Kearny Mesa Subaru in San Diego, CA

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Kearny Mesa Subaru offers a comprehensive selection of Subaru products in San Diego. Whether you're interested in purchasing a new or pre-owned vehicle, receiving a price quote, ordering a part, or scheduling a service appointment, we are here for you! Kearny Mesa Subaru is proud to open its doors to San Diego and passing along the benefits of significant buying power to our customers in the form of everyday low pricing. This means that we remove the hassle factor, the wheeling and dealing from the equation and simply focus on helping you find the best car to meet your needs. In addition to assembling the best pre-owned vehicle selection in Southern California, we only offer used cars that have passed our rigorous inspection tests. Therefore, you can rest assured knowing that you are getting a great pre-owned vehicles. We always make our customers our #1 priority and we are committed to making your search for a new or used Subaru an enjoyable one.

Kearny Mesa Subaru

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(858) 278-7100
Address:4797 Convoy St, San Diego, CA, 92111
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Sunday: 10:00 am - 7:00 pm

Reviews on Kearny Mesa Subaru

Katie W. | 2015-04-22

Great work guys!!

Matthew K. | 2015-04-20

First off, this is in regards to a fleet vehicle, so I understand that the dealership has limited incentive to do much.  However, I get a new fleet vehicle every 3 years, this time it was 2, so I have these dealership experiences fairly often.

Through my fleet management I was notified that my vehicle had arrived at the dealership on the Tuesday before Easter, so I was fairly excited to get a new car before Easter!  I contacted the dealer to find out when I could take delivery of my car.  The Rep informed me he maybe saw paperwork and would check and get back to me, but did give me his direct number.  Friday rolled around and I had not heard from him yet, so I called.  He was not at work that day and not returning to work until Monday at 1pm.  This meant I would not get my car until Monday at best.  I called back on Monday shortly after 1pm to find out he still "didn't know where my car was, but would check".  About 30 minutes later he called back and said they have the car and would be able to do delivery the next day.  Sometime in the morning, I was able to schedule for noon, but was told not to be late as the person doing the paperwork would be gone by 12:30 or something like that.

On Tuesday I arrive a little early to the Subaru showroom.  I'm greeted by a guy sitting in the corner who paged my specific rep.  In the 20 minutes I waited it didn't seem like there were any other sales reps around, which is generally odd.  He finally arrives, brings me to the other building, where I do the paperwork with someone else.  He then brings me out to the car, gives me some paperwork, kinda checks the car over, checks my old car over, fills out paperwork for that car, then pretty much sends me on my way.

First thing I notice is the car is below empty and the fuel warning light is on, so the first thing I have to do with a brand new car is figure out where I'm getting gas.  Talk about Inconvenient!  Once home I find on the Window Sticker a Full Tank of Gas listed.

Another thing that may not seem like much, but in many new cars there are so many electronic gadgets, etc, there was no run down on how any of the electronics operates.  While most of it can be figured out fairly quickly by a tech savvy person, someone else might have a really hard time.

Two days later I stopped in to drop of the second key to my old vehicle, my rep was not there, so I was directed to a manager office, where they took the key but was treated very coldly, as if I was a bother.

While my experience may be different because this is a fleet vehicle and the dealership doesn't make much if any money on it I would certainly not recommend this dealership to anyone, unless they are just looking for the best price and they are able to give it to you.  Otherwise, I wouldn't expect much in the way of customer service.

Jeff H. | 2015-04-17

The overall purchasing experience was fairly smooth. I'm now 2 months into ownership of my 2015 WRX limited.  I worked with the Internet sales manager Brook for my purchase. As part of the purchase I was told I would get a complimentary oil change 2 months in "to take care of the metal shavings in the engine". After not receiving anything in the mail or email I contacted the dealer via email and I was told by Dan (the other internet sales manager) that the free oil change at 2k is only for Hyundai's. After exchanging several emails back and forth it was clear that they would not honor their offer during the purchase process. Honestly, this is not a huge deal as modern engines do not have as much of an issue of metal shavings as older engines did, but it's extremely disappointing to have been lied to by Brook. They could have easily righted their wrong by just changing my oil, but they did not. I'm disappointed in myself that I paid more for the full service package up to 36k miles but the good news is that in California you can go to any dealer to receive the service.

Casey L. | 2015-04-11

Faulty repairs & poor customer service
I've been going here to get my forester serviced for three years. The first couple were fine but service has steadily declined for about the last year. Some words that come to mind to describe my two most recent experiences with the Subaru service department folks at Kearny Mesa Hyundai Subaru are as follows: rude, unresponsive, unapologetic, incompetent, and they just don't seem to care - so, careless too. Two of the folks who've been there ever since my first service are still great as always, but everything around those two hard workers appears to be chaos. I will start driving to a less convenient Subaru dealer for service and repair and hopefully a better experience.

Jen B. | 2015-04-03

I did a lot of research before setting off to purchase a new car, which was helpful.  I worked with both Dan Mitchell and Chris Evans to purchase a 2015 Impreza sport.  Both men were extremely patient and easy to work with, I never felt pressured and appreciated the time they took to answer all my questions, especially because i wanted a specific color that they didn't have in stock.  To make a long story short, I was very happy with my experience, which was very different than the last time I bought a car.  Chris Evans even delivered the car to my house, as it arrived at the dealership after I had sold my other car.  He went above and beyond and I couldn't be more grateful!  Also, Joe (in finance) was extremely helpful even though I didn't finance through Subaru!  And, I love my new car, too!!

Vikas M. | 2015-04-02

First I contacted the dealership for a wheel alignment. The service manager informed me that he would call back and set up an appointment since the alignment machine was broken. I waited for a day and did not hear back. So I took the business elsewhere when though I had to drive 20miles for it.

Next I contacted them regarding some parts online by filling up a form. I left my contact information and a phone number. Guess what no reply.

Olivia M. | 2015-03-31

I bought a used car from this dealership about 3.5 months ago. Every experience with the dealership since I bought the car has been less than favorable.
The first strange thing was when we were signing the contract and they had talked me into getting the upgraded alarm system because, "it was already installed in the car," and other various reasons. After I was going to drive away with the car they said that I need to make an appointment to bring the car back to have the alarm installed which would "only take 1 hour." So I made the appointment and to be clear going to Kearny Mesa is not a quick trip for me, I live in South Park and work in Chula Vista. The next day or so when I went to my appointment (which was time I was taking off work) the service guy told me it was going to take 4-5 hours and that I can make myself comfortable in their waiting room. Only after I made a fuss and asked for it, they had someone at enterprise come pick me up to take me to get a rental car so I could go back to work. It was all very awkward.
The latest debacle was my transmission stopped working on my car one night when I was driving home from work after having the car for only 3 months. I had to have the car towed to Subaru from South Park and wait for them to open the next day and look at the car. I got a call from Subaru saying that I have to take the car over to the Mini Dealership and that they couldn't do anything about it.  Again I made a fuss and I guess they drove it over to the Mini Dealership (the car would run but it wouldn't go into third gear). I get a call from someone at the Mini Dealership and they are SO SO nice and accommodating. They fixed everything free of charge and apologized profusely (even though it wasn't even their problem). Meanwhile back at Subaru they told me that I would be reimbursed for a rental car so I rented one so I could get to work for the next couple of days.
Turns out later that that isn't true even though I had a voicemail from someone at Subaru saying that I would be reimbursed. So they told me there was nothing they could do so I asked to talk to a manager.... Which I never did. And it took MONTHS to get reimbursed by them after calling over and over.
Anyways long story short I wouldn't have bought my car here if I knew what kind of business they were running. Go to the BBB page and check them out first people.

Brian M. | 2015-03-24

Worked with Andy Pabon.  The only car salesmen we dealt with who didn't pressure us, hassle us, or bother us into purchasing a car.  We were looking for a SUV family car and were browsing around.  Andy was very informative, knew his subarus, and was mainly there as a person to answer our questions and show us the car.  He didn't give us the are we ready to buy this car off the lot spiel.  He didn't do the what can I do for you to drive away in a new car speech.  It was all on our terms, no pressure which me and my wife loved.  So if you want to check out a Subaru, do it with Andy.  We ended up buying a Subaru forester through him.

Andrew L. | 2015-03-23

Came by this morning, limped my car with a coolant leak to the dealer.  Catherine was extremely professional and attentive, much appreciated.  I got the quote to fix, which was expectedly higher than normal outside shop rates.  So I decided to tow my car home and perform the procedures myself.  I paid the diagnostic, and even though I didn't go through with the repair they were still extremely nice. They helped the tow truck guy load my car and off I went.

The service reps get an A+ from me!

Nicole C. | 2015-03-22

We just bought our 2015 Forester from Carlo, and the experience was better than I expected. He was a nice enough guy and we never felt like we were getting a hard sell. Although we did our research beforehand -- had an offer from another dealer, which this dealership matched, plus we got a decent amount for our 2007 Hyundai.  Yes, it did take 3.5 hours to purchase the car from start to finish (does not include test drive, which we did the Sunday before) but car buying is never a quick process.

We'll see what the service department is like. I will update my review accordingly once we do.

Becky M. | 2015-03-06

I bought a new  Graphite Grey 2013 Outback in January 2013.  In July 2014 I noticed the clear coat peeling off an area of my hood.  On further inspection, I found more areas on the roof of the car that had clear coat peeling off.  I keep this vehicle  immaculate, store it in the garage and it is not the vehicle I drive to work.  I am saying this because Colby Reed, Shop Foreman at Kearny Mesa Subaru stated that "the clear coat is peeling because bird poop landed on my car".  

I went into Subaru in August 2014 and asked for the manager but was instead assisted by Colby Reed the Shop Foreman .  After Colby made the bird poop statement I informed him about the online reviews for the Graphite Grey.  If you go online and look you will see multiple complaints about the color and the peeling clear coat.  Colby stated that "we have had problems with the grey and light blue", I believe he is referring to the Twilight Blue.  I noted to Colby that it was curious birds were only pooping on those two colors.  Colby then agreed to send me to Kearny Mesa Auto Body for an estimate, he stated that if the repairs were under $500, Subaru would not fight the repair bill.

Kearny Mesa Auto Body was wonderful, I was helped by Roy Martinez.  Roy informed me that they were doing allot of work on the Graphite Grey for the same clear coat problem.  My estimate totaled $1205.18.

I had to call Colby multiple times and leave messages he did not return until I was finally able to reach him in October 3rd.  I inquired about the progress in my claim for repairs, Colby said he did not have my estimate and said  "it could have just gotten lost, you know, the system of Subaru", he told me he would look into it further.  On November 17th Colby called and left a message that Subaru declined the paint request.

I am extremely disappointed in Subaru and how it has denied any responsibility for an issue that is clearly a manufacture issue.  If you look at my car and the care I take of it, along with the multiple online complaints about the color it is clear this is a Subaru issue, not a customer caused problem.  If I could give a negative rating I would.

Tri T. | 2015-03-04

Coming and find the great guy . Im buy the BRZ limited in this dealer and meet 2 guys . They so friendly and help me alot for find the good deal . If you want find the good car just ask Jimmy Saculles and Christopher C . Evans .

Brett H. | 2015-03-02

Kearny Mesa proved to me through the sale of my new Crosstrek that they are an honest business that is not represented by my one bad experience. They worked hard to get me what I needed and at a very reasonable price. I misjudged their conduct and their sales manager was tentative to every need. Thank you Chris Evans and Kearny Mesa Subaru. I recommend this dealership to everyone.

Elbert W. | 2015-02-26

Just bought a second Subaru from Kearney Mesa Subaru and I am very pleased with the deal I got on both cars. I also take my cars here for service which is always prompt and the staff is very friendly.  If you are in the market for a Subaru I highly recommend them. I've owned three subarus now and the first one we purchased from Frank Subaru, which was a horrible mistake. Not only did they rip me off, but the salesmen there even tried to bully me into trading my car in for a new one.

James A. | 2015-02-22

So much about the car-shopping dance is dealing with salesman. No surprise. But it's unfortunate that the majority of them make for such an agonizing experience while you sit there and listen to a biased, self righteous sermon that would make even the most radical politician seem indifferent.

For the first time in recent memory I was actually able to carry on a normal conversation with my salesman. In a word, it was refreshing. This is how you sell a car.

So Andy, thank you for not treating me like I stepped into a Subaru television commercial. Other salesmen.. take notes.

By the way, the WRX is amazing. GET IT.

Tia S. | 2015-02-11

Bought my first Suburu here. Getting my first oil change. Was told that it would be an hour and a half to an hour and 45 min. (On a Wednesday, early afternoon).  Ok, they're small, just happens to be busy, I'll wait... About 2 hours of waiting, I ask about my car. "About another half an hour. They haven't even pulled your car in yet." What?! How could they not even notify me? I'm sitting in their waiting room? He plays the blame game on "they" and acts like it's not his broblem. Never apologizes either. You are representing this company/ dealership and the other employees that work with you. Have the common sense to at least act like you care. John, you have horrible customer service and are rediculously rude. Wish I didn't have a contract with them.

C S. | 2015-02-05

On 2/01/2014 my mother and I purchased for her, a new loaded 2014 Subaru Forester at the tune of some $34,000.

I am OUTRAGED the Kearny Mesa Subaru Dealership finance mgr submitted 4 UNAUTHORIZED credit applications,  AFTER we stated it would be a CASH transaction.  He said it was their POLICY. I objected and was told not to be concerned as he would not proceed with any credit applications.  Big fat LIE!
After speaking to the very apologetic Dealership GM on more than one occasion,  I was assured the the issue would be resolved on their end.

To date all unauthorized applications/ inquiries remain on my credit report.

In addition, the home delivery did not include ANY information on the vehicle operation whatsoever. My mother, a senior is still quite frustrated not knowing the basic and numerous bells & whistle functions. To add insult to injury, the service department blows off her questions!   ZERO stars!

Kaustav A. | 2015-01-29

I wanted to post an update as I just received a phone call from John, the sales manager. He was extremely apologetic about the experience and he has made good on his staff's issues. Thank you John for taking the time out of your day to reach out. I have increased the review from 1-2, as I'm still jaded, but John did personally reach out to me and apologized. Thank you John.

Andrew C. | 2015-01-20

My wife and I had a great experience here, especially compared to other Subaru dealers in San Diego. Internet salesman Tim and I corresponded over email to nail down the purchase price on a 2014 Crosstrek, which was very good. We had a trade-in that we were looking for a particular number on, which the manager John matched with no hassle at all. Working with Andy at the dealership for paperwork was quick and easy, and after getting in around 12:30pm, they made the dealer trade and had our car ready to go by 5:30pm the same day. The whole process was very low-key, everyone was respectful and transparent, and we're very happy we decided on getting the Crosstrek from Kearny Mesa Subaru.

Matt S. | 2015-01-15

The only reason I give the second star is because I used to take my WRX there for Service and John has always been helpful.

However, when I went in to look at a Legacy, I talked to Ron and let him know what I was looking for. I told him I wanted to take one for a test drive (the one that I was standing next to). He said ok, he'd have to check the inventory to find one that I has what I want. I said fine, and when he finally came back, he said they didn't have anything on the lot and I should have made an appointment. I told him I just wanted to drive the one I was standing next to, but this was not making it through to him. Finally I left, with a baby that was getting cranky.

Worse yet, I came back a few weeks later when I had a bit more time. Ron was the only guy free to help me so I restarted the conversation. He couldn't remember the last time, and proceeded to go through the same "check inventory" steps. I finally cut him off and took him out to the SAME Legacy as before and said, I wanted to take it for a test drive. He said ok, took the stock number and my drivers license to make a copy. When he came back out, he had my license and copy but no keys. He asked that I go in to make sure this was the one I want (HELLO DENSE). When it finally clicked I just wanted to take this one out to see how it drove, he was getting ready to get the keys and turned around and said, "Oh my gosh, I'm sorry, but that guy that is walking towards us is back to buy a car from me right now, I can't help you. I really wish you made an appointment." ARE YOU KIDDING? Ditching me in the middle of "customer service" to help someone else? I asked if there was anyone else, and he said no but if I made an appointment he'd be sure to help me next time.

I took back my license copy, went back inside, asked if anyone that worked there could help me, and was in the car 2 minutes later on a test drive with another guy (I think his name was Zak, he was actually helpful) who was in there, but apparently Ron didn't want me talking to anyone else.

That guy pissed me off so much I'll buy elsewhere. He made it feel like a janky used car lot. It's a shame because I did like the new Legacy.

Carol N. | 2015-01-11

Service: Only got oil changes here but service is always courteous and prompt.

Car Buying: Salesman was straight forward, quoted me a great price on my 2014.  Trade in on my Honda was fair.  Finance was excruciating (as in took long time) as is normal with most car buying experiences.  The reason for 3 stars is the FIVE HARD credit pulls (from various car lenders) when I told them I only wanted one.  Another dealer wisely pulled my credit once (under their own company name) per my request on my 2015, and will get my future car buying business because the hard pulls really do ding the FICO..  These kind of hard pulls cannot be disputed on a credit report.  Despite what some online articles claim, FICO rules do not count the hard credit pulls for "shopping for loans" within a 24 hour period as only one pull.  Keep this in mind while shopping at Kearny Mesa Subaru if you want to seek a home loan or other lines of credit within 2 years.  While harping on this may not seem fair, keep in mind I was VERY ADAMANT that they only pull my credit once, so disregarding my request and not giving me the option to walk away was not appreciated.

Me .. | 2015-01-10

Where's the zero star option?!

Does anybody work here?

We came here one night to look at the WRX they had and not one person came out to help us.

You know where they were?! Inside watching a game. They saw us, stared at us and then ignored us.

My husband had to go inside to ask someone to help us.

Go to Frank Subaru instead!

Caroline S. | 2015-01-04

This dealership advertises it won't be undersold but that is a big fat lie. Elk Grove Subaru is offering $3500 off MSRP on 2015 Foresters. I contacted this dealership to see if they would match the offer and they said no. Apparently, they are willing to be undersold. Shame on this dealership for using false advertising. Time to road trip to Elk Grove.

Tori R. | 2015-01-04

I bought a Subaru Forester right before Thanksgiving, and it was the BEST car-buying experience I've ever had.  I usually liken car buying to root canals--painful, long and expensive.  But these guys were low pressure and listened what I wanted/needed.  Andy and Jon really took care of me (the guy in the financial office was awesome, too!).  I've had my car for almost 6 weeks now and I LOVE it!  The car is a safe, smooth ride, good on gas, and the price didn't break the bank.  I was a Toyota person before, but I have made it to the Subaru side.  I would highly recommend this dealership--great experience from start to finish!

Rachel H. | 2015-01-03

The sales guy Steve took us on one test drive knowing we wanted to drive two. Steve said he had customers and only took us on one. We go inside to get brochures for two of the cars we are looking at. See Steve watching the Carolina Panthers/Arizona Cardinals wildcard football game instead of with customers. There are supposedly out of brochures for both cars.

G G. | 2014-12-30

This place deserves zero stars.

I was talking to a salesman and ready to close the deal since our numbers were only $300 apart. I thought we could work something out.

Then, ALONZO BLOWE, the Internet Manager, came over and expressed his displeasure that I was getting quotes from other dealers and told me to leave.


How's that for customer service?

They act like they're doing you a huge favor just for allowing you to buy a car.

And if you show any indication that you're not stupid and will not be fleeced, they tell you to get the blank out.

Do yourself a favor and go to El Cajon Subaru or Frank Subaru. Anyone but Kearny Mesa.


I also made sure to tell Subaru of America about my experience. It gets logged into their dealer relations database and too many complaints about a dealership will get them in trouble.

Gary C. | 2014-12-29

Love our new Outback... Had some issues with their service department, but they're trying to improve that department. The jury is still out.

Danny W. | 2014-12-22

Learn to use your phones guys!  I understand if you're busy but don't send me to parts, put me on hold, send me to the front, send me to parts, front again, hold again, etc!  

Finally got a hold of parts, decided to do internet research at the same time.  Ended up having to make a decision of buying a $3 o ring online or a $500+ (just parts) power steering assembly and bracket for this notoriously faulty aspect of the engine for 2006 models.  Hoping I can throw the o-ring in there and +1 a thread on NASIOC.  Thanks but no thanks SOA!

Terry G. | 2014-12-22

We walked into the dealer Dec 13,2014 with enough money in our checking account to purchase a 2015 Subaru Outback Limited. Yes, cash.. We had done our homework.  We wanted to test drive one more time and intended on driving home a new car. We had been quoted by Dan M in October and through Dan M never called to see if there was any interest in the vehicle we reached out to him again when we were ready.  We called ahead of time to let Dan M know we were on our way in.  When we arrived Dan spent a little bit of time with us, we went on the test drive. We were ready to buy the car.  He says he was busy with another family and asked if he could get with us in a couple hours, could he call after he was finished? It has been 9 days we have not heard from him. If this dealership has no interest in selling you a car how interest much interest will they have when you have any issues? I would stay clear.

Ian L. | 2014-12-17

Nobody answers the phone so hard to rate.  They need to invest in sufficient staff to be able to SPEAK to potential customers.

Jeff K. | 2014-12-16

Don't buy from this dealership RUN as fast as you can from this place. Bought a 2014 wrx from them, sales guy lied about a couple of things sill bought. ONCE YOU SIGN THE CONTRACT THEY TREAT YOU LIKE A POS. There is no customer service after the purchase. Bought a lemon from them had nothing but problems with the car, was always in the shop for repairs. NO One Answers the phone or calls back, they screwed up the dmv paper work still getting noticed from dmv about trade in tags and insurance. Traded the car in now they want to drag their feet refunding and extended warranty purchased 2 to 3 months for them to process the paper work. GIVE YOU BUSINESS TO SOMEONE WHO CARES AFTER YOU BY THE CAR

Ashley N. | 2014-12-13

I just purchased my first new wrx sti I came in and didn't even make it to park and Andy was there ready to help me. He was very knowledgeable about the cars and knew exactly what he had in stock. I went to buy a used sti but after test driving the wrx then the used sti I saw it was a better investment to buy new considering they hold there value so well.  He got me a great price for my 2002 wrx and even got money off the new car I am very happy with the service and the car.

Darren S. | 2014-12-09

went to the Kearny Mesa Subaru lot this summer to see if they had any new 15 Outbacks out yet. Salesman (if you can call him that) came out and was rude the minute we asked about the 15's. Since we had a few months to wait for the release decided to drive one of the 14's on the lot however the rep was so rude we left.
upset by the whole experience, we decided to go back get his name and report him to the manager. when asked his name he gave us a fake one. The manager didn't really seem to care much either. whole experience left such a terrible taste in our mouths we almost opted not to purchase a Subaru. Good thing El Cajon Subaru stepped up to the plate. We highly recommend anyone in SD interested in a Subaru make the short drive to EC ... it's worth the drive.

Kt P. | 2014-12-08

I fell in love with Subaru after my experience here. I'm currently in my second lease with Kearny Mesa Subaru and I will continue to do business here in the future. The words "car dealership" can bring up bad feelings but this dealership will change that. They are easy to work with, fast and no pressure. I always get a maintenance package and its awesome! For pennies I get all my maintenance done and a never ending supply of free car washes! The staff is so friendly (they even remember my name!)
Highly recommend
The gal in the maintenance department will warm your heart and Andy as a sales man was great.

Ryan S. | 2014-12-02

I don't see why this place has low stars, but I have had great customer service every time I have come in. I just scheduled an appointment because my check tire light came on. Upon arrival I also needed an oil change, and have the air con checked. The thing is, I didn't have an appointment for these. I let the customer service rep. know and he said that wouldn't be a problem. I know in other dealerships I have had to reschedule. I am so glad we purchased from these guys. :)

T W. | 2014-12-01

Genuinely not shocked why this place has such a low reviews after my visit here for a simple service. I brought my brand new Subaru in for a oil change and aside from the long wait time, thing seemed to be okay as they offered to patch one of my tires for free. I could have easily done the oil change myself, but I wanted to attempt build some history with a dealership when it came to bigger jobs later on. I always ask for them to NOT wash my cars because most dealership do a horrid job of "washing" and usually end up with tons of scratches.

So I took my car home and left it in the garage so there was nothing that could have happened in meantime. Less than a week later, I went to go detail the car and immediately found a massive scratch across the hood and multiple spots that have been touched up. These were obviously not there before and it's not something that would have happen on the drive home since touch up paint doesn't magically appear. It was evident that during my 2.5-3hr oil change something happened and they tried to hide it.

When I brought the car back in to see if they'll make it right. I'm understanding when it comes to accidents, but there was the expected excuses and denial of any such thing happening at their dealership. Things like how the service wouldn't have had any chance for damage on the hood, a walk-around wouldn't have noticed the damage, or that the touch up looked professional. All nonsense since there was damage on the hood and that I did notice it considering the paint and bodywork on my car was completely flawless before. They were right about my not being able to prove it, but I'll always know and that's enough for me. Shame I trusted this place for something as simple as an oil change.

Bryant K. | 2014-12-01

Sales team: 1/5
Service team: 5/5

Sales :
My friend and I went to Kearny Mesa Subaru about a year and half ago. I was looking for a WRX and my friend was looking for a WRX STI. We had a good experience until the manager, Jon Cullum, came out and gave us this sarcastic attitude, making it very clear we were not welcome. We bought our cars elsewhere. Doing a quick search of yelp reviews I'm not the only one to have a bad experience with Mr Cullum, and if he still works there then that shows that whoever runs the sales team thinks this behavior is appropriate and disrespecting customers is a good long term strategy for Kearny Mesa Subaru. I have nothing more to say about that.

Anyhow, I'm writing this review to compliment the service team for their great work today. I use this Subaru for service because it's the closest. My WRX had a rattle, and I thought it would be difficult to diagnose as it could only be heard when the car was moving and at 2k rpm. I brought my car there expecting that nobody would be able to find it but somehow they did, and afterwards a technician sat in as I drove around to make sure I was happy with how the car was running. All covered under warranty.

If you drive a WRX, generally you love your car, you wave to other WRX drivers, you get angry when they don't wave back, you spend a little too much money on wax, you park next to other WRXs in the parking lot, and you're passive aggressive to anyone who drives an EVO. A rattle in my WRX is painful and now it's running rock solid again and for that I couldn't be happier.

Lastly, the car wash method when you get service seems to be a spinning curtain thing. Didn't look as bad as the spinning brushes of doom, but also not a careful hand wash.

S L. | 2014-11-22

Ron Holder was our sales consultant and was amazing. He is what car salesman should be. No pressure. No stress. No runaround. He is great! Ask for him if you go.

Jim G. | 2014-11-21

I purchased a 2015 Forester.  KMS could not find what I wanted within 500 miles and ordered from Subaru exactly what I wanted.  Took about 6 weeks.  No pressure to pick something on the lot.  Noah helped me with the purchase.  I chose KMS due to close location.  Thanks Noah!

Chotchot L. | 2014-11-03

If theres a 10 star rating here in Yelp, i would definitely give it to this dealership.

My husband always come here for service and they offer free carwash whenever we are near the area with no hassle, and I always come with him all the time. What i noticed they have the best customer service and the staff were really accommodating. Decent coffee vending machine too. They treated you as your family and they still offer it for free even my husband bought his BRZ in a different dealership.

Now when its about time for me to buy my own, its only Subaru that came to our mind and only in this specific dealership. And yes, we made the right decision. I bought the 2014 Subaru Crosstrek XV yesterday and it was Sal G. And manager Dave Stein who helped us all throughout the decision making all the way to the paperworks. They made sure that they were able to meet our needs and theirs without compromising our stretched budget.  And did I mention? We drove all the way back in San Diego just to purchase the car since we recently moved in LA and they are the only one who can provide us the one hella epic great deal.

Thank you so much for the experience! Keep up the good work guys!

Kelly T. | 2014-11-01

I drive 20 minutes out of my way to go to FRANK SUBARU!

I live about 10 minutes from Kearney Mesa Subaru and I drive all the way down to National City to go to Frank's. Here's why... Time and Nice people. I might drive 20 more minutes there, but my oil change/inspection AND car wash will only take an hour or so. Just an oil change took me 2+ at Kearney, both times I went there. And they didn't wash my car, it wasn't even offered as an option. Also, I had a dealership in Nothern California work on my Legacy while it was under warranty, they ended up not doing it right and by the time I noticed I was 3,000 miles over warranty. Kearney Mesa didn't quote me on how much it would cost to fix before they told me they wouldn't fix it because I was out of warranty. I understood that I was going to most likely have to out of pocket the expenses because I was in fact out of warranty. I asked a simple question and they instantly assumed I was asking them to fix it for free. I then went to Frank's at that point, everyone who works there was beyond helpful and nice. Like I said, I'll never go back to Kearney Mesa Subaru and I don't recommend anyone else go either.

Charles B. | 2014-11-01

From the start, I felt very welcome. Alonzo and Jimmy (Pineapple) were incredibly amazing!!! They helped me out so much with the purchase of a new car. I had some concerns about my credit and getting into a new car but they worked with me and were very flexible. They were able to get me into the exact car I wanted. It was a great car buying experience. I would recommend this dealer to everyone and ask for these guys to help you.

Amy M. | 2014-10-27

My 2015 Forester was due for its 12,000 mi service, so I scheduled a service appointment online. When I went in for my appointment, they let me know there was an issue with their online scheduler which allowed me to book a noon appointment even though they do not have technicians at that time. I let John know I had to be somewhere at 3pm, and he made a point to catch one of the technicians to work on my car before leaving for lunch. I was able to work from the dealership using their free wi-fi, and they finished my car by 1245pm. Great service

Clinton V. | 2014-10-25

Ask for Noah Ashton! You will not be disappointed.

Just a bit of background, this was my very first car purchase. Naturally, I was really excited and had many friends and family share me their experiences with car shopping before I came in to negotiate on my own terms. I came into the lot on a Saturday and it was super busy. Word of caution, go car shopping on a weekday or you may not be helped for a while. I had to ask for a sales rep to help me out, due to the high volume of customers, and luckily Noah was appointed to me. He's a very knowledgeable and chill guy. Gave me an estimated price for the new 2015 Wrx Sti out the door with the options I wanted. I was pleased with the pricing point, but they did not have it in stock. No worries, Noah ordered it for me and called me the day it came right off the truck. Granted it took 9 weeks to come in, it was definitely worth the wait.

In terms of financing, request Jimmy. He's a super nice guy and is willing to work with you on the financing. Word of advice, do some of your own research on auto loan APR's before coming in. This will better help you understand the specific rates that you can get, given the duration of the loan you may request. On a more relevant note, Jimmy was very patient and understanding. Do yourself a favor and request for his assistance. You won't regret it.

Overall, I had a very pleasant experience with my visits here; great staff and clean facility. Kearny Mesa Subaru is doing business right.

John P. | 2014-09-28

A classic car selling moment:  We were standing in a part of the lot that felt like we were standing in the middle of the desert because we felt we were so far away from the car that we wanted and we didn't even know what car that was going to be.  Literally tired from a long day of shopping at many different dealerships we were ready to go home. As we were walking a few steps back towards the car we came in Zafar knew just the right thing to say "All I'm doing is listening to what you are looking for.  Want to go look at the Forester?"  It was genuine, so even though the Forester was not on our list, it made us turn around and walk a hundred yards across the lot to go look at one final car for the day.  

From there, we saw no color we liked and Zafar even smoothly got us excited to walk another 50 yards to go find the 'white' color and along the way open our eyes to the Subaru!  Tired on a late Friday night, and we even did a test drive.

Zafar got us so excited we even stayed late that night and started running numbers.

His positive, genuine, and happy attitude really helped navigate us to make a decision that felt like it was our decision and not his.

Honest cars, honest people. Ask for Zafar, he's funny, listens to your needs, and great guy.

Courtney P. | 2014-09-23

It's a shame that this place was rude to my husband bc we could have come in and left with a car if they even tried to pretend they were interested in our business.  When he arrived on-site, he saw people were inside...they saw him, and nobody even came out to say hi.  I wouldn't doubt it was bc they stereotyped with his tattoos and thought he probably didn't have any money.  He actually had to go inside to ask for help and even then, they did not offer to let him test drive any cars nor tried to help him with pricing.  With our credit scores in the 800s and a Subaru trade-in with additional $5k available to put down, they did not even try to dig deeper into trying to write up options to interest us and provided vague answers to questions.  Most likely bc they stereotyped him from the start.  A pretty terrible first impression for a dealership if you make a customer feel like they are bothering you to get outside of your A/C'd office.  Last week we were at a Toyota dealership and they spent two hours trying to work a budget with us and expected Kearny Mesa Subaru to somewhat help the same way so we could see what we could afford.  However on the positive side, it helped us make our decision on buying a Tacoma instead since we were originally toying between the two.  So thanks for helping with that choice.

Nicholas D. | 2014-09-22

They have a machine that can do an alignment check in the drive. Pretty cool!

A. G. | 2014-09-20

I purchased my 2010 Forester XT from Subaru Santa Monica because my experience trying to buy the car from Kearny Mesa was not good.  Having said that, KMS is conveniently located for me to use for servicing my Forester and I used them for oil changes only......until yesterday that is.  I WILL NEVER RETURN TO THIS DEALERSHIP AGAIN!  

I arrived for my oil change appointment and was greeted by "Mike".  We went inside to write up the order.  For some reason, my service records could not be found in the computer.....even though I have been a customer for the last 4 years.  I was perplexed by this and said so.  Mike suggested that maybe I was wrong about which dealership I had been bringing my car to for the last 4 years!  HUH??!  I did not respond to this comment and asked if "John" was available.  (John-thick glasses, not friendly, but knowledgable)  John suggested Mike just write it up as a new order and quoted me $65 for an oil change and $40 for a tire rotation.  I offered a coupon from another dealer for a $40 oil change/tire rotation, which John has always honored, but not this time!

John was "up selling" full synthetic oil today.  I informed him that my 2010 turbo only requires a synthetic blend oil...which is much cheaper.....and which is what KMS has always put in my Forester, for $30.  John replied in a loud and rude manner...."I'll JUST PUT IN ANYTHING YOU WANT IN THE CAR" if I was wrong.  I started to get a really bad feeling and also worried about leaving my car with them.

Needless to say, I got in my car and drove away, after I told John and Mike that I would never return!

Today, I took my Subaru to Rancho Bernardo Oil Changer.  They were friendly and informative.  The owner has/had a Subaru WRX and he personally did my oil change using Mobil 1 synthetic blend.  I felt very comfortable leaving my car in good hands.  30 mins and $50 later, I was on my way.

Chitra G. | 2014-09-19

Was super happy with how they handled our car-woes after they were notified of it. We got a new salesperson Jill to come and deliver our car and are so super happy with it. If only we could have had this level of service all the way!

Jason M P. | 2014-08-26

If you need a Subaru in San Diego then you should go see Alex P. at Kearny Mesa Subaru.  My wife and I walked in on a Saturday night to look at Imprezas and test drive a couple.  Alex P. was available to help us out and he grabbed the keys to the car I wanted to test drive.  He was super knowledgable about the car and he answered any questions we had without being pushy.

We then talked price and I had done my homework and was planning on using the TrueCar price guarantee (Kearny Mesa is a TrueCar dealer.) Alex P. said the TrueCar price was going to be the lowest I would find and he could match that price.  Alex was super helpful and when we decided to think about it and come back he just handed me his card and told me to call him when I was ready to purchase.

We thought about it and I called him on his day off (the next day) to see if he could find me the color I wanted.  He went right to work and found me a gray Impreza in Santa Ana.  He worked for two days to get the car for me at the price we agreed.

Alex got me a fair deal on my trade-in, recommended Subaru's 0% financing (which I actually qualified for) and he even programmed my Bluetooth in my car before I drove it off the lot.

Alex P. went above and beyond to make sure I got the car I wanted and I couldn't be happier.

Super simple car buying experience and I'm glad I picked Kearny Mesa Subaru.

Tina C. | 2014-08-20


This place is a joke. My first experience with this dealership was about 2 years ago. I had an issue with the motor in my passenger side window and brought it in for repair as well as to get a detail. They fixed the window which is now broken again and the detail was subpar. I haven't had an opportunity to take my car into my trustworthy shop to get it accessed yet but I have a feeling it has to do with their half a** work ethic. My detail was disappointing to say the least. They left polish in every nook and cranny and broke my passenger side door handle. Are you kidding me? This is a 100+ dollar detail being done by professionals at a dealership and they leave greasy and gooey clumps of polish everywhere and fail to thoroughly clean it and to top it off they broke my door handle?  I get my car detailed 3-4x a year and have never been so disappointed. After this experience I vowed to never go back to this dealer again which is a bummer since their one of the few subaru dealers in San Diego county not to mention the closest to me.

Recently my boyfriend decided to purchase a subaru outback. I steered him away from Kearny Mesa and we ended up going up to Palm Springs to purchase a car. After a few hundred miles his clutch started acting up. There is a goodwill warranty on the car that says if anything goes wrong within 45 days of purchase subaru will replace it. Not wanting to damage the clutch or car my boyfriend chose to take it to the closest dealer which is, you guessed it, Kearny Mesa!

Tim, the guy in the service department who dealt with my boyfriend was a complete d***head. The first thing he did was give him 100 dollar bill for accessing the problem and then told him it would be an additional 900 dollars and that he would still have to pay for the clutch. Hey buddy! We bought the car less then two weeks ago, it's under subarus warranty!!!! They also never offered a loaner or rental car.

We contacted palms springs subaru and were told that they will be contacting Kearny Mesa and that the car will be fixed free of charge. The car was dropped off Monday, it's now Wednesday and Tim claims he hasn't heard from and can't get ahold of Palm Springs. So this morning I call Palm Springs to give them an earful and they told me they have contacted Kearny Mesa multiple times along with leaving them messages and when they heard back from Kearny Mesa  they said they were refusing to honor the warranty and weren't going to be doing the work.

So you're telling me that my car is at your shop and you're refusing to honor the warranty... Ok perfect, no shocker there since you're a horrible dealership but my question is why the heck haven't you called us and told us that yet and why is my car still sitting up there?

Our friends at Palm Springs are extremely disappointed with Kearny Mesa and have contacted Subaru to make them aware of what's going on at the Kearny Mesa dealership. They said if they continue to refuse help that they would come down personally, pick up the car and have it fixed, along with getting us a loaner vehicle by the end of the day.

At the end of the day these people are rude and inconsiderate. I would highly advise to never purchase, or service a vehicle here, they do not show any appreciation or care for the customer, all they car about is making a quick buck. Absolutely unbelievable, I have never in my life been so disappointed in a dealership especially when it comes to a name I stand behind which is subaru, at least someone is willing to make it right unfortunately it isn't this local dealership.

Jeffrey C. | 2014-08-16

Excellent service by Andy Pabon meant I was able to get in, find a car, and get out. Andy went beyond the call to give me all the help I needed, and I never once felt pressured or tricked. About a year on and my car runs great and there's been no nasty surprises. Will definitely be coming back if I need a new car!

Aaron C. | 2014-08-08

Just bought my new sti  here. Did most of the haggling on line and ended up getting what I wanted. Dealt with Von and David S. The amount of inventory at this dealer is crazy. Especially the amount of STI'S. .

Had to custom order my car and it arrived a week early. Car was perfect, I requested no wash or detail and no gas. I'm anal like that plus having experience in detail I wanted to really pour the work in myself.
Everything went smooth and fast the day I walked in to buy, including my trade in.
Now I can't wait for subaru to throw in a 2.5 liter direct injection twin scroll turbo sometime in the next few years.

Thanks Von and David!

Grant J. | 2014-07-20

The service department is excellent, very helpful both on the phone and in person.  Each time I take my STI in for a service they treat me like a 1st class customer.  Owning a Subaru has been great for the past 18 months, especially with the great customer service I receive at KM Subaru.

Angelica Z. | 2014-07-17

I have been meaning to write a review for a few weeks now. I went in to service and was in and out in no time. Cat was amazing. She was quick and friendly. I am definitely going back. Thank you Cat!

Nicholas S. | 2014-07-16

What do you look for when buying a car? its a lot of things but the main ones are...

Price, honesty and support.

First off, for Subaru there's a reason these guys at Kearny Mesa Subaru have more inventory than Carlsbad & Temecula and that's because they sell more!! My salesperson Dan never had to introduce me to a pushy sales manager. We both agreed on a reasonable price that the other Subaru dealers wouldn't even consider and we moved forward with the sale.

I did almost all my research online and when deciding what trim level I wanted and what accessories. Dan provided the pros & cons of both and his opinion and didn't try to push me into extra stuff that I wouldn't need. His honesty and knowledge about Subaru is what made me comfortable buying from him.

Support. Well when any business has your money, they immediately want to move on to the next sale and make more money. if you come back because of an issue/defect etc.. they tend to brush it off and tell you to basically... go away. Without getting into detail of what small problem I had with my new Subaru, I will tell you that they went above and beyond to make it right and had no hesitation to do so. You really don't find many places like this anymore. buy your car here. I went to 15 different dealerships (Subaru and others) and this is the only one I didn't get a pushy attitude from. Whether your looking or buying today, they treated you the same. They will get you the information you need and just ask that you come back when your ready.

My advice, drive in and ask for Dan Mitchell (Sales) if you are buying a new vehicle & if you have any issues ask for Shawn Jordan (Parts / Service). If your 110% honest with Shawn, he'll make sure that you don't leave until your 129% satisfied!

gary s. | 2014-06-01

I visited to buy a new gas cap for my car.  Before heading down, I checked the website to make sure the parts department was open on Sunday  The website says open Sunday 10am-7pm.  So I drove an hour to spend my money there.  Lo and behold, when I arrive, parts department is closed on Sunday.

This is basic retail 1A - have accurate hours of operations on your own damn website,

Kim S. | 2014-06-01

First of all, the service staff is very friendly and personable.  They have an okay lounge with WI-FI for waiting, and you will wait.  Every time I take my car in to be serviced, it seems to take at least a couple of hours longer than I think it will take.  Shuttles take forever to get you to work, or the rental takes forever to get.  They seem to do good work, but let's just say - Toyota was always much easier and quicker.  This is the one negative I have about buying a Subaru - the slow last century service you get.

Patrick S. | 2014-05-28

4 Reasons for the 1 star review based on new car sales, used car sales, and service pricing.

1. Looking to buy a 2012 Subaru in November 2011 the sales associate at the time told me the 2012's were not available yet (they only had 2011 models on the lot).  When I called the Carlsbad dealer they had several 2012's on hand.  Lying to sell what is on the lot instead of finding what the customer wants.

2. 30,000 mile service on my WRX was over $700.  According to consumer reports and other various websites a 30k service on a 2012 WRX should be $200 - 300.  Having said that the service staff is very friendly and helpful and the wait area is nice with free water and fruit.  This is the only reason I'd give this place a single star.  The $700 dollar price tag did include a $25 rental car for the day which is a nice touch.

3.  Recently went to this lot to view a used car.  I told the Subaru Manager Jon Cullum I'd like the out the door pricing before I went to view a couple of other cars.  Jon first refused to talk pricing stating it's a waste of time if I still want to look at other cars. In order to talk pricing I had to state that I would not return to this dealership unless I left with pricing.  Jon stated that buying a car is not about pricing, it's about finding the car you want.  After a bit of arguing Jon relucantly worked out the pricing.  He came across like an real A-hole in the process though.  I mentioned to Carlo, the sales guy I was working with, that it's too bad Jon came along because I am not willing to work with someone like that.  Carlo was very nice and friendly, I could definitely do business with him under different circumstances.

4.  Had a nail in the tire of my WRX and the service man stated it could not be fixed.  He wanted to sell me 4 new tires due to the AWD.  I went to discount tire who fixed the nail for free.

I will not give this dealership future service by choice.

Robin W. | 2014-04-07

Had a wonderful experience working with Kearney Mesa Subaru this weekend. I would give individual sales consultant Noah a 5 stars! He was EXTREMELY helpful, patient and knowledgeable about every Subaru on the lot. We recently purchased a Legacy and could not be happier. Went in a week before we purchased to test drive and look at various models and Noah helped us both times. He did not play the usual games of calling us everyday like some other dealers have done (and are still doing a week + later). I would highly recommend this dealership and ask for Noah! We also really appreciated the service provided by the Finance Dept from Lisa, she went out of her way to show us our financing options and try and find us the best deal.

Alex T. | 2014-04-04

These guys quoted me for a 30k service, it was so expensive I put it off.  I finally was ready to bring it in, and I read their reviews on yelp.  I'm standing in Frank Subaru instead and just paid HALF what these guys quoted me.  I thought Subaru dictated the prices on services, boy was I wrong.

Cathy B. | 2014-03-30

Jon C, sales manager, read our review and immediately responded.  Because everyone deserves to make things right, we called and made an appointment to test drive an Outback.  Dan (internet sales) was great.  We drove two outbacks, and he answered all of our questions.  It is a really nice vehicle, and today was a really good experience.  We are still deciding on which car to buy, but if it ends up being the Outback, we will definitely go back to KM Subaru - and straight to Dan!

Lolita P. | 2014-03-23

I recently purchased a Subaru Forester with Mr. Andy Pabon as the sales person.  He entertained us right away even though he was busy with other customers.  He made sure that I get the color of the car that I want because it was not available at that time.  I love my Forester!  Thanks Andy.

Eddie K. | 2014-03-19

This was an extremely pleasant car buying experience.  There was no pressure to purchase at any time which I find an immediate turn off when I arrive at a dealership.  I was looking for a 2014 WRX STI hatch which are slowly starting to dwindle due to the 2015 model release only in a sedan.  While I had to go with my second color choice, I am grateful for the effort my salesman, Mr. Alonzo Blowe, put in to acquire the vehicle which was a dealer trade.  If you are shopping new or used, I highly recommend Mr. Blowe if you are looking to deal with a friendly and down to earth professional.  I'd also like to thank Mr. Billy Williams in finance who was extremely organized, professional, and worked out my contract in a timely manner.  All in all I would say this experience purchasing a car from Kearny Mesa Subaru and particularly working with Mr. Blowe and Mr. Williams would be hard to beat.  Top notch service for a great product that turns heads and I cannot thank them enough.

Couple O'Critics A. | 2014-03-16

Many weeks of car shopping came to an end yesterday!  Hours online, many test drives, and quite a few salespeople.  We skipped our local dealer in Carlsbad in favor of a trip to Kearny Mesa Subaru.  The dealership was BUSY!  Our salesman Noah stepped forward with a wealth of information and no pushy sales tactics.  We started at about 4pm and ended at 8:30pm and we brought our 19 month old daughter for the journey.  We could not be more pleased with our buying decision (Outback 2.5 Limited), the negotiated price, and terms.  The finance guy was even nice after his 30th car sale with one more to go!

Thank you Kearny Mesa for a pleasurable buying experience!  We'll be back for all our service and looking forward to more great interactions.

Marquessa J. | 2014-03-08

Andy helped us get a great, reasonable deal in persuading us to get the Subaru BRZ instead of the Toyota FRS. We were impressed that he understood our expectations and was reasonable to meet us halfway without being pushy. When we got the deal he also made sure that we were taken cared of. Even after we already bought the car, he made sure to teach us the functions and features of the touch screen so that we don't have to spend a lot of time reading the manual. We left very satisfied and even recommended some of our friends who want the same car to look for him and maybe after 3 years we may want a new car again so we know who to look for. I hope he enjoys his vacation soon he deserves it.

Shannon R. | 2014-02-26

I have to say that all around my experience with Kearny Mesa Subaru was a great one! I had recently had some troubles with my truck and decided that it was time to trade her in. I had already researched the Subaru Crosstrek and went in to test drive and see how I liked it in person. When I got to the dealership I was greeted by Andy. He not only took me for a test drive, but was very informative and friendly throughout the day and I will admit, although I knew what I wanted he was a huge help when it came to my indecisiveness when with detail. He walked me through the options and helped me to figure what would be the best fit for me (not what would be the highest commission for him).  Although I wasn't planning on necessarily buying the car that day-I did... and the best part about it was that it was MY decision. Andy was by no means pushy, but made me more comfortable with making an informed decision.

I was a little concerned about payment and pricing so it was a relief to work with (I can't remember his name :(...sorry), but I know his nickname was Pineapple. Pine was so helpful with walking me through the financial process-between the trade in and getting affordable payments I was a bit nervous, but he worked and reworked the numbers to make my choice affordable. I honestly doubt that I would have been able to afford everything I got if he hadn't been such a great help.

Even after the fact they were very diligent to make sure my alarm (which they were not getting anything extra from me) was installed with in the next few days. I also received a very nice follow up phone call from management (Dave) to ensure that my experience was a good one. I'm a big fan of a company that follows up and is concerned for the customers experience.
Love my new Subaru! :)

Chris R. | 2014-02-20

I purchased a new Subaru forester at Kearney Mesa Subaru and found the experience to be fine and pretty smooth especially because they were very busy on presidents day weekend.

I worked with Sal  Gochez and sales manager john cullum.

I would recommend the dealership to anyone.

Jake M. | 2014-02-20

Get your best quote on line from Dan Mitchell, Internet Sales Manager and go into the dealership and take care of the rest. I was in the last day of the month. The staff was busy and everything went smoothly. I arrived two hours late for my appointment, no problem, Brook Govan worked me in.

Anh T. | 2014-02-19

I was looking for a car and i met Andy , he is so nice saleman. He helped me a lot and introduced about which one is good for me . I was so appreciated. Finally , i got a car. New Elentra limited. So nice ! And actually i chose the red one but my dad didnt wanr it so we went to dealer and asked him to change the color for us. I thought he will be angry but no. He was so kind and helped us to find another car . when everything was finish. He showed me how to use that car so clearly and nicely. Im so gratefull about it. This is a first time i buy car , and so lucky to met Andy.. !! Thank you for all your help .

Mark A. | 2014-02-11

I am only giving this Subaru service center 2 stars because the service staff is personable and the waiting area is stocked with coffee, water and fruit.  Thank you.

I have owned Toyota, Hondas, Nissans, and now a Subaru and have had a lot of experience with each of those brand's service centers and have never had the experience that I have been having with Kearny Mesa Subaru as I have had in the last 15+ years of car ownership.

I have had to wait 2-3 hours or sometimes an entire business day for a simple oil changes and "minor maintenance" (tire rotation, fluid check, etc).

A few weeks ago, my check engine light went off and I hesitantly took my Outback in to KM Subaru to have it checked out and to have an oil change done while I was there.

2.5 hours later, the oil change was done and my check engine light was caused by a faulty fuel sensor which need to be ordered.

One week later, I returned to have the fuel sensor replaced and after an entire day of waiting for my car, and after being told that they would "do their best to have it done by noon", I got a call from the service center telling me that they did not receive one of the part required to fix the problem so I would have to wait another week.  When I picked up my car, I found a grease spot on the driver side rear door and a dent to match.  I wiped the grease off and let it slide as the dent wasn't too noticeable.

The following week (yesterday, 2/10/2014), I brought my car in for the "final" repair for the fuel sensor.  They gave me a loaner car which was great and again I was told that they would try their best to get it ready around noon.  The car was finally ready to be picked up at 4pm so I drove to the dealership, accepted apologies for "taking so long" and went on my merry way.  Upon reaching for my door handle I noticed a thin 5 inch line going across my driver side door!  Another door ding!

One of the service reps comes out and tries to rub it out with spit and I am completely furious because now he rubs off the proof of this damage.

To make this long story short, the service manager walks out and basically tells me that it could have happened anywhere and although they won't take responsibility for it, that they'll have someone come out to fix it.  I was completely insulted his comment.

This is by far, the WORST Subaru service center in all of San Diego.  I am not the only one who has complained about the long wait and sub-par service and I am sure that I will not be the last.

Martin C. | 2014-02-01

This is for Shaun or Dave at KM Subaru in response to your telling me to call you 3 months after my Yelp post and 8 months after my repair. My response is that KM Subaru has my phone number and has not made 1 attempt to rectify this situation other than your telling me to call you. You guys (KM Subaru) just don't get it. Sorry but here is a news flash "customers don't call you to correct your mistakes 8 months after the fact. They stop doing business with you". Hey KM Subaru...... you may have stolen a couple hundred bucks from me in the past but you will never make thousands that you could have made in legitimate profits from me in future repair work or a new vehicle sale.

Chad S. | 2014-01-30

Dave, don't bother reaching out. Seems like 99% of your comments on these reviews are apologies. Something is really flawed in your place of business and I will no longer be doing business/service involving my vehicle. Have a great day!

ER R. | 2014-01-27

Car shopping has begun! Went to test drive a few new Subaru's. Phil, the salesman, was very nice and helpful (5 stars for Phil). The sales manager on the, such a disappointment. Completely rude and "typical slimy salesman". If this is who I would have to go through to buy a car at this dealership I'll look elsewhere. Too bad.

Kat Y. | 2014-01-24

I came here for a walk-in oil change which somehow took 2.5 hours. I'll give them the BOTD and say maybe there were a lot of customers. Fine.

Right after I left and got on the 52 west freeway, I started hearing a whistling noise. It didn't sound dangerous and I was busy. For the next week, the whistling noise continued especially on the freeway. I took it in again because who knows, maybe this place screwed something up while doing my oil change.

I described my problem, and the guy said it was probably something else and not related to the oil change, and quoted me $105 to fix it. They told me it was my driveshaft causing the problem. They lubed up the area as a temporary fix and quoted me about $1400 for parts and labor to replace the driveshaft. I got charged $52.50 (half the quote) for an estimate because the lady "felt bad" that she even had to charge me at all, but said it just took the mechanics so long to find the problem. (There were many other people in front of me, and it took ~3 hours from the time I gave them my keys to the time they told me the problem. I highly doubt they spent anywhere close to 3 hours to figure it out.) But since they put a temporary fix on it with lube/oil, the problem shouldn't come back anytime soon.

Ok, got back on the 52 west freeway. Bam, whistling noise again. Drove home, talked to mechanic friends who thought it was highly unlikely it was a driveshaft problem.

TL;DR. This place wants to charge me $1400 to fix something that isn't likely to be the problem. They gave me a "temporary fix" based on their diagnosis and it fixed nothing.

Mike L. | 2013-12-24

Service Department is very good.  Had been going to an independent shop in the area until they screwed up, and I found out the dealer was actual less expensive and more thorough.  These guys have had several opportunities to ripe me off, but they haven't.  Cathy is my service rep, John has helped me too), both have been great to deal with and have gone the extra mile, and have not tried to up sell me.

Partha M. | 2013-12-22

I would like to provide a counterpoint to any negative ratings regarding the service department. I believe that these rating tend to be skewed because people are more motivated to write about their negative experience.

My experience was quite positive, for both this service department and Subaru in general. I bought a 2013 Impreza that had only 600 miles on it when I accidentally ran over a big metal object that was lying on the road at night. My tire was immediately gashed and I was afraid of major damage to my new car.

I took it in to this dealer since it is closest to where I work, and was hooked up with Catherine as my service manager.  I was pleasantly surprise when they identified that the tire was covered under the road hazard warranty, and was replaced free of charge. The accident threw off my alignment, but they provided me a discounted price of $99, and also provided me a loaner for the evening as they could not get to the service they brought it in. They were able to finish the service the next morning.

I was happy with Kerny Mesa Subaru for their work, and extremely happy with Subaru for the road warranty that covered the tire as well as the their build quality that prevented major damage to the car. I would certainly recommend both to my friends.

Note: My Subaru was actually purchased from Bob Baker Subaru in Carlsbad, who I also had a very good experience with. Go Subaru!!!!

Lo D. | 2013-12-21

This place has the WORST service department ever.... We bought an outback here in 2010 and have always dreaded homing in for service.   We do like the car but I am not getting another Subaru after this experience. Buyers be aware you will be miserable.... we certainly were... I mean for example you get an oil change and they want to charge you 50 dollars to look at break pads??? You don't need to take the tire off to do this just look at it!  What a rip off and one of the guys in there particularly his name starts with a "D" for?..... ha.. yeah you will know if you go.  Good luck and shop somewhere else!!

Peter H. | 2013-12-19

Made an appointment for a oil change at 815am. Got done 2hrs later, no complaints it's a dealership. They did give me a free detail valued at $130 or so dollars, which I'm happy for.

John R. | 2013-12-18

Use great caution before trading in a vehicle at Kearny Mesa Subaru. I recently purchased a vehicle from them and traded in my former car. Apparently they didn't file the proper paperwork with the DMV and now I am receiving past-due notices for the vehicle registration of my trade-in. If that wasn't bad enough, the person they sold my trade-in to got a parking ticket which I received since the title never transferred properly!!!

I tried calling and calling their finance dept. which handles title and registration but I get the same recorded message and no returned calls. Kearny Mesa Subaru is VERY unresponsive after the deal is done. BEWARE!

Helen C. | 2013-12-13

We started looking for a new car in August, we looked at every brand.  I did a lot of research & narrowed our choices down to three cars.  Two of which were Subaru's,  we where in Kearney Mesa one day & decided to test drive the cars we were thinking about.  I called first to ask about a promotional deal I had seen & spoke to Carlo.  We met him at the lot & he immediately took us to the cars we had spoke about on the phone.  I will say that Carlo was pleasant, knowledgeable & not pushy!!!  We did not purchase a car that day but liked the way Carlo conducted business & assured him when we were ready we would buy the car from him.  A month later we called Carlo & set an appointment to look at the cars again.  I was honest & communicated my concerns after reading yelp reviews about this dealership.  He explained that they had revamped things their and the "rude" finance person no longer worked their.  He also assured me that we would have nothing but excellent service.  And guess what?  We have!  We purchased the car we ultimately loved!  And everything went smooth & professionally handled.  I would recommend Carlo to anyone in the market for a new car!  We love the car and believe me we compared & researched cars thoroughly!  We have received a call since our purchase to make sure we are happy, I mentioned a tiny concern, not 5 minutes later the service department called me to set up a time for them to take care of my concern.   Do your homework on prices & promotions, etc.  Then give this dealership a chance to redeem themselves as we did!  And I would ask for Carlo if I were you...  =)

P.S.  I have purchased or leased 7 brand new cars in my lifetime so this isn't my first experience at this.

Casey R. | 2013-12-06

Wow, this place is getting hammered in the latest reviews.  I did a quick scan of them, and it seems experiences are completely tied to who you're working with.  So, if you want to buy a car from Kearny Mesa Subaru and want to have a positive experience, read on.

I first visited Kearny Mesa Subaru in the middle of November 2013.  My wife and I decided it was time to sell our old VW and try out a new Subaru.  The salesman we began working with was older and friendly but not overly knowledgeable about the Crosstreks & Imprezas.  Perhaps we were asking too many technical questions about packages & options, I don't know.  Anyway, we weren't going to actually buy a car that day, but I did want to get an idea of costs.  I was curious to know how firm they were on the MSRP and what their financing rates were so we went inside to run some numbers.  As soon as he pulled out the four-square-boxes piece of paper I knew he wasn't our guy.

After leaving the dealership that day, we were fairly certain we were going to buy an Impreza wagon though we weren't sure it would be from Kearny Mesa Subaru.  We went home, lined up financing (SDCCU) and searched all dealerships in a 150mi radius online for 2014 Subaru Impreza wagons so we knew which dealerships had what inventory.  In doing so, it turned out that KM Subaru has the largest inventory of Outbacks & Imprezas.  I think Carlsbad or El Cajon was second.  Armed with the VIN #s, we went back a week later.  It was at that time that we were introduced to Brian Brown.

Brian is the complete opposite of a car salesman.  Genuine, easy going, and just a great guy to conversate with.  He's got a formal background in horticulture and was a park ranger in the Pacific Northwest - like I said, the complete opposite of what you would expect from a car salesman.

We explained what we were looking for and within minutes, he was running all over the lot trying to find the cars that we had looked up online.  One of them was double parked way back in the lot and when we expressed interest in wanting to drive that exact car he immediately hustled to find the keys, move the other cars, and so on.  We did a nice long test drive up the 5 freeway - even swapped drivers so both my wife & I could get a chance to drive.  He continued to go above and beyond the entire time we were with him.  He was completely professional and extremely knowledgeable in just about every area that we inquired - and we had a ton of questions.  And when he didn't know the answer, he went and found the person that did.  Not once did he shrug off a question or try and guess at something - which is so common these days among average salesman!  Needless to say, this guy is way beyond average and Kearny Mesa Subaru is lucky to have him.

He never brought up numbers or next steps - we simply left the dealership that day saying we'll be in touch.  We ended up deciding that night on a car with a certain package/options that was only in-stock at Subaru Carlsbad (white exterior, dark interior, moon roof, no navigation).  And even though we could have easily gone to Subaru Carlsbad to make the purchase - I instead called Brian, told him the situation, and just said we wanted him to have the business.  Fast forward to the next morning, he had the car for us at Kearny Mesa.  We took care of negotiating a price - below MSRP, excellent financing (better than the credit union), he threw in a few extras like roof racks, and then dropped the price some more to finally seal the deal.  WOW.  Never before have I had a car buying experience go so well.

Next up was the financing office where we met with Jimmy.  It was lunchtime and we were hungry right before going to meet with him, so I said "hey man, I think we're going to go grab a bite and we'll be back in like 45min".  He was like "Cool - go, relax!".  The manager looked a little worried when Jimmy said that since they had already brought the car down from Carlsbad (don't deny it Dave S., you were nervous we were leaving, hehe).  That was pretty classic.  Anyway, I think folks are intimidated when they go in to work out the financing.  For us we knew we didn't want 90% of the stuff that was being offered and Jimmy never pushed anything.  We never felt uncomfortable, and in the end he was able to drop our rate even lower (1.5%) to get our payments right where we wanted them (under $300/month).  After being at the dealership most of the day, the last thing you want is to spend a lot of time in the finance office or feel like you are being pressured to buy something else.  We were in and out quickly, and Jimmy had all of the docs lined up and ready to go.  What more could you ask for.  Thx man.

Needless to say, given my experience and the other experiences below - it all about who you work with at this dealership.  If you're going to Kearny Mesa Subaru/ Hyundai - ask for Brian Brown.  Even if you don't end up buying a car, you will not regret meeting such a genuine person.

Brian M. | 2013-11-25

This place is the biggest scam you will EVER  find. The front service desk guy(John), is the rudest scammer you'll meet. I actually wrote a decent review the first time I went here and them I got to see the real colors of this place. Talk about your classic chop shop that will bleed you for any money you have. They broke my front hood when they wernt paying attention on the lift and dented it in a few places and tried to give it back and not say anything to see if we noticed, oh we noticed alright. What kind of company/dealership does that? They are basically criminals.


We are going to sell the Subaru because we don't want to be associated with how horrible this place was. They will lie to you over and over again. Seriously, do yourself a favor and avoid this place at ALL COSTS.

Sean M. | 2013-11-22

I recently purchased a car there (2012 WRX STI) and I'm so disappointed. Everything about it felt wrong and wish I would have listened to my gut. The sales guy was nice enough, he was their top sales guy, I'd later find out why (skip to the second paragraph)

The finance guy tried to screw me. Went through hell straightening that out including the finance guy blatantly lying and hanging up the phone. Luckily we recorded the conversation. We had to drive back down for them to come right on that.

The day after buying the car I was admiring what my hard work had got me and noticed the car was dirty inside. Coffee stains on the plastic like they just hadn't wiped it down. Petty right...? It gets better. I found some significant damage in multiple places on the exterior of the car that had been covered up. When raising the issue their reply was it's my problem and there's nothing they could do about it because I didn't purchase a $500 cancellation contract. Now why the hell would I need that...? Now I know.

I wanted to wait a while before writing my review so it would be a fair assessment of  and I'm glad I did. Lately I've been getting blasted with email spam and swarms of direct marketing calls. I haven't done any other transaction and I never get this kind of attention so I went through some paperwork and sure enough they reserve the right to do with your information as they please.

I'd been trying to put this behind me but thing just keep popping up. A couple days after washing the car and detailing the interior since the previous owners coffee stains were still there, I made the mistake of using the windshield wipers on a mountain road to get some leaves off the blades. There was some kind of greasy crap on the blades creating a horrible glare.

I tried to use the washer fluid next to wash that crap off and found out there was no washer fluid. It's obvious the car was not cleaned but the fluids weren't checked either...? I hope that's not the case but I don't know what other conclusion to draw from this.

I know this is a lot of stuff so let's recap:

* The finance department tried to screw us.
* Lied about it on the phone then hung up.
* There was a nice manager (Steve) the helped get that fixed.
* They masked damage.
* Told me there's nothing they could do the very next day.
* Offered to look at the issue *if* that would make me feel better.
* Did not clean properly clean the car from the previous owner.
* Didn't check fluids...?
* Sold personal information - (income, address, and phone number)

And this is how they treat someone that spent +40k. Save yourself and buy somewhere else, anywhere else! Their real helpful until you sign on the dotted line.

Alex B. | 2013-11-22

The ONLY reason I ended up doing business with this dealership is because they had a rare car I had been searching for. If you're not too picky on the car you want, go elsewhere. I found the car through an online search engine and called their internet sales team. I talked to three different internet sales people, all of which could not fulfill simple information requests nor keep consistent and timely communication. In most cases I never heard back from them despite numerous follow up emails and calls from me. Finally I ended up talking to Steve Seivers, which turned my experience around. He was able to get me all the information I needed, he kept great communication with me, and even had the car taken to a shop of my choice for an independent inspection (at my expense). Steve is the only reason this dealership got more than a 1-star rating.

Malia N. | 2013-11-21

I am looking to buy a Subaru Impreza, and have been researching for about a month. My boyfriend and I were in Kearny Mesa and decided to take a look at their inventory, to see what was in stock and what they could offer. Our salesman, Ron, was very nice, patient, and helpful.

But the finance guy - I don't remember his name - was horribly condescending, pushy, and rude. When I looked to my boyfriend for advice on how to proceed (and really, how to gracefully get out of the presence of this man as quickly as possible), he tried to pit me against my bf by saying, in a caustic tone, "what, you don't let her make her own decisions?" as if i was in an abusive relationship. It was so unprofessional. I decided right then and there that I couldn't buy a car here, and I actually was about to. The salesman was nice, but this finance guy - whatever his name was - treated me in such a way that I could never go back. He was pushy, angry, impatient, and came across as mean-spirited. Not good for business.

Von V. | 2013-11-16

2012 Subaru Impreza , Im very happy with my Subaru works great , got a good deal and will be buying another one for my daughter soon, Sales department was easy going and easy to deal with keep up the good work.

Jayr T. | 2013-11-10

This place is a joke! Visited this dealership and checked out a xv crosstreck and the salesperson didn't know anything about the car and just read the sticker, which i could have done. Also, she was confusing since she didn't know anything about car's  optional features and what is the different between 2013 vs 2014 model. she was getting frustrated at me when I was asking questions. She even stated that she wasn't familiar with the car and I have more knowledge about the xv...I asked her I wanted to see a 2014 model from the beginning and she replied that they didn't have it in their lot. But, when we went inside her boss said 2014 is all over the lot.

Dennis S. | 2013-10-07

Just once I would like to get my car fixed right the first time.  I am growing very tired of taking the car back on Monday so they can fix (again) what they should have fixed in the first place.  

They have a convenient way of saying, Oh it was just this or that, I'm tired of the excuses!  

If I'm gonna pay for this I expect it to be done right the first time!  

Time for me to find another place to get my car repaired or serviced.

Patty N. | 2013-10-05

1. sales guy Saul, never once got my husbands name right.
2. after completing the Subaru survey, relaid this issue. no feedback from corporate.
3. schedule our first service visit and their post card reminder had the name wrong-again. their phone number was wrong on the postcard. I had to dig through my car manual and get routed around to service.
4. arrived at the dealership ... which had our appointment in their system wrong, from hearing their automated reminder.... to find out we were on the wrong side? it's a Subaru, why would I know to go to the Hyundai side? classically retarded people.

So far this place sucks. They clearly don't have a right set mind in customer service. especially when I mention this is my first time being customer of Subaru and this dealership. the main reason why I even tried Subaru was based on them being rated high in customer satisfaction.  I guess they don't need repeat customers.

Sunroad needs to reconsider who they employ, especially when in this economy I'm watching where my dollars go. so providing my "free" service visit isn't worth all their bull$hit.

taking my license plate frame off and going to dealer that can provide better service.

Sasha S. | 2013-09-27

Bought a new Subaru Crosstrek several months back.  Just took it in for the first oil change and service.  Have to say that overall the service has been great.  We were especially grateful to our salesman, Andy Pabon--he was really knowledgeable and seemed very trustworthy...definitely made the difference for us.

Mike N. | 2013-08-31

I have to say, after reading these reviews I was definitely reluctant to visit this dealership, but since I'm only looking at this point, I decided to give it a shot.  Honestly, I was pleasantly surprised.  I was initially interested in the Crosstreck, but Jim took the time to show me the other models I was interested in and let me take one out for a test drive.

He was very pleasant to work with.  He was helpful, informative, and never pressured me into making a decision.  When we were all finished, he simply handed me his card and said that he hoped to hear back from me once I've made a decision.  

I have to admit, I still feel reluctant to buy from this dealer (based solely on these reviews), but so far my experience has been great.

Matt T. | 2013-08-19

If you only read the first line of my review please go to another dealership with better feedback.  Frank Subaru seems to be rated highly.  

I purchased a Subaru here a few months ago.  Wish I had read the reviews before making my purchase.  I would have gone to Frank Subaru for sure.  Three months after my purchase I hadn't received my registration.  I called the DMV to check on it and I was told the vehicle had never been registered to me.  I had to call the dealership several times before someone would call me back about the issue.  Later, I took my vehicle to Frank Subaru for the 3000 mile service.  They informed me that Kearny Mesa Subaru never enrolled me in the free Subaru service plan so I would have to pay for the 3000 mile service out of pocket.  Frank Subaru was kind enough to provide me the customer service number for Subaru USA.  The customer service guy had no record of my purchase.  He called Kearny Mesa Subaru and ensured they fixed my registration issue and enrolled my in the service program.  It has been such a hassle.

Also, they day after I purchased the vehicle I noticed the microphone wasn't working in the vehicle.  Actually, I noticed it the day I purchased the car, but I was told by the staff it was probably just an issue with my iPhone.  When I called the next day to make a warranty appointment I was again treated like an idiot.  I was again told it was probably just an issue with my iPhone.

Chris H. | 2013-08-19

I've been working with Kearny Mesa Subaru for over two years now and they are always helpful, friendly and go above and beyond for me.

Cindy C. | 2013-07-22

Dishonest service adviser.  When I picked my car I drove about 20 feet & there was a load beating noise in the wheel well.  I went back in & asked John, the service adviser, to drive it with me.  I went another 10 feet & he had me stop & took it back to the service bay.  When he brought my car back again, he said a brake shield had been knocked into the brake caliper.  I said they could have saved me finding this if they had test driven it, as they'd told me they had before I paid.  John then said they did test drive it, which was obviously untrue, since you couldn't go 10 feet without hearing the terrible wheel sound.  I pointed that out & he said it must have happened in the car wash!  Really, how stupid does he think I am?  I've been driving 38 years & never had a car was cause something like that.  I took it to my 'real' mechanic & he said the same thing, it had to have happened when they rotated the tires, car wash couldn't cause that.  I understand that mistakes happen & if the service rep had just had the integrity to admit that, all would have been ok.  But to lie to me repeatedly is not acceptable.  Obviously, I would never trust them to touch my car again.  Fortunately there are other Subaru service centers not too far away.  This is my 3rd Subaru & I love it, but they clearly need to clean house & teach some ethics at that service center.

Susan O. | 2013-07-03

I found a 2003 Forester online at this dealership and It had just been brought in - not even cleaned up but I was able to drive it and it was just what i wanted for my son in college.  Carlo Pacini was awesome, and so frickin' cute- a Dustin Hoffman "look-alike".  Everyone was very professional; finance person was great. A total thumbs up!  Ask for Carlo!

Greg S. | 2013-06-26

My girlfriend and I had a great experience buying a Subaru Outback from Alonzo Blowe. The manager John Cullum and the finance guy were super nice and helpful as well. We had gone to several dealerships in the LA area (where we currently live) and had nothing but horrible experiences so we decided to go here when we were visiting family in San Diego. We even went out of our way to tell Alonzo how much we appreciated how professional and courteous he was in comparison to other people we had dealt with.

Jeremiah B. | 2013-06-16

I was looking to buy a new car and they have me excellent service and helped finance me a new Hyundai veloster. I will absolutely be coming back next time I need a car.

Gary J. | 2013-06-15

I purchased a 2013 Outback from Andy Pabon a couple of weeks ago.
Before I went to Kearny Mesa Subaru I researched what I wanted and what I was willing to pay, I did notice there were mostly unfavorable experiences but it was close to me so I went anyway.

I'm so glad I did! Not only did I save the time I also got what I felt was fair deal rather easily.... maybe my expectations were reasonable. Either way I would recommend Kearny Mesa Subaru to any friend who is buying a Subaru.

I love my Subaru!

Edward K. | 2013-06-09

If I could give this place a zero star rating, I would.  Everything seemed very nice but it was a great, great illusion.  

The Internet sales team has been very helpful and pleasant. The dealership isn't very close to where I live so between the travel time and the unfortunate sit-around-and-play-games-with-money is all an investment I have to be willing to make.  I was willing based on previous conversations with the Internet staff.

Upon our arrival, I met with a gentleman named Alonzo.  He was a no nonsense, professional salesman.  One I'd be glad to work with.  But, then, the inevitable conversation "with my sales manager" occurred.  Usually, there's some back and forth with a couple of friendly "what can I do for you?" sort of conversations. There wasn't.

Apparently, the sales manager thought that my vehicle is worth less than the worst appraisal of the Kelley Blue Book and the NADA guides.  (I understand that these are just I went in pretty low)  This guy's interpretation was insultingly low.

This awful individual storms into the office with my registration and keys in hand with a terrible attitude and says he's sorry but he cannot help me.  I say understand.  I take my keys and get ready to leave but he makes a very sad attempt at keeping me there by saying "What were you expecting?"  "Well, I'd said to Al that I'd like X amount of money for the car but you're coming in $2000 less than that, so it's okay."  He replies, "I'm not going to pay you to buy a car."  I said, "I'll take $500 less if you can make up the $1500"...he says, he can only do that if I buy a more expensive car!!!!

My intelligence was insulted by this terrible, awful person, Jon Cullum.  He was angry that I knew the cost of things.  He never shook my hand, introduced himself (besides saying, "I'm the manager"), or gave me his card.  He had no interest in helping me find a car.  He was only interested in digging deep into people's pockets.  I've met people like him, who work for car dealerships - they talk about how stupid people are and how they've taken folks for extra cash for things they don't need.  

He never once gave me or my wife any respect.  Not for one second.  As the conversation quickly disintegrated into ash he looked away from me and started storming out...yelling "good luck BUD!"  No handshake.  No "let us help you".  Nothing.  I wanted $1500 bucks (which, by the way was $2000 less than what the car is valued at via KBB and NADA)...and he essentially threw us out!  

I wish people like him the worst of luck in everything they do.  It's a shame these people have jobs and others are unemployed.

Omnia A. | 2013-05-31

Never again, I made the mistake of not looking on yelp before going. I have always wanted a subaru, but my friend just got a hyundai so Kearny Mesa dealership was perfect! It had both on the same lot. Well I was greeted by Brian, I believe his name was, he had me there from 5 pm until 11pm. Not just that but he insisted on reading the car manual to me. I get it I am girl, but it's 11 pm at night I have work the next morning and I can read for myself. This is just ONE of the problems they had. He knew nothing of the car. Not just him, but the rest of the members too answered my Subaru questions incorrectly. He promised me maintenance for the first year, fully covered. I am at the signing table and I ask finance does this cover alignment and tire rotation? No she said just oil change. What kind of FULL maintenance is THIS? Now a month later and I am calling finance regarding canceling my extended warranty and alarm system since I got that covered by my insurance. Well they told me can be canceled any time....i just got off the phone with another tune. This place is HELL

Eggplant J. | 2013-05-16

I don't have any good experience in this Subaru dealer. I do like subaru's products so I come to Kearny Mesa Subaru to buy a forester. Because it's the nearest dealer to me. The first day is OK, we have test driver and talk about the price, just normal buying a car stuff. After all they need a document to apply for the finance  that I don't have at that time. SO I came home, waitted for the whole weekend and get the doc. I email them the doc on Monday, Kimberly said she will take care of everything. After that, They just put my case away. Nobody pick up my phone, nobody give me a call back for the whole day. I went to their office on Tuesday, and found out that they just submitted my case, which means they did nothing on 1 and half day. I finally leave their office and find another dealer, who just spend 30min to finish all my finance stuff.

Mike A. | 2013-05-10

Look I know that most people that post reviews are mostly negative and you have to take them with a grain of salt. I will try and be as objective as I can but in my dealings I was just trying to get a fair deal and not get gouged like I was.

I now had dealings with their service department AND sales when we purchased from them...all within a week.
On the service side I dealt with their service tech and service manager. Both followed the same principal of really not following their own policy and attempting to gouge as much money from you as they can. Look, fixing a car at a dealership is the most expensive thing to do. We all know that they are already probably close to double the cost of an independent shop.  

My cost to change out 6 spark plugs: $570.  I was in a bind, so told them to go ahead. Afterwards I called up other dealerships as well as Kearny Mesa and these are the prices I got:
Subaru El Cajon - $370
Subaru Carlsbad - $356.
Kearny Mesa - $436

So when I said ok, but the diagnostic fee was free right, because they said it was free if you performed the fix there, the service techs response was, "Well we've spent a lot of time on diagnosing this", so we need to charge you.

So I called up the service manager and asked him a) why I was charged the diagnostic fee and b) why I was charged so much for the spark plug change, his response is well the service tech must have been wrong on the spark plug quote of $436 and gave me the same reason for the diagnostic fee.
So I asked him under what conditions is your statement "free diagnostic if you perform the fix here" true? He then said okay if I want to split hairs, he will cut me a refund. Funny how $105 is chump change to them, but when you deal with their salesman, $1 means the difference between their next meal or not.

Then experienced the EXACT same thing when purchasing a new car under a Subaru program a week later...they tried to go against Subaru policy and squeeze money from me. This time I called up Subaru of America and reported it. SOA obviously told them that they cannot sell a car to me listed under that specific program if they don't give it to me under those terms. They then wanted me to sign a form stating that I understand the car was not sold under those terms.

But I was the idiot that should have walked away and didn't, so shame on me!

I did have good dealings with another salesman who went over the details of the car when I went to pick it up and their business manager Brian. Its a pity that there are a couple of money grabbers working for them that are ruining it for the others and the businesses reputation.

I also want to add that this is our 4th Subaru we've owned and 4th different dealership and this place is by far the worst experience we've encountered. If you're unhappy and have bought or had your car serviced here, make sure you fill out the survey that comes from Subaru as this gets reported back to the dealership and if its a sale, I believe it affects the salesman's commission.

H. L. | 2013-04-09

I called the day before to ask about the WRX i saw on their website and was very lucky in getting Ronnie.  He is the coolest guy to work with and I would work with him again in a heartbeat.  Without Ronnie, this dealership would not be getting as high a rating from me.

I came in a Saturday with all my papers work ready, car decided, price negotiated, all i needed was to sign.  Unfortunately, even the act of signing took 5 hours.  This dealership really needs to staff up the finance department.  Ronnie apologized repeatedly for the delay.  Add on to that, I had to come back a couple days later to resign the paperwork because that had gotten my loan rate wrong.  I live 40 miles away, so I was definitely annoyed.

If you come here, ask for Ronnie.

Vic S. | 2013-03-27

How is this place still in business???  I called to schedule an oil change last week and here's what happened.  First, the phone rang about 4 times before getting an auto response thanking me for calling and then transferring me to another ring tone (the auto response, btw, did not tell me who I had reached).  That ring lasted about 6 times before a woman answered and immediately put me on hold.  For 8 minutes!  (Darn those phones where you can watch the time pass as you're on hold).  Finallly, a man picked up, took about a minute or two asking me my name, what I was calling for and if I had been there before.  Once I told him that I had not, he informed me that they were kind of buried in customers (at 9 in the morning?) and asked for my number so he could call back.  So, that was 5 days ago.  I never got that call.  I guess they don't need new business?  No matter, though.  After waiting about 30 minutes, I called Frank Subaru in National City (which is actually 2 miles closer--who knew?) and got the job done.  Frank Subaru was prompt, courteous, professional.  Never going to Kearny Mesa again.

John L D. | 2013-03-24

Went into the dealership last week interested in buying a Hyundai.  Test drove a couple of different models, all went well then the salesman convinced me to drive a Subaru Impreza Wagon.  Fell in love with it, agreed to bring in my trade in on Saturday morning and after appraising my vehicle, the salesman walked out of the showroom met me halfway across the lot and showed me a ridiculously low figure for my Truck and even stated that he did not understand the low offer either. He never offered to negotiate or did he even want to discuss the purchase of a new Impreza. So the following morning we drove to Frank Subaru in National City and they were great to work with, they gave me a fair trade in and a great price for the new Impreza.  Call Jose & Enrique at Frank in National CIty they are great to work with.  I would never buy anything from Kearney Mesa Subaru with there attitude.

John Davis

Mark D. | 2013-01-18

I wish I had come to Yelp before I ever went to this place.  Do not expect honest advice.  You will be ripped off if you pay for anything here.

I finally left this place after I was quoted $5,000 for break repairs.  I was told that my breaks would "fall out" of the car if the repairs were not done immediately and that the car was "unfit for the road."  They then offered $2,500 for my car and they offered me a car off their lot for $11,000 or $8,500 if I accepted their "exchange" offer.  I declined and was forced to pay $60 for their inspection; one last ripoff before I drove off the lot forever.

I took my car to a local auto repair shop and was charged $221 (parts, labor, and tax included) to have my break pads, front rotors, and a caliper bolt replaced.

Xoxo X. | 2013-01-13


These folks are rude, condescending, and will do anything to get around doing anything that actually resembles helping you, once you've bought the car.  I have several egregious examples, but why waste more of my valuable time here when the managers obviously don't read or reach out or work to improve through Yelp. Avoid this place like the plague - it doesn't represent the Subaru brand that you may have come to know and love.  Don't spend any of your hard earned money here. Respect yourself and your dollar and find a good dealer through yelp. Read the other one-star reviews if you need more proof of this branch's ultimate suckiness.

Daenerys S. | 2013-01-11

Spoke with Ronnie on the phone about a 2010 Outback Impreza. Couldn't make it one day because I had plans to told him I'd be in the next day. When I showed up, it was a guy named Al who greeted me and told me that he had the car "all cleaned up for me" and ready to go (as it was still dripping with water.)

He said me down to sign paperwork. I said, "Excuse me, but I have not driven this car yet."

He seemed annoyed and told me he was sick with a cold and just came in on his day off for me to "finish a deal."

Yeah, right. Okay.  Let's test drive.  Test drive was great. He said he'd show me details on the the buttons and what-not when we got back but never did. He left me outside with the car at which point I found a great many scratches and I told him so. He said, he didn't see any. Perhaps he needs glasses. He said he'd call the manager out. Was his name Joey?

Joey pretended not to notice to the obvious little nicks and scratches ALL OVER the car as well so I pointed each one out to him. Annoyed. I told him this was still a $17,000 purchase that I was about to make and for $17,000 he could get the scratches off the the car. (Dealerships can do this quite easily.)

He copped an attitude and told me if I wanted a car without scratches, I could buy a new car. I let him know that I didn't have money for a new car, and that I was well aware that dealerships and sales people make their money off of used cars so unless he can get the scratches off, I'd be happy to walk away.

Suddenly, he could get the scratches off.  But was vague about a time frame. Sometime after I bought the car, they could get the scratches off. I'm so sure.

He walked back inside in a huff. I've gotten nicer customer service at McDonalds.

Went back in and Al gave me the same spiel about new car versus used car. I told him I knew he could get the scratches off for a low costs and it was still a $17,000+ car. (Almost $18,000 actually.)

The car had no spec sheet on it and when I asked if they had a CD so I could see if it worked, he said no.

The car, on second look was also not that clean so they clearly rushed through the detailing process.

I then asked Al to run my father's credit in addition to mine as whoever had the better credit would purchase the vehicle. Al had the audacity to hand me the credit application to go over with my father myself!  I said, "No, I'm sorry, you can do it. This is YOUR job."

He spoke to my dad on the phone and walked away to the manager. Three minutes later he came back and said he didn't run my dad's credit but good news (!) he got me a better deal on my own loan from 7.9 to 3.9.


I asked, "What about my dad's credit."

Got the run around.

At this point I let him know that it was my father who planned to make payments I felt more comfortable with the loan in his name. He said this was not possible as my father lived out of state. Something about a straw law.

I had never heard of such a thing.

Meanwhile, decided to trade in my 1998 legacy.

Al popped some pills for his cold and reminded me how miserable he was. I told him I hoped the commission he was about to make would be worth it. He made it sound like it wasn't.


Then they all acted peeved that I was parked up the street even though there was NO customer parking available whatsoever.

Offered me $500.00 for my trade in. Typical, yet comical.

I walked into the manager's office and outright asked again about my dad being the one on the loan as I was concerned that if my dad didn't make the payments or dropped dead, I might not be able to pay and didn't want to ruin my credit.

The manager in all of his wisdom, rather than ask me to sit down to discuss acted annoyed and said, "Well let me ask you this, whether your dad drops dead or not, don't you still need a car?"

I replied, and I quote, "Oh, don't EVEN fucking start with that shit."

He said, "Excuse me. We are done here."

I said, "I have a car, it's sitting right there on the street. I'm asking a legitimate question, the profanity isn't directed at you, it's my personality."

He said, "We are done here. You can't talk to me that way."

I said, "This is my personality and you are jerking me around. I asked you an honest question and you're giving me some crap ass sales pitch in response."

He said, "You can take your business elsewhere."

So I will.

You just lost a buyer, jack asses. Bad attitudes have no business selling cars. I know damned well the scratches can be taken out of that car for very little cost to the dealership. I also know my trade in was worth more than $500 bucks.

I also know when someone is rude, and yanking my chain.

I stand by my first impression.

Go fuck yourselves.

If the owner knew his manager told me to take my business elsewhere, I wonder how he would feel.

I'm about to spend almost $18,000 grand at your store and you treat me as if I am a bother to you!?

Feed me lines about not getting the scratches off the car. OH PLEASE!

AUDREY B. | 2013-01-05

Just bought our first Subaru.  We loved working with the folks at this Dealership.  We felt very well-informed and made our decision to purchase with no pressure at all.  Our salesman, Steve Siebers, was fabulous - informative, frank and patient.  I would definitely recommend him.

Ryan T. | 2012-10-16

I came here earlier last year, and the salesmen on the floor treated me disrespectfully as if I was a worthless scumbag.. Could be due to my young age, anyways I didn't tolerate it and bought my Genesis Coupe 3.8 elsewhere.. This wasn't the first time it happened either, I went there back in 2009 for a Subaru STi & they kept trying to sell me a different car!! Lol, they missed two potential car sales from me..

The only reason I give them 2 stars is because their Parts Department is great on the other hand, I've bought accessories here and the guys in there were helpful & price matched my online ads.

Paul H. | 2012-10-09

Terrible experience.  Brought in a brand new 2012 Outback for an oil change.  Asked them to take a look at this gap I noticed on the weather seal located at the back glass.  The right side of the weather seal pops out and doesn't sit flush on the glass.

I was advised that this would require body work.  After 2 terrible body shops, an incredible lack of communication from the service advisor, Cath, my car is left in worse shape then when I brought it in.  The original problem is still there, one of the exterior panels was replaced and the paint job has particles and bubbles in it.  An interor panel was damaged in the process (I had to discover) and was finally replaced.  Other things are now damanged - gash/ding/scratch on the plastic piece that sits on the bumper, sratched and peeled the tint on the back window.  Not to mention having to deal with lack of communication from Cath.  And I could barely get the car washed by them after the last job.

This was like pulling teeth.  This is the kind of thing that gives dealerships a bad reputation.  I love the car, but I hope I'll be able to find a better dealer to go.

Shame on you, Kearny Mesa Subaru.

Mark C. | 2012-09-17

I decided to give this place one more try recently and they did an oil change for me which was fine.  However, when I asked them to tell me why the check engine light was on, they said it would be $100 just to do that, even though Pep Boys offers that service for free.  I said no thanks and had Pep Boys check it.  It was just the gas cap, which is what I suspected.   Had I let this stealership check it, I would be out $100 for nothing.  So, just last week, I used their online appointment system to make an appointment for an a/c service.  They delayed greatly in getting back to me and by the time they did get back to me, the date I really wanted was no longer available.  By the time they get to it, it will be cold again here in SD and I won't need the darn a/c.   They have screwed me so many times that I can no longer in good conscience come back here.  I really feel like a punching bag and a chump coming here.  They clearly do not value their customers.  Stay away if you value your car, your pride and your happiness.

K. R. | 2012-08-05

Subaru service department is top notch! I appreciate the cleanliness of the restrooms, complementary food, great customer service including detailed explanations and willingness to take your car in last minute.

Vanessa V. | 2012-05-30

I went in for service on my subaru. This was my first visit to this dealership. I had been to others in orange county, bozeman, mt and Minnetonka, Mn. The level of professionalism and tact was lacking. I didn't catch his name- there was no name tag and he didn't tell me his name either, but he is tall and wears these sporty thick black glasses. The service representative sat back in his chair with an air of pompousness and cock as he told me that the things I wanted check had nothing wrong with them. I absolutely hate it when you say you want something checked and they make you feel like an idiot for asking for it. This guy did exactly that.  

It all started when I drove up. I asked him if he wanted the mileage number and he said yes. This was the second question I was always asked at dealerships. So I turned the igition to light up the milage display and recited the number for him to write down which he seemed to. Then he walked around inspecting the car. And then sat down in the car to recheck mileage number. Did he think I lied to him or that I couldn't read the number? That hit me as odd.

Then we went inside to fill out the paperwork. I was coming in for warranty coverage issues. As I recited the list of items to get fixed and his responses to the items I started to feel uncomfortable with this situation. He was unhelpful and demeaning about the items I wanted check on my car. It felt very belitting as talked about the mechanics of the car. He made me feel stupid asking to have the items I wanted check fixed. I think there might be a problem can you check it!

Anyway, as it turns out my warranty had actually expired 12 days ago. I have had the warranty for 6 years. It is the real expensive one- the gold. And I think I have had one thing fixed so Subaru has come out WAY ahead on that deal. As for getting the wrong date on the warranty expiration, here is that story. I have never been given the warrany information. I had asked for it several times but always told I could not get a copy. So the last time I was serviced I asked specically for the date it expired and put that number immediately in my phone and one my calendar. Well, I was either told the wrong day or entered it incorrectly. I am just deeply disappointed that they could not help me out in any way.

When I asked if they could or about other options, can I talk to anyone else. He told me I could call 1800 subaru4 well the number is actually 1800subaru3 is what I figured out later. Was he trying to not let me get assistance?

I have always been a huge fan of subarus and have bought several of them. But this disheartening experience has really made me reconsider to buy a subaru in the future. I expected more from the people at subaru. I would HIGHLY recommend NOT ever going to this dealership.

I eventually drove off without getting service from them. I can say; I have never done that before. It was a waste of my time and energy to get there and then be so deeply disappointed. I left literally wanted to cry.

Kat T. | 2012-02-29

I live in North County, SD and believe it or not Carlsbad Subaru is only about 10 miles from where I live; HOWEVER, I am MORE THAN WILLING to drive the extra 10 miles = 20 miles to go see my FAVORITE Service Provider, Nicole! She assisted in ALL WAYS POSSIBLE and never did I feel like she was over-selling me or pressuring me into anything--she was MORE THAN ACCOMMODATING!  I will be back!


Travis T. | 2012-02-23

No negative stars?

I took my Subaru in here a year and a half ago. They did a lot of work on my car at a high price, over $4000. They replaced the head gasket (among other things). After I took my car from them, I moved to Seattle. Once I was there, literally every other week I was having O2 and master air flow sensors break. I went through 5 sensors before the mechanic successfully diagnosed the problem--a torn hose, from a previous mechanic. That'd be Kearny Mesa Subaru.

Now here I am, with 30k miles and 18 months on that head gasket, and it has blown out again. The previous head gasket lasted 120k miles and 11 years. It's beyond warranty so I'm shit out of luck. Kearny Mesa Subaru: a great place to get screwed over.

J L. | 2011-12-31

I was shopping for a new car. Kearny Mesa Subaru has a AAA auto buying contract. Per AAA, I stop by to work with Alonzo Blowe on the afternoon of 12/26 to check out there Subaru Outbacks. He is a popular guy, so make an appt. One of his other colleagues, Alan Deguzman, showed me the Outbacks and went on a test ride with me. Alan was very laid back and honest. I like Alan.

The dealership is in a state of disrepair. They said something along the lines of remodeling. I forgot.

I came back in the evening to test ride the Outback at night. Alan was not there but Alonzo was. From the get go, I was not happy with him. He must have gotten the wrong vibe from me or he was channeling my fiance's mood. He was talking smack about his prior clients. He made remarks about how they nickel and dime him. Well guess what, I would probably do that to if I cared and was going to buy from them. He lied to me several times. I was interested in the 2.5i Limited (leather which by default comes with an all-weather package). He lied about the 2 sets of mats being additional coat. Alan had told me earlier that it comes with the limited ad is advertised as such in the Subaru brochures.

Alonzo never showed me the guarantee AAA pricing agreement. He kept saying how the internet pricing is the best. And if they did not have a vehicle I wanted he can swap one of his vehicle with another dealership and I would be charged a transfer fee of $100. When we finally talked about cost and financing, he told me the price is $100 over the invoice and the hundred is really to ensure that the sellers get something out of the buy and that they did not lose commission. He kept saying how they deserve to get the $100. Now if I was to haggle, he can bring the price down up to $600 (I think he called this the dealer holdback, it is what Subaru would give them if they sold the car.) I was just gathering info today and not making any decisions yet.

Now when I asked him about financing, he showed me a chart with rates that were not as up to date. I told him about the end of the year Zero % financing option available off the Subaru website. He told me I would only qualify if I had tier 1 credit score. He basically assumed I would not qualify and did his best to down play the zero financing option.

I walked away quite depressed. But my fiance was real excited about me getting a Subaru, so I contacted Costco to find their Subaru auto partner who offered their special pricing. The next afternoon we drove all the way to National City to the Mile of Cars and went to Frank Subaru. Completely different sales experience. They were very professional and patient. This was the biggest purchase of my life and they made it the best experience I can possibly have (the only way I would have had a better experience is if the car was free or someone else was paying). I spent ~7hrs with Frank Subaru and they got my money. BTW, I got the zero % financing. They had a large selection of Outbacks for me to choose from and in a variety of colors. They don't charge extra to get me the Subaru I want but the zero % financing offer expires before the car I really want would arrive at their dealership.

I do not recommend Kearny Mesa Toyota. Go to Frank Subaru instead! Maybe I could have had better pricing with Kearny Mesa Subaru but I certainly did not want to deal with them anymore. The two star is because of Alan, if only Alonzo 1 star or less if possible.

Carrie R. | 2011-09-16

I heard great things about Subaru and was interested in test driving (and soon to be buying) a Forester. I went to a Subaru dealer on the east coast and the staff were so friendly, down to earth, and knowledgeable. Since I've heard such great things, I was expecting a similar experience at KM Subaru. I was extremely disappointed! I walked in and it took, what felt like, 5 minutes before I was even greeted. Not that I wanted a pushy salesman, but I wondered if this guy even wanted to sell me a car. The whole feeling of the dealership left me uneasy and second guessing my interest in buying a Subaru. I then decided to try Frank Subaru in National City and had a completely different, welcoming and positive experience. Going to Frank Subaru was well worth the extra drive! I definitely recommend them over Kearny Mesa any day!!!

Drew T. | 2011-09-16

Simply cannot say enough bad about this place - in particular the service department. Have caught them outright lying, simple repairs take multiple visits to get fixed, and each time they keep the car longer than they say (once, days longer) - I could go on and on, but suffice it to say I now drive 45 minutes farther to get to a service department I trust.

Colin B. | 2011-07-11

Just purchased a 2011 WRX Hatchback from Alonzo and Kimberly in the Internet Sales Dept, and it was the easiest car buying experience out of three by far! I was given a good price right off the bat (considering the current market and limited supply of WRXs at the moment), and never once did anyone try to pull any funny business with the numbers or try to talk me into something that really wasn't good for me. I would definitely recommend dealing with either Alzono or Kimberly if you're looking for a Subaru or Hyundai.

Lisa H. | 2011-05-08

Recently purchased a WRX from this dealership.  The salesman, Alan  Deguzman made our buying experience the best we have ever had ... not pushy answered questions and followed up later as we asked him to.   I would recommend this dealership and Alan to anyone looking to buy a new Subaru.

Cathleen G. | 2011-03-21

I just purchased a Subaru Outback at Kearny Mesa and found it to be the easiest car buying experience I've ever had. I should note that my husband is knowledgable about car buying and we have good credit/down payment so I recognize that makes everything a bit easier.

We called ahead to make sure that the car I wanted was in stock and from that point forward Dave La Rue, our salesman, was very responsive and helpful. The rest of the sales staff were friendly and I never felt that we were in a high pressure situation. They gave us a fair deal for our trade and we got a great interest rate.

They went the extra mile to keep us happy. For example, the car I wanted needed to be inspected before I could take it home and they delivered it to my house the following day (about an hour away) at a time we specified. The person that delivered the car was on time - which is always a big plus.

The only downside of the entire experience was the finance person. She was pretty high pressure with the back end extras, but after firmly telling her no she backed off. However, this was a typical finance experience so I don't attribute that too much to the dealership.

Melanie M. | 2011-03-16

The service department is practicing theft.  They tried to charge me $1500 for a job that cost me $200 at an honest mechanic's.  And they tried to charge me $3000 for something that doesn't need replacement yet, and that the honest mechanic would do for $2000.  Don't bring your car here for repairs!!! They will find any excuse to replace something and will overcharge you like mad to make their quota.

o l. | 2011-02-15

I came here to do a major service on my 11 year old Subaru Outback, which involved changing the spark plugs.  A few weeks after getting the service done, I'm driving on the freeway and my engine starts making this horrible and very very loud noise.  I thought something exploded.  It turns out one of the spark plugs blew out.
So I get it towed back to Kearny Mesa and tell them what happened.  They tell me it can't be because of the work they did since a few weeks had passed and if they had made a mistake, the plug would have blown out right away.  We argue and the guy is adamant....he won't take the blame.
So I get to doing a lot of research, and everything I read tells me they are just plain wrong.  There is no way the plug would have blown out if they hadn't made a mistake replacing them.  And it's not uncommon for mechanics to put a plug in wrong and strip the threads.
So I call Subaru headquarters to report the incident.  Then next day they call me to tell me that they have spoken to Kearny Mesa and gotten them to agree to fix the problem (which was expensive since the plug threads were now torn) for free.
End of story.....I still love Subaru, but will not go back to Kearny Mesa.

Natalia P. | 2011-02-07

The first time I went here no one acknowledged  and my dad, but gave them the benefit that they were closing.

But we went there during the day and no one helped us even after 15-20 minutes on the lot, only when we were leaving someone stuck his head in our car and made a fuss about us leaving, and was trying to get us out so we can talk about cars. My whole family was already mad, and now he mad it worse.  This place fails!!!

Brandon L. | 2011-02-03

My first review on Yelp and here goes:

Do not go here for your routine maintenance.  I came in for an oil change and the car is leaking oil since the change. They blame the part on a leaky gasket but it's the technician's fault not screwing in the nut properly.  

They try to sell on you on the inspections, car wash and etc.  However, it's all included in the service. I got sold on getting synthetic oil change then the regular. It was 3 times the amount you can get elsewhere.  I didn't get the car wash and I told the technician about a defective part for my window. It was never ordered... It's more like a Stealer-ship.

Clark H. | 2011-01-20

The service mgr (3 yrs ago was responsive), however I always felt being bamboozled by this place.
We shopped the place when buying our Sube....We ended up getting 100 over invoice from another place (no mention=out of sd cty)....they drove it down for 100 bucks (really!) (ok no mention but 100 miles north).

The warranty items were never fixed, I still have a broken glove compartment (why is it called that, it just holds ketchup packets and  a revolver {just kidding - I no longer live in Hell-A})
Also they never fixed a number of other things.
Bob Baker is so far up in Carlsbad it just doesn't make sense since they are 3.5 stars in my mind.

There are better and cheaper places to go.

Adam C. | 2010-12-31

We just purchased a 2011 Subaru Legacy, and we couldn't be happier with the service we received from Alonzo Blowe. It was a true pleasure doing business with him and his associates.  If you're considering a Subaru (or Hyundai) ask for Alonzo at Kerny Mesa.

Liang-Yun W. | 2010-11-15

My wife and I went there to learn about Subaru Outback last weekend. The sales there was extremely rude and had no intention to sell anything. He didn't understand the product and couldn't explain to me why price for each car, new and used, was different. Very bad experience.

Carlo E. | 2010-09-11

I've had mixed experiences here.  Sometimes good, sometimes not good.  Often friendly, but sometimes not so good on the followthrough.  

Their service department seems disorganized and...I don't want to say incompetent, but definitely not as skilled or meticulous as they should be.  My friend that also owns a Subaru had similar mediocre experiences, and says he will not be back.  

The only person working here that really met (and exceeded) my expectations was April in internet sales, who no longer works there, so I can't say I'd recommend Kearny Mesa Subaru.

Kate N. | 2010-07-11

This place provided the worst customer service I have ever seen or heard of.

I will spare you the nitty gritty details of our experience and get right to the highlights which end in the dealership keeping our registration to our current car and letting us drive around for 24 hours without telling us.

We originally went in to purchase and trade in our current car, but after they just wouldn't give us a good deal we left.  Just 3 hours after we left we received a phone call from the sales rep saying he gave us the best deal he could and he didn't understand why we didn't take it (we let it go to voicemail.)
4. The next morning we received an e-mail from the manager saying the same thing.
5. After the e-mail we received a call from the manager saying the same thing (again, a voicemail)
6. After the phone call we received a call from a number we didn't recognize and being my boyfriends cell phone is for work we had to pick it up. The sales rep then proceeded to yell at my boyfriend for "wasting 3 hours of his time" when we weren't going to purchase. We had to hang up on him because we couldn't get a word in edgewise. He then proceeded to call back 3 more times in succession.

We finally picked up. He said he didn't appreciated being hung up on and he said that they had the REGISTRATION for our current car and we had to come in and pick it up.

To emphasize - they took the registration out of our glove box with out our permission then kept it when we left and let us drive around for 24 hours with out it. They STOLE the registration.

For reference we deal with Matthew (sales) and Billy (manager). It was by far the worst experience we have ever had, and anyone I know has ever heard of. We will never go back there and you shouldn't either. It literally got to the point were we felt that when we went to go pick up the registration they were going to give us a hard time and not give it back. How they EVER thought they would make a sale off that kind of treatment is beyond me, but it was horrendous.

Daniel W. | 2010-07-04

Some of my worst experiences have been with this dealership. I would recommend everyone to take their business to any other dealership.

I am currently a Subaru owner and have went to this dealer multiple times to look into getting  a new car. They were extremely rude every single time. It just amazes me that they are able to sell cars with the attitudes and rudeness they give people.

They actually had the nerve to tell me to leave and come back when I am more serious. I was serious - serious enough to where I went and bought another car from a different dealership. They treated me like crap on the phone and in person. I couldn't believe it. I even tried to contact them to return my lease and they refused to take it and told me try a different day. I wanted to speak with a manager about a concern I had since I could not return my lease on the day it was due and they refused to put the manager on the phone and gave me a receptionist. So useless, as she just repeated everything the sleezy car salesman just told me. And told me they were going to be too busy all day for me to speak with a manager.

I loved my Subaru but after the experience I had at 2 different Subaru dealerships I will NEVER buy another Subaru. Nobody deserves to be treated that way when spending $25,000-$30,000 dollars. I wouldn't take this treatment from a cashier at McDonalds for a $6 value meal...why should I have to take it when spending thousands of dollars.

Andrew C. | 2010-06-06

My review is of the service department.
They seem to only have one aim in mind - charge you as much as possible and up-sell you with scary talk to get you to pay for expensive maintenance not recommended  by the manufacturer.  Don't go there.

On the sales side I know that the internet sales guy Jason is great. Also I have found the parts guys are great and very helpful. But it does not make up for the behavior of the service dept that I have experienced.

Liz L. | 2010-06-05

Go car shopping here if you want the stereotypical slimey car salesman experience. Test drove a Hyundai Elantra and fell in love with it. But, found out I was reading the sticker wrong and it was out of my price range. Car salesman went from very nice to very condescending to very pushy to just plain angry. Dude....I'm sorry you're not getting the commission you thought you were getting, but I'm not going to feel bad about being budget saavy. I wanted to look at the used cars, but the only one there was in rough shape and smelled like cigarettes. If this car salesman had treated me differently, I would be checking in with them to see if they had new inventory. Instead, I'm writing a review to tell everyone to stay away from this place. Terrible service, terrible waste of my time.

james c. | 2010-04-21

I walked around the used car lot for 20 mins yesterday afternoon.   Opening the doors and looking in every WRX .  I didn't see a single salesperson.  Really irritating that when I actually WANT to talk to a car salesperson they don't want to talk to me.  

I drove over to Mossy Nissan and had a great Experience with a salesman named Jason who let me take out a nice 2007 WRX TR.  Odd that I will more likely buying my 3rd WRX from a Nissan dealership, not a Subaru dealership.

Andrew B. | 2010-03-28

Had a fantastic experience with Kearny Mesa Subaru.  Dealt with Jason in internet sales.  He's a really nice guy who doesn't have the greasy car salesman vibe I hate so much.

Took a few days of haggling, but we both got what we wanted (I got the best price and he got a respectable commission).  I had to travel quite a ways to get the car and he did everything possible to put my mind at ease.  Upon arrival, he picked me up in my car and let me drive back to the dealership.  My sale was small (used car) in comparison to some of the other big tags they sell, but the owner still came over to say hello.  

They knew I was on a time schedule and they rushed me through the financing department with no problem (everything had been approved before I arrived- price and interest rate).  This is my first Subaru and after the three hour drive back home I can say I'm already in love.

It is a great car and after some really horrible experiences this past month shopping for a car all throughout southern California I'm glad this is where and how it ended up.

Pam A. | 2010-02-19

Horrible Dealership!!!   I went there with my boyfriend to look at a subaru.  I was in need of a new car and was quite serious about buying one that week.  The salesperson took about 30 minutes just to look in the lot to see if they had the car I wanted with the package I wanted.  Then, when we asked him to give us the lease deals, he was in the back for about another 50 minutes.  When we complianed that we didnt have much time since we were only on our lunch break, he raised his voice with a quite the attitude saying to "call him when we are SERIOUS about buying a car."  What is really funny,  I bought a brand new Lexus that day because their customer service was excellent!

Kyra F. | 2009-07-08

I had a dealer I loved back east they were conscientious, customer oriented, friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. I find Kearny Mesa Subaru none of these things. It started out with just getting my regular service and maintenance, oil etc. That was okay I just got shuffled along. Then I brought my car in for a big service like a 90k and they found problems. I understand those things happened but having the service guy tells me he hears that this kind of breakage is common for Subaru's and had a few already that week did not instill confidence. Then he proceeded to tell me he was a Ford-man himself made me feel worse. The labor was almost twice what the parts because the bad design of the engine. Again something the service helper shared. When I complained with the service manager he made the right noises but did nothing. The only person I deal with there that is genuinely friendly and helpful is the woman who checks you out at the desk. The other folks just push you along in the process and take your money.

Frederick H. | 2008-09-14

Quick review from a quick visit.

I'm looking for a new (used) car, more likely to go the Craigslist route than dealer, but I had some questions for both the salesperson and the service department.

Stopped in Saturday, the sales guy was friendly and un-pushy, answered questions about values and current availability.

Service guys answered questions about buying a car with a broken timing belt (a: bad idea).

Felt less "slimed" than other car dealers I've visited lately.

Nate P. | 2008-07-23

I have to give Kearny Mesa Subaru a solid pat on the back for being a complete pleasure while buying my very first new car from them.

Everyone I dealt with was especially helpful and while I knew just as much, if not more about the WRX than the salesman, he was "Johnny on the Spot" whenever I needed a question researched and answered.

Likewise, Adam Harris, the GM over at Kearny Mesa Subaru, is a true gangster. defines gangster as so:
Gang-st-er - noun - fixed the problem with my 2007 WRX by straight up swapping it out for a brand new 2008 WRX.

Like the Godfather, Adam sits behind a big desk and people come to him with problems. When that happens, Adam makes those problems go away. He says "I'll do this THING for you, but then you gonna need to do a thing for me. You tell everyone you know how Kearny Mesa Subaru squashed this situation."

Whether that quote is what was really said or not, its hard to remember, I was still in shock from the idea of getting a brand new car. But what is important here is that they turned a very angry Nate into a very overjoyed Nate.

I proudly present Kearny Mesa Subaru with the Golden Rearview Mirror Award, for making me look back on that memory with the fondness of a smitten school girl.