Rancho Chrysler Jeep Dodge in San Diego, CA

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Welcome to Rancho Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram, in San Diego, California - Serving Escondido, Carlsbad, and National City
Our love of our vehicles is what drives us to deliver exceptional customer service at our showroom and service center. What makes our vehicles so special? Well, it's not just all of the safety-, convenience-, comfort-, and connectivity- features they offer. Rather it's the two pillars on which Dodge, RAM, Jeep and Chrysler have built their names: integrity and reliability. We're dedicated to getting you into a quality vehicle with no hassle! That's our commitment to exceptional service.

Rancho Chrysler Jeep Dodge

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(858) 560-7100
Address:8010 Balboa Avenue, San Diego, CA, 92111
  • Monday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: 10:00 am - 7:00 pm

Reviews on Rancho Chrysler Jeep Dodge

Natalie B. | 2015-04-20

Since no one wants to return my calls, or answer their phones even after 2 people say they see her (sara in finance) sitting at her desk, I'm hoping I'll have better luck on yelp!

Since we bought our Durango at this place in January of 2014- we've had NOTHING but horrible experiences!

I have been calling since Friday the 17th! Was transferred to Sergio to leave a message but turns out you cant because his box must be filled. I called back and explained to the receptionist who took my information to pass to him- have yet to get a call back.

Called today, spoke to Adolfo who told me to speak to Sara in finance as she is the only one capable of helping me with my issue. Let her a message this morning 12 California time, and still no call back.

Called back again just now and the receptionist told me that she was in fact in but i got her voicemail. Called back again and adolfo said she was at her desk and i got her voicemail. Called back again and got her voicemail again, after Adolfo said he would go to her desk to make sure she answered her phone.

Im about to call to talk to the General Manager, because this has to be the worst customer service I have ever received, EVER! For something as simple as cancelling a useless maintenance package that a former employee talked into to buying that turns out doesnt work the way he told us!


Cristina R. | 2015-04-18

I give credit when credit is due. This trip, and I say this trip because it wasn't always pleasant at Rancho CJD but today was a good day indeed. I made a apt for 9 am this morning. My 3 year old Chrysler 300 broke down yesterday while driving. It was the alternator. Since I purchased this car there have been 3 recalls. Trying to get the parts for a recall is like winning the lottery.... well at least that's how it was the first two times I made appointments. I don't know if I just got lucky today, but all the parts for the recall just happened to be in. I say this because twice in the past after calling and confirming the parts would be there, they were not. After driving from Chula Vista, rearranging my schedule and losing money on my business end I really didn't want to come back here. After confirming they had the alternator part yesterday on the phone I decided to give it one last shot. I'm so glad I did. My faith in this dealership was restored by BILLY AMARAL. He was very nice and courteous and he didn't make any promises he couldn't keep. He said my car wouldn't be ready until Tuesday or possibly Wednesday but to my surprise it got done in 5 hours! I was extremely happy to receive the call from him saying they fixed BOTH recalls and they washed and detailed my car. I didn't pay a penny because of the recalls. I am not happy that my car needed these recalls and that my life was put in danger. My car literally stopped working as I was driving it but Rancho CJD has made my very  scary and frustrating experience a pleasant one in the end. The only gripe I would have is that I did have to pay for my tow. I personally don't feel I should have had to pay for this service when the alternator malfunction was not my fault. It's the Chrysler corporations fault due to the recall. I believe that the Chrysler company should pay for this inconvenience. When you purchase a brand new car and there are so many recalls is looks really bad. I love my car but if I would have known about all these recalls I NEVER would have bought it. I am giving Chrysler 5 stars for my service TODAY ONLY and I believe Billy Amaral is the reason why. I will be contacting corporate about my experience here today.  Thank you Billy!

Patricia D. | 2015-04-07

I couldn't be happier with the service today. Rick was cool and let me know it would take 2hrs for my service. I didn't mind. Starbucks and tv was all I needed. The service was a a lil short of 2hrs. No complaints with me today about them!!

Brad G. | 2015-04-04

Great service, love getting my car detailed at Dodge. Best place to get your car serviced and cared for correctly is at the dealership!

Miss Know It A. | 2015-04-01

I dropped my new car off on Friday for a 7:30am apt on Saturday. We were told 'we'll call you tomorrow'.
Well tomorrow came, and shortly before closing we called them. The entire San Diego area doesn't have the parts. So nice of them to call.
Then Monday comes and Monday goes. No call. Tuesday came and I'm pissed.
After being hung up on 3 times, my rep Billy said oh I didn't call you yesterday? Nope, Bill. You didn't call.
Finally when I get to pick up said car, mr. Douche said I've get a survey. I should give them a 9 or 10.
Umm I'll give you a 10 minus 9.

Dan V. | 2015-03-31

This is quite possibly the worst service and worst rip off i've ever experienced at an auto dealership.  These people should be ashamed to even represent this place.

I took my Dodge Ram pickup there for a generic checkup and oil change and was made aware that the belts and pulleys were going to have to be replaced.  I trusted their opinion and agreed to pay 500+$ to get them replaced.   The dealership had told me that the vehicle would be done by 2pm.  When I called them at 5pm, they told me the vehicle was done, but they never had called to let me know.  

I picked up the vehicle right before closing hours and as soon as i left the lot, the AC wasn't working.  Funny, because i had the AC on when i drove to the dealership earlier that day and it was working strong and the air was cold.  I immediatly called Rich (maybe rick) from service and he told me to come back first thing in the morning.   When I arrived, I spoke with Dave who has less than desireable customer service skils.  After listening to him mumble "this day is going to be hell' after seeing the line of cars here for service, I knew things were going to go sour.  He told me it would be a couple hours at least and that there were a bunch of cars there before me (did i not bring this car BACK the following day and miss another day of work because the air conditioner broke WHILE IT WAS AT THE DEALERSHIP?!).  

I sat at the dealership for 2 hours before walking over to check the status of the vehicle (in which case the car was done again but i wasn't notified).  He told me that it woul dbe 600+$ to fix the broken air conditioner.  It baffles me to think that the AC was working great when i dropped it off at the dealer to be fixed, and i left with more broken parts than when i arrived at the dealer.

I refuse to have any work done at this dealership ever again.  I requested to speak with the sales manager was professional and somewhat unerstanding, but it doesn't change how i feel about this dealership. They did offer a slight discount on the installation, but that doesn't change the fact that it was still going to cost me 500$ to put in new parts to make the AC work.  

I expressed my concern about this to Dave and said everything that has happened with me is already noted by previous experiences people have had with this dealership on other google+ reviews.  He said he was aware of the bad ratings and said, "yea i know, sometimes it makes me not want to even work here".  Strong work dave.

If my engine blew up while it was being serviced at the dealer and i showed up to pick it up, I have no doubt they would say oops, well your engine blew up while you were gone, that will be $____.  Sorry!  

Left a very sour taste in my mouth.  Look at the reviews people and choose another dealership.  It's pretty obvious this dealership isn't concerned about their 2.5 star rating all over the internet.

Joshu C. | 2015-03-28

If you are expecting to negotiate when buying you new car, This is not the place! and besides that the finance guys are douche bags and this is coming from a guy that is really patient and able to tollerate attitudes. They really dont give a crap about  good customer relations, all they care about is getting you out of there with the worst deal possible. Worst experience I ever had buying a car. Oh and while "negotiating" they will constantly bring up the fact that they are a Fortune 500 company and that they dont need to negociate because it doesnt really make a diference if you buy or not buy the car from them , they already have a huge Net worth.   This is by far the worst place to buy a car.

Debbie W. | 2015-03-26

I work at Rancho Chrysler Jeep And Dodge! It's a great group of people working together to take care of our loyal customers! Thank you San Diego for letting me be of service to our community. If you need my assistance I'm here to help.

C S. | 2015-03-25

No stars. Left an empty bottle of brake fluid in my engine compartment.  Lack of concern for everyone's safety and trust.

Liza R. | 2015-03-23

Just bought a car yesterday and couldn't be happier!  8 dealerships and 5 days of hunting for the right vehicle, Rancho got us the best price and monthly payments considering our credit history and were so friendly, never pushy.  Hermond Morad greeted us as we walked up to the lot, and not like a vulture like other lots, super friendly and upbeat.  We told him exactly what we were looking for, what we've seen, what are expectations were, and in no time we were lined up with the perfect vehicle.  The entire staff that we met with beat out the price of other lots and were so accommodating and gave us, ultimately, the best deal.  I would highly recommend if you're looking for a purchase!  Don't even waste your time at the other lots!

Jayne E. | 2015-03-21

I purchased my car from Rancho almost two years ago and always return for periodic maintenance.  I would never have anyone else service my car.  They have online appointment booking (awesome) and they are always so friendly and helpful! The fresh coffee and pastries in the waiting area is an extra plus.  I worked with Mr Cruz today and when he said my car would be ready...it was! Thanks, Rancho, for making auto maintenance so easy!

Tom C. | 2015-03-21

This place is a joke. Horrible customer service and their finance department is a joke. Know that you are as important to them as the piss on the floor in the bathroom. Most dealerships work their customers but this place just ensures you are screwed and once you are will not take a call or work with you to help fix the situation. I am going to ensure I spread the word to as many people as possible that this place must be avoided at all costs. Not one returned call or follow up after they lied to me.

Cindy F. | 2015-03-19

I have been coming here over a year since I purchased my jeep from this dealership. I keep coming back for service because Billy  always takes great care of me and my car!  He goes above and beyond to get things done in a timely fashion and makes it as convenient as possible for me.  I stopped in today because I had a warning light on and was about to go on a trip. Billy checked out my car like a dad or brother would do for me just to make sure all was safe. Having a service manager you can trust is of utmost importance and that is what I found in Billy!

Jes S. | 2015-02-26

I would like to update my review after speaking with the Customer Relations Manager, Debbie Boor. I am taking my rating down from two stars to one star solely based on her.

I spoke with her yesterday in regards to my first review. She was nothing but helpful and nice. She had to speak with her service director in regards to the military discount, but had offered me a complimentary oil change, and was going to call me back today.

She called this morning and instantly starting throwing figures out about how discounted my price already was from the original price, saying I used a coupon I received after I booked my appointment. There was no coupon as I booked directly from their site.   Today the complimentary oil change was taken back as she didn't want me "coming in with a microscope and calling everything out". She also didn't appreciate how I "slaughtered" them with my yelp review. She stated she couldn't please me among many other things as she talked over me and wouldn't let me get a word in.  She did tell me to come pick up my military discount by the end of the day. Her manager was sitting next to her during this call.

I spoke with the manager, Shon, a bit later. He was much calmer and did state that he was next to her, but only heard one side of the call. I advised him that I had never been treated so poorly by any customer service rep and that my business was completely lost over Debbie.  He seemed very nice, but then again, what manager would listen to his employee treat a customer this way and let it continue.

After this call today with the disrespectful, rude, customer relations manager, I will NEVER allow my car to be handled by this company again.

Trevor B. | 2015-02-26

Worked with Michael and he was absolutely excellent. New owner Johnny is fantastic and plays hard ball but will try and get you a good deal. Highly recommend.

sandra r. | 2015-02-26

Had a simple oil change on my Chrysler Town and Country.  they made an appointment that they did not keep -- made me wait -- why make an appointment then?  The appointment was at noon.  They didn't call me to pick up the car until it was too late to get there before closing so no car overnight -- big bummer.  Then when I picked up the car the service guy said, so sorry, we feel bad so we washed the car.  Not only did they NOT wash the car, it was dirtier than when I took it in.  And they charged twice what most oil changes cost.  I will never again use this dealer and will never again buy a Chrysler product.  This is just the last in a series of very poor service appointments at this dealer.  One time they called me to pick up the car and hadn't even started on the work so I had to wait an hour.  it just goes on and on with these guys.  They don't even deserve one star.

Anita H. | 2015-02-25

My review is specifically for the great service Ray provided. He is a very kind salesman who puts your interests first. In general the staff here is willing to work with you and won't push you into buying a car you don't want. They want you leaving the dealership satisfied. And for me, I left the dealership satisfied. Ray is the kind of person who you will want to continue working with even after your vehicle has been purchased.

Armir P. | 2015-02-22

I came back to this dealership trying to buy the truck I leased. I was even interested in upgrading the truck to v8 hemi model after test driving it. I am horrible with names, but that fat guy with the bossy attitude yelling at me and my father.... that isn't right. 2 weeks later, I now am driving a Toyota Tacoma because they gave me better value for that leased Ram 1500 than you guys did. You need to get your act together and learn how to treat customers right.

Kristen R. | 2015-02-20

I don't know why San Diego seems to have THE WORST dealerships...I needed to get a dent fixed on my car and decided against my better judgement and give the dealership a chance. I figured I'd take my Jeep in since it was a preferred partner with Statefarm.

They quoted me 3 days and had my car 3 business days longer than scheduled. This was a minor repair and I took it in before leaving it with the collision team and had them order the part. I didn't get a rental and planned my week out under the assumption I'd have a car. I ended up having to Uber all over town and wait around.

They didn't even vacuum out my car and I was told part of the delay was due to detailing it.

The only reason I am giving this place a second star is because Jose from the shop was great. I give him 5 stars and that combined with the negative stars I would like to give the dealership leaves you with a 2-star review. Hire more people and give that man a raise.

Honestly, I wish I didn't have an extended warranty package. I would much rather take a chance with the local shops and get better service.

Christian T. | 2015-02-20

We walked in to see how much we were going to get for our vehicle and couldn't be happier and after looking at a jeep 2011 grand Cherokee we felted in love with it...  

Our salesman Alex Afkarian was helpful and didn't give us pressure at all. He was easy to talk to and understood our situation with our monthly payments and helped us get a good price.

Nick L. | 2015-02-18

I scheduled an oil change for 3pm. I show up on time and even a little early. An hour and a half later I start asking questions and finally get to talk to the manager. He takes a look around and realizes they forgot my car was out there waiting. I leave work early and waste most of my afternoon. Terrible work ethic. Terrible system. Your better off going to JiffyLube.

Alyssa H. | 2015-02-14

Terrible work on my jeep. Workmanship is sloppy and they made me pay more than when I previously talked to them. Never coming back.

Katie T. | 2015-02-11

If I could give negative stars I would. HATE that I have to even give one star. I have now dealt with service, parts, and sales and every single department makes me want to run away screaming!!

Parts was rude. I called to see if they had a part in stock and since they were confused by what I was asking they just hung up on me. Then when I showed up to ask about the part and was not treated well. Received a lot of attitude from woman behind the counter. On the plus side they were able to get the part I needed the very next day which happened to be Christmas Eve.

Service was fine at first. The guy I had my appointment with was helpful and took care of me no problem. But over the last 6 to 8 months things have really gone down hill. They said they will call to let you know the final cost but they never do. They just perform the work and install parts without your approval. This has now happened to me for the third time. At least this time they are waiving all fees. When you call to find out the status of your vehicle they either don't answer or give you the run around and you can't get a straight answer. One time I even had them argue saying that they called and left a voicemail. They did not call or leave a voicemail. Also, even if you have a scheduled appointment they act as if you do not and you get a little bit of attitude from them, almost as if you are an inconvenience or are bothering them.

Now for sales. Had to do the typical back and forth to get where we wanted to be. Then things got horrible after we thought all was said and done. We had to bring the car back a week later for a problem we noticed and in the process of figuring out if the problem was covered (which it was but didn't show up in the system) we find out they totally screwed us. Apparently no bank would agree to the terms they had originally set us up with. This bothered me because I have worked hard to make sure both my husband and I have good credit: payments are always paid before their due date, never made a late payment, and we have even paid a little more than our payments if we have the money. So now our interest rate is double what was originally signed for and our payments are now $50 more a month than they said they would be. HUGE rip off!!!

Do not go here I beg you. I would not wish our horrible experience on my worst enemy!! We are now in a financial bind and have to cut out a lot more than we had originally planned. Worst mistake we have ever made.

May V. | 2015-02-07

I did not have a great first appointment with this service department.  I made my appointment online two weeks ago and received my quote.  With my online quote, I requested a service manager get back to me with a question I had about purchasing an additional key for my Dodge minivan that I bought used over the holidays.  No one responded so I thought I would follow up when I arrived.

Upon my arrival for my 3:00 p.m. appointment, I had to wait for my service manager, Joey, to finish sending an email to a customer.  He didn't even greet me.  There were two other customers exchanging strong words with their service managers nearby. I introduced myself to Joey and let him know I had a 3 p.m. appointment and when I said I had a quote online for a service he told me that the quote was incorrect because the database online goes to Texas so the quotes are wrong.  The service quoted online included items with a price of $114.

At about 3:20 p.m. after I asked Joey about the cost of an additional key, per my online request, he said, "Oh, are you Catherine, did you fill out something online?" to which I replied, "No, I'm not Catherine, I already gave you my name."  After he then repeated that the online quote was incorrect and told me that I need to call him directly to get the correct quote for service, he then told me to write my info on a post-it to get entered in the system to which I asked, "don't you already have my info from filling it out online?"  Oh silly me, I was reminded that the database online is not connected to the system they use here at the dealership.  When he quoted me the price for an additional key, I asked if there was another place he could suggest to purchase one to which he replied, "another Chrysler location."  Much to my surprise, the service today is actually a few dollars less than what was quoted online - OK, a plus but it doesn't excuse poor service.

I had such wonderful service with Toyota of El Cajon and Toyota of Santee and now I have my mom van and a service department I'm not excited about. Joey seems nice enough but I won't be back to this service location and I'm disappointed in the level of service I received.

Nikki S. | 2015-02-05

From the minute we stepped onto the okay, we were treated with respect and courtesy. We were there for a specific vehicle that we had seen earlier in the week by driving by. We weren't pushed or hassled into anything.

After taking the test drive and noting a few minor scratches to the interior, we discussed our circumstances and reiterated being upside down in our trade and coming in with a limited amount of money down. Our salesman said "let's see what we can do" and took us inside to meet with Andy (Sale's Manager). Andy was professional, kind and willing to put forth every effort he could to get us into the vehicle we wanted under our terms. He worked his magic and we were able to get out of our vehicle that we were upside down in and into our new (to us) suv.

I highly recommend Rancho for any and all your vehicle buying needs.

mark a. | 2015-02-05

Performed unauthorized repairs. Lied on the phone about getting authorization. Over inflated the cost and offered a discount on the repair to the amount it would have normally costed. Do not trust this business if your dumb enough to do business with them

Peter L. | 2015-01-30

HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!! I agreed to but a very expensive truck from them and they assured me that they could get the truck more me. I tried calling on numerous occasions to see where the truck was but every time I would call no one would answer or they would say they would call me back.
I felt like I was trying to connivence them to sell me a truck!!! They are clueless when it comes to car selling. They must be doing extremely well due to not wanting to sell me a truck. Then, the salesman tried to lie to me and tell me it had features I didn't want when I clearly had the window sticker and could see he was lying. He was trying to come up with an excuse for dropping the ball on the deal. I would never recommend this dealership to anyone. There are too many dealerships out there to put up with one that does not care about selling cars and not having customer service in their values. I now see why this dealership has such bad reviews and so little stars....

Nadia G. | 2015-01-23

Worst service I've ever experienced.

I purchased a new car last week and was very pleased with the sales man, Alex. Alex was very courteous and took the time to explain multiple cars before I made my decision. I had to wait 20 minutes to meet with the Finance because the dealership was incredibly busy - initially this wasn't an issue, but looking back this is where the nightmare began. After finally sitting with Adolfo I was shocked to see how rude he was. I understand the sales industry, but in order for someone to purchase anything, essentially you must sell yourself. Adolfo was incredibly rude and questioned my decision for nearly 15 minutes as to why I wouldn't purchase the extended warranty. I had already been pre-approved with my own credit union so I assumed this would've been an easy sale. After some major negotiation, I finally left with my new car and a lender they provided. The next day I called my insurance and noticed that Adolfo had misprinted the model of my car on the sales documents- I called non-stop seeing if it was necessary for me to return to the dealership to resign the sales documents with the correct model of car. I left numerous messages for Adolfo and Sergio (the finance manger) who failed to return my calls. Eventually Juan, a Finance Associate, returned my call and said I would need to return to the dealership to resign the paperwork with the correct car model. Although they refilled my gas tank for the inconvenience, it was a complete waste of time as I live 40 minutes away. I initially suggested I would overnight the paperwork and would even have it notarized, but that wasn't enough. Although Juan very quickly reprinted my paperwork, he treated my initial sales rep like crap. He rudely demanded Alex fill up my gas tank, and I NEVER received an apology from the finance department. I did get a sympathetic apology from Alex; it was not Alex's fault. Since the purchase I have been calling the Finance Department for TWO days and leaving messages trying to confirm my new lender. I was under the impression I was with a specific credit union however, this credit union has no record of my loan.

I understand that this dealership is under new management from New Port, but I suggest some MAJOR retraining on 1) customer service and 2) answering/returning calls 3) attention to detail.

Melissa S. | 2015-01-22


This place took all the joy out of what should have a happy day....

There are serious customer service issues at this branch and since my issues involved management I directed the following message directly to an executive at the group that owns the dealership. I never received a response so clearly even the management here cares little about their customers:  

My husband returned home from deployment and we had to purchase a 2014 Charger to replace the vehicle he sold before leaving the States. We knew the exact car we wanted and had the stock number in hand as well as a TrueCar certificate via USAA that had the guaranteed price for that vehicle. We walked into the dealership on Saturday, 11/15 at 9:30am and the grueling process took until 4:30pm to complete. If it weren't for the fact that the model my husband wanted is relatively hard to find there is no way that we would have continued to put up with the disrespect and ignorance that was so prevalent at this branch. It pains us to know that the individuals we dealt with will receive commission and credit for the purchase that we made there and we will for sure never step foot in the dealership again.

The first thing that went wrong was that the car was not physically on the lot and was parked at another dealership approximately 20 minutes away. The salesperson did not know this and made us walk around the lot while she searched for it for 20 minutes before figuring out that it wasn't there. She then told us we would need to make an appointment at another time and come back. It wasn't until we suggested that we drive up there ourselves that she offered to go up and look at it with us. It then took her another half hour to find a vehicle to take us in. We test drove the Charger on back roads but she told us that we were not allowed to drive on the highway back to the original dealership due to insurance reasons (even though test drives on highways are fine any other place I've ever been to). She did not know one car from another (at one point telling us a Challenger was a Charger) and could not answer a single question regarding the vehicle we wanted. She had plenty of good things to say about a Grand Cherokee though.  She pointed out how bumpy the ride was from the back seat and erroneously told us that the car had lane assist when it did not. Luckily for her we knew what we wanted and proceeded with the purchase. She was new and a terrible salesperson and that was forgivable. The treatment that we received once returning back to talk numbers with the manager, H. Morad, however was completely inexcusable.

I have used TrueCar in the past and do so because the ease of the sale. We had also visited several other dealerships that weekend and nobody else had the issues honoring it the way this man did. For some reason the manager at this branch did not understand the concept and refused to match the price. He kept us waiting for hours while he took other phone calls and had to call USAA to have it explained it to him. He tried to throw a lot of big financial terms at us in the hopes that we wouldn't understand and came back numerous times saying that he matched it when the numbers were still not the same. The certificate was configured for the exact car we wanted and the MSRP's were identical and yet he would only match the savings of the base vehicle not that of the upsells that we were purchasing. He told us that legally he could not go lower and match the whole thing which is obviously a flat out lie. He also refused to honor the $500 military cash back that Dodge promises on their site (even though every other dealership added it after the TrueCar price). We literally walked out in frustration and disgust at one point because this man was so infuriatingly incompetent and disrespectful. I'm an actuary with a strong finance background and he clearly was trying to take advantage in the hopes that we would not understand the numbers enough to call him on it. I've also realized since that we were talked into purchasing an alarm system for $800 even though the window sticker indicated that it was included. Sadly the money almost isn't worth needing to deal with that sleazy manager again because I know that he will not do anything to try to rectify the situation.  


Irma Nena P. | 2015-01-21

This little mishap all started splendid. David Roman, the guy that sold us our Jeep Compass was professional and provided great customer service...Juan, in the finance department confirmed our credit was approved and the deal was done! But as soon as we stepped foot out of the dealership, the nightmare began.
Juan should have been a big red flag since he humiliated David in front of my husband. This guy literally scolded him!
Sergio Gonzalez, finace manager, has been our biggest problem. He has disregarded our scheduled appointments. He has repeatedly asked us to resubmit information that we have already provided. No paperwork seems to be on file for a car they released to us over two weeks ago. I mean, we had to go back and get a registration slip since we never got one to begin with.  This guy seriously had the nerve to tell my husband that I am a frustrated woman! Who wouldn't be a little anxious at this point? Now..the guy has claimed top of the chain and noted Jeep no longer wants to do business with us.
I'm at my last limb. I had to look up Richard C.'s info...the top of the Jeep chain. I'm hoping he cares enough about this business to gain some credibility back. It's a waiting game for now and hoping we don't have to take this beyond this point.

Jenna C. | 2015-01-07

I hate to write this poor review, but there is a clear failure in the system here regarding customer prioritization from what I experienced today and I want it to be better.  I came to Rancho because of my repeated horrendous experiences at Midway and people at work with Jeeps had good things to say about Rancho.  So here we go:

I made an appointment for an oil change so I could be in and out.  I arrive on time for my appointment, I am greeted promptly, and am told the wait will be an hour and a half!  What's the point of making an appointment then?  I am a busy girl and I'd rather be doing almost anything than hanging out here.  Thank goodness I hadn't made any other time sensitive plans for when my oil change was done!  So I take a deep breath and say I will wait.  But really, since I made an appointment and I am on time, shouldn't I take priority over people that just drove up without an appointment?  I should be the very next car getting my oil changed.  Am I wrong?  I don't think so.  I am offered the coupon value discount for the inconvenience, which I appreciate.  I'm lead to the customer waiting lounge and am told a girl will come get me when my Jeep is done.

An hour and a half passes.  I give them a few more minutes (even though I really shouldn't have to), and still nobody.  Finally it's 5pm and nobody has come to get me, so I walk back to service where they are all frazzled and swamped.  I see my Jeep parked and ready, and behind it are at least 4 other vehicles that were ready after mine!  Are you serious?  How long has it been sitting there while I waited?  So it's my turn, and my paperwork is being printed etc, and I said to my adviser politely, "Hey, I know you guys are busy, but just so you know, nobody ever came to come get me."  He apologizes, says he knows, and that he's been staring at my Jeep for 30 minutes and every time he wanted to come get me, a new customer walked up to the desk.  I don't want to be that angry customer that is treating people like crap and raising hell, especially in an industry like this where I'm sure these poor people deal with pissed off customers all the time, so I took another deep breath and didn't say anything.  But I'm sorry, when my Jeep is ready, and I've been there for 2 hours (!!), and someone walks up to the desk, you say, 'I'm sorry, somebody was here first, I will be right with you.'  He apologizes profusely.

I get to my car, the dirty feet mat is still on the floor and my Jeep is blocked in by other cars cause it's been sitting there for so long!  Now I feel like I am starting to lose my patience.  I millimetered out of my blocked in space with the help of a friendly employee and left.

At Midway, they will screw up and leave you grouchy and talk to you like you're stupid and they hate you the entire time.  Rancho gets 2 stars because even though my 2 hour oil change experience left me grouchy, at least everybody was polite and friendly, and good customer service carries a lot of weight with me.  However, I never want to leave another oil change with my blood boiling, please.

Reggie D. | 2015-01-06

Once again, I let this place get me super upset. I recently bought a used car from there. I was a 2014 Chrysler 300C. The first thing I noticed is that they didn't give me the full contract of everything that they charged me. I have different pieces of paper but nothing like the actual loan contract. I was ok with that since I will be going back again to ask for it. I took the car in Friday to have the updated security system installed, once I got my car back and made it home, I noticed that it looked like someone backed into the car or whoever was driving backed into something. Once again, I went back to let them know and the same disappointing service manager that I dealt with for my 2006 Dodge Charger came out. I automatically knew he was going to blame me for this and that's exactly what he did. So, I told him to get the pictures of the car when I bought it and tell me if he see the dents in the bumper and if so, I will let it go. He tried to tell me that the dent was buffed out and I told him that is not possible unless you all did it. That day, I picked my car up, went to Wal-Mart and parked off in a distance and then went home. No one around in order to even come close to my car to hit it.

I let myself down by going here and giving them another chance. Lesson learned. DON'T DEAL WITH BOGUS PEOPLE.

Moe A. | 2015-01-03

Horrible service...even worst is the part department.  Use to take my wife car there for serive for five years. Once my warranty ran out random things werr happining to yhe car. Today went to have a remote reprogram from another car and I felt like I am asking them to perform a engine swap. Unfriendly, unprofessional and worst experience ever. Sad...they used to be the best....now they are horrible. ...never again....and I thought hoen mercedes was bad.

Tova W. | 2014-12-31

I got my brakes done here as well as an overall checkup...they knew I was waiting and it took them six hours to do this simple task while I waited in the waiting room. Afterwards while the guy was handing me my keys he told me it was normal for new brakes to squeak and if it bothered me I should make a new apt. Sure enough as I drove away they were already squealing badly. Now my brake light keeps going on and off and the brakes even locked up briefly this morning. This place is full of incompetent people looking to overcharge. Not only do they do a horrible job and make up excuses for it but they put people's lifes at risk in the process. Brakes are not something to mess up!

Jacob D. | 2014-12-15

So my experience with Milton at Rancho was great. He was friendly and made great conversation. But after I drove off the lot with my 2010 Mazda Six.. I have regreted buying a car from them.

First, Rancho did not make me aware that the car makes a horrible rubbing sound when making sharp left turns and making U turns... Next whenever I go over speed bumps the right rear shock sounds like it is out. I thought it was suspicious that the test drive did not consist of going over any speed bumps or making left turns at low speeds. Next Rancho told me that they would order my lisence plates, because I was told the car came with no lisence plates... Two months later the plates haven't arrived and I call to find out where my lisence plates are... Then I am told by the DMV specialist they were supposed to be on the car, and that the car came with plates. So I called Rancho back again and they have no idea where the plates are... Not to mention a month ago I brought the rubbing noise and faulty shock to Rancho's attention explaining that the car made those sounds right after it was taken off the lot. Because it had not even been 30 days since I had driven it off Rancho's lot and the fact I paid $2000 more to purchase their extended warranty, I figured they would fix the problem and make things right. Not! Not only did I have to fight with the service department to have them fix it, they tried to tell me that the car was fine when I drove it off the lot and asked me if it was possible that I caused it. After explaining multiple times over countless conversations that it did it as soon as I drove it off the lot and that they would no longer receive business from me or anybody I knew, they agreed to fix it. So I took the car in and the mechanic diagnosed that the problem was the right rear shock.... NOT! I was told that the car no longer made the sound and that it was fixed... Not! As soon as the car was driven home I heard the same sound performing a U turn and going over the speed bumps... The service department failed to listen to what I was telling them and I don't for see me ever advising anyone to go to Rancho Jeep Dodge. The only positive thing I can say is that Enterprise Rent A car across the street has excellence service and Rancho should take some tips from them.

Alvin T. | 2014-11-18

My name is Alvin Tayag, service manager with Coffee Ambassador. Writing a negative feedback to any business institution is the last thing I want to do. I tried not to be over sensitive, as a service manager I understand sometime it's difficult to make customers happy. My purpose in writing this feedback is to at least and hope I can save someone else's misery, time, frustration, and money.

We owned 3 sprinters which we purchased here at Rancho in 2006-2007. The purchase was seamless, and we had great experience, but when we start getting service help, it just nothing but horrible experience. When Marly left the service department at Rancho about 2 years ago, we decided not to use this dealership for service anymore. We can't just bare the lack of follow though, poor service, and vehicle coming back with other parts broken. Unfortunately with our 3 Sprinters, some parts can only be replaced at Rancho due to they only have programming capabilities, so we are aware of the risk of coming back here.

About 4 weeks ago, I was told by my mechanic that the exhaust manifold of one of our sprinters must be repaired by this dealership. I called Chrysler 800 number  to see if there are others in San Diego that I can go. Negative, still only Rancho can help this exhaust manifold repair. I tried calling 2-3 other dodge dealerships, and they will not take the sprinter and kept pointing back to Rancho.
Nightmare begins, got the sprinter in at Rancho. The usual experience, they didn't touch the van 3-4 days. I had to call everyday to get the quote. When I finally got the quote of $4K cost, I had asked if our credit is still good. The person I spoke to says "yes". Then about 7 days later we are about to pick up the van. My service tech arrived and he was told Rancho we needed a credit card. We waste a day and two staff trying to get the van. I gave them the company credit card and charge the $4K. In the meantime, I faxed them our credit application, so just in case I have to use them again. After all this run around, I got an email saying our credit is still up, but limit for $1000 only. I was so confused because in our repair history we had charges for $5K, $3K and even a $7K repair.

The worst just about to come with this horrible place. We picked up the van with constant burned smell, and it is struggling-almost can't start the vehicle. Naturally, I called Rancho and told them the problem. You will expect this place to drive test before releasing the van as normal mechanic, but unfortunately Rancho didn't drive test the vehicle or something failed for them not to catch these two issues. After dropping the van back, 8 days later I was running around calling almost every day, wrote an email to Service director, and not getting any answer. I spoke to Debbie customer relation manager, she is more concern on making excuse like the director is out of town for conference, and two people quit without notice.  I drove myself while on hold on the phone with Debbie, arrived at the dealership, and still they can't give me an answer on what's going on. Waited 20 minutes and finally they told me the fuel line is leaking which caused the burned smell, and they need to replace the fuel filter to solve the starter issue. Of course Rancho didn't have anything to do with these issues when they are repairing the manifold, so they claim. However, Firestone has this truck two days before we dropped off at Rancho.  I had Firestone double check if there are other issues with the van that this dealership can look fix, so I can get the most out of the trip to this dealership. Firestone didn't see anything no not the fuel line.  11-14-2014, We decided to pick up the van and have it repaired elsewhere. When we attempt to pick up the van at Rancho, the van is not put together because Rancho started getting it apart without our approval. I wonder how long it has been that way for 8 days I'm running around getting information. How scary that they are dismantling the vehicle without approval of repair quote?
Today 11-18-2014, the van is almost done at my mechanic, and the mechanic suggested that the fuel line wasn't put back properly that caused the leak or may have worsen the damage.

Hani A. | 2014-11-17

I serviced my Chrysler at this dealership and their mechanic that worked on the repair of the tire pressure sensors forgot to tighten the wheel bolts!! I drove on it until the car started shaking . Than went to Trueline Alignment and they told me what has happened . Lucky I did not get hurt. Be careful with Rancho !!

Brandee R. | 2014-11-10

I purchased my charger here on 07/31/2014, now 11/10/14, the radiator is leaking. This is a little over 3 months since I purchased the car!!! I was also convinced to buy something called Maximum Care which increased my car payment but I was told that it would cover 5000 different mechanical issues up to 10k miles. I took my car to the dealership service. First the lady who greeted was super sweet and nice, however the advisor who checked me in was sooo rude. He didn't acknowledge that I was standing there after the lady asked him to help me. He didn't greet me or say hi or anything I stood there like a dummy not knowing if he heard her or not. He acted like I was bothering him or he was having a bad morning. Horrible customer service. Then I was told I would be called when they figured out what was wrong with my car, I was never called. I had to call them almost 10 hours later. Now to top things off they are saying I don't have "Maximum Care", even tho I have the brochure and have an increased car payment..............never buy or get your car serviced here!!

Marissa C. P. | 2014-11-05

I don't even know where to begin, so I'll give the quick and dirty.  These people are the most undereducated, unsophisticated, asshats around. Enrique, lame brain número uno, sold us our car. Trust me, if we could have bought it from someone else, we would have. It took over eight hours I must have filled out three applications with all the mistakes me made, he barely speaks English and honestly, I don't think he's that intelligent. Every time he told us "wait here, il go see if it's on the lot" line, he would disappear for oh, 30 minutes or so, return and totally have no idea what he was doing, or for that matter, where he had been. If it wasn't for the fact they had exactly what we wanted I would have left. Ugh, he sucks.

Fast forward a couple of months, we own the jeep, the jeep we bought from ENRIQUE, and this nit wit calls me to ask if I was still in the market for a jeep??? Ummm, "Enrique, I bought a jeep, from you. Silence, "oh, uh oh, uh". Me: hang up!

Save yourself the frustration and angst of these amateur sales men who will try and oversell, up sell, anything..  RUN. GO.  Do not stop and Rancho (Sing it, it sounds funny).

B Z. | 2014-11-02

Had a great experience purchasing my 2014 Dodge Challenger from this dealership.  Had another great experience with the collision center at this dealership when my Challenger got a little banged up.  And had yet another great expereince when I tool my Challenger in for its first oil change.  All around great expereince at Rancho Jeep.

Bay Park R. | 2014-10-28

I needed to have scheduled maintenance done on my Jeep, and being new to the area I checked on Yelp but found pretty poor reviews for all the nearby Jeep dealers. So, I found Rancho Jeep the old-fashioned way: I asked around. I found the service department to be very friendly and professional, which is what I expect from a new car dealer. Normally I wouldn't write a post about scheduled maintenance, but given that I was having trouble telling good from bad on Yelp, I thought others in my shoes might find this post helpful.

Claudia L. | 2014-10-21

Our experience buying the car was good, we talked to Will. He was friendly knowledgeable, and gave us a good deal.

Every moment after that has been awful and miserable and has made us regret ever stepping foot on that lot. We took our new 2013 Charger in because it kept saying 'key not recognized' when we would try to start it. It would take several tries to get the car to start. It was happening pretty often. It was really annoying. We called the dealership and they said no problem drop it off. We did and the service department spent a week or so with our car while we carpooled to work, major inconvenience! They kept telling us the guy who worked on it was not available but would be in the next day. Finally we got our car back and it was just as bad as before. Begging the car to start for several minutes whenever we wanted to drive it. Then we repeated that experience again and again and again. Our new car sat in their lot because they didn't have time or energy or resources needed to help us. In the year we have had our car, it sat in the shop for a month! They should make the payment for us! Finally after us telling them we suspected it was the alarm they installed for us when we bought the car they admitted that was the issue, pulled the alarm out and the car started fine after that. And they agreed to get us a refund. Finally they were making things right for us after a year of dealing with this issue. NOPE! That ended up being too good to be true and they disappeared. My husband showed up in person to talk to the GM who was at lunch and waited in the lobby for 40 minutes only to be told when the GM got back that he would call my husband later. I guess Mr GM needed a nappy nap after lunch and just slept the afternoon away because he never called. Then we tried Sergio in finance and Shon in customer service. We left Shon 3 voicemails today, none of which were returned.
We are considering consulting an attorney to figure out our options because this issue is so bad. They owe us over $750 and they are hiding from us. This is just unbelievable! We pretty much hate our Charger now and Daimler Chrysler in general.

Geno V. | 2014-10-13

This place still sucks as far as customer service. We took a truck in at 8:00 am which we had made an appointment for, at 3:30pm they still did not touch the truck, which means we are still short a fleet vehicle. Way to go Dodge!

Norma M. | 2014-09-19

These guys were awesome. Didn't feel any pressure as they helped me find the perfect car for me. I went in looking at a new Dart and left with a sweet Jetta (used) that saved me a lot of cash. Worked with me the whole way with financing and even getting me fair rates and payments. Ask for Allen! Him and Walter rock. Allen test drove a couple cars with me answering questions while having good recommendations along the way. Walter was one of the managers who stepped in for a bit and helped make things happen. Together these guys kill the car selling game! Without a doubt will be going back, with this car too! Forgot to mention they also gave me a great deal on my Mitsubishi Diamante and threw in some sweet tints for my Jetta! Nice little, cherry on top hah.
(Oops, I'm signed into my girlfriends account... This is Josh K.)

Cristina C. | 2014-09-16

When I bought my new car my buying experience was exceptional!  This bad review is for the Parts & service Department NOT the dealer!
So I made an appt for today at 1:30 pm becuse my trunk doesn't lock.  I got here early at 1 pm. The service guy Joey told me that to check it alone it would take 3-4 hours, I told him I wanted an oil change and my complimentary car wash. He said the oil change is quick and I told him I have other things to do today so the oil change and car wash only. He told me that the car wash would take an extra hour since they have to take.it over to Volvo,  not sure why, soni said forget the car wash just the oil change and I'll bring my car back an other day knowing it will likely be a whole day thing. They told me to wait in the waiting area. Remeber I had an appointment and I got here early and only went for an oil change that should take 30 minutes max. I'm writing this in their semi warm waiting room 2 plus hours later and my car isn't even ready yet. Upset, I had to ask What the statue on my car was, they had just started working in it around 2:50. So disappointed, annoyed and yes pissed off. Horrible customer service.  I expected so much more given my great purchase experience. Never servicing my car here again, I don't even want to come back to get my cars trunk fixed. Plus no loner car, next time I need to buy a Lexus they give u loner cars. Its my husband's birthday and I'm still stuck here for an oil Change.

John D. | 2014-09-11

I signed up on their website several days ago for a Wait for Service appointment today. When I arrived at the scheduled time, I first had to wait because they were behind on taking in several cars. Once the representative got around to me, I was told that no Wait for Service was possible today, even though I had scheduled the appointment several days in advance.

Since this business finds reneging on appointments an acceptable practice, I will take my business to one of the many in town who find it shameful. In fact, that's the best description I have for this business: shameful.

Russ S. | 2014-09-10

Do NOT take your vehicle to this dealership. Horrible service, they don't honor the Chrysler recall notices, and now I have to go directly to Chrysler to deal with them and their incompetence. Stay away from Rancho Chrysler Jeep!!!

Katie S. | 2014-09-06

My friend's Jeep broke down while we were in Los Angeles. We took it to a mechanic, he couldn't recreate the problem, said it may need the fuel system cleaned, but it should be okay. Fast forward to a couple days later, in San Diego, when we're getting ready to drive home to Phoenix. We took it to Sears (paid over $300), who cleaned the fuel system and the coil pack...and on the way back to the motel, the "check engine" light came on. Sears said they couldn't deal with it, and the Jeep needed to go to the dealership. So we sent it there via AAA towing service.

The computer system needed to be replaced. Wonderful. And the part needed to be overnighted from the factory in Detroit (which was actually a good thing, because it was cheaper that way). So my friend shelled out over $800, and we're excited to go home. On the way back to the motel from the dealership, the "check gauges" light came on again. Whatever, we're going home to Phoenix. The Jeep withstood the trip back to Arizona, and the subsequent week or two of around-town driving, but the thing that perplexes me is, the guy at Rancho Chrysler Jeep Dodge told my friend to drive the [automatic] SUV as if it were a manual--shifting it from gear to gear. Now, I'm not a car-ologist, so I consulted a couple of auto savvy friends, who said that will blow the tranny. Does this sound like solid advice to you?

All the same, the Jeep got us home safe and sound--at a little over $800, which was about $150 less than the estimate. That's pretty impressive.

Mandi R. | 2014-08-29

I know everyone hates going to the "dealer". But I am here to tell you, when it comes to factory service on any of my vehicles, I will be taking them to Rancho. A friend recommended I talk to Dave Greathouse in the service department, and I am VERY glad I took his advice. From beginning to end, the experience has been wonderful. He is the rare advisor that actually calls when he says he will. He kept me updated on any parts on order and expertly took care of my vehicles needs. I have an SRT8 300 and an SRT8 Grand Cherokee, so excellence in repair is very important to me. Specifically, the tech Eric H. and Luis T. have been great through all my repairs! Not a finger print or foot print to be found and the repairs are always fixed right the first time. Even the service manager Chris P. stopped to ask if all my service needs had been met. I highly recommend taking your Chrysler products to Rancho!! Ask for Dave!

Theresa D. | 2014-08-27

Tried to give the place a second chance. Won't even mention out first experience 2 years ago; it was awful! Today we went I. Hopes of test driving a couple of cars. Told the salesman what we wanted to look at and what we wanted to spend. He says follow me and starts walking to the back of the lot. Past the garage, past the body shop, about a block away. Doesn't ask how we are doing or attempt any small talk at all. Rude. Then takes us to a group of cars packed in so tightly there would be no way we could even take it out to test drive without waiting for them to rearrange about twenty cars just to get it out. Then there's the fact that the car was filthy!!! I get it, it wasn't on the "showroom floor" but if you're trying to sell me a car, at least dust it off!!

Overall I am extremely disappointed in this dealership and will never shop here for a vehicle!!!

Robert B. | 2014-08-27

I made an appointment a week in advance to have the recalled gas tank replaced on my Chrysler 300.  I scheduled to take the morning off work and arranged for a co-worker to give me a ride.  When I got to the service department I was told the parts to fix my car were on back order and they would not be able to do the work.  What a huge waste of my time.  When I asked them why they scheduled my appointment if the parts are on back order I was told by the service manager Dave Greathouse that my appointment was processed through one of their call centers and that I should have called him directly.  How was I supposed to know that?  I called the service number from their website.  He was very rude and made the whole thng sound like it was my fault.

Michael C. | 2014-08-25

Horrible experience going through the process of my lease and even worse after!

The new Jeep Cherokee's have known transmission issues, and after I experienced this I brought my new 2014 LEASED Jeep to the service dept, and they said "Yea well our transmission technicians are backed up so it could be a few days" I said "ok understandable I will take a loaner\courtesy vehicle to drive while my jeep is in the shop", and they looked at me like I had two heads... Long story short they told me they had no vehicles to loan me, but sent me across the street to Hertz which in the end still cost me $76. Ridiculous... what dealership does not provide a like vehicle when after 4 months of a brand new leased vehicle has issues related to the production not operator?!?!?!

Wait there's more!

After 3 days I called to check on the status hoping to get back into my new leased vehicle that I am making monthly payments on.. As I'm talking to the service dept, they inform me that some customer of the dealership, parked next to my jeep and slammed their door into my driver door, causing damage needing to be repaired! Unbelievable right haha! This is a true story..

They at least got the idiots insurance and said they will fix the door but will take 2 days, I have not yet scheduled this repair because I'm afraid to be without a vehicle again for 2-3 days and do not want a crap car from Hertz that I have to pay for...

To put the cherry on this story, The transmission issue was caused by the security system package that Tony up-sold me (added additional $20 to my monthly payment), during the other horrible experience I went through. They said that the kill ignition feature had to be disabled to resolve the issue. I called the dealership and left 6 messages with 3 different employees asking about what they were going to do to reimburse me for the security system situation and what the next steps would be. No response at all from anyone!

I hope to speak with the GM of the dealership regarding these issues, and if not I will reach out to the Chrysler of America to express my dissatisfaction!

Pete S. | 2014-08-13

I gave this dealer a second chance. I now regret it. I left with the same noises I came in with the exception on the A/C Compressor.  It was at the dealer for 11 days. When I picked up the vehicle the lower kick panel was flopping around .I told the service writer ,and he looked disgusted and embarrassed. He took the vehicle back to the technician to find the missing screws. This Jeep has 26000 miles on it and just had four sets of struts in it ,a A/C Compressor, and a Steering Column! (NOT COMMON ON ANY VEHICLE) with that low of mileage!

The following day I noticed more missing screws around the steering column, and had to return to show the service writer the issue. A couple days later I noticed the noises still occurring in the front end ,and inside the steering column; I also noticed the passenger outside seat trim broken which my wife insisted was not broken before. I contacted the service manager Chris Patterson and he seemed defensive and denied braking the passenger seat trim.  

I get the feeling of retribution from this dealership. I visited Poway Jeep and talked with their service manager,and he seemed to know the whole situation. It's seems these dealers talk to each other and when there's a difficult situation they try to turn away warranty work in fear of a Jeep customer care complaint that lowers their dealer score which in turn I believe penalizes them somehow.  I sent a formal letter to Chrysler LLC ,and I will see what they have in mind if anything.  What I find funny is that I'm being made out to be the bad guy when the dealer simply keeps throwing parts at the vehicle. It's really a shame. I have had a few Jeeps ,and never had such an issue with a dealership before. It's a neat little SUV that just needs to be properly diagnosed. In all fairness ,the service manager and service writer did replace a driver side seat trim at no charge,but I can't overlook that the other problems still exist and emails and phone calls have been ignored.

M G. | 2014-08-10

Customer service is horrible. The reception area was extremely dirty, popcorn all over the floor. The vehicle my husband and I were interested in had the carpet super dirty and with holes all over. The manager was extremely rude and unprofessional. What a waste of time !!

Walter M. | 2014-08-06

the service department is understaffed and repair techs are unskilled.  i wrench on most of my cars and know a thing or two about mechanics.  stay clear of this place.  try Midway jeep dodge instead

Moka D. | 2014-08-01

Yelp I wish their was a -0 star!

Save yourself the disappointment, frustration and most importantly your time!  This dealership does not care 1 bit! They don't care about your well-being, your time, making what's wrong right...NOTHING!  The service we received is UNACCEPTABLE! I mean really unacceptable...it's worse than those little mom and pops broke down places on the corner! I have never in my life received such horrible service from not just 1 person but multiple departments and the managerial staff.  Service sucks from the receptionist who don't know what they are doing...I mean how hard is it to transfer a call correctly or answer a simple questions?  I purchased a used vehicle from Rancho the end of June. Almost immediately we noticed a few items wrong with the truck and contacted our awesome sales person who referred us to our awesome service advisor Aaron.  Aaron was knowledgeable and jumped on ordering the parts for the items that was wrong with the truck. We waited, and did not hear back from Aaron, called and left messages. Finally asked for anyone in sales and after a week or so they told us he was fired! Here we go ...have to start all the way over again! By now we found 2 more items wrong with the truck. We have made 5 trips down to Rancho to get our truck fixed and every time one sales person say they will cover it, then the service says sales said they won't cover it! The service dept. says we told sales about these items and they should have told you.  I want that list! I want to know what else besides Tire sensors not working, the side panel is falling off, the passenger door does not lock, and the 2nd row of chairs does not lock in up position. They fall back down and are a hazard, especially with children, the dashboard is cracked, and the emergency break doesn't seem to work properly. That's a lot of items to not point out on a $30k purchase! We have gotten bounced around from manager to manager, from department to department.  We keep on waiting for one manger to another manager's approval.  We are always the one to call and then have to remind them of everything that is wrong with the truck and what we are waiting for. We have tried to leave the list numerous of times and they say it's okay you can go over it with the person who calls you back.  I just want to get my dang truck fixed so I can never go back to this dealership again.  I wish I'd never traded my Vehicle in if I knew this is how we were going to be treated.  I hate the run around!!!! The service we received by Rancho has been such a disgusting disappointment that I will be contacting Chrysler Group LLC!  

Definitely NOT get my business ever again!!!

Scott H. | 2014-07-29

Fantastic service!

After trying to order a new Ram from the bungling idiots over at Carl Burger and having them completely screw up my order I was able to find a new Ram 1500 Sport very similar to what I wanted here at Rancho.

I was greeted by a salesman when I got out of my truck. I told him I was here to look at a truck I saw on their website. Turns out they had just taken delivery of it a few days before. They did the required pre delivery inspection and parked it on their offsite storage lot. Salesman and I jumped in a new JK and went to get it. It had 13 miles on it. We get it back to the dealership, he goes and fills the tank with 89 octane and has it cleaned off a little and we took it for a test drive. I love the truck. So we go back, he sends it straight off to the detail bay and we go inside for the numbers and paperwork.

The whole experience was a breeze. Their dealership is clean and comfortable. They were not pushy. I got a terrific deal on a fantastic truck. So glad I ended up here instead of being stuck with Carl Burger and the morons they employ.

Kaylan L. | 2014-07-12

I could not have been more impressed. I have a jeep that's had issues for months and previously I was taking it to the dealership I bought it from but they kept jerking me around so I looked for a different jeep service place and came across Rancho. They were able to get me in next day and even though my check engine light had gone off by the time I got there they still took it in (unlike other places). They provided me not only a courtesy ride back to my house but also picked me back up when the vehicle was ready. The driver was very kind, even asked if I had a radio station preference. They didn't take any longer than they estimated to get the work done and finally, the issue with my jeep was fixed. Did I mention they washed my vehicle?! I hope I don't have to return for anymore work anytime soon but if I do I know I'll go here. I am not one that writes reviews but figured it was the least I could do for such great service! Thanks Rancho CJD!

Matt L. | 2014-07-05

Eh. Not too bad
I came in for my first oil change in my new Ram 1500. Joey said it'll only take about an hour and a half. I figured that wasn't all too bad for oil change, tire rotation, and a car wash.
Friendly folk here. Waiting area was decent. There were free muffins and popcorn - my two kids were happy with that. Free coffee and bottle water, as well. Can't complain there!
Service only took about an hour and 10 min. So I was quite impressed (I've waited 4 hrs at a Ram dealer up in Carlsbad). Everything was complimentary because it was my first oil change with a new vehicle. But one thing I was pretty upset about - the car wash.
It's a black truck, so you can see dirt pretty well on there, but there was still a good amount of dirt on the sides, water spots all over the rear, and no one touched the top of it. Sure, it's a truck, it's tall. But there's side steps, or you could have used a ladder.
So anyhow. I'm pretty happy with the service, just wish the car wash was a bit better.
If you have a Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, or Ram, and live in the area, I'd say you should check them out

Conor O. | 2014-06-11

Bottom Line Up Front: Fantastic Service Center.

This review is solely for the service center and not the vehicle purchasing or finance center.

The guys at the service center are polite and attentive. Return customers are assigned to the same attendant to develop a personal relationship. Almost everything that I have needed for my vehicle has been covered by warranty, so that's been a delight.

I had to have a hose replaced and the part was not located at the service center, so the Rancho guys gave me a shuttle back to my apartment in Normal Heights and picked me up the following day when the repairs were completed. To my delight, they vaccumed the car and washed the outside!

I'm really not sure why there's so much hate for these guys on Yelp, but my experience has been very positive. Go check these guys out.

John B. | 2014-06-06

Bought a used 2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Was treated like a king until after the purchase was made. After the fact of buying the car I realized that it only came with 1 key and no floor mattes in the vehicle. It has also been 2 months since the purchase and still have not received the tags or title in the mail. Getting in touch with the dealership via phone is next to impossible. Customer service is absolutely terrible. I have called at least ten times and every time the front desk transfers me to a department where no one answers the phone and it doesn't go to voice mail. After calling the front desk back numerous time they tell me they will take my name and number but I still have not heard back from any one at the dealership. I cannot stress enough how terrible the customer service is at this dealership!!! Go to Poway instead!!!

Mad D. | 2014-06-06

Had to replace the PCM (computer) on my Durango.  After I couldn't find the part on several auto-repair webites, I mistakenly went to the dealership for repair.  I made the appointment online, and in the process asked for advice on what to do when towing in a vehicle.  No response, not even a "the service department is well marked, just follow the signs".  Towed it in, no big deal.  The  place was slammin with activity, which I thought was a good sign - come to realize it's probably mostly people who still have warranties or other maintenance plans on the cars they bought there. Anyway, while Durango was in the shop I found the part online (don't look in auto parts stores, look for computer places): $229 (pre-programmed based on VIN with lifetime warranty) -  simple installation = 3 easily accessible bolts.  Even if factory part is twice the cost and they charge me 1 hour labor for 15 minutes of work + diagnosis fee, I'm still thinking the repair can't be more than $650.  Wrong.  They raped me for more than four times what it would have cost to do it myself - yes over $1000.  When I mention this upon being faced with the bill, lots of excuses of the "nothing we can do" variety, plus apparently the programming is included in the labor costs - effectively making the factory PCM a $900 part with a 12-month warranty.  Despite the financial complaints, I have plenty of others as well: I never received notification that my car was ready.  I apparently could have picked it up before the long (memorial day) weekend, but finally had to call 5 days later on my own to discover it was ready.  Additionally the quote and receipt for repair included some multi-point inspection of other critical components of the vehicle.  I forgot to get those results in person and they never mentioned anything about it - which is highly suspicious.  When has a mechanic never tried to sell you on the next service? Nothing about "your ball joints will probably need service in about 10,000 miles" etc. So I called back, 30 minutes after leaving to get the inspection details.  No answer.  left a message.  No response.  They probably didn't check anything else.  
I will never go back to Rancho CJD for repairs.

Eric A. | 2014-06-05

Came here on a rainy day (best time to car shop) and bought a jeep patriot. Enrique was very helpful as were the rest of the staff members. Brought it back for service a few months later and they gave me a free oil change, free car wash, and free inspection. Very impressed with this dealership and i highly recommend it if!

Don L. | 2014-05-23

I bought a certified used RAM truck from these guys back in March.  I was pleased when I took delivery of the vehicle until my wife peeled the DMV sticker back to reveal it had been placed directly on top of a large crack.  I called right away and they told me I'd be taken care of and to call to schedule an appointment. Being military, I have a very tight schedule and was gone or on duty during the times they wanted me to bring it in.  a week or two later, the muffler slipped out of it's bracket and i had to use bailing wire to re-attatch the exhaust while waiting.  it is now late May and i've been in the dealership at least 6 times since the first and this manager, Mike is the only person in the WORLD who can authorize my windshield replacement.  The only problem is this Mike guy is NEVER there.  They have become very apologetic about blowing me off but my windshield and exhaust are still not fixed.  I move to Hawaii in less than a week now and I can't ship the vehicle with a broken windshield.  This sucks.

Shane S. | 2014-05-19

I usually hate going to dealership for service but this time it was a great experience. I have had a problem with my 2012 dodge ram for over a year, it wouldn't start occasionally. I have taken it to other dealerships were I live and they said the normal "we couldn't similate the problem" then showed the door. Billy in the service department listened and did research. He found two possible star reports and briefed me what to do the next time it happened. Two weeks later it happened I called Billy and got me in the next day and had it fixed. No hassles, no charge, he honestly got it fixed. So Billy in the service department is honest, cares, and isn't trying to sell anything.

Robert M. | 2014-05-17

This review should have been posted after my initial experience, but I trusted the manager when he said it would be taken care of.  I had an oil change here and the diagnostic report they give you is pretty detailed and rather impressive.  Decided I could trust them with my car.

Flash forward to the next oil change (even though they said 5,000 miles (and the window sticker reflected that) the oil change light came on after just shy of 3,000.  I took the car there.  They told me that I needed new wiper blades and my tires rotated (the wiper blades had just been changed two months prior and the factory doesn't recommend tire rotation until after 32000 miles and the tires were only 10,000 miles on the car, but okay...you're the experts, I'm not.  They hand me the diagnostic and everything on it looks alright.

Tires rotated, wipers and oil changed.  They also told me that I should drive the car more so as to not have to change the oil as often...okay, you're the experts.  I decide to take my car up to LA.  I'm on the highway....I start to merge into traffic and my steering wheel starts shaking like it's possessed.   I know something is immediately wrong, but I'm well on my way and drive to LA and back.  I call them, make an appointment and take the car back (goodbye another day of work).  I tell the guy behind the counter that when they rotated my tires, the neglected to balance them.  I told him the issue I was having.....he checks my car in and I go sit in their waiting area.  This jackoff comes to me after a half hour and tells me that the mechanic says all 4 of my tires need to be replaced immediately.  I say "excuse me.  Those tires have less than 10,000 miles on them, there's no way they can need replacing already"  He tells me the mechanic says they do.  I ask him then why is there NOTHING on the diagnostic report that I received from THIS SAME ESTABLISHMENT less than two weeks before.  I then tell him to just put my car back in at least as good of condition it was in before they touched it.  He reiterated 3 times that I needed all 4 tires replaced.   I ended up getting so pissed off I just told them to give me back my car and I would deal with it.  I spoke with the service manager who turned out to be a grade A a-hole before I left.  I pulled over less than a block away and called to speak to the manager.  Don't EVER think you will actually get to speak with the manager.  The person who answered the phone (who clearly did not speak English) told me the third time that I called that it was against company policy to page the manager, you know, like they do every other sales person there.  She also told me that she didn't know the number for the corporate offices.  Okay.  GOOGLE

I called the corporate office and within 5 minutes of me explaining my issues to the corporate offices, the General Manager was calling me back.  I was SO angry by this point that I ripped him a new one.  He told me that if I brought my car back in he would make sure that I was refunded the charges for the last invoice that was so full of things my car didn't need.  He also told me that there would be no charge for them to balance my tires.  I have NEVER had my tires rotated without the them being balanced.  NEVER.  Again, I am NOT the expert here.  I EXPECT that  YOUR people are.  Other branches that I subsequently called couldn't even quote me a price for balancing since it done with ROTATION.

Today I finally had a day off and decided that I would make an appointment and take my car back to be looked at.  I go in, tell the guy about my last two experiences with their service department and what I think my car needs.  He tells me that he's on it.  He hands me the "estimate" where he marks the regular price out and puts in half of what they normally charge for the service.  I think "FINE"  I seriously do NOT mind paying for service to my car....even though the manager said it would be taken care of.  After what I consider an inordinate amount of time they call my name and my car is finished.  The mechanic tells me that I was right, the tires were way off balance  I go down, they've charged me the FULL price for the service and didn't even wash my car....real classy...really classy.  I'm a little pissed, but whatever.  I go to pull out of the lot and I can immediately tell my car is better.  I wouldn't normally have taken the highway home from here, but figure I better double check.  It's like the last mechanic never touched it....all better and I'm good with the results.


Janelle I. | 2014-04-25

We took our car there in a panic because the emergency brake went out and we only had 3 hours to get the car scheduled to ship to Hawaii, check out of our hotel, and catch a flight on time. The service department took the car in immediately and had it fixed and back on the road in 30 minutes! It's rare to find a service department that is actually SERVICE oriented, but these guys were top notch! The charges to fix were minimal as well. Did I mention that we had a baby and a toddler with us? They provided our daughter with a muffin and hot chocolate for breakfast and had toys for the kids to use while waiting. I would recommend this service department to anyone. The entire staff was very friendly and understanding. They truly saved us from missing our flight and making sure our car made it to Hawaii.

Frank D. | 2014-04-18

They are a joke. Specially the rip off artist of Finance Manager.2013 chrysler 300c for 29500 out the door(lol). Guess what Mr. Finance mngr I did go down the street to the Honda dealership and got the same car for 25k out the door. Thank you for trying to stick it to me.. I love my new 300c (hemi) .. The only good thing you had was the Rolex and that fine ass lady next to you. But will NEVER return to your dealership anymore. EVERYONE AVOID..

Suzanne T. | 2014-04-09

Update: I wish I could give this a zero now. This place is just unorganized and the system is awful. If you plan to take out a loan with them, you may want to think about that twice.

They charge you a convenience charge for paying online. I have never heard that before. I tried to set up auto-draft and contacted their office at least 5 times! Still not done. Asked for a manager. No call. I just don't understand how long it takes to get it done. I would add it myself but the stupid site doesn't have the option. It's disabled or something. They have no technical service to help you too. Some of the agents online are rude and unhelpful.

It's like they don't want their money. Never heard of such an organization. Do yourself a favor and just forget them all together. They are a mess!

Ezequiel D. | 2014-04-09

Worst dealer to do business with.  I was there this weekend, had a truck to trade in I normally don't disclose the amount of my payoff or any other offers that I have. From the getgo I advise the gentleman that I had a  carmax offer and at that point he told me he told me "I'm going to give you my best, offer for you trade in, this offer is only good for right now, you leave the offer goes with you" he came back with a 13,700 offer on my trade when the Carmax offer was for 20,000. When I showed him the offer I told him that he was full of shit, and to stop bullshitting me and  lets work on a deal, which at that point he felt disrespected which he refused to do business with me. So disgusted with the services I received, not to mentioned that I'm a repeat customer I never felt so disrespected from this experiance

Genevieve H. | 2014-04-04

After a horrible experience at Midway Jeep and Dodge, I decided I wouldn't buy there even if they had the car I wanted.  Instead, I opted for Rancho Chrysler Jeep and Dodge of Kearny Mesa, primarily because of the excellent follow up I received from Enriquee.  After stopping in briefly to sit in a couple jeeps (while I was making my preliminary cuts on new vehicles) I didn't test drive anything, but Enriquee took my information and continued to follow up with me, and answer any and all texts I sent him (even after hours when I'm sure he was no longer at the dealership).  Unfortunately when I was finally able to come in and purchase my vehicle Enriquee was not working, but I had the pleasure of working with Bobby Longnecker who was very customer service oriented as well.  Every person I encountered at the dealership was friendly and helpful.  I did not get the skeevy feeling you get when you're being greased up by a salesman (like at Midway) but felt like they were working to offer a fair price for the vehicle I wanted.  I ended up going with the Jeep Cherokee Limited, and although they did not have one with a sunroof, they arranged for one to be put in.  I was very happy with my experience here and felt secure in my purchase.  I would highly recommend going to Rancho Chrysler Jeep and Dodge and working with either Enriquee, or Bobby.

Miguel M. | 2014-04-03

These guys must sell allot of cars because I didn't seem to matter as a client to them. I called Monday after seeing a car online and submitted my application to Andy the sales guy. This was around 11AM. I had to call back around 4PM since he didnt have the decency to call me. He said he was real busy but that his managment team had my application and was reviewing it to see what they could offer. Monday went by Tuesday also and no calls. I left several messages for andy but no response. When I asked for a manager they were always in meetings. Maybe they should stop meeting so much and start selling cars. I finally decided to go somewhere else and ended up at Perry. I was in and out in 3 hours with the truck I wanted. If your looking for a new car dont waste your time with Rancho and go to a place that appreciates your business.

Jay W. | 2014-04-01

Felt like I got a decent deal but the sales people were not very friendly.  I got my first oil change here and within a month I had to bring my car in because the oil filter was loose and leaking oil.  They did not provide a rental car when diagnosing my car or when they realized the problem was their fault.  I was only without my car for a couple hours but rented a car because I did not know how long I would be without it.

Kristin D. | 2014-03-20

YELP doesn't allow no starts so I'm selecting 1.  WORST experience EVER.  3 words to describe this dealership and their employees: Unscrupulous,  Unprofessional, Incompetent.  Took my jeep there for breaks and they fixed the wrong ones.  Took my jeep there 3 times before they could figure out what was wrong and turns out it was a recall on the power steering, which almost caused me to be in a horrible accident with my family in the car.  Lastly my 5 year old jeep with less than 50K miles on it needs a new transmission and they are voiding my LIFETIME power train warranty.  Chrysler is a horrible company to deal with and after owning 4 Jeeps I WILL NEVER OWN another one.

Eric B. | 2014-03-11

In the last 11 months, my wife and I leased 2 new vehicles. Each time there was a Jeep model in consideration. On both occasions we visited Rancho and left saying we would never go back. Last Spring, we were flat out lied to about the possibility of trading in a leased Dodge (said they called Ally financial and quoted a ridiculous payoff, when I called the next day got a very different answer and was told they had been closed the previous day when the salesman allegedly called). This time, we were ignored on the lot for 20 minutes, finally talked a salesman into helping us with a test drive, but were then pawned off on someone else. After the test drive, we were asked, "so, do you want to buy it?". We told him we were considering a couple of brands, and were in our final evaluation. That the decision came down to a BMW, Volvo, Jeep or a Ford. He was quite insulting to the other brands, and said that he could probably find the model of Jeep with the equipment we were looking for (we wanted a sunroof and none were on the lot), but would call us later, he was pretty busy. A quote that I found particularly annoying was: "No one smart would buy a Volvo, I think they are going out of business" (I have a 1 year old S60). We left, and ended up leasing a new Ford CMax plug-in hybrid. This will be our last trip to Rancho.

AJ G. | 2014-03-08

Went here to look at Jeep Cherokees. I told the salesmen Tony that is what I wanted  a Cherokee in a V-6 engine. He then asked if I wanted the gas kind. I again told him I wanted the Cherokee. It took him awhile to figure out that we did not want a Grand Cherokee. He then walked us all around the dealership in 80 degree weather asking us about the car we were selling ourselves. He ended up taking us up to the front again and then finally finding one the had a V-6 engine. He said I will go find the keys. He walked around some more and about 5 minutes later came back and said "can you come back in a half hour?" WTF Too bad for Rancho, we will never come back here. I guess you don't want to help us. As we left the guy just sat back down on the curb. Oh yeah, I was pretty grossed out by all of his cologne. I do not think I would have made it through the test drive without puking.

Raymond C. | 2014-03-04

Purchased a Fiat 500 Sport just this past week, and had to be one of the easiest and most pleasant experiences ever! And that's usually not the case with most dealerships. Rancho took care of me and I will return for future vehicle purchases. I would gladly recommend my friends and family.

Conrad R. | 2014-02-26

After calling around for price quotes, we agreed to bring the swagger wagon to change the brake pads. I got photos to upload and reviews to post. Ain't nobody got time for that.

It seems like pretty a straightforward job: take off the wheels, pull the calipers, pull the rotors, machine the rotors, replace the brake pads, put it all back together, bleed the lines, and check the brake fluid. The work was done within the expected time and I received the customary email and phone call advising me of this. No squeaky or squealing brakes. Thumbs up.

Here's the rub: I look over the final invoice and the price is nearly double what I was quoted. Wait. What? I nearly flipped my lid until the service advisor apologized and made some parts & labor adjustments. I must have got the Just-born-yesterday-Walk-in price. That's some messed up way of doing business. Thumbs down. Way way down.

I still have some pre-paid oil changes left to use, so I'm ambivalent about returning. The quality workmanship on the vehicle are par for the course, but getting overcharged for it makes me wanna pull that yelp decal off the door.

Tony S. | 2014-02-21

Buyers be ware!!!!!

Just recently 9/16/2014 7pm had a bad experience with this dealership. I hope that my experience will help you to avoid doing business with them and experiencing the same frustration the we are currently dealing with. Maybe the deals they have are not worth the low quality of vehicles they have on their lot.

On sunday we decided (after much looking) to make a purchase of a brand new Jeep Cherokee limited driving the vehicle home we noticed it was making a loud noise coming from the front tires. My wife takes it on Monday and speaks to Robert at the service desk and explains the noise to him he pretty much told her that it's the new tires and to drive it for 200-300 miles and the noise will go away. Thank god she was persistent on telling them that I would be upset if a $34,000 car is making that much noise.
Robert then snatch the keys from the desk and wriggled his eyes as if he was frustrated and annoyed that he had to do his job and take care of the customer.
After 2 technicians drove the vehicle what surprise there was something wrong both wheel bearings were defective. We still have no new car and one more week to wait for repairs. Car had 76 miles when it was taken back they are refusing to give us a brand new car. Even though we had it for less than 12 hours you tell me if customers come first at Rancho Jeep. The sales manager Hermond try's to win you over with a free tank of gas worth $60 after you spent $34,000 on a car that is not working or in our possession. Mind you no one called us to give us an update we had to call.

I feel that they sold us a defective  product and should grant our wishes to exchange vehicles.

Thuy C. | 2014-02-19

I've always vowed to never buy another car from a Dodge dealership and never to buy another dodge...period because of my terrible experience with my Dodge magnum.. Bought it new for $32000 out the door with all the jazzy snazzy stuff and 9 years later it died on us and we ended up putting it for sale and received only $3500! So we saw a Lexus and it was a really great deal so we decided to go and buy it! I have to say that the process of buying a car was faster than most process at dealership but the salesman had NO idea what he was working with and couldn't really answer any questions about the car! He even thought that the car was as is and does not offer any mats and shared that's why they dropped the prices but in reality the mat was in the trunk the whole time! He just didn't answer any of our questions or answered it but the answer were incorrect! So thank goodness we did a ton of research on our own before hand! We did end up buying the car here but throughout the process we felt like we couldn't trust what they were saying vs how other place such as acuras and lexus dealership we could trust and they knew what they were talking about! The cool thing that my salesman did do was he was very thorough in his follow up so we ended up coming back after he texted us once we left to buy the car so he did do a good job with that! Overall I liked the short sales process vs the long process at other places.

Stacey S. | 2014-02-17

Honestly I'm giving a two and being generous. The service department here is totally lost turn over is so much. I have bought 3 cars in past and would bring in one for regular oil change a day after the light goes on saying I need a change. I was so over all the bs I recently sold my jeep cdr after years and years and zillion of issues to find that the dealership imputed mileage two time incorrectly therefore was an issue when I traded the junk in. I called then to have then fix the problem left 3 messages never heard back. I would just really do your homework there are lots of choices out there perhaps this one is a bad one.

Sean T. | 2014-02-11

Brian is an excellent salesman.  I called ahead of time explaining which truck I was looking for.  He looked through his inventory and set everything up for me to check out.  Brian is not a pushy salesman,  he's just a real good dude that wants to find you the car/truck that you're looking for. I would recommend him to anyone.

Reg R. | 2014-02-07

Don't be fooled by the big ballon saying "We Beat Car Max"

James L. | 2014-02-05

This dealership has more 1 star reviews than every other rating combined. What does it take to operate a business that consistently generates unsatisfied customers? Why don't they care enough to fix it?

I actually had a decent experience test driving and learning about Jeeps with Hermond. When it came time to buy, I was assigned to Jarret in the Internet Sales Department. He seemed to know less about Jeeps than I did and made mistake after mistake after mistake. That is fine but he got progressively ruder and unprofessional. You have One Job. I was a customer ready to buy. But so long Jarett and so long Rancho. Don't they know people can buy the same Jeep from a dozen places? Why choose to give your money to a dealership like this one?

In the end I got my Jeep 25 miles from here. That is a measure of the service at Rancho Jeep... customers even willing to drive to a competitor 25 miles away than work with you.

Nathan C. | 2014-01-25

Ive taken my car in 3 times now for warranty work. Dave G. and Robert M. in service have helped me out and been up front each time. Repairs each time have taken longer than expected, but I think that had as more to do with the car than them.

gennaro o. | 2014-01-25

I bought my car here in April of 2013 brand new 2013 dodge avenger... the process was so rushed, I was lied to about certain coverage like my alarm feature,  dent coverage, had to come back in and sign a second contract with a Juan and Sebastian. Let me tell you that's the least of my problems with them. THE SERVICE DEPARTMENT IS CORRUPT AND HORRIBLE, YOU MIGHT AS WELL TAKE YOUR CAR TO TJ FOR  the service you need.I went in for an oil change and tire rotation, I notice a week later my tires were not rotated, you ask how? and so did the cocky rep on the phone, I told him one of the tires is NOT an original tire that I purchase with car! Because a month before they had slashed one tire, so I had it replaced, THATS HOW i KNOW! So I had to talk to two different managers, one manager Never called me back, I know one of there names was Bill Nguyen and the other jerk that never return my call was the service dept. manager.  Then my oil change light came on my new car, that I just had service. OOH they forgot to reset it they said another trip down there for there negligence. They treated me like crap, I regret buying my car from this location love the dodge avenger, but I would not recommend these gorillas, go somewhere else for everything... I went to Firestone for everything to be fixed, even my alignment, that was messed up because of the mess up of tire rotation. DO NOT GO HERE ... SERVICE IS HORRIBLE AND YOUR CAR WORK IS NOT EVEN DONE RIGHT ON YOUR NEW CAR.  GEN CALL ME IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS 619-715-3371 , THEY DON'T EVEN DESERVE THE ONE STAR!

al k. | 2014-01-19

Dealer is shady, service is even worse.  Bought my  new 2013 Dodge 3500 mega dually Laramie truck  from them, it was a horrible experience on the sales management level (sales guys were excellent though). I have purchased alot of cars this experience was absolutely the worst. Turns out service isnt better.

I dropped off my new truck for warranty issues the first time, it came back with a fresh deep scratch. I pointed this out to the service advisor and his responses was the truck has always been in the front, in his eye sight and there is absolutely no way this could have happened on the property (the truck was there for 5 days).    At then I realized integrity level of this advisor, they will not  take any responsibility for their actions.   I let the paint issue go.  

Next time I dropped off the truck (my stupidity for not learning from the paint issue), I double check everything prior to drop it off  to make sure we wont have any issues again.   Will this time I go back and there is a fresh nail sticking out of the tire on the edge, it is fresh because it isnt fully embedded in the tire and it is on the corner so it is unrepairable. I told the advisor and his response was the same thing, it was  like that when I dropped it off and I will have to pay for a new tire  out of  my pocket.   I was furious! After arguing with him for 5 minutes and he was firm on standing his ground while making up the most stupidest illogical excuses I heard of in my life,  I spoke to the supervisor. The supervisor was no better, he was on the same level   making up the most stupidest excuses I ever heard.  I had  argue with him for another 5 minutes for them to change the tire. He didnt give up out of the goodness of his heart either, he realized I am not going to back down.

In conclusion they damaged my new truck on 2 occasions and would not take responsibility for their actions unless I put my foot down. They are very dishonest and immoral people.  If you are  dumb enough to take your vehicles there, double check the car before and after you pick it up and be prepared for a fight if there  is any damage.

I have never dealt with such disgusting people in my life and will NEVER again.   Plenty of Dodge dealerships around, I hope they sleep well at night.

Allison K. | 2014-01-17

So i love this place. I hate most car places and usually have  horrible experiences, but this place is a breath of fresh air. Not sure why some people think otherwise. Anyway I have a 2004 Jeep Liberty that has required ALOT of maintenance. I have taken it to other places and have been nickle and dimed and then had to take it back for them to fix a horrible job. I took my jeep in here for a recall which was the first pleasant experience. Shuttle dropped me off at work and picked me up in a very timely manner and didn't have to miss work. I had to get my breaks fixed desperately and  decided to bring it back here since I had a positive first experience. Billy the service consultant was super friendly and made sure everything was handled to the highest standards. HUGE DEAL also. My rims were also dirty from the break grease and could not have it cleaned even at car washes and such, somehow they were able to clean it completely. Car was also spotless inside and out. I mentioned that I am looking to trade this car in soon and he said that they would be happy to help and that they would help make this Jeep last as long as I needed it to. I forget the other service consultants that helped me but all have been friendly, informative and honest. (this is rare in the car service industry). The shuttle drive is also very nice too. Definitely taking my car here to be serviced from now on.

Paulo L. | 2014-01-14

This review is not for the entire establishment but rather a single employee, Brien.  I've shopped for a car plenty of times before and this guy is literally the single, only sales person I was ever able to interact with like a regular human being.  He is awesome, lacking the usual horrible car salesman traits that give them all the bad image that most of them deserve.  He's a pleasure to deal with, just a nice guy.  I didn't even end up buying a car from him in the end but felt compelled to write this review anyway, that's how cool he was.  If you want a jeep Chrysler or dodge and don't want to get totally aggravated in the process go and see him, I'm sure you'll have a refreshingly easy experience

Dave P. | 2014-01-10

Just bought a Wrangler from them a couple days ago. The level of service was amazing! We would definitely go back, and recommend them to anyone looking to buy.

Ruby S. | 2014-01-09

Their after service is bad, I do NOT recommend to buy a car or repair your cat here!!!!

Wallace D. | 2013-12-26

Service Dept. should be "no" service dept.  Purchased a 2012 Dodge Journey January 2012.  Great deal.  Good people.  Few months later took it in for oil change.  Took five hours!  Never went back until last week for warranty work -  display unit went out and could not use radio, AC, etc.  Three days for part from factory.  After it was installed went in the next day to pick it up.  Service man told me the car would be pulled around in a few minutes.  I kept asking and they said maybe it was being washed.  45 minutes later I asked again and was told he could only do one thing at a time.  Gentleman sitting next to me had waited two hours for a oil change and could see the car was done.  It still took an hour to get it 75 feet to him.  And, it took another 20 minutes to get my car which was parked just behind the shop.  There were three people in service department.  Lots of car-getter guys walking around with cell phones.  No line.  Not busy at all.   So, why should I buy another car from a company that offers such bad maintenance service?  And, no apology for bad service.  I won't go back there even for warranty service.

J T. | 2013-12-25

Awesome service. Bought a 2014 Jeep Cherokee Latitude, love it. They helped me find a 4x4 and the process was smooth. Can't wait to use my 5 years of free oil changes and free Starbucks coffee with the football game on as I wait. Thanks for the friendly and knowledgable  service.

Michael B. | 2013-12-11

Recently bought my Jeep there, would do it again.   They are efficient, fair on price and they all were very intelligent people so I wasn't asked anything more than once.    When I came to get the vehicle I was there maybe 15 minutes total before driving away.    The sales guys were knowledgeable about the product and the sweet lady doing the title work was really fast and sweet.   I have purchased at least 30 new cars over the last 30 years and I have purchased two from this dealership.   I would give them one of the highest ratings so far.    The car was full of gas, Sweet!    It was detailed!    And it was ready very quickly after I made my buy decision.    I actually never saw the car until I came to sign up for it because my kids picked it out for the family.    When I got there everything was filled out and ready.    Amazing job Rancho!

Kay-Marie M. | 2013-12-02

WORST EXPERIENCE EVER! I went in the first time and they were very nice but I decided against a purchase because payments were just too high. They called me for a big black friday sale and was promised they could get me into the payment I was requesting...I came in after being  out of town...was there for 3 hours. First they decided I couldn't get into a Dodge Durango so showed me the journey, I was okay with it and decided I could be happy with the vehicle however I wasn't 100% sure but they continued to push  - they were not able to get me the monthly payment I requested and then accused me of not being flexible. I had FOUR different people come to 'talk me into' a high payment. They were mean, pushy, and refused for a half hour to give me my keys and registration after I asked them a number of times for them so I could just leave. IT WAS AWFUL. I felt degraded, lied to, pushed around and I will NEVER go back there again!

Tanya C. | 2013-11-22

I've bought a lot of cars in my time, mostly leases and it's always been a hassle. Realizing you are going to spend at least four hours at a dealership, hopefully you find someone you like dealing with. That is what I found at Rancho Jeep with salesman John Resurreccion! If you go here, you MUST ask for him.

From the minute I filled out the USAA app looking for a particular Jeep, I had a great experience dealing with Rancho and John. He called to follow up on an email I had received and wanted to know more about what I'm looking for. I made an appointment for two days later to come by and he had pulled out all the cars on the lot and nearby (in a 200 mile radius) that had what I was looking for. Needless to say, he got me more than I wanted for a great price! I was also upside down on my current car and they ended up giving me more than expected in order to earn my business. It's only day one for having the car and the flawless experience, but I'm hoping to have more. I will admit I was apprehensive after reading the yelp reviews, but I also believe a car dealership is a rough business to be in, but if you dig hard enough, you might find a gem in the mix of things.

I told John that at the end of the day, he sold the car. His personality, customer service and negotiating skills to get me where I needed to be were above and beyond what I expected to receive at any dealership never mind at this one from the looks of the reviews. Hoping to be back again after my BF figures out what car he wants :-) thanks John!!

Mark F. | 2013-11-19

I bought a PT Cruiser for my daughter there in 2006 and was perfectly happy with the sales experience.  The car turned out be awesome and to this day has not had a repair other than the normal brakes, tires, battery etc.   The service dept was always good to me until my girl left town for college and job - basically getting on with life as an adult.  The deal came with a bunch of free oil changes, of which I took advantage, and I experienced zero attempts to sell me questionable services or parts.

Fast forward to yesterday, when I purchased a used Challenger.  It was exactly what I was looking for and again the sales staff, Tony and Sebastian, were professional, courteous and not pushy.  I received a polite follow up call today, a nice touch especially after buying a used car.  I will have the Challenger serviced there.

Ricky P. | 2013-11-19

Since the first day I came to look at cars here I've had a poor experience. I'm back again because I need a tire replacement. I had made an appointment an when I walked into the service center, I was not acknowledged by any staff until about 5-10 minutes of waiting. One gentlemen wouldn't even lift his head away from his computer when I was tryng to talk to him. Once I was assisted they told me to sit in the waiting room an they would update me on information an how long it would take. I caught the man talking to another guest an I asked how much longer and he told me he hasn't talked to anyone that's going to be repairing the car yet. An that was 40 minutes after I left the desk. I've just been here about 5 times for different situations and I have not had a good experience at all. The only reason I returned is because they were the only dealership around offering the jeep altitude I was very interested in.

Candace R. | 2013-11-15


Particularly the body shop.  I had the absolute worst experience.  I was rear-ended on the freeway in my new Jeep Wrangler.  I figured, take it to the dealership.  It will be more expensive, but it will be fixed correctly.  After the first go around, my car was returned to me in just as bad of condition as when I brought it in.  There was red paint all through out the inside of my tailgate as well as multiple scratches and dents.  So I took it back to get fixed.  The second time I got my car back, the corner of the tail gate was slightly bent, and after a month, the paint chipped off.  SOOOOO, I took it back in for them to fix it.  Or so I was hoping.  After they "fixed it" a third time, the inside of the tailed was never sanded.  They basically just straightened out the bent corner and painted over it, which gave the look of two different paint colors.  Being this is a dealership, I was expecting nothing less than work of Chrysler standards.  Finally, after refusing to take my car, being called a "liar" buy the body shop manager Sean, and being treated like a child, they fixed my tailgate a fourth time.  It still doesn't close properly and I would give the final paint job a B+.  I think that's pretty crappy considering it was the fourth time and from a dealership!

To make matters worse, they gave me a courtesy car due to this being their error.  Because I had this courtesy car for 6.5 weeks, because they refused to fix my car, I got into a finder bender.  I was going 5 MPH and was involved in a "pile-up".  My insurance estimated the damage to be 1,600 dollars.  Somehow, the body shop managed to weasel  approximately 5,800 dollars worth of damage.  SHADDYYYY!!!!  I worked with Gary at the body shop.  After calling 4 times and not received a call back, I was passed onto Sean the body shop manager.  He called me a liar saying it was impossible that my tailgate was returned to me with red paint on it.  He said that they don't even have red paint in there shop.  Funny how the pictures that my insurance took of my Jeep while in there shop is right next to a very large, hard to miss RED WALL!!  

The second time I took my car in, they somehow "forgot" about it.  I had the rental car for 6 weeks this time as well!  How do you "forget" about a car in your shop for 6 weeks?  

Come to find out, my brother had taken his car here 6 months earlier and also had a nightmare of an experience.  They refused to pay the difference of his rental car because they took too long.  They forgot about his car as well!  He still has paint drip marks on the inside of his door.

Save yourself the headache and DO NOT TAKE YOUR CAR HERE.  Not only are the not professional, they do awful work and are very shady.  

I am currently pursuing a claim with the California BAR.

Shawn L. | 2013-10-18

The only reason this place gets one star is because it's has to to have one. The service clerks are slow to respond and don't seem too involved in makes sure issues don't come up or check to make sure service was done correctly. I've taken my 2012 overland summit jeep Cherokee in multiple times to have repairs done that were simple only to have my jeep come back with more damage, missing parts, dirty interior, parts loose, and parts not installed correctly. Six trips and they haven't figured it out. They also signed off on work that wasn't complete or even done. I was so mad and asked for compensation for this most recent major screw up that now has my entire overhead liner being ripped out and replaced because they damaged it fixing my sub roof which they caused earlier damage too and forgot to install major comments in, but signed the work off as complete and checked. The customer service manager seems to not take customer service seriously and has a very smug way about his attitude. They act like it's no big deal that they screwed up and you should feel happy that you have to come in and have it repaired multiple times and they are paying for it. You still are without your car, wasted time there, frustration, and your car not at the quality it was when dropped off. They are shady and cheap and rude. My jeep grand Cherokee and the top of the lube model which was purchased at 54k and only has 14,600 miles. Was in excellent condition until dropped of to have a rattle in the sunroof fixed and a cap placed back on. Do not buy cars at this dealership used or new and by no means trust them with your vehicle. They have have a horrible check system and their mechanics are garbage.

Justin M. | 2013-10-03

**Service and Parts Dept review**


I'm a bit shocked at all the bad reviews for Rancho...I've had nothing but good experiences with this place...Sure they're a bit pricey, but that's what you get for having a certified and qualified ASE technician working on your vehicle instead of Joe Blow who's 19 out of high school with nary any automotive experience...And if you own a car that's fairly old with 100K+ miles on it, be prepared to fork over some cash for routine maintenance and repairs...I found out a timing belt/water pump kit for my early model Cruiser is more than the trade-in value on my car, but I don't have a car payment and I'll be good for another 100K after it's replaced...The frequency of repairs in most cases depends on how well you maintained your vehicle, so don't blame the dealer for a costly repair if you neglected to keep up with the regular maintenance.

Also important to remember is, this service department is swamped just about every day of the week and for good reason; that right there should tell you something about their service...so if you need to bring it in, MAKE AN APPOINTMENT or plan to leave it for a while...I personally like to drop it off and pick up next day.  

Now, my service advisor Billy A. is awesome and he can be reached @  858 300 8191 for appointment.  He's amicable, military friendly, and returned my car when promised; what more can you ask for....Had a coolant flush done after I replaced my thermostat.

A little plug here for Guillermo in the parts department as well for assisting me with a new thermostat, multifunction switch and relay for the Cruiser...I'd like to thank him for having integrity and calling me to let me know I left my wallet in the parts department...When I returned, he came outside and returned it to me fully intact; excellent customer service.

The short of it:
ASE Certified and Qualified mechanics cost $$, this isn't Walmart.
If you're bringing it in, even for an oil change, MAKE AN APPOINTMENT.
Don't blame the dealer for a pricey repair if you didn't maintain your car or it's old with a bunch of miles, things wear out!

I highly recommend Rancho.

Joy J. | 2013-09-25

Seems ridiculous to have made a service appointment...sat in waiting room for THREE hours after my morning appointment before they even gave me an estimate.  Then another two hours for the oil/filter change and brief repair.  Plus all the "service reps" kept saying in their group office was how crazy busy they are! My rep said the mechanics estimate was ready about 15 minutes ago but he (rep) was dealing with so many other things.
H I R E  M O R E   S T A F F people!!!

Nilda T. | 2013-09-16

My husband and I were driving on our way home, and I just moved to SD recently so I'm still not familiar with the area.  On the way home, my husband decided to stop at the Jeep dealership since we've been talking about how much fun it is to drive a Jeep.  So when we got there, we were greeted by a salesman by the name Mike with a accent, he was soo helpful and friendly and even let us go to his computer to even search the jeep we want. He never pressured us of getting the jeep, and he said when you're ready, just give me a call back.  A few days later, we called him and made an appt with him.  He was supposed to be off that day, but he said he will come for us.  He called us back and he said he's unable to be there for our appt but his partner will be there.  His partner, was another great salesman and helped us and he was really good and easy to work with too.  We told him what we want and what we can afford.  He left and spoke with his manager, and a guy name Sebastian (French guy) came with some numbers.  We already told him what we can afford, but he didn't come to us with the number we have told him....then he left and came back with another number...At this time we are already feeling pressured.  He doesn't have a good voice tone and very demanding.  I have worked in the car dealership for many many years, so I know how the sales people work.  I have a 2011 Toyota Rav4 that we were thinking of doing a trade in since we move to SD, Jeep would be a fun car to drive in the area.  Sebastian told me that Toyota has "Negative Equity"!!  What?  We all know Toyota is one of the best selling car and one of the most dependable car there is.  So we told him that we need to talk just among ourselves first...so when he went into the office.  We didn't like his attitude and the way he works with us, so we told the sales guy, thanks for all your help but we're going to walk.  We do not like Sebastian at all.  We don't like to be pushed the way he did to us.  I guess it wasn't meant for us to get the Jeep then.  Sorry Mike and partner, it was a pleasure working with you both,we wish we can get a jeep from you, but we don't like to work with Sebastian.  It felt so good to walk off the dealership.

Raffi B. | 2013-09-01

Aaron and the rest of the team at this dealership were great to deal with when I purchased my Jeep. Gave me a great deal, were friendly and hospitable. Got me into the car I wanted without much hassle.

Highly recommend the sales team here! I even drove all the way from LA since Aaron was so cool to me over the phone.

Ashley W. | 2013-08-28

I had a great experience getting my oil change at Rancho. I just got my 2nd service done there (wanted to make sure it wasn't a fluke so I waited until a 2nd experience to write a review). They were very friendly, my service write Joey Cruz was awesome. He even had them wash my Jeep! Their waiting room is comfortable, free wifi and a starbucks coffee machine. Also, I purchased my Jeep here and overall I was impressed.

brenda e. | 2013-08-01

The service department are a bunch of LIARS! I brought in my brand new van in for service while on vacation in SD. My van was acting up and jolting. They said they worked on my van but they didn't, all the did was a scan and determined there was nothing wrong but it's still having the same problems! DON'T GO HERE!

H D. | 2013-07-28

Had a very specific used car in mind to purchase, saw it online, but I lived a couple hours away, so already taking a chance and hesitant to communicate and negotiate by phone.  My initial inquiry call was taken by Sebastian, who I learned after I sealed the deal turned out to be the Sales Manager.  What a class act and outstanding individual he is.  A few phone calls back and forth in due diligence and negotiating, and the deal was sealed.  Sebastian was always available and/or quick to respond.  May all his Sales staff be so professional and great to work with.  Everything he said on the phone was as-so when I arrived.  I feel as though I got a fair deal, and most certainly the car I wanted.  

Once at the dealership, everything went very smooth and everyone very hospitable.  I was turned over to salesman Tony who kept me entertained and refreshed with a fun sense of humor plus coffee and donuts!

Love my car, and thanks to Sebastian and his team for a smooth and pleasurable experience at Rancho.

Alfia D. | 2013-07-25

We bought our used Aspen here yesterday and had an amazing experience. We knew exactly what we wanted and our price range but expected some challenges due to some hiccups (life moments?) I had experienced within the past 2 years.  Enrique was our salesman and he was very sincere, laid back and kind. I would recommend him to anyone who knows exactly what they want and don't want to be veered away or talked into something different. He was great to work with!
Sebastian was our finance guru. He was incredible!  He got us an interest rate WAY better than I had anticipated and stayed within our parameters of monthly payments, down payment, etc. and he was very thorough. He asked a ton of questions and came back with a terrific offer for us.
Everyone there was friendly and we came away STOKED!!!

Lenore A. | 2013-07-20

Never disappointed in the service. Courteous staff.

Jane S. | 2013-07-10

I don't typically take the time to write these review, but in this case, I feel that it is my civic duty to tell the public of the unethical behavior that I experienced tonight while trying to purchase a used car from Rancho Chrysler Jeep Dodge:

Here's what happened:
1) I emailed the internet manager and was given a "WoW price" which was low enough to get me in the door. I told him that this was close to my budgeted price, but we were not there yet.
2) Upon arrival at the dealership there was more discussion about how negotiations would be necessary, and again the salesmen reassured me that negotiations were feasible.
3) Test drove & feel in love with the car.
4) Negotiations began. We gave our starting price, they didn't budge from the internet price. We discussed the trade-in, and they were only offering 50% of other dealerships that have worked up the SAME car. Gave up on the trade-in negotiation. We gave a list of damage that we saw in the car, they came down $600. We tried to meet in the middle and offered $400 less than their current price.
5) Walter Antonio (the GM) then came out and said he declines our offer and invites  us to see what they actually paid for the car. I didn't go to look, but stayed inside the dealership while my husband went with Walter.
6) My husband told me they wouldn't budge, and I said that I didn't want to walk over $400 so I'd find a way to increase our budget. We told our salesman that we would like to accept their offer and start the paperwork. He went to get said paperwork, and informed us that Antonio decided he didn't want to do the deal anymore!?!?!?!? WTF? Talk about unethical business here!!!

We didn't leave the dealership. We were in the process of a simple negotiation and yet this f-er decides after we have agreed to THEIR price that he doesn't want to sell the car anymore. So, after 3+ hours at the dealership, this trip turned into a big waste of time.


Robert D. | 2013-07-08

This company went from high pressure tactics a few years ago to a very gracious group of individuals that truly understand customer service. Who ever changed their approach should be commended. George in Internet sales was great and very attentive to detail in every step of the way. I would definately  recommend this dealership. It's a pleasure to turn Into their driveway.

Jonathan F. | 2013-06-23

I do not think I will be going back to this place.  Be ware,  If you experience any issues after you drive off the lot YOU will never hear back from them.  I have left countless voicemails and to this day have not heard back.     Jon, was my salesman and he really played me with thinking he would do something to help me out.  Stay away from this young salesman named Jon.   It's sad that all the jeep dealerships are rated so poorly around here in San Diego,  But make no mistake in giving them your business here at Rancho.

Hannah B. | 2013-06-21

Let me start my review by saying that I have LOYALLY been bringing my moneybag of a car here EVERY time and paying dealer's premiums to have them work on it for the last five years. Oh, and it's a 2001 with 125,000 miles that is costing more than it's worth. So these guys are getting pretty significant business and money from me. I dropped my car off 2 weeks ago to the day to this dealership, expecting like usual. This time, I got a call 2 days later asking if I wanted all work to be authorized (over $2000 in repairs) and asked for an email copy and for them to call the other owner. I never got the copy, and they never called the owner. Finally 4 days later, I managed to get a hold of them and they were very secretive and extremely hard to reach by phone. They hadn't done any work, since it hadn't been authorized (?) (the other owner talked to 2 people the day he was called, and told them to proceed). So now they were acting like we made the mistake, and tried to call me out on it, while being unprofessional and rude. I told them that it was authorized, and that they needed to proceed ASAP because this was inconveniencing me and many others. The receptionist sent me over and over to people's voicemails, while not being helpful or reassuring me in any way that I would be helped. She transferred me one time to the service advisors, and I distinctly heard the receiver being picked up, then dropped right away. They hung up on me!??? I played this cat and mouse game for the last two weeks, since my advisor BILLY AMARAL was on vacation half of the time, and when he was there, he NEVER answered or returned calls or voicemails. USELESS. So Thursday, the other owner receives two calls, one saying that no work had been done on the car yet. WTF! Then he gets another, saying it is done. I am not sure what their communication issue is, but I pleaded with them, tried everything I could, even offered to just pick up my car right now with no work done, just so I could get it back. Anyways, I go to pick up the car Thursday morning. It is sitting out there pretty dirty and dusty looking (?) and I went into the service office to sign paperwork. Nobody wants to help me, and nobody is ABLE to help me except for ONE guy, Nick Yuhas, who has 50 other tasks before he can help me. All the other advisors (who actually noticed I was there and didn't ignore me) did not have access to the files I guess? So I wait for Nick for 20 minutes, who then let me take my car and leave. But it wasn't that easy! All of the advisors just sit on their computers or phones, ignoring all customers, not even acknowledging that they are there. I had to keep asking "what else do I need to do?" "Can I leave yet?" for them to notice me. It really bothers me that I am a young woman, and get TERRIBLE service because they think they can push me around. Well I got the car back, YIPPEE! $2200 later. I drive it out of there, and do some light driving to test it out. All of a sudden, my back wheels lock up and there is a sharp squealing/clicking/grinding noise. I couldn't move forward at all. I had stay in the road in the far left lane (BLOCKING TRAFFIC) while waiting for AAA to take me back to Jeep. I dropped it off with my boyfriend, and they were astonished to see me back again, this time with my car on a hook. I was so pissed off that this happened, and so was my boyfriend. What really bothered me was that they again, were ignoring me, but helped me once they saw a man with me. WTFFFFF. Super annoying. I am so disappointed in the service, in the people, in the prices, the times, the location, I seriously wanted to like this place even after everyone told me it was too expensive I kept coming back. Now I will NEVER ever ever go back or even in that area, I am really sad about being screwed around with by the employees, who kept my car for 2 weeks for only 1 day of work, overcharged, blatantly ignored me, and had my car screw up mere hours after dropping thousands at their repair shop. This is too much. I am writing to the GM of Jeep, the GM of this place, and anyone that will listen. This place does not deserve to be in business, the way they treat people.

Bill F. | 2013-05-27

Just had the most enjoyable and least stressful auto purchase of my life. The attention and service was top rate. Special shout out to Sebastien Habert, a knowledgeable, patient and thorough salesman who went well above and beyond. Decided on a 2014 Grand Cherokee Summit , and he and the manager did an amazing job of locating the exact vehicle I wanted out of town and having it ready for the next day. Delighted with the vehicle and with the entire team, from reception to financing.

Ame B. | 2013-05-15

No, no NO. 3 hours for an oil change?  Never. Won't be back.

Walter A. | 2013-05-14

I normally run my vehicle service concerns up to Santa Barbara becaue I have family in the business there and that trust factor is unbreakable.

The concern I had with my vehicle wouldn't allow me to have the luxury of running it up there this time.

Bringing my vehicle through the Rancho service department was smooth and efficient. I was promptly greeted by Joey who's genuine sincerity in taking care of my vehicle was certainly felt.

For the concern I had, I have to say that the cost was surprisingly affordable. I cross referenced the amount charged with my family member in the industry and confirmed that it was more than fair. I can say that my experience with this service department was completely satisfactory as the surveys they send out would note.

I'd recommend this squad for your car. They don't just service Chrysler products, I saw other makes and models too. I guess the drivers of those vehicles maybe have that trust factor as I do with my people in Santa Barbara.

Robert P. | 2013-05-13

We leased our 2013 dart from these guys, we dealt with Sebastien, when we first talked to him he seemed straight forward and pretty funny, I ve bought and sold a few cars so we've seen the typical dealer BS heard all the crap and so forth, but we really didn't get that from these guys, we gave them our numbers and what car we wanted they came back and had a number that was damn near in the middle of  our budget range and we were happy with it, they gave a pretty healthy military discount, and were working as best as they could to make the process smooth. I am taking one star off however because it seems that the lot needs updating and expansion, cars are packed in tightly, sales floor is old in appearance and kind of dirty... those issues aside tho it was a good experience leasing through them!

Peter L. | 2013-04-29

Good costumer service, friendly, and knowledgable. If anyone, talk to Sebastian. He is the man!

Lucia M. | 2013-04-19

This will be short , as Im so mad after leaving this place . I had a run in with a service writer named Dave. He gives real shitty service.
Do your self a favor don't ask for that guy. And if you want your car to run when you pick it up. Go some place that cares about you and the money your paying them.

joe y. | 2013-04-08

I can't speak of others past experiences here, or if the same people are in charge, but I do know that I just had the BEST car buying experience I have ever had in my not so young life (I'm almost 60).  The did everything right. We worked with Armando (sales) and Juan G and with Dan the Used Car Manager.  All were great, friendly, professional.

We were looking for a car for my 16-year old son. We had a definite price limit. There was no wasted time on cars we could not afford, or they would not lower to our price range. We found a great little Jeep Patriot my son liked.

Price negotiation was quick, honest and fair.

Here is how great they were,  "Mom" was not with us on this trip, so they let us drive the car home (about 15-miles) so she could see it!

Again the best car buying experience I have ever had!

Melissa F. | 2013-03-25

Just bought a 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4x4 Limited from Rancho Jeep in San Diego. Aaron and Don were awesome and easy to work with. Two thumbs up!!! Thank you!! I LOVE my new Jeep. Thank you for hitting my budget!

Patty R. | 2013-03-05

UNETHICAL FINANCE DEPT!  BEWARE! STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE!  all of the finance representatives are unethical  especially their director.  I was naive when finalizing my contract and they took advantage of me.  I contacted the City Attorney's Consumer's Protection Unit because I felt so strongly that they had done  something unethical.  The Investigator and Deputy City Attorney I spoke to said the finance dept did not do anything illegal, they know enough about the law that they actually don't cross that line.  But they agreed with me that their practices were unethical, but nothing they could take action on.  So I was screwed financially and Rancho finance dept. knew how to get away with it without actually breaking the law.   The average Joe like me and you, we don't work with these types of contract all day, so yes, it was partly my ignorance, but I guess I just believed that a business would want to be honest with their customers.  But, no, not this place.  they will feed off of this to their financial advantage, they do not care about people.  They just see $$$$$$$.  
And don't even bother trying to speak to the general manager, he doesn't care either.  He never returned my calls to discuss this matter.

Jason H. | 2013-02-21

WATCH OUT MILITARY FOLKS! This place will try and take you. They said they were a certified USAA dealer but once I got there I quickly found that not to be the case. They did not honor the USAA price and they lowballed me on my trade in. I am not one of those people who over values their car, but 12,000 dollars under Kelley Blue Book is unreasonable and a scam!

Brucito K. | 2013-02-07

I visited the store yesterday with the intention of buying a new car.  The first salesperson Arnoldo seemed like a nice enough guy, but offered little to no information and after less than 5 minutes said that he had a page and left me for another salesperson (Great way to deal with someone looking to spend 40K on a car).  The next guy was a real joker I wish that I had his name, but he tried to show me the inside of the car but it was locked, so he went to go get keys and five minutes later he still hadn't come back, so I left.  Not a place I would buy from, and I would suggest that you all stay away!

Kelly V. | 2013-01-31

I think this place is great. Friendly staff and complete service. I used to have a service package that ran out recently but I still go here. They have great prices on oil changes and tires. You may have to wait sometime when checking in or out but that is understood on a busy day. I trust them and I will keep going back.

Rick C. | 2013-01-26

If you love your Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep, go somewhere else! I've only needed service on my Dodge twice in the 8 years I've owned it (other than normal maintenance.) Both times, I took it to Rancho for repair and both times it was a dreadful experience. In the first instance it took 4 trips (two on a tow truck) to diagnose a faulty sensor, then they lost the shroud covering the engine and didn't bother telling me. I noticed it days later and it took 2 months to resolve since they couldn't order the correct part.  Last week I took the car in to replace a faulty thermost and to get an oil change.  After picking up the car and stopping for gas, I checked 'just to be sure' the oil change was performed.  Opened the hood and - NO OIL DIP STICK!  They broke the dip stick handle off, leaving the remaining pieces wedged into the dipstick tube, and tried to hide it! A trip back to dealer and a 2 hour wait while they figured out how to remove the broken part does not endear me to these morons.  I won't lay blame on the service writer but he was none-to-friendly - no apology, no effort to make it right other than 'want us to call you when its ready?" Duh!. Needless to say, I will find another dealer for any repairs in the future.  Final note - if you are thinking of buying a vehicle from these people, be prepared to be chased across the parking lot as soon as you drive up.  These fools are like a pack of wild dogs, ready to pounce on any unsuspecting customer that enters the lot. I watched their tactics while waiting on my repair and they take car sales to a new low.  It's time for Rancho group to move on...perhaps they can sell mobile phones, which enjoys only slightly more respect from the public than Congress.

Skylar S. | 2012-12-28

Went to take my truck to have an part fix that is fairly easy to fix and only cost a $100 bucks. They tried to charge me $550 for the part and $303 for labor telling me that they had to replace the whole boot and seal saying california doesnt let you just change the boot.
needless to say i didnt go through them i found a shop to do it for a total of $241 and it just took them an hour.

Bibiana G. | 2012-12-10

i hate this place with all of my being.  overpriced, shitty service, and completely unreliable.

Pat Moran, the service manager is a lying joke.

I brought my car in when I first moved here, and had a polite encounter with the service desk rep Andre. First, they couldn't even service my car the day I brought it in for the original appointment. They overbooked themselves. As a full-time student and full-time worker who does not have any other means of transportation this is unacceptable. Now I have to reschedule for whenever my next day off is.

Next encounter, I bring my car in. I'm told it will take around an hour to service my vehicle. Fast forward three hours and it's not done.... when I finally receive my vehicle I find dirt all over the inside and outside of the car- it hasn't been vacuumed or washed after the technicians have been all over it and it's been worked on outside. I now have to dash off in order to make my shift for work without getting it clean. I called back to complain and they said if I could leave it with them for an hour tomorrow they will do it. I oblige them, and happily leave with a clean car the following day.

Now a few weeks after this I took my car in to my local Jiffy Lube to get it's oil changed, etc. These guys have been nurturing my baby since I moved to San Diego and it's safe to say I trust them since they've given me STELLAR service. SO when I bring my car them they're doing the regular full check. Kevin, one of the employees calls me to come out to my car and look at something. As they've been checked my car he noticed one of my tail lights was messed up. Upon opening up the light he's discovered three things:

1. the internal parts have been taken apart and put back in upside down. it was not like this the first or second time i brought it to jiffy lube.

2. multiple pieces because of the ridiculous re-wiring have melted completely essentially rendering the internal workings a big, melted hunk of nonsense. my tail light is now not working. they can't even jimmy it back together because here's the big winner:

3. one of the wires is CUT and then taped.... aka there's no way to fix it without replacing ALL OF THE DAMN INTERNAL PARTS. and the tape job just demonstrates further how they carefully did all this to ensure a return trip....


what kind of sick joke of a dealership intentionally SABOTAGED my car, forcing me to go back to them and spend hundred more dollars to fix it.... WITH ABSOLUTE SHIT SERVICE ON TOP OF THAT. i would've happily given you all my money to take care of my baby if only you'd been nice....

i brought the issue to their attention, and in response they said they would "comp" one part of my service but that would still leave me with close to $800+ in repair costs to cover.... all because of some issue they created. because i didn't know of any other place to get my car serviced i agreed, but they didn't have the parts. it's been three months, still no parts or any calls letting me know about the parts. i've called multiple times to check on them with no response of any sort.

bottom line: hell no, you will never ever have my business ever EVER again. stop sending me coupons to come visit you in the mail. I hope everyone reads this and sees the sick fuckery going on at your dealership and doesn't come to you either.

Robin R. | 2012-11-21

Great customer service!  Andrew went above and beyond to make sure I found what I was looking for.  It was a positive experience for me and I'd recommend Rancho to others looking for a new or used vehicle.

Matt C. | 2012-10-25

Eh.  We bought a car there and love it, but the staff was largely inept with varying degrees of courtesy.  We were either misled or outright lied to about several details on the extended warranty and "alarm system," along with the financing of those options.  Definitely not the best car buying experience, and will probably not go back.

Michael V. | 2012-10-24

If you are looking for a dealer with integrity look elsewhere.  

My fiance and I were in the process of buying a 2013 Grand Cherokee Overland.   We started looking about a month ago.  Had her trade in appraised and agreed on a sale price.  Last week I reconfirmed all the numbers and they were verified by my salesman, Richard Johnson.   Once the financing went through and a couple days before we were supposed to pick up the vehicle Richard informed my fiance "we were able to get you 3.99% but we can no longer give you $36,000 for your trade.   Instead we can now only offer you $33,000."  Not to mention Richards completely unprofessional handling of the situation.  He basically had the tone of "you are lucky that we are willing to let you buy a vehicle from us."

Needless to say this upset us both.  We had an agreement and entered into finalizing the sale.  We feel that we got baited and switched.  $33,000 was the first offer they gave us on our trade.  We negotiated up to the $36,000.   Then when everything was done they reversed themselves and went back to the original offer in hopes that we would take it.    

I am not sure how anyone else feels about this total lack of integrity but where I come from when you have an agreement you have an agreement.  As I said, I have been involved with around $250,000 in vehicle sales over the last 4 years.   And I have never had this happen with any other dealer I have done business with.   Do  yourselves a favor and give your business to a different dealer.

Gilbert L. | 2012-10-22

I am much more of a 5 star reviewer than 1 star. However I really hope the owners of this dealership read my review.  I took my car in for service.  OMG! Whoever designed the service desk did not know a thing about the Customer user experience.   You walk into a small room. You are surrounded on three sides by 5 service advisors each facing you with their own computer and phone. In front of them are their 5 customers. Everyone is working as fast as they can. A frenetic cacophony of phone calls, conversatioms, arguments, faxes, lunch orders, gossip overwhelms you. My blood pressure goes up 20 points everytime i walk in there and I don't even work there. The phones and faxes and other coworkers constantly interrupt all the workings of the office so that each business transaction takes twice as long as necessary because of constant interruptions, phone calls phone calls phone calls. And did i mention phone calls? There is no privacy so you hear about the chewing gum on the next guys seat, and explanations to one lady about why her car isn't ready, etc.
The owners need to go down the block and see how Mercedes and BMW take each client into a small cubicle and make them feel special.  When you come to Rancho Jeep it is clear that you are taking your place among the 700 other poor souls that are stuck here with you.

Once my car was checked in, it was apparent that I was among he 700 others. I rarely heard a word from my service advisor. I waited almost 3 months for a part and when it came in it was the wrong color.  My service advisor was not in close communication with the parts manager.  Around 2  1/2 mos into the process I insisted on speaking with the service manager and parts manager.  No call from either one.  Must be too busy too.
These guys have really missed the point in the car business where people have a choice.  They need to take some constructive measures or continue to hugely disappoint. I would rather drive 15-20 miles than come back here.

Oh guess what, in the process of gettig my car fixed they managed to knock out my entire stereo and NAV system so I  am stuck going back there again.  Ugh! I want off this ride!

Julie M. | 2012-09-30

I have a 2012 Jeep Patriot and I took my car here because my MIL (Malfunction Indicator Light) came on and I needed an oil change and tire rotation and I had a nail in my tire.
I dropped it off at 5pm Thursday evening and picked it up Friday evening at 5pm.  When I got my car back, I turned it on and my change oil indicator came on again.  I walked back into the service office and all 3 people in the office looked at me like I was crazy because I asked if my oil change was done.  They said of course and jumped into my car and reset my oil change indicator.  When I was halfway home, I realized that I didn't have an oil change sticker in my window either. So as soon as I got home, I looked through the paperwork again and it mentions that I requested an oil change but there's nothing noted that they did the oil change.  I called the service center and spoke with Billy who informed me that sure enough, they didn't do the oil change.  He apologized and told me to bring it back on Saturday and they'll take care of it and that they open at 7am.  About 20 minutes later, Billy called me back and said that he made my appt for 11am and they would TRY and get my car done but that he couldn't guarantee it.  When I voiced how unhappy I was, he got irritated with me and said that they are full and busy on Saturday so if I want, I can try and drop off my car and they will do their best to get to it.  He said I would have to explain my situation to the service people working that day and see if they'll take my car.  WTF? Seriously... they mess up and aren't making any efforts to fix it... wow.  
I drove my car on Friday night and Saturday morning as I normally would knowing that they "fixed" it but little do I know, they didn't.  When I parked my car, I heard this hissing noise coming from the tire that they "fixed"... yes, my tire is leaking.  I didn't take my car back there for an oil change because I don't want to deal with their rudness and lies and now, I have to wait until Monday because it was after their service hours so I couldn't get a hold of anyone.  This has been a disaster since the time I picked it up... I will make them fix my tire or pay for another place to do it because I already gave them $120 for their "service"...what a joke!
Don't take your car here for service, especially if you have Billy as your service adviser.  He doesn't do what he can to take care of you and he passes the buck onto someone else.  HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE AND HORRIBLE "SERVICE"

Lou L. | 2012-09-16

Marley is a great service advisor!

kristian T. | 2012-08-30

I am disgusted by this place. There weren't really any positive choices for Jeep dealers in San Diego, so I decided to check this place out due to it being the closest to my house... bad choice.

My check engine light was on, so I brought it in, but the car was running just fine. They returned it to me less than a day later and THEY ADDED 57 MILES ONTO MY SPEEDOMETER AND RETURNED IT TO ME WITH THE GAS LIGHT ON EMPTY - we literally drove off the car lot and straight to gas station because the tank was so low.

When I confronted them about it, the customer service representative was rude, and called the mechanic in front of us saying, "The customer didn't REALIZE that this service would require the car to be driven 60 miles."

If the problem was that my transmission fluid was breaking down, why did you need to drive my car 60 miles in less than 24 hours to figure that out?! This is just absolutely unacceptable... She basically just looked at me, shrugged her shoulders, gave me some BS about how it was part of the diagnosis process, and said that there's nothing she can do.

Ridiculous. I will NEVER be back...

Go to the Poway one instead.

Rafael C. | 2012-06-06

Went there for a oil changed twice. First time they detected a problem with the brakes that I asked other dealerships about many times.

Both of the times it was very smooth, their shuttle service is great and their service was fast.

I just wish they washed the car, but they never promessed it, so it is fair.

Erwin S. | 2012-06-05

I brought my Jeep wrangler unlimited here today after getting rejected at midway jeep.  They were awesome.  They fixed my warrantee issue and changed my oil and tires rotated for a coupon price of $19.95!  I was shuttled home and was picked up a few hours later when my vehicle was done.  Over all, I was very satisfied with their customer service and prompt, polite attitude.

Karen T. | 2012-05-11

My hubby and I have both of our cars serviced here.  Making an appointment is a breeze.  The staff is professional and courteous.  Car is serviced and ready when promised and we are always called if something needs to be done that was not part of the original estimate.  I LOVE the fact that my car is WASHED!  This may not sound like a big deal, but when you own a soft top Jeep and have to HAND wash it....it is a BIG deal and a plus.  We almost always work with Marley....she ROCKS!

Johnny D. | 2012-04-26

I received GREAT service from Sebastian when my wife and I stopped in to look at some Wranglers and a Challenger SRT8.

Although we are not sure whether we want to purchase a Wrangler, Challenger, Camaro, Mustang, Miata, 370, or BRZ/FRZ if we buy a Challenger or Wrangler, it will be from Sebastian at Mossy.

He did an excellent job and over the course of FOUR test drives, was extremely courteous, helpful and fun to spend time with. He wasn't pressuring us in any way and even steered us away from cars that we thought we were interested in, but after considering it further realized weren't what we were looking for (like the Rubicon).

He's a great salesman and although we later decided we didn't want a Challenger, if we end up purchasing a Wrangler, it will be from him.

Pavel K. | 2012-04-16

Lack of professionalism, dishonest.

I took my Chrysler car to this place On 4/6/12 for maintains. I told them I hear noise from the exhaust system. Also I hear grinding when I apply the break pedal. The lady told me  we will do a inspection. then she told me you have to change the the rear break and costs $279 and the exhaust is OK. I paid $252 for the break then after week of driving, I had been noticing same problem before. Again another day go there get technician for drive test to show them Mr certified technician I paid $252 but still I hear grinding when I apply the break pedal. Also I showed both of them the sound of the exhaust. Well later she said OK sir you have to change pad and disc of the front break  for $400. With out apology  to me that I came for my right kidney I got a surgery for the left one. thanks God wasn't a doctor. What I am concerning about her manager . She said I am gonna talk to my manger. I walked to the office she was talking to the manager manager was staring at me with out saying hi!!!!  great customer service! very satisfied . Finally, I said I would like to take my car and Iam not willing to do the service. I was afraid that this time instead of front break they change the rear one ( which I have been use it for only 7 days). Then I left.

Then after a few days , 500 miles, I see the oil change sign is ON and I took it to Express tire on balboa and this time I didn't leave I stayed there I found out that the rear break had a leakage and i had to change the cylinders and the front one only needed a machine the rotor plus oil change .

In a brief
-I only needed to machine the front rotors to smooth them I paid about 50 dollars
- Rear break needed only changing cylinders
that was my experience with my 1st visit to Chrysler in balboa. They are very rude especially the manager and they know nothing about it . Also they rip you off. I wish I could have read these reviews before I go there

The Kurrian B. | 2012-03-14

Horrible experience with this place.  Ordered a part that I desperately needed for my car, and was told different days that it would arrive.  Once it did, I drove there to pick it up, only to be told that even though they received it, they could not find it.  (This is a week later, by the way)  Customer service was blah, and they did not have enough people to help once a line started to form, even though there was someone there that kept answering the phone and leaving people on hold.   (we could all hear him talking).
When it's time for me to buy a new car, I will not be going here.

Lisa D. | 2012-03-10

Just showed up to a service appointment they set up to look at my car. Turns out the transmission guys isn't in today. So instead of calling and saving me the drive all the way up there . They tell me to bring back my car on Monday. Preparing for some crappy service I'd say.

Carny C. | 2012-03-01

I'm shocked at all the negative reviews. My car buying experience was quite positive. I worked with Rocky and Michael Wilkes. They were friendly, understanding, honest and they worked with me to get the car I wanted at the price I wanted. It was fun -- the way car buying should be!

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them or do business with them in the future.

Update: The deal we came to and what was on paper was slightly off. They admitted it was a mistake and agreed to refund me the difference. I had a friend tell me about a similar scenario, but I gave them the benefit of the doubt. It seemed like an honest mistake but 3 months later I have yet to receive the refund. it seems like I'm being strung along. Don't let this happen to you!

Mari W. | 2012-02-20

Brought our Dodge Ram in to get some work done that we were told by Midas needed to be done. Two days ago my husband made the appointment for 7am today. To start off the person whom the appointment was made with, wasn't in so he has to see someone else who seemed unorganized and not ready to start the work day. We dropped off the truck and were told we'd hear back from them by 1300 today, three hours later we get a call saying the tech can't find a problem with the truck and asks if my husband can do a test drive with him. Had to pay $100 for them to keep our truck all day and tell my husband there was nothing wrong with our truck.

Ty H. | 2012-02-17

This place is the most backwards, money grubbing, lack of professionalism, non honest place I have ever brought my car to.  I have taken my DODGE SPRINTER here for warranty work and an insurance claim.  First the warranty claim.  A known product problem THAT they know all to well by thei service department.  They paid and fixed this problem the first time.  Some 5300 mile later it failed again.  It is well documented on the internet that this is a problem for Dodge.  Dealers around the country replace with an aftermarket part that corrects the problem w a guarantee.  You would think they would put this part on the first time but NOPE.  They slam the same defective part on and send it out the door.  Their replacement part fails a third time, they want $ money because the vehicle is out warranty.  2006 model with 26,456 mi.  Out of warranty on years by 5 months.  75,000 miles under the mileage warranty and I KNOWN PRODUCT PROBLEM.  Great GOOD FAITH effort Rancho.  It is sad that you have to bullshit someone for 100 dollar part that YOU know dam well is going to fail again.  WORD TO YOU MANAGEMENT....take a look on this site.  Your business model is not working.  Ripping people off is not a good thing.  In this day and age, people fight back because they are tired of being lied to and cheated by you dishonest types.  Speaking of lying, your body shop manger Shaun Craft.  Let me just say when you tried to bullshit me and tell me that it was MY FAULT for a pallet flying off a semi truck and hitting my Sprinter.   That I am responsible for the damages to my vehicle because this.  Let me tell you something, before you run your mouth about something you know nothing about..you never know whose on the other end of the phone.  I can tell you that is 100 percent bullshit.  I am a retired traffic cop with SDPD and no where is that even close to being true.  It was obvious from the second you opened your mouth, customer service is a foreign language to you.  BTW, mysteriously my second key, the one you said you never had, never was in possession of?  It was found in my shoe exactly where I asked your employee to put it.  Don't remember?  Of course.  people can't remember their bullshit and you are certainly no exception.
So to recap, you professionals had my Sprinter for almost 8 months.  Wasted several hours of my time.  I brought it back three times to install and paint a front bumper and fix a warranty item that was being fixed for a third time.  There LIES your problem.  You lack the integrity, execution,  professionalism and most of all, customer service that it takes to stay in business and it starts with you manager types.
BTW, I see your selling Volkswagen now.  Good luck with that.  I am sure those reading will think twice about buying or having their VW servie by you clowns.  It won't be long before you will be selling FORDS, then CHEVYs and then completely out of business.

tim k. | 2012-01-14

Service dept. is weak!! My service advisor Marley was rude and arrogant, acting as if she was doing me a favor to service my vehicle. I showed up 5 min. early for an 8 AM  appointment and waited till 8:30 am  before my vehicle was taken in. All I needed was an oil change and a new key made, and I did not leave the dealership until 10:40am. I told Marley that I could've commented a different time as it seems that they didn't understand that an eight o'clock appointment does not mean you schedule 20 cars at eight o'clock. She said that that didn't matter it was always like this on Saturday. Hello, if it's so busy on Saturday when it you schedule more people to work, DUH! If you need work done on your Chrysler or Jeep, I hope you find a better place to take it in this dump!

Chuck N. | 2011-11-29

Son brought Jeep for service. Given $1300 quote for brake work.  Brought it elsewhere and fixed for less than $200. Rancho charged $100 for "diagnostic" fee. Ridiculous!

alex r. | 2011-11-22

Avoid the service department!  For two years I went in complaining of bad noise from my brakes.  I had 4 sets of pads put on and resurfaced the roters.  I was in again in May 2011 and they could not understand what the problem was and sent the car home after two days with the noise.  I took it to a little shop locally last week for an oil change and the guy immediately diagnosed the problem and sent me back to Rancho with a Service Bulletin for my year make and model that described my problem.  It was actually in the computer at the dealer and was overlooked. It should have been done before my warrenty expired.  They are terrible.  They are rude and their customer service does not exist.  There is a reason they ARE NOT accredited by the Better Buisness Bureau (Midway is BBB accredited).

Victor R. | 2011-11-19

Here goes.  I try not to write bad reviews but I have to scream about his place....STAY AWAY!  My girl and I got smashed by a hit and run driver.  Crushed her Chrysler Sebring.  She only had 50,000 miles on it so we decided to salvage it.  They said it would be $5000 and we agreed.  About 8 weeks later we call and say "is my car ready"?  They say no and by the way you also need a new radiator.  What the $#**&^!  You looked the entire car over and the radiator was fine...  Anyway I say go for it..just put a new radiator in.  2 weeks later they say the car is ready.  When we go to pick it up the grease monkey shows us the car and says "it took more than we thought so the price is $6000 not $5000".  Before I say anything I look at the car.  Picture this.  The convertible top stitching is totally pulled apart and the molding is tucked down into the side of the car.  I'm looking at it thinking "I know it did not look like this when we brought it in".  So I call my dad who knows everything.  He says "did they have to straighten the frame"?  I say yea.  He says "When you straighten the frame you have to take out the  radiator out AND take down the convertible top down.  They did'nt take down the top (or take out the radiator...now that makes sense too!)  I thank my dad and now I say to the grease monkey, "What is wrong with my convertible top?  It was not like that when I brought my car in."  The grease goes "what's wrong with it?"  Now I'm pissed.  i go "don't piss down my back and try and tell me it's raining dude!"  You guys f-ed up my car.  There was nothing wrong with the top and you stretched my frame, cracked my radiator and poped my seams on my convertible!  You need to fix it and stop acting like nothing is wrong.  To make an even longer story short the dude's boss basically tried to cover the whole thing up and never admitted they screwed up our car.  Honestly I probably would never even have written about his incident except tonight we were out loading some stuff in her car and had to take the top down.  When we went to put it back up the damn top still will not align with the windows.  It brought back all the great memories of the dealership and it's "crack" crew.  Nice job Chrysler San Diego.  Not only would I never bring a car to you but now I'm bad mouthing you to the world.  Oh well, you deserve it.

Anastasia F. | 2011-09-30

This place was terrible!  Not only did they tell us they had the exact car we wanted even though they didn't at all, but they also had us wait in a building all by ourselves while the other workers and customers were in a much nicer building, I suspect it was because we looked young.  They also told us the car we wanted didn't exist with the features we wanted, but it did... and they tried to swindle us out of our 3K dollar discount through USAA.
Every other car dealer I've been to automatically offers at least a beverage when you walk in, we didn't get offered anything until we had been there for 2 hours!  He kept saying he would be back in 10 minutes but would always take 30, we finally had to leave and go find him, only then did they let us stay in the building with everyone else and actually start working on it.  Needless to say, we left without a car and bought it somewhere else.

Jonathan B. | 2011-09-20

Yup, They did it again... Brand new (to us) Mazda 3....Zoom Zoom...Always friendly, nice, but on the other side of that...IT TOOK FOREVER!!!!!
We will prob. be back. :)

Tyler S. | 2011-09-15

Great selection of cars, very low on service! It was hard to find any help and when I did he was so busy doing other things to pay any attention to my needs ro questions.

Melissa R. | 2011-09-09

Beware before buying. All I have to say is that before you buy ANY vehicle at this lot, take your mechanic with you and have them give you honest feedback regarding the vehicle in question.

I purchased a 2008 Dodge Nitro because I looove the way they look. I had problems with the A/C with in 3 weeks of purchase, took it to Rancho 3 times in 1 year to get it fix, but all they did was quick fix--I took it their after the 1 year warranty and they quoted  $1,500 to fix it. Ouch!  In the three years I've own this Nitro, I've spent about $2,000 (on top of the payments) to fix a variety of things on the car :( :(

I like buying American, but I just don't know.

*These were the things I fixed:

* Plastic panels on the side of the front seats
* A/C
* Plastic panels on the hood of the car
* Electrical (But warmers and electrical outlets)

Rancho doesn't take responsibility for this Dodge. They really have done nothing to help me maintain my car, except just charging top dollar on my repairs. :(

Paul E. | 2011-09-03

Not very knowledgeable or experienced. You would expect the mechanic and service writer to know more than what's in the owners manual. I thought I would have a coolant flush done right and brought my own 50-50 coolant, but they said half of it was left over after adding water!  So they drained it and were going to add 100% to the left over 50%!  Finally they got all new 50-50. I pointed out in the manual where you need to add purified water to prevent corrosion, and that's why I got the 50-50. I suppose a lot of shops add tap water, but maybe they don't care how long your engine lasts.

Robert N. | 2011-08-25

I got a pretty good e-mail coupon for an oil change from Rancho. Lately my 2003 Caravan has been having a problem where the gas pump clicks off before the tank is actually full, and I thought, "Hey, this is handy-- I can get the oil change done and maybe they can take a look at my gas tank at the same time!" So, I called, made an appointment, and in I went.

Now, the good things:
1) I was attended to promptly upon my 7 a.m. arrival.
2) They have a comfortable waiting lounge with free wi-fi.
3) They have a free shuttle to take you within 10 miles of the dealership if you don't want to wait, which was quite convenient.

However, the material problem: they completely stuck it to me. The repair they suggested was to replace the entire gas tank at a cost of over $1300 (my car is only worth $5000 blue book total). They suggested this without a note of apology or irony, as if I were going to say, "Oh, yes, that sounds good, go ahead." When I balked at the exhorbitant price of the repair and flatly refused to let them go ahead, they informed me that they would still have to charge me a $98 "assessment fee". Y'know other mechanics who say "free estimates"? Well, not here.

So, after leaving my car for a full day, all I had to show for it was a $125 oil change. Turns out that coupon wasn't such a good deal after all.

Erica D. | 2011-08-14

Worst, most unprofessional sales staff I have ever encountered. Do NOT buy a car here under ANY circumstances.

They had a used car we were interested in. We had already spent the whole day test-driving different cars, and every dealership we went to was professional, friendly, and accommodating. Except this one.

First, we get passed off not once, not twice, but three times. Finally we get "Brian". It takes him approximately 10 minutes to find the keys to the car so we can test drive it. (Longest wait we had all day.) We test drive it. We like it. But we have driven a zillion cars and need to have a discussion about pricing, how to fit it into our budget, etc. So at the end of the test drive, like we've done everywhere else, we ask for his card and some facts about the car.

This leads to the old "Oh, just come inside" gag, where he proceeds to push us into a high-pressure close, including the straight-out-of-the-crappy-car-slesman-book "What can I do to get you to take this car home today?" Look, I am a salesperson in my daily life too. And this high-pressure close does NOT work these days. Better to chat with people, get to know them, then get their phone number and follow up if they say they're not ready.

Anyway, he finally runs off and leaves us sitting there in his crappy little cubicle while he walks off verrryyyy sllloooowwwwlllly to "get the price", and we decide to make a run for it. We literally bolted out the door, and we could not get into our car and drive off fast enough.

Ironically, an hour later we decide that's the make and model of the car we want. But we'll buy it from someone else.

I hope he returns whatever book he learned those "closing" tactics in, because it wasn't worth the money.

For what it's worth, Bill Bright over at Mossy Nissan was our favorite car salesperson to deal with for the day.

Thomas B. | 2011-06-30

This dealership always leaves me with mixed feelings. I did not buy my Jeep from them, but I have had it serviced there several times. The actual work they do seems to be fine and they were able to magically force my Monitors to reset so that i could smog check my car soon after replacing the battery.

The problem with Rancho is their customer service skills, or the lack there of. They do not seem to grasp that they are there to provide service to the customer, not to have the customer go out of their way to make it convenient for them.

Don't expect them to go above and beyond. Or even make any effort beyond the minimum requirement.

Doug F. | 2011-06-14

I was looking for a new truck and they did not have what I wanted but the fleet manager went on line and found one for me. He went out of his way, even calling the dealer in N. CA to see if the truck was still available. I have since returned to Rancho for service and they have been great. The service lady Cath comes up to the waiting room to tell me how they are doing and when she thinks the truck will be ready. On several occasions she has even taken my dog out for a bathroom run. That plus she always has organic dog food treats for Katie. Above and beyond. Very nice folks to deal with. highly recommmend them.

Seanster S. | 2011-06-10

I'm kind of shocked by all the bad reviews for Rancho.  

I bought a used jeep from these guys and have been taking it there for service ever since.  I love my jeep & it runs great!  I think they do a fantastic job.  I always get treated well and whatever questions I have about the repairs my jeep needs are answered pretty thouroughly.

I really like this place and totally trust my jeep with them.  I'm surprised that more people don't have positive things to say about them.  I mean I've been to some shady dealerships where I've felt like I was getting taken for a ride, but not at this place.

Geron H. | 2011-06-10

I think this dealership is great.  The guys in service go above and beyond to help me with my jeep.  I bought a second jeep and dan in sales was honest and easy to deal with. If your looking for a place to take your car I think you should try them.  You won't be disappointed.

John M. | 2011-05-27

Rancho repaired my standard transmission on my 2005 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Unlimited.  I had a bent shifting fork and a couple of gears with chipped teeth.  The service department did very good work, I have had zero problems since December 2010 when the work was completed.  

That being said, one should not have to put that kind of cash into a gently used vehicle that was a mere 5 years old and under 35,000 miles at the time.

The invoice amount was just under $1,800.  I have since come to learn that from the factory, Jeep puts flimsy shifting forks in my particular transmission.  I love my "LJ" Jeep, but I hate how cheaply made they have become in recent years.  Don't let me get started on the "JK" Wrangler's (2007 to Present.)  I'll simply say this, the power-train is pure JUNK!

Charles M. | 2011-02-10

The only reason i go here is for the oil change special.Every time i go they recommened $700 worth of mantince crap i don't need or if i do i do it my self.. I would never buy a car here either.. The salesman hardly speak english and just seem like general douche bags. I think there are better places to get your car fixed!

George P. | 2011-01-30

This is an edited review...

When we arrived in California in 2009, we found Rancho to care for our two Dodges that are still under warranty coverage. We didn't experience any issues and the staff was friendly and accommodating. Every time we went in there it was an hour or two and we were back on the road.

While I was in Afghanistan in 2010 my wife had an issue and there was a misunderstanding about the extended warranty coverage for her car; which caused me to have to get in contact from there. I also had to question the recommendation for repairs needed that I had done a few months earlier based on their recommendations. They made both instances right with me at their expense.

Rancho's team has been professional and thorough in dealing with me, my family and our vehicles. The service writers are friendly and genuinely want to help; they do pretty well given how busy they are. Management is interested in customer satisfaction and anytime I have questioned any procedure or charge; there has been a thorough explanation or concerned attempt at making it right with me.

We will continue to go here as they are convenient, fast and in the past six months I've been very satisfied with the services provided. If they keep on taking trending up, this review may come up another star. Right now, I'm satisfied and will be back when professional attention or warranty repairs are necessary.


Ryan K. | 2011-01-08

I really don't want to write a long review because I am so disgusted with this place.  I have a fairly new Jeep vehicle and it has needed a few repairs.  We went to this place and every time whatever they fix breaks again!!!  For one issue we had to go back 4 times!!! That's right, 4 times!  For another issue we have been back 3 times, and guess what, it just broke again.  Back to the dealership to fix it.  After this I will never go there again.  The prices stink, and they don't even fix the problem.

Oy vey!

LaVonna S. | 2010-11-12

This place has the WORSE customer service ever.  I went in originally to get my car service for the recall on the windshield wipers.   The last couple of days my windshield wipers would go on when I started my Nitro.  I went in after work and I inquired about complaints or recalls for this problem.  I was told by Marley, that "the recall was called for wipers not working, not wipers that work"  and she was very rude in explaining this.  I asked if someone could at least disconnect the fuse so I could at least drive home.  I was told NO I WOULD HAVE TO MAKE AN APPOINTMENT.  No concern for my safety, since the turn signals were out too.  So I drove home windshield wipers going and hazard lights on.  

I took my car to the local mechanic that changes my oil.  He put it on his diagnostic machine (at no charge) and found out the recall piece that Rancho Dodge appeards to be faulty.  

I called Rancho Dodge and they said, "we can look at it, make an appointment. They could probably look at it tomorrow."  I told him no I am bringing it in right now with the windshield wipers running and no turn signals, as this is my only form of transportation.

I bring it in and Marley seems a little nicer than she was when I originally came in.  She looked over the car and writes up my complaint and explains that they will check to see if the part faulty and if it is they MIGHT have a replacement part....I thinking COME ON THIS IS A RECALL PART AND YOU MAY NOT HAVE ONE IN STOCK...GO GET ONE!  

I ask her will my car be ready at 5pm, since it is only 9:30 am...I'm informed that she doesn't know.  Really this was originally your fault...I work in the hospitality industry, what happened to make it right and please the customer?  

Who wants to bet my Nitro isn't ready today?????

nicholle b. | 2010-09-10

do not buy a car from here, worse service ever, biggest headache in my life, completely incompetent, go somewhere else. i was extremely disappointed and will never ever give them any service again. stay away!!!

Youn K. | 2010-01-04

I have been going to this dealership since around 2002 or possibly 2003. I traded in my first Jeep for 1000 or 1500 back in '03 at another Jeep dealership when I was buying my current Jeep. It's funny because I spent thousands of dollars on repairs alone for that first '93 Jeep between a couple of Jeep dealerships. If I recall correctly, that included 2 jobs to repair leaks that cost about 1000 dollars each, at least one of which was done at this location. I did not notice any leaks coming out of my car then, but I was paranoid and got them done anyway.

I started noticing some years ago inconsistencies in what different service advisors recommended me after I saw another advisor because the main guy who helped me wasn't in one day for some reason. The main advisor had me spend a couple thousand dollars (I can't recall the exact figure) on repairs at first. But once I got to know him a little better and finding out that we had lived in the same apartment complex at one point, he started being more honest with me. This was apparent when other advisors tried to scare me into doing all kinds of different flushes, and my main advisor would tell me I didn't need it. I have often experienced inconsistency how different advisors handle the same situations, and I have come to learn the hard way that all of the dealerships that I have visited over the past 10 years essentially rips you off of your hard-earned money. Unfortunately, my former-main service advisor no longer works there for whatever reason. He probably got fed up. This place gets a 2.5/5 stars for honesty.

In terms of service competency, this place also gets 1/5 star. I'll give you some examples. Once, I had an oil change and tire rotation done. I dropped off my car and went to pick it up another day. I had usually didn't bother to check, but I did this time because I was really tired of spending a lot of money on repairs, and it turns out that my tires weren't rotated. I had to borrow a ride, again, to go back another day to get that done, Another time, one of their workers managed to back into my rear bumper that required fixing the bumper and repainting it and entirely replacing one of the rear light sets. It was done free of charge, of course, but no pictures were shown, and they rubbed it off as a minor scratch. I'm now wondering that it could have been pretty bad.

In the 4th year, right after my parts warranty expired,  I had my '04 Jeep, the air conditioner broke. I was furious as I barely used AC in the San Diego weather. The dealership quoted me 1200 dollars to fix it, but I complained to corporate Chrysler, and they agreed to repair it for the 100-dollar diagnostic fee I had already paid. Unfortunately, this dealership managed to leave pretty bad scratch marks where they had to pull to expose the AC unit, and one of the pieces that was put back is not put in properly; where the plastic pieces should be aligned and touching is a gap. Not only those, the repair of the thing that was broken (some kind of flap for the air flow, I forgot its name) was also a poorly done. Ever since I got it "repaired," it randomly flaps making loud flapping noises. In the past 3 or so  years, the flapping has been getting worse and worse, and now it flaps at a crazy high frequency, perhaps like 5 times per second, and you can hear it from the outside of the car even with the doors closed. The air flow also can't be controlled properly anymore. The funny thing is that it flaps does it after I turn off the ignition. At first it wasn't too bad and I had the work done cheap, so I never bothered the dealership, but its poor workmanship is bound to show over time, it seems.

I have many more complaints, but I will end here. I will be sure not to take my car here once my warranty expires. Oh, and I will never buy another Jeep again. Maybe I'll lease one instead.

Randall R. | 2009-12-17

I like how i keep getting emails from these pricks even though i asked to be removed from their bang list. the guys at miramar should have a training exercise for precision airstrikes at this place. i think San Diego would not miss this dealership.

Mark G. | 2009-07-09

Do NOT go here for service. I had an exhaust noise in my car, took it in and they told me I needed a new crossover pipe that would cost over $1,000 to repair!

2 days later, Tom's Auto Repair fixed the problem for $80. It was not a crossover pipe and took less than an hour to fix.

Andreena S. | 2009-06-19

ANDRE is a total SHARK! I brought my car in for the check engine light for the 3rd time and he told me I needed a tune up ($300.00). The light came back on 3 days later. This time when I brought it in, I insisted that Cathrine helped me. She said it was a bad sensor and the repair and parts were covered under the warranty ($0.00)! So It WASN'T mandatory that I have that tune up! I'm glad I could actually afford it and didn't have to promise my first born to someone or sell my soul to the devil for the $$!! Cathrine and the Shuttle guy are so nice...I wish I could give them 4 stars! I won't take my car here once my warranty expires in July.

Laurie S. | 2009-04-21

I have not bought a jeep from this place but I take my jeep there for service.  well not anymore.  Everytime I go there it takes them forever to work on my jeep.  I swear that they way to the end of the day to even look at it.  Work that should take a few hours, takes days.  No more!!!

Michael L. | 2009-04-20

I'll admit, I bought my Jeep about 9 years ago from these guys, but judging from the other reviews, things haven't changed.  So here's my cautionary tale...

These guys totally took advantage of me as a first-time buyer.  I walked in with a pre-approved loan check.  First mistake, I let them know how much it was for.  The salesdude showed me a couple pieces of shit and when I said I wanted a later model he showed me what I was looking for and said my check could get me into that.  When it came time to talk numbers with these guys, they started with the 'banks like to see 1/3 down' stuff...  I didn't know any better, but I sure as hell didn't have that much available.  So they ask how much I COULD give.  I had about $1500 accessible at the time so they went to the back to check with the manager to see if that would be acceptable enough.  Fuckers were probably just going back there to laugh their asses off at me.  

Shame on me for not knowing I didn't need a downpayment if I was preapproved.  Shame on these fuckers for taking advantage of that fact.

When I needed some repairs, I took it to the same place.  Mistake.  Dude said it would take about 2 weeks to fix.  No big deal.  I was headed to Yuma for 5.  Fuckers STILL didn't have it done after 5 weeks.  

When I had to take it back again, they apologized for the previous visit, and said that they were under new management in service.  I was expecting things to be better, but they weren't.  

This place blows.  Buy your Jeep elsewhere.

Daz J. | 2008-10-21

Rancho Jeep is the worst service center I have ever been to.  I was lied to on several occasions.  This place does all it can to drive up the cost of your repairs.  DO NOT go to this dealership.  If you want fair service prices try Midway Jeep in Mission Valley

Christine P. | 2008-09-27

I hate this dealership! Worst service I have ever recieved while buying a car!!!!!! They are nice to you at first, but could care less of you after! All the way up to upper management...a disgrace to Chrysler!!! I would never, ever go back and I suggest you do the same! The worst experience ever!!!

James M. | 2008-07-05

I stopped by here a few Saturdays ago (middle of June) to look at used Wranglers and just about never got off the lot.  I was with my family and simply wanted to stop by to see what they had on my way across town.

The used sales manager followed us to our car insisting that we make an offer on an overpriced jeep.  My wife and I felt we were never going to get out of this place alive.

If you go, wear running shoes and plan your get-a-way...

Tom h. | 2008-04-06

Warning do not buy a car here. As soon as you sign on the dotted line it is all down hill from there.  I bought an 08 Dodge Avenger back in Nov of 07, I love the car but the dealership is horrible. I'm not sure if they know what customer service is. When i bought the car I purchased an EAS alarm for $700 as well. I was told I would be contacted to set up an appointment for installation. After 4 weeks went buy I called rancho to find out what the story was and was told " the catalog to order you alarm is not in yet and we will contact you when it arrives."  6 months later it arrived. In those 6 months while i waited for the item I was never once contacted or updated on the progress of my alarm. I always had to call, always got a machine and would get a call back a day or two later.  This happened about 7 times. Finally the big day arrived when they finally said they could install it.  So I dropped my car off, picked up a rental from enterprise because they refused to give me one, and about four hours later got a message saying to call the dealership because there has been a problem.  The problem was that when they installed the alarm it fried the computer chip in my car!!!  How could this happen you ask???  Well turns out the alarm they sold me wasn't compatible with my car and should not have been sold to me.  So now I waited 3 days for them to fix my car, they now picked up the cost of the rental,.  As far as getting my money back.......I talked to a finance manager who tried her hardest to push me on lojack which is useless living in San Diego cause the police cant go get you car for you when its in Mexico, when i said I wanted my money back she said she needed to consult with management and would call me back.  Never Called Back. I then talked a sales manager and explained the whole story in a friendly manner and he said he would get back to me.  Guess what? He never called back.  I then talked to some guy named Joseph in a little more pissed off tone and now explained how the previous two people i talked to never called me back and he said he would personally handle my situation and would get back to me asap.   Well you guessed it Joseph never called me back.  So now I will have to go down there in person and raise a lil hell i guess.  I will post the outcome.  This place is a customer service nightmare!!!