Kearny Mesa Toyota in San Diego, CA

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Kearny Mesa Toyota is the leading Toyota dealer in San Diego, CA. Your satisfaction is our goal!

Kearny Mesa Toyota

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(858) 430-2600
Address:4910 Kearny Mesa Rd, San Diego, CA, 92111
  • Monday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Sunday: 10:00 am - 7:00 pm

Reviews on Kearny Mesa Toyota

Jeff P. | 2015-04-17

I just bought an incredible used car at Kearney Mesa Toyota that I drove home in today and I have to say I absolutely received outstanding sales assistance from Jimmy Kuniyoshi! He went the extra mile in every way...totally unlike any experience buying a car that I have had previously. He took the time to first understand my needs, but I wasn't sure at first if I wanted a new or used car. So he showed me both, first by  suggesting several cars that fit the bill including one on the showroom floor which he moved outside for me and then I test drove it.

Jimmy explained everything about the cars based on my questions and told me about features that I wouldn't otherwise have known, even though the car I ultimately chose and purchased wasn't a Toyota. He was just as happy to meet my needs rather than steering me to cars that didn't fit my current desire.

Next we looked at the inventory of a fleet of very nice newer model used cars and I fell in love with a used 2015 VW Passat which I ultimately chose to purchase. I am so satisfied with  my purchase.

Now, I've purchased at least 10+ cars in my life as well as having leased a few too, but I never met a sales person who supported me like Jimmy. My purchase was challenging since I recently had some credit issue due to a recent divorce, so it took me longer than I expected, but Jimmy kept me updated and was in contact by phone with me every step of the way over a sales process that took me several weeks due to to getting the right financing for me. Jimmy even called me from his home during his days days off from work!

I never feel like he was pushy, obnoxious or just after me for whatever he could get from the deal, he was instead, genuinely interested in my satisfaction over my purchase. Once we found the right financing package for me, it all went through smoothly without any hitches in a couple of day.

It was a very pleasant experience, unlike many I have had previously in other states and with other dealers in the San Diego area! I found both Jimmy and the Kearney Mesa Toyota dealership to be top-notch!

David P. | 2015-04-16

I went to Kearney Mesa to get my clutch replaced.  When I received a quote from the service rep that was ridiculously high, I decided to get two other quotes, which turned out to be around $1,000 less than what Kearney Mesa Toyota quoted me. When I returned to Kearney Mesa with my 81-year old father and questioned why the labor cost was triple what other places quoted me, the service rep got defensive, as he didnhis like that my father and I were questioning his judgement.  His uncontrollable anger escalated and he stood up, put his finger in my Dad's face and physically threatened both of us if we didn't get of his office.  We immediately left his office and went straight to the head of the service department, who was very nice and tried to fix the situation by telling us he would lower the cost if the estimate. Sorry, but too little, too late. I will NEVER, and I mean, never, go back to that dealership for anything.

Gregg O. | 2015-04-13

My wife just bought her first car from Jimmy last Monday. He gave excellent service and wasn't pushy at all. Recommend you ask for him! He helped her find the exact car she wanted, a White 2015 Corolla S Plus. We showed them our Costco card and got to see the invoice and the price we get as a Costco member! Awesome!

My wife had already arranged financing with Navy Federal, so the that part went smoothly.

While waiting for the car to be prepped we enjoyed the free coffee/hot chocolate in the lounge area and they didn't get mad when our kids checked out the cars. It was a rather pleasant experience.

don t. | 2015-04-13

Purchased my FRS here January 2014.  On first oil change they overfilled about 1/2 inch above max on dip stick.   Tech said no problem - Corporate disagreed along with another dealership and FRS forum posts.   Went back and a senior tech who happened to walk by when I checked in, asked how I liked the car, took a reading off dip stick, and told younger tech checking me in to dump the oil ( had a couple hundred miles on it ) and refill to proper level.   Should have checked before I left but got home and was overfilled again.   Went back and they got it right on this third fill but tried to send me away with no receipt.  Took about another 20 min. To get the receipt.   Will not be back to this dealer.

Jonathan E. | 2015-04-12

So my busy and mostly spent Saturday in Clairemont, Kearney Mesa, Balboa area, started here today.

I was here to get my 4 month old baby (my new 2015 Prius) in for it's first service at 5K miles which is routine service.

I had called the day before and set an appointment for 11:45AM today.I got to the service department about 10 minutes late... Yes I know bad part on me but I honestly was just in a lazy mood and had slept in and had a bunch of other errands to run before finally getting here.

So I pulled into the service department which is on the back end up of KM Toyota.The service girl named Wendy was friendly and explained to me what service would be done today on this visit. She explained to me they were fairly busy and it would take 45 minutes to a hour to do the service on my car, which I expected anyways since it was a Saturday. She offered to show me where the waiting area was which I declined and told her I knew where it was. Since I had been to this Toyota dealership plenty of times in the past...hey what can I say me and my family like Toyota's  my last 4 cars have been Toyota's and I purchased a Toyota 4Runner at this dealership 11 years ago.One thing I was kind of disappointed on was that I wasn't offered a free car wash.I remember my past visits in taking in other Toyota cars in they usually offered this service.

Since I haven't been here in a long time the waiting area and service department has changed a little bit since I last remembered it. The seats, tables, and lounge chairs are still positioned the same way.The TV's they have though are kind of small.They have free wi-fi internet access which is nice but like any free public wi-fi access the performance speed is pretty slow. Just don't expect to use it for any streaming service like youtube, netflix, or spotify.

So sure enough a hour passed by and Wendy just like she explained to me when I was checked in she personally came to me and told me my car was ready.I checked out and signed the paper work, waited another 5 minutes in the garage while a service tech pulled up my car.I hopped in and was trying to figure out where me keys were.I had to ask a check in person and they told me my keys were left in a cup holder.

Karen L. | 2015-04-10

I just bought my brand new 2015 Toyota Corolla from this dealership and I have to say that I couldn't be more pleased with the entire process and my new car.

Paulo Benkendorff is the Sales Professional who helped me out from the moment I arrived. He was so cool, never rushed me, answered all my questions and was super patient with me. So friendly and a very nice guy. I later learned that he was employee of the month, well that explained things. I think I got a sweet deal on my new car because of him. I was able to get a nice rebate and a decent discount, plus he made it so easy to negotiate on other things. I arrived knowing what I wanted and what I could pay, and left with exactly that.

Overall, super happy with this dealership and the service provided and this might just be my dealership for life.

Thanks guys!

Dijana R. | 2015-04-07

Really had a great experience here!
After several daunting days of trying to replace my car I came in to Toyota to talk about leasing options for a new Corolla and really had  a great car buying experience. Car buying is always so time consuming and I had to weigh all my options. When I came here they made it super fun to do new car shopping. I enjoyed their attentive customer service and constant care. I was very pleasantly surprised. Thank you so much Jimmy for being so helpful and taking the time to explain everything about the car. I feel very well informed, safe and confident in my new Red Toyota! Love it so much Thank you guys

Capt. R. | 2015-04-02

Thank you to all the people at Kearny Mesa Toyota! You always take such great care of me and my truck! I'm so lucky to be able to come here... I would not want to go anywhere else. Big thank you to Maria Spina! She is always a delight to work with...

Julia G. | 2015-03-31

Was greeted nicely and Paul was very helpful in getting my service in and done on time. I bought my Tacoma here 11 years ago in July and I have always had a wonderful experience.

Mayra U. | 2015-03-27

I don't know about you but a $20k+ purchase for me is not something I do regularly!!! But today I came to Toyota Kearny Mesa and was helped by Paulo Benkendorff and I have never met such a helpful, no secret agenda, friendly car sales person like him!!!! He never once was pushy, just super accommodating. I only came here with the intentions to look at different models, never thought I would even test drive because I was still doing my "homework" needless to say, I am now the Proud owner of a Toyota Corolla S! Bilal was the manager and if you have, work with him!! He is soooo friendly and understanding. They both worked with us for a  SUPER great deal, we saved some $$!! So go to them if your looking for a New Toyota!!! Ps. Ying smells like strawberries BONUS!!!! Lol

Julio A. | 2015-03-20

I came here to get a car, after a test drive and about a 3 hour process of waiting to wait for an approval I was told it would still be a while, so we decided to go eat lunch and wait for a call, after another 30 min we get told to comeback that we have 3 offers, came back thinking we were going to hear good news, they wanted 7500 deposit!!! What kind of bull is that, they could of told me that over the phone after all the time I wasted. Smh

C Q. | 2015-03-20

Every time I try to claim thE Starbucks card they are always out. This is the second time in 3 months. I jut want some s-bux! Ps this had no effect on their review.  Other than that, this place is pretty decent. I like it better than the Escondido location. The Escondido location offers better coffee, they have snacks, and the shuttle service will drop you off AND pick you up. When I used the shuttle at kearny mesa I was dropped off at school and then told they don't do pick ups. Ohhhh k. Thanks for the heads up. Luckily my school was close ub and finding a ride was easy. I find the work at Kearny Mesa I be more trustworthy than Escondido. I took my car to Escondido and was told the oil pan gasket was leaking and would be $300. I went to Kearny Mesa and they said there weren't any leaks at all.

Angela J. | 2015-03-19

I've been coming here for all my service since 2012 when I bought my car.  Everyone is always friendly and it's fast. However this is the second time they've recommended service that I didn't need.  This time they tried to tell me I needed all new brakes n tires.  I explained that my tires were only a year old and my front brakes had already been replaced them. Mind you my car is only 3 years old!  So I told them no and I took my car for a second opinion. I was told that brakes still have 6000 miles on them and tires are fine!  Needless to say they have permanently lost my business.   To add insult to injury, I was called and asked if I received great service and I told her no and explained what happened and she couldn't hang up fast enough.

B E. | 2015-03-11

SERVICE DEPARTMENT REVIEW - twice now i have brought my son's prius to KM Toyota and BOTH times the car was in the shop for an extended period of time.  BOTH time communication was the absolute worst, but particularly this last time i had to call 9 times before they hunted down the service manager.   The car needed at most 2 hours worth of work this last time and it took 2 days.  The time before maybe 2 days (MAX) worth of work and it took 5 days!  

The only reason I went back a second time was because one part installed by KM Toyota had failed in less than two months and i needed that to be replaced.  I told them multiple times but the sales associate didn't put it on my service ticket, didn't remember when he called to tell me how much it was going to be and then failed to begin service when he was in training the next day! He never told me he would not be working he did not direct me to another associate and he never returned my call until the next day, where he called to see how if everything went ok, I said NO, he obviously paid no attention and said you are welcome!  

I gave them two stars because the service manager made it right both times by giving me a discount which was nice, but instead do your job!

Eduardo G. | 2015-03-10

I recently purchased a 2012 Scion xD and was extremely satisfied with my salesman, Khong. Not only was the price great and the car in perfect condition, but our salesman answered all our questions, and was honest and straightforward with us. No BS. After a long day of shopping around with pushy salesmen around town, I found myself back to the Kearny Mesa Toyota dealer ship and appreciating Khong's service and honesty. Got a great deal and drove away completely satisfied.

Kunal G. | 2015-03-08

They are the worst , went to talk to get a lease on Toyota Corolla first of all the guy who showed us the car doesn't know anything . After that when we wanted a lease quote the financial manager was so rude , we asked what a will be the quote with min downpayment and he started been rude for no reason , such a rude group of staff. I am not going to buy a car if you are not going to give me a price accommodating  my requirements  and also there is no reason to be mean and rude

J R. | 2015-03-01

Been coming here for over 10 years.  We bought at least 4 cars here and customer service is great sometimes. We were here last weekend and they just went downhill with their selection of cars.  They really didn't have much available which is very upsetting.  Also I feel that their oil change service went down hill as well.  They are cutting corners or just getting really lazy.

Michaela F. | 2015-03-01

Clemmie Sappho is hands down the best sales man I have had the opportunity to work with!!! If your looking to buy a Toyota request him and you won't be disappointed! Bilal Mehboob gave us the best deal and I can't praise them enough for how wonderful our visit was buying a car!!!

Lisa G. | 2015-02-27

Had a wonderful experience at the Toyota here! My sales was Ruben, and he was very helpful and straight to the point. Any questions I had he answered them in a heartbeat and gave very good advice on anything else. He knew I was a first time buyer and told me all the necessary materials I should bring the next time so I would not need to wait a long time! Thank you so much Ruben for saving me time and still checking up on me after I brought my car! I had a excellent experience. Also the $5 starbucks giftcard does work folks, but jt makes sense after you buy the car!

a h. | 2015-02-24

They are so awesome here! This is my 3rd time here (purchasing a vehicle). Always have what we want and super friendly service!! SHOUT OUT TO RICO, TJ, YING-PA, AND THE MANAGER WHO HELPED US! (last name Mehboob) *sorry I forgot your first name :)

Thank you for the awesome SCION TC!!!

Joe M. | 2015-02-24

I'd like to thank Kearny Mesa Toyota for making my purchase a very pleasant one without any hassles. It's nice to feel like your a valued customer, as well as having gotten a fair price on a vehicle. I bought a Prius C, and I love it! I'd particularly like to thank their manager, Bilal, their Costco rep whose nickname is Ox, their finance rep named Robin, their finance manager, Cindy Gonzalez, their finance assistant, Ying Tan, their service rep, Wendy Valdez, but especially my salesman, Parke Arnold. Parke did an excellent job with a lot of attention to detail and helping me navigate the best deal to be had. He helped me how to operate my vehicle, checked to see how my service call went, and several times after that just to see if I was happy with my purchase. It was a real pleasure doing business with Kerany Mesa Toyota. I'd do it again, and I highly recommend them over other Toyota dealerships.

Frank W. | 2015-02-23

My girlfriend and I are engaged, and we had fixed appointments on Saturday to view venues.  Working a regular M-F 9-5, we woke up early to to take advantage of Toyota Kearny Mesa's Saturday service hours for a routine oil change.  I also had a couple questions about front-end noise and 90k service.  Our service advisor that day, Patty, explained that diagnosis might be expensive and left it up to me, and also she said that the 90k wouldn't be due for another 5k miles.  She noticed my girlfriend's ring at this time and said very nice things!  My girlfriend was very happy.  

Anyways, feeling more confident due to Patty's recommendations, I elected for a simple oil change, and we walked over to Hinotez on Clairemont Mesa for a quick breakfast before we got our day started.

Imagine my surprise when Patty left me a voicemail telling me to come back to the dealership as soon as I received the message; she sounded serious, but action-oriented.  Usually the call is simply 'we changed the oil, come back and get it when you are ready.'  So we rushed back, and she explained that there was a water pump leak.  She was very obliging when I asked to see the pump for myself, having the techs bring out the car and show that the radiator fluid had leaked and sprayed everywhere.  She explained clearly that the additional water pump in my Prius failed.  And she explained that included with the service is a free car rental.

I begged for additional discounts due to the up-and-coming wedding's effects on my pocketbook, and she said that she'd do everything she could.  

Having very little time before the appointment started, and not wanting to make another pair of trips to drop-off and pick-up the car, I elected to get it repaired immediately and take Patty up on our car rental.  We were able to make our appointment in the nick of time, and we were able to view a total of 6 venues that day in our rental car.

I returned the rental before they closed.  I saw that they fixed the pump, and now I'm able to go to work worry-free.  Upon googling the problem, it seems that this is a common issue with the 2nd-gen Prius, where the hybrid water pump was substandard.  It's common enough for a TSB to be issued - EG001-07.  Fixing it is a little bit of a pain, involving obtaining the improved part, getting some nearby parts out of the way, draining the coolant and using a special manufacturer computer to reset something.  Based on this, I definitely know that I went to the right place to get this fixed - I wouldn't have trusted a 3rd-party shop to obtain the improved part at all, let alone as quickly.  I have factory coolant in my car, and they used the factory tool to reset my ECU.

No one wants to be out $500 for a car repair.  I hate that.  But Patty was warm, kind, and made me feel like a valued customer. She understood that my time and money are important to me and was able to find the best means to help me conserve both at such a busy time in my life.

Zaydun N. | 2015-02-16

I would like to tell km Toyota that my buying experience was truly amazing, the salesman George ghazwan has the best customer service, helpful, responsible, and quick.  The only think km toyota should focus on is the cleaning detailing part because when I was about to get my car to leave home the car was not cleaned in a proper way, however the situation was corrected by bilal by offering a cleaning that will be done another day and that what happened today I got my car shining like a crystal. So I recommend this dealership for any one planing to buy a Toyota they offer the customer service we deserve as clients. And I recommend dealing with George and bilal to make getting a new a dream come true.....

Becky L. | 2015-02-12

Every time... It never fails that I leave disappointed... Finally learned my lesson and will never deal with a toyota dealership again

TS L. | 2015-02-11

Nothing is free and my visit here is a strong reminder of that.  

My first visit was way better.  It is supposed to take an hour to get a Toyotacare 10K oil change but upon check in my consultant could not be found.  My replacement consultant said it could be an hour and 20 mins.  After 1 1/2 hour, she said they are finishing up and 2 more minutes.  Yet 10 minutes later she pointed our my car that's still being worked on.  It felt like  the Seinfeld Chinese restaurant episode.

Promise:  1 hour
Actual: 2 hours

One star for everyone being nice.  It is kinda crappy to say an hour when the appointment was made and change it when I'm there.  Also. car wash was broken both times I was there.   Can you imagine how much longer the wait would be if they washed my car too?

Melody T. | 2015-02-11

Service Advisor Ron Watzek and all of the advisors really look out for the customer. I have been going here since I bought my Prius in 2007 because they do a great job. Ali and his team of drivers get to know the customers and always get me to my destination quickly and safely.

Nicolle M. | 2015-02-10

My car was hit the day before my birthday this year and the driver's insurance issued me a check for the loss of my vehicle. I wasn't prepared to buy a new car at this time, but I quickly found an Infiniti G35 at Kearny Mesa Toyota that I loved. After the normal back and forth with the salesman, I left feeling happy with my purchase. Buying a car is never a fun thing to do but at least they made the process as painless as it could be.

A few days after I drove it off the lot I noticed the rear brakes making a squealing noise whenever I'd brake. Also, the rear tires seemed to be close (not at the line, but somewhat close) to the wear line. I took the car back to the KM Toyota and addressed my concerns to see if they could work with me to fix these issues dependent on their 30-day warranty. Mike, at the used car lot happily listened to me and let me know that their service dept. would look into these things and that they'd provide me a loaner car while they did.

A couple of days later, Charles in the service dept. told me that my car's pads were replaced with new Infiniti ones and they even replaced my rear tires. While they could have argued the tires still had life to them, they were extremely generous and made sure that I was completely satisfied with my purchase.

Mike and Charles were great to work with and always had smiles on their faces. I'd definitely recommend buying a car from KM Toyota. And if you need your car serviced, ask for Charles, he'll do a good job. Thanks for everything, guys!

Sunny L. | 2015-02-04

Quan was very helpful. She was able to fit me in without an appointment and helped me to get my car serviced properly. She was very honest and didn't try to persuade me to do things that were not needed.  I had a very good experience working with this dealership. They helped me to contact the carrier of the maintenance warranty and listened to my needs. I will continue to come back here for service.

Reba B. | 2015-02-02

Bought a brand new Rav4 here a few days ago and was very happy with the price as well as the service. Worked with two guys, Peter and David. Both were extremely nice people and helped us so much. Would absolutely recommend either. I felt like I was treated with respect and that our needs were more important than a sale. Plus we got a deal that both my husband and I were happy with. Will return!

Marissa B. | 2015-01-31

loved loved the customer service here! was helped immediately by aqel he was very friendly & honest! he helped me pick an awesome car it being my first car it was just what i needed & wanted  so happy i came here if u are looking for a car come and make an appointment with aqel wasef !

Don B. | 2015-01-29

I recently purchased a used Toyota Sienna from these folks ,  I got a fair deal on a nice used vehicle.  The salesman, David was both knowledgeable and friendly but in a non aggressive manner,   Dave took care of us efficiently with no upsell or Bull.  The entire process was very smooth.   That was all good.  
 We then left the lot for a long drive and check engine light came on.  We found out it was the O2 sensor.  Called it in and they said bring it by.  (even though all docs said- AS is NO Warranty)  I was hoping they would take care of us and OF COURSE they did.   We are Extremely happy with the entire process and would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for an Auto .  Thanks to the entire Staff at KMT !
 Don B.

Lisa T. | 2015-01-29

I get my car serviced here sometimes because it's cheaper than Lexus. David and Paul at the service area are amazing! They provide great customer service. They are very knowledgeable. They help me decide what I should and shouldn't do. What I love is that they are not pushy. If you have a Lexus David really knows his stuff.

Todd S. | 2015-01-28

Charles in the service department is awesome! He will spend the time on the phone to discuss your needs and follow through to make sure everything that was discussed happens. This was five star service. He followed the paperwork to make sure I didn't spend the afternoon waiting on the lobby. He arranged a loaner car and communicated every step of the way. Charles rocks!

Mike C. | 2015-01-23


I really wanted to thank Wendy for helping me out this morning.  I went in for my alarm upgrade and IBEX exterior-interior treatment.  I was a little frustrated because somehow, I wasn't scheduled for my upgrades 3 weeks after I purchased a new car there.  Wendy quickly put my mind at ease by taking care of my upgrades and putting me in a loaner vehicle within 20 minutes after I arrived.  Such quick service is very much appreciated.  I came back in later this afternoon to pick up my car.  Wendy answered all my question in regards to my alarm and gave me full details on my IBEX protection.  Thank you so much Wendy.  You're the best!

Marz R. | 2015-01-19

Great customer service! Plenty of certified cars to choose from. My hubby & I got a good deal on a 2013 Camry with low mileage. They even beat my bank rate & offered 1.49%. Brian, David & Ciya (not sure on spelling) were friendly, helpful & went out their way to assist us. Thank you so much! It was definitely a stress free & drama free experience.

Wes W. | 2015-01-16

I have been to this location 3xs with an appointment for maintenance. I still dish out the 5 stars because they do what they say they will do and they do it in an appropriate amount of time.  Great team. Also now the waiting rooms are done and I was able to connect to wifi. Well done well indeed.

Nelda J. | 2015-01-10

I had shopped for only a few days.  I called Kearny Mesa Toyota and spoke with Brian Carrigan.  At first I interpreted his enthusiasm to show me a 2014 Scion XB, as a fraction of pushy.  Consider I am very sensitive and suspicious as you read.  Shortly after meeting Brian, I realize how wrong I was and how easy going, laid back and willing to let the cards fall where they may, he is.
He showed me the one 2014 Scion XB with a manual transmission he had.  As I went for a test drive, I was absolutely thrilled!  This Scion handles like a dream and brought me back to life!  Brian explained the pricing, made suggestions for options to consider and understood when I explained I didn't want them.  He heard me when I declined and didn't keep pushing... I really appreciate the low key, sincere and respectful approach he used.
I truly felt Brian wanted to make sure I was clear and understood all aspects of the purchase and the facility of Kearny Mesa Toyota.
Do I regret any aspect of my purchase?  NO
Would I do it again, with Brain Carriagan? In a heartbeat!
Am I experiencing buyer's remorse or anything similar?  NO
Would I refer my best friend?  INSTANTLY!

Jonandre B. | 2015-01-09

Salesperson BILL BRIGHT and the management team are truly men of their word.  As for any used car purchased most likely there will be some issue that needs to be resolved, It's simply the nature of the beast. We purchased a BMW with a 30 day warranty knowing this fact and of course we had an issue.  Bill Bright and his team stepped up to the plate and handled it swiftly!!! We had no issues with lack of communication throughout the entire process , matter a fact Bill called me more times then I called him even when he was off work to make sure things were moving along and we were ....HAPPY!!!

Thanks again guys, much appreciated!

andre k. | 2015-01-09

Top notch sales team....informative, helpful, and effective.  Bilal, dave flagg, veronica were professional, customer oriented, reasonable negotiators, pleasant to deal with.., went out of their way to offer a good deal and answer all questions.  Absolutely recommend affording this dealership your time when purchasing a car.

Era R. | 2015-01-05

What to learn about Toyota services when the warranty expires then they will start taking a look at your vehical because the bottom line is "BILL OF SALE" that's what you got to expect from Toyota I learned that after been nice and sweet does not work everyone experience a Faulty Service they say you get 36000 mi warranty but what does it cover APSOLUTLY  NOTHING THEY GIVE YOU A TOYOTA CARE CARD BUT DOES TOYOTA CARE ABOUT THERE CUSTOMERS ALL YOUR CUSTOMERS ARE PAYING YOUR BILLS EACH TIME YOU MAKE A SALE THAT GOES FOR ANY BUSINESSES I think they should Fire everyone and hire real people who knows and cares.let me explain my experience at Toyota Kearney mesa I was in there for my first oil change and I notice my distance to empty was off by 25% in my 2014 tundra the fuel lost was and still off today its been very faulty I did my research and found the issue on line I went back there 5 disappointing times and each time shocking anwsers "everything alright" I've spent an average amount money on fuel of $8000.00 doesn't that explain everything how is everything OK they explained to me FAULTY ANWSERS. The truth really hurts doesn't it Toyota?

Jeff L. | 2015-01-03

This Toyota dealership has definitely got their act together. With a big service bay and a large staff they can move cars in and out in a relatively short period of time.
The people servicing your cars are honest, helpful, and friendly. I've never waited longer than an hour for any of the services I've needed.
The prices are typically what you'd expect to pay at a dealership, so a star off for that but on the positive side they are offering a $5 Starbucks gift card with check in so there's that.

Sarah P. | 2014-12-31

Everyone was great, but especially Brian Gary!  It was not an easy sale and he was patient, kind, generous with helpful knowledge and honesty.  Long day, but great experience!

YoonJoo N. | 2014-12-30

I came here 2 years ago to buy my Prius and I had such a positive experience! The visits at other dealerships quite literally made me cry from stress after a day of car shopping. Bilal Mehboob was a floor salesperson at that time and I found him non-threatening, informative, and friendly. I bought my Prius through him at a great price and I've been very happy.

2 years later, I've recently sent my sister here a few months to buy her car. Now, I'm back because my boyfriend is leasing car, Bilal's recommendation, and this was the first and only dealership we visited.

FYI, Bilal is now a sales manager. I'm not surprised. He's very professional while making us feel welcomed and comfortable. I always feel confidant here.

Jennifer S. | 2014-12-29

Horrible! I had an appointment at 3pm I'm still waiting! There is no rhyme or reason to the intake of cars everyone just piles in appointment or not! Every person has been helped around me even behind me! Ridiculous! I will NEVER come here again! I asked the service person and she said she has one person ahead of me and they have helped 2 other people! So unorganized!!!!! If I could give them zero stars I would!!!!!

Lisa C. | 2014-12-28

We leased our son a 2015 Tacoma as a surprise Christmas present. The whole experience was great. Basically did the whole deal over the phone. I dealt with David Bacon and the Salesperson that delivered the truck to my wife and I was Clemmie Sappho. Very cordial and informative. I would recommend Kearny Mesa Toyota and definitely ask for Clemmie... you won't be sorry.
Dave M.

Darin W. | 2014-12-25

Great experience and the salesman went beyond what I've seen before.

I went in with a specific vehicle, color, and features in mind.  I worked with Bill Bright and he searched for two days until he found the perfect vehicle...the vehicle that matched what I wanted.  Bill finally ended up driving to another dealership at 7pm to be able to deliver it to me that night.  Since I purchased my new Camry XSE on 12/15, Bill has followed up to ensure I am fully enjoying my new ensure that I'm able to operate all the well as ensuring all my questions are answered.

I highly recommend the staff at Kearny Mesa Toyota especially Bill Bright!!!

Steve D. | 2014-12-22

Stopped in to check on the Costco price for a new Rav4 we were looking for. We were planning on using that information and heading down to Toyota of San Diego to negotiate for a car. Fortunately for us, we were hooked up with a salesperson named Fraser. Fraser was polite and genuine. He listened to our questions and provided truthful answers. That in itself is sometimes hard to find on at car dealership. They had a car very close to what we were looking for and because of Fraser we decided to purchase the car there. We used research from the internet to provide almost a no haggle purchase. (got low-balled on the trade-in initially, but quickly came to satisfactory resolution). Michelle and Veronica from the finance department provided an enjoyable (yes I said enjoyable) and pleasant experience with the financing aspect. Overall, it was the best experience I have had ever in purchasing a car. I will be recommending Kearny Mesa Toyota and Fraser especially to my friends getting ready to purchase a car.

Colby J. | 2014-12-20

Sold me a car and worked me over pretty good it was my first dealership buy and they took advantage of me. At the time I had no clue about kbb or anything like that and sold me a used car for about 25 k when it was only worth 16 k. Yeah call me a Idiot or whatever you want but these guys take advantage of people and don't care after the fact.

K H. | 2014-12-18

We just bought a Camry Hybrid this past weekend. Fraser Heaton was our salesman, and he was very pleasant to work with. Not aggressive at all. You'll still want to do your homework before coming in, as they're not going to just give you the best deal right off the bat, regardless of how nice they are.

Lulu L. | 2014-12-16

Had a horrible experience here! Went in with the intention of test driving a car with the good possibility of buying one. The most condescending sales person, begrudgingly, helped me, he was condescending, irritated, and completely not he didnt want me to buy a car from them?! Really took the joy and excitement away from the new car experience.
Would not recommend anyone to Kerney Mesa Toyota to buy a car.

Dorota Z. | 2014-12-15

I had a great experience at Toyota of Kearny Mesa with an amazing sales person, Reuben Yorba. He was very friendly, listened to all details and made sure we made the right choice in our vehicle. He was not the pushy annoying sales person you are used to when going to a dealership but friendly and really cared about me making the right decision for me instead of jut making the sale. He was even able to match the trade in value from my previous vehicle by the original manufacturer. I would HIGHLY recommend coming here and seeking him out. Definitely recommend all to go here, great service, great vehicles and you can't help but smile when you leave.

Chuck H. | 2014-12-12

Liars.  Bait and switch.  Typical Salesman tactics.  Hidden fees.  Changing the deal.  Waste of time and money.

Just to get me to come in, "Hector" told me a couple things over the phone that were knowingly untrue.  

The vehicle I saw advertised?  Nowhere to be found, but I was told it was there ready to test drive.

I also called to ask if they would honor the check from my third-party lender.  I didn't want to drive an hour there just to end up wasting my time...  Which is what happened, because even though they said "Yes" on the phone, it's all a lie just to lure you in, because the real answer is "NO".

I'm not saying everything there is a liar... maybe they just have the guy who doesn't know anything answer the phone.

Thanks for costing me half a tank of gas and almost a full work day.

J C. | 2014-12-06

So sad how they manage their schedules... I've been calling in for hours and all it does is ring. I decided to come in to parts and all I see is one parts counter guy with no help. He just lets the phone ring and I don't blame him. Why only one parts guy and a bunch of cashiers doing nothing but chatting. They need help especially on a Saturday

Elena E. | 2014-12-06

My fiancé purchased his first truck here and we all know how car buying can be. Overall the atmosphere was friendly, clean, and accommodating. Everyone we encountered seemed knowledgable and professional. We were greeted by David who made the process as smooth as possible and never pushed a sale as most places would. Case, Ishmael, and Bilal also contributed to the outstanding service we received. We truly felt that we endured a very successful vehicle shopping experience and will recommend others to come here as well.

Lance T. | 2014-12-03

Ron in the service department is excellent!  Each time I take my vehicle in for service Ron is fast and honest.  He is always showing me ways to save money on my service/maintenance issues and my car is always done sooner then expected. He should be commended for his great service and attitude.

Lance Tamyo

Dawn C. | 2014-12-03

I usually don't go out of my way to write reviews unless the customer service was really nice. I had a such a friendly salesperson by the name of Ishmael. Ishmael helped me out and got me into the car I wanted and color!! He always followed up and still now after over a month from my vehicle purchase! If you decided to buy Toyota please stop in and ask for Ishmael Malik:)

Satisfied Customer,

Dawn Chaffin

Sumit W. | 2014-12-03

Purchased a Brand New 2015 Toyota Highlander from KM Toyota and not only I was able to get a great car but also Ryan Oxborrow made sure that I was comfortable in making the decision and I get the best deal I can. Even after I got the car Ryan helped me out with other things to make sure my over all experience remains happy. I definitely will reccomend KM Toyota to friends infact I already am. Thanks KM Toyota for having employees like Ryan He is an asset.

Joyce C. | 2014-12-01

Definitely one of the nicer Toyota dealerships I've been to. I had a scheduled maintenance at 5, but arrived there early and got my stuff done sooner, yay! All of the people there were super nice. Complimentary wifi in the lounge; got my work done while waiting for my car. The cherry on top was looking at the bill and not feeling like I got robbed; the prices were super reasonable. I'd definitely recommend this spot to the Toyota drivers in this area. :)

Derek C. | 2014-11-24

I've been taking my car to KMT for a long time and they're the best. I recommend asking for Juan Villapondo, the master tech because he's very honest and personable. I also like the fast service, especially in the afternoons.

TS F. | 2014-11-22

I didn't buy my used Toyota from this dealership, but I wouldn't take it anywhere else for service.  I've gone here several times for routine maintenance.  They are always fast and friendly with top notch customer service.  Fast and thorough.  The waiting are is comfortable with complimentary coffee, and snack vending machines, and cushy seating to watch tv or use your electronic device while you're waiting.

On a visit for an oil change and alternator replacement, I was advised that there was a manufacturer recall.  The fixed it during that visit, but since it was going to take longer than my original appointment, the provided a complimentary vehicle so that I could go on about my business.  I didn't have to wait there the entire time or call someone else to come and get me.

On a recent Friday afternoon around 4:00 as I was leaving work, I heard a crashing sound as I rolled down my driver's side window.  I tried to roll it back up but it was stuck.  Luckily, I work near the dealership and made a bee line there.  I probably pulled in around 4:30, fully expecting to be further inconvenienced by having my car there all weekend and maybe be able to pick it up on Monday or Tuesday.

I got there and even though it was late in the day, they greeted me warmly.  They didn't have the part in stock to repair my window.  Their Los Angeles parts department closes around 3.  For me that meant either taking my car home with the window stuck in the down position.  Driving home that way and having it that way the ENTIRE weekend was NOT an option.  The only other option was to leave my vehicle there, KM Toyota would order the part on the next business day and I would get my car back sometime the next week.  Monday or Tuesday at the earliest.

The parts guy called LA anyway, just in case.  Thankfully he did and he was able to order the part right then.  I was provided a loaner car and they called me late Saturday morning to pick up my vehicle.

Additionally, I'm glad I had the foresight to purchase the extended maintenance warranty at the time of my purchase.  The alternator replacement, window motor repair and replacement part as well as the use of their vehicle was no charge to me out of pocket.  That saved me around $1,000 right there.

I've had nothing but great experiences at Kearny Mesa Toyota and would recommend them gladly to any friends or family members.

Jen M. | 2014-11-19

Really bad experience that reminded me why I never go to dealership service centers and stick to local mechanics instead. I called ahead because I had received a letter saying that my 03 Corolla (yeeeeeaaaah buddy!) had an airbag recall and I needed to "come in as soon as possible" to get it fixed, and the service would be free and only take an hour. I had never been to a dealer before ( I bought my car used) and so chose the Toyota dealer closest to my house. I told them I got the letter and they scheduled an appointment for the airbag replacement. They say it will take 2-2.5 hours. I take time off work and go in today, when they inform me that they actually don't have the part, and won't have it for at least two weeks. I ask them what I am suppposed to do driving around with a recalled passanger side air bag. Bro says he can't do anything about that, but will call me when they get it in. I've NEVER heard of a service place making an appointment to install a part they DIDN'T have. This was a walk in and should have been straight forward. Oh well, now I get to go back and leave my car there for a day or two because I can't take more time off work. Oy.

Ash A. | 2014-11-16

I bought a used car from here a couple of months ago (not a Toyota). I walked around the lot for a few minutes before the salesperson, Bill, approached me. He was friendly, took me out test drive, and I knew I wanted the car. Once we started talking numbers, I did indicate the price was above KBB, and they said that they did not base the price on KBB because of the repairs they do to the car to get it competitive to sell. They even had the paperwork (like all other dealers who also do).

It took about 3 hours from the time I got the lot, we went back and forth on the numbers, until I went through financing. Everything worked out, but it was a slow process. People sometimes had to look for others, and it was a bit unorganized.

My main issue is with two parts on the car (a hose and shocks) which needed to be replaced according to two independent mechanics. When I returned to see what they can do, they said the 1000 mile power train warranty did not cover either and to go to a off-site mechanic who would give me a discount. This "off-site mechanic" gave the same price as the other two mechanics I had originally gone to.

Overall, I am about $900 out on expenses on two parts which were known to be bad to whomever checked the car before passing it along to sell. Either it was intentionally passed along or there was negligence on the part of their mechanic who should have done the initial inspection.

I would avoid buying from here, and I have heard better things about Carlsbad Toyota if you're absolutely looking to go to a Toyota dealership.

Peejay P. | 2014-11-15

Pending review!

Gerald G. | 2014-11-13

Purchased a brand new 2015 Prius Persona from Brian Carrigan. He was low pressure, knowledgable, and very understanding of my needs.
I ended up w/ a great deal and he called, emailed, and kept in touch w/ me well after the experience.
Would definitely consider buying another car from this dealership in the future.

Matthew T. | 2014-11-11

Holy crap what a terrible service experience. Me and my wife were on our way to the beach when her 2011 Prius check engine light came on. We figured we better stop and have it checked out encase it was something major. Stopped here at Kearny mess Toyota and got Quang Quach as our service adviser. She said it would be about an hour 15 so we decided to get some lunch and walk around. She calls us and says it's the mass air flow sensor which will cost about $600. I informed her our car is under warranty and we have the Toyota platinum warranty. At that moment she changed her tone and said she will call the warranty company to check if it's under warranty. At that time we were waking back to the dealer and talked with her in person. She said she was going to call and check on it and told us to have a seat. An hour later wife and I walked out to see what was going on because we hadn't heard from her. She said oh yeah ummm it's not under warranty. At that moment the service tech walked up and said is this your car? It's under the factory California emissions warranty. And the part will be ordered tomorrow. I couldn't believe the service adviser and told them both we would just take our car to El Cajon Toyota. This has to be the worst service drive in the history of service drives. Will never come back and will tell everyone I deal with not to bring their car here.

Troy T. | 2014-11-09

I bought a pre-owned car yesterday and Bill Bright in sales was wonderful, as were all the other employees who worked on my financing.  No high pressure sales here, just a focus on getting you in the right car at the right payment/price.  The whole process was painless and relatively fast.  No more waiting all day at the dealership.  Everyone there went out of their way to be courteous and helpful.  The Toyota dealership truly has a customer-based focus.  It's been about 5 1/2 years since I've purchased a vehicle and this was by far the best experience I have had, and I've done this 6 or 7 times.

Thomas L. | 2014-11-06

Like most people I'm a little wary of bringing my car into the dealer to get service. This Toyota dealer has been nothing but great in dealing with my vehicle. They're spot on with the quotes and almost always get me my car back faster than they said they would. They have a decent waiting room with coffee/TV and are walking distance to some good eats as well. Today I had to take a shuttle back to work and the driver Ali was great. Very professional and nice to talk to. Will definitely keep bringing my car back.

Laura A. | 2014-11-01

Just buying my second vehicle from KMT. Had great assistance from the KMT team especially Brian Carrigan and Bilal.

Kathy M. | 2014-11-01

Every time I come to Kearney Mesa Toyota I regret giving them another chance. I have an 1100 appointment today and arrived at 1053. It took 15 minutes for them to even get my car checked in. Then I was informed that my pre-scheduled oil change will be an approximate 1:45 wait. Why did I schedule an appointment if you aren't even going to start looking at my car for well over an hour after? Additionally, I no longer let this dealer wash my car because they are 3 for 3 in mangling my front license plate which they recognize happens as I found out when I complained last time but have made no efforts to change. Unlike most other Toyota dealers I have done business with they also offer no military discount and while that means nothing about their service it further goes to show that this place isn't a class act. Done with Kearney Mesa Toyota for good!

Yefei W. | 2014-10-31

I am having a good experience with this dealership.

First of all, unlike some others, salesman Brian C is patient, professional and treats every test drivers as potential customer.

Second, bargaining with Bilal M was an exciting experience and we ended up with a satisfactory pricing.

I would recommend this dealership to whoever is willing to get a Toyota in a hurry. They are professional in that they weren't playing tricks on car quality, and they are wiling to work over time to get stuff done.

John B. | 2014-10-29

Thanks for reading my rating. I've since called back and was given the information I was looking for my vehicle.

Heather N. | 2014-10-29

Bought a used suburban from Kearny Mesa  Toyota and couldn't be happier with my purchase. Mike and Peter were awesome in helping me out. Shortly after my purchase I noticed the brakes were a little squeaky but manager Mike had me bring it in for a free check up and fix if it was needed.Much better experience than the nightmare I had at Toyota Escondido! Highly recommend this place for great service. Also thanks to Charles for the service help.

Enrique G. | 2014-10-28

Big and Nice new remodel!
Huge selection on new cars!
Lots of sales staff to assist you...
I might have to come back and buy a new Toyota from here...

Jason A. | 2014-10-25

What a joke. 1.5 hours for an oil change with an appointment On a weekday morning. Tried to sneak in a 105k service on me when I asked just for an oil change. ($36, what a rip off). Tell me my power steering and engine coolant are low and need to be serviced for $300. (Don't be a sucker for this). I checked the levels and they are normal. Oh and they stole the change out of my coin holder. Go to a jiffy lube type place if you need an oil change. Half the price and less than half the time.

Stephanie P. | 2014-10-24

I can't say enough good things about this place. We bought a 2015 Prius, sslesman Brian C was so helpful and knowledgeable, Wendy in service, David in financing....all such nice, warm folks!! Thet took such good care of us!!

Angelie C. | 2014-10-24

I purchased my 09 Scion TC at this dealership and I have come back religiously for an oil change every time I am due. I always pay for my services. Today I arrive for a walk-in oil change and see several technicians standing around. After 10 minutes of waiting around I finally recieve help from a lot porter who doesn't really direct me at all on where to go. She walks in to Justin Nielsons office and hands him a sheet of paper and moves on to the next customer. Still not directing me as to where to go. I walk into Justin's office and he tells me to give him a few minutes before he can help me. I go back to my car and sit in it while I wait for service. The only person that provided me with good service this entire visit, was the lot porter that took my car in. After 5 more minutes of waiting, I finally get called into Justin's office. He rarely speaks to me or advises how long the wait should be for my car. He gets my information in the system hands me my slip and I pretty much walkout of his office without him advising he would get me or give me a call when my car was done. Worst adviser I have ever dealt with in the last five+ years of going to toyotas service department. I wait in the waiting room for over an hour and see each adviser go to their customer and let them know their car is ready. I finally get too impatient and walk up to the cashier to ask them how much longer. They told me to speak to my "adviser". So I walk back into Justin's office and let him know I've been waiting for over an hour. He then tells me that oil changes can take between an hour to an hour and a half. Which they have NEVER taken that long in my previous experience for just an oil change! He then ruffles through a few of his papers and tells me that my car should be ready in a few minutes. So I go back into the waiting room expecting Justin to come in and let me know when my car would be ready, just like every other adviser was doing. Nope. I get a phone call on my cell by a random number. And he leaves a voicemail letting me know my car is ready! I was just in his office 5 minutes ago! I then make a complaint to a cashier and request to speak to a manager. She calls the service manager, Mark Foster over to assist me further. I then go into his office, and I am really upset at this point, and start to explain my reasons. He cuts me off and tells me he cannot help me if I keep using my choice of language. At that point I am already fed up and want my car. So it feels really frustrating to talk to a manager that doesn't want to really help if I don't speak to him in a certain way. At this point with all of the money I have spent at this dealership, not only buying a car but going in and paying for service, I will never return again. I will definitely advise everyone I know not to return to this location for any kind of service. It is probably why there are only two stars in the customer service ratings. For the sake your customers, I hope you guys work on this.

Vince A. | 2014-10-22

Just wanted to say thanks to John Batten for making things right.  This is what customer service it.

Sowjanya G. | 2014-10-20

This place offered me great deal on 2015 toyota corolla LE plus.. I love the car colour and the interior is awesome. Bilal Mehboob,sales manager and Stephen helped me in finding this great deal. Thank you Bilal and Stephen. You guys are awesome.............Love my car........Driving happily everyday.........

M T. | 2014-10-20

I have purchased 2 vehicles from this place. One new and the other used. I haven't had much trouble with the new one other than have to take it in after the passenger airbag was slowly starting to come out from one of the dash corners. They fixed it with no problem. However, with the used vehicle we purchased is another story. Less than 5 thousand miles and less than 7 months after we purchased it the check engine light comes on. We take it in and after FOUR hours they come back with a diagnoses and a fee for diagnosis too. Yes you read right FOUR stinking hours. Anyhow, they come back with a repair that has a quote of $1,300. I'm baffled that so much wrong can happen with a vehicle THEY checked out and put on their lot to sell. I spoke with them and basically got the "sorry but there's nothing we can do". I will NEVER buy from them again nor will i keep referring people to them. I would give them less than 1 star if i was able to.

Stephanie C. | 2014-10-14

I went in to do a service maintenance on a Saturday morning (~8:30 AM) around 2 weeks ago. I drove up to the service center and was greeted and helped immediately. The technician that helped me out was very friendly and explained to me everything in great detail regarding what they would look into and let me know where to wait, etc. Being an annoying customer, I asked may questions since this was my first time bringing in my car for maintenance. The guy that helped me out was very patient and even repeated a few things in different ways to make sure I understood.

The service took around an hour and the technician called me to let me know everything was fine with my car and that it was ready for pick up. Everything went smoothly at the cashier and I was given a copy of the inspection results. The technician saw me waiting for my car and came by to followup and explain to me the inspection results and asked if I had any questions.

Overall, I am very pleased with my first experience at Kearny Mesa Toyota.

Jason W. | 2014-10-13

I love that every new Toyota purchase gets a free maintenance package 2 years or 25k miles.  I had the opportunity to have Charlie a service pro and he went above my needs by personally making sure I was taken care of. I can't say enough about the experience and professionalism I received.

Krisztina H. | 2014-10-13

I've been servicing my car with Toyota for years (before I moved to the city, in Carlsbad) but this location/service is the best in SD! Received exceptional customer service both times I went(twice within a month) first from Jason and then Patty Brown. She is a sweetheart!The car was done sooner than promised, waited less than two hours, got a complimentary car wash and they didn't try to sell me any unwanted service/product! These people are wonderful but be prepared, they get very busy so it's always good to have an appointment. I Will definitely service my car at Kearny Toyota & Scion as long as I live in San Diego! Thank you, you guys are fantastic!!

CLIFF S. | 2014-10-10

I have been getting my cars serviced by Toyota for years. First, my service manager was James and then Kathleen. Those two have already left Kearny Mesa Toyota. Charlie is now my service manager and he has provided me with exceptional and professional service. I think most people are concerned about getting ripped off, and I am sure there have been opportunities for them to gouge me, but they never have.

Rod A. | 2014-10-08

Been a KM Toyota customer since '97 when I bought my 2nd Toyota (Tacoma). Service been acceptable to good over the years till My experience with Justin on a check engine light in my '13 Prius.  He tried to sock me with a $113.00 diagnostic charge and accused me of leaving the gas tank cap loose.
Avoid Justin.  Probably need to have a talk with the Service Director.  He does take action as I've seen a couple of times in the past.

Kayla A. | 2014-10-08

"Charlie is awesome! He provides great service and is extremely helpful with any questions or concerns I have about my corolla. He aims to please and takes care of what I need with the help of the service staff in an efficient manner. You are lucky to have an employee like him. Keep up the good work!

Stevan N. | 2014-10-05

Friendly staff and my wife and I got helped right away!!! If you decide to go ask to see Reuben Yorba! Reuben helped us choose our new Prius and wasn't pushy at all!!! He helped guide us to make our decision! Thank you Reuben!!!

Scott A. | 2014-10-03

Another huge shout out for Justin Nelson, Service Advisor!  Justin absolutely knocked it out of the park for me when I was having serious problems with my Toyota Prius.  He got it in and serviced ASAP, informed me that I was under warranty (which I was unaware!), and got it all fixed and on its wheels again.

He went WAY out of his way to accommodate me in any way he could within the confines of this service call.  Very easy to communicate with as well.  The technician who fixed my car did a Fab job, too!  (Tommy Vong)

If you use the KM Toyota Service, take your car to him, super competent and friendly.

Joy T. | 2014-10-01

Thank goodness my car is still under warranty!!! Patty Brown is a very friendly advisor!

Mike D. | 2014-10-01

I always use this dealer for car repairs and the work is very good. Never have a problem. I have to point out that the van driver, Ali is really great. I feel very comfortable in his clean, well-maintained vehicle. He gets me to work right away so that makes me very happy.

Amy R. | 2014-09-27

My husband and I are new here to San Diego and took our SUV to get serviced here for a tire rotation and oil change due to the fact that we drove here all the way from Jacksonville, Florida. The service rep, Luis Dominguez then told us that they weren't able to do a complimentary car wash, because we have a hood protector fin. We have never had an issue with that at the dealership that we previously bought and serviced the vehicle at. After they serviced the car (we only ended up needing a tire rotation and inspection) Luis notified us that we had a nail in our tire and that Toyota was unable to fix it due to the placement of the nail (it was outside of the supposedly "fixable" guidelines) he recommended to take our vehicle to discount tire for them to check it out, or purchase a new tire that would cost us $150-260. We decided to take it to discount tire and the service technician told us that toyota was more than capable of fixing it because it wasn't outside of the "fixable" guidelines. Basically, they were just lazy and didn't want to do it themselves. Thank god that Discount tire ended up fixing our tire for FREE, even though we didn't buy our tires here. Let's just say our experience at Kearny Mesa Toyota was unsatisfactory and we will never go back to that establishment again. We are taking our business and vehicle to another Toyota, even if we have to drive an hour.

Dean P. | 2014-09-25

It is like going to the dentist.  Your tooth hurts. Its broken, and in pain and you cant eat.

Going to an Auto Dealer Service place aka an "AUTO STEALER" service place is stressful and when one is in financial distress.

That was me...  I think it was Paul C who reminds me of an East Coaster, so I get the demeanor.  He reminds me to get my heart pills out of the car, no shit, I had heart pills left in the car....

he hears me talking to my wife, I saw "I can Not afford a rental car..r.....r......" And he interrupted me purposely stating he is giving me a car as long as needed for the repair's.

There were some things the car "needed" but really, he said, "This you need, this can wait a month or two - don't neglect it etc..."  He also got a kick out of my elite status as I spoke about a review I would be writing.

I need to pay 600 bucks or less, that was my budget...  I did not tell Paul, he called, balance due for everything that needed to be done along with a highly recommended belt (I freaking knew I needed the belt) was 525$... Score...

I would give them a three because one issue was never addressed.  My cars backdoor has major hydraulic fail... and its hard to open and keep the door open.  I will live, but wish i knew what the issue was.

Dont bust bawls, just tell them where your at... you might get surprised...

Marjorie T. | 2014-09-20

I would give Kearny Mesa Toyota less than one star if I could. Gripe #1. Took the car in for servicing (first time at that location) on July 23. They said they needed to replace a recall part at that time. But then it turned out they didn't have the part so the availability went from from same-day, to 3 days, to 3 weeks and now apparently never. With the exception of one return call, I have never been contacted directly even though the service advisor promised to call me when the part came in. Gripe #2. After being informed that the part wouldn't be available for 3 weeks, I get an email appointment to bring the car in. This took some effort on my part to cancel the appointment (not a convenient date), and to try and determine what the appointment was for and see if I needed to reschedule. Turned out it was a "no one knows why" appointment and I was told to just ignore it. In talking to the KM Toyota people, I asked why, especially when you were given a card and invited to call the service advisor any time for info, why they couldn't return calls in a timely manner. I was given a 3-minute non-stop spiel "that they were just too busy; they don't have time to answer calls." Gripe #3. After 8 weeks of non-responsiveness, I quit; decided to go to a dealer where I had always had good service but was just out of my area. I learned that they could't install the part BECAUSE KEARNY MESA HAD ALREADY INSTALLED THE PART AND TOYOTA WOULDN'T PAY TWICE. Finally after begging for their help, they ordered the part (arrived in only one week) and installed it, saying they would work out the billing with Toyota. FAIR WARNING: KM TOYOTA doesn't have time for customers and either I fell through the cracks or they deliberately billed Toyota for a repair they never completed.

Chelsey H. | 2014-09-19

Their service shuttle will drop you off but not pick you back up. This was very irritating because I am new to the area with a deployed husband and needed to pick up my kids from school. They were absolutely unwilling to change the policy even though all I wanted was to go less than two miles and pick up my kids and have them bring us back. I had to get a manager, Scott to come discuss this with me. He was unwilling to have them take me until 1130, and was pushing to have my car out by then. They did get the 20K maintenance done by 1130, but I do not like that their shuttle is one way and will not be returning to them for service.

Jennifer G. | 2014-09-18

I just purchased a new Prius from Kearny Mesa Toyota and I had the easiest car buying experience I've ever had.

Bilal and George helped me get the car on the last day of the special financing despite the fact my trade in wasn't in my name and it took several additional days to work that out. They made what could have been complicated (and probably was on their end) super simple and super quick.

I love my new car and I would highly recommend Kearny Mesa Toyota! Thanks again, guys!

L H. | 2014-09-16

How many service visits does it take to fix the SAME, reoccurring car alarm problem? FOUR VISITS, apparently.

Visit 1: Rosa my service advisor listened to my car alarm problems and said she would check it out along with the specific alarm tech. She took down my info and told me she'd call me when it was ready. But that didn't happen. I call and find out my car has been "ready" for hours but Rosa transposed two numbers in my phone number so she was unable to contact me. Best part: the cashier/receptionist explained to me I needed  a new battery, not a service advisor.

Visit 2: Was actually the next day since my alarm got to the point that I had to disconnect my battery to make it stop going off. Mark the Service Manager told me to come in so they could rectify the situation from yesterday (yeah, the specific car alarm tech never even looked at my car bc he had to leave early, which I found out the following day). They told me to replace my battery so I did just that. Problem solved...actually not really.

Visit 3: Car alarm went off again so I called Mark  and saw Justin Nelson ( the same service advisor from the second visit). He said that he could inspect my car but that the alarm tech I needed wouldn't be in until Monday. So that's when I picked up my car--Monday at 6pm to find out "nothing" was wrong. Yeah, not really AGAIN.

Visit 4: I decided to finally go to another dealership after calling my car alarm company directly; that "nothing" turned into an all night affair where my car alarm that was deemed  "fine" went off intermittently until 6:30 am the next morning. I spent my night with my key fob in hand preparing to disarm my alarm (even though it had been reset during prior visits and I currently had it in Valet mode and unlocked which should technically stop the alarm from sounding). By the time I got to the other dealership, my 1 hour of sleep made for one VERY cranky person. The tech at the new dealership found the problem (he is at least 99.9 % sure which is better than all of the information I have received thus far).  Lastly, it turns out they can pull the history of all the times the car alarm went off to help to pinpoint the problem but didn't do so because it looked "fine." I feel misled and lied to. Definitely miscommunication, lack of knowledge, or perhaps a combination of the two. Thank goodness I had the help of my car alarm company or who knows how many parts they would have had me replace to "fix" the problem or how many times they would tell me "nothing" was wrong.

Icing on the cake: Another Toyota Dealership called and let me know to come in and schedule an appointment for a recall. Mind you during the first visit I had asked Rosa to check on my recalls because I mentioned I had some. She said there wasn't a solution yet. I made an appointment at another dealership in town who will take care of one of my recalls no problem.

Needless to say, I will NEVER return to this dealership. This is the first Toyota Dealership that I've been to that has been this negligent.

Bei B. | 2014-09-12

Well it's actually my first car purchase experience in San Diego. I chose Kearny Mesa Toyota dealer by chance actually by searching nearby from google map. Before that I was visiting a CarMax and they don't even negotiate the price. I have done a lot of research online so I know the invoice price of a Camry, I have a "mean" expectation for the out of door price. When I start negotiate with sales, I was surprised at the high price they report, then I tried to cut it really low, but the sales was not angry, instead I think there are some good negotiation between us. It last for 2 hours I think, I left the shop because I didn't reach my best price gap, but next day sales George called me back and I think he talked to the manager for more help, finally I chose this dealer because the offered price is very very close to my best line. And today I finished the deal and payment with them. Now I have the car. During the process I think they are efficient and patient to answer questions. I want to give my sales person a good rating because he spent a lot of time with me, and finally his efforts worth the good deal , I think it's a win-win. His name is George Ghazwan. A  pretty patient and polite guy who did help get the good price for me. Thanks.

Pat A. | 2014-09-07

Just got my Prius C yesterday! Khong helped me with everything, and he understood that I was in a hurry. I loved how efficient they were in helping me. Robin also helped me with the best deal that would fit my budget and everyone was so accommodating! ^_^ I've been to a lot of car dealers, but one thing I liked about this delearship, they didn't try to force sell me stuff, but rather listened to what I wanted and would like to do. As a student, they understood my situation and worked through my payments. So if you're like me that is tired of hearing all the blah blah in sales.... I'd definitely recommend this place :)

Kimberly C. | 2014-09-07

So excellent!! Wonderful customer service! Charlie was my service tech and he was amazing. He explained everything thoroughly. The guys at the auto rental were excellent also.

Nikki M. | 2014-09-07

I got my cup holders. So I am now a happy customer. All is resolved. I'm also pleased with how quickly they had replied to my dissatisfactions and took care of the issue.

Z C. | 2014-09-06

Wonderful car buying experience. Very friendly and helpful sales members with low pressure attitudes. Don and Robin were amazing. Would recommend to everyone, coming here again next time we need a vehicle!

Juan P. | 2014-09-01

Brian Carrigan is my sales representative. I spoke with him late friday night (closeing time) after viewing a 2014 Tacoma online. I told him my cituation He said he would help me, He gave me his number and said he came in at 12:00 pm the next day, I gave him a call before leaving work then another when i got there. meet him within a few minuteswith the keys in hand. As he went to get acopy of my license. Other customers tried to get in my truck, HA. HA !! I was already sitting inside. Anyways I test drove it, he got me in a purchase, detail ( I dont know why it was a rain day) but that was nice. I was back at work in like 3 hours. I didn't even think they would give me the truck with my credit score of 539. my down payment did help alot he said. Now I have a brand new 2014 tacoma access cab. Thanks Brain Carrigan..!!                                                                          P.S. His number is (619) 961-0695 For a 10 Star Sales Representative..!!!

Shelle K. | 2014-08-26

Robin called us and had us come in to sign an even better financial package that lowered my monthly payments without taking any of my additional add-ons off. I don't know how he did it, but I am super grateful!!

John D. | 2014-08-25

This place is a freaking joke for service/repair.......  There customer service his awfully.  I came in with a car that and they came up with the issue which cost a lot for labor ..... They were blandly wrong....  I goggled the issue and easily found it was must like they would be wrong...
  They put  my car back together. I picked up the car & the engine light on... Make this clear the engine light was not on when dropped off.  
They did NOT put it back correctly..  The car has to spend  3  more night at the dealer. so at deal 4 days. .......   During the 3 day, I keep calling but no one called me back.. Really!!!!!!.....  
 I finally got the car back... The service person on sat told me his tech thought this was the issue and Monday another manger said they thought it was this different problem....  So I got 2 different "guess" of what the problem might be...... . The greatest part is they left their trash in my car!!!!!!!!!!!  MAybe I should send them  a bill for cleaning out their trash !!!!!!!!!

In all...I agree with the other person post that wrote what u see below

Yelp R. | 2014-08-24

The service department at Kearny Mesa Toyota addressed my concerns promptly and made sure the outstanding problems with my Corolla were immediately fixed. The service manager Mr. Foster is wonderful. I will be back to Kearny Mesa Toyota to have my car serviced again, it was a great experience.

Anh N. | 2014-08-22

Service writer Ron was very professional and delivered to the highest expectations. He provided great information before and after the service was complete. In and outta there in less than an hour.

However, and I don't think this is Ron's fault- do not opt for the carwash as I did. Not only did they not wash my car, they made it worst. Sporadic portions of the car were dripping wet, leaving horrible waterspots, while other portions seemed untouched (Still able to write my name into my back bumper  with my finger!). It's as if I drive through a mild rainshower only to be met by a dust storm.

I hate complaining about a service that is complimentary, but let's not offer something if you do not intend to deliver.

Amy L. | 2014-08-22

Patty at Toyota Kearny Mesa is the best! She goes  above and beyond to help customers and she is a friendly and warm service advisor! If you make an appointment, request Patty!

Sol T. | 2014-08-18

Ishmael Malik hooked me up! Found me the car i wanted at the price i wanted to pay all in a relaxed vibe environment. If it was a little faster going from agreed upon price to the sign doc. stage i would have given 5 stars. thanks guys and gals.

rock on!

Sally F. | 2014-08-16

Thank you Mark Foster, Service Manager, for helping me take care of a minor problem before I left on vacation. We have been taking our car to Kearny Mesa Toyota for five years. The service managers are so helpful, the services are performed as stated, and our questions or concerns are always addressed immediately. It is a good feeling to know our hybrid highlander is always in tip top shape.

R S. | 2014-08-13

Regarding Service and Parts Depts. Interesting. Distant and not fully knowledgeable.

The place is BIG, pretty well staffed. However, even though I let each of my three contacts today know it was my first visit to check out my friendly, neighborhood Toyota dealer, they dropped the (soft)ball and needed a LOT of pointed interaction to come around to providing moderate (not outstanding) service.

Service Valet Scott S. Perhaps knows his routine too well, and hence that's why he remains rigid and demeaning when new customers ask for clarification, repeats or have requests.

Service Advisor Paul C. Doesnt know how to smile or greet. Knows less about the knob-ology and function of features than I do, and I am totally new to the world of the power/luxury car. Promises made just to finish the intake, and then he fails to deliver. I asked him for a copy of the intake sheet when he sent me to Parts for the other consult on my multiple questions, and he denied me, so I got to just take notes. Then when I got to Parts, they required my VIN - which was - you got it!- on my intake sheet.

Parts Clerk Tim. Seemed dedicated to customer fulfillment, but I had to remain a total bulldog (polite but insistent bulldog) to get him to the point of coming up with helpful answers. In the end, he and his clerk partner (?vincent) aided me most. It wasn't busy at the parts counter, and they helped each other, and it turned out two heads were better than one because it seems like their skill sets complement.  Thank you Tim for being the one person who "saved" this visit for me and will allow me to give you guys a second chance in the future.

Inventory: I was very surprised that they didn't have my key blank (2003 Avalon) or touch up paint (black) in stock, Both would have to be ordered.

Customer/Service waiting room: Clean, large, but the warmest room/hall in the place, perhaps the AC was broken.

Because a place this big can only really function via the Henry Ford (specialization / assembly line) model, I never got the feel that I would ever know or hear from my mechanic (just their gatekeeper), nor was there anyone there who took pride in representing the company and welcoming the customer (like a small shop Owner might). I understand the "Service" department does not mean "Customer Service" but instead "Car service," however they should seriously look at the customer experience if they want friends to tell friends what a great place it (should be.)

Sunita G. | 2014-08-13

Drove up to Kearny Mesa and was greeted straight away by Ishmael Malik with bottle waters and while I appreciate the good gesture, I told him an ice cold beer would be allot better. Ishmael and his manager Bilal were very professional and respectful folks. NO HARD SELLING was done at any point, I don't know about the rest of the world, I have "0" tolerance for anyone trying to hard sell me anything. From the time you enter the dealership you can tell straight away  it's a "customer focused" organization as it should be. I enjoyed haggling a bit Bilal and in the end I got a very fair price for a new 2015 Tacoma. Folks give these guys a shot to earn you business they will not disappoint. I promise!

Mark P. | 2014-08-13

First, let me tell you that all of the people I came across at KM Toyota came across as thoroughly pleasant, nice, charming people. From the receptionist to the sales guys to the finance managers, they all come across extremely well. Where things started to go wrong, at least in my experience, is in the way they administer the paperwork and processes for selling cars.

I leased a new vehicle from them in June 2014. I agreed to take the vehicle and then returned to do all of the paperwork. I arrived at the agreed time but was kept waiting to see the finance manager for a very long time. I think all in all I was at the dealership for around two hours for that visit.

With all of the paperwork done, the manager said that he would let me know when the finance company had funded the vehicle and it was ready for me to collect. I waited almost a week and had not heard anything. So I phoned the finance company to find out what the hold up was. The finance company told me that they had not received any paperwork at all from the dealer.

So I tried to contact the finance manager to find out what was going on. I finally managed to get through, only for him to tell me that they had not yet sent the paperwork. I asked them to send it. After a few more days of waiting, still nothing. I phoned the finance company again. "We can't process your contract yet because the dealer did not include an odometer statement with the rest of the documents".
At this point I started to get frustrated. I tried to phone the finance manager but could not get through on repeated occasions. I left several voicemails, but still nothing. I spoke to the receptionist and asked if there was anyone else in finance who could help. She transferred me to someone called David. He said that he would look into it and get back to me, but nobody phoned me back. In the end I had to drive over to KM Toyota and wait in person until the finance manager would see me. He said that he would send the odomoeter statement.

So I waited another couple of days and still heard nothing. Once again I phoned the finance company and they said, "We cannot process your contract yet. The dealer sent us a BLANK odometer statement." I hit the roof when I heard this. I didn't know if the dealer was playing games or was just incapable. Surely they do leases every day of the year.

Once again, I tried to get through to the finance manager and could not. After leaving messages and not getting a call back I finally found someone at the dealership who would take my call and look into the matter. It took a huge amount of self control for me to remain calm on the phone and explain the situation.

A few days later I contacted the finance company again and they said that the vehicle had been funded. I contacted KM Toyota again and arranged a time to collect the car. "10 AM Tuesday", they said. I asked if that was a definite time that the vehicle would be ready for me to collect. "Yes", they said.

I assumed, correctly, that the car would not in fact be ready at the agreed time. So before I went I prepared by downloading a movie onto my phone and arrived at the dealership prepared to hunker down for a long wait. As expected, during my wait a sales guy came up to me several times and apologized profusely for the delays, saying that they were busy, they were going to detail the car etc etc. A couple of hours after I arrived the car was finally ready.

A sales manager asked me for my comments as I took possession of the car. He apologized and said that in compensation he would enroll me in some kind of family and friends discount for servicing of the vehicle. A month later when I went to book the car for its first service, the service guy said that he had never heard of such a scheme. I was not surprised...

So, KM Toyota gets two stars from me. One because they're all thoroughly nice people. And a second because they give you free coffee while you wait. Which you are going to need. To get five stars they would need to have staff be contactable and for customers not to have to drive over to the dealership and sit and wait to be seen. Also, none of the problems or delays I experienced should have happened, at all.

Sal Z. | 2014-08-11

Just bought a new Camry from Kearny Mesa Toyota and was overall pleased with the entire experience.  I want to give special thanks to Ishmael Malik who was patient with myself and my wife and 3 boys.  We went in looking for a pre-owned car and Ishmael gave us all the options.  We then went over and looked at the new cars.  They had a special going on for 3 LE models and 2 SE models.  They had just sold the last SE model and my wife asked if they could honor the same deal for one more SE.  Ishmael went back and was able to work with his management to find us an SE model and honored the deal.  After looking over the numbers and working with 0% financing we decided to pull the trigger.  Thanks

Renz Marion R. | 2014-08-09

Awesome dealership! Especially Ishmael Malik. I traded my 2013 Lexus RX350 over there with a brand new Prius 2014 and he gave me a much better deal (compared to other Toyota). He was very flexible and accomodating. I would highly recommend him to my friends and family because he is very helpful. He was very straight forward and really wanted to help me get the car that I really really wanted with a better deal. ISHMAEL MALIK is the BEST SALESMAN my BF and I ever met. He really knows what he's talking about with the product his selling. I will definitely buy another car in this dealership.

Thank you Toyota Keary Mesa!

I also would like to shout out to Robin T., he helped us with the paper works and he get along with my BF.  They all made us feel comfortable.. Made the deal smooth and easy.

aric g. | 2014-08-09

I found them dishonest and incompetent. I took my RAV4 in for some minor recalls.  Staff was a little disengaged but business-like and gave me a loaner car, and they did the recalls.  My issue is that my hood latch was broken when I took it in, as I had discovered the day before when checking my oil.  I looked around under the car and decided I'd let them give me an estimate to open the hood when they did the recalls.  They called me up and told me the recalls were complete, but it would be almost $300 (2.5 hrs labor) to get the hood open.  I said no thanks.  Next day I got under the car again and noticed one of the splash guards was missing, and there were a couple brand new shiny black connectors holding the other splash guard on.  I called them and they said "no, we didn't lose your splash guard, we were NEVER doing anything at the front of your vehicle, the recalls were in the rear of the car".  So they lost my splash guard and then lied about it.  Ok big deal, it's probably a $50 part and it's not crucial to the functioning of the car.  So then I get my coat hanger out and I released the hood-latch from underneath the car in less than 10 minutes; they quoted this at 2.5 hours!!!   My opinion of them obviously is not good, I found them dishonest and incompetent for this particular task.  I assume they did the recalls correctly, but I have no idea because the car ran fine beforehand.

Beverly A. | 2014-08-04

First off, I don't know anyone that likes bringing their car to the dealership. It's already given that you're going to spend money on maintenance or whatever you're bringing in for - after all, you're bringing it to the dealership!

Second, you already know that when you bring your car in - you're going to spend money regardless.

Anyways this review is on my service advisor Chuck.  I wasn't thrilled about bringing my car but I experienced a few issues.  Being that I'm new to driving a hybrid - I wanted to take proactive measures and ensure my car was in good shape.  After explaining the situation to Chuck and the mechanic I felt at ease.  Chuck is a good listener made me feel like he and the mechanic would take a good close look at my vehicle and ensuring that my car was in good shape.

John A. | 2014-08-04

We did some homework and shopped around for a 24 month lease on a RAV4.  We went to Toyota San Diego initially but, the salesman dragged us all over the lot only to discover that the one we were looking for was no longer available.  Got back in the car, check Kearny Mesa Toyota's inventory, went over, met with Parke Arnold, did a quick test drive, quickly agreed on terms and left an hour later with our new RAV4.  Parke was very friendly and helpful and the sales manager and finance manager were very helpful to get us what we wanted and out of there quickly.  It definitely helps to be prepared ahead of time.  Made the process very easy.  Thanks Kearny Mesa Toyota.  Our new Rav4 is great.  We'll be back in 24 months.

Jose Omar P. | 2014-08-03

This guys are lier. When we went there the first time they said they will take as little as $4000 down payment. But when we came back a week after they said that we have to make $12000 Down and 3 years term because we will be using the car for commercial. However we were able to make the same offer $4000 down payment and they were able to register it commercialy. This is sad because UBER recommends this dealerahip. Avoid going here at all cost

Tiffany P. | 2014-08-03

Went here for my very first car maintenance check. It went smoothly, especially because the service was still covered under ToyotaCare. I didn't really need to deal with anything besides bringing the car in and wandering around the nearby shopping plaza while they did their thing. The service representative, Ron, was kind enough to go over what exactly they did in layman's terms. They also washed my car!
Taking away a star because although I was informed it would take 1.5 hours and they'd call after they finished, they forgot to. The only reason why I'm not still trying to keep myself occupied by looking around grocery stores is because I decided to go back at the 2.5 hour mark to check in on the progress.
Good service, very nice people, just a little hiccup at the end.

Z T. | 2014-07-28

Good customer service but the wait is long. I go there since I am under warranty and close to work. Also, don't forget to check in! They usually have a thank you for checking in.

Edwin P. | 2014-07-26

Taking my lexus here for service because it's way cheaper than the lexus dealer.  They may not have a better selection on free food and beverage at the lounge but I'll take the price for the car service.

Flash Z. | 2014-07-25

My husband has been going to Toyota service for years and they have been fine but way overpriced.  However today was the last straw and he won't be going back.  They did the diagnosis and said my husband needed to replace his wheel bearing for $700.  It has been making a noise.  My husband went to get a second opinion and they moved the wheels to the back and the noise went to the back.  Therefore it was the tire rubbing.  It is fine as long as he doesn't mind the noise and needs new tires eventually.  Scary that a dealership is doing this kind of service, I usually trust them more than small business.

Denisse A. | 2014-07-25

Worst service ever. I call to ask one simple question about my guarantee. My phone call was transfer to 3 different departments. After 20 minutes. One guy told me I didn't have guarantee anymore. Thank you Kearny Mesa Toyota for your bad service.

Ana S. | 2014-07-25

Bought a used Honda Element from here and had a great costumer experience. They were very thankful and positive during my whole experience. My sales guy Bryan Lacey was very honest and up front thru out my whole purchase which I appreciated greatly. I will ask for him everytime! I love my new car!

Jason J. | 2014-07-24

This note is just for the service department. They are working out a few system scheduling kinks but Wendy took good care of me. I'll follow up with more after I can my vehicle back for an oil change.

Alicia F. | 2014-07-22

Reuben completely took care of me!  He and Robin worked together to make sure I understood all the terms and conditions and I love my new RAV4!!!

Pavel C. | 2014-07-17

All personnel that I've communicated with here is very courteous, prompt, polite and professional.

Chester K. | 2014-07-15

Recently went in to purchase a new car.  They had a 4th of July ad sale on Prius and salesman Ryan was very kind to show me the ad and the colors available.  Got the car at a great price and they gave me the price I wanted for my trade-in.  Finance rep, Robin Tabana, was great.  We joked around a lot and made the situation very comfortable.  I don't like a pushy sales person and Robin was definitely not pushy.  Was willing to purchase the extended warranty from him.  When I took the car home, I noticed there was this tiny scratch on the bumper.  Barely noticeable, but I called them to see if they could take care of it.  I spoke with the sales manager Bilal Mehboob about the issue.  Kindest sales person I've ever spoken to.  Willing to do almost anything to make me happy.  In the end, he was willing to give me an extra year of scheduled maintenance.  Couldn't be happier with the Prius and the sales experience.

Stefan K. | 2014-07-14

Recently came here to look at new cars. Ishmail Malik their sales rep was very nice, he was friendly and did not make use feel pressured to buy a car like the usual car dealers do. We did find a car we liked, but unfortunately, they did not negotiate with us at all and while we were there someone else bought the car we were interested in. Ishmail then showed us some other cars, but their inventory seemed extremely low and again they did not want to negotiate with the price at all. We ended up going to another Toyota dealership in town, they had more options and sold us a car for a very fair price with the exact options we were looking for. I would give Ishmail 5 stars, but 1 for the dealership itself.

Roger A. | 2014-07-11

Luis was awesome and so was the service manager Mark.  I was under the impression my first service visit was free but it actually was used when I bought the car.  They did not want me to leave disappointed, so they are taking care of it anyway! And threw in a set of hubcaps, free too! It feels like it's my birthday! This is what TRULY EXCEPTIONAL service feels like!

Marz M. | 2014-07-10

I'm actually struggling to decide how to rate Kearny Mesa Toyota (service).  As a whole or my experience over the years is SOOOOO different than the experience I had this week.  I would give my past 7 years a 3 at best but my experience with Paul Correia is a 10 on the scale of 1 - 5!!!  I have not purchased a vehicle from this location so I can only discuss their service department.  

My Advisor was Paul Correia.  Honestly he is the reason I came back to Toyota for service.  I have had some negative experiences with Toyota service in the past but Paul changed that for me.  Where other service agents have failed me Paul has exceeded expectation.  Not only is he reasonable, respectful and understanding... he is clever in helping me come up with cost effective solutions that enables me to keep my car running safely and coming back to Toyota for the work.  He balances good business with GREAT customer consideration.  I really feel lucky that I have had the chance to work with him.  Since my father passed away, I have had to make all of my own automotive decisions - which can be overwhelming especially when I have felt taken advantage of by other service advisors.  I trust Paul implicitly & literally only come back to Toyota b/c he is there to work with me!

Side note to further exemplify something he does....Paul made sure my car was washed and pulled up waiting for me. NOT the other way around where I sit in the bay for 20 minutes breathing in exhaust while they hunt for & wash my car.  He really goes that extra bit to make me feel cared for not just another dollar in the jar for Toyota.

Janell W. | 2014-07-10

I've been coming here for service since 2011 when I got my new Prius (from a different dealership)

I've always had good service and my advisers have always been friendly and never pushing anything additional. I tend to stick to a single adviser but I had to change recently since my usual one left the dealership. Since then, I've worked with 3 other ones and all have been friendly.

I had to get the front light bulbs changed two separate times (different sides) and they honored the price that I was charged the first time, which was significantly lower, even though they weren't sure why the original adviser charged the lower price. Lucky me and that's good customer service, IMO.

You can definitely see how tenure ship affects knowledge base but overall I've been happy.

I'll probably stop getting stuff done at the dealership after my extended 100K warranty is up but they do a good job. If you make appointments, the wait is reasonable and everyone is friendly.

Liz C. | 2014-07-08

I am rather car savvy myself, but every so often I run into something I am unfamiliar with. Considering I moved from out of state, this is not my usual Toyota dealership, I was sad I was not going to be able to pick the brains of my usual guys at Desert Toyota back in Vegas. Upon entering KM Toyota today, the guest service staff up front was on point, and I was greeted, and given instant direction due to their tad bit of construction. I went to parts, I was having trouble with the sunroof, I am more of an under the hood kinda gal. The guy behind the counter, wish I remembered his name, he was awesome, printed me a blown up version of the sunroof broken down with part numbers. He listened to my issue, and gave me a couple possible issues. He then suggested I talk to a tech. I popped over into service and was greeted by Chuck, funny guy. I liked him before we even shook hands. After a moment of describing what I thought was up, he ran me out to my truck, to help me solve the issue.. After a little bit of friendly banter, we figured out the problem and worked out what to do for the solution!
Overall my experience at this Toyota kicked ass. Everyone I came in contact with was memorable and friendly. I of course cruised their lot after words to check out their rather sexy selection of vehicles. Man do I love Toyota!

Oleg S. | 2014-07-06

I was totally satisfied purchasing car from this guys.
Sales rep named Ishmail Malik best salesmen I have ever met. Extremely polite, extremely friendly. I wish people like him going to be everywhere in business.

I can't tell you about service (Maitenance) from this guys, but everything except this was really great. I will update my review when going to make first Maitenance.

If you want to get a Toyota - here is the place.

Don't forget about great man Ishmail

And use your costco card to get nice savings.

Thieu H. | 2014-07-04

This review is for Brian Gary (sales) and David Carillo (finance). They are the two nicest and most efficient car sales/finance associates I have ever work with! I would definitely come back here again and recommend them to my friends and family!

Kyle G. | 2014-07-04

I bought a used 4 Runner and was given a great deal and Clay our salesman was awesome. Very knowledge, very respectful, and didn't pressure us into anything. After we made the decision to buy the car, the finance manager Robin was awesome. A big shoutout to him for helping us out and making a long process a lot of fun. All in all a great experience.

Kaela C. | 2014-07-04

Excellent experience at Kearny Mesa Toyota. Very helpful, down to earth staff, especially Paulo the sales rep and Bilal the manager who helped walk me through the process. Plus, I walked away with a great deal on a lease to a brand new car! Highly recommend doing business with them.

M. Craig M. | 2014-06-28

My father in law bought a 2006 Toyota tacoma and we took it here  for a check engine light  for knock sensor number 2.  This is the second time this truck has had this problem for the same thing. It turns out that it was due to an inherent problem with all of these trucks that is well publicized on the internet. There ia a cavern in the center of the engine that makes a perfect nest and haven for RATS! That right RATS. Even if you live in the middle of the city if you got any in the area they will find this spot in your truck engine. Toyota has then run sensitive wires in this area that the RATS love to chew on. The basic cost to repair starts at $3000.00, thats right $3000.00 with toyota making no efforts to remediate the cost or problem with some type of engineered shielding or cost control on the repair. After much debate with the service advisor that the truck only has 12000 miles it was clear that this is a money making item for the service department that they have no reason to fix with real customer service or engineering. Also after talking with my sister in law i found out that this is the second time this has happened, in 12000 miles, and the last time it cost 3800.00 to repair. The last time it was repaired by Toyota of San Diego and they said that they made changes to make sure it did not happen again. Upon inspection of the recent damage it was clear that nothing had been done and it was only a ruze to allow them to do the repair and collect the 3800.00. Do not go to KM Toyota if you really need customer service and do not buy Toyota trucks. Also the mechanic working on the car and the service advisor told me that they get toyota cars in there everyday that have been infested with rats. I have been working on cars of family and friends for a long time and the only time i have EVER heard of rats nesting in a vehicle is when the person lives in rural area. My father in law lives in Mission Village, the heart of the city. It seems that toyota is using "tasty" materials to make their vehicles and is making money off of the results. The Toyota quality idea is a myth.

nick r. | 2014-06-24

Beware of FALSE ADVERTISING here!!!! After less than 1 year purchasing a previously owned certified car, I have been without my truck for almost 1 full month due to repairs needed. I had to take it in twice (to them) for the same issue!
Then, wanted to trade it in for a new truck and their website had a price $8,000 more expensive than listed. Talk about a bade and switch!!!!

I would not recommend shopping here for a new or used car unless you are ok paying 27% above the STICKER/ADVERTISED price....

Matt H. | 2014-06-23

Last weekend our family went to a couple of local Toyota dealerships to look at Highlanders.  After a bad experience at another dealership, we headed to Kearny Mesa Toyota.  The sales person, Paulo, was friendly and helpful.  He was not the stereotypical "pushy salesman."  He was able to find us a vehicle that we liked and the folks at the dealership were able to work with us to get a reasonable price.  We appreciated the experience so much, we told my parents who were in the market for a new car too.  They came the next day and purchased a Prius.

We are glad that we ended up Kearny Mesa Toyota and will definitely come back the next time we are looking for a car.

Hunter H. | 2014-06-20

Today I wanted check out new Carolla.when I was checking the car,a sales person came so I thought I was getting help from this guy but he actually asked me to move away cus he's about move this I?told him why im here today then he told me to go inside so some one will assist me.stood there 10min no one said how can I help you?
Toyota is made by polite Japanese but sold by rude americans.bad customer service=bad reveiws,I should check the reveiws before I stepped in so didn't ruin my day.

Do not go to Kearny Mesa Toyota,I repeat
Do not go to Kearny Mesa Toyota.

Zero star
I will buy HONDA!

Geribelle B. | 2014-06-20

Again... I would give NO stars if I could.... :/
I recently traded in my car at El Cajon Toyota, one that I had purchased at Kearny Mesa Toyota, thank goodness I did.
Anyways, I had to return to KMT to get some stuff done with the finance dept regarding the car that I had traded. It took TWO HORRIBLE visits before I could it dealt with. The first time I went in, I had to wait 1.5hrs before someone finally came out to talk with us. In that hour and a half wait, I had to ask the receptionist if anyone was on their way, or if I was just getting blown off because NO ONE followed up with me. Maybe she had said something to the man that came out and that's where the attitude came from. Because when the man came out he asked, (and I quote) "WHAT do YOU need?". I just brushed it off so I didn't make a scene, then come to find out I did not have all the paperwork. He said to get everything I need and then come back, but when I do I need to be patient because I'm not the only customer around in this place. I wanted to slap him across the face. I know I'm NOT the only customer in this place but there is no need to make someone wait 1.5hrs and NOT follow up with them.

I am 9 months pregnant and I wanted to make sure this got dealt with, so again... went in. My second visit was even worse. I went in and asked the receptionist for someone in finance, AGAIN. She got on her phone and spoke to someone and hung up. She looked at me, and politely said that someone would be right with me. I pointed out a table that is RIGHT next to the reception desk, and told her that I would sit and wait there. Here I go again... Waiting over another hour and NO ONE acknowledging me. I sat an watched EVERY employee pass me and stand around B.S.'ing with each other. I tried to be patient, as I didn't want another repeat of the last visit because I had the receptionist "bug" them last time. Well over an hour came and went and I was not comfortable anymore sitting around on a hard chair. I went up to ANOTHER woman who sat at the reception desk, asked her if anyone was coming or if anyone knew I was there. She looked at me worried and said she didn't know I was waiting for someone. -_-
Someone finally came out, the paper work got done and hopefully I NEVER have to go back there again. These ppl are so quick to try and be nice for a sale, but anything else... they could care less.

If anyone is out looking for a Toyota, DO NOT GO TO KEARNY MESA. There is nothing good about them. Once you pay them money for a car, they could care less about you.

Jeanne D. | 2014-06-16

I'm really surprised at all of the negative reviews for Kearny Mesa Toyota. I have to admit that I'm not always happy about having to spend the money for service, but I trust the technicians and I have never had a problem with my car. I have a 2006 Prius with 120,000 miles, and I've never taken it anywhere but here for service. I've worked with various service techs, and have also had interactions with the service manager, and none of these experiences has been negative. I would hope that people aren't unhappy because of what it costs to maintain a car. Service is not a fun thing to have to pay or wait for, but I don't mind so much when I take my car here.

Paul C. | 2014-06-14

Came in for my 10,000-mile service. Friendly service rep, Luis, greeted us promptly.  He explained all the things that they were going to do and offered us a free car wash.  While waiting, we were informed about the Yelp check-in deal and received a $5 Starbucks gift card.  Very Happy.  One less star for waiting for more than 1hr.

John M. | 2014-06-12

This is the first car I've ever purchased and it was a little unsettling...
The salesman, Ocie, was nice a helped me find what I was looking for. I did run into some problems which I will not go into because Ocie and Bilal, the Sales Manager, really stretched to make the situation right and get me into the car I wanted. Granted, the other Sales Manager that was there could care less whether or not I was able to purchase the car I wanted or if I left upset.

Thanks again to Ocie and Bilal who have continued to take care of my car needs even after the purchase.

Joshua K. | 2014-06-06

The service advisers are great here. The service team always is always able to get my car in with or without an appointment. The service is always quick. However over the years there have been a couple of  things that have bothered my wife and I about this location. Today they made me angry enough to post.

Front License Plate  Bent - This is one of the things that really bothered me today. The left side of my front license plate was bent out from car. This happened last time. Assuming it happened elsewhere and I just hadn't noticed, I just took the plate off, hammered it flat and put it back again. Again today! Fool me once. . .

Missing Floor Mat - When I got home today I noticed my rubber floor mat for the drivers seat was missing. I thought it had got thrown away, which turned my frustration to anger. Then I remembered Toyota had all these floor mat related lawsuits and recalls. When I purchased my first Camry in 2008 the floor mats were in the trunk as a result of lawsuits. Before going back to complain, I checked my trunk. My floor mat was there! Yeah. It would be preferable if Toyota let me arrange my car how I desire. Furthermore it would have been nice if someone had told me they were redecorating. Sadly but not surprisingly the floor mat was thrown right on top of my jacket in the trunk. You can imagine what a moist (thanks guys) and dirty floor mat would leave behind on a jacket. That will have to be dry cleaned.

The License Plate Holder - The past 3 times they have serviced my Wife's Rav 4 they have helped themselves to applying a Toyota of Kearny Mesa licence plate holder. Obviously just a screw driver and couple minutes work to reverse but how presumptuous is that?

The Free Cash Wash - Do not do it. I don't know what is going on with this or how the cars are washed, but my car was dirtier today when I got it back. It was't dry, there was water dripping along with water spots as well as what seems like new debris (sap or bird poop?). It was literally worse than before it was "washed". The interior although not part of the wash, smelled disgusting to the point I wondered if the workers were having a little fun at my car's expense.

The fact that they take liberties with your car, make it filthy and in some cases damage it, is disgusting. I thought I would be saving money by getting Toyota care. Today, this location they will actually be costing both time and money. Unless they can fix these deficiencies I am done getting my service here.

Stephanie D. | 2014-06-05

Horrific experience.  Called to discuss a lease and the guy on the phone was exuding that creepy car salesman vibe, but I still set up an appointment because I figured it's just a lease- how can they really screw me over?

Welllll, we got there and the guy had to jump start the car in front of the car I wanted because the battery was dead. Should've walked at that point, but didn't...

The guy asked what he could do to "sweeten the pot." We told him we wanted the 36 month lease payment price with the 2 year lease. He proceeded to meet with 5 guys for 45 minutes before we told him we were over it and they could either do what we wanted or we would go. The finance guy sits down with us and our contact person FAILED to even tell him what we asked for. WTF? They also screwed with the numbers and tried to get us to put more down and make bigger payments than the national promotion.  Lastly, the finance person said there is no room to move with the promotions, which turned out to be a lie because Mossy Toyota gave us everything we asked for with literally no hesitation.

Lesson: There are so many car dealerships out there competing for your business.  Choose one with lots of stock, don't let them dick you around, and AVOID KEARNY MESA TOYOTA AT ALL COSTS! Why deal with dirt bags when  there are more respectable dealerships just around the corner?

Invictus A. | 2014-06-01

I really really didn't want to have to one-star for my follow up, but this has been a joke.  I got a private message from the company after posting my review-- the message was, thankfully, quite polite.  However, once I emailed the customer service address they provided, I didn't hear back for a day or so.  So I replied to the private message on Yelp with my email address, to give them every chance to make this right.

Then, I get an email in my inbox, written in all CAPS, with seemingly hasty punctuation and somewhat questionable grammar, telling me to call their customer service number-- in no uncertain terms.  Not asking, not even being polite, just telling me to call them.  Uuuuh, no thanks.  If my experiences with you so far have been you ignoring me, hawking me, insulting me, belittling me, and abandoning me, do you really think you have the right to subsequently hurl Capital Letters at me?  I mean... really.

But I gave it one more shot.  I emailed them back, asking them to try again, to *not* send all-CAPS emails to me demanding I do this or do that.

Haven't heard from them in weeks.

Guess I'm just not worth it to them, with my thousands of dollars to spend on a big-ticket item.

Joe Y. | 2014-05-31

Had such a great experience here buying a new car. Fraser Heaton is an awesome guy (I recommend going to him first!) and his sales manager, Michael, is super understanding.

Spent a whole day (from 1pm-8pm) here and they were all very patient and friendly. I would come here again - highly, highly, HIGHLY recommend!!!

Amir B. | 2014-05-30

Went to different Toyota dealership and they weren't very helpful. Met a tech at my store and he referred me to this particular dealership. I talked to Ron watzek and he was very helpful and hooked me up with extended maintenance. Very helpful and I would refer my friends and family here.

E S. | 2014-05-28

I love my Prius C. First month I had it I drove from San Diego to San Francisco on less than a tank of gas!  The service department at Kearny Mesa Toyota are friendly and helpful.

Mvtoria D. | 2014-05-26

i dont know what went wrong with the negative reviews, but our experience with toyota dealership is wonderful...we went to check on the certified / used car...the salesman explained everything...the  differences, the pros and cons...i swear!! without any pressure ,  we ended up having a new car in almost the same amount...THANKS TO DAVID FLAGG!!! We had 2 GREAT DAVID that day...David Flagg and David Carillo...I will definetely would give a thumbs up to your great and professional service!!!!THANKS!

oopppps!!! not to mention...the whole staff is baby/kid friendly...and that really makes it a lot of difference!!!!

George H. | 2014-05-23

Thank God for Yelp. Their customer relations department read my review and responded. They were very nice and refunded my money immediately.

Was Rip off dealer and does not do what they say they are going to do. I took a smart key in to have it reprogrammed.Tim the service advisor said he could do it. I ended up with a  partially reprogrammed key.
I got charged the full amount for programming and they would not do any kind of  refund or guarantee on their work. I was told I would have to buy a new key for some outrageous price of $210 plus reprogramming $110. Than they would guarantee it.
The similarity is as if you called a plumber to unclog your drain and he partially fixed the problem, but said he tried to unclog it so you had to pay the full amount.
Let's see if their customer relations manager replies to this review.  That will tell you if they care.

Thank God for Yelp. Their customer relations department read my review and responded. They were very nice and refunded my money immediately.

Phung H. | 2014-05-23

Service department... Ron always provide great customer service.. Very friendly and knowledgeable... Provide useful information... The reason only receive 4 star because the technician sometimes forget to fix a small detail

Ed M. | 2014-05-20

The car buying experience here was solid.  The service me start off by saying that at the 3000 mile mark my ride started rattling on the dashboard. Brought it in and they hear the sound and repair it with the warranty. doesn't quite fix the problem as a week later that same rattling sound kicks in again. Take it in again...made an appointment even.  When I show up I am told that the advisor who handled my car last time was out for today and in no simple term I was told to "come back tomorrow" when he's in. So I drove across town for nothing. Awesome. I come back the next day and complain about being told to show up just to be told to go home...advisor says he's sorry and he will tell management. That's all I got out of that.  Oh and of course the sound doesn't come out when they test it so I am stuck with that rattle noise until my 5000 mile check up. So this brings me to that check up and my complaint again that it's rattling which this time they hear and were able to fix. I was stoked.  But when I got home there's a brand new scratch on my bumper that I am certain they caused.  It's give and take with the service department here I swear. Of course since it's off of the lot now and I didn't see it prior to leaving it's my word against theirs. I will likely look elsewhere to get my car serviced now. They were friendly and all to me for the most part but this is too careless as far as taking care of my car needs.  Also found it convenient the pic of my car scratch I posted up here on yelp got removed out of the blue because "it doesn't represent the business."  I've seen other business photos posted on yelp that show "what the business did wrong to them."  So why's it mine got removed from here?  Thanks KM Toyota.

lisa c. | 2014-05-19

I'm kinda disappointed to see  any negative reviews for these guys because I had a really great car buying experience this weekend and ended up with a top-of-the-line, 2012 used Toyota Prius V to haul around my dogs and save some gas. I got a good deal and worked with some awesome folks:

Jimmy, the resident samurai (he's a real samurai from Japan--ask him about it!)
Michael, the Rabbi (Shalom...he's awesome and will make you a deal you can't refuse!)
Nate, the hamburger boy (Sweet, and hair like Bob's Big Boy; and he eats hamburgers)
Last but not least, Ying the dog whisperer (she rocks the finance!)

Everyone was really cool and I didn't get the pressure/hype/bs that usually comes with the transaction.  I had a complicated deal and everyone was really cool about it.  

If you're looking for Toyota used cars, a Prius for sale, a toyota hybrid or Toyota Prius hybrid, get your buns over to meet the Hamburger Boy, the Samurai, the Rabbi or the Dog Whisperer.  They are cool and will give you a good deal.

Beckett K. | 2014-05-19

I can deal with Paul the Tech Rep there, but have had poor experiences with others.  I appreciate the rides from the shop, when the truck is getting serviced, however frown on $27 taxi rides back to Toyota.  Although, they did make an "exception" for me once and picked me up.  How kind.

Joe D. | 2014-05-17

I recently had an accident with my 2005 Prius and the insurance company decided it was totaled. They gave us a settlement that I was afraid would not allow us to get a car similar to ours. I met FRASER HEATON at Kearny Mesa Toyota and he was great. He listened to our problem and helped us to make a deal on a 2006 Prius that met our financial and emotional needs. Fraser was professional and attentive. He helped us through the often tedious paperwork with ready explanations and a continual smile. I highly recommend him if you are looking for a friendly and I believe honest car salesman.

Katherine R. | 2014-05-11

I had a wonderful experience at Kearny Mesa Toyota.  I was dreading the process of purchasing a car, but it went much more smoothly than I expected.  Each employee with whom I dealt was patient, helpful, and friendly.  I did not feel pressured, which was important.  I even left with a better deal than I anticipated.  I highly recommend car shopping, new or used, at this dealership, especially with the 0% financing offer!

Kerri H. | 2014-05-09

This was about as painless an experience as one could hope for when buying a car. Salesman David Flagg was very nice, and subsequent employees I dealt with were helpful and friendly. There were the usual paperwork/red tape time-sucks, but I think that's true for any dealership.

C C. | 2014-05-07

Well I would have gave 4 stars but they cashed a check that wasn't supposed be cashed and left me with insufficient fund fees and no money for a week... Little bit of a back story here so last week me and the wife were in the market for a used vehicle and knew what comes along with used vehicle high mileage, dings and dents etc. well we move on a vehicle that we both like and when we get to the finance department we get stuck with a pushy finance guy by the name of Cyrus. He forces us into getting extended warranties and we repeatedly tell him we don't want our payment to be over 200 a month he then gives us attitude and says what's an extra 50 dollars? Well I'm not made outta money and those 50 dollars could buy my family groceries. After all that we get back home and a couple days later find out we have not been approved for a loan and well we had some financial issues that wouldn't let us pay the car or put the down payment. So after getting transferred to 10 people they finally agreed to let us bring the car back. And said no fees will be applied. Well that was on Friday May 2nd and on Sunday we see they have cashed the check as described in the beginning of this review and we have called them since and still no money has been returned. It's Wednesday now... Still waiting.

Ken V. | 2014-05-06

Fellow San Diego toyota owners...Please do not use this company, they have serious ethic issues. I could give you over a dozen documentable reasons, but will briefly give you one: Last year I had the 120k service on my 03 Camry at a different company. They found that the rear three spark plugs were NEVER changed. I had this service completed at KMT during my 90k service and paid for all 6 to be changed. I brought the three unchanged plugs to Scott Buckner (service mgr.) and they did confirm with their techs that this was correct. They reimbursed for the service, BUT this not the first time this has occurred. One of their previous employees is a good friend of mine and this person stated that it was typical for them to not perform certain work such as: spark plugs, cam seals, flushing fluids, power steering units, etc..I will give you another example: yesterday I was told that I needed to replace the valve cover gaskets, AGAIN. This was suppose to be done at KMT three years ago (40k miles had expired). Upon inspection, we found the rear bank gasket had not been replaced and that was the one that was leaking. For those who do not know; this is a difficult repair due to the location. That is a typical reason KMT will not do certain work, but be happy to charge you or bill Toyota. Other Toyota dealers are aware of their poor work ethic, in fact their is a San Diego Toyota dealer that has spent the last several years fixing the work that was not done by KMT and trying to soften the blow to the customer.

Vanessa M. | 2014-05-05

Bilal Mehboob, , David Carrillo, and Chris Todal went way beyond the extra mile to help me get the car I needed.  They were extremely patient and GENUINE throughout my car shopping experience. I am SUPER grateful to three of them.
They made the process extremely easy and I highly recommend this dealership.
I Give them an A +++++........ :)

Matthew G. | 2014-05-02

I've always gotten great service here, but today it was stellar. QUAN QUACH my service advisor is awesome! Long story short, I brought my truck in for an all-day service appointment. I locked myself out of my truck at the service center, couldn't get a ride home or back. I thought my day was ruined, but Quan not only got my truck unlocked, but got me a rental car so I wouldn't have to spend the day waiting. Kudos to Quan and the staff at KMT!

Melinda P. | 2014-05-01

Service Department Review--
I had to take my car in for an oil change and 60,000 mile service so I made an appointment and brought it in. Patty was very nice and I asked for a loaner car as I needed to get back to work and pick up my son later on. She told me it would be $37. I balked at that because I know the Acura Repair shop up the street does not charge for loaner cars. She said she would split the cost with me so I agreed. She told me it would be ready by 4:30pm that day.  During the day, she called me to tell me that the car needs new brake pads. I agree to the work and she said since my service repair bill went up so much, that they will pay for the loaner car. I thank her.

I head back to pick it up and I'm almost there when she calls and says they just noticed that my car is on the recall list, can they keep it until the next morning? Well, I had to say yes because I didn't want to have to bring it in again. So, I kept the loaner car and called the next day to see if it was ready for pick up and she said it was.

This is where it all went south. I brought in the loaner car and the gas tank was down 5 gallons of gas. They did not tell me that I needed to fill up the car before I brought it back. They told me they would charge me $9 a gallon if I didn't return it full. I had to get my son back into the rental car and go fill up the tank. I wouldn't have minded but they didn't tell me that. They told me it was clear on the paperwork but when I looked it over, it was not clear. It was in fine print on the back of the contract hidden in legal mumbo jumbo. I highly recommend a SIGN near the RENTAL DESK that clearly states that cars need to be refilled upon returning. Then the car rental person pointed out a scratch on the car and said something about it. I poked my hand over it to show him it was only dirt not a scratch.

So, it's 35 minutes later since I first brought the rental car back and I'm waiting in line at the rental car desk to get the paperwork so I can pay for the work that was done on my car. Finally, I get the paperwork to proceed to the line for the cashier. I finally make it to the cashier 10 minutes later. She tells me that I need to pay $37 for the rental car. I calmly tell her that the service woman, Patty, assured me that I would not have to pay for the rental car. She needs to go and check with Patty. Another five minutes go by. She comes back and says I don't have to pay for the rental car. That's good. I pay and get the receipt and she assures me they'll have my car around soon.

It is now almost an hour since I first drove the rental car into the Toyota Service bay. I stand patiently with my son and the car doesn't come. Ten minutes later a service guy comes by to check on us and asks to see our paperwork. He checks it against his list and tells us that there is a tow truck blocking our car and that it should be only a few more minutes. After the other stuff that went on, that just kind of did it for me. I do not think I will coming back here ever again.

You guys need to seriously work on your customer service. The service agent should be making sure that I know to bring back the rental car with a full tank of gas and even remind me as a courtesy when she calls me to have me pick up the car. I wouldn't have even needed to fill up the tank if I hadn't been asked to leave the car overnight for a recall service. The recall service should have been noted as soon as I brought the car in. I should not be called at 4:30 and told oops! We forgot about this. And then the whole turning in of the rental car and cashier process was way too slow and sloppy. That's my two cents. Take it or leave it.

stephanie c. | 2014-04-30

4 1/2 stars.  Bill was awesome, he helped us find a good deal on our Corolla and financing.  He was not pushy or annoying like other car salesman can be.  So far I am pretty happy with our experience. Took off half a star because the paperwork took waaaaaaaayyyyy longer than we were told- however our finance manager really busted everything out once we told him about the wait and that my husband had to be at work!   Thanks guys :)

Krys T. | 2014-04-28

They were all very kind and funny. It was a good experience. Denny and Frasee helped me. The manager was super nice.

William F. | 2014-04-23

Paul is a great guy and the best service adviser. He always suggests doing what is right for my vehicle and gets it done in a timely manner."

Andy N. | 2014-04-22

Great brake service experience today at Toyota. Fast service, professional staff. Quick shuttle ride back to work thanks to Ali the driver. 5 star service

Al A. | 2014-04-22

Bought a certified Rav4 there in a very good condition much better than dealing with Craigslist sellers.
Everyone was very helpful and not too pushy.
Had a minor problem later and they gave me rental car while taking care of it. Good service and good price.

Burnie L. | 2014-04-22

I have been going to Kearny Mesa Toyota for over ten years for my service needs.  I have enjoyed working with Ron Wasek who always takes care of me and makes me feel like a valued customer even though I sometimes only get an oil change (And a free one at that due to the rewards program)!  While my Corolla is still running and approaching 200,000 miles, I have emailed Ron many times for advice on potential car purchases and maintenance questions.  Customer service and a good relationship is very important to me in my business dealings, and I feel that I have that at KM Toyota!

J Z. | 2014-04-21

Have been taking my Prius to be serviced here for the last 2 years and had been very satisfied until my headlight bulb needed replaced. Was charged $168 to replace a $14 light bulb (Auto Zone price), they charged $38 just for the bulb. Called around and found estimates of $50-$75 for the same service. Two weeks later the other bulb went out. Went to Auto Zone and bought a bulb for $14 that the Auto Zone replaced in 5 minutes for me.....for free. To top it off, the headlight they worked on wasn't aligned with the passenger headlight. Had to take it some place else to get that fixed. Won't trust their prices or service again. You lost a customer.

Nicholas B. | 2014-04-20

I wasn't looking forward to "dealing" with a car salesman. However, FRASER HEATON completely changed my outlook. Friendly, knowledgeable, and NOT pushy in the least bit.

But here's what really topped the experience off: I own a fairly large boat, and I was considering spending the extra money on the Tacoma 4WD because it comes with a low gear that I thought might have been necessary to pull the boat out of the water. FRASER spoke to management and convinced them to let me launch my boat during my test drive!!! The 2WD handled it fine which ended up saving me lots of money on the purchase... And better MPG.


Devon E. | 2014-04-18

Charlie, Kristin, Nayely, Ally all helped me out and they exceeded my expectations with superior service and made coming to a dealership for service an awesome and affordable experience. I also will be back because of them.

Raneta R. | 2014-04-18

Do NOT EVER BUY A CAR FROM THIS DEALER! I HAVE NEVER HAD SUCH A BAD EXPERIENCE EVER AT ANY OTHER DEALER IN AMERICA AND I have bought alot of cars! They argued with me over a price for 3 hours and all I wanted was the advertised price! They finally gave me the advertised price and said I was approved, but then said, no we have to wait until tomorrow morning to hear back from Toyota! I got a phone call from sales man but still no answer. I had to wait 2 days and they finally gave me approval but only because my boyfriend went into dealership to find out why the heck no one has called and said yes, no maybe? Nothing!
I go into sign papers, they are all wrong! They tried to charge me more money per month and down payment!!! I walked away from finance guy in the middle of signing papers! I called prior to going to sign papers because I was so upset, I had sold my car and didn't have a car for two days, I called another dealer! Toyota San Diego on Mission Gorge beat the deal Kearny Mesa gave and I was in and out in less than 2 hours! DO NOT GO TO KEARNY MESA!! GO TO MISSION GORGE SAN DIEGO TOYOTA AND ASK FOR WARREN THE SALES MANAGER!

Melissa T H. | 2014-04-16

So I have to update my review of Kearny Mesa Toyota's Service Dept.  

JUSTIN NELSON, service advisor went above and beyond the call of duty in helping us with our Camry.  The background:  a rodent decided to climb into our engine, sprinkling -ahem- and nesting and got stuck behind the air intake.  In the record heat, you can imagine the issues we faced:  the stench was intolerable.  

We brought it to Toyota as soon as we sniffed the problem.  It coincided with maintenance/recall part service.  Unfortunately my insurance rep needed supervisor approval to authorize Toyota to do the repair and remove the rat and eliminate the odor. And... the supervisor was on vacation, so our case fell through the cracks.  (grr.)

Justin was really on top of it:  he called me with updates, coordinated with my insurance, sent them photos and tried to get them to act quickly, confirming our suspicions of something decomposing and the timely need to respond.

Finally after 4-5 days of my poor car just sitting there- in the record heat which exacerbated the issues, and stunk up Toyota's service lot! - insurance finally authorized Toyota to do the work to find and remove the critter. Toyota did the best they could, but after so much time in the heat, even after all their work, the stench was still 30% present.  

Justin again, was our advocate.  He reported back to insurance that the car, despite being cleaned with a special machine, needed more attention, and he helped coordinate to get the vehicle towed to Odor B Gone (who also did the best they could, but some things are just damaged beyond repair.)

When the Camry was released by Odor B Gone, we asked Justin if he would accept it on our behalf, as we were out of town, and look it over to be sure it was put back together properly.  He didn't have to technically agree as his part was over, but he agreed to help us, which was a relief as the situation was stressful.

Justin was extremely patient, helpful and gracious throughout the entire TWO MONTH process.  He truly went above and beyond our expectations.  We trust him and highly recommend him and his team at Toyota.  They really proved to us that they care, and because of Justin's dedication, we will be getting a new Toyota to replace our poor Camry.

Noelle H. | 2014-04-15

Since day 1 when I began my experience with the KMT Service Dept I've been very pleased. I have no doubt that my service rep Wendy is the main reason why we hinge go so smoothly.  She's extremely professional & knowledgeable. I don't ever have to ask her to go above & beyond when it comes to my recently purchased 2003 Highlander. I feel like a new car owner everytime!!!  Thank you Wendy for always making me feel like your #1 customer.

Vanessa R. | 2014-04-13

This was truly my first time buying a brand new car.....and now I know why Kearny Mesa Totyota was highly recomended to me. From the salesmen to the cleaning crew this lot is awesome. I must of made Brian travel the lot 13 times befor finding MY car...2013 Toyota Carolla... It was then that Brian went above and beyond to make that car mine. I dont have perfect credit but he found a way to finance me.. I truly thank you for believing in me.

Karen L. | 2014-04-10

Very nice professional service!!! Love the Starbucks rewards as well! Rental car was easy and they were able to rent me a van while they worked on my van! Great service, very friendly staff! Thank you! :)

Misha R. | 2014-04-09

This review is based on their SERVICE department only.

I nearly didn't come to this Toyota due to the negative reviews here on Yelp (and on Yelp I rely faithfully). However, I had some personal recommendations to come to this Toyota so I thought I'd give it a go. We just bought a Toyota a few months back and she was due for her first Toyota Care 'check up'. When I called to make the appointment, the woman I spoke with was very pleasant and got me scheduled quickly and efficiently.

When I arrived, there were a few other cars also in the 'check-in' bay, but rep. Luis came over to me right away and gave me a very friendly greeting. He got all the info he needed from me (as I'd not been before) and said that they would have me out of there by 11am. My appointment was for 10am so I was a little surprised it could take an hour (they were just topping off fluids, rotating tires, etc) but I didn't have anywhere to be, so I wasn't too put off. They even wash your car for free if you want it (and I said yes as she was pretty dirty).

I went and sat in the waiting room - they have free coffee and tea and a TV. Nothing fancy but sufficient. The waiting room was rather cold, but I've found that to be the case in most waiting rooms around the greater San Diego area. There's also tables outside to sit at if you want to enjoy the warm sunshine. Luis came to get me at about 10:40, so 20 min earlier than his estimate, which was nice. AND, when I 'checked-in' on Yelp, I got an offer for a $5 Starbucks gift card! I mentioned it to Luis and he took me to the receptionist to get my gift card. That was pretty exciting!

Now I've never been to a dealership service center before as this is my first NEW car, and therefore don't really have anything to compare it to, but overall I thought the process was easy and fairly fast. My car was cleaned and I got a $5 Starbucks gift card. I'd definitely come back!

Hung T. | 2014-04-09

Just got dropped off by Ali and Ali. Being a wheelchair customer wasn't easy, but the boys hooked me up. Will definitely do business with KM toyota again!

Cameron B. | 2014-04-09

I had my alternator go out on my Scion, and I had to tow it there late at night.  The after-hours drop-off service was thorough and made me feel very secure about leaving my car there.  A Service Department representative called BEFORE the drop-off envelope said they would the next morning.  I am unavailable to speak on the phone at work most of the day, and they kept in touch with my wife throughout the entire process.  We worked with Justin and Mark in the Service Department, and they were OUTSTANDING in their service and communication.  I can't say enough about how helpful, accommodating, and professional the service staff was, and how well they guided us through every issue.  This is a TOP-RATE service department, and I would recommend it to anybody and everybody!

Katherine S. | 2014-04-08

Went to get my 30K car service, and the service itself was very quick and thorough. Unfortunately, I had to wait almost 20 minutes for someone to come and begin the service. I also saw a very awkward argument between a customer and a sales person, which wasn't very pleasant.

Hopefully the crazy wait and the weirdness was just a one time thing, because I generally like getting my car services here.

Rohit R. | 2014-04-05

I went for my regular car service today. I was assisted by Ron. He was very friendly and the servicing was done before estimated time. I would go back for my next service.

steve j. | 2014-04-02

A friend and I had a very pleasant experience at Kearney mesa toyota, Bryan lacey and Todd gross were not only professional but exceptional during the car leasing experience, got my friend and I a great deal and my friend couldn't be happier with a brand new camry. Thanks guys

Stan K. | 2014-04-01

I would love to write something great about the service here but find that difficult when everything is pretty average.  The place is clean, that is a plus.  I'm glad that there is no heavy up sell of not needed services.  Yet, the coffee machine provides sad coffee drinks, and the people who work there seem demoralized.  I'm not sure what the management thinks it's doing but I often notice the false cheeriness and it just points to poor leadership.  The staff don't really seem to be too motivated to do an amazing job, which makes me wonder if there are just no good incentive programs in place?

Bruce L. | 2014-03-31

Previously I'd posted a five star review based on my car buying experience there. I meant it, as it was outstanding. Sadly I'm compelled to remove that review and post a 1-star review based solely on their service department only. Went there this morning to buy 1-2 tires. I'd accidentally damaged one of my front tires when I hit a curb. Over the weekend I priced replacements at a Goodyear dealer I happened to be near (had to wait for the Toyota dealership to open on Monday). Goodyear quoted me a price for either 1 or 2 tires, installed. They were exact model matches of the tires on my car. I said I'd go to the dealer instead. Got there and not only did they not have the tires in stock but they quoted a price more than 50% higher. I showed them the Goodyear quote (not that I'm a big fan of Goodyear mind you...they didn't have the tires in stock either) and all they could say was "sorry". Yes, "sorry" indeed. Kearny Mesa Toyota all but begged me to never show up at their service department again and they compelled me to pull a nice review for their sales department. Sorry.

Hungry M. | 2014-03-30

I had a great experience at this dealership.  I was greeted by Peter, who was a friendly and a very patient sales rep.  He showed me several cars and took me on a few test drives.  He retrieved different color cars when I requested and was happy to line cars up next to each other for me to compare.  When I picked the car I liked, he worked with the managers, Todd and Bilal to get me the lowest possible price.  They explained all the fees upfront and were not pushy.  I would recommend this place to my friends and I look forward to coming back for my next Toyota.

Joey T. | 2014-03-30

I've always had a great experience with KMT.  From the service greeters, my service advisor Derrick, and the cashiers are very nice.  The service greeters are a plus so at least the customers get acknowledged even being at the back of the line and they help move cars up as well.  A very well maintained dealership that's clean and the complimentary coffee with different coffee types is another plus.  Yes, wait times can be long at times but I can't complain.  The prices are pretty fair still and it's better than going to an outside mechanic who thinks they know what they're doing to get the work done.  Another good word, the team leader Juan V is top notch.  He's always straight up with me and tell me right away on things that should get done ASAP and things that are still okay to wait.  He even takes me to the shop to show me things, which I like...  Derrick is also fair, no pressure and fast, friendly service.  I'll always trust them with my Toyotas.

Israel P. | 2014-03-29

Every time I go to Toyota to get my Toyota Tacoma serviced I leave disappointed and frustrated I don't understand if it's the management or the techs. I always have to check the work they do since i found out once they did not do my oil change.  My last appointment with them was a disappointment again and the wait was long as usual. All I can say is check the work you get done at Toyota because in most cases it's not done properly and most people don't bother to check.

Allison W. | 2014-03-28

Just bought a car from Kearny Mesa Toyota. Sales guy was great. I worked a lot with Nate. He's awesome he made the car buying process easy and fun. Love Nate I'll send my friends and family to see him :)

Gloria C. | 2014-03-28

Kearny Mesa Toyota is fantastic in customer service and deals on gorgeous toyota vehicles!! I left the dealership with a beautiful 2014 black Camry!! The two guys who made it all happen was Bilal and David!!  Bilal and David gave amazing customer service and answered all of my questions and concerns!!! I will be returning to Kearny Mesa Toyota in the future!!!! Thank You!!!

Melissa A. | 2014-03-28

I purchased my first  car at Kearny Mesa Toyota because we are expanding our family and Ishmael was the nicest non pushy salesman. He took his time looking for exactly what we were looking for. Once he found the car he took us on a test drive and  explained every feature the car had  .  The manager Bilal was very kind and got me the best deal on our first car. I will definitely refer my friends and  family to Ishmael and Bilal!

Sana E. | 2014-03-27

Bought a 2013 Camry SE from KM Toyota back in September. I was a bit nervous about the whole process because I am a first time buyer. Bilal and Ishmael were both SUPER helpful and willing to work with me until I found the perfect car. After a day at the lot, tons of questions, some test drives and a bit of paperwork, I was the proud owner of my own car!

On a side note, I have gone in for services on other cars at other toyotas and have never been as pleased as I have been with the service at KM Toyota. Just got my 5k mile service done a few weeks ago and was in and out pretty quickly.

Shaista S. | 2014-03-27

My first time leasing a car, 2014 Toyota Camry from Kearny Mesa Toyota. I was extremely satisfied with their customer service. Bilal and Ishmael were very helpful and knowledgeable and helped me pick a car that was suitable to my needs. Also got a great deal on it. I would definitely recommend the dealership to family and friends so they can check out their great deals.

Ronald C. | 2014-03-27

This place did a wonderful job for me. They took care of me and made sure I got the truck I ask for. They went above and beyond to search for the specific truck and features I ask for. Ishmael did a wonderful job of contacting me when anything went wrong and Arturo also did a wonderful job when Ishmael wasn't there. Arturo made sure he got me the white truck I ask for. Bilal the manager also took care of me when I was waiting for hours by compensating me for my time and I like how he remember me the next day. I would come back here again for another car again any time.

Chris B. | 2014-03-26

This is my first time here at the Kearny Mesa Toyota Dealership/Service Department. When my girlfriend and I pulled into the car port, Rose was very nice and friendly. The bad service starts when she reads us the prices for the services. So for $220 they were going to do a 120k inspection, which is understandable because they have to inspect everything (hoping that they actually do). My gf's dad only wanted to do an oil change ($37.44) which is decent for an oil change, in my opinion. Depends on what type of oil they use. They also wanted to rotate her tires but 1) It's an easy job I could do at home 2) She also has free rotations at Costco. Toyota wanted to charge roughly $40 or so for a tire rotation. So they brought down the price from $220 to $175. (This happened before we contacted her father about which services he wanted to have done)

On the invoice it reads that the car was received at 9:46am and it's promised back at 11:30am. As we saw the car being taken, we saw it go to an empty lift where I thought it would be worked on right away. Here we are almost 2 hours later and still not done.

Since I was 16 I've known how to change oil (very basic) and do other minor vehicle services. Changing oil should be easy and fast. The hardest part about doing it on my own was probably having to jack it up, make sure the stands we're correctly placed and then having to squeeze under the car on the rolling dolly. At a service department you think an oil change/tire pressure check would be fast, but I guess it's a 2 hour job? Keep in mind, I saw the car pull into a lift port which implies it was ready to be worked on. Next time I'll just do my gf's oil change myself. Save some money and time. Very disappointed.

Also, on a side note, I own a 2014 Subaru WRX and I brought my car to its first oil change... Only took 30 minutes... And they gave my car a nice wash along with filling the tires with the correct nitrogen levels.

So when it comes to dealerships I feel like I can't trust them. I either have to bring it to a well known mechanic or just do it myself. Sorry Toyota for writing a bad review, but my first visit was just very disappointing.

I also forgot to add that we had an appointment at 9:45 but they marked us and categorized us as not having an appointment.

Mysterial S. | 2014-03-26

Always had a pleasant experience here getting my service dine.
The staff are very friendly and helpful...especially with notifying me about the recall and keeping me posted.
Patty known her a while since I've had my Toyota and even before just occasional bump intos at other places. She's wonderful and has great customer voice contact with customers.
Oscar is wonderful as well..he took care of my last pill change and gave me a a great deal with the coupons going out n all. Very friendly and insures the best customer service possible :-)
The only problem I had is about the shuttle's...the driver is very aggressive and not very chatty...I felt very uncomfortable during the ride...and the other thing I didn't think made sense was since I lived less than 5miles they couldn't pick me back up? :-( so had to take a wasn't to happy about that...but the service department did apologize so it is what it is....don't take the shuttle unless you have a ride back lol
Still love coming here...Very clean lounge area vending can sit outside so very nice accommodation :-)
Love Toyota!

Jaymi B. | 2014-03-21

Bought our car here over a year ago! Never had a single problem, they get us in whenever we need the car to be seen, as well as if we need any minor things fixed, they don't mind if we just stop by!
I would absolutely buy another car here, no questions asked!

Daniel R. | 2014-03-14

Service advisor was so mean, he didn't even answer my question,  he repeatedly said that you don't have the warranty . when I showed him my warranty he said your car problem is not under warranty... waited for 30 minutes then went to Poway Toyota which provides much better customer service...

Adrian And Jacob V. | 2014-03-12

I bought a new Rav4 with KMT a few months ago, and since then have had nothing but problems. I traded in a car, and they didn't mail the payment in for over a week, so I ended up having to make a car payment on a car I didn't even own anymore. The financial department didn't return several phone calls I made, and on four different occasions, I was told I'd be getting a call back within a few minutes. Now, months after buying the car, they've sent me a bill for an unexplained fee that is "46 days past due". There are plenty of other Toyota dealers in San Diego, and I wish I would have gone somewhere else.

Kimi B. | 2014-03-10

Jimmy is awesome! He worked with me for hours over a couple days. I felt No pressure unlike other dealerships that I've been too. Everyone involved in the purchase of my new car was great! Thank you KM Toyota!

Kristen T. | 2014-03-06

Consistently disappointed in the service department.  I purchased a vehicle from this dealership last year and the "free maintenance" plan was included in the purchase.  My rating is a 2 (instead of the 1 the service department deserves) because I had a great experience during the purchase portion of my interaction with KM Toyota.  Every experience since then has been a total disappointment.
On my first visit I was informed that this was more of a check-up and that my oil would not be changed.  I had an issue in the past with a different vehicle that the dealership and manufacturer (not KM Toyota) would not warranty because they said it was do to the "lack of oil changes", although I changed my oil at the recommended intervals of every 8,000 miles.  When I explained this, they told me I could get my oil changed, it was just going to cost me $50.00.  (Toyota also recommends oil changes at every 10,000 miles - instead of every 5,000 - so that's all they cover in their "free maintenance" plan)  Additionally, they asked if I wanted my "car washed".  I thought - how nice!  Yes, I would like my car washed.  After waiting over an hour and paying $50.00 for my "free maintenance" I received my car back...DRIPPING WET!  I had an infant with me that I had to reload as well as a stroller into my van that was dripping black dirt since all they did was hose it off, which dripped onto my clothing and my child.  The van looked better dirty!
I've since been back several times and am equally disappointed with each return visit.  The staff mechanics don't smile when smiled at and there are a BUNCH of people standing around while I wait for the ONE service guy to come out and fill in my paperwork.  Really, out of all these people, there's no one else capable of filling out my paperwork and getting this process started when I arrived on time for my appointment?!  Ridiculous!  
I've since paid $20.00 for another "free maintenance" and then another $50.00 - for oil changes....which makes me wonder....was I ripped off the two times I was charged $50.00 or did they just use crappy oil the time they charged me $20.00???  Does anyone there care?  I think not.
As soon as my "free maintenance" is up, I'll be headed elsewhere for service - that's for sure!

Joel Z. | 2014-03-01

I was looking for a Tundra TRD double cab, I went straight to Bilal at Kearney Mesa Toyota. He exceeded my expectations once again. Found the exact truck I was looking for and to top it off matched the price I wanted to pay. Great team over there, from sales to finance. I didn't feel pressure from anyone like one normally would at a car dealership. I highly recommend this dealership out of every other one in San Diego.

Starr F. | 2014-02-25

Many issues with the buying process here. Communication poor between sales and repair department. They acted like we should know how their system works. Vehicle is great but after 6 months and many phone calls we still don't have a title or current registration...

G B. | 2014-02-20

awesome purchase. would love to recommend it. staffs scott, hector and cyrus were very helpfull and just great service.

Albert H. | 2014-02-17

It's great to be able to find a location to have my Toyota serviced.  I appreciate the friendly and helpful staff employed here.  My service advisor was knowledgeable and not afraid to answer questions I was having with my car.  In addition, he was willing to add preventive measures to avoid having similar issues within the immediate future.  In the past times I came in for maintenance, my issues have been addressed and I haven't had problems arise from the visit itself.  Plus, the car wash offer is a nice addition.

Chris B. | 2014-02-15

During my 10000mi service I had kearny mesa toyota in san diego flip my tires so the white letters are in. After getting home and looking close at the wheels i noticed a circular scrape in the clear coat across some on the alloy spokes on all wheels about halfway in from the center, also they hammered the weights on so hard the clear coat is chipped off and one of the center caps was installed un even.
Well I called the next day and after a few messages and a bit of a run around to talk to the service manage Scott I told him what happened. He tried to say they will refinish them but I refused and said I want new wheels and a loner while they fix this issue.
I went to the dealer after work and Scott saw the damage, took pictures and quietly went to his office and ordered the new wheels. After the new wheels are installed I will be going to a different dealer for service.

Breda V. | 2014-02-01

Brian Gary was outstanding. He was patient, showed us the car that we wanted and drove to another dealership to bring the color that we wanted. There was no pressure to buy and he wanted us to be satisfied, not just to make a sale. We will be looking for him in the future when we need to buy another car."

Erica P. | 2014-01-29

Today had been really tough at work, I caught a bad cold (thanks Chun P...) then I get out of a meeting in North Park and I have a huge nail sticking out of my front passenger tire - and it's flat to the ground.

My colleague whisked out her phone to call AAA, even though I adamantly said 'I got this' while peeling off my blouse, setting to work in a camisole and dress slacks. After I had loosened the lugnuts, jacked up the car, took off the lugnuts and was wrestling with the tire, Alberto from AAA rolls up.  He was really friendly and complimented me on my handiwork.  "Most dudes don't even get anything started by the time I roll up! But you were pretty much finished!" he said with a grin.  

Alberto took some wet wipes out of his car, handed them my way and I decided to clean up and let him finish the work.   I loaded the tire, jack, in the back of the Prius, tipped Alberto and drove over to KM Toyota.

And when I got to KM Toyota - what can I say - Paul Correia saved the day AGAIN!
I rolled right up around closing time, but he motioned a co-worker over and said they'd take care of it right away.  Less than 15 minutes later I cruised out with my tire patched and ready to roll!  

What had been a pretty crappy day turned out pretty a-ok. Glad there's angels out there like Alberto and Paul helping to set the world right.

Karen H. | 2014-01-25

I have been very happy with KM Toyota, although I am relatively new there. Justin Nelson always takes great care that I understand what s wrong with my high mileage Prius (150,000 miles), and  that it is in much better shape than how I left it. He even assured me that they took it on a test-run when there were multiple things wrong, so I wouldn't have to bring it back right away. Most importantly, I have found him (and  the mechanics) to be HONEST and therefore financially reasonable. I don't mind paying a reasonable price for something that actually needs to be done. I have switched 100% to KM Toyota, and that says a lot for me, as I've never had that loyalty to any previous service center.

Alexander T. | 2014-01-15

Great service and great people!

Justin G. | 2013-12-13

These guys are really great, especially when compared to other Toyota dealerships I've done business with in LA. They don't try to force any unnecessary services on your car, and they charge less than the Toyota dealers in Simi Valley and North Hollywood.

I did dock one star because they are often extremely busy, and their prices aren't as competitive as other smaller auto shops. Then again, it can be very hard to find a trustworthy auto mechanic, so for me, their prices are worth not having to deal with any headaches.

If you do drop by for a service, try to see Ron. He's the man!

Aldrich H. | 2013-12-09

I bought my truck here back in 2000. I usually go here for.oil changes but it seems that in the years gone by, the customer service has deteriorated. I have an appt for an oil change here tomorrow but based on the other reviews I don't think ill be getting my vehicle serviced here anymore.

Typical scenario when you drive up to tje service dept.
Drive up. Wait around. Service advisors ignore you. Wait wait wait some more. 2 hour oil change. Hear your name on the intercom. Pay. Go outside and wait wait wait wait wait for someone to drive your car up. Waste your life!

Patrick M. | 2013-11-20

This dealership is great! Went in for a routine service and left my car with them to go to work within 2 hours they called to inform me my car was done. They make it really easy for you! I would recommend going here for all your Toyota needs.

Sandra V. | 2013-11-20

A special thank you to Case Culiver, the Manager at Kearney Mesa Toyota. AFter playing phone tag for couple of days we were finaly to solve the tire problem I had with my F150.  In this case, he was able to turn around a negative experience into a very good one. I'm happy with my truck & will consider them if I have the need for another car in the future.

Ephraim F. | 2013-11-18

This is the only place I go to to get my 2010 Prius serviced. They keep my car running perfectly. Maybe I can save $10 somewhere else, but here I feel confident that my car will run its best. Charlie is amazing! He tells me exactly what is going on with my car, what is going to be done, how much it will cost me; there are no surprises. When the job is done, I pick up a washed car and it is a pleasure to drive it.

Scutt P. | 2013-11-15

"Fraser Heaton was very helpful with finding the right vehicle for me. He took the time to find what was available with the specifications that I requested. He detailed the differences in models and pricing, giving me the opportunity to decide what I can afford.
Sales Mgr. Bilal M. was also helpful with finalizing the deal. He went above and beyond to get me an approval, as well as getting me a monthly payment that I could manage.
Overall, everyone made it a priority that I would be satisfied with my purchase and they have succeeded at that."

Brandon P. | 2013-11-14

Just bought a used car here from Chris Todal.  Great, easy shopping experience.  Finance guy at the end was pleasant and nice too.  I'd return.

Liz T. | 2013-11-10

So Kearny Mesa Toyota is saved due to some "out of the box" thinking from one of their employees. I had a scheduled, mind you, SCHEDULED, appointment to get a broken part replaced on my car. I had originally spoken to Oscar who set up an appointment, but had to reschedule due to the part wasn't in on time. We rescheduled again and Oscar ensured the corresponding part to my car was ordered and would be available when I came in for my appointment. Come the day of my appointment, I show up on time and get my car checked in. Oscar was very friendly and checked me in and I went to the customer lobby to use their free wi-fi and work on school work. About 10 minutes in, Oscar comes out with an apologetic look on his face. He said that unfortunately some other employee there had sold my part to another customer prior to my appointment so that piece was no longer there. He would have to order a new one and have me make another appointment. He told me he had already talked to upper management about it and was livid himself. Before we started discussing what would happen next, another employee (I don't know his name) came up and said "You know what? We have the same part for your car, just in other colors." I said if any of the colors were dark or preferably black, I would be totally fine with that. They went and checked and they brought the piece out for me to look at and it was metallic black. Perfect. They rushed it back outside and within 30 minutes, my part was on and I was good to go. The appointment ended up lasting 30 minutes shorter then I expected it to which was a plus. I appreciate all the trouble the employees (the ones who helped out at least) went through to get that other piece and use it. Shame on the employee who sold my part to someone else. Not very fair is it! Oscar was very sympathetic and kind throughout the whole thing, he was great to work with! He is a great employee and has been helpful from the beginning to the end. It also helped that this repair was free due to a recall on the piece. Thanks to Oscar and to the man who thought of using another piece!

Girish K. | 2013-11-02

This is the best place to get your car service . Really great people and awesome waiting area . Great coffee if you are waiting .
Ron watzek is the best service manager I have dealt with . I have got about 6 services done here and most of the time dealt with Ron . He is the person with integrity and does what he says .

I would never go any where else for service .

Linh T. | 2013-10-17

Been dealing with a lot crappy auto-shops to get my car done but this has got to be the ONLY place I feel safe dropping my car off for any service.

I rather pay a little more for excellent service than pay for cheap auto-shops and get knocked-off parts that they won't tell you about.

Service here is extremely fast. Always come in to get my oil change and they are usually done with it in half an hour. They also always do a service check on your car (for free!) to see what's wrong with it. The guy who took care of my transaction was EXTREMELY nice! Gave me a great deal on my oil change AND told me exactly what I needed to do with my car repairs (I needed new front brakes& tire change). Definitely check their website for online coupons for services like oil change or tire rotation, etc.

Will be coming back for my next oil change!

Martine R. | 2013-10-09

"Arturo was amazing. He spoke with my fiance for over two weeks trying to find the car that would suit our needs and in our price range. When we finally came in to meet with him, he answered every question and followed through. When I wanted to drive the car in only EV mode, he found the charger and had the car charged so that we could make sure that this was the right car for us. Thank you Arturo, you were amazing!"

Joe G. | 2013-09-27

I took my new Tacoma to Kearney Mesa Toyota for its service. They got me in and out in less time than expected, gave me great advice about maintaining my truck and even washed my vehicle! Truly exceptional!

Lucia O. | 2013-09-23

I rode along with a co-worker, who came to get her oil change/maintenance. I really did not expect anything to write home about, if I wasn't already born and raised in San Diego of course ;) However, to my surprise, this was actually an entertaining experience. I WISH I could remember the name of the gentleman who drives the shuttle. We got there in between departures, it seemed. My co-worker still had to "check-in" I guess. I asked him what time the next one came, he said about 15 minutes. We were sort of on a time crunch since we came on our 1 hour lunch break. He went out of his way to wait for us, even though he had someone else in the van already. THAT'S customer service. We got back to work with plenty of time to spare. THANKS GUY! :)

Cliffy D. | 2013-09-11

Who taught these sales people how to treat customers? I mean loud and slow and kinda rude. Saying there staff is unknowledgeable would be an understatement. We were told that we can bring in a down payment to hold a car for us we showed up and were told NO!!! No real explanation why just NO.  We were sitting at the sales reps . desk and he starts calling out for his lunch right in front of us like we were less important then his lunch. the only reason I gave a star is because the finance guy was awesome very clear, knowledgeable, friendly, and very well informed to answer all of questions and gave us a great deal.

Guy M. | 2013-09-09

Derrick Chung did not attend to any of my needs. Took my car said it would be ready in 30 mins. After I waited 45 minutes, they did not even have the right part. came back the next week when my part was in to wait another 2 hours to fix my car. terrible speed and terrible service

Rex A. | 2013-09-07

Called ahead to make sure they still had one of the advertised "three at this price" deals.  Yes, said the salesman, come on down and ask for me.  Got there and the car we wanted was indeed there at the very low advertised price.  A very smooth, low stress buying experience.  Four stars instead of five because:  (1) they couldn't find the car - drove all over to various lots before finally finding it; (2) the wait for the finance guy was inordinately long - didn't see the place swarming with car buyers ( did he go to lunch?).

Trish S. | 2013-08-28

Just to update the Kearney Mesa Toyota review:

Sent a letter to the GM @ KMT.  1 full week later, not a peep.  No contact, no interest in what occurred, no attempt to improve it's image.

Business must be really good for KT to continue to rack up single star yelps and not care.

BTW, Toyota of Carlsbad & Omar = Awesome!  Just drove home in the new Prius.  Better pricE  and 2.5 times more for my trade-in.  

If you want a Toyota, go to Carlsbad.

Ju L. | 2013-08-27

This dealership has done a great job at providing the service that I need.

I have had issues while taking my 03 prius to other dealerships and shops, yet haven't had those issues on KMT.

I just noticed this in my profile, supposedly posted by me last month. I did no such thing. I don't know if that's some Yelp shadiness or someone hacked my account just to write a generic, not particularly enticing review, but either way, I've decided to post what I really think of Kearny Mesa Toyota (because PS: I would never say KMT).

They know Prius's better than other dealerships and mechanics I've been to, this is true. And you pay a premium for that knowledge. I've never been particularly impressed with the service or quality of work done. The fact that I've never found anywhere better is why I keep going there, which is a sad reason. Half the time I don't think they even do the work they say they do. For instance, how did I wear down one tire in less than a year from wear if they were supposedly rotating them like we asked them to every time we brought it in?

They are good about giving us free rental cars if they have to keep our car overnight. Which is unfortunately often because they seem to be at max capacity every time we bring the car in, even though we always make an appointment. My real qualms are with the car in general, which has had a lot of problems. And of course, they all  started the month after my 7 year warranty expired (the radiator died a month after, no joke).

I would probably rate them 3 stars overall because the staff has always been pleasant enough to work with, but I'm really ticked off about the phantom review. Grr!

Janet P. | 2013-08-19

All I can say is the other reviews are spot on!

My husband and I stopped in to look at some new trucks. First off why are there no trucks on the lot? Second - why can't the sales guys find their trucks?

We were greeted with "What are you looking for?" No "Hi" no introduction and he ran around to all their lots looking for a truck that he had the key too but could never find it.

As he was looking we called another dealership to see if they had the truck we were looking for, as the sales guy came up to us and could hear we were on the phone with another dealership he announced to watch out for us as we will stab you in the back by calling another dealership and walked away from us. His departure was just as rude as his introduction or lack thereof.
That was it and the LAST time I will EVER step foot in this piss poor excuse of a dealership. I'm surprised they sell any cars and the owners should be embarrassed of their sales people and the service.

One star only because I had to!

Dok S. | 2013-08-14

Charles the service adviser suxs he rather go on his 15 min break rather then helping out at customer first....

Jennifer D. | 2013-08-14

I have had my car serviced here (just the scheduled maintenance) for more than 2 years. All of the service advisors I have dealt with were very nice and the service area is very clean. Some of the cashiers have been lacking a personality, there have been a couple of girls that act like you are bugging them and they would rather be playing on their cell phones. My main complaint about getting my car serviced here is that it always takes forever to check in. I always make appointments and it still takes anywhere from 20-40 minutes to just check in.  Once I was the only car waiting and it still took 20 minutes for someone to help me. Now that I am out of free maintenance visits I will be trying other places to get my car serviced.

Martin U. | 2013-08-11

Very skeptical to come in after reading all the horrible reviews. But my appointment was already made. Arrived on time 8:15. Service lady greeted me ( Quan) walked me through paperwork. She told me the oil change would take between 1-1.5 hours (according to the reviews I was thinking at least 2 hours) so I started timing it. Quan walked me to the waiting area where i got free coffee and wi fi. They called my name on the intercom (I thought, impossible!) Checked my watch 43 min 16 sec. Will come back

kiran k. | 2013-08-10

You have many other Toyota dealers to choose from in San Diego, my advise, try another dealership.  The staff lacks direction or accountability.  Will not service my car here again after my second disappointing service appointment.  The first time I was there I actually called the IT people on the number listed to connect to the WIFI because it wasn't working.  After being told by the 12 year old at the front desk she had no idea how to fix it and the manger said the same.  Fixed their WIFI for them, they should pay me right?
My second appointment I phoned the parts department to make sure they had the key I needed so I could then pay a lot of money for it and pay for it to be  programmed.  So I check in, tell the service person, they have the key in parts, I already called and it has my name on it.
I wait for 45 minutes, they call me to pay and say it will be no charge.  Excuse me?  They have to order your key.  So I went to my service advisor and told him "can you see the absurdity in this?"  I waited 45 minutes for them to tell me they ordered a key.  I was not happy and told him so.
They then found my key, programed it in less then 20 minutes and charged me $99 in labor, which he said was a discount due to the inconvenience.  

Just go somewhere else, you have a choice.

Jacob M. | 2013-08-04

My worst Certified used car experience ever! The car was delivered to my with out detail and with the bumper repainted in same color but different tone. so far, my car is been there for 9 days to get the bumper properly painted!

Apparently, today on a Saturday, I am informed that my car is ready.

No loaner car offered, no updates in my  car progress, no shuttle service  to pick me up so I can take my car back.

Take your business some were else!

D W. | 2013-07-31

Suggestion - Try Mossy Toyota instead!

I bought a new Toyota Rav from Keany Mesa Toyota.  Today I called about bringing it in for regular service as part of the Toyota maintenance coverage as Ive done in the past.   They said they might need to keep it overnight.  No Problem.  

I asked if I could get a loaner until tomorrow.  They said "sorry - loaners are reserved for customers spending $300 or more when they come in for service.  But you can go rent one."    No thanks.    Id rather go to another Toyota dealership.    That's where I'm writing this from now.  

Memo to This Dealership - I bought a new vehicle from you.  Doesn't that at least give me equal status with someone spending $300 in service?

Alli G. | 2013-07-22

Received a "robo-call" from their service manager, Scott Buckner today.
Since I used to come here all the time for oil changes and a little more, it's time to review this place.

First of all, they raised their oil change price from $30 to about $79 - WTH? We found a nice little tune craft that does oil changes for $28 and are very happy with them.
Second, a robo-call? Is that how much your customers mean to you? Poor marketing ideas.
Third, many times I have rolled up to the service garage and waiting a good 5-10 minutes before anyone came up to me.

Those three issues lose KMT 3 stars.
I do give one star because I used the same service advisor evertime and he is stellar.
I give a second star because I have never had to wait more than 2 hrs for my car.

But their outrageous pricing model now keeps me far, far away.

Em E. | 2013-07-16

Kearney Mesa Toyota always takes the best care of me and my Camry. I love the staff dearly! I recommend service here. The technicians are amazing the facilities are beautiful and it's the best service I've come across. I Highly recommend Kearny Mesa Toyota.

Amanda C. | 2013-07-14

They were able to service my car within 1.5 hours, but I felt a definite lack of direction from the workers. When I first drove up and parked my car, no one came out of their offices to greet me or explain to me the process of how it would work. I stood by my car awkwardly until I had to flag one of the technicians down and ask him to find someone to assist me. The offices have clear glass doors... the workers can all see when someone drives up, they just chose not to assist me. Eventually someone came out and took down some information, but then he just continued to look inside my car, look around at something, look at the technicians.

I eventually said "Do you want me to wait in your lounge area while you guys work on the vehicle, sign something, or would you prefer I stand here and stare at you awkwardly some more?" The man looked surprised that I was even there, then realized he was supposed to ask me to sign consent forms, and had me sign them then. It's just frustrating how little assistance and information he offered.  

Their lounge area doesn't appear to have any outlets for people to work, there is a TV, and plenty of chairs. There's only a couple low tables, so nothing to help prop a laptop on. There's a cool coffee/hot chocolate dispenser, so I drank a lot of free coffee while waiting. They announce on speakers when your car is finished and you go to the cashier to pick up your car keys. But wait, they don't explain to you where exactly to get your car, they just say "Go wait outside and someone will drive your car up."

That's a lie. No one just drives your car up. I sat there for a good 5 minutes, before flagging down another technician and explaining that I was told my car would be here. He wrote down the service number on my paper and then asked someone on a walkie talkie to bring my car over.

If you are getting your car serviced here, make sure when you pick up your vehicle, let someone know which car you are waiting for and the technicians outside will get the car to you. Anyone in a suit or slacks and dress shirt will be unhelpful to you.

Customer Service: 2/10

Chris M. | 2013-06-25

This is a follow up to my last Review.. I bought a used car here and after bringing my vehicle back for the 3rd TIME, The brakes finally stopped squeaking!! No to mention when I picked up after the 3rd Visit, There was 80miles put on my vehicle and over Half a take of gas gone!! That really sucks when gas is $4.10 a gallon!! I find out they bring the cars that need repair to some auto shop in National City.... Sounds kind of ghetto for a repair shop to bring a customers car to another repair shop!! KM Toyota Ill NEVER BUY FROM YOU AGAIN!!

Tabby L. | 2013-05-22

2 hours for an oil change which is unacceptable.  I booked an appointment or else they would just turn you away.  Won't come back for anything.

Jason T. | 2013-05-04

Horrible experience a few Saturdays ago. I bought the car here and will never go back. I pull up at 10 a.m. And the guy hesitates and tells me 2 hours for a oil change. Honda down the street has a quick lube. But what ever- I say ok. The next guy comes up and tells me it will take 20 minutes to just write me up. This dealership expects you to work around their schedule. Life is busy and they should work around my schedule. Went to another Toyota dealership (see review) The other dealership pulled up a recall that Kerney Mesa Toyota missed.

Carolyn E. | 2013-04-17

I really appreciate the professionalism and courtesy I received at Kearny Mesa Toyota. The service manager was very courteous and said that my oil change was free because it was past the estimated completion time.  I think it was maybe 20 minutes past but no biggee to me, but so awesome that Toyota wanted to take care of their customers, even just for an oil change.  I usually hesitate to go to the dealer because of past appointments that left me feeling taken advantage of.  Not here!  I will be back and I already told my husband not to bring his Toyota anywhere but here because of the value and customer service. (Bonus, you get a free oil change after your 3rd, ask for the card!

Amee C. | 2013-04-13

ZERO SCORE! Gross negligence. We took our Toyota Camry for break service. Staff failed to replace one of the bolts and my husband had a close call on the freeway. It was one hour prior to closing and there was only one person at Service to help us out - everyone else have gone home for the day. My husband made it to the shop just minutes before closing time. Thank you Mr. Derek Chung for staying till closing time for your customers. Our car had to towed and Mr. Chung gave us a rental. So, they repaired it the next day but I had to pay for the cost of the repair, the least they could have done is not to bill us, as a token of an apology. To date, We have not received a call from the manager for service. I would have rated this as a ZERO.... But Mr. Chung saved the day so they get one star.

Vera M. | 2013-04-08

I'm a newbie to this location.
Came here to get my Scion TC for it's 15k check and oil change. Place was easy to find, off the freeway with a visible entrance way. Pulled into the garage and a gentleman walked next to my car and told me he will be right with me after he get helps the man ahead of me check in. I sat down on the bench (also a shuttle stop). Minutes later the same gentleman came back and asked if I had an appointment (and yes,i did), other info and also the keys to my car to check the mileage.

Being that I was new to the location, I was then directed to a little glass booth, where a lady asked me a series of questions regarding my car and verifying information that the gentleman took down. After that, I walked to the lounge area.

The lounge area was easy to spot, at the end of the hall/exit. I decided to wait. There are vending machines, open, space, plenty of seats (but a lot were occupied), tables, TV, newspapers and magazines. Oil Change took about an hour and then I heard my name over the intercom to finish up at the cashier. Got my receipt and went back into the garage and saw my car waiting for me.

I am overall happy with the customer service, easy and quick. Thanks!

Arlene P. | 2013-03-19

Service today was even better than last time.

Charlie Bethon was great! Service was courteous, friendly, thoughtful and timely. he made sure everything went smoothly and they just have a great team there!

I got what I went there for, nothing more and nothing less. This place is no fuss no muss for Toyota service.

...and they have free coffee while you wait :)

Scott P. | 2013-03-08

Service experience represents the brand. Quick, efficient, and no surprises.

I have had my Toyota since 2006 and have been bringing it here for every service since. The people are extremely helpful. Right when you pull up to the service drive, someone is there to help you and get you in and out of there in a timely manner so you can get back to your day. There is never any surprises. If they say you are going to get it back the next day, you can be confident that the next day it will be ready at the designated time.

All in all, I have nothing bad to say about this place. They make the inconvenience of a necessary service trip as convenient and painless as possible. Almost 7 years later and my truck still runs like the day I bought it with zero problems in between. I owe that to the crew at this joint.

Kevin G. | 2013-03-05

This place SUCKS!!!!! Scam Artist worst customer service!!!!  They told me I needed a new water pump when I jst had it done!!  SCAM ARTIST!!!!

Tony H. | 2013-03-04

I wish I can put no stars because there service department sucks! There customer service sucks. They obviously don't care about your safety using an excuse of "that's normal wear and tear" when they sell you a used car. Supposedly they replace the brakes. Ahah they are so full of shit it's ridiculous. Never again would anyone I know or don't know should purchase anything from them. Even there lame ass manager Nate, mike, Charles.. All full of shit best run around stories I've heard. An they all talk about how Penske is # 2 in the nation yea for robbing there customer. All they want is ur money and to waste ur time beware!!!

Pegah M. | 2013-02-23

So here is my story. I have a 2005 toyota corolla and I came to the dealership for the service b/c of the warranty reasons. Once my warranty was done, I asked them if they'd match the price of local shops because I feel like it's ridiculous to pay 79 dollars for an oil change. They said no. I took my business to a reputable shop but decided that for my major services I'd go to the dealership. So the person who helped me to get checked in was extremly nice and polite. Once my service was done, I saw that there were no recommendations. I knew my tires were balding and I was surprised that the technicians hadn't checked that off as a recommendation to get replaced. When I brought it up, instead of telling the truth and admitting to their faults the person who was helping me was like oh no your tires are fine. He event went and got the tire measurement device and was holding it to where it didn't push down all the way. He then said see ya our tires are fine. The same "nice" guy gave me a tire measurement device and when I went home and did the test, it was in yellow/red. I knew my tires were balding. I took my car to costco, discount tire, and a family friend who is an expert in cars and all said my tires were balding and needed to change. I won't be bringing my car to toyota anymore, even for my major services. No wonder why they keep getting sued. Shame on kearny mesa toyota for not keeping people safe on the road.

Michelle H. | 2013-02-08

This review is for the Service Dept only.  Was referred here by my co-worker.  He rather drive further to this location because he says the staff here are better.  I agree. Eric Benstead (service dept) has always been courteous & helpful the 2 times I brought my car in. He suggests services (which is often pricey at dealerships), but is never too pushy if I say no.  I get a free car wash (although not thorough) each time I bring my car in---which is good---cuz I rarely wash my car anyway.   Plus, Eric honors all oil change coupons so I always grab a $19.99 oil change coupon each time I need an oil change.  They even gave me a loaner car so I can drive back to work while my car was being worked on.  Great, friendly, non-pushy service.  Awesome!

Kimmy B. | 2013-01-17

They are not the best when it comes to Guest Service and Happy attitudes. I come here because it is near my home. I wish I lived near the Poway one..

I come here, get checked in and I feel like I'm just another customer driving through. Awesome. "Hi do you have an appointment?" Uh. Hello, I'm great, lovely day, yes, I do have an appointment. They write a few things down, all while not saying another word to me, then I follow the check-in person to the office of the Service Rep.

You know, I'm all about the service and the experience. You can obviously see that I come here for majority of my services. Clearly, that doesn't matter.

Eh. Long story super short. Centrally located. That's nice.

Stefan N. | 2013-01-11

I will definitely avoid using this place in the future at all costs.  The supposed Toyota Care here seems very fake.  It's more of a corporate line, corporate speak, than them really caring about the customer or what the customer thinks.

The service advisors are condescending and unreliable, often appear to be too busy to acknowledge customers.  Same goes for higher-level managers.

The cashiers are awful.  They are arrogant and don't seem to care much about their jobs.  They snap back to their customers with responses to even simple questions.

No one seems to take accountability at this place.

I don't know if this is just with Kearny Mesa Toyota or with the whole Penske Group, but I would definitely seek another dealer to take my 2012 Prius to.  I loaded up on Extra Care service and maintenance to warranty the car to 100k and to pay ahead for maintenance to 75k, but now I regret my decision.

If the service at another Toyota dealership in Southern California does not improve on this, I would seriously think about dumping my Prius and buy another brand.  Life is too short to put up with so-called faked Toyota Care.

Cathy L. | 2012-12-17

Not much needs to be said other than I LOVE my truck, I got exceptional customer service and I will recommend Kearny Mesa Toyota to anyone.
I took my sister a week ago and she just got herself a new car too.

Thank you Frank and Ricco!!!!!!!!!!!

Brigette Z. | 2012-12-01

Great experience buying a Certified Pre-Owned Toyota from Peter ... he was very helpful and willing to make the deal happen, even with a trade-in and giving us an excellent interest rate. We all ended up happy in the negotiations, so we salute Peter for that.

David, the finance guy, was probably the funniest and nicest person we've dealt with anywhere in the past couple of years ... just a really great guy, especially considering that the paperwork is such a pain. He made it painless!

When we had a question about the alarm the next day, Service Superman Kevin fixed the issue while we waited in line and with a big smile.

The only downer was the grumpy parts guy, but he can't cause me to take this review down a star.

Bravo, Peter, David, and Kevin ... you're all doing a great job and KM Toyota is lucky to have you. Thanks again!

Jennifer V. | 2012-11-30

Brought my car in today for another check-up because the brakes are still squeaking even though they were replaced about 6 months ago. (I had them check it the first time about a month after the replacement for the squeaking problem and they said that the brakes were probably just "wearing-in". I think the "wearing in" period has ended...)

I was assisted about a minute after I parked in the garage. A lot faster than last time! It's a hit or miss when it comes to customer service. Sometimes they are like "How can I help you? :D" and other times they give you the go-die-somewhere look if you're trying to ask a question. The service advisor I got today was cheery, but I couldn't help but think I was being screwed over. The brake check was going to be free, but he recommended a 120,000 mile maintenance. It's true my car does need maintenance done to it according to the owner's manual. At first the price that came up on the screen was $800+, but he ended up going down to $540 for the timing belt, drive belt, and crank seal replacement.

At the time I was thinking this is a pretty good deal since the timing belt and crank seal are a tight squeeze to reach if I were to do all this myself (I'm currently an auto mechanic student. I'm not all that good with cars yet, so I don't want to do it myself and risk messing up the timing. D:). Now that I think about it he probably only cut the costs on the labor because all those parts are around the same area and I am dumb enough not to have the water pump replaced just because they say it's still "good". (The water pump is in easy reach when they take the timing belt off. It'll be like paying double the labor if the water pump breaks before the next timing belt change and I have to pay $400+ in labor again to have them replace just the pump...). Let's see if the water pump will hold until 180,000miles :D...crud...

Oh, by the way, apparently nothing is wrong with the brakes even though they are squeaking. I'm hoping they're honest about this because if my brakes were to suddenly give while I'm going 80mph on the highway, I will not be very happy is an understatement. :/

The mechanic noticed some leaking from both the front and rear valve cover gaskets while making the other replacements. This was originally a $700+ job just to replace the two $20 a-piece gaskets. What the heck?! But he is giving me a special price of $600. :D Somehow I still think I'm getting screwed over...-___- I'll probably replace the gaskets myself (that is if I even find a leak!).

They get two stars for at least faking the smiles and the clean waiting area with free coffee :]

Blanca P. | 2012-11-17

Made an appointment for anthe oil change online but when we arrived we were told they couldnt find us. Took waaaay too long for a simple oil change and customer service wasn't very good. We left and throughout the following week noticed oil was leaking from the car. They forgot to put a plug back on! Had to drive it back and have them fix it. Not going back for anything else!

Mike B. | 2012-11-12

I was happy with my recent experience with Paul C. at Kearny Mesa Toyota.  With all that is going on at the shop there can be times when things accidentally get overlooked which happened to me regarding some outstanding service items I needed taken care of.  

When I met with the service manager, Scott, he assured me Paul would take care of me.  Within 24 hours Paul had followed up and provided great customer service and ultimately my Toyota Corrolla was fixed and taken care of.  I'm thankful and happy to recommend Scott and Paul.

Gayle R. | 2012-11-11

It's a done deal; thanks Frasier & David. Unlike past experiences this deal was painless!  Love my new ride:)

Amiee L. | 2012-11-09

Have you ever shopped for a car before, where the salesman tried to talk you out of buying anything????  Me neither, until yesterday.

I'm in the market to buy a car within the next couple of weeks, and have been exploring my options for subcompact vehicles, so went to Kearney Mesa last night after work to look into the Toyota Yaris.

When we arrive, the salesman comes out to greet us, some mid-thirties asian dude, who could not have been more dis-interested in helping us out. He didn't shake our hand, he didn't introduce himself, nothing.  So, I tell him the type of car I'm looking for and he takes me to the oldest (2012), most basic model (didn't even have power windows), they have on the lot, opens the trunk, then walks away and leaves us in the car by ouselves.  When I told him I didn't want a car that didn't have power windows, instead of showing me one that did, he said, "Why would you want to buy a Yaris anyway?"  WHAT?  WHAAATTTTT?  ARE YOU KIDDING ME???????  Realizing that I was not going to find out anything about the Yaris at this lot, we decided to see if there was anything else for us here.

As we walked on the lot, we had also seen a sign for a scion IQ, another subcompact, that I just heard about for the first time that day.  I told him I would like to see one of those as well, so he takes me to the lobby of what I assume is the Scion side of the dealership, and without another word, without finding a salesman on that side to help me, leaves me there.  We waited around for 10 minutes and then walked the lot ourselves to see if we could find an IQ, never found one, so left.

The entire time I was there, I was never told one fact about the cars; not the horsepower, or the gas mileage, not even the price!  The salesman literally said nothing except to scoff that I would look for a Yaris (if I were him, I would've at least tried an upsale to a corrolla or something, for gosh sakes, ANYTHING!).  Anyways, we left there and immediately went to Toyota of San Diego off Mission Gorge, where we told the salesman there what had happened and had a nice laugh about it. I buy a new car every four years and Kearney Mesa Toyota just lost any opportunity to ever see any of my business.  Suck it Kearney Mesa Toyota, wait, you already do!

A D. | 2012-11-08

I just purchased my very first Prius here and this was the easiest experience purchasing a car I've ever had (this is my 4th car that I've bought).  I was helped by Bilal who is the nicest, most helpful, and knowledgeable salesperson I've met.  He made sure I got the best model for my needs, down to the color and all.  I was allowed to test drive the car wherever and however long I wanted.  The rest of team (Ali and Nate) made sure I have a payment I'm comfortable with.  I'm super happy with my car and have told all of my friends and family to come here if they are interested in a Toyota.  Definitely ask for Bilal ("B")!

Steven W. | 2012-10-31

I was looking for a good dealership to take my new Toyota to in order to get it serviced. I was so extremely pleased with my experience. It started with excellent service from Charles A who ended up sending me to work with Patty B. incredible service and care. I have found my dealership to do all of my future business with. I love Kearny Mesa Toyota. Patty B is an incrediblly hard worker with a real passion for taking care of the customer. Thank you Patty.

Elmer A. | 2012-10-28

I have been going to this Toyota since 1997 servicing three vehicles from my 1994 Toyota Pick Up to my 1999 4Runner to my 2008 Prius.

The service here was really good at my last visit.  Patty Brown was my service advisor during my last visit.  She greeted me with smile and help with my vehicle.

During the week, the service center opens at 7:00 AM.  The first shuttle leaves at 7:30 AM.  Ali does a wonderful job as a shuttle driver every morning.  He is really friendly and gets people to their destination in an efficient and safe fashion.

Patty called during the day to tell me what is needed for my vehicle.  She was very friendly.

The only minus was that toke it about 20 minutes to get my car from when I paid at the cashier and I was only person waiting for a vehicle.

I attribute the logetivity of my 1994 P-Up and 1999 4Runner because of thier attention to detail and honest work.

Brittany M. | 2012-10-24

good customer service but technicians are terrible. my friend that works at lexus next door has to double check their work and finds a mess.

Theresa T. | 2012-10-22

As the proud owner of a Kearny Mesa Toyota 2010 Corolla, I am always looking to maintain my car's sporty, classy, clean look. Upon my boyfriends advice, I inquired about the dealer's detailing services and was infromed that the Complete Detail package (full interior and exterior detail- trunk included!!- claybar wax and wash) all for $150.00, + 1 day rental. I am very happy with the outcome. The car is spotless, smells clean and is shinning like I've never seen it shine before! We noticed a little area where some residual wax may have been left and my service tech, Paul C., immediately asked to take it back for some "magic juice;" it worked. I recall the car looking great when I became her owner, but I've fallen in love all over again; such a great job Toyota! Thank you, Paul C. for all your assistance coordinating this and thank you for your consistant attention to detail; you've made another Toyota customer very happy!

Dominic C. | 2012-10-21

Bought my first car today and Bilal couldn't have been any more helpful. Definitely made the experience more enjoyable and I am now an owner of a 2012 Toyota Camry! Got to Kearny Mesa Toyota they'll take care of you

Diana S. | 2012-10-20

I came in ths morning to get my car serviced. Though I did make a scheduled appt. via online and on the phone, I wasn't on their appt list.I was still able to get my car serviced on time though which made my day. Paul C. was my service advisor who took great care of me and my car. Since my Xd is a very rare wheel size, and quite pricey, he gave me a discounted price for alignment since I had no other wheel choice to choose from.

Jameela P. | 2012-10-13

Seems like th Service Dept. might be hit or miss, but the Sales team at Kearny Mesa Toyota is awesome! They had me in and out in less than 2 hours to do my transaction and there were no theatrical car sales moments between the Sales guy and Finance guy.  Bottom line is that Howard Sheehy (internet sales), Brian Geary (sales guy), and Darrel Calloway (sales guy) all know how to sell a car without the drama that usually happens when dealing with a dealership.  I contacted several dealers and visited a few dealerships (including Kearny Mesa), before deciding to purchase through Kearny Mesa.  Howard was consistent in his contact with me via email and eventually was able to offer me the fantastic advertised price (they only have certain cars that come up in this pool during the month). Brian took me for a test drive and was very knowledgeable and not at all pushy. Darrel took care of me once I decided to purchase based on the price Howard quoted. Darrel was one of the most professional car sales men I've ever dealt with.  He was focused on getting my deal squared away and me in and out with my new car without any hassles.  The finance guy was pretty great as well.  He did not try to linger and push upsell products I did not want.  Everything was on the up and up and he was amazingly fast in processing the paperwork.  I've purchased 6 cars in my life and the Kearny Mesa folks are truly a notch above the rest.  If you are in the market for a new Toyota, you should definitely check out this dealership.  Contact Howard before you go in to get an idea of your options and pricing.

Bless B. | 2012-10-09

Robin Tabana was the salesperson who helped me in my buying process.  He was excellent.  Answered all my questions and did not put any pressure at all to complete the process.  I highly recommend Kearny Mesa Toyota and Robin Tabana for a comfortable and easygoing purchasing process.

Danielle S. | 2012-10-03

I recently wrote about the service department Oscar.  Still great but I also need to do a "shout out" to the detailers and the Ally from the rental car center.  The detailers are miracle workers.  They regularly take my very messy/dirty Sienna and make it sparkle inside and out.

I also want to commend Ally for the rental car center.  Recently there was a snafu with a rental car, he could not have been more helpful and accommodating.  Definitely into customer service and keeping clients happy

M Q. | 2012-09-28

Making the appointment is easy online and very convenient for me. Only took my car in for an oil change so the waiting wasn't that bad, at least what I needed to be do was done and plus the service was good.

Nancy S. | 2012-09-27

Kearny Mesa Toyota really saved my day.

Yesterday evening, my car battery started dying. I was able to get it charged enough where I thought I could take my kids to school, today. However, as I started down the road, it became abundantly clear that I wasn't going to make it. I made a bee line to the dealership. I dug in my glove compartment and looked for the receipt of my last visit to Kearny Mesa Toyota (last year). I kept it, because the service guy I dealt with (Oscar A.) was so nice and personable. I keyed in the address to my GPS and struggled to make it.

When I arrived, I was agitated. The first thoughts that ran through my head were, "My entire day is shot! No matter what's wrong with it, the car won't be ready until this evening (sigh)." However, I was greeted with a smile by one of the service techs and asked for Oscar. Thankfully, he still works there. Yay for me! 2 hours later, my car was fixed, washed and I was out of the door! I couldn't believe it. My battery needed replacing. Thankfully, it wasn't an electrical issue.

I won't go any place else. My husband encourages me to try our neighborhood mechanics. No thanks! I'll stick with Kearny Mesa. The building is always clean. The techs are always polite. The work is guaranteed, with parts made especially for my car, and the pricing is worth the quality.

I will definitely be going back.

Susie M. | 2012-09-25

Even though I bought my 4Runner at the Escondido dealership, I take my car to Kearny Mesa Toyota. At first it was because it was closer to work, but now, I realize that I get the best service and I really like my service advisor Derrick Chung. He is always professional, provides me with excellent customer service, calls me back when he tells me, my car is always ready by the time he said it will be and quite frankly, I just enjoy my experience there. No one likes to take their car in to get serviced, but while I wait, I know that my car is in great hands.

Selena H. | 2012-09-21

I came to Kearny Mesa Toyota for the past 4 years.  I've never had a problem with their service and I'm very pleased with my current service advisor Paul C.  He has always been attentive to my car and is informative to what my car needs.  Thank you so much!

Lisa S. | 2012-09-18

Kathleen Farris is the absolute best service adviser I would never take my car anyone or anywhere else. She is honest, knowledgeable and personable. I always feel at ease when taking my car to Kearny Mesa Toyota.

As for the dealership it's always clean the staff is friendly and helpful. They have a nice waiting area to wait for your car or you can wander the building to look at new car or accessories. Overall great experience.

Jon B. | 2012-09-13

I think most people (like I used to be) are leery of dealerships because there's a sense of being "just another $" in their pocket and not getting personal service like you think you would at a small business.  I was so pleasantly surprised last week when I brought my Scion to the toyota dealership.  Derrick, who helped me out, was so incredibly friendly, accomodating, and professional.  They were honest with me about what I did (and didn't) need, helped me right away, and were really affordable.  Some of the services there are cheaper than at your local mechanic.  Also a bonus: a car wash whenever you have your vehicle serviced there! Which is really nice when you don't have time to get it done yourself.  I will definitely be back the next time I need a repair or oil change. They took great care of me, were personal, honest, and accomodating.

Miss Maggie C. | 2012-09-11

I am long overdue to share my experiences with Kearny Mesa Toyota and
I have had nothing but great customer service and honesty since I
purchased my car in 2006.  Service advisor Paul C really takes the
time to explain to you how your car is doing and what steps need to be
done to maintain the car.  He really shows he cares and he gives
accurate estimates and completion time.  I am never hassled to buy
extra things or do extra services.  The work here is honest and I
attribute my car's health to Kearny Mesa Toyota.  Thank you Paul C for
always giving me your attention and service when I come in and taking
care of my car.

Alicia K. | 2012-09-07

Being a female, I feel like most repair and maintenance facilities typically don't think I know a thing about my vehicle or its needs, so I like to test them to see if they'll give it to me straight or take advantage of the situation and try to sell me on a bunch of stuff I really don't need. Kearny Mesa Toyota passed with flying colors. I spoke with a guy by the name of Oscar A and I was EXTREAMLY impressed by his professionalism and customer service. Reasonable rates, and they even gave me a discount when I questioned one of the services they were providing on my vehicle. Needless to say, I'm impressed.

Mike C. | 2012-09-05

The service department listen and solve issues. The service manager does his job and is looking for the relationship. I'm glad these guys are close to my home.

Paul service rep is good too!

d h. | 2012-08-30

These guys are so cheap.  I went in for a recall service and since it's free, they refused to wash my car.  Gave me some bogus excuse as if I didn't know the real reason.  They were friendly and did apologize but that's still cheap cheap cheap.

It's so obvious that all the cars on the EXIT side of the service lane are all clean except mine.

Sara S. | 2012-08-25

Service dept: the only thing that makes me happy about my experience is that I didn't have to pay this company as I brought my car in for a recall repair. The first time I tried  have my car fixed, I waited 3 hours to be told the part wasn't available and that the only way they could tell which part was  needed was by looking at my car. I left and came back several weeks later when I was informed the part was ready. I called and left a message with Ron, who never called me back. I called in the day I wanted my appointment and was told Ron had scheduled one. Interestingly they had no time and no one had told me about it. When you are going to lie, be better at it than that. The person I talked to on the phone told me that the "special" part my car needed was in and the reason it was sospecial was because my car is a manual, something they could have asked me in the phone the first time I came in instead of making me come in and wait 3 hours for nothing. Now I sit waiting for my car again and when I attempted to talk to the service person to see how long it would be, he wouldn't even make eye contact.

Take  your money somewhere else, anywhere else.

Ghazala B. | 2012-08-24

Like someone else mentioned, people don't write reviews when everything goes right.
Erick is great! I know nothing about cars. Told him I was pushing harder than I thought was normal on my breaks, and that my electrical outlets weren't working. In less than an hour my car was done. Not to mention they washed it too. They also told me that it was my cheap phone charger that was causing the fuse to blow in my car. I'm sure other places wouldn't have let me know that. I'm so happy with their service :)

Brittany F. | 2012-08-21

I bought my car from Toyota Of Kearny Mesa on Sunday. Less then two hours after I bought the car, someone broke into the vehicle and took all of my personal items. I came into Kearny Mesa and they helped me out so much. My car wsan't even going to be fixed in their shop, they provided me with a rental car, and great reasurance that everything was going to be okay.

Johnny D. | 2012-07-24

I am currently in the process of purchasing a Scion FR-S here.

Rich Manas is quite possibly the best and most informed car salesman I have ever met and I am related to quite a few. I have never been to a car dealership and known less about the car I wanted to buy until I met Rich. The guy is a real gearhead and is the kind of person EVERY car salesman should aspire to be. I will recommend him to every single person that ever asks me about a Scion. He kept me informed about my place in line, my options, time frames, etc. before I ever even put down a deposit. The dude is on point and his thoroughness coupled with the no-haggle pricing of Scion vehicles is a killer combination. Don't bother buying a BRZ if you live in San Diego, just go straight to KM Scion and buy an FR-S from Rich.

clarissa t. | 2012-07-22

So far this has been the exact nightmare I was worried it could be if I took my car to a dealership.  I sure wish I would have seen the yelp reviews PRIOR to taking in my car...

I came in to have the following items fixed:

1- Check engine light.
       I had a scan ran on the car that showed a P0138 O2 Sensor Circuit High Voltage  (Bank 1, Sensor 1).

2- Moon roof would get stuck when I tried to close it

3- Check tire pressure - the notification light was on

I brought my car to the dealer because I have an extended warranty with a $200 deductible and figured they would be just the place to charge a ton of money fixing any and everything that my car needed, therefore getting me the most out of my deductible.

I explained to Eric that I wanted to be called before anything was done to my car. He more than agreed.....

What happened next:

I get a voice message from Eric saying "great news, it wasn't the sensor, it was just a loose gas cap and we already put the new one on, got the check engine light to turn off and it is going to be less than $200 so we didn't have to go through the insurance!"

Hmmm....a few issues here. Why are you leaving me a message telling me what has been DONE to the car, if I specifically asked to be called BEFORE anything was done? Secondly, the check engine light was not actually on at the time I brought the car had been on for a week straight but then turned off, so I knew I needed to get it fixed, but the only light currently on was the light for tire pressure. So you didn't get shit to turn off! Thirdly, how can you tell me there is not an issue with the OT sensor when I have a PRINTED OUT COPY of the scan results that were ran on the car AND he confirmed it came up on history in their scan. its there, it hasn't been fixed, but you're telling me it's not broken??

Supposedly there was nothing wrong with the moon roof (?) and they didn't even let me know the verdict on the tire pressure.

So I call Eric back and he says it's going to be $150 for a GAS CAP! Really? I was willing to pay $200 to have my listed issues fixed, but not paying that ridiculous amount for twisting on an over priced gas cap to my car. I could have done that myself.

Eric lowered the price for labor to $40 and charged the $30 for the gas cap. I went in the next day at the time they opened just to pay the money and get the hell out of there. I let the front desk know how upset I was. He was very sweet and seemed far too used to responding to complaints. He gave me the phone numbers and names of the managers to contact.

After speaking with the manager, Scott, it was clear the entire staff had no concept of good customer service. I explained my frustration and he said I was lucky I didn't pay the full $115 for labor.. I told him it was upsetting that I had wanted to leave my contract there to have each item that was covered looked over, but was told they didn't need to hold onto the contract.  He laughed, saying how they would have had to charge me hundreds of dollars to do OK. Well first off, if I ask for something to be done, then maybe you should be up front in letting me know it can't be done, instead of pretending it would get checked.  Secondly, go ahead and charge hundreds of dollars, that would be paid by the warranty, what do I care?

Finally...I got a follow up call from an unknown number (strange) from a woman who does not seem to have any idea how to respond to unhappy customers. (also strange with all of the one star rates on yelp). I told her how bad the experience was and she just seemed very taken aback and told me she would let management I already did that. Plus, it didn't result in any response from the company further, so I am very unclear on why the follow up calls are even done.

Eric himself called to follow up. That's my favorite part. I returned Eric's call two and a half weeks ago (one day after he called) and left a message letting him know that my tire pressure light had been on ever since I took in the car and I'd like to know what they did with that issue while the car was in.

No response.

Called back earlier this week and left a second voice message for Eric.

No response.

Called yesterday to ask to speak with any human and was transferred to Charlie (I think that was his name).  He looked over my info in their system and said he couldn't help, but that Eric was there, because he was staring right at him with another guest, but that he would leave a note on his desk to call me back.

Can you guess what happened????

No response.

Please do yourself a favor and DO NOT GOTO THIS DEALERSHIP!

John K. | 2012-07-17

Service dept. Review. Amazing experience, in and out in 2 hours. Paid less than what we were quoted. Ron is the man. So helpful and friendly, couldn't have asked for a nicer guy.

Matthew L. | 2012-07-16

Rich Manas was informative and familiar with the FR-S. Plus, they have a rare FR-S test car available for text drive. You'll be putting your $500 down after you get a taste of what it can do!
I felt comfortable at this dealer and wasn't pressured by Mr. Manas. This, Mazda Escondido, and Subaru of Kearny Mesa are top San Diego dealers.

Jack M. | 2012-07-12

I have been wanting to buy a second vehicle to drive around for fun. Particularly, I am looking for a sports car with descent gas mileage because my Jeep is addicted to gasoline, so I am on a quest to check out and drive various vehicles before I make a desicion, hence I ended up here to check out the FR-S. (… )

I arrived around 10 AM, and I was shocked that there were no Scion employees on site to let me see the inside of the vehicle. There were plenty of Toyota reps around, but they could not help me because of conflict. So I stood there in front of their office waiting, waiting, and waiting some more. (… ) Finally, the manager of  "Toyota" office sent a Toyota rep with the keys to open the vehicle, so I could sit in it,  while I waited for a Scion employee to arrive. It was around 10:30 or later now.

Finally, after I checked out the car, I went back in the building to tell them they could lock the car now. A few minutes later,  a Scion employee walks in with his back pack slung on his back. I Asked him if they had any Automatics available for me to drive, and he quickly went on his spiel about how they do not negotiate on the price, and on these cars you pay what it says on the sticker, blah, blah, blah. Well, what annoyed me, was that I did not even comment on the price, I just wanted to know if they had any automatic on the lot because, what ever car I buy, will be an automatic, because I am a lazy and kick back driver. After I reiterated my question, he told me, hopefully in couple of weeks, and he proceeded to give my some good information on how the vehicle does not loose power as an automatic etc., which was good because I was interested in hearing that.

To make a long story short. I plan to return to drive the automatic when it arrives, and I do not like paying the sticker price on any vehicle. I have purchased 5 new and 3 used vehicles in my life so far, and I have never payed dealer sticker price nor MSRP on any of them and I will not for this vehicle purchase. For new vehicles, I usually pay fleet cost. So, that position of theirs needs to change, or I will not be buying this make. There are plenty of others makes out there.

Oh yes, hopefully next time when I arrive at 10 AM, somebody from Scion will be there.

Judy W. | 2012-07-12

This review is for the auto service dept only.

Wow, I should've yelped them earlier.  I've been coming here for about 2 years now, and each time I've left so satisfied.  

Once I went to another auto servicer (I'll leave them anonymous, but I also yelped them, so it won't take you long to figure out which one I'm referring to) for an oil change and the OTHER servicer put the wrong tire pressure on my new tires, made some shady diagnosis about leaky struts.  When I brought my Camry to KMT, KMT said that there's nothing wrong with my struts and fixed my tire pressure.  Also, they always offer a FREE quick car wash, so my car is always cleaner after service than before.

Another time I came in b/c the light was on in my Sienna, and since it was still under warranty, there was no charge.  Hurray!

Another time, I asked them to check out this bumpy sound from my front right tire on the Camry, and they said that it's something that's going to be expensive to fix, and not a dangerous thing, so I shouldn't bother.  An honest auto mechanic that is actually telling me NOT to get something serviced - that's trustworthy in my book.

Bottom line: KMT has some trustworthy people.

Julia E. | 2012-07-02

Evil car dealerships. I didn't buy a car but I don't like the snake-like appearance of all the sales people. The way they treated my boyfriend after he bought a used Audi here while he inquired about his license plates just left a bad taste. Obviously, not many other people like it here. I bet the mechanics rip you off as well. GO TO PREMIER ROVER or ADVANTEC for your auto maintenance!!

Chun P. | 2012-06-19

****************************STORY #1: 5 STARS. June 2012*************************
I hate geting FUCed.  I don't mean in the sexual way, but in the getting screwed over by a shady dick mechanic way.

KMT sends out a coupon mailer every couple months with "specials" on services. My current wheels, a vintage 2005 Scion xB, has over 138K miles, and according to my wife's records, as never had the Transmission Fluid changed.  That service usually costs at least $100, but the coupon mailer had a special for $59.95...

KMT Guy: "You don't want that.  Its stupid.  I don't even know why they mail these out."
CHUN P.:"Um...really...?"
KMT Guy: "This only takes out half the old fluid, which means you still got old fluid mixed with new fluid. That's worthless cause you still got all that old crap in there."
CHUN P.: "Well, how much is it to do the full change?"
KMT Guy: "That's $160, but I don't think your car even needs it. Let me check." He makes a couple calls..."Yup, this transmission was designed to never require this service.  Though you might want get it done at 200K just to be safe."
CHUN P.:"Sweet! I'll just get the regular oil change, inspection, and car wash."

45 minutes and $33 later I'm out of there. For security reasons, I'm not going to name this awesome KMT service guy as I don't want him getting in trouble with his bosses.  Its definitely a 5 Star experience when you can get an honest mechanic whom can admit that his company's own coupons are crap.

I'll definitely be back, but I think maybe its time for a new car soon...  ;-)

*********************** STORY #2: 1 STAR. August 2011*****************************

Due to my Sister-In-Law and Mother-In-Law both needing a "Grandparental Bailout", they each got a brand new Corolla. My wife didn't need a bailout, but just to be fair the grandparents offered her $17500 towards the purchase of a new car! They also knew we did NOT want a Corolla.  Nothing wrong with em, they're just...well...boring! ;-)

We wanted a Prius, and a good deal. We called the same KMT sales guy the grandparents worked with on the first 2 Corollas.  He said he would look into it and call us back at noon. Regardless, I start shopping the newspaper ads and other Toyota dealerships...I found that Poway Toyota had a black Prius for $22000, and a gray one for $22500, both with bluetooth. Their website had actually misprinted those prices, but they said they would still honor them, nice!

100pm rolls and we still don't hear back from the KMT guy, so we call him back and he apologized and said it was busy. We mention the offers at Poway Toyota and asked if he could at least match them.  He was shocked at those prices and said the lowest price KMT had was $24K, and the the bluetooth was probably aftermarket and inferior. But said he would look into and call us back in at around 230pm.

It was nearing 400pm and we had left KMT two voicemails. Still no call back, so my wife and I say "FUC IT", and head up to Poway Toyota. 90 minutes later my wife is driving off with a brand new Prius, for $22500. The bluetooth works just fine.

A couple days later, the KMT guy did call us back to see if we were still interested...WTF? Too late asshole!

A few weeks later I'm skimming the newspaper car ads...and low and behold, Kearny Mesa Toyota had a Prius advertised for $22500. Its not that the KMT guy couldn't go below $24K, its just that he did NOT want to.

FUC you asshole! (again!)

John B. | 2012-05-11

My best advice to you what your signing & what you're agreeing to when you bring your vehicle here for maintenance.
An AAA tow mechanic stated what needed to be addressed & when I brought in the vehicle the service rep also reconfirmed what needs to be repaired. When the rep called to give the final results..many other unnecessary maintenance was brought to my attention. I trusted the rep that all recommended repairs were addressing the initial problem. Total cost: $1200, and the stranded a few hours I picked up the vehicle, had AAA come back out to tow again & another driver viewed the paperwork & stated I should have taken it somewhere else.
Bottom line: company financial quotas can ruin a company reps judgement on what's morally right.

Ryan D. | 2012-04-19

This review is long overdue, maybe because no one seems to yelp when everything goes right. I've been coming to Kearny Mesa Toyota for at least a year, and they continue to earn my business time and time again. I've sent several family members and friends here as well.
The dealership is clean and bright. The lounge is actually a lounge with tables, vending machines, and big windows. Best of all, the sales department doesn't mug you while you wait, but they do check in after a minute in case you are thinking of trading in.
Their techs (the little Asian guy was the one who I dealt with last time)  are thorough and found improperly done work that was done elsewhere, and left things cleaner than they found it.  My service rep Erick (sp?) explained the repairs after they had diagnosed it , why they were necessary/ recommended, and how much it would cost. They also offered to help me with a rental if I needed a car for the day when I called to set up the appointment.

I probably could have given 5 stars, but then there'd be no room for Toyota's famous Continuous Improvement.

Jefferey L. | 2012-04-13

I brought in my Lexus  and they charged me extra for labor.

Let me clarify.. I brought my parts there, and they charged me what they would charge a toyota for labor. And then they charged me EXTRA for labor because I drive a Lexus.

Now that I've come to write my review on Yelp, I wish I would've come earlier and saw the 2.5 stars.

They also quoted me three different prices for the same service. I made sure with each person I spoke to that I needed *front rotors* for a *Lexus* and asked for the price *with labor*. Turns out that they will charge you whatever they feel like in the end, which I'm pretty sure is illegal.

Whatever. I'll take my car elsewhere.

Steve L. | 2012-04-13

On April 11 (Wed) evening, a sales finance rep, Case Culliver, demonstrated extremely poor customer service. My girlfriend and I wanted to use my Costco Auto program to lease a 2012 Prius C, and asked to see the invoice price on paper. Case refused to show me the invoice price on paper, and said that they don't owe it to me. I mentioned that other dealerships were willing to show invoice price + markup, and I am completely OK with markups. When they said to possibly offer invoice + $600, I was actually fine with it. Case then asked me why don't I use the other dealerships then. I was furious about his response. His overall tone was consistently condescending throughout the entire discussion. My girlfriend was already nervous about this large purchase, and I was hoping for a pleasant buying experience. Instead, I was faced with one of the worst customer purchasing experience in my 38 years of being alive. This purchasing experience rivaled a poor customer experience that I had once with a small mattress company who pulled a bait & switch. I asked to only deal with Case's manager, David Bacon, if they wish to even want to speak to me. David Bacon called me once and left a voicemail. I called him twice and he never called me back again. I have been a loyal customer of toyota as a previous owner of a 2007 Prius, and a current owner of a 2010 Toyota Matrix. I have never been so disappointed in the way I was treated at a dealership. My girlfriend was already nervous in this large purchase, and now she is stressed about dealing with another dealership again. I turned to the sales rep and said, this man right here just cost you a sale. Needless to say, we are steering far away from this dealership. I was a loyal customer to their service center for my 2010 Matrix, but no longer.

Karla N. | 2012-03-23

HORRIBLE customer service! My truck was kept at this facility for three days before service was completed. I visited this facility as a first time customer, after being a new resident to the city.  The service advisor neglected to touch base with me, after I called to leave numerous messages (since she was never available to answer after several attempts of calling her) concerning the status of my car on the day that I dropped it off.  I called later in the day to find out, from a customer service representative who directs the calls, that my service advisor was gone for the day and so were all the technicians who service the vehicles.  Immediately I called the supervisor, Scott B., left a message, but he never returned my call.  On day two, I contacted the advisor who informed me that the part needed to be ordered.  Why I was not told this information on day one I don't know. I was told my car would be ready on "day three" by noon.  I did not receive a call until approximately 3pm that my car was ready for pickup.  I would like to give thanks to Robert, who answers the phone at customer service, for being patient and kind after speaking with me about fifteen times in my attempt to reach my service advisor.  This was the worst customer service I've received from a Toyota dealership in the past six years.

Susan C. | 2012-02-23

Huge thanks to Julie and Mark in the Service Department! I swung by there this evening to drop off my boyfriend so he could pick up his car. They are always soooo gracious with him and his car, that he knew they could probably help me with the massive paint transfer number I did on my car THIS MORNING! Nothing like driving out of the garage and taking part of it with you when you're in a hurry to get to work...Anywho, Iit was so great to know we could count on them =) Hearing my distress, Mark whisked off his business coat and with just a few strokes of "paint wonder" and a dab of wax, he successfully removed the GIANT side swipe paint transfer. Bracing for my bill, I sheepishly asked what I owed him. And waddya know, a whopping smile and a handshake was all I could give. At this day and age, in this crap hole economy, it's really a testament to the culture of kindness and goodwill that this Toyota dealership clearly abides by. I'll be back to buy my dream car Highlander from these guys as soon as the financial windfall gods blow the money tree branch my way!

Grant N. | 2012-02-18

Had to get my 100K service here.  The staff was very friendly and helpful.  They soon realized I had a bigger problem than expected and was very detailed in explaining the issue to me.  They also noted some deficiencies that the Stockton Toyota had left out during my 90K service (which now I am pretty disappointed about).  All in all, even tho it was bad news hearing about the additional issues, they were ontime as promised in fixing the problem and provided updates through the entire process.  A great team, location, car service center.

Scott A. | 2012-02-13

I took my car in for a factory recall repair. I was told it was a minor, quick issue to resolve. Upon the return of my car, it had a new and rather annoying loose metal rattle coming from the engine compartment. When I demonstrated the problem, they insisted that the noise had nothing to do with the repair. Then they offer a $1,000+ exploratory "solution" to tear apart the dash to re-insulate everything. I will never go back there for service or new car purchases. STAY AWAY!

Isie Bee Z. | 2012-02-07

If you want to buy a car , in my opinion you should not go here. My experience  revealed that the advertisement was Deceitful. The saleman actually said that the ad was just for marketing; we cant sell it at the advertised price. I think thats called fraud.
Let buyer beware. I dont buy cars from liars and i hope you wont. We attempted to contact the manager and he did not reply. They had a qualified customer who went elsewhere to make their car purchase. Making them in my opinion Lying Idiots.
A fools haven for buying

Dave G. | 2012-02-01

I'm pretty surprised at the rating because I had an awesome experience. Went in for my first time to get an oil change. They hooked me up with a coupon so it only cost $10 and it was done quickly! They would have washed my car too of my window wasn't cracked. They also checked out my car and said it was all good... In other words it wasn't a typical visit to a shop where they turn an oil change into a money making visit by flooding you with a ton of random problems your car has. I'll be going back to them!

Joy H. | 2012-02-01

So I went to the service dept of the new car section of the dealership for the $10 oil change for first time clients to the dealership and the dealership was quite nice and the representative, Oskar, who helped me today was very helpful. So maybe it is just the used car section that I have a problem with...

Meli B. | 2012-01-04

After owning many cars for many years, I've become exceedingly suspicious and distrustful of mechanics and car dealerships. With that said, I've had pretty good experiences at this dealership when it comes to maintenance. I've taken my car here for oil changes at least 5 times and it's been pretty decent. The wait is not nearly as long as the wait at the Toyota dealership near Mission Gorge. I am currently on a road trip and, before I left, I had my oil changed this past Monday (1/2/12). They said the wait would be 1 hour, but it was more like 40 minutes - nice! The guy mentioned getting my tires rotated, but he wasn't too pushy. They have a coffee/latte machine in the lobby and you can help yourself to unlimited complimentary coffee. I prefer the Vanilla Cappuccino. The lobby is always very clean and it's spacious. They run your car through the car wash for free and it does a good job of cleaning your ride. The customer service is usually decent. The maintenance crew is always the most gracious and respectful, the check-out people are okay, and the Service Advisors are usually the worst when it comes to being polite and accommodating. Weird, huh? Even so, I'm not expecting THAT much, so if my car is in running order, I'm happy. ONE IMPORTANT NOTE: my car is still under complete warranty. It's only fair to tell you that I don't pay much attention to the quality of the work because, the way I see it: If they mess up my ride, they get to fix it and I won't be shelling out a dime. When my warranty is up later this year, I hope I don't have to revise this review. I guess we'll see.

Sheryl V. | 2011-12-29

This is a good place to get service if you really need it. Everyone is friendly and the prices I've seen so far aren't through the roof. Reasonable I guess you could say if you can't do a lot of the maintenance on your own. I bought my car here back in 2007 which left a good impression on me. The reason why I come back for service once in a while. In case you do happen to know how to maintain your car such as changing the oil and you have a Toyota, they sell the perfect size oil wrench for it. Their little store in the service department has a lot of good stuff but just make sure you do the footwork on price comparisons because there are a few items in here that are a bit overpriced.

Laura S. | 2011-12-28

I tried to get my brakes done here. I chose this dealership since it is only 5 minutes from my work. When I picked up my car, there was a HORRIBLE scraping noise. Was a test drive done after the work was completed? I had to take it back the next day and the service manager did not believe me. I had him ride in the car with me and he said, "I don't hear anything." when clearly it sounded as if the floor was coming off the car. I left it and asked it to be repaired. I was called to come pick it up at the end of the day and NOTHING was done to fix it. I had to return for a third day to get it fixed properly. When I went at my lunch break, I was shocked that I was being charged for repairs to fix the mistake KMT did in the first place! I had to argue with 3 different people to get the charge removed.

Now I can't get off the mailing list. I have called, asked, faxed, begged, more than 10 times to get off the mailing list. Why would I want to be reminded of such a terrible experience? Maybe if I conduct a protest - Occupy KMT - would that get my name off the damn list? Stop sending me your junk mail and spend your money on customer service training!

Barney B. | 2011-12-21

I am in the market.  I am casual.  I am cool that you have another customer and want me to come back.  I am also OK that you were again busy when I returned.  Sure, here's my number.

4 days later, no call.  how are you going to treat me when I am a customer if I can't get you to reply when a sale is on the line.


Lisa H. | 2011-12-19

Service has gone WAY DOWN!

Had to call them to find out if my car was serviced at least 3 times. I missed my appointment. Was supposed to pick up my car early in the morning, but they never called me and told me there was another problem. I had to call them around noon. BAD SERVICE! I always get a courtesy call every time when I go there, except for this time! THey didn't call me, I WONDER WHY!

I'm very understanding of customer service and busy days. I called ahead and made an appointment. It didn't even matter. I'm really disappointed in their service and am considering of NEVER GOING BACK!

van s. | 2011-12-10

I've been to Kearny Mesa Toyota 3 times looking to buy a car and had the same negative experience: The staff milling about outside seems puzzled or even suspicious that you've walked onto their property. When finally someone approaches you and you inform them that you're interested in buying a car, eventually something clicks, "Cars?" (Yeah, cars, you sell them don't you?)

I don't know why I even bothered to go there again. I just didn't think it was possible that the entire staff could be that bad time after time over an 8 ear period.  I thought it might be my manner or appearance. Judging from other reviews, they treat everyone in the same dismissive manner.

But today's experience really takes the cake...

The guy walks me over to the model I'm interested and opens the back hatch. To show me storage space, right? Wrong! So he could have room to park his butt on the bumper! I kid U not!  It was too much of an effort for him to walk around the car with me, open a door, point out features, or even the price.  

He asks me to walk from the lot to the show room to give me a brochure. I do so, affording him more courtesy than I've received, and he assures me that few models on the lot are the only one's available. And I say "But what about this one?" (That we're standing next to prominently displayed outside the front door) "Oh, yeah... I forgot about the one."

For the 3rd time I left in disgust. And for the second time, I will probably buy a Toyota and pay in cash in full. But certainly not at this dealer. They seriously, seriously, need salesmanship training. I don't expect a salesman to fall all over me, but at least show some attentiveness, some common courtesy.

Rhea S. | 2011-12-07

I was at this dealership less than 15 minutes and they earned a 1 star rating.

My husband and I were looking to get an appraisal on our 2007 Scion TC to potentially sell the car.We were directed to a gentleman in the back corner cubicle, I didn't catch his name because he did not once introduce himself, and from the beginning I knew it was going to bad.

So we explained to him that we were looking to get the car appraised to see if we would like to sell the car. We emphasized that we were not looking to trade it in or buy a new car. He asked us if we had already had it appraised at "carFAX" and we told him that "carMAX" would be our next stop. We explained that we were looking at our options for the best deal.

He then told us that we should go to "carFAX" first to get it appraised and then come back to the dealership in order for them to appraise it.

This is when the back and forth began ...

Me: "So you can't appraise the car here to give us an idea of what the value of the car is?"

Dumb ass: "Well you should go to "carFAX" to see what they would give you first so we can see if we can beat it. Usually we do and then we can use that number to get you another car."

Me: "Um, I already told you that we are not looking to purchase a new/used car."

Dumb ass: "So why would we waste our money just to tell you the value of your car? If you are not looking to purchase/trade in your car then we don't really have the desire to appraise it."

Me: "Okay... so you don't want to appraise the car even though we are interested in SELLING it to you?"

Dumb ass: "Just take it to carFAX to get a number and bring it back" (Hey idiot, it's carMAX not carFAX!!)

Me: "hmm okay. Thank you. We won't be coming back."

and that was the end.

No customer service, no desire to help you unless they see $$$, and obviously no knowledge about other dealerships in the area.

Please go somewhere else. Save yourself the headache.

Shay L. | 2011-12-01

One of the worst Toyota dealerships in the Service department. Got passed around to a few people and left standing next to my car for over 20 minutes as I watched all the other service-writers gossip and joke around with each other and not helping customers.

Finally a service-writer helped me, but couldn't seem to understand what I needed besides the oil change. (The initial person I made the appointment with had to leave unexpectedly so the information didn't get passed along.) The final check in took about 40 minutes, a bit long.

Finally the oil change was completed in great time (which was good). The car came back with of course a ton of maintenance and repairs. The prices were OVERLY high and the service-writer didn't even explain in full what needed to be done. His handwriting was illegible but I made the best I could. Left upset and will never return to this dealership.

Note: Called another Toyota dealership and was quoted almost HALF of the price that Kearny quoted. This dealership is a rip-off and their service is terrible.

Oren P. | 2011-11-30

Although apparently popular with others - or just incredibly slow - from the long line of cars waiting for service, this dealership continues to be my least favorite to come to. When I brought my car in for a repair, I was told that I would have to first go to the parts department. They weren't willing to look up the cost or give me an estimate of what might be involved. I had to special order the part I needed and was told I could pick it up at 8am the next morning. I came at 10am. I was told my part was not there and to come back another day. Nobody calls to let you know if it arrived or not. When I got the part, I called another Toyota dealership and asked how much it would cost for them to install the part. It for less than Kearny Mesa (where I had bought it). I then asked a service advisor if I could speak to a mechanic. He was not at all interested in helping me. In the end I decided to just do the work myself - and now know how to take apart and put back together much more of my car than ever before. I've been to MANY different Toyota dealerships. I cannot recommend this one.

Robert B. | 2011-11-29

I spent $309 for an oil change, tire rotation, brake fluid replacement, and power steering fluid replacement.

There were problems and some confusion, possibly due to having reduced staffing on the day after Thanksgiving, November 25, 2011. First of all my auto was sent off without the "hat" number, the little number on the cone placed on top of the automobile to match in up to the service request . This delayed the repairs a bit.

I was asked if I had a service appointment. I explained to the Kearny Mesa Toyota representative that I had called on the 22nd of November to make an appointment and was told none was required. This is the second visit where there has been confusion over whether an appointment is required or not.

The tire cover (hub cap) fell off the day after the tire rotation. The same thing happened the day after my previous visit to Toyota Kearny Mesa for a tire rotation. The replacement costs over $90 and the dealership never offered to replace the lost tire cover both times I reported the problem.

While watching television in the waiting area, one of the Toyota Kearny Mesa staff members changed the station from CNN to Fox News. I asked, "Why did you change it?" His answer, "CNN stands for Communist News Network." I said, "You should not mix your politics with customer service." He did not reply.

Genny D. | 2011-11-11

I bought my 2005 Scion XA used here, with just 5,000 miles on it. Love my car!!!! I also love the service I receive here as well ... the last couple times I came in for routine maintenance, they seemed less organized and the wait was longer. When someone called to ask about the service I received, I let them know that the last two times hadn't been that great. I got a call back from the Service Manager, Mark Foster, who said next time I needed anything to give him a call. He kept his word. When my check engine light came on after some body work had been done by another shop, I called him up and told him I had already had to spend a lot of time and money dealing with the autobody shop, and I couldn't really afford to spend any more to see why the engine light was going off. He said no problem, come in at 2pm, ask for me and we'll see if it's an easy fix. I came by, he took my car right away and I was out of there in 15 minutes, no charge.

Ramy D. | 2011-11-07

Wow! Surprised about the "Rating" over here....

Okay they deserve their 4 stats, love this dealership it was a great first impression. I walked on them on a sunday Night few hours before closing the doors... They took me serious and wanted to make a sale. So yea by 11pm i was driving back home with my new 2010 Toyota Tacoma TRD Sport PKG and was in love! Their Professionalism and great customer services is what got my attention.  Their hard work on getting me approved and closing the deal is also what really made me love 'em.  So a huge thanks goes out to sales Rep "Mike" i believe was the floor manager.

Jessica S. | 2011-11-07

I purchased my car here in July. I was very pleased with the purchasing process, as they allowed me to do an 'overnight' test drive with the car I was interested in, free of charge. They did not hassle or haggle me when I told them I wouldn't be buying the car when I returned it. Other dealerships were calling me and harassing me nonstop. Peter & Chris didn't. I ended up waiting another month to decide if purchasing the car was financially feasible, and it was.

I went back to make my purchase, and it was relatively painless and fast. They gave me a very good price for my trade-in, and they honored the monthly payment quote they initially provided me a month earlier.

Since then, I have taken my car there for an oil change. I dealt with Chuck and Erick in the service department. Both were very professional and polite. Their waiting room is decent size.  If you have a laptop or tablet, bring it. They have free Wi-Fi and free coffee in their lounge.

June G. | 2011-10-18

I went into the dealership wanting the price on 2012 Highlander.  Unlucky for me, I ended up talking to "Geoff".  I told him I wanted just a bottom price on basic v6 HIghlander as I've already test drove the car and I only wanted to know what they can offer me.  Having gotten another quote already, I was shopping for a better price as any savvy shopper would.  The guy couldn't be more condescending in the manner as in, "This is how this works, young lady".  WTF?!  I wasted 10minutes of my precious time with this a-hole jerking me around refusing to giving me the price.  I ended up storming out of the establishment.  I was never that infuriated in my life trying to talk to a sales person.   Geoff is the prime example of why car salespeople have bad reputation.  

All I have to say is that Goeff costed Kearny Mesa at least $30,000 sale as I'm purchasing one today.  I wonder if the management knows about how he handles a very good potential buyer.

Fluffy P. | 2011-10-18

I think dealerships overcharge for servicing cars so the least they can do to compensate robbing you is to provide outstanding service.  But this dealer has definitely bad service and treats people badly. I think this business especially hates Asian people or maybe I am just sensitive.   That is funny b/c this area is populated with Asians but I think to them, we're just all refugees or something.  So today, I go in there, there's one person in line in front of me for service.  She got help about 5 minutes after waiting. And I am still sitting in my car waiting my turn.  I wait for 15-20 minutes, still no one comes to help me.  I see workers walking around but no one's making eye contact with me.  Then a car behind pulls up, within 2 minutes, somebody goes up to her (who happens to be White) and asks if she's been helped and gets her a service representative.  I go up to this guy and complains that I've been sitting around for more than 20 minutes and said I was before her.  This guy didn't apologize for anything and said he didn't see me or my car.  What the??!!!  I was the only car there until the lady behind pulled up.  What in the world did he think I was doing there.  So finally a rep comes, I tell him that I've been waiting a long time and someone after me got help before I did.  He didn't appear sympathetic either and just simply said to me "we can't give you a car wash just to let you know. "   At that point, I just felt the experience was so bad that I decided to take off.   I decided to go the Poway Dealership and indeed it was way better service.  The Poway dealership treated me with respect.  When I got there, I didn't have to wait one minute.  A service rep came out right away to assist me.  All the staff were extremely courteous.   My experience at Kearney Mesa and at Poway was like night and day.  Forget Kearney Mesa, go to Poway, it's well worth it.

Sharon L. | 2011-10-14

I'm surprised to see the low rating. I think the customer service is impeccable!

I highly recommend Mario. He is so kind and polite! In fact, all of the employees here are courteous and thoughtful. When they estimate the service time, they keep their word and never keep me waiting. For instance, today, they finished servicing my vehicle within 40 minutes!

Furthermore, the waiting area is clean and comfortable.

Ann L. | 2011-10-13

I come here regularly to get my oil changes and all my other maintenance on my car. I love how they're so quick. You drive into the auto services driveway whenever you want and it gets taken care of from there. The workers are friendly and I've never had an issue with getting a service completed. I'll be coming here as long as I'm in San Diego.

J W. | 2011-09-20

Great job by service advisor Mario who saved me $10,000 by letting me know a car I was about to buy from a private owner had an accident which the owner didn't disclose when I asked. Thanks for looking out for your customers, even if they didn't buy the car from your dealership.

Ken P. | 2011-09-18

Bought a brand new Toyota Corolla at Kearny Mesa. It was the only car on the lot that wasn't washed off.  They did wash it off when I bought it, but I very quickly found the windshield was very pitted, and there were spots on the hood that weren't coming off.  They took the car back twice to "polish out" the "spots" on my windshield, and on the hood.They succeeded in putting spiderweb scratches all over the front end, scratched the crap out of the side-view mirrors, and still insisted there was nothing wrong with the  pitted windshield.  It wasn't until I asked who was the agent of service for court papers that they finally replaced the windshield.  The front end scratches would be impossible to prove, so I dropped it.

I'd never, ever, ever recommend anyone buy from these bums.  I'd happily pay more elsewhere, just not to deal with underhanded salesmen and managers.

Their service center is fantastic, though.  I've never had a problem there.  I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the service department.

S S. | 2011-09-16

2 extra payments were charged to my bank in error just before I turned a leased car.  The dealership refunded one payment but refused to refund the other (so they get $400 extra).  I had to call and email the financial manager Gabriel Almazan multiple times to get him to respond.  When he did respond he said to call customer service at Toyota who keeps telling me the dealership owes me the money.  The manager David Bacon will not even return my emails or phone calls.  This is the worst dealership I've ever dealt with.

John G. | 2011-08-29

I bought a car from the pre-owned lot. No real complaints. Only reason I didn't give 5 stars was because the finance guy was a little pushy with their financing.

Kent N. | 2011-08-20

Oscar was very friendly over the phone, but as soon as we stepped in for a car inspection, he wasn't so amazing. We couldn't even finish a question, before he started giving an answer. $115 to just find out why our check engine light is on? Are their tools made of gold or are their salespeople extremely overpaid? It shouldn't cost this much for someone to just LOOK at your car. Maybe their services wouldn't be so much if they trimmed the fat.

Becky G. | 2011-08-03

I bought my car here brand new, 2005 Scion xB, with tons of extras and upgrades. I opted for the sunroof. This was the only mistake. I had so many issues with the interior, I had to bring back my car so many times. Fortunately, after a few months and everything was fixed, I was so happy with my purchase. I have always taken my car here for services, never missing one. I have dealt with every color service group and every associate. I will never have anyone work on my car other than THE GREEN TEAM!! Chuck C. is THE MAN, EL HOMBRE, LO MEJOR DE LOS MEJORES. Oscar Araiza does a great job of getting you in and getting you out. Every 4th oil change is FREE! And who doesn't appreciate FREE? I picked up an extra-wide rear view mirror, which really enhances my driving experience. Thank you Kearny Mesa Toyota, for making my first car purchase so memorable, in the best way.

Because of the Service Center [The Green Team], we will be buying a Toyota/Scion for our next car purchase.

Jay T. | 2011-07-28

Update: Came in here for a service, not knowing which one I should get. So, I call the service department to ask, and surprisingly, Oscar is the one who helped me (I didn't know it at the time because I'm a horrible listener, but I guess he remembered my question from the day before my service). He told me that the basic 5,000 mile service is enough (given my situation), and that anything else would be "overkill." Basically, what I'm trying to say is I was given an honest response, and did not feel like I was being cheated. In addition, the free wifi has improved since I last came (no more asking for a card that contains a code. True free wifi!) After my service, however, there were cars blocking my exit, but thanks to Paul, he got me out of there in no time!

Update 2: So it turns out that the car needed more work (there was something that needed to take a whole day, but it is under warranty, so yay!). When I get home though, I notice two caps from my wheels were missing. During my next service, I tell Oscar, and although there were a few hiccups here and there, in the end, everything was taken care of. I would like to thank Scott Buckner (I think that's who helped me) for that (since Oscar was on break or done for the day). I will mention that before Scott helped me though, I was directed by one of the workers to a Mark Foster (I don't know if he's a service adviser or a supervisor or whatever), who happened to be on the phone. I pretty much waited a whole five minutes, and the guy didn't seem to care at all, casually continuing his conversation on the phone as if no one was waiting outside. That was quite frustrating (so much so that it should be a -1 star). But, thanks to the wnderful work of Oscar, Paul, and Scott, I can say that my latest experience at KM Toyota was a 5 star worthy one. Although there were problems along the way, the majority of the people there went out of their way to make my experience a great one. In the end, much has improved with KM Toyota since I last remember, and I hope this trend continues. My only advice to people is to read reviews and decide for yourself who you want to help you. Make the right choice, and your service should run smoothly.

David P. | 2011-07-27

Went in for that thing we should all do, but never get around to doing because we're just too damn "busy" (lazy): the 5,000 mile check up. Chose Matt Flanders because of another user's recommendation. I opted for the wait in option. In the lobby, I was pleasantly greeted with the espresso machine, which I made sure to put right to work. Plenty of time to kill so I helped myself to free vanilla coffee, mocacchino, hot chocolate and (of course) free wi-fi. Snagged me some orion flares from their store for $2.50 for those emergency moments. Hopefully I'll have some left by the time New Years comes *hint*hint*.

I was told the service would be 45 mins. I think they have their math wrong because I waited 1 hour 30 mins. And here I thought my friends' asian time was bad. Matt didn't really check up on me. I had to go to his office and he was sitting there on his computer the whole time. Apparently my car was done and no one called me up. The mechanic dropped off my car at the pick-up area and no one came up to me to tell me about my car's report. I thought they would've kept my keys so I had to go to Matt's office to ask where it was. He said the receptionist might have it. I went to ask her and she said it should be in the car. Why doesn't anyone care to tell me this? The mechanic left my car there with the key still in the ignition. Anyone could've just driven it off. Matt didn't come out of his office to give me a report of my car. I had to go to his office and ask for any diagnostics report. He said "it's good",  "good engine since your car is new" "nothing really was wrong". While I'm sure my car is in good condition, it was obvious he didn't check with the mechanic. Just recited something I'm sure he's used to saying. The car was fine, but I had hoped for better customer service than what I was given. I could've just chosen any other car advisor to schedule from. The best customer service I got was from the espresso machine.

Celina R. | 2011-07-15

I bought a used Town and Country mini-van from Brian here. He was very nice, not pushy at all and honest about the vehicle.

Once I bought the vehicle I took it over to Charles in the service station. He fixed any problem I discovered. He treated me with respect and was very nice about everything. As a women I get very nervous dealing with my car stuff. Charles made me feel comfortable and understood. He called both my husband and me whenever he was giving an update. Charles did a great job making me feel cared about.

They were so nice that I will probably bring my vehicle there for most of it's maintenance needs.

Thank you Charles!!

Tony M. | 2011-07-03

Ever since I purchased my Tacoma from KMT I became a fan. I am bring my truck back for all the service here and if there is ever any disputes regarding service they have always sided with me and made things right. That is why I will continue to come back here time  and time again.

Daniel H. | 2011-07-02

This review is for the new car sales department.  Don't waste your time like they wasted ours.  From the sales manager to the fleet manager all the way to the sales person on the lot, all I can say to describe them are words like, "sleazy, deceiptful and unprofessional."  Treated us as if we had never bought a car before.  It was a ridiculous experience, never again.  They truly live up to the stereotype of a car salesman!!!

Michelle T. | 2011-06-27

6 hour wait for a simple repair to a tab so I could open my gas cap.  

And if that were not bad enough, they REMOVED the sticker my local oil change place puts on the window to remind me of when my oil is due for a change.  Since my visit had NOTHING to do with checking any fluids or changing my oil, I was quite unhappy that they would do this.  I had to go back and get the records reviewed so that i knew when to go back again to change my oil.

So now they call me to remind me to change my oil ... with them.  I would not have minded the calls so much had they not removed my oil change sticker.

Very unprofessional way to do marketing in my opinion.

Jenny H. | 2011-06-25

I've been here several times to get my car checked out and what not.  The services here are great.  I always get treated well and they are very nice and helpful.  The most recent visit was for a brake pad replacement and Patty helped me out with it.  She is probably one of the nicest and coolest one there! She answered all my questions and was very helpful in what I should do with my brakes, gave me advice on car details, etc.  I will def come back next time for other services.

Serena B. | 2011-06-20

I LOVE the service at Kearny Mesa Toyota!  My hubster's has an older model Toyota (97 Camry) and while it's in excellent mechanical condition right now, things do start to fail from time to time.  We've been bringing his Camry to KMT for a few years - and they always do an incredible job!

I'm finally posting my review because today I bought my hubster a set of 4 new tires from Discount Tire.  I knew I would need an alignment and turned to Yelp to find a reasonably priced alignment shop.  I opted to go to Dualtone as it was relatively close to my home.  

After dropping the car off I get a call 30 minutes later asking if I was nearby because they wanted to show me something.  I walked back over to Dualtone and they "showed" me how the lower control arm needed to be replaced.  They also said the car swayed quite a bit and needed new struts too.  Honestly, I appreciate them "showing" me - but I couldn't see anything wrong - it all looked normal to me.  Then again, I'm not a mechanic.

I decided to call my brother because he used to be a service writer for Toyota and I asked him what he thought.  Initially I couldn't get in touch with him so I told Dualtone that I would wait until I heard back from my brother.  They gave me an estimate (for $1000+ for the control arm and struts).  I thanked them and headed back home.  

Finally, I got a hold of my brother.  He immediately said, "Take the car to KMT and ask them to do an alignment.  Don't tell them what the other shop said - just take it in and ask for an alignment and see what they say."

Off I went to KMT - I checked in with Matt (I highly recommend Matt Flanders or Ron Watzek) and asked for an alignment and oil change.  I opted to wait in the lounge while they had the car...  

An hour and a half later the car is ready - and what do you know?  Everything is fine - alignment was off, but that was it.  No bushings, control arm, or strut issues!  KMT just saved me $1000 in unnecessary repairs!  

Thank you KMT for being stellar as usual!

David S. | 2011-06-17

This is about the service department only.  I brought my car in there today and it took nearly 2 hours for them to change my oil and rotate tires and stuff.  Normally it would have cost $70 which is probably too expensive for the service but since it took so long they gave a discount for my service.  While the service took too long they made up for it.

Pumpkin E. | 2011-06-08

"Eek! Methinks not." is right!

I was having a really good time buying a car until I got to the Finance Department.  

First I had to deal with Cesar Lopez.  He was already in a funky mood when I walked in but he got downright nasty when I seemed disinterested in what he was trying to sell me.  He started his really pushy sales tactics along with some scare tactics about how my car could die in a few years and the cost to fix it could be astronomical.  I guess he thought that would convince me to buy the extended warranty and alarm and tinted windows and everything else.  If the car was going to die in a few years, I didn't want it.  So I got up to walk out without the car.  Hondas have cars that don't die in a few years.  Same with Ford and others.  If Toyotas were going to die in a few years, I decided I better buy something other than a Toyota.

That's when his supervisor came in.  Gabriel Almazan apologized but then gave me an even tougher sales pitch which completely turned me off.  

I'll probably wind up buying something other than a Toyota thanks to those two guys.

Ana S. | 2011-05-29

I recently purchased a used car at KM Toyota and wondered if the used car dealership there would be as good as the service area, which I've happily used for years. My expectations were exceeded in every way!

David Flagg was my salesman and he was extremely patient, answered all of my questions clearly, and made the entire sale from start to finish a pleasure. He was not a "used car salesman" in any way, shape or form, and I got exactly what I wanted-a 2006 RAV at a good price with an excellent loan rate. I also got what I expected for the Toyota that I traded in that day. Incidentally, I bought the car I traded in new at KM Toyota 15 years ago from another great guy, Buddy Halili, who is now in the service dept.

The paperwork/signing part also went smoothly with good-natured Cesar Lopez in charge.

As for the Service Dept., I have used it for servicing my former Toyota for many years, and overall, would give it 5 stars as well. Yes, I have waited in line for 15 minutes to be seen, although usually it is much faster. It doesn't bother me, since I'm just sitting in my car, reading or whatever while I wait. I usually don't even have an appointment, so I'm happy to drive in and be served so quickly. They have almost always given me a free loaner car to use, a very nice bonus. I usually deal with Ron Watzek, who is friendly, nice, and very accomodating. So where will I be taking my new car for service? KM Toyota, of course!

Gaelle N. | 2011-05-10

This place is horrible. I only went there because Jim Barnett worked there and he is an amazing guy. I found out he is not longer working there (probably too honest and helpful for KM Toyota's standards lol). I WILL NEVER GO BACK THERE AGAIN! They do un-needed work and they overprice you for it. I had to go back 4 times after they messed up something in my car and they barely gave me a free service to make it up to me. They also tried to make me replace the driving belt (for 180$, the belt costs 24 dollars online) because it was supposedly cracked, but when I checked it it looked perfectly fine.


Christopher J. | 2011-04-26

I come here only to buy toyota parts and the parts department is excellent on service every time. Recenty I've spent over 1k in parts for a whole engine overhaul and ordered all the items piece by piece and they were always so organized by sorting all parts out by sections of the motor for me. Parts always arrived within one day generally or as long as 2 days max. Hand down best toyota place to buy parts.

Sue B. | 2011-02-20

Great experience! I just pulled in during a rainstorm with a broken windshield wiper. With plenty of people ahead of me, with appointments, I expected a long wait. Mario, a service manager, came out and saw the problem ( as well as my distress over being late to pick up kids, but nervous about picking them up without working wipers during the downpour).  He had the wipers fixed in five minutes, while I sat in my dry car!  You rock, Mario! Thanks for making my car safe and getting me back on the road.

Christopher T. | 2011-02-10

one word...


Set up a meeting with Howard Sheehy

go there to return my lease car of 3 years.  I had a custom GPS unit installed by Toyota when I got the car because the Camry I got didn't have support for it.  It was included in the monthly payments and I was told I would be able to keep the unit when my lease is over...I paid 2000+ for it.  SO back to returning, I get there, process seemed smooth, and literally 30 seconds after I signed my car back to them, I asked about how I would get my GPS unit back, to which Howard responded "It's too late, it's Toyota property now.....we're done now".....i know i should've taken it out before I brought it to return but I aint no tech savy dude and im not tryna pay somebody to take it out for me...i assumed sine toyota referred, installed, and covered the GPS during my lease they'd take it out.

how fuckin shady can you get.  honestly it wasnt a huge deal to me cause selling the trash GPS unit would've been a hassle but still, to pay 2000 for it and lose it after 30 seconds cause i signed a paper.  specially how the douche responded....."It's Toyota property now" what a fuckin joke


go to another Toyota if your planning to do business, and if you can't, dont bother coming to this place at all

RT R. | 2011-02-04

After visiting their parts department i am convinced that they are big time cheats. The parts people will show ignorance of any specials put on their website and one needs to argue or show proof by accessing their website on the personal phone.
I had an issue and left my cell phone number as well as emailed the parts director with the details but i never got any response back from them.

Bella T. | 2010-10-23

I have taken my car here since I got it for its services. They are reasonable priced and explain everything to me before they do the work. Taken my car there is not stressful. I just know it will be right every time.

linda t. | 2010-09-28

After I wrote this review, someone by the name of Alane B. sent me a message on Yelp and wanted me to contact their customer service manager, Maria Spina for an apology.


Sorry isn't good enough.

I hope that if you buy a car from them, they do not mess up your registration.  Thanks a lot Kearny Mesa Toyota for the headaches.

Katie D. | 2010-09-05

WORST DEALERHIP EVER!!!!!! If negative stars were allowed I'd definitely use them!

Long story short, they sold my husband and I a vehicle then called us 2 weeks later (a week before Christmas) saying they couldn't find a loan for us. I personally think 2 weeks is a little excessive, a couple days would have been more acceptable. In addition, the finance department doesn't know how to do their job and the phrase "customer service" means absolutely nothing to them! The finance manager, Allison, was the rudest and most unprofessional person i've ever had the displeasure of working with! I would NEVER consider going back to this joke of a dealership!!

Joseph C. | 2010-08-17

1 star because i had to.. otherwise it'd be ZERO.


I went in looking to purchase a NEW Toyota Tacoma. my first car. I'm 27 yr old male. An asian salesman walks up to me and i think, cool, we're both asian, so we're homeys. We DONT exchange names. He asks what i'm looking for and asks "Are you looking to buy right now, how soon?"... i think, slow your roll buddy, youre asking cause im young and prolly can't afford it. well for your information YIN, i'm a 27 year old Reg. Nurse.

So i proceed to ask about the Tacoma's. Mind you, i just came from Toyota Escondido, and they had 2010 and 2011's in stock.

The guy, YIN, says "these are all that we have left. They are discontinuing the Tacoma next year."...

i think to myself 'WTF are you talking about, i have a brochure from Toyota Escondido of a 2011 Tacoma'... so right off the bat i knew this guy knew nothing about these cars.

We then go inside. I tell him, what i want. what color. what style.... because Toyota can of course order it or transfer from another dealer.

The Sales Manager, Gabe, tells me... "we can get the one you want, but its coming from LA. It'll be here in a couple hours. I dont want to bring it down here without first selling the car."

I say "listen, i'm not going to purchase a car i haven't seen... bring it here and i'll swing by tomorrow."

TWO hours later. they call and say "your car is here"

i come the following day "kearny mesa toyota license plate and everyting".. which it pretty much was just sitting in the garage the entire time.

YIN calls my phone several times during the day "when you coming?"

i say "look, i got some errands to run, i'll be there"

he calls 2 hrs later "hey... are you coming. AT LEAST tell me if youre coming or not. i came on my day off.".... you know what YIN, i dont care if its your day off. customer service buddy!.

he still hasn't introduced himself to me. he sees my dad, and asks me "is that your dad"... nothing more.

we test drive. everythings fine. I ask.. "how many gallons is the tank?"

YIN says "... it'll cost prolly $100 to fill up"..

i think "WTF! that makes this a 30 gallon tank, when in fact i already knew it was 21 gallon tank."

that was that. when it came down to paperwork. i told 'em... i'm preapproved for $XX,XXX. i'll have my bank talk to u guys and their auto specialist will call u and wire transfer you the money. you don't need to pull my credit score again cause my bank did it ONE DAY ago!"

the HEAD GM OF TOYOTA was there that evening and was like "we need to pull your score, i deal with people like u from ur bank all the time. we can call the vice president of your bank, i have his house number, and he can explain that we need to pull ur credit score here cause we need to know if its really you." i talk to vice president of my bank and we get it all squared away.

i said "fuck it. i'm going to my bank." good luck GM of sales. ur an ass.Yip... some advice for you... dont be a car salesman. you know nothing ab ur product.

BASICALLY... these guys are unknowledgable ab their vehicles. they try to force u sign papers so they can pull ur credit and make u sign on the spot. Yin practically had me signing my savings away while managing to say less than 100 words to me total.



this was my first experience purchaing a car and it was horrible. i still want a toyota.

christene z. | 2010-08-06

I don't usually take the time to write a yelp reviews unless there is absolutely something wrong and this was indeed the case.  They sent me a coupon for $30 bucks to get your oil changed including a car wash and a 34 point inspection, which was the only reason why I gave them a chance. I went to the place and the floor was wet with spotches. I was walking in walking shoes (not flip flops) and slipped (it was very slippery as there are oil mixed with the water) and twisted my ankle and the lady who saw me slip named Patty rushed over said  you should be careful and pointed at a small sign hardly legible, behind a chair, as to say you can't sue us.  Then she proceeded to tell me "yea, I have slipped several times on these floors." Well if that's the case than why didn't you do something about it?  If you think that is bad, that is just the beginning.  She calls me 1.5 hours later to tell me that the car is finished. I come back and go pay. I ask the lady at the cashier if they did the 34 point inspection. The lady says to me "we don't have a 34 point inspection, we only have the 18 point inspection that's free"  I showed her on the coupon that it indeed says 34-point inspection. She gets the manager involved. The manager basically tells me there is nothing he can do and starts making jokes like "that may mean 2 18 point inspections" which doesn't even add up. I think it's false advertising. The story doesn't end there. The manager then follows me to go and get my car. My car isn't even washed.  He then starts making excuses as to why they didn't wash my car. First he asked me if I asked them to wash my car. I told them  twice. Then he started making ridiculous claims like oh I see you have a front windshield protector. If that goes through our car wash then it'll come off.  Which is complete B.S. As I get my car washed often with out any problems. one of his employees comes over and whispers something in his ear.    and then he says "oh our car wash was broken."  So why did you come up with such B.S.? I highly question his managerial abilities.  He proceed to says "I will fix this. and write on his business card free car wash."  I don't know how they stay in business with such poor service.

Jeannie O. | 2010-07-11

I had to take in my Toyota Matrix in for the pedal recall. Waited in line on the street and of course, some douche cut 4 cars and got in line on front of me.  Whatever.

Greeted by a lady who took my info.  She didn't seem to show any concern except just getting all the cars info.  Ok sure. The guy who took care of me was nice and got me my spare replacement key... for $400+ yikes.  Lesson learned: DO NOT LOSE YOUR KEY.

Waited for an hour in the waiting room.  There weren't enough couches by the TV but whatever.  Got called on the intercom to pay at the cashier and I was out waiting for my car.

I guess a plus was I got a free car wash but it was drizzling in San Diego so meh.

Overall it was a satisfactory visit.  Nothing special but nothing horrible either.  At least they didn't harp at me to have my tires changed!

S D. | 2010-06-07

The service was mediocre, and I wasted a whole day on things that I don't think actually needed to be done.   But what sucks the most is that getting service at this place puts you on their spamming list, which they may possibly share with others.  Even though I sold my Toyota a while back, I am STILL getting tons of letters AND phone calls from them (despite being on the do-not-call list).  Overall, my experience would be a little better if they didn't waste so much of my time with these unsolicited calls and letters.

Alon D. | 2010-06-04

The general manger of the service department is GREAT, both times that I had a problem with my FJ he working with me without any stories...

Rajeev K. | 2010-06-04

I would rate this facility less than 1star. I was a Mossy Toyota customer for a long time but tried Kearny Mesa for the proximity from my home/work. Been there for my last four oil changes. The last three were horrible experiences. First of all it took too long than expected for an oil change. And after a long wait your car returns without being washed. This happened all three times. I don't understand why they even ask at first place if a wash was needed. It's all BS service. I'll go back to Mossy even if its a couple of miles far. Mossy Toyota offers a lot better service than this place. There are better places out there for post-warranty services.

Carl S. | 2010-05-08

Funny how when a place is total crap most people pick up on it pretty quickly.

This place is by far the worst place I have ever had my truck maintained at. The drop off process is a nightmare, I had to have waited for at least 10 mins just standing there with about 5 other people. Of course all the other little s#its tried to jump in line when a rep came out...thanks society. But what really got under my skin was this hispanic woman who drove her car in the "out" lane and flagged down one of the mechanics who guess what??? yes he was hispanic...and after a 5 minute conversation in spanish she had her can taken right away in for service...bulls#it!!!!

When I finally got my truck home I found that they leaked oil all over the place into my skid plate and cover on my transmission so it leaked out for days in my driveway and wherever else i went.

They called about the service and told toyota that this facility is horrible and will never have any type of work done there again.

Go where you are treated well, and do not have shady people who talk to you like you are an old friend but really do not care

Beatriz B. | 2010-03-10

I have taken our truck here at least 3 times so far in the past year. The first visit,everything was perfect, even the wait time was not bad.

The second visit kind of irritated me. I went for an oil and belt changes. I get a call to ask if I want the water pump serviced. I say I have to ask my husband first then I will call them back. What they didn't tell me is that if I didn't say yes at that immediate moment, it was going to cost double to service it because of the time and location of the pump. Needless to say I didn't OK the water pump servicing. When I went to pick up the truck, they forgot to put my check sheet on the dash. This was kind of important because we wanted to see how bad the breaks were, in case they needed to be changed. When I got home I called them back and the service rep who helped me said he would talk to the mechanic and find out where it went and call me back. He never did. I called him at least 2 more times, his response was he hadn't had a chance to get to my issue. I got frustrated and gave up.

Today I went in for a taillight replacement. I had bought one from a different location and tried to install it and cracked it. So I figured I would order it from Toyota and they would install it. What they didn't tell me was that it was going to be a $33 labor charge. The stupid light was already almost $200, the least they could do was include installation. Fortunately, because it took 1.5 hours to get the light installed and to get quotes on other parts, I lucked out and got the installation for free. I explained to the rep that I can by the exact same light for less than $60 and install it myself and the only reason I chose the dealership service department was because I thought the light would be installed for free. He shrugged me off and said that is how it is. OK, for over $100 more, I should get the stupid thing installed for free.

I had also mentioned to him about parts inside that were replaced under extended warranty, he said he never heard such a thing. I said I am having the same issues and would like to see if it was covered. Since the extended warranty was not purchased through this dealership, he changed the subject and seemed to ignore my concern.

I used to really like this service department, now I am not so sure. The staff is always polite, but only polite enough to where they can get you in and out of the service center without kicking and screaming.

Ramil M. | 2010-02-19

I went online to find out what the prices on the Oxygen(O2) sensors and how much mechanics usually charge to replace these things. It turns out that it's pretty cheap compared to the $800+ that they've charged me. I went to Bruce's Auto Service by Carroll Canyon at Mira Mesa. They gave me an estimate of both parts and labor at a reasonable price! The parts cost right around the price I saw on the internet. The labor is fixed. Not based on hourly rate. I left the car for a good 6 hours and the mechanics at the Bruce's Auto Service replaced the O2 sensor for $280+ with tax and everything! I would never ever ever come back to this Kearny Mesa dealership again.

Serena L. | 2010-02-09

I bought my Toyota 2010 Prius in last month for my 5,000 MILE maintainance and to fix this little problem I was having... a problem of the brake not working 100% of the time!

I drove my car to the service area, which works kind of like a drive through, where you inch up to the car in front of you and wait for a service employee to come by and help you. The system works well, which is why I gave the place 2 stars instead of 1. However, what happened next warrants many negative stars.

When I went in to say that my brake doesn't always work, the service employee looked at me as though I was CRAZY and 100% didn't believe me. I was persistent in telling him, there seriously is an issue but he sort of just kept giving me the "YEAH RIGHT, get yourself to a mental hospital hunny, cuz how can the brake not work?" Very unprofessional if you ask me.

He said to come in the next day so the technician could look at it when the manager was in so that manager could sign off.  Of course on day 2 the manager was there and the technician wasn't. I was frustrated that I had to take time off work yet AGAIN and that they weren't taking my situation seriously.

When I brought back the car for day 3, I showed him an article I found online just to explain the situation better. he automatically said, "that's not a legal document." Well, I didn't mean it as a legal document... just trying to clarify what my issue is. After that whole awkward situation,  the technician test drove the car, couldn't replicate the issue, the manager signed off saying they looked into it, and gave the car back to me with brake issue still intact.  All sorts of fail going on here.

Of course one week later what happens but the whole recall media craze concerning the Prius 2010 braking system. . Finally today they are officially recalling car for brake problems. Woot! I'm debating whether I want to go back to this location. I think yes cuz I kinda laugh in the guy's face.

April P. | 2009-11-21

They don't even get an extra star on how clean their facilities are.

I went with my cousin to have her car service for maintenance. Talked to someone who set up the service. Everything seemed to be fine. Until we got the car back after the service was completed. My cousin found a Burger King receipt on the floor of the front passenger seat. She never goes to Burger King. So apparently one of the technicians who was working on the car, took the car to Burger King for lunch while the car was being "serviced." We were pissed. We went back to KMT the next day to talk to the service writer about it. He told us that we were making a big deal out of nothing, that he was sure that the technician was doing a road test while getting some food for lunch. No big deal. The more my cousin tried to reason with him, the more upset she became. But when we talked to the service manager, he was very understanding and offered her next service for free. It was somewhat comforting but we both haven't been back to KMT for service again.

I will never come here to get my car serviced for maintenance until that service writer doesn't work there anymore. Jerk.

Will C. | 2009-11-01

I bought my Toyota Camry used from another dealership and started taking it here for service back in 1996. I know all the arguments about going to private garages instead of dealerships because they are more expensive but I have found over the years that the extra expense for going to this dealership for service is worth it.

All of the service managers are pretty good but I've built up a relationship with Pete Bennett. He has been fair, honest and forthright in his dealings with me. I honestly believe that what he tells me my car needs is accurate.  He's also told me when I could skip a recommended repair and has gone out of his way to get me in when I need to on short notice.

My car now has over 250,000 miles on it and still runs terrific. The servie has always been fast, honest and effective.

Matt R. | 2009-10-07

When they say "Certified Used" they are serious, they certified that the car is used. Yup, guaranteed used and abused.

Bought a used car here about 5 years ago. First off, their salesmen are unprofessional and use cheap, low-blow sales tactics. You know how everyone always says: 'they act like a used car salesman.' They must have gone to KM Toyota. The idiot salesman kept calling me by my dad's name, which is even funnier, because I was alone and he's never met my dad.

The sales tactics are what they are. I got through that part ok. The after sale is what really grinds my gears. About a month after I get my car, I notice the clear coat is starting to peel. For those of you who do not know: car dealerships repair any damage to their cars with the cheapest, easiest band-aid fixes to get them off the lot. They use cheap paint, inexperienced workers and cut corners. On my car, they repaired some sort of damage to the side, but didn't pull the weather stripping to paint. They just taped it off, which is why it peeled. Also funny, they were so quick to show me a car fax report that no damage had ever been REPORTED. Let me repeat that: they never reported the damage. The car was a previous rental from their own fleet. So in other words: someone damaged the car, the dealer never reported it and instead of going through insurance (because you better be damn sure they made the customer who damaged it, pay a deductible) they just did the work themselves. The work was crap, really bad. Worse than Maaco. I wouldn't take a toy red wagon to Maaco to have it painted. The color was incorrect (the shade totally doesn't match the surrounding areas.) They used a poor quality paint which has faded and the clear coat peeled right off.

So, after a month, I notice this paint problem. I contact the dealer. After about 30 phone transfers (because no one is really in charge over there) they agree to even LOOK at my car. They look at the car for about 10 seconds and say "oh yeah, we can fix that." Pretty rude, after about 30 mins on the phone just trying to get someone to agree to look at it. But, of course, I have to come back another day because "our paint guy is out today." Fine. I go back another day, and they surprisingly, even give me a rental, at no charge. They fix the paint and I get my car a few days later.

Everything seems fine. The car looks good (although the shade is still a bit off, but close enough.) Fast forward 3 years: in about a month's time, I notice the paint has gone from bad to worse. The clear coat looks bubbled and the shade is so far off that anyone who sees the car comments on it. Mind you: I bought a "Certified Used" car with warranty, because one of the line items guaranteed is something along the lines of 'no major paint or finish defects.' Don't quote me, but it's similar to that.

By now, I no longer live in the area. I contact the dealership and discuss it with them. They agree to once again, attempt to fix the problem. I take a day off from work, drive a couple hours to San Diego and show up at KM Toyota. They basically act like I'm making a big deal about nothing. They also refuse to give me a rental this time. Big deal. They also say it will be done in under a day. Seems odd for a paint job. Oh well. I get my car back several hours later. At this point, I've had the car for three years and my expectation of their obligation is pretty low. Boy did they fail. It looked like they waxed the spot. That's it. I argue with the manager who's resolution is basically "anytime you think it needs work, we're here, bring it back." Yes, I'll drive to San Diego for a free wax.

Two years later: that side of the car is complete crap. The clear coat is gone. The paint is practically down to the metal. When you see a car on the freeway with peeling faded paint, think "Kearny Mesa Toyota." I spent a lot more money to buy a "Certified Used" Toyota from a dealer, with the trust that I would get a better car. I like my car, and now I'm going to spend hundreds of dollars to get it painted professionally, so I can, at a minimum, sell it. I cannot imagine the cheap crap they used at KM Toyota to paint it. The paint shop I took it to (a reliable, professional place) couldn't believe how bad it looked.

What is the lesson to be learned here: buying a "Certified Used" car means one thing: it's used and they can certify that and only that. They used the cheapest paint in the world to try to bandage up a car that really needed a professional paint job. KM Toyota is a huge ripoff. I'm very sad that my car is in such poor shape. I would never, ever in a million years buy another car here, under any circumstances. The fact that they tried and failed three times to do a simple paint job, says a lot about their abilities. The fact that they tried to pull off that crappy paint job, three times, says even more about their integrity.

I tell all my friends about this place. Make no bones about it, they are terrible.

Jenni Y. | 2009-10-01

Tried to buy a RAV4 here once. TRIED. I translated for my mom but the guy was too focused on trying to rip off my mom thinking that just because English is her second language that she wouldn't understand. While translating he tells me to "Shut up, I'm trying to talk". WTF MAN?

The people here are really rude is all I have to say. I read some of the reviews and this guy said the same thing like in other reviews about being "able" to sell the car for the price on the sticker as is to anyone. We got the same car in the color we wanted for $5000 cheaper somewhere else.

G G. | 2009-09-22

Went here to test drive a Rav4. Asked to deal with Fleet manager, he came out shook my hand and handed me off to a sales guy who I ended up spending an hour with and who got pissed off when I didn't buy that day.  When the fleet manager finally told him to back off he walked away pissed off without even a good bye (what happen to the nice guy who tried to sucker me for the last hour?).  They basically said they could sell every Rav4 at full price so they were not offering any deals or fleet deals.  I told them I already had an offer from another dealer at $500 over invoice and suddenly they were offering to beat that deal (wtf?).  At that point I didn't trust anything the said.  too bad cause I probably would have bought the car if they were honest up front and didn't stick me with a sales guy trying to make his commission.  If you go here to test drive or buy be ready to play the game.

Wilmar D. | 2009-06-30

I bought my car at Longo Scion in El Monte, but since I live in San Diego, going to Longo for my complementary 5k and 10k services were not totally reasonable.  Instead, I took my Scion xB to Kearny Mesa Toyota.

The service isn't the fastest, but it's decent.  I do greatly appreciate the free wireless internet to make the time go by more quickly.  The lobby is also very clean.

I also appreciate the free car wash.  I mean, it's usually a given if you get serviced at a dealership, but it's still worth mentioning.  Plus, I'm not pressured to give them a tip since it feels more corporate and not like those places you go to have your car detailed.

But I guess I could mention that they do offer detail service.  It's really steep, though, at $150 for interior and exterior.  No thanks.

Additionally, I more recently went here planning to pay for my 15k service, but when I realized that it's 129 bucks, I turned it down and just went for a 30-dollar oil change and car wash.  I'll do those other services later and hopefully at a more cost-efficient location.

But 30 bucks for an oil change isn't the biggest deal of the century.  What makes it worth paying for (at least for me) is that I know that they're adding the recommended oil, replacing the filter with a Toyota filter, and they can be much quicker than cheaper places like Costco.  Plus, free car wash and free internet while you wait.  Painless.

Danielle L. | 2009-06-26

I hate doing "Car stuff" including oil changes, things with the tires, getting gas, or washing/vacuuming it.  Occasionally I will do these things because, well I have to, but I loathe doing it the entire time.  

I did not buy my Prius from this place, but I get it serviced here.  Whenever I have come here I am helped in a reasonable amount of time, and I am generally not waiting long.  The waited area is comfortable with overstuffed chairs, bring a book.  

I continue to go to this one because they have punch cards and your fourth oil change is "Free".  Yeah, ok.  I figured they would screw me on the free part because I only use full synthetic oil, I hopelessly thought since every visit I have had I have always used full synthetic that maybe they would be cool and do it all for free, but no.  It pissed me off, I mean I see both points to it, but still very uncool.  I will continue to go here regardless, just because at least half of my 4th visit is free.

dani c. | 2009-06-02

I just bought a 2006 scion xb from Pete on friday and it was one of the best experiences i've ever had! Everyone was super helpful and walked me through the whole process. With me being a first time car buyer, it was a little scary, but somehow it turned out seemless and pain-free. I would recommend Pete as a salesman to anyone! He was so easy going and really went above and beyond to answer any questions and not make me feel dumb. I got a decent trade in value for my 2000 civic and was happy overall with everything. I went in today to get my alarm put in and noticed I had a scrape on the front bumper already. I embarassingly did not know if I had bought it this way or had already done it myself! Pete took care of everything and now its being taken care of this week! I am so happy with this place that i have to recommend them to anyone who wants a great car and service! :)

Veronica A. | 2009-05-13

SERVICE SUCKS HERE....and i have no idea why I keep going back. I think its because I bought the car from here (which my sales guy was great). But the service is absolutely horrible! I actually just got an oil change last month and i waited in my car for over 15 minutes and I was the only car there!!!! There were 3 servicemen in their offices...and not one of them gave me eye contact to at least tell me to hold on. grrrrrr....the only nice guy that has EVER helped me was Shaun. He's good people...unfortunately I always get stuck with the older white guy who always looks like hes having a bad day! HMPH!

Another time I came for an oil change and the old dude asked if i wanted a free car wash..and i said yes..and when i got my car was still dirty! Don't tease me son!!!! ARRRGH!

Nikki K. | 2009-05-09

If I had to base this review on my first experience with KM Toyota, I'd only give them one star but Patty added 2 stars today when I took my car in. Flash back to April 2004 when my car still had that new car smell and was brand spankin' new. When I would drive with my window partially down it would rattle somethin' fierce. Since I bought the car at Costa Mesa Toyota, I took it to KM because it was close. The guy I dealt with went for a ride with me and told me the window rattle was normal. What? Do YOUR windows rattle?? No, probably not. He said they could take the door apart and see if something was loose but it was going to cost me. Um, no thanks. It's a brand new car, nothing should rattle. I take it back about a week later and get another guy who tells me the same thing! OK so now I'm going to have to deal with the rattling window I guess. I just had to learn exactly how much to open the window to avoid the rattle. In January of this year, what do I get in the mail from Toyota? A recall notice! Guess what it was for? C'mon guess! THE WINDOW BOLTS ON THE FRONT WINDOWS!!! Proof that just because I have a vagina, I'm not an idiot. I can tell when there's something wrong with a car (just like I know that my rotors are warped because the steering wheel shakes when I brake). I finally got around to taking my car in today (I know, I'm a procrastinator) and I ended up being helped by Patty. I brought my puppy with me and she was so nice to her and chatted with me while she looked for my recall info. She said I needed a couple things done to my car and would I like to make an appointment. Yeah yeah, my regular mechanic (at Superior Automotive) can do it for half the price but thanks anyway. One of the things was a drive belt that I admit could very well need replacing but I never believe them when they tell me some sort of fluid needs to be replaced. That's kind of a hard thing to prove. Patty was very nice and didn't push when I said I'd have to do the other stuff later. She was very nice and said to bring my puppy back when I came in again. I don't believe in taking your car to the dealership when you need something done but I'm sure I'll be back in when I need a part or get another recall. It was a satisfactory experience so I can't complain.

Jackie O. | 2009-03-31

My husband and I have both purchased our Scions from the Kearny Mesa dealership.  I cannot speak for the service of the TOYOTA salespeople because even though they are in the same building, Scion and Toyota are separate.  

All I have to say is, if you want a Scion, speak to Rich Manas at Kearny Mesa Toyota.  He is the man!!  He is SO knowledgeable and helpful.  I just traded my car in on Sunday and he was slammed because a salesman had called in sick.  He had to spin so many plates, helping us out as well as taking 2 other couples on test drives.  He was very informative and cool and just made the entire process smooth and easy.  

I have had to call him with questions regarding the car I traded in as far as canceling extended warranties, dealing with the loan and insurance, etc. and he has not only taken all my calls and been very gracious and helpful but has gone into great detail about what I need to do and what he's going to do to help me and that I can call him back with any questions I have.

I wish I could give him more than 5 stars!!  Oh and we were there for about 3+ hours and they make some pretty damn good burgers.  Yummy chips and drinks too while you wait :)

Thanks Rich!!!!!!!!!!!!

David J. | 2009-01-16

Kearny Mesa Toyota advertised a specific price on a vehicle in stock, which I was made aware of by the fleet manager. It was advertised for Sunday, but the fleet manager extended the offer to me in writing (by email) while I got a cash down payment and loan approval from my credit union. He also offered to add leather for a written agreed upon price. Within 38 hours, I had the cash downpayment and loan approval. I went to the dealer and accepted the fleet manager's offer. The vehicle was still on the lot and they took me for a test ride. The sales manager told my salesman that the offer I'd been given had expired on Sunday. I explained the written agreement to extend the offer and the leather price. The sales manager said the leather price was incorrect and it would be an additional $198 dollars. I said that wasn't the agreed price, but I'd accept the change. He said he'd have to call the GM about the other agreement. About 20 minutes later the sales manager said the offer would not be honored. He said the fleet manager did not follow protocol and did not get approval to make the offer. He acknowledged that the agreement had been made, because the sales manager checked the fleet manager's email. But, they still would not honor the written agreement. I took a day off work to make this deal and spent 5 hours on the lot with my wife and young child to have them refuse to honor a previously written agreement. They said they could make the deal if I paid an extra $1300 or so dollars. I explained that I felt the actions of their fleet manager was beyond my control, but a written agreement had been made. If nothing else, customer service would dictate their honoring this agreement. They said no and we left. We were stunned at this blatant rescinding of an offer by their fleet manager to a customer. I had purchased a new car from this lot before, and they were aware of that. Your word is who you are, but a written agreement is a contract. This falls within the "bait and switch" parameters, but at the very least, it was outrageous customer service. We remained shocked the whole 50 minute drive home and wondered how a dealership could treat customers in such a fashion. My biggest mistake was not researching in more detail the ratings of this dealership. There are poor ratings all over the internet.

Stevie J. | 2008-08-27

They promised me a car on delivery Sept 7th for $24, 000 on the phone. When I got there, the games began. I spoke with "Troy" on the phone who quoted a price for a Prius, I repeated his price, he confirmed it and asked me to come in immediately to leave a down payment. I did. I arrived within 15 minutes. Then, they made me sit in the sales area for 20-plus minutes. While I was there, I called other dealerships and got quotes.

Finally, a salesman comes out and gives me the routine that "Troy," the very same Troy who just asked me to rush over, is at lunch. He does the fake phone call to Troy and then the fake "let me check with my manager." The kicker was, nearly 25 minutes after waiting, the bait-and-switch guy gives me the price and it is $949 more than quoted by "Troy."

Do you think Troy doesn't know the sticker price? Do you think $949 sounds different on the phone than in the sales room? The sales manager, all the while, stood behind but watched the interaction, ready for the fake intervention.

We've all seen this tactic again and again. The worst part is them disrespecting my time by dragging me out on something they promised on the phone, but never intended. Why would they think anyone would want to get into a financial transaction that begins and ends with a lie? It totally destroys the Toyota brand and my question to them, Toyota of Kearney Mesa is:  Is it worth $949 to treat me this badly? It isn't to me. I left and will never return.

Stay as far away from this dealership as you possibly can.

C W. | 2008-08-20

Review of Service Repair - Just excellent. The truth is, even though franchise labor pricing is typically higher, I can't find a better deal because the price to fix the vehicle includes being treated fairly, not having to worry about being ripped off, and getting to work with some top notch Toyota experts.

I pay more now for the opportunity to know me and my car will be taken care of, my work will be done right, and in the end that's such a better deal than the headaches associated with the other Joe Smoe service centers (i.e. Convoy Auto Center).

Thanks Toyota of KM.  Ron W, you rock!!!

Mayer X. | 2008-07-21

I bought a car here years ago, and it was a good experience. The sales guys, the finance rep were great. So, +2 stars for that. Unfortunately the guys that sold me my car don't work there anymore. But I can comment on other salesman and experiences because I went to KM Toyota for my second car purchase too.

When I went to test drive a car, the salesman I had was constantly being yelled at by a co-worker. Totally humiliating for him. And, very uncool to do in front of customers. What a jerk.

The second time I went to test drive the car, I had to hear the same pitch and answer all the same questions I had the first time, because it was a different salesman. Not such a huge deal, but, after that conversation I asked him for some time alone to check out the car. He agreed. A minute later a stupid little junior salesman starts asking all the same stupid Sales 101 questions that the "senior" sales guy just asked me. When I explained this to him, he proceeded with his questioning. WTF, are you DEAF? Then this little junior salesman (I say little because he was about 5'1") starts getting pissy with me like he wants to start some shit. He looked like he'd been in a domestic dispute or two. He gives me that Robert DeNiro in Taxi Driver eyebrow - "You talkin to me?"

Needless to say, I didn't buy a car from the bastard. The senior sales guy was probably wondering what the hell happened to his sale. So -2 stars for the lack of integrity and poor experiences I got from these salesmen.

The service dept. has been hit or miss. Sometimes they're great - real quick. But on occasion, I've had to sit in my car for 20 minutes without any help (other than the useless clipboard hostess) only to drive off because no one even makes eye contact or gives a quick, "hey sorry, we're really backed up, be with you in a minute." Mike and Derek in the Service dept. are cool guys, but the overall inconsistency garners -1 star.

KMT used to be more professional, but they've sadly gone downhill in recent years.

Jay S. | 2008-06-07

***This rating is based on a P U R C H A S E experience NOT an oil change***

I understand that it is a customer's duty to be fully informed about the vehicle that they are purchasing, but I thought I would share with you all a story about how low salespeople at this dealership are willing to go to exploit people who may not be as informed as they should be.

My parents aren't stupid. We're talking about people with masters degrees and PhDs here. They're just far too trusting and, perhaps due to cultural differences, aren't used to the kind of sliminess you find in American car sales.

My parents recently purchased a car here for my younger sister. They've purchased two cars from this dealership before and, for whatever reason, trusted them. It was an emergency purchase, for reasons I won't get into here, but she needed a car immediately and one of my parents will be leaving the country shortly and they had to take care of this situation right away.

When I saw the car this weekend I was shocked. A Kia Sorrento? An SUV for a young girl with little money? With today's gas prices?

You don't need to know the whole story, just know this: The salesperson at Kearny Mesa Toyota, Deborah, looked my parents in the eye and told them that this Kia's fuel economy is 28 city/ 32 highway.

It's actually 14 city/ 18 highway.

If this one blatant lie is not enough to convince you that you don't need to be doing business with these people, I don't know what else you need to hear. (Feel free to message me if you'd like to hear the longer story about their lies regarding the car's warranty. They claimed the vehicle has no manufacturer's warranty so they could sell an extended one. It DOES still have a manufacturer's warranty.)

Was this an incredibly foolish rush decision on my parents' part? Of course. Does it change the fact these people are immoral and dishonest? Not in the slightest.

I wish I could give a lower rating.

*** Please go anywhere but here ***

Alex Z. | 2008-05-10

I was considering purchasing a new Toyota prius.  This was the first dealership I called.  I talked to a salesperson on the phone who was very professional and was very generous with his time, in spite of the fact that I was up front about not being sure that I even wanted a new car.  He figured out exactly what I wanted and gave me all the information I needed.  He was very professional, courteous, and there was no pressure of any sort.  He explained the whole process and made it seem very manageable.  At the end of the phone call I had decided that, if I chose to buy a new car, I would perhaps check out another dealership to compare, but if all checked out well, I would return here.

A few weeks later I got a phone call from the dealership.  It was a different salesperson.  He was pushier, and he did not make any effort to figure out what I wanted.  He told me a story that was completely inconsistent with what the first salesperson had told me; he made the process seem difficult and inconsistent with my needs, which he did not make any effort to assess.  He told me that when I came in, I should ask for him (he obviously wanted the commission).  I asked about the previous salesperson--he said that he was no longer working there.

I got a very bad feeling after the second phone call.  It's not possible that the information both salespeople gave me were true; someone had to be lying to me, or at least bending the truth.  Is it a coincidence that the person I got a very good feeling from is not working there any more?  I don't know.  Like I said, I don't really know this's just been one isolated experience, but it was enough to make me not want to deal with them again, and to share the experience with others on this site.

I called back later and talked to a salesman named Paul.  He gave me a quote above MSRP and when I told him they did not install cars without "dealer installed options", and was extremely rude, and actually hung up on me.  This place is full of real jerks.  A couple other dealerships have already given me quotes to get in line for a new Prius without requiring me to buy any dealer-installed options.

sally r. | 2008-05-05

I bought a used toyota here about 4 years ago and my husband bought a brand new corolla about 2 years ago.  Buying a car here and getting maintenance done is the best experience with a car dealership we have ever had.  This place is professional and you feel like they are serious about representing Toyota Corp.  Keep in mind that i am speaking in relative terms, other places seem sleazy and greedy in comparison.  I plan on buying again this year and this will definitely be the place I go back to.  I hope my luck with this dealership continues.

Your experience will vary because, lets face it, car dealerships are usually run by people (sales) that want to make a lot of money without working too hard

Ok, addendum to this post.  I just bought a brand new orange corolla and it was a decent experience.  We had to grind them down on the price a bit but I ended up getting a good deal.  Overall, dealing with them was still better than any other dealership I have dealt with.

Gerard R. | 2008-04-22

I just bought the 2008 xB and I couldn't of been more pleased with the service here!!!

If you go here, ask for Buddy Halili!!  Great to work with, professional and honest.  Went above and beyond most salesman I've encountered.  Easy to talk to and explained everything.  Did everything he could to help me out and then some!  Works with you and searches for all possibilities that works for you.  No haggling or pressure whatsoever!  I didn't even feel like I was dealing with a salesperson at all.

Would definitely recommend Kearny Mesa Scion and Buddy!

Jennifer M. | 2008-03-11

I agree with Sean B. about the poor customer service. My father went in to their dealership through a promotion that they were running, but also to look at their Toyota Sequoias, which my aunt had been eyeing to buy for some time. Not only was the promotion completely bogus, but when my father complained about their deceptive marketing practices he was basically told that there was nothing he could do about it, and asked to leave!

Luckily my dad was able to find a friendlier and more honest GMC dealer, and my aunt is now the proud owner of a brand new Yukon XL.

Dave V. | 2007-11-23

Because I once got my oil changed here, Kearny Mesa Toyota now repeatedly spams my cell phone with computer generated calls about sales events where I can get a free hot dog, or that I need another oil change, or that they want me to critique their service.  Don't go here for anything!  You can get your oil changed and then get your cell phone spammed for the rest of your life. B@st@rds!

Anybody who gives this place 5 stars is probably one of the owners. Here are my real life experiences with Kearny Mesa Toyota:

They do un-needed work.  My wife went here once and gave them instructions to give her car an alignment if her car needed it. As a result, she received an un-needed alignment, and when she complained, Sherry said it's something that you should get once every year anyway.  That's not something I've heard of.  You only need to get an alignment when your car is out of alignment.

Don't keep anything in your car that you can't afford to share with their employees.  The last time I was at Kearny Mesa Toyota, $8 in quarters was taken from my glove box.

Sean B. | 2007-10-29

I was considering a new Scion xB a few months ago, and as a 6'6 driver, realized that sitting behind the wheel of a car isn't really a matter of preference as much as a matter of possibility. There are some cars I simply don't fit in. My friend and I arrived at the dealership and walked throughout the showroom for about twenty minutes, and nobody greeted us or said a word to us. We walked outside and onto the lot. Twenty MORE minutes went by. Still nothing. I actually found one that was open and sat inside. Five more minutes. Walked back inside the showroom. Five more minutes. I approached the employee sitting at the tower and asked her if there was someone with whom I could speak about a Scion. She shrugged and said she thinks that there's only one salesperson there, and he's with someone. No apology. No "I'll call my manager and he can help you." Nothing. I said to my friend, loud enough to be overheard but not loud enough to be obnoxious about it, "Well, I guess we'll just head to the Ford dealership and go look at the Mustang now." Nobody approached us, followed us, intervened, again, nothing. Guess I know where I WON'T be taking my Toyota for service, or where I won't be buying a Scion anytime soon... Just terrible terrible customer service from the New Car Sales Department.

Erin V. | 2007-08-01

I haven't bought a car here - Yet!

I reeeeeally wanted to though.

The best part about that is that, I really couldn't buy it.  Apparently, the Saturn I have is barely worth anything as a trade-in.  Even though it is beautiful and only two years old.  I learned a lot about car trade in values from the guy who helped me.  The thing that really sold me about this Scion dealer besides the absolutely adorable new 2008 Scion xb is that the guy did not try to sell me anything.  He showed me all of the numbers on the screen as he did it.  There was none of this "oh wait, let me talk to my sales manager" or "i need to go run some numbers".  The numbers were right there on the screen.  He let me test drive the car before doing any of that, even though I told him I wasn't even sure I wanted it.  He was nice about it.  He was friendly, but I didn't have a mob on top of me the second I walked up to the lot either.  In fact, I had a chance to read the labels on three different cars before someone come to help me.  

The car itself seemed to be a great car for the price.  I definitely would have bought it if it weren't for the shitty trade-in value I would be given.

The guy (I'll have to look up his name and edit this later) explained everything to me, and the irony of this story is that I ended up trying to sell myself the car, and he ended up telling me to wait until I pay the other one off first.  He exhausted all of my possibilities, but it was with a good combination of things I asked for and things he thought would help me.  Not just things that would put money in his pocket.  

Although I didn't leave with this beauty today, I will be back when I pay my Saturn off in a couple of years.  I gained a new respect for this company and its way of doing business as well as its sales people (or at least the one I had), and I'm looking forward to someday having a car that holds its value at least as much as a car can be expected to.

Upon leaving the dealership, I took my other car home and gave it a bath.  That seemed to make it all better.  I guess I didn't really need a new car - the old one just needed a bath.

George C. | 2007-07-29

My wife wanted to test drive the new 08 scion xb since she saw it on the road and liked it.  So we both came down here to check it out.  I personally don't like it since it look like a box and wheels.  She wanted it for our dogs so they can take the back space area.  Drives and handles well but we didn't take it.  Customer service was really good, like how they told us the options we have in order to take the car.

John S. | 2007-07-11

update:  3-2010:  Avoid these losers or risk the health of your car!!

Ok the reason for this update to an old review is that I sold the Toyota Landcruiser mentioned in the rant below to my son.  I went to do an oil change on it and show him how to do one at the same time.

No one had touched the car since the oil change performed at Kearny Mesa, mentioned below.  It turns out that these clowns had:

1.  Stripped one of the cover bolts that attaches the oil filter access panel.

2.  Cross threaded the oil drain plug and ruined the threads on the oil pan.

This would explain why they "lost" my car for an hour, while the technician tried to band-aid his screw-up enough to get the car out the door.

I will never use this particular bunch of cretinous charlatans again.

update: 3-2008:  Be prepared for a mailing and automated phone spam barrage from these people, should you happen to give them your address and phone number!!!!

Original Review:

I am a former mechanic, so I have certain advantages in dealing with automobile service folks, now that I choose to do a lot less of my own car maintenance.

I finally reached my limit with the folks at Mossy (please see my review; the service just kept getting worse) so I thought I would test Kearny Mesa Toyota.  

Pluses:  They seem to do a high volume of work, so there might be the potential for some of the technicians to achieve moderate competency with some of Toyota's more popular offerings.  The service area is also clean and relatively orderly.

Cons:  These people are professionals; professionals at stripping customers of as much cash as possible at any encounter.  

You really need to read your owners manual for the correct service intervals, and know exactly what needs to be done at that interval (either time or mileage under harsh or moderate conditions.)  

The service writer, a relatively incompetent young sales lady, named Sherry, spent a great deal of effort with her shop foreman, trying to convince me of the many additional services that were required on my high mileage Land Cruiser.

I finally gave in to having the wiper blades replaced, since I knew they were about due, anyway.  Much to my (and their) chagrin, they came back after one of the hard sell sessions on tire rotation, brake fluid flushing, steering rack flushing, etc. to tell me that they did not actually have the wiper blades in stock that day!

We finally reached an agreement that they would only do what I asked them to do, which was change the oil (that I brought in since I prefer synthetic oils), the oil filter, and grease the drive shaft sliders.  This is pretty much a standard service on a TLC at 7,500 miles.  

begin rant mode:

The service took 50 minutes, then I was told my car was ready and would be brought out to me, if I waited in the seating area on the drive.  I waited another 20 minutes before returning to Sherry and asking "what gives?"  It turns out that they had temporarily "lost" my car.  

They were also unable to perform the "free" carwash, since they said that their machine damages cars with roof racks.  Must be one hell of a carwash!

Smart readers like you get the picture.  You can probably get reasonable quality service work done here, but you have to have your eyes wide open and know what you need.  Do not trust them to "take care of you."  They will maximize their profit margin at your expense.  Yes, they need to make a profit, but not through overselling unnecessary service at less than the manufacturer's intervals.  This tendency to hard sell unnecessary maintenance would keep me from trusting their word on diagnostic repairs.  It is far easier for a technician to swap out parts until a problem goes away, than it is to effectively diagnose problems.  Dealerships do not discourage this, since it usually drives the bill up and customers rarely can argue about the neccesity of a number of new components to solve a noise, a charging problem, or a "rough idle."

If you happen to get on their mailing list, you will see an interesting blurb on their coupons in exceptionally fine print with non-contrasting colors.  It says: " Kearney Mesa Toyota Maintenance Program, in most cases, Exceeds Manufacturers Recommendations."

Now I don't know about you, but I am willing to hazard a guess that a lawyer from United Auto Group Corporate Offices added that little ditty to justify and cover the collective rears on selling unnecessary maintenance.  

Many folks will over service their automobiles to get the warm feeling that they are doing something good for their car.  The reality is, you are just spending more money than is required, generating more hazardous waste than is necessary, and making a comissioned sales person (your friendly service writer) just a little happier.

end rant mode:

S K. | 2007-06-14

This is the worst experience I have ever had at a Toyota Service Department.

I was there to get a basic maintenance service done and the advisor kept pushing me to get the 5,000 miles special service done which included getting the tires rotated.  But I just stayed with my original plan and got the basic maintenance service.  So far so good right?

When I came to pick up my car, the "maintenance req'd" light was still flashing.  So I told my advisor about this and he gave me the most lame bs excuse  why that was still flashing.  He said, "It's because you did not get the service that would've rotated tires" and I said, "I've been to many Toyota Service Depts and they have always updated the mileage for the next maintenance service " and he went on saying, "Every dealer does it differently." And he started turning my engine on and off trying to fix it himself(remember he's only an advisor not a technician).  After multiple tries, he started digging through my stuff in the glove compartment looking for the manual.  I was so fed up with his insensitivity and ill-mannerism.  I immediately went to the supervisor of the service dept and explained my situation.  The supervisor said the mileage should've been updated and when he and I came out to my car, the advisor got the technician and got it fixed right away.

I felt very mistreated.  I felt like he was treating me as if I had no knowledge of my car because I am a woman.  I felt very insulted.

I am an extreme commuter, meaning I put on 800 miles every week.  I need to get the maintenance service done every other month.  When it comes to my car, I take it very seriously because I want to make sure that my car is safe to drive.

This advisor and Kearny Mesa Toyota dealer lost a customer who could've used their service every other month.  My hope is that they take customer service seriously and will not mistreat customers in the future.

Thea T. | 2007-04-30

Great car dealership for new Scions (don't know if they even have used- see below). It's in the same structure as the Toyota dealership, though they've got their own sales team. Rich is great to work with, as he's professional and very reasonable- willing to work with you to help finance the car you want.

Customer service is good too, and their extended warranty plan means I can bring my car in for most anything without major costs attached. If I need to leave my car in the shop for a while (even a few hours) they give out lender cars, which means you can grab some Korean food on Convoy or do your banking instead of waiting around the dealership.

FYI- When I bought my new Scion xA last summer, there was a three week-one month waiting list for the car! I don't know if it's still like that, but they were really good about keeping me updated on the order and the process of that. They say they're the highest volume Scion dealer in the San Diego area, and I got exactly the Scion I wanted, so if there's still a wait period for Scions, your best bet is this dealership over the others.

A general comment, and more to do with the Scion brand than with this dealership- what is up with the trendy pseudo-magazine Scion puts out with graf and 'underground' artists, tricked out cars, and video girls? I need a cheap small car because I'm a broke grad student, not because I want to pimp out my ride. Not that there's anything wrong with getting hyphy, but this marketing campaign is wack.

Vicky L. | 2006-12-06

This is probably the best and cleanest Toyota dealership I've ever step foot in. Their service department is AMAZING. Ask for SHERRY if you ever go in. They have a great buy 3 get one free oil change club and this is the only Toyota dealership I know of that gives you lender cars when your car is in there for service. It is by far the cleanest and brightest service center I have ever set foot in.