San Diego Mini Cooper Independent Garage in San Diego, CA

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San Diego Mini Cooper Independent Garage -also known as Bijan's Mini Cooper Garage- is your one stop shop for all things Mini Cooper!
We offer:
- Service & Repair for your vehicle
- Complete Collision Center
- Tires & Alignments
- Customization
- Parts & Accessories
- Body & Paint Work
- Computer Diagnostics

Please contact us or come in for all of your Mini Cooper needs!

San Diego Mini Cooper Independent Garage

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(858) 453-4444
Address:8360 Miramar Pl, San Diego, CA, 92121
  • Monday: 7:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 7:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 7:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • Thursday: 7:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • Friday: 7:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • Saturday: Closed
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on San Diego Mini Cooper Independent Garage

William H. | 2015-04-15

I've never written on YELP, but I felt absolutely compelled to sign up for YELP and write this review.  In a world and business where INTEGRITY is tough to come by, I can say Mack is the epitome of running a business with integrity. My 2010 Mini Cooper S was making a loud noise and upon some internet research, I thought it may be a loose timing chain.  I took my Mini into cooper garage for Mack to diagnose and received a call back confirming that it was loose timing chain.  Mack gave me two options of which he said one was several hundred and if that does not work, it would have to be a replacement for approximately $3k.  Basically, he was giving me an option to hopefully fix the problem at a fraction of the cost if it had a remote chance to work just to save me some money.  Accordingly, he assured me that the first cost would be put towards the total replacement which essentially means he would be doing the first option on their dime and time. I was trying to swallow the idea that I'd be spending almost $3k for a repair on a car with 30K miles on it.  We then discussed whether i had an extended warranty, which I did not, when he said that he would try his contacts at BMW/MINI and see if they'll pay for some of the cost.  To my delight, Mack calls me back a short while later saying that Mini North America will cover all of the cost of a replacement timing chain and that all I need to do is come by and pick up the car.  He also gave me a contact number and name whom with he spoke so they would seamlessly know who I was and that I would be coming in with my Mini.  The fact that he went above and beyond to try and save me money, then called around to see if a dealer would cover the cost, and then not even charge me for diagnosing the problem made me really believe there are good people in this world.  To pass up a sure few grand job just to help me out shows the unbelievable character of Mack and the integrity in which he runs his business.  It's a no brainer that I will go back for any and all future repairs on my mini, especially reading all the great reviews on the quality of work!  I will also be stopping by in the next few days to somehow pay it forward to Mack or his team.  Thank you Mack for strengthening my faith in people when it is so easy to by cynical and suspicious.

Andy F. | 2015-04-14

This place is great. I got a 30,000 mile service and some other work done on my Mini and now it's running and looking better than it ever has. All the little squeaks and leaks taken care of as part of the service. Top quality work and way less expensive than the dealer. Outstanding customer service and no need to make an appointment.

I can see why there are so many great reviews on here. Don't bother going to the dealer, go visit Mack instead.

Scott C. | 2015-04-09

I was going to buy a used Cooper S and had the owner bring it to Mack for a pre-purchase inspection before I came down to check it out. Mack sent me pictures on my cell phone of what he found as he was doing the inspection, which I thought was really cool. Once it was done he called and gave a rundown of what he had found and was really informative about this particular car and Minis in general.

Turns out the car I was going to buy was a total dump despite what the owner had said, so I'm glad I had him check it out. Guy said the car was perfect and Mack found about 6 different oil/coolant leaks, a modified wiring harness in the engine, and a bunch of other issues. The guy is an automotive detective and I wouldn't hesitate to use his services again.

Dennis S. | 2015-03-14

I own a CLASSIC MINI and this dude walked out and said hi. It's my first time owning a classic mini so I was excited to see his classic blue mini on a display..

I asked if he has parts and could maybe give me a few pointers or two and he told me he doesn't store parts for a CLASSIC MINI and I understand that but afterwards he tried criticizing my little car inside and out and just sounding annoyed as if he wants me gone asap. Something a mechanic that doesn't know his car will do I guess.

This dude is good with the modern BMW minis but not the classic ones I guess even if he displays his classic blue mini outside. If you're a classic mini owner you are better off doing it yourself or take it to Heritage Garage in Costa Mesa.

Teri R. | 2015-03-11

Great service...Mack knows what he's doing!  His prices will beat the dealership hands down!  Had an emergency car repair situation and we were able to get the car in and out in a couple of hours...will definitely become a return customer!

Jennifer J. | 2015-02-21

Great service. If you have a MINI, you should be taking it here for everything. The estimate I was quoted from the dealer for brakes was a joke. Mack not only gave me a better price, he offered more knowledgable, trustworthy service. Skip the dealer and have your MINI serviced here.

Amy M. | 2015-02-17

I highly recommend bringing your Mini Cooper here!  I needed to get my serpentine belt replaced and was quoted a very high amount by the Mini Dealership I had been going to since moving to SD a year ago from Oregon.  I decided to google a local shop that worked on Mini Coopers and thank goodness I found this place.  I called and was quoted 1/2 the amount that the dealership quoted me!!  I was able to drive to the shop and have my car repaired that day.  I will say.....they told me to just "drop in" and it would be an easy job for I took a couple hours vacation time from work to head into their shop that day, but when I got there (with 2 hours to spare until closing) they tried to turn me away saying I needed to make an apt.  I was upset because they guy told me to come in anytime even after I asked if I needed an apt.  Well....after telling Mack that, he did what a great business owner does...and helped me right then and there.  

I will never go back to a dealership if I can avoid it and will always book my service appointments here.  I will make reservations in the future and these guys are well worth it.  They know good business practices and are straight forward with you.  Being someone who needs to be able to trust my mechanic (cause I don't know anything about cars) I trust these guys.

I had also had my USB port go bad.  Mack personally took a peek at it- popped it out and showed me how to replace it on my own.  The dealership quoted me $200 to replace this.  Instead I was able to drive to the dealership and purchase the part for $45 and replace it myself!!!  HUGE SAVINGS!!!!  Yahoooooo!!!!!!!

Yeah for a great mechanic, no bull, great pricing, and friendly.

Thank you!!!!!!

Eduardo L. | 2015-01-22

Just came in again to save my MINI after San Diego MINI tried to kill it. Thanks to Mack my Cooper S is up and running again. He even through in a free engine flush because Oscar failed to tell him about it and he had already written me up. (Thanks Oscar). I am pretty sure Mack would have tossed it in anyhow.

I will definitely be returning here and never again to San Diego MINI for maintenance. If you want to know why go read the San Diego MINI wall. If you don't have time just trust Mack with your MINI. He will not disappoint.

Brooklyn R. | 2014-11-19

I've been seeing Mack for all my repairs since I got my mini cooper 3 years ago. He's a super straight forward guy who knows minis and will give you honest answers. As a woman who really doesn't know much about cars I feel like I get a lot of mechanics trying ti get me to do services that aren't necessary.  Mack is always helpful in explaining any service or repairs that are necessary and offers way better prices than the dealership. Trust your car with these guys

Chris S. | 2014-11-14

While driving down to San Diego, my Mini starting losing acceleration and misfiring. My Mini Cooper garage was the closest repair shop. They were able to squeeze me in that day and quickly diagnosed my mini's issues. All repairs were made the same day & the owner even stayed late so I could pick it up. The owner had me take the car on a test drive to make sure I was satisfied. The little car works great now. Would highly recommend My Cooper Garage!

Phillip P. | 2014-11-04

Simply, I always go to Mack when it concerns cars and maintenance issues. Before I even deal with other businesses or dealerships, I always ask Mack first because I trust him and his crew. Definitely I always refer to him whenever I can. 5 stars for the win

Doug R. | 2014-10-20

I just picked up my Mini Cooper S from San Diego Mini Cooper Independent garage, after a major service, and my experience was so good I thought I would pass it on.  First a little about the owner Mac, who is passionate about his business and Mini Coopers.  I came to the shop because my check engine light was on, and my car was due for a service. Even though the shop was busy Mac took the time to listen to my concerns and discuss what he felt the car needed. He arranged for a rental car (which he paid for) and had his crew start working on the car.
When I picked up the car the next day, Mac explained everything that was done to the car, showed me the parts they removed from the car, and took me on a test drive. I could not believe the difference the work they did made in the drivability and the performance of the car. Aside from that they pressure washed and steam cleaned the engine compartment, and detailed the car. All of the work they did was described in great detail on the receipt, and Mac told me he guarantees the work for 36 thousand miles.
I have been driving for many years now and have owned lots of cars and have never found a shop of this quality before. It is great that San Diego has a good alternative to going to the dealer for service. If your Mini needs work,  give Mac and his crew a  shot, you will not be disappointed.

Kelly C. | 2014-10-10

As is often the case in life, my Mini Cooper Clubman developed 2 significant oil leaks shortly after my standard warranty had expired.  I had always done my servicing at the dealership where I bought the car.  I reported the suspected oil leak to them to check out during one of my Extended Service appointments and got $2000 worth of bad news.  Due to other inconvenient service issues with the car in the past I started developing a mistrust for the Dealership Service department (somewhat  unfounded).  But this was enough for me to look elsewhere for service.

So after some research I came upon Mack.   He had several positive reviews posted online.  I decided to give him a try.  So why should I (or you) trust him?  Let's see:

1) I went to SD Mini Cooper Independent Garage and waited a few minutes in Mack's waiting area, a funky yet very cool indoor/outdoor setup like I've never seen at a place like this before.  After talking to Mack I realized it fit his personality perfectly.
2) After meeting Mack he immediately took my car in to diagnose with his mechanic and let me know what was wrong.  He wouldn't even let me tell him what the dealership found at first.  After diagnosis we compared notes.  He was spot on, explained everything fully, and even showed me where the problems were (more issues than what the dealership found).
3) He wrote up an invoice and told me what absolutely had to be done then and what other things could wait along with cost implications.
4) Since most of the repairs involved significant teardown of the engine compartment he was able to discount some of the work since the teardown was already done.  I've never seen a dealership do this.  My experience has been that they always quote book rate as if each repair is always done from scratch.
5) I decided to have all the recommended work done.  In all this was about 2-3x the amount of parts and labor than the dealership quoted me (remember the $2K?).  Even with all of this extra work Mack's quote came in about $200 less than theirs.
6) The repair work took most of the day.  So I needed a rental car, which Mack offered for free.  Nice touch.
7) When I came to pick up the car that day Mack showed me the repairs, the actual parts replaced, and even provided pictures of my car during the repair process. The engine had been steam cleaned and looked brand new.  He had ME road test the car with him to make sure it felt OK and I was satisfied with the repair.  A good overall experience.

Interestingly I went back to the dealership for another Extended Service appointment a few weeks later.  They commented that the car was running great.

All I want is a shop I can trust that knows my car and is fair in the amount charged for the services performed.  I'm pretty sure I found one.  I for one will be going back.

Kathy A. | 2014-10-07

Hey Scott B, when you put a new clutch on your car you should consider learning how to drive it.

This place saved me so much money and was so helpful, I will always be coming back!!

Mack was a great guy and a very knowledgeable mechanic.  He gave us great advice on the stuff we were working on and gave us the parts at a very fair price.  I shopped around and no one had the harmonic balancer that we needed plus they wanted way more to order it. I will be back!!

Alan Q. | 2014-08-29

There is nobody who knows more about MINI Coopers than Mack.  He showed me things about my S that I didn't even know existed.  He even taught me how to use the paddle shifters. I felt like he really cared about me as a person and not a dollar sign. This is a rare business that is actually trustworthy.

Thanks to Mack and a special shout out to Oscar!

Michael W. | 2014-07-22

You will not find anyone who knows more about mini's than Mack. Mack is super friendly and always wants to help his customers.

I brought my mini to Mack because it had a few warning lights due to a broken brake sensor. Mack brought me a soda and turned on the world cup while my mini was being repaired. Mack also troubleshooted the bluetooth system in my car, while the other mechanic worked on the brakes. I was out of his shop in about 30 minutes. Definitely would recommend this shop to any mini owner.

Ema C. | 2014-07-05

Love Mack! Straight shooter, the real deal.
He never steers me wrong with my Mini and I go outta my way to have him work on my car. I Trust Nobody Else with my car and I always refer people to him :-) Not to mention he is Just a Real Cool guy with awesome experiences in life, doing right by people is part of his core beliefs and I want to see people like that prosper always!

Abraham B. | 2014-06-29

There is only one place to take your Mini in san diego, and its Mini Cooper Independent Garage. Nobody knows more about minis that mack.

I took my car to the dealership, for service i pre-paid all services for 100,000 miles and they never did nothing but put oil. Never do pre-paid on services they will just scam u and take your money.

I took my car to mack in the mourning and the next day it was running like new, best mech. In san diego, great prices, honest, and better that the dealer.

Janet D. | 2014-06-26

Yesterday I almost killed my Mini. And, the Mini dealer was an accessory to what would have been a horrific crime. I followed their instructions to a T and ended up with no oil in my engine. Who in the hell can you trust to get accurate knowledge if not the dealer???

THIS place! It's the little things...and, the big things...that make me slap a 5-star rating on a place. The list is long with SD Mini Cooper Indie Garage. A beautiful facility...a hands micro-managing uber-knowledgable owner...the most comfy waiting area I've ever waited in...a loaner car at my education on my car that has NEVER been offered before...a one-stop shop [service, warranty work, tires, detailing, etc.] notch service.

Driving my car out of the driveway was a trip back to 2009, when I pulled out of the dealer's lot. I've never felt a difference after getting my car serviced! She even got a total makeover...from the inside out. The engine looks stunning!

Even though they had to break the news to me that I didn't have quite the Mini I was told I was buying [snakes, I tell you...the dealers are total snake], I love her just the same. Thanks to these guys, she'll be around for a long, long time.

Hector L. | 2014-06-02

Very pleased with the service here.  Instead of charging me for an inspection, Mack helped me out by referring me to a Mini dealer where they were required to replace and install recalled/faulty equipment, FREE OF CHARGE .  Mack is very knowledgeable about Mini's and I will not be taking my Mini anywhere else.  He is understanding of the costs of maintenance and is open to working with you to get your car serviced.  The quality of work he provides is excellent.  If you care about your Mini, make the effort to get to this shop.

Kyle M. | 2014-05-13

I originally found this place when my battery died in the UTC area last year.  I typed Mini Cooper into my phone and this place showed up.  I have been coming back ever since.  

The dealer in Escondido is a total rip off.  THIS PLACE IS THE BEST.  The owner Mack and his team provide the best explanations of the work they are going to do before and after the service.  WAY CHEAPER THAN THE DEALER.


Erika F. | 2014-04-24

Outstanding service. I took my car in to get an oil change and it turns out there were a couple issues that could have turned into major issues..They took care of all of them and now my car is running great.

Tlahuiz B. | 2014-02-26

My mini needed an oil change and a check up and originally i planned on going to some random mechanic and getting a quick $30 oil change. Boy am i  glad i didn't and went to see Mack instead. Mack is a very knowledgeable mechanic and was straight forward with me. he did not try to get any extra money out of me and gave me some great advice on what to do with my car. He took care of the oil change did a full check up and topped all my fluids. I will definitely go see him again and he is probably one of the best mechanics out there. Definitely a trustworthy guy.

Adrian H. | 2013-11-26

No one knows better about Mini Coopers than these guys, especially Mack. Not even the dealership can provide you full knowledge of your car.

Not only does this shop repair Minis, this shop does all makes and models.

I don't live close to this shop and so I decided to drive 30+ miles to get here. The store front displays very nice Minis. These guys are enthusiast and those who are Mini Cooper enthusiast will not be disappointed.

I came here to have my brakes fixed due to some very annoying noises. Prior to coming to the shop, I had my brakes serviced 3 times in the span of 1 year. Mack took it to a drive and was able to diagnose the problem and the mechanic immediately began to get to work. Other shops were unable to fix my dreaded problem.

If you still feel doubtful. Mack was once a Mechanic for Mini Cooper of San Diego. He really knows his stuff. The head Mechanic is very friendly and very knowledgeable.

The environment of the shop is very welcoming and comfortable. You are treated as a friend than a customer and everyone is really nice. I highly recommend this shop to service your Mini than anyone else. Their prices are not over the top like a dealership but reasonable. Prices of the service is mostly based on parts and not service. The parts are all Original, good quality, and European. (Meant for your car)

If you found a shop that offers half the price of this shop. Most likely the parts are cheap (Chinese) and they will break your Mini. I learned that the hard way.

Natalie F. | 2013-09-23

It's never a good thing when you feel your clutch slip while you're shifting.

More like jump. More like....die. Even though I am not the most auto-savvy person, I could tell my clutch needed some attention ASAP.

Timeline: Saturday night, my clutch starts grinding. Out of nowhere. I had just checked my fluids about a week before, and was totally sure it wasn't as simple as needing more transmission fluid.

I didn't drive on Sunday, and first thing Monday morning (shop opens at 7am, I called at 6:59:59am) Mack (my new hero) answered and I blabbed all my story to him. He said I could bring it in immediately and he would give it a free diagnostic exam.

30 minutes later, I am at the shop down Miramar and he tells me the dreaded words: My clutch needs to be replaced. At 104,000 miles, I made it further than expected (general car maintenance is critical, Yelpers) on one clutch, especially since I learned to drive manual on it. The estimate was about $2,000. I straight up cried because as a 23 year old, that's like....all my savings.  But you gotta do what you gotta do, so he quickly gave me a loaner car and I went to work and so did Mack.

Fast forward to 530 pm. They stayed open so I wouldn't have to leave work early, and when I arrived my precious car was sitting outside, all freshly washed. Mack had even called my dad to explain all that needed to be done so that we would be confident we weren't getting screwed over.

For those who want to know, this is what had been taken care of:

Clutch replaced
Axel boot replaced
Air conditioning ...cleaned? Thermostat fixed
Some more axel and clutch things totally replaced.

And. Since he didn't notice the axely stuff when I had gone in the morning, and a couple other things, he didn't charge for it. WHAT THE HECK. I feel like I screwed him over because that would be over $3,000 elsewhere, and I left spending $2,200. No joke, because one of my coworkers actually called one of his mechanic buddies and I talked to my dad and they both said I got a hell of a deal for what I got done.

Mack is my new best friend and car advocate. With some refreshing and heart warming honesty and quality work in an insanely quick amount of time, I am glad to have taken my 2003 Mini Cooper S here. He said that I had some other stuff wrong (see above list) in addition to my clutch, and good thing I had taken it in or it would've been a lot worse.  Sad as I was to part with the money, I am thankful for the peace of mind and am happy to provide business to a place with such integrity and compassion.

As I was driving home in my washed and vacuumed car, it's new clutch was zippy and the car felt great. I haven't had that much fun driving in years! I wouldn't consider going anywhere else for anything car related since they treated me and my car with integrity, kindness, fairness, and were so kind as to meet my weird needs like staying open late and calling my dad and sending him photos throughout the process.

There is a warranty on all parts, so you know they won't give you shoddy work. If they can go above and beyond for you, they will. I need to tell my buddies to check this place out because I am a superfan. And I don't say that easily after spending the largest chunk of money I ever have in my post-college life.

Lara S. | 2013-08-05

Mack did an amazing job on my 2002 Mini Cooper. I came in with leaking coolant and no power steering. He fixed my radiator and thermostat immediately, and power washed everything and changed out things that other mechanics had botched for free! He also set me up to get a brand new power steering pump for free, as it was under recall. Another mechanic wanted to charge $200 just to figure out what was wrong with the power steering! I have so much confidence in these guys, and I'm so relieved to have found a reliable mechanic. I will be taking my Mini to these guys for all of my repairs in the future!

Thomas F. | 2013-07-29

I'd definitely would go back again. They did a great job repairing my Mini after I thought the car was going to be a total loss. The car is almost better after the collision than before. Felt like a valued customer, and were very flexible with my needs.  Thanks Mack!

Bill M. | 2013-06-29

My car died on the 5 and I was leaving for vacation in two days. I called up this shop to see if the could work me in. Mack (owner) and Oscar (head mechanic) said "come on down. We will take care of you." They put my car to the front of the line and solved my issue right away. They really know their stuff and spend the time to teach you if you are interested. I love the small business owner attitude too. I will be back and encourage you to visit their shop. It is nice clean and fair.

Isaac L. | 2013-06-10

I recently bought a Mini and needed to get it checked out due to some engine lights that had come on. I took it to this independent Mini garage to try and avoid the expensive Mini dealerships. I am always a little weary of auto mechanics in general but this place made me feel extremely comfortable from the beginning. Mack the owner was very prompt and courteous. I loved that he did not charge me an inspection or "diagnostic" fee just to take a look at it. He immediately put it on a lift and walked through the different sections of the undercarriage with me to evaluate my concerns. He was extremely knowledgable and was able to explain and show me what the issue was and where. He was able to get it repaired the same day for a very reasonable price. It would have cost me a fortune at the dealership and who knows if they would have even fixed the correct issue.

I would highly recommend this shop to anyone looking for a honest mechanic at very fair price. I have since taken my Mini back for assistance in upgrades to it and I have also referred a few friends there looking for a great place to get repairs done.

Sharon T. | 2013-03-15

As a MINI owner, I would not take it to anywhere that doesn't fix European cars. They were the original San Diego Mini Cooper Shop before Mini of San Diego opened up in Kearney Mesa. They have all the parts and they surely do a great job on the service. Mack and his team are awesome. He loves to teach and show you where things are in the Mini Cooper. He creates a great atmosphere and gives suggestions/feedbacks on what to do. He's a MINI owner himself so he's quite knowledgeable on what he says. If you're a student like me, we love deals. He gave me a discount and it was affordable for what needs to be replaced. Needed a new clutch, flywheel, and other things which was way cheaper than the Mini of SD.  Mack, he's the man to go to when you need fixin'. I would not go anywhere else. I trust these people!

Bailey B. | 2013-02-06

Being a Mini owner, I have come to fear the dreaded "Service Engine Soon" light, because typically it means that I have one of two options:  I could either relinquish my wallet to the Mini dealership or to some European specialty auto repair shop in the hopes of them being honest about what they are telling me is wrong with my little Cooper.

I have been to San Diego Mini Cooper Independent Garage on several occasions over the last two years (most of which fortunately haven't involved that infamous "Service Engine" light) and I can say with the utmost certainty that these guys are not only incredibly knowledgable about the mechanical and electrical aspects of their business, but possess a trait even more rare in their line of work - honesty.  If the problem is minimal and can be resolved with something as simple as reseting a sensor, these guys will tell you exactly that - no fabricated stories about how some valve of some sort is broken, and learn $2,500 of miscellaneous repairs later that my lack of car expertise has left me taken advantage of. It is important to trust the people you're doing business with... especially when the business dealing involves that expensive, complex piece of machinery on which I rely so heavily.    

I'm due for an oil change in another couple hundred miles, and when I drop my car off at San Diego Mini Cooper Independent Garage, I can rest assured that I am giving my business to the kind of people who deserve it.

Chad G. | 2012-12-04

Outstanding service from San Diego Mini Cooper Independent garage. I will not take my Mini any where else.