Miramar Motor Sports in San Diego, CA

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Miramar Motor Sports

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(858) 677-0027
Address:5750 Miramar Rd, San Diego, CA, 92121
  • Monday: 10:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 10:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 10:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Thursday: 10:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Friday: 10:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Saturday: 10:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Miramar Motor Sports

Dan H. | 2015-04-13

Both Mike and Ray were extremely helpful with the purchase of my new Toyota 4Runner.

After a long day of looking around at some low quality trucks I was surprised to see such a selection of clean 4runners in one place.

Ray actually introduced him self and let my father and I sit inside of every one. After about 10 minutes we knew we were dealing with a legitimate company.

Ray was awesome at not pressuring us into a truck we did not want and actually letting us testdrive certain ones.

Mike made financing very easy and actually beat our interest rate at our Credit union.

I'm not a fan of used car dealers but these guys didn't seem to care if they sold us a truck or not. They were very confident of the inventory quality they had.

I'm sure if you're looking for a Toyota 4Runner these guys came up on your search. They are worth looking at.

Giancarlo C. | 2015-03-22

Mike is a class act!

I was in the market for a pre owned Toyota Tacoma and I noticed that Miramar MotorSports kept popping up on my on search on the web.

Once I got there I was shocked with the amount of trucks they had it stock. The truck I wanted to buy was a 2010 Toyota Tacoma Long bed 4x4.

Mike let me take the truck home to see if it would fit in my garage. After returning to the dealership I told him I wanted to sleep on it. He did not try to pressure me to buy right then and there. He simply said he understands it's a big purchase.

So I looked at a few more on the way home and was starting to realize the one Miramar Motorsports had  was in amazing condition compared to the  other thrashed ones I was looking at.

The next day I went back and saw Mike and we came to a deal.

Mike was amazing at not pressuring me to do something I was not comfortable with and went out of his was to explain everything to me.

Lindsay R. | 2015-03-04

This review is long overdue. I purchased my 4Runner from these guys a year and half ago and my alarm clicker stopped working. I called Ray at the Dealership and told him the problem I was having and he told me to stop by. It turned out the clicker battery ran out and it need to be reprogrammed. Not only did they replace and reprogram the alarm system but they even had my car washed FOR FREE!! Who does that a year and a half after the purchase? These guys don't just sell a good product, their customer service exceeded my expectation. You guys are awesome!

Alex G. | 2015-03-03

After reading all the reviews posted here I came to the conclusion that the few negative reviews are from Yelpers not happy with the negotiations. The people that actually purchased a automobile through Miramar MotorSports are very pleased enough so that they took a picture of there new car and actually posted it.

My experience was quite delightful. Both Mike and Ray are very knowledgeable with the products they are selling. I also found them not pressuring me to purchase right now like other establishments and I found that very refreshing.   After a couple of visits and more research on my part I'm happy to inform my fellow Yelpers that I'm not only happy with my purchase but I'm happy how they handled it.

Thanks Guys!

Manny D. | 2015-03-02

I recently contacted Miramar because I was interested in a Toyota 4Runner for my wife. I spoke with Mike, who I later learned to be their F&I guy. He was very rude on our first phone call, my guess is because I was asking to speak to a Sales Manager and was some-what insistent due to knowing the car business. Salesman on the floor often have no pull and no privileged information. After Mike and I hashed that out (On a CALL BACK that I made), he directed to me to HOLD OFF on my visit to the dealership because he claimed to have a  piece of inventory coming in 3 days that better suited my needs. I called 3 days later and spoke to a much more competent person stating that HE was actually the person who does the buying for Miramar. Mike claimed to be the Owner, so I assumed his information to be facts. This man informed me that 1) The 4Runner Mike was expecting didn't even have the features I was looking for and 2) The original 4Runner I was interested in had been SOLD. 20/20 view on the situation, I am happy it went down the way it did. I found another 4Runner which matches my needs and I have the pleasure of doing business with a location I feel comfortable with. I'll be writing their review next.

Dan D. | 2015-02-20

Can I just say these guys are awesome at this place, they were all so nice and very helpful.  I went in to look at a 2004 Toyota Tacoma and walked out of there with it. I just have to say that Mike was really cool he was really easy to talk to it was like talking to family which is a big plus for me, because he didn't try to hassle me like most dealers do.  He was fast, friendly and I would very highly recommend this place. Great customer service:) Thanks guys  Dan

Jody H. | 2015-02-13

This family owned business is a pleasure to purchase a vehicle from. I met Ray and Mike when my son and I went to look at a Tacoma last night. They had the perfect pickup for my son and it was his first buying experience. Both of these fellows have experience in selling and assisting with financing and they use it to provide a no pressure sales experience. No buyers remorse the day after. The price was fair and I would definitely shop at Miramar Motor Sports again or recommend it to my friends.

Evan R. | 2015-01-13

After reading all the mixed reviews of this place I was hesitant, but I figured I might as well at least look because they had a car I was pretty interested in. Me and my dad pull up to the place and the car was right out front (2012 MazdaSpeed 3) so we started checking it out. As we were looking at it someone came out (I think it was Ray) and asked if we had any questions about the car. We politely said no just looking at it and he went back inside.

First off, don't listen to their descriptions of the cars. They claimed this car was in excellent condition... my 2000 Subaru Impreza was in better condition than this. Back left rear was keyed, back right passenger door had large/long scratch marks, front grill had a dent in it, front lower bumper was scratched badly across the entire thing, the front bumper also didn't really fit well with the parts it connected too and the paint on the front bumper looked much nicer than the rest of the car (most likely because it was hit and replaced), and three of the wheels were very badly curbed.

So we go inside and the first thing they guy says is, "Do you guys have any questions? You blew me off when I went out there." Really dude ? We were just trying to check out the car and we didn't have any questions yet. My dad then asked him if the price was firm with all the cosmetic issues. He didn't seem to think they were a big deal because the car was white and had navigation which made it "rare". White MS3's are not rare in any way, shape, or form and I could care less about the navigation. As we were explaining to him the cosmetic issues he cut us off and said, "Oh you're right the car is a piece of shit.", so now he's just being an asshole. He told us that how all these cars look and thats not true because I seen MS3's that are older than the one we saw and look almost brand new. He also claimed he didn't know if the bumper was hit or replaced... I call BS.

My review doesn't even show how completely rude this dude was to us. Even if the car was in excellent condition, I wouldn't want to buy it from a jerk like this guy. Avoid this place at all costs. They don't deserve business from anyone.

Andrea M. | 2014-12-08

I came into miramar motorsports with my dad to buy a car. I don't know much about cars I just knew I wanted a car that I looked cute in. My dad handled the practical side when picking out a car. The fact we found a car we both could agree on was a miracle. And the workers there were very helpful in the process and according to my dad we got a good deal. He doesn't yelp but I wanted to make sure this place got a good review for the good experience we had. I couldnt be happier with my car. And as a plus one of the workers there the younger one... He was nice to look at... just saying.

Mayra S. | 2014-12-01

I recently bought a Toyota Tacoma 2004 for my dad to take to México . He is very happy with his truck. No problems with the truck runs very good.  The person who helped  us was very nice and helpful.  I'm very happy seeing my dad happy with his Tacoma.

Mary M. | 2014-11-20

Growing up, my father had a Toyota 4 runner. It seemed like such a big car and as a teenager I wasn't sure why my dad liked it so much. But when I got married with kids, I realized that SUV's are so helpful and practical. My dad's 4 runner is still kicking, so I decided to stick to the brand. I found a great deal on a 2001 4 runner at Miramar Motorsports and I decided to give it a try.

When I spoke to the salesman he was superbly helpful. He took me for a test drive and it felt as though it had just come off the factory line. The engine sounded great and the steering was very responsive. Interior was still relatively pristine given its age and there was tons of space!

The CarFax was clean so I decided to bite the bullet and buy it! I have had it now at least 8 months without any issues. These salesmen are very trustworthy with accurate descriptions and fair pricing.

Demyan D. | 2014-11-10

By far one of the cleanest dealerships in San Diego county! Cars are very clean Even if your looking for something older their cars are the cleanest no cheap body work or damage to the cars! Very welcoming and not pushy. Would buy all their cars if I could!

Matt M. | 2014-11-06

When I was in high school I noticed my friend had a Toyota 4runner. I wasn't a big fan of SUVs at the time but to this day he still has that old 4 runner from the nineties and it runs like a charm. So I got to thinking that there is probably more to this car than meets the eye as far as longevity and reliability. So I decided to pick up a used one mainly to help with the kids and my pets. I found a great deal on this 2001 4 runner at Miramar Motorsports and I decided to give it a try.

I spoke to the salesman and he was extraordinarily helpful. He took me for a test drive in this model and it drove like a beaut. I checked the Carfax on it and it was completely clean without any issues whatsoever and I was pleasantly surprised to see the truth in advertising. I bought the car and have had it now at least 6 months without any issues and I just wanted to show my thanks to these folks for their accurate description, professional customer service, and fair pricing.

Don G. | 2014-11-01

After purchasing the 02 4runner for my daughter I noticed an abnormal noise coming from the motor. I took it back and they helped me take care of it. Good business is gaged, in part, by how they handle things when there is a problem after the fact. Mike was quick and fair about coming up with a solution. I left with peace of mind. Good job guys. I still give MMS 5 stars and will continue to recommend my friends to go check them out.

Daniel A. | 2014-10-28

Took my 1991 4runner into the mechanic today to get some work done, and while my brother was driving me home i was on craigslist looking for Honda Pilots. Saw one at Miramar Motorsports and had my brother drive me up there just to browse. Ended up liking the car a lot, but it was Ray and Mike and their amazing customer service that made me feel comfortable pulling the trigger.  Honestly, I've always been apprehensive about car salesmen, but these two were actually great about answering questions, explaining the financing options, etc.  Actually talked with them about a lot of different things during the paperwork process, and they were cool dudes. My brother used to sell cars, and has dealt with a lot of those guys, and even he said that they were some  of the best guys he's ever dealt with as far as car shopping goes. Mike, who also teaches a finance class 1 day a week at SDSU, gave my brother and i some great advice for bringing up our credit scores even more. Anyway, left the lot with my Honda Pilot, very happy. Not just because the car is great, but because they made it a low pressure, low stressl, and pleasant experience.

Shoaib B. | 2014-10-25

I've been in the market for a pre owner late model Toyota MR2 for sometime. For those of you who know, it is a very hard to find in good condition. After 3 months of looking I finally found one that I liked in San Diego. I really didn't want to drive out there but it only had 34,000 original miles it kept calling me.  So I made the 2 hour hike. As soon as I got there i was trying to play it cool but inside After a quick test drive I was in love. Both Mike and Ray made the whole car buying experience a joy. Ray went out of his way and sent me over 30 pictures via text messages. Mike even filled up my gas tank. If these guys have a car you're looking for its worth taking a look at. Thanks guys!!!

Andy B. | 2014-10-24

Car dealers suffer from stereotypes of being untrustworthy. But I have to tell you that I could not be happier with Mirimar motor sports. These guys are the most knowledgeable and professional out there.
Mike took good care of me. I was interested in an Acura and finally settles on an Acura RSX. He took me through all the features and we found a good price point that made the deal irresistible. I've now had the car about a month and no issues whatsoever. Give them a try and you won't be disappointed. I uploaded a picture of my new, beautiful car.

Trang T. | 2014-10-18

Moved here from Los Angeles for school so i was in the market for a used Honda Civic. After doing my research on auto-trader I found 3 of them to my liking. After looking at all 3 by far the cleanest was the one at MiraMar MotorSports. I would like to thank the staff for not making me feel like I had to buy the car that day and letting me take my time on the test drive. It took me 4 days to make up my mind as i was emailing Ray with all the questions I had and he was very prompt on answering them and even went out of his way tint the windows for me at no charge.  

Thanks guys!!

Ryan L. | 2014-10-18

Awesome place!

I went with a friend to help negotiate a deal for a car and my friend could not be any happier.

We were in the market for a subaru and there was a clean 2007 WRX. I knew my friend wanted that car as soon as he saw it.

Took a while to get the deal done but that is what it takes to negotiate a deal.

The owner was so easy to talk to and we never felt pressure into making a deal.

Highly recommend this place to anyone looking to purchase a car.

Marty S. | 2014-10-10

I drove down from LA to buy a 2007 Toyota 4runner and I cannot say how happy I am.  I was first scared to go so far for a car but now I am glad I did so.  After the trip I came back with the most amazing vehicle.  The service at Miramar Motor Sports is amazing.  I would recommend anyone to them if you are in need of a car.  They are the best dealer. PLEASE VISIT!!!!!

David R. | 2014-10-08

My mazdaspeed 3 has been running smooth for 8 months so its not a lemon. When I walked in I only wanted to look at the car but they started it up and moved it out of the garage so I had to take it down the road. They didnt ask me to play nice and told me to really feel the power #zoomzoom.
Once we got back to the office the negotiations were straight forward and they helped me out with my limited credit and I had the keys within a couple of hours. Even got more than I imagined for my trade in.
Employees know there stuff but are very comfortable to say it like it is. I may not need to buy another car from them but I still think they are worth checking out if you see a car they have and do your research.

Aidan N. | 2014-10-07

I am very satisfied with my new acura tsx! I had been shopping around for a few months until I found this car at a great price and good conditions. they were patient with me and was very professional at helping me through the process. I was dreading going in to do the paperwork and purchase, but it actually wasn't all that bad. Found out that we are both Grad students from the same school! Overall, not pushy at all. I am definitely recommending this place! Great customer service from everyone!

Troy L. | 2014-10-05

This place is great! I drove down from LA, my daughter lives in Miramar and needed a new truck, she saw a few ads,  did her homework and called dad to help negotiate the deal.

When we walked in Thomas greeted us with a smile and my daughter by name (since she had been in two times previously looking at her potential new truck) I am always reluctant and hate buying from used lots Thomas gave us our space and time to really examine the truck, we never felt rushed or pressured, we negotiated a mutually fair deal, and we couldn't feel better. Our (or her) new Tacoma is perfect, the truck was in great shape, detailed, and even had a full tank of gas, who else does that?

I'm sure she will have years of use. We actually felt like we were doing business with family. I wouldn't hesitate to shop here again.

Christopher M. | 2014-10-03

I have terrible credit and have been to six dealerships to find a reliable car. It's tough to get financed with credit like mine. I had a good down payment and luckily they worked some kind of miracle to get me on the road with a Volvo convertible. I had my mechanic check it out and he said it is in premium condition with low miles. They took great care of me and my girlfriend and we will def be referring all our friends here! Thanks guys.

Nicholas W. | 2014-10-01

While car shopping I came across Miramar Motor Sports, I had been in the market for over a month and couldn't find the right car or deal. After going in I noticed they had a really sick 2005 Toyota Tacoma that I liked a lot. After test driving it I decided to see what type of deal I could get on it and to my surprise they hooked it up! I talked to the GM and told him my situation and what I was looking for in a monthly note and they got it all the way down to what I needed. Overall this was a great experience and I'd highly recommend friends to this place.

Maria K. | 2014-09-06

Just bought my 2008 Toyota Highlander from Miramar Motor Sports.  The car runs great and I had a pleasant overall experience.  I did not feel pressured to buy. my saleperson was very patient and answered all my questions.  I got an amazing deal on my highlander. Will buy from them again!

James A. | 2014-08-31

Miramar Motor Sports, had one of the three Toyota 4-runners that I was looking for, and after careful comparisons, Mike and I arrived at a price, and I drove away feeling very good and satisfied. I recommend them  highly and thank them for their great patience. see you after the holidays for my wifes next car.

Jon B. | 2014-08-30

Looks like these guys are up to no good again. They sent me a harrasing email message. Saying "hi, go fuck "your self"." Now they are posting bs reviews of themselves, one notably is under the name Ali G, who is really Mike..be careful of this place, if you care about your money, yourself and this country stay far away from these degenerates.

Christine K. | 2014-08-14


One of the employees (the only one working) unsure if he is the owner is VERY RUDE. We came in and he didn't even acknowledge us. He was too busy on the phone and seemed aggitated when we asked if we could check it out.

He started arguing with us when we asked and he refused to let us test drive it. He wanted $15,600 for the RSX (which we all know will never pass smog legally) and why would we pay that for something we can't drive? This guy is a joke this place deserves to get shut down obviously no one is buying any of his cars.

Tyler L. | 2014-07-30

I had a great experience today at Miramar Motorsports. I did not feel any pressure and was pleased with the entire process. I bought a 2001 4Runner with 135k miles. I've been looking long and hard for an older 4Runner in great shape. The one I bought today is super clean, runs strong and has no obvious issues. I'm sure there will be a few things to fix.... It is used.

As for all the negative reviews here,... To you I say learn how to negotiate, understand a used car is just that, used! And if you want a lower price, buy privately owned vehicles and pay cash.

I highly recommend this lot for anyone looking for a quality used Toyota.

Todd H. | 2014-07-15

Well If you look at the rating's on this place I would say its very well deserved. These guys are snakes. So to give specifics I called regarding a Jetta GLI, Grey, 6 speed. KBB and NADA gives a value for the car of 7,200 - 9,200 with a FAIR purchase price of around 8,200. MIRAMAR MOTORSPORTS PRICE IS 11,995????!!!!!? So the guys over the phone proceeds to tell me how the car is rare " I have looked at over 10 just this week", and how they did not make many in 6 speeds. Even though 9 out of the 10 I saw this week was a 6 speed. And that's why they have the car priced almost 3,000 over blue book. Well Miramar motorsports enjoy selling to people who are suckers. He even told me that the person who will buy the car is the one who doesn't check pricing!! Well no shit you don't say... I found one today with 10K less miles in better shape for 2,800 less before taxes. So if you want to get ripped off as they say, Come on down to Miramar Motorsports Today. Believe me THE TEST DRIVE IS NOT THE ONLY RIDE YOU WILL BE TAKEN FOR!!

Paul L. | 2014-06-25


I went this place to check out an 05 Acura TL, the car was nice and was in very good condition. I walked in they greeted me I told them I would like to check out the TL. The Salesman "Mike" tossed me the keys and I spent about 15 minutes looking over the car and asked for a test drive. We went on a test drive and he seemed like a cool guy, on an open stretch of road I asked him if I could open it up a bit and he was cool with it,  So I downshifted, floored it and the clutch slipped, I backed off the throttle and told him the clutch was slipping and needed to be replaced. Mike insisted that I didn't know how to drive stick even after telling him that every car that I have ever owned up until that point was a manual. I told him to drive the car and you will see that the clutch is slipping... it indeed was. We returned to the sales office and I told him I would still like the car besides the clutch issue and they agreed to fix it free of charge if I bought the car. I had secured financing through my credit union and had a little for the down prior to going to there, they wanted $2500 OVER HIGH BLUE BOOK and I tried to negotiate and meet them half way but they didn't want to deal, he told me to go have another look at the car and he will talk with his "Manager",  Yeah their office walls are thin all I could make out was "mumble mumble F#@k this Guy, Mumble mumble hes like a B!%ch who can make up their damn mind" Mike walks out and says No deal, I said okay, I extended my hand out for a shake, he spits on the ground and walked away.

Too bad I can't give them 0 stars.

Luis R. | 2014-05-21

I come here to buy a truck, but the sales guy was so rude that I decided to take my business else where. BE AWARE OF THIS PLACE THIS GUYS ARE TOTALLY AHOLES.

Dan Y. | 2014-04-18

These guys are downright rude. Once they realize that there is no deal, they turned on a dime and became very rude.  They are over-priced as well.

Tyler F. | 2014-04-08

I bought a 1999 Toyota tacoma from here. Truck is very clean plus the previous owner always had his services done at Toyota so I got all the previous paperwork. All of there cars and trucks are Very clean as they only take in good value cars no junk. I was working with mike the older brother he was nice and people find him rude but he is just straight forward he will tell you straight from the get go what he can do and doesn't care if you purchase or not as they sale a lot of vehicles. Would have given them 5 stars only reason I didn't is because they are overpriced I know I overpaid for my truck cause they wouldn't reduce the price maybe a few hundred dollars but the truck is emasculate inside and out. If you are interested in a tacoma or Jetta gli definiltley check them out you definitely won't find anything cleaner.

Stephen B. | 2014-02-08

I went to this dealer and found them to be courteous and friendly. I didn't buy a car from them but can tell to you that they had a great selection of fairly unique cars. If they had another car I was interested in I would make the trip from Arizona again to look at it. Thanks for the staff for taking the time to entertain my interest.

Brian P. | 2014-02-08

I came in here a while back when I was thinking about trading in my car and purchasing a vehicle from these guys.. I started talking to the younger of the brothers and was going to take one of the cars they had for a test drive after we hashed out some numbers on my trade in and on the new vehicle. After talking for a few minutes, he knew all the details on the my car and gave me an offer on my trade in, which was slightly low, but most dealers always come in low with first offer. After talking for about 15-20 minutes and coming closer to reaching a deal on my trade in and the price of the car I wanted, the older brother came in to the office and just sat on the desk in the middle of our conversation. The stench of his arrogance and bad attitude immediately filled the room, followed by him interrupting our conversation and asking me what I planned on trading in and what car I wanted, etc- aka everything I had been hashing out with his brother for the last 30 minutes. I told him that we were working on a deal and he said something along the lines of "well I'm the manager so I can get you a better deal". After some back and forth, he kept trying to barge in our deal so I repeated everything I had just said to his brother so that he knew what was going on. Before I even finished, he interrupted me and offered me $3000 less than his brother had originally. I told him that it was a disrespectful offer and that he knew my car was worth more than double what he was offering and told him what his brother had offered me. He literally said "F*ck that! We aren't giving you that much" and that's about where I lost it, never have I seen such disrespect from a "Manager". He continually raised his voice during the heated debated that followed and eventually I stopped the back and forth with him because this guy obviously has the IQ of a carrot and I was no longer interested in doing business with them. This place buys modified cars, returns them to stock and sells them as "unmolested and untouched". Went somewhere else and had a much better experience..

Jimmy Y. | 2014-01-30

just bought my dream truck, 2003 tacoma 4x4 crew cab from Ray here.
got low rate than my credit union would gave me, thanks Ray.
truck is flawless, 100% best dealer I have ever been to.

Ben L. | 2013-11-24

These guys worked very hard with me. Its hard to sell used WRX/STi and have A+ BBB rating. Loving my Saabaru.

Bertrand R. | 2013-10-11

I purchased a car about a year ago and here is my experience.

First of all, they offer significantly lower than Carmax trade in value. Offered me $2400 for my car and told me I'd have difficulty selling it.  Well Carmax offered me $4500, I was able to sell for $5700.

The car I purchased from them was high mileage and value price. Unfortunately, after a week of driving it, I found out that it was not a safe care since one of the rims was cracked, could have caused a serious accident for me. I wondered why the PSI was so high on one of the tires...to cover up a dangerous serious issue. I know that all sales are final, but c'mon, safety first before profit.

Lastly, don't know how they were able to pass smog to sell the car.  I think they collaborated with a smog shop to "pass" it for sale. Had to replace a very expensive part to make it smog legal.

They deserves NO stars. It is a USED car lot so buyer beware. I took a risk and all the stereotypes about used car lots are true with this place. They will say every story has two sides. Well fact is fact. This place is about profit and not reputation.

As of November 2013, I sold the car I purchased from this dealer to Carmax at a loss. After taking it to Aiwa Auto Mexhanics and John Hine Mazda, I refused to lose more money trying to fix an un-repairable smog issue.

Scott H. | 2013-08-18

"Lose some fucking weight, you Fat Fucks!"
-Miramar Motorsports

This is how my 20 minute visit to Miramar Motorsports ended when I went with Jon B. (his review is here as well and describes our full interaction in more detail) to check out a Subaru I was considering purchasing.

These guys are seriously intimidating--the speed at which we went from a terse feeling-out of where they stood on a car's price to a situation I thought our physical safety could be in danger was staggering.  I really would not want to be in a dark alley (or a back room) with these guys.

Having never driven a car of the type I was viewing before, I made a mistake on the test drive (which was very tough to get arranged to begin with--they for whatever reason didn't think I was serious about the car or something and wanted to settle on the car's sale price before even giving us a chance to drive it) and "burned" the clutch a bit in first gear setting off for the first time. It was embarrassing for me, and they were absolutely incensed--from there it was accusations we were "dogging" the car (even though they prevented us from taking the car above 4k RPM on the whole drive). I apologized, but a couple minutes in I was so uncomfortable I just wanted it to be over.  I'm not a young guy and really don't know why they'd typecast us as guys looking for a joyride--but they did.

Shortly after we got back it was clear the owner couldn't wait to berate us. As soon as I said I wanted some time to think about the car and see some other things he went berzerk. I tried to apologize again for the clutch mistake but profanity was everywhere and it was clear our talk was over.

Sad thing is with a civil discourse I probably would have bought the car at close to their ask price--but they were so explosively pissed at the mere insinuation the price was on the high side along with the test drive mishap any hope of getting a deal done was destroyed.

I wound up buying an equally good car the next day from another dealer for less money in a usual dealership experience.  These guys might have some interesting cars on their lot but it's a really uncomfortable if not downright scary place to be.  Caution strongly advised...

BTW there are some filtered reviews that describe very similar encounters. I don't doubt profanity-filled exchanges or even fights on the lot are a common thing. They somehow have an A+ BBB rating though--go figure. Looks like the word may be spreading on the Subaru boards on them though...

Patrick R. | 2013-06-23

I recently bought a 2002 Acura Rsx Type-S from them on 6/15/13.  I've been watching this dealership through Autotrader & Craigslist.  Their turnout time for selling Acuras & Honda is quick, I would probably say two weeks at most before it's sold out of its lot.  

As a first time buyer Mike and his brother (I can't remember his name) was very helpful with the questions I had.  They weren't the type of Dealers who would try and PUSH the vehicle to you.  They were modest and honest.  We asked about an extended warranty and was even advised by them it's not worth the extra $1500.00.  Seeing that I bought an Acura the parts for it aren't expensive say if something were to get bad.  (But just as a safety net I bought it anyways).  


- Good Service
- Patient
- A huge selection of vehicles


- None at the moment.  

Overall, I had a good experience and drove home with a new-used vehicle that I enjoy.

A C. | 2013-02-15

Ken, you probably deserved it. Mike and his family are awesome. My family has bought two cars from them. Ive brought friends to buy cars from them, and have referred many more. They always have the best cars in the area, rare models with ridiculously low mileage. They take care of their customers, they still remembered who I was even though i havent dropped by in 3 years. Mike even took the liberty of getting one of his employees to detail my car during the purchase of a friends car on his lot. My family still have our cars and still in great condition. Id definitely keep referring people here. Good people, Good Cars, Good Service. Isnt that what matters.

Josh C. | 2012-11-10

The car still has all the stock parts and the engine and turbo have never been modified. Don't know where Mike got his information. Had the car for three months and less than 3,000 miles when first check engine light came on. At the advice of the Subaru dealer I had an engine flush which corrected the problem. After 4 months, the light came on again. I took the car in for a tune up and the mechanic did a compression test. This revealed that the car needed a valve job after only owning for 8 months. That just doesn't seem right. He says that they have tried to assist me, but that is just not true. We spoke on the phone for a few minutes and he basically said that since car passed smog there was no way it could be the dealers fault. I guess since it has all the stock parts Mike would have no problem buying the car back since they only buy cars with stock. I think Mike is really is a nice person, but in this case he is in the wrong. Please don't be a sucker like me and avoid this place at all costs. Learn from my mistakes.....

Matt V. | 2012-09-22

Hi - I've been studying used Tacomas and this place picks some nice vehicles with lower than average mileage.  So when I found a 05 Taco 4 door for 20k with an excellent, all dealer serviced (every 3k) car (they showed me the Carfax) I lept on it.  Drove it right down to my mechanic with their permission (no haggle) and had him check it out.  Motor Sport pointed out that a hub-cap was missing but everything else was spotless.  However, my mechanic found that three body pannels were obviously new (VIN sticker missing and white paint overspray).  My mech could find nothing wrong mechanically, but it bugged us both that Motor Sport either didn't know about the accident or didn't tell me.
So driving it back to them, I was polite, showed them that replaced pannels & they claimed to know nothing about it.  They asked me if I was still intererested & I politely declined.  They were polite as well, but quickly closed the conversation & walked away; leaving me with the feeling that they really knew about this one .... So I cannot say you should completely avoid them, just be cautious!

Ryan L. | 2011-06-30

wow, I can't even believe your guys experiences, I'm not saying I don't actually believe that happened but thats insane.

I just bought an 07 subaru wrx sti and they were really awesome!  Very friendly and nice which I expected since I was the buyer but still they were great guys to deal with.

I don't know what to say except I loved the place even if it was partially because I was driving my dream car of all time off the lot that day.  I don't what happened with the other two reviewers Ken & Mark, maybe it was something personal because my experience was the exact opposite.