Kearny Mesa Infiniti in San Diego, CA

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At Kearny Mesa Infiniti we have a strong and committed sales staff with many years of experience satisfying our customers' needs. Feel free to browse our inventory online, request more information about vehicles, set up a test drive or inquire about financing. If you don't see what you are looking for, fill out our online contact form & we will let you know when vehicles arrive that match your search. Or if you would rather discuss your options with our friendly sales staff, stop by our dealership today. We look forward to serving you.

Kearny Mesa Infiniti

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(858) 573-1700
Address:4670 Convoy St, San Diego, CA, 92111
  • Monday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Sunday: 10:00 am - 7:00 pm

Reviews on Kearny Mesa Infiniti

Tricia T. | 2015-04-06

Love Darryl Hern in the Service Dept!!! He's an amazing asset to your team-great customer service every time! I've been bringing my car over for many years and will continue to do so, so long as he's there. Darryl is a keeper :)

J B. | 2015-03-29

EXCELLENT Customer Service from Daryl Hern!!! I pulled up to the Service Dept on a Saturday afternoon because one of my headlights was out. he helped me right away, and was SO awesome. This is one more reason I love my Infiniti.

Jae S. | 2015-03-27

This Infiniti place is associated with Sunroad Auto and they are probably the WORST place to repair your car.

This whole incident started in Dec. 2014

I had to take my car for collision repair and Infiniti service recommended me to go to Sunroad collision center. After a month I picked up my car along with almost $8000 billed to my insurance.

Day after I picked up my car, I found out that my right headlight wasn't coming on. So I went back to get it fixed.

After that couple days passed. This time my right signal was not coming on. So again, I went back in to get it fixed.

After couple days, my car was making cracking noise every time I accelerate. So I went back in and found out that my engine mount was broken and had to replace it.

Surprisingly, I had to go back twice for my right signal light. All they said was there is something wrong with the headlight or the wiring.

Then again, I had to go back because of same reason. This time Sunroad collision center told me to GO BACK to Kearny Mesa Infiniti to have the car fixed.

GO BACK?!! Are you guys kidding me?

So it pretty much sounded like that Kearny Mesa Infiniti recommended me a place that isn't able to full fix the car.

Not only that I had my headlight fixed at Infiniti place, but today I found out that my right headlight is off AGAIN.

The worst part is I live in Chula Vista and it takes 20 mins to get to Kearny Mesa Infiniti. For about 10 years I had trust in this place, but now I lost my trust in them.

Russell M. | 2015-03-06

Took my wife 04 QX56 in today because she said it was "sounding funny".  Guys there were amazing and it was the first time in my life a dealership said my car needed no maintenance.   They could have lied to wife but didn't. The also washed and vacuumed the car and took off half the price since they had to do no work just hook it up to the diagnostic machine. The best part of this is my wife and kid left their IPADS there and they actually called us to let us know instead of stealing them like most other people would. The only reason I gave them 4 stars instead of 5 is because they are expensive. To be honest though their customer service more than makes up for their pricing. I wish I could remember the service guys name who found the IPADS, but Thank you for your honesty.

Ben H. | 2015-02-25

My wife and I had been looking at the fully loaded QX60 for some time and I decided to buy it for her for Valentine's Day.

Our sales rep was amazing.  Greg did a fantastic job and I would've loved to give him the sale.  I HIGHLY recommend him to help you with your purchase.  His low pressure sales approach and product knowledge is a breath of fresh air in an industry filled with arrogant, uninformed, pushy sales reps.

Since we wanted a specific configuration, Greg searched and found only one car west of the Rockies and the other dealer approved the transfer of the vehicle.  After what was hardly any negotiation (a plus in working with Greg), I worked with the finance department (props to them as well) to determine what the final total would be.  NOTE: THIS WAS A CASH DEAL!

On Valentine's Day, the day I was told the car was originally to arrive as my gift to my wife, Greg called me.  Apparently, the other dealer opted to keep the car as it was a replacement for a turn-in vehicle under the lemon law.  I asked what my options were and he said he's going to look for another vehicle for us.  I mentioned to him although I understand the other dealer's decision, its left me without a car, without a gift for my wife, and extremely upset as I had signed sales papers and DMV transfer documents with the vehicle's VIN AND they took a deposit on the car.  I also had a check in hand for $57K for the balance!  I suggested this be taken up to Regional Management as it involves two dealers from two cities under one region.  I don't think it ever made it to that level as all my future dealings was with a sales manager named Dave.

Dave informed me they were able to secure a car which was in-production but estimated delivery was 30-45 days out.  Now, anyone who has bought a car can relate with the excitement you feel when you close the deal.  The endorphin rush and excitement of a new car purchase is a high both my wife and I had the day before.  It doesn't matter how many cars you've purchased - It's still exciting to take delivery of your new car.  That was taken away with the news that we were NOT getting the car that day and we wouldn't be seeing it for 30-45 days!  I told the sales manager, "What Infiniti is doing to us is completely unacceptable and what are they planning on doing to keep us as a customer?"  All he could say is "We did nothing wrong and I don't see why we should be taking a loss because of another dealer's mistake."  That comment didn't settle well and I reminded him this is why this should've been taken to Regional and not kept at a local level.

He wouldn't budge on the price and mentioned he had originally made a mistake on the price of the car - It should have been $1K more than the price I was quoted.  He was willing to stand by his "mistake" and take an additional 10% off of any additional services (extended warranties, pre-paid service, etc.) as consideration in lieu of what happened.  Frankly, that's insulting.  I was about to give them $60K cash (plus an additional $5-6K for extended services), they tell me I can't have the car represented by all of my signed papers and I now need to wait an additional 30-45 days and all they can do for our troubles is offer us $500-600?

After mulling it over for a few days, I called Dave, got voice mail and I indicated we were no longer interested in the car.  I also mentioned some of his comments were not appreciated as a customer.  My wife was so upset about the entire experience that even if they gave us the services at no charge, we'd still opt not to purchase the car due to the bad experience.  If this is how they treat a new customer, how are we to be treated when it comes time for service?

I immediately called Greg and thanked him for everything he did for us.  I expressed to him how I wished this experience didn't happen the way it did and how our introduction could have transitioned into a sale.

It's now been four days and never a call from the sales or general managers regarding my voice mail.

This sour experience has left us uninterested in ever owning an Infiniti.  Coming from a large family, currently owning luxury cars from Mercedes, Audi, Tesla, Acura, BMW, Porsche and Lexus, I'd have to be honest with my experience if ever asked.  It's a shame as they could've had a happy customer but opted not to keep us.  Normal day to day sales doesn't allow the opportunity for a dealership to show their customer service excellence.  The opportunity for a business to excel over the rest occurs when an anomaly arises.  This was an opportunity for the dealership to rise and shine over the rest.  Unfortunately, Kearny Mesa Infinity opted otherwise.

We're now considering the Acura MDX, Lexus RX and GX, Audi Q7 and the BMW X5.  Maybe those dealerships would rather have my business and hard earned cash.

The only reason I gave two stars was because of my sales experience with Greg.  Otherwise, a one star would have been reasonable.

naser a. | 2015-01-24

I get my car serviced here with ROBIN. She has been nothing but awesome with my repairs. I've had some odd things happen with my 2013 g37. With no hassle or fuss she hands me a nice loaner car and gets me on my way within 10 minutes even when it's busy. Also her follow up is great always lets me know when she will call me. I would recommend ROBIN and this place 100%

K J. | 2015-01-16

Quality customer service! I scheduled to get my tires changed a week prior to taking my car in and I completely forgot about it. I called the day after about 20-30 mins before 6 PM to reschedule and Robin got me in that evening! I got a courtesy car for a couple of days (Q50 which is VERY nice, btw), but with my crazy work schedule, Robin was able to work around it.

Laura D. | 2015-01-07

Excellent dealer. I just leased my 4th Infiniti from this dealer. The best sales experience so far has been with Johnson Thai. Ask for him and get a great experience start to finish. He listens, addresses all your questions and gets you the best deal. He's been at this dealership for eight years, that says a lot. In addition to his knowledge, he's patient during the after sale training process. This is especially important for a non-tech-savvy woman.  He's upbeat and has a great sense of humor.

In my 7 years of history dealing with sales, service and financing, I have never had a bad experience, only personalized, efficient, courteous service. A special note about Sasha in finance. She's great...makes the process painless and as fast as possible.

If you are thinking about buying an Infiniti, go to these folks. They are very customer service oriented.

BTW...I love my new Q50. Explore the various levels of this model, I bought the medium level with back up camera and nav system and a lot of other great features. Didn't want the fully loaded hi-tech version.

Sang P. | 2014-12-04

I usually don't come here for my oil change because it's not in a convenient location. but I stopped by because it was right next to my haircut place.

Price is steep for an oil change but it wasn't too high. It's standard dealership price so I'm not complaining.

Clean waiting area with a giant TV. Not much to complain about. They didn't say I needed to fix anything or attempt to rip me off = ++++ for dealerships.

Angela M. | 2014-09-17

We recently leased a 2014 qx60 and love it! Traded in our 2013 highlander.

Johnson Thai immediately greeted us as we were looking at the qx60 and brought the exact qx60 we came in for. He was very patient with us and our babygirl. I'm super happy with our purchase! Finally got a car I am completely satisfied with.

If you ever need help call ahead and ask for Johnson! He will take care of you!

Thank you again Johnson and infiniti!

Jon J. | 2014-09-13

Thanks for taking me as a walk-in today for an oil change, but waited almost two hours for my car, which I wouldn't mind had you given me status updates, or how about telling me ahead of time about the wait, but no, nothing.

(I even told the service rep not to wash my car, since I had it done two days ago, and I'm conscience that we are in a drought, so why not save water, and time, but no, a two hour wait - unbelievable)

Finally, after waiting for almost two hours, I survey the parking lot, and see my car is ready, and waiting.  WTF??  Yep, nobody informed me of such.  I had to take the initiative to see if it was complete.

Stellar service KMI.  See you never.

Steve C. | 2014-08-17

I bought a G37 but the dealership only had one key at the time.  The salesman told me he would call the previous owner and get me the second key.  If not, the dealership would provide a second key.   In the end, i never received the key.  I contact the sales manager Matt Jones despite several times and was told he would research it but failed to Call me back.  So i ask to speak to the general manager, Richard Newendyke.  Richard accused me of lying about the key!!  He was very unprofessional and unwilling to help.   Go to infiniti Escondido, they are professional and prices are better.

Laura H. | 2014-08-14

A+. I went in for an oil change today and Ms.Hernandez at the service dep was a pleasure to deal with(I loved how she was super happy to be there). The oil change was 123, they gave me back my car washed, and their waiting area has cookies :).  Overall I'm very happy with my experience. Def going back!

Shaun S. | 2014-07-15

Thank you to the GM and the service department for taking care of me when I had to bring my G37 in for repairs. They let me test drive the new Q50 sedan for the week and I am very impressed with the new car. It is smoother and faster than my G37 coupe + the technology is amazing. I love the two touch screen monitors and the upgraded backup camera with 360 views of the car from above. You also no longer need to push a button to unlock the door, just walk up to the door and it unlocks automatically. Looking forward to upgrading at Keary Mesa Infiniti when my G37 lease ends next year.

David D. | 2014-07-08

Great customer service, very friendly. I got out of my car and that had been taken into service within 2 minutes. I talked to Robin and she knew exactly what my car needed, very impressed. They have wifi,  very nice place to relax while your car is being worked on, lots of places you could walk to the eat.

Jeff G. | 2014-05-25

I have been meaning to write this review for some time and should have when it happened (but I remember the situation as if it happened yesterday).  When my friend said they were going to look at a new Q60 at this dealership, I said NO...STAY AWAY!  I then thought I may be able to educate others as well.  
About 18 months ago, I trailered a G37 to the dealership via U-Haul (moving) and decided to get it serviced on the way in.  I parked in the open spaces early morning (prior to the showroom opening), my father-in-law waiting in the SUV.  As I checked in with the service manager and walked out to get the car off the trailer, a black SUV pulled up alongside me and yelled "Move it!" Not knowing who the person was, I walked up to the vehicle and said "Excuse me?" He said "Move it! You are taking up multiple spots and I cannot park my SUV!"  I was taken back and did not move for a minute and asked him who he was.  He replied "I am the GM, now move it!"  I was pretty upset and left the car on the trailer and proceeded to park both vehicles into a lot nearby.  I marched back into the dealership showroom and asked for the person, and found it was Richard Newendyke (still, the current GM).  He stepped out of his office and was the RUDEST person I have come across, his nose literally inches from mine.  As his spit hit my face as he yelled (yes, he was that close), he told me to get the h*ll out and no need to get my car serviced there.  As I stood there face to face with my hands at my side and a shouting match in the showroom (among sales people and patrons by that time), we went into his office where it continued. After informing him on what customer service should be and what he could have done differently, I asked for the owner's name and phone number.  It was never provided and I left the dealership.  I found the number for Sunroad Auto and contacted his boss (I was told), and Regional VP for Sunroad Auto Group, Paul Dyke (I believe that was his name, located at Ford El Cajon).  After explaining the situation to him, he was apologetic and said he would get back to me; however, I do not recall ever hearing from him.  Before writing this, I checked to see if Richard Newendyke is still the GM of Infiniti KM and would have provided the dealership with the benefit of the doubt if he was not.  Because he is still the GM, I see why many of these reviews are so negative.  Training starts at the top and works its way through an organization and starts by creating a positive example.  Based on my experience, I would not purchase ANY car from a Sunroad Auto dealership and will be headed to the OC if necessary to avoid this chain of dealerships if need be.  It is obvious that poor customer service, yelling and rude behavior with customers in front of other staff and patrons is acceptable behavior by ownership.  In my business, that behavior is not acceptable and the person would have been released from service immediately.  If such behavior is accepted at one of the luxury brands for Sunroad, it must be accepted as common business practice throughout the other brands represented by Sunroad.

Jameela P. | 2014-05-17

I bought a used car from this dealership a few months ago. They were ok. I did like the 2 Andrews who seemed to car about more than just making their numbers, and I initially liked Mary but I felt she lied to me to close the deal.  So far the car is fine, but I don't think I would buy from this dealership again. My best car buying experience ever was via the internet.

Todd S. | 2014-05-11

Awesome experience! From Andrew in sales, to the sales manager Dave to Sasha in finance, everyone was friendly, courteous and worked very hard to get me the price I wanted. I had a pleasant experience with NO pressure! Highly recommend the team over at Kearny Mesa Infiniti!!!!

C. S. | 2014-05-07

We have never had such a terrible experience with a dealership in our lives.  They were rude. . Did a lot  damage to our wheels after they put new tires on.  They were always "too busy to get back to us "  about the damage on our car after they worked on it. I would take pictures of your car before you ever take it in if you want them to work on.  I would not trust them.

Dan R. | 2014-04-27

I bought a certified pre owned infiniti from them about a month ago. The experience was good, the price was fair, the car is perfect and they were even willing to come down just a little bit on the asking price, since it was slightly more than blue book value. Everyone I worked with was very friendly, honest, and trustworthy. They were even able to beat my rates from my credit union, which I was originally planning to go with. The service and follow-up has been great and near perfect. I am happy to recommend this dealership and Andy, Mary, and Sasha to anyone who is interested in buying an Infiniti, new or used.

Chase M. | 2014-01-17

Worst dealer in San Diego, buyer beware, this is in regards to there service department, after a month of purchasing my brand new g37 coupe the back dash was rattling, took it in to get it fixed and the service MANAGER asked me if I was driving over bumpy roads, I asked him to point out what roads in San Diego don't have bumps so I can only drive on those. Really? I didn't spend 40k on a new car to have it make rattling noises. The second problem I had with my car was the manual transmission went bad at 15k miles, 5th and 6th gears were grinding as well as  with the clutch out in neutral, I took the car for a test ride with the service SUPERVISOR and he said everything was fine and that the transmission is suppose to make a grinding and winey noise. Needless to say after calling infiniti directly I took my car to Perry infiniti where they confirmed that the transmission had gone bad and it needed to be completely replaced which Perry did fix, I would never recommend purchasing a car at Kearny Mesa Infiniti or especially having it serviced there, I question the service departments knowledge of cars in general, especially to diagnosing them and fixing them, Kearny Mesa Infiniti has made it so that I will never buy an Infiniti ever again

Saad H. | 2014-01-15

well, i won't be going to this dealership anymore. It seems like they are either understaffed or not trained properly with customer service. if you say you're going to call back. if you say the car will be ready at 4pm, have the car ready at 4pm, if the car is not going to be ready, call me and tell me its not going to be ready. make sure the loaner car you give a customer is clean and not full of dog hair. Greet the customer when they walk in, better yet, greet them as they pull up. infiniti is not a cheap car, yet it feels like the skimp out on the service, they have 2 runners there most of the time, why not have them greet people as they pull up and walk them to the advisor? very simple. anyways, i really feel that all the people there are nice, i just don't know if upper management is doing a great job with training?? i don't want the red carpet when i roll up to the dealer, but at least give me some shag!!

I highly doubt i will take my car there any more. Ill try escondido and see if they are any better.

Jeni K. | 2014-01-09

I Am so Thankful to the wonderful Staff from Reese to Adam with there Service I enjoy doing business with such quality people. Service comes first and you clearly get this here. Thank You.

Aaron R. | 2014-01-04

MUST READ THIS BEFORE GOING TO INFINITI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A MUST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I took my car to this location at a specific time when I had an appointment. Infiniti gave me a ride to work early in the morning and would not come pick me up later in the day. "Literally told me to get a cab, or have a friend pick you up"! WOW!
People to avoid:



I have lost a lot of respect for Infiniti. I took my car in for service after knowing the "Maintenance" light came on in my car. My car is a 2008 G-35, With navigation and premium package, expecting premium service with a quality car.

I called this location on Tuesday to make an appointment for 7:30am the next day. I dropped it off at the service center as the  7:30am when I was helped by a representative, Adam, I told him the case of the Maintenance light going on, and what I thought it was wrong with the car. He told me Infiniti, can take the car in for service, however, I told him... I need a way to get to work that day. Keep in mine...
I did purchase the full service extended warranty, which does include a rental car if my car is being worked on for required maintenance. Adam told me it wouldn't be a problem and could get me a ride to work. Not to mention there were several loner cars on the lot at the time, as I have asked the gentlemen who was assigned to dropped me off at work what the other cars were loner cars. Adam told me "We don't pickup any time after 3:30pm", I responded "That will NOT work for me. He replys back stating, well dont worry about it, and I will keep you informed on the status of the car throughout the day, and we'll figure out an alternative". I figured it wouldn't be problem, so I left the car and thought I would be in contact with Adam throughout the day. By Noon time, Adam tells me we have started work on the car, and the problems they have came across, and offered recommended maintenance. At that time I told him "to fix the problem, and i'll call my dad regarding the maintenance stuff, but go ahead and work on the problems for sure, and hold off on the maintenance stuff" Nearly 4:30pm comes along and I have not heard anything from Infiniti regarding status of my car. By this time I figured, I better call Infiniti regarding status of my car, why there wansn't a call from infiniti especially knowing, I needed a ride back from work to the dealership.
I called and was able to get a hold of Adam, and specifically told me the car "isn't  done and still needs to do a couple minor things such as turning off the maintenance light, and etc.

Keep in mind I still needed a ride back to get my car!

Adam tells me there is absolutely nothing they can do to pick me up and proceeded telling me I should take a cab or get a ride from a friend (who were not going in that direction of the dealership). So I went to the higher level, the Service Manager, TOM. He gets on the phone and tells me the same thing Adam told me, whoops! and can't come get you, its our policy, 3:30pm is the latest.

Interesting I thought, why take my car into service knowing I could'nt  get the car before 3:30pm? In addition, the service wasn't done when I called at 4:30pm.

So, now I requested the General Manager, Richard. He proceeds to tell me exactly what ADAM and TOM told me, cant do anything about this and sorry!
Being at his level, the General Manager,  he couldn't do anything knowing his associate messed up! Listen, if its my store I would go to all ends to make my customers happy regardless of whatever I would have to do.

Lisa N. | 2013-12-24

By far, the worse customer service experience I've had at a dealership. My plan was to purchase an Infiniti and put $20,000 deposit on my vehicle but the poor customer service and employee inconsistency had me purchasing my vehicle at another dealership.

First off, the back and forth negotiating took about two weeks for this dealership to finally agree upon a final price of the vehicle. Paperwork took them another few days and the lack of efficiency on Andrew's (salesperson) and Beatrice's (financial advisor) call backs made me frustrated to the point where I took my deposit back and turn my back against this dealership.

Management was very poor. Matt (sales manager) only acknowledged me on the first day when he knew we had the money, but when I kept coming back numerous times for inconvenient reason due to the lack of efficiency on their end, he acted like he's never met me and couldn't even say hello or how are you doing? To me, that's very bad management. Also, the general manager, Richard Newendyke, sends these emails pretending to be concerned about the customers and how well his employees are doing when in reality, he's never physically there and very unhelpful via telephone. He couldn't even have the courtesy to return my check personally to me when I came to pick it up the same evening that I spoke with him. Instead, he hid inside his office while another employee returned it to me.

This is definitely not a place I'd ever refer or recommend anyone going to. Customer service should always be number one in any business. With the lack of customer service, I took my business to another Infiniti dealership that definitely knows how to train their employees on customer service! I got my car the same day and had no issues with price, paperwork, or time management!

Brent S. | 2013-12-19


Because of them I can now cross off  the following on my bucket list:
Drive 40 miles during rush hour to pick up a friend stranded at work by a dealership. Oh, the places you'll go!, Dr. Suess if you only knew!

In an effort to go green, I'm soo glad that Infiniti factory warranty contracts are now optional at this location (in that you get a service loaner) and their efforts to reduce everyone's ecological footprint is genius and unique:
Drop off customers at their place of choosing (such as work) and then refuse to pick them up. Loaner vehicles for said purpose stay in the dealership parking lot. Eventually people will get so ticked at their car, the service department who never updates them on the status of it, and being left at random locations that they are bound to sell the thing and either carpool, take a bus, or bike for transportation.

My friend however I guess is a die hard as they were forced to throw in the mix  'get a taxi and we will MAYBE reimburse you'. Haha nice job guys on that conversion, once he pays that in addition to his warranty, a simple cost vs benefit analysis will definitely rule out him owning your product again.

Or maybe he will just service his vehicle and buy from a different location, telling others to do the same...There's always that. I know I will.

It really is sad that the service at this location isn't on par with the product. They're not even in the same league, in fact in conclusion I don't think they are even playing the same sport.

Anyhow, if you want more details as to this specific incident and the stranded customer that I had to pick up, read the review by Aaron R. on here.


Rajiv R. | 2013-08-09

Contacted KM Infiniti after a horrible experience at Perry Infiniti. Spoke to Anne Davis, who confirmed pricing and availability of my car by phone. I went in and she was very pleasant and showed me 2 cars. After I picked the one I wanted, she completed the transaction as discussed and personally walked me through all of the features of my new car. Paperwork was a breeze. Excellent experience; highly recommend this dealership and especially Anne!

Phyllis S. | 2013-07-14

In 2002 I bought my first car here when it was still Discover Infiniti -- a certified 2000 I30.  Great sales experience and 10 years of terrific service.  When I was in the market for a car last year, I visited and had a stellar sales experience again.  Test drove several vehicles but ultimately decided to buy a MKZ Lincoln hybrid.  Fast forward to last week when I finally decided our second car had to be replaced.  Did a lot of internet searching and looked at many vehicles.  But when I saw the perfect G37 here, contacted the IM who was immediately responsive and helpful, without being pushy.  I had a preapproved loan, but he pointed out I qualified for a 1.74 rate on the car I wanted, and that was nearly 2 points less than I had been considering.  The IM had a couple of G37s available for us to look at when we arrived, and a quick test drive clinched the deal.  The sales associate (Greg Wyatt) was terrific and spent a good hour with us reprogramming the Sirius and other features.  He said to call or drop buy anytime with questions, an offer he honored when we called from a short road trip with a couple of entertainment system questions.  He actually did some programming of the system remotely for us and we were good to go.  We'll be using  the service department again, because we've had nothing but great contact with each member of the service team.  Yes, it can be more expensive, but I like that they know the car (as they did the I30), provide loaner cars and have a comfortable lounge for short visits.  i also appreciate that recommended service is presented, but never as a life or death issue...that is, they tell me when I can live with something or whether ignoring it may cause bigger issues down the road.

Linford E. | 2013-07-11

Although I'm not a typical customer, I recently bought a '13 G37.  The sales team was really professional, although slightly pushy to get me in ASAP, but once I was in ready to buy, they were great.  This was the easiest car purchase I have ever been part of and completely satisfied with my purchase and experience.  I'm a loyal consumer, so unless something goes bad in the coming years, Kearny Mesa Infiniti has a customer for life.  Ask for Dave Woods...

Mike D. | 2013-04-15

got ripped off here once again.   (They double the MSRP on their parts).    In the last 5 years, nothing has changed.   Contacted their cust svc department, no response.    Avoid this place!!

It's well worth your time to go to Infiniti in Escondido instead.

Prianka C. | 2013-03-26

I had a 2010 Acura TSX that was leased and since I get tired of cars pretty quickly I wanted to see what Infiniti had to offer. I was helped by Johnson immediately, test drove a car and got a great lease deal on a 2012 G37S w/nav and sport package. I was in and out of there in less than 3 hours and if I have any questions or concerns about anything at all.. Johnson's the man! I will be back for my next Infiniti real soon.. Thank you for such a great experience!

Ken S. | 2013-03-20

Strange....I know I left a review before....all is a repost....

I scheduled an appointment for today because I received a campaign letter.  I actually received a second notice.  I went in today and the service manager pointed me to Jeff Hierwarter.  I told him why I scheduled the appointment and he said it should only take an hour or so.  When Jeff told me the car was done he explained that they did not have the part for the recall. He apologized and said we did wash you car though.  I said, well do you know when you will get the part?  He said I don't know, maybe in a week or so.  I should have asked him if they plan to call me when they get the part.  It just so happens that the reason I received the notice was because the seat-mounted side air bags could stop working cut to a connector issue.  The letter also states in bold "if this occurs, a red air bag warning lamp would illuminate on the dash to warn the driver".  If the lamp is ignored, the seat-mounted side air bags may not inflate in a crash.  I basically say o.k. because I have been at this dealership before and I was belittled by one of the service guys before.  He basically implied that because I did not get my car serviced there, I could not "afford" my G35.  I personally have never liked the vibe I get at this dealership.  I have only had my car serviced maybe 3 times for an oil change and items that were covered under warranty.  I have gone as far as Escondido Perry Infiniti for service since its the closes to San Diego.  Escondido Perry Infiniti has a great service department and people.  They did not treat me as if I am a second class citizen like Kearny Mesa Infiniti.  I can write that my buying experience was great with Kearny but the sales lady no longer works there.  My next step is to call Escondido Infiniti to have my car serviced for the recall.
Lastly, I noticed they performed a multi-point vehicle inspection and Jeff never went over that information as well.

Timmy T. | 2013-03-16

I took my car here for some warranty and TSB work (brake judder, door pull and steering wheel peeling). Ernie Green in the service department was easy to  work with.  It was fast and they took care of everything. I also like the free bottled water!

Sarah M. | 2013-02-15

Minus 2 Stars because...

I have mixed feelings about this dealership. In 2010 I came here to purchase a new G37 and immediately  I was not  impressed with the sales woman (she still works here); in a nut shell she was condescending and insulting but in a passive aggressive kind of way, it was really weird. That is too bad because I was really turned off and decided to take my business elsewhere and did purchase the car exactly the way I wanted it, minus the attitude.

Three stars earned for the service department, the other salesmen I have encountered and for the decent pricing on services.  

I am going to be purchasing the new model whenever it makes it's debut because I LOVE my G37S still to this day like the first day I bought it. I love the details and craftsmanship that Infiniti puts into their vehicles; I also have a new 2012 Lexus and although it is great, I am loyal to Infiniti. Kearny Mesa Infiniti, I want to purchase my new car from you I just don't know if I can get over my first experience.

Roxy S. | 2013-01-15

Parts Department gave my door key to me for free after I locked my set in the car. No wait.. Cut the key for me right then.. Customer Service in parts is excellent.

Erwin H. | 2012-10-19


The service was metiocre, the service managers felt it vital to finish their random chit chat at the side before greeting me. I don't feel the service was necessarily that friendly from their social skills. But the part that gets me is the "suggested repairs"

My tire pressure light was on after I changed the battery. I read on the forum that it was normal, but the service rep told me otherwise. After my oil change he told me it was because the sensor had low voltage and suggested I change it for $240. I passed on that considering it'd cost half that elsewhere. But he also told me that I should change my power steering fluid for an amount around 150$.

The issue with both these suggestions is that I had my 60k service done here already which included my power steering fluid changed. I don't know why they suggested it to me again at  70k. The fluid should be good for another 20k. But what made me feel deceived was when I got my car back, the tire pressure light ceased to flash and stay lit.

It's fine to come here if you know what you need done, just pay attention to their suggestions... And proceed with caution.
-I wouldn't say theyre dishonest, but not very ethical...

Jeremy S. | 2012-08-07

Two-parter here.  A review of the service department and a review of the sales department.

Service department:  

No complaints.  They take care of me and my car.  They put down paper on the mats when they work on the car (some dealers flip the mats over instead and make a greasy mess).  They wash the car afterwards.  They are fairly quick and the price is pretty good.  Yeah, you could hit some oil change chain and maybe save ten bucks, but when you factor in a free wash, factory parts, etc., going to the dealer is a good bargain.  Four-stars.

Sales department:  

Wow.  Just wow.  I had an Infiniti G35 and the lease was going to be up in March.  I started shopping around in February for a G37.  I live in San Diego and this location is where I have had all my service for the G35.  I thought I would show some loyalty, since the service department has always treated me so well, and give Kearny Mesa Infiniti a crack at getting my business.  FAIL.

This dealer location would be ideal for a business school case study on how not to sell a car.  I was buying over the phone.  I knew exactly what I wanted and I was not going to waste my time kicking tires with a salesman on the lot.  I made the phone call to Kearny Mesa Infiniti and asked for the Internet sales manager ("ISM").  Here is what I learned when dealing with ISM:  Do not ask questions.  ISM does not like questions.  He sighs heavily on the phone with exasperation every time he hears a question.  He will not answer the question.  I am crazy in that I want to know some key variables, like the money factor and the residual percentage.  Boy oh boy, ISM does not like that someone (me) wanted to figure out exactly what the lease payment will be.  ISM is really bad at math (or just trying to pull a fast one).  Lease payments are not some big secret.  The formula is simple.  ISM could not explain how he came up with the lease payment.  ISM also does not like to return phone calls.  I spoke to him exactly once.  I called him back 3 times.  Never heard a word back.  ISM apparently does not need to make sales to keep his job.  ZERO stars.

Splitting the difference between 4-star service and 0-star sales, I gotta give Kearny Mesa Infiniti 2-stars.

(FYI, I did get a beautiful new G37 from an Infiniti dealer in LA County.  Yes, I got it over the phone with their Internet sales manager, who even drove my new car down to me and picked up my old one.  Kearny Mesa sales staff, you could learn a thing or two.)

Samer K. | 2012-08-06

I bought a 2011 Infiniti QX56, and for the most part I love it. About 14 months into my lease I was going over my miles so I called my local dealer and they switched me over to a newer QX56 and a new lease with more miles, sweet solution ... I was happy. I turned in my 2011 Infiniti and all the manuals, headphones and remote. I picked up my 2012 and drove off. A couple months later I went to use my DVD system for a long road trip. I couldn't find the remote and headphones. I looked in my glove box where I always keep the remote and nothing was there. I called the dealer and spoke to my rep (i think his name is Matt). I told him I didn't get the remote and headphones ... he insisted I did because he personally gave me a demo of how to use the system which was incorrect. Why would I need a demo if I had a DVD system in the old Infiniti? I won't bore with the details, but the service was super lame and I never received a remote and headphones.

They are just penny wise and pound foolish. You are going to get $48K  from me for the life of the lease, you easily could have given up parts that probably cost you $80 and made me a true fan of Infiniti. But instead you chose short time, petty thinking and implied that I was a liar and thief. Congratulations ... you have earned top marks for being horrible at customer service. I will never buy an Infiniti because of this experience and I will ask friends to heed my wisdom regarding Infiniti and this dealership. If you want the QX56 go to a dealership that cares.

Jeff S. | 2012-06-19

Odd... I could have sworn I wrote a review for this dealership awhile back, yet nothing...

Oh wells, might as well give it a go again...

Three stars because there is great, good, bad, and the awful about this dealership.

The Great

The first time I came here i was already 90% set on buying a BMW 335i and had the downpayment ready. Walked into BMW USA and although I didn't tell them I was planning on buying, test drove. Well that dealership basically treated me like crap so I stormed out. Somehow I ended up at Infiniti and I began talking with Ethan (who no longer is there unfortunately). This guy has had to be one of the better and more respectful sales person and sold me my G37 Fully loaded sports coupe. I still remember how after I purchased the car I was rushing to go pick up the girlfriend, and Ethan was like, "The car isn't dry yet, hold on!" rushed outside and began drying the car for me since there was a back log. I already cut him a check and he was still trying to make sure everything was good. That is dedicated customer service.

The Good

The service department actually has always treated me very well. Yes sometimes I've gotten a grumpy Jeff, or someone new, or a bad experience, but the overall averages were always good. People were polite. Staff shuttled me back and forth to work. I was treated well and my car was treated well. Yes it isn't the cheapest service, but they are more than fair and upfront, at least to me. Before this car I had a Honda, and coming from a Honda dealership to an Infiniti is like moving up from McDonalds to In and Out. It's just a different experience.

The Bad

The sales managers honestly are exactly what you expected as typical sales managers would be like. Honestly I was pretty upset with the one that was working with Ethan and I almost left, but we were able to grab a deal. I don't hold this against them as it is there job, and in fact if I was to buy another Infiniti I might go through the Asian Internet sales manager as that guy seemed genuinely pretty cool (forgot his name).

The Awful

So far I would rate this 4 stars, but the last knock takes it down to 3. After a few years I decided to get a bigger car so I was looking into an FX or EX. The sales person I got was super rude to me and my girlfriend to a point where she refused to go back with me to Infiniti. She asked an innocent question during one of our test rides and the guy said something so rude she just clammed up. Stupidly I still wanted an Infiniti, and as I am a loyal customer I still went back and tried to buy the car I wanted, but bymself. As I was negotiating with sales person, he started to belittle me when I asked for a lower price, even when I had a competitors pricing from a different dealership. He basically told me to just go up to LA and buy it for that price. So I took my business elsewhere.

So for those of you that read through this long winded review, that is my story. I honestly believe your mileage may vary with this dealership. You may get an awesome sales guy that will go the distance for you, or you may get a young hot head who sales so many cars that you aren't worth his time. Best of luck.

Angelo F. | 2012-06-05

I've been to KMI for service and parts but never visited the actual showroom.  I've come here twice now, once on a Saturday to look at the lot and last week.  
I've been wanting to check out the new Infiniti M35H and the M37.  Don't get me wrong, I love my M35 but the new design is starting to grow on me especially with the aero kit.  
For the life of me I can't remember the sales guys name if it was Dave or David, but if you're reading this, just know I'm bad with names.  
I was able to test drive an M37, and as much as I want to go into detail about the car, I'll resist since it's just pure excitement...
But the service I received was excellent!  Dave was very knowledgeable about the features which was most important since I wanted full detail of this car features versus my generation M.  
I did not feel pressured and we actually started talking about purchase price versus lease, hypothetically speaking ofcourse.  It was probably a good thing that they didn't have the color combo and package I wanted since I would've made an impulse buy....  I met with one of the managers for a brief moment and he talked to me briefly gauging my interest and seriousness on buying it.  Now I need to see if the $10K difference between the M35H and the M37 is worth it.  
Next up to test drive... Lexus GS350.

mark g. | 2012-05-07

I bought a very expensive SUV. Simple bait and switch. I was told that the dealer installed dvd was covered under extended  warranty. When I went to get my dvd player fixed, they claimed it wasn't. No amount of explanation on my part helped. I would never buy a car from  a dishonest dealer. Service people were helpful, and you always get a rental car, but I expect that from a 60,000$ purchase. Don't go here.

S. M. | 2012-01-15

The used car guy was nice, helpful and seemed honest. Why 2 stars?
I test drove a Infinity FX35, and here is why I am only giving 2 stars to this place:
1) I start the car... the belt SCREAMS for about 5 seconds. Wrong on so many levels!
2) I go around the car and sun helping, I notice a paint discoloration on the front bumper. I look a little closer and it became obvious that the car had hit something hard enough to push the whole bumper into the door part.
A poor fix and poor paint job later, and here I am pointing this out to the sales guy.... ooohhh, we didn't notice, but we'll fix it for you. Really? The guy who detailed the car missed that one, I mean in addition to the belt? Hmmm, OK.

As always they then tried to play with the "finance" guy coming in so they could finally give me the price. A very funny price... by that I mean incredibly high. The guy was condescending, and conform to any bad cliche you've heard about sales car guys.

Anyways, bottom line is, I don't go to an Infinity dealership to hear a belt scream in a 45K miles car, and see a poor body shop on a $30K car. Sorry, it's not so much about the experience than it is about standards.

josh h. | 2011-11-15

PRO:  Service department is great. Paid for the all-inclusive repairs so they never up sell on anything. Free car wash and free coffee. Internet while waiting so I can continue working ... pretty enjoyable hour wait.

CON:  When I need to make an appointment, they never answer the phone. Maybe they should add a "text in appointment" feature. I email them and that USUALLY works.

OVERALL: I recommend for convenience and benefits.

Craig M. | 2011-11-11

Horrible customer service..Stay away from the salesman named VINCE.. VERY VERY RUDE..

Thuy L. | 2011-10-12

Thanks for my Starbucks brewed coffee, cookie and a nice car wash while waiting for an oil change.

Christopher V. | 2011-09-21

I didn't look at these reviews before visiting KM Infiniti, and boy am I glad.   If you gave this place bad ratings you must be on crack.  I bought a new G37 convertible here this week and I have nothing but the highest praise for how the transaction went.  

I am the opposite of impulsive.  I drove every imaginable alternative, and took about 2 1/2 months to decide what I really wanted to purchase.  It wasn't until my fourth visit that I made a decision to buy the convertible here.  Throughout the process, Alex Sovran was sublimely patient and informative.  I would highly recommend asking for him by name.

Overall, this was an outstanding experience, on par with few other interactions with San Diego businesses of any kind.

Maribel F. | 2011-09-06

I recently purchased a car from KMI.  From previous experiences with car purchasing, I was not looking forward to the car shopping experience.  Who wants to deal  with car dealers anyway?  Well, the experience here was quite, may I dare say, pleasant!  I didn't feel pressured, harassed, or duped into buying a car from them.  The car really sold itself!  Alex is a nice guy and is VERY thorough in explaining everything about the car.  They even set up a second appointment with you to go over any other questions or concerns after you purchase (which I never did due to lack of time).  My only gripe is with Beatriz (the person in finances who has you  sign your life away).  She was rude and condescending.  She tried to sell you on extras when what I wanted was agreed upon.  When I said no to these extras, she would respond with things like, "Well, why wouldn't you get  that?" with a tone of you would be an idiot not to.  We didn't like her at all.  Just avoid her if you can.  But don't let a bad apple spoil the whole bunch...

I recently went back to get my first oil change & service.  Again, it was a pleasant experience and of course, the complimentary Starbucks coffee, hot cocoa, bottled water, teva teas, and fresh baked cookies helped.  They even loan you a iPad so you can read & write yelp reviews if you like. :-)  Oh yeah, they also throw in a complimentary car wash & vacuum with each service.

Andrew S. | 2011-07-23

Hey Guys,

I go to Kearny Mesa Infiniti often to get my regular oil change, but I don't like it here very much. I came in because I needed a new valve cover o-ring which required the whole valve cover to be replaced. Luckily, I was still covered under warranty. Other people I know have also gotten the spark plugs replaced for free due to this problem, but Kearny Mesa Infiniti would not since it was a "maintenance" item. I should have brought in a work order from my friends showing that other places such as Tustin Infiniti did replace the spark plugs as well due to the o ring problem, but I don't know how much that would've helped.

But what I DO like here is the customer service from Jeff Hierwarter. Going to the dealership for service can be a drag, waiting for the car to get serviced etc, but Jeff makes everything better! He is very helpful, understanding, and gets the job done quick. The only reason I go to Kearny Mesa Infiniti is because of Jeff's excellent customer service (and also the location for the time being)! If you ever go to KM Infiniti, ask for Jeff as he is a quality guy and will make going to the dealership as simple as possible!
5 stars for Jeff! (I couldn't give a 5 star on the actual review because people might get confused with KM Infiniti being a 5 star dealership!) I gave Kearny Mesa Infinti a 3 star in the past and I would still give KM Infiniti a 3 star rating, but because of the customer service I have been continually been receiving from Jeff, they get bumped up a star. Thanks Jeff!

Beth W. | 2011-05-10

I bought my G37 from Alex. He was uber-professional and genuinely nice, despite my hubs and I looking like a couple of punk kids in our twenties (but we're in our early thirties). Anytime I have questions about ANYTHING invoving my car I give him a call on his cell phone and he always helps me out.

The general manager, RIchard Newendyke, is also very friendly. He even gave my husband and I two tickets to a Padres game in the luxurious Cox Communications private box. (Thanks Richard!)

I pre-paid service for my car so I bring in it in quite frequently. Everytime I visit they get the job done, everyone is friendly and I get my car washed for free.

One of the things I love best about Kearny Mesa Infiniti is that they let me park my car there anytime I want - which comes in super handy when visting the surrounding asian restaurants since parking at the strip malls is a b!tch.

Nailah D. | 2011-04-04

The Up - free bottled water, free car wash

The Down - The difference in the way you're treated from when you're looking at buying a car to after you've bought the car was expected, but still disappointing.

Realtor Karl B. | 2011-03-28

Nicest service area...

They even give away free bottled water, free Starbucks coffee, and Tazo tea.
Pull up your car and somebody is there to help you.
Free car wash with every service.

Dealership = highest prices.
Paid $27 for a tiny bottle of touch-up paint!

John K. | 2011-03-14

Wow, I should have read these reviews before going to this place. Coming from another Infiniti dealership with exceptional service, this place is bad. Not only is the service team very unfriendly, they will try to sneak labor charges in for things you didn't request. Managers are very unfriendly and unhelpful as well. Seriously, be wary of this place and take your car somewhere else for service.

Ronnie H. | 2010-12-04

Terrible, dishonest dealership with poor service. I leased a brand new G37 after being pushed into a color / combo I didn't want. When my lease was up, they tried pushing me into another one. Once again, not the color / combo I wanted and they wanted 5k down. I got the G37 I wanted from Escondido Infiniti at a lower monthly price with ZERO down. Kearny Mesa will not return phone calls and setup scheduled service for my car when they were closed!! Go anywhere but here.

Belinda H. | 2010-12-04

U will pay more than 50% here for repairs, and forget about customer service.... What's going on here??

Jeanette D. | 2010-11-22

I admit I was somewhat skeptical about coming here after reading the Yelp reviews for this dealership and its previous lifeform, Discover Infiniti. Yesterday, after lunch in the area, I decided to stop by to look at the G37 convertible. Despite the rainy weather, Johnson Thai (4-yr Infiniti sales veteran) came out and greeted my boyfriend and I cheerfully while a lesser salesperson hovered in the warmth of the indoor showroom.

After understanding what I was looking for, Johnson told me more about the car, and offered to show me all the cars in this model he had in stock. He answered my questions honestly and knowledgeably, which I appreciated. He offered to take me for a test drive despite the apparent hassle of moving other cars to get to the one I was interested in. He proceeded to point out the various features of the car during the test drive. I know, this sounds like just a good car salesman, but trust me, they're a dying breed. He didn't try to pressure me into buying the car but did convince me to bring in my Mini for an appraisal on a potential trade in. Having done my research I knew I'd be upside down on that car so I came back in more out of curiosity than anything else. Johnson and his manager made a deal I couldn't refuse, offering me well above bluebook for my trade in and took a healthy chunk off the purchase price of the G37. Then, Johnson walked me around the dealership to show me their service lounge, internet business center, where I would bring my car for services, where my car would be worked on, etc. I've always appreciated this extra orientation that I've rarely gotten even having owned Volvo, BMW and Mercedes cars.

I drove off with the car straight out of the showroom in exactly the color I wanted with all of the features I wanted including voice activated navigation, music and DVD hard drive, rear sensors, seat warmers/coolers, etc. I had a couple of minor follow up questions last night that I emailed Johnson and he got back to me timely. This morning I got a call from the Sales Manager (Mark) I had met yesterday as well thanking me for my business and making sure that I knew they are available for any questions or concerns I may have. I love the car so far but the customer service is what will bring me back and recommend this dealership to my carshopping friends.

Rick C. | 2010-11-06

brakes went out for second time on infinity  qx56 , wife had to swerve off freeway when brakes would not work, she had two children in car ! they said it had been fixed a year ago! service department treated us very bad ,dismissing as normal ,help! manager tim very rude!

dana c. | 2010-11-04

I would have picked zero stars if that was an option. Awful. I was going to lease a car from them, I got quoted one price and then at the end, the price was 75$ more a month! And they are typical "salesmen" . Slimy, underhanded and rude. I actually wonder if they ever sell anything there! Stay away! Hoehn infiniti in carlsbad rules. They gave me everything I wanted with no hassle.

Stella S. | 2010-10-20

I have always used Dave Iverson in the service department.  He has consistently been honest, polite and efficient.

thanh n. | 2010-10-02

It's too bad that I paid for a luxury car and receive less than luxury service from the Kearny Mesa Infiniti.  I've had a few separate warranty repairs there that altogether kept my car at the dealership for over 2 weeks.  The first one was that my car would occasionally not start.  I had to bring it back to the dealer 4 separate times before they realized that the battery cable was just loose.  I just figure that they would catch something like that on the first try.  Second repair was that my car would start and then immediately stall out.  I had to bring my car back about 5 times before they repaired it correctly.  Every time I brought my car back they would just replace another part.  This tells me that they didn't know what was wrong with the car.  You can't tell me that there isn't somewhere in that dealership a freaking flow chart so that they can accurately diagnosis the problem.  Third time, was when I had my rear brakes replaced.  I requested they adjust the emergency brake because my car would still slip even after I engaged the E-Brake.  Did they do it? HELL NO! They forgot!  Last, but certainly not the end is all the misc. marks and scratches they leave on my black G35 after they work on it.  It's so freaking frustrating.  Do yourself a favor and don't go there.

Rick E. | 2010-08-14

We bought a new M37S a couple of weeks ago, and was pleasantly surprised and impressed.

Charlie (salesperson) was very knowledgeable, patient, and respectful. We drove a couple different cars, and got to take the M home to make sure it fit in the garage. During the negotiations, we were even allowed to search the Internet for invoice prices. At no time during the sale did we feel pressured, or rushed.

After all was said and done, the manager came out to introduce himself, and let us know that if we ever had any questions, we should feel free to give them a call.

The only negative was in finance. Clearly she gets a kick back on dealer add-ons like service contracts, and accessories. Although she was pleasant enough, she was way too high pressure.

If not for finance, I would have given them 5 stars, everyone else was great.

Jennifer L. | 2010-06-08

I'm majorly peeved that my review got removed when it was justified, and truthful. Every business has its up's and downs, but from what I recall this dealership had 98% unhappy customers, and now...theres one mediocre review. I will never set foot inside this dealership again. They have little to no Customer Service skills or people skills in general (Including ones you learn while your in the WOMB), they were unknowledgable/rip off/scammers. If I had a choice I would give them no stars. Its one thing to make money for your business, its another  to do so in such a deplorable way. The NERVE. I will keep reposting for as many times my review gets deleted.

Steven F. | 2010-05-11

Modern spacious facility with professional staff. Like all car dealers they're persistent but the actual transaction process was smooth and hassle free.

Arnel D. | 2010-05-03

Bought my G35 from this place. Salesmen were a little pushy, but that's fine... I knew how much I made and how much I was willing to spend. Have had my car for a year now, great, service department is willing to help and always get my car ready and squeaky clean, just in time to conquer the road.

andy t. | 2010-04-28

Love my car, hate this place. Service screwed me over on a radiator.  Did my services here just to keep track of the warranty, so they they wouldn't pull some bs reason to void it.  I had brought it in for a routine oil change, to have the "service specialist"  inform me I had a radiator leak. Thought cool, still under warranty, cost me 100 bucks to get it fixed because that's what they charged for warranty repairs. Some 20000 miles later, no problems until my radiator leaks again. Now out of warranty, bring it to a mechanic that does my brakes and tires, tells me, radiator is cracked and somebody tried to patch it up with a Radiator Sealer.  Only people ever to go underneath my hood were the infiniti guys, so yeah, f them.

Daniel W. | 2010-02-17

The WORST dealership I have EVER been to.

After the treatment I received in this place I will never buy a car from them in the future.

I went there with a friend of mine who was interested in possibly buying a brand new G37. He had his choices narrowed down to a few cars that he liked the look so he just wanted to drive them all and see what he liked better.

We showed up at this dealership, and both of us are in our late 20s (28 and 29) so perhaps they thought we looked young. But we were very straightforward with the salesman and told him our exact intentions. Compare the car and see which one he likes best. The salesman gave us a rude remark as if we weren't serious buyers and just trying to go for a joy-ride. We tried to reassure him and explain to him that despite our age he was speaking to an attorney and a navy yes, we have purchasing power.

The guy then just stopped and said, "well, how's your credit" and we told him it was already ran at Nissan and was 806!!! The guy was still rude at this time as if we were making this up.

He then REFUSED to let us drive the car and told us to go the other dealers than when we were serious to come back. He blew my mind with that! I couldn't believe he was telling us to go to other dealerships. I thought car sales 101 taught them to keep people at the lot.

So we did just that and looked at many other cars including the Nissan Maxima. After doing so we came back to Infiniti of Kearny Mesa and drove the G37. The same salesman refused to allow me to sit in front and made me sit in the back!!!!!! I couldn't believe what was happening. And at the end of the day the car was not impressive at all. We both ended up liking the Maxima way better. It had many more features and drove much nicer.

My friend went and bought the brand new Maxima with every available feature at Pacific Nissan, and I went and bought a Lexus from the dealership in Kearny Mesa. I will never again even consider going to this lot. They don't deserve my money or anyone else's for that matter.

B N. | 2010-02-01

I bought my car from Escondido Infiniti and hoping this was the same in service. I agree this place for repairs/service is a joke. Maybe not the front desk area but the mechanics. I took my car since the headlight was not working which was under warranty so that was good. My car has alot of mods and don't really even like taking it to the dealership at least this one is on the sh!t list now. Anyhow I got my car back and yes I did look at the milage and got my car back w/ 12+miles for a headlight fix which I'm sure doesn't need any test driving so my guess is the mechanic went for a joy ride in my car since the area they work is right in back of the dealer I'm sure the car should not come back w/ any more then 2 - 3 miles tops.

Emmer T. | 2010-01-22

Im a true diehard DIY guy when it comes to cars and I always go into shops acting like I dont know jack about cars when I get anything worked on at any shop to guage how much the techs or service guys are gonna try to sell and pressure me on repairs, maintenance and other various money making endavors that I always respectfully decline.

Got my G35C warrantee work done here. Dave at service is really helpful and no pressure and straight forward. Answers questions with no bull added. Plus they give you a new g37 as a loaner for free if you are having stuff done. Honest service which is rare from a stealership service department!

This is a good one espcially if you have warrantee work on your infiniti.

Christine B. | 2010-01-01

I bought my Infiniti at another dealership which had excellent service.  When I moved, I started going to Kearny Mesa Infiniti. It's unfortunate that this is the only dealership within a half hour drive, because Kearny Mesa Infiniti has awful service.  They are also rip-off artists.  After a few service appointments I stopped going there.

Last week I had to get a headlight replaced.  After removing the headlight myself, I found out it was a proprietary part and the dealership would need to replace it.  I stopped by the Kearney Mesa Infiniti dealership to have it replaced.  The bill for replacing a headlight is - wait for it - $367.  The Xenon bulb itself costs about $50 dollars.  They charged me over 300 labor bucks to change a headlight.  When I asked, they said it was very difficult and they had to remove the battery and other engine parts to get to the headlight.  That's BS since I popped out the burned out bulb myself and I didn't have to remove anything.

It's really a shame this dealership is so horrible.  I'm in the market for a new car.  Infinitis should be at the top of my list because my current Infiniti has been rock solid.  However, I wouldn't consider purchasing from this dealership. I can't buy an Infiniti or recommend one after my experiences at Kearney Mesa Infiniti.

Kenn D. | 2009-05-19

Great experience and love the Infiniti brand. I was treated perfectly and like always, with tremendous respect and provided a great deal on a new Infiniti. Felt like family buying a car at Kearny Mesa Infiniti.

Dutch D. | 2009-02-07

I bought my G35 at this Dealership, brand new, 4 years ago.  I felt like the buying experience had gone well, and I looked forward to coming back to visit all of my new friends at Infiniti.  They had been such kind and jovial people, almost like Hobbits.  I remember thinking to myself, "This must be what Canada is like."

I was young, naive, and etherized by the smell of a new car.  Ok, I'll say it - I was in love.  Sadly, Infiniti and I gradually drifted apart and the relationship fizzled.  Sure, there were the awkward mailers and occasional coupons for 10% off an oil-change, but nothing that could rekindle what we once had.

Recently (years later) my automatic adjustable driver side seat was making strange grinding sounds (without the club music).  And at the same time, my brakes started making noises that can only be compared to the sound of sperm whales under water.  They really don't sound the same on land.  I still had a couple weeks left on my warranty, so I took my car in.

They checked out the seats and the brakes and gave me my estimate. Mind you, I was assuming that these things were still covered under warranty.  The estimate came to $1,000 for the Brakes and $1,200 for the seat.  I'm sorry Mr. Dealership, but if you're going to do that to me, please put a condom on first.

I asked about the brakes being covered under the warranty.  The brakes on my model had the same problem once before and they had fixed them for free.  "Nope, we only fix them once for free."  Ok, well, how about the seat grinding?  "Let me the seat actually IS covered under the warranty."  So basically they handed me the $1,200 estimate without even checking to see if the seat was covered under the warranty.  And for some reason people don't trust dealerships...

In the end I had them fix the seat, and then I used Yelp to find a different mechanic to fix my brakes.  I read the reviews for Advantec Auto Repair and took it there.  They fixed my brakes, changed the oil, and my car was ready in an hour.  The mechanic even took me around back and showed me my old rotors and where they had worn down, etc.  Oh, and the price was ONE THIRD of what the dealer wanted to charge me.  

I'm in love again.

Justin T. | 2008-10-02

Ok, first off I need to note that my review is for the SERVICE DEPT only.  If I was rating the sales dept, it would be less than 1 star, but that's a different story (needless to say, I didn't buy my car there.  I drove up to Costa Mesa).

Anyway, my '06 FX was making some weird noise associated with the power steering.  The car is still under warranty, so I immediately took it in.  Jeff Hierwarter was the service advisor assigned to me.  

They were out of loaners, but had Enterprise pick me up, take me to their office and get me one of their rentals (at no cost).  That afternoon, Jeff called and told me that he got a loaner back and I could come get it.  30 minutes later I was driving away in a '07 G35s.  

He kept me updated consistently via phone/email while my car was being fixed.  It took a week to finally diagnose and remedy, but I was truly enjoying my loaner and didn't mind the wait.

The "No BS, up front" policy that he employed with me will keep me going back.  If you need your Infiniti serviced, call and ask to have him as your service advisor.

liz r. | 2008-09-10

I went there to look at a used G35.  I showed up at 7 pm, and the salesman wasn't interested in letting me go for a test drive.  (They closed at 9, so it wasn't an issue of time.)

When I returned the next day, I was actually able to test drive a car -- but it ended up being the sport edition, which was $10,000 over the price I was willing to pay.  She was upset when I reminded her how much I wanted to spend, but then asked if she took the ten off would we have a deal.

Really?  First a bait and switch, and then they are honestly suggesting that they'd sell the car for $10,000 under sticker?  Either they're full of it, or there's something seriously wrong with the dealership.

Dan G. | 2008-01-17

discover infiniti sucks, but slightly less than other dealerships.  When i take my car in they give me a rental, which is real nice, and they don't ask for it back right away which is even nicer.  But ask them to fix a rattle, forget it.  They take pretty good care of you for a dealership, they have free donuts and soft drinks, but it is still a dealership, and therefore has limitation.  I had a much better experience here than at any other dealership i have ever been to, and that's saying something.

Matt V. | 2007-07-21

I bought my car here...reluctantly

My first experience was car shopping with my parents for my parents.  We asked to look at a few cars and have some questions answered.  An older gentleman was helping us...sort of.  Suddenly he disappeared.  So, naturally, we started talking with another sales person who was willing to help us.  The older gentleman approached us out of nowhere and lectured to us on how unprofessional and rude it was that we were talking to someone else (someone that WANTED to help us)...he flat out left us, and therefor so did the other what were we supposed to do...we did what any other smart customer would do, we went to their competition and put down $75k cash for a BMW 545i.  :)

Experience 2 (roughly 6 months later)

When I was car shopping for myself, I went in (knowing pretty much what I wanted (2004 G35 coupe 6MT).  I saw the car I wanted sitting on the showroom floor.  I asked if I could drive it.  The salesman told me "we only like to take that one out for serious customers" (and I QUOTE that).  After a few test drives in the automatic coupes (which I didn't want), I told James Song I still wanted to drive the 6 speed on the show room floor (since it was the ONLY six speed in SD at that time). I came back two days later and bought that EXACT car that I wasn't "serious" enough of a customer to test drive.  Perhaps I should have walked in with a check pasted to my forehead so they would know I was serious.

That's not the end.

After having the car (which I love) in my possession for a week...I get a frantic car from the salesman.  He forgot to give me the title to the car.  Had I been pulled over for testing out the 280hp engine, or any other reason, I would have been arrested for not having proof of ownership.

That's still not it.

After owning the car for 9 months, I still hadn't received my license plates.  I called the dealership at least 5 times asking about it...they said they sent the appropriate paperwork to the DMV...but they didn't (surprise surprise).  I finally received my license plates after I made an appointment to go to the DMV, prove that I owned the car and pick them up on the spot.

I was appalled at how hard it was to
A) get someone to help my parents (sucks doesn't it Infiniti...that $75k cash purchase could have been yours)
B) Get someone to take me "serious" about buying a car
C) Get someone to ACTUALLY do their job and provide me with proper paperwork.

Needless to say after my purchase...I went OUT OF MY WAY to avoid any service/maintenance or anything else this dealership could have screwed up.

I am by no means high maintenance or rude.  There was no excuse for me or my parents to be treated the way we were.  

Based on the way my parents and I were treated I would be surprised to find out this dealership is still in business.

hmm...well fitting.  Discover Infiniti of SD  is now Kearny Mesa Infiniti.  I guess their reputation proceeded them and they were forced to reorganize :)