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On this page you can find detailed information about the company San Diego Automotive in San Diego, CA.

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San Diego Automotive

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(858) 279-3130
Address:5560 Kearny Mesa Rd, San Diego, CA, 92111
  • Monday: 10:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 10:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 10:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Thursday: 10:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Friday: 10:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Saturday: 10:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Sunday: 11:00 am - 5:00 pm

Reviews on San Diego Automotive

Constance W. | 2015-03-05

So I bought my 2011 BMW 335i January of last year. I went to a BMW dealership today to see what trade in value was looking like. They asked me what paint work I had done to it and I told them none. They then tell me that the whole hood and driver side of the car had been repainted. Maj and Fidel told me this car was clean no accidents. They also told me that an aftermarket alarm was put on the car. I was not told any of this and none of it was on the carfax. Do not trust these people.

Matthew J. | 2014-12-04

I have read several of the negative reviews and can't agree with most of what is said except the looks of the dealership are little more than a parking lot with a trailer - who cares!

I bought a 2011 550i with 17k miles. I purchased from SD Automotive only because I wanted a non-black 500i with a manual transmission which is next to impossible to find. SD Automotive suddenly had one. I would have paid their asking price (sorry Fidel) but was still able to negotiate a fair price with Fidel. I have had no issues with the car for the 35 days (a short time I know) I've owned it which is still under warranty with BMW so who cares!

Here's why I'm give SD Automotive 5 stars:

1. I noticed the car only had one key. I asked Fidel where the second key was and he said he'd mail me one once he got one from BMW USA. I figured I'd never see it. It showed up in the mail a week after my purchase.
2. Smogging - I was told by Fidel that the car needed to be smogged and it's the seller responsibility but if I got it smogged he'd send me a check to cover the cost. I smogged it last week but figured there was no way Fidel would ever send me a check so I didn't bother to send Fidel the receipt. Today I got a call from Fidel wanting to know how much the smog inspection cost me so he could send me a check. HE was the proactive one. HE wanted to be sure I was paid what I was promised.
3. Most the 1 and 2 star reviews, if you read closely are, from what I can tell, from people with little clue in life. These are not new cars so you need to check out what you're buying. If the car has issues relating to the manufacturer (BWM) how can you expect the seller who has driven the car less than 5 miles to be responsible. The key is that I see no instance of SD Automotive knowingly hiding, disguising, or fraudulently conveying something other than they're advertising. These are not salvaged cars being sold as clean title cars from everything I have read and that's why I felt safe plopping down cash to purchase from SD Automotive (actually I didn't feel super safe at the time of purchase but now feel very good about it).

Bottom line is that if for my next purchase SD Automotive had the only car west of the Mississippi that I wanted I'd purchase from them without hesitation.

Christine Y. | 2014-12-04

My husband bought a 3 series BMW from
San Diego Automotive less than a week ago. We were met by Fidel was courteous and professional. My husband was able to take the car for a spin, sign papers, and drive away with a new car in less than 45 minutes which made him a very satisfied customer.

Samnang V. | 2014-11-12

Forced to give a 1 star rating for this sh*thole place?? Really?? How and why is there is 3 stars?? I really don't know why and how it's that high and I'm certain all of the 5 stars are fake!!

I have to say this by far has been the absolute worst and the most unforgettable experience i have ever been through in my whole entire life!!! The crooks that run this STEALERship "Maj" and "Fidel" are lying, crooked, asshole thieves.  Five months ago my girlfriend and i purchased a black 2007 BMW 335i from them. I noticed the car had 89k miles, so being a previous owner of a 335i myself. I am well aware of the common recall issues that this particular engine and car has and that it can be simply fixed under warranty if it was previously done. I repeatedly asked Maj (the salesman) question regarding the turbos if they had been changed out during the warranty that BMW offered for the turbos which was 8yrs/82k. I also asked about the high pressure fuel pump which is commonly known to go bad due to faulty parts used by BMW. He kept assuring me and promising me that everything has been changed recently under warranty and that this car freshly just came back from BMW San Diego and they did a complete 100% inspection and there isn't anything wrong at all. Maj said we cannot see the warranty worksheet since it contains confidential information regarding the previous owners. Being a bit skeptic after him saying that I went ahead and gave him the benefit of the doubt since he seemed like a honest person at first. So we went ahead and took our chances and trusted him. we went ahead and proceeded with the purchased, it was a $20,000 car and we put down $3,000.

WOW!!!!!!!!! HOLY SH!T!!!!!!!!!! That was the worst mistake of our lives!!! Within 1 week.....1 WHOLE WEEK!!!! The car died on me at an intersection during rush hour traffic, it wouldn't start. I managed to get it pushed off to the side of the road with the help of strangers and noticed it was a battery problem. I noticed the battery was the original battery since 2007!!! It's a freaking 7 year old battery!!!  We called San Diego Automotive spoke with Fidel who informed me that there is nothing he can do since we drove it off the lot and kept saying "as is" almost 15 times during the whole phone call. I became extremely frustrated and went on for another 30 minutes telling him that this is really unfair and dishonest practice.  Finally, he said he'll talk to his manager...which is "himself" and call us back the next day. so i towed the car to my work and left it there overnight.  The next following day he never called back. I called back and surprisingly he is on vacation. i took matters into my own hands and towed it to a BMW independent shop who performed the battery swap and special computer coding for me. I walked away with a $400.00 bill just for a damn battery that supposedly was checked by "BMW" according to San Diego automotive.

That was just the beginning of my nightmare...2 months later after the battery incident. The car started making rattle noises from the turbos. I called BMW of San Diego and they quoted me $7,900 just to replace both of the turbos!!!!!!!!!!  But wait...there's more!! Shortly 2 1/2 months after the turbo issue, the car started stalling and sputtering during acceleration and the check engine light came on.  I immediately know exactly what that problem since it happened to my old 335i. It was faulty fuel injectors and BMW dealership charges $3,000 just to change them out and re-code them into the cars computer. They informed me by pulling up my VIN number, that the warranty work was never done on this car nor was the high pressure fuel pump. Now we are stuck paying a $17,000 loan on a car that doesn't even work!!!!!

It's been almost a week now since we can't drive the car. It's really depressing and heartbreaking coming home from a long stressful day at work and seeing where all of your hard earn money is going to....a piece of junk car that doesn't even drive. We just can't afford to spend the extra $11,000 right this moment to fix the broken car especially with the holiday seasons around the corner. It's just going to have to wait until the beginning of next year. Better yet, use that money towards an attorney and sue this business so they don't continue to do this to others.

To be honest, they do have nice cars here with okay prices but please save yourself the hassle and headache in the future and stay far far away from the dealership as possible!! I mean..unless you have deep pockets, like being lied to, buying a lemon car, getting ripped off and screw in the a*s hole with no lube...then go right ahead and make your next purchase from these crooks!

Melanie W. | 2014-10-26

I've had my 2011 BMW 535 for about 6 weeks now. The sales part of negotiating was typical of what most people prepare for and don't look forward to when considering purchasing a vehicle.  I even had my own financing completed before I arrived. They low balled my trade in to where I just decided to keep my mercedes and sell it on my own. I was supposed to receive a phone call in a week about getting a 2nd key...however that never happened.

DMV supposedly lost my smog inspection?! So I had to take the vehicle and get the smog done myself. But the killer here is that I have owned the car about 6 weeks and my car has been in the BMW service center almost 3 of those weeks! The drivetrain has malfunctioned twice! Leaving me stuck on the side of the road and having to pay to have it towed to the service center! The DME has been replaced twice, the lock actuator went out, several fuses had to be replaced, lots of other engine issues have been repaired, vanos air intake crap, etc..!! It's absolutely ridiculous that the car suddenly had all these issues the moment I drive off the lot?!

It may be worth the few hundred dollars to pay for the option to return the vehicle and take it immediately to be inspected! Thank goodness mine was still barely under 50k miles so everything has been covered under warranty so far. Terrible to be making car payments on a car I can't even drive and will worry if this crap will happen again on the road with my kids in the car!

Giancarlo R. | 2014-09-12

I was looking for a particular car and San Diego Automotive was one of the few that had the color and car I was looking for.  So I called over and spoke with Fidel who gave me all the information and got me a better rate than on my own.  

Their pricing was fair considering all the other vehicles with that mileage and additional amenities.

After a couple of postponed visits and I was able to make my way over to check out the car.  My expectations had been met and than some after inspecting and test driving it.

If your looking for a beautiful BMW than Fidel at San Diego Automotive is the right person to talk too.

Robert C. | 2014-08-26

Review removed

Mark Z. | 2014-06-20

I'd like to take a minute to tell you all about the experience we had at San Diego Automotive. first off i have been searching for a 2008 BMW 535i for almost a month, alot of the cars that I was looking at had ugly ext/int color combos, price or milage was too high, not enough options for the asking price, or the seller was outside of San Diego.
 Anyway my wife texts me saying there is a 535i that was just listed on I looked it up on the web and then dropped by the dealership later that same day, it was on Thursday June 12th to check out a 2008 BMW 535i that was fully loaded with options like sport, premium, cold weather, rear sun shades etc. so as I was walking around the lot looking at the different models they had, and for that 535i they just listed, a salesman came up to me and introduced himself as Fidel and asked if I needed help, I told him "I want to see the 535i that you just listed on ...", he told me he just got it in yesterday(Wednesday) and unfortunately the car wasn't here, it was sent to the shop for maintenance/presale check and stuff and was to be back on friday the 13th. So we got to talking and I asked him what he was his asking price was for the car and all that other numbers stuff. After maybe 30mins I told him that I would come by again when the car is back to check it out. So he takes my name and contact number down, he said he would give me a call as soon as the car arrived back at his dealership.
 So friday rolls around, I'm at work wondering "when is this guy going to call me back about the car", I give him a call around mid-day to see if he still remembered our conversation yesterday and Fidel tells me that he should be getting the car back this afternoon, asks me when would I be available to come see it and stuff and lastly that he will call me asap when he gets the car back! I told him I had to go somewhere later after work for a lil bit but I should be free after that. It's about the end of my work day and as I am about to head home I get a phone call from Fidel asking me if I'm available to come over later about 7pm, the car will be back at his dealership by then, I tell him "sure we come by...".
 I get home with my son and pick up my wife and we head over to the dealership when we arrive at the dealership Fidel is not there, Maj the other salesman there told us he went to pick up the 535i and that he should be back soon. Fidel arrives a few minutes later with the 535i and we go and check it out, I look it over top to bottom, inside and out, looked in the engine bay and in the trunk. Then the wife goes and takes it for a test drive. After they get back from the drive my wife has a smile on ther face, I take it she likes how the car feels and drives, so we talk a little bit, then we go inside and talk numbers as my wife and Fidel talk I go outside and look at the car some more and I notice that the driver side fog lamp was loose/crooked I tell Fidel about it and they get busy and fix it right there on the spot. as they work on the fog lamp.
 Everything is going smooth from there and the buying process was a piece of cake we didn't feel pressured to buy or intimidated about anything. Also we had a pre-approved loan already so we didn't have to sit and wait for financing and after coming to an agreement with the total amount of the sale. We signed the papers and became the new owners of a 2008 bmw 535i and drove off the lot that evening. Great customer service from Fidel and Maj easy buying experience.

Alan D. | 2014-01-22

Great customer service from Fidel!  Negotiation was relatively painless, probably one of the easiest car buying experiences I've had. He explained all the terms of the contract well and was not pushy for extended warranties or other add-ons.

I can't comment on their financing options since I brought my own, but Maj was able to help me out with some questions when I hit a snag with my credit union paperwork.

Tip: It's just down the street from BMW of San Diego. Convenient if you want to bring the car in for a PPI. Mine passed with no problems!

Angela L. | 2013-12-14

We recently purchased our 3 series from Fidel at San Diego Automotive. We received excellent service and Fidel went out of his way to make us happy. It was by far the easiest purchase we've had for a car! The pricing was fair and competitive and while we signed the paperwork Fidel had his attendant make sure the car was perfectly detailed for us. He got us excellent financing and did our paperwork quickly and painlessly! We highly recommend SDA to anyone looking for an excellent used BMW!

david w. | 2013-11-05

I bought my BMW at San Diego Automotive in March 2013.  I read everyone's comments and wanted to own this car for a bit before I added mine.  I was a little skeptical at first about coming here based on previous reviews, but my experience was good.  Maj and his brother Fidel are knowledgeable and had car and color I wanted but gave me the best advice to buy one year newer under factory warranty.  I added black wheels through the dealer and the car looks great! I think the car was priced fairly. They got me financing and it was an easy transaction.   Having the factory warranty has been very helpful and the best advice for these cars.

Brett H. | 2013-10-09

This place should be avoided at all costs. I purchased what I thought was a beautiful BMW 645Ci in excellent condition from here with very low miles and within 5 months I have already had to put $5,000 into the car in repairs. It needed a new battery within 3 months and just recently the car went completely dead. Turns out the central computer was bad and it completely shut the car down - cost to replace...$3,000. In addition to this I got a flat on the car on run flat tires and it turns out the flat was the result of the rim being cracked internally.

I can understand if the rim crack and resulting tire flat was a result of my hitting something on the road, but a new central computer and battery within 5 months - sorry, those issues came with the car.

Buyer beware at this establishment.

PS - if I could give no stars it would still be too many.

John S. | 2013-09-19

Horrible dealership. I recently purchased a BMW from them and they are shady as the previous users have reported. I believe I obtained a fair price for the car but if it wasn't for the lasting BMW warranty, I never would have purchased from them.  Something just seemed off about the transaction and shady. Fidol was the worst type of salesman one can come across, really pushy, belittling and rude. He will judge you before you look at the car asking you about your finances and if you can afford such automobile.   Buyer beware, this dealership should have gone under years ago.

Edit - I changed this review to (3) stars. I think my first review was too critical. I have owned my BMW for almost (2) yrs now and it is a tremendous car. Given the fact that Fidol isn't the greatest with customer service or business transactions, I am happy to see my 2011 BMW is running smoothly and they did have a very competitive price.

I would venture to say that I would return there with the expectations of Fidol rudeness.

Ryan G. | 2013-07-30

This was by far the worst experience that I have ever had at a car dealership.  I've been doing a lot of research about 3-series coupes over the last few weeks, and saw one listed on at this dealership that was exactly what I've been looking for.  Exact color, sport package, & navigation.  Everything looked great and the price seemed reasonable as well.  I called the dealership to find out if the car was still available, the salesman confirmed that it was, so I told him I'd come by after work around 5:30.  I was completely ready to make the purchase if the car was clean, so I drove down through rush-hour traffic to see the car.  When I arrived at the dealership, there was nobody outside so I walked into the office.  Sitting in a dimly lit room in what appeared to be an otherwise empty office-trailer was the same salesman that I'd spoken to on the phone.  He told us that he'd be right with us and so we went back outside to look at the cars.  When we went outside, I was confused by how the sticker prices were all 5-15k more than what he had advertised online.  After waiting around he finally came outside, and I pointed to the car that I was interested in, the same one that I'd called about.  It was on a display ladder, and so I asked him if we could take it for a test drive and see the inside of the vehicle.  He told me that it was difficult to take down for the ladder and then asked, "Are you just here to spend time or are you ready to do business?"  Really dude?  I called you this morning to make sure THIS exact car was still available, and then drove all the way to your dealership after work during rush-hour just to waste your time?  Sale was immediately lost before it even began.

I should have just left after that, but I liked the car in his advertisement. So after confirming that I'm here to "do business" he went back inside, grabbed the keys and took the car off of the ladder, which took about 5 seconds.  After the most awkward and tension filled test drive of my life, we came back to his dealership and asked about the wheels, which looked different than his pictures in the ad, and all other sport package 3 series coupes that I'd seen, they were just ugly stock wheels.  He explained that they were a new style of sport package wheels which was just a flat out lie, even contradicting his advertisement, and then said that he could "give me a good deal on the wheels" that are supposed to already come with an '09 sport-package 3-series.  I then asked about the pricing, which was inconsistent with the advertising online.  He explained that the online prices were specials, and asked me if "I want to take advantage of his special, or not?" Again, like I was wasting his precious time.  What? Who talks to a customer like that?

After inspecting the car, and deciding that I 100% wasn't interested due to the sketchy nature of this dealership and salesman, I decided to walk.  When I said that I wasn't going to purchase the car tonight, the salesman said "I thought you were ready to do business?" and gave me the angriest stare I've ever gotten in my life, like he was ready to start fighting, or wanted to bully me into buying the car from him.  I've never dealt with such an unprofessional salesman in my life.  I typically think that car salesmen get a bad rap, but this guy was the quintessential slippery used car salesman.  It was truly a disgusting way to conduct business.

Had the experience been better, I seriously would have bought that car, because truth be told, it was pretty nice.  But there was no way in the world I was going to give this guy my business, especially after lying to our faces about which wheels it is supposed to come with, and insulting  my intentions...if I wanted to waste his time test driving a sports car, wouldn't I choose the R8 and not an entry level bimmer?

Benjamin B. | 2013-04-13

I just bought a 2010 BMW 550i M Sport from Maj at San Diego Automotive and wanted to share my outstanding experience. Maj and his brother Fidel are knowledgeable, friendly and as others have said, not the pushy car salesman types.
- Great people. Highly experienced, they've been there for many years and know everyone (banks, other dealers, shops, etc.) Really like everyone who works there. Very easy-going and friendly vibe.
- Fantastic prices. They don't spend tons of money on ads or facilities. They are frugal and are therefore able to offer first rate cars at wholesale (or less) prices
- Great financing. Maj knows a number of banks and credit unions, and worked hard to put together a great deal.
- Excellent warranty options and prices. I chose a full warranty at a great price.
- Selection. They offer top condition, highly optioned California BMWs, usually just off lease.
- Extras: USB cables, washes, lessons in features, lots of little touches that make a difference.
I will absolutely be using them for my next purchase. Highly, highly recommended.

Nathan R. | 2013-03-27

This place is "THE SPOT" if you are looking to buy a well equipped BMW. Fidel is the man to talk to.I've been to many car dealers and not one even compares to the respect and honesty these guys give you here.They treated me like a customer should be treated.I felt so at ease and comfortable in test driving and choosing the right car for me.I ended up buying a 2010 550i w/M sport package..Every option possible!!!.Even after the deal was made and my keys were given to me,,Fidel actually sat down in the vehicle with me and showed me a bunch of features and made sure i was 100% satisfied and comfortable before driving away.........oh and not to mention the killer deal i got on this vehicle.Well below many other dealers prices....INCREDIBLE!!!!!

Jason T. | 2013-03-23

I went into San Diego Automotive to check out their inventory of BMWs. I have to say that they have a great selection of cars with lots of upgrades. Their prices are cheaper than Carmax or BMW of San Diego just down the street. After shopping for several months I purchased a 2009 BMW 535i fully loaded. I got a good  price for the car but was assured that the car was properly serviced and nothing was wrong.. Well my fault here, I did not bring my own mechanic with me. Just two days after driving the car off the lot the battery started having problems and would die. I called the San Diego Automotive and they assured me that I needed to drive the car more to recharge the battery. Still not the case. The car had an issue with the charging system that keeps the battery charged while driving. I had to pay $350 for a new battery plus $350 for a new wiring system. The car is perfect now with no issues. I know no used car is perfect when you buy it. Just make sure you bring a mechanic with you. I would have saved $700 if I would have taken the time to hire one. Overall great selection of cars and you will save money here if the car is not jacked up like mine was when I bought it.. Good luck .. :)

Harry S. | 2013-03-16

I bought a 2010 328 convertible from Fidel at San Diego automotive last week and I have nothing but good things to say.  They gave me a fair deal and made the process painless.  I hate buying a car because you always think someone is going to "take" you, but these guys seemed very trustworthy. I went back and talked to Maj about the music streaming cable to play music through iDrive and he said "no problem" I think I have one I can give you.  SOmeone else might have tried to charge me. All in all I am pleased with my new car and the way I was treated at San Diego automotive.

Dustin B. | 2013-01-09

My wife and I just purchased a 2009 328i Convertible from Fidel at SD Automotive two weeks ago.

Below are the reasons we felt a 5 star rating was warranted -

- Best selection of Pre-Owned BMW's in San Diego. No question about it, see for your self!
- The quality of their available used vehicles was amazing. All of the cars were clean, with low to mid milage and in great cosmetic / running condition.
- No hassle or haggle sales approach. They leave the standard used car dealer approach alone, and focus on getting you the right car that fits your budget and needs.
- Pricing is the best you'll find anywhere. Go to Carmax and BMW of San Diego first if you like, you'll save thousands more and find a better vehicle at SD Automotive.
- Service is world class. The purchased was friendly, and the help afterwards was even better. The car needed a new front tire and a small (very minor) door ding pulled out. He took care of both at no additional charge and even washed my car again as good gesture of service.
- Financing was easy. They work with several banks and are able to get their clients the best rating possible.

In summary, call Fidel if you are looking for a Pre-Owned BMW. I've shopped at other used car dealers CPO lots, Carmax, etc... This place all around is the only place to go.... I look forward to seeing them again for another car in the future.

Rich R. | 2012-05-29

I bought a 335i from Fidel last week.  I was really surprised at how little pressure they put on me, even though I had been through their lot nearly 5 times looking at different inventory, and even telling them that I was looking elsewhere as well.  

I even test drove several cars, and narrowed it down to the 335i that I bought, and it was a great deal compared to the other 335's I had checked out.  The car was loaded.  Their selection is unreal if you're looking at just about ANY BMW out there.  

So, I ended up buying from them, and literally right when I drove it off the lot, into my first turn driving "strong", an engine malfunction light comes on.  Naturally I freaked out, and called Fidel, and immediately took it back in.  He took it down to the local dealership, and the HP fuel pump failed.  BMW covered that and also a vacuum problem as well.  Got it back, and she is driving fantastic.  $0.00 out of my pocket.  The only problem I had was not getting a loaner, that was slightly frustrating, so I had to rent for a couple days while my sled was in the shop (the only thing holding me back from giving 5 stars).  

I got her back, and she's running like a Champ!  Would definitely recommend these guys, as it was a heck of a deal, and they stood by the vehicle and me, during that rather uncomfortable situation.

Pat W. | 2012-05-26

I had no problems with Fidel or Maj.  Love the BMW 335 - though I don't get to drive it, partner snatched it up!  I think Fidel was pretty patient with me, not at all pushy, good car - fair price. I'm very happy and someday I'll be able to drive my car.

Annie X. | 2012-03-18

I just bought a 2008 BMW Coupe 335i from Maj at San Diego Automotive. I was very pleased with his customer service level and knowledge of his cars. He gave me a very thorough walk through of the car's features and a very fun and exhilarating test drive. I trust that he's very honest and he was very willing to help us get the best deal. I highly recommend this place to all of my family and friends who are shopping for great quality, and clean title car. Five stars all the way!

Helen C. | 2012-03-05

We bought our first bmw 335d, awesome customer service. We got the best financing and deal in all of San Diego. Come check this place out.

Michael B. | 2011-12-29

Just bought a nice 335i Couple from these guys, and we got great customer service. Not the typical PUSHY car sales guy.

They let you look at options, ask all the questions, and on top of that, helped us get the best interest rate on the car.

If you're in the hunt for a BMW, this is where you need to go.

Anna L. | 2011-09-06

Do not buy a car from these guys!  They are snakes who will double cross you, and, when they do, will blame you.

    The particulars:
I looked a car over for about a week, and then made a deal with Maj on the phone.  The deal we made was I would come in by the end of the day and sign papers and he would not sell the car in the meantime.   I say to him, do we have a deal Maj?  He says, repeatedly, yes, we have a deal and, no, he won't sell it to anyone else as long as I show up that day.  If he hadn't said that--and if he had said, "the first one here gets the car"--then things would have been different.  I would have known that I would have needed to race over there to get the car.

Turns out, Maj had other ideas.  He was hoping a higher offer would materialize before I showed up, which is exactly what happened.  I show up as promised in the evening (same day) and he's sold the car to someone else.  Then, he lies to me repeatedly about the deal we had made on the phone the same day.  Then, his alter ego, Fidel, steps in and starts arguing with me, agreeing with Maj, even though he wasn't even in on the phone call.  When I say, this isn't right, we had a deal, you can't do this, I'm an attorney and I know about oral contracts, that's when the fun begins.  They act indignant, say I'm threatening them, that they wouldn't sell the car to the likes of me--even though they sold it to someone else BEFORE I say any of this.  That kind of thing.  Then, they talk about how no car sale is final until all the paperwork is done, etc.  Like their promises not to sell the car for the remainder of the simply don't count.  Completely classless losers.

This may not sound like a big deal, but it was on top of the garden-variety lies they told me throughout the deal.  How long they had the car (they said 2 weeks, it was 4).  Claimed the car had been completely inspected by BMW, which turned out to be untrue also.  These are the types of puffing (white lies) you expect when you see their amateur set up.  

Don't be fooled by their smiles.  These guys are snakes.

Carlos A. | 2011-01-15

I know I do not have the best credit, but I called this place and did a credit application over the phone with them. After numerous calls back and forth, they asked me to fax them a copy of my driver's license and pay stubs. I did as they asked and the manager said he would call me back in an hour. I don't believe they were able to get me approved with any of their banks because I simply did not get a call back from them. All I am saying is that a professional dealer would have called me back and said sorry I could not get you approved but San Diego Automotive did not even have the courtesy of doing that. I ended up finding a a Certified BMW elsewhere and financed it through BMW Financial. I'm kind of glad I did not buy a car from San Diego Automotive.

T W. | 2010-04-11

Lies and deception is the game being played here. They try to trick you by looking at the final price after tax and dmv fees instead of just looking at the base price, unless you had a calculator and knew the dmv fees beforehand, it's difficult to see if you are getting ripped off or not. They overquoted the dmv fee, making it seem like they gave me a huge discount, when in fact the original price was inflated already given their bogus figures.

Not only do they lie and try to trick you, they are not very polite either. One guy got angry at me because the car had weird rattles when we test drove.

When I went to pickup my car, they claimed they did a "complete detail" for me. What a load of shit. They claim they waxed everything, yet the paint feels like it hasn't even been washed properly. They even dried my car using paper towels, wtf is that about.

Their price might be cheaper than the other dealers, but the way they do business does not make you feel secure buying from them. Why cheap out on such a big purchase like a car? buy from the actual Dealer or reputable used car dealer like carmax and save yourself some headache.

Edward S. | 2009-06-04

I purchased a BMW from this small, independent dealership fairly recently. The salesmen were polite (as they always are), but I had several expensive repair bills soon after purchasing the car.

My own fault, should have been more careful, but I was not terribly happy.

Also, they give you a business card for a repair shop where they claim you'll gete a 10% discount on repairs - B#LLSH%T!

I called for a quote, then asked about the discount, and they said, " Sorry, that's our lowest price." So the discount story is complete BS!