Volkswagen Kearny Mesa in San Diego, CA

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Welcome Volkswagen Kearny Mesa in San Diego, California - Serving surrounding cities and beyond
Volkswagen is Das Auto. Our sales department has one purpose: to exceed your expectations from test drive to delivery. Our professional sales team is committed to a no-pressure, high integrity approach to your ownership experience. Our goal is for you to feel that the vehicle you drive away in is the perfect one for you.


Established in 2011.

Volkswagen of Kearny Mesa is the newest Volkswagen dealership in San Diego county and well worth a visit. Since we opened in late 2011, our staff set out to be a top performing Volkswagen dealer in all departments. Many of our team members have represented the VW brand for years and are ready to meet the needs of our customers with enthusiasm from beginning to end.

We are here to help you research, purchase and service your Volkswagen vehicle. Volkswagen Kearny Mesa is here to serve the needs of drivers throughout San Diego County, including Kearny Mesa, Clairemont Mesa, Chula Vista, Mira Mesa, Miramar, La Jolla, Pacific Beach, and Mission Valley. If you're looking for a new Volkswagen or used vehicle, you've come to the right place.

Volkswagen Kearny Mesa

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(858) 300-8160
Address:8040 Balboa Ave, San Diego, CA, 92111
  • Monday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: 10:00 am - 7:00 pm

Reviews on Volkswagen Kearny Mesa

Sean B. | 2015-04-25

I decided to purchase a car while I was on vacation.  I wanted to have it all set up for when I returned it would be a smooth transaction. However it was not.  VW Kearney mesa was discriminatory against my partner and I.

Received a quote online had several phone conversations from shawna.  I was told to come in when I flew back in on Sunday.  I called when I returned and was told, I would have to come in on Monday.  I said I worked and would have to be around 5.  I was told that was fine.

When I arrived I was excited to purchase a new Jetta TDI.  This is where itching got shady.  I was not greeted when I entered, so I asked for Shawna, who I thought would have everything ready.  I was mistaken.  She came out requesting multiple documents, including proof of residency.  I was shocked and a manager came over to ask if there was a problem.  I said all I wanted to do is teat drive the car I was about to buy and I'm being asked to prove I live here.  I provided my most recent paycheck, where I've been working for 7 years , my drivers license with my San Diego address and that still wasn't good enough.  I remembered I had an official passport card in my walled that I than showed.  

Seems that they were shocked I hall all that.  I told them when I purchased my $70,000 BMW I didn't have to go through all this just to test drive a car.  At this time I could feel the cold in the air.  We were not offered a place to sit, just told to wait while they clear things.  15 min passed and I was still waiting and no car, Finley I was told that someone is going to try and find the car for me.  Another 15 min. passed and still no offer of welcome or where to sit.  After 45 min of this I went to an area where it's obviousness who are in charge and said its not wright how they are treating us with disrespect and will take our business elseware.  I was than told good, we do not care!  

I filed a formal complaint with VW asking for an explanation and have yet to hear from them.   I eventually decided not to support such a discriminatory company and purchased a different brand all together!

Darcie V. | 2015-04-17

It was a great experience. Hope you get the pleasure of working with Francisco. The whole team made everything simple and I was driving away in my brand new Passat within 2 hours! Thank you! I'm in love with my new car.

Rosa H. | 2015-04-16

I had a tough day at work but the highlight of my day was the professional, courteous and friendly service I received at VW Kearney Mesa' Service Dept for the 30K check-up on my Beetle. Every single employee was amazing: a total of 4 employees made me feel welcome from beginning to end. Plus they washed my car. Nice job !!!

Cynthia H. | 2015-04-13

A+ service all the way!! I was on spring break driving to the beach with my two year old and newborn. I parked and tried to turn off my car, but my key was stuck! I called up VW Kearny Mesa and they scheduled an immediate appointment. My car was worked on asap and they provided me with a loaner - and helped me take all of my personal items out of the car and car seats! Edgar was a pleasure to work with and so professional! VW Kearny Mesa is so lucky to have him as part of their team.

Jim D. | 2015-04-10

My daughter purchased a 2014 Jetta at VW Kearny Mesa and within a few weeks there was a horrible high pitched squeak when braking.  My daughter has taken the car in 3-4 times for this same problem,  they replaced the brake pads once and we still have the same annoying embarrassing squeak. Note: This is my daughter's car and she has been taking it in for service but now because of the lack of quality service I am getting involved. I called and spoke to the service manager on 4-7-15 and I said we're tired of this squeak its embarrassing, everyone looks at the car when we stop because its so loud and annoying. Kathy the service manager told me they've done everything they could do, they followed what VW corporate says to do for this problem. She basically wanted me to accept that this noise would be there forever because they have done what they could do. It's very disturbing that I would get this kind of a comment from the service manager and I don't accept it!!! You don't buy a new car and expect a freakin squeak for the rest of your life. Kathy agreed that they would attempt to fix it again, I will update this after we take it in again but for the moment Kearny Mesa Volkswagen gets a 0-star!!!! They will continue to get a 0 star until they fix the problem as they should!!! I am forced to select at least 1 star to post my review,  I really give a 0-star but I will put 1 star so that I can post my review.

Meagan G. | 2015-04-09

My experience at Volkswagen KM was fantastic. Everyone from Daniel, who I test drove with to Mark, the "deal guy" was super friendly and responsive. They made me feel like I was their only customer, even though that wasn't the case (duh.) And while I didn't end up purchasing my vehicle from them, I did purchase a VW with the plan on bringing my new beloved to them for service. If the sales team was this amazing, I have no doubts that the service team will give me an awesome experience as well.

Deana W. | 2015-04-08

This is the best Volkswagen dealership I have ever been to and I have been to quite a few. The service personnel April was so sweet and polite and helpful. And my car came out impeccable! The General Manager, Frank Alvarez is awesome! He's very professional and goes the extra mile to ensure his staff gives the best service. I would highly recommend this dealership to anyone looking to buy or service their car.

Andy H. | 2015-04-06

Its really amazing how lovely vw kearnymesa people are !!
Got a shiny black VW Jetta SE from KMVW, these guys made it easy..
Especially the service department front desk
and in particular John, Steve, and esp very helpful lovely April ....
Considerate and efficient, they treat me like a valued customer...
whenever the rare occasion I go there to perhaps get a question answered
or pick something up that I need for my IceHot black Jetta...!
I seem to get a coffee n some good info,
They even arrange the thorough wash of my car after mechanic's thumbs up..!   Cruise control...
Again, compliments to April S and the donut men,
who always help out w quick check in and a clever smile.
I love the car and the dealership KMVW !
Thanks .... Vorsprong durk technik.

teri d. | 2015-04-04

Best experience I have ever had when getting a car serviced!  Exceptional service from John Kortlang!

John C. | 2015-03-31

Service desk techs are quick to help and very efficient. Waiting area is very nice and comfortable. The free wifi and Starbucks coffee are very good too. Oil changes and tires are competitively priced.

Lisa U. | 2015-03-27

The dealer had horrible customer service and the cars were so dirty you couldn't tell the new from the old, I walked around the entire dealership with my family and went inside and not ONE person asked if I needed help. My uncle had a very unpleasant trip here as well about a week ago. He came all the way from El Centro to buy but they were rude and expensive. My uncle ended up purchasing else where and I purchased that same day with another Volkswagen dealership in San Diego.

Chris W. | 2015-03-24

We had an issue and Steve resolved it for us.

Karen L. | 2015-03-18

This dealership is very close to my home, so I really wanted to buy my new Beetle from them.  They didn't have the exact car I wanted, but they researched it and found it in Pasadena.  My salesperson, Aldo, went to Pasadena and got the car for me.    He had it washed and prepped by our stated appointment time.   We had a slight hiccup with the price, but the negotiation was cordial, easy and fair.  There was no waiting for the pricing manager or financing person - which happens at so many dealerships.   I've stopped back at this dealership twice, and been warmly greeted and helped each time.  Aldo remembers my name, my husband's name, and is always willing to answer any questions.  

I highly recommend this dealership !!

Betty F. | 2015-03-12

Fernando, Josue and finance dept went above and beyond on their customer service. Fernando was extremely tentative always checking if we needed something-even offering us bagels. The whole team was very nice and what i liked most about them was that i didnt feel pressured and they were easy to work with. My husband and i are very happy with our F-150. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!

Desiree B. | 2015-03-11

I have visited this dealership three times for service. EVERY TIME I have received exceptional service. I honestly can't believe there are service complaints.

I've had the pleasure of working with: (sorry if I don't remember last names)
April Sorensen-Went above and beyond to explain why I can't have Bluetooth Audio in my car. Even though I was highly upset about it. Just her explaining why through paperwork I accepted it. (Finally)
John Kortlang-Cordial and honest about everything. Did everything he could to make sure I understood what was going on with my car. Showed his appreciation for me coming there from beginning to end.
Edgar-Great smile, very nice, and informative. He's helped me twice, and both times stood out in service!
Steve-"The Golfer" Took the time to make sure I had pricing for every piece of service, and it was almost exact at checkout!
DeAnna-John was training her, but she still made a mark with me. Very cordial, and great smile as well! Good luck!
Caesar & Kevin- Both were amazing and provided great conversation on my shuttle rides!

Thank you everyone for your continued superior customer service! Keep up the great work! See you next time!

Tony Y. | 2015-03-05

This reincarnation of Volkswagen Kearny Mesa is just as awful as it ever was.

My 2014 Beetle has been here for service and it has never gone well.  1st I'm particular about my vehicle and told the service advisor.  The Car Net accessory was not functioning properly.  Called for an 9am appointment, when I came in no one could find my appointment.  No problem they set me up.  The SA behind the counter, told me they would give me a complementary car wash, I said no thanks.  They use a pressure washer and soap, both of which are bad for cars.  Said 3 times don't wash my car.  They called me when the car was ready for pick up at 12.  The system needed a reboot, no big deal.  They did say there was a problem with the buttons for car net, but didn't think it would be an issue.  They brought the car around and of course it was washed.  Ok no big deal, but I open the door and there's a puddle on my floor mat and it hasn't been snapped in correctly, so I have to dry it out and put it back in before I leave.

2nd time Car Net not working again.  Made a service appointment online and still could not find me in the system when I dropped off.  They take the car, asked them to wash it this time.   Dropped off at 8:30a, around 12p I called for the vehicle as I had not heard from them, they told me it was taking longer to diagnose it and would call me back.  They called around 2p and said they were having problems with the car net buttons and module.  The buttons they had in stock, but the module would have to be ordered and the car would have to be brought back, but it was ready for pick up.  Got there at 2:30 to pick up the car the service advisor called to have it brought up.  Signed the paperwork and waited for them to bring it around outside and waited and waited and waited.  5 mins later no car, I go back inside and the advisor calls on the radio, they can't find my car.  He goes back into service to look for himself.  They find it and bring it around to where the SA and I are waiting.  No wash.  The SA and I look at the car together.  There's parts laying on the passenger floor board and he puts them under the seat.  I'm starving, most my lunch break has been used up, so I just take the car.  Sit inside and there's finger print smudges everywhere on the dash and both doors.  Also the parking brake handle had been pulled up before moving the arm rest, so now I have a 1/2" scratch/scuff in the leather handbrake handle.  I'm pissed, I decide to eat first and calm down.  

I eat, go back and speak with the Service Mgr.  I tell her everything, about being particular, the parts scattered about on the floor, the smudges, the scratch, being told the car was ready for pickup, but wasn't and the wash that didn't happen.  She was very apologetic and told me she understood completely and that when I returned to finish my service they would fill my gas tank.  Told her that wasn't necessary, just wanted better service and to be able to trust these folks with my car.  She said that she would speak to the people involved.  

3rd Strike (urrr OUT!)  Went back in the morning to finish, , they finally had me in the computer, yea!  April checked me in again walked her to my car, showed her how to get the mileage with out resetting my trip meter (which they did on the previous two visits), ask to wash the car and pointed out the scar on my handbrake, showed her how it happened and the post-it "Please leave arm rest up". Leaving I can hear her telling who ever was driving my car "LEAVE THE ARM REST UP!  Thanks April, good looking out.  They had it most the day, but called it was ready.  Another SA who I had not met yet assisted me.  The lot attendant brings the car and said he washed it.  We both look at the dirt still on the vehicle, then ask the lot attendant again and he lies again and says he washed it.  So the SA asks if I can wait another 15 mins for the car.  I've used my most 30 min lunch waiting so far and still haven't eaten, but I say ok.  I wait another 30 mins for the car to be returned, there's another puddle and mat was not put in right again!.  At least the Car Net is fixed, but no fill up.  I'm never coming back.

I'm dumb, went back today 3/5/15 for parts this time, wanted a bottle of touch up paint should be no problem.  Rang the bell (once as the sign requested) at the counter, nothing.  Waited, nothing, not even a shout out "I'll be right with you."  Ring again, still nothing, a car sales associate asks if I rang the bell.  Another couple mins and Fabian appears.  He asks for the VIN, I show him a picture of the vin I keep for my records.  He enters it and cant find it, checks back n forth still can't find the car.  This the same vin I used to order other parts.  He looks up it up manually, not in stock, they would have to order.  Of course you have to order, but he needs the VIN.  WTH, the folks at Mossy used the same picture to order my windshield. Thanks for nothing VW Kearny Messups!

Lon M. | 2015-03-05

I was pleasantly surprised how easy their website was to schedule an appointment.I took my car in for 30k service. John Kortland was my service advisor. He was excellent and communicated clearly. I opt'd to wait for my cars service. He estimated 1.5 hrs. The waiting area had plenty of comfortable seating and complementary coffee and hot cocoa. While I was waiting, I also explored the showroom to find lots of nice models. The staff was polite and answered questions. After about an hour, John found me and escorted me to my car. It was washed and clean. I had an excellent experience. Highly recommend due to my experience at Kearny Mesa VW.

Clay R. | 2015-02-28

This place is awesome!  Fransisco was our salesman, very funny and knowledgable about the technical aspects of the vehicles AND admittedly doesn't know much about the financing aspect of the cars.  Steve, the sales manager, also funny, knowledgable, very fair on the finance side, which he is extremely well versed in, while admittedly not knowing a whole lot about the technical specs of the cars.  That said, the two make a fantastic team and make for a great car buying experience.  Highly recommend both of these guys and this dealership!  Would absolutely buy another car from these guys!

Heather D. | 2015-02-28

Horrible customer service! I made an appointment for a recall on my car and dropped it off on the appointment date... Couple hours later they call me to tell me that they ran out of parts yesterday so they will have to order more and won't know when that will be. Instead of offering to go get the part from another dealer and install it, they tell me to just go to another one. South Bay took my car with no appointment and even gave me a loaner without asking for one. And before this I had bought the car and noticed a dent in it and I told them that it was purchased that way. They said that's not possible, but I had a picture of the car on their lot with the time and date and you could see the dent in the picture. After arguing with them, they finally agreed to fix it... But took over a month for them to call me and tell me when to bring it in... Even though I was calling every day. They told me that the manager was in charge of it. She finally called back after we threatened to call and complain to someone of a higher authority. Her reason to the delay? They couldn't find a loaner car. We finally get one and it had muddy dog prints all over the inside of the car. Dirt everywhere. Disgusting. I love my car, everything about it. I just wish I didn't choose this place. Horrible customer service.

Ed B. | 2015-02-26

Overall, I had a great experience here. I'm very new to the car buying experience, and I had a buddy along who is quite experienced to help me out. But even so, Marriah, the sales person who helped us, was fantastic and helped me feel much more at ease. She was relaxed, helpful, patient, very relatable, and a pleasure to work with (also a vet for anyone for whom that's a plus. It was for me). I didn't feel pressured or uncomfortable at all with her. She knew her stuff about the cars I was looking at. The sales manager Josh was also great to work with. If I could selectively rate them I'd give them a 5. But since I'm rating VW Kearney Mesa as a whole, I couldn't go as high as a 5. There was one gentleman there who was working in financing (who I won't call out by name) who I felt tried to jerk us around. We nearly gave up, but Marriah and Josh made it right. They got me the financing and approval I needed, and I drove away with a 2012 VW Passat and I couldn't be happier. Marriah followed up with me several times after that day to check on how things were going, which I appreciated. I even had the occasion to visit the service department to check on some pricing and my maintenance shedule, and the young woman who helped us was also friendly and helpful. I would recommend VW Kearney Mesa, and make sure to ask for Marriah :)

Emma Jasper W. | 2015-02-25

Back again....and the standard still holds.   Great service, great price, great waiting area, fun crew in back to keep you updated (like every 30-45 mins someone came by with a current situation brief....)     Great shuttle service to/fm.

I must say -- this shop puts the rest to shame....    

And thank you for having starbucks.

See you next service.

Sarah P. | 2015-02-23

Aldo just sold me a great car for a better price. He treated me fairly and didn't try to pull any nonsense because I'm a woman. I would highly recommend visiting him for your next car.

Richard B. | 2015-02-21

My experience at VW Kearny Mesa was stellar.  Josh, Wendy, Abe, Josue, Dago, John and the rest of the team were instrumental in getting me into my new 2015 Mk7 Golf R.  I have never had a better experience at a car dealership and all of my questions and concerns were answered quickly.  Even when they didn't know the answer to one of my questions they let me know and proceeded to get me the information that I was seeking as quickly as possible right down to forwarding me information from their Regional Managers.  My car was handled exactly as I asked when delivered and they really made the experience as fun as buying a new car can be.  ...and the car... the car is absolutely awesome!

Michael J. | 2015-02-18

Was looking for a used car to replace my old GMC van, my wife and I drove multiple cars and visited multiple car dealers and Internet shopping. Initially visited Volkswagon Kearny Mesa and drove a couple of cars. We then went shopping for five days and came down to two cars and two dealers. Went to first dealer on more a blvd, talked, test drove, and then came to Kearny Mesa. We walked onto lot and poked around, out came a guy dressed in t-shirt, jeans looking like the window cleaning dude. Freddie was his name, this guy was pleasant surprise, he was helpful, semi knowledgable, and wanted to make us comfortable a answer all our questions, needs and wants. The test drives, took three, were comfortable and simple. To shorten this story, we purchased two cars that night, fair prices, all employees we delt with were courteous, knowledgable, and pretty much no hassle, it is car dealership, no one is perfect,  they took my trade in, and the only reason i did not give a five star was, it still is a car dealership, and the don't give cars for free. I would go back again, if that Mini Cooper countryman comes down in price, Freddie give me a call

Jeffrey H. | 2015-02-17

I stupidly lost my fancy expensive car keys.  I had to go about two months using my valet key.  It was rather annoying because the alarm went off every time I opened the door.  I own a 2013 VW Golf TDI FYI.  Great car.  

Here is my story:

I went to KM Volkswagen to order a new key and have it programmed.  The Parts Department ordered my key and told me they would call when it arrived.  I got no such call.  A week later drive over to find out if it arrived (close to my office).  It was there so I made an appointment with the Service Department to get it programmed.   I scheduled a Sunday AM appointment.  The key was programmed to another VIN so they couldn't help me.  Ok, stuff happens.   That sucks.  

The Parts Department had to order another key.  Service said they would have Parts do that.  Parts Department never ordered the other key.  I'm glad I checked a few days after the programming fiasco.  Service got Parts to order the key by having the manager come talk to me.  The key arrived a few days later and I got it programmed.  

My big issue was with the lack of communication.  The Service Department was so empathetic with my issue that they didn't charge me for the programming of the key.  That was nice considering that it took me almost 4 weeks to get the key replaced and programmed.  

Overall I think that companies of this size and with all the orders they get that there will be some problems.  In this instance it's the typical right hand not knowing what the left hand is doing.  KM Volkswagen owned up to their responsibility to make me a happy customer therefore I'll continue to use their services.   It's how companies treat their customers when things don't go right that matters.  That is why I'm giving them four stars.

Yoav L. | 2015-02-13

Just bought a 2015 TIGUAN had an issue and they fixed the situation within 24hrs of telling them of my problem.
Anna Ituarte is my sales rep and she is amazing.  It is my 5th VW that I have purchased from her.

Hope M. | 2015-02-13

Just got a 2015 VW Passat today and the process was long but worth it! Sales Managers Aldo Romero and Steve Taylor were AMAZING and diligent in helping me in my situation! I would highly recommend anyone looking for a vehicle to go See these gentlemen. Customer service was amazing and I am very pleased with the outcome. It went over and above what I thought it was going I be. 5 stars all around.

Sandra L. | 2015-02-05

I love my new car and my sales consultant Freddy! I was having issues figuring out how to make my car payment but Ray from financing was very helpful and clear with the steps I needed to take to take care of my problem! Happy with my service.

Jen B. | 2015-01-26

My husband surprised me with a CC for my birthday - They told him, just have me come in to go over the car and speak with...  I went back to find out things in the car and how they worked. While 5 service guys sat there, "relaxing" to what I can only assume was a break for 30 min, not one of them asked if I needed help- so, I waited.  Finally some guy came up telling me he knew nothing about my car and that he would have to ask someone.  I sat there for 2 hours watching the left hand having no clue what the right hand was doing (I'm trying very hard to be nice). Finally, super fed up (and I am sure I mumbled every dirty name in the book) I went to City Volkswagen.  You can check them out for their 5 star review. If I ever buy another VW, it will NEVER be from Kearny Mesa VW.  Horrible customer service! And very unprofessional.

Julie H. | 2015-01-23


8 am yesterday morning (1/22/2015):  

Got a text message from my friend with a pic of her new VW - "New Car!"  
I replied:  "Been thinking about a lease... you get a good deal??"
She replied: "Text Steve Taylor at Kearny Mesa in San Diego"

9 am yesterday morning:

Texted Steve Taylor, followed by 2 minute phone conversation.
Filled out online credit application on Kearny Mesa's website - in comments wrote: "FOR STEVE TAYLOR"

11 am yesterday morning:

Approved for a great lease, at my specified price, on the car I wanted.  Trade paid off in full.  My credit is not the greatest, wasn't an issue for Steve.

9 am this morning:

I live in Los Angeles, work in Burbank.  My new car is being driven up to me as I write this review, and my old one is being picked up.  This transaction literally took less than an hour of my time.  Completely stress free - brand new car for barely more per month than I was paying for my 2006.  


Shannon W. | 2015-01-16


Thanks again for all your help yesterday! I love my new Jetta- it is such a relief to know I can count on you and your team! I have been so stressed out, this is a huge weight off my shoulders.

To everyone looking for a great car buying experience, please give VW Kearny Mesa a visit!

Robert W. | 2015-01-16

Took my 2014 Passat tdi sel to get the Bluetooth and system fixed. Edgar Lopez provided great customer service and really took care of me. Any problems or services in the future, I'm going to him.
I also use the shuttle service they provided and Caesar the driver was a cool guy and picked me up on time when my car was finished. Great service overall.

Mel P. | 2015-01-16

I just wrapped up a great car buying experience with Freddy Chavez at VW Kearny Mesa. My first visit I just wanted some basic info and Freddy was very helpful without a hard sell. The actual buying experience went well. Freddy and the staff worked with my issues of just returning to the US after living abroad for over a decade. This made the sale more complex and took a little longer than usual. It was nice  to have someone as personable as Freddy to deal with all of this. I highly recommend this dealership, but be sure to ask for Freddy - you'll be in good hands. Love my new Jetta!

Lana C. | 2015-01-15

STAY FAR AWAY!!!!!! Especially when working with STEVE TAYLOR. He will take advantage of you and waste your time!! I had gone in to take a look at a brown 2012 jetta priced at $13,799  with Wendy Tan she introduced me to the sales associate Fernando Romero who took me on a test drive he was very professional and genuinely seemed like he wanted to help. The car seemed to a little over priced so I asked to have it reduced that's when he brought over the sales manager STEVE TAYLOR not only was he ignoring anything I was saying from the start he kept trying to trick me into taking it as is with lower payments. I am a 22 year old blonde female,  basically I look easy to take advantage of but my navy pilot retired and lawyer father was advising me on the situation. The only way to lower payments is to raise the interest or pay it off longer not an idiot STEVE. STEVE TAYLOR kept insisting I ignore my fathers wishes and when I stood firm and told him I wanted that car for that price or I didn't want anything so to stop wasting my time he made a deal with me for $13,267.76 out the door and told me to go home look it over and call him tomorrow in the most rude almost throwing me out kind of way. Well I call the next day and tell him I spoke to my father and he told me to go ahead and finance myself and that I was wanting to pick up the car he says great come on in. So I drive from Chula vista all the way to kearny mesa a 45 min drive and when I get there what does he say ? Oh he magically sold it while I was on my way and didn't bother to call me but did bother to go ahead and set me up with a new sales guy to start talking about all the brand new vw I've purchased in the past " since  dads no longer in the picture ". This POS thought that I was ignoring my father so he thought he could take advantage of me and get me into a more expensive vehicle. Worst customer service I have ever experienced at any VW dealership and we have bought 9 VWs in san diego since 2010!! I will be contacting VW main office with this issue. DO NOT BUY A CAR FROM STEVE TAYLOR!!!!! Steve also cost me $80 for the rental I'm using because of the time of mine that you wasted so thanks STEVE TAYLOR for the worst car buying experience of my life!

Jamie P. | 2015-01-15

We bought a new jetta from Jorge H and he was very professional and listen to our needs. We recommend buying from him and that's exactly what my in law's did. He was very friendly.

Julie L. | 2015-01-12

I brought in my 2012 Jetta SE here yesterday for service. The original dealership that I leased the car from (Drew VW, no longer in business) had installed an "anti-theft" device that was seriously malfunctioning. I decided to bring my car to Kearny Mesa VW for service since the other dealership was now gone.

While waiting on the car to be serviced, Steve came over to chat with me. After telling him the issue with the car (I was leasing it and only had another 7 months to go) he asked why I don't just get into a new Jetta now. I hadn't even thought about it. He and Aldo both assisted me -- knowing that my monthly payment budget was tight and I couldn't pay a lot. They worked some magic, and after a pretty pleasant experience at Kearny Mesa VW, I drove away in my pretty new Jetta.

Steve and Aldo were awesome! They were patient and thorough, letting me know all my options, and worked out a great, budget-friendly deal for me. Even better-- I'm no longer leasing-- this new pretty Jetta (my third in a row) is mine to keep. Thanks a bunch to all the guys at Kearny Mesa VW!

Scott S. | 2015-01-11

I would have to say that my experience with VW here was the best buying experience I have ever had purchasing a vehicle. From honoring my true car value from my bank to offering me a decent amount for my trade-in. Wendy and Abe were exceptional. I purchased it 2015 GTI autobahn. Had to wait for the Carbon Steel color to be shipped. The car arrived earlier then the date expected. Wendy called me and car was ready for me within hours! Abe was very knowledgeable about the vehicle showing me all the details about the GTI.
Usually I hate finance guys...but Ray gave me exceptional service along with a GREAT since of humor! This was an all around positive experience.

rachel j. | 2015-01-11

I am so impressed with how friendly and accommodating the staff here is. I went to South Bay VW before coming here and the sales guy was so disengaging and not helpful that I left after about 10 minutes. A car is a big investment so I want it to be an even mixture of informative, patient and fun. Steve Taylor was all of those things.  Francisco and Jorge were equally helpful and friendly and awesome getting me through the process. I came in unsure if I was going to buy/lease and if I was going to pull the trigger today or not, but they had the perfect model and color in stock for me, and after working through my budget options, I decided to go for it. I'm so excited. I totally recommend coming here. The atmosphere is laid back but professional, and everyone else seems equally as good as they are! Thanks guys!

Me .. | 2015-01-10

We came here to look at a car that I  was considering to buy. A salesman approched us, talked for a bit and then took the car for a test drive. During the test drive, we were noticing some issues and we were very vocal about it. Salesman in the back had nothing to say.

Got back on the lot and once again let him know about our concerns. All he can say is there is nothing wrong with the car they did the whole inspection and it checks out. Not what I want to hear.
Since he felt like he couldn't get a sale from us, he passed us on to a lady salesperson. Worst thing ever, we end up standing around waiting for her to come back whenever she had to go inside for something.

Why would you even pass us on to someone else! Unprofessional jerk. Well this lady didn't address our concerns either. Then another guy came and talked to us about the concerns we had about the car. Same bullshit and didn't even try to check out the problem. By starting the car, you wont know what we are concerned about! You actually have to drive it to feel what we felt and was concerned about! Nope! All they can say is, this was inspected top to bottom and is 100% good.
We told him that we will come back tomorrow to have one of our friend to test drive it for us just to ease our mind before even talking about numbers. He kept saying that it was just turbo lag..... We own cars that has turbo and what we felt on that car was not turbo lag. When we mentioned that we have a Subaru WRX STI , the guy had nothing to say. Can't bullshit me.

Not coming back to this place at all.

Brett G. | 2015-01-10

Disappointed - Service Department

The first time I went here for warranty service they were not organized, and I ended up spending over an hour at the dealership after they said the car would be ready.

This review is mostly about my experience today.

After that first service, I received nothing short of 15 phone calls telling me I need a 30,000 service. Calls daily, even after I called them and asked them to stop. I also received a notification in the mail.

I scheduled the service. I planned my weekend around leaving my car there for a large portion of the day. They have my car's information, and the VIN and all other information.

I showed up on the day of the appointment. Apparently the service was done prematurely, before I purchased the car. With one quick look at the computer, Edgar informed me the service had been done. He offered me nothing, handed me my key and sent me on my way.

But why didn't anyone there take two seconds to look it up before they made the 15 calls? Or sent me the mail notice? Or confirming my appointment? Or sending me my reminder? Or ANY other time before I got there?

I told him about the calls and mail, and told him I planned my whole weekend around this. I expected them to at least offer a complimentary oil change. Or maybe even a car wash? But nope, nothing.

I'll try to update this if I hear any response from them.

Molly G. | 2015-01-01

I do not recommend this dealership unless you want to sit around for hours and fill up on popcorn and starbucks...We were there for 5+ hours the first visit and as they were closing we were still awaiting to hear from the bank, instead of telling us earlier. We were  told we would receive a call when they first opened the following day... By 11am I ended up calling them since they never called, when i did call they played the blame game "Oh so and so never called you?" when he knew darn well no one had called. Then the finance Manager told me to bring in more documents so i did at my lunch and i would have a definite answer in 2 hrs.. Guess What still nothing after 2 hrs. Then received a call at 4pm and he asked if i could come in after work because the bank needed to do a pbone interview to ask some questions.  So i went, and when i got there it was all BS and they couldnt get the car i wanted. They tried to push me into a lease 12k over the budget i gave myself... (Because that makes sense/Not)... So after another 2 hrs spent there, they still were going over my budget and didn't want to lower their car prices at all to get me in a car.  
So I left and realized that it was a complete waste of time. All the BS and circles they were doing for what... Wait theres more. The following day I  received a phone call the next day to see if i was willing to come back in and look at the leases again...WOW. I didnt call back but they kept calling me. Then the next day 12/31/14, I got a call, vm and text message telling me that they worked the numbers and (still over my budget) could get me in a basic  passat worth $25k for a short lease and 10k miles a year. we live in CA the average person drives a min of 12k... At the end of the day this is nothing i was looking for so i moved on to another dealership.

Lara P. | 2014-12-31

I am so disappointed with this dealership. They are complete liars. We called this morning to see if they still had the car we wanted.... She told me that they did, that she just put her hands on it  and to call her when we were coming to look at the car. So 2 hours later we called and told her we were coming to look at it and she told us she would pull the car out for us.... We got our car all ready to trade it, packed up our baby, and drove 25 min over to the dealership. We got the baby in the stroller walked inside, asked to speak to the girl... And guess what... The car magically sold while we were on our way to the dealership?? I'm not stupid. I didn't want any other car besides the one that we were coming to look at. You could of at least had the decency to let us know you didn't have it instead of trying to make a sale. There is nothing worse than a scamming dealership, let alone a lying one. Thanks for nothing VW. We will never use you again.

Sophia H. | 2014-12-30

Great experience while I purchased my 2014 Jetta! Shahzad was awesome and took the time to go through everything with me. He wasn't pushy and got me a great deal. This is my third jetta and I am so happy. Shahzad went above and beyond for what I was expecting and I will visit him again for my next car. In the finance department James was awesome! Kept it fun and entertaining. :-)

Love my VW family.

Have a great new year!


V A. | 2014-12-29

I have never felt so ambushed, nor have I ever experienced such horrible customer service in my life! I visited this dealership over the weekend to test drive a vehicle I have had my eye on for a long time. I believe that it is better to try before you buy, and considering the commitment that comes with purchasing a vehicle I feel is necessary to be absolutely certain it is what you want.

I was approached by a gentleman right away and he asked me what brought me in today, you know all the 21 questions. I explained to him that I wanted to test drive a particular vehicle, I figured that by telling him those key words he would get the hint to back off on pushing me into buying it. First off, his entire personality changed the minute those words came out of my mouth. Second, he did not seem to know what he had as far as inventory goes, he said he only had one of the vehicle type I was looking at and I found several more about three rows down.

During the initial test drive this guy did not speak to me about the vehicle, he pulled out his cellphone and began texting. I had to continuously ask for directions since he was not paying attention to anything other than his cellphone, which I thought was rude and unprofessional. He was making it obvious that he was annoyed with me since I told him that I wanted to test drive the vehicle by continuously asking me why I did not want to get it today. Well, quite frankly even if I did want to purchase the vehicle that day I would not want to deal with him nor let him take any comission out of the sale itself.

Unfortunately I did not get his name I know that he is in one of the group pictures for this company; but his personality and lack of customer service discouraged me to come back to this place when I was genuinely wanting to make a purchase.

Al J. | 2014-12-27

OUTSTANDING SERVICE DEPARTMENT!!!!. From calling in for an appointment, service rep Kevin and to the mechanic that completed the maintenance. I will not mind the 25mile drive to get my vehicle serviced here eventhough there is a VW dealership that is just a stone throw away from my house.

Leela L. | 2014-12-22

The shuttle service was great. Thank you Caeser for the great ride! He was super sweet and nice. Very friendly and talkative. Really great with his driving skills. This place has good shuttle service.

Ian W. | 2014-12-20

I bought a 2012 Passat from this dealer this past Saturday, 12-13-14. It could not have been an easier and more enjoyable car buying experience. I have, let's say, challenging credit right now, so I expected to wait while they got someone to finance me. Actually, it didn't take long at all. Steve Taylor worked his butt off to get us financed at a good monthly payment. I was expecting to pay roughly $100 more than we finally were financed. Not only that, but I got an email today and my payment went down an additional $15. Hey, $15 is nothing to sneeze at. That's $180 a year.

I expect to be in the market for another car soon, and I'm seriously considering going back there to see if I can get into a GTI.

Erica V. | 2014-12-16

I recently bought a car from this volkwagon and after going to four other dealerships I couldn't be happier with this one! They were all so over the top nice and willing to work with me. I came in as a single young girl and no one took advantage of me. Jose S. Was the best sales guy I've ever worked with. I plan on going back to him every time since I only buy volkwagon cars. Highly recommend checking them out. I was in and out in no time. The finance guy, ray, was super friendly and explosives everything to me since I had no idea what all the numbers meant for the most part!

Eddie L. | 2014-12-09

I rarely give reviews but felt compelled to do so after having my car serviced with John at VW of Kearny Mesa. The service and professionalism he provided could not go unnoticed, he was prompt, efficient, courteous and followed up through the entire process. It's rare that you come across this level of service and are blown away with the experience. I will continue to bring my car here for service because I know I am in good hands.

Thibaud C. | 2014-11-23

Exceptional customer service.

Six months after buying a certified pre-owned car from another car dealer, we started having intermittent problems: sometimes, the car was cranking but not starting and some other times it would die while we were driving.

So, we took the car to VW Kearny Mesa (which was more convenient for us) to see what was going on and, although the problem was very hard to replicate, and then fix, the whole service team has been very nice with us, offering a first-grade assistance at all time.

Although our car was not expensive, we were offered shuttle rides to go back and forth between our place and the dealership, a high-end car was lent to us for two weeks for free and our car was given back to us fixed, cleaned and with a full gas tank.

Because of this, not only our next car will be a VW, but we will buy it from VW Kearny Mesa.

I wish more car dealers were that interested in customer satisfaction.

Christopher V. | 2014-11-23

Shawna is a totally awesome salesperson and the rest of the crew will treat you very well.  Best dealership experience in decades.  Beats the pants off my former VW dealership in the Washington, DC area.

Nicole W. | 2014-11-22

I was planning to buy a vw at Kearny Mesa, but I didn't end up buying it there.

The sales would make you wait for a long time, for credit checks, and for this and that. When you ask them for a better price,their attitude was disrespectful, possibly demeaning in a way. When we told them that another dealer would offer us a better price, they laughed and said they didn't believe us, and told us to leave. The salesman and his manager's attitude made it sound like we were lying.

In fact, we weren't. We got a vw at a much better price with much better service, and with free car wash for life. So, I would advise you guys to avoid this place. (despite of free popcorn and starbucks)

Seanna S. | 2014-11-21

I have ALWAYS had a good experience at this VW! Everyone has taken time to help me, find the best possible case scenario to fit a car into my lifestyle. Their service department is amazing! Edgar has helped me for years and he is always on time and helpful w/ anything I've needed answered.

Richard J. | 2014-11-20

Over the summer I was stranded in SD with a fuel system failure. I have my Jetta towed to Kearny Mesa VW where it sat waiting for them to open in the morning. Needless to say, we were at standing in their service lobby first thing in the morning.

I asked them to install an after market arm rest while they had the vehicle but I wanted the original arm rest back.

I was told they had to get the fuel pump and sending unit from another dealer down the road. The fuel pump and sending unit are under the back seat. To remove it is 3 screws. It took all day to do the work. The arm rest was not installed correctly. The didn't use the mount that came w the replacement. They admittedly modified it, voiding the warranty. I didn't get to original arm rest back.

When I replied honestly to their survey I got a smart ass reply back from the Service Manager. When I replied to that, I received an apology and an offer for them to buy me a tank of gas. I'm not driving 2 hours for a tank of gas!

Last week I discovered that the center console is broken. No one else has worked on my car.

Since SD is a metrobarea, if I owned a VW and lived anywhere near Kearny Mesa, I'd have use anyone else but this dealer. Even if it meant pushing the car there by hand.

Delaney K. | 2014-11-18

I just bought a 2013 Jetta from VW Kearny Mesa, with the help of Aldo.  Everyone was so helpful, patient and accommodating, as well as very nice and friendly!  I couldn't be happier with my experience with VW Kearny Mesa and I will definitely be recommending them to others who are looking to purchase a new car :)

Shuang S. | 2014-11-05

Got 10 miles free shuttle service. Very convenience. The driver Caesar was very nice to talk to.

Jeremy R. | 2014-10-30

Wow, this deal just keeps getting worse.  After all of the trouble here we still have 2 issues.
1)They re registered the car we traded in, in our name, with VW Kearney Mesa as the lien holder.
2)The car still pulls and has a vibration in the steering.

My wife has called twice now regarding the registration issue, and was told they had taken care of it.  I just received the renewal notice from the DMV stating we needed to renew the registration.  Fortunately you can go online and file a release of liability, so I just did that.  Do not trust this dealership to handle the paperwork in a timely manner.  Do believe they will lie to you!

As for the vibration and pull, we finally took the car to a competent dealer and had this issue addressed.  they rotated and balanced the tires, and this seems to have cured the issue.

VW of Kearney Mesa is the worst dealership I have ever dealt with.  Buyer beware!!!

Tim M. | 2014-10-27

Searching for a new VW. Contacted this dealer and met with a gentleman in the internet department. He did not seem to know what he was doing. Terrible service and it felt like he thought I didn't know anything about buying a car. When you don't feel welcomed and the person helping you doesn't have good interpersonal skills, it is a big red flag so I left and I am searching elsewhere. I'm sure there are great people working there but my experience sucked.

Lykajanine D. | 2014-10-24

I am extremely happy to say that my first car purchase was from here. As a college student and a first time buyer, I had trouble getting approved for a car loan from multiple dealerships. However, this place managed to have taken care of me with the service most accommodating to my needs. From the very beginning of my online inquiry, the staff - from the representative all the way up to the manager was extremely helpful and very welcoming. Especially the the representative, Mathew Woods who took care of me the whole way. I would highly recommend him if ever you decide to make a purchase with Volkswagen.

From the time I first arrived in the parking lot, I was assisted right away and taken straight to the car I was interested in purchasing. The representative and her manager already had knowledge of my low credit situation yet I was surprised to have still felt welcomed and reassured that I would be taken care. The manager is very considerate and is eager to help the best way he can. Because the vehicle I wanted had high mileage the banks had a hard time approving my loan. However, the manager along with Mathew and the finance team did not stop until they could get  the vehicle down to a price that works for the banks as well as me and my finance stability.Next thing I knew, I got the car I originally wanted with the monthly payment that fit most best with my income. 5 months later I am still so thankful I finally have a vehicle to push me around anywhere I need to go. Especially to work, school, and church. Volkswagen Kearny Mesa, with the help of Mathew Woods is definitely the place to be for first time buyers along with other customers who are looking for great deals with outstanding assistance.

K M. | 2014-10-22

This review is long overdue.  Just went in for my 10k service and I realized I need to write a review for these guys.  
I purchased my 2014 Golf TDI from here back in March.  Since this was going to be my first new car in about a decade I researched the hell out of not only what car I would buy but from where.  I visited all the VW dealerships in San Diego plus VW dealer in San Juan Capistrano.
Long story short, no other dealership came even close to matching these guys when it came to price.  One dealer told me they would be losing money selling my TDI at the price VW Kearny Mesa was offering.  How did VW Kearny Mesa do it?  I don't know and I am not complaining.
Abraham, my sales rep along with Steve the sales manager were great throughout the whole process and I cannot recommend these guys enough.
Look, buying a car is a pain in the rear end.  Everyone at the dealership is hustling to make a living and I don't blame them for that.  Do your research, be patient, and don't be afraid to haggle and walk out.  Good luck to everyone.

Gregory J. | 2014-10-08

Freddy and all the boys at VW was awesome. Great customer service from the greeting in the parking lot with Jose. He made my family and my self feel at home. He asked us what we are looking for in a car and took us straight to the 2014 Jetta. At first I was not all that in to the car or even VW but after we started talking and looking around the car I was impressed. Freddy came out side and talked to us more about the car,all the safety features and pricing. My wife took It for a test drive and she came back very happy, witch is not easy. Freddy asked us to come in side to show what the monthly payments would look like. I really did not want to buy a car that day but Freddy was very nice and not pushy. VW customer service was so great my 6 year old and my 3 year old was just setting in there lounge watching TV and coloring with the staff wile my wife and I was talking to Freddy and Josue about finance. We even for got the kids was with us. Over all our VW experience at Kearny Mesa was all 10's.

Thank you all so much for helping my family and our needs.

kathy J. | 2014-10-07

Dreadful.  run and dont look back seriously!!!
I would give negative stars if i could!!!!

My 2011 jetta diesel broke down. Had to limp into the nearest volkswagen.
HUge Huge mistake!!!! It took This dealership 2 days to give me a diagnosis. Steve finally said it was the  perpellar on theTurbo charger. Steve then said he would charge me a decent price to repair, $4890.00!!!!!!
I called other Volkswagen locations, they all quoted $2300 up to $3000.
I called my regular local Murrieta Volkswagen shop, it would cost $2850.
Kerney mesa could not even tell me if the particulate filter was damaged., did not even give  a complete diagnosis!!!!
I told Steve i was going to flatbed the car to Murrieta. He asked why and i said Murrieta are charging me $2850, he then offered to repair the vehicle for the same price. I was totally freaked out at this point, did not trust this shop at all!!!! What else would they say is wrong and charge me for?????
Steve said he had made a mistake with the numbers!!! But yet i asked him several times to verify the repair quote, he even emailed the quote.
I paid $400 to flat bed the car to Murrieta. At this point w did not completely trust their diagnosis in view of what had happened.
Murietta diagnosed the car in several hours and also were able to determine that no particulate had effected the exhaust.
Murrietta  also provided me with a loaner car. In future i will just flat bed if neccessary to Murrietta if i ever end up breaking down again. They are very honest and care about their customers.
Steve has even called for their $240.00 for their incomplete diagnosis. Im so disgusted.
I would not recommend to deal with them at all.
If you do be prepared to be ripped off, scammers !!!!


Diego V. | 2014-10-06

Great! Great! Great!

So funny story, I came in one Saturday morning to drop my vehicle for some schedule maintenance and had my wife pick me up so I didn't  have to wait for a few hours. First off the Service Department told me I was the first car in and that it shouldn't take long. Told me they could have the shuttle give me a ride home or I could wait in the lounge they had. As soon as my wife arrived I told her that it wouldn't  take long and told her i was just going to walk around and check out the inventory she said she wanted to come along being its been years since she has had a newer car and wanted to check them out. After looking for awhile and right when she was about to leave we noticed exactly infrin of where she parked a used 2012 VW Tiguan. At first I thought it was someone's car because it was parked near the visitor parking but it had a sticker on the side with a price... We walked in as my car was done and then asked for more information on the vehicle.

Daniel Vasquez was the most friendliest and attentive person. He took his time and explained everything about the vehicle. He was really knowledgeable and professional, overall he made a hard decision seemed simple and easy. The guys at VW Kearny Mesa really made it work for us.  Nobody was pushy, or arrogant.  Everything was a smooth process.

Great Job guys.  As a VW fan I'm sure to come back when it's time for an upgrade.  

At the end Daniel was able to help my wife sync her phone and have it ready to be connected via Bluetooth.
Thx Daniel for your had Work!!!!

Lauren R. | 2014-10-04

This was my first car purchase experience, and it honestly couldn't have been any better. Freddie was very attentive about what I was looking for and is not your typical car saleman. He never made me feel pressured or uncomfortable. I feel very lucky to have found this place for my first car purchase. I highly recommend working with Freddie if you are wanting a stress-free and easy car shopping experience. These guys are awesome!

Andy H. | 2014-10-03

gti love :)

Tina H. | 2014-09-28

Francisco Hagstotz did a great job generating a deal for a Jetta lease. The negotiation was fast and reasonable. Moreover , the managers work hard to meet your terms. Well done, Volkswagen Kearny Mesa. ....Just read the sales contract before you sign!!!

Joana M. | 2014-09-25

Volkswagen of Karny Mesa welcomed me with great service. Danny was Helping us out and it is amazing to see how above and beyond he goes to meet your needs. I'm always telling friends and family about his great service!!

Amy M. | 2014-09-24

I could easily regale you with a long, long story, equal in length to the amount of time I spent trying to deal with these people, or the number of VW branded waters I drank while there, about my experiences with Kearny Mesa VW.

But that would be pretty boring.

So I'll just distill it to the major points.

Nice dealership. We dealt with Abraham Santana, who is a nice young guy. He was able to answer most of our questions about the GTI we wanted to buy, and was fun during test drives.

We should have known something was up when they caved to our pricepoint so quickly, because that's when they couldn't find us the car we wanted to buy. All of a sudden, it didn't exist in the country! Wow! And the dealers who DID have it, well, they wouldn't send it over.

But did they mention we could ORDER the car, but we'd need to pay MSRP?

After the longest day ever (7 hours more or less at the dealership), during which we drank gallons of water, but ate nothing, we walked out after finding our exact car at another dealership in town.

I just feel like our time was wasted in an effort to increase our likelihood of buying through them. But it didn't work. That tactic is old news, and just left us irritated that they didn't inform us they had the car elsewhere in town.

Also, based on our conversations with the excellent people over at city VW (where we DID end up buying), we're pretty certain we wouldn't have gotten the car for the price we'd negotiated anyway.

Just... you know, car dealer experience. It's not a fun time. You feel both pandered to and ignored at various times. It's all very well thought out to maximize your likelihood of buying. Clearly, all it did for us was leave us irritated driving off to another dealer.

Anthony S. | 2014-09-19

Abe Santana gets special mention for exceptional customer service.  Top-tier professional!

Patrick C. | 2014-09-15

I have had such great service here that I decided to try their sales department.... I was very impressed, they know how to treat a prospective customer!  They gave me top dollar for my 2009 GTI and gave me a great deal on my new 2014 GTI.
It was the color, interior and options I wanted including the exact rims I wanted.

Abe Santana and his entire team were incredibly helpful and courteous.
Abe was knowledgeable about the entire Volkswagen line. He was able to answer any and all questions we had with a smile. His calm demeanor made it very easy to work with him.

My wife also needed a car so we ended up finding her a Golf as well. Abe helped us with all of our paperwork and made the entire buying process a pleasure. Abe even helped me move all my miscellaneous stuff from my previous GTI to me new GTI.

Anthony and his team in finance were also very helpful and patient. Our credit isn't the best since the real estate market crashed, but Anthony and his team were able to get us what we needed to make it work!

We would recommend the entire Volkswagen Kearny Mesa team to anyone!
Be sure to come here and see what they can do for you!
They have a great selection of all the new VW models as well as great service!

A pleasure to do business with for sure.

Gdubs G. | 2014-09-15

They did not honor their prices and discounts advertised online.  I feel it was a classic attempt at a Bait and Switch.

The Bait:
I went in to buy a Jetta; I had called the day before to ask about the discount prices advertised online and confirmed they were correct. They had over 20 Jettas with their Net Cost (after discounts) clearly priced online.  Upon arriving I told the sales person I wanted one of the Jettas advertised. After a half hour of sitting around he came back with a term sheet which asked me to pay the sticker price and said the discounts were for leases only.  I figured they were confused so I showed them on THEIR website were they clearly stated the discounts on over 20 Jettas applied to both cash or finance transactions (leases were in another section).  After checking, they agreed I was correct and indeed the discounts should apply to my purchase.  Then I told them I had a loan approved and in place for 2.49% with my credit union and I would bring in the check the next day,  this is when the Switch happened.

The Switch:
The manager then said they would ONLY sell me the car at their advertised price if I finance it with them at their 2.99% interest rate ( when asked why they would not honor their advertised price with outside financing, the sale manager said  "I have to make money somewhere" - I assume that meant he was trying to make it on the back end of the financing side).  I offered to let the dealership finance me as long as they provided the same 2.49% rate I had in place at my credit union and he refused. This was not an issue of my credit qualifications. Earlier when he was trying to charge me the full sticker price he had offer me a matching rate of 2.49%.   After he agreed to sell me the car at  the advertised price he wanted a higher 2.99% rate.  

My thoughts:
Even though the interest rate difference (.05%) they demanded over 5 years only added a couple of hundred dollars to the advertised price, it was not a condition stated in their advertising and felt dishonest and sneaky.  

I confirmed the advertised price with them twice before starting the process and was not there to grind them down, but rather there to buy a car at the price they advertised.  But from the moment I arrived, I felt I was being grinded.  Maybe they thought after an hour and a half of sitting around I was more likely to cave and pay a few hundred more. I felt this Bait and Switch was a bad way to do business in this day and age of social awareness so I left on principle with the intention of finding a dealer who valued not only my money but my time.  Because why would anyone think I would pay them a few hundred dollars for wasting "MY" time?    

Update Day 1:  
About 3 hours after leaving the dealership, the sales person called and said they changed their minds and would now sell me the car at their advertised price and at the interest rate I received from my credit union if I would come back in.  I told them I was unwilling to give my hard earned money to a company who treated this as some type of game and had no respect for my time.  I subsequently purchased the same vehicle from another dealer in the area without any hassles.

Update Day 2
Josh Irvine, General Sales Manager reached out to me today to express his apologies for the way I was treated by his sales team.  After speaking with him for about 10 minutes I was convinced of his sincerity and his desire to work with his staff so future customers would not have a similar experience.  The time he took to reach out showed me he cares about his business operations and how his brand is perceived through customer experiences. It is my hope he is successful in conveying his positive mission statement to the staff I encountered during my visit.

Nicole P. | 2014-09-07

My experience at this dealership was great. The sales person who helped me was Shazad and he was super nice, efficient and helpful as he listened to our request and helped me purchase my desired care. When you go to this dealership make sure and ask for Shazad, I strongly recommend him as he's the most respectful and helpful sales person. Love my new 2014 Jetta!

Kimberly R. | 2014-09-04

First time buying a car and this place was awesome!! Called to check on the availability of a car listed online and MARK SANCHEZ was great, not only did he confirm it in his computer but he also physically went out to his lot and found it to be sure there were no errors in the system. After showing my interest in this particular car I asked if there was enough time to come take a look, Mark was great once again! Not only did he allow me to come in an hour before closing but he also brought the car I was interested in to the front for me! The finance manager and manger of the vw Kearny mesa branch were wonderful! Must go check these guys out!! Needless to say I bought my new Toyota from them and they were all patient staying there past closing just for me! You guys are awesome! Thanks so much!!

Morgan H. | 2014-09-03

Came to VW Kearny Mesa with friends for a VW CC today. They chose a one-owner 2012 CC sport with 44,000 miles in good condition, after the bargain the out-of-door price was $19700 give or take, more than 1k cut from their original price.

Then it's my car in sight-a 2012 CC Lux with rusty wheels, being a rental car before and very high mileage(66,000 miles). A big guy looked like a manager came and gave a price exactly the same amount like the car in much better condition.

I told them clearly this car's a Lux type, but its condition's so much worse than the same year Sports type and it's been a rental car.

I wrote down my concerns about this car on a paper, and guess what? This guy pick up his pen and draw a big cross right over the paper and said 'they are not important, the price is important.' I said okay, you guys could discuss and give me a rational price.

They said okay and after ten minutes, guess what, they gave me a BIG price drop worth 40 BUCKS, with attitude like the car just went in stock one second before I walked in the dealer(it's been in inventory for a couple of months not selling out) and in such perfect condition that not even a scratch was on the car(opposite in fact).

Frankly speaking, judging a dealer could be very subjective, but I simply felt violated by this manager. Was there a 'bad guy' sign on my face or a criminal record for me? Nope, and I still got served as a customer born to tolerate all the bad stuff of this car with a improper price without any right to even bargain?

In all, I wouldn't call them a very bad dealer since two of my friends received satisfying service here, but I gotta say I had a bad experience here and felt violated.

Summer D. | 2014-08-31

Had the best experience here yesterday! Francisco was my sales guy and he did an amazing job.  I felt that he was very trustworthy and I never once felt pressured.  Once my mom and I started to get hangry (hungry+angry) he made a trip to In-N-Out to get us burgers! I was able to refocus on signing the deal for my new car after that.  
Josue was the next guy we talked to and he was also very straightforward and helpful.  Since I am a recent college grad (woohoo!) he suggested VW's college program which worked out beautifully!
Donah was master of finance! She got me in an out while explaining all the crazy paperwork I was signing.  
Literally it was a great car buying experience and I was able to drive off the lot with a veryyy pretty new Jetta :)

Mike C. | 2014-08-31

I recently visited VW Kearny Mesa to have my 2010 VW CC serviced and I reported cupping on my newly purchased tires from the dealership. I asked to speak with the service manager and she was not responsive to my concerns. This is the second set of tires that I have had this (cupping) happen to in the past two years. "This is a known defect caused by the VW CC 2010 alignment," I was told by Kathy Kleine, VW Kearny Mesa service manager. She said that I would have to deal with it and the company would not replace the tires or provide any compensation. Therefore, I am dealing with the situation by contacting VW corporate executives, mainstream media, social media, legal counsel and by notifying the better business bureau regarding VW Kearny Mesa's unwillingness to work with their costumers and by and for releasing a flawed product. There are countless records of this issue documented in the forums online- it's not a secret. It is ridiculous that the consumer should be expected to pay for new tires every six months and have to drive their newly purchased vehicle with loud roaring noises coming from the tires. This is not what I expect from VW engineering. The CC is my second VW purchase and it will be my last if this is how the company treats their costumers. This problem must be resolved. I am going to make it my personal mission to deliver this message on as many media streams as possible. I have a few friends in journalism here in San Diego and over in Boston, MA. I hope this helps Volkswagen make better decisions about manufacturing and distributing such a flawed product and not recalling it to fix the issue. More importantly, I hope this helps consumers make wiser decisions by not purchasing a Volkswagen in the future.

Guillermo R. | 2014-08-30

My family and I have leased/purchased 4 cars from Kearny Mesa VW and I had not been inclined to write a review before, but our recent experience definitely merits one.
Ray Diaz went above and beyond what  you would expect from an assistant sales manager and by far provided a service I have never experienced in the past from any employee at a car dealership; Ray and the general sales manager, Josh Irvine helped my wife and I get out of a bad situation we had with her Passat, and I believe that their service deserves my recommendation and gratitude. Keep up the good work guys, you are an example of what a modern day car dealer should be.
Guillermo Rueda.

Markus D. | 2014-08-28

These are true professionals when it comes to cars. Abraham and Josue are the dynamic duo who helped me with my JETTA TDI. They are super cool guys who will go above and beyond to help you. Damian in Finance is super friendly and walk you through every step to make sure you understand. Their service is unparalleled to anything I've experienced. If I have any issues, they are readily available to help me which is truly the best part of this experience. Most sales team just want to seal the deal with customers and then you're left to your own device. These guys stick with you even after you purchase. 3 months after my purchase, they still remember my name.

Mahyar G. | 2014-08-21

Top Notch Service for a New Car Buyer

SO I had no idea of what to do when buying a new car, all I knew was what I wanted. After searching months and months for my dream car, a 2012 Ford Mustang GT, black on black, stick shift, I came across the internet ad on from VW Kearny. I immediately picked up my phone call (ironically I was planning to see another mustang that day from a different dealership in Valencia, glad I didn't) and called.

The person I spoke with was Wendy Tran, who not just confirmed that the Mustang was there, but answered all the questions I had regarding the car, and even sent pictures to my phone(luckily for me, there were no photos up on because it was recently listed)! It was exactly what I wanted.  She was totally awesome and laid back on the phone.

I ended up canceling my appointment with the other dealership, and took the epic drive down to beautiful San Diego in my soon to be traded in Scion TC.

When I pulled into the dealership, I was greeted with a smile from my first point of contact : Jorge Hernandez Nava. He definitely lead the way with any questions or concerns I had regarding the car throughout my buying experience.

Once I stepped foot into the dealership, it was like walking into an Apple store, filled with car Geniuses doing their daily genius thing. Immaculate and huge. Loved the ambience and pleasantry the staff provided to me: offers of food or non-alcoholic beverages. It was great.

My second point of contact was with Shawna Bumanglag who was training under George, and did a great job handling the the paperwork, and definitely kept me entertained throughout the experience of buying my first car.

Their sales manager Josue Centella is one of the friendliest and honest sales guys I've met (and I've met plenty in other industries), answering any questions I had regarding the loan process and definitions. He was highly knowledgable and helped make the transition of achieving a loan possible. He knew I was driving from Anaheim, and know how much I wanted this car and he made it happen! Thanks Josue!!

Last but not least, the man of the hour: Anthony Martinez who got me an insanely low  apr and did everything humanly possible to make that happen! His expertise, honesty, and his determination of getting me the lowest APR possible should earn him some kind of vacation.  Anthony, again, thank you very much for getting me an exceptional rate! You are the man!

The overall process of buying my car was great, anyone that is buying a car for the first time should come to VW Kearny, regardless of how far it is. I drove 3 hours in traffic from Anaheim, and they made it happen.  Coming here has been the best decision I've ever made in any purchase.

I drove away into the sunset with a big grin and an amazing car!

Fernando V. | 2014-08-20

I really hate the "car buying" experience. Always being alert, always waiting for the hidden charges and always leaving with a bad taste in your mouth.  NOT this time !!  You feel at a Lounge Bar, fully renewed areas, everything is relaxed, everybody is happy and willing to help you get the best deal.  Awesome car selection (not as ANY other VW in town, which by the way, I know them all)

Ask for April if you want to get the best treatment and ask her to go with you for a test drive. She is like Danika Patrick but in "Red head mode"

Heather W. | 2014-08-08

here is the story and update car buying experience no one should have to tell, and i wish on nobody else:

after a mere 10 months in my beautiful 2013 Jetta TDI, a drunk and irresponsible idiot woman without insurance plowed into me stopped at an intersection so hard i was shoved into an SUV in front of me. I won't get into the rollercoaster of a month I had dealing with my own insurance, but in the end...yet another car totaled for me within a year's time. just like before, right after getting my 10k service. so in case you wondered if lightning strikes can.

during the claim process, i had no idea what to root for: repairing the car would mean keeping the fantastic 0% for 72 month financing I got...but I would be driving damaged goods - a car with a record of a major accident and automatic decrease in resale value. if it was totaled, i was looking at not only starting over with my payments after nearly a year paying into that car, but i would now (most likely) be paying interest, a higher payment and even longer term in order to make it close to what i was paying before.

what kind of messed up nightmare is this?? lose-lose, punished for someone else's irresponsibility.

well, a month later i am here to tell you thanks to KM VW and the Sales Manager Josh Irvine, it didn't end up being lose-lose. They put me back into a 2014 Jetta TDI at a price and financing that has officially made it like this never happened...well happened, but is no longer a tragedy. I worked with Josh and his team for over a month with active communication to and from them to make my next car purchase right. at the time my car was declared a total loss, the financing was higher than i wanted... i wanted my zero % again, damnit. tough luck, heather, right? suck it up because life isnt fair...right? well, first of all i am stubborn. second, i am patient and methodical. third, i have awesome insurance. fourth, i just tend to be very lucky and fortunate to which i attribute to good karma and the universe throwing me a bone.

since i was able to cruise in a rental into the month of aug, I told Josh I would hold out till the next month's promotions were announced and cross my fingers 0% might come back again (because it was the same month I bought and got that deal last year...leading into labor day weekend). Josh respected my plan and agreed it was wise of me. the reason I love this dealer is because they are real with you...compassionate and understanding, and seriously, don't BS you and jerk you around. the level of service i have received, especially during this time, is not even measurable in my book. August 1st came, and out of confusion of the website, i thought i was SOL on better financing. and then i got a call from one of the salesmen I was working with, Daniel: "Heather, great news! Josh told me to call you immediately to tell you VW announced 0% on the Jetta TDIs."

...Josh wasn't even working that day. He was up in the northwest for a family affair. THAT, my yelpers, is dedicated service to their customers. on top of getting the 0%, Josh worked with me on the car price better than i could have even imagined. i am truly, truly, thankful for everything he did and for the GM approving the deal. as the last customer in the building nearing closing at 9pm (just as before) i sat down and filled out all the paperwork and signed my name till my wrist hurt with absolutely no up-sale from financing. if you walk in and say, "just the car, nothing else." they will honor it and get you out of there quickly.

this dealership is my family for life. i wouldnt go anywhere else and neither should you! buying a car is always a bit of a process...but they will take as much of the headache out of it as humanly possible.

and just in case you think im crazy to buy another VW after having 2 totaled, i have this to say: VW saved my life without even a scratch on me (both times)...why would I ever abandon them? this isnt bad ju-ju...this is a no-brainer.

Ryan C. | 2014-08-04

I took my 2003 Jetta TDI in as I ran over a nail in the street and my tire went flat and luckily I happend to be right down the street so I decided to take it in for a repair.  I will say that service advisor Kevin and service manager Kathy are world class employees as I was in and out, with a car wash, in about 45 minutes.  This by far exceeded my expectations and would recommed their service department to any Volkswagen owner!

Jessica E. | 2014-08-03

I'd been looking for weeks for the right Volkswagen Beetle when I found it waiting for me at this dealership.  I came in, told them exactly what I wanted and what I could afford, and they made that and so much more happen for me.

It's wonderful to find a salesman who cares more about their customer then about the highest bid they can get.

Now I'm the proud owner of my 2012 Volkswagen Beetle, a car I've been wanting since I was a little girl.

Thanks guys, you made a young lady incredibly happy!

Robert J. | 2014-08-02

I was scheduled to meet with a guy name josway (not sure on the spelling) on July 10th after 4pm to discuss buying a new 2014 VW Passat TDI SE. I arrived at the dealership around 4:05pm and asked for him and another gentlemen told me he was busy but to sit in the waiting room and he will come see me.  After 45 minutes of waiting and no one approaching me I decided it was time to leave and that Kearny Mesa VW did not want my business.  On July 11th, I went to South Bay VW and purchased a new 2014 VW Passat TDI SE in cash.  That could have been Kearny Mesa VW but they didnt want the sale.  I have been to Kearny Mesa VW on a few occasions to repair my 2009 VW Jetta SE and always received excellent service.  It is such a shame that I could not get help with buying a brand new car from them.

Melissa S. | 2014-07-31

My car buying experience with Kearny Mesa was by far the BEST experience ever!!
  We all dread the whole car buying experience but Steven Taylor made my time spent so delightful. From first initial contact to accepting the deal, Steven was more than professional, open and honest. I am not the easiest person to deal with and know what I want, at no point did Steven try to sway my thoughts, or over/under sell me.
 I was able to purchase my dream car and just want to stay in it all day. There were no hidden fees, costs or agendas. Everything we discussed was delivered as promised. Being a female, the whole car purchasing experience can be intimidating, but I never felt more comforted or assured during the process.
  If for one second you are unsure of where to purchase that next vehicle, please let the staff at Kearny Mesa VW make you feel at home and work to give you a deal worth accepting.

Keelan M. | 2014-07-31

I went with a friend who bought her car here.  Danny was a great salesman.  He was helpful and put up with our antics during the process.  I highly recommend Danny V!

Kayla G. | 2014-07-28

I had a wonderful experience Danny really helped me and had my back. He truly made me feel comfortable and at home. I purchased my 1st car a Chevy Malibu I'm so happy I came here. GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE !!!!

Gary G. | 2014-07-28

I would give KM VW a 5 because they were very nice and good service, I went got 2010 certified Jetta, and couldn't ask for better. CITY VW DONT GO THERE! CITY VW CARS WERENT READY FOR SALES AND PUSHY AND DIRTY INSIDE CARS...KM VW, were very neat and ready to for sale, I was satisfied with the deal and thought the best services ever... JOSE and FRANSICO was the awesome man to talk to... FRANISCO was funny and good man that my parents was thrilled to see him when we went to get me 2010 jetta. AWESOME service....

Jessica C. | 2014-07-25

I LOVE THIS PLACE!! First of all, I have never been to a dealership that was this nice. The inside was spotless and the staff there was really cool as well. I bought my Passat there and they got my payments down to exactly what I wanted. They didn't act like gross salesmen, all of the people there just seemed like real, down to earth people. They also had good music on unlike most dealerships
that play boring classical music. I bought my car from Freddy and he was awesome. When we test drove the car, he preset all the stations I like into the radio and after I bought it, he hooked up my iphone to the car BlueTooth system. Even though I was working with Freddy, all the staff there offered me water, coffee and popcorn. They seemed like they all liked each other and not like they were competing. Really cool vibe. WILL BE BACK FOR SURE!

Amanda J. | 2014-07-17

Do not give these people your phone number - they will call you day, night, Sundays, and sometimes twice within only a few hours. I decided not to go with them since I didn't really like the sales people we met and they've been calling ever since. I've counted a total of 12 calls since we went there three weeks ago. It's a drive, but go to Bob Baker VW in Carlsbad. GREAT service and they don't bug the crap out of you :)

Patrick T. | 2014-07-15

I took my TDI Golf in for a routine 20,000 mile service and it was one of the worst experiences I have had with a car dealership ever.  When I got my car back, there was a two inch rip in my driver side upholstery, which was *not* noted the inspection form prior to dropping the car off.  The tech claimed that it was simply "wear and tear" because other parts of the seat had some minor frays and damage.  He offered to cut the frayed portion out, and send me along my way.

It is my opinion that Kerny Mesa VW is responsible for this damage, and they are refusing to address my concerns.  Upholstery damage of this magnitude is neither something that would coincidentally happen when in the dealership's care, no would be missed by the tech when performing an intake inspection.  I strongly recommend that you take your VW elsewhere for service even if you have to drive to Escondido or Carlsbad.

Cory P. | 2014-07-10

VW of kearny mesa is the best car dealership ive ever been to ! I went to get something minor fixed (without warranty) expecting to pay for a clip or two. I was greeted and had awesome conversation with the wonderful young lady who greets at the service dept as she pet my dog and had a huge smile. One of the guys in charge put my car on a lift while i waited in an awesome waiting room with free refreshments. He called me over to the repair center and him and the mechanic explained everything and showed me what needed to be done. They fixed it free of charge, filled my tires with air, and did a complimentary car wash and sent me home with a smile on my face. This is worth the 35 minute drive and i wish every dealership was like this ! If you have a volkswagen, then VW of kearny mesa is your spot

P R. | 2014-07-06

The sales manager, Josh contacted me after my experience at Volkswwagen Kearny Mesa.  He was helpful, and after another test drive the car was sent to a Ford dealership to fix the engine issues, and the engine problem was resolved.  
Sadly, I soon ran into the same issue waiting for a callback - while I was waiting more than a few days for the other questions I was told would get answered regarding factory parts, the car was sold.

Brian D. | 2014-07-06

I seriously doubt I will ever be going back to this place.  We had originally worked out a good price over the phone which was enough to bring me into the store. While there the price went up twice. I had tried to ask the salesman what was going on but his overhead manager (who looked like king of the oompa loompas) came over and played the " I never agreed to this " card twice. As he saw I was losing my patience he went to go consult another manager and 30 minutes later our deal was back on. After doing paperwork and waiting 4 hours I was still not taken into the back rooms to finalize our transactions , so from being there from 3:30 I decided to leave around 8:30 since they couldnt complete the transaction for whatever reason.They wanted me to stay til 11 that night but I couldnt. I came back the next day (like an idiot) around 4pm for the second time but this time I had the cash value of the vehicle (16k) in my hand. I told them I wanted to be out the door by 6pm as I had other arrangements with my family. I sat there waiting and waiting and at 5:50pm I gave up since they still had not taken me into the back to finalize paperwork. I had approved credit and cash in hand , I dont know what more they could have wanted. So I got up and started to walk away and just magically all of a sudden they were ready for me as I was setting foot outside the buildings. If you want someone to play games with then this is your dealership because they excel at that , if you want someone to take you seriously and complete a sales transaction with professionalism then I suggest you look elsewhere.

The following day I went to the BMW used car dealer a block over . Those guys were professional , prompt and had very good customer service. I was in and out with my car in about 2.5 hours from initial inspection to drive off.

Prateeth P. | 2014-06-23

I took my Beetle here for servicing for the first time (I usually take it to city volkswagen), and I couldn't be happier about the switch!  I had Pierre Baffert as my service advisor and he was very knowledgeable about the vehicle and the servicing that it required;  all details were covered up front and I was updated about the status of my vehicle regularly.  The staff working at Kearny Mesa are very courteous and I wouldn't think twice about recommending it and the people that work there.

Carlos A. | 2014-06-20

I purchased a used vehicle from Volkswagen Kearny Mesa a couple days ago. I'd like to start off by saying that the sales and finance staff were very nice and accommodating. I started the transaction over the Internet so that I'd know who to ask for when I arrived and just make the buying process a little easier.
When I arrived I was greeted right away as I entered the dealership. They offered me water or coffee and after a couple minutes we were on our way to check out the car I was interested in purchasing.
I really wish I could have given this dealership a five star rating but unfortunately I can't and here's why:
They lose one star because, the price I agreed to out the door was increased by $800 when I got into finance. When I questioned the increase, The finance manager excused himself and went and spoke with the sales manager. He came back, apologized about the mistake and adjusted the price back down to what I had originally agreed to. I wonder what would have happened if I wouldn't have paid attention to the numbers?
They lose a second star for two reasons: I understand the dealership is not required to fill up the tank when you buy a used car, but my car was delivered with the fuel tank on "E". I asked the salesman and he said only new cars get a full tank. I had to stop by the gas station on my way home. LOL. Next time give me a half tank at least. I also had to purchase 4 new tires today (I have a receipt) because the tires on the car were pretty worn and the front tires had little cracks on them. Not sure how/why this got missed in the reconditioning process.
I paid close to KBB retail for this car because I chose to. And I'm happy with my purchase because it's a rare car however because I feel I paid top dollar I kind of would have expected a fully reconditioned vehicle with some newer tires. Maybe a 2nd set of keys and owner's manual would have been nice too.
In the end, I wouldn't tell people this is a bad dealership but at the same time would not go out of my way to recommend them. If you go here be careful with the final numbers and check your tires :-)

Susan C. | 2014-06-10

Love this dealership! The service department is great--Kathy and Edgar always keep me informed, meet their commitments and handle things fairly! I will go out of my way to visit this location!

Christie L. | 2014-06-02

I recently returned my Jetta sedan lease and purchased the Jetta TDI wagon.  My sales consultant was Jorge Hernandez, he was very thorough with the features of the car and I felt like he was on my side throughout the process.  In fact, the entire management team, used and new car sales managers were great to work with as well.  Don't get me wrong, we negotiated for a while, which any good sales person would do,  but they worked with my situation and I drove away a happy customer!  I will definitely continue to bring my business to VW Kearney Mesa.

Nic B. | 2014-05-22

I have always had great customer service! To the people at the repairs area to the drivers to take me home so I don't have to stay there all day.

Tom H. | 2014-05-19

Having let my zippy VW GTI go after 12 years to a friend who asked to buy it, I was ready for more of VW's clean style and sturdy power, this time in the nifty new diesel Golf I got last month from VW Kearny Mesa. My interactions across sales, finance, auto service, and customer service have all been positively and professionally handled. The customer lounge is very comfortable, which makes the necessary periods of waiting (like for a shuttle) quite pleasant.

I did hit one unexpected issue with a programmable feature not being available as I'd originally been advised, but once the Kearny Mesa team determined the feature could not be changed via methods normally available to VW, they sent an independent wizard guy to my workplace the very next day with the VCDS toolkit to deprogram the feature.

It's the sharp beeping sound made when the car is locked. It's a setting a driver can easily turn off in some models such as the Passat, but just not included in some Golf models like mine for whatever reason, and something not widely known until we all looked further into it. I just didn't want to spend the life of another car with this annoying sound bugging neighbors where our houses are close to the street, and I had based my purchase decision on eliminating it. So, I'm very happy the VW management team took my concern quite seriously and quickly stepped in with advanced resources to solve the problem.

I knew the entire VW team was doing everything they could at each level, and I appreciate their effort in working out this rather unusual situation to my satisfaction. I was heard and made happy.

Andy C. | 2014-05-02

No experience with the sales department, although they were very friendly, and the parts department, also very friendly and professional. But for the service dept., especially Shane, one star is all this place is worth.

Dropped off the car for what we thought was an emissions problem, and therefore under warranty, (our warranty ran out about 4 month ago), and were quoted $358.00 for changing out a $30.00 part (secondary sensor) and what was actually 15 minutes of labor which was super easy to get to.  Shame on them for this ripoff.  I am not opposed to paying a reasonable value for service, but this one was clearly unreasonable.  Shane had the chance to correct it, but chose not to.  So, thumbs down for the service department!

Robert B. | 2014-04-26

I just purchased a new Tiguan from Kearny Mesa VW and couldn't be happier with the deal.
This is my 3rd auto purchase from Kearny Mesa VW in the last 2 years  (I have daughters that need to drive to and fromand like German!)
JORGE HERNANDEZ was my Sales Consultant.   Jorge was very professional and forthright. He helped me get the best deal possible and worked with me throughout the whole car buying process.
I would highly recommend both Kearny Mesa VW and Jorge.

Thanks for all your hard work Jorge...

Felicia G. | 2014-04-26

Jorge Hernandez and the manager Steve Taylor provided fast and friendly service during the lease of my second Jetta from VW Kearny Mesa!!

Jules M. | 2014-04-25

I have been taking my Passat here for service over the last three years. The service staff are always helpful and professional.

When I have compared their prices with other "non-dealership shops" they are always at or below these shops.

Plus, they offer a free shuttle which is helpful. And, they remolded their dealership within the past two years so the waiting area is nice and modern.

Matthew A. | 2014-04-20

A+ experience courtesy of Ray, Kathy and Edgar in the service department!

Recently took my 2010 CC 2.0T in with the check engine light on.  After an hour or so, Ray came out and shared with me an issue regarding the intake manifold.  He said VW has acknowledged it's a common issue and that they will be replacing the intake manifold as a goodwill by VW.  My CC is out of warranty by 19,000mi.  Kathy, the service manager, and Ray Clearwater, my service advisor on this visit, went the extra mile and had carbon buildup in the cylinders and flaps removed as a courtesy.  (I paid $725 out of pocket for this same service at another local VW dealer a year prior)  This is proof VWKM's priority is SERVING CUSTOMERS.  

I have been to two other VW dealers in the area for service...I have definitely gotten the best service at VWKM.  Plus, it's a nice, new, clean facility.  As added bonuses, they have wifi, TVs, coffee, water...and play hip music in the lobby.  I would highly recommend VWKM for service.  A+ job!  Thank you!

The only thing missing that I'd like to see at VWKM is service loaners.  The shuttle, renting a car down the street and Uber are decent alternatives, but when I drop my car for service, I'd love to know I can have another car ready to go.

Doran B. | 2014-04-19

I was looking for a TDI Jetta. I went to my local VW dealer (VW of Orange) was run around and quite frankly blatantly lied to! I was done with the snakes at VW of Orange. I made contact with April and her support people (Wendy and Abraham) and got my car at a fair price. KM VW even went as far as delivering the car all detailed and ran through the functions at my office. Great team and I will drive the two hours to maintain my relationship with this dealer. A good dealer makes or breaks the feelings about the brand and KM VW is now my preferred for VW.

Elaine H. | 2014-04-17

I had a super great buying experience at Kearny Mesa Volkswagen.  My Salesman (Steve Harveston) was top notch.  The best car buying experience I have ever had. I highly recommend Kearny Mesa Volkswagen.

Dallin M. | 2014-04-14

Just got my 2012 VW Passat serviced and Ray Clearwater the Service Advisor was amazing, made sure they went the extra mile to clean my car and take care of things the dealership didn't do in Utah. If you are looking for a great place to get your oil changed or just to service your car come see the experts here at Kearny Mesa VW make sure to ask for Ray Clearwater he is a stud!!!

Jeff W. | 2014-04-07

Always get an outside mechanic to inspect any used car you're about to buy - learn from my mistake!

I purchased a used car from this dealership, and when asking about a mechanical inspection, they informed me it had already been through their service department and had been inspected. "We replace old and worn out parts as part of our refurbishment process" I was told. Sounds great, right?

Within weeks of my purchase, the check engine light came on. A cylinder was misfiring due to old/worn spark plugs. I also learned the rear brake pads were very close to grinding on the rotors and needed immediate replacement. I had driven the vehicle less than 1000 miles since purchase at this point.

There is nothing worse than spending money on maintenance items like spark plugs and brake pads before you've even made your first car payment.

I regret that I believed them and did not take it to get my own inspection. Buyer beware!

Last, any extended warranties they sell you do not cover maintenance items. In fact these warranty companies expect a certain level of maintenance to be performed for the warranty to be honored.

Don't let it happen to you - take it elsewhere and have it checked out. I wish I had!

Lauren L. | 2014-03-31

Edgar was very efficient and helpful when I brought my car in for service. He is here every time and has helped me with everything I have needed with my jetta. Great customer service and always has a smile on his face. Definitely recommend this dealership for any needs you may have!

Chris P. | 2014-03-24

This is the second car I have purchased from this VW dealer and have been happy both times. Lots of auto model knowledge, with only mild pushes to buy. It was a nice balance. No dumb questions like: "what would it take to see you go home in one today?" Just helpful advice, dedication to me as a single buyer with time constraints; willingness to bend over backwards to accommodate my schedule and needs.

Francisco is the main man. He will treat you with complete respect and courtesy. And he is backed up by a good team. Make sure you ask for Francisco.

Anna S. | 2014-03-23

First off, I came here after having a horrible experience at another dealership (NOT Volkswagen- it was an American manufacturer but I don't want to call them out) where the salesperson refused to honor our previous negotiations on price after I spent an entire week on that.  Huge waste of time.  It put me off that brand entirely and I just randomly tried VW.  

Great experience.  My sales team included Dago and Josh Irvine.  They were great- ask for them. They both stayed an hour after the dealership closed just to answer a bunch of questions.  This was true even though I said from the start that my husband and I would have to talk everything over before committing to any purchase. The entire team- from salesperson to financing- is upfront.  They do not try to sell you a bill of goods or change the pricing at the very end.  They also don't try to tell you they have to run your credit even though you have a down payment and outside financing (another non-VW car dealership tried to pull this stunt on me).  They also don't spam you, which is RARE in the car business.  The horrible place I went previously is still spamming me.  

Donah in finance is fantastic.  She is absolutely straight-forward and makes the entire experience easy and understandable.  And she is so competent and trustworthy- the ultimate straight-shooter, which is very comforting since she handles the money portion.  We were so impressed with Donah that we sent an email to the owner of this dealership.  If you get the chance, ask for Donah. .

In sum, this place is not a predatory environment.  And we got an amazing deal with pricing through the USAA car buying service.

I can't comment on service yet- but will update my post when I get service here.

My only criticism- I would like to see more women salespeople.  Women tend to be shorter than men and have different opinions or desires in a car.  Donah, the financing manager, actually knew immediately why I liked the bug- because the position of the side bar is further back which makes it easier to see out of the side window b/c the blind spot is diminished.  My 6'2 husband never has a problem seeing out of the car.  However, petite women do.  And the way they make cars today, the design tends to sacrifice visibility.

Moto R. | 2014-03-23

I only wish I could have had the same experience that Anna S. had. I had a TrueCar quote from Kearny Mesa Volkswagen with the hopes of a hassle free car experience. The salesman was nice, but the finance guys are what made things go bad. Two different finance guys giving very different reasons why they couldn't honor the TrueCar price while being extremely rude. After over two hours at the dealership the only thing we left with was a headache.

Ricardo G. | 2014-03-17

What an excellent experience! From day one to drive off this crew has treated me with respect and has been wonderful. From Tony to Donath (and I got that wrong) everyone has been professional, no pressure, and incredibly accommodating and informative. They kept me up-to-date as to when my car would arrive they were honest and did not mess with the price even though my version was slightly more than the original I tested. Without a doubt I would buy another car from them.

Alice D. | 2014-03-15

I came here to get a new clicker for my car key because the battery died and I couldn't fix it myself. After I paid and they reprogrammed it they told me that I had to have 2 keys, a clicker and an ignition starter. What made them think that I wanted to pay $200 for two keys, I would have rather saved my money and kept my broken clicker. So I bought a whole new key all together and they offered me free service for the next time I came in to get it programmed. The reason I give them two stars is because of their stupidity and lack of communication with the client. Also it took 2 hours to program the key when they told me it would be less than an hour. And then they told me I would have to come back a FOURTH time because their technicians couldn't figure out why it wouldn't program. Ugh!

Steve O. | 2014-03-11

My 2006 Passat died and towed it to a local garage that couldn't pin-point the problem. They said it was either the camshaft was trashed or it could be a fuel-pump issue. So it was recommended that I take it up the street to VW Kearny Mesa.

As anyone knows - avoid the dealer for repairs at all costs. I was expecting the worst case scenario but was pleasantly surprised that Ray Clearwater, my service advisor took my particular situation to heart and did his best to provide cost-effective repairs. He was always in communication as to the status of my car as well as being attentive to my concerns. Customer service was excellent and everything was delivered on-time and as promised.

Reza P. | 2014-03-04

My family has purchased two new VW's from Volkswagen Kearny Mesa and could not be happier and more satisfied with our cars and the customer service! Bob, the assistant manager gave me an amazing deal on my VW cc!!!!! He also hooked up my Mom with a great bargain when she got her Jetta! We are both completely satisfied with this dealership and have been a happy customers of this dealership for the past couple years. I have been driving VW's for over 10 years and have been in many dealerships. Volkswagen Kearny Mesa is the best of the best.
Francisco is an awesome salesperson and he put our needs first. Kathy Klein-Roxas is an amazing manager and does an extraordinary job at running the Service department. She is genuine, kind, knowledgeable, and just really an awesome person! I went in yesterday to have a routine maintenance done and she took care of me with true hospitality. Ray Clearwater is an excellent service consultant and kept me informed about the service of my car throughout the day and was pleasant and professional as well. Bob is a great assistant manager and he will not let you leave with a car unless you are COMPLETELY satisfied in every way.
The dealership is spacious and modern with an abundant amount of down-home kindness and hospitality. More than a car dealership, these people care about their customers and want to go above and beyond their call of duty and my experience has been awesome every time. They are on a true Quest for Excellence. Do yourself a favor and purchase a car from them. You will be more than satisfied!!!!!!!

Amanda W. | 2014-02-26

My husband recently purchased a used VW Jetta from Kearny Mesa Volkswagen. Their staff is phenomenal. Very friendly sales people. We  were helped by Damian, very nice guy and he helped my husband  get into a car that was not only in our budget but also had all the options he wanted. They have a very nice lounge with free coffee and water. The sales manager Steve worked with us to find an amazing rate on my vehicle. We couldn't be more happy with our Jetta. This was by far the best experience I had dealing with a dealership. I would highly recommend purchasing a car with Kearny Mesa Volkswagen to anyone.

Desmond F. | 2014-02-25

The showroom is beautiful to be sure, but it all comes down to the sales experience for car dealerships. I came with a friend since she was uneasy about negotiating for a car on her own and I was happy to help. In the end it was a pretty typical experience, meaning not fun since they gave incremental improvements on offers and pressured us to make an immediate decision. We came in around 730pm and we finally left around close to 11 since they kept us there so long. Not an abnormal tactic for a car dealership but it's never fun.

Akbelth B. | 2014-02-24

We went there to purchase a Passat. Tony Cavaliere helped  us. He was nice and helpful. I decided to get the vehicle. I told him that before I do anything I want to discuss the price because I have more interesting offer from another dealer. He said no problem I will align my offer on that and I email him the offer. The process went at the beginning smoothly. He checked my credit and when he checked with the finance guy he came with a price $2000 more the price he offered me at the beginning. I was so frustrated and I told him I shouldn't give you my information He said so you called me a layer I said not really.  It's not hard to guess it though.

Very bad experience  I don't recommend it  at all.

Chicana foodie C. | 2014-02-17

No concept of customer service.  Blonde lady at service desk I think her name was Kathy was extremely rude. No greeting when I walked in, she was more worried about putting her paperwork in order. Basic customer service: when someone comes in you address them politely and help them, not take your time to finish whatever it was then address the customer. Then she was just annoyed and when I asked for the time frame for service. I told her I had just called and no appointment was necessary for the service I needed,  wait time was 3 hours because service staff needed  to take their lunch.  That I can understand, but it was just the way she talked to me that was so rude I walked right out. Was not about to argue with someone like that. Ill gladly take my car elsewhere where they do know how to treat a customer.

Brennan W. | 2014-02-04

If you are looking to buy a new car cruise on down to Volkswagen Kearny Mesa and see Johnny Fregoso. Hands down BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE I've ever experienced. No pressure super attentive and will go out of his way to make sure you have the best possible outcome. I came in trading my ford edge in for a new CC. He and his manager Steve Taylor worked and found me an amazing deal. Saved me money got me into a beautiful car and gained my return business for a long time to come. Check out JOHNNY FREGOSO if you're in the market for a new car. You won't be disappointed and I guarantee you'll leave with the car and best deal.

Nick Z. | 2014-01-30

Just purchased my 2nd VW, the first one from a dealer I'd rather not name but it rhymes with kitty. I went to Volkswagen Kearny Mesa for my 2nd one and was very pleased with the way I was treated.

My salesman was pretty laid back and didn't pressure me. I've already been in to the service department once for my first oil change and that was pretty painless. They got me out of there in the time they promised and even washed my car.

Thanks VWKM and keep up the good work!

Philippe P. | 2014-01-28

Just purchased a pre-owned vehicle from Kearny Mesa VW. It's my first purchase from this dealership and it was a good experience. To my surprise, there was hardly any pressure to make a decision. Enjoyed working with Jesus who took me for a test drive and patiently answered all my questions. He is friendly, accommodating, and very professional.
Negotiated a fair price with his manager Steve. Also communicated with other Sales associates while in the dealership.
All are very professional, friendly and knowledgeable. Nice, clean dealership with well prepared and very clean cars to choose from.
Even though everyone is busy, there's a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. Also enjoyed working with their Finance Department.
I'll definitely go back to Kearny Mesa VW next time I need a car. I highly recommend them.

Kilgore T. | 2014-01-23


I won't bore you with details but the long and short of it is they sold me a lemon. Which happens. I won't blame them for that. But then they refused to fix or service the lemon.
Once they realized it was a lemon they back pedaled and did everything they could NOT to help me. So what do you want people of San Diego? A dealership that treats you well through all stages of car ownership? Or just the one that smiles and sells you the car and is laughing at you the second you're out the door? By the way, even though it was one of the first questions I asked them, they are NOT accredited with the BBB. IF THEY WERE THEYD BE REQUIRED TO GO TO REMEDIATION WITH ME OVER THIS. but thy lied to me, they're NOT.  ask yourself what kind of car dealer is so afraid of remediation that they wouldn't accredit themselves?

Denise M. | 2014-01-23

Really disappointing.

It took three attempts to have them look at my car. First two times, even though I had a scheduled appointment, I left without service because they were too busy. They took in cars over mine and then told me they didn't have time to do the work. Third time I dropped my car off the night before and was the first 7 am ticket. Got a call by 8 am saying that nothing was wrong with my car. I know there was a problem with my car because they were the ones who pointed out the problem to begin with. I wanted to talk with them since they had left a message and they would never answer. I finally got a none service lady to help me and she walked over to the reps to ask if they would call me back. They said they were busy and didn't have time to talk to me right then. In fact they said that I would have to wait until like closing time before they would call me back. I left a voice message with the service manager expressing my concern and he never returned my call.

Really disturbing. A company like this should be grateful they have customers and treat them properly. These guys at Kearney Mesa VW don't even care.

Shame on them!

Nina Y. | 2014-01-22

Just purchased a GLI last night at Kearny Mesa VW. I had the best car  buying experience at KM VW. Albert was my salesperson he treated me very well. He was very professional and knowledgeable.  I have purchased many vehicles in my lifetime (around 15). This was foremost one of best experiences I had. The no pressure sales team was great. The lady in finance was very professional and didn't use shady tactics for add ons as some car dealers will guilt you into purchasing. Management was extremely helpful and courteous. I would highly recommend this dealership to anyone.

Brian S. | 2014-01-21

Buying a new car always sucks and you pretty much will always get F'ed over. So this rating focuses on the dealership and hospitableness.  These guys are all super cool and straight forward.  The Finance guy wanted to give me a 2.9% APR on a '14 Golf TDI, my trade was a 2009 A4 with 1.9 through VW credit, the Finance guy was like "yeah it makes no sense to move up a point as long as you have equal or similar credit" in which I did, so I got the 1.9% 0 down on the finance.  The sales guy was funny and laid back and ZERO pressure which I liked, nobody wants some crazy arse sales bro to high pressure try to convince someone  to buy the car that may not be the right choice---the car sold itself, and I had already done all my research! Another sales guy was telling this young young dude behind me that the car he was looking at was too expensive for his credit and income and made suggestions on a used car that was similar and would fit into his budget!  I though that pretty honest of the salesman.  So over all I got a brand spanking new car with good efficient service, lots of smiles and zero headaches!  PS...I also went through USAA car buying service so I did not pay close to sticker and payed about 12% below sticker through USAA.

Jennifer F. | 2014-01-17

I usually don't write reviews but after reading one of the previous reviews I want to tell you about my car buying experience here.  First I have been bringing my car here for service since they opened and have always been treated very well. Even during the construction of their new building.  Back in October 2013 I turned in my leased cc to get the new convertible beetle.  My salesman was Tony and I was very happy with him. He was so helpful and l felt like I was dealing with a friend.  The whole process was painless, even in the finance dept which usually drags on, they got me in and out.  Two weeks later my bf decided he wanted a new car as well so I contacted Tony and he sold us the new GTI which is such a fun car to drive.   I have sent down my daughter and her friend who both bought cars from Tony and they loved him.  We are now a Vw family and Kearny Mesa Vw will be our dealership.

Chris P. | 2014-01-16

Average service here.  They make the effort, but they seem really busy.  My gf has a jetta, and its service history has not been great so I understand why they are busy.

The waiting area is comfortable so thats a plus.  Main reason for 3 stars is because I feel the service workers are being over worked and it bleeds over into quality of service.

Maurya M. | 2014-01-09

I leased my original Jetta in 2010 from City Volkswagen. I planned to turn it back into them and lease another car from that dealership. However, after having my car inspected by City (I had a few scratches on it and some wear and tear but otherwise in excellent condition) they told me I was going to owe a significant amount of money and offered me a "trade in deal" where they would lease me a new car and I would pay approximately $30 more/month to cover all of the damages not have to pay it all out of pocket at once. I was really skeptical about this because other than the scratches, I just did not see any other damage and I was not convinced I was going to owe a lot of money. I took it to Kearney Mesa for a 2nd opinion. Tony and another gentleman inspected it and assured me that City was crazy and they did not see any more that $500 worth of damage. I was also returning the car with excellent mileage. I leased it for 36 months with 15k miles/year. After 3 years I was returning the car with just about 20k miles on it. The interior was also spotless. Tony convinced me to turn the car into them and they would give me a much better deal and said there was no reason for me to do a "trade in" as I wouldn't owe more than $500. I agreed to this and leased a new Jetta from Tony and had a pretty pleasant overall Sales experience while doing it.

However, the pleasant experience ended there and I have found Tony extremely difficult to work with since then, unhelpful and frankly, unresponsiveness. In November, I received a call from VW credit saying my final bill balance was $2100 form the 2010 Jetta that I turned in. I was shocked and outraged to say the least! I explained to VW credit what Tony had told me from Kearney Mesa and they told me to contact him to see if he/the dealership would help pay for the costs as that has happened in the past. Every time I texted Tony, if he bothered to answer at all, he would respond with a short "I'm looking into it" then nothing..I would follow up weeks later again and again and still nothing. Finally in Dec, after I sent Tony a strongly worded text and expressed my disappointment in his customer service he finally contacted VW but never followed up with me to tell me what was discussed and determined. I reached out to him again to find out (as I had once again received a letter from VW credit demanding payment for the $2100) and he said "he's done everything he can and they will contact me to discuss". In Jan, I received yet another letter from VW demanding payment of $2100. I called them and explained to them that I thought Tony was handling it and they said he was supposed to get back to them but has been unresponsive to them as well. I worked out a deal with them, by myself, to get the final payment reduced down to $1450 but I'm still very upset as that is $1000 more than I expected to pay according to Tony.

The customer service that I received from Tony is totally unacceptable. At my job, if it took me 2 months to resolve an issue for a customer (and it's still not resolved) I would be fired. It's very clear to me that Tony just said whatever he needed to say to me that day to make the sale back in September and then didn't care what happened to me once I handed over the check for the new car. I feel lied to and deceived and wish I never came to Kearney Mesa Volkswagen. To say this has ruined my experience of leasing my new car is putting it mildly.

David R. | 2014-01-08

I haven't been treated this well in a long time. The service dept is outstanding. Reasonably priced and really willing to work with me on my daughters Jetta. I worked on the car but couldn't correct the problem. They took it from where I left off. Didn't try and push anything on me I didn't need. The mechanic is top notch.

The showroom and waiting areas are immaculate. Free water and coffee. Everyone smiles and wants to make sure all is good. They even washed the car and did a better job than the full service car wash I use. With out a doubt, I will recommend them highly and return for more service.

Paco R. | 2014-01-03

This place is not worth.  Customer service shows attention only at the very beginning when you drop your car, but problems do not get solved afterwards. I hy care have taken my  car  in for a problem and they failed to resolve for tree times.  At the end I took the car to another dealership and it was fixed immediately.  Here they do many promises but nothing gets done. I have reported them to vw America

Erin S. | 2014-01-03

Can I give this establishment zero stars?  I had two very poor experiences at Kearny Mesa Volkswagen.  The first was when my daughter and I were planning to drive to San Jose.  I scheduled a service appointment.  When I dropped off the car, I explained that I would soon be driving the car with my daughter to San Jose.  I told the service rep that I had a headlight out and no washer fluid.  He assured me that both would be taken care of.  Guess what!  When I picked up my car, NEITHER had been done.  Luckily i noticed the headlight was still out by the reflection in a car's bumper at a traffic light.  I put all this information in a survey following my visit and had the manager call and assure me that customer satisfaction was top priority and asked that I give Kearny Mesa VW another try.  FOOLISHLY, I did so.  Yesterday, I took my car, which has been running with absolutely no problems, in for service.  This morning, my key no longer opens the doors to my car, and my battery no longer works either.  I find it IMPOSSIBLE to believe that both these things happened "coincidentally."  But guess what, VW Kearny Mesa has graciously offered to fix my key for $120.00 and my battery for another $170.00.  This is, of course, on top of the $260.00 I paid for repairs yesterday.  The best advice is stated above: STAY CLEAR OF THIS DEALERSHIP.

Chloe C. | 2013-12-07

This place has amazing customer service! About 10 months ago I chose to go with a VW Tiguan after much research. I did their sign and drive event and upgraded from my crappy college car to an awesome SUV that is totally affordable! The thing I love the most is whenever I come in, I either get free gas, free car wash, or free service. Their new building is great and I couldn't be happier. So happy with my decision!

Mrs F. | 2013-12-07

So, I had to share that I had such a great car buying experience here during my last purchase that my husband and I decided to buy yet another car!  We were given the same top notch service from our salesman, Steve.  The new building is great and the customer lounge is really nice.  I seriously had about 3 cups of coffee from the Starbucks machine.  Oh and let's not forget the awesome popcorn machine.  One other thing that really impressed us was that the General Manager, Frank Alvarez, personally thanked us for our repeat business and made us feel like we were part of the VW Kearny Mesa family.  Thanks!

Joe S. | 2013-11-24

Good people, nice remodeled location ! Great place to take your car for service or even upgrade your ride !

Melody D. | 2013-11-22

I recently purchased a VW Passat from Volkswagen Kearney Mesa. It's been a bitter sweet experience. I knew exactly what I wanted & how much I wanted to pay. My salesman unfortunately fit the description of cheesy & dishonest. Using the typical car sales tactics. He jerked me around for a week trying to manipulate me into a sale. I finally had enough & only after threatening to go somewhere else did he agreed to give me the deal I presented the week before. I am satisfied with the deal because I got the car I wanted. But I would do it differently the next time.
The ladies in the finance department were great! They made me feel better about doing business with this dealership.
The service department is also friendly & offer good service.
An observation is that there's a big lack of communication between departments & service appears disorganized. This dealership has potential but needs some work.

Vivek P. | 2013-11-17

-Slick new showroom,
-Knowledgeable friendly staff i.e both sales and finance
-Nice lounge area
-Pleasant purchase transaction with numerous payment options
-Offer ext-warranty on used vehicles

I would recommend them for non-vw used cars as well and not just new.!

Kevin L. | 2013-10-23

I had an excellent car buying experience, so based on that 5/5.

Starting with Jesus (Sales) and ending with Marisol (Finance), they both were friendly and helpful.

Alicia D. | 2013-10-22

The sales consultant I dealed with is Jesus Machado.He explained everything in a professional way the advantages to buy a VW vs other cars. His demeanor was excellent and he knows  the in and outs of the business.He provide me all the information I needed to make an intelligent decision to lease a car. Besides everyone was very pleasant and courteous during my stay at the dealership.
A BIG thanks to Robert Wind for the referral!!!

Ashley E. | 2013-10-21

I went to get my regular check up for my VW at Kearny Mesa VW and they claimed my tire needed to be replaced and it was not repairable. They wanted to charge me $185 for one tire!! I brought my tire to Discount Tire and turns out it was a patch repair that was needed and they did it for FREE!! VW charged me $25 for another tire repair. Way to not help me at all, being that Discount Tire repairs ANY tire for FREE!! Discount Tire is the BEST!! VW makes me one angry individual.

Trish V. | 2013-10-18

I went to Volkswagen Kearney Mesa to help my friend buy a 2014 Jetta SE. When I arrived, one of the internet sales managers was very pushy toward to my friend to get the car at a higher price than what was quoted by other Volkswagen dealerships in the area.

Doug was incredibly rude and undermined both of our intelligence by telling us we knew nothing about cars or buying cars. Just for the record, both of us are UC San Diego students that had done a lot of research scoping out the 2014 Jetta. Being an economics major and having bought cars with my parents before, I thought I could be of help for my international student friend. When I encouraged my friend to walk away and get a better price and LIFETIME OIL CHANGES with South Bay Volkswagen, Doug became incredibly aggressive. He claimed that I was only hurting my friend's decision to buy a car and that I knew nothing. He was just short of screaming at me. I've never felt so uncomfortable in my life with a sales person. He's is currently at the top of my shit list.    

We ended up getting the exact same 2014 Jetta, same color at South Bay Volkwagen for $700 lower than what Kearney Mesa had wanted.

Jaimeson C. | 2013-10-12

Had a great experience purchasing my vehicle.
Damien is AWESOME and the test drive we had was perfect.
Cannot wait to see how we are treated with aftercare...

Bess W. | 2013-10-08

By far the WORST service I have ever received. Upon informing the finance dept of the lies and poor service I received at a different VW dealership, VW Kearny Mesa has shown me that to save myself some trouble, I should just never purchase another VW again. Nice cars, but will never gain my brand loyalty.

I was told to wait 2 weeks for my warranty to process before I could order a set of keys. It has now been 4 weeks. I understand delays in processing but what is ridiculous are the 3 times I've called the dealership over the course of 2 weeks and was told I would receive a follow up call or left a voicemail - to be left completely unattended to. They think I'm upset about the processing delay and are snappy with me (on the rare occasions I get a human being on the other line)- but WRONG- delays happen, I'm not unreasonable. But do you know how frustrating it is to be told someone would address your issue only to be ignored for 2 weeks when you just paid them over $1,000?

I've never received such unprofessional, rude, careless service at any professional organization before. Frankly, I'd be ashamed to say I work for Kearny Mesa Volkswagen. For this to be my 2nd VW dealership that I've had poor experiences at after owning the car for just 2 months- well, we're done doing business.

Todd P. | 2013-10-08

It all started when I took my 2002 Volkswagen Jetta in for service for a window I was having trouble with.  Kathy in the Service Department was very helpful, they fixed the problem, and they gave me a great price.

I had another issue a couple weeks later, so I decided to take my car in again.  Since my car was getting a little old, I decided to look into a new car.  I asked for a salesman and Pedro stepped up to help me.  Pedro was extremely helpful, he answered any and all questions I had, and was willing to go the extra mile in order to give me the best experience possible.

I decided to purchased a new 2014 Jetta GLI Autobahn version, I got a great deal, I absolutely love my new car, and I was very happy with the entire experience.  DEFINITELY recommend going there!

Barbara H. | 2013-10-03

1 year ago, I gave Kearney Mesa Volkswagen a bad review and I received an email tonight, that Yelp removed my review because "Our Support team has determined that it falls outside our Content Guidelines ( ) because it lacks a substantive consumer experience. When reviewing, please describe your actual experience with a business."

I had a bad experience with the customer service at this business and I do stand by my review.  They sold me a car with a defect in the paint they said they would fix ubut didn't until my 6'1" husband showed up.  Is that enough detail?

Matt A. | 2013-09-06

Outstanding dealership led by excellent administrators.

I had been dealing with a dispute concerning my vehicle for 3 years that was continuously refused to be resolved by previous administrators. In the third year of this long conflict, Frank Alvarez, the new General Manager at VW Kearny Mesa treated me with class and respect.

Mr. Alvarez provided exceptional customer service and was willing to work with me throughout the entire process. After being denied and given the "run around" for such a long period of time, I was naturally very pleased to encounter new leadership that was kind, professional and understanding.

I am extremely appreciative of VW Kearny Mesa and the leadership that is now running such an outstanding dealership.

Jessie L. | 2013-08-31

If you are looking for a new car, I highly suggest visiting VW Kearny Mesa.

Not only are VWs awesome cars, but you cannot beat the customer service that these guys and gals offer.  Every single person I encountered was kind, friendly and helpful. They are REAL people that you can connect with.

During my 2 week courtesy check-up, not only did they take excellent care of my new car, but they invited me to join them for their staff lunch! Like I said, they are very real people that make you feel like part of the family.  I would refer friends and family to VW Kearny Mesa because I know they actually care about their customers and they know so much about their product!

Congratulations VW Kearny Mesa for making a great name for yourself.

Bob S. | 2013-07-11

I should mention that this review might be updated depending on the outcome of my repair - if it ever gets finished.  I did read the other reviews of Kearny Mesa VW, but seeing as many good experiences go un-reviewed, and because I've been unhappy with another local VW dealership - Herman Cook, I thought I'd give these guys a try.  Mistake.  I brought my car in 3 days ago (at 7:30 AM) for a time-consuming repair (10-12 hours), but again, that was 3 days ago (= 30 business hours and counting that their service department has had my car to do a repair that could have been done in 1 - 1 1/2 days).  Not to mention that after initially calling and getting a quote for my exact repair for year, model, and trim-line of $920, I was bait-and-switched into a $1,600 quote, that I was able to lower to $1,340 (we'll see what the final bill is) after mentioning that the other dealership quoted $1,400 (another sob story could be written about those guys).  Dealerships have set repair cost schedules when given year, model and trim-line, so there's no excuse for an inaccurate quote when given all the information.

3 days, no offer of a free rental car, no return calls today from either my service rep or the service manager.  The only reason I went to a dealer this time around is because my repair involves a lot of disassembly and disconnection of dash components, which I assumed would be better handled by a dealer than a private mechanic - especially when the time comes for re-assembly.  Maybe not.  My Mom has had consistently good experience with her Lexus dealership service and I just don't understand why a dealership - i.e. a business that sells new cars as well as repairing older cars, does not see the value in providing good service (forget Lexus-caliber service, good service would be enough), that would result in a customer buying another car from them.  I guess with most dealerships their motto is "stick it to the customer while you can, 'cause we don't expect them to ever come back".

From now on, it's gonna be a private mechanic or a Lexus for my next car.  I guess you can't expect these kinds of businesses to learn from their customers.


I finally got my car back - after 1 week at this dealership - for a 10-hour repair.  Here is a summary of my experience with Kearny Mesa VW:

- repair quote before I brought the car in was much less than after they diagnosed it  and determined that the exact repair they quoted was the repair needed.  I agreed to have it repaired anyway at a cost of about $400 over their original estimate (I just wanted to get it done - originally $700 higher than their original quote).  They are either lying or are incompetent when it comes to providing accurate quotes.

- I was lied to twice about when my car would be ready - instead of a couple of days, it took a week.

- I was not offered a rental until over 3 days after I brought the car in - and even then i had to plead with them for one.  No offer to reimburse me for a rental car.  They said that they have very few loaners to offer and while most dealerships offer to pay for rentals, not these folks.

- I complained to corporate and the most I got was a phone message saying they had spoken to the dealership.  The dealership called and said they were sorry for my experience and offered nothing more.  You should be aware that this is not a privately-owned dealership; therefore they have no vested interest in customer service.  Their employees are polite, but that's the most you can expect from them, as clearly their corporate philosophy when it comes to customers translates down to this dealership.

VW's are generally good cars, but this company has really dropped the ball when it comes to customer satisfaction for repairs.

Miss H. | 2013-06-20

This is a very old review I never finished but it still pertains...they are sloppy and I recommend DO NOT let them touch and definitely not detail your car!!!  You'll regret it!
I was so excited to find a VW dealership open closer to my house...since I was driving up to Escondido for service!  I brought my car in for an oil change and to have a few things looked at (I've had this "certified" used Passat for just over a year and have had to have numerous faulty parts replaced!!).  The lady in the "service center" was polite and I thought oh good this will be a great place to bring my car....except for the $90 price tag for an oil change!

As I was wrapping things up I asked her to let the service guys know "I Do Not Want My Car Washed!!!"  I know they think they are giving you extra service but they are not.  Every time I get my car back from being serviced I end up with numerous more scratches then when I brought it in with...and on a black car you can tell!  She understood and notated on the sheet to not wash the car.  Long story short...drum roll...when I returned to pick it up they had washed the car!  Really?  Was it that difficult to understand?  Needless to say, I was not happy.  I inspected the wash job...and yes..of course...3 new, long, scratch marks up the hood of my car!  I let her know and told her THIS is why I asked you to NOT WASH MY CAR!  She apologized profusely and offered to have my car detailed.  

She offered for me to bring it on a saturday for detail...I told her ok and I would give her a call.  I decided to not call...if they can't follow simple request do I want them to detail my car?  My BLACK car...that shows every scratch!  NO!

Then after completing my online survey a week later I got a call from the General Manger, Michael Wilkes.  The apologies and encouragement to persuade me to bring my car in for them to detail it for me because he felt bad for the incident.  After explaining my reason for being apprehensive he made me feel like they were going to make me happy and do a great detail which is good to have wax on my car and would reduce the visual scratches.  I brought it in, they gave me a loner car to use and I thought Ok...this will be good.  UM...NOOOOOO!  I come to pick up my car, it's parked under a shaded tarp, it looks shinnier, but I thought I could see some buff marks on it but went on with taking it home.  The next day I see ALL kinds of swirls marks all over my car...especially on the hood of my car.
After calling and complaining about what a disasterous job they did Mr. Wilkes basically says..."what do you want me to do about it?"...and continues to act like I am just a customer that likes to complain!!!!
Oh the furry!  He swore that his guys do an excellent job and they have been using them for years!  Well time to hire new ones cuz they suck!

Long story short I requested they pay for another detail to hopefully salvage any sort of shine left on my paint job to which Mr. Wilkes agreed.  I had someone re-detail my car but the damage was done and now my already crappy VW (Do NOT buy a VW!) was not only mechanically crappy but now the exterior was the same!  Needless to say, I got rid of the car because of the numerous repairs it needed in a short 2 year period and them ruining the paint job was just the cherry on top of my horrible VW experience!

M B. | 2013-06-18

The worst of experiences for a new car. Salesman w low integrity. Commitments not honored, such as loaner vehicle for service. Bait and switch om little things like rubber floor mats. Nothing but regrets. At end of day a new car can be had at any dealer, and what sets one apart is the integrity of the people who work there, and quality of the customer experince. This dealership gets an F in those respects.

Jonathan W. | 2013-05-23

Typically I'm skeptical of dealerships, my first visit they asked me why I did not bring my car to the dealership and I was upfront with them letting them know about my experience with dealerships in general about always trying to upsell needless repairs and  at another dealers City VW - STAY CLEAR OF THAT DEALERSHIP! Anyway I just got an oil change and some minor stuff done, expecting a litany of other repairs that needed to be done but I was pleasantly surprised that they had some recommendations but not pushy on it had to be done - Again see my review on City VW. So I guess I'll see after my next visit if the service is consistent. Finger's crossed!

Marek M. | 2013-04-26

The service center here is not the best and very expensive. I took my VW Jetta there because of a check engine light that went off after recently fixing my car. I scanned the engine code with my OBD sensor so I would have an idea of what was going on. This was an ongoing problem and the light had been on previously so i took it to them because this was under warranty. After clearing the code they told me they drove the car for 30 miles (LIES the receipt showed mileage going in and going out, they only drove it for 12 miles) and told me they had to charge me 110$ for the diagnosis which i had told them. They told me since they can't get the light to turn back on that they couldn't do anything but charge me the 110$. When I wanted to show them the proof that the light had been on just a few days before that they completely ignored me and told me there was nothing they could do until it turns on again. So now i am left with 110$ bill and nothing done to my car. I will have to waste more time taking it back to a shop when the light does come back on to resolve the issue i wanted them to fix in the first place. After a week my check engine light came on and i took the car back to have them actually do the work. This time they replaced the part that was making my car show the light. All in all the experience was time consuming and i had to waste my time taking my car there 2 times.

Richard M. | 2013-04-07

The service department here SUCKS!!!  I wish I could leave a 0 star rating!!  I will never go back. Took my car in for a noise in the engine area and after it was there 3 days they called me and asked if I could pick back up my car cause they don't have time to look at it., Are you F-N serious!!!!!So I did, brought it back the following week, dropping it off on Friday, the advisor NEVER called me with an update until the following Thursday telling me they ordered an oil pump.  I was finally given a call the following Then Friday i was given another call with the advisor trying to sell me a 60K service telling me it was due (even though I just had it done) and told me the noise was just it was low on oil. So you have the car for a combined total of over 2 weeks for an engine noise that u tell me your gonna replace the oil pump and then u tell me it was just low on oil!!!  WTF!!  So my car is there for over 2 weeks so u can try to sell me an unneeded service then tell me you just needed to top off my oil?? How does that take 2 weeks!! And after the 1st week you want me to come pick up my car cause u don't have time to fix it!! I was also told when I had to pick it up the first time  that the noise is fine andI was assured  it would be ok to drive it until I bring it back in a week.  Umm if its that low on oil then I wouldn't think it would be on to drive it... Very poor judgment and just poor poor service. After this post, I'm sending an email to the service manager

Anna F. | 2013-03-13

Horrible customer service in their service department.  They misdiagnosed a problem (and tried to charge me), left me waiting for a shuttle for 1.5 hrs at night in my office parking lot, have me show up to pick up the car when it isn't fixed, have me show up for an appointment when the part hasn't been ordered, and finally a part they replaced fell off: this is all for one car problem.  I have spent a lot of money there and missed a lot of work running around trying to get my car fixed.  When I spoke to the service manager about these issues, he blew me off, said he would call me back and never did. When I emailed, he replied I shouldn't get any sort of refund because they let me use a loaner car and didn't charge me when I came in so they could fix the part that fell off.  It greatly surprises me that a company, knowing the power of word of mouth and review sites such as Yelp, has such poor service and doesn't try to hold onto its customers (see other low reviews), please do not go here.  I highly recommend Kennedy Auto Electric (also in Kearny Mesa) instead.

Poopy d. | 2013-03-07

Easy to make appt online. Was seen promptly at my appointment time, and they didn't give me any grief for being 7k miles beyond my 40k tune-up! Took care of the car quickly while I waited. Minus a star for the malfunctioning WiFi in the waiting area. Would definitely go back.

Shari B. | 2013-02-26

Don't buy a Used car from them! I did. Three days later the check engine light came on. They couldn't do anything about it. There service department only fixes VW the used car I bought was a Mini cooper. They told me I could bring it in they'd find a way to look at it and see if it was a warranted item if I paid $50. (just to look at it) anyway. The problem wasn't a warrantied item it was a huge smog issue. I don't know how they Jerry rigged the car to get it smogged  but they did. Also upon buying the car they convinced me to forfeit my right to give the car back in three days. To keep that right I'd have to pay for it. Anyway my new used car cost me $1000.00 to fix and was in the shop for 3 weeks after I bought it. They are shady! Lesson learned, 1. When buying a used car don't forfeit any of your rights, 2. Buy close to home so taking it for repair is convenient. 3. Make sure there is a 90 day warrantee if not, the car probably isn't worth it.

Jeremy B. | 2013-02-24

I just bought a CC from these guys.  Ill never come here again. I had a sales mgr flat out lie to me and the customer service is incredibly bad. Go to city VW. The people there are so nice and attentive. My next VW will be from them.

Mark B. | 2013-02-08

If you like waiting around forever and being treated disrespectfully then this is the place for you!
I took my girlfriends car in for an oil change which they advertise includes a free car wash.  They even asked, 'would you like the car washed?'  'Yes please' I replied.  Oil change took about 40 minutes.  They pulled the car around and told me it was ready.  Car was not washed or vacuumed.  I told them my girlfriend asked me to make sure they washed her car.  An hour later I was still waiting.
Interestingly I guy asked me if I was ok, and I said no, I think I would like to speak to a supervisor.  Well, apparently I was speaking to one, and he was a real piece of work.  Chris Patterson was the rudest 'service manager' I have ever spoken to.  I told him my criticism that it shouldn't be like pulling teeth to get a service done that was suppose to be provided.  He rolls his eyes, gives me the most rude and insincere apology ever, might as well have just said whatever, and stormed off with an attitude like I was an inconvenience, he then came back and said it was almost ready, or I could come back later.  Gee thanks guys.  Then he asked if I needed anything else, I told him no, and I said you have already sent a very clear message - go wash your car somewhere else.  He says to me, as disrespectfully as possible, well I've already apologized like four times, what else do you want from me?  He had given only one insincere apology.  This was supposed to be the service manager!
I told him I didn't want anything else, I had already had enough of his attitude and rudeness.  I just want the car, and don't worry I won't be back.  I asked him what his name was anyway, and he says 'here, let me give you my card so you can spell it correctly'.  This time basically saying, whatever, here's my name go complain, see if I care.  He hands me the card and then says, lets go outside so we can settle this.  Guy invites me outside like he wants to fight!  A service manager saying let's go outside so we can settle this!  Outside he says, 'well what else should I say, you are disappointedt'.  Nice attitude again.  So because I am disappointed your attitude is to be as rude as possible to me because you think there is no point in trying to please an disappointed person.  Nice.
I would not recommend having your Volkswagen serviced here, and if you do, expect poor service with a lot of rude attitude.  And if you have a problem with that don't talk to Chris Patterson, he is the rudest 'service manager' ever, just take your complaint straight to Michael Wilkes the general manager, he atleast was respectful.
The funny thing is they did an ok job with the oil-change, well besides the usual trying to up sell you on a bunch of other services.

CY L. | 2012-12-20

I would totally give a " NO STAR" if I could. Service is the worst among all the dealer in San Diego. I brought my car in just because it is closed to where I work. I am pretty sure I'll never come back to this place again.

Armando M. | 2012-12-18

I got a 2013 VW Jetta for my wife here during their construction a few weeks ago. I was hesitant at first but im glad we came here.Our sales guy Charles was our rep. Hands down, the best car salesman I ever had. He is straight up no BS and has a good sense of humor. So if your like me and look for that at the dealers, then go see Charles. Buy the time we picked our car, no longer than an hour we signed and drove off. Thanks Charles!!

Nate T. | 2012-11-30

I brought my beetle to Kearny Mesa because of tire light sensors flashing on my dash around 8am.

I picked it up right before 6pm. They found a broken trunk latch and sensor (both of which they replaced under my warranty) and washed the car (including tire dressing) before I picked it up.

There was insufficient information in my car's computer to determine which sensor was malfunctioning and each seemed fine. They took the time to look at each tire for leaks, punctures, etc...before telling me my car was fine.

In an ideal world, it would've been great if they could've fixed the tire light...but after talking to my main dealer...the computer had insufficient info before and Kearny isn't to blame.

They also have a nifty coffee machine and a courtesy shuttle.


Chris W. | 2012-11-21

Fiancé and I came here to scope out vehicles for a near-future purchase. Jose showed us around, and next thing we know we're in the Sales office, negotiating.
I had been looking at the VW Jetta TDI for 2 years now ( awaiting the death my 2001 KIA) so I was ready to pull the trigger on a new vehicle. The salesmen, Jose and Eric, made it very easy and painless. They were extremely friendly , honest, and attentive. They were never pushy, or aggressive in their salesmanship. Eric took the time to answer all my questions in detail, and helped us make the decision  that was best for my fiancé and I.

The dealership was under renovation, so the sales office was in a temporary trailer. Didn't bother me in the least, but if you're looking for a fancy showroom, hold out until January of February. The sales-trailer leaves something to be desired, but the hospiltiaty of the sales team more than makes up for it.

Jose escorted us on a test drive, where I was able to get a good feel for the car( not your standard 25mph sidestreet loop). The dealership is right in bewteen the 805, 52, and 15, so we were able to experience how the car would perform in an actual-use scenario. Eric and Jose sat with us and explained every feature in detail, even syncing up my phone to the cars Bluetooth System.

There was even a follow up call the following Monday to make sure everything was good, and to see if we had any questions.

As for the vehicle itself, we could not be more pleased. We absolutely love it.


Critic L. | 2012-11-14

I went to this dealership looking to trade my car in and buy a new one. I have never had a VW but Marisol took great care of me. I test drove two Jettas the GLI and 2.5SE. I fell in love with the GLI. My husband and I went home to think on it and ended up buying it about a week later. They didn't have the color I wanted but they found me one exactly how I wanted it to be! They took great care if us and the didn't take forever on the paperwork. You could tell they really cared about us and what we were looking for. The GM Mike also came by and made sure everything was going smoothly. I highly encourage you to go here.

Carrie M. | 2012-10-24

I just bought a new GTI and it was an excellent experience! Marisol was my saleswoman and she was awesome! She was incredibly patient and easygoing throughout...while I test drove cars, negotiated price, and then later during the actual purchase and explaining my cars features to me. I felt like she really listened to me instead of trying to pressure me into something .They didn't have the exact car/color I wanted, but she was able to get it right away. She wasn't ever pushy, but instead conveyed a friendly competence with selling that made the whole process a very positive one! Marisol is the bomb!!!
I had already been going to Kearny Mesa VW for service for my old golf for a while, and Kathy in service is great----and she's endured my being upset/bummed with having to shell out yet more $ with grace, which I appreciate. Chris the service manager is a nice guy---not a jerk out to rip people off.
I have always driven VW's (up until now old-ish ones) and have through the years gone to a lot of different places, small service shops as well as other VW dealerships. and had good and not so good experiences at both types. I started going to Kearny Mesa since they opened. I've always been treated well there----and have liked everyone I've dealt with there!
Ironically, even though I've been going there for service, when I decided to buy a new car, I shopped around at other places first. I have to admit I (erroneously) assumed that because they are re-doing their dealership (possibly into a fancy-schmancy) new big place, that I wouldn't be able to get a reasonable deal there. So ultimately I was thrilled to be able to purchase my car from there!

Ben B. | 2012-10-20

well..this is my first review ever about anything!!! was reading other reviews here and decided to share my experience with this shady dealer...

I took my car to this place for a weird noise under the hood...I had their guy listen the sound that i wanted get fixed....I specifically confirmed with him that if he hears the sound that i am referring to be fixed..he says yes I hear the noise... So after paying $1400 that expecting the noise gone but guess what the sound is louder than before...not only that, they had broke my working AC...
Even confirming if the noise has been fixed or not when we picked up my car, they say yes...very next day called back for the louder noise and the broken AC...
they say bring it back, I was OK cool i will do it...
So I take it back hoping that they will be professional, different then all other shady dealers and fix the noise and the AC that they broke, but this was not the case. They not only said that this is a common problem with this mileage and its the timing chain and it will cost $2500 to fix... I was like if this is a common issue (the noise) how come you guys did not said so and made me pay $1400...they were just bunch of people think that they can lure customers the way that can and wish...  The funny part is they tried to charge me for the AC that broke (it end up being their CERTIFIED! technician had unplugged one of AC's cable). ridiculous!!!!
Took some time of to talk their service manager (Chris), again hoping that giving them another chance so they make it right, but again waste of my time...
he accepts his staff has done wrong and should ve communicate better and nothing more... The way his talk with me made me feel like i am asking something free, which i have told him, not here to ask anything free..I am asking for what i have brought originally my car here for..the noise issue... he was no help at all...
the day that I went to pick my car back again, he was the one pulled my car to front and he was NOT happy with me at thanks or anything...he had a face saying get the f...k of here... no customer appreciation even doing wrong to the customers...


Drew K. | 2012-09-20

Chris and Kathy in the service department were great and took care of me and my 2010 TDI. Car seems happy.  What more can you ask for?

Anna C. | 2012-07-31

Brought my car here for preventative maintenance. The guys were super pushy (but who isn't at a dealership), and gave me some exorbitant price for me to fix my brakes. They told me that I had 1mm left on my brake pads, which was strange because I just had them looked at a few months ago, and I didn't think they were SO low. I knew I could get a better price elsewhere, so immediately after leaving, I went to Firestone to have them look at my brakes. Turns out, I actually had 4mm left on my brake pads! I understand car dealerships being pushy, but outright LYING? That turned me off from these people forever.

Scott M. | 2012-07-10

With engine light on and a scratch on the trunk (don't get me started...) we took our Eos to this new dealer because Miramar VW is out of business.  Neal, our service representative was outstanding.  He thought the scratch could be buffed out, checked and found two recall notices that applied to our EOS told us the service light was for an oil change that was due.  No upselling, no bait and switch.  A few hours later the Eos was good to go, the scratch completely buffed out.  Every promise made was fulfilled.  We will definitely return to Volkswagen Kearny Mesa.

Manny F. | 2012-07-05

After Driving By The dealership, I saw A Vehicle I was Interested in. I Came Home to do Some research On The Vehicle, and The dealership. I am glad I did, Seems Like The Service Manager Is A Bad For Business, And I saw A lot of Negative Reviews About the dealership. Ill Go To Another dealership With A better Reputation.

Twofoodiesonejourney T. | 2012-06-10

Bought a VW Jetta Sportwagen TDI here a few weeks ago - we had an outstanding experience. We contacted all VW dealerships in SD to see who had our desired color/model in stock and tried to negotiate the price via e-mail as much as possible, and we had the best experience here (and some really bad ones with other dealerships who were trying to play their stupid games). Ask for Charles Moss - he was super honest and really pleasant to deal with, and he gave us a great price. Very happy with our new car !

Ashley A. | 2012-05-30

We had a overall horrible experience here. We were trying to buy a car from one of there sister companies so they called to see if the lexus IS was available around three pm. Then a few hours go by of back and fourth trying to get a reasonable price. We finally agreed for them to run my credit so we can get an accurate quote. Finally they did and came back with an outrageous apr. we told them we found a more expensive car with a much better rate so this was not going to work for us. If you can get a better rate we will buy the car unseen. Then 30 minutes later our salesman comes back with his manager to tell us the car has been sold. At this point we have been at the dealership for over two hours and just ran my credit for them to come back and tell us they did that for reason. This was a horrible experience. We will never be back and we will make sure to never recommend this place to anyone who wants to have a good experience in buying a car.

Brittany R. | 2012-05-24

SUUUUPER SHADY dealership. Bought a certified car here in December. They had errors throughout on their paperwork and just wrote them off as, oh, someone must have transposed the numbers. Like, had mileage off by a lot and mileage coming in as greater than mileage going out. Were told by the saleperson and management that certain recalls and services were done, only to find out that they weren't and that they wouldn't honor them.

Don't buy a care here. If you must, get EVERYTHING they say written on paper. With Miramar VW gone, the best place to go for purchase or service is Mossy in Escondido. Unless you like shady people repeatedly lying to your face. If so, Kearny Mesa is the place to go!

who k. | 2012-05-08

SoOO I've only had my car since Saturday but let me tell you awesome experience...I can't remember all of the people's names that helped us ..but the one I will always remember is Tony..He's amazing! I could tell I was going to love coming here the minute he came out of the door ,with his awesome yet sarcastic personality...The type of person I want to buy a car from..I do not want to talk to a robotic person, that gets angry if i don't buy a car..but that night, I was there for a possible purchase...
I do not understand any one's reveiw about bad customer service..we kept those people there til l11pm..and we started at 6:20. So thank you guys..My mother is a real strict person when it comes to buying cars ,and instead of being like "wow this lady is a bitch" tony took on the challenge and helped us as much as he could without being pushy and just responded well when we told him exactly what we wanted..

I haven't seen any problems with my car yet. I love it so so so much.But thank you everyone at Volkwagen for being so sweet and helpful..

Tony(if you see this, the guy that helped me sign all my exit papers- he was a little mean) but oh well..i was tired..
THank you all so much!

Charles H. | 2012-05-06

Marisol was very friendly and not pushy at all. If you can ask for her

The test drive was fun I came to drive a cl55 AMG and the cars supercharger was whining so I decided not to buy

But all in all a pleasant experience

Adam M. | 2012-04-28

They didn't have the used car I was looking for... or really that great of a selection of used cars. But their staff was nice and courteous. Props for not having d-bags selling cars.

CIndy M. | 2012-04-21

I recently bought a 2006 Acura TL from VW Kearny Mesa Dealer less than two weeks ago. When we initially purchased the car we noticed a leak in the power steering fluid along with a few other items. A due bill was submitted upon purchasing the car. A few days after purchasing the car I noticed a loud squealing sound coming from the engine especially when the wheel was turned. I e-mailed my concerns to Randy and he said I could drop my car off on Thursday night March 29th, 2012. This is less than a week after purchasing the car. The car was worked on by the service team and I received a call that I could pick up Friday. I was told by Roman he did notice a noise coming from the engine but everything was functional. I was told they topped off all the fluids and everything was fine. I went home and noticed the same sound the very next morning but even louder. I have also noticed it's harder to turn my steering wheel. My husband called Randy to express his concerns with the outcome of the car. Randy said he spoke with his service team and everything was fine and they did their due diligence. We were just being too sensitive to the sound. This brush off is not only unprofessional but highly offensive. Since I obviously was not going to receive help form anyone at the Kearny Mesa VW I took my car to the Hoehn Acura of Carlsbad to have a diagnostic done. Hoehn of Acura confirmed I need a replacement of the power steering pump, tank and the filter along with and alignment. The work that needs to be done is something the VW service team clearly didn't take the time to inspect the vehicle or even possibly denied anything being wrong so they would not have to replace. I find the brush off from the service team very neglectful. I use this car as the sole transportation for me and my two year old son. I came to a reputable dealer with the expectations of purchasing a car that was in good condition, had been fully inspected for maintenance safety issues, and for the dealer reputation. My expectations were not meet on any level. Not only do I feel like I'm in danger driving the car because the power steering can go out anytime I also feel VW was aware of this pre-existing condition and choose to ignore the issue passing it off to the purchaser. I'm not only appalled that VW would risk the lives of innocent people over a $552.06 part especially knowing the recent news regarding Lexus of El Cajon who chose to ignore an issue with one of their cars and killed a family. I find the willingness of VW to purposefully ignore a power steering issue and let me drive off the lot with the risk something could default at anytime very concerning. I don't trust the service team as they lie straight to your face and neglect pre-existing issues especially Roman. If you want quality and great service DO NOT got to VW of Kearny Mesa.

Dave K. | 2012-04-06

I went to Kearny Mesa Volkswagon to trade in my car and purchase a new Volkswagon Jetta TDI. The sales experience was very pleasant and easy. They offered me the car I selected at a very great price. And they did not low ball me on my trade appraisal. Overall I was satisfied with the numbers presented but I was still able to get a lower price on the new Jetta and they increased my trade appraisal when I asked. I wasn't planning on purchasing a new vehicle that evening but they offered numbers too good to pass up with no pressure. This dealer's goal is to become the new #1 vw dealer in San Diego county and they will not be undersold. I think they are well on their way.

Angela W. | 2012-04-03

We came by here last week looking to see what this dealership had to offer. We had gotten a quote from South Bay and wanted to see what they could offer us here since these dealerships are always selling how they "can't be undersold". I was haggled by 2 sales guys, despite telling them I was waiting for my parents and they were the ones that wanted to check the place out. In fact, one guy asked me what I was even doing there since I mentioned having been to South Bay. When they finally arrived, my dad went in to try to talk to their internet manager and discuss pricing and was pretty much shrugged off. We left no less than 5 minutes later. It's too bad they had no interest in us because we were definitely looking to buy that day, and we definitely did from South Bay a few hours later.

Adriana S. | 2012-03-07

This dealership is BY FAR the shadiest I have ever had the misfortune of experiencing. I not only feel like I was lied to MULTIPLE times, I had to personally clean up the mess they left due to their negligence and their inability to fulfill the promises and the agreements that were made.

I DO NOT recommend that you purchase a new vehicle from this place, the car they sold me had a check engine light TWO DAYS after I drove off the lot with it.

Regarding my trade in, they SPECIFICALLY stated that they would 'take care of all the paperwork for me' but a MONTH later, I found out they never filed the release of liability and they failed to file a change of title with the DMV. I had to personally call the DMV and basically do their job for them. Worst of all, when I called to inquire about the status of this transaction, I was completely DISRESPECTED by HEATHER DIGIACINTO, in charge of the DMV transactions and was basically told to 'FUCK OFF' after she hung up on me.

The amount of distress and extra work that these people have given me is definitely NOT WORTH the new car. I should have gone to someone else; BUYER BEWARE!! I would give them ZERO stars.. but.. o well.

Lisa L. | 2011-12-04

Great dealership; great car!

Just got a smoking deal from this brand new dealership. Everyone there really took care of me, especially my salesmen Joseph Perry and Mike. Their used car manager, Randy, gave me a more than fair price on my trade-in and helped me get a very good deal on my new Golf TDI. Bernie Vassallo, their hospitable and generous general manager, ordered a special cheese pizza for me when they only had pizzas with meat, and they served me as many delicious cups of green tea with jasmine as I could drink! Wrapping up my excellent car buying experience was John Barr who made the financing portion go smoothly and quickly as well.


M Peter E. | 2011-10-27

Brand new VW Dealership and they know their stuff!! I was on the lot looking at the new Beetle (so much better now) and they had a ton to choose from....I liked the staff and this place was totally buttoned up.

I am shopping VWs and I'll be back to this VW Dealership as they are not into the high pressure sale and get the VW culture.