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Kearny Pearson Ford is fortunate to be backed by the strength of our manufacturer, Ford. We have worked diligently to achieve an increase in year over year sales, something many other car companies haven't attained in this current climate. This year, we have also hired more hard-working San Diegans to serve you, our customers. Much of this has been possible because we are part of an automotive company that strives for constant improvement and evolution.

Kearny Pearson Ford is proud to be a Triple Crown Award Winning Dealer and 8-time winner of the coveted President's Award. We rank in the top 10 in California for Ford sales and our parts and service business puts us in the top 15 nationwide. The number one reason for the success of Kearny Pearson Ford is the people we have in place in all of our departments. We feel our Service, Parts, Sales, and Collision Center have the best employees in San Diego representing us on a daily basis. We invite you to our dealership to see the difference...


Established in 1977.

Established in 1977, Kearny Pearson Ford is San Diego's longest AAA Certifed Repair Dealership, and has earned the distinctive Triple Crown Award for excellence in customer satisfaction, sales and parts. 8 time President's Award Winning Dealer for Excellence in Customer satisfaction. Kearny Pearson Ford's Award winning parts department proivdes more Ford parts to our customers, fleets, body shops and wholesalers than any other dealership in San Diego and boasts year-after-year Premier Club distiction.

Kearny Pearson Ford

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(858) 560-5544
Address:7303 Clairemont Mesa Blvd, San Diego, CA, 92111
  • Monday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: 10:00 am - 7:00 pm

Reviews on Kearny Pearson Ford

Shannon M. | 2015-04-24

I came here not sure if I wanted to buy a new car or a used one. I was looking to buy a car by the end of the week, but I wanted a fair deal. I went in for a test drive with Brian Chamberlin. Brian was ethical, thorough, and truly no pressure.

I ultimately purchased a different car at another dealer but because of the positive experience we had with Brian, I bring my car here for service.

Juan in the service department is the best. He keeps you updated on the status of your car and has a FANTASTIC attitude. I've brought my car in for warranty related issues twice now, and Juan has squeezed me in for an appointment for a dead battery when I wasn't able to schedule one online.

The waiting area in the service department is the comfiest I've ever been in. Large leather chairs, plenty of personal space, tables and chairs, free wifi, granola bars, water, and coffee.

Suzanne S. | 2015-04-20

Easy to deal with nonsense! Mark Ridener is man to see. Maintained attentiveness. Was not pushy or overbearing. Mark made sure I got the best deal for my new Escape and my trade in. Thank you Mark ! You rock!

Christopher M. | 2015-04-17

If you're in the market for a Kia or a Ford, then go see Tach Durdiev.   Talk about a no-BS guy that wants the best for his clients!   Tach will tell it like it is no matter what and he is a consummate professional.  He will lean on his managers to get you the best deal.  What's even better is that he responds to emails, texts and calls extremely fast, so you're never left guessing for days or even hours.  

Thank you, Tach, for restoring the name of car salesmen everywhere.

Gina P. | 2015-04-13

If you want an ethical, low pressure salesperson, Tach Durdiev is your guy.  Nothing will make me flee a dealership faster than a pushy salesperson.  This guy's desk is filled with sales awards and for good reason.    Not only was the buying experience, professional and respectful, there was a genuine issue with the car I purchase and he stayed in contact with me for month's, until it was resolved to my satisfaction.  The average salesperson would not have worked so hard on my behalf.  Obviously, his sales management supported him.  So, kudo's to them as well.

Michael M. | 2015-04-13

Brian Chamberlin is the man to see- no BS just an honest guy that will work to get you the best deal. Just got a new truck and the overall experience was fast and professional. Great job guys!

Gurudutt N. | 2015-04-12

I'm currently researching on cars. I was interested in Ford Mustang and so I visited Kearny Pearson Ford yesterday to know more about the car, pricing, etc.
The Salesman with whom I spoke to, initially gave me all details about car and also took me for the test drive. This was good. But, later...

When I requested about car pricing, he asked about my details. I'm currently on a student visa in US and I would be soon getting a work visa through my employer. After I gave this information, he went and spoke with someone and later asked me to get various documents like Passport, work visa, SSN card, SSN verification letter, etc. I know many people who are like me and have bought a Ford Mustang and it doesnt really require one to submit all these documents for financing.
In any case, I told him, I can get all these documents after I decide to buy this car, but I have not yet decided on buying this car and I was just expecting some information regarding prices and financing. He refused to provide me any information regarding these and asked me to come back with all those documents.
That's not cool at all. You would not lose anything by giving out an estimated quote to someone who is researching on cars.
I had visited various stores and everywhere, they gave me all pricing & financing information which I needed and I had no issues anywhere except here.

Jeannie S. | 2015-04-06

Kearny Pearson Ford Service Dept. offers Nordstrom-level customer service. Customer Service rep Chris, Customer Service rep Juan, Chad at Valet who didn't simply give random directions to the restroom ("it's over there") but actually escorted me far enough to find it; to the people who get you signed in and to the cashiers, EVERY ONE was patient and helpful. Plus they take good care of the car and provide honest help at reasonable prices.

John M. | 2015-04-02

I had bought my car here so I was getting it serviced here and they did the alignment. Well they said they had difficulty getting the camber right. Mind you its a Ford Escape not a Sports car. Well I took it to a mechanic I trust and both he and discount tire said I should take it back because they ruined my tires. I have tread on top but the insides all worn out past the tread. I had to spend $900 to replace 4 tires that I bought 2 years ago that should have lasted another 3 years. Also both the people at Discount Tire and DualTone which did my alignment said there should not have been any difficulty in getting the camber right on a car like this. I cannot recommend their service bay.

Joey P. | 2015-03-28

Bought a new Ford Fusion in 2012 and Joe Pichette gave me my first 5k service. He had me in and out in no time. He always hooks it up every time I go in. Best experience with a service adviser I've ever had! Enter code shabing for exceptional savings offers!

Pamela D. | 2015-03-27

Kearny Pearson Ford...Amazing Dealership! I purchased my Ford Fusion Energy last year and it is the best purchase i have ever made. The sales team and the service team at Kearny Pearson are top notch! Joe Pichette has been my service provider from day one and he has taken care of each of my needs, from oil changes to collison repairs after my beautiful new car was rearended recently. Thank you Kearny Pearson A-Team and a big shout out to Joe Pichette!

Omar O. | 2015-03-27

A great experience purchasing my new Fusion Energi from KPF, and the service dept. is always so friendly and helpful.  Have to give a special thank you to Service Specialist Joe Pichette, everytime I come in Joe makes everything so easy and speedy. Thankfully car is running great and I so happy with KPF and Joe P.-You the man

Josh P. | 2015-03-27

Joe Pichette dominates the service game in the ford industry. He's pleasant, professional and personable. Shabing!!

Jeffrey R. | 2015-03-26

This review is for one person in particular.  CAINEN WONG works in the service department and the guy is a class act.  I was having a really rough time with a repair situation and this guy flipped it 180 degrees.  He really went above and beyond to fix a bad situation.  The repair was fine, I'm not complaining really about that.  He is the type of guy you want running your customer service  department, no doubt no joke.   Hat off to you.

Albert M. | 2015-03-24

Looking for a HYBRID or EV, talk to Bill Bayne at KP Ford.  Spoke with every Ford dealership in North County and Bill was the ONLY one that had extensive knowledge of the incentives and rebates available for Hybrid and Electric vehicles.  

Many kids trying sell hybrid and EVs at San Diego Ford dealerships, seems to me only one adult has taken the time to understand the options.  Bill will educate you on the numerous incentives and get you what you want without hassle.  In fact, thanks to Bill pricing worked out better for a Hybrid than a regular vehicle.  Ask him about a $1500 CASH REBATE (thank you California) on top of crushing all payment terms offered by other Ford dealerships.

Initially spoke with Bill, explained exactly what my wife wanted and asked for a price quote.  Most reps I spoke with gave me the MSRP, one even hung up (Encinitas, lol).  Bill offered to email a specific breakdown of price, incentives, rebates and payment terms.  Called around and got some competitive prices, submitted these to Bill.  He comes back a few days later and exceeds my payment expectations.  Tells me he has to transfer the car from another dealership and will have it available in a day.  Additionally, he processes our Kia return (yes over the phone) and tells us not to worry about the mileage overage (more than 1500 miles).

Wife heads down to the dealership on a Friday afternoon, signs paperwork, walks thru features/operations of EV, processes State rebate, sends me a text of the car in our garage a few hours later.  No surprises, no bait/switch, no delays.

In my opinion, exactly how the online experience should work.  Thank you Bill, wife loves her Ford Energi.  Well done!

Cameorn D. | 2015-03-22

I came here to look for a new truck about 3 months ago. The service was pretty good, not much of a hassle to make a deal. However, after making the purchase for a 2013 F150 XLT they forgot to out in the floor mats. So it was a bit of a hassle to go back to the deanship since I live in Scripps Ranch. But whatever, Then I come back home and realize that the truck was never cleaned since the last owner. There was still dirt everywhere so that had to be detailed. So ehhh just another thing that needs to be done.

Then, I took in the truck for its first oil change at the dealership. I needed the the truck to be done fast so i appreciate there service of trying to get things accomplished on time for me. Although, one of the workers came up to me in the waiting room and said that the truck was damage after the oil change when they were driving it back. There was a good sized scratch to the quarter panel (about 1.5ft) so now the truck needs to be left overnight at there dealership to be fixed.

I work out of town so this is a bit of an inconvenience, and the paint that they put on will just never be the same anymore. The new car feel is just tainted.

Scott Z. | 2015-03-19

Communication between the dealership and public is poor, and seems to carry over to their intra-departmental communication as well.

Wrote them about  an SUV on-line and subsequently communicated through voice mail. After three communications indicating that I should come in and view the vehicle I went in. A salesman walked me all over the lot trying to find the vehicle, then said he didn't think it was there. After checking inventory with  a manager, it was determined that the vehicle was sent to auction. They offered to show me other SUV's but they were not the trim level I wanted so I declined.

A day later I was told they brought the vehicle back from auction so I could visit to see it in person once again. When I went to view it they claim to have sold it but once again offered to show me a lesser trim/model SUV.

Robert O. | 2015-03-13

Kearny Pearson Ford and KIA is THE most friendly and professional car dealership I have ever come across. I do not typically write reviews on anything but these guys deserve 5 stars! Christian, our dealer, truly did listen to our needs and didn't try to pressure us into buying a car we did not want or need. The whole car buying experience was pain free and much better than going to the snakes at Perry Ford of Poway!

George T. | 2015-03-11

My wife purchased a car and the protection plan from here about 2 years ago. Every experience we have had w routine maintainance, and with most recently with a recall, they have succeeded at sub-par service.

This has ranged from failing to call when the car is ready, calling us to say the car is ready and then making us wait 20+ minutes for the car once we arrive (this has happened at least 3 times), routinely trying to charge us for what our protection plan is supposed to cover, being pushy and short with us on the phone when our schedule conflicts with theirs, and most recently making us pay for fees associated with renting a car while they fixed a recalled clutch.

They are the stereotype of conniving, pushy car salesman, but with nicer haircuts.

YELP! Pay attention: after each service they tell their customers to leave a 5 star review, and then they tell the customer that the service member will receive a negative mark for anything less than 100% satisfaction. This goes against best practices and is unethical. They have a large sign bragging about all of their 5 star reviews,  which I find dubious at best.

Ashley J. | 2015-03-08

Amazing place!!! Just want to drop in and say this place is so patient and willing to help in any way! My husband, and I walked away with a Ford Edge yesterday after trading in a Jeep Patriot! My edge is sooo amazing and has major upgrades!! I LOVE it!

Robert there Internet sales guy, he's such an asset to this place! He knows what he's talking about, I told him exactly what I was looking for, asked him if it's even possible and BOOM he made it happen!! He's professional, kind, and made our experience there one we will never forget and most definitely recommending anyone we know to him for a car!!!

Lucky is who we saw in financing! He was just as cool! He worked the numbers to where we got our payment where we wanted it to be along with a package to spray our car on the inside and out! He was so nice, explained things to us and went through everything we were signing and answered all questions! Being able to have Robert and Lucky work with us made our time with Ford legendary and will most definitely recommend anyone we know your guys way!!

Sam N. | 2015-02-27

Just purchased my 2015 Mustang. Keith was my sales rep and Lucky helped with the finance. ASK for Keith Martin when you visit Kearny Pearson. He is hands down the best dealer I Have ever dealt with and he will help get you the deal you are looking For!!!! Like I said I am super happy with the deal that I got and feel very blessed. Thank you Keith! You made my dreams come true.

Sam Newman

Jesse P. | 2015-02-22

Bought a 2014 F150 from Brian. I cannot say enough about his demeanor, attitude and professionalism. Brian knew my budget and my end goal and worked with me to get the truck where I wanted to be. Everyone else in the process was professional and courteous. See Brian for anything you need. The guy is awesome.

Shelly L. | 2015-02-21

We find ourselves in San Diego enjoying a day at Mission Bay Beach. Then as we are getting ready to leave my husband realizes that his rental car Keys are gone. We called Fox Car Rental and they told us too bad they have nothing for us and to figure it out or tow it to them and they will charge us for a new key. So we called this dealership to see what our options were and they are amazing. So helpful and very friendly. They got us on our way and handled it very professionally. They had managers and all involved to get us a new key and on our way in an hour and a half including the tow in. Thank you so much you are a life saver. By the way don't go to the Ford Dealer on Mission Bay they tried  to charge us for Two keys and service fees in access of $600. We paid under $300 for our service here. Again many thanks to all the great people at Kearny Pearson Ford. Sarah, Curt, Eric and Danton.  

George and Shelly

Valerie S. | 2015-02-20

If you are in the market for a new ford or Kia come to this dealership! Ask to see Mike Tahbaz! He was amazing! So helpful and ran around with us for 2 hours until we had the exact vehicle we wanted! Everyone here was very friendly and got us the best deal!!

Kate U. | 2015-02-20

After dealing with horrible customer service at Mossy Ford, we came here and what a pleasant experience. We had Audrey as our Sales Agent and she was amazing, so sweet and honest. She was very accommodating and authentic, really enjoyed our time with her- even though you're making a huge decision on a car! They have a great selection and it doesn't have a pushy, off vibe in there!

Terry H. | 2015-02-20

A truly fantastic place!

Anthony M. | 2015-02-19

First off I want to say this was a great dealership to work with!

I am so happy Alex Collins helped us find our new 2015 Ford Explorer. I told him my price range and he stayed with that, until I voiced more of what I was looking for. Not one single time did he show frustration or irritation of having to get keys for multiple suvs. He was a pleasure to do business with!! He was funny, truly seemed to be honest and VERY hard working. He was not pushy in anyway and listened to my SUV needs.

When it came to finance, insurance, and extended warranty, they gave me a few days to either finance with them or USAA and in the end we decided to through Kearny Pearson ford. We absolutely loved Lucky in finance! He was clear and to the point and saved us money!

Marvin S. | 2015-02-18

This may be one of the hardest reviews I've ever written. However, it must be done.

Robert Lesniak was my sales rep and I can say that he did an outstanding job with me. He and I communicated throughout the whole process via email, phone and text message and it was great. I had the sense that he truly cared about what I wanted in a car and I knew he would be relentless at getting me into the car I wanted for the price I wanted to pay. Keep in mind a few things that swayed me to even coming here was:

1. I had a trade in that was paid off.

2. Family A Plan from my father in law.

3. End of the year incentives for a 2014 model

4. Excited about what Ford has been doing and this would be potentially my first Ford!

I came here looking for a specific car, and while they had a few that were close, they did not have it in stock, but they had one on order. I came a little before my appointment with Robert and I got to deal with Shan. Shan was very friendly and helpful, but he seemed busy. The whole dealbreaker for me was the price of the trade in. Shan got the paperwork started and when I finally met Rob, the trade in value was appraised for $10,000. I was in shock and very happy, and I pretty much wanted to do the deal right then and there. However, the car wasn't there, so the waiting began.

The car took over a month to get into the dealership, but before it got there, I had to come in and sign the contract to take advantage of all the deals I was going to get. I was already given a quote on how much I was going to pay for the car (monthly payment that I wanted) and the trade appraisal. This is where things got bad quickly.

When I came in that day, Rob and I walked to the trade in car to redo the trade in appraisal because it happened to go missing. RED F'IN FLAG. As I helped read off the odometer, he asked me to repeat it because he thought the appraisal was for a car with 10,000 miles, not 100,000 miles. Are you kidding me?! Now, I wasn't particularly mad at him, but I was and am still mad at the process to this day. We went back into the showroom and I then proceeded to brood for about almost 2 hours on whether or not I was going to walk out of there. I lost about $3000 in trade in value for that mistake!

So what happened? I ended up signing the deal, taking advantage of a Ford Financing rebate and was still able to get within $20 of my monthly payment by financing with Navy Federal. The finance guy was really high pressure type of person, and if you have a weak mind or heart, you will end up adding all sorts of crap to your financing car that may or may not be for you. DON'T DO IT!

Am I a little ticked about what happened? Kinda yes. Did Rob take good care of me? I believe for the most part he did. I couldn't help but feel a little played, but at the same time I know people make honest mistakes. Not sure if Shan was the real problem or not. Not sure if the sales manager messed up or not. I still got a killer deal on this car. They did collectively do what appeared to be the best under the circumstances. Would I come back to Kearny Pearson Ford again? I'm not sure that I can after this happened. I'm sure these things happen and I certainly hope that someone was held accountable for what happened to me. Usually when you have this really bad feeling in your stomach, you want to just get the hell out of there. I felt this way, so just be careful, do your research, and be prepared to be in the dealership for a long time before you actually get to walk out with your vehicle! Good luck!

Alyssa L. | 2015-02-12

I went into the service department yesterday with my Ford Escape. I met with Les Schivo who was so nice and then also had the pleasure of meeting Sarah W. Without getting into much detail-- I just felt compelled to let everyone know how accommodating and lovely they both were to work with, and I would expect the kind of 5 star service from foreign/fancy car dealership, and was so pleased to have received it from Kearney Pearson Ford. I am 7.5 months pregnant and they really made me feel like they were looking out for me. Thank you!

Ronda M. | 2015-02-11

I just tried to buy a new truck for my husband through the internet sales department, it was the worst experience ever! First the quoted me a price via email, we like it so we made an appt and went in, the showed me a different truck than what they emailed me, than they said they could not do it for the price they quoted me because of a math error! The truley
the biggest bat and switch it ever seen!!

Irina I. | 2015-02-11

Last December we purchased Ford Fusion here. Our assistant Ariel was very young but very helpful. The service was excellent, the whole of the process was not more than two hours. We went happy off the store with the new car.

Mike A. | 2015-02-10

Mike Brancato is the best service writer out there...customer is his middle name! He takes the time to understand what you need and has a bias for action! Plus he's an Aztecs fan!

Tom C. | 2015-02-09

I recently bought a new Ford Explorer from these guys. Lots of dealers to choose from but I must say that Andre our sales rep knew the product so well that my wife and I felt we had owned the car for some time already. WOW!! He wasn't pushy at all and even though we walked of the lot the first night so we could look at other dealers we weren't followed up with those harassing calls. Nice work Andre. What made the real sweet deal was meeting Muaz the finance manager. I actually feel as if I had made a new friend meeting this guy!! You cant go wrong checking out this dealership if your looking for a new vehicle. I just want to say thanks FORD

Spencer B. | 2015-01-31

I love looking at new vehicles but I can't stand the stereotypical car salesman....  Thankfully this dealership does not operate like most places. The salesman are processional and do not overly pressure the customers. I appreciate that!

Laura D. | 2015-01-31

Brian Chamberlin was my sales person and he was really great. I was a little overwhelmed by all the options  I had found in my internet research and he zeroed in in what would fit me and got me into a car I LOVE. Lucky Win was my warranty and alarm sales guy and he explained everything clearly and without pressure and got me a great warranty and alarm. I've been telling all my friends and co-workers to go check your guys out cause they're the best!

Alex G. | 2015-01-31

Recently purchased a brand new 2014 F150 XLT and I must say the experience was amazing. Having this to be my first new car purchase experience I was so happy to have worked with Bryan Chamberlin.  I did all the pre-work using the internet service quote process and when I walked in Bryan made me feel like I was getting the greatest deal.  This purchase made me feel great from the initial sit down to the test drive and then finally to the signing over of my new car. If ever in the area of purchasing from Kearny Pearson Ford I suggest you call Brian Chamberlin to make that happen.  Thanks again. The truck is amazing.

Serve And Protect K. | 2015-01-19

After test driving a Mustang & F150 today, I must highly recommend the team & especially Ron Faulkner in sales @ Kearney Pearson Ford. Ron is so knowledgeable about all of the 2015 & earlier vehicles. He was easy-going & pleasant; led us down the path of excitement over buying a Ford yet never pushed or annoyed us. Just the opposite of what most of us think about when facing a car purchase. See you soon Ron. Giddy UP Pony ;-D  Susie Randa (Susie Fantuzzi on fb ;-)

Sharron T. | 2015-01-16

I still give Kearny Pearson Ford 5 stars and their service department and my service advisor Mike Brancato is awesome. They have help keep my 2007 Ford Focus going. Just replaced her power steering but they say shes do good for her age. Thanks Again;)

Janie R. | 2015-01-10

Just bought our third vehicle from KP Ford. Mr. Keith Martin was very helpful and created a positive experience with the purchase. I will recommend the dealership and Mr. Martin to anyone interested in a buying Ford!!

TJ K. | 2015-01-03

This is our second car from KP Ford/Kia.  Brian Chamberlin sold both of them to us and I highly recommend him for his professionalism, knowledge and desire to take care of the customer.  We definitely recommend seeing him for your vehicles purchase needs!

Jeremy B. | 2015-01-02

I needed a car and was lucky enough to work with Tach Durdiev a sales and leasing consultant at Kearny Pearson Ford. He was super patient and extremely helpful at helping us with the entire process. I highly recommend him and the dealership. Thank you.

Jeremy W. | 2014-12-30

I recently purchased my new Ford Fusion here.  After price shopping at several Ford dealerships in San Diego County, Kearny Pearson was able to offer the best deal and dollars for my trade in.   I also got the exact model and color I was seeking.  Way to go for a sales atmosphere that was no pressure.... such a relief after my last car buying experience prior to this one. Only one complaint,  they seem to handle such a volume of sales that makes the buying experience not the quickest.    Overall I'm incredibly  happy with the Fusion, my first American car!  12,000 miles in and it still feels brand new. ...not a single issue.

Andrew S. | 2014-12-26

We had a warranty issue with our Kia Sorrento.  We dealt with Robert in Service.  I run a construction company and have found a critical component to success is communication with the customer.  Robert called me each day to status me on the progress of our repair.  This is the kind of communication I reward at my company.  It is hard to find this level of service these days and I can't thank Robert enough for his attention to detail.  Our buying experience at this dealership with Andy was fantastic and now I can also say I am very pleased with the Service department.

Samuel M. | 2014-12-25

Unfortunately I have changed my opinion about Kearny Pearson Ford. The last time I had my oil changed I showed my service rep (timothy) some problems with a strip of top molding on my new car that was missing. He assured me he would order a new piece and would call me. Of course the call never came. About one month later, I called him and left a detailed message asking him if the molding was in yet. No return phone call. Two weeks later I left a detailed message for the service manager. No return phone call. I then sent a detailed email to the sales rep that sold me the car. No reply email. Quite frankly I am shocked how Kearny Pearson Ford has treated me. A long standing customer who has purchased two vehicles from them deserved better service. I have now taken my business to Perry Ford in Poway. So far so good!!

Erin R. | 2014-12-14

On November 28th (which was coincidentally Black Friday this year), my dad, boyfriend and I set out on a journey to look at cars.  I had been driving a vehicle that my parents initially put the down payment on as a graduation gift, and that I'd been making payments on.  But it wasn't a good fit for me, and it wasn't really mine.

We walked into Kearny Pearson Ford and Keith met us and started helping us look right away.  He crunched some numbers pretty quickly into our search, while we were standing out in the lot, and made it pretty clear that I could probably afford something new.  This was completely news to me, since we'd been looking mostly at used vehicles, thinking that they'd fall better into my budget.  Keith was so patient, especially considering that I needed lots of reassurance from my family that I was making a smart decision in buying a car.  After all, a vehicle is a HUGE purchase, and really the first big decision of my life that I've been able to make entirely on my own.  

I always feel a little bad about being picky-- is the arm rest exactly where I need it to be comfortable?  Can I deal with manual windows?  I don't like beige interior, so is that ok?  But Keith was very up-front about it being ok to be picky when making a big decision, and being sure that I'd be happy with my final purchase.

Eventually, I ended up purchasing a new 2014 Ford Focus.  AND I'M IN LOVE WITH IT!  The whole process was rather painless, and Keith went so out of his way to make sure that I got everything I wanted out of the car.  He sat with me in it after all the paperwork had been signed to teach me about the blue tooth, he printed out several different stat sheets about the different models and individual vehicles so we could compare monthly prices, he ran back and forth to the finance guys in the glass booth to try and finagle my monthly payments.  Hell, he even let us eat burritos for dinner at his desk (we were there for a while...)  And it was all so incredibly worth it in the end.

Nick J. | 2014-12-12

I purchased my F-150 from here 3 years ago. I was very particular in what I wanted and it took a few months of searching to find exactly what I wanted. Sean my salesperson was great and gave me very competitive pricing. I ended up buying the truck the day after thanksgiving and the entire process was quite smooth.

Since then I've had the truck serviced here exclusively always with great results. Most recently, and the reason for this review, I took my truck in to learn that a multi function switch and power steering gear were shot and needed to be replaced. I voiced concern that since the truck had under 50k miles and was only 3 years old it shouldn't have worn out so soon. I am out of warranty and at the will of the dealership but my service adviser Terry went out of his way to work with Ford directly and negotiate on my behalf. He was able to get almost 70% off the normal price with Ford picking up the rest of the tab. Service like that will make me keep coming back.

K W. | 2014-12-04

Mr Keith Martin helped me out in purchasing a new Ford Explorer. He and the team there could not have made it a better buying experience. Right off the bat I knew was going to be my guy

Without going into detail we had a big issue the day after my purchase and the team there including Keith went to great lengths to solve the problem and put my mind at ease. Kudos to mike as well. I highly recommend you purchase your next car here!

Rebecca N. | 2014-12-02

After writing my review, I received a prompt contact from KIA early the next morning.
Doug was extremely helpful & attentive.
Funny enough, he was the good manager that saw us the first night & asked if we were ok (before we had the problems)! :)

My work schedule is really busy, so even though he emailed me, my fiance called him back. Doug expressed how sorry he was for all of the mishaps & said he really wanted to work something out for us. He explained reasoning behind the deposit, saying it was more of the banks decision than anything. Also, he wanted to set up appointments asap to have us meet the tech person & fix the NAVI for us.

We met with him in person today & both he & Mr. Wong (from the service department) truly went above & beyond for us. Not only did Doug apologize & show great care in meeting both of us, he made sure we met, & were familiar with all of the employees that were going to make our situation better.

My fiance & I are both in the service industry, so we really don't complain (I've never even had a yelp until now). We didn't even really expect much in return since a contract is a contract.

But again, everyone we met today was extremely helpful, paid great attention to detail & really, truly, made us not only feel at home, as well as assuring us that if we had any problems, to contact them so they can fix it. They wanted to make us happy so that we can continue to come back even years down the line when we're ready to make our next car purchase.

Now I know they can't do this every time or for everyone, but considering our situation, they gave us prepaid maintenance (oil change & tire rotations) for 2 years, which is amazing & far more than I expected. If anything, the least I expected was to maybe move the first months payment to Jan 1st.

The other thing, was that they said the bank didn't approve the initial loan, (it was stretched out more months than the bank wanted) so they made an agreement with the bank to make the loan over less months & keep the same monthly payment for us. This meant the GAP insurance changed a bit, but we definitely appreciated this, because shortening the months would normally mean that the price per month would go up a bit; but again, considering our initial interactions, they made huge exceptions for us.

Lastly, in signing the new contract with the PP maint & updated financing, in the end they were able to push the first months payment to 1/15. This was definitely not expected atop everything else & was the cherry on top for us, so we didn't have to stress to get $2.000 together before christmas eve.

Again, Doug & everyone else we came into contact with was AMAZING today & truly made us feel like they are going to take care of us (& that we would feel comfortable getting a car from them in the future).

I think that with any place there can be a few bad apples, & that might have been what we came across that first day, but I'm sure they were spoken to & I would DEFINITELY recommend this KIA. After all, a big reason why we wanted to go there in the first place WAS the good reviews, & so long story short, I'd say that if you come here you are in good hands as they do really try their best.

Wayne L. | 2014-12-02

What a wonderful experience. Service was top notch and professional. I googled Ford Dealers and they came up top in the area. I was not disappointed.

L K. | 2014-11-30

Saleem + 2015 'Stang GT Premium = 10 stars.

That is all.

Michele U. | 2014-11-28

I would give them 10 stars if I could.

We were greeted upon arrival. Walked through to meet our friend and salesman, Tach. For Black Friday we were taken care of rather quickly with little delay. Tach is a delight. Courteous, friendly, and hilarious, I highly recommend going to him for all your Ford purchasing needs.

For the final wrap up of the purchase my husband and I were introduced to James, who also, fantastic.

They take their time to explain anything you may not understand and do not pressure you to purchase a vehicle. Stellar service!

Denise D. | 2014-11-24

Just purchased my second Ford Edge from KP Ford!  Great experience!  I went through the USAA buying service again, and the whole process was very transparent.  No hidden charges, and when I settled on a different vehicle than the one I originally requested, they honored the price I had using my TRUCAR app (which is the service USAA uses).  Many rebates are available now, and I also received and additional $750 for being a repeat customer!

What I like best about the experience is that most of it was handled over the phone and via email.  When I walked into the dealership, much of the paper work was completed, I already had a price on my trade in, and I was out the door in under 2 hours!

I highly recommend this dealership, and specifically Bill Bayne,  Shan Persaud, Dave Holmerud, Lucky Huynh in finance (He's a riot!!), and Raye (?) that helped me set up the SYNC system.  

Best car purchase ever!  Thanks!

John S. | 2014-11-23

Best car buying experience I've ever had.  Keith Martin and Bill Bayne were both great to work with -- genuine, friendly and fun to talk to.  They worked to get us the best deal...even searching for rebates we didn't know we were qualified for.  No pressure even at the deal close.  I highly recommend this dealership and Keith and Bill specifically.

Kim F. | 2014-11-18

Found Kearny Pearson through a car buying service and it was worth the 2.5 hour drive to get there. Mark Ridener was my initial contact and stayed with me through the entire deal for a 2015 Mustang GT.  Excellent, excellent service.  Mark was on top of his game and I was impressed from the get-go.  When we met in person, I was not disappointed.  Easy going manner, no pressure, wanted to ensure I got what I wanted (and I did).  A shout out to the finance manager (way to go Muaz) for working quickly and efficiently with a very relaxed and personable manner.  I'll be coming back to this dealership, for sure.

Lo B. | 2014-11-17

This is a review for the Service Department. I had taken my F150 into another local dealer twice complaining about a thumping rattle coming from the rear of the truck when it shook or bounced lightly over small bumps. This first dealership (who will remain anonymous) basically threw in the towel and claimed that this noise was a 'normal characteristic'. So at the advice of Ford Customer Service, I took the truck in to Kearny Pearson Ford, since they are supposed to have one of the largest service departments in San Diego county.

Long story short, they gave me the opportunity to get the truck back at any time, but asked to keep it until they could fix the problem. With strange noises like I was having, it is largely a process of elimination. They had the truck for almost 5 business days, and were able to find and replace the parts causing the problem. The noise is now gone, and I would highly recommend Kearny Pearson Ford for Service if your local dealership isn't going the extra mile for you.

Ashley P. | 2014-11-16

Had such a wonderful experience here! I wanted to trade in my sorento for an optima but couldn't go above the trade in value cause I needed to keep my monthly payments the same. Shaun the salesman let me take one of the brand new 2015 kia optima for a test drive and understood my situation fully. After some talking and reviewing I was able to trade in my 2014 sorento for a 2015 optima fully loaded. They paid off my existing loan to navy federal AND my payments are lower now than before! The whole process was a very pleasant experience and all of the staff was very friendly and considerate, constantly offering beverages and keeping me updated as to how long it was going to take. And Shaun has made the extra effort to keep in contact and make sure all is still well with my vehicle! It was really nice to see them go the extra mile for their military community !

Samantha Y. | 2014-11-13

Wow! Where do I begin? My son wanted to buy a new car and had made up his mind that he wanted a Ford C-Max and he wanted it from Pearson, so we headed that way. We get there and I see a salesman and asked him to show us the C-Max, his name was Saleem. I am not going to make this a long story so let me just say this...Saleem rocked it! He was fast, knowledgable, friendly and professional. He was so damn good we bought two cars. Now cut to the finance portion of car buying. Lucky was just as Awesome!! These two make a great team. I highly recommend you go to Pearson and ask for these two guys if you plan on buying a car. Trust me. We had a contract change, bam the new contract was ready the very next day. They don't schmooze you and forget you. GO TO PEARSON FORD you'll be glad you did. Thanks again Saleem and Lucky
Jay and Mom

Krystle L. | 2014-11-11

I tried looking for a car here and Had a guy come up and totally ignored us and it will never buy or recommend this place! Bad service!

Jo J. | 2014-11-05

I leased a Ford Fusion Hybrid last week and Keith Martin was very helpful. He is very knowledgeable and professional. I told him what I could afford and what I wanted and he made it happen! He located the exact car I wanted with the pricing I needed. I couldn't have asked for better service. I originally went to Drew Ford but they were quite rude.  I am so happy I found Kearny Pearson Ford and Keith! Thank you so much!

Katie M. | 2014-11-04

They are so over priced on there services it's ridiculous. I went to get my oil changed and it was for a good price but at the end the gentleman name Juan came out and went over everything. He then quoted me for a serp belt on my 2005 ford explorer and labor was 120$ and part was 80$ so total bill would be 200$. Now I get that looks can be deceiving but let me tell you Mr. Juan I was born and raised in the great motor city and although I maybe a girl I can tell you right now it will not take anyone 2 hours or 120$ in labor to do a serp belt. The book itself states it's a job that takes 20 mins so to quote  me for 2 hours of labor for a 20 min job was your  first wrong move. Second wrong move was to quote again that I needed a new battery and that would be another 190$ better be one gosh darn amazing battery there Bro! It must of been nice to think you could do that and over price stuff. I will never give this place any of my business and I will let everyone just how much Juan likes to jack up the prices and state it takes 2 hours when it's really a 0.4 timed job. Also I'd like to note that they must of tried to attempt to fix the bottom part of my door the trim is coming off but in that attempt they screwed it up pushing it forward so I can barely open my passenger side door and it pushes the trim up in front of it now. Thanks for nothing guys ! Be careful most of the crap they list is routine that can be done lil by lil and when something needs to be done now just take your car home and check it yourself then call around for better prices. It's a shame people like you see the need to try and rip off people who come into your business.

* edit * the price for the battery was roughly 140$ not the 190$ I typed. I have always been a for hard ford person as my cuz works  as a certified mechanic for a ford dealership in another state and my grandfather retired from ford. I know the serp belt dose only take 20 mins to get done with an appt so to quote me for 120$ in labor for an hour job is still a bit unsettling. I did take my truck to another place and it was in and out in 20 mins and was a lot cheaper then what I was quoted for. I understand that there rate for labor may be a flat rate but again just a little unsettling to be quoted so much in labor.

Jenn K. | 2014-10-29

EDITED/UPDATED: My initial review from last was a blunt and honest two star assessment of my initial disappointment with the dealership when I bought my new car there last night. While the sale itself went smoothly and my sales guy Mark gave me what I felt was a fair deal, he handed off my wrap up to a colleague who failed to program my security remote correctly. As soon as I got home from the dealership with my brand new car, the first feature didn't work when I went to lock my car via remote. Talk about a buzz kill. I was irritated, but I live five minutes away so I drove straight back. However, no one was able to help me and it appeared to me that no one cared to even try. I realized that no one on site was making a commission from my sale, and even though that's par for the course when it comes to competitive sales, I was still extremely disappointed. I've worked in inside sales, on a salary (no commission) and I still always made it a point to go an extra mile out of pride for the company, regardless of the fact that I wasn't taking any personal gains on the sales or the discounts I found that helped increase the commissions of my sales team.

However, one of my statements in my initial review was that I understood that mistakes happen. And having working in inside sales and service, I've been on the "giving" end of making an error. While we all want things to go smoothly the first time around, no one is perfect and then it is about how the offending party attempts to make things right. And Pearson Ford made every effort to make up for the the failed programming and the lack of customer service the night before. My sales rep, his manager and even the finance rep reached out by phone, text and email. I was actually in meetings all morning, watching my phone buzz with what turned out to be their calls, as they attempted to find out what they could do to make amends. Mark came over on my lunch break, fixed/reprogrammed the remote and even comped me a free tank of gas for my next fill up. I appreciated his sincere apologies and wanted to update/revise my review as a token for my appreciation.

Cris L. | 2014-10-25

My old car was getting high in mileage, so I was thinking of getting a new car. We went to Ford (closest dealership to us that was in my price range) to take a look at focuses or something in my budget. We arrived at 10 minutes to closing by accident because we didn't realize what time they closed, but one of the associates, Alejandro (Alex), offered to help us anyway. He listened to our situation and took us to the back lot to show us more options. I would not have been offended if he asked us to come back another day since they were closing, but he was so helpful and stayed later just to help us. I was also hesitant because I wasn't ready to buy or make any offers, but he assured me that this is just to look, and I don't have to buy anything if I'm not ready. It really put my mind at ease, and I was able to learn a lot about focuses and fiestas. Even got to sit in a focus and play with the buttons.

Later, we found out that USAA has a car buying program that helped put the focus more into my price range, so I immediately went back to Kearny Pearson Ford because they seemed genuinely eager to help. Alex was busy, but his colleague, Mark, was able to help us and was just as great. There was no pressuring, and I felt completely at ease. He was very patient with me as we kept walking back and forth down the aisles of cars in the hot sun. Not only did he not complain, but he even helped me find the package/options I wanted and didn't try to sell me a more expensive model. Meanwhile, Alex was getting my old car appraised.

In the end, I decided on a focus -- the very same one I sat in the other night -- and the test drive was so much fun. We went back to the office to do the credit check and paperwork, and I felt apprehensive again because my prior experience at other dealerships were always so stressful and negative. Nope! It was a breeze. The most difficult question I had to answer was what my address was before my current place. I ended up trading my old car in as well, and they gave me a fair price for that piece of junk. At some point, Alex was free and took over the paperwork with us, explaining maintenance stuff and general logistics of the car. We then went with a man named James who did the official paper-signing, handling down payment, etc. Again, he didn't even try to sell me extra add-ons I wouldn't want, and he kept it real with us.

Overall, we were there for three hours, including me taking my time to look for the right car. These guys went above and beyond to help us, and I love my new focus. Easiest car purchasing experience ever. Thank you!

Kristen P. | 2014-10-18

Update: the day after I posted this review I was contacted by Tom Nichols, the Sales Manager for Kearny Pearson Ford.  He was extremely apologetic for the customer service I received and assured me they would be reviewing their customer service training.  He hand delivered the items I had left in the Fiesta to my apartment complex and gave me a $50 gift card as recompense for refilling the loaner vehicle.

However, when I asked what would be done to fix the issues with CPO vehicles (as mine is number 4 this year that has had issues, at least according to Yelp reviews), Mr. Nichols seemed a bit evasive.  At first he stated that he could not speak to the process because he is not the Service Manager; then he said he did not notice the other reviews I had mentioned; then finally he said we could both look at the reviews together and try to come to a solution.  (He also offered to try and sell me another car) Two days later he did contact me to ask for "some extra points on that Yelp review".  I told him I'd be happy to update my review once we had reviewed their CPO inspection process and I proposed a date to meet up; he said that date wouldn't work but did not propose an alternate date.  He has not contacted me since.

I appreciate the apology for the bad customer service.  My main concern was being sold a faulty used vehicle though, and that was not addressed.  It also is worrying that KPF still will not acknowledge that they did sell a vehicle to me with a mechanical issue, or apologize for placing a customer in a dangerous car.

I'd be happy to do that review of your inspection process any time, Mr. Nichols.  Just contact me.

Tom W. | 2014-10-14

Most people will tell you about when they bought a vehicle or when they have it serviced but I will tell you 6 years after the fact. I admit I was dumb when I bought the car but these people took advantage of me bigtime. They sold me things I didn't need when they knew I was trying to keep cost down. I paid $2000 extra plus intrest for 6 years for a warranty that was supposed to last till $100,000 miles.-through the life of the loan. The car contract had a hidden clause that expired the warranty far before the loan was ever paid off and we never knew it. This dealer dated our warranty back to more than a year before we ever owned the car and cheated us out of a year of coverage we paid for when we didn't even own the car. The Finance person who sold us the car never fully explained the car contract and all the clauses-especially the warranty issue which was the most important. So our car has 74,000 miles on it and is now somehow paid off. What a relief that nothing went wrong with the car-it's been out of warranty now for 2 years. I figure this place cost us 6 grand. lot's of money we sure could have used for life and we are not rich. This dealer sends us notices to bring in our car for service and we just laugh.....oh sure

H. R. | 2014-10-10

To start, I want to say that I have always had a positive experience with the service staff here.  They are courteous and professional, and are not high-pressure regarding the 'suggested' maintenance (which I typically do myself or take to the local mechanic given that my warranty has expired and the typical dealership markup on parts).

My issue as of late, which my wife has also experienced lately, is the unreasonable wait times for simple maintenance tasks, especially when we made appointments ahead of time.  We both brought our cars (both Fords) in here over last month for an oil change and called at least 48 hours ahead for an appointment.  Each time, the service appointment lasted over 2 1/2 hours.  This especially frustrating when the estimated wait times we were given when checking in were 45-90 minutes.  I think 90 minutes is unreasonable for an oil change, but nothing I can do about it if they're busy.  However, when I make an appointment and I still need to wait nearly 3 hours, I start to get a little annoyed.

In the past, I have enjoyed the convenience of their location and demeanor of their service staff, however given the wait times on the past couple visits, I think it's time to start shopping for a new service location.

Xianghui C. | 2014-10-07

Update--I was too sharp on language before but anyways, it was my worst experience with dealerships in SoCal.

Katie C. | 2014-10-07

Great selection and the staff was outstanding. Michael Hayney was a great help in getting our daughter her first car. They went out of their way to assure the process was easy and stress free. Thank you Michael! The new Ford Fiesta is a great little car that is perfect for our needs. The GM Doug Davis was instrumental in helping us get what we wanted for the best price possible. For the first time I walked out of a car dealership confident in our selection and price. Customer service is definitely a top priority for Kearny Pearson Ford/Kia.

Analisa P. | 2014-09-30

We just bought our 2011 Toyota 4Runner yesterday. Our sales associate, Michael Hayney, was very friendly and allowed us to explore the lot and answered any questions we had. When it was time to discuss pricing and other options, you could tell he had our best interests at heart. Adam, the sales manager was also willing to compromise to meet us with where we were comfortable.

Our great experience continued with Farhan in the finance department.

This was me and my husband's first car purchase together, and the experience at Kearny Pearson Ford was a great experience! I will definitely recommend this dealership to my friends and family when they are in search of a new car!

Daniel S. | 2014-09-28

I went to them for a check up, it took twice the time they quoted. That's excusable but not this: Then I called back to get my cluster panel serviced and schedule a time to come in, they bounced me 3 times between service and parts with no answers. No one wanted to help me, worst service ever. Imagine being pawned off 3 times with no communication each time and re-explaining your simple situation and the internal situation of the last personnel. I'll find someone who can be polite and help me solve my problems with my vehicle. All they had to do was order a cheap part and then do the labor and make 8-10x the cost of that. I'm in customer service guys come on.

lisa l. | 2014-09-24

I had a lease of a KIA Sportage and loved the car and the service getting me the exact vehicle that I wanted.  At the end of the lease, I was contacted by Steve Ethredge about end of lease protocol. I got into another lease, he helped me get into a Sorrento which I love. He is very easy to deal with and provides fantastic customer service. He has been doing business for many years in San Diego and has helped many families get cars and many return customers which I like. Very smooth process and I recommend him highly.

Grace C. | 2014-09-15

*Service Review Only*

We brought in a Ford Focus with a tire problem, and decided to do a 35,000 maintenance service. The appointment was made the same day, first thing in the morning, for 2.5 hrs later. When we brought it in, the service mechanic estimated about 90 minutes until completion after we filled out the necessary paperwork. We left to run some errands, and sure enough, 90 minutes later (ON THE DOT), we get a call letting us know that the car is ready. We had a nail in the tire which was taken out, and patched, at no charge! The service package was technically paid for when the car was bought, so none of the maintenance charges applied.

Receiving the car was also no problem. We waited outside for less than 5 minutes before they brought the car out. Easy peasy, no hassles, no issues. No salesmen trying to bother us with nonsense, unlike Norm Reeves Honda. This experience was great, and I hope that they can keep this status quo.

Leanne D. | 2014-09-10

I purchased a Ford Focus two weeks ago and had a great experience. Matt Foulger was my salesman, he was very patient and friendly. He helped me find a car within my budget. Maz in finance was also very helpful and explained everything to me that I had questions on. Overall it was a great experience and I would recommend your dealership to friends and family.

Diane E. | 2014-08-29

I'm happy to upgrade Kearny Pearson Ford to 5 stars.  I had a recall item on my Mariner and was able to make an appointment and take my vehicle in on Monday.  I took the shuttle back home as I was working from home that day.  They called me when the vehicle was ready (and washed!) and shuttle guy picked me up.  I like that this place is closer to where I now live.

Mayra C. | 2014-08-29

So excited,,,very friendly very profesional..didnt take to long...u want a new car come soon as im done paying my new car defenitely coming back for another...

aftab j. | 2014-08-27

Bought a car from here a few months ago and I am very happy with my purchase. Pam was my sales person and she was great. I had been in the market and shopping around for 2 months and stopped here to just see what they had. Pam was friendly and very accommodating

Nicole G. | 2014-08-27

It is so nice to go into this car dealership and always be greeted by a smile. It is very clean, smells good, and they even have a play area for kids. I have came here for service needs and each time was treated with the utmost respect. These people truly have made me feel at home. Tim LaFuze is such a nice guy! He was very patient with me when I asked a million questions and went out of his way to help me with a trim piece that was coming off on the front of my car. He was so sweet to my kids, and didn't make me feel like I was an inconvenience when the kids got a little bit rowdy. I have nothing but good things to say about this dealership and I will always come here for my service or car buying needs.

Jue H. | 2014-08-21

There is not much to say in a A+ review.
As Tolstoy's first line of Anna goes,  'All happy families are alike'

Yet if you don't find it too tedious to read, I am presenting my happy story afterwards.

I came to San Diego for school with 2 suitcase and a bag. Yes, a car is what kicks off the life in California. First credit is for who leads me to a 2012 Mustang for sale at Kearny Pearson.

Ever since I left my note on their website, I had been feeling their nice service. A online agent was there ready for any question.

Mike, a kind and experienced agent, made an appointment for me. I was concerned about the transportation to their site----Luckily, he offered more than a shuttle. He came with the Mustang and put me on the driver's seat. While I feel the power of the courser, he explained to me all details in record.

The only thing I had at the beginning was an intention. Two hours later I am away with my car. I don't mean to skip any parts, it was just this easy and natural.

All in all, I have my utmost trust in this dealership through their agent.

Daniel P. | 2014-08-17

Greeted immediately by a sales representative, we told him which model we were interested in and he said that he had many to choose from. At which point he made my wife and I walk half of a mile in the middle of the day in August to the back of the lot. He did not come prepared with keys to any of the vehicles, so we waited for him to grab the keys in the blistering parking lot. Then once he grabbed said keys, he realized that the battery was dead, so we patiently waited for him the jump the vehicle (as opposed to grabbing a set of keys to the other 30 similar vehicles) After he was able to get the car started, he kindly asked us not to turn the car off at any point in the test drive for fear that we may be stranded. The sales representative seemed fairly uneducated about his products, as we were asking him standard questions and he could not respond to many of them. My wife really did like the vehicle that we were driving, so despite my qualms with the poor customer service we decided to come back later that evening to discuss pricing. Kearny Pearson Ford considers themselves a "TrueCar dealer" ; however when presented with true car pricing we were told by the sales representative that it was only a statistic. He then attempted to sell us the year end model above sticker price. The dealer was apparently unaware of the special that Ford was running for 0% APR . My wife and I have great credit and were presented with pricing including 4.99% APR. We were then asked to prove the 0% deal by pulling it up on the Ford website. If it couldn't get any worse we endured four separate rounds of "negotiations" and ended up not making a deal as the price was a rip-off. Eventually my wife and I left incredibly frustrated. I do not recommend purchasing anything from this dealer. If you want to enjoy some free water, popcorn, and the kind receptionist at the front then stop by.

1 star for popcorn

Weixin M. | 2014-08-09

Unbelievably bad experience today. Took my car in for an oil change and was told 1.5 hours for check up and wash. Two hours later, they tell me they're "almost done" and need to replace the battery. 45 min later, they are "just finishing up" and ask if I wanted it washed. I said no, as it was going on 3 hours of waiting. Car finally comes back, covered in hand prints. Was this an oil change or a pat down? Car did not need a massage. Never going back.

Natalie E. | 2014-08-08

I returned my original Ford Fusion back to Carmax after two days because Kearny Pearson Ford offered a way better deal for the exact same car. Every one at Kearny Pearson Ford was nice, friendly and helpful. I must say the environment felt a lot more attention to the customer. While my fiancé and I were at Carmax no one said hello for at least 20 min that we were there and the entire experience I did not feel that personal attention.  Yet at Kearny Pearson Ford it was totally different. Especially Robert Lesniak!  I can't emphasize how great he was the entire time my fiancé and I were there.  He went above and beyond to make us feel comfortable and even days later was still interested in knowing how we were doing. How awesome to feel that genuine interest in the customer and we are complete happy with our choice. I totally recommend getting your car with Robert at Kearny Ford.

Charlotte M. | 2014-08-01

This was fast and easy . I got my daughter her 1st. car and they even put a bow on it . i love these guys . i was able to get the deal i wanted for the money i had at payments i can afford ..Now my daughter has a safe car to drive to collage . So happy with this ford if i ever buy a new car again i will be buying it there !

Dave M. | 2014-07-31

I can't say enough how wonderful these folks are.  I was in an absolutely horrible car/financial situation, and these guys treated me like an absolute king, working hard to resolve everything and get me in a brand new car that my family and I needed desperately. They bent over backwards for me, and have continued to do so, even after the sale was completed. I can't recommend them enough. Kearny Pearson Ford is fantastic!

Charles W. | 2014-07-30

Great service by terry h.  Was able to get an appointment fairly fast. Arrived and checked in immediately. Car was done faster than scheduled. Happy customer

Theresa D. | 2014-07-22

I bought a used Ford Escape here. The process was easy and I got a really fair deal. I try to get my car serviced here all the time but on two occasions I've had to take it to Mossy Ford just because KPF was already fully booked. Now I can see why KPF is booked and Mossy has openings. KPF service is far better! A special thanks to Julio in the service department for giving me a great deal and making sure my car was super safe for my 16 niece to drive. KPFord is awesome!

Allan G. | 2014-07-21

I have been a customer for a while now and have been in for various things over the years so when it came time to have my 2005 Ford Mustang GT serviced, the logical place was KP Ford.  They were very up front and honest about the repairs and told me what it would cost to get the car running again and what it would cost to replace the engine.  I chose the less expensive option (thank goodness for the SD Mustang Club discount!) but ended up buying a new car the same day that I picked up the Mustang from their service department.  Mike Lewis was extremely helpful and I didn't have to go back and forth negotiating for the best price.  When it is time to buy my wife a new car and to have my new car repaired, I will definitely return to KP Ford!

Tonianne M. | 2014-07-21

As an out of state buyer Kearny Pearson Ford took very good care of me. Purchasing a car used online was a new experience for me and I couldn't have asked for a better sales team to help make it less stressful.

Barry, my salesperson, was knowledgeable and responsive. He  was very accurate in his description of the condition of the vehicle. He clearly described the small blemishes the car had and even took a video just for me. After flying from Phoenix to San Diego he picked me up at the airport and even remembered to grab me a soft drink for the ride. When I saw the car I was very happy and found it to be exactly as Barry had described it. I was very happy and might have let out a big sigh of relief.

My next encounter was with Lucky who is in charge of the financing on the car. He clearly explained to me all my options and walked me though the paperwork. His positive attitude and happy demeanor was refreshing. He seemed to love his job and truly care about his customers. I was lucky myself to have had the pleasure to work with him (pun intended). Not once did I feel pressured or manipulated. He  was very professional and knowledgeable.

After driving the car home I had some questions about CA sales tax that was charged and there was some confusion on my part as to what I should have paid. Adam the sales manager called me and let me know this was a learning opportunity for his team and he would make sure in the future any out of state buyers know all the options regarding sales tax ahead of time. He took the time to make it right and never once sounded negative.

It seems there is a very positive vibe and wok culture at Kearny Pearson Ford and I am happy I stumbled on such an awesome dealership and experience.

Eri L. | 2014-07-21

THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER. I don't even want give one star. Not only I didn't get the car they have been telling us. We went back to this dealer BECAUSE they called and offer to work with us. I have made very clear on the phone that I will not paid more than what they were offer me yesterday and I want the car they promised me. Now they want me to pay more to get the car was not we talked about.  Which I don't mind but I'm not going to pay more than what we agreed with. So my point is why call and say that you like to work with us since they made mistakes and gave us the wrong information and then charge more. That's not working with us, that's ripe off. 2 days in roll spending time at dealer but nothing. Horrible horrible customer service. Not only I don't want have any business with this dealer.  I will not recommende this dealer to anyone I know.

Rick T. | 2014-07-15

I bought a new Ford from Kearny Pearson Ford in December of last year and have never been as pleased with a decision as I have been with this one. The team at this dealership are outstanding. They have repaired my car, at no cost to me even when Ford Motor Company said that it was not covered by warranty.
They are honest and fair and I have to say that I found the best deal for my car their also.
If you are buying a new car you cannot go wrong making that purchase at Kearny Pearson Ford.

Yessica N. | 2014-07-14

Great customer service! I just got my first car from them and had a great experience. They were very helpful, friendly and knowledgeable. Every department treated me with a smile. Took the time to listen to my needs. I love my experience there. Would definitely recommend it!

Cheri W. | 2014-07-09

No question Kearny Pearson Ford will do whatever it takes to get you the vehicle you want at the right price leaving you satisfied. I recommend contacting Eric Bunch
858-560-5544 Sales. 2 yrs 2 vehicles later this is your guy to contact.

Nikki L. | 2014-07-04

Purchased my 2013 Honda CRV with them. The sales guy who helped me listened to my requests in a type of vehicle and found a basically new CRV. It has 8k miles, smelled new and in excellent (like new) condition. Felt a little pressure to buy (obviously) but waited a few days and worked the price down before I signed the docs. Taking one star because when I went to drive my new car off the lot they only left a quarter of a tank of gas in the car. Maybe dealerships should sell cars with full tanks of gas? Just saying.

Shawn P. | 2014-07-02

Kearny Pearson Ford is the only place I will EVER go for anything car related.  I moved to San Diego 2 years ago and after settling in I wanted to purchase a car.  I have been a ford guy all my life and after looking around I knew KPF was the place to go.  I purchased a 2009 mustang gt and I had the best experience ever at a dealership. My car was pre owned but the treated me like I was buying a new Ferrari.
Having been back for routine service I must say that the service department can be slow and a fast lane would be great.  However, when you speed up service the customer relation portion tends to fall away so, I would rather wait a lil extra and get great customer service then to be rushed thru like some of the other places.

Thanks KPF for making all my experiences at your dealership great!

Andrew G. | 2014-06-19

People are friendly. However they said my 5000-mile service would take no more than 90-minutes. It ended up taking 3 hours.

Kris B. | 2014-06-12

No quick lane and an over priced cost for an oil change.
Furthermore an oil change should never take longer than 1 hour.

Dave S. | 2014-06-03

Once again I was reminded about why i drive from PB, past that other one... all the way up to Kearny Pearson Ford.  I had an engine light come on in my Hybrid Fusion.  It was going to be about 116 just to tell me what was wrong.  Juan D my service rep was exceptional.  He checked with me several times after already informing me that they were really busy. I came in with no appointment when the light came on.    Long story short, he worked with the service tech, and they found out the issue, he did some magic on the computer and was able to get the whole thing covered under warrantee. Oh no big deal.  Happens all the time?    Now.. when he turned around and high fived a co worker after being able to save me the money and have the entire thing cost zero... that was great.  

 Its nice to see that some folks have not forgotten what it means to be in the customer service business.  Thanks agan Juan and the team at Kearny Pearson.  Great work.

Mike M. | 2014-05-25

My wife braved the sea of man eating car salesmen alone one day. And came in to KP Ford and had the pleasure of working with Brian Chamberlin. He helped her and made her so happy she told me she will never shop at any other dealer as long as Brian is still at the Kearny Pearson Ford. Not an easy feat to say the least. Good Job Brian.

Diane T. | 2014-05-17

They keep taking mine off. Lol. They have 4 stars cause they have hired a service to take them off. So I took my fiesta in for a vibration and was told that there was too much weight in the car. I could stand to loose a few pounds but really? We drove it around like that for a little while and after eatting a tire we took it to another ford dealership because we bought the highest warranty they offer oh yea and the car was brand new... anyways come to find out my big butt wasn't causing it it was the transmission. So at 37,000 miles we are fixed and driving like brand new. I have to say thank you for caring. That was a joke. Bottom line save your time at this service department go to pb for high quality service. I'm sure they will take this down too but hopefully someone will see it before they have a chance too.

Maureen H. | 2014-04-26

Robert or robo was extremely professional and went way beyond his normal job description when he sold me a beautiful Optima. He delivered the car on a Friday night to a surprise party for my daughter. He didn't have to do that but he did.... With a huge red bow. She was beyond happy and Robert and Kia in Kearney Mesa made this possible. I plan on sending friends and family Roberts way because he's just that good. When you come across a great person/salesmen you utilize them
Because they can be rare. I am
Grateful to him. We were able to make a girls dream
Come true tonight!!!!!

Beth A. | 2014-04-22

I was at the dealership today with a friend who was buying a car. This was one of the best car buying experiences I have seen. Anthony was the sales rep. He was wonderful to work with and make every effort to get the best price for the car purchase and the trade in.

Mark W. | 2014-04-14

Just this past weekend I purchased a Ford Fusion Energi at KPF. This is the 2nd car that I have purchased from Eric Bunch, Internet Sales Manager.

First off, Eric was super responsive via phone and e-mail, helping me narrow my choices to the car that had all of the options that I was looking for. Next, when I arrived at KPF for our scheduled appointment, he'd already had my car washed, waxed, detailed and fueled to go. To top everything off, the car was parked right up front with a Big Red Bow on it - Just like the holiday car commercials!

I couldn't believe my eyes and again, having purchased 2 vehicles from Eric, the outstanding service that he, BILL BAYNE and the other staff provided was out of this world. Bill Bayne, the Ford electric vehicle specialist, took about 45 minutes to an hour
walking me through the features of my vehicle, setting up the iPhone app with me and more. I never felt rushed and Bill was knowledgable to answer all of my questions.

Needless to say, this is the only place I will go to purchase a car, with Eric as my sales person. Thank YOU, Eric Bunch, Bill Bayne and and Team KPF!

Maureen B. | 2014-04-11

I have to say that I'm always impressed with the excellent service with all members of the Kearny Pearson Ford staff.  Our experience started with our sales man,  Ben Diaz, who recognized me this afternoon...we got our Edge last September! !  Ben was and is wonderful.   He really listened to us and patiently answered all of my questions, which can be a rather daunting task as I'm extremely detail oriented.

I've had to get 2 estimates for minor bumper damage (other people seem to be unable to see our vehicle LOL) and both times the ladies have been super friendly and things were quick and easy. 

The service department has also been a pleasure to do business with.  A few months ago we scheduled our 1st service appointment and when I got there they let me know I could hold off.  We drive less than the estimated average,  so they wanted to make sure I didn't use our free service appointment prematurely.   I had a delightful conversation with the gentleman,  I believe his name was Manuel but I could be wrong.  He has a daughter and lives on a farm style property north of San Diego.   Today was no exception to the stellar service I've always had at this dealership.   Scott was very nice and my vehicle was returned within the time frame I was promised!  

Going to a car dealership isn't usually on people's top favorite things to do, but I have always had fantastic experiences at Kearny Pearson and I will continue to come back!   Their incredible staff has gained a lifetime customer.   Thank you, Kearny Pearson Ford,  for making this aspect of our lives hassle free!

Aaron T. | 2014-03-31

I begrudgingly took my 2005 Mustang convertible in because I was having problems with the convertible top and a Ford dealer was the only place that would work on it.  I tired to call to make an appointment twice, got transferred thrice, and eventually hung up on.  Great start. I decided THAT wasn't going to work, so I thought I'd just bring it in.

I dropped my car off about 9:30 AM and my service manager, Tim, told me he'd give me a call in the morning to discuss.  Five and a half hours later, after not hearing form them, I called to see if they had an estimate.  Tim reported they couldn't find a problem, and happily told me it would only be the $116 dollars. Quite a steal!  He recommended  $400 worth of unnecessary spark plug work, which I declined, because I did them a few months ago for.... $46. He then offered to do an unnecessary oil change, which I also declined, because I had one 1,400 miles ago.

Almost two stars for Tim being pleasant, but I just paid $116 for a car wash.  

Neato, gang.

Cassandra F. | 2014-03-16

Driving around town one chilly San Diego evening, I decide to warm my bottom with my ever so convenient seat heaters. Turned that bad boy up to a level 5 and let it do it's thing. After about 2 minutes, DING!, my buns are done. Perfectly toasted. I proceed to turn off my seat heater and carry about my commute. Three minutes later, my buns are on fire! I look down and see my heaters are off, but my arse is hot! Hot! Hot!!! BUNS BURNT! I'm taking this pretty little spaceship to the dealership. STAT!

I make an appointment online for the following morning at Kearney Pearson Ford. I receive an email confirmation as well as the name of the advisor that will be taking care of me. I arrive promptly at my appointment time and am met by my advisor, Lucas. I explain my problem, then he (probably regrettably) asked "anything else?". Oh. The pressure. I felt compelled to come up with a list. Nothing necessarily "wrong", but since I'm here, how about "what does this button do?" "How do i program that?" "Why is there an ever so subtle maybe noise (maybe my imagination) coming from the glove box". He took his notes, and sent me on my way.

First, the customer lounge is legit. Plenty of big comfy leather chairs in a room with big flat screen TVs, complimentary water and coffee, granola bars, clean bathrooms, i was impressed. Beyond that, they offer a free shuttle to anywhere within 10 miles so I didn't even have to miss work.

A few hours later I received a follow up call from Lucas to let me know the status of all my tiny little problems and answers to all the questions I didn't care the answer to. He could have easily pointed me to my manual. I would have felt stupid, but it's a fair response. But he went above to make sure all my questions were answered. He let me know when my vehicle would be ready and even offered to have the shuttle pick me up.

I loved the transparency during the whole process. I loved that my advisor stayed in contact with me and let me know the status every step of the way. I'm sold! I didn't buy my car from the dealership, but I will definitely continue to get my car serviced here for all it's mechanical and technical needs.

Go team Kearney Pearson Ford!

Amy-Ni N. | 2014-03-15

Love getting my car serviced here.

There's free wifi in the guest lounge and usually the tv is on the food network. They also have complimentary water bottles, coffee, and granola bars. There's about 20 super comfortable leather chairs for you and a little play nook for the kiddos.

They usually run the car through a car wash before returning it to you as well. Yippee! Makes the 1.5 hour oil change not too bad. Haha. I'm writing reviews and watching my dramas during that time anyways!

They're always trying to add more services when you come in, but can you really blame them?

Clay B. | 2014-03-13

Took my 87 Honda Accord there to have a fender repaired from an accident (not my fault) and they really went out of their way to make sure that the job was quality. Actually had to fade the paint a little further in order not to make the rest of the body look a little faded. Went to the extra effort to find a properly fitting fender which took a longer but the result was worth the wait. This was not big job on a newer vehicle but I felt that the same attention was given to my car as new Ford. Will definitely recommend to anyone needing repair work.

Stephanie B. | 2014-03-13

Horrible place..... never never go there. Anthony is a liar and super shaddy. I needed a car because my car broke down and i was in a desperate state and he totally took advantage of me. I have been trying to rebuild my credit because i made some poor choices when i was younger so i didnt think i would get aproved. so when he said i was approved I am so happy. I told he i couldnt afford anything over $250 and he convinced me a payment of 280 was manageable. then he added the extended warranty without me knowing which raised the monthly payment to $330. I had to fight with the bait and switch closer guy to take it off. being a woman buying my first car from a dealership i felt overwhelmed by the time i left. Then he told me my car got 27 mpg and it only gets 19mpg. Anthony also told me this car loan will help to rebuild me credit and come back in a year and refi or trade in and get a new car with a better % rate. 7 months later me car breaks down and i found out i am upside down in my loan over 3k. so there is nothing i can do. I feel hurt and taking advantage of. they should be sued.

Nicky N. | 2014-03-08

Great people and service! Always quick polite! I was out in 90 mins! Replaced my wiper blades for free and didn't ask and washed my car!

Anil M. | 2014-03-08

I went here today to research the Mustang V6 and to find out more about the Ford Focus ST and Ford Fiesta ST. I didn't buy the car. So, my experience is based on only the interaction with the dealer and not the actual pricing.

I met with Brian. Even though I was only researching the car and not planning to buy it immediately, Brian was very very patient. He wasn't pushy at all.  I have been to many dealers in San Diego where they have been pushy and impatient if you are not planning to buy the car right there and then. I spent over one and a half hours at this place while Brian gave me details on the Mustang, Focus ST and Fiesta ST.  Almost 50% of the dealers in San Diego I have visited, have tried to sell cars repeating the same rhetoric. But I got a feeling that Brian knew about the cars and more importantly, that he liked the cars. He was aware of engine specs of the mustang, focus and fiesta. He also knew about the upcoming 2015 mustang and focus models. I found this impressive because Ford does have a lot of models and a lot of engine configurations. He is the only dealer in San Diego who showed me the engine under the hood. And probably the only dealer to ever tell me that I can go faster (xxx mph, i don't want to give the specific number because I thought it was insane when I was within 65mph speed limit) to get a better idea of the performance.

One mistake I did was that I didn't check the Focus ST availability on their site. Turned out they didn't have one. But Brian searched the whole lot to figure out if there was one. He even took me to their nearby lot to search for Focus ST. Its better to check for availability before going in, if you are looking for niche models like the ST. But for the sheer hassle free experience, I am giving a 5 star rating. I will come back to this place if I decide to buy Ford.

Tony D. | 2014-03-02

My girlfriend took her Mercury in for them to look at transmission that was shifting rough.  They charged her for transmission service but failed to diagnose or fix the problem. Which she had to have done a month later at a reputable transmission shop. They did however try to get her to pay hundreds of dollars for work that was Not needed . Including brakes that were almost new.   Shame on you KM Ford for trying to take advantage of females that may not know as much about there car.

Sean G. | 2014-01-23

The crew at Kearny Pearson Ford Kia really treats you well.  When you come in you don't feel any pressure to buy, but they are ready to listen to what you are looking for and they don't try and tell you what you want.  I had dropped by 3 different Ford dealerships and I let them know I specifically want white, and all but Kearny Pearson Ford listened and understood I wanted

I found the truck I wanted and the entire team helped me out.  Brian Chamberlin who helped me out the first day I stopped by was not there when I arrived the second time, but Michael McKenna was quick to help me out and he got me in touch with Andre Shmidt.   I normally wouldn't remember names but they were all so friendly I took the time to be sure I know who they were.  RaeChristine helped me out with gathering information and setting up my SYNC account, and since I had limited time that day she let me know I could come back to do a brief overview for learning the electronics.  Moss in finance introduced himself and quickly let me know that he had heard I was in a hurry and he made the dreaded paperwork process easy and painless.  

After all was said and done I still needed to get the car to my house, so I drove my other car while Andre and Brian drove my awesome new F-150 to my house.  By the way, Brian was originally not working at the time and made a special trip down to make sure I was satisfied with the entire transaction.

Great work and COMMUNICATION at Kearny Pearson Ford!


Derek L. | 2014-01-21

After my road trip moving to SD, my Focus hatch needed an oil change and tire rotation. I checked Yelp for SD area Ford dealers and based on reviews I chose to take my car to Kearny Pearson. After my first experience there, I don't see any reason to take my car anywhere else for future service.

The staff greets you at your car as you pull up to service, takes your information and gets you set up for whatever service you may need. They have a nice lounge area while you wait - or - BONUS - KP Ford is surrounded by lots of good food and drink options near Convoy if you want to take a walk.

Kaitlyn W. | 2014-01-15

Dedicate your entire day if you ever decide to go to this place. I went to the lot to check out a car that they had posted online, test drove it - talked numbers and said that I would be back tomorrow to finalize everything. Went back the next day (as promised) and spent SIX HOURS to sign the paperwork... now I don't know about you, but I don't have that kind of time to let waste considering that I work full time and also a full time student. I came back on a Tuesday to pick up the car from the lot (because I had a rental and that's was the best time for me to get it) and it took another hour and a half for them to even find the car that I had purchased three days ago, and when I was told the car was ready, the window paint was still on the car and they didn't clean it at all. They decided to clean the windshield then bring it back to us, when the sales man insisted that we clean the car and detail it and add gas before they hand it over. a 15 minute ordeal ; that's at least what they told us, an hour and a half later the car comes out FINALLY ready to be taken. I got to the car lot at 830 that morning and didn't leave until 12pm. Oh, and the best part - when I picked up my car, later that night the check engine light came on - back to the dealership at 830am - 2? I wouldn't know... still sitting at the dealership with no word on what they are doing to my car nor any idea of what time they will be done. This whole communication thing is amazing. I will never return to this place again - that is just for them to continuously fix the car because ill be damned if they don't hold up to their end of the warranty.

Richard C. | 2014-01-12

Overall, the car buying service was great.  I purchased a used certified focus 2 months ago.  The vehicle was certified and Josh made the sell a breeze.  

I love the car and the gas mileage that comes with it.  The only problem I have is with the certified part. I bought my car in November there was no need for the air conditioner.  Well I attempted to use it on a hot afternoon in January and nothing but warm air.  I called the service department and got Joe.  He was helpful and stated it was covered under the premium certified which I have.  He said they will look at it when I take in the car for the first complimentary oil change.  When I arrived for the oil change, I was told its a $100 deductible.  Overall thats a good deal but obviously they did not check it on their multi-point inspection.

**Update** Well 4 weeks after fixing the A/C, it went out again.  I drove to the dealership and spoke with Scott.  I asked him would I have to pay the deductible again. He stated yes, unless it was something they had touched during the original fix.  I was mad because they obviously didn't solve the problem from the first appointment.  When I took the car in for the appointment that was made, Tim was my manager and he took care of me.  He didn't charge me a deductible and got me a rental car because it was a 3 day process to change out a coil in the dash.   I hope this fixed it!

Kristen P. | 2013-12-31

My first experience with Kearny Pearson wasn't great but wasn't terrible, hence the missing star. Suffice it to say I had a classic car buying run-in with a pushy salesman and a condescending manager.

The second experience was great though. I went back ready to buy the car and Mark Ridener was my salesman. He was friendly and courteous without being pushy. He was able to negotiate everything for me himself, without any of the "let me send my manager over" B.S. He got me the numbers I wanted (actually it was even less!). I traded in my old car, and Mark was nice enough to install my old license plate frame on the new car for me. Drawing up the paperwork did take an exceedingly long time but once it was done it was straight to the car to check out the features and then I drove away.

I would recommend buying from them :)

Timm E. | 2013-12-30

Drove in just to check to see if they had a used van. They had one. Brian Chamberlin was the sales person. Brian made it simple, no pressure and we drove away with the van in no time at all. Also left with lots of new must see movies with Brian's recommendations. Thanks! Loved the easy buying experience.

Nic B. | 2013-12-15

Outrageously amazing service from Sir Brian Chamberlin! This was our first new car and I was nervous because my first two buying experiences ended awfully with lemons.
He explained how to get the best out of our hybrid and if it was the best for us, it absolutely was so we left that night with our new girl I have named Evangeline. The crew that helped us stayed way after closing to finish with the final detail and paperwork and we couldn't feel more spoiled and pleased.
We will name the son that we will make in our new car Brian Chamberlin.

Patricia Patti P W. | 2013-12-14

What a 50% improvement to the Service Department. Thank you to Mike my service writer who helped me out and did not try to sell me unnecessary service that my car didn't need.  My car was done before my nails dried at the salon not to mention that they did some major upgrades to that tired old fashioned looking dealership location. They have a wireless "room", coffee and popcorn. Big nice comfy chairs to kick it in while you wait. Keep sendng me coupons, keep up the good service and I will be back!

shelly m. | 2013-12-03

I've been to Kearny ford twice and have been provided the best customer service. I felt like they listened to my needs, were never pushy to get me to make a purchase! Thanks to Humberto for my most recent excellent service experience

Des D. | 2013-11-27

Marty Sablan with special financing, was patient and gave stellar customer service. He wasn't about "selling" us but rather selling his service and the relationship between him and us (my husband and me) as the client. He has been in the business for years and really knows his stuff as well as was very personable! Thank you Marty for your stellar service!!! The only reason we didn't purchase from Marty is b/c we ended up going with a Mitsubishi, which they don't carry.

My husband also had to get some major car repair done to his Ford Fusion and they were timely and responsive.

Dustin H. | 2013-11-25

Brandon and the rest of the Kearny Pearson Ford team did a great job. Brandon knew all the specs. on the cars we looked at and gave us a decent deal on our trade in. All in all, it was a good experience. I will definitely consider them again the next time we are looking for a new vehicle.

John B. | 2013-11-22

Marking up their Raptors by $4995 over MSRP now - Great dealership!

Andrew S. | 2013-11-22

Truly top notch service.......Eric was great for answering my questions and the whole sales process in general.  Dave was great in finance.  Every step of the process was made simple.  Thanks guys!

Dora M. | 2013-11-17

Great customer service!  Not pushy and a service shop that is amazing!

11/17/13 - UPDATE:

I bought my new 2014 Ford Fiesta this past Thursday via Internet Sales and I'm so happy!  Francisco is amazing and James (Finance Manager) also rocked it for me.  Called in the morning and told them what I wanted.  I went in after work and in 3 hours I had my car.  Definitely great prices, no hassle and no pressure.

Clark K. | 2013-11-15

Drove down from Irvine to pick up a C-Max Energi. Can't speak for the dealer but my salesperson (Bill B. in Internet and fleet sales) was great. Gave me the best deal in SoCal. Ended up taking train down there and  Bill picked me up to get the new car. Trust me, I would not put myself through a train ride and waist a day for a few bucks. This guy saved me 2k. It was worth the trip. Also, they were the only ones at the time who had the HOV stickers already on the car. Those can take up to 2 months to get. Drove the carpool lane back to Irvine that day.  Finally there was a rebate that I won't go into to much detail but they really hooked me up on it and not sure if they were supposed to. I've been around the block a few times... Take my word for it, see Bill. He is the only one I can vouch for because he is the only one I worked with.  Do shop, and be an informed customer, then see Bill.

Irene C. | 2013-11-04

I bought a Ford Escape with all the bells and whistles. It's a technological wonder and the manual was not helping me answer a lot of my questions. I was able to schedule "a lesson" with Jose Pinedo on Saturday. He also accommodated my girlfriend who coincidentally bought the same car. He gave us a newly written manual and walked us through all the features of the electronics system. He was patient and his last words were "Come back  if you have more questions" which I will do since I'm no techy!

Dale E. | 2013-10-29

Jessica and Tach at Kearny Pearson Ford gave me the best car buying experience I've ever had!

Jessica answered all my questions and succeeded in not putting me off with a hard sales approach and Tach got me through the finance/up selling department quickly and painlessly.  

I can only hope my next car buying experience is just as good and KPF will definitely have the first chance at my business.

Michael N. | 2013-10-29

I was there last Saturday and I had really good buying experience with them ! The team was kind and nice ! They walk me through everything and gave me a good deal for my new Kia ! I would highly recommend them for everyone who want to buy a car ! Thank you so much

Daniel G. | 2013-10-27

Traded in my 2000 Volvo for a 2011 Infiniti and couldn't be happier! Everyone there was friendly, patient, and really helped me out. Ben Diaz especially, a great guy to be sold a car from. Never got the sense that he was lying or manipulating me, (at least more than standard for a car salesman haha).

Overall great experience. Much much better than the assholes at Mossy Ford..

Jonathan H. | 2013-10-26

Meh, not the best service I've ever had. Tried making an appt and the tweeny chick that answered had no idea what she was talking about. I asked her to explain what points in the multi-point inspection were covered and she had no idea and kept saying she would schedule me for the service and that I could ask the mechanic once I got there. Definitely should train their people better on simple things like that.

Amy C. | 2013-10-15

Such a great car buying experience.  I have purchsed many, many cars and have never had such an easy stress free purchase.  We worked out all the details over the phone and when I got there we just had to do a test drive and sign the paperwork.  Ryan C was amazing, he was so helpful and knowledgeable.  Really made the whole car buying experience very pleasant which is such a nice change! Once I was in finance, I wasn't pressured to purchase anything, all around great experience.  I will definitely purchase my next vehicle here!

JustPeach E. | 2013-10-09

Honestly this was probably the best buying experience I've had at any dealership.

Went in for a test drive and Mark helped us. We were just test driving a number of cars that day and Mark got our info so that he could follow up in a few days. He also introduced us to his manager who told us that they had great specials going on, we said not today, and that was the end of it. No pressure to buy.

We decided to move forward and went back in the next day. We were not in a rush for a new car so we were only going to buy if they were going to work with our budget. Mark helped us again. Everything went smoothly and we were very satisfied with the negotiation process. They also gave me good trade-in value for my car.

Finance was pretty pain free. Although Dave (finance guy) kept saying the car we were purchasing was a "SVT" model and it would cost $$$ to service and you would be saving this much if you bought this package, blah blah blah. We purchased a "ST" model. I don't know if that was a sales tactic thinking we were clueless about cars or if he really had no clue what he was talking about. Either way I found it amusing.

Delivery was great too. Jose gave us a tour of our new car and answered any questions we had. The whole process took about 2.5 hours. Someone did make a mistake and contracted the wrong car. Didnt know until my 2nd key wasnt working and noticed the sticker on the key was for a totally different car. We had to sign new paperwork, but they sent someone to our home instead of us having to make the trip.

J P. | 2013-10-01

I recently became aware of Kearny Pearson Ford and am so glad that we ended up stopping by the dealership, on a whim, this past weekend. My husband and I had an excellent buying experience and highly recommend them!

Eric Bunch was our Internet Sales Manager and he exhibited incredible dedication, knowledge of the vehicles, humor, and wonderful communication between all parties involved.  There was no question he couldn't answer or find the answer to.  His patience, caring and quick witted approach made us want to buy from this dealership.  

Dan Beasley, Sales Manager, worked nothing short of a financial miracle for us and for that we are so thankful!  Thank you Dan for your hard work, dedication, financial wisdom and accommodating style that really impressed and inspired us.  

I will tell everyone I know who is looking for a new car to visit Kearny Pearson Ford! We will be return customers ourselves..Thanks again guys.

Ian C. | 2013-09-29

This was by far the best experience I've had at a dealership. They were very friendly, and everything went very smooth. I was in and out with a new car in under an hour, I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for car at a great price.

Eric was my salesman, he was honest and friendly and made it a good experience.

Maegan C. | 2013-09-23

I had the pleasure of working with Brian Chamberlin while shopping for a new KIA Optima at Kearny Pearson Ford/KIA. Out of the many dealerships I visited, Brian was by far the most professional and knowledgable sales associate we interacted with.

Brian's personality made the experience fun, stress free, and enjoyable. He didn't pressure, and was willing to spend a lot of time with me test driving different cars and comparing all the features. After my initial visit, I returned the following week with the decision to go with the KIA Optima. I wanted the car in white, but unfortunately the only white Optima they had was a little out of my price range.

Brian and the team at Kearny Pearson Ford/KIA worked with me to get the car to an affordable price, and I drove away in the perfect vehicle, one better than I ever expected to get.

I definitely recommend Brian Chamberlin and the team at Kearny Pearson Ford/KIA.

Aaron C. | 2013-09-20

Best car buying experience ever!!!

I just recently purchased my truck from Kearny Pearson Kia, and they took care of me from beginning to end. When I originally saw the truck on-line, I knew I needed to check it out in person. The only conflict was that I live in Venice, CA, and the truck was in San Diego, CA. Before I traveled 125 miles, I needed more information on the truck. When I called KP Kia, I was transferred to Salesman, Carlos Granados. I asked Carlos to go out to the truck and inspect it himself. I asked him to rate both the interior and exterior on a scale of 1-10. When he told me that the truck was a solid 9 and why, I knew that I needed to check it out. I was reluctant to travel all that way on the word of a salesman, but I trusted Carlos.

Upon arrival, I rode straight up to my truck and immediately got excited. It was everything that Carlos had promised me, and more! When I met Carlos, I noticed how welcoming and professional he was. I immediately felt comfortable doing business with him. We inspected the truck together, and went for a test drive. By the time we got back from the test drive, I was in love with the truck. We did all the paperwork, and I purchased it!

If you are in the market to buy a new or used vehicle, check out Kearny Pearson Kia in San Diego, CA, and ask for Carlos Granados. Carlos is the "real deal" and a man of integrity. He will not mislead you just for a sale. He will be square with you, and tell it like it really is. Because of Carlos, Kearny Pearson has a customer for life!

Thank you Carlos, and Kearny Pearson Kia!!!

Jill K. | 2013-09-13

We had an excellent experience at Kearny Pearson Ford.

We stopped in with our "junk bucket," a Ford F250 that has broken down on us several times and was dripping radiator fluid.

We left with a brand new Ford Focus!

Dan Duffy, our sales guy was laid back, friendly and had a "can do" problem solving attitude. He focused hard on how to accommodate our situation and was relentless in finding a solution that worked for us.

Marty charmed us with his intimate financing knowledge and his island-boy charm (my boyfriend is from Hawaii, so we all shared some good laughs).

Overall a VERY positive experience. I wouldn't go anywhere else.

Do yourself a favor and come here if you're in the market for a new car.

Gary P. | 2013-09-09

I guess my previous review was removed, for what reason I'll never know.. My guess would be if somebody isn't happy with this dealership and post negatively about it they contact Yelp and have it removed... I'm not going to re-write my entire post but bottom line Kearny Ford didn't want the business I had brought forth to them, Mossy Ford did want the business !!

Jim S. | 2013-09-09

These guys are awesome!  i had to get my lincoln services and took it there, they treated me fair and took care of my needs.  much less than other quotes.  then i had to buy a new car, got the new explorer sport, and had a bad experience in el cajon so i went back to these guys.  spoke to steve eteridge and he is no bs.  his 28 years of experience made the whole deal easy!  nothing but positive things to say!

Darren D. | 2013-09-08

Decided it was time to step up my game and buy a brand new car, this was a big deal since I have always paid cash for everything and my dad always taught me "if you cant pay cash, you cant afford it".  I stopped by KP Ford on a whim to see what they had in store and was quickly greeted by John Supranovich.  He took his time showing me everything they had on the lot that fit what I was looking for, which was quite a process, they have a crap load of brand new vehicles there.  About 3 hours later I drove off in my brand new Ford and I could not have been more pumped!  It is a beautiful vehicle and they did a very professional job covering all the administrative stuff (thanks Farhan!), I am looking forward to working with John and Farhan in the future!

G M. | 2013-09-01

Went internet shopping for a new Focus ST, and got immediate and helpful responses from Miguel in the internet sales department. We talked about the car I was looking for, and about the trade I had, and had everything worked out before I ever had to set foot in the dealership. Miguel was quick and helpful about the deal we were trying to make. We came in on Miguel's day off, but he had already arranged for Barry to help us once we arrived. Barry was absolutely great too, all the way from first introduction to wrapping up the paperwork. All told, the dealership was great: low pressure, the guys I dealt with knew what they were talking about, there was no BS, and they sold us exactly what we were looking for. I think I'll be keeping the car for a while, but would be happy to do business with them next time I'm looking for a new car.

David R. | 2013-08-21

First visit to the service department was good.  Took my F-150 in for basic oil change.  Service advisor was prompt and thorough.  Told me it would take 60 to 90 minutes so I waited in customer lounge.  Lounge had comfortable chairs and tables and good coffee.  Done in 75 minutes.  Washed as promised.

Idil T. | 2013-07-24

We bought our Ford Focus Titanium last week from Kearny Pearson Ford last week through a very good deal they had on their internet sale. Ryan Coleman is a great sales manager who takes care of every little detail you need to know about the car and he was very professional, kind and helpful to make it a great purchasing experience for us. I love my car and thankful to Kearny Pearson Ford to make this a fun experience through all the services they have been providing, including very informative trainings about the car. It is a great staff who spend their time with patience to explain you all the features and train you well with all technical details so that you make sure you utilize all the cool features your car is offering.

Brian D. | 2013-07-15

Amazing job helping me with my phone synch when it got some how stuck on privacy mode. Andy, Brian, Ray and Kevin spent an hour figuring out the problem and never charged me a penny. Courteous and nicest team ever. Cailen, services manager, picked the right crew and was very professional to the end. Thank you again Pearson Ford for all your wonderful, hard work. Oh....and I almost forgot, thank you to Eric Bunch for selling me on my Edge Sport in the first place!

Kevin W. | 2013-06-24

Bought my car here; that went okay except for a few things they neglected to tell me about the state of its gas pan. Now I'm here for an oil change, something which should never take more than half an hour, and I have been here for three hours with no car in sight. I'd arranged an appointment and everything, and over the phone they told me it would take less than half an hour, but once I got here they told me it'd take two. And, like a weed of bad service, that time has only grown. Shoddy indeed.

[A few lonely minutes later.]

After a quick look at my invoice I discovered that they actually did only take twenty minutes to finish work on my car - because it took them three hours to get to it. I know, I know, you're thinking they might've had a busy schedule and gotten backed up, and that's totally understandable, but there was no one in front of me when I pulled in, and no one even bothered to come out into the waiting room and tell me things were taking longer than expected. Maybe an hour more than expected and three hours more than necessary is just not a considerable amount of time to them? Who knows, but if I had had anything else to do today I would be livid. Since I don't, I'm making a Yelp account for the sole, express purpose of writing this review instead.

Also, they told me they'd give my car a complementary wash, and they toootally, totally didn't. Cool.

Jessica K. | 2013-06-13

I've been coming to this Ford dealership since 2008. Have gotten three cars total now (two leased and most recently one bought), and I would definitely recommend going in to see Steve Etheridge. He has helped me tremendously in the search for a new car!!

Justin M. | 2013-06-07

I last went to Kearny Pearson Ford on 6/1/2013. I was there to get some parts replaced under warranty and a tire rotation. The staff was very friendly and was able to answer all of my questions. I worked with Les and Maxx (Service Advisors). They had great communication skills and were able to solve the problems with my car that they had solutions for (Currently Ford Doesn't have a solution to the MyFord Touch/Apple problem). I dropped off my car and they gave me a ride home in the shuttle (I live pretty close) and called me when the car was done and took the time to solve some more problems my wife and I had questions about. Maxx was determined to be a solution instead of throwing the problem over the fence like another Ford dealership I used for warranty issues. Maxx found out from his service manager that the Ford Sync problem existed with apple products and showed us how to run a master reset on the Navi. The only reason I gave 4 stars was the long wait to get checked in everytime I went to the dealership. It seems a lot of people use Kearny Pearson Ford for Service.

Julia G. | 2013-06-03

I was later informed that both managers/supervisors of the service providers were out that day and this may have added to my 9 hour span at the dealership.  I was never able to get a hold of either manager after playing phone tag, but the service center did keep me informed for the following 15 days while my car was in the shop, of the status of my vehicle well for each day following the first day.  They provided me with services that remedied my problems and a rental car, for which I was very grateful.

Kristen M. | 2013-05-30

I have to give Joe P five stars!  He was great in helping me get a replacement tire for my Ford Escape, even finding a discount on the tire. Granted it was just $20, but any little bit helps!  Getting the car took some time, and two service techs asked me which car I was waiting for... I was sort of expecting a quicker turnaround since my vehicle had been done since 0930. Not really sure why I was waiting for 30 min after I paid...

I also thought it odd they don't offer any sort of loaner vehicles. They do have an enterprise rental table next to the service department, or a shuttle that will take you within 10 miles of the dealership. So I ended up having to pay $33 to rent a car for three hours because I had to go to work.

So because of the wait and no loaner, I can only give it four stars. But considering the horror stories I've heard about other area dealerships, I'll still be coming here for any vehicle needs.

Kristi W. | 2013-05-25

I have bought a dozen new cars in my adult life and this dealership was the EASIEST and FAIREST I have ever worked with.  Do your homework, know what you want, call and ask for Will in the internet department before you walk in the door, and make sure you deal with Joanna in finance.  I guarantee you will not be sorry!  We got a killer deal on a Ford Focus!  We live in Hemet, and it was WAY worth the drive to escape from Gosch and go to a dealership that listens to its buyers and doesn't overdo the upsells and LISTENS to the buyer.  Keep up the great work Will and Joanna - we WILL be back! :)

Chris E. | 2013-05-24

It was time for my annual oil change in my Shelby GT500 (it only has 4,170 mile on it, so once a year makes sense to me) and I thought I would give Mossy Ford in Pacific Beach another chance since it's closest to my house and Ford Motor Company sent me a coupon for a free oil change and a $50 gift card/ VIN number was included on the coupon, so Ford clearly was offering me a free oil change and I figured even Mossy would accept that.....I was wrong!

The service adviser at Mossy (I think his name was Andre) told me the coupon was only good for a synthetic blend oil change and not the full synthetic that my car requires....even though the coupon from Ford clearly showed my VIN number on it.....but, with the $50 gift card/coupon, he said it would be like getting my oil change for 1/2 price and I would only be out about $70. I jokingly asked could he throw in a free car wash and he looked straight at me with a serious look on his face and said, "No, that would be another $19.95".

SO.....I did what I should have done in the first place, I drove to Kearny Pearson Ford to see if they would honor the coupon from Ford. I spoke to a gentleman named Maxx and I told him that I had received the coupon from Ford for a free oil change. Since I had previously gone there, he was able to retrieve my service history and matched the VIN number from my previous visit to the VIN listed on the coupon. He then said he was going to talk to his manager and after a minute or so, he came back and said...."no problem, Ford sent you the coupon with your vehicle VIN and offered a free oil change, so Kearny Pearson Ford would honor it with the full synthetic service that my car requires." I made an appointment to drop my car off the next day with another gentleman Les Schivo.

I showed up the next day, met with Les and he took care of it.....he was very knowledgeable and understood my passion for my car and how much it means to me. About 2 hours later, I received a call and he told me my car was ready to be picked up. When I picked up my car, not only was the service completed, but they had also cleaned the car inside and that it customer service!

Lesson learned......Kearny Pearson Ford is honorable, they do good work and they truly know how to delight the customer! Those guys in PB? Not so much!

Thanks Kearny Pearson Ford!

Julie F. | 2013-05-21

Sales representative Eric Bunch was wonderful! I came in on Friday to test drive the Ford Edge. After having less than pleasurable experiences at competing dealerships earlier that day, it was a welcome relief to be greeted by a friendly and knowledgeable sales man. He knew our time was valuable so he didn't waste it showing features we weren't interested in. He also made sure to have the keys with him when walking through the lot so we didn't have to stand around and wait. After the test drive we went inside and he helped us fill out all paperwork and then worked to get us the best deal possible (in the least amount of time I might ad). In fact, everyone at the dealership was very attentive and mindful of our time which we really appreciated. I would recommend Eric and Kearny Pearson Ford to anyone looking to buy or lease a new car. (BTW I love the Ford Edge SEL so far!)

Becky H. | 2013-04-12

I went to Kearny Pearson Ford's Service Departmen for the first time today. I had a turn light bulb that needed to be replaced and wasn't sure about replacing it on my own. They replaced it right on the spot and didn't charge me anything. My car is almost three years old, so I'm not sure if this would have been covered under the warranty. I was in and out of there in less than 15 minutes. The service people were friendly and helpful. Thanks, Joe!

Ana M. | 2013-04-04

I had an appointment today at 11:00 for an oil change and since it was supposed to take 1 1/2 hour, I was gonna have their shuttle take me back to my work. Then the lady (didnt' get her name, unfortunately) that was gonna take in my car told me that since I'm not gonna wait there physically and leave, it would take longer for my car to get done which may be by late afternoon. Then I asked why? She said that their priority is to get the cars done first of the people that are actually wating in the waiting room. Then I said that I have an appointment at 11:00 am, my car should be taken care of regadless if I wait there physically or somewhere else. Then she tried to explain to me and asked me: "If we have customers that drop off their cars and customers that are waiting here for their cars to get done, which one would you get done first?" Then she answered her own question saying "the customers that are waiting here will get their cars done first" then she added "it's not for the customers that are waiting here if we work on the cars first that are dropped of by other customers" I started getting irritated with her argument that DOES NOT MAKE ANY SENSE AT ALL. So I told her that it doesn't make sense at all and why would it be unfair for the people waiting if I made an appointment to get my service done??? So what's the point of making an appointment if they're not gonna take care of your car just because you're not physically waiting there?? Then she kept repeating that it's not fair for the people waiting. So I said, that it's their choice to wait there. And she comes back to me with: "and it's your choice to leave" which doesn't make sense again!!! WTF??? I felt like I was talking to some brainless human being!!! So I tried to explain to her again that it shouldn't matter if I decide to wait there or somewhere else, that they should still prioritize my car because I made an appointment. And she just kept insisting that waiting customers in the waiting room are their priority no matter what. I just said "That is F$@*$ Bulls#$%!!!" and left!

What a service??!!! I guess you only get good customer service from the dealership if you're thinking about buying one of their cars!

Dan E. | 2013-03-18

I leased a new F150 from them. Everyone from the Sales dept, Kathy Malanga, to the service dept were great. I will be going back for my next car for sure.

James L. | 2013-03-17

I tried another Ford dealership in town that was a really bad experience.
Since I owned 2 1999 Fords at the same time, having a good place to take them was mission critical for me.  This place has been great!  When they fix things, the thing stays fixed.  They don't try to upsell me on tons of extra work that has nothing to do with keeping my car roadworthy.  They just help with what I need for a very REASONABLE PRICE.  If you live anywhere in SD, I would use this place if I were you.  Thanks for Existing Kearny Ford!  Some people gave it less stars, but keep in mind cars have issues.  This dealership has managed mine flawlessly each time in a reasonable amount of time but every once in a while there will be a curve ball.  I'd rather put these guys up to bat each time over the other options.

Ryan W. | 2013-03-11

I went into the dealership just a a fluke and to kill some time I had.  I was in the market for a new Ford Explorer, but Kearny Pearson was not in the plan.  I was connected with Kathy in Fleet Sales and so began the best car buying experience I have ever had.  She was so supportive and worked hard to get me the vehicle I wanted and at the very best price.  Kathy communicated clearly and consistently so I was not in the dark like at the other dealerships.  She and her sister got me the car I wanted in two days and I was driving off the lot with no worries.  I highly recommend Kearny Pearson Ford.  They are top notch!

Rachel V. | 2013-03-11

Love, love, love this place!  Came in exhausted and depressed after a terrible experience at Mossy Ford (full review at:… ), and this was a totally refreshing experience.  We worked with Keith, who was great - LISTENED to what I wanted (!!!), had a ton of info, and was super patient with me.  Plus ... and this is huge ... he's a completely genuine guy.  No games, really ... and yes, I'm still talking about a car salesman!

Keith took me & the hubby for a few test drives.  They didn't have the exact Fusion I was looking for on the lot, but no problem ... they special ordered it, exactly to my specs, for just a $5 check!  Keith really took his time going through all of the different options with us, too.  And, even while my baby was being built, they kept an eye out for a Fusion meeting my specs to turn up in local inventory.  If it had, no problem - I could have bought that one instead, and they'd have just sold the one I custom ordered when it came in.  The only uncertain thing was the price of my trade in.  I was offered a fine price for it, but they couldn't guarantee that it'd be valued at the same amount 6 weeks later when my new car was ready.  So, when the new car arrives the hubby and I figure that of course they're going to offer us less for my trade-in, and we'll have to play some hardball.  NOPE.  They didn't say a word about it - just gave us what they'd quoted 6 weeks ago, no muss no fuss.  Awesome!

Lastly, after hearing my tale of woe from the experience at Mossy Ford, they gave me a really great deal.  All in all, I was really happy with the whole experience ... and I'm in love with my 2013 Fusion!!!

Chris G. | 2013-03-07

These guys absolutely knocked it out of the park for me.  I worked with both Adam Denton (Internet Director) and Barry Greenblatt (Internet Sales Manager).  I was looking for new 2013 Ford Escape and had  been shopping around with a few dealers. When I first spoke to each of them I thought I was working with 2 different Ford dealerships, but after a few quick phone calls I realized they both worked at the same place!  Rest assured, both of the deals they quoted me were equal and better than any other Ford dealer I had received. I was so glad to see this-

The process of completing my paper work was painless and easy and I was out the door within no time loving my new Ford Escape.  

Thanks Guys!

Jardena G. | 2013-03-05

Keith was amazing, guiding and helping me and my husband find the car of our dreams.  It was truly a great experience!!

Todd P. | 2013-03-05

Just bought a new 2013 Ford Escape Titanium and could not be happier. Mark Ridener was a great guy and was able to work to get me a deal that was workable. Great team all around!  I look forward to working with the Kearny team for at least the next 3 years and hopefully longer..

Dylan A. | 2013-02-26

Brian Sauls helped us get way more car than we were looking for.  Finding discounts in excess of $7000.00 made it so that we could afford a brand new car with every imaginable option on it.  He was extremely laid back and was not at all pushy which made my wife and I very comfortable dealing with him.  The dealership is also very helpful in allowing our trade even though we are still waiting for our out of state title to come in.  Excellent experience overall and I would recommend this dealership to everyone looking for a new vehicle.

Jack R. | 2013-02-25

The sales experience at Kearny Pearson Ford is top notch.

I recently helped my little sister out with buying her first car and we visited a lot of dealers, test drove a bunch of cars, and dealt with a ton of salesmen.  Nobody even came close to the service and products that these guys had to offer.

Brian Chamberlain was the salesman that helped us out and he couldn't have been better.  He was a new guy, but not afraid to tell us when he didn't have an answer and always made sure to find someone that did.

Brian and everyone at the dealership was very nice to my sister and she ended up with a great new car.  Thanks to everyone at Kearny Pearson Ford!

Jake H. | 2013-02-23

Jose Pinedo is an amazing sales rep!!! Honestly, I went to a lot of different dealerships and I ended up at this one thanks to my friend. The car buying process was very smooth and made me feel good about the amount of money I was paying for a car i wanted. God Bless America and AMERICAN MADE CARS!

Erin N. | 2013-02-22

My husband and I almost went to another Ford dealership in the area but decided to shop around beforehand. We stopped at Kearny Pearson Ford because of the great reviews they had. Keith Martin helped us out and took us for a test drive in the new Escape and we loved it!! He wasn't pushy at all and helped us get the price just right. While we were waiting for financing (they were very busy b/c of president's day sale) he showed us around the dealership and we were very impressed with all of the services they had to offer. We traded in my car and drove of in our new Escape that night!

Rob F. | 2013-02-20

Not really a good experience for me. I went in with a pretty good idea what I needed done on my truck. All signs pointed to needing wheel bearings replaced. I was assured by the service rep that I needed new tires, which would stop the rumble and grease splatter in the wheel well. After getting the tires replaced (over $1000), the rumble was still there, exactly as before. Again, I was "assured" that it just needed to be "broken in", then the rumble would go away. After the vibration began to get unbearable, I took my truck to a mechanic down the street. He said it was the bearings after just taking it for a short test drive (which the Ford dealership did NOT do). A couple hours later the rumble was gone, at a small fraction of what I paid for the tires (which I probably did not need yet). If you need service, just go to a trusted mechanic who won't try to sell you anything instead of fixing your problem straight up.

T K. | 2013-02-17

Blatant lies was my experience. I wouldn't ever again.

Mary K. | 2013-02-12

I had the best expierience at this place. Dave was such a help and did not push me into buying a car. The entire process was a joy. I was able to walk out of there with a 2013 Ford Focus:) I have never owned a new car. Everyone was so helpful even the finance manager. He was so fast and it took no time at all. They made me feel very welcome. I would recommend this place to anyone who is looking to either by a used or new car. THEY ROCK

Dan U. | 2013-02-10

Buying a brand new car at a dealership was a whole new experience for me. I went to 4 different ford dealerships around San Diego. I walked in and was helped by a sales rep named Brian. I told him what i was looking for and right away I was looking a multiple colors of the car that I wanted and different styles. He just lead the way and let me take my time and answered all of my questions very well. Once I chose the one I liked we immediately went on a test drive. I only did one other test drive at a dealership which lasted all of 5 minutes up and down the street. Brian led me onto the freeway and down major streets and all over to really let me get a feel for the car. He let me bring up the price and any extras/ Was not pushy or judgmental at all, which I had felt at other dealerships.

This place is great and everyone worked really hard to get me what i wanted with a little hassle as possible.

Amanda W. | 2013-01-28

I normally don't write bad reviews but I had such a terrible experience here I feel that others should be warned.   I was working in Kearny Mesa & had my car serviced here.  Everytime I came in for an oil change they were hitting me up for replacing an air filter or brakes - all of which I found out was not necessary!!   I made the huge mistake of having my tires replaced here as well.  Turns out the tires were defective (only lasted me 20k miles) and when I contacted KPF I was told there was no warranty & to get lost.   I reviewed my service records which proved that my alignment was good & that I rotated the tires.  So I contacted the Service Manager Cainen who said he "wasn't motivated to contact Goodyear, because he wasn't making a sale".   So I persued Goodyear - a set of tires on a mustang is about $800!!   Goodyear would have prefered the dealer contacted them as soon as I had called about it, then they would have given me a rebate toward new Goodyear tires however since the Dealership didn't care about providing customer service or taking the time to hep me out I lost out.  I was only able to recoup a small pergentage of what the tires were worth.   I have NEVER had such horrible customer service and reccomend NO ONE trust this place.  I brought this issue up to the Service Manager Cainen Wong who did NOTHING & even when I spoke to the General Manger Doug Davis he said he could care less.

B. Z. | 2013-01-04

I have had a major repair, minor repairs and routine maintenance over the last 8 years at this dealership. The quality of service stands on its own when compared with Toyota and Acura dealers nearby - this is definitely a solid place for car repair. However, for a non-luxury brand, I do feel that the repair cost is not the most competitive. So, while the service here is good, it may not be good enough value for us to consider buying Ford again in future, given that our Fords (owned 3 in the last 20 years) did give us more trouble overall than our other cars (usually the small things but they add up).

Ricardo G. | 2012-12-16

These guys made buying a car pretty easy!!

SEEING THE CAR : I went because i had seen a used car on so i called before to let them know i was interested and wanted to go see it. When i showed up the car had been detailed and completely cleaned. The car wasn't a brand they sale new but told me about their whole inspection process and how the cars are maintenance and ready to go before they are put on the lot. The person helping me didn't seem aggressive in his sales tactics so it made the whole experience better instead of being awkward. I test drove the car and was interested so i decided to see if they could provide a good financing option. (Sales agent was named  Bobby, i highly recommend you ask for him to help you find a car).

EASY FINANCING: Before i went to the dealer i had received a rate on a car loan from SDCCU and i asked them to match the rate if they wanted my business, they matched it and gave me $1k off the sticker price!! (which already included $500 off the price i had seen on ). So at this point i was pretty happy with the situation so i said I'LL TAKE IT!!.

LENGTH OF TIME: The whole process took about 2 1/2 hours because we had to test drive the car, fill out the application for financing, they had to wash the car, i had to accept and sign for the purchase and while they were working as fast as possible i felt they could have finished everything a bit faster (although they were busy with tons of people buying and leasing cars).

THE UPSALE ATTEMPT: When it came time to sign the documents they had all the DMV stuff ready and the price was accurate with what they told me. They tried upselling me an alarm for $550 , i said NO THANKS!!, and a 36k warranty for $1,700 NO THANKS!! and some GAP warrenty, NO THANKS. The only thing to consider would be the GAP warrenty but the rest was unnecessary and over priced.

OVERALL:  GREAT EXPERIENCE!! They knew what to do and made everything as easy as possible. They worked with me on what i wanted for financing, price and got the car washed and gave me a full tank of gas before i left!! Highly recommend and will be looking to do business with them again.

Megan S. | 2012-12-15

I recently purchased a new car from Kearny Pearson, and overall the service was pretty good. I got a great deal, and the salesman was friendly and helpful, without being pushy or overbearing. I did, however, have a little trouble getting help when we first got on the lot. It took about half an hour of my husband and I circling around the car we were interested in before we were approached. After that, it was smooth sailing. A better than average car buying experience.

Pata P. | 2012-12-13

Went there to order a part for a Ford.  I tried to order online but the part number would not come up on the Internet.  

So I went to the dealership to try and order the part.  Louie Noble helped me.  He couldn't find the part in the computer either.  Turns out the part had been discontinued by Ford.

He called around and found the part out in a dealership in Ohio.  He got it shipped out to San Diego and called me when it arrived.  He held it behind the counter for me and had it ready when I arrived.

Excellent service - thanks Louie Noble.

Gigi C. | 2012-11-15

These guys were so nice.
I brought my daughter in to get her a new Mustang.
We had a tight budget and she had a car that she wanted to sell.
They gave us the best price for her used car (much better than Car Max or the other dealers) and they managed to give us a great price for the new car on top of that.
I was very impressed with everything... Except the service guy that was supposed to set up her bluetooth audio. that was not a good experience.
He needs to be more knowledgable on iphones and their systems (which seems to be a problem).
Otherwise, great sales experience.

Ron G. | 2012-10-28

We had an amazing experience. We bought a year old car off their used lot and were treated very well by Marti, Mitch and Kerri. We got such a good price on the car I purchased as well as for my trade in. The deal was no hassle. During the negotiations of the extra add ons such as warranty, alarm, etc we couldn't come to the terms we wanted and settled in the middle, signed everything and went home with our new car very happy. Kearny Pearson really does "make it easy" as their motto says. Then, Sunday morning Kerri called with good news. She got the authorizations needed to give us the deal we wanted on the add on items! I was shocked. I have never ever had a dealer still work for my deal after I had signed and left the dealer with the car. That was amazing so the next week we referred them another customer who bought a ford Edge. We will continue to refer people to them and will look to them for our next car as well.

Chris M. | 2012-09-18

If you need a car go see "Grandpa Keith" Matin! Friendly and very honest! Anyone I know that is looking for a new/used car I will send them to him! awesome experience!

Lisa H. | 2012-09-16

Today, Sunday, is my daughter's 21st birthday. Last week Tach Durdiev and his colleague JayDee Forzano helped me get a fantastic deal on a beautiful red Kia Forte. The price was wonderful and the amenities of the car are outstanding. I'm buying this all on my own, so cost was very important and they were exceptionally responsive and fair. But the service...

This morning Tach knocked on our door--which my daughter answered--with the words "Special Delivery for Victoria." The car was decorated with bows. He had a smile like an angel. My daughter jumped up and down so much she appeared to be on a pogo stick. Thanks, Tach!!!!!!!!

P.S. Did I mention that Sunday was his day off? Tach took some time away from his own children to be kind to mine. Thanks, Pearson Kia, for hiring such amazing people.

Paul M. | 2012-09-11

This place is customer satisfaction at its best!! Seriously I never mind having to go here because I know I am getting an honest answer and price for all work that is done. Cainen, Dan and Al in the service department, I know first hand take care of their customers. The sales department is always helpful and this is not a place that needs to push vehicles on people. Ford has come along way and is among the best on the market!! I have a F-150 truck and my wife has a BMW and my truck doesn't have half the problems here car has had! Whatever your need is the place will have the answer.

Irina G. | 2012-08-12

Kearny Pearson Ford/Kia provided me with the best possible car buying experience: from the moment I walked in till the moment I drove my new car away! I am very impressed with the quality of the service this dealership provides! I am avery difficult buyer because I always have million questions before I buy something and at the same time I really do not like to be pressured and forced to buy an item! When I drove in I was expecting to be pressured and forced to buy a car, BUT I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the customer care that salesperson provided! TACH DURDIEV, the salesman, that I have been working with is very welcoming, helpful, knowledgable! He was able to answer all my questions when I had them and at the same time I did not feel any pressure while selecting the vehicle! TACH is the salesman that you would love to work with because you can feel that his goal is to put the customer into the right vehicle and make the customer feel completely satisfied with the purchase! His customer service was very professional and above and beyond perfect! After I got the car, he was still touching bases with me to make sure i feel happy with the purchase and to make sure I do not have any unanswered questions! Best experience ever!
After I selected my vehicle, I was expecting to go through long and exhausting financing steps, BUT I was wrong! Joanna McKenna was able to do everything quickly and easy!!! I was treated very professionally and I felt like a valued customer!
Overal, Kearny Pearson Ford/Kia over exceeded my expectations! I am extremely thankful to the stuff of that dealership, with the special thanks to TACH and JOANNA!!!

Zack A. | 2012-08-09

REALLY great experience - I usually buy my vehicles thru the fleet purchasing program via AAA as I loathe haggling, and so had mainly gone here to check out the ford escape hybrid (unfortunately, discontinued for now) and to get some interior measurements for a small SUV just large enough to camp in, also when I walked onto the lot  I was strongly leaning towards buying a small truck with a camper shell, so I could have an open truck OR camper option - Tach Durdiev was so pleasant, helpful and generally knowledgeable about what the dealer had in inventory I ended up with a great deal and trade for my (very high milage and not in great condition) ranger towards a 2004 escape with low mileage in mint condition less than 12 hours later, and the overall sales experience was every bit as stress free as the times I've bought trucks through AAA fleet purchasing - Tach is VERY low pressure sales and seems genuinely interested in getting a person into the right vehicle, rather than pressuring them into something quickly, which is GREAT and VERY MUCH appreciated. I would HIGHLY recommend checking out their selection of used vehicles (I also purchased the best possible parts warranty and the longest service plan, as I've found those plans thru ford have been very cost effective for my last two trucks and I tend to drive my vehicles until they just give out), and will be taking my vehicles for service here from now on - THANKS TACH !!!

Barry T. | 2012-08-02

Very impressed with this dealership! i had an exceptional experienced buying a pre-owned edge awhile back. the sales person that i dealt with was very friendly. i shopped around other ford dealers in san diego, and kearny pearson definitely has the best service in my book. I am also impressed with how the cars looked considering that they are used. they definitely take it to the next step in cleaning their cars compared to the others dealers.

bottom line, i love this dealer! i bought a used edge that looks like new, and im stoked about it!@

Michael D. | 2012-07-17

Today i brought my truck in to get an oil change.  the service writer called me to tell me it was ready to pick up.  I paid for it and sat outside waiting for the truck to pull up.  I waited 15 min before asking for my vehicle.  They told me it would be up in 2-3 min.  15 min later I asked were is my truck.  They went and checked on it  They came back its going to be up in a min.  3rd time 15 min later I asked for them to bring the truck up didn't care what it looked like because at this point I have had wasted an hour.  The truck comes out about 5 min later and the DC sticker on the rear window was ripped off.  Asked for the general manager and I told him this story and he said he would get back to me and this would never happen again to anyone.  We will see??????

Anna N. | 2012-05-25

Ben Diaz was an amazing sales consultant who worked with me for 2 1/2 months to find, order and get the perfect vehicle for me. He was amazingly patient and understanding as I test drove numerous models and trims until I could make a decision. Since I tend to keep my vehicle for 10 years at a time, he understood that I needed to be absolutely sure about what I was getting. Once the vehicle arrived from the factory, Ben was great at making sure I understood all my financing options and worked with me to get the price that worked for me. The personal attention that Ben has given me during the entire process definitely deserves being recommended to all who are in the market for a vehicle. Then once you have your vehicle, their Service team works hard to make sure that your vehicle runs smoothly the entire time you keep your car.  Cainen Wong is an amazing Service Manager and he and his team has never ever tried to sell me on some extraneous service.  They are always upfront and work with me to get the services I need without getting crazy in cost. Kearny Pearson Ford has time and time again served to please and make me happy - I definitely recommend them as a dealership.

Jay E. | 2012-05-16

I reviewed before, about service on my 06 f350, which i bought brand new in 06. My review was NOT GOOD. It HASNT improved. They had also told me I needed a new $80+ air filter that mine was all clogged up. I checked it later, after refusing their offer to change it, and it was fine. Not only that but I discovered my F350 has an "idiot" light for the air filter and ALSO an easy to read air filter guage in the engine compartment that anybody can figure out how to read, and it too says air filter is fine. When I complained about their service, (as i did on yelp earlier this year) they finally said the next oil change is free, we'll see about that, it's time for one. But Im still very addamant that you DO NOT want to purchase a vehicle from Kearny Pearson Ford, unless you just won the lottery and WANT to spend your money on a bunch of crap you dont need.

Sean K. | 2012-05-09

Just pulled in there to get an estimate for a tail light that wasnt working and a blinker issue on the drivers side. Was greeted by Ron immediately who asked how my day was going and what could he help with. I explained the issue to him. He diagnosed that it was simply some burned out lightbulbs. I asked for an estimate to repair them. Before I could finish the question Chris had already begun getting his tools out and someone else ran off and got the new bulbs. Ron just smiled and said there wouldnt be a charge. I couldnt believe it. Maybe this is standard but I am so used to everything being an arm and a leg I was pretty pleased. A few minutes later these guys had me check the brake lights again and discovered the center brake light was also out so they replaced it as well. This was a great experience and I felt the least I could do was write up a nice review to thank them for it. I have been there in the past for another issue (it has been some time) and recall the experience was the same. I have no idea how the sales department is because I didnt buy my truck there, but the service guys are fantastic. I didnt give five stars only because I dont know how the rest of the dealership operates. If they are as good as these guys its five stars in my opinion. Thank you Ron and Chris.

M B. | 2012-04-30

Bill Bayne was a great help in finding both vehicles that I have gotten from Kearny Pearson. If you want a specific car there is no better person than Bill to find it for you.

Brandon E. | 2012-04-18

Terrible!!! Customer service is terrible and the people are very rude and not helpful! Ny lifters in my truck were making noise and the mechanic argued with me for an hour saying its normal. I know for a fact it's not normal they were just trying to get out of fixing it!! Do not waste your time at this ford! The mechanics hate their jobs and it shows! If you must go to ford for warranty reasons Do not go to this one!! Take ny word for it!!

Sacha M. | 2012-03-01

This dealership is awesome!!! Go to them even if you have to drive the extra mile!!! I will always go to them from now on. I had a crappy experience at another Ford dealership. I called them and all they said was bring it in and we will fix it for you no sweat. Once again these guys are phenomenal!!!

Sam I. | 2012-02-27

Typical bait and switch ads for black Friday weekend. I drove 45minutes in response to the ad that promoted f-150's at 11k "net cost" when I got there I was informed that both the Internet ad (still there 12 hours later) and the radio ad were "miss worded" . Not sure how to miss word NET COST you pin heads!

Stay away from Kearny Pearson Ford they are liars!!!!!

Allen C. | 2011-12-26

I shopped around for weeks trying to find the exact F150 I wanted! Typically I would buy from whatever dealer had it but the dealer in poway which was a terrible experience.

I have been to Kearny for service on my wife's sub several times so I decided to purchase from them!
I dealt with Will, he was great! They dealer traded and got what I wanted at a great price! No B.S. just great sales skills!

Ashley A. | 2011-12-23

Apparently my review was removed, so I will re-post.

Kearny Pearson Ford  
Categories: Auto Repair, Car Dealers
Neighborhood: Kearny Mesa
If I could give this dealership zero stars I would.  I contacted a sales manager when I was 8 months pregnant because I wanted to purchase a safe, newer vehicle to bring my son home from the hospital in.

I made it very clear from the beginning that I was pregnant, had so-so credit, and was currently making payments on a vehicle and hand 9 months left roughly.

At first they were very friendly, got me in a car, and everything was fine. I was nervous about buying another car and my mother and I both asked several times if the deal was finalized and once I signed the papers, everything was fine and was reassured several times.   I traded in my car, took the new car and should have lived happily ever after.  However, 5 days from purchasing, I get a letter stating that the finance company dropped me and that I should contact the finance manager and make plans to return the car.  I was bummed but I figured there wasn't much I could do other than call the finance guy, see what happened, and return the car.

The next morning I call and ask for Mike and am told he isn't in yet so I leave a message stating what had happened and to please call me back.  I wait a day, no call back, so I call again and Mike tells me he doesn't know what is going on with my account and to talk to Anthony, the guy who sold me the car.  OKay... so I put in a call to Anthony and leave a message, no call back.  Call again the next day and same thing.  Called and asked for a manager, and was routed to 4 different voicemails, none of which were the manager.  

Finally a week and a half later, Anthony returns my call and tells me that Mike had said something about calling me but that he wasn't listening and was busy and when he figured it out he would give me a call.

So the next day he calls and tells me that the finance company rejected me due to me going out on maternity leave even though I was employed at the time of finance AND made it very clear I was pregnant.  So they asked for my husbands information and were going to try to get something worked out.  

Apparently it wasn't good enough and because I was already out on maternity leave it wasn't going to happen.  Meanwhile I had been driving the new car for a month and a half and they never paid off my trade in.  So, my old finance company called and said if I didn't pay them the 2 months of payments, they were going to go to Kearny Pearson Ford and repo the car.  

I explained to them the situation and they said they had been trying to get a hold of someone there for weeks.  Meanwhile, my license had been suspended because I no longer had insurance on my old vehicle because I no longer was in possession of it and when I brought that to KPF's attention, I was told it was no big deal, I just had to pay 50 bucks and show the DMV a paper and I would get my license back.... that was their big solution.  

A week after my son was born I finally get another call from Anthony and he says I need to bring the car back.  He said they didn't want to accept my "baby's daddy's information."  I corrected him several times that he was my husband and he continually called him my baby's daddy.  I said fine, I was fed up at this point, and said I would bring it in the next day as my son had just been circumcised and I wanted to get him home.  He said I needed to bring it in now and that he would have everything ready so it would not take long.

I spend 3 hours there waiting on him as he was in a meeting.  He walks past my husband, myself and my fussy newborn and doesn't give us so much as a sideways glance.  When I asked about my down payment being returned to me, I am told I will get a check in 72 hours.  I said that's no good, I have to pay my finance company or they will repo my car.  After bursting into tears over thinking I am going to lose my car and have a repo on my credit, a manager agrees to give me my down payment back that day and hands me a stuffed hamster as some sort of consolation.

Also, was told I could come back after I return to work and they would help me get into a vehicle... as if.  I will never and I mean NEVER give that place any business.  It wasn't about losing the car, it was about being mistreated and ignored.  I should not have had to deal with that kind of stress in the last month of my pregnancy, I should not have had so many calls ignored and not returned and I shouldn't have had to take my one-week old down there and sit there for hours.  I wouldn't recommend this dealership to anyone.

***UPDATE*** I took my business to El Cajon Ford and had much better service and got a better car.

Craig S. | 2011-11-16

I'm surprised with some of the other reviews on here. I stopped by last week to test drive the 2012 Ford Edge Limited and I was blown away. I was told to ask for Dan who came out and met us, was extremely pleasant then passed us on to Will Garrity. Will was friendly, patient, and very knowledgeable. He answered all my questions about the Edge, Explorer and Flex and knew everything about each model. He then took us out for a no pressure test drive and pointed out some amazing features. Over all I had a fantastic experience. Not only would I recommend checking out the new Fords (way cooler than they used to be) but I also recommend doing so at  Pearson Ford and asking for Will by name.

Adam C. | 2011-10-07

I bought a certified pre-owned vehicle at this location.  After about 9 months of ownership I used the free oil change voucher they gave me.  The total oil change took about 2 hours. During the oil change, Kearny Pearson Ford said that my rear brakes were at the limit and they would probably go bad in 1-2 months and that I should change them.

I didnt want to pay dealer price of $200 dollars, so I took it to my mechanic who I have known for about 4 years.  He pulled the tires off and checked the brakes, they were about 1/2 way he said, like 1/2 worn from being brand new, certainly not about to go bad in 1-2 months. He told me to come back in about 1 year and he will look again.

This place is a rip off, they lie and cant be trusted.

Paul F. | 2011-09-23

Since the mergerer with Pearson ford the service dept has gotten better. Some of the service writers came over and remember us from pearson.
Also the recently remodled customer lounge area with wifi is great as well.

Robert M. | 2011-08-16

Internet sales specialist Karrie helped me pick out a Ford Fiesta. Car was damaged during transport but Karrie and her team got the car all fixed up and in time for my daughter to drive off to college.

Thanks Karrie and GM Doug Davis great job.

Arika N. | 2011-07-17

Kerrie gave me an unbeatable deal on my 2007 honda fit. i had found a few good deals online, and the car was out of my price range, but when i contacted her she immediately gave me the price i asked for on it. ive never seen customer service like hers. no haggling whatsoever. she did so many little things to make me happy, like filling my gas tank, replacing the fog lights, etc. Also, when there were a few problems the car had(which this honda model was known for), a guy named keynan replaced all four coil packs for free. I was absolutely pleased with these two employees! they were so kind to me and now i recommend them to people who ask me where i got my gorgeous car!

Aaron E. | 2011-06-07

Just wanted to say that my experience with this dealership was nothing but a pleasure. I was unsure of what I wanted and by the end Kerrie found me the car that fit my needs exactly. From color, options, and model...
Kerrie did a great job of getting a tough deal done and without her help I'm sure I wouldn't be driving a Ford...

I look forward to buying more cars from her and can say that she and others at Kearny Person have earned my business and my strongest recommendation.

Alex F. | 2011-05-30

I bought my first Mustang here on 5/29/2011.  Not only did Marc Hofer search the lot for the Mustang I wanted, but he was very patient and helpful in working with the finance department to get the monthly payments down to a price I can easily afford.  Marc did not push us into a car we didn't want and is the best car salesman I have ever had the pleasure with doing business.

Also, we were the last customers on the lot and Bill stayed late (it was almost 11:30 p.m. when we got into the car and it was the night before Memorial Day) to teach me how to use the new Microsoft SYNC system in the car.  

Based on my experience at Kearny Pearson Ford, I highly recommend this dealership to anyone looking to purchase a Ford.

Sheena D. | 2011-05-01

Not bad for a Ford Dealership.
I lost a key to a rental car and had to get the car towed here for a key to be made. They said it would take about an hour, and they were correct. The confusion came when I tried to pick up the car and keys. After 15 minutes and being pawned off to 4 people. I was finally able to take the car and go.
Its no Lexus dealership... nothing to entertain your self while you wait, so take the shuttle or a nice walk.

Shawn J. | 2011-04-19

If you are looking for world class service, look no more. I have purchased 4 vehicles here and will ONLY come here for service. My service rep guy Arnel is always on top of his game and makes me feel welcome when i pull in. They always have pretty good specials and get my car done when they say they will (that is huge for me). The managers are great and always helping out either pulling cars up to customers or helping the cashiers. You can tell the people here are a team and it shows in their performance. Great job Ford......

BG C. | 2011-03-05

I visited KPF in Feb 2011.  I had a bunch of credit with their buyers rewards program, so I brought my truck in for the 85 k service and to have them look at a squeaky pulley/belt issue.  The service advisor told me I needed a fuel injector service due to the mileage and that it would improve the acceleration.  I went for it, since I was about to drive to Texas.

After thinking it over, I had a look at the web and discovered that the fuel injector service was not in the regular service schedule for my truck and  likely a way to pad the bill.  I tried to have them stop the work, but they were "already doing it"....and they said I had a transmission seal leaking and needed to fix a whole bunch of other $1000 worth.

Based on the fuel injector service thing, I told them not touch the transmission or do anything else.  I picked it up and paid the bill.
An hour into my drive to Texas the next week, I got a touch nervous about the transmission "leak" and stopped by a Jiffy Lube to have it topped off.  I figured I'd just do that repeatedly on my way East.

Instead, the Jiffy Lube tech--who could have told me anything at all and charged me for it--said the transmission had been overfilled and was s-l-o-w-l-y leaking, probably due to overpressure.  He drained it down to the right level and gave me a clean bill of health....and didn't charge me a thing.

End result?  I made it to Texas just fine in two stretches of 12 hours each.
And the damn thing doesn't accelerate any better than it had before!
If I absolutely had to go to KPF again, I would bring the service schedule with me and tell them to write me a labor-only estimate for finding whatever other problems I suspected.  Or maybe I'd just drive my truck 'til it died and buy another one elsewhere.

Justin R. | 2011-02-22


I brought my 2007 F150 in for a power distribution problem.  I was thinking it was the transmission and the repairs would be under warranty.  I dropped the truck off in the morning and didn't hear back from them until after 4pm when they told me I had an arcing spark plug and the fix would be over $1,000 to replace all 8 or I could go with the "bargain" repair of over $350 to replace one!  

Needless to say I told them to do nothing and that I'd be in to pick up my truck the next day.  I did some research on the issue and found that Ford is using two-piece spark plugs that are faulting well before the 100,000 miles listed in the manual and are prone to break off into the engine upon removal.  Ford knows about the issue and even is producing a tool to remove the broken spark plug parts from the engine but will not cover the repairs.  Complete garbage.

I had to pay them $108 to have one of their technicians pull the computer error codes which, according to them, takes an hour.  I can't see it taking more than 10 minutes.  The gentleman I spoke with on the phone had no details, kept contradicting himself and gave me the distinct impression that he really didn't know what he was talking about.  Such a rip off - AVOID IF AT ALL POSSIBLE!

As a side note, I had the repairs done at Poway Mobil and had an excellent experience with them.

B N. | 2011-02-22

Don't expect support after you buy a Ford from these guys. I have 3 vehicles for commercial use purchased here and had an issue on one of the vehicles transmission. Don't think your vehicle will be covered under their warranty, its basically non existent. I ended up with a tab of $1700 before I could take my vehicle back. I can't recommend even purchasing a Ford anymore and would go with a Chevy next time.

Jason M. | 2011-02-16

If I could give zero stars I would.

I took my E350 van to them for an engine shudder issue. They looked at it the next day and told me that it needed over $2000 worth of work. I was shocked at the parts needed and the amount of labor being charged. It needed Break pads, Knock Sensor and two Coils plus a tune up.

I asked if any of the labor overlapped for the work needing to be completed, the service adviser, Humberto, told me that the services do not over lap.

I told them to hold off on work, while I researched the services needed. I found out that the services did over lap an one of the bad parts rarely fail therefore I chose to take the van to another factory ford mechanic. The non-Kearney mesa ford mechanic told me that the services definitely overlapped (One of the first steps for replacing the Knock Sensor is to remove all of the coils!) and that the Knock sensor was perfectly fine.

I had the non-Kearney ford mechanic do the work and the van runs great again after only replacing the two coils. Also the van had well over half life left on the brake pads even though Kearney ford said they were dangerously low and were pretty much "medal on medal"

Update: I emailed the service manager my write up and never heard anything back, I guess they falsify service charges all the time, to not even reply to my concerns.

Brian C. | 2010-11-13

I have been going here for almost 2 yrs and didn't even buy my car from them. They have always treated me like a part of the "Ford" family and have the best deals for oil changes, tire rotation, etc. They never try to sell me anything I don't want and they even accept coupons from the ford credit website that gives you rebates. I would recommend this dealership to anyone.

Denise A. | 2010-10-02

My experience at Kearny Pearson Ford actually caused me to make a Yelp account just to warn others.  I made an appointment a week in advance and showed up on time.  Prior to the appointment date, I was given the name of a service rep who would be there to take care of my car.

So when I arrived at Kearny Pearson Ford, not only was my service rep NOT there, but I was told, regardless of appointment that since they only had 3 reps there, it was basically 1st come, 1st serve.  After waiting a half hour and seeing people who came after me get service, because "they had an appointment", we tried talking to the manager.

The manager was on the phone non-stop.  We thought about waiting and were told that the line INSIDE the service office (which was about 10 people) were all waiting to speak to the manager as well.

I went there looking for a reliable service department that I could trust my car to for long term maintenance.  I found out that that they don't tell you the truth (i.e. saying a specific person would be there when not only he wasn't, he had never been scheduled to), they don't keep their word (scheduling appointments and not keeping them), and that they are far from professional.  

In short, there is no possible way I would trust them with something as mundane as an oil check, much less my brakes (which is what I went there for).  I DO NOT RECOMMEND Kearny Pearson Ford or their service department to anyone.

Kerra A. | 2010-09-15 I don't have the best credit in tha world. But who does at this time with America sucking at the moment. Anyways, did a lot of paperwork shuffle for some bank to accept my application.
My deposit of $500 was bumped up to $1000, and my monthly payment went from $264 to $300, and the APR went from 13% to $18% AND the term went from 5 1/2 years to 4 years. WTF!
Sticker price of vehicle: $9,500.00
Price I am paying for this vehicle with financing: $15K
Totally bummed. But I needed a car ASAP
I should have stuck with my Honda Civic Si at $600 month payments since i only had less than $15K left to pay off...and I would've been done by 2013.
oh...and I still haven't gotten my FLOOR MATS

Ed R. | 2010-09-02

I haven't actually bought a car here but I'd been seriously considering buying a 2011 Mustang for a while, and later looked at the Fiesta. The sales staff were extremely accommodating, even letting me borrow a new (leftover) 2010 Mustang overnight (highly unusual). Eventually I decided against buying either vehicle but if I ever do decide to buy a Ford of some sort, this dealership is where I'd go again. They're also huge and they have a very good inventory on-hand.

Sandra B. | 2010-07-30

Umm... hello, chirp chirp. We walked around for ten minutes we saw no sales reps until we were ready to leave because of the lack of service. We were loudly complaining about not getting any service and he didn't even give us a second look. Don't waste your time at this dealership, apparently they have more important things to do than sell cars.

Josh P. | 2010-06-29

These guys have to be the greatest dealership I have had the pleasure of doing business with. Their service department is better than any other service shop out there. They are expensive, but they are well worth the price. Their parts counter gave me as many discounts as they could, and the cashiers were friendly and played with my little girl. I have reffered all my friends over to KPF, and will continue to do so as long as I live in San Diego

Q. M. Z. | 2009-11-07

We finally diagnosed and fixed the mysterious squeak in my Ford Escape Hybrid.  The service department manager was very nice and helpful.  On the day of my appointment, they offered me a shuttle to work too.  It's been a couple of weeks, and the squeak has disappeared.  As usual, they washed my car too after the appointment.  Excellent service, and I'll definitely be going back...well, hopefully not, but you know what I mean.

Cindy W. | 2009-09-25

I was perusing through websites to find a car, I wanted a convertible that was good on mileage, so I wanted a Toyota. For whatever reason, this FORD place had my car, I made an appointment online to go and test drive it the next day. They didn't have to do much convincing after I test drove it, I already had my heart set on it when I first made the appointment. They got my car washed, registered and had the insurance guy right there to get my car insured. The signing of papers took forever! But I got out of there with my car in the same day, which was great.

There was a little dent in my car and I asked if they could fix it since they have their own little shop there. They said for me to bring it back the following week and they'll work on it. I brought it back and they never worked on it, it was a little ding, very little and probably would have taken less than 10 minutes for them to work on it.

The guy who sold me my car was very friendly and fast, but everything else...the process took forever.

Mike N. | 2009-08-26

Slow and overpriced. I came there at 7:15, and was told it would take 1-2hrs for my transmission check. It ended up taking 4.5hrs! Their repair service is a rip off. They asked $490 to replace a part that costs only $20! Total bullshit, just like that place.

Michelle L. | 2009-01-02

This place is awesome! I just bought my new car from them about two weeks ago. I wasn't originally planning on buying it that night, but they made me an offer that I just could not refuse. They knew I was in a hurry so they moved things along for me without leaving any of the details out. The finance manager was very helpful in explaining things that I was not clear on. They even called me back a few days later to let me know that they got me a better rate on my loan! They already had my money and didn't need to do that at all. I had some questions for the parts department. The gentleman that was helping me could not find the answer to my question so he walked me over to one of the service reps. She made some phone calls and got me everything that I needed. No brush offs here.

Tristan helped with the purchase. Rick took care of all the money stuff. Stevo explained the fun new toys that came with the car. These folks are so helpful and nice. If you're thinking of picking up a new Ford, I would highly suggest giving them a chance.

And yes, like Noly, I get free tires for the life of the car!

Rich C. | 2008-08-11

I am writing this review to alert people of the poorest service I have ever received.
kearny mesa ford & kia have performed the oil changes on my wifes
Kia Amanti the last 4 times 3 of the 4 times the techs failed to wipe the frame complelely so that any oil that spilled from the filter wouldn't
drip on the driveway and garage floor.
In addition when you see oil dripping immediately after an oil change
you have to bring the car back to have it checked for leaks , thats right another trip.
after the first identification of oil on the frame we have made it a policy to
alert the service writer of the need to carefully wipe down the frame to
avoid such problems ,it didn't work
when you take a vehicle to a dealer and pay dealer prices and you expect
better service , obviously kearny mesa ford didn't get that memo.
after talking to the GM  Doug it is obvious that a fuctional system of checks and balances does not exist
needless to say I won't be going back there again ,I guess I will go back to servicing my own vehicles again
memo to Doug denial is not a river in egypt
Rich C         (sorry for type Os )

P S. | 2008-07-24

This place is HORRIBLE!!!!! I bought a "certified" used car from these people and 3 weeks later the clutch goes out. A few days after getting it out of the shop its making all kinds of strange banging and scraping sounds while driving down the street. I go in and they say they cant find anything wrong.....both times they collected my $100 deductible for the extended warranty they suckered me in to buying. About 5 months later I get sick and tired of these noises and they are getting worse, go in and they say its loose nuts and bolts and they aren't covered under the warranty. $280 later I drive the car out of the parking lot and it sounded like they hadn't done ANYTHING!!!! I walked back in and gave them my keys and said I'm not taking it until its fixed. They worked a miracle and miraculously it was fixed! Oh and by the's $180 (refund minus the deductible) as it WAS covered under my warranty.
Drove it on the freeway home and thought my tire was going to fall off....they didn't put the tire back on properly!!!!! I almost died! Took it back and they said I needed an alignment! WTF!!!! They did end up "fixing" it for free but what a PAIN.
They also treated me poorly until I asked my boyfriend to walk over to the parts/service guy with me.....suddenly the service guy was sweet to me and didn't treat me like I'm an idiot. Hmmmmm.
Don't get me started on the finance guy....I tried to sell back my warranty since I'm selling the car (after only 9 months and tired of their BS) and he gives me the complete run around....he must lose commission or something....he was a total jerk. Said he'd call me back that night with more information and it never happened.

This place is a rip off.....they want to STEAL your money!!!!!!!! And their service and repairs is POOR and DANGEROUS!!!

Trizzle M. | 2008-06-18

Pleeeassse DO NOT buy a used car from Kearny Mesa Ford and Kia. I purchased a "certified pre-owned" 2005 car from the dealership and 2 months later I had to take it in to be serviced only to foind out that the car needed a new engine! I only had the car for 2 months! Then, the service department  acted like they didn't know if it would be covered under the warranty. i wasn't even offered a rental car for my troubles. I will never buy another car from them.

Nolando T. | 2007-04-21

I bought my truck from them and they were super helpful.  They made the whole car buying process easy and smooth.  Everyone was real friendly and did their best to make sure we were comfortable the whole time.  No funny stuff during the signing of the papers...everything was straight forward.  Plus, I get free tires for life as long as I let them service my car.  Not a bad deal if you ask me.  Go in and ask for "Red" he'll hook you up.