Option Motors in San Diego, CA

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On this page you can find detailed information about the company Option Motors in San Diego, CA.

The following is provided current addresses and telephone numbers of all branches car dealer Option Motors, and using the card, you can easily locate it visually. Also on the page provides information on dealer Option Motors in other cities in the California.

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(858) 566-5001
Address:9485 Black Mountain Rd, San Diego, CA, 92126

Reviews on Option Motors

Jay A. | 2012-07-06

Bought a jeep wrangler here.  Very professional and organized.  Good follow-up.  Worked with Amin V. and he was extremely knowledgeable about vehicles.  Tires were old but we'd planned on replacing them anyway.  We received all paperwork within 30 days (which required by law is 90 days)  License plate was also missing but we received in timely manner.  Would buy here again.

Fair G. | 2012-04-24

I purchased a 2004 mazda 3 from this dealer. I was at first sceptical about dealing with option motors. however, I they did indeed surprize me with their excellent service and polit employees.
They backed up their car pretty good and they did what they promised.
I highly recommend them and I will do business with them again.
most importantly I beleive I have made some friends there whome I can ask any car related questions from.

Stephanie K. | 2011-11-18

AVOID OPTION MOTORS AT ALL COSTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  TRUST ME IT'S NOT WORTH IT!!!! Yelp should have negative stars!! WORST SCAM ARTISTS EVER!!  I called and set up an appointment for a certain Volvo I saw on an ad when I showed up for my appointment they showed me a DIFFERENT Volvo, an older model and tried to pretend it was the same car I called about they even showed me the CarFax for the OTHER CAR!! if you sell cars, this isn't just a mistake, I was being naive and giving them the benefit of the doubt when they tried to say it was a mistake and that the other car was being test drove by someone else.  Anyways, I test drove the car they showed me and I liked it.  I bought a warranty through them and they gave me a brochure for it, turns out the brochure is not the same warranty and the papers they gave me don't have any name on it.  No drivers manual, no valet key which opens my doors and glove compartments.  I didn't know anything about cars and they clearly took advantage of me.  I HAVE NEVER HAD SO MANY PROBLEMS WITH A CAR, I have had to take it in for repairs 5 times, I have spent thousands repairing it AND the Volvo Dealership told me that the one side of my car had been painted over and the bumper was temporarily fix.  The paint is wearing off and what used to be grey is now turning white.  So many other problems,  it is sad what these people do, what a stressful hassle!!

Jason V. | 2011-08-26

This was the worst place I have ever been to when it comes to buying a used car!  I was told over the phone that they would give me a military discount, but when I drove 1 hour to this place, the salesman tried to screw me over in every way possible.  I will never trust these guys ever again!  WASTE OF MY TIME!

Irja Z. | 2011-08-22

I had nothing but a good experience at Option Motors. The Salesperson was nice and helpful, answered all my questions (not to mention i have not purchased a car for 8 years!). He called me back the same day re approval of the loan, i had more questions to ask. I test drive my car the next day during a lunch, paperwork was ready and car was ready to be picked up that evening. Not a one issue with the whole transaction including my trade-in. I think if you are nice to people, they will be nice to you. If you walk into anything with an attitude, you will walk out with one too. If i needed another car in few years, i would totally check their inventory out again. I got an excellent deal on my car and trade-in. I didn't come across on 'scam' intention there.

Jason G. | 2011-06-07

stay away from OPTION Motors! I just bought a BMW a week ago. Service light came up, I took it in to BMW to get it checked out. There were over 3k+ of work to make the car safe to drive and would not hurt myself and the car. I called Option motors, They told me they'll call me back. Never got any call back there avoiding me! I still have 30days warranty from the dealer plus i bought the 5 year Extended warranty which is not taken anywhere.    Save your money! don't buy from them!!! REPORT THEM! bunch of scammers!

Julie V. | 2011-04-07

Absolute terrible customer service and all promises made to me regarding the fixing of the cars most blatent issues have still not been fulfilled. Absolute scam artists,avoid at all costs.

Chuck P. | 2010-08-16

I thought I was getting a good deal on the Acura I bought there a couple of years ago!  That is...until I wanted to trade it in on another car this weekend.  Seems the frame was bent........and it wasn't disclosed to me when I purchased the car.  Oh, they showed me a CARFAX...just not all of it!  I'm so pissed that I fell for their BS and trickery!!
This place is a scam!!  Buyer Beware!!
I even purchased an "Extended Warranty"   A warranty that I later found out that I could only use at a couple of shops in San Diego.  
This is the only way I can get any satisfaction.  I'm telling you, and anyone else who uses YELP..........STAY AWAY FROM OPTIONS MOTORS!!!!  Buy your car from anyplace else....you've been warned!!

Thomas B. | 2010-02-18

Do not buy from here!  They have terrible customer service.  I purchased a car from them at the Qualcomm sale in the middle of December.  Everything seemed great until the car was in the shop 3 times in the first month and on the 33rd day had a major malfunction causing me to have to get my engine rebuilt costing me $3300...almost half the cost of the vehicle itself.  They threw their hands up saying it was past 30 days even though I had been having the car worked on all month.

In addition, the warranty they sold me didn't cover any of it.  I cancelled the warranty and the warranty company said they issued me 96% of my cost, but Option only sent $700 of my $1595 to my lender.  

Adam, the manager, told me on day 3 after the purchase when I had to have my car towed back to the dealer as it was overheating that, "I will make this a good experience for you."  This is simply false.  They have made no attempt to make this deal a pleasant transaction.  They are not in the office when I call and have no class or customer service.  They did not give me write ups for any of the work I had done at their dealer and continue to give me the run around when I call.


James G. | 2010-01-27

Buying a car, especially a used car, is a pain in the ass. It's a prospect littered with potential land mines, headaches, poor choices and hidden agendas.

I'm happy to say that I actually had a pleasant experience last Sunday when I went to buy my latest car from Option Motors.

First off, they let me test drive the car without a salesman riding shotgun. That's extremely helpful when trying to make an informed decision. It's so tough to be critical when you're being pumped with positive information.

Secondly, they helped me buy a car on a Sunday. I don't ever recommend doing that by the way. If the banks aren't open, it makes it a little difficult to move money around to facilitate the transaction. But they were understanding and worked the deal advantageously.

Lastly, I had a really nice conversation with the owner about law school, his family and their family business. I was really impressed with the candor and attempt to reach out to the consumer.

So long as the car lasts I'll be happy. Ha.