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Our clients have high expectations for their vehicles, and equally high expectations about the dealership professionals who serve them. is widely recognized to be among the best in quality, reliability, value and customer satisfaction in both sales and service.
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Established in 2008.

Our clients have high expectations for their vehicles, and equally high expectations about the dealership professionals who serve them. is widely recognized to be among the best in quality, reliability, value and customer satisfaction in both sales and service.

When you're ready, come on by for a test drive with

santa fe auto group

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(858) 688-8789
Address:8720 Miramar Rd, San Diego, CA, 92126
  • Monday: 10:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 10:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 10:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 10:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 10:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 10:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: 10:00 am - 9:00 pm

Reviews on santa fe auto group

Dan B. | 2015-04-24

This Place Is A Complete Joke Communication Skills Are Horrible As The Prices On The Vehicles. We Bought A 2005 Chevy SUV With A Hell Of Problems. To Start With When I Bought The Car At First I Drove It For Two Days To Be Exact Then I Took It Back To The Dealer. So My Car Spend The First Month With Them It Was So Bad That We Had To Re Do the Contract Because My First Month Payment Was Due.The Traction Light And Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) Light Also Came On Which Cause My SUV To Skied Constantly Which Is Dangerous So If You Have Kids And Care For Their Well Being !!!!! DO NOT BUY A CAR HERE!!!! After That I Took the Car Up To Four Times For Them To Fix The Issues But I Was Lied To Every Single Time Then I Told Them I Dint Want The Broken Car Due To Their Lack Of Communication And Costumer Service. As For Today The Car Remains Broken So I took It To Another Shop To Get A Estimate On Fixing It And If Any Work Was Done To The Car Since I was Told The (ABS) Module Was Replace By Santa Fe Auto Group But The Shop Told Me No Nothing Has Been Done To This Car As On Service On That Category. I Received An Estimate Of $600.00 And Some Change For What Really Needs To Be Fix. Since Then I haven't Gotten A Response From Santa Fe Auto Group If They're Going To Fix It Since I Told Them They Had Their Chances To Do It Themselves To Many Times I Don't Want Them To Touch It Since I completely Don't Trust Them.

                             Best Of Luck To All Who Are Looking To Buy A Car To Avoid A Headache Don't Waste Your Time Here... Thank You

Nick H. | 2015-04-15

We've been car shopping for a while now.  It's been a frustrating process, but the salesman here was friendly, helpful, and put zero pressure on my wife and I.  They didn't get upset or try to pressure us when we test drove a few cars, returned at a later date, and test drove one again.  

I used to work at an auto shop, so I would like to think I'd know if someone was trying to mislead me.  I feel like they were honest and up-front with us.

We decided to save up and increase our budget before making a purchase, but we plan to stop here first when we are ready.

Aleyda R. | 2015-03-13

I just bought a car from them yesterday and I'm so happy. Great customer service and the best prices. Thank you Alejandro for explaining everything to me so clearly. Definitely recommend to buy from them.

Jesse R. | 2015-03-04

Where to start!? Well first of all this has got to be the worst place to buy a car. Most of the people there don't even know what they are doing. Like the guy named Raul there, absolute dumbass. He has no idea about anything he's talking about, for example,I bought a bmw with an airbag light on and seatbelt light, because of them "promising to fix it" so I took it to bmw of vista to see what the problem was and I was told that it was a passenger occupancy sensor and I took back to Raul and his so called "mechanics" which also have no idea what they are doing. And they kept saying its a recall and that I have to leave my car there so they can take it to bmw of San Diego because bmw of vista "doesn't know what they are doing" which is bullshit a dealership is a dealership and they hire the people they do because they know what they're doing! Also they say they'll take car of registering your car for you, it took them 3 months for them to file it and they did it wrong and was incomplete so I get a letter from the dmv threatening that my car may be impounded and what not if I was to be stopped by the police. And so I called Raul and the other employees and none of them seem to know what goes on around there so they just kept giving me the run around and so another 2 months go by and I finally get my registration, took them roughly 5 months to finally get my registration due to them not doing things right the first time. Everyone I talk to that has been there before says they will never go there again! Especially because of Raul, he has a major attitude and doesn't listen to anything anyone else has to say and has no idea what he's talking about when it comes to cars and is a major asshole if you ask me. And the owner is never there! I talked to him about being unhappy and he told me to come back in and talk things out and we set up a date and time and I showed up on time waited for about 1 hour and he never showed up. I was told by this lady daisy that (her exact words) " Alex is not feeling in the business mood, so he hasn't been coming in"! What kind of shit is that. An owner of a dealership flakes on customers because he's not in the "business mood"! & the only guy who kind of kept me updated on what was going on was Dwayne. So thumbs up to him. So much other things I can write about but i don't want to waste more time on a place like this. Thank you.

Dan M. | 2015-01-21

Raul you're ignoring my review and indirectly calling me a liar by disputing some of the things I said. You're also being condescending in your attempt to explain to me what sensors do and what car shops often recommend. You're telling me you've strongly improved on the things I've complained about? Did that happen over night? Why are you attempting to refute my poor experiences then? If you want to refute my review one by one, I can simply refute your silly response one by one.

1) I don't care whether you offer oil changes for a good or bad review, a good review is implied in your offer because no one is going to give you a bad review and then come in for a free oil change.

2) Your second rebuttal is an incomplete sentence and I'm not sure what you're attempting to say.

3) I never said that you said it wasn't your responsibility once it rolls off the lot the next day. I said I complained to you about it later on, and you did say that. Please don't try to imply that I'm lying.

4) I never said that the warranty should cover cosmetic parts. What I was complaining about is that your mechanic lost the parts, and it would have been free for me to fix if he hadn't lost them. Instead I had to buy a whole new setup and have you guys put it in. I have the receipt, it was over $200 dollars I paid because your mechanic lost the parts. How about you pay attention when you read this so I'm not explaining it again.

5) Yes one of my tires did have an air leak, and yes all of them were worn down. But that's my fault for trusting you to sell me a car with decent tire tread remaining.

6) My brake light did come on, and I didn't replace all the brakes, if you read the review you would see that I said rear brakes. No it wasn't an upsell so stop trying to talk to me like I'm an idiot.

7) I understand that the windows all worked when you sold me the car, Obviously I wouldn't buy a car that had dysfunctional windows. I was using the window issue as another example on the laundry list of issues this car has had in the short time I've owned it.

8) the fact that you smog your cars before you sell them is irrelevant to what I was saying, of course you smog your cars, I'm sure there's a law legislating that you do so. I'm simply bringing attention to the fact that the cars you have can have all sorts of problems coming from random auctions.

9) I never once said that you need to drop everything you're doing and focus on my car. But I think most people would agree that it's common courtesy when someone from your business tells me to come in that when I do come in I'm actually seen and not waiting around for hours because the mechanic had no idea I was coming. This concept is commonly referred to as an "appointment". You actually contradict yourself when you say that you don't drop everything you're doing to help customers when you immediately after tell me that you "advise if any of our customers have an issue with their car to bring in asap". Obviously I shouldn't bring it in ASAP. I wouldn't want you to have to "drop everything you're doing".

You didn't address that your companion there never called me back. You didn't address that I've been told to come when my arrival wasn't expected. You didn't address that your mechanics only work weekends. You didn't address that your mechanic lost my parts which resulted in me having to buy a whole new vent frame. You didn't address the fact that you texted me not know what I needed rather than calling me like a professional would. You didn't address most of my review.

Anyways like I said, rather than attempting to argue with me why don't you accept responsibility for your poor service. You didn't even address half the things I complained about. Don't tell me to call you when you consider the act of calling me back "dropping everything you're doing". You guys have told me to call you multiple times and multiple times I've received no call back. You boast about having customers come in for problems, but you act inconvenienced anytime I bring the car in. If you want to keep going back and forth I can, just try to stay relevant next time and be sure to read my post thoroughly.

Casey F. | 2014-10-18

I bought a car from Santa Fe Auto Group a few months ago. Customer service as well as product is 5 stars!
They were very friendly right from the moment we entered the door. They really went out of their way to accommodate me and gave me quite a few incentives as to why I should buy with them. They even dropped the price some and arranged for my payments to fit my budget!
Within the first two months of having my car, I had a few issues but they were always so helpful with getting everything fixed. They always got my car back to me in a timely manner and always honored their warranty. Now my car runs perfectly!
They know how to treat customers and they keep their word. I will refer any of my friends who need a car to them!

Tiffany C. | 2014-10-17

I had very little money to put down and Alejandro helped me get into a car! They were very helpful and informative. The process was very quick and I was satisfied with it and will be back! Thank you all!

Denisse Z. | 2014-10-15

I hate buying cars at dealerships, as a girl, sales man can be hustle; I bought a car with this guys and I have to say BEST EXPERIENCE EVER!
Raul make the process easy, clear and smooth.

I highly recommend this place!! Good inventory and great service!!!

Courtney B. | 2014-10-04

To start, the only reason a view 5 star reviews are posted is bc they bribe customers with a free oil change in exchange for a 5 star yelp review.
Here is a pasted email I sent to them when my car, purchased there 4/2013, was towed for the 4th time.
Dear Santa Fe Auto Group,

Please keep me updated on the process of my towed car in your lot. And while it is there, the car is still "shuddering" like it always has; The RPM gauge odometer is starting to go up and down very quickly and the car starts to stutter as I am driving. Again this doesn't happen every single time I am driving, but it is doing it more and more frequently. My concern is that it will break down and leave me stranded again--just to remind you, this is the 4th time it has been towed since I bought it from your dealership last April, and the 4th or 5th time it has been in the shop

Also, the light error on the dash board that you checked this past January did not go off like you said it would; could you please tell me what is causing this? Also, the oil light came on a few days ago too- which I thought was odd because your mechanic changed it last and according to the car data, it still has 3300 more miles to go before it needs to be changed again.

Per our emails last October, I asked you to look at the AC; it takes about 30 minutes for the air vents to blow as cool on the driver's side as it does on the passenger's side. You supposedly fixed it, but it is still doing the same thing. I also asked for you to see why the car is still taking a while to start up when I turn the key in the ignition. It doesn't happen every single time, but I would say it is as frequent as 6 out of 10 times when I start the car. Of course, these same problems still exist. Please check to see cause of these problems.

Please do not complete any work without written authorization for me or my husband (email is fine). I want to avoid the situation like earlier this year when I asked you not to change my brake pads because you said that they were good, but tried to charge me for them when I picked the car up- and of course, due to my frustration you called the mechanic-spoke in a language I did not understand, to determine the breaks were actually not changed at all.
For the record, I cannot express to you the frustration your company put me in yesterday. I was first told that you would not honor my warranty when you have serviced my car under this warranty before. Then I was told prior you could offer me a rental, then I was told yesterday only certain people could honor this policy, then the story changed to you just had no cars available to rent. Then I was told you just do not rent cars. So after I finally got you to agree to have one of your employees drive my husband to a rental place for us to rent a car-we literally had no other way to get there, the employee couldn't find one due to the lack of ability to speak English- so by the time he brought my husband back to your dealership, all the local car rental places were closed. Even though you offered to have that same employee bring us to a rental place on the other side of town on his way home, I thought that was crazy considering he couldn't get us to rental place 2 miles away because of communication issues. As I stood there practically in tears and begging for a rental because our family only had that one car and needed a way to get home and work, you and the entire team could have cared less to help. Both my husband's and I phones were totally dead and I could not believe a company would be so helpless to its customers considering the car  they sold has caused me nothing but trouble the second week after I drove it off the lot. So my husband and I finally walked across the street, went inside some random car audio place in tears to use their phone to call a cab, and one of their employees called me a cab, gave us water, gave me a coupon for the cab's services, recommend another mechanic, stayed after her store closed to make sure my husband and I got on the cab safely, called local rental places to help us find the best deal while we waited for the cab,  and EVEN called to check up on us later that night with the business card my husband left her- and we are not even customers at her business. Thank God for people who know how to do things right.
This is only HALF of my nightmare with these people.

Orfelio F. | 2014-09-29

These place is AMAZING!

I had a great buying experience with Alex and Raul.  Both went out of their way to make me feel like at home and find the best option for me.  Showroom is neat, clean and they have a plenty car options, definitely one of them will be for you. A complete satisfaction to have a deal with them, paperwork process was fast and simple! in a couple of hours i was driving my car. BTW they are also really good helping you to get a loan at lowest interest possible

I would recommend anyone to check out Santa Fe Autogroup if you are looking to buy a car!

Tommy F. | 2014-09-10

Have to say this is the best place if you need to buy a car. They have excellent quality cars BMW, Mercedes, Toyota and if they don't have what you want, Alex the owner will do a special order for you. I bought my 2006 bmw 2 yrs ago and what I love about this place if I need any kind of maintenance in my car, Alex say bring it in and he gives me BMW parts at cost. Oil change is way cheaper then any where else  . Best Mechanic s that specialize in domestic cars. If you can't get approved somewhere else Alex will make it happen. That was me 2 yrs ago and now I have established my credit.

Genaro L. | 2014-06-03

If you are buying a car, this place is great. Has good service and people is nice

Marina D. | 2014-04-13

Excellent service and fair prices. I have gotten 3 cars from here and the service doesn't stop after you get your car, you can always call when something is wrong with your car and Alejandro will help you get the best deal. For example, my daughter's car window got broken and I called all around to get a replacement, very expensive. I called Alejandro and asked him if he knew somewhere and I got a way better price where he sent me!! Going back to him to get my current loan refinanced!

Noemi F. | 2014-03-31

I bought my car a year ago and when I bought it , they mentioned to me that if I had any problems in the future I can bring it in and they would charge me whole sale cost on BMW products, I have to say they kept their word . I've had just some low maintenance that had to be kept up cause it's an older BMW 2006 and I was quite scared to know if the parts were going to be expensive , they were hardly anything , I've also dinged the bumper twice and both times they fixed it at less than $200 dollars... The mechanics are "fantastic", they know about bmws .. I can call anytime and they will tell me bring it in no problem...and he has great down payments plans, he will work with you and make it happen. Ask for Alex he's the owner...

Angel F. | 2014-02-05

Great place to buy a car, honest, not push, no hassle. Owner was really friendly with great customer service. If you are looking to buy a car check this place out

Arlene G. | 2013-09-25

I had a great experience buying my car at Santa Fe Autogroup The service was excellent and the time appropriate for the sell. I highly recommend this place. No doubt I will come back if I ever need a second car. Thanks!!!