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Welcome to Lexus San Diego. On behalf of our staff, thank you for visiting us on the web and giving us an opportunity to acquaint you with our dealership. Our commitment to perfection is exceeded only by our commitment to offer you the highest level of guest services in the luxury automotive industry. We have an excellent selection of all models and colors. Our volume allows us to offer prices with tremendous savings. We offer a wide variety of purchase and lease programs. We will help you determine which programs best fit your financial needs. Our professional and well trained staff is ready to assist you with your automotive needs.

Lexus San Diego

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(858) 268-8000
Address:4970 Kearny Mesa Rd, San Diego, CA, 92111
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Sunday: 11:00 am - 5:00 pm

Reviews on Lexus San Diego

Jackie E. | 2015-04-24

As a single working mother, safety and reliability are a must! Lexus is the only brand for me!

When it comes to cars, I'm the gal with the word "sucker" stamped on her forehead! I am ignorant!

My car needed service (only knew that because the service light was on) and I knew additional stress would follow because I'd have to work with a pushy salesman.  I was prepared to stand my ground and not let them weasel any extras out of me! Lets face it, these guys are on commission! A girlfriend of mine referred me to Andy Amenta. To my pleasant surprise he was far from pushy; on the contrary, he advised me on what my car needed "now" and what could wait to be done.

Andy has been my advisor for 8+ years (when he left Carsbad and transferred to San Diego I followed) he is professional, knowledgeable and goes beyond the call of duty to ensure my needs (and my dad's- he too drives a Lexus) are taken care of.

The service light no longer causes me to panic (that's not to say I'm happy to see it light up!), but when it does I know just the person to call.  

Customer service at Lexus San Diego is second to none! From their cashiers, to schedulers, to the folks in the loaner and service department - this group is sure to  exceed your expectations!

Adam T. | 2015-04-23

Wanted to take a quick minute and say how wonderful my Service experience has been at Lexus SD. Andy Amenta has been my adviser and I recommend that everyone ask for him by name.

From getting my wiper blades changed to figuring out the stupid check engine light and getting it turned off after my wife didn't tighten the gas cap enough on our 08 RX350. Every service experience has been a breeze!

Andy is the most honest and professional service rep I have ever dealt with, he takes time to explain the issues and what costs are necessary and what can wait, or be avoided. He even got Lexus to cover a pretty major repair even though our vehicle was out of factory warrantee.

We will be replacing this car in the next 4 months and with out a doubt we will be purchasing at Lexus SD and Andy will be the only one to touch it going forward.

Thanks Andy for all that you have done for our family!

Veronica W. | 2015-04-23

Christine is always very professional, returns calls quickly and explains everything in detail. I am very satisfied everytime I need to take my car in. This is my second purchase thru San Diego Lexus and hope to return again soon for a new purchase. Thank you very much for all the great service!

Jill K. | 2015-04-23

Best service advisor ever..Andy Amenta!!   Provides the best customer service, knowledgable, extremely helpful and the reason I moved taking my car to this dealership.

Bryan M. | 2015-04-22

I have never posted a review on yelp. About anything. Ever. experience here was too good not to. HQ was terrific - he was very accommodating, explained everything well, and just provided an overall comfortable experience. Which is more than I can say about other dealers. For me, it came down to the car I ended up leasing here and one other from another manufacturer/dealer. The tie breaker wasn't the car (I liked them both & they were roughly the same price) it was the people.

HQ won the tie breaker.

Todd C. | 2015-04-22

Hi all,

One word refreshing. Have you ever walked into a forest and felt refreshed.
Well that is what it like to buy a used vehicle with Glen and Kandu.

Every thing went perfect. In and out in a reasonable time frame.  We found a good car at a fair price.
That is what helped us the most.

Thank you all

We will be back for more cars as we need them

No pressure sales
Easy test drive
Better loan rates if you give them a chance. They got us 1% lower than any other loan I could get. That is a big deal over 60 months.

They treat you like you are someone that matters

Susie S. | 2015-04-22

Made an appointment with Andy in service today and I must say he was A-mazing. As a woman, you walk into a dealership for service and they try to sell everything under the sun to you... Not this time. Andy informed me of exactly what I needed and offered me a great discount without me even asking... That doesn't happen too often so needless to say, I was more than happy!

Jodi K. | 2015-04-22

I love these guys!!! The customer service is the best! Andy is our advisor and he is always so attentive and goes out if his way for us. Don't take your Lexus anywhere else!!

Christanne H. | 2015-04-21

Savoy was well informed about the car, pleasant to work with and low pressure after test driving the car (initially we weren't sure if we wanted to move forward with purchasing the car). He was  immediately available when we returned to discuss further options for purchasing and worked in our favor to try to get us the best deal. We look forward to getting to work with him in the future and love our new car!

Cara S. | 2015-04-20

I had an excellent experience at Lexus San Diego.  I was honestly extremely nervous about the entire event/process because it had been 12 years since I last bought a car.
Andy was friendly and professional- not too pushy or gimmicky.  I bought my CT200h F Sport the same evening I test drove it which resulted in everyone involved staying 2 hours after closing with me.
Jeanette in the finance office was also wonderful- friendly, professional, and informative.  
I felt comfortable the whole way through and never felt as if I was being pressured into anything or sold into anything I didn't need or want.  I feel I was able to get a fair price, great financing- all around excellent experience.

Rock S. | 2015-04-17

i came from out of state to this dealership because of internet manager joel c.  he is responsive, helpful, and honest.  i told him exactly what i wanted, my situation, etc. (all via text) and within 48 hrs...he got it done.  his only question to me was what color do i want.  i wanted the black es300h but he didnt have it, but within 24 hrs, i got a text stating he was able to find one.  

i think i set a record time in a dearlership...less than 1hr was spent as soon as i drove in.  he confirmed the quality of my trade in (and actually made it worth more) and he showed us the car and and everything about it and sent us off to the finance manager.  

the finance manager called 1 week later and stated that there was money owed for my trade in and i asked joel immediately about it.  he was able to correct the problem.  finance team gave the wrong amount due, so in the end, nothing was owed extra, but joel was very helpful in correcting.  i texted him and he said that he will look asap since it was his day off, but the next day, early afternoon - he cleared it up! (even though that's not part of his job)

joel is the definition of superior customer service and i recommend him when you work with this dealership.  thanks joel - we love the car!

James W. | 2015-04-17

My experience at Lexus San Diego when I brought my car in for service last week was one of those that leaves you, as a consumer, disappointed and frustrated, if not borderline suspicious.

1) My service adviser detailed the work that had to be done. More than I had expected, but it's an old car so you never know what can go wrong. I told the adviser that last year I had received a discount card for 10% up to a certain amount. Is there any similar promotion this year? He said don't worry, I've applied at least that amount of discount to your bill, plus more. He said "They call me the discount king." He said his customers love him for it and his bosses hate it. He also made a point of saying the discount he is giving me is so good that the system doesn't want to take it. He said he had to really force it into the system somehow.  I thought wow, that's some zealous (and appreciated!) discounting. Unfortunately, when I got my bill the only discount shown was for $100. That's much less than 10% on a $3,400 bill.

2) My adviser told me they would also throw in the car detailing for free. When I got the bill they in fact had charged me $125 for it. The above mentioned $100 discount did not even cover the supposedly "free" detail. Mind you, I did not want or ask for a detail in the first place.

3) The bill says they replaced my wiper blades because the ones I had were "after market and incorrect for this vehicle". Labor and parts for that: $159.19. I know getting work done at a dealer is not cheap, but I was not advised ahead of time whatsoever of this cost. Nor had I had any issue with the wipers (I had purposely bought them after market to save some cash). In fact I had made it clear I only wanted the critical repairs done. Premium windshield wipers in San Diego are not on my critical list.

4) There was a mysterious $5 charge on the invoice labelled "Donation - Paralyzed Veterans". A worthy cause, but I was never advised of it. The manager later explained that it automatically populates whenever they discount a repair order. I still don't understand what that means (and I've asked them to explain).

To their credit, they're now giving me a $330 credit for the overcharge amount.

If you do patronize this business, be extremely careful and above all ask for specific costs on everything before the work is done and analyze your invoice very closely after the work is done.

Fred P. | 2015-04-16

Dealerships have been known to be 'expensive ' than a local mechanic - ' genuine parts higher quality of service ' blablabla

I brought my car in for a recall notice - took 45 minutes to check my car in! (Local mechanic 5 minutes or less ) I went to pick up car and no line at cashier - stood in front of cashier for way too long as she stamped invoices - I finally said ' hello?" - she snapped ' I will be right with you '( w bad attitude ) I shared  it's nice to be acknowledged as a customer . I paid and checked out and she asked me to wait in lobby (0 other customers waiting )- after 23 minutes ( I was on cell phone so I know how long ) the person in charge of pick ups said 'are you picking up your car ' - I said ' trying !' - she said she didn't know I was waiting????She handed me paperwork with no explanation of what was done with alignment ( my regular mechanics gives me before and after reading and I got nothing ) and my keys and said my car was out front .( go find it )

Moral of review - choose local mechanisms - better service attitude price and value ! Eric at mission valley auto is the best !

Rob G. | 2015-04-15

Went today with my mother to turn in her leased 2012 IS 250 for a 2015 IS 250 F Sport, beautiful car. David Mayer was extremely helpful, he worked with us to get my mom the best deal with the lowest possible payment, it was probably the easiest car leasing process I have ever been involved in. If you ever go to this dealership please go see David.

However, if you have the option steer clear of Barbara McNallly in finance, she is rude tall elderly blonde in the north corner of the building. She was explaining LoJack, and wasn't understanding my question and tried to make it seem as if I was confused even saying "read this since you are still confused". She needs to find a new career if she is easily frustrated by a customer and is incapable of answering questions. She even tried to sell my mom tire and rim insurance knowing well that curbing rims are not considered road hazards and would not be covered protection.

So in summarization, go to David and stay away from Barbara.

Ricardo C. | 2015-04-11

I would definitely recommend Lexus San Diego.

I love my new IS 250 F sport and everyone was efficient, helpful making the whole experience with this purchase experience was highly satisfactory.
If you go there, I'd also suggest to ask for the Sales representative "H Q"!  He was both extremely professional and knowledgeable about the vehicle, as was thoughtful, respectful, straightforward and in every way helpful. I was initially undecided between the Lexus and an Infinity car, and as much as I really like my new Lexus IS F Sport, I'd have to say that from my initial visit to the dealership, all throughout following-up, and assisting me on the purchase details, HQ's performance was very important on my final decision on this purchase at the San Diego Lexus dealership.

Audrey G. | 2015-04-04

My husband and.I purchase Lexus 350 from Ben Copeland at Keany Mesa Lexus Ben was our sale representative and I must say he made our car buying experience very pleasant.  It was hassle free couldn't have ask for.a better experience.  If your in the market to buy a car call Ben Copeland at kearny Mesa Lexus

Irina G. | 2015-04-03

Savoy was great! He helped me to find the way how I could buy a car I wanted that same day and was very patient with me. Also, through the course of the day I got to know him a little better and he is an absolutely wonderful man! You are lucky to have him on your team! Thanks to Savoy and the Sales Manager Jim I had a delightful experience.

Fouad M. | 2015-04-01

Called in to schedule appointment for the first service last week.  Got an appointment for Monday and went in. The process was smooth and so was the customer service They mentioned that they were backed- up on service so I may get the car back next week. However, they provided a comparable loaner vehicle. Received a call later in afternoon that car will be ready by 5:00 p.m. Also left original mats in trunks and requested that they be vacuumed so that they be put away. Was pleased that they did so.

Also went in to purchase all weather ES  floor mats last week. Was happy with the service at the parts department in addition to the quality of mats. They look good, fit perfectly, making it easy to keep the vehicle clean.

Pete G. | 2015-03-30

Helen was a pleasure to work with.  She took care of my wants/needs and got me a car I am ecstatic about. Hope you will still be around when my wife is ready for her new vehicle.  She really wants an RX.  

Overall, have had nothing but good/great experiences with Penske dealerships in San Diego; BMW, Lexus, and MB.

Jeremy B. | 2015-03-30

Great experience at your dealership. My sales representative, HQ, was a pleasure to work with. I was in and out in no time. The product specialist that went over the details of my new vehicle was helpful as well. Being a sales professional myself, I was pleasantly surprised. Thank you Lexus San Diego!

Ana L. | 2015-03-29

Today was a great day, I needed to purchase a new car; after leaving a dealership in Chula Vista earlier in the day ( so glad I took my time in deciding) I had a few planned stops second on the list was Lexus of San Diego; referred by my neice Priscilla,  I was met upon arriving by Glen Rhoton, online sales rep (best guy ever), he asked me what I had in mind, price range, and other questions along those lines. Happy to say he did not suggest we walk around aimlessly through the lot but to step inside and pick a handful of car that fit my description.  
We had a list of 5 (Equinox, 2 Camries, 1 Civic and a Elantra) I test drove 3 of them and went inside to check the numbers. I must admit he did not push any car one particular car on me, admitted when he wasn't sure of a certain fact and followed up with responses after looking up the information.  After some thought and 4 patient hours later,  I walked away with a 2014 Honda Civic feeling great !!! I am beyond pleased with the service Glen and the Lexus team provided. Honestly I dont think there would have been a better deal out there for me.
I also took the time to call Jorge from the dealership I left earlier in the day and thanked him for his time, he too congratulated me on my purchase and was very professional.
I would recommend Lexus of San Diego not only were they a courteous and patient, but I felt like family. Everyone needing to buy a car make an informed choice get info leave the lot and process information go to next lot and see what happens if your smart enough you'll end up at Lexus of San Diego;  if your lucky enough you'll end up in Glen's hands and you'll understand what I'm saying!
Best of luck car shoppers. Thanks Priscilla for the great recommendation, why I didnt take you up on it sooner is beyond me. New client for life!!! Yay.

Hugo Z. | 2015-03-29

The experience was great, truly amazing. Easy, comfortable, and very relaxed. I honestly never thought I could even afford a lexus so I was to intimidated by the idea of going to the showroom and asking, so I first contacted lexus online instead. Ben Copeland and Joel Carlson immediately contacted me. I mistakenly put my house phone number instead of my cell phone as contact information and was never able to get back to them because I was either at work or missed the calls. Finally I returned the calls and Ben Copeland took me through the process. He's such a relaxed person and doesn't push anything on to you, which is what made me feel so comfortable. He explained to me the offers going on and the rebates I could qualify for and made the idea of getting a lexus that much more feasible. He quickly took some of my info over the phone and called me ten (10!) minutes later, really fast! And told me I could definitely qualify! These were great words to hear. So finally we arranged a time to meet and the experience couldn't have been better. Again, Ben is so relaxed and calm, unlike many salesmen out there that are pushy, he let's the cars speak for themselves, and I loved this. He is also pretty funny. Everyone treated me so nicely, from the receptionist, to Ben, to the finance manager. I'm now a happy first time car buyer, first time lexus owner, and couldn't be happier with having done business with lexus San Diego. Thank you guys!!

Steve G. | 2015-03-28

My sister lives in Sarasota, FL.  She is on her fourth RX (300, 330 and two 350).  I was looking for another car and she advised to only consider a Lexus - for two reasons - great cars and the best customer service. So in May of 2014, I purchased a 2011 RX 350 at Lexus San Diego - a lease return with about 38,000 miles.  It is, by far, the best car I have ever owned and I will get another one.  The salesperson (Chuck Anderson) was so pleasant to deal with and did not pressure us in any way.  None of the usual "used car dickering" - we agreed on a fair price and completed the sale in a few minutes.

Now, the rest of the story.  Last week I noticed the paint was peeling off my front bumper.  I did not hit anything and the car is always garaged, so I called Lexus San Diego and asked if they might know what caused it.  The answer was, "I have no idea but bring it in and we'll take care of it".  I brought it in, was issued a very nice loaner and a few days later I went back to pick up my car.  Not only did they repaint my front bumper, but also repaired two small dings (my fault) - one on the front bumper and one on the rear bumper.  I was not charged for anything.  And they thanked me!!

Lexus San Diego is the prime example of "you get what you pay for".  Great cars and the best customer service in the world.  What's in it for them?  Well, my wife has a Prius (nice car) and is looking for a new car.  Because of our experience, she will definitely buy a Lexus and of course, we will return to Lexus San Diego.  My neighbor is about to replace his Acura - because of my experience, he is going to Lexus also.

Thank you Lexus San Diego.  I am your new, free walking advertisement.  You are the best!!

Norton S. | 2015-03-24

Lexus customer service at the end of my January lease was fumbled badly, lacking precise follow through so I'm still dealing with mistaken $$$$$ charges, DMV registration for a car that was never grounded by Lexus San Diego and so many more headaches.

Exactly the opposite of the sales experience: Joel and the General Manager (whose I was not allowed to speak with) should be ashamed of their lack of professionalism.

I did not reward Lexus with any further business; enjoying the VIP treatment from BMW San Diego after the purchase of a 2015 M4.

Josie P. | 2015-03-23

This dealership was top notch! I went to the service station to purchase a sunshade because I couldn't find a specific one to fit my RX350 and found the perfect one! The rep was super friendly, I believe his name was John and he told me how great the item was because it really keeps the leather from being hot when you get back inside. The waiting room is spacious and there are several drinks available (hot or cold). The other rep, Brianna, was super friendly too! She was very nice and helpful. I went to the service station and I was assisted right away. And the best part is, they gave me a FREE $5 Starbucks gift card just for checking in on yelp. Oh, did I forget to mention they had piping hot FRESH cookies that they make daily? Need I say more?

Anthony G. | 2015-03-19

Horrible service. Asked to drop off my car and get a loaner because I was short on time. Once there I spent 40 minutes waiting for my loaner to arrive and missed a meeting. On the day I pick up, 2 days after my car was ready because I never got a call to pick up, I'm waiting again for another 40 minutes to pick up a car that was finished 2 days ago. Then I get the BS that they are washing my car which was ready for pick up 2 days ago. Never coming back. Rather drive 20 extra minutes for a dealership who actually holds themselves to a standard.

Cory M. | 2015-03-18

Our experience was awesome. HQ is a really nice, kind, helpful person. He answered all our questions, showed and explained to us all the good benefits about the car. He made us feel like home. Great customer service. Congratulations you have an awesome worker in your company.
Thank you so much HQ.

Carmen M. | 2015-03-13

Went today to get my 20,000 mile service...As your driving in feeling welcome and always have a great service.... Loved the loaner it's always great!!! From past experiences the dealership always has best customer service and always prompt to tell me all the information... Something that did got me of guard is that they tell me my quote was going to be certain amount and even talked to my agent and we were set on a price. Then once I get there it's $150 more than what the price that I was supposed to pay. I did tell the girl at the register and even though as I explained she said that it was for my detailed car wash ..that I didn't even request for!!But I would think she would of taken it off knowing I didn't request it. After my yelp review Lexus contacted me back and refunded my money!! Yaiii I'm so glad and I   Am confident to get my set of tires there!!! Super stocked that they contacted me... So fellow yelpers after that bad beginning there's a happy ending!!!

Michelle B. | 2015-03-11

I recently went in to buy a new car & experianced the best customer service from HQ. He was the best salesman I have ever encountered in my car buying career.
The GM David Wolfson helped with the process as well & he also gave stellar  service.
Thank you Lexus San Diego for making car buying easy.

Lexi's Dad D. | 2015-03-10

I actually bought my GS 450h there 12/28/13, and have only used SDL for service.  I have to say that the Sales experience and the Service experience (Dave and Chris, respectively) has only been positive.  Everyone is courteous and does what they commit to do.  I could have beat the sale price of my car by a small margin through CarsDirect.Com, but ultimately I wanted Dave to have the deal.  My two service events since have been nothing short of professional.

Miss Las Vegas G. | 2015-03-03

Just had my car serviced for my 5000 mile oil change. Andy my Service Advisor is truly first class and Five Star.
He consistently provides me exceptional service, a true professional, detailed oriented and always greets me with a smile.
I will only take my car to Lexus of San Diego because of Andy.

Von J. | 2015-03-03

Worst customer service ever..! They called me to go pick up my car after the service was completed. I had to waiting another hour an a half while their cashier and other employees just sit there and bull shit... another customer before was Pisa off cuz he was waiting for his car for about an hour.. found out his keys was sitting in front of the cashei... fuck this place

Heather H. | 2015-03-02

I hate buying a car. Nothing about the process is enjoyable and usually by the end of it, the sales person wants to kill me and the feeling is mutual.  That's why I am as surprised as most car sales people I have ever encountered that I am writing this review.  

The fact that I had such a great car experience is due 100% to Ben Copeland.  I believe his actual title is Internet Sales Manager, but I just call him awesome.  We communicated mainly by text.  I told him exactly what I wanted and he delivered.  He got me a great deal on an IS 250 Sport.  For the low, low price of some Southwest Rapid Reward points, I flew to San Diego and picked up my new ride.  We were in and out of the dealership in under 2 hours and, for the first time in my life, I have not had a moment of buyer's remorse.  If you want a new car without the bullsh!t, call Ben Copeland.  You will not be sorry.

Bettie S. | 2015-03-02

This review is for the Service/Repair department, which I have found to be terrible.  I gave them 4-5 chances and definitely wished I hadn't.  (I purchased my car here and found sales department to be great....but i'll write a different review for that one that deserves 4 stars)

Since I purchased a new car thought having my car repaired by dealership was good decision.  The only thing nice about the repair process is the car they provide while your car is being worked on.  Don't assume they will call you right away when car ready.  I learned  many times I would call and it was ready long before.  

One of my first check ups i requested an alignment as was pulling  When picked up car and drove away, noticed nothing was different.   Had to turn around and make a new appointment and have a service tech drive car with me (as if I didn't know what I was talking about) to confirm hadn't been done.  Per that mistake, they offered a complete detailing as an apology.  Well THAT went wrong....picked my car up only to find they had scraped the middle console with something and left a huge deep white mark.    I took a picture and sent to adviser.  I didn't want it smoothed over either....replace the scraped console.  He said would fix.  

Next service visit, and to fix the scrape, they only "smoothed" over the white mark and scrape.  Didn't want to replace the console.  So i now have a permanent mark that they made.

Here comes a I take it in.  (Again, had to call to see if ready versus getting the call to pick up.)  Driving home and the car starts smoking....actual white smoke coming out of the front/engine!! Turn around and scared!! something was going to happen.  Pull in service and everyone scared for me.  "Sorry one of the technicians forgot to put a lid back on"...something.  Really?  Had to leave it again to again so they could look over and make sure nothing wrong.  Supposedly not but we will see.  Later I noticed i received a gas charge for the service car provided for having to leave again/longer for this smoking issue.  Wasn't my fault need the car longer.  Called immediately and the did reverse the charge.

Jessica T. | 2015-02-28

Dennis Gurel was awesome! He's very easy to talk to and a no pressure kind of sales man. Ask for him the next time you are there!

Mikey B. | 2015-02-20

Lexus san diego is great! I drove off in a 2015 ct 200h and couldnt be happier! Special thanks to dennis and lisa for making it happen!! The customer service i received from this dealership really was second to none. Thank you and im happy to say you have earned yourselves a loyal customer!

Kim P. | 2015-02-19

can i just say i ADORE Lexus!!! I just got a letter from Lexus corporate saying that they have decided to replace my entire dashboard and all of my interior door panels FOR FREE!!!! This is an 8 year old car...!!!

Jeff R. | 2015-02-18

HQ at Lexus San Diego has ones again left me speechless. I leased a CT200h from him in May of 2014 and didn't think I would have a better car buying experience for the rest of my days...I was wrong. I just leased another car, IS 250, from him today and am once again blown away by the genuine kindness and caring demeanor that is unfortunately so rare these days. HQ is truly a one of a kind human being and I am honored to now call him a friend. Again, he went out of his way repeatedly to make sure all of my car buying needs were met and that each step of the process was seamless and quick. I left my office in La Jolla at 3:30pm and was back (even with traffic) in time for a 5:30pm meeting with a new car. I am so fortunate to have found Lexus San Diego and especially HQ. My family and I are now lifetime customers and I can't stop raving about the impeccible service I consistently receive from everyone at this dealership, from the GM (David), to the managers, to the service staff, and most of all, HQ, one of the most amazing human beings I have met.

Christine P. | 2015-02-09

My husband and I had a unique situation with both of our cars. Put it this way ..LJ (Littlejohn) took care of it and we rolled out with two brand new Lexus! Thank you LJ for taking care of us and our needs. See you in a few years. You pulled it off! Woohoo!!!

Cristian R. | 2015-02-09

I made a yelp account just to write a review for these guys. They're incredible my whole experience with them was amazing. I'm a first time buyer and they helped me get a great deal on the car I wanted. Even after I bought the car any questions I had the salesman Victor was just a call away. Everybody that I interacted with from their staff was extremely courteous. One can really tell they care about their customers. I strongly recommend you guys seek out Victor from the sales staff he's always available to help his customers with anything they need. Thank you for a great first car buying experience.

Lisa T. | 2015-01-29

This Lexus location is just so amazing! The service here just gets more and outstanding! Today I brought my car in to purchase a touch up pen and to switch out my wheel lock key. Paul was the one that helped me and he was amazing! He even got down on his knees to show me how to use the pen and gave me tips that would help me! Previous employees would just handed me the pen and there good luck to you but not him.

George B. | 2015-01-19

My fiancee and I went to check out the Lexus IS-250 and had a great experience. The price was great, and we ended up getting the lease and are super happy with the car and deal now. Dennis was so good and professional the whole time, there was no pressure. He made our decision making process very smooth and was very helpful.

I would highly recommend this dealership to anyone in the market for a nice luxury car, especially a Lexus. This is by far the best dealership in the area, nothing really compares to a Lexus in our eyes.

Robin T. | 2015-01-18

Patrick Danyo was a fantastic salesman. There was no pressure to buy my car. I really am happy with my purchase!

Richard E. | 2015-01-14

I brought in my car on last Friday due to several safety recalls on my 07 lexus is250 and Andy was my service advisor. He went over and explained to me the process of whats going on with my vehicle and also something that's been a common issue where the car at a stop would start shaking as if it would stall which brought my attention to where lexus and andy are willing to help. At first I thought my cars probably just like that bc its near the 100k mark but I was wrong. Im just glad overall that andy was very honest and upfront with the service he provided and also updated me daily on whats going on with my car as promise. In return while my car was in the shop they provided me with at first was a es350 which was okay but not my style but the loaner department staff was kind enough to exchange me later in the day for a brand new lexus is250 which was the best thing ever. Honestly I didn't want to return it haha I loved that car, it was smooth, fast, comfortable, quiet and boy did I feel like I was on a joy ride lol Although I didn't buy my car from them, I wish I did they were super friendly as if I walked out there buying a car from them. Their customer service was better than 5 stars of what yelp allow. Keep up the good work guys, looking forward to doing business with ya'll!!! -allen estrella

Margaret D. | 2015-01-08

$5,700 worth of work on my Lexus for $0, and I had a sweet loaner vehicle.  When I returned my loaner, only about five people asked if there was anything they could bring me while I waited a whopping three minutes for them to retrieve my car.  Customer service was amazing and my car is in perfect shape.

Danielle D. | 2015-01-03

First time leasing a car-lots of questions and anxious about the whole car buying experience. Dennis Gurel was so kind and very patient as my daughter and I compared the RX and the ES. He looked for the best possible discounts to get me close to the payment I wanted. In the end, I chose the ES. Love the car!

L. B. | 2015-01-01

My son and I just bought new cars at Lexus San Diego. In my opinion, no other dealership offers the service and demonstrates the customer loyalty that this dealership does. I have purchased 11 cars from Lexus San Diego (formerly Kearny Mesa Lexus) over the past 20 years and I wouldn't consider buying from anyone else. I am diligent in my price shopping, but Lexus San Diego invariably offers the best price. And their service is also terrific, always delivering quality maintenance at a fair price. Over the years, their service reps have found a way to cover the relatively rare other issues that have arisen under the Lexus factory warranty. The reps really go out of their way to help customers who have purchased their cars at the dealership; the loyalty goes in two directions here.

Follow up is exceptional at this dealership. I always get a survey call after every transaction at the dealership -- whether I'm buying a car or having one serviced -- asking how they can do better. My invariable answer is "I don't think that's possible."

To sum up, I give Lexus San Diego an exceptional rating based on my long and favorable experience as a customer with the dealership. You can't go wrong buying a new or used Lexus vehicle from them.

Abhishek G. | 2014-12-28

I tried them couple of times and their agents were awful. Last year while shopping for Rx350, I had worse customer care experience with them and ended up buying it from lexus carlsbad(5 star for them). Since this dealer ship is near by home, I went there again for another lease of Rx350. We met the sales guy named Patrick and he was straight up with the pricing i.e. "he has lease option for $500 or more. if interested we can talk else bye bye.."...Well bye bye to your business. I am going to stay with lexus carlsbad

Lorenzo C. | 2014-12-27

Back on December 13th we first visited Lexus San Diego with every intention of purchasing a pre-owned 2012 IS350 Fsport. Upon inspection of the IS, it was clear that this was NOT the car for us. From extensive front end damage (paint chips) and repaired windshield with several chips on top of that, we were quite surprised at the "Certified" label it was given on Autotrader. A 2.5 hour drive to see this "non-certifiable" car in our eyes at least.

Don't waste your time seeing cars that DO NOT MEET LEXUS STANDARDS!

kim c. | 2014-12-22

We got there and was greeted right away by David Tung. He helped us a lot in our search for a new vehicle. He took the time and drove us to the dealers storage to see other available vehicles that was in our interest, and fortunately we found one that caught our eye. We went to many other dealers before coming  to Lexus, but David worked out a deal that we were the happiest with.  Overall we were very satisfied! Thank you David!

Veronica A. | 2014-12-21

We just purchased a Lexus RX 350 pre-owned a few days ago, and we were extremely pleased with the experience. The sales persons, first Glen (and later Matt) were very nice, professional, and honest. We traded in our old Lexus and they gave us a fair appraisal for it. They did not change the appraisal based on the price of the new car we ended up buying as it happened at Lexus of Escondido where we had had a horrible experience dealing with the sales department. As a matter of fact we ended up at Lexus in Kearny Mesa after wasting our time and our patience with a dishonest sales person and service guy at Lexus of Escondido. We were treated with respect at Lexus of San Diego (in Kearny Mesa) and the trade-in was easy and clear. No games, no lies. Both sales men, Glen and Matt were very thoughtful and very helpful. They spent time setting up our new car (bluetooth, for example) and showing us all the functions and gadgets of our newly purchased Lexus. Glen introduced us to a service person with whom we may like to work when taking the car for maintenance. We will for sure take our Lexus there for maintenance and we will purchase our next car there as well. I highly recommend Lexus of San Diego in Kearny Mesa and if you can, stay away from Lexus of Escondido.

Mark R. | 2014-12-19

Purchasing a Lexus was made easy because of all the great staff. We did not feel as if we were being forced or pressured to buy a car like other dealerships out there. Chuck Anderson was  extremely helpful by going above and beyond for helping us with all our problems we needed serviced. Even tending  to our needs himself by trying to buff out a few scratches that were previously on the vehicle. Great service and quick responses and genuine assistance. Very glad to be a Lexus Owner since 1995.

- Rodante Rojales [Father]

Dan W. | 2014-12-17

I had an extraordinary experience with the Lexus San Diego team!
These folks truly went out of their way (yet again) to ensure I was completely satisfied.  Hands-down the best customer service in the industry and in the San Diego automotive community is Lexus San Diego. Special thanks to General manager "David Wolfson" for always taking time out of his busy schedule t to interact with his loyal customer (great people truly make the difference.) I will forever recommend this dealership and will praise both sales and service as it is well-deserved from my experiences over the past 7 years.

Laurel L. | 2014-12-12

Fantastic service and convenience 5 stars!

Phyllis P. | 2014-12-06

Very easy.  Chris is excellent at getting my car serviced in a timely manner.  Additionally, he is good at letting me know that parts need to be ordered and extra time is required.  The loaner car is an outstanding feature!

Dianne G. | 2014-12-04

Great experience overall from my sales guy Kandu to my financial rep Jessica! I test drove an suv, told Kandu I would have to think about it and he understood. He was so friendly! Of course I came back and purchased the suv and ended up financing through the dealership. They gave me a better interest rate then my own bank. Our financial rep Jessica was also hilarious! It was a great overall experience. The environment was so relaxed and there no pressure at all from the staff to buy a car I wasn't sure about.

I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to purchase a lexus vehicle!

Shawn C. | 2014-12-04

We're a repeat customer.  Ben Copeland has been great to work with and I can easily recommend him to anyone interested in working with the Internet Sales Dept. for buying or leasing a Lexus.  The build quality has been consistent and great.  The service department has been fair and having the free loaner makes getting the Lexus serviced a breeze!

Archana B. | 2014-11-23

We had a very pleasant experience at this lexus dealership. Good service and treatment from the minute we entered and left the dealership. We worked with Dennis (Gurel). He is a great salesman and a pleasure to work with! We left very happy and satisfied! No complaints!

Lorraine V. | 2014-11-20

Excellent Lexus Dealer with an Excellent Sales Rep Dennis Gurel. He was very helpful in every matter for me to make the right decision. I am very happy from the outcome and recommend this Lexus Dealer, especially Dennis Gurel.

Tom C. | 2014-11-05

Lexus-San Diego - Buyer Beware!

When we bought a new RX-350 from Lexus-San Diego on 11/8/07, we paid an additional $1,777.00 for an 84-month, 75,000 mile extended service warranty that was sold to us on the basis that it had a $0.00 deductible. Specifically, the summary document identifying costs and options that we signed that day stated: "84 months 75,000 miles from original service date UNITED AUTO CARE PLATINUM COVERAGE, $0.00 deductible.... $1,777.00". However, the actual extended warranty agreement we signed later that same day included a $50.00 deductible, something we didn't discover until we used that extended warranty for the first time in September 2014. In my opinion, although I'm not an attorney, anything to the contrary (i.e., $50.00 deductible instead of $0.00 deductible) that was slipped into the flurry of subsequent documents that we signed that day reflects a "bait-and-switch" approach to doing business. That is, we paid for one thing ($0.00 deductible) but were given something different ($50.00 deductible).

I recently raised this issue with Justin Kasper, Finance Director at Lexus-San Diego, but was given some off-the-wall explanation that the $0.00 deductible only applied if I brought the car to their dealership (or another Penske dealer) for repairs (whereas there's no mention of this in any of the documents we signed when we purchased this car back in 2007). Accordingly, according to Kasper, I had to pay the $50.00 deductible when I took the car to another non-Penske Lexus dealer for repair.

I wonder who else Lexus might have ripped off  in a similar manner?

John K. | 2014-10-29

I am all about redemption- and yes, Lexus of San Diego you know how to do business.  I had brought my car in for a recall and was frustrated with a huge line of people stacked up at 8 AM for service.  There were two lanes, but no one manning the lanes.  The line I was in sat and sat for quite a while while people rolled in after me getting service.  I was frustrated to say the least, but my frustration was not in vain.  They took me by the hand, had my rental car ready to go and kept me updated the entire time my car was being serviced.  Upon picking my car up, they were streamlined and it was quick and easy.  They know the importance of great service and are not afraid to go for it.  Kudos to you Lexus of San Diego-- someone in that management office knows how to do business!

Arlene A. | 2014-10-25

I can't believe what a great experience we had! Because the building is so grandiose , I have to admit that I was intimidated about going in, so we called ahead to make an appointment.
We came in the next morning and were greeted by Howard, who really listened to what I was looking for and found one for me to test drive. Howard spent the first 5 minutes educating me on the car and it's exceptional features. I learned a lot about the car, and I was very comfortable with it.
During my test drive, he received a call that another customer of his had come to meet him. When we returned, he introduced us to his partner, Karen, who compliments him extremely well.
We did our negotiations with Karen, who was incredibly attentive and made sure that we were getting what we wanted in the car and with the price. I was hesitant to use the term, "negotiations", because that has a seedy undertone. Our discussion about price and payment was quick and painless.
We purchased a CT hybrid F-Sport, and I cannot begin to explain the exhilaration I feel when I drive it. I can't believe that I'm also getting incredible mileage since it handles like a race car. The whole process was seamless, and every single person treated us like we were very important and special. I wish I could name all of them, but there are so many! I can't quite get over the experience. I'm not usually one to write reviews, but everyone's incredible service motivated me to do so.

Drew P. | 2014-10-12

Savoy took care of me. I love my car. Ive gone back to address a few issues and he was on top of it with no hesitation.  Im glad I had the chance to do business with him.

Cheryl N. | 2014-10-09

The staff are very courteous.  I haven't been here in probably 5 years since they remodeled and it looks so much better now!  The lounge area is quite nice and their hot coffee/chocolate machine is pretty darn awesome too!

So why the three stars?  Well, I usually get my car serviced in Escondido.  I've recently moved back home temporary to Mira Mesa and I work in La Jolla so this dealership was a lot closer to me.  Anyway, they charged me $130 for a simple oil change (not even synthetic!)!  In Escondido, it usually costs me less than $95 (plus they sometimes have coupons floating around)!  That is really outrageous!  I can't imagine how much their other maintenance services cost!

Wendy B. | 2014-10-08

I brought my Lexus in for servicing and a door locking issue.  I am always treated so well by all the employees and I really like Chris Smith, my service advisor.  I am always given a loaner car and my car is usually done the same day.  The mechanics always do an excellent job.  I am very happy with the service I receive.

Jennifer B. | 2014-10-07

Wow....just walked off the lot with my new Car today...I can't express enough my gratitude.. First time ever dealer experience by myself and I was beyond taken care of.  David the GM..was stellar and professional . HQ...the "money man" made it even better., loved him.. I'm SOLD and won't go anywhere else...I went in for service today..Mathew M. my service guy, amazing, connected me with the GM and I walked out a new owner of a great car.. Thank you Kearny Mesa team..I'm grateful and you all ROCK!

Keli K. | 2014-10-04

Our service consultant Chris Smith, was out for the week, so our advisor was Andrew Amenta.  He was helpful, efficient, knowledgable and friendly.  Chris and Andy are both fantastic representatives.  It's comforting to have such a competent staff taking care of our needs.  In addition to this office excellence, I'd like to point out the superb job on the car wash and detail.  Our car feels new again.  Cheers.

Karen G. | 2014-09-29

The best decision of my life!!!!
Everything worked out so perfectly!  I am still on cloud nine.
I smile every time I see my gorgeous new car.  HQ was NEVER pushy and worked very hard to make sure I was happy and got exactly what I wanted.  He made it happen and I will probably remember him for the rest of my life.  I don't think I have ever felt so grateful and proud.  My first car buying experience was not good at all, now I feel like that happened for a reason and I am so glad.  Love Lexus and all of your staff!

David B. | 2014-09-28

Great experience! Took me seriously as a buyer from Day 1. Didn't discriminate when I told them I just wanted to test drive and hear more about the car. I worked with the salesman Dennis. He was very professional and treated me with respect. Got a good deal and a great car. Will continue to go to this dealership in the future. A+ experience. I recommend Dennis 100%.

Patty H. | 2014-09-21

After a service disappointment, Kyle Schulz made everything right and ending up exceeding my expectations!  The service department is without a doubt one of my favorites when it comes to delivering quality care and follow through.  Thanks Lexus of San Diego - I'll be back soon.

Jeff S. | 2014-09-16

This review is specifically for the Service Department at Lexus San Diego.  I just picked up my car from having it's 20k mile service, and to be honest, Lexus of San Diego does not deserve 5 stars, they deserve 10 stars!  Hands down, the most fun I've had spending $400 in my life!  

From the drive-in/covered Service driveway where I was promptly greeted by a friendly Valet who escorted me in, to the OUTSTANDING service given to me by my long-standing Service Advisor, Brett Fredrickson, to the complimentary loaner vehicle, to the return of my vehicle in sparkling clean condition, I truly could not be more satisfied!  I never thought I would actually look forward to bringing my vehicle in for service, but I am counting the days till my odometer reads 25,000 miles :)  

By the way, I have been a customer at Lexus San Diego for many (approx. 15 or so) years now, since it was called Lexus Kearny Mesa.  I watched them remodel from a more modest facility into a beautiful, luxurious place, comparable to a First Class departure lounge at a major international airport!  If you are fortunate enough to own a Lexus, do yourself a favor and have it's next service performed at Lexus San'll become a lifer like me!

Michael C. | 2014-09-16

Absolutely fantastic.  Prior to my purchase, I had a 2012 Acura TL that was at the end of a lease.  My options were to buy the TL after the lease or go with a new vehicle.  I visited two dealerships prior to my purchase of the IS350 in Acura and Cadillac.  The other two dealerships essentially expected me to "fall into their lap" and buy and put minimal effort into obtaining my business.  It was a complete turnoff and essentially led me to buying out my lease of my Acura TL and being on with it.

On a whim, I dropped by this Lexus dealership.  I was fortunate enough to have gone through HQ.  He was unbelievable and actually made me feel special for being there.  He answered every question, gave me every detail, and managed to not be pushy in any way.  It was ONLY because of him that led me to the IS350 purchase.  This dealership is lucky to have a salesman of his quality because, as I previously mentioned, the last two dealerships were absolutely non-remarkable.

I would recommend this dealership to anyone, and to certainly request HQ. You will not find a better experience

Dinh D. | 2014-09-15

It was the best experience - that I ever had buying a car. Everything was so smooth -- even my wife would not believe it. No one had ever gone to a dealer and  bought a car less than 1 hour -- except ME. :)))

Kudos for professional friendly staff and honest  honest dealing --  that made it happened. My hat goes  out to the best team Bill + Jeanette + Eric. You guys was just awesome !!!!

Many thanks

Erin B. | 2014-09-14

I LOATHE car shopping.  I dread getting a new car because of the buying process.  But I've had my eye on the Lexus CTh for a long time, so I sucked it up and went in yesterday.  Drove out with my car today and couldn't be happier.  If you're even thinking about getting a Lexus, come here and talk to HQ.  He was fantastic to work with.  No pressure, super knowledgable and informative, patient with my 9000 ridiculous questions, and helped me get a better deal than I went in expecting.  

I did my research before coming in, so I knew what I wanted and what I was willing to pay for it.  I got all that and more, plus a great experience from a friendly, honest salesman.  I couldn't be happier.    Thanks HQ!!

Victor G. | 2014-09-13

Had 50K service performed  on my 2005 LS430. As usual the exceptional service provided by Matthew Milligan is a credit to your fine organization. He is the best! He is both courteous and  professional and shows a deep concern for the customer. Always look forward to a great treatment from Lexus San Diego.

Rizalyne E. | 2014-09-12

Deserves no stars!  1.) I took my car here when my headlights wouldn't turn off the 1st time and they made it seem like it was me 2.) I asked for a new service rep because he kept saying my name wrong and they setup one with a lady who pushed me back to the guy who continues to say my name wrong 3.) it happened again so then they had to fix the door hinge because it was faulty and would cause the headlights to remain on 4.) I left 2 messages on the same service rep who thought i was going to pick up my car the next day but i couldn't 5.)  He tried to charge me $250 to replace my headlight (probably due to the faulty door hinge which drained my battery and obviously my lights). Decided to take it back to the independent Lexus car shop that fixed it for $25 and it was free of labor charge because it only took 5 minutes to replace the bulb. SMH!!! Best decision I ever made was to stop coming to this "steal"ership so they can rip me off every time!

Muktida G. | 2014-09-06

Was unhappy with the way we were treated, just to get a key fixed.  We were asking Eric to explain why  the key needed to be replaced and he was very defensive and condescending.  We expect  better treatment at a Lexus Dealership.  Maybe we should have worn nicer clothes. How disappointing.

Blake M. | 2014-08-30

Best dealership you will come across! I was blown away on the care and customer service that they provided here. HQ, the sales rep I was with, provided some of the best service I have ever seen. Coming from a company in which customer service is key (Nordstrom), these guys here at Lexus have got it down. They truly understand the investment you are willing to make and want to make sure you are comfortable and happy with your decision. You almost feel as though you are family here. So many dealerships can make ya feel like you are there forever, but David (GM) and his team make time fly due to the fact your happy to be there and are treated so well. I look forward in continuing to stop by as I service my vehicle etc. There are many nice dealerships next to these guys whether that be BMW, Mercedes, etc. But I know for sure you won't get the same service you will at Lexus. Be sure to stop by and see what they have to offer. Go see HQ! You want someone funny, professional, and easy to talk too?? He's the best when it comes to service!! He was able to fit me into the perfect car.

Krisanne L. | 2014-08-29

Great experience at Lexus.  Howard worked super hard for us and helped us purchase what we wanted.  Although it took us almost a week to purchase, no one hassled us or pressured us into buying.  I recommend this location over other Lexus dealers in the area.  Thanks Howard!

Laura B. | 2014-08-28

Excellent in all respects.  From the young man who checked me in, to Brett (my service rep), to the loaner car employee, etc.  Everyone was pleasant and efficient.  I was in and out in no time!

Lee J. | 2014-08-27

Absolutely satisfied with my purchase here! Throughout the whole process I was treated as a member of the family. After a few weeks of searching, I had identified that SD Lexus had the best price in Southern California on the vehicle I was looking for. After connecting with the team here, they were able to get me out the door in my new GS 350 in less than an hour. Fantastic service with a personal touch. Thanks guys!

Thao H. | 2014-08-21

Great service. Awesome deal. We love the new car. Purchased my first Lexus here years ago. Purchased my other two Lexus at Lexus Escondido.. Their service department was horrible. Happy to be back at Lexus San Diego. Service department here is amazing! Thank you Lexus San Diego. Will be back for future purchases and service needs.

Stephanie B. | 2014-08-20

I am so appreciative of the work and service I recieve at San Diego Lexus.  Everyone is immensley helpful and curteous starting with the porter that receives my car, to the admin staff in the waiting room, and especially Matt Milligan, who always keeps me informed and up to date. Matt goes above and beyond to research my concerns, provide me with the status of the service, and ensures that the work done is accurate and necessary.  This past visit, Matt made sure that the problem with my engine was taken care of - I could not have asked for more. I could not be happier with the service I recieve at San Diego Lexus and will only go to this dealership in the future for both purchase and service!

Kristen R. | 2014-08-19

Wonderful and seamless per usual! HQ provides excellent customer service and is not only eloquent but very friendly and warm as well - he really listens to understand you! We will definitely be back, who knows...maybe in December?!

All the best and thank you again HQ!

Kristen & Dave

Fred F. | 2014-08-18

So far so good. Bought a new ES350. We were in a hurry. Howard did his best to accommodate me and my wife but I think we could have got a little better deal had we waited. Im going back and will keep ya posted!
So we've been back and Howard more than rectified the situation. We couldn't be happier 5 stars to The team.

Laura B. | 2014-08-18

I worked with John Norton to get my 2015 RX 350.  The experience couldn't have been any better.  John is professional, knowledgable and friendly.  He understood my personal finances and helped me navigate thru the best financing decisions.  The whole Lexus team is great!  I LOVE my new car.

J Carlos R. | 2014-08-17

Great customer service. Pain free. Joel and Alondra made the test drive and car buying experience a breeze. No pressure. Definitely recommend.

Jim N. | 2014-08-17

Bought my wife her New IS this Friday. The car is awesome!! John Norton worked me on our old IS trade in and got the highest trade in value on our previous 2012 Lexus we were trading in. This has been out 6th IS we leased from here. They always got us the lowest payments, best service. I always deal with John Norton. He takes care of us and has never let us down. The general manager Mr. Wolfson also helped us out in getting the particular car we were looking for. The service department has also been exceptional. They took care of a rattle on our old car. Gave us a loaner and fixed it no charge!

Sun J. | 2014-08-17

I love this place. They are a  so neat and nice place.Their lounge has  complementary food and drinks. They are  working good and kind.

Joel R. | 2014-08-17

Made my appointment online, brought the car in, and I was in and out in less than 30 minutes w/ a loaner. Christine was great, very professional and provided me w/ good info about my cars overall condition and what is needed to be done. Overall, no complains.

Ada D. | 2014-08-16

We went in today to buy a new Lexus. I had been working with Howard for about a week. He gave me an out the door price. However, when we came in, he wanted to charge $2,000 more than what he had offered. Howard said that it was a "MISTAKE." He said that he has been doing this for 10 years, so how can he make a $2,000 mistake when he calculated the fees and sales tax? It's more of a dishonesty. It was really shady how he gave a deal to lure you into the dealership but charge $2,000 more once you are face to face. It was a huge mistake to deal with him and what a big waste of time!!

Patrick M. | 2014-08-16

I went in yesterday to buy me Lexus is250 from Artie Phongpradith and he was awesome. He made the process super easy for me and my mother. He know the product super well and was not a pushy sells person! I would recommend asking for Artie if you are even thinking of going to Lexus! He is the greatest!

Susan U. | 2014-08-16

My experience was excellent from beginning to end.  I got appt and service when I requested it.  Justin made sure I had the size loaner car that I wanted and my car was ready when Andy said it would be.
No problems and no complaints!
Thank you,

Keith D. | 2014-08-16

Lexus San Diego made buying a car very easy and enjoyable. The whole process was stress free.

Emily A. | 2014-08-14

The other day, my boyfriend and I stopped in and looked at the ct hybrid. Once we walked in, we were greeted by Howard, who also knew my boyfriend from previous car purchases. Howard Sheehy, was what every car shopper is looking for in a salesman, easygoing, kind, smart and funny. He takes the stress out of looking and reminds you that he is there for you, without being pushy or any other thing you may fear in a car salesman. If you are looking for car at Lexus, Howard Sheehy is the best of the best!!

John N. | 2014-08-10

Buying cars:  We've bought two Lexus in the past 5 years and started with these guys for both but just weren't able to work out a deal that was fair to both sides and had to go north for both purchases.  They were nice and professional and I will try them with the next purchase, they just wouldn't budge on negotiations.

Service:  This is the one star.  They are the closest to our house by a long-shot and I won't use them unless I have to.  Their service technicians are very aggressive in pushing for service upgrades and they charge very high-prices for what they perform.   When you question the high prices on the packages and how simple activities like changing an air-filter can be so expensive they get nasty with statements like "I just work here."  You do get a loaner car with most service activities and that does have value but not the 2X they charge.  For maintenance I go to Toyota right up the street or Elite Lexus in Miramar.

BeverlyHills G. | 2014-08-08

I have nothing but wonderful things to say about my experience purchasing my new Lexus lease through this dealership!! They worked with my  less than perfect credit to get me an amazing approval and lease special. The staff was accommodating with my busy schedule and were so flexible with all of my needs from start to finish. I am so happy with my Lexus IS lease and will be a lifelong customer. Thank you David & Joel!!!

Christina D. | 2014-08-05

I've recently been forced to take my Lexus in for service.  I have an after market warranty and the salesman was excellent in assisting me by calling the warranty company for me and getting the maximum allowed deductions, saving me big headaches.  The process was smooth, efficient, and pretty painless.  I'm glad I chose Lexus of San Diego and will be back in the future.
               Brett Fredrickson was the gentleman who assisted me.  He was honest, professional, and patient.  A true expert in customer service!  The people at the Car Loaner Dept. were also very helpful and efficient in getting me in and out.  An overall pleasant experience! Thanks!

Jerry C. | 2014-07-27

Loved my car purchase!  Added tinted windows and I got a free rental for the day.

New loaners were IS250's but the guy at the counter saw me loading my sons car seat and he told me to hold on.  5 minutes later he rolls up in a new RX350 SUV. What great customer service.

Iris H. | 2014-07-26

Took my car to Lexus San Diego yesterday with a cracked windshield.  My sales rep, Pat Danyo, introduced me personally to the Service Director.  After a speedy check in, they told me they were going to see what they could do.  I was directed to a waiting car.  Received a call last evening that my car was ready to go and I could pick it up today .  I went to pick up the car and they assisted me in transferring my groceries to  my car as well as taking out the baby seat .  Another guy came out and apologized for the car not being washed, but explained that it has to stay dry until Monday.
I could not be happier with the service (and Pat Danyo, my sales guy).  This place is classy and provides stellar service.  If anyone has a bad experience I would guess it was their own attitude.!!!

BTW...this is my 5th car there!!!
Iris H

S S. | 2014-07-21

Went to look at cars, not sure what I wanted. Was helped by H.Q.  He was patient, very informative, really listened to what was important to me. when I decided what I wanted, he worked with me to get a really good deal and delivered all he promised on time. Great experience!!   Highly recommend H.Q.!

M M. | 2014-07-18

Brett Frederickson was my Service Advisor.  He provided excellent customer service.   Attentive.  Knowledgeable.   Professional, yet friendly.

Christopher P. | 2014-07-11

Ask for HQ, this guy is the best he will get you what you need.

I came here with my bro to get a car and HQ provided exactly what we needed at the price we want.

Done deal, now we have a new car.

Jenny H. | 2014-07-10

Took my car here for service after buying it elsewhere. They were prompt in greeting me and very friendly. My service advisor was very thorough and I felt confident in the recommendations made. I will definitely only bring my car to this location from here on out!

Ginny D. | 2014-07-08

This review is based solely regarding my sales experience with HQ, and not the dealership. HQ is awesome, very attentive, personable, and a great resource! He never pressured me into leasing the car that I wanted and knew exactly how to handle certain situations that we encountered along the way. I would definitely recommend him to all my friends and family! I'd ask for HQ the next time you're considering buying/leasing a car!

Kelly I. | 2014-07-04

My husband and I began looking at buying a new CT200h back in April.  We made a visit to Lexus of San Diego to look at the car in person and began working with Howard.  He was nice and low-key and, generally speaking, it was a positive experience.  However, the price offered wasn't as competitive as other dealers we had spoken to, so we decided to wait and shop around a bit.

A few Sundays ago we returned hoping to spend some more time looking at the car, get a test drive - and possibly buy.  When we got there we were greeted by David (I believe his last name was Tung or Truong).  We mentioned that we had been working with Howard and he stated that he was off on Sunday.  He wasn't nearly as relaxed and accommodating as Howard, and basically his only question to us was "so, are you buying a car today or what?" (which he kept badgering us with) and not much else to help us.

Anyhow, after spending some time with the car's navigation system we inquired about a test drive.  David's EXACT words were "well, why don't you wait until Howard is back on Tuesday, because since I'm not getting anything for this sale, I don't get much out of helping you and giving you a test drive." (!!!)

Needless to say, we left.  Later that day we drove to Lexus of Escondido and had a MUCH better experience with Mario there who gladly gave us a test drive.  Last Wednesday, we purchased the CT from Lexus of Escondido and, overall, had a good experience.  The good part is, we love the car! :)

Jared C. | 2014-07-02

I am updating this from a 3 star to 4 star because I just had my car serviced and my experience was very good. It was easy to get an appointment, didn't have any problems even though I was 20 minutes late, got my lender and was out the door in a jiffy. I am still using the key card (not fob) that I programmed myself and was told by the service department is impossible.

I forgot the name of the salesman, but he was great. He was entertaining and made me want to purchase the car more after my visit.

The service department is incompetent, give out false information, and try to blame you and make you feel stupid.

I just wanted a smart key card for my car.
1. They said they don't make it for my car. (they sell them on ebay and every other reputable parts dealer including sewell).
2. They said it can't be programmed even if I was to bring in the card myself. Also, they would charge me $79? or something around that to "try" to program it but it isn't going to work. Yes that was the exact wording. They will charge me to try to do it but it will not work. Why add that it would not work? It also takes 2 minutes and my previous Lexus dealer never charged to program keys unless they had to reset the ECU, but then I had the option to go forward with it or not. (Got the cables and software I need to program the smart card myself for less than what they would charge to do the 2 minute job.) So I would like to say thanks for not knowing how to do your job. You ended up saving me $30 or so and I get to keep all the equipment you use to do it. Now I can change the "dealers only" option without the "dealer".

Honestly, I rather go to the Toyota dealership for my maintenance than here. I hate being treated like an idiot when in fact the employees are the one without a clue as to what is going on. I somehow did something that they said was impossible. All I did was google a few minutes to find what I needed. I didn't do any training with Lexus, and I wasn't hired by Lexus to work on Lexus vehicles. How was I able to do something that a Lexus mechanic state was impossible?

Michelle A. | 2014-06-30

I have been coming here for years. I have gone to another dealer which can be more convenient for me to visit, but I prefer this location. I continue to receive prompt, high level customer service when I visit Lexus SD.  Thank you!

Brian M. | 2014-06-27

I highly recommend Lexus San Diego for purchasing Lexus autos and especially for Service. They greet you appropriately, assess what is needed and do not push for extra/unneeded service and repair. I am impressed with all staff and employees I have worked with for over 10 years and multiple Lexus's. The Service Manager, Justin Lane is top quality as is the G M, David Wolfson. I only wish Lexus made an in-between size vehicle of the IS and ES.

Carlee B. | 2014-06-25

This was one of the most positive experiences I've ever had in dealing with buying a car.  After my car being hit and totaled in an accident, I was forced to have to look for a new car.  Considering I had only recently bought my Mazda 3 less than 2 months ago, I was pretty set on replacing the exact car.

My fiance and I spent a lot of time looking at websites looking primarily for Mazda 3's,  when one day he mentioned a 2009 Nissan Altima Hybrid on a car sale website.  

Long story short, I contacted Lexus San Diego where Glenn immediately called and sent me an email offering his service and help.  We were able to test drive the car within 24 hours, and within 48 hours the car was mine!  

Lexus San Diego is a one price dealership which really takes the pressure off of wheeling and dealing.   It's pretty simple if you want the car pay the price they are offering.  If the price is too high then you have the option of looking at other cars on the lot or elsewhere.

Both Glenn and Matt we're very helpful, friendly, and most importantly efficient in making my transition to a new car as smooth as possible.

I highly recommend checking out or at least considering Lexus San Diego if you are in the market for a new car.  They made buying a car a completely stress free, positive experience.

Jed V. | 2014-06-23

I learned a lot from my experience being a first time buying or leasing a car on my own. There was a lot of negotiations that lasted about a week but I finally got a deal I deserved. Dennis was very friendly and made my experience not awkward at all.

Margarita D. | 2014-06-23

Hi, I was interested in getting the recall service.  The last time I tried to get it serviced for the recall we took the Lexus to San Diego Lexus.  It was not successful.

San Diego Lexus wanted me to rent a vehicle and agree to an $800 (approximately), 2-day check-up.  They would not do the work in one day.  I had an appointment and it was not honored.  

They stuck my vehicle in another parking lot.  Didn't even begin the work (oil change & recall) after 3 hours.  If my car succumbs to brake issues we will address this Lexus dealer.

Terrible service department.  This is the reason we won't purchase another Lexus.

My car purchases depend on the service.  What a zoo!  

Margaret Dahm
former Lexus owner

Alex K. | 2014-06-20

Phenomenal Service Department!!!! I had leased a ultra white 2014 RX 350 f-sport from an out of state dealer where I was living at the time. A few weeks before moving to SD I had noticed red spots on my paint, turns out it was rail dust and needed to be removed right away. The dealer I leased it from decided to pay and have it clay barred because it was like that before I leased it. I took the car in with a bad feeling that something would go wrong. I got my car back that night and all of my windows had what looked like dried water spots, so I figured no problem I'll get it home and get it cleaned. Well it wouldn't come off and I tried everything from high pressure water and soap to vinegar. I took it back to the dealer and it was there up until the night before I moved. They decided it was a defect in the glass and said when I get to SD they will get everything arranged for the warranty to pay for it.

I get to SD and didn't hear anything so I called and made an appointment and they were able to schedule it for the next day with a loaner car. I met with my service advisor Brett and the service manager Justin. I explained what had happened and they told me they were going to try a few different options and have their rep look at it and go from there. Well from what it turns out the other dealer didn't do a clay bar, they did an acid wash and it wasn't removed in time and it etched my windows, ruined my paint, and ruined some of the plastic areas as well.

Brett, Justin, and their area rep were very proactive about getting them to take responsibility and getting my car to look the way it should have been from the beginning. It was a long process but these guys fought tooth and nail to get my car repaired. They also provided me with a loaner car throughout the whole time and were more then willing to let me switch from an ES to an RX loaner car.

Lexus San Diego knows the true definition of excellent customer service and I will definitely be a returning customer. I would highly recommend anyone with a Lexus in the San Diego area to bring it here. Thank you again for everything!!

Terry L. | 2014-06-20

Just ask and you shall receive. Lexus service is second to none.  So far taking it in for basic things and there is never a hiccup. Getting a loaner car is always good and now they have the new IS to loan, so it's like driving my own car.

Volodymyr K. | 2014-06-19

I  know Brett Frederickson more then 10 years like service consultant. And all this time he take care about all my cars perfectly! I wish to  have same quality specialist for my other not Lexus car...

Desiree A. | 2014-06-17

I was nervous to go through the process of purchasing a new car.  Thank goodness HQ helped me along the process and was so amazing to work with, provided me all the information I needed, assisted me every step of the way to purchase my new Lexus.  On top of all this his personality was a delight to be around and work with.  SO happy and can tell he really loves what he does and loves helping people find the right car for them.  I would strongly recommend buying a car from HQ!!!!

Gail W. | 2014-06-16

We acquired a new leased 2014 Lexus 300H through Ben Copeland who is truly professional and epitomizes superb customer service for Lexus. This is the second leased car we have gotten through Ben and have been extremely pleased each time.
Alondra (not sure of last name) was extremely patient, helpful, and informative with us in reviewing all the features in the 2014 Lexus 300h. We truly appreciated her outstanding customer service, as well.

Robert J. | 2014-06-04

I bought a Lexus from HQ at Lexus San Diego.  This guys was the nicest, helpful, low pressure sales guy ever.  He completely went out of his way to get me the deal I wanted.  I went to other Lexus dealers and you got other sales guys calling me bro and saying they are going to give me the "hook up".  They weren't even close.  I simply told HQ what I wanted and he called me later that day and made the deal happen.  I know I sound crazy, but I get the feeling this is a sales guy that actually cares about the customer opposed to his commission check.  Call me crazy!  Besides HQ, this process of buying a car was the quickest and easiest I have ever had.

Flaviano B. | 2014-06-03

HQ was very friendly and knowledgeable on the vehicles. The whole San Diego Lexus team showed professionalism and care.

Murat E. | 2014-05-28

It was great to deal with. I got my 2014 Is250 from Dennis Gurel and he was one of the best sales person i have ever dealt with. Easy financing, no pressure on sale, great delivery..

Thanks for all your help Dennis!

Amy C. | 2014-05-24

My husband and I have been loyal to the Lexus brand having leased 5 RX's through Lexus San Diego since 2001.  After driving the same car for so many years, this time around, we thought we might try something new.  On our quest, we visited BMW, Audi, Mercedes, and others only to discover why change what works so wonderfully for us!  As always, the customer service that we received through Lexus San Diego was beyond measure.  Howard took exceptional care of us and made sure to happily accommodate all the details that would insure my husband's happiness!  He really followed through, and in the end, we realized that by way of his expertise and guidance, we felt that we received the very best in our new Lexus!   In every instance, we were made to feel special with all their thoughtful touches throughout.  Even in financing, Jeanette was as sweet and kind as she was efficient.  Working with this wonderful team really made us feel so fortunate and truly excited to own another Lexus!

Audrey Z. | 2014-05-20

DO NOT GO TO THIS DEALER!!! Especially Pre-Owned Dept. !!
They all lied to me including the manager named Matt.

I called on 05/17/2014, Sat. at 11:30am to confirm if the used Lexus 350ES is physically in the dealer.  One of the salesperson at the Pre-Owned Dept. told me "YES".  I told him to confirm one more time because I am driving from LA.  He said "Don't worry, just come".  At 1:30pm, when I got to this dealer, at the Pre-Owned Dept., they showed me except the model I was looking for.  I asked about the car and the salesperson told me it was sold 3 hrs. ago.  I told him I just called 2hrs. ago., and confirmed it was in the dealer.   I asked for the manager, his name was Matt.  I told him about the issue and he said it was sold 20 min. ago but, he could not look into my eyes.  I was very mad that I had to drive from LA to San Diego when the car wasn't there.
I drove back to LA & on Monday, 05/19/2014, one of the salesperon from San Diego delaer called me saying why I didn't come on Sat.  I asked him if he has the car and he said "YES", another lie !!
I told him I was there on Sat. and the car was NOT there,  and the manager told me it was SOLD,,,  I asked him if the the car is still at the dealer.  He said "NO" and then hurry & hung up.  

I guess 3 salesperson from the Pre-Owned Dept. lied and kept on changing words around.
I strongly recommend to confirm several time before you go there!!!
In fact, if all of them can lie this easily, then you should go with other dealer !!!

Jennifer W. | 2014-05-18

Savoy was lovely. He did not pressure us at any point. He did state some arguments about buying from Lexus vs Carmax, but it was done in a positive, respectful manner.  He was super fun and made us relaxed. This was a big step up for us from a Saturn, and we were nervous coming in. Everyone there was very mellow. The credit manager that we signed all the paperwork with was hilarious.  She's my sister from anotha for sure.  They have a good team.

Mimi M. | 2014-05-17

What a great experience we had here today! They are having a 72 hour sale!! Best car purchase experience we've had. John was patient, efficient, understanding and gave us a GREAT PRICE!
Thank you Lexus of San Diego!

Catherine R. | 2014-05-16

Lexus San Diego here at Kearny Mesa is the B.E.S.T!!! B for BRAVO Sulu to all the staff, especially to the team who helped me today to get a car for my pop's 60th bday...which were Mr.Howard from Sales, Ms. Forever Gorgeous-Looking Jeanett, to Mr.Eric who walked my dad thru the functions of the car and to the maintainers who cleaned the car=))) E for  EXCELLENT customer service. ..!!! S for SUPERB PROFESSIONALISM of Howard and Jeanett!!!, and Lastly, T for TRUSTWORTHY business! !! Thank you SO MUCH for being nice and giving me Great Discounts! !!That explains it..B.E.S.T

Raghda E. | 2014-05-12

My experience was nothing short of perfection! HQ took the time to listen to my needs and eally get me into a car that I not only loved but can also afford. He is truly an asset to Lexus. I will be referring all my friends and family to get their cars from him! Thank you!!

Carmella G. | 2014-05-12

David Wolfson and his team are very service oriented and that is why I will continue to buy and have my car servcied here.
For the last 14 years, my experience is that when I drive in for service, I am always greeted with a smile and everyone is helpful and responsive.
If you are buying, selling or need service for your Lexus, I highly recommend Lexus San Diego!

K F. | 2014-05-12

I have to say the HQ, my sales person, was absolutely wonderful.  I've had such poor experiences with car dealers in the past, but not this time.  HQ was kind, and especially considerate. I went with the Costco price so there was no haggling.  If you are allergic to the car buying process, go to HQ at San Diego Lexus.  It will be a much better experience!

Diana A. | 2014-05-11

Came here to get my car serviced due to a recall. Service was free and quick. They even gave me a nice loaner for the day. People are friendly and ready to serve. In and out no issues....hopefully I won't be back for another recall.

P.S. check in and get a $5 starbucks card!

Brad C. | 2014-05-10

We're sitting here basking in the glow of getting our new Lexus and I decided to leave my first review of a car dealer ever.

We dealt with 2 great salesmen, Dennis and HQ... They couldn't have been nicer, less pushy or more gracious in their service.

Never felt pressured and HQ really made us feel he was looking out for our best interests.  

Not all car dealerships are created equal, their quality is dependent upon their people and our experience was great.

We got a phenomenal deal on a brand new car and had fun, no hard core negotiations necessary, just some honest deal making.

I recommend this dealership and these two reps in particular.

Ken L. | 2014-04-30

very good! it would have been nice if your technical lead john had the patience to show me how the mistake happened inmy lexus.  this required a little extra effort to explain howthe knobs on my lexus work..
that was the missing ingredient....  this is an area of improvement for your service organization.

Dale L. | 2014-04-28

We had a very positive experience start to finish in purchasing a used vehicle. Nebil was very helpful and pleasant to work with. Unlike other dealerships we have been to, we did not feel bullied or taken advantage of. We appreciated Nebil's candor and professionalism. We would certainly recommend others to consider doing business with Lexus San Diego in the future.

Scott R. | 2014-04-23

Absolutely outstanding. This is now the second vehicle i've leased from Lexus San Diego. Both times with Artie and both times were a pleasure. I have leased and bought many cars but no other experiences have been as "painless" and pressured as my experiences with Artie. He genuinely cares about the customer and represents the Lexus brand well. Thank you again for a great experience and please let Artie know that he is a HUGE asset to your dealership.

E D. | 2014-04-22

Love this dealership I leased an IS250 from Artie and it was a great experience! Service department was very efficient for how busy it gets there and they always provide a loaner car, very helpful! Nice lounge with snacks and drinks also an HDTV for when your car is getting valeted, best Lexus in SD by far!

Sharon B. | 2014-04-22

I have had wonderful customer service at this location.  My Lexus is not new (a 1997 LS 400) which needed a new electric box and electric wiring.  The price was right and the loaner car they gave me (an RX 350) was amazing.  I brought the car back for a wheel alignment after purchasing new tires.  Sorry to say that I needed new struts, etc., but hey, it's an older car.  They gave me a discount on the work, which I really appreciated.  I also appreciated the IS 250 they gave me to drive.  During this second service, a tear somehow appeared in the front passenger seat.  I dropped the car off on Saturday for a free repair.  They gave me an ES350 to drive.  I am totally in love with this car!  Anyway, I am really happy with the way Jeremy and Christine, my two service representatives, have taken care of me.  From the moment I drove into the service bay, until the time I left, everyone treated me with "kid gloves."  Even Chrissie in the loaner department has become my new "best friend."  I have no reservations whatsoever about recommending Lexus San Diego to anyone who needs service on their Lexus vehicle.  When, and if, the time comes for me to purchase, you can bet Lexus San Diego will be the first place I go for my new car.

Jeanette G. | 2014-04-20

This is the first and the last store you need to visit when
buying a new or pre-owned Lexus. The pre-owned manager, Jim Buck made trading in my car painless. Craig Mormon the sales manager made me an unbelievable deal and my salesperson, Helen had my brand new car ready and waiting when I came out of Finance. And just when I thought it couldn't get any better I had my own personal "Genius" Erik waiting to go over all of the new technology my new IS250 comes equipped with. If you want to save your time energy and brain cells make this Lexus store your first and last stop!!!

Lori R. | 2014-04-14

Came in here on Sat. afternoon with my friend who was looking to get a Lexus IS250 F sport. Her and I were immediately greeted by HQ, who took her seriously from the beginning. As the old saying goes, most salespeople don't take two women seriously without a male "escort". This was certainly not the case here. She found the exact color she wanted with all the bells and whistles she desired. After the test drive, we met with HQ and talked numbers. As very budget minded individuals, there was a number immediately presented which I thought was the absolute best deal alive that we could think of and no only was it not balked at, it was accepted!  While I waited with her, he even filled up my car with gas! Wow, what an overall amazing experience and suffice to say we were out the door within 2 hours. No haggling, no pressure, just great people. Thanks HQ!

Joe S. | 2014-04-11

The service department was of no help at all!  Took my car in for an oil change somewhere else and was told that the rear shocks were so bad they are leaking hydraulic fluid.  So Call Lexus as my vehicle is still under warranty.  Get told that they charge $100.00 just for the inspection and all the inspection tells me is if the shocks have a manufacturers defect and that is why they went bad so early.  So the warranty covers nothing and you want me to pay for the inspection only to tell me that they are bad and not a defect and then pay for the shocks??!!!  No thank you.  Thanks but I'll take my car somewhere else.

Dennis J. | 2014-04-10

This dealership was the exact reason I dread the idea of stepping onto car dealership lots. From the beginning, it just felt like I was being looked at like a big dollar sign waiting to be pocketed.

The prices were a little on the high side for what I know of Lexus pricing, so I asked for a lower, much more reasonable rate. I was told that there was no negotiation and that they had set their prices lower so they had 'already done the negotiation for me'. The salesperson was unwilling to discuss this, so I left.

I ended up getting an even new version of the car I originally wanted from the Lexus dealership in Escondido. To top it off, I got it for just a little over that 'post-negotiation rate' that they wanted here.

I highly recommend avoiding this place and going to a dealership that negotiates price. You will most likely find a much better deal. I know I did.

Jazmine C. | 2014-04-09

Weasels... They're all weasels.

Lets be real, I do WANT to enjoy my experience here. I do. I like the fact that I get a new model Lexus to drive while my car is getting serviced, but that's really all I like.

I work in sales too, so I don't get it with these people. I'VE ALREADY BOUGHT THE PRODUCT. I'm even coming back and spending MORE $$$ on having services done with you, so why do I feel like I'm getting ripped off and ripped off again and again??

Service Adviser: Christine Hoffman
I want to like her, but seriously the lady needs to respond to her emails in a timely manner. The fact that I have to go around and call the service desk to check if she's even in and have them leave messages for me just isn't good customer service. And she always always wants to tell me all the "solutions or reasons" over the phone. Never in writing/email...? I don't know cars!

For example-- I purchased 3 tires and got the 4th one "complimentary" because the previous set of tires we purchased; from Lexus San Diego, almost 2 years ago were "out of round" and "wobbly." I still spent a nice $900 on parts and service. Then after 2 weeks of driving around, some kind of tar substance started seeping from them. (See pics) I emailed Christine pictures and my concerns and I hear nothing from her...?

If a customer emails me with concerns about their product, I'm ON it! Even if all it is, is to say, "I'm reviewing the information you provided." That's called GOOD customer service.

I ended up making my own appointment, get there, only to have Christine tell me "Oh, I was just about to call you." [I find that hard to believe every time.] And she also proceeded to tell me that the pictures look concerning and she's never seen that before."

I called her the next day to ask what the status is. (No, they never call me first.) And all their reasoning is, "It's extra sealing substance and some kind of lubricant that they use to put the tires on the rims and they will clean it off."  In short: They provided me with Wack service, poorly executed product, and wasted my time yet again.

Luxury brand does not equate quality service. --minus minus stars
I should have gone to Discount Tires in National City.

Over this place: Anyone want to buy my Lexus?

Robert H. | 2014-04-03

I am a new customer to Lexus of San Diego and a friend highly recommended I work with Brett. I had a few issues that were on the edge of being out of warranty and he was extremely fair with me and I would highly recommend others use this company and specifically Brett. I have owed Lexus products for over 15 years and they are just getting better and better. Without question, the finest car made today.

Jeremy C. | 2014-03-29

Easiest car buying process ever.  JOEL and BEN were great.  Did everything over the phone and email.  Great communication. Very flexible working with price.  Couldn't ask for more.  Came in to test drive and buy the car and it took less than 90 mins to finish everything. Great dealership overall.  Enjoyed free sodas and Starbucks.  Highly recommended. Make sure you ask for JOEL and you'll be happy for sure.

Victoria S. | 2014-03-23

We were treated very well - especially on a very busy Friday and Saturday!  Joel was our first contact because I had made an appt with him.  He helped me choose the  package/options that worked for me.
When we returned to purchase a vehicle - Alondra was very helpful showing me the various combinations of interior/exteriors.  Ben was an expert at demonstrating the tech products in the car.  And lastly the Finance Mgr was patient with us explaining what each figure meant on the contract.  We are very pleased with our new car and your dealership.

Lynnette L. | 2014-03-23

Five stars!  Everything was easy and the best car buying experience I've had. There was lots of staff available for your special event.

My only concern is that the finance person sold the side molding to me when the car already had the upgrade. She was quick to correct the paperwork once I returned to her with the information.

Alejandra A. | 2014-03-19

After having a very bad experience trying to buy my car in Carlsbad Lexus dealer (you can read my other review), we decided to go to San Diego Lexus dealership.
From the moment we got there, Bill Patris came to us in the parking lot, he greeted us and showed us the car that I was looking for,  we test drive the car and Bill was very informative and answered all our questions about the car,  he was very patient and explain to us all the details ( navigation sistem, radio, bluetooth, he even paired our phones to the car system ) We bought the car that day and when we were ready to leave the dealership, Bill  came to us to explain even in more detail all the features in the car.
I'm so happy with my new Lexus CT200h and we really looking forward to (since my husband is a big LEXUS-AUDI fan ) to buy more cars in San Diego Lexus dealership. It was a very easy and pleasant experience  the whole process here.
Bill thank you very much for your great customer service!
We really looking forward to keep our bussines with you guys!!!!

Kristina R. | 2014-03-13

Horrible horrible experience! We came here to get a used vehicle. They strung us along for 2 hours . Husband is a Wounded veteran & we had a vehicle grant from the VA hospital that ensured a grant of $18,500. They complained @ the government & said it would take too long to get their check and it was the end of their fiscal quarter and how inconvenient it WAS. Customer service & just general empathy was seriously lacking here! They Wouldn't take a look at our car to get us a trade in value b/c they didn't feel the VA was going to pay them in the time span they wanted. We walked out,  called a local friend for advice and drove up to Newport Beach Lexus and had an amazing experience. I will never go back to this dealership and wouldn't recommend it to anyone. No one truly likes the car buying experience,  especially when you feel like people are dishonest and just don't care about your happiness as a customer. GO SOMEWHERE ELSE!

Vlad Z. | 2014-03-12

Customer service, forget about it. The lack of customer service is outrageous at this place. Everyone smiles and all but god forbid they do anything to provide you with a good experience. Sales people will be sales people and they are fine. But the receptionist at this place are a joke.

Andrea B. | 2014-03-11

Buying cars is by far one of the things I do not look forward to, most places I have been have been typical of the sales staff. Constantly on you, very pushy and it's not a comfortable thing for me to do.

When coming to your dealership Savoy made us feel comfortable, he was not pushy very helpful and gave us all the information we needed (even welcomed our research). On the day we finally decided to purchase Savoy handled everything and Katie helped me understand all my options she was an extra bonus to my wonderful experience!

My only complaint was the car detail... I was bothered by the cigarette smoke and the pet hair in the vehicle, it was my understanding the car would be "bombed" and the car detailed. The outside of the car was beautiful but the inside was still the same! (that's the only reason for the 4 star wish we could give half stars I would have to say it was 4 1/2 stars for sure)

Christine N. | 2014-03-09

Let me start by saying I have purchased several new vehicles in my days, never (ever ) have I had such a fantastic experience. HQ is the man. Hands down BEST "sales" guy around. I put sales in quotes because he is so not a (typical) salesman. He is legit. I would HIGHLY recommend him and Lexus San Diego. The overall experience could not have been better.

Michelle M. | 2014-03-01

Excellent - John was well prepared to show me cars based on our phone conversation.  All aspects of the new car purchase transaction were clearly explained.  While this is my first car purchase from this dealership, I have been bringing my previous car here for nearly 14 years for service and have always received excellent service.

Josh A. | 2014-03-01

Wouldn't take my Lexus to any other dealership. They do an amazing job and the staff are so helpful. Ask for Christine Hoffman when you want to make an appointment for your car. There isn't anyone better. One of the main reasons I continue to drive the extra distance for service. She takes care of everything and answers any questions you may have. She is very knowledgeable and makes you feel like you a VIP every time you get your car serviced.  After she takes good care of you she will lead you into their amazing waiting area where you can use the coffee bar, grab a drink or have a snack while you watch TV. Leslie Bunting works the Service Concierge and she always greets you with a smile and hello. She makes sure they get your car back to you as soon as possible and answers any question you ever have. It doesn't matter how busy they are, you feel like you are the only customer in the room when she is helping you. Because of the service I receive and employee's like this, I will continue to have my car serviced their as well as recommend Lexus San Diego to everyone I know.

Alice Z. | 2014-02-27

Great. Everything went as planned. Your service people are quick and friendly but have to say very robotic and insincere. I felt like another number. Guess that's okay, it's just an auto service.

Al A. | 2014-02-25

I've never purchased or leased a car here but I've brought tons of business here.

For good reason, the quality of warranty or maintenance repairs, parts selection, customer service and attention to detail have always brought me back. Signs of a good business, reflecting the panache, quality and high standards of their cars. The interior of the dealership feels like the lobby of a 4 star hotel.

Our service advisors have always been sweethearts and were willing to please. My old Lexus, was washed and cleaned before I would return to pick it up. Or if I decided to wait, there's HDTV, free soft drinks, coffee and snacks in their cozy wait room. Free Wi-Fi is also offered, so bring your laptops/tablets. I've since sold that older Lexus but I've recently returned to the brand and purchased a used low miles 2013 model with lots of warranty left.

Looks like I'll be coming back!

And since Lexus autos are a lot more reliable than their European counterparts, hopefully not as often! :)

Knight S. | 2014-02-24

Went on a test drive here, these guys did a good job, great job showing the car, and helping me find what I wanted

Joseph D. | 2014-02-19

The lobby/waiting area is very comfortable here! There's free coffee, tea, and light snacks. I also noticed dog treats on the counter, indicating that they are dog friendly. I appreciated that the service team honored our yelp discount we retrieved because we weren't aware that it only counts for service and not parts. So far the experience has been good!

Thuy C. | 2014-02-19

I was really disappointed in my visit to this place. Over the phone they sounded very nice and friendly and offered a free rental for the day but once I came here no one here has been friendly at all besides the cashier! The girl/receptionist at the front of service didn't even greet me when I was standing right in front of her! Also when I called, one of the guy at retail parts told me where was a chance that the key that I bought on eBay might not work which I was aware and when I came in the two guys at retail part was so negative and unfriendly about the key I bought which is understandable but when I asked for them to just try, which they did they were just so unfriendly when I thanked them for trying. I am new to the Lexus family and have heard great things about their customer service but truly has not experienced it in this trip. I hope that going forward I'll have a better experience when I bring my car in for service. I'll definitely give them a second try because I always do but I am really hoping that they will do it right going forward!

Angry P. | 2014-02-18

Whenever I visit Lexus of San Diego, everyone is very professional bubbly and happy. This is a very rare occurrence from a dealership.

Joanne H. | 2014-02-14

I still possess a bit of luxury car owner's guilt almost 2 years after purchasing my dream hybrid, the Lexus CT200.  it has great performance and over 40mpg (even better when I take it up the freeway to LA) and an absolute pleasure to look at (Matador Red!) and to drive.  When I go online or call for service, everyone is super-accommodating and helpful in every way.  I am able to get a loaner car in just a few minutes, and the coffee in their lounge actually is strong and tasty!  On my trip for service this week, I was stuck at the office and could not pick up my car before closing time.  Not to worry - they welcomed me the next morning, where my tuned-up and clean car was ready for me, and I easily returned the loaner in 30 seconds or less, to a smiling attendant.  I even enjoyed the coffee again that day!  I highly recommend both the sales and service departments at Lexus San Diego!

L. S. | 2014-02-14

After several disappointing experiences in the service department at Lexus Carlsbad, where I purchased my Lexus RX, I decided to try Lexus San Diego.  

There I was very lucky to meet a wonderful service consultant named CHRISTINE HOFFMAN. I'm a female who knows nothing about cars, and it was a refreshing experience to meet with a professional who takes the time to explain what will be done, listens to any concerns I may have, and then takes care of any problems.  Wow, she's amazing!  I feel like a VIP every time I'm there. I really appreciate the courtesy and respect she shows her clients.

For the first time, I honestly feel I've met someone at a car dealer service department that I feel can trust.  Christine is knowledgeable, sincere, and I feel truly interested in what's best for my car.  Her excellent customer service makes her a huge asset to Lexus.  The experience is so amazing that even though I live in north county San Diego, I drive down to Lexus San Diego for the peace of mind of knowing that my car will get the best service possible.

Mike G. | 2014-02-12

I had been searching for a IS 250 for my girlfriend and finally decided to come to Lexus of San Diego and glad I did. We were looking for a specific exterior and interior color  scheme for her car. Alona was very helpful, taking us to there other lot looking for what we wanted and unfortunately they didn't have one on there lot or anywhere in San Diego. So Ben jumped on the computer and found one for us and the next day we were driving off the lot with the car we wanted. Very helpful and friendly staff (Alona,Ben and Joel) at Lexus of San Diego. Kate in finance department was friendly and very informative as well.  I really recommend shopping for your next Lexus there. Only gave 4 stars because i have not expierenced the service department yet and if all goes as well as buying the car then 5 stars it is.

John C. | 2014-02-11

Quick, friendly service..  I'm on my 2nd car from this dealer..  They're grrrrrreat!

Candace N. | 2014-02-08

Wow where do I begin?! Let me start by saying after reading some bad reviews I was a bit hesitant to visit Lexus San Diego. My mother was looking for a new car and she decided to give this dealer a try. She met with HQ and left with a car the same day. Now fast forward a few months later and here I am with a brand new RX from HQ! I cannot begin to explain how genuine this man is! I always see past the ridiculous car salesman attitude people give and I got zero of that with HQ. He did everything that was in my best interest just as my mom said he would. He is a blessing to have in San Diego I'm very proud to say I got my car from him! Go see him you will not be disappointed!

Katie in finance was absolutely amazing also she made the finance part of things so easy I was in and out! I came in about a month later to see Eric and ask a few questions about certain buttons and features and he spent a great deal of time with me explaining everything.

Amazing service you will not be disappointed with HQ! Enjoy your new Lexus ladies and gentlemen!!

Heather M. | 2014-02-04

I am one of those that like to feel like I'm getting a good deal on a car with a little bit of negotiation. If you are like this as well do not go here for your car. They won't budge on price, at all. They even pull out the classic "car guy" moves and bring out a cost sheet that shows me what they paid and that they are only making $200...yea right! We asked if they would upgrade the navigation-no way was the answer. A guy named Matt stepped in and became borderline aggressive in letting us know that we were out of line for even asking to negotiate. When test driving the car we were told that we would be given a survey asking about the service level and if we could give him a good review. What? When I questioned him about asking for us to give him a good review he said "they will not sell you the car if they think we will receive a bad review" and that his bonus is tied to the survey. Long story short we bought the car b/c it was what we were looking for and seemed to be a comparable price for others out there. Will I ever buy from them again-no way. Will I refer anyone-nope and you can guess how the survey will go. Only positive is we got Starbucks cards for checking in and the Finance Manager was great.

Ravi M. | 2014-02-03

Excellent, Helen was amazing to buy a car from, she goes the extra mile.  I will Highly Recommend her to my friends.

Jackie M. | 2014-02-03

We are always impressed with the level of service provided. We have been customers for years and have two cars we service here. We wouldn't take them anywhere else! Most importantly love the loaners!!

Danny G. | 2014-02-01

We bought a used lexis from these guys.  The process took 4 hours!  The car is great but it did need some touch up.  The process should have taken an hour.  We were given a loaner car to get lunch but we would have preferred their staff being more diligent about helping us get out of there more quickly.  Our time is valuable.  The finance department was great, a silver lining.

Herb C. | 2014-02-01

First, Craig Morman was really helpful getting this deal completed so quickly.  Bill Kwait delivered the car and spent a considerable amount of time getting me familiar with the car.  Overall, the service I received this time continues to match the superior service I have received in the past.  Thank you all.

Sherry E. | 2014-01-27

We've owned many makes: Ford, Buick, Honda, Hyundai, Mercedes, BMW, Toyota, and Lexus.  Lexus is the best as far as safety.  Lexus San Diego is the best as far as dealerships because of 2 people we have worked with for our last few vehicles.  Please see Patrick Danyo - our great sales friend and work with Lisa Costello, our fantastic financial friend.  They epitomize what customer service is all about - customer is first, right, and number one priority.  Pat Danyo's followup is fantastic.  He will work with you as best he can to get you into the car/suv you want.  If you're thinking of your next car - lease or purchase - he's not there to just put you in a car, but to educate and suggest what would potentially be the best for your needs.

R M. | 2014-01-23

Can't comment on the buying experience as I did not buy my car here.  But I have taken my car here for service a handful of times.  The service advisers and staff are excellent.  They are all professional and treat you like a VIP.  The customer lounge is stocked with complimentary sodas (Coke, Diet Coke) and bottled water.  They also have a few small snacks and a big machine that will give you coffee and hot chocolate.  They could use a more chairs but you're not usually waiting in there long anyway

Everyone gets a free loaner while your car is serviced.  In the past, I've gotten two CT200h hybrid cars (Super slow but well equipped: satellite radio, navigation, USB inputs) and a boring ol' Toyota Camry.  I suspect if you bring in a more expensive Lexus you get a better loaner as I've seen RX350s and an IS250 as loaners before.

Don't forget to check in via Yelp to get a $5 Starbucks card from the cashier!

Also, I'm not sure if this is always the case, but the last few times I got service done for recalls/warranty related work, they filled up my gas tank.  So bring your car in near empty to take advantage!

Chris J. | 2014-01-21

I had a fantastic experience at Lexus of San Diego.

I pre shopped the vehicle I was looking for (GS 350) and brought a competitive quote to San Diego Lexus. John Norton (Fleet Sales) manager delivered a better car at a great lease rate. He met me twice on time, with  low pressure and found the vehicle I was looking for quickly.  This was a lease purchase and the leasing manager was easy to work with, low stress and very knowledgeable.  If you come prepared San Diego Lexus is ready for your business.

Lance R. | 2014-01-16

We recently purchased a pre-owned RX 350 from Lexus San Diego and we had a superb buying experience. Our sales consultant was Nebil Sado and he could not have been more professional and courteous. Likewise, Katie Swank in Finance was equally professional and courteous. My wife made a point to say it was the most hassle-free and pleasant car buying experience she can remember, and I would strongly second that statement. On top of that, the price was significantly lower as compared to vehicles at other dealerships of the same year, same equipment and mileage.

Konstantin S. | 2014-01-11

We just experienced most weird and ridiculous attempt to lease a car. Went into dealership and asked for the quote to lease RX model. Sales guy asked us to wait and went to his manager. Came back 5 minutes later and asked if we ready to buy a car. I said possibly, but most likely tomorrow if we can come to agreement. He said, since we are not ready to buy a car today, he cannot give out any numbers or quote. This is really strange, how can I consider a car if I don't know the price. We asked him to consult his manager again and got same response, only this time it came with business card and phone number basically saying to give them a call when we ready. Absolutely terrible and unacceptable attitude

Rich M. | 2014-01-08

I wanted to wait a few months before i wrote a review, just to make sure i was still satisfied with the way Lexus SD handled their customers.

I've purchased 2 cars before my purchase at Lexus SD, but I had, by far, the best experience when it came to purchasing a car with this dealership. I went in a couple times throughout the month, and finally decided to pull the trigger on a IS 250 F on the last day of the month.

Definitely glad i got to work with HQ (Hazem). I never felt pressured, and he always got back to me whenever I had a question whether it was through a text or a phone call. He always had a smile on his face, and seemed to enjoy what he does. Thanks for making my car buying experience a good one.

Jill S. | 2014-01-03

Dropped my car off at their service department and was very well taken care of!  They had my car for a few days, and the whole experience was great.  They also have a really nice waiting room if the service you need doesn't take long!

Lawrence K. | 2013-12-31

Another amazing experience at Lexus of San Diego. They are friendly, honest and will go out of there way to earn your business. I recently made the mistake of purchasing a non-Lexus vehicle and after a few weeks of driving it, I realized that the quality and amenities were not comparable to what you get in a Lexus. I almost missed the friendly faces that I have worked with at Lexus of San Diego for so long. Starting at the top, you're not going to find a better GM than David Wolfson, he goes out of his way to provide you with a pleasurable car buying experience. Artie is a great salesperson, my family has purchased several cars from him before and he is helpful, patient and never pressures you. Brett is the best service adviser, we've been using him for years and he is great to work with.

Breda V. | 2013-12-22

We have been customers for almost 10 years. Service is always outstanding. Brett is our contact person in service department who goes above and beyond. He is available for questions and keeps in touch with updates on the service. There were times when he would advise about things that were under warranty and there was no charge.

Jeanette P. | 2013-12-18

My family has purchased 2 Lexus's from this location and they are very happy and pleased with their purchases. Everyone is so nice here and is always eager to help you. Sometimes, you might have to flag someone down if you're inquiring about a car in the lot outside. Always had great customer service here especially with the employees at the service bay and the advisers. Although I didn't purchase my Lexus from this particular dealer, Lexus San Diego is my go to location for all my services, recalls, parts, quotes, etc.

I'm pretty anal about my car and I make sure to tell them not to wash my car, just vacuum when I drop it off for service (my personal preference). When I get my car back, the interior is clean and there's no dents or scratches on the exterior. They always meet my expectations and never disappoint.

They also have complimentary drinks (soda, hot chocolate, coffee) and cookies for you while you're waiting. They even have pet treats for your furry babies! The chairs in the waiting area are comfy too! Check in for free goodies and go on their Facebook page for a free detail giveaway every month. I won last time and Lexus did an amazing job detailing it. I was worried that they would run my car through the wash machine but they ensured me that everything was done by hand. Pretty amazing! :)

Steve T. | 2013-12-14

We stopped in here today because we recently purchased a pre-owned Lexus ES350 2011 from an independent dealership in the Bay Area (Palace Auto Center of Pleasanton) and we needed help getting Wendy's Blackberry phone mated via Bluetooth to the car.

It was just hitting 2:00pm when Service closes on a Saturday.  We pulled up and most everyone was gone.  But out came Erik and he asked if he could help us.

When I told him what we wanted, he smiled and said "sure, I can help you!"  We warned him that our car didn't have Navigation and thus no screen.  He said "that's okay, I just learned how to do it last week, by voice".

In just a few minutes we were in business!

After that we enjoyed some free burgers and hotdogs and perused the lot, checking out the new models.  Nice!

Thanks Erik!

Oh also thanks so much to Nicole for welcoming us to the 72-hour Sales Event.  Kirsten, too.  And Tanya!  Thanks so much everyone it was fun!

Mario S. | 2013-12-10

Best service I have ever dealt with, it'd hard to leave lexus because of Christine and the entire lexus crew

Ofelia E. | 2013-12-09

We've been with Brett Fredrickson since 2001 and our is300 still rides like the first day we took it off the lot. We purchased a used 2005 gs300 last year and wouldn't have anyone but Brett service us. Exceptional customer service and makes you feel like family.  Definitely an asset to Lexus San Diego.

Sveta in loaner services makes multitasking seem like a breeze.  Professional on the phone and in person. Others on her team can learn a lot from her.

Steve T. | 2013-12-02

We  had a problem with a floor mat  from our IS 250 tearing apart and John in parts was able to find us a replacement. These mats were 1-2 months old so we were really hoping Lexus would stand behind them and they did. John was a pleasure to speak with and he really made our day. Give that man a raise!!

Sheryl H. | 2013-12-01

Very informative and thorough with excellent customer  service and no pressure on upgrades and misc.

Stacey S. | 2013-11-27

I recently leased a 2014 Lexus GS350 and worked with HQ. HQ has been by far the best salesman that I have ever worked with. He didn't make me feel uncomfortable and he was not pushy like other salesman that I have tried to work with in the past. I was in an accident the day after I leased the vehicle and was given a loaner vehicle for two days and HQ once again assisted me.

E m. | 2013-11-23

I really hate this dealership. I have had bad service and continue to get bad service. I received a recall notice on the Lexus hybrid, the notice said to call & make an appointment. I called & the idiot receptionist woman on the phone gave me a date that turned out to be Thanksgiving day. I did not realize that until the following week that she had booked me on Thanksgiving day. She had even assured me that they would have a rental car waiting for me! I called back and left a message for the woman in charge of customer service. I have not to this day received a courtesy call back to rectify the situation. I am calling about a "safety recall notice (Remedy)". If this car is so unsafe why no return phone calls? No one noticed that some employee booked a service date for Thanksgiving? So I called again today, was transferred and someone picked up the phone sounded far away and when I said hello there was no answer. So I called back and said that I wanted to speak to a real person, a manager. The woman Tanya who answered the phone told me that as it was a Saturday there is no manager there. She said that she would transfer me. I waited heard a beep (no message before the beep) so I left my message. So was it recorded? Are they going to call me back? Do I have to drive down there to speak to a real person & set up a date to get the car fixed for the recall? The first time that I called I was told by Tanya that they only have two parts per day for the recall so she had booked me for a date 3 weeks in the future. So now how long do I have to wait?

Joe C. | 2013-11-22

Went with my girlfriend to pick up her car. From the moment we drove up to drop off the loaner car, to the moment we drove away with her car, we were treated and greeted by happy staff! The waiting area had complimentary coffee (The good kind from a nice machine with plenty of different selections, not crappy pots), water bottles, and soda. There were nice couches, very comfortable, and a couple televisions. All the Lexus staff were smiling, and it was a welcoming place to be.
BONUS: If you check in on Yelp, they give you a $5 Starbucks Card! How cool is that?!?! Thanks to Marisoll (I know I'm messing up her name, but she knows who I mean!) for hooking up the Starbucks card!

Justin O. | 2013-11-21

Came here for a recall on my is350 and I am able to say that I am very pleased with the service done to my car. It took 4 days before I was able to get my car back and at first I was given a loaded Ford Edge because they ran out of lexus loaner vehicles so I took it. I called Andy the next day to let him know the ford edge was terrible to drive let alone the poor gas mileage. He was very helpful and said I could exchange the ford edge for a lexus loaner and I did. I received an es350 which was awesome! When I received my car back everything checked out great and it ran just as smooth and powerful as ever. Overall great experience and Andy provided a really great service to me. The staff that deals with all the loaners as well are very friendly and attentive.

Erin A. | 2013-11-18

Lexus San Diego provided me with my first Lexus. They were extremely efficient, courteous, and helpful. I highly recommend this location to anyone that wants professionalism and dedicated team members.

Leighton S. | 2013-11-16

i am compelled to share my awesome, positive experience my son and I had with HQ of San Diego  Lexus.  HQ is definitely  a tremendous asset to the Lexus family and he changes the whole concept of a 'car salesman'.  He is a true professional.  Artie was our first  positive encounter the moment we entered the parking lot back in June, 2013, and our experience has continued to be amazing.

I wish to emphasize HQ's  gentle, kind, and respectful nature in dealing with us.  He goes above and beyond to ensure that his customer is well taken care of. i will definitely recommend them to anyone.

Artie and HQ are the best, thanks!

Alex E. | 2013-11-14

Matthew Milligan, in the service department, continues to impress me with the quality and speed of service. San Diego if you go to Lexus to service your car make sure you ask for Matt as your service rep! Solid job MATT!

Richardson B. | 2013-11-14

Do NOT buy a car from their used section.  Bought a VW GTI from them and have been realizing many problems since.  I was able to bring up a couple of the issues to the dealership very early on and they made NO attempt to fix them.  I was handed a number to a mechanic that would "do me a favor" because I knew the salesman.  They have no problem putting a ribbon on a turd and selling it to you.  I am usually a lot more careful with buying cars, and I didn't really get the feeling these guys would be so shady.  After the purchase, we started noticing things you wouldn't notice on a lot.  I took it to VW and they spelled out what kind of condition the car was really in.  When I took it back to the car lot, they feigned ignorance.  I'm stuck with it now too.  Can't even sell it because it's a POS.  I just wouldn't buy from them.  OH, and I would assume that if their used lot is like this, their new lot can't be much different.  Do NOT buy from these guys.  I'm serious.  You'll regret it.

Diane C. | 2013-11-13

What a delightful dealership!

Forrest W. | 2013-11-11

bought my first new car and what a great experience
staff was great highly recommend san diego lexus i
will never buy anywhere else

Danielle V. | 2013-11-09

My husband and I just leased a 2013 Ct200h from HQ and this was the best experience we could have imagined. He was very personable and gave us his honest opinions, and not once did we feel like we were getting the typical car saleman's pressure. We would definitely recommend to any of our friends and family who are interested in buying or leasing a car to go and speak with HQ.

Karen G. | 2013-11-06

Great buying experience.  John Norton helped us pick the right car and get us the best price.  The customer service is 5 star during the whole buying process.  More importantly, they follow up after the purchase to make sure that you are satisfied and have no questions.  Would highly recommend San Diego Lexus.  Ask for Sales Person John Norton and I am sure you will be satisfied with your buying experience!

Brad C. | 2013-11-04

I'm currently 20 months in on my lease on a car from San Diego Lexus.  I recently became extremely disturbed to find out how much the sales person and finance department fooled me into a really bad lease deal. To rectify the situation (or at least get answers to my questions), I got on the phone with Lexus/Toyota Financial and Lexus corporate to explain the situation and they sent my information along with a recap of my questions to Lexus San Diego's finance department with the instructions to get directly in contact with me.  I was supposed to be contacted within two days.  After not hearing anything for a week, I called the dealership directly and left a message with the finance department.  It has now been over two weeks and I haven't gotten a return call.  

As it stands now, I have a lease with terms that I did not originally agree to and questions about that lease and my options which the dealership won't contact me to answer. I don't believe the sales and finance departments at this dealership are ethical and at this point, I wouldn't recommend them to my friends or family members looking to purchase a new vehicle.

Jen W. | 2013-11-04

We just leased a new RX 350 from Lexus San Diego and the experience couldn't have been better. I didn't even step foot in the dealership! My husband works near the dealership and had been shopping around for me as I badly needed to upgrade from my 2008 IS 250 with 2 young kids that I'm toting around all the time. It was tough for me to get into the dealership with my son's school schedule and my baby's naptimes, so HQ, our awesome sales consultant, offered to bring the car to our house for me to test drive. HQ was SO friendly and personable, and even let me drive the car to my son's bus stop after school so he could get a look at it too. We decided then and there to lease the car, but didn't have time to do all of the paperwork that night as we had prior commitments. He just had my husband bring our old car in to get the trade-in value that afternoon and settle on a lease payment, then he delivered the car to us at home the next morning and had us sign the necessary paperwork. It was a piece of cake for me! I would highly recommend talking to HQ if you are a busy mom (or dad) in need of a new vehicle!

Eddie S. | 2013-10-29

Lexus San Diego is the BEST Lexus dealership I have ever dealt with. I purchased my vehicle from Lexus of Naperville in Illinois, serviced it at McGrath Lexus in both Westmont and Chicago. When I was transferred to San Diego for work, I had my 07 Lexus IS 250 serviced at both Lexus San Diego and Lexus El Cajon. Without a doubt, Lexus San Diego has provided me with the best customer satisfaction of any of the dealerships.

Matthew Milligan, my service advisor, always ensured that I was informed about the status of my vehicle and went above and beyond to make sure I was happy. After I sold my 07 IS to another individual, she called Matt to verify the service history and he was more than happy to oblige.

Last week, I purchased a 2014 Lexus IS 250 F Sport from Victor Ibarra. The process was relatively painless (except to my wallet) and Victor was a incredible to work with. He was very patient as I worked with him over the past several months deciding what vehicle to purchase, showing me both new and used Lexus IS and GS vehicles. He was very thorough and made me feel confident not only in my purchase, but making sure I got a great deal.

General manager Craig and finance manager Katie were incredibly helpful and made me feel very welcome. It was the best car buying experience I have ever had. Everyone at this dealer is proud to be a member of the Lexus SD team and confident in the brand they represent. I will without a doubt be back to purchase a vehicle from Victor and continue to have it serviced with Matt at Lexus SD.

Boo M. | 2013-10-27

I used to live in the OC and take my lexus to Newport Lexus for service.  Lexus San Diego, is ok... it's not great.  In fact the last few times I was there, the best part of my visit was checking in on yelp and getting a $5 sbx gift card!

I am not sure they are really familiar with what customer service is and for the prices we pay to have our cars worked on... well...

Root C. | 2013-10-22

Upon posting the original Yelp review and posting it on their Facebook wall I received a personal phone call from Chris, a different manager at the Lexus San Diego dealership.

They have resolved this situation 100% to my satisfaction.  The manager arranged to have the car picked up for service maintenance and have the second key made.  Most importantly he acknowledged the situation, apologized and took responsibility for what occurred.  He made life easier for me by having someone come to my office to do the pick up my car, dropped off a nice car rental.  Next day, the car was ready, and they sent someone to my home to drop off my car that was fully detailed, serviced, plus the 2nd key.    I received followup phone calls all through the process. This is the service I was originally expecting.

While I was not happy how this situation was originally handled by the other team members, and had to be escalated for no good reason, I do appreciate the effort to be responsible and fix the situation.  Also, they did not ask me to take down or update my post in exchange for treating me right, this was my decision.

Good job for turning bad into good again!  There's hope for Lexus San Diego afterall.
If you run into similar problems, try giving Chris a call.  Hope this helps you.

J. K. | 2013-10-20

Note:  This review is for their sales department only.  Their service department has actually been pretty awesome thus far (I'll write a review on that later).

I recently went in during their tent sale and was introduced to a sales rep named Chuck.  I explained to him what I was looking for.  I am a previous IS 250 owner (mine was totaled) and was looking for the same or similar.  He seemed ok and took a test drive of the convertible, which was pleasant enough but wasn't entirely sold.  Then I wanted to drive a regular IS 250 and he no kidding looked at me and said, "Well, it drives just like your other one did.  If we test drive it are you going to buy it?" and then continued to guilt trip me by saying their sales manager said that they should limit the number of test drives they do, etc, which sounds like a load of BS to me, and frankly if the manager did direct that, shame on him/her.  This was all after he said they were very slow on Fridays, which was evident by the number of sales reps standing around waiting for people, so what else was he really going to?  I guess he wasn't very interested in selling me a car.  Oh, and Lexus is offering 1.9% financing on all CPO right now.  Guess what he offered me?  "3.5% is our best deal right now," even though I have near perfect credit and a lot to put down.  According to other reputable sources in the car business, that's how that group of dealerships (owned by Penske) does business.  If they at all feel you're on the fence, they don't want to help you onto their side of the fence and would rather treat you like a number than person.  Believe me, there's a 99% chance I'm buying another Lexus.  It just won't be from Lexus San Diego.

Bottom line:  Spend the extra 20 minutes and drive up to Lexus Carlsbad or Escondido (or if you happen to be farther north, Lexus Thousand Oaks where I bought my first car).  I never felt pressured at all, the dealerships are much nicer, and they will let you test drive to your heart's content even if they feel you won't buy it.  Because let's face it, these cars don't need high pressure sales techniques.  They're amazing cars and could sell themselves.

Steve B. | 2013-10-17

Always 5 star service!

Kim P. | 2013-10-10

My experience at Lexus San Diego was top notch.  I was greeted by Artie as soon as I walked in the door.  I felt welcomed and comfortable.  I felt like both Artie and David had my best interests at heart and wanted to make sure I was happy with the car and the experience of buying the car.  Artie was extremely knowledgable about the brand of models.  I never felt pressured to make a decision or to make it quickly.  Everyone at the dealership was very nice and I felt as though they were truly happy for me and my purchase.

Melissa M. | 2013-10-10

We had a great buying experience with our salesperson named HQ.  He had a great personality and did not pressure our family in any way and answered all of our questions patiently.  We also appreciate that he got us a price that worked for us with very little hassle.  The finance office was also very easy and pleasant to work with.  Thank you HQ!

Cori L. | 2013-10-07

I found the used car I wanted through AAA's used car buying service and made the trip down from Orange County.  The whole experience from dealing with Alondra on the phone and test drive, to sitting with Ben for financing, and finalizing paperwork with Barbara, was easy and pleasant.

Sue H. | 2013-10-06

This Lexus dealership is awesome. I have been bringing my car in for over ten years and have always had the best service. They are always so prompt, nice, and professional. I love it when a business acts like they still want your business after so many years, I am in the market for a new car and if it ends up being a Lexus I would buy from them again in a heartbeat.

Fallah A. | 2013-10-04

I had an outstanding experience with Ben, Joel and Alandra. I just bought a Lexus ES 300h. The pricing was the lowest around. Ben, Joel and Alandra were very accommodating and the car is fantastic. My previous car was a BMW 745i. At half of the Beemer's cost, I am getting a comparable luxury with half of the fuel consumption and hopefully, a much cheaper long term Repaire cost. The car has a great performance in the sport mode.
A. F.

Tiffany G. | 2013-10-04

I purchased my RX350 here earlier this year and just had the first complimentary oil/fluid change and checks; I'd like to notate the other perks a loaner car for the day and a car wash.

Overall, I have to say everyone from Tex (who sold me my RX) to Andy (who is my Service Advisor) was extremely knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. I couldn't be more satisfied with the decision to purchase from this Lexus Dealership, because purchasing a Lexus is a "no-brainer" but purchasing from the right place makes all the difference in the world!

Thanks again for the superb service Gentlemen!

Patrick L. | 2013-10-03

I bought my car here.  The warranty coverage was fantastic (cpo) and the guys at the service center keep good care of my vehicle.  It's hard to get out of there without spending $300 on services - which always strikes me as odd given that it's just your standard check up/oil change/fluids top off/etc. but they do a good job and hook it up with a nice loaner.  Robert Mendoza is top notch and the key reason I keep going back.

That said, my car had several major issues (bad drivers seat electronics, radio needed replacement, window operating mechanism needed replacing, and others) which the service center took care of all of it with minimal hassle.  Of course, I'm not too excited about all the issues I've had with my car and now that my warranty is up I'm a bit concerned what the next big thing will be.  I drop them only one star for that since the dealer can't control the car's quality.

Tran N. | 2013-10-01

I go here for all of my services, I love how they really take care of you.

As soon as I drop off my car, if I have an appt, I would be helped immediately to take care of paper works then off I go to get my loaner vehicle. Christine is great ! She's very attentive and any issues I had, would be immediately resolved by Christine.

Check in for your $5 dollars Starbucks gift card!

Angela M. | 2013-09-23

We were looking for a new car, as we had a lease that was up.  We stopped just to see what Lexus had to offer in a hybrid and were immediately greeted by Victor.  He was very happy to help us and answer our questions; with no pressure.  We were able to get a great day and we were so impressed by his customer service and ability to help us negotiate a great deal that we went back shortly after and picked out another car!  It was a pleasure getting to work with Victor and cannot thank him enough for all of his hard work and dedication in making us satisfied customers!

Deanna S. | 2013-09-21

We decided to do business with Lexus San Diego and lease the new Sport RX 350. Victor (Sales Rep) who was helping us mentioned that they could also appraise our vehicle a Mercedes AMG 63. After doing negotiations we decided to do a trade-in with Victor (Sales Rep) and Lisa (Lexus Sales Manager). We signed all paperwork for the RX 350 on Wednesday, August 28th, 2013 and were told that a check would be mailed for the trade-in value of our Mercedes AMG 63. They mentioned that it would take about 10 days before we received a check because of the Labor Day holiday.

It's now September 21st and still no check for our vehicle. I have called several times and left messages for Victor and Lisa and no response on when we can pick a check for our vehicle. I actually spoke with Lisa this morning and was given every excuse on why we still had not received a check or why they had not returned my calls. I have been told that the check has now been processed and mailed and that we should receive it by next week!!! We will believe it when we see the check.

We have dealt with many high end dealerships and have always experienced exceptional service. I can't say that about Lexus San Diego. We will never do business with them again!! This whole process has been lengthy, time consuming, frustrating, and communication has been horrible. It should never take this long to get payment on our or your trade-in.

Arlyn V. | 2013-09-17

This review is long over due. I've had my IS 250 for 5 months now, and ABSOLUTELY LOVE my car! I walked into the dealership feeling really stressed and anxious about the whole car buying experience, but Victor made ALL the difference. Victor is very knowledgeable. And what I appreciated most was his patience and understanding! I never felt pressured to make a decision and  his level of professionalism was unlike past experiences, even those with family and friends. I still wonder how he was able to put up with my indecisiveness?! Because it took me a total of 3 days to make up my mind! Thank you Victor for all you've done!

Joseph P. | 2013-09-14

This was the most painless car buying experience my family and I have ever had. We have purchased many different cars from different dealerships. Even the most inexpensive cars like Honda were more painful to buy than purchasing this Lexus. Given we did not purchase an ultra luxurious LS, we were looking for both a family car with a beautiful design, quality and reliability heritage that Lexus is known for, we still received outstanding service. We also appreciate HQ who did an outstanding job with helping us with the decision. He was very courteous, patient and knew how to take our questions in all the topics we were concerned with. If he did not know the answer, he would research it. These topics were: the class of cars we were looking for, the time involved in our purchase, and finally financing. HQ also took the time to obtain the color and options we wanted on the vehicle. Thomas also was very helpful in explaining the vehicle to us upon our purchase. Financing was quick. No weird after purchase price options were thrown at us occurred in the office by the finance specialist. The best part was we were out of there in under 3 hours! That's less time than going to the grocery store! Thank you.

Del P. | 2013-09-13

My experience was exceptional!!  John Norton is a fantastic sales rep.  He kept me well informed through the whole process, and took the time to explain everything to me. His patience is to be commended.  I also had a great experience with Katie in financing. This is my third Lexus purchase, and both John and Katie truly lived up to the 5 star Lexus service.  I am so happy with my purchase!!  THANK YOU!!

Torrey H. | 2013-09-04

Up until now I had been a longstanding customer with Lexus Kearney Mesa,  Purchasing three vehicles within the past 2 years.  Recently I purchased a used Lexus 2009 GS350 with Lexus San Diego.    This experience was very disappointing several reasons.

First off with Lexus you come to expect a Superior Product,  The paint on the vehicle was  second rate at best and not the factory paint that a Lexus should have.   It had to be taken to a auto-body shop to have the front bumper fixed.  

Within a a couple months of the purchase this vehicles trunk motor failed, now only alowing entrance using a key instead using the keyless remote.

Lastly it was even more dissapointing that even though the vehicle being traded-in was  Luxuary (BMW) vehicle with significantly fewer miles.  Regardles Lexus Kearney Mesa found it was necessary to haggle over a few hundred dollars to close the deal.

P.S. I have owned the vehicle for approx 5 months and have already had replace one tire, another flat, had to replace the front windshield.

O B. | 2013-09-01

I am usually one to opt out of rating/reviewing companies in general.  I very rarely complete them because I am extremely particular and picky when giving out exceptional or disappointing reviews.  I just don't go out praising or criticizing company's or employees unless I truly feel 100% about it.  I was actually anticipating the completion of this review so I can share my thoughts and feelings about my service to help anyone out there who is looking for a great dealership! My husband and I were both present during the whole process and I feel confident in speaking for him as well.  When we initially entered the dealership we were kindly and warmly greeted by the saleswoman named Helen.  She was the saleswoman we interacted with during the process and was absolutely was exceptional!!  Helen's customer service, professionalism and kind nature kept us at the dealership and helped make the process to smoothly.  My husband and I felt very comfortable with Helen and she really helped us choose the perfect car and answer our questions.  We are very very very very happy with Helen's service!!! When we were completing the paperwork with the financing/DMV paperwork we were assisted by Katie.  Katie was fantastic!!  Katie was professional, warm and friendly.  Katie was patient and a pleasure to work with.  Katie also made our signing process to smoothly and quickly as well.  We really enjoyed our experience with Katie.  Lastly, when we recieved the car, we noticed that Helen took care and time into making sure the car was washed, clean and filled up with gas.  That was a nice touch!  We had the absoulute pleasure in working with Eric at the end who took the time to go over the details of the car.  Eric was extremely patient, had a calm nature to him, was very knowledgeable, he made sure that my husband and I were comfortable with operating the car, answered our questions without making us feel like we were asking stupid questions and Eric really was there to help us and appeared to take pleasure in doing so.  My husband and I are beyond satisfied and we would HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend this dealership to anyone based on our service with Helen, Katie and Eric.  Oh, and I forgot to mention.  We walked in to SDL dealership about 30 minutes before the closing time on a Saturday evening.  We expected to feel rushed, ignored and possibly sent home because we arrived so late.  However, the complete opposite occurred.  Helen, Katie, Eric made us feel like they literally opened the dealership just for us.  They made us feel welcome, wanted, appreciated and extremely well taken care of.  We will without a doubt recommend this dealership, specifically the staff mentioned above, to any and all of our family, friends, community, co-workers and neighbors.  Thank you, San Diego Lexus, for giving us the BEST experience we have ever had.  Trust me, we have gone to many "luxury name" dealers and have experienced poor-mediocre care, however, the SDL staff (Helen, Katie, Eric) truly took care of us with pleasure, appreciation, professionalism and comfort.  I literally can go on and on.  Thank you, SDL, for having such amazing staff employed at your dealership! :)

Paul A. | 2013-08-27

I bought a 2013 GS 350 F SPORT Love the car and got a sweet deal. Just took the car for service got a loaner took excellent care of me and always keep exceeding my expectations David and his team and Lexus San Diego know how to do business and take care of their customers.

Melissa D. | 2013-08-25

I purchased my GS350 F Sport at Lexus San Diego and the purchase was amazing. I know you won't believe that a car buying experience can be pleasurable, but it's true.  It's nice to get the straight scoop and not be pressured into buying.  I would highly recommend John Norton in sales, Dereck in finance and Brett Frederickson in service.  This is as good as it gets in car buying.  Adios Mercedes, BMW, and Infinity ... Hello Lexus!

Lolita T. | 2013-08-23

When you go in for a service visit, you usually drive up to the dealership service center, a random someone asks for your car keys, and pulls your car up. That random someone then calls your service representative; if you are lucky, that someone walks you into the coffee/tea waiting room. Then you start feeling anxious about your baby and your baby's health.

I really care about my car, Vienna, and never want anything to happen to her. I want to make sure she's going to be taken care of; she's my special and beautiful IS 250.

The thing is that only my service representative tells me Vienna is going to be okay and that does not make me feel any more confident about anything. After all, what does he know? He's not working on my car - the car specialist is.

...and that is exactly why, I was happily surprised to meet my car specialist, Paul, on my last Lexus service visit. He took the time to know me and let me know that my car was going to be just fine. I believe Paul - he's working on it - and I feel more at ease.

I recommend you work with Paul.

Sanaz F. | 2013-08-21

posting this review on behalf of a friend:

"I kinda dread the whole car buying experience!  Dealing with pushy sales people, playing "the game", haggling, wondering if you got a good deal...etc.  Ben Copeland (Internet Sales) was awesome!  I never felt any pressure from him.  He knew I was contacting other dealers and he told me that he'd beat anyone's price!  Really?  Sold!  He has been nothing short of awesome from the time we had initial contact, through the purchase process and afterwards.  He has made it perfectly clear that he is there to assist me with any questions or issues that I have (I purchased from him over a month ago).  I emailed him regarding the use of the nav screen (and a few other questions) and with very little explanation on my part, he miraculously knew what I was referring to and offered the solutions...with very quick turnaround time!  He makes me feel like I'm his only client!  The service dept is excellent as well (I had contact with Paul and Christine--both were friendly and courteous)! This place takes great care of their clients!  Thanks San Diego Lexus!"

Chelsea P. | 2013-08-18

VICTOR IBARRA sold me my first lexus and I am so satisfied with my purchase, the lexus dealership and the remarkable customer service I get from my personal sales consultant, Victor. I had been almost 90% positive that I wanted to get the BMW 3series and had multiple apt with the BMW dealership. My father talked me into just checking out the Lexus dealership and within 2 hours I was signing the contract @ Lexus. Victor sold me a 2013 IS250, he was professional, realistic, genuine and like a text book knowledgeable on the car. Within 5 min of speaking with Victor I could tell he was very honest and realistic about a car being in my price range and efficient for my needs. I really appreciated how Victor was very up to date with the added technology and how it differed from the BMW 3 series. My favorite features about the Lexus are the features that the BMW did not have: wireless blue tooth, reverse video screen, favorite screen for contacts, and the Pandora app. Victor explained all this very simply to me and made it easy for me to compare the 2 cars right away. The employees at LEXUS were outstanding and very easy going about negotiating pricing and contract details. I could write a 5 page review, raving about my satisfaction with Lexus but my main priority is to review Victor for his over the top customer service attitude. I have had my car for 4 months now, and almost every month Victor checks in with me to make sure everything is working well with the car. I can text him about a technology question and within 10 min he will text me a detailed answer that ALWAYS fixes my problem. Recently I got in a minor accident, and Victor was one of the first people I consulted with. He referred me to a body shop that he had built a good rapport with and trusted his clients with. This auto body shop was called Carrillo's auto body and not only were they AMAZING with me and my car, but they gave me a FREE rental car for 10 days just because Victor referred me. Victor called and texted me multiple times to make sure Carrillo's auto body was taking good care of me and my car, and really helped me feel comfortable with the whole situation.

I got a Lexus, and out of that contract I really got a lifetime service advisor   (Victor Ibarra) that I genuinely trust and depend on!

Bomby K. | 2013-08-15

I just moved from OC to San Diego and this was my first time at this dealership...

First of all...Kudos for the the Starbucks gift card for "checking in" on yelp!

Second.. I was so excited to see a female  service consultant! Christine was super nice and actually ended up saving me some money on my 30k service. Instead of just charging me the regular fee of $600 + she asked about my usage and made recommendations for things  I could probably postpone until a later date.. Just with her recommendations..i saved ~$200....Christine explained everything in detail and made me feel extremely comfortable.

The crew was very efficient and I was able to get a loaner vehicle and keep it overnight since my service wouldn't be complete until the next day.

I returned my car the next day and everything went very smooth although I did notice that my gas wasn't filled as the services stated it would be... but i'm sure they will make it up to me next time.

Thanks for making my first visit a great one! See you guys next time!

Cheryl S. | 2013-08-05

I was vacationing in San Diego when my engine light went on.
Long story short it took 3 days and 2 nights for them to figure out I needed a new gas cap.
When I picked up my Lexus it had been damaged, they did not tell me, I took pictures and got a signature from manager and am now dealing with the repair here in Arizona.
My car had been driven 60 miles and 1/2 tank gas used and was told the shop manager had to take it home to determine the problem.
This does not seem right to me.
Christine Hoffman and Tonya? were so very nice to me there; but one of the reasons to have a Lexus is to have a great car that works properly and I am most unhappy with this experience.

Andy Z. | 2013-08-02

Service here is excellent.

Van H. | 2013-08-02

I came in earlier this week to have some routine things looked at on my ES330.  Brett, my usual service advisor (awesome),  was on vacation so Andy (equally awesome) helped me out instead.  Even though I was an hour late to my 1:00 pm scheduled appointment they were still able to get me in.  
I need to also thank Tom in parts for his great service as well.  After I left the dealership I realized that I have been needing to get an extra remote less key.  Seriously, this has been bugging me forever and I never had the time to bring my car down to have it program.  Told him my car was in for some service and if they were able to get a key for me too.
Basically I got my car in around 2 pm and received a call that my car was ready by 5 pm with the additional key.  
Thanks to the service staff and Tom in parts.  He exceeded my expectation with his great customer service with the last minute notice that I gave him regarding my need of an extra key.

Victor W. | 2013-07-31

I just purchased an F-Sport cold air intake system from Lexus San Diego, and they shipped the package so fast that I received it next day. This was free of charge. The packaging kept the product in perfect shape and the instructions included were extremely helpful (pictures included).

Thank you Lexus San Diego! I will definitely purchase from you again, as well as recommend friends.

Dalton H. | 2013-07-24

I was due for my maintenance, pulled in to drop off my car at 8am, by 8:15am, I was out with my loaner and off to work. The service at Lexus SD was great! Thanks everyone.

P D. | 2013-07-24

I and a good friend went in search of a new car.  I had a not so good credit score along with the fact of a trade in being upside down.  I was greeted by the most a nicely groomed salesman by the name of HQ.  HQ was kind and very helpful. I actually enjoyed every moment working with him to find the right car for me.  He is a  patient man and knows his business.  With the challenges of the credit  and trade in, HQ helped me to drive away in a fully loaded C 300 Mercedes,  with all the accessories and features  I requested.  I am a customer for life and will recommend anyone I know who's looking to purchase their next vehicle Lexus or any other type, to take a look at what Lexus San Diego has to offer, as they may just drive away in their dream car.   My experience was indeed a 5 star encounter from beginning to the end. Thanks HQ,  Katie, and  of course Lexus San Diego!  


Kellie R. | 2013-07-22

Leased a new GS350. Everyone at the dealership was great especially salesman Artie Phhongpradith and David Mayer.  They give you a delivery expert Eric Bailey who spend all the time I needed to explain all the ins and outs of the car before I drove away.  Lots of electronics on this car.  He was great!

Ky T. | 2013-07-13

Stopped by to get my routine maintenance done. Had an appointment which I ended up arriving a few minutes early. Pulled up to the service department and gave Alex my keys. Very professional individual. Did the usual walk around and pointed out some scratches on my vehicle which I was aware of. Asked him if he the detail would remove it. He said he would try a solution to see if it would for me. I don't know if he did but the fact that he offered made me feel like a 5 star customer.

Proceeded to Chris who helped me decide what type of maintenance I wanted done. He was quick which I appreciate since I was here during my lunch. I the proceeded to get my loaner which I was told there were no more loaners and I would have to wait until someone returned one. I got a little upset but kept my cool. Asked the rep how are there no more loaners if I made an appointment and had one reserved? He tells me sometimes they give them all out and that I can get shuttled to where ever I needed to go. Long story short, I waited for the loaner and got it maybe 10 minutes later.

Good service nonetheless. Ill be back.

Carol F. | 2013-07-01

As a return customer, I had a very positive experience at Lexus San Diego.  Our salesman, Bill Patris was very helpful and informative in talking to us about the RX 350.  Terry was patient and knowledgable in teaching me about the car. This has always been the case at the dealership, ever since I purchased my first Lexus in 2005.  Everyone I've dealt with there (sales & service) has been extremely kind and easy to work with, which is part of the reason I purchased another Lexus from Lexus San Diego.

Richard B. | 2013-06-23

The Lexus San Diego Sales Team of Joel Carlson, Victor Ibarra and others did a wonderful job of making sure that we were completely satisfied with our selection of our new Lexus RX350. We purchased the RX330 Lexus that we traded in on our new vehicle from your dealership in November, 2004, and have been happy with that choice also. We are very happy that Lexus San Diego has teamed with Costco to give customers like us more value in our purchase. Thank you.

Chris N. | 2013-06-18

i don't know about their sales team but their service team sucks @$$!!!!  i wanted an oil change for my lexus today and the guy said $695 for the full service.  i was like what?!  that's unheard of.  a few hundred i can understand but almost 700 bucks for an oil change?  if you were to spend 150+ for an oil change, you gotta have fluids topped off/checked or something.  they refused to do that and straight out told me... california is different and much more expensive huh?  that's more like saying.... you are in california now son!  get used to it!  wtf!

not coming back here ever!  found a great place to get an oil change for my lexus.  just as genuine and perfect as the dealership and much cheaper!  50%+ cheaper that is!

check out elite lexus service center!  trust me!

Kathleen H. | 2013-05-28

I just had my car serviced at Lexus San Diego.  As this is one of my least favorite things to do, I was dreading it but the people there were super friendly and very professional.  Jeremy was terrific.  He explained everything that needed to be fixed and sent an email with the most detailed breakdown of costs and related information that I have ever seen.  It was very helpful.  I would definitely go back and highly recommend their service.

Sharifa F. | 2013-05-27

David Tung sold me my first Lexus vehicle and I am so happy with it!
The dealership was amazing. My husband and I first went to BMW just up the road in Kearney Mesa... we waited and waited for our 10am appointment. By 10:30 we decided to walk up the road to "look" at the Lexus, not anticipating making a purchase there. From the time we walked in we were greeted by a friendly salesperson who took us around and showed us vehicles that we might be interested in. We even told him that we were planning to back over to the BMW dealership to take a look there. He said "no Problem" and continued to help us...

I walked out..excuse me, I drove away with my brand new BEAUTIFUL IS 350 Lexus and did not look back a the BMW's... why would I?

Go here if you are looking for amazing service and beautiful vehicles!

Ask for David Tung!

Robert R. | 2013-05-23

Their service department is the best! Keep up the pursuit of perfection!

Richie W. | 2013-05-22

This is for the service department:

They're pricy, but the service quality is good.  You can take care of recall fixes here with relative ease.  They give you a great loaner car to use.  Their lounge usually has free water/coffee/soda, and sometimes some snacks if someone hasn't swooped in and eaten them all.   They even have doggie treats if you bring your dog :)

Do not neglect your mailbox, as they will send out coupons periodically which cut back on the price a lot.  They are very strict about getting hard copies of these coupons.

Miriam B. | 2013-05-19

I purchased my 2011 Lexus IS 250  from your dealership (and Salesman Artie). That experience was so effortless and non stressed; that was the main reason I returned.  I wasn't even planning on purchasing a car anytime soon but I remembered the great experience I had last time and it was.  I'm was again very impressed with Artie Phongpradith. Again he was easy to deal with, honest and didn't push.  I only returned because it was Artie who called.  I'm a very loyal customer but that is only because of great quality of Lexus and the great customer service.  This car buying experience was easier than ever before. Loved the experience and my car!

Tony B. | 2013-05-15

AMAZING!  I bought my Lexus because the sales people at BMW were snobby, Bill Patrice was great, the sales process was quick and easy!  I love my new GS350!
My first service experience was wonderful; The service areas are clean and professional.  Jeremy was great and got me through the process quickly and into my loaner car.  
I will go back to this dealer in the future for my next new car and service appointments.

Marc S. | 2013-05-05

Amazing customer service!

I leased my first Lexus 2 1/2 years ago and not only have I been very happy with my IS250, the service I get when I have taken the car in for its regular maintenance has been outstanding beginning with Brett in the service department.   He is prompt, knowledgeable and always ready to help his customers.   When I drop my car off, I know it is in good hands and I will get it back clean with the service done right the first time.

I recently took my IS250 in for its 20000 mile service.  I was given a 2013 ES350 as a loaner which I fell in love with.   When I returned to pick up my car, I had a few minutes to browse around the showroom while my car was being prepped.   I was met by David Mayer in the showroom who was very helpful.   I explained my lease on my IS250 was coming due in 5 months and I needed to start looking at what I was going to replace it with.   David understood my situation and gave me several alternatives including having San Diego Lexus buy out my lease and allow me to trade my car in immediately and take advantage of some of the lease specials that Lexus is currently running.

After taking 2 days to think about my options, I returned to the dealership and in a few hours, I was driving off the lot in my new RX350.

I couldn't be happier with Lexus San Diego and would highly recommend both the Lexus brand and the amazing customer service that Lexus San Diego provides.   You will wonder why you ever put up with the sub standard service other dealers provide!

Meredeth W. | 2013-04-23

Complete 5 star experience. I had got my Lexus from this dealership 2 years ago. My husband loves my car & has been wanting one too. Although we live in Orange County, we drove all the way to San Diego to get his Lexus. Our salesman Artie is the best. Just "tell the facts, no BS" kind of guy. Everything went so smoothly that I am sure we will be driving down to San Diego to get our next Lexus as well. 100% satisfied.

Tony C. | 2013-04-05

came here when the tranny died on my camry, figured it was time to upgrade to a lexus!

first off, i have to say everyone was friendly. i generally HATE going to dealerships because you're not allowed to look in peace. i dealt with a salesman named Steven Oh, and thankfully he wasn't a typical car salesman. he was super easy going and didn't pressure me into any specific model. i settled on the GS 350 and he actually allowed me to take my dog on the test drive instead of leaving him in the car (hot day).

i was handed off to Jill in finance (didn't catch her last name) and she was also very easygoing. she didn't attempt to box me into any add on's or anything i didn't need.

in truth, i had already done a ton of research and sort of knew what i wanted, but the dealership deffinitely was deffinitely a breath of fresh air as far as the buying experience goes. i have yet to take the car for it's first service.updates to follow!!

Irene P. | 2013-03-31

I am rating the service center.  I came in for my 10K service and Jeremy helped me.  Service was quick, and timely, given my last minute appointment.

The best part was the paintless dent removal service.  In the same trip, I was able to get some dings on my quarter panel worked on.  These are the same dings that auto shops said would require removing the quarter panel.  However, this service was able to get 85% of the ding out at 10% of the quotes I got from auto body shops.  Yes, the 15% that can't be removed bugs the heck out of me, but it gives me peace of mind that I didn't have half of my car taken apart for a small bender.

I will say the service center waiting room and receptionists needs some updating and remodeling compared to other Lexus dealerships.

Janelle L. | 2013-03-30

Top Quality Service!  My husband and I just traded in our new 2012 Toyota Tundra for a Lexus HS 250 Hybrid. My husband is from Texas and accustomed to his large gas guzzling vehicles. Unfortunately, a large truck is not the most convenient or cost effective vehicle for commuting purposes. Even though we took a huge hit on the trade in, we still walked away with a lower monthly payment, smaller loan term, massively higher MPG savings, and a nicer quality vehicle overall. The service of the salesmen was impeccable. They apparently all work as a team, and after a week of car shopping and multiple test drives, it was quite the relief. I walked in with a ponytail, sweatshirt, and tennis shoes and was still treated with the utmost respect. Due to their service, and the incredible deal, they now have customers for life. :)

Papa O. | 2013-03-27

This is my second car at Lexus San Diego and I must say it has been the most pleasurable and easy car buying experience I have ever had. Lexus San Diego and Amy Barclay, our sales associate both times, are professional, courteous, with a huge inventory to choose front and gets just the car you have dreamed about. I highly recommend their sales and service departments.

Noel N. | 2013-03-13

To Jeremy and the entire service staff

I have always associated Lexus with their tireless effort to pursue perfection on every level. There is no other that embodies this more than the staff at Lexus San Diego, especially Jeremy and his entire team of service staff. They really went above and beyond their standard services for a customer like me.

As a girl, I'm always hesitating that "Check Engine" light coming on like I dread my yearly dentist visits. But the very moment I walked into Jeremy's office, I felt like I was in good hands, not just my car!

And was I right!! Jeremy and his staff went to all lengths to ensure that when I got my car back, all the things that I noted were taken care of. Now that is putting the customer first! I definitely enjoyed my 5k maintenance and am no longer dreading the next visit.

Thank you Jeremy! I definitely have not forgotten about you!

Alexander B. | 2013-02-27

We recently purchased a Lexus at Lexus San Diego and found this dealership to be very easy to work with, there were a few bumps in the road during the closing but Darren and  Lisa in sales made this deal happen to our complete satisfaction. Justin in the finance department helped us sail through the process and went out of his way to give us great prices on the extra details we desired, even down to the the exact tint we wanted on the windows.  We have gone to Honda, Ford, and Toyota dealerships and found time after time that the sales staff knew  less than we did about the cars, were too pushy, and did not understand the financing offers. This dealership delivered everything and more than we wanted. We will buy another car from Lexus of San Diego because of how they treated us. I recommend trying out this dealership if you are in the market for a Lexus.

Matthew G. | 2013-02-25

Just bought my new Lexus HS 250H at Lexus of San Diego. Although I live in Ventura County and have 2 Lexus dealers within 20 miles why did I drive 162 miles to San Diego? Because that's where I found the best deal, and I couldn't be happier!

Sarah M. | 2013-02-20

My experience was as Yelp put it, A-OK.

Minus one star for a huge screw up pertaining to the finance department; a monumental detail that was overlooked by them and ended up becomming a huge inconvienence.

Second star removed because I had an appointment with one of the salesmen and when I arrived he was with other customers and shrugged us off like we were an annoyance. I was irritated mostly because we had spoken to the same salesmen on the phone several times prior to arrival and he knew exactly what we wanted and I didn't want to have to go over it all over again with someone new...and we had an appointment.

Thankfully, we were lucky enough to have Amy help us out. She was so nice and very enthusiastic and knowledgeable about all of the vehicles, she made me feel good about buying a car from Lexus San Diego. Amy went over every single detail of the car and made sure that all of our questions were answered. Lexus of San Diego is very LUCKY to have someone like Amy on their team.

The service department is efficent, the waiting area is nice and comfortable and has a beverage station and snacks.

In all I wish there was a 3.5 star rating.

Izabel C F. | 2013-02-03

* Review for Paul & Abel in Service Dept*

Recently purchased an 08 Lexus RX 350. I'll write a review on my purchase experience later but I just wanted to get out that the guys who helped me during the period I left my car for Lo-Jack installation were awesome. Both Paul & Abel provided excellent customer service. They helped me with my stuff, I'm a mommy of an 18 mo old, so I got a lot of stuff. This includes a hefty car seat that I was not looking forward to having to pull out myself. But they both were super helpful & attentive. In fact, in all my stressing regarding the car seat, I ended up leaving my keys (as in ALL my keys) at the dealer after driving off in the loaner. Abel was asked to go back to my car, which was already off site, to bring me my keys & meet me back at the dealer. Stellar customer service! Thanks Guys!

Jacqueline G. | 2013-01-31

So far I have had my vehicle's complimentary 5k service done. It was a great experience but it could change who knows. I made one of the first appointments in the morning and got there pretty much when they opened up the garage and there were already five cars or so waiting ahead of me.

The staff is really friendly.  I was able to request a courtesy vehicle at the time I phoned in my appointment .  When I was dealing with the associate checking out a courtesy vehicle she didn't seem to understand me. I speak English perfectly fine. She spelled a lot of my information incorrectly and it was not even complicated words. On another note, they do offer you water each time they see you. It's really nice. Might as well take one. They offer other courtesy vehicles that are not necessarily Lexus if they run out. I also heard one lady request if she could try out a specific vehicle, but only if it hasn't been checked out.

Oh yeah, I didn't get to try out the hot chocolate when waiting to retrieve my actual vehicle. Suppose to be amazing. i was surprised they washed my car too! Inside and out! They did such a good job cleaning the rims!!! Awesome! My service representative was really informative and not snooty. If I really need something done and don't trust an independent shop, as of right now, I'll take it here.

Valerie G. | 2013-01-30

This is the third car we have bought from Kearny Mesa Lexus.  One of the main reasons we returned  to this dealership is because of the service provided for their new cars.  It was a long process trying to find the right price, car equipment etc. but in the end it was worth the trouble. Our salesperson walked us through the sale, we didn't need to talk to several people.  We still have questions about garage door openers, navigation systems etc. but hopefully we will find time in the near future to answer these questions.
We have already driven the car to AZ for a holiday and loved it!

Scott M. | 2013-01-30

My wife and I were looking for a SUV and stopped in on New Years Day to Lexus San Diego.  We were quickly greeted by Corey and our experience overall could not have been better.  We purchased a certified pre-owned RX350.  The vehicle had some scratches and blemishes but Corey and the dealership agreed to take care of everything which was great.  Corey was very professional, easy to talk to, and addressed and answered all of our questions and concerns.  If you are looking for a certified pre-owned Lexus, do yourself a favor and go see Corey as you will not be disappointed!

Jianxin P. | 2013-01-13

This review is for the used car department only:

Choose carefully! Think twice before you go in the used car department.

We just bought a used car from the used car department, the car is looking good overall, and the salesman keep telling us don't worry, if we find out anything wrong or scratches need to be fixed just bring the car back and make a list, and we did. We found out the CD player is not working and he promised will cover the scratches, so we took the car back to the used car department, and they provided a rental car which makes us think they have good service; however, after five days we did not hear anything back from them, so I called the salesman and asked, he said they can not fix or replace the CD player for us and we can pick up the car now. I was like you did not get things done after almost a week and now you told me you can not do it? He said that there's nothing he can do. I picked up the car after left there for a week, and found out they did not fix anything at all. I called the customer service department and made a complain, and the lady who is in charge said they can not do anything either, she also said to me that we had the responsibility to inspect every little detail of the car before we buy it, it's not their fault. It's not a huge deal driving without CD player but I feel like we got cheated by the lexus used car dealer.

StayHome C. | 2013-01-09

Everytime, I visit Lexus of San Diego, they do excellent job. If I have issue, they are prompt on fixing the problem.

Olya B. | 2012-12-18

The review is of the sales department only:

This was my second time buying a car from this dealership. I came by to test drive the RX. I worked with Darren, who turned out to be extremely helpful and a great sales man. He helped me and my husband to select the car that I loved (RX F Sport) with all the features and the colors that I wanted. He also gave us the price that we were happy with - they had the "December to remember" special Christmas deals on that day.  Even though I didn't plan on buying the new car that day, Darren managed to close the deal :)

I'd give this whole experience 5 stars, but the fact that this dealership has 3 lots with cars and hard-to-trace inventory system, took one star away. Yes, we wanted to test drive 3 cars, but we had to drive from one lot to another to get the keys and looking for cars. That took way too long. Total time spent car shopping until we left with a new car - 5 hours! But we were very happy with the purchase.

Heather G. | 2012-12-12

Great facilities and great service. A bit expensive however. Other than the price the customer service exceeded expectations, the system is organized and the facilities are clean and well appointed for the short wait. A well oiled machine.

Karen M. | 2012-11-29

I had my 90,000 mile service and brakes on my 2005 rx 330.   Christine Hoffman my service advisor was excellent!  She explained everything to me and I really felt she cared about me as a person.  I told her I was going to need a smog check and she said no problem they don't do them but Toyota does and she will arrange to have it smoged during my service.  I could not have wished for a better experiance.  The car was washed and clean and had a full tank when I picked it up.  They are expensive but you get what you pay for!  Karen M.

J B. | 2012-10-26

I recently leased a car from Joel Carlson at this dealership and I must say he was excellent. He is very professional, helpful, courteous and knowledgeable. I would recommend those in the market looking to buy a Lexus to work with him.

Sarah Z. | 2012-10-09

I've been going here for 5yrs and most of the time I leave disappointed.

They are very expensive, and I've had to bring in my car for the SAME issue several times.

For example, my car was broken into to I took it into Lexus to have the windows replaced. As soon as I drove off the lot I noticed there were serval thick grease marks on the new window. I took it back in 4 times before they finally fixed it. 4 times is ridiculous! For an upscale car company I should not have to deal with this. It is time and money out of my schedule to keep taking my car back in for something that is clearly an easy fix.

On a positive note, Robert is my technician and he is very professional and compassionate. He always calls on time and puts effort into his clients.

Their waiting room is great, they offer complimentary water, cookies and a full coffee machine.

I would 100% take my car to another dealership if there was one closer, but looks like I'm stuck with this one.

Michael M. | 2012-09-28

WOW!!! What an incredible and hassle free buying experience. Even though I knew which car i wanted the moment I got to the dealership Paul my sales associate took the time to show me all the other cars that were similar to the one I wanted. I never felt pressured to buy the car nor to put down more than I can afford. When it came time to sign the sales contract Aisha was Amazing. she played hardball with the banks to get the very lowest possible APR. i walked away paying less than 10% and i just went through a BK 6 months ago. This is by far the best dealership I have ever been too. I look forward to getting my car serviced here. I highly recommend buying a Lexus from Lexus San Diego over the rest. I cant say enough about the treatment I got even though I mentioned my BK right away. I bought a CT200h F Sport and ;ove the amazing gas MPG!!! Tis place is all about CUSTOMER SERVICE AND CUSTOMER CARE!

Dana O. | 2012-09-27

I had a great experience, My Sales Rep David M, went above and beyond to get me my dream car. He even called me after to see how I lliked it and if I had any questions., His follow up was stellar. I am happy to be a part of the Lexus family and would reccomend David and Lexus to everyeone!

Christine C. | 2012-09-26

Lexus San Diego is the place to go!  Ask for Bill Kwait when you get there.  He made my car buying experience far from dreadful.  He was so attentive, thorough, and actively listened to what I wanted.  His humor and knowledge of the industry made it easy for me to "grab-n-go," with the car I have been searching for.  I HIGHLY recommend that you buy your next vehicle from Lexus San Diego.

Elías M. | 2012-09-25

Excellent service! I am very satisfied. I found the car I wanted while shopping online. Since I am military and deployed overseas, they reserved the car for me until I came home. Bill Kwait was very helpful and even worked past closing to make my transition from overseas as smooth as possible. Barbara in finance provided excellent service as well.  Great experience here, I have had my pre-owned car for over two weeks and it was an awesome welcome home car. Definitely recommend this car sales team.

Brianne U. | 2012-09-24

Amazing experience!!

Keith D. was the best salesman ever. I went into the dealership looking for a Lexus IS250 SPECIFICALLY! Upon my first visit I was pleased to meet Keith, who is a no pressure, easy going, and knowledgable man. He welcomed me to test drive the IS250's that he had in stock and while doing so encouraged me to turn up the radio, get on the freeway, push buttons, etc. It was so much different than any of the dealers I had previously visited(Infinity, Acura, Hyundai). I walked away that day because I was waiting to be sure it was the right car. Keith, not only, sent me text messages(upon my approval to do so) but also pictures and descriptions of the new IS250's that he received at the dealership after I left unsure. Not only did he keep up with me, and in a very noninvasive way, but he didn't try and sell me on a more expensive car or a different model. He respected my price range and the car I wanted. 3 days ago he sent me a picture of a BEAUTIFUL 2009 IS250 and I was sold. I went, drove it, & fell in love!

I decided to buy, and then we hit some unexpected hiccups. Keith did everything in his power to explore all of my options. He was able to completely turn things around and did so in a timely manner.

That car is currently parked outside and I couldn't be happier! I owe it to Keith... THANK YOU:)

I would recommend him to anyone in the market for any certified pre-owned Lexus, no questions asked!!

Greyson C. | 2012-09-20

I received awesome service from John C at retail parts as usual.  He went the extra mile to make sure I had the right parts for my LS430 and my dad's LS400. He is very knowledgeable and knows his parts. In the past,  purchasing parts from the dealer was a practice i always avoided.  Not anymore. The experience makes all the difference.  Our family will always buy parts from Lexus San Diego retail parts. Thanks John.  We'll see you soon.

Isaac C. | 2012-09-13

*This is review for service department only*

"Amazing how a day changes ones perspective."

I have to admit, I was was once petrified, but after my pleasant experience with them, I have to dissent from other reviews. My service adviser, Matt (highly recommend), is simply awesome. He caters to all your needs and answers any questions you might have.  Just to moved to SD and Lexus San Diego is my dealership for my Lexus. Come and try it for yourself. I promise, you won't be disappointed~!!  A++

Cindy W. | 2012-09-11

I never thought I would be giving a car dealership 4 stars!

I recently got rid of my old Gs Lexus. The gas was just way too inefficient and I drive a lot for work. I decided on getting a used Lexus Is250. It's cute it's sporty and it has 4 doors.

Andy Sweeny just happened to pick up the phone that day when I called and we had been talking for a week or so to get a car in mind as well as a deal.

I originally wanted glacier frost mica. You have to see the color to understand why it's so beautiful! After getting some advice from other people I decided to expand my color options.

Went to Lexus on Saturday night and Andy happened to show me the breakwater blue color. It was love at first site! It's not a light blue color but it has some gray in it.

Long story short Andy was very patient while I sat there debating if I should wait for my glacier frost color or just pull the trigger and get the breakwater blue color. He even went to his manager 3 times to ask to knock down the price!

I couldn't bargain the price any longer and instead Andy suggested giving me another 3 tanks of gas. That equaled around $210 so I was fine with that.

Got my car very quickly with all the paperwork. They do need some snacks thou because just soda and water can't fill up a hungry person.

Hopefully this car doesn't have an issues but it's certified. I even got a sweet deal on my Lo jack!

Jeffery A. | 2012-07-29

What Awesome service! Took my RX 350 in for service and was greeted by a service drive attendant and wrote me up and then walked me in to the service writer. Within minutes I was in my Courtesy Car and on my way.  I was even offered fresh baked cookies while I was there.  I will always bring by RX back here for service! Thank guys for the great experience.

Darcy A. | 2012-07-10

Lexus San Diego is Amazing... I highly recommend the Service Department to all my Friends and Co-workers. In all Honestly; I would never change manufactures just because of their amazing Service. I always get in and out quickly. They are very prompt and I am always kept informed. They go beyond for their Customers and make Servicing your Vehicle very covenant. If you go ask for Matt Milligan; he will never disappoint you.  Extremely reliable and doesn't take advantage of your situation.

Mary P. | 2012-06-28

I must comment on the best car purchasing experience at the lexus preowned dealership. I was fortunate to deal with Glen, Chris, and Jay and it was such an easy smooth transaction to buy a car! I was out in less than 1.5 hours an unheard of purchase experience. The sales men were fun, knowledgable and offered extraordinary service! I had to leave the car for a few touch up details, was offered a loaner and got my car back, perfect the following day . Now I am the proud owner of my first Lexus and from other Lexus owners hear it will not be my last, and will revisit san diego Lexus in Kearny mesa ! Thanks guys....

Cath C. | 2012-06-22

I have been coming to Lexus San Diego since I bought my Lexus in 2007.  I have been coming back to this particular dealership because of my service advisor Brett.  I can always count on him to be straight forward with me, no matter the news.   He always provides me an update on my car when they have completed inspection. Because of his service I would purchase another Lexus.

In my experience, I also appreciate the loaner car service since my car is my main transportation to work..  When you turn in your car, you are provided a loaner car for the duration of your cars visit.  The loaner desk has friendly and helpful workers and  have been accomodating.

As a side note, 2 years ago I was involved in an accident, my repairs where completed through a body shop.  But when I experienced issues with one part of my Lexus repair, Brett and the body shop worked out a deal where the dealership would allow me to keep my loaner car and the body shop would work on my car issue. This was much appreciated.

Jennifer K. | 2012-06-04

Just recently leased a new Lexus from this dealership....the process was great and simple! Joel in the Internet Department was awesome as was his assistant Kyle! I look forward to working with this dealership in the future!

Dave W. | 2012-05-29

I have a badass manual 02 IS300 and I love my Lexus. This place was awesome back in the days. They would give you free car washes and the whole bit. There has been a drastic decline in service and customer appreciation. I was debating about getting the new 2012 CT200h or the 2012 Audi A3. It was a pretty warm day yesterday and I came in shorts and jersey. Apparently they judge you by the way you look and not how much you make. Let's just say I can afford one these puppies with ease, they'll never know that because they didn't even come out to greet my assets. I'll tell you Mr/Mrs car sales person... you're not better than anyone else with that smut attitude. Keep the car on the lot and good luck on life. Hope karma comes around the corner to your door.

Looks like Audi with the new 2012 Audi A3 just got my business. The CT200h is a perp in disguise anyways. Its a freaking Prius with a pretty body. If you remove the body and what do you get, a freakin Prius! With the A3, remove the body and what do you get, a freaking turbo 4-banger quattro that has power and torque. I'm still deciding on the 2, but Lexus of Kearny Mesa you're making the deciding factor of being douches.

Lexus of Kearny Mesa, I hope you read your yelp reviews and stop being douchebags.

teresa v. | 2012-05-20

I have been taking my car to get serviced here for the last 7 years and 145,000 miles.  No complaints and all compliments for Brett and the whole service team.  Everyone is incredibly nice, helpful and goes out of their way to make sure you are 100% satisfied.  I once got a flat tire on the freeway in one of their loaner cars...1 phone call and 15 minutes later they had someone come out to me on the side of the 163 with a new loaner car.  All I had to do was hop in the new car and that was it.  And that is just one example of why I am and continue to be a loyal Lexus lover.

carol t. | 2012-04-04

Lexus Kearney Mesa is dependable. I have had three Lexus products. They are safe and dependable. Brett is fabulous. He is always friendly and courteous. Bret is detailed and concise.  There are no surprises. The best part is they provide loaner cars to avoid the inconvenience of finding a ride to work or home.  Svetlana handles this part and she is marvelous.  She always has a smile and greets you.  I would recommend Lexus Kearney Mesa for your auto repair needs.

Yuja C. | 2012-04-03

This is my first time went to Lexus San Diego and I had a great experience.
I set up an 8:40 appointment with David Truong the day before I went in for battery change. Although the battery just past the warranty (2 years) and it should cost $150, David managed to give me a change for free. I was really surprised when I heard that. Also, I got a rental car for that day (although it's just a Toyota :/) and the service was done fairly quick (around afternoon). I'd say I was amazed how good the service is especially after reading so many negative comments for this place. I'd definitely recommend people to come here for their maintenance.

Toby B. | 2012-03-18

OMG, I feel like a superstar here, will never go anywhere else.. Not only the best car ever, the service is 6 star. Enjoy.

Erik D. | 2012-02-29

I initially went to this dealership because it was nice,  not the mile of theives and they had a Lexus ISF which I was seriously considering buying.  Naturally a test drive is in order before throwing down $70K on a vehicle, right?  This saleswoman says the test drive is just 1 mile because "it's an expensive car".  I guess dressed in shorts and a t-shirt isn't saying I'm serious about purchasing a vehicle.  Gorgeous dealership but lacking in customer service.

Luke L. | 2012-02-25

I'm going to try to be impartial as I write this review.  First of all, I was going to give it three stars but apparently that rating means A-OK.  The two star rating "Meh. I've experienced better" is certainly more in line with our experience there.  My wife and I were looking at buying a used BMW and we walked next door.  She fell in love with the IS250 and after a test drive, we ended up buying.  Here's my opinion....

Our sales guy was really good.  He was patient, knowledgeable and eager to sell us a car, which I was ok with. The dealership advertises "no-haggle" pricing but the vehicle we wanted was listed 1,300 over my max budget.  After a little hesitation and back and forth we were able to bargain for 600 off the price of the vehicle.  This initial red flag made me realize there was still some room on the price of the no haggle vehicle.  I am quite sure that the dealership would have been more than happy to take that extra 600 bucks as profit.  I am also sure they didnt lose money on the vehicle or they wouldnt have sold it to me.  After the sale the salesman was pretty good and helped us get mats for the inside as well as getting us a new key.

My first issue with the dealership came when we were shuffled into the closer, the finance lady. I cannot say enough poor things about this woman and her terrible attitude.  I am a professional in the local area with a masters degree so I dont consider myself unintelligent.  However, she treated me as such and made an attempt to swindle me out of money. She attempted to add on a paint protection program and some type of roadside assistance program or something.  The real kicker was the LoJack program that she offered to me for 699.00 or so.  When I said no she started her schpiel about what I needed it.  Still No.  She then walked out, came back in with three one hundred dollar coupons and said she could make me a special deal.  So my question is if she could make me a special deal, why didn't she offer it up front....because they were more than happy to sell it for 700 bucks. Still No.  Once I got home I began to inquire about the LoJack system.  Apparently once the system is installed on the vehicle it stays with car and can't be taken off.  Dealers in the San Diego area put LoJacks on all their vehicles as a means of asset protection.  Apparently Lexus San Diego pays the activation fee for the LoJack to protect THEIR inventory and then attempts to pass it off onto the customer.  When I confronted her the next day she made an analogy to me about stealing cable television.  I explained to her that stealing cable for a monthly recurring fee was nothing like them installing LoJack and then passing the costs onto the customer.  She literally said "you must just not be able to wrap your brain around it."  Let me again reference the fact that I have a masters degree.

When I came back to get the extra key, since they only provided one, my salesman (who was great) wasn't there.  He told me to come to the dealership on Monday at 2:00 and they would program a new key FOB. So, I went back into the exact same place I bough the car from and they sales manager could not have been more rude.  He told me in no uncertain terms they werent going to be able to do it that day since my salesman wasn't there.  After I argued with him for about 3 minutes and he made attempts to make me feel like an idiot I finally called my salesman at home and asked for clarification.  Thank goodness he had indeed made the arrangements, but why in the hell did I have to pull that from the sales manager?  I'll answer my rhetorical question, because the service after the sale SUCKS.  

Bottom line, I couldnt be more pleased with the sales process and our salesman and I couldnt be LESS pleased with the service after the sale.  Maybe thats what I get for leaving the BMW dealer and taking my business to Lexus.

Buffy C. | 2012-02-20

The service I received from Lexus San Diego was fantastic. I had simply brought my car in for a couple of recall fixes but they took such great care of me and my car that I would recommend this dealership to anyone looking to buy a new/used car!

Diana S. | 2012-02-14

your delivery driver Richard is the best! He is so nice and friendly every time he delivers product to me! THANK YOU RICHARD!!!!!!!!!!

Maria G. | 2012-02-08

This dealership is not bad at all! I've been here a few times for several reasons. My most recent issue was with my headlight.

I have a 2003 Lexus IS300, which I love oh so very dearly! I've been dreading going to the dealership because, as we all know, they always charge up the you know what! I mean, $130 an hour is charged for labor alone, which is how long an inspection of your car usually takes.

My headlight has been out for a couple of months. I initially took my car to an auto repair shop in Ocean Beach because I assumed that my headlight was just burnt out. When I got there, they realized they actually didn't have the proper headlight bulb that fits my car. I then took my car to an auto repair shop in Vista, and they found out that the problem with my headlight wasn't the bulb but the "computer control system." Eek.. that just sounded expensive.

They were nice enough to find a computer control of another Lexus IS300 at a junkyard. My car headlight was fixed, or at least that's what I thought. After a while, I noticed that my headlight worked half the time, which of course was an improvement from never working at all. However, time is money, and I just couldn't take the time to make yet another trip to Vista and back. Last resort - the dealership.. dun dun dun.

When I arrived yesterday with an appointment, they told me that they were so busy that my car wouldn't get inspected until tomorrow morning, which was the morning of today. I told them that was fine as long as I get a loaner car given to me because I needed to make it to class. Unfortunately, most of the loaner cars were given out, and I had to wait about an hour for one, which wasn't bad, given the customer lounge (free coffee, cookies, and soda).

The guy who assisted me was Richard. Overall, nice guy. When I told him what was wrong with my car, I emphasized my skepticism with going to the car dealership. I told him that I tried to take my car to an auto repair shop because the dealership is way too expensive for me to afford. He promised that no work would be done to my car, aside from the $130 for the first labor/inspection, without a price quote and my prior approval.

This morning, at approximately 8:30 am, Richard called me and after apologizing for calling so early, told me that he had good news. My car was ready, and he was only going to charge me a total of $60 for inspection and labor. Apparently, the bulb wasn't screwed in properly, and the lack of efficient contact between the bulb and computer control was the issue. Okay, okay. So $60 seems pretty steep for simply screwing in a light bulb, but at least you have true professionals inspecting your car and figuring out the main issue. $60 is way less than the $130 price quote given to me for mere inspection.

Overall, everyone I dealt with at the dealership from the service guys to the concierge receptionist, to people at parts (for my key battery), and the cashier were pretty friendly. The lounge was decent with a tv, magazines, free drinks and cookies. The free brand new Lexus to borrow at your convenience is also available. I appreciated my visit and service at Lexus. However, at the end of the day, this place is still a dealership, so a three-star rating seems appropriate.

Jeffrey B. | 2012-01-12

Been working with Richard V. for several years with an older LS430 and always have had great service.  Several weeks ago was due for a large service and as always, all went well.  I've been to another Lexus dealership for service in the past and Lexus San Diego is great, never had an issue.

Leslie S. | 2011-12-28

I have been going to this dealership for almost 3 years now since I bought my car from them.  All of my experiences with them have been very positive, except for the cost which I guess is true of most dealerships that give you a "free" rental.  

In my opinion, it would be smarter for them to loan Lexus vehicles as a means of encouraging you to think about your next car also being a Lexus.  When I got the ES and the hybrid as loaners, I thought it might be fun to get one down the road.  I have no such feelings towards the Camry, though it gets me where I need to go.

Jeremy is a great service advisor.  He always makes me feel like coming back because he cares about providing exceptional service and always answers all of my questions.

Ronald G. | 2011-11-06

I'm stunned by all the negative reviews. I've had a Lexus since 1989 and they have been consistently wonderful cars. My main issue is reliability and Lexus has never let me down. Do you EVER see a Lexus broken down on the side of the road? I've gone to Lexus San Diego for 4 or 5 years since moving from Tennessee and I've found them to be reliable, courteous and very helpful. I've worked with Jeremy for the last few years since my previous advisor moved back to the midwest, and Jeremy has  been a real straight shooter, always giving me his honest opinion. He is exceptionally helpful and trustworthy. I've never been overcharged, mislead or had any issues period. This place tries.

The only negatives I can think of is that everyone in San Diego seems to have a Lexus, it wasn't like that in Tennessee, where they are much more of a limited luxury car. And sometimes because so many people have a Lexus, it's hard to get someone to answer the phone.

TS L. | 2011-10-29

Battery Killers!  Yeah, even if was old, it still had some good life left.  There was no need to push it off the cliff before it's time.  

I didn't have ANY problems with my battery before I took my car in for a service recall.   I no longer take my car to the dealership for maintenance because the supersize surcharge was not worth the luxury of a loaner and a bottle of water, recession or no recession.

During the service I got a call of one item that needs to be fixed (I was aware of two) and I declined.  There was no mention of the battery.  The day I got it back, my battery died twice.   The first time we were going out to dinner, the AAA who jumped said the headlights were left on.  I couldn't tell when i picked it up in the daylight.  The guy me a good jump, so I decided to go out for some food.  Did you know that it takes longer to get a jump after 10pm?  The second AAA guy noticed a ticking in my engine.

So, first thing the next morning, I took it back to the dealership.  My service consultant said that they noticed the battery issue but did not tell me or notate it in their paperwork.  As for the ticking noise, he said I must have used a low octane gas.  Really, do I look like a girl to you. Oh wait, I am a girl but really there is no need to patronize and no, I do not put a low octane gas in my car.

Their diagnosis - my battery was bad. This time the paperwork indicated that they got a false ok reading on my battery the first time they tested it.  Ok, in a murder investigation, an inconsistent story is an indication of guilt.  They said they would wash my car (again) and it'd be ready in an hour.  No offer for any concession. The car was not washed.  Within a week, there was a follow up on my experience.  I was frank but that was several weeks ago.

My conclusion is that if you're a girl, look, sound, think or behave like one, or in any way have any feminine attributes, stay far far away from this dealership.  They will prey on your uncertainty and ignorance.  There is no reason to overpay for that.  There are 2 other dealerships in the area. We actually have a choice.

Randie L. | 2011-10-27

I have been going to this dealership since I purchased my Lexus 5 years ago.
Over this time, I have had many great experiences with the service department about 8 times out of 10. The good ones were outstanding and the lesser ones were due to waiting time or unavailability of Lexus loaner cars (post-tsunami Japan plant issues).
I have had two car issues that were unusual (i.e one windshield wiper that stopped working) and both were covered under the warranty service at no cost to me.  During the process, my service advisor, Robert provided good communication about timing for parts and pickup. Also, the loaner cars are usually great- this week I had a new ES 350 with 1000 miles on it- sweet!

My pick up with customer service was extremely quick and efficient. My car was back to me in 4 minutes from checkout at the office.

No place is perfect when it comes to exceeding expectations but they have always delivered for me!

Lauren M. | 2011-10-15

Yay! I'm a fan, because I bought my very first car I paid for MYSELF from this place! I consider it a very big accomplishment for myself, and I'm lucky to have worked with David Tung from Lexus San Diego.  

He never pushed me to get anything I didn't want, and was always a call, email, or text away from things I needed from the place.  I managed to get a great deal on this, wait for the exact car I wanted, and was never pressured from him.  

He is very considerate of me being a student and a young working individual, and helped me every step of the way.  One gripe though, was that when he wasn't there, I had to deal with a typical 'pushy' car salesperson that I didn't enjoy working with very much.  But David T. made up for it for his wonderful customer service!

Dan M. | 2011-10-11

I don't know about some of the more negative reviews here but our experience was great.  Sure, we were buying my wife a year-old car from them but they were nice, very accommodating and I didn't pick up on any snootiness at all.  In fact we had a great time.
We have another car that will need to get cycled out of and I can assure you we'll take a strong look at what they have to offer.

Volta V. | 2011-09-29

I have been having my Lexus serviced here for about five years.  There is no question that the overall level of customer service has declined the past couple of years.

Recently they damaged my car while it was in for routine maintenance.  The dealership immediately admitted responsibility, but It took two weeks for them to rectify the damage they caused.  According to the dealership, this was NOT caused by unavailability of parts, but rather by "quality control problems" in their own shop which required them do redo the repairs.  Yes, I did have a loaner car during the two weeks.  

When I finally received the car, the repairs were acceptable, but certainly not optimal.  The staff had a pompous attitude, as if to suggest I should be thankful that they repaired the damage caused by their own employees.

Considering the high prices this dealership charges, I cannot recommend this dealership.

Annie N. | 2011-09-20

Pompous staff with serious attitude.  Prices in parts are more than double of other Lexus dealers.

The customer service would be considered poor at best, even if this was a Ford or Chevy dealer it would be considered bad.

I've been to 5 Lexus dealers and this one is the worst!  I won't go here anymore.

Kevin E. | 2011-09-07

Im a transplant from Bob Baker Lexus, El Cajon. (Whom I would never go back to)  They treated me with respect and responsive to my needs my extended warranty was NOT an issue and communication was great.
I will be driving the extra miles to use this Dealership service.

Aileen R. | 2011-08-17

The service department is a joke. make sure to bring a bag of $$$$$$$$$. You may even need to sell your kids to afford anything here. Really, I just can't figure out why anyone would pay these prices when you can go to eagle motors just down the road. Oh and once you tell them that you don't want them to change your oil for $250 they get all pissy with you. Joke!!

Chris F. | 2011-08-15

when you buy a luxury brand car, you expect luxury brand service. That is no the case with Lexus San Diego. From my experience I am never going back to this dealership. I would rather drive 20 miles out of the way for better service.

i bought my car pre-owned, and everyone on the pre-owned side was awesome. as soon as i got the the main dealership, the excellent service disappeared. greeted by unhelpful salesmen, and a snooty receptionist.

i even wrote a complaint to the general manager who couldn't even call me back himself. the service manager called me back to give me again what I originally complained about-the runaround.

not the best Lexus dealer, and mediocre service to match. save yourself some stress and go to bob baker.

Andrew P. | 2011-08-14

I came back here after speaking with the service manager, and got set up with a new advisor.  The experience was pretty good!  Quick, efficient service.  I hope it stays this way... things were rocky for a bit, but it seems like they are headed in the right direction.

Yaboy V. | 2011-08-14

friendly and helpfull staff from lot attendant to service advisors.

Matthew T. | 2011-08-13

My review refers to the pre-owned sales department. The only thing worse than a used car salesman is a used car salesman who thinks he's better than other used car salesmen because he only sells certified pre-owned Lexus. The guys we worked with was arrogant, evasive, and just an all-around jerk. The only reason we had multiple encounters with him was that we really liked one particular car on the lot. We even tried to figure out when he wasn't working so that we could go back and get a fresh start with a new salesman, but it didn't work out. Even though we live 10 min from this dealership, we ended up driving an hour and a half to Costa Mesa to find (and ended up to buy) the only similar car in SoCal. Be extremely wary of their "extended" warranty -- make sure you understand the terms of this deal. . . they will tell you that it's good til 100,000 miles, but there's a time component (2-3 years, on most). So unless you drive 20-30,000 miles per year, this is not really a 100,000 mile warranty. Also, fact-check everything they say about Lexus technology (my experience was with hybrid technology). . . they sound like they were trained at the factory headquarters as engineers, but half the stuff they say can be debunked by a quick Google search. Remember, they are not Lexus engineers, they are lousy used car salesmen.

CL N. | 2011-07-13

I have always received excellent service from start to finish here. The employees are always very helpful and friendly. I have owned two Lexus vehicles and been to various other dealerships and found it worth my while to go out of my way to come here.

Robert F. | 2011-04-19

Hit some road debris and got stuck here for a couple of nights.

Communication is not the herald of this Lexus dealership. Neither is friendly service. The level of service I got here is about the same as I got from my local Ford dealer when I owned a Ford. That level of service is why I changed brands.

The customer lounge is a huge step down from my local dealership in Pleasanton, CA.  Here, it feels like I'm sitting in the middle of the parts department. The area ii not very conducive to getting work done; no desks, and no privacy.

If I had a choice of Lexus dealers to go to in the case of future emergencies, this Lexus dealership would not be number one on my list. But then, sometimes I don't have a choice.

UPDATE: Later, I had a problem with my insurance and the invoice I received from Lexus following my service. My service advisor, Matt, was actually quite helpful in getting the issue resolved. I was surprised and pleased with the cooperation I received. Consequently, I'm bumping up my rating.

Jeff M. | 2011-04-12

Dishonest, law breaking scoundrels.  Do not do business with these people.  Worst car buying experience of my life.

Son V. | 2011-03-21

Been going here for years now and haven't had a bad experience since. They are always helpful and every service rep that has helped me actually walk with me to the loaner car service desk to make sure I know my way. This is probably one of the smaller Lexus dealerships that I've been to but they represent the brand well.

Don't be surprised if you don't get an actual Lexus for your loaner since I've been stuck with a Camry on more than one occasion. But it's a free rental and all of them have that HUGE Penske sticker in the back anyway so who cares.

One star off for the service drop-off/loaner car area which is really tight. I'm always afraid I'm gonna knick some geezer's ES350 when I'm pulling out.

Joanne N. | 2011-03-05

In addition to my previous review, I was going over my old receipts from my "service" here and I can say that the service department clearly scammed me. I don't know much about cars and the problems that come with them, so I believe that the dealership will give me an honest answer. I came to them because my car was shaking a lot in idle, and they said it was because I need to change out my brakes and rotors. I paid over a 1,000 to get this done, and I still have the problem today. A friend of mine recently read my car manual just for fun, and it said it there that shaking is normal for my car. I find it odd that the service department wouldn't know this, or refused to tell me this and to instead charge me for something I didn't need. How freaking ridiculous. That's a smart group they have a Lexus San Diego.

Jonathan F. | 2011-03-01

Last summer, we returned a ES350 lease to Lexus San Diego because the internet sales person Lisa Costello was the most competitive.  We were very happy with the deal Lisa delivered, and my wife loves her car.

I write this positive review because in December, we received nasty letters and calls from a collection agency.  They said we still owed money from turning in the lease, apparently for new tires required on the returned ES350.   Turns out, Lexus Finacial still had a very old address on file and we never received any of the prior letters.   In addition, I took issue with this charge because this item was never mentioned when I returned the vehicle - no one said, "you will be charged $600 for new tires".   Furthermore, I don't remember the tires being particularly worn.. certainly not desperately needing replacement.

I raised the issue to Lisa  (who didn't really respond the way I would have liked) and the issue escalated to the General Manager David Wolfson.  He emailed me personally.  I was extremely pleased that David made the decision to take care of this botched billing.  This is exactly the type of support and ownership that a luxury dealer should provide... so I strongly recommend this dealership if you are considering a new Lexus.  

I should note that a woman named Samantha Siaw, who worked on behalf of David Wolfson was extremely professional and helpful as well.  Thank you, Samantha and thank you Lexus San Diego!

Gourmet Greg C. | 2011-02-24

Poor customer service,
You will get a major run-around at the dealership.  Service advisors do not return phone calls, especially Julie Andresen "service advisor", take your lexus to bob baker or escondido lexus, much better customer service and they return phone calls.

Kelly W. | 2011-02-02

GOOD GONE BAD!!  I bought a 2003 BMW from the used lot.  I was told they would detail for me as it was put on the lot as it came in.  There were some minor things I wanted fix and thought they would do the fix/detail before I drove off the lot..WRONG..after I signed the paperwork I was told it would take a couple weeks and that my rep would schedule with me during his follow up call in a week or so.  Two and 1/2 weeks went by and no call.  I finally called my rep, Chuck Anderson, and he said I could bring it in anytime??  My husband dropped it off with my list as I was requested to give and was told it should only be a couple days and was given a loaner.  After 6 days and no word I called Lexus and they sd they had no record of the detail and that I had to talk to my rep..called Chuck and he sd was backed up in paint which I thought was good at least they were doing something.  8 days later my husband called and Chuck sd was ready...when he picked it up it was not even detailed!! They did paint the bumper which included a noticable run in it. In addition there were 3 to 4 major scratches that were not there when I dropped off the car!!!!!  I also think someone did some significant driving but have no proof because there was NO PAPERWORK PROVIDED ON THE WORK THAT WAS DONE??  I'm sure it won't get fixed and I prolly won't even hear back from Chuck but wanted everyone to be aware of this..don't get suckered. I was better off not taking it in to begin with!! Soooo bummed :(

Hey El El E. | 2011-01-24


I just had to get a couple of things done here and they had a special on their detailing package.  So I thought, why not?

Yeah, I paid for it big time.  The wax marks they left on the car turned out to be huge scratches.  I double checked this before I left by rubbing on it and it seemed to rub off.  Then, the rest didn't.

They don't care about your stuff on the inside either.  Probably they wanted to get it done as quick as possible-- sacrificing people's interior.  Now, I have a gash in my leather.

I've been going here for years.  Service has always been "MEH".  If I'm paying for "kiss my @ss service", you'd better deliver.

I'm going to Longo Lexus instead and grab some great Taiwanese food up there while I wait.

San Diego rocks A. | 2011-01-02

Guess what I have more bad news from this dealership.

I took my certified preowned (CPO) car for its service to them for 35K maintenance. As they said, it was free. Then I took my car for service to them for 40K maintenance. They gave me a quote for 385$. Then I asked what are the services which will be covered in 40K maintenance. A/C filter change was one of them (Lexus user manual says no A/C filter change in 40K maintenance). So I said I will do the A/C filter change myself so they reduced the price to 300$ (so 85 $ for a A/C filter change? in my recent visit to Escondido Lexus, they did it for 35$). Then I called other dealership service centers and found that it would have cost me less than what I paid at Kearny Mesa (Lexus San Diego).

Then I found this funny thing, when I bought this car as CPO, they said they have already done the 30K maintenance. A/C filter change is one among the 30K maintenance (as per Lexus user manual). Not sure why they missed it...and another thing which surprised me was that they did not say anything about A/C filter change during the 35K free maintenance as it was free and they would have to cover it. So they just waited until 40K and tried to put 85$ on me...

I am not going here anymore...

Tony C. | 2010-11-08

always get my oil change and car servicing here.  hassle free. free inspections. no problems with recalls or whatever problems lexus/toyota has been having... love the comp refreshments and they ALWAYS provide you with a loaner car no matter what small little thing u need to get checked up on. im sure they would lend u a car to get ur windshield wipers replaced.  the people are all generally friendly too. pretty much you are in and you are out. if u have complaints... maybe its you?

Belinda S. | 2010-10-17

This review is in reference to the Sales area:

We spent several months deciding between a Toyota and Lexus. We ended up at Lexus (HS 250). We went to this dealer several times, but the last time we were there we were assisted by a David Tung.  He is a very respectable Sales person. He made the process smooth and easy. We are very busy, so we could not spend many hours at the dealership, so we communicated by e-mail, we were able to get a deal in our price range. We decided to lease the car for three years. When we went in to make the final deal it only took 3 hours to finalize everything, including full instruction on the car. We drove off very happy with the entire process, we will be back when it is time to buy our second car. Everyone one at Lexus San Diego was very helpful...

Jonathan J. | 2010-10-14

Robert Mindoza is my account manager and I have had roughly 8 maintenance/upgrade/recall visits with him. I can honestly say he takes customer service to another level and works with you and your budget (because we all know Lexus is expensive) to put everything right. I have been beyond satisfied and I highly recommend this dealership and his services. I have also worked with the guys in Carlsbad too who were good but not great like Roberts team!  Proud Is350 owner!

Joey M. | 2010-09-01

Got a used car from here....

3 of the brakes went bad in less then 6 months.  What are the odds?  O maybe I purchased a car with bad brakes.......?  Do I need to say more?  

Stay away from this place.  They say they inspect the cars, me think not.

Brian M. | 2010-08-25

Brett Fredrickson and Lexus San Diego are both amazing.  I have a 2008 Lexus GS350 that has around 11k miles on it.  The headlights had moisture forming in them.  I purchased this car from Lexus Mission Viejo and they told me the headlights were not going to be covered under warranty.  

I went to my home dealer, Lexus San Diego, where Brett went above and beyond by calling Lexus to get the replacement headlights approved.

Thank you Brett and Lexus San Diego!

Cecily C. | 2010-08-18

Came in looking for Lexus IS, we saw one in the Sunday ad and thought it was theirs. After inquiring, they said that at that price they didn't have that "junk". We asked if they had something similar of what was the best priced IS on the lot. He didn't answer us and by that time we were disgusted with the service. I ended up going to the IE

Patrick C. | 2010-08-12

This is a review long overdue. Lexus San Diego is one of those places that is worth the drive just simply because of the service you receive. The last two times I had my IS300 in for service, Karla Hrnjak has always gone the extra mile when it comes to taking care of me. The whole interaction from drop off to pick up it seamless. She's one of those people that makes you a lifetime client willing to make the longer drive just simply because of the service!

jane C. | 2010-08-06

This is the best dealer i have been to. . Robert Mendoza and Thain Nguyen are the best customer service providers and are the best it gets. . Totally recommend these service advisors.

X Ran Diego X. | 2010-07-29

I just wanted to congratulate Lexus SD for  having such knowledgable service managers. Jeremy Borgen is always prompt in returning my phone calls, and that's only when he does'nt get on the line right away. I shouldfeel like a nuisance with my pretty technical and sonetimes trivial inquiries... But he is always polite, cheerful and usually kniws the answers first hand. I recently went in for another visit, and in addition to the exceptional (routine) service, the car was washed and vacuumed, like alwYs. Thanks LSD!

Monica P. | 2010-07-27

Service departments are like a roll of the dice and I have had my share of freaky ones! However, if you own a Lexus and need phenomenal SERVICE, you need to ask for Brett Frederickson. I purchased my Lexus at another location and was in the neighborhood when my taillight went out and he got me in and out in a jiffy! He was so professional and did not treat me like "dumb girl". He was so sweet. I will for sure go back to him for all of my needs. It is worth the drive to Kearny Mesa to get fabulous service at an awesome deal. It was just about free : )

jay d. | 2010-07-12

Why Mr. Finance guy did you have to go sideways on me?  If it weren't for you, I'd give your dealership positive marks.  Sigh...

First the good.  3 years ago I got a great  deal on an IS250 lease.  A friend of mine negotiated a great deal on an IS250 so I called the same sales associate and told him I wanted the same package.  He agreed over the phone and honored it when I arrived in person.  The transaction went smoothly.

Now the bad.  Fast forward 2 years and 11 months (one month before my lease is up).  I get call from their finance/retention manager asking me what I'm going to do.  I tell him I'm looking to buy out the lease and that I'm looking to finance it through my credit union who approved me for a really good rate.  

Here's where it get's bad...

First demerit.  He tells me that I need to fill out a credit application with their dealership.  Knowing this isn't the case since I already looked into the matter (another dealership tried this tactic on my wife), I asked him to elaborate and he said it was because of 9/11.  Armed with my prior research, I told him to point me to the passage in the Patriot Act where it states this.  He can't so he evades my question.  Now my guard is up.  

Second demerit.  While I already secured a competitive interest rate with my credit union, this finance manager touted rates as low as 3.99%; at the time I was quoted 4.5% by my credit union.  Since it would save me some coin, I reluctantly signed a credit app with Lexus.  I get a call several days later from the same finance guy saying he has an offer for me.  After a long winded explanation, he tells me the absolute best he can do is 4.99% (he forgot I told him I was already approved at 4.5% with my credit union).  After reminding him about this, he quickly concedes to 4.5%.  I thought 4.9% was your best deal Mr. ethical finance dude?  

If it weren't for his patriot act stunt I probably would've turned the other cheek  on his "best deal" tactic, but put them together, and I get itchy.  In the end I negotiated 3.99% with my credit union and walked away a very happy customer.  

If you're in the market for a car and considering dealership financing remember this...dealership financing is a PRODUCT not a SERVICE they provide.  I came across that nugget of wisdom on the internet.

Sophia W. | 2010-05-12

Wow...7 reviews with an average of 1 star?!  I feel like my experiences have been flukes or something.  

I bought a 2007 Lexus IS 250 in November from another dealership in LA.  Since then I've been to Lexus Kearny Mesa 3x.  Once to buy a duplicate key, once to drop off my car b/c the GPS was broken and once to pick up my car.

Service was always friendly.  I got a replacement vehicle when I had to drop my car off.  The waiting room is pretty sweet, literally and figuratively.  You get complimentary breakfast bars in the morning and fresh baked cookies in the afternoon.  Plus there's a Starbucks machine!  Come on guys, that alone warrants an extra star or two, right?  There's also a nice flat screen TV and leather seats to chill in while you wait for your car.

Although, I'd never go to a Lexus dealership to get any repairs done since rates are astronomically high, I try to come here as often as possible to take advantage of my 50K mile warranty...and cookies.  :)

**Keep in mind that I didn't buy my car here and it seems like a lot of the complaints are about the sales staff.**

Linda S. | 2010-05-12

No stars!!!!

I didn't buy a car here because no one ever came out to help me.  On a recent weekend, my bf and I were roaming  their lot  for about 30 minutes and no one offered any customer service to us.  I should have read the reviews and avoided this location.  Don't buy a glorified Toyota from here.

Kinga H. | 2010-04-25

If it wasn't the closest location to me I'd probably never come back but then again a car only needs to be serviced every so often so I might as well make the drive to another location and receive decent customer service.

First time I took my car here, everything went smoothly until it was time to pick my car up... Took over an hour from the time they said it was ready... Why do you ask? oh well that is because they misplaced it!! Umm, that is just not okay. If you can't handle the simple task of putting the same tag number on the keys and the car then how can I trust you to do the appropriate work on my vehicle?! Strike one.

The staff here is not very friendly. Yes, there are some friendly and attentive staff members but as a majority they are rude and posses zero customer service skills. Another problem? When I get my car serviced, please do not give me a Camry that has been beat up from every angle as a loaner. Even calling to make an appointment you are greeted with attitude. Not the way to run a business. You're better off going to Jiffy Lube to get your car serviced (at least they are quick).

scott m. | 2010-03-02

The worst service experience relative to at least 4 other dealers that I have been to for service over the years.  The customer service is non existant - phone hold times are unreasonable.  When you go there physically they act like they are herding cows.  More importantly, they couldn't resolve a rattle and basically told me to live with it that another dealer resolves w/o any problems.  Finally, they are not pro-active about resolving service bulletins which has resulted in a lot of problems for me.  They are a big corporate (Penske) dealer w/ little immediate competition - but it is worth driving further to take care of your investment.