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Can't wait to get behind the wheel of a MINI Cooper Hardtop, Convertible or John Cooper Works and let loose a few 'woooo hoooo's' with a test drive? Anxious to meet the Clubman, the unique member our eccentric family? You know where to find us.

MINI of San Diego

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(858) 380-2800
Address:5202 Kearny Mesa Rd, San Diego, CA, 92111
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Sunday: 11:00 am - 5:00 pm

Reviews on MINI of San Diego

Steve N. | 2015-04-24

on 4-15-15 / I Had My Mimi Copper Serviced A t Mimi Cooper Of San Diego . My Service Advisor  
Was Aaron Haji ,, Rating Would Be 15 /// He Make Sure My Service Was Done Safe and That Important To My Family.. We Drive 200 hr MILES to Come Here And it Worth It.////                            
  All The People At Mimi Copper  Of San Diego  Are excellent To Deal With

Rachel M. | 2015-04-17

I used to be a Jeep girl (2 Sahara Wranglers and a Commander over 15 years) but decided I wanted better gas mileage and considered the Mini way of life.  I first shopped at the "other" Mini dealership in the SD area and didn't feel it was the right choice for me.  All that changed when I met the team at Mini of San Diego.  I love my Coopster and the service I receive each and every visit.  Let's face it, servicing your car is not fun but Aaron Haji makes it as painless as possible.  Aaron always takes great care of me and is happy to explain each detail along the way.  I can honestly say, he goes to great lengths to treat me like a valued customer.

I also want to make note that while Aaron was out, Terry Zito stepped in when I had my first big concern with my car.  Yet again, Mini went above and beyond to resolve the matter.  Thanks again Terry!

Bottom line, Mini of San Diego rocks!!!

Linda M. | 2015-04-15

I have an older Mini, and after having my convertible tuned and detailed- WOW! Sparkling clean and handles like the day I bought my little gem. Jason Brown is fantastic. Kept me updated, car done promptly as promised, and gave me a follow up call. Jason takes a lot of pride in his work, has excellent PR and extremely knowledgable about the Mini. Great experience for me, and my Mini (aka -baby)thank you, Linda

Gena M. | 2015-04-10

Jason Brown is amazing. The best part for me is I can't talk on the phone often. You know, work. But I can email!  Jason is always prompt in emailing me back.
I came in for one thing and he found that I was under warranty for some services. He let me know and got me in for those too!  
Mini is lucky to have such great service reps. Jason Brown. Thank you for making car stuff painless!

Wilfred E. | 2015-04-08

After reading the service reviews for Jason Brown on Yelp, I brought my Mini in to have a few issues fixed.  Jason did an excellent job working with the warranty company to get everything resolved.  He was very attentive and kept me updated throughout the process.  As far as the work done, the techs were thorough as the car is running great.  Enjoyed the free coffee and loaner vehicle, too!  

I forgot to mention that my Cooper S was serviced a year ago at Mini of Escondido.  Supposedly , they fixed the issue, but it died as soon as I got on the freeway.  This is what prompted me to find another dealership to have my car serviced.

Missmini M. | 2015-04-02

Recently bought a used Mini from another brand dealer. Took it to Mini of San Diego to have it checked out while it was still under a 30 day warranty from the other dealer. The original warranty had expired.  The Mini mechanics found a problem and told me it should be covered under the 30 day warranty.  Took it back to the other brand dealer who told me they wouldn't fix it under warranty saying that it was a cosmetic problem.  Took it back to Mini and told them what happened at the other dealer.Mini of San Diego replaced the cracked water pump pulley.EXCELLENT Customer service from Jason Brown, What  amazing customer service!  They were more concerned about me being a happy Mini owner even though the other dealer should have repaired the problem!  I wish every business had this world class level of customer service. I'm a proud and extremely satisfied Mini owner who will never forget how well Mini of San Diego treated me.

Stacey M. | 2015-03-23

I had a Jeep Compass for 2 years and after a minor accident, the frame started squeaking. Even after spending $1,000+ to get the car fixed, it still was squeaking like a mouse. I was on my final straw with that vehicle and the dealer we got it from! We went to the Navy Fleet Week on Coronado and saw a Mini tent with some cars set up. I made a bee-line for the tent and right away fell in love with the white Mini Countryman S. For three years I had been doing my research and was torn between a VW, a Mercedes E-Class or a Mini Countryman. All had great specs and reviews and all had their own neat quirks. Well, back to the Mini story: I talked my husband into test driving a Mini at the SD dealership. I found the Oxford Green Mini Countryman S with the panoramic sunroof on the lot and ran right over to it. It had the cool SALE sticker on a 2014 and I knew that this was the one I wanted. We got the Oxford Green Mini with 5,000 miles on it  and got to work filling out the paperwork.

They appraised our old Jeep and after a few hours we were driving off in our new car. I have gone in for the standard service and each time the experience has been great. The hot chocolate is amazing and super rich, my son loves to sit in the Mini cars on the showroom floor  and Jason Brown is a God send! He hooked me up with a FREE detailing recently and I have been loving how my car shines inside and out. I plan on sticking with Mini because not only do they have amazing cars at great prices, the service they provide is unmatched! I went in knowing what I wanted and Gabriel hooked us up. We even qualified for a 0.9% interest rate and they worked with us on the appraisal of our Jeep. I'd highly recommend Mini to all people.

Brandon G. | 2015-03-21

Jason Brown is awesome to work with! I work at a dealer myself so I am very familiar with how things work and trust me in saying he is a true professional! I look forward to working again with Mini of San Diego and especially Jason!

Michael I. | 2015-03-18

Done broke my Mini and needed insurance work done. Jason Brown was a big help and kept me in the loop on repairs. Mini of SD - been there I have no complaints...

Lish A. | 2015-03-12

Seriously the best MINI service! Before I had to go to BMW in Escondido and they would charge me an arm and leg for little things; super stressful and rude people. MINI SD really takes care of me every time. I love that the people are always the same friendly faces (Jason & Aaron.)  They really make the experience stress free.

Susie G. | 2015-03-11

They are the best here! Jason is my service rep and he is always the sweetest! He makes sure to explain everything with plenty of detail and makes sure I know exactly what is happening with my car! The service staff has always done an excellent job and the shuttle service is immensely helpful!

Suzy S. | 2015-03-07

I have taken 3 Minis here and they have done OK with them. One came back with a scratched headlight which they denied. It wasn't scratched when it went in for service. The complimentary car wash just basically gets it wet and rinses dirt off. They do not wash off bird shit or bug marks. One time I had a scheduled appointment and requested a loaner vehicle while they had the car for two days. When I got to the appointment the information about the loaner had not been passed on to the next person and there wasn't one available. Ruined my plans for the day. Today I had a recall item done and basically had to tell them to fix it and not just check to see how it was wearing. Seems you have to tell them to fix things or they will wait until it breaks and damages more things then they will cover the original under the recall, but not the other damage it may have caused.

The guys in the parts department are nice and helpful and seem to know their stuff. Service guys know very little about the detail services and I had to ask the guy several times and he just kept saying "i am sure they do" when referring to the detail guys. Likely over priced but I haven't been able to find an independent mini cooper mechanic before today (I just moved to town). I will try the independent garage next time and just use the dealer for recall items.

Krista R. | 2015-03-05

This place is great! I bought a used car from them under extended warranty and they have been more than wonderful when it comes to the service department honoring the warranty. Jason from the service department is awesome and has helped me a few times.  They always seems to get things done in a timely manner and do a great job. I highly recommend Mini of San Diego!

Taylor T. | 2015-03-01

Came to them for a used SUV and couldn't have been happier with the service. We shopped around at other dealers in the area that had the car we wanted, but purchased here almost solely based on the quality customer service we received. We spoke with Gabe and Nick who were both extremely nice and helpful. Every staff member that we had an interaction with throughout the process was straightforward, honest, and very helpful. I would recommend these guys to anyone.

Cody S. | 2015-02-23

After having such a bad first impression, it was going to take a lot for me to write a new review. Luckily MINI has done quite a bit for me over the years since.

I've had great experiences with many of the services managers, including Aaron, who has always looked at getting me the best deal they could offer, looking for coupons and volunteering that they will price match any competitor on new tires, etc. They've given me loaners when my car would be in the shop for more than one day and have honored my extended warranty that was purchased elsewhere with no complaints.

The biggest reason for updating my review is the most recent experience I had. I got in a minor fender bender and was told by a body shop that my car would be ready in 2-3 weeks. Over a month and a half later, I had picked my car up from this place 4 different times with multiple check engine lights immediately coming on. I made them bring it to their mechanic who tried to say it must have been happening before the accident. The best part was when I got it back the engine light was STILL coming on. And now my car was making a grinding noise whenever I made a left-hand turn. I was literally at my wits end.

Finally I had enough with the body shop/mechanic and brought it into MINI to get their diagnosis. They were kind, quick and immediately discovered everything that was wrong. After bitching out the other mechanic and body shop, I had them pay for MINI to take care of everything. Lo and behold, my check engine light was FINALLY off by the time I picked it up and hasn't come on since! I don't think I'd bring it anywhere else again. They know their stuff!

My only negative is more often than not, when they quote a day/time that it will be ready, it usually isn't. But that's the least of my worries, I'm glad they've taken care of me!

Jen D. | 2015-02-23

Sold me a car with nothing but problems.  Tried to handle it the right way through the proper channels and be polite but apparently the sales and customer service here is not a priority.  I will be writing BBB and DMV to report not only selling a car with repetitive mechanical problems but quite possibly the worst customer service I have ever experienced.

Joey W. | 2015-02-22

We bought a certified pre owned mini a few months ago from Jay and we absolutely love it. The car is amazing and super fun to drive and the experience with Jay was better than any other car buying experience I have had before. He was professional, knowledgable, and made sure to get us a great deal.  He even put a big red bow on my wife's car when she picked it up.

Jamie S. | 2015-02-22

I went to this dealership ready to buy, and the salesman turned me away. It was the last day of the month and he said he didn't know what programs would be available next month, so he'd call me. I found it odd he didn't want to make a deal, but I was optimistic that he'd be in touch. He never called me. I emailed him and he never responded. After several weeks of waiting, I drove to Irvine Mini and bought my new car there. It's pretty disappointing I had to drive an hour and a half away to get someone to sell me a car, but their loss (I lease new Minis every three years so they made a pretty big mistake).

Alma E. | 2015-02-21

My rating is closer to a 2.5 because I still use this place for my service needs. I think that Aaron left the service department some time ago. My last experience with the service department was less than stellar. I made an appointment and then waited almost half an hour to just check my car in. Please tell me what the point of an "appointment" is if nobody will even speak to you or check you in? I dropped off my car for a check up and oil change. I had to keep calling in towards the end of the day to get an update on what was needed.

My service advisor then proceeds to tell me that a lot of things are wrong with my engine, he even goes so far to say "if money is not an object you should start shopping for a new car" and I could not even! Does that actually work on some people? I politely told him "if money weren't an object, which it very much is because we work for it" I would not be driving this car any longer, I would just abandon it on the side of the road. Anyway, once I put my husband on the phone his tune changed and suddenly we went from needing an entire engine rebuild to an affordable plan (new thermostat) to get my check engine light to turn off and "salvage" my seven year old "performance" car. I decided then that this service department Is no different than my experiences with other mini service departments. They should just be extensions of the sales floor because I'm not confident of the level of service that happens on the front end.

When I picked up my car a couple of days later (it was over the weekend) a new service advisor was helping me, I walked up to the desk by myself and he didn't introduce himself or give much detail about my car. A few minutes later my husband walks up to the desk, the advisor stands up and shakes his hand and introduced himself and starts telling him about the repairs. This was way more information then I got as the owner of the car in service! Again, are you kidding me?! I guess there's little hope in getting the whole fair car service experience as a woman; from now on I'm done with taking my car in by myself, the new rule is my husband has to deal with it.

Minis are fun cars to drive but dreadful to own and maintain. I'm just crossing the 100,000 mile mark, and I have a feeling more service is in this cute car's little future.

Joe N. | 2015-02-17

Service is excellent!   I bought my 2nd Mini Cooper from SDMC because the Service and Sales are very professional.  Jason in service is a true professional and goes above and beyond to satisfy his customers!!!  I would highly recommend him and the dealership to everyone.

Joe Nichols
2013 Mini Cooper S Roadster

Amber Elizabeth M. | 2015-02-12

TL;DR: I reaffirmed a valuable life lesson! Nearly got a bit burned buying my dream car, but when I reached out to management with my frustration, they worked with me to make it right and that's a practice I support. Plus! Hot coco machine & free car washes!


Life Lesson #472: Test everything before buying a used car. No really, E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. Of course I tested the trunk, the locks, the windows, etc etc, and duh, the convertible portion! But during the test drive, I was shown the buttons on the steering wheel and how they control the volume of the radio and can scan presets during our test drive that I never touched the actual radio in the car. I'll give you a second to guess what happened as a result... Yeah, exactly as you thought. The buttons on the in-dash radio don't do diddly squat! At least not the ones I need to program the radio presets. BOO.

When I brought the car back to Mini to do the service items we had previously agreed upon at the close of the sale - fix the little paint chips, add an auxiliary cable to the radio and replace a broken cup holder -  I was informed adding the AUX cable wasn't necessary because the car already had a port. What?! I hadn't found it because it's deep in the glove box, and must be why Gabe told me the car didn't have one.

So instead, I asked about programming the radio buttons since I hadn't figured it out yet. I was driving when I tried, but then remembered that the radio was going to need to be removed for the AUX cable and I knew it'd erase the stations so I didn't bother again. I asked at the service center and when Alexa wasn't able to do it either, she had them take a look at the radio since the car was there already... Flash forward to the phone call where I find out the buttons just plain don't work. DOH! I hadn't even had the car two weeks! Plus, because I had purchased my vehicle "As-Is" they couldn't replace the radio a-gratiz, but offered to cover half of the new radio and install... My portion was $555 for a single-CD in-dash radio. GAH!!!

I was a little fumed, all things considered, but I reached out to the General Manager of Mini San Diego, Alan. He was immediately receptive to my concerns and we were able to come to an agreement that will leave me rocking tunes out of the car, won't leave a dent in my wallet and doesn't completely suck for them. Everyone ends up happy!

As for the actual purchase, prior to the near radio disaster:

I'd like gripe about the horrible waiting that seems to accompany every aspect of being at a dealership... Waiting to hear from the sales manager. Waiting on the paperwork. Waiting on the finance person. Waiting on the parts. Waiting on the service guy.... waiting waiting waiting!

However, in my experience at dealerships, I haven't seen much of an alternative so I won't ding these guys for what seems to be a major fault of the system. The trick then becomes about the comfort of the waiting situation that really makes the difference. Mini does an excellent job of offering waters & hot chocolates, there are relatively not-so-ancient magazines and a TV in the waiting room, and the are very good at keeping you updated step by step whether you were waiting in the dealership or for the update on your car at the service center.

Besides the pain of waiting, the purchase process was pretty smooth. Sales were not high pressure. I knew what I was looking for but was lucky enough to find it available at the dealership, which is a rarity. Taking it as a sign from the heavens and knowing the dealership would be more trustworthy than a craigslist or shady used car lot, I jumped on the purchase! That given, I didn't feel pressured to leave the 2007 behind in favor of an expensive lease or newer used model. It's nice because I can't say the same for other dealerships I visited on my recent car searches. It made the experience that much less high-stress.

Gabe Perada, my "Motoring Advisor" was knowledgeable enough about the vehicle in question, had a few canned jokes about being a Mini Owner, "I not only sell them I drink the juice," (hehe)  and worked with me despite the fact I was not going to be the reason he surpassed his sales goals for the month. I also had emailed Jay Puno through the Mini website and appreciated that when I actually came in to purchase the car he took the time to say hello!  

Which leads to a note that it seems the staff really works hard to know you. I saw people that imagine to be long time part of the "Mini club" greeted and chatting up with employees throughout my last few recent visits like they were old friends. From the purchase area to the service center, I know why they call it "the club" now.  

Random gripe: The Mini they lend you while doing the service is really more of  "Mega!" It seems they don't make them like they use to anymore...

Mark P. | 2015-02-05

Much better follow up. I guess things were busy over the holiday. I'm back using mini of San Diego again. Thanks guys

Elizabeth M. | 2015-02-04

Thank you so much Jason for making my experience at Mini a great one.  I appreciated the clear communication from the beginning to end.  My Mini is driving smoother than ever. You ROCK!!!

James T. | 2015-01-31

Terrible customer service. Advise visiting another dealership.

Dealership demanded I reveal my willingness to pay before we could begin negotiating the dealership's sticker price.

Repeat customer. Had been interested in signing a new lease (original lease had ended).

Spent the afternoon (4 hours) at the dealership with the intention of signing. Examined and discussed multiple vehicles. Identified a promising vehicle. Things went south from there.

MINI of SD provides a cost sheet for each vehicle. The sheet is system generated. Nobody prepares this sheet; a person prints it. Having prepared ahead of time, realized the initial asking price was 20% higher than the average purchase price for vehicles with the same specs (within 50 miles in the past 30 days).

Asked the dealership for its realistic opening offer. Mentioned print-out was 20% higher than market average. The dealership refused to make a true offer until I specified my budget and willingness-to-pay. I was not interested in playing this game.

Given the inflated asking price, I (again) requested a quote for the vehicle so negotiations could commence. The dealership replied, "The 'print-out' served as its initial offer." After going back-and-forth on this a few more times, eventually made an initial offer 20% below the average price. Assumed this initial offer would not be accepted, but needed to start somewhere.

The sales lady rep relayed this offer to her manager. After 20 minutes, she returned and stated: "Matt, our motoring manager, said he is busy 'making deals.' He cannot accept this offer. When you are ready to make a serious offer, he will consider it."

When questioned about the itemized costs listed on the price sheet, the sales rep mentioned that the individual prices were not negotiable, but the full purchase price was negotiable. When asked to elaborate, the sales rep stated that negotiation must occur with the sales manager. I pointed out I'd already given an introductory offer. Back to step one.

After reading other reviews, I realize multiple people have had this problem.

Tony t. | 2015-01-27

Buyer beware.  I saw a lot of good reviews but my experience was different involving two employees.  I was in contact over email and phone with Ken Tomei regarding a used FJ Cruiser.  We talked about issues with the car, base price, taxes, and fees.  I altered my work schedule to meet during the day. Ken told me there was only one dent in the car. Ken did not disclose damage on two body panels that were visible in person but difficult to see in photos. The damage was on the front wheel fenders in the same location on opposing sides of the car above the suspension and he was trying to convince me it was just part of the design of the car. As we test drove the car, I saw  another FJ Cruiser on the road and I pulled over to point out it was in fact damage. I spoke to his sales manager and he was not very concerned.  He stated he did not know how the damage was caused. Instead of apologizing for not disclosing the damage, he said "so are you still interested in the car?" I don't leave many reviews but I would give a review for outstanding or exceptionally poor circumstances. I just had to give notice to customers who are about to pay a large sum of money to a business that would tell you anything to take it.  Please do your homework before you buy here.

Eily M. | 2015-01-23

Absolutely awful.  Many times over the course of 4 years.  Don't buy the extended maintenance plan.  They won't actually do the services (repeatedly topping of my oil instead of changing it, waiting way too long to actually change it - damaging my engine, not topping off my fluids/coolant - damaging my engine).  Not to mention their consistent lack of communicating whether or not my car would be ready so I could make plans to pick it up (on at least 3 or 4 different visits - I planned on it being ready, they never called, and it wasn't ready.)  Trying to charge me for something that was recalled and covered.  Quoting me higher prices on me for the exact same service in a one month time difference.  Refusing to perform covered services under my maintenance plan when specifically asked.  I feel taken advantage of, and my car has suffered damage too.  There is a big disconnect between the service reps and the people who are actually fixing your car.  You just can't trust the work was actually done or done appropriately.  

Never. Again. Save yourself and go to - honest, educational, trustworthy, personal experience.  100% better.  I'm so glad my maintenance plan is up and I will never feel obligated to go to the dealer service depts again.  Don't buy the extended maintenance!

Eduardo L. | 2015-01-22

My one star is not aimed at my Mini purchase, (which was from Irvine Mini), the purchase was fine and Irvine Mini was great. My 1 star is aimed at the service at MINI of San Diego and for that of Escondido as a whole. My suggestion when purchasing a MINI is to across the board negate the maintenance plan and just go get regular oil changes every 4K miles to keep your MINI running well. I say this because I don't feel I received the service I paid for upfront. PLEASE do not adhere to the 12000 mile oil change intervals as this is not good for your engine and not smart. If you already paid for your service demand it and if you didn't pay for it congratulations and make sure you do regular maintenance on it.

I would like to say I dealt with many people at San Diego MINI but the one listed on all of my papers would be Aaron Haji for the most part. Not to say he did the service every time but it seems people keep listing Jason Brown down and maybe Aaron has left.

To sum it up MIINI just neglected my car. They would tell me I had random things wrong with it that weren't covered by the plan I bought and would try to charge me outrageous amounts. What I would then do is go get quotes and return to them to see if they would match the offers and they would now say the item would a.) be covered under the maintenance plan, b.) it was magically fixed and the maintenance light was on for another reason or my favorite c.) there had been a recall on the item and they would do it for free now (I looked up the recall and it had been recalled 2 years earlier as defective.) It was just the lack of communication and lack of honesty on their part that you really need to be careful about.

The tipping point for me was when I had my engine light go off and I came in and they said I needed over $2000 worth of things fixed, (obviously not covered). I then took it to MyCooperGarage, (which by the way I highly recommend) and they gave me a quote for a completely different fix. The quote was over $3000 but he said that what MINI had recommended would not fix it and that all they were doing was plugging in the machine and reading numbers and not properly diagnosing the issue. He told me they would go on a wild goose chase and I would end up paying more in the long run. I went ahead and trusted Mac from MyCooperGarage and what do you know he fixed the problem by not doing what MINI of San Diego recommended. The car ran well and he showed me what was wrong and showed me what parts were broken.
This story doesn't end there though, I would bring back my MINI to San Diego Mini for my one last oil change and brake pad change at 98K miles. 2K miles before my maintenance runs out and they then argue with me that I cant come in for an oil change because my MINI counter, (that MAC reset) hadn't reached zero yet. Mind you this is just a counter that counts down from 120000 miles. I had to argue with them to take my car and give it an oil change and give it an inspection. They finally caved to give me an oil change because I hadn't been there to the dealer for service for 15K miles, (because of the service). The icing on the cake is that when I received my car back they had said on the report that I needed to fix a bunch of things on the MINI. (THE SAME THINGS MAC FIXED FOR ME OVER 10K MILES PRIOR). My engine light wasn't even on. I just wanted an oil change.

Lastly I am on here writing because I am now sure that I didn't even get an oil change at 98K. 3K miles later, now past the 100K mile maintenance plan, my engine begins to overheat. I check my coolant and it is completely dry (something they should have topped off 3K miles prior.) I take my MINI into MAC and guess what there is very little oil in the car and what is in there is way to dirty for 3K miles. I had to get an engine flush because the engine was so bad it appears they didn't give me an oil change last time I went at 98K miles. On top of that I also had to get new front rotors because they did not replace those for me at 98K miles and they were completely worn out (again this is something under the maintenance purchased). Again it seems like they didnt do anything to my car and obviously just printed out my car report or issues I had from my prior visit.

Sorry this is so long but if it deters someone from purchasing the maintenance plan it was worth it. I have had to pay over 4K in maintenance issues that should have been prevented and frankly I had already paid for upfront. So technically I am probably out over 8K now when you combine the original maintenance purchase and all the mechanical problems that have arisen from lack of maintenance on there part.

I love my Red MINI Cooper S but the maintenance provided by the dealership was awful. I highly recommend you do your own oil changes and get to know your MINI personally and if you aren't really car handy I suggest you go to MyCooperGarage, Mac is great and he will teach you and inform you how to treat your MINI.

Dawn O. | 2015-01-12

I adore Mini of San Diego, my entire experience with them was absolutely stellar and I really can't say enough good things about them.

If you're purchasing a used Mini Cooper from someone else (even from a used car lot) you can schedule a pre-purchase inspection at Mini of San Diego's Service department,which is what I did when I found a 2010 Mini Cooper at a car lot near my house.  

My appointment was with Jason Brown.  Jason was amazing and he really knows his Minis!  

After inspecting the vehicle Jason  pointed out a few small items that needed repair but nothing major.  The car was a nice solid little car and Jason was honest about it being in good condition and a good deal.  He gave me a lot of information and even went out of his way to show me some things about the car that I didn't know, which were a really nice surprise.

Where Jason really shone was in dealing with my boyfriend, a self-professed Mini hater.  lol    Jason answered all of his questions (and there were a lot of them) professionally, offering all kinds of facts, prices, statistics, and the more answers my boyfriend got, the more impressed he became with the Mini so I'd like to thank Jason not only for the inspection but also for helping to convert my boyfriend.  

While we were there we also dealt with sales person Christian Espiritu who is a huge guy (6'6") but fit quite nicely into the Mini, proving that the inside is far roomier than you would expect.  

Christian is a very mellow, nice guy, no pressure whatsoever.  He answered my questions and offered some information to help me with my Mini experience.   I was torn between the used Mini I brought there for an inspection and a newer model they had on their lot.  

After sleeping on it for a day or so I decided to bite the bullet and purchase a brand new Mini Cooper.   Christian showed me one on their lot that was THE EXACT CAR I had built online at the website (fun stuff, if you haven't tried it.)

We went back up there and Christian was waiting for me.   The whole process of getting the financing and purchasing the car was smooth as silk.  These guys have a great product and they know it so they have no need to hard-sell anybody!   Everyone was SUPER helpful and friendly- the entire experience has been great.

Thank you to everyone at Mini of San Diego!

Greg L. | 2014-12-29

I've never had a negative experience at Mini of San Diego. The service department is very professional and always courteous and receptive to my concerns. I own a 2009 Mini Cooper Hardtop S and Jason Brown is my service advisor. He is sincere and up front regarding repairs and service related issues. I've had both minor and major repairs conducted here and Jason is a true professional. I appreciate the updates and notifications he provides and feel confident that my car is being returned to me with 110 percent care. Thanks.

Anna T. | 2014-12-26

Super great service! Jason at the front desk was particularly helpful... I had to have my car serviced so I got a loaner vehicle but had a lot of difficulty finding a time to return it because I work crazy hours and nightshifts. They were super understanding and let me use the loaner for a few days extra. My car was washed and all tuned up perfectly when I got it back!  Thank you guys! :)

Mary M. | 2014-12-24

Wow, just had some stellar customer service from Jason Brown in the service department and I felt compelled to share it here.

I just bought a used mini from CarMax and unfortunately the navigation needed a code in order to work. CarMax didn't know much about it and referred me to Mini of San Diego. I expected a bit of hassle coming in because I didn't actually buy the car from them but in fact, I was very much welcomed into the 'Mini family'. Jason was extremely helpful and took me straight to a mechanic that looked up the code (a bit of magic happened there) and I was on my way within 20 minutes...but not before Jason looked up my history of the used car I purchased and informed me that the previous owner had purchased an extended maintenance plan and that transferred to us! Big time bonus! I walked away so extremely satisfied-and one could say elated-from the wonderful service experience, a fully operational navigation system and a transferred vehicle maintenance program that would last me for 2 1/2 more years.

I highly recommend these folks. I'm now even more pleased with my used car purchase because Mini backs up their cars no matter where you purchase. Good stuff for sure!

Daniela N. | 2014-12-20

My auto service experience at Mini of San Diego with Jason Brown was great. I had an emergency with my car and he was able to have me in another car that same day. And with in a day and a half I had my car running great. Super Service! - Happy Customer

Amber M. | 2014-12-19

Jason brown is the best great customer service!! Cecy is awesome as well !!  Big fan!

Manny A. | 2014-12-18

It is always a pleasure to work and deal with San Diego MINI.  Everyone here is friendly and professional.  Jason Brown who is my Service Advisor is always on top of things.  When I bring my car for service, I always get an update on the status on my vehicle.  

I am looking to buying a newer model and I will definitely come back to MINI San Diego.

Debbie J. | 2014-12-16

I just purchased my first Mini two days ago from Mini of San Diego.  All I have is praise for the Team that worked with me.  From the moment I reached the lot I was greeted by Raffee, a Sales Associate.  He was patient, answered all my questions and never tried to pressure a sale.  When it came time to negotiate a price, well again the Team with the support of the Finance Manager, Alan, worked diligently with me to reach a number I felt acceptable.  Then there was Mo, the fellow who processed my financing... he patiently explained every detail and did not push or upsale any service or option.

All that said, two days into my 2014 John Cooper, Mini Roadster and I love it!  As a former Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder and Corvette owner that is one heck of a statement!

Marisol B. | 2014-12-15

This place is super friendly environment, I had plenty of free coffee while I waiting for my service. Jason B. el güerito was extremely helpful and kind...he made sure to explain to me my situation and tried to give me the best solution!  I got a courtesy shuttle ride from Cecy to and from school while my car was under repair! She was very nice. Will definitely be going back for my future service needs, thanks Mini! :)

J T. | 2014-12-09

Writing a new review.  Loved my service advisor but he left a few years ago...and my car went to crap even though I brought it there religiously...I overlooked the overcharging because I thought my car was being taken care of.  Just took my car to a private mechanic today after years with Mini...let's just say I will never deal with Mini again and will never buy another Mini.  Because of this experience, I will now tell everyone I know to never consider a Mini Cooper EVER and I was pretty loyal.  Highest maintenance car I have ever dealt with in my life.  I'm on my second clutch (paid for the first... warranty excluded it...RIDICULOUS) and my transmission is now oil in the car...dipstick broken...criminal.  They were the last ones to touch my car too.  My car is worth nothing now without another 3gs to fix it.  Goodluck to anyone who purchases a need deep pockets for these cars.  By the way, the 2005 Mini Cooper S was rated by Consumer Reports as one of the WORST cars to buy.  Yes, Mini contacted me but it was just lip service...too little too late.  I just bought a Honda and it's awesome.

Ty L. | 2014-12-07

My husband and I were in the market for a new car so we went here to check out what they had available. The dealership was nice and clean, we got out and browsed the used lot in front and it was about 5 or 10 minutes before Ken came out and said hi. We really enjoyed his laid back approach and letting us just browse a bit before seeing him again. Ken was very knowledgeable and passionate about Mini's so when he asked if we wanted to take one out for a spin we were really excited to give it a go. He really worked hard to make sure we got exactly what we wanted in a Mini and the ordering process was a breeze when we couldn't find anything on the lot that matched everything we wanted. Ken kept in contact with us as the Mini made its way overseas to San Diego and was with us every step of the way during the purchase. He even sat with us and gave us a very detailed layout of the new Mini and all the features, tips and tricks and feedback on our questions. I cannot recommend this guy or the dealership enough.

Cheryl W. | 2014-12-06

Jay was ultra helpful, helped us find the right MINI for us. Walked us through financing options. The staff was no pressure, laid back, and very helpful. Buying a car was a relatively easy and seamless experience. Ask for JAY, he was excellent to work with.

Susie L. | 2014-11-25

Excellent Services! I was informed and taken good care of every time visiting. Glad I bought my "Tiffany Box On the Go" (MINI in ice blue) there and I LOVE it! ^_*

Kirsten H. | 2014-11-24

The lease on my first MINI (whom I loved dearly) was coming to end, so I decided to check out to browse available MINIs. (I didn't leave enough time to order one.) A gorgeous moonwalk gray hardtop caught my eye, and was located just 15 minutes away at my local MINI dealership! I called to schedule an appointment to discuss the end of my lease (buy my current one? or lease a new one?) and was told to ask for Jay Puno. I let him know that I was interested in a car on the lot, what my budget was, and if I couldn't afford the new one, I would finance my old MINI. Somehow, he was able to get me the car I wanted AND stuck within my budget. When I left that day, I had the keys to my new MINI in hand! He didn't try to force me into a lower priced car, or convince me to increase my down payment, or monthly budget. It was the easiest, hassle-free car buying experience ever!

And a few weeks later, I received an awesome MINI water bottle, and plush toy for my dog in the mail from Jay! I love my new car - and have a new friend at the MINI dealership!

A few tips for readers interested in getting a new MINI:
1. Go online first. You can check the specs of available cars before you go to the dealership. There's a bunch of cars in the back that isn't open to the public without a sales person to escort you.
2. If your car-buying timeline is flexible, I highly recommend ordering a customized MINI through the dealer. That way you can get all the features you want, none of the ones you don't want, and with your ideal color combo. Just allow yourself 3 months.
3. Call ahead to make an appointment, and ask for Jay Puno :-)

Dennis P. | 2014-11-24

Where's a sales person when you need one. Looking into purchasing a Mini Countryman, I walked on their lot actually looking to see what was in their inventory.  Surprisingly, and frustratingly, nobody came out to greet or help me. They may have a different culture there but it would have been nice to have someone greet me.

So I then walk inside where I walked pass 4 guys by the front. One guy was on his phone (texting, browsing etc.), two other guys were talking and one other guy didn't look like he was doing much. NEITHER of them even acknowledged me. What kind of stuck up business is this? What a way to do business, guys. I'm still going to buy a cooper but not from this place.

But the one guy that finally helped me was the new guy. I can't remember his name but he sat all the way in the back. He was dropping knowledge on the Coops and had me take the car out for a spin. He was pleasant to deal with and I would actually do business with him. But because of the four other guys I won't buy my car from this dealership. They don't deserve the commission. BTW I was there around 12:40 on 11/24/2014.

Marine M. | 2014-11-23

This review is based solely on Nick Nesbitt. I am from Los Angeles, and I went the MINI Dealership closest to my location (No names) & the salesman from that location told me that the specific MINI I was looking for was sitting at the MINI of San Diego lot, so I decided to give them a call to see if it would be worth my trip. When I called & asked for a sales associate, I was transferred to Nick. (and boy was I lucky).. Nick was the biggest help. I was already very overwhelmed with the dealership that I went to previously, because it seemed as if none of the sales associates knew what they were talking about. Nick was so kind to advise that the car that I was told they had in stock at the San Diego lot, was NOT an automatic but a manual. (I was looking for an automatic).. very long story short.. Nick took over an hour to go over all the details about all the different packages MINI had to offer. He waited patiently while I took down notes, and he made sure I understood everything he was explaining. He made it so easy for me to understand everything very simply. His customer service blew me away. What really topped it all off for me, was that HE took all his time to search inventory for the locations nearest me to find the exact MINI I was looking for, and to my SURPRISE HE DID! (and this is all over the phone)I will be on my way after work today to that exact dealer to take a look at it & with wishful thinking, purchase it. Nick, MINI of San Diego is very lucky to have you apart of their team, you are kind, patient, and over all amazing. Thank you so much for all your help, and making this decision easy for me. If it wasn't for your help, effort & hard work, I would have been very overwhelmed and exhausted!! You are great at what you do & know exactly what you are talking about. To whomever is in the San Diego area, I would recommend you ask for Nick if you are thinking of a MINI of your own!

George F. | 2014-11-22

Horrible salespeople there. I went in there 2 months ago to test drive a Mini Cooper. The car was great. When I was driving it, I asked the salesman questions about the car. He didn't even know the answers! He kept telling me  he could find out when we got back to the dealership. Wow. Really turned me off. I let that go. Now 2 months later I go into the dealership to make a deal. First they offered me 2-3k less for my trade in value of my car. Of course I was upset. Who wouldn't be. They said they would give me $14500 for my car. I left disappointed. I called them back to try and convince them to up it to $15000. They said no. They were sticking to the $14500. I then spoke to Jay, I believe a sales manager. We talked for about 30 mins. He told me that they couldn't even guarantee me the $14500 since I was ordering a new one to be built to my specifications and it would take 2 months to be built. Now mind you they're NOT giving me any discount on a new one. So after talking with Jay for 30 mins, he then agreed to accept $14500 when my car came in. So the final trade in would be $14500. So I said that I wouldn't agree, but I would think about it. I went into the dealership to agree. And of course he said he never said that. Lies. Nothing but lies. Avoid that place. They're the only mini dealership in San Diego, so they think they can treat their customers unethically by lying. Nice job.

Steve G. | 2014-11-21

The service department usually does a good job  however calling and scheduling with them is very difficult.

Adrian C. | 2014-11-17

I have been taking my vehicle to Mini of San Diego for quite some time to get warranty items resolved.  The staff is always friendly and they try to take care of me quickly.
My service advisor is Jason Brown and he has been awesome.  He always took care of me in a very professional manner and made me feel like I was his only customer.
This is the kind of service that is rare in the automotive industry.

Great Job!

Alex A. | 2014-11-12

wow everyone here loves this place.............sorry I can't give them a better review. Needed to schedule some services for my mini, transferred to the service department, no answer. Receptionist came back online and asked for my number and name and said someone would be calling me back. No one ever called. If they return my call within the next few days I will reconsider and give them one more star.
Update: as promised I added another star because they contacted me through yelp. Unfortunately I have already scheduled my business through another dealer.

C C. | 2014-11-09

Anthony went out of his way to get me back on the road. Incredibly, a pair of eyeglasses had caused my first flat in my mini cooper hardtop's run-flat tires. I needed to get on the highway to get out to my parents' house in Arizona, and Anthony Palomo greased the skids and had the tire and service bay ready when the tow truck arrived, so I made it out in time.  Super guy and a very nice place, there, too.  Wireless and bottled water and out in no time.   He could have said no, as they were about to close, but he made it work.  THANKS!!!!!!!!

Drew M. | 2014-11-06

First time at the Mini of San Diego and expected nothing short of the amazing service I received at Valencia Mini.  My car came in on a tow truck due to the battery being dead.  I did not have an appointment and had to get back to work within a reasonable amount of time.  Jason made it happen.  He made sure my car went in right away, because they were out of loaners.  He communicated everything clearly and efficiently and I found myself pleasantly satisfied upon exiting.  Thanks Jason, you're the man!!  Will be back!

Erin Z. | 2014-11-01

Ask for Fiona. She gave me plenty of time and stayed late to make sure I got the car and the deal I wanted. Thanks Fiona and Matt.

N S. | 2014-10-28

I have always received exceptional, prompt service from MINI of San Diego. My most recent trip for a standard check-up was no exception and even better! My service advisor, Jason Brown, was incredibly helpful, thoughtful, and attentive. He went above and beyond to ensure that my experience at MINI was quick, thorough, and comfortable. Thank you so much! I will certainly request Jason again as my service advisor.

L P. | 2014-10-24

Really great service department!  I usually work with Jason, he is very helpful, professional and always goes the extra mile.  Everyone in the service department is great, if Jason isn't available the rest of the team immediately steps up to make sure I am taken care of.   My last new car was a Nissan .. NEVER had this kind of service from them, in fact I stopped going to the dealer because the service was so horrible.

Christopher R. | 2014-10-08

Very happy with the service I was given from  the representative named Aaron. This has been my third MINI I have purchased and any time I made a visit to the dealership Aaron has always made it very personal. He called me and left me emails to let me know the status of my car and even set me up with a loaner vehicle until my oil change was done. Thank you MINI of SD

Adam I. | 2014-10-07

If it's possible, never purchase a car from Penske auto group. They are thieves. Direct quote from the service manager at mini in San Diego: "That's the problem with consumers, they get so mad." While I was complaining about trying to charge me 245 dollars for a bulb, recommending 4 tires when I only need two and not even apologizing for my anger or taking any responsibility for the issue. It's all because I don't know any better.

Scipio R. | 2014-10-04

I was blessed by growing up with my grandfather who happened to be an automobile mechanic.  From my earliest memories I always loved helping him work on various vehicles.  When I had my own I was able to complete maintenance and repair work on it until I was able to pay someone else to do so. Perhaps because of this I have often times been less than satisfied when I've taken my vehicle in for service or repair.  Not only dissatisfied with work done but also with the unkind and dishonest people I have encountered.

That said, I have always been completely satisfied with the sales and service department at Mini of San Diego.  The people there are absolutely wonderful.
In 2013 I Purchased a car from them (with a trade in) and the sales representatives and service advisors were extraordinarily kind and helpful; they made the transaction easy and pleasant.

Since that purchase I have driven a long distance to take my car there for service. I have tried other Mini dealers as well but they do not even come close to comparing to the knowledge, quality of service, and kindness found at Mini of San Diego.
My service advisor is Jason. He is great. He greets you with a smile and goes above and beyond any expectations one could have.  He is kind, thoughtful, knowledgable, straight forward, and professional to say the least. I can have confidence in his integrity and in the work done; my vehicle is always done when expected or before, and he is very easy to communicate with.

In the last two years I have made a few calls to the service department with questions regarding mechanical and cosmetic repairs, as well as major body work issues.  Every person I have ever spoken with has been exceptionally helpful and friendly even when there was not an opportunity for profit for them and they did not know they were speaking with a current customer of theirs.

I cannot recommend Mini of San Diego highly enough.

Angela K. | 2014-09-22

I was blown away by the excellent, professional, and affable service I received from Jason and Jessie in the service department. Never for one second did I worry I was being taken advantage of. Jason made sure everything was handled in a way that made me feel comfortable - including my wallet. Moreover, most of their pricing is competitive, as I did some comparing with non-dealership mechanics. As long as I am in San Diego with my beloved Penelope (Jason and Jessie even helped me name my Mini), we will always be loyal customers here! It's the first time I've ever felt this way about a dealership.

Jay L. | 2014-09-19

This is by far one of the best service I've received in town!  I've been to other dealerships on the same street. MB / bmw / volvo for 3 of my other cars, and MINI service definitely stood out among them all!  Jason was my adviser! And he was ALWAYS on top of my repair requests.  And he was patient and very thoughtful!  By the end of the day, I even received a free detail service, which I could use any time for the next 2 years! Wow! Now I got my little MINI back, I can't be happier for the weekend to come! :)

Jessica C. | 2014-09-11

Took my Mini in for a little TLC it was time. Had wonderful friendly service as usual from my service advisor Anthony Palomo. Had to leave my Mini with them for 2 nights went in with a ride while my car was being serviced looked like it would take longer than expected and I got a loaner car so I had No trouble with my daily tasks.  It was like I wasn't away from my car at all my loaner was a new Mini countryman almost like mine. I was kept up to date on my cars progress and what was going on and had flexibility of when I could pick her up ay my convince because I work crazy hours. Had some warranty work done and also a very professional Mini Spa treatment shines like the day I bought her. Everything that was done to my car was explained in full and provided on paper to me. I had a wonderful experience for someone who doesn't like to put her baby in the shop. Thank you Anthony was such wonderful service.

Lynn W. | 2014-09-10

AMAZING service from Jason and the service manager Terry.  I LOVE my Mini and plan to always be a Mini owner.  When I had some major trouble with my existing car, Jason and Terry went above and beyond to make it right and to make me actually feel good about getting my car repaired.  Not only that, the customer service from Jason is EXCEPTIONAL.  He makes you feel like you're his only customer even though you can see he's slammed.  He calls back, doesn't make you wait, does what he says he's going to do, and makes sure that you receive the kind of service (like giving you a rock star loaner car just for example) that will make you come back and not even consider going anywhere else.  He is a true professional and really makes this service department a class act.

Tatiana C. | 2014-09-02

We were shopping around for cars this past weekend. We hate the fact that we can't browse around without having a sales guy breathing right behind your neck. After a bunch of dealerships, we ended at MINI and I have to say, the guy that helped us out was great, he didn't pressure us and we actually felt comfortable purchasing a car from him. The whole process was painless and I can definitely recommend this dealership to my friends.

Pavel S. | 2014-09-02

Excellent service. Had a loaner car for nearly 2 weeks. I only had to pay $100 deductible for a near $6000 servicing of my 2006 MINI Cooper S. Though my extended warranty cover the major section of the cost, I was left with $600 of uncovered cost that I would have to pay from my pocket. However MINI of San Diego covered it for me for free of charge. Excellent service from Jason Brown, the service consultant for my visit.

Kristen W. | 2014-09-01

When my battery needed to be replaced, Jason in the service department really went above and beyond. I called the store right at closing and Jason stayed after his shift while I got a jump start and got my car to Mini that night. In spite of being overbooked for service appointments, they got to my car quickly and it was back in action the next afternoon. Very quick, very thorough, and very nice. I highly recommend their service department.

Baba B. | 2014-08-29

I have gone to this shop twice for service and have nothing but positive feelings. They were punctual, free rent-a-car, free shuttle if you did not schedule a rental, great prices, and Jason provided amazing customer service.

Christian M. | 2014-08-28

Just wanted to thank Jason Brown and his "sidekick" Jessie for helping me out today, they did an excellent job taking care of me and getting me into a rental car on such short notice. The best experience I've had with a car dealership each visit.

Jim O. | 2014-08-24

Once again Alexa and the technicians at Mini of SD took care of my cars needs.  Great service including a loaner car and a car wash.  My wife liked the loaner car (Pepper White Clubman S) and is considering getting a Mini for her next car.

Tawnee M. | 2014-08-22

Alway love picking up my mini from the dealership! Jason and his side kick...Jessie (make sure you know it's spelled wi th an IE) make sure all of my mini needs are taken care of and th e get me back on the road as soon as possible.  Love them!!!

Norbee M. | 2014-08-21

My wife just lost her car and was looking to buy a new car. She has had her eyes on a mini so we decided to stop by. As we came in we were impressed by the layout of the dealership. A salesman walks out as we enter and I try to greet him only to have him rush past my family. I didn't think too much as he was helping a customer. We walked around and looked at the car in the showroom. After 15 minutes and not even a glance from the staff, we decide to move closer to them to try to engage them. Again, the salesman who walked by us earlier rushed by us. We spoke questions out loud hoping to get some reaction from the staff, even resorting to allowing our 1 year old run around to possibly get scolded to no avail.

Perhaps it was the fact that we look young, or perhaps the fact that we were not "dressed to impress", maybe they felt the color of our skin was too dark for their cars. Who knows. The fact is that 5 staff and a deserted showroom amounts to an exorbitant amount of arrogance and disrespect.

We went to several other dealerships and were flagged down as we exited our car or entered the showrooms. However, if you prefer to be look down upon and blatantly ignored, please head to Mini of San Diego and they will give you what you are searching for.

I appreciate Mini of San Diego for showing me why I should stay away from Mini.

Tracy L. | 2014-08-19

Whoever coordinates the services is the worst.  There were a couple of scratches on my newly purchased car that my parents wanted fixed and Mini said they would gladly put in a ticket to do some detail work.  I scheduled in an appointment to have the work done, but had to cancel it.  They provided no actual email address, so I contacted the email address from the service reminder I got.  Apparently that doesn't work, so I called in a couple times to get it cancelled.  I assume that would take care of the appointment, but I get a voicemail a couple days later saying that 'I didn't show up for my appointment.' ... That I cancelled.   I guess I can take all the blame, sure.

I tried to schedule another appointment to actually get the work done this time and all seems well, until I show up.  They weren't able to take in my car because the paint color was not available.  Apparently it is my responsibility to check for things like this.  I had assumed that from all of the other reviews that Mini was on top of everything and would think to check the paint stock before they scheduled my appointment.  I guess not.

Honestly, I regret buying this car because of this terrible service.

Keylee S. | 2014-08-14

I just had my mini serviced for the first time and Jason Brown was my service advisor and he did a awesome job getting my vehicle in and out of there. He explained everything that was going to be done to my car and made me feel at ease leaving my baby and i knew it was in good hands! I definitely recommend Jason Brown as a service advisor!! Also Aaron Haji was also very helpful getting me into a loaner car as well! I had a great experience at Mini San Diego.

Rissa C. | 2014-08-12

The staff here is amazing! As a younger woman, I am always hesitant to walk into a car dealership for fear of being taken advantage of. This was just not the vibe here. Everyone was so genuine and friendly. They constantly make sure you're comfortable and have a bottle of water. I'm so glad that I had the experience to work with everyone to get my Mini Cooper. Nothing but 5 stars for this place!

Sunny L. | 2014-08-12

Seriously, my MINI is over a year old and I STILL love coming here!! Today, Jason took care of my oil service and software update. He was so accommodating and really made sure to listen to my concerns. Excellent customer service and super easy to deal with! Thanks, Jason!

Miguel R. | 2014-08-12

Amazing service by Jason Brown in the service department.  Came in with a unique problem and went out of his way to help me.  I would definitely recomment you to see him and this beautiful establishment.  5+ Stars In My Opinion!!!

Cecilia C. | 2014-08-12

This is our 3rd year of using MINI of San Diego's service department and happy to say that the 3rd time is our best experience so far. This is because of their new guy Jason Brown. We did not need to ask questions because he willingly provided us with information regarding the extended services we purchased for our Mini. Jason's customer service skill is awesome. His attitude is so pleasant and he's so well-versed on his work. We will definitely return to this dealership mainly because of him.

Debbie G. | 2014-08-11

Jason at the Mini of San Diego service department really knows how to treat people. My Mini was just in and it needed a battery and because I was just there less than a month ago and spent some big bucks on getting my Mini fixed Jason gave me the battery no charge and had my car washed. It is good to know there are still companies that care about their customers.  I will never take my Mini anywhere else and when I go to buy a new Mini I will buy it at Mini of San Diego.  Thank You Jason your the best!!

Bridget B. | 2014-08-09

Jason Brown is a knowlegeable, efficient and caring service representative.  I have primarily dealt with him the past 3 times I needed repairs or this past week's oil change special.  Since Terry Zito has made this service department the best of any I've visited in San Diego, since 1989, I gave Jason information on which tire set of 4 I wanted to purchase for my Clubman S.  I wanted to give this department a chance to compete on my tire purchase.  Unfortunately, they could not meet my Costco price ($855.96 before tax, all inclusive) on my set of  205/45R17 84W tires.  Jason negotiated the price with his manager, but the dept. couldn't match the price.  Once I have the tires installed, I will certainly bring them right back to this service department, because Jason mentioned the alignment special running to the end of August 2014.  This department runs SO WELL!!!  Every single service person asks (if they're not helping anyone) if you've been helped, can they do anything for you...
They have a terrific shuttle driver, Carina, and a lounge with wi-fi so you can get something done if you're waiting.  Long repair?  Got free MINI loaners.  These guys & gals have me for life.  (you can't tell, but I'm a very finicky HS math teacher; hard to please...)

Katherine Q. | 2014-08-07

Great service this week from Jason, Corinna, Benjamin, and the service team at Mini of SD!!

I dropped my mini off on a Sunday (service dept closed) with their afterhours drop-off-- a very simple process I have used before. Corinna picked me up for the complimentary shuttle (with no range limit) and brought me to the service center. Jason ended up getting me a better deal than Costco Tire Center, so I left my car an extra day to replace the tires and Corinna drove me back to my pic. They had to order the tires but still completed the service before end of business the next day. Corinna picked me up (AGAIN!) to pick up my mini the next day too... and there's nothing like checking out for LESS than you were quoted the day before. Jason hooked it up and made me feel like a valued customer!!

Overall, a personal experience that will make me consider not going to independent shops or carmax in the future (they honor maxcare at a slightly higher rate- worth it!)

Daniel F. | 2014-08-05

I'll start by saying I come from Nashville, TN and I have just moved here a month ago.  Growing up around here, I've always thought of the south as having the reputation of being very friendly from what everyone tells me... so I figured San Diego couldn't possibly be as friendly.

Today I brought my MINI into MINI of San Diego.  It was just for scheduled maintenance and I noticed I was having a minor issue.  I had an issue on it before in Nashville, and when I let them know, they said it would be a $100 fee to look at it.  Since I felt I had no choice, I let them do it.  Jason Brown, my service tech, said they would take care of it without a fee, so I was immediately taken aback.  That was definitely awesome.

I am then sitting around the service area, working on my laptop, and Jason comes up and says we need to talk.  Oh no, I fear the worst.  MINI of Nashville quoted me $3400 on repairs less than 6 months ago (I went with another repair shop).  When I got up there, Jason explained some of the ways they are trying to have MINI cover much of the costs, since my car is barely outside of warranty.  Wait wait, the dealership is trying to SAVE me money? In Nashville, they kept trying to add on fees or charges for random things!  Here, they worked to try to keep my costs low, whenever possible!

A few hours later, I got a call from Jason saying MINI would cover much of my bill and I am left with a much smaller bill than when I started.

To summarize how awesome Jason and the experience was:
1) He was very friendly, took the time to introduce himself and didn't make me feel like a dealership paycheck.
2) He explained in detail all the work that would be needed, along with accurate estimates of cost.
3) He worked to REDUCE the cost as much as he could by working with MINI directly.
4) He followed up once he was able to confirm the cost and the savings, and provided me with an exact cost.

It is never a good thing to have issues to fix with a car.  But this effort to work with me and be fair is truly a first for me when working with dealerships.  Thank you Jason (and the dealership that promotes this type of work)!!!  I have been telling everyone this story and about how awesome it has been.  Amazing.

Vanessa H. | 2014-08-04

Jason Brown was my service coordinator and he was excellent! He was able to effectively explain the reasoning behind all my maintenance needs in a way that I could easily understand--I've never had someone do that before! He also communicated with me regularly throughout the process and and kept me updated. He definitely went above and beyond! I am very satisfied with my experience here at MINI of San Diego.

Megan M. | 2014-08-04

Jason Brown was my service consultant and he was beyond great! I have never gone to a dealership to get work done because I've always heard it is so expensive. When I called to make an appointment I was told I wouldn't be able to get a loaner car because they only had 8 available, once I was in there and talked to the loaner car manager she mentioned that she had 60 available and Jason was able to get me one without any problems. He called me to update me on what was going on and I ended up walking out paying nothing because the part had an extended warranty that needed replaced. He was very honest about what things needed done on my car and what didn't and what things I could save some money and do myself. I definitely didn't expect to have such a good experience and I probably wouldn't have without Jason as my service consultant.

Lu U. | 2014-07-30

Jay was my sales person. He's very patient with my questions prior to buying my first MINI (and first non-Japanese car). Even after purchasing my MINI, he's still accessible for questions. It took me more than a month before I purchased my MINI with a manual transmission. But Jay was not pushy and knew what I wanted. He stayed in touch with me (not harassed me) and made sure to answer all my further questions. And on the day I decided to purchase the car, he stayed after his shift to ensure that I know how to operate my MINI before driving it home.

I highly recommend Jay, as he's honest, reliable, and will go above and beyond in finding the perfect Mini for you.

Rachel L. | 2014-07-26

I had a horrible experience with the salesman, Jay. He was rude, condescending, and simply did not care. He actually said to me, "I really don't care if you buy a car from me". I asked him when the brakes and tires had been replaced. He said "recently" and when I questioned when or at what mileage, he snapped back. "They're new. Go look at them yourself."  After every basic question you would ask when buying a car, he would laugh and make some snide remark. When discussing price, he didn't even pretend to talk to the manager and simply said, "I can't do anything for you."  I really did LOVE the car, but could not bare the thought of buying it simply due to the horrible service we received. The only reason I'm giving Mini 2 stars is because I came back the next day and had a really pleasant experience with Ken. He was open to our questions, searched the database for something that was similar to my wants, and was friendly and personable. Unfortunately, I was still so turned off from the service there, that I went to check out my other options and had the BEST experience with VW next store.

Megan G. | 2014-07-24

I came into Mini of San Diego with a flat tire and Jason from the Service Dept. was a huge help! He was able to not only get my tire taken care of but also some other maintenance I needed! In addition he went above and beyond to ensure that my tire was Mini approved and would work for my lease turn in by answering all of my questions and coordinating with my dealer. Excellent customer service and my car is running great!

Amy R. | 2014-07-07

I stopped in with no appointment in the middle of a road trip and the service dept. checked out all my fluids, tires etc. then washed my car and gave me some license plate frames. Awesome!

Sylvia H. | 2014-06-28

I had to come back a month later for another service appointment (unrelated to anything done wrong by the dealership). Again, Anthony and his staff rocked it! Getting and appointment was easy, I received a really nice courtesy vehicle which they let me keep after the car was ready (I couldn't bring it back in time) and Anthony stayed late for me to drop it off.  Anthony also left me frequent email updates and explained all aspects of the car's situation perfectly. They cleaned the outside and inside of my car perfectly (even vacuumed and cleaned the inside well) when I picked it up! All repairs were done well, from what I can tell, and they went out of their way to take the extra time to figure out exactly what and why keeps going wrong with it rather than just "patching" the problem. Very impressed again!

Amanda M. | 2014-06-18

I thought I was going to write the best ever review for Mini, and specifically for Anthony and his crew in the Service Department.  Then I read the other reviews, and find that everyone seems to have written glowing reviews on that team.  

This should come as no surprise.  These other reviews are not artificially inflating reality. Honestly, Anthony is a shining star, and makes the service experience quick, easy, and dare I say FUN?!  All these other reviews are right.  He's GREAT.  I shouldn't admit this, but I honestly find reasons to bring my car into service, because Anthony and his team (Oscar, Jessica, I know I'm forgetting some of them) are true professionals.  

Anthony is knowledgeable, and will tirelessly work to find an answer if he doesn't know it. He is humble and helpful, resourceful and reliable, honest and upfront, and really makes Mini look good!

Thank you, Mini and Penske, for this gem in Anthony!

J. A. | 2014-06-13

I've been a customer here for several years now. I recently did a trade in and bought my current Mini from Ken in sales. He did a fantastic job in matching me with my Mini. As for service dept., it is exceptional . Anthony is my advisor, and kudos to him for a excellent job when I visit. Terry, the service manager, runs a friendly and accommodating dept. Oscar is very helpful in getting you started once you arrive. If you are looking to buy a Mini, this is the place, and be sure you deal with Ken, it will be a enjoyable experience!!!

Sara C. | 2014-06-12

The Parts Department is atrocious!!

The wait time at the standing counter is long (20min+).

I ordered a new key ($200+) and was told it would take two weeks. I didn't  hear anything for three weeks and dropped in to check... It was there sitting in a drawer.

They also didn't tell me I had to make an appointment to get it programmed or that there was an additional charge for programming plus another hour of wait time.
The guy just let me walk out the door.
If I buy a key that REQUIRES mini to program it... Why is it not part of the process to ensure it is set up? Or at least to make me aware of the process at the beginning?

None of the departments actually seam to work together and it shows.

I love my mini and was seriously considering buying a new one... Now I'm having second thoughts. Too bad. :(

Stephanie A. | 2014-06-04

Great service department.
Anthony helps my Mini and me.
I like that I know what to expect. My care is ready when they say and things are completed as expected. Plus, if I need follow-up Anthony gets back to me right away.

Edward A. | 2014-05-20

Have been dealing with mike down here at mini of SD, I'm a first time buyer with no credit and he has helped me every step of the way, hope to get down there later this week to get everything finalized, if ur ever at mini of SD ask for mike! Thanks again!

Janine A. | 2014-05-15

When it comes to this dealership's service dept.: Anthony is the BEST service advisor ever!  He is professional, thoughtful, and EVERY single time I am there, he goes above and beyond his job description.  

I bought my MINI from this dealership almost 3 years ago, and after a less than stellar sales experience, my interactions with Anthony and the service dept. have more than made up for that.

lauren l. | 2014-05-14

Not only the best Mini dealership around, but far and away the BEST customer service and selection of any car dealership ever I've been to. This dealership and it's honest and friendly staff has most definitely won my loyalty for many, many years to come. My automotive service expert, Anthony, is always a friendly and welcoming face upon check-in. Anthony always goes above and beyond providing EXCELLENT customer service in every interaction I have had with the dealership. He is a great asset to any business.

Ashes R. | 2014-05-11

The service center here is awesome. I give it 5 stars because Anthony is so freaking helpful and professional every time I stop in for the smallest concern. And there little coffee and tea area is pretty badass too when you got some time to kill in the waiting area.

Ryan P. | 2014-04-06

Great service! Ken was super helpful. All my questions were answered fully. Finance department worked quickly without delays and a lot of sales pitches.

Brittany S. | 2014-04-03

I LOVE taking my mini here for service. Everyone is so friendly and helpful. They always are fair and honest. I always know I will be receiving the best service and price.

Ron V. | 2014-03-24

Mini of San Diego's service department rocks!  Led by Bill Schrader, they have always done a wonderful job with all of my cooper needs.  Bill always greets you with his huge smile it's impossible not to return that energy. My Cooper S recently went through cardiac arrest resulting in serious engine failure.  Bill and his team jumped through hoops to restore my vehicle to being fully functional at a rate that was very reasonable.  I'm thankful that I have such a great service team I can depend on when my Cooper S needs some TLC.  Thanks Bill!

Kayla L. | 2014-03-09

So happy with me purchase of my new Countryman ( or shall I say countryWOman) Ken is the best in a sells room I have ever seen by far! He cares about his customers and believes in the product of Mini.

He embraced me with welcome arms and made it as if I was welcoming a new baby home. Everyone at the dealership makes you feel as if you are part of a family there, truly you are.
Peggy (my Mini) and I will be very happy for many many years to come.

Ask for Ken and he will make buying a Mini pain free and enjoyable! It's like your talking with an old friend :D
A+ customer service

JoAne B. | 2014-03-06

Anthony is by far the best service guy on the planet.. he always takes care of me.. this time when I went in for my regular service, he provided me with a custom detail because he appreciates his customers.. I love my mini and I love the way I am treated when I come there.. :)

Jasmine C. | 2014-03-06

Where is the customer service people??..... I called to make my service appointment because my service light just came on and the phone rang and rang, pressed 2, rang and rang again, pressed 2 for service again, did this about 6 times. Hung up and called back with the same thing. *annoyed* Called back later this morning and got a live person, but unfortunately she was not very helpful. When making my service appointment I need to know how long a service will take so I can plan my day around this appointment. She couldn't tell me how long it will take, couldn't tell me which service I needed (which is crazy because I bought the car there and only take it there for service) in which everything she was telling me I'm sure she was correct, BUT at least be nice, have a positive attitude, and try to be accomodating to your customers. All I got was a repeated explanation on how she couldn't tell me anything. I believe Mini is owned by BMW, or somehow affiliated, which was a selling point when purchasing it because I have owned many BMWs in the past, but I NEVER got bad service at BMW of San Diego. They must not have the same HR, or Penske isn't putting the quality staff in the cheaper dealerships. Either way, I'm Not Impressed. BMW, sorry for cheating on you, I'll be back!

Chris K. | 2014-03-01

I had come in a year or so ago and had some major work done on my 05 S Works Conv and aside from difficulty in identifying a tricky vibration I felt the prices were fair and work competently performed. When I called last week to set up a service appt I was dismayed to hear that Aaron had moved on and was no longer a service writer. Aaron was THE MAN.
Well, I went for service anyway and theres a new sheriff in town. Bill Schrader is now THE MAN! Friendly, professional, empathetic, I felt taken care of. You can say what you want about dealership service but I was severely screwed by a local independent that a lot of people here call honest. SO... At this time I will take my service needs to Mini of SD.

Mary F. | 2014-02-10

this now being my 3rd mini, i can say i am a loyal mini customer. this is my first and last experience with mini of san diego. i have purchased many cars in the past, and know the routine. mini of san diego did find the mini i was looking for,  but after it was all said and done, i had to fight for the promised discounts, and mini incentives( yes, these come from miniusa them selves). for me to know more about the fine print, and have gone out of my way to get my new mini, and then to prove that the fine print states (these discounts can be combined, etc) is just not cool. fine we finally closed the deal, but i still came out partially losing the battle. but after driving 2hours to get my car, my husband would have left me for road kill if i had left empty handed. i wasn't going to yelp, just cut my losses, but now 30 days later i get an invoice that i was not properly charged, and i owe them money. oh no!! luckily my credit card was charged and i can take up the dispute with them. so buyers beware. do your homework 1st. its true there are no 2 mini's exactly alike, but there are other dealerships that won't go the extra mile to rip you off. all is nice and sweet in the beginning but in the end you may get burned. good's rule

Aniket S. | 2014-01-26

Service was great and I was made to feel welcome. I would definitely go there again.

BTW: Really nice looking service drive way and waiting area!

bruna m. | 2014-01-07

Exceptional. The staff accommodated repairs, this time, on a walk-in basis. Plus, it's possible to get work done while waiting, with plenty of coffee & wireless.

Carmen V. | 2013-12-16

Irregular service. The man at the from desk very cordial, but asking for too many questions and avoiding giving the price that will cost the servicing. Better not be shy and ask for exactly how much is going to cost every single thing they plan to do in order not to get surprises when the bill comes in.
The girls who gives you the key to the loaner car could be using some smiles...
Also, when asking for customization or personalization options for the Mini, the answer was a confused 'what is that'. Sorry, not everybody knows what is 'decal' (now I know, checed wikipedia). Knowing some synonymous for the not so terminology savvy among the clients would be useful as well.

Denise M. | 2013-11-27

I hate this place.  It feels so sterile and the manager seems so fake.  They ripped me off pretty bad with a trade in.  I don't like to talk about it.

Jonn D. | 2013-11-11

Just purchased a MINI Cooper Roadster from Marc M. at SD MINI. After shopping for 2 years, I was most happy to give this dealership my business. The atmosphere and staff are very pleasant. Not pushy at all and flexible on pricing and vehicle customization. If you are shopping for a MINI I highly recommend MINI of San Diego.

Alex L. | 2013-09-27

Yes, getting service at dealership is pretty expensive. But they are super thorough here and the service staff is awesome. Anthony Palomo is a great dude and was super patient as we figured out a bunch of super off-the-wall problems on my R53. I tried the independant shop route, and three "Mini specialists" didn't figure out the problems... don't waste your time. Bring your car here for service.

And be sure to request a loaner car when you make your appointment!

Anne S. | 2013-09-05

I've been taking my Mini here for about 3 years (ever since I moved to San Diego) and have been extremely pleased with the service department every time I've come in. Their customer service is excellent and I never feel like I'm being talked down to because I'm a woman (something I've experienced at other dealers/mechanics, including Mini dealers in other cities). It's a dealership so prices on service and parts are a bit higher than they may be elsewhere, but I think it's worthwhile because I can trust the quality of service and workmanship here. Most recently, I brought my car in because it was making a weird noise. It turned out my timing chain and air intake valve had to be replaced. Anthony was my service rep and he could not have been more helpful. My car was fixed in about a day and for a much lower cost than I had anticipated. I won't take my car anywhere else!

Carole G. | 2013-08-16

Some experiences in life are just 5 stars ++ and that's why I'm writing this review. I recently purchased a used mini cooper from SD Mini and had the extreme pleasure to work with Marc Marques (who I consider the real deal". Polite, knowledgeable, matter of fact, honest and helpful. What sets Marc apart from other used car salesman is that he became my advocate when I really needed help to resolve my issue which by the way, happened after the sale. So, thanks again Marc for your top notch service. Hope this review will encourage others to ask for you personally.  

Regarding my used 2008 mini. I think it's wonderful for around town, so far no problems at all and am getting 25.8 mpg around downtown San Diego and Mission Valley. This little car fits anywhere and the drive is fun. I love it and loved my experience dealing with SD Mini.

Kevin B. | 2013-08-13

I want to start by saying I Love my Mini.

Mini of San Diego Ripped me off for more than $500!!!!  

I don't like using the word hate but I really hate this place "Mini of San Diego". I get the worst feeling every time I come to Mini of San Diego. I'm back again after only 2 days because I wanted them to know they didn't fix the problem the 1st or 2nd time and after waiting 45+ mins for them to look at it again Terry Z. offered me a free detail. I don't want to come back here and I will EVER be back. If I have to I will be going to Mini of Escondido they have to be better than this place. F' me!!!!!!!!

I need to say I bought my Mini at Mini of San Diego and the sales team was great. I was happy with how short it took to complete the deal and I found what I liked quick.

here is where it goes down hill. The Service department. i have owned my Mini 1 Year and 4 months. I've been to the service department more than 6 times and again right now I am sitting in there waiting area as I type this on my iPhone.It honestly feels like the people work service don't care at all about there job or quality of service they provide.

There have been 2 recalls and I have had two flats/nails which is why I have had to come in. This last time i has to came back again after 2 days for brake issues... it's like they really don't know what they are doing here   uhh.    

I had a major tire issues with one of the techs and the tire warrant I paid $1000 bucks for turn out to be a joke.

keywords for the service department: Arrogant , Incompetent

They told me 15mins now it's been 45...   uhh

I really get the feeling they don't care about the customer here in the service department ironic isnt it. maybe it's a Penske who owns the dealership.

bottom line DON'T COME HERE IF YOU NEED WORK DONE. they don't know what they're doing and they will rip you off by selling you on stuff you don't need because of the Incompetence.

also had to wait for 30+ minutes at the parts department because I wanted to buy some all weather formats. There was one person there behind a window we just stared at me. I stood there for five minutes more well he stared at me.   I guess they didn't want to sell me anything so I just kind of felt weird and walked away

I just bought a 2nd car and its a Ford because of the Stupid service department at Mini of San Diego.

Q T. | 2013-08-11

This service place has me questioning ever buying a Mini again and has me wanting to get rid of mine.

So many issues over the years.

The biggest was when my car needed service and it would be a few days. I requested a loner car and was told on the phone they didn't have any available so I requested a call when one was and I would schedule service then. Weeks go by and no call. My car needs attention so I call again. I go through two or three people before someone finally says "we do not give loner cars unless the car is in for a recall or it will be more than a few days to service your car"... wow, that would have been good info when I first called.

Basically nobody communicates here.
Nobody knows the rules or how things work.

The manager is TERRIBLE and extremely rude.
So unpleasant in fact that I have a friend schedule and take my car in for me when it needs service now. The place boils my blood and makes me see red. Terrible customer service and awful communication between service and guests.

I can't attest to sales but I would avoid this place simply because they don't care once they have your money. Service is closed weekends so good luck if you have a flat tire as run-flats aren't in stock at tire stores open weekends and they will refuse to sell you a tire off the lot. Thanks Mini! Up yours!

Sandra M. | 2013-08-10

These guys who and this dealership are a CLASS ACT!!!! What a great experience getting a (almost new) car!  I originally was wanting to get a used BMW or Volvo, something like that but i came away with a BEAUTIFUL 2013 Mini Coop because of Marc Marques diligent and helpful efforts in working with me on the payment I wanted. Marc and this dealership are very classy and caring and truly only want the best for their customer. He even had me wait for my perfect car for like an extra 10 days and it was worth the wait! I can't recommend all of these guys or this dealership enough; totally fair, caring and helpful!

Joe G. | 2013-06-14

This review is not so much about Mini of San Diego, as it is about the quality of the Mini Countryman S we purchased.  The jury is still out whether I'm going to love this car.  We bought it for my daughter, but I do get to drive it periodically.

I was hoping the quality of BMW would carry over to the Mini.  Shakes and rattles drive me crazy!!! And ours has several.  Also disappointed at a couple of the working functions of the car.  Don't put a tall cup in the cup holder, they block the window levers.  I've almost spilled drinks several times while trying to reach to roll the windows down.  Very poor location, not very well thought out.

My biggest complaint is some sticky liquid that drips from the motor compartment.  I was concerned and called the service department to make an appointment.  He told me "It was nothing to worry about, as it's a very normal occurance."  WHAT????  I told him I've tried to wash it, but it won't come off.  Next I'm told I can bring the car in and they'll clean it for me.  Great, I always love service calls.  So I ask, "Will it happen again?"  "Yup, but you can bring it in anytime you want, we'll take care of it for you.  AND, it will get worse during the summer"

Ok, if Mini has a product that will clean this sticky liquid off, why wouldn't they provide it to me so I can clean it at home.  Or, fix the problem!!

Melissa F. | 2013-06-14

The service dept is Outstanding ... because of the Service dept personel ...
I recommend this dealership  for service ... hands down they are the best.

Jill M. | 2013-05-30

Terry and Aaron in Service, you rock! Thank you so much for your help in repairing the bad coils and spark plugs in my car and for not ripping me off. I'm saving for a wedding right now. :-)

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Gina S. | 2013-05-23

The best service that I have ever received at a Mini dealership.  Anthony was the customer service rep and he was polite, proactive, and enthusiastic.  My 2007 Mini Cooper S developed a timing chain tensioner problem at 55K miles.  Despite thousands of complaints, Mini has not issued a recall.  Anthony went to bat for me and requested a "Goodwill" repair.  Much to my surprise, MIni granted it and repaired the car for free.  This is normally an $1800 - $2200 repair!!  Mini Cooper of San Diego now has a loyal customer for life.  Thanks Anthony; thanks Mini of San Diego.  FIVE STARS!

tawny t. | 2013-05-21

If you want a mini, you should go to this place. The guys were not all surrounding me trying to sell me a car to the point that I feel uncomfortable (which seems to be the norm at car dealerships). I felt like they were honest and they treat you well with a nice seating area and starbucks coffee.

After my initial visit, a light went off in my car (turns out to be my fault) but they tookd care of it within their 40 minute estimates time, served me coffee and detailed my vehicle for free.

Great service!

Tommy L. | 2013-05-14

Today I took my MINI JCW Coupe to MINI of SD for service. Now know that I bought my car from MINI of Escondido and chose to take my service needs to MoSD. The biggest reason by far is my Service Manager AARON GREEN. Now I don't say this lightly heck I even signed up for Yelp just to write this positive experience down for others. I had the best customer service experience I have ever had at any car dealer. From MB, BMW or AUDI. MoSD took care of my car for a more than a fair price, in a great amount of time, and with a positive attitude. If you have a MINI go see AARON and you will be impressed.

Lance S. | 2013-04-19

Its never a great thing to have to take your car in for service, but that being said... these guys are great, and NOT in Escondido!  Aaron is my service advisor and he seems to actually get it!  I can't always afford new muffler bearings, and doesn't insist on selling them to me.  They have given me a loaner car when I needed it, and their work is always done correctly and on time.

If you drive a Mini, check them out for sure.

Xuan L. | 2013-03-26

I brought my Mini in for detailing. I only booked my appointment two days ago and there were no more loaner cars. After checking my car, they found that the car is due for some servicing.  I had to leave the car over-night which was not planed, my service advisor Anthony got a loaner car from another dealer for me. It turned out that my tires are wearing out and I needed replacement, they offered a very competitive price. My car looked brand new after detailing.  Anthony was genuinely caring and went  above and beyond to help. I highly recommend Mini San Diego and Anthony.

Margaret K. | 2013-03-16

I recently moved from Massachusetts to San Diego along with my Mini Cooper.  Today my low tire sensor came on.  I looked at the tire and saw that I had picked up a nail.  I did not know quite what to do, but I called Mini of San Diego and spoke with Aaron in the Service Department.  Despite being jammed with customers, despite the fact that I did not buy my car in San Diego, he took the time to discuss the situation with me and said that if I could bring the car to the dealership right away, he might be able to replace the tire today (a Saturday when they close at 2:30 pm).  

I did and Aaron and the Service Department replaced the tire despite the fact that  they were definitely jammed with customers.  I cannot tell you how much I appreciate the fact that Aaron took the time to really discuss the situation and arrive at a solution.  I also appreciate the fact that he was able to replace my tire today.  

I also want to say that the Mini run-flat tires and low tire sensor are wonderful.  If it had not been for the sensor, I would not have looked at the tire.  The car was driving well when the sensor came on and continued to feel under control on the drive to the dealership (about 15 miles).  

Thank you Mini of San Diego!  Thank you Aaron!  I thought my Mini dealership in Massachusetts was the best dealership in the world, but I think Mini of San Diego and Aaron might even be better!

I always recommend a Mini Cooper to anyone I know looking for cars.  Now I know I can also recommend Mini of San Diego without hesitation!

Patience K. | 2013-03-09

So, my service appointment was schedule from 9am- 9:30... It is 10:47 and I am still waiting for my car.

I asked for a courtesy car from our service coordinator, Aaron Green, because we had only budgeted 30 minutes and had some business to take care of. He told me that it wouldn't be a problem, and then proceeded to ignore us for the next hour and a half. When I told Aaron how frustrating this was and how I should have been informed of the 2 hour time allotment when booking so that I could have planned accordingly, he said that my appointment time was between 9-9:30, not the length of my appointment. Please see attached photo on my tips of the confirmation email sent by Aaron Green that says "Start time 9:00" and "end time 9:30."

..AWFUL customer  service MINI of San Diego! We will be using MINI of Escondido for our next service.

Creative N. | 2013-03-06

I really wanted to buy a Mini, I've been wanting one for over a year.  Due to the indifferent, crappy customer service, they sent me straight back to VW.  The husband and I walked on the lot ready to spend and their indifference towards us (two different visits to this Mini dealership, hoping the first visit was just a fluke) turned us off so much that we decided to try another Mini dealership altogether (turns out it's a company attitude, not just this dealership).  Maybe because I was in jeans and a brewery sweatshirt from work, I don't look ready to spend 30k on a car!  I realize the cars are popular, but I don't think that gives any sales person the excuse to treat us like crap!

Caroline S. | 2013-02-02

I took my Mini in to get some issues checked out.  Made an appointment for 9:45.  I was 15 minutes late but they were totally nice about it.  It took over 3 hours for them to be done and it was only to diagnose the problem, give me an estimate, and to install some air filters.  If I had wanted them to actually fix the problem it would have taken a few days.  3 hours was a long time just to have them diagnose my car problems and to give me an estimate.  But they did wash my car and install the air filters (I brought them in) free of charge.  And it was a Saturday morning so of course they were busy.  I've brought my car in before and I always had a positive experience so I wasn't really put off by the wait.  They could have driven me home (or anywhere else) if I had wanted but I didn't mind waiting there.

They have a really nice waiting area with free coffee/tea/hot chocolate and bottled water.  And it's fun looking at all the Minis in the showroom.  I brought my iPad with me and they have free wifi.

Katie V. | 2013-01-25

We take our Mini here for service and these guys are the best. We came in for an oil change and the service department pointed out that our warranty would be up soon and did a few other services that were covered by our warranty. I came in again with only 400 miles left on my warranty and my tire sensors going off. I was also in a big rush, which is never good for car service. They fixed the sensor problem and told me they'd take care of my rear breaks too while my warranty was still good. And they did it all quickly on a busy Saturday morning. The same gentleman has been at the service desk both times we visited and he provides excellent customer service. He even worked patiently with a confused elderly woman. No one here is a pushy salesmen or a sleazy mechanic; I've been really impressed with this Mini dealer.

Alicia W. | 2013-01-14

I've owned my MINI since 2010 and I've had 3 problems that each equated to no less than $1000 in service. All three times I've taken my MINI to the service department in Kearny Mesa. The first time I was new to the dealership so I went along with whatever they told me. The second time was a disaster, I had to return to the dealership twice, the first time the problem wasn't fixed, the second time they let me drive off the lot with cords unplugged and dangling beneath my car, only to return for fear of my safety because I saw that the cords were dangling when I went to get gas 2 blocks away. The entire "fixing/diagnosing" period took 2 1/2 weeks. During that time the cost changed several times because they weren't sure what was wrong with the car.

This last time I went to MINI for an estimate they were going to charge me $2000 for replacing the Thermostat line that feeds coolant to the engine and replace the oil feed line saying they were both leaking. I asked the service manager, Terry, to delineate the charges for me and he was pretty vague, so I mentioned that I was going to pick it up and take it elsewhere and he said that he would give me 10% off. When I returned to pick up my car I stood without acknowledgement by staff for 10 minutes-meanwhile 3 out of the 4 staff at desks did not have customers in front of them and Terry the manager was  in his office on the phone-and I'd made eye contact with him 3 times-indicating "Hello can anyone help me??". I finally approached the two girls chatting away to each other and asked if I could pick up my car. 45 MINUTES LATER I left with my car.

I took my MINI to Marco Polo Independent Auto shop and paid $1000 for the job that the MINI Dealer was going to charge me $2000. This was an ideal auto service experience, and I will happily write them a great review after I've had a few more experiences with them.

I give MINI 2 stars, because there was one time when I went in for an oil change where they accommodated my need to speedily drop off my car and leave-speedy was a 15 minute drop off.

A S. | 2012-12-28

I was so nervous to go into a DEALER as any woman is and put it off as long as possible. Then,  my Mini Cooper  needed work  only available at the dealer.
I was so PLEASANTLY surprised by the customer service and the work done at SD MINI. Aaron was indeed as helpful and patient as all the reviews listed. I had questions and concerns.  He went out of his way to help me extradite  the extended warranty  that I purchased from a used car dealer a few months before.  I never felt intimidated  or worried  about the work they were doing on my car.

Nicky was also very helpful and nice as could  be getting me lined up for loaner cars and making sure everything was done.

They are very down to earth and want to me sure you're a satisfied customer.

Thank you Aaron and Nicky. :)

Anne S.

Santosh K. | 2012-12-03

I have worst experience at this dealership. Sales representative was so arrogant and I think he was least care to make deal workout. Manager of the store was hopeless. Never visit this store if you are planning to buy Mini cooper. I wonder how this store has so many good reviews

Jeff T. | 2012-11-30

My Check Engine Light went on and SD Mini was the first place I called! They were completely booked the week before Thanksgiving and luckily my Mini hung on till the following Monday, but Anthony got me in ASAP and worked his magic! They dropped me off and picked me up from work! Ended up being a Oxygen Sensor and was under Manufacture extended warranty and was NO CHARGE!!! They washed it this time without asking! Thanks guys!

John M. | 2012-11-17

First off, if you even remotely think MINI's are cool, the look and feel of the dealership will win you over instantly, the people at MINI are marketing geniuses and just like the cars they design - every little detail is perfected to be awesome.

I walked in with the idea that I may be buying a car soon, I currently owned a 2004 MINI and was curious about the all new Roadster. I was torn between the BMW 135i convertible...and the new MINI Roadster convertible.  Next thing I knew I was asking for a Motoring Advisor to help me custom order the MINI....Mario was my advisor and he is a great guy, no pressure sales approach and extremely helpful.  He searched So Cal for cars similar to the car I designed and when nothing quite matched up (Because no two MINI's are alike) he helped me start the ordering process.  

7 weeks later, my 2013 Roadster arrived from the UK and was ready for me to drive home.  We went over things like the benefits of gap insurance over the money spent on LoJack and he actually helped me decide NOT to spend more money.  What kind of sales guy does that? A cool, helpful one - like Mario.  

The purchase process was easy, the girl in the finance dept. didn't push to hard on things like the extended warranty, so you can walk out of there without feeling like you got pressured to buy stuff you didn't want.  I hesitated on some things and without putting up any fights she quickly helped lower the cost of the add ons.  

Overall, I recommend this place over that other joint up in Escondido..(ugh!) and if you can - ask for Mario to assist you with your buying process.

Now, I have two MINI's and couldn't be happier!

jennifer m. | 2012-11-05

I have been bringing mini here since getting it in 2010. They are awesome here! I personally prefer working with Aaron, the service manager when I have my car in, but all the staff here have always been amazing, friendly, professional. I find Aaron to be above and beyond though, always making sure my car is tip top! Wouldn't take my mini anywhere else. :)

Sarah H. | 2012-10-18

The best dealership ever!!! Aaron Green and Terri Zito are top notch! They understand how to take care of their customers and always deliver! Thank you service team at Mini of San Diego!

michelle f. | 2012-10-13

My boyfriend and I went to mini of San Diego a year or so ago to purchase our mini countryman.  The salesman was pushy and tried to sell us a car that mini of Escondido offered to sell us for much less.  Long story short.. We declined his offer and when we did.. He became extremely rude and told us we won't get a better deal (little did he know .. Mini of Escondido already made us a better deal) and practically threw our papers at us from across the desk.  We took our business to Escondido though its super far from our house.

Fast forward to today.. We went in because our tire light was on.  I believe the guy we spoke to was Mike or Michael and he was super nice and got someone to look at our car even though they were busy.  Then we got free jersey mikes sandwiches while we waited which was nice.  We were told by someone else that we had a nail on our run flat tire and it would be 300 bucks to get a new one and that we couldn't repair the run flat.  We decided to try discount tires on midway and they ended up repairing the tire for FREE! So I'm pretty upset that mini of San Diego told us that it would cost 300 and that we couldn't repair it which wasn't the case. I would have given them less stars but the free sandwiches and the nice guy Michael deserved some.

Bryan K. | 2012-10-06

Definitely the place to get your Mini or other vehicle taken care of.  Everyone is top notch-Aaron is service is the best and all other departments follow suit.  Once again, thanks to everyone at Mini of San Diego.

Grant G. | 2012-08-22

This is a dealership that has it's priorities straight. They take good care of me in service, the sales team (Marc in particular) made me a great deal on my wife's car. Like any Dealer they are busy, but it's nice to know that these guys are willing to take the time to do things right and make sure that the customer comes first.

Ive been to both mini dealers in town, This one sets itself apart by miles every time I go in.

Nico A. | 2012-07-28

I think it's about time I update this review!

So, after my first review, I did end up buying a MINI! And boy, oh boy! It's been a lot of fun! Probably the most fun car I've ever owned and driven! I got to meet lots of people who share the same passion. I found out that there is a community of MINI lovers all over the world. I didn't know that I was buying into a worldwide club when I bought my MINI. When I bought my MINI, i didn't just get a new car but a new lifestyle as well!

Anyway, let's go back to MINI of San Diego. Before, I used to think car dealerships were horrible. Just another way to get more money from customers after purchasing cars from them. But this is not the case with MoSD! I actually enjoy going here! Not only do they offer top notch service for your MINI, they actually care! Aaron Green is a gem and MoSD is lucky to have him. He is very professional, definitely knows what he's taking about, very informative and knowledgable, has very awesome customer service skills - a very cool guy, to say the least.

I've been taking my MINI to this dealership for routine maintenance not only because it's still under warranty but because I trust these guys. Even when my warranty runs out, I can honestly say that I will still be one of their regulars. It's really great to know that I can drive my MINI the way it's meant to be driven knowing MoSD will be there to take care of it if or when anything happens.

Owning and driving a MINI is already a lot of fun as it is, but when you have a dealership like MoSD taking care of you and your car, it makes it twice the fun!

Cristopher B. | 2012-07-25

Service here is top notch. Everyone is nice, friendly and eager to help. Aaron in service is hands down the BEST. He knows his stuff and treats you like a long time customer regardless if it's your first time in. He's a true asset to MINI of San Diego.

leonardo l. | 2012-07-22

Great costumer service! Aaron is so cool that now all my family and friends bring their cars to mini...even when the car to be fixed it's not a mini!!
Finally a big auto dealer that is not just after your money but here they really care about you and your vehicle!
Thanks Mini...and thanks Aaron, really great job!

Lisa F. | 2012-07-22

I have a 04 Mini with over 100K miles. I've had my car for more than 3 years and 50K miles. I love my car beyond belief, but I'm getting to that point where the 100K mile maintenances are adding up. I have been at EVERY place in SD that claims they service minis, and hands down would not go anywhere else.

First of all, it doesn't get much better than Aaron Green. I've never spoken to anyone more knowledgeable about Mini's than Aaron. He's very patient in explaining the problem, from the diagnostic test all the way through the different options you have. I always ask him how long I can go before it really needs to be fixed and he's always very honest. Sometimes after he tells me what the problem is, I'll jump online to read "the blogs" and ask him why he thinks it's not this or the other. He wants his customers to be educated and he always gives you choices. There's been a few times where I was skeptical about their diagnosis so they've taken me in the back (which is really nice and clean btw) to show me what they see. They are 100% transparent and honest. As much of a tight wad as I am, I've never regretted any of their suggestions.

Another thing you will love about Mini of San Diego is they are always giving you discounts. "Oh you're here for an oil change? We have a coupon for that...  Oh you need a fuel injector cleaning? We just happen to be running a special." Aaron Green got me michelin tires for less than advertised prices elsewhere. I've been going there for over a year and they reward loyalty, always waving things here and there. I've saved hundreds.

Once I had an oil leak and went to their competitor. They told me it was the housing and I paid $800 to fix it. When I realized my oil was still leaking I went to Mini and they said it was the pan a $100 job and that it was a common problem. I couldn't believe the other company that advertised themselves as Mini service didn't even consider this. Instead they told me I should be grateful because they were cheaper than the dealership. Save yourself time and money and come to MINI of San Diego.

When you add it all up, Mini of San Diego is much more economical and they back up all their services and parts. They have all the parts on hand so you know you don't have to wait a week before your car is fixed. They have the hippest lounge, and if you don't want to wait around, they'll lend you a rental at no cost. If I could give them seven stars I would.

Julia E. | 2012-07-06

I didn't buy my MINI here but I sure did purchase an extra set of keys for the only key I had! Let me tell you..expensive. Sucked major things like my wallet!

Anyways this place is pretty cool. I like looking at the new coopers.

jim r. | 2012-05-28

Perhaps the best service department in the auto industry!

These guys have absolutely fantastic customer service.  We've owned 5 Mini's, and we serviced our last two here.  We had to graduate out of Mini to drive larger cars to suit our growing family.  It's unfortunate that we did, because these guys were the most honest, competent, and consistent service department we've ever seen.  The facility is new and is kept in impeccable shape.  Complimentary bottled water, decent coffee, and wi-fi were a plus.  But the best part was the product knowledge shown by service advisor Aaron Green and the integrity shown by Service Dep't manager Terry Zito.  They were amazing.  They fit our cars into their schedules on little notice.  Our cars were always returned in much cleaner shape than when they were delivered for service.  But best of all, when our 2011started showing odd fuel-related issues when starting from cold, these guys believed us (instead of stating they couldn't find an issue), and stuck with the problem until they found a relatively arcane solution (thermostat was faulty, causing erratic fuel mixture).

It's a shame that Mini doesn't make a car which holds 5 plus moderate cargo space, because if they did, we would have bought one if only to keep these guys as our service dealership.  They come with my highest recommendation.

John L. | 2012-05-19

It's rare to look forward to getting your car serviced, but the staff at Mini Kearny Mesa are awesome. Aaron, one of the service managers, always treats you like a friend. Shout outs to Michael and Jessica (from BMW team) too.  Thanks!

Kira K. | 2012-05-16

I came to mini for a recall on my JCW and to get an oil change. I also needed a few small things checked on. I called prior to make an appointment and was told over the phone (by Aaron) to ask for Aaron when I came in and that I didn't need to make an appointment, I could just drop by.

When I arrived at mini of SD I had to wait 45-60 minutes before I could drop my car off and pick up a rental. I was told that I needed to wait for Aaron to be available. After waiting for 20 minutes, I overheard an employee say to another employee that Aaron was on his lunchbreak. It seemed that a lot of people were there also waiting for the same fellow. After a great deal of time I was finally seen by someone other than Aaron. I received my rental and was on my way. Aaron returned to the desk while I was being granted keys to my rental.

I wished to return my rental and pick up my car the next day (Saturday). I called around 2:30 and spoke with a woman named melissa. She informed me that they were closing for the day and that the service dept would be closed sunday. She then told me that she could leave my JCW car keys at the sales desk with the receptionist so that I could come sunday to pick my car up. I was very grateful and thanked her.

When I showed up sunday, no one had any idea where my keys were and told me that they were unable to retrieve my car for me at that time. The salesman apologized greatly and gave me his card and told me that he would fill up my tank a few times as an apology for the inconvenience. I returned the following day, Monday and swapped out the cars and had hardly any wait at all. They didn't bother to wash my car, which I thought was a courtesy they provided. I may be wrong.

I didn't like waiting. The reason I had called ahead to schedule an appointment was to avoid waiting on friday. The service man could have avoided this by giving me slow times that are preferential for dropoff. Once they told me to wait on friday, no one checked in on me the entire time to tell me why the wait was so long, or even to acknowledge that I was still there. I would have appreciated being checked on and/or updated if i have to wait longer than 15 minutes.

The saturday Melissa phone call with the key placement may have been a miscommunication of some sort, still a big hassle for me to drive down there for no reason and back. Waste of time and energy.

With these complications aside, I had a wonderful experience. Every single person I spoke with was exceptionally nice and friendly. I felt that the staff genuinely cared about my needs and that they gave 100% effort. I appreciated the bottled water and coffee while i waited! STARBUCKS!! I believe that the problems I experienced were most likely unusual to this facility. I would come here again.

Victoria H. | 2012-04-18

First of all, my husband and I each have an 07 Mini Cooper.
Secondly, this review is related to service/repairs only.
They are expensive to repair wherever you go unless you "have a guy you trust."  So, do get the extended warranty and the extended maintenance plans. They are worth it. My guy is Aaron and his team. We didn't buy our Minis there (cause we got them in Santa Ana (Crevier) in 07. So, this really is only based on the year and half + of service we've had.
So, the dealership itself is always nice and clean. They offer a shuttle service and they will try to get you a loaner if you need it. They will test drive the cars they repair and they use geniune Mini parts. It is a Penske dealership - the first Mini has allowed and perhaps this is what makes them strive harder to do the best they can.
Aaron puts up well with my insufficient knowledge of cars. We've had so many numerous jobs done their with both of cars - the most recent was last week when I took my husband's Mini in for what I thought would be to replace the rear shocks. The car squeaked and made a lot of noise going over EVERY bump. Aaron told me that all it was that the heat shield was bent and the rear sway bar (which is a thicker, non-Mini stock sway bar installed 4 years ago) needed lubricating. And that fixed it! I couldn't believe it! So, I know I can trust Aaron and really that is what a good dealership needs - honest service advisors that won't get you to replace parts that are working just so they can make more money. Besides, they are so busy that I don't think they'd waste their time.
I want to give five stars - they are so darn close to it, but there was just one incident in October of 2011 when a repairman who had given his quit notice had mentally checked out had not noticed problems with our car (slight accident with a moving small boulder on the road during a  bad rainstorm and rock slide) that the insurance person has noticed. It was such a mess that my husband's Mini was there for about four weeks. We had a loaner, fortunately, and it stayed with us for so long that we gave it two nicknames (Pumpkin and Tangerine, it was an 2011 Countryman - just like the last shuttle I was in). But I want to make this clear, my insurance company was dragging their feet  - so many delays - they messed up the coverage initially as well.
Fortunately, I don't have to check the oil cap to make sure it is on after an oil change. Yes, I've done that once before I got onto the freeway.  
I can't imagine having to drive up to Santa Ana (140 miles round trip) again (did  for 3 years) to have our Minis repaired because we both love our Minis. I'm keeping mine forever or until I can't get it insured in California.
I happily can recommend Mini of San Diego. I'm so glad they are here.  
Would I buy from them? Honestly, It depends on which of the two dealers offer the better deal. It would be between Crevier (if Dana Eastman is still there) and Mini of SD. Most likely, that won't happen for another 10 years (sorry, hon) and it would be a custom order anyway.

Ok, I give in. They deserve the five stars. They really do go out of their way to make a lot of Mini owners really happy.

Ricardo S. | 2012-04-13

The guys and gals at Mini of San Diego are great!  They have always been professional and courteous with me.  Aaron Green in service has to be one of the best service advisors I have ever dealt with, Aaron kept me in the loop with all of the work they were performing and delivered my car to me as they promised.  In fact, he even turned me on to a few specials they were running and I had that work done as well.  I could not be happier.  

I was so satisfied with their work I returned today and had some modifications done.  Their work is top notch! Thanks Aaron and Mini of San Diego! You have definitely earned a long-time customer.

Firdous P. | 2012-04-13

Aaron was awesome! He got me a loaner and made sure all the issues on my car were resolved. I am so glad that I took my Mini here.

Rhen H. | 2012-04-06

The worst customer service ever! I made an appointment two days in advance about getting an oil change and explained to the Sale Associate about the passenger's window. I arrived to the dealership on time. In addition to oil change and window issue,  I asked the sale associate to change my tires which he had no problem about it. He told me that it was only going to take a couple hours. They gave me a ride to my work and I was hoping that I was only going to work for a couple hours.  Three hours past and I didn't get a call from the dealership about the status of my car.  I decided to have my boyfriend pick me up from work.... I called the dealership at 11:50 a.m four hours later and they told me that it was done but they just need to set something in my car and they will call me back when they are done.... I have to call 3 tines to get a status of my car... I was very upset that they were not giving me status and they told me that it was only going to be done within a couple hours.
I made several plans today due to bad customer service from the dealership I was unable to complete them.  It took about 8 hours to get my car back. They did apologize and took a couple $ off from my bill but I wasn't happy that they were not very customer service. I know that being short staff is difficult however they need to provide the best customer service.

Bottom line ...... I rather go and drive to north county to get the best customer service..... this experience totally ruin my day especially I have to pay a lot of $$$.

Rebecca E. | 2012-04-04

Get the extended warranty.
The normal warranty expires at 45,000 miles. At 46,300 my service light came on, I needed front brakes. Investing in a $2,000 extended warranty saved me so far:
Key ring chrome, wipers, front brakes. = $680. Will keep a record and see if we get to $2K worth of service in the next 2 yrs. (or 55,000 miles)

M E. | 2012-02-18

Leasing experience at Mini SD was quick and easy. Didn't have what we were looking for on the lot, but Mike D. found one for us and had it there in a few days. Paperwork was quick, didn't get pushy trying to sell extras, and we were on our way. Everyone was nice and helpful. I would certainly recommend Mini of SD to others. Just ask for Mike D. And did I mention, the Mini is super fun to drive?

Guy E. | 2012-02-15

Never had a decent experience at ANY dealership until NOW!!  Aaron Green, best service rep ever!!!  'Nuff said!!!!

Because of the GREAT treatment we are now going to purchase a '12 Countryman S from MoSD.

Ryan H. | 2012-02-14

100%, hands down, without question, the very best service experience I've ever had, here's what happened.

My 2008 MINI Cooper S was making a weird noise on the front right wheel, took it to my own mechanic and found it was suspension issues. Bad news and the bill was anything but anything but mini... In hopes something would be covered by warranty I called MINI. My service advisor was Aaron Green, he asked I bring it in so they could take a look at it. The following afternoon I came down and Aaron had a brand new 2012 waiting for me to use at my leisure for the time they needed to inspect my car.

The following morning Aaron called me with the specifics, he explained exactly what was wrong with it, what was covered and what wasn't, how long it would take, and how much I would have to come up with. To my surprise MINI was about 60% less than my own mechanic, not to mention the savings of not having to pay for a rental car while I drove around in a brand new Clubman, even if it was a rolling billboard.

My car was with them for about four or five days, I expected this because I was told upfront how long it would take. Arron called me with updates frequently, and when I wasn't able to answer he took the time to text me, an extra step he didn't have to take.

When I got the call it was ready for pick up I arrived to find my car sitting right up front, clean and ready to drive home. Both Aaron and Terry the service manager took the time to explain exactly what had been done to the car. But this is where the service went from very good to another level. One of my tires had been badly damaged from the original problem, so much so it wouldn't have been safe to drive, a problem I wasn't aware of and couldn't afford with the cost of repair. All the tires were due for replacement but that one was just wasted, not safe to drive on. They found a used one that wasn't perfect, but was good enough to hold me over and until my next paycheck. They didn't have to do that, but they did, that's above and beyond my expectations by a long shot, the kind of service that makes me drive the 30+ miles from Carlsbad to have my car serviced here.

Even more surprising I didn't even buy my MINI at this dealership. The car is perfect now by the way, handles exactly the way an S is supposed too, like it never had a problem. Thank you Aaron & Terry for a stellar experience.

Ricky W. | 2012-02-11

Unfortunately BMW did too good of a job in retaining MINI's British heritage as my Cooper S, like all British cars, is problematic and has been in for numerous warranty issues.  Not MINI SD's fault as they didn't build the thing but their service is somewhat inconsistent - a couple times has been horrible, a couple of times OK but the last time they were great and went above and beyond and took the time to reprogram all of my settings for me without my even asking; it was all done for me when I picked it up and they had detailed the car instead of just the standard wash which was very nice of them.  So, moving forward, am hoping their service stays in the positive direction and the car behaves itself so I'll just be in for scheduled maintenance.

Dalia A. | 2012-02-09

We bought our 2009 mini s from Irvine Mini and we had the car serviced there and Escondido mini.  This car has been nothing but a pain in the rear end for us with all the problems that we've had with the engine.  So we took the our mini to SD due to the good review that I read on this sight, and let me tell you it is true.  Teri Zito the service manager wet to bat for us with BMW customer service and got them to pay for  very expensive parts such as timing chain, turbo charger, and etc because we were thousands of miles over the warranty coverage.  Plus he gave us huge discounts for labor and charged back many hours of labor to his service dept. There are not enough words that can ever describe this gentleman,  he does all that it takes to take care of his clients. I wish there were more people like him in this industry.  

Teri we thank you so much for all that you have done for us, and look forward to keep dealing with you in the future.

Mike H. | 2012-01-30

So, my 2006 Mini Cooper S started having electrical issues. Radio wouldn't turn on, headlights wouldn't turn off, convertible top wouldn't go up, etc. Took it to the dealer and found out it was the Ipod dock shorting out the entire system. Okay, fair enough. A little annoyed at this point as they had my car for two days and I had to call THEM to get this update, but okay, I can live with that. The tech says, we have identified that it is indeed the Ipod dock so we need to replace it. Okay, I say. Several days later, I go to get my car and there is a pile of wires on the floor. They simply REMOVED the Ipod dock and left it on the floor! When I went back in and asked, they just said, well it's not under warranty any more (It was factory installed, not an add on). After several minutes of arguing, they promised to phone me and get me a quote to replace (for which they would waive the labor costs). This was in November. It is now the last day of January and I never heard from them again. Oh, and by the way, they also charged me 2 GRAND to open up the dash and do this. I tried to give them the benefit of the doubt, but I will NEVER go to their service department again.

Find another dealer if you need authorized Mini service! Dishonest and sneaky!

Marsi H. | 2012-01-18

Wow! What a beautiful dealership. Got such a good vibe from the staff and surroundings the minute I walked in. The selection is great. Now if I could just narrow down my choices. :)

David W. | 2012-01-18

Thank God for Mini of San Diego and their customer service led by Aaron Green. I own a 2006 Cooper S JCW  and it is definitely a finicky vehicle and needs a lot of TLC. If it wasn't for Aaron Green I would have sold this vehicle even thought I love it. Aaron's advice and honesty and customer service have once again made owning this vehicle the pleasure it should be. Thank you!!

Chris C. | 2012-01-18

I purchased my mini this past Sunday. I was greeted by Vernon the sales manager. He was very helpful and kind and I didnt get that car salesman attitude from him. I told him that we wanted to trade in our car but we owe more then its worth .. He said dont worry we see that all time.. They had a special apr % going on at the time so he told me about it and we were all for it. We were in and out of there in no time. My sales girl was Iyesha.. She was very informative and told me I can contact her anytime if I had any questions about the car. Even the girl who did all of our paper work was super nice! She kept saying thank you after thank you each time we signed something.. This was the most pleasant car buying experience I have ever had in my life. I will definately refer my friends and family to Mini Of San Diego :)

Stella A. | 2012-01-06

I was quite impressed with the service I got here. I had my "service engine" light go off and my regular mechanic stated that I had a problem that was still under warranty so I went to go get it fixed. The staff was helpful and offered a shuttle service to and from my work. They also washed the car and covered the part that was under warranty in full, no questions asked. I appreciated their service and was pleasantly surprised with the good service I recieved.

Amy S. | 2011-12-30

I'm a bit annoyed with these people, not gonna lie.
In general I have received quality repairs here. I have been very happy with their maintenance availability when I call in with an issue. I can usually bring it right in, which has not been the case at dealerships in the East coast.  However, it seems that I spend hours and hours sitting at the dealership nearly every time with few answers from the dealership staff as to why. In addition, there are several employees that could really use an attitude adjustment, though this seems to be the case at every Mini dealership I have ever been at. They do not seem to be very forthcoming with the prices of repairs and do not offer much information on said repairs without probing. I know that a lot of Mini owners are generally fairly well off but that doesn't mean that I'm willing to just toss money at the thing without understanding just where that money is going. It almost seems like they are confused when one attempts to be an educated consumer.
Overall, though they EVENTUALLY provide the services that I bring the car in for, I find that coming in for a simple repair not only takes at least half of my day but nearly all of my patience and tolerance for the super cool rudeness that Mini seems to be cultivating as the dominating culture.

Valerie H. | 2011-12-03

Best service I have ever gotten from any dealership. Aaron and Ferran (funny the names rhyme I just noticed that) they were just excellent. They helped me get my car in and going, they helped me to get a rental and they made me feel very safe leaving my car there. Every time I am there I always know it is in good hands!! Good job hiring your staff Mini (in Kerny Mesa).

Joann M. | 2011-12-01

We bought our first mini cooper here and we absolutely love it. The service was great and we were very pleased. We also went in a couple weeks ago for an alignment because of some pretty bad potholes and we got the best service from the service manager named Aaron. He was extremely nice and very helpful. I will continue to go to this dealer anytime I need help, and will look forward to dealing with the nice people working there.

Kyle M. | 2011-11-17

I can't say enough about how amazing the service department is here - honestly!!! Aaron is incredibly attentive, helpful and sincerely concerned about getting the best deals and work done on my car every time. Cory is awesome, too, if you need a lift anywhere while your car is being worked on.

All in all, I trust this dealer and service department more than any other that I've ever worked with and will continue to utilize their services while also recommending their work to everyone I know! :)

Nova Bella C. | 2011-11-16

This review is for my many experiences in the service department at Mini of San Diego.

I bought my first Mini in 2003 and had it until mid-2009.  I live in the San Diego metro area so at the time driving to Brecht in Escondido was my only option as the Mini of San DIego dealership was not yet open.  Six plus years of dealing with the circus of Brecht was torture.  No one ever had it together up there and I always felt like a second class citizen there as they seem to give preference to Brecht BMW customers as the Mini service department was merged together with the beemers.  

I was so happy when Mini of San DIego finally opened in late 2009.  I had just purchased my second Mini, a clubman.  After months and months of seeing the billboards off the 163 promising the opening soon, I was delighted to finally bring my car in for a scheduled maintenance.  

I was lucky enough to meet service advisor Aaron Green on my very first visit.  Even though I was excited about how close this dealership is to my house, I was cautious about taking my car to a green establishment.  Aaron put my fears at ease right away.  From the very first visit, Aaron has been present, professional and a great listener.  

Aaron Green is a wonderful service advisor.  He knows his stuff and is honest and communicative.  I've been coming to Mini of San DIego for over two years now and I can always count on Aaron.  In fact, I never worry that things won't be done right the first time.  This was something that I always ran into with Brecht.  It seems Aaron and the crew really care about the quality of work they do.  

I always feel taken care of at Mini of San DIego.  They have a really cute customer lounge with a big TV, magazines, snacks, water, hot chocolate and more.  The dealership is always clean and everyone seems like they enjoy their jobs.  It is a very pleasant place to hang out while waiting for your car.

They have a nice supply of loaner cars at Mini of San DIego.  This was another problem with Brecht and I often found myself renting something at Enterprise at $30 per day since I never could get one up at Brecht.  That is never the case at Mini of San DIego.  Aaron always comes through for his customers and understands that it's an inconvenience to be without a car.

I really can't say enough about Aaron and the crew!  Terry, the manager, is also really nice and is actually around all the time too.  

Thank you San DIego Mini for taking such good care of me!  And may I never have to visit Brecht in Escondildo again!

Tripti S. | 2011-10-29


Mini of San Diego have a large inventory. I went their a month ago with my friend to buy a mini. I saw the mini copper S kept for display.
One of the sales person said someone will be with us shortly.
I and my friend waited for 20 minutes. My friend went to ask the person to attend us since we were waiting for so long. He said he doesn't have time to attend us.
I was so angry and disappointed at their behavior. I love mini coopers but the dealers are awful. All the other people their were white and we are Indians that's why they discriminated us.

Jana J. | 2011-10-17

Okay, I bought my car from here and legit had problems a month later (annoying). I went in there totally expecting to get nickel and dimed because by all means: it's a Dealership, and i am a girl. I am no spring chicken on getting ripped off by guys who look at me and just know they can screw me over (and let's get real, they really could, I don't understand cars at all).

INSTEAD I got greeted by Morgan and Aaron.

These two are fabulous people. The kind that if they were trying to screw you over they would turn bright red and blurt out "I am lying, I can't do this". They are just "good guys". And don't ever think you are a number to them, I met them for about 5 minutes, came back eons later and they both remembered my name and what I was in for. They are SOLID people.

I am the type to wait a very, very long time to write a review because I know how important it is to companies to get a good review (then, perhaps, screw you over after), and these two just aren't capable of doing that.

They are so good that I have a family of Mini's and I am begging them to scoot over to them instead of their dealerships. I would HIGHLY recommend them.

Linda S. | 2011-10-12

I love Aaron Green in Services and Patrick Arche in Parts at MoSD. They both provide excellent customer service and are genuine. Aaron goes beyond his duties to provide great service. Even though I did not buy my MINI here, I use them for all my services. I love my Evil Coop ;)

Ben G. | 2011-10-10

I had service done on my car, and it was excellent. I've owned an Acura and a Mercedes, but Mini of San Diego's service was by far the best. They had me in and out quickly, their service staff are friendly and knowledgable, and the work they do is great.

kristen f. | 2011-10-09

this review is for sales only,  i cannot speak to service.
so...sales:  rude. rude. ruuude.
i was in the neighborhood to see a MINI i saw on craigslist, so i thought i'd stop by to see what they had trhat was comprabale.
1) the salesdude, Mario, admonished me for looking on craigslist and attempted to make make me second-guess my actions. i didn't. especially after this interaction:
2)i told him what i had found and my price range. he told me it was wishful thinking to find anything like that. (um-i was in the neighborhood because i already HAD found it, jackass. i said that part in my secret head.)
3)he told me i should really look instead at a lower model, that (shocker) they just happened to have. oh, but it was more expensive than my price range.
4)i then told him that i usually buy my cars in oregon because that is our home of record and there is no sales tax.
5)he told me i should admit that i'm living in california now and, "you may have noticed, things are just more expensive here. i mean, if you want us to pay your taxes for you, you're dreaming."
6)i told him i'm not asking him to pay my taxes. i was asking him to lower his price to my price range to absorb the price difference.
7) he laughed at me.
8) i left and bought a MINI through another dealership who was WAY friendlier and completely willing not only accomodate me price-wise, but they also threw in some gratitude for our military service.
I love love love my MINI...about as much as i disliked the experience i had at MINI of San Diego.

J T. | 2011-09-26

WOW! I actually can't remember the last time I had such a wonderful experience when taking my car in for repair. Aaron was fantastic, he made sure I had a loaner vehicle and worked overtime to ensure all of my concerns were addressed. All of his efforts ensured I made full use of my warranty and didn't have any out of pocket cost. Dare I say I'm looking forward to taking my car in again.

Lea M. | 2011-09-11

Thank you MoSD for sponsoring yesterday's West Coast MINI run to the USS Midway Museum. It was a fabulous day for a drive and great to be surrounded by truly wonderful people. This was only our 2nd run with WCM and we're looking forward to many more.

Cecilia S. | 2011-08-10

Once again, I must commend them for their excellent service.  

My engine service light came on a while ago, and I've been meaning to get new tires before my drive up to San Francisco - they were getting pretty bald...  Anyway, so I brought it in and Aaron Green was my service advisor - seriously, ask for him!  He is great at what he does, and will definitely cut you a fair price.

Originally, I was going to get my tires elsewhere because they gave me a pretty decent quote.  I mentioned this to Aaron, and he said he would match the price for me, or perhaps even less!  I was pretty ecstatic about this, so I decided to go with it.  Since I originally came just for the engine servicing, they couldn't fit my tire replacement on the same day, so they ended up giving me a silver Mini rental for the day - free of charge AND with a full tank of gas (no refill necessary)!  Needless to say, I was pretty happy that I wasn't stranded.  

The next day, my car came back to me in perfect working condition and spotless clean (she definitely needed a good shower).  I asked how much the tires were going to cost me, and Aaron told me that they decided to NOT switch out the tires because they still had a good 10k miles left in them. It would've been a waste to toss those tires.  That's amazing customer service there.  I feel like most places would've just changed them out per my request.  But he mentioned that he likes to treat his customers the way how he would want to be treated if he was in that situation - I really admire that.  He also gave me his contact information just in case if anything were to happen on my drive up to San Francisco.

I really like this dealership.  I truly feel like a valued customer every time I drive away from this place.  The people here remember me and the conversations I've had with them from my last visit, and they work in such a timely manner.  I'm just so sad I'm moving to San Francisco!!  Now, I'll have to look for another dealership that's just like this one :)

Ernie P. | 2011-08-08

My wife and I were shopping for a car and went to this dealership to check out what they currently have. We were met with Roberto Ramirez that did nothing but pressure us in deciding to buy a $20K used mini. The used cars that they have were reasonably priced but the sales person that we spoke to made us walked away and went to another dealership.
Typical car dealer sales tactics "buy now and I will give you a good deal."

Andrea L. | 2011-07-29

It was my first Mini buying experience and it ended up being a great one.  My Internet Motoring Advisor Mario Vigil was a pleasure to work with.  He was able to get me the deal I wanted, gave me all the numbers I asked for and answered all my questions promptly. Mind you, I never set foot into the dealership. All the negotiating was done via email and Mario really deserves his title there.  What I expect from an internet sales person is to respond back to me in a timely manner and answer all my questions and I came across many that didn't really care to do that.   But not Mario.  He is really the one you should work with if you are thinking of making your purchase over the internet.  

Have to drive 130 miles away to pick her up, but it's worth it. They are also part of the Costco Auto program which is really great.

Sally K. | 2011-07-21

WOW!  What a great car buying experience!  Got a great deal with no hassle!  They were very professional yet a lot of fun to work with!  Went out of their way to make everyone happy!  TERRIFIC service from Jathan the manager and Alfredo our salesperson!  


Anna C. | 2011-07-12

I just got back from my service appointment at Mini of San Diego and I feel I need to review it right away! Wonderful people in the service department, everything went smoothly, and overall I felt very welcome there. I was able to schedule my appointment online (awesome!) and Morgan took care of me while I was there (also awesome!). They worked pretty quickly, too. I will be coming here for anything my Mini needs!

Sandy S. | 2011-07-08

I won a free detail and today I took my mini in, even though it was free they didn't hold back and did an outstanding job

Sandy L. | 2011-07-08

I've used MINI of San Diego's service a couple times and the experiences have been great. I can't say that about the other MINI dealer in town. I have only worked with Aaron in service but I am sure they are all wonderful. Keep in mind they are always busy and sometimes you have to leave a voice mail. Trust they will take good care of you.

I haven't purchased a car there but my interactions with sales thus far have been pleasant.

When you drive by the lot it looks like there aren't any MINIs there. They put the used (non-MINI's) up front and keep the MINIs tucked away. I don't get that but don't drive by thinking they don't have inventory!

Denise M. | 2011-06-20

MINI of San Diego is one of the only dealerships that I look forward to bringing my car into!  I have a MINI and I am VERY particular.  I have done a few modifications to my MINI and with that, have some expectations on how they service my MINI.  Aaron in Service knows me by name and knows what I expect when my MINI is being serviced!

There have been many great service appointments I have experienced, but as a business owner myself, I realize that a true test of customer service and ethics is not when everything goes perfectly, as that is what we come to expect, but the true test is when something goes wrong ... and how it is dealt with.  

Well, a few months ago, I had my MINI in for service.  I got a phone call about a small scratch that occurred when my MINI was being moved off the rack.  I have a fancy aftermarket body kit that makes it a little difficult to manipulate around the service bay lifts, so it clipped the rack when it was being moved off of it following my service.  When I came down to pick up my MINI, I didn't know how bad the damage would be.  I was shown the damage, which was underneath the body kit.  It was very minor and hardly noticeable.  

Now most places would not have even pointed out the damage, as it is not visible unless you get under the car.  I was impressed that not only I was informed about the damage, but they also offered to have it repaired.  I declined to get it repaired, as it was so minor and not visible to me at all, but thanked them for sharing and being so honest about it.

Well, I gave it no more thought, but the next time I came in for service, without even asking for it, they gave me a special discount on my service to offset what had happened ... WOW!!

I have had my MINI in for a number of different warrantee, maintenance and non-warrantee items over the last 10 months, and each time they have exceeded my expectations!  I would highly recommend MINI of San Diego for not only those warrantee or maintenance items, but for all your regular service needs too!   I recommend them to everyone looking to add a MINI to their family and to those that already have one!

Alan L. | 2011-06-17

Exceptional!  Five star service by Aaron Greene and top notch Master  Mechanic Chris Cartier. Thanks Gentlemen, I'll be back with my happy

Lewis T. | 2011-06-13

I just want to take the time to put out that Morgan over at MoSD is truely the master. His customer service abilities and over-all awesomeness are unmatched, I am naming my next child after him. Thank you for everything

Brought Blu (2003 Mini Cooper S, 132,000 miles) in Friday because the power steering went out and Morgan called me with the diagnosis: Need a new pump and fan..when it is all said and done I am getting the work done for less than anyone could qoute and it is through the dealership. All that and I have a loaner, I am really going to miss them when we leave.

If you are thinking about bringing in your MINI for work, this is the absolute best place to bring it in.  The staff are amazing and friendly, clean bays where they work on the cars, and just a general feeling of peacefulness throughout.  If you are bringing in your MINI to anyone else you are missing out and probably paying too much.

David F. | 2011-06-08

I was so excited to see MINI open a dealership and service center here in San Diego. Now I no longer have to drive all the way to Escondido, or put up with the arrogant, harassing staff at Brecht MINI!

The folks at MINI of San Diego were courteous, prompt and professional. It was a great experience, and a huge improvement over Escondido. I'll be coming back here for all my future service appointments. Thanks guys!

Juliette V. | 2011-06-07

Just thank the gods...
I purchased my beloved Mini Clubby at Brecht in Esco.  I actually had a great sales experience and came home very pleased with that dealership.  That was until I brought the car in for it's first "free" tune up (at 15K).  'Nuf said - my scathing review is listed under Mini of Esco...

At any rate, I was more than eager to drive twice as far to go to the new Mini dealership in SD.  I'm so happy I did..
I deal primarily with Aaron for service.  I had to bring it in for 1 tune up and 1 repair - all of which was covered without any "upselling" (a bad experience from the other place).  Work was done quickly and correctly.  Aaron is always nice, honest and helpful.  

I'm finally taking the plunge and getting a bike rack put on the Clubby (ever tried to stuff a mountain bike INto a cooper???).  Guess where we're going?  Aaron, again, has gone out of his way to get the parts in within my time frame so I don't have to drive down to the dealership twice.

For the record, I've talked to a smattering of other employees at the dealership, and they've all been more than eager to help.  Plus - the dealership is clean and full of fun Minis to look at.  It's like a candy store!

Sami S. | 2011-04-09

YAY Mini San Diego! Seriously annoyed this morning when the handle of my door was pulled off ...WTF? So I got my first opportunity to bring the old woopty woop Mini Coop over to the new dealer. I loathe driving up to Escondido.
Instead of telling you why the other Mini dealers suck I'll tell you why this one is word SERVICE.

I didn't have an appointment so yes this process ate up about 3 hours of my day but rather than be annoyed I watched TV and looked at the cool new Minis.

Aaron, you saved my life just being NICE. So many dealers rip you off when they don't have to. You have the freaking parts right there and your guys know how to fix a flippin Mini.

So yea...Aaron Green, you have a client for life.
If you want more great reasons refer to Cecilia S's reivew...she's spot on.

Joe S. | 2011-03-24

I'm going to have to disagree with the other posters here.  I arrived for a 7AM service appointment.  Nobody there.  7:10 rolls around.  Nobody there.  Shortly thereafter some service techinicians come out.  And begin to boot up computers.  That takes 5 minutes.

I check-in.  I had scheduled a loaner car.  Find out that the loaner car person doesn't come in until 7:30.  And that they couldn't tell me if the loaner car I had reserved would even be there.  Said they don't know that until the loaner car person comes in.

Not knowing whether the loaner car person actually starts at 7:30 or whether the 15 minutes late philosophy works for her too, I cancel my appointment and leave.

Now, delays and mistakes happen.  But when people schedule a 7AM drop they usually aren't doing it because they like the smell of a service bay at 7 in the morning.  They've got somewhere they have to be and can't have the process of dropping off their car take 45 minutes to an hour.   Delays are inexcusable, and delays without apology are even worse, which was the case this time.

In addition, my car is under warranty, and each time I've brought it in for service the service bay tries to upsell me to something.  Very frustrating and unprofessional.

Brecht Mini has it's faults but in the 4 times I went there I was always in and out in less than 10 minutes.  And they never tried to upsell at the service bay.  I'll probably continue to go to MINI of San Diego as its much closer to my house, but I wish they would pay more attention to customer service.  I expect more from a MINI Dealer.

Heather T. | 2011-01-12

I am SOOO happy with the service I received at MINI of San Diego!  

It was a huge deal for me to buy my MINI but I took the plunge, believing all the propaganda about the fun factor.  I loved driving my car but hated taking it in for service.  I always felt like I was getting "taken" when dealing with my only option....Brecht.

Aaron Green at MINI of San Diego has changed my mind!  He treated me with respect and solved my MINI problems.  I am HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!!

Charles L. | 2010-10-27

MINI of San Diego just might put MINI of Escondido out of business.

My wife and I were servicing our 2008 Mini and ended  up buying a 2011 Clubman S. It all started in the service dept with Aaron Green. He and the staff made us feel welcome and was very attentive to our needs. Aaron goes above and beyond each time I have dealt with him.

We met up with Mario Vigil in sales while waiting for our car and he showed us around. We had about an hour to kill. There was no pressure to buy. It was nice to walk around with a salesman who was not breathing down your neck. He treated us with respect and we felt like we got a great deal. Who could ask for more?

Last but not least, we worked with Kara Gasca in finance. She had all the paperwork ready to sign in short order and walked us through each line and answered any questions we had.

MINI of San Diego is a home run!

Thanks for a great experience.

Tim G. | 2010-10-04

Where to start?

First of all, a few years ago I had to suffer through Mini of Escondido. Mini of Escondido is terrible, terrible, terrible. From salespeople who don't want to sell to coked-out loan officers to service people who actively demand you give them "10s" on surveys, there's really not much to like about Mini of Escondido.

That said, Mini of San Diego is a breath of fresh air. I was blown away when I drove into Mini of San Diego. Not only did they come out right away but immediately they offered to drive me anywhere I wanted.

I asked the driver to take me to Pho Convoy. After a great lunch, I called them back. They picked me up.

A few moment later, my car was done. So classy. So great. These guys deserve your business. They're not just mildly better than Mini of Escondido. They're light-years better. Go to them today!!!