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San Diego Auto Finder maintains a full line of high quality vehicles of all makes and models for sale at our San Diego, Kearny Mesa location.

All of our vehicles go through a lengthy presale inspection process to assure our customers the peace of mind they are looking for when searching for a pre-owned vehicle.

We offer competitive financing options for all types of credit. From good credit, bad credit, no credit and first time buyers... we have an option for you!

We supply Carfax on all of our vehicles and inspect our vehicles thoroughly.


Established in 1984.

San Diego Auto Finder maintains a full line of high quality vehicles for sale at our San diego, Kearny Mesa location.

We have been happily serving San Diego and many customers across the nation for more than 25 years. Find out for yourself why we have such a high volume of repeat customers.

(* * IMPORTANT * *)
As a business we appreciate Yelp but we also realize the disappointing truth that competing businesses try to slander other companies with fake bad Yelp reviews.

If you have a complaint please call us directly at  (858)279-6862 and we will do everything we can to help. We have contacted Yelp and the fake Yelp reviews are really out of control.

Please allow us the opportunity to earn your business.

San Diego Auto Finder

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(858) 279-6862
Address:4606 Convoy St, San Diego, CA, 92111
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Sunday: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm

Reviews on San Diego Auto Finder

Kaylee P. | 2015-03-31

Aziz and Kenny are all Stars! I bought my very first car there in November after my old clunky threw in the towel. They treated me like a princess! I had a very restricted budget but they worked with me. They got me a great car at an amazing price. Some dealer ships treat you like a walking dollar signs. I felt like family! Unfortunately I totalled my vehicle a month ago and they were super helpful. I wasn't to happy with the financing company though. Do not finance with 1st credit finance, no matter what! Of course I went back to get my second car and not only did they help me with the whole process of fighting with the unprofessional finance company (really, it's better to take the bus than deal with those guys). They put me in a beautiful, almost new car with about same payments and lowered my apr by several points! Aziz fought for days to get me the best deal with a financing company. I will recommend them to all my friends and have several family members making plans to head out to see Aziz and Kenny. Ask for Aziz and Kenny!

Anna B. | 2015-03-29

If you want to find great dealership AND have wonderful customer service who are truly honest and all about the customer, THIS IS THE PLACE! My mom and I loved this dealership so much we ended up buying 2 cars! Paco and Aziz were the ones who helped us and if you ask for my opinion, I was super astonished by they weren't like the other dealerships were they try to kiss ass to you just so you can love the car you are trying to get. They're real honest people and they'll take real good care of you. Paco was the one who helped my mom and i feel comfortable being the car and Aziz was the one who helped us with our finance stuff. Both of them together to help us, came out to be the perfect dream team! PLUS they showed us the car fax without us even asking, just to let us know they weren't hiding anything from us.

If you want to buy a car, I highly recommend going here. I don't know how else to write a better yelp review than to come here yourself and experience it!

Julia W. | 2015-03-28

If you are looking for the best quality and lowest price in a used car, without feeling pressured to buy it, and expect nothing but the best in outstanding and gracious customer service, please look at San Diego Auto Finder! Forget the other places that charge so high on used cars. You'll get the same quality, if not better at San Diego Auto Finder! They will take care of you and treat you as family!

My husband and I are a military family, and had been looking for a used car for a while. Something dependable and safe for us and our baby, especially for when my husband deploys. (So we don't end up stranded). After visiting several lots, we couldn't find what we were looking for, at the low price we wanted.

We stopped at San Diego Auto Finder to look at a few cars. Let me just say, I was incredibly impressed! Not just by the clean titles and car fax but the quality in the cars. Almost all of them are very gently used and are in great condition! The prices were outstanding compared to some "other" lots. Honesty, it was hard to choose between which car we wanted because the selection and prices were so nice.

We saw Pako, our outstanding sales man! He has a very good and friendly vibe, just as all the staff there! He wasn't pushing us to buy a car. He was more than patient with us. Heck, we were their all night! He knew what we were looking for and went above and beyond in finding exactly what we needed! Definitely schedule an appointment with Pako! He will get you what you need and treat you with the utmost respect!

All of the staff at San Diego Auto Finder were incredibly gracious! Especially Aziz, the manager there. He is so very caring and will make your family feel like his. We made new friends going here. I'm very impressed and most importantly, we didn't go broke finding something better than we even expected to buy. The prices are fantastic and now my husband and are confident and so overjoyed with the our new car. Thanks to Pako and Aziz! Our car is awesome! All of our needs and more have been met after going here. We are very proud of our selection!

Christel J. | 2015-03-09

I almost walked away because I just popped onto the lot leaving another, much bgger dealership across the street.  I'd already been to 2 other dealerships that day. But Daniel came out to me and told me he thought they could help. And boy, did they???

The best offer I got at other dealerships were a 2008 Toyota Corolla, 97k miles, and a payment $50 more a month, for the same contract length. They put me in the car of my dreams -- a 2013 Toyota Corolla LE, with 58k miles. They saved me $50 a month over the lesser car at other dealerships.

Aziz worked his booty off to get me a really, really good payment. I know he worked hard, because yes, he kept calling me to ask questions, while the banks were on the other line. It was 100% worth answering those calls!

This is a small-town style operation. They are friendly and honest, and will work really hard for you to meet your needs. However, if you're looking for a fast turnaround.. this is NOT the place. It takes time for them to work on a good deal for you, and they are going to their absolute best! I trust these guys implicitly and recommend them 100%!

Juanita P. | 2015-03-04

It's only fair I write an updated review about the my experience purchasing a car with Auto Finder.  They made all the arrangements to repair the car I purchased from them; no muss and no fuss. They kept their word -- which goes a long way in my book -- and frankly, they have a customer for life in me and my family.  There is no question we will go to Auto Finder first when looking for a new (used) car!

And a shout out to Paco, the salesman who handled our car purchase. He was low pressure, sincere, eager, accomodating and alot of fun!

In retrospect a top notch experience and we will definitely be back. Thank you to the staff, particularly Aziz, for everything!

Roger S. | 2015-01-29

Bought a Nissan Armada here a while back. Fantastic experience! Took our truck as trade-in and gave us a great price. When the brakes had issues after a couple of weeks, they put in new master cylinder! No cost, free loaner car. Great place and best car buying experience I have ever had!

Devante E. | 2014-12-23

Sammy is really helping me out with my repairs. I need a new engine in the car i bought 6 months ago. I bought it without warranty and know that most dealers would have just left it at that and said they couldnt do anything for me. Sammy have me his personal phone number and we are working on getting my repairs and my car how it should be. This isnt something to expect from used car dealers thats why i give them this rating.

Lisa K. | 2014-10-17

Ken and Brock are two amazing and honest people! I purchased my car a little more than 2 years ago now (can't believe how time flys) and have had no issues!  I will be back! Thanks guys!

Iram M. | 2014-09-06

You don't know what is customer service quality before you meet Daniel and the team of this place... they will find a way and solve your problem. Personal Approach

Daniel R. | 2014-09-02

recently i purchased the Hyundai Accent 2008 from them for my wife, excellent car with low miles. Kenny ( general manager) Aziz and Bill all, tried to help me out to get the best rate possible from bank in timely manner. They also offered me a warranty that cover everything with reasonable price. I had a good experience as a customer . Definitely recommend.

kim v. | 2014-07-26

I had a great experience my first visit here. All the salesman, including the Sales Manager we're very helpful in helping me find finance options for a BMW here. I'm a veteran going to school full time, so meaning the GI bill is my primary source of income, and somehow they managed to help me finance my vehicle for as low as $290 for a $17000 loan. I felt very welcomed here, un-rushed, and they are patient in working with you. Great guys, great business.

Jason B. | 2014-03-31

Nice selection of cars here and great people that will help you with your purchase and can get you financed if needed.

Carrie H. | 2014-02-26

Exactly what yelp defines 2 stars as. I've experienced better... wait no, we're talking about car dealerships here... so no I haven't. I've experienced the same and much worse at other car dealers. Every dealer has one intention and that is to sell you something and make a profit. This car dealership sells cars. They're used. It's not the best inventory I've ever seen but it isn't the worst either. It's in a good area and there's parking on the street. It's a small outfit and you will get to know everyone personally. Do your due diligence when you're shopping anywhere for a car and always ask for the Auto Check and you should be fine.

The owner of SDAF tries to make things right with customers he has dissatisfied (like me and my family) which is the best I can say. On the positive side his reviews matter to his business  so in this day in age with the ease of internet use I'm sure he does better business than other used car dealerships.

My mother bought another car from here and returned it when it broke down, he bought the car back and replaced it. That's righting your wrong... so kudos for doing the right thing.

Robert S. | 2014-02-15

Honestly, I was a bit nervous when my son said "Let's check out the place next to Car Max, I heard good things about them."  We wanted to trade in the 2010 Explorer my son used for his pool business with a truck.  We went to Car Max next door and although they are nice people, their business model is hard to swallow.  They gave us $13k for trade (which is $3k below blue book) but they wanted $17k for a 2007 Toyota Tacoma Regular Cab which was $7k above blue book.  

So we went across the street to AutoFinder and were greeted by Walid.  We found a 08 Nissan Frontier Extended Cab for $12.9k with 91k miles in great shape.  Perfect for my son's business.  Test drove wonderfully.  In short, Walid (and Rocky) were able to give us $14.9k for trade in AND we got out the door with only writing a check for $54.25!  

These guys are GREAT.  They have quality cars at great prices.  They are easy to work with and willing to negotiate.  I'll definitely be back for my next that 7-series for me Walid!

Cameron E. | 2014-02-08

My husband and I just bought a used Hyundai Elantra from here and we had the best experience. The car lot is supposed to close at 7:00pm, but Brock & Antonio stayed with us until 9:30pm to assure that everything was squared away. They put service and customers before money and really cared about our car buying experience! We loved the time spent there and are so thankful for people like Brock and Antonio!

Jenny S. | 2014-01-16

I bought a car in November and I wanted to wait a couple months before I gave a review to make sure the car was up to par. Anyhow I had a great experience and I love my Camry and the car buying experience at SD Auto finder.

Nick D. | 2013-08-27

after my mother and myself spent nearly all day looking for a car and having no luck, we stumble upon san diego auto finders. let me say these guys can make it happen. they stuck her in an 2007 saab and she is paying less than she was for a 2000 explorer. go figure. the interest rate was reasonable considering her credit and the customer service was outstanding. about a week after owning the car i noticed a little misfire, (common on an engine with almost 100k on it and nothing went bad yet) after doing some research i found the problem and it ended up being a 500$ part from saab. These guys wrote the check for the part and located it for me, after we had declined the warranty. doesn't get much more honest than that. Thank you san diego auto finders every one of your employees is doing a great job!


Aimee P. | 2013-05-07

Just bought my new (to me) truck here.  The guys were fabulous and not the creepy used car salesmen we ran into up and down Mile of Cars or in El Cajon.  Thier vehicles we actual clean and not missing parts or have wires hanging out from under the steering wheel.  Very pleased!!

Moe M. | 2013-03-06

Spent well over two weeks looking for a car. After a lot of haggling and disappointing dealerships, I found this gem of a used car lot with honest salesmen and the absolute best price for a car. I bought my 350z with no pressure from Brock (the best salesman I have ever dealt with). He even let my wife and I take the Z for a test drive alone without any obligation to buy. Having that amount of trust in the customer is unheard of now a days. Shortly after buying my Z, my wife and I were on the market for a bigger car. After almost a month of searching, San Diego Auto Finder just couldn't be beat! Even better was there willingness to help after a sale. My wife's G35 had a bad battery and wouldn't start the day after we bought it. We thought that we were duped. To our surprise, SDAF sent out a mechanic to install a new battery at no charge and no hassle. They didn't have to do that but they did and that really put my wife and I at ease.

Re-review: We stand by all that we wrote above but wanted to share our ignorance with those looking into buying a used vehicle. Don't make the same mistake my wife and I made and buy a car thinking everything is perfect with it. ALWAYS ASSUME SOMETHING IS WRONG AND KEEP DIGGING TILL YOU FIND IT! We just found out the G35 mentioned above has frame damage and when we bought the car we didn't think to look considering it didn't show on the Carfax report and we bought a car from SDAF before. After looking through other vehicle history reports, mainly Autocheck, and rereading through the Statement of Facts, we noticed "Unibody L/R Aprons, L/RR Unirail, L'C' Pillar" written at the end. Had we been more diligent, done more research, and trusted only ourselves, we would have not bought the G35 and avoided this feeling of helplessness and betrayal. We do not blame SDAF! It just would have been nice to have been told that the car we were buying has major frame damage. The reason we gave three stars was because the Z we bought is in great condition and we wouldn't change anything about it. We just wanted to share our moment of weakness in hopes that other people out there can avoid purchasing a vehicle that they will regret.

Meg and Moe

Anna B. | 2013-02-19

If I could give them negative stars I would.  I hate to write bad reviews, but I'm merely stating what happened, and people need to be warned.

Everybody that works there is very friendly and up until you actually purchase and sign all the papers, the experience was great.  

They say they will fix things with the car, and they don't.  For example, Ken the manager said they would buff out a huge scratch in the back of the car, 'no problem', and then they said they couldn't do it.  

They gave me two keys.  One that needed new batteries and one that doesn't work.  

My car still smells like garbage.  It's really strong and really embarrassing, and they supposedly had it detailed- but I think they just sprayed a really cheap perfume in it.  two and a half weeks later- it still smells.  

The CD player doesn't work.  

The air conditioning won't turn off.  

They 'fixed' my upholstery by having some woman come and superglue it down and it's coming undone already.  

I had to fight and waste a total of about 1 hour trying to get them to get me floor mats.  

And now my brakes are starting to squeak.  I haven't brought it in yet, but I will.

When I went over the paperwork with Ken, he told me that I am paying for license, registration and tabs, etc.  When they came in I had to pay an additional $180.  

I get it- but it's not like I got some cheap car.  I got an expensive car and there are so many things wrong with it- I'm kinda nervous to get the brakes looked at cause there's probably a lot more wrong with the car...  I will update later.

Also- Ken never responded to any of my e-mails, and doesn't return my phone calls.  There are so many people that work there and it seems as though nobody communicates.  

Do not get a car here.  My friend got one at the same time and she is having problems with her car too.

This place is so sketchy.  I know most used car sales places are, but don't try and be nice and support a local family run place like me- they will screw you over in every way possible.

Cynthia A. | 2012-08-06

Went in there to just show my husband a truck he might be interested in. We were planning on getting him a truck now & in a couple years trade in my Honda for a small SUV. While we were looking at the truck I found a vehicle that I liked too (they have a great selection of cars in great condition). We ended up getting such a good deal that we traded in my car & bought BOTH the SUV & the truck. They worked quick to get us out of there since we had my 4 year old with us. We got a good deal on my Honda & both our car payments combined are cheaper than what a lot of people pay for one vehicle. The salesmen were friendly & not pushy at all. Our vehicles run great & we are super happy with our purchases. I would absolutely recommend them & buy another vehicle from them again, which says a lot since my husband & are are both leery of independent dealerships. Check them out!!

Andrea P. | 2012-05-28

I wish we would have found them years ago.  They won our sales for life.  

I can not express how great we were treated.  We took our son in as a first time buyer and Albert was super.  He listened to what he wanted. He explained the financing.  With almost nothing down (yes my husband cosigned) our son drove away in the car that he wanted in the price he could afford with almost nothing down.

The financing also made it to where our son can refinance in seven months and we are off the loan.

He listened.  It was actually a pleasure working with the team there.

If you want straight answers, no BS,  friendly (real) people.  Go there!  You will be a lifetime customer!!!

Thanks SDAF

Maid In America G. | 2012-03-25

I have been searching for a car for about a month and I found this company by an ad they had. I called and a guy name Brock answered and I was very pleased with the level of professionalism he offered over the phone, you can tell he knows a lot about cars, He was very patient with all my questions, I was probably annoying but hey, I wanted what I wanted and he had my question answered. I went down to there dealership and they had a great selection of late model cars. You have to ask for Brock if you go down there, this guy is great. We went through about 5 cars and narrowed it down to the Mercedes I liked. Then I went into see the General manager named Ken, THIS GUY HAS GREAT LEADERSHIP THERE. VERY PROFESSIONAL GUY. I can see why this place does so good. They were very far on the price and I am completely satisfied with the purchase. I highly recommend this place. ONLY ASK FOR BROCK.

Leila C. | 2012-02-13

I bought a car from San Diego Auto Finders on CONVOY 3 years ago, thought I would never get a car.  They made it happen. Still have the car, I keep up with my oil changes...and the car works GREAT!  So I went back yesterday to look for another car.  Once again they were awesome.  I love my TL, and I am looking to go back to buy my daughter her first car.  If your looking for a car, go by there, check them out!

C B. | 2012-02-07

I hate auto shopping...I'm always sure that I'm gonna get ripped off or otherwise misled so I start every buying adventure with my guard up.  Albert and Wally San Diego Auto Finder have done a fair job to change my feeling about purchasing.

I knew what car I wanted and was on the way to look at three lots last week. I stopped and talked with Wally first. I had my research so I knew exactly what I was willing to pay +/- $250. The car was clean, well presented and after a test drive I knew the car would be on my short list.  Time to talk $$$.

Wally introduced me to Albert, one of the managers and we got to business.  We talked about the price fairly and frankly.  No hard sell or pressure for warranties etc. We hit the price within my limit and I decided to wrap up right there.  They even beat the interest rate at my credit union by 0.1% which surprised me.

I only have one minor grumble and that was that when I picked up the car, it only came with one key.  Well, it turns out that these new transponder keys are really very expensive ($200) which was news to me.  This is the first car I've ever owned that had one so I didn't know.  Anyway, I would have asked for an allowance had I known that the car only came with one key.  My bad for not catching that little detail.

Rachel K. | 2011-12-25

I was thoroughly surprised by my experience at this dealership, I couldn't be happier with my car ( Kia Sorrento). I worked with Wally who was very honest and didn't play any games also the managers who all helped to get me into this car were great. They found a loan for me and never tried to push me into something I wasn't comfortable with. Unlike other dealerships they were straight forward with everything and what they could do for me. I told them what I wanted and was looking for in payments and they gave me a list of cars that would work, none of this trying to sell me something more expensive or pushing me into a car. I walked away with a great deal, they have been so helpful that I would send any and all of my friends and family to this place!!!! And believe me I shopped around other dealerships and spoke with other salesman I am so glad that this is where I got my car. I can't say enough about Wally if you go there ask for him, honest, respectful everything you want in a salesman. This place won my business. I got the car I always wanted for the price I said I was comfortable with. If you need a car go to these guys first you won't be disappointed. This was the best car buying experience I have ever had.
Just went and picked up a check from them!!! What car dealership says we have a check for you- they got a cheaper price and gave me back the difference!!!! Seriously what car dealership does this?? THIS ONE!!! I am going to be a repeat customer for every car for now on!! I have had nothing but excellent service and am completely satisfied with the whole experience and love my car!!! IF YOU NEED A CAR GO HERE FIRST DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME SOMEWHERE ELSE

angela l. | 2011-12-22

I got a vehicle here for my brother. He is very skeptical of everything. But I had no problems with getting a straight deal from these guys. The vehicle I purchased is super clean and I have not had any issues with it so far. I asked for a car fax report, I got one. I asked to take the car to my mechanic, No problem. I got everything I asked for.. and more.

I delt with Ken the manager and Brock was my salesperson. Both were upfront and i feel like I got a square and honest deal.

From start to finish, my dealings with San Diego Auto Finder were easy and straight forward. I have to say, I read the reviews... If your not happy with the deal... its your choice to buy or not buy.

I'm glad I made the right choice... to buy.

Ken and Brock are truly nice guys.

I will definitely let my friends know where to go if they need a vehicle.

Ashley J. | 2011-12-19

I have to say, this is the best car buying experience you could ask for... I was treated wonderfully. The cars are all very clean and the vehicle I purchased is so NICE! Every one loves my new car! I read some reviews before going to the store, but WOW were they wrong!

I was shopping for a vehicle and I found my new car online on Auto . I went to their office at 4606 Convoy St. where I met Brock my salesman, He is seriously the nicest guy ever. Brock let me test drive the vehicle with no pressure, he showed my how everything works in the car and was very knowledgeable.

Brock was very easy to work with and he introduced me to his general manager Ken who talked with me about my credit and income for a while.

Ken helped me find the financing I needed and WOW! i was impressed with the rate?! 2.99% through a great local credit union. My payment met exactly what I needed to fit in my budget.

I met at least 3 other customers in the office who were purchasing vehicles, 1 of them had purchased here before and had nothing but good things to say about San Diego Auto Finder which made me feel good about this place.

The paperwork once started didn't take too long, I filled out the credit application and a credit union membership form and that was about it. I needed insurance and Ken let me use an office computer to check a few insurance companies to get a few quotes. I checked Geico and Esurance. They were a bit out of my budget... I was feeling a little overwhelmed by the insurance costs. Ken is great, He even has a friend who owns an insurance agency, his friend got me a crazy low insurance rate that was just right for my budget!

All in all... This was such an impressive experience for a girl who was super STRESSED about the whole car buying experience. They made my purchase so smooth and my new car is truly awesome!

Do yourself a favor and go try this place yourself, don't just go by reviews. Make up your own mind. They really are great people. I recommended this place to a friend of mine a few months after I had come here, and she was really happy too. I hate when yelp only has a few reviews, and most ppl who use yelp, only use it to complain. if all the satisfied people yelped about this place, i'm sure it'd have at least 4 stars. i hope this helps someone find a new car!

I'm sure everyone there is nice, but I dealt with Ken and Brock so I 've gotta recommend asking for one of them!

Chung L. | 2011-12-19

i got my 2009 bmw m3 sedan from these guys on DEC ,8 2011 and all i can say is that albert really took care of me .    

i know they get these cars from the auctions and they get them cheap but hey guys , everybody's  gotta make a living man !  

ran into couple minor problems but at the end it was all taken care of .

1 .  carfax made a mistake , they called carfax and had that problem fixed for me
2 .  the car was missing a car key , although it took a couple days, albert went back
     to the auctions and got me the keys and send it to me by ups

maybe they messed up with a few customers in the past but i m sure they are much better now.    and if u walk in there and you dont like what u are seeing then you have every right to leave , they didnt point a gun to your head to make u stay , so why complain after?   am i right ?

as far as i know , i had a great experience with these people

so come on guys give them a chance to redeem themselves!!

Krissy M. | 2011-12-12

Just got my new mustang from Wally at Dan Diego Auto Finder! He was super helpful with every step of the process and made buying a car simple and easy. I am so happy to now have my dream car! Highly recommend this place if you are looking for a new ride!

Samuel B. | 2011-12-05

I went in because they claimed that they pay top dollar for your car as advertised with a big sign as you come out of carmax... well they lowball me like champs, and it's quite expected. But they do have nice selection in their lot.

While looking in their lot some of their cars are marked below market such the g37 and the Genesis Coupe.

I would go back and see them if I'm looking for a new car.

h b. | 2011-11-05

terrible people, tried forcing me to buy a car a few months back, ran my credit score without asking, when i asked for a carfax they took forever. Got treated as if i was stupid.

Trisha C. | 2011-11-02

I worked with Albert and Stephan here and they were amazing!  I absolutely hate car shopping and they made the process so easy and quick.  I got a great car and a great loan on top of their wonderful service and I couldn't be happier!  I wanted the car detailed and a few minor things done and they were extremely helpful and took care of it immediately.

Mike D. | 2011-09-05

place is OK - just don't buy a car from ken or brock

Omar M. | 2011-06-05



Once I got home, I saw that the car had been painted, had unsanded clear coat all over and the Service light turned on, the breaks started making noises. Plus, the hood and the bumper where re-painted...all this not reported to carFax. They have their own little shops to get all this done to their cars without reporting it to car fax.

So I took it back to get all that taken care of,
They gave me a loaner car for 3 days. They took it to Mossy Nissan since it was still under warranty, but they never advised them that a customer was waiting on the car.

I had to go personally to their own personal auto detail, and I noticed that right next door they paint and fix auto now I knew where the clear coat came from.

They took all day to get it done, and after I picked it up. The Service light went on again!!!

I went back and got another loaner car for 4 more days!!!
(I just bought the car and I havent been able to enjoy it at all)

I called Mossy Nissan and they told me that they where unaware of me, that they thought the car was still under the dealers ownership and they  took their time on it...even drove it for 20 miles and didnt replace the gas.

I went to pick up the car myself from Mossy, and went to try to complain about all this. I sit down for 15 mins. and they couldnt see me becuase of phone I just left mad!

They dont take care of things promply, and it looks like they do under the table work on all their cars. And they all have mechanical problems, since I drove 5 more before driving my car.

Albert is a smooth talker, and a hypocrite. DO NOT DEAL WITH HIM!

And do not fill a credit check report, becuase they will send it to banks right away trying to get you a loan. But what you dont know, is if you reject the offer and go somewhere else. The banks will deny you your next loan since they will think you are just playing games with them.


Alain M. | 2011-04-20


Maybe I have it all backwards...? I seem to be ok with every place that people despise, and I somehow end up getting shit service at places that are critically acclaimed! I think it might just be (me) at this point..

My situation: Needed a car
Background: Used to be a used car salesman at Honda World Westminster ( I hope this place burns to the ground with every member of the management team in it )
My rule: I don't buy cars at used car lots, even the very best buyer gets his pants pulled down and driven up that muddy road..

December 7th 2010...

I found the car I wanted all the way the hell in San Diego. It had every option I was looking for, but I made sure not to fall in love with it because as soon as I heard that it was located at an independently owned car lot, my bullshit detector switch flipped on.

The Salesman: Mike, a black guy in his 50's. Really good fella, no upselling of needless warranties and no nonsense. I made an offer and they came within 500 bucks of it- DEAL!

Car lot Sales Manager: This man on every dealership is usually the embodiment of evil in an expensive suit. Almost every one of them I have ever met was a conniving, forked-tongued swine that would sell his mother's soul to make a buck. From the moment we met I believe he understood from the get-go that I wouldn't take any BS.

This Sales Manager was different, he answered all of my questions immediately and put me at ease. He explained everything that I would be paying and gave me a comprehensive breakdown of my payments. He didn't try to make me buy any extras or make me feel guilty for saying "no". I was in and outta there within 2 hours.

I've now had my car for four months, and haven't had a single issue. I would definitely buy from them again based on this experience. It's a shame that so many other people have had such awful things happen to them.

The car business is full of human scum. The only people that lie more than car salesman are probably Lawyers or crooked cops.

My advice for new car buyers, do some research on the car you're looking for! If you walk onto a car lot and you don't even know what you want- you can't expect someone who just met you figure out what you're needs are. Bring a mechanic or someone knowledgeable about cars

The guys at SDAF did right by me, and that was a first for me on any car lot..

Mike H. | 2010-12-22

Douchebag central!

Headed to the dmv to pay for the car registration and they put me in holding for three hours, because these douchebags wrote an illegal check to pay for the registration.  So now, three months later and I still can't get my car registered even after paying $600 in back fees, because they wrote an illegal check.  Have several months of jumping through hoops and losing days of work because I had to return to the dmv five times to try to solve the problem.  dmv made me pay cash and will no longer accept a check from me thanks to them and.

Whatever you do, avoid this place like the plague.  The only upside is that at least the car is still running with the exception of it desperately needing a brake replacement, but I won't hold my breath since it's only been 5 months.

elizabeth s. | 2010-09-07

Sold me a lemon!  Don't buy auto here! I bought a 2004 Nissan Pathfinder.  It started shaking on freeway within 4 months.  Going to cost me $1500 now, (13 months later).  Turns out to be a common problem with Pathfinders but I really think these guys knew and just tightened it up to sell it.

Kyle C. | 2009-12-01

Snakes for sure......rude and not at all helpful.   Just closed their other location on El Cajon Blvd., no doubt from not enough business.   Maybe if they were better behaved.......

Johnny D. | 2009-10-29

Bought an Audi A6 from these guys a few months ago.  I had bad credit so my options were limited to these kinds of places. The car was overpriced and they did this security thing on the glass that apparently the do the every car a tack up the bill $500.  I got a powertrain/transmission warranty which I kinda wanted on a used car but they didn't tell me that this warranty company sends you a bottle of unknown that they want you to pour in you with engine coolant.  Went to the mechanic shop and they said they wouldn't put anything in with the coolant but Audi approved coolant.  Also, I bought the car which actually needs some front end work but less than 1 week after driving off the lot, the battery started dying.  I called them and they said they have a shop that will give me a deal on a battery......meaning not free.  You would think they sell you a car for $1K over book value and they would at least replace the dead battery a week later.  I went to Autozone and got one with a 8 yr warranty....but still a little ticked about having to pay for a new battery.  And the front end work that is needed is considered normal wear for a car like this at 5 yrs old.  So, I'm not so ticked about that.  I like the car and only time will tell if it is a gem or a lemon.  But I wouldn't recommend these guys to my enemies unless you're really hard up.

Allison T. | 2009-08-27

yup....i also have a car problem from this dealership...first i did not notice that the cd player wasn't working, so i called them and they always delayed the appointment on those days that im not available, and recently, i just found out that my car tranmission has problem as well...and the mechanic said it would cost alot to fix, unfortunately i thought they got a warranty for my car, but they did not

Pat L. | 2009-04-02

i bought a car there a couple months ago and they failed to tell me the specifics of the car. First they tried to sell me on a car I didnt want. then they gave the car i wanted at a higher price then proposed. i took it to the auto shop and they said the car was thick in old oil which was never changed. since then i have spent over $1000 fixin these problems. check your car first by a mechanic before buying from these guys. they sure are sharks. carfax reports arent always as they seem. good luck!