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European automobiles are some of the most advanced cars and SUV's on the planet, and the service of these autos requires continuing dedication to advancing technology, knowledge sharing, and a dedication to making sure repairs are done right the first time.

We are European and Japanese Auto Specialists for BMW, Mercedes Benz, Audi, VW, Volvo and Saab automotive service and repair.

Outside of used vehicle sales, our service department specializes in the following types of repairs:
Minor or Major Auto Repair Service, Computer Diagnostics, Express Oil and Lube, Engines, Glass Replacement, Tires, Cooling Systems, Brake Systems, Suspension, Electrical, Transmissions, Alternators, Fuel Injection, Auto Detailing, Clutches, Muffler and Exhaust Systems, Auto Body Repair, Air Conditioning.


Established in 1964.

Rudi Lusti was trained as an automotive technician at the Volkswagen factory in Germany. In 1964, he opened a small shop in San Diego known as Rudi Lusti Inc., specializing in VW, Porsche, Audi and BMW.

In 1989, Rudi passed the business to his sons John and Andre Lusti. In 1997, John and Andre merged Rudi Lusti Inc. with Lance Dickson Motors, changing the company name to Lusti Motors and moving to the current location.

Herbert "Rudi" Rudloff's Autohaus Stuttgart has been a local leader for independent Mercedes-Benz service in San Diego for over 30 years. In January of 2008, Lusti Motors combined service offerings with Autohaus Stuttgart of Clairemont Mesa.  

Today, Lusti Motors is San Diego's leading independent Auto Service Center.

Lusti Motors

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(619) 295-8686
Address:1844 El Cajon Blvd, San Diego, CA, 92103
  • Monday: 7:30 am - 5:30 pm
  • Tuesday: 7:30 am - 5:30 pm
  • Wednesday: 7:30 am - 5:30 pm
  • Thursday: 7:30 am - 5:30 pm
  • Friday: 7:30 am - 5:30 pm
  • Saturday: Closed
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Lusti Motors

Christopher R. | 2015-02-25

I purchased OEM day time running lights from the Mini dealership, so I decided to come here to have them installed on my 2013 Mini Cooper S. I was told it was going to be around $350 for the lights to be done. I asked why would it take so long to have them installed. They said it would require 3 hours to install. I said, " I have the install manual from Mini and it displays 1.5 hours". He said well can you send me that installation guide I said okay. We finally set on a price and they gave me a loaner car to use for the day. Later that day I received a phone call saying they would need to charge me more. I was like no thank you I already paid for the service and I will return the loaner car and not have the lights installed. Charlie said let me call you back and I said okay. He never called me back and when I showed up to the shop he said, " we did it for the original price". They drove my car out to me and I checked the lights and only half of the lights turned on. I went inside and asked why the lights were not checked to see if they were working properly before they gave me the car and Charlie referred me to another guy named Shilo who was the only person who actually seemed liked her cared. I asked why I was being referred to him when Charlie was the original person that helped me out? Where is the take ownership? Anyways they said they followed the install manual and there was nothing they can do about it. I left very upset because they charged me for a service that was clearly not fulfilled. I had to take my car to the MINI dealership to have the daytime running lights properly installed. That is exactly what I get for trying to cut corners. Since I no longer have credibility in this place anymore, I will be looking for a new shop.

Steve Y. | 2014-12-18

Car broke down on the road on a recent weekend trip to SD. Towed to Lusti on the recommendation of AAA.

There's a great group of people all around here. Knowledgeable, professional, and friendly. Charlie and Shiloh with the service department are A+. Really did all they could to help with the situation. Large shop, looked clean and well organized with reasonable prices.

Jamie C. | 2014-12-08

This place is awesome!!! I couldn't ask for a better place to take my 2004 Audi TT. If you know Audi, you know things break and are expensive... Lusti, always provides top notch service!! Glad to have them on my side when my car needs service!!

Jake M. | 2014-11-20

Shiloh was awesome! Honest and quick repair of a HID bulb on a VW. Everyone was friendly and helpful from when I called to see if they had the part to paying out! Will go back for future service and repairs.

Diana S. | 2014-10-11

So back in April my 2008 Mini starts overheating. I read amazing reviews for this place and take it in expecting the best. After $2k spent my car was still unable to be fixed so I take it out and go elsewhere. Sad, but I let it go. A month ago I don't pass the smog test because of a thermostat issue. I go to a repair shop and they tell me the thermostat needs to be replaced in order for me to pass the test. One of the things that were done by Lusti in April were changing the thermostat, and they warranty their work, so logically I think of calling them and letting them (Charlie) know that I will be coming in for them to look at this issue. Charlie says great! Bring it in, no problem. Wow was it ever a problem!!!  I've never been so upset or offended or blatantly lied to in my life. The whole deal was yes, we'll look at the thermostat and see if there's a problem with it, but we're gonna have to charge you for it. If the problem is with a part that I already paid you for, why do I need to pay for it? The argument from Charlie was that he needed to pay his guys for their time in doing the work which I completely understand, but I already paid your guys the first time around and there's a problem with the part, why do I need to pay again? Well then he went into a whole argument, and I mean argument (customer service is definitely not a priority here)  that I may have messed up the part myself after I took the car. All I did was drive my car. How can I have messed it up? I just needed them to look at the car part that they "warrantied" their work on, and explain to me why it did not pass the smog test and why another shop told me it was the issue they had fixed. Well, 2 horrible hours went by ("do you know anything about motors?" And other amazingly condescending comments were made) and nothing was being done until finally Charlie says "fine, I'll look at it, but I'm only doing it because I feel sorry for you". Don't feel sorry for me, feel sorry for this company that doesn't stand behind their warranties. After I paid you guys $2000 in April? Wow.
Leave the car and he calls me one hour later saying "your car is fine, thermostat is fine, it will pass the smog test now". I go pick it up and take it another repair facility to get it looked at because I obviously don't trust their work and guess what?! Thermostat still doesn't work! Absolutely straight up lied to my face.
Needless to say, never ever going back. I'm going to have to buy another thermostat and  get it replaced by people who are honest and stand by their work. And have better customer service skills cus man, this was bad. And expensive.

Alexx D. | 2014-08-15

Very professional and nice, I trust these guys with my Audi and am going to go back. Charlie really helped me and explained everything to me, he's great!

Cat M. | 2014-08-14

Still love these guys! I took my Mercedes in a few days ago without an appointment because my electronic seat wasn't working.  Daniel took it on himself to help me out and show me what was wrong, told me about a part I can buy online for $35 to fix it and wouldn't take a dime for his time and expertise.  Also showed me a little trick to make the seat work in the meantime.  When it comes time to buy a new(er) MBZ, Lusti will be our go-to.

Jason S. | 2014-08-14

Holy cow, these folks are awesome!  From the time I called in and spoke to Charlie everything was perfect.  I called and asked about having a bulb changed on my Audi A4 and he told me to come on down.  I drove right down and met with Danielle who hooked me up big time.  He grabbed a screw driver and walked out to my car and was replacing the dead bulb in no time.  He replaced two bulbs, was incredibly courteous and professional, and also very funny.  I am not sure if I have ever had such an awesome encounter at any dealership in town.  My visit was made even better when Kam rang me up.  She was so nice and told me about their $50 off coupon for new customers and 10% off for AAA members.  I didnt use either since my til was so low.  Next time!  I dont think I will ever go anywhere else with my Audi.  I think Audi of SD would have charged me 10x what Lusti did.  And they did it all with a smile.  Not to mention I was back at work 20 mins after I left.  Job well done, Lusti.  These folks want your business - dont go anywhere else.  I have never ventured from the Audi dealership until today.  What a great decision!

Andy D. | 2014-08-09

I can't say enough good things about the service at Lusti.  The staff is very nice, very professional and extremely thorough.  The convertible top on my Audi kept malfunctioning and every time it triggered a different code.  The staff at Lusti spent hours, many of them free of charge, working to finally diagnose the underlying problem.  I was so impressed with their diligence and expertise.  They worked with my warranty company to get the repair covered, so that the cost to me was as low as possible and provided me with a free loaner car while mine was in the shop.  It is great to know I have a shop I can trust.
Thank you Rudi and Charlie for the great service!

Ben G. | 2014-07-15

I had an overall great experience here. The service was great, and they were very honest regarding what repairs needed to be done. I would highly recommend Lusti to my friends and family.

Craig M. | 2014-07-14

Lusti Motors deserves my highest rating.  Recently my Mercedes barely got me home with its engine running really rough.  I thought I may have put a hole in a piston and looking at a major repair.  Charlie at Lusti Motors made my day when he called to inform me that all I needed was new spark plugs.  The repair was quick and reasonable.

simone a. | 2014-06-13

Wow! Lusti Motors made my car buying experience easy and comfortable.

I had been going to Lusti Motors for mechanical work on my car for years and have always been satisfied with the work. Being a single lady that trip to a mechanic can be scary and expensive (people do take advantage, but not Lusti Motors) walking into Lusti Motors I have always been welcomed with a smile and feel that everyone is being honest and looking out to keep me in a safe car.

After 9.5 years it was time for a new car and instead of getting a new one I decided to use my trusted Lusti Motors for my 'New To Me' car needs. Purchasing a car there was just as easy and comforting as getting my car serviced there. I told them what I wanted, we walked around their lots and I sat in and drove a couple cars and within 2 hours the deal was done and I drove off with my new car.

Such a wonderful experience, I don't think I'll ever go anywhere else.


Valikz Z. | 2014-05-27

Lusti Motors is the only place that I will take my Audi to get worked on. The quality of the work is great. The associates are great. I tried a few different shops before settling with lusti and unless I can do it myself this is the only shop that I will allow to work on my car.

1999 Audi A4 q

Thanks for your hard work everyone


Ed C. | 2014-05-25

Nice surprise to coming here for the first time...I was treated like a 'regular' customer with calls and follow-up on work progress and overall options. This was a nice change.

Anyone I spoke with (Charlie, Kim) always had time for me to explain and answer questions.

I look forward to returning.

Mike B. | 2014-04-25

Just read the owner response. There was no personal email to respond to (unless you count the mailing list), but even if there was,  I'm not really interested in inviting drama with Lusti into my life, or giving them a second chance.

Bottom line - I found a better shop that I trust. My previously "always-on" check engine light is finally off, and has stayed off since I got it serviced elsewhere. With Lusti, that light always came back on a week after they worked on it, so I never felt 100% comfortable driving the car, thanks to that nagging dashboard reminder that some "unknown" issue was lurking.

I'm sure everything Lusti did (except the deal with the brakes) was in the best interest of my car, but I have no idea how crucial those repairs were. I don't like being made to feel I'm constantly under someone's thumb, and my feeling is that Lusti was creating a dependant relationship when they were working on my car.

I trust my new shop to fix the big stuff immediately and the small stuff later. It's a better relationship that puts me in charge of my car, not the other way around. And ironically, I'm actually inclined to bring it in more frequently, not less.

Anthony S. | 2014-04-19

Wouldn't even consider my car in 1 not - at - fault accident. If your car was wrongfully in an accident forget about selling it here.

tara w. | 2014-04-16

In 2011, I reviewed this place and gave them 4 stars.  Since then, they have gone way downhill.  They are now just the same as every other shady mechanic out there. Let me explain.

I took my car in in January, 2014 for a Serpentine belt replacement.  They called me while my car was in their shop and stated I had to get this valve replaced because the car really needed it. Now, while this is a standard mechanic ploy that I have seen elsewhere, I was a little skeptical, but since I had previously had such amazing experiences, I pushed my skepticism aside and had the valve replaced.  In the same conversation, they also told me that I also needed a timing belt. I explained that the Audi dealership had just replaced that less than 25,000 miles ago.  They said I should definitely bring it into them to check out.  I brought the car to Audi and the Audi dealership stated that there was nothing wrong with the belt.  (I should have prefaced this with the note that I have no warranty anymore with Audi and the part is no longer under warranty, therefore, as money grubbing as Audi is, if the part needed to be replaced, they would definitely tell me since they would want the business.)  I was pretty annoyed at Lusti at this point for suggesting a $1,200 car repair that did not need to be done.

Fast forward to April, 2014, I took my Audi into Lusti for rear brakes/pads replacement and oil change. I received a phone call stating that while they were taking the wheels off to replace the brakes, they broke the wheel hub.  They stated that it would cost an additional $300 (almost the entire cost of the brakes replacement). I asked how could they charge me for something that they broke and they stated that it was my fault for whomever else I took the car to last. I could not believe that they were going to try and charge me for something they broke. Eventually, after two phone calls, they told me that they could still use my existing wheel hub but that there was a lug nut broken. Basically, stated that the car would be fine with 4 lug nuts instead of 5 but still justified trying to get me to spend an additional $300.

At this point, I was pretty frustrated and definitely felt cheated. I decided to ask about the timing belt, to see why they would recommend that I have to have that replaced when the belt was fine. I was told almost verbatim, "our mechanics can't tell the difference between an old and new timing belt, so we just look at the car mileage and if we haven't already fixed that part before, we recommend it."  The salesperson, Daniel, could not even understand what was so wrong with that statement. He couldn't understand that he tried to get me to spend $1,200 on a part that I didn't need.

All in all, I will not be going back to Lusti anymore.  I finally thought I found an honest mechanic, but it turns out I was very wrong. For all those good reviews out there... in time, I have no doubt you will see that you have also been duped. If you are going to continue to go there, just be very weary of what they "recommend".

Side note: my fiance (whom I recommended to Lusti back in 2011) recently had a similar issue with Lusti because he was told that Lusti was rotating his tires during his oil changes. I was also always told that and have not had issues with my tires.... He was told by a different mechanic, that his tires were so worn and had clearly not been rotated. Today, Lusti told me that they never have stated that they rotate tires during an oil change and that my fiance and I (who do not go into Lusti together) both incorrectly heard them the last 3 years every time that we took our cars in... Turns out Lusti also told me that my tires were worn today and I would need all 4 new tires... This was the very perfect cherry on this pretty disgusting and sad sundae.

Shaun F. | 2014-04-14

I drive a 2006 Nissan Altima and had a scare with my fuel gauge recently (showed 1/4 tank but was actually empty) and I had yet to do a $450 maintenance check up AND my tires were balding. Oh, and my starter was cranking too long, $500 to replace. The Nissan dealer wanted $500 for a fuel gauge, $450 for a service and $500 for 4 new tires. Daniel Byron, the intake guy at Lusti, calmed my frayed nerves, recommended used tires, explained how to manage my starter, and gave my car an overall thumbs up on the whole car after I left it with them for an oil change. Dealing with him and the rest of the team was like dealing with family - there wasn't a whiff of corporate coldness. Just the warmth of Daniel and that hot chocolate drink. And my wallet glowed with thankfulness. Daniel is my go-to-guy from now on!

Jeremy D. | 2014-03-03

If you own a European car in San Diego, the best option for repair is Lusti Motors. Anytime I have a question about my VW, warranty, etc., they are quick responders. They are also honest and straightforward. I highly recommend Lusti.

David V. | 2014-02-22

Lusti has performed some major service on my vehicle, and I have never been disappointed in the outcome.  I drive a 1998 Nissan Pathfinder SUV with 4-wheel drive and a manual transmission.

When my clutch started slipping and obviously needed to be repaired, Lusti did a good job and in a reasonable amount of time.  They gave me a loaner vehicle for that job, which I appreciated very much.

One time my vehicle started running very roughly.  I'm a good amateur mechanic, but I couldn't figure out what was going on.  It seemed to be an ignition problem, but everything looked OK.  The problem was getting progressively worse, and I managed to limp to Lusti just as it was about to quit running completely.

Lusti's mechanics were also perplexed.  After looking at it for more than a day, one of them noticed some metal shavings inside the distributor.  It turned out that a bearing had seized and the distributor had self-destructed!  This was a very unusual problem.  Fortunately swapping that out for a brand-new Nissan factory distributor cured the problem.  I am grateful that Lusti was able to diagnose that one.

Lusti noted a leak of engine coolant and diagnosed it as coming from the throttle body cooler.  I looked it over and discovered that there was indeed a leak in that area, but it turned out to be from the thermostat cover which a previous owner, or some other person who was an idiot, had sawed through for some insane reason and then patched with RTV sealant.  A new thermostat cover fixed that for about $20.  Since then I have replaced the radiator and all the hoses myself, and haven't had any more problems with the cooling system.

I can understand how Lusti could have mistaken that leak as coming from the throttle body, but I'm glad I declined their offer to fix it for some three-digit estimated figure.

Lusti correctly diagnosed motor oil leaking from one or both of my cylinder head cover gaskets and gave me an estimate to fix that, which involves pulling off the fuel injection system and a bunch of other stuff.  I have mitigated the leak by simply tightening down the screws that hold the head covers in place. :-)

One of their managers advised me to have the troublesome stock trailing arm bushings on the Pathfinder replaced with solid polyurethane after-market ones and recommended a shop that works on 4-wheel drive vehicles.  I bought a bushing kit and an arbor press and did that job myself.  (My milling machine came in handy on that job too.)

Bottom line:  Lusti has competent mechanics and gives decent advice.  They seem to be toward the high end of the honesty scale as automotive people go, and their prices are neither low nor excessively high.  My recommendation is positive but, as is the case for all automotive repair shops, cautious.  If you understand your vehicle and make that clear to them, you should be able to work with Lusti.

Aj H. | 2014-02-21

I can't say enough good things about this place! They were up front and honest with me on everything that needed to be done as well as their prices. When we ran into some unforeseen problems and prices changed, they went way way way out of their way to take care of it with out moving above the budget I had established from the start. I was tired of dealing with places that always found new problems and wanted more money, putting me in a frustrating position....this place WAS NOT that place. They have my business for even the littlest of problems, I trust them and their work. On a side note, they went the extra mile and even washed my car for me, this place puts CUSTOMERS FIRST. Thank you LUSTI.

M.J. P. | 2014-02-05

We've been Lusti Motors customers for more than five years...1994 Volvo, 2004 Highlander, and a couple of other miscellaneous cars.  Daniel gets us in and squared away and Kam lets us know what's going on and makes everything comfortable while we wait.  Free shuttle service to and from home when needed.  Best thing is that they fix what needs to be done, advise what should be done and when, and tell you what can wait.  Reasonable prices and excellent service (good coffee, too!!).

Courtney B. | 2014-01-24

Lusti Motors did an awesome job with my car!  Previous garages couldn't figure out the issue or hear the noise I heard while driving.  Plus I dropped large amounts of money on other items for my car that were recommends, however, did not fix the issue.  

The technician at Lusti Motors took the time to ride along with me so that he could hear exactly what I was hearing.  Once he heard it, he was able to decipher exactly what the problem was and properly address it.  They made recommendations on other items that needed to be fixed on my car, however, didn't push me to spend the extra money to get those items fixed right away.  The prices they quoted me were very reasonable too so I will definitely be going back to them when I need to get those items fixed.  

Charlie was awesome by keeping me updated on my car and even providing me with a car to drive the week mine was in the shop.  This was huge to me as I need a car to get around with my job.  They went above and beyond by providing the car at no cost.  I just had to return it with the same amount of gas it started with.  

The customer service and experience at Lusti Motors is definitely quality and I will be using them for my car service and repairs in the future.

Annie B. | 2014-01-23

I had my car towed to Lusti Motors because of an overheating issue late Friday afternoon. By Tuesday early afternoon, my car was repaired. They even offered a loaner car if the repair was going to take longer than expected.

Not only do they provided great service, I now have a game plan for required maintenance to keep my car on the road.

Thanks Lusti for the neighborly service you provide. Very happy!

R F. | 2014-01-22

This visit I brought my Ford F150 in for service. (yes they do work on American trucks and SUV"s) As usual prompt, excellent service, Daniel and Charlie are GREAT the service was done , I did have some minor recommendations which I addressed for much less than the dealer. This is the first time I have brought my truck in and I will not take it anywhere else.Thanks guys!

Ruth R. | 2013-12-09

We took an older car, 2004 Pontiac Vibe, in for possible brake work, oil change and a few other non-specific noises.  Daniel was very helpful in explaining the process for assessing the specific problems then informing us of cost estimates. This was our first visit to Lusti.  We appreciated the friendly attitudes of staff, the free ride to our destination, and the prompt service. The price we paid matched the estimate with no surprises.  Our car was ready at the estimated time. And, best of all, it was even washed!  We give this business a strong thumbs-up.

Teresa D. | 2013-11-27

Came to Lusti because my Audi needed service, Charlie and Daniel's service was outstanding!  Every time my hubby and I come here we are greeted with a smile and great customer service.  We will never take out Audi anywhere else!  Thanks Lusti!

Mister B. | 2013-11-26

As a foreign car buff, I tend to be overtly selective about whom I allow to address repairs beyond the scope of my tinkering capacities.  I actually found these guys online and after reading their reviews, decided to test the waters.  Since then, I have been using Lusti Motors for ALL of my repairs in the course of the last 18 months.  Aside from being honest and straight forward, their prices are more than fair.  I could still spend a less elsewhere, but in my car service experience, I tend to get exactly what I pay for.

Without fail, Lusti's staff has always been totally professional and incredibly attentive.  Specifically, my service writer, Daniel B. not only knows tons (more than me, even) about my Euro cars, this guy is always going out of his way to see that we are consistently, well taken care of.  It is a welcome relief not to have to concern myself with inflated repair costs or even paying for any unnecessary repairs.  They do what they say they will and always manage to work with the occasionally challenged budget.  With their incredibly professional team like this, I've simply got nothing negative to offer, and I do use these guys regularly.

Bonnie B. | 2013-11-01

I can't say enough good things about Lusti Motors. I drive a 2004 Honda Civic (the apex of both luxury and performance) and they always take care of it. From routine oil changes and maintenance to the unforeseen vehicular hiccups, I know I'm in good hands. Charlie and the rest of the staff are wonderful! Unlike larger chain dealerships and service centers, I have no fear of being hustled or taken advantage of. I wouldn't think of taking my car anywhere else!

Nikki E. | 2013-09-25

Once again,  my experience with Lusti  Motors was great! We seriously would not consider taking our car any place else!  The front line staff (motor heads) Charlie and Daniel are extremely knowledgeable, professional and friendly.  Cam is also great (my dog really liked her) plus she did the camel voice for me!
I strongly recommend Lusti Motors for your automotive needs!!
Nikki Eichberger

E M. | 2013-09-12

I am not the easiest customer in the world to deal with so you wont get a lot of these reviews from me.  However, I had to write to say that these are honest and do the work correctly the first time.  A very reputable shop.

Gaetano P. | 2013-08-14

Once again, I brought my 2007 Volvo XC70 into Lusti's for some extensive service and improvements to the suspension system and engine.  Everything that was done was completed because I requested it to be done as "preventative maintenance" or improvements.  

Daniel (service advisor), Dale (Volvo Mechanic), Cam (reception, bill pay & coordinator of the impossible) & John Lusti all worked with me to make this another exceptional experience @ Lusti Motors.  The final bill I received was the figure that was initially quoted when I originally brought in my "to do" list to get an idea as to what would be the price range.

I detailed my Volvo the day before I brought it in for the service and I received the car back in the same condition.

Thank you to all for being efficient, thorough and a pleasure to work with!  I trust Lusti Motors!

Cristina r. | 2013-08-05

took my wifes 2003 VW jetta TDI in for a timing belt change last march 2013, the next day the service manager Daniel called and told me they found a cracked cam gear during the timing belt change and also a bad tail light bulb . i told them to replace the cam gear with a used one and just go ahead and change the tail light bulb. the next day when i picked up the car i inspected the cam gear and it was obvious the technician had bent and cracked it during removal. a bit of background here... i have worked on boeing and airbus aircraft as a quality control inspector for the last 20 years and have been an aviation technician for the last 30 years. i know when a part has been damaged during removal. when i picked up the car the other service manager  charlie gave me this song and dance about "how much stress is on the cam gear during operation". BS! i also questioned the $50 charged for changing the tail light bulb. the tech said the lense had to be removed to change it. BS again! i can change the bulb in less than 5 minutes through the little door in the trunk.less than a week later when my wife was commuting to palm springs she found her AC wouldnt work. when she got home i looked in the engine and there was the AC compressor pulley,nut and clutch laying down in the bottom of the engine. the tech had forgotten to tighten the nut. i complained to john lusti about the bill and the workmanship. he waved the tail light bulb charge and corrected the price of the used cam gear . i realize mistakes can be made but you have to come clean with them. in all fairness the two previous times i took my TDI golf in for repairs i was satisfied but this last debacle erased all of that. i recommend to everyone DONT take your car to lusti motors.

Dan S. | 2013-07-06

I have a 2008 328i hardtop convertible and the driver's side daytime running light burned out.  I called Lusti service to see if they could  fix it for me if I brought it in.  I was told with my model, they usually have to crawl underneath the car and remove several components in order to access the light.   He went on to say that if I had the sport package, they would likely have to take the fender off in order to get access.  He said that this light is somewhat of a "super bulb".  Depending on the above, he estimated anywhere from 2-4 hours.  Yikes.  So I'm thinking $300-$400.

After our conversation, I got out my owners manual and researched a couple of YouTube videos.  Turns out this super bulb is a typical 35w H8 bulb that retails for about $20. Also, there is an access panel directly above the headlights under the hood that can be easily opened with a flat head screw driver.  The YouTube video had the bulb changed in less than 2 minutes.

Lesson here- do your homework!  Read your owners manual. Check the Internet.  This could have been a costly error on my part.

Daniel N. | 2013-06-29

You can tell these guys work hard. Service can be hit or miss, depending on the day and the amount of work being conducted. Still, I trust them with my Volvo, and that's the bottom line.

Richard K. | 2013-05-06

I'm writing this review out of reluctance because I've been a 10 year customer of Rudi's and now Lusti's since Rudi merged with them.

First of all I have been in the Automotive business since 1971 in retail parts sales, wholesale, as a manufacturers rep for almost 30 years dealing with major accounts and now the past 6 with NAPA Auto Parts as an outside sales rep. My whole career I've been taught that the customer comes first and that customer service is the key.

All of my previous experiences have been great up till the day I was to pick up my car a couple weeks ago.

It started with my SL 600 being towed in with an unknown problem except that it lacked power. My battery had previously gone dead and I recharged it which set of many codes stored in the computer. Also, I had blown a couple fuses which controlled the instrument cluster that morning.

When I took it in Daniel was who I dealt with and this was on a Tuesday. He was helpful and asked many questions and said they'd need time to check it out and hoped it wasn't going to be a serious matter. Initial charge $198. He called me back later that day to tell me that they had found a bulb broken in tail light which was shorting out the dash. "Good news." Also from the battery going low the car went into what they call a limp mode so it was basically running on 6 of the 12 cylinders. He said they'd need it overnight to make sure there wasn't a starter problem. The next day, he had called mid day and left a message to call him back. I called back about 1 and he was tied up so I left a message for him to call. Evidentally when he called back in the early afternoon my mail box was full so he couldn't leave a message. I had been on the phone and didn;t realize he had called so I waited and he never called back.

Thursday morning he still hadn't called so I gave him a call again about 10:30 and he filled me in on the progress of my car. "I would have expected him to call me first thing". Since the news was relatively good the diagnosis was up to $375, I opted for an Oil Change and a transmission filter/fluid change. Since he said they were short a mechanic he wouldn't have the car finished until tomorrow, "Friday ."  When I had taken the car in I asked him if they could pick me up as I wouldn't have a ride and he said since I had it towed in it shouldn't be a problem.

Here's where things fell apart. I had to call to check on the status of the car and about 12 was informed they may not be able to get it done since they were a mechanic short. He checked and said they could. That day I happened to be in my office working and was waiting for a call as to the status late in the afternoon. I had to call again about 4  and Daniel said they were just finishing it up and washing it and that he'd call me in 30 minutes. I reminded him that I needed a pick up and he said he call back in 10 minutes. Now 4:40 or 40 minutes later he called and said they were short handed in the office and couldn't send anyone.

Ok, now if I wanted my car I had to scramble to get a ride. He also said he was busy as the girl in the office was off and would call me back in 30 when it was done. Well at 5:30 on a Friday I was ready to leave the office and since I hadn't heard from him headed home. Now on the freeway, he calls and says he needs to close my bill out and that I need to give him my credit card number. I explained that I was on the freeway now and had been waiting almost 50 minutes for him to call me back and that I'd call him in 5 minutes once I exited and could get my wallet and credit card out safely. His comment back to me was, "Well if you can't give it to me now, just pick up your car on Monday!"

"To me this was total lack of customer service in my opinion. "  I'm the customer, I'm the one paying the money to get my car serviced at his shop and there are many other places I can take my car with that attitude." He ended up holding on the phone until I exited as he said everyone had left and if I called back no one may answer. Once off the freeway, I gave him my card info and he agreed to leave my car outside in the lot with the key inside so I could have a friend take me later that night to pick it up as I needed it that weekend.

The two stars is for the customer service I received the last day of my car being there for 4 days. If it wasn't for Daniels attitude that day my rating would have been a 5.

Next time if your company is short handed, you're overwhelmed with customers, you're having a bad day, you're missing your happy hour friends etc... please remember that we are the customer and should #1 be kept in the loop as to the status of our car and #2 if you say you'll call back in 10, call back in 10 not 45-50.

Also, if you didn't realize I had a problem with your attitude once you made those comments to me about picking my car up on Monday, you better take a Margie Siffer course on how to treat your customers..."They are what keeps you in business.

Kim W. | 2013-05-03

Thank you Lusti Motors! We just purchased a a 2001 BMW Z3 thanks to Daniel and the team at Lusti. They did a pre-purchase inspection and told us everything that the car needs. They gave us the confidence to know we were getting a great car and that with their certified BMW technicians that they could get our new car in great working condition. We have since had the repairs made and our car is in amazing condition. They have been professional, honest and very resourceful. Daniel has been especially helpful, timely and thorough. We highly recommend Lusti and their team of professionals!

Gehre M. | 2013-02-23

I have been a loyal customer since they were on Park/Adams.  John, Andre, Kam and staff have always been super.  I have bought cars there and had cars repaired during my association with them.  I can recommend them to anyone with confidence.  They truly strive to be honest, and do the right thing.  There have been repair glitches at times, but they always make it right.  I read some of the less than stellar reviews and disagree with them.  Like all dealerships/repair facilities prices vary, but Lusti Motors has treated me well during my almost 20 years association with them.

Anna L. | 2012-10-20

I have been going to Lusti Motors for 11 years.  They are completely awesome.  I especially appreciate Daniel--service rep & his predecessor was also excellent.
Cam at the front desk is very cool with a fantastic sense of humor.  ALSO, Thomas & his counterpart are wonderful.  On top of all of this they do the best repair and give the best advice in town!

Dan W. | 2012-08-30

Best experience I've had at an auto repair shop!  Took my MB there for the 1st time yesterday for scheduled maintenance.  Another shop had told me that even though it was "scheduled maintenance", that there were "other" repairs/services that would likely be necessary and I should figure on approx. $1,500.

From the moment I walked into Lusti, Charlie was friendly, professional and more than willing to take the time to explain to me exactly what the scheduled service entailed and if there were anything else they discovered during the service, they'd call me right away to discuss.

When Charlie called me later in the afternoon, the scheduled service was complete and he want through some other things that he suggested I might want to keep an eye over the next few months.  No pressure, no up selling sales job, nada.  My car was washed and cleaned on the inside when they pulled it around front.  Overall, a great experience which over the years I've found to be pretty rare.

Glad I found these guys, I'd take my car back here anytime!

John C. | 2012-08-09

Appalling. Trashy.

I entered the showroom this afternoon 100% intent on driving away with a car these guys had advertised. I was greeted by a crotchety old man more intent on grilling me than treating me with respect. Poor old bastard could have had an easy sale. Instead, my wife and I walked out.

Don't waste your time.


Below me is a response to this. In the response, they reference credit. I came into the dealership with financing already approved through 2 organizations and did at no time did I ask for financing or did I have any intent of getting it from "Lusti."

I hope that clarifies things. Basically, the clarification from "Lusti" is misleading and, once again, appalling and trashy.

On a side note, the comment proudly states that the crotchety old bastard has been part of their team for decades. No wonder they are rated so poorly.

John David P. | 2012-06-05

I am a new BMW owner and unsure where to bring my car for service.  We have all heard the nightmare stories about BMW service costs, YIKES!  Well I was referred to Lusti Motors by a couple of friends and I couldn't be happier.  Friendly knowledgeable staff, good work and within budget.  Thanks Lusti.

Brad E. | 2012-05-29

The service is quick and reliable.  I know when I take my car in, they will take care of it from start to finish.  Very pleased with the service and my car runs great. They even have a "loaner-car" if you need it.  You can't beat that if you are a busy mom and need to get back on the road to shuttle kids!!

James W. | 2012-03-22

Lusti Motor's / Rudi's Autohaus
5 star service from start to finish.
The first thing you should do is ask for 'Daniel' in the service department and he will take care of you!
1) Daniel handled all correspondence in an expeditious and polite manner.
2) Daniel thoroughly explained all repairs that were being recommended and gave me options.
3) I was quickly provided with an accurate estimate and notified of all changes to the length of time I would be without my vehicle.
4) I don't want to take anything away from the mechanics who exceeded my expectations to say the least!
Bottom Line: If you live in the San Diego area and own a Mercedes that you have had service done elsewhere, you are a fool! Come down to Rudi's now!
Side Note: They have a great showroom and pleasant staff, you receive a car wash after service (just like the dealership)!

william p. | 2012-03-13

Arrived for my appointment and hastily drove into the first available spot to park. The next thing I know is that the Lusti Detail guy is suddenly kicking the front of my car... the Service Manager quickly diffuses this "little" incident but offers no remedy for the scratches on the hood of my classic BMW.   WAIT A MINUTE!!  The Sign says "Neighborhood Dealership serving San Diego..." I AM CHARGED $300 FOR A LOOSE WIRE?!?


Rex G. | 2011-11-06

This is my first 1 star review and it pains me to do it.  I like the people that work here.  They are, in general, friendly and accommodating.  My problem is from the most recent trip for a problem with my 2000 Volvo.  Headlight and smell of gas.  I had them investigate the problems and change the oil.  $300 for that.  

They came back with 2 theories that were both wrong and their later their final estimate for repair came to over $2,000.  I said thanks but my car, with 200K miles, was not worth this.  After that, they offered to buy the car for $500 and I also said no.  

Eventually I took the car to RC Imports thanks to a referral that another mechanic gave me.  They both recognized the bad diagnosis and repaired everything for $400.  It has been running great for about 300 miles now with no problems.  They also said that I could bring it in and they would back up their work.

I would not recommend Lusti after my recent experience there.

David C. | 2011-09-27

My car breaks down in the middle of the street, so I get it towed to the nearest mechanic.

Enter Lusti motors, they charge me for the inspection ( red flag there 90+$ ) and then come to me with a list of about 1600$ worth of repairs on a car that Kelly blue books for 2300$. Yeah. Right. In particular they tell me I need a new distributor and that it will cost 650$ or more to replace.

I got the car towed to another mechanic a few miles away and they quote me 180$ for a related but smaller part which is actually the problem.

Giving them the benefit of the doubt, Lusti Motors is a luxury (German) car mechanic. They are used to charging a premium, and their usual customer is probably comfortable with a 4 figure repair bill for their car.

I am not.

If you are going to charge me that much, you had better be reading Dostoevsky to my car by lamplight while I am away. Writing it ballads and serenading it with professions of love and sweet, sweet nothings whispered softly into it's air intake.

Watch out with these guys.

William H. | 2011-09-26

Live across from Cliff Brown. Won't go near.
Problem is, same crooks own 4 other shops in SD. Lusti motors has done a great job keeping my '92 Jetta alive.
Lusti family lives in our neighborhood.
If you live round here, this is your best choice for car repair.

Arlo S. | 2011-09-26

Never again. I took my Benz there after seeing a positive review on The Car Guys website (you know, Tom & Ray Magliozzi; Click & Clack on PBS), and since they are near, I took my '84 Benz in. They changed the oil (they did NOT wash it) fixed a couple things for a lot of money and I got a list of what needed to be done. They wanted $6500 to fix the transmission. I called around and found that a more common price was $2800 for a rebuilt tranny, and finally found someone who would rebuild the existing tranny for $2300 (all other quotes were for a rebuilt)- so I saved more than 4 grand by not taking it to Lusti. They also said a "brake support" needed to be replaced on the right. $500+. I talked to Beeline on the phone (much more highly rated) and asked them about the brake support and they said "what's that?". I took it in and they found what was wrong (they said: "well, I guess you COULD call that a brake support, but the left side is much worse that the right"). They did BOTH sides for less than Lusti was going to charge me for one side. Lusti is RIDICULOUSLY expensive for work that can be done better for less money elsewhere. Sorry guys, getting friends and relatives to post positive reviews isn't a replacement for good work and fair prices.

Robert M. | 2011-09-16

I was thinking about buying a friend's 1995 Volvo, so I called AAA. They recommended Lusti motors for a used car inspection. At Lusti I was met by Daniel. He was very generous with his time. I left the car at 8am and he called me with a report at 1pm. Daniel transcribed the mechanics notes and provided rough estimates for the repairs that the car needed. He also listed the repairs in the order of importance, which was very helpful.

Their mechanic discovered problems that I knew about but hadn't told them. Daniel also took 15 minutes to explain why some of the recommended repairs were more urgent than others. He said the transmission fluid would last another year but the timing belt was more urgent since their computer revealed that the belt hadn't been changed in ten years. Their computer also revealed that the mileage on the odometer was off. The odometer said 163,000 but the car's computer said 198,000.  This is why you can't trust someone who is selling a used car.

I feel like I was very well treated by professionals who specialize in Audis, Mercedes, and Volvos. BTW - I would avoid the Audi if I were you. There's a ton of them getting fixed!

Donna A. | 2011-08-17

Went to Lusti Motors for the first time today - it was a great experience! Received greetings from everyone from the car wash guys to the salespeople. In the service department I was helped by Daniel who was very nice, polite and knowledgeable. I had a coupon for $50 for new customers which I had found on their website. They performed the oil change, washed the car and provided a safety check. They presented a short list of items they felt needed to be repaired/addressed. There was no hard sell on these additional suggested repairs and I appreciated that. I look forward to dealing with Lusti Motors for my future Mercedes repairs. Thanks for the friendly, cordial service!

Michael M. | 2011-08-09

so here is my experience in short form. My dad is away, his alarm starts going off, I call him in NY and he tells me to take his mercedes to Lusti. That in itself is big because my Dad likes them. They take me that day. I park his car and the guy who washes cars says hello to me and directs me where to go, so far so good (he turns out to give me a ride and is a very nice guy). Inside Andre is very nice and patient, calls my Dad, arranges pick up and drop off for me and a few hours later the bad part is replaced and the car is fixed. 3 days later I need a new headlight for my BMW, I call them, I think his name is Daniel, he talks to me, tells me how much it will be and replaces it for me for free and it actually takes about 10 minutes. The lady I pay I also like, she remembers me (of course it's only 3 days later) she is the same lady who makes a fuss over another customers dog. I had my brakes replaced recently and I asked Lusti how much it would have cost to do the same job at their place and it was like $20 within the $800 range. I thanked them for their great service and Andre asked me to write in Yelp. This is for you Andre, thanks, Dad and I will be coming back.

AJ W. | 2011-06-29

I have heard of Lusti Motors for quite some time and decided to take my car there for service. Personally I will never take my car back there again. I got my front brakes done and immediately after they started to squeek. Therefore, I took my car back back to Lusti Motor, which apparently was an extreme inconvience for the people at Lustin Motors. The brakes squeeked once again and I had to bring my car in for a total of 4 times for NEW brakes that kept squeeking and everytime I brought my car back in because my brakes were squeeking, the people there felt as if they were being inconvienced.

Most recently I brought my car in to change a bulb on my headlight. A guy at the front desked attempted to removed the bulb for 30 mins and had to call over some other guy to do it. It took that guy a total of 20 mins to remove the bulb and then said "your going to have to bring your car in another day so we can look at the bulb." What really pissed me off was that they moved around a group of wires from their original pre-Lusti Motors area which caused those group of wired to touch and rub against my timing belt, which lead to exposed wires in my vehicle and ruined wires. I will now have to spend additonal money to replace the bulb that Lusti Motors could not do as well as replaced these wires due to the careless and negligence of Lusti Motors.

This is a personal experience and I am sure that other people have had better experience but I certainly did not. I thought I would give Lusti Motors a second chance and they failed...epically.  The only person who has ever been pleasant at Lusti Motor is Kim. The service advisors always seen to be inconvienced and owner is a total and complete prick.

For those of you who have had a great experience at Lustis, good for you, but I will never go back again.

mark h. | 2011-06-16

Lusti has been my mechanic for a 2000 Passat for several years.  Each time they've done what they promised at a reasonable price.  Their staff is knowledgeable and honest.

James E. | 2011-04-08

After doing most my own auto repairs on my 2001 Audi A4 there were a few items that needed to be diagnosed that were beyond my capabilities. The guys at Lusti got right to the point told me how it was and started getting to the root of the problem. I have taken my car to a few Audi stealerships and independent mechanics over the years but the service writers at Lusti motors obviously have experience and knowledge beyond most. They were also able to explain the issues and possible solutions without any BS.

shannon k. | 2011-03-20

I bought my C-class Mercedes here many years ago and have been taking it here for service ever since. Recently I had been getting nervous because the car has over 120,000 miles on it and I'd been worried that it is going to start deteriorating quickly and deplete my bank account with expensive repairs. So I took it into Lusti Motors and was prepared to buy a new car. I was holding a loan guarantee from my bank for $45,000, and asking to test-drive some cars. I asked their honest opinion about the state of my car, and told them I was deciding whether to keep it or buy a new one. They actually had the opportunity to sell me a car and it would have been easy. Instead they looked at my car, did some diagnostics on it, and told me that my car is actually in really great condition mechanically. They recommended that I do a handful of minor repairs & a few cosmetic fixes to breathe some new life into the car, and hang onto it because they said it is going to continue to be a reliable car for a very long time. I followed their advice, and I am glad I did. The car feels like brand new and it saved me a lot of money.

No they aren't the cheapest place in town. But they are much cheaper than a dealership and I feel they are reasonably priced. I used to have a really cheap mechanic that I used, and he worked out of a little tiny garage and was a 1-man show, with no sophisticated diagnostic equipment. For certain things, that's fine. But he didn't have a lift, he took longer to fix my car, and he wasn't as knowledgeable. When I am busy with work, I don't have time to mess around with finding the cheapest place in town. Along with a dirt-cheap mechanic comes  a lot of worry, doubt, and hassle.

They have been pleasant, honest and reliable to deal with every time. There have been times when they made a very minor repair when I was expecting something major, or when they've told me I could wait to repair something that wasn't urgent. They've always gotten back to me with an estimate quickly, and have done the repairs in a timely fashion. They've graciously offered me a ride or a loaner vehicle when I've needed to get a ride to work from their shop. Robert is great to deal with, as are Andre and John. Everyone there is very friendly and helpful. I have never had anything but positive experiences at Lusti Motors. I have sent a few friends there, to both the dealership and to the shop. They have also had positive experiences.

Matt B. | 2011-03-09

(In response to Andre's comment on my review.) Thanks for your reply and checking in.  I think the issue w/the car wash is that the towels used to dry the car get too damp and aren't switched out for a drier towel often enough and so this leaves more streaks and water spots on the windows.  Supplying more dry towels and switching out the towel more should do it.  Thanks!

Ryan M. | 2011-03-08

This is in response to  Andre L's response to my original review for Lusti Motors.  To anyone who may care please read that entry from 2/23/11 before you continue reading this:

First of all, let me say that the only reason I turned to Lusti for my oil changing needs after my initial bad experience was beacuase I was in a jam, needed oil changed THAT day and they are right around the corner from my house.  Now for Andre L of Lusti motors to  ask why return after a bad experience  rather than, as a rep of this shop, apologize for the poor experience and maybe ask how he can make it right I feel this speaks volumes as to their poor service

Andre also mentioned that according to his records the right outter CV boot was torn. well its actually the inner CV boot. You all may want to focus on your record keeping skills considering these are legal document you are making these notes on.

Also Andre, Who ever the service advisor I spoke to is flat out lying to you. I asked for a quote for the oil change and was specific as to what the other repair I needed was (oil cooler seal/gasket needed to be change)  I have already had my normal mechanic look at it and he confirmed thats what need to be done.  I was not asking for you to look at it and do you own diagnosis I just wanted the oil cooler seal/gasket changed. How hard is it for you to quote that? Cant be too difficult as several other shops were able to tell me over the phone.   I was in no way trying to get a free diagnosis, like you suggested, as I already knew the problem and wanted to know what it was going to cost. The advisor asked what kind of oil i wanted to be used, I replied saying that I have always used mobil 1 synthetic. He says that you all use Valvoline. I said OK fine or I will just bring it my own mobil 1.  His response was "well then id rather not do the oil change because there is no money it."  At this point i was pissed and decided i wouldnt bother to spend my money at your shop. Never once did he say anything about possible warranty issues as you claim he says... that is a flat out lie! He is clearly trying to cover his A**... I work for  a dealership (in the service dept) and I know service advisors work off commision. So yea it makes perfect sense as to why he responded to me this way.

(btw you should know that the VR6 engine's oil filter does not have a pressure relief valve thats part of  the filter itself that could potentially fail. These are the paper style filters that are inserted into the filters housing. The housing has the pressure relief valve built into it.  So in theory you could never blame the oil filter that I supplied as failing like you suggested in your last response.  Just keep that in mind for the next  VR6 driver who asks)

You also stated that you feel it is your duty to report back to your customers any other repairs their car may need.  Fair enough, but lets be honest. All you are doing is upselling trying to make money.  Dont misrepresent that as if you are doing your customer any favors.

As I mentioned before perhaps you should be more concerned with making things right with me rather then try to discredit my claims.  Several people have left reviews for your shop mentioning your service advior's poor service. "Condescending" was a frequently used term.  Why dont you look into that Mr. Lusti?


Murphy M. | 2011-03-02

I couldn't be more pleased with car service.  They specialize in Euro models (I have an Audi) but I would take my Ford truck there if I had one!  Last time I was there I was surprised with 25% lower bill than I was quoted because they didn't need to use all of the parts they expected to....they could have easily put them in and taken more of my money and I wouldn't have known the difference but they didn't.  Very honest.  And while the friendliness of the staff is pretty low in importance to me, I gotta say the people here are great.  Very friendly likable guys that all seem to like working there.  The guy I was dealing with not only told me where to find a $50 coupon for their service but he called me when he was home sick to make sure I was still being taken care of!

Kristen H. | 2010-12-15

I had a HORRIBLE experience here with my Audi and would not reccomend Lusti Motors. My car died while I was driving and I had it towed to Lusti because they specialized in German cars and were AAA certifed. I dealt with Nate who was condescening throughout the process (when giving me a quote over $1,000 over the phone he told me I could 'check with my husband or boyfriend' first and get back to him). They kept the car one week for diagnostics and could not figure out what was wrong with it. Eventually they replaced several parts around the engine and had the car running again - repair was about $600. Less than one week later - the car died AGAIN. This time I had the timing belt replaced and some other repairs - about $1,500. It happened AGAIN and I took my car to Miramar Audi - turns out it was an engine coil replacement causing the issue and it was part of a factory recall - they did the work for free. Lusti did not know what was wrong with the car and threw the kitchen sink at it hoping it would fix the problem - costing me lots of time and money. I've dealt with Rob at Miramar Audi for all of my car work and repairs since and have been very happy with them - he tries to help keep costs low and deals with you on a personal level. I felt like I got the run around at Lusti Motors and would never take a car here and would go out of my way to let others know they shouldn't bring theirs here either!

Craig P. | 2010-12-07

I really want to give Lusti a better review, because they do provide great customer service and take time to explain what they fixed.  The problem I have w/ them is that their repairs didn't last the test of time; either they are using cheap parts, or do not have the best mechanics/engineers implementing repairs.

I bought my 2000 BMW 528i from Lusti and had them perform maintenance on the care for 4 years.  I spent a decent amount of money on maintenance, but that's life w/ a used BMW, so I didn't mind so much.  A BMW-owning friend recommended another place in PB, which had won 3 AAA awards, so I decided to try them out for a change.  Man, was I angry to find out those items that I had Lusti fixed just 18 months prior needed to be resolved again!  And not just one or two small things, but FOUR large expensive repairs!  Things that should've been running for at least 30k to 50k miles (e.g., crankcase vent valve & breather hoses, radiator fan clutch & shroud, valve cover gasket, water pump).

Armin G. | 2010-08-07

Having detected some strange noises in my car, I decided to swing by Lusti Motors to have my car checked out. I was a customer there, uh, about 18 years ago when they were on the corner of Adams and Park and, to my surprise, I was still in the database!

Service appointment was easy to make, a friendly voice cheered me up, and the next day it was on. As the first customer in the morning, I was warmly greeted with a handshake, felt personally welcomed and my car was being inspected and checked out in no time.

The service adviser's explanations and recommendations instilled absolute honesty and trust (never knew I would say that about anything car repair related) and left me with a real good feeling.

A very refreshing, honest, and superb experience, this Lusti place...highly recommended!

Jessica P. | 2010-07-01

Well, I've been inspired to open an account just so I can write an AWFUL review for Lusti Motors.  I have never in my life paid $55 dollars for an OIL CHANGE.  Now, I drive a Honda Civi, no synthetic oil...just your run of the mill filter.  I would have never in a million years paid that much, but my boyfriend brought my car in and failed to ask how much it would cost upfront.  Needless to say, I will never ever bring my car back here.  Totally ridiculous.

Lilu G. | 2010-04-01

this is a horrible horrible and expensive place to have your car towed. I have AAA and they recommended me this place since it was near my house so i took it there and the man who talked to me on the phone was full of it! in the end, i ended up paying them close to a thousand dollars and when i picked up my car within that week it started to to go from bad to worse it lost power and it was shaking a lot so i called the same man who had helped me and he said he would have to charge me to check it again. my car was not doing that before it went in. so no i don't recommend this place at all super expensive, horrible customer service and rude employees who only want your cash. I have also reported them to AAA.

Katy M. | 2010-02-17

great place= they know what they're doing.  They won't screw you around.  Very efficient, up front, honest and just do a great job on what needs to be done.

Lyle E. | 2009-07-22

Saw several entries stating that Lusti was reasonable. I contacted them about a service that was due for my VW Eurovan and they wanted $900. The VW dealership in La Mesa only wanted $450. To be fair, the few times that I took my car there for service they did a good job.

dionne m. | 2009-04-10

these guys are idiots. i had brake pads replaced and they put no lube on them, i ended up having to replace their work because the brakes were making a horrifying noise. also, Robert is condescending and completely unwilling to take time to explain what and why they are doing what they are doing. i bought my bmw from them and noticed a rapid decline in customer service. virtually everything they said or did was wrong according to the bmw dealership. save your money and your time go to Mike's Foreign Car Service

Vanessa V. | 2009-01-24

Highly recommended. Service is reasonable and trustworthy. You do not need to worry about getting ripped off or talked into repairs that are unnecessary. First time clients can use a $50 off coupon found on their website . Excellent customer service!

Kurt L. | 2008-12-01

I have an Audi and this is the only place in San Diego I would take it.  Robert is fair and honest.

anette f. | 2008-10-07

Straight up and reasonable- can't beat that. Dealer-style customer service, without dealer BS.

Stephen W. | 2008-06-26

If you have a VW, Porsche, or Audi that needs service, go here.

They seriously know what they're doing with these vehicles, they are friendly, honest, nice; and, best of all, they charge a fair price!

I have an aging '93 VW Corrado, and I only let the guys at Lusti touch it.