Marvin K. Brown Auto Center in San Diego, CA

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Marvin K. Brown Auto Center is the kind of dealership that places the emphasis on a friendly and warm welcome with great service. Having helpful and knowledgeable staff goes a long way in helping them avoiding the example of other "stuffy" dealership


Established in 1950.

Marvin K. Brown Auto Center was started by Marvin K. Brown in 1950.  It began as a Cadillac only car dealership.  Today, MKB Auto Center carries 7 franchises - Cadillac, Buick, GMC, Saab, Hummer, Suzuki and MItsubishi

Marvin K. Brown Auto Center

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(619) 272-6867
Address:1441 Camino Del Rio South, San Diego, CA, 92108
  • Monday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:30 am - 7:00 pm
  • Sunday: 10:00 am - 7:00 pm

Reviews on Marvin K. Brown Auto Center

jose j. | 2015-04-21

I recently purchased a truck on 4/10/15.   I originally came in on Thursday the 9th to look at the GMC Canyon which I bought the next day.

I test drove with Tico and talked with Tony (who stated he was the Costco pricing manager).  In talking with them Tony said that the price of the truck would be $500 over invoice for the Costco pricing.  After Tico and Tony came out of GM Bill Cooper's office, I was offered a fair trade in price and was told that if I traded in my car, they would also throw in the rear pass through window.  

When I returned the next day to purchase the truck, there were several discrepancies from the previous conversations.  I was told the Costco price given to me originally was incorrect that I was being overcharged $250.  I was also told that the rear pass through window would not be included (there goes an additional 700 dollars out of my pocket).

Another issue is that J.Tyler and I went out and picked a set of side steps as an option for the truck so that my wife who was having trouble getting in and out with my newborn wouldn't have as much trouble.  We went out together and he picked a set off of another vehicle on the lot.  At this point, I had to leave the dealership to take my wife and baby home.  When I returned to do the paperwork only a couple hours later, I looked at the added options and the side steps were not listed but the price I had agreed upon earlier in front of my wife had included them.  Needless to say I did not get the side steps. Once again the dealership made false promises.

The next issue I had was that I was told before I agreed to pay for the accessories from J.Tyler that I could have all the options installed this week while I was out of town.  I bought the truck on Friday the 10th and dropped it back off on Monday 4/13/15.  On Tuesday 4/14/15, I received a call from Meryl in the service department, asking what needs to be installed on the truck because he has no idea why my truck was there.  After I told him the parts to be installed he said that nobody had ordered those parts (that I had already paid for) and it would take a few days to receive them.  Additionally, the rear pass through window would not be available until next month or so.  So they are quick to take your money and once they have your money, they are done with you.
I am frustrated and not happy with the service I have received from this dealership.  I was told many things and made promises but the amount of inconsistency among the employees is unsatisfactory.  I was told my ordered parts would be there in a few days but it has been over a week and I have only had my bed liner installed and it was not installed properly as there are 2 big bulges where it is lifted up from the truck.

Salesman J. Tyler told me after making my purchase that if I had any issues to let him know so he could do his best to make things right.  I called and emailed him and haven't heard back from him since Sunday 4/12. Again, more people talking but not following through on what they say.  It seems to be the trend I'm noticing.  
I also called and left 2 voicemails for the GM Bill Cooper. I emailed him on 4/15/15, but have received no response.

I picked this dealership because of the high 4.6 review ratings online I saw with google.  My experience with the false promises and bait and switch tactics leave me feeling taken advantage of on this purchase that was over $42K.  
Now, if it was just one of these things I could chalk it up to a mistake but when you add all these little things they add up to a terrible 1 star experience that I don't think anyone would want.  
They were quick to take my 42k but when the deal was closed I was no longer an important customer that even warranted a call back or email. So save yourself the time and headache of the typical dealership and avoid this one.

Amie S. | 2015-04-04

Brought my buick in for an oil change. I also brought my large dog with me. The staff was very friendly, and didn't mind me brining my dog into the waiting lounge. Someone even brought him some water. I'm so happy that the staff here are so friendly. I'll keep coming back for sure. Thanks!

Anna A. | 2015-04-03

We weren't planning on buying a car but our car was totaled in an accident, so we had no choice. Went to a few places on Mile of Cars  and the experience was not great. We got the typical salesmanship pitch and since they didn't have what we wanted, they tried to sell us something else...ugh! We found the car we wanted at MKB and it was the easiest and best car buying experience I have ever had. Mike Tomich, Mathew Lyons and James P in finance are THE best. No sales pressure, honesty, no BS and they sincerely care. Next car we buy, will be from them :-)

Celina D. | 2015-03-28

I recently attempted to buy a 2015 GMC Terrain from here. My experience was not good and needless to say I did not buy a car here. First, I went to taste drive a vehicle here and two cars, which were the ones I wanted, did not have gas. The pumps were closed. So no test drive. I still went ahead and sat down with salesman and discussed what I was looking for. He advised me he would call me the next day. No phone call. I call him the following day and no response. I ended up speaking to a manager who had my salesman call me right away. I told him i felt like they didn't want my business and felt that I was bothering them. He tells me he found two cars to come in that afternoon, which I did. Cars were not there but was told he could get them. They attempted to convince me to get what I did not want and even had me test drive a completely different vehicle. I was basically told I was making a mistake buying the car I was buying and not making a good investment. Without my approval, they ran my credit and came bk w figures. I told them I wanted to see the car and was not comfortable continuing without the car there. I was assured it was normal protocol and that dealers weren't going to waste their time picking up a car if it wasn't going to be told. They provided me with a rate, a payment amount but still no vehicle. They said if I gave them the go they would get the car.  I told them I would sleep on it but would call them in the morning. I called early  next day told them to have the car there by 5pm. Once again, they told me they would call me back. No phone call. So from Monday evening to Friday morning they were unable to deliver. I ended up buying at South Bay GMC, whom btw they kept bad mouthing the entire time I was there. So if you're not spending a lot, special ordering (I wanted the base model with V6 engine which is harder to get) or not buying their lot inventory then you'll get treated like crap. I was extremely disappointed.

Charity B. | 2015-03-08

My husband and I took the car in yesterday because of a vehicle recall on my car. We were greeted right away. The service was prompt and friendly. The service was excellent. I was shocked that he asked me if I'd like my car washed free of charge after it was done. Wow!!! Are you Kidding me? YES!!! The waiting area was breathtaking. Comfortable seating, very clean and quiet. I gave it only a 4 star because my husband said the men's bathroom, although it was nice it smells like piss like someone has been living in the bathroom

Michele R. | 2015-03-08

World Class Service Department, very helpful and understanding that our vehicles need to be well taken care of.

Janine M. | 2015-03-04

I have been coming here for over 10 years now.  They always do an amazing job and go out of their way for customers.  Larry Ramos in service goes above and beyond for me every time.  Certainly insures I am a customer for life.

Billy A. | 2015-03-02

I needed a quick unannounced and unscheduled oil change and tire rotation and, as I have come to expect, my service rep Larry Ramos stepped up to the challenge and made it happen....again!
I came into MKB late afternoon on Friday February 27th and asked Larry if he could squeeze me in and get this service done as I had a very busy work schedule and would be out of town for the next several weeks and could not take care of the currently expiring service needs.
As expected Larry pulled his magic from within his means and made it happen in almost one hour. what an amazing guy and service center, this is why I continue to come back to MKB since purchasing my vehicle in 2010 and will continue to come back for all my future service matters.
Thanx again Larry Ramos and MKB service center...!

Moira D. | 2015-02-23

My experience here at MKB has always been great!! My service advisor Larry Ramos is--as always helpful..nice.. keeps me informed..
ATS had been having problems lately--
the engine light has just turned on but then Larry assures me he can fix it and explains in details what was wrong with the car..
This has always been a truly great experience..
Thank you Larry!

Guy P. | 2015-02-12

The first Cadillac I bought for Marvin K Brown was a 2012 two-door CTS. I loved the car. But things changed and now I need a four-door.  I'm super happy with my 2014 ATS 2.0 turbo 4 door. It's fast, responsive and handles like a dream. If you're looking for a great car I suggest you buy a Cadillac from Marvin K Brown. I shopped  all over town and they gave me the best possible deal.

Jesse M. | 2015-02-09

I can't say enough great things about Service Advisor, Larry Ramos. He always greets you with a smile, has great information and solutions to the issues or repairs your car has.  Plus he always follows up, keeping me informed along the process.  

In 2003 I began getting service at MKB for a 2001 Saab 9-5 and never felt cared for as a client.  I was often frustrated and if Yelp had been around then, i would have rated them low, 2-3 stars.  But once Larry became my service advisor, it all improved dramatically.  I may simply have very high expectations, but I am never unhappy with the service I'm now getting.  Thank you!

Molly R. | 2015-02-02

Hi Jennifer,

If you are responding to the answers I provided on an emailed survey, the proper response would be to personally reach out to me via email rather than publicly on yelp.

I purchased my car in August 2013 from Hoehn Cadillac in Carlsbad.  Since that point your dealership has been the ONLY place it has ever been for repairs or routine service.  Therefore, your dealership is the ONLY logical place I could have gotten holes drilled into my steering wheel. No one else, other than my husband and myself, has ever had access to my vehicle and could have caused the steering wheel damage.

I don't appreciate you insinuating otherwise, or trying to dodge the blame on this one.

I had multiple recalls; clearly the steering wheel damage was done during one of the recall "repairs".  I'm not a mechanic by any means, but my guess was the damage was caused while performing the "fix" for  the recall involving the car's electrical system and lights (NHTSA Campaign Number: 13V220000).  The information I'm finding on the internet indicates the repair for this includes "reprogramming the body control module".  Further internet research indicates the body control module is located in the front dash area of the car, which would make the sloppy steering wheel damage caused by your dealership completely plausible.

If you had done a review of my file and looked at the repairs I had completed before spouting a response this would have been obvious to you.  However, rather than looking into things thoroughly you preferred to try to make me look like I didn't know what I was talking about.  I'm insulted.

Luisa M. | 2015-01-29

I had to leave a second review because I have to let everyone know what my sales person went thru Took him 4 days to get me approved to buy a car no matter what the bank said he kept trying and would not let me down today I walked out of this dealership with my Cadillac and I could not thank Geraldo enough for picking me up dropping me off always keeping in contact with me and getting me my dream car I can not stop bragging about the excellent service I been shown in this business I will recommend Geraldo to everyone I know thank you

Kida B. | 2015-01-24

Wanted to say THANK YOU to J. Tyler Williams in Sales, Robert Cogdon in Service, and Sheila in Financing for all the help and great service you showed us during the time we owned our vehicle. J. Tyler Williams was ALWAYS accessible and did whatever he could to make things easy for us. Robert Cogdon is amazing at explaining warranties and maintenance, and Sheila can work some magic with products and financing. Great team. Thank you from the Brinos!

Carl N. | 2015-01-23

Merle Porter made my experience exceptional. Phone calls were returned and all questions were answered. Getting a new motor for an 09 is not a pleasant experience.(thanks wife). Just really pleased how fast this job was done. Thanks Merle

Josh R. | 2014-12-30

I would give the sales person Shelley 5 stars. I purchased a used vehicle under warranty and I had some issues with the car. However Marvin K Brown resolved the issues. This is a dealership with integrity that I would do business with again.

Thank you for taking care of your customer.

Dolores A. | 2014-12-23

best customer service!!!! everyone is always willing to answer any questions or help you with anything else. a special thanks to service dept & technicians. merry christmas and a happy new year to everyone at marvin k. brown keep up the good work!!!!!

Shea B. | 2014-12-22

My Wife and I live in LA and we found the same car we were looking at locally on CarGurus. We called on the car and were connected with Emillo Savoji at Marvin K. brown Auto Center. We explained that we were looking at a similar car locally and asked Emillio if he could help us get the car for cheaper. Emillio was very professional and said let me do my homework and call back before you drive down to SD. He called us right back and was very positive that we could make a deal that was good for both of us. He said if we drove down that he would make it worth our time. And he did just that and then some working really hard to lock in a fantastic price.
Then we met Shelly Garze the Finance manger, who went above and beyond our expectations when she called the following day after the sale to let us know she locked in an even lower rate then we agreed on the day before when we signed. Talk about value added.  This has to be the most honorable dealer I have ever worked with. I highly recommend going to Marvin K. brown Aito Center and asking for Emillio and Shelly to assist you with your next car purchase.

Zach L. | 2014-12-12

I had an airbag leak on my Hummer SUT.  I wanted to take it to somewhere that they know what they are doing.  I made an appointment for 2 days out and dropped my truck off with Robert Congdon at 10am to have the truck checked out and see why the rear end would not "air up."  at 4:30pm I called in to talk to Robert to see what was going on with my vehicle......he already went home for the day, I ask for to talk to someone about what was going on with my vehicle....they said its still sitting on the site where they left it!  I ask why I would make an appointment if they would get to it at their leisure......the reps reply was "uuuuuugggggghhhhhhhhhhhh not should of made an appointment."  lol what are you kidding me.  So they "left a not on his desk" and I received a call from Robert at 11 the next day, telling me I needed new airbags because there is a leak.  NO SH*T you can hear it...i walked him out and showed him!  I ask him why it took 10 hours to tell me something I already knew....he told me "they were backed up" they have 20 open bays with most of their employees smoking outside.  Also when I arrived I went to the receptionist and she called for Robert over the loud speaker and he sat in his office (doors open) drinking coffee, totally ignored the page.  HORRIBLE SERVICE!!! If your are in a rush....don't deal with them, they need to fire this lazy guy.  Also they charged me over $700 when I looked up on OEM to see how much the bags were, $130!!! and YouTube it to see how easy they were to install. I guess Im the idiot here........

Paula H. | 2014-12-10

So disappointed in them!  Took our Buick LaCrosse in for a service,  oil change, so just out of curiosity we went to see about trading it in for a Cadillac but after waiting for three and a half hours we decided to bail out and take our Buick LaCrosse back home.  It was finished being serviced but yet we still waited for one half hour for them to pull it out once the lady called to have it taken to us!  I think next time we will take it to another dealership to be serviced

ELIZABETH A. | 2014-12-07

I first started working with Marvin K Brown 2 years ago on trying to find a particular car and had no luck. Fast forward,  I called after seeing a car online and had the pleasure of working with Albert. The Cts I wanted unfortunately sold before I even got the chance to make it to the dealership but Albert gave me his word that he would find me the car I wanted within my price range. Two days I got a call on Monday and went down and test drove a 2007 Cadillac CTS with a CLEAN and trusted CarFax, superb mileage and an excellent price worked out. What made it even better was that the two previous owners bought and upgraded that car at MKB. They had even had all the work done there as well. I, by myself,  ended up purchasing the CTS on Black Friday after working a sweet deal with Albert and Kyle. They were very cool! So many other dealerships were tryna play me like a fool but with them I felt no pressure at all and definitely do not regret my decision at all. I'm so glad I returned to this dealership after two years. The customer service was over the top and I look forward to servicing my car with them and upgrading like the previous two owners did in the future.  Thanks MKB, Albert and Kyle!!

Jason B. | 2014-12-04

We purchased a used Chevrolet Suburban in February of 2014, and, sadly, little positive can be drawn from the experience. We dealt with AJ White from the sales department. The first time we came down, on a Saturday, we were told some of the paint chips, scratches and other blemishes were to be taken care of the following Tuesday. We were also told that the vehicle was GM Certified, and all of the necessary inspections and paperwork were already taken care of. We couldn't come to an agreement on the price, so we left.

Flash forward a few weeks, and we called to see if they were ready to make the deal. They were, so we made the trek down from the Corona area (about 100 miles). Before we left, we asked if the paint chips, scratches and other blemishes were taken care of, and were told yes by AJ. When we arrived, much to our disappointment, the work had not been done. Since we'd just driven 2 hours, we decided to move forward with the deal. I figured I would make the repairs myself, since we were getting a decent deal on the truck. After filling out all of the paperwork, I noticed missing sections on the GM Certification forms. Initially, I was told by AJ that it was fine and normal, but after pressing the issue further with the Sales Manager, they came to the conclusion that GM Certification paperwork was not, in fact, correct. In hindsight, I should've walked away again, but all of the paperwork had been filled out and submitted. No customer should be lied to, simply to close a deal. What would've happened had I not pressed the issue, and showed up at another dealership for work that is covered under the GM Certified Warranty?

Flash forward again to today. We have not received any registration paperwork from the DMV, nor can we locate the vehicle through the DMV web site's registration portal by VIN and License Plate number. Obviously something is not right with the registration; however, today, we called and spoke to Marcela to try understand why, and were met with her poor attitude and rudeness. We were told that everything was submitted, and we'll have to take it up with the DMV. Maybe it's not their fault that, but no customer deserves to be treated the way we were treated.

This dealership offers fair pricing, is in an easily accessible location, but has some serious customer service and business ethics deficiencies. This dealership perpetuates the stereotypical used car buying experience: sleazy, dirty, lying car salesman, with dismissive, rude treatment after the deal is done.

Mary S. | 2014-11-14

purchased 2007 Yukon (new) from Marvin K Brown, continue maintenance and any major repairs it may need, our service writer Kevin has always been extremely helpful with us.  We can't say enough about the staff and assistance from MKB, we will always use your services,.  Thank you again for treating us like part of the MKB family

Ryan M. | 2014-11-03

DONT WASTE YOUR TIME!!! Drove up and asked if they had a certain cadillac. The salesman didn't even know what I was talking about. Five minutes later he came out and said we have one in the back. After test driving it, I wanted to see what kind of lease deal they could do. They then had me do a credit check, didn't have to do one to see what they could do. Then they come back with a ridiculous figure on the car. I then showed them an offer I had already received from another dealer. The finance manager then told me that he has no idea how they got that deal. They weren't even willing to make a deal even when that said car already had 5,000 miles on it. They considered it new because the manager drove it. They weren't even willing to knock off some of the price of it. This dealership only caters to people who have too much money to know that they're getting a bad deal. Go elsewhere! Seriously!

Sharon T. | 2014-10-12

Love every experience!!!  All the employees are responsive, friendly and down to earth!

Maureen M. | 2014-09-30

Anthony is the service advisor who always assists me.  He does a wonderful job.  He listens to my vehicle concerns and does a great job of getting my car serviced.  Always very friendly.  This time he did his computer magic & got my gas gauge repaired on a recall.  That saved me some money, which makes me happy!!!

The cashier was also friendly & smiling, which is really nice when paying out money.

Love MKB!!!!

Christian C. | 2014-09-29

J Tyler was incredible. Do yourself a favor and make sure to ask for him by name when you come here! He made getting me into my 2014 XTS incredibly smooth and followed through on every single thing he said he would.  Thanks to him getting my new Cadillac was a fantastic experience!

Curtis O. | 2014-09-12

I've bought and sold too many cars in my life and to quantify's enough
For three peoples lives...easily.
I literally found this dealership by locating a car online. They happened to have it as a used, lease trade in. Because I've been trained like so many people to not trust dealerships, or car salesman, this place rocked every preconceived notion I had. I've never even heard of them prior to this transaction.
This dealership has a very positive dare I say happy environment. I've been to too many where the men are cutting and extremely competitive. Even to the point of bad mouthing each other in front of customers...not cool
But like I said, this place is different.
  Most of the salesman are experienced, and tenured individuals in the industry. Maybe because they are catering to the Cadillac market?....but I was there to buy a used Volkswagen ....and they treated me with respect, and dignity from the get go. I won't even get into the financial details of the transaction. I'll just say, they completely went out of their way to make this a "win/win" for both of us. Calling to make sure I was taken care of. Making sure I got reimbursed  for money I put out. Following up, and making sure the job got done right and completely.
In this day and age....Amazing.
They not only paid for an independent wheel alignment $168.00, but also agreed to replace two of the tires....and in the end replaced all four! No questions asked. Some of the people working their talked about the history of the company, and the family that the legacy belongs to. Pictures on the wall tell and show the the buildings and freeway back in the 1960's when and where it all began. The first generation female now is the president and CEO of the company....she also happens to be the grand daughter of the founder. But so I'm thinking sure....of course. But no no, because her parents were smart...she worked from the ground floor up....even working as a service writer in her younger years. Maybe this is why people working there talked so highly of her. She "EARNED" their respect. She wasn't just born into it.
  I accidentally helped a beautiful woman carry a few items from the dealership deli (another cool perk) to her office. We exchanged small talk in her office and,  it just so happened to be Jennifer Brown.  I couldn't help but tell her my thoughts and feelings I'm writing this moment.
In the end I have to say these are real people,,who treated a real person. Not another sale, bonus, or number. Sure they need to make a buck too. But this place is more than that. It has that small town feel, with class. Cadillac class. .....even though I was merely on a Volkswagen budget.

Steven L. | 2014-09-09

Jon Dubuque one of the Service Advisors is awesome! Always helpful and friendly with a smile on his face! As far as all my experiences Jon has always been concerned with our satisfaction and providing the best customer service.

Bryan P. | 2014-09-05

Anthony was courteous and knowledgable. The service was done in less time than expected. The free car wash is always appreciated!
There is wifi in lobby while you wait.... however... I had to move around the lobby to stay connected to it :/

Margo F. | 2014-08-21

My Saturn Sky Redline was part of an ignition safety recall. I had bad experiences with other "certified" Saturn auto service centers so I decided to try some place I had never been before. I called the Marvin K. Brown service dept. to let them know I needed a recall part. When the new part came in Anthony called me & got me an appt. right away. I dropped off my car by 8AM and Anthony called around 11AM to let me know my baby was ready and he had her washed too! Thank you very much for making this the best service experience =)

Jenna C. | 2014-08-19

Rolled my (old) car up in here for a safety recall and a battery that finally died after 7 years.  I didn't have an appointment cause I wasn't expecting my battery to die.  Can I just say the customer service was amazing??  No attitude for not having an appointment, all friendliness and smiles and "Oh don't worry about it!  It's okay, we'll take care of it!"  Jon B. was my service rep and was so polite.  And they called within a few hours cause my car was ready!  A+ customer service.  

Not to badmouth anybody else but, for perspective, this meant more to me than usual (although I do really appreciate good customer service in general), because I justttt bought a brand new Jeep up the street (cough cough), the transmission failed a week later, and the lack of customer service there has been absolutely appalling.  APPALLING!  And I still don't have my brand new Jeep back...  

Thanks, GMC, for showing the other guys how it's done!

Matt B. | 2014-08-15

Merle is the nicest and most professional service manager. The work gets done and they loan you a new car while they fix things up!

Aaron L. | 2014-08-12

I went to have a SAAB key programmed here, the cost was $58.  At other dealerships the charge was closer to $400. When they tried to laser cut the key blade we discovered that i had the wrong size. They informed just to bring back the correct size and they will cut it for free.

Ruthie C. | 2014-07-25

We bought our 2004 GMC Envoy at MKB a decade ago and have been servicing it here ever since.  Kevin Kneeper has been our service rep all along!  Never knew when we bought the car that I would be keeping it for so long but dang it, it still just runs like a champ!  This visit was for it's 100,000 mile maintenance service and now I'm ready for our next road trip to Mammoth.  Thanks to Kevin for such terrific customer service these last 10 years!

Pauline P. | 2014-07-25

Update - July 25: I wanted to update my review after this past week. So, I had to take my car to another dealership to get looked at, and turns out my recent timing belt repair hadn't been done correctly, and it would cost another $420 to get it fixed, plus a $120 diagnosis fee. I didn't want to have to pay this since I had just gotten this service done at MKB. I gave them a call on an off chance, and I was fortunate enough to talk to Don, the service manager. I explained my situation and he was super helpful and told me to make sure he was charged for the repair. I picked up my car today, and sure enough, Don had taken care of it for me, and even called me to make sure everything worked out. I really appreciate his help in this situation. Thanks again Don!

Tammy E. | 2014-07-20

I brought my 2011 Buick Enclave in for regular maintenance as well as a recall for SIAB. As always, my service contact, John Dubuque, is friendly, courteous and knowledgeable. He called, as promised when my vehicle was ready for pick up. Upon pick up, my car was clean, fluids topped off and tires inflated to the correct PSI. I am very happy with the service I receive here.

Precious A. | 2014-07-17

Greg Hewett and Jim Pselos were awesome! They both went over and beyond to meet my stated needs and desires in a car and the terms. Actually, they even addressed needs and desires that I wasn't sure I had! This is my second "purchase" from Marvin K. Brown Auto Center and, because of the consistent and excellent servicing and experiences, I look forward to returning for future auto purchases (though I am hoping it will be a long while from now).

I just wish I lived closer so that I may have my car serviced by MKB.

Thank you.

casey s. | 2014-07-17

Everything about my situation should have ended terribly for me, buying a used car by myself. Woman, under 30, no credit, not a ton of time to spend on this, etc. Roy Ricart and Bill Cooper totally helped me get financing figured out in a day flat, didnt offer me anything really on my trade in, but honestly if I wanted to take the time to sell it myself its not like that wasnt an option for me. So they gave a little there, and a little on price, and I now have a great SRX to cart myself and my son around in. They didn't jerk me around, or try and change a single thing on me in the process, very straight up and accessible. Thanks so much guys, will definitely be back when it's time for another change!

Dennis S. | 2014-07-11

We purchased the 2013 SRX at a different dealer because of the great deal we got.  I chose Marvin K Brown as our preferred service dealership because we had all our service done there for years when we had our Buick LaCrosse.

I worked with Kurt Steussey as our service rep and he was great and accommodating.  Now I am working with Jon Dubuque and he is the same.  Great guy and good to work with.

Never had any problems with MKB's service.  In fact, they have always gone above and beyond what was expected.


Brad M. | 2014-06-14

I have a caddy 2013 srx. This visit was much better than my first visit. During my first visit one issue I had the mechanic didn't believe me it was an issue and another issue he didn't fix because he didn't "hear" it. This time, john took very good care of me and respected me instead of disregarding the noises and issues I had. Not only did he listen attentively, but he found out the bearings in the front were shot and should not have been already. This was the same noise from 6 months ago that was ignored. So, yes I had a great visit this time, but the first time not so much, thus a 4 instead of 5.

Jason W. | 2014-06-02

This goes solely to the service department, haven't dealt with sales.  This is one of the three Mitsubishi dealers in San Diego and I have officially been to all three just trying to get service on my car.  I call this establishment, set up an appointment to have my brakes serviced, and drive 15 miles to do so.   Only to get here and the woman over the service department to tell me there's no way... I work on a Navy base so their shuttles won't take me or drop me off except to the gate, still forcing me to walk out most of my journey.  I expect this when I buy a cheap car and demand Mercedes service but I paid well over $40,000 for my car and Mitsubishi can barely furnish a shuttle to get me back and forth to work.... Hello Mitsubishi not all of us are married or just have someone at our Beck and call to drive us and drop us off when of where ever, hence why we rely on your services to help out every day workers..... I expected more out of you and your service with the style of car I bought but I guess I was wrong.  Shame on you and your cheap labor.

Zeke g. | 2014-05-31

Worst service ever. Receptionist are bitchy. Rude service riders. They call themselves a luxury brand and want to compete with the Germans, well they better step up their game. If it weren't for the new ATS I would go back to crappy BMW.  Don't bother trying to get anyone there who cares about service. Negative stars!!!

Alan K. | 2014-05-30

I had the ignition of my GMC truck go out. AAA towed it to Marvin K. Brown on a Sunday. My wife drove down from the San Gabriel area that same day. I took Amtrak down 5-20 to get the truck and drove it home....around 120 miles. My son calls this morning 5-30 and if anything ignition is spinning and of course dead. Calling them no one there and I will have to pay some of the towing and potentially pay for another ignition and labor since obviously the "new" one doesn't work either.

I would never recommend this dealer.

Daniel W. | 2014-05-28

bought a low mileage pre owned Cadillac  assuming it had been serviced. a few weeks later i went to get my first oil change at valvoline,the oil was black as tar,apparently not changed for years. now i am looking at  a major suspension repair which must have been apparent had the car gone through a pre check? i have only driven less than 10K miles since bought.  so now i called in twice to get it looked at and serviced,both times got a message "we'll call you back". nobody there to answer calls?  not having a lot of confidence at this point,will be heading to a chevy dealer i guess.

Jerry N. | 2014-05-19

I bought my 2014 Cadillac at Marvin Brown, I openly admit, i detest the car buying's relentless, a game and not a pleasant experience (at least for me)  Buying this car (or leasing should i say) was by far the easiest auto experience of my life.........and then i had to take it in for free service, see my update below.

getting the first oil change was as EASY as buying the cars.  YOU ROCK at Marvin K Brown.  Nice waiting area, pleasant staff, timely work and you even washed my car.  THE MOST IMPRESSIVE PART was the bill.  "ZERO".

When is the last time i went to a dealer and got out with work done and a bill for zero.....................NEVER!

way to go Marvin Brown.
you can use me as a referral anytime.

Cayla K. | 2014-05-09

I am a first time buyer and was excited to find a used car at this dealership in my budget.  Everything seemed to be going perfect and soon enough I would be owning a car, WRONG! They sold the vehicle right under me, right before I got there to purchase it!(They new I was coming) Words could not express how upset I was especially since I already checked out the car, called the day before informing them I will be there, and had a appointment that day to purchase! They clearly don't care about their customers or have good moral. Would NOT go back there again or recommend to anyone.

Joe W. | 2014-04-28

I just spent an hour on the side of the road fixing my own car immediately after picking it up. The quality of GM service seems carefully calibrated to match the quality of GM cars.

1. After a lengthily session on the phone setting up the appointment and taking all of my info, the woman I spoke with in the service center quoted me the wrong price.

2. They seem completely mystified as to what your intentions are when you pull into the service check in line and you have to flag someone down or be ignored for a while. Then they take all the same info they already took on the phone.

3. This location was far out of my way. The only reason I didn't take the car to my usual mechanic is because I had two phone conversations with the service center about activating options in my car's computer (something my regular mechanic couldn't do). They didn't touch the computer.

4. They noted a coolant leak when I checked in. To be fair, I told them to leave it alone since it wasn't a bad leak and it was covered under a previous service warranty. But I did ask them to inspect and confirm if it was the tank or the line that was leaking. No mention of coolant system of other inspection details on my paperwork. I made it two miles out of their driveway before the coolant leak became much worse than it had been. I suspect they fiddled with the hoses a bit and something got loose. It's mostly my fault for telling them to leave it but for a fifteen cent hose clamp and two minutes of their time they could have saved me an hour and a lot of aggravation.

Never again.

Shae T. | 2014-04-13

MKB advertised a used auto on Ebay Motors with a 'BUY NOW' price.  I drove to the dealer, took a test drive, and was then told the owner, 'Jenny', would not honor the advertised price and that they were 'sorry' and it was a 'mistake.'  I think they call that advertising fraud.  The dealer offered to sell me the car for $11,000 more than the advertised price.  These folks need to be alerted to the authorities for the fraud and public deceit.  Its outrageous!  Be very careful with these folks.

Janna F. | 2014-04-08

Great service from Larry Ramos. I like that email and text are utilize to communicate. I like that there is car rental onsite. Acadia's running great.

Olivia Q. | 2014-04-03

*Update* - We actually had to pick up our vehicle after 4 days and took it somewhere else to get the rest of the work done. Very frustrating. They apologized for losing our paperwork even though we left our phone number on a voicemail and called several times.

We dropped our car off here on Monday evening after calling to let them know we would be coming by and the lady I spoke to gave us instructions to leave the car in their drop off area.

She called in the morning and said they would check the service light and give me a call. Two days passed with me calling several times , getting the same lady telling me she would give me a call (which she never did) and had to leave a message which i never received a response.  It is now thursday and our car is still there, with my fiance calling them again this morning for them to finally tell us they think its the battery (one that we got from them less than 3 years ago) and that they will "call back later" to discuss more once they do an oil change.
I understand these places get busy, but for a simple check engine light test it should not take over two days, and not to mention poor customer service that does not keep the customer informed on what is happening with the vehicle. This last phone call the lady said that she lost our number in her office. This is the 3rd day with no vehicle and we are so regretting choosing Marvin K. Brown.

-SLOW service
-POOR customer service and updates on vehicle

Brenda C. | 2014-03-30

Bought a used car from Anthony,  he was absolutely helpful and no pressure.  Got a great deal!  I'm happy I went there.

Ryan D. | 2014-03-25

Just got the old "bait and switch" move done to me..very disappointing to have the ATS key in pocket then shake hands on a deal, only to have them tell you when you sit down to sign the paperwork that there was a mistake on their part so the price has to go up $50 a month...not good, I was so excited to make the decision on a I'm looking at a different make and, MKB!

Summer D. | 2014-03-23

MKB is awesome! I recently went into MKB looking for a used vehicle.  I was immediately greeted in a friendly matter and didn't feel pushed or rushed at all!
Everyone was helpful and accomodating.
I was about to get in and out of there fairly quickly!
I will definitely be returning to service my Cadillac CTS and will recommend this place to my family and friends!
Thanks MKB!

Ida S. | 2014-03-23

My auto purchase and trade-in experience with Marvin K. Brown could not have been more easily facilitated, fun and wholly uplifting!!  Sales person, Anthony Saputo, was and remains an old fashioned, very day down to earth, regular, and at the same time, super guy - authentic, courteous and professional, exhibiting genuine care and concern even six months later!  A rare gem in any industry!

In the summer of  2013, I began seeking to trade in early a leased Chevy Cruze for an SUV, preferably a new Equinox, for my daughter and two toddler grandsons.  The Cruze had minor body damage.  Rather than repair it, instead I started looking  for a larger, safer family vehicle.  I had a discharged Bankruptcy three years earlier, so there were some issues with the fact that I had not as yet re-established credit. Believing they might render preferential treatment to a newly returning customer, my mission began with the dealership that had our current lease, Jimmy Johnson Chevrolet.  However, my "special" consideration as a returning customer, consisted of directing me to "special" financing where I endured a lengthy wait the better part of an afternoon. In the end I was informed that the best they could do was offer me a lease on a new Sonic - a compact car, smaller than the Cruze!!  What??

After consulting with my AAA Auto Insurance, I was referred to Bob Stall Chevrolet where I was told I could expect the best deals and VIP treatment.  Although the GM and rep were sufficiently pleasant, Bob Stall was basically only able to make me the same offer on a new Sonic or pay extremely high interest rates!!  Again, what??

At that point I began searching on line for both new and used SUVs all over the county at large dealerships as well as smaller, independent ones.  All made raging promises over the phone upon which they ultimately could not perform.  The kicker came on Saturday, September 28th, 2013 when GM, Jack Grimley, of NON-Courtesy Chevrolet told me to come in. He assured me that he was the absolute best and would get me into a new Equinox despite my credit issues.  In fact, he went so far as to boast that if he could not assist me, then no one could! However, when I got there, I was at first ignored and then ultimately told that I was restricted from purchasing any vehicle over $10,000 because of my credit.  Additionally, I would be penalized heavily in interest rates and would only qualify with a sub-prime lender. The rep was scornful and his demeanor condescending.  When I asked to see the GM, nearly an hour passed after which neither he nor Mr. Grimley ever returned.  I left and Mr. Grimley has not contacted me since.  I should return the favor with a Yelp review on their utter Dis-Courtesy.

In a last ditch effort, I journeyed down the street to Marvin K. Brown to check out a used, later model, low mileage, luxury SUV I had seen online. I was immediately met with a friendly, warm greeting by several people. It was to my sheer delight that Anthony Saputo made it happen!!  Within literally minutes, manager Jake Monnier approved the trade-in as well as an affordable loan with Wells Fargo, hardly a sub-prime lender!!  Shelly Garza in finance could not have been more helpful and before I knew it, I was excitedly and joyfully loading my family into a like new, mint, beautiful luxury SUV with a full warranty, even equipped with a DVD feature for my grandsons' enjoyment!!  

This vehicle and my experience at Marvin K. Brown far exceeded a new Equinox and certainly my expectations!!  This is a prime example of adversity turning to advantage and beyond!  Compared to ALL others Marvin K. Brown is in a league of its own!  I was treated with respect, worthiness, value and dignity from the moment I walked on the lot, a far contrast to ALL my other experiences.  In fact, Anthony Saputo left me a voice message just a few days ago, nearly six months after my purchase!!  I owe you a return call, Anthony, as well as my sincere apologies for not penning this review earlier.  I am now fully and  solely committed to being a lifetime customer of Marvin K. Brown and hope that you will always be there to assist me, Anthony.  As far as I am concerned, ALL the other dealerships and reps with which I dealt are sub-prime!!  

Look no further than Anthony Saputo and Marvin K. Brown if you want to be treated like royalty.  My grandsons are hooked on the Kung Fu Panda video "Legends of Awesomeness" which they often watch in the car.  Anthony Saputo and Marvin K. Brown are creating their own Legends of Awesomeness with their amazingly stellar customer service.  Our new luxury vehicle has been life altering for my family and it came at a time of need when everyone else turned me down.  I am daily grateful for the opportunity afforded me, not only to purchase the family car I dreamed about, but to re-establish my credit. SO much thanks and untold appreciation are owing to Anthony Saputo and the MKB Team!!  LOVE our "Luxury Lady!!"

Terri P. | 2014-03-20

I am a Realtor, my car is an extension of my business. On Tuesday, I had a client here from out of the country to spend two days looking for a $2 million home. When I got in my car early Tuesday morning, it would not start! Fortunately, my husband was home and was able to jump it. I immediately drove to Marvin K Brown and my service advisor, Merle Porter, came to my rescue (Larry helped too). I needed a nice car with navigation and needed it quickly, I had 40 minutes to go before I was meeting my clients. Merle came to my rescue and had me out within minutes, I was on time to meet my clients.
It is service like this that makes me LOVE working with your company! Thank you.

Anand A. | 2014-03-17

Brought my Lancer for a quick routine maintenance last week to MKB. Customer service was awesome and timely. And I love it when they wash my car before bringing it out when its done.

While I was waiting I wondered around the Cadillac lot cuz my girlfriend is looking to buy one. I gotta say the salesman was super friendly. I was amazed how he did not pressure me to buy like most do.

I am glad I made it there and probably will be back to get that CTS later on!

Kristin B. | 2014-03-12

I was turned off during my last couple experiences at MKB.

Husband and I recently moved cross-country to the East Coast.  Despite the fact that our 2007 CTS had been running very well, was super-clean, and had quite low mileage we decided not to take the car with us.  We'd planned to unload the CTS in favor of something with AWD or 4WD, so naturally we came to MKB since it's the only place the car had been serviced while I owned it.

When we visited MKB in January, from the minute we exited our vehicle to the minute we were back inside on our way home, I couldn't wait to leave.  That day we came to (A) test drive an SRX and to (B) see how much MKB would offer us for either a potential trade-in or sale of our CTS.

The test drive was fine, though the gentleman who assisted us was new.  He was nice enough but lacked considerable knowledge and a knack for conversation, and, frankly, he came across as nervous.

Currently I'm feeling neither particularly eloquent nor verbose, so I'll just say the gentleman who checked out our CTS was a jerk.  He didn't introduce himself or say a word to me, and his "conversation" with my husband consisted of a few grunts.  I found myself wondering if I'd be worth his time after he ran the vehicle report and learned that I, not my guy, was the owner of the CTS.  Anyway, it was a moot point as we never saw that man again; somebody else was sent out to talk to us about trade-in vs. sell options for our CTS.  I won't get into detail here but I will say that MKB--the place I've loyally had my CTS serviced for years, mind you--offered us less than any other dealership.  In fact, Hoehn Mercedes-Benz and Mercedes-Benz of Long Beach both offered us considerably more.  So did CarMax.

What else turned me off to MKB?  Last year following a routine oil change I was surprised by a few of the services recommended for the CTS given the car's low mileage.  I was basically told that one or two services needed to be completed ASAP.  After browsing the Internet and having my skepticism legitimized, I decided to get a second opinion.  Turns out, the services recommended by MKB weren't need-to-do-right-now services.  In fact, they weren't even need-to-do-within-the-next-few-months services.  Not surprisingly, when I candidly mentioned the second opinion to MKB there was a fair amount of backpedaling involved.

Expected more of MKB and am not going to miss this dealership.

Jake M. | 2014-02-14

Great parts dept. explained the difference between the synthetic oil brands and why royal purple was worth the extra money.

bill l. | 2014-02-01

I always deal with Robert in service.Been here for service and repairs like brakes and always been treated well .I have a 2008 dts.They do a good job and i trust tham.Thank you Robert and M K B

Kellene F. | 2014-01-30

Thank you so much Mike and Merle for fixing my stupid mistake! I spilled hot sugary coffee all over my dash and all the buttons were sticking, half not working, did I mention the car is only 6 months old? I tried for a few weeks to clean around it myself but when I got it stuck on metric readings I figured I would have to suck it up and pay to have gmc take it apart and clean it. Not only did they get me in the same morning I called, but Mike took it back, cleaned it up, reattached the button I broke when trying to clean, and got all the buttons working again, all for free. Thank you so much!

Jon B. | 2014-01-30

Brouhgt my Caddy in for a 20,000 mile service. Even thought I didnt buy it there I was treated like a king. They are very fair, although they seemed to be very busy, I didnt feel rushed along. The advisor told me that the service could take about an hour, and heres what I love, in about 45 minutes I was done. They looked my car over, suggested I might need brakes next time around, so I set up an appontment. nice people, hassle free experience, fair prices. I'll be going back.

Jimey Y. | 2014-01-17

I brought my Cadillac CTS here because when I purchased it, the remote control alarm did not work and I would have to manually lock and arm/disarm with my master

Well, after waiting several hours onsite since I figured it would be an easy task, they bring me an invoice (for whatever price they charged me for a diagnostics test) and told me to bring it back in the morning since they could not solve the problem today.

They also informed me that I would also need to buy an expensive part from them next time I perform the additional diagnostic to test if that was what the problem was. I was surprised and asked why would I have to pay for a part that they think is what the problem is and pay for another diagnostics test if I was paying for this one already. They gave me a run around typical talk of a hustling salesman and then....


Zapher D. | 2013-12-18

Mrs. Brown,   With all due respect, in response to your "owner response,"  your investigation is simply full of made up facts which make it seem as though your Service Dept. was acting in a professional manner.     I'm telling you what you described was not my experience.   Consider your average rating at the moment of less than satisfactory as a sign you need to change the culture of service and ethics within your company.   It's almost always a change that needs to be made from the top down.    I also encourage you to consider that in any circumstance, the old phrase, "the customer is always right," should be given careful consideration before you respond to a review and basically tell me that I was not truthful.  Now, beyond disappointed with your service, I and equally disappointed in your leadership.

Sonia A. | 2013-12-16

I love the service at MKB! Kathy in the service department is always very welcoming and friendly! She makes me feel right at home and I feel well taken care of. I know that my car is in good hands when I take it to Kathy! Thanks for the MKB plate holders Kathy :)

Rob B. | 2013-11-30

This long overdue review is for the service technician Robert Cogdon. I have an 07 Cadillac DTS that Robert has serviced since I first bought it a couple of years ago. Since then he has always been professional and when serious work was needed or pricing on tires, he has consistently tried to find me the best deal.

When my vehicle experienced some unexpected mechanical issues I gave Robert the number to the warranty business, he put me in a very nice rental (even though I think it was in an attempt to purchase a new caddy--good try Rob, jk), and then did the rest. A few days later my vehicle was back to new, with little hassle.

I have been coming here for the past two years and while I do agree with some posts about the pricing I always take a couple things into account before I pay.
-The work is guaranteed. Period. Some other local places may be cheaper, but you will definitely get what you pay for, I learned that the hard way the one time I did not go to Marvin K looking for a better deal.
-Cadillacs are luxury vehicles. Just driving a Cadillac will automatically make everything costs more, gas, insurance, maintenance, etc. So it comes with the territory.

All in all I have had a very good experience with Marvin K and the service technician Robert Cogdon, which is the only reason I made a yelp account to express my gratitude. I plan on coming here for as long as I have my Cadillac.

Chris S. | 2013-08-22


I had a lifter/cam failure in my 2008 G8 GT. Pretty common, pretty upsetting. I had the GMPP Major Guard "Protection Plan" which is sold as an "extended warranty". The car was outside the normal warranty, but inside the GMPP. GMPP was pure hell to deal with. Never buy one of these "extended warranties" - they ( GMPP not the dealer )  fight with you over repairs. Eventually got this fixed after 9 business days, most of the delay was getting GMPP to authorize the repair. MKB worked with GMPP, at their peril, and got my demands met - including a 9 day rental ( GMPP says in contract they pay up to $175 for rental - MKB got them to do 9 days @ $300 ) This was a very technical engine repair involving some serious work which, if done improperly, would lead to a failed engine in short order. I inspected it top to bottom and was satisfied, and I am a pain in the neck.

Also fixed an annoying CD player which jams.

All I can say is I like the President Jennifer Brown, the Service Manager Don Maupin, and the Service Advisor Larry Ramos when he isn't mad at me for being so demanding. ;)

Brian B. | 2013-08-07

I recently purchased a used vehicle from MKB and I was very happy with the serve of this dealership.  they were prompt, fair, and trustworthy.  Both gene and lynn were a pleasure to work with.   childcustodyanddivorce.c…

Lord P. | 2013-08-05

I am visiting from San Francisco.  My 2011 Cadillac had an electrical problem.  Brown Cadillac fixed the problem, washed the car, did scheduled maintenance and GAVE ME A BRAND NEW CADDY TO DRIVER FOR THE DAY FOR FREE.  My dealership in the Bay Area, Putnam Cadillac in Burlingame gives me a free ride to BART when i have the car serviced.  I will probably buy any future Caddies from M. K. Brown in San Diego.  Visit the grand kids, buy a car.  What could be easier?

Osvaldo C. | 2013-07-28

I purchased a Buick Enclave.
Your sales rep, Jay, was the just great in every aspect throughout the entire process. As soon as my wife and I walked in, Jay was there and ready to help us. His passion and positive attitude to make sure he answered our questions was oustanding.

We had been visiting car dealers for a couple of weeks and sometimes the experience was not nice, specially when you feel pressured by sales reps. At this dealer, I felt very well treated and everything was done at my pace.

Jay gave us a "tour" of the Enclave features and benefits which convinced us this was the vehicle we wanted and needed. Ended up driving it home.

Finance closing was a wait, but once we got in, Jim was very fast and I was glad there was no pushing to buy other options. We were out in about 10 minutes !.

In a nut shell,service was awesome and I will definetly be recommending this place to my freinds, of course making sure they look for Jay..

If I were to mention one area of opportunity that I noticed, it would be that we did see other potential customers arrive and not being helped, so it seems that dealer is a bit short of personnel.

Osvaldo and Lizette

Terri H. | 2013-06-28

Just bought an Acadia from J Tyler Williams. He is very friendly, helpful and super responsive.  Bob in Accessories & Larry from Service were wonderful and very professional. Enjoyed working with them. Ask for J if you are in the market for a new car.

Irina R. | 2013-06-13

Awesome dealership.  Fantastic service.  I leased my ATS today and could not be happier.  Highly recommend!  We came in and saw Marty and Jim.  Came a day later for a followup and walked out with our new car.  Big thanks to Albert and Bill Cooper GSM.

Danna D. | 2013-06-11

From the moment I entered the dealership, I was treated like an honored guest and the entire experience of buying a new Cadillac was absolutely amazing! Jennifer, Marty and the entire team were incredible friendly, supportive and never the least bit pushy. They heard my needs and helped me determine the best car and contract to suit them. I will tell EVERYONE to visit Marvin K. Brown for their next vehicle!  
Danna Demetre, San Diego

Pamela C. | 2013-06-10

I brought in a 2005 GMC Sierra.  Found out there was a recall and when I had previously called they told me it expired.  After contacting GM corporate, I spoke with Alex and he honored the recall.  Went to Marvin K. Brown and was treated with the utmost courtesy and paid for labor only.  I found my experience to be perfect and will bring my truck there again in the future.

lynn j. | 2013-06-03

Marvin K Brown is so accommodating in their service department.  I needed to schedule a recall appointment and for various reasons needed to have it done right away.  Within two hours of my original phone call, my car was in, serviced, WASHED, and out the door, and everyone from the scheduler, to the service advisor, to the car delivery person was so pleasant and accommodating.  This was a no charge visit because of the recall, so they didn't have to bend over backwards to meet my schedule.  I give them 5 stars.

Bonnie D. | 2013-05-24

I would give Marvin K. Brown Auto Centers Service department 5 stars and in particular Larry Ramos.  He was so great to us during our recent trip there when our water pump began leaking. We pulled into the service department and within 40 minutes pulled right back out with a complimentary loaner and the promise of our car back the next morning in time for our return trip home.  And it all happened exactly as planned with the exception of us leaving a backpack with a lot of valuable (to us) stuff in the rental backseat, again Larry helped us get the necessary information to get it shipped back to us.  We are very impressed with the work Larry and the mechanics there at the dealership did on our vehicle. Larry was professional and someone we wish we could deal with on a regular basis here in Arizona.  Thanks for the great support and all the effort you went to on our behalf.

Brenda B. | 2013-05-14

These people do not have a clue about running a dealership.  Turnover in personnel lately leaves you wondering how they treat their employees.

Domingo C. | 2013-05-14

We were deciding between a Lincoln or Cadillac SUV.  Aside from the fabulous SRX Sean at MKB was the key to our purchase.  He is very informed about all Cadillac products and did everything in his power to find us the vehicle we were looking for.  (Had to have red!)  I won't buy a Cadillac anywhere else.

Ed P. | 2013-04-15

I am very about pleased with my recent purchase of a preowned 2008 HHR LT. Anthony Suputo was very helpful with my buying experiance and made it very pleasent, I arrived for the pick up on a Saturday and the car was washed and ready for me to take delivery. No pressure to buy any extra coverages! They we no nonsence and easy to work with, I had a personal call message from their president making sure that I was happy .
Thank you for making this purchase easy. This was our second purchase from MKB.

T. J. | 2013-04-02

I moved to San Diego three weeks ago from the East Coast and needed an oil changed in my 2012 GMC Sierra Denali.  I arrived 1.5 hours early for my appointment and they were able to get me in and out within a little over an hour even though they were very busy.  Even though they were great with squeezing me in, I gave only two stars because I expected much more in quality of service from a Cadillac/GMC dealer.  

When I arrived to the pull-up service lane, I sat in my truck for approximately five minutes before a service rep approached me, even though they made eye contact a couple of times.  A simple "Welcome, I will be with you in a minute" would have sufficed.  That was a foreshadowing of the rest of the process.  I do have to give props to the Parts folks and the cashier - they were fantastic and I give them five stars for their service.  I kept an eye on my truck so I would know when they were complete.  As soon as I saw my truck pull out of the stall I went inside to pay.  There was an issue with my service rep posting my completed work order so that took an extra five minutes but the cashier was on top of that and got me out of there promptly - great job!  After I paid I waited outside for them to bring my truck around around.  After waiting a few minutes I was approached by an employee who asked if he could help me.  I told him I was waiting for my truck so he high-tailed into action to look for my truck.  As it turns out, they had parked my truck in the back lot upon completion of service instead of bringing it out front.  I asked if that was normal since it appeared every other customer's car was waiting for them out front.  He replied with uncertainty that my truck was too big to drop off in the front.  I found all this odd especially since my service rep was next the cashier watching me pay and he just posted my completed work order so he knew my truck was done and I was waiting.  

Maybe my expectations were too high, but I've been to several GMC dealerships around the country and have received superb service so I guess I thought that because this was a Cadillac and GMC dealer, the service would be be-fitting of such a brand.  

My service rep appeared to have the attitude that he was doing me a favor and I was an inconvenience rather than focusing on the level of service that MKB claims.  The short of it is, service at MKB is meh, but Parts and cashiers are pretty dang good.  I am, however, very grateful they offer a discount to military - thank you!  I will give them one more shot in the future, but if my next experience is the same as this, I will certainly find another dealer.

UPDATE:  Shortly after posting this review, the owner contacted me and apologized and assured me she would take corrective action.  Subsequently, I gave an additional star for a total of three stars.

Shane K. | 2013-03-27

Came in already knew what I wanted and wasn't leaving without it. I know how sales worked and didn't want to lead the salesman down a long drawn out road of back and forth. I told him what I had down which wasn't a small number, gave him trade info, and told him where (in reason) i needed to be for payments. All came about and was a non hurting experience. I got my wife a new 2013 GM! longest process was waiting on the bank not the dealership!!! Thanks guys

Mike M. | 2013-03-11

They deserve 0 stars. Went to buy a GMC terrain with my wife and pitched me on the vehicle being $23,900 and then after running my credit come back saying the vehicle was $24,900 when it clearly shows on their site for $23,900. They pulled a bait and switch on me and Tony the sales manager didn't honor their mistake and wanted to keep my credit app with my social on it even though we walked away from the deal. The next day I bought the same car but a year newer for a better price at south county Buick gmc. Don't waste your time with these liars

Janet M. | 2013-01-17

I was badly burned by Carlos Carlos Sandoval and the owner. I am a disabled widow and was sold a Yukon that was unusable for my lift and mobility scooter and was offered no resolution to correct this problem. I did not take delivery of this vehicle since it was deceived to a mobility store that was to put my lift on this and remove it from the old one. I would advise anyone to STAY AWAY.

J.R. B. | 2012-12-11

I can't really say how they treat people but I can say their prices are through the roof. I called up for break service and a price.  They gave me a price of $290 for juat breaks and would be $150 (don't quote me on this price as I didn't listen once he said one hundred. Could have been more or less) extra for the rotors (if i needed them) I was quoted were $290 just for the breaks. This was over the phone but couldn't bring myself to Bring my vehicle there for that price.  I did just give them another star as they were and continue to be professional.  

I ended up taking it closer to home and not closer to work. Sam's alignment in National City they quoted me $160. I ended up walking out paying with tax $169.18. So much better then $290.  

Save money people and drive a little further to get the better deals.

Vanessa L. | 2012-11-21

I only take my car to Robert Congdon at Marvin K. Brown auto center.

Choosing where to take you car to for repairs is all about TRUST, and as a female this is very important.  I don't trust to take my car anywhere else.  Robert always gives me the best service, and doesn't try to rack on illegitimate charges, and my car always comes back in prime condition.  He does everything he can to keep my car in good condition and make any needed repairs cost-efficient.  Plus, he's a super nice guy! Customer service is very rare today!

Aside from the amazing, trustworthy staff and service, doing the math is a no-brainer.

For a measely $10 more than the shady oil-change places, I get an oil change, transportation service (if I need to be dropped off at work and picked up when I'm done to get my car), car wash, and the inside cleaned.  The transportation service alone is worth it.  It makes getting your oil changed so convenient.  To top it off, if you decide to wait in their lobby, they have comfy leather couches, a t.v., free wifi, and a coffee/breakfast nook where they make omelets, sandwiches, ... you name it!

Really, this is the place to go.  Yes, it's not as cheap as the other places, but you get great service, EXTRA services, convenience, and comfort all included.  

I honestly will never take my car anywhere else.

Nicole H. | 2012-11-13

We're definitely not interested in Marvin K Brown.  We walked directly out the door and spent the next day making offers to other dealers. We ended up buying the exact same car at another dealer for  a price that was not far from what we offered as a low starting point to Marvin K Brown, San Diego.  The car is in our garage now and we love it and the experience we had at the other dealer.  Your loss, San Diego!

Paul P. | 2012-10-26

I have been taking my wife's Saab Convertible here for service ever since it was new.  They have always taken care of me.  Whether it is a ride to work, a pickup when the car was ready or washing the car before returning it after changing the oil, everything has been perfect.  

So, when a car pulled out in front of my Ford Explorer and totaled it, I called my service Advisor at MKB, Larry, and asked him if he had a person in sales he could recommend. Larry said I need to talk to Anthony.  

At the time I called Anthony, I didn't really know what I wanted.  Or if I wanted anything.  Heck, I was just going to take the bus.  Who needs to spend the money on a car?  Three months into my bus riding experience, I get a call from Anthony.  "Paul," he says,  "I have a Saab for sale.  It was the dealerships service loaner."  At the time he called, I was out of town and was truly thinking I could go on forever riding the bus.  

Of course, thinking about this nifty Saab overnight gave me a severe case of the "wants".  The story has a happy ending.  I purchased the car two days later.  It is exactly as described and Anthony helped me out with all aspects of the sale.  

Bottom line, MKB treated me very fairly and I am glad to have such great support in both sales and service the next time I need anything automotive.  

Thank you!

Elisabeth M. | 2012-10-26

MKB is a great place to buy and service a car - always exceptional, and fair priced.

M W. | 2012-09-18

Service Dept is always professional, always accommodating and more than willing to go out of their way. But here is a tip, treat them as you would like to be treated and not like a stuffy caddy owner and you will be impressed. Special thanks as always to Kurt and Merle in Cadillac service. True professionals and just great guys. Thx MKB...

Adrienne K. | 2012-09-09

This update is on behalf of the exceptional care, professionalism, and integrity of the management that received word of our unpleasant experience.

Not even 24 hours later that I posted my negative review, I received two phone calls and a letter from the President of MKB, additional management, and the sales person offering significant apology and remorse for our experience.

These efforts went a long way with my husband and I, and we are truly impressed and continue to hold a forgiving heart! We wish MKB & ALL of their employees prosperity, success, and a long history of business in San Diego! We trust that with further grooming, and acknowledgment of the unpleasant experience, everyone has bad days, and we are sure this won't happen to anyone else again.

Thank You MKB for having the class, humility and heart to regain our respect and plans for future business!


Bob L. | 2012-08-18

I had my check engine light on, and onstar said this was an  emissions issue. made appt and took my car in and saw Robert Congdon my advisor. my car is an 2006 Buick Lacrosse, out of warranty. long story short, they were short on mechanics due to one being out because wife was ready to deliver. I  needed about 250.00 of work plus I wanted complete safety check and air filter. All I paid for was air filter. MKB comped the repair, and have done it before. Always treated respectfully, shuttled me home and back right away. been going there for 30 years in my family.  Cannot understand and dont believe anyone was ever treated any different there, minus the comp repair they gave me. I  will always buy and service my cars at MKB and recommend to friends and family.  

Neil Lewow     92108

Vikas D. | 2012-03-23

Larry R at MKB service was the reason I took my Saab here for 7 yrs - great combination of technical knowhow and customer service. The rest of the staff was efficient and helpful.

Teri S. | 2012-03-22

I was very disappointed with my last maintenance visit at MKB.  I have a 2011 Yukon xl and needed an oil change, tire rotation and the air checked in my right rear tire.  
I was told they added air to the tire and found nothing wrong with it.  I arrived home after the maintenance and discovered my right rear tire was still low and had not been rotated!  I have been a customer for over 10 years, but can't trust MKB and won't return there for maintenance.

Costas K. | 2012-02-22

I bought a new Saab back in '06 from MKB.  Great warranty coverage was promised and free service for 3 years if I remember correctly.  Every time there was an issue with my Saab, getting the warranty repair work covered seemed like I was defending myself in court.  They tried to weasel out of EVERY valid repair request.  It wasn't worth the interrogation.  I ended up having to drive to another dealership in Oceanside to get any repair work done (yes, I actually LIVE in Mission Valley).  Continental Motors Oceanside always had a loaner ready for me as well which was nice as well and they NEVER put up a fight over warrantied repair work.

In 2010 I bought a new Volvo from SD Volvo and the service, RESPECT, and professionalism are 10x better than MKB.  And they always have a loaner car ready for me for overnight repairs.  MKB did not.   My last experience at MKB was around 2008 which will remain my last. Hopefully they have changed their tune since then but my experience was one where I definitely would suggest going elsewhere.

My Saab badge on the trunk washed off under warranty (common issue I've read), they replaced it which was great.  But two months later the Saab badge on the hood washed off still under warranty.  They denied the work stating they cannot get the part??!?!?.  There is definitely a lacking sense of pride at MKB imo.  

***  One last thing:  MKB touted that every repair/maintenance visit has included a free car wash.   For the record out of 11 or so times I had scheduled maintenance done there, their car wash machine was either inoperable or they were admittedly too busy to wash the car 9 out of 10 times!.  Once again, not a biggie, but I think it's just another testament to the ho-hum attitude shared throughout the organization.

Allen C. | 2011-12-21

I came in here looking at the Sierra Pickup trucks and was helped by Tony. This guy was great with helping find me something in my price rance and wasnt pushy at all! Thanks for the great service which is so hard to find these days!

Rachel F. | 2011-10-26

(I did not purchase my car here, so this review is only regarding the Service department and the repairs I had done)  I was very worried when I received an error message on my dash display stating that my '08 Denali's engine was too hot to run the A/C, and after looking up the message in my owner's manual, I became even more worried to figure out that my car's temp. gage was consistently reading over 210 degrees and most of the time at 260 degrees.  I just bought the used car in March of 2011 and thankfully my car was still under warranty and a certified GMC used vehicle.  Anyways, I called MKB to set-up an appointment for service, having never been there before, and I was told they would probably need to keep my car for a whole day, based on the info I provided the Service person over the phone, so I made my appointment for 7:30am the next morning.  I arrived on schedule the next day and Jon, the Asst. Service Manager that I spoke with the day before, met me at the Truck Service area and got me all registered in the system.  Then I went to wait in the Customer Lounge for the Courtesy Shuttle, which picked me up with a very friendly driver named James, about 5 minutes later.  James drove me to work downtown, and I was at work by 8:10am!!  About 10:30am that day, I received a call explaining what had to be done, that it was covered under my GMC Certification, and that my car would be ready to pick up at 12 noon or later.  My husband picked me and took me to get my car, I signed the paperwork with the cashier, and I was driving my car back to work in no time!  All of the employees I came in contact with were very friendly and I felt comfortable at all times.  I definitely plan to go back for all my future GMC needs and based on my experience, I would say this place is topnotch.  Plus, the grounds and dealership itself are very nice, clean, modern, and organized, plus they washed and vacuumed my car for free, filled up my windshield wiper fluid, and checked my tire pressure (I know this is the law, but still).  I was very impressed!  Thank you Jon, James, and everyone else at MKB!!

Angie M. | 2011-10-24

Thank you Larry Ramos!! While traveling out of town, we had car trouble and called Larry, He told us when we reached San Diego come on in, he would get the parts we needed, we also got an oil change and he found a nail in a tire, fixed that and then washed our car. What service!!! Thanks Again.

Mark H. | 2011-10-10

Update Nov2014- was told by MKB that I needed to replace all 4 shocks ($4900 parts and labor) + $1500 for rear suspension repairs. Took my car to an independent shop- and they were able to fix the issue for $200. Definitely get a 2nd opinion before spending your $ at MKB. Buyer beware!

It's a shame that Kurt is no longer a part of their staff. Avoid Merle as a service adviser- he's HORRIBLE- never answers his phone, doesn't give status updates, and provides inaccurate information. I had to escalate my issues with him to the Technical Manager, Jeff, who is much more professional and knowledgeable.
MKB broke a sensor on my car while performing a repair. At first they denied it, but then admitted what happened after further inspection. My car was there 4+ days over 2 weeks,  when it really should have just been there a few hours. For a luxury brand, it's definitely not a luxury experience.
2009-2013- Their parts are expensive, however, their Cadillac technicians are very knowledgeable. I have an XLR, which is a rare car, and they were able to problem-shoot and repair some small issues I had. The secret is to buy your own factory OEM parts online at a big discount, and then have MKB do the installation.

Kyle T. | 2011-08-29

Super quick update - I hit up City Chevrolet to have my Saab serviced and they were AMAZING!  Seriously. . . I was such a skeptic, and I have to admit, I gave my service advisor a run down of the problems I had at Marvin K. Brown.  In the end, City Chevrolet wins!!  BIG TIME!  Before you take your car to Marvin K. Brown, take a look at all the reviews and ask yourself why City Chevrolet has 4.5 stars and Marvin K. Brown has 2.5 stars!  YIKES!!!

Mark R. | 2011-07-07

True story...I went in there last summer seriously considering an SRX for about 50 grand.  Walked into the lobby and my fi impression was every salesman rushing to their desks with huge lunches / plates of food.  Not a good look.

Next, car drove beautifully and the salesman, once fed, was informative and responsive.  I left feeling fairly sure I would cut a deal once he called back. Problem was I never heard from him.  After a few days, I called back and learned he was on vacation.  Moved forward with and promptly purchased an Infiniti FX 35.

Tyson V. | 2011-05-16

Update:  After posting this i received a response (below) from MKB, and later a phone call to talk about my experiences there.  Because of the fact that the president of the company cared enough to call me and talk one on one with me about the experiences, and offer an apology, i think this is deserving of an update and a slight increase in rating.  I must also add, i have had good experiences with the service adviser, and i have said i was completely satisfied with his service, and the car wash.  Simply because i cant hold the fact that a service technician did a horrible job against the service adviser or the porter (car washer).  They asked for a second chance to make things right, and i really appreciate the fact that they would care enough to call, and thus have updated the rating.  If you do have an issue there i belive Jennifer Brown would honestly talk to you about it and do what ever they can to make it right.  I will update again when/if i next have them service my vehicle.  See below for original review.

Marvin K Brown is the WORST dealership ever.  in all the years and cars i have owned i have never been more disappointed than every single time (less one of the many) that i have gone here.

I bought the car from a guy named Fred Leon, who is a total manipulator and crook.  We agreed to a price on the phone of $600 off the sticker price, not that much but something to make me feel good about buying the car.  He said he would have the paperwork ready when i got there.  When i arrived neither the car nor the paperwork was ready, and when the paperwork finally was, it was for the full sticker price.  I told him this is not what we agreed on and that i would walk out, so he had the finance department adjust it, and it was still wrong!!  By this time it was 8PM at night and was only $50 over the original agreed price so i said F-it ill just take it.  When i finally get delivery of the car it had not been washed, prepped for sale, and was missing some accessories that the sticker stated were included.  When i called to inform him of these missing items and the fact the steering wheel had a gash in it he said bring it on in 3 days later and they would have the items for me.  Needless to say when i showed up he was A) not in the office even though we agreed on the date and time. B) had never informed anyone about the missing items or the gash on the steering wheel.  Another (actually good) sales man (has the office to the right of Fred) helped me with all the concerns immediately and during his call to fred was surprised that fred didn't plan on addressing any of these items for me.  he apologized for Freds incompetence and fixed everything.  BTW this is the only good thing that has happened there.
    Every service experience has also been a steamy pile of crap.  From the first time i brought it in because my on-star wasn't working to the last time where they loaded Cadillac software onto my GMC.  They never call to tell you when parts are in, or when your car is ready.  The last time they "fixed" my car they loaded the wrong software onto my computer which would have been apparent if they had even checked to see if the work they did fixed the problem, as the problem was with the navigation and none of it worked with the wrong software!  Just as an example of their quality of work, every single thing i have had them fix on my GMC is now back at another dealership being fixed again.  That's right, 100% of the exact same issues!!
    Needless to say no one should ever use them.  If you do however use them, you will often be annoyed by prerecorded messages to your phone thanking you for your business.  apparently it would be too much work for the adviser to call you, like every other dealership i have ever worked with.  

Zero Stars!

Eric C. | 2011-04-24

To start with I would like to mention that I have been taking my car here for service since 2005.  Previous experiences have been unremarkable.

My most recent experience began when I called to ask the cost of the 60k service for a Saab 9-2.  I was quoted $675.  I thanked them and told them I wanted to check a few other places for comparison.  After calling and finding independent service centers to be about the same I decided go with the dealer.

When I called back to make the appointment they told me the cost would be $900.  I told them I had been quoted differently and gave them the name of the associate I had spoken with.  They agreed to honor the quoted price.  

When i showed up to drop off my car at 7:00 AM I was told that the cost of the service was $950, and they were very sorry they had misquoted me but they just could not do the work for that price.  Larry (the service advisor) asked me if I could meet him partway and offered $850 as a concession.

I was so irritated I nearly left, and in hindsight I wish I had.  I feel like this is textbook bait and switch tactics and that I was essentially manipulated.  I did go ahead and have the work done because I had already left work specifically to deal with this and had no other available time for several weeks with which to have my car serviced.

I was the third car in line when I dropped my car off that morning and was told it would be ready mid afternoon.  The service advisor said that the dealership's shuttle service would be available to pick me up at that time.

At around 2PM I received a phone call telling me my car was behind and would not be ready until 5:30 or 6.  At this time I was told that the shuttle stopped running at 3.  They offered to pick me up between 2:45  and 3:00 and mentioned that their service lounge would be open.

Upon picking up my vehicle I asked to speak with a manager to share my frustration.  The cashier told me it was too late in the day and that I would have to call on Monday morning (it was Friday night).  I asked if she could add a note in the paperwork before I signed and she said a service advisor would have to do that and guess what... they had gone home.

I was NOT pleased with the service I received and do not plan on buying anything, service or vehicles, from this organization in the future.  Buyer beware.

Andy B. | 2011-04-06

I bought my 2006 Saab 9-3 at MKB and serviced it there for the first 3 1/2 years I owned it. But experience after experience as told me that their mechanics are incompetent and not careful at all. If it weren't for the fact that it was under warranty for most of that time, I think I would've quit going long before I did.

My service rep was Larry Ramos, and Larry is a truly great guy. But I believe he is hampered by inefficient and incompetent people all around him. I feel sorry for the guy, because he tries to put on a good facade, but I can see it in his face when something bad happens.

Almost every time I brought my Saab in, I was dissatisfied with the work. Several times I had to bring it back because something was screwed up or not done properly. Not to mention the prices are astronomically high. I've had enough bad experiences there that I can't bring myself to go back ever again. No reflection on Larry, because he was always professional and friendly towards me. He should maybe find a better place to work.

Elle F. | 2011-01-13

I wrote this as support for Larry Ramos who is by far the nicest, most personable, and most professional service guy in San Diego.

Larry Ramos Rocks!
I have been going to this location since 2003 and have had excellent service and honest repoire with Larry Ramos.  I trust him more than most any other service people.  When I had a full service warranty on my car, this place was 5 stars all around.  Now, without my warranty, I am a little frustrated with the super high cost of repairs here.  Such a bummer.  Larry deserves 5 or even 6 stars. The mechanics also deserve at least 4 or  5 starts because they always fix my Saab perfectly.  

Mr. Marvin K. Brown you need to check your prices, Sir!  Seriously, Man.
Shame to say, but the cost of repairs here deserves only one puny star because someone should tell Mr. Marvin K. Brown that there is a crap economy out there and not everyone is balling in an Escalade, Sir.

CHRIS K. | 2010-12-21

I was leary of dealership service departments before due to costs / overpricing on car service & repairs. However, Marvin k Brown and specifically Terri and Kurt within the service department have gone above and beyond in my 20+yrs of car ownership. They have treated me more than fair with their service and have even extended warranty repairs on my car when it was out of warranty - AMAZING! I will always go back to them for service and woud highly recommends asking for either Kurt or Terri - A+

Chris P. | 2010-08-31

In fairness to Larry Ramos and in response to the comment posted by Michelle B., Larry Ramos himself has twice been the best part of my experience here.  He is straight and genuine and seems trustworthy as far as I can tell.

It just comes down to cost for me here, maybe I am victim because the Saab dealer is also the Caddy dealer and Caddy owners typically have money - I don't know.  But the fact remains that I found the OEM part online that MKB would have used for $110 cheaper than they quoted me and it arrived at my house faster than they told me they could get it.  How can I argue with those figures?

Michelle - if you read this, keep Larry, promote him.  He's good.

Angela J. | 2010-06-10

I bought a new convertable eclipse from here 1 year ago.  This was the very best auto buying experience of my life.  Everyone was SO friendly and the whole process was made quick and painless.  Since that time I have taken my car back for regular oil changes and recieved RIDICULOUS service!  Red carpet treatment style service!  They even wash your car for free.   I also recieved a Bday card and regular emails thanking me for being a customer.  We wont buy a car anywhere else.

Kelly M. | 2010-03-22

Bought my CTS-V from Marvin back in 2006 when I traded in my Escalade. This dealer has a ton of history and character and it shows with all the old pictures on the wall. I've had multiple services done here and never had any complaints. There is no doubt that you can get oil changes cheaper elsewhere. They have a little kitchen that cooks up some great grubb if you need to wait. They always have the newest cars like the 2010 CTS-V which is good because I have heard complaints about other dealerships not having them.

Nick O. | 2010-03-21

I went into the MKB - Mitsubishi dealer to check out some cars.  While I didn't buy a car from them in the end I do think that the dealers here were great.

This Mitsubishi building is fairly small for a dealership and doesn't look too fancy when you walk inside.  I already talked to the dealer on the phone before coming and was greeted when I arrived.  We test drove the car which was fine and got the see the service area as well which was not as big or fancy as say a Kearny Mesa or Escondido dealer would be.  

I went inside to see if they could build the car with the options I was looking for and they did their best to price it.  Had no problems showing me their dealer book and computer to see what was available.  I ended up not buying a Mitsubishi, but this dealer was really nice and helpful.  If you are going to go for a Mitsubishi in San Diego I would go here.  Steer clear of El Cajon Mitsubishi (see my other review for that story).

Dan R. | 2010-02-23

The WORST customer service I have ever had!

The service department is unprofessional and a total rip off!

I was traveling through the area when my transmission started acting funny and the check engine light came on in my 2004 GMC Duramax Sierra.  I took my truck to the Marvin K Brown Auto Center for a diagnostic evaluation.  I ended up leaving it there because they said they did not know when they could fit me in since I did not have an appointment.  Fine.  The $108 five minute process consists of them reading an error code off of their computer (pretty hard to fit that into their schedule?!).  Fine.  So they later called to tell me it would be $837 to replace a part on the transmission and two wire harnesses.  I told them I would be in to purchase the part and pick up my truck.  When I arrived, the service rep (Rob Davis) told me the part was not in stock and that they would bring my truck around when they were finished with it (remember, this is a 5 min job).  After standing around for 30 minutes, I looked in the service parking area and noticed my truck sitting there.  I then looked for service rep who was nowhere to be found.  Over an hour after I arrived, they finally brought my truck around so I could leave.
I drove to Jimmy Johnson's Kearny Mesa Chevrolet and purchased the $205 part and received excellent customer service.      
With two wrenches I replaced the part in less than 45 minutes in the hotel parking lot.  I did not replace either electrical harness because they were both completely fine.  I would highly recommend Jimmy Johnson's Kearny Mesa Chevrolet or ANY OTHER DEALERSHIP.

jessi b. | 2010-01-30

DON'T GET YOUR OIL CHANGED HERE! Went in with a coupon, came out with a check engine light and after taking it back in the 'manager' said it could be a lot of things, and it will cost $108 to find out and then go from there. Uh, no thanks. update: opened the hood of the car (which wasn't latched) and found a hose to the air filter flapping around. seriously? CROOKS!!!!!!!

Juliana M. | 2010-01-11

I am a firm believer of "you get what you pay for" so I opted to try the dealership to get the oil changed in my ride.  Well I think they wanted to replace my oil with liquid gold at MKB.   $230 for an oil, lube and filters?  $45 more to replace the BLADES (not the whole wiper) and $70 to change out the cabin filter?  Yes, the caddy doesn't need her oil changed till about 15,000 miles, yes, I want only the best for her, NO I will not pay exorbitant amounts of money to get it.   To top it all off, my car would not have been ready until the next noon.  It was 2pm.  

Okay, so I didn't have an appointment.  That never kept MKB from keeping my car longer than quoted before.  

Wal-Mart changed my oil, replaced my filters and windshield wipers ($3 each as opposed to $45 at MKB), topped off all of my fluids,  vacuumed my carpets and cleaned my windows for less than $90 and within 2 hours on a Saturday.

Joe A. | 2009-11-30

My latest experience with Marvin K was my last.

Quoted a minimum of $1,300 for a repair that ultimately cost half that amount at Greiner GMC in Poway. So long to the dealership that seems to think that their prime location means that they don't need to compete with their competitors.

Melanie Q. | 2009-11-10

This review is on the experience I had with the Internet Salesman, General Manager and the Vice President of the dealership back in September.

First off I just want say that I come from a family who absolutely believes in driving American cars. My first car was a hand me down 1964 1/2 convertible mustang that was also my mother's first car. My father has only ever owned Cadillacs and I am now--or was anyway--ready to buy my first cadillac.

I started researching the models online and found one that I was and still am very attracted to. I built my 2010 Cadillac SRX and requested a quote. Based on my location the request went to the Marvin K Brown dealership in Mission Valley. I was very happy to be contacted and wanted to come in and see the car I had built.

I was contacted by someone named Fred Leon and starting from the initial contact was very rude. He told me that he did not have the exact car i built in his inventory but would be happy to sell me a 2009 model, which looks nothing like the new 2010 and does not have nearly any of the options I selected. I told him that I didn't want to waste anyone's time and would wait until he received the 2010 models. He was incredibly pushy and told me that he was selling the 2010 models prior to their arrival and if I didn't come in now he could not guarantee that I would get the car I built. I told him that I was a cash customer and didn't want to come in and pay for a car that was not there and he did not have an ETA on. He continued to be the "pushy car salesmen" and began to negotiate price with me...except that he would not negotiate any lower than MSRP. I told him that this was not the first car I had ever purchased and I was not going to buy a car from him at MSRP.

To make a long story short he told me that I didn't know the meaning of  "business" and that he would NEVER sell me a car.

Yes, he put that word in all caps.

I sent his emails to the person listed on the marvin k brown website as the general manager. I heard nothing in response. I sent my emails to the Vice President Jennifer Brown and to date I have not heard from anyone and nothing was done.

You decide if customer experience matters to this dealership.

Max D. | 2009-07-23

I recently visited this dealership after buying a SAAB in Irvine. My car is under warranty so I took it there for a repair when one of my headlights went out. Being that it was under warranty, the entire job was covered with in the constraints of my original purchase.

A few weeks later I lose my primary set of keys, fortunately, I had an extra set of keys at home. Sadly, the keys were not electronically keyed to my car. So I called this dealership to get my key - re-keyed, of course it was still covered within the warranty.  That said, I purchased an additional set for my wife. No stress, had a good time and they even offered a loaner while I waited for them to re-key my car.

All in all, I had a good experience there, if ever you need your SAAB serviced look for Robert Mohrlick.

In the future I will go back for any of my SAAB needs.

Scott H. | 2009-06-17

I haven't been to MKB since September 2005--so the statute of limitations is probably up for an experience this long ago--but they still have the same a-hole General Manager there I understand, so I figured I'd write it anyway.  Plus the experience was just so memorable I have to get it off my chest.

I have a Saab, and for oil changes I do take my car to the dealership.  Oil changes are the *one* thing you can get done for a good price at the dealership--especially if you get a coupon (which reduces the total cost of the oil change to below what you could buy the synthetic oil yourself for).

Anyway, I took my car to MKB in September 2005 for an oil change.  You'd expect this to be a pretty straightforward affair.  That is, unless they crash your car into another customer's car while backing it out of a bay while it's in there.  OOPS.  

So my car is headed to the body shop to have the whole rear bumper replaced as well as some trunk work.  The dealership offers to take care of it all with their people and no need to involve my insurance company and blah blah blah and here's a loaner vehicle while you wait for it to be repaired.  So now I go home in the loaner car with a week-ish estimate for the body work.  

As fate would have it, while my car was in the body shop my daughter was born.  There was a couple of minor complications and we had to be at the hospital with her for a week.

So a couple days after the birth MKB starts calling me up--repeatedly, multiple times a day, asking me for the loaner car back.  We really need the car, we really need the car.  I call them back, and say I'm at the hospital (in Vista, quite aways away if it even matters), and will have to call them back as to when I can get the loaner vehicle back to them.  I tell them it might be a couple of days.  They're PISSED.  The woman starts harping to me on the phone about how critical it is they get this precious loaner vehicle (which is worth a third the cost of the car I have at their place for repairs) PRONTO.  She doesn't give a shit why I have the vehicle or that I can't return it because I'm at the hospital.

As there's no way I'm leaving the hospital at this very moment to take the loaner vehicle back to them I tell them if they want it they can come to me at the hospital with my car and I'll give them the keys.  Otherwise, piss off.  They pass on the offer.

3 days later once out of the hospital with my daughter I take the car back to MKB.  The body work on my car is garbage.  Where the trunk was taped off can be clearly seen and it's clear corners were cut.  With all that was going on I just blew that off (should have insisted on my own body shop, etc.--my bad) and was happy to get my car and go back home.  However, before I left, I wanted to complain to the General Manager about my poor experience with MKB, the worst of which was this bitch harping at me when I was at the hospital.

The dealership manager -- who I understand still runs the place -- could NOT have been more ambivalent.  I can't describe how disinterested he was in all this.  Unbelievable but true.  Take your business elsewhere, I don't care.

So, now I drive way out to Continental Motors in Oceanside to avoid service here.  MKB does or did have a few good people, as all bad businesses do (Juan Ramos is a good dude if he's still there).  But I wouldn't get services done here if I were you--even if my experience was a few years ago SOME of the same idiots have to still be there--and the guy that runs the show there is a PRICK.

Danielle S. | 2009-01-21

This is a tough one for me, because the mechanics here are so nice and knowledgeable and that is a lot...however.
When something is wrong with my Saab, I take it here and they tell me its going to be a very large sum of money.  My husband, being a diesel marine mechanic, has some knowledge but not the right tools and second guesses the cost.  He twice now has taken it to A and B Swedish Auto afterwards and they fix it for a fraction of what the dealership was selling.  I would give the MECHANICS 5 stars, but the politics and sales involved at dealerships sinks this to a 2.

Rather O. | 2009-01-07

Again a poor experience with service advisor "Robert Davis". Not much interest in really helping out, felt like I was just another customer that was taking up his precious day. On top of that feeling, the diagnosis that came back was not even correct (after taking it to Miramar GMC - service advisor there Steve Doman is awesome).

Had I followed Robert's advice to fix what they claimed the problem was, the root cause would not have been solved and I would have been out nearly a grand.

As it turns out the root cause of the problem was found by Miramar GMC and it was covered under warranty. Secondarily to this root cause was the same problem found by Robert at MKB. I did have to pay for this, but it was 20% cheaper at Miramar vs. MKB.

In the end I paid less and had the entire problem fixed, not just the obvious one.

Additionally Miramar told me my warranty had another year and 12,000 miles on it, while "Robert" made no such mention even when I told him I thought I had only 500 miles left.

A few days later I got automated phone calls from the Service Manager and Robert, both prerecorded messages thanking me for coming to their location and hoping I was happy. Pathetic lack of personalized service. Steve at Miramar called me with regular updates by the hour.

As an aside, MKB is 3 miles from my house, Miramar is 15 miles. Regardless I will continue to go to Miramar, even if it is way out of the way.

Audra B. | 2008-03-02

My review is based mainly on my interaction with Kurt in service. You can tell he really gets it when it comes to good customer service. He's one of the nicest people I've ever met, and is always smiling and super-friendly.

Most of the work I've had done has been under warranty, so I can't really comment on price. I've had to bring my car there probably more than 10 times in a year-and-a-half. MKB provides shuttle service and they clean my car inside and out every time I bring it in.

Once I'd accidentally scratched my bumper against a column in my garage. Kurt was able to get his team to buff it out when they cleaned my car! Another time, I heard a sound in my trunk when I made turns. He got in my car and took a ride with me so he could hear it, and had it fixed. The plastic trim on my dash had an imperfection, and he ordered a new one for me in a different style that I requested.

He's always wonderful about returning my calls and following up with me when my car is there. I didn't give MKB 5 stars because there were a couple of things that I had to get fixed multiple times (minor... a map light in the back popping out, a metal piece inside my convertible top popping out of place and causing the roof to sag a tiny bit.)