Pacific Nissan in San Diego, CA

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Pacific Nissan your Nissan source serving San Diego.


Established in 1969.

Pacific Nissan was established in 1969, and has been under new ownership since October of 2013.

Each member of the Pacific Nissan family humbly awaits the opportunity to meet you and show you why we've been successfully serving San Diego longer than any other Nissan dealership!

We look forward to earning your business.

Pacific Nissan

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(858) 500-3727
Address:4433 Mission Bay Dr, San Diego, CA, 92109
  • Monday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: 10:00 am - 8:00 pm

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(858) 581-3200
Address:4700 Santa Fe St, San Diego, CA, 92109

Reviews on Pacific Nissan

Fernanda T. | 2015-04-24

I have to say that the staff at this dealership is incredibly friendly, professional and extremely helpful. I'm really glad I came to Pacific Nissan, and I would recommend this place to anyone for either buying or getting your service done. They totally make your time worth it! They take their job very serious, honestly, one of the best customer service experiences I've ever had. Also, if compared to other dealerships around the area, their prices are very competitive.

Michelle R. | 2015-04-22

Ok -- this issue still has not been resolved -- and another issue has surfaced -- we brought the car in for a repair and they said the part would be in in just a week and they would call. Over a month goes by and no call. We call and are told "the part just came in" -really? How coincidental! We set up an appointment -- had to cancel it due to personal issues, called to re-set it up and they sent the part back -- because it had been sitting there too long -- ???? Seriously -- YOU HAVE A HUGE SERVICE ISSUE!

Jhonathan B. | 2015-04-20

I just bought a Nissan Sentra from Pacific Nissan a few weeks ago and wow, I couldn't be any happier!! My previous car had been breaking down so I've looking for around San Diego for a while now, and Pacific Nissan gave me the greatest customer service than all of the other dealerships! Also, their sales reps were so helpful in showing me different styles and models they had available. I had a certain budget I had in mind and they worked around it very well. I'm so happy I went with Pacific Nissan!

Daniel B. | 2015-04-19

I have a 1997 Nissan Frontier with 150,000 miles.  I like Pacific because they are knowledgeable, do what they say, when they say they will, and stand by their work.  They also give a lot of free car advice.  The price is higher than some places, but they always use top quality Nissan parts and pay the mechanics a living wage, which shows in the quality of mechanics that work there and stay working there over time.

Alexandra E. | 2015-04-18

I recently purchased a nissan altima from pacific nissan and boy my face still hurts from smiling so hard. It was the best gift ive ever given myseldlf not to mention the first car I myself have purchased so what an acconplishment and what an honor to go through pacific. Their customer service and sales reps were on their A game as they answered any quesrions I asked. Their finance department was accomodating and worked with my bank and limited budget. Im so over static about my new car. My new baby! So thank you Pacific Nissan!

Barbara F. | 2015-04-18

I canceled my gap insurance on March 5, April 17 four emails and two voicemails later, no reply and I still haven't received my money back.   Had to phone headquarters waiting.   This is ridiculous!

Rachel K. | 2015-04-17

I'm SO GLAD I listened to the good reviews instead of the bad ones and went to Pacific was SOOOO WORTH IT!!!! My first car ever was a 1993 Nissan Sentra lol...but I only had it for a year because it was high school, and I ended up getting rear-ended. But boy, did I LOVE that car. 14 years later, after a Saturn and a Mitsubishi, it was SO time for another Sentra!  

Every one was so friendly, and they let me test drive more than one Sentra because I couldn't decide on the features I wanted. They were patient and courteous and didn't push anything on me, but answered all the questions I had. I ended up going with a used Sentra instead of a new one, based on my budget, but they bent over backwards to make sure I got the best deal, instead of trying to get me to spend more money, which most dealers do! So thanks SO much Pacific Nissan!!! I couldn't be happier and would recommend this place to every one!

Kay P. | 2015-04-17

I came to this location to get my oil changed on my suv . I had made an appointment and was pleasantly surprised when arriving that they were true to the appointment time and helped me right away. I was also able to use my yelp offer for a free car wash also which was nice. This location has wonderful customer service and I appreciate the service I was given.

Zak S. | 2015-04-17

Friendly people and great service. No pressure to buy and answered my questions throughly and honestly. Comparatively to some other places I tried before it was just an overall better experience.

Misty C. | 2015-04-15

Our lease was up on our Ford Fusion and we were searching on line and at various dealerships for a good deal. We weren't really sure what we wanted. After failed negotiations at the Ford and Toyota dealerships, we walked onto the Nissan lot and found the perfect used Nissan Sentra in our price! We were pre-approved for a loan at our bank, so the paperwork didn't take too long. That evening, we drove out of the lot in our 2013 silver Sentra!

Thank you to all the sales, financing people and GM at Pacific Nissan!

You will definitely be our first stop next time we are looking for a vehicle!

Now we have to go back to Ford to turn in our Fusion....

Gabriel L. | 2015-04-14

This is was my first time visiting Pacific Nissan and I was inpressed with their customer service, they were great, helpful, informative, and courteous. These people get the job done. They offered me a pretty good deal that I was pleased with. Amazing people and believe it or not, Pacific Nissan is by far one of the best dealers that I have worked with. Higly recommended.

Casey R. | 2015-04-13

Just moved out here recently for school. My parents live 100 miles away so it was really important to them that we find something reliable. I've always felt like dealerships were going to be full of selfish salesman who would pressure me too much but I was really glad to come here during my search because the GM seemed really concerned with helping me find the perfect reliable vehicle. Fast forward to now (over 6th months later) I'm still very satisfied and I know I'll always come here with my car for help!  Much appreciated.

Rändy P. | 2015-04-13

I have bought about two cars per year for the last several years, and this was the worst experience I ever had.  There was a commercial to lease a 2014 Nissan Leaf for $199/month with $0 down.  I walked in that day and said "I want a $199 Leaf, I do not care about color or features." The sales guy Milton really wanted me to go for a test drive, even though I knew exactly what I wanted.  When we got back, Milton asked me if I wanted to trade my truck.  I said probably not, but I would if the price was right.  He assured me they would give me the best price and there would be no games.  Five minutes later, he walks out of the finance office, and asks what the payoff balance is.  I say it doesn't matter, I just want to know how much you are willing to give me.  He said they couldn't give me a quote unless I gave hime a payoff amount.  I said "Never mind, I just want the $199 Leaf, I will keep my truck."  He brings me a sheet of paper that said $529/month for 36 months.  I assured him he was mistaken.  I just wanted the $199 car I saw on the comercial.  Milton comes back 10 minutes later, and said they could do $499.  He said all of the cars had some paint protector and a premium sound system.  I got up and tried to walk out.  Milton said, "What price would make you leave with a car today?" I said "$199 + tax."  The manager comes out to show me where they came up with $499.  On his balance sheet, he added the $7,500 federal tax credit, and the $2,500 CA tax credit to the price of the car.  I explained to him that tax credits are subtracted from the MSRP.  The manager said, "THATS NOT HOW WE DO OUR MATH HERE."  That is when I lost it.  Do not even walk in this car lot.  They are not honest.  Math is universal everywhere except for Pacific Nissan.

Carol F. | 2015-04-09

I was just there on April 7. I leased a Nissan Rogue 3 years ago and wanted to buy it. for cash. NO financing involved! I made an appointment for 11 A.M. Long story short, I left at 4 P.M. This place is totally incompetent with new owners. I will never go back again. People running around like chickens with the
ir heads cut off. Totally annoying.

Mallory P. | 2015-04-08

My husband bought a new truck here about 6 months ago.
We had actually initially gone to the place across the street (forget what place it was), but they weren't helpful, tried to talk him into stuff he wasn't interested in, etc.

We only went over to the Nissan place as a "plan B", but it ended up working out really well.

I don't remember the name of the guy who helped us, but they gave him a really great deal (after him being VERY firm about not settling for anything less than a great deal, lol) and his payments are very reasonable. We were there for a good chunk of the afternoon, but they got all the paperwork completed, and ended up getting him the specific color he wanted sent down from another location up near LA. He had his brand new truck the next morning. Great experience.

Mig M. | 2015-04-01

This dealership would not release my car from their Service department until I paid for  a service technician's time to "inspect" my vehicle.  No services were rendered.  There was a noisy creak and nothing was done to it, yet I was charged $45 for nothing.  Avoid this place.  Don't get service done here.  They will hold your car for ransom.

Rob K. | 2015-03-30

Chuck in Sales was easy to work with and went above and beyond to help me out. Had a couple issues after buying the car and the new GM  is very nice and helped me out addressing the issues very professionally.
Was a bit hesitant buying from here after seeing some of the past bad reviews, but the new GM and sales team are really trying to make a change for the good and can tell they care about the customers.
Thanks for all your help guys!!
If you are looking to buy a Nissan be sure to call Chuck he is very nice & helpful!! Along with a GM that actually cares about the customers and goes above & beyond to make sure you are treated fair.

Amanda L. | 2015-03-30

No star worthy (yelp does give that option). Salesman was excellent. Everything else is horrendous. Still don't have a car I'm paying for because they can't do paperwork correctly and have horrible customer care. Save your time and shop elsewhere.

Jaime W. | 2015-03-26

I was having a difficult time finding anyone to finance me due to poor credit. The sales team at Pacific Nissan was truly exceptional!! They got me a great deal on the perfect car even with my poor credit and I loved the friendly environment! Don't waste your time with the jerks at Mossy Nissan....check out Pacific Nissan, they will bend over backwards to help you

Naomi C. | 2015-03-24

The new crew that works here is horrible.

I came in asking for very specific requests - a used car. I gave them everything they needed to know and told them i was not interested in a new car. They said they had some things available and asked to run a credit report while they showed me around to save some time. I spent a whole hour there and i wasn't shown a single used car within my criteria.

When I told them I was not interested in working with them again they continued to call my cell and I asked them to stop calling. They did not so I blocked their number. They called from another cell AND THEN used the information from my credit report to call me AT WORK to bug me again.

No fun at all. Good luck EVER selling me a car.

Seriously stop calling me.

Sharron T. | 2015-03-21

Went to these guys after a Terrible experience with Mossy Nissan of El Cajon and Motive Auto Group in La Mesa where we bought a used 2006 Nissan Murano..Tiffany and Rering are great at Pacific they took care of Our Murrai was a big order to fill. Murrai which is the cars nickname lol. Needed a new long block and the other 2 dealers couldnt be bothered and Tiffany and Rering stepped up..No $650 i need to brake down the engine to see whats wrong fee....Our Family will use these guys from now on. Tiffany and Rering you guys are awesome. Cant Thank  you enough for fixing Murrai the 2006 Murano.

Gbob S. | 2015-03-21

The folks at Pacific Nissan are friendly and professional. Big shout out to Luke who was a real pleasure to deal with. Their pricing seems to be way more reasonable than other dealerships I have been to and they treat their customers with courtesy. What more could you ask?

Melissa T. | 2015-03-21

We were in the market for a new Nissan Altima SV, Pacific Nissan has the right car and color.  The price on their website is $26,186 which is in our higher range, the sell rep. said we would pay less than that because we are Costco member.  The car looks great and met most of the features on our list but the mileage on the meter was 261 miles, not too sure why so much for a new car.  We were willing to ignore the little things like that because we like the car but the deal felt a part because the final number was $30+K at the end.  Pacific Nissan tried to add $1,500 to the price for some security info etch to the window and nitrogen air (gas) to the tires and some other unnecessary items, somethings we did not ask for, we walked out the dealer as fast as we possible can, we don't want to engage to this kind of the tactic.  We ended up to buy the car fully loaded with leather from other Nissan dealer in Kearny Mesa on the following day.  We gave one star rating because it is a totally wasting our time to drive down to the dealer from North County during heavily traffic and were disappointed with the result.

Adrian L. | 2015-03-20

Great experience at Pacific Nissan. The entire process was smooth and quick.  No BS. Strait to the point. I like that. All car buying experiences should be like this. Only in a perfect world i guess.

Csilla L. | 2015-03-17

The staff, especially Tiffany and David, at Pacific Nissan are very friendly, helpful, and professional, which is exactly what you would want for your next car buying and service experience. I went with one of my friends to test drive some vehicles and the staff were very flexible with her when she said she would need more time to think over the purchase. Also, considering how reasonably priced the service options are, I will likely return here for my next oil change.

Nagham S. | 2015-03-15

I called in and spoke with Dennis about the program they had going on about taken in old cars that don't run. He was very upfront and honest with everything. Then I went in the same day and Dennis introduced me to Dane and he helped me find the car I want. Then his general sales manger Cory came and introduced himself to me and was very helpful and got me a great price and deal I was looking for. Then when I met the finance manger Shanelle and she was great and helpful going through the whole contact with me about my new car. I would send all my family friends to Pacific Nissan. Thank you guys so much for helping me and giving me the best experience for car buying . You guys have the best customer service and very helpful. Thanks again

Stacey M. | 2015-03-13

I came here with my mom everyone was very friendly they took really good care of my mom. Our salesman Robert made sure he listened toy moms needs and walked her through the process and helped her pick out the perfect car for her. While out on the test drive I noticed a large crack in the windshield I then turned to Robert and said did you see this crack he said no then he said he would make sure to have the windshield replaced before we left that day and sure enough he did. Everyone one was great! Thanks again.

Alex N. | 2015-03-12

I had a problem with the hood of my car not staying closed.  I brought it into Pacific Nissan for them take a look.  I must have been in and out less then 20 minutes.  The man took a look at the mechanism and sprayed some oil around it. It didn't work right away so he tried again and it was fixed!  Then he was kind enough to give me some good advice to prevent the problem from re-occurring and there was no charge.  I was so grateful for this---would definitely recommend this place.

Erin H. | 2015-03-10

I wanted to provide an update related to my original review. I had mentioned to David when we bought the Nissan Murano that I had a 350Z and I would try bringing it to Pacific Nissan for the regular service stuff (oil change, oil filter and so on).

While sitting in the front of the dealership while my car was getting serviced, I got a chance to see how they operate and everyone is the same today as they were a month or so ago. Everyone is very professional and polite and very helpful. Tiffany in the service department was super nice as well (don't want to forget them too!).

I will be bringing my car back for service here in the future!

Fat G. | 2015-03-05

I drove from Los Angeles to look at a 1990 Volvo 240.  I had asked the internet manager, David Gunn, via email if anything was wrong with the car of if it needed anything.  He told me that the car drove great and to come on down as quickly as possible because another party was interested in it.  I told him that I would be bringing a one year old along with me.  He assured me that the car was in great condition and that if I beat the other party to the dealership, I would have first chance at purchasing the automobile.

When I arrived, David was extremely friendly.  We test drove the 240.  He told me he thought it was a one owner car.  The car drove nice for the 3 mile test drive.  I became more interested in buying.  Then I did my own inspection under the hood and under the car.  I was completely dismayed.  About 8-10 drops of fresh oil had formed under the car.  I asked David if he knew there was a problem and his response was- "all i can say is make me an offer."  I asked him if we could put the car up on the rack to take a look at it.  He complied.

Now at this moment, the other interested party arrived and the woman was extremely rude to David.  The man who drove her to the dealership also came in and he was livid as well.  They were livid that they were showing the car to us and using a lot of profanity.

I understand that Pacific Nissan is trying to make a deal but here is my issue-
When the car was put up on the rack the mechanic walked me through what was wrong with the car.  He had explained that the car needed a new front seal and maybe a new oil pan if it was damaged.  I asked the mechanic if David or if the dealer knew of the damage and he said that "all he could say was that the dealership was aware that the car had a serious problem but did not want to spend the money to fix it."  So they threw on new tires, adjusted the brakes and fluids and put the car on the lot.  He told me the repair estimate would be around $1,000 at an independent shop, which maybe more than the actual value of the car.

Now, I know that old cars have seals that go bad. I know that maintenance is inevitable.  But I was told that the car was in excellent condition and was ready to drive off the lot.  This car was not.  It would be leaking oil in my driveway until I repaired the seal.  This job on a 240 requires that you lift the engine to access, so it's not something that I could do without a hoist.  There is a bolt to lift the oil pan that can not be accessed unless the vehicles engine is lifted.

Had I had known that the car had a cracked front seal before I made the drive, then maybe I would've reconsidered making the drive.  Only if the relationship had started with honesty than I would've felt more comfortable purchasing a car with this damage because I would've had time to reconsider my options.  But the relationship started off with a lie.  The car was not in drive off the lot condition.  It needed an inevitable and costly front seal repair.  It also was not a one owner vehicle.  The car  had multiple owners, according to carfax, and at one point it was bought at an auction, sold to the last owner, who then traded it in to the dealership.  So I started to wonder what else was going to go wrong.  This car had not been taken care of.

Maybe this is a story of karma...I'm not quite sure what it is, but the other party offered more money on the car which they had not even seen at this point, and the automobile was sold to them while I was looking at it with the mechanic...sight unseen...which is so silly.  This car sold for $3,200.  I'm not sure what sort of profit they really made on it, but I was surprised that this woman was still in the waiting room at the dealership after the profanity she had been using. The situation was handled poorly and I share some joy at the thought that the woman who argued her way in to the purchase of the car is going to find a pool of oil in her driveway today.  Maybe karma comes back to the dealer and they are challenged for selling an unsafe vehicle posed as safe in the state of California.  If I was that lady, I would sure be mad to find out about the front seal job and that they had sold her a used lemon.

I hope this message is read by someone at Pacific Nissan who respects what it is like to have children;  who understand the difficulty it is to make a 2 hour trip down from LA with a one year old in the backseat and then make a 3 hour return trip in rush hour.  What made the whole experience worse, again, was that the relationship was built on lies and only got worse from there.  Why cower to the other buyer, especially when they are inevitably in the wrong by selling them an unsafe car in need of repair, and especially when they challenge your dignity as a dealership.  What a mess this whole experience was. Figuratively and literally. All because of a  25 year old volvo.  buyer beware.

Hope W. | 2015-03-04

Everyone was nice. The cashier the other administrator and the shuttle lady we're amazing.

My administrator was Tiffany. I booked an appointment as early as they had available so I could be productive while they worked on my car.

I showed up at 8am to be told Tiffany wasn't here because she went out to get coffee.

The other nice gentleman administrator took my information and started my paperwork.

When Tiffany came back she got the rest of my information and told me it would be "3 hours TOPS" for my car's service.

I said ok and was dropped off at home by their shuttle service.

4 hours later I called and Tiffany says another hour. I explain I have to get to class and I have to work on a project (I will now be on campus till at least 1am).

An hour later tiffany calls to say my car is ready and she's sending the shuttle. When I arrive to sign for my car they can't find Tiffany. When they do she come over to say it'll be a few more minutes and they're not going to wash my car since I'm in a hurry, but I can come back when I have time.

It is now almost 6 hours after I originally dropped my car off to exchange one part that pep boys said would take an hour.

I'm deeply disappointed that my time was so blatantly disregarded. If the repair was going to take longer I should have received a phone call.
Everyone was nice but Tiffany did not do a good job. My day is wasted and I have a huge deadline. I will probably go to another dealership next time.

Ashley S. | 2015-03-04

I've had a long history with purchasing vehicles and I can assure you that I never even get near a dealership without doing my due diligence beforehand. I recently moved to San Diego to be closer to my mom but had to keep commuting to my job in San Clemente which meant my commute just got shot up in distance and hassle. I was looking for a comfortable sedan that I wouldn't mind getting into every morning to replace my pick up. I initially discounted Pacific Nissan because of some negative reviews peppered into their yelp page but after a disappointing experience at a rival dealership I decided to give them a try. My sales rep, Jesse, was one of the most knowledgeable car salesmen I've ever met and took his time walking me through each model that fit my general needs. I had already done my research at that point but it was good to know he wasn't just blowing smoke up my ass. We were able to make a deal that same day and I left with a brand new Nissan Altima. I'm very happy with the overall experience and would recommend this place to anyone. Don't listen to the negativity being thrown out here, Pacific Nissan is a sure bet for a great car buying experience.

Hannah M. | 2015-02-28

I went to Pacific Nissan to buy a car to take to Hawaii. My firt trip there, they kept us there for 6 hours trying to sell my friend and I 2 cars. My gf was ready to buy a car, so she was doing the paperwork for it. The salesman attempted to slip the car buying piece of paper for her to sign before he explained it! He just tried to trick her into signing it! I stopped him and we continued to argue about the price. I believe they just saw two small women who they thought they could take advantage of. Nissan also messed up her payment plan so she ended up paying more per month than needed. I did not buy the car I wanted that week. The entire week I was negotiating with the salesman and we agreed on a price over text. I call the salesman and ask him if it was exactly the price we had agreed on, he said yes, when I showed up, they tacked on 500 dollars more unto the car. I was trading in my very well taken care of, low milage car PLUS paying cash for the new car. I told them I was going to leave if they did not lower the price to the agreed on price hours before. For the next three hours we battled as they continuously tried to raise the price on me after agreeing several times to my asking price. Finally, around 9 o'clock, they got the paperwork ready with the correct price, I signed the piece f paper and we came to the legal portion of the sale. The woman who did my finance information was so impressed that I was paying cash for my car, she wanted to set me up with her brother. Finally around 10 o'clock, we get to swiping my card, and she tells me that the bill is 1500 dollars more than what was agreed on!!! They changed the price on me after I had already signed for a differnt price!! I should have walked out then, but I really loved the car and it was hard to find the same one with all the features so I stuck it out. That night I went home with my car which had a cracked windshield which they promised to replace and a battery that died after a day of the car sitting in the parking lot. They did replace both with limited issues and arguing. On the inside, my car had shoe stains on the celilings and what looked like a spilled milkshake. Jack, the salesperson promised to have my car detailed after I returned from surgery which put me out for about a month. When I was able to drive my car finally, I started to notice issues such as the aux cable not working, my speakers being raspy and a strange rattling noise coming out of my dashboard. I took my car into services and they kept my car for 4 days without doing anything to it!!! The mechanic claimed that he did not hear the rattling noise and I just needed to buy a new more expensive aux cable even though mine was brand new! I bought another cord and the aux connection was still not working! The servicewoman, Tiffany, told me that the tech tested it, the teck told me he did NOT test it because he had no way of doing it, so the services lady lied to my face AND I had to buy another cord that I did not need. I took my car in again, saying that the cord was not the issue and the rattling was still there. Saark was my new service person and he let a tech ride with me to hear the rattling. I kept pointing out the rattling but the tech started yelling at me, saying that he has not experienced any issues with my type of car, he YELLED at me! I couldn't believe it. They replaced my aux connection, finally, and now it works. After many days of my car being in the shop and me spending 3 hours of my birthday in the freezing cold waiting for my car, Saark finally found the cause of the rattling even though three techs couldn't. They ordered a new speaker to replace my broken one saying it would be there Friday, now, I am leaving for Hawaii in four days and my car should be shipped already, but to Nisasn it was not important, they just let my car sit in the parking lot because it was under warranty and they weren't getting anything out of me. Did you know that the mechanics actually choose the jobs they work on? So my car just sat there collecting  dust for days. They told me the part would be her Tuesday! I leave at 10 a.m. on Wednesday on military orders and have to ship my car ASAP. Back to the detailing, my salesman no longer works at Nissan, so I asked him who I should talk to to get my promised detail and he reffered me to Cory. I spoke to him, brought in the keys and Gabriella took them to take my car to the detail shop. She came back, saying that it would be 30 minutes, I was very surprised! 30 minutes for a complete detail? That's when she told me that they DO NOT have the ability to detail, they just wash cars with a hose to keep them clean, which was a lie, they detail cars! I told her that it was promised to me though when I bought the car by Jake. In a very snarky voice she said "well that's why he got fired." Which is completely illegal! I would never ever go here again nor do I suggest anyone putting up with such poor customer service! Completely unacceptable!

Zaid Y. | 2015-02-27

I were visited Nissan and I  ask them to park off the street and they said is should not be a problem. Then I get fine for 52.50$ because I park off the street. I hate to be there anymore.

William M. | 2015-02-26

So I went to Pacific Nissan because I needed some major service work done and the other dealership I was using was terrible. So I showed up looking for help without an appointment and I met a guy named Luke. I was expecting to be brushed off again, but Luke was actually super cool. I told him what had happened at the other dealership and the work that I desperately needed done. He then told me all my options in a clear and easy to understand way and explained that the most expensive thing, the valve clearance inspection, was not necessary. I was happy that he said this but I wanted to keep my car in good condition so I insisted, but the fact was not "salesy" or "pushy" was very nice.

As they serviced my car they told me my gas cap was worn out and said they could replace it for a small charge and I agreed. So when they finished and called me up to pay for the car, the final bill was less than I expected, which was a pretty awesome. Not only did they do a great job at a more affordable price, they made sure I understood what they were going to do, why they were going to do it, how it affected my car and gave me several options. I loved the service and all my future business will be at Pacific Nissan. I highly recommend them.

Andie S. | 2015-02-26

I bought a 2013 Nissan Altima S with 18,000 miles on it in January. I went in for a 2014 but they wouldn't give me a 2014 new for a fair price. Well, they told me the 2013 I was buy which was like new was a good deal. I purchased it for $19000. Right after purchasing the car, my sister looked it up on Kelly Blue Book and saw that a fair price from a dealership for the car I got with the same miles was $16,000! They ripped me off. With it being a used car, I couldn't return the car. Final Sale. So now I'm stuck with a car and a car loan for more than the car is worth. I will not be doing business with Pacific Nissan again. My sales rep was Forest. He seemed like a really sweet, sincere guy. Apparently not. They knew they were ripping me off.

Garrett D. | 2015-02-25

Long story short: my car battery (purchased 3 weeks ago) was completely dead and I was convinced my alternator needed to be replaced. I called and spoke to Randy in the service department and explained the situation, he gave me some great advice over the phone about the possibility that I had purchased a bad battery from a national chain. The battery WAS bad and I replaced it, but I was still concerned about a bad alternator.

I drove over to Pacific Nissan, and even though they were busy, Randy made the time to inspect my car himself and invited me to watch. I was practically insisting he charge me for an expensive and unnecessary repair job. He was patient, professional, and  honest. Randy showed me why a repair was unnecessary. He could have EASILY cheated me, but didn't. Furthermore, he cleaned my battery terminals, showed me a little of his shop, and followed up with a phone call.

If these are the type of people that Pacific Nissan employs, I have no problem coming here for any future new car purchases

David K. | 2015-02-24

I would stay away from this dealership.  The initial purchase went well and everyone was nice but the experience since then has been horrible. I bought a car here in 2013 and have had to go to service 4 times and every time it's been a nightmare.  Once I had an appointment and they had to turn me away because the dealership was being sold.  The next time we made an appointment to check a transmission issue and they turned us away because the machine was broke.  The most recent trip they tried to convince us that the 15,000 mile maintenance service for $700 was required to keep the warranty.  The service department is shady at best.  Beware!

Marie C. | 2015-02-23

Had an amazing purchase experience at Pacific Nissan thanks to Ken Jensen.  I initially came here with my mom, look over the inventory and was greeted immediately by Ken.  After looking around, he checked back with us to see if we had any questions. I really liked that he wasn't the typical pushy car salesman.  The initial test drive is what sold us...melting away into the butter leather seats. I just love my Nissan Maxima. Since I was already pre-approved with my bank, the negotiation process was easy and quick- and most importantly he got me an INCREDIBLE DEAL. If you happen to visit this Nissan location, I highly recommend asking for Ken Jensen.

Adam H. | 2015-02-23

One of the best car buying experiences I've ever had.  Got a great deal on a 2008 Nissan Titan with help from David Gunn.  Also would like to give some credit to Lindsay in the finance department.  Less then 17k out the door with a few extras.

Jessica R. | 2015-02-23

DO NOT BUY YOUR VEHICLE FROM PACIFIC NISSAN!!! I purchased my 2015 Altima just 6 months ago from this dealership. I took it today for my FIRST oil change in Temecula and was told that my Maintenance Plan that I paid an extra $1900 for had expired. The only reason why I purchased the extra plan was because I was told it included 2 oil changes a year for the next 72 months. What their finance department explained to me and talked to me into was completely different than what was on the contract. The finance department completely lied right to my face. Telling me that I was covered for 2 oil changes for 72 months when I was not. So I basically paid $1900 for absolutely nothing. And I have only had my car for 6 months!!! Another thing, my contract showed 1 year 12,000 miles, and their system said 1 year 10,000 miles, either way it just goes to show the lack of communication on Pacific Nissans part. I also paid almost $3,000 dollars seperate warrenty plan for 72 months which is another useless plan. I wish I would have never let them talk me into $5,0000 in extra warranties that they knew I DID NOT NEED. These people are thieves, liars and frauds!! I'm so disappointed in this dealership I wish I would have never purchased my car from them.

Stephanie M. | 2015-02-17

Never go here !!! They are thieves and they don't know what they are doing !!! They promise the moon and can't deliver !!! Had me sign contract without seeing car then when I got car there was all kinds of problems with it . I took car back and they found nothing wrong . I took to my private mechanic and he said has a lot of problems take it back. After having car for 5 days I took car back and proper work wasn't even done . I asked to unwind contract and give me my deposit back.. They agreed ... Now waiting for them to refund Deposit. They won't give me a confirmation number of return done to my credit card . My bank had no record of any pending return . Now the sales lady isn't answering my calls and Gus and Cory have different stories about the money they returned . Ridiculous ... They are crooks stay away from this dealership .

Andrea S. | 2015-02-15

I had a great experience here in 2012 leasing a new car...
HOWEVER 3 years later my lease is about to expire. When I began getting calls from pacific nissan about my lease expiring I told them I moved out of the area and they said they would stop contacting me.... Almost 2 months later and after explaining this to salespeople and supervisors I am still getting harassed by their calls! Everyone I speak to about this says they will take me off the list and the calls stop for a few days and then it starts again. Leave me alone people!!!! This is ruining my Nissan experience. It is NOT ok to harass someone over and over again 24/7. Very poor customer service.

Patrick C. | 2015-02-13

Pacific Nissan treated mme like a new customer, even though I had purchased my car from them 5 years earlier. Fixed my transmission & didn't charge me anything. Fixed & ready to roll in record time, gave me a free rental car, & I'm happy. No extra fees, hidden agendas or surprises. Great service & very professional. Service from Sark was great! I'll definitely be back for my new ride.

Diana G. | 2015-02-11

The manager here is so nice! I was so stressed out about buying my first car. I had been saving up for 5 years and wanted to pay cash so I don't need to worry abut making payments and paying interest. I was literally at the dealership for hours and must have test drove over 10 cars. I really couldn't make a decision. The manager Darren sat down with me and reviewed my top 3 picks going over all of the benefits of each and he kept asking me questions on what my top concerns were...etc. Without him helping me narrow down my options I would probably still be there, I'm not even kidding. I wanted to say thank you to Darren and Gabriela for being so patient with me. I ended up with a black juke. I was under my budget by $400 so I spent that on accessories for the car!

Anna C. | 2015-02-04

I recently moved to the area from New York and was pleasantly surprised by the service here. I was expecting to be pressured but was treated kindly and the man who helped me was relaxed,well versed and honest about all of the vehicles I asked about. He definitely wasn't trying to sell me something that didn't work for me. He made sure my purchase was a good fit.

Sahara A. | 2015-02-02

I am here waiting to finish up some paperwork after the purchase of our new Murano. This has been the most pleasurable new car buying experience. David Gunn was our sales person and all the finance and front desk people have been very helpful and friendly. We originally went to another big name Nissan dealership to test drive but didn't get a very helpful or knowledgeable sales person. What a difference we got at Pacific with David. (And they had just the car we waned with all the extras we wanted!) We own two Nissans now and look forward coming back for service etc. This feels like a family business, not a big corporate experience and I liked that.

Jim M. | 2015-02-02

People, avoid this place at all cost! I went and financed a used car from them after trading in my vehicle to them and a week later they called me to come in and sign some more papers, upon arrival they informed me that finance had fell through and they needed more in cash as a down payment! This is called spot financing in the car sales world, Google it.i refused and told them I wanted my trade in back...oh it was at their storage facility and told me to give them back the car I had purchased from them and I would get my car  later that day, yeah Right! This is the most un honest dealership I've ever seen. Rude, liars, and deceptive .... thus this is a perfect example of why car dealerships have such a sleezy reputation. I did not give them the keys until I got my car back.  There has got to be other car dealships in san diego, however this one is the worst one I've ever encountered.  If I could give negative stars I would.
In the end I got away lucky because after doing some research " which I admit I should have done prior to purchasing the car" I learned I was being charged 4 grand over fair market value for the car! I will take my money and bussiness to a dealer with some integrity.

Albert M. | 2015-02-01

I understand the nature of a sales job. I understand commision sales and that being hungry for making the deal generates more sales. There is, however, a difference between taking control of the transaction and going too far and creating bad blood. I don't have an issue with David Gunn. I have a problem with Gunn's boss. He made his point when he said Mossy Nissan can't beat his deal. But by continually interrupting me for the sole purpose of making this point and brushing aside my specific statements that I was perceiving his demeanor as hostile and antagonistic, he has made it impossible to take him up on this deal even if he's right about that part.

The part that gets me is that I was very specific about saying that his approach was alienating us and making his chances of making a deal worse. I said those words exactly that way. And still he kept going. Please understand that I do not say this lightly or merely for added effect but it was obvious that that guy viewed me with contempt. Hell, at one point he was actually sneering as I spoke. Not only does that level of disrespect by itself merit doing business elsewhere, but one of the wisest things an old manager of mine said to me is avoid at all costs people who are contemptuous of you. They won't hesitate to cheat you and rip you off.

Mossy Nissan should be happy though. They got the car sale.

Erick R. | 2015-02-01

They were amazing! My car broke down suddenly and without warning. They worked quickly and supplied me with a rental to minimize any disruption to my life.

Joe S. | 2015-01-28

Never again. I was a 4th time customer, four Nissan Altimas in a row. After this last experience I will never buy or lease a car from this dealership or from Nissan again.
This all began August, 2013. I've waited this long to see if they could or would try to rectify the situation. All they ever say, if they reply at all, is the standard boilerplate "we're so sorry you were unhappy, please let us know if we can help". They never do.
The last 3 lease payments for my 2010 Altima were to be paid by the dealership. This was set up in the negotiation as I was leasing a new 2013 Altima. A month after the deal had closed I got notices from the California DMV that my registration on the 2010 was overdue. Then I got a notice from Nissan Finance that I was late with the last 3 lease payments on the 2010 car. I called the dealership, they apologized and said they would take care of it. A week later, more calls from Nissan about the payment. I went to the dealership and they assured me it was all a big mistake and they would fix it. They didn't. Another month goes by, more letters and phone calls about the late payment. I went back to the dealership, pleading with them to take care of it. They said they LOST MY PAPERWORK!!!!! REALLY???
Then I get more annoying calls from Nissan Finance saying they were reporting the overdue payments on my credit report. Thank you Nissan!
Finally in December, 2013, four months after I leased the new car I got a notice that the final payment on the 2010 car was made.
-But, here's the kicker, that negative report for the late payment is STILL ON MY CREDIT REPORT!!!!!!!!
This last month, January, 2015, I got an email from Jaime Warren, Customer Relations Manager.
"August of 2013 was a rough time indeed with the dealership and its change of new ownership. I apologize that you had to go through a bad experience with us at that time. I am now and have been the Customer Relations Manager for the last 5 months, and while I may not have been in a position to see that you were attended to, I am now, and I just wanted to reach out letting you know your voice was heard and I am here for any future assistance you may ever need!"
I responded, yes! Get that report off my credit report. I've heard NOTHING back from them.
Never again with this sham of a dealership. They don't care about their customers. They certainly don't care if you're a repeat customer. And they don't follow through on anything.

Carolina S. | 2015-01-25

Best car shopping experience ever!!!! If your stoping by Pacific Nissan make sure you ask for Gabriela! She along with Gus (Gustavo sales manager) and Alejandro are the very best! Today my boyfriend and I went in looking for a car and came out with exactly what we wanted! Gus and Gabriela really paid attention to what we said we were looking for and the conditions we went in with and they made it possible! Thank you so much, you guys are the VERY BEST!!!!

David C. | 2015-01-22

I owned a 2009 audi a4 that had a loan balance of over 18,000. KBB priced my audi at 9,500$. I purchased the audi last april and man was that the worst mistake of my life. I got so ripped off and i realized that i needed to get rid of the audi because it was depreciating in value significantly every single mile i added to the car. I wanted the nissan juke because it was gas efficient, an suv, reliable, and looked pretty cool. I went over to carmax to get my audi appraised and they appraised it for 10,500. I was thinking about just trading it in for a 2012 nissan juke that was listed at 19,800$. After pulling my credit and seeing what the payments would be after adding the 7,500$ loan from my audi over to the 2012 juke, I was looking at 8,000$ down with 507$ a month car payments for 72 months. I then went to mossy nissan and they offered me 11,000$ for my audi and asked for 3,500$ down with 485$ a month for 72 months for a 2015 Nissan Juke. The guy at mossy said thats the best he can do. I called my dad who is a former car dealer and he said that it was a rip off. I then told Claudio from mossy nissan that my dad said its a rip off and Claudio got angry and said that its an incredible deal. I left mossy nissan and went to PACIFIC NISSAN to see if they can beat Mossy Nissan and Carmax's prices. GOOD THING I WENT TO PACIFIC NISSAN! I was helped by Eric G immediately upon arrival and we took the 2015 Nissan Juke for a spin, I loved it and wanted to see if they could beat Mossy Nissan's price. They certainly did, I saved over 5,000$ purchasing through PACIFIC Nissan thanks to Gus the sales manager and Eric G. They gave me 12,000$ for my audi witch is a couple thousand more than what my cars worth, and also had me pay ZERO dollars down with 430$ a month car payments for 75 months. And keep in mind that they rolled over the 6,000$ from my previous car loan balance onto the Nissan Juke's Loan. So for a loan of 28,000$ and not having to put any money down and paying way less than Mossy Nissan and Carmax a month is a big time DEAL. I had to write a great review because I am so happy with my new car that will last me YEARS to come and the excellent customer service that was provided as well.
Thanks PACIFIC NISSAN, i will be referring my friends and family for sure.

Kristopher J. | 2015-01-22

****SCAM ALERT **** I was enticed to go to this dealership by a pre approval letter I received in the mail from capital one saying I was pre approved for a car. After being on the lot for 6 hrs they had gotten me to buy a new pathfinder platinum edition by running my credit and telling me I was approved getting me to sign all the paperwork and drive away with my brand new car happy as ever. Now today a week later and 4 more hard credit inquiries into it they call me up and tell me I have to bring the car back and trade it for the entry model pathfinder which has zero features I was wanting. I asked them why, they told me that the contract I signed had a clause allowing them to cancel the contract upon the terms they couldn't get the terms approved... wait so the 12.99% Yada Yada bs I agreed to was all a line of bull? All these countless hours of haggling I spent with them was all for nothing? Now my credit is ruined from 4 hard credit inquiries in one week, I won't qualify anywhere else so I now go without getting a new car until these marks fall off my credit or I let them bend me over a barrel... please do yourself a favor shop elsewhere, but call them and let them know why you are doing so... maybe it will get them to not lie to other car buyers in the future...

Stephanie M. | 2015-01-19

Are you looking for a dependable, adorable car?!  You have came to the right place! Staff here are friendly, no pressure and really make you feel at home.  They made the car buying process easy, not stressful and at some points.....pretty enjoyable!!

This is your go to car place in San Diego!

J O. | 2015-01-18

Just bought a certified pre-owned 2012 Nissan Altima here for a great deal.  I made the purchase from Shaun who is great guy.  He's right to the point, honest and gives the facts. He's no pressure and laid back. He's been doing this for 10 years so he really knows his stuff. If you want a great car buying experience go with Shaun Doherty.

I also want to say thank you to the team that crunches the numbers here.  They explained everything in detail and made sure i felt comfortable and well informed. All before they ever even pulled my credit. And something they did that other dealerships did not. Actually ASKED ME before pulling my credit.

I came here after a nightmare experience with another nearby dealership where they pressured the sell and jack up the price after pulling your credit. Doing nothing more then waste your time. Save yourself the trouble and take a look here first.

Belinda H. | 2015-01-18

Forest thank you so much for all your help! I got my 2007 acura tl, a car I wanted since my early 20s. Came with every feature I wanted. The car buying experience was delightful. Thanks for making it happen for me! A great start to my year and my future.

Admir S. | 2015-01-13

These guys are idiots,..I was in the market for a 2014 Nissan Pathfinder Hybrid and stopped by pacific nissan to check them out. A sales associate helped me out right away we went on a test drive it was a nice car but they didnt have the color I was looking for, soni gave the sales associate my phone number and told him to text me when he found the right color and features and he did we negotiated the price over the phone I told him $34,570 out the door is the price ill come back in to the dealership he spoke to his manager and asked me what time to come I assume the deal is done at $34,570otd and I go to the dealership, find the sales associate, look at what I thought was my new car..and then.. I can't even explain the stupidity and ignorance of that sales associate about what happened next... he basically disregard all of the text messages (proof of the negotiated price between me and him $34,570 out the door meaning taxes and fees included) and a wanted to charge me taxes and fee on top of our negotiated price what a moron...sales team at pacific nissan are a bunch of lying scumbags...don't buy your car there!!

Charley T. | 2015-01-12

My boyfriend and I have been looking for cars since moving from San Francisco last month. After so many disappointments and hassles with untrustworthy people it was really refreshing to talk to a friendly knowledgeable staff who would answer our questions free of pressure and without giving us a run around. We didn't end up finding a car that was right for us this time but we will be back again!

Víctor S. | 2015-01-07

The short story is: although I didn't wind up buying, I had a very pleasant experience and recommend this place as one of your go-to places to shop for cars.

Now this experience is from about 6 months ago, but I have a lot of reviews to catch up on so I apologize for the lag. Anyway, I was shopping around to see if I could sell/ trade in my Nissan Sentra, even though I know people who work for Mossy, I like to keep an open mind and do an objective search of where I can get the best deal. For the life of me, I can't remember the salesperson's name, but he did a very thorough job at helping appraise my vehicle, giving me a realistic value on it and what kind of options I was looking at to trade at minimum extra cost. I came to my senses and realized it wasn't going to make financial sense, but that was my fault, not the dealership.

As a former car salesman myself, I hold these guys to a high standard of integrity, and Pacific Nissan met it by far. I hope that sales guy got a sale right after dealing with me, for it to be worth his efforts. Happy shopping, people!

Kristine G. | 2015-01-07

After reading some scary reviews on yelp, I was pretty skeptical in coming to this dealership... I must say,  I'm glad I gave it a chance! I was extremely satisfied with the customer service offered. My sales rep Phillipe was friendly, knowledgeable,  & very patient. I was torn between the pathfinder and xterra and he helped weigh the pros and cons of both vehicles. He asked questions that pertained to my lifestyle and really made me think of what I prioritize in a car. Not only did I feel like I was making an educated decision, but I felt confident that I was getting the best deal possible. The people at Pacific Nissan really take care of you!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  
PS. Don't forget to check in to get your free car wash! :)

Dalton W. | 2015-01-03

Disappointing that they (Nissan) advertises they have auto show tickets for military but then when I called Pacific Nissan to pick some up they said they are out.

Maybe Nissan should advertise that they have a limited number of tickets. But then I guess it wouldn't sound as generous of an offer.

Audi/Toyota/Land Rover owner

Skye J. | 2015-01-01

After a horrible experience with Mossy Nissan, we came to Pacific Nissan because my husband wanted an Altima, and I refused to do business at Mossy. Our salesman Nate was wonderful, he took the time to actually listen to us and find out what we were looking for. He showed us 3 different cars with various upgrades so we got the model we wanted in the color we wanted. We went inside and quickly agreed on a price comparable to the other dealership and bought our new 2015 Altima SV. We already had our financing, so it went pretty fast for us, but everyone there was so nice and made sure we were well taken care of. Best car buying experience I have ever had.

Mark M. | 2014-12-31

Simply put, great all around experience. My sales guy Dan made the process simple by being blunt and strait to the point.  I found a great deal at another dealership but choose to walk away because the sales rep was to aggressive.

I had a good idea of what I wanted prior coming in, as well as what I expected to pay.  I ended up test driving a few different cars and choose the one I really liked from the start.  The financial team was a little slow on the paper work, but I appreciate that they took the time to do it right instead of rushing to get me out the door.

I ended up walking out a very satisfied customer and they have earned my future business.  I was able to snag a few business cards from Dan and will gladly give them out to any friends or family looking for a positive sales experience.

Monica L. | 2014-12-26

Car shopping has never been something I've looked forward to, but never have I had a more fun experience buying a car. My sales rep, Anthony was attentive, courteous and respectful of my budget.  The first car I ended up driving was EXACTLY what I wanted. Being a woman I wanted choices to compare it to. Anthony went above and beyond to show me other cars in my price range, knowing that the first car I test drove was a much better fit then any of the other ones I insisted on seeing.  I really appreciate the patience Anthony showed.  The financial manager at Pacific Nissan deserves some spotlight as well. I highly recommend Anthony when looking for your next big auto purchase.

Victoria N. | 2014-12-23

I was having problems with my battery because of a correded battery terminal and was hesitant to take to the dealership thinking they would over charge me. But I actually ended up having a cheap, easy, stress free experience!  The service man outside and his sister (who is also employed there) were so friendly and nice. He even gave me easy tips to avoid it from happening again.  Great customer service.

Kendall D. | 2014-12-22

My experience here at Pacific Nissan was so exceptional that after I bought my first car here in June I came back with my boyfriend in November and we bought a second new car from them!

This really is an amazing place with an amazing staff! They have a real family vibe like thy honestly care about their customers and their employees, and it comes through in the way the employees treat you. They aren't pushy they seem genuinely interested in getting you the car you want at a great price!!

I would strongly recommend Pacific Nissan be your first and only stop when you're thinking of getting a new car. Do yourself a favor and make your next car buying experience as quick and painless as mine were here!

D S. | 2014-12-17

They have taken the absolute best care of me and my family.  We will not be going any where else for future auto needs when purchasing any vehicle as new.  

Most of the process was done via email so prior to coming in we already knew the price as well as which car we would be getting. Dave Anderson was prompt when responding to emails and phone calls.  He was always very knowledgeable, patient, and polite answering our many questions.

I would gladly purchase another car though this dealership and highly recommend Dave Anderson as part of the sales team.

Kelly O. | 2014-12-16


I will never take my car here ever again!  They initially put up a friendly and helpful front only to let you down with poor follow through and lack of organization!  

I utilized the shuttle service, which was great after I dropped off my car however getting the shuttle to pick me up SUCKED!  They were over an hour late and when I tried calling, no one answered the phone.  

I took my car in for a couple repairs only to be given a laundry list of things that my car needs fixing and quoting me at $2400.  My car is over 10 years old, so you're basically asking for me to pay its entire worth in fixes.  I smell B.S. them trying to fake out a female.  

I can't wait to see this place shut down.  I'm giving Mossy Nissan my business from now on!

Bernie B. | 2014-12-14

This is my go to place for oil changes and minor repairs on my Nissan 350z.  Recently I brought my dad's car here for a quick service.  As usual, I was greeted and helped as soon as there was an available person.  Luke helped me today and was extremely nice and helpful.  Well about an hour after I dropped the car I got a call from Luke letting me know everything was done but there was a small oil leak. Luke broke down the situation in detail for me and explained the process to fix it.  Lucky for my dad the car is still under warranty. We scheduled an appointment for later this month and should be able to get it taken care of at no cost. Overall, I always have great experiences here. I appreciate Luke not rushing the process like a lot of places do.

Zac H. | 2014-12-12

I went to go see a car that I found online. It was a 2012 blue Subaru Legacy. I called the sales representative the night before to make sure that the car was still available. She told me yes and couldn't wait to see me. I arrived at the dealership to find out that the car was not blue it was gray. I decided to go ahead and look at the car anyways. They went to go get the car in the other lot and then came back and stated that the car has been sold at auction the night before. I went to talk to the manager of Pacific Nissan who stated that if I wanted the car he would go and get it for me even though it has been sold at auction. It seemed like a lot of trickery and miscommunication. Then I asked well if it's already been sold at auction there's no way that I'm going to get any sort of deal on it. He stated no that's not the way we work here and if it's already been sold at auction then we are not going to negotiate. I felt like this place tried to take advantage of me, misform me, did the bait and switch tactic on me, and then applied the trickery tactic on me. I would not recommend going to Pacific Nissan and dealing with their BS.  Very sad!

Jeanne V. | 2014-12-04

These fellas are masters at misinformation. They will say anything to sell you a car! Just remember if you go there: Buyer Beware! Write everything down, have them initial it so you have proof. They lied about the mileage, the type driving lifestyle of  the previous owner , that I'd have 3 months free XM radio, that I'd be in and out within 30 minutes. Also: have them give you a print out of the CAR FACTS sheet so you have everything in front before you make an offer. I guess this goes for any used car salesman you deal with, but I was astounded how just about everything they gleefully proclaimed turned out not to be true.

Meg G. | 2014-11-26

I came here last month to help decide about purchasing a car for the first time. Brandon Shelton made it a very pleasant experience and I ended up buying one that night. He has continued to offer assistance, including help with obtaining a fob key and following up to see how I like the car. He provided excellent service. I also owe thanks to Chuck and Corey as well. Very personable guys who helped make my purchase possible. I love my car. I'll be back here for any future purchases and I recommend them highly.

Danielle C. | 2014-11-21

My boyfriend was looking into buying a rogue so we went here to test drive the car and get more information. We arrived at pacific Nissan with high hopes but left feeling terrible and turned off. The sales team was obnoxious and pressuring. They were not professional at all and they refused to negotiate on the price of the lease. Not only did our experience drive us away from pacific Nissan but the Nissan brand in general.

Gabriel W. | 2014-11-19

Although I didn't get the car I wanted the day I went, I had a great experience at Nissan. the salesman who approached me was Aaron, around my age, so I related to him. Cars are reasonably priced they also had a back lot of older used cars which has a great selection, I will be back to purchase a car from here, go see Aaron.

Ryan R. | 2014-11-15

Went into their lot to check out some pre-owned cars with my sister last weekend and had a horrible experience. The sales rep, Peter, was rude, too aggressive, and didn't listen to a damn word I said. We found a vehicle that she liked and wanted to know more about it because we were afraid it was too far out of our price range. He would rather stick to his pushy sales rep script than answer out question. After asking him for the sticker price 6-7 more times, he still wouldn't tell me. I told him that I was getting frustrated that he wouldn't let me know, and he STILL wouldn't tell me. So I told my sister we will go somewhere else and started walking away. I told peter peter goodbye and sorry we couldn't come to an agreement, then his last words to us were 'it is what it is'.

Well, peter, you turd, I'll tell you what it is: we walked across the street to Mossy Ford, bought that 2012 Nissan Sentra she wanted that day. They came close to her budget and treated her with respect, something you lacked. We then drove by in her new car waiving her paperwork at you, but you were inside. Shout out to Darrel at Mossy Ford, you will have our repeat business.

As for Pacific Nissan, I will never consider you guys again, unless it's telling my poor experience to someone looking for a new car. In which case, I'll guide them to Mossy.

Jesus L. | 2014-11-14

Friday November 14/2014
The nightmare continues!!!
One year 2 months later, And after talking personally to Rozan Debbas the Finance Director of Pacific Nissan 2 months ago, my anger keeps on building up toward this dealership and the sewer rats they employ, as i stated before: they rejected the service contract claiming that they were under a new ownership so i went to cancel it altogether (Rozan Debbas) filled the form to cancel my service agreements i purchased and paid in advance for over $3000.00 USD  she told me it would take a month for the cancelation to show on my statement, Nothing!  today i called directly to Nissan Financing and as i already feared there was no record of the cancelation in their paperwork, so obviously it was another lie by this incompetent crook Rozan Debbas!
I got the information for Nissan Consumer affairs and filled a complaint and send the original purchase paperwork of my 2013 Nissan Rogue, I find out that somebody at Pacific Nissan when i bought this vehicle (the finance manager at the time) purposely wrote the wrong information on the forms including my telephone numbers, Nissan Consumer Affairs are reviewing this transaction and will give me an answer on monday 17, 2014, of their findings, i'm also getting in contact with KUSI's consumer affairs Michael Turco to help me put an end to the worse  car buying experience in my life,
Never put a foot on this dealership, you will regret it!

Annalisa D. | 2014-11-11

No one really enjoys the process of buying a car. I wanted to go in with plenty of research done first, and I must have researched everything from engine size, safety ratings, price, Kelley blue book, etc. After visiting two other dealerships first and leaving unsatisfied, we finally decided to look at Pacific Nissan of San Diego. I set up an appointment over the phone to come in and take a look at a Nissan Rogue after all my research pointed me to this car. Our salesmen was an older guy who has been in the business for 20 years. He was great! Not pushy at all! His "angle" was he didn't have an angle. No BS. That's what I like and I can guarantee others will appreciate this as well. It was great conversation and he was very knowledgeable and answered all our questions. The dealership as a whole was beautiful. It was very high end but not stuffy or snooty. Everyone was always doing something; no one was standing around wasting time.

We had visited 2 other dealerships that day. One we went to the sales guys looked like vultures waiting to prey standing near the customer parking lot. You could smell the desperation of the last day of the month. I thought test driving in the city might be difficult especially around 4pm on a Sunday but it was fine. I always make big commission sale purchases on the last day of the month...BEST DEALS! Anyways go to Pacific Nissan if your looking for no BS, upfront, professional service! I would definitely recommend them to anyone I know.

Erin M. | 2014-11-05

In June I  bought a 2004 used 350Z convertible from a private owner. After a few days the convertible top was not working so I took it to Pacific Nissan for them to look at it.

1) I drove in and parked, when their technician got in my car she claimed it would not start.  I did not go check myself but in hindsight I think I should of because I think that might have been a scam given the rest of the story.

2)  I told the guy I need to make sure the car will start so please find that out as I need to drive to work the next day.

When a called a few hours later to check on the progress they tell me they are still trying to figure out the convertible top issue.  Ok but what about the not starting?  They said they had not got to that yet because I brought it in for the top....Hello!!!!! I can drive the car with the top up its more important to make sure it starts.

ok so they replaced the battery that I may or may not have needed but my fault for not checking if it started myself.

They tell me that the convertible top is bent and it will cost 5,000!!!!!! to fix. Then he says he has seen this twice in PB because of people trying to break into the car and bending the top and if I claim it on my insurance as a break in I can probably get the insurance to pay for it.  I ask them to show me where it is bent and he says he does not know and the mechanic already went home.

Ok so this is ridiculous, I asked a male friend to look at the car and he looks at it and points out that the 2 small bundgy cord looking thinks on the top look like they are ready to fall off. these budgy cords snap the top back and pull it down.

$5 at home depot to purchase 2 small budgy cords and the convertible top has worked perfectly Since June.

We took the car back and showed the guy at Pacific Nissan and he was like hmmm ok.

Pacific Nissan is a bunch of crooks and I think the insurance companies paying them should look into that practice.

Monica B. | 2014-11-01

Great Customer Service!!! Hands down this is one of the best car dealerships in San Diego.  There is no pressure and no hassle! Everything went smoothly.  I am very pleased!  Dennis Weaver really went out of his way to accommodate me. He is the best and he is very honest and professional.

Thank you so much Dennis for being an excellent salesman!  I really appreciate all your help. Pacific Nissan is lucky to have you as part of their team.  

When you are ready to buy a new car ...... definitely go to Pacific Nissan.

Joseph S. | 2014-10-22

Wow! Pacific Nissan went above and beyond to make my wife and I comfortable about considering  a car finance here. Dennis worked with us to know exactly what we were looking for and get us into a car that we loved and could afford. Cory was right there to listen and understand our needs.

Listen, car dealers and car salesmen generally have a bad rap. But if you want to do business with people you can trust, then go see the team at Pacific Nissan. Ask for Dennis; he takes in what you are looking for, your needs, financial limits and then like a pro, puts that all together. He is full of experience, car knowledge and super friendly. To top it all off, you will meet Cory, the manager at Pacific Nissan. He is an exceptional  manager and will make you feel comfortable with your deal and even make you feel better about your purchase.

Taelyr V. | 2014-10-20

When I finally reached the point where I wasn't excited about putting more money into my beloved early 90's VW Golf I made the decision to get a grown up car. After talking to friends about their experiences with dealerships (those guys really are awful!) and craigslist I was totally stressed out and intimidated by facing this HUGE purchase all on my own. After a lot of research and sleepless nights I decided I needed help and contacted Pacific Nissan. They were all great, very down to business but also patient one of the best qualities because I needed all the help that I could get. I had pretty much narrowed down what two cars I was considering but I was not sure what the best deal would be financially... certified pre-owned, used, leased, or brand new. I emailed Pacific Nissan every time I had a change of heart and they very patiently explained the pros / cons of each option and most importantly the details of the financial aspects. They also helped me understand the loan options and got me a great interest rate. When I finally made a decision all I had to do was show up to his office in  (he had the car delivered from another near by location) and sign papers for 10 minutes and then boom, I was out the door in my totally rad new-to-me Nissan Altima. If you are grossed out by dealerships and skeezy sales guys or just want a super professional wingman to make you feel less stressed about the experience of buying a car I highly recommend Pacific Nissan.

Catherine P. | 2014-10-18

BUYER BEWARE!!! If you're looking for rapey situations and PTSD, this is the place for you.

My husband emailed about a 2014 Black Nissan Versa and set up a time to test drive it with David Gunn.

The car didn't have power windows which we didn't realize was still a thing. So we test drive another blue car with the added luxury.

The car was fine, all you can ask for in a subcompact. No dice on the blue though.

I gave David Gunn my key to check out my car for the trade in. He then took it upon himself to grab an expired registration from my glove compartment. It was never returned.

In comes Jeff with the deals. Because of my extravagant need for power windows and color requirement, they can't find the car anywhere. But here is a 2015 with upgrades for about the same price.

My husband and I go outside to talk about it. We decide to move forward and go back inside.

Jeff comes over and tells us the first deal was too good. The owner vetoed it. But here is a 2014 with less upgrades that you can have for more money.

I was done with the whole situation. At this point we had been there for almost 3 hours.

Phillipe G. Horn comes over and begins his pitch by talking about the wrong car. It was highlighted with a diagram comparing Pacific Nissan as Isreal and the Mosey dealerships as ISIS.

I assertively say "I just want my key back and want to leave." At this point it wasn't clear who had them.

Key not returned, pitch continues.

By the third time I had to ask for my key I began hitting the table. Still no key.

A 4th guy comes out and I say "Really interesting tactic you guys have by taking away someone's key so they can't leave." He tells Phillipe G. Horn to give it back. Phillipe then pretended he didn't realize that he was holding it and returned it.

I was in shock that Phillipe G. Horn had sat there and ignored my demand for my property. I thought that someone in the office had it because it wasn't immediately returned when I first asked.

I left there feeling straight up traumatized and it will be months before I revisit car buying.

My family will never purchase another Nissan and I discourage everyone from doing business with these cliché sleazy salesmen.

On a positive note,  I feel better prepared for when I do actually buy a car...from SOMEWHERE ELSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ernesto L. | 2014-10-17

Hi how's everyone doing tonight hopefully good because I'm doing awesome just finance a 2007 toyota camry I been hearing negative things about this place but its all lies from haters and unsatisfied customers the reality is this a great place to find a great variety of vehicles at great prices and also they help you finance with bad credit no credit low down payment give them a try you won't regret it HAPPY SATISFIED CUSTOMER WILL BE COMING BACK WHEN IM READY FOR MY NEXT CAR... GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE EVERY ONE IS FRIENDLY AND READY TO SERVE YOU

Yogini G. | 2014-10-14

Just recently purchased my new Nissan Versa from Pacific Nissan.  Before looking around, I had a pretty good idea already what i was wanting. I mostly internet shopped, but also visited some other dealerships where things didn't go as great.

But working with Pacific Nissan was the exact opposite of the slimy car dealerships i had visited before. I walked away from another great deal prior to visiting Pacific Nissan because i couldn't stand the salesman that was helping me. Andy from Pacific Nissan was a great change. He always called me back right away, he was easy to communicate with, and he made it possible for me to trade in my old car and purchase my new Versa. Even with my crazy schedule.

I did feel some pressure at the beginning to finance with Pacific Nissan but when i made it clear to Andy i was going to stick with my credit union where i was already approved, he left it alone. Overall my transaction was fairly strait forward, easy and enjoyable. Thanks Andy!

Kerryn K. | 2014-10-14

My issues are many with this dealer and the way they handled these issues. First off the one key they gave me with my purchase broke within a month, I called the Manager to see if I can get new one "We can offer you our discount but the cost would be $200 with that discount" ummm no thank you. I looked on my own and found a locksmith that made me a brand new key for $62.00! Some discount they offered. I let that go. Then a year later my hatchback just stopped opening. There is no other release than the button on the rear of the car where you open hatch. No reason just didn't work. I called service department and they told me that they can fix but will take hours of labor and wont know until they are done if it is covered under the warranty. What does that sound like to you? My guess is shocking....wont be covered. Therefore I have been just not using the trunk space totally inconvenient but I can deal. Then my driver side front door handle comes off in my hand as I am opening it! I have to go in my car thru the passenger side! I found out that this happened once before I bought the car and the dealer replaced the handle which is now broken again. I am just dealing with these issues due to I am on a budget. Car runs fine so I am dealing. Then I get an email from dealer asking how are things going with car. I mention all of the above and they ask me to come in so they can look at the vehicle, I did so. Turns out it was all a ploy to get me to buy a new car and when I mentioned to them this was supposed to be them looking in to satisfy the problems I was having Adrian just kept robotically telling me about new cars. I told her I had clearly indicated I was on a budget why would I want to be a new car? It was like I was speaking a different language she gave no thought or concern to the issues that brought me there. She didn't even apologize for the problems I have been having. I decided I would stop wasting my time and go back to service dept, she says yes let's go back to service. I turned around to hold the door open for her to follow me to service and she was nowhere in sight. She never came to check on me in service to see what happened or anything whatsover.  I have never been treated so poorly especially considering I gave them the opportunity to resolve or at least make some type of compromise or apologize in some way and nothing. Maybe someone there will read this and give me a call and further discuss but probably not. Very disappointing.

Angelique I. | 2014-10-13

I love this place. I purchased my 2013 sentra from here and had it for a year. They are awesome when it comes to the maintenance of my car. They even put air in my tires when i needed it.

I decided to trade my Sentra for an Altima. I met with Jack and curtis...Awesome guys they took the extra time to find exactly what i wanted down to the color. I love my new Altima...They really went the extra mile to meet my needs..


Jen S. | 2014-10-10

Chris in service and repair made my experience wonderful, from speaking to him on the phone to meeting him in person. He was very professional, friendly, and knowledgeable. I highly recommend Nissan service at this location. Thank you for the great service and follow up.

Elisabeth T. | 2014-10-06

I initially was looking at the 2015 Fiat 500e.  I did a lot of research before making my final decision on the Fiat and decided to come down to the Nissan dealership to take a look at the Leaf.  My father and I, arrived right after they opened on a Saturday morning.  We were greeted by a nice gentleman named Denny.  He was very nice and made the experience enjoyable.  His upbeat demeanor and casual but professional character was enough to not make me feel pressured.  He had only been at this dealership a week, but knew a lot of information regarding the Leaf.  He was upfront about the information he was unsure about, which was nice because it's not fun getting told wrong information.  He worked trying to meet my needs and preferences while keeping the price where I wanted it with his sales managers.  He went above the call of duty.  He had me drive several vehicles, and even took me to several lots to hand pick my perfect vehicle when we were unsure they had it in stock.  Overall, with his help this was a great experience!

I ended up walking away with a new 2015 Leaf!  I am a very happy customer.  I choose the leaf and not the Fiat because I enjoy the extra room the car has in the trunk and the back seat.  Also, I really like that the charge-cord  adapter is in the nose of the vehicle, which is convenient for the logistics of my at-home charging scenarios.   You also can not complain that Nissan has hooked up with EZ-Charge and gives you two years of free charging at blink and other pay-for-service charge stations.  Overall, with Denny's assistance and great attitude and the quality and design of the leaf, I can say I would recommend my friends to Pacific Nissan to speak with Denny.

Todd R. | 2014-10-06

We came looking to trade in our Saturn for something with better gas mileage.  We were greeted by Josh who figured out what we really wanted before even having us test drive a car. The first car we got into ended up being the perfect car. The negotiation process was easy. Justin and Josh took great care of us. Would highly recommend this dealership.

Sharlena A. | 2014-10-03

I just bought a 2014 Murano from Pacific Nissan. I had a great experience with my salesperson Deshaun Smith. He was so helpful and knowledgeable about the car. It was an easy and positive experience. They were really patient with me as I had a lot of questions. Financing was great and Justin was awesome in getting me a great deal.

They told me they were under new management. I would definitely recommend buying a Nissan from them!!

Jackie W. | 2014-10-02

I went to numerous places before stopping here. I was kindly greeted by a nice gentleman who put no pressure on me but was sure to offer me help. I was quickly pointed in the right direction and was able to look around freely as per my request. When i felt i was ready and wanted help and was ready for a test drive i found the salesman who greeted me upon my arrival. Who remembered me by name! What a warm and comfortable experience i had here and alot of fun too. I highly recommend Pacific Nissan and if you are looking for an enjoyable experience purchasing a vehicle make sure you ask for Denny-just like the restaurant!

Amanda B. | 2014-09-25

Pacific Nissan had my review deleted for the SECOND TIME. They really dont want people to know the truth I suppose! My review did not have "second-hand information" as I was there when Pacific Nissan ignored our phone calls, very blunt and dishonest on the phone and when we arrived on their lot. There salesmen ran up to us right away, almost pushing each other out of the way. We made it clear that we were not intereated in buying a car, but that we came here to talk to someone who was ignoring our phone calls, and they all walked away murmuring negative things I am sure. Ive had nothing but problems with them. Once they hook you on a car, they don't tell you about what insurances they offer. They skim details and just dont care about the customers but about their wallets. I wouldn't recommend this place to my worst enemy.

Dave G. | 2014-09-19

I bought a brand new Altima from Pacific Nissan in June. It had some really minor scratches on the front bumper (probably from when they took it off the truck). I had to come back 3 times to get the scratches buffed out due to scheduling issues. I think one time the buffer guy was out sick. At first I was frustrated by the inconvenience.

So I called Jaime Warren in the Service Department. As soon as she found out about what happened, she started helping me right away! Jaime set up an appointment to take care of the scratches. She took care of me really well and even detailed the car for me for free. Plus they threw in a free tank of gas for my trouble. I am human too and have made mistakes myself. So I was happy that once she found out there was an issue she fixed it.

Stuff happens. It is how you respond to it that matters. Pacific Nissan and Jaime Warren are awesome and I will also buy my next car from them because of it.

Laura B. | 2014-09-17

So far not so happy.  starts with paperwork not filled out right but in all fairness I should have noticed too.  I have due bill for a sunroof but no one gave any info beyond *aren't you excited* and I can't a me my sales guy.  3 mins into the conversation a mor came over and over powered the whole sale.  Not that I am complaining about that but when I called the girl told me it was all the sales guy.   I try to set up service and get told not sure how long or if a rent a car is needed.   I do get a call back right away but still not answering my questions.   so I call service to talk to Emily again and told they know nothing and Emilo is off today call his cell.  what good did that do the first time still have no answer s.    on top of that my old fiancé office is call because they have not got final payment yet.  not making for a good experience.   Yes I called finance and left  voicemail.  no flow up yet...24 hrs later.  not even a I am looking into it.       wishing I went with the other place because I had used them before and service was amazing. ..

Luke G. | 2014-09-15

This review is for the service department.  

This service center was a complete waste of time.  I called this morning and asked to talk to the service department.  "Scott" answered and I requested a quote to replace a transponder key for my Nissan xTerra.  I was quoted a price of 87.90 including tax and labor.
I drove to the service center on my lunch break and was greeted nicely by Beth.  She entered some information about my vehicle into the computer and told me the cutting and programming would cost $189.  I told her that was more than double the cost quoted on the phone.  She said that the $87 price was probably for a door key.  A door key has no transponder nor any programming labor.  A door key costs $2 at your local home improvement store.  I told her that was an unlikely mistake.  She said the best she could do was knock the price down to $140.  This was terrible service for a customer service department.  I have a truck with just over 100k miles on it that could be a potential repeat customer.  Instead, I took my business elsewhere and I will never be back.  I suggest anyone reading this also not waste their time.

Michael F. | 2014-09-09

Let me start this off by saying that one star is way too generous for them. Not only did I buy a car from them,  I also worked for them. When I worked for them, the management was all for selling me a car but at the same time I would get accused of dinging cars when parking them, and that the $1000 would be taken out of my paycheck. Funny since it wasn't even me. Fast forward to January 2014, I purchase a 2008 Scion TC. During the finance process, it was very rushed and they skimmed over lots of the optional coverages, including GAP insurance. The deal is made, and I end up with $316 per month payments, when I had explained to them I can't do more than $200 payments. I go out to see the car, and they hadn't even washed it and left it with under a quarter tank of gas. I later asked my lot attendant coworker why he didn't wash the car and he said 'If you want your car washed then wash it yourself.'. I left the job a month later due to being harassed by my boss and some of the managers. Throughout this time in the next few months, I have to ask for an extension since I was going through a couple weeks without work. The Nissan financing then harasses and threatens my 81 year old grandfather saying they'll slash his credit if it doesn't get paid IMMEDIATELY. Fast forward to August, I get t-boned through an intersection and my car is totaled. I take care of the insurance and only go back to the dealership to cancel the extended service contract. First off, the dealership LOST MY FILE so they didn't even know which contract I had until I brought in my copy of the contract. The first time I went in I filled out the paperwork, and didn't hear anything for 2 weeks only to find out the finance person Denise didn't give the paperwork to the administrator. SERIOUSLY? So I go in again and fill out the paperwork and speak with Martha who is the only helpful person that I spoke to at all. I've been waiting for this check and they tell me that their check writer lives in Vegas and I have to wait for him to come to town? Such crap. And yet again, my grandfather gets a threatenin letter from Nissan finance DEMANDING the remaining amount due on the car within the next 30 days OR ELSE. The people there are rude, they breath down your neck and once I told them I was trying to get my check they immediately startes ignoring me. Overall, once I get my money I want nothing to do with this pathetic and good for nothing dealership ever again.

Rae H. | 2014-09-03

My husband and I went in to get an estimate on a Frontier. We talked to two men, one who test drove with my husband. He was very helpful and really nice. The man he brought in to give us an estimate however.... He was rude. He treated us like we were bothering or inconveniencing him and he acted as though he didn't even want to sell to us.  We've bought two vehicles before, one from Hyundai and one from Chevy and we've never had such a bad experience.
As the second guy went to print out the estimate (don't even get me started on how the numbers did NOT add up...) a customer that had been pacing around on his phone, passed behind my husband, leaned down and said "Don't buy ANYTHING from here." and walked off.
My dude, we heard you. And we left, with no intention of ever going back.
Unfortunately, the second Nissan dealership was no better.
SD Nissans, what the hell???

Volkmar S. | 2014-09-03

Called to see how much a Oil Change would be, I spoke with Tiffany at the service desk. She was very Fast, Friendly,  Polite, & Knowledgeable.  To be honest,  she was the exact opposite of all the old stories about rude, overpriced dealers. I got a Oil Change by a Certified Nissan mechanic for only $25 & free 100 Point Inspection.  I definitely will be recommending

May M. | 2014-08-21

If I could give zero stars, I would. I will say that I dealt with the Service Department twice, and I had no complaints. I'd probably continue to get my car serviced there but unfortunately, due to the Sales Department, I will NEVER return to this dealership in my life.

I took my car in for an oil change, a full diagnostics inspection, and to get my rack and pinion fixed on a Saturday morning. Around 1pm, I was told I could come in and pick up my car. I had several plans for the rest of my Saturday - a few errands to run, a friend's birthday party, and another friend's housewarming party. This is where the nightmare begins.

As I was sitting waiting for my car to be ready, a salesman entered the service area. (Note to Pacific Nissan: Maybe you should follow the example of Mossy Nissan and keep these areas separate, so you can maintain your Service Department customers.) He overheard that I was going to need about $2200 worth of work done on my car and began to tell me how I should start thinking about a new car. Mind you, my car is a 2009 Altima with just under 60,000 miles. Anyway, this is where he began his conniving manipulation tactics and lies. I really do not know much about my cars, I was completely caught off guard and unprepared (I often do weeks to months of research before making major purchases), and I was already ready to get the rest of my day going. However, I am a pretty friendly person, so unfortunately, I started talking to him. He convinced me to "just take a look at a few cars, since you're just here waiting anyway" and "what if I can get you a new car for the same price as your current monthly payment?" I started thinking about it because "who wants to pay $2200 out-of-pocket, when you could just keep a monthly payment for a couple more years, if it's exactly the same..." (This is what he said.) So okay, that's my fault for falling for it and entertaining the idea. I should learn to just be a rude person and should have just flipped him off and told him I had things to do and places to be, but I didn't.

Anyway, long story short, they kept me there for EIGHT HOURS - even after I repeatedly mentioned I had stuff to do and how I would rather come back on Sunday, after being able to think about it and do more research. I said this SEVERAL times. At one point, he tag-teamed me with TWO other salesmen about how my car is worth $0, it has a salvaged title, it's a junk vehicle, I need a new car, it's not safe to drive, I could get in a bad accident and die in this car, they're doing me a favor by wanting to take my car and give me a new car, I should be more thankful, I should think of this as a Christmas gift, no other dealer or salesman would give me such a great deal, etc. (PS: I later researched this, and what they said was NOT TRUE at all. I checked my own CarFax report and with the CA DMV, as well as several other sources.) I kept responding with how I needed to think about it, needed to do more research, and wanted my boyfriend to be around to help me make the decision. They, then, proceeded to insult my boyfriend by saying, "Well, he didn't do such a great job with your current car, did he? So why would you trust him? Why would you need him around? He  obviously doesn't know about cars." EIGHTS HOURS OF THIS NONSENSE. I even said a few times, "I just came here for an oil change! What is this?! I didn't come here to buy a car!" I honestly wanted to cry a few times. I seriously think that this salesman targeted me. He saw a clueless woman that he wanted to take advantage of, and he used every strategy he had to break me down and tell me BS to try to sell a car. Other reviews called this dealership unethical, fraudulent, and scum... YUP... That is 100% true!

The next morning, I came in with my boyfriend, and of course he was livid. He demanded to speak to a manager, and they were dilly-daddling, BS-ing, and eating food. It wasn't until he walked into their office and demanded their attention that they paid any attention, only for the GENERAL SALES MANAGER to say, "What? Am I supposed to jump when you say jump?" WOW. Just wow. Of course all the salesmen are scum if they're learning customer service skills from a guy like that. I worked in customer service for six years, and I know that no matter how a customer treats you, you are not supposed to lose your cool or disrespect the customer. The customer is ALWAYS right. At one point the GM said, "Bro, what business do you work in? Obviously not working in one with how you're acting." Why all the insults?! And who calls customers "bro?" Anyway, I've reached the maximum limit. I could tell you more. But do yourself a favor, GO TO MOSSY NISSAN INSTEAD. I went there this week, and they are a complete 360. AMAZING CUSTOMER SERVICE! They even gave me a free rental, so I wouldn't be trapped like Pacific Nissan tries to do to people. DO NOT GO HERE EVER!!! LISTEN TO ALL THE BAD REVIEWS!!!

Jerika G. | 2014-08-20

Worst dealership I have ever done business with, I have bought 5 cars so far in my life and they are the worst! Finance took forever, and they offer you a low interest rate to accept the deal and then a few weeks later they called us in and increased the original agreed on interest... Bank wouldn't approve the original rate, so I went to mossy nissan and literally gave me a lower rate than the first rate with the same bank and no problems with paperwork what so ever! So I ended up trading the car in and wanted a refund for the extended warranty I purchased since I traded the car in and went into pacific nissan to fill out the paperwork and it's been a month and I've received nothing... Called finance three times, left two messages, finally got a hold of someone and was told to call the business office another day because they were closed... Finally called and guess what?!?! She did not received it, oh wait... It was filed under the wrong place and she will process it today, after a month of submitting it! Worst dealership, management, and company with a horrible business integrity!

RENTER R. | 2014-08-20

Horrible dealership. Will not stand in back of their products. Can't wait until my lease is over so I can leave the car there and walk away. Due to the negative attitude of this dealership I will never buy a nissan again.

Serena O. | 2014-08-17

After a long exhausting day of visiting other dealerships around town, we decided to visit one more dealership before calling it a day. We are so glad we chose Pacific Nissan. We were greeted by Chad who kept it real and didn't try to feed us any B.S (like another guy from Mossy Nissan). Not only did Chad take care of us, everyone that we dealt with treated us like we were family. I'm so glad that we chose to stop at Pacific Nissan, I just wish it was our first stop. This was my mother-in-law's first time purchasing a new car, and Chad and his colleagues made her feel like royalty. They even hooked her up and gave her a few great deals.

We were informed that the dealership is under new ownership. I advise any one interested in purchasing a Nisan to visit here!

Christine P. | 2014-08-17

I need to give them 10 million stars!!!!! So I work about 80 plus miles from home. I did a ton of research and decided that the Nissan Versa was my best option. I was blessed with Art (you must see Art) and I told Art and Corey what I wanted as in my wish list. They LISTENED!!!!! yES they LISTENED!!!! They never talked down to me or ignored my needs. Super polite, but most importantly NOT PUSHY. I was not held hostage and Mo the finance guru worked a miracle. I am so HApPY!!!

Jonathan M. | 2014-08-14

Ask for Art Camarena to help you. He made my entire car buying experience very easy and stress free. Highly recommended!

Aaron S. | 2014-08-11

I had to say that you have to watch out with the sales people as they do not stand up to their words unless everything is written down. However, the service department and the general manager Darren are there to help and back you up. I bought a used car from them a couple weeks ago and the sales people weren't completely honest to me about engine light and oil leakage ( maybe they don't have to by law, but i feel its a part of the integrity issue.) The service department though, namely Tiffany, worked with me and fixed everything with a lower than reasonable price to just try to help me out as much as she could. While the general manager is there to back me up with anything to everything to make sure that i am satisfied. They might have gone through some rough time and changes but i can feel that they are trying to put out a new reputation and is worth giving them a shot.

Sarah C. | 2014-08-04

First off what attracted me to this place was that Christmas in july special that I got in the mail. Total BULLSHIT! I won on the wheel $100 and I got $250 for a bunch of crap discounts with $25 for several different online markets nobody ever uses unless you are rich. Also won $5 dollars on my scratch off and was given 3 dollars in scratchers instead. Now this is not my only disappointment. This is the first disappointment.
This review is in NO WAY TO REFLECT ON SAMANTHA!!!!

Saturday July 27,2014 I went in to lease a car and to get my prizes from the thing I received in the mail
I initially went in to finance a vehicle. Test drove a couple ones to be able to get down to what I could afford. When I proceeded to go out to check on my man and his son the SALES MANAGER GUS came outside to me and asked me if there was any way I oculd go more than $300 a month. I insisted that was not going to happen even if I had to change into a different vehicle. He then told me that he was having trouble getting me approved but he thinks he might have something for me which was a lower grade model 2014 Versa. After this he went inside to check this out. An hour or so later he came back out and asked me again could I pay more than 300 a month I again told him no. So then again I told him 295 is my highest or I walk. By this time I was getting irritated and was my man because he keeps coming and trying to get me into a higher payment. Then I had mentioned that if something happens to the car you guys will fix it free of charge. Then and ONLY then did he tell me I was not approved for LEASING but I WAS APPROVED TO FINANACE a car. So I was content with that. He later came back out and said ok I got it down to 295 and some change. I said great let's do this! GUS THE SALES MANAGER LITERALLY TOLD ME I WAS APPROVED TO FINANCE THIS 2014 NISSAN VERSA SL. OK LET ME MAKE THAT VERY CLEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!  I WAS TOLD I WAS APPROVED. So then I met with MO the finance rep signed all the contracts and everything got the extended warranty with GAP coverage and so on which then put me up to $335 a month bargained down from 355. Now i sign allt he nessacary paperwork and them telling me i can give them the $1000 down in 2 bi weekly installments. Which is why i had went back there on friday to give them the checks for my down payment.
I WAS TOLD I WAS APPROVED... THEY EVEN LET ME LEAVE WITHTHE CAR AFTER THE CONTRACTS AND DOCUMENTS WERE SIGNED I  GOT ALL MY INSURANCE AND EVEYHTING DONW  I GO BACK because i had called MO the finance guy to ask about when I need to make my payments and how.......... I had called him 3 times in the week and never got a call back...... left 3 voicemails.... So I go down there on Aug 1st to get this info I am greeted by GUS THE SALES MANAGER telling me they have been trying to contact me all week in regards to the car. TOTAL BULLSHIT I DID NOT GET ANY CALLS FROM THEM ALL WEEK LONG.  So he brings me to one of the tables inside asks me how I like the car and I said I love it I'm just here to get the payment details and give you guys my checks for the down payment. He said great let me get you a finance manager. So he walks back into his office sits down and Samantha walks over to me and says Hey Sarah what are you doing here? Is there a problem? Can I help you? I said I'm great just here to give you guys my checks.  So she goes back to her guest and then a half an hour later we are still waiting and Gus the sales manager is just walking around talking to ppl. No even looking at us. Samantha then took us to another finance manager office a woman ROZAN DEVIS... who ASKED ME HOW SHE COULD HELP ME. BULLSHIT she didn't want to help me. She then proceeded t tell me I was not approved. I told her that can't be true because I was told that I was approved and that they even let me drive off the lot with the car itself. She said that I do not make enough money to be able to get approved for the car I HAD TAKEN HOME WITH ME AND PUT 150 MILES ON!!!!!! FILLED UP WITH GAS B4 I CAME IN. I  told her there must be some mistake because I was specifically told  was approved by GUS THE SALES MANAGER THAT I WAS APPROVED FOR FINANCING THIS VEICHILE AND AFTER The 7 HOURS OF TRYING TO GET ONE APPROVED FOR ME I WAS GOOD TO GO. THEY KNEW HOW MUCH I MADE TO BEGIN WITH! crying hysterically and she says to me THERES NOTHING I CAN DO FOR YOU! AFTER ARGUING WITH HER FOR AN HOUR SHE STILL SAID THE SAME. TOOK THE CAR BACK AND RECINDED THE CONTRACT. THIS IS HORRIBLE BUSINESS PRACTICES I WILL BE CALLING TURKO FILES!!!!!! GUS THE SALES MANAGER SHOULD BE FIRED FOR LYING AND SAYING i WAS APPROVED I WILL BE WRITING TO THE HEAD OF THE COMPANY AS WELL. GUS , MO AND ROZAN ARE HORRIBLE MEAN F'D UP PEOPLE AND WILL BE REPORTED FOR THE HORENDOUS ACTIONS AGAINST ME. A BUNCH OF LYING SCUMB BAGS! sHE TOLD ME THEVE BEEN DOING THIS FOR 35 YEARS THIS EXACT WAY.  DISGUSTING

Mel D. | 2014-07-30

I am very surprise with the friendly employees, and the lively atmosphere. I was just trying to see how much my trade in but they gave me a deal i couldn't refuse. Excellent service and and all the professional folks in this dealership. I'd would come back here again when on my next car.

I guess i came at the right time because it's under new ownership and i didn't fee what other customer felt. I bought my car on July 2014.

L M. | 2014-07-28

This dealer's deceptive advertising is a good indication of their lack of ethics.  As another reviewer has noted their ScratchNMatch ad is an attempt to trick you into thinking that you won a big prize.  If you read the fine print you will see that you probably only won a $1 lottery ticket.  Take your business somewhere else where you are treated with respect.

Dale K. | 2014-07-20

Went is there today and the staff made us feel less than important we had that stupid flyer we received in the mail, the back side says if you scratch the cash code claim your prize but when you show up you need to take a test drive for a chance to spin for cash. time to call the turko files

Debbie B. | 2014-07-15

We have had the best experience today with the sales and management while buying our new nissan versa note. Forrest has been great, Jennifer has been great, very friendly, and Jeff in fiance has been extremely helpful. We had the best experience while buying a great car.

C R. | 2014-07-10


If you're looking for a unethical, fraudulent car dealership, look no further than Pacific Nissan in Pacific beach. These guys play extremely dirty with their fraudulent marketing and advertising schemes. With this review I've uploaded their most recent misleading and fraudulent advertising post that I received in the mail. This advertisement says if you match the winning symbol with your symbol, you win one of four prizes; however this could not be farther from the truth. After scratching off your symbol that matches the winning symbol you're required to take in the advertisement for your winnings. However what you receive will only piss you off to no extent. They will hand you some lousy scratch ticket and point out in the FinePrint that you don't win any of the prizes shown you only win a scratch ticket that is worthless. And then they try to sell you one of their garbage vehicles. This is by far one of the most unethical and misleading advertisements that car dealerships have used throughout the last 5 to 8 years. Don't be fooled, and don't be a fool by giving them your business....


B P. | 2014-07-08

See my other reviews please. Unless they have somehow been removed?

Victoria T. | 2014-07-01

Most people always feel so rushed when in a dealership..this is the experience I got and now regretting my decision to buy my used car here. Sales guy was pretty nice but his manager had the biggest ego ever! They went going over the numbers exactly and they just know how to say the perfect line for you to believe them..I traded my car in and they said oh were paying off your jeep but didn't tell me what they were giving for was a lot less then I thought but I was already in the paper work.
So I needed a 1000 to put down. I didn't have my credit card on me but was willing to call in right when I got home or do this all the next day if I couldn't leave the lot that night. You know how sales go and they need to make their numbers so I'm assuming they wanted the sale for the night and had the car sales man FOLLOW ME TO MY HOUSE at 9pm to take a PICTURE of my CREDIT CARD ON HIS PERSONAL PHONE!! I've never had a business do that, they would just say come back tomorrow but I guess they really needed this sale...
I wouldn't recommend this place to buy a used car, I paid a $1500 reconditioning fee but was never given a sheet of what the reconditioning really was, especially since I drove away with an oil change light on and a failing blinker!

Travis W. | 2014-06-23

Over all had a great experience. Samantha was the sales associate and did a great job of helping me rather than preasuring me into anything. Since I was trading my 04 xterra in for a new xterra I already knew quite a bit about exactly what I wanted so Samantha let me take the lead on checking things out on the vehicle and answering any questions I had along the way.  I also really appreciated the fact that if I had any question she didnt have an answer for she quickly found the answer from their staff rather than just guess or bs in any way. Gus, the sales manager, did a great job as well at meeting most of my requests as far as price goes.
After 3 days of thinking about weather I wanted to buy the new Xterra and working with Gus over the phone on price, I finally went in and purchased it.  
Over all it was the easiest and most stress free car buying experience I have had yet amd I am super happy with my new car.

Jessica W. | 2014-06-18

Update: the manager did get back to me after reviewing the tapes, like I asked.  Nothing was able to be determined definitively, but I do appreciate him taking the time to review them and follow up with me.  I also, as mentioned previously, appreciated his quick action during my visit, reimbursing me the $20.

Richard T. | 2014-06-14

Pacific Nissan is a whole new dealership this place has changed big time and the new ownership has made a night and day difference. Two years ago I purchased a 2008 Infinity G35 and it was an OK buying experiance but they dropped the ball a couple of times and it frustrated me. However, I received an amazing direct mail promotional offer and I couldn't resist but to come in again and give them another chance. Yesterday, I left the proud owner of a 2014 Nissan Altima 3.5SL and I must say it was a rock-solid, pleasurable experience. They went far above and beyond to give me the best deal possible and ensure I was completely satisfied with my purchase. I highly recommend Pacific Nissan and if you are considering buying a new or used car - go here. They treated me with five star service and I'm happy to say I Love Pacific Nissan!

Deana M. | 2014-06-02

Had amazing service to my xterra done here. I was driving and my power steering went out. They took me right away and my car drives like bran new! Beth was so polite and really made me feel welcome.  I truly appreciate how fast and efficient they were. Thank you! !!

Debbie W. | 2014-05-30

I have been coming to this Dealership for years! my whole family drives Nissan cars and trucks. They are dependable and awesome looking as well! what a great place to go and get your service completed. all the staff is super friendly. I know that this is my Nissan one stop shop. They have a sales department to sell me my car. A service department to maintain my car. They have a body shop too!! they have it all folks!! Pacific Nissan is Awesome!

Zach Otto B. | 2014-05-28

Basically, this is what car dealers are stereotyped for. We went looking for a $22,000 or less Nissan Juke, which there was a handful of on their website inventory.

Of course we got there and they had none, only the $28,000 and up models with all the crap you don't need. (Like Navigation, hello, everyone has a smartphone that cost them a couple hundred, why should anyone pay for a $2500 NAV upgrade?)

We had $7,000 to put down. That's not a typo, $7,000! Of course dealers hate this because it cuts into their ability to charge you ungodly interest rates for longer. I will spare you the details, but long story short our sales guy went back and forth to the managers office (just like the slimy car dealer stereotypes) FIVE TIMES.

Each time, he came back with just jockeyed numbers. When they offered more for my trade, somehow the vehicle purchase price magically went up beyond what the sticker said.

Then they tried to convince me to LEASE with $7k down. I was offended at that point and my wife was creeped out so she stormed off and we left.

They then proceeded to harass us both, 3 texts from 3 different people and 3 calls each. So a total of 12 calls/texts between my wife and I's phones all night. Each time offering us a more pathetic number.

I don't care if these reviews tell you to go see "Phillipe horn" or Billy bob thornton or Jesus Christ in the flesh - I'm telling you, avoid it. Go to Mossy, go to TrueCar (oh but beware they are supposedly a "true car" dealer too) just DONT WASTE YOUR TIME!!

Reviewer O. | 2014-05-26

My brother just took home his new Nissan GTR. Whats even better than taking his loved possession is PHILLIPE HORN'S extraordinary customer service skills. He made us feel welcome and though he was attending to other customers as well we did not feel for a single second that he left us. He made sure that we were taken care of and was getting the best deal possible. I work for a customer service business as well and I know well  what that word means. PHILLIPE you are truly exceptional.

We went home at ease knowing that we were taken care of. Trust me, we have been to pretty much all Nissan in San Diego and the deal was quite similar but we landed on this one ONLY because of his customer service! Thank you PHILLIPE. Nissan is lucky to have you! we will be back when my car breaks down. haha! hopefully not soon though. BTW i love your POPRCORN MACHINE!

Frank K. | 2014-05-26

Here is the complaint I sent to the Nisson General Manager this afternoon.

Good Day Mr Colon,

Your Leaf Special is rude and cost your shop a sale.

I am in the market for a BEV, my Volt Lease is up in 2 months. I'm Manager at HP and am frequently lease vehicles for my wife and I. HP has an excellent VPP program and was going to lease a Leaf. A guaranteed sale.

I came in today to show my son as he would also drive it. The leaf specialist [Tall guy I didn't catch his name.] was showing me a vehicle... I told him no need for the sales routine, I'm already sold on the vehicle and have seen it before. He then proceeded to try to sell me on the merits of your dealer markups. I told him and I'm not interested and don't want to hear about them.

At which he was trying very hard at talking himself out of a sale. He then attempted to explain to me the benefits nitrogen.  I told him I'm already familiar and not interested. [I don't care for an extended warrant on tires. $600 is too much] At which point He became rude and challenged me to explain what nitrogen is.  I said thank I am done and I suggest you don't argue with customer. This was a good learning experience for my kids in how not to provide sales support.

Your Leaf Specialist attitude was poor and his sales skills lacking. He already had a sale and drove the customer away.

I'll be forwarding this note to Yelp and the Nissan forums I am subscribed.

Eric C. | 2014-05-26

On May 23, 2014, I came into Pacific Nissan and met with Phillipe Horn to purchase a black 370z Touring w/ Navigation. Unfortunately Pacific Nissan did not have the car in stock, but informed me that another dealership had the car in stock and could ship the car within two days.

Phillipe Horn, along with Gus (Sales Manager), got me a good deal on the car and all the paper work was signed. (In terms of customer service and making a good deal, Pacific Nissan does a decent job).

The problem started after all the paperwork was signed. On May 24, 2014, I called Phillipe to asked about the status on the car and whether it was being transported. He stated that the car is being processed and should arrive on Sunday (May 25, 2014). In the afternoon on May 25, 2014, I received a call from Phillipe informing me that because it was a busy weekend, the car will not arrive under Monday May 26, 2014.

At roughly 2:00pm on May 26, 2014, Gus the Sales Manager called me and stated that the dealership that has the car does not want to hand over the car to Pacific Nissan. He said that on Friday, when he called the dealership, he only spoke with a "sales associate" who made the commitment to hand over the car. Now the manager of that dealership won't honor the deal. Gus stated that unfortunately they have priority over the car and asked if I would be willing to compromise on the color. I begrudgingly agreed and said I'd accept a white 370z touring w/ navigation. Gus stated that he'd call me in 20 minutes to tell me if there is a white one available.

It is now 7:00pm on May 26, 2014 and I have not received a call back from Gus. I left a message for Gus to call me back.

The basic problem with the transaction that occurred is two fold: 1) Pacific Nissan sold me a car they technically did not have possession of and continued to represent to me that they would receive the car; and 2) Gus has not updated me on the status of my purchase. I currently have copies of and executed purchase agreement, but no car....I'm still waiting...hello?

Kayvan S. | 2014-05-19

AVOID THIS DEALERSHIP AT ANY COST!!! I wish I checked their online reviews before going through them. A two star rating out of 50 reviews says it all =(((
Just when I thought my car purchasing experience has been a success, I realized that there is an additional  $395 disposition fee when I return the car back at the end of my lease. This fee WAS NEVER disclosed to me. I even asked maybe about 10 times during negotiation and even when I was signing the documents if there is any other fees that I should be concern about and overtime they said "NO". I found out about this fee about a month after I leased the car when I logged onto to pay my first monthly payment. I contacted the dealer and they said this is not a fee if I lease another Nissan. I said I never told you guys I was planning on getting another Nissan. Anyways, they said they'll be talking to the manager to see what they can do but that was the end of all communications. They never responded to my e-mails and phone calls after that. I have contacted an attorney and I am going to take legal actions against them.

Rhonda S. | 2014-05-05

Phil Horn, Mo in finance and everyone at this dealership treated us like royalty.   Not only did they give us the car we wanted, they went the extra mile in every aspect of the purchase.  This was definitely 5 star service.
I can't say enough about the first class service, the friendly staff and  how we were treated.  When we came back the next day to pick up a few things, the dealership had a taco truck with free lunch (yes, there is such a thing as a free lunch) and Phil took so much time to make sure we knew everything about the car we purchased.
Buying a car has never been such a pleasant experience.  The car is amazing and the people at Pacific Nissan are professional, bright and know how to take care of their custtomers.
Thank you for everything.  Rhonda and Mark

Mark B. | 2014-04-22

WARNING! WARNING! WARNING! Absolutely the WORST experience of car buying in my life. Went in about 5 o'clock on Easter Sunday to try to work a deal on a 2014 Altima. After sitting down with sales person I told them I wanted a SL model. While negotiating on a lease they claimed the SL would not fit in my budget but we could work something on a S model about for $6000 cheaper and not the color we wanted. After 9:20 pm I told them I would come back the next day. They said just get it done now so you can take the car home tonight. And your wife can come in and sign everything the next day and bring in the down payment. Finally at 10:40pm the finance mngr. had the paperwork done for me to sign. They did a credit check on my wife without her permission or signature. He told me that nothing would be final until my wife signed and brought in the check. I was tired and like them ready to go home. They were in such a hurry they didn't even detail the car or do anything except clean the windows. I signed everything and never received a copy of the contract, because he was keeping it until my wife signed it. I didn't realize they didn't put her name on anything, because he had the contract flipped over to the signing areas. I didn't feel good about the deal, so the next morning I called another dealership and asked what an Altima SL would cost  with all the same criteria and they quoted me  a price over $100.00 a month cheaper including the $6000.00 difference.
My wife and her 88 year old mother just given 6 months to live went in to return the car and get our trade in back, The sales manager said you can't do that, we have a signed binding contract and you are not on the contract. They called me upset and crying. I called the general manager explained the situation and he told me he would be there until 9pm and I needed to come in to get my car and clear things up. When I arrived about 20 minutes later and asked for the GM he had already gone home for the day. The sales manager was going back and forth with the finance manager one would come out then the next one would come out after about 45 minutes of this they both came out and said we have decided to inforce the contract and we are not giving you your car back. I left the paper work they gave me, the car, and the key. What a conniving, deceiving, unprofessional, and unethical group.

Demi C. | 2014-04-17

After wasting my time with Mossy Nissan of National City I called Pacific Nissan talked to a gentleman by the name Cutty best experience I ever have from Nissan. I told Mr. Cutty what I wanted and the next day got my 2014 Nissan Altima.

Laura H. | 2014-04-06

Absolutely love this car dealership! Make sure you see Phillipe G Horn. My man and I got our car here last night and Phil did everything possible to get us the best deal! A+++ overall. I would recommend this dealership to everyone!(happy customers).

Ashley C. | 2014-03-14

Worst experience ever.

My first day car shopping I stop here to just look. I tell "Mo" numerous times I don't want to test drive today, just look. He keeps telling me to talk to a manager to get the lowest price on a car, so I can compare to other cars.

I didn't love any of the cars - I liked one car that was out of my budget. Mo said he would drive the car out of the spot for me to look at  and then get the lowest price, he then has me get in the car and takes it to the end of the lot where he tells me I have to drive it out and around..... I told him numerous times I didn't want to drive a car today. He was pushy & I felt uncomfortable & I drove the stupid car.

He takes me inside to "get the lowest number", I tell him my budget and he adds another $1000 to it...a manager talks to me about leasing since the car was out of my budget.. Waste of everyone's time honestly - I didn't want the car I looked at, I was going inside for "the lowest number" as mo put it. I also told him I only had 10-15 min to discuss things, this process to longer and I never got "the lowest number" even when he said he would call me.

tee-ess k. | 2014-02-28

Okay, so I'm looking for a specific car, I figure it's probably the last car I'm going to buy and I want what I want.  I went to 3 other dealers who told me that they'd try to find my car, that it might come in on the next shipment but they weren't sure and didn't know when that shipment might come in......SO, I go on line, tell Pacific Nissan what I'm looking for and make an appointment with Cuddy for the next day.  At the lot they did not have my car.......BUT, after a lot of searching, a lot of work & a lot of back and forth it turned out that my car was in Simi Valley and could be delivered that night.  YAY!!!  Now the negotiations start, Cuddy walked me through that whole process, not trying to upsell me and actually telling me what was negotiable and how to present that.  I ended up spending about $5,000 less than the original quoted price.  THEN, I get a call from Cuddy around 8pm saying that he'd just arrived in Simi Valley and my car would be in Pacific Beach and ready to go around noon the next day.  He probably got back to PB around 1 a.m. after a 350 mile round trip.  Cuddy went totally over and above    any expectation that I had.  He is funny, personable and attentive.  Actually everyone at that dealership was great, Lulu who did my paperwork had only been there for 3 days but was efficient and knowledgeable, Gus, the manager was helpful and I know that Farley will take care of me and my car whenever I need it.  All in all, I'd say that my car-buying experience was A-1.  Cuddy especially made it easier and more pleasurable.  Thanks Cuddy!

Scott R. | 2014-02-10

Dishonest sales practices. I haggled with the internet department for a lower price. I had a voice mail from the salesman confirming that I could come in and purchase the vehicle for the price agreed on. I go in to purchase and after an hour of waiting around the manager says he will flat out not do the price agreed on. Not only would they not honor the agreed on price but the price quoted had $2.5k of extra garbage on a used car that was NOT listed in any of the "out-the-door" prices received via e-mail.

Under new management but still just as bad as ever.

Jennifer C. | 2014-01-30

We bought our Nissan Leaf at pacific.. Walter the manager is AWSOME.. We charge our car there everyday while we go to the gym... all the sales men & woman .. Forest , Brian , Hugo , Michelle, all of them are amazing.. It's like our second home.. We enjoy seeing all of them when we come in everyone is so welcoming.. Secretaries & all.. If I could I would give them more than 5 stars but it only allows 5 stars.. In my book they deserve 10 stars.. If your in need of great service & friendly helpful people to help you with buying a car Pacific Nissan is where you need to go!!!

Kate J. | 2014-01-23

Just purchased my THIRD car from here and I must say that this time was BY FAR the best car buying experience I've had. The new management has really got the talent for teaching the sales team how to treat and educate their customers on the new exciting purchase. I had ZERO intentions of making the purchase that day, until I was given an offer I just couldn't refuse and it wasn't pushy at all, they were more than willing to let me keep the offer and go think about it and come back any day and still honor the deal! Not to mentions all the other hookups that they do. I turned in my 2011 Altima and left with a 2014 Altima S that ended up saving me $120 a MONTH in my payment and I totally upgraded! Never has that happened. So I highly recommend this place over Mossy any day. Oh and make sure you ask for Ivanna :) She is awesome and will make it a fun experience for sure!

Scott O. | 2014-01-15

I want to thank tony cline with all his help. I just put a new motor in my twin turbo 300zx 1992. it started with a new short block from japan.100s of very hard to find parts  it took almost 2 months to get my car running.   tony made it so easy every time I picked up the phone to get more and more parts. .

shari k. | 2014-01-10

I don't understand why there are so many negative reviews - this place is AWESOME. I originally went to Mossy Nissan (right next door to Pacific Nissan) and almost got ripped off when I tried to buy a Leaf. Luckily I checked out Pacific Nissan, saved about $4000, and got much more helpful information on my car.

Mossy Nissan will try to sell anything to you if you show a bit of interest but Pacific Nissan, on the other hand, will actually sell you something that suits your purposes. They NEVER pressured me into buying.

Fred N., I have always been allowed to charge my Leaf at Pacific Nissan. They let you do it even after business hours. My friend charges there too and he didn't even buy his Leaf from them. Also, my roommate has a Nissan that he bought used somewhere else, and his smart key broke, so he went to Pacific Nissan to get it replaced. They gave a new one to him FREE even though he didn't do business with them ever!

I got my Leaf in October of 2013 (which is right before they changed ownership, I believe), which caused a small delay in getting my license plates (it took like 5 weeks instead of 4?), but other than that, I have never had any issues with them. Phillippe Horn was the guy who helped me and he is a total expert on EVs and the Leaf. He was recommended to me through the Costco auto program.

To anyone who complained about not getting a deal as advertised, keep in mind that the deal you get depends on things like your credit score and how much down payment you have. You will almost never receive the exact advertised deal at ANY dealership - read the fine print.

Jason N. | 2013-12-30

Long story short, the sales staff wasted my time.  I went back to give them another chance because they were under new ownership but that hasn't changed things - yet?

They wasted so much of my time when I went there last that I will not elaborate any more - you get no more of my time (to go with no more of my money) Pacific Nissan!!

Jala K. | 2013-12-29

the worst misleading advertising with worst car dealership.  we went there according to the 2 days discounts ad we found on our mail box. when we were there . they said prices on the poster is not for the same pictures they posted for. then they brought us another different car and they increase the price on the ad by 4000$. the monthly payment on the ad was 139$, then they said this will be the payment that if we lease the car. i didn't know they are a renting company. they wasted 3.5 hours from our time gathering and writing information before they tell us that the whole thing is a crap. never go there or buy from them.

GR V. | 2013-12-09

Recently bought my dream car at Pacific Nissan and I am very pleased with the customer service provided from their team.  Walter is Mr.  positive attitude & professionalism.  Tony Abbassian for his patience with the customer even though he was interrupted all the time to help others.   Chris  N. from Service Dept. is a wealth of information and is also very patience explaining the different types of cars & service.  Gustavo went out of his way to help me get my documents in order. Michael and Phillipe Horn were the two culprits that sold me the car, absolutely no pressure at all and very kind.

Sara B. | 2013-11-25

I was completely blown away by their lack of customer service. I was dis-respected repetitively by the unprofessional "sales manager" gustavo.  I have been looking around for a specific Nissan for a few weeks now and decided to give Pacific Nissan a try.  They did nothing but waste my time and down right dis-respect me as a woman.  Stay away from this place! My Husband was furious when he found out the way I was treated and spoken to at this place. I work in customer service myself and would never treat another human being that way.  Women don't go here alone or be prepared to belittled and dis-respected.

Fred N. | 2013-10-20

Pacific Nissan is Not EV Nissan Leaf Friendly, won't allow you to charge your Leaf here,

All of Mossy Nissans totally allow charging with them and Mossy has the DCQC charging stations, also it's pretty sad that Toyota will let you use their charger even for a Nissan Leaf.

Forget Pacific Nissan, very bad reviews on PlugShare, Nissan Corp. Brian Carolin & Carlos Ghosn will be notified about this dealership.

Greg M. | 2013-10-14

All I can say is WOW!
Friendly great staff and awesome treatment!

Christianna O. | 2013-09-11

Wow, the service here is unparalleled, but not in a good way!  I brought my car in to get a blown tire replaced.  They were just awful.  They were always late, terribly confused and occasionally downright rude.  I bought my vehicle at this dealership (also not a good experience, but since I've never had a good experience buying a car it wasn't worth a review).  When my car blew out a tire after only a year, I thought it might be covered by warranty, so I called them to check in.  It wasn't covered, but they gave me a price to replace the tire.  I called around, and the price was good (beat Discount by $20) so I made an appointment to drop the car off.

That's where it all went wrong.  I showed up at the time we agreed upon, and no one was around.  I went into the dealership and finally wrangled someone (not easy, the salespeople were not at all interested in getting involved or directing me to someone who could help).  Eventually I got someone and got the process started.  He was apologetic and said they'd make sure to wash my car before they returned it.  Nice gesture, but read on.

So they said it would be done the next morning, and they were going to call me then.  However, by afternoon there was no call.  I called and they said they'd check on the car and call me back.  2 hours passed, and no call back.  I called again and they said it would be ready for pickup, but by this time it was 5pm so it had to be the next day.  I made an appointment at 10AM.

I got there at 10 the next day and they put the paperwork together for me to pay and it was $20 higher than they quoted me.  I pointed this out and even told them the name of the lady who quoted it to me.  They went and found her (10 minutes) and then I explained the situation while she looked over the paperwork and eventually she took the $20 off (seriously, this took another 15 minutes - at one point she just walked away and started helping someone else?!?)

FINALLY, it's 10:45 and I'm ready to get my car.  But they can't find it.  8|  Twenty minutes later, they finally find it, and drive it up.  It's intact, but as you can probably guess - unwashed.  Oh well, I was just so happy to be out of there!

Kevin L. | 2013-09-06

First time we went to Pacific Nissan was last weekend to shop for a new Nissan.  Walked around the parking lot to check out some cars.  Notice there was a new 2011 model of the car we were interested in front of the store.  Thought wow I can't believe they still have a left over 2011 new car on the lot.

Walked into the store and looked around.  There were 2 separate customers sitting with 2 other sales person talking about cars.  In the front sales office there were at least 6 sales people just hanging out standing around laughing up a storm.  

I approached one of the guys and said that I was interested in a new "XXX" Nissan.  He said no problem "let me get a sales guy for you right away".  He walks into the front sales office and I can hear him say out loud "Guys!  We have a customer out there".  A few minutes goes by and a clean cut sales guy comes up and introduced himself to us.  I told him that we were interested in a new "XXX" Nissan.  He says well we have that one right there we can check out, pointing to the left over 2011 model in front of the store.  Told him I wasn't interested in a leftover 2011 and was interested in a 2013 or 2014.  He say oh okay and was going to be back in a minute to show us the cars.  10 minutes goes by, he guy never came back out to the showroom and all we can see was the same group of 5-6 sales guys laughing and having a great time in the front sales office.  A few more minutes goes by and still not a single person came back to see us.  We gave up and left the store.  Not a single dealer sales person stopped us to see if they can help.

Today, I was driving by the dealer again and thought I would give it another shot and maybe have better luck in a new day.  I spend 5 - 10 minutes walking around the whole lot looking at the cars I was interested in and even walked by 3-4 sales people standing outside laughing and smoking by the front door to the showroom.  Not a single person asked if they can help. These guys were obvious sales people.  I walked into the showroom again, several more guys standing around the front sales office just chatting up a storm.  Not a single customer in the showroom.  I walked around a few minutes and still not a single sales person came to help.  Its not like they didn't see me.  I walked passed the receptionist and she didn't even ask if I needed any help.  I left and just gave up on this place.

I can see why this dealership rates so low.  No wonder!

Hey Mr. Dealer OWNER!  You should have a talk with your sales people.  You just lost a potential sale of a Pathfinder.

Jeffery A. | 2013-05-13

What a great experience!   I was driving by and seen Lexus that caught my eye.   I was greeted with a smile and hello from Nader.  He showed me all the cool stuff that the RX had on it.  So I figured what the hell and went in and filled out the paper work.   Hugo the Sales Manager was awesome he answered all my questions.  When it was time to go in to finance, Gus had me in and out with in 10 min.  At no time did I feel pressured or pushed to buy.  I think the whole thing took 2hrs.  Way to go guy!

mike t. | 2013-02-18

The good:
Pretty much a no hassle, pain free purchase of a Murano at a price that satisfied me. Good followup & initial service.
The BAD:
Fast forward 1 year. The car gets front end damage (bumper ripped off) by a driver turning right from the left hand lane. I take the car to Pacific Nissan's repair shop. Car was ready when they said & the only problem I had was a little spot of paint they missed. Fixed within a few minutes & I'm off.
Fast forward a few thousand miles. I'm filling the tires with air & I notice that the front tires look like they have 30,000 miles more wear on them than the rears. The car only has 10,000 miles on it. I take the car back to Pacific Nissan's service center. After an inspection & discussion with the service specialist we come to the conclusion that the front end needs alignment & that I need 2 new tires.
The Rub:
I ask if a front end alignment & any other inspection was done when I brought the car in for front end damage repair. He calls the people (their body shop department) that fixed the damage & they tell him that Allstate did not authorize a front end alignment. I call Allstate & they tell me that the shop is their authorized agent & that they never requested an alignment. I call the shop & now they tell me that they didn't request one because the damage didn't warrant it. (???????) I expect that when I take my car in for repairs of any kind that it is done honestly & correctly. I told the service personnel that they dropped the ball on this one & that I thought they should be partially responsible if not totally for the resultant damage. Basically, what I got was their sale prices on the services (which are rather high to begin with) & a "take it up with your insurance company".
My Opinion: Probably a good place to buy your car. Definitely not a place to have your
car serviced or repaired.

Katelynn A. | 2013-02-12

My boyfriend and I recently went car shopping and ended up at Pacific Nissan.  We were looking for a used Nissan Versa, and were informed some would be in later.  In a couple hours we received a call from Bryan (best car salesman I have ever worked with) asking if we wanted to come back and check it out.  We were very impressed.  The car was great, except for the color.  We decided to come back tomorrow to check out a different color.  Before leaving we decided to crunch a few numbers.  Not only did they get us the best rate we had seen all day, but gave us a phenomenal price without the haggle!  before I asked if the price was negotiable he brought the price down for us.  He offered us a new car, but it was out of our price range.  The next day we came back to buy the used car, and ended up just taking a look at the new car for our own curiosity.  Long story short Bryan and the finance team were amazing and made a new car affordable!  Farley got the car looking in perfect shape and was as nice as can be.  Every moment at Pacific Nissan was pleasant and stress free.

B Z. | 2012-10-22

I am a loyal and happy customer of pacific nissan. Have purchased a versa, sentra, altima, maxima and cube from pacific and have had my expectations exceeded EVERY time.

My salesman Omar is a down to earth "real" guy. He thinks outside the box and actually listens and gives solid advice to help me get what i want.

You cant go wrong with pacific nissan for buying or servicing your car.

K O. | 2012-08-04

Wow, sometimes you don't know how good you have it until someone else shows you how bad it can be.  I have had my frustrations with Pacific Nissan in getting weekend oil changes, but last weekend I took my car in, the oil change was done in a very timely manner, everyone was in an excellent mood, my car got a nice hand wash and dry by two really dedicated and friendly people (they actually asked me if they did an OK job on the wash, as if someone who had that much bird poop on their car would complain one bit).  

I also took a trip over to the sales department to get an estimate on selling my car.  It was the first estimate I got so I did not accept it, but man I wish I had.  This weekend I went to two more dealerships (Mossy Nissan and Carmax) and they both lowballed me, not giving fair prices for what my car is worth.  The offer I got from Pacific was fair, of course they want to make money, but they are not trying to screw me out of a good deal either.  I absolutely recommend shopping here, getting your car serviced here or selling your nissan back to the dealership, they will give you a fair price.

Nancy C. | 2012-07-24

I Have bought several cars over the past few years.A the last two from Pacfic Nissan..their salesmen were extremely nice and polite,,,they answered all my questions and never did i feel any pressure!....see you next time! thanks

ben n. | 2012-07-19

We have bought a total of 3 cars from Pacific Nissan and this is as good as it gets. Sean, the sales manager is a complete professional and has always gone out of his way to make sure that his customers get excellent service. They matched the price we found at another dealer and make the car buying experience as painless as it can be.

Sadly, we have moved away from San Diego, but we would definitely give these guys  a chance at our business when we need a new car.

Aaron C. | 2012-07-12

I purchased a  2012 Nissan Altima, my very first new car and these folks made it easy and non confrontational I'd recommend them if you're looking for a fun and easy way to buy a new car at a more  than fair price. Thanks again Pacific Nissan Team

Alicia H. | 2012-05-30

My car purchasing experience started off great, friendly salesmen, eager to help, etc. Then when I decided to purchase the car, all went downhill. They did offer to deliever the car to me (that's a plus) and said they would have to do it after it was detailed - I thought that's great, until they came. No detail. Not even cleaned - there was trash in the driver side door! The ad said "floor mats" Although I laughed at the advertisement for such a thing, after delivery I realized there were only 3 mats. The service manager & the sales man both said they would deliver the mats to me right away - no mats ever. This speaks to the integrity of the business. If you say you will do something, do it. The gas tank was on empty. Just no perks with buying a car through Pacific Nissan! Also, they only spoke in terms of the payment I wanted. Yes I got the payment I wanted, but they did increase the purchase price of the vehicle.
I will never buy a vehicle there again, nor would I reccommend them to anyone!

Jessica R. | 2012-05-23

My husband and I just bought a car from Pacific Nissan. We found it online and went in after work to test drive it. Sam was a very nice man to work with and the finance guy got us in and out so quickly!  Everyone was very professional. We purchased a certified used car that needed a couple tiny details worked on from the service dept. They are working with us to get that done. I completely recommend this place!

Chris B. | 2012-04-04

Very bad service experience.  Called on friday, guy said bring truck in sat.  I did and the service guy was checking people in behind me becaue I didn't have an appt????  Picked truck up after a whole day and nothing was done although they charged me for an alignment & "diagnostic" charge....didn't even give me a quote for repairs.  Alignment not fixed, A/C not fixed and a day wasted.  Called manager and GM over and over service manager called me back today after almost 3 months and gave me a quote of $2200 for the repairs...I'm getting them done for about $750, what a joke.  He won't even refund the cash because I signed there little paper which the service said was an estimate and to not worry about the amount.


Simone P. | 2012-03-07

I have been looking for a new Nissan dealer to take our Titan to since I haven't been impressed with Mossy Nissan in Escondido. Wow, so glad we made the switch. When I called, every service Mossy had given me a quote on, Pacific Nissan was close to half less. We took our truck in and the service was top notch. Friendly and very helpful.  Chris was our service advisor and he was right on top of everything. So thankful that same exact services- 3 different seal replacements, a/c switch replacement,and brake repair was literally $1400 less at Pacific NIssan, and they gave us a cash card with $135 on it to spend on future services!!! We will be back- my husband said "not only did it cost less, the service was the best we've had!"

Kevin V. | 2012-03-06

This is the 2nd car I have purchased from Pacific Nissan, 3rd from Omar Asad (he was previously with Mossy).  I have always had a great experience with Omar, not so great with the 1st Pacific Nissan purchase (due to a finance manager, no longer there).  But this purchase was great, easy and non-confrontational - and anyone who knows me, this is unbelievable.  I emailed Omar and said what I was willing to pay (due to some research) and what I expected for my problem.  I had told him I had my own financing, but he was able to get me 1.9% for 72 months.  Tell you, he went above and beyond!  You will read some negative remarks on here about PN, but I can tell you, things are changing for the better.  Make sure to ask for Omar, he is the best.

Scott And Alice S. | 2012-03-03

Very disappointed with my experience at the service department, they are not knowledgable about cars, they are overpriced, and the customer service was terrible, the guy was a jerk. First off, don't make your bad day my bad day, second, don't over inflate my tires, for a few reasons, premature tire wear, less traction, and annoying tracking on the highway... Last, $115 dollars to get my tires balanced, after I just paid them $70 for a rotation, which they didn't care to check the balance while they had them off, or even offer, silly me assumed they would check them. I have bought three cars from them, and always had them serviced there, I've put up with there shenanigans for long enough..

Carolyn G. | 2012-02-18

I took my car into the service dept. at the dealer b/c I had an extended warranty.  It was a super annoying ordeal.  It turns out my gas injector went out.  In the beginning, the guy helping me seemed nice enough.  He got me in the same day I called.  He called me later that morning to tell me what the problem was.  He also had a list of other repairs (not covered by my warranty) that he was insistent on.  I passed on anything not covered by the warranty and took my car to my local shop by my house.  

I suppose the service was done correctly and in a time efficient manner.  But what left the bad taste in my mouth was the service.  I went to pick up my car and the service guy who had helped me yells, "Playa you got that?" to young man who was going to bring my car to me.  Playa??? What is this 1999?  You are a grown, 40-plus year old man....who says, playa...not player but playa!?!   Then the playa drives my car to me and throws into drive, while my car was still moving in reverse!!!!!!  Really??  Can't even make a stop to change gears, while the customer is watching!?  It wasn't a disaster but I won't be back by choice.

Stephanie B. | 2012-01-27

I didn't end up buying the car I went to see, so I can't give 5 stars, but my experience was terrific.  I called Omar about a car I saw on the internet and he was very accommodating.  The car I was looking at was not on the lot and I was driving from O.C., so he took the trouble to have the car picked up in Vista and have it there by the time I got to S.D.  The car was a great deal, and Omar was very familiar with all the special features and taught me a lot.  He wasn't pushy at all, offered me a great deal and a fair trade-in allowance. I came really close to purchasing the car, but the interior color was not exactly what I wanted.  Wish it was, because I was very happy with Omar's patience and knowledge, and would have liked to give him my business.

Samantha T. | 2012-01-03

We love our new 2011 Nissan Versa.  It's exactly what we wanted and we received excellent service throughout the transaction.  I usually blow off survey cards but the nice people at Pacific Nissan deserve the praise.  Looking forward to our next car coming from Pacific Nissan as well.

Mick W. | 2011-10-18

I showed up at pacific Nissan last Wednesday looking to by a 4x4 xterra or frontier.  I was looking around and then this lady came up and asked if i needed any help.  Her name was Sheryl.  She was very nice and helpful.  She helped me with the xterra that i grew attached to.  We took it for a drive and then we made a deal.  I especially like Sheryl because this was the first time I purchased a vehicle from a dealer.  She made this experience comfortable... I would recommend her to anyone... thanks Sheryl!! Thank you Pacific nissan!!!

Greg B. | 2011-06-30

They made me replace my clutch before they admitted it was the transmission under warranty. Thanks for nothing...

Andrei B. | 2011-05-30

I know dealer service experiences are generally bad, but I feel I should share my experience since these guys really helped me out.

I was approaching Mission Bay Dr. on Garnet at about 4:30 on Saturday when my truck lost all power and started sputtering.  Fortunately I was able whip accross Garnet into a vacant parking lot next to the Night Owl before it completely died.  It was turning into a bad ending of an otherwise great day of riding beach cruisers with my daughter.  Our bikes were in the back of the truck, and I wasn't sure what I was going to do given it was late in the day on a holiday weekend.

I called Pacific Nissan and was informed that the service department had closed at 4 and I could drop it off using their early bird dropoff envelopes and it wouldn't get looked at until Tuesday since it was a Holiday weekend.  By this time I was prepared to be without my truck having to figure out how to get our bikes home and likely stuck with a huge repair bill.

By the time the tow truck got my Titan to service department, it was approaching 6 pm.  To my surprise the service bay gate was open and I was greeted by a service writer and mechanic.  They told me that dealership operator informed them of my situation and they decided to stick around and help me out.

I told them what happened and the service writer quickly determined that there was a recall on the ecm and that might be the cause.  Rather than make me leave my truck for 3 days, the mechanic quickly changed out the part right there in the entrance to the service bay and sure enough, my truck started right up.

Because these guys went above and beyond, staying and extra 2 hours, I was able to get my daughter and our bikes home.  We avoided what clearly would've been a hassle and a drag.  

At the end of it all, as I was leaving, the mechanic told me he stayed to help me out because he wouldn't want to be without his truck all weekend either.

I feel like I owe them a case of beer or something.

Chris C. | 2011-05-16

Service 4
Price 2
Ready when promised 1

Dropped car off, waited 25 minutes to get a ticket and turn in keys.
Discount promised when dropped off, for our patience.
Told PN would call when car was ready.
Asked for a report on all upcoming repairs, with older cars it's nice to know, we were promised that.
Not called, thank goodness we decided to head down just before 4PM to pick up our car or we wouldn't have gotten it back until the service dept opened again on Monday.
No discount.
No diagnostic print out ...
$125+ charge to diagnose an airbag failure code
$45 for an oil change.

Wil not go back.

Jeremy W. | 2011-04-04

This review is for the service department only. I would of given them 5 stars if they gave me a loaner car for the day, but I scheduled this on my day off so I was in no hurry to go anywhere. Armando is the go to guy there and he lived up to the hype. Good dude that is extremely attentive to your needs. He makes you feel like you're the only customer there. Took my truck in for an oil change and two recalls done. Nissan gave me a $50 gift card for the recall hassle so the oil change by the dealer actually cost me less than when i do it myself. Score! Shuttle took me home and picked me up. All in all a good day by the service dept. If you're guaranteed to deal with Armando I would recommend Pacific Nissan every time.

Angela M. | 2011-04-03

Nissan Leaf owners beware: even though all Nissan dealers were given chargers and required to allow Leaf owners to charge when they ran low on power until infrastructure is in place, this dealer would not honor the corporate agreement.  So don't count on any traditional Nissan customer service here.  Mossy Nissan on Caliremont Mesa, Mossy in Oceanside, or the dealer in National City all treat Leaf owners with an excellent attitude.  This dealer not only belittled me and lectured me about how they were a for-profit company, but also used phrases like "don't look at me like that" and "take yourself somewhere else".  Wow- not the Nissan way.  Made me feel like I was a criminal.

John W. | 2011-03-22

Like the previous poster, I'm thrilled...THRILLED to discover that Armando is back on the Nissan team.  The lucky folks at Pacific Nissan will soon discover that this great guy has a following among owners.  We were loyal Mossy customers while Armando worked there.  No longer.  We will always follow quality.  Armando is a technician we all pray for.  His work ethic is as legendary as his Can Do attitude.  We know that any repair job by this guy will be done right the very first time.  If the customer ain't happy, neither is Armando.  How many people in the service industry do you know who operate on this level competence anymore?

Brooke H. | 2011-03-14

This place is a JOKE! I took my car there to get serviced they absolutely tried to take advantage of me! They want your money not your service they don't care if you come back. WARNING CROOKS

Jessica B. | 2011-02-01

First of all: why isn't there an option for no stars at all?

If you're thinking of buying a car, this is NOT the place to do it. Unless you plan on getting screwed over, I'd suggest you look somewhere else.

I came onto the lot for a Nissan Altima Hybrid a total of 3 times before I realized that they're not even interested in making sales. I was willing to make a deal, and no one would work with me. And I'm not talking about a $5000 deal here..I'm talking taking down the price $2000, and that's not even out the door. But nothing was good enough for them. Even talking to the manager, I felt like I had to be a lawyer making $100,000 a year in order for him to even show me an ounce of respect.

Overall, this place was shit. They'd tell me one thing, and I'd come back to find that nothing was done, and nothing was going to get done. They're out for the money, but they're not willing to work with their customers to even make a sale.

My opinion: go find a car dealership where they don't hire heartless robots to sell you POS cars.

Joli C. | 2010-12-06

Scheduled by Nissan N.A. for a special inspection at this location.  Service team turned me away initially because there was no sign of me in their schedule. I had to request a service manager to verify and low and behold, I was indeed scheduled but not until after the appointment was this confirmed.  Chad (Service Manager) offered to have my car picked up and replaced with a loaner due to the misunderstanding. He also was to give me a call back to keep me informed of the whereabouts of the Nissan Inspector due at 9a. The Inspector indeed showed up, I was never called, never received the services scheduled nor the courtesy car pick up or loaner. I waited about four hours to have to call Chad myself and ask for the status to only be told that the Inspector had left because I was not present. Due to Chad's lack of follow through, I contacted Chad's supervisor, Ron Houston (dealership manager), who was severely disturbed by my request to speak with him and treated me as such. I would not recommend Pacific Nissan nor the Nissan brand to anyone. I have never experienced such a lack of customer service professionalism by manufacturer, dealers, sales and service staff with all the other vehicles I have purchased.

Lisa S. | 2010-10-13

I purchased a new Sentra on 7/25/10 from salesman Ali. It was an average experience, but AAA needs to remove them from their new car buying program.

I had battery problems with it starting on 9/4/10. As in, it wouldn't start. This dealership pretty much does nothing for service, but mess it up. I had the car towed on 9/24 for service on 9/25/10. I had to call AAA 4 times for the battery - twice in one day to start the car! When I FINALLY got the car back with a new battery and battery connection. The car was not washed (as promised by my salesman), vacuumed. No retribution for the problem. Not even an "I'm sorry." I was even accused me of ruining the battery of my NEW car. I wrote the service manager, Chad, a letter, since, of course, he was not available that day. I emailed it to him, faxed it to him, called him. NO response. Called Nissan Corporate, they can't even get a response from this dealership.

At least I am getting 3 yrs of free service out of the deal, thanks to corporate. Let's just say it won't be at Pacific Nissan.

dave g. | 2010-07-25

I'll try to keep it short.  Had an ABS light on the dash, had to take it to a dealer to get the code.  On arrival, was told it would take 2 hours.  I know it takes about 5 to 10 minutes to plug in the computer and get a code, but thought, ok there are people in front of me, I'll run some errands in the neighborhood.  2 hours later, truck was where I parked it.  

Guy who checked me in saw me and said the mechanic will look at it right away.  I went and talked to the mechanic, friendly enough guy.  He hooked up the computer and got a code, but said he had to call Nissan to get an explanation because he did not recognize it.  He disappeared, the truck sat, after an hour of this I ran out of patience and told the check in guy I was leaving.  I was polite.

Got some attitude, he found the mechanic, more attitude.  I left, replaced a fuse that mysteriously burned out and will not be back.

I'll deal with the ABS light at another place.

These guys could care less.

Amber K. | 2010-02-03

I'm used to the sleazy car salesmen that will attempt to screw me over with the worst possible deal, while simultaneously acting as if they're giving me the bargain of the century.

What I'm not used to is having them treat me like utter crap while doing so. Although I can see right through the fake pleasantries, I still want them! Just about every person I encountered at Pacific Nissan was plain out RUDE. If they hadn't followed me out to my car, I would have figured they just didn't want a sale. But why follow me out just to continue barking at me about how right you are and how wrong I am (in the most demeaning way possible)?

Despite all the frustrating back and forth, I ended up with a decent deal, and traded in my Nissan Murano for something else on their lot. Let's just say, they held onto a check they owed me for 4 months (claiming they had already mailed it and that it was cashed?!), when finally someone looked in the desk belonging to the salesdouche who sold me my car, and lo and behold there was a check addressed to me that had apparently been sitting there since the day that salesman quit! Also, I've given up on getting my $50 UCSD Alumni license plate frame back from them.

Rude, unprofessional (the sales guy asked me out on a date while in the middle of a sale), unorganized... I don't expect much from a car dealership, but I do expect more than this.

Awyeahh N. | 2010-01-18

I would rather go to Pacific Nissan than Mossy and day of the week.  I hate Mossy with a passion.  I told them I hated Mossy when I dropped off my car, and I got excellent service.  I also got a free rental car.  I was impressed with them.  Maybe its because I had yelp up on my IPhone, maybe its because I told them just how shitty Mossy is.  But, anyways the service was 100% better then Mossy Nissan (but, thats not saying much).

D C. | 2009-07-16

I came in for a standard recall-part-fix.  Truth be told, I didn't even know my Sentra needed a recall fix until I got my registration from the DMV, but there it was......'we need confirmation of recall...blah-blah-blah'.

So I took it into Pacific Nissan first thing in the morning....8am to be exact. The head of the service department, Dennis, told me it would be about an hour.....well, it took 2.  But they had a comfy waiting room with fresh (albeit, cheap) brewed coffee.  I read magazines and waited for my sentence to be over.  2 hours on the dot.  But they fixed the recall, charged me NADA, and even washed the inside and out....which for me, is worth 4 stars anyday!

Mark G. | 2009-07-08

Here is the problem with Pacific Nissan, the majority of their salesman as well as their sales manager do not realize that we are attempting to recover from an economic downturn. So what does that mean to car dealerships? We as consumers have all the power because IF we are willing to make large purchases on items such as automobiles, than most consumers are not going make said purchase with out doing a little research.

All new car buyers need to do their homework. What does that mean? Know your credit score, know approximately how much your trade- in is, know what the approximate MSRP of the vehicles youre looking at, know that if you buy a car do not go for any of their over priced add ons, and most importantly dont get caught up in the moment. You can walk away since the dealership is the one that wants your business.

On to my review. My wife and I were looking to purchase a new car in January. We liked the Altima Hybrid and knew that most dealerships should have no problem getting a decent deal on an 2008 altima hybrid. We did our homework and even got a quote through costco from a different dealership. I called around and basicly did all the haggling of pricing on the phone. However when I called pacific nissan they said they did not have any 08's but they did have 09's on the lot. I told them the price I had and if they could beat it I would buy the car from them. They continued to assure me they could beat it even after i asked a few more times since I knew they only had 09's and i didnt want to waste my time driving from Oceanside to PB  only to get the run around.

I was still skeptical but we decided to give them a shot. We drove to the lot and we were greeted by the salesman and sales manager. We test drove an 09, even though we already knew how they rode and really we were just ready to make the deal. He continued to ask us a few more times if we were interested in "a great deal" on a color we werent interested in. We told him no and were ready to talk price. So in true salesman fashion he asked if we had a trade-in. Thats the first trick of car sales man, trying to bake in the price of your trade in value in the final car price. Big no no. Negotiate car price first, then worry about trade in.

So after my decline about talking trade in we went inside and get the sales manager "how are you doing, yadda yadda yadda." Finally the moment of truth the sales manager goes back to his computer and prints up the offer sheet. The salesman comes out with it and I just laughed at him. 1. It was not the price I had told him we had already received from a different dealership. 2. it was $7k more than what the other offer was.3. the offer was for list price. Apparently they misinterpreted the whole "beat the current offer" we spoke about on the phone. When I told them this they said "well you need to go buy that car" which I replied with " I will" and I did. They sat there for a few minutes and kept saying "thats under msrp, how can they sell it for that much?" Once again I explained thats not my problem, left the dealership and got the Altima at Mossy Nissan Oceanside at the price I wanted.

I know this is a lengthy review but I cant reiterate it enough to do your homework before buying a car. Car salesmen are hardly a step above pond scum. They arent in it to help you get the car you want theyre in it to make as much commission off of the uneducated as possible.

Alexandra C. | 2009-05-31

Came to test drive a car about a week ago.  Liked the car but wasn't ready to purchase just yet.  Lazz did not pressure and put on his "car salesmen" face.  He wasn't pushy and was straight forward with me and my boyfriend.  We left and spoke to a few other salesmen at other dealerships.  All pretty typical, pushy car salesmen.  Yesterday we went back to Pacific Nissan, talked to Lazz, and got a great deal on the car I wanted.  He helped us through the whole process and got us out of there in no time.  Lazz is definitely not your typical car salesman - and that's a good thing!  My boyfriend is thinking of buying a car sometime soon and ideally we will be going back to Pacific Nissan and Lazz!  Like many of the other reviews say - Lazz is the man!

Kelly M. | 2009-05-04

The customer service was terrible till Laz came outside. The other guys I worked with could have cared less about making a sale. Finally after making no progress whatsoever I was just about to leave to go somewhere else and Laz ran outside. He cut me a good deal and we shared some laughs along the way. Dont waste your time when you go there just ask for Laz.

Nick T. | 2009-01-06

This dealership is the only reason why Mossy Nissan hasnt been sued for having a monopoly.

Gene H. | 2008-11-25

The sales guy thought I was kidding when I told him the last brand new car I bought was in 1974, but i wasn't,  I just have been buying  newer used for thirty years.  I spring and lease an Altima.  Nice car, nothing special, but comfy and snappy and economical.  The radio quits in a week.  I call and ask if they can order one....they say, no, but bring it in and we'll look at it..""it should only take about an hour."  they have no rentals keep your life in order. I hang around for about three hours while I am watching some zombie like mechanic (can you move any slower?) screws around with my car, finally calling it quits and the service writer says I guess you need a radio,,,,,we'll order it.......then before I can get my car, they have to reset the airbags, because zombie screwed something up.. so I get my car back and within a week , i noticed a wire broken off the rear speaker that would intermittently ground out and kill the radio, I unhook that wire and the radio works fine,,,,,,except for dead speaker.  I don't even call them to tell them i don't need the radio. I tell them when they call me to tell me it is in.

Aaron G. | 2008-09-24

I'd give this place neg two stars if I could.  They should change their name to Pacific NawWeDon'tDoThatSan.  I live hella close to this location, I guess that's why I've gone back for the third time.  Each time was a horrific experience.  My 350Z is still sitting there as I type this.
1st trip - We were still looking into buying a 350Z, and I wanted to buy it from them to try and do my part for the PB economy.  Since they are the only dealership in SD that hasn't been swallowed up by Mossy, I figured they'd have awesome customer service.  WRONG.  The salesman was a total tool, and they eventually dropped the full on cheeseball line, word for word.  "What will it take to get you in this car today?"  Ugh, seriously?
2nd trip - Having some issues with the convertible top.  Everyone was rude, techs were dumbasses that couldn't figure out the problem.  Finally went to Mossy in Clairemont and they took care of the problem.
3rd and definitely the last trip - Driver side speaker out, and both windows are leaking a little bit when I wash the car.  I show up and one of the Service Managers is just standing there looking at me.  He goes back into his tiny cube and ignores me.  He comes out a couple minutes later to announce that "that guy other there" would help me.  I guess he was a little preoccupied with his doing nothing.  So I finally get Service Manager Dennis to help me out.  I tell them what is wrong and he says that MAYBE he can help, he's not sure if the issues are covered under warrantee.  That's fine.  But then he gave me an estimate of $100, when the deductible is $50.  That's fine, I just won't pay it, and dig up the paperwork to prove it.  But now, instead of him leaving in a polite manner, he all of a sudden turns into a dick and directs me to go into the waiting room.  What was that all about?  Whatever.
So he calls up and tells me that nothing will be covered under warrantee.  I found out that he was right about the speaker, but no the leak.  Whatever, I just want my car back.
So I call last night to have the shuttle come pick me up from my house.  Again, I'm less than ten minutes away, but too far for my lasy ass to walk.  I call up (just after 4PM) and say that I need to be picked up, "I'll transfer you to the shuttle."  I sit and listen to the elevator music for about five minutes - which is a long time to listen to that crap - and finally someone comes on asking me what I need, I explain again, and they tell me that the shuttle stops running around 3 or 3:30.  I waited this long to hear that?!?!
So I call this morning at 7:30AM to get the shuttle to come and pick me up.  The receptionist picks up the phone, obviously upset that I'm calling this early.  I get transferred a couple more times, and finally get the driver.  She tells me that she won't start driving until 8AM, and she is going downtown first.  Earliest she could pick me up is 8:30AM.  Whit morning traffic, yeah right. More like 9AM.  So now I'm even more pissed.  I just want my friggin car back.
Phone rings.  This is Jose with Nissan, what's your last name?  (what?)  Uhhh...what kind of car do you have?  (WHAT?!?!)  OK, I'll transfer you to Dennis.  (For what?)  Hello?  Uhhh, is this Dennis?  Yes it is.  Uhh...This is Aaron with the 350Z...OK, what can I do for you.  WHAT?!?!  You guys just called me!!!  What do you want?!?!  Oh, did you need someone to pick you up?  
So I tell him the story and he says that he'll go talk to her (the driver).  So now my blood is cooling a little, maybe he'll turn this whole situation around.  NOPE!!!!  A-Hole never even calls me back!!!  He just left me hanging, waiting around for them.  I finally get on the rode to go to work, and then the driver calls.  Still the same story, can't pick me up for at least an hour.  Now I get to drive in the thick of morning traffic, already pissed off.

Joe A. | 2007-12-30

First let me get this off my chest, my wife and I went shopping for a minivan (insert domesticated/emasculated joke here).

We arrived at Pacific Nissan, in hopes of having a look at an 08 Quest (fat chance, as they haven't received any yet). The first sales guy who approached us didn't know anything about the Quest, but brought us a sales guy who he introduced as a "Quest Expert". I'm not much of a gearhead, but 20 minutes perusing Nissan's web site gave me more information than their "expert" did (he kept referring to a pocket-sized sales manual, which didn't do much to bolster our confidence in him, his dealership, or their line of vehicles).

Nice enough guy (he was very sweet to our daughter), but I got the distinct impression that it's been a while since the hay days of Pacific Nissan.