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San Diego Ford Dealership Mossy Ford specialize in New Ford and Pre-Owned ( Used ) Car & Truck Sales for Retail and Fleet Customers. New and Used Car Sales, Service, Repair, Financing.


Established in 1988.

If experience matters to you (and it should) then choose Mossy Ford. San Diego Ford Dealership Mossy Ford in San Diego County is owned and operated by Mossy Family. The Mossy family has been in car sales for almost 90 years. First in New Orleans, then Houston and since 1982, in San Diego. We take pride in our heritage, the product we sell and the people we serve. And now more than ever, we want shoppers to know that Mossy Ford is here to help, and here to stay! So instead of cutting back during these tough times, we're stepping up to the plate with unprecedented incentives and discounts. Right now you'll find exciting lease and finance opportunities to make getting into a new Ford a lot easier. Yes, it really is a great time to buy a new Ford from Mossy Ford. We serve all Cities in San Diego county and Orange County.

Mossy Ford

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(888) 480-3637
Address:4570 Mission Bay Dr, San Diego, CA, 92109
  • Monday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Sunday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm

Reviews on Mossy Ford

DJ C. | 2015-04-09

Wanted to get new shoes for my sled

1) Monday:  approval to price match tires from service dept manager: Kevin
2) Service dept orders tires through parts dept
3) Part dept confirms tires will arrive Wednesday at 4pm
4) Service dept schedules appointment for Thursday morning
5) Call Thursday morning and there's no appointment on the books
6) Call back Thursday afternoon to see if they can squeeze me in
7) Arrive at dealership on Thursday and they take my car back to holding lot and I rent a car from them so I can carry on with my day
8) 2 hours later they get hold of me and tell me the tires were never ordered and they can't price match them because they aren't on the "approved" list
9) Arrive back at dealership with rental car and talk to manager
10) Manager says they will price match them
11) One week of wasted time.  All lies.  No updates on appointments or price matching

Lesson learned.  Never order or buy anything from Ford.  This is the 2nd Ford dealership that has completely failed me.  They were nice enough to give my car a courtesy wash; so I've got that going for me.

Michael C. | 2015-04-09

Mike C.
I purchased a used vehicle from them. I have never had a better car buying experience.  Thanks Mossy Ford.

Román L. | 2015-03-12

We leased our Ford from another dealership out of town. When the lease was up we went here, our local dealer, to discuss our options about purchase or trade-in, with just purchasing the vehicle at the contractually stated price our clear number one choice.

We were greeted promptly and told they could definitely help us. We then proceeded to wait in the middle of the showroom for over an hour while employees flitted around and ignored us entirely. Some wait was understandable as it was a busy Saturday, but after getting tired of waiting we investigated and found out the person who could help us had not even been informed of our presence.

We scheduled an appointment where they promised to call us, but never received a call. Multiple attempts to schedule a new appointment have been fruitless.

I understand this dealership may not make a lot of money off of us just buying out our leased vehicle, but the service has been truly outrageous. They should at least be mindful of trying to engender loyalty to the Ford brand. I don't understand why they are making it so difficult for us to hand them a stack of cash.

Jesse F. | 2015-03-09

We were there for 30 minutes and no one helped us!! Of course, though, only when we were walking back to our car, someone step outside. Awful customer service!! Ended up going Pearson Ford and bought a new car. Your loss, Mossy.

Ryan S. | 2015-02-24

DO NOT USE SERVICE DEPT! ...unless you just like to throw money away.  A basic oil change and car wash for our 2015 F-350 truck cost $200 and they lost the right driver side lug nut cover which their parts department sells for $104 (service manager won't replace because we cannot prove they lost would I?).  If you want to throw away three benjamins for an oil change, look no further.
In addition, they were unable to top off fluids for skiiing weather use, so their skills are as low as their prices are high.

Matthew V. | 2015-02-19

I am very particular when it comes to buying things, I want it how I like or nothing at all. Lisa promptly greeted me with a smile and directed me to Daniel who had a genuine attitude that makes you feel like family, I inquired about a vehicle that I had seen in their online inventory, we then went out on the lot and took said vehicle for a test drive.

All of my questions were answered honestly and if the detailed info wasn't known, the team found out for me. Edward helped me find a good payment and John the finance manager effortlessly took me through paperwork all while making me feel at home. The only thing I didn't care for was that my vehicle was missing floor mats, which they graciously provided.

If you are looking for a vehicle, please pay a visit. Thank you Lisa, Edward, John and especially Daniel for your excellent service!

Dana S. | 2015-02-17

After trading my car to Mossy Ford in PB on 11/19/2014 I got phone calls from Hyundai Debt Collectors because they took their sweet time paying  off the loan. I have received 2 letters from the DMV looking for the release of liability. Today 02/15/2015 I got a notice of toll violation because someone who bought this car did not pay the toll in Irvine Ca on January 30 2015.  When I called Abdul the IDIOT Finance Manager, he said it was my problem.  MOSSY SUCKS!  BOYCOTT ANY MOSSY DEALERSHIP!  THE WORST FORD DEALERSHIP IN AMERICA!

justine c. | 2015-01-24

DO NOT COME HERE!!! If you're looking for a place to get your car serviced this is not it. I suggest going to kearney pearson or elsewhere to get your ford serviced. I would give this place zero stars if i could. First off, the only reason I took my car here was because they had a 7:30 AM appt on Saturday. When we came in it wasn't busy and the advisor told us the service we came in for which is an oil change package would only take an hour so we opted to wait. The customer lounge was very uncomfortable and the tv was out of commission for the customer lounge but not for the employees. In addition, rather than coming in to check in and inform of us any progress or problems happening, I received a call more than two hours later to inform me that I needed filters replaced that I had just replaced and even more thay they had broken a lug nut and stud on my wheel. Rather than apologizing, they blamed it on the last ford dealer that I took my car that took much better care of my car and was timely with their repairs. The advisor told me it was going to take another hour and again no apologies for any inconvenience they were causing and it ended up taking even longer than that additional hour.

Moe M. | 2015-01-10

My wife and I were in the market for a used car. We found one we loved at Mossy Ford that was at a reasonable price. Our salesperson, Daniel, was helpful and not pushy at all. Ed, the gentleman working with the numbers, was also a big help in the process. If everything ended at that, this would have been a five star experience. Unfortunately,  that isn't the case. The loan financing process was all over the place. We signed paperwork saying we were being financed through SDCCU. Then we get a call from Wells Fargo saying we are being financed through them. We called SDCCU to see if they knew who would be financing us. Turns out they are the ones financing us, but there was just a small problem. The personal information SDCCU received from Mossy was wrong. My wife's name, birthdate, social security, and our address were all wrong!  I get it, sometimes some information can slip through the cracks. But it takes some major effort to mess everything up. We were inconvenienced by having to go into the SDCCU branch multiple times with three different forms of identification to get all of the errors rectified. The good news is we love the car and are happy we bought it.

Kristofer R. | 2014-11-20

I am not in the market for a car often as I would expect from any average Joe, but it has been like going to the dentist in the past. Painful, but necessary.  My Experience yesterday was fairly painless, with the exception of the chunk of change I am paying for being extremely picky. That, though, is entirely my fault. Everyone I worked with was easy going and not your typical pushy salesperson. The only downside from my experience is that I did not appreciate being passed around to different sales speacilists throughout the process. I contacted the sales person I was to meet and let them know I was on my way. When I got there, in exactly the amount of time I stated, I was greeted by someone else. Not a problem. At the end of the negotiations I was handed back off to the person with whom I originally spoke. Granted, I could have come at a lunch break time of day, but I feel it would have been good business to let me know ahead of time so I could avoid wandering around the sales floor like a lost child. Aside from that, I was happy with how I was treated for the remainder of the process and if Ford puts out a better Mustang in a few years, I will most likely go to Mossy to pick out my new (to me) car. Thanks for the help!

Veronica E. | 2014-11-08

I went to Mossy Ford for service on my car. Customer Service is GREAT and my car was FIXED in a decent time. However, the cost for their services are a little high. I paid $475 ($312 of it was for labor). Just Saying.

Wanda M. | 2014-10-26

Picked up my new Escape today. It's beautiful, and has more bells and whistles than I know what to do with!!! I got superior customer service and was handled warmly, professionally, and quickly.  What a difference it is to buy a car from Mossy versus anywhere else.  I got a great deal. There was no BS or tricks.  I might have set the woman's right movement back around 20 years. They wanted to know what Model I wanted and I said Red. With a roof thingy not cuz I ski, but cuz it looks cool! My husband and I have been using Mossy, Chevy, Nissan, Ford for over 15 years and won't go anywhere else.

Jeff C. | 2014-10-08

Due to extremely bad customer service and not calling someone back when they have been waiting for paperwork to have 2013 escape bought back but since no salesman wanted to work for free due to it being a buyback I will always drive out of my way in a car to get better service and a company that Cares about the customer and not the money one other thing if you ever take a ford to get serviced at mossy and they put you in a Toyota for the rental that shows they don't care about ford in any way shape or form

John C. | 2014-09-30

Brought in our Ford (which we did not buy at Mossy) in for a 60k mile service.  The service rep was very helpful & kind, and even adjusted our service package to be LESS than the price quoted on the phone.  Very honest, fair, and fast.  We will go back.

Bruce B. | 2014-09-27

A year after buying my car from Mossy Ford I can honestly say I'm not impressed, the slightest. The last time I brought my car in to be serviced I was told my warranty had expired and that it'd be $450+ to replace an engine fan. Being that my warranty is no good, and Ford wants to overcharge their customers, I have no reason to come back here-ever. Nor do I have any reason to refer anyone to them.

I took my car to Brad's in Encinitas and they did the job the same day, for $150 less than ford would have, and their customer service reps were caring.

Anthony W. | 2014-09-24

I have a 2008 Mustang GT/CS, with over 100,000 miles. I've brought my car here more than a handful of times for service and repairs, and every time, leave satisfied. Gabe in service is awesome, and has gone above and beyond everytime to ensure me I'm making the right decision with this dealership.

Bella G. | 2014-09-08

We went car shopping over Labor Day weekend.  Seems none of the cars they were advertising were available at those prices.  Also they offered us less than half what our trade in was worth.  The salesman admitted to me that they would re-sell it for over twice what they were offering me. Since our trade in is a late model Ford, I wasn't impressed with how a Ford dealership evaluated it's trade in value.  Literally on the way out the door, they significantly upped their offer for our car.  We wasted three hours of our day, mostly sitting around waiting for someone to "figure out" what kind of deal they could give us.  The ONLY positive part of the experience was the popcorn they served

Cfam C. | 2014-08-24

Very disorganized and although friendly and "helpful" staff, this was definitely NOT WORTH THE EXPERIENCE! I should have known to walk away when my paperwork failed to have pertinent information and I was driving without any "entitlement" to the car (new lady who had over 10 years experience - TEN YEARS AGO)!!! Ok, no big deal right? WRONG... before buying a car, the staff at Mossy Ford were VERY attentive, helpful and followed up with me often. AFTER, literally right after purchasing, no one was available, no one answered the phone, everyone made excuses for why something wasn't taken care of... etc, etc.  At this point, I just wanted to be done with them. Fast forward 3 months and I need an oil change and routine maintenance (long distance driving). I figure, this will be different because I'm now dealing with maintenance and NOT the sales department...

WRONG - AGAIN!!!  Not only do they schedule my appointment, but after 45 minutes of WAITING - THEY THEN TELL ME THEY DON'T HAVE A PART THAT'S REQUIRED FOR MY VEHICLE.. Wow, so I not only waited near an hour for an appointment that was scheduled one week in advance, but now you don't have a way to fix it?

So I left and took my car to another dealership in La Mesa and have been SATISFIED since. I absolutely do NOT RECOMMEND this Mossy Dealership (as I cannot speak for any others).

Bay Park R. | 2014-08-02

Bizarre High-Pressure Sales

Here's the short version of my review: Add me to the list of reviewers who wish Yelp had a zero star rating and who also walked out of the Mossy salesroom door and drove up to Kearny Pearson Ford for a proper car-buying experience.

I spent a good amount of time researching 2014 automobiles. After completing the research, I came to the conclusion that there was one particular Ford model and some particular features that were "must-haves" for me. This was a $30,000+ purchase I was considering - why would I settle for anything less? I called Mossy Ford, the closest Ford dealer to my home (less than 5 miles away), and they said they didn't have what I wanted on the lot but that they could get it for me. When I showed up, it became clear that they just wanted to get me into the showroom to work their "magic." The first clue that my potential purchase was about to go badly was the loud music in the parking lot - I wish I would've just turned around and left at that point. Upon entering the showroom, I was even more alarmed that the same music was blaring even more loudly. Why would a professional, new-car dealership play music so loudly that you could barely hear yourself talk? And why I didn't leave at that point is something I'm still pondering. After the initial shock, things really began to spiral in. Imagine your worst used-car sales nightmare at the sleaziest used-car lot you know - my Mossy new-car experience was easily on a par with that! Here's what I experienced: Bait and switch; multiple, rotating salesmen; good-cop, bad-cop; being browbeaten about my must-have features; and being made to sit for no good reason - except to increase the apprehension that I might not get a car at all. And all of this happening with that loud music playing, the only purpose for which I can imagine is psychological, i.e., to get Mossy customers to buy something - anything - if only to get out of the showroom.

My story does have a happy ending though: I did eventually come to my senses. I left Mossy's showroom and drove up to Kearny Pearson Ford (just a couple of more miles further my house than Mossy). In very little time and with a high level of professionalism, they found and sold me a car that met all my requirements - even though they had to get it from another dealership. I have the car now, and I still can't believe that I listened, even for a minute, to the Mossy salesmen as they tried to talk me out of the features that I now have and love.

Time is short for everyone, and for that reason I have to admit that I very rarely write reviews - but when I do, it's because of a really positive experience or an extremely negative experience. Please, if you do decide to go to Mossy Ford despite my review and all of the other negative reviews, print out this post and take it with you as a guide to what's about to happen. Even in the unlikely event that Mossy Ford reads this post and turns down the music, I don't expect the rest of the Mossy "experience" would change at all. And why would it? What they do must work for them.

Cristina A. | 2014-07-26

The worse experience ever. I left my car for oil change and breaks inspections. Rented a car and gave them 2 days for them to work on it. Got the car back, NOTHING was done. They could have called me and asked where the breaks noise were, instead just did not so the work. Too busy, take too many cars at once. Christen at service and parts just does not listen to you, she did not deliver half what the Ford at San Capistrano in OC does. Never will trade my car in or buy a Ford at PB location. Rude ppl, bad service, excuse to not do the job as should be!!!!

Adam S. | 2014-07-12

I came to Mossy to bring in my car since the dealership I bought my car at, El Cajon, was providing terrible customer service.  I honestly did not expect good customer service at Mossy either, but I knew I could at least go to the beach to kill the couple hours I was expecting for them to fix whatever problem there was, if there even was one since El Cajon assured me over the phone there was nothing wrong with the car.  After the initial inspection, Mossy informed me that there was a big assembly problem with the engine, the cylinders to exact.  They expected to keep it for at least a week and to my surprise, they offered me a free rental in the meantime.  My car ended up being in the shop for over 2 weeks but my rental was completely comped, and I received updates at least twice a week after the initial 1 week estimate.  Not only did they basically rebuild the car, they also comped everything else I requested, a full detail and oil change.  I was very impressed with Mossy's service and I can honestly say they won over a new customer.  I am a little concerned with the amount of time it took to fix my car (I wonder what would have happened if I did not have a warranty), but at the same time, I honestly don't know how much they had to fix and how many parts were requested so I would say it was probably a reasonable amount of time in the end.  I cannot say enough about the service that was given to me, I really felt like a VIP and I would suggest to anyone to come here for auto service.  Kudos to Andre and that Mossy crew, you guys are the reason for a top rating.

Hossein S. | 2014-06-24

Leased a Ford Fusion Hybrid from them with the promise of 47MPG, however car gets a lot a lot less (38MPG); and have been going back and forth with them and Ford company and they keep blaming each other for who is responsible. Mossy Ford has zero customer service and they do not stand behind their product or sales claims. I have left multiple messages and voicemails for someone to help but they don't seem to care. One person did call back but she stated call Ford Motor Company its not Mossy dealership issue.

Grace B. | 2014-06-19

I will NEVER come back and will I ever purchase a vehicle from them again. The sales team David G. Was determined to make a sale (which I understood), but as soon as we did he had no desire to help us. Very POOR customer service. Find a different Ford dealership to go to.

Jared Z. | 2014-06-14

I won't be coming back unless my warranty requires it.

I was charged a hundred dollars in order for your technicians to plug their computer up. I brought my car in because it popped a check engine code related to the catalytic converter. I was told it would cost 1500+ to fix and declined the repair. When I received the evaluation no physical inspection had been done to check the welds on the part that could have broken, thus indicating a fail where a repair is entirely serviceable. The code was not cleared from my vehicle, and when I came to pick it up my technician was in a meeting so I was hurried through  the process by a different employee, given my keys and a car that had possibly been wiped down but certainly hadn't been "washed" and wished a nice day. Oh, and this whole process happened when I dropped my car off at 8 am and couldn't pick it up until the next morning at 9. It's ridiculous that I was unable to have my vehicle for that long because of a process that takes five minutes. I know it's five minutes because that's how long the mechanic I took it to from your parking lot required to check and clear the code, which has not returned. You over-charge and under-serviced my vehicle, which I purchased from the same location less than seven months ago. I feel betrayed as a customer, and disgusted as a person.

Troy B. | 2014-06-07

This place is great, they make you feel very valued! !  They explain everything and have friendly employees, especially Christine in the service dept.  I'll be back!!  Also, they explained everything well, existing warranties, found a nail in my tire,  etc..  Also, she ran the car through the wash herself when she couldn't find an available employee.   Great Job,  my experience at this Ford dealership has given me a renewed trust and excitement to work with a "dealer" service dept! !

D G. | 2014-05-25

Where should I start!!! I wish yelp has ZERO star rating.
I went to check out and compare SUV/prices with my friend. Of course the sales rep was excited to sell cars, but unfortunately has no customer service what so ever. He didn't even introduced himself, first thing he said was which car do you wanna buy and what's your budget? We were like we need to test drive first then compare the two cars in mind then we'll make the final decision. He insisted about our budget and said "how much are you willing to pay so I don't have to waste my time" REALY!! He was beyond rude & you would think sales reps are trained well enough to know the basics of customer service. The guy should really consider taking some classes to learn about customer service and how to treat customers. Never going back again.

Steven W. | 2014-05-22

Christina treated us like family, the whole crew.worked as a team, Sammy, Jennifer & Julie to get us into of our choice with a down payment and monthly payment we could afford.  What a great team, a real family environment, they really do work hard for you.  I'm not naive, I know they are making a profit, but the things they did went beyond just trying to make a buck.  Call Christina, Paulette or Jennifer for the best service anywhere.  At a time when El Cajon Ford, Ron Baker & Drew wouldn't touch us Mossy came through.

Melissa P. | 2014-05-18

Trying to find an Audi in San Diego for a good price was challenging which led me to Mossy. They had an A4 online for a great price so I stopped in. The sales guy was really personable and helpful, not pushy at all. After taking a test drive I decided to buy it. The process of financing left a little to be desired. That guy was a slimeball sales type person that tried to give me a ridiculous rate. I called my bank and got a much better rate, so he was then magically able to get me a rate just under my bank's rate. Signing the papers they really push their own installed security system. Just decline it. It was a long afternoon but I was happy with the car and price.

Robert B. | 2014-05-17

7 hours for an express oil change.. Need I say more?

Erica S. | 2014-05-09

My car had a warranty part that needed changed out and Brandon was great to work with. I appreciated their timeliness and keeping me in the loop as to what was going on with my car.

Would definitely recommend Mossy Ford's service department!

Paul S. | 2014-04-30

i bought my first mini van at this place.  now i have purchased 3 of our last vehicles from mossy in the past, just not this one.  anyways, i have a problem with the armrest on the drivers side, and i thought, "you know, i just spent 13k, im sure they would fix this for me, since i didn't notice the problem when i bought it".  but no, basically got pushed around from one person to the other, to tell me they would not fix it.  poor customer service.  only received one star, because i had to rate.

Nick E. | 2014-04-12

We've had our expedition serviced here before and were completely happy with the service. Our service writer Danille was very nice and kept us updated on the status of our suv. They even found a nail in the tire and fixed it for us. It took a little long than expected to get our repair completed, but it was ok because they had a decent waiting room and a kids area for our daughter to play in. We'll bring our cars the future.

Today I was buying some gaskets for the Bullitt. Peter, Carlos and Jeff are all good guys and can help you with your parts needs. The retail boutique is well stocked with ford branded stuff. Come check it out.

We did have a negative previous experience with the sales dept, but the parts and service is where a company like mossy wins our loyalty. Disappointed there weren't any new hipo mustangs in the showroom to check out.  Just a van and some fiestas. How lame.

Tom G. | 2014-04-12

My wife and I made the decision to sell two cars and buy one car to sort of downsize our fleet. We went to Carmax and got somewhat lowball offers on our 2007 Lexus LS 460 and 2008 BMW 535i. Driving home we noticed a sign for Car Czar. We diddled around for a couple days and finally made an appointment to see Gavin and the folks at Car Czar, now part of Mossy Ford. It was one of the best financial decisions I've made in a while. Not only did they beat Carmax, they met the price we wanted for the Lexus and came close to what we wanted for the BMW. I advertised in Craigslist and the individuals interested came nowhere  close to what we wanted. If you're selling a car and want the best price you must go to Mossy Ford Used Cars on the corner of Grand Avenue and Mission Bay Drive. Simple, easy, fast, pleasant and rewarding.

Max S. | 2014-04-05

I helped my mother buy a vehicle from Mossy Ford, and somehow they got my email and phone number associated with the sale. They have contacted me literally 25-30 times via phone and email for various reasons, mostly to make sure I am happy with my vehicle. Each time, I've told them politely to please remove my name, phone number, and email from their system, as I did not purchase a vehicle from them. I KEEP getting contacted by them. It's been like 6 months and they are still trying to make sure I'm happy and to give them a review. Well, I'm not happy and this is my review.

If you buy a vehicle from them, they will hound you incessantly regardless if you want them to or not, and they won't stop. Be warned!

They get two stars because the sale was reasonable, considering they are typical car dealers.

Ashley R. | 2014-04-05

Must update my review. This place sold me a LEMON! My Lexus had a water pump issue that was going to be $2k to fix. I can't believe they would ever sell anyone a clunker of a car. So disappoint! Had to trade my car in for something reliable with a trusted salesman vs a SNAKE like Raul!

MK N. | 2014-03-27


I went in for "the works" package. I pull up and am the first vehicle in the line at 8 am. I wait....and wait....and wait finally another car pulls up. One of the service guys comes out and starts helping the other guy. He looks up and apologizes for missing worries finish with what you started and get me next....good karma righr?

Wrong.  A third car pulls up and the service manager comes out of her booth and starts helping that guy. WTH. Not to mention a few mins. before that she walked by me to go "talk to the service techs" and smoke.

Finally one of the new service guys helps me....the first service guy runs up and says I get a free car wash for being so awesome.....which is the only reason why they get 1 star.

I tell Jesus about the works package and then tell him that there is a knocking in the steering wheel...can he check it out....sure no problem.

I go in to the lounge area and wait....and wait....and wait..... 3 hours later. I'm told they have to go find the part and its at another dealer. Fine whatever just fix it.

I take the shuttle home and wait....and wait....and wait (are you seeing a pattern?) Finally the call comes at 345...they can't find the part....they are keeping my vehicle and giving me a charge. Really?!?!? Oh and they are sending the shuttle for me. Now its 4PM and my entire day has revolved around this....

45 mins later the shuttle shows up.....I go back and to my surprise...they found the part, installed it and finished it all in 60mins....hmmmmm really?

In the mean time all of the service people (minus my service guy because he is explaining the above to me) decide that sense its after 5 they can talk smack about all of the customers they had that the service know the one that missed me earlier proclaims F***! because something was wrong in her world.

A few mins later one of the guys tells her that there is still a customer around....meaning me....her response "So....I only have to be professional between the hours of 7 and 5" it gets better I pay, leave, drive to the store, park, shop, come out and go to drive home.....and THE KNOCKING STARTS AGAIN.... are you kidding me!?!?!?!?

4 days later I get a call that they didn't charge me correctly and I owe more...
that same day the oil light goes on saying I need an oil change of which they were suppose to reset when they change the damn oil....

SO lets recap .
I was skipped upon arrival twice
I waited for 3 hours at the service department
Waited again at home for 5 hours
Was told I needed a rental car but didn't
Was told the knocking was fixed and wasn't
Was told the oil light was reset and wasn't
Listen to the service guys talk smack about customers
Listen to the service manager cuss and not care about being professional
Didn't charge me correctly

So if this is the customer service you want please by all means go to Mossy Ford Service department...

Knight S. | 2014-02-24

I was over at the Toyota dealership and stopped by here. The salesperson was nice, and it was a pleasant enough experience, I just ended up not being interested in a Ford, but from what I saw I would recommend the dealership.

Susan C. | 2014-01-22

This dealer went way beyond what anyone else would do for us to get us financed.  They are an exceptional, caring dealership.  No one else would or could do what they did.  We appreciate how much they put into our situation.  They are amazing!

Lisa P. | 2013-12-04

This update is based on the follow up experience I had with Mossy Ford. I would give them a 4 star for the second visit, but discounted one because the first one was so horrific (and the update failed so I HAD to go back).

Brandon contacted me a few days later and let me know he was sorry to hear about the experience I had and they had talked their scheduling department about implementing procedures to prevent the confusion during my visit. The big problem is apparently in vehicles with 'first generation' Sync. Wow, apparently this is a major deal for them to fix (although it was all of four years ago).

Since I said it wasn't working he offered to get me in for an appointment at my convenience and offered to provide a free rental so I was not stuck waiting. I gave him a day and time that would work and he was extremely efficient at setting everything up. He let me know he wouldn't be there but to contact his manager who would help me out. One good note - I would say Brandon appeared very authentic and cared about his customers. I do think he was greatly let down by others on his team.

I showed up for the appointment and while checking in reminded the manager that Brandon had offered me a rental (I was traveling farther away than I assumed their shuttle could accommodate, and he didn't offer it). The rental was a Toyota Prius (odd from a Ford dealership). Hmmm...

When I came back I went into the lobby since the manager was with another customer. He came in shortly and let me know that he saw me arrive and my vehicle would be ready soon. He brought me out a few minutes later to test out the Sync with my phone and this time it worked. Otherwise I would have been out big bucks to replace the system. :(

They also washed my car for me and it looks like they filled up my tank (about a 1/4) which was a nice and unexpected surprise! They did not offer me to go look at another car or test drive anything - which in a way was nice (not sales attitude) but I felt a lost opportunity (my vehicle is a few years old with an outdated system).

If you get the *star* treatment you will enjoy this dealership.

Gio H. | 2013-11-17

Not even one star for this horrible place..
They never do what they promise.
I bought a car for my wife and i was planning on getting one for myself but they decided to use their rights "on the back of the paper i signed" and cancel the contract!! Woooow what a great customer service and trust that they're building with us.
Be aware... They just want the sale closed to get their commission and they don't care about all the rest, not a customer service nor making sure that the info in their contracts is correct before closing a deal, i really hate this place and would never Ever go back their... Now i can return their funky vehicle that i regretted since day one, they saved me a big hustle by canceling the contract.

Mae T. | 2013-09-22

So- we did not buy a car from here. But I am going to write a review on their customer service. We initially decided for a used/late model vehicle (camry) they happened to have one. the salesmen Baker(?) was very nice! He wasn't the least bit rude when we told him we had a few other vehicles (at other dealerships) to look at. His supervisor was surprisingly nice as well. I say this because MOST dealerships weve gone to- once we tell them no, or not yet, they instantly become a different person than the one who greeted you. But not these guys- they kept on being friendly and told us to come back if we changed our minds. So I give them 4 stars for excellent customer service.

Corinna L. | 2013-09-18

I didn't end up buying from this dealership only because I found the car of my dreams at a different dealership. However, I wanted to write a review of this dealership because I had such a great experience.

Pete Martinez was who I was working with. He spent a lot of quality time with me and didn't make me feel pressured. If you are looking for a genuine person to work with and talk to, look for him.

This is a great dealership and I would recommend you stop in and take a look if you are car shopping!

Gary P. | 2013-09-09

Great deal on the car purchased but that's where it ends.....  won't be doing service, warranty or anthing else here..

Larry C. | 2013-09-06

OK, so I have read a lot of these reviews, and quite frankly, I am almost laughing at some of them, because many of the people reviewing coming are automatically assuming these guys are out to cheat and steal from them, so any tiny little thing they do to make a profit from you means, "They are scum".  Give me a break people!  I work in marketing, and my experience was quite great to be honest, and quote frankly the best I've received so far.  I too looked for at least some of these things, but my eyes were not so open to caution that I became brain dead like some of you appear to have been in your experiences.  

Mind you, I was obviously very cautious, coy, and I was in there to play the game, and surely enough I was not there to be an airhead.  One thing you must understand is that you must do your homework these days before you buy, .  Do not assume that you will walk in, and everyone will have your best interest.  Remember that you are going into a, "Service jungle," not a restaurant.  With that said, I was highly surprised, because my experience with started with Marcus on the phone.  He was not pushy, and he was kind.  I came to the dealership, and I was politely greeted, and not approached with a crazy deal of nuances.  Mind you I am educated in what I want, and I know how to play this game a bit, and that is important.  I wanted to buy a particular car, a particular package, and I knew all about the car.  DO YOUR HOMEWORK people.  I came to get my car appraised, and was greeted by Eric Kasjaniuk, a really awesome and kind sales guy.  He gave me no pressure, and when I needed to leave for a meeting, there was absolutely no hurry.  I was actually pleasantly surprised at his calm demeanor.  He appeared to have a respect that I told him I was shopping around, and that I knew what I wanted.  He's a smart guy, because the second I sense a super pressure, I usually leave the scene.  

Later that day, I returned because my meeting had ended, and I received the info I needed.  I did not immediately intend on receiving an offer for a particular car, but I was intrigued by what they had to say.  When David G.  introduced himself, I noticed how much energy and enthusiasm he had.  This guy was motivated, and also hilarious!  For me, I read him as a no-bs type of guy, but I didn't see him as a fool.  That is one thing I appreciate with-no bs.  I didn't sense snake oil in this process.  I made it very hard obviously, but in the end we made a great deal, and I came out a very, very happy customer.  I don't know about the other reps, but if you want great customer service, and with people who are patient, and respectful, yet enthusiastic and desire to work with you -not against you, I recommend David G., and Eric Kasjaniuk (no brainer).  I get that some people are trying to look for trouble because ones wallet is important to protect.  I get that one wants some type of magic wand to make the prices so cheap that they go far below retail, but I think we all wish it to be so.  Miracles do not always happen that way, but they do happen, but when they do not, please do not approach your deal as if you did not receive one.  I just say, trust your instincts, you should be firm, but one attract bees with honey, not crazy requests, and if you don't like who you are dealing with, don't go on Yelp and give a bad review, just ask for someone else to help you with your purchase, because Yelp won't make it better.  If it's bad, I got lucky with the right folks so that means one thing a lot of times.  If your smart, you have the ability to challenge stupidity and make your experiences work, otherwise you will be the average Joe that never gets a deal but will gripe and complain while guys like me just came out the door smiling.  Just work smarter not harder.  I did.  I'm just glad I had a great experience, for the salesman sake lol.  

FYI, I don't speak for the service dept. Whether they are as bad as reviews state or not, I'm sticking to the other Ford Dealer whom I have always serviced my car through. Mossy has an unfortunate Achilles heel; that is the inability to modernize there disgustingly outdated facilities to match that of drastically more modern, convenient, comfortable and classy places where customers wouldn't have to moan about idiocencrecies. But they will because they have nothing else to focus on this badly aging and obviously money pinching place.

Sue F. | 2013-07-05


I've tried twice to work with this dealership to purchase a 2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid.  During visit #1 I got a test drive, then had to sit through an interminable wait to deal with the "Sales Manager" Marcus Jackson - who didn't have a final $$ number, but had the sales reps walk me out to a Fusion Hybrid that had meanwhile been driven up to the front door -- and that didn't even have the MAIN FEATURE I had told them was the reason I wanted the car!   And I never did get a definite $$ number from them for the car with the options I WANTED.  It was a case of "show her the shiny new car on the lot and she'll want it so much she'll immediately buy it!"  Get real.  I left.  Total waste of my time and good will.

Then they commenced repeated phone calls (one every few days), inviting me to come in to the dealership and look at the wonderful car they had found for me (no details provided).  I explained that they needed to tell me WHAT they had found with what options, and the PRICE they were willing to give me, before I would drive to the dealership again.  Never happened.  On one call they did manage to quote me the MSRP.  Sigh.

So I registered online with the Costco Auto program -- filled out a form with EXACTLY which car I wanted and which options.  I got a return e-mail that (oh goody) Mossy Ford was my authorized Costco Pricing Program dealer.  Then I got a call from (double oh goody) Marcus Jackson -- informing me that he was the "Internet Sales Manager" and since I was such a nice lady, they wanted to get me a really good deal. (Gag.) Then he e-mailed me "window stickers"  for two Fusion Hybrids -- both with over $3K of options that I hadn't specified and didn't want or need!  I replied by e-mail to that effect.  

His response?  He had another sales person call me with the same smarmy approach, inviting me to "stop in" for a visit.  When I told him I had already visited the dealership several weeks ago, he wanted to start the information-gathering process all over again!  At that point I asked him to please read the specs I had listed online, read my response to Marcus' e-mail, and THEN contact me with a price.  He said he'd have to "talk with Marcus."

These folks desperately need to lose their snake-oil, BS approach and their "just get them in here and we can sell them something" mentality, and instead start LISTENING to their would-be customers and responding with straight talk and real information.  Their smarmy, smoke-and-mirrors sales approach is decades outdated and just plain insulting.

Laura M. | 2013-06-28

Came all the way from Orange County to get a used car here.  Worked with Mali.  She was awesome.  Never pressured me, offered great advice on cars and helped me get a great deal!  Loved working with her and the people at Mossy Ford. They definitely wanted me to go home happy!

Rick M. | 2013-06-28

Since I knew which car, model and year my car buying experience was limited to the price.  I spoke with 5 different dealerships that had the vehicle I wanted.  I got a basic quote from each one.  I was surprised that they all had a different price for the same exact model.  Anyway, now I had a starting point and picked the lowest three dealerships to bargain with.  I spoke with Mossy Ford and the Internet sales director stated she would beat anybody's price.  Now, I have the dealership that I should be able to get the best price.  Not so fast senor!  I used the other two dealerships to get a price.  After a couple of days playing with them I get one dealership to give me a written quote.  Now, I take this information and call Mossy Ford.  Internet sales director says, "No problem I will beat that price."  I said, "sold!"  Well I show up and she is too busy to deal with me so she pawns me off on some salesperson.  He goes to get the numbers for me and comes back with a price $1000 higher than already discussed with the Internet sales director.  I tell him that I am not into playing games and if he won't honor the price I agreed upon then I am out of there.  He states that the Internet sales director is out of the office and he can't confirm until she returns.  So, I said you best just give me the lowest price you can on this car because you are over $1000 too much.  He returns with some different numbers but they are broken down into categories.  Long story short, he actually jacked the price up by $150 and thought he would get one over on me.  So, I laugh at him and leave.  Told him I came to purchase the car at a specific price that had been agreed upon and I can go to a different dealership and save more than $1000.  Well as I drive home the Internet sales director must not have been out of the office because she calls ASAP.  I tell her what happened and she says that she will beat the other dealership by $500.  NOT TRUE!!!!  She says if I put down $2000, then my actual financing will be $1000 less than if I buy if from the other dealership.  REALLY??? Wow they must make a grip of money if this is how they treat their customers.  Never buy from any MOSSY dealerships.

Tabatha T. | 2013-06-27

I  went to buy a car from there a while back (it was 2 years ago), but I felt the need to say something now.  My hubby and I started looking for a Ford Fusion Hybrid.  We found one and the guy was throwing all these deals at us and what not on tinting and customizing and other amenity packages. It was great gave us confidence.  So I don't even know who this other guy was that barged in on the sale, I think a possible manager or senior sales person, I don't know. Anyway.  I told them what I wanted and they tried to get me to buy a regular Ford Fusion and in an ugly color.  I told them that's not what I want, so the guy tries to reason with me about if I buy the regular fusion now I'm saving money because it wasn't as expensive as the hybrid, but with hybrids you save a little over time.  Ok... and?  So the guy has us do the little drive around the block we didn't even go on the highway and the guy asked me if I wanted to test drive it.  I looked at him and said, "No this is not what I asked for".  So the guy gave us a price and we told him ok we'll look around and if they are the better deal we'll come back.  So we went to a competitor and they had a slightly lower quote, so we decided to see if Mossy could beat that.  The guy at Mossy brought the car I wanted around and beat the competitors price, so we were going to get it.  Well we went across the street to start the paperwork and we finished it and then we were discussing when we would give them the money.  We still had to go get the loan from the bank and pay the down payment that we were getting from our insurance company from our last car. So this was the red flag for me.  They had rang the bell and all that and people were cheering BUT the guy wanted us to take the car off the lot with out any money changing hands.  Screech!  That was the halt button for me!  I told my husband that by them being willing to let us drive the car off the lot it sticks us with the car. It shows that they don't care about the customer they just wanted a sale.  Even though the guy gave us their lowest price, I told my hubby that I think we should go back to the competitor.  So we told the guys that we didn't want to take the car off the lot until we had the money and they assured us that they trusted us which was great, but my alarm went off.  So we went back to the competitor.  They beat Mossy's lowest price that they could go and they didn't push us to buy or to take the car they waited until we were ready.

For those who had a great experience then kudos, but for us we are so glad we went with the other guys.

Ryan F. | 2013-06-07

I called the dealership and they transferred me to the Parts department. 20 minutes on hold before I hung up.

stella h. | 2013-05-25

Y'all, I am super duper tired.  I drove down to SD from LA to get my Focus hatchback today (had to turn back once in Irvine, too.. boo.) and I couldn't be happier.  I'm sure the other dealers are great, but if you're going to Mossy, I highly suggest working with **MARCUS JACKSON**.  See how his name is in all caps?  That's how awesome he is.  MARCUS.  MARCUS. JACKSON.

I worked with MARCUS online, mostly via e-mail and phone calls, to negotiate a price that would work for both of us.  He was super understanding, flexible, responsive, he gave me space, he wasn't pushy, and he was just a joy to work with.  A stark contrast to most of the other car salesmen I've encountered.  

I've been actively looking to buy a car since January of this year (passively since February of last year), and MARCUS is the only one who didn't do the hard sell or guilt trip.  Honestly, he made it really easy.  I wanted to give him a hug.  But not everybody is into that, so he gets a Yelp review instead.  I'll be actively looking for MARCUS again if I need to get another car, and highly, HIGHLY suggest others work with him on future car purchases or leases.

Sure, it's a far drive from Los Angeles to buy a car, but I think it really says something if I'm willing to go that far not only to get a good price, but to get away from LA area salesmen.  Plus they have great beaches and Mexican food in San Diego.  It's a multiple win!

p.s. I also worked with Rick; he was just as easygoing and knowledgeable about the cars.  I see a lot of the issues on Yelp are about management, but I never actually had to deal with them.  Seriously, find MARCUS.  or Rick.  They'll take care of you.

Jessica L. | 2013-04-16

I stopped into Mossy Ford a few months ago to make a sales call for work- I spoke with the one of the managers who was not only rude but he actually told me, "I'm sick of people like you"   .... wow, true colors. I can't believe ugly he was with me. My fiance and I are in the market for a new truck and I am absolutely taking my business elsewhere.

I live less than a mile from Mossy Ford, however because of the way I was treated when I wasn't a "customer" we went ahead and purchased a Ford Flex and a Ford Fiesta this year from PERRY FORD in Poway. Patrick helped us both times, he was fantastic.

Kathleen T. | 2013-03-27

Instinctively, once I made the decision to buy my FIRST new vehicle at the ripe age of *ahem* 26, I cringed at the initial thought of haggling with gum-chewing car salesmen. Because I couldn't bear the thought of going at it alone, I forced a male sidekick to accompany me and represent the "patience" that I never had to begin with. Come to find out, I had such a pleasant, seamless experience purchasing my new AMAZING F150 from MOSSY FORD, I probably could have done it while babysitting a 2 year-old and battling a migraine ----it was that awesome.

  I'm a bargain shopper with little patience and a smart mouth( you might call it other things.) I visited four FORD DEALERSHIPS in the San Diego area, some came highly recommended on YELP, others didn't. The first place I went to was HUGE and I wandered around for an hour in the lot without anyone asking to assist me as I climbed into one truck after another. The second place I went to made me want to stab myself in the foot so something would distract me from the salesman's inability to show interest, knowledge, or personality. The third was very similar to the second, with different hairstyles and pungent smells. Needless to say, as soon as I drove into the lot of MOSSY FORD, I knew things had turned for the better.

 Salespeople in nice dress with beaming (not creepy) smiles were waiting to greet me as soon as I stepped out of my car. I told them I'd be there around 7pm, and they were early waiting for me ( being Military, I respect the saying that : early is on time, and on time is late.) Right off the bat, they were smokin.

  I had initially spoke with Jennifer on phone, an extremely bright and personable staff member, who exhibited NONE of the horrid qualities that I had encountered at other dealerships. She was even more pleasant in person, spunky and refreshingly down-to-earth. She used all her words correctly, never had me feeling rushed, unwanted, or pressured. Two thumbs WAY up, especially any chick that can rock a pixie.

 Most of the one-on-one leg work was done by Steven. Whoa, what an awesome guy. There is something to say about someone you meet randomly that you feel you can talk to for hours and never feel burdened or bored. I will say that much about Steven, and that he was an intelligent guy who had humility, street smarts, and humor, all concocted into a very amiable conversationalist. I'm not under any circumstances a pushover, however, Steven is the kind of guy that, even if that is your pitfall, I am sure he would never take advantage of that and you would still never be led astray. He was very upfront with me about all the questions ( no matter how weird) I asked him.  He doesn't treat you like a person he needs to sell a car and get a commission from, he treats you like a person, a friend, and a family member, that needs a new car and wants the best fit and best deal.

I got a very competitive deal on my new truck. They were on time with all appointments, never too attentive (other dealerships were stalker-like) and never left me feeling mislead or unsure. I could speak mountains for how wonderful my experience was at Mossy Ford, but I don't have to if you just stop by the dealership. They were willing to give me the best rate, AND they were the only place I felt totally comfortable giving my business. If you don't want to take my word for it, just do what I did and have a painful, wasteful day experiencing all the horrid other dealerships first, then go lick your wounds and realize I was right and go to MOSSY.  

Also, I have to add for all my fellow Service Members, that they work hard to give us the best deals, and they understand the sacrifice we give and know how to best treat us.  Overall a five-star experience at this car dealership and purchasing my new car, if it didn't cost money, I'd probably do this everyday just for the positive experience.

Virginia A. | 2013-03-23

This place specializes in screwing US NAVY SAILORS!!!!!

My son and I were treated so badly when we tried to get justice, he is a US Navy Sailor.   The General Sales Manager Mike Palmato is a jerk, he is rude and arrogant.  Mr. Mossy I hope you are happy with how your dealership treats the people who have given you the freedoms that you so now enjoy.  Or have you gotten so rich that you don't care how it is run as long as you get your money???  

Please DO NOT go there unless you want to get screwed and mistreated.  If I could give it a negative star I would.  

Stay away from there.  Worst place in San Diego!!!!!!!!

James L. | 2013-03-17

Went here years ago for a broken starter.  They said it was fine and came up with $1,500 worth of other unrelated things to fix.  They sprayed some kind of junk into my engine compartment that didn't get cleaned, lost one of my hubcaps and again... didn't fix my problem.

I'm not one to flame, but this really was a bad experience.
Especially since a trip the next week got cancelled when my starter completely failed leaving me stuck.  Check other Ford Dealerships.  There's another one nearby that I fell in love with and got the job straight.  I'll place a review on them too.

Rachel V. | 2013-03-11

STAY AWAY!!!!  Or if you go, consider yourself warned.  I'm not kidding you, after one night here I was totally depressed about having to buy a car, and thought I'd never get through it.  (Until I had a fabulous experience at Kearney Pearson Ford, but that's another story ....)

These guys are like every car salesman in every terrible movie ... they're caricatures of themselves!  Honestly, I was shocked that car salesmen still do this crap.  For example, after a test drive and lots of hoopla, we asked the car's price ...  and it took about 45 minutes to get a number out of them.  The guy we were talking to kept disappearing, and then 10 mins later a new guy (his "manager") would come and schmooze us, and this happened about 3 times before we got the number .... which was written with marker on a sheet of blank paper.  Yes, apparently we weren't to be trusted with an actual printout.  

Just to make matters worse, they wouldn't listen to us AT ALL ... can't remember how many times I had to repeat that we had just decided to start looking a new cars that day, and weren't in a position to buy right now.  It was all "what would it take to get you in this car tonight??"  Um, how about time to look at another model?  Also, I said about 50 times that I was interested in the Fusion with the 2.0 liter engine, and it was like they didn't even hear me ... they just pushed the hybrid model they had in the lot, despite the fact that it wasn't at all what I wanted.  

All of this time wasting happened while we've got our 5 year old with us, and it's getting later and later ... he (and we) hadn't had dinner ... and they just kept wasting our time.  We should have just thrown in the towel and left sooner.  Even days later, the BS continued!  I got calls upon calls, saying that "the regional manager just gave us all new sales targets, so the general manager is willing to make some great deals!!" ... honestly, do they even hear themselves??  Like a bad movie.  And they kept asking how they could sell me a car, and then completely ignoring me when I said, "Have a 2.0 liter Fusion."

Save yourself a huge migraine, and RUN, don't walk from this place!!

Jory H. | 2013-03-07

They are thorough and courteous.  Charge you an arm and a leg and probably take twice as long but the peace of mind that it'll be done right and once is sometimes worth it.   Oil changes take awhile...worth leaving the car there or taking advantage of their complimentary shuttle service

Rob G. | 2013-03-02

Can I give 0 stars please?

1. I had committed to buying a car at a predetermined price that I had agreed with the sales manager, but couldn't pick it up that day. In the week it took for me to return to the dealer to pick up the car I was called every day by salesmen telling me to "come to our biggest sale day and test drive -Car-!". Are you kidding? I already agreed to buy one, why are you spamming me even when I told you to stop calling?

2. When I came in to actually pay for, and sign the purchasing agreement, they told me my nationally-recognized lender's check wasn't good and I'd have to pay with an "option contract" financed by them.

3. Snuck their financing terms on the purchase contract. I had a blank check ready to go from an outside lender, but they still had the contract listed as "6.99% interest for 72 months" instead of "Single Cash Payment". For reference, my outside lender's terms were 2.25% at 60 months.

4. Tried to get me to sign forms saying I'd taken delivery of the car, and sync my phone to the MyFord / OnStar / whatever they call it, before I'd even seen the purchase contract. Probably an attempt to get leverage on me to force me to sign the purchase contract when they attempted #3 above. I didn't fall for it.

-Use your smartphone to fact-check EVERYTHING they tell you
-Get pictures of everything they put in front of you, whether it has your signature or not. They won't give you copies of anything you sign, or will conveniently forget to when you ask for it.
-Don't sign ANYTHING until you have the entire suite of paperwork in front of you.

TL;DR Read the fine print and never take a verbal - get it in writing. I ended up walking out.

Pavel K. | 2013-02-23

I wanted to trade in my car with expired warranty after it developed a specific problem for a new car with 7 year warranty, so I looked around the web and saw that Mossy Ford had amazing 2013 Ford Focus President's Day deals, stacked with a $3000 money back from the manufacturer for the president's day weekend. On the last day of the sale, I went to Mossy straight from the airport after I landed in San Diego that Monday morning.

The experience was fantastic.
Mali was great. She showed me all the 2013 Ford Focus options that they had. High end trims, medium end trims, different colors, rear sensors, the Sync feature and rear view camera. I loved the rear view camera, but that trim was a bit pricey.

After a couple of hours of checking out these amazing cars (as a guy I love looking at cars), I settled on the one color / trim that I liked the best. Mali explained all the features and differences throughout (it took about 2-3hrs of looking at the various cars located on different lots).

Mali offered me pizza for lunch as she knew that I have been traveling before and was hungry.

Long story short:
Mali from Mossy Ford cared about me choosing the right car.
Great discounts from Mossy Ford.
Excellent discounts from Ford manufacturer.
Good trade-in price for my older vehicle.
My documentation was at home and Mali offered to pick it up at a later day.

The necessary evil:
Paperwork took a long time.
I came in at 11AM and left at 5PM.
I guess that's how it goes with car purchases / trade-ins and financing.

I love my new car. Thank you Mossy Ford.

Sarah E. | 2013-02-22

I came to this dealership to purchase a 2013 Ford Escape. We worked with Mali, who was very helpful and knowledgable with answering our questions about the vehicle. It was a very long day, but it turned out well, and I'm very happy with my purchase.

Brittany R. | 2013-02-21

I went in looking at new F-150's. I came with the information on the wanted I wanted and they had it. The salesman took me for a test drive and it went great and I loved the truck I had chosen. And the salesman was very helpful and great. But the finance gentleman that was helping me out was not very helpful. He was rude and kept talking over and on top of us. He did't like the fact that I wanted to see what kind of deal they could do for me without running my credit first because I didn't want the ding on my credit. "its just a small ding, no big deal," he said. I asked for the military discount Ford offers and he tried not to include until we saw that it wasn't subtracted from the sticker price. He came back with another deal and asked if they could run my credit, I said yes and I got to ring the bell for purchasing a new vehicle. He was trying to trick us in what he was trying to offer, and he wouldn't budge for anything. As I waited for the paperwork to be done (which was forever), we went down the street to eat some food and they text me saying they are ready and if I don't get there then they will let someone go in front of me. We had been there for 4 hours already. Once I sat down to sign the paperwork, the gentleman asked if I owed on my current truck, I said yes and he said well that not the deal we made. I was instantly confused because I had explained about 5 times to the finance man about my truck and I didn't even initial something on the trade in paperwork. So he just refused to listen to us. I confronted him about it and told them to give my keys back and for them to take all the stickers off my truck so I can leave. I stormed out very angry at the finance man. I told the nice salesman that if he could figure out how to get me the deal, then I would come back and work with him. The finance man ruined the experience and I drove off with out a new vehicle.

Jason S. | 2013-02-18

Just leased my second car from Mossy Ford. Happy with the deal, thanks Mali.

Emma S. | 2013-02-13

I recently took my Ford into this dealership for the first time. I scheduled to get my car serviced and also ended up getting my car buffed/ waxed/ washed all that good stuff. They shuttled me to work all the way in Sorrento Valley with a driver that was very friendly. Andrew Phillips was the service advisor that helped me through the process. He was absolutely great!!!! He made sure a fantastic job was done on my car and I was very pleasantly surprised to find that they returned a very expensive watch to me as well (thought I had lost this watch but it must have been under one of my seats). Soo, great people, good detailing. Thank you again Andrew!!!

Therese W. | 2013-02-05

I brought my car in because it was leaking fluid and had an intermittent knocking sound.  I dread car problems and am highly suspicious that I am being buffaloed by the servicing personnel as we both know I am at their mercy.  As with the previous reviewer I had been working with Drew Phillip and he was entirely professional, went out of his way to be helpful, courteous and efficient.   He looked to see if any of the work could be covered by warranties, was upfront about the potential costs, coordinated my rides to/from, and saw to it that my car was washed.  What more could I ask for?  A+ in my book.

Matt T. | 2013-01-28

I had a terrible experience with their service/parts deparment, specifically with the body work that I had done on my 2005 Mustang GT. I was referred to Mossy by several other SD County Ford dealerships to handle any sort of aftermarket part installations. I purchased a Cervini C-series ducktail spoiler from Mossy and had them do the install. The first time the piece was installed took twice as long as initially stated as they could not paint the piece to my satisfaction.

I then had to bring the car back in, as the spoiler was not properly aligned with the deck lid of my trunk and the main portion of the spoiler was "bubbling up" and not connecting to the trunk properly. After they fixed the alignment issue, they could not stop the "bubbling" of the spoiler and I instructed them to use screws at the factory hole locations to try and help secure the part along with the 3M mounting tape (as recommended and previously tried) .

Well that didn't work either, so I then I told them to drill 2 holes into the deck lid of the trunk (1 next to each edge) and use a screw in that location to prevent the "bubbling" issue as this seemed to start there. After a while, I noticed that the bubbling did not go away and decided to do away with the Cervini spoiler.

Yesterday, when I removed the spoiler, was when my complaint about Mossy Ford came to fruition. The genuises in their body shop ended up drilling 9 total holes into my baby, 7 more than I had instructed them to do. Not only that, but they only had hardware securing the spoiler in 1 of those 9 holes that they drilled. They drilled 2 holes in each rear quarter panel and the pieces of the spoiler that mounts in those 2 locations was never an issue and I never told them to touch those spots.

I am not sure if it was a miscommunication about the drilling of the holes, but I can guarantee you I will be avoiding Mossy like the plague. The craftmanship was a compelte joke here. Even if I had told them to drill all 9, the holes that they drilled were done half-assed., There were drill bit marks (circle around holes drilled) and dents at each hole where the guy bottomed out the drill from pushing so hard.

Terrible, just terrible.

Thomas N. | 2013-01-25

I went here after work one day looking at the new '13 Mustangs. I was in the market for a new car but would still be happy if I walked out empty handed. The experience started out pretty well. The salesmen were really friendly and professional. I spoke with a young man named Marcus (sp?) Jackson and he was very helpful and nice as he showed me around. I found a car that I was interested in. However, the most stressful part of this experience was this manager (I think he was the Russian or Polish guy) trying to talk me into buying the car. It started out all nice and friendly. However, it quickly turned into an almost scary experience. He was super aggressive and a few times was very pissed off at me because I told him the car was out of my price range.  

As I was about to leave the car dealership, he ended up giving me a fair price which I took. In hindsight, I kind of wish I went to anther car dealership. However, the car runs well and I have no problems whatsoever so far.

I came back to the dealership a couple days later because I had found a scratch on the car as I was about to drive off the lot (after they had washed it). They told me that they would fix it up for free. They also told me that they would screw on the front license plate holder for me (so I wouldn't get pulled over). So I came in and they took my car in for both jobs. I ended up waiting there for almost 4 hours... Supposedly they had fixed my scratch and forgot about it. I went searching for the car. They found me and ended up screwing on the plate in 15 minutes. They didn't even screw on a frame! They straight up screwed on the plate. I was very disappointed... I could've been in and out in 30-40 minutes but ended up waiting on it for 4 hours. This place sucks. Don't go here.

If it was possible, I'd give this place 0 stars. But I guess Marcus Jackson definitely deserves that one star for himself because he was genuinely helpful and friendly. I would give him alone 5 stars and the dealership 0.

Kevin K. | 2013-01-18

This is your typical car buying experience.  Shady sales guys trying to sell you something you don't want.  My wife and I were looking for a car.  We told them what we were looking for and how much we wanted to spend.  The first thing they showed us was $20k more than what we wanted and then said they don't have what we want.  Then we were told they could get us the car we wanted in 2 days.  We said great.  After an hour and a half they showed us 2 cars at other dealers that were $20k more and not what we wanted.  A few weeks later I get a call from the same sales guy.  I tell him what I want, how much and that I don't want to waste my time if they can't do it.  He says, "I think we can make a deal."  I go, he hands me off to another sales guy.  I tell him what I was told, he shows me a car that's similar to what I want, but again $20k more than what I said.  After screwing around for another hour and a half they show me what they're willing to do on the price and we're not even close.

Bottom line,  these guys don't mind wasting your time trying to talk you into spending more than you want or buying something you don't want.

Avery O. | 2012-12-14

When I asked for pricing on a 1 payment lease it 20+ minutes so I just left.

Kevin J. | 2012-12-10

Despite their scheduled closing time of 5pm, my girlfriend and her father were able to get in at 4:40 PM on a Saturday with a bolt in his tire. Drew Phillips and the gang were able to help out immensely. Having faced the possibility of the rest of the weekend without a car, we were impressed with their ability to replace the tire on his 2012 Mustang. The tire guy even stayed a few minutes late to accommodate our emergency request.

They have a great lounge, too. Plus they have popcorn in the dealership which is right up the stairs.

George G. | 2012-11-14

Purchased a Ford Edge over the weekend. What a great overall experience! Got a GREAT deal. No pressure and a relaxed atmosphere. Chino was the salesperson we dealt with. Would highly recommend this dealership and more specifically Chino, for anyone in the market for a new vehicle.

Mauricio P. | 2012-10-26

the experience started out good enough. both the salesman and sales manager we dealt with were very kind, professional, patient and seemed like they genuinely cared about getting us the cars we wanted for the price we wanted. we sealed a great deal on one of the 2 cars we were looking at getting but were just a little off on the other car. both were very good deals but one was just off enough that we had to pass at that moment in time.

so we seal the deal on the car we agreed on, signed all the paperwork, finalized everything and i drove off happy. this was genuinely the best car buying experience i had ever had. why the 1 star? well everything went to shit a week later.

apparently the paperwork we signed was "conditional" (i was never told this)  and the terms had to be changed which would increase my payment. i basically said to give me the price and terms that were promised and was responded with a simple NO. i took my trade in back and left them the focus i had already driven for a week. the takeaway? you can't trust this dealership.

whatever happens in financing, if you have all the numbers in front of you and you promise something, you keep that promise and if something forcibly changes a term, you fight or find a way to make the original agreement stick. you simply do not betray your customers like this. its unprofessional and unethical. the sad part was we were going to go back a few days later to pick up another car due to the great service we had received earlier.


David F. | 2012-09-21

I have been going to Mossy Ford since I moved to CA in 2009 for all services to my 2006 Ford Mustang but will be looking for a new dealer. I had a tail light out on each side so figured while they have the two compartments open they should replace all the bulbs. To my surprise the quoted me $30 per bulb in labor for a total of $240!!  Can you say RIP OFF!!!  That did not even include the light bulbs!!

Shalini G. | 2012-08-28

i've always correlated a Ford with hillbilly that i have a child that is obsessed with race cars...we go to car dealers on the weekend for fun.  he would rather be at a car dealer than at Disneyland.  we did the fancy scmancy Symbolic in La Jolla that had ferrari's and stuff like that...but this past weekend he wanted to see a Ford GT... apparently not he same as a Ford Mustang GT.  I am learning.  Well....they happened to have the back.  yup...we were taken to the private viewing area in the back.  My son lost his mind over this USED $180,000 car. WOW i didn't know Ford did it like that.
the workers were awesome! they knew we had no intention of buying a car, we were there to amuse our child, they gave the kiddos popcorn and special treatment.  They kids sat in just about every car in the showroom, took pics and pretended to drive.  I was impressed by the selection of cars here...
If i ever buy a Ford it will be from Mossy.

Chris B. | 2012-08-26

DISRESPECTFUL and RUDE - I came here to buy a specific Focus I had negotiated for online. Upon arriving at the dealership I was told that A) that car was not on the lot, and B) the trade in value we had discussed was no longer available. When I tried to leave (after having been neglected in my chair for half an hour+) the manager wouldn't hand my car registration over so I had to snatch it from his hands. As I left the dealership a salesman put his arm in my car door so I couldn't close the door and leave. He proceeded to tell me he was going to offer me a better equipped Focus for the same price. I heard another salesman yell out "Why don't we just sell him the car he wants?!" Exactly!

Patrick M. | 2012-08-09

I daily drive my Shelby GT500 and it picked up noticeable rock chips over time.  I was afraid I had to have the entire front bumper resprayed just to get rid of several rock chips.  Well it turns out Mossy Ford in Pacific Beach has a dedicated paint "touch up" professional on site.  He is there Tuesday through Thursday.  

So while in PB on my lunch hour, he took a look at my car along with the body shop manager.  They wrote up a VERY reasonable quote and offered a free shuttle drop off and pick up while the car was being worked on.  I decided to work in their free wi-fi customer lounge and get some work done.  In an HOUR I had my GT500 back and looking like new.  These rock chips were no joke and they took care of it for around the price of a full tank of gas.  

The services rendered exceeded my expectations and were well worth the cost.  I'll be recommending them to anyone else who needs similar work done on their car.

Tyson D. | 2012-08-04

I have a 2003 Ford Focus, In the past I always took my car to Ford Service for repair because they certified Macanics. However this last time, my car was running slow. I took my car to Mossy Ford. They had it for a week, it didn't pop any codes, so they gave back to me, no repair done.No Codes, No Work
Later my car became so slow it wouldnt start. I have an OBD scanner, and still no codes.
I told My friend, he told me about LC Repair…

Same day, my car is running like bran new, plus they inspected my belts and hoses and found a small leak. I had them fix that too.
Unlike Mossy and most other repair shops, they brought me into their garage and showed me the damage.

LC is also Certified Macanics, but they know to fix the Vehicle when no codes are present.
Labor is also very reasonable. I paid the same price in labor here as Mossy charged me for not doing anything.

My 2003 Focus runs like a 2012 Focus
Thank you LC team!

I also thank Mossy for the free car wash, but that didnt clean up my engine problem

Nancy D. | 2012-07-24

I was looking at their website for used cars. I saw one that looked interesting and it had a blurb about it having an internet special. I sent the little inquiry, which is only accepted if you give a phone number, but I also added in the notes that I only wanted to communicate via email and to please not call me. Within minutes, I got an email from Robin asking me what the best number was to contact me during the day. I emailed back...did you see that I want to communicate by email only?? 10 minutes later...a different sales person calls and leaves a message. I email Robin again...please don't bother calling me. I will not do business with a company that refuses to listen to their customer's request. Lo and Behold...the salesman called me back today! I asked him about my messages...he knew nothing. I was pretty direct with him and told him that I was very unhappy with them and would not be buying another car from them (I have in the past). Then I called Robin, who it turns out is the Sales Manager, but she wasn't in and I had to leave a message.
Never will I even consider them for a car....and I was serious about buying one from them.

Candy M. | 2012-06-26

This review is for Randy in the service department.

Randy is awesome!!!   Seriously, best service guy I've ever used.   I have a 2003 Focus and I'm well beyond the warranty, but Randy tried his best to help me out when things went wrong or needing to replace things as needed every 15k miles.   He'd always tell me what needed to be changed now and what could wait for another month or two.  Super honest and won't try to sell you on stuff you don't need.   Plus, the couple times I need to leave the car over night, I was able to rent a car for super cheap from their sister dealership across the street (or catch a ride from the shuttle drivers: both ladies I've had were hoots, and I've gotten many rides from them).   I definitely miss Randy's help now that I'm up in the Bay.

Zack A. | 2012-06-26

took my truck here ONCE to be serviced - not only did I get a lousy vibe at the time, they called me so many times after really just HOUNDING ME that I now drive 80 miles round trip to North County Ford just to avoid them - I'm about to buy my third ford ranger from NCF (I drive a LOT) and will not be bringing it to mossy for service...

Mark P. | 2012-06-16

Today, I went and test drove a 2012 Mustang GT at Mossy Ford in San Diego. Not really looking to purchase, but thought it'd be nice to see what all the hype is about. Just for "sakes sake" I had them look at my Mustang and give me a trade in value. Long story short, you know how well I take care of my car and the time and effort that I put into it...I know my vehicle. The salesmen came to me and verified some data he noted from my car and asked "If I knew why the Service Engine Soon" light was on. I replied it wasn't--he said "Well it is." Now, on the way to the dealership and around town before--it was not on--I am confident of this. So after he told me the value of my car dropped $1000 because of the light, I started investigating. Turns out that the "Service Engine Soon" light was lit because somehow between them beginning the inspection of my car, and the end of it, the Mass Airflow Sensor was disengaged. --causing the light to illuminate.... I CANNOT EXPRESS HOW ANGRY I AM! These unprofessional, crooked, low lifes intentionally unplugged my airflow sensor to trigger the light--thus having to pay less for my trade in.  Mossy Ford--Stand by, this is just the beginning...You think you were having problems selling cars before? You have NO IDEA what is coming to you!

Joel L. | 2012-05-15

First off, I dunno if a true five star review can exist in association with a car buying experience. That said, I'm giving five stars here because Mossy did a GREAT job in that context. Also, I used to work at a car dealership in the early nineties, so I'm familiar with how things work on the other side, and am understanding of it, as well as having a very low tolerance for bullshit.
I looked all over LA for a 2012 Ford Raptor pickup, and everything here was marked up wayyy above sticker. Ten grand, in some cases. The best I could find was a fleet manager who agreed to order one for me and sell it for "only" $1000 OVER sticker! Mossy Ford had one I liked on Auto Trader, I called down and spoke with Tim and David, and between the two of them, and some up-front, no BS negotiation, they agreed to give me a $2500 discount on the truck off of MSRP. That's the best price I could find anywhere, and still left them with a good profit on an in-demand vehicle. Win all around.
I asked for it in writing, because I didn't want to drive two hours and find out someone was being less than honest with me, and they were understandably hesitant since they didn't want their price "shopped", as it was a really great deal. As soon as I offered to put down a deposit in exchange for a written price, they agreed and sent me what I asked for.
Two days later, I drove down to pick up my new truck, still a little leery that there might be some shenanigans in store, such as 'dealer prep fees', but when I arrived, they were waiting for me, the truck was getting prepped, and everything was exactly as it should be. It took a little longer than I wanted to get into finance, but there were people ahead of me and extra paperwork to prepare as I ended up financing through them as they beat my USAA rate by over a point, which surprised me.
Bottom line was, I knew what I wanted, was sure of it, and being straight up with them, they were straight up with me, and I'm the proud owner of a new Raptor. It was totally worth the drive to SD and I'm happy with my purchase and my experience.

Johnny D. | 2012-04-26

I received GREAT service from George B when my wife and I stopped in to look at some Mustang 5.0s.

Although we are not sure whether we want to purchase a Mustang, if we do, it will be from George at Mossy.

From start to finish, he was polite, treated us with respect, and treated us as if we were VIPs buying a car that day even though he knew we would be making our purchase weeks later.

Hank Y. | 2012-04-12

07/2011 (Never got around to writing this review until I finally went out car shopping again and remembered)

Came here with my friend (he's not a yelper) to look at a Ford Mustang GT, but since we were young (25) and came together, I don't think he thought we were serious. Our problem wasn't the guy (tall Mexican sales guy) not taking us seriously at first, it was how he continued to be unhelpful as we stayed there. Firstly, you don't listen to radio on all your showroom cars to the point where every battery is dead and then offer convertibles and automatics (both were explicitly said we were not interested in) because you (and they admitted this themselves) don't want to go through the effort of jumpstarting the cars or pushing other cars out of the way to get to another GT. In general, they were all just rude and dismissive.

Instead the sales guy offered to let us look at a Boss Mustang that was buried in the showroom that wasn't at all relevant to our price-range and our desired test-drive. In the end, I just want Mossy Ford to know, we went to Perry Ford in National City and purchased a fully-loaded red Mustang GT because they actually realized it might be worth their time to have a car that's actually ready to be test-driven and they're willing to pull out of their lot.

Erich L. | 2012-03-23

I decided that I was going to try and trade out my foreign car and get an American Car.  I saw an advertisement for Mossy Ford, so I went there first.  When I arrived I was greeted by Karlo, who just looked like a car salesmen.  He was welcoming, I told him what I desired and my intentions.  We went on a test drive of the Fiesta, where we talked some more.  Upon our return we sat down at a desk, while we waited for the used car appraiser to do their work.  We spoke nothing further of the potential new car.  He did little to make me excited for a new car. In fact while in the test drive, he claimed that he owned a Fiesta, but when I asked him what some of the items on the controls were he didn't know or just plain guessed.  So I was already suspicious of the situation.  Back at his desk, while we again waited, and I talked some more, he was busy looking around, or just looked down right board.  Then he was called over the intercom, where he proceeded to get up, and that was the last I saw of him until I turned around and he was at another desk with another customer!!!  At that moment some other guy came over and told me that they would only give me $4300 for my car, that was the best that they could do.  When I told that second individual I wanted to leave, he said OK, comes back with someone else's keys, asks if they were mine, and I said "No!".  15 minutes later he comes back with and offer of $6200 for my car; what happened to the best they could do was $4200?  I said get me my keys and that I want to leave.  Another 10 minutes goes by and then the business manager comes over to me to talk and try to convince me that I am a "valued customer".  If that was the case, then why did the initial Salesmen go sit with another client?  At this point I was frustrated.  She then says to me that they spoke with their Toyota sales people (across the street) and the best they could do was $7300.  I mean seriously, this was the most prolonged and annoying experience I ever had in a dealership!  After another 10 to 15 minutes, she finally came back, only after I asked the receptionist to get her for me, and finally gave me my keys back.  I left there and went to SD Auto Connection in Mission Valley, and they bought my used car for $9300! When I do decide to buy a car it will not be a Ford or from the Mossy Family of Businesses!  STAY FAR AWAY from this operation, they don't give a care about you or what you hope to achieve.  I'd only give them 1/2 a star if Yelp! Allowed me too.

John W. | 2012-03-14


My dad used to take his cars here wand the service guy he had was great well hes gone and so is the customer service.

I showed up it took forever to get helped. My ranger was under warranty and my shock had gone out. The took the car in and said they WOULDNT cover it under warranty because I had been offroading I told the guy I had never been offroading but I had been down some dirt road, its a truck for gods sake. He said the bumpstop was dented. So I told them to shut it I would replace it myself because ford shocks obviously sucked. They still charge me $20 because they had disassembled something I said that was ridiculous and spoke to a manager he was a complete asshole so I paid the $20 and will not return to mossy ford for anything.

John G. | 2012-02-25

My girlfriend and I had the worst experience at Mossy Ford.  The Sync system in our Focus was broken and under warranty, so we took it in.  It took 15 days and 4 trips back to get it fixed!  

The first trip we waited for 7 hours for them to tell us it wouldn't be done that day.  They never told us about the shuttle, so we walked over three miles to a decent place to eat lunch.  They knew at noon that the car wouldn't be fixed, but never told us until we called and asked at 4:30 p.m.!  It was ridiculous.

Our second trip I waited 4 hours in the lobby for the shuttle because there was one driver for all of San Diego.  After that, I waited for a ride back for over an hour - again, one driver - and they ripped the car apart.  They gave it back to us torn apart.

The third trip they finally gave us a rental car.  Which we had for over a week.  When we picked up the car today - our 4th round trip - our Sync worked.  BUT, there was a razor blade just sitting out in the cup holder, wire clippings and electrical tape everywhere, and greasy hand prints all over the trim.  The car looked disgusting and the steering wheel was covered in grease and grime.

The service department never called to tell us it was done, they called my girlfriend's dad - who lives 2,800 miles away - and asked him to let us know it was done.  What kind of service is that?!  So disorganized and unprofessional.  I couldn't believe it was a Ford dealership because usually they're so good.  Awful.

Gemma P. | 2012-01-17

Went to several dealers to try and buy a vehicle, but the customer service at Mossy Ford was the only to make me stay! Treated me with great courtesy and respect! Walked away feeling great about my purchase

Steven N. | 2012-01-17

I decided to write this review a couple months after purchasing my vehicle in case I had any problems with my loan or vehicle. Long story short, they hooked me up with a new car and gave me a great price. I referred a few of my friends and family there, and they each left with a new ride. It's hard to turn down great service and good quality at a low price. I will definitely be back when the time comes for me to buy a new car.

Jason B. | 2012-01-13

I've gone to Mossy Ford for all of the oil changes on my 2010 GT500.  Each time it seems the service gets worse.  Today I had an appointment for 11:00.  They don't even move my car from where I left it until 12:54.  Finally get out of there at 1:30.  Also, I have no idea why but each time I go the price is never the same.  Always between 100-120 but never the same.  One time the service rep gave me ridiculous price of around $300.  I tried not to laugh and told him to look up my previous transactions here which were around $100 for the exact same service.  At that point he said lemme see what I can do and ended up lowering the price.  To make it worse, they were repainting the waiting room so the place was a cluster and reaked of paint fumes.  I've read good things about Kearny Pearson Ford so i'll be giving them a shot next time.  I'm done with Mossy.
Also, they have a few new Boss 302 Mustangs including a Laguna Seca but all have dealer mark-ups of 20k over MSRP.  I really hope they don't find any suckers willing to pay that.  This same dealership had mutliple new 08/09 GT500KRs sitting in the showroom for years since no one paid the mark-ups they had on those and people would rather buy a new 2010+.

Andrea G. | 2011-12-26

Great customer service. Sales person, Andrea, was kind and not so pushy to get me to buy a car like a lot of dealerships. Also I liked that the options I was recommended to add by Leo were realistic and something I should actually get. I wasn't urged to add on something that was just going to be a waste to have. There was a problem with the car when I got it, but they checked on the progress until something was set up. Would definitely buy another car from here....but not anytime soon of course.

Mervyn K. | 2011-11-04

after agreeing on a lease rate it took over 2 hours of sitting around on a very quiet night before I got up and said I was leaving that I was taken into finance.
Of course nothing was prepared and it took another 45 minutes before i was able to leave.
when I read the lease carefully the next morning I noticed that the price on the lease was $1500 more than given to me in writing to get me into the dealership.
When i called to question it I was told "NO MFR. REBATE " on lease as against a purchase.
However I was offered this rebate on a lease by other Ford dealerships.

Graham D. | 2011-10-23

Did quick and thorough service - oil change, tire rotation - checked the rest of the vehicle, but didn't shed any light on the suspected oil leak location.

Paul E. | 2011-09-17

They did a great job finding me the exact car I wanted within the price range I was hoping for.

Griselda was great. I wasn't exactly sure which model or options I was interested in and she was able to show me everything I was considering, including a few test drives, without any pressure. The Fiesta I finally decided on was not on the lot, but they were able to get one within 24 hours. During that time, Griselda stayed in touch and kept me up to date on what was happening, and picked me up when the car arrived. Overall, it was a good experience and I would highly recommend you ask for her.

Rochelle S. | 2011-08-25

Griselda Ramirez asked me repeatedly to log into yelp and leave her a good review. At this time, I cannot do that. She made empty promises and that is not worthy of a good review.

Michelle P. | 2011-07-01

I went in there to shop for a new car. The sales rep was nice and helpful enough. However, when it came time to run the numbers the manager became a little shady. I gave them my info and asked them not to run my credit until I saw the bottom line. (I am on one of Ford's employee plans through a family member)

The manager ran my credit even though I asked them not to. He gave me a half ass apology when I confronted him about it.

I'm still planning on buying a new ford, just not from Mossy.

Lee Y. | 2011-06-29

On the 21st of June I left early from work to get my Ford F 150 its normal oil change. I made an appointment the day before for 4:15pm I arrived early at 4:00. The man who checked me in was friendly and told me that my car would be ready in about an hour. I also told him that I had other concerns with the way the truck was running and thought I was going to go back to make any repairs necessary. I than waited it the waiting area. At 4:45pm I still noticed that my truck wasn't taken back. I went to the guy who checked me in and asked him how much longer? I had time concerns I had to pick my daughter up from daycare at 5:30. Long story short my truck was finally finished at 5:45. Almost two hours after what I was told. I was never apologized for my long wait they changed me full price !!! Which I don't normal go there because they are so expensive! And I could be wrong but in the past I thought they used to give your car a little wash down which was not done.  When I looked to see what else needed to be done they wrote down just a couple of bullet points and rushed me out of there so fast. I would not recommend them.. Bad customer service.  
I understand that things happen and sometimes we fall behind but The client should at least feel like there are being taken care of.

Billy F. | 2011-06-16

Excellent customer service...during and after sale.  Go see Eric Biggs.

Maria B. | 2011-03-19

I just bought a brand new 2011 Ford Focus with pretty much all the bells and whistles. This review is not about the car (it's awesome) but more about the buying experience and customer service so far. I have not yet gone for service and will update this review when that happens.

Overall I would say the buying experience was meh. I think I could have gotten better service but it wasn't horrible.

I started looking for cars on the Ford website since I knew I wanted a Focus. I submitted a little online quote and a prompt came on saying I would be contacted by my local dealership. A day later I got three calls from 2 different sales reps. Over the next couple days I got another few calls. I finally called back to the last person that left a message and made an appointment to go look at cars.

I arrived early and started looking around the lot with a different sales rep. We walked to the used lot as well since I said I was looking for a gently used Focus. They didn't have what I described but when we walked into the dealership Mr Mossy said why not the brand new one outside. It was a pretty sweet car.

After settling the financial details with a different sales rep I had to wait for a while for the finance guy to get me to sign everything.

So buying experience was not so bad, but I felt like I was handed over back and forth between different people.

When I got the keys to the car my sales rep was going to show me how to sync the sync system up with my phone so it is on auto Bluetooth. He did not seem very knowledgeable about how it works. I really wish that he knew better about the car and how it works because the car also did not have the manual. I had to ask over email, wait a week, call again, swing by and have the manager take a manual from a different car to give to me.

There was also a problem with the car alarm installation that required many calls and coordination on my part to get it done.

So far that is really my only complaint that made the experience kinda eh overall.

Once more time passes and I actually go there for service then I will update and see if it raises my rating as well as build my confidence in this dealership.

GEORGE R. | 2010-10-06

i have had to take my car back several (6) times and they have not solved the problem yat. what they have done is talk down to myself, and charged me well over $500.00. remember nothing got fixed. i believe that they have a hard job but how many times do i have to return for the same thing.

Virginia R. | 2010-01-27

No pressure, no hassle, attentive service.
Thanks, guys!

*Michael Oyoque - Sales

Bill B. | 2009-11-06

Wow, someone else already posted about Andre, so this may look weird, but I swear I have no prior affiliation with the guy.

My Explorer had some recalls on it today, so I made an appointment to bring it in first thing, lest it should catch fire or my seat fall off as I'm driving, as they recalls led me to believe were a possible threat.

Well, Andre was the guy that greated me and it was pretty easy.  Nice guy, polite, professional, etc.

Went into the waiting room for the shuttle.  Waiting room was clean, current magazines, some sort of videogame system/area for kids, all good.

The shuttle was stuck in traffic though, and with a 9 AM call, Andre could tell I was bummed.  He got a new driver for me as soon as possible (didn't get his name), who was also polite and when I told him I had to make a call for work (hence my hustle home), he killed the radio and was super quiet.

Long story short, if they treat someone this nice when he's coming in for free service, I'd guess they treat paying customers even better.  Does it suck that the other shuttle was jammed in traffic?  Yeah, but it's San Diego, 9 AM, that happens.

Thanks Mossy/Andre.

steven K. | 2009-08-30

Wow, i thought that people just sterotyped used car dealers as shisty people that would sell their mothers soul for a buck. Well, i was wrong. Mossy ford will sell you anything they can put you in and then take it back and try to get you in something you cant afford. They don't care weather or not you can pay for it. What a bunch of #$*&#$^@*&$@^$.  LONG STORY SHORT. IF YOU WANT A USED CAR OR TRUCK DONT GO TO MOSSY FORD OR TOYOTA!!!

James S. | 2009-06-14

I take my car to Mossy for regular service.  My service writer, Eric B., is very professional and friendly.  They even throw in a free car wash after an oil change.  This is as good as it gets!

Editha Q. | 2009-05-28

Not only did they charge me $200+ just to change a hose that had a leak, my Explorer left with 4 old, balding, air-leaking Michelins...not the nice big Firestones it had when I dropped it off that morning.  I'm sure they were banking on the fact that I wouldn't notice when I picked it up...go figure, who looks at their tires when they're picking up their vehicle for another stupid reason?!  Called them and ending up just arguing with the Assistant Service Manager who "Sorry I can't do anything for you".  How about giving me back my original tires???!!!!!

I wish I had never taken my car to this place!!!!  I thought I could trust a dealer...NEVER again!!!  Now, not only am I out the money to fix my vehicle, I need to find more money to replace the shitty tires I'm now driving around in.  I was hoping that since they had such a huge presence in this town, they'd be such luck!

Q. M. Z. | 2009-04-19

Don't go here unless you know all the ins and outs of the game, and you are willing to waste a lot of your own time playing your own games.  They will try every dirty trick in the book.  I have nothing against people making a profit while providing a service, but what they do is terrible.

Here are the tactics they tried on me:
- Tell the customer his trade-in is worthless because they're just going to auction it off anyway.
- Tell the customer the model is in high demand so prices can't really come down.  
- Keep the customer in the sales floor as long as possible to maintain "power" over the customer.
- Switch sales reps and changing titles to fool him into thinking he's dealing with someone with more authority.
- Sell a car they don't have in stock, but claim they can get it.  Well, they promised and promised, but they never got it.
- Claiming features in the car that don't exist...unless the customer catches them.
- Showing the customer the "invoice" cost.  Trust me, there are a lot of fudging in those figures.
- Sell a 3rd party extended warranty that only works at Mossy...but don't tell the it a Ford warranty if they ask.
- Tell the customer he "must" give the dealer a great survey score from Ford if he gets a good deal. (that was funny because it was so sad and desperate)

Jeremy W. | 2009-03-29

I'm inspired to write this as I watch Top Gear on good ol' BBC. I'll say right now, I've never stepped foot on Mossy Ford nor have I ever even called for a quote on anything. Let me explain why, then, I feel that they are below average.

It's simple really. I think they are, again I am inspired by the British programme currently on my TV, bloody incompetent. While at the L.A. Auto Show in November, I was asked at the Ford booth which Ford was my favorite. I said, obviously, the GT. Well, I guess that was an unacceptable answer so I was asked to provide another response. Not being a huge fan of current Fords, the only answer that came to mind is the current version of my truly favorite Ford. A '64 1/2 Mustang. The Ford lady jumped at my response of "Mustang" and said "great, what's your mailing address and e-mail address, we'll set you up for a test drive at your nearest Ford dealer." To which I though, sure, I love driving cars and this would be a nice chance to give a new GT (Mustang, not the new 40) a thrashing. They of course at some point asked the requisite "when are you planning on purchasing a car" and my response is about  a year, if then. The response is, that's fine, just test drive it and keep the 'stang in mind when I am in the market. Sure, I would be happy to do that, and this is where Mossy Ford steps in.

I get a call from Mossy Ford later that week asking me if I'd like to come in for my test drive. I tell them that I'd love to, and make sure they're also clear I'm not in the market. They give the same response I got at the auto show and then ask when I would like to go by. I say, "I have finals coming up, I'd love to come by, but would like to wait until after my finals are over which will be in about 3 weeks." They say, "OK, we'll call you back to set something up." "Great," I thought.

Not so fast. When do they call me back? A few days later with the same question. Essentially the same conversation ensues and again, "OK, we'll get back to you." Basically, this happens 3 times in a span of 2 weeks and when finals are finally over and I'm actually ready to go in and take that test drive, well, they stopped calling. The result? If/when I'm in the market for a new car, the Mustang will not be on my mind. It never really was, but I figured the one chance they had to get it on my mind was through this test drive (uphill battle, but still).

If they really wanted me to consider a Mustang, they could have easily just done what I asked the first, second, or even third time and called me when my finals were over. Well, I'm still waiting for that call. If they do actually call sometime in the next year, then perhaps I'll buy a Mustang. It may even be from them; however, until that happens, a Mustang from Mossy Ford is just not going to happen.

jonathan k. | 2009-03-29

Used car salesmen through and through!

I was looking to get a new car so I stopped by after seeing an online add which was a good deal (07 accord  w/ 42K for $13,200).  I went and checked it out.  The salesman showed me the car fax - it was clean and had previously been a rental car.  I also explicitly asked him if it had been in an accident and he said "no, of course not".   I test drove it around the block and it seemed ok.  I talked some numbers before walking away to think about it.  I decided it was a good deal so I went back the following day to buy it.  I didn't test drive it again though.  So after a lengthy negotiation process I bought it and drove it away.  The next couple days I started noticing things that were off in the car - a crack under the ignition, weather stripping on the dash board was hanging out, the center console was missing screws, and every time I accelerated or decelerated I could hear something move.  I decided to have a mechanic check it out - the guys at Advantec on Adams ave.  The guy looked at it for about 10 seconds before he concluded it had been in an accident before.  He then showed me several things on the outside of the car that were wrong.  He  concluded the car had been sideswiped at ~35mph on the front drivers side.  That guy was good!  Cool too, he felt so bad for me he didn't charge me.
I was mad and I brought it back to the dealer and complained.  Since I had a week to get financing I hadn't given them a dime yet.  They had about a million excuses for everything that was off, except that it had been in an accident.   I eventually got out of the deal, got my trade in car back, but they wanted me buy something else from them.  I didn't feel like getting a lawyer and all the hassle or bills of that so I just picked up a  lease (something I never thought I would ever do)
It was a bad experience but I learned some valuable lessons.  First, I'll never buy a used car from a dealership again.  Second, always get a car inspection when buying a used car and be sure to make the purchase contingent on the inspection.  And finally I'll never buy anything from Mossy again!

ryan p. | 2009-01-19

The service part of this dealer is a rip,  they charged me $100 to tell me what I already knew, and another $100 to run the code for the check engine light.
Most places diagnose for free.
They wanted to charge me over $2000 to replace my flywheel, needless to say I found somewhere else to take care of it. I got it done at Rapid Transmission for $700, with full warranty.
Do not take your vehicle here for repair unless it's under warranty.
He was trying to discourage me about my truck and scam me into buying a new truck by telling me it would be over $2000 to fix my vehicle.
Do not go here unless you absolutely have to.

Shawn L. | 2008-10-21

Boy were we fooled by Mossy FORD!! I thought I was impressed with the honesty when we put together our sales deal...then everything fell apart.

We put down 2 deposits for my new to be cashed in 4 days, the other in 3 weeks. This would allow time for us to transfer fund between our accounts. We happily left the sales building and headed across the street to the finance department. We negotiated a fantastic rate and were very happy with the results. Contracts were signed, handshakes all around and we drove off in our wonderful new vehicle, leaving my beat-up trade-in behind. We were told we would have to purchase an extra key for my "new-slightly-used" vehicle and that would run about $80-$100. We were off to the dealership that made my vehicle (we did not purchase a Ford) a very happy family! As it turns out, a duplicate key actually costs $220 from Chrysler!!! Well, chalk it up to poor information and bad salesmanship....I guess we will just have to eat the cost. We will call this problem # 1.

Here is where problem # 2 began.....I checked our account the next afternoon to see if the funds had transferred yet, and GUESS WHAT? Mossy Ford deposited our check? What happened to 4 days? I started to make phone calls and requests to our sales person, his manager, everyone. I was eventually promised my overdraft funds be paid back to me because "The person that deposited my check quit, but it was their fault." Are you kidding me? It took a week and a half to get the funds back, but eventually Mossy Ford made good on the deal. I assumed that was the worst of it - boy was I wrong!

Two weeks went buy and we received a call from the finance department just as we were headed out of town on vacation. The message was,

"Hi, This is Mossy Ford finance. There is nothing wrong, we just need to change a few things on your contact. There is nothing big, no problems, but we were able to finance you at a lower bottom line."

GREAT NEWS! We go on our trip, return home and scheduled a time to come in to sign the "new" contract. Mind you, we are now 3 weeks post-sale. The price had dropped $3,000! We were skeptical, but nothing big stood out to us. We began to dig deeper, find that our APR had gone up 3% and our bottom line was dropped. Additionally, they lowered our monthly payments. You know the old saying, when it sounds too good to be true, it probably is? Well, we were had. The gentleman in finance told us that "We graciously took money from our own commission in order to finance you." Well gosh, wasn't that kind of them?

No - it wasn't. Why? Because when I started comparing the current contract with the "new one" (thankfully I brought it with me) we realized that they eliminated some of the services that we purchased! They were no longer allowing install of our Car Trakker, eliminated our 60-month warranty etc. When we pinpointed the finance person about this, he became very, very angry and started telling us, "If Mossy gives some, you have to give too!" Are you serious? We stood our ground in a very polite way. After 20 minutes of back and forth I politely asked to speak with someone else. Wow - were these the wrong words to say! He started to tear up the "new contract" right in front of us! We stood up and walked away, to speak with the manager.

Eventually we got what we wanted and signed the new contract. I was so disgusted with this entire process because the contract hold up meant that my trade-in was still not paid off, and the monthly payment was due already! I explained this to the manager and we were assured it would all be taken care of in 2-3 business days.

3 weeks went by and my trade in was STILL not paid off! After about 50 phone calls (literally) and a lot of irate inquiries to various managers at Mossy Ford, my trade in was paid off. That is it. No apologies, no "Let me make this right and stick to my word"..nothing. During this process, of course all our funds were tied up in deposits etc and we were unable to make 3 car payments. The interest on our trade-in grew, the payoff grew and became past-due. Did Mossy make good on the additional funds? NOPE. Our lender took our money from savings and our checking to pay the difference, despite the fact that Mossy Ford was the one with my vehicle and I had a Title Release form signed a month earlier!

The only positive thing from this entire ordeal was that our original salesman tried to speak to our Lender (for the trade-in) to reverse the withdrawal from our saving accounts so that we could have some money for gas etc while we waited for 3 weeks for the payoff to reach them. His attempt did not work and mysteriously no one at Mossy Ford could explain why a pay-off check mailed to our Lender took 3 weeks to arrive. Then, 3 weeks later we get a letter from Mossy Ford saying we owe them $69 because the payoff amount for our old vehicle was lower than what they expected!

Never again will I deal with Mossy Ford or Mossy anything!!!

Chris K. | 2007-03-13

I'm not a big fan of dealerships since they try to squeeze every penny out of you when you bring your car in. I only go here for the oil changes since I've got a mechanic who regularly works on my car. Mossy has given me good service and fixed up my car during the regular oil changes. My friend, the mechanic, has told me that they've added on unnecessary "recommended work" just because my car is over 100,000 miles or it's been a while since I've brought it in. But they also put legitimate recommended work on my receipt which I show to my friend. But the "unnecessary work" they suggest boils my blood. Don't mess with me, car people! I pay enough for your regular service. I'm already turned off about dealerships. Don't press your luck.
I haven't bought a car from here so I don't know what the sales side is like. I see quite a few "Mossy Ford" license plate frames around SD so I guess they do a decent business with sales.