed in giving me one for free. They are generally brand new Audi's. Since I have an older Audi, 1997 A4 Quattro, when I bring it in for service, it could take a week a two because there's always stuff that needs to be done. Casey is very helpful in updating me everyday on the vehicles progress and I get to keep the rental for the entire time free of charge.

Another thing, which surprised me, was how Casey would give me random discounts, or offer different service options to keep costs down. Very helpful, especially when you are trying to maintain an old Audi.

I would recommend this dealership for service, because I've had a good experience each time. However, read other people's reviews before going, because it doesn't look like it's all good. By the way, I'm 22, so I'm young, but have never felt discriminated. Maybe because I'm never trying to buy?

Sandeep M. | 2009-07-14

Audi Stevens Creek - TERRIBLE CUSTOMER CARE!! Very curt and rude reps. They talk really sweet if you are buying a car from them but when it comes to service / questions related to parts - they are aweful!

Tommy C. | 2009-07-14

Wow, I did not know going to an Audi service center was like buying a new car!   You will get haggle to do $1000 worth of maintenance for a minor steering problem that can be fixed with $10 steering fluid.  I politely decline the service but when I was asked the third time; it is just not cool....anyway this will be the last time I bring my car in for anything here.  Good luck....

V T. | 2009-07-12

This place is crap. Rude people, no service and they insult you. I will never go there again.

I had received a letter from Audi North America regarding a class action law suit for replacing timing belts. I have a used A4 which I had just bought from a private seller.

I took my car to find out options. I was not treated courteously and the salesman did not explain to me anything. He told me he will take care of it and I should pick the car later in the day. After some time, he calls me up and says everything related to the timing belt needs to be changed as it may damage the car. The bill approx $1500.

I told him to not do anything and promptly picked up my car. I took it to my mechanic who said everything looked fine. I still drive it fine without any changes to the timing belt.

Also, after I dropped my car I had to get back to work and they did not provide me with courtesy shuttle..... I had to fight for it.

Mare C. | 2009-06-21

After months of research and addiction.  My husband and I stopped by the Audi dealership in San Jose.  BAD CHOICE.  
1.  We look young for our age (hey we're asian, we look  like we're in our early 20s even though we're definitely not).  
2.  We didn't look at the reviews on yelp before heading over
3.  We didn't "dress up" or look "rich"
Upon arival, we were not greeted at all by the "front desk."  That's fine, give her the benefit of the doubt and maybe she was EXTRA busy or something.  We walk straight to the Q5 and waited for someone to come by to help.  NOTHING. For 30 minutes, no one came to ask how we were doing or if we needed help.  The dealership was not crazy busy and they were clearly overstaffed.   While we were walking to the Q5, we saw a room full of audi workers just hanging out.  None of them bothered to even acknowledge that we were there.  Maybe they met their quota for the month and didn't need anymore sales, maybe they don't work on commission(?!?!), maybe they were all on break/lunch at the same time or maybe they just assumed that we did not "look" like we could afford an Audi let alone a Q5.  Totally agree with one of the other yelpers.  If you don't  look like you're over 30, you'll get no love from the Audi sales team.
Oh well, off to in San Francisco or Livermore.  Hopefully they will be more helpful.

Annette T. | 2009-05-07

I bought my new Audi here two years ago, Valentines day.  I baby it and have since the day I bought it.  The maintenance team has always taken superb care of my baby.  A4 Turbos tend to drink a bit of oil and this freaked me out at first, but they explained everything to me and helped me add it when needed.  Also, a week or so after I bought it, I noticed a light that stayed on inside the door panel and freaked and thought it was a defect...I brought it in to be checked and instead of laughing at my insanity, they explained in a sweet manner that the car was just shutting itself down and the light eventually goes off on its own.  :)  I will take my car here for as long as I own it because I completely trust them.  An added bonus is that every time I bring it in for maintenance, they wash it for me!  wow!

James L. | 2009-04-23

My first 20 minute impression is being changed.

Went in to see my Audi R8, walked around for a bit, asked a few questions at the front reception desk, walked around more, and walked around more and walked around more.

I wasted 20 minutes walking around the dealership when I already know what I want. I'm changing my mind to Porsche nearby or another location

Time Spent: 20 minutes
Will make the purchase: Most likely not

Michael C. | 2009-04-21

We will not buy our new car at this dealer.

Based on other opinions here, most of you will not be surprised.

Cassandra in the internet department quoted us a price $2000 higher than another dealer (I only had to make one call and gave them no information regarding any other quote beforehand) for the identical new A5. She mentioned what a great deal this was compared to what Edmonds says we should expect to pay (a reference that clearly supported their higher quote).

Even so,  we allowed them to bid on our trade ( an immaculate 2 year old convertible with only 10,000 miles ) and were offered $3000 (15%) BELOW Kelly Blue Book "Fair condition" trade-in value (condition that is defined as needing total reconditioning, having body damage and rust; basically a pile of junk). I was told this is what our car is bringing at auctions. All I know is a car bought at auction is usually from out of state, may or may not have repair records and usdually has some sort of checkered past. Why service at a dealer when it is not considered at trade-in time?

Our car is still under the manufacturer warranty, just had scheduled maintenance, new registration tags for the next year and has been garaged, maintained with NO issues.

What good is Kelly Blue Book unless the dealer honors it (or even comes close to it)? If it suits this dealer (probably when they are SELLING a used car) somehow the price is well over retail and they will reference Kelly Blue Book. When you are trading, they figure you are just dumb or because you are buying a $50,000+ car, you don't care.

I am thankful for having sold new cars for 6 months of my life; I am sensitive to their tactics. Don't fall for them. If you don't do your homework in advance, they WILL probably take advantage of you.

Speak with your dollar; car sales are down everywhere yet there are still dealers, such as this one, that think they are operating in a vacuum.

Not all high end dealers on Stevens Creek are bad. I bought a new BMW at Stevens Creek BMW last April and was treated with respect and offered a much better deal than I would have ever expected. We purchased another one this past September at the same dealer fromt the same salesperson...Stevens Creek Audi, do you see a pattern? Perhaps if you treat your customers right, they will return, maybe sooner than you would think.

No offense to the formally-educated auto salespeople, but lack of education and exposure to ethics (not to mention an inability to learn from one's mistakes) is clearly a problem that will follow this profession to its demise.

Greg N. | 2009-03-15

While my A3 was on warranty,  I used their service department and was quite satisfied. Casey was my service agent, and she was always professional. Besides my 25-45K checks, I had a couple of engine problems that were always promptly diagnosed and repaired. I also like their car loaner policy which made integrating trips to their service department almost seamless with the rest of my work/life schedule.

Eugene F. | 2009-03-14

This review is specifically for my experience with the Internet sales team.   After a few weeks of helping a certain someone find a new used car; I checked the Audi Stevens Creek Audi website and a car that met the criteria popped up on Wednesday, and I emailed them to see if the car was still available.  

When I didn't hear back the next day, I called to speak to see if the car was still available for sale.  The woman I spoke with told me that, in fact, the car had been sold, and obviously wasn't available.  I was ok with that, but she told me that 30 new used cars in inventory and would check to see if any of the cars met the criteria and call me back if there was anything that met what I was looking for.  I understand that she was busy, and, hey, s'all good, call me back when you have a chance.   That was nearly 3 days ago. No call.  No nothing.  Not even a sign of life from the dealership that there were no new cars that met the criteria.  

Oh well.  I guess that the dealership was doing well enough that they didn't want our business.  Their loss.  

PS  The website STILL has the ad up for the car that I called about a few days ago when I checked this morning.  Things that make you go hmmmm ....

Vitaliy K. | 2009-03-03

I bough my new car from them and I have only good things to say about their sales and finance departments. Everyone was very professional and accommodating, making sure that I have a good experience, get the car I want, at a good price, and that the entire transaction is smooth and pleasant. If you come in, knowing what you want, having done your homework, you will enjoy working with this dealership.

Al S. | 2009-02-03

I'm here primarily to review the service department.

I brought my car in October 2008 for a diagnostic.  Got the result, was told it needed a new clutch.  Got a quote.  I left.

I commute primarily on a bike, so I just parked the car and that's it.  I thought a dealer would've put everything back in order after a service visit.

When I was in the process of selling the car a couple months later, I opened the hood and found out that it's missing the engine cover.

I called in January, left a voicemail with David, the service advisor, no return call.  I called again late January/early February, left a message again, still no return call.

I finally called and left a message for the Sandy, Service Manager.  She returned my call the next day, after reviewing the work order.  It was good, she was really curteous about it.

The part that I'm disappointed at is the fact that she still can't do anything about it.  Reason: it's been 2 months since the visit, so it's been too long for her to do anything, even though she acknowledged that her technician did NOT note anything about a missing engine cover.

She did offer an employee pricing on the missing part.  Now after thinking about it, I just don't think it's acceptable.

I feel that if they should get me a replacement, after all, it should've been left behind - and why would the tech throw that away, instead of calling the advisor to contact the car owner to come and pick it up.

Note to all of you out there, if you haven't been doing it, pop the hood after you get your car back from service and double check, make sure all is there, as far as what you know and can see.

I would've given Stevens Creek Audi's Service 0 of 5 stars if possible just because of this issue.

Jim S. | 2009-01-07

This is only a comment on the buying experience as I have not yet had the Q7 in for service. First off, anyone who walks into a dealership for "information" is a dolt and deserves to be treated as such. Savvy buyers do their research on the Internet and deal directly with the Internet or Fleet manager before ever setting foot in a dealership. Walking into a dealership unarmed says one of two things: (1) I am not a serious buyer and should be ignored or (2) I am a dolt and you should take advantage of me.

Having said that, I had a very positive experience with Enrique. Maybe it's a sign of the times considering our economy, but I can honestly say he was great to deal with and I can't see him being rude, pushy, or dishonest. Surprised to hear he did a bait-and-switch with another reviewer. Not only did he honor the price he sent via email, we ended up settling $1,500 below an already good price.

Started negotiating via email, came to look at the inventory and they offered a test drive. He thanked us for coming in and gave me a business card - nothing pushy at all. Went home to do some quick research, called him back with an offer and we ended up $500 above my offer which was still a very good deal and $1,500 below what was quoted via email. Finance manager was great and was able to beat our pre-approved rate by a quarter point. Would definitely buy from them again or recommend Enrique to others.

Tharak K. | 2008-12-10

This is the absolute worst place to take your car. they charge you a ton of money for service and do not complete their job. Absolute worst service, customer care. Avoid like the plague

Lorrie M. | 2008-12-07

Don't come here if you're looking for a test drive and you're under the age of 30. The sales people absolutely don't respect you and even when you ask for help, which you typically shouldn't if they're looking for a sale, you have to wait in a queue while they sit around for a while.

I came here a few times, twice for sales and once for service and they've always been rude because of my age group as if there is no possible way my friends and I can remotely ever own an Audi, even an A3 or a low-end A4 such as a 1.8T. I think this is such the wrong attitude to have especially in the silicon valley when you can meet someone that looks like a scruffed up version of K-Fed and have millions more than you.

Their service department is not extremely helpful, however, only having been there once and not for my own car I cannot speak for their repeated service which may be great.

Bottom line -- not a great place to try to buy your Audi esp at a great deal.

Flora M. | 2008-11-30

I am reviewing the service department only. I usually go to Carlsen Audi because it's where I bought my car, but they don't have loaner cars so that's kinda inconvenient. I asked my co-worker about Stevens Creek Audi and he didn't have anything really bad to say., so I made an appt. last week. They offered to drop me off at work and they picked me up when it was ready (a few hours later). I took it in for a 15k mile service. The service advisor was courteous, so was the cashier. They also have cool Audi stuff in their gift shop area.

Charissa I. | 2008-11-19

First of all, it's a car dealership.  Everyone knows car salesmen in general are notorious for being dickwads so I didn't expect to get VIP treatment.

They get such a great rating in my book mostly because I really love everything about Audis (performance, look, etc) and I'm happy that the salesman got off his high horse and gave us a great price-- specifically thanks to the finance managers for really lowering all sorts of numbers.

I came in at 7pm and left at 9pm with my white A4.. "Audi Klum" as I like to call her.  

Audi also gave us a great warranty and I thought they were very accommodating when Audi Klum was due for service for the first time.  I even brought her back 2 days after purchasing her because I didn't think she was detailed enough and they gladly took her back and gave her a good scrub.

I highly recommend going directly through the dealer if you are going to buy a used Audi.  That way it's certified used, plus, there's more to choose from.

Mitchell F. | 2008-10-11

Okay, tell me why... I left this place wanting to a cut a bitch. I came in to get my timing belt on my A4 fixed and for the record... I only came here because of a $400 credit I had... normally I'd be hitting up the independent repair centers or whatnot. But anyways, the mechanics are grody douche bags who need to just quit... at life. Within hours of dropping off my car, I get bombarded with phone calls from the mechanic notifying me about 5 "problems" that he recommended I should get done totaling to $3500. I don't know how many times I had to stress the fact that I am a broke ass college student before he got the picture and stopped calling. The day I come to pick up my car I waited around and looked at some of the newer models and was approached by a salesman who was trying to hustle a new A4 on me. After 10 minutes of humoring him I got irritated and asked him if he could check on why my car and when he came back the first thing he said was...

hustler: You know I can give you a good deal on an '07 if you trade in your car..

me: oh no thanks, so is my car not done?

hustler: come on... let's talk i know you college students don't have money but how did you end up with that car??

me: well I didn't pay for it but still I'm not interested in a new car

hustler: hmm.. well there's a part for your car that we had to order and it didn't arrive yet

me on the verge of cutting a bitch: ..................................

Long story short, I refrained from throwing a bitch fit since I didn't want my car to fall apart on my way home.

Gina C. | 2008-09-19

I brought my Audi in for service a few times, and thought the service was very professional, good and prompt.  Vin, one of the service consultants, is especially reliable and knowledgeable.  The guys who service the cars are also good -- I had some white paint marks on the car that were really difficult to take off and Jim cleaned it up gratis.  Very satisfied.

L.L. M. | 2008-09-13

I've been there twice looking at cars.  Both times, there  were plenty of salespeople at the show room floors, but they seemed more interested in talking amongst themselves than to help me.  

The first time, they ignored us for a long time, and there weren't so many customers there.

This last time, there were 8 sales guys in the showroom, talking amongst themselves.  We were the only customer there.  Some looked our ways, but did not seem to care.  

After waiting for a while, I had to ask out loud "Is there anyone who can help me?"   Then this guy meandered over and lazily asked what we wanted.

I told him that the car that I was interested in was locked, and I would like to check the interior out.  He said "Why?  Do you want to see if you fit in there?"  Wow.... some serious customer service they have there!!!     He did not seem knowledgeable and did not answer our questions directly either.

I am an Audi fan, but I will definitely not buy my car from this dealership!

Rob H. | 2008-08-28

I actually bought my Audi from this dealership, brought it here religiously for servicing and maintenance. I actually drove down from Burlingame to San Jose (passing 2 OTHER Audi dealerships and a plethora of independent mechanics). That being said, you would think that there would be some sort of customer loyalty. Nope.

I suppose it depends on what service adviser you get. I had an unpleasant experience that turned me off this place however. I found a local mechanic 5 minutes away that specializes in my car.

Bo A. | 2008-08-20

This is a review for the service department where prices are crazy!

I took my car there for as long as the free service was provided (up to 40,000 miles) and once for a repair. The free service was OK, the car was generally ready on time.

When the warranty ends, that's when the rip-off starts. I have been quoted this week $500 for a $100 service (which I did at European Auto in Sunnyvale -- highly recommended, see my other reviews).

Last I had another repair where these guys overcharged me. The "service specialists" are the actual sales guys at this dealership!

So, if it's not covered by warranty, go somewhere else - save the money and buy another Audi, the cars is great!

Jenn T. | 2008-07-30

I had to give this place and especially Christian 5 full stars for impeccable service.

My car had a few paint chips when I bought it and my keys needed to be replaced because one of them was broken. I finally got my car in their service department today. I'm so glad Christian called back to make sure I was going to get all of these things done. They also have the all weather floormats for my car in stock! YAY!!! I can't wait to pick that up tomorrow.

I highly recommend going to Christian if you're looking to purchase an Audi. I'm sure he'll treat you as well as he treats me.

They have only 5 2009 A5's coming in for the rest of the year. If you want one, I suggest getting on the waiting list or you can contact Christian to have one on hold. You can test drive it when it gets in. I believe you'll have to put $1,000 deposit to hold under your name and if you can't afford to purchase it, they'll gladly refund your money.

Vlad V. | 2008-06-14

Let's see what's wrong with Audi Stevens Creek

1. I bought a used car from them and they did only a superficial inspection and told me the car was in OUTSTANDING condition. After buying the car, I took it to my mechanic (Foreign Affair) and they found that the car had been in an frontal ACCIDENT. Audi Steven Creek did not disclose that! Did they know about it? Maybe yes (liars), maybe not (lousy inspection).

2. During the test drive, I told the sales guy (Sasha) that the car pulls right. He replied it was just the road inclination. NOT TRUE. The mechanic certified that the car pulled right and the front caster angle was out of specifications.

3. The salesman sold me the car as having exterior electrochromatic mirrors and added the price of that option. Simply NOT TRUE, as I noticed later during night driving.

4. After finding out about the accident the car had been in, I went to the dealer to see about any compensation. They said they could not do anything, under California law all the responsibility belongs to the buyer etc.

* ALWAYS take a used car for inspection by your trusted mechanic
* NEVER buy from Audi Stevens Creek again.

Jon Y. | 2008-05-22

Absolute rubbish of a dealership.  It's a shame a dealership like this exists only to mar the prestigious Audi name.

If I could rate this place 0 stars I would.

I don't want to go into much details as I've already wasted too much of my time with this dealership, but here's the summary...

I go into Steven's Creek Audi with cash ready to purchase my next daily driver.  After some BS from a couple of salesmen here, I let them know that I'll pick up the car today, but that their competitors have the same exact cars for a significant amount less.  After some arguing, I'm called a liar and a "waste of their time" (um...isn't this what a salesman should be spending their time on?  Trying to sell a car?  Perhaps I'm confused...).  I even offered to show them where on their competitors website I see the better deals....they would not have of it and continued with the name-calling.

It's funny that I even gave these guys an opportunity to make a sale.  All I've heard about this place to-date was how much their service department blows and how they've done far more damage then they've repaired.

Avoid like the plague.

Brian M. | 2008-04-08

I do not know about other reviews, but I have got a great deal recently. The people were 95% honest, and if you are looking for a person to help you, ask for Cassandra. She was the greatest person I have dealt with in a car dealer. I also strongly recommend this place over any other Audi dealer in the area, as I have even gone to Oakland Audi and they completely suck, as they treat you like garbage.

Suren S. | 2008-03-13

Stay far, far far away from this place!!!!

My recommendation to Audi owners...after your warranty/extended warranty expires find a mechanic you trust..stay away from this dealership unless you enjoy giving away money...My other recommendation..Make sure to check the reliability ratings the Audi you are looking for before you buy..If you like to spend money fixing your car every 6 months, then go for the 1st gen A4...

Back when I had my A4, and was servicing under my extended warranty for a couple years,  there were a couple incidents that are represent a shady operation is being run in San Jose...

(1) I got my fuel injectors cleaned on my engine, which required them to pull my spark plugs. They "forgot" to torque back one of the spark plugs in my engine, which caused my car to stall on the ride back from a trip to Tahoe. Had to get my car towed back to their facility. Their response was that they "were red faced" and "embarrassed" about the incident. No offer to reimburse me for towing charges.

(2) Of the many reliablility problems I had with the car, one was the ignition switch failiing twice. This required them to pull the steering column for the replacement. When I picked up my car the mechanic had installed the steering wheel at a 45 angle offset from its normal position. I actaully had to convince the service manager it looked wrong...then I had to wait two days to get this fixed.

(3) I had some mechanical problems with my car, and it was covered under extended warranty covered under a different financier(my car  was bought used at a non-Audi dealership). In one of my "offline"conversations with the dealer, they were not bashfull they were pumping up the price to the extended warranty to make more money.

I have since sold my Audi...would never go back to this stealership.

These guys are scam artists, have a poor customer service and do not appear to be competent. Its like they have attention to detail and try to get as many customers in and out so they can line their greedy wallets. F them!

I suggest you take your comments to the BBB with this dealership.....

Kiran G. | 2008-02-07

I've been going to Audi Stevens Creek for the past 5 years and I can't complain about the service. They do their best to get the service done, completed as promised and you can't ask for more than that. I didn't give them five stars because I just took my car in for its first service outside of the free service period and I felt that they were trying get me to pay for additional services which were not necessary. It ruined the whole genuine "we care and want to give the best value service' experience.

phinius m. | 2007-11-29

supposedly the owners want customers extremely happy
yet there seems to be a disconnect between customers and
staff.  But of course they are just doing their job
they are only human. took car in for a light bulb
got it fixed right away , upons leaving another one went out
car was washed after service , mats had a stain I removed
my self when I got home, one of the items I request attention
to was ignored. but hey, they are only human thats all

B A. | 2007-07-31

I didn't buy my Audi here, but I have gotten it serviced here several times. My service advisor is Dave, and he is knowledgeable, friendly, and inspires trust and confidence.

Although it is (and should be) de rigueur at luxury dealerships, they also provide complimentary loaner cars, which is always appreciated.

Peter J. | 2007-06-06

Started with an Edmund's quote search answered by James, the Internet sales manager. He was very low pressure, friendly and informative -- no BS. He said he would do what it takes to get my business, but did not engage in any of the typical hard sell tactics the sleazy places use. We went on 3 test drives in various A4s, then I thanked him and left. He was OK with dealing via email. I sent him an excellent quote from another dealer which he beat. So I went back and bought the A4 from him.

James gets 5 stars - car buying experience was a pleasure.

Chris M. | 2007-03-07

Bought my first Audi (A4) there.  The first time I visited, I felt ignored.  I was on a fact-finding mission and wanted to test drive the darn thing.  I was honest to the sales guy and said I was not ready to buy.  Well - he didn't feel like going out on a test drive - since they were busy on a weekend and I wasn't a sure sell.  Well - came back a couple of days later and bought from another guy.  

Fast forward a couple of years later, I was back on the market for another car.  Since I was an Audi fan, that was my first preference.  Went to Stevens Creek, looking around and found no help (three sales guys were standing around the front door but didn't bother helping).  

Feed up with the arrogance and attitude, I went to Carlsen in Palo Alto.  Felt no pressure and the sales guy was helpful.  Bought my second Audi (A6) that weekend.  Spent less than 30 mins haggling the price and most of the time filling out paperwork for the loan.  Definitely heading back to Carlsen for my next purchase.

Samir P. | 2007-01-24

I was very pleased with my experience here. I was there to check out lease options for a new A4. The customer parking area was blocked, but I managed to find a spot. I walked into the showroom with that blank look on my face, hoping that a salesperson would pick up on it and swoop in on his prey. Of course, the used-car salesman (guy who sells "pre-owned" Audis) was the first to attack. But he was polite, and handed me off to one of the new car sales guys. So this dude Vik was pretty cool. He talked me through the lease options, we took a car for a test drive, he was amiable and thorough when explaining the various aspects of the car. He was a little lacking in knowledge of the actual lease program, but he didn't BS about it. When he didn't know the answer to a question, he simple said "Let me go find out." That honesty is pretty rare - maybe it was because it was a lease that I was interested in as opposed to a sale...I don't know.

I didn't end up getting a car that day, but I left with a feeling of accomplishment. I got what I came for - knowledge about the lease plan and other options. I got to test drive the car. I got the sales guy's contact info. And, I was informed on where to go to find out more info. Perfect!

Bernadette D. | 2006-10-22

I'm officially Bay Area yuppy scum.

I bought a BMW (puts head in hands to hide a look of defeated dirty shame). Baaa baaa. Sigh.

Hopefully this will be the last in a long line of car dealer reviews I'll write. A girl can dream. My purchase was a used X3 that was almost completely loaded. The beautiful part? The fine folks at the Audi dealership didn't know it thanks to BMW's ambiguous and confusing user interface! It had just about every bell and whistle you can get, but there's no way to know it unless you really know the inside of BMW cars (which I didn't either- duh). Considering this fact, I got an INSANE deal. They blew Mountain View BMW out of the water.

Nick was my salesman. He's a lovely man from Africa that will be happy to share some pretty deep personal philosophies. I liked him a lot and enjoyed the conversation. He managed my negotiating well and made me feel like he appreciated my business. He was also kind enough to follow me home in my other car since I showed up at the dealership by myself.

Eric is the Finance Manager. I liked him a lot too. He didn't try to shove warranties or paint protection down my throat. The whole process was smooth like butta.

If I were ever to buy a new Audi (or something used on their lot), I'd definitely go back.