Toyota San Diego in San Diego, CA

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On this page you can find detailed information about the company Toyota San Diego in San Diego, CA.

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Toyota San Diego

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(619) 399-3910
Address:5910 Mission Gorge Rd, San Diego, CA, 92120
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm

Reviews on Toyota San Diego

Alicia G. | 2015-04-24

I was recently fortunate enough to enjoy purchasing a car from your dealership. It was honestly the best experience I have ever had! I was contacted by Moises Pimentel (sales manager?), who responded immediately and instantly made me feel good about my enquiry. He is a Toyota expert, who was an absolute pleasure to work with while making me feel comfortable and confident. My purchase of a brand new Tacoma was made painlessly and exceptional with the amazing help from Moises. He gave me incredible help and got me exactly what I wanted!

I'd also like to express my deepest gratitude to Moises for taking the time to teach me how to connect my phone and how to use the navigation and radio. Since my purchase he has also taken the time for follow up phone calls, which I love and appreciate dearly.

Huge thanks for the exceptional car buying experience! I will be sure to refer my friends and family to Moises Pimentel.

Laura B. | 2015-04-20

Just thought I'd share a recent experience @Toyota San Diego. Have been looking for a new Highlander for a few months but there hasn't been much stock and was looking for a certain color and options. We've been emailing back and forth with no good news. I would check the website for new inventory weekly and when I'd see a car in the right outside color I'd have to drive over and see what color the inside was because they don't list it on their website. So last week we drove over only to find out it wasn't the inside color I was looking for. They told us they could do a search and see what was out there. In the meantime we were looking at a different color vehicle to see if I was willing to change colors. We then went back to the salespersons desk where we were greeted by a manager who told us he could find the vehicle we were looking for, wrong answer you had 20 minutes to locate the vehicle plus the previous 3 months. Left there went to another dealership and within 5 minutes they had located my new car. I don't like wasting my time and the way this dealership operates with the whole salesperson to manager routine is not to my liking. The manager did call while we were at another dealership and apologized for the mispoken words but by this time I was already headed home after purchasing a vehicle somewhere else. You might want to rethink the sales style at your dealership. I find the fact that you could not find the car I was looking for in 3 months tells me there's a problem. Better luck next time.

Gino R. | 2015-04-18

Really?  Amy and Jeff made the visit quick and easy.  The maintenance in the vehicle was super fast!  If you need your Toyota serviced,  stop by Mission Gorge Toyota!   FYI Amy and Jeff will explain that thingy under the hood with ease.  There are no hidden fees and they will even check your cars for recalls.  Lastly,  they are very professional and super clean!

Thanks again!

Raquel A. | 2015-04-17

I had a great experience with them,  I knew what I wanted,  and Elia (I know I misspelled his name) didn't pressure me I felt extremely comfortable with him, he did the research that we needed for the vehicle I wanted and within a day he called me back with great news on my new vehicle..

I was confused with the sale and I called them two weeks later to ask about the sale, Oliver his sales manager and Katrina called me back right away and so did Elia, again I was confused and they explain everything,  Katrina went above and beyond to answer my questions,I'm a happy customer

I'm extremely satisfied with my purchase, they were great I would recommend them, my sales person was the best!!

Natalie H. | 2015-04-16

Started this review off with one star but decided to push it up to two.

Ultimately, I bought a 2015 Toyota Corolla S-Plus BUT NOT FROM THIS LOCATION. My experience was- at most- subpar. My sales person did not know anything about the vehicle and ended up learning more from us about it. How backwards is that?? Anyways, he was not helpful whatsoever. When we got into the dealership to talk about pricing, we sat down and a minute later he left to go "haggle the price down" and was gone for over 20 minutes. OVER 20 MINUTES. I'm all for letting the customer wait me make it "look" like you're really fighting for a deal but seriously, that was excessive. When he finally came back, a manager was with him. We made it clear that I was not going to be buying that day but that I wanted to get a feel for the pricing. The manager repeatedly asked us how much we were going to put down and how much we wanted to pay per month. After, repeatedly, telling him the money down and monthly payments weren't a factor as much as the overall price, he was visibly annoyed with at this point and simply continued to HARRASS us with asking the same question about the down payment and what we wanted the monthly payment to be. For this reason, I wanted to leave a 1 star review. BUT the other manager was able to salvage the otherwise god awful rating by speaking to us after we requested another manager. The second one, I forgot his name (he's a little heavier, Hispanic, and has peppery gray/white hair) was SO MUCH NICER. if you're insistant in buying a car here, go to him!!

Like I started out with, ultimately I bought the car I test drove here but from another dealership. I would never recommend this dealership to anyone. A different Toyota location gave me an outstanding experience from start to finish and I will always refer people to that location.

J A. | 2015-04-16

If I could give 0 stars this place certainly deserves it, I called to make an appt for an oil change and they told me it would be a 2hr wait, either hire more employees or this place needs new management asap, not happy and didn't even get oil change

Joyce B. | 2015-04-16

awesome service with toyota san diego service advisor JOHN LEVY
long standing excellent customer service.....THANK YOU JOHN

Eric B. | 2015-04-11

I made an appointment for oil change 3 days ahead. Drop my car at 8am. Took them more than 3 hrs for oil change. Worst thing is that I checked with them the first 2 hrs. Not done yet. Please wait until they call me.  Waiting another hour. Wondering why it took too long!  Go to check a status with another person. End up. The car finished long ago. What kind of service is this. No text. No update. No call. Plus I have to pay $70 for oil change.  I can get free tire rotation at Costco but the dude put that charge in.

Will not go back there again. Horrible service. I should go to Other dealer.

katie f. | 2015-04-08

If there were a way to give negative stars, I would! I went last week and found a car I really liked. I was being helped by someone named Tony M. When I was at the lot, the car had not even been detailed, but even without I knew I liked it. Tony told me that because it was not even ready for customers to see it, I would have the first shot at it. I called Tony later that day and asked if he could keep the seat covers because I liked them. He said yes and that he would put them in his personal locker. He said the car would be ready Thursday or Friday. At about 11am on Friday, I called to check on it, but Tony was with another customer and asked if he could call me back in about 30 minutes. I was fine with that. Then some other guy calls me back and did not even know what vehicle I was interested in. He could not answer many of my questions and (as I later found out) gave me wrong info on the one he did answer. Then Tony calls back at about 12:15pm but was not sure about the status of the car. He said he would check on it and call me back in about 15 minutes (Means the estimated call time would be about 12:30.).  He did not return my call until 4:45pm that afternoon and left me a voicemail with an excuse about getting stuck selling a car. So much for 15 minutes. I called Saturday to check the status of the car once again. He tells me that the car needed some work done and that parts had not come in on time. (I had never been told anything needed done other than getting it detailed). At that point he said it should be ready on Monday or Tuesday. He said he would call me when it was ready and then re-assured me that I would have the first go at it. Today is Wednesday. I should have heard something within the last 2 days but didnt, so I called Tony. He did not return my call, so I looked up the car using the company's online inventory. After not seeing it, I called the main line. Someone answered and told me that it appears that the car had already been sold, but then tried to interest me in another one that was almost double the price of the one I wanted. I was FURIOUS putting it nicely. I felt like this guy was a coward for not saying anything to me about the car being sold. I was so upset that I drove down there today to talk to him and see what happened. He was with a customer, so I waited. Another guy offered to help, and I told him who I was waiting for. The guy had us sit down and wait, and he tried to sort things out. He looked the car up and sure enough, they had sold the car Monday afternoon. After realizing how upset I was, he left and someone else came out. This guy was very nice and understanding, but he knew there was nothing he could do to make things right. I told him I wanted to speak to Tony. A few minutes after Tony finished with his customers, he came walking over. He immediately started laying down excuses and then started blaming me because I had mentioned looking at other cars a few days earlier. "There were too many 'moving pieces'. " I explained how unhappy I was with some very choice words (as did my mom) including where he could shove the car and seat covers and we left. The only thing this specific Toyota location has going for them is the  man that I spoke to before Tony today. Unfortunately I did not get his name, but I appreciate him. He is the ONLY reason I am okay giving this location 1 star.  PLEASE SAVE YOUR TIME AND MONEY AND AVOID THIS PLACE SO YOU DON'T GET THE RUN AROUND LIKE I DID.

Peter B. | 2015-04-06

In March 2015, Both the salesman (Abdul) AND his Sales Manager who also met with me:  tried to sell me an $895. alleged ADD ON Keyless-Entry-Antitheft-System despite the fact that the keyless entry system is STANDARD and ALREADY ON all 2013 Toyota Prius'.
I have learned to deal ONLY with REPUTABLE, large car dealerships!

Alicia B. | 2015-04-02

I have had to get my scion tc's trunk fixed TWICE due to a factory defect(not my fault). The second time I brought it in the service man said "you shouldn't pull on the trunk so hard when opening." My jaw dropped. First off, I'm not even strong, second of all it's a FACTORY DEFECT! A common one too(all you scion owners know!). It wasn't MY fault it broke twice.

Another time I brought my car in because I needed a new mirror. It had been hit and was hanging off. I called and make the appointment and told them I would be needed a driver side mirror replacement. I came in for my appointment and the associate who was helping me, Javier, didn't even greet me. He just shortly told me to come with him and then said "did you order the part?". Um, I'm sorry what? Do I look like  a mechanic? Why would I have ordered a part for my own car. That is why I brought it in to be fixed. That is why I called ahead of time and made an appointment and specified EXACTLY what I needed fixed.

He calls around and of course no one has the mirror I need. He says, "If you would have come in 30 minutes earlier we would have had your part." 1. How was I supposed to know that when I scheduled this appointment 2. YOU KNEW I NEEDED THAT PART! Why would you not hold it? It makes no sense.

So he makes an order for the part and says it will be here the next day. He says he will call me tomorrow when my car is ready(HIS EXACT WORDS). I thank him and leave. The next morning I get a call and e-mail saying my car is ready. So went back to pick it up. When I came in the guy was SUPER rude to me. He says, "Why did you leave your car here yesterday?!" I was like "Excuse me?" He goes on to say "I told you the part wouldn't be here until tomorrow." But he never ONCE in our conversation the prior day said to leave and come back. I'm not stupid. Also why would you make me come in for my appointment then leave and come back, that doesn't make any sense. And wouldn't you call me right away noticing, hey my car is there if it was a problem!? He messed up, and instead of apologizing for a mis communication he rolled his eyes at me at was very condescending. I have never experienced anything like that.

I have had pleasant experiences with Toyota when I lived in Los Angeles, but nothing but horrible here in San Diego.

Every time I come here the service/sales associates make me feel stupid for things that were NOT my fault. I'm officially never coming back.

Mandie M. | 2015-03-31

Ryan in service is absolutely awesome. He keeps you informed when your car is in the shop, and what is going on with it. From what i see their techs seem to be pretty good, I brought my tc here when i had toyota el cajon work on it and they messed something up. they found parts they took out and also they have a knowledgable parts department. The newer gentleman at the parts counter was a little confused but he tried and was very polite. I have to say overall i would recommend dealing with them in san diego over the others i have tried to work with.

Ken R. | 2015-03-26

No surprise here! Incredibly poor sales experience! Was there on a Sunday spent 45 minutes with a salesman , no other customers in the place and salesmen standing under a tree outside with no business and I am told I am wasting his time and he could be helping other customers. I was told time spent with me was time losing sales, this poor sales tactic is the standard for this dealership, see other reviews. After getting a manager involved we closed a deal but I will never be back, thanks for the poor customer service.

April C. | 2015-03-26

Not sure why EC Toyota has a 4 star review and SD only has a 3. What I experienced here is a 5! Thank You Jon! and Jorge!

Unfortunately by yelp reviews I went to EC Toyota first and received terrible service from one of the sales Rep and his 'manager'.  What a waste of time and gas. (Later on he called. Too bad, I do not like games!!.)

Then I came to SD Toyota. I knew exactly what i wanted and it was basically down to get the right price for me. I went up straight and told Jon that I don't like to waste time, and with the right price i'm ready to take it home today.

So, within 15 mins or so and 3 rounds of back and forth (understandable) . Deal. Done.

During the whole process, Jon was very professional and pleasant to do business with. The after service was great as well, he called a few times to ask about the vehicle and informed me that if there are any questions do not hesitate to call.

Again, the whole experience was pleasing. No Games!  Thank you!

D W. | 2015-03-24

Went there to shop, but wandered around the lot without getting waited on.  Finally, a salesperson came out of the showroom, and....walked up to some guy who had arrived quite a bit after me.  I didn't want to jump to the conclusion that it was sexist that they waited on the man before the woman on the lot, and
thought I'd give them a chance - maybe they hadn't seen me?  So I hung around a while longer, but no one came out to wait on me.  So, I'll take my business elsewhere!

Lee K. | 2015-03-24

Just bought a new Prius from Jason. Awesome experience! I highly recommend Jason to any serious car buyer. In and out of there in no time with my new Prius.

LotusBlossom A. | 2015-03-21

Since Toyota remodeled their  property, their customer service has improved immensely.  I guess that's why I've been going here for oil change services since I bought my Toyota in 2010 (elsewhere).  I love the beautiful customer waiting room and free coffee. (One caveat-- I think they need to improve the seats which are extremely uncomfortable).  The service guys, with rare exceptions, are consistently friendly and helpful and have done many little things "for free" when I needed it.  That said, you don't want to take your car here for any major repairs.  Not only do they charge $115 for an estimate, but their repair prices are more than twice what you would pay at a smaller business.   Do some research and save yourself big bucks on repairs elsewhere.

Connor L. | 2015-03-20

I purchased my first brand new car at Toyota San Diego April 2007.  A lovely little red car with only 41 miles on it when I bought it.  It went smoothly and I drove off the lot with that little red car.  It fits all my needs.  Can get just about anything shoved into that backseat.  It's fabulous.
In those 8 years as of next month I've not had any real issues just the normal maintenance with my car which is a huge blessings.  I only take my car to the dealer to be repaired.  I don't care what people say or think.  I don't care that people always know someone that's cheaper.  Yeah, well, you get what you pay for in my experience.  Pay cheap, pay twice.  I've never had any exorbitant costs said to me when I go in for service and I've only had one gentleman in the service dept who should never be allowed near customers (wish I could remember his name).  All of the service staff have been helpful both on the phone and in person.  My fave person to deal with though is Mr. Levy.  He's friendly and greets you with a smile and explains everything that will be done during your service.
Thank you, John, and Toyota San Diego for all of your excellent service all of these years!  I'll be in soon as usual I'm several months late for my service.

Lorena S. | 2015-03-15

Yesterday I went with my niece to Toyota of San Diego. A young man named Eli Rubio took care of my family.  He was super loving and patient to my nephews. He went back  and forth with a deal that worked for my  niece. She said this is what I can afford and he made sure she left happy actually we all left happy and with a new car! If you need a new car and need someone you can trust and understand what your needs are please do not hesitate.  ELI RUBIO is your man!!!

Alexander K. | 2015-03-10

This is our second car lease from Toyota of San Diego. Always efficient, professional and extremely helpful. Just want to thank Mohammad Rana and Salah Gobashy. Highly recommend them as sales people. Thank you

Chelsey H. | 2015-03-09

So, now they've gone from a 2 to a 1 because I emailed the person that responded to my initial review and nothing back, as well as nothing back after I emailed the service manager RE my issues with my fuel gauge.  It is still giving me issues, and unfortunately it looks like I will have to drive to Carlsbad or somewhere farther away and just hope that they can fix it on the first try.  I am extremely disappointed in their lack of follow through here at Toyota San Diego and wish I could drive my car all the way to Washington State to talk to the dealer I bought it from because I know I would get good service there.

Russ D. | 2015-03-02

5 year platinum warranty is a total SCAM. Front Seat Warmer stopped working. For them to look at it; there is a $115 "assessment fee."  Nothing about that in the paperwork.

Definitely do not trust the sales person's word that everything is covered under the exhorbitant price of the platinum warranty.

I've been bringing my car here for 5 years for every service including oil changes.

At least I found this out before buying my next car.

Quick Update- Toyota Financial Services claims to have cancelled my warranty in 2012 without notifying me. They claim that the balance was applied to my loan account. Definitely not doing business here again, and pursuing litigation with Toyota Financial "Services."

Chloe H. | 2015-02-27

I can't give enough thanks to Toyota Sales Member Ira for working with me for the last few weeks to find the perfect vehicle for me. The quality of customer service was outstanding and above expectations. I spent months researching and visiting different Toyota Dealerships around San Diego County and was never impressed with any other dealer in the area. Most of the salesmen that I met were dismissive and not very helpful when I told them I was a few weeks away from purchasing my vehicle. When I finally came across , I was contacted by Ira who was able to give suggestions and input on finding the best vehicle for my life style and budget. Never pushy and always helpful, responsive and informative. After a few weeks of getting all of the details in order I drove away with the best deal I could get from anyone and couldn't be happier!

Kara S. | 2015-02-20

I recently moved to San Diego and when I tried to get my car serviced here I got the run around 3+ times saying that they aren't associated with my other dealership and my warranty wouldn't carry over. Finally asked to speak with a manager and I got their assistant manager, Ryan who finally agreed to see me. Originally Toyota replaced my radio because I was having problems with it but since then it's been making rattling noises. I took it in multiple times to the SD dealership and they claimed they could never hear anything. I even showed them videos and wanted to ride along with them so I could show them the noise but they said they didn't have time and they would just check it out themselves. Each time they used up 1/8-1/4 of a tank and bring my car back with an extra 25+ miles on my car. Then they would just keep saying well sorry if we can't hear it we can't fix it. Bring it back when it makes noise again. They would never attempt to make things right or follow up to see how my car is. In addition my old dealership used to offer loaners so we wouldn't have to wait around all day but this SD dealership said that they have no idea why they would offer cars and if I wanted one they could maybe get me one if they could find a problem with my car. So because they are incompetent and don't care about customer service I have to waste my whole Saturday waiting around! Horrible service! !!!

I notice the sales reviews are good but I guess once you purchase the car, they could care less about serving you.

My family and I always buy Toyotas but after this experience I WILL NEVER PURCHASE A TOYOTA AGAIN!!

K M. | 2015-02-19

We had such a great experience both times we have purchased cars at this dealership. The customer service went above and beyond other dealers we have visited. The staff is well dressed and friendly.  Just yesterday , again we took a used car that we had purchased to their service department and they offered us a FREE full inspection and also installed our wiper blades at no cost. They were extremely friendly and fast all without an appointment. I pass two north county Toyota dealerships to come to Toyota San Diego for the excellent customer service! Both visits to purchase a vehicle resulted in full reasonable asking price for my trade. I would go back and/or recommend this dealer to anyone!

Mark M. | 2015-02-18

I had multiple phone and text conversations with Larry, the used car manager about a very particular used Scion they had available. A deal in essence. I texted him told him I was on my way.  I spent 2 hours on the fwy to get there.  Drove the car and then went to grab a bite to eat quickly due to the extended commute.  Came back drove the car again and then agreed to buy it and I was a cash buyer.  After a lengthy discussion in the managers office, they come out and tell us the car just sold.  Saturday night.  8 PM.  No one else in the place.  Did it really sell to another when no one else looked at or drove the car while I was there.  Moreover, if there was another party interested, so be it, but be upfront about that.  This is unethical.  Car still shows in inventory after 2 days.  EDIT EDIT Bernie the GM of TSD called and we spoke at length.  I believe Bernie is genuinely interested in conducting proper business.  However TSD apparently has no process in place to determine if more than one party is simultaneously buying the same car.  I believe this ignorance is bliss approach may be intentional. Clear opportunity for improvement here.

Zoe O. | 2015-02-17

Seriously, STOP CALLING ME!  

I looked at a car in June, and now I get a call from ABDUL every month asking if I am still interested.  I told him I bought a different car and to call back in about 5 years.  He still calls me every month and I keep telling him not to call me anymore.  

I gave him a silent ringtone, but I still have to listen to his voicemail, and I hate voicemail.

They get a 2 vs a 1 because I bought a truck from them 10 years ago and it was a pleasant experience.

Doug G. | 2015-02-16

This is the exact dealership that gives ALL DEALERSHIPS a bad name.  Their service department included.  My advice is go to any other dealer in town.  Do not support their shady, poor treatment of customers.  Especially, when there are choices...

Crystal W. | 2015-02-11

I purchased a used vehicle from this location.  Was tricked to take the 5 days to decide if I want the car and to finance through my bank. My bank was taking a little longer than expected and I was told by the dealership to bring the car back. I stated that I would need to make sure I had a shuttle ride back home and they confirmed it. I drove the vehicle back and they told me to call uber to call someone to pick me up because I lived too far away. This was the worst place to ever deal with. The customer service was so bad and just to get the paperwork processed was a hassle.  I'm glad I didn't purchase this vehicle. This place is a terrible place to do business with. Please understand that if you go here you will waste your time. This car wasn't even worth what they were charging me. ANNA finance is truly a poor manager and is a horrible employee.  Gives a bad name to toyota sales. John sales, Larry sales, all bad and corrupt human beings. It makes you sick that they are not about customer service.

Rob M. | 2015-02-04

I was new to the area and felt it was time to upgrade from my old faithful camery. So i went in to see the new camery SE. I met with a Ed Burke and was pleased with the way he treated me. He was patient and knew his product. I never felt over pressured and represents his dealer well. I'm glad to do business with them again and will recommend Ed and toyota to anyone I can

valerie v. | 2015-01-31

Javier Hernandez helped me today and he is so nice! I didn't have an appointment but everyone was hospitable and my car was indeed serviced :) I love servicing my Yaris here!

Dennis V. | 2015-01-31

I told them what I wanted. Ed Burke was my sales rep and he had me in and out with a car in under 2 hours. He was very fast and professional and I would recommend him to my own mama! I love my Prius V. Thanks Ed Burke and thanks Toyota San Deigo.

Leah W. | 2015-01-27

I can honestly say the service rep that assisted me was a jerk and treated me like an idiot. He first said I had no warranty and then told me that their service department could only repair mechanical issues but I'd have to go to the body shop to get a mechanical repair done. I've only ever had problems here and only came back since it was convenient. I will never make that mistake again!

Russ S. | 2015-01-26

Apparently, after reading all of the reviews on Yelp, I'm not the only one who was treated poorly.  If you're serious about buying a vehicle or trading yours in for something else, AVOID THIS DEALERSHIP AT ALL COSTS!

I contacted their Internet Sales Manager, who then contacted me back.  I explained my financial situation to them regarding a bump in my credit history.  I was told to come down and they would work with me regardless of any hiccups.

I told the Internet Manager I was on my way and when I arrived, she pawned me off onto some sales rep who looked like he had just stepped out of the old west.  He was rude and condescending, and acted as though I didn't know anything about what I was looking for.  I knew exactly what I was looking for, but he kept wanting to force me into a Toyota Tacoma, despite my telling him I was looking for something else.  

Long story short, they were rude and extremely unprofessional.  Please do not shop here, unless you want to be treated like a second-class citizen by Wyatt Earp.  Interestingly enough, the Internet Sales Manager told me that Wyatt Earp was their best sales rep.  HAHAHA!  I can only imagine how horrible the others must be!

I HIGHLY recommend Toyota in Kearney Mesa.  They are great and actually want to help their customers.

Phyllis A. | 2015-01-25

We were in the market for a Tacoma SR5 PreRunner. In fact, we've been talking about it for over a year. Why talk and no action? I absolutely dread the whole vehicle buying experience. I don't like being patronized, smoke screened, number crunched, bamboozled and or insulted. Believe me when I say that I've picked up my purse and walked away from plenty Car Sales shenanigans over the years.
Seven yrs ago I was introduced to a Sales Manager at a Toyota Dealership through a friend. Having done my homework, I knew the deals were priced right and the experience was honest, clear, real. No shenanigans! We bought 2 vehicles from him that day. I knew then, that if we were going to do a Toyota again, it would be with him., I'm looking for my guy, only to learn that my fav had moved on. Ugh! Through our friend, I was able to track him down and gave him a call. He said he had a guy :) "who would call me shortly".  Within 10 minutes I received a call from MOISES PIMENTEL at Toyota San Diego. He was outstanding from the 'Hello'. A few adjectives to describe Moises throughout our transaction (which did indeed result in a sale of a Tacoma that is exactly how we wanted it AND at a really great price) Moises is courteous, respectful, dependable, accurate, thorough, knowledgable, direct, confident, appropriately social, professional and humble. WOW!
If you prefer a professional  and respectful car buying experience vs. the dreadful stereotypical merry-go-round of fast talkin' sales peeps, AND you want something Toyota of San Diego sells, insist on an appointment with Moises. You won't be disappointed. He's definitely our family's Toyota guy going forward. He was exceptional!

Damon N. | 2015-01-23

I came in 2-weeks ago to test drive a car and met a couple sales representatives.  I assure you that I will get a Toyota once my lease is up, but I will not bring my business to Toyota San Diego.

The customer service was well below the standard I have experienced from other dealerships.  I appreciated that the shift manager and Ching who came by to greet me, but I felt lost many times while I was waiting for someone to help me and when Thomas came to help me.

My time with Thomas was not memorable.  He was not personable, he left me several times without informing me of the what is going on (test drive, gathering information, appraisal, etc), and he was rude when I was trying to be respectful.  He insisted that I should not call him sir or Thomas, which is what his name tag says.  I never got a confirmation of what he wanted to be called so I just did not refer him to his first name or sir or anything.  He was not easy to talk to with my time with him.  Once he finished gathering information (appraisal of my car, copying my info, etc), then we went to look at cars in the lot.  I pointed out two vehicles, a Prius and a Tacoma, that I wanted to test drive.  He gathers the keys to both vehicles and we test drive a Prius.  It is an amazing car!  Once we parked, he wanted to check on the appraisal, which came well below the amount I owe on my leased vehicle.  Knowing that he, Thomas, was not going to get the sale, he said good bye and I never had an opportunity to test drive the Toyota Tacoma.

After my experience, I will definitely take my business to another Toyota dealership.  I appreciate the representatives having me, but I will not recommend any of my family or friends purchase vehicles at your location.  

I even sent an email to Bill Madonia, the manager at Toyota San Diego, to express my concern and he has not responded to my email.

E W. | 2015-01-21

I worked with toyota San Diego through the course of about 3 weeks. The dealer who helped me along the way was Ed Burke and I am grateful for his time and service he provided. He was able to work with me on everything from test drive, vehicle options, shipping, basic finance questions, and was great about it. Never felt once that I was pressured into buying a vehicle or the wrong vehicle. That's very important to me and should be for you as well. If you get a chance work with Ed. He is down to earth and will move mountains to get you what you want. Also this facility is great. Good showroom and nice waiting areas. Really is an experience.

Kaitlen M. | 2015-01-20

Really great service. Everyone here is nice and friendly. I highly suggest seeing JOHN LEVY. He always helps me out with my 4-runner services. They provide coffee or snacks while waiting for your car to be done. The waiting room is very comfortable, you're able to watch T.V. or bring a computer to do some work. They also provide awesome shuttle service if you need to be somewhere while your car is being worked on.

Alexis R. | 2015-01-17

WOAH! Shady AF! My uncle works for a Toyota dealership for years so luckily we knew what was going on. We told them we were just wondering on what something would be and not to run our credit on anything yet. Wanting to trade in our car they first were offering 10,000 for our civic, not wanting to pay it off, which was 1200. Then we realized on true price and kelly blue book we should have been getting offered 14000...minimum 13000! Big low blow. Then they kept running around not wanting to show us the invoice price. Three different guys sat down with us acting like the boss, When we finally called them out on their BS he gave us a paper and asked us to sign the paper where he ran our credit! Don't go in blind!

Lei B. | 2015-01-10

Awesome buying experience! I have a hard time understanding any of the negative comments because I experienced outstanding customer service and friendly staff who did what they could to accommodate us! Im beyond excited about getting my 2015 Toyota PreRunner from Luis and Martin! Luis made is happen and Martin made the experience fun and easy. We were in and out in no time! Along with Luis and Martin, on the day we came in to get more info on the truck, Ceaser and Edward provided excellent customer service and answered all of our questions! Thank you so much! We couldn't have asked for a better experience !

Nhu N. | 2015-01-08

I recently purchased my Toyota Camry 2015 at this location. Probably one of my proudest moments of my life especially considering that it was my first big girl purchase! The employee who helped me out was Chinh. He was extremely friendly and helpful. He took his time to show me different varieties of cars and explained in detail about the cars. After an hour, I finally chose a white Camry. He kindly negotiated with me in every way possible. I was able to lower my APR because I am a recent graduate. It turned out to be a very decent price for a brand new car. I am satisfied with my purchase and definitely recommend this place for new car buyers!

Gary O. | 2015-01-07

I bouth new Toyoya Highlender couple days ago.
It was best expireense I ever had.Sales person
Mohammed Rana very professional.He explain everything,answer for all ours questions. Shure we are going recomend this dilership to all ours friends.

Daniel M. | 2015-01-03

So here's the deal.  I traded my car in here a couple months ago on a pre-owned car that I absolutely love.  I have no issues with the car itself.  The problem with this dealership is that they LOOOOOOOVE you when you're shopping and considering buying from them, and then after you spend tens of thousands of dollars they act like you don't exist.

The used car I bought here was newer, with low miles, but it had one physical defect inside the front fender.  The big black fender liner was broken, probably from the previous owner driving over something sharp.  Mohammed Rana, the Sales Manager promised to replace the liner if I bought the car.  "No problem" he said to me in front of the salesman.  Per his instructions, I brought the car back a few days later for Matt in the Service Dept. to look at.  Matt was not available.  Mohammed was not available to see me either.  So I went home and called them a couple days later.  Again, Mohammed was too busy to take my call.  So I called the next day and left a voicemail.  No call back from Mohammed.  So I went back to the dealership, spoke with the receptionist who said I could leave my information and he would call me.  Nothing.  Finally about a week later I brought the car back AGAIN and after a long wait I was able to speak to Matt in the Service Dept.  Oh, and during my hour-long wait I asked if they had a bottle of water and was promptly directed to the snack bar where I could purchase one.  You'd think spending oh, $25K would get you a complimentary bottle, but not here.  Anyway, Matt was cool, but said he needed a "Due Bill" from Mohammed, the invisible Sales Manager, to do any work on the car.  Of course on this day, Mohammed was too busy to see me...again.  So I went home and called him.  SWEET JESUS he answered the phone!!!  He said "I will look into it" and then HUNG UP ON ME.   HUNG.     UP.     ON.     ME.    Literally slammed the phone down with not so much as a goodbye.  Excuse me??  Am I the customer here or WTF?  That was my last communication with him, and that was a month ago.  I am considering a Small Claims case against them.  A verbal agreement is binding in California, so I think I stand a pretty good chance.  

I have purchased about 10 cars from various dealers (including a couple shady ones) and have NEVER been treated so badly.  Do yourself a favor and drive right past this place.  Until they replace their Sales Manager at least.

Mean P. | 2015-01-02

Yeah, you lost a customer due to your crappy customer service.  I used your website's online chat to get help and was told by two separate people that I would be hearing back from your service manager and that my service history would be emailed to me. That was on Monday. Nothing.
The problem? During my last oil change someone forgot to add OIL.  My engine light went on and not only was there no OIL, the brake fluid and coolant levels were low.  I fortunately found a Pep Boys and bought 4 qts of oil and other fluids. Hopefully the lack of oil did not do engine damage.
In addition, the repair for the recall for the steering wheel coil - the mechanic did not properly reseat the steering wheel cover and the damn thing nearly popped off as I was driving.  Very unsettling.
I have been a very loyal customer since 2007, but this has been the cherry on the top of the pile of dog poo.

Speedy. D. | 2014-12-25

At first took my 2008 Toyota prius to this dealer's service department. I informed them the warning signal on my car is on and engine light is on as well with a temperature symbol coming on every 2 hours while driving. They informed me they would have to take look at the car and to look at it would charge me $150. I agreed and dropped off my car to them. They told me to come back the next day around 10am, which i did.
So when i arrived the next day to pick up my car, i discovered that my car has not been touched and still seating where i left it yesterday. I informed the service people upfront that i brought my car yesterday and here to pick it up. They told my car has not been looked at yet and will be looked at later today or early tomorrow, so i left.
I came back the next day to be told that what is wrong with my car is water coolant is broken and would cost me $372 to fix it, so i agreed and they told me i should leave the car here and come back tomorrow, so i did. The next day they called me and told me that it would cost me $572 rather than $372 to fix it due to also the housing of the coolant needed to be replace, so i agreed. The next day they called me saying my car  is all fixed and ready to be picked up, so i went to the dealer to pay up and pick up my car, which i did. 2 days later my engine light came on again, and warning signal came on as well, so i brought the car back to them to take look at it. They informed me they just didn't tight the water coolant housing properly therefore did that and just needed to reset the warning signal as they said all i needed was little more pressure on my tires. So this time again i took my car with no engine light on, and no warning sign on.  2 days later again my warning sign came on. Since then i have not been back to them and been driving my Prius with the warning sign on and am not quite sure why can't they locate or tell me the precise problem of why the warning sign keeps coming back. They took 2 weeks of going back and worth, and $572 of repair/labor but they can't fix  the warning sign nor tell me why it keeps coming back? Always have had a great experience with Toyota dealership as i have had nothing but Toyota's all my life except this occasion. Very disappointed.

ANGELA K. | 2014-12-21

I went on 12/18/2014 to check out the new 2015 Prius. Jason Billings was my salesman. He is also in charge of Internet sales. I spent a few hours there and was attempting to negotiate a fair price. I ended up going to Bob Baker and saving $1000. Today I checked my voice mail, and it looks like nice old Jason didn't realize that I heard everything he was saying and he left it on my voice mail. He said "F that F'ING B...I spent 5 hours with that Skank and she talked to her mom and went to Bob Baker. F'ING B". I can't believe that this occurred and I am going to report them to Toyota Corporate and blast them on social media. He also got very mean and rude once he realized that he wasn't going to get me to buy the car there. STAY AWAY FROM TOYOTA SAN DIEGO. THEY ARE SCAM ARTISTS AND MEAN PEOPLE.

Doretha P. | 2014-12-10

So I bought a cpo car from here a few weeks ago and I was so impressed with the sales staff and how smooth everything went. They were wonderful. I fully intended on giving them five stars. The only problem is the service team. When I purchased the car it was dirty and scratches still needed to be buffed out. (Their first mistake was even posting a car for sale when it is not fully ready). I was told everything would be taken care of and there would be second car key with the service department. Five days after we buy the car I am able to get an appointment to get it cleaned and after them taking 7 HOURS to clean it, there is no second key, it still has all the dings on the exterior. the window still needs a minor fix and they BROKE my front seat!!!! How does that even happen?!!! So I had to come back again for them to fix that. The next day I go back for my appointment to fix the seat only for them to tell me it will be another week because they need to order a part.

Fast forward a week. I schedule to take my car in and they have now kept it for 5 days. All the things that were done were minor and could have been done in 2 days. I am furious. All the people who talk with me are kind but who ever is working on the cars SUCK at their job.

I WILL NOT be coming back and I wish I would have never come here. I got my car back tonight because I called about 12 times throughout the day asking when it would be done and leaving messages. Again everyone I spoke with was nice but my car still wasn't ready. HA When I picked it up they never even looked at the window but everything else was fixed. I guess 5 days is not enough time to fix the weather strip of a window. I will look on Youtube to fix it myself!

Rich H. | 2014-12-09

Worst car buying experience! The manager (Muhammad) was rude, not friendly and lied straight to my face.

I went in on a Saturday 12/6/2014 and was not excited about any offers at that time, so decided to try later.

I get a call back on Monday 12/8/2014 from a new sales associate with a offer I was way more excited about, so I left work and headed straight down to to Toyota San Diego.

First person I see is "The manager (Muhammad)". I told him why I was there and who I was there to see. He sits me down and say that that offer is not accurate and started to try to sell me something else.

When the sales rep that called me comes out to show me the paper work he actually called me about, Muhammad is trying to hint to him that he called me about a totally different car. Finally I had to walk out. Please do not go here. If you do, please do not speak with Muhammad.

I ended up buying a care from Toyota Carlsbad that same night 12/8/2014 and Frank was great.

Jacalyn R. | 2014-12-07

I had a wonderful experience here. I've never had a car purchase be this quick, easy, and friendly. The experience I had was of respectfulness, promptness, and helpfulness. I was leery at first, seeing as this is a major Toyota dealership, but I would go here again.

Ayda R. | 2014-11-28

All I can say is ask for SALAH...he is very honest and not like a typical sales person who just wants to close a deal. If you want honesty and someone who is knowledgeable then ask to work with salah!

Luisa G. | 2014-11-26

After a recent EXTREMELY disappointing experience with the Body Shop I am now retracting half of my original review. DO NOT use the Body Shop under any circumstance. Truly a lack of customer awareness & service.

Ahmed I. | 2014-11-24

I went to Toyota San Diego dealer regarding the slippery light that was on my Prius. When I went to retrieve the car two more lots were on, the brake light and ABS light. No one in the service department could explain or tell me how these light came on. They were extremely unhelpful. I would not recommend anyone to go to Toyota San Diego for any car service.

Lynne B. | 2014-11-23

This was only our 3rd dealership experience, but it was definitely the BEST! We were not certain that we would buy a car yesterday, but Nolan made the process seem painless, so here we are with our gorgeous red Prius! Nolan is SO chill. No pressure, just some fun banter and within a couple of hours we left our gas guzzler behind and drove off in our new hybrid. It was so much easier than I'd heard it could be.
So everyone was happy and now two baby boomers are figuring out how to use our new, high tech car!

Michael P. | 2014-11-19

Honestly I can't report on service  quite yet been too little time I have purchased a battery and time will tell but the first one lasted six years and the price was better than Walmart, Autozone, and many other mechanics.   Toyota not only had a better price but also had a longer warranty with proration.
 The car ran good and I felt secure in the mechanics options but the ONLY reason I write this five star review for Toyota San Diego is due how John Levy was understanding respectable to the  
   Honesty John Levy is the reason I will come back. I was not impatient it did take time to fix the recall found, but the whole time I felt secure in their options being honest, and the problems looked and and ruled not identified (another mechanic suspected a leak) but was nothing with warranty inspection.  
   Also on a more personal level, sometimes people are judgmental about me and form an option without knowing, the whole time John always thought about how can I MAKE THIS AUTOMOBILE SERVICE CLIENT's, or my DAY BETTER BY FIXING MY CAR.  That is what happened, I was helped out with maintenance to my car. My entire car was checked down to the brakes.
 Thanks to John and the parts department I bought at a great value a new battery for my non-working key. I couldn't lock and unlock my car.
  Because of John this dealership will receive my business.  My car was checked to the fullest extent I felt good when I left.  I recommend you ask to transferred to John Levy.

Bob L. | 2014-11-16

I have not bought my car from them yet, but I feel I need to write about my experience there.
My experience has 2 parts:
1- Gary: He is an experienced dealer and knows how to bargain (respect!). He will give you a deal but you need to be patient and ready to bargain a lot and do not expect to beat him in bargaining! (this would be fun for people who would love to bargain, but not me who hates bargaining). He gave me a reasonable deal at the end, and I could not get it right away for insurance reasons.
2- system: It does not feel good when they come with an offer way off the track! it is either A-part of the bargaining game (to give you a very high estimate and then make you feel happy with something a little above the deals available. this is a famous bargaining strategy) or B- a system problem which they should fix and do not keep people waiting for the malfunctions. In both cases people are impatient and would leave right away (I read in the comments that someone left them for good to fiat!)

I really like Toyota and respected Gary, otherwise I would have left right at the beginning with the way off the track deal that they offered me.

Meggan G. | 2014-11-13

Love this place! It was my first time buying my own car. I bought my brand new 2010 Toyota Tundra from there over 4 years ago. Big purchase, and they were supportive 100% of the way.
Main reason Im writing a review is because the service department is amazing! As old fashioned as this is, vehicle maintenance is a man's job and can be intimidating for a woman. But not here. Javier Hernandez has been my maintenence service associate since pretty much the beginning. He remembers me and my truck every time I come in. He is so personal, takes time to explain things, even remembers stories we talked about from my previous visit. The last time I was in, he went out of his way to suggest and show me tire, rim and lift kits for my truck. He even finagled a car wash in with my oil change! (That really made my day). The service department alone is the reason I will continue to use Toyota San Diego as my main car dealer and oil change place.

Mimi K. | 2014-11-11

Bernie, you say you're sorry I had such a bad experience and you want to set it right. The most baffling thing to me is, you had every opportunity to make it better and, instead, you made it worse.

Everyone makes mistakes. Losing my license, denying it for nine days, forcing me to endure a day at the DMV, and costing me a day's pay was crummy, but I was still willing to work with you. You said you would make it up to me. Since you had done such an outstanding job servicing my lease those two years, I believed you.

When I made the appointment to buy the car, I assumed you were prepared to make up for my losses and make me an honest, decent offer. After all the phone calls, in-person visits, and certified letter, I thought there would be no need to mention seized driver's licenses, incompetence, denials, deceit and the possibility of legal action. All that would be water under the bridge because you would have a deal to mitigate it. I was confident that you respected me enough to do your homework.

Instead, all you did was pass me around to employees who basically shrugged their shoulders. They all claimed no knowledge of my situation. "I don't know anything about this. I'm new around here. You'll have to explain all this to me." This despite your promise to have Steve, your right-hand man, "personally take care of this."

Yes, on the way out, Steve eventually agreed to pay $380 - but only because of the likelihood of legal action. It wasn't a gesture of goodwill or an acknowledgment of responsibility. No, it was the calculation of an inevitable court order.

As for the check, it is in my possession, but it arrived after I posted to Yelp - nearly two weeks after Steve said he would put it in the mail. No explanation was offered for the tardiness. Come to think of it, no explanation has ever been offered for why you held my driver's license for nine days - despite your promise to investigate.

One last thing. I was told the check would be $380 - the sum of $302 for my lost wages, $27 for the cost of my license, and $50 for gas. The check you sent was for $370. Would you kindly correct this, or explain why you decided to lower the amount? I have not cashed the check yet, so I could return it to you and pick up a check for the amount that was promised to me, if you wish.

I sent you this identical message weeks ago, but you ignored me. People who read Yelp should know this. Perhaps you could at least respond now?

Jeremy B. | 2014-11-09

It has been three days since I brought my car into the service department here, and my Yaris is driving like a brand new car!  John Levy and Blake Hudson were very helpful in getting everything that my car needed.

The folks at the Hertz car rental department were also very helpful and really nice.

There was a lot that needed to be done with me car.  New axle, new boot, new tires, new bulb on the dashboard, oil change, and 2 recalls (airbag issue and driver seat track issue).  I turned my car in at 7:30am, and was surprised to receive a text from John Levy at around 5pm saying it was ready for pick-up!  I was expecting it to be ready the next day.  Wow!  

My entire experience there was top notch.  You guys just got yourselves a customer for life!  Thank you for making me fall in love with my Yaris again!


Courtney R. | 2014-10-30

The Service Department here is awesome. Really.

My Service Advisor, Nathan, is my hero of the day. My car needed some tune-up, and I dropped my car off this morning, and he was great with keeping me updated with its status throughout the day. I never once felt pressured into any recommended service, I was able to choose what I wanted to take care of today. He also took extra special care of my Interior Detail.

Their whole Service team are some of the nicest people out there. Everyone greeted me with a smile at all points today. It made the whole day just that much better. Thanks again!! :)

Linh D. | 2014-10-30

The sale man were nice, but once you changed your mind about the car, they don't give you anything!!!!

Ok, I went there because I needed a car and at first I saw a certified used Prius there. I noticed the service light was on when I did the test driving. I asked the sale man if this is a serious problem, he said no, it was just the tire running low on air. He said he will fix it before I take it home. After I talked with them  for a few hours, they finally gave me around $ 300 off on the car. I accepted the offer and they fixed the service light. After I drove it for two day the light went back on again. I went there on the fifth day to have the service department check it out. They said they did all the testing and it was just the tire running low on air and they said they fixed it. when I was driving home from there, the light went back on again!!! what??!. I remember they said I have five days to return if I changed my mind. So went back to that place right away. I told them I wanted to exchange for another one. This time I wanted to get a brand new car, because I was sick of having problem with used cars and even thought the one I got was a certified used car! They said no! because I bought a used car I can only exchange it for a used car. I asked if I can get some discount on another car, they said no. They even said I will lose tax and the karr alarm money from the Prius car as well. I asked them why? they said I can just keep the Prius and they will fix everything for me and I don't have to lose anything. BUT, I don't have faith in that Prius car, which gave me 3 times service light. And they don't even know how to fix the flat tire! By that time it was late at night, I just want to change another car and get out of there. I mean that day was the last day I could exchange for another car. I finally chose another car and when I was signing the lease, I noticed that I also lost $895 because I canceled the financing debt from the Prius car!! OMG I felt like I was trapped inside the San Diego Toyota and let them go ahead and charge me this and that!! I felt like an idiot. Now I got a car but I just wanted to pay if off and get another brand and not Toyota!

Melissa M. | 2014-10-30

I had a great experience here at Toyota san diego and it's all thanks to Oscar Mendoza . Helped me pick the right car for me

Karina S. | 2014-10-29

Seriously worst place ever. They lack skills in customer service. my boyfriend and I went to go look for an frs and see the prices and we ended up with the Internet sales manager Simon hadaad. He was beyond unprofessional and rude, I'm surprised he's even part of management. Regardless, we asked for a print out for prices and he claimed they didn't do business that wAy. Even the sales person with him apologized for how rude he was being. So we left and went to El Cajon toyota and they were more than happy to give us a print out and so we bought the car there. Honestly going here is a waste of time.

Michelle C. | 2014-10-24

I was very happy with my purchase here until my maintenance appointment with them.

I will first share my happy purchase. The sales associate was not pushy, unlike some of the other associates from other dealership that I had dealt with. I came right before they closed after I had already cancelled my appointment. The internet department's supervisor at that time was helping me out by showing me cars that I was interested in and even did a test drive on a Corolla SE. Two days later I purchased my new car. I was the last customer, so It seemed a little rush when it comes to all the paperwork, but I understand everyone is trying to finish up to go home. I inspected my car the following morning and realized a sticky smudge on my side mirror and thought it was just from a possible sticker stain that I can clean up with some window cleaner. Eventually I realized it was actually a huge rust stain on the mirror. I tried contacting the sales rep that had sold me the car, he was unresponsive and to realize a couple months later that he apparently doesn't work there anymore (hence all the e-mails sent with no response).

Now about my maintenance appointment, I tried scheduling a maintenance appointment to have the side mirror fix. When I called in, the rep asked me what I was going in for, so I told her that there's this smudge on my side mirror and I would like someone form the maintenance department to take a look at it and possibly replace it since I bought the car this way. Drove in on a Sat at 9 am, I was told that they do not have the side mirror there because they didn't know I was going in for a side mirror fix. I was told by one of the associates that they do not do this kind of maintenance work on the weekends anyways and warranty requires a manager's approval before any work is done and they don't work on the weekend. I was extremely upset that I wasted my time and nothing was done. I made a phone call as I was driving out, still extremely upset, explained to the associate what happened. She offered for me to go back in on Monday and since their manager doesn't come in till 9 am, they offered me a rental for free and so I can make it to work on time. I think the associates scheduling those appts need to know what can or cannot be done on the weekends. Most people have to work through out the week! When you call and ask if they can get something done real quick an hour before they close, they seem to always say yes to come in; however, when you get there, they tell you that all the technicians are gone. Why would you have me go in if the technicians are already home?

MK D. | 2014-10-23

Went here yesterday for an oil change and a brake check at 9:40 am. Left the place at around 1:00 pm. Left my car there for the brakes to be fixed and told that it would be ready by 2:30 pm today. I'm still waiting for the service to be done.

Jordan M. | 2014-10-21

I hate saying it but don't go here for service.  It's almost not even worth it.  A full day for an oil change...

The shuttle takes an hour, so Uber it.  

It's really unfortunate because you spend good money to pay for the vehicle, but the service department has a number of people standing around and chatting it up.  It seems as if they have no order or efficiency in what they do.  I hate to be negative, but if you want to spend the day at the dealership-go for it.

Rachel S. | 2014-10-20

just bought my car a few days ago, so this review is just for the buying experience.  hopefully my future experience with service will be just as pleasant.  it was an easy experience.  they gave me a GREAT value on my trade-in and got me in a 2011 corolla with only 26,000 miles on it.  i love that the one year unlimited warranty is included  and i got the extended (limited) warranty too. so my new rolla and i are covered for almost everything for another 70,000+ miles.

shout out to Ariel my salesman.  he was friendly and helpful and really went the extra mile.  and to jason in finance who got us laughing at 10pm while we signed our names a zillion times.

O C. | 2014-10-17

After being toyed around at 3 local dealerships, we decided to go out of state and search within a 300 mile radius from home, yes it had been that bad with dealerahips in our city. We were lucky to find amiable treatment from Simon Haddad at San Diego Toyota. The service that Simon gave us here was awesome and I can't say that about the other dealerships.  He went beyond the call of duty to help me find the vehicle I was looking for. Simon came in on his day off to answer our questions and make sure we were at ease with our purchase. Thank you for making our car buying experience great, I would highly recommend him to anyone looking gto purchase their next vehicle.

Knight P. | 2014-10-15

I have a mixed feeling about this Toyota dealership. We did buy a car from them, but it was a more expensive car. A car that we were offered over the phone simply did not exist. When we showed up, we were offered a more expensive car, an extra $1200 and a very basic "sorry". Don't get me wrong, this is a good car, but a bad play for the dealership. On the other hand, the dealer was not pushy, didn't waste our time with additional services and we were in and out in about 2.5 hours which was nice.

Carolyn G. | 2014-10-13

I had a great experience buying my car here!  It was so smooth and so quick.  Unfortunately there's only one Yelp page for sales and service, so I am forced to write about my terrible service experience.  

About two weeks ago my car started making a funny noise audible only when I started accelerating after a stop.  I had a couple other minor warranty issues that also needed to be addressed so I called to make an appt.  During the phone call to set up an appt. I was very clear that I wanted to talk to someone about the noise, perhaps even test drive it with them.  I was told they are open till 7 p.m., so as long as I get there before 7, someone will check me in and talk with me.  I show up at 6 p.m. and was told to use the drop box.  I insisted to speak with someone, so this girl comes out and says it's too late and she's too busy.  I reluctantly used the drop box.  I look inside and see her sitting on a counter top chatting with co-workers.  

The reason I hesitated from using the drop box was b/c I wanted the staff to hear the noise, while I was there.  The next day they call, surprise surprise, they don't hear the noise.  I explain it again and they take it for another drive.  Still not hearing it, they tell me I'm gonna need to come down.  I share a car with my husband and taking time off work to deal with this was a huge inconvenience.  I decide to speak with the manager, Larry.  He talks to the head foreman and, low and behold, they hear the noise.  They saved me a trip back down but only b/c I was insistent about it...

They couldn't diagnose it that day and offer me a "loner" aka a crappy Hertz Corolla rental.  I was told to come and pick up my voucher for the rental.  I show up and ask for the voucher from the guy at the service counter named "Q."  He searches for a couple minutes and I tell him that Amy said it would be printed for me.  He doesn't even dignify my comment.  He completely ignores me and treats me like I don't even exist.  He continues searching for five more minutes until Amy comes out and he yells at her for messing up.  She was like: No, it's right here where it's suppose to be.  And sure enough it was printed on the counter (right behind him) the whole time.  Perhaps he should have dignified my initial comment.  

It took them from Thurs to Monday to fix my car, which ended up only being bolts that needed tightening.  I get my car back, the outside was 10x dirtier than when I dropped it off and my gas tank, which was on two bars at drop off, was blinking on empty.  It's not my fault it took them four-five total test drives and I am shocked they gave my car back on fumes.  What the heck???  Also, what ever happened to washing a car when it went in for service?  Instead mine comes back dirtier!?  

The only positive aspect of the entire experience was Amy M.  She was nice and apologetic for the incompetence of her team.  Next time I need service from a dealer, I am going elsewhere.  It's not worth the complete lack of human decency and regard for my vehicle.

Dee D. | 2014-10-10

I was looking to downsize my vehicle and buy something with today's new technology.  I did a lot of research online and decided on a Toyota.  I bought my Toyota Prius 3 last Friday.  I inquired online and Clinton Hunt responded shortly after that.  I made an appointment for a test drive and I'm glad I did it.  Clinton was very patient with me being a person who can be all about budgeting.  He listened to my questions and answered them all.  I got everything I wanted in my new Prius 3 he even found the color I wanted at a different location because they didn't have it in stock.  And I got a lot for my trade-in.  Clinton Hunt was awesome!!!  Go to Toyota San Diego on Mission Gorge rd if you're looking for a great deal and a great salesman.

Wanting H. | 2014-10-04

I have been a customer at Toyota San Diego for my car for a while. I have always enjoy their service each time. The service representatives are always very courteous and efficient of their work. They provide shuttle service which is available to take you home or anywhere you need to be while you wait for your car. I really like the shuttle service and their service. If you decide to stay in store, they also give you a free cup of coffee and comfortable waiting area with free wi-fi. I recommend to make appointment online or by phone to shorten the wait time. I like their service and will certainly return for service.

Dan A. | 2014-09-21

After only 3 months od buying Tacoma I needed change tires because my alignment was bad. ...even do I purchased extended warranty they didn't cover ....just after 3 months, service department bad and rude

Victor H. | 2014-09-18

Clearly, this is a divided lot.

I can only speak about the sales experience since I just took my 2014 Toyota Corolla S (sports package) off the lot last night and have not had any dealings with the service department.

I had actually called two other dealerships that were rated higher on Yelp - El Cajon Ford (where I bought by 2004 F-150 and have only good things to say) and El Cajon Toyota.

I spoke with two sales reps - Breezy Boyd @ Ford and someone called Dave @ Toyota. I told them upfront: My credit is OK (and gave them my number), told them how much I had to put down and told them what I could afford per month. Never heard back.

So, I ended up calling Toyota San Diego and was put through to Salah in sales. I explained my situation and he asked that I fill out a pre-qualifying application. I did. I was pre-approved for a lease and told him I'd be there by 500PM that day.

He greeted me punctually at 4:50. Friendly, down-to-earth, not salesy, I knew if I could find something in my budget, they'd have a deal. After trying out the new Camry 2014 LE (a good value, if slightly uninspired car), I was ready to move. But, due to my credit history, the manager - Luis - very plainly told me what my alternatives were and why, unless I wanted to cough up 400 a month, I would have to consider other options.

A few minutes - OK, about ten minutes later - they came back and offered me the Corolla S. Very similar, it actually turned out to be a car more compatible with my personality and had been redesigned for 2014 giving it a far more contemporary look. Took it for a spin, loved it and between Luis, Salah and I, I left the lot at 840PM with my new vehicle.

I'd be doing a huge disservice by not mentioning Jason in finance. First of all, he's hilarious. I think we just connected but I think he knows had to wrap up the loose ends of a deal and after three hours at the lot (about right for a new purchase), I couldn't have asked for a better "last act."

I can't give them five stars yet because, as I've mentioned, I have yet to experience their service department. But since I'm under warranty for all bu the last year, I don't suspect I'll be revisiting this review.

Overall, it was a very satisfactory experience. Salah is an honest, hardworking guy who understands well that you treat everyone with respect and don't insult their intelligence because you may not have a customer that day but who knows...

Luis is no-nonsense but not hard or edgy as you might expect (or fear) from a closer. Jim, the sales manager, came over to shake my hand, too.

Buying a car is an emotional purchase and I still think people believe if you go onto a dealership, you are going to somehow be exploited. If that's your fear or worry, I would highly recommend these guys who seem to understand that you catch more flies with honey than vinegar.

Jimmy R. | 2014-09-18

First, id like to say that Alex, the salesman, was nice and professional. A bit green, but still did a pretty good job. Long story short, less than a week after i bought my 2007 Nissan Xterra, the radiator malfunctioned majorly. I sent it back to the dealership for repairs and was in a rental car, which i hated, but eh, at least i still had wheels. After a part or two was put into the radiator, things seemed to run well until early August when my check engine light came on. I brought it to a Mossy Nissan for inspection. They informed me that the "repair work"on the radiator caused fluid to leak into my transmission, therefore destroying it. I would need a brand new radiator and transmission. Calls to see if the repair parts previously put into the radiator were not returned. Though the warranty was barely still good through Nissan, i still needed to pay $3000 out of pocket. I had only had the truck for 5 months. I will never purchase a vehicle from Toyota San Diego and i for damn sure will not refer my friends there.

Candido D. | 2014-09-08

Went to this dealer for some parts I needed and the service was amazing great ppl and felt very welcome very family orientated. Highly recommend this dealer for any services needed.

Bernard D. | 2014-09-08

My 2002 Sienna failed smog this year.  I took it to Toyota San Diego after my regular mechanic was unable to find anything wrong with the car.  He didn't want to make repairs and not have my car pass smog.  Anyways, I scheduled and appointment to get my car checked out at around 9:00am. I wasn't sure where to go so I parked my car and went into the service area.  I was not acknowledged.  I was trying to ask for info from one of the guys and he just walked past me.  Javier the service rep that I had to deal with was rude.  I told him what my mechanic told me and he pretty much told me that it didn't matter what my mechanic said.  They told me they would call me up and once they figured out what they needed to do with my car.  When I got the call back, I was told what needed to be done and I asked him how much the price for each part would cost and labor separately, and he brushed me off and told me that he wasn't sure because he wasnt the mechanic working on it.  I ended up getting my car repaired there.  I called Javier a week later to ask him to pretest my car, which he said that I could get done, but I never received a call back from him!  What a douche! Also they charged me for things that I didn't need like a new gas cap that my mechanic said was fine.  The smog test guy even said there was nothing wrong with my gas cap.  I doubt i'll be doing business with these assholes ever again!

Mrs. J. | 2014-09-08

I had one of the best experiences at this dealership. The staff was friendly from the moment we walked in. I came in looking to lease a new truck for my husband while keeping it affordable. They were able to get him exactly what he wanted at an amazing deal! Everyone from the sales team to the finance team was incredible. They were all knowledgeable and helpful. They made the entire process quick and painless. We were so happy with the lease of my husband's 2014 Tacoma that 2 weeks later, I came in and leased a 2014 Camry for myself!! Since then I've referred everyone I know to this dealership! Thank you Toyota San Diego!

Julie B. | 2014-09-06

I bought my 2010 Toyota Corolla brand new back in 2009 from this lot and I had a great experience.

Since then I have taken my car to this dealership for all my mechanical needs. I have a hard time trusting mechanics because I am a young female and I don't know much about cars, but the staff at this dealership seem to be very trustworthy and honest. I have always received exceptional service.

The waiting room inside the dealership is great, they have free wifi, TV, and free coffee and popcorn (which I heard is the best popcorn in town!)

I have received great customer service on a continuos basis! I don't remember everyones names but thank you Oscar and Jorge and everyone else from the Toyota family for the enjoyable experience.

Cloie D. | 2014-09-03

I have nothing but good things to say about this dealership. I bought my 2013 Tacoma from here and if time and money permits, I will buy from them again. Their service is also HANDS DOWN the best I have ever been in. I have been to the one in Las Vegas and Ridgecrest and I would drive 300 miles to SD just to get my truck serviced by these guys, if i can. They give me good service, EVERY single time I go. The people are very prompt, courteous and accommodating. I have been here numerous times and not ONE thing will ever complain about anything. Every time I don't understand something, I ASK one of their people and they give me answers.

If you're buying a car, please look for Marcus. He is THE BEST SALESMAN there!

If you want service, please look for Nathan. The BEST. He will treat you like family.

jason p. | 2014-08-30

I called these guys because I wanted to trade in my Kia and lease a new Tundra.  I told them I would like the ballpark numbers on the what the new payment would be.  I had to give them some information and text pictures of my car.  After all of that I had some sales manager call me back basically saying that he does not believe that was my car and that he wanted me to bring it!  This guy was basically calling me a liar.  Needless to say I did not bring my car there and I will not bring my business there either.

Kenneth H. | 2014-08-28

This place is dangerous! I went in to get my alignment done, which took the over three hours to complete, after that they informed me that my left lower ball joint and left inner tie rod were worn out. I drove home and my vehicle was making strange noises from my left side suspension magically after they performed service. When I inspected this, I found play in my left wheel as would be indicative of the problem they had suggested. I looked closer and the lower ball joint assembly had been loosened and all of the bolts were finger tight. one of two things happened here, 1 the technician was the worst technician in the world not to see this, and the bolts magically were about to simultaneously fall out of the assembly at the same time as my visit to the dealer, or the part was intentionally manipulated by the technicians in order to manifest fault indications so they could charge me tons of money. Either way they are incompetent or dishonest and there performance could have been dangerous as they set me up to drive on a public road with suspension parts that were thumb tight..

Kenneth K. | 2014-08-27

I was inches away from driving my new 4runner off their lot, after I was sold and already signed the leasing paperwork. Aimee, who was a brand new employee there, did a great job at showing me all the different options and pricing initially. I was sold on the SR5 Premium model. When it came time to deal with my trade-in, Aimee had to hand me over to her "closer", who spoke in a very quick tone, and was very pushy. I started to get confused on the price with my trade-in and had to keep asking the same set of questions over and over. Finally we agreed on a price and signed the paperwork. They did not have the vehicle of my choice in stock so they had to go get it. When I came back in to pick up my new 4runner I noticed it was not the SR5 Premium model I thought I bought, instead it was the SR5 base model. It turned out that in order to meet my price demand, they had to switch to a SR5 base model. You would think they would emphasize that fact that I was signing for a SR5 base model at least a few times during the trasaction? Well, they failed to do so. They basically did a bait-and-switch on me, so I left, and probably never go back again.

I took my paperwork and went to a different dealer, and had a much better experience there. I did have to pay a bit more to get the SR5 premium, which I knew and could have done the same at Toyota of San Diego, At that point it was no longer about the price, but rather my principle.

5 stars to Aimee
0 star to the rest of the dealership

Jose G. | 2014-08-22

I didn't want to believe all the critical reviews I read about this place, but let me tell you guys, they are all mostly true. I took my car in for its 5k service and it turned into a complete fiasco. I personally believe they don't take you serious when you're a 20 year old who bought their own car (ageism). Because I sure as hell felt that way. Okay in all honesty "SOME" really nice people. Their time estimates are WAY off and they made me late to class by 45 min. I insisted on using their shuttle service because I couldn't justify the amount of time they were keeping me there to simply rotate my tires and align my car (3 hours and 25 min). Will I come back? Probably. Would I recommend this place? Maybe. I'm just more surprised that I experienced what other people were saying about this place first hand. I really wanted to love this place. "You never get a second chance to make a first impression."

Jessica D. | 2014-08-18

I've been to many different dealerships since I move around a lot and this dealership was defiantly one of the better few. It was extremely packed on a Saturday afternoon and the guy said it would take a little over an hour which we didn't mind waiting at all but he said they offered free shuttle service within a 5 mile radius. Since we were starving, we decided to use the shuttle service. After waiting a couple minutes for the guy, we got into the van and got dropped off at a nearby restaurant to grab some lunch. By the time we were done eating, we got the call that our car was ready so we called the guy to come pick us up which took him about 20 minutes. I love the option of having the shuttle service since it doesn't seem like you're waiting for hours opposed to just sitting in a lounge.

Ronald K. | 2014-08-18

This was the simplest experience I've ever had. I did research and gathered bids on . The prices advertised on the site, in e-mails and phone calls were all honored. The price was very competitive, and I felt I got a great deal.

Aleksandra B. | 2014-08-17

I came here looking for a Hybrid, way too many sales guys standing around and looking at you in an un comfortable way. And they are not very straight about their pricing. I don't like to negotiate and combat with people. I would prefer someone to be truly honest and tell me their lowest or final price.  Its the same way in Russia. You don't know if  are or are not getting transparency from the dealers. The whole process of sales guy negotiating with you, than their managers coming to you, trying to convince you with different techniques that the car is this price. Why all that? Just from the get go, best say the price and stick to it. Buy or not buy. It is not fair for some to pay really high prices that can't negotiate or get convinced into a price, and others don't.

Lo R. | 2014-08-13

Service was friendly.

We came to get our 5k maintenance service.
Which included-
Tires rotated
Check all fluids

The guy said in and out. About an hour.

More like 2 and a half hours.

Kinda sucks when u have a 7 month old.

The people were nice. Just need to be more precise on the time estimates. If we had to get back to work that would of been a shitty situation. But thankfully we had some time on our hands.

Any ways. Still appreciate working on my vehicle.

Jeff L. | 2014-08-13

Very professional and was ready at the time promised

Mina H. | 2014-08-05

Worst place ever don't buy anything from them
They are not the best in price
And after i got the car with 2 months i found a mistake they did by getting me the extended warranty from another insurance company other than Toyota care as i requested
I keep chasing them for 4 months to fix this mistake they did with no luck
They don't answer the phone and don't solve anything
I wish i could return the car

Andrea M. | 2014-07-31

I purchased my car in April , and I was more than happy with the customer service given by Adan. However, 3 months later my car has chipped paint, I go to the sales rep. Luis , and he was willing to detail my car " free of charge". Long story short, when I came back to get that done Luis was blowing off my calls, texts, and voicemails. Then when I went to his supervisor Frank, who was equally as bad as Luis.
Bottom line, the worse customer service I have ever gotten from anyone.

I guess to them the customer isn't always right .

Natalie W. | 2014-07-30

Review for BODY SHOP only:
This is the only body shop we truly trust. We have had 2 Lexus SUVs repaired/painted here in the past with excellent results and the best prices. Today I brought in our 3 day old Prius after the front bumper lost a fight with a massive bird dropping. We removed the poop within 2 hours but a large dull spot and scratches remained. I brought it to the body shop to ask for recommendations on restoring it and they ended up buffing out the spot...for FREE!

I highly recommend this body shop!!

Brigid R. | 2014-07-26

Just when you think they're not like every other dealership (ie scammers / snake oil sales), turns out it was too good to be true.

We were there 3 weeks ago & looked at Prius for the first time and really liked them. Got a fair price on our trade in. Would it still allow them to turn a good profit? Yes. Could I have sold my car for $1.5k-2.5k more? Yes. Did I want to deal with the hassle? No.

That day we checked out cars just outside our price range and weren't willing to finance.

Fast forward 3 weeks, decide to resume car buying process - delayed because we have a newborn.  Checked out their website and saw a car that looked like just what we needed. Went back and sat down with them to talk pricing, etc -- low and behold they tried to offer is $3,000 LESS than just 3 weeks ago. Our car had 150 more miles, but everything else was identical.

When we pointed this out, they basically called us liars and said it wasn't what they had in their system and tried to recreate the document they had given us last time with numbers that were still $1500 less than what we were offered. And tried to say such a difference was normal.

Long story short - we left. Annoyed. Very annoyed. And we will not be back.

Clara L. | 2014-07-22

My husband and I bought a RAV4 over the holidays last year. I don't think we could have bought our car at a better dealership. Great customer service. We never felt pressured to buy a car. The whole process was simple and easy. We were very pleased with our experience here!

Allen L. | 2014-07-19

Very good service, quick and professional. However, whoever worked on my car messed up my stereo system. Now my door speakers do not work. I hate that i bring in my vehicle for mechanical work and you cause me audio problems that you wont fix even though you caused it. Your techs shouldnt be messing with things that arent part of the work it was brought in for.

Julius D. | 2014-07-18

Their "let us call you back in 10 minutes" never happens. But then why do they take all your info? Future marketing? I'll rather spend my money elsewhere.

Jus M. | 2014-07-06

I debated writing a review but thought I'd at least give a shout out to one of the best service reps I've worked with. Ryan at Toyota Mission Gorge (TMS) always gave such great customer service. I went to him when I first moved from WA for a oil change & basic service on my scion. A little irritated about the service light not being reset after being serviced. You'd think that would be the simplest of all tasks. Had to return & found that the mechanic did not know how to reset it. ??? Yah, weird...& first questionable sign about the mechanics' skills & knowledge there. Thankfully Ryan was there & knew how to reset it.

I returned to TMS when I found out my CAI had to be replaced in order to pass smog inspection (SMH, still bitter 'bout that whole ordeal). Ryan helped me out with getting the right part & making sure it had a carb eo sticker. It wasn't instant but he personally kept in the loop of things & assured me that I'd be taken care of. When it was installed the tech/mechanic didn't run an emission test which was the whole point of replacing my CAI. my bad for not reminding the service rep who was there...guess I should've brought my car in when Ryan was there. Returned yet again for a smog check at 3x the cost quoted elsewhere. But I was able to get a loaner from the onsite car rental while my car was being worked on & the pass inspection was electronically sent to the DMV.

Although Ryan's service was on point, I may have to think twice about returning for future service on my car. Not worth the added expense for mediocre results.

Also, I have to add..the facilities are nice, almost to the quality of Toyota Servco in Hawaii (almost, I said) but they could do much better to attain loyalty from customers. Take a hint from Toyota in WA state...they atleast offer a car wash if not wash it themselves after service.

(Review is for services rendered several weeks ago.)

Rebecca A. | 2014-06-21

Just wanted to pass on to you how greatly satisfied I've been after leasing my second car from Toyota of San Diego. Working with MOISES PIMENTEL has been a true pleasure.  I never feel pressured to make a decision before I'm ready. I feel Moises gives me the information I need to make the best decision for our family.

Once I made the decision, the process was quick and simple.  Moises showed great patience in staying past 9pm to make sure everything was in order so we had the car for my husbands birthday.

I look forward to coming back next year when my car lease is expired.

Thank you for making my experience and the process so simple and rewarding.


Kevin B. | 2014-06-21

I own a Scion TC and needed information on a catalytic converter. I stopped in to ask questions about the part because I was deciding wether I should do the job myself or hire a mechanic. The gentlemen at the counter assisted me as soon as he could and was extremely helpful. He answered all of my questions and even printed out some diagrams detailing the job. He asked a few questions to confirm I was on the correct track to get the job done right. Also, even knowing I most likely wasn't going to have Toyota repair my car he still treated me with respect which I greatly appreciated. All in all a very good experience.

Melissa G. | 2014-06-16

It was a pleasure buying my car at Toyota of San Diego and I would like to express my thanks to your Sales Representative - Moises Pimentel, who made sure all of my requirements were taken care of and was patient through the entire process.

I am happy to let you know that I am pleased with my car and am looking forward to continuing this relationship with Toyota of San Diego.

Thank you.

Lisa E. | 2014-06-16

I have only been to this dealership to get my car serviced. I brought in my camry for a 25k mile service (with 193k miles on my car).

I was able to make an appointment online, and they send you a confirmation email. When I came in, I didn't have to wait too long to be helped. Customer service is pretty good, everyone is polite and they keep you informed. Typical service price for a dealership, about $60, free tire rotation and light replacements,etc.

The service itself took a little longer than they originally estimated. After the service, they recommended that I get some filters changed and do a flush of the power steering. I didn't have time to stay to get that done so I made another appointment for the following week to finish these services.

After the first time, I noticed that there was some fluid leaking from my car, which was not present prior to taking in the car. I told them about it when I brought my car back in. They never told me what it was, but it has been fixed. Cost ended up being about $100 less than the estimate they gave me during my 25k service, and only took about an hour and a half to finish rather than a few hours, which was their original estimate.

They have a shuttle service that will take you anywhere within 10 miles. They will call you when your car service is finished. Also for a service, they give you free coffee which was nice.

Really nice waiting area/lobby, with lots of sitting space. In house store had a lot more products than most dealerships I've been too.

Service prices are high which is to be expected for a dealership. Normally I would just take my car to a mechanic, but I went to the dealer because this is my parents car that I am only using temporarily, so it wasn't worth it for me to find a good mechanic to service one time.

Overall: good service but keep in mind that it is a dealership. So expect high prices and go in with caution, dealerships can be a little shady and untrustworthy, although I didn't notice anything beyond the usual.

Robert G. | 2014-06-16

My family and I purchased a 4Runner thanks in large part to the hard work from all of you at Toyota of San Diego , Moises Pimentel (sp) in particular. I must have called half the dealers on the westside in search of the 4Runner we were looking for. But when it came to finding the vehicle, obtaining it, and getting it to me as quickly as possible, there was nobody more willing than Moises. Moises and I hadn't been working together for more than two hours when he found the exact vehicle we were looking for, and I was driving it off the lot a few days later. I cannot thank him enough for how hard he worked. It was obvious that he was far more willing than any other dealer in the state to make the sale and satisfy his customer.

Thanks again so much,

Phuong H. | 2014-06-16

Great service, very fast & friendly. I came in for an oil change and it was about a 25 minute wait. Oh & a tip, if you set an appointment, they give you free coffee, juice, and/or water!

Shawn L. | 2014-06-15

I called the dealer earlier today to make sure they had a car in stock.  They told me they did and I made the deal over the phone for a certain price.  I told the salesman the car was for my younger cousin that was on his way down there to buy it.  As soon as he got down there, they said they could not find the car.  Then they said they would have to charge him more to bring another car in from another dealer.  So my cousin agreed to another vehicle on their lot that they said they would honor the price we made the deal at.  They kept him there for almost four hours to raise the price again at the end.  He had to leave in the end without the car.  I believe they tried to take advantage of the young buyer.  I bought a vehicle here before and did not experience anything like this.  Maybe new management???  We will be taking our business somewhere else......  Should have read the rest of the reviews on here first.  

And the salesman was Moses....

Amanda P. | 2014-06-15

Toyota of San Diego was great to deal with.  The managers Sergio and Brett were straight forward with my deal. I live in Temecula and was happy to take the hour drive.  I was able work out the deal before I went in.  Today I leased a 2014 Prius Package 3.  The process ran smooth and they were respectful of my time.  Eli my salesperson took all my information they needed to complete my deal when I arrived.  Finance made me feel comfortable and presented me with all options.  The car was ready, fueled and nicely detailed when I walked out of finance.  I was all paired and connected before I left.  I will be happy to recommend the dealer to friends and family.  I am very happy with my experience and my purchase.  Thank you Toyota of San Diego.

Candace B. | 2014-06-07

5 stars for Cliff. I came in in with hopes of seeking some advice about leasing a new car because I knew I wouldn't be able to land a car because of my credit. Cliff went the extra mile & was able to lease me, even with only $500 to spend that day. He and the staff allowed me to deposit the remaining amount via check on a different day. I came home with a brand new, black 2014 Corolla! Super grateful.

Christina F. | 2014-06-06

Even though I purchased my vehicle here, I have learned my lesson! NEVER finance through a dealership, always find your own financing from a credit union or bank first! It was my first experience purchasing a vehicle and even thought I told then exactly what I wanted they tried to get me to have a payment that was well over what I had explained. After FOUR hours of yelling them NO I finally left with something close to what I was looking for, however after that I still had to turn down a million up sells that would have increased my payment even more.

Since it was my first car I chose to buy GAP ins. which was triple the amount the Credit union charged me!? I refinanced, got a letter in the mail that I would be eligible for a prorated refund and would need to contact the dealership. After calling and leaving messages for almost a month on how to get my $ back I finally for a hold of someone. They told me to come in and it would be a simple process. Came in and no one wanted to help me and asked me if I wanted to come back!? NO I want this taken care of NOW!! Needless to say I will NEVER recommend purchasing a vehicle from this dealership to anyone!!

Marlena B. | 2014-05-29

TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE! I was completely shocked how rude Sergio was! I guess he thought that since my husband and I were young we didn't know anything and he could talk to us any way he wanted! When they called us on the phone they said they would match the price as the other dealership but that was a lie! The "internet specialist" as he called himself even said it was too good to be true. He also was very rude! I had to laugh at their commercial when they said "we are very friendly." I will be sure to let everyone I know to not go there if they plan on buying a car. They will only get treated like crap especially if Sergio will be the one assisting them!

Joana V. | 2014-05-28

Went in again with my brother and had free hot dogs and burgers and my brother walked out with a great deal on a new car! Thanks again Toyota SD!

Bobby L. | 2014-05-26

Coming to Toyota San Diego only made me realize how much I hate big car dealerships.

As expected, they use ruthless tactics to keep you at the dealership and convince to you that you are getting a "deal" for a car.

They thought that just because I was young, I did not know what a credit score, financing, and blue book value are. I've did my homework on all this for the past 5 months.

I had a strict budget. And a specific used model I wanted which they had. After telling them a dozen times that I was only looking to pay cash for a car, they were relentless in trying to convince me that I was getting a good deal for the car by financing. The "deal" was above the blue book value.

They had me in the lobby for an hour doing this.

My sales associate, Shaka, however was very inviting and fun to talk to. After she brought the head honcho out was when the service went down hill.

I wouldn't recommend this place to anybody.

Jason R. | 2014-05-18

Looking around for a used car, I worked with Brandon N.  Good kid, helped me over the course of a month but they just never got anything I was looking for.  The managers were as sleezy as anywhere else, but Brandon was a good, helpful low-pressure dude, thought it was worth mentioning.

Juliana K. | 2014-05-17

This was by far the worst, most unprofessional experience we've ever had buying a car. I'll try to keep this short and to the point.

My husband and I purchased a used 2007 Camry Hybrid in July of 2013. While test driving, we noticed that the tire pressure light was on. The salesperson, Tom, assured us that it was because new tires had been put on and the light hadn't been reset. Resetting the light was simple, he said, and we could do it at any time. We stupidly assumed that was true and didn't think anything of it.

We tried resetting the light that week but it didn't work. We decided we'd take have it reset on our next service.

So 5000 miles rolls around and we go to Bob Baker Toyota, where our family has been servicing our cars for years. When the car comes back, we are told that there are NO TIRE PRESSURE SENSORS IN THE CAR. AT ALL.

At this point we're pretty pissed off. We look over our paperwork and it says, clear as day, that sensors were added prior to the sale. So we try calling Toyota of San Diego for over a week attempting to get a hold of a manager. Nothing. Finally my husband just showed up. After being treated like absolute crap and ignored by high-horse manager Mr. Matt Curtis (he refused to come out and speak to my husband), he is finally told sensors will be put on.

He gets the car back and is given the green light - all good! Sensors installed! Yeah right. The light is still on. Oh don't worry it'll turn off! Okay thanks.

5000 miles later, light is still on, and it is time for a service at Bob Baker. And guess what? NO TIRE PRESSURE SENSORS.

That was over a month ago. Since then we have called and emailed and have not received a SINGLE response. Are you kidding me?

So please, save the headaches and BS-ing and go to a different Toyota dealership. Employees and management like the ones that work at Toyota of San Diego make the entire Toyota line look bad. They don't give a damn about their customers, only making a quick buck.

(Oh, and we made the transaction in the evening. When we looked at our new car the next day, it was full of surprises - dents, scratches, broken outlets, you name it. We feel like total idiots for trusting this car dealership to conduct an honest transaction.)

Millie M. | 2014-05-14

This place is a HORRIBLE PLACE to do business, from the top management to the sales personnel.  We were ripped off.  Please always read in detail everything you sign.  The finance manager (Jorge) was doing our paperwork.  He told my husband and I we needed an alarm for $550.00, well we told him it was a deal breaker, we don't want this car we are leaving.  Jorge told us to wait a minute, he came back and said you alarm is free and we will throw in a Crystal fusion product that is excellent for the car windows.   And you know what they never put it on the windows.  Jorge told me to come back in a week or so and they would do it.  When we went back we were told it was already done, you don't need it -DUH! OK NICE, RIGHT?  Then he proceeded to tell us we needed a warranty, ok I paid for it outside of the deal and gave him my credit card and paid the $1500.00 on that card.  There is so much that went on after that we couldn't handle them any longer, so we got rid of the 2014 Corolla we bought from them, took a loss and bought another car from another dealer.  We went back to get our $1500.00 and were told well you can only get $1276.  I asked was the other $224 prorated for use as we only had the car for less than 30 days.  They said no it was used for a down payment (NOT).  Anyway, we asked for the full amount back and after MUCH struggle we will (hopefully get the $1500.00 back).  I also asked Jorge if we paid for the alarm and crystal fusion.  He said yes you did.  I asked him why he said it was free and he ANSWERED AT THE TOP OF HIS VOICE "I DID NO SUCH THING" Bottom line watch out for them, I still don't know what happed to the $224.00 that they were not willing to get back, but I can only guess.  STAY AWAY from them.  Look at Toyota of El Cajon's Yelp stories and you will see a big difference.  PLEASE be careful of Toyota of San Diego.  This has been a terrible and costly experience for us.  I truly believe they have fraudulent practices.

Pat D. | 2014-05-10

It ALMOST didn't happen.  We had gone to test drive a car after talking to a gal on the phone.  While we were at her desk supposedly making the deal, she WALKED OUT to attend to some other customers without as much as an "excuse me a moment".    After a long wait, we inquired at the office and, lucky for us, they sent Gary Thuma over.  The guy is professional, made very kind excuses in defense of his co-worker, and was positive and efficient and did his best to save the deal even after it became apparent that they could NOT honor the price the first gal had promised (which is why we'd driven all the way down there. What REALLY got my goat was that later she never did even HINT at an apology or that she'd done anything odd. She did not assume responsibility for her actions and preferred to act as if nothing was wrong so we flatly refused to work with her any further.) Though Gary Thuma had been on his way home when he'd been sent over, he did not rush us, did not stint on the whole business of buying a new car.
We went through the "finance" business office work (done really well by another fellow, no high pressure to buy the extras, just straightforward and no nonsense) Then Gary sat in the car with my husband demonstrating all the gizmo's and gadgets of the new vehicle.
All in all, we are now the happy owners of a great new Toyota at a decent price.

Harvey W. | 2014-05-08

This place is horrible.  Absolutely, old-school avoid-the-car-dealership awful.  I have had two atrocious experiences with the service department, the second only coming after considering the first a likely anomaly.  Wrong.  I would be glad to relate the details of unprofessionalism and unfairness amount to something akin to usury, but I usually skip those details in reviews and just want to know: Should I patronize the business?  The answer here is an emphatic NO.  

I have had good experiences with Frank Toyota on the Mile of Cars, so that might be your next stop on Yelp.  Avoid this BS palace at all costs.

Jerry G. | 2014-05-04

I've been shopping for a used Chevy Avalanche and one popped up on auto at this dealership on Wednesday. I sent an inquiry and Gary from Internet sales called me on Saturday to set up an appointment to see it. The appointment was for 1:30 Sunday. I got there and see the truck. The truck is filthy. Bald tires. The tonneau cover on the trucks bed was in pieces and with a lot of trash in it. Obviously NOT ready for sale, even though it was sitting in the parking lot front of the show room. I get one day off from work a week and I set aside about two hours today to go look and possibly buy this truck. Thanks for wasting my time Toyota of San Diego!

Ruby J. | 2014-05-03

Our family always buys and gets our cars' service here because it's cola by our home. Service is always packed and busy on the weekend. I'm here still waiting to be checked in even we have an appointment and it's been 25 mins at least. Wonder how many cars can they go through for a day? 20 the most? But most agents are friendly and helpful!

Starr M. | 2014-05-03

I just bought a 2014 Tacoma from Gary at San Diego Toyota. Gary was very knowledgeable about the trucks and helped me to locate a very specific color/model combo. When it normally would have taken up to a month Gary found my truck in 3 days and worked out an amazing deal. He was very calm and collected and didn't pressure us at all. If you're looking for a truck ask for Gary and I guarantee you won't be disappointed.

S. A. | 2014-04-26

Yesterday we bought a preowned certified Prius.

We drove in from Los Angeles to buy because the purchase price and inventory was better than here in Los Angeles. I called the dealership the night before and discussed two cars we found online. I told them my trade in value and budget (cash buyer, no financing). He promised he would negotiate and make the deal happen. Because he assured me he could work in my realm of expectations I drove down first thing in the morning. We arrived and saw the two cars. The car I wanted they wouldnt budge on, they didnt not come down in price or offer to negotiate on any level. I was low balled on my trade in, but low balled to a point of embarrassment. The second car I had picked as an option they also wouldnt budge on price but said they shopped around with some wholesalers and were able to give me more for my trade in. I know the value of my trade in as I had two worksheets on it with two previous dealerships this week. It should have never been a point of negotiation, certainly not in the capacity it was yesterday that put me on defense. It's a car buying experience,  After two hours driving, 1 hour arguing about trade in value and a promise to meet expectations in a phone call from the night before we were left to walk out. So disappointing.We drove around the block in our car and thought about what just happened and called the dealership back and made a final offer on the second car. The sales person called back and tacked on $300 to our offer. We agreed. But we agreed because after two weeks of car shopping and after two hours of driving to this dealership we figured it was a lost cause and just close the deal and get out.

 Finally time to leave. We were told that the dealership put an after market alarm system in the car to lower their insurance rates while the cars were on the lot. They offered to keep the alarm active for us if we paid $399.00. Here is the deal, if the alarm is already in the car and I elect not to pay the $399.00 then I drive off and the wholesale cost they invested in the system is a loss to them. They probably paid less than $100 for the system their service team installed. It's a flip of a switch to turn it on or off. i elected not to pay the extra money and they left the after market non Toyota system in the car. As a courtesy they should have just flipped the switch and left it on. What is the difference tot hem after the car is sold? The only difference is I didnt give them the money but I still got the system , it's just not activated. So if it's a loss and I decline, then why not at the last minute just say "ya  know, we want you to be happy and refer your friends, we're going to flip that switch for you and let you drive off with peace of mind and security"...

This is the slap myself in the forehead moment. I signed off on all my rights and wrote the check and it was a closed transaction. I walked around the car and as I was transferring items from my car to the new car we discovered moderate damage to the car. It was a large dent on the rear passenger door. It had been patched. It is a dent similar to being hit with a shovel. The salesperson was there and when we all saw it there was dead silence. He said, "they probably did all they could do with it". I said " probably?".. He said "yeah, they wouldnt have certified it if they hadnt addressed it the best they could". It sucks, I should have inspected the car better and I was disappointed with his response. His overall demeanor was lackluster and frustrating. It was not a shiny happy car buying experience. We were stuck with the damage and there was no going back to work out compensation on it and he didnt offer anything... nothing.

The two previous dealerships gave us a point by point introduction to the car. They highlighted cool features and really engaged us in the process. By the time we got to this dealership we were familiar with the car enough to decline test driving this car. We didnt have to be sold on the brand, we were already there because of the brand and model. I understand a salesperson gloating and gushing about cool features during the sale to try to make the sale however, it's more important to me for the sales person to take the ball to the goal line after the sale. He never showed us a single thing about the car, he never walked the car bumper to bumper with us (we probably woudve noticed the damage if he had) he never sat in the car and he didnt walk us through. we had to pull over twice to figure stuff out. They didnt give us an owners manual so we had to google on our phone. They took the floor mats out when the cleaned it and the rear hatch shade cover is missing.

Horrible negotiating, missing parts and significant damage and lackluster customer service. I was going to go as far as refer to the team as thugs in neckties but this is not personal. They could have done better and they failed and I'm incredibly disappointed in the end result.

John B. | 2014-04-25

I purchased a brand new Tacoma pickup from this dealership a couple of weeks ago.  I had done my homework beforehand, new what the invoice was, and what I was willing to pay.  And based on their website, they had the exact pickup I was looking for.  I arrived at their dealership after a long 6 hour drive through traffic, and not in the best of moods.  After some initial confusion involving another customer who was interested in the same vehicle, and a bit of haggling over the price, they finally agreed on my price.  Having never purchased a brand new vehicle before, I was not prepared for the amount of time it would take to compete all the required paperwork, and admittedly, after a 6 hour bout with LA traffic, my patience was spent.  I guess what I am saying is, I wasn't exactly the most polite and friendly customer they ever had.  But Karen, Warren, and Oliver treated me with the utmost respect, and helped me through the entire process.  When it was time to give me the keys, instead of rushing me out the door and bidding Mr. Grumpy farewell, Karen took the time to make sure my phone was synced to the new vehicle's Bluetooth system and show me some basic functions.  She was very pleasant to work with.  All in all, I had a very good experience with this dealership, and drove off in my new pickup with zero regrets.

Matt K. | 2014-04-23

I have just had the worst service experience ever at this dealership. I took my car in for some warranty work that I was initially told would take a day to complete. A week later I finally got my car back. Not to mention that every time I was promised a call back I never received one. I had to call in every day to find out what was going on with my car. To top it off, they had provided me with a rental, which I was called about because it was late in being returned.

Everything about this experience, from a service perspective, was horrible. If you say you are going to call a customer, call them. If you say it will take a day it shouldn't take a week.

The only positive is that this experience has firmed up my belief that local certified mechanics are better, hands down, to a dealership any day.  I will not return to this establishment & will make sure I tell as many people as possible to avoid their frustrations as well.

Raneta R. | 2014-04-18

Best experience ever in leasing a new car! I originally started dealing with Toyota Kearny Mesa and it was the worse experience buying a car. I called the sales manager Warren and explained how badly I was treated at Kearny Mesa and they hadn't approved my loan in 3 days after saying I had a deal. I gave him details and price and asked if he could do it today with very little wait time, as I had sold my car and had no vehicle for  3 days! He said he would have everything ready and agreed to beat Kearny Mesa's deal! I was in an out in less than 2 hours and was treated so much better and they had did everything they said they would and more! I would highly recommend this dealership! Ask for Warren or Tom the sales manager and you will be treated with respect and honesty, no BS and no going back and forth for hours or days like Kearny Mesa Toyota!

Mailman y. | 2014-04-17

Oliver Vera bet the internet price from dealers in SD and LA area. Went to the dealership at 7pm and was out by 10 pm with my new car. Not the pushy kind of salesmen and everything went good.Will recommend going the internet route and request Toyota SD to beat the price .

Rob K. | 2014-04-08

This buying experience is for INTERNET BUYING only.  If you are a walk in customer you will likely NOT have the same experience.  I filled out a form online and Tom contacted me from their internet sales department.  Tom was very fun to deal with and made me laugh several times throughout the buying process.  Tom was very straightforward, he told me to go find our best deal from other dealers and they would beat it.  Rather then playing a bunch of back and forth games, I contacted 10 different dealers online in Southern California and got all their best prices, and then took it back to Tom and he was able to beat the price, we ended up a couple thousand under invoice on a new Prius.   We drove all the way from Temecula because our local Toyota dealer wouldn't even return my phone calls or my internet inquiries, and were obviously not interested in selling us a car.  

The buying process was convenient, we test drove the car one last time before signing the paperwork, and we were in around 6pm and out at 9. It could have been a little faster, but you know all the "chit chat" that goes on during the sales process, and the paperwork, and the finance office, gassing your car up, washing it, etc..  The finance manager who did our paperwork was nice, she tried to push all the extras on us, but once I said no she politely backed down rather then trying to give us the hard sell.  

Overall, we would definitely buy another car from Tom again, he gave us a great deal and we had a lot of fun working with him.  You may not get the same experience there from others, so I say just make sure you ask for him.

Slater F. | 2014-04-01

This is my first time using the service department here. I was told that it would take around an hour and a half to service my truck. It took them over three hours.

Nadia G. | 2014-03-26

This place is full of complacent, arrogant employees who have no sense of what customer service is.

I went in for an airbag recall- the woman who handled setting my appointment said it would take an hour as she rushed me off of the phone. The entire conversation lasted about a minute and a half. That should have been my first warning.

I get to my appointment right at 7:30am. I pull in and the gentleman that greets me is very sweet and guides me over to Joseph Chavez who is going to handle the paperwork. He was efficient, and said that the airbag recall would take 3 hours, and I could pick up my car at 10:30am. He offered the shuttle service to take me home and pick me up so I decided to go home and catch up on some stuff.

10:30 comes and goes. I call Joseph Chavez at 11:00am and leave a voicemail and decide to call the shuttle and head over to the dealership anyway, because I had to be at work by noon.

My shuttle driver was a man named Steve. He drove me round-trip, it was a pleasant ride. It was obvious he took pride in doing good and honest work, which is more than I can say for the other Toyota San Diego employees. While we were driving back to the dealership I was on the phone with my boss from work explaining the situation - that I was told my car would be ready by 10:30am but I hadn't received word as to whether it was done or not. Steve overhead and proceeded to help me expedite the process. If it weren't for him, I'm sure I would have missed my shift at work completely. Thank you so much, Steve! You're an angel!
So Steve drove me right to my car that was still elevated and asked the mechanics to bring it out and get the paperwork to the office so I could go.

As it turns out Joseph Chavez was on lunch. So he just left for an hour plus lunch without following up. Totally incompetent.

The mechanic that tried to get a service manager to help me was very sweet and understanding of my plight. The guy that ended up helping me was a neanderthal that grunted out like one or two words as he checked me out. Then he gave me my keys and said my car was "right outside" - okay what does that mean? Where? There are tons of cars. He couldn't have cared any less.

So luckily the nice young man that smiled at me and helped me get set up first thing in the morning found my car that was "right there". It was on the other side of a cement wall.

I made my appointment as early as I could that day so I wouldn't have any timing issues with the rest of my day. Not only did they not honor the estimated time, the "service managers" there need to practice tact. They are emotionless, unsympathetic drolls who are complacent giving half-assed and incomplete customer service as long as they get their hour-plus lunch break.

I wouldn't give zero stars even if I could. That being said, a star for Steve, the shuttle driver, the cute and smiling man who greeted me when I first got there, and the mechanic that tried to help me check out.

Sara L. | 2014-03-24

Someone dinged the paint on the handle of my white carolla... Brought it in today to get an estimate of a repair for this.  The gentleman that looked at it told me it would be an easy fix (it didn't appear to be hit by another car- in fact, no idea how it happened)
And he took it back and touched up the handle right then and there for free. He also touched up a few places where rocks had chipped the paint. I had been stressing about this for weeks and was more than pleased with their service and professionalism. Thank you, thank you, thank you

Adrian R. | 2014-03-23

This was my first time buying a vehicle at Toyota of San Diego and let me tell you it was a very easy and pleasant experience. Sure, you are buying a car which you buy from a car sales person along with the stereotypes you all know about car salesman but bad experiences are the buyers fault not the sales person. They are just doing their job, to sell cars. If you don't know how to negotiate and know how to ask for what you want then how do you expect to come out feeling like you got a deal?

Moving on, I was looking for a used Toyota pick up under $10,000 and Toyota of San Diego had one. Website described it exactly what it was and after talking to. Gary Thuman I decided to see what I could negotiate the truck for a seal a deal. Gary was great to work with, straight froward and I tell you what  that was the quickest care purchase I have ever experienced. I was in the lot and in my new pick up in under 2 hours.

If you are looking online and find something you like, give my guy Gary  Thuman a call, he will take care of you. Just remember that it never hurts to ask for what you want to spend, worst they could say is "no".

Good luck party people and happy car hunting.

erica l. | 2014-03-20

I have not been UNSATISFIED with any Toyota service department, except today (3/20/14) at Toyota San Diego... Everything went well earlier this morning when I dropped off my 2011 4runner...
I was a bit early, so I cleaned up a little in the front and back, opened up the back trunk to place some items back there... Shortly afterwards, I was helped and greeted by two workers and then was taken inside to go over what was needed to be completed for regular maintenance on this car. Everything was all set, informed Nathan (Assistant Service Manager) to give my husband a call with any questions/concerns or even when car was done to call either one of us.... (Both cell numbers were left)
3:30pm rolls around (neither my husband or I got any calls staying car was ready or what not), I get dropped off to pick up my car.... Everything went smooth at check out... Until I get to my car. I've got my hands full (I am a teacher so I have lots in my hands.. Purse, backpack.. Lunch, etc)... I walk to the back of the car only to have difficulty opening the freakin trunk.. I'm like WTF!!?!! I'm one tiny person and it felt like  I injured my wrist trying to open the trunk... And had I not held the trunk up, that trunk would've knocked me out once I let go!! What the heck happened!!?!
In my mind, I'm thinking, what did they need to open up the trunk for, they only did a tire rotation, topped fluids, tested batteries, break pads inspection, etc...  So then, Why the heck is our trunk not working properly...!!?! Coincidence or what!!??!?? This has NEVER happened before, at all!!!
I go in, wanting to speak to Nathan, who assisted me earlier this AM, he was with a customer so I waited patiently... As he was done, I inform him of the trunk problem... I told him I have no time to get it done this afternoon.... He says he doesn't have time either (who says that to a customer!!?!?!!??)... Nathan looks at the trunk and at my receipt and told me yeah, there was no need to open trunk.. He had also mentioned that his 2004 car's trunk will do this on occasion... Well, I dont care, let's focus on my car right now..... Nathan proceeds to tell me to call  the reservation number and make an appointment for a FREE of charge  DIAGNOSTIC test and we'll see from there!!!
Uhm, NO!!! I left upset (was running late for second job on Coronado)... If I take this car back to Toyota San diego and I hear that I have to pay for something, NO WAY... I'd rather just go back to the other two Toyota locations (Carson and Chula Vista) we've been going to since we got our car in 2011. Not once have we encountered any problems with these other two locations, but after this incident my husband and I know not to go back to this location - even though it's conveniently near work!!! Oh by the way, the other two dealerships give free car washes - mega brownie points for that!!!

I am one upset customer.... And will now have to figure out again to try to fit in another time to come in just to get my hydraulic pump/pistons checked... UGGGHHHHH!!!!!!

Mar B. | 2014-03-12

the worst! "certified used cars" is all a gimmick, at least at this location.

i bought a 2010 prius in october 2013 (yes this is a belated review) and within a week i had problems with it. turns out, the battery did not work and needed to be replaced!! shouldn't that be part of the 360 point inspection they claim to do on every used car???

so, i take the car back october 15th and they tell me they won't have a battery to replace until november 11th!!!! i was not happy about that, but thats not all, the battery never came in on nov 11th!!! i was without the car i had just purchased for 37 days!!!!!!!! (even the guy from maintenance said that car shouldn't have been on the lot)

oh no, thats not even the worst part!! the worst part was that when i made the deal on the sales floor as far as monthly payments and me declining the extended warranty (before i knew there was anything wrong w the car) the finance guy whose name rhymes exactly with jason rhoads changed all the numbers...adding the extended warranty that i said no to and making my monthly payment higher than i ever wanted to pay.....

(keep in mind i didn't need a car, i had a great car that was in perfect condition, i wanted a car only if i could get the monthly payments i wanted! (which i did on the sales floor))

how did all the numbers change from point a (sales floor) to point b (finance office)

finance guy says "im sorry it was my fault" but there was nothing anyone could do! hmm

i am in no way looking for compensation or anything from these people as in their minds they have compensated me already with:
1. paid my first payment (the larger payment that i am now stuck with)
2. free oil changes
3. adding a few miles to the extended warranty they "accidentally" added to my contract!

big woop!

this place would be great on the turko files!

Anil M. | 2014-03-08

I went here last week to research the Scion FRS. I learned driving only last year. I am still a very novice driver. I bought a Mazda CX5 last year and bumped the rear in the parking lot. So, that got me thinking that I can do with a smaller car. Also, I have been reading a lot of good stuff about the Brz/Frs. I drive stupid. But I have done my fair bit of reading on cars.

I met with Karen who was very pleasant and patient. I would have given her at least 4 stars if it was not for the bad experience with the finance dept that followed. Karen was really nice and showed me both the base and the monogram series. I have visited another Toyota dealer who had no idea about the car. I guess, that is the case with most Toyota dealers. The FRS is not a huge seller. But Karen even knew about the Horizontally Opposed engine layout of the Subaru built Boxer engine inside the FRS. She even showed me the GT86 badge with the horizontally opposed pistons on the side. Its refreshing to meet someone who is interested in how the machine works and not just selling just another sports car. I explained to me about the sport modes and told me to drive it however I wanted to test the performance. She also explained the additional features in the FRS. The test drive was great.

I had not decided to sell my car when I took the test drive. I am quite happy with my current car except that it is a bit big for my needs. I was searching for something that would compel me to exchange my pretty much new car. I estimated that it might cost me around $4k as the sales tax I paid and the depreciation because of the rear bumper that was damaged. Karen told me about my options with trade in and I thought I would learn more.

And thats when things went downhill. Some finance guy came up. He said he can give me a trade in value right there. So, he took my key and inspected my vehicle while I waited with Karen learning how the trade in works. After about 10mins he came back and gave me a quote with the trade in value of my vehicle as 15K. I don't mind the low price he quoted on my 6month old vehicle. I wouldn't have agreed for the trade, as simple as that. My grudge is that he kept pushing as if I would be stupid enough to agree to that. Also the hypothetical "What if I give you the price of a new vehicle for yours ..." rhetoric. In 10mins he said, he would be able to increase the price to 17k or so. When someone makes quotes like that, some credibility is lost. Then he started talking about the car sites like Kbb where I can get an estimate for the current value of my car. I had already done that and I remembered that the price for the 2013 model was over 19k. I told him that the kbb does not show the price of 2014 models yet. That was when he told me that they have a 'superior' system that will get the price of even 2014 models from kbb directly. (Seriously!?) I kept listening for a while more and then said goodbyes. The guy didn't let me take paper on which the values were printed btw. After couple of days, he called me again. Then I told him the price shown on Kbb for the 2013 models and that I was expecting more than that for my 2014 model. Then he turned against kbb. He said, the prices on kbb are not accurate and advised me to get a quote from Carmax and that he would be able to match that. And well, I decided that I don't want to trade my car here.

I have to repeat that I had a very good experience with Karen. She is the best FRS/Brz salesperson I have met. She was even ready to walk me to my car in the rain!! Maybe this is still a good place to buy a new car. I don't like to give bad reviews. But I went to two other dealers and they were ok with me just researching the vehicle and didn't push me to sell mine then and there. We live in an internet age. The thing is, when you search for a car dealer, usually the Google reviews and Yelp shows up on the front page itself. There are a number of sites where you can get an estimate of the value of  your car. And almost everyone who is buying a car has access to the internet. So, why try risk  losing customers with such outrageous quotes?

Coco S. | 2014-03-05

Everyone here is so nice. I had an appointment to get my not so smart Prius key reprogrammed. It still worked to start the car but not to lock or unlock it (except with the manual key fob). They gave me a cheaper estimate than a locksmith. Javier must have the magic touch because he got it working within a minute of me handing it to him (after it not working for a month or two). I didn't even have to pay the service charge since it never went back to the service department. Awesome!

Catherine D. | 2014-03-04

When I need routine maintenance or emergency repairs for my 2009 Toyota Prius, I come straight to Toyota San Diego. Yes, people say you can find cheaper and reliable repair shops all over the place. But even with handy dandy Yelp searching, I'd prefer to take my car baby to the folks here.

I easily make appointments over the phone for oil changes and regular car maintenance just a couple days in advance. Bring it early in the day (they open at 7am) so you can pick up your car as early as possible! It's so close to my house, but they provide a reliable shuttle service to AND from your home/work within a reasonable distance. They provide the service you request, and do make recommended maintenance suggestions, but I never feel forced to get it done right that day if I can't afford it.

For the most part, their customer service is excellent. Everyone is friendly and approachable, and my service advisor Jorge is down to earth and reliable. There were only a couple times I butted heads with service advisors (1. They had to wait over the weekend for a replacement tire, and it wasn't even the exact tire when it finally was replaced; and 2. The sales rep who sold my brother his car was a little pushy when we were negotiating price.)

For your Toyota dealership needs, come here!

Laurie H. | 2014-02-27

This dealership is so incompetent that it's actually humorous, like a comedy of errors. I called ahead, told the receptionist about the extended warranty item that I needed, and made an appointment. After an hour of waiting, they tell me that they don't have the part and they have to order it. A series of phone calls, complete with 1/2 hour waiting times, only to be told that they ordered it, but can't find it.  Then they re-order it, and I call back. Anotjer 1/2 hour on the phone,  waiting for them to locate it. I then make an appointment and I'm told it will take 1 1/2 hours to fix. When I bring the car in, I'm told it will be 3 hours to fix. I  then wait an hour before I get a phone call from them, saying that they can't fix it because they need to order another part and now the extended warranty doesn't apply and the bill will be $300.  They then take another hour to give me my unfixed car back. Best advice: find another dealership that has more competent service.

Knight S. | 2014-02-24

Well let's make this short and simple, after I took a test drive and told the salesperson (from the internet dept) I was not ready to make a purchase decision he said and I quote "Thank you for wasting half of my day"... I've reviewed a couple different car dealerships, and they're all 'kinda' bad... but when you compare a neutral experience to this, you'll understand why I give some other dealerships 5 stars.

Mike L. | 2014-02-24

Jason in financial is a up to no good. Told that guy i didnt want any other sh*t added into my contract. He told me I had to get this code bs because its the law..found out after he added other shit similar to it...I was a first time buyer..believe it or not, they will take advantage of you here!! Most of the sales guy here are young. Playing coin toss and sleeping in the show room. Not 1 or 2 but 5-6 of them! This place is unprofessional and dont give a dam about you. Do not go here!!

Javier A. | 2014-02-22

I had a great experience at this Toyota dealership with Gary Thurma! I walked in and he greeted me. I had already looked online at what car I wanted and asked to see it but the car was used and was still being cleaned up. So he asked what I needed the car for and based on my needs he recommended a few choices that were best for me.
He was not pushy and didn't try to sell me the most expensive car or get me to pay more than I should. He also got me a great deal on the car I wanted and I did not have to play any price games with him.

If you are looking for a guy who is not pushy and can get you what you need at a good price go see Gary!

I read another review about Gary as well and the guy didn't have a problem with Gary but with the car that he asked to see! Since Gary helped him he just wanted someone to blame it on. Don't listen to that guy he doesn't know what he's talking about. Don't miss out on a good car buying experience.

Jordan Bennett S. | 2014-02-19

I found the car i wanted to buy online at CARS.COM, I came right in to buy it and i was asked to wait 20 min until the guy could show me the car... the sales person (GARY THUMA) handed me the key and said go check it out while i finish up with this customer... so i did, but the key battery was dead and would not open the car, it was a Prius with a smart key. finally he came out and then brought another key that opened it, and i said if i buy this i want the keys to work. he tole me they do and that the only reason they don't work is because the dealer has a security system thats keeps them from working.....

we take the car for a test drive, by this time the sun had set and it was dark out, i has having trouble on the road because the headlights were very low on the road and i can't see very far ahead, he said they can fix that.... (they never did)

Doing the paperwork was a nightmare, it took HOURS! they kept needing to redo things. They would NOT move on the price AT ALL, because it had just been reduced... and when i said i wanted the advanced security system he told me NO i can't do any deal on it either..... i asked about the gas tank during the test drive the talk was almost empty, and he said "don't worry it only takes $30 to fill up" i told him i wanted Toyota to fill it not me... and he acted like filling up the tank was a great thing he agreed to do. if you come here AVOIDE GARY THUMA, he was a nightmare to work with.

White waiting for the finance department to finish up, we were asked to wait in the lounge area, but they didn't have any coffee or refreshments like they do during the day, i guess good customer service stops 5pm.

Also, the key with the dead battery still did not work, and the second key battery was starting to die, so I called asking them to send me a new battery and he told me i could just buy one at the store for about $10, and that i was lucky the car even came with two keys because most don't....

The make things worse, after buying the car, i got pulled over because it had the old license plates on it and the registration was expired...  WHY WOULD YOU SELL A CAR WITH EXPIRED REGISTRATION? i got pulled over two more times so i called GARY and said PLEASE SEND ME SOME TEMPORARY PLATE INSERTS, so i don't keep getting pulled over. it took a week for them to one in the male, and send a replacement battery...

Also, GARY THUMA called me FOUR times asking me to write him a YELP REVIEW! So here you go Gary thanks for the shitty service!

Stan W. | 2014-02-18

I stopped going to San Diego Toyota over a year ago. Now go to El Cajon Toyota for all my service work on my Toyota matrix. What a big difference. They offer a whole variety of free donuts and coffee and three different TVs with different TV programming, also, they have a lounge attendant that gives free newspapers and is always asking if there's anything that he can do for you.. El Cajon Toyota seems to be way more attentive towards my needs and my requests. Thank you!
When I first started going to San Diego Toyota three years ago after moving here from Medford, Oregon.  I went to San Diego Toyota with no appointment needed , free coffee , and it was great to drop in to have my oil changed without a appointment due to my work schedule.
About a year ago that all changed. San Diego Toyota Service department seemed to acquired new management and started requiring phone call appointments only. One of the service reps told me that normally they don't allow people to use the desk phone to make an appointment however this time they would consider it.
One time I tried popping in right when they opened first in line and they told me that I had to make an appointment however they would try to squeeze me in for my oil change. I waited for an hour as they took scheduled appointments before me. Finally I went ahead and I made my appointment after using my cell phone to make the appointment for the following Monday morning.
Several days after getting my car back from an oil change service I pop my hood and discovered battery acid had leak all over the top of my engine. I also discovered my battery cables had battery acid that eaten all over them which took time to do and I feel, I wasn't informed of that battery acid leakage by my service rep at San Diego Toyota. Finally, one of my customers recommended El Cajon Toyota and said to me that I would be happy with their service. Boy were they right!

Charlotte G. | 2014-02-16

I was not impressed with the service I received here.  The employees were arrogant and wouldn't assist me when I came in to the dealership.  I wanted to speak with the manager to complain but he wasn't very helpful either and wouldn't take the time to hear my complaint.

Lauren D. | 2014-02-09

I purchased my awesome Yaris at a different Toyota dealership and didn't love the service I was receiving for my regular check ups. So I decided to try this dealership out this time and I was pleasantly surprised! Amy gave me incredible service, super friendly, thorough, and efficient. I came at the end of the day too and everyone still gave me great service, which I find is hard to come by after a long day of work. I was in and out in a mere 30min. I will definitely be back!

Jennifer F. | 2014-02-09

I went to this location today with my family to find a truck for my brother. Worst car dealer experience in all of my family's life!! We were not greeted when we first arrived. Maybe we didn't look fancy enough to get anyone's attention, I have no idea. Customer service was absolutely terrible! Very incompetent sales men we were dealing with. We wanted to check out 2 trucks but they did not have the keys because they were with a manager who was not in that day. But how on earth was one of the trucks already unlocked if they didn't have the keys?? I highly doubt they leave their vehicles unlocked over night. What a bunch of crap! We were so set on one of the trucks but when we told them the price we wanted to pay they said the truck had already been sold. They then, minutes later said the truck was available so we went inside to figure out the numbers. AGAIN they later changed their minds and said the truck was already sold. After they wasted hours of our time, we decided to leave because we were tired of them not being up front about what was going on. It was so obvious they were hiding something from us but didn't want us to know. Maybe they only wanted to sell the truck to someone who was willing to pay a higher price for it. I have never in my life experienced anything like this at a dealership. It just didn't make sense to me or any of my family. Very unprofessional and they need to learn about customer service because this place has ZERO!! We ended up going to FRANK TOYOTA, which is in National City. WOW, what a difference! We were treated so great! Complete night and day from our terrible experience at Toyota San Diego off Mission Gorge! We ended up purchasing the truck from the second dealership. I will NEVER recommend Toyota off Mission Gorge. GO TO FRANK TOYOTA IN NATIONAL CITY! They have the most wonderful customer service and were willing to help us out until we agreed on a price we were willing to pay for the truck. Our salesman Oscar Nuza (highly recommend this guy!!) even bought us dinner for all the trouble we had to go through at the other dealership! I was so impressed with the way they cared about us!

Kelly O. | 2014-02-06

Typical car dealership with typical selling tactics. Meh.

I made the mistake of sitting down and talking about financing, and by then they were doing the normal song and dance. All the tricks and tactics that we all know.... can't car dealerships get real and drop all that crap? We all know what they are doing. The guy says he needs to talk to his manager, makes us wait, then comes back with numbers written on paper. Then his boss comes over. Then we say no again and he says, "just one more second!" and makes us wait another 5 minutes for some other guy to come over and pitch more stuff ("How much do you want your monthly payments to be?" I don't care about monthly payments--I care about the FINAL dollar amount I'm paying!!!) The whole making-us-wait and trying to confuse us with numbers.. I'm so over that BS. Come on guys.... the rest of the world is embracing the trend of transparency and honesty in marketing. It's why places like Carmax are more and more popular--no back and forth. I don't have time for this.

Then, as we were leaving, the original salesguy we were working with--who my husband complimented to the guy's boss only a moment earlier--didn't even look at us as we were leaving. He turned away and walked away as we were standing to leave. wtf? No handshake or anything. That alone will stop me from EVER going back.

Judy W. | 2014-02-04

Just purchased a 2012 Prius V from this dealership.  Marcus Rahimi was the salesman that greeted and helped us with the details on this sale.  We originally were going to buy a 2011 Prius 2 from an Enterprise rental sales.  Basically, we got a the larger "wagon" Prius V model with less miles for $1000 cheaper than the older, smaller version.

In addition to getting the perfect Prius for us we were treated exceptionally well by Marcus and the other sales staff.  I had read up on all the Prius's and when I asked Marcus questions he had the answers and was very clear in demonstrating all the features.  When we finally got the car in our names Marcus walked us through all the dashboard features and set up both our phones for bluetooth.

There was never any "hard sell" from Marcus nor the financing staff.  They are probably required to try to up sell on all the add-on products, of course like all sales people in all industries, however when they discussed financing, additional alarms, etc we just said no thank you.  They did not try to pressure us once we said no thanks!

We had a 100% positive, pleasant experience from this dealership and Marcus in particular.  My suggestion is when shopping for any large ticket item, no matter what it is, please just do your homework first and go in with your own knowledge.  This will help with a positive experience.

Julie A. | 2014-02-03

This is my favorite place to go to get my car serviced.  I drive a Toyota Tacoma and usually pay $60+ to get an oil change.  At most places I feel like I'm being suckered into buying things that my truck doesn't necessarily need.  At this Toyota service department, I never feel like they are trying to sell me anything.  They show me what my truck needs and they let me know the urgency I need to get it done and if I decide not to do it or to go elsewhere for a particular service they don't try to convince me to let their technicians do it right then.  
One time I had a scheduled appointment and I had to wait maybe 5 minutes in my car before an advisor came over to help me and the manager on duty gave me a discount for making me wait and still let me use the coupon I was already using.  I usually work with a service advisor named Joseph and he has always been super helpful!  I really don't have anything negative to say about this Toyota San Diego!

Geno P. | 2014-02-02

Much gracias to this location for some fantastic service and customer courtesy during a recent visit. It's really nice to see a dealership with its own cafe, comfortable waiting area, and understanding service techs.

Had some recall work done and routine maintenance and Toyota made it all very easy. I was really impressed with the layout and cleanliness of the facility.

Yes, it's rare to see a positive review for a car place but then again, I am a person who takes good care of their car and I don't blame the staff or dealership for my own negligence.

Jeremy H. | 2014-01-28

I tried this dealership.  Twice.  The first time was an epic fail.  The second time was a little better but still bad.

I am interested in purchasing a wagon-type vehicle, so was wanting to look at a Prius V.  The first time I visited this dealership I just walked in.  Normally I would never do this, I would always look at Yelp reviews and make an appointment.  A salesman named Mark came up to me and I told him I was interested in Prius Vs.  He walked us out to where they were located.  The location of the Prius V's on the lot appeared to be the only thing he knew regarding this vehicle.  I knew that there were several different models of Prius V, and I asked him what the differences were.  He said that he didn't know and went to start reading the sticker on the car window to try and figure it out.  Then he quickly came back and said that the screen on the higher models was larger.  I looked at a V model 2 and a V model 3 and pointed out that the screens were in fact the exact same size.  He then said that it must be that they are a different size than the regular Prius, and asked if I knew that there was a regular Prius too, not just a Prius V. this point I made a hasty exit.

That brings us to today.  I went on Yelp to find a salesperson that others recommended.  My first choice wasn't working today, so I instead made an appointment with Marcus, who had a good review online.  My appointment was at noon and I told him that I was interested in the Prius V.  Marcus was a little late for our appointment because of a family issue.  This didn't bother me, we've all been late at one time or another.  He took me out to the Prius Vs and sat me down in a Model 2.  He then took the time to explain that all of the models had the same body, but different interior options.  The Model 2 was the base, 3 had leather seats, 4 had seat warmers, 5 had a sunroof with a solar panel in it.  I was so impressed!  It was so easy!  I was so glad that this salesman knew what he was talking about! We got out of the Model 2 and started looking at other models.  Here's where it all fell apart.  First I noticed a Model 5 that didn't have the sunroof or solar panels.  He had just told me that was the only differing feature on a 5!  Then I saw several Model 3's that didn't have leather seats!!  He sensed my confusion and ran inside to figure out what was going on.  Seven minutes later he came back out and said that Toyota had eliminated the Model 4's and now they only had 2, 3, and 5, but that some 5's were 5+ and had a sunroof. Here's where I sighed again and made my second hasty exit.

The first guy Mark I can kind of just chuckle about and move on.  He was clearly a new employee and didn't know much about Toyotas period.  But Marcus was really frustrating.  There aren't THAT many types of Toyotas....if this was my full time job I think I would be able to talk coherently about the different vehicles I was selling.  But maybe I should give him the benefit of the doubt...maybe it's more vehicles than I realized and they change vehicles and models often.  But if I made an appointment with someone who said they were ONLY interested in Prius V's and the different models of them, I would take 10 minutes and brush up on which models my company was currently selling!!!  I won't be visiting this dealership again.  If I'm going to spend tens of thousands of dollars, I want to feel like I can talk with someone who knows their vehicles inside and out.

aron h. | 2014-01-28

On Sunday 1/26/2014 my wife and I went to the dealership in Mission Gorge to look at Toyota Corollas.  My wife previously purchased a Corolla there back in 2004.  Upon arrival we met with our salesman, who showed up the limited supply of used Corollas.  We decided to test drive a used Camry, since it was in our price range of up to $16,000.  While driving the Camry, my wife did not feel it was something she could see herself in.  

The salesman suggested we look at new Corollas and that since it was a slow weekend he would be able to get us a deal, of around $17,000 for a new Corolla.  Since this was close to our price range, we decided to have a look.  The salesman took us to the new Corolla section and my wife found one in silver she really liked.  While driving it she decided it was something she could see herself in.  I told the salesperson if he could meet, or pay more, for our Mini trade in, I had an offer for $11,000 from Carmax, and get the price of the new Corolla to around $17,000 we would have a deal.  

We went back to the office and the salesperson made multiple trips to his manager's office.  At some point he told us WE would need to negotiate with the manager and he explained to him that we could not find a used car we liked so we decided to look at new cars.  WE would need to convince him or sell him at the price the salesman already told us we could get the vehicle for.  

After about an hour the manager came out and started to go through a litany of numbers, including the invoice price, the cost of a used Corolla we were looking for, and came up with a price $1000 higher than we already negotiated with our salesperson.  I told him I didn't want to hear any of those numbers; I only wanted the price the salesperson told us before the negotiations.  The Manager said just give us something and asked us to meet him halfway.  I stood up and said I want to leave since this is not the deal we originally were offered.  The Manager's voice became raised and said something like give him back his keys, we are not keeping you here.  He left and the salesperson told me to just wait a minute.

I sat back down but was very agitated since the salesperson already gave us a price that I agreed to.  Now the Manager was trying to get more money from us.  After a few minutes the salesperson said the Manager would probably agree to the original price.  He came back out and asked what I would be willing to put in.  I told him $8000 which would bring the price of the Corolla to around $17,000.  He said okay on one condition which was to write a good yelp review.  I was floored.

This experience was ridiculous.  Waiting more then one hour while the salesperson goes back and forth to negotiate with his manager the price we agreed to.  Having the Manager come out and ask us to pay more than what was discussed with the salesperson.  I am no spring chicken and have bought many cars in my life.  I usually come prepared and do my research on the car I am looking for.  Since the salesperson offered us a price in the range we could afford, I felt it was a done deal.  I shouldn't have to re-negotiate a price with the Manager after working out a price with the salesperson.  

A person who was not savvy would have ended up paying more.  This is an unfair business practice and really treats the customer as a naïve idiot.  I would never purchase a vehicle from the dealership again.  The Manager was as slimy and sleazy as a snake oil salesman.  The Salesperson was helpful but should have not made us go through the process we did.  I suggest a reform yof the sales procedure as it is archaic and everything customers fear when buying a car.  Buying a vehicle should not be a three hour ordeal. They should think about retaining customers and not just getting the one deal.  

On a lighter note, the finance fellow J Rhoads, was extremely patient and easy to work with.  The sales manager could take some lessons from him.  We did end up purchasing the vehicle but the whole experience left a bad taste in our mouth.  Thank you for listening.

Ammar A. | 2014-01-24

very bad very bad. I went there on 01/03 at 8 pm and I came from Orange County and i was a last customer when I stayed there a person named Luis this really wily thief fu.. him. he raise the price of more than $ 3,000 and I did not buy the car wth its values ​​47000. so next day i went to toyota of El cajon ohhh my god they are amazing and i purchased the same car Tundra 44000 $.

Lauren J. | 2014-01-21

I'd highly recommend Toyota of San Diego for anyone looking for wonderful service! Amy Mazzola was the most understanding and caring service advisor there. She did a wonderful job making sure my car received all the care it needed for a great price. Their staff is super friendly and it's a pleasure coming here.

Jennifer L. | 2014-01-20

Well, the first time I went here, I left leasing my 3rd Prius. The guys and gals there are super helpful and really listened to what I wanted. John and Warren are the car salesperson dream team. One month later, I'm so happy with my new car and occasionally I get a friendly follow up call (I don't answer because I always have my phone on silent)!

Thanks John and Warren for helping me out!

Gail F. | 2014-01-14

San Diego Toyota has really upped their game. Ever since the completion of their remodeling the customer service is through the roof!  Javier has been my service advisor the last few times and he is fantastic. He is knowledgable and gets the job done efficiently and quickly. Thanks San Diego Toyota...job well done!

Michelle M. | 2014-01-14

We bought our Prius V from Toyota in San Diego and look forward to buying more cars from this excellent dealership.  From the sales team to the finance department, we were treated with respect.  They really value their customers and it shows from the second you arrive.  They are not pushy (which I cannot stand from most dealerships) and they are extremely knowledgeable.  We will absolutely refer our friends and family to Toyota of San Diego.  Here's 5 starts to your customer service!  Thank you for a positive buying experience!

Akhlas P. | 2014-01-14

Worst service experience ever the service advisor was really rude I went and complained to his super visor he was worse than him I ended up arriving to work late and not getting my problem solved

Carebot B. | 2014-01-12

this review is for the collision center only

i have had to take my car twice to the collision center and they did an immaculate job on the outside both times. you cannot tell that my car has been hit twice.

because i don't have kids and i don't use the back seat often, i did not notice that the back seat of my car is filthy with black streaks all over my light gray interior. i've already made an appointment to have the interior professionally cleaned it is that bad.

i just wish they'd taken as much care of the inside of my car as they did the outside.

Adrianna P. | 2014-01-07

This is review is purely for the service department. I work with Joseph every time I bring my car in and he is SO nice! Very thorough with all the details and issues they're going to be addressing with my vehicle and almost always right with the return time, not to mention friendly and accommodating! Helpful hint: call in and make an appointment it def helps :)

Linda S. | 2014-01-01

I just purchased a "previously owned vehicle" from Toyota San Diego. I went there because they had a specific vehicle I wanted and I was given a really high interest rate for a similar vehicle from another dealer in the area (not to be named).

Anyway, I worked with one of the Internet Sales Managers, William "Cubby" Sweet.  He was direct, friendly, knowledgeable and helpful.  They gave me a much better interest rate and the overall deal, though maybe not the best deal that could have been negotiated, it was one with which I was very satisfied. The whole transaction was painless.  Oliver in financing was also helpful and easy to work with.

I would definitely recommend Toyota San Diego for buying a vehicle.

Andrea W. | 2013-12-30

I recently purchased a new car from Toyota San Diego. Originally I was supposed to meet with someone else but they weren't in. So I ended up meeting with sales rep Karen Habermeyer. That was truly a blessing. From the beginning Karen took notes of what I wanted in a new car and what I wanted to pay. We searched high and low throughout the lot to find the exterior and interior color that I wanted. Karen didn't show me the vanity mirrors, she showed me what was under the hood and the mpg not the fluff a male sales person would usually show a woman. Karen saw and heard in my requests that my children are my priority so she made them the priority when finding me a new car. Karen is hands down the best sales rep I have ever had. I will be referring her to any and everyone I know considering getting a car.

Keshia W. | 2013-12-29

Ok! I was in need of a car and I started from Carlsbad all the way down to National City, Ca. I randomly was on my way to work and had a few hours to spare and called Toyota of San Diego to see if they had a Fusion. A wonderful gentlemen answered the phone named Gary Thuma, he was not only "blunt" but he was so sweet and warm on the phone. I am the pickiest person when it comes to anything and he was AMAZING. I had the best experience with him. A couple days had gone by, and I called to see if the car I had test drove was still available, Gary contacted me in a timely manner and said "Come on Down today Keshia and I can have you driving away with the car". I did just that and got thee BEST treatment, I mean the man even fed me, his co workers were very warm and very energetic. I have to say Toyota of San Diego has one of the best car salesman that I have ever met, hes more like a friend,father,bff,buddy. I cant talk about my service any more than that. Iam so pleased with my car, and even more pleased with the service. Customer Service means alot to me and I got that and more,at Toyota of San Diego. If you are looking for a car or even if you want some walnuts and cranberries please go see Gary Thuma, he will change your mind about the car buying process. I almost wish I can go through the process again just to get that treatment again. I want to thank Gary Thuma for making me feel like I got VIP service , no matter what car I got. I hope to be able to schedule my car there for service just so I can see Gary and give him a big Hug.

Chris S. | 2013-12-26

I have bought 4 trucks here, I love this place. They are very busy, so I know to just let them have it. John Levy is the most experienced guy there (service). He is so cool, knows all the vehicles inside and out. I travel a lot and my 4x4 rig has to be right.
They keep this truck dialed in.
Really appreciate the service guys!!

Skyler M. | 2013-12-17

I am deeply saddened and angered by the unethical business practices permitted by your organization. I just came to trade in my Prius and was flabbergasted to here that I was hustled and that despite my excellent credit, timely payments, etc. I owe $19,000 on a car valued at $11,000. I was then told my the different dealership "you got hustled but that's the game". Excuse me? My finances are NOT a game. I worked so hard to afford a car and strategically chose an organization that I thought was ethical. I am so angry. I will tweet, facebook, every day until this issue is rectified. As a business owner I work so hard to ensure my practices are ethical and most importantly consistent it's enraging that this location doesn't.

Theresa P. | 2013-12-13

Since I deleted my customer service survey in my email, I decided to write a review on Yelp instead. Give the feedback directly to the people! Other than the usual high dealer prices for service, my experience was great. I've been here twice now to get my Prius serviced and luckily, both times I worked with Jorge Delgado. He types faster than anyone I've ever seen, and being that I was on my way to work, I appreciated the speedy service. I was in and out in 15 minutes (and this includes getting my rental for the day). He was great at answering my questions and wasn't too pushy on the upsell of extra service. His good customer service will keep me coming back.

Molly F. | 2013-12-11

Let me first say: work with Karen.

I read some good reviews about Karen on Yelp and so when I walked by the first woman salesperson I saw I asked if it was her. She said yes! And she would be happy to help me. Just  as soon as she was done with the other clients. Which was only, like, five minutes.

She showed me the cars I was interested in and asked me what I was looking for. I told her and she said OK! No trying to up sell me on any bells and whistles. Just wanted to help me find what I wanted. And we looked and looked. It took all day and finally, they told me the one I wanted was sold! But Karen would not be stopped. We went out into the lot and looked at every car. And we found it. She literally jumped up and down when we found it. Yes she was going to sell a car, but she was truly happy I had found the one I wanted.

Now they are trying to sell cars. And they are trying to get the most money they can for them. So why do people act surprised when they want to start high?? And then say that there is no way they could go any lower than THIS price. That's just how it works.

So I brought in my friend who is in finance. And he knows all the lingo and how it all works. The sales manager Warren, was slick and, of course, trying to get the most out of me that he could. I'm not mad at him, it's his job. But we had done our research and knew the fair market price for what I wanted. And we didn't stop til we got it. Which is what I don't think people do before they go into a dealership.

Then Karen sat with me and talked the hour that I waited to go into finance. Which was awesome. And then I had Jason in finance. He was just as hands off with the selling of warranties or protection. He told me what was available, and moved on. He didn't push me at all. Which was lovely.

I love my Prius. And I am paying less for it than I was paying for my Ford. Definitely go to this dealership. BUT DO YOUR RESEARCH!!!!!

Mark N. | 2013-12-01

Pushy, pushy, pushy. Usually you can haggle a better deal than Carmax on used cars, but the customer service at CarMax is better. All you are to these guys at the dealerships is a commission. I am cheap, but it's almost worth paying more at CarMax to feel comfortable.

John L. | 2013-11-29

Wanted to browse and look at a few models. Woman showed us a few models and then tried to force us into a deal. She talked us into getting our car appraised but on the way in a more interested buyer showed up. She pawned us off on a guy who wouldn't listen to us and tried to sell us too hard. When he heard that we were only interested in numbers right now and didn't want to buy anything today he lost interest. Overall, nothing terrible happened. Just your typical sleazy car buying experience. He ended up telling us he wouldn't give us any numbers until we teat drove the car. We didn't want to drive it at the moment because we were short in time.

Overall, if you go here just know you're walking into a nightmare negotiation experience. Be ready!

L. D. | 2013-11-17

Toyota of San Diego's service department has gone downhill since the prior service manager moved to Toyota of El Cajon.  Possibly greater impact was that prior manager cherry-picked the best service specialists and mechanics to join him in El Cajon.  I found myself being handled by new, somewhat inexperienced service specialists at Toyota of San Diego and I quickly lost confidence in their service.  So, no surprise, I've migrated my automobile service to Toyota of El Cajon!

Marty D. | 2013-11-16

Bought the last Tacoma in the area yesterday...
Sales guy was OK sorta spacy...
BUT Warren Barney, floor mgr. was AWESOME! Swooping in at the right time to save the "space cadet" from loosing us out the door! Barney went WAY above by giving me $1500 above the car fax price for my trade-in and squeezing another $1000 off the cost to get to a comfortable dollar amount for us both.
The finance department and Ms Caruso once again made the long day in-doors a little more bearable with her fun and easy going attitude!
Cheers to San Diego Toyota!

Chris D. | 2013-11-12

For the sales department.

We were introduced to a sales associate because I was interested in looking at some hybrid cars. This young gentlemen that had only been with the company 5 months, showed us the Prius and Prius C. He seemed uninterested and a little pushy to get us to buy something that day, even though we had told him that we were just looking. Even after telling him my name, he referred to me by my name on my drivers license (I go by my middle name). We left with an okay experience. A few days after he called once a day, as is pretty normal. We ended up getting the car at the Toyota of El Cajon, which was a great experience!  

When the sales associate finally got me on the phone, I told him we had bought the car elsewhere, and he sarcastically told me congrats and HUNG UP!  Not cool.

will NOT be going back there for any sales.

Tiffany N. | 2013-11-12

I purchased  a Sienna  more than a year. Today I brought my Sienna for  flat tire repair and waited there for almost 2 hour.  They told me that they could not repair because the needle was too dip. A new tire will cost me about $200.00. I told them that the needle was on the bottom of the tire and it not on the side of the tire. This flat tire is fixable. They keep telling it is can not be fix and must replace with a new tire.  Then I took my Sienna to Costco and the repaired my tire. I asked Costco tire technician who was repaired my tire about fixing this problem. He told me that is easy repair, because the needle was right on the bottom of the tire. They did not charge anything. I offer them a pizza.
I think this Toyota dear did want to service me and only want my to pay more money. After my warranty, I won't come back here or purchasing any thing from them again.

Bob S. | 2013-11-09

I like to be as objective as possible when leaving reviews.  I gave this dealership 2 stars - one for each "P" - as in "polite" and "professional".  This Toyota dealership's staff was friendly, polite, professional and responsive to my inquiry for a new car.  The reason they didn't score higher marks in my book was for the third "P" - price.  After doing my research and investigating several popular discount car buying services, I sat down with them to discuss price.  Now normally, a discount program is supposed to SAVE you money on the cost of a car.  I know that customers often pay for typical fees such as tax, license, registration, destination and perhaps a bit more for other 'dealer' fees.  But these folks took the basic fees and tried to bump me for at least another $1,500 in advertising, holdback, prep, and a few other fees.  In addition, they wanted $500 to do a dealer swap (for my requested color) to a dealership about 1/2 hour away.  Other dealers I spoke with were willing to cover the (much lower actual) cost for a dealer swap.  So as far as price with these folks, it's one step forward, three steps back.  I could have stayed and haggled for an hour, but that really defeats the purpose of 'no-hassle' pricing.  Needless to say I left and will not return to purchase from this dealership.  Just too much work to get them down to a reasonable bottom-line, out-the-door price.

Star D. | 2013-11-08

I can honestly say the experience I had at the Toyota Dealership three days ago far exceeded  my experience before that. Everyone made me feel like I was noticed when I pulled my car into line to be serviced at 6:55am. My wait time wasn't unreasonable for not having an appointment (about 10 minutes). Once I was met by Javier he was very good at listening to me and my concerns.

About a month ago my car had started to make a loud vibrating noise within the engine when I would start the car (mostly when it was cold). I got the idea to record the noise that morning when I first started my car because it's is notorious for not replicating any noises once I bring it to the dealership, which eventually results in me looking like I'm crazy. Javier was patient with me as I cued up the recorded noise and he said he could hear the obvious sound that was (as expected) no longer making it now that it was at the dealership.

I had taken my car to Evan's Tires on 10/5/13 to get an oil change and they also performed a fuel injector cleaning. My concerns of my car's (newest) noise were a mounting concern. Javier had agreed and said that he would let the mechanics know all of my concerns. As I was leaving I (half) jokingly pleaded not to gauge my bank account with this issue. We both laughed and he said, "No, no."

Around 12pm I received a phone call from Javier with the news of what I feared almost as much as the amount it would cost to fix the mystery noise. Javier said that the mechanics had yet to get the car to replicate the sound. I know my car and it's extremely stubborn. I KNEW it would do that. He let me know that he told the mechanics that he heard the (obvious) noise for himself and they were going to try again after lunchtime, if that were OK with me. I was very happy to hear and felt that Javier was truly on my side and thanked him for being persistent.

Around 3:25pm I received another phone call from Javier stating that my car was ready. At first I was shocked that they actually found what the noise was. Then I was concerned that they fixed it before letting me know the price. However, I had trusted in Javier's great customer service and let him explain. He asked me again what I had recently had the car serviced for and I let him know about the Evan's Tires maintenance. He said it was just as we had suspected. When the guys over at Evan's Tire performed the fuel injector cleaning they hadn't properly remounted something (air cam? I have forgotten what he said it was). I asked him how much it cost and he said he wasn't going to charge me. I was completely taken aback and extremely grateful. I wasn't expecting that at all.  

I cannot express how much I appreciate all the hard work from Javier, the mechanics and the entire team that I encountered this past Tue (11/5/13). I wasn't expecting for Toyota to fix what some other mechanics had messed up in the first place. I seem to always have some type of trouble every time after I take my car somewhere other than you guys and or my favorite mechanics that are up in Orange County. To be honest, I would go to the dealership all the time, but I just can't always afford the costs. However, I know Toyota has to make a living too. Thank you again so very much for all of your hard work, determination, and excellent customer service.

Anahi M. | 2013-11-05

I received a promotional flyer in the mail so I decided to get an oil change at this location. Unfortunately I was turned down twice. The fat guy behind the counter said I could not get attended in both occasions, he did not give me a legitimate reason either. Honestly I would rather go to Toyota Kearny Mesa instead, even if I live in Santee. This dealership lacks customers. I wouldn't be surprise if they shut down.

Mike Q. | 2013-11-04

I should have read these reviews before wasting my time there this weekend. My sales guys was ok but the gsm and finance department is a joke. These clowns kept trying to add extra warranties and fluff into price of the truck... I finally got so irritated I just walked out.  I will never go here again.

Richard R. | 2013-10-31

I always go to this Toyota dealer ship for maintance on our corolla.we have no problems and the staff there is maybe some of these crybabies. need to get a life and stop bitching.

Justin S. | 2013-10-27

Being young, dealerships often viewed me as a joke when I said that I wanted to purchase a car. However, Toyota of San Diego treated me with the utmost respect and continuously ensured that everything was to my liking. Although I was a first time buyer, they did not hesitate to secure my approval for financing and offered me a wonderful deal on a 2007 Nissan Altima Hybrid.

William Sweet, (aka Cubby), is a fantastic person and an all-around great guy. He sympathized with the situation I was going through and provided phenomenal customer service. I know that if I ever have a question or a problem, I can call him and he will be more than happy to take the time out of his day and help. He did not come off as a salesman, but more of a friend. He prided himself on being able to put a smile on your face. If you were happy - he was happy. I strongly recommend that you go to Cubby if you are ever in need of a vehicle. You will not regret it!

Jason did the financial part of the deal. He answered every single question that I asked and did not try to cut corners and give me a half answers. He made sure that I knew exactly what I was getting myself into, and provided insight on every single item on the contract. He made sure that I was aware of what every subsection I signed meant, as well as the charges. He was a genuinely great guy, and like Cubby, he seemed like he truly enjoyed making  you, (the customer), as happy as can be. I really recommend you go to Jason for the financial part of your deal.

I definitely plan on returning to Toyota of San Diego for my next purchase. Thank you so much for the exceptional customer service!

Calvin L. | 2013-10-26

I went the on Saturday, and I checked the price online already. and just go there for lower price, my girlfriend and I think the price is good and we are thinking come back on Monday to payoff the car. We said : we will think about it. We will be back." and  the online sales manager Simon's attitude is still not bad and when my girlfriend and I were walking back to the parking lot. He bring his manager(a big dude) to come out and make joke about my shoes. My shoes is dirty because I traveled alot. and that is not your dam business.  One star, when people said not to buy and their attitude turn bad.

Careina H. | 2013-10-21

We spent about 2 hours test driving a Toyota Prius with Oscar - he was extremely knowledgeable about the car, knew every bell and whistle, and was the most easy going salesperson we've ever encountered!  We were not 100% keen on the used inventory at that dealership, but because Oscar was so FANTASTIC, we tried and tried to find a car to buy from him.  Were we to buy new, we'd go to Toyota and buy it from Oscar.

Jesse M. | 2013-09-27

First off Karen is Awesome!  

I recently bought a Toyota rav4.   The old rav4s were more feminine so I was apprehensive at first but after getting a closer look I decided to go for it.

The negotiation process for the car wasn't as bad as previous dealers I have dealt with.

Everyone was very kind and the process was quick and painless.  I never felt over pushed.  I would come back and I will be recommending my friends in the future.

Jeff H. | 2013-09-26

THIS REVIEW IS ONLY FOR THE SERVICE DEPARTMENT.  My Prius was getting low mileage so I decided to take it in after speaking with a mechanic who told me he'd waive the $55 diagnostic fee if there was nothing wrong with the car.  After speaking with Javier he informed me the mechanic was mistaken and this was not their policy.  I brought in the car anyway because I wanted to get it over with.  They finished with the car earlier than expected and gave me a ride back to my home and then back to the dealership, turns out there was nothing wrong with the car and the fee was waived regardless.  Excellent, professional service from Javier as well as the drivers Steve and Jeff!  Will be coming back here for any problems that are covered under warranty.

Susan M. | 2013-09-10

Minus one star- just to give a review

Purchased oil change, they did their free inspection ....all they suggested was in future tires. I went over to CostCo replaced them and left from there visit my son in Anaheim. He suggested to get my alignment done at Miller Toyota while visiting him ... They did free inspection NOTE: all in same day.
They said i need three shocks.  Not a have to this moment but getting there. I go to back and give San Diego Toyota a chance to explain why they failed to mention it (when I was getting oil change done I was JUST at warranty ending and after the driving put me over by several hundred ) they put up on the rack, showed me it was a miss on their part.  Then the service mgr asst told me they have their tiers of needing and this was first tier an they don't tell the customer until the third (my i add when repair is urgent an warrant is expired) I then asked what they were going to do.   Response "nothing" he turned around an walked away!   That is when I walked out and dialed TOYOTA CARE number.   They replaced all three free.  I now drive 1.5 hrs without traffic to Anaheim Toyota where their customer service is honest an pricing is awesome. They give you heads up future repairs and let you plan the time an cost into your schedule .

If you go to San Diego Toyota after this review --- good luck

Drive the 1.5 hrs and get fantastic customer service with an honest dealership at Miller Toyota ask for Tom Lu.

P E. | 2013-09-06

This review goes out to the sales department. Everybody in the sales department starting with the sales managers all need to take some customer service skills, BIG TIME!!!
I just bought a car there and these guys are a complete joke. The guy that I dealt with was cussing away, talking stupid. One of the sales managers would walk by an call their sales men names in front of customers, the other sales manager (Asian dude, forgot his name) is complete imbecile! He talks to customers like they're a piece of garbage. I ended up buying the car, but I will never go back again.

This review does not reflect the service department. Those guys are cool and do have customer service skills.

Brandi B. | 2013-09-04

I bought my first car that wasnt through a third party this past weekend and found myself at Toyota San Diego. I had been on the hunt for a few days and was impressed by Toyota San Diego's selection as far as variety.

I showed up one night and test drove a preowned vehicle- they didn't have as big (as in quantity) of a selection like a Ball in National City- but sill good. After coming back the next morning and kicking the tires of the vehicle I was interested- I was ready to make a deal and we went inside.

The facilities are clean but fashioned more in a "pop up tent" with no permanent fixtures. I don't know if that's normal, but I thought it was odd- even the bathrooms were on a large trailer- like one you would find at a music festival.

Anyways, we were there for four hours. As mentioned this was my first time in a dealership and they were a little aggressive at first. After my fiancé reminded them this was my first time- they seemed to back off a little. All in all, I'm happy! With the amount I put down, they worked with me on interest rate and monthly payment.

I recommend Toyota vehicles in general and this location ain't too shabby

D K. | 2013-09-04

I bought a used car here and it only came with the front license plate. The area where the back plate should be just has the Toyota San Diego label.  I thought I would get the second plate in the mail from the dealership or DMV and I made a few calls because it had been several weeks. I was just told by DMV that if I don't have a back plate, I could get a very expensive ticket. They said the car should have had two plates not just one as having both front and back plate is REQUIRED BY CA LAW. This would have been good to know as I was leaving the dealership with my car.

Not surprised. Thanks for nothing Toyota San Diego. I had a big problem with you the day after my car purchase and I swore I would have nothing to do you again and now this comes up.

I cannot wait to tell as many people as I can to avoid your business completely.

Tranchant R. | 2013-08-26

I am happy with the used car I bought from this dealership however their service was lacking and I feel that I was ripped off on my trade in. My fault for being impatient but they were incredibly slow.

Jaboi L. | 2013-08-11

Service dept is HORRIBLE!! Need to hire more people or fire the ones that are working b/c they don't give a sh$t. Avoid this place. #toyotasandiego

Mychal L. | 2013-08-02

Service department gives false promises on time and tries to sell you more than you need. Very frustrating to work with. Nathan was good but the rest have been very poor.

Ted T. | 2013-07-27

THE place to go if you want to be lied to and cheated. Otherwise best to avoid them.

Heather C. | 2013-07-21

My appointment for standard 25000 mile service was at 9am. I wasn't even checked in until 930 and 2 hours later I was still waiting after a guarantee it would take 1hr 15 min max.  Perhaps they need to rethink their scheduling. Also they are amidst construction so you have to wait in a small trailer with no vending machines and walk across the lot for bathrooms. If you want better service and a car wash, which I expected, go to El Cajon.

Taz G. | 2013-07-19

I was not here to buy a vehicle, I came for a car show that was put on by the dealership. They went out of there way to make us Toyota / Scion owners feel welcome. Provided us free lunch and some great prizes for the charity raffle.

I live in Orange County but I would have to say it would be worth the drive to San Diego to purchase a car from these guys.

The customers that were waiting in the service department had nothing but good things to say about their experience here.

They also offer a free oil change, well buy one get one free. If I lived in the area that would be a great deal. I could do my iQ and the wife's Camry at the same time. Wish some of the dealers in the OC would run this kind of a promotion.

Thanks for a great time guys!

Diana O. | 2013-07-10

This dealership was kind enough to host the first annual SD Supras Car show and made it an awesome one. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one looking forward to what they will do next. Aside from the car show, they also have a good group of guys that were very professional and customer service friendly. The waiting area for when you're getting your car serviced was nice as well. Big screen tv, nice couches, and an awesome bathroom!

Nicole L. | 2013-07-10

I agree with everyone else, the general manager tells you how sorry he is for the bad experience and to contact him. He will not return your calls and if you email him, like he tells you, to he will never respond. They do not care about their customers, all they care about is making the sale and then you are to go away. We will never go back to this dealership even if they were giving the cars away! Go to Toyota of Poway or Escondido, the salesmen are honest and their service department is really nice.

Char K. | 2013-07-10

I went to this dealership for the first time on Saturday, June 29th, 2013 because of a car show they presented, I was quite impressed! Being a native San Diegan, I'm not sure why I have never been there before. Employees there were friendly, professional, informative and allowed you to look around at the car inventory without being jerks and the car show was fun with a raffle, good food and an awesome show of cars. Nothing negative here that I experienced!

Barry L. | 2013-07-10

Toyota of San Diego called my daughter in response to an AutoTrader Trade in sheet she filled out on line and asked her to bring her car in for them to look at. She did that. She told them it had been in an accident and had been repaired. Toyota of San Diego gave her an offer of $7800. That was more than her other offers so she accepted it. At their request, she and I returned the next day with the Title and the Registration. She had reconfirmed that morning that the price would be $7800. She filled out all the paperwork, signed the title and the forms they gave her and we waited. Finally, one of the floor managers came over and said they would no longer give her $7800, but would give her $7000. This was after she had taken off a half days work on the assurance and reassurance that they wanted the car at $7800 and after she had signed all their paperwork and her title. We asked to see a manager. He acted like we had done something wrong - he said he was protecting the dealership and then said they were no longer interested in the car at all. Protecting the dealership?? We had only responded to THEIR call and accepted THEIR offer. So - after we responded to THEIR call to come in, after we showed them the car, allowed them to inspect it and told them it's history, after we accepted THEIR offer, after we agreed to take time off work and return the next day, after we reconfirmed THEIR offer that morning before coming in, after we signed all THEIR paperwork just as they asked, only then - at the very last moment - did they back out of the deal "to protect the dealership". Does that sound like a business you can trust and want to do business with?

Kevan L. | 2013-07-09


DO NOT BUY HERE!! WORST EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE... Came to Toyota Sandiego with my Fiance in hopes of buying a new vehicle, Spent time qualifying and looking around. Muhummed the sales man was VERY RUDE, VERY PUSHY, and VERY SHORT. Arrogant and condescending. When I asked him politely to test drive a vehicle he had the audacity to say  in his poor English ," You are not even qualified to buy this car why do you want to drive it."  What kind of sorry excuse for a salesman ALIENATES the Husband? The very person to be paying for the car?.
I have never been so insulted in my life.... Furthermore he flat out denied the test drive and after treating me pooly *****REFUSED***** to get the manager. After being dismissed, degraded, and insulted on the lot after an hour of "shopping" I had to walk to the tent to talk to some soo called manager by myself as total service from Muhammed was denied.

Some guy who is obviously not the manager(JamesKing), disinterested and dismissive, came out and further insulted me by stating he would not apologize for Muhammad;s conduct as Muhammad has a "good record." He stated he could not go by what I had told him as the Cutomer," WAS NOT ALWAYS RIGHT AND ARE ACTUALLY SOMETIMES WRONG."
I valued his half hearted, disingenuous explanation as much as used toilet paper.

Bottom Line:These Guys are jokes and shouldn't be given the time of day...They have ZERO customer service and treat American Consumers like second class Citizens...

StAy FAR AWAY from here, unless you want to be treated like TRASH and ENJOY being DISRESPECTED.

Jeff Stein Don't even try and respond to this your dealership and everybody in it are DEAD TO ME I will NOT be giving ToyotaSandiego busisness EVER!

Jason S. | 2013-07-07

This dealership is awesome!  They hosted a sweet car show for the 20th anniversary of the Toyota Supra. They provided free food, drinks,  and even provided giveaways.  They did all the grilling too! Cars were $1000 off for the show. I would definitely come here again,  and especially if I wanted to purchase a car or truck.  Extremely friendly staff! ! Go there now!

Matthew H. | 2013-07-06

We had been looking for a Prius for about 2 months, when we were down visiting with friends in San Diego. The guys here gave us an excellent deal on a 2013 and worked very hard to make sure we walked out happy and comfortable.  They didn't try any "math tricks" or anything shady, and weren't trying to bend us over backwards with trying to up-sell us on a huge options package or extended warranties.  I will most likely buy a car from here again.

Alfredo B. | 2013-07-05

One of the best looking Toyotas in San Diego. I went there for the first time and they had a car show with older Toyotas and scions. What can I say, You can't beat free food and drinks with great prizes. So far my experience there has been great. I can't wait for the next show. Hopefully they offer the same discounts when I am ready to buy my truck.

JR B. | 2013-07-05

attended the car show on saturday, june 29th and had a great time!!! The toyota staff were very friendly. Because of the car show, i am now having both my cars serviced here...

David E. | 2013-07-04

David E.6/21/2013
I am most pleased with your sales dept  person Jeff.  He restructured my payment plan to fit within my new financial position   Thanks Jeff.    Dave E

Arnold B. | 2013-07-03

This Toyota dealership was nice enough to host a mini car show for the 20th Anniversary of the MKIV Supra as well as other Toyotas, Sat June 29th 2013.

I was looking around at the FR-S and they were nice enough to ask if I needed help w/out the typical a**hole salesman demeanor.  

I haven't dealt with service but my boy bought his FJ and Tundra from here so they must be doing something right!

Dante M. | 2013-07-03

The parts department is the greatest. They helped me locate hard to find parts or discontinued parts for my Supra

Levvi M. | 2013-07-03

The owners here a great people. They always help find the exact parts I need, and have great customer service. Don't be afraid to visit this establishment!!

Craig H. | 2013-07-03

I was very impressed with Toyota San Diego, they went out of their way to host a local car show this past weekend, 06/29/13.  Not only did they open up their parking lot for the event, 60 plus cars, they also provided hot dogs, and drinks for free.  It was great to see a local business help out the car enthusiast, by providing a legal location for a car show.

Adam H. | 2013-07-01

great guys Toyota of San Diego hosted car meet and there parking lot and the mangers bbq hots and gave out drinks for every one it was chill never herd of a dealer hosting a car meet but it was legit

Oscar R. | 2013-06-29

I love toyota

Eric R. | 2013-06-25

I always go to this Toyota for Parts. I have received nothing but the best customer service. I always purchase my parts for my supra here and the guy even gives me a nice discount each time!

Natalie K. | 2013-06-19

I purchased a used car at Toyota San Diego and have never been treated so poorly as a customer - ever.  The first sales person that met me ended up making personal attacks on my character after I pointed out issues with the vehicle.  He took it personal that I was commenting on the car and even after I asked him to knock it off and be nice, he continued to make fun of me...and it wasn't funny.  The finance manager asked if I was OK seeing a man's buttocks because he had a funny picture of his friend wearing his wife's underwear, this question was within 90 seconds of meeting him and he actually grabbed for his phone before I could tell him that I was not interested in seeing the photo.
Even after all the horrible sales and finance issues it continued into the service department where I was ignored and not offered the same courtesy as Toyota vehicle owners (no mats or plastic were placed on the vehicle) and no one wanted to help me as there was only one person that handled used cars (by the way it's a 2009 vehicle).  After making 2 appointments to have the Due Bill items completed, I was sent home both times because the paperwork was not submitted.  It took me 4 weeks to get the work completed.  I had to call the Sales Manager, General Manager, Toyota corporate and the Relationship Manager.  It took 4 weeks for them to service the items on the Due Bill.  I was then told by the Relationship Manager that this would be a good training experience for them to use on how to not treat customers.  I'm not looking to be anyone's testcase.  
Also note that Toyota provided a 150 point check on the vehicle however after only 2 days I had to replace brakes on all 4 tires.  There were other service issues.  Overall the single worst purchasing experience I've ever had and I've bought 2 dozen cars in my lifetime.  I gave the staff multiple opportunities to turn around the experience and they failed on every front.

Becca T. | 2013-06-19

Someone from Toyota responded to my review asking me to call or email him.  I called and emailed twice and never heard back from him.

MJ G. | 2013-06-15

The idea of walking into a large car dealership and making a deal is not my idea of fun.   On many of my car purchasing occasions, I have felt I was part of a shell game or have been forced to talk to the great and powerful Oz who is behind the curtain via a sales associate. It is just so incredibly frustrating, right? I was determined this time, it would be different.  After looking at YELP reviews of the many Toyota dealerships in the San Diego area,  one thing was evident;   I was not alone in my feelings.  There were great and horrible reviews for ALL of them.  But as anyone who works in a customer service type industry knows, no 2 people will have the same experience and have the same perception of it, so the YELP reviews we helpful, they also tended to make me dread the process even more.  Then I noticed something unusual when reading the negative reviews of Toyota San Diego,.  Anytime there was a negative review,  the Sales Manager, Jeff Stein responded back asking the writer to call him (providing his direct number) and offered assistance.
An idea came to me.  Since he seems willing to make someone's car dealing experience a good one, why not call him first and tell him what I am looking for in my experience and tell him what I don't want to experience?  I picked up the phone, got his voice mail and left a message. He returned my call within 5 minutes.  I explained to him I am a straightforward person as is my husband and we are not into playing games.  After purchasing many cars and having had a dad who was a car dealer, I told him I understood the car business to some degree.  I explained my goal was to trade a car, get a fair price for it, purchase a car and leave without feeling like I had gone 10 rounds trading jabs in a boxing ring.  Jeff said he completely understood.  He asked about my trade in and offered to tell me a quote of it's value OVER THE PHONE ($3000-$4000).  He told me if I sold the car privately  I could get as much as $6000.  I told him, I really did not want to go that route, but told him we planned to go by Carmax too to see what price they might give us.  He supported that idea and even suggested we might call him from Carmax with their bid, and he would let us know if he could go higher or not. He told me Carmax very well might be able to give me more than Toyota San Diego due to their national distribution of cars. I want to remind you at this point of the story that this is all occurring BEFORE we even entered the doors of the dealership!  
Jeff told me when I came to the dealership to make sure and ask for him and he told me the hours he would be there.  He said be the one to crunch the numbers with us and would match us with a low key sales person.  Karen, the sales person Jeff matched us with could not have been nicer and she was great to deal with.  She had a great sense of humor and gave us zero pressure.  She answered questions and let us have time alone to talk without us even having to ask for it.  She made the whole process very comfortable and I felt like I knew her forever once we were done.  And Jeff did just what he said.  He sat across the desk from us speaking directly with us, not hidden away in a far away office, and crunched the numbers.  Not only did he give us the highest end of what he estimated over the phone for the trade in ($4000), he gave us $2000.00 back (yes a check).  This made our trade in worth  $6000....what we could have got selling it out in the open market.  The Kelly Blue Book value for the same car in excellent condition was $5025.  A 2013 Prius in the color we wanted with the features we wanted,  0.0 percent financing for 5 years and it was a deal.  We drove away with our wonderful new car and I have to say the experience was exceptional.

D T. | 2013-06-14

I recently had my Prius' 120000i mile service done. Javier was my service advisor. He was personable, knowledgable and easy to communicate with. The next week I saw Steve in threnody shop for an unrelated issue. He resolved the problem in 10 minutes. The  experience in bork departments was exceptional.  I hope to continue to bring my car here for service. When  I do eventually get a new car again, Toyota San Diego will have my first look.

D F. | 2013-06-12

Update: I left a voicemail with Jeff after his comment below and never received a call back. No resolution; no change to my original review and one star rating.

Vince B. | 2013-06-11

I am like most people that dislike car salesmen, However, we were forced with buying a car when our 6 year old one blew an engine (110,000 miles on a car with a 100,000 mile guarantee...go figure!!) .
Wife wanted a Prius III, drove a few at other dealers, got their best price. I called TOSD and talked to Oliver.
He beat my best price by more than a little, had the color we wanted, moved it to the front door, he was ready for us, was VERY HELPFUL and we were out of there in less than two hours (No money down, and 0% interest!!).
Oliver even paired our Iphone with the blue tooth and seemed happy when he answered all of our questions!!!!
WAY TO GO OLIVER!!!!!!!!!!

Peter H. | 2013-06-10


Toyota San Diego Service Department has got issues, will never return. The whole experience was unpleasant, from the moment I arrived to picking up my vehicle. I had my ladies 2012 4Runner serviced here when she normally goes to Toyota Carlsbad, learned my lesson and will rather commute to Carlsbad then deal with this joke of a dealership. I arrived on-time for my appointment, immediately was greeted by a service adviser who took my keys and had me come inside, moments later the porter was literally yelling at me to move the vehicle, when I was told to park there and had already given the keys to the service adviser.

I then requested a shuttle ride at 0815, was told it would be "5-10minutes", the driver showed up at 0910 and immediately rolled his eyes when three different customers had to go to three different locations. The shuttle ride was long, taking longer then an hour to get me to my home 3 miles away.

The worst part was the shuttle driver discussing politics, making racist remarks about Latinos (I think he thought it was okay since no Latinos where in the shuttle) and driving like an idiot.

The whole experience was poor, lacking the most basic customer service skills. Will not be back, and I don't recommend this service department at all. I think all of their employees would benefit from a basic customer service class.  

I would not recommend this dealerships service department to anyone.

Michelle R. | 2013-06-06

Wow -- so after Jeff leaves his message to call him I wait because I am still a bit peeved and figure it can wait.  Well I called last week because I'm due for another service and I'm not bringing my car here without some major discussion about what happened last time.  So I called Jeff and he tells me he's on the sales side and wanted to refer me to Larry -- hmmm...Larry?  The same guy who I caught lying to me, couldn't explain the time difference either and was supposed to call me back after looking into the issues from my last service to months ago?  Really? about no?  So Jeff tells me to send him my review again so he can read the issues and he will get this to the customer care department and get them involved -- customer care?  Why didn't they get involved before now?  Oh, wait --- they didn't get involved now either -- another week and no one has called me back -- took my car to Toyota Carlsbad -- no drama -- no problems -- great service.  I don't know what they're drinking over here but if this is the Sales Manager then I am beginning to regret buying my car here too.  I love Toyotas so when we go to buy one for my husband I can tell you we won't be going here.  So simple to keep business and so easy to lose it -- keep going down the road to another dealer is my reccomendation.

Gaaron V. | 2013-05-31

Need to work a little more on their communication. Said it would take 1.5 hrs to 2 hrs (with an appt) after 2.5 hours I went up to the desk and car was ready about 45 minutes prior.. Then had to wait to get my car pulled up.. Not upset at service, upset with lack of communication.

Update: still waiting for car, they have to put togeather a quote for tires.. Sales advisor is helping other customers instead of trying to get me out, I had an appt I'm not a walkin... Losing patience.

RICHARD F. | 2013-05-30

Worst auto service I have ever received.  

I purchased 2011 Toyota Camry a few months previous from private seller. I went in to Toyota of San Diego for an alignment (car pulling to right), everything checked out "good." I do not drive the car much, only use as long commuter.  Next weekend I drove the car to Arizona the car still pulls to the right.  I bring the car back the next week, after waiting 20 minutes to get checked in with making an appointment, they check and claim car is out of alignment and caster/camber is bent.  This was not indicated on my last alignment 2 weeks ago and they said I must have damaged the car in the two weeks.  I barely drove the car!  They wanted to charge me another $89 for an alignment?  What?  Spoke with assistant manager, they left me waiting 15 minutes to look up old records, and she put me back with the staff member.  Who told me the same thing, assuming I damaged the car.  Do not go to this dealer, they should not be part of Toyota.

Karen J. | 2013-05-25

Tom Modica made my car lease a 5 star experience.  He has years of experience, is a great person and business man.  When you are ready Tom will ask you the right questions, expedite the process and make the transaction happen.  Tom, Thanks for the laughs I had a great time.  A bit of advice....Call Tom Modica to set up an appointment he is a busy guy!  :)

Donald F. | 2013-05-20

I called them to find out if there was a recall for my car (1990 Toyota 4Runner). The lady told me that there was an open recall for a part of the power steering. She said, "Bring it in, no problem, We'll do it."
I went in the next say and I was told that I needed to have an appointment, and they couldn't do it that day. No problem. It wasn't a thing that was going to kill me if left undone for a couple days.
I called back and I got an appointment for a couple days later.
I went in on the day at the time specified, and they took the keys and everything seemed fine.
2 (TWO) hours later, The service guy called me back to the desk to talk about it. He asked me if the lady said anything about the parts being in stock. I said that nobody mentioned that; Anybody I talked to seemed to have no problem with anything.
The fact is that there were no parts in stock for the procedure. I wasn't happy at this point. I asked if there was anyone that I could talk to about this, as this was the second time I had been there and still hadn't had any service done. The service writer guy told me that the General Manager was at lunch at that time, but he would tell him about me and he guaranteed that the manager would call me back. It's a week later and I've given up on the manager calling me.
On the phone she also told me that a an inspection would be no charge. I needed this because I just bought the vehicle a few days before and I wanted to know what needed to be fixed. It turns out the free inspection is a VISUAL inspection. The actual inspection where they look at everything and find out what doesn't work costs $110.00! I can do a visual inspection myself! I did and everything is there.
The ladies answering the phones appear to tell customers anything they need to to get them to come in, then the service employees have to be the bad guy and talk the customer into paying alot of money they didn't expect to..
In his defense, Javier in the service department is a very professional asset to the organization. The organization, however, is a liability.
I went to Mossy Toyota/Scion in Pacific Beach without an appointment and had the work done, no problem.
Go Elsewhere.

Darren P. | 2013-05-19

highly recommend asking for Oliver. Made buying my new FR-S easy, fast and smooth. Extremely courteous, never felt haggled, and appreciate all the follow up calls and patience with answering my many questions. I drove all the way from Simi Valley (about 150 miles north of here) and it was worth the time and distance. Thanks again to Oliver and Bernie!! I can't dream of purchasing my next car anywhere else but here.

Peko K. | 2013-05-19

I want to have a special thanks to Eric Thompson. My front bumper was loose after the accident and other body shops quote me $1500 to fix it perfectly. But I just want the bumper to be close enough to the main body so it doesn't shake much. Eric did a quick fix and order a part to put it, costed $55 in total.

Another lady staff named Jennifer Lovins, she is just so patient with all the hectic things going on around her, I am amazed that she joggles every thing well when given any moment, she is in the middle of 5 things!

I only took 1 star off because I know the Toyota at Kearny Mesa give your car a quick rinse after oil change, not this location doesn't provide it. It is definitely a nice thing to have.

Rick Z. | 2013-05-10

Better late than never to let San Diegans known about the terrible treatment my son and I received in 2005. Toyota San Diego had the only green Scion XB at that moment in San Diego. My son wanted this vehicle, so Father and Son head over to buy it. The sales man was great but Jeff Stein and his assistant come over to finalize the deal. Since my son was buying the car I told Jeff S. and his assistant Manager we only want the car and nothing added to the set price especially when we deal with the finance office. Jeff says to us ok the Scion XB and warranty they said this over and over to us. I had no idea what they were doing when they said warranty. I thought they meant the warranty that comes with the car 3 yr or 36000 miles. I said yes just the car and thinking why are they saying warranty that comes from Toyota with every new car. In the finance office all of a sudden the price is $1500.00 higher. I get very surprised and shocked and ask why. The gal says that's for the extended warranty that you agreed to buy. I'm very upset and say I never agreed to a extended warranty.               I demand to see Jeff Stein and ask him why he tried to trick us to buy something that I explicitly told him  that my son didn't need. Jeff was afraid to talk to me so he sent the assistant manger. I asked him why did you treat us this way, all he said was don't buy the extended warranty. I said that's not what I'm asking you, Jeff Stein and you pulled a fast one on my son, answer why you did this and I said I want an apology from Jeff. The assistant now had a very bad attitude toward me and said no apology we didn't do anything wrong. I said ok I'm making a complaint to Toyota Corporate about your  low sales tactics  after we buy this car. He leaves the office comes back very quickly and says that Jeff Stein won't sell my son the car. I ask why he says that his salesman and the dealership won't receive their bonus for the month if a customer  makes a complaint. My son and I confront Jeff Stein and ask him to sell the car to us, Jeff says I'm protecting my salesman, they will lose all their bonus money for all the Scions sold for this month just for one complaint. Then he told me to leave the property. The next day I get a call from the salesman that helped us at Toyota San Diego and asks me why I didn't buy the car. He had no idea about what happened  he was shocked, he said don't worry I'll get Jeff Stein to sell you the car. Five minutes later he calls back and very sheepishly says I'm sorry I can't sell you the car goodbye. I called another dealer and ask them to sell my son the green Scion. They call me back and say at the present time Toyota San Diego is the only dealer in San Diego that has one. Then the salesman says that TOSD will not trade cars and he said they don't trade with any dealer. He said all the local dealers will trade cars but not TOSD. After my son got off work he and a friend drive to West Covina Toyota and buy the car because they were the closet dealer that had one. The sales people there were very friendly and told my son that they sell cars with the lowest prices. This is called volume sales the dealership makes a little profit on every car but sells a lot of cars per month and this way they make their profit. Then he said that Scions are the exception because every dealer has to sell that brand at the same price. There is no haggling over price because they already have a bare bones price.This dealership treated my son excellently without any problems. I did call Toyota Corporate and told them what happened, the rep told me that concealing the extended warranty the way Jeff Stein did was very close to committing a crime. He asked me if he could locate the car my son wanted, I told him we already got it. He then said that he gets a lot  of complaints for Toyota San Diego .                       Back to the present time my  wife  wants a crossover SUV  so  on 5/4/2013  I call 3 Toyota dealers  including Toyota San Diego talk to the salesman about the RAV4 and ask if Jeff Stein still works there as general manager he says yes, so I told him what happened to me. I ask him to see if he remembers me. The salesman calls back and tells me that Jeff Stein
didn't remember me. I told the salesman I won't be going back because  Jeff is still running that dealership!

Kathleen C. | 2013-05-06

Not the place to buy a used car.  Gary Thuma insulted me with an offer of $800 for my trade in, which I had seen on someone else's lot for sale at 10k and expect to sell for 7-8k.  They use hard core pressuring sales tactics; not negotiable, as if because the price is posted on internet they are excused from the need to negotiate and my only choice was how fast to agree.  Willing to sell that truck to some other idiot, and it was a fight just to have the truck checked by my own mechanic who works across the street.  So I didn't buy that truck.  Next day, the sales manager Eddie Cruz called me to "thank me for my visit (ha ha)" and when I gave him feedback he didn't like that I did not accept his apology for their deliberate tactics he hung up on me.  These people do not value a customer.   If you want to be insulted work with Gary Thuma.  He argued with me over exactly how some damage to the door occured, insisting he was right, until I finally said I don't want to debate it.  But Gary was willing to keep arguing.  What did he think he would win?  He was absolutely wrong but assertive and certain.  My mechanic figured out how the door got damaged.  So this place is about power.  They have it.  You don't.

Ehrin M. | 2013-05-01

Do Not Buy a Car from Toyota of San Diego. They did not inspect my car ( as promised) before they let me drive it off the lot. There were electrical problems that caused my hybrid to malfunction within weeks of purchasing. They refuse to acknowledge the fact that another certified Toyota Dealer, and Toyota Headquarters all deem that Toyota of San Diego is responsible for Cutting an electrical cord in my car before i purchased it. I've never experienced Service this BAD before!  Read Below for more information.

In September '12 I purchased a new Prius  from Toyota of San Diego (TOSD). I received a document before I drove the car off the lot, that stated they had inspected the entire car, it was in perfect working condition, and the document was signed by a maintenance person.

When I first drove the car that night I noticed that the interior lights did not work. Then next morning I drove home to Los Angeles ( My mother still lives in San Diego, I work and Live in LA).

I took the new car to an LA dealership, knowing the this would be covered by the manufacturers warranty, and was told that it was not, that Toyota of San Diego had installed an aftermarket alarm (I was notified at TOSD that the alarm had been installed before I even looked at the car, and that if i did not want the alarm i would have to wait while they uninstalled it.) My local dealership in LA said that in the process of installing the alarm TOSD had cut an electrical wire that gave my interior lights power, along with powering other various electrical services to the car. During this time, my Prius which functions on a ton of electrical devices, stopped working on various occasions, the car displayed messages that it was undrive-able and that i needed to seek assistance immediately. All of these further disturbances were attributed to the electrical wire being cut.

I immediately called TOSD, and was asked to drive back down to San Diego to get the problem fixed, after a few weeks I finally convinced them that i would not be able to drive to San Diego to have my car repaired due to work in Los Angeles( a fact they knew before I purchased the car). Finally after having an alarm company from San Diego remove the alarm, and having my local Toyota dealer fix the cut cord, I had further struggles to get TOSD to fulfill their promise to pay for the repair.

When everything seemed resolved and my car was functioning properly in early December, I sent a letter to TOSD and requested that I be reimbursed for the time my car was rendered inoperable, undrive-able and the the time I spent at dealerships, making phone calls and convincing TOSD that they needed to fix this problem. They did not respond. In January I received a call from Toyota Headquarters they informed me that the problem would need to be addressed by TOSD because it was deemed to have happened on TOSD's lot. Toyota Headquarters informed me that i would receive a call from TOSD within a week. Three weeks later having received no call. I called Toyota Headquarters back, they apologized and informed me that TOSD would be calling within a week. They did not. Another two weeks passed again i called Toyota Headquarters to let them know I had not received a phone call. They informed me that TOSD had relayed information to them, to the effect that I had been called and had refused an offer made to me. ( the offer they were referring to was made by the outside alarm company, not from TOSD and no one notified me that the alarm company would be representing TOSD in this matter.)

Then after many more weeks of calling and emailing TOSD I was told that TOSD would be willing to reimburse me for the price of the alarm ( since the alarm had to be removed in order to get my car working properly again). The letter I sent TOSD and Toyota Headquarters clearly outlined, how much work I lost and that the biggest problem I had was that I was told the car was inspected (electrical and all) and that if someone had inspected it they would have noticed that the interior lights were not working properly, thus there was an electrical problem.

The general manager called my yesterday confused as to why I was still contacting them and not accepting the offer of repayment for the alarm. I informed him about the document they signed and that they needed to take responsibility for what happened to the car on their lot. He insinuated that I had cut the cord myself, or that my local Toyota dealership had cut the cord, and that there was no way they were responsible. He took down my side of the story ( the same exact version that I sent them via registered mail in December) and said he would have his legal department look at it.

I never expected that buying a brand new car would take months of time, days of missed work, hours of phone calls, and mistreatment by a supposedly loyal San Diego Company; Toyota of San Diego.

Bren B. | 2013-05-01

Sales team was very helpful. Bob Bamoradi stood out from the rest with his calm and professional attitude. I got the vehicle I wanted, at the price I wanted without any awkward negotiation.

Scott B. | 2013-04-28

It's interesting, I have read good and bad reviews about the service. Yet I came in for my first service, and I was impressed the whole way. It was an early Saturday morning, with lots of people lined up for service. I had made an appointment, and within 10 minutes of the scheduled time Nathan Strona came over and helped me out. He was friendly, knowledgeable, was able to update my information immediately, and told me exactly what to expect. When I called to make the appointment, I was told it would take 1.5 to 2 hours, and so I brought my laptop and expected to wait. My car was ready within less than 45 minutes. Nothing but high marks from me.

Chelsea C. | 2013-04-11

Let me preface this by saying that I have car-purchase-anxiety. Of course, I have no qualms about whipping a brand new vehicle once I leave the place, but the actual act of negotiating, test-driving, and purchasing a vehicle makes me nervous. The first image that comes to mind is some leering fellow in a sport coat with clammy hands that keeps calling you "kiddo" while insisting the Toyota Corolla IS A PERFECT FIT FOR YOU! As a wary consumer, you don't want some sleazebag trying to rip you off (or cop a feel) during the vehicle sale.

Fortunately for me, Toyota San Diego is (to my personal knowledge) sleazeball-free. Karen Habermeyer was great - helpful and friendly - and put me in my new Scion Tc within 3 or 4 hours. And I'm not even saying those things just because she complimented me on my outfit and said I reminded her of Elle Woods from Legally Blonde, I actually mean them. Though that definitely helped. Everyone I interacted with was a pleasure.  Well done, Toyota San Diego.

Jeff J. | 2013-04-11

I came to this location because the service department at Bob Baker-Lemon Grove disappointed me again, this time, losing my vehicle for a routine oil change/tire rotation for over 2 1/2 hours and still did not do the work. ( I refuse to ever go back to them ).
I came to the Fairmount locaiton based on the reviews. I made an appointment, arrived early and was greeted by a friendly worker, who said I had to wait five mintes. He was wrong, 2  minutes later Matt came out, completed the paperwork in a fast and friendly manner, promising me even though it was a busy Tuesday morning, he would have me ready to go in about an hour for my oil change/tire rotation. Sure enough, slightly after an hour, the work was completed and explained to me the work done. I am very pleased with the staff, quiet waiting room (free coffee and water if you want) I want to give them my business for quite some time. I recommend this location.

Colin M. | 2013-04-10

This review is for the service department.

My truck needed it's 100K mile tune-up so I decided to take it to the dealership instead of the cheapo oil changer place I've used for years. I made an appointment a week or so in advance and checked in with Nathan around 11:00 on Saturday morning. I already knew I needed new spark plugs, power steering fluid flush, and a transmission fluid change, which is exactly what they suggested. They also recommended that I replace a couple belts within a few months, but it was nothing urgent.

Nathan estimated that my car would be ready around 3:30 so I decided to take the shuttle, provided by Toyota San Diego, over to the mall to do some shopping and kill some time.

My car ended up being ready around 2:00 so I had the shuttle pick me up and take me back. Easy peasy. Besides the woman I scheduled the appointment with, who was rude and impatient, my overall experience was very good. I will definitely be returning for my next oil change and any future tune-ups.

Elizabeth K. | 2013-04-09

Completely appalled at the lack of service and organization at this dealership.

I received a recall notice requesting to make an appointment to have the recall serviced. I did that a week in advance and was told the appointment would take 1 hour. Yet when I arrived for my appointment I was told they ran out of the part and now was looking at a 4-5 hour wait. The whole point of making an appointment is so the dealership would be aware of the upcoming services and therefore prepared for these appointments. I should have been called and told the parts were no longer available. I took a shuttle back to work which was also a painful process because they had to leave and fill up the gas, etc. So i waited 1 hour to get a ride back to work. I called later in the afternoon to check on the car since no one had called when they said they would. I was told my car was ready so I scheduled the shuttle to pick me up again. When I arrived they said my car was not ready, had no explanation for why I was told otherwise, and said it would be another 30 minutes. In actuality it was 45 minutes, and I could see my car parked, keys on the desk, ready to go yet no one there to help me. I finally grabbed the first person walking by and said I can see my car is done and I want to leave and asked if my rep was there to help. He left for the day! Didn't even bother to touch base with me and pass me along to another rep. So unprofessional! I called and left a message to discuss my experience with the Service manager and of course have not heard back.

I will never take my car there again.

Lynn U. | 2013-04-08

I have purchased all my Priuses from these guys. Mostly I have had great service. Once in a blue moon someone thinks I am the customer from X#$%!..I want good service. And most of the time. I get it.

When we went in to purchase a new car...Daniel and the young man who was new..were courteous and helpful and persuasive...not in a bad way..they just had the facts..which we could easily check out on our smart phone. They spent a lot of time with us...and we got a really good deal.

Elena M. | 2013-04-05

I give my experience with Ross Hunt One star.

My overall experience, not including Ross Hunt,  is about 4 stars.

I have been looking for a 2013 Rav 4 for a few weeks.  I did my research and emailed a few different dealerships.  I heard back from Ross Hunt via email one night, so my boyfriend called him to speak with him.  Ross said he could have the Rav in the color I want in on Monday or Tuesday (we spoke on a Friday night).  I said that is great, I will try to get in over the weekend, but we want to sell my boyfriend's car privately rather than trade it in.  Ross Hunt even asked if we would be okay with only one car for a couple of days, we said sure.  So my boyfriend, father and myself go down on Saturday, the next day.  We were going to at least sign the contract so we can get the car for sure on Monday or Tuesday, like Ross Hunt had said.  I get there and I ask for Ross Hunt, he meets with us and says the car will not be in for 10 days.  I told him he said a couple of days, and that is why we sold one of our cars.  Ross Hunt said he never specified a time for the car to be here.  This is not true at all.  Right away I was very upset.  I could have gone to other dealerships if this was the case and I would have waited to sell a car.  He also told me it would only take 15 mins or so to sign the contract and he would have everything ready for me.  This was not the case.  I was there for about 4 hours.  

Please do not believe everything these salesmen or sales managers tell you.  I fell for it and I went in believing Ross Hunt for what he told me.

This review is only of my interaction with one of their Sales Manager, Ross Hunt.  I will review the guy that actually sold me my car:

Ross Hunt passed us on to a guy named Gary Thuma.  He took us in and sat us all down.  Since the car Ross Hunt was telling us about wouldn't be in for 10 days, I told him that would not work for us.  Gary then started calling around and spoke to one of his friends from another Dealership.  He said that dealership has a car available, but can't pick it up till Monday or Tuesday.  We said that is fine.  A little bit later, his friend called back and said someone was making a deal on the car.  So we said that is fine, please call us when you have what we want available.  He said he would do so.  So we walk out to my car, and as we were getting closer Gary comes running out telling us to wait that the car is still available if we want it.  The car that he was talking about was in another interior color that we at first did not want.  My boyfriend and I talked about it and said we will take it for the quote Ross had showed us.  So we all went back in.  A few hours later Gary went to pick up the car that night, instead of us having to wait till Monday or Tuesday.  The APR that Gary showed us was higher than I think my credit deserves, so my dad said he will put in the rest and we would pay cash for the car.  As we got into the finance department the lady said my APR was way lower than what Gary had said.  So I said I will go ahead and finance the rest after my down payment.

Gary worked with us and tried his hardest to get the car I wanted as quick as he could.  I think Gary did a great job, even though he kept saying my dad worries too much because of the amount of his gray hair.  

Gary gets 4 Stars, but Ross Hunt gets one star.

George L. | 2013-04-02

This is the first review I've written on yelp, but I felt it was necessary.  I'm not necessarily giving two stars because of service though I was a little disappointed with the sales person (I'll say why) and the finance guy seemed a little haughty.  My main critique is OUR EXPERIENCE was one of unfulfilled promises.  That was disappointing to us, especially since we live 50 miles from the dealership and drove down there to give them our potential business.

Let me start off by saying my wife and I are not an easy case.  When the housing market tanked we both lost our jobs and our credit has suffered since.  We are both in school and have one income, so we understand that we aren't ideal candidates.  That being said, we visited Toyota SD in December looking at the new Siennas.  We have a Town & Country that we absolutely hate and are looking to get a new car. The salesmen who helped us that night, Abel,  was great and although we have poor credit, we were TOLD that because of the volume of the dealership, they could push through sub-prime candidates like us at the promotional 0% if we could afford the payment.  At the time we weren't looking to pay $500/mo, but kept his card in case things changed.

Last week we visited the dealership looking at a few used vans they had, a Odessy and Sienna.  We drove the 50 mi because we were pleased with our first visit. We got Tony (because Abel was no longer working there) and he seemed very friendly. We tested the high milage Odessy but were unable to work it out with our trade-in and the criteria we told him (which was nothing down and $300-$350/mo).  (The Odessy had 100+ mi on it so the financing wouldn't work) However, they TOLD my wife they could make the used Sienna work; yet, when we got inside, they presented us with a $500+ car payment with money down.  We were quite baffled because we had made it clear, we were looking for trade-in, nothing down, and $300-$350/mo payment.  Why would they bring us in if they knew they couldn't fit that criteria?  Disappointment number 1.  Now let me state, I am fully aware that we aren't the best candidates, but, if you can't make it happen, be honest about that instead of making us wait two hours in the lobby with our 2 toddlers and newborn who have not had naps!

Then I mentioned our December trip.  I said, "For $500 you guys said a few months ago we could get a new Sienna.  Why would I pay the same monthly payment for a Sienna with 60K on it?"  I then relayed what we were TOLD in December and they said, "if we could do it then, we could do it now."  Well may I interject that we HATE our current van (though thankful we have a car) so we were going to stretch ourselves and eat the $500/mo payment if they could still make it happen.  Well needless to say, they came back (and this is where the young haughty finance guy comes in) and says, "we have no idea what Abel was talking about, and nobody today is going to be willing to give you that deal."  Well again, I know we are crappy candidates, but hey, if you CANT DO IT, DONT TELL US YOU CAN.  Either Abel was lying or they were lying.  In summary, my experience with Toyota SD is one of false promises.  

Sorry for the lengthy post.  Just beware, if you happen to be subprime like my wife and I are, don't waste four hours at the dealership, even if they promise a sweet deal.  They probably won't be able to make good on it.

Jack R. | 2013-03-30

It's been about a month and a half and since I bought my truck and I finally got the dealership to make good on their contract.  The general manager, Bernie Perri, contacted me directly and was willing to do whatever it took to make me happy with my purchase.  I wasn't thrilled about having to go back to the dealership, especially after my initial review, so we worked out a deal to have the work completed by a third party and Toyota San Diego would foot the bill.  Bernie was very responsive to all of my communication and promptly sent me a check after I had the work done.

Tom N. | 2013-03-30

Wasted of times. If i could give this place a 0, I would.  Was working with Renee in purchasing a 2013 sienna.  As we were negotiating and it was 8pm so I told her called me if she can give me the price that I asked for. Next day she called me back and said come in i got the price you want it. I keep asking her about the price and she keep saying i would not call you in if i cant get you the price you want it.  so we were there 2 hours and i repeatedly ask for about the numbers and she kept saying she got taken care of do not worry about it , she will tell me at the end. After all the paper work and credit check , she bring out the numbers that was not even close to what i asked for.  Wasted all those hours and did not get what i asked for even though i repeatedly asked her about the numbers. then she  have eddie come out and explain about the numbers.  i told them i dont care why would you told me at the first place that you willing to give me the numbers that i asked for, now they giving me a different one as promised and say they cant  offer what i asked for. so i droved home about one block away from my house and daniel called me and work with me a deal asked me to come back.  He said he will give me what i wanted. so i headed back and hoping they would not wasted my time. Few minutes later Renee called me to confirm the number so she can get the paper work and car washing started. As i was on mission gorge at the light about to make a turn Daniel called me back and said "sorry, i didnt know that was the last one so we can not give you the offer".  made me drove all the way from my house and almost there then he backed out on his words.  .dont call your customer if you cant keep your words. wasted my time and failed to keep your words twice in one day.. horrible services and not professional at all.

Joe F. | 2013-03-28

Pretty reasonable experience during the sales process.  I first contacted James King to get ball rolling on matching a quote.  James answered my emails quickly and when I got to the dealer, he had Daniel Cole lined up to take me through the buying process.  Daniel was personable and took the time to explain all the features and details of the car I was purchasing.  And while there was some back and forth to the manager during the negotiations, they were never heated and Daniel maintained a professional and patient demeanor the entire time.  From start to finsh, the whole process took about 4hrs+

Now, the post sales is where you find out how good a dealership is.  I had tint added to the sale and was called a few days later to schedule the install.  When I arrived, I let the service manager (Matt) know that I wanted all windows tinted, including a small strip in on the hatchback part.  Picked up the car that night, but didn't notice till I started driving home that the small strip was not done.  Had to call and reschedule.  Before that, I noticed that there was a small scratch on the rear that I didnt find on the walk around when I picked up the car.  Also, I noticed that the whip on the antenna unit was missing.  I called Daniel to let him know of these things and he said they would take care of it, and they did.

Only bump I had was when I brought the car in for the 2nd time, apparently the tint guy and the paint guy weren't there that day.  Not sure why they scheduled me to do tint and paint when those guys arent there.  But anyway the car stayed overnight and was finished the next day.  Thank you to Blake (hope I got that name right) in service who took care of me after I arrived.

So again, thanks to James, Daniel and Blake for a good experience.  If you check out my review of Toyota of El Cajon, I vowed never to buy a Toyota again, but I took a chance here and it worked out.

Samantha S. | 2013-03-24

NOLAN is the guy to work with if buying a new/used car.

g w. | 2013-03-21

We purchased two new cars over a 5 mo. period from Clinton/Daniel.  They were upfront/as agreed to/best prices we found.   I appreciate the straightforwardness and this is the only way I work.  When we are ready for another-will head back in to discuss with them.

Amy S. | 2013-03-09

This is for the service department.

I've been in several times for oil changes here and each time the service guys are really helpful and nice as well as the girls who man the phone lines.

I went in today dreading having to sit for hours on a walk in as I had heard that they were booked out when I called yesterday to try to make a weekend appointment. When I pulled up I was shocked to see I was one of three cars in the service line and it only took 25 minutes for my oil change that forecasted only to be 45 minutes tops.

I really like the lounge area, plenty of room to bring something to keep you occupied with comfortable couches and plenty of personal space away from other patrons.

Eleu Y. | 2013-03-04

I love this dealership! They just go above and beyond to meet my everyday needs. The new Corolla S is such a great car! I'm glad that my wife and I got a chance to get our first Brand New Car here. Would recommend anyone to come here!!

Stephanie T. | 2013-03-01

My P.O.S. car that had been giving me nothing but problems finally died so I went to to see what I could get for it. This Toyota dealership was one of many that popped up and I wish I had gone to it first! The link had me call the finance department and I spoke to Daniel Cole, one of the nicest, most sincere sales person I've dealt with (and if he was acting, which I highly doubt, give this man an Oscar and a bonus.) He was very straight forward and I never got a intimidating, pushy, hovering vibe from him like I've experienced with other salesmen. He had three cars already picked out for me to look at and I ended up getting the almost brand new Toyota Corolla (my first almost brand new car ever!)  He worked with me, helped me out  in very possible way and was absolutely professional and completely easy going. And, ladies, he's pretttttttty easy on the eyes :)

Anna was one the fastest and most efficient people ever. She had everything printed, highlighted and ready for signature in no time. She was just like Daniel: friendly, professional and approachable.

For my first time ever buying from a dealership, this was a great experience and I recommend if you're looking for a great quality car, go to this Toyota and definitely speak with Daniel. Thanks!

T T. | 2013-02-22

We went to 4 different Toyota dealerships before stopping by Toyota San Diego, about a month ago & ended up driving home with our new car there. The dealership itself has a very open & spacious layout - clean & modern looking. To top it off, we had one of the best car buying experience there, if not the best. Daniel Cole helped us out with our process, and he was very laid back, honest & straight forward - none of that running around and "let me check with my manger" bs that I've come accustomed to. I would whole heartedly recommend Daniel to anyone that's looking to buy/lease a Toyota.

Britny M. | 2013-02-22

I had a great experience leasing a new 2013 Toyota Corolla LE with Toyota San Diego. It was a quick and easy process that left me very impressed. I worked with James King and Ross Hunt. Both were very friendly and professional for ensuring that all of my needs were met and my questions were answered. I called in looking for a specific color, but they did not have it in stock. James worked quickly to find the color I wanted and have it delivered to the dealership as soon as I was out of finance. Ross did an excellent job running the numbers and giving me a great deal. For finance I worked with Anna Caruso, who was amazing at getting me in and out quickly and efficiently. I enjoyed working with James, Ross, and Anna for getting me a dream car at an affordable lease! They all gave me their contact information should I ever have any questions or issues with my new car but I don't think I'll have any problem! Especially with free maintenance for two years! The showroom itself was impressive with a cafe, a waiting room with comfy chairs and tv, and even though I did not need a rental car I was impressed that they had a Hertz rental station right there in their showroom! Overall, it was a very enjoyable experience! I highly recommend heading over to Toyota San Diego for a new car!

Christian C. | 2013-02-21

We walked in to Toyota with an appointment with Daniel Cole to get a Tundra. he took our "current" situation and made it better!!Daniel was very proffesional, answered all our questions and was always concerned about our needs and concerns. I would reccomend him any day of the week!!! Really good attitude and really good customer service! No scams or anything crazy he was very truthful and lput all our options on the table. Thank you Daniel for all your help!!!

Steven S. | 2013-02-21

This review is for the Collision Center. Just had my 2012 Prius bumper repaired (ran over a very tall wheel stop!) and can't say enough good things about the customer service I received from Scott A. and the overall quality of the work. Very clean shop, great paint job and a staff that genuinely wants to help you. I will certainly be recommending Scott and Toyota San Diego to all my Toyota owning friends. Good job!

Lisa M. | 2013-02-20

This review is for SERVICE. Recommend it highly! Customer service is great. Javier always takes good care of me. I am a working mom with a toddler--he makes sure I am in and out as soon as possible--which is VERY important! I never feel like he is selling me a service I don't need and he let's me know when my car legitimately needs something. They aren't the least expensive, but they are certainly the best. I can trust the parts they use and they take good care of their service customers!

Eric F. | 2013-02-18

I'm super late in writing this review, but better late than never. I bought my 2011 Rav4 in May of 2011.

From this expierience I learned that other Toyota dealerships will hide their inventory from being searched by listing vehicles as "sale pending", which causes the vehicle to be omitted from the results. I wanted a very specific configuration: The bares bones with no add-ons whatsoever, but with the V6 engine. I found one in Escondido but they didn't want to take me up on my price or even try to go near it. They knew they had the only one available at least until Parump Nevada (Or so the search results in their computer showed) so they wanted to hold out for more money. Other dealerships told me that the configuration only existed in theory but was never made that way. I found Truman at Toyota of San Diego who was happy to work with my at the price point I offered. (I had done my research and felt it was the absolute lowest price I could ask for).

I ran into a snag when I tried to get them to swap the car out with Esondido, as Escondido had caught on to my plan. Escondido called me in somewhat of a panic mode and tried to work with me once they saw that I was willing to shop around. They offered to beat the price by 100 bucks. This was a complete 180 from before when they said my price would loose them money. Problem was, I didn't appreciate the way I had been treated (Like a greedy cheapskate) so there was no way I wanted to give them my business. Truman told me that he'd hate to loose my business but suggested I take their deal because they had the car and he didn't. I could tell he was bummed but he wasn't going to stand in the way of me getting the car I wanted, especially at that price. To make a point, I told Esondido, if they wanted to let Truman swap the car, he had a deal with me, but if they wanted to play games and keep the car, then good luck selling it. About 30 minutes later, I got a call from a happy Truman letting me know they relinquished the car to him. (Win!)

If I buy another new car, I will seek out Truman first. He had a relaxed way of doing business and he wasn't overly emotionally invested in the commission he might make. I think most customers can sense where the salesperson's priorities are.

Helpful tip: To get a better idea of what inventory is out there, go directly to that local dealer's web site (the ones you're willing to drive to) and conduct a search. It will take more time to search each dealer individually but the omitted results will show that way. Some configurations are more rare or more popular, so they're harder to find. Don't settle for something that doesn't exactly match what you're looking for. It could cost you thousands and it chisles away from the joyful experience of buying a new car.

Nun U. | 2013-02-18

So I got an email the same day of the post from one of the managers who asked me to contact him to help resolve the matter.  I was thinking maybe they will try and win my business.  I sent him an email within 2hrs and he has not responded.  After reading some of Toyota SD's responses it is clearly a cut and paste to show the rest of the yelpers an effort.  I repeat...STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE.  As for Toyota SD.  Do NOT try and contact me again.  You're on the avoid at all costs list forever......

Traci R. | 2013-02-15

If you're looking to buy a car go see LaQuan at this dealership.  He's not your average car salesman and he made buying a car as painless as it can get.  He helped get me a great deal on the exact car I wanted in the color I wanted it.  I couldn't be more pleased with my car and with the deal he helped me out with. Something worth mentioning, however, is that there was a miscommunication between me and the finance department which did mess up my paperwork and result in an increased price that I was not pleased with.  But I would definitely recommend LaQuan because he is looking to get you into the car of your dreams and not take you for your money!

Gee P. | 2013-02-11

Sure, I may have driven miles away to buy my Toyota, but it was well worth it.

Everyone knows about the quality of Toyota, but when it comes to the dealership experience, that varies. I found San Diego Toyota to be one of the most favorable car buying experiences I've had. After going to a couple of dealerships in the LA area and getting the dealership pass-around, I decided to take a shot in San Diego because they had the car I was looking for. They showed me the exact car and model (I consider myself an educated consumer) without trying to get me into a car I didn't want. They were also quick to share the benefits of the product and suggest upgrades and options without being pushy. In the end, I left with a new car, a smile on my face, and relief that there are still a handful of dealerships that value customer service and integrity in their interaction with customers.

Now if only they can open up a local spot near me for service, I'd be a happy man. I just might be tempted to continue my service there and make a Phil's BBQ pitstop...we'll see.

Joe L. | 2013-02-11

Called to discuss the possible repair of the radio in my Toyota car.  At first they said they would call me back, 6 hours later, I had not heard from them.  Called back, and was jerked around by some service manager, who was rude.  

Ended up calling Toyota of El Cajon a few minutes later, and they were more than happy to help me.

Diego S. | 2013-02-05

I went in to have my front speakers checked. They have been an issue since I purchased the vehicle as a Certified Pre-Owned and added an additional extended warranty on top of that, so naively I figured that the crackled blown speakers would just be replaced. I bring the car in, wait 3 hours, and I'm told "Nothing is wrong, come hear them for yourself". I get in, crank up the radio and everything is fine. On my way home, the audio is off and I find that the fade has been directed to put nearly nearly all the sound on the rear speakers. So they bold face lied to me. Instead of fixing the problem, almost assuredly because the time it takes to fix vs. the actual labor repair rate Toyota would authorize. Regardless of whatever pathetic excuse, fading all the sound to the back and telling me everything is fine is tantamount to lying. I don't do business with liars...ever, and neither should you.

Alice B. | 2013-01-30

I was visiting a friend in the area, and I needed to take my car in for some service. I truly cannot say enough good things about the great service I received! I scheduled an appointment, and I was helped as soon as I walked in. I spoke about all of my concerns to the very nice guy who was helping me.  He walked out to the car with me where I could show him the light that was on, and the things I wanted him to check. He answered all my questions , and I could really tell that he cared.  I left my car there, and it was ready at the end of the day!

Being clueless about cars, and not having anybody else to help, I was really glad I could count on you guys! :) Overall, great experience! I would definitely come back again if needed, and would recommend to everybody.

Thank you so much!

Mateo L. | 2013-01-30

I just moved to the area a few months ago and brought my corolla in for service. The staff was very helpful and didn't push me to buy things I dont feel like I need, which seems to happen at other dealerships. My brother was looking for a new car and I convinced him to get a toyota from here as well due to the damn gas prices. He said he was well taken care of, wasn't pushed too hard and for a car buying experience it was a really good time.

Eric N. | 2013-01-29

This review is for the Sales Department.

I was in the market to buy a new 2012 Prius C.  I went to the dealership's car lot and I was approached by sales agent Renee Stavros.  She showed me the models that I was interested in (models 1 and 2) and was very helpful in answering questions about the vehicle(s).  Although I was not ready to buy then, Renee gave me her business card and encouraged me to call her to arrange a test drive.

A week after, I came back to the dealership to test drive a model 2 Prius C with Renee.  After, haggling for the purchase price, Renee went about arranging the paperwork to be forwarded to the finance department.  I did not want to be stuck in a car dealership for hours buying a car, and Renee reassured me that the paperwork and the vehicle were being prepped in the least amount of time.  Renee did a great job going through the details of the vehicle and the maintainance plan and I drove out of the dealership in my new car in a little over an hour.

The sale of my car did not go without a hitch:  (1) They did not give me the second remote access key to my car and (2) In the application for my new vehicle title/registration, they printed the title owner as Toyota as opposed to myself.  Renee looked for my missing second remote access key and was able to give it to me the day after I bought my car.  Renee followed up on the title mixup and I just got the vehicle title from the DMV, with myself as the owner.

Renee gave excellent customer service!  The only reason why I did not give five stars was because of the stressful haggling for the sale price with her sales manager.

Chris R. | 2013-01-29

We were in the market for a new "used" car, so we stopped by Toyota San Diego last week on a whim.  We were very specific in what we wanted: an older model Prius with relatively low mileage.  We were approached by Laquann Brown, one of the salespersons.  Laquann was great: he wasn't pushy like some salespeople, and was honest.  He was new to the business but acted with the utmost professionalism.  We picked out a car to test drive and decided to buy it.  

We filled out the application and at this point, a salesman named Tony stepped in to take over while Laquann helped another customer.  Tony was also professional.  They came at us with a high interest rate at first, but we were very specific about what we wanted to pay, and they said they would do everything they could to make us happy.  Tony stepped out to talk to the sales manager and came back with him with the news that indeed, we could take home our Prius at our price.  They even through in the cost of the plates for the next year, although they don't expire until April.  
We had about as pleasant as an experience as you can have when buying a car.  We are totally satisfied and will recommend Toyota San Diego to our friends and family.

Thomas F. | 2013-01-29

I got into a car accident. I called the insurance company, and they sent a tow truck to take me to their repair place. The tow truck driver convinced me it was better to take it to an actual Toyota shop for the repairs. It turned out the driver just wanted to flirt with one of the girls he knew was working that day...

The body shop should have totaled the car. I was surprised they didn't. They gave the adjuster their estimate, and he signed off on it without investing much time looking at the car...lazy...

So the work started. It was suppose to take 2 weeks.

End of week 2. I was told only a few more days were needed.

End of week 3.  I was told only a few more days were needed.

End of week 4.  I was told only a few more days were needed. I told them I didn't have unlimited rental car coverage, and they really needed to finish the car. Lucky for me the insurance company allowed me to extend the days of the rental.

End of week 5. I was told there were more repairs needed and the insurance company would need to approve it. So the car *should* have been totaled, but since the insurance already started the repair they decided to finish it.

End of week 6. I was told they needed supplemental insurance money approved. The insurance company said they didn't receive the paperwork. At this point I asked the insurance company for help, and they started calling the place.

End of week 7. The car was done. One of the front blinker assemblies was filled with water like an aquarium. They told me it wasn't in the accident. I told them it was either broken in the accident (the front of the car was smashed), or they broke it (either way I wanted them to fix it).

End of week 8. They said they needed approval from the insurance.

End of week 9. The insurance approved it. They needed to order the part.

End of week 10. Still waiting for part.

End of week 11. Still waiting for part.

End of week 12. Still waiting for part.

End of week 13. Still waiting for part.

End of week 14. Still waiting for part.

End of week 15. Still waiting for part.

End of week 16. Still waiting for part.

I naively thought if I was persistent they would order the part. Keep in mind since the repair wasn't complete the insurance couldn't close out the claim.

End of week 17. Still waiting for part. Apologies, and they told me not to give up on them....

End of week 18. Still waiting for part. Apologies, and they told me not to give up on them....

End of week 19. Still waiting for part. Apologies, and they told me not to give up on them....

End of week 20. Still waiting for part. Apologies, and they told me not to give up on them....

I gave up.

The radiator leaks, and I have other problems too. I'm very unhappy with their work.

Benjamin G. | 2013-01-27

If I could have given NO stars I would of. On the first time they called me about my trade in I was told that due to their high quantity and quality wherever I find my deal I should give them a chance. After emailing  several dealerships for about a week or two I find my deal send it to a Mr. Gary Thuma (the internet manager) who was a complete ASS in the email to me. Even before all this happened he was trying to give me a 2012 when i specifically asked for a 2013. Even worse he was trying to charge more than any other dealership! I would never buy sell trade anything! here if it was the last Toyota dealership in Southern California.

Roger C. | 2013-01-25

We already take our highlander here and just picked up a brand new scion. There was a minor paint chip on the rocker panel and the body shop manager decided not to involve Toyota warranty services and take on the repair in good faith. Gar also installed a rear bumper appliqué for free too. His attention and customer service skill set is on par with the folks over at Apple. They get a solid 5 stars from me and have won my patronage. Keep up the good work and ill see you guys next Monday or the monday after that for an oil change!

Andre A. | 2013-01-24

Toyota of San Diego has the worst customer service of any dealership I've been to. I purchased a Tundra for over 50k, which included the purchase of an Advent navigation system. I was promised that this system was the most up to date and this is what I got: .  It freezes, has huge lag time and constantly comes up with error messages. Trying to get this navigation fixed has been a challenge to say the least. It was like a tennis match between Quintex and Toyota, no one wanted to take responsibility. It took months before the problem was resolved. I was given a new system, which now finally works but has a few things that are not to my liking such as the placement of the iPod cord the DVD player not working ect. They've made promises to erect this issue but they don't call when they say they will and they ignore me when I try to reach them. I've dealt with general managers, customer service and I've called the corporate office. All these people seem to be professionals at is pointing the finger at each other and not accepting responsibility. This has been such a frustrating experience!they promised me a call which I still haven't received a week later "STAY AWAY WORST EXPERIENCE EVER"

DJ G. | 2013-01-21

Ross is the guy to see. No pressure and tells you straight up whats what. Got a 2010 Camry and I love it

Erick U. | 2013-01-12

Classic Bait and Switch. I called about a $10k Prius advertised on their own website and on Autotrader. I had come from over 120 miles away with my small children so I wanted to make sure car was in stock. I called and spoke with salesman (he will remain unnamed) and made sure the car was in stock. I was ready to buy, cash in hand. Literally 15 minutes later, I arrived and salesman said the car was no longer available but instead offered me a car for 5k more. He then proceeded to show me a car with 70 thousand more miles. I asked to speak with a manager, he said he was a manager. I asked to speak with someone above him... he ran off. I managed to find my own sales manager and I was explaining myself the when the salesperson returned with a person who did not introduce himself and told me the car had just sold within the last 5 minutes. Hard to believe. No empathy from them at all. If the car really was sold in 5 minutes it needed to be communicated better (he had my number), maybe even by a manger so as not to give the feeling of "bait and switch" which is not only unethical, but illegal in certain situations.

I don't live in San Diego, no where near it, but I hope this helps people when they consider making a purchase here.

***Update: After doing more research they seem to do this a lot. Google them and read the other reviews.

J B. | 2013-01-10

On Saturday, 1-5-13, I sent an internet inquiry re a 13 Highlander, FWD.  Tom Modica returned my inquiry and seemed pleasant enough.  I told him the car I was interested in, my offer and he promptly came up with an acceptable cost (invoice munius dealer holdback.) He emailed the invoice so I could verify the pricing, and it was right on.  Later in the evening, Sam Cruz, sales manager called me to confirm the appointment for the next morning at 9:30 am.  Seemed to be a pretty smooth deal, so far.  WRONG!  The next morning, at 9 am, I was driving up to the dealer and received a call from Mr. Modica.  He informed me that (Surprise) the car had been sold and the buyer was coming in to pick up the car.  I asked Mr. Modica how this could happen, and he told me when he went to pull the keys to 'my car' they were missing and further inquiry by him resulted in being told the car had been sold.  He did tell me if I wanted to look at something else, he would be glad to help me.  I replied that this was sounding like a bait and switch tactic and his attitude turned from pleasant to snarky.  I told him this whole episode left a bad taste in my mouth and I didn't think I could do business with him.  Mr. Modica said he felt the same about me.  End of story.

Tyler B. | 2012-12-12

I responded to the "Owner" comment via private message and never received a reply. Clearly the "Owner" comment was an attempt to offset my poor review of their service. I will never return to this place.

Brigette Z. | 2012-12-07

The navigation/backing cam installation went great with Hector's assistance. He even spent time walking us through a few of the features when we arrived for pick up. We were very happy with Hector's service and everyone that we encountered in the Parts and Service departments was very helpful. We will be back for routine maintenance, etc. Thanks again, Toyota San Diego!

the ineffable s. | 2012-12-04

People here have some funny ideas about sales. After insulting my degree, a Sales Manager whom I believe is named Sean, then proceeded to give me a world tour of how car sales works, including bashing my model of interest because it is "entry level." He refused to give me an actual quote because he wanted to talk in terms of payments. When I insisted, he said the sticker is on the car. We're talking about 2012's in December. Uhhuh.

As a repeat Toyota customer with a good deal of knowledge of how things work in the industry, I want to give a big thumbs down to this guy for ruining what could have been a very easy sale. Even though I was stuck forever in traffic on my test drive, the Salesman I worked with was easy going enough to make it a pleasant ride, and I would have been happy to give him my money. Guess I'll have to drive a whole extra mile down the road before I run into another dealer with a better attitude.

Riley R. | 2012-11-12

Extremely rude employee's, never once felt welcome.  I wanted to sell back my 2009 Toyota Camry, and was just interested in getting a quote on the value of my car, when I first walked in the young blonde receptionist quickly looked up and gave me a glare that looked like she was annoyed by me even coming in, then she quickly went back to her phone and didn't even acknowledge me until I started asking my question.  Without ever looking up at me she got on the phone with a sales person that was less than 10 feet away and asked bluntly if he could come help this customer.  After waiting five minutes for the salesperson to finish his personal conversation with his employee he finally approached me with a an annoyed tone.  I tried asking him if he would do an estimate on my car and he gave me a few excuses about their service department being closed, and needing to have all my carfax with me until they would even begin speaking to me.  I love every Toyota dealership I have been to thus far except this one, the employees seem more interested in their personal life then their sales.  Oh well, onto another dealership.

James E. | 2012-11-11

This review is about the service department only.  And I wish that I could give them zero stars.

I bought my truck at this dealership and have been very happy with both the vehicle and the deal that I got on it.  I used to always bring it back for service, but now I will not even drive past the place.

It started with small things on which I gave them the benefit of the doubt...I paid for a tire rotation that was not performed (I know because one of them had a slow leak).  I paid for the rotors to be machined while the brakes were being serviced, and that was not done (to which they replied the next time I had the brakes done, without offering any discount, "I promise to you that they'll get done this time...").  And another time, after I had them balance the tires, they were obviously not balanced and after three trips back and rude behaviour from the service manager, one of the mechanics noticed that the tread was separating (something that should have been caught on one of their "safety inspections" that they're always doing to drum up business).  And that's not even mentioning the time that my credit card was expired and I had to walk home and back to get my checkbook because their "Shuttle wasn't running."  I should have stopped going there after all of this laziness...but I didn't.  The worst was yet to come.

Not even two years ago I had a leaking radiator replaced.  It was a little over a $500 job, but they came at me with a bill for three times that with a bunch of stuff I didn't ask them to check.  I only authorized the radiator replacement, and got the heck out of there, and have never been back.  I wish that was the end of the trouble.

Unbeknownst to me, instead of installing a genuine Toyota radiator, they put in a disposable after-market one.  Now, less than two years later, it's leaking again.  Warranty is only a year with limited mileage (yet the original radiator lasted for ten).  I now have to pay the $500 again (obviously from a different Toyota dealership and for a genuine Toyota radiator - I'll never trust a vehicle to Toyota San Diego again) because of their corner cutting.

Learn from my mistakes.  I gave them the benefit of the doubt, don't be as foolish as I was.  Save yourself the money and headache.  Go somewhere else.

Martin M. | 2012-10-28

Like most consumers, I'm shocked at the high price of gas and the days of 99 cents a gallon are over!  I'm pretty sure my next car will be a hybrid and so I've begun the process of doing research and test driving some vehicles.  

I thought it a good idea to start with the Prius family, and so I went to my local Toyota dealer here in San Diego, and; along with my Boo (thank-you honey) we skated past the sales people hovering like vultures and found the leasing manager with whom we spoke.  His name is Weston Bird and he couldn't have been nicer.  Weston is very knowledgeable about the vehicles and gave me good information.  He did NOT pressure me in any way to purchase or lease a vehicle that day.  Instead with great patience and understanding I test drove a Prius hatch-back, and the new Prius-C and both are great cars.  Weston explained the instrument panel for several minutes before we even left the parking lot, as I like to know what I'm dealing with; right Boo?  Even though I'm not ready to buy or lease for 4-6 months, that was no problem and Weston spent a lot of time with us explaining the lease options and warranty package along with a little tech talk and history of the Prius vehicles.  All in all it was a very positive experience and I want to personally thank Weston for his patience, knowledge and understanding.  

P.S.  I liked the Pruis-C the best!

Erich L. | 2012-10-20

I decided to buy a car after a few months of not having a car. I had used Toyota of San Diego's service dept and always had an excellent experience. I met Mason and began a rigorous day of negotiations. We hammered out a deal that was best for me and my wallet. James, the finance guy was very direct and honest. I would recommend these guys to any of my friends.

Sheila P. | 2012-10-14

If I could give 0 stars I would.

I corresponded for over a week with Bob about a 2011 certified Prius with 8194 miles.  If you see an ad for this car BEWARE!  

I drove 90 min. to see the car after being assured that it was in stock.  I was also told that there was a buyer for my car and they could "right (sic) me a check" for it in 15 - 20 min.

Not only did they not offer to buy the car (lowball trade-in offered, $1000 below KBB trade-in value for condition - I checked and had condition verified) but the advertised car was "in the shop".  Isn't this kind of false advertising illegal?   I should have walked away the minute he led me to a more expensive car with higher mileage.  We then went on to look at new cars...

I was really clear about what I wanted and would have appreciated them saying "we can't do this" instead of the high pressure bait and switch.  I will NEVER go to this dealership again.

Eun Jae G. | 2012-09-28

So, i felt extremely bad for lying to yelpers as i don't like it when i thought i found a nice place and it turns to be a nightmare. This review is STRICTLY for PURCHASE..

so like i said before i don't have any credit.. they managed to get me pre-approved with 6% apr. 2 weeks later, i got a phone call from steve saying we had to talk.
when i came over he said the bank needed more down payment. no extra time, not even 1 day, it had to be "RIGHT NOW" which is i thought was weird and suspicious..

and then they asked me for the key.. i wonder what it was for.. they asked me to wait longer than expected that i had to miss an important appointment..
they went away with my key for quite a long time..
came back and told me they "helped" me so i could keep the car.. (coz steve said if i didnt have extra money they would take the car back)
so due to my lack of cash, they increased my apr to 25%.
my hope was gone.

well.. i still kept the car despite the apr because i needed a car and didn't mind paying that much..
but the 1 thing that makes me write this review is..
it was VERY DISHONEST.. when they took my key and took the old contract out of my car before they asked me to sign a new 1.
if they would have asked to change and return the contract back, i would have been done it voluntarily.. no questions asked.. but if they went into the car (i thought it was supposed to be mine already?) and take the contract without my knowledge, that was a bad practice in business and lost my respect.

sorry toyota. i thought i've found the right dealership..
this is the last time i deal with any dealership for any loans..
i will definitely pay cash next time.

Dave H. | 2012-09-19

I have purchased several cars from this dealership and referred many friends and family there over the years.  Once again, last week I purchased a vehicle from the Internet dept.  James King (sales manager)made sure the transaction went smoothly followed by Jeff Stein( general sales manager) asking how everything was.  When was the last time a managers manager at a dealership just said "hi, how was everything?" to you? Everyone these days wants their car finished yesterday and their transaction finished now.. News flash, you don't have the only car in San Diego and you are not buying a hamburger..Be patient, these guys are on top of their game and this is a place you could send mom to.  Thanks TSD!!!

Brent O. | 2012-09-12

This past weekend after being referred by a friend, I went to see Eddie Cruz to purchase my new Prius. In the days leading up to my appointment, the communication from Eddie was impeccable. I arrived Saturday morning at 845am for a 9am appt and was greeted by another salesperson asking if I needed assistance. I said I was waiting for Eddie but was early. He went in and told him I was there. Eddie immediately came out and that is where we started. He sent me to the cafe for some breakfast and coffee while he prepared which cars to show me. Over the next 4 hours (my fault not his) we went over 3 different cars and all the details of each. He was very patient and not pushing me in any direction. I finally chose the one I wanted and we did the paperwork and he set me up to meet James Brown the Finance Manager (yes that is correct, and all I wanted to do was ask him to break out with a verse of "I Feel Good" but restrained myself) While waiting for James to get my paperwork ready, I got a call I needed to take that ended up being about 45 min. When I finally met James I apologized. He wasn't irritated and just said " I am here for you, well until 5pm when I kick you out so I can go spend the evening with my family". He is a great guy that knows how to connect with people and in explaining the process of the purchase. He could however get some tips on how to properly feed the contract through the printer (inside dig). So to sum it up, I left with the perfect car for my needs and a wonderful experience. Eddie told me that the friend that referred me has also referred him 3 people in the last 2 months that have also purchased vehicles. I will do the same moving forward. The guy loves his job and commutes 90 miles each way to work everyday in a Prius of course. I was going to write a testimonial, but he asked that I use Yelp instead. This is the first review I have written, and am very happy to do so. Hopefully I have more experiences like this in the future to write about. So thank you for taking the time to read my novel, and please ask for Eddie if you decide to give San Diego Toyota a chance. I am happy to share my experience if you want to email me.  P.S. When I signed up for Yelp it pulled up a cheesy Facebook photo, so please overlook that. Ha

Brent O'Connell

Giovanni T. | 2012-09-05

I purchased my car here and I should have learned from the nightmare experience of high pressure sales and lies, not to do business with this dealership again.  However, when someone backed into my car door and put a medium sized dent in my door, I wanted to have my car fixed and this dealership happens to be very close to where I live so it is somewhat convenient.  I brought my car to this dealership on Monday and according to my insurance it should have taken three days to fix my car.  I was warned that it could take longer if more damage was found once the repairs started.  I was called on Wednesday by Francisco Hernandez, my "collision center advisor", and was informed that my car would not be ready until the following Tuesday and that there was additional damage that would cost almost $1500 more.  No problem.  My insurance covers car rental so I said fine.  I was then called on Monday and told my car would not be ready until Friday.  This would make it almost two weeks.  I received no additional calls so I got up early on Friday to pick up my car.  I decided to call at 7:00 am when the collision center opened just to verify that everything was ready.  Imagine my surprise when I was told that my car was not ready and that it would not be done until Tuesday.  I was so upset and told Scott, the person who answered, that this was ridiculous and that I wanted the dealership to provide me a rental car because I did not think my insurance should have to absorb that cost any further due to their lack of timely service.  Scott told me that he would have Francisco call me when he got in at 8:00 am and that if Francisco did not call me that he would have the manager call me.  No surprise that I never received a call from the Manager either.

This place is all about one excuse after another.  I would never suggest buying a car or having your car repaired from Toyota of San Diego.  I am happy that I was able to talk a few friends out of buying from them when they expressed interest in buying a Prius.  Stay as far away from this dealership as possible.

Jessica O. | 2012-09-01

We were greeted right away by a pleasant salesman.. "bs-ed" around for a few days and then bought. It's the same story wherever you buy a car, people... take my advice and bring your classy, confident, no ish taking friend or relative with you to do your dirty work if you feel like taking their first brother did--he took me and saved him some hard earned cash. They salespeople may be pleasant, but they are still out to make their money. As far as the facility goes--it is clean and there is a little cafe inside for the all-day/ all-nighters..that is the best part. My experience could have been better and it could have been worse.

Laura S. | 2012-08-23

Le weep. I cry. I am broken.

Why? Why do you do this to me? Your body shop is wonderful. Your repair shop sucks. Your service manager is a tool. I now have to take my car to Frank Toyota (why do I not just go there in the 1st place?) to figure what you f-ed up on my car.You say everything is fine after a month of trying to chase you down, puting up with the upsell when I just needed regular maintenance, and having to be f-ed over by the service manager not once, not twice, but three times a ToolBoy!

Let's do the math. Body shop +5
Service Dept -7
total ratings 2

You do them wrong. You bring shame to your company. You bring shame to your family. Let him think upon the Tree of Woe!

Minh N. | 2012-08-18

Horrible experience. I'm not buying another Toyota from this dealership. Today I helped my mom and aunt get a Toyota Prius III. Over the phone they told me they could do a few hundred under Invoice $25,500 (approx). I come into the dealership and spend 2hours there and they come back with a price of $27,300. Not only is it not under invoice, its almost $2000 ABOVE invoice. So I laughed and was about to leave, so they ran to get a different number. And now we're at $25,050 and they're telling me this is the best price in town. After two hours its better than $27k and its better than $25,500, so me, being a fool, I signed the dotted line. I go home, I check my email and another dealership offered $23,995 for a Prius III.

I called back to Toyota of San Diego and was told that the Sales Manager was busy today and tomorrow and I'd have to call back Monday. He's not going to call me, I'm going to have to wait 2 days and call him. When I told them that I would come in tomorrow and talk to him directly versus waiting till Monday. I immediately got a call back. I was told I should have done a better job negotiating and that different people pay different prices all day every day. I was also told nothing could be done about it.

Without mentioning any names I called another Toyota dealership after the fact, and the guy on the other end chuckled and said that this dealership wasn't doing me any big favors selling me the Prius III for $25050. The guy says he gives prices similar to that all day and just apologized that another Toyota Dealership would do that. So if you're in the market for one, try to get a better price than what I got. Its really not that hard, unless you go to this dealership. Don't listen to the "higher gas prices = higher prius prices" bit they do because it apparently isn't an issue for other Toyota dealerships. There are at least 2 or 3 other dealerships selling Prius cheaper.

If you do end up buying from here, please, please do your homework and come fully prepared. Don't come in thinking these guys are doing you any favors because they aren't.


Right below my review the Sales Manager responded fairly quickly and was very polite and sounded like he was willing to help. So I wrote back to him via Yelp! and I wrote to him at his Toyota email address...and I also called the dealership. You see where this is going? He never called back. Maybe it wasn't intentional. Maybe he's just a busy guy.

Here's another interesting thing that happened. When I was at the dealership every single employee involved in purchase of my mom's Prius brought up the topic of a SURVEY. They weren't even beating around the bush about it, they straight up asked me to give them a perfect score because a 4 out of 5 wasn't good enough. After the phone calls and the yelp reviews that Survey never came in the mail. Its been more than a month, no survey has been sent to me. Its fine. I'm a reasonable person, I would have given many aspects of my experience either a 4 or a 5. My only negative review would have been the run-around I got.

Lastly, as part of the negotiation, I was suppose to get an additional free tank of gas. I asked them to put it some where on paper so I had proof. They didn't. I'll keep everyone posted and let you guys know if they come through for me on that at least.

Isaac G. | 2012-08-15

From the moment I walked on the dealership Jeff was there to help me every step of the buying process. I went with a 2012 Scion tC and I was surprised at how knowledgable Jeff was when it came to the car. He answered all my questions, let me test drive and made my first buying experience a great one. I would also like to thank James as well for handling and explaining all the paperwork thoroughly. You guys are awesome and if it wasn't for you I wouldn't have left in my brand new car.

qqq q. | 2012-08-15

The two-star rating is really an average score for my overall experiencing with the service department over three days. If you don't want to read the details below, basically some people get negative stars for their alouf attitude. But come on, you work in customer service! The managers, Larry and John get five stars.

Day 1: Arrived at 9am for my appointment. Paper receipt says I got checked in at 9:13. Before I even had a chance to tell why I brought my van in, Javier Hernandez tried to sell me the 30K maintainance package. I declined and told him I needed to let him know the two reasons that prompted me to make the appointment. And then I needed to catch their shuttle to work since I heard the announcement for it.

JH: Don't worry, the shuttle driver will wait for you.
Me: Yes, but I don't want to hold it up since other people have to get going also.
JH: You are due for a 30K service.
Me: Yes, I heard that but I don't want to take care of that today. I got another 1,000 miles to go. I am here because I had to put air in my left front tire 3 times the last 10 days. And the warning light for door-opened has been on and off the past 4 days. The chime and cabin light coming on and off have been annoying. Two days ago, I wasn't able to lock the van with the remote because the sensor showed the doors were not closed.

I signed the paper work after it got prepared and caught the shuttle. I called JH when I got a breather at 2pm and had to leave a voice mail. I called again at 2:30pm and he answered the phone. I was told he did not have an answer for the vehicle yet. I got a call at 5pm that it is ready for pick up. I got there by 5:30 and asked for him. I was asked to wait. About 15 minutes later, no JH still. I asked again and was told maybe he left for the day. Go see Ron and he can help you.

Me: What was the problem with the sensor Ron?
Ron: Nothing.
Me: What do you mean?
Ron: Paper work says technician wasn't able to recreate the problem you described and there is no leak in your tire either.
Me: That cannot be. (I had to retell the problems to Ron)
Ron: I don't know what to tell you. If the problem does not show up when they test drive it, then there is nothing we can do.
Me: I am going to drive it around the block and it is going to come up since it has been that way for four days. I am going to bring it back to you when that happens.
Ron: Well, it's almost 6 o'clock. We won't be able to do anything since most people have left.
Me: Well, I called earlier and I did not get an answer from Javier.

I was not getting anywhere with Ron. But I want this taken care of before the warranty lapses. So I drove the van around the block. The sensor went off three times. I took it back and was told I will have to bring it back tomorrow. That is unacceptable. Did a technician really drive my vehicle? Ron reiterated that there is nothing he can do at that hour. I would need to speak with Javier the next day. So I asked for the manager. I started from the beginning again with my story. After opening and closing the doors and poking around for some time, Larry asked John to sit with me for a drive. Before I got out of the parking lot, the sensor went off. Remember, the technician wasn't able to recreate this when I reported that it had been occurring the last four days. John conferred with Larry and came back to me.

John: I am sorry but we will need you to leave it here with us. I will personally be involved with the process tomorrow.
Me: I don't have a choice. Let me call for a ride home and I will just have to find another way to get to work tomorrow (bus).

Day 2: No communication from service department. I called JH at 2:30pm.

JH: I have been trying to call you on your cell phone.
Me: Really? I got no missed calls.
JH: It said you are not accepting calls.
Me: I don't think so but forget about that. What is the situation with my van?
JH: It is the sensor. We have ordered the part. It will be here first thing tomorrow.
Me: When do you think I can pick up my van tomorrow?
JH: 10am. No, 12 noon.

By the way, I called my cell phone as soon as I hung up with JH and the call went through. My cell phone and I were in that office the whole day. Where do these people get these answers from?

Day 3: Got a call at 12:09pm that I can finally get my van back. I got there by 3:30 and was asked to wait for JH. After 10 minutes, Larry came by and checked me out since JH was either at lunch or in the back or whatever. To make up for my negative experience, I was not charged for the patching of the tire.

So what conclusions can I draw from my experiences with the people of this service department?
1. Some don't seem to care. Especially if you don't want to buy what they are pushing.
2. The technician who first inspected my van was either incompetent or lazy or both.
3. They don't have an answer before the techs leave and cannot do anything after the techs leave.
4. The managers do care about customer service!

Kevin C. | 2012-08-15

My girlfriend went in for a simple tune up and again the people at this place conned her out of over a thousand dollars in useless repairs......most of it being in labor fees. Do yourself a favor, if they tell you that you car needs new parts say thanks for the info and get the stuff yourself or find someone that can repair it for you at a lower cost. The manufacturer will rip you a new one and charge more than anyone else to fix minor things. $450 to change out spark plugs is absolutely ridiculous!

Debbie T. | 2012-08-12

I purchased a "CERTIFIED USED" vehicle at this dealership in 2009.  They presented a CARFAX report showing no accidents.  A few months ago, I took this vehicle to have it appraised.  The appraiser quoted me $5000 below blue book.  The appraiser told me that the car had been in an accident and this is why the value was $5K below blue book.  The Toyota Certified Vehicle website says that to be put on the lot as a certified vehicle, they do a 160-point inspection.  This inspection includes a "frame check".  They sold this vehicle as a certified vehicle, showed me a CARFAX report and emphasized "this car had not accidents', then refused to make me whole for the $5K that my vehicle lost in equity due to this accident.

The appraiser told me that only accidents reported to the DMV would be on the CARFAX reports.  While this may be true, I cannot believe that Toyota put this car on their lot as a "CERTIFIED USED" vehicle without knowing about the prior accident/repair since their inspection is supposed to include "inspection of the frame". Bottom line -- be very cautious if you purchase "CERTIFIED USED" vehicles from this location....  Now, I'm stuck with a vehicle that is worth $5,000 less than blue book due to an accident that was not disclosed.  

I have posted this 3 times, and 3 times it was somehow removed from this site.... I didn't know that businesses had the ability to go in and remove posts. But, in reviewing Yelp guidelines, I realize that I had a competitor's business name in my other postings (I have left that out, so hopefully, this post will not be removed from this site).

Zaira J. | 2012-08-09

I went looking for an used car to fit my already pre-approved loan from Navy Federal. James was the one who helped me, he was very friendly, and persuasive. Took me in to look at how much buying the used car would be and began gathering information from me. At first I felt a little pressured because they ran my credit once more (even though I explained I had a loan already) but said he would try to get me a better deal. He came back with two estimates, one for the used car I was interested in and another one for a brand new 2012 Toyota Corolla, with only a $3000 difference. I'm in the military so he offered me a small discount and 0% APR.  It's my first time buying a car and James made it a great experience. Ever since then James has been great and calling and making sure that everything is great with my car and making sure I'm happy with my purchase.

Will definitely be going back to him for my next purchase!

George C. | 2012-08-09

I went to them twice for service on an older Camry and was mislead. The first time, 2009, I was told I needed to replace the entire water pump plus labor, over $600. I bought new bolts for the hose flow pipe plus the new flow pipe, a piece of plastic that broke, for less than $40 and installed it in 15 minutes myself. I'm not a Toyota technician so it should taken me longer than them. Even so, that should have been less than $100.

Secondly, I went to them last week, 8/2012, because of a stalling problem. They estimated nearly $3000.00 in work including a valve job. I went to an outside shop and they replaced a sensor and fixed the problem for $350.00. Makes you wonder about the honesty of this dealer, doesn't it?

Try another dealer and let me know if they are truthful. I would like to know.

Tracy L. | 2012-07-24

Thank you, James, Clint, Robert, and Ying!

Yes, it took a whole team of people to get me to finally buy a car after 13 years of driving my last but I finally did it!

Exceptional pricing and no constant badgering. Very straightforward about everything and very flexible with the financing options.

I had a AAA dealer email and call me with pricing for the same type of vehicle I was considering and this dealership beat even the AAA deal. They didn't have the exact model of what I wanted in stock the day I finally decided to purchase so they got it for me within a couple hours!

THANK YOU!!! I'M SOOOOO THRILLED IN MY NEW RIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kate R. | 2012-07-24

Thank you so so so so much!!  I came to this place NEEDING a new car, and they hooked it up! Ross in the finance department helped me a ton with the financing aspect, I don't have good credit at all, and they were able to finance me, and told me to refinance in a year, when my credit gets better!

Thank you so much guys!

I love my Mazdaspeed 6

Alexandria C. | 2012-07-06

Being a loyal Toyota customer, I was happy when my friend recommended Toyota of San Diego to me as a great place to get a new car.

The dealership itself was beautiful; a neat, orderly lot, a buffet-style spread of sandwiches and pastas was available to shoppers, and there were a lot of friendly salesmen ready to answer any questions I might have had.

I was a first-time buyer and very nervous to hit the lot on my own. I'd heard a lot of horror stories about pushy salespeople and confusing contract talk that could have you paying thousands more than you meant to, so it was a stroke of luck when I bumped into Salina, the best salesperson I've ever come across.

She was honest with me, explained things that I didn't understand and helped me choose out the best vehicle for my budget and needs. I ended up driving out of the lot in my new Corolla that day! Being the person I am, I've kept an eye out on deals for Corollas, trying to see if maybe I could have gotten a better deal and I'm happy to say that to this day, I still haven't found a deal to beat mine.

I recommend this dealership to all of my friends and always let them know that they should book an appointment with Salina.

Thanks so much to Salina and the team at Toyota San Diego!

Jaime M. | 2012-07-06

i went with my girlfriend to get a new car. As soon as we showed up a sales man, Robert Montejano, walked right up to us to greet us. He was great help, helped us out with every thing. That same day she went home with a new car. This experience was great , she got exactly what she was looking for and at a good price. I would recommend this place to anyone looking for a new car .

Erica H. | 2012-07-06

The dealership itself was really well organized. The customer service was even better. This was my first time buying a car from a dealership & i didnt want to jump into buying one without knowing exactly was i getting myself into. Robert Montejano, one of the sales man there was GREAT help. He walked me through everything step by step & helped me pick out a car that was well within my budget. That same day i took a car home. Over all i had a great experience at this place. Would definitely recommend this Toyota.

Rachel K. | 2012-07-03

Took a Toyota I was considering purchasing to the service department today - never been there before. I didn't have an appointment. BIG MISTAKE. If you don't have an appointment there, you are person non-grata. I had to stand by my car for about 10 minutes before a service agent spoke to me (and several passed by me without a "hello.") Then I was told to wait in the service lobby for the free shuttle. After an hour of waiting and no shuttle, I inquired about the wait and they said it would be another 45 minutes! Good thing I had a coupon for a free water.

I have gone to the Honda dealership to service one of my cars (across the way from this Toyota location) and they know how to provide service...and they don't even require an appointment.

I'm not sure if I'm going to buy the Toyota I brought in for evaluation but I am sure that I will not be going back to this service center.

BTW, the service agent who finally did help me was nice and informative. So I'll give them that.

Lina K. | 2012-07-01

always came here to get my car serviced. last time i actually made an appointment and went (they used to have a no appt is OK policy), i waited near my car for 30 minutes after one guy told me my service rep would be out to help me. 20 min in i asked where the service rep was and another one told me he'd be out momentarily. 30 minutes later i asked for my car so i could leave. two days later their receptionist emails to me to tell me i missed my appointment but i reminded her and the manager that they actually missed my appointment. several other individuals were waiting behind me and it wasn't at all busy. not sure what happened to their customer service but i think taking my car to wal-mart is a better option.

Sara S. | 2012-06-28

I don't pass out 5 stars to dealerships for nothing. I have worked for several dealers as an Interent Sales Manager. I have never worked for Toyota of San Diego. In fact I called the Toyota store I have worked for and I can say they were pretty useless. One phone call to Eddie Cruz at Toyota of San Diego told me that yes they had a 4Runner I would want and yes they would sell it to me for what I was willing to pay. When I got there Eddie was busy (that's fine-successful people are busy on a weekend). I was helped by Gary. No one knows more about the new 4Runners than this guy. He is a bit of a show off. I can appreciate that. I got what I wanted for my trade. My finance person was quick and efficient. I got a great rate with Toyota Finance. I couldn't be happier. Thank you for the brain-damage-free process. You guys are class act.

D. R. | 2012-06-26

I've been dreading buying a new car and its because of dealerships like this one. Really, could you be any more of a sleazy car dealer stereotype Fabio?

I spent an hour being walked up and down this dealership in blazing heat to NEVER be shown the car I wanted to see. Then of course they try to get all my info and tell me about trade ins and leasing...but NEVER ONCE GIVE ME AN ACTUAL PRICE.

I was asked to call in late to work or come back on the weekend. What a joke!

What I don't understand is I was there to buy a car, so why don't you tell me how much it will cost me to buy a car? Isn't that counter intuitive?

Anyway, I feel like I need a shower after spending an hour at this dealership and would rather take them bus than go back there.

Rick A. | 2012-06-15

This is the only good Toyota dealership in San Diego, from my experience. I wanted a new Prius C in a certain trim, certain color, and certain features. First I went to Mossy Toyota and Kearny Mesa Toyota. They both didn't even try to get me the certain features I wanted, basically said that it doesn't exist even though I knew that it does, and tried to get me to sign the paperwork for one of the cars they had on the lot. I walked straight out and when I got to Toyota San Diego, at least they they took the time to look for the car I wanted and found it. They kept me informed during the 2 weeks I waited for it to arrive and were exactly right on their estimate on when it would arrive. They called me as soon as it came in and did a great job of telling me about my car and delivering it to me. The salseman James Clark was very helpful. I love the car and I'm definitely going to go back to this dealership for maintenance. Also, they installed an alarm for me a couple of days later because I didn't want to wait on the day I got the car. That went quick and smoothly as well.

Kristin K. | 2012-06-13

After having a horrible experience at Toyota of Poway I decided to pay a visit to Toyota of San Diego. I was surprised by how pleasant my experience was. Bob Nowicki helped me to find the Camry that was exactly what I wanted; he was knowledgeable and made the car buying experience easy, breezy! I definitely recommend Toyota of San Diego to anyone looking to buy a new car. I'm so happy with my new Camry, thanks Bob!

Arden A. | 2012-06-12

I came and visited these guys around the beginning of may and felt like I wasn't ready to splurge on a car payment just yet.  So, I promised Alex and Sean at that time that I would be back and just like that 3 weeks passed and I kept my word, I came back to them ready to sign up for a car payment on the Toyota College Graduate Program, for people who just graduated from a 4 yr or 2 yr accredited college.  I put down $1000 and was offered tier 1 APR of 2.9% It was a very good deal being I didn't want to pay too much on the down payment and can't stand paying interest on a depreciating asset!  Sean the sales manager brought this to my attention.  So anyways, I Just bought a used barcelona red prius from these guys on the 6/1/2012 and spent all of my Friday night there with these guys.  My sales rep is Alex Gastelum.  He was very personable and wasn't very pushy, a decent sales guy in my books, heck they all were good salesman, very friendly.  Next part is where I get to speak with the Finance Wizards.  I get to meet Ray, he throws everything in the book at me, GAP, Activating an Alarm that they will deactivate if you don't pay them the $500, extended warranties 125K miles 7 years, for $2500, Didn't you cats know I did my research on what the Prius warranty comes with in regards to the Hybrid system?  8 yrs 100K miles on the hybrid system, I just look at him and start the long redundant "no's".  Did I forget to mention "Sealants"?  Who falls for this mess?  I used to sell cars.  Okay so here is the funny thing, there is a clause on the long form contract stating that they have the right to rescind the contract if they can't sell your loan to a lender.  Dun dun DUNNNNN!!!!!!  So far its been a marathon and I have mad respect for car sales cause I know the hours and making a nut via car sales is  300-esque.  Now I get in the car Friday night and all is going well, I leave.  Saturday morning I get a call from Alex urging me to come in for a recall on the car.  Recall on the car on the weekend?  Uh, can't do it Alex.  Monday comes and Bernie to GM calls me with the same schtick and we almost get into a verbal altercation, I asked him if there was something wrong with my loan and he stated "no" its a steering column issue and has to be resolved.  I said I can't make it back in with the vehicle.  Why wasn't this taken care of when I was there for 5 hours on Friday?  I threaten him with, "I'm bringing the car back."  He doesn't care, his ego is hurt because I didn't want to be yo yo-ed (Google Car Dealer Yo Yo-ing)  I call Toyota to verify his lies and the actual Toyota Customer Service at the actual 1800 checked the VIN of the vehicle and ALL 3 recalls and there were only 3 recalls on this vehicle.  Hmmmmmm......... He calls back later and apologizes and we kiss and make up, well not really, I really had to go though.  A couple of days later Sean one of the sale managers calls me and says they want me to do a wierd Toyota business loan where my business will co sign for me and I said sure Sean, do what you gotta do, but I'm not moving up on interest and or payments.  He said thats fine because we might not be able to get you in on that program.  Whatever bro, I fit into those lending guidelines to a T.  Later on in the week Ray Ray calls me on Saturday the 9th at 12PM and starts the conversation off with how I was approved on the college graduate program and that he didn't need anymore paperwork from me but there was a recall that needed to be done to get the certified pre owned certification in place and a new key fob, they one they gave me was beat up bad.  I asked him what the recall was and he didn't know, c'mon Ray, consumers aren't all idiots.  Today I came home and found two letters from Toyota of San Diego and one was certified with return receipt letter was dated on 6/8/2012, basically the letter states that they are rescinding my contract because no lender was willing to pick up my loan.  And for me to immediately return the vehicle back and they will give me back my full deposit.  I quickly checked my credit report and only one lender had checked my credit and that was:
SAN DIEGO,  CA,  92108
on the 5th of June and no one else........ So much for trying to get me on with a another bank if that really was the case right Finance guys? Towards the end of the letter it stated that they wanted me to call them to arrange for alternative financing options.  Yeah right.  ***Update, Tighe called and emailed me stating everything was fine with my financing and to disregard the letter sent on the 8th, so I guess all this ranting and raving was for nothing...........

Jennifer C. | 2012-05-29

This review is long overdue!  My review is solely on the service center and body shop. I've been to both departments over 5 times in the last couple of years and have always had a great experience.

They have a shuttle service, a nice waiting area with free wifi and a Hertz on location in case you need to rent a car.

But the main reason I come back is because John Levy in the service center makes the unpleasant experience of having a car problem much more bearable. He will go out of his way to make sure the repairs make sense, and will do his best to meet the needs of my schedule.  I keep coming back because I know he'll help me make the best decision for my car, and try his best to get me in and out quickly.

Abraham S. | 2012-05-16

Terrible service  the parts are always wrong the first time i order them and they just dont get it

Bill V. | 2012-04-30


Allow me to share my experience with Toyota of San Diego and their internet team. I submitted an Auto Trader appraisal on the internet for a 2007 Chevrolet Corvette. Within minutes I had emails from Bob Stall Chevrolet, Jimmy Johnson Chevrolet, Toyota of San Diego and North County Buick, Cadillac, GMC. I responded to one dealer, Toyota of San Diego.  I setup an appointment with Truman and arranged to meet at the dealership in the afternoon on my way home. Truman began working on answering my questions on Prius Models and assured me that they had the one that I wanted on the lot. That was the last thing that went right in my dealings to Toyota of San Diego.

I arrived at my appointment at the prescribed time and was passed from Truman to someone else, who I did not know and who I had no previous business relationship with. Now I needed to go through all of my wants needs, and plans all over again with someone who was completely clueless as to what Truman and I had been working all afternoon on. I test drove a Prius 4 from their lot. The one I wanted unfortunately was not on your lot as I had been led to believe. In fact the one I wanted was somewhere else and would have 200 miles on it before it got to their lot.  A discount for this? Nope. Used? Nope. So, I settled for an alternate color and vehicle, which again needed to be delivered. Now the sales team really went to work. "Does your car have to be part of the deal?' "That's a high performance sports car. We're not sure we can sell it." "That's a Chevy. We're Toyota. People don't go to Toyota to buy a Chevy and certainly not a sports car." It's part of the game I get it. No problem. They did their appraisal and came back with a low ball offer of $18K. I reminded them I had an Auto Trader offer for $22K and there was no way I was taking $18K for a car you can easily sell for $25K on the low end. The Auto Trader appraisal was a fair bid at $22K and one that both of us could have lived with. The sales staff opted not to use my trade in. They opted not to accept their obligation as a member of the Auto Trader network and they told me to take my trade in and go to Jimmy Johnson Chevrolet and then maybe come back and buy a Prius. Are you kidding me? Seriously!?  You want me to do all the trade in work and then come back?

I went to Jimmy Johnson as their sales staff suggested and I got a fair offer for my 2007 Corvette and I left there with a 2012 Equinox.

There are now 3 dealerships in the San Diego area that I will never recommend or do business with. Carl Burger Dodge, who refused to honor their transmission warranty and cost me $3K. Tipton Honda who altered a vehicle contract and added an additional item that was not authorized to the contract before it was signed. And now Toyota San Diego, who decided not to honor their Auto Trader appraisal and would rather play silly games and waste my time instead of dealing openly and honestly.


Ron T. | 2012-04-24

I contacted Toyota about this and they wrote "documented " what happened. Then Seoul called me kinda pissed and wanted me to go there. He said my credit score just went up from 611 to 655 (in 4 days mind you) so they can now lower the APR to 9.4%. I told him it's still high and i just don't want the car anymore. He said if I leave he's gonna send the contract with 13.19% APR since I'll my loan is already approved and I'll still end up with a $43,000 loan. He basically threatened me. Then he told he it's just buyers remorse and i'll able to get over it in 2 months.Wow

Ruben A. | 2012-03-28

Their Internet sales staff was great. Bought 2 cars from them, no problems. Came in for service. Epic failure. Mad n appointment, arrived 5 minutes early. Was left standing around for 30 minutes. Asked for the manager, wasn't even given eye contact, barely given a response. Horrible service. Never coming back. Those two stars are for the sales department. Otherwise negative stars.

Cassandra B. | 2012-03-26

It has taken me a long time to actually sit down and write this review due to the unshakable anger this dealership causes me to feel. I came car shopping here because their website listed some good looking vehicles for under 10,000. I looked at a few of the cars there and was interested in a few, I asked about certain issues I had with the car I would eventually buy and everything was, "oh, yea well it's a toyota so it's been through all of our services and we have looked it over and everything is great." There were some things I walked into that were definitely my fault..i.e. I should have haggled more but I was assured I was getting a great deal and a great car....WRONG!
The dealership told me that the car did not have an alarm, so I decided to get the dealer recommended alarm (I know it sounds stupid in foresight) and it was installed...I had to return to the dealership later because it wasn't working properly and the mechanic informed me that it actually HAD an alarm and also that the system I bought was installed improperly...awesome I totally was lied to at a cost of 500 dollars.
I was also told that the minor oxidization that was on the car could be taken care of at home, a month later most of the top coat on the trunk/roof/spoiler of the car had peeled off and that was with TWO waxes that I did at home.
Lastly and most infuriating, the brake pads that were on the car were not toyota break pads and the salesman said they were just as safe and reliable as toyota break pads and would not damage the actual braking system...WRONG. I took my car to another toyota dealership and an independent mechanic and both told me that the brake pads on the car were so cheap they actually damaged the break discs that I had to replace at a cost of almost 900 dollars.
Because of my experience here I will NEVER BUY A TOYOTA AGAIN! This dealership is the epitome of sleazy car dealership with greasy salesmen who don't care about customers or the actual product they are selling. The Toyota mechanic at the other location where I took my car for services was actually shocked that a car was sold in the condition it was in at a Toyota dealership. Sure, I take responsibility to for being as trusting as I was, hoping that they were going to provide the service which Toyota is known for but, alas, this was not the case. In my opinion, if you want a Toyota, DO NOT come here. I am sure there are plenty of reputable dealers in the area so avoid this one like an apocalyptic zombie plague.

Tamar W. | 2012-03-23

Toyota San Diego is your typical car dealership--and not in a good way. They'll do anything to get you in the door, jerk you around once you're there, and become extremely rude when you refuse to put up with their BS.

I initially contacted Toyota San Diego after seeing an ad for a reasonably priced 2005 Prius on Craigslist. I called and spoke with Mike Wilson and made an appointment to look at the car around 1. Around 12:15, I got a call confirming my appointment at 1 to see the Prius.

After I arrived at the dealership, I was informed that Mike was with another customer, even though I had scheduled an appointment with him.

I was then approached by another salesman, John, who informed me that the car I was coming to look at was sold an hour ago.

BEFORE they had called me to confirm I was coming in to look at the car. They called me at 12:15 to confirm I was coming in to see a car knowing the car was already sold. That pissed me off.

I told John a phone call might have been nice, which he brushed off by telling me that "Mike is usually pretty good with this stuff." Oh, you mean his job? That's awesome John. He then asked me if I was interested in looking at other cars, but told me there was nothing available in my price range. When I told him no, he acted both astounded and offended. He insincerely thanked me for coming, and I left, pissed.

The ONLY saving grace of this whole situation was the phone call I received an hour later from Mile McGrath, a manager (I think), who asked for a rundown of the situation I had in order to report it to his general manager. He also offered to look in his database for Priuses similar to the one I came to look at. He was very friendly and apologetic. But the fact remains that what happened to me was ridiculous, unprofessional, and incredibly poor customer service.

If you MUST go to Toyota San Diego, see Mike McGrath. Star far away from Mike Wilson or John whatever-his-name-is. Chances are they'll treat you just as poorly as they treated me.

Jonathan A. | 2012-02-26

I was looking to lease a new Camry so I decided to stop by this dealership.  Prior to going in I called Toyota of El Cajon to see what there bottom line was.  Toyota of El Cajon quoted me 1000 down, 250 a month tax included.  

I test drove the Camry and sat down with the car salesman.  He asked me what price I had in mind and I told him to get me the best deal he could.  He came back with 2500 down plus 360 a month without tax.  This added up to 6500 more over the entire lease.  I could not believe how slimy this dealership was.  In the end I talked them down to nearly the same deal as the other dealership and they have been calling me every day for the past ten days trying to get me to buy a car from them.  Even if the deal was slightly better than somewhere else, I would never give this dealership my business.

Do your research prior to shopping here...

Sidney V. | 2012-02-23

My girlfriend's 2002 Nissan Sentra was having issues.  She wanted to get it fixed, but the repair bill was going to be more than half of what the car was worth.  Her family and I talked her into investing in a new car vs. spending money on an old one that's prone to future problems.  The Sentra was her first car and she owned it for 10 years, so it was very sentimental to her and hard to let it go.  But eventually she agreed and we were able to sell it.  The day we sold her car, we went to Mossy Toyota  to check out the only car my girlfriend wanted, a WHITE 2012 Prius.  After having a an less than pleasant experience there we walked out.  The day after that we went to Toyota San Diego to buy the only car she always wanted, a White 2012 Prius.  

Buying a new car was foreign to her, so it was my duty to help her get the best price and lowest possible APR available.  I hate dealing with pushy car salesmen at dealerships, so I did my homework and knew how much I wanted to pay.  My method of haggling is over the phone via Internet Fleet Sales.  I called around to various Toyota Dealerships around San Diego (even Longo and others in the Los Angeles area).  The best price I got was through Daniel Cole, Internet Fleet Sales Manager at Toyota SD.  I came into the dealership the next day and met with him and his partner, Ross Hunt, Internet Manager.  

To keep this review short, I just wanted to say that I had a pleasant car buying experience and it was because of these two guys.  Ross and Daniel are both younger salesmen, so their mentality is a bit different than the older aggressive guys.  Instead they were honest, friendly, and more importantly not pushy.  Their presentation said "How can we help you," instead of "How can you help us (get our commission and $$$).  The only hiccup we had was with the finance manager, James Brown, who rushed us through our paperwork and suckered us into buying the extended warranty/included but not free alarm (which we later denied both) at 9 o'clock at night so that he could get home to his wife (I know this because he picked up his cell phone during our paperwork process to speak with her).  Even then, we contacted Ross and Daniel to help us out and they came to the rescue.  Day after we got the car we noticed a knick in the paint on one of the doors.  They're getting that taken care of as we speak.  

My girlfriend, being shy and inexperienced in car buying, said that she was very very comfortable while we talked and dealt with Ross.  What could have been a traumatic experience for her turned out to be a pleasant one.  To me this was most important.  My 4-Star review goes out to my salesmen, not so much the dealership.  

If you're going to buy a Toyota in the San Diego area, I highly recommend speaking with one of these guys first.

Bernie P. | 2012-02-20

An hour and a half job took an hour longer (with an appointment), the shuttle that would be "right back" took an hour and a half and they quoted a simple keyless remote (which previously cost me $70 and is online for $75 to $100) at $230. Definitely not coming back here, I'd rather drive a half hour away for a better experience. Sucks because Toyota has always been pretty good to me.

Jason N. | 2012-02-20

Used car sales..

I purchased an 05 Tacoma, my dream truck.. not too bad haggling with the internet sales guy Clinton.. except during the dealings I asked if the truck had a tow kit.. he said "Yes" and we continued talking about used cars and how they are like taking a gamble, he reassured me that "Toyota San Diego does not sell crap" - his words.. drove it off the lot and got a phone call that the new finance lady filled out the old forms on accident and needed my signatures again.

Next day, on the way back to the dealer, the aftermarket radio that was installed in the truck before I purchased it randomly turned off, then reset itself. Hmmm don't sell crap huh? I brought this to the attention of the internet sales guy about three different occasions and he said he "would look into it".. I don't quite know what that meant because I never received a call from him any of those times... and oh yah the tow kit that he said was there was a lie.. I was so excited about buying the truck that I didn't find out that there was no tow kit before I left.. The radio has continued to be faulty and I am cautioning anyone who is looking into buying a used car here...

Beware, the used car salesman will say whatever he can to make a sale.. after you have signed, the car is your nightmare.

Craig M. | 2012-01-06

Have used the body shop for years now and always get a great result on my Toyota 4 Runners. Easy using insurance, and quality work done on time.

Glenn E. | 2011-12-18

Between my girl friend and I we've had 6 Toyota's and 1 Lexus. What can we say we're Toyota fans!! None of them had their clear coat finish start peeling within  two year of purchase, until now. I purchased a used 2008 Camry for my girl Jacquie Dutchover 0n 09/12/09 with 38,000 miles on it. It has 76,000 now and the clear coat is peeling on the passengers side. We've been having the car serviced there since purchased. So the other day I stopped in to have Scott in the Bodyshop look at it. Once he looked at it he went to the used car manager Brian Chipman to see if anything could be done. The answer was no they wouldn't do anything. So I went over to talk to Brian Chipman and present my case. He agreed to talk to his management about this after a few days the answer was still no. So after getting that no we needed to have the car serviced so instead of letting San Diego perform the service we went to Kearny Mesa Toyota which was a Intermediate Service and check engine light. While there the management looked at the car's finish and said it was a bad paint job!! So I'm wondering what to do. I contacted Toyota Corporate spoke with Carma in customer service she will be sending something (yes or no) if Corporate will help and asign me a case number # 1112150636. Carma also told me to contact Toyota San Diego customer relations person Cindy Henderson to which I did, but only a phone message ( havn't heard back ).. Now since this I've recieved e-mail from Brian Chipman stating he would be willing to spilt the cost for each side panel that might need clear coat about $300.00 per panel.. But Body repair?? Does that mean it might need body repair?? Still deciding on what to do.. Not sure if you should take your car there...  So Jeff Stein not sure if a sorry will really help at this point..   FYI - I was a assistent service manager at Performance Jaguar a few years ago and one thing I learned never say NO to a customer.. If these guy's had a Jaguar customer in their face that would be fun.. I'm looking into other thing's to keep on this... Thanks for reading Glenn H England

Oren P. | 2011-12-05

One of the friendlier local dealerships to come to for service. Prices are competitive and they often will include some small extra to make you feel like you got "more" for your money.

Nicole B. | 2011-11-12

I used to come here all the time to get my oil changed.
The people were always so nice and just a pleasure to deal with.
What's unique about them is that they didnt try to sell me other services that I didnt need. They simply gave me what I asked for.

They would change my oil, rotate my tires or put air in them if need be. If I needed tires they would let me know but they didnt try to force me to get tires at their location. This means everything to me because I dont  like to feel like I'm fighting to keep money in my pockets when I get my car serviced!

I 'd recommend coming in early to get your services done. The wait can get a little crazy after 2pm.

Joy G. | 2011-11-04

Very positive experience. Clinton Hunt provided excellent customer service and was very knowledgable about the particular vehicle I wanted to purchase.  He worked diligently to get me the best price possible as well as payments that I could live with.  I've already recommended a couple of friends to go to Toyota San Diego.  Make sure to ask for Clinton!

Abbey W. | 2011-11-03

Absolute horrible experience!!  I purchased my car a year ago from a scam artist of a salesman.  Everything about the sales department wreaked of deceit and lies.  I was bullied into buying a corolla for the same price as a rav4.  I didn't even get to pick out which corolla I wanted, hence, I had to wait another week to drive my new car b/c upon inspection, I found a bunch of yellow dots on the rear bumper.  According to their autobody shop, it was fuel particles eating away at the brand new car's painting from the inside.  If I had the option to look at the car before the sales guy ran outside and grabbed the first white corolla he saw, I would not have picked that one.  Hence, I still have a bad taste in my mouth a year later and had to give in to writing this report.

When I went in the next day to talk to the salesman about my purchase, he said that's the nature of the business.  Luckily, the manager had a different opinion and atleast showed compassion for a first time buyer who got man handled by a greedy salesman.

I'd advise to look elsewhere or have your finances ready to go and not be intimidated by multiple men hustling you.

Inga I. | 2011-10-26

EXCELLENT service all around!!! This is probably the BEST dealership I've ever been to and has the highest level of customer service ever! I had the pleasure of working with one of the BEST car sales associates, Clinton Hunt, and he made my car buying experience easy and fun! He was knowledgeable, professional, friendly and so willing to work with me to get me into the new car I wanted. He made the whole process quick, easy and he was so much fun to work with! Ying in the finance department is so AWESOME, she is SO friendly and gave excellent customer service as well. The dealership has a great, open layout with a large selection of cars! If you are in the market for a car, you MUST come here and ask for Clinton Hunt :)

Jose M. | 2011-10-25

Going to a dealer to buy a car has never been something I look forward to doing, it's right next to going to the dentist.  Until I went to Toyota San Diego!!

Thanks to Jeff Stein (General Sales manager) and Dave Holland (Internet sales)!!!

I will say that you need to do your homework before you in.  I emailed several dealerships around the county and received several similar quotes, great for comparison purposes and negotiating.  My first advice is to deal with the internet sales department!!!! Again internet sales is the way to go.  If you go in without knowing what the invoice price is or what the current incentives are (ie. 0% or $1000 back) you will be at a disadvantge as they'll use these items to negotiate the price, to your disadvantage.

I will start by saying that after an email I was contacted by Jeff, at the time I didn't know he was the General Sales Manager.  He was very nice, informative and easy going (no pressure what so ever) very un car sales like.  When I went to Toyoya San Diego I met Jeff and he learned my needs and I then dealt with Dave Holland.  Dave was great!! (seriously ask for him) He is in the internet department. I then took a 2012 Camry SE out for a test drive, what I was looking at -minus the color but I didn'tt mind, .  I had test driven an Optima, Jetta and Sonata up to this point.  Granted the other makes had their merits but after I test drove the Camry I knew this was it.  

Dave showed me the invoice right after the test drive and we began discussing a price. Mind you I believe I got a good deal as I paid several hundred dollars below invoice and maybe some people will get a better deal, I believe the price was very competitive and they were willing to work with me.  Most importantly Jeff came out and made sure Dave was taking care of me (His job, I know, but none the less a nice touch).    Overall a phenomal experience. Just don't drop your guard because you then have to deal with the finance department :)

Angelo O. | 2011-10-20

I had mixed experiences when dealing with the service department at Toyota San Diego. I initially brought my 05 Tacoma in after my airbag light came on. They were able to fix the problem and I happily paid the cost. During the process they suggested replacing the cabin and engine air filters. I also had them toss in an oil change.

Everything seemed to have gone fine. I went back to the truck and checked their work. Good thing I did. In order to replace the cabin air filter they removed the glove box. Apparently when they pulled it off the tech was a little overzealous, and stripped the peg that holds the piston that keeps your glovebox from falling open immediately. It was not major damage, but I didn't like the idea of leaving with something broken that was NOT broken when I brought it in. I brought this to the attention of the service representative that was helping me, and he said something to the order of, "Well it's a crappy part, it happens." BAD ANSWER.

I called the service department after I got home and told them about the problem. They were very helpful and agreed with me that I should not be leaving the service department with newly broken parts. Several weeks, another broken backordered part, and finally a new part later the dash panel was fixed.

I went back to check their work again...and now the clear radio bezel has a gash in it. SIGH! I'm just buffing this one out, but it's the same problem. I seem to keep leaving with newly damaged/broken parts.

Throughout the experience, the service guys and customer service reps were pleasant and helpful. It does seem like they genuinely try to take care of everyone. My experience just happened to be negative. If the service technicians in back would just be less heavy-handed, this would have been a non-issue.

Duncan M. | 2011-10-20

I have perfect credit they said they can help me. They ran it everything went fine they were excited and I was to. 0% apr for 60 months not bad. I like a truck they plug in the number and 600 dollar payments. Screw that! after I said that they said they cannot help me. Thanks for running my credit and ruining it tards. I will never ever do business nor send anyone there. Waste of my time total garbage. So I went to the BMW dealer and bought a bmw with 430 dollar payments 2011 330 series. At least I got some class and value for my buck. I would not recommend to go here if they are the last dealership in the world. Go at your own risk.

Brooke B. | 2011-10-15

I have had horrible experiences with other auto body shops, and Toyota San Diego is the best experience I've ever had. I got an estimate from my insurance company and Toyota met the estimate and did not charge me any extra, even though they did work beyond the estimate! I was shocked. They even touched up a few scratched unrelated to my accident for no additional charge! And they sent me home with a small bottle of paint for any future touch-ups. They said it would take 2 days, and that's all it took. Other body have shops have gone 3-5 days beyond the estimated time and left me with rental car expenses.

Francisco, the supervisor for my RAV-4, was great - he always returned my calls and was very friendly and helpful.

If you have a Toyota, this is the place to go in San Diego!

Jessica I. | 2011-09-07

Time for an update... I was hoping I could tell you that my relationship with my car dealer had improved, but it has not.
So, when I purchased my car I bought this detailing package that they said I "must have." They said without it my car would fade and that this service would actually make it so I didn't have to wax my car again... I took a while to use it, because I'm busy and work like a good human (so I can pay my car bills), but I got calls nonstop to hurry up and use it. Anyway, months after I got my car, I finally received my service. I asked again about the waxing thing, just to ensure it was legit. The service department guy laughed and said "Did someone tell you that?" He then explained that the detailing was just that, and I should maintain the upkeep with waxing thereafter. Blah!
The kicker here, though, is that while they were talking me into the service, they said they would provide me with a free car rental during the service. I insisted that it be annotated on my paperwork, but even after it was penned down that I could get the rental, Toyota still refused to pay Hertz, (which they are co-located with). I got mail from Hertz explaining that Toyota has refused payment, so now the bill falls back on me. I called both Hertz and Toyota to try to remedy it, but without any luck. Now, a full six months after I received this service, I got a phone call explaining that the bill would be reported to the credit bureaus unless I made immediate payment. Again, I called Hertz, told them to check my paperwork. They said they understood and have just decided to erase the bill. So NO ONE HAD TO PAY! After all this time, I'm threatened with reporting, but when Toyota doesn't pay it's just washed out?? Toyota said they would pay, but they didn't.
Two lies, back to back... not very good, Toyota. It was less than $30, but it's the principle of the matter.

Ron P. | 2011-08-29

Place was cool.  Good selection of cars.  Went to trade in my Yaris for a Corolla... ended up getting the S model...It's super sweet.  Sales peeps were cool, not pressuring me at all.  I don't have much patience for b.s.  If they would started with some b.s., i would've taken off, but they were cool.  Process was pretty easy actually.  This was my first time buying a car from a dealer...i excpected much worse from what people tell you, but i think those people just go to the wrong place or are those people that are never happy and always feel like they're being robbed.  F those people.
Anyway, A+ for me.

Richard F. | 2011-08-29

These guys are awesome!  Every visit is a great experience.  Cafe served BLT and fresh baked cookies while I was waiting for service.  It doesn't get any better.

Holly B. | 2011-08-24

So pretty much I have been given misinformation every time I have gone in. What's  reallyscary is that I have had negative experiences twice with two totally different sets of staff. Is it cursed here?
The salesman I dealt with on my last visit was nice but he is new and apparently not yet corrupted. The salesman  I bought my current vehicle from was nice but I was given a crap deal and then he quit and went to apple.
  Even if you do get a good deal do you really want to be associated with some place that has so many shady goings on? I haven't made that decision yet. I also have yet to find a dealership that most would call reputable. So maybe this is as good as it gets.

Justin P. | 2011-08-20

There was something foul in the stench of deceit we encountered at Toyota San Diego.

Mastery of the wool-pulling trick!  Toyota San Diego presented us a car that we found online.  It was scratched.  Bad.  Like needed $2k paint job bad.  They gave us a price that was consistent with Edmund's price for this year and make car in PRISTINE condition.  

We asked to take the car to our mechanic.  Instead of giving us a yes/no answer, we were given an explanation about how the service department gets commission for finding problems with cars.  Okay, that's great.  I still want to check with my UNBIASED mechanic.  

What did my mechanic say?  Oh, just needed the TIMING BELT REPLACED, and the transmission flushed.  

Well this is awkward.  So we tell them what price we felt was fair for the condition the car was in and got laughed at.  They were willing to lower the price $200 max. as well as make the necessary repairs.

We walked out.  Didn't receive another call back.  I contacted the Sam's Club rep there and got called back 4 days later.  By this time, we had already found another car for the same price in better condition elsewhere.  

We were ready to buy, but not willing to pay for an outstanding car and only get an average one.

CLIFF S. | 2011-08-16

Do not buy a car here. I repeat. Do not buy your car here. I think most people think they got taken advantage of when buying a car, but the experience here is much worse than any dealership I have ever been to.  Whatever the opposite of integrity is, describes this place. I was ripped off here and they still have the gall to contact me about buying another car from them. By the way, if you are looking to buy a Lexus, buy one from Jim at Lexus in Kearny Mesa. At least he's honest and fair.

Kevin G. | 2011-08-15

I had a wonderful experience with this company.  They treated me like a king.  My salesman Gary Thuma was extremely helpful and, as this was my first time ever buying a car, he was almost fatherly with his advise.  I found him to be honest and knowledgeable.He really wanted me to get the best deal in the long run.  I had originally gone in thinking of getting a Prius- but after we talked he encouraged me to look more closely at the Camry- which to my surprise was the perfect choice.  I am so happy he steered me in the right direction.  This is a a stellar company, I foresee myself buying another car from them when the time comes. Excellent product, customer service, and nice showroom to boot.

Caroline P. | 2011-08-13

We decided to check out a used Corolla here after finding it online. Didn't have any issues test driving it, so I wanted to take it to my mechanic before making a final decision.

"What you don't trust our mechanic?" I was asked by the salesman.

"I always get cars checked out by an unbiased mechanic before spending a large sum of money on a car" I replied.

"Well they work on commission, so they are always looking for things to fix."

REALLY? The young salesman obviously missed out on 2 things I gathered from that conversation:

1) Don't get your car serviced here. They will go looking for problems just to make commission

2) They aren't making much of anything off of cars owned by the dealership still. Them working off commission doesn't have anything to do with how they check out used cars.

So I take my car to my awesome mechanic. The car had dirty transmission fluid and cracks in the timing belt. At least $600 of work to be done. They gave me a pretty good ballpark range of what the car was worth, and the price the dealership was asking was not close to that. I decided to go back and see if we could work on the price, and if not, then I wasn't about to sink money into something that was not worth the price.

The manager's response to the trans issue and cracks? "Must have been overlooked."

Really? Aren't belts and fluid on that inspection list? Ridiculous. If I didn't have my mechanic check it out, I would have been screwed.

I offered my price and he told me it was too far from his price. Fine. I'm not over paying. I was expecting some sort of call back to re-negotiate, but that never happened. By the time they contacted me, I had already bought a much better car for a cheaper price. Miss out on that sale, they did.

We also tried going through internet sales via Sam's Club, but getting in contact with them was very slow and difficult. Completely unhelpful.

If you decide to go here for a used car, just use common sense and a good mechanic. Don't overpay!

Amy Z. | 2011-08-12

We had such an amazing experience at Toyota San Diego that we went back and traded in our 2006 4Runner for a 2011. The service was exceptional - as it was a few months ago when we got the Tacoma. Jeremy, David and Jeff all treated me with respect and were super swift with the whole transaction. I won't ever go anywhere else to buy a car or truck. Customer for life. Once again, I drove away completely satisfied with my purchase and not one second of buyer's remorse. Thank you, again.

Jennifer L. | 2011-07-27

We've had the best experience with Toyota San Diego,  and recently leased our 4th car with them.  They're professional, knowledgeable, courteous, patient and have always gone the extra mile for us each time we visited to look into a new car.  We live near Manhattan Beach, CA and have driven down to Toyota San Diego every time b/c we love the service they've provided.  Their inventory is vast (although, obviously with recent Japan disaster, it's effected every Toyota dealerships' inventory), and the dealership itself is clean and spacious.  They even have a children's play room with cushioned toys to climb on and a flat screen TV that has kept our toddler entertained, while we discussed and signed paperwork.  Brilliant!  You won't be sorry you took the time to stop by Toyota San Diego, it's worth the trip and the time.

linda t. | 2011-07-14

Absolutley horrible. I stopped by yesterday to pick up a brake light bulb. When I got to the parts department, there was two workers, one guy was sweeping up popcorn and the other one was one of the parts guys. I believe his name is either Jay or Jose but I know his last name is Jimenez. Anyways these two were chit chatting and stopped just when I got there, which so happens to be at the same time a lady asked them for restroom directions. They assisted her, Mr. Jimenez looked at me and went back to chit chatting with the popcorn sweeper. I literally stood there and thought seriously?! I then asked if I could have assistance and Mr. Jimenez was able to get me the part I needed.

The icing on the cake has to be when he was giving me my receipt and light bulb to go on my way. This guy literally handed me just the light bulb it self, it wasn't in any type of packaging. He was going to let me leave with a lightbulb..seriously?! I had to ask if he could put it in a bag because there's no way I am driving home with a random light bulb.

Patrick S. | 2011-07-13

I understand the service department is pretty good.

My experience here was terrible. If you go here looking to buy a car have your financing set up before you go. If they ask you to talk with their financing team say no thanks. These people will rip you off and smile at you like they're your best buddies while they are doing it. I wouldn't say that if it was not true.

Now I'm not saying don't check out their lot. If you see a car there you want it is worth a look. But do not go through their finance people. Their job is to soak you for every cent they can squeeze from you. I don't know how those guys can sleep at night.

Jaimee H. | 2011-07-13

Although I did not have the most positive experience purchasing my vehicle here, I have been more than pleased with the service department.

They provide friendly service and they are completely professional and knowledgeable whenever i come here. As soon as you pull up, the next available representative is there to meet you and get you started with processing your vehicle. They follow you through your visit, providing you updates on your vehicle, costs, and how much longer it should take.

Each service visit comes with complimentary coffee or water from their snack bar. Also, they have a shuttle service if you do not want to wait for your vehicle.

They are currently changing their system to encourage appointments. So make an appointment as you will have priority over walk-ins. Nice customer waiting area with comfy chairs and a big flat screen television.

Daniel C. | 2011-06-30

Mr Jeff Stein,

I hope you read this as I am highly disappointed with the false sense of concern over my experience.  I understand that you must be a busy individual as I gave it a couple days to see if you would respond to my voicemail or email; however, it's been 3 business days and I haven't been contacted by you via phone or email.  

At this point I am convinced now that Toyota San Diego has no concern for customer service and you have for sure lost a customer.  I will be not recommending your dealership to any friends of family members.  I had a family member and friend interested in purchasing a new Toyota, but not I will steer them clear of Toyota San Diego and maybe we'll try El Cajon Toyota.

Asherton C. | 2011-06-17

Went over there with my gf to try to put her on a car. We spent 4 days looking for one that will get her best out of her negative equity that was through Santanders. Newton was the man to deal with out there. Extremely nice. Professional and mainly a quality you don't find in car salesmen. Honesty. If you happen to go to this dealership. I would highly recommend talking to him and dealing with him. We just left with a brand new camry with nice wheels on they put on FOR FREE !!! Thanks a lot Newton. My next car will be def there, through you.

mike r. | 2011-06-16

Just bought a car here with my girl.  We were greeted by a salesman named Steve Le.  Rather than being the typical pushy car salesman that we dealt with all over San Diego, He actually listened to us and allowed to to look around at what we liked.  no sales pitches and 20 minute long speeches about stuff we don't care about.  Anyways, we ended up getting a 2010 Camry at $2,000 below the blue book value, a great deal and they were very fair in offering us credit terms and were not pushy or sales-y.  This was one of the best dealerships I've ever been too, I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a new or used car.  5 stars

Realtor Karl B. | 2011-06-11

I never been here, but here's why they get 5 stars...

I had to meet my client near SDSU.
She had her car serviced at this location but her Toyota was not finished yet.
She had an employee drive her to the location and wait there for about 30 minutes, and got driven back.
That's some great service!

Malia P. | 2011-05-06

I went in showed them the mismatched lights. They informed me that they installed the correct one. I guess Toyota sold me a car with improper lights. So they replaced it for free and I was good to go.

Kevin L. | 2011-04-27

This is a good dealship.  You definitely pay a premium, but you get great service.  The waiting area is amazing with free popcorn, coffee, TV's  and a childrens area.  Super clean bathrooms and the repair bay is spotless.  Expensive - absolutely!  Do they get the job done - yes.  There are less expensive shops (I reviewed one off University) that are very good, but they ar further away and for big repairs.

Wendy L. | 2011-04-25

The best Toyota Dealership in San Diego!!!

I bought my first Toyota from this dealership when it used to be Rose Toyota about 12 years ago and every visit has been great.  The service department is awesome!!!!  Even after having a bad experience at Poway toyota, Toyota San Diego apologized and promised to make things right even when it wasn't their error.  I am so happy to be a customer there and they really appreciate their customers from sales to service I will continue to come there.  Everyone is great!  Thank Toyota San Diego!!!!

Ashley C. | 2011-04-23

I spent months looking for a good deal on a used Honda but everytime I went to look at one it was "just sold" so I finally found one here! Truman helped me and was AMAZING! The car was getting detailed and showed up on the lot and the minute he did he called before anyone else could look at it. We were also moving the day and made it so simple and easy! Love him! I got the run around from a few of the employees before he helped me so that was the only downside, wish he was the one to help me from the very beginning. The only other downside is that registration expired 2 months after purchase and was not included in price, but other the that..great car and great sales person.

AJ O. | 2011-04-15

Below is an email I sent to Jeff Stein, the General Sales manager of Toyota San Diego, on April 5th concerning a 2011 RAV4 test drive and our experience at the dealership. I have yet to hear back from them, even an acknowledgment of receipt. We had high hopes as we had clearly communicated which vehicle we wanted to test drive and what time we would be arriving. After we arrived it was apparent they were not prepared, when we finally got the RAV4 to start (battery) things went smooth with the salesperson but quickly went south when we returned and the sales manager stepped in. It's not so much the pricing that upset us, I'm sure we could have come to an agreement; it was how we were treated. All of our dealer experiences have been fairly positive up to this point, but this experience has turned us off from buying a 2011 RAV4, especially from this dealer. We have much respect for Toyota as a company and we feel that the treatment we received at Toyota San Diego was inconsistent with what we've come to expect from Toyota.
- - -
We were interested in a 2011 RAV4 Limited so we did some research and found the closest one to be at your dealership. I made contact via the official Toyota website and your dealer website expressing interest in test driving a Limited model, Mr. Berg responded (see below email chain), I asked him if there would be any changes to the 2012 model, and gave him a window of time that would work for us. Saturday morning I was contacted by Mr. Halloway (Van, I believe) and I told him we would be there at 2pm. We arrived at your dealership at 1:55pm ready to check out the RAV4. I was greeted by Vern Halloway and was told someone would be with me shortly. Ten minutes later, Mr. Halloway came back and indicated Mr. Berg was busy at the moment and introduced us to Newton. Newton grabbed the keys, took us to the Limited, we asked a few questions, and we were ready to test drive. There was one problem; the vehicle's battery was too weak to crank the engine. So we sat in the RAV4 while Newton retrieved the battery jumper. Another problem, the jumper was dead as well. To speed things up I offered to grab my jumper cables so we could jump it with the neighboring RAV4. Luckily it had a fully charged battery, we connected the cables, charged it for 15 minutes, and it fired right up. We hopped in and took it out for a spin. The test drive was the best part of our visit. Newton was very affable, answered all our questions, and did a pretty good job of selling the car. We loved the RAV4, it rode smooth, V6 had good power, and it could tow a few of our toys or a small pop-up camper. We pulled back into the dealership, I asked if they had Blizzard Pearl available, and inquired what Toyota San Diego could offer me for trade-in on our 09 STi. We walked in, my wife and daughter went to the kid's area/cafe, and I sat down and filled out an information sheet about our STi. Newton took the information back to get it assessed, returned, and took my information for a credit check in case they could find a Blizzard Pearl RAV4. After he took my information, Vern Halloway came by and indicated that Mr. Berg had been mistaken about changes to the 2012 year and had mistyped the email and actually meant that there would be no changes. I found this interesting, because I had found several resources indicating a redesign and Mr. Berg's email had confirmed the same. Additionally, if Mr. Berg had made a mistake why had he not told us in person? My wife had run into him at the cafe so I knew he was there. In any case, I asked Vern Halloway if he was sure, he insisted, and I left it at that. I asked Newton about the assessment and indicated we were in a hurry as we had Dinner plans. While Newton went back to check on it, I looked up the trade-in value on kbb and on your Autotrader kiosk up front. My car is in excellent condition w/ 16k, kbb valued it at $28300 and the kiosk at $27656. Newton returned with a worksheet showing the price of RAV4 and the trade-in offer. First off, the price indicated was sticker price (even though in the chain below "My Price" was $28656), but moreover I was being offered only $23000 for my STi. I told Newton the offer did not work for me and that even your kiosk had offered significantly more, almost $5000 more. Newton went back and came back out with a counter offer of $26000, still not working for me. Then Vern Halloway came out with a sheet of paper showing the going price at auction, which was somewhere around $24500, and indicated he was taking a loss. But by now I did not have much faith in Mr. Holloway after the 2012 model SNAFU. I indicated I could get more if I sold the STi myself, to which Vern Halloway responded "Sure it's a cool little car and you probably could, but why go to the trouble." Cool little car? Vern Halloway's condescending tone and approach had finally turned me off and we were done. I indicated I had to leave as we had plans and we left the dealership.

Allison K. | 2011-04-13

Went here to get a minor service on my husband's 2007 Prius.  The service folks were professional, courteous and friendly.  When I made an appointment there, the woman on the phone told me to go online and print out the coupon for the service which saved us a few dollars.  I worked mainly with Miguel, who was honest and even found a loophole where we could get a replacement part for free.  The service took a long time (almost all day) but I was really impressed with their work and will likely go back.

Mari J. | 2011-04-07

Redemption.  A sucker for second chances, I gave Toyota another shot when one of my doors wouldn't open.  Previously, I have had some terrible experiences with the wait time for service and was willing to walk away.  George, the manager, convinced me to give them another chance.
George was super helpful with preliminary estimates on time and cost, as well as scheduling my appointment.  It was a pretty good experience overall.  They gave me an estimate shortly after I dropped it off, and offered me a loaner, since they had to order parts overnight.

When I called the next day, the car was already ready.  It was easy and, unlike the last time, they were very clear about what to expect and followed through.

Adilzhan Y. | 2011-03-29

"Toyota sets the rules that we must follow. And our staff is very aware of these rules, so I would find it surprising that anyone here told you this could occur." - Toyota said.

Jeff S. My point is i called 9 times and  you sales consultant told me that he asked manager of toyota that i will be allowed to export it.  

When i spoke to you in person you told me that other manager made mistake. And now you telling that you would find it surprising!)))  So what you wrote it in this letter is Bald-faced-lie.  Conclusion is Toyota of San Diego is made mistake. And when i went to Toyota of Carlsbad they told me i could buy any car for export there. But unfortunately they didn't had 4wd one.

chris t. | 2011-03-28

First off let me say that this review is for the collision center (which I believe is new to the dealership). I have no familiarity with the parts, service, or sales department. With that in mind let me begin my review.

I brought in my wife's car to get an estimate for some damage caused in a hit and run accident. I also wanted to get an estimate to fix part of the weatherstripping/moulding that was coming apart/off from the front windshield due to broken rivets. Everyone was very straight forward and accommodating. I only waited for a few minutes to have someone come out and look at the car. They were very professional in their writeup of the initial damages caused in the accident and when I asked for an estimate for the windshield problem I was told that it was relatively simple to fix. Short story even shorter I asked him if they could do it today and within 10 minutes they had repaired the issue and they did it FOR FREE! I am assuming this was relatively simple since they fixed it so quickly but the fact that they didn't charge me on top of already being awesome makes them incredible. This is the type of event that typically makes me a customer for life. Unfortunately I am leaving for Boston in a few months so I figured the least I could do was write a review for them letting you know how awesome they are.

It is a rare quality to find people who not only do their job well but go out of their way to care for the customer. Since I have personally worked in the automotive service industry as a manager I can say firsthand that I always prided myself on giving the best customer service possible and taking a middle-tier store in my company and turning it into the top-grossing store for the majority of the time I was with the company. I think that if the whole of Toyota of San Diego operates like the collision center then they will be flourishing in business for years to come. I was told that they are under new management (within the past 2-3 years) so maybe that has something to do with how awesome they are.

Here's one guy that will definitely recommend them if you need to get some body work done on your Toyota vehicle.

Joseph A. | 2011-02-25

Imediately after my original post the sales manager Darren Tass replied and appologized for my experience. He asked me to contact him so he could rectify the situation. I contacted the email address he provided and left my name, work number, cell number and email address. He replied to none of the above, nor did anyone from Toyota San Diego follow up with me.
I just spoke with a national representative from Toyota Financial Services who worked with me to close the lease account and they said they would contact the dealership to explore the problem...I wonder if I will get any service now. I still don't know. I have to reiterate though, if you plan on leasing a vehicle from Toyota San Diego you better also plan on going through hell when you want to end your lease; this sucks.

Marquette N. | 2011-02-03

Buying a car can be a rough experience if you don't get the right sales person or the right dealership.
I guess I got both in TOYOTA SAN DIEGO considering I have bought THREE cars from them and specifically from CLINTON HUNT.
I like that fact that CLINTON is not pushy, but is clear and consice aoout  what he and/or the dealership can offer.
CLINTON made sure to fill me on every detail of the sale. He spent days on the phone with me in preparation before I even came into the dealership just to make sure I was comfortable with the deal before I even drove the car. He went out of his way to take every one of my demands into consideration. I asked about 25 questions that he had an answer for and if he didn't have the answer right away he was sure to get back to me in a timely manner.
Thank you for being my number 1 Toyota Dealership! Thanks CLINTON, see ya in three years for my trade in.

Lee B. | 2011-02-01

I have never left a bad review on Yelp before - but boy do I have to now.
The short story is that we were ready to buy a new Matrix and were given Clinton to "help" us. He was so rude!!! He didn't even look at me, or shake my or my fiance's hand. His whole attitude to us was that we were wasting his time!!! He gave us one word answers and didn't even say anything when he got up to speak with his manager. I was floored how rude this man was. He came back with a price that was $400 higher than at another Toyota dealership. The truth is that we would have paid the extra money and purchased the car here. But given Clinton's horrible attitude towards us we took our business elsewhere.

We headed down to Frank Toyota were we were treated wonderfully! We bought our new Matrix that night! Feel free to go to Toyota of San Diego, but DO NOT "WORK" WITH CLINTON!!!!

T K. | 2011-01-31

My Family got our first corolla from this same location when it was still Rose Toyota and we have been coming for service ever since. We got 3 out of our 4 Toyota here. I remembered we went to Kearny Mesa and what was before Mossy Toyota and ended up coming back here for our second Corolla. We were standing in the parking lot of Kearny Mesa for like 5-10 minutes and NO ONE ever come over to talk to us at all.

Ever since I moved to LA, I tried other dealership to service my 4Runner. They are all cost more but performed less than Toyota San Diego.

This past weekend I was just there for the Major Service and I was once again well taken care of, this time my adviser was Joe Parker.

I do have a comment regarding the service coordinator. I called earlier last week to get a quote of the service since the price was not listed on line. Even after I told her the year, model, the guesstimate she gave me was $100+ less than the estimate I got at write up. She did tell me it could be more or less, but I did not expect to have such as huge difference. I was prepared it will cost me quite a few bucks for the Major service, but someone else might be caught unexpectedly. And she was not very well informed either regarding some simple questions too.

All of the service dept staff are very nice. I remembered one time I pulled in the parking lot around 3pm Saturday due to a burned out headlight. When they told me everyone went home already and I freaked! Then the staff asked John Levy(I believe) to help me. He told me to get a light bulb from the Parts Dept and he himself, helped me changed it right there and then at the service lanes!!  It might be an easy task for him and I must looked really silly for them, but it was GREATLY appreciated!

You cannot leave out Steve, the shuttle driver, who is retired Postman. He is a walking Thomas Guide! He probably knows how to get to your house faster than you do. After giving me a ride home couple times, he already recognized me and knew exactly where I live. I am glad he's not a stalker. Just kidding. :)

Sarah B. | 2011-01-26

I had the WORST experience buying a car here. I paid for the car in full, using 2 rebates, took the car home, and then the finance guy called me and told me I can only use one rebate, and I owe them $1000, or I need to give them the car back. I told them to fax everything with my name on it to my lawyer, and then they were able to waive the $1000. Also, I had written them 1 check for the full amount when I took the car, and told them I would be back 2 days later to give them 2 checks for the full amount. They are now trying to cash ALL 3 CHECKS! They are a bunch of scamming crooks! You think they're helpful, but really they are just trying to steal from you. It's a bunch of bull, if you ask me!

Jack B. | 2011-01-19

I was very pleased with the internet purchase price Toyota of San Diego came up with for a 2011 Prius, and went into the dealership to complete the deal.  However, the fact I had a 2004 Prius I was considering trading in became the straw that almost broke the camel's back.  While I thought during the trade in process I would be treated in the same professional way I was during the internet process, I was sorely mistaken.  I showed them the Kelly Blue Book trade-in price information on the sheet I had downloaded from the internet.  It showed my 2004 Prius should be worth in the neighborhood of $5,700.  Oh no, they said.  They could only give me $3,500 because...and they listed off all sorts of problems with the 2004 that prevented them from going above $3,500.  When I made it clear I might not purchase the 2011 with such a low-ball figure, like magic those problems seemed to disappear as they came back with a $5,000 figure.  Being disingenuous and misrepresenting the basic underlying facts of the trade in is no way to garner any admiration or trust in the way Toyota of San Diego conducts business.  While I ended up purchasing the 2011, I did not trade in the 2004 Prius.  I have serious questions whether I would do business with them again in light of my feeling they really were underhanded in the way they tried to lowball the trade in value.

andy s. | 2011-01-11

Bought a Scion here. Buying is a pretty straightforward no-hassle experience, so everything was fine and dandy.

Service department is always quick, performing work in 2-3 hours.

No complaints, no problems!

Chancie H. | 2011-01-05

I gave this place three tries. The first time I came here was for an "ABS update." This took several hours. The second time I made an appointment for 9:00AMish (on a week day I might add) for a simple minor service, and I arrived to be told it would take about 2 hours because they are busy. So what's the point of my appointment? I left.

Today, I came in without an appointment and arranged for my OWN ride so I didn't have to wait hours on end. It took almost half an hour waiting with my car  before I got paperwork and finally on my way.

The kicker...I come back several hours later and saw that my car was clearly ready and sitting in the lot. I arrive and tell them I'm here to pick up my car. I give a guy my last name...he says it incorrectly. I correct him and then I SPELL IT (all five letters!). The guy tells me to take a seat...he'll be "right with me." TWENTY minutes later...I go back and tell the guy I need my car. He says he cannot find my name and repeats the incorrect version from earlier. Thoroughly annoyed, I spell it again and he hands over my keys.

Wasted time, $72.00 for an oil change and tire rotation, WITHOUT A WASH is flipping ridiculous. No thank you Toyota of San Diego. No thank you....

Rob J. | 2010-12-31

When I bought my car at Toyota a few years back, I really liked the dealership.  I even liked the service they provided until a couple of years ago.  It seems their oil changes have gone up in price, but the service has gone down.  Not only does it take a LONG time, but they stopped washing the cars ($34 and NO car wash?), giving some lame excuse about the city limitations on water (even though everyone else still includes a car wash).  

In addition, their recommendations for minor and major service are rather suspect, seeing as how the service people are all working on commission.  Maybe this explains why they are all so nice.

The last straw is that I brought my car in for the 60,000 mile service today and made my appointment for 7:45 am, so it would not take up my whole day.  It is now past 3 pm, and they are not even done with the service.  Does it really take more than 7 hours to service a car?  

I will not be going back.  I gave them so many chances over the last 5 years.... I'm over it.

Kate M. | 2010-12-11

I didn't buy a car here, but when my Nissan needed a new engine, I ended up here. They have a contract with State Farm to do repairs, so they worked on my car and gave me a whole new engine.

I was really pleased with the whole experience, although it took nearly a month to get the car repaired. They had issues with their lifts not working, etc... but state farm had given me a rental and toyota san diego picked up the tab for the excess time i needed the car d/t their delays.

I'd recommend them!

Linda P. | 2010-09-29

Worse service ever would not ever recommend anyone purchasing a vehicle from this place! Go to another dealership!

Todd G. | 2010-09-24

I would have to say that this was one of the worst experiences I have had at a dealership.  I went with my girlfriend to look into purchasing a new car.  She was going to turn in her Mercedes for a 2011 Camry (wanting to lower her payment).  She received something in the mail which promoted $0 down, buyout any lease based on KBB value.  She wasn't interested in paying any money down.  After 45 minutes at the dealership, after they told her on the phone to come in and they could work a great deal, then they presented to us their offer.  Turn in a 2009 Mercedes C300 (fully loaded, AMG tires, Navigation, etc....) for a 2011 Camry, pay $2,000 down and pay and increased car payment of $125 more than she is already paying.  Clearly their sales team didn't listen to a word that we said.
I almost forgot to mention, when they researched the buy back value of her car, they didn't even research the correct car (looked up the base model Mercedes c300 with no extras or upgrades) and they looked up the lowest internet value available (instead of KBB value as their marketing piece advertised).  

I certainly will not encourage anyone to visit this dealership because their attention to detail and service leaves much to be desired.

Papa S. | 2010-09-17

Sitting for over an hour and a half (still sitting here) for an "express oil change" for $34.95. I made an appt for 1115 and showed up early and my car hasn't been moved.
I threw in an extra star because they have the Travel Channel playing on a big TV and a nice little cafe but I assume this is because of the long waits.
If you're going to just get a fluid change take it to Genie in Pt Loma or drop it off and just leave it (I wish I had). Appts mean nothing here.

Kimthy D. | 2010-09-02

My sales person left and I'd rather go to Toyota of El Cajon & have Kong help me since I'm ready for my car purchase!

Cee R. | 2010-08-29

I went to the toyota dealer looking for a car to purchase. The entire time I was there, no one attempted to help me- even though I was serious about buying a car. I saw several salesmen on their phones or joking around with each other while I was walking around hoping that someone would come help me. After about 15 minutes, I left.  I guess, I wasn't worth their time :)

Melissa M. | 2010-08-24

Kong Nguyen was very helpful and went out of his way to make sure I was well taken care of.

J C. | 2010-08-18

Started bringing my car here after a big disappointment at Toyota of El Cajon. My husband usually brings his car here so this was the first place I checked out.

I must say, I was pleased. It still took over an hour, but I was warned of this up front as they were busy that day and they ended up needing to fix what the other toyota location skipped in my car.

The service folks were pretty nice and kept asking if they could get me anything. Also, their big screen hidef TV had the news on so that is actually a step up from Dr. Phil at the other toyota location. Wifi didn't work so well for me, but I also had a book.

I'm going back the next time I need servicing so I'll be able to have a less skeptical picture. But they're totally worth giving another chance.

Margarita L. | 2010-08-17

I'm very happy with purchasing my car from toyota san diego! Everyone is kind & always willing to help. I totally recommend people to purchase their car from toyota san diego because my experience has been nothing but great!

Alara M. | 2010-08-06

So I just moved here from the Bay Area and had to take my 07 Rav-4 somewhere for a 60k service.  After some yelping I decided to give Toyota SD a shot.  Here are my pros and cons:

-Quick and friendly, finished in less time than promised
-Prices seem comparable to any dealership
-Nice waiting room, free wifi and Travel Channel on the TV

-Not too thorough, I had to go back because some piece of plastic got moved around to where it was blocking my wiper fluid squirter thingy.  On the pro side, when I went back and it was promptly taken care of.
-No car wash!  Apparently they're having some water recycling issues, at least that's what I was told when I asked why my car was still filthy after the service.

Overall I guess I'll go back if needed while I'm here in SD, but this place soooo doesn't compare to Toyota 101 back home, so if I can I'll try to schedule my services around visits home.

M P. | 2010-06-30

This is a review of my experience with Sales.  I was in the market to buy a 2011 Sienna.  As any smart consumer, I did my homework, called a bunch of dealerships in town, and compared prices.  Natalie, from Toyota San Diego, called me and gave me a quote that, relative to the other offers from the other dealershps, was "THE ONE".  The manager, James King, called me, and confirmed the deal, he gave me the exact numbers, TAX INCLUDED, and 15,000K a year (36-month lease).  Im coming from Carlsbad, but with that good of a deal, I was willing to shed all that gas money to grab the deal.  I called Natalie in the morning, and was told that she WILL NOT be there, but to ask for her associate MIKE WILLIAMS.  Generally, I would prefer to deal with the same person, but she guaranteed that he was given the "file" and knows EXACTLY what the deal was.  So, needless to say, I drove down in the afternoon, found MIKE, and spent a good half hour with the drive test, and credit application. He was not too enthusiastic about helping us, that was very apparent from the start.  I should have known that was a sign.   When it came down to "THE DEAL", he changed the whole tune, and said "well, they actually forgot to tell you one thing, the monthly payment they quoted you DOES NOT INCLUDED THE TAX".  SAY AGAIN??  HELLO ?? it says right on the "FILE" that the agreed upon payment is "TAX INCLUDED".  Here's what MIKE replied to me : "No, you see this tiny little scribble after the number, it says "+", so it should read "PLUS TAX".  And I replied, you mean your manager wrote down " PLUS TAX INCLUDED"??? What in the world is that?? COME ON !!!!!   If you want to play dumb and stupid just to pocket a few coins, go ahead, but you ain't fooling me dude !  I quickly stood up, preparing to leave, and he said " so you're walking out of a deal for a difference of $11? ??? DUDE !! do your math, its NOT $11, it's $27 difference.  And Im not walking out because of that, IM WALKING OUT BECAUSE YOU PEOPLE ARE PLAIN LIARS WHO CANNOT STAND BY THEIR WORD !!!  Anyway, I left that place, left a message on Natalie's voicemail, voicing my disappointment and frustration.  She did call me back and apologized, and asked me to come back the next day so she can do the transaction herself, but its too late.   THESE PEOPLE CANNOT BE TRUSTED.  THEY WILL DO ANYTHING TO GET YOU THROUGH THE DOOR, AND THEN TURN AROUND AND SAY "OH, THAT DEAL, WHAT I REALLY MEANT WAS...".  BOO !!

nick c. | 2010-03-30

right now i am having a problem with the car i purchased. The salesperson lied to me about the car when I was checking out the car. I specifically wanted to make sure there were no problems with the paint because the cars i had before had problems. Now i am going to go in and see if they will work with me and help, i would have bought a newer car if I had known the problem with the paint. I will keep you updated on what goes on. If they can help me with this problem i would have to say 4 stars for this dealership on the ability to make the customer happy and taken car of but if no i would give them a 1.

I just honestly want the car the salesmen told me when i was purchasing the car

L. M. | 2010-03-23

I bought my car there 2 years ago and got it service there ever since without problem until today ! Is Toyota loosing it? They are for sure under a lot of stress! I waited 10 min by my car at the service station as I should without anybody agnoledging me not even with a : we will be right with you!. I finally went inside to see a reprentative ( who is usually really nice) who sent me right back where I was coming from with a not so friendly and customer oriented tone!
Toyota I like you but I can t stand being treated like shit! I don't think now is the time for you to loose more costumers! Careful guy !

K C. | 2010-03-14

We just bought another car for our family and Toyota San Diego really made it easy for us.  We actually called them on the phone a few times before we made our trip down and surprisingly they were patient and honest. The salesperson kept his promise and gave us the price that we negotiated over the phone. They really made it easy for car buyers that hate all the hidden agendas.

Dylan G. | 2010-03-13

I thought that these guys would be better then the rest....but I was mistaken.  They seem to be in the business to take advantage of your trade in. I looked at my trade in value on KellyBlue and was given a trade in value 5K more then what they were offering. They even showed me a Kelly blue book print out of there price....Funny thing is that i asked them to go online in front of me and run  it again.....They got my number.........It seems like a scam to me.  They want to make money on the new car sale, and rip you off on the trade in as well..... STAY AWAY......GO SOME WHERE THAT DOESN'T SCAM.

Tania J. | 2010-01-25

This review is for the service department at Toyota San Diego:

Service departments at dealerships are usually frightful: on one hand, you have this (false?) sense of security in relying on the name brand.  You hope for some accountability and at least some continuity in work.  On the other hand, you know you are paying exorbitantly.  And there's little accountability in this industry.

Over the last few years, I have worked exclusively with Q Holt for my Toyota's service.  He takes care of his customers, and I like him a lot.  Case in point: my transmission was acting up, and the repair was going to be expensive.  His info told him that I was 5,000 miles outside of warranty coverage, but he called to tell me he was working to get the parts "goodwilled" to me because I was so close to the warranty.  As it turned out, I had purchased an extended warranty, so it was covered regardless.  Q has worked with Toyota for many, many years, and I believe he stands out as a rare exception in a sea of slimy, dishonest, despicable service personnel.

With that said, though, I don't trust Toyota as a corporation, and the nature of service departments is to maximize profit, which means that they may recommend service that you don't really need.  And they charge A LOT for what they do.  So I started taking my car to Advantec in Normal Heights for work, and not only do I trust the guys at Advantec (see the Yelp reviews), but they also charge about half of what Toyota does.  

I really want to give my business to Q, but I can't justify paying so much more.

Greg A. | 2009-11-28

All car dealerships have the same stress you out, make you wait, bulls&%t.  This one may have a bit less, depending on the salesperson.  They are willing to negotiate but they won't just give it to you.  I think it is a matter of finding the right salesperson.  We worked (finally) with Omar and he was very straightforward and easy to work with.  

One of my big problems with dealerships is the high turnover rate of salespeople.  They come and go - the dealerships don't seem to really value their salespeople - it is all just so routine. The pattern is pretty much the same everywhere.  Omar had been there about 8 months - a long time in the car sales business.

It doesn't stop with the car, of course.  When you get in the finance office they try to up sell you on alarms and warranties.  For example, they installed an $850 (retail) alarm system on the car and made a point that it would have to be disabled if I didn't want it.  If you take these things as just the usual stuff they have to do - and only buy what you want/need, then it is less painful.  I am not complaining about TSD - but the car dealer routine in general.

I recommend watching inventory. They are more likely to deal when they have had a car on the lot for a long time, or when their inventory of similar models is high, end of month, end of year are all targets.  Even if you go the Costco route - remember that is a starting point.  

So with all my comments above - the experience at TSD was still fine and working with Omar was positive.  Would go back if we buy another Toyota.

Sandi I. | 2009-10-14

Buy your car here! Trust me I have been to 8 dealerships in SD. This is the best one* The color I wanted was really difficult to get. (Flint Mica) After false promises from a dealership, I was pessimistic. I was working with 4 dealers including some from LA to get me this car.

Manny P at TS emailed and stayed in touch with me over 2 wks. He had a 'can do' attitude unlike many of the other sales guys I met. He was honest and straightforward when we discussed the invoice, profit margin and MSRP. Yes, I said HONEST!!! Did my homework for a nearly a month. Knew he was on target. Props to James/Manny.The only dealer who actually got this car for me. One day* A++ for communication, follow up and listening 2 ur customer.

When I visited the showroom, I was really impressed. Immediately greeted and escorted. Wow! this showroom knocks ur socks off. It is open, modern, and well lit. A feng-shui dream for car buying~The swaying palm trees and polished floors. The service dept is even so spic and span you can see reflection of your face on the floor.

Finance was great. For someone like me who loathes paperwork & numbers. A artist's nightmare...Josh, the finance manager was articulate, concise, and good sense of humor. Expedited the process before my hand fell off.

Service dept was efficient and fluid in operation. Sandy G was polite, professional and fast. I had several things on my work order. I thought it would take all day but it only took 2 hours.

As fabulous as the showroom is...Star Bucks addicts: there is one on Camino Del Rio on right hand side (5 min walk) Ladies: Beauty Nail is a great place for spa mani/pedi, if you want to kill a couple of hours while getting your limbs and car serviced.

Dorothy L. | 2009-08-12

The manager is a blatant liar. It is one thing not to negotiate a deal. It is a popular car. But, just say you won't negotiage. DON'T LIE. It is just plain STUPID.

The manager says I can't get the same car anywere else in San Diego County. I said I called another local Toyota dealer that morning and they have the same car. The manager disappears and says he called that dealer and the car is no longer available. I proceed to call that dealer in front of him, and guess what is still available? The manager still denies it! Wow . . . just amazing. If I ran my business that way, I wouldn't have a license anymore.

We bought a Tundra last year from this dealership. We were repeat customers, but NO MORE. i'D RATHER NOT HAVE THE CAR THAN DEAL WITH LIARS.

Harry E. | 2009-08-01

NOt even one star.  I dealt with a major Liar.  I had an agreed price with a guy named Khalili and confirmed it two more times on the phone.  I then come in and they say they dont have it in color and price is 2,000 dollars more.  The General manager Jeff says we dont lie here but luckily my work phone has some of my conversations saved so I play him the last converstaion with confirmed price and he just says sorry about that and Khalil is new but we wont do anything.  I drove 45 minutes and wasted an hour there with them lying and making excuses.  NEVER USE THIS DEALERSHIP IN MY OPINION, PLENTY OF CHOICES OUT THERE and THEY ARE LIARS AND A WASTE OF TIME. LIARS LIARS LIARS LIARS LIARS.  DO NOT GO HERE EVER in my opinion.

AUDREY B. | 2009-06-17

I've been taking my Corolla in for 5 years now.  I know sometimes I'm paying a little more than I would at say, Jiffy Lube, or something akin; but you get what you pay for, and Toyota Mission Gorge always takes care of me.  They are very efficient, as well, and have good customer service.

John M. | 2009-05-25

We came to the dealership to test drive a new Toyota Highlander. Typical sales experience. A bunch of dopey looking guys standing outside with their hands in their pockets waiting for customers to annoy. We didn't have both feet out of our car when we're approached by a clueless kid who was pleasant but couldn't answer any of our questions. After about 10 minutes on the lot, he brings over his "boss" -- an overly slick guy in a cheap suit and so much grease in his hair, I didn't know whether to shake his hand or go find him a towel. The kind of guy you can't stand looking at, much less talking to, especially with his high-pressure tactics. We left shortly thereafter, mostly wondering where they find these creeps.

Kelly M. | 2009-04-17

i will drive all the way out to mission gorge from pacific beach to get away from mossy toyota and get excellent service here.

the 30 minute oil change, free car wash with every service, and free shuttle have made me a loyal customer. when it comes to parts, they offer competitive prices that are often lower than private companies. plus, i also get coupons in the mail that have saved me hundreds of dollars. the staff is very friendly, and always willing to take the extra time to explain things about my car.

christina a. | 2009-02-01

i went in to test drive a car and noticed that there was some minor body damage, they promised to fix it before i even test drove it ( service manager who was walking by said that the damage probably happened on the lot). i ended up making the deal, trading in my car on an upside down loan. a week later i get a call from Mark Rowles telling me that the bank didnt want to absorb the neg equity and that i needed to come down and resign the papers, the good news being that my loan would go down, so i did. in the new contract i get 2 yr prepaid maint pack, and the cost of my gap ins and alarm went up, but still the loan and payments went down.
  i take my car in 10 days later to have the body repairs made. they said 2-3 days so i made other arrangements for work transportation, etc. i saw the look on the used car mngrs face when he saw what they were fixing, but didnt think anything of it. 2 days later i get a call from Mark, telling me that he messed up the paperwork and i needed to come down as soon as possible to redo the contratct. he said that corporate was there and he dindt want to loose his job. he says he has to take some stuff off (the maint pack) and make the car worth more.  i tell him im at work and dont have a car bc they have my car, i will call him back. i start to think about it and call him back, he doesnt answer so i leave a voice message telling him that i think that they realized how much they were paying to fix my car, and thet they were trying to get me to pay for it without telling me that i was paying for it, and if it was gonna be a problem then he should just ask his manager if i could come get my old car back, bc as much as i like the new car, its not worth it to go thru all this mess.
 on the third day i call to ask for an estimated time so that i can make arrangements for trans to and from work, etc. my service advisor who had been very good about returning my calls in a timely manner before this, does not return my call. 2.5 hrs later i call and ask to speak ta anyone in service to ask the same q. half an hour later someone calls to tell me that they are "shooting for tomorrow".
 tomorrow comes and i call to check on my car, they give me an estimated time and do end up calling a lil later than they originally told me. so i make arrangements at work and go to get my car.
 the paint looks okay, but i notice that there is a samll crack or tear in the front bumper where it looked like they were taking off a piece so that they could do the paint job, and i go to tell my service advisor. he looks peeved and tells me that all work has to go thru the used car manager. i go get him to show him and apololgize for being such a pain. he tells me that they paid alot of money to have it fixed and it should be done right, however its now the problem of the body shop that they sent it to, since they did the damage. he also tries to tell me that its not ripped or cracked, but just looks like a screwdriver indent. WTF? so i make him put it in writing that it needs to be fixed, and he looks very put out.
  when i go to get in my car, its all dusty inside form the body shop guys. there are big shoe marks and scuffs along the inside door frame guard, and there are holes and tears in the weather strip around the driver door that were not there before. i was running late back to work, so i just left, but now i have the unpleasant task of calling them about that, too.

 for the record, the only person that was good about returning my call ang getting what i asked for in a timely manner was a guy in the parts department. all i asked for was a copy of the owners manual for the upgraded stereo in my car. i got that in the mail in less than a week at no extra charge. but only half of it, not even the half that i needed.

  watch out for these guys. most of them dont even like their jobs!

Julia K. | 2008-12-01

My husband just bought a new corolla from this dealership and the service was great.  We were in and out within a few hours with his new car.  We worked with Vern Holloway (internet sales) and he was very nice, and professional.  The finance departmant (suprisingly) wasn't pushy about buying their upgrades or extended warranties.  This dealership is miles ahead of others, specifically Bob Baker.  Next time we purchase a Toyota we will be coming back here.

Michael L. | 2008-10-13

Screw these guys.  I was in need of a new car and they had a commercial running on TV in the morning with a Camry at an outstanding price.  So, later that day after work, I roll down there to get the scoop and buy it.  Sure enough, they say there was only 1 at that price and that it was sold.  When I tried to ask them what the lowest price was that they'd sell me one at, they wouldn't even give me a straight answer.  They just kept coming back at me asking what I wanted to spend.  Kept trying to show me the car.  

Dude, I've done my homework.  I've been swindled in the past by car dealers.  Do you want to make a sale or not?  Just give me your best price.  If it's better than the rest, I'll buy from ya.  Dont give me any ballpark crap, give me a solid number.  They couldn't do that so I had to walk.

What pissed me off most was that they ran that same commercial the next day!  Bullshit.  Dont listen to their commercials.

Kristi S. | 2008-08-01

This review is for the service/repair center only. I took my Corolla in for a 90k service and to repair a broken door handle, but the repair guys ended up talking me into two more repairs that were very pricey (We also used a car from the Hertz rentals on site, which I'll review below after the service center).

Pros: I was able to make a same-day appointment over the internet. The waiting area had the Travel Channel on. I was able to get one free soda from the cafe with the service receipt. In an attempt to make up for the awful service, we got a coupon for a free oil change.

Cons: There are so many! Obviously, this place is really expensive and will talk you into adding on more services - save yourself hundreds and shop around for additional repairs. However, I think what is even worse is the PATHETIC customer service. The overall attitude of everyone we talked to was uninterested, bored, and dismissive. Also,  I ended up waiting 2.5 hours in the waiting room AFTER the car was supposed to be finished! A hint to future customers: don't believe them when they say the car will be around in "just a few minutes - they're pulling it around now." We started hearing that line at about an hour into the wait...we quickly realized it was a lie.

The actual repairs seem to be fine, but I was pretty annoyed that they tracked lots of white dust into the floor of my car, which only wipes off after quite a bit of work. In response to the super-long wait, the guy we talked to (I think his name was Q. Holt), gave one half-hearted apology when we finally were leaving - other than that meager attempt at showing he cared, it was pretty obvious he didn't give a damn about how long we waited or how crappy the service was.

I recommend you find another place to do your repairs - there are cheaper yet quality repair shops that will do a great job without milking you for every penny, as well as give great customer service. Any place that makes you wait for hours AFTER the supposed end time is just pathetic.

Oh, and for the Hertz rentals on site: even though both times (pick up and return) there was only one customer ahead of us, the wait was still 15-20 minutes! Again, these staffers don't seem to care about making customers happy. We'd already returned the rental car by the time the car was supposed to be completed, so we were stuck at the repair shop for the rest of the wait (it wasn't worth the wait to get the rental car checked out again, especially since we kept being told my car was almost ready!).

Okay, my rant is've been warned about this place!

Brian M. | 2008-07-25

This is a review for the Collision Center / Body Shop only.

So, my Honda Civic got backed into while it was parked.  The guy was kind enough (and wise enough since there were witnesses) to leave a note with his insurance information.  My insurance adjuster noted that one of their "partner" body shops (I could have used anyone) was Toyota San Diego.  Seeing as how it's close to my job and got some decent Yelp reviews (holla), I decided to trust them with my car.  

And I am SO glad that I did.  

When I called to see if I needed an appointment, both the operator and the person who answered at the collision center were kind and professional.  I brought my car by later that day, and Francisco came out to look at it.  Now, mind you, since I wasn't at fault, I was excited about getting anything fixed that I possibly could, but he didn't know that.  He went over each and every damaged piece and explained 1) what was wrong, 2) whether they would fix it or replace it, and 3) why they needed to order a new part as opposed to fixing a current one.  A great start to my experience there.  

My insurance (and the dude that hit me) includes rental car coverage, so I went to check on that.  There's a Hertz counter right there in the dealership.  (They'll get a separate review for less than 5 stars.)  They didn't have a car available that my insurance would have covered, so I had to take my car and come back the next day.  Not a problem for the body shop - they were extremely accommodating.

A day or so after I dropped it off and they started work on it, Jay from the collision center called to again explain everything that they were doing and to get my authorization to do it.  Again - since I wasn't paying for it, I didn't ask too many questions, but what I did ask he kindly and accurately answered.  By this point, I was waaay comfortable leaving my car with them.  

Fast forward to the day that they promised my car would be done.  Sure enough, I get a call from Jay that everything's good to go.  When I picked up my car, the woman in the waiting room with me said "boy, that looks like a new car!"  (FYI, it's 5 years old.)  The body work they did was wonderful.  The new parts blended seamlessly with the old, and the repainted parts matched perfectly as well.  The entire car was spotless, inside and out.  Tire shine, good smelling interior, the whole bit.  It seriously was like getting a new car.  

100% positive in my experience here.  So if you need body work, do yourself a favor and go see Francisco or Jay at Toyota San Diego!

Erin C. | 2008-04-08

This place is the best Toyota dealership for service hands down. The waiting room is great plasma tvs, lots of nice chairs and sofas, a little dining area. They even have a shuttle that will take you home and pick you up again if you don't have a ride. My oxygen sensor blew and was out of warranty for only a month and they repaired it for free because Im a loyal customer. Now that's service!

Audrey B. | 2007-10-25

I am visiting San Diego and needed to get my oil changed.  Well, and also to try and fix a big scrape that some poor guy scratched on my BRAND NEW car...  

I decided to go to a dealership to have the scratched looked at, so that when they fixed it, it would be dealership quality.  Well, not only did they rock the oil change at a great price, they buffed out the HUGE scratches for FREE!!!  Yep, you heard me, FREE!!!  Who even does that anymore?  I called the guy who hit my car and told him it was his lucky day because he didn't need to pay to fix my car.  The Gods smiled on us both, I suppose...  :)

In short, the service was quick, uber friendly and clean!  It had a warm and inviting lobby to boot!  I'm so glad that Jeeves (my navagation voice) took me to Toyota of San Diego.  I am one happy customer!

michelle m. | 2007-10-18

Have you seen this place lately?? It's brand new! And huge! Do you remember the old place that was all sad and depressing while you waited for your car to be fixed? Gone! Now it's bright and sunny and has a big flat screen showing CNN nonstop and nice chairs with little desks for your laptop or books.

When my Tacoma started acting up I knew the starter would have to be replaced but I was extremely nervous. After 135,000 miles, I knew there was much more work that needed to be done.

With great trepidation, I took my truck to the dealership, mostly because I knew they would have the parts I needed and it was close to where I work.

Now I've walked out of auto shops that I felt were scamming me which is why I waited so long to replace the timing belt. Do you girls know what I mean when you feel like you don't know whether or not to believe what they are telling you you need to have fixed or flushed or whatnot? And they'll always use that "I'm telling you only what you need to know for your own good. This is what I would recommend if you were my sister....."
I walk away from those places.

So it's a huge testament to John Levy at Toyota of San Diego that I trusted his every recommendation. Just as I suspected, my truck needed quite a bit of work, including a new starter, a new timing belt (only 30,000 miles past due on that one), and the water pump needed to be replaced.  

He worked with me on the cost of repairs, something I didn't think dealerships ever did. Didn't charge me labor on the water pump (because they were already in there replacing the timing belt). In the end I bought a new starter, new timing belt and water pump, had my radio antenna replaced and got an oil change all for $889.70. Not bad. I feel like it was money well spent and I definitely did not feel like I got ripped off.

And then...
As I'm driving away from the dealership, I get a call on my cell from John:

John: I just noticed as you pulled out that your rear brake light is out.
Me: Yeah, that's been out for about 4 years (thanks useless boyfriends of the last 4 years). I tried to fix it once myself but I screwed it up and messed up the seal.
John: Bring it back anytime in the next couple days and we will fix it for free.

I love this place!